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how to enable Legacy Support on Z240 Workstation

Q: how to enable Legacy Support on Z240 Workstation

Hello Does anyone know how to enable legacy support on Z240 Workstation? Under "secure boot configuration" in BIOS I choose "Legacy Support enable and Secure boot disable" but I save and reboot, it reverses back to "Legacy Support disable and Secure Boot Enable" Any suggestion please? Many thanks
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Preferred Solution: how to enable Legacy Support on Z240 Workstation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello  Does anyone know how to enable legacy support on Z240 Workstation? Under "secure boot configuration" in BIOS I choose "Legacy Support enable and Secure boot disable" but I save and reboot, it reverses back to "Legacy Support disable and Secure Boot Enable" Any suggestion please? Many thanks
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My notebook originally on Windows 8 but changed to Windows 7 ultimate which I have had no problems with for years, till the other day when entering my password I kept receiving error username and password incorrect. I am now getting error no boot drive found error 3F0. I have done a diagnostic test on hard drive and it passed. I have a Windows 7 ultimate disk but cannot get it to install. I have read that I need to enable Legacy Support but am unable to do this as I am cannot choose yes at the prompt, arrow keys do not move from the no position. Is there something else I can do or should be doing to get this to enable. Thanks
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Hello We are going to be purchasing a lot of HP Z Tower Workstations from our supplier in the future and I have been given one to QA in our environment nbsp We currently use HP BCU to make available and enable the TPM on our current HP systems We are using version of HPBCU Today Workstation HP TPM PPI Z240 I have downloaded version of the HPBCU to begin creating a configuration file for the new Z workstations nbsp The problem I have is that the TPM PPI physical presence settings are nowhere to be found in the UEFI BIOS firmware user interface What we want to do is suppress the prompt that would allow users to deny HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI modifications This is was possible in previous incarnations of HPBCU on different models of workstation in the form of the following setting nbsp Embedded Security Activation Policy nbsp nbsp F to Boot nbsp nbsp Allow user to reject nbsp nbsp No prompts nbsp Unfortunately this is not in the file created using on the Z and as I said nothing appears in the user interface I have checked under Security gt TPM Embedded Security but the only options I see there are TPM Device and TPM State nbsp Is it possible to configure the physical presence settings on this model of workstation using HPBCU If not then I will need to reccommend an appropriate alternative make HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI model where it is possible nbsp We deploy scripts that run HPBCU through configmgr SCCM and can't have this prompt annoying our users and potentially allowing them to deny the change nbsp We also can't have technicians HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI visit every Z to configure this manually Our I T estate is fairly large at computers so automatic management is crucial to us nbsp Any help would be massively appreciated nbsp Many ThanksC Solved View Solution

A:HP Z240 Workstation TPM PPI

Updating the System BIOS/Firmware seemed to solve this issue
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I have a Shuttle SN78SH7 with the latest SN78S10Y BIOS. I had been using a wired USB KB, which works fine. I recently switched to a wireless KB, but it does not work during POST or the grub2 menu. It works fine though once the OS boots up.

I understand I should try enabling "Legacy USB support" in the BIOS, but I can't find that in the menu. Can someone point me to the right setting?

-Thanks, zog

A:How enable "USB Legacy support" on SN78SH7 Shuttle

You need to keep Legacy USB support turned off and use a USB to PS2 keyboard adapter
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Hello, I have some problem to open a ticket in warranty for an HP Z240. I'm registered on HP Support and also HP Enterprise Support, but when I try to open a ticket after the serial number check the site platform give me an error: this is not the right site for this serial number. I get this error on HP Support and also HP Enterprise support. What is the procedure to open a warranty ticket for this workstation?????If I call the telephone support number is always is crazy  Thanks,Alessandro
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Brand New HP Z240 Tower Workstation with HP Solid State Drive will not BOOTHP diagnosticsHard Drive SMART Check: WARNING (1: NOT AVAILABLE)Hard Drive Short DST Check: NOT AVAILABLE (1: NOT AVAILABLE)
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Dear all, I am going to buy a HP Z240 tower workstation. Do anyone know that the decibel of this computer? Is it louder? Do you know which HP workstation works quietly? Many thanks! Celia
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I am trying to install Windows 7 on a HP Z240 SFF workstation but when I boot from the Windows 7 USB media, it does not show the HDD even though it is connected.  it would be great if someone could help me out with this issue. Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to Install windows 7 on HP Z240 SFF Workstation

Hello matt_william,  If you are using a retail version of Windows 7 Operating System. You may have to install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver while installing the OS. On the HDD partition windows, you will get LOAD DRIVER option, you have to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.   Please find below link to download Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. NOTE: THIS ACTIVITY NEED TO BE PERFORMED ON ANOTHER UNIT.   TO USE THE INTEL RAPID STORAGE TECHNOLOGY DRIVER DURING A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM INSTALLATION: 1. Download the file by clicking the "Download" or "Obtain Software" button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved). 2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. 3. Navigate to C:\SWSETUP\SP73487 and unzip "" to a USB key for a 64-bit installation. 4. Use the newly created driver installation media during operating system setup to install the drivers.  Once you copy the driver on another USB media, connect it with unit on which you are trying to install OS.  Click on Load Driver and navigate to USB and install the driver. Once the installation is complete, You will be able to access HDD and will be able to install OS.  I hope that answers your question.  I am an HP employee, the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP. Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem. ***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to acknowledge the post ***
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Hi all, I got a Z240 SFF workstation with a 512G HP Z Turbo Drive G2 intalled on M.2 slot as a boot drive. I recently add a 1.2T Intel 750 PCIe SSD on PCIe slot 4 for additional storage. However after the Intel 750 SSD was intalled, the computer began to shutdown automaticly after couple of minutes running. The issue will be fixed after remove the Intel 750 SSD. The system is running 64bit Win10, with Samsung NVMe Driver. The Intel 750 SSD can also be read and write when installed and Intel Data Center Tool shows that the SSD is healthy. I think the auto shutdown issue is related to overheating on 750 SSD. I am wondering if the motherboard of Z240 SFF is compatible with Intel 750 SSD. Does anyone have Intel 750 PCIe SSD installed on their Z240 SFF or any other Z Workstation? Thanks! NOS_ATX
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I can't get new Z workstation to boot into WinPE on Windows x Windows x and Windows x with only and NVMe drive installed to the M slot on the MB I've tried plain OEM Media and WDS with WinPE with different drivers added to the boot wim file all no luck nbsp It seems there must be some sort of bug relating to the Samsung nbsp pro nbsp M nbsp NVMe GB drive I'm using When I leave this as the only drive CDRW the computer always hangs as soon as WinPE starts If I leave the Samsung NVMe drive installed and add another SATA drive such as a Samsung Pro SSD it behaves fine- WinPE then loads and I can see both drives nbsp I was able to install Windows nbsp on the NVMe drive and booted into Win as long as the SATA drive was present As soon as I removed the nbsp SATA drive nbsp and it starts loading windows it immediately hangs again nbsp It shouldn't be NVMe driver support as Windows WinPE has native windows when or booting Samsung... hangs Workstation WinPE Z240 NVMe support and has the same problem so it must be something else I suspect it's either something I have to turn off in the BIOS or some other BIOS UEFI bug nbsp Has anyone seen this before nbsp Thanks nbsp Edit Z has latest BIOS
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Hello, I'm trying to enable legacy  boot on my HP 20 all-in-one PC and I'm running into a bunch of trouble. So first of all here is what my secure boot settings look like  As you can see secure boot should be disabled here, but there is no option to enable legacy boot as it's shown in the guide on the HP website. When trying to change boot options all that I run into is this  and pressing F5 gives this error message   I'm also running the latest BIOS version that I could download on the HP drivers page  Please help me solve this specific case while knowing that I've already read This guide, and thank you in advance.
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My hard disk is broken but the computer can't boot from my new replacement hard drive.  I have checked the Bios setting and the legacy boot option is locked.  I disabled secure boot but it still doesn't allow  me to enable legacy boot.  I downloaded the updated BIOS .exe (sp70481.exe) file from HP website but I am not sure if I can flash the BIOS using that file.  Is there anyway that I can enable the legacy boot option so that I can boot from my hard disk?  I appreicate any advise and suggestion.  Thank you.
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I have been attempting to Enable Legacy boot and Disable Secure boot on this machine for a few days now BIOS Enable to Legacy Boot Refuses nbsp My current BIOS version is N nbsp It is the oddest thing nbsp I am able to make some changes save and have them succesfully change but I cannot get legacy to enable and save nbsp Steps I have taken nbsp - Cleared Secure Boot Keys - Reset- Selected Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable - Reset- Go back to BIOS -- gt Boot Options -- gt Attempt to Uncheck UEFI Boot Order Unable to -- gt Check to see if Legacy Boot is available and its a no go- Then I go back to the secure boot options and verify that none BIOS Refuses to Enable Legacy Boot of my changes saved nbsp nbsp I am attempting to get these machines to PXE boot to grab our company's image but I need Legacy boot enabled to do it nbsp After several attempts to get Legacy to enable I resolved to just try to PXE boot nbsp BUT can't do that as well as it says the selected boot image did not authenticate nbsp Of course the fix I found for this was enable Legacy Boot which I can't do nbsp I tried a different method and still no BIOS Refuses to Enable Legacy Boot different results nbsp - Updated BIOS to V - reset back to factory settings in the main menu- back into bios set password --- gt reboot- back into bios disabled bootable devices usb and cd rom nbsp - went to secure boot options and selected in the drop down enable legacy and disable UEFI boot -- gt reboot- back to bios to nbsp the check box next to legacy in the boot options menu was still not available nbsp -- gt reboot- f to PXE boot and nbsp still doesn't work nbsp I have looked through the forums and found a few possible solutions but none of them have worked nbsp Please help
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A:How to disabled secure boot and enable legacy

Hi, Shutdown the notebook. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Bios Menu ( f10 ). Under the System Configuration tab, expand the Boot Options Menu. Here you should find the option to set Secure Boot to Disabled and Legacy Devices to Enabled. When done, press f10 and select to save the changes. You may then have to enter a 4 digit pin displayed on the screen to confirm the setting changes ( note that you will not see a display of the numbers as you enter tham ) - enter the code and hit enter. Regards, DP-K
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I am trying to install Windows 7 from a DVD to an HP 19-2113w All-in-One with Windows 8.1 as the factory install. I have entered the BIOS, turned off Secure Boot, restarted, and entered the code to confirm that I want to disable Secure Boot. Upon restarting and going back into the BIOS, Secure Boot shows it is "Disabled." HOWEVER -- when I then go into the boot options and try to enable the legacy boot devices, it gives me a message saying "You must disable Secure Boot before you may configure this option." As I previously stated -- Secure Boot shows "Disabled" when I check under the security tab.  How much more disabled can it get?  Am I missing something here?  Is there any other way to install Windows 7 from a DVD onto this computer?
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it was windows 7 but now is windows 10 but please help me .

A:How to disable secure boot and enable legacy pls help

@AllAroundGaming? System, one of:"Hp pavilion h8-1230" (6)  Based on the following:HP Pavilion HPE h8-1230 Desktop PC Product SpecificationsandHP and Compaq Desktop PCs - Motherboard Specifications, M3970AM-HP (Angelica2) See the following document for the explanation:HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - BIOS Settings for the Angelica and Angelica2 Motherboards Section BIOS > Security Menu When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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Hello I'm trying to format my laptop using a USB but I Cannot find the legacy support to enable. What can I do? I'm using a HP 635 notebook
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is there a way i can install legacy programs on xp, seeing that most of them have installshield issues such as unable to reconize my os language, or simply claims my os is invalid, i know about virtual pc 2007 but for the time being i cannot spare anymore room on my hd, so is there any other way i can install these stubborn legacy cd programs?
many thanks.

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Hi guys

I have a Logitech G15 V1, great keyboard and in use since end 2007.

But there is an annoying bug that I can't seem to fix.

When I for example have to press DEL to get in the BIOS menu, he doesn't respond, it's that I can't skip or 'Press button to load from CD' while I'm in boot, I went into the BIOS and I set USB Legacy Support to Enable, when it didn't work I just put it back on Automatic.

Can someone help me?

- Axon

A:USB Legacy Support bugged?

Have u got a different usb keyboard u can try? If so plug it into the same usb port & see if it works. This will tell u if the board is to blame, or the keyboard.
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hi all, i bought a new pc and want to network with my old pc i did so now i need to be able to switch my old monitor back and forth with my new and old computer. So i bought a EUSSO KVM Switch. I got it to work with my PS/2 keyboard but not my USB. So i found out I have to "Enable" USB Legacy Support in my Bios. I did so, but now my computer will boot up, load some drivers and stuff then it will stop before it loads windows and just sit on a black screen. Does anyone know how to fix? I'm going crazy over here.

My computer is a AMD 3500+ with MSI K8T Neo2 Motherboard. It says its AMI BIOS in the BIOS screen if that helps. I'm running Windows XP Pro

I apprieciate any help thx.

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Well folks, got a small problem. At work we use a LAN and Windows NT Workstation on each terminal. I was browsing the web when to my dismay I came to a site where I needed Java and found it to be disabled. While I'm not too familiar with NT or the inner workings of a LAN, I am assuming the Administrators can make this setting system wide. If not, is there a way I can reenable Java on my IE?? Thanks in advance!

A:Enable/Disable Java for IE5 on Nt Workstation LAN


Click on the Tools button, and go to your Options.

On the Advanced Tab, make sure that the JIT Compiler is enabled.

On the Sercurity Tab, change your settings (to do this, click on the Custom button) to allow for Java.

If this IS already done, then your Network admins may have disabled Java on the proxy server. You will need to talk to them about allowing it through.



Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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Just exactly is it? And should I have it enabled or disabled in my BIOS on a XP Pro PC?

A:USB Legacy Keyboard/Mouse Support


I've moved you to Hardware forum for more response

I'm not sure, but does your mouse/keyboard have any special buttons? If so, it may be enabled for those buttons. Someone else may be able to explain more


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I have win98
es1989 pci wdm sound card from ess technologies
i have the latest drivers
and i am trying to run dos games, but they have no sound,
i found a microsoft document that said i had to delete my 'blaster'
lines in autoexec.bat, becuase i had the latest drivers
that worked for 1 game, but most of them still dont work,
i cant change my irq in control panel,system,sound,resources
some games require irq7 to work
i tried using old drivers but that didnt work,the card is too modern
even the games that use irq5 dont work and that is the natural irq for the legacy support,
can anyone help?

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Hi, I installed WIndows 10 using UEFI but  couldn't disable Legacy support boot mode in the BIOS.If I disable Legacy support the PC will beep 6 times and red led flashs on the power button. I don't know if anyone had encountered this problem before or have a solution for it? Help please! Cheers
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kindly someone help coz and trying to install windows 8.1 and when i open the bios settings i cannot find the legacy support it only have uefi boot order under system configuration. Nothing happening even after disabling secure boot.helllppp!!!
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I bought a brand new HP Pavillion G US from Office Depot It came with OEM installed win I did a fresh install of Support Legacy won't boot enabled unless is BIOS win pro x I had to do this with Legacy Support enabled and secure boot disabled I used an GB USB stick for the install the win iso image was applied using rufus During the install I reformatted the won't boot unless BIOS Legacy Support is enabled HD removing all the OEM partitions I also used diskpart to convert the format of the HD from GPT to MBR The installation seems successful except for a strange WLAN issue extremely limited range despite loading the drivers I would also like to boot in UEFI to benefit from the faster start up times etc BUT if I change the BIOS config by disabling legacy support then it will no longer boot from HD The resulting error message says something to the effect of please install an OS on the HD I suspected that perhaps this may be due to my converting the HD format from GPT to MBR so I converted back to GPT reinstalled and still must boot with Legacy support enabled Any suggestions Thanks in advance

A:won't boot unless BIOS Legacy Support is enabled

Hi jfirthsouth What are the options you used on RUFUS to create your bootable USB?
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how to enable the usb device both windows and VMware workstation environment?

i am used Linux in VMware as a same time also used windows in normal environment..i need to use my pen drive in both environment but i couldn't find USB in windows if it is running on linux and other-way round also happen...what is the solution for this one?

thanks in advance

A:how to enable the usb device both windows and VMware workstation environment?

The vmware virtual pc is treated as a second computer,
so it locks in the drive when activated.
You would need to share the drive and access over the network
to use it from windows.
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hi all,

windows xp pro
MSI K8t neo2 motherboard
AMD 3500+
Seagate baracuda 200gb HD
ATI Radeon 9600 pro 128mb
Lite-on CD/DVD Burner
2gb ram

When i Enable USB Legacy Support in my BIOS then restart my computer will load some drivers then go to a black screen just before it should boot windows but it never loads windows.

Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Gateway P6860FX
RAM 4gb
Processor 2.4ghz
Graphics Nvidia 8800m

dual boot
OS Windows7 Ultimate
OS Ubuntu 11.04

The other day when I got up I noticed that my laptop was rebooting after the splash screen. I thought that my mobo was fried. I had a similar thing happen once when I was altering the BIOS settings and changed one of them to compatibility (I don't remember which one it was but was regarding the HDD mode) anyway I went into the BIOS and changed the legacy support to disabled and the system booted fine. Does anyone know what happened? Was there an update that could have caused this or possible virus? or has my mobo started to die? I realize that I need to add more info before I can get to the bottom of this so please let me know what I need to post for info. Thanks

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I recently tried to set up a 120 Gb hard drive as a slave on one of my NT 4 machines but the drive is not showing up when i boot up.
does anyone please know A if NT will support this size of drive, and if so how I go about setting it up please.

A:Harddrive support windows NT 4 workstation

It might be more of a issue with whether the BIOS on the computer will support it.

Before NT starts, does it show up?
Try going into your CMOS and make sure it is correctly detected by your computer.

If this doesn't work, you might check to see if there is a flash update for your BIOS to support such a large drive.
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I have a Dell Precision Workstation T5400, my current processors are:
Processor(s): 2 Processor(s) Installed. [01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~3000 Mhz [02]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~3000 Mhz
more specifically
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz 3.00GHz (2 processors)
They do not support SLAT(Second Level Address Translation) which is a requirement for Hyper-V to work:
Current Hyper-V Requirements:
VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes Second Level Address Translation: No Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes
Could I please have some advice on what processors would be a natural upgrade for me, which support SLAT?

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The Windows 7 download for WinHlp32.exe passes validation and downloads ok, but since it is a windows update, not an executable installation, it does not recognize Windows 8 RP as a valid OS for installation.

Is there a workaround that anybody knows about?

A:WinHlp32.exe-How can I enable Legacy Windows Help system on Windows 8

Did you try renaming the 11kb winhlp32.exe, then drop this into your windows directory
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Hi all,

I have just rebuilt a PC at home. Its a Packard Bell Pulsar 600. Ive upgraded the hard disk from a 5400rpm 10GB (IDE) to a brand new 7200rpm 160GB (IDE). I booted to a Win98 boot disk and used FDISK to create a new partition using the maximum capacity. Then formatted the disk and installed XP Pro SP2 fresh.

Everything is fine but the drive is only showing up as 127GB. Ive read that and been told that I need 48-bit LBA support for this but I already have XP Pro SP2. Shouldn't this already have this??


A:How to enable 48-bit LBA support on XP Pro SP2

the FAQs answer it all:

you may need a BIOS update per FAQ
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I am trying to install a USB device in my Windows 98. When I go to my device manager, I do not see a Universal Serial Bus controller option. How do I get this to appear?

A:enable usb support for windows 98

Make sure USB is enabled in your BIOS
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I'm using windows XP PRO on a network with Trend Micros as the antivirus. I can not enable bidirectional support in printers under ports. It is grayed out. I tried changing the settings in the CMOS, but to no avail. All the computers on the network are this way. We have windows 2003 server. We are installing a Zebra 2746e. This is a Dell Dimension 2.5. I could really use some help.


A:Enable Bidirectional Support

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers? Many times the print driver will enable the bidirectional support automatically.
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Windows XP
500 W P/S
Radeon 9600 Pro PCI card
2.4 ghz AMD
2x 80 GB hdd

Hi, on an XP machine, I disabled Windows XP Help and Support Center a number of years ago (before SP2 came out) by disabling the Help and Support in services. I cannot seem to re-enable it. I have tried various 'fixes' found on the Inet but none seem to work.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Im trying to run a packet monitor, and keep getting the error message: "unable to open raw socket" ....

freeware: analogx packetmon

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The next major version of VLC's venerable media player will support Google Chromecast. News of the addition was found in a recent VLC changelog that details the changes between version 2.2 and version 3.0 of the popular open-source, cross-platform media...

Read more

A:VLC 3.0 to enable Chromecast support across many devices

So if I decided to stream something to my tv with this device, bandwith gets used right? My ISP is comcast. Sadly.
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I am using a USB device for Internet Service. I need to boot into safe mode with networking support. Is there a solution that USB port could be detected in safe mode , letting me use Internet

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 running on
HP G6 pavilion note book

A:How can I enable USB Support in Safe mode

Your USB controller driver should load normally in Safe Mode. If not look in Device Manager to see if it is detected and in error. If so uninstall it in Dev Mgr, reboot into Safe Mode to see if it loads.

Otherwise install it from the Support Downloads webpage for your model PC, probably contained in chipset.

May I ask why you are working in Safe Mode?

Is this the original corrupt HP bloatware preinstall? If so you should strongly consider doing what most tech enthusiasts do and Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7,
or at least Clean Up Factory Bloatware.
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Ok, so recently my PC kind of gave up. It's been crashing irregularly, so I'd been preparing to reinstall, but my preparation was cut a little short by my PC now not even getting past the login screen. Anyway, I have a Windows 7 installer (64 bit) on a USB, I changed my boot settings to boot from USB first, and I'm getting just a black screen with the sentence "Legacy Support Disabled in the Setup". I checked the BIOS and Legacy USB is enabled, and I know disabling it will disable all my USB ports, and I don't have a PS/2 keyboard.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

A:Installing Win 7 off a USB, "Legacy Support Disabled in the Setup"

As the new ASUS now have a uEFI/BIOS firmware.
How to install Windows 64 bit on a uEFI/BIOS firmware:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with

If Using a USB Pen drive on a PC with a UEFI BIOS.
USB Pen drive need to be formatted to FAT32 as in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Take note of Step 11 for Windows 7.
Also you will need to use a USB 2.0 port, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 7.
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A:Solved: how do i enable large disk support again?

In what context?
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I have Gateway NE722 notebook (AMD APU A4-5000 based). BIOS version 1.07. OS Windows 10 64-bit Home OEM.Windows says that virtualization is disabled, Hyper-V support is enabled. I won't use Hyper-V but VirtualBox which don't allow to create 64-bit guests only 32-bits. So I assume that virtualization support is disabled in BIOS or Windows 10 Home block virtualization by enabling Hyper-V support and don't allow to use them in Home edition.I didn't saw the virtualization-related items in BIOS so the question is to use another Windows edition (i.e. Pro) or ask manufacturer to release BIOS patch that show option and allow to enable the virtualization support.Anybody knows about BIOS virtualization settings in Gateway NE722?

A:Enable virtualization support - Gateway NE722

not available on Home version: check this too:
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By default the NVIDIA drivers support OpenGL and GLSL version To enable developers to start coding to OpenGL beta support for the OpenGL and GLSL feature set can be enabled with nvemulate NVemulate allows you to emulate the functionality of various GPUs very slowly in software In addition you can use it to control OpenGL Support - Enable and 3.0 GLSL NVemulate 1.30 GLSL Support and Open GL Support The OpenGL and GLSL feature set is only available on G and later hardware This means the following GPUs NVemulate - Enable OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 Support Desktop GeForce series or higher GeForce GTX Quadro FX x Notebook GeForce series or higher Quadro FX M M M M M M M M M To enable the enhanced GLSL functionality select the G GeForce GTS Quadro FX option from the GLSL compiler device support drop box and press the Apply button No changes NVemulate - Enable OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 Support to NVemulate settings take effect until the Apply button is pressed Pressing the Restore button reverts the display settings to the driver s current applied state As noted earlier some graphics cards are not capable of GLSL or enhanced GLSL in hardware so this may require enabling a higher hardware emulation level A minimum of NV for GLSL and a minimum of G for the enhancements If you do not see the WGL ARB create context extension advertised make sure of the following You are using a Release driver version or LaterCheck this by going to the NVIDIA Control Panel selecting quot Help quot then quot System Information quot In the quot Details quot panel the quot Driver Version quot should be or better You can also check this by making sure the version string returned by glGetString GL VERSION is or better You are using a Quadro or GeForce card based on G or later If you installed a new NVIDIA graphics driver all nvemulate settings are reset to their defaults no OpenGL GLSL support so you must enable that again with NVemulate NVemulate
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I have Gateway NE722 notebook (AMD APU A4-5000 based). BIOS version 1.07. OS Windows 10 64-bit Home OEM.Windows says that virtualization is disabled, Hyper-V support is enabled. I won't use Hyper-V but VirtualBox which don't allow to create 64-bit guests only 32-bits. So I assume that virtualization support is disabled in BIOS or Windows 10 Home block virtualization by enabling Hyper-V support and don't allow to use them in Home edition.I didn't saw the virtualization-related items in BIOS so the question is to use another Windows edition (i.e. Pro) or ask manufacturer to release BIOS patch that show option and allow to enable the virtualization support.Anybody knows about BIOS virtualization settings in Gateway NE722?

A:Enable virtualization support - Gateway NE722

not available on Home version: check this too:
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How to enable AHCI support under vista famillial premium .
Nothing to do in BIOS.
Do i update to windows 7 8 or 10 ?
best regards.
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Can I disable Legacy Support, since it's for older operating systems?

A:Can I disable "Legacy Support" in the BIOS?

Easiest way to find out is to try it and see what happens. My guess is it will be okay.
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Dear forum members,

I am facing problem with message "enable bidirectional support" coming while i am giving the Print command.
I am having printer server and all the printers are configured in this server. In the print server the Bidirectional support is checked. But when i configure the printer in client machine this option get grayed out and i am not able to print. V
Can you suggest what might be wrong?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce MX with AGP X Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard can't it without and enabled Solved: enable can't bidirectional support print Dell Computer Corp Y CN P I Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Solved: can't print without bidirectional support enabled and can't enable it Scanner Enabled Using Kodak ESP AiO printer Had Kodak tech support download new firmware Now I m getting an error quot bidirectional support is disabled quot When I click on start gt control panel gt printers and faxes and select the ESP right click on properties then select the ports tab I can see a box to be checked that says quot Enable bidirectional support quot I check this click apply click okay Then when I reopen the ports tab it is once again unchecked and I am still unable to print Please help me to get my printer up and running again Thanks nbsp
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I am running XP Pro, and last month I paid a local tech to format and reinstall for me, because I wanted to save time on the reinstall. My OEM CD is only SP2, and the tech had SP3 slipstreamed on a CD. The installation went without any problems, but now I can't enablre Indic language support because the installation process keeps asking for the SP3 CD and I don't have it. How do I enable Indic language support without the SP3 installation media?

I ended up slipstreaming SP 3 anyway.
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Hi I have a Microsoft BitLocker drive) (unlock support 5? enable WinPE How to in Surface Pro and I am running Windows Pro Update I have been unsuccessful at building a WinPE image that provides BitLocker support I searched around the internet and found many posts Eventually I ended up trying to build it with the various added packages I discovered in the various posts However in the end none worked and this is the message I am getting after booting into my WinPE environment manage-bde How to enable BitLocker support (unlock drive) in WinPE 5? exe - Application Error The instruction at xa afa b referenced memory at x d The memory could not be read Click on OK to terminate the program Here are the commands I eventually ended up using to build my WinPE image Code dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs WinPE-WMI cab quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs WinPE-FMAPI cab How to enable BitLocker support (unlock drive) in WinPE 5? quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs WinPE-SecureStartup cab quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs How to enable BitLocker support (unlock drive) in WinPE 5? WinPE-EnhancedStorage cab quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs en-us WinPE-WMI en-us cab quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs WinPE-Scripting cab quot dism image C boot macrium mount add-package packagepath quot C Program Files x Windows Kits Assessment and Deployment Kit Windows Preinstallation Environment amd WinPE OCs en-us WinPE-Scripting en-us cab quot But even with all that included I still have the same error about the memory Does anyone have a WinPE x bootable environment working on a TPM-enabled machine If so how did you build your custom WinPE environment Thanks

A:How to enable BitLocker support (unlock drive) in WinPE 5?

I resolved the issue, but here's how I got to it:

1) I even tried using the 8.0 ADK, but I still got the same error.

2) At one point during my troubleshooting, I stopped just prior to performing the Commit to create the WinPE image. Then I navigated to the <mount directory>\Windows\System32 and ran manage-bde.exe. The result: A Windows error (something to the effect that the program crashed/stopped working).

3) I tried running Notepad.exe and it worked fine.

4) I compared the manage-bde.exe from my mount directory to the one in C:\Windows\System32 using the comp utility and they were identical.

5) I have always been able to run C:\Windows\System32\manage-bde.exe. So I created a "temp" subdirectory in my mount directory and copied C:\Windows\System32\manage-bde.exe. When I tried to run it, I got that error (program crashed/stopped working).

6) Running it from the C:\Windows\System32 directory, however, worked without any issue. This led me to conclude that it required some dependent files in C:\Windows\System32.

7) After a bit more troubleshooting, I discovered that in order for it to run, it needed something in directory C:\Windows\System32\en-US\. I copied that folder I into my "temp" folder on my mount directory and then manage-bde.exe was able to run without any issues.

8) Final solution was to create a subdirectory called "BitLocker" in <mount directory>\Windows\System32, then copy C:\Windows\System32\manage-bde.exe and C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ into it. Then I performed the Commit to finalize and create my WinPE image.

9) Upon booting my WinPE environment, in the Command Prompt, I change to the "BitLocker" directory and run
manage-bde.exe from there to unlock my BitLocker volumes. No errors.
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I am running XP Pro, and last month I paid a local tech to format and reinstall for me, because I wanted to save time on the reinstall. My OEM CD is only SP2, and the tech had SP3 slipstreamed on a CD. The installation went without any problems, but now I can't enable Indic language support because the installation process keeps asking for the SP3 CD and I don't have it. How can I enable Indic language support without the SP3 installation media? I asked this at the Microsoft newsgroups and was told that I needed to slipstream a CD myself. Is this the only way?

A:[SOLVED] XP Pro: Enable complex script support without SP3 media?

I did end up slipstreaming SP3 after all.
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how to turn on bi-directional support on the printers properties dialog box " I cannot find this location

A:Cant find option to Enable bidirectional support for printer

Can we have the printer make and model? Did you buy it new? How do you have it connected to your system? 20 years in IT and counting, baby\m/ > < \m/
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My Dell AIO printer lost the connection to the computer and now I get a popup quot Communication not available quot There is no error number I had this problem once before and the problem is that when you right click the Printer-Properties there is a block to check under the Ports tab Printer Bidirectional AIO Support 940-Enable Dell Connection Problem- that says quot enable bidirectional support quot The check mark will not stay when you hit the quot apply quot button at the bottom so the bidirectional support is not enabled and the printer will not communicate I remember a fix I came across one time that made some changes in the registry to make the Printer Connection Problem- Dell AIO 940-Enable Bidirectional Support bidirectional support permanent I thought I had saved the instructions but cannot find them Does this sound familiar to anyone and can anyone help Calls to Dell are fruitless- they only say the printer is fine and it is a software problem That is correct but if I cannot use my printer I will probably buy one from someone else next time Thanks

A:Printer Connection Problem- Dell AIO 940-Enable Bidirectional Support

how is the parallel port set in the bios? it should run in EPP (ECP being the fastest) mode at least and be compatable with windows.
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Hiya Help and Support Center provides a centralized facility through which users can obtain assistance on a Support in Execution: Windows Could Me Help Feb Flaw Code 26 Enable Center and variety of topics For instance it provides product documentation assistance in determining hardware compatibility access to Windows Update online help from Microsoft and other assistance Users and programs can execute URL links to Help and Support Flaw in Windows Me Help and Support Center Could Enable Code Execution: Feb 26 Center by using the quot hcp quot prefix in a URL link instead of quot http quot A security vulnerability is present in the Windows Me version of Help and Support Center and results because the URL Handler for the quot hcp quot prefix contains an unchecked buffer An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a URL that when clicked on by the user would execute code of the attacker s choice in the Local Computer security context The URL could be hosted on a web page or sent directly to the user in email In the web based scenario where a user then clicked on the URL hosted on a website an attacker could have the ability to read or launch files already present on the local machine In the case of an e-mail borne attack if the user was using Outlook Express or Outlook in their default configurations or Outlook or in conjunction with the Outlook Email Security Update then an attack could not be automated and the user would still need to click on a URL sent in e-mail However if the user was not using Outlook Express or Outlook in their default configurations or Outlook or in conjunction with the Outlook Email Security Update the attacker could cause an attack to trigger automatically without the user having to click on a URL contained in an e-mail Maximum Severity Rating Critical Download locations for this patch Microsoft Windows Me http windowsupdate microsoft com http www microsoft com technet treeview default asp url technet security bulletin ms - asp Regards eddie nbsp

A:Flaw in Windows Me Help and Support Center Could Enable Code Execution: Feb 26

Im sorry but doesn't that go against the Forum Rules of explaining how to HACK, crack, or pirate programs? Because I just learned something new...
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Is there any remote support software that can power on a remote workstation that is powered off?

A:Can Any Remote Support Software Power On A Remote Workstation

AS far as I know there is no software to power up a remote workstation that is not on. I could be wrong though it has been known to happen ... once .... I think or was I mistaken?
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Entering the bios limits me to certain options. Is there anyway to access the other options? sorry, newbie here.

A:No "usb legacy support" "qfan" options on my asus laptop bios.

If your BIOS doesn't include such options, then they simply are not there.

I don't know about hacking BIOS's, and I wouldn't suggest it at all. You could brick your motherboard.

However, you should check with your manufacturer's website and see if there is an update available for the BIOS that may increase available options.
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So I rebooted the win7 workstation went to login to it normally with the users credentials and it acts like its a new user login everything is default all pst's, docs, favs, everything is gone . If you browse the windows explorer you can see there are other similar profiles that it looks like used to be . What would happen if I tried to rename a user in Active directory?
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I have a Dell desktop running Vista connected to a Canon printer via a Linksys wireless router Initially I had the printer connected via USB to another Dell computer on the network and everything birectional support" message printer network "Enable on worked fine I needed the USB port for another device so I changed it to wire the printer via ethernet directly "Enable birectional support" message on network printer from the router Now the first computer also connected "Enable birectional support" message on network printer to the router via ethernet still works fine However the wireless computer has some issues I get a message that the computer cannot communicate with the printer and to quot enable bidirectional support quot However the bidirectional support box is greyed on the printer properties The strange thing is that the printer still works even though the computer says it isn t working So I seem to be communicating just fine from the PC to the router to the printer but some how the reverse path isn t working right and I don t know how to get the quot bidrectional support quot ungreyed I ve tried reinstalling the printer drivers but that doesn t make any difference I used to go wireless from the computer to the router ethernet from the router to another computer and USB from that computer to the printer - everything worked Now I am going wireless from the computer to the router and ethernet from the router to the printer Works OK but gives a warning that it isn t working Anyone know how to fix this nbsp

A:"Enable birectional support" message on network printer

I think you need to add a new port called standard tcp/ip.
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I have a brand new HP Z240. I have installed the SSD in the M2 slot on the board and updated the BIOS 1.27. The board or the BIOS will still not see the SSD. it is a Crucial 500GB SSD. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Q: Z240

Hi Team, We are trying to install win7 on Z240 but due to some issue the SSD does not gets detected we have also tried installing Win7 via CD/USB but still no luck can someone help me regarding this issue.


If secure boot is enabled in BIOS, try disabling it and enable legacy boot.Also in case you are using NVME SSD, then you may need to inject the corresponding driver
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Bios ver. N51 1.27 Does anyone know where the option is to turn on Num Lock for the HP Z240? I have looked throguh the service manual and there was no listing for turning on num lock like other models.Example: the  z210 Bios does offer this.  z240  Note: I am not interested in setting the forInitialKeyboardIndicators option in the Windows registy.    I'm looking for an option  similar to was is shown here.
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Dear Support Team,I want to procure HP Z240 workstation for  one of my project. The online datasheet shows that it comes up with only Windows 7 or Windows 10. But my system requirement is with Windows 8.1. Can HP Z240 haedware allows me to use it with Windows 8.1, if I purchase windows seperatley.RegardsWaqas Khalid
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Hello, i just bought an hp z240 workstation (tower format).I'm trying to configure a transcend m.2 30GB drive. After installing it on the dedicate m.2 slot on the motherboard i can't see it in the bios and even in windows 7.the first drive is connected on sata0 (original 1tb hdd with win 7 installed on it)On bios settings the m.2 slot is enabled. any suggestion? Thank you
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Hi,I would like to know the MTBF of Z240 workstations.In one site I found MTBF as 2 million hours with SSD. Is it correct?
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I need to upgrade from a Z220 to a Z240 using the same drives and o/s and software.  Will those drives run on the 240 without crashing?  If not, what drivers would I have to supply to use a program like Acronis Snap Deploy (set to restore to different hardware)?
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HP sent a 16gb 2Rx4 PC$-2133P-Ra0-10 seperately with the new PC (HP Z240 SZh3). It came with 8gb RAM. I replaced the 8gb RAM with 16gb RAM but it wont boot. Blinking RED power light which turns to white blinking light. HELP!
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I have a z with a i - CPU on my desk that refuses to recognize the attached monitor properly nbsp In the Xorg log file there is no mention of EDID data nbsp The result is that the HD display connected is set to x rather than x nbsp I'm running Debian and have updated the system BIOS to the latest N EDID Linux and z240, Ver nbsp I've also built the latest driver available from Intel for linux nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp z240, Linux and EDID nbsp nbsp LoadModule intel nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Loading usr lib xorg modules drivers intel drv so nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Module intel vendor X Org Foundation nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp compiled for module version nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Module class X Org Video Driver nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp ABI class X Org Video Driver version nbsp Using an old PCIe x video card I have let me connect all of the ports on the monitors HDMI DVI and VGA and Debian correctly set the resolution each time and Xorg log showed all of the expected EDID data nbsp A different z system here is working fine using the onboard video nbsp Since I need to have up to RAID adapters in the system at once I can't just add a different video card nbsp I have not tried Windows to see if it works there though I am going to try to do that on Friday nbsp Is there a video BIOS update that might fix this problem nbsp or is the hardware broken nbsp thanksedc

A:z240, Linux and EDID

I would guess you would have better driver support through windows vs linux for drivers.
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Have a new Z240 Workstation with a Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2 nVMe SSD.Windows 10 will install to the SSD from USB no problem but the machine fails to find the OS post install.The Samsung 950 Pro SSD does not show up in the UEFI section of the BIOS, but it does show up under Legacy devices.Secure Boot is not enabled. If I add a SATA HDD,  Windows Boot Manager gets installed on the SATA device and the machine will then boot Windows 10 from SSD. How do I get the machine to boot from SSD without having to have a SATA HDD installed? I've updated the BIOS from 01.11 to 01.21 with no change in the above.
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My system came with a Nvidia PCIe card. I would like to remove this card and use the integrated graphics. Whenever I remove the PCIe the system will just beep, and the integrated wouldn't work. I went in the bios but cannot find anything to enable the integrated. Thanks
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nbsp HP Z Tower WorkstationProduct number L T AVTo update the Firmware I was provided this link by customer support http h www hp com hpsc swd public detail sp ts oid amp swItemId wk amp swEnvOid Using the link I was able Updating Firmware for Z240 to download and run sp exe nbsp Then Updating Firmware for Z240 a set of instructions appear as follows nbsp Another FWUpdLcl exe utility in the ME Flash Local-Win directory is designed to update the ME firmware within a -bit or -bit Windows environment from the Run box or a command prompt The ME can be updated by executing the following command FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN -generic Alternatively when running a -bit Windows environment use the command FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN nbsp nbsp -generic The ME Flash folder contains the binary update image to be used with the utility nbsp The update binary image and the Local-Win folder contents can be copied to any storage volume available within the Windows operating system nbsp nbsp Since I am using -bit Windows I assume I need to run the command nbsp FWUpdLcl exe -f BIN nbsp nbsp -generic nbsp My question is how do I complete this command i e how do I tell it which folder to look in to find the files nbsp Much thanks for any guidance nbsp nbsp

A:Updating Firmware for Z240

When you run HP service packs, they will expand and place their contents under an own directory within C:\swsetup.Specifically in your case, if you run sp74202.exe, you should see a new directory C:\swsetup\SP74202 has been created with the contents of the service pack within. Alternatively you can use 7-zip to peek inside the service pack exe without running it since the exe is a self extracting zip file that runs the installer once decompressed  In any case, a newer ME update exists here but i'd first apply the latest system firmware update available here. When looking at the HP service pack links above, it's good practice to selectively click each "Description", "Enhancements", "Installation Instructions" "Release Notes" "Fixes" and "Revision History" tabs and read the information (some of it is repetative but you'll soon learn where to focus your attension). The contents of these tabs contain important and relevant information on what has been improved, fixed, which system it's for, how to install the update, etc. And if a previously installed SP is not listed in the "revision history" tab, that release may have been pulled by HP due to some fauly behaviour or other issue! Pay particular attension to the prerequisits as in some instances firmware updates have to be stepped (that is you can't always simply apply the latest). And if you read such boaring stuff, the system firmware (BIOS) Installation Instructions tab would have given you a clue where the sp files are expanded to  Have you tried simply enter the command (as specified) via a command prompt window but changing directories to where the FWUpdLcl.exe file is located? Just keep in mind that sp74202 is the initial ME firmware release so nothing sould update  So best to apply the latest system firmware (BIOS), then the ME firmware, then maybe the latest ME software (under chipset drivers). Best to bookmark this page which lists all the downloads for your z240 Windows 10 64bit tower system so check it out periodically.
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HP sent a 16gb 2Rx4 PC$-2133P-Ra0-10 seperately with the new PC (HP Z240 SZh3). It came with 8gb RAM. I replaced the 8gb RAM with 16gb RAM but it wont boot. Blinking RED power light which turns to white blinking light. HELP!
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I am trying to setup my new HP Z240 workstation, but cannot get the graphics card to operate at any resolution above 1024 X 768. The graphics card is an NVIDIA QUADRO K620. It is connected to the monitor with a DVI-D Dual link cable. The monitor is an HP w2408. The monitor has two inputs (DVI and VGA). I have the VGA input connected to another HP computer with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 card (this computer/card/monitor displays at 1920 x1200). When I checked the adapter modes (using the list modes option), the best mode listed is 1024 x 768. The NVIDIA spec sheet lists the max resolution with DVI-I as 2560 x 1600 or 1920 x 1200. What can I do to get the max resolution from my monitor (1920 x 1200)?

View Solution.

A:Graphics resolution on Z240

Update.  Problem solved. When I realized that the monitor in DVI mode was not being recognized as PNP, it pointed to the monitor as the problem. Installed new monitor, everythng works as it should. Evidently the VGA input to the old monitor functioned properly while the DVI portion was defective (card or cable connection). Dave6666
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Hello, I am working on installing windows 7 enterprise 64, on a z240 SFF. I am missing the USB drivers for it. I have the driver disk that came with it and I have installed every driver that is on there, along with going to HP support software and drivers web link and downloading everyone from there. There has not been one driver that has solved this problem, so I was looking for some sort of help on finidning one.l I tried a few other drivers for different model of towers but no luck. please help

A:z240 sff USB driver missing

Hi: Please post the hardware ID for the USB controller that needs the driver. To find the hardware ID, go to the device manager and click on the device needing the driver. Then click on the Details tab at the top of the device window. Now you will see a Property drop down list, and it will be set to Device Description. Drop down on that list, and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window.
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Hi, I'm wanting to install 2 x 3.5" HDDs in my new Z240 SFF Workstation. There is a bay that already came with an insert and one of the new drives slots into that just fine. However it looks like some sort of insert/caddy is needed for the "External/internal shared 3.5" bay", as it is too big for the drive itselt to slot in. It looks like this bay is sized for some sort of optical disk. I've called HP and their spare parts people here in Australia, but no one can find the part needed. Can some one please help?
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Greetings nbsp We've purchased Dells for years but recently started (Graphics) 3.3 Beep Z240 SFF Code giving HP a look The first unit I received just stopped working during deployment testing and gives me long beeps red LED with short beeps white LED According to the manual this translates to The embedded controller has timed out waiting for BIOS to return from nbsp graphics initialization I couldn't Z240 SFF Beep Code 3.3 (Graphics) find any specific troubleshooting steps for this error so I did the following based on the testing I was doing nbsp - Cleared CMOSThe system wouldn't boot after applying BIOS settings using the HP BIOS Configuration Utility so maybe something went wrong there That said I applied settings with this tool multiple times before on the same system without issue nbsp but thought it was worth a start Here's my config file nbsp BIOSConfig Legacy Boot Options Disable Enable Legacy Boot Order HDD USB CDROM SATA HDD SATA NETWORK EMBEDDED UEFI Boot Options Disable Enable Configure Legacy Support and Secure Boot Legacy Support Enable and Secure Boot Disable Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Disable- Swapped video cards Nvidia Quado K with a known good card We bought two units for testing so I had an identical system to swap from - Swapped memory - Reseated all cables nbsp Any ideas on what else I should try before sending it back
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Hello, My company recently purchased some Z240 SFF workstations and put in aftermarket multi-media card readers in the 3.5" slot. The card reader uses the internal USB 3.0 header, so I had to unplug the USB 3.0 cable for the for the front usb ports in order to get it to work. The media card reader works just fine in Windows, however, I get a POST error message on startup: "Cable detection Error 41A- Front USB2 Not Connected. Front USB cable has been detached or unseatted from the motherboard. Press Enter to continue." Is there anyway to disable POST messages? I can't seem to find anything in the UEFI/BIOS to do this.

A:Z240 POST Message disable?

One of the HP engineers who has been very helpful to us here has recently posted on a related question, and he has access to the schematics and the internal design details of these workstations.  His post is on this thread,  HERE : Dan tells how to jumper the header to make it believe the cable is still connected, and it would not matter whether you jumpered at the motherboard end or the far plug end, as long as you got the correct pins/plug holes jumpered. Note his caution.... that seems to suggest that the pins on the motherboard are not as stout as the ones we are used to seeing.  A proper sized insulated wire jumper with a short segment of wire exposed at each end can be used as a jumper at the far plug end of a cable, rather than the little plastic jumpers we use at the motherboard pin end of thins.  If you carefully figure out the wire colors this should work. The wiring of such headers/cables within a HP workstation family are usually the same, and things can stay the same from one generation to another, in my experience.
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HiI have bought a z240 tower which runs really well with win 7 pro. Recently, I wanted to add an SATA extension card, but without any success. I am looking for a simple SATA controller without RAID functionality (which unnecessary slows down the boot procedure). Unfortunately, HP does not offer any SATA boards as accessories - Is there any recommendation for such a card from your side? I've bought a LogiLink PC0059A card, unfortunately, the system does no longer startup when connecting drives to it. The hp BIOS  screen appears as usual, then the card shows the attached drives, after that the hp bios screen appears again and reamains without any reaction (reboot required). Thanks for any hints Tom
Relevancy 44.29%

When I download graphics card driver 15.20.1045 (sp73511.exe) from the HP site and install this, the properties display 15.200.1045.So I'm now not sure if the corect driver is installed, because I'm still getting graphics card errors. Our software supplier PTC recommends the certified 15.20.1045-version so how do I get this right?
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Hi, I had a look inside and the Z Turbo drive appears to be connected to the motherboard (location 23 on the motherboard map in the manual) and not using a SATA port or any of the four main PCIe3 slots. Only one of the PCIe3 slots is being used and that is for the NVIDIA graphics card, and only one of the SATA ports is being used and that is for the Slim BluRay drive (connected to SATA3). That means there are 3 x SATA ports available, and 2 x 3.5" and 1 x 2.5" bays available, by the looks of it. My question is, is it possible to put 3 x HDD/SSD drives in it, i.e. 2 x 3.5" and 1 x 2.5"?

A:Adding drives to HP Z240 SFF with a Z Turbo drive

@jeffparker? Yes I believe you can add them. Check the quickspecs below: The following are supported.500GB SATA 7200 rpm 6Gb/s 3.5" HDD LQ036AA1TB SATA 7200 rpm 6Gb/s 3.5" HDD - LQ037AA2TB SATA 7200 rpm 6Gb/s 3.5" HDD - QB576AA3TB SATA 7200 rpm 6Gb/s 3.5" HDD - QF298AA500GB SATA 7.2K SED SFF HDD1TB SATA 7200 rpm 8GB 3.5" SSHD (hybrid) - M7S54AA And the following SSD'sA3D25AA 128 Gb sata 3A3D26AA 256 GB sata3D8F30AA 512Gb Sata3F3C96AA 1Tb Sata3G7U67AA 256 Gb Sata3 SED OPALT3U07AA 240 Gb Ent class 2T3U08AA 480 Gb Ent class 2
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Hi. I am trying to run the intel onboard graphics and an nvidia quaddro on the same machine simultaneously. HP says it is possible to do so but I cannot find the option in the BIOS to enable the onboard graphics as a primary driver. Right now, the onboard graphics cards becomes automatically disabled as soon as I plug the Nvidia in.  Thanks for your help
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I just got a HP Z240 Tower with a 400W power supply, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB M.2 SSD.  Is the GeForce GTX 970 Graphics card compatible?  My PCIe v3 x16 slot is available.

A:HP Z240 Tower Compatible with GeForce GTX970

Greetings, The 400 power supply could be an issue. A stock GTX 970 lists a recommended 500 watt power supply. You have to verify the 10.1 inch to 10.5 inch card will fit in your chassis. You should have the required UEFI BIOS if the system is brand new and you have a PCIe x16 3.0 slot available on the system board. Cheers!
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Issue: Whever the system is booted/rebooted after POST, while transfering control to OS, the system goes into a pause/halt (keyboard and mouse doesn't responds)Workaround: As soon as one of the monitors is turned off, seems control passes to Windows 7 ("Loading windows" on black screen shows up) and boots normally, now the monitor can be turned on and dual display works as usualAdditional info: While the system is paused, if the NUM/CAPS/SCROLL lock is pressed in a particular sequence (even though the lights actually don't respond), it looks like the key-press sequence gets stored in buffer. This is verfied once one of the monitor is turned off, the same keypress pattern lights up on the keyboardSetup: z240 with 2x23" monitor connected to Display-ports, HP smartcard keyboard and mouse connected to rear USB. BIOS version 1.11 (SP74759)Has anyone experianced similar issue or anyone has a fix for this?

A:z240 boot issue with dual monitor setup

Same here.New Z240 workstation with Xeon E3-1245 v5 and two monitors HP Z24n, both attached on the motherboard's DisplayPorts.OS: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Sp1 with latest patches and drivers (including monitors' one), BIOS (01.27 Rev.A)  I found two workarounds: power down and restart, or briefly attach another DVI monitor. I will try your trick to power off a monitor.  P.S. Initially I had the same problem using two Samsung DVI monitors and HP DisplayPort->DVI adapters. I thought it was a problem with the signal conversion and changed monitors. Probably this post is an instance of the same problem:
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Hi there nbsp My work machine is a HP Z SFF PC Last month the machine began randomly hanging and displaying blue screen errors There isn't much in the way of discernible patterns but it tends Z240 SFF blue crashes and HP screens random hangs, to happen when the machine is in use rather than idling and I can consistently reproduce it when using the Prime stress testing utility When I set it to maximise CPU heat as soon HP Z240 SFF random hangs, blue screens and crashes as I stop the test the machine blue screens indicating a cooling issue The machine's fan is very quiet although on occasion it gets very loud after a restart and then quietens down I would expect the fan to get louder as the CPU gets hotter during the HP Z240 SFF random hangs, blue screens and crashes stress test but this doesn't happen so I wonder if the fan is malfunctioning and if this is a known issue with these machines or if there is any possible resolution nbsp Please see below for the output of BlueScreeView which displays the error codes produced by recent blue screen errors nbsp nbsp
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Hi, I?d like to install a media card reader (e.g. HP 468494-005) into the shared internal/external 3.5" drive bay of my HP Z240 SFF workstation but it doesn't fit. It probably needs a carrier of some kind, because the casing is just a bit too wide and there are no holes for the standard screws. I couldn't find any instructions on the HP website. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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This should be easy but I can't find the PCI Serial Port Driver for HP Z240 VEN_8086 DEV_A13D. I think that's the AMT driver  for this puppy.... I think its called sunrisepoint or skylake chipset? Things that make you go hmmmmm  

A:PCI Serial Port Driver for HP Z240 VEN_8086 DEV_A13D

Hi: You need this driver...the AMT SOL driver is included. This package contains the latest Intel Management Engine Software for the supported Workstation models and operating systems, as well as utilities for updating and checking status.