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Outlook 2016 Export Account Settings?

Q: Outlook 2016 Export Account Settings?

I've just done a clean install of Windows 10 on another PC; I've also installed Office 2016.

After all the fuss created with previous version of Outlook, I can't believe that Outlook 2016 still doesn't have an option to Export Account Settings. Has anyone got a way to do this?

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2016 Export Account Settings?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2016 Export Account Settings?

Hello Nigel,

When you open the File menu in Outlook 2016 you should get an option to export:

Does this provide a way to do what you want?
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I have been using Windows Live Mail as my email client for years Due to Microsoft changes I decided to switch to Outlook I have installed Office Personal taking advantage of the free one year subscription although I am considering cancelling and deleting it and purchasing the standalone Outlook product When Or To, Cannot 2016 Import Setup Outlook From Export I registered for this forum I selected Office as my product since Office Personal is not an option I have been trying for days to set up Outlook with no success I've researched every article and forum I can find for Cannot Export To, Import From Or Setup Outlook 2016 answers to no avail I've downloaded every troubleshooter and analytical tool I can find while trying to configure Outlook I've read every tutorial I can find I am trying to set up Outlook for two sbcglobal net accounts and several live com msn com outlook com and windowslive com email accounts One of my windowslive com accounts is also my Microsoft email account I can't import WLM email accounts or email messages from WLM into Outlook I can't export WLM email accounts or email messages into Outlook I've received just about every error message imaginable including quot The export could not be performed Your default MAPI store could not be opened quot quot Cannot connect to server quot quot Oops something went wrong quot and other error messages I have received the test messages sent from Outlook to the sbcglobal net email accounts but that's as good as it gets which makes me wonder why I get a quot Cannot connect to server quot error message for the sbcglobal net accounts while there's clearly quot test messages quot in the sbcglobal net Inbox I have attempted to set up a profile with Outlook but that's a no go also I have tried to manually set up the email accounts in Outlook but that was unsuccessful I have set Outlook as my default email client so that's not the problem I have tried importing exporting with both WLM and Outlook open and running so that's not the problem I can't access the Import function in Outlook because I can't create a profile or set up my first account I am very familiar with setting up email accounts in email clients I've done it successfully for years with WLM and I've also done it with Thunderbird which I deleted after the first setup because I didn't like it I don't have any problems with entering the correct server port numbers authentication the correct server type SSL incoming and outgoing addresses and so forth Why am I unable to export to Outlook import from within Outlook or manually set up these email accounts I simply can't understand what the problem is Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided
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Are there any way to save Thunderbird email clients configured email accounts details (email address, passwords etc)?

A:How to export thunderbird email account settings?

Backup your Thunderbird profile
Profiles | How to | Thunderbird
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hi everyone

I run a business and all my contacts information are in outlook as well as personal friends & family info like birthday reminders etc....
Is there a way that i can save this info to disc or another hard drive because i am remastering my PC but need this info kept!

I know remastering a PC should be a last resort but i have had enough of all the problems i have been getting. I have transferred all the info i need to my slave drive apart from outlook info.

plz help lee_1133
Advent 3215
Pentium 4 2.66GHz
2 X 120Gb Hard Drives
1024Mb 400MHz DDR RAM
128Mb G-Force MX440 4 X AGP Graphics
Hercules PRO 920 17" TFT Display

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I recently installed MS Office and i configured my MS outlook to receive emails from my hotmail account. It downloaded all the mails from my hotmail inbox and stored it in my computer as a .pst file removing all mails from my hotmail inbox, but now when i tried to export all these mails again to hotmail inbox i do not have any clue as to what I should do now. I am afraid if there are no ways to resolve this issue, Please put forth your suggestions. Thank you guys ! have a good day

A:How to export outlook emails (.pst) into hotmail account

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

Please continue in your other thread where you have a reply until the problem is solved:
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I have just set up a Gmail account and it works fine when accessed via the web. I tried all day to include it under my Outlook 2016 with no success. Imap is enabled under Gmail settings but I keep getting the following message when I test the account settings

'Log onto incoming mail server (IMAP) server failed.'

I have searched the web for a solution and have tried 993 and others for the port number and set SSL for the type of encrypted connection with no success.

Will someone please help me get my Gmail account set up under Win7 Outlook 2016?

Thank you.
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I'm trying to help a friend who has just installed Office on her computer Windows Outlook to 10 Calendar 2016? Export Mail and for from calendar which was recently upgraded from Win to Win She's been using Outlook com and has accumulated a fair amount of email contacts and calendar appointments I've managed to get her email to show Export calendar from Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 to Outlook 2016? up by adding it to Outlook as a POP account I was able to import her contacts into Outlook from a file called OutlookContacts csv Now I'm trying to get her calendar with all its many calendars and appointments into Outlook I'm not sure why but Export calendar from Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 to Outlook 2016? the appointments all show up just fine in Mail and Calendar for Windows even though we did nothing to put them there as far as we know But she'd like them to appear when she clicks on the Calendar in Outlook and Export calendar from Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 to Outlook 2016? I can't find any information on how to do that I've also looked for some kind of Export function in the Mail and Calendar for Windows app but I came up empty How do I get her calendar into Outlook I can't be the only one who finds Microsoft awful at documenting this kind of basic functionality Millions of people must have tried to do the same thing before me but if there's any information out there on how to do this it has eluded me so far

A:Export calendar from Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 to Outlook 2016?

You can manually export calendars from using a round-a-bout method I posted at this link. However, I don't think that's going to help you because what you really want to do is set up Outlook 2016 so that her email, calendar and contacts sync with (and stay in sync with) her account.

Therefore, instead of setting email up as a POP account and then importing calendar, contacts, etc. separately, why not just setup Outlook 2016 to work with her account? I haven't done it with Outlook 2016, only older Outlook versions that used Hotmail Connector, however the following instructions for Outlook 2016 seem fairly straight forward.
If she has two-factor authentication switched on for her account, then you may need to generate an app password from her account, and use that as the password instead of the actual Microsoft Account password.
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I've been trying to set up Outlook 2016 on my new Surface Pro 4 but it won't connect to my Office 365 Account/Microsoft Account. The rest of Office works fine I'm just having trouble with Outlook. Is anyone else having these issues? I was thinking it might be my 2FA but I don't want to turn it off if it won't even work. Edit: It seems Outlook 2016 has connected to my Office 365 Account it just hasn't connect to my Outlook account.
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I m in the process of building up a new desktop system in parallel with my current desktop system which is still being email Export to & Outlook & new GUI system settings 2010 Import acct. actively used until the new system is ready I m upgrading the new system to Windows Professional x from the Windows Home Premium x currently installed on the old active desktop system Other than Import & Export Outlook 2010 GUI & email acct. settings to new system that change I m re-installing and re-activating all the software from the old system onto the new system My question concerns Outlook Since Microsoft took away their simple email client Windows Mail I ve been forced to use Outlook for my personal home use Over time by hiding this function and re-arranging that I ve been able to simplify the Outlook GUI to a tolerable level for my personal home use Of course when I re-installed Office Professional Plus with Outlook on the new system all the useless for me bells and whistles are back and I have to also set up my email accounts all over again I know how to export and import all my email and Address Book data but is there any relatively simple way to export from the old system and import to the new system all the GUI and email account settings so Outlook will look and act exactly the same on the new system at first use without any tinkering

A:Import & Export Outlook 2010 GUI & email acct. settings to new system

Windows Mail came with Vista after Microsoft discontinued Outlook Express. On Win7 and Win8/8.1 I've had better success with Windows Live Mail, part of Windows Essentials, than with Outlook for most folks. An issue with one yesterday on Win8.1 and its Mail was that for ease it worked best to have a Microsoft account such as or so I removed that tile and setup Windows Live Mail to use with his local ISP account. Now if you are confused by names, join the crowd, Microsoft seems to love confusing us like they did with Works and Works Suite.
Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
You can choose not to install all of the applications.
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I installed Outlook on a Windows PC I installed my hotmail account and it works fine I am trying to add my other email account which is my email address at a domain name owned by me and hosted by Google as in user mydomain com I get an error message An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available Click Next to attempt using an unencrypted connection That doesn't sound safe but I tried it I clicked Next and got another error We are having trouble connecting to your account Verify the settings below and make changes if necessary The setting the message is referring to is the email address I verified that it is typed accurately and clicked Retry to a connection 2016 secure google-hosted Outlook find a can't account I got the same error message but this time everything was greyed out except the Next button So I clicked Next The next screen gave me two choices Outlook com or Exchange ActiveSync Compatible Service - Connect to a service such as Outlook com Outlook 2016 can't find a secure connection to a google-hosted account to access email calendars contacts and tasks or POP or IMAP - Connect to a POP or IMAP account I tried POP or IMAP but it asks me for the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server I don't know how to find those So I went back and clicked on Outlook com or Exchange Active Sync Compatible Service That led me to a screen that asks for the mail server I tried https mail google com mail u inbox which is the website that Google takes me to when I use google mail to access this account It didn't work I got the error message Log onto Exchange Active Sync mail server EAS The server cannot be found So I tried mail google com and got the same error message How do I get Outlook to find an encrypted connection to a google-hosted account Is it safe enough to use an unencrypted connection If I use an unencrypted connection should I use Outlook com or Exchange ActiveSync Compatible Service or POP or IMAP How do I find out the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server

A:Outlook 2016 can't find a secure connection to a google-hosted account

Sounds like you are using Google Apps for Business with a domain name you own.
There are special steps you need to follow to get Google Apps to work with Outlook. I believe there is a special Outlook connector, I believe it's called Google Apps Sync, that you'll need to download and install; there are also some configuration changes you'll need to be make in your Google Apps configuration as well.
You should check the support section of Google Apps for more information. You may also want to review this:
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Installed MS Office 2016. In setting up an email account in Outlook, I somehow left off the .com part of my email address but never the less, it appears as one of the email accounts on the screen. It does not appear under my account settings but I can see an entry under the data files tab. I can select it, then attempt "remove" and get this error msg. Its location is on one drive which cannot also be removed. It says it is being copied ?? It has been doing (it) for 12 hours now.
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Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my email accounts in Outlook 2016. I always do a manual setup and on my email accounts, I use Exchange ActiveSync.

My questions are this.

What is this new option of selecting Office 365 and when would I use this option?When I did select the Office 365 option and pressed next my outlook would crash, any fix?What is the best selection to choose from when setting up my account that would be great for automatically syncing with my calendar etc. on or apple etc.?

Thank you very much for any help and assistance.

A:Outlook 2016 Manual Email Account Setup, Office 365 option? & Crashes

Manual setup for accounts is absolutely unnecessary, Outlook 2016 does that automatically in a few seconds.

That being said, if you insist in doing it manually the correct option is Exchange ActiveSync. Office 365 option is for so called workplace email accounts, Azure AD / Office 365 for Business or Enterprise users. You select that option only if your organisation uses Office 365 and you want to set up your workplace email in Outlook 2016.

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i have a XP drive which had outlook on
i can copy the PST file
BUT how can I find out all the account settings

its an NTLBusiness email address and nothing on the web

The outlook - has a .srs file - which I believe is the account send/receive settings - but how can i read it to find out the
and also the ports and the SSL etc settings

or a link to the
NTL Business email settings for a account
which is now virginmedia - but i cant find the details

i know its

just nor sure of other settings
if i can use

thanks for any help

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My Windows 10 E-Mail app keeps telling me that "Your Outlook account settings are out of date".

When i click on "Fix" then it fixes it temporarily but the issue soon returns.

How to resolve this permanently?


A:Your Outlook account settings are out of date

Originally Posted by bupthebroker

My Windows 10 E-Mail app keeps telling me that "Your Outlook account settings are out of date".

When i click on "Fix" then it fixes it temporarily but the issue soon returns.

How to resolve this permanently?


Is it actually [Online/Webmail] and not Microsoft Outlook [part of Office]? Are you opening from a link in Favorites or the Favorites bar? If it's ave you tried typing just in the Address bar, pressing Enter then tried logging in again? Could be the stored shortcut is the problem, have seen it happen.
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Is there a way to copy email account settings?
 I want to set up outlook to be able to send mail from the same account for several people by copying a file or a GP on server 2003. 

A:Copy outlook email account settings

I don't have Outlook configured on this machine, but I seem to recall that there is a way to export account settings and importing them again on Outlook on another machine.
Depending on what verison(s) of Outlook you're using, and what e-mail server you're trying to connect to, you may only need to have the correct userid and password and it might be easier just to create the account fresh.
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I can't get my outlook account settings to open. I click on file/account settings and nothing happens. The add account button works, the mailbox cleanup and rules and alerts buttons work. I've tried the following:

1. Open Outlook in safe mode - no result
2. Open Outlook as administrator - no result
3. Open send/receive and folder tab - right click on account and select account properties - no result
4. Open File/Options/addins/go disable all addins - no result

I'm stuck. Any ideas

Windows 7 64bit/ Office 2010 / Firefox

A:Outlook 2010 Account Settings won't open

Hi Cquinn, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Did you realize you need to click both Account Settings buttons, first one opens the second one:
(Click to enlarge.)

The sequence is File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings. The second Account Settings button that opens beneath the first one when it is clicked is easily taken as just a tooltip, but it really is a button you need to click.

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I cannot seem to find the right settings for ADD AN ACCOUNT when I am in the MAIL program on this Win8 pc. I have opened MAIL, which I take is SETTINGS>ADD AN ACCOUNT from there I supply email address, password, username and then for the

Incoming (IMAP) email server PORT ??
[ ] Incoming server requires SSL
Outgoing (SMTP) email server PORT ??
[ ] Outgoing Server requires SSL
[ ] Outgoing Server requires authentication
[ ] Use the same username and password to send and receive mail ( I think this box should be checked )

I can find no combination of things that work. Can anyone help? I have tried Googling all sorts of sites and pages but can not seem to come to some workable combination. Much appreciated. jack

A:Verizon's acct settings for's ADD AN ACCOUNT??

I don't know about Verizon's IMAP support but the following are Verizon's POP Mail Server settings...

Incoming (POP) email server= Port= 995 (This Requires SSL)
[X] Incoming server requires SSL

Outgoing (SMTP) email server= Port= 465 (This Requires SSL and Authentication)
[X] Outgoing Server requires SSL
[X] Outgoing Server requires authentication

[X] Use the same username and password to send and receive mail
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If I try to change the settings of an existing IMAP email account, or to click on "More settings", I get the error message: "The requested operation failed"

That's the case with all my IMAP accounts, but not with POP accounts. The problem is still there after a reboot.

This is with Vista. I never had this problem with XP. Have you experienced that?
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A friends XP computer crashed after sp3 install (amd processor) I backed up her complete C drive by making her non booting drive a usb drive through a usb external case. I know how to get all her mail, contacts and address book back, through outlooks structure but is there away to get the account settings back? Which file to I override?

Thanks Mozart

A:Find outlook express file structure for the account settings

Good question


Have a nice day
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My dell laptop, doesn't allow me to select POP3 at the time of initial set up of email accounts in outlook. I am using office 365 license version.
Please guide how to change email account settings from IMAP to POP3 as one of my email id is need to change since otherwise it park all my email on server and the same gets full.
Nilesh Gupta

A:How to change email account settings in outlook from IMAP to POP3?

Use Office Outlook on your desktop as your email app instead of windows 10 (formerly Hotmail) and select Office's Outlook as your default. The win 10 Mail app is for webmail and home user use. You might need it for your Microsoft webmail Account but use Office Outlook as your mail email program for POP mail. Office Outlook and are unrelated in spite of the recycled name.
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I am trying to import my email accounts & settings to the way they were before I did a custom install of Windows 7. For the life of me, I can't figure this out. I tried to follow tutorials and nothing seems to work.

My situation is different also because I have 8 POP email accounts. Do I have to enter the email account information back in or can moving the .pst files do this?

A:Import Email Account Settings with Outlook 2003 after Wind 7 reinstall

Did you use Outlook 2003's built-in feature to Export before? Or, did you just copy the .pst file to a safe place while reinstalling Windows?
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OK I have read many threads and posts about the solution "ZeroConfigExchange". But it does'nt work for my Windows 10 clients.

Windows 10 x64Office 2016Office 365 / Azure AD accountsClient computer is join with Azure AD so the users login with Office 365 accountsNo On-promise AD, only Azure ADAutoDiscover and modern authentication works with sharepoint and Outlook 2016Dword "ZeroConfigExchange" = 1 is created in both regkeys for all users
When I start Outlook 2016 for first time users it still prompts the "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard where I have to create a profile.

What am I doing wrong?
Best regards

A:Outlook 2016 skip "Welcome to Outlook 2016" setup wizard

It will be best for you if you ask this question in a forum dedicated solely to MS Office Outlook 2016.
I recommend that you use this forum :
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Ughh I have a client who has Outlook installed on their server MS Server Standard I m in the process of adding email automation to an Access database using Outlook While setting up Outlook it had never been configured before I used account settings for a Cox account While testing I discovered that I would not be able to use that account failed 2000 Outlook attempts settings??!?:( emails to using a send/receive deleted account's to logon to the smtp server- the client doesn t have an account so it access denied to the Outlook 2000 attempts to send/receive emails using a deleted account's settings??!?:( mail server From there I Outlook 2000 attempts to send/receive emails using a deleted account's settings??!?:( deleted the Cox email account settings and added a gmail account instead All settings have been configured- pop and smtp servers authentication etc however when I attempt to send receive Outlook continues to use the Cox server settings Again the Cox server settings do not exist in the current email account I have set up I ve tried to add and delete the gmail account several times along with trying to reset Outlook to a first run setting but alas nothing has worked Any ideas or does Outlook use an ini file somewhere that may contain the old account settings I ve looked at the account file under users but those settings- for gmail- are correct Thanks for any suggestions nbsp
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Hi - I am going insane here I have added a new email account on my isp website to our office Outlook All settings and passwords are correct - I can even view the darn new account via webmail so I am sure this issue is with Outlook so I enter new email account as per all Solved: settings new - issue account fails Outlook test 2003 email the others we have and the test settings fails as follows The Find outgoing server is In progress I am prompted for a password that is not accepted even though I set the darn thing both online and in the dialogue box in outlook I am using win XP Outlook We have three email aco s already in place that work fine no errors or password prompts I have removed the new account from my isp and re-entered and tried multiple times entereing a new email account in outlook I even got the isp service to sed a reg file with my new email account settings in it to automatically enter the info into new account I have turned off firewall - same issue Is there something I need to delete - change inthe registry I have tried searchin the Forums but nothing pertinent and Solved: Outlook 2003 new email account issue - test settings fails can t spend all day browsing - sorry Many Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 new email account issue - test settings fails

please post ur email settings screenshots dont need to setup or registry setups.
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I'm going to buy a new license of one of these product, so any suggest please?
I have used Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky ( about 3 years ago), I haven't used Norton and Trend Micro.

A:KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016

Out of all these,and your prerequisites,I would go with Kaspersky!
PS:This is from personal experience,and other members may have varying opinions!!
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"Patch Tuesday" broke our install of Outlook 365. It was working fine on Monday and on Tuesday it was hanging on "Processing." So I restored back to the last restore point before the update and it worked great after that. Yesterday it re-installed the updates, and again Outlook didn't load. Restoring again today "fixed" it. Now it wants to update again, so I will disable updates until the problem is fixed. I don't know which particular "patch" is causing the problem; there were about 22 of them that installed.
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Is there a way of getting a system with IE 6 on and exporting the settings to a file then applying them to another IE6 on a different machine.


A:Export settings

As far as i'm aware it is not possible to export security settings from within IE itself but you may be able to get software which is able to do this (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Resource Kit springs to mind). However, you can transfer things like favourites
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i set up the dns and the getaway
may i export this settings with regedit?

best regards

A:can i export lan settings with regedit?

i guess i found it

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I am getting an error everytime I try to export my Norton Internet Security 2004 Professional settings.

This is very annoying becuase I have spent a lot of time adding IP's and ports and getting everything how I want it.

Does anyone know why this might be happening or know of a more Norton Specific tech support forum?
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Is there any way to Export my current Windows Services status and then import them whenever i want? like tcp settings etc?
Would be so thankful!

A:Services.msc Export settings?

Services, as I understand...are reflections of processes that were initiated via files of one sort or another.If I understand what you are asking...a list of services can be exported...but that list only reflects the status of the services at a given point, it does not initiate or stop any of the services.Services are installed either Windows or installed programs, excluding malware situations.Some Google LinksLouis
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Is there a way to import or export IE settings so that I can compare my settings with those of my colleague?

I have a web application that lets users click on a link to view a zipped folder, which resides in a database. My colleague clicks the link and he is taken to another page, where a Save As dialog appears, allowing his to open or save the zipped folder, or cancel the action. However, when I try it, the new page opens briefly, then closes again without showing the dialog.

I need to know what settings are different without having to go through each setting one by one.

A:Import export IE settings

The only "Settings" you can import or export are Cookies, Favorites and Feeds. You could take screen shots of your settings but you'll need quite a few such as 2-3 just for "Advanced".
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Hi All

Can anyone remind me how one does this using WS-ftp Pro please. I am certain I have done this before and have saved all the account data from the ws-ftp instance on one PC, then imported this to another instance of WS-ftp on another PC.

I have recently got myself a new Dell D820 and am re-building all my apps etc. I have so many ftp accounts (for many clients) that I can't remember the account credentials for most of them and so to copy the details over would be superd.

Can anyone remind me please. Thanks.

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I am attempting to find add-ons for Outlook 2010. This is what I need the add-on to do:
Export an email from Outlook onto our server, and into a job folder.
Save file with date email was received, not exported out of Outlook, and subject line.

A:Outlook 2010/export emails from outlook to CSV folder with received date and subject

Why not drag and drop the email to the file system?
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We are now migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
With windows 7 we were running legacy BIOS.
Now with Windows 10 it is UEFI and Secure Boot on all machines before deployment of operating system.
I have configured the BIOS settings exactly as i wanted on one machine. (UEFI, Boot Order, Secure Boot Enabled)
Then i have used CFGWIN.exe to export my settings to a txt file
CFGWIN.exe /c /path:c:\settings.txt
Now i want to use this configuration on all other Lenovo computers, without going in to BIOS and change all settings manually.
So in my OS deployment i run:
CFGWIN.exe /r /path:c:\settings.txt (after that i reboot the computers and continue with OS deployment)
But BIOS are not set to UEFI, Secure Boot is still disabled?
Please help!
Mod:   edited title for clarity

Go to Solution.

A:M900 - W10, how to export BIOS settings

What version of BIOS are on?   Are all the computers on the same?
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I would like to export the registry settings for content advisor so I can copy all the settings to another PC. I know it's possible, but I can't remember how I did it in the past. Any suggestions... The content advisor has like 100 different approved websites and had password setting, and I'd really like it if I didn't have to retype everyting onto 10 computers.


A:export content advisor settings

Content advisor location:


save it - carry it - run it
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can you please, explain how to export a registry settings for some applications (in my example only for Windows Sidebar-Gadgets and Windows Mail)? Are all of the registry keys for those applications in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE i.e. or man must some more registry keys export?

A:How to export a registry settings for some applications?

I'd suspect there are keys spread all over the registry, but I can't say for certain. A Guy
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Now! ESET has just released their newest security suite: ESET Smart Security 9 (2016 Edition). These products are on the top of security suites which are produced by giants on security companies. Most of them released 2016 editions of their products. I want to compare on their newest products with new features (such as on ESET: Banking Protection, Bitdefender: Ransomware Protection and new Firewall, etc...) and some enhanced features.

And now, which is your choose for your security? Please let me know your opinion!

A:Battle: Kaspersky IS 2016 vs ESET Smart Security 2016 vs Bitdefender IS 2016 vs Emsisoft IS 10

its hard choice choose between Eset,Kaspersky and Emsisoft.
in fact i never test Eset 2016, but i tested kaspersky and Emsisoft, Kaspersky 2016 really go lighter than Emsisoft(now i am Emsisoft useres)
by your budget and your interest u can choose Emsisoft or kaspersky.
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I've searched the forum and it seems my need is a little different than the posts which have already been made I have XP Express Outlook Outlook Export into 2007 Windows 7? an old XP laptop Export Outlook Express XP into Outlook 2007 Windows 7? which I was using Outlook Express for one of my mail accounts a work account I also ran regular Outlook for another personal I want to have both of these accounts on my new PC My new PC is running Windows wiht Office I used the Windows transfer cable and things worked failry well My regular Outlook files all came over well but nothing for Outlook Express I really would like to take this time to somehow export my OE files into my Outlook I would really like to keep the account which imported in on Outlook seperate Question Is there a way to import my OE files into Outlook Question Is there a way to have two seperate email accounts in Outlook without combining them Basically I want to have a work email and a personal and keep them seperate If I can't have two seperate emails with Outlook can anyone suggest something which would allow me to export my old Outlook the old personal emails into another program so that I can at least use my work email on Outlook Hopefully this isn't too confusing

A:Export Outlook Express XP into Outlook 2007 Windows 7?

If it's possible then I suspect it's far more likely you'd do it using an import feature in Outlook 2007 as opposed to an export feature in OE6, and I doubt the change of operating system really has much influence on this.

I'm not running Office 2007 on the machine in front of me, otherwise I'd check some of the options myself for you - but if you look at the import menu in Outlook 2007 (or if you're really stuck, the help files!) then I feel certain they'll be an answer already waiting for you
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I would like some advices about the KIS 2016 settings.
I've a SSD...
What are the best settings?

A:What are the best settings for KIS 2016?

Ask @harlan4096 - he is Kaspersky gold beta tester.
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Hello y'all I and Windows personalizations all save/export settings? am having problems with WMP something about codecs and with IE it loses keystrokes in Webforms So I wanted to reinstall repair them Apparently the only way to do this is with a Windows Repair Install I know there was a disclosure at the beginning of this tutorial about all the things that would be lost by doing this but surely there must be a way to export all of your save/export all Windows personalizations and settings? personal Windows settings These to me include Theme - Wallpaper personal cursors Taskbar Settings Windows login screen changes Personal User Icons etc Internet Explorer preferences such as Homepage and behavior on opening tabs etc all customizations Can these not be saved in a file s before doing a repair install Can you not quot repair quot Windows the same way you quot repair quot Office or other program installs After all these are just apps FWIW I do have a separate data partition on my HD but having just created it none of the images I created in Macrium want to work so I cannot just go back to my original image of a Windows Stable Install after Customizations Will I lose anything if I do an sfc scannow What about uninstalling and reinstalling WMP from the Media Components as described elsewhere on this forum I will await your replies In the meantime I think I will now run a Macrium image so I will at least have my sort of working system to go back to instead of 'square one' Thanks you guys

A:save/export all Windows personalizations and settings?

Quote: Originally Posted by juanantoniod

Hello y'all!

I am having problems with WMP, something about codecs, and with IE, it loses keystrokes in Webforms. So, I wanted to reinstall/repair them. Apparently, the only way to do this is with a Windows Repair Install. I know there was a disclosure at the beginning of this tutorial about all the things that would be lost by doing this, but surely, there must be a way to export all of your personal Windows settings??? These, to me, include Theme - Wallpaper, personal cursors, Taskbar Settings, Windows login screen changes, Personal User Icons, etc., Internet Explorer preferences, such as Homepage and behavior on opening tabs, etc., all customizations! Can these not be saved in a file(s) before doing a repair install? Can you not "repair" Windows the same way you "repair" Office or other program installs? After all these are just apps...

FWIW, I do have a separate data partition on my HD, but having just created it, none of the images I created in Macrium want to work, so I cannot just go back to my original image of a Windows Stable Install after Customizations.

Will I lose anything if I do an sfc /scannow? What about uninstalling and reinstalling WMP from the Media Components as described elsewhere on this forum?

I will await your replies. In the meantime, I think I will now run a Macrium image so I will at least have my sort of working system to go back to instead of 'square one'.

Thanks you guys!

Question 1: the closest they have come to making a program that does that is the Easy Transfer Tool.

Question 2: SFC will not touch non-system files.

Question 3: Go ahead and try uninstalling/reinstalling WMP. At worst, it just won't hurt anything.
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We are How IE domain apply to to settings export all to all users on a domain but How to export all IE settings to apply to all domain users a lot of our people work in the field We are trying to find something other than a GPO Our Medical records system requires specific IE settings I cannot manually change all settings now due to existing GPO's that are in place If I were to get a clean install computer not on our domain and manually set the IE settings as needed can I then export those settings and have those exact settings apply on all domain users computers If so how do I do that I need specific steps so since I am not well versed in this I saw one post where someone said import export file then export the file That doesn't help How do I do that What type of file is then output How do I apply that file to other users computers Example we need trusted sites zone edited but cannot because there are existing GPOS I just want to set IE settings export those settings and then have them apply to all domain accounts
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I configured the command prompt window (size, colors, position) and now want to export this settings from the registry to save them in a reg file for later use on other computers. These setting do get saved somewhere in the registry but I don't remember where (did this on XP a couple of years ago).

Can you help me? Do you know which key I have to export? I'm running Windows 7 Pro.

Thanks a lot!

A:How to export command prompt settings frm the registry?

I don't know where they are stored either. But 2 approaches.. use SysInternals registry monitor while changing the settings, or use Sandboxie and see what it changes in the Sandbox registry files.
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Does anyone know of a way to export the Advanced Settings in IE 7 or 8 to a file? Occassionally we have issues with some users being able to open sections of websites while other users can't. Usually we find that there is a setting checked or unchecked in one of the users Advanced Settings. I would like to be able to compare settings easily by outputting the settings to a file rather than having to scroll though each users settings. I would have thought there would be a utility out there for this but I can't find anything on it. Can someone please help?

A:Export Internet Explorer Advanced Settings

You can backup IE settings using this freeware IE backup tool :
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Is it possible to move email messages out of Windows Live Mail and import them to a Webmail account, such as

A:How to export Windows Live Mail to other Webmail account

'mornin, Eljay!

Scroll down a bit more than half way till you see Set up TELUS email for your computer using Windows? Live? Mail 2012, see if that works.

This looks about the same: How to set up Telus on Windows Live Mail

Here's the search page I found them on, there may be more answers there:
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Hi I have nbsp one remote customer nbsp with many users that nbsp is having a nbsp problem with my company's landing page and not experienced by any of our other customers Some lt input gt control is disabled the problem is nbsp occurring with a couple users and it is intermittent nbsp and I cannot reproduce it at my desktop They all 9: IE Settings? Diagnose problem: remote Export Configuration are using IE- This lt input gt control is managed by AJAX but it should disabled only after submitting there by prevently back-paging and try re-submitting One thought is it could be how a particular user's IE- browse's configuration is setup Is there a way to export an IE- browser's configuration of a browser that is IE 9: Diagnose remote problem: Export all Configuration Settings? experiencing my problem Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciate And no I do not have a tool that can perform remote desktop access Thanks As a side NOTE I am using Peter Blum's ImageButton with quot DisableOnCommit true quot Great library of controls and validators Thanks Jeff in Seattle

A:IE 9: Diagnose remote problem: Export all Configuration Settings?

IE 9\file\import and export, it can export some browser settings.
Also you can click on start - run. Type gpedit.msc. Navigate to Local computer policy ->
Computer Configuration ->
Administrative Templates -> Windows Components ->
Internet Explorer.

right click on Internet Explorer and you can export all the settings.
Hope that helps.
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Hello everyone I'm currently working on and Export import them center settings in Action another script via pc a scripting form project in vb net i made some scripts which edit my computer settings in regedit to configurate new computer within a few clicks instead of surfing through the whole settings and changing them manually I've found a solution for pretty much every windows setings the only one that i still miss is Export Action center settings and import them in another pc via script the Action center settings quot security messages quot filter I need to do a script to deactivate all the warnings in a fresh installed windows i've found the keys in the registry with Process Monitor and i exported the reg key and i have then converted it in a batch file with a software The code that works only for my computer looks like this Bat Workstation Batch Workstation code - Pastebin com Reg Workstation REG Workstation Reg - Pastebin com all checks off - Workstation bat all checks off - workstation reg On my computer this code works perfectly so i thought i was finished BUT I tried the same code on another computer and on a laptop but the code doesn't work at all so i took the laptop and i did another scan with Process Monitor and i did exactly the same thing and here is how the code working for the laptop looks like Bat laptop Batch Notebook - Pastebin com Reg Laptop REG notebook - reg - Pastebin com all checks off - Laptop bat all checks off - Laptop reg i've also attached the reg version of the codes in this thread I did a very short analysis and i discovered that the key names the GUID the reg path are all exactly the same the only thing that doesn't match is the REG BINARY value Which is different for every Computer i've tested I've tried already to run the reg file directly on another machine but the result is the same and if you're wondering yes i killed and reopened explorer exe and i've also tried to restart the computer but without any result I also tried do figure out how to read the HEX code trying to interpretate it so i could make a script that quot translates quot some text in HEX and makes a compatible key for the target pc but all i found translating the hex code was more or less looking like this i think that explains my struggle enough Now the question is How can i made a script that adapts itself dynamically to every machine i lauch the script on or is there a way to edit these settings without exporting Registry key i've found a solution for the past scripts i've made and they works pretty much all the same except some special ones thsi is the only one that makes me struggle i hope that someone can really help me with this because i'm litteraly becoming CRAZY thank you team
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I have an external harddrive that of which I keep all my files on.
It contains a huge network of folders, which help organize my files.
Thing is, I want all these folders to be sized and arranged just how I want them to be.
But, with windows saving these settings to the registry, is there a way for me
to export the customized folder view settings for this harddrive, to use if my system
somehow manages to reset these settings, or use on other PC's?
Be it a registry file or executable/batch file, anything that will solve this problem.
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I am moving into a new system. How do I transfer all my settings in Task Manager to the new system. I hope I am wrong but I see an option to export entry them one at a time. I have 25 of them, all tediously set the way I want them

Is there not a way to do export/import them all as a single transfer?

A:How do I Import/Export Task Manager settings all in one swoop?

Did you mean to say Task Manager? Or do you mean Task Scheduler? Well, I have found a method to export all, but not import. And I have found a method to import them all at once if you export them one by one. Have a look.

How to Backup Scheduled Tasks in Windows

How to Import (Restore) All Tasks in Bulk Using Task Scheduler in Windows?

A Guy
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Can anyone advise on how to set up custom domain email accounts with outlook desktop 2013 or 2016
i have 3 accounts that are custom domain accounts working fine in outlook 2013 - suddenly 2 of them stopped working  and i have searched the webs to no avail - techs sent an open thread to the forum.

the typical server ins't working and neither is IMAP

if anyone has any troubleshooting tips please help -maybe a new server address? ive tried a few still not working.
maybe thiers a way to find out what server the account is on?
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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Have a small problem.
When exporting mail files out from express and then copying across to another machine to import as a pst to outlook, it does not read. Can one export as a pst format or does one have to do something else?
thanks guys

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I have used my Office Outlook syncing with my Msn com email Restarting when sync Office to with trying 2016 Outlook for years and as of my outlook Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with started to have issues Nothing I did on the outlook synced up with the online emails nor anything that attacked that account my iPad iPhone but whatever I did on those reflected For example I deleted out my junk on Outlook and it would not reflect that change but I was still getting new emails into my Outlook I tried a couple of things then removed my msn com email and restarted When I tried to reconnect back to my email add email it would always restart office outlook Has done this every single day though I can retrieve and do everything from my apple products or through the online Outlook aka outlook live Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with But since I have tons Office Outlook 2016 Restarting when trying to sync with of windows open I don't need to try to keep track of my email when outlook did this the office products To make it more interesting my Gmail accounts are still all linked and working through the office outlook it's sad when google is working better than their Microsoft's own email system I have restarted repaired and done everything even checked my privacy settings which are all set up correctly Has anyone else had these issues and can help me
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Hi Apologies in advance if this is not the right area I was directed here by a Support Engineer in the Microsoft Community nbsp forum with sync Microsoft domain account? account want you PC from Which to settings your your do If this is not the right place please let me know the best place to post this question The question presented on domain PCs after clicking 'Settings nbsp gt Change PC Settings gt Accounts gt Connect to a Microsoft account' is Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account The options are Start Screen Appearance Desktop personalization Apps list of apps you've installed Passwords apps websites and networks App Data Language Preferences Ease of Access Other Windows Settings Web browser open tabs history and favorites What I'm looking for is more information Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account? about all these options For example what is synced with a domain account when the 'App Data' or 'Other Windows Settings' boxes are checked Those are very vague descriptions and I'm trying to figure out what exactly is synced when these options are selected Thanks
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Windows Pro x laptop had updates set to automatically download and then notify Still using v build due to continuing reported issues with No problems with any updates prior to Oct Oct cumulative update KB apparently failed and gave notice it would quot automatically retry later quot Download failed again on Oct and 2016 Update Changed Cumulative Settings October Went to Microsoft Update Catalog and downloaded installed KB without any apparent issues But when I opened Settings gt Update amp security I saw a brand new October 2016 Cumulative Update Changed Settings notice that quot Some settings are managed by your organization October 2016 Cumulative Update Changed Settings quot see screenshot Q Why did this happen Q How do I regain full control over future updates since this laptop is not part of an quot organization quot NOTE I tried modifying Windows Update settings using this tutorial No effect on removing the quot Some settings are managed by your organization quot notice Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows - Windows Forums I also tried using three System Restore Points and two System Images all made prior to Oct They did not have any success in removing the notice It reappeared as soon as I clicked the quot Check for updates quot button BTW going thru the Microsoft Update Catalog resulted in a download of GB and took almost hours to complete I understand that MS wants people to have all released updates but this cumulative concept really stinks End of rant

A:October 2016 Cumulative Update Changed Settings

Run CMD as admin and copy/paste:

reg delete "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost" /f
reg delete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate" /f
reg delete "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost" /f

Note, that it will probably appear again, it is related to some Windows Update/Insider settings.
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I am stuck in Outlook. I cannot do anything in there at all, I have no idea what is going on. Never had this problem before....can someone please proffer a solution please? Computer & Monitor are new as of July 2016,Tower came with WIN 10 installed.
I will keep this post in my browser, as I cannot receive or send emails, will just keep monitoring the forum.
Thanks in advance....

A:I am using WIN 10 home 64 bit and Outlook 2016, I am stuck in Outlook,

Don't know, never had this problem. When I googled it, it came up with this:

?using WIN 10 home 64 bit and Outlook 2016, I am stuck in Outlook?? - ??*? Google?
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I have Office 2013 on my desktop PC (standalone install not office 365)
I have Office 2016 available via work and want to install it to have the latest shiny and all that

My main issue is being able to preserve all the accounts and settings in Outlook
Will an over the top install preserve these or will I lose them all?

In the past I recall I could export a registry key of the profile, edit a number fro 12 to 15 (for office 2013) and then import this key - do I have to do the same but change the version number to 16 instead?

A:migrating/upgrading from Office 2013 to 2016 settings question

Hi wigwam12, welcome to the Forum.

These 2 website might help you with changing from Office 2013 to Office 2016. They both deal with Outlook. Read through them & to be safe make a back up of your current Outlook 2013 settings.

Upgrading to Outlook 2016 - HowTo-Outlook

New and Changed in Outlook 2016 - HowTo-Outlook
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Outlook contacts export

Hi all

I would like to know if there is any application allowing you to export the contact details of outlook to an Excel file?


A:Outlook contacts export

Ok using FILE>IMPORT/EXPORT from outlook works.

I now noticed that the ADDRESS field is not distributed in one line but on multiple lines in one cell. In fact now a letter in the form of a square is being printed to indicate that there is a multiple line entry. See for more detail.

Any idea how can I get rid of this?? cannot make it manually as addresses amount to over 3000 and I need to print them in a mail merge!!

Many Thanks
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How to export outlook express folders to Microsoft Outlook on another machine ... ??

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I have always backed up my outlook by exporting to a .pst file.. now i receive error message every time i try telling me to run inbox repair tool. when i do, it says it finds no errors. I'm lost and in desparate need for backup. help please

A:Outlook 2000 export to pst

Just copy PST files to back them up.
If it's pushing 2GB in size, that could be your problem. Might want to create another personal folder file and move some stuff into the second one.
I keep my old stuff in a second one.
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Can anybody help me with some code?

I need to be able to export a non-static range of cells from and Excel file and have this range populate the body of an Outlook Email.

I can get VBA to open the email and automatically populate the distribution list, but I am having trouble with the body of the message.


A:Need VBA help to export from Excel to Outlook

Post a sample workbook and I'll help you. I also need more details on what exactly will be contained in the body of the email? Is the body of the email going to contain a list? Will the email contain some standard text combined with variable values from the workbook? More details please.

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Hi All,

Trying to export files to import into another program. Outlook tells me it does not have the required translator, do I want to install, I click yes. It then gives me an error to do with "drive H", which does not exist on my PC. It does not prompt me to insert install CD or anything like that.

Any ideas how I get beyond this problem? It would help tremendously it be able to import these files.

Thanks for all help.

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I want to export to excel all email that I receive in Outlook (Sent_By and Subject Line). As Outlook has the functionality (File, Export to a file, etc...) I am guessing this is a simple VBA code but I can't find any examples to start me off.

Any sugggestions would be appreciated.




A:Outlook Export (Should be easy?)

i just tried it and exported to a CSV file and seems to do what you already need.

what are you missing
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On an XP Home with SP we have been having issues with Outlook Express for months It is my boss's computer and most of her issues are that when she Export! Outlook Even Express- Can't clicks on anything in Outlook it seems to forget about it She clicks on the Create Button and her cursor turns to an hourglass but then does nothing- eventually returning to her normal Outlook Express- Can't Even Export! cursor She has also been having Outlook Express- Can't Even Export! recieving issues I have personally sent an email to her account in which she never recieved A lot of times the application just locks up and has to be shutdown in the task manager I received the following today when notified of the error report szappname msimn exe szappver szmodname hungapp szmodver offset There was also a box that had the errors in it c docume chris locals temp WER dir msimn exe mdmp and quot quot appcompat txt I looked in the folder and couldn't even find the WER folder but several with different numbers Most of them contained the files msimn exe hdmp and msimn exe mdmp So I decided to export the address book and messages so I wouldn't lose any information when trying to figure out the problem The exporting of the address book went fine but when I tried to export the messages I got this error The export could not be performed Your default MAPI store could not be opened I have very little knowledge of anything to with outlook Any help would be greatly apprieciated

A:Outlook Express- Can't Even Export!

Welcome to Bleeping Computer LTJLily17. With multiple problems like you have explained, why don't we start with An Outlook Express Basic Repair.Also have a look at The Other E-Mail Threat: File Corruption, especially the section called "The Show-Stopper: Folders.dbx".
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Hi guys,

I've stumbled across another problem .

I've managed to locate a decent code for extracting mail from outlook and putting it into Excel. everything is fine but i would like to know if anyone could write me a little snippet to make the macro get certain bits from the e-mail.

For example i have an e-mail and i would like the macro to search for "Subject:" and because the text after the subject is on the same line i would like it gather that too
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I'm doing some work for a client - entering contacts into Outlook. He has Outlook 2002 and I have 2003. He's asked me to export the file and same as a Commas Separated Values. When I tired to do that, I got an error message saying a file was missing. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook from the disc but still get the following message.

Translator - can't install. Error 1311 Source File Not Found C:\MSOCache\All Users\90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9\L4561412.CAB

Any idea what I can do to fix this problem?

A:Outlook Export Error

Take a look at the following link(s)...

Outlook 2002

Outlook 2003

Let me know if this does not solve the issue you are having.
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I have an old version of ACT! 6.0 running...any way to download to Outlook? Seems incompatible even with newer ACT versions...Thanks

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I have given up on XP and want to go back to Outlook Express.

How can I export contacts only from certain assigned categories?

Or, can I take my whole contact list and be sure the categories will move into OE and then

that I could sort that contact list to make separate address folders
Relevancy 52.03%

I have 6 months trial license all of them. Which one do you recommend?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.


A:Avast IS 2016 / Panda IS 2016 / Bitdefender IS 2016

What kind of system do you have?
Panda and Avast are the lightest while Bitdefender can be heavy.

All 3 offer excellent protection (Avast requires tweaking; Bitdefender and Panda works out of the box), while Bitdefender is mainly known for its detection rate (signatures).

Try the 3 of them (trial versions, not the 6 months) and see which one you prefer.

In terms of UI, all 3 are user friendly.

Have a look here for Avast and Bitdefender info:
KIS 2016 vs NIS 2016 vs BIS 2016 vs Avast IS 2016 vs Trend Micro IS 2016
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I recently reinstalled Office 2003 on my Win 7 desktop following a clean reinstall of Win 7. I need to Import my saved Contacts that were exported to a flash drive (.csv) prior to the reinstall. 'Import and Export' appear under File, as they should, but clicking does not start the process or bring up the series of windows giving the choices to import or export, etc. I'm stymied at the moment and I need my Contacts. Suggestions appreciated.

A:Outlook 2003 - Import Export won't

I've been using Office 2007 so long now I can't remember exactly what the 2003 interface looks like, but can you drag the CSV file off the desktop and onto a Contacts tab in Outlook 2003? That may kickstart the import process.
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The computer is running Windows XP Home.
Here's the situation. I'm trying to export the messages from Outlook Express. I've been able to export the contacts just fine.
I cannot export the messages because for some reason there is not Outlook folder under "%userprofile%\Local Settings\ Application Data\ Microsoft". I've even tried creating an Outlook folder with no luck. I checked where the identities are stored and that seemed fine. When I try exporting the messages I receive no error message. Just a window that tells me that the messages will be exported from Outlook Express to Outlook or Exchange.
Relevancy 51.6%

I am having an issue exporting a .pst file for contacts & emails from Outlook 2003.  I keep getting an interface error msg & to restart Outlook to resolve issue.  Restarting does not fix the issue & have tried googling it & nothing has worked.  Does anyone know how to fix this issue.  This client has several hundreds of contacts.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook 2003 export issue

The *.pst file can actually be found directly on the hard drive, you can copy the file to a flash drive or external hard drive and then import it to a different machine. If you can let me know what version of windows you are using (XP, Vista, 7 etc), I can tell you what folder it should be in.
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I ve just done a full re-installation of Windows ME on my PC to overcome deteriorating performance I backed up data and restored it OK However I backed up the Outlook Express messages by doing an Outlook Express export into several files and copying those files back onto the new PC I suspect now that I should have simply copied the files themselves in Explorer rather than exporting them I have tried to import the messages from these exported files into my now empty Outlook folders I chose to import from an OE Identity and selected the folder where the files are the files are all named after the Outlook folders and have type DBX Express Outlook Export Import / The import function shows me the files listed as folders I select one of them and the import claims to be successful but no messages are imported I have also tried simply replacing the new empty files with the backed up DBX files but although Outlook allows me to view these folders it shows them as empty Does anyone know how I can rescue the messages from the exported files All I have is the exported files Thank you nbsp

A:Outlook Express Export / Import

Please do not start a new thread for the same problem.

Closing thread. Continue replying here until the problem is resolved.
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I got a new computer. As I have in the past, I copied my present PST file (Outlook 2003) and opened it from my new Outlook install (2007) to get my old emails, contacts, and calendar.
As normal, everything worked well .... except this time i had been using the ACTIVITIES funtion in the contacts area to track every activity for each contact ... NO, Business Contact Manager was never installed.
In the 2007 machine, I cannot access my activities.

So how do I properly export and/or import these from my Outlook 2003 contacts??

Thank you very much for reviewing this post.

Don in Tucson
The Virus Slayer
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I have some problems with Thunderbird. I want to move all my mails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2003, but I can't seem to figure out how I can export them to a format that Outlook can read.

Can anyone please help ?

Best Regards

A:Export from Thunderbird to Outlook 2003

I recommend you stick with TBird. Moving the Address Book is as easy as exporting and importing. The Email is the problem. If you still had XP you could export to Outlook Express, then to Outlook. For Windows 7 Pro, you could install OE in XP mode. For 7 home you'd have to install Virtual PC to do it. There are 3rd party apps. that say they can do it directly to Outlook without using OE, so maybe someone else has experienced one that works. Before trying anything, make sure you've backed up your TBird Contacts and EMail.
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I'm trying to export a co-worker's Outlook Express messages to a file, so that I can import them into Outlook on his new computer, but every time I try to do the export I get an error message that says "The export could not be performed. An error occured while initializing MAPI." Am I attempting the impossible, or am I just doing it wrong?

A:Outlook Express export error

See if this technote helps:;EN-US;Q179637
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There have been increasing reports of outlook users losing contact photos with no way of getting them back.
Mine are still there but now I want to make sure that I have the actual photo files stored separately so I can always insert them back
Is there any way to export the contact photo? Even if it means one by one
Thank you

A:How can I export contact photos for outlook?

Exporting only pictures of contacts form outlook live is not possible. Neither can you get the option to save photo in editing section, also you cannot get it after exporting the contacts. As i exported my contacts from outlook mail to gmail through which i synced my contacts to my android device. I didn't get a single picture of the contacts that were in uploaded on outlook live.
It only seems to work if the contacts are synced on a windows phone.
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Hi I've got an old PC running WinXP and I have always used OE on it but I DO have Outlook loaded onto the same machine I want to migrate all my email and address book to my new machine running Win Ultimate x I know I can either IMPORT the emails with mail or Outlook Export ? OE to Import Outlook from OE OR I can EXPORT the emails using using OE correct I read somewhere that if I used the Import function I woul dlose the date time stamp on my old emails Is that true So what is better To Import the OE emails thru Outlook and then back the pst up and move it to my new machine or us e the Export function on EO to try Import or Export OE mail to Outlook ? to export the email to Outlook How about my address book And once I get the email and addresses into Outlook on my old machine should I use a Memory stick to move them to the new machine or try to use the Windows Easy Transfer and an easy transfer cable which I already have Thanks for any advice Tim

A:Import or Export OE mail to Outlook ?


Just a quick fly by......

Some links below for you to peruse .

Migrate from Outlook Express or Windows (Live) Mail to Outlook | HowTo-Outlook

Importing and Exporting Address Books in MS Outlook 2007 | Information Technologies | University of Calgary

Copy Outlook Express address book contacts to Outlook - Outlook -
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I need to create a database out of daily emails dropping in a specific folder.

1> Emails seggregated into folders upon arrival with the help of RULES,

2> Upon arrival, same emails are Exported to Excel file

3> Excel file on Auto Save & Auto Update mode

4> all exported data is formatted as Database in Excel

5> Final view of Excel database on Internet Explorer Web View having a search box to run specific DATA search

Can anyone please help me out with this project with detailed guides.
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How do I export accounts, folders and messages from Windows Live Mail (Version 2011, Build 15.4.3538.0513) and import them into Outlook 2010?

A:Export from WLM 2011 to Outlook 2010

Migrate from Outlook Express or Windows (Live) Mail to Outlook | HowTo-Outlook
Relevancy 51.6%

It gives me the option to export to CSV only. Any idea why it doesnt show exporting to PST but it will show importing from?

A:Outlook 2010 . No option to export to PST?

Have a read through this MS websites to see if it helps you.
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I would like to save my email (which currently resides in Outlook Express v6) to a file.

From here, I'm going to reformat and reinstall the apps on my computer and I want to restore the email back to Outlook Express.

When I choose File | Export | Messages I get a message saying
"This will export messages from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange"

This message says nothing about exporting into Outlook Express and so I want to make sure that before I reformat that I will be able to have it restored into Outlook Express.

A silly thing perhaps but I just want to know for certain.



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I am trying to export my contacts to my Windows Live Hotmail account. I am getting an error message in doing so. It states "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." It asks me to find an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'PRO11.MSI'. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I ve just done a full re-installation of Windows ME on my PC to overcome deteriorating Import Export Outlook / Express performance I backed up data and restored it OK However I backed up the Outlook Express messages by doing an Outlook Express export into several files and copying those files back onto the new PC I suspect now that I should have simply copied the files themselves in Explorer rather than exporting them I have tried to import the messages from these exported files into my now empty Outlook folders I chose to import from an OE Identity Outlook Express Export / Import and selected the folder where the files are the files are all named after the Outlook folders and have type DBX The import function shows me the files listed as folders I select one of them Outlook Express Export / Import and the import claims to be successful but no messages are imported I have also tried simply replacing the new empty files with the backed up DBX files but although Outlook allows me to view these folders it shows them as empty Does anyone know how I can rescue the messages from the exported files All I have is the exported files Thank you nbsp

A:Outlook Express Export / Import

Closing duplicate.
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I know this sounds crazy because every in 2007 have export option I an Outlook don't time I read instructions for exporting contacts from Outlook it gives me the list below However I do not have any Export option under quot File quot or quot New quot or anywhere else I can find Any suggestions thank you so much Jessica Outlook uses a file type called pst You can create a backup copy of your contacts How to do this from Microsoft To back up the Contacts folder you need to export the folder to a file in Personal Folders file pst Personal Folders file pst Data I don't have an export option in Outlook 2007 file that stores your messages and other items on your computer You can assign a pst file to be the default delivery location for e-mail messages You can use a pst to organize and back up items for safekeeping format On the File menu click Import and Export Click Export to a file and then click Next In the Create a file of type list click Personal Folder File pst and then click Next In the Select a folder to export from list click Contacts If you have subfolders below the Contacts folder that you want to include select the Include subfolders check box Click Next Click Browse choose a location for the file such as My Documents and then type a name for your backup file such as ContactsBackup pst Click OK Click Finish In the Name box type My Contacts Backup Type the encryption and password settings if you need them and then click OK You can then import this file into your new Outlook On the File menu click Import and Export Click Import from another program or file and then click Next In the list click either Comma Separated Values Windows or Tab Separated Values Windows depending on which format you saved your file in and then click Next Click Browse locate your file and then click Next Click your Contacts folder or another folder that contains contacts and then click Next In the list click the file that contains your address list and then click Map Custom Fields nbsp

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I am having a unique problem regarding this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:How do you export contacts from windows 8.1 to outlook 10

It took me forever to figure out how to export contacts from Windows 8.1 - my friend gave up on Windows 8.1 and went back to Windows 7 for her operating system.
Go to the Windows logo in the left corner of the screenRight click to get the list of options, then left click on "Search" and type in "Contacts"The Contact folder icon should appear, click to open itSelect the contacts you want to export, then click on the "Export" option in the menu bar at the top of the screen (after Organize, Include selected folder in library, Share with, New Contact, New Contact Group, Import, then Export)You can save the contact file as a csv or v-card. Then import the contact file into Outlook 10 or in my friend's case, Windows Live Mail
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I am trying to export my Outlook 2000 address book and having a problem. When I open the address book and go to file export, import & export are underintensified.

I have exported the address book before when I upgraded my motherboard. Now I want to esport it so I can import it on another machine and no such luck. Any ideas?

Also, can I take an exported contacts list and import it into Outlook Express?

Thanks in advance,


A:export outlook 2000 addressbook

You can just copy the pab file from one machine to another.
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Having trouble exporting my desktop version of Outlook 97 contacts database for use on a laptop running Outlook 2000 under Win 98. I have extensive comments on the opening contact record. These are not being exported in either excel or access. How do I ensure that all fields are being exported in their entirety so that I can use the the original database with all notes and comments on the laptop? Thanks in advance.


A:Outlook Contacts DB Export to Laptop

I have the instruction for exporting, backing up and all on my site go there and follow the instructions. If you back it up first then you won't have to worry about losing anything.
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Anyone know how I can "export" all of my contacts, along with the saved information in them? I'd like to send them to my home PC. Can this be done with an email? Or saved to a disk and reloaded?


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Hello everyone,

I have a new machine and I would like to export my messages from Outlook Express fromt the old machine into Outlook Express in the new machine. I have exported the messages from Express and when I tried to import the messages into the new machine it seem to have imported everything from Outlook. I have emails dating back to years prior that were in Express and I would like to keep it that way. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.