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How to re-map side buttons on Spectre X360

Q: How to re-map side buttons on Spectre X360

The laptop has side buttons. Right side has volume rocker button and Start button. Does anybody know how to remap the Start button to for example "Power" buton? Thank you,

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Preferred Solution: How to re-map side buttons on Spectre X360

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to re-map side buttons on Spectre X360

Hi there @Bortset,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you need help with how to remap the Start button. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me with the above information and I will do all I can to help.
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As I don't go menu and Monitor's won't buttons the work away am writing this I have this blue square on the screen with all the settings for this monitor Whichever button I press on the monitor the menu won t go away Not even the power button works so that means I can Monitor's menu won't go away and the buttons don't work t disable Monitor's menu won't go away and the buttons don't work the monitor Unplugging and plugging it back in doesn t work as soon as the picture appears the menu appears Monitor's menu won't go away and the buttons don't work as well Let me give you a bit of a history as it might help determine the cause About a month ago my old monitor monitor started behaving weird It started turning itself off every now and again Sometimes few times a minute Every time it turns off it turns back on with the splash screen saying quot BENQ quot and everything I had no idea why it does that I tried pressing the buttons on it to go into the menu but every button seemed to shut it off and every button seemed to turn it on So I gave it to a family friend to try and fix it He said that the quot control board quot started dying and that he doesn t have a spare one or something like that He then gave me a spare monitor of his monitor until I can buy a new one or fix monitor So I took monitor from him and sent monitor to the shop so they can try and fix it About a week passes and the shop calls and says that they fixed monitor I go and pick it up and when I came home I unplug monitor and plug in monitor monitor was working perfectly then Monitor worked for about minutes and started shutting down again And when I tried using the buttons they wouldn t work again Same thing as last time So I return it to the shop and tell them that it doesn t work That was about a week and a half ago They still didn t fix it The problem is now the monitor also started having problems It doesn t turn off yet but the menu buttons don t work Power button doesn t work Nothing And on top of that the menu won t disappear from the screen As I am typing this there s a menu on top of everything Every now and again the menu will switch to a different option like quot brightness quot quot auto adjustment quot and such like the buttons are being pressed Now I am wondering could it be that my PC is quot breaking quot these monitors Is there a way for a PC to physically damage a monitor What should I do in that case Also I should say that ever since monitor died and after I installed monitor my PC has been getting blue screens of death It hasn t happened once in years since I got this PC and it started after I got monitor I don t know if that s something that s important but there it is If you need more info please let me know I am trying to figure out what is happening and every bit of help is appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Monitor's menu won't go away and the buttons don't work

No one has any relevant information?
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Hello I need to connect power/reset buttons to dell optiplex 620, but I just can't connect them anywhere on motherboard.

I need help as fast as possible

Thank you
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Hi, I have a Corsair 550D and was going to get a h100i because I didn't realize I could put the H110 radiator on the side panel and have it exhausting air.

So let's say that's what I do, I have the H110 rad on the side panel exhausting air. That leaves me with the rear fan, the two top fans, the two front fans and the bottom fan. What configuration would give the best cooling with the H110 rad on the side exhausting air?


A:How should I set up my case fans with a H110 rad on the side?

Well, mounting it on the side is an interesting choice but could work just fine. You have to remember though, hot air rises so you must keep that in mind when building your system.

If I was doing this, here is what I would do:

Front Fans Intake
Bottom fans Intake
Rear Fan Intake
Top fans Exhaust
Radiator Exhaust

That will keep a steady flow of cool air over your components. That in my opinion will be the best setup.
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I've got an Infoprint 1534 that is putting a thin blue streak down the left side of all pages. Someone told me they empty the waste canister when this happens, is that right? I'm not very knowledgeable about printers. There's what appears to be a "waste canister" on the left side which comes out and is full of dark coloured fine dust. Do I dump this out? Any direction is greatly appreciated.

A:Blue streak down side of papers from colour printer

I guess so. Waste is waste! Printers can do funny things when they aren't configured correctly. I'd say that dust is rubbing on each page as it comes out.
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So basicly the title says it I have my cooler master case w o the side window and ive been wanting to add some more fans to it I was wondering how much would if benefit if I added more side fans mm as in cooler temperatures for my pc mainly I want to add these to the case will I benefit from them at all http www coolermaster com product Detail cooling case-fan sickleflow-x-non-led html or with the led probably and another question I have my cpu which is oced to and the temps arent that hot as I never rly go that intesive unless im playing cpu bound games like gw in the heavy parts on wvw I was wondering if there was a good air cooler for my intel i - k it currently runs on but I w/o window Cooler Master 431 Side Cooling wish Cooler Master 431 w/o Side window Cooling to push it abit more could u list some good air coolers on the euro margin the hyper evo is in my mind but will it be enough nbsp

A:Cooler Master 431 w/o Side window Cooling

That is a good cooler, but I personally like at your budget range the Thermaltake CLP0575 Frio

But either will do you fine for 4.0ghz on a 3570k

As for more airflow, adding more fans can help, but make sure to just focus on having a good overall flow through the case which will be a huge benefit in general.
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Hi everyone,

Just curious if anyone knows of a good mod guide, or has even done a 500R window mod. I mean replacing the mesh and putting in a window. If you could guide me towards something decent I would appreciate that.


A:Corsair 500R side panel window mod is great for hardware mods.
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My computer likes to lag a lot on games like planetside 2 and league of legends and sometimes amnesia. What do you recommend for a graphics card? I'll post specs if asked

A:Graphics card for Planet Side 2 and League of Legends

What Settings do you have these games to? League of legends can be run without a graphics card. Also post your specs. (and by no graphics card I mean intergrated)
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I have a wired usb 'logik' keyboard and the following buttons don't work

z x a s q w
1 2 3 4 7 8 9 0

seems most of the buttons not working are on the left

how can this be fixed?

A:Some buttons on keyboard don't work

Getting a new keyboard? plug keyboard in to a different USB slot?
sounds like its done to me.
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Hi, I have a CTL 17" LCD monitor. This morning I turned on my pc and found that the left side of my monitor is darker than the right side. Any idea as to what the problem could possibly be?

A:My monitor is brighter on the right side than on the left side

I don't know which orientation the tubes have, but if it is vertical, the tubes on the left may be on their way out. Most LCD monitors unless specifically advertised otherwise (ie - LED) use fluorescent tubes for the backlight.

So, I'd say it is on its way out and there is nothing you can do to fix it short of just replacing it. The left side may brighten to normal after being on several minutes/hours. Did you notice if that happened the longer you had it on?
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Hi all,

I found this issue in the last day or two, progressingly getting worse. It did it with two separate mice and would not go away. After some thinking I decided to remove the usb plug from NEXT to the one I was using for my mouse. It fixed the issue. I think that the reason I was having an issue was that the usb ports could not handle so much load on all of them, and therefore was causing glitches in the data when it was sending and receiving from the mouse. If in doubt, remove all usb plugs and try it again. Thats my 2 cents for today
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I'm just learning about buses and it's my understanding that the system bus combined the data bus, address bus and control bus. According to wikipedia the system bus isn't used any more and the front side bus is popular. I don't really understand, what is a front side bus?

A:What's the difference between the system bus design and front-side bus design?

Google is your friend... really!
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Hi guys Im new on the website and I would appreciate some help Basically for some reason starting last night only one side the right side of my headset works with my PC I have tested the same headset with my iPod and both sides work even further I used my iPod earphones sound side right on gets Headset only with the PC Headset only gets sound on right side and the same results - only the right earphone works I have tried google search Headset only gets sound on right side to see if anyone had a similar problem but most of the replies are quot Oh it must be your headset Headset only gets sound on right side or check the audio stereo settings quot Before one side of the headset stopped working literally minute before it stopped I was listening to music on YouTube and everything was working I did not pull any cables nor dropped the PC lol and I didnt even turn the PC off Im not great with handling PC s so you tell me what information should I provide To start with I am using a bit Windows XP and here is some info I got from EVEREST Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon MHz x Motherboard Name ECS RX -A PCI PCI-E x PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio LAN Motherboard Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress P AMD Hammer Multimedia Audio Adapter ATI SB - AC Audio Controller I presume I will have to buy a new motherboard or sound card I am not sure if a have one or an inbuilt one you tell me Thanks nbsp

A:Headset only gets sound on right side

if you're settings are correct, i guess the onboard sound probably have been busted, considering the age of the AC97 itself.
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do anyone know how to repair this? on my both pcs is it same but on another it is ok

A:Unsynchronized buttons and images in software

You need to give more details, your OS and what the programs are.

The Utube link does not work, you cannot post links until you have made five posts.
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I just finished building my brother-in-law his first gaming rig using this excellent case. Everything powers on with the exception of the huge side case fan. One of the molex pins was slightly bent but not anywhere close to breaking so it didn't take much to connect to the power cable.

Anyone have issues with this fan before? Advice? I will be testing it with a multimeter. Thanks.

A:HAF 932 side case fan not working

All of the fans worked right out of the box on my HAF 932. If you need a replacement contact CoolerMaster from here CoolerMaster's Contact Us Page
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Ok so i sent out my girls laptop about 3 months ago, because the motherboard and keyboard went bad. They said oh it will take 2 weeks to get back out to you.... Anyway they replaced the keyboard and the motherboard, and everything works great now. But there is a tiny slide switch button on the left hand side for a wireless connection that will go left or right. It is stuck and wont go right or left. So i pushed it a little to hard and the button popped off. How can i fix this... Should i unscrew the bottom of the laptop and try to fix the switch? I'm def not sending it back out again to wait another 3 months.

Computer itself is a gateway t series laptop.

A:Tiny slide switch button on the left hand side of my girls laptop is stuck?

Joe, it would help to have the model number of this Gateway T Series.
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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a bit of guidance if possible.

My Dilemma:

I have 2 sets of speakers plugged in to my computer - one set in the speaker jack, the other in the line in (switched to rear output).
Until recently, everything worked fine, however now I am only getting sound from the right speakers from both jacks. There is no fault in any of the speakers. I've tried with only one set plugged in, and with them switched round - same result. Also the same result when I use headphones plugged in to the headphone jack at the front of my pc.

Device manager has indicated no fault in any drivers.

A:No sound from left side of quad setup. Speakers are fine

Hi Rob,
did you apply any Windows updates, install new hardware or change any settings that may have caused this?
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I have done everything to try and keep this video card cooler, cleaned the fan, applied new thermal compound and I also opened the back off a PCI slot that isn't being used. It idles at 46 degrees and when it's under load it's around 60 degrees. I can't play a single game for over an hour without it giving me "no dvi input" and forces me to restart my whole pc. I have no idea what this graphics card problem is. It's a PNY 9600gt. Please someone enlighten me what i'm doing wrong or is the card garbage?

A:Video card really pushing my buttons

You could buy an aftermarket GPU cooler although I'm not sure if it would be worth it. If it is out of warranty, I would consider just buying another card.
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Hi guys My computer seriously don t want me to set up an ad hoc connection channeling through it I was able to set up other computers as servers before So currently I can get the client computer not just to ping the host problem ping side) (cannot client Hoc Wireless Ad the but a full trace of a dns address that is cmd tracert www dot google dot com On the other hand I can t get the host computer to ping the client although both the client and host ip information registers correctly I get request timed out Both computers get the Wireless Ad Hoc problem (cannot ping the client side) right ip subnet mask dns and dhcp server - just like the manuals say it should be done I m losing my mind over it I have both firewalls down because I ve found out that the host s firewall is blocking the client from trace requests and if it wasn t obvious the problem is I can t get the client to use the internet I m using ICS on the host windows xp sp on both btw I know the cmd netsh bridge show a trick but when you use ICS and not a bridge between the wifi and network connection that command is useless just gets you back to prompt Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Wireless Ad Hoc problem (cannot ping the client side)

anyone please?
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I don t have any clue what would cause this or what did cause it I have the Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset It has an on off switch a mute button for the built-in mic and up down volume controls Well something s happened with Logitech buttons on headset wireless control Volume malfunctioning the volume controls now when I click them and a program window is open it closes it Eithe up or down it appears to be acting as an ALT F macro button Volume control buttons malfunctioning on Logitech wireless headset I would have posted this on the logitech forums but I can t sign in even though I m using the right email and password it won t let me This is really frustrating because sometimes I listen to music in the broswer and I use the volume controls on the headset Volume control buttons malfunctioning on Logitech wireless headset and now using them closes the browser window or windows media player whatever window is open and focused gets closed when the buttons get pressed Someone PLEASE help me figure out this problem Thanks in advance EDIT it turns out all the control buttons on my keyboard are malfunctioning also I mean the volume control buttons play pause next previous media item favorite buttons music broswer zoom etc keyboard shortcuts they all try to shut down the computer nbsp
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My CPU is an Athlon-XP-M (laptop) 2400+ running at ~1.8 GHz under full load (multiplier 13.5) down to 530 MHz (multiplier 4.0). These speeds are obviously related to what CPU-Z calls Bus Speed (133 MHz). CPU-Z also reports a Rated FSB of 265 MHz. My questions are: 1) What is the difference between Bus Speed and Rated FSB? and, 2) What components are running at which speed?

I appreciate any insight you can provide. Thanks

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i own a sony vaio and my q button is stuck, its not normal cuz it just keeps repeating itself no matter what i do.
i adjusted my repeat level to the slowest it can but this is not solving my problem. due to this i think that is causing my a, caps lock, tabs and another button which i can't identify due to technical difficulties.

plz, if any1 has any suggestions i am all ears.
at this point i am willing to try anything.

A:Problem with laptop buttons

Hi SciFi, :wave:
I am not a mod, but
Welcome to :grinthumb

While this might be a bit frustrating for you... what you need to do is pay attention to the posts at the top of this Intro forum (eg... this is not the place for questions, just intro's).

To help point you in the right direction to get started, let me offer to you what I recvd, when I arrived; one of the Mods welcomed me with these helpful hints.

You should read how to post a new thread in this Guide.

Before posting you should read all the Posting Guidelines.

To access technical support you may go to the Forums.

Many users like to post system specs in their Profile.
System Specs are always helpful when you seek support, (see the first two suggestions).
And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

You can access many other online TechSpot guides Here.

HTH and Enjoy your Stay
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i am having the dell studio 1435
using windows vista 32-bit

here the media center touch buttons were not working, is there any extra drivers needed
to make the buttons working. please inform me

thanks in advance


A:Dell Studio 1435 mediacenter touch buttons not working

Is this a new laptop? Have you done something like reinstalling Vista or some other programs?
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Hey guys, I use a Toshiba Satellite A100 Laptop. A few hours ago I was pulling something out from under the spacebar button, and now the X, C, V, M and quotation buttons won't work! Sometimes if I push the spacebar on the side, it'll do something like this: mFDA"

I tried resetting the laptop but no dice. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem, and is it fixable without having to bring it in/replace the keyboard? I tried looking on the internet and some sites vaguely said something about loose wires, but I'm not sure.

Please help me out!

A:Buttons on laptop keyboard not working!

Assuming that you didn't pry the keys themselves loose, yes it could be loose wires. Open up the thing and see.

Sorry, can't "help you out" unles you bring the laptop here
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Well my hp business notebook with vista home premuim isnt responding correctly. The buttons that let me control sound, Internet connectivity, slideshows and information is not responding, it lights up when i press it but it wont do anything. The blue light is constantly on and ihave tried reinstalling the drivers nothing seems to work.

A:HP Compaq 6515b buttons aren't responding

Have you tried a system restore?
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was my creation last year when i could not afford to buy a new case for the rig i put together. lol

i have not had any problems with it to tell you the truth, but it is quite ugly

i know this is going to get bashed because of the "input here"

i just wanted to see what you guys would say about this lol.

A:Tell me how horrible this side panel is

Looks good
But I can't work out if this is the whole side panel or not. Although I think so.
The only issue is, I have found that air flow can be dispersed too quickly if the case is open (or has too many holes in it )
Air from fans should be able to pass over and onto hot spots inside the computer, not just disperse everywhere.
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I got a del studio about a month back and have installed creative media organiser to play my music through cos windows media player has become a memory hog, and just wondering, is there any way to set up the capacitance buttons on the studio to work with this media program like it does with windows media? (i.e. the play, stop, next and previous buttons)



A:Capacitance buttons (Dell Studio 15)

What's a capacitance button? (Please don't use ghetto english here on TS- it's annoying. Words like cos, warez, etc...)
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There are two white areas on the right side of my monitor. The monitor is pretty old, a 15" Dell 1501P analog, and I've had it for 7 or 8 years
Is this a sign that the monitor is nearing its end? I'd like to get a new monitor, but I don't want to until this one completely dies. I've attached a picture of the spots.

A:Bright areas on side of lcd monitor

Dimming, limited control of contrast, and limited control of color are typical of an old, worn monitor.

Your grapgic is more like an artifact - typical for a gpu problem. Does this bright spot follow the black border when adjusting the monitor horizontal size/position? Move vertical position and observe its effect.

Those 2 spots may be associated with the horizontal wires securing the shadow mask for color monitors. I know nothing about such things. With the gpu card trying to put a border there (black), it is hard to envision what electrical or mechanical condition is revealing itself as bright spots.
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Hello. Some of the buttons on my laptop have been turned out of shape and not straight. how can i fix them? (note: they are still connected to the keyboard but are loose and not straight like the other ones) thnx

A:Fix keyboard buttons on laptop?

usually the buttons are mounted with clips. I may work if you put them in the correct position and press them down careful but with a little more intensity
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hello techspot,

could you help me? i have found a motherboard that wasn't use for a year and i check if it still working, and to my luck it was still working. so i inserted a 40GB HDD and a 256MB RAM and other hardwares need, i've used winXP PRO O.S... well, to make the story short yesterday it was okey, the system was working properly, but later this morning it started to reboot itself, i've change the RAM but still its just keep on rebooting. what seems to be the problem?

P.S.: i have found out that the motherboard's FSB is 133MHz, does it affect the situation???

thanks in advance, and sorry if i haven't give some technical advices for all the other techspoters out there.

A:Motherboard 133MHz Front Side Bus

The 133 FSB is a reliable and reasonably fast board if the memory is 133 or faster... on up to 400 MHZ or more.

Go to <SAFE MODE> to turn off the option to reboot after failure.

You likely have a bad driver or component... So look in the Device Manager to see if there are any yellow or red flags, and begin looking for different (earlier as well as later) drivers for those flagged ones.

The problem can also be Spyware, or a Trojan infestation, so be sure you have good antivirue such as Antivir antivirus and MBAM MalwareByes as well as SuperAntiSpyware, or Spyware Doctor, or Spy Sweeper.

Then be sure you have all the Microsoft Updates... on up through Service Pack 3.

One step at a time, and you will soon have a good unit.
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I got my laptop only 4 days back and already i am facing a problem...The touch sensitive buttons(media buttons) dont work at all(dont even light up) the problem have something to do with humidity?...only an hour back they were working and then after i installed the DELL bluetooth headset(provided free)....the touch sensitive buttons stopped working....even if i reboot,the problem remains..please help!

A:Dell Studio 17 Media buttons problem

Solution...check Dell support site first

Laptop Playback and Volume Control Buttons Do Not Work
Journal ID: 082101TNWB
Wizard ID: 341694
Date Published: 5/1/2008
Last Revised: 5/1/2008

STEP: Drain the Residual Power From the Laptop

Additional Information
Turn the computer off.

Remove the AC adapter from the computer. If the computer is in a docking station or attached to a port replicator, remove it.

Remove the battery from the computer.

Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds and release.

Put the computer back into its original configuration and power up normally.
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Edited this to simplify it I recently deployed a sketchy b g wifi network using some equipment a customer had purchased Apple Airport enough? Is not wireless client-side-only gain Expresses in wireless distribution mode There was a lot of Is client-side-only wireless gain not enough? obstruction over a large distance and it would basically not work in the target area although there was a faint signal The distance is about ft through several rooms and out into the garage I recently went back to iron it out I installed a mw USB adapter Atheros AR with a db gain omni antenna on the client computer The increased signal strength was dramatic however I was still unable to fully connect The wireless itself would establish a connection but there was no communication with the router as evident by the inability to lease a DHCP address access web admin or surf the net The wireless network works fine if we move the computer closer to the last airport I can verify the last airport in the WDS chain has connectivity Despite getting a great link it seems like the router and the client computer are not communicating at the distance my client wants The network is detectable by the regular wireless card but it is hovering around - bars and stays pretty much unconnectable With the new USB adapter and antenna it is - bars and connects with little issue I also tried a mw USB wireless adapter with a db antenna with simliar results RTL chip So the question is why doesn t a high powered wifi card and big antenna work Does it just improve receive but not send transmissions If so what s the point of higher gain antennas devices and how do I solve it would a bigger antenna on the router be the solution Here s a VERY rough diagram of the layout Code MODEM AP AP GARAGE CLIENT The last three rooms are off limits as they are another person's apartment nbsp

A:Is client-side-only wireless gain not enough?

with 3-4 bars of signal strength you should get a connection (at least w/o encryption!)

Have you tried Network Stumbler? It measure Signal strength and signal-to-noise ratios.
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I just bought a new mouse, it has this (2X) button, that if u click once, it will do a double click.

so I just want to change it that when I click on it, it goes "back"


A:Config Mouse Buttons

Try Control Panel -> Mouse. See what config options you're offered
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This past couple of days I've been reformatting and re-installing windows and tweaking my partition sizes. However, yesterday evening, after finishing loading up Windows XP and in the middle of loading my programs my mouse buttons just stopped working for no apparent reason.
The cursor movement works just fine but the buttons are non responsive.
I reformated and reinstalled windows again this morning thinking everything will be fine but low and behold during my program load up the buttons packed up again after about 5 or 10 minutes.
Any ideas?

A:Mouse buttons non functional after 5 or 10 minutes.

eliminate the mouse... try with another pc/mouse and see if it keeps happening. I think you can guess what the outcomes mean.
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hi am looking to put a side panel fan on my hp 8034n media center pc just put in an bfg 8600gt oc i dont have any room in front to put an intake fan i have a 92mm fan exausting out in back wouldn't a side panel fan blowing in across the pci slots and cpu area cause a swirling effect or would tha be ok like i said i dont have any room in front to put an intake fan help.

A:hp side panel fan

It certainly cant hurt. Have a look at this -
I have done the same kind of thing.

Post a pic of the side of your case and i will do my best to advise you if you want.
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Just built my new gaming pc more or less works got some minor issues to sort out and the case I went with was the antec p its a nice case and evrything but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a spare side panel for it checked antecs site and the only panel spare side Antec P180 alternative is beige Antec P180 spare side panel looking for an exact replica Just want to try and cut a side panel so I can see the innards and get some blue neon in there and dont want to risk ruining the original case so if i mess up ive got a back up One more question looking to upgrade it im not that impatient that im upgrading a new pc after weeks i just didnt buy evrything when i bought most of the parts to bring the cost Antec P180 spare side panel down and was wondering whether nd hard drive space isnt an issue just for the performance boost really Antec P180 spare side panel another gig of RAM got Gb already or a soundcard yet to get it working but at the mo integrated sound i guess another option is speakers headphones but they ll probs come after sound card doesnt relli matter which as there all in the same price region just wondering which will affect gaming performance most nbsp

A:Antec P180 spare side panel

you want to marr a beautiful p180 side panel? perhaps you should return the case and get one with window, instead of messing with the expensive p180. if you do choose to proceed with the cuttage, i reccomend taking the side panel to a local machnists' shoip where they have tools and experience to cut metal perfectly. i have seen many an attempt at creating a side window from a solid panel, and the results were always far less than perfect.
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I got 7 extra wires I dont know where to connect on my Asus p5GV-MX MB.

they are labeled: Return R, Return L, Spkout R, Spkout L, ground, mic Bias, and mic in. I have no idea where they go and the manual to MB doesnt talk about it.

When I get this PC going, i would like to plug headphones or mic at the front and not reach the back to plug them.

on MB, not sure what connectors are those:
10-1 pin AAFP (which has: port1 L, ground, port1 R, Presence#, Port2 R, Sense1_return, sense_send, port2 L, and sense2_return)

A:where to plug the wires ( for mic and headphones front side of tower)

Nevermind i think i figured it out, hopefully, thanks to ASUS forum
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I wasn't sure about something I was hoping someone could clarify this for me. I was wondering if the Front side bus speed of a Mobo is bottlenecked by the processors FSB? For example, if my mobo's FSB speed is 1333MHz and my CPU's FSB is 1066MHz, does this mean that they will bottleneck at 1066MHz, or are they independent from each other?


A:Front Side Bus bottle neck?

The CPU controls the FSB. The motherboard's FSB, as you speak of it, is just the highest FSB that the mobo is guaranteed to support. Some ASUS motherboards, for instance, can run at 1333MHz FSB when the processor supports it. But if the processor's FSB is 1066, that's what the FSB will be. But the FSB speed is determined by the processor.

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I have already ordered the parts for my computer, and I am still debating on what Case to get! I have come to the CoolerMaster Praetorian, but I am still unsure if I want a side window to my case..if anyone has any suggestions on some cool cases, or whether or not I should get a case with a side window, please feel free to comment!-Thank You

A:Side Window?

I have a case with a window it really only looks good if it is filled with LEDs and UV lights etc. I think now I would differently go with the p180, it looks to be the most neatest cases and is one of the best cases on the market

My case is linked in my Profile.
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Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 4000+
GHX Card: EVGA Geforce 7900GTX
Monitor: Spectre X20G-NAGA III

I have recently started building a new omputer and I have run into a problem. The computer turns on but when I look at the monitor, an message pops up showing a picture of this: Monitor ---> X --->Tower (Basically meaning that it has no connection to the computer) I find that intresting though because I have everything plugged in and in the right slots.

Any ideas? Any solutions? Please help!

A:No Signal Message (Spectre Monitor)

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

We need to back up a bit first. Open up your case and have a look.

When the system is not turned on, there is an LED light on your board. Can you see it? What color is it? When you hit the power button, tell us EXACTLY what happens. Any fans spinning? Does the color of that light change? Any beeps from the system?

Did you connect the power connector to your graphics card?

How many watts is your PSU (and what make is it)?

Tell us some more about your ram. What size and speed are the ram? How many sticks?
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Need some expert guidance on hardware troubleshooting so that I boot won't PC fell its Help! on side, can isolate what the problem is I accept that one or some of the components may have been damaged but don t wan t to buy a whole new PC and would like to know what component to replace Problem statement and Symptoms PC fell on it s side Now when I switch on the main power the Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot CPU and video fans turn on but PC won t Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot POST and nothing is displayed on my LCD monitor No error code beeps The PC had been running perfectly and I was happily gaming on CS S and DoD before disaster struck My PC specs DIY Pentium GHz MHz Gigabyte G-Power cooler Gigabyte GA- I P Duo Pro mobo Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot Corsair XMS PC MBx Gigabyte GeForce GT MB Maxtor DiamondMax GB RPM Serial ATA Liteon x DVD -R RW OEM x DVD-ROM Ultra W ATX Power supply Samsung -B quot LCD monitor Windows Media Center Edition Investigation that I have done and observations Changed out the P S to a different type Raidmax W new spare I had just bought but still won t boot Checked my Ultra W P S on a different PC and there is no problem - other PC boots OK Corsair XMS RAM tested on other PC - works OK Checked DC with voltmeter on unused power connector of Ultra P S when turned on - reads OK at and volts But when I tried to open the DVD-ROM or DVD RW drive tray would not eject Checked my LCD monitor on my other PC - LCD works fine Disassembled entire PC dismounted the mobo from case took out the cooler and CPU removed the drive cables etc Visually checked both mobo and video card for physical damage could not find any at least visually Reassembled PC turned on P S - same deal power on fans turning but PC will not POST and there is nothing displayed on my LCD Unfortunately I cannot test the video card on my other PC as it is a PCI-Express x board and my other PC has an AGP port Would appreciate any advise on what else I can do to isolate the problem Is there any else I can check before I spend on a new mobo and video card Thanks NikZ nbsp

A:Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot

Do you hear anything loose in your case? If the CPU fan runs then it doesn't sound like the MoBo, but that would be my first guess. I will get back to you if I think of anything. Does the HDD spin up? Chances are you knocked a very small part loose and will not be able to visually see the damage. I wish you the best of luck.

Keep us posted,
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Ok we have a HP 4600 color laserjet which prints the right side of the pages faded. Now, on the right half of each printout, no matter what colours are there, its allways the yellow that is faded on the right side, other colors on the right side are ok. And on the left side ALL colours are ok including yellow.

Any ideas on what maybe casing this?


A:Right-side of print faded?

On B/W lasers it means the toner is running low on one side of the cartridge, so you take it out (the cartridge) and shake it a bit to distribute the remaining toner evenly.
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Need some expert guidance on hardware troubleshooting so that I can isolate what the problem is I accept that one or some of the components may have been damaged but don t wan t to buy a whole new PC and would like to know what component to replace Problem statement and Symptoms PC fell on it s side Now when I switch on the main power the CPU and video fans turn on fell on PC boot its Help! won't side, but Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot PC won t POST and nothing is displayed on my LCD monitor No error code beeps The PC Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot had been running perfectly and I was happily gaming on CS S and DoD before disaster struck My PC specs DIY Pentium GHz MHz Gigabyte G-Power cooler Gigabyte GA- I P Duo Pro mobo Corsair XMS PC MBx Gigabyte GeForce GT MB Maxtor DiamondMax GB RPM Serial ATA Liteon Help! PC fell on its side, won't boot x DVD -R RW OEM x DVD-ROM Ultra W ATX Power supply Samsung -B quot LCD monitor Windows Media Center Edition Investigation that I have done and observations Changed out the P S to a different type Raidmax W new spare I had just bought but still won t boot Checked my Ultra W P S on a different PC and there is no problem - other PC boots OK Corsair XMS RAM tested on other PC - works OK Checked DC with voltmeter on unused power connector of Ultra P S when turned on - reads OK at and volts But when I tried to open the DVD-ROM or DVD RW drive tray would not eject Checked my LCD monitor on my other PC - LCD works fine Disconnected my optical drives and HDD from mobo leaving only the video card but still no POST or video signal Disassembled entire PC dismounted the mobo from case took out the cooler and CPU removed the drive cables etc Visually checked both mobo and video card for physical damage could not find any at least visually Reassembled PC turned on P S - same deal power on fans turning but PC will not POST and there is nothing displayed on my LCD Unfortunately I cannot test the video card on my other PC as it is a PCI-Express x board and my other PC has an AGP port Would appreciate any advise on what else I can do to isolate the problem Is there anything else I can check before I spend on a new mobo and video card Thanks NikZ nbsp
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I have a Lexmark Z52 printer and the cartidges are slamming back and forth when I turn the power on and off. I cannot print anything and I don't know how to fix. Can anyone help me? It is not my printer and I am not familiar with it. The green power indicator is flashing on and off and if I turn it off I get the same results of the cartidges slamming back and forth. HELP!!!!!

A:Lexmark z52 Cartridges are slamming into the side

You may want to check that the cartridges are seated properly and that the clamp holding them down is properly slotted in.
Otherwise only 1 advice: dump it ASAP.
Lexmark are the worst printers in the universe. Their cartridges cost more than the printer itself!
Also note that Dell = Lexmark (Dell owns that crap factory).
Go get a nice Canon Pixma iP4000 or similar, with cheap individual ink tanks.
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Hi all,

I have a blue thermaltake xaser 3 case without a side window. I was wandering whether anybody knew of any other case windows that i could buy without having to mod my own. I heard a rumour that chieftec side panels fit the xaser 3 range...can anybody verify that for me. Or does anyone know where i can get a blue thermaltake xaser 3 side panel with window.

If this thread doesnt come up with any answers then i will have to do the mod just a bit worried that i will **** it up, thats all.

any ideas would be great thanks... :haha:

A:Side Window mod to thermaltake xaser 3

My friend brought his Xaser over one day and I believe I recall the case being slightly longer (deeper) than my Chieftec.

You're right to not want to mod your Xaser, I cut my friends window out larger with my dremel and I went through 2 HD discs on maybe 20 inches of metal

If you do decide to cut your own, just make alot of passes, like maybe 5 passes per cut. That or use a rotozip or a pneumatic
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Hi everybody, i'm new here. I have a problem about selecting single side or double side memories.

My spec
Athlon 64 3000+
Albatron K8NF4U with latest update
512MB PC 3200 VISIPRO (local brand-hynix chip).
Trinity PC6600GT

my memory is a double side memory. I want to upgrade to 1 GHz.
The problem is.. the store (where i bought the memory previously) didn't sell double side memory anymore coz Visipro didn't produce the double side anymore. They offered me single side mem. and they suggest me to exchange my present one to single side.

Here i have the chip number of single (8 ic)and double (16 ic)
8 IC : HY5DU12822CTP-D43
16 IC : HY5DU56822DTP-D43

I need some advice, what should i do?
thank you.

A:single side or double side?

single sided or double sided memory really doesn't matter that much. Actually if there's a choice some people prefer single sided for th reason that some system will runs better with single sided. I think you should be fine exchanging your double side for single sided.
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This is a strange one My son s computer cannot open certain web pages It started out shortly after he loaded SP but not right away First thing that is strange is the passport sign in button on the MSN com web page does not appear It shows a red X and some text identifying the link but the button pages buttons missing and web not loading is missing When you click on it it web pages not loading and missing buttons tries to open the web page but stalls and times out with the Cannot Find Server error page I then did a web pages not loading and missing buttons full reload of XP pro SP and thought that would get rid of it but it didn t Same missing button Loaded Firefox Same thing but instead of the error page it gives a error box saying data is empty We all connect to the internet through a gateway computer which shares a dialup modem The gateway has PC-cillen for the virus scan and firewall I could easily access these web sites from my computer but web pages not loading and missing buttons now it is starting to stall as well and today I could not connect to any Microsoft web pages like their support pages or the passport sign it We both can open most web pages like yahoo earthlink etc but others we cannot Is there some setting in the firewall that maybe was updated lately Is there a virus locking us out of Microsoft so we won t be able to get updates Please help I m so confused nbsp

A:web pages not loading and missing buttons

If the Firewall is enabled in Win XP with SP2 installed . . and you have another firewall running this could be your problem.
I'd suggest turning one of them off.
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I have a 6800GT which i have overclocked to an ultra, and i have never had an artifact or (slow down) so what are the implications (if any) of overlcoking within the graphics cards limits?

Thanks, Alex

A:What are the side-effects of overclocking your graphics card?!?!

Possibly a shorter lifespan of the card but really only noticeable if the card goes up in flames. Just kidding :hotbounce
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ok i got this new rig with a his x800xl video card and a 19 inch flat starlogic crt and it rips everything but sometimes the right of my screen mostly towards the top will start shaking.......sometimes just a little but sometimes a lot and makes in really annoying.....i thought i had a bad monitor so i exchanged it for a new one but it still shakes i pushing this monitor too hard and i need to go to an lcd or is my video card messed up any help would be greatly appreciated thanx

A:right side of picture shaking

deano, the problem might be that your monitor might be placed in a redius of a electronic device, eg microwave. also things with a magnetic source eg a subwolfer. i had this same problem and since i moved my computer into a different room then it has been fine. nothing wrong with video card
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my friend has a 2.1 speaker system and his plugged it all in and only one side works. Everything was checked but the day before he installed the speakers, he did something to the motherboard. he took these 2 blue jacks of the board.
Could that have been the problem or something else.

Please help me friend please.

A:One side of speaker works

First of all the speakers could be blown therefore sound only comming from one side. Second of all it would depend on Which jumpers were taken out. Have you tried another set of speakers?
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Hey all,

My pc is a pentium 4 - 1.6 ghz, with 576 RAM and a Geforce 2 64 megs. I have directx9c and 71.84 nvidia drivers. I do not have any XP service packs. My problem is that some games pause randomly in games for a random amount of seconds. My second problem is that it seems no unreal engine game wants to run. I have tried UT2k3, UT2k4 and Swat4 (demo). Both swat4 and ut2k3 load to the menu then they freeze, multi-coloured pixcels appear with 6 lines on the right hand side, normally red in colour. UT2k4 freezes on the nvidia logo.

Please help
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Recently at work two CRT monitors have developed this condition where periodically either the edges of the screen will jitter or the bottom of the screen will pull back and then snap back into place repeatedly, like the bottom of the screen is a ball being bounced on the floor. These don't seem to be the regular monitor is going out issues like vertical flipping or shrinking of the screen area in one dimension or another or going very dim, etc. I have no idea what is causing the trouble, whether it be the monitor or the on board video, but on watching the user I cannot identify any particular action which causes the screen to start bouncing, I just know that it does not happen all the time. Any help would be much appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time and your responses.
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Hello All. I?m after building a new PC using a Jeantech case, the case has two 120mm fans, and there is a space on the side of the case for an 80mm fan. There was a extendable funnel for the side fan. I have two questions. Should the side fan blow air out of the case or suck it in and should the funnel be extended fully down to the fan connected to the heatsink. If the side fan was to blow air into the case would it disrupt the heatsink fan.

A:Case Side Fan

You will want the side fan blowing in or you will get cold feet if the case is on the floor. The funnel should be used if you have a hotspot. And finally the side fan blowing in wont disrupt anything at all, it will pull in loads of air for The CPU fan. As an example, I have a custom case with 2 side fans blowing in, since i made this conversion my average temps have gone down a couple of degrees and im running the fans really slow from a fan speed controller. Just had a thought, the best thing to do with the funnel if you decide to fit it is to get it to blow air at the graphics card.

Hope this helps. Rik.
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I bought an amd althon 3400 Cpu and its not cooling the way i want it. its probably the cheap retail heatsink.

I have the Antec Super LanBoy Case which is a good case with good airflow. It has 2 120mm fans. The front one blows in the case while the back one blows out.

I want to add another 120mm fan to the side of the case so air will both on the heatsink. How can I do that? Below are some case pictures.


A:I want to add a side fan to my case. How do i Do that

The easiest way to get a side blow hole is to get a bi-metal hole saw. They cut a nice round hole and are fairly easy to use. I have a 3" holesaw that I use for 80mm fans, it's just about the right size. A 120mm fan would need something like a 4.5"(not sure, measure your 120mm fan's blade diameter). A holesaw should cost about $20-30 dollars at Lowes/Home depot/etc. Then you drill holes for the fan mounts(4holes) of the right size.
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i toook off the side case on my tower and i was wondering if it would be better if it left it on.. since i have a fan and it would make it better for cold air to stay in..

A:Is it better to have the case on the side of the tower on or off?

Im not exactly sure, i guess it depends on the computer setup. You can check with a temp monitoring software like speedfan and check temps with it off and with it on. Personally ive noticed lower temps with the case off when i had no case fans. But recently i got a power supply with 2 fans, and have added 4 case fans. Since ive created a strong airflow through my computer, taking the case off would disrupt that flow and make the case fans pretty much useless, i see lower temps with the case on and all 4 case fans going.
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just wondering if anyone can help me i recently purchased the dvd ray and tried side and not side in one plays the pc Dvd other to make a backup copy but Dvd plays one side and not the other side in pc i was constantly prompted that there was an unsupported format in the drive i called tech support and thay seemed to be baffled and didnt have any suggestoin the dvd is a region and i was sure that it would play so to test the pc i grabbed a cd to see if it would play and it did i then grabbed a different dvd and it played also so i said to myself lets see if Dvd plays one side and not the other side in pc ray will play it would not but i flipped Dvd plays one side and not the other side in pc the dvd over and the bonus features loaded and played i had the same thing happen when i tried to play pulp fiction a couple of months ago it didnt play the movie but true to form it played the bonus features on the back side i have power dvd pre installed and i use that to play all my movies i di a system check through the control panel options and it didnt help me it told me that everything was operational if someone think they know what could be wrong drop me a line i have dvd x copy and havent had any problems backing up any movies up until this time thanks in advance nbsp
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i am interested in Dell 4600 series.
Kinda Cheap , you guys could check it out

I check out the spec and i couldnt understand this 2 point:

1) Memroy perfrom at 2600mhz with a 400mhz Front Side Bus

2) 512 ON-DIE L2 Cache.

And one last question regarding System Casing.

Is it true that system without casing kills sperm.

boy, if that is true i am in deep trouble. I have been working with a caseless system for almost 2 years now

A:What is a front side Bus? L2 Cache?

The memory does not work at 2600MHz. 2600 is just a speed index telling you that the memory is supposed to be able to transfer ~2600 million bytes/sec. Front Side Bus is the data path between the CPU and the memory. It operates at 400MHz.

L2 cache is a chunk of really fast memory put on the CPU itself to allow fast access to often used data.

Open cased system kills less sperm than most other stuff you deal with in your life like microwave ovens, television sets, CRT monitors, smoking, air pollution, drugs, all sorts of chemicals, whatever. Don't worry about that.
And you are not actually sitting on that system, are you?
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No power?

No power?

I have a P-133 that I tried to add a second (slave) HD to. I plugged in the power and ribbon cable and tried to start up. Heard a little noise. Very faint, can?t describe it. Turned the power of and on again, no faint noise.

Waited a minute, turned the power on, heard faint noise???same as above.

So I figured I fried the power supply, so I replaced the power supply and no power.

No I wonder if the original was ok but something else was happening.

I will get a multimeter and check both power supplies, but what else should I look for?

A:No Power P8 side?

well if you unplug your new hard drive and then turn on your computer you will know if your power supply is broken or was just overloaded. Do you have a lot of things running?
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I am currently designing a new system for myslef and I am a little confused about the FSB. Since an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ uses a FSB of 266 MHz, would running 400 MHz DDR RAM with this CPU (on an ASUS A7V8X) be a waste of money if I don't plan on overclocking the FSB? I believe this creates a bottleneck and if you aren?t going to overclock the FSB you are better off with 266 MHz DDR RAM - am I correct?

A:Front Side Bus Questions

I don't think you can overclock the fsb.
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On 3DMark2001, when Im viewing the Online Result scores it also shows the specs of my sistem. It shows the FSB running at 66Mhz. It also shows the FSB at this speed when I goto "System Info".Shouldnt this be 266Mhz? My mobo is a ECS K7S5A. On the ECS website it says the CPU has an FSB running at 266/200Mhz. The AthlonXPs use 266Mhz FSB's.(I have an XP). Why isnt my FSB running at 266Mhz? You guys are the Genius's here:rolleyes: Speak me lord:blush:

A:Front Side Bus

Heh, don't worry about 3DMark...

Look at the guy w/ the top score His FSB is 9129MHz.

It is 266. Check your CMOS just to convince yourself.
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wanted to know if anyone else had encountered this behavior I installed a new i o magic nvidia Geforce MX mg AGP card on my PIII The i o magic driver worked ok I updated to the Detonator drivers on the nvidia site Soon after my caption buttons all D objects the minimize maximize close sliders etc began to have several colors swiped across them and making them unreadable I ll reboot and the caption buttons are readable for about minutes then blur or swipe out all nvidia by driver caption buttons blurred I uninstalled the Detonator driver and reinstalled the original driver but problem came back Then I used Detonator Destroyer from all caption buttons blurred by nvidia driver Guru D site to remove all leftover dlls and reinstalled original driver The caption button problem came back and seems worse on programs with heavy graphics handling So after trying several unistall amp reinstalls on the video driver I am wondering if I shouldn t go with an ATI card instead I ve tried several versions of the nvidia Detonator drivers with no improvement I do not think it is a heat related problem as the card has plenty of room around it and my case is well vented Can t find this problem on any internet search my system is HPackard C with PIII mgs RAM Gigs available integrated video processor disabled on mobo was asking because lack of readable caption buttons makes the PC difficult for family to use nbsp

A:all caption buttons blurred by nvidia driver

With heat problems, you should also see heavy corruption in all 3D applications, not just some buttons. Try disabling the Write Combining feature.
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Hi Pretty much the problems I m experiancing are all video streaming related I cannot stream most videos off the internet i always just get a blank loading screen saying and DivX configuration errors uninstallation side-by-side quot waiting for video quot and sometimes the websites suggest I download Divx plus Web player I have downloaded DivX web player and have the latest updates but everytime I try to run the actual DivX Plus player from my start menu I get an error message saying quot The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect quot So naturally I tried to uninstal DivX from my computer so I could reinstal it to have it work but when I go into my control panel and use the add remove programs when I click uninstall nothing comes up I click it the windows permission thing comes up and I click Yes then nothing else comes up no interface that will allow me to DivX uninstallation and side-by-side configuration errors uninstall it So I guess what im asking is either a how can I delete it without using add remove utility or how to fix that and or b How do i uninstal DivX and reinstal it to have it work nbsp

A:DivX uninstallation and side-by-side configuration errors

You might try an actual player such as this free one called RealPlayer here as I only get my "codecs" from DivX and do not use or have not used their "Player" I cannot offer any reason why what your trying is not working. Hope this helps
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In my Excel 2010 file there are three sheets. I can navigate between them by clicking on the sheets on the bottom left hand side, next to Sheet tab scroll buttons.

But I can't use "Sheet tab scroll buttons" because when clicking on them they don't do anything. I don't know what is the problem.

Is there anyone who knows the reason please?

A:Sheet tab scroll buttons don't work on Excel 2010

You talking about these in the red box?

Looks like it depends on whether the horizontal scroll bar is hiding the tabs or not. In the 1st pic, all the tabs are visible. Clicking on the arrows did nothing. Whereas in the 2nd pic, only the 1st tab is visible, clicking on the arrows will move you to the previous/next tab.
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I've never had this happen before, but just recently, I'm noticing that certain buttons in my firefox don't work unless I click them rapidly at least ten times. This includes anything on my tab bar other than the actual tabs, like the New Tab button, the Flashblock button, the Close Other Tabs button, the Greasemonkey button, and the Refresh button. It also happens with the address bar and the downloads dialog buttons (open, save as).

I'll click on them and they won't work, and I'll need to rapidly spam the mouse button ten to fifteen times before they'll actually work. I considered this might be an issue with my mouse hardware, but the mouse works fine on all other things I use it for. It's only on these firefox buttons that it doesn't work on consistently.

Any ideas?

A:Certain buttons in Firefox not working every time?

Have you tried starting FF w/o addons? Maybe the latest update of FF and/or one of the addons caused the problem you're having?
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That is an extremely annoying and IMHO anything but cute or humorous clutter
that takes up time and space.

Any way to turn it off?

Relevancy 44.72%

OK iv google and googled and tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Is ther a common soloution to this problem? I installed 3dsmax, but I get an error when tryin to open the program.

The application has failed to work because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

Im running windows 7,tryin to install 3dsmax 64 bit. Any more information I can provide

Appreciate any help

A:Side by side error after installing 3DS Max on Windows 7

See How to Fix Visual C++ Library Missing / SidebySide Application Failed to Start Errors

You'll need to first look up the error mesage in your Event Logs. Take a look through link above and post back if you still need help
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I have 2 Buttons on my keyboard:

one for bluetooth and one for something else.
I want to modify them so when I press one of them, It opens a specific program I want.

how can this be done?

wa KussOmmakom

A:Modify Keyboard Buttons

There's about 10,000 different keyboards in the world, and nearly as many computers

I think you are best to tell us a bit more about your hardware (actually a lot more)
You can start by doing the below
Please put your System Specs information in your Profile

If you have a proprietory computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

Please click on Yes in your Profile To this question:

Would you like to show other members your computer specs? Default is (NO) This will be displayed in your posts via a drop down menu for other members to view. Add your system specs in your usercp Edit options.Click to expand...

Also you will need to supply your Keyboard info:
Non Wireless
Exactly which buttons
So forth so forth....
Generally it's just a matter of downloading your Keyboard program
If it's a manufacture computer (like Dell etc) then you might find that program here:

Good luck :grinthumb
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When ever I create a flash button in dreamweaver running in IE7, it will not open in the frame selected, but opens a new IE7 browser. Does anyone know the way round this problem. Using the same web page and button in IE6 shows no problem.
Thanks Mike

A:Dreamweaver Flash buttons

Hi Mike do you have a URL we can look at.
Which version of DW are you using?
I never use the flash buttons, but have you set the target, i.e. blank, top, self etc.
You may have this set to blank. IE6 and 7 should both handle this the same.
If you want to be sure the search engines can follow the links you may be better off using text and styling with CSS.
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Hi there,

How do you keep your bookmarks on the left wiithout the side panel? I want to see my bookmarks like you do in Firefox.

Thanks in advance.

A:Opera - Bookmarks and Side Panel.

You can't do that. At best, you can set the panels bar to use icons only so it takes up very little space.
Relevancy 30.96%

Well right now I have my basic bookmarks on the left side of my toolbar, I love it. I was wondering if there would be any way at all to add even more bookmarks over on the far right side!

Any ideas/input greatly appreciated!
(what I am talking about)

A:Bookmarks on the RIGHT side of the firefox toolbar?

can try making a spacer
check moz website forums for tips and tricks
Relevancy 30.96%

I have a HP pavilion with the multimedia buttons. I have the internet, search, info and email button as come when I press them it only opens the selections in AOL? How do I change it so it will just use internet explorer. I have set IE as my default web browser but it wont fit it. and how do you get rid of AOL from your startup programs i hate that it runs and i dont use it i cant seem to figure out how to remove it from the tray.
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I've been doing a lotta stuff in flash lately, but I now I'd like to learn some server-side so I can do really neat stuff.
I know general c++ (I can create cmdline apps), but I don't know how to program for any APIs and I've never used it for anything usefull (well except a bogus-file creater).

So if I'm used to c++ (and actionscript) syntax what would be the easiest serverside stuff for me?

(not sure if this was the right place to put this)

A:Server-side programming for a c++ noob?

"Serverside"? If you mean active content for web pages, then C++ is not the tool for it. You use interpreted languages like PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, TCL or such for that. You can also use Java for certain things if you think that everyone visiting your website has a kickass connection and a fast computer.

If you mean UNIX programming, then there's nothing different to it that normal programming. You include the right headers and call the system functions just like any other.
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Newly installed ZoneAlarm and not can not see "Submit" Buttons on web site

I have recently installed Zone Alarm and AVG on my laptop. I accepted the defaults on installation.

Now I can not see the Submit buttons on the site.

Can someone tell me the setting that I need to change to allow this please.

Many Thanks

A:Newly installed ZoneAlarm and no can not see "Submit" Buttons on web site

Dunno but it seems that the firewall is clocking the request to the button.

I can say that you should use an other firewall. Zone Alarm is one of the worst out there.
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i'm wondering if there is any way to stop win 2000 from auto previewing my video files and audio files in the side bar .. here ?

some times this previews take time and even hangs and make the system crashes ..

so is there is any way to stop it .. ?

i know i can turn that side bar totally from the web view option in the file options window .. but i kinda need it sometimes ..

can you help please ? thanks

A:Windows explorer side bar ?? [Win 2000]

dont know whether this will work but your welcome to try.

internet explorer
internet options
then untick play sounds and videos
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I've looked thru Excel Help, but can't find how to
install a button on a worksheet (not in a toolbar)
and assign a Macro to it.

Or is there another simple way to perform an
action, such as erasing specific cells within
a group of cells so the form can be re-used
without having to select all the cells separately
and doing the erase command?


A:Command Buttons and Macros

OK - figured out how to record and assign a macro to a text box.
In this case the text box says ERASE and the macro assigned to it
erases a specific set of cells.

Now - I have a group of cells containing this text box and macro
that I would like to replicate a lot of times, sort of like a form where
I want different info in each replication.

How do I copy & paste and have the macro apply to the new, copied
group of cells rather than remaining applied to the original group?

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A custom pc running windows se will randomly just stall And by stall i mean the screen will go black and the computer will not under any circumstances recognize either the reboot button or the restart button the the tower Turning off and then turning back on the screen does not give recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; 98 not screen black Windows picture just the power light on the side flashes green to orange not recognizing the signal im gussing And sadly i have to Windows 98 not recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; black screen unplug the power cord from the pc and of course re attach it to get it back up and running properly It doesn t happen after any Windows 98 not recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; black screen certain period of time that i can recognise Its my moms computer and Windows 98 not recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; black screen she only goes to pogo neopets and msn front page etc So any clue as to what the cause of this could be or what i could do to prevent it other then shutting the computer down and tossing it in a closet somewhere to rot And it does start up normaly after i get it shut off Just runs scandisk at startup as with a normal buttoned restart Help is much appriciated nbsp

A:Windows 98 not recognizing Reboot/shutdown buttons; black screen

Could it be that you have Hibernation turned on? I have never had anything good come from hibernation or standby mode. Have a look and see if it is enabled.

Right click on the desktop and choose properties. Then select the Screen Saver tab(at least I think that's what it is in 98 as well) Then look for poer options. Then Hibernate and System Standby, I would disable them both.

Restart and see if it happens again. I'm thinking it should be solved, but if not post back and let us know.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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Listing requested logs for this issue Thanks in advance for your assistance Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x Version - - Ran by Philip at - - Running from C Users Philip Downloads Boot Mode Normal Accounts immediately browser scans bar Side removing mbam-malware score" virus after re-directs "crazy and Administrator S- - - - - - - - Administrator - Disabled gt C Side bar "crazy score" and browser re-directs immediately after mbam-malware scans removing virus Users Administrator Guest S- - - - - - - - Side bar "crazy score" and browser re-directs immediately after mbam-malware scans removing virus Limited - Disabled HomeGroupUser S- - - - - - - - Limited - Enabled Philip S- - - - - - - - Administrator - Enabled gt C Users Philip Security Center If an entry is included in the fixlist it will be removed AV Panda Free Antivirus Enabled - Up to date FD C - B- CE - BA- E D FD DA AV Windows Defender Disabled - Up to date D DDC A- F- Side bar "crazy score" and browser re-directs immediately after mbam-malware scans removing virus fae- E -DA C ACF AS Windows Defender Disabled - Up to date D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF AS Panda Free Antivirus Enabled - Up to date E B D -A A - C- E A- BEC E B FW Panda Firewall Disabled ED -CEF - DBA- FE -D ABE BC A Installed Programs Only the adware programs with quot hidden quot flag could be added to the fixlist to unhide them The adware programs should be uninstalled manually abDocs HKLM-x CA FE B - C- E D-A -F B D A A Version - Acer Incorporated abDocs Office AddIn HKLM-x DCBF - B- E - - B Version - Acer Incorporated abFiles HKLM-x - C- - B - DAC D Version - Acer Incorporated abMedia HKLM-x E AF - F A- E - - F D D Version - Acer Incorporated abPhoto HKLM-x B AD F - D - - - DD Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Care Center HKLM A F-CDB - E -BB - DDE A E Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Explorer Agent HKLM D F CF- - D -BDC - D EE Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Launch Manager HKLM C D BD- EC - D-B - EEDDDA E Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Portal HKLM-x A AD B -F D- BE-A -C B D ACD Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Power Management HKLM E A -CADC- E - -C F F AE F Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Quick Access HKLM C FA F-D - B - D - FC CF B Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Recovery Management HKLM F A- CAC- A B- A -DA A CA Version - Acer Incorporated Acer User Experience Improvement Program App Monitor Plugin HKLM F - - DD - E -FB F AB Version - Acer Incorporated Acer User Experience Improvement Program Framework HKLM A F - - D - E F- A F Version - Acer Incorporated Acer Video Player HKLM-x B F - - E - F - C A Version - Acer Incorporated Aloha TriPeaks x Version - WildTangent Hidden Amazon Button App HKLM-x FF A E- - F E- A - D C AD Version - Amazon AOP Framework HKLM-x A A - F- -A B - D A Version - Acer Incorporated Apple Application Support -bit HKLM-x AFA A-F - B-B - A D C A FEC Version - Apple Inc Apple Application Support -bit HKLM D B DE-DA - - E E- C A Version - Apple Inc Apple Mobile Device Support HKLM C -B - E -B BD-E F EB Version - Apple Inc Apple Software Update HKLM-x A B - DD - BA - A-F FC A B BFE Version - Apple Inc Bejeweled Deluxe x Version - WildTangent Hidden Bonjour HKLM E B - D- EB - E - B E B DE D Version - Apple Inc CCleaner HKLM CCleaner Version - Piriform CyberLink PhotoDirector HKLM-x InstallShield - E- ab -A AE-AC E B Version - CyberLink Corp CyberLink PowerDirector HKLM-x InstallShield B B F D -F AE- A- - F F A B Version - CyberLink Corp CyberLink PowerDVD HKLM-x InstallShield B BEA - B - A E-AE - FA A Version - CyberLink Corp eBay Worldwide HKLM-x - - C - AFC-EFB B A Version - OEM ELAN HIDI C Filter Driver X WHQL HKLM Elantech Version - ELAN Microelectronic Corp Farm to Fork Collector s Edition x Version - WildTangent Hidden Foxit PhantomPDF HKLM-x D DF -C C- A - - FB D BC D Version - Foxit Corporation Game Explorer Categories - genres HKLM-x WildTangentGameProvider-acer-genres Version - WildTangent Inc Game Explorer... Read more

A:Side bar "crazy score" and browser re-directs immediately after mbam-malware scans removing virus

Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 29-05-2015
Ran by Philip at 2015-06-01 11:10:33
Running from C:\Users\Philip\Downloads
Boot Mode: Normal
==================== Accounts: =============================

Administrator (S-1-5-21-733529448-3193121913-2867107617-500 - Administrator - Disabled) => C:\Users\Administrator
Guest (S-1-5-21-733529448-3193121913-2867107617-501 - Limited - Disabled)
HomeGroupUser$ (S-1-5-21-733529448-3193121913-2867107617-1003 - Limited - Enabled)
Philip (S-1-5-21-733529448-3193121913-2867107617-1001 - Administrator - Enabled) => C:\Users\Philip

==================== Security Center ========================

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, it will be removed.)

AV: Panda Free Antivirus (Enabled - Up to date) {5FD6C936-849B-5CE2-14BA-709E1D6FD1DA}
AV: Windows Defender (Disabled - Up to date) {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
AS: Windows Defender (Disabled - Up to date) {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
AS: Panda Free Antivirus (Enabled - Up to date) {E4B728D2-A2A1-536C-2E0A-4BEC66E89B67}
FW: Panda Firewall (Disabled) {67ED4813-CEF4-5DBA-3FE5-D9ABE3BC96A1}

==================== Installed Programs ======================

(Only the adware programs with "hidden" flag could be added to the fixlist to unhide them. The adware programs should be uninstalled manually.)

abDocs (HKLM-x32\...\{CA4FE8B0-298C-4E5D-A486-F33B126D6A0A}) (Version: 1.07.2004 - Acer Incorporated)
abDocs Office AddIn (HKLM-x32\...\{DCBF3379-246B-47E1-8173-639B63940838}) (Version: 3.02.2000 - Acer Incorporated)
abFiles (HKLM-x32\...\{13885028-098C-4799-9B71-27DAC96502D5}) (Version: 2.00.3006 - Acer Incorporated)
abMedia (HKLM-x32\...\{E9AF1707-3F3A-49E2-8345-4F2D629D0876}) (Version: 2.08.2003.3 - Acer Incorporated)
abPhoto (HKLM-x32\...\{B5AD89F2-03D3-4206-8487-018298007DD0}) (Version: 3.03.2004.4 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Care Center (HKLM\...\{A424844F-CDB3-45E2-BB77-1DDE4A091E76}) (Version: 1.00.3013 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Explorer Agent (HKLM\...\{4D0F42CF-1693-43D9-BDC8-19141D023EE0}) (Version: 2.00.3000 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Launch Manager (HKLM\...\{C18D55BD-1EC6-466D-B763-8EEDDDA9100E}) (Version: 8.00.8108 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Portal (HKLM-x32\...\{A5AD0B17-F34D-49BE-A157-C8B3D52ACD13}) (Version: 3.06.2004 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Power Management (HKLM\...\{E438A632-CADC-49E4-9492-C9F50F9AE37F}) (Version: 7.01.8100 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Quick Access (HKLM\...\{C1FA525F-D701-4B31-9D32-504FC0CF0B98}) (Version: 1.01.3016.0 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Recovery Management (HKLM\...\{07F2005A-8CAC-4A4B-83A2-DA98A722CA61}) (Version: 6.00.8108 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer User Experience Improvement Program App Monitor Plugin (HKLM\...\{978724F6-1863-4DD5-9E66-FB77F5AB5613}) (Version: 1.02.3005 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer User Experience Improvement Program Framework (HKLM\...\{12A718F2-2357-4D41-9E1F-18583A4745F7}) (Version: 1.02.3005 - Acer Incorporated)
Acer Video Player (HKLM-x32\...\{B6846F20-4821-11E3-8F96-0800200C9A66}) (Version: 1.00.2010.3 - Acer Incorporated)
Aloha TriPeaks (x32 Version: - WildTangent) Hidden
Amazon 1Button App (HKLM-x32\...\{FF0A904E-8827-4F6E-9A59-900D4C997AD1}) (Version: 1.0.8 - Amazon)
AOP Framework (HKLM-x32\...\{4A37A114-702F-4055-A4B6-16571D4A5353}) (Version: 3.07.2004.0 - Acer Incorporated)
Apple Application Support (32-bit) (HKLM-x32\...\{AFA1153A-F547-409B-B837-3A0D6C5A3FEC}) (Version: 3.1.3 - Apple Inc.)
Apple Application Support (64-bit) (HKLM\...\{D7B824DE-DA32-4772-9E5E-39C5158136A7}) (Version: 3.1.3 - Apple Inc.)
Apple Mobile Device Support (HKLM\...\{C4123106-B685-48E6-B9BD-E4F911841EB4}) (Version: - Apple Inc.)
Apple Software Update (HKLM-x32\...\{789A5B64-9DD9-4BA5-915A-F0FC0A1B7BFE}) (Version: - Apple Inc.)
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe (x32 Version: - WildTangent) Hidden
Bonjour (HKLM\...\{6E3610B2-430D-4EB0-81E3-2B57E8B9DE8D}) (Version:... Read more
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Hi y?all,
Lately i have been dealing with a lot of under performance of my notebook. The cause of that is of all the ads which are constantly popping up while browsing.
Therefore, I have been searching the web for tips and tricks/solutions to get a rid of these pop ups, however with no success.
So now I found this new forum page, and my question is: How can I get a rid of these pop ups and boost up my notebook (i7 processor) performance. Should I reset my laptop and restore to factory settings?

A:Notebook spectre i7 processor running slow (ads pop up)

You are most likely infected. Please click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and do those things and post in that section of the forum and not here please
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As some of you may know, Popcorn Time (and its various iterations) has gone through a number of ups and downs in order to offer its community pirated movies. In order to protect itself and its users even further, Popcorn Time...

Read more

A:Pirated movie service Popcorn Time goes P2P to side-step legal action

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My casing cm690II advanced have some holes at the side. One side is clear plastic, one side is metal. I did not have any side panel fans.

I want to buy two dust filter and attach to it on each side. How to attach to it?

A:How to attach a fan filter at the side panel?

You use the same screws you use to mount the fan. The screws would first go through the filter, then the case, then the fan. You most likely will need longer screws. If so, you can get #6 pan head sheet metal screws from a hardware store or Home Center. I would suggest cutting, grinding, or filing off the sharp tips of the screws (leave most of the end taper, though) to avoid possible injury when handling the case side but it isn't necessary to do so.

If you aren't going to install a fan behind the filter, you can use 6-32 machine screws, washers, and nuts. Depending on how many washers you use, 1/4" or 5/16" will probably be long enough.
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213 start buttons

My collection of start buttons, thought i would share.

All of them are BMP files
But i do not know if all of them show right (might be some black boxes around a few of them, when you have applied them)

On how to change your start button look here Start Menu Button - Change

Includes a single UserFrame which can be replaced in the explorer.exe [bitmap - 7013]
It's the userframe in the start menu, that gets replaced doing this.

A:213 Start Buttons [All BMP's]

i think i uploaded a few of those glad to see they are being loaded. you know we should probably get the threads over their cleaned up sometime and put the uploads together in relevent sections.
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Hello. There's a small bug in Windows 7 that's caught my eye a long time ago.

It's about the Minimize / Maximize / Close buttons. I've disabled all animations in Performance Options, but they are still animated when you move your mouse over them (a subtle fade-in / fade-out animation). Every single bit of animation throughout Windows is gone, but those 3 buttons remain animated.

Is there any registry hack or something else to disable their animation, or it's hard-coded? The only way to get rid of it is to use the Windows Basic theme and disable Aero, but the interface seems to have better performance with the Aero enabled. Thanks in advance.

A:All animations disabled, but top-right corner buttons still animated?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I don't like all of the sliding open of all that stuff either seems like a waste of time
But I don't see any delay as you speak of
Then again I have a Intel and NVidia systems too :/

I'd say if you know someone with similar to that I refer to that friend and compare
It could be the 1gb gpu = graphic's card ?
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I want to change the black text colour and the selected buttons ( I dont know if is buttons or tabs etc.:ρ) Can someone help me?
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Here I captured some printscreens. The first is a GIF (, the second is a YouTube video:

A:Videos' and Gifs' right side faded in Microsoft Edge. Why?

Probably need to reinstall or update your video card drivers. What computer or graphics card do you have?
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Dell Inspiron want Keyboard/mouse I opposite buttons doing the of what laptop with Logitech wireless mouse here running on Vista While browsing Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want today Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want mouse s wheel started zooming instead of scrolling then keyboard wouldn t produce letters and would only Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want open endless new tabs various dialogs every time I touched a key Selecting and deselecting with the mouse buttons also not functioning properly If I minimize a window I can t click on it and get it to come up again Same if I ve got multiple windows open can t change the display order without closing the top window Restarting did not help and apparently I ve got no restore points I finally got the typing to work again by repeatedly pressing left Shift with some force but only for a few minutes I keep having to redo it and it s not perfect I have to hit certain keys kind of hard selecting stuff just deletes it instantly and there s some lag time between my typing and letters appearing on the screen It may be related that left Ctrl has been nonfunctional for a while Weirdly everything s working PERFECTLY on the TSG pages What s the deal nbsp

A:Keyboard/mouse buttons doing the opposite of what I want

Not real sure what you have going on, but I think I would start by checking the batteries in the mouse/keyboard. Also if you can, after the battery check,if you're still having problems, check out the mouse and keyboard on another computer to see if it's the computer or the mouse/keyboard.

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My wife's laptop was just upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. After the upgrade neither the touchpad or the touch screen worked at all. I dug around and enabled the Elan Mouse in Controle panel. That allowed the touch pad to control the cursor but the mouse buttons still don't work.
I haven't even started on the touch screen but I would love any ideas.
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Hi All!
After reading the following article...
I decided to experiment for myself.
It Works!
***** You can run Office 95 in windows 10 Build 10130!
What have you tried?
***** Requires a valid copy of office 95
Have Fun

A:The lighter side of Windows 10

Well it's more likely to worj with Widows 10 32 bit then 64 bit.  It could work in both but most likely to work in 32 bit.
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Hi guys I bought HP Paviion x from Future Shop a month ago At that time I didn't get for Pen 130 x360 Pavilion HP any pen or pen drive software Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360 So I'm just wondering if it's their mistake or I should buy one If possible I'd like to use one of these pens Lapazz tablet pen stylus pen and a pen for HP tc tablet pc Also I want to use pen pressure for photoshop If I have to buy the pen What pen will fit for my laptop What pen drive do I need to install Do I have to buy both of them can I download a free software from HP website I really need the pen pressure system If I don't need to buy Can I get a digital pen from Futureshop Best Buy I don't know much about Tablet PC and It was first time to buy a laptop by myself Unless Does one of pens on top work on my Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360 laptop and to use pen pressure I tried to touch the screen with them Only stylus worked Can I use Lapazz tablet pen as a digital pen a stylus

A:Pen for HP Pavilion 130 x360

Unless I'm missing something, this is a touch screen which you use your finger to navigate rather than a mouse.  If you are more comfortable using a mouse you can use a usb type with the laptop.  I personally don't know anyone who uses a stylus on a laptop touch screen.
Just out of curiosity, where did you read that you needed to use a "pressure pen"?
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So I wanted to get rid of my Ei8ht theme, so I switch back to the normal theme, and behold: my minimize, maximize/restore, and close buttons are all way too big. How do I make them normal size again?
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During certain times my Charms bar won't swipe via mouse, the left side's app viewer won't appear, and I cannot click on the start button. This happens frequently and I do not know what is going on.

A:Charms bar, start menu and left side app viewer not working properly

Can you supply a bit more information about the hardware and softwaare?
Are you experiencing any other problems wit other features?
Keep us posted
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I recently updated to windows 8.1on my pavilion laptop (was forced to actualy) and since am having a lot of problems. The one that's driving me nuts currently is that my volume buttons and other function buttons are intermitantly not working. any advice would be much apreciated.

A:windows 8.1 function and volume buttons

 Try running SFC.  From the Search charm type CMD, then right-click CMD.EXE and click Run as administrator.  From the command prompt type sfc /scannow.  If that doesn't fix it, download, install, and get Malwarebytes up to date, then do a scan with it.
Good luck.