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are hard reset and factory reset the same thing?

Q: are hard reset and factory reset the same thing?

hi,i wanted to know if hard reset and factory reset are the same things?my laptop won't turn on and i found out that i can hard reset that, but i do not want any of my data on hard disk to be erased. is it possible?(i've shut it down before so there is no data on RAM)thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: are hard reset and factory reset the same thing?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: are hard reset and factory reset the same thing?

Hi, No, factory reset will bring your machine back to facory status (the time opening the box) byt hard reset won't. Regards.
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I have a Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700(I5 Core) and i am trying to factory reset to the default settings again because of the stupid problems i am having on the tablet.
Here is the problem i am trying to get into the BIOS which is the 1 step on the Acer website but for some bizarre reason when it is completely off i press the Windows button and the power button to get in to the BIOS as it says on the Acer Website but it keeps going to the start menu/desktop now instead of going to the BIOS. :/
I have factory reset/hard reset on my Acer Iconia W700 a couple times and i never had this problem before, i gone in to the BIOS no problem!!!
Can someone help me please?? Thanks!!!

A:Windows 8 tablet factory reset/hard reset problem!!! HELP!!

Is it still under warranty? You should try contacting Acer.
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Getting an infinite loading sort of error where my comp goes to HP loading screen, blackscreen, turns off, and repeats. Very annoying and nothing I've seen so far is working. I don't have a disk or drive to use to reload Windows with, and I didn't set any system restore points like an idiot, so I'm stuck here. I'm not that great with computers so any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Stuck restarting after failed factory reset, reset still not working

What is the full model number of the HP desktop?
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BSOD Still crashes after a factory reset. Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.

I thought a clean factory reset will fix the issue. But it is still has the BSOD. I have uploaded the zip file that contains the dump as instructed.

A:BSOD Still crashes after a factory reset. Attempt to reset the display

Your display driver is outdated.
Update it by following these instructions.

How-To Install AMD Catalyst? Drivers For A Windows? Based System

fffff880`046e0000 fffff880`04cf7000 atikmdag T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: atikmdag.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\atikmdag.sys
Image name: atikmdag.sys
Timestamp: Thu Jul 02 18:45:07 2009 (4A4CF223)
CheckSum: 005C2509
ImageSize: 00617000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
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Hi,I cannot log in on the Windows screen. I have a password for Bios. I just need to be able to get into this computer, I bought almost 2 years ago on eBay and have not been able to use it! Please help! I just want to reset this so I can use it.Thank you, Jessica
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After factory resetting my pc, it was installing windows and i accidentally turned it off. now everytime i turn it on it says i have to click ok to restart as it was turned off during windows installation  when i do it just repeats the same time no matter how many times i click ok and it restarts. please help as my computer is not booting up
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I was having issues with my hp laptop, so I tried a few solutions, none worked , so I had to factory reset my laptop with the help hp tools , whist doing this however I got the message, "windows could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation. But every time I restart it, it shows up again
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I have a failed hard drive and do not want to have to ship the laptop in and have them fix it. I would much rather wipe the drive as I don't have much on it. Would it fix the failed drive? Please reply, thanks!


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Hello Very sorry but no. Bad HDD must be replace with new HDD. The Grzy
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Last Saturday my computer encountered a problem and i cant seem to fix it so Ill just have to hard reset my desktop if thats possible?
Is there like a button in the CPU or on the motherboard to press to reset it all?
Its not reinstalling windows because i do not have the discs.
And also if i reset it, will it delete my files on my Back-up drive (F:) ?

A:Hard factory reset Win7 Desktop

Before resorting to a Factory Restore, could you describe your computer and the problem that you are having?  There is a tremendous amount of expertise here on this Forum, and they might be able to find a solution that preserves everything.
Most computers have a recovery partition and it is a matter of pressing an F# key to initiate a factory image recovery, but I would not do that until I had backed up all of my data to an external drive.  Some companies, like Acer, claim that they will put your data in a separate folder and preserve it, but that did not work on a friend's computer that did require a factory restore.  You do not need the Windows disks if you do a factory restore, at least in most cases that I am aware of.  I am not a pro here.
Is your backup drive an external USB drive?  If so, make sure it is unplugged ... just in case.  If not, copy your backups, after they have been verified by the backup program (assuming you are not using Windows backup), to ensure that they are good, and make sure that you have created a backup recovery CD to boot from just in case the factory recovery is not successful.  They can fail if the recovery partition is corrupt, or their are issues with the sector integrity on Drive C:\.
I really recommend that you post more information to assist the pros here (not me) to help you correctly diagnose what the real issue is.  If you have a dying hard drive, for example, doing a factory restore is a waste of time.
Hope this helps.  Have a great day.
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Tried to do factory reset. Message said problem resetting pc. Diagnostic said hard drive failure. Drive were Windows installed lock u.lock and try again. How do I unlock the drive

A:Tried to do factory reset. It tells me that my hard drive fa...

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forums. Thank you for posting! If you aleady performed the BIOS/UEFI hardware tests and if they say HDD fails, then this is it. The problem is hardware related - not Windows, not software and the hardware (HDD) needs to be replaced. Your options: 1) If your computer is still under active warranty period , please contact HP Support and inform them. They will work with you about the way to replace the faulty component.  Contact HP:>>>>  2) If your computer is with warranty period expired, you will need to replace the faulty HDD - buy it on your own. There are variety of options - vendors you can choose from - you need 2.5 inches HDD SATA. You can get it online or from PC retail store.You can also consider installing SSD instead of HDD - this is strongly recommended as SSDs are way faster, more repliable and lighter. More info on SSDs:>>>>,2817,2404258,00.asp  How to replace the faulty HDD with new HDD or new SSD: please, find info and instruction in your computer's manual or watch YouTube videos as an example. If you do not want to do this on your own, please bring the computer (or ship it) to HP Authorized Service Center where the technicians will do this for you. If you are not sure where such a center is located, check these or contact HP for assistance in finding the nearest one for you:>>>>>>   Last part - once you replace the faulty component with new HDD or SSD - you will need to reinstall back your operating system - Windows or another. So,* IF your computer originally came with Windows preinstalled by HP (a.k.a. OEM Windows), then you need to use HP recovery media - DVDs or USB pen drive you have previously created   or   recovery media purchased from HP>>  * IF your computer did not originally come with Windows preinstalled but you later installed operating system on your own, you need to use the OS / Windows installation media and install Windows on your own.  Please, let me know how it goes and do post back if you need assistance. If my post helped you, please use the button to mark it as an accepted solution.
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The first few days it was doing fine and had no issues until I just had a random bsod. I figured that it wasn't much of an issue since it didn't happen again for a couple of days. Now after around 10 days, i can't start up my computer because every time i log in, it bsod.
My computer is a HP Pavilion a6242n PC.
I have a NVIDA graphics card and I run windows vista.

A:Comp still BSOD after factory reset and new hard drive

Have you applied all the Vista updates up to and including Service Pack 2?
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I recently got an external ssd and I'm now thinking of putting my current, four year old os, on it. however, it's a little bloated with programs, videos and driver updates; moreover some of my drivers don't work properly anymore causing me to BSOD when I run certain programs. I wan't to keep all my stuff on my C drive and have the factory version of windows on the SSD.

If It helps my Computer is a Toshiba satellite P755-S5390
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So my phone Lumia was hit with the restart bug I was left with no option but to do a factory reset I went through the proper procedures I somehow managed to verify that my phone had created a backup of my apps and settings I removed the SD card just in case Etc etc However after the reset upon attempting to download my backups I was met with several problems The first OneDrive apparently has no backup for me to access I've tried numerous times but there seems to be no backups to be had The second several apps I had had installed are seemingly no longer available on the Windows store So what am I to glean from all this Because of some poorly coded bull leading to an OS or firmware bug bug hard restart and after defaults. Issues to factory reset I've lost a hefty chunk of personal data and cherished applications despite using MS's 'backup' feature if this sounds hostile it's likely because it is I'm very agitated by this I still have the SD card unformatted However there seems to be no meaningful way for me to recover what Issues after restart bug and hard reset to factory defaults. is on it At least not in any way that my phone will recognize Any advice anyone can give besides dropping this piece of junk and getting an Android
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I have a Toshiba Satellite C D-S not that old at all I tried Problem after Windows a Hard reset? Detected factory Disk downloading a game Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem after factory reset? and then got the BSOD I had to reset my PC lost everything I had but ended up starting from scratch Now every so Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem after factory reset? often I'm getting a message saying Windows detected a hard disk problem Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss I right clicked on the faulty hard drive for error checking no errors were found I tried HD Tune Pro and that's telling me warning for health status Reallocated Sector Count failed is in red and C Reallocated Event Count warning is in yellow Does this mean I have to replace the hard drive The computer was working totally fine until that BSOD Now it works and all but I keep getting that error message The laptop is not that old really and never any physical damage but perhaps past warranty I dont really have anything left to back up since I Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem after factory reset? lost everything when I reset it to factory state Any advice

A:Windows Detected a Hard Disk Problem after factory reset?

 I'm afraid it doesn't sound good for that hard drive.  You could run Speccy which you can download from here and look at the SMART data for your drive.    After running it click File -> Publish snapshot... Copy and paste the link it gives you into your next post.  
 For more information about the drive, you could download hard drive diagnostics form the Seagate or Western Digital web site and run them.  I've used Seatools from Seagate a good bit.
 If you have to replace that drive, you'll probably lose the recovery partition, so be prepared for that.  Your user guide should have info on how to create the recovery discs if you haven't already done that.
Good luck.
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I just attempted to do a factory reset of my Dell XPS 13 9550 running Windows 10. The factory reset failed. Now the laptop is in a loop - Shows the Dell logo, then a screen saying there is an error "hard drive not installed" then a black screen, then the Dell logo again.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 - Factory Reset (Delete Everything For Recycle) Failed & Now No Hard Drive Installed Error

Hello? Can anybody help me with this?
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I'm having multiple issues with my HP Pavilion g6 laptop-(4yrs old)-----I've done a little research and want to "wipe it clean to the day I bought it"---what's the difference in the three? I've already saved my personal files externally, so I've nothing to lose on it. I realize it's a several step process--recommend any links? thanks much

A:Factory Restore V Factory Reset V System Recovery

Factory Restore is to the state it was when you first got it.
You will then need to run 4 years worth of Windows Updates bit by bit - don't be tempted to allow Windows to update them all in one go. Choose them in block of say 10, chronologically, restarting the system carefully each time.
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A:If you have two phones on the same account and do a factory reset will both phones get reset?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question One is my old phone which is synced with my new one. Obviously not ;)
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A:If you have two phones on the same account and do a factory reset will both phones get reset?

One is my old phone which is synced with my new one.
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Hey Guys Looking for your advice and any links if any cheers in advance My Situation In December I purchased a Toshiba Qosmio X - Model No PQX A- X J At the time I upgraded my purchase from Toshiba Reseller BD U going from the standard x GB Sata drive x GB SSD to instead having x GB sata drives I purchased with year onsite next business day warranty that is is now expired It came loaded with MS Win Premium Home Edition Recovery X500/00X Drive or Separate Reset) Hard Disk Qosmio Disk From (Factory System - but no disks Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk provided My Needs I need want to factory reset my PC - Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk its starting to run slowI need to re-partition from my existing x partitions to just having The Issues Possibly as a result of upgrading the disk drives at time of purchase I don't believe I have a hidden Recovery partition in order to do a System Recovery from the Hard Disk Drive - see image of my current partitions attached I don't have Win OS installation disks or Toshiba Driver disks as they should have been installed by Toshiba My Questions Do You agree that I DONT have a Recovery Partition - when looking at the partition image I'm confused on this point coz people say its hidden Given I have no Toshiba Drivers Disk or Windows OS disks - what should I do I'm thinking of downloading Win use my product key from sticker under PC and making a disk USB but need to learn how Is this where I get ALL necessary Toshiba drivers for my PC from Does Toshiba provide a link on its site and instructions on where to get Win from so I can make a recover disk Notes Tried to email Toshiba support but at step of their email process validation failed due to my PC being out of warranty so will call them on Monday instead THANK YOU THANK YOU for any help you can give big ro small Cheers Rick

A:Qosmio X500/00X System Recovery (Factory Reset) From Hard Disk Drive or Separate Disk

Sorry the model is Qosmio X500/00X
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I have an old hp pavilion and I am locked out of it. How do I just rest the whole computer since I can't even get in

A:how to do a factory reset

What please do you mean by locked out
Locked out because of a password issue or locked out - it will not boot or if it does will not load windows
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I was Givin a 2002 Dell inspiron 6000 Microsoft Windows XP tonight from a friend and I need to factory reset it but no matter what I have done, tryed, or looked up on the Internet I can't find anythin helpful.... PLEASE HELP

A:factory reset

What is the model number and the service tag number on your Dell Inspiron.
Does it has already Windows XP in it that you want to reset.
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OK, so I bought an HP EliteBook from an auction that was used by a business that is currently running Windows 7 Professional. I want to reset the PC to factory but I do not have admin rights and ask for Domain password everyday I try, Any Ideas


It may not even have a Recovery partition if it was business used.

What does it show under disk management?
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Hi all! My son has a HP G72 Notebook PC

Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Installed memory: 4.00 GB with 3.8 usable
System type: 64-bit

He is asking for this to be restored to "right out of the box" condition. Is this possible? Can someone please walk me through the steps?

Thank you in advance!


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Hello. I recently bought a used computer for my sons. I need to do a factory reset in order for it to be back at "out of the box" settings. I would really appreciate any and all help.

The computer is an HP Pavilion PC and Monitor in one.
1.5 GHz AMD Athlon Dual-Core Processor
2GB (2x1GB) RAM
320GB SATA Hard Drive
SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
18.5" LCD Display
Integrated WebCam and Microphone
802.11b/g Wi-Fi
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)


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I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s3712f using the Windows Vista Home Premium System. I do not have the disks because I purchased ir used. I now have another cimputer and would like to give this one to my grandkids. I cannot because I have tax information from when I was doing taxes can anyone help. I have tried F11.

A:How can I do a factory reset

You can create a Restore Disc to restore your computer to factory defaults.


Complete the following steps to create the recovery disc set:
Click Start , click All Programs , click PC Help & Tools , and then click Recovery Disc Creation .
Click Next when the Welcome screen displays.
A window opens listing the number of blank discs required to make a complete recovery set.
Get the correct type and number of blank discs before continuing.
Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to create the recovery discs.

For detailed instructions and graphics, see the following support document:
Creating a Recovery Disc Set in Windows Vista
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Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum asking my question.
I recently ininherited a HP 8200 elite ultra slim desktop with 6gb SSD.
Question 1: how much storage is on 6GB SSD?
Most importantly how do I factory reset this PC?

My searched did not come up with anything from HP on how to factory reset this PC.

Please help.
Thanks in advanced.

A:factory reset

tenwen said:

how much storage is on 6GB SSD?Click to expand...

About 6 GigaBytes.

tenwen said:

how do I factory reset this PC?Click to expand...

Upon power on: Esc - F10 - will get you into the area. Details here.
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Upgraded to windows 10 from pre installed 8.1 about 1 year ago,now what to go back to windows 8.1 but can't do factory reset to get rid of windows 10 please please can anyone help 

A:Factory reset

wendy1358 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!While Microsoft tells you that there is no risk in the Win10 Upgrade, because they let you believe that you can always revert back to your original OS and setup within 30 days, the ugly fact of the matter is that the Win10 GoBack function has proven to be unreliable -- and when it fails, it can leave machines in a corrupted state -- which doesn't always happen, but it does happen often enough to be a problem and you won't get any warning in advance that it is going to trash your PC!If that is not bad enough, the Win10 Upgrade is know, in some cases, to corrupt the Recovery partition stored there by the OEM that built the original machine. This pretty much guarantees that no HP Recovery is going to work: means that RESET no longer works on your laptop due to your doing the Win10 Upgrade.To actually restore your PC to its original condition, you need something known as HP Recovery Media. To see if there is Recovery Media available for your PC, I will need the detailed product number: can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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I did an F8 to do a factory reset. There is no Factory Reset Option available.
No OS disk provided to me by Dell.
My warranty has expired.
Dell said they can do the factory reset and no longer provides disks, if I bought a one year warranty for $250.
Is there any way to do this using MS Dos? 
I see my system showing there is a recovery section.
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i want to make a factory reset to my laptop, it is a Pavilion g6 model A1Z92UA#ABC, so I made a partition to the hard disk I know I can make a factory reset. how I could resolve that problem?
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I have a acer aspire 9410 with I believe a pirated win 7 program back to factory settings. I have tried control alt f10 and it just loads right to the windows home page for windows 7. I desperately need some help, PLEASE HELP..............

A:need to know how to do a factory reset

It "may" be that the recovery partition doesn't exsist anymore...? How did you instal win-7?There are a couple of useful links re' the reset routine at this site (another forum to give it credit). The first link is for the manual.. 74 in the manual describes the various options.Be "very aware" that a factory reset will erase "all" your personal files in the process. So first ensure you have copied anything you wouldn't wish to lose to external storage beforehand. Typically to DVD but an external hard drive too is nice(r). Verify the copies are accessible too on at least one other system (if possible) as well as the current one.What OS was there originally?
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How do I factory reset

A:Reset factory

Hi,What is your computer and its Operating system ? Did you downgrade/upgrade your machine ? To help us answer question quicker, please read this:
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Im trying to reset my computer so my son can have it.  I have pushed F11 and tapped F11 to no avail.  Not sure how to get passwords off so he can just have computer like brand new.  Please help.  Thanks.
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Hi my brothers "Dell XPS L502X" laptop needs putting back to factory reset

ive backed everything up

So can someone please tell me how to get back to factory reset please.

A:Factory reset

See if this will help you out.
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If I did a factory reset on my laptop (which had Windows 8 when I purchased it recently) would it go back to Windows 8 or am I stuck with Windows 10?

A:Factory reset

Welcome to the forum it would go back to Windows 8
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I'm having issues with a MSI CR 600 with windows 7, I saved all my photos and files that I wanted to keep. I then proceeded to do a factory reset and the counter is still counting at just over 600 minutes. I don't have a boot disk for it, I'm just wondering if it normally takes this long or longer? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi i have a "Gericom 1st supersonic PCI E KN1 series laptop" and been having major problems with it,
i was just wondering if there was a factory reset button on it anywhere? and if so where?

A:Factory Reset?

you can do factory reset of the laptop, by disconnecting CMOS battery(while laptop turned off and if main battery and charger disconnected too) and reconnecting it again. if you wish to remove password you can try this procedure, but in 99% cases it won't help.
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So I've purchased a new laptop that has never performed well. HP wants to do a remote wipe & factory reset. I need to save all my files, bookmarks, settings, etc. before we do this. Feel free to talk to me like I don't know what I'm doing, because essentially I don't. How do I back up everything necessary before we wipe this computer clean?
I have an external hard drive available for all the files, pictures, music... but I've never had to back up settings/bookmarks/etc.
If I'm asking a rather involved question or if there's a tutorial or previous post on this topic that I missed, please let me know.
And thank you in advance.

A:To-do before factory reset???

Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, HighCountry.

You have the right idea to back up all important files.

Do you sign into your computer with a MS account? If so, all settings, apps, and Start Screen arrangement will be saved and should be restored upon boot.

So far as Firefox, you may want to post that question here: Firefox
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I still cannot get into my computer. Only Bios. I am trying to reset this computer to factory default. I cannot log into Windows. I bought this on eBay about a year or two ago and it was supposed to come reset. I have contacted the seller on nimerou occasions and never responded with the password etc. it's just sitting next here collecting dust, please help! I can get into Bios.

A:Reset to factory?

 Try the procedure here:
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hii have a dell laptop and it is full of stuff the kids have put on it theres only 1% disc space left it seems to be full of downloads music the music is duplicated on the desktop anyway and i dont want the downloads

A:factory reset

Factory reset?
Are you wanting to do a factory recovery.....put the pc in same condition as when new?
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HP has informed me I need to do a factory reset of my HP Pavilion LK8JHHPQ laptop. I've never done one before. Could someone provide the instructions for such an operation? If I'm not mistaken all the applications and programs that came with the system will be restored, is that right? I would only have to install any programs I've loaded myself, such as Word. I should save all the files I need before running the factory reset,  is that right? Thanks
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Laptop is toshiba satellite L745 64bit Windows 7.
At start up pressing f12 goes to HDD recovery, but pressin Y don't work.
Regular startup shows up as image attached. Does it mean anything?
Also pressing f8 to go safe mode don't work.

A:need to factory reset

On a Tosh it is the Zero key, not F12.
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My partitions and boot manager have been messed up. I have a recovery sector on the hard drive, a set of 5,cds and a windows 8 USB recovery. One error I get is the boot configuratio data is missing or contains errors, another is The drive where windows is installed is locked.I have tried all the relevant commands via the console to unlock the drive and rewrite the boot sector with no effect.Windows recovery can't proceed. I have tried Disc 1 and 5 but they will not boot up.Hp recovery tells me it can't find a backup. How can I get the system to do a factory reset (no boot  config data/ partition?)
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I tried the factory reset from Recovery Manager and after the first reboot the screen turned black with the error message "An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drive that don't contain an operating system . Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I have tried many things to recover it but nothing works including the 3 recovery discs created when the computer was new. Win 10 was running at the moment of the failed reset. Can anyone help me on this matter?
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Would like to refresh my windows 8 laptop to factory settings, I have tried the "remove everything and reinstall windows 8" but an error message says that I am missing files. I would like a solution to this problem or another way to restore my laptop to factory settings.

A:Need help with a factory reset.

You need to post the make and model of this computer.
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Ive got problem after problem with my dell insipiron 1300 laptop, ive decided the best thing to do is reset it, how do i do a master reset?I saw on one website to press ctrl and f11 but that brings me up the screen where you choose safe mode, i dont have a reboot disk my last option is factory reset please help.

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(second request)
I seem to have lost the ability to perform a factory reset on my compaq 5000. When I insert the Compaq Recovery CD and restart the PC, it goes to the blue screen with the five options, however, option 4 (factory reset) is stating that I need to have the Recovery CD in order to do that...yet the CD is already in the drive. The CD drive is working just fine...thank You.

A:No More Factory Reset

Maybe you installed a new CD/DVD drive. The CD should be in the first optical drive.
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Hello this is my first post so I hope I explain this correctly I bought a new Alienware which came preinstalled with Win I updated to W and after a lot of updates and messing in W I got it to work really well Over the weekend I took the most current W main update and it screwed my computer up black screens for ever boot 10 Factory from 8.1 In Reset Cant To Log Now ups lost nd HDD upon restarts etc so I decided to factory restore Win and then go back to Win from there Anyway after going through the Alienware Respawn program to get back to Win Once the restore was complete I started to log Factory Reset To 8.1 from 10 Now Cant Log In in where I received a message that I must be online to log in the first time After clicking on the network icon in the lower left corner there was no network to show up which means that my network drivers either didn't migrate during the restore or my network card isn't working period Anyway is there a method to side step the log in or to update the drivers outside of the system Otherwise my k gaming laptop bought less than a month ago is a pound paper weights
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hiya trying to factory reset a 2nd hand mackine but when i start the processb keep getting a message saying i m running on battery power and need to be connected to a 240v mains system even tho its all plugged in to the mains anyone got any ideas plz
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Hello, I have an older custom built PC from my father and it's starting to get a little buggy as of late, freezing and such, and honestly the hard drives are getting too full, I feel it'd be better to just wipe the thing clean and start over.
The downside is I have no CD with which to reset it, and I want to make sure I'm doing it completely right, IE I don't want to delete my OS with it or completely break my PC. Any info you need for this I can provide willingly, thank you!

A:Want to factory reset PC without CDs.

Quote: Originally Posted by Oneiroi

Hello, I have an older custom built PC from my father and it's starting to get a little buggy as of late, freezing and such, and honestly the hard drives are getting too full, I feel it'd be better to just wipe the thing clean and start over.
The downside is I have no CD with which to reset it, and I want to make sure I'm doing it completely right, IE I don't want to delete my OS with it or completely break my PC. Any info you need for this I can provide willingly, thank you!

Ask your father for the Windows 7 DVD's.
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Hello Everyone:I recently bought a laptop and decided to get my friend to set it up because I was to busy to do it my self. When I got it back I found that he had installed Windows 7 instead and partitioned the hard drive. I did the free upgrade to Windows 10 but now I am wondering if there is anyway to do reset it to factory defaults (with all the preloaded software and such)

A:Factory Reset

Since you did the free upgrade to Win 10 the computer would have been registed with Microsoft, hence just download the OS from Microsoft and the it should activate automatically.Alternatly:Since the computer is loaded with Win 7 which was not shipped with the computer, you need to get a Recovery Disc from HP and run Recovery.:
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I am new to this forum and this is my first post... In light of recent events my computer has a ton of malware and spyware for the second time now... The first time I was able to go in and just go to control panel and factory reset it by clicking the option... now it no longer exists and It says I need a point to go back to... but I just want it clean and wiped, I went back to before I got the virus and it was still there after I restored it to that point so it was unsuccessful... How do I go about doing this with a complete system restore without using a point, I do NOT have an original disk with my OS because it came pre-installed with Home Premium... Any help would be appreciated!

A:I could use some help with a factory reset...

Welcome to the Forum.
A restore point probably would not help because it is probably infected also.
We need some information to start off with.
What infections were found?
What programs did you run to remove the infections?
What anti virus programs do you use (Active)?
Could you do this to give us some more information.

By Brink:
System Info - See Your System Specs
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can any1 tell me how to do a factory resest on my toshiba satellite l300d??

will the factory reset erase vista?

A:factory reset

If your computer came preinstalled with Vista, it will not be erased.
I will get you information on how it is done.
If you installed Vista, after purchase, it will be erased. The OS that came with your computer on day 1 will be reinstalled.

Information is shown for Toshiba, hope it works and helps.
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hi im trying to do a factory reset but i get to recovery and its telling me to save files which i have then it just restarts ????? then nothing

A:factory reset

Hi and welcome to TSF

Have you checked the manual for your PC on how to do a factory restore?

Did you make recovery disks when you first got it?

The make and model of your PC?

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I need to do a factory reset without using a cd (as that drive has also gone down the tube for the moment). I have Windows XP Home Edition on a Dell Inspiron 530 and I've been trying to use Ctrl + F11 at the splash screen to access the PC Restore function but it's not happening. I don't know if my timing is off or what, but any suggestions would be fantastic.

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How do i factory reset without the disc?

A:Factory reset

Hi,Unless you have deleted the Recovery partition on your machine, otherwise your machine should have a Recovery partition. Make sure backing up all of your files before restoring the PC/laptop to factory settings.To set your PC/laptop to factory settings, restart the PC/laptop. At the HP welcome screen hit repeatly the F11 key (or Esc key) to launch the recovery process. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.Please also check this: Otherwise you need a Recovery set. Regards.
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hi all
have been trying to factory reset a dell xps210
with vista as op sys
when get to final stage and authorise it say
Access to \tools\ was denied
any help to get reset grateully accepted

A:cannot factory reset

If you bought the computer with Vista and upgraded to Windows 7, that restore partition may be history.
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I am gonna cut to the chase:
i have clean installed windows 7, updated Bios, my bios boot configuration are reset, i have asus k55a and an OEM recover parition and after the clean install i can`t use f9 (as it shown in this site ) and i can`t use my oem parition i am sure it`s there as show in the screenshot so can anyone help me? i need factory reset because my warranty has expired lol
Thanks in advance

A:I want to factory reset!

i need factory reset because my warranty has expired lol

If warranty is already expired, why do you need a factory recovery ? ( when everybody usually want a clean install ). I am at a loss here.

In a MBR partitioned disk, giving OEM Recovery partition the "Active" mark can be used to kick start the recovery process. However GPT partition scheme changes everything and this old trick won't work anymore. If the installation image inside the "Recovery" partition is in "WIM" format, you may be able to manually restore the OS from it.
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Help..   I don't know why it won't  can u guide me through g this please

A:Factory reset

System model?  Version of OS installed?  Does the system boot to Windows or not?
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why dont the f8 key work to repair my inspiron 1440 i have held it down i have tapped it i have tried the f8 key by its self and also with ctrl key and still nothing

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I reset my computer to factory defaults on my computer because it was acting buggy and I was afraid something horrible was going on I m not a computer genius heck I can t even say I m close to it But I knew that the reset would help me get my computer back to the way I had it when I got it in February and I Did a on reset factory HP can start from there once more Now with that being said Every time I log on now to the computer it acts as if I m hitting F still and giving me three options The Factory Reset Did a factory reset on HP the Total Reset which is meant to be used when installing a new verision of Windows and then quot Q quot which makes me exit After the reset everything seemed to straighten itself out which is the bonus for me I know now that if I do something horrible to this computer it ll fix itself Other than for that I m at a loss Now the question is what do I do to get rid of this screen I m running on Windows XP SP Much help would be appreciated nbsp
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I'm trying to reset my computer to factory settings. Advent 7113 Intel Celeron 1.73GHz. The supposed way to do this is to press f10 repeatedly on startup until a "preparing system restore" message appears. This does not happen for me however. A "edit boot options" option appears instead, and then a commant prompt. Am I pressing the wrong function key? How can I successfully restore to factory settings? Thanks in advance

A:Factory Reset Help

This is from the support site for your laptop:

Your Advent computer uses the latest recovery system that doesn't require any CDs or DVDs to restore your PC to it's original factory condition.

There are two ways to start the recovery:

Restart your computer. Then Press F10 repeatedly until the message "Starting System Recovery" is displayed.

In Windows by clicking: Start / All Programs / System Recovery / System Recovery.

The recovery will load and display a box with one option:

Non-destructive recovery: this option will restore Windows, supplied applications, and drivers. This option will not destroy your documents or programs. These will be backed up along with the registry. These are restored at the end of the recovery process.

To access the recovery options below that erase all data from the computer, click the Advanced button.

System Recovery - No format: this will reinstall Windows, supplied applications and drivers. It will move your files to a folder called "My old disk structure". Any applications (except those supplied) will need to be reinstalled.

System Recovery - Quick format: this option will erase your hard drive including your personal files. Windows, supplied applications and drivers will be reinstalled.

Select the Non-destructive recovery option and press Next.

You will be informed about System Restore in Windows, click Yes.

The recovery will begin. Once this is complete click Restart.

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How do i factory rest my HP Compaq dc7900 small form factor without having a start up's having some issues and I think it would be best if I just reset it back to the beginning..any one have any suggestions
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I purchased a Samsung ATIV One 7 27" Windows 8 All-In-One Computer (DP700A7D-X01US) | Samsung PCs from best was a demo on the shelf I did a copy with paragon to a ssd. it runs great but it seems to missing something's about it. how can I do a factory reset. If I do a recovery will it just put back like it is now. thanks for the help

A:how can I do a factory reset

See the Users Manual here: Support - All-in-One PCs DP700A7D | Samsung PCs

Starting on page 93.

1 - If Windows does not start
Turn your computer on and press the F4 key.
Run recovery mode.
- If Windows is running
From the Start Screen, right-click any area and select
All apps in the bottom right corner.
Then, click Recovery.
2 If the program is running for the first time, you need to agree
to the User Agreement.
3 If the initial menu screen appears, click Recover.
Select a recovery point and click Recover.
If you set the User Data Maintenance to ON, the computer is
restored while maintaining the current user data.
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i format my laptop and install win 10can i recovey my laptop to first time i open 

View Solution.

A:factory reset

Hi, You will need to use your Recovery Media ( Discs or USB Drive ) to reinstall Windows 7 - a guide on this can be found on the following link. If you don't have this media, you can order a replacement set - a link to the HP Partner 'Best2Serve' can be found on your notebooks driver page below. Regards, DP-K
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About a year ago I gave this computer to my son who was about to start school, now that i have it it is filled with viruses and i cant remember the administrators password. the email i have registered to the computer is no longer available, is there a way for me to factory reset my computer?
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I have tried contacting dell and they have not helped me. I bought this dell dimension e310 at a pawn shop about a month ago and I want to delete everything off of it. I want t start all over. nothing on it.

A:Factory reset

Hello and Welcome to TSF!!!

So you want to install operating system from scratch right?

You will need an operating system CD [don't know which one operating system you want to install on your machine],
and do a clean install...

Here is the link where it is provided step-by-step how to install operating system:

Step-by-Step install
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I have windows vista home and recently crashed and lost everything.....
I am trying to reset my pc to factory settings and like i said i lost everything....including restore points!
I have heard that their is a "ghost image" to load from the drive that restores it to factory but cant find any instructions on how to get to it.
Thanks for any help.

A:Factory reset.............

Laptop Recovery Instructions - Tech Support Forum

If this does not work. Give me the model of your computer and I will help.
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I just reset my Windows 7 Acer Aspire 5742Z laptop to factory reset which I have never tried before.  Everything seem to go without a hitch, but when I looked to see if the Product Key was entered, as I was never ask about it during the factory reset.  I noticed the product key that was installed was not the same as the product key printed on the bottom of the laptop.  Could you please tell me if this is okay, that it will work alright?  I tried to get information on YouTube (I?m a complete novice with computers) and I notice there was a lot of videos on how the change the product key, will I have to change the product key that was installed to the one stamped on the bottom of my laptop.  And advice would be really appreciated.
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Loading Win 10 and stuck on load 

A:factory reset

papaike Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about problems loading Win10 and wanted to help -- but need more information. Are you trying to install Win10 and it's stuck in the installation  process? Or, did you alread install it, and now upon reboot, it's stuck? Also, if this was a Win10 Upgrade, what was the version of the prior OS? And, please follow these instructions to obtain the detailed produce number, as we need that information to provide detailed assistance: Finding Your HP Product Model Number | HP® Customer Support We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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I'm hoping for a solution to what has slowly turned into a nightmare laptop originally came with Windows upgraded to Win online using an outlook com account as log in verification After a week holiday I inadvertently entered the wrong outlook com password too many times and consequently was locked out of Windows After attempting all recovery options without success I was advised by Microsoft the only option is a factory reset Having copies of all files from my hard drive I Googled how to reset Toshiba to factory settings which looked simple enough holding down Zero while turning on - wait for the beep and follow the instructions unfortunately after the beep Windows continues to load It would appear the factory reset data has been overwritten or is not applicable for Win Further Googling and the best suggestion I can find is to buy the reset media from Toshiba unfortunately it Factory Reset Win 10 seems they only supply that media up to Windows I am at a loss what my next steps should be it would seem only option is to buy a copy of Win but before I go down that road thought I'd ask if anyone can help Thanks in Win 10 Factory Reset advance Tony

A:Win 10 Factory Reset

Try holding F12 during power up to show the boot device menu, then select "HDD Recovery".
This should take you to the Win10 Troubleshooting screen. Choose "Reset" or "Refresh".
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Hi everyone,
I have had to do a factory reset on my PC, My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium.                                     PROCESSOR: AMD E 350 PROCESSOR 1.60 GHZ
RAM: 4.00 GB (350 USABLE)
I would like ALL FREE software to help me stay safe and clean and yes I know common sense will help me safe and clean.
At the moment I have Bitdefender Antivirus FREE installed and I would like to know if I could also add the following:
1. Malwarebytes FREE Antimalware?
2. CCleaner?
3. Add Block Plus?
4. Heimdal Free (Heimdal Free is a program that scans your computer for outdated and possibly vulnerable programs and automatically updates them to the latest version for you.)
5. Last but not least FREE SpywareBlaster?
Thank you in advance for your help, advice and comments, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind Regards

A:Factory Reset

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free: Certainly yes. MBAM Free is an effective on-demand scanner and also adept at removing malware. Just remember to run a scan regularly, as the free version do not offer real-time protection and automatic scanning.2. CCleaner: Yes. Don't use the Registry Cleaner option, though.3. Adblock Plus: Yes. If you use Chrome however then I recommend uBlock, which is less resource intensive than Adblock Plus.4. Heimdal Free: I prefer Secunia PSI, as Secunia scans everything - Heimdal doesn't.5. SpywareBlaster Free: Yes.Hope this helps Regards,Alex
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Hi, Can anyone tell me how to factory reset a Aspire F5-571-320G? Neighbour has not got a system image and need a clean slate after removing ransomware. TIA Kevin
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Please help...I need to factory reset my desktop for Windows 10.   Does anyone know how to do this?  Thank you.
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hello i was using a pirated version of windows 7 ultimate until i bought the CD key at microsoft store. it was the upgrade version. i have a problem with BSOD. i debuged the .dmp files and the problems were ntkrnlpa.exe and Win32k.sys. Unfortunately, i cant delete any of those files. I want to factory reset but i cant because i dont have the CD. However i have a Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate CD Key. Any suggestions on how i can factory reset or remove the BSOD problems? Thanks in Advance.

A:HELP i cant factory reset.

By 'factory reset' I assume you mean format and re-install from scratch.

I suggest you purchase a Genuine Windows 7 CD to go with your Genuine Windows 7 CD Key. Beyond that I am unable to help as this forum does not support cracked/illegal software, while you may have a valid CD key you are still using a cracked version of the operating system.
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Well.... Ill make this short lol. I want to factory restore this desktop & its jist not happening I press f8 on boot and it brings up additional options but none help restore. I have no install discs either. Simple quick fixes?

A:Factory reset

What is make/model of computer?,157597.0.html
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want to reset to factory Toshiba model no. psafca-01400j need help please have tried holding power button and the zero button the same time but just beeps

A:how to reset to factory

Are you using the exact procedure here (see 1 to 7): expect you are but just wanted to make quite sure.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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after I factory reset I cant connect to my wireless internet how do I fix this
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HIMy presario CQ62 became too slow for firefox an youtube. I believe i have to reset it to factory set.So I burnt a  recovery DVD . When i run recovery manager to reset to factory set  the PC does not boot on it. What should i do?Thanks for help.regards
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Hi everyone I have had an Hp G t- laptop for about years and I want to do a factory reset I have way too much stuff on it and would like to just start out with a reset. help with Need factory clean slate again There is a problem It orgionally came with windows vista pre-installed Need help with factory reset. without the OS disks I got the Windows upgrade disks when windows came out I do not have the full version of Windows OS nor do I have the Vista disks which I don't think would be much help anyway My version of Windows is Windows Home Premium bit Service Pack I do have all the partitions in the recovery drive but I'm not sure if they can help Also I never made a system image at the time because I was like I do have a system recovery disk but so far they have been no help I do not want to keep any of the files and I have backed up all the important files pictures videos etc Please help None of the forums I have gone to had a solution Thanks

A:Need help with factory reset.

You can download the ISO of windows 7 OS - bit version you have and burn to a disc. Then do a clean install with that. Making sure to use current Product Key. If you can't find it, use Belarc to show you.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
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up graded from windows 7 to windows 10.  notebook was updating window 10 and during the update restarted and never came back on.  tried to recover from the f11 key and got nothing what can i  do. how can i obtain a recovery disk for this notebook.  been to the websight but was never able to get the help i needed.  any information or tip would be deeply apprecaited.  system didn't come with a recovery disk respectfully,


Well, the system did come with a Recovery option, but since the Windows 10 up grade it probably will not longer function with the F11 key.  The one option is to do a Windows 10 reset or a clean reinstall using the Windows 10 Download tool
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Need help doing a factory reset without admin password or recovery disk f11 doesnt.go to recovery start up menu i can only get the system defaults my dad put in the password and forgot it im using windows 7
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I can't factory reset my laptop because:-there is no recovery in my Program Files;-Using Recovery it asks me for a disk ( don't have one);-Using F8 (not F11) I can access the recovery but there is no sixth option;-I dont have an USB either.Please help!
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I am a college student and I recently bought an Acer Aspire R Notebook and I How help to reset factory please am now having problems My student data files are on a flash drive I went to put it in last night and it wouldn t respond I tried the flash drive in the computer at my school and I was able to see my files Tonight I How to factory reset please help came home and I tried again and yet again it said quot flash drive not responding quot So I was going to factory reset the computer and googled how to do it I have windows so I have tiles like an iPhone I clicked on the settings tile and it just stalled with the logo on the screen and will not open I have tried many times to open settings and just keeps stalling I have presentations due in a couple of days with no other way to do them So please if you could help I would greatly appreciate it Thank you Cassandra Hill nbsp
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trying to do a factory reset on my old dell dimension e520 and the only I am getting is command prompt window" x:\windows\system32>wpeinit" someone please help me because I really want and need to restore this computer.

A:trying to do a factory reset and cant

Dell restore disks are sold online. (Google for vendors.)

You will need the product key off the sticker on your Dell. The Dell site shows where to find those.
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Hi, im trying to factory reset my computer because i'm just tired of having a full HD, and random software from years ago. Anyways, my current OS is Windows 7 and I have an Alienware m15x. Now i've read up on a few ways to restore this specific computer, however, I don't have the installation disc, AlienRespawn/DellDataSafe does not appear when press f8 at boot menu, and i don't have a factory system image to recover from apparently. So with this being said, Is there anyway to factory reset? I have a bootable USB drive with windows 7 recovery on it, but I need a system image or something I believe.

EDIT:I've also tried download AlienRespawn Win 7 patch off of but when I try to use it it says "Change.MBR failed"

A:Factory reset help

Hi Deathwishxvi,

Are you actually looking to reset your computer's setting to original factory settings?

or... clear clutter in your hard disk (i.e. files, software, etc...)?
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i want to factory reset my laptop so it is like new. so that i can use it for buisness unstead of personal use

A:how to factory reset

What manufacturer/model is it?
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PLEASE READ == I use a genuine copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and now want to factory restore my whole computer after 4-5 years of use. Every tutorial I've read and watched have a button on the control panel that says "Restore to factory condition" but my computer doesn't have that button! I have tried EVERY video teaching me how to factory reset and need help now.
I do not have the restore disk because the PC was given to me by my brother and he bought it YEARS ago.

A:Help With Factory Reset!

What is the make and model of the computer? Right click Computer > Manage > Disk Management. Is there a partition that is about 12GB in size labeled recovery?
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Hi, I am factorey resetting my PC due to a virus. It is 98% complete and a message has appeared saying "there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\HarddiskVolume1" it gives me the option to cancel, try again, or continue however, the mouse doesn't work in this process and the keyboard won't work even though it is on as the light appears when I hit caps lock. Anyone know what I can do to fix this and get my PC reset. Thanks

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What a mess! I need to update drivers; am unsure what/which websites to trust mainly, bcuz of the "free" scans which point out trouble, then after finding the "solutions"; IP addresses and other id has been gathered then the price info is produced. Is "Drivers for Free Unlimited" legit?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 540 @ 1.86GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 33160 MB, Free - 8999 MB; D: Total - 33155 MB, Free - 24202 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Volvi2
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Is there a standard/more efficient levels for Processor = 80 CPU Usage = 100% Physical Memory = 67%
Is there a way to reduce processor & cpu usage? Assistance is appreciated thank you.

A:Help! Had to factory reset!

Get the latest drivers from the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's web site. If no specific instructions for installation order install the chipset first, then I like to install the networking and graphics and then the rest randomly.

Is there a way to reduce processor & cpu usage?Click to expand...

Do less at any given time.
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How to factory reset to my laptop.
Windows Hang, BSOD Errors, Display Problem at once..
Laptop-Toshiba c640
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Hello can anyone pls help me my problem is i change something in my computer in the display properties then i click the quot settings quot and i click the quot my seeing i card settings reset without can a thing??? graphics How advance quot then something open i click the quot adapter quot tab then i click the quot properties quot and accidentaly i change it to disable and then after that i just restart my computer until the windows loading and after that i just ended a black screen i wait for a few seconds and then suddenly i hear something i heared the windows start How can i reset my graphics card settings without seeing a thing??? up sounds and i wait again and its still black screen so i tried shutting down and restarting the computer with the short cut keys How can i reset my graphics card settings without seeing a thing??? quot windows key quot then the quot U quot button and quot R quot button and its succesfully restart my pc but after the windows loading it goes black again and again i hear the windows start up sound and thats How can i reset my graphics card settings without seeing a thing??? my problem now i would need to enabled the setting again without seeing a thing or reset my graphic card but i dont know how to pls help me i dont know what to do pls help me by the way im using windows xp english ain t my first language sorry for my bad grammar nbsp

A:How can i reset my graphics card settings without seeing a thing???

If you boot into safe mode that should allow you to undo the changes you have made.