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Cannot make use of LifeCam Studio in Desktop under Windows 10 ?

Q: Cannot make use of LifeCam Studio in Desktop under Windows 10 ?

Not sure its a app problem or LifeCam Studio issue.
I've purchased a new desktop and install Windows 10 Home edition (fresh install). After using for 1 month, I get a webcam (LifeCam Studio). The cam is good and no need to install anything, the "Camera App" work right away. However, when I launch theTranslator app, when I click on the camera icon, the following message display:
"We couldn't get your camera started. Try using the keyboard to translate."
Check and confirmed that under:setting->Privacy->Camra is turned on and allow translator to use the camera
Why can't the translator app make use the cam and how to resolve it ? Thanks.

LAM Chi-fung
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Preferred Solution: Cannot make use of LifeCam Studio in Desktop under Windows 10 ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Any ideas on how to get the application to run on win10 Pro N ?

when i launch it I get a text message with the following..

Microsoft LifeCam Readme File
(c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

If you have a question about your Microsoft webcam, see Microsoft LifeCam Help. To open Help: Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft LifeCam, and then click Microsoft LifeCam Help.

If your question isn't covered in LifeCam Help, you can find the most up-to-date or late-breaking information about your LifeCam software on the web at:
Microsoft LifeCam Readme and Troubleshooting Information
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Device Stage was working in Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, after I formatted my hard drive it installed correctly but there is no device stage for the webcam. There is a default webcam icon and it is using the generic drivers. I have updated the firmware and installed the latest version of Lifecam and drivers, but still nothing has changed.
Done all the windows updates and changed the device installation settings. How do get device stage to work again?

A:Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam - No Device Stage

Not sure if this is what you need? Silverlight?

Device management - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
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This is my first visit to a forum and first attempt to post I use Windows XP SP and am trying install a Microsoft LifeCam HD camera for use with problem MS HD LifeCam gives LifeCam.exe message encountered a 300 has Skyype I initially installed the cam using the software on the supplied disk On completion of installation I got the above message I have just installed Skype and found that the mic was working but when I tried to set MS LifeCam HD 300 gives message LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem up the camera I got the message MS LifeCam HD 300 gives message LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem quot The camera is in use by another programme I could not find any other programme using the cam I uninstalled the programme and re-installed Same MS LifeCam HD 300 gives message LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem result I then seardhed for drivers on the web and found LifeCam exe which I downloded and installed With this I got the message quot There is no camera installed on this computer quot I then came to the Microsoft site and found LifeCam exe and downloaded and installed it I have come the full circle and am back with the original error message and at a loss where to go next Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation DG WH AAD - BQWH XB Antivirus ESET NOD antivirus system Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled beetle nbsp

A:MS LifeCam HD 300 gives message LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem

Update. Microsoft offered to replace cam so I returned it to retailer instead. I traded it for a different manufacturers camera, am I permitted to say (a Logitech HD webcam C510), which installed perfectly, including identifying I had Skype, Windows Live and Facebook. I believe the problem was software.
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lifecam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...wait before u jump to conclusions..that is only part....of this...the cam works just can't get into the software itself...the actual program will not open but the camera works on yahoo messenger and everywhere else i want to do i get into the actual webcam.program...nothing i have tried always comes back to that message....i have uninstalled reinstalled...went to Microsoft and downloaded a better is compatible with my xp and never had a problem until now...what do i do...oh and there are no updates or fixes on Microsoft

22 minutes ago
- 4 days left to answer.
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I have a Dell Studio 540s desktop purchased in 2008 which originally had Windows Vista, 32-bit OS factory installed.  I have since upgraded to Windows 7, 32-bit and when I recently attempted to update the BIOS after an error prompt, I found that Dell only provides updated drivers for Windows 7, 64-bit OS.  Is there any way of updating my BIOS, the last version being 2009?  

A:Dell Studio 540s desktop BIOS update for Windows 7, 32-bit OS.

From the Bios file page =
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I have been having serious trouble keeping my system stable over the last few months I had to format HDD and reinstall the OS a couple of on repeated Dell a 540 crash Home Studio 7 Desktop Windows troubles times and also restore it to factory settings another couple of times Today im unable to do any of those I have no support left from Dell on the page they used Windows 7 Home on a Dell Studio 540 Desktop repeated crash troubles to have for doing the restore to factory settings I read somewhere they had discontinued support last April The instructions on site to do a Dell Factory Image Recovery is no longer available either Today i tried to follow the advice on how to do both and I get NO FACTORY RESTORE OPTION The WIN SETUP does not load and i get this error message gt gt Status xc e Info An unexpected I O error has occurred and in Windows Boot Manager im given no options either and there the error code is Status xc f Info the boot selection failed cause a required device is inaccessible This is driving me insane i have tried to boot with the Re-installation CD that came with the PC nothing doing I tried to reboot with the quot recovery disks quot that i made at the beginning prompted by Dell which supposedly would haelp me boot in cases like this Nothing happens Tried the resource CD Made an image recovery which says it has been done and saved on external drives i have but cannot or dont know how to use it for booting and or re-installation purposes I also made a back up copy of the whole HD hard drives seem to be healthy according to what Windows itself tells me Either my ignorance is deeper of what I thought or Windows Home -bit on my PC is really screwed or a combination of both Could anyone with experience walk me through this maze with simple steps that maybe could work Additionally which is the simplest and most proven way to come back from a windows crash If back up is not helping me under the circumstances im lost for words as to how to cover my PC my future OS crashes I would now appreciate any help i could get from generous persons willling to help Im not too savvy with computers as im a pensioner who saw his first computer at age Note PC is months old and out of factory warranty Note it does start in safe mode I am using it to write this Thank you kindly

A:Windows 7 Home on a Dell Studio 540 Desktop repeated crash troubles

Is this the instructions for the Dell Factory Image Recovery: Dell Factory Image Recovery

which is the simplest and most proven way to come back from a windows crash?

When you get your system stable and running good use a backup image program, there are free versions that work really well.
Keep the backup file on an external HD and restoring is easy.
Macrium Reflect

If you have a Seagate or Western Digital hard drive you can get a free version of Acronis, a very good image backup program, usually not free. You must have the hard drive in your system for these to work.
Not sure what hard drive you have?
D/L the free SIW - System Information for Windows, it will tell you just about everything in your computer.

Seagate DiscWizard
Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition Software
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Hey my dad bought me a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with windows 7 and when ever I login the screen gets all glitchy and stuff jumps around and idk how to fix it....Does anyone else have this problem? And if so can anyone fix it? Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with this or not but when i first started the computer it had two .exe files crash while installing windows. The .exes were called sprtstart64.exe and i cant remeber the last one completely but it also ended with start64.exe and I've already tried updateing the video driver, changing to a different monitor, and using the system recovery disk and nothing has worked so far so if anyone can fix this please help.

A:Glitchy screen on Windows 7 Dell studio XPS 8100 (desktop computer)

Did you update the drivers using those from Dell, or another site?

Which Windows 7? 32 or 64 bit?
RIGHT click "computer".
left click "properties".

Is the computer new or pre owned / used / refurbished?

Did the problem begin right out of the box?

Have you contacted Dell? This system might be under warranty.

What happens if you boot directly to safe mode?

Is this your system?

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Computer would not boot first thing this morning. Was fine last night. When I run start-up repair, it finally brings me to a screen that says this computer is configured to require a password in order to start up. Please enter a startup password. I have never had a start up password and cannot get anything to happen past this. I have malware bytes and Microsoft security essentials running up to date. Please advise.

A:Dell studio desktop running windows vista service pack 2 won't boot

What happens if you press Enter when you are asked for the password?
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How do I make Windows 8 opened after startup to look like Windows 7 desktop when it opens with all the shortcut icons displayed after startup?


A:Make it so it looks like Windows 7 Desktop

I am using small software called "start8". Its preety good and computer starts to your desktop with start menu.
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in dreamweaver there are buttons for dealing with line or text selection for making it commented or not.
i lack completely on how to this in visual studio.

is there a toolbar or a button for such?
what i mean is simply surrounding a text selection without having typing that every time - and also reverse that simply.

XmlDocument LoginXMLDocument = new XmlDocument();

should become:
XmlDocument LoginXMLDocument = new XmlDocument();

thanks for any feedback!

after some research i found out that there are two commands and i added them to my new comment toolbar.

A:Visual Studio 2010 - Make comment out of selection

Er yes, it should already be a button on the tool bar as well. Mouse over the buttons till you see one called "Comment out the selected lines" or something similar. If you don't find it, right click the tool bar and make sure the "Edit" tool bar is shwing first. If not, enable it and look there. If you still cant find it, right click and "Customize" and look through the buttons on the "edit" group of buttons for "Selection Comment" and "Selection Uncomment" and add them to your tool bar.
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Hello Guys,
few weeks ago my system faced an issue, and while trying to deal with it i corrupted my windows and had to reset my system, that means back to Windows 8 from 8.1, then i didnt updated to 8.1, and installed  vs 2013 and sql server management
studio 2014, everything was working fine, then 8.1 happened, i mean 8 was updated to 8.1, and after that when ever i try to make new project in vs 2013, it tells me "failed to create image source from text ...\Images\Medium.png",,, and when i try
to connect to database in sql server it gives me error "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

Initialization of 'System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage' threw an exception. (mscorlib)


Method not found: 'Void System.Diagnostics.Tracing.FrameworkEventSource.BeginGetResponse(System.Object, System.String)'. (System)
.. i dont want to reset my pc again, kindly help
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I want to make a short cut to the desktop for Paint. In Vista, I would just right click on Paint, and select send to desktop. I just started using Windows 7, and that option does not appear when I right click on Paint. I googled the problem, and found instructions about right clicking on the desktop, selecting New then Browse. But Paint does not appear in the list.
I do not seem to be finding a clear explanation of how to create desktop short cuts for programs like Paint. Can anyone help me figure this out?
Thank you.

A:Solved: can't make a desktop shortcut in Windows 7

The path to Paint (mspaint.exe) should be C:\Windows\system32.
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So I have a multi-monitor setup, and I would like the windows key + D shortcut (show desktop) only affect my main monitor, is there any way to do that? Im running w7 x64 with all the windows updates etc installed. Alternatively if theres a different shortcut i could use or some utility i could run, any suggestions are welcome

A:Make Windows key + D show desktop on only 1 monitor?


Unfortunately, I don't think that is possible, at least without some serious hacking.

You may try Display Fusion, to see if it gives you what you want.
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I installed a Windows 2007 Home on my new computer, how do put the icon for this program on the Desktop window? I have a Windows 10 HP Pavillion computer.
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Hello everyone,

Is there a way how to make Windows Explorer always follow the settings in desktop.ini of each folder where present, regardless of system attribute actually set to the folder?

I moved most of files to NSA built on Samba so there is no system attribute possible to be set to any folder thus Windows Explorer will not ever follow desktop.ini as the folders stored in NSA cannot have the system attribute set.

Thank you very much for your ideas.
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Hi All I hope someone can assist and LifeCam Windows Live me with my problem I have searched and cannot find a proper fix My system Asus P E Deluxe x HIS RAdeon HD G Skill DDR- GB RAM Windows Home Premium x Windows Live build Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Here is my problem I bought this webcam and installed it with no errors Disabled firewall and antivirus before installing I even tried disabling both and tried to use Windows Live video chat and it did not work When I try to video chat in Windows Live Messenger with a friend I can get their cam and no sound They can get my sound but not my cam My cam is showing on my side and when i go through the video and audio setup everything is working properly Both systems using same operating system I tried Yahoo messanger and it works perfect no problems at all I installed Skype and it Windows Live and LifeCam works perfect no problems Can someone please tell me why Microsoft Software will not work with Microsoft Hardware I am about to give up on Windows Live and LifeCam this and remove Live messanger completely I can only search so much I would greatly appreciate some help with my problem Surely someone else is experiencing this same problem Thanks Scramjet

A:Windows Live and LifeCam

Try to download drivers.
Or download Microsoft Downloader (new version) and try to update the installation
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Why doesn't my microsoft lifecam work with windows 7? Is there a simple way to fix this problem?

A:Windows 7/Microsoft Lifecam

We would need the model number to tell you a reason to why it is not working, and if there is a fix.. If there is no supported driver for windows7, you may need to attempt to use a Windows Vista driver and run it in compatibility mode.

If these options are not possible, you may have to purchase a new one.

Please reply back with the model of the webcam.
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I loaded the vx-3000...worked day it says no webcam connected....I uninstalled....went to microsoft and got the updated drivers ...I get this message from device manager "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)" can anyone help???? driving me crazy........went back to the store......they tested it with windows 7 and the cam works fine......

A:lifecam vx-3000 problems windows 7


Have you tried rebooting yet? See if you can uninstall the device in Device Manager, reboot, and let Windows install the drivers for it.
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Has anyone found a solution to the microsoft lifecam vx3000 issue in windows 7 rc1 7100 x64? so far i tried everything i saw in a previous post but it still didnt work, the action center directed me to a 2.9 version for the lifecam software but that doesn't work either, need help please


A:LifeCam VX3000 on Windows 7 RC1 7100 x64

Same problem here. Using beta windows 7 drivers but shows ok in device manager but doesnt work
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Hello people. I am new Here and first of all I want to say Hello!

Well, two days ago I bought the Microsoft LifeCam Vx 6000 and I installed it over Windows 7 64 bits version. The cam Works but the quality image is... very granulated. It's not clear. I tried to change with all webcam Resolutions but always seems granulated.

Here is an example of how my webcam does look: Imageshack - 20091230233037436

and the another problem is.. When I use the option of "Show your webcam to a friend" in Windows Live Messenger the Webcam Image is very lagged like if my internet connection was slow.. but I have a 3 MB internet connection. If I use the "Video Call" option, the Webcam Image looks just fine.

I am using the LifeCam 3.0 Drivers for Windows 7.

A:Problem with Microsfot LifeCam VX 6000 on Windows 7 x64


Where did you get your drivers?

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Hello my sound has been incredibly low after using a Microsoft Cinema LifeCam yesterday aswell as having lots of static and distorted sounds when watching YouTube or anything in WMP I've already tried I have tried raising all the levels from every device all the way to the top I have changed the settings under Communications to gt Do Nothing I have uninstalled the drivers and re-installed Downloaded the driver from Realtek and re-installed and also uninstalled the driver and re-installed automatically using windows wizard I have checked for any errors in my sound card using Sound troubleshooter and everything seems to be OK with the sound card I also updated my drivers I used different set of speakers and headphones but still no luck I changed the plug from headphones to the hole in the back Sometimes the sound - Microsoft Windows Very Cinema 7 using low LifeCam. after sound level go back up again to a normal level but drop soon after Similiar post Windows - Sound at very low level or no sound

A:Windows 7 - Very low sound after using Microsoft Cinema LifeCam.

Are you using the Dell supplied sound driver? (what model Dell?).

Does this happen on both PC speakers and headphone?
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Hi Guys, I'm new in here. I like this forum and that was the only forum I found many solution to my problem.

The problem is simples but I don't know if is simple to resolve.

I've download the last Driver for Microsoft LifeCam 3.0 and installed. Because I know that the 3.0 version is compatible with Windows 7 x86 and x64.

No problem, the driver was installed with success but when I start the "Microsoft Life Cam" software I receive the message:

"Initialization error..."

And the weird is normal in "Device Manager":

I've just tested my Webcam in other PC running Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and work perfectly.

I guess the problem is happennig because I'm running a x64 version.

Well, somebody have any suggestion?

Thanks a lot.


A:Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 / Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Well, I'd test that x64 hypothesis if I could on another computer. It doesn't really sound right to me.

Another thing could be there was a hiccup in installing the drivers and you need to reinstall them. Uninstall the old driver completely and reinstall them.

There could be a potential hardware compatibility issue somewhere down the line.

Another thing you could do if you have the time is make a spare partition and install the x86 version on it and try the camera there and see if you still have issues, if so, then that makes it lean towards a hardware incompatibility issue.
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Hello I have a Windows Ultimate bits PC and the LifeCam software does not detect 7 Windows Microsoft cammera software LifeCam on not Vx-800 does detect the webcam Just purchased a Microsoft LifeCam VX- webcam I have tried several quot solutions quot with no luck including the Microsoft LifeCam Vx-800 software does not detect cammera on Windows 7 ones from the Microsoft Microsoft LifeCam Vx-800 software does not detect cammera on Windows 7 website http support microsoft com kb en-us I also tried the following with no luck ---------------------------------------------- Try the following Disconnect and reconnect the LifeCam Disconnect other unused USB devices Use a different USB port on the computer If you can connect Microsoft LifeCam Vx-800 software does not detect cammera on Windows 7 to a USB port If you are using a USB hub unplug the LifeCam from the hub and plug it directly into your computer Restart your computer Uninstall and then reinstall the LifeCam software from www microsoft com hardware --------------------------------------------- Other webcam applications includying Windows Live Messenger detect the camera and can use it with no problems Orb can stream the camera to my ipod touch as well with no problems The only problem is with the LifeCam software This is so frustrating I can't believe I'm having a hard time with a simple piece of plug and play hardware Anyone knows what may be going wrong Thanks

A:Microsoft LifeCam Vx-800 software does not detect cammera on Windows 7

Hi -

If the Microsoft Lifecam works, what is the exact issue?

I don't quite understand what the problem is here, i.e., what is it that you are trying to do with the webcam that won't work?

Regards. . .


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I don't find the desktop to be of much use, too many icons take away from the image I choose to display, but I do use the desktop toolbar from the taskbar quite a bit.
There are icons that I cannot remove from the desktop toolbar such as the Network & Control Panel icons they won?t leave the toolbar, and I can?t seem to kill the IE icon off for good, either. Does anyone know how to kill them dead and send them to Vista Hell?

A:How do I make desktop icons go away from desktop toolbar in Vista?

Hi gtghip,
Here's a tutorial to show how to disable notification icons.
Notification Area - System Icons[11]=Taskbar Start Menu
And to get rid of the IE icon, right click on taskbar, Properties, Uncheck Show Quicklaunch, Apply.
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My wife s Studio XPS Desktop manufactured has been crashing starting with a flickering screen nbsp The screen goes blank with a whitish-beige color and is unresponsive nbsp She turns it off and on and it still stays asleep nbsp Holding the power start button XPS Dell Studio Desktop 8100 down for seconds used to work for a while but she no longer can recover her machine from a quot deep sleep quot nbsp While booting the computer makes a loud humming noise that is not Dell Studio XPS 8100 Desktop present when it boots normally Dell Studio XPS 8100 Desktop nbsp This was happening under Windows Professional OS and has continued under Windows OS nbsp Before under Win OS the hard drive began to get slower and slower to the point I was afraid it was failing and I replaced it along with updating drivers nbsp specified by Dell see previous posts nbsp There was nothing available for the video card to update I read in the community forum that disabling turning off the monitor sleep state as well as the computer sleep state was a solution nbsp That seems to work as long as she never turns the machine off nbsp If the machine is turned off as stated in the first paragraph it takes more and more second cycles to get it to boot normally Is there a solution for this problem nbsp What should I do next Thanks Creech Newsome
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This is a real nightmare. I was on usenext and d/l some music.... I clicked on something, I should know better and it is bad. It's some crazy reboot program in German that executed causing the machine to boot into some program that executs and then restarts the pc. , at first I could not boot at all then I got into system and restore and it will now boot. It would not let me F8 into safe safe mode. I'm running my paid version of malware bytes now. Would someone please walk me through getting this cleaned up so I create a good restore point. This pc is the one do all my home work on, I really need it to work properly. I know stay off usenext... please help me. again. My next desktop will be a mac.
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Hi, i have a Microsoft Lifecam VX1000 with the windows 7 drivers, and Windows Live Messenger 2009, i can view the webcam in audio video setup within WLM, and if i send vidoe, contacts can see the video, but WLM becomes completely unresponsive and i have to close it down in taskmanager. I've searched everywhere for the solution to this, but nobody else seems to have had the same problem. Incidentally, i have done completely clean reinstallations of WLM and the Lifecam with registry and everything, still no luck. Help please?

A:Lifecam VX1000 wont send video in Windows Live Messenge

Have you tried a completely clean instal of Win7? To ensure some third party software installed along the way isnt somehow interferring?

Also what build of Win7 are you using? It's possible a more recent build (such as the final RTM) might resolve the issue
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Would any of you loverly people happen to have the Windows 7 drivers for the wired USB keyboard that comes with the Dell Studio 540 desktop?

Having upgraded to 7 I lost the ability to use the hotkeys at the top of the keyboard. Unfortunately I can't find these drivers on the Dell website - only the ones for the wireless.

(yes I know it's a crap keyboard but it's relatively small and I like it)

Thanks, well to be honest thanks-if-you-have-the-drivers

A:Dell Studio Desktop Keyboard drivers

bumping this thread as I have been unsuccessful in getting these drivers and thought I'd give it another go at asking the seven forum people for help.
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I was wondering if i could use the dell studio 540 slim motherboard in the dell studio desktop tower? cause its hard to figure out what motherboard to buy cause most of them say for 540 540s is there a size different in motherboards?

A:Desktop Studio 540 versus 540S, motherboard?

They both use the same motherboard, part number N627J.
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Hey all a few days ago we lost power during - desktop 540 issues supply Studio Power the night Next morning I tried to start my Dell back up No life On the back of the box there is a green light that stays lit Tells me that the computer is still getting power But when I plug the power cable in the computer doesn t do the normal spin of the fans for a second when it gets power And hitting the power button on the front of the box gives no results Yeah From what I ve been reading it sounds like I Power supply issues - desktop Studio 540 ve got a dead power supply Now I ve got a spare Dell an Inspiron that is the only computer I have with any SATA drives Other PCs are more old school with IDE Anyway it looks like the Inspiron has a W power supply whereas my Studio had a W Would my Studio even run on the reduced power Also are these power supplies on the Studios a standard ATX I ve been browsing sites for new power supplies Just looking at my options Appreciate whatever input you all might have
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I need a PCI Express x16 video card that will work with my current 430w power supply and also have DP out or mDP out to drive a 2560x1440 60Hz U2715H. Thoughts?

A:Studio Desktop 540 video card upgrade

This should work.
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I powered on my D540 and no video. I checked the power supply and it has a green light on. The front power button is yellow and not green. The hard drive spins up when power is applied. The USB keyboard and mouse do not seem to get power (no LEDs are lit).
I can't get into the BIOS or Windows boot menu as the screen does not work. I have an add in video card, so I removed it and plugged the monitor into the VGA on the mother board. No joy. The monitor continues to say there is no video signal from the computer in all options. Double checked the monitor and it works on another computer.
Any suggestions? TIA.

A:No Display on Dell Studio D540 Desktop

A solid amber power light, with no 'beeps' can indicate either a power supply, or motherboard issue.
Unless you have a warranty Dell unfortunately will not help, you could use Dell's Expired Warranty service, but Dell will charge a fee for this:
Try the following, if you are comfortable working around computers:Note: The only 100% method of testing a PSU, is to install a known working power supply.Unplug the cord from the power supply, hold the power button in for about 15/20 seconds, open the case, unplug the 24-pin power connector from the motherboard and jump the Green wire to one of the Black wires, reconnect the power cord and power the system, if power supply and case fans and the hard drive run, then the PSU should be good.Note: Do not remove any wires from the plug, use a small piece of wire or a paper clip as a jumper.Power supply checks out, again disconnect the power cord, hold the power button in again for 15/20 seconds to discharge the residue power, reconnect the 24-pin connector to the motherboard.Remove all PCI cards from the system, take out the video card [if applicable], disconnect all peripherals, except the monitor, mouse and keyboard and disconnect the power & data cables from all drives.  Reconnect the power cord and power system on, see if you get a different LED indication on the power button, or 'Beeps'.No difference, remove the memory from the system and try again. Still shows no signs of life then you are looking at a motherboard replacement & maybe a processor.  Note: The good news is, processors rarely fail, as the only method I know of checking a processor, is to install it a compatible working PC, or use a known working processor.  Bev.
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I have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT Desktop computer. It is running W7 on 64 bit with an I7-920 CPU. I am looking to upgrade the RAM from the current 6 GB it has installed.

It has 6 slots. Is the maximum capacity 12 GB or 24 GB.

It currently has 6 1GB sticks with PC3-8500 DDR3 1066MHz.

I also have tried successfully Two 2GB STicks of Kingston DDR3 1333, PC3 10600, 667 MHZ.

On Crucial it states:

DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800
Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 24GB
Slots: 6
Each memory slot can hold DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-12800 with a maximum of 4GB per slot.*

Does 4GB work in one Module or is the max 2GB per slot. What RAM configuration would work best? I hope someone can give me a few answers to my questions. Thanks.

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i keep getting the BSOD when ever im using my computer, i have reformatted it and it still occurs here is a copy of what windows says once it has restarted: also below is the files it lists in a .zip file any help would be appreciated

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 3081

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF80002F3435F
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

A:BSOD Keeps Happening on Dell Studio 540 Desktop

Ok three things that i noticed right off the bat, the crash dumps are pointing to memory corruption as the prime cause so I would like you to run through this tutorial:


let it run for at least 8 passes if you can more (best to let it run overnight) then post back the results.

The second thing I noticed was your BIOS is rather out of date I would check the manufacturer's website and see if there is an update

BIOS Release Date 08/25/2009
And the third is that you have the drivers for Daemon tools, which is known to cause BSODs If you still have Daemon tools installed uninstall it and then download and run this tool if the uninstall box is grayed out then the uninstall is complete if not click the uninstall button and let the tool do its job.
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Hello I have been using Pinnacle Studio with mixed results Recently with the addition of the TDK IndiCapture device I ve been attempting to archive onto DVD some VHS tapes I have The transfer capture process works fine I check the unedited video and there are no glitches or sync problems But after I ve made cuts commercials or what have you and render the final edit in quot Make Movie quot the result always has the audio out of sync I ve tried different Data Rate settings to no avail with Problem "Make Pinnacle Studio Movie" 8.12 in It s always about a second or so off making the end result useless unless you like Godzilla movies I Problem with "Make Movie" in Pinnacle Studio 8.12 ve got over gigabytes of free space on my hard drive and have over gig of RAM My processor is an Athlon XP and I m working in Windows Professional What can I do to fix this frustrating problem Is it my system or is it Pinnacle Studio I hear Adobe Premiere is great though tougher to use Help nbsp

A:Problem with "Make Movie" in Pinnacle Studio 8.12

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to Digital Photography & Imaging for more response

Relevancy 47.73%

Hi all I have purchased a new XPS Studio from Dell which is due to arrive tommorow Its a good machine for the money and since I havent bought a new machine in its entirety for over years and recently got a new job I thought I would splash out Its got GB Raid Sata drives a Tri-channel 8GB DDR3 Desktop Studio XPS Question Dell blueray burner graphics Dell XPS Studio Desktop 8GB Tri-channel DDR3 Question card i ghz cpu and years of dell sending me new parts in the mail if anything messes up For the money I couldnt buy the separate components and SLI Crossfire doesnt interest me My upgrade path will be a new powersupply and a heavier graphics card at a later date Anyway on the customisation page I had a choice of gb gb gb and gb of Tri-channel DDR I decided to go for gb I plan on running a few instances of VMWare Player to simulate servers and Vista machines so I can try out some things for work Problem is that GB is GB sticks and GB sticks in banks But triple channel needs sticks of the same type per bank On looking again Dell are offering the gb kit as quot GB Tri- Channel DDR quot which just isnt possible How can you have channels with sticks It appears they are doing magic tricks or the person who made the webpage doesnt know what he is selling I will see what happens tomorrow If my memory configuration doesnt run in triple channel mode then I will be requesting a refund of the extra money i paid to have the GB sticks instead of a fifth and sixth GB stick and requesting the GB sticks are sent out to me If they cant do that then its basically misselling and I will request a full refund from them Does anyone have any view on this Maybe I am wrong about the way triple channel is meant to work At first I assumed the banks would be made of sticks each rather than banks split into so i didnt think twice about it nbsp

A:Dell XPS Studio Desktop 8GB Tri-channel DDR3 Question

triple channel requires 3 banks. I have an MSI desktop that I built with 3 ram sticks for 1.5 gb that runs in triple channel. It's a rare configuration and not too many PC makers use it.
Relevancy 44.72%

I currently have a Studio 1737 with a 500GB SSD, Windows 10, and recently bought a Studio 1749 with a 750GD SATA HD, Windows 10.

I'm wondering if it's possible to just switch the SSD with the SATA to the new laptop, or if I should go through the process of making a recovery USB, install the SSD to the 1749, reformat and reinstall Windows 10.  
I'm not really relishing the idea of losing all my programs with the reformat, especially since I have long since lost the registration keys, etc. for most of the programs.
Any suggestions?
Relevancy 44.29%

I recently acquired a virus that I've now taken care of but it seems to have left my computer damaged I can't change my wallpaper for one And whenever I save or upload something for Certain Make Desktop to Can't Changes example when I want to upload a video on to youtube and you get that window pop-up where it gives you the option to upload something from a certain location the location for desktop is completely missing when I use one of my browsers - I can't access it at all I've also noticed recently that I can't even make changes to my desk top icons I arrange it by date -for instance- and when I restart the computer it goes back to the way it was before the change Anyone here experience anything like Can't Make Certain Changes to Desktop this I'm not that tech-savvy so please bare with me and if you have any suggestions as to what I should do please outline it step by step where to go what to look for click etc Again Can't Make Certain Changes to Desktop my knowledge of computers is very limited sorry Thanks in advance

A:Can't Make Certain Changes to Desktop

Hello Mark, and welcome to Sevenforums!

You might follow this tutorial: Repair Install - created by Brink

Keep in mind it will change all your settings back, but it is a small price to pay, I think.
Relevancy 44.29%

along side the start menu i thing they should change the desktop as well instead of just using the same one over and over agian.... xp & vista & win7 they r all the same.

A:Desktop make over?

How is Windows 8 identical to XP?
Relevancy 44.29%

Please help me how to make my desktop in windows 7 like the pic


A:How can i make my desktop like this???

Nothing you can do natively. Look for programs like Window Blinds, and check out the thread where people post their desktops for leads on where to find these gadgets.
Relevancy 44.29%

There is apparently no way of showing if CAPS LOCK is on or off on my new Dell 1555 (I use the laptop keyboard). This gives real problems entering for example passwords where the text is encrypted.
Is it possible to show if CAPS LOCK is on or off in the Notification Area in the bottom right of the Windows screen (Windows Vista 64 bit) ?
Does anyone have the same laptop but with a CAPS LOCK notification of any sort ?

A:Studio 15 Studio 1555 CAPS LOCK Notification

I have the same Laptop, but also no notification, it's quite irksome! However a colleage of mine has the 17" version and it's got a nice little LED next to the caps lock key... a design flaw or rather "we forgot" in the 15.6" I suppose... and when you look at your laptop layout, there's actually plent of room for a little LED somewhere, not like they ran out of space!
Relevancy 44.29%

I'm not sure if i'm creating this in the correct section. Please move if i didn't. thanks...
Hey peeps, I'm looking to purchase some studio headphones for Laptop and Ipod use. I'm not trying to spend a lot of money, but i would want something that sounds great for music. I've been looking at a few pages, but i'm not sure if i'm looking at the correct ones, the head phones that have called my attention were the Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitor Series Stereo Headphones and can be found here:*|*Sony
I'd like to know your exp. with these if you have owned a pair. I'm looking for clean crisp sounding audio that has no problem picking up low frequency's. I listen to Hip hop/rap, trance, and other types of music. feedback would be appreciated thanks!

A:Looking to purchase studio headphones, Sony MDR-V6 Studio Monitorgood?

I've always been a fan of the Sennheiser HD series
Sennheiser USA - Dynamic Stereo Headphones - Around / Over Ear Headphones - High Sound Quality - Audiophile - Personal Audio

They also will supply replacement chords and even drivers should one go bad.

I actually have a pair of those sony's the bass is hollow and has no punch to it at all. I actually have a 35 dollar plantronics headset that has better sound. The chord tangles easily and the pads started to come apart eventually. least they're apparently cheaper now when I bought mine around 4-5 years ago, they wanted 120 for them. ...oh also I had to cut splice and tape the chord 3 times before I finally retired them.
All of this occurred in about the space of a year.

edit: wasn't paying attention to your price range.
The HD280's are decent, not quite in the audiophile class, but decent and can be purchased for the same neighborhood in cost.
that was just the first link I came by I have seen them for 80.
Relevancy 43.86%

I've set up computers already imaged this was so I don't know how to do it.

How can I make a profile, that can't access anything unless they can access it on the desktop?

So this user is not using parental control. I want to be able to change settings in admin profile. But user profile they can not access anything unless it can be run from desktop. Thank you!!!
Relevancy 43.86%

This is what I have currently (I'm on my laptop most of the time, this is an office PC)

Works great for whats required but the only problem is just turned on doing nothing or next to nothing it sounds like its about to take off, its been like this from new, It dont seem to particularity seem like a fault as I'm having no problems otherwise, just a loud fan

Know the answer is likely a new PSU, just looking for recconmendations and what I need to do to make sure I'm buying a compatible one etc


A:What do I need to buy to make this desktop quieter?

Zoostorm generally are more noisy than some other makes of modern computers.
I it probably not the PSU but the cooling fan or fans at back of case
Zoostorm use a cheap case that vibrates somewhat and the fans kick up a terrible racket.
You might find a new fan will solve it or it might be the cpu fan that is making the noise and is working at full speed all the time

there are fan controllers you can install, some are hardware & some are software, but slowing down the fans can cause serious problems with overheating
Relevancy 43.86%

I don't know a lot about computers. But I want to make an old Gateway 2000 G6-200 Pentium Pro wireless. I think it has windows 95 on it. So what all would I have to do to make it wireless? If I need a new hard drive what kind is compatible? Thanks

A:How can I make an old desktop wireless??

I have no idea if Windows 95 supports wireless. If it does, find a wireless adapter, presumably PCI (unless Windows 95 predates PCI), that has a Windows 95 driver. Good luck.
Relevancy 43.86%

I remember in windows xp if you dragged a file to the top of the screen it would make a bar that would hide if you weren't over it. Is there a way to do this in Windows 7? I might just be imagining things though..

A:Is there a way to make a pinnable bar on your desktop?

No, they took the drag a folder, make a toolbar option out of Windows 7.
Relevancy 43.86%


Does anyone know an easy way to apply a grayscale setting to the desktop??? It must be possible since XP does this with apparent ease when the shutdown dialog shows.

Is there a script I could run that would do the trick ???


Relevancy 43.86%

Cleaned it for the most part. Not sure if anything is lurking still.

A:Help me make sure nothing is lurking on old desktop?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything.
We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:
*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> <<< CLICK THIS LINK
If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.
***************************************************If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lower right hand of this page). In that reply, please include the following information:If you have not done so already, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.A new DDS log. For your convenience, you will find the instructions for generating these logs repeated at the bottom of this post.Please do this even if you have previously posted logs for us.If you were unable to produce the logs originally please try once more.If you are unable to create a log please provide detailed information about your installed Windows Operating System including the Version, Edition and if it is a 32bit or a 64bit system.If you are unsure about any of these characteristics just post what you can and we will guide you.Please tell us if you have your original Windows CD/DVD available. Upon completing the above steps and posting a reply, another staff member will review your topic and do their best to resolve your issues.
Thank you for your patience, and again sorry for the delay.
We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan again: Download DDS by sUBs from the following link if you no longer have it available and save it to your Download LinkDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run. A small box will open, with an explanation about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running. Notepad will open with the results. Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results. Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet.
Information on A/V control can be found HERE.As I am just a silly little program running on the servers, please do not send me private messages as I do not know how to read and reply to them! Thanks!
Relevancy 43.86%

I have done it once before, but I can't remember how.
I think it had something to do with notepad, but I somehow managed to turn my entire background into a website, how would I do this again.

I am running vista btw.

Relevancy 43.86%

I wanna make my desktop awesome!
any gadgets are anything that can help?

Here's my desktop now:
RATE IT please!

A:help me make my desktop awesome!

Stardock ObjectDock is a place for gadgets and walls.

If you like you desktop who cares what others think. You are the one seeing it everyday. Mix them up.
Change is good!
On a scale of 1-10 (if you want me to rate it) would be a 4 but that's MHO.
Relevancy 43.86%

Is it possible to make my own desktop themes? Plz give the details of doing so if it can be done.

Relevancy 43.86%

Can I make my own desktop themes? If yes plz send the details of doing so.

A:i want to make my own desktop skin

duplicate closed

all replies to here please
Relevancy 43.86%

I've seen a pc that had there date or the whole calendar transparent on there desktop, is there a way to do this with out any special installations...

A:How to make your calendar appear on your desktop...

Just GOOGLE "calendar transparent".
Relevancy 43.86%


I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit...

i want to set a animated wallpaper as an desktop background... i have done so but the wallpaper is not animating... so can anyone help me to solve this problem... please...

how to set an animated wallpaper as a desktop backgroung without loosing its effect....?

A:Make Animated Desktop...

How to Install and Enable DreamScene in Windows 7 ? My Digital Life

You need this patch first. Also, make sure your animated wallpaper is a in a video format. If you are looking for some, please go to
Relevancy 43.86%

I often copy and paste very large files, 50 gigs and so on and it takes a very long time.

Is there a way for windows to make a sound when the copying is done?


A:How to make Windows make a sound when done pasting

Well I reckon there would be AH because I am thinking you mean like when malware scan ends one usually gets a tone to let you know it is done. But off the cuff I am not really sure.
Relevancy 43.86%

We have guests laptops at school for everyone but they keep making changes on the computer.
How can i make Windows to ask for admin password when trying to make changes in the computer and when trying to run the installer?
Google does not give me right results.

A:Make Windows ask for admin password when trying to make changes

I don't think you can stop users from making all changes. However if the account that they are using is a standard user account then it will ask for a administrator password when ever the UAC prompt comes up for system changes and installs.

Maybe you could take a drive image of the computer when it is in the state that you want it, then restore it when needed
Relevancy 43.43%

I enclose a screenshot of what I mean. I'm talking about the icons on the 'sky' background, which I have great difficulty in reading. Is it possible to have so;id clour for those icons (all of the desktop icons)?

I'm using Win 7 64 HP. I've tried using Fences and Iconoid, but couldn't make much sense of them!

Thank you,

A:Make my desktop icons more readable!

Hello Bertie,

You might see how the icon text looks to you after turning off drop shadows for them.

Desktop Icon Labels - Turn Drop Shadows On or Off

In addition, you might open the Advanced Appearance Settings, select the Icon item, then adjust either it's font, font size, and try bold or unbold to see if it may help. I marked them in red in the screenshot below to help. The screenshot shows the default settings for the "Icon" item. This will change the text for all icons though, and not just on your desktop.

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 43.43%

I ve desktop Unable shortcuts make to tried making new desktop shortcuts because the old ones won t work Unfortunately I get the same message on the new ones as I did on the old which is quot This file does not have a program associated with Unable to make desktop shortcuts it for performing this action Create an association in the Folder Options control panel quot Before all I needed to do was right click an item in Favorites and quot send quot to desktop I went to Folder Options in Control Panel and have no idea what to do Earlier today I tried putting most everything on desktop in folders and put the folders into quot My Documents quot Things like Email sites TV Guide IMDb get the same message but I am able to acess office tools such as new spreadsheets etc What have I done wrong I would also like to know how to list things to NOT delete from cookies I ve done it before ages ago and can t remember how it s done And I can t find how to quot accept cookies quot which GMail is telling me I need to do I never told anything to not accept them
Relevancy 43.43%

I am running window7 64bit. Whe I right click on the desktop and choose NEW there is no Make Folder to choose from. How can I get it back.

A:No Make Folder when I right click on desktop

may sound odd, but does it show the shortcut button still?

when did this happen have you by any chance upgraded internet explorer, sometimes the registry key can become invalid or corrupt during the desktop installation.
Relevancy 43.43%

I'd like to have a neat looking desktop, something like rainmeter does (I could never get that to work properly on windows 7). Could someone let me know of some customization tools and maybe a small tutorial how to do it?

A:Customization to make desktop look unique


Skin the Windows desktop interface with WindowBlinds

There is a forum too:

Stardock - Your Edge In Software - WindowBlinds
Relevancy 43.43%

I have seen someone with a calendar on the lower right of their desktop and I can't find how to make that show. The guy who did it said he didn't download anything, just made Windows do it. Does anyone know how to make it show up?

A:How do I make the calendar show on desktop?

Double click on the clock in your system tray lower right of your desktop.
Relevancy 43.43%

how to make the desktop program list like this?

A:how to make the desktop program list like this?

Either Rocketdock

About RocketDock -

or Object Dock


I use Objectdock myself, but I think more use Rocketdock, and there may be more customizations for Rocketdock

A Guy
Relevancy 43.43%

Ok im going to Show you How to make a Secret Shortcut on Desktop. Make Secret on Shortcut A [TUT] Your Dektop Create Folder Shortcut to your location img http s xao nk t Create Shortcut jpg img Neu means New and Verkn pfung means Shortcut Pick the Location of your folder If i where you put the secret folder deep in your system img http s dpegkpnjv Location jpg img Rename the folder img http s kawd Rename jpg img Umbenennen means Rename Press and keep pressing the Alt button Type from your number pad on your right side of the computer not the normal numbers Type in while pressing Alt Press [TUT] Make A Secret Shortcut on Desktop. Enter Now you shouldt see any Letter [TUT] Make A Secret Shortcut on Desktop. or Number as the Name Change the Icon of the Folder img http s trdi t Icon jpg img Anderes Symbol means Another Icon or Change Icon Download the Icon rar from my Attachments Then change the Icon to the Downloaded one Done It Should look like this img http s qnbby lpd Empty jpg img Youre Welcome Any questions ask me Oh and By The Way My Computer is on German so dont worry read under the Pics to Understand

A:[TUT] Make A Secret Shortcut on Desktop.

If someone have read that post please reply: Good or Not. Helpful or Not. And a simple thank would be appretiated!
Relevancy 43.43%

Hey guys,

I was wondering if and how i could make my desktop a web server

can you lead me thru the path to setting up an (IIS) ?? my friend told me

and how do i get a domain name?

A:[SOLVED] Can and How do I make my XP Desktop A Web Server

I have to ask why

Since you are at this site, you have an ISP. Most ISPs provide WEB hosting, some for little or no exta cost.

Also, there are WEB hosting sites that are free (restricted size and access band width usage).

Look at: Top 10 Web Hosting Reviews
Free Web Hosting
Relevancy 43.43%

Please see the prntscrn to see that I do not have desktop as a default selection. I can scroll down but my children and wife will not remember to do so. How do I make it a default?
Thank you

A:How to make desktop a default selection

Read here, see if this will help: How to Customize the File Open/Save Dialog Box in Windows

A bit over half way down the page is a section titled: Using PlacesBar Editor which may be easier to follow.
Relevancy 43.43%

I guess I'm not sure if this is the correct category for this, but it's to do with the mail app. I use it to manage my mail, and I want to set up a hot key for it for my drawing tablet, but I can't find it in file explorer. So I thought I'd just make a shortcut to the app on my desktop and set the hot key to that shortcut... but I can't figure out how to do that either. I've found most all the other applications in my start menu except for the mail. Where is it?

A:How to make desktop shortcut to mail app

Hello Fae,

Here you go:

"Mail" App Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
Relevancy 43.43%

Hey guys, i have a question about my desktop icons and that is the background of the text doesnt blend in with my wallpaper. Now when i first installed xp i think i remember the background of the text being transparent but somewhere along the line it changed and i didnt notice. But now i just pu on a multicolered wallpaper and the icons look very much out of place so i was wondreing how to change it back. I looked around on my pc and couldnt find anything so help is appriciated. Thanks.

Relevancy 43.43%

Win7 Pro

With XP I can customize to my hearts content.....

With Win7Pro I'd like to make the Icons smaller and closer together and I am not finding where to do so.

Any Ideas.

I downloaded the Mail client from MS and it isn't even as good as OE6. Any suggestions


A:How do I make the Desktop Icons smaller?

Hold down the Ctrl key while simultaneously scrolling back with your mouse wheel (makes them smaller).As for the email, please create a new topic in the Web Browsing/Email and Other Internet Applications sub-forum.
Relevancy 43.43%

If you place both the My Computer and User icons on the desktop, the User folder becomes the first icon on restart. WinXP powertoy Teak UI had a fix for this (scroll down to First Icon) "you can use the options on the First Icon page to specify which of these icons you want to appear in the upper-left corner of the desktop"

Any similar tweak or registry adjustment to do the same thing in Win 7?

I would assume that Tweak UI edited the registry to force this behavior. How can I find out what registry settings Tweak UI modified?

A:Make My Computer First icon on Desktop

I don't know if this will do the same thing, but you can try it Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2, a Tweak UI for Windows 7 & Vista | The Windows Club
Relevancy 43.43%

Cannot save wallpaper Please help Firstly I have done the obvious control panel right click on desktop stuff Does not work I cannot even choose a ready made theme from control panel only plain colours If I choose a theme or browse my own pics there is no error message it just does not work I have even tried registry stuff like making something available under policies system etc But the 'available' thing was greyed out This happened yesterday All I can think of is that I have downloaded a few things to try to help improve the performance of my video editing program They did not work And somehow a make image/wallpaper Cant desktop I got this annoying accuweather thing on the bottom right Apparantly this can be spyware so I wanted it off The advice for this was to uninstall any recent stuff that you did not want or recognise So I did this only stuff from the past few days The result of this was everything on the screen getting bigger And Cant make a desktop image/wallpaper the problem of wallpaper images I have managed to adjust the resolution back to normal but still stuck with wallpaper issue I was trying to see if I needed graphics software updating and found something for the intel R HD But as I said it did not help the issue I was looking into so I uninstalled these things Have also done a registry scan repair Sorry Cant make a desktop image/wallpaper write so much but I want to prevent everyone giving the obvious answers I have already tried Thanks Howard White was added to Windows by Umair Ahmad
Relevancy 43.43%

i am trying to make a reasonable not so expensive multimedia computer with Intel processor
i have a antec 300 tower to start with
i want some directions what processor, motherboard, ps, video card i need and what else can i ahve on computer
Relevancy 43.43%

How do i make the desktop wallpaper unchangeable in Windows Vista Home?

A:Make desktop wallpaper unchangeable

Check this article
Relevancy 43.43%

In general, I like Windows 8, but there's one thing bugging me.

If I'm working on the desktop and click a link in the email, it will open the metro browser, whereas I would prefer it to open a new tab in the desktop - seeing as I'm actually using the desktop at that time.

Is there a way to force this behavior In fact, if I could make the desktop versions of the browsers, the only browser, that would be good.

A:Make desktop browser the default.

If you're using Internet Explorer, you can do the following:
1. press Windows+R

2. type in iexplore

3. click the tools icon or press ALT+X

4. click Internet Options

5. click Programs

6. under Choose how you open links, you can set it to Always open Internet Explorer on the desktop
Relevancy 43.43%

Newbie here, hope someone can help me. Sometimes I will receive an e-mail from my family that has pictures included. When i try to make the pictures my desktop image i am given choices of: center and stretch. If i choose stretch in order to fill my screen, the result will be an unrecognizable image. These pictures are jpeg images. Can someone explain to me in simple terms how i can expand it so it's legible? Thanks in advance. I have a gateway laptop with xp sp2 120 g hard drive and 2g of ram.

Relevancy 43.43%

I just got Visual Studio 2003 .Net Academic through my school and even more recently I bought a book named "Microsoft Visual Basic .Net Step By Step by Michael Halorson and what I didnt read before buying it is the fact that there are many types of Visual Studio (standard, pro ect) and that this book "isnt meant for Academic version". My question here is will this book teach and work just as well if i was using standard or pro version or do i need to take it back and find a book that works with the academic version?

Hope you can help!

A:Difference Between V.Studio Standard and V.Studio Academic

THe academic version is the same as the full version, just the pricing is different thus the Academic.
Relevancy 43%

I've tried everything I can think of, but I've been unable to make the text on my desktop icons transparent. I know the usual method is to go through control panel>system>advanced>performance settings and then check the box next to 'use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop', however I've tried that and it isn't working. They were transparent up until a few hours ago and I can't recall doing anything that would have caused the text to have the colored box behind it again aside from applying an icon packager theme. I also tried uninstalling Icon Packager and rebooting, but that didn't make a difference either. The icons seem to have a bit of an outline around them also. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this? Thanks in advance.

A:Can't Make Desktop Icon Text Transparent

Use Windows System Restore to revert your system state to a date that existed before the problem began.

start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore
Relevancy 43%

I use Dale Nurden's great TCLOCKEX (Taskbar clock extension) from XP fine under Win 7 with the classic (non Aero) skin. It allows one to change the time/date display's font size, family, color, etc., and has a customizable pop-up calendar. Here's picture of how the notification area looks when it's working correclty on the left:

But it has a display bug that's annoying: When I start Win 7, the taskbar notification area's Show Desktop button at right isn't there (as shown to the right), but appears when one clicks the up-chevrons and aborts what it invokes. However, with the button absent, TCLOCKEX ends up smashed into and past the right edge of the tray (chopped off, as shown to the right).

Anybody know of a Registry setting that can be tweaked so that the Show Desktop button is always there, from start-up of a profile? That'll head off the TCLOCKEX display bug. <GROAN...> Why does it go away?

A:HOW? Make show desktop TB NA button permanent

IMO this is something that only the programmer could fix
Relevancy 43%

open to network do I How desktop 2000 make sql server engine... connections I installed msde exe on default instance and it is running in the system bar with the green play on it Yet when I pull up netstat -a nothing shows up I also tried setup SAPWD quot XXX quot DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS and How do I make sql server 2000 desktop engine... still ports udp and tcp were closed How do I configure sql server desktop engine to use those How do I make sql server 2000 desktop engine... ports I am aware of the security vulnerability I am using the msde exe v on a windows xp pro sp os I ve been looking at the netstat -a output and there s stuff that is connecting to some wierd websites How do I shut those ports down Also is there a command in the cmd shell to display all services with ids so I can kill or stop some Also I dont have the kill binary where can I download it would I have to compile it or do I just copy it to the windows system dir nbsp

A:How do I make sql server 2000 desktop engine...

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So yeah the title pretty much says it I just updated my windows bit restarted the pc and for some odd reason all my desktop icons are now copied in the music folder Whatever I do in the music folder such as create different a copy make [SOLVED] Anything DESKTOP in do on of folder I itself a new folder the folder creates it in the music library but aslo makes the same folder in my desktop [SOLVED] Anything I do on DESKTOP make a copy of itself in different folder And that goes the oppisite way as well [SOLVED] Anything I do on DESKTOP make a copy of itself in different folder so when I [SOLVED] Anything I do on DESKTOP make a copy of itself in different folder delete the icons in my music library the icons also are deleted in my desktop for some strange reason When I add a notepad or pretty much anything on the destkop it makes it a copy of itself in my music library Anyone know the solution to this It's really bugging me and I can't stop think how to make this go away because it's really bothersome Thanks in advance guys hope someone has a way to solve this little problem on windows bit OS Kind Regards - joealucard

A:[SOLVED] Anything I do on DESKTOP make a copy of itself in different folder

Does "update my Windows 7.." mean you re-installed the OS? If so, re-install it again.
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I want my desktop icons to be arranged to a pattern I like. But whenever I do this Windows 8 will destroy my pattern randomly back to default. Is there a way to stop this? I have Auto arrange icons unchecked BTW.

I have Start8 and Windows 7 widget support installed if this makes a difference. (I don't want to remove or diable them)

A:Make desktop icons stop rearranging themselves

I use Iconoid.

Iconoid - Hide and show desktop icons, maketransparent backgrounds

It works pretty good.
Not perfect but pretty good at keeping icon position & other things.
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I tend to save things to desktop for easier finding for later use. I think I read that it can slow PC so have thought about moving them but am not good at organizing, filing & find Libraries confusing. Should I create a whole new Library to move them to? or just to a folder, or what? How would you handle a desktop that looked like this?

A:Does a desktop full of folders,etc. make PC slow?

No, it does not. But it is not an optimal arrangement. Try this:

Toolbars - How to Use in Windows 7 and Vista
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How do i make the desktop wallpaper unchangeable in Windows XP Home without the use of a 3rd party app

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is it possible to make a call using remote computers?

suppose i have opened a remote session to a computer in lan and want to make a call using software in the computer. Is it possible? If yes, how?. I tried myself, but I could only hear sound the other person's voice but they cannot hear me.

The computer I'm using is windows server 2003 and the remote computer is XP.
Unfortunately, the software cannot be installed in server 2003.

A:make a call using remote desktop computers

The only "calling" software you could use would be Skype.
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in Windows 7 can i hide the Icons in the desktop? Can i toggle back and forth between just the wallpaper and the icons on a backdrop of the wallpaper? How can i do that?

Thank you.

A:Icons in Desktop - How to make them invisible temporarily

This tutorial should help Desktop Icons - Hide or Show
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Id love to know some things that can help my screen desktop look really cool

A:Cool things to make your desktop look sweet?

I'd definitely take a look at the Stardock website. They are very reliable and have all kinds of ways to customize your Desktop. A lot of people like Rainmeter which has a very popular weather gadget.

And don't forget what's available on your own system:
Right click: Desktop
Choose: Personalize
You can personalize your background, screen saver, colors, sounds, mouse pointer monitor’s resolution, icons + fonts
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I read thru the stickies at my desktop? make a won't boot, do I CD bootable Laptop from how the top and am basically lost It s an old HP Compaq nc with XPsp I haven t been using it much lately last time was over a month ago I plugged it in to power to let it charge awhile I then hit the start button and the on light comes on and stays on and once in awhile I get a brief hp logo on the screen when I try starting but then the screen goes dark again I ve got the Windows XP CD and tried starting with that Laptop won't boot, how do I make a bootable CD from my desktop? in the machine but nothing happened Can I take something off my desktop also XPsp onto either a CD or onto my portable USB HD to make it boot I would need pretty explicit step by step instructions Thanks PS - I looked again at the thing about putting the HD into a portable HD case - I have a small portable HD that I took the cover off of and I see it s a standard lapop HD apparently But then got the HD out of the laptop and I see it s a different kind of connector nbsp

A:Laptop won't boot, how do I make a bootable CD from my desktop?

The HDD in a laptop is 2.5. In a desktop it is 3.5, so an enclosure for a desktop 3.5 HDD cannot take a 2.5
Additionally one may be SATA and one maybe IDE/PATA the one in your laptop is ore than likely NOT SATA.

First thing to try is to disconnect the battery and boot on power only.

Second thing to try is F8 after first post scren and see if it will boot to Safe mode.

Third thing to try is go to setup, it will tell you on post scren which key is setup, you only have a split second to press it, if you miss it the first time, boot again. In setup make sure CD is the first boot device and then try with the XO CD in.
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Does anyone know how to make a desktop icon bigger than 72pts in windows XP? I am setting up a netbook to connect remotely to a virtual machine and want only one icon on the desktop. I want a ridiculously large RDP icon on the desktop (kinda as a joke). I don't want to change them all, I just want the one to be much bigger than the others (in case they create any other icons on their desktop).
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I have 2 laptops and destop,and wirless modem router(Tp link);help me how to make a homegroup.I I didnt know how to connect them ,because in the home group I dont see the pcs
-I installed win 7 on the 3 pc
-the -modem-router have 4 lan ports

A:How to make home group with 2 laptops and desktop ?

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\HomeGroup
setup a homegroup here.
write down a password.

then on another comp goto same place and join to previously created homegroup using suplied password.
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First, download & install OblyTile:

Download OblyTile

The download link is a bit down the page:

Next, add the Tile name.

Then, in the Program Path add this:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C "C:\Users\<USER_NAME GOES HERE>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Shows Desktop.lnk"

My User Name is medab1, so my Program Path is:

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C "C:\Users\medab1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Shows Desktop.lnk"

In Tile Image, Browse to find an image you want to appear on the Tile.

After choosing one its address will appear in the Tile Image textarea.

There are color choices for Background & Text Color.

The new Desktop Tile will take you directly to the Desktop when clicked.


A:How to make a custom Desktop Tile for Metro

Wow, I just press the Esc key and it does just the same
However I do use Obly for other Metro tiles.