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HP Taking a Month for Warranty Service

Q: HP Taking a Month for Warranty Service

Why would warranty service take a month? Longest I've ever heard of.
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Preferred Solution: HP Taking a Month for Warranty Service

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Does anyone know of a way or download I can use to remove an existing service tag on a Dell system board? Working on a Dell Latitude E7250.

Your feedback would be much appreciated.

A:Dell Service Tag removal on a Latitude E7250/7250 (Late 2014)

WHY? The tag is fundamental to getting parts for that system.
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I have a laptop and I'm using Razer Kraken Neon Pro. Microphone takes everything from headset, that I can't play games and talk through skype with my friends. The sound is just too high for them. My brother got Razer Kraken Neon Pro too, but on desktop pc, still the same problem.

Windows 7 my pc, Windows 8 my brother's pc. I have IDT sound device.
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About or months ago I switched to a new internet provider whom also sent me a new modem Problem is is that To My Party Modem How 3rd To Connect Provider's New My Service? this new modem prevents my burglar alarm s dial out alert system from contacting my nominated phone numbers during an activation test If I turn off the modem there is no problem the alarm works perfectly This would be fine except that my brother in law lives next door and uses my internet connection so it is inconvenient if I m away and have to switch the modem off to have the alarm fully functional Prior to the provider change over I was using a rd party TP-Link TD-W ND modem with my prior service provider This modem caused no problems at all with the function of the burglar alarm when left on Therefore I would like to use the TP-Link modem again but I can t get it to work on the new service From memory the modem that was supplied by the new provider was basically plug and play and all I did was just cable it in and there was no keyboard work required This is why I don t know why the TP modem doesn t work since I didn t change anything Evidently there are some How To Connect My 3rd Party Modem To My New Provider's Service? configurations that do need altering but I haven t got a clue Any help or ideas Tom nbsp

A:How To Connect My 3rd Party Modem To My New Provider's Service?

Hello there, You need to apply the appropriate ADSL and network settings on the modem so it can connect to your new provider's network. The ISP support should provide those. Hope you get it up and running soon.
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Printer Problems in Windows XP sp3
Dell Personal Printer all in one A940
After trying to speed up an older computer running Windows XP
I may have cut off the Print Spooler (or it was already off ?)
I went back to Services dialog box & selected Print Spooler
I clicked the "Start" link at left of service list & got a message tgat said
"could not start print spooler service on local computer error 1068 The dependency service or group failed to start."
Printer is still not working can anyone help?

A:Could not start print spooler service on local computer error 1068

On Win/7 the dependencies are


Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
DCOM Server Process Launcher
RPC Endpoint Mapper
Manually start each on and set to AUTOSTART as you go.
If one fails, then that is the root problem.
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I use a nice old Asus VW266 27" LCD monitor that's at least 5 years old.

Recently, it suddenly started taking several minutes to finally detect a signal after turning on the computer.

When the computer is off, the power light on the monitor is orange. When I turn on my computer, it blinks blue until it detects a signal, at which point it goes solid blue. This takes about 3 minutes during which time the monitor is off (no logo, no backlight).

Once the monitor finally "warms up", it suddenly detects a signal and instantly turns on (no "fade in"). I connected it to on-board video to rule out my video card. Once it starts working, it's perfect. Runs fine for hours. No flicker, no fading, no outages.

So, is my monitor dying? What might be wrong and is there a way to fix it w/o spending a fortune? (it is very hard to find affordable 16:10 monitors nowadays, so I'm not anxious to replace it.)


A:Monitor taking minutes to start. Is it dying? Fixable?

I think this is easy to fix ...
Don't worry
Just some tests must be done by a technician to know what exactly is happening

You may also try to unplug the monitor after it detects the signal and reconnect it to see what will happen ... This may make it more easy to determine what is wrong
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I have a Dell Latitude D630 and the motherboard died, It's out of warrenty so I bought a Motherboard on ebay. The Bios Service Tag does not match the number on the bottom so I would like to chage it to the correct one. How can I do this?

I read about a DST CD = Dell Service Technician CD that has this option but I can't find one.

It's not a real important thing but when I use the Dell System ID application it reads the Bios Service tag and not the real system tag that Is registered to me.

A:How to change the Service Tag in a Dell Latitude D630 BIOS
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I m sorry if this is in the wrong 3 laptop on Many with issues month place - I d really really appreciate some help though I have a month old Toshiba Satellite A couple of weeks ago after Many issues with 3 month on laptop a Windows Update it went a bit wonky saying there were corrupt files I ran sfc scannow it found some things but couldn t fix them I did chkdsk and sfc a couple more times after which it said all was okay but the Windows Update Troubleshooter thing still said there were corrupt files and I was getting the odd error Many issues with 3 month on laptop and a few warnings in event viewer Sick of fiddling with the thing I did system refresh - after which all seemed okay for a few days during which I chose to not look at event viewer - partly cause I was getting too stressed with it and partly in the hopes that after the refresh then having to install about updates I d give it some time Many issues with 3 month on laptop to calm down or something Yesterday - I noticed everything was running rather slow so I rebooted the machine then everything was running extremely slowly I checked task manager and it said disk use and RAM use although nothing was running save a webpage and task manager I was advised that the Skype app which came pre-installed on the machine has never had issues before and I have used all of once was causing some problems so I uninstalled that I ran Avast anti virus scan nothing found I tried to run sfc scan but it said quot another servicing or repair operation is currently running Wait for this to finish then run sfc again quot Not a clue what that might have been I tried a few times wouldn t run At this point I gave in for the night Today I have ran sfc scan - nothing found Usage for disk RAM and CPU are still high although varying a lot Disk was even down at for a while earlier I notice that Google Chrome is in the Task Manager times I don t think this is normal I have one window open only One of the listings is for the Chrome app which I am not using Avast is in there twice once with the logo and once without I don t know if that means anything About times so far today my cursor has frozen for a few seconds There are a few errors and warnings in event viewer I have a copy of this on skydrive and can put a link on here if anyone wants to see it In brief the warnings are ESENT which viewer says is likely due to hardware problem yay ESENT again says probably hardware Kernel-PnP x DNS Client Events The errors are Service Control Manager terminated unexpectedly Application Error TrustedInstaller exe x Application Hang for wwahost exe and LiveComm exe x DistributedCOM x Apps Those are all the ones since yesterday morning Sorry if that s too much info or not enough I d be very grateful for any help - a new laptop shouldn t be this much hassle I phoned the Toshiba number as it s under warranty only for the guy to tell me he would have advised me to do anti virus scan sfc scan then check task manager - all of which I d already done and if I wanted more in-depth advice I could sign up for extended warranty for a one-off easy payment of just Swines Thank you very very much in advance I can t tell you how grateful I will be if this can get sorted If restore to factory settings thing will magically fix everything then just give me the word and I ll do it I have backed up my files and any apps or programmes installed I don t care enough about to warrant putting up with these issues Though the OS came preinstalled on the laptop so I don t have it on disc don t know if I might need it if I do a reset The OS is Windows nbsp

A:Many issues with 3 month on laptop

I would suggest that you restore the laptop to it's "like new" settings and re-apply all the Windows updates
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I use google drive as my primary online backup, can anyone suggest a second good online backup service which is both

that way if google loses my data it's still on a second server and my harddrive.

A:Any recommendations for secure online backup service?

None are secure and free. You can pay, but then your 'security' is still not 100% guarantee'd.

But, be assured, Dropbox/Google/Microsoft aren't going to lose your data ...
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I have Windows XP SP3 installed on my desktop and suddenly my LAN/NIC is not receiving and sending packets from my network. The DHCP Client Services and TcpIP services wont start it gives error from the above.

From the device manager of non-plug and play drivers, the tcpip protocol driver, ip network address translator and netbios over tcpip has exclamation point. When I uninstall the drivers and start the services the connection is established but when I shutdown/restart the PC it will came back again the issue.

AFD is running

Below drivers are present in system32\drivers folder.

Any ideas?

A:DHCP Client Service Won't Start - Error 1068


I update the system and the LAN driver but still the issue exist.

I copy the netbt.sys from a working machine and paste that to the non-working machine. Same problem.

Is there other way resolving this issue aside from repairing or fresh install of the OS?
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I live in India. I have 12 computers in two workgroup (9 and 3), also I have two different broadband plans of 2mbps on both workgroup.

Now I want to join two networks which I can do with a switch (I think). the main issue is that if I joined the two workgroup in a single network how I can run internet on different workgroup separately. in other words I want different internet broadband lines to two workgroup and also want them in a single network.

I run a shop have 9 computers as a cyber and 3 computers for working on a government website. and I don't want that cyber system use bandwidth of those three computers and also want these 3 computers to be on network so that I can monitor them from 1 place.


A:Two diffrent Interet service on two workgroup in a network

The key to your issue is where the 9 systems vs the 3 get DHCP replies.
If the 3 systems go to one router, they will get a gateway address of that router AND each system will also get a DEFAULT route pointing to that gateway address.

Here's my IPCONFIG, showing the gateway

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

and the routing table that gets created with that connection; notice the line beginning with - - that's the default.

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination Netmask Gateway Interface Metric 20 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 276 On-link 306 On-link 276 On-link 306 On-link 276
You must make sure that the two routers have different addresses!!!

Then the 9 systems will have their own gateway and route tables.

Assuming the three systems have a router address of and the 9 systems use [the third digit is the number of systems just to make this discussion clear]

then your problem becomes to connect the two networks inside the routing tables of all systems.

MANUALLY, you add a route using
on the 9.system side
route ADD MASK 192.168.9.x METRIC 1​on the 3.system side
route ADD MASK 192.168.3.y METRIC 1​​That makes TCP see both sides but only resources specifically requested cross from one side to the other - - USING IP ADDRESSES. If you need print/file shares using names, you will need
to add them to the drivers\etc\hosts file everywhere and the shared systems need fixed addresses :sigh:

I am reluctant to lead you down this path UNLESS you are very experienced as this is considerable customization and will need to be well documented.
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My cpu taking much time to turn on, when I switch on the power,it takng nearly 30-40 seconds to turn on cpu led lights and whole cpu itself!
can anyone help me in ths regards.

A:Cpu taking much time to turn on

What is the make and model of this "slow" computer?
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Hi all I put another thread up yesterday as when I plug laptop in to external monitor the colour goes red and blue but only this week it started it has been fine up till now.

but now I noticed I go on to desk top and try to do anything and it freezes so I decided to use the onboard factory format that was at 6pm yesterday and its still only on 64% and its now be running 16 hours something seriously wrong is it ram hard drive or cpu .. all help appreciated

A:Laptop freezing and taking 1-day to format

Can anyone help please.
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I have been driving myself crazy with this issue My main computer out of quot quot cannot bring up the Home Group password to view or leave it nor change the password I have been researching this problem for about a month and know one seems to know how to go about fixing it I tried Microsoft Fix-it with no success and it keeps sending me back to the fix-it download page So I m bring this problem to you guys Now the Peer Networking Grouping controls the features in home group that allow you to see the other systems on your network and also depends on two other services to start the problem is is that I can t and windows can t seem to start them all at the same time or however they are suppose to start it seems to be a catch situation one can t start with out the other and vice-versa Is there anyone who has ever heard of this and tell me how Peer service restarting Networking not Grouping to repair this issue all help would be completely appreciated Page of Windows Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting Network Diagnostics Issues Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting found Either the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service PNRPsvc Enable the services needed for Peer-to-Peer Grouping Not fixed Failed Issues found Either the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service Not fixed PNRPsvc or the Peer Networking Identity Manager service p pimsvc is not running The Peer Networking Grouping service p psvc depends on both these services in order to function properly Enable the services needed for Peer-to-Peer Grouping Failed Network Diagnostics Log File Name ABE - A - A- BED- F Repair Admin etl Detection details Network Diagnostics Log File Name ABE - A - A- BED- F Diagnose Admin etl Other Networking Configuration and Logs File Name NetworkConfiquration cab Collection information Computer Name Windows Version Architecture Time PAULWADE-PC x Wednesday May AM Publisher details Windows Network Diagnostics Detects problems with network connectivity Package Version Publisher Microsoft Windows file IIIC lUserslPaul Wade AppDataiLocallElevatedDiagnostics This is the results from Microsoft Fix-it My Specs are MSI-MS- AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GHz Gb Kingston HyperX DDR- ram a GB TB HHD Galaxy GeForce GT DDR MB video card Corsair TX PSU nbsp

A:Peer Networking Grouping service not restarting

So I did some more research and found out to repair Peer Networking Grouping svc and how to also restart my HomeGroup that I also had problems with!
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CPU makes a weird noise as if plane is taking off and goes on making it even after it been booted? And once rebooted it just freezes but the noise is still there? Can any someone please help?

A:CPU makes a weird noise as if plane is taking off and goes on making it even after it been booted?

It is not the CPU, it is the CPU's cooling fan. What are this computers make and model?
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I have an external HDD caddy with x TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drives in that are both formatted to NTFS When connecting the caddy to my computer via both an e-SATA cable and a USB cable the caddy has worked fine and both HDD s have appeared on My Computer The problem is that for some reason one HDD appears slightly slower than usual and the second HDD takes about minutes to appear which it has never done before I have tried swapping the HDD s around and it seems to be the one HDD that is causing External ages to taking show HDD the problem but I don t know why it has just randomly started happening What could be causing this problem I have tried using the caddy with the USB cable on my laptop where I discovered the problem and the home computer both resulting in this issue I am away from my computer for the next or so days so can t test the e-SATA cable to see if there is just something wrong with the HDD s All help is welcome Cheers nbsp

A:External HDD taking ages to show

I have a thought on this one, but not knowing your exact setup I'll try. If you are connecting via usb and have a hub or many usb devices connected to that hub, try connecting directly to a usb port - this might make the detection time faster. Also, if you are connecting to a usb3.0 port & the device is only usb2.0 this can create a delay as well. As for eSATA, I haven't had devices fuss when connecting that way - it usually just works.

Post what the device is, your saying hdd caddy, but is it an off the shelf enclosure or something custom?! It might, might, be an issue with the external enclosure itself. That being said try going into it's web interface or config software & see if there is an issue with it - perhaps there is a log or alert area to get further info. Either way, post back what the device is, specs on your system, specifically the motherboard if custom or make/model if retail pc.

Hope this helps, take care!
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I sent my laptop in to be serviced under warranty because the keyboard would not work. was denied service because of water damage but now my screen doesn't work, can someone help

A:My screen won't turn on after service was denied on warranty due to water damage

Water can destroy a laptop or any other electronic device. Chances are that the water sat underneath the keyboard and flowed onto the motherboard where it dried causing corrosion and damaging the motherboard permanently. You could take the laptop to a repair shop and they could give you a repair estimate. Of course, you will have to pay for this repair. If a liquid is spilled on a laptop in the future, immediately open it and turn it upside down. This allows the liquid not to hit and pool on the motherboard, or in a keyboard
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My acer laptop has gone really slow for some reason (Haven't downloaded anything), when i go to the login screen (the one with guest and other profiles) the guest one works fine but when i login to the main profile it takes about a minute to load.

Any one had any problems like this?


A:Logging in taking forever at the home screen?

My acer is about a year old and goes SO slow on that same screen. I on the other hand have downloaded alot. Not like a very large amount but a decent amount none the less. Sometimes it will take me ten minutes on that screen.
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my internet connection keeps going off and I have phoned my service provider to trouble shoot but it keeps on happening intermittantly. I have restarted my computer and then it goes back online.

A:My internet connection keeps going off and I have phoned my service provider

We need a bit more information.

Is it wireless or do you connect with a cable to your router.

What version of windows are you using.

Is this a laptop or desktop with a built in wireless card or are you using a dongle.

Please provide the make and model of the PC.

Apart from that you have started this thread in the section for introducing yourself, it should be in Storage and Networking.

You may get moved but help will continue.
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Hi.. I need to know the authorized service centers for Corsair Memory in India(Mainly in Coimbatore/Chennai).

A:Corsair Service Centre locations in India?

If this is to return a faulty product under warranty, go to here:

Fill it out, and they will be in touch with where to send your product for repair.
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Hi fellow service unknown status start failed or the Connection to dependency group computer junkies I can see a multitude of difficulties have been overcome by your group effort I hope you ve got another fix up your sleeves My laptop is years old HP COMPAQ C Notebook PC Vista Home Premium purchased with Intel Pentium Dual CPU T Ghz GB RAM bit OS My internet connection is normally T-Mobile USB Internet card Also connect WiFi with built in card Local Disk C NTFS GB Free GB Presario RP Disk D GB Free GB Pc tools spyware doctor w Antivirus Malwarebytes The first indication of a problem began with announcement that new Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start hardware had been found Knowing that I had installed nothing I blocked the new hardware attempt to connect Next day I found I could not reach the internet using T-mobile Among other things Windows Defender and Firewall were not operating I got a message quot Failed to connect to a windows service Windows could not connect to System Event Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start Notification Service This problem prevents limited users from logon on to the system As an administrator user you can review the system Event Log for details about why the service didn t respond quot Of course upon investigating I found I could not open Event Notification log Normally at a time like this I would reach for System Restore But I was informed no restore points were available With help from Brother-in-law Larry and using desktop with the T-mobile connection I was able to get online to find the fix to the problem I started in Safe Mode Clicked start search cmd right click ran as administrator typed quot netsh winsock reset quot enter and restarted Also ran sfc scannow That got rid of that problem Was then able to see Event Notification log But now new error quot Connection status unknown The dependency group failed to start quot I right clicked on that message got option to Diagnose and Repair Got message Network Diagnostics cannot run because Diagnostics Policy service is not running Clicked to open Service Control Manager SCM is in Management Console This opened Local Services which shows full pages of application descriptions status startup type and log on as I found Diagnostic Policy Service Properties set to startup automatic but service status is stopped I clicked start result was Error Access is denied Many other items are in same state When start attempted on some other applications Error was received also Some applications gave Error quot The dependency service or group failed to start I don t know if this is important but After being allowed to view Event Notification Log I looked at Security log which had as earliest date that was days ago Today the earliest date is I noticed several entries throughout from oldest to newest dates the entries were quot Special Logon quot with Special Privileges assigned to new logon On the oldest one it seemed to be given privileges which included among others I can t remember assign Primary token privilege Security Privilege Audit Privilege take ownership privilege TCB privilege load driver privilege backup privilege restore privilege debug privilege system environment privilege and Impersonate Privilege That s it for now bout all I know Send help please Bill Ellison nbsp

A:Connection status unknown the dependency service or group failed to start

Shot in the Dark

Have you tried running MalwareBytes in safe mode? Do you have an antivirus on your computer? Sometimes Virus' know MBAM so you may want to change the name of the program before you run it.

My Computer Lady
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please help me, i'm from vietnam, so my english so bad, i'm very need dell service tag utilities version 5.1, please send for me, thank you very much, i need for my job, if not my boss fired me, thanks again for read here

A:Need Dell Service Tag Utilities version 5.1

Call Dell support.
I think you will find that the utility is available ONLY to Dell service providers.
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I have Asus M50Sv with Realtek HD Audio and Vista 32bit SP2.

Once a day after rebooting the sound dissapeared because of Windows Audio service not started.
In events log I see Windows Audio service starting error with code 13 (OxD).
If I try to start this service manually - it also fails to stard whth error code 13.

I read all found threads about Audio service problem whth Vista and didn't found a solution.

All services Windows Audio service depends from are running properly.
I have reinstalled audio device using lates version of Realtek audio drivers.
I have updated all other drivers and installed latest Windows updates.
I don't have rollback points.

Can someone give me more ideas how I could be fixed?
(reinstalling windows is not an option so far)

What it means then service fails to start with code 13?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows Audio Service not starting

I'm assuming the sound card is integrated? Try reinstalling the driver completely. Uninstall the current one and then reinstall it (or the most current one).
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Hello I would like to know if this is really true or not I My being for is bandwidth taking game up blamed play this MMO but rarely and I was told it takes up less than youtube The friend I live with has limited Bandwidth and already has been taken up She told me the people she called said it might be my game but I knew for a fact it only takes up around MB and My game is being blamed for taking up bandwidth streaming movies or video s takes up A LOT more When I tell her this though she acts like she didn t hear me and goes on to explain what is taking it up My game What I do on the PC My game is being blamed for taking up bandwidth daily -check facebook -submit art to my deviantart -play my game maybe - times a week for hours -stream an episode - times a week What her husband does daily -watch porn -watch more porn -watch even more porn and My game is being blamed for taking up bandwidth occasional pornographic pictures What she does daily -Plays a playlist on youtube - times a week -facebook farmvill frontiervill treasure isle -plays games from bigfish -occasional reasearch -talks on MSN -she also has things like weather apps and calenders and the news too would those take it up as well I know some of my streaming is the problem but since she mentioned the bandwidth I haven t streamed anything She also tells me percy has not been watching porn for a week or so but while she was out I needed the phone out of their room and percy was watching more porn nbsp

A:My game is being blamed for taking up bandwidth

LOL - bit obvious whats to blame here

Gaming uses up VERY little bandwidth - it sends very small packets of info back and forth so its defo not the cause of her bandwith issues.
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i spilled a glass of wine on my dell xps. i seemed to have done all of the right steps by shutting it off, removing battery, cleaning keyboard externally but then i noticed some keys were still sticking so i took it apart, with manual carefully, and there was only a wee bit of spots on the keyboard internally so cleaned with alcohol. all seemed well but when i reassembled the monitor isn't working. i can hear that it is starting up and working properly but the monitor is black. i was very careful with the cables, i didn't remove them or anything...does anyone know what could be happening?


A:Saved laptop from spill but after taking apart monitor not working?

The LCD requires two cables, one for power, and the other the display connector.

It is likely the display cable which is probably ribbbon style, has come out of the back of the LCD's circuit connector block.

Either that, or one of the inverter leads has been slightly pulled out of the connector block and isn't making proper contact.

My advice would be to strip the display surround off, and remove the plastic trim running across the top of the keyboard and then check all the connections and with it in pieces, run it up again.
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A few years back I purchased - GB Kingston Value Ram sticks Kingston ValueRAM GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR D N K G I used it on an Intel X board that warranty, compatibility... Memory was glitchy finall gave up and swapped it on to an MSI X- board with a Q processor Memory warranty, compatibility... that was glitchy so I scrapped the Memory warranty, compatibility... whole thing and did an I- build Decided to revisit the Q and the Kingston Ram and do a Home Theater build using an Intel DG RK The quot tested ram quot spec for that board calls for volt non ECC ram However when I go Memory warranty, compatibility... on the Kingston website and plug in that motherboard it specifies the ram If I plug in the - GB sticks of that I use in the I- build everything works fine But when I plug in the ram of the GB sticks are accepted by the motherboard and two are rejected with the -beep code When I was running this ram on the previous motherboards they were always glitchy beep codes at startup lock-ups I must have run Memtest times and always showed no errors Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look for the problem Ram always says quot limited lifetime warranty quot but when I have run Memtest in the past it shows no problems Does anyone have any suggestions about warranty replacement I think that will be a waste of time nbsp

A:Memory warranty, compatibility...

Compare the votages and timings in BIOS against the designed specs of the RAM. Do they match?
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hello i have a new acer aspire 5552 laptop computer that keeps crashing. despite the fact that i have paretologic pc health advisor installed on it. i keep scanning and fixing but it doesn't seem to work out. Please can some one help me PLZZZZ B4 I BRAKE MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:One month old Acer computer keeps crashing

If it's only a month old and continually crashes, I would be taking it back under warranty, get a replacement. But, does it crash as soon as you are into Windows desktop, or when you open a certain program, or when you try to get on the net?
Does it do the same thing every time, or does it run well sometimes? You can't go checking inside for faulty parts, or your warranty will be void. Tricky.
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I am going to be purchasing a new laptop in about 2 - 3 months, and I have been going back and forth regarding whether to buy a tablet. I would love to have something to replace paper as my means of handwritten note-taking (I am a full-time student), but I dont want to over estimate the performance of the tablet.

Is it feasible for a tablet to be used to take notes in class? That meanse daily, hours at a time, use of the tablet for writing. Are there programs out there that work with that specifically? Or am I wrong? Should I just focus on getting a good functional laptop, sans tablet?

I am willing to spend up to 1500 - 1600, particularly if it is going to replace paper.

I would really appreciate any help with this, thank you.

A:Are tablets good for taking notes?

I really don't recommend tablets for students. Students will need capabilities to write papers, send emails etc... while tablets CAN do these things, it is very cumbersome without a traditional keyboard, mouse and printer. Most current generation tablets cannot hook up peripherals. Second generation pads like the ipad 2 (coming out around April 2011) supposedly will have USB ports. Any low end laptop can serve you well as a student. I am in grad school myself, but I work full time. I have two desktops at home and an ancient laptop that still runs fine (original battery too!) The laptop has been to combat twice in Iraq and survived both times! It chugs along slowly but can still surf the net and send emails and play facebook games just fine when I am traveling.
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I was just wondering what the members here at techspot thought about Boost mobile.. I was considering switching to boost mobile and wasn't sure about the service.

SOO, What are your thoughts?!!? Thanks =]

A:Boost Mobile service

did you see ?

Primary service is via Sprint - - how's your coverage and satisfaction with Sprint?
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I have lost all sound and there is the quot x quot next to my speaker icon on the bottom right I have read what other people have done here and none of the fixes have helped If I right click on the speaker icon I get the quot Would you like to enable Windows Audio quot message If I say yes I do NOT get an error It goes to the screens about my audio But my audio is obviously not working So I go to the Windows Audio in the Services section It Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop is on automatic but not running When I try to run it I get the message quot Windows could not start the Window Audio service on the local computer Error The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process quot I have looked at all of the dependent services Plug N Play Multimedia Class Scheduler Remote Procedure Call Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Those are Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop ALL automatic and Running I saw someone mention something about going to the Registry Editor to remove dependencies but I couldn t figure out the registry looked like lots of gobblegook to me but since all of my dependent processes are running just fine Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop I don t think that would be the answer anyway Any other ideas of what I can try Also All of my sound drivers are working properly and I have no error messages that I can find I am not sure if this is relevant Product Host Process for Windows Services Problem Windows Update installation problem Date AM Status Not Reported Description A Windows update did not install properly Sending the following information to Microsoft can help improve the software Problem signature Problem Event Name Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop WindowsUpdateFailure ClientVersion Win HResult UpdateId DA B A-FD E- EB - -FFC B EB Scenario Install SourceId Environment Unmanaged OS Version Locale ID There is one of these for every day for a week But the sound problem has only existed for days nbsp

A:Audio Service not running Vista/Toshiba laptop

I saw someone mention something about going to the Registry Editor to remove dependencies but I couldn't figure out the registry (looked like lots of gobblegook to me) but since all of my dependent processes are running just fine, I don't think that would be the answer anyway.Click to expand...

You're absolutely right. DON'T try modifying the registry for this problem. Is far more likely to do damage then any good

A few thoughts...

1. I'd first attempt to simply uninstall then reinstall your audio drivers. To uninstall, look in Ctrl Panel->Program and Features and look for your audio to uninstall. Locate the driver download from the vendor website for your computer to reinstall

2. If reinstalling doesn't solve it Also, take a look at Reference Guide to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards

3. Tho I'll also mention that SOMETIMES malware can be what interferes with audio service and prevents it from running. I mention this to also keep in mind because you say Windows Update is also reporting errors. Both your audio and Windows update problem might due to malware.

In any case, try reinstalling first and post back with any results
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Hello I checked many websites not Audio running Service is amp forums to solution for my problem before posting the question here A week back my Computer s Audio started giving me problems At first the audio used to stop suddenly during normal working amp wouldn t return Audio Service is not running unless I restart my system So I tried reinstalling my sound driver amp was successful in doing that But now I see an quot X quot mark near the Sound Icon on my task bar amp says quot Audio Service is not running quot Here are the trouble shooting I did Control Panel -- gt Administrative Tools -- gt Services Plug amp Play is ON amp Automatic Multimedia is ON amp Automatic Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is stopped Windows Audio is stopped I tried starting the Windows audio Endpoint Builder amp the following error msg appears quot windows could not start the windows audio endpoint builder service on local computer quot quot Error x The system cannot find the file specified quot Under path for executable I saw that it is looking for a file Audio Service is not running named svchost exe File seems to be present at the location though nothing seem to happen when I try double clicking it Please help in resolving this issue Since I purchased an HP Laptop with Windows Vista they didnt give me a separate Vista DVD to try amp reinstall it all over again Help nbsp

A:Audio Service is not running

1) HP usually includes a "Recovery Partition" on your hard drive. You can use to
=> Restore your installation using their Recovery Partition and
=> I usually allow you the option of creating ONE set of recovery DVDs on your own

2) You only want to focus on Windows Audio service. Do you see StartupType= Automatic or ??? Is it's Status=Stopped? Can you restart Windows Audio?
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recently websites take long to load and sometimes time out nothing has really changed in terms of software and i believe it s a problem for another computer at my house as well i am connected via ethernet so it s not a wireless hardware issue and my internet connection doesn t drop when load/timing to Websites out long taking the websites time out and it s not firefox because when i ping via command prompt sometimes the pings time out i did a traceroute for google and a website i visit regularly and i noticed that the first trace times out in both occasions i m not really familiar with traceroute but i believe the first trace is to the router modem however i can ping the router modem fine and connect to the config via firefox i have also tried restarting the gateway and the problem still persists C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert google com Tracing route to google com over a maximum of hops Request timed out ms Websites taking long to load/timing out - - - lightspeed livnmi sbcglobal net ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms Websites taking long to load/timing out ms ms ms ms ms iw-in-f e net Trace complete C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert nadota com Tracing route to nadota com over a maximum of hops Request Websites taking long to load/timing out timed out ms ms ms - - - lightspeed livnmi sbcglobal net ms ms ms ms ms ms Request timed out ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms xe- - - edge Chicago Level net ms ms ms vlan ebr Chicago Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Denver Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Denver Level net ms ms ms ae- - ebr Dallas Level net ms ms ms ae- - edge Dallas Level net ms ms ms RACKSPACE-M edge Dallas Level net ms ms ms vlan core dfw rackspace net ms ms ms ms ms ms - - - static slicehost net Trace complete C Documents and Settings Administrator gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix gateway wire net IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Administrator gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings Administrator gt tracert Tracing route to home over a maximum of hops lt ms lt ms lt ms home Trace complete if u need any other information please let me know thanks nbsp

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Ok so I hadn't used my hp dv6000 entertainment pc since 06' because of a broken LCD that I've replaced it... It booted up normally at first but after a couple of days, it started taking hours to boot! I'm on the second consecutive day of not being able to even get to the windows screen! What can my prob be? I've scanned my notebook for malware before this happened and I have no infections! All my notebook does is seem like it's about to boot up but then turns back off and on automatically while set in a black screen... Like I said, I can't even get to the hp intro logo at times....hours...days? This is rediculous! Please any help would be greatly appreciated.....Oh and I'm running windows vista...
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I have a 500gb Hitachi HDD which seems to be causing XP to blue screen quite often. I have ran a chkdsk /r on the drive and it get to around the 75% mark in stage 4 fairly quickly but then slows down. It eventually comes down to only completing 1% each day.

I stopped it at 87% after it had been running for 3 days to run a drive test. Using the Hitachi drive test, the drive came back all clear from both the quick and advanced tests.

I have 3 questions:

1. Why is chkdsk taking so long? I have never had to wait more than maybe 8 hours for one to complete on a larger drive.

2. The drive doesn't seem to be faulty as the drive test came back all clear. Should I backup the data, wipe the drive and start over and see if chkdsk is faster afterwards?

Thanks in advance

A:Chkdsk taking ages

Would this be an internal or external drive.?
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Hi everybody I need change the Service Tag of my Dell D There is always threads regarding this but they are all closed So that s why I open a new one I d read a lot of FAQs into the web and I have try to change it Tag and Dell Service with ASSET ASSET A SVCTAG SVCTAG I always boot on DOS and I execute the command I precise there is no Password defined for Admin security and HDD The bios is the last one available on Dell Site A of but nothing I have the following error with the svctag quot Do you want to erase and or change this service tag Y or N y Dell Portables EEPROM Erase Program - D-Family Version - Dell Computer Corporation Dell INTERNAL USE ONLY Cannot run under a protected environment EE-CPB exe Error quot it looks I need to have a newer version of SVCTAG Why it returns quot Cannot run under protected environment quot If someone know where I can find it it would be helpfull thanks a lot cheers nbsp

A:Dell and Service Tag

Go to and search for Dell Laptop Bios Master Password Passwort Unlock.
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Please someone help. I have 2 WinXP machines. Both were recently infected with a virus. Since the virus removal both machines boot up fine with no problems. However the DHCP client service will not start automatically on both machines even though they are both set to start automatically in services. All dependencies are starting. I've tried the winsock repair via dos command, application and registry and each time I restart the computers, the DHCP client still does not start automatically. I have to start it manually after the restart and it works fine after that. I have to fix these machines for clients and can't expect them to start this service each time they restart their computer. I really need help fixing this. Someone please help! Thanks in advance!

A:Need help! DHCP Client Service will not start automatically

Assuming the machines are malware free now, you're probably best to try a repair install (after you first create a backup image clone of the drive)
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I've just recently re-installed Windows Vista.. I installed all of my drivers, ran all of the updates, and my sound was working completely fine. Until two days ago, out of nowhere.. It says that my audio device is working properly, but in my taskbar, the audio icon has a little red x over it, and when I scroll over it, it says "The Audio Service is not running" a friend of mine told me to run "services" and scroll down, and when I found windows audio, to right click, and start it.. but Windows Audio is not showing up, just Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.. I'm so confused and everything I'm trying is not working, I uninstall-ed and re-installed the audio driver, restarted, still didn't work. I checked to see if it was up-to-date, and it is.. can someone please help me?

A:"The Audio Service Is Not Running"

First, double check as i would think Windows Audio should appear. If not
1) Download Serviwin (very handy tool for viewing and managing Windows Services and Drivers). Run it and click View->Services
2) Click Start->Programs-Accessories-Notepad to open a blank text file
3) In Serviwin display, click Ctrl-A to select all the Windows service display rows, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into the notepad txt file and attach to next post
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Don't know if this is the right place for this question but I didn't see any other forum that might fit this question.

Does anyone have a RELIABLE hi-speed internet svc. that they can recommend for a rural area? My son lives in the San Antonio, Tx. area and is trying to move out to a rural location but is having difficulty in finding a reliable internet svc. He has to have the hi-speed svc. for his job requirements.
I know quite a few people use satellite but from what I hear they're just not that reliable.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.


A:Rural hi-speed internet service

Most good ones simply will not serve rural areas unless they can serve them well and take care of the repairs and maintenance. We like BlueSky for very rural areas...
In southern Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and New Mexico, there are no truly high speed services.
Just avoid Qwest, and avoid any contracts that require a one-year or two-year minimum. Sometimes you have to switch around to fix what is broken, and the long term contracts are awful. They turn you over to a collection agency if you attempt to protest the inadequate service. Qwest is one of those.
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hi i'm haveing an issue with my laptop it won't come on or charge and its not the cord or the battery the power switch works and the hard drive is good and so is the ram any ideas out there i could use the help thanks all

A:Hp Pavilion dv4 strange issue, not taking charge

The power jack connector on laptops are soldered (internally) to the motherboard. If the solder connection should break, power can't be delivered (internally) to power the battery or run the computer.

You might try it yourself (see here) if you're comfortable doing so or you'll need to take it to a repair shop
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hey guys whats up
I'm having a bit of trouble finding a service manual for a gateway m320
gateway no help
i need to get a disassembly diagram as i have ti replace the power jack
I've never really taken a laptop apart before and am afraid of ruining a good laptop
ts a mpc but I'm sure that its the same general laptop as another gateway
no Sn# pn# stickers are too faded go figure
if you could help me out i would be grateful

A:Service manual for Gateway M320

You likely do not need a service manual, nor would you benefit from one... if they existed... which they don't. Your Gateway m320 doesn't work any differently than a thousand other laptop computer models...
What you need is the correct part, and a great deal of skill using a cold solder technique, or flat soldering... most techs cannot do it, so somebody who asks for a service manual will not.

Get a GOOD and exprienced electronics technician or anybody very skilled in soldering techniques who also has the tools.
Otherwise, buying a new board will be faster and less costly.
If not in a living location where there are good techs, there are services to which you can mail it and get the repairs performed for $90 including shipping.
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I have a generic PC 80gig HD windows XP HOME

and I have a 1terrabyte usb hard drive

i have taken all my music, pictures and documents off the regular hard drive and put them on the terrabyte thingy

however I still only have2.6 gig free on the 80gig hd

what could be using up all that space?- how could I find out?

I'm a complete ***** when it comes to computer, so if anyone can help me, assume I am brain dead and can only understand baby talk of the simplest kind

A:What's taking up all the space?

Could be any number of things. Here is a good program you should play with while waiting for someone to help you troubleshoot:
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comparing the
SAPPHIRE 100228L Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X HDCP Ready Video Card.

To the
POWERCOLOR AG3850 512MD3 Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X HDCP Ready Video Card

they both look the same ? which one would you pick

A:Taking a Poll on what video card to pick

Either will work fine. We have had very good luck with the Sapphire, as there have been very few failures. It is often much less expensive than other brands and models with similar performance statistics.
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I m aware that there was a thread about this before but reading it didn t solve my problem After restarting my computer I found that my audio service would not start After investigating the services I found that the Multimedia Class Scheduler service wouldn t start because of quot Error file not found quot After researching I found that a possible solution would be to replace my audiosrv dll After doing that and restarting my computer the Audio Endpoint Builder service did not start and under the description it read quot Failed To Read Description Error Code quot I could not find any information about this specific error so I felt my only option was to go to command prompt and type quot sfc scannow quot for a system scan It said that some files are corrupted but it could not do anything about it The most relevant information I could find was this particular paragraph quot - - Info CSI b SR Repairing components - - Info CSI b SR Beginning Verify and Repair transaction - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot audiosrv dll quot of Microsoft-Windows-Audio-AudioCore Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-sidebar bf ad e none cedcabbd a ad settings ini do not match actual file l Not Running Audio Service quot settings ini quot Found l b ntPb a owMmbzl TXFHogrOTUqnXgzASIdBVmJptaGE Expected l b v OQf AJO FVbRBJuIwXxkdkCoOaSk y ol uTH o - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot settings ini quot of Microsoft-Windows-Sidebar Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH Audio Service Not Running HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI b SR Cannot repair member file l quot audiosrv dll quot of Microsoft-Windows-Audio-AudioCore Version pA PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE INTEL Culture neutral VersionScope nonSxS PublicKeyToken l b bf ad e Type neutral TypeName neutral PublicKey neutral in the store hash mismatch - - Info CSI b SR This component was referenced by l quot Package for KB bf ad e x - neutral GDR quot - - Info CSI ba Hashes for file member C Windows System audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI bb Hashes for file member SystemRoot WinSxS x microsoft-windows-audio-audiocore bf ad e none fc e fbfda audiosrv dll do not match actual file l quot audiosrv dll quot Found l b ea wlQHasueSUBaetzWrnGH HTykkp LxEZnD atVA Expected l b E t TAm YCrs T FHZ FZ BVOmU ronAKYvWX nHs - - Info CSI bc SR Could not reproject corrupted file ml l quot C Windows System quot l quot audiosrv dll quot source file in store is also corrupted quot Can some wizard out there decipher this message or am I forced to do a reinstall of Vista If so I m screwed because my OS disk is missing nbsp

A:Audio Service Not Running

Get into Control Panel, System, Device Manager and delete the offending sound device. Restart and see if normal sound returns
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Ive got an Acer 7250g and it was working fine until today.When i turn it on i get "User profile service failed the logon" i cant sign in or do anything-help please.

A:User profile service failed the logon

Welcome to Techspot
If you haven't already done so, this may be a grat place to start and get the 'feel' of this forum,
The following link may help solve your login problem,
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Ever since loading Windows Vista service pack 2, the sound isn't working.

This is on board sound, Asus M2N SLI NVIDIA nForce 560 motherboard.

Speakers work (tried on another computer.)

Control Panel --> Sound --> Properties - indicated everything is working properly.

--> Update drivers - indicates I am using the most updated driver.

C-Media website had nothing and I couldn't find anything on the Asus website.

Could use a little help.


A:C-Media 6501 sound not working since Vista service pack 2

Remove or disable your old drivers in the Device Manager, then download and install the new one from the ASUS or sound device site.
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I have just notice that my computer is no longer outputing any sounds whatsoever. It says that the Audio Device is not running but yet under Device Manager it says that the High Definition Audio Device is working properly and up to date.

I would appreciate any help I can get.... Also the USB port dont seem to recognize any external devices - Im not sure why that is.... Any help on this would be great as well.



A:Audio Service is not working on my WinVista PC?

Hello Aaron,
your computer may be infected with a virus or other malware. Go to the 8-Step Virus & Malware page and perform and post the scans asked for
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I have a 3 month old 9500 GT that started just this past Monday giving me fuzzy windows on one of my dual monitors. It seems to only give the fuzzy screen on whatever window I have the extended desktop on. The fuzzy screen only happens when the video card is on its highest setting of (1680 x1050) for both screens, however, if I change the extended desktop setting to a smaller resolution the problem goes away. I have updated the drivers to NVIDIA's latest driver but it didn't fix the problem. I am using VGA cables which shouldn't be a problem since it worked for three months. I checked the cables and the monitors on different machines and they all work fine. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

Machine Specs:
Vista Home Prem. 32 bit
AMD Triple core 8400 2.1 GHZ
3 Gigs RAM DDR667

A:3 month old 9500 GT displays fuzzy windows

Is your Vista upgraded to Service Pack 1?
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So I was trying to decide if I wanted to upgrade or switch out my Freezone for a high powered Tech liquid cooling system for my setup Just thought if I could mod my freezone but Coolit Freezone I'm warranty voided... happy somehow http coolitsystems com you can find the unit here So heres what the system lacks imo from trial and error increasing my vcore from vs to vs fsb from - changing multiplier CT speedstep enabled disabled -large liquid resevoir -liquid tubing larger than quot -push pull feature since the unit is Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy so compact Freezone stock At vcore at cpu stock multiplier and fsb Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load Freezone modded At vcore at cpu stock multiplier and fsb Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load At vcore I could overclock with a multiplier of to Ghz temp Cidle CFull load Now for the modification info I purchased high cfm fans I bought them here http www sidewindercomputers com depf drhisp html I replaced the mm fan with one of the new fans on the opposite side of the radiator I placed another Creating a push pull effect To mount the inner most fan I had to remove the liquid pump which actually was a good thing it created more lengh in the loop giving more options in my case to remount the pump When I first bought this unit I was curious to know why I could sometimes here the pump rumbling This unit comes filled with a anti-corrosive liquid that is said to be selfsustaining and not need refilling I should have RMA d it then but I was unknowledgable about water liquid cooling at the time To remedy this i bought more anti-corrosive liquid Went to my local pharmacy picked up some syringes cc units were the only syringes available so I got them anyway I very carefully poured the liquid into the syringe then ever so carefully injected enough liquid to refill the loop which took about fills of the syringe To make sure the loop was air tight I took a lighter and lite a flame maybe a cm from the tubing this sealed the very small whole I made Afterwards i tested the loop for leaks ran the unit for hours There you have it my new and improved unit Working well to date My motherboard cpu options are listed in my sig btw nbsp

A:Coolit Freezone warranty voided... but I'm happy

Might I add, these are only what I did to my unit and the results. They are no way shape or form of any kind of directions*
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Hello Windows Sound not Audio issue "could service" start the everybody I have a Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service" difficult but interesting problem A few days Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service" ago after a system crash I lost all sound the volume control was gone and error saying no mixer is preset would appear every time I tryed to play a sound Onboard sound is turned on in BIOS in device manager it displayed as woking properly I reinstaled the drivers and uninstalled the onboard sound from hardware manager and manualy reinstalled it none of it did anything In control panel gt Sounds and Audio devices is sais quot no audio device quot but in Winamp or Ventrilo I went into the options and is output device it was set to some defalt generic item I changed it back to my onboard sound and now winamp play mp s just fine as well as ventrillo So this is not a driver or hardware problem this is a windows problem I have researched it quite a bit and found a few poeple with exactly the same problem It apears that Windows Audio service is dissplayed as quot stopped quot even tho it s set to Automatic Alot of people were able to solve their problem by simply clicking the start service button and it all worked fine onse again How ever few I m one of these guys the service would not start instead we get this error quot could not start the Windows Audio service on local computer Error The specified module could not be found quot now ever forum post I saw actuly get this close to solving the problem either just died or gave up I have a back up windows XP on my comp which does nto have this problem and I have a windows XP CD so if any particula files needs to be expaned from the CD into my windows to get this fix I can do that or even just copy them from my other windows all I need to figure out what are the files I need lol lets see if anyone is up to the task and can finaly crack this problem nbsp

A:Sound issue "could not start the Windows Audio service"

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Try doing a Windows repair, as per this thread HERE. Hopefully it will solve your problem.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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This is one of those too many irons in the fire stories. I switch from DSL to Clearwire. In addition I brought another computer up. All the computers are running Windows 2000 Pro. Getting the Clearwire WiFi up was no problem. Getting all the computers to see each other in a workgroup is. The problem is "The server list for the workgroup is not available". I can work around that by either putting in the IP addresses for the Zoom ADSL X5 switch/router, or unplugging the patch cables and plugging them back in, and all the computers will see each other. Then I can't get to the web with any of the computers. My thought is since I'm not using the DSL on the switch. I need another switch with a dedicated port for the WiFi modem. Any recommendation?


A:Win2K browser service and Wi-Fi

First, be sure every system can ping ALL of the others using the IP-addresses; this proves TCP to be running correctly.

Second, make sure each system is using the same gateway address;
get a command prompt and enter
ipconfig /all
​If this is correct, then each should be able to ping www . google . com and the browsers should work

Next, make sure all systems are using the same WORKGROUP name
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Hi all Summary Am having a custom-built PC that worked just great for the last months Then I started getting random issues BSODs mouse-keyboard freeze computer fails to shut-dowm after OS shutting down For the system freezes, Random six-month old BSODs, past Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system two weeks now the issues are getting more and more frequent No significant changes were made to the hardware or software Have run UltimateBootCD scans removed almost all hardware except bare bones CPU Mobo Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system nVidia graphcis card memory PS keyboard and mouse and power supply plus fresh install of Vista SP bit WinXP Pro with without any third-party drivers Once a freeze happens it is a lot faster to happen again even after a fresh reboot Freeze happens with bootable CD programs also that s why I did not list HDD and DVD drive into the bare bones list above -- if I have one of the two Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system I can start the system and issues happen Here s the current configuration see more freezes here than BSODs Intel Core Quad Q GHz Abit Fatal ty FP-IN motherboard No overclocking GB RAM passes UltimateBootCD tests EVGA GT PCI-x graphics card Antec EarthWatts W power supply Plain old PS keyboard and mouse USB mouse also has same results Vista SP -bit with and without latest updates Also tested WinXP SP Pro same issues Also bootable CDs result in the same issues Prior original configuration more BSODs than freezes GB RAM passes UltimateBootCD tests Windows Mem diags tests Two SATA GB s GB Seagate hard-drives pass all scans Windows BootCD One SATA Samsung DVD-RW One Sony PATA DVD-RW Curiously if I enable boot-up memory tests in Bios it fails for GB and keeps on rebooting Yet with bios RAM tests disabled Windows Mem diags and UltimateBootCDs all pass after - hours running Installed SpeedFan on otherwise fresh OS install Let it track and show temperature and voltage charts all the way till freeze happens There is no jump seen in either temperatures or voltages This is NOT tracking nVidia card temperature though which does get hot but not enough to prevent me from touching for several seconds Some folks suggest Power supply may be bad Also nVidia cards have over-heating issue per the news all over the place a few months back Abit motherboard company seems to be gone Everything except keyboard mouse and Sony DVD-RW is new and under warranty Just that I do not know quot what quot is bad Bought Asus P Q SE mobo to see if that helps But a google search before opening the box said that folks have similar problems with that Mobo too Please help nbsp

A:Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system

Found some place online to try disabling EIST and C1E CPU settings in bios. Did that, problems still exist.
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How-To HOST a Computer Service Game Definition Hosting making a program available to the public Internet using World Wide Web browser with a URL FTP for file up down loads or Telnet SSH for shell account access The mechanical issues are Obtain a Domain Name which will assign Service/Game Computer To: How a HOST a static IP address for your Domain Determine which system to which the IP address will point Port Forward How To: HOST a Computer Service/Game the gateway router to the system with the program that is always running Open the required Port s for the program on that system Licensing issues may restrict particulars of the above and you need to validate these before you finalize items - For example a normal End-User-License from an ISP typically comes with restrictions on hosting anything including website file serves and shell accounts and How To: HOST a Computer Service/Game contain clauses which allow the ISP to disconnect you if violated Typically to enable hosting How To: HOST a Computer Service/Game the ISP offers a Business Class License which will then enable anything you need In addition software often comes with a Single User license and requires a multi-user or Commercial Usage license for everything else After all your hard work and expense to make this work get this right before you get into trouble Details Obtaining a Domain Name For an annual fee one of the Registrars will assign you a public IP address associate it to the Domain Name of your choice assuming it is still available and make an entry into the global DNS so that nslookup yourdomain name will return the correct static IP address The goofy way to achieve the same effect is to use DynDNS org This will cause a non-static IP address to be found by your users HOWEVER you may then still violate the License issues of your ISP CAVEATE EMPTOR This is the HOSTING solution decision The business solution is to purchase hosting from a reputable vendor with UPS backup services and professional services on-site This is not real expensive and you get lots of services for this investment a choose the vendor you wish b inform them of your domain name and they will update the DNS to point to their hardware For whatever reason however some people want to host their service s on their own system s You then get your ISP to support your Domain name and its IP address and they will ensure your ISP connection usually your modem router is assigned the public address Then you use - to get your services to receive traffic from the Internet nbsp
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my godaddy website, has been an issue for me since i got wild blue internet

i could view my site for about a month just fine but now im back to having to use a proxy to view my web site

anybody else had this prob???


A:Cannot view my godaddy website with my wild blue internet service

clicking the url got me straight to the site.
the domain appears to be registered to ip
and hosted by in Phoenix

I can use Firefox, Opera, & IE to access the site from Los Angeles
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I recently thought about switching my dial up service to either of these 2 services. Nevertheless; I have seen numerous complaints about the FAP policy and service problems and I would solicit suggestions from those who have used the service. Are they good alternatives to dial up or pieces of crap.

A:Hughesnet and Wild Blue service

good speed just strugglin viewing my godaddy site

weather affects it and gets down to around 300 kbs during peak hours

but all in all im happy three months into it
Relevancy 23.22%

I have a d400 and a gx620 that the boards have been replaces but the correct service tag was never entered. Does anyone have the application to reset this?

A:Dell Service Tag Reset

Here it is:
Relevancy 34.4%

After years of building PCs for friends and family I purchased a Dell Vostro 410 for work as it was a good deal.

Anyway as things happen, the jack pin from the speaker system broke off leaving the end in the pc.

Try as I might I could not pull it out and ended up drilling out really carefully. Unfortunately now cannot use the onboard sound and have installed a pci sound card.

From what I can see, there is no evidence of my abuse and I have paid for 4yr warranty, should I come clean and get a new mobo or just keep quiet?


A:Have I voided my dell warranty

well if u are going to try warranty, do not tell them what u did, and I may get banned for saying that. if the pci card is working just keep quiet and use it.
Relevancy 34.83%

recently i've been running a cs server and i guess it took up alot of bandwidth..

just a week ago when i opened up my webbrowswer this little rogers thing pop out on the top of the webbrowser saying i've reached 75% of my bandwidth

now i just wanna know if i went over yet or exactly how much more cause its been a week and i need to know if i'm at 90% yet or w.e so i don't get charged

and also, i'm a youtuber and i was wondering if it takes up alot of bandwidth?

A:How do I check how much bandwidth I used this month?

so could you check or i'd have to call my isp O_O
Relevancy 22.79%

Firstly being a newbie and very confused with all this,please forgive if this is posted in the wrong place,
but as this is such a large thread it is difficult to know exactly where to post.
I have a Dell Latitude D420 that I got thru Ebay with the Service tag ending in 595B

I took a look at Paragons Website,
but my laptop Latitude D420 is not in the list and I'm really not sure about opening it.

Has anyone been able to reset there password or have info that will help get me past this?

In any case that someone has the PSW generator for 595B's, heres my info
Service tag is: #80LNLC1-595B

Thanks in advance,

does anyone know which software _rustam was using to get the master psw for service tag ending in 595B ?

A:Latitude D420 Service tag ending in 595B

1. Do not post your email in a public forum unless you enjoy spam.
2. Please read the faqs and guides before posting.
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I?ve lost the ability to see the picture when playing videos. The problem occurred after updating to windows service pack 3. I?ve tried uninstalling all my codec?s and re installing them (k-lite mega) also tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers for my video card to no avail,

Its almost as if the files are playing fine just not showing me the picture . for instance if i use winamp to play the files it allows me to manipulate the windows as if there was a video playing and the winamp symbol disappears from the middle of it.

Video inspector confirms that all the codecs are there and theoretically its should play.

A:Service Pack 3 disabled picture in video playback

Try VLC media player

It sounds as though you may need to uninstall your Video Player (winamp ?) And do a fresh install of it, using the latest from the web.
Relevancy 28.81%

So I m thinking of building a personal file- server I have some ideas about what I should get but seeing as I currently don t have money for building it it s still in planning stage I m thinking of building a RAID server which runs on Linux which distro I do not yet know Taking suggestions for personal server hardware but I m considering later Ubuntu versions While I say personal I will still allow my family and closest friends access to it maybe over LAN only for security reasons if this is possible Seeing as I have many many large files there is also a great need for disk space Therefore I am thinking of buying five hard disks one terabyte each for RAID where one will be lost for parity and one small ish hard disk for the O S to run from I also am thinking of running software RAID so I am not going to use money on external RAID controller unless absolutely necessary Requirements for hardware are Chassis Must be able to house six hard drives and at least one CD DVD rom drive Taking suggestions for personal server hardware Does not need floppy Must be able to install sufficient cooling May or may not include PSU Motherboard Integrated sound graphics network card RAID support DDR MHz or higher RAM support At least six SATA connectors Also at least one IDE connector for CD DVD rom drive CPU Probably dual-core with decent frequency Not sure what to say here Obviously must be supported by mobo Memory Two or four gigabytes of or higher MHz DDR RAM Hard drives Five hard drives with at least TB each Used in RAID One cheap hard drive with preferably RPM for O S All of these must be SATA SATAII drives No Samsung drives had enough troubles with them in the past EDIT May start with less drives in RAID if I understood the quot mdadm quot command correctly as in that you can add additional drives semi- easily later on CD DVD drive IDE drive No other requirements Used mainly for installing the O S not much else All of this should not cost more than little less than Some extra may be used for cooling and possible PSU Absolute maximum is Taking suggestions will probably build this in November as a personal birthday present for myself nbsp

A:Taking suggestions for personal server hardware

What did you deside on?
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http secure newegg com WishList PublicWishDetail aspx WishListNumber amp WishListTitle my How is my build looking like so far Of course i still have only the case and some of to in or first my pc build month Going a two... those parts I ve found at other places then newegg I have in amazon monies saved up too would be nice to use it for parts But being a Going to build my first pc in a month or two... deal finder amazon just doesn t do combo Going to build my first pc in a month or two... deals or really has anything cheap for computers This list isn t set in stone either I like the low power consumption of that cpu but am also considering the black addition or similar Was also considering the dual gpu ati video cards as well in case I end up having only one pcie Going to build my first pc in a month or two... slot Looked more towards a board like this so I could still run the system even if I didn t have all the parts yet even has hdmi Though I haven t looked at monitors at all either or desks yet so it won t be on the floor lol Well tell me what you think Thanks - nbsp

A:Going to build my first pc in a month or two...

Looks decent.

* You can get the video card cheaper if you don't need that exact one. The 9600GTs should be able to be found for ~$130 on Newegg.

* That power supply isn't very good. Look at Corsair's 650W single rail one, or any 475W or above from brands like Enermax, Antec, PC Power&Cooling...

* Probably not worth your money for that CPU cooler. Since you are looking at a Retail CPU it will come with a stock heatsink and fan which will probably be about the same performance as that Rosewill one. If you aren't going to overclock you can get by with the stock heatsink and fan just fine. If you are going to overclock you'll want a better one than the Rosewill.

* I've had a case like that (2 actually) with the rear exhaust fan area being really 2 levels (see here) and its more difficult than it should be to put in a fan because you can't actually hold the screw while you are putting it through 2 of the holes. Its not a HUGE deal, and it can be done, its just harder than I'd like. I would suggest considering any of the tool less cases (which really only mean you don't screw in hds and cd drives) they are much better to work with. The price is slightly higher, but I saved you $20 on the HSF, so maybe look at something like this. Shipping on those things is outrageous, but occationally they will do free shipping, so be on the look out for that. Also if you order from Newegg, they don't charge you shipping for each individual part and add them up, they charge for what it costs to ship them all together. So if you are going to order a case without free shipping it will save you some money overall if you order several other parts at the same time.
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I found some tools to change the service tag from some DELL laptops... Are there some tools for the Workstations like "Precision"?

Sorry for my bad english

Best regards,

A:Dell Service CD - Precision Service Tag

Dell support can help you with this...
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Okay all. I just bought a PNY 9600GT Video Card and received it yesterday. After installing it and installing necessary drivers, I now keep getting the error "Media Center Receiver Service has stopped". When I try to launch Media Center it states that I don't have tuner installed. Never uninstalled the tuner. The tuner I have is an ATI 650 PCI. Any ideas?

A:Media Center Service stopped

Are you running XP or Vista Media Center?
Relevancy 29.24%

... and I would like to know what sets motherboards apart from each other? Obviously the ram expansion capabilities, having a 16x pci card slot... but what else? Shouldn't they be pretty much identical?

Is there such a thing as a good 'beginner' board to work on? something really durable so if I make a mistake it could tell me?

A:Taking my first steps at computer building


well hopefully I'm just going to replace the processor, ram and motherboard that I think I blew out. The hard drive and the power supply should be fine. I have a 550 watt supply and a nice western digital hard drive that I will be re-using from my ****ty system.

So I'm bugeting 300 dollars to get myself back up and running. I also plan on going to a computer part store in town to get my system back up... I know I'm going to be over-paying for parts...

The only thing that concerns me is that the motherboards I've seen also come packaged with a CD for drivers... what's this all about?
Relevancy 22.36%

:hotbounce Hi guys, I have a problem I've never ran into before, I have been playing around with a few of the old dell latitudes one cp and one cpi. I have a know working battery that I'm using, I start up the cp and hit f2 to go into set up, and push the battery in when I get to the setup on the battery it says it isn't installed even if i pull the cd rom and install it their. I think I have some problem in the charging system but I don't have any digrams to find the problem. So if any of you have had this or similar problem and you have any ideas of suggestions, or the digrams for the cp or cpi latitudes I would greatly appreciate the help. :hotouch: :hotouch:

A:Dell latitude cpi/cp will not run off of good battery, service tag disapears

I have the same problem with my latitude CPi I got response on the dell forums. one guy sugested: Try another battery - if it is also not recognized, you've got a mainboard problem. let me know if you find another solution...
Relevancy 22.79%

I got dell latitude Cpi A seriers service tag ending with 595B. Anybody have Master/admin password exe????

A:Latitude bios service tag ending with 595B

javastring said:

I got dell latitude Cpi A seriers service tag ending with 595B. Anybody have Master/admin password exe????Click to expand...

I was refered to this site because I need a Master Password for my newly bought dell latitude d505, so if you get any answers please let me know! I will also do the same if I am able to get a Master password - Thanks
Relevancy 23.22%

I have just replaced the motherboard on my Dell D420 and the service tag in the bios does not match the system now.

I have had a look about and found a few ways suggested to change it but am unable to. Does anyone know a way around this?

A:Change Dell service tag?

you cannot reuse your current OS. You will need to reformat and reinstall windows.
Relevancy 22.79% that does each dell have it's own one-of-a-kind tag? Is it possible that some of the passwords handed out by Rustam could be used on other machines besides the one specifically identified for that particular password? Just'll never guess what my problem is.......

Latitude D610
Tag 5H450B1-595B

I'm about to short the eeprom, legs 3 & 5.......I don't know where it is or what it looks like or the prong anyone? Please e-mail them to me. Also, what kind of damage can this procedure do if not done correctly?

A:Are Dell Laptop Service Tags Unique?

Dell D620 password

According to Dell and verified by a technician I know, every Service Tag is unique. It does not seem possible for a password to unlock more than one machine.
It is possible to render your laptop useless if you short the wrong pins. A better solution would be to post your Service Tag (from the "gray screen of doom.") It should look somthing like XXXXXXX-XXXX, where the X could be alpha or numeric. With that information a person with a master p/w generator could post the one you need.
Good Luck...
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After getting an EA430 at newegg and being very satisfied, it suddenly died on me while playing TF2. It is really weird and forced me to revert back to my old PSU which meant uninstalling my 3850 as well. Should PSUs die so quickly? I thought Antec was a reliable company. Did I just get unlucky and get the 1/100,000 faulty PSU?

A:PSU died after a month

just bad luck
the PSU is good enough for your system
but add another drive and I say you need 500 to 600 watts
I don't know what you need for the vid card
I always go 30% more in power when building a system
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I contacted Asus support for warranty claims for a friend as his motherboard was faulty and was within the warranty period. But there was no response might be the email on which I contacted was wrong in a similar case Intel had given a very prompt response can some one tell me where can I get the contact info as the email given on their website was non responsive.

A:How to claim warranty

The case I referred to was from India so some contact email where I can contact here,
I raised this thread because when I went to the shopkeeper it was very very difficult for me to make him understand the BSOD ,STOP screen error which after reading memory dump I came at a conclusion was a motherboard error and the service personal in India at Priya were not convinced even though I had changed motherboard so I wanted to know the procedure.
Relevancy 22.36%

Hi I was wondering if someone can help.
I have a dell d410 with the service tag ending in -595B.
I tried using password.exe but it would not work, their's an administrative password on the computer(bios password) so I can't change any of the reboot settings, I'm completely locked out. I've tried everything.
I'm thinking about short circuiting the eeprom chip on the dell, or replacing the eeprom chip. I really don't know which one is best, or if someone has a password generator or some back door password, or even some technique that has worked. Can someone offer me advice????
Because I read somewhere that when you replace the eeprom chip on dell latitude's when you boot the computer with the new chip the computer explodes, that's suppose to happen because of some type of security measure, Dell has incase labtops are stolen.

A:Dell D410 Bios Password Removal Service Tag -595B

Another Dell D410 with Locked BIOS

Hi, I see that you can help people with a locked BIOS and a Dell D410 model. My service tag is GVY0S91-595B. Can you help me? I have been trying forever to get into this computer. THANK YOU!
Relevancy 23.22%

I am needing to remove or reset my dell service tagfor a M1710 , if anyone can help please let me know. my email is [email protected]

Relevancy 22.79%

i have windows vista Ultimate i have no sound coz of Windows Audio Service won t start even its automatic or manually and Sound card Realtek High Definition Audio have latest driver instaled running not running service Vista audio Windows the is fine on Device Manger This device is working properly but on Sevices gt gt gt Windows Audio Service i can t start run windows Audio Windows Audio Endpoint Buidler is running fine i Windows Vista the audio service is not running have tried following method but still not working windows Audio gt gt Properties gt gt logon tab gt gt i have check on quot Local system Account quot but when i try to start i get follwoing error Windows couldnot start the Windows Audio Service on Local computer Error the account specified for the service is diffrent from the account specified for other service running in the same process windows Audio gt gt Properties gt gt logon tab gt gt i have check on this account quot Local Services quot but when i try to start i get follwoing error Windows couldnot start the Windows Audio Service on Local computer Error Aprevilege that the service require to function properly doesnot exist in the service account configuration you may use the services microsoft management console mmc snap-in services msc and the local security settings mmc snap-in secpol msc to view the service configuration and the account configuration please help thanks nbsp

A:Windows Vista the audio service is not running

here is event log error message. when i try run/start Audio Service on Services please help.

The Windows Audio service failed to start due to the following error:

The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.


- Provider

[ Name] Service Control Manager
[ Guid] {555908D1-A6D7-4695-8E1E-26931D2012F4}
[ EventSourceName] Service Control Manager

- EventID 7000

[ Qualifiers] 49152

Version 0

Level 2

Task 0

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2007-09-04T00:11:23.000Z

EventRecordID 9309


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 0
[ ThreadID] 0

Channel System



- EventData

param1 Windows Audio
param2 %%1079
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I apologize in advance for my complete lack of computer knowledge but here goes I have gateways of them just stopped working going to the gateway screen and doing nothing I called them they just say sounds like you need a new motherboard give me a link for a place that s out of stock and doesn t know when they re getting new ones and that s it So Im thinking I need stuff start after an to hd taking PC unplugged hour off that hard drive and if it s just the motherboard I can PC taking an hour to start after hd unplugged probably just plug that hard drvie into my working computer and get the info off of it I plug the hard drive into the working computer and it does the same thing sits at the gateway screen doing nothing So I m thinking maybe it s not the motherboard that s broken maybe it s the hard drive So I decide to try and plug the hard drive from the working computer into the non working computer and it works so I m guessing it s a bad hard drive and not motherboard That I m not so much worried about at this very moment as when I put my working computer back together plugged it s own hd back in it s taking an hour to load first it goes to a cmos bios utilities screen after - min not knowing what to pick I chose the fail safe start option or whatever and after another minutes it finally starts So completely at the point of regretting ever opening the side of the computer can anybody tell me how to get my working computer to not take an hour to start please Crystal nbsp

A:PC taking an hour to start after hd unplugged

More likely a defective hard drive. Do not use it longer, until you know, so that you can still recover the data later.
When you put the hard drive into another computer, the Windows Install will detect the move as a possible violation of Windows Install and stop you.
You really need an experienced friend, or you will spend two or three days getting to a place where you can use it.
Do you still have the recovery disk set that came with the computer?
Hard drives are relatively cheap now at,,, and many other sites. If your current drive is two or three years old, or is a Maxstor, Samsung, Tri-Gem, or silver colored Western Digital drive, you can guess that your hard drive is bad...
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How do I reset the service tag on my Dell inspiron 6400 after replacing the mother board?
Any help on how to do this would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Cheers martin

A:How do I reset the service tag on my Dell

go to this site:
download the dstcd.iso , burn it to a cd and boot with it.... the dst cd allows you to change/delete the service tag.
you can also modify the asset tag and the owner tag with

ASSET new_asset_tag Specify new asset tag
ASSET /d Delete asset tag
ASSET /o new_owner_tag Specify new owner tag (if applicable)
ASSET /o /d Delete owner tag (if applicable)
Relevancy 33.97%

Budget 1600-1800 euros.
What I'm planning to get:
Mobo: I have no idea
CPU: E8500 3.16 ghz; This is 45nm If I'm correct (Should be out 20 Januari at 266$ from what I hear)
Graphics Card: NVidia 8800GT *2 I'm not entirely sure about this I was originally planning on getting a card in the 9000 series but it appears it's gonna take a while before they're coming out.
RAM: I have no idea except for that I'm probably getting 4 gigs
HDD: WD Caviar 320GB*2 for Raid purposes
Case: I have no Idea
Sound Card: I'm hoping the integrated sound card from the mobo will do the job nicely.

That's about it I think.

A:I'm planning on building a new PC next month, I need some advice on the parts.

What you got there makes good sense. With your budget it seems all you need to do is get the best mobo available. One thing I like to remind you though, is not to get cheap on your PSU. Hope the CPU will come out on time. Please keep us up to date on your project. Enjoy!
Relevancy 28.38%

Hello I recently built a computer I made it out of Drive long time load to taking Hard the spare parts ive had from upgrades Pretty nice since it was free and now i can have computers Unfortunately even after a fresh install of windows my HDD seems to not want to work It is a western digital rpm GB IDE pretty standard run of the mill The MB is a MSI kt Ultra gb Kingston ram When booting the BIOS will instantly recognize the optical drive but will take about minute to find the HDD It does find it Hard Drive taking long time to load and posts beep It then goes Hard Drive taking long time to load to the windows splash screen From here it take over laps of the little bar to load yes i counted Once loaded everything runs Hard Drive taking long time to load fine as far as applications games Mozilla and it shuts down quickly I have run the BIOS driver from the disk that came with the MB and still no change I have optical drive and the HDD they are both connected through their own IDE cable and both set as Masters Any suggestions of how to fix this its not a crisis but kind of annoying nbsp

A:Hard Drive taking long time to load

Older HDD could be going bad or it badly defragmented. You should defrag it though after a fresh install. Check for errors in the MFT. Under My computer right click on the HDD then click on properties then on tools then on check disk. Reboot the PC and let the PC check the condition of the HDD. If that checks out okay then open a dos window in Windows then

click on start
click on run
type: cmd
type: defrag c: /f
Relevancy 23.65%

Dear All,

Finally I did it!!! THe shortage method helped. (thanks to Paragons and OBI also)

I tried to get back the ST with DST software but unfortunately got nothing.

Advise someone pls

Latitude D410

Question closed!
USB DST from paragon's site did it!
Relevancy 22.79%

I have just bough a used Dell latitude d for my daughter for chirstmass from ebay There is only one problem and I can t seem to fix it Who ever had it before me d600 service tag Dell latitude removal has put the service tag to something very inapproiate I would like to remove it so she does not see it I was told by dell that since I do not have a legitimate service tag hey Dell latitude d600 service tag removal can not help me Other people told me I could use svctag exe or asset exe from dell but they do not help Does anyone have the program or programs I need to remove it and can send it to mel If so please post a link or tell me where to go to get it I would be greatfull EDIT I HAVE THE ISO LINKED ITS ON PAGE TWO PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING ME Moderator Edit No need to message anyone I wouldn t Free help here http www techspot com vb topic html nbsp

A:Dell latitude d600 service tag removal

please anyone have the software to remove this?
Relevancy 23.22%

after installing service pack 2, my computer will not reboot, it goes to a stop screen, and then to the safe mode screen. if i open in safe mode, and do a system restore. it will boot up fine?

A:installing service pack 2 for windows xp

See The SP2 Troubleshooter

Common issues include anti virus programs,spyware,and various services not running.
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I've heard that most printers claim to be out of ink long before they actually are. I have a large collection of empty Epson CX6000 cartridges that have amassed quickly over the past year. I'm wondering if I can drain them more thoroughly and save some dough.

Has anyone had any success with resetting the expiration date on the cartridges or modifying the drivers?

I found the "SSC Service Utility" online but am nervous about loading a strange program onto my rig.

Also, Office Max claims that they can't refill these cartridges. What's up with that?


A:Does anyone use Epson SSC Service Utility??

Although I don`t use Epson printers myself, the SSC Service Utility is as far as I`m aware a safe and very useful bit of software.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Regards Howard
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A newish laptop connecting to the ISP through a standard no frills router will sometimes allow only the browser IE7 to download pages, sometimes allow only the mail handler OE6 to download and send mail and sometimes allow both to work. Other PCs on the same network using the same internet access work without error (so it has to be a problem with the laptop).
All Windows security settings at default.
Internet Security is F-Secure with the windows firewall disabled. Scans show clear.
A HTJ scan shows nothing untoward.
Any ideas anyone?

A:Selective Internet Service Access

Try doing an IE7 repair...
Relevancy 34.83%

as the title says i brought a GB RAM troubles Month Long DDR PC ram stick from Buffalo a month ago I ve search countless hours trying to get answers on how to get this thing working trust me it s been years since i built this computer and only months since i ve been able to use it I ve tried to Month Long RAM troubles upgrade so many times and only to Month Long RAM troubles fail in the end This time im not giving up I ve upgraded my bios and tried everything told on previous websites but i cant Month Long RAM troubles get this stick to boot to the Windows Load screen all it ll do is go through the whole bios screen and etc and then the screen goes black but when it goes black it kinda has that eerie glow Kinda like when you first load up a game right before it shows the companie s logos Please i beg you mercy Help me before i take a sledgehammer to this thing nbsp

A:Month Long RAM troubles

Seems as if you have a failing monitor, or a failing video graphics port, rather than any sort of a memory issue.
Relevancy 23.22%

Hi there,

i need help to erase the Service Tag and Asset Tag from the BIOS.

i have tried flash to new BIOS. still doesnt work.
and as i know its stored in EPROM which is hard to short if im not mistaken.

please give me some steps and utilities which i can use to get the result.

Help appreciated.

A:Dell D620 Service Tag and Asset Tag


thanks alot guys. Paragon33 you're awesum man. and your crew rocks.
keep up the good work.

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Spent a good while "chatting" w/ NewEgg & Seagate - India about OEM vs "Retail" hard drives.

NewEgg clearly states on their site that many "OEM" Seagate internal drives drives have 5 yr parts & labor "Manufacturer's Warranty" (on the specific HDD specs page).

Seagate - India, tells me that drives designated as OEM will NOT have any warranty (or support) honored by Seagate to the end user.

For those w/ experience in this, what's the actual truth about OEM drives & warranties, from NewEgg or any other E-tailer?

A:Warranty difference OEM hard drive vs "Retail"

OEM you have to go by what the Manufacturer of company says as they're the one going to help you out. So OEM drives if you buy them from a vendor at a computer show they'll replacement for free. The vendor not the Manufacturer company. HDDs I just buy them wholesale and still get the protection from the manufacture. Unless NewEgg is going to protect after 5 years down the line, but you'll have to get that in writting..

Retail - Price is higher unless you get it on clearance then it would be the same price of OEM but you get protection

OEM - Price is cheaper low overhead
OEM - no hardware brackets
OEM - no retail box
OEM - no manual
OEM - no warranty (unless you a PC repair shop of PC vendor since you would buy in blunk)
Relevancy 35.26%

if i remove the heat Spreader off of the ram and put a diff. one on with that mess up my Warranty.

A:Ram Warranty

sorry for posting this, i just found the info i needed, and again sorry for the post. google is my new best friend
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Considering building my own system and thought I'd solicit some input from those of you who may have an opinion on which motherboard manufacture has the best customer service.


A:Motherbaord manufactures - customer service

I have never really considered customer service when purchasing a motherboard. I view the ratings and past experience. I would however take a look at their website to see how things are organized though. Check out their online documentation and downloads. read all reviews and specs before buying.
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I just replaced the System Board of the Inpiron 5150 and I try to use the and the SVCTAG.exe and I always have the error message: "Error can not change the Service Tag".

Do you anyone knows how to solve the problem?


A:Service Tag on Inspiroin 5150

Does this help?
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Hi !
Can you help me to change new service tag which came with new replacement motherboard to my old one, which came with my laptop.
I know that it's possible to do with some utilities. Svctag.exe doesn't work, may be wrong version or because laptop relatively new. Did try "short pin" method - not working.
Help me please and thank you in advance.

A:How to change Service Tag on modern Dell laptop?

this is a new one. i work on dells all the time but have never had to mess with the service tag. i'm not sure you'll need to do this.
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I have taken the screws out and have seperated the case. Problem is the is a flat cable that attaches the screen to the video port and the MOBO how do these seperate to take unit fully a part. Pics or illustrations would be great. Visual learner LOL thanks Bill

A:Taking laptop apart

Each laptop is differently constructed. What is the brand and model of what you are attempting to disassemble?
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maybe for some it's a trivial question, but if you know the answer, please post it here.

How to open the HP MX703 (P9605A) Monitor, without damaging it, so we can access internal electronics for troubleshooting and service?

I just got this unit for a repair and I removed 3 screws in the base and that's it - it just won't open. It has 4 holes on the side that look like latch holes, but trying to open it there with a screwdriver doesn't work.

As per pictures, even mild pressure from prying it with a flathead screwdriver leaves marks on the plastic cover.

Thank you.

A:HP MX703 (P9605A) Monitor (Service question)

On these types of monitors, they work on clip systems. It is just a matter of finding where all the clips are. When you do find them, take a small flat head (like in eye glass repair kits) and work your way around the grooves to see if you can find these clips. Once you have them all out, you should be able to take off the casing. Good luck.