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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Ok I m not the best and building computers and am very new at it My fresh build will boot but display absolutely nothing on the it like except everything Fresh display all powers at should build, no on monitor monitor by nothing I mean it won t even go to bios or turn the power light from standby to on This build will boot up all fans will run with no problems including cpu and video card fans and everything will shut Fresh build, everything powers like it should except no display at all on monitor off by holding down the power button properly Also I have not gotten any light or beep codes Here is what I have asus m a motherboard amd fx -core processor black edition asus gtx ti direct cu video card ddr gb Fresh build, everything powers like it should except no display at all on monitor x gb MHz dual corsair vengeance ram watt xion xio power supply sata tb barracuda hard drive dvd cd - writable drive cm storm scout case I have tried trouble shooting programs for the motherboard and video card with no results I have tried resetting the rtc ram I have double checked the power plugs are plugged in properly and making a proper circuit I have taken everything out except the motherboard cpu cpu fan and power supply and still gotten no beeps I have tried changing how the stupid speaker wire connects connecting incorrectly according to the manual and still no freaking beeps I have tried using hdmi and vga cords connected to my tv that supports pc s and a monitor nothing worked cord wise but my old pc worked like a dream when connected to them when talking to tech support for the motherboard they helped me check that it wasn t a grounding issue I have talked to all my pc buddies called tech support and no one can tell me anything i haven t tried or that has worked I have no idea what is wrong I need help I have spent the last two day all day working on this with no clue what is happening nbsp

A:Fresh build, everything powers like it should except no display at all on monitor

do you have the monitor cable plugged into the GPU or MOBO?
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I just received two new TB hdds from newegg and would like advice on the best process to go with Here s what I want to accomplish Put a fresh install of the current OS Windows Pro OEM software onto one of the new drives I ve read OEM software is not fully install-able 7 to rig, Adding Win fresh on put x64 to it want HDD on a blank hdd in some cases but maybe that referred to OEM win Home Edition which comes from a store like a Dell I bought this OEM Pro from Newegg Adding HDD to rig, want to put fresh Win 7 x64 on it when I built the machine Need to eventually move a bunch of my files off the old hdd The old hdd is a WD TB only sata and rpm I also need a Adding HDD to rig, want to put fresh Win 7 x64 on it solid backup process Adding HDD to rig, want to put fresh Win 7 x64 on it put in place so was considering RAID setup using both the new drives Does that require any special hardware or cabling or is it all done behind the scenes with normally installed sata drives I won t hit near TB for a long time so maybe I just go with one new drive internal for everything and use the old drive as an external use for back up and save the additional new drive for who knows what Couldn t help it they were dollars I have no enclosure at the moment so is it possible to leave the old drive in the rig and somehow make it not bootable Can I simply not point the BIOS to it and problem solved I built this rig so know my way around the system pretty well However I ve never done this kind of upgrade before Thanks for any input you folks can give nbsp

A:Adding HDD to rig, want to put fresh Win 7 x64 on it

Backup: if your MOBO supports RAID, you can configure the 2TB drives in a RAID 1 array. Basically, anything written to the 2TB drive will get copied to the other too - you have a mirror image. Personally, I'd use the drives in a normal way, and just use the 2nd drive to backup essential data on a regular basis using a tool such as Windows Backup (built in to Win7).

Installing fresh OS: Install one of your 2TB drives into PC. Use Disk Manager to rename your current HDD to X:, or something. Not C: or whatever you have it currently set to. Format the 2TB drive, set it to C:.

Yank the original HDD cables from the PC, and install Win7 normally on the 2TB drive. I like to do this to reduce the options, sometimes install screws up.. After you are done, install the 2nd 2TB drive, and reconnect the original HDD. Before booting, check BIOS to make sure that the HDD order is set to the 2TB drive you freshly installed Windows on (having only this drive in the PC, means you can check BIOS for the identifiable tag to not mix them up).

Moving files: The old HDD should now be accessible, as a second drive. Format the 2nd 2Tb drive at this time too. In terms of drive lettering: I have C: as my boot, E: as my data, and X: as my 'backup' drive. I shove things like my Docs, Music, Pics, Steam games, Downloads on the backup drive. I don't feel the need to have it mirrored.

Hope this helps.
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just recently received my Samsung SSD to install my windows 7 ultimate finally after a bit of time messing with that I got windows completely installed so I can either boot off the hdd or my ssd. I have had no luck figuring out how to get drivers from the hdd to ssd though. I can't even get on internet to try looking for drivers. so I tried backing up drivers on the double driver program I've tried burning backup divers to disk. can someone please tell me how to my drivers restored on my ssd!

A:Fresh install OS to SSD driver backup

I have no idea why you can't get on the internet. By default windows 7 has supports almost every (if not every) on board ethernet ports. If not then you'll have to get at least the lan drivers for your motherboard and then download the rest of the drivers you need once you get the onboard land running.

Is this a laptop, desktop ? If its a desktop did you build it yourself? If not what make model is it? You can go online to the manufacturuers website and download device drivers for your laptop/desktop.

If it is something you (or someone else) built then there should be a driver disk that came with your motherboard.

Alternatively you could use driver genius to get the job done. I'm not sure if the "free" version allows you to backup drivers but I know the paid one does.
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Hello I recently added a rd hard drive to my computer so I could put my two existing HDs in RAID and still have a back up drive I cloned my main drive to my new backup drive and did a fresh Windows -bit install on the new RAID array I ve been able to get all my hardware working except for my X-FI 0 sound RAID on fresh No after from install Win7-64 CreativeLabs ExtremeMusic SB soundcard I ve gotten it to work a few brief times but I can t figure out what driver and control panel versions I used to make it work before I just remember it being a long process of searching online before I found an answer that worked for me Is there anyway to find out what versions I have on my backup HD since it has the correct driver and control panel versions on it Here s a description of my actual soundcard problem When I try play something in media player there is no sound the progress bar doesn t move if I watch a youtube video the progress bar moves but I still get no sound and I have no system sound either My on-board audio when enabled works perfectly My on-board audio is disabled in No sound from X-FI after fresh Win7-64 install on RAID 0 the bios the X-FI shows up in device manager and appears to be installed correctly with the latest drivers for win - I get clicks from my speakers when installing the drivers and I have tried completely uninstalling the card and re-installing it as an admin but I still don t get any sound Any and all help is greatly appreciated nbsp
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hi guys its been awhile since a actually made a thread.

well I currently have a Gigabyte 6970 which I purchased Feb of this year. I am tossing up whether I should sell it for $150 and buy a used GTX 580 on ebay which averagely costs around $350. or wait until the 7000 series and or Nvidia 600 series. I also thought just buy another 6970 but my PSU might restrict plus the 7000 series looks so close to release.

I ultimately want to be able to run BF3 decently on ultra which benchmarks need atleast dual GPU setup. I am also thinking more towards Nvidia since I will upgrade my P2 955 to Ivy Bridge in 2012.

Any houghts???

A:GPU dilemma, sell HD 6970 for GTX 580?

I have a Radeon 6970 and i can play on ultra no problems at all.
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I have an older Dell Latitude laptop in which I would like to upgrade the processor.
I purchased the machine as a refurbished model. It has Win7 installed, The typical office programs 2007.

I writing to ask if there is a way to upgrade the CPU without having to disturb the overall OS configuration? If not can someone either give me direction as to how one goes about doing this (w/o WIN7 disc) or a link to where I could get direction as to how to reinstall after the upgrade.
Thank you.
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Hi all i have what porbably are dumb questions but i need clarification all the same please i just bought a XFX HD GPU upon your recomendation and was wondering if i should uninstall all the nVidia stuff in add and remove except the driver before i remove the card or just remove the card install my new one then uninstall the nvidia stuff I have a spare gigabyte GT GPU which i would like to give to my dad as he has an old Pack-Bell iMedia which he uses in the lounge to watch Uninstall for installation? drivers fresh GPU films on and browse the net Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation? The PSU in this old machine is only a watt and the GT reqiures a w minimum but as he wont be playing games or doing any photo editing etc only watching mp films would the PSU still power it reason i ask is it has a HDMI connection and his stock card is the old blue pin plug so i thought is would get a better pic using my new card also the GT is mb and the stock one is only mb Your thoughts please Thanks Lee nbsp

A:Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation?

1. Yes, you can remove all the Nvidia components through Add/Remove, although it's probably easier to download a utility such as Driver Sweeper which will remove the driver, PhysX, HD audio, Update etc in one move... Just remember that the system will likely revert to a lower VGA (640 x 480) screen resolution.
You can then power down, replace the card and install the driver/catalyst control centre etc.
Once you're up and running it would pay to bring up the Device Manager, click the "View" tab and check "Show hidden devices", then expand the "Display adapters" heading. If your previous card shows up -right click and select uninstall.

2. You say that your dad's computer is an "old Pack-Bell..". Power supplies gradually lose their effective output over time as components in the power supply wear, so his 250w PSU is likely much less. The GT210 isn't a power hog by any means (30.5w max) but picking up a suitable (and relatively cheap) PSU might be a good investment in any case, especially if the computer/PSU are 5+ years old.
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I was in China and bought a music cd and have been unable to play it here in the US. The book was labeled "German 24k cd". I am not sure if I just purchased a cd with nothing on it or if this type of cd doesn't work in the US. Help

A:Bought CDs in China, can't play them in the US


Sorry, the CD from China is not a book, but a really nice box with 2 CDs.
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Hi First let me tell you that I did try to research this problem before posting this I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s w this is probably important It came factory with W and did not include any driver discs I recently purchased Win XP and installed it to a separate HDD My plan is to dual-boot win and XP on two different HDDs if you consider that a dual-boot This seemed XP Fresh installed, the help adapter work need to getting network to work until I found out I cannot connect to the internet with xp I looked on this site for people with similar problems and I came to the conclusion that I need to install the factory driver for my network adapter This is because I dont get the network access icon at the bottom Fresh XP installed, need help getting the network adapter to work and it wont allow me to set-up a connection Going into the device manager there is a network adapter but I dont think it even works So taking the advice I found on this site I attempted to download the driver for this PC from the HP website They dont even have a driver that supports XP for this Fresh XP installed, need help getting the network adapter to work POS The network adapter is fine Im on the same PC right now just on my Win OS HDD The connection is great the hardware is great my modem is fine and my router is spiffy It is obviously a problem with XP So assuming my driver is the problem is it possible i can still connect to the internet if the driver doesnt even support xp If you think this isnt the problem or if you have any suggestions for me please let me know nbsp

A:Fresh XP installed, need help getting the network adapter to work

If you look under Device Manager when on Win 7 you should be able to get the name of the wireless card. And then do a search for XP drivers for that device. You will also need the chipset drivers for the motherboard for XP, those should be available from the manufacturer's site.
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So my old PC crashed-hard... I took it to our local tech guy and he told my best option would be to buy one, from him of course. We talked about an Intel Quad Core Acer with all the other goodies for around $1200. I put $800 down and he let me know that he would order it as soon as the credit card was processed.

A:Can a computer tech sell a bad PC and get away with it?

What on earth are you talking about?

More importantly, who did you hand your credit card to? It should have been processed on the spot. This person does have a terminal to do that, doesn't he?
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Just installed a new HDD, and am trying to boot up Windows 7 from an external HDD. Upon powering up the machine, I changed the boot option to 'USB drive' and normally this would work as it has in the past, but now all I'm getting is a blinking cursor/underscore and nothing ever happens.

I used PowerISO to extract the files onto my external, and the icon changes to confirm that it does in fact work..
I am wondering if I need to change something around in the BIOS or if it has something to do with the external's formatting (FAT32)

Anyone know what could be wrong?

A:Fresh HDD installed, unable to install OS

Windows 7 installation

You will need to format your drive for Windows 7, in NTFS. The system will look at the first device in the 'Boot sequence' or 'Boot order' in your BIOS, so you need to arrange the order to suit what you want to boot from. The system will look at the first in the list, and if nothing bootable is there, it goes down to the next one on the list. My normal order of Boot devices is; CD/DVD, Onboard SATA.
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My desktop previously had Windows bit installed on it and since I had so many applications installed on it I had put off installing the bit version However last night I decided to bite the bullet and put the bit version on it before I install StarCraft II The install process runs just fine and puts my old Windows settings in C Windows old directory The first thing I did was to copy all of the files and folders from C Windows old Users Then I tried to connect to my wireless network No dice I can view all of the networks within my area but it tells me that I have put in the incorrect password for my network Thinking that I may have accidentally capitalized or spelled my password wrong I reset my router I then used my laptop and a hardwire to configure the network settings and put in a new password and saved the settings I then connected my laptop wirelessly with the new password I went back over to my desktop and of connect network Windows fresh install to Cannot after 7 wireless tried to connect with the new password Nada I haven t had time to install the drivers for my wireless adapter can t find the disc nor have I been able to activate my copy of Windows as I have yet to go online with it Here are the specs of my PC Intel Core i EVGA X SLI LE XFX GeForce GTX Patriot Viper GB DDR RAM Western Digital TB Caviar Black HDD ASUS PCE-N IEEE b g n PCI Express Wireless Adapter My modem and router are LINKSYS CM -RM Cable Modem TRENDnet TEW- GR My router has been set to use WPA -PSK with AES Any help or insight would be helpful Note I am at work for the next hours so I won t be able to post screenshots or system dumps nbsp

A:Cannot connect to wireless network after fresh install of Windows 7

Need to get drivers for your wireless adapter since your using 64-bit drivers. Can't use 32-bit drivers on 64-bit.
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I have a PC that was experiencing random freeze ups so I attempted a complete reinstall using the OEM image disks The strange thing is the PC would seem to freeze up at random points of freezing up XP install Windows solid Fresh in the install I figured it was a hardware issue so I laid the case on its side to inspect the hardware I removed the single RAM stick re-inserted it and tried the install again but left the computer on its side to look listen for any strange noises or smells The install completed without issue and I ran a PC stress test burn in to try and force a hardware issue to show After running the test for a few hours there were still no issues or errors reported After this I took the PC back to its original owner and set it up in the normal position to run the software updates To my surprise the machine locked up solid again I haven t attempted the software install with the PC in the laying down position but it would almost appear that the machine doesn t like to be standing up Has anyone ever seen this issue or heard of a PC that has problems when it is standing in the normal position Update PC ran fine for hours and installed updates without issue with it Fresh install of Windows XP freezing up solid laying on the side panel instead of standing up This thing has got me any ideas on what could be causing the machine to freeze when it is sitting in the normal upright position nbsp

A:Fresh install of Windows XP freezing up solid

Have you ran Memtest & a Hard Drive Diagnostic?

If that passes, then it may well be that the Motherboard is failing.

I'm pretty sure that the "Laying Down" bit is unrelated.
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Hello I have a Dell Latitude d notebook The Hard drive it came with was Toshiba sata gb One day it just failed Turn do Install to Unable a fresh XP of the computer back on and it says no boot sector on internal hard drive I brought a new drive A Western digital SATA gb and i get the same message I Unable to do a fresh Install of XP check the Bios and it clear identify the hard drive I ran I through many different hard drive management programs including one from western Digital All of them identify the drive and say it is healthy I use Partition Magic to format the drive Set it as active When I go to install xp it says No boot sector on internal Hard drive Th cd would run and says setup is inspecting hardware for configuration screen goes black and that is it No blue screen Saying Windows Setup nothing It would freeze on the black Unable to do a fresh Install of XP screen is there any way to fix this I have been at it now for almost a month Help please Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Unable to do a fresh Install of XP

Look in the BIOS to see if you have the option of setting the SATA controller to IDE mode. If so, Windows should proceed with Setup. If you don't have that option, you will have to install SATA drivers at the F6 prompt but that requires a floppy drive. If you don't have an internal floppy drive or and external floppy, you can make a slipstream Windows CD. Google for the process.
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Hi, I have a laptop I am looking to sell for some money towards a desktop PC.

Toshiba Satellite A205-S5804
Intel Penitum Dual-Core 1.6 GHz Processor
3gb of RAM( I upgraded it from 1gb to 3gb)
Windows 7 ULTIMATE (not home premium)
120 GB Hard Drive
32- bit Operating System

I have provided a picture of my computer Spec through CPU-Z



A:How much can I sell this for?

If it comes with the Windows CD, you could probably ask $300 for it.
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I did installed vista ultimate.I installed sound driver.But my problem is only 4 speaker is working .CENTRAL / SUB is not working.i configured Intel audio studio and tested but didnt work.Please give ur suggestions.THnaks in advance..

Mother board : INtel D945GCL

O.S : vista ultimate 32 bit

Speaker : creative inspire 5.1

driver version: IDT high definition audio codec

A:Sound problem in creative 5.1 inspire after fresh installation of Vista

can you please run a Dxdiag report?

1) Press on the "Windows Vista" button normally found at the bottom left hand corner of the screen

2) Select "Start Search"

3) Type "dxdiag" in the box and press the return/enter button on your key board.

4) Select the "Save All Information". Sometimes, you will be asked if you wish to check if the drivers are "digitally signed". Should this message appear, choose "Yes"

5) Save the file to a place on your machine where you can easily locate it again e.g. your desktop.

6) Attach the file in your next reply.
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SOLVED USB ports not working after mobo driver install fresh xp install Hello all long time browser first xp (fresh USB after mobo install ports driver working install) not poster Anyways I had to do a fresh install of XP after some nasty spyware keloggers found their way onto my system Everything works fine until after i install the motherboard drivers motherboard EVGA nforce i SLI after the PC reboots I am still able to access the BIOS screen wth the USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install) keyboard and my mouse lights are on As soon as windows XP home loads the lights on my mouse turn USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install) off and both the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive I have tried several things First i verified that USB support was enabled in the BIOS I then tried another fresh install easy beacuse i partitioned g just for the install so i could just re-format if anything like this ever happened and installed the current drivers for the mouse and keyboard first logitech g laser mouse and g keyboard Then i installed the mobo drivers same results I tried the other way around as well but to no avail I am completely stumped as to why the darn drivers that came with the mobo won t work Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Steve EDIT the old-school ps ps keyboard mouse ports aren t working either LookinArounds link to the fix http www techspot com vb topic html post nbsp

A:USB ports not working after mobo driver install (fresh xp install)

Is the reason the keyboard and mouse are not working is because they are USB?

Were the chipset drivers installed from a disk that came with the motherboard, or from downloads...
When you to to Device Drivers withing Hardware in System on the Control panel, do you see yellow or red flags by the long USB set or any other drivers on the list?
We assume your system worked OK until this re-install of Windows?
Are you sure you have the partitions configured properly so that the drives are being installed to the main partition rather than the other partition... and how do you know?
We suspect the problem has to do with those partitions and they way you have set them up.
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Hello, Ive just recently reformated my driver to a fresh reinstall of vista. But somehow my driver is still half full, the capacity of my partitioned hard drive is 109GB. When I checked the remaining space, I only have 77GB which is weird because I havent installed any programs yet.

I dont know what caused it, Its already using 32GB. I checked my program files and its only using 1.1GB the rest is only 3GB.

A:Fresh reformat but my HD is still half full

I would check the size of your windows installation is mine is coming close to 20gb so you will deffo be losing some of that space there
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Hello guys thanks in advance for your time I have been getting multiple blue screen errors for months now on my ASUS box and it s so bad at times I can t even boot the computer I built the box myself it ran fine for a yr or so then the bsods started and have been getting progressively worse over the past - yrs I have analyzed several minidump files recently also these are attached and windbg says it s the fault of multiple different drivers and processes it really varies The blue screens usually start during intensive processes playing high res game converting large video files etc and once one pops up they will continue - at times I ve been unable to boot up the machine due to non-stop blue screens or freezes during the black Windows XP loading screen If it does manage to start up after several restarts it s fine as long as I stay away from intensive processes Seems as if I leave it a while off when I eventually come back it will start fine every time I was wondering if you guys could suggest any troubleshooting tips and help me get to the bottom of this in Multiple all blue included XP, screens specs/dumps/tests feel free to check the minidumps as well More info on my system amp setup ASUS M N -SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Multiple blue screens in XP, all specs/dumps/tests included PC Memory OCZ GameXStream W ATX V SLI Certified Power Supply EVGA GeForce GTS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x SAMSUNG HD LJ GB RPM SATA Gb s HD Pioneer X DVD R DVD Burner Black E-IDE ATAPI Windows XP SP Up to date I ve booted with a ramtest and found no problems on several passes I also have performed a full scan with Mcaffee and Ad-aware with no problems threats on either Thanks again for your help Minidump logs attached nbsp

A:Multiple blue screens in XP, all specs/dumps/tests included

Do you have Daemon Tools installed ?

Please uninstall Daemon Tools if you do

Looks like Mcafee BSOD due to MFEHIDK.SYS

Also thanks for the full results scan, you just need to know how to read them now
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ok, here is my question, i'm upgrading to a Asus Striker Extreme 680i from my old P5N-E SLI, and i was wondering would i need a fresh window install in order for my computer recognize the new board? and also would drivers need to be re-installed again?

A:Fresh install of windows for new motherboard?

Personally I haven't had a problem when doing that.... but it could cause trouble somewhere down the road
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here are the specs

athlon 64 x2 6400+ black edition

asus m2ne-sli

geforce 8600gt 512mb pcie 16x

2gigs pc5300

maxtor 500gb sata 2

20x dvd burner

480 psu

xion 2 case

any responses would be great i have a little over 850 invested but want to start a new project gonna try intel out thanx

A:What should i sell my pc for

if i remember right, ebay had a pc value estimator tool at onetime.

Remember PC's depreciate VERY quickly.
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Hey, guys, quick question concerning my laptop. I have a Dell Latitude C400 with a Fujitsu 80 gig HDD. I have a Fujitsu HDD because my previous 20 gig kept Blue Screening on me. Lately, I have been experiencing a bunch of mini dumps. Are there any mini dump experts on here? I have the Error Signature information if that helps.


A:First Blue Screen, Now Mini Dumps?

yep- start by searching for "How to read minidumps" here on techspot.
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I am very frustrated with my pc as of late I am Dumps !!! Won't Write Crash Pc !!! getting BSODs all over the place often as many as four !!! Pc Won't Write Crash Dumps !!! within ten minutes and perhaps seven or eight in a day It is so I can t leave the house without expecting a blue screen of death waiting for me when I get home I haven t installed any new hardware or anything lately that would indicate such a problem but I have a feeling it has to do with drivers The problem is I can t debug it because my pc isn t creating crash dumps C Wiondows Minidumps is not being written to and the is no other dump locations I don t know why it is not creating dumps Randomly however on the seventh it did create a dump however perhaps one time out of thirty or more crashes in the last few weeks and analyzing it with windbg I found that it was probably a driver called ntkrnlpa exe whatever that is Because I only have that one dump I cannot tell if that was the primary and consistent cause or even if it was accurate but I have included the bang analyze dash v and lmv results for this debug if anyone can add any wisdom to this irritating problem So yeah I d like to get to the bottom of what is causing these crashes and more importantly why my pc is constipated and won t dump Thanks Scarlet the lmv results extend much farther but I only included the info relevant to the driver hinted by analyze -v -- kd gt analyze -v Bugcheck Analysis DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL d An attempt was made to access a pageable or completely invalid address at an interrupt request level IRQL that is too high This is usually caused by drivers using improper addresses If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace Arguments Arg a df memory referenced Arg IRQL Arg value read operation write operation Arg a df address which referenced memory Debugging Details ------------------ READ ADDRESS a df CURRENT IRQL FAULTING IP a df a df CUSTOMER CRASH COUNT DEFAULT BUCKET ID DRIVER FAULT BUGCHECK STR xD LAST CONTROL TRANSFER from a df to fa FAILED INSTRUCTION ADDRESS a df a df STACK TEXT ed d a df badb d c eb ed d nt KiTrap E x WARNING Frame IP not in any known module Following frames may be wrong f x a df STACK COMMAND kb FOLLOWUP IP nt KiTrap E fa f test dword ptr ebp h h SYMBOL STACK INDEX SYMBOL NAME nt KiTrap E FOLLOWUP NAME MachineOwner MODULE NAME nt IMAGE NAME ntkrnlpa exe DEBUG FLR IMAGE TIMESTAMP e f c FAILURE BUCKET ID xD CODE AV BAD IP nt KiTrap E BUCKET ID xD CODE AV BAD IP nt KiTrap E Followup MachineOwner --------- kd gt lmv start end module name d cd nt pdb symbols c symbols ntkrnlpa pdb F DB C CB DDBCA F F ntkrnlpa pdb Loaded symbol image file ntkrnlpa exe Mapped memory image file c symbols ntkrnlpa exe E F C f ntkrnlpa exe Image path ntkrnlpa exe Image name ntkrnlpa exe Timestamp Wed Feb E F C CheckSum ImageSize F File version Product version File flags Mask F File OS NT Win File type App File date Translations b CompanyName Microsoft Corporation ProductName Microsoft R Windows R Operating System InternalName ntkrnlpa exe OriginalFilename ntkrnlpa exe ProductVersion FileVersion xpsp sp gdr - FileDescription NT Kernel amp System LegalCopyright C Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved nbsp

A:!!! Pc Won't Write Crash Dumps !!!

Start trouibleshooting the BSOD by testing or swapping out your memory. ntkrnlpa.exe is a Windows System file. The debug pointer is very generic. We always recommend that the memory be checked first
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I have tried to regain general internet HTTP browsing. I can get to all my HTTPS sites. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my wireless hardware, twice. I have compared all the connection info with my other computer with wireless connection, and all reads the same. Each time I try to connect to something general, like Google search page, this message shows up: error attempting to validate winsock base providers:2, not all base service provider entries could be found in winsock catalog, reset is needed. Yet, all connections show they are working. Anyone know what to do? using XP Pro, Verizon DSL router

A:Have HTTPS connection, but not HTTP

Is your router an all-in-one or do you have a WAP connected to your router?
Sounds like either your router isn't allowing port 80 traffice inbound/outbound or your internet browser is set to Trusted Zone rather than Internet zone.

I have had the same problem but reversed, in that I could not get to SSL sites (HTTPS - 443) but that was due to a PAT rule between 2 routers not forwarding 443 traffic.
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Hi there I m new here Recently my system had been making sounds that were new to me like intermittent beeping which install beginning, fails help at Pro fresh XP the right please would go away if I turned the CPU fan speed up A few days ago I turned XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help my pc on and when XP Pro loaded the desktop XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help it completely froze after about - seconds no mouse response or anything I decided to reinstall XP I set my CD ROM to boot first so I could run the install from the XP CD was able to format my hard drive and select the partition on which I wanted to install XP I get to the part after you press F to agree to the EULA license and then it says quot copying files quot but it always freezes here Sometimes it get s to but always freezes I m pretty sure the CDROM isn t to blame I have tried it with two different ones The XP install disc isn t scratched at all I ve changed the cables running from the drives to the motherboard and checked the RAM chips are seated properly The problem still persists can anyone help me out here I m really frustrated trying to decipher what is wrong with the system I even bought a new HD but that wasn t the problem either Thanks for your help in advance Isla nbsp

A:XP Pro fresh install fails right at the beginning, please help

check out the beep codes :

go to this link and get 'everest home' then check temps etc then you can fill in your specs too for someone to check them out: :wave:
by the way welcome to techspot
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Hi all,

I'm struggling with my Linksys WAG54G Wireless ADSL router.

Recently, despite no setting changes i'm aware of, the router seems to lose the ability to see the web from time to time.

Originally, I thought the whole connection had failed but I've now noticed that only http stops working but https, ftp etc keep working fine.

Now, this can't be PC setting or firewall related since it effects the PS3, PSP and other devices all running through this same router.

9 times out of 10, a switch-router-off, wait, switch-router-on seems to clear it.

So, any suggestions? Is my linksys router on it's last legs? All help much appreciated.


A:Linksys Router - Https works - Http doesn't

Hi GustaBonad and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

I just went through a patch of this with a Belkin wireless Router, it lasted for a few days and then stopped, no reason, no rhyme, same effects as you, No HTTP but MSN messenger worked OK and so did email.

It's not doing it now and hasnt for a while, so it may have been an ISP thing, I did notice that there was a lot of hacking attempts on my router at the time but nothing the router couldnt handle.

Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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Morning All- I am hitting the forum circuits hoping that I about CPU the - Install Fresh What can find the problem I am running in to Question I have done a fresh Fresh Install - What about the CPU install of OS and apps Fresh Install - What about the CPU My questions are What PI m time should I be seeing Currently I am reaching s Folks from the FSX forum that I belong to say this is a horrible time This leads me to my next question What utilities and drivers should I install for a fresh install I haven t installed anything from my Mobo disc other than the SM Bus Driver There is nothing specific for the CPU however As I look on the AMD site there are dual core drivers for XP and an optimizer - Do I need to install these Here are my computer specs ASUS - A N-SLI AMD - Toledo X Corsaire - GB ram GTS mb SB Audigy Platinum ZS k Raptor Hd mb Seagate gb quot Hanns G LCD Ben-Q LCD Generic DVD-r w Ultimately I am getting benchmark scores where they need to be dMark is around However the FPS for the game I am playing FSX is very memory intensive and is obviously bottlenecking the operation I have concerns that I haven t done something to get the true potential of the CPUs up to speed Here is a link to the forum that I have made posts to If you can help me out in any way I would really appreciate your time I have a hard time believing that my CPU should be performing like a year old machine I think I have been installing or not installing something wrong ever since my initial build last fall http www flightsimworld com entry Thanks in advance for you time- Bman nbsp

A:Fresh Install - What about the CPU

1. I have no idea what PI is....

2. You should download all drivers from the manufactuer websites for all devices in your system. Generally a windows update will find most of them for you.
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Hello guys First let me give you my system included) shuts off (dumps randomly Monitor setup - MSI K N SLI Platinum - AMD Athlon - x Corsair MB C - AOpen GeForce FX PCI - Creative Sound Blaster Live - SeaSonic S - Monitor shuts off randomly (dumps included) - AOpen FX PCI Driver - nVidia nForce Driver - Motherboard BIOS v - Windows XP SP English Ever since I ve started using my GeForce FX card I ve had a problem with it Sometimes it will cause my monitor to shut off and after that my HDD Monitor shuts off randomly (dumps included) too looks like both go into standby On top of that sometimes after this my system restarts This GeForce FX card is actually a temporary replacement as I ve had another problem with my GF GT sometimes vertical bars at boot Currently I don t own the GT anymore sent it back to the store and am looking to buy a new one in the near future But at this point I m stuck with the GF FX My motherboard has PCI slots and whenever I put the card into the rd one with an orange color the problem is almost replicable by installing ForceWare drivers or playing a game for a couple of minutes It seems to be more stable in PCI and PCI but the problem still occurs just less frequently every week instead of every minutes Over the months I have kept track of the problem through personal notes although they are a bit messy I ve tried several ForceWare versions new and old and a clean Windows install didn t help The problem even occured without ForceWare drivers installed After the monitor shut off again this morning I did a reset and everything was back to normal Then I shut the machine down and after I started up Windows again an error message popped up saying Windows had recovered from a serious error Then I found out about Windows dump files and saw that one was made at the time of the crash this morning I quickly found there were a couple of dump files that seemed to have been made at dates that correspond with those of crashes like this in the past few months as indicated in my own notes Since people use these dump files on this forum for troubleshooting I thought I would post mine and see if you guys come up with something that can help I ran them through WinDbg myself and it seems nv mini sys is the cause but I don t quite get it since it happened with several video drivers including standard Windows ones I have a couple more of these dump files but the dates of them don t match with any of my notes so I m not sure that they were produces after this type of crash I ll check them in WinDbg nevertheless Here are the dumps The txt files include my analyze -v response Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Monitor shuts off randomly (dumps included)

Your monitor shutting off is a symtom of your problem and not the cause. As you already know, this is a problem with the video card/drivers, as the minidumps show. Try another video card and driver set
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I need to access our Exchange 2003 server from outside the firewall. Should I configure the server for RPC over HTTP or open the needed ports on the firewall so I can get to exchange?

A:RPC/HTTP or open Ports

USE A VPN connection! Both RPC and HTTP can be intercepted and compromised.

Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own.
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Help for a buddie
Mt friend at work bought a 64 bit xp disc off ebay he went and got new mobi and the rest of stuff he needed and when he tries to instal the 64 bit xp he gets an error when it gets to the point of instaling raid drivers for intel chip set ? any clues would be helpful.

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ok i dont know if this is the right thread to do this in but these I much for parts sell ? How could it said ne thing about hardware soo here How much could I sell these parts for ? it goes I am curently trying to get money together so i can get several add ons for my pc and How much could I sell these parts for ? i was wondering before i put it up on ebay or went to a store how much all of the thing How much could I sell these parts for ? i am going to sell is gonna b worth ok the mother board i dont know what it is all i know is that its the motherboard from a dell series um an intel pentium processor GHz w heatsink AGP MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce ideo card x samsung RAM i dont know what kind they are but its kind of an old version so i think its the SDRAM i think and a WATT power supplyw all the wires another video card crappy nvidia geforce mx and last but not least a CD-R drive NEC ok so thats my list about how much do you guys think that that bundle would be worth nbsp

A:How much could I sell these parts for ?

$300 tops.
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I'm going to start selling computers, however I have been stumped on which cases to offer for the computers.

I only want to offer around 7 cases covering all builds so I can effectively create proper packaging for each system.

Around 5: I'm looking for cost efficient, light, cool looking, and decent quality (not superb, but not fragile) cases.

And a couple: high quality cases, preferably lightweight, cool looking and are not overly expensive.

I'm looking at targeting the gamers so the cool-looking factor is a huge plus. Cases without PSUs are even better, I can't even begin to state headaches over generic PSUs.

I have a few in mind but overall want to see what you guys think.


A:Selecting cases to sell

I would recommend this series Aspire X gear ITs only 46$, can support many hdds, 4 cdrom drive bays, hugh 120mm rear exhaust fan, sidewindow with fan slot, good construction, front temp bezel, or a kinda bigger case from chemming its a smaller atx version of the re server sized one, its less riced out, but more durable and good quality chemming
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Ok i just opened up my gq rx- laptop to replace the screen which was pretty busted up by the previous owner i guess they beat it up with a sledgehammer mounted it back up and it worked fine for about minutes then i got a bsod blue screen of death it rebooted and Laptop start (gq wont up rx-7330 then i started getting beeps as i have researched the beep sequence means there is something wrong displaywise i tried rebooting a couple times after and now no beeps the bios doesnt seem to be startin up anymore and now it wasnt powering down with a simple touch of the power button it appears to me that the power board is playing a roll in this somehow because when i screw it down fairly Laptop wont start up (gq rx-7330 tightly i get the beeps and when i screw it down loosely it is either not coming on coming on without the bios even starting or starting fine for about a minute could there be a connection with the board the power switch is on and my problem or could the screws be too long and be hittin the motherboard in places she doesnt like to be hit or am i completely retarded bounce please reply nbsp

A:Laptop wont start up (gq rx-7330

any suggestions at all would be great :hotbounce
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I just received my new A N-SLI Premium MOBO AMD CPU twin pack G of Vista ram from Newegg I thought I researched this board enuff but I am having problems loading the OS and am finding that there are just as many people getting this MOBO to work as there are not Back when I had the A N X-E Deluxe I found on this board which rocks the needed files to load my the OS onto a pair of Raptor s WD in RAID O stripped I have been on the phone with ASUS tech reps to get the BIOS set-up correctly and gone to the Western Digital site to find the right drivers for the Raptors The BIOS see s the Raptors but when it is time to load onto the hard drive s I get A8N-SLI fresh Premium load a screen telling me that quot There is no disk in this drive quot What am I missing Where do I go and what do I A8N-SLI Premium fresh load need to do Help I m starting to feel like I made a mistake with my selection of hardware nbsp

A:A8N-SLI Premium fresh load

How many hard drives have you installed and are they IDE or SATA drives?

Are you using a RAID configuration?

If so, I would disable the RAID settings in the BIOS and use a single hard drive to install Windows on.
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Does anyone know of a good audio forum, for both home and car audio? I have found one that has just been created. There looks to be a good promise to the content. Take a look and let me know what you think. Maybe I'll see you as a part of it soon, unless I find something else.

A:Home and Car audio @

There`s this one that deals specifically with car audio.

The forum in your link looks pretty cool though.

I`m not too sure about home audio forums. There seems to be lot`s to choose from. It may be just a case of choosing one that appeals to you.

Regards Howard
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I have been feeling lately that my PC s which I have tryed so hard to keep upgraded updated and Do In Stand?? Dumps, PC'S The My Where powerful enough to play all those great games are not good enough Now after recently running DMark I feel even worse I thought that I would score higher then I did Maybe I can feel better by In The Dumps, Where Do My PC'S Stand?? running DMark Another thing is I thought that my Notebook PC with the specs I chose would be kind of close to my desktop before the upgrade to GB of RAM in what it can run but my Notebook falls behind more then I would like What I would like to get from this thread I am trying to find out if my PC s are as good as they get actaully good for what they are or if there is something somewhere that I can do to boost my PC s along those lines Thanks in advance SPECS PC Model Dell Demension Desktop Processor Ghz Pentium w HT RAM GB Total GB amp GB Dual Channel DDR PC- Mhz Sound Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi - Xtreme Music Graphics MB BFG Nvidia GeForce GT OC HD GB Free - GB DMark Score DMarks SM Score HDR SM Score CPU Score PC Model HP Pavillion zd US Notebook Processor GhzE Pentium w HT RAM GB Total GB Dual Channel DDR PC - Mhz Sound Conexant AC- On-Board Graphics MB Shared ATI Mobility Radeon X HD GB Free - GB DMark Score DMarks SM Score HDR SM Score N A Not enough tests run CPU Score nbsp

A:In The Dumps, Where Do My PC'S Stand??

I often wonder if that is the main purpose of the 3DMark programs is to get us all insecure about our systems and spend more money

Your desktop is a very nice system I'd say. No need to rush into an upgrade there at all, and I am sure that gaming on that computer is a great experience.

Your notebook's graphics card is a lower end card as far as gaming goes, so don't be so surprised about your score. For a notebook, it is a good one!
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Reinstalled windows after running into some problems. BIG MISTAKE. I had a hard time installing the SATA HD before and I have no Idea how I went about it the last time. I don't wanna loose any files. Can someone please help me get my system to detect my SATA Drive. I Have an Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard.

Thanks in advance,

A:Fresh Install Won't Detect SATA Drive

Did you load the SATA drivers during boot up before trying to install windows?
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Ok so I wouldn t say i m a noob component HTTP [email protected]?!? for needed by any stretch but this baffles me Situation Trying HTTP component needed for [email protected]?!? to set up a NAS drive a Buffalo Link Station and everything on the LS is fine including workgroup So I go over to my Windows workgroup and I don t see it I don t even see my pc Ok so M sucks so I try to connect via Run - gt ipaddy share nothing so Run - gt justipaddy nothing ok ping the LS works connect via web config works connect via ftp ipaddy works Try on another pc works wtf so I turn off QoS packet scheduler the only protocol other than Client for MS network and MS file and printer sharing still nothing go into services to see if anything wierd is going on see that UPnP is not started figured it would be good to have on so I start it and I get error the dependency service or group failed to start SSDL is a dependency so I go to start that and I get the same error but this time the depency that didn t start is called HTTP I get out my XP disc and throw on all components that even come close to networking and reboot still nothing I m at the same point I guess I could be going the wrong direction but both me and my very tech savvy friend tried to figure this out and have come to a deadlock Any ideas System XP SP Asus A N-E AMD GB GEIL DDR RAM connecting to a Linksys WRT G v via LAN connected to it is the Linkstation HD-H LAN I m sure theres going to be more info needed so just get back to me I can access it fine via FTP but of course I would like direct access as well Thanks in advance nbsp

A:HTTP component needed for [email protected]?!?

Any software firewalls? Or maybe you have to explicitly enable/configure SMB file sharing on the NAS box?
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My computer was doing the spontaneous reboot thing then it just died I replaced the power supply with the Antec dual rail V that you see in my signature and everything seemed to be fine When I was playing Madden earlier this morning the graphics started to go a little goofy and then the game just shut off but the computer remained on I then turned on HL to see what happened After about five minutes the computer rebooted in its entirety I got the whole quot windows has recovered from a serious error quot and the website that it took me to stated there was a stop error with a device attached dumps reboots, comp driver although it does not tell comp reboots, dumps attached me which The CPU temp comp reboots, dumps attached stays between - degrees celsius when idle and goes up to degrees celsius when doing high graphics stuff numbers from ASUS Probe I m not overclocking the comp reboots, dumps attached video card or the CPU The power supply I just installed has a pretty slow fan it only hits about - RPM max goes down to - when sitting around idle Maybe because it s a bigger fan moves more air The temperature of the CPU hasn t changed at all with this new PSU so I don t believe it s overheating I dont know how hot the video card gets The voltages seem right on with ASUS Probe I attached the minidumps because I m at the end of my rope I thought I had the problem licked with a new PSU but that s not the case Can someone peek at these minidumps and give me some advice nbsp

A:comp reboots, dumps attached

One minidump crashes at your videocard driver. The other minidump crashes with memory corruption. You may have a ram problem with either your physical ram, or your videocard ram.

Try updating your videocard drivers.

Go HERE and follow the instructions for testing your ram etc.

If you could zip 5 or 6 minidumps together, it would give us a better idea of the culprit.

Please let us know the results.

Regards Howard
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my laptops LCD is broken but the system itself is still in top shape. i was wondering if i was to sell this laptop how much money u think i can get for it..
my specs are::

CPU Turion64 MT-30
OS Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
LCD Size 13.3" WXGA (GT)
Optical Drive Multi-Format DVD +/- Burner
Hard Drive 80 GB
Memory 512MB DDR
Wireless LAN MSI 802.11g
USB (3x) 2.0
DimensionsWxDxH) 12.44"Wx8.82"Dx1.26-1.35"H
Weight (lbs.) 4.2 lbs.

A:sell my laptop?

what did it cost you brand new? if it cost you a grand and it is no more than 2 years old, I would say you could sell for about 600, minus the cost of a broken lcd which may be close to 2
$200, you end up with about 400. thats just my 2 pennies.
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I have a Dimension 9100 and want to do a fresh install of XP. The only disc I can create is the Dell OS Recovery CD. I've read in lotsa places about needing to press F6 on installing XP to select a RAID disc or something. All I know is that I have the following:

320GB Serial ATA RAID 0 Stripe [2x160GB 7200rpm ]

I want XP to have just one HD shown (C as it currently is. Do I need to make some kinda disc for this setup? Also, a side note, I have something called the Intel Matrix Storage Manager that shows up after the BIOS. Do I need to manually install this after XP or is it built-in to the BIOS? Thank you so much.

A:Fresh installing Dell 9100... do I need RAID stuff?

Yes. You'll need to copy the raid drivers to a floppy. Without raid implemented you'd have two discs which would be seen as C: and D: if you didn't create smaller partitions. You still need the raid drivers with this set-up.
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Ok well here is whats going on my pc runs fine no problem but bin have trouble with a crashing issue Well first here is my system specs for my pc pentium ghz gig Ram hard drives gigs each windows xp professional editon sp nvida geforce fx mb video card Mother board- Pt ce-A on board sound updated Bios for this system as well as updated drivers for other drivers cdrw dvd player Ok here is the error now its the same error which alway appear in my system view logs Error code parameter f ef d parameter parameter bf fa parameter For more information see Help and Support System crashes XP SP2 with mini-dumps Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp Details Product Windows Operating System ID Source System XP SP2 System crashes with mini-dumps Error Version Symbolic Name ER KRNLCRASH LOG Message Error code parameter parameter parameter parameter Now that and here is the mini dumps that ive found on my pc now i would like to let you know my pc runs fine this only happens when i try to play games my fav game the sims and this issue always happen now my pc temp is c so i know thats not the problem XP SP2 System crashes with mini-dumps and ive tried swapping out ramp and etc so thats out so please help me i really want to fix this issue so much is appericated thank you nbsp

A:XP SP2 System crashes with mini-dumps

Mini Dumps

Hey sorry but for some reason the mini dumps wont load when i upload any help there just incase you need them
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OK, maybe this should be in Games Forum.
But I had BF running fine on my PC last night. (2.4 ghz Pentium, 1GB memory, 2 x 160 gb HD, ATI Radeon 9550 card with latest Catalyst drivers/control panel installed). I have a Sylvania flat panel that usually says "Auto Adjust" when I run BF. However, having just re-installed XP SP2 (long story involving a HD crash) today, now when I run BF, my monitor tells me "Attention: Signal Frequency is Out of Range. Please Adjust Timing". Plus, the "auto adjust" button does nothing when it is in this mode. I get the audio, but just a black screen. This sounds like an XP SP2 issue, but I can't seem to lick it. I can't launch the game to change the video settings from inside to see if that makes a difference, since all I get is a blank screen. Grrr. Thanks for any help.

A:Battlefield 1942 Dumps Video Timing

Sounds like you're trying to run BF with a refresh rate that's higher than 60Hz...

Did you remember to install the drivers for your monitor?

To fix the problem all you should have to do is change the settings of BF1942 to use a 60hz refresh rate instead of what it currently is. This can be done under your BF1942 folder\Mods\bf1942\Settings\Profiles\<your profile>\"video.con" & "VideoCustom.con" and change the last number (of the four) after "game.setGameDisplayMode" to "60"
Relevancy 28.38%

edit:: nvm figured it out.

A:Dlink DGL-4100 Gamerslounge router ftp/http problem

Can you share with us please?

What you found might be able to help someone else out.
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here is my setup:
P4 2.26
Asus p4p800se
1gig Elixir 3200 ddr
Radeon 9600 xt
Seagate Barracuda 160gig HD
onboard sound and nic

just installed xp sp1 and nothing else yet and i get this BSOD:


STOP: 0X00000050 ( 0X95CB91D4, 0X00000001, 0X8057464C, 0X00000000)

any advice?

also, sometimes i dont get any error at all until i install sp2, then i get:


STOP: 0X0000009c

pls help!!! :dead:

Relevancy 73.1%

Windows XP - Used dumpchk to create txt files for some memory dumps and now I m not How DUMPS?!?!?! interpret to MEMORY too sure whether it s a hardware or software driver issue i think i have an idea but just want to verify first tanx vk Here s one of em DUMP HEADER MajorVersion f MinorVersion a How to interpret MEMORY DUMPS?!?!?! DirectoryTableBase b c PfnDataBase a PsLoadedModuleList c PsActiveProcessHead b MachineImageType c NumberProcessors BugCheckCode a BugCheckParameter BugCheckParameter c BugCheckParameter BugCheckParameter ff PaeEnabled KdDebuggerDataBlock c e MiniDumpFields ff TRIAGE DUMP ServicePackBuild SizeOfDump ValidOffset fffc ContextOffset ExceptionOffset d MmOffset UnloadedDriversOffset a PrcbOffset ProcessOffset ThreadOffset c CallStackOffset SizeOfCallStack DriverListOffset b DriverCount d StringPoolOffset ed StringPoolSize a BrokenDriverOffset TriageOptions ffffffff TopOfStack f a da DebuggerDataOffset DebuggerDataSize Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack MP procs Free x compatible Built by xpsp sp gdr - Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x c Debug session time Thu Jun System Uptime days start end module name d e nt Checksum EE Timestamp Tue Mar A E Unloaded modules b e b a kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable f d a f d b drmkaud sys Timestamp unavailable b a b d aec sys Timestamp unavailable b a b a f DMusic sys Timestamp unavailable b a b aa swmidi sys Timestamp unavailable f c f c b splitter sys Timestamp unavailable f f a Cdaudio SYS Timestamp unavailable f b f b c Sfloppy SYS Timestamp unavailable Finished dump check nbsp

A:How to interpret MEMORY DUMPS?!?!?!

Bugcheck paramter 2 is IRQL and your value is x'1c' which is a clock level interrupt. Clock level interrupt is a well test routine. My XP has thousands of clock level interrupts within an hours. Clock level interupt routine does not crash unless it is hardware error at CPU, M/B or RAM. I've resovled several case of Bugeck 0A at IRQL x'1c' and they are related to hardware error.

Refer the following urls and it has link to some of my resolved cases of clock level interrupt interrupt at XP refer page 8 Kritonas
kritonas install the CPU hot tester and find out this is CPU problem. You can ask him the url of the hot tester link. refer the post from Boxer
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Hello I am hitting a brick wall trying to do a fresh install of win xp pro in raid When i start up and install the disc I am shown the page that asks to boot from cd so I hit a key then it says to hit f to install third party raid drivers i hit f and there is nothing at all I f i just try to continue with out the raid drivers when i get to the partition page it tells me there are no hard drives I am a newbee and am really lost reinstalling a fresh win xp on my comp that is already setup in raid Please help Thermaltake va tsunami case antec watt true control asus p ad -e premium mobo intel pent mb cache xfx nvidia geforce gt gig corsair xms series dual channel x g wd hd s x in raid g wd external hd sony sdm-s quot lcd x nbsp

A:fresh install win xp pro in raid 0

are you:
-using an onboard raid controller?
-using an oem or 'special' copy of windows or a copy that came with another computer?
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Hi If anyone can give me info or suggestions for solutions on this it would be greatly appreciated since none of the manufacturers seem to know My Machine Pentium GHz Processor MSI Neo- PFS Platinum Mobo Hercules D Prophet XT MB Ram GB HDD x LG DVD-ROM CD-RW drive Cant remember the speeds not that it matters quot ms BenQ LCD Monitor Windows XP Professional The Problem I run the graphics on AGP x as per the recommended setting I have being struggling for sometime now trying to figure out why my machine performed a memory dump or rebooted when even Hercules memory 3D 9600 (Radeon) dumps XT displaying causing Graphics Prophet the smallest amount of graphics was used this ranged from Windows Media Player Visualisations to the graphics is FarCry or UTK I had Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps contacted Hercules MSI especially ATI and even Microsoft and none have come back with any solutions or suggestions I then took a chance and disabled the Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps AGP Fast Write AGP Write Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 XT (Radeon) Graphics displaying causing memory dumps and Read as well as PCI Read and Write via the Control Center Thus my problem was resolved BUT now i cannot view DVD Movies re-enabling the settings allows me to view the DVD for about Minutes and then it reboots or performs memory dumps I have tried different combinations but it does not seem to help Does anyone have any sort of suggestion or solution for me nbsp
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I'm upgrading very soon like next week and I have a potential buyer who has a system of half my current spec as shown in sig.

The question is, if you were selling all the following as an upgrade bundle, how much would you expect for it, considering it cost around 450 originally am I right in asking 200-250 for it?

Athlon 900 with heatsink & fan
Asus A7V Motherboard with latest 2002 bios update
2 x 256 Crucial PC133 SDRAM with Lifetime warranty
Asus Geforce 2 GTS

If they refuse the price, am i right in saying they are losing out on a bargain price?

A:PC Upgrade - How much would YOU sell your old components for?

you don't mention if you are giving them a monitor or not.

assuming no, I would probably start the haggling at around 400 with the knowledge that you will probably lower to around 300 or so.

all of that stuff is tech that's around 18 months old but its still good stuff....

IMHO 200 is a little too low and 300 is more like it.
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What steps do I take to get abuntu running from a fresh install

A:Ubuntu: Fresh install, how to?

You mean Ubuntu?

You should find info here:
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Hi guys I use an old sony vaio laptop with model number VPCSB FG with a Windows Home Premium -bit OS A few days ago I went to a Sony repair center to reformat my laptop it didn t have the OS installer when I bought it and it still have sounds The next day there was an red x mark on the volume icon and there was no sound It said that there are quot No Audio Output No win7 install of sound fresh after Device is installed quot I download the audio driver from Sony site No sound after fresh install of win7 http www sony-asia com support product vpcsb fg and installed it but after the restart there is still no sound and everything s the same I tried installing again a few times and still the same At the device manager the only thing under the quot Sound video and game controller quot is the Intel No sound after fresh install of win7 R Display Audio that is installed and enabled I tried looking No sound after fresh install of win7 at the playback devices and checked the quot Show Disabled Devices quot and quot Show Disconnected Devices quot and it still says quot No audio devices installed quot Now I don t know what to do Is this maybe a hardware problem But it still has sound after the reformat and I didn t let it fall or something like that I hope there s a software solution to this THANK YOU GUYS nbsp

A:No sound after fresh install of win7

Have you tried picking up on other audio drivers? I usually get these to work for me, regardless of mobo:
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Hey guys so the problem has been persisting for awhile. It used to just be one BSOD per fresh startup.

Now I'm just getting them on startup all the time other than some versions of safe mode.

Attached are the minidumps.

Also can someone explain to me why a USB drive refuses to be bootable? I'm trying to use the memtest installer to make it a bootable USB and I can't. This would help answer memory RAM stick suspicions.
I had done a MEMTEST previously for a whole cycle (all 8 tests) and nothing. I figured if anythign was this severe it would show up on the first cycle.

A:BSOD moments after startup (fresh windows installation twice)

Don't forget the MSCONFIG tool to manage boot environment - - it allows partial loading to startups and services to that it's not just all or nothing as is Safe Mode.
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Hey everyone I just bought parts for install fresh code trying Error 7 while 0x80070057 Win a new system build AMD Phenom II x Thurban Blk Edition Ghz GB Corsair Vengeance PC ASUS M A TD EVO mobo Nvidia Geforce Ti GB Gfx card Sony Optiarc x CD DVD rom SATA WD TB RPM HD SATA After piecing everything it fired right up so I went into BIOS and set the boot priority for DVD rom gt HD Placed my windows disc Error code 0x80070057 while trying fresh Win 7 install in saved and exited and things seemed to go ok until windows gave me the error code mentioned in the title of this thread quot Windows could not format the partition on disk The error occurred while preparing the partition selected for installation Error code x quot This error shows every time I try to install Win The HD is brand spanking new and I did click the quot new quot option in advanced settings to set and format a partition The REALLY weird thing is that when this happens my bios settings reset back to default values Why is this happening Do I have a bad motherboard Bad HD Bad OS disk I don t have duplicates of anything so it s impossible to troubleshoot by elimination I really don t know what else to do now I m close to giving up on this system and just sending everything back to Newegg and cutting my losses Any advice would be golden at this point thanks for any help you guys can lend UPDATE I swapped SATA cables ran the in house mem diagnostic found no errors even tried dfferent SATA ports on the mobo and I still get the same results Things seem to be getting worse however Now windows sometimes doesn t even detect the drive so to eliminate the possibility that the drive was DOA I swapped to a known good drive and I get the exact same result when attempting to either create a new partition or format the existing one nbsp

A:Error code 0x80070057 while trying fresh Win 7 install

UPDATE#2: Problem resolved! The issue was with the CASE. They installed a "hot - swap" device that you hook your HD into, but the interface was bad, and was corrupting any and all data that passed through.

BUYER BEWARE: the case is an Azza Hurricane 2000 BLK. Anyone who uses this case in a system build REMOVE the hot swap interface cards that are installed in the drive bays, as they do not work as designed. I hope this helps anyone building a system that might be running into a similar problem.
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I am attempting to set up a single drive machine with Windows XP and Ubuntu as follows:
C:\ windows OS
G:\media (music, vids, etc.)
H:\ Hidden for "adult content"
I:\Storage for stuff I want to keep
J:\image of C:\ (weekly)

Is this adequate?

A:Windows XP + Ubuntu set up on fresh HD, suggestions

how big is your HDD?
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I have just started getting these screens and am getting very irritated. I need your help in reading the mini-dump files.

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Blue screens, need help with dumps

There is a thread for BSOD's located here:

So post this in there, but first, go here:
For instructions on how to test your memory and hard drive for errors. Let us know how the tests go
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I have this work PC that the company I used to work for didn't want back so I thought I would format it and have a fresh install of Win 7 on it, only problem is that the thing doesn't have a cd or dvd drive of any kind on it. And it is password protected. Is there any way to get around the password and install the windows or is it just a piece of scrap now? I already bypassed the BIOS password and when I went to use the recover tool it wanted the password.
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hi all just formatted from vista to win7 home premium now need drivers search but cant find please help

A:Need drivers after fresh install Toshiba Satellite L350-12N

Maybe these?

For the short model #, I left it "All". And 32 bit OS. You'll need to change these to narrow the search.
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AV avast Antivirus Enabled Updated B D - B-D C - E- FE FC C SP avast Antivirus Enabled Updated CF - -DA - FCE-A D DFB SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF FW ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Enabled E B E-D B - F - E- B Microsoft Windows to dumps when and device I new to goes Computer blue memory add screen try Home Computer goes to blue screen and dumps memory when I try to add new device Premium Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd M MT-S P Processor AMD Sempron tm Processor Socket M mhz Disk Partitions C is FIXED NTFS - GiB total GiB free D is CDROM F is Removable Update for Microsoft Office KB Adobe Reader avast Free Antivirus HP Photo Creations HP Photosmart series Help HP Update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version Microsoft Office Service Pack SP Microsoft Office Access MUI English Microsoft Office Access Setup Metadata MUI English Microsoft Office Enterprise Microsoft Office Excel MUI English Microsoft Office Groove MUI English Microsoft Office Groove Setup Metadata MUI English Microsoft Office InfoPath MUI English Microsoft Office OneNote MUI English Microsoft Office Outlook MUI English Microsoft Office PowerPoint MUI English Microsoft Office Proof English Microsoft Office Proof French Microsoft Office Proof Spanish Microsoft Office Proofing English Microsoft Office Proofing Tools Service Pack SP Microsoft Office Publisher MUI English Microsoft Office Shared MUI English Microsoft Office Shared Setup Metadata MUI English Microsoft Office Word MUI English Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft Visual C Redistributable - x Microsoft Visual C Redistributable - x Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft Office System KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Security Update for Microsoft Office suites KB -Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office Access KB Security Update for Microsoft Office Groove KB Security Update for Microsoft Office InfoPath KB Security Update for Microsoft Office InfoPath KB Security Update for Microsoft Office PowerPoint KB -Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office PowerPoint KB -Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office Publisher KB -Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office system Security Update for Microsoft Office system KB Security Update for Microsoft Office Visio Viewer KB Security Update for Microsoft Office Word KB Skype Sweex Universal Webcam Driver Update for Microsoft Office System KB Update for Microsoft Office System KB Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Update for Microsoft NET Framework Client Profile KB Update for Microsoft Office Help for Common Features KB Update for Microsoft Office suites KB -Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Office suites KB -Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Office suites KB -Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Office System KB Update for Microsoft Office Access Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Excel KB -Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Office Excel Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Infopath Help KB Update for Microsoft Office OneNote KB Update for Microsoft Office OneNote Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Outlook KB Update for Microsoft Office Outlook Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Powerpoint Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Publisher Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Script Editor Help KB Update for Microsoft Office Word Help KB VC Runtime Visual Studio x Redistributables WinRAR -bit ZoneAlarm Firewall ZoneAlarm Free ZoneAlarm Security Event Viewer Messages From Past Wee... Read more

A:Computer goes to blue screen and dumps memory when I try to add new device

Moved from VM forum at request of VM staff. Judged to be not a malware issue. Deleted most of logs.
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I just did a fresh reformat and install of win7 on my desktop. I made sure to get all the updated drivers for all of my hardware, but I keep getting a BSOD randomly every few hours. I cannot successfully reproduce it by doing anything in particular, it seems to be entirely random.

I have attached two minidumps that I had to zip because they are both around 280 KB unzipped. I would really appreciate any help in narrowing down what might be causing this so that I can hopefully have a stable system.


A:Intermittent BSODs Win7 fresh install

The dump files are not posted properly. Read and follow this:
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After formatting my HD and doing a fresh install of my XP os, slip streaming with it Service pack 3, I'm now unable to update the machine from the MS update site. All drivers have been installed. Can someone give me direction as to how to proceed? I've tried going to the Microsoft pages where one is able to have it automatically fixed remotely this was not successful. Runnin thin on ideas here. Hope someone can help

A:After fresh install of XP my autoupdate receives an error unable to update OS

Try this utility:
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I just installed Windows on my Bootcamp drive but I'm getting constant BSODs Kernel Security Check Failure as soon as I start up I've managed to narrow hardware faults down to an external HD enclosure I use primarily in OSX as a Time Machine drive it works fine in OSX showing all partitions If I unplug the enclosure before booting Windows appears to operate fine but if I plug it in the computer hard locks and when the system is restarted with or without the device attached it blue screens and reboots If the enclosure is plugged in when Windows on BSOD fresh (Bootcamp): Enclosure? HD Win8 first boots it either goes to a neutered Recovery mode you can select all the troubleshooting items but nothing can be done because the OS drive is locked or blue screens within seconds of logging in While I can use Windows without the drive attached I really don't want to have to reach in back of the machine every time I boot to Windows Perfmon gets the refusal message I see elsewhere in the forum so it can't get a report Attached are the FileCollection and a typical Minidump As for the things I've tried before posting BSOD on fresh Win8 (Bootcamp): HD Enclosure? here the enclosure is a Sabrent EC- US enclosure and Sabrent's site BSOD on fresh Win8 (Bootcamp): HD Enclosure? claims there are no drivers required for it Guts of the system iMac GHz quad-i GB RAM TB Fusion Drive all internal hardware standard for the top-line of that time Approx GB reserved for Bootcamp drive edits to correct typos

A:BSOD on fresh Win8 (Bootcamp): HD Enclosure?

The first step is to visit Apple Software Update and get all available updates for your system.Do this first in OS X and make sure you update everything (it may take several trips to get them all).Then do it again inside of Windows (it may take several trips to get them all).Then visit Windows Update and get all available Windows Updates (it may take several trips to get them all). Please remove Classic Start Menu/Classic Shell as I have seen problems with this in Win8.  After the system is stabilized (and fully updated), feel free to reinstall a fresh copy. Only ran the last 9 memory dumps - one of the older dumps caused the app that I use to crash. The other suspicions that I have are these programs/devices:- libusb0.sys - a library that enables access for programs to USB devices- Razer Synapse drivers (a past history of BSOD problems - none recently) As you have problems with plugging/unplugging the external drive - I'd have to suspect the libusb0.sys program first.Please uninstall that and test for further BSOD's.If unable to uninstall it, please post back for suggestions on how to manually disable the driver safely (DO NOT do this yet - it may render the system unbootable). If that doesn't work, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions:  Analysis:The following is for informational purposes only.[font=lucida console]**************************Wed Jun  3 00:16:08.371 2015 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\060215-28406-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: [B]9600[/B].17736.amd64fre.winblue_r9.150322-1500
System Uptime:[B]0 days 0:07:02.104[/B]
Probably caused by :[B]ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiFastFailDispatch+d0 )[/B]
BugCheck [B]139, {3, ffffd001bb4b8570, ffffd001bb4b84c8, 0}[/B]
BugCheck Info: [url=]KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE (139)[/url]
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A LIST_ENTRY has been corrupted (i.e. double remove).
Arg2: ffffd001bb4b8570, Address of the trap frame for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg3: ffffd001bb4b84c8, Address of the exception record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, Reserved
PROCESS_NAME:  svchost.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: [B]0x139_3_nt!KiFastFailDispatch[/B]
CPUID:        "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz"
MaxSpeed:     3500
CurrentSpeed: [B]3492[/B]
**************************Wed Jun  3 00:06:10.340 2015 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\060215-24406-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: [B]9600[/B].17736.amd64fre.winblue_r9.150322-1500
System Uptime:[B]0 days 0:01:44.074[/B]
Probably caused by :[B]ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiFastFailDispatch+d0 )[/B]
BugCheck [B]139, {3, ffffd00196d93710, ffffd00196d93668, 0}[/B]
BugCheck Info: [url=]KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE (139)[/url]
Arg1: 0000000000000003, A LIST_EN... Read more
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I m not sure where this topic belongs If it needs moved I apologize Where to begin I have a built computer Specs Processor Name AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor CPUs Operating System Microsoft Windows Ultimate Processor Speed GHz RAM GB Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT HDD Maxtor Y P ATA GB MB ASrock N C-S UCC If you need more info let me know I recently replaced my motherboard with the one mentioned above Went from an MSI board to an ASrock At first I didnt reinstall the OS because I figured I didn t have to I started getting BSOD So I decided to reinstall the OS On the reinstall I have been getting the fresh Hell My same BSOD s At First I just got one Blue screen with locale ID Bccode This error occurred randomly and especially when I was streaming to My fresh Hell my PS When I was not getting blue screens the other half of the time the system would just flat out freeze Having to hard reset each time Went online and looked for solutions Have already disabled my power management setting no sleep modes nothing auto turns off I followed the steps to set up a driver verifier rebooted and initiated the verifier in hopes of a driver error being singled out in the next bluescreen No bluescreen the computer just froze again while I was trying to stream I next went for a stress test using Prime software I tested it twice One more freeze and a new BSOD Locale id bccode Both happening withing minutes of the stress test starting Computer cpu temperatures have never risen beyond and only went past during the stress test and when I tried streaming an MP file to the p froze each time I decided to come here for further advice slim drivers software says my drivers are up to date installed my drivers through that I did install a MB update from versions to Help

A:My fresh Hell

Did you run the appropriate diagnostic on the hard drive...either before doing a clean install...or after?SeaTools For DOSDid you check Event Viewer for errors (not info items, not warnings) (particularly concerning hard drive) that might point the way?How To Use Event Viewer - Let's try this.Download/install BlueScreenView, .Double-click BlueScreenView.exe file.When autoscan is done (screen comes up), click Edit/Select All...then File/Save Selected Items.Save the report as BSOD.txt.Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all content and paste it into your next replyLouis
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How to set up a http server running from you computer Either you can set up a basic server which means you stop at step or if you want to make a server with free address you can continue after that step We are going to use a program called hfs i like the beta version you will need to download this program Go to www rejetto com temp hfs beta zip Make a folder where you wish to run it from for example C Program files hfs or C Documents and settings Username My documents Hfs Move the downloaded zip file into that folder and extract it Delete the zip file and KEEP THE OTHER FILES http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Run the program and it will come up with a screen that looks like this http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Click the button that says easy mode this turns it into expert mode which basically means you have all the options Where it says port change the port to this can clash with some programs like webcam on msn and maybe others from set your a to computer How up (FOR http running server BEGGINERS) im not sure How to set up a http server running from your computer (FOR BEGGINERS) the port you choose doesnt really matter is just easier How to turn on port forwarding ONLY for people with routers this varies depending on which make of router you have but for my router sweex i will tell you how its done Go to internet explorer or mozzilla firefox Type into the address bar with nothing in else A window will come up asking you for username and password by default this is admin and it will only be different if you have changed it This How to set up a http server running from your computer (FOR BEGGINERS) window should then show up http i photobucket com albums a How to set up a http server running from your computer (FOR BEGGINERS) timtimmy jpg Click general setup then you will see this window http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Click NAT then port forwarding You should now see this http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg In private ip you need to post your computers local network address like for example or it depends If you do not know how to do this here is how its found out Click start gt run gt cmd type in the command line ipconfig wait some information will come up looking like this http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg That is your computers local network address So going back to http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Type that address into private ip and the port range should be or if you selected a different port in hfs you enter that one Click add you should see this http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Now go back to hfs and you must enter your ip not your local address but your ip here http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg Keep the http in front of your ip This is essentially now your server Make sure it is on and you can go and visit it at http youriport To add files simply drag and drop them in Then click virtual folder That was if you do not want a personal address you can make it personal like mine http random fromtimmy no-ip org very easily All you have to do is go to www no-ip com Make a username Log in Click add on the left hand side Make a hostname mine is random fromtimmy Click port redirect Enter your ip in the ip address field And choose the port you wish to forward this is either or the other one that you chose Click add redirect Now you have a fully working hfs system It runs of you bandwidth so if lots of people are downloading you will find your net goes slowly so remember to set limits below is a pic of a set up hfs working Ips blurred for privacy http i photobucket com albums a timtimmy jpg SORRY CANNOT POST THE PICS IN nbsp

A:How to set up a http server running from your computer (FOR BEGGINERS)

Is that thing secure?
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Looking for an easy-to-use program to enter articles for sale on Ebay, rather than using Ebay's own tools.

Anybody have good experience with such a program?

It needs to have multi-currency ($//?).
I'd like a program where I set everything up/fill everything in on my PC, incl. pictures, then prefereably click a button (or two) to submit it to Ebay.

A built-in tracker for submitted items would be nice as well.

Also interested in free storage of the pictures for Ebay.

A:Looking for good program to sell items on Ebay


This is the only one I know of.
I have a few clients that sware by it.
Other than the wierd music they seem to have most of the features.
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I am starting to have a big problem with memory dumps and dont know why.
Attached is some of my mini dumps. I cant read them, but here they are.
My computer is even running very slow and locks up quite often. I have ran Norton and Spyware Dr. with no success of fixing the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Memory dumps?

What version of norton have you got
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I keep getting the xA BSOD BSOD of install on Win7 x64 fresh on my BSOD on fresh install of Win7 x64 new reinstall of Windows Home Premium x had to reinstall due to motherboard failure - tested all components on another system and they were fine Installed WIndows motherboard GPU and wireless drivers and it was fine Today amongst things such as iTunes Skype zip and Steam I ve installed some drivers for my USR skype phone and Soluto As soon as the Soluto installer started downloading files the first BSOD hit xA BlueScreenView cannot determine the cause Rebooted tried to replicate the issue and Soluto installed perfectly About minutes later I was on Chrome and the second BSOD happened I had problems with the latest version of the wireless card drivers before on my old install BSODs when opening San Andreas Multi-Player so I decided to roll back to the ones I had on CD This worked for longer minutes or so and I was watching a video and the third blue screen occurred slightly different to the first I m about to uninstall the Skype phone and Soluto to see if that fixes it Dumps are attached for all if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated I am in a rush to fix this as I need my PC for my studies I did check the Event Viewer and there was a xc error with svchost exe about a second before all records stopped on the third BSOD but couldn t find anything on the internet Specs Phenom II X BE at stock Asus M A R GB RAM a GB G Skill MHz stick and x GB Corsair ValueRAM MHz sticks - am running memtest as I type this just to be sure as these were added last night MSI HD GB HAWK GB Samsung SpinPoint F GB Seagate Pipeline HD Samsung SH AB DVD-RW Asus PCI-G wireless card iAPP CR-i card reader LCDMODKIT U FW-A front panel LCD drivers not installed yet nbsp

A:BSOD on fresh install of Win7 x64

Disregard this I think - 59000 faults on one of the Corsair modules in Memtest
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Hi I have regular bluescreens on my IBM ThinkPad R e running winxp home SP Celeron M MB MB RAM Could someone please check my minidumps and tell me whats going on I installed a new hdd recently and installed windows XP Home and sp Worked fine for a week then the blue screens started Dumps as follows Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version X Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C Documents and Settings Andreas Desktop Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and stack trace are available Symbol search path is G Symbols Executable search path is Unable to load image ntoskrnl Could my crash please someone analyse dumps exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack UP Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x a a Debug session time Mon Nov GMT System Uptime days Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Unable to load image win k sys Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for win k sys Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck E c bf c f b Probably caused by win k sys win k HMDestroyUnlockedObject ab Followup MachineOwner --------- Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version X Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C Documents and Settings Andreas Desktop Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and Could someone please analyse my crash dumps stack trace are available Symbol search path is G Symbols Executable search path is Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack UP Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x a a Debug session time Mon Nov GMT System Uptime days Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck f d c Probably caused by memory corruption nt MiIssuePageExtendRequestNoWait f Followup MachineOwner --------- Microsoft R Windows Debugger Version X Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Loading Dump File C Documents and Settings Andreas Desktop Mini - dmp Mini Kernel Dump File Only registers and stack trace are available Symbol search path is G Symbols Executable search path is Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack UP Free x compatible Product WinNt suite TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x a a Debug session time Mon Nov GMT System Uptime days Unable to load image ntoskrnl exe Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl exe Loading Kernel Symbols Loading User Symbols Loading unloaded module list Unable to load image disk sys Win error n WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for disk sys Bugcheck Analysis Use analyze -v to get detailed debugging information BugCheck F d WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for CLASSPNP SYS WARNING Unable to verify timestamp for PartMgr sys Probably caused by disk sys disk GUID DEVINTERFACE PARTITION c Followup MachineOwner --------- Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Could someone please analyse my crash dumps

Hey - Wondering about the age of your system....
Hard drive - IDE or SATA?
A couple of things right off the bat....

Get into setup (f2, or whatever key gets You into your bios)
When in setup check your clock time (date and time) to see if it is current. If it is not current, set it and reboot and see if it saves the time.

Second. Reseat the hard drive just to be sure its secure.

The time stamp issues I have not seen before but if the time of files on the hard drive don't match the time in the BIOS, it is a possibility that this is the problem.

when this happened the first time, do you recall any particular event or a particular thing you were doing when it happened?

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just finish format pc.
now i only install vista...but now i got another problem.
when i double click on my external harddisk.
i see this message come to solved this problem?

A:Fresh Vista problem

Hello wen9x88

You need to send this by attachment I can't read it.

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I just recently updated my computer from XP to Vista.

For the most part, looks and works just fine. Yet when in games or watching something, the resources spike from like, 10% to about 80%+. Could the RAM be a part of the issue? I've got 2GB, and works just fine on my computer at work. My video card is 512mb, so that's fine. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

A:Problems after fresh Vista installation

IF the spikes are momentary you likely have update apps that are kicking in and then out.

Are you firewalled and routered?
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I am having problems getting rid of the above I have tried the usual Ad-aware Spybot and Microsoft Antispyware all with latest updates and none has shifted the problem Below is copy of Hijackthis log has anyone any advise as to which items are the source of the problem Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS System Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security ISSVC exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS System brsvc a exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System brss a exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasDtServ exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NSMdtr exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C Program Files Sony Corporation Picture Package Picture Package Menu SonyTray exe C Program Files Sony Corporation Picture Package Picture Package Applications Residence exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus OPScan exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security ccEmFlSv exe C Documents and Settings Dave Desktop HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www virgin net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www virgin net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Virgin net O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO Norton Internet Security - ECB - F - bbc- D- DDF E - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocx O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar Norton Internet Security - B EAC - D - b e- B -A C A A - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXE O - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exe O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINDOWS System NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run gcasServ quot C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe quot O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run SSC UserPrompt C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exe O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Prog... Read more


Always install HijackThis in a directory like C:\Program Files\HJT and NOT in Temp and NOT on the Desktop!
Do the above first!

Boot in Safe Mode.
Switch System restore OFF.
Press Ctrl/Alt/Del simultaneously, select Taskmanager/Processes, select the process (if there), click "End Process" for:

Next, run a HJT scan and place a tick-mark in the little square before (if still there):
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [Tuee] C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\Application Data\rrct.exe
O4 - Global Startup: Picture Package Menu.lnk = ?
O4 - Global Startup: Picture Package VCD Maker.lnk = ?
unless these IPs are from your ISP, also fix this O17:
O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{E3A3009A-AB9B-4E65-98C5-DD8A1FA234BD}: NameServer =
O21 - SSODL: SystemCheck2 - {54645654-2225-4455-44A1-9F4543D34545} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\vbsys2 (file missing)
Now click on the Fix Checked button in HJT.
When done, from between the dotted lines, delete the highlighted bold files.

Delete all files and directories from: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temp
Repeat this for ALL [usernames].
Boot normal. When all OK, switch System Restore back on.

and stop using IE !
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Hi all everytime I reformatt and install fresh copy of windows xp its always missing the same for drivers in device manager one being the network controller ethernet . so I cant get on internet to download the other missing drivers , the main problem is when im trying to install driver for it it says code 10 all the time please help ./ thanks

A:Fresh Windows XP, no network controller driver

The drivers won't be installed in order for individual hardware to function when installing Windows XP. You need to either use the supplied drivers CD for the hardware in question, or grab them from the manufacturers website, download them on another internet-connected computer and then transfer them via USB or burn them to a CD to install them.

To further diagnose the problem we do need the exact specification of the computer, and the hardware component in question (e.g. who made it, and its model details).
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Sony Vaio
Model: PCG 71315L
Processor: Intel Core i3 CPU [email protected] Ghz
Windows 7

My uncle asked me to reformat his laptop. I basically did a fresh install but now
upon when I log on I cannot connect to the internet.

I opened device manager and several drivers seem to be missing.

.Base System Device
Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
PCI Simple Communications Controller
Unknown Device

I don't have much experience so I don't know what to look for and because it can't connect to the internet, I don't know how to make it auto search for its drivers. Can anyone give me a place to start searching for these drivers? I don't even know the manufacturer.

A:Sony VAIO fresh install driver problems

You should be able to find the drivers you need at Sony's website.
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hi all this might sound silly just wondering if im buying laptops and selling on when I do fresh install reformat os could I not copy the drivers folder in windows sys32 area to a usb stick then once reformatted paste drivers over ? thanks in advance
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I don t use this pc much but the last time I used it it was perfectly fine which was a while ago Now I turn it on for my ex s kid so he can play spore and whenever I start ANY game it *fresh PC screen, installs* Freezing login Windows 7 at freezes at the start of the game Thought it was a driver issue changed drivers Then that didn t work so I changed the video card Then that didnt work so I ran memtest and the ram passed Then maybe thought the old XP install was borked so I put on win Still freezing so I changed out the hard disk altogether Pc specs Amd phenom II Asus M A -t deluxe Ati x Corsair XMS DDR PC Pc power and cooling w psu I CAN boot into safe mode with no issue and even to a normal desktop in the msconfig diagnostics mode but I cannot get online even with safe mode with networking The system event viewer says The network list service service depends on the network location awareness service which failed to start because of the following error the dependency service or group failed to start Application event viewer says The winlogon notification subscriber GP client was unavailable to handle a notification event What the problems are PC freezes in XP when I try to launch a game PC freezes in win after welcome screen but before desktop login PC will boot in safe mode msconfig diagnostic mode So far I have Tried different win copies PSU s hard disks video cards ATi and Nvidia sets RAM Uninstall reinstall video drivers using driver cleaner driver sweeper Ran chkdsk Ran MEMtest Bios looks good Board looks good no bulging caps or irregularities And still freezing at the exact same point of bootup I checked the event viewer again now I m getting this The Freezing PC at login screen, Windows 7 *fresh installs* following boot start or system start driver failed to load discache spldr Wanarpv It looks like this is where the hang up is but different win installs tells me it s not a coincidence when one version is running fine on my other pc with no issues for much longer than this one And these are not existing installs they are fresh installs on formatted drives Suggestions nbsp

A:Freezing PC at login screen, Windows 7 *fresh installs*

The motherboard has to be the issue here...
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g'day every one

just having some trouble with the old computer blue screening due to the error 10000008e just wondering if someone could please read my minidumps to see what the problem is thanks in advance

A:Reading mini dumps

3 crash dumps have been found and analyzed. 2 third party drivers have been identified to be causing system crashes on your computer. It is strongly suggested that you check for updates for these drivers on their company websites. Click on the links below to search with Google for updates for these drivers:


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I'm new here, wondering if anyone could help with a problem I'm having please.

Been having a problem with unexpected shutdowns on a Vista PC. I have attached a text version of the minidump file which says the error is Probably caused by : ntoskrnl.exe. The other relevant piece of info it gives is:
BugCheck 9F, {3, 86a7c190, 84b99030, 867da578}

but I have attached the whole file.

Many thanks for your help


A:Vista unexpected shutdowns, memory dumps says ntoskrnl.exe probably to blame

Your debugger is not using the correct symbolsClick to expand...

Best to post the dmp file itself in future. Otherwise just download the 100meg of Symbols for your Windows version.

This one Minidump (well txt file) doesn't help much, in what the fault is.
But in most cases, it's just a matter of updating all your device drivers, and Windows security updates. And possibly running Memtest on your Ram.

Once that is all done, wait for the next Minidump (hopefully never comes) and post the actual DMP file
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Hi A bit of history I ve been experiencing blue screens of death for over three months now It all started when I installed an old ATI HD video card in a new computer and installed on Halmacpi.dll/ntkrnlpa.exe fresh Win 7 BSODs install the related catalyst control center software driver package Over time after that install I began to experience blue screens of death while playing Halmacpi.dll/ntkrnlpa.exe BSODs on fresh Win 7 install certain games such as League of Legends and Minecraft It was occasional and not too problematic but as time went on they became more frequent They would refer to the atikmpag dll and atikmdag dll files which are part of the Catalyst package and upon researching a little further I found that these files were often responsible for causing BSOD s on otherwise problem free computers To make sure it wasn t memory related rather than video card related I ran memtest multiple times Each time I ran it and left it overnight it came up clean I ran chkdsk r a few times also and performed OS repairs to try to resolve the problem Each time the problem would lessen temporarily but then come back As the BSOD s continued I noticed they started to refer to the ntkrnlpa exe file but I brushed this aside expecting this to be caused by the card also Halmacpi.dll/ntkrnlpa.exe BSODs on fresh Win 7 install In the end believing the problem to be solely caused by the video card Halmacpi.dll/ntkrnlpa.exe BSODs on fresh Win 7 install I purchased a new video card this time an nVidia GTX Ti formatted the drive and started over This was a few days ago Two days after starting yesterday I ve started to get BSOD s again They are just as frequent and problematic as before except now they refer to ntkrnlpa exe halmacpi dll and kdcom dll The bug strings I ve been getting include KERNAL MODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED with the code e IRQL NOT LESS THAN EQUAL with the error code a BAD POOL CALLER with the code c and the latest one DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL c Every BSOD references these three files I ve run memtest more times than I can count each time it comes up clean Every computer component is new months except for an older non-system hard drive which is rarely used for anything The OS is sparkling fresh I haven t downloaded anything except League of Legends thus removing viruses spyware from the equation all drivers are current but the BSOD s continue I ve also run a full burn-in test and that was clean also What on earth could be causing it nbsp

A:Halmacpi.dll/ntkrnlpa.exe BSODs on fresh Win 7 install

What are your complete system spec's including motherboard make and model?
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Hi guys I have some problem with my new computer I just installed windows and afterwards install all the drivers that coming with it Then when I start using windows update I get lots of bsod often Now the update proses is complete but I still getting the bsod often Is there any solution for this I also include the minidumps all Thank you This is the message that I get after startup Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode b BCP C BCP FFFFF D D BCP FFFFF E E BCP OS Version Service Pack Product BSOD 7 fresh after x64 Windows Ultimate install Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Ciel Kamui AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online http go microsoft com fwlink linkid amp clcid x If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt nbsp

A:BSOD after fresh install Windows 7 Ultimate x64

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION caused by the gdrv.sys

This is some sort of Gigabyte program. Gigabyte's Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced program... Does it sound familiar?
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First off, I'm new here, so hi everyone, i hope you might be able to assist me

I have an ibm M51 8141w86 running xp. I recently decided i was going to sell it, and did a fresh install of xp. however i can't seem to track down the correct drivers for ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, and video controller. i've searched and searched. any help will be much appreciated.

the thing is, i've done this multiple times before and never had an issue. it seems once i do get the drivers from ibm's website, and install them, and restart my computer, it's still not functioning

A:Can't find drivers have fresh XP install IBM M51

I'm not sure if it would cause the problem but have you also installed the chipset drivers?

Also provide the following info

List any Problem Devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
===> If you?re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
===> If you?re running 64 bit Windows, you?ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot window, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)
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I recently had my hard drive wiped, (don't worry all files were stored on an external)
I figured this was a chance for a fresh start i will raise multiple questions in this thread but i shall start with this one :

From experience how affective is Avast! antivirus?

A:Hard drive wiped, a fresh start

Still here waiting for any reply ...
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I have an older computer I rebuilt recently that won t stay online It boots fine I can log in and use it for a while then it randomly reboots no BSOD When it comes back up there s a system error in event viewer here s the event description Error installation Windows randomly SP3 reboots Fresh XP code a parameter cc c a parameter c parameter parameter I ve tried flashing the BIOS running a chkdsk did several passes with memtest tried running without AV upgraded all the drivers I can find there s obviously something I m missing but I don t know how to read minidump s was hoping somebody could help Norton Corporate Edition MalwareBytes for AV Malware Fresh Windows XP SP3 installation randomly reboots protection It s an old rig Windows XP Pro SP Build ASUS A N X BIOS Revision nForce Chipset AMD Athlon X DC Nvidia GeForce Fresh Windows XP SP3 installation randomly reboots GTX Soundblaster Audigy ZS Western Digital gb Fresh Windows XP SP3 installation randomly reboots SAS one no RAID gb PC memory can t remember the brand off the top of my head nbsp

A:Fresh Windows XP SP3 installation randomly reboots

Remove Norton, and install Microsoft Security Essentials for test purposes. I have told several Techspot users to do this... and all the Norton stuff has been causing many, many issues of late, this includes McAfee and Kaspersky. Maybe some recent upgrades to Windows Firewall, make Windows unstable using 3rd party antivirus software that tries to "take over" Windows firewall
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I finally took the plunge and installed the latest Mandrake Official CDs on a spare PC It has Kernel - mdk on an I tty if that means anything Asus P L -S fresh won't 10.0 start Mandrake X on SCSII mobo with PII- and MB memory Matrox Milennium G MB and a GB harddisk During install I did not yet configure the network card Interface eth failed and the soundcard SoundBlaster AWE Value ISA was not found recognised X won't start on fresh Mandrake 10.0 Linux is the only OS and was allowed to use the whole HD during install I can log in with my Username being the only user so no password installed but when I type quot X won't start on fresh Mandrake 10.0 startx quot after the xxx I get quot execve failed for etc X X errno quot I have run xf config a few times but to no avail The config-file in the X-directory looks fine I have re-installed twice but I keep getting the same error Any suggestions PS this is my first shot at Linux so bear with me nbsp

A:X won't start on fresh Mandrake 10.0

Could you attach your XF86Config file so we can have a look at it ?

& also the /var/log/X*.log ( I'm not sure if Mandrake 10 uses XFree or Xorg ).
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I am in China, previously my DW worked fine, but now I am unable to access my remote folders.

It seems to connect to the site fine, but when it tries to access remote folders it either 'times out' or says 'an FTP error ocured'or 'loses conection to the remote host'.

I use DW MX on HTML and since last connecting just a few weeks ago have not made any changes on my computer.

China sometimes randomly blocks access to websites e.g.The BBC , Google etc. Is this a Chinese problem or is something else going wrong.

I asked a friend to try to connect to my site from the UK and he had no problem so it would appear that it is not a server problem.


A:Dreamweaver MX In China

try using a diff ftp client
if thats works its a DW glitch
I use ftp and DW8, DW does the code and test
but I upload via filezilla
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I have searched a couple of similar problems with no avail. I just swapped out HDD on my Toshiba A215 which initially came with Vista OS. I have now installed XP and Im not getting audio, internet connection or my wifi is not working either. I dont have the drivers CD and Ive looked. Is there anyways I can get up and running or if anyone can link me the drivers I need to make this all work?

I would appreciate any help I can get

A:Fresh XP install problem...

Go to this page: and fill in your laptop details to get to the specific driver if they are available. I couldn't check for you because you left out the rest of your laptop's model number. If XP drivers are not available from this Toshiba web page, XP is not supported and you could be out of luck.
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Fast Windows update method after Fresh Install or Repair Especially usefull for Engineers Try Using AutoPatcher download from this site www down com and the latest is also available on Techspot Autopatcher has monthly updates for XP and x download the updates starting with the full December through to Latest usually last month install each package starting with the full Repair update Fresh Quick Windows method Install after or release but do not run Quick Windows update method after Fresh Install or Repair autopatcher till you have installed all the downloads autopatcher will append all the monthly updates and will install them all in one go Autopatcher allows you to select or deselect any update and will detect any updates you already have it also installs updates like Java msn messenger macromedia flash player aspi Quick Windows update method after Fresh Install or Repair drivers Latest windows media player dotnet framework and and more Autopatcher also has useful tweaks and security settings eg tweakui show open with notepad on right click menu put my computer internet explorer my documents on desktop and more You simply select all the options you require then run autopatcher and it will do all the above and only restart one time when all operations are done As it is a stand alone program you can copy the folder from program files directory and save to your USB flash drive portable storage device CD or DVD disk then execute the autopatcher exe file to update any system you re working on Have Fun nbsp
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I am looking for Windows Can XP Fresh Not Install Help! some help with Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP a windows xp fresh install It s been days of unsuccessful attempts for me I changed mobo and processors in my computer as well as update ram When I went to install windows xp it would get to of the install and then tell me that an error has occured and windows will shut down I tried Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP several times over and got the same error My hard drive was formatted for the fresh install so there was no windows program running on the harddrive I search the net and found a thread that said to check the memory I removed one of the modules from the mobo and low and behold I installed windows After installation completed I installed the drivers for the mobo video card and other things I started to install some software and when I did a restart on the computer the system just started constantly rebooting after it was running fine Threads indicated a possible memory prob Changed the memory stick and still nothing I was able to go into safe mode and turn off the constant reboot to get and error message and then searched that error message I checked for more threads and found that there may be a Netgear wireless problem with the driver and sp They suggested removing the wireless card and then restarting the computer I did that and nothing I changed power supplies thinking that maybe power was not getting to all of the hardware for some reason Now when I started my computer it would show the mem size and video card info when you first turn the computer on then the screen went blank black Tried to go into safe mode could not screen went black Tried the xp repair by booting off the cd and it said that it couldn t copy a file Tried a fresh install formatting the hard drive agiain and now it says there s files missing from the cd which I have used without prob in the past Someone I talked to suggested making sure I am not trying to use the disk on a re-write cd rom because of possible read errors tried installing from plan cd drive still getting error messages that files can not be copied It was also suggested that maybe my hard drive has bad sectors I installed a new hard drive and tried to load windows on that and I am still getting the same error I have used the same model mobo and video card the mobo doesn t have onboard video in a machine I built for someone else and had no problems Any suggestions on what else I can try I am really at my witts end Thanks nbsp

A:Help! Can Not Install Fresh Windows XP

Sounds to me like you have eliminated almost every possible problem except 1 the actual cd itself. Are there any scratches or is it dirty????

are you overclocking this mobo/processor at all?
another thing... what is the
drive cable settings... ex.... is hdd on Primary Master, what is primary slave???? One other possibility is the IDE cable as well.
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my computer keeps crashing 3-4 times a day ive reformating but it must be somthing i keep installing i was wondering if u could check my minidumps and see if u can see the problem thank you

here are the bug checks

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x10000050 (0xad23c8cc, 0x00000000, 0x804ee900, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini071808-01.dmp.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x100000d1 (0x00000008, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xf829ac10). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini072008-02.dmp.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0xf8928121, 0xf6208698, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini072008-01.dmp.

A:Help with Blue screens mini dumps inside

All MiniDumps cite "USB100TX.sys" having just searched on Google i found out that it is the Linksys USB adaptor driver but i also found this as well -

It seems you had the problem before with this as well. It seems the Linksys Driver for your USB may be bad if you have updated it again try rolling it back.

Did you replace it from before or just keep it?
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My hard drive died over the weekend and im trying to get my system up and running but after formatting my other hard drive and installing windows my system takes forever to get past my motherboard splash screen and when it does continue it gives me a system boot disk error when i have no cd in my drive. Anyone able to help me solve this issue??

A:Fresh install of Windows not booting up

HELLO anyone able to help?
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Windows XP on Dell dimension 3000

within the last 2 weeks I followed the message to run CHKDSK, now I'm wondering what the heck have I done. Read other posts about running it more than once, done that too.

problem 1:
after doing so, the driver for my speakers kept dropping out.
I could get it to reload thru Control Panel and it would work for a while (mins) then stop again. Then wouldn't reload without rebooting.
I downloaded the latest SoundMax version 2005, rebooted, and things seemed fine. Now its getting dropped too.

Second weird thing>>>
I connect using Firefox but Internet Explorer keeps opening up on its own trying to connect to something but just shows a Http 404 Error Page message. In the morning there are 22 to 27 open IE windows of the same message.

What to do?


A:After CHKDSK ran, 2 problems: audio driver down & Http 404 from IE repeats

the browser 404 error messages are from the website access to a non-exiting page

test your browser on the homepage to prove your browser is running correctly
and then do some trival search, eg "gulf oil spill"