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Very low frame rate with GTX 980 and I5 4690K

Q: Very low frame rate with GTX 980 and I5 4690K

Ever since I got my parts and built my computer, I had noticed that when i first started playing games, It had been obvious that I wasn't getting the correct amount of frames for what I had bought and built. I really only played two games (Counterstrike and League of Legends) and since it wasn't a huge problem, I didn't try to solve it right away. Just recently, I had bought Overwatch and noticed that even on lowest settings, I would be getting 10-30 frames during fights with a number of people around.

CPU : I5 4690K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8GB (2x4gb)
MoBo: MSI Z97 Gaming 7
Power Supply: EVGA Bronze 600W Power Supply
HDD: Seagate 1TB Harddrive
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Preferred Solution: Very low frame rate with GTX 980 and I5 4690K

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an SSD Intel Series GB SATA Generic Single Pack which on my PC has a maximum speed rate at MB sec but on other PC has MB sec My PC features OS Name Microsoft Windows Enterprise Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation INTEL SSDSC BW A GB SATA quot SSD System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model OptiPlex System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory read SSD 264mb/sec slow rate C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot Installed Physical Memory RAM SSD slow read rate 264mb/sec GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total SSD slow read rate 264mb/sec Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys SiSoftware Sandra Benchmark Results Drive Score MB s Results Interpretation Higher Scores mean Better Performance Binary Numeral System base GB s MB s MB s kB s kB s bytes s etc Benchmark Status Result ID INTEL SSDSC BW A GB SATA quot SSD Computer Dell OptiPlex Dell GY Y Platform Compliance x System Timer MHz Use Overlapped I O Yes I O Queue Depth request s Block Size MB nbsp

A:SSD slow read rate 264mb/sec

There's a known issue with SSD storage:

SSDs degrade in performance overtime - -
​DON'T run benchmarks and you don't need defrag either.
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If one has a NIC with 'jumbo frame' capability, how important is it to pick a router having this capability on its gigabit WAN? I've no interest in LAN, as I will never have more than one PC, so this question is entirely focused on gigabit WAN and jumbo frames. Thanks.

A:Routers & 'jumbo frame'

More than likely you would not be able to see a difference in Jumbo frames on a local LAN/WAN vs. standard packet encapsulation. Unless you are moving a crazy amount of data back & forth between a fileserver, NAS device, your PC & the WAN connection. However, to utilize a jumbo frame encapsulation you would need a router or a switch that supports it.

Here is a few links to learn more about Jumbo Frames & Packet Encapsulation:

Hope this helps!!
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PC hardware enthusiasts, overclockers and serious gamers alike are always looking to squeeze the most performance out of their hardware. If you happen to fall into any (all) of these categories and own an Nvidia graphics card, this nifty tweak from...

Read more

A:Nvidia GPU owners can use this nifty tweak to boost frame rates by up to five percent

Because running resident crap in the background in the hope you might own their "cheap" tablet is the sensible thing to do...
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So I recently picked up this monitor for some sweet 144hz gaming. Used it for a while at 144hz and it worked perfectly. Recently hooked up a second monitor and noticed a drop in frames. Went to check my advanced resolution settings and for some reason my monitor had defaulted to 60hz. When I tried to bump it back to 144hz I get this weird flickering/artifacting going on but it works great at 120 hz. I am using the dvi cable that came with the monitor and I'm running a gtx970 overclocked to 1430hz gpu and 7600 hz memory. I get this effect when I default my gpu to it's factory oc settings so I'm not sure what's going on here. Is it my gpu or do I need a new dvi?

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GPU : GTX 750ti / 750 since this is a value oriented and energy efficient video card ( less fps but saves on power bills ).
Games : BF4 / far cry 4 and multiplayer titles.

A:Which cpu is overall better in value and fps results on modern games , i5 4460 or i5 4690k?

The I5 4690K would be better and should be able to be overclocked if u are interested in that.
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We are seeing lots of posts on issues of low or variable FPS rates being observed so it begs the topic question Going to Microsoft s http support microsoft com kb we see these comments There are primarily three factors that affect the frame rate and they are all interrelated CPU A general rule of thumb for this is FPS factors What influence rate? the the higher the frame rate the higher the CPU requirement For the Windows Media Encoder to keep up with the data that is being sent to it from the capture card a fast CPU is required To keep synchronized with the audio stream the Encoder will start dropping video frames to keep up with the data input When frames are dropped the Current FPS statistic is lower than the Expected FPS statistic on the monitor panel Note that some capture cards are only able What factors influence the FPS rate? to capture at FPS while What factors influence the FPS rate? others are able to capture at the full FPS Consult your What factors influence the FPS rate? card s manufacturer for specific details about your card Content Type As stated previously high-motion content requires more resources than low-motion video Therefore it is more important to properly select a CPU to handle the task and to choose the right profile and key frame rate If the encoding process cannot keep up with the content it starts dropping frames One exception to this is static content If the content is a stationary object such as a wall or an empty room the frame rate may be lower because the Encoder does not need to capture any deltas Selected Profile Each profile has frame size and frame rate determined If you select a profile that the Encoder cannot keep up with then select a lower quality profile Multiple Bitrate profiles can also affect the Encoder performance If the Encoder starts dropping frames you may need to remove a stream from the profile or adjust the frame size Click to expand nbsp

A:What factors influence the FPS rate?

There have also been a lot of questions about refresh rates, which are very reliant on FPS. If anyone cares for a simple and easy to understand video on refresh rates, here is one.
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plz rate (or give ranks to) the following smartphones :
- samsung note 3 neo
- samsung k zoom
- sony xperia z
- htc desire 816
I'm really confused b/w these phones ..
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I'm new to gaming and I have a 60hz BenQ BL3200PT 32" Monitor.
My understanding is that the 60hz means that I can only refresh 60 frames per second.

So in the forum I ran across two ways for dealing with this limitation.

The first and I think most common is VSync which synchronizes the FPS to the monitor.
The second is a Frames Limiter such as is one of the features found in DXTORY

Yesterday I installed Crysis and Thank Gosh for DXTORY, Crysis came without VSync enabled and it went haywire. Over 1000 frames a second and locked my KB and Mouse.

I figured out the problem, set up DXtory at 60FPS and Crysis played great.

So my question is which is going to give me a better quality gaming experience in normal games. Frame LImiting or VSync.?

A:Vsync Verse Frame Limiter-Which is better?

Isn't it the same thing?

My understanding is that Vsync outputs 60fps (or whatever) and discards the extra frames.
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I can disply my Apple MacBook Pro on my 64-inch TV screen. But the MB Pro has refresh only to 60 Hz. On the big screen this causes very noticeable flicker. What computer box or video card would I need to produce a disply on 64-inch at high enough refresh rate? (not sure what will be high enough). (Am using HDMI of course).

Thanks very much for any help!

A:Vid Card with high enough refresh rate for 64-inch screen?

Something is wrong with your connections. 60Hz is plenty.
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Hi, can anyone explain if there is any relation between fps and refresh rate of a monitor?

A:Relation between fps and refresh rate

Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor can refresh the screen per second, and FPS is how many frames per second your PC is outputting.

It means that if your monitor is 60hz, it can display up to 60 FPS, and not above. But will not affect the systems performance directly, and just means that if your system is outputting 67 fps, then your monitor will not be able to show all those frames, and you will need to turn Vsync on in your games.
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I get frame skipping or stuttering in most of my games and it s driving me crazy It s like whenever I m moving in the game there s a minifreeze every in skipping games Frame most second even though the framerate is a solid constant fps If you don t know what I mean here s a video that shows it The video isn t mine but I get the exact same phenomenon Quick answers to some of the generic questions Yes all my drivers are up to date Yes all the temps are fine It s not a PSU problem because I replaced the PSU with a good quality more expensive one and it didn t make any difference PC specifications CPU i - GPU ASUS GTX direct cu II RAM Frame skipping in most games APACER GB Mhz in dual channel mode PSU Thermaltake toughpower W Mobo intel dh cl Please I ve been looking everywhere for an answer for months now and still nothing I can t even play street cleaner simulator without this annoying frame skipping nbsp

A:Frame skipping in most games

I assume you used Asus GPU Tweak during game play to monitor frame rate and clocks, and that everything looks good. It's possible the card itself has a problem, but more likely its a bottleneck somewhere. Have you tried unplugging everything that's not absolutely required (other PCI/PCIe cards, drives, USB peripherals). Could also be a weird driver issue (some other hardware's driver conflicting with the 580's driver). A bad stick of RAM could also cause this. Did the problem arise after a hardware change 3 months ago? Was it working fine before with all the same hardware? You may want to consider a clean install of Windows (time-consuming but if you can't play games you should have plenty of time on your hands).
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So I Saw This One on a Local Computer Store I Think This is Good Im serious to Buy it but I need your help Can You Please rate this computers so I will know which one will I BUY System Components Processor AMD FX- Ghz SSocket AM Quad Core Processor Memory GB DDR PC - x GB Motherboard MSI GM-P FX AMD G Socket AM M-ATX Motherboard Video Integrated graphics Audio Realtek ALC -Channel High Definition Audio Codec Storage GB SATA Gb s Hard Drive Optical X DVD-RW Drive Case Cooler Master Elite ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case RC- B-BWN with Rear mm know Rate so I buy two these to which computers Fan Side Window Power W Power Supply LAN Gigabit Mb s LAN subsystem using the Realtek PCI-E GbLAN controller RTL E Internal I O Connectors - x ATX -pin power connector - x ATX -pin V CPU power connector - CPU x System x FAN connectors - x Front panel audio connector - x Front panel connector - x Chassis intrusion switch connector - x USB connectors - x Serial ATA II connectors - x Serial port connector - x Clear CMOS jumper - x SPDIF-out connector - x TPM module connector Expansion Slots - PCI - - PCI Express x - - PCI Express x - Back Panel Connections - PS - - USB - - VGA - - DVI-D - - RJ - - Audio Ports - Then The other one Manufacturer Lenovo System Name Lenovo NU AMD Quad-Core A -Series APU for Desktops with AMD Radeon HD D HD GB RAM GB Windows Home Premium Part Number NU Computer Type Desktop Operating System Operating System Windows Home Premium Housing Form Factor Not Specified Processor Count Not Specified Weight lbs Processor Processor Brand AMD Processor Type AMD Quad-Core A -Series APU for Desktops Processor Model AMD A Rate these two computers so I know which to buy - APU with AMD Radeon HD D Processor Socket Not Specified Processor Clock Speed Processor L Cache Size Not Specified Processor L Cache Size Hard Drive Hard Drive Size GB Hard Drive Interface Not Specified Hard Drive Rotational Speed Memory Memory Amount GB Memory Type DDR Graphics Graphics Brand AMD Graphics Model AMD Radeon HD D Network Network Type Gigabit Ethernet Network Speed USB USB Front USB Back Motherboard Chipset Manufacturer Not Specified NB Chipset Model Not Specified Audio Audio Type Not Specified Optical Drive Optical Drive Type DVD - RW nbsp

A:Rate these two computers so I know which to buy

What are you using the computer for? If you're doing any sort of gaming then the second one is going to be way better (although you're still looking at playing on low settings).
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Well im getting an upgrade soon since My pc is still with a rusty old pentium 4 + an agp gfx card

what Fps/games will I be able to play effectively with this new rig

Intel Dual Core G620 2.60GHz Socket 1155

Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 S1155/DDR3/SATA2/uATX Mainboard

Gfx:Chipset Intel® H61(B3)

Most games I play are Runescape/Leauge of legends/World of Warcraft/

And if I ever have to change to a graphics card Which one would siut best my Processor + Motherboard.

1 Last thing is my motherboard compatible with the Cpu I Checked from A site they are a bundle together Though I checked in some lists and I dont recon I Have seen that Proccesor there.

A:Rate this rig please

I'd give it 4 out of 5 star rating, if you could possibly get an i3 or greater instead of the Pentium G620.

To answer your question, yes the G620 is compatible with LGA1155 motherboards.
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Im trying to increase frame rate for Battlefield 3, my pc has A Radeon 4600.

can anyone explain what I need to do to increase the frame rate, at the moment its averaging 16 and I would ideally like 30... might not be possible, but any tips would e great.

other info:
2 x quad core i7 cpu
16 gb ram
windows 7 64bit


A:Better frame rate on Radeon HD 4600

Get a new videocard. That's where the bottleneck is. But make sure your power supply can supply enough consistent power.

If you wanna keep your current card cranking down the video settings to about the minimum might squeeze out some more although I imagine your already have them set pretty low.
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Hello fellow nerds of the internet I built myself a nice 6970 or unable to computer rate New HD play games system new computer yesterday I ghz windows bit gb ram New computer HD 6970 unable to rate system or play games etc but the video card is the ASUS AMD knock off aka HD Direct CU I have had absolutely no problems watching videos or any of the normal day to day running of the machine and am able to use the higher resolutions for my monitor except the moment I attempt to play a game the game crashes anti climatically revealing my desktop Whilst I am grateful for the lack of full system crashes I built my gaming computer for get this GAMING so I am a tad bit annoyed I also attempted to do a windows machine rating however that failed coming up with an error report The windows experience index for your computer could not be computed Could not measure video playback performance When I attempted to launch Star Wars The Old Republic I received the error report Error code incompatible system Please verify your system is compatible with this game When I attempted to launch Crysis I received the error report Unsupported Video Card ASUS EAH Series vender x x device x Continuing to run may lead to unexpected results of crashes DX Diagnosis ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NYX-PC Operating System New computer HD 6970 unable to rate system or play games Windows Home Premium -bit Build Service Pack win sp rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd System Model Z XP-UD R BIOS Award Modular BIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name ASUS EAH Series Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI display adapter x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS BC amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model W Monitor Id GSM B Native Mode x p Hz Output Type DVI Driver Name aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx dll aticfx aticfx aticfx atiumd dll atidxx dll atidxx dll atiumdag atidxx atidxx atiumdva atiumd a cap atitmm dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version unknown Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B EE - - CF-C -B A C CA Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x BC Revision ID x Driver Strong Name oem inf ATI Mfg NTamd ati mtag NICayman ci ven amp dev Rank Of Driver E Video Accel Deinterlace Caps n a D D Overlay n a DXVA-HD n a DDraw Status Not Available D D Status Not Available AGP Status Not Available ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS A amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Realtek Digital ... Read more

A:New computer HD 6970 unable to rate system or play games

I suspect it's a power supply issue.
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I'm building a pc some time in the future. Could you rate me on a scale of 1 to 5 on my specs? Keep in mind that my budget was 350 (total was 351) and that I am a beginner and this is my first build. This pc is meant for internet and semi-gaming.

Motherboard: ASUS M4N68T-M V2 AM3 630a Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - $55

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 270 Regor 3.4GHz Dual Core Processor - $70

Power Supply: COOLMAX CA-300 300W ATX Power Supply - $21

Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 GB Hard Drive - $90

RAM: (x2) G.SKILL NS 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1333 RAM - $28

Video card: Nvidia MX 5200 GPU - $20

Sound card: VIA VT1708S - $0

Case: Cooler Master transparent side panel blue LED case - $50

Optical Drive: Samsung SATA CD/DVD-ROM optical drive - $17

Fans: 1 120mm blue LED front fan, 1 rear power supply fan - $0


A:Can you guys rate my PC build?

3 for basic task, 2 for gaming and low settings.
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Hi everyone I m putting together a PC purely as a hobby to create the quot best bang for your my Rate PC! buck quot Gaming system The system s main components are as follows OS Windows Ultimate -bit Edition CPU AMD Phenom II x core t OC ghz RAM GB Corsair mhz Video Card Sapphire HD G GDDR HardDrive Western Digital TB SATA M IntelliPowe CaviarGreen Motherboard Gigabyte GA- A-D AMD Case Areo Cool Strike X red Gaming System Case as shown in picture PSU Thermaltake Litepower w DVDRW LiteOn x SATA DVDRW The overall cost of this device s components is around I m thinking of selling the Rate my PC! device for around to make a small profit Rate my PC! for my efforts What do you think Revisions CPU changed from phenom II x t ghz oc d to ghz to phenom II x ghz oc d to ghz Video Card changed from HD to RAM changed from gb corsair mhz to gb corsair mhz Hard drive changed from WD CaviarGreen to TB Spinpoint F SATA II RPM Overall price is raised a little to around Comments nbsp

A:Rate my PC!


I've had some negative feedback on other forums, saying that It would be better to downgrade the CPU to a quad core, and OC it to the same clock speed as the x6 cpu,
then upgrade the graphics card, RAM, and Harddrvie, to something better.

Would you all agree?
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Hey guys I am purchasing a computer from I Buy Power here s the link a in Buying rate/help high tomorrow, end build! advance! my Thanks computer please http www ibuypower com Store Gamer Paladin D I do a lot of video editing and gaming can t Buying a high end computer tomorrow, please rate/help my build! Thanks in advance! wait for Diablo This is my first time quot building quot my own computer and you guys are the experts so please let know if I can cut back on anything or if I should pay a few extra dollars for something else I really want a super nice computer One more thing should I add a ssd cache z and remove the ssd a few pros and cons would be nice Thanks Buying a high end computer tomorrow, please rate/help my build! Thanks in advance! for the help With all the options i added without the off it comes to CoolerMaster HAF Advanced - Black iBUYPOWER Labs - Noise Reduction - None iBUYPOWER Labs - Internal Expansion - None i - K Processor Liquid CPU Cooling System SOCKET- - ARC Dual Silent High Performance Fan Upgrade Push-Pull Airflow GB DDR - Corsair GeForce GTX ASUS P Z -V Pro Intel Smart Response Technology - none Watt -- CoolerMaster RSA -AMBAJ -US GB Corsair Force Series F SSD Dual TB Drives TB Capacity - RAID Data Security-- M Cache RPM Gb s X Dual Format Double Layer DVD R RW CD-R RW Drive LG BLU-RAY Re-Writer DVD R RW -In- Internal Flash Media Card Reader Meter Display-NZXT Sentry Touch Screen Fan Controller amp Temperature Display Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Intel Pro Network Card Microsoft Windows Home Premium Standard -Year Limited Warranty nbsp

A:Buying a high end computer tomorrow, please rate/help my build! Thanks in advance!

Sorry if this is "TMI" but I might like to run dual 580's in the future... I was also having a tuff time deciding between the asus pro z68 or the gigabite ud4-b3..... thanks
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Ok first of all I am new here and am not sure if this is the correct section to make this post in new gaming on PC frame games brand rate Inconsistent so forgive me if i m wrong I recently bought a new pc with the intention of running games Inconsistent frame rate in games on brand new gaming PC at decent graphics settings These are the specs ignoring the irrelevant parts like disk trays ext AMD Phenom x T x Mhz processor ASUS M N T-M LE Motherboard gb of DDR RAM tb Samsung hard drive AMD Radeon HD gb graphics card Ever since buying it i ve noticed that the frame rate it s capable of producing fps on most of my games locked due to vsync at hz on my monitor at x resolution and with high settings However when things start to pick up the frame rate often drops quite considerably Normally I would put this down to the settings being to high but after about or minutes the frame rate will normally return to frames A good example of this would be in League of Legends where I have fps for the most part but will often drop to around Even in World of Warcraft in a vs battleground the frame rate will return with seemingly no change in what s going on around me almost as if it s taking ages to prep itself for it These problems also occur on lower graphics settings even on lowest in world of warcraft so I doubt it s me overloading the settings I turn off all the background programs that i m aware of and have even resorted to using the overclocking software provided with my motherboard on my CPU but nothing seems to work I also did a windows performance scan and discovered that all the categories gave a score of above except my hard drive which got a could this be an issue So far my attempts to fix this via searching forums have resulted in people saying quot you shouldn t be experiencing these problems quot but I am and would appreciate any help on this issue nbsp

A:Inconsistent frame rate in games on brand new gaming PC

Hope ya got the latest video card drivers n windows updates. Really do you even notice the fps drop or are you staring the fps numbers? Also you can go into your power management and adjust your settings so your cpu is running above the normal 5% on idle.
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Hi there,
We have a WD NAS set up at work and has been working great until recently when I tried upgrading the Firmware. Access rate used to be over 30MB/s on a Gigabit network and has now dropped down to 5MB/s. Support with WD has been great up to this point, but now we're at the point where neither of us can figure out what happened. Over a remote connection, WD has rolled back the driver as far back as their database allows (this has been done in stages with a few versions in between to help root out a problem). Nothing has helped. Would anyone be familiar with this situation to tell what has caused this to happen? All workstations which is a mix of XP up to Windows 7 pro have the same result.

A:Slow access rate on NAS

get a screenshot on a Win/7 which shows the devices and the router.
Post that as an image you upload to the gallery or some other service
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im running 1920x1080 at 60 hertz. what file do i have to get into to force it to 120 hertz which is what my monator is able to run.thanks for any help. morgan

A:Force refresh rate to 120Hz?

What is the model number and name of your monitor?
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I just installed a LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card in my Vista 64-bit computer and plugged in a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 2TB USB 3.0 external drive. The card literature says the transfer rate for USB 2.0 ranges up to 480Mb/s, and for USB 3.0 up to 5 Gb/s. If "Gb" means gigabits, the 5 Gb/s = 640 MB/s (five gigabits equals 640 megabytes). According to HD Tune, I am getting 106-113 MB/s on the Seagate. Is this a reasonable transfer rate for USB 3.0? I know that in the real world I'll never get 640 MB/s, but 106-113 seems a bit low. In any event, it tests faster than my SATA HD, which came in at 66-109 MB/s.

A:Help me understand transfer rate for external USB 3.0 drive

Looks fine to me. Your conversions are correct. The reason you aren't getting even close to the theoretical max speed is because the actual drive itself isn't capable of getting data out that fast. A good internal mechanical (spinning) HD at this time isn't going to be much if any faster than 120MB/sec. External drives are just internal drives put in an enclosure to allow it to be hooked up by USB, eSATA, or firewire (or any combination).
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i know theres millions of threads about this but they dont seem to help anything (this may be wrong spot to post but i didnt find any other)

So the problem is when i installed ATI Catalyst Center i went to my monitors Hz aka Refresh Rate, i didnt accutaly know what it does so i went to change it (Not Good idea) and my monitor just went black and the message came up: 'Out of range!'....

and yes ive tried to start in safemode but same message comes :/

so yes i need help!

A:Black screen after changing refresh rate

Hi Pot
Welcome to Techspot.

Is there an auto button on your monito? Try turning the monitor off then back on and also try hitting the auto button. Sometimes this resets the monitor.

Do you have integrated graphics on your mobo? If you do unplug the graphics card plug your monitor onto you mobo and try rebooting.

You should be able to uninstall the graphics drivers and ATI Catalyst Center.

This should re-set the monitor for you and correct the refresh rate. Once uninstalled plug the graphics card back in re-install the software and see if that corrects the problems.

Hope this helps
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Hi all This is my frame Age rate Dragon dropped first post here so nice to meet you all Dragon Age dropped frame rate and I hope you can help me Okay I have been playing Dragon Age Origins on my laptop and last wednesday I had a break at school and wen t to play again Then I noticed the menu was slow so I started the game and Dragon Age dropped frame rate I hade around fps But that same morning my fps was just normal Since then it didn t change it s like playing dragon age with bullettime slowmotion Ofcourse I did some research myself so here are a few things to exclude My fan is dust clean the excess heat will slow your laptop down mine is weeks old so having this kind of problems would be strange I didn t instal any new drivers or updates My laptop should be well equiped for Dragon Age I did instal two programma s that day SVN Tortoise software to use my school s server OpenOffice Free equivalent of microsoft office My laptop specs are Intel core I Qm ghz turbo gt ghz GB DDR ATI Readon H Hope you can help me out Thanks nbsp

A:Dragon Age dropped frame rate

Did you install it recently? Have you got the latest update? Have you configured/modded the game in any way?
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Hello there I ve looked about everywhere I could to solve this issue to no avail up to now so I really hope someone here might have some answer Here s the pitch I m under Vista Home Premium not by choice though believe me ALL of my USB plugs are yet for some reason one of my external HDDs or its USB enclosure to be more specific as it is the faulty part -- my other work fine will always connect in USB transfer rate toping at an average of a pathetic - Kib s and dumb warning from Vista that using another USB plug would increase performances The interesting part is that in some particular situations yet very hard for me to replicate since it will only work one time out of a random number of tries like for instance unplugging the drive while it s working and that s not something rate another slow HDD transfer under external Vista Yet I like to do switching it off and on again and then plugging it back all this in Yet another external HDD slow transfer rate under Vista a couple of seconds the drive would then connect in USB and I d have the correct transfer rate around Mib s or so I guess Which means it is not a configuration problem with IRQs or with the way my preferences are set in Vista I suppose it proves the HDD CAN actually transfer with acceptable USB rate and Vista can also make it happen and support it with this particular HDD The problem obviously lies with the connection process which is flawed at first Yet another external HDD slow transfer rate under Vista and I can t figure out why for the life of me Not quite sure what technical info about my machine is relevant with this kind of problem so I won t provide any yet but just ask if you believe more details could help narrow it down While not an expert per se I am no average user I tried hard to figure out a way by myself before resorting to ask for help so I m hoping somebody here will maybe have some insightful advices and tricks for me to try and fix this But please no obvious beginner solutions as I ve already tried everything from that level and more eg changing cables switching to other plugs changing the removal strategy to quot Optimize for better performances quot etc as I ve seen advised on many forums before Thanks a bunch in advance to anybody taking the time to read this and reply -- Angar Note obvious enough the ultimate solution for me will be to buy a new USB enclosure one that will prove fully compatible with stupid Vista like my other two are and I intend to do just that ASAP but until I do a workaround would prove really helpful nbsp

A:Yet another external HDD slow transfer rate under Vista

Try How to Reinstall Your USB Controllers and Motherboard Chipset Drivers

And you don't say, or i missed in my skim of your post, but does your HD work consistently as USB 2.0 on other computers???
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As per title really.

After my somewhat suprising Crysis experiement earlier, I'm curious to find out the most reliable way of finding out frame rates whilst its playing.

Its basic I know - But prior to joining here in May (I think!) , I'd not touched a PC game in over 15 years... Your all slowly converting me! Pmsl.

Also, what is the minimum playable frame rate? To me the game seems fine, even when everything is blowing up and happening at the same time - But is there like a minimum frame rate set for playability?

Newbie questions!!

A:Calculating frame rates in games questions

hi Leeky,
you can use this utility to see what your running while playing, it hasa benchmark feature as well that will give you min/max/avg and record a log to your desltop. it depends on the type of game really. 30FPS is widely considered playable for semi smooth play. P(ersonally I think its at least 60FPS) for First person shooters 60fps is the goal for smooth, MMo's don't require that to play okay.The biggest issue is the minimum FPS. if it dips below 30 while you get to the 'action' portions, it gets really chunky looking. What was the "Crysis experiement" you were speaking of ?
anyway download FRAPS and you can see where your at.
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Intel Core-i7 920 CPU
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R Motherboard
40GB Intel SSD Hard Drive (OS)
1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive (Data storage)
Visiontek Radeon HD 5770 1GB DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Video Card (CrossFire ready)
Blu-Ray player and DVD/CD burner (Lite-On iHES108)
OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS 700W Power Supply
25" hp 2509m Monitor 1920x1080 3ms
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

How much would you pay?
What would you change? (if anything)
I found this on another site and was thinking of buying it.

A:Rate this

I'm not a gamer, I'd use this strictly for business, surfing, music, movies, etc.

Also have a 750PSU I'd replace the 700 with.
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Hello First let me start by saying that I have just built a new computer I m using a gt and was recently getting rate Frame 9800GT with issues an average of fps sometimes in the upper fps when playing WoW on max settings I recently logged into WoW and now get an average of fps when the game is on max settings My lat in the game is very low so it isn t a lag problem I think it might be my graphics card but I am not sure Frame rate issues with 9800GT My first question is how do I tell if my graphics card isn t working My dvi is still plugged into the card and I still get a picture on the monitor so does this mean my card is still working I have had trouble with my computer starting first on my build and then later when I installed an eSata to the back of my computer When this happened my computer would not show any activity on my screen and the fan of my graphics card would keep speeding up and then back down about seconds apart After I would take the card out and put it back the computer would tell me that the overclocking had failed even though I had done no such thing Is there some setting or something wrong Any help would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Frame rate issues with 9800GT

You can stress test your Graphic Card with OCCT.

Also please give us complete system specifications including PSU type/model/wattage etc.
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Im really looking to replace my 19 inch widescreen LCD with a better monitor. My current one has a res of only 1400x900 so I need some suggestions on an HD, 1080p 120Hz monitor, 22 inches or bigger for my gaming. I love playing with vertical sync on to rid myself of tearing in games and a refresh rate of only 75 is too slow for me. I realize the human eye can only see around that I think but having an old CRT monitor years ago that went to 120hz I noticed a big jump in my gaming. Plus it just looked prettier and smoother with all options on and no slowdowns lol. Also having HD will make the colors pop more too I believe. Thank you to anyone that can help me with some suggestions on what to get.
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I had a peculiar problem occur after my reformat yesterday. After installing my video card drivers (ATI Radeon 4870) i proceeded to install my Samsung Syncmaster 2333sw monitor drivers. After installing the correct driver (analog) i went to my 'display setting' and found the max resolution to be 1920x1080 which is what i wanted. However, selecting the 1920x1080 resolution and clicking apply put the monitor into the proper resolution but also executed a slight flicker in the graphics across the desktop (menu, programs anything really). The refresh rate is 30hz Interlaced when i select the 1080 res...and i want 60hz. Anyone else had this issue? I fear i might be stuck at less than satisfactory monitor res for years to come!

A:Problem With Samsung Monitor 1920x1080 Refresh Rate

Is it a new 120Hz display? I believe that ATI released new drivers that added support for correct output for 120Hz displays. Might be worth looking into that.
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My rig is listed for quick reference. Now anyway. On this rig any source engine game,combat arms,call of duty,infact every game, Looks choppy below 60fps. Where my laptop looks fine at 30fps with few stutters as long as it maintains the 30fps. Why does it look so much different on my pc rather than my laptop .Could it be the monitor or driver settings. I am using the latest nvidia forceware beta.

A:High Frame Rate Choppy

Probably because the laptop monitor is not as good...30 should be pretty choppy imo.
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Hello HD ATI Rate Problem Frame Radeon 3200 this is my first posting on this forum I am currently having problems with my graphics when playing graphically intense games Regardless of game there is a massive loss of frame rates which is quite atypical of my computer which normally runs everything very smoothly It was really an over night switch from quot hey I m your computer and I love playing games quot to quot oh no more games for you quot This is very upsetting and puzzling In order to fix ATI Radeon HD 3200 Frame Rate Problem this I have Done ATI Radeon HD 3200 Frame Rate Problem a virus scan Done a spyware scan defragged my hard drive installed new drivers for the graphics card I checked some more things and discovered that my computer claims that the drivers for the quot Multimedia Video Controller quot are out of date I honestly have no idea what that is what it s function is or why it may be preventing me from playing Dragon Age where last week it was running just fine Any suggestions would be met with gratitude and joy System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name CASTLERAVENLOFT Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Gateway System Model DX BIOS Default System BIOS Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name ATI Radeon HD Graphics Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc Chip type ATI display adapter x DAC type Internal DAC MHz Device Key Enum PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Gateway HX Monitor Model HX Monitor Id GWY CC Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HD Driver Name atiu p dll aticfx dll atiu pag aticfx atiumd dll atidxx dll atiumdag atidxx atiumdva atiumd a cap atitmm dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B EE -D - CF- - A C C Vendor ID x Device ID x SubSys ID x Revision ID x ------------- -------------- System Devices -------------- Name LSI PCI-SV PP Soft Modem Device ID PCI VEN C amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp AB amp amp A Driver n a Name PCI standard host CPU bridge Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A A amp amp Driver n a Name Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A A amp amp Driver n a Name Marvell Yukon E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Device ID PCI VEN AB amp DEV B amp SUBSYS amp REV amp FA B C amp amp Driver n a Name PCI standard host CPU bridge Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A A amp amp C Driver n a Name High Definition Audio Controller Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV F amp SUBSYS amp REV amp amp amp Driver n a Name Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A A amp amp Driver n a Name Realtek Extensible b g Wireless Device Device ID PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS EC amp REV amp AB amp amp A Driver n a Name PCI standard host CPU bridge Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV amp A A amp amp C Driver n a Name ATI Radeon HD Series Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS E B amp REV amp A A amp amp Driver n a Name Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS ... Read more

A:ATI Radeon HD 3200 Frame Rate Problem

Can we assume that Windows 7 64-bit is fully updated, and that your have DX11 properly installed? Select RUN and type DXDIAG enter. From what you posted, this is your problem
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Hi. My computer is around 2yrs old and it has always serve me well in games. It's only recently that it started to drop frame rates all of a sudden while gaming. I didn't have this problem b4 wif the same games and I did clean my cooler fins and fans once in a while. Anybody has any idea?

A:Sudden drop in frame rate during gaming

whats games are you playing that have the drop in frame rate
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I was wondering can i override refresh rate when playing games. I have LCD 19 inch monitor, and my refresh rate is 60Hz when playing games. Its really anoying, and my eyes are falling apart. Before i could override refresh rate in ATi control panel, but now i have nvidia and i can't find that option.

A:Refresh Rate Override

if the refresh rate on the monitor is 60Hz then on you cant make it go above 60Hz. in the game your playing you might be able the turn V- sync off in the game opinions
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I have the GeForce GT and I have been noticing a problem with my graphics-heavy games Every ten minutes or so the frame rate will slow down to something pitiful like fps and I ll have to stop playing - a tough Intermittent GeForce Rate problem Frame - GT 8600 task in online games It usually lasts for anywhere from five to ten minutes and will then with just as little warning resume at full speed I have only been able to pin this on the graphics card as I don t see it happening in any other instances than graphics heavy games If it were consistent to Intermittent Frame Rate problem - GeForce 8600 GT a certain game all the all the time or if the effects were fixed by moderating graphics options I would not be confused The thing is that it is not consistent It happens on multiple games and it happens on older games that my computer should run flawlessly that lesser cards and rigs have run perfectly I have completely undercut the game s performance settings to see if less work on the card will equal more performance but there has been no change It still continues to Intermittent Frame Rate problem - GeForce 8600 GT sporadically crater and I am completely bewildered as to why or how to fix Intermittent Frame Rate problem - GeForce 8600 GT this problem The game will work fine half the time then work terribly the other half It seems to me that if it were a problem with the games being too labour intensive for the card it would be consistently occurring from the moment the game is loaded not intermittent and without being context-sensitive to graphics-heavy situations such as smoke etc It is very impudent when my computer tells me when to take a break lol Here is my rig Any help is appreciated Windows XP SP nVidia GeForce GT - MB MotherBoard ASUSTeK Computer INC P K SE Rev xx Bus Clock megahertz BIOS American Megatrends Inc Realtek Onboard Audio Megabytes DDR RAM Processor gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space nbsp
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Hi I m hoping that there s someone that can help me out a bit here I recently needed to change my video card Geforce Issues GT Frame Rate XFX 9800 Force from my gforce because the chip overheated and burned out the fan ceased working I replaced it with an XFX Force gt Now i m getting utterly terrible frame rates in games World of Warcraft Everything i m reading seems to point to the PSU not supplying enough power to the card I m also seeing suggestions to make sure that a -pin PCI-e connector is plugged into the card Unfortunately there doesn t seem to be a PCI-e plug on this card The card is a PCI-e x card and it is in the proper slot of course On my older XFX Force Geforce 9800 GT Frame Rate Issues card i was getting - fps nearly constant Now it s down to - fps I m running on a w PSU Would upgrading the PSU help me out Any help would be brilliant Thanks nbsp

A:XFX Force Geforce 9800 GT Frame Rate Issues

There should have been something like this supplied in the box with your card.

Also, what PSU are you using. That should have at least one of these 6 Pin PCI-E connectors.
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I bought my machine about 2.5 years ago , i'm thinking off upgrading as i usually use it for games. I'm struggling to work out what my processor is , how good/bad it is and how much benefit i would see from upgrading .

not even sure it exactly what processor it is just it some sort of intel dual core , under device manager its listed as

-Intel pentuim D CPU 3.4GHz
-Intel pentuim D CPU 3.4GHz

A:Help me rate my processor and decide whether to upgrade

Hi Gingerbill,
you said you use it for gaming, what are the rest of your system specs? games are very GPU dependent, might serve you better to get a better graphic card.
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I ve been playing WOW for some time now but since days ago after I reset my PC I noticed that the game became playing Very WoW when low Frame Rate so slow Although the latency Very low Frame Rate when playing WoW is just around - ms the frame rate dropped to - fps Will anyone help me out what to to on this matter please My PC s info as follows Product Name Aspire X Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack Chipset NVIDIA MCP Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz Cores L Cache Data Cache KB x Execution Trace Cache KB x L Cache MB System Memory MB Current Memory Size MB Supported Maximum Memory Size MB Memory Type DDR Slot Installed Size MB Slot Installed Size MB Total Available Graphics Memory MB Hard Drive Hitachi HDT SLA SCSI Disk Device GB Generic- Compact Flash USB Device Bytes Generic- SM xD SD MMC MS USB Device Bytes CD DVD Drive ATAPI DVD A DH A S SCSI CdRom Device Video Device Name NVIDIA GeForce G Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB Shared System Memory MB Screen Resolution x Color Quality bit Audio Device Realtek High Definition Audio Network NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller BIOS Version R -B BIOS Release Date I m not sure if the info is enough but I do hope I can get some answers in here Thank you nbsp

A:Very low Frame Rate when playing WoW

Get a better graphics card, the one that came with it is like Onboard graphics. You have PCI-e x16 slot type. Go to and pick one out that fits your budget and gaming needs.
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Hey, my Dad recently purchased a Western Digital Caviar 640gb hard drive in order to boost the storage on his computer (which he needs due to all of the games that I've installed on it over the years ). The motherboard that he is using is an Abit AV8 3rd Eye Motherboard, which supposedly has a maximum transfer rate over SATA of 1.5 gb/s. However, I think that the default transfer rate for the hard drive is 3.0 gb/s, so the computer has not been able to detect the drive.
Is there any way that I could change the transfer rate of the drive to 1.5 gb/s? Maybe I could hook it up to my other computer (which is 3.0 gb/s compatible) and install some drivers that would allow me to control the transfer rate?

A:Setting Transfer Rate for an SATA Hard Drive

There might be a small jumper on the SATA drive, that is used to vary the transfer rate
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I bought this dell a while ago maybe a year Here s the computer spec s Intel R Core computer Low frame rate, good TM Quad CPU Q GHz GHZ GB of RAM -bit Operating System Windows Vista NVIDIA GeForce GTX GTX The only problem is that when I run certain game s like Age of Conan or GTA I can t even run GTA on lowest I can t run olbivian elder scrolls on lowest The best I can run is CSS and Age of Conan on low and running Age of conan on low gives me frames per second at best Low frame rate, good computer I m sure you can see why this is fusterating These problems shouldn t be evident with my computer yet they are I think it may have to do with my power supply I had to replace it because the old one couldn t handle my graphics card and I m not sure how well the new one is holding out I don t know the Wattz of it its a gold box we put in the back that has a fan thats all we replaced expect the Graphics gard didnt fit so the tech guy rewired the entire computer and made some changes to the wires so it fit If anyone knows why playing games I should be able to run on high are having troubles running on low please help me or put me out of my misery D nbsp

A:Low frame rate, good computer

Thread closed. Please don't post the same question all over the place.
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Hi, I tried running Left 4 Dead with the following key components:

Intel E6300 @ 2.8GHZ
Kingston 2gb DDR2 667mhz
Geforce 8400GS 512MB 450mhz
Cooler Master 500WATTS PS

However, I have very unstable frame rates (yes I have installed the latest drivers for my mobo and the gpu) even when I choose the video settings to very low. I have tried running on Can You Run It? and it passed the recommended requirements easily. I have tried the game on my previous computer with the following key components:

Intel E8400 @ 3.0GHZ
Kingston 2gb DDR2 667mhz
Geforce 8800GT 512MB 640mhz
Antec Earthwatts 500WATTS

With the above parts, I could run the game smoothly even at the highest settings. The only difference I see in these 2 computers are the GPU and the processor in which the first com isn't very far pros, please help me on this! Thanks.

A:Frame rate issue when running Left 4 Dead with 8400GS

Both cards arent great performers, L4D isnt an old game, I'd guess you may be getting what 30 fps, maybe?
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Hi guys,
I have installed gta4 on my m/c that is having intel C2Q8200 cpu+2gb ddr2 ram+evga 8600gt(1024ddr2).
The os is xp sp2, i've got rmn 40 error, and with a registry patch i'm able to play the game, but the fact is inspite of metting recommended requirements for the game, even on 800x600 resolution with everything lowest, i am getting fps no more than 15 on avg.
Is it due to the fact the xp sp3 can resolve the problem, or anything else.
the new thing is that i got a samsung 2233sw 22in monitor, but the resolution i have set is 800x600 only.
Even crysis warhead is performing well with 4x antialiasing on the same system.
Should i get the sp3 upgrade, or my m/c can give this much only.
Please comment on this.

A:GTA4 on XP SP2 very poor frame rate, Q8200 + Nvidia 8600gt

Gta 4 was a real pain in the *** to run.

Its bad programming, not your pc.

I would personnaly say you are at your limit. Ensure you have the game fully patched up to date.
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please read below:

the clueless person that i am, changed the refresh rate of my monitor to about 75Hz (or so) and now i'm having a problem booting. this might not be the problem but i thought id mention it. not sure if my monitor supports it (ive got a Mag Innovision Model no. the back it mentions 60Hz so...)

everything is normal up until the windows xp loading screen after which the screen goes blank. the monitor is not however on standby and i tried logging in (knowing how to without the screen) to no avail

ive tried booting in safe mode, with networking and with command prompt, ive used the lot!!

i have no on-board graphics card so hell that doesnt help at all!

using an Nvidia 6600GT 256Mb it that could help....

thanks in advance!

A:Monitor refresh rate

hi llama91

Your screen is only capable of a 60Hz refresh rate and therefore when it loads Windows it wont be able to load at 75Hz (the amount you've changed it to). You'll have to connect a monitor that IS capable of allowing that refresh rate and then revert it back to 60Hz once started up. I'm pretty sure you'd be able to disable the drivers (and then enable them again once you've set the refresh rate back) through Command Prompt as well but I must admit I'm not sure of how that's done.

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I've noticed that when I run certain games there is a black frame (about 1" in actual width) around my screen even if I set the correct resolution. Since this is consistent across a few titles, I figure it's a display issue and not the games. My monitor supports a max resolution of 1920 x 1080 but even if I set it to that some games display this frame all the time. Not a huge deal as the games run just fine but I would like to see them running at full screen. Any ideas on how to fix this. The desktop is fine (full screen) as do most games with the exception of a few titles.

ATI Radeon HD4800 series
Windows XP Home Edition
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Hi I don t know anything about computers and just got my first webcam it is the EZ I-Contact Pro PC Camera with Headset the box says the frame rate is up to fps when i go into the settings slow problem, Webcam rate? frame it s set at the problem is that when i record there is a delay like my lips are moving slower than the words i m saying i really don t want to have to buy a new camera so i m hoping there is something i can do to make my lips and voice be in synch like Webcam problem, slow frame rate? i said don t know much about computers so i don t know what else you need to know i have windows xp the software i Webcam problem, slow frame rate? downloaded with the Webcam problem, slow frame rate? cam is ezvideo mail ezmedia box ezlive moniter i ve only used ezvideo mail and ezmedia box same thing happened with both i emailed myself the video and it was just as it was when i recorded it please help thank you so much nbsp

A:Webcam problem, slow frame rate?

Is your copy of XP updated to Service Pack 3? What is your computers make and model?
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Hi gang,
Im having a problem with the 1280 x 1024 resolution on my monitor. any other resolution works fine. when i change it to 1280 x 1024 I get wavy flickering semi round lines on either side of the screen (kind of looks like a faint contour map). my first instinct was that the refresh rate was wrong so i set it high and low and no luck. its currently at the supported speed of 75Mhz. again it works fine at any other resolution, and is a supported res.

Any ideas?

Samsung SyncMaster 955DF
ATI HD 3650 1gb

A:Wrong refresh rate?

Did you install the monitor driver or are you using Native drivers?

If you need the manual, try here;
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Hi, my WoW frame rates have been running so low its unbearable to turn around/ move. Altering the settings in the game barely changes this.

I have a:

M3A Motherboard (ASUS) With a 3.2GZ AMD Dual Core.

Asus 8600GT

2Gigs DDR2 Ram (Kingston/hynix)

LG Flatron Monitor 22inch.

Any idea how I can fix this, thank you.

A:Frame Rate Troubles

What resolution are you running it at? I would think an 8600 should run it fine, so it might be your internet connection.
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Alright, heres the issue i bought an ATI 1600 about two years ago...when i went to go play COH or Sim city 4 im getting 20 - 10 fps ...yes yes i have read the other threads and nothing has helped if someone could pleaseeee help me i beg ive had this issue for a about a month or two i just want to play my video games again

i have an Nvidia3 2 g of ram amd anthlon 3000+

please any help will be accepted PLEASE!

A:ATI x1600 512 mb Frame Rate Issue

if the card is 2 years old, it may be dieing a slow death

but from my experience, the cards that died on me were instant deaths (mostly due to the fan failing and the gpu overheating.)

as for helping you any further, i think you would need to provide more information on to what/why/when and stuff.

"Nvidia3" is that your mother board?
athlon 3000 (assuming its single core)
2gb memory (1x2 or 2x2, also what frequency)
ATI 1600

i honestly wouldnt expect much more than 20 fps with those games with that setup.
im not bashing your setup, but if you have extra cash, you could build a much better system for very little money. ($400 or so) just the basics.

good luck and hope to hear more of what could have caused this problem
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For example nvidia 7500gt
I was told "7" refers to the series
the "5" refers to the speed

If true, would a 7500gt probably run your game better than your 8100gt?
I'm assuming speed is more important than a slight newer series

A:How to rate video cards?


Whoever told you that about the 7 of 7500gt means the series, whoever told you that the 500 of the 7500 means the speed is also correct as Nvidia does have a way of encoding its product lines with a higherarchy scheme.

In the past Nvidia has always labled its cards in said series x100-x800 and an occational x900 card. But that has changed with their new 200 series cards.

Lets take for instance the Geforce 7 series. which had a product line through 7200-7900 (7900 being the fastest of the lot).

Now each card offered by Nvidia card a suffix of GS GT GTS GTX and Ultra and that suffix usually gives the buyer a idea of where it stands performance wise without even looking at the specs. GS Fast - GT Faster - GTS Fastest - GTX Ultimate Fast - Ultra we are waiting to release the next gen cards but until then decided to just overclock the GTX and call it a new card.

Without doing research, it is hard to say if a 7500GT is faster than a low end Gefore 8 series card.
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So I took some video of my daughter s softball game and copied the video over to my hard drive mpg format when I noticed the video was only minutes and seconds long Knowing there is more than Skipping Frame minutes of Frame Skipping video there I scroll through the video and notice there is a weird frame skipping thing going on Watching the video you only see the first minutes but of you click and drag is backwards you can back up to about the minute mark and watch about - minutes of the video before the video is done Again before THAT is done you can back it up to about the minute mark etc etc As if video sequences or video markers are overlapping each other I don t know if I m explaining this very well I ve never seen this before any one ever experience this I m running an Athlon Dual core with gb ram so processing or memory shouldn t be a problem nbsp
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Have a small home network with 10 computers, most on GB ethernet, a couple laptops on G wireless. Netgear GS748T switch. Question is this - can I enable Jumbo Frames between 2 of my computers that I do the heaviest file transfers between, without enabling it on the others? Also, will those other CPU's no longer be able to communicate with the 2 CPU's that have the Jumbo Frames enabled? Just curious if anyone has messed with this and found any speed improvements for large (e.g., video) file transfers. Thanks.

A:Jumbo Frame Question

Yes you can, but you need to do a bunch of reading. Not simple enough to post here.
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anyways I jsut did a benchmark on my hhd and it said this about it

Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm 2mb buffer

Transfer Rate
AVG 25.7 mb/s
Max 28.6 mb/s
Min 4.1 mb/s

Access time
13.6 ms

Burst Rate 29.7 mb/s

Supported UDMA mode 6 ultra ATA/133
Active mode 2 Ultra ATA/33

then i got so angry to find out that i am runing at ATA/33

with my knowledge i am able to blame the cable i am using i just put it in a year ego thinking that it didnt make a difference which cable i use (very stupid)

So my little confussion is, if i was to change the cable for an ATA133 cable then my transfer rate should get higher almost matching teh cable right?

PS i havent really checked on the cable what it says so could i perhaps be misssing a setting in my bios that limits the cable and transfer to be ata33?

A:Confussed about ATA and transfer rate

DeepMartin said:

anyways I jsut did a benchmark on my hhd and it said this about it

Hitachi 80gb 7200rpm 2mb buffer

Transfer Rate
AVG 25.7 mb/s
Max 28.6 mb/s
Min 4.1 mb/s

Access time
13.6 ms

Burst Rate 29.7 mb/s

Supported UDMA mode 6 ultra ATA/133
Active mode 2 Ultra ATA/33

then i got so angry to find out that i am runing at ATA/33

with my knowledge i am able to blame the cable i am using i just put it in a year ego thinking that it didnt make a difference which cable i use (very stupid)

So my little confussion is, if i was to change the cable for an ATA133 cable then my transfer rate should get higher almost matching teh cable right?

PS i havent really checked on the cable what it says so could i perhaps be misssing a setting in my bios that limits the cable and transfer to be ata33?Click to expand...

The transfer rate varies between PCs.. If you have ATA 33 and don't have a MOBO (motherboard) that supports ATA 133, then you would need what is called a promise card that would go onto your PCI but those PCI have 33MHz to 66MHZ PCI 2.1 version.

But you HDD is spinning fast at 7200 RPMs and you got 2MB read/write cache. True ATA 33, ATA 66, ATA 100, ATA 133, SATA 150, SATA 300. True the ATA 133 moves more data is is faster than the ATA 33. Cables won't do you need to have a system bus that can handle the speeds and or get a add-on cards. Try online to see if they're still available other than that you might want to look into building a new pc?
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What does the refresh rate do? My current setting is 59 Hertz. What would happen if I change it to 60 Hertz? Would there be a slight boost in games or whatsoever?

A:Refresh Rate?

The higher the refresh rate, the better games and general viewing will be.

But. Your monitor must support the higher refresh rates
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i have a query.isnt the transfer rate between partitions within a hard drive supposed to be faster than its external transfer rate via the interface?
i have a seagate st3160215as with 2mb says on the website that it has a maximum sustainable transfer rate of 78MB/sec,whereas when i moved media files from my drive d: to drive c: the avg came out to be about 10MB/sec (i divided the file size with the time in secs to calculate that).
is this normal?
also what is the usual tranfer rate when coying off a dvd to hard disk?


A:Slow hard disk transfer rate between partitions

There are several things that can affect transfer rates... things like system CPU, memory and motherboard, and running programs
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Hi guys this Severe 3.3v to rate drops frame rail and 3.28v issues 2nd is my first post here though i have been browsing for some time now I have a problem as the title suggests I built a PC over the last months and was devastated today when i finall got my GFX card through and installed it my fps was extremely bad and at shoot off scenes it was dropping to single digits Here Severe frame rate issues and 2nd rail 3.3v drops to 3.28v is my Spec Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Motherboard M R -MVP Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD X Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor CPUs GHz Hard Disk Drive Raptor GB Memory MB RAM DDR Power Supply watt Sound Onboard Sound Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode The game Crysis Severe frame rate issues and 2nd rail 3.3v drops to 3.28v on this configuration even when everything is set to normal is unplayable due to frame rate dropping considerably Now you may say that Crysis is a very demanding game and Severe frame rate issues and 2nd rail 3.3v drops to 3.28v thats fine but a friend of mine as the following spec Operating System Windows XP Professional Motherboard M A -MVP DELUXE Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Processor AMD Phenom tm Quad-Core Processor MMX DNow CPUs GHz Hard Disk Drive Raptor GB Memory MB RAM DDR Power Supply watt Sound SB Audigy ZS Audio E Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode With his spec Crysis runs very good In areas where not much is happening his PC runs an average of f s where as mine averages at around f s and his in areas where multiple enemies are shooting at him drops to around f s where min drops to about - f s I have no idea why this is the way it is If anything our PC s are at a very similar spec but yet his set up performs wonders against mine Also to note i struggled to find actual drivers for my gfx card and even with the driver CD that came with the GFX card i still got a error during install due to the Southbridge not being prresent or not being able to be seen I personally believe it to be either the HDD PSU or the MOBO but im no computer whizz and have limited knowledge in this field though i do know my way around the PC Finally but not least the voltage I used a software called PC Probe and all volts barring were slightly above normal which i am told is normal The second rail showcasing V generally stays at V but drops to especially when i load up Crysis and leave it on the pause screen or the main menu screen Im out of ideas and have decided to seek help I hope you can help me and together we can sort this problem out If you require further info please ask away i have both mine and my friends DXDIAG should you require information from there in part or full Thank you for reading my long post and i hope a solution can be found nbsp

A:Severe frame rate issues and 2nd rail 3.3v drops to 3.28v

Also realize that Crysis does have a DirectX 10 path of the game which do provide some visual improvements, but at the cost of some very measurable performance. You can see the improvements by mousing-over the images on this page:

As you can see on this set of benchmarks (which have come up for both NV and ATI with newer drivers), DX10 mode does trail DX9 mode of the game:,1697,2222417,00.asp
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Hi I ve spent the last two hours browsing endless internet forums trying to find a solution to increase my frame rate Although I m not foreign to computers etc I am out of my depth when dealing with graphics So I decided to get some individual advice in the hands of experts Basically I play Pro Evolution Soccer loads and I m trying to get frame confusion! Increase for rate gaming/drivers/general it to run at the optimum frame rate so it displays better on the TV I output my laptop via s-video to the TV for playing I noticed the Frapps program being mentioned so I downloaded that to find that my FPS was - in the game I think my computer can do HZ so surely the FPS can be boosted to around FPS But I d be happy even if the FPS was nearer fps I ve seen Vsync being mentioned in various forums but I don t know how to disable that or even if it is beneficial The thing is I m a bit confused with the drivers stuff and all I can find is in quot Display quot which is quot Plug and Play Monitor on Mobile Intel R GM Express Chipset Family quot Also briefly read that increasing virtual memory will affect FPS so set that at mb now I m not sure what info you need or even how to obtain it but I guess I can give the System Properties stuff Computer Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz GHz MB of RAM Physical Address Extension Any help is VERY greatly appreciated Thanks Wiseman nbsp

A:Increase frame rate for gaming/drivers/general confusion!

Your monitor doing 60Hz is just the refresh rate. When playing games with v-sync enables your framerate will not go higher than your refresh rate which is 60Hz (hence won't go higher than 60fps). If you disable v-sync (won't necessarily increase performance if you have low framerates already) than your framerate can go higher than the refresh rate (virtually unlimited) for even smoother gameplay BUT you get what is called horizontal tearing which can kinda suck in a lot of games.

To reduce tearing you can enable triple buffering. All it does is render both second the third frames while the first is being displayed. but some issues can come from this such us the third frame might be displayed over the second. Although this is rare (at least for me)

In your case your running an old Intel with a rather crappy graphics card. You can try overclocking your CPU but I don't think it will help much. You PC (no offence) is rather crap when it comes to performance. The only real viable chance of geting higher framerates is to buy a new PC, or at least get a more powerful graphics card. But your CPU being at 1.6GHz will be a bottle neck for it.

Your pretty much screwed. Buy a new PC, make sure its custom built as custom builds are the best (You know what your getting).

EDIT: Sorry if spelling is off. I got up REAL early to get the papers from the garage and am really tired.
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I want to buy an AREA-51 m15x notebook, and was wondering what the max refresh rate was? are they all 60? Or can I > the RR by < the Resolution?

A:Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is dictated by the monitor and it is genrally not a good idea to fiddle with the settings of laptop screens - if it locks up you cannot unplug it and reset it. It will already be optimised for the machine anyway.
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just wondered what the reccomended refresh rate is for LCD widescreen monitors, as i have just bought a 20". On my old 17" CRT screen i always had the refresh rate at 75 hertz as my eyes could not stand 60 hertz. I now have the refresh rate set to 75 hertz on my new monitor, but was wondering if that was correct for a LCD widescreen monitor???

thanks in advance

A:Recommended refresh rate?

You don't get that option with LCD. Only CRT.

Leave it alone.
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Hi guyz Im out on a limb here I have spent weeks chasing this and its kind of a long story My issue is simple at the moment Im playing Operation Flashpoint Old Yes but still awesome I have ALL settings off or low Deadly Frame Rates??? very low and I still get frame rates between and averaging or so I have played this since it hit the shelf and I started on a Pentium Deadly low Frame Rates??? and that ran it better System Specs Abit NF -S G and PC Chips M A Ya its junk tried them both AMD Athlon and tried them both Enermax W PSU and Echo Star W PSU tried them both Geil DDR and Kingston DDR tried them both SB Audigy SE Maxtor gig HDs GeForce GS OC and GeForce GT OC tried them both Everything listed quot first quot was original Second was replaced to try to fix this BUT nothing does A year ago I was running F E A R with the Abit board and the GT at max settings and all of a sudden while playing GRAW my performance took a dump Here is where things get sticky When my performance dove the MB started screaming at me when joining a server or high demand graphic situations like explosions So I put my old back in and the screaming stopped but the performance was still down But I figured it was the older card I RMAed the and got a new one but the performance was the same without the noise So I tried the XP NOPE tried new RAM NOPE then the new died RMAed that still waiting Was also having data corruption issues So I figured its the MB so I bought the PC chips board Still the same less the data issues so far I have run every test I can find freeware software and online and every thing says the system is except PC Pistop There test says my HDs have an uncached speed of MBs and MBs but the Maxblast says they are fine PLEASE someone give me something A ghz PC with a GT OC should run OFP at max settings with frame rates in the s I thank anyone for any ideas nbsp
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I didn t know whether to put this here or in the gaming section because second rate per Stuck frame it deals with a game but anyways I play counter-strike and i have the FPS Frames per second counter enabled and it constantly says i have right around FPS I never changes more than FPS to each side I have a Max FPS rate on Counter-Strike set to FPS I run an EVGA GT on an LG Flat Panel Moniter with refresh rate at x I know Counter-Strike can run at a much higher FPS because I have seen it myself on Stuck frame per second rate other computers I have all updated drivers including Direct X My video card can t support Direct X I am pretty sure that this video card has the ability to go beyond FPS because my last video card the GT had the same problem as well as other worse problems that are behind me I don t really know whats going on does anyone else have any ideas nbsp

A:Stuck frame per second rate

You have enabled vsync in your video settings? (Windows or in-game)

Also, 60 FPS is just fine and there is absolutely no point in trying to get more - your monitor would be unable to display those frames and you aren't able to see them. You would only stress your CPU and GPU, wasting power and generating heat.
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I have upgraded one of my old computers from MB RAM to GB by buying another PC DDR setting BIOS Rate Module of Installation DRAM Command Problem New with Memory MB module Upon booting Windows XP after the installation of RAM BSODs with various errors show up sometimes before loading to the desktop sometimes after the desktop has loaded Some of the errors include IRQL LESS THAN EQUAL error and another error that has the word Page DRAM Command Rate BIOS setting Problem with Installation of New Memory Module in it I forgot if it is Page fault or Page file I have traced this down to the BIOS Memory settings Before the upgrade I have set other settings to the optimal setting that the BIOS can allow DRAM Command Rate BIOS setting Problem with Installation of New Memory Module me by reading this guide http www techarp com freebog aspx without any problems Upon upgrading setting the DRAM Command Rate to T will prevent the BSODs before the installation of the new module this setting was set to T and my system worked fine without any BSODs I am wondering if there is another way I can get my system to work while still setting the DRAM Command Rate to T As I have seen from various websites like this one Techwarelabs com http www techwarelabs com reviews memory memory timings index shtml there is a performance increase if the DRAM Command Rate is set to T I also would like to know if the performance gain is not that significant and if it is better if I just leave it at T I am also wondering if module order matters based from closeness to the processor in performance and stability I have found out thru Everest Home Edition that the new module I bought has a slightly slower memory timing that my old one I have set my old module closer to the processor This system is Windows XP P GHZ ASUS P VP-MX motherboard my BIOS is also recently updated My motherboard contains two RAM module slots each slot has a PC DDR MB RAM - GB total nbsp

A:DRAM Command Rate BIOS setting Problem with Installation of New Memory Module

Put the slower one into Slot 1 - that ought to ensure it runs at that speed, not the faster sticks timings..

You could try resetting it to 1T if that proves stable. A slight bump in Ram Voltage probably wouldn't hurt - if your board has that Facility in the BIOS.

A quick way to test stablility is to run a 2m SuperPi - it's not foolproof, but if it passes, you know you're on the right track. If you get errors, it's still suss, and you might want to run a MemTest on each stick individually - although it's new, it may still be faulty!
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I play the MMORPG called World of WarCraft, and in somewhat recently, I've been getting a bit of problems. You see, when I play the game, I have a little addon to tell me what my current FPS while playing is. So far, it's been at around very low, like below 10 FPS. I'm not sure what to do to fix this problem. Is it my video card need something new or a new video card or I have too much stuff on my PC or a combination of sorts? Plz help me.

A:Very Low Frame Rates for me on WoW

u might give the details of the computer, video card, drivers installed for all and any other thing that could be effecting this. we might need a few details.

Good Luck
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in a few months i ll have raised the cash for a new system but i have a few problems and debates that i need to resolve for the time being here are the two scenarios a k a my possible setup comp AMD Athlon Dual Core ghz gigabyte corsair brand RAM Nvidia Geforce gtx mb gig hard drive watt power supply or comp AMD Athlon Dual Core ghz mb corsair brand RAM Nvidia Geforce gtx mb gig hard drive watt power supply my trouble is i don t know whether or not i should get gig now and a weaker processor or the better processor and add more ram later my main worry is that although i will have a stronger processor in the second setup it ll have trouble picking up the slack considering i ll be attempting to play Call of Duty and other games that are a little bit needy in terms of RAM not to mention running XP on this system with only mb of makings advise: please of and new rate comp RAM might not work out for the best if anyone can prove me wrong please do i don t want to make any big mistakes with this computer because it s really my one and please rate and advise: makings of new comp only shot either way whichever one i pick i plan on buying an addition gigs to throw in its merely a matter of which system i should pick so that it can tide me over until i get the new RAM cards and if there were one thing you would change in this setup what would it be your input is greatly appreciated nbsp please rate and advise: makings of new comp
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Hello all!

I am using the Conexant Fusion 878a chip on a 4 input video capture card. I am trying to access the mux on the chip from Windows (XP) that changes the input feeds.

I am able to acquire the images into Matlab from the first input on the card with no problems, but I can not access the other 3 inputs. I was told that I need to find the hook on the driver for the mux. Can anybody give me any help or advice?

Thanks in advance!
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I currently have my refresh rate on my monitor set at 84hz, but windows will let me put it up too 100hz after i check the option to only display modes my monitor can handle. However in my monitors manual it says only 85hz. Is it dangerous to put my hz up to 100.

A:refresh rate

Yes. This message was too short - dumb rule when the answer is simple.

However - YES!
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I m weighing the Pro s and Con s of replacing my failing C drive with two drives RAID ed together Failure qustionable. rate Perf gain it? RAID doubled. worth I had planned to go the RAID- route but the more research I do the less of a good idea it sounds I m only looking at RAID variations that let me use ALL of my capacity rather than waste an entire drive for backup so RAID and RAID worth it? Perf gain qustionable. Failure rate doubled. are off the table RAID worth it? Perf gain qustionable. Failure rate doubled. my Mboard does not support That leaves RAID- and JBOD I hear varying reports that RAID- doesn t always result in performance gains and naturally by making two drives so interdependent if one fails they both fail essentially doubling your risk of catastrophic drive failure JBOD quot Just a Bunch Of Disks quot wouldn t result in any speed gain but wastes less space than partitioning the drives separately and if one fails you don t lose all your data So what are others out there using Any recommendations Performance issues Maybe I d be better off just not sing RAID at all nbsp

A:RAID worth it? Perf gain qustionable. Failure rate doubled.

You don't move to RAID to get performance gains, necessarily. You do it for security of your data.
There is always a risk to anything on a computer, but we have yet to see such a catastorphic drive failure in our shop, if things are installed correctly to begin with...
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I have quantum 6600gt graphics rated at
Memory clock - 800 mhz
3dclock - 300 mhz

now i overclocked the card and am still overclocking it meanwhile the experts may plz rate it .

Memory clock - 1086 mhz
3dclock - 416 mhz.

have overclocked the memory clock of gpu by 35.75 %

and i also have overclocked the 3d clock of my gpu by 38.67 %

is the overclocking fine???or is there more scope???

i have only the default cooler and 4 fans in the cabinet.

the temp on load while under overclocking is 68`c.

is this normal ?????

also tell me that after overclocking what will my 6600gt be equivalent to at the overclocked settings.

The overclocking is completely stable.

finally plz rate the overclocking.

Thanking you in Advance
-- Abhinit

A:Plz rate my overclocking.

not bad for a stock heatsink/fan overclock

any amount of overclock is good really (as long as the component still works afterwards)

and it is still the same as a 6600 but just slightly faster clocks, its the gpu design and overall design of the card that makes it unique.

68c is quite hot, but as long as it works, who cares right? any amount of overclocking will shorten the life of a component tho, u know that right? but 68 should be fine, my x1900xtx can get into the 70s when playing fear and thats still going over clocked to gpu:695 mem:828 (stock heatsink/fan too
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I was just wondering how this would compare with current-gen hardware capabilities. Only current-gen comparisons please, I already know that end of the world is near with DirectX10 and Vista coming along ! Thanks for the votes! :bounce:


Asus M2NPV-VM2 nForce 430 Motherboard
1024Mb (2X512 Dual Channel) DDR2 675 Memory
160Gb Western Digital Caviar SE 7200RPM Hard Drive
e-GeForce 7900GS KO w/256Mb 256-Bit Memory
19" Xerox LCD Screen
Sony DRX-500ULX DVD-Writer
Generic (Crappy) Black Case
(Newer Power Supply 400-500Watts w/at least 24A on 12V/Rail)

A:How would you rate my computer?

Link your system Cfitzarl because im too lazy to look on Newegg at all the products :haha:

From what I can see it's a pretty good system, Just upgrade to 2gigs RAM ( or atleast 1 or 1.5 ) and you'll be able to run almost any game

I rate it a 9.99999991/10!
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im sure this type of thread has been discussed so many times before but Im really confused here I love to play countersytike source bf bf and all those great games out there and so I shelled out on a brand new leadtek winfast gt i also added another gig of ram making it gb of ddr duel channel memory mode and yet strangely I only get fps during css and day of defeat source I may not be the best computer expert out there but strangely low frame rate I know even with my system I should be getting higher on strangely low frame rate an aging game such as css My mate who has exactly the same system as me except he has gb of ram gets fps on day of defeat Has anyone else had this problem and better still does anyone know how to solve it Thanks in advance My system P ghz with ht gb ddr in duel channel memory mode Leadtek winfast gt tagan w psu Aspire x-cruiser case black Sound blaster audigy se Windows xp home x gb hdd x optical drives nbsp

A:strangely low frame rate

Just out of curiosity, what is your PSU, and what is your friends PSU?
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OK decent think rate a i please have build... it I this is going to be my first build I hope it can all come together nicely Case http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp Sku A - DVD-Rom drive out of stock so i need a better idea for one http www newegg I think i have a decent build... please rate it com Product Product asp Item N E Sound Card http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Monitor http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Processor http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Power Supply http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details I think i have a decent build... please rate it asp EdpNo amp CatId Sound system http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Hard drive http www tigerdirect I think i have a decent build... please rate it com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E CPU fan http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E And thats it I currently Own a PCI-E ATI Radeon X- Pro and will be using it I take suggestions and criticism I m sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this But i didn t know where else nbsp

A:I think i have a decent build... please rate it

First, for the sound card, try to look for something from Creative Labs (SB Audigy), they should be considerably better.

I myself have conisdered purchasing that CX-550B power supply, but after more research, Coolmax is not such a good brand. Try to look for something else.

Also, increase the size of the hard drive by a bit. Hard drives sell for low $$ nowadays anyway.

And finally, that CPU fan is not compatible with the LGA775 socket of your Core 2 Duo. You should look for something else, or stick with the stock HSF until you absolutely need a replacement.

Good luck with your build
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Hi everyone.

I will be entering 8th grade next year and I want to be prepared, so I decided to build a portable PC. What do you guys think of this setup:

VIA / VPSD EPIA-ML8000A VIA C3 800MHz Processor Socket 370 VIA CLE266 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Set

CHENMING MATX-118 Black/Silver Aluminum Micro ATX Cube Case Computer Case Peak Load: 300W Power Supply

Kingston ValueRAM 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 266 (PC 2100) Desktop Memory

SAMSUNG Beige 16X DVD-ROM 52X CD-R 32X CD-RW 52X CD-ROM 2M Cache IDE Combo Drive

Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JB 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive

Total: $559.92(without s&h)

Will this build work? Will it go fairly fast for basically typing and internet surfing? Thanks,


A:Building a portable PC rate it and give suggestions

The VIA C3 800mhz is extremly low power but it's preformance can be beat by a Pentium 3 500mhz or AMD K6 500mhz. I recomend going with the AMD Geode NX 1750 over the C3.The C3 is ok with win 2k or most linux distros (as long as you don't install alot of extra features) but strugles under XP.There is also no advantage of getting an ITX board and a mATX case. I recomend a mATX board as it gives you more features and options.
Here is a llink a board with the AMD Geode: $74
Or you could get an AMD Duron and a mATX board:
CPU: $18
Motherboard: $43
CPU Fan: $10
Total: $71

either of those options will give you a big preformance boost over the C3, only use a few more watts, and still fit in the mATX case you listed.
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Hey im new to this community but i know a little about computers My problem is that recently my computer has started to frame skip in games I have no idea why or how this has started and i would hope that u guys here at Techspot could Skip/Small Problem Frame Lag help me out The games i have been playing recently are Warcraft TFT and Microsoft Flight Simulator The frame skipping started about days ago The games ran extremly well before that I have tried to defragment both C and D Hard-drives but it didnt help I have also checked for any problems in the Drives but they seem to be fine I think the frame skip is because i have dust in my computer laptop but i do not wish to open up the case since i am not very good at that stuff My specs are Ghz Intel Pentium M Processor It is the same as ghz Intel Pentium MB Ram Ati Mobility Radeon MB Hope that u can help me out with this problem nbsp

A:Frame Skip/Small Lag Problem

I already did a virus scan, 0 infections found.
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I am having problems with my computer and i don't know what is causing it. I get really low frame rates in games and i get many beeps when playing as well as while doing toehr things, such as encoding a movie.

I have a MSI K7N2-Delta ILSR mobo with an athlon xp 2600+ slightly overclocked

Is my mobo overheating or just worn out or could it be something else? I recently replaced my ram because i was getting errors in memtest86.

Any help woudl be great.

A:Low frame rates and many beeps...

The first two things I'd check are your CPU temps and your PSU voltage.

To check your CPU temps (if you don't aleady have some monitoring software) download and run speedfan:

It will also tell you the voltages on your PSU. Please tell us what it is saying for your +3.3v, +5v and +12v rails.
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Hi... i am just wondering if there is some problem with my cd rw... recently i tried burning some cd and there some error like cyclic redundacy problem and some burn cd cant even be read and took long time to response and the cd can only burn up to a max of 15x... Well... few years ago... i could burn up to 40x and there is no problem like wat i am experiencing now...

btw... i been doing lots of burning previously and could this be a problem??

A:My burning rate has drop...

maybe due to age and starting to die... but try this troubleshooter, after each step try again:

[right click my computer>properties>hardware>device manager] remove all dvd/cd drives in that list. reboot.

goto the driver's manufacture website, download and install the latest firmware for it.

try on a different machine

try different media/brand....
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hello guys can some plz help me. in safe mode how can i change the refresh rate as it has no options at the moment thnx guys

A:Nvidia 6600 refresh rate Help

"Your video card is currently configured to display at a refresh rate higher than what your monitor can support. Boot your machine into 'VGA mode' by pressing F8 very early into the boot process and select it from the menu. Once in Windows, select the refresh rate you require (60hz?) and reboot - hopefully, this setting will "stick" and you're done. If not, then you'll need to uninstall & reinstall your video driver. This will also wipe out that stubborn RR info."More from - Tidy
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I'm getting horrible frame rates in games (0-2FPS in DOD:S with an oc'd geforce 6800) and i recently had to drop the latencies to 3-5-6-8 to accomidate the errors i was getting in Memtest86. I had a bad stick of ram and i removed it and now i have 2x256MB in dual channel mode.

Can these low latencies cause terrible frame rates in games? I still am getting a few errors on test 5 with my current setup (as opposed to the thousands with the bad piece of ram). should i buy some new RAM or raise the voltage or change some of the timings?

any help would be great.

A:Can high RAM latencies cause bad frame rates in games?

What's the rest of your machine line? CPU, etc?
Having 512MB of ram isn't helping anything but having questionable memory could be causing some problems.
You can get 1GB of good ram for under $80 now.
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Does setting your video driver application, like in ATI tool, to override 60hz default to a higher rate while playing 3d games make any difference? Either in speed or looks? I have been trying it different ways and then benchmarking and if anything it seems that forcing a higher refresh rate might help the speed a little.

does anyone know if all this matters much? thanks

A:refresh rate override

Setting the refresh rate to higher than 60 Hz allows for a higher frame rate (especially with Vsync enabled); when benchmarking vsync should be disabled - that way refresh rate won't have any effect on performance.

Higher refresh rates are also better for your eyes (Well, some people - like myself) are sensitive to anything below 85Hz).
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I am trying to play Counter Strike : Source with my X800 PCIE card. I run the video stress test in the game and I get an average score of over 100fps. When I join any server, I get fps around 20. I don't understand what could be doing this. I've downloaded the latest Catalyst Control Center and drivers for this card and tried almost every option (at least I think) that I could.
Here are some specs:
WinXP Pro
Catalyst 5.11
AMD64 3000+
I'd appreciate any input...
Thank you in advance,
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I have searched long and hard and need help please.

I have a P4 2.8 CPU with 512 DDR400 Ram and WinXP Pro installed. My hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 120GB (Ultra) ATA. I have replaced cable to manufacturer's spec Ultra ATA cable, black interface used for master and jumper on Cable Select. I do not use the slave on this cable. I have checked BIOS and auto detected drive again. All seems fine here.

I have tested transfer rate on this drive with HD tach and HD Tune and get around 2.8 MB/sec. I experience very slow boot up and PC in general is very slow to start and execute programs.

I have removed all spyware and other threats with no effect.

A:Hard Drive transfer rate very slow (Seagate Barracuda 120GB)

Make sure you have hard disk DMA enabled in BIOS and see if Windows is using it.
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I have dial up with a PCI Creative DI5652-1 V.92 modem and my download transwfer rate goes all the way down to 2.72 kb/sec.

A:slow download transfer rate

Dial up does now have a fast download speed first off, you will be very lucky to get 15 - 20/kb sec.

Secondly, it depends on how busy the server that is sending you the file is.

And finally have you checked all firewalls have been properly configured.

also try to disable your firewall if you have one to actually see if it makes a difference.
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My download transfer rate decreases down to 2.20/kb/sec. I am using a Creative DI5652-1 PCI V.92 modem. any ideas?
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Hey Everyone,

I'm having problems with my monitor having scanlines across the top of it and I was going to try something out with the adapter refresh rate settings. I'm hoping it'll make the scanlines go away. However, when I tried changing the rate to 60Hz I get a warning that says something along the lines of if I change the rate it might cause my monitor to not work properly or to cause something to go very wrong. It also said to only change it if you knew what Hz my adapter/monitor was compatible with. How do I find out which settings I can adjust it to? Right now it's set to Optimal. Thank you in advance.

A:Adapter Refresh Rate

If your monitor is a standard CRT monitor it should run on 60 hz without a problem.

When you say it has "scanlines" across the top? does your monitor have a slightly bright look to it. are these lines say small red or green lines that apear to be about the same distance apart from each other, probably about 1/4 inch.

if so your "backlight" brightness for a lack of better terms is set way to high and thats your problem, I dont recommend doing this but you can adjust your brightness by removing the case on it and you will have a POT, variable resistor, actually you will have up to possibly 10 depending on what type/model the monitor is, you will be able to adjust these with a screwdriver. You can play around with them to find which one is the correct one, but for a non technical person, and for most that are avid pc modders I still do not recommend doing this... if you touch the flyback,(produces above 150k voltes depending on make/model can lay an ***** whipping you.
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One of the reasons i bought a compaq P1100 was because it could do 1600x1200 at 95hz. The problem is that for some reason the drivers don't have this option to choose from so even using most of the refresh forcing methods like ReForce or rage3dtweak don't work. The only one that's let me do 1600x1200 at 95hz has been powerstrip but now my trial period has ended and it seems silly to buy such a large program for just this tiny little reason.

Does anyone know of any other programs that let you force odd refresh rates?

A:Anyone know of any CUSTOM refresh rate forcing programs other than powerstrip?

You can do it in the registry, doesn't cost you anything.
Go her and scroll down to VIDEO CARDS
Substitute the videocard-names found there, and Bob's your uncle.
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How FPS effect gaming? What is healthy FPS for playing game? Is the slowness of the game is due to low FPS? How can i check FPS of the game that i am playing?

A:What is FPS(frame per second)? How do FPS effect gaming?

There's a few articles here you might be interested in;
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I would like to know if i can have the next thing:

I have 2 pcs and a router, but would like to put a smc jumbo frame support switch 8 ports between the PCs and connect the switch to the router.

I know that a jumbo frame means a large packet but would like to know if i can still connect with the router without any problem!

Is there any problem in connecting a jumbo frame switch and a router???

Also, i would need 2 network cards with jumbo frames, sure???
Thanks a lot!

A:Jumbo frame switch - router question

Yes you can connect the switch just fine. It will/should auto-detect the peers capable of jumbo frames and use the feature on those ports.

Jumbo frames are a feature of gigabit ethernet so if you have 1000Mbit NICs then you probably already have jumbo frame support - just enable it in the driver properties. Your switch will work just fine with any other ethernet card with no problems too so there is no need to go out and buy anything.
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What would be faster....

A Maxtor drive with 9.3 ms seek time and SATA 150 mb transter rate


Western digitial with 8.9ms seek time and ATA 100 mb transfer rate.

A:Seek time verse transfer rate

HD performance factors

oh these are fun; HD performance stats.
Some basic issues
three factors determine HD performance (ignore caching).
..1) seek time; moving the arm to the correct location and
......setting the head to be used
..2) rotational delay (also called latency).
......when the arm/head arrive on the correct track,
......(on avg) we wait for 1/2 a revolution to get the precise record
..3) the electronic transfer time

to relate these three factors to one another, time > 10* (latency + transfer time)

if one COULD do nothing but sequential reads, then transfer time becomes the issue.
However, most HDs are fragment AND reads/writes ususally occur
for few records at a time and then another seek occurs.

Big Blue (ie IBM main frames) and some larger Unix systems have techniques
like ordered seeks to reduce random seeks to linear progressions to-fro the
surface, but that's another story

get 7200 rpm hd to reduce latency
get good size on-board cach enabled HDs
keep your system to less than 10 fragmentation

ps: laptops still use the 5400 rpm HDs to save power
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Hello everyone o I m a noob so please be gentle I have a WinFast A TDH nVidia GeForce FX an Athlon XP and MB of RAM running a DVD burner and x IDE hd s For some time now I have had some issues with FMV s in a few of my games I have listed SOME of the effected games below there rates Please GeForce FMV's help! and frame more... - in Bad 5700 are others but these are off the top of my head -Driv r -X-Men Wolverine s Revenge -Mashed -Onimusha Warlords -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Now when I say issues I m talkin around fps You could almost make a coffee in between frames The games run fine well fine for an older card but it s just the intro and ingame movies that are shockingly slow You have to repeatedly tap esc and ret to try and skip them at the frame shift which really sucks Especially with Driv r because it has movies running behind the menu so it s pretty much unusable Also all of the decent nvidia tech demo s run pretty average on it too like Ogre Dawn Clear Sailing and Time Machine Any thoughts Just another thing I just got Juiced and I am getting really bad frame rate spikes I ve been tweaking the options all night but I m still getting sudden bursts of frame rate increases and decreases all over the place Like hooning down at fps then slides into about fps then quickly bursts up to fps for a Please help! GeForce 5700 - Bad frame rates in FMV's and more... bit which throws me into a wall or a Please help! GeForce 5700 - Bad frame rates in FMV's and more... spin because of being Please help! GeForce 5700 - Bad frame rates in FMV's and more... unprepared for the sudden game speed increase Really annoying o Well there s my sad tale Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated o P S Please try and avoid the obvious get a new card thing because something ain t right here Why would nvidia release a tech demo for the if my runs it at fps Not a good way to promote your product nbsp

A:Please help! GeForce 5700 - Bad frame rates in FMV's and more...

Make sure the cards fan is working right and free of dust. Usually when a video card runs hot it will slow down game play. Is it set to run at 8x AGP? Also go into the BIOS and increase the AGP aperature to 256mb. If the card is a regular 5700 and not an LE version you should be getting decent performance. If it is an LE some of them have 64bit memory which cripples the card for game playing and the rest have very low clock and memory speeds.
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I'm currently using a Radeon 9700 Pro and it has been working fine for quite some time (I forget exactly how long). But it?s been misbehaving lately. Colored (blue and yellow, to be specific) lines run vertically across the screen, congregating around things like desktop icons and my pointer. Polygons are stretched to some infinitely distant point. And my frame rate drops to nearly nothing. The first problem has been rather on and off, while the second two inevitably happen a few minutes into almost any of my games. Any help?

A:Dots and Distortion and Frame Rate, oh my! (Assistance Required)

Your GPU may be overheating. Is the fan on your graphics card still working properly? I say properly because just because it turns doesn't mean it's turning fast enough.
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The April Issue of Corsair Memory's newsletter says that to maximize memory performance, the Command Rate or Memory Tuning in the BIOS should be set to 1T.

Does anyone know if there is such a setting in the P4C800-E Deluxe's BIOS and, if so, where it can be found?



A:AUUS P4C800-E Deluxe - Is there a setting for Command Rate?

I think the 1T-2T Command Rate is an AMD only function.
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For example, Is there any disadvantage running a refresh rate of 120 Hertz versus 60 Herts?

I'm not sure if it's me but, the graphics seem to differ slightly, (deeper and clearer at 60Hz) yes/no?? I did notice the mouse moved quicker across the screen from 60 to 120hz. No biggy, if I change the mouse settings, though I can't come to realize the which I prefer? I'm running a 19"" Sony Trinitron CRT.


A:Refresh Rate question..........

As far as I know, not, only if your monitor and graphics card can do them natively, there's no real risk whatsoever.
if they can't display them, the screen will appear garbled and difficult to work with.