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My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

Q: My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

I just bought an hp spectre x360 today and my webcam looks really really bad, I've watch reviews of the computer online and the videos using the webcam look way better than mine does, could there be something wrong with my computer? Is there something I can do regarding the settings?

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Preferred Solution: My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My Spectre x360 webcam looks really bad

Hi @Tudela?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Spectre x360 and issues with the WebCam looking really bad. Here is a link to check your settings in the WebCam. It has a section inside the document for Quality issues. What program are you using?Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below!.Thanks.
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Okay so for the past several hours I ve gone through the throes of attempting to get my Asus laptop s built-in webcam to work I took a on laptop cannot Windows 7 webcam the built-in Asus detect my look at Device Manager and had found two items titled quot Base System Device quot or something to that effect I don t quite remember and I thought that one of them would be the webcam Well after searching for the mystery items Hardware ID on Google I had Windows 7 cannot detect the built-in webcam on my Asus laptop discovered that these devices were in fact not the webcam Then I had used the quot Add a Device quot option under Devices and Printers in the Control Panel to try and find the webcam After letting it churn for ten minutes it appeared that Windows wasn t even searching anymore and I was staring at a blank window for nothing The only clue I have about the situation is after running DriverEasy it listed quot USB M UVC WebCam quot as a needed update but it also said quot unplugged quot beside the selection and was highlighted in red After attempting to download and install the driver the program had given me some Packard-Bell webcam driver that is most definitely not correct Packard-Bell still exists This had all started however when I made a clean install of Windows I had just spent the last two days scouring the web digging up my lost drivers and programs that had come with the laptop Everything s been successful save for this one element My webcam is lost somewhere in my laptop I just can t get to it If anyone has any ideas as to what s happened and yes I know it s a possibility the wiring is shot and how to fix the issue please give me any tips that you can I ve done everything possible in my power including trying to find the drivers but you obviously can t install drivers for devices that Windows doesn t even detect Oh before I forget my laptop model is Asus x v B if that helps in any way nbsp

A:Windows 7 cannot detect the built-in webcam on my Asus laptop

Was this laptop purchased with Windows 7 as the OS that was installed on it ? Or did it come with Windows Vista and you just wiped it out and put Windows 7 on yourself??
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I have a samsung np 350 laptop which has pre installed windows 8.The web cam was working fine till I reset the windows many of the installed softwares got deleted and from then on my web cam goes undetected for every possible software.Please help me with your valuable suggestions,,,Thank you

A:Webcam not detected

List any Problem devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Also download and run USBDeview
> Click Edit->Select All
> File->Save Selected Items
> Click the Save As Type pulldown and change it to Tab Delimited Text
> Save the .txt file to your Desktop and attach to your next post
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I have an MSI GS70 laptop here , its about 1 month old and the webcam has stopped working,

It has worked earlier, Nothing happens when I try to start it and when I try to find it in the device manager it is not there.

Any idea what I can try?


A:MSI GS70 Gaming laptop Webcam not working

Ok I have an MSI GT70, did you try activating it via the toolbar at the top of the screen that comes on MSI laptops. It looks like a tiny paperclip at the top of the screen in the center, there should be once you open that toolbar up an option to activate the webcam.
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Good Day My laptop is a HP - notebook I run a LinuxMint cinnamon Rebecca bit O S I have quot cheese quot amp VLC available for webcam operation However I cannot get either to correctly active operate the integrated webcam I will try to provide as much detail as I can then I have a few questions and demands Every once-in-a-while the isn't detected/operating Webcam webcam will operate through quot cheese quot albeit for only seconds to about - minutes Then it shuts down and error reports quot No Device Found quot or quot Error Playing Video quot In VLC it s error reports quot VLC is unable to open the MRL v l Check the log for details quot I ve even tried guvcview and it s error report is quot check for correct drivers quot Webcam isn't detected/operating I ve Webcam isn't detected/operating been to on just about every Linux Ubuntu forum I can find I ve been to on HP Linux forum Have multiple postings at those forums dealing with Webcam isn't detected/operating this issue and as yet all efforts have been futile I getting the impression I have driver quot issues but I cannot ascertain what drivers I need from Linux nor why they are not in the kernel We know the webcam is operable works so we can rule out hardware I m completely baffled as to how it will operate so intermittently How I get a different error report from each software app I e VLC cheese guvcview PLEASE don t tell me to go to Linux Ubuntu Please don t tell me to go to HP I ve have all but exhausted those avenues Forgive me if this post is not in the proper forum Tell me and I ll post to the correct forum and delete this here Should you need any other info please request specifically what you want need and I ll be glad to forward post it Rick nbsp

A:Webcam isn't detected/operating

Not to say that this is the Wrong place to put it, it is definitely a Laptop/Mobile computing issue, but not everyone knows Linux systems, I myself am not a Linux user and don't fully understand how to use it, so I will suggest posting the exact same stuff (Just copy the info and make a new thread) and post here:

For the Title, just add "Linux" at the end or something so that users can identify quickly and not have to read through the full post Best of luck with your issue, wish I could help more.
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Okay so this problem has been going on for at least Broken? Webcam half a year now and I swear I ve tried everything short of reverting my computer back to factory settings which I really don t want to do because I don t have anywhere to store my files I run Windows bit on a Toshiba Satelite C laptop My stock webcam stopped working out of the blue roughly six months ago and when I checked it in the device manager my webcam is Webcam Broken? displayed with a yellow alert triangle When I go into properties this is the message that I see quot Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device A Webcam Broken? recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source Code quot I already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for it numerous times and asked Windows to find an update fo it numerous times but no luck After a while I went out and bought a new usb webcam but that failed as well The item said that it would automatically download the drivers when plugged in but it didn t On top of that that webcam displays with a yellow triangle too I seriously have no idea what to do at this point I hate my computer but I can t afford to get a new one Help nbsp

A:Webcam Broken?

Back up your files to a DVD or flash drive and do a factory restore
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I want to record from a webcam, mounted on a vehicle.

I need to use 2 displays, 1 for the camera fullscreen 7? display (HeadsUp), and the other displaying the software controls.

Any suggestions for the hardware/software?

Mac OS preferred but can go with PC
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All of a sudden my build-in webcam is no longer recognised. I have upgraded my OS from windows 7, to windows 8, to windows 8.1, but that was a while ago and my webcam has worked in the mean time.

Has anyone had similar problems or does someone have a (possible) solution? All ideas are welcome, since I need my webcam for videoconferences.

A:Asus N53SV build-in webcam problem

It could be compatibility problem,,, try to install webcam for windows 8.1
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I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo S Series Si 2636 laptop with built-in webcam 1.3 MPixel and I am using Windows 7 Ultimate. I've been using it with no problems so far but when I just wanted to make a video call notice it's not working." Webcam not detected" and when I tried to look it up in search it wasn't found. What is the problem? What should I do? Please help me

A:Webcam not detected

I have the same problem ... and I cant use it ??? why
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I am using windows 7 and my webcam is not working,whenever I tried to use to it says "webcam not detected ". even it is absent in device manager and I hope someone will help me to solve the problem.

A:Dell integrated webcam won't work

What is the exact brand and model # of your laptop?
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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba Satellite C870 and I can't seem to get the webcam working! I have updated to the latest drivers but I can't even seem to find it in device management... Does this mean that it could possibly be a hardware problem? Thank you in advance for all information that could help me find the solution!

A:Webcam not detected

Not a cure, but try this link.
then click allow in the box. If it works & is aimed at you, you should see yoursef. Good luck.
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Hello the product code of my laptop is HP B U PA ACJ windows bit I have built HP not 430 webcam laptop detected in camera It was working nicely at starting but since one year now its not working whenever I open my cyberlink youcam I get this error quot no webcam detected try plugging in a webcam into your computer now if you are using an integrated camera make sure that is turned on quot I tried re installing but it didnt work I checked my device manager The snap short of the same is below I entered msinfo in the run In components gt problem devices The following list appears- Ethernet Controller PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp amp amp E The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this HP 430 laptop webcam not detected device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed Not Available ROOT WPD The drivers for this device are not installed PCI Device PCI VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV amp amp amp E The drivers for this device are not installed nbsp

A:HP 430 laptop webcam not detected

By default, Device Manager shows a device if it's connected and powered on.
> None of those hardware IDs are your web cam
> Look through Dev Manager under imaging device, USB devices and see if any "Other" device entries. Anything look like your cam? Any line item with a yellow icon (Other then the Ethernet and Network controller devices)

If not, then check if any way to power/on off the cam. Any on/off functions or switches on your laptop for the cam. If not, the cam must have failed. Unfortunately, I see alot of that problem on this forum
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I'm running Windows 7 on a Toshiba and recently encountered a problem. When I answer a skype call, I can see and hear my friend. But my friend was unable to hear or see me. I have checked the skype settings and Control Panel. Apparently the two built in mic and camera were not detected at all.
I've attached the diagnostic file which I observed was requested for in other threads.

Please help, much appreciated.

A:Not detected - Microphone and Webcam

I've never used Skype, but it sounds to me like the problem is with your friend, not you. Have your friend check his/her settings & make sure your friend has the most current version of Skype.
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I've been working on this webcam issue of mine for about the past five hours now. I've literally gone through, deleted off Lifeframe, Virtual Camera, Smart Logon, downloaded the drivers and keep getting an error "USB2.0 UVC VGA/1.3m/2.0M WebCam" every time I try running any of the drivers for it. I'm frustrated because I just installed a new one thinking my old one was perhaps defective. I've checked BIOS and haven't seen anything in reference to webcam, there's no imaging devices section in my Device Manager and I'm just completely confused as to what the heck is wrong.

If I can put any more information to be more assisting in my issue I will but for now this is all I've got.

A:Asus G73jh Webcam Not Detected

You could invest in one of these:
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I am using a video surveillance program (webcamXP), and I would like to use both my integrated webcam (laptop) AND my logitech webcam (C310) as sources; however, it looks like my integrated webcam is not accessible when I plug in the UBS webcam. From the program's perspective, there is only one source which corresponds to whatever webcam is available (integrated webcam when USB is unplugged, and vise versa).

I would expect both sources to be available. I'm thinking somehow the computer is seeing the USB webcam and just overriding the integrated webcam. Is there anything I can do to verify this and/or change it to make both available?

It's totally possible that it could be the program, but I was unable to find any settings to get it working.

I'm running Windows 7.
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Good day, I have a problem dealing with my built-in webcam. My laptop is samsung NP300E5A.
The webcam can be found at my device manager but whenever I use programs like skype it says that "No camera found"..I tried uninstalling it and re-install it again, but still the same thing as it. thanks! Badly needed help. ;(
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Hi, so my integrated webcam isn't showing up and I'm trying to confirm whether it's died or not. I know the first step is to go to the manufacture's website, but as an Asus user I wasn't able to find anything to help me solve this problem asides from this model knowledge base.

Here's my Device Manager Data link below (first time using mediafire so let me know if it works)

Model info:
Windows 7 x64

Thanks so much!
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Having some trouble with the built-in webcam I have on my laptop. I bought it used from a friend (it's a custom built laptop), and am only having this problem recently. I believe I've uploaded the correct info, if I understood the directions. Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Webcam not detected

Any CD come with it? If not, I'd suggest going to the manufacturers website of the webcam & get any updates for it.
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I installed an external webcam to watch the deer in my back yard. My interal cam is now picking up the feed from the external one. So far, the only way I have found to fix that problem is yo unplug the external cam. Is there a way around this?

A:Asus all-in-one internal webcam

The internal camera is showing me what the external one is seeing. I want to keep both cams and use which ever one I want, depending on the situation.

I will try and explain it better. My external cam is looking at my back yard. My internal cam, the one built into the pc, is looking at me. I should see my back yard when I activate the exteral cam, and I should see me when I activate the interal cam. What I am getting when I activate the internal cam, is my back yard. The internal is instead, picking up what the external cam is seeing, which is my back yard.
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When I sign in to messenger and start a video conversation there is a problem with sound. The people I am webcaming with can't hear me at all. However, at the beginning of the conversation they can hear me well but after a minute it stops.
Anyone has any clue?
Thanx in advance!

A:Webcam problem

Labinot said:

When I sign in to messenger and start a video conversation there is a problem with sound. The people I am webcaming with can't hear me at all. However, at the beginning of the conversation they can hear me well but after a minute it stops.
Anyone has any clue?
Thanx in advance!Click to expand...

Might go to the manfacturers website to see if there are any driver updates. Other than that, make sure ALL connections are secure.
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My integrated webcam doesn't work

A:Integrated webcam doesn't work

What is the make and model of the device the webcam is integrated into?
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I was wondering if some of you might be able to add some facts to a discussion I have been having with some friends They say that it is possible that someone can watch quot you quot through the webcam of your computer There was a CSI one of those cop Webcam: me? someone watching Is shows anyway episode that had the murder watching people like that It was even suggested that employers might do this on company owned computers My friends keep paper over the cam when not in use I say that it is possible but the watcher would have to Webcam: Is someone watching me? access the computer and install a software program to do the job This program would be found in your drive somewhere Is this true Is there some way to verify my system is clean if it is true Is there anyway of doing it remotely without accessing the computer I m guessing that I ll be told this is ridiculous thinking If it is true may I suggest that in your answer you leave out how to do it and focus on protection nbsp

A:Webcam: Is someone watching me?

A good hacker can use Remote Desktop to access the device, SO - - disable it until you need a Skype session and disable when done.
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I had my laptop build to include a webcam. I recently purchased a Logitech webcam because I can move it around. During the installation of the Logitech software I remember a screen prompting me to check which webcam I want to use - I checked the external Logitech webcam. I now want to go back to the build-in webcam.
How do I do this? (I am a total computer novice).

A:Built-in webcam

What application are you using to access the webcam? (Skype? ICQ?)
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Hi there,
I own a Sony VAIO F series laptop. Recently, around 2 weeks ago, I suddenly cannot use my web cam (Motion Eye), the green light next to it, is on, indicating it's working, but no picture displays, onscreen, on Live messenger, or on Facebook video call.
This have happened to me once before, where Sony support told me to do system recovery; but did not solve the issue. Then they took it away, and returned it back to me within a week telling me it was some sort of software conflict, and the hardware was functioning perfectly.

I was hoping if anyone can give me a few pointers on how to get my Motion Eye working again.
Many Thanks.
Hope I'm posting in the correct section.


A:Webcam with no picture

There is no reason to not think it is still a software issue... Sony probably wanted you to do a factory restore and not a system restore. There is a difference between them
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Will disabling an integrated webcam in device manager make it impossible for viruses to access your webcam and exploit it?

HP laptop
Integrated Laptop webcam
Windows 7

A:Disabling an integrated webcam

If you disable the cam in Device Manager, the cam will remain turned off.
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hi everyone i m not after working reinstalling Webcam 7 Windows a newbie here desperately need some help regarding to this issue my Webcam not working after reinstalling Windows 7 laptop is ASUS A F I m using windows ultimate x before i re-install windows ultimate built in camera was working properly and now my webcam is nowhere to be found oh and ASUS hotkey utility also not working properly after i re-install it i ve been searching all over Webcam not working after reinstalling Windows 7 the web for the last days tried by uninstalling n installing the built-in camera driver but it s still not working i checked in device manager imaging devices properties in the general tab and it says something like this in the location info d and it says quot this device is working properly quot out of curiosity i also tried another cam plug-in usb webcam it s still work properly in my friend laptop and the result still the same nothing happened in my laptop the location info also says something like i mention above it s like my webcam is lost somewhere in my laptop I hv no idea why windows won t detect it can anyone help me i would really appreciate all your efforts hope i could get some clue of what happen and resolve this issue thank u nbsp

A:Webcam not working after reinstalling Windows 7

bokirey said:

i've been searching all over the web for the last 4 daysClick to expand...

Ever think to try the ASUS site?

Please install all the latest drivers and report back.
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Model #2746
Please help!

[DDS log removed by Broni]

A:Webcam now ill not work on Lenovo Thinkpad SL500

Click Start, look in Programs for Webcam.
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I have a Windows 7, Dell Inspiron N1410 laptop with integrated webcam. While talking on Skype, the user at the other end suddenly stopped receiving my image. Skype had turned "My video" off. Whenever I tried to start my video up on skype, the webcam light would turn on for just a second, then it stopped again.

I tried restarting, doing a system restore, uninstalling webcam drivers and reinstalling them from the CD, then uninstalling the Dell Webcam Central and reinstalling it from the CD, nothing worked.

In the Webcam properties, it says "Device is working properly." And now when I'm opening up Dell Webcam Central, there's a message "Please connect a suitable device."

I contacted Dell, and my product is beyond warrantly. They advised I try a system reformat. But is there any way to get the webcam working again without a reformat?

A:Dell integrated webcam problems

hey kirei,

have you tried useing the device manager in windows to update the driver for the webcam?? i had that problem with an integrated webcam and i found that it solved the problem for me

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My Webcam Stops Working When I Tilt My Laptop Screen

A:My webcam stops working when I tilt my laptop screen

Is the webcam built into the laptop itself, or is the webcam plugged into a USB port?
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The computer i am use is only a week old.
Its a Compaq Presario CQ56 Notebook PC
So i cant post a link, Hp's web site has everything on this computer so you know whats comes with it etc.

Cyberlink Youcam:
When i open Youcam it says "No webcam detected. Try plugging in a webcam into your computer now. If you are using a integrated camera make sure that it is turned on"

So far i have went to control panel/devices, and check the Cyberlink driver.
it says it is working properly.
Also have checked a few other website that allows you to use a web cam and nothing has worked.

Please and thank you for any help.

A:My webcam isnt being detected

Hi Semi,
Ok i think i know you problems and the solutions might supprise you but sometimes it works...
Just download the Crystal Eye and install it on you Pc..
How it works
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I have Windows 7, My sound is Realtek HD Audio and I have just purchased a Logitech Webcam C200, Picture is perfect, but I cannot get it to recognise to Logitech Microphone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled latest software for logitech to no avail. I have checked my sound system and the Logitech Microphone is not even listed. I have tested it on Skype and it cannot find the soundcard?? Can someone please help me out this is driving me nuts?

A:Can't detect webcam microphone with realtek audio

posted to the wrong forum, a thousand pardons.
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I?m curious as to what you would suggest. The Logitech Quickcam Ultravision or the HD Pro C910/ My current system is a Pentium 4 3gHz, 2GB Ram, running WinXP Pro. It?s probably going to be no less than a year before I?m able to build my i7 system, but I would like something that?ll be better than my $30 Microsoft web cam. Just not sure if I should even bother with a new high tech cam or not. But if so, which of the two would be best? I'm just so tired of my current crappy cam.
I plan to use it for skyping as well as regular video recording. Thanks.

A:Which webcam should I invest in?

The $50 Logitech will do fine I imagine, but the $74 Hi-Def video cam could be better for Skype if your internet connection speed is fast
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I don t have a webcam but what I do have is a standard digital camera with a video out phono I plug this into my video card and video Using as input card webcam my my using the video card software I can see on-screen the video that I put in be it my camera or my video player etc The problem comes with the fact that no other application or software can use my video card msn Using my video card input as my webcam just has a black screen when I select the video card Skype says quot cannot start video renderer please check you have a valid directx installation quot I do and other programs say Using my video card input as my webcam things like quot Unable to start device please ensure other devices aren t using it quot etc The only way I ve been able to get around this is to full screen my video card software showing the video and screen broadcast that window with skype I d much rather a better solution to this because it not only means I have to use Skype all the time but it means my nd monitor is unusable while doing this because its showing the video being used as a screen broadcast Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my video card to work with my programs Many Thanks nbsp

A:Using my video card input as my webcam

PC web cams are cheap. Invest in one...
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I just purchased a Hannspress SN10E2B8U3221 netbook and tried to use skype with the webcam, but the screen that mirrors me says I need to activate the bluetooth webcam. I looked at their site for a driver and they lack one entirely. Later I saw that I have to access the camera with FN + F8, but that does nothing. Any ideas?
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my webcam on my alienware m15x has recently stopped being recognized. i went into device manager and tried that but it still isnt working with any of my webcam chat programs. I tried to do a system restore and that didnt work at all. i need suggestions on what i can do to fix this issue, im thinking i might have to just do a full wipe and use the restore disc that came with the laptop but thats my last resort. please help. email me with your suggestions.

A:Webcam on Alienware m15x

kboldra said:

i went into device manager and tried that .Click to expand...

Tried what?

Honestly I'd suggest just calling up Dell support (Look in the pouch of information Alienware bundles with their machines). Alienware costs for a reason, and one thing that at least they don't try to get out of is supporting their hardware.

If you don't want to do that, can you give us a little more information such as what application it isn't working in? Full wipes are last resorts.
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i have windows xp sp2 when i plug my webcam it show a message "usb devices is malfunction" n it will not wrok.
Plz give some solution to solve ti problems.

A:Webcam "malfunctions"?

Have you installed the drivers for the webcam?
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I'm looking for a new HD webcam, and it's gotta have a microphone. I've seen some good reviews on the Logitech C910 but I'm just wondering how it will work on my pc. Here are my specs:
Athlon XP 2700+ CPU
1.5 GB ram
Nvidia Geforce 7600GS (if that matters)

I think thats probably all you need to know.

Double Edit: It's down to the C910, Quickcam 9000, and Microsoft LifeCam Cinema. I need a glass lens.
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got a webcam from my family for christmas last year just geting around to setting it up its a web digital camera WX-5017 the cd wont work and the new hardrive wizard wont find it either im totally at a loss can anyone help?

A:My webcam won't install

ryman19 said:

got a webcam from my family for christmas last year just geting around to setting it up its a web digital camera WX-5017 the cd wont work and the new hardrive wizard wont find it either im totally at a loss can anyone help?Click to expand...

1. So when you connect the USB port you hear the Windows "ding-dong" to indicate the hardware detects device connection?
2. What do you mean by the CD "doesn't work"?

Make sure the web cam is connected to USB port and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
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I m not sure if this is in the right section so I hope someone can help me I have a Toshiba Satellite L D with an inbuilt webcam which has stopped working I tried to open the webcam application that comes with the laptop and it said the webcam was being used by another program which it wasn t so I went into Task Manager to end the process I tried it with MSN and it froze and MSN crashed I restarted my laptop and then an error came up saying quot Web Camera initialization failed Please check your camera device and restart application or computer quot I tried uninstalling the program and downloaded the device driver again but it working not Webcam s not working It says the driver software is up to date but in device manager it doesn t recognise the webcam anymore and is now an Unknown Device and in its properties it says quot Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot I don t know what this means does anyone know how to fix it nbsp

A:Webcam not working

Hi HarlequinPuppet

I checked Toshiba's support site here

1. You might check for the downloads there also for your specific model
2. And as to your model, you'd need be more specifc as looks like there are 6 or so different Toshiba L500D models (note the STxxxx after each one)

Which exact model do you have? Also, try this, might reveal something

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
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When I attempt to use my webcam, I get the message "Please plug in a supported webcam"...but it's integrated. Msn messenger shows a cam icon when i sign in...but i get a gray screen when i start the cam.

I dont have my dell If i uninstall the driver would i need the to use the cd to reinstall? btw ive already tried updating the driver but that didnt help.


-Dell Studio 1537
-Live! Virtual integrated webcam
-Windows Vista 32 bit

A:Dell integrated webcam wont work!

Have you looked through the drivers for your laptop on Dell;s website here?
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My Acer Aspire Z Windows laptop is only months old and was absolutely fine up recording sound and video and playing through the speakers until yesterday when I tried to use the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and it came up with the message quot Camera no found quot I then tried to play some music and when I hovered over the speaker symbol on the taskbar which has a red circle with a white cross on it it said quot No Audio Output Device is installed quot I clicked on it and reinstalled the driver device to which I clicked quot Apply this fix quot and it replied quot Problems found - Realtek High Definition Audio has a driver problem - Not fixed quot I then checked whether I could record sounds or not through the Sound Recorder and it said quot An audio recording device cannot be found quot I clicked on quot OK quot which then took me to the Sound window where under both the Playback and recording. speakers and sound Webcam, Recording tabs it said quot No audio devices are installed quot I am very confused as I have never before Webcam, speakers and sound recording. had any trouble recording or playing sound or video from the webcam so please help nbsp

A:Webcam, speakers and sound recording.

Check Problem Devices report

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post

Generate and attach a DirectX report

click Start->Run, enter dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)
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I'm not sure if I'm in right place here. sorry if I'm not. I recently bought a computer that has windows 7 on it and it came with a camera in it. How do I get that to work for a live feed to someone elses computer?


A:How do I get the webcam to work on Win 7?

1) What is the make/model of your computer? Didn't it come with documentation on how to use the built in cam???

2) Have you looked to find the cam listed in DevMgr? (probably under Imaging Devices category). Does it appear? Does have it have any yellow or red icons appear?
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Ive had this problem for months ive gone to every site looked at every techies answere and tried it all ive un installed an re installed msn ive repaired msn ive tried different versions of msn ive messed around MSN with help webcam Need with settings restarted the comp un plugged the webcam checked the webcam and yes it works Ive done absolutely Need help with MSN webcam everything And it will Need help with MSN webcam Not Show Heres how it works at first i dont have the little webcam picture in the bottem left below my portrait so i go to the top and click video and then video call It works for the other person but my screen comes up with a red x At this point i now have a little web cam below my portain but it only alows me to make more video calls there is and hasn t been a quot show webcam quot option like there should have been The only thing i can think of is to get a new webcam cause i lost the instalation disc to re install mine I think re installing the webcam the only thing i havent done Please help Thanks nbsp

A:Need help with MSN webcam

You can probably find the installation software online (and might even be more recent then what was on the CD you lost). Just go to the mfr website and look under support for your product to find its downloads. If it's a Microsoft cam start here
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Okay, so I have an HP dv5 Pavilion Notebook. I have installed webcam drivers and updated my BIOS recently to solve the problem of my built in webcam not being recognized. It used to work, and one day decided it was done. An "unknown device" subsequently appeared in the USB category of the Device Manager.

I figured the hardware had failed and went on with my life. Then, yesterday, it started working again! Yet today, it's not recognizing it again. Can anyone give me an idea what's going on?

A:Webcam working very sporadically

BUMP. Please help this is driving me insane!

I know now that the hardware hasn't failed and would like to regain use of this webcam.
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i have an msi a5000 lap top with windows 7. when i first got it a few months ago the webcam worked just fine. since then, ive updated the webcam software a few times. now it has stopped working. i thought it might have been a bad update so ive tried system restores and it never really restored properly. my computer says that the webcam is connected and in working order, but obviously it's not. when i open the webcam program, it gives me an outline where the picture should be. it's not even just a black picture, but its the color of the background of the program. im not sure what i should try to fix this but i dont' want to have to send my lap top in, so if someone knows what i could try, i'd be glad to hear from you... thanks!

A:Webcam Problems with MSI A5000

have u tried rolling back the drivers in device manager.
Also try just re installing the webcam.
If u can, try it on a different PC.

3 things to try. Let us know how it goes!
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Hey all,

My computer is an HP Pavilion dv5. My built-in webcam is not recognized by the computer anymore; it shows up in Device Manager as "Unknown Device" under the USB section (at least that's my guess; this unknown device appeared when the cam stopped working). I have reinstalled the HP drivers and contacted HP as well; they couldn't get me past reinstalling the drivers. Are there any things I can try? Might an upgrade to Windows 7 fix the problem?

A:Webcam not recognized even after driver reinstallation

Which version of windows are you running?

Make sure all your devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
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I have not used it in quite a while. Now when I try and use it, the webcam does not show up in Device Manager. If I bring up Windows Live Messenger > Tools > Audio Video setup, it states that no webcam is installed.

I have tried reinstalling the latest webcam driver, resetting bios to the default values, using System Restore to restore the original driver, and I have reinstalled the latest bios. None of these actions had any affect.

Is there anything that would cause it to be disabled? Why doesn't my laptop find the webcam/webcam driver?

A:Webcam not working on Laptop

What is the laptops model?
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please can anyone help im tryig to use webcam on msn ( works ok on other sites )

"show my web cam".. is not highlighted and in grey.. i can see other peoples cam but mine wont come up.. been trying to solve for weeks so any help on this one would be greatful

A:Help with webcam probs

First, we need to know the make and model of the webcam and if your system meets the requirements for said webcam.

Second, have you tried using the webcam on another application such as Skype?
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I have not used it in quite a while. Now when I try and use it, the webcam does not show up in Device Manager. If I bring up Windows Live Messenger > Tools > Audio Video setup, it states that no webcam is installed.

I have tried reinstalling the latest webcam driver, resetting bios to the default values, using System Restore to restore the original driver, and I have reinstalled the latest bios. None of these actions had any affect.

Is there anything that would cause it to be disabled? Why doesn't my laptop find the webcam/webcam driver?

A:Webcam not working on Laptop

Are there any yellow exclamation marks in the Device Manager?
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does anyone know how to check to see if my webcam is working . I've installed the nessersary drivers but when I click on the open program nothing happens. Acer support is a waste of time and energy all they say is re-install drivers!!!!!. I've tried the 3 different software drivers on their Download site , but still no joy. I'm going into Hospital soon so i would like to get it working before I do. many thanks
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I have not used it in quite a while. Now when I try and use it, the webcam does not show up in Device Manager. If I bring up Windows Live Messenger > Tools > Audio Video setup, it states that no webcam is installed.

I have tried reinstalling the latest webcam driver, resetting bios to the default values, using System Restore to restore the original driver, and I have reinstalled the latest bios. None of these actions had any affect.

Is there anything that would cause it to be disabled? Why doesn't my laptop find the webcam/webcam driver?

A:Webcam not working on Laptop

can you tell us what type of laptop you are using?
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Windows xp sp logitec webcam c Installed according to directions on logitec ran CD connected hardware when prompted Worked fine Can see self in the logitec video screen take pics etc Chose not to use the headseat that came with the webcam as it had a mic built in to the camera and I only had one place to connect the head set would have pre-empted my speakers Downloaded and installed skype and ran through their series of video and voice tests All was fine Placed several calls good Also installed LogMeIn free version so I could support this set up after I left home for a business trip as my Mom is not all that savvy Two days after I got it all working the Mic no longer works When I run the test in Skype with the echo service I can hear the recording but it shows at the top the mic volume is too low and sure enough it does not play back the messages I mic Logitech working in c250 built webcam on stopped skype leave for the test I have found a post on here several in fact about checking certain skype settings and will do that when I get home tonight Meanwhile I had my Mom move Logitech webcam c250 built in mic stopped working on skype the camera from the USB port to Logitech webcam c250 built in mic stopped working on skype another one thinking it was maybe a port gone bad No such luck I also wondered if it could be caused by the install of logmein It doesn t work whether I m remoted in or not so it s not the amount of traffic causing the issue it would almost be like some kind of interupt conflict but a I thought that was pretty much a thing of the past and b I wouldn t expect logmein to glom onto a hardware interupt in any case Perhaps a conflict in port numbers used for the mic and the logme in software Can uninstall logmein but not remotely and won t be home for another month Wanted to see what else I could try Don t have any other apps on there that I could test the mic with apart from Skype Logitec installed something to let me take pics but not anything to test mic with Did check the skype mute button we are not muted Any other tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated I suppose the mic could just have failed immediately after purchase but that seems a bit odd nbsp
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This isn't really so much for me as it is for my wife and her sister who live over a 1000 miles apart and sister-in-law has a lousy minute plan with her cell phone.

I'm clueless on these peripherals and I know nothing about Skype but said sister-in-law suggests it.

Suggestions are really most appreciative. My OS is XP Pro with SP/3.


A:Need Advice on Microphone/Webcam for use with Skype

Skype works with a very wide range of microphones and webcams. As long as you have the drivers for the webcam, then you should be able to select it in Skype.

Get into Skype, look at the top and look for Tools. Click and go to Options. In the options on the left side, go to the Video Settings. It should automatically detect a webcam if you have one plugged in. Make sure you have the webcam set up how you would like.

As for the microphone, it's plug and play as well in terms of how it works. But I wouldn't try using an old microphone though. The sound sampling quality is usually a bit lower than a more modern mic or headset. I would go out and buy a cheap 10 or 15 dollar mic or headset and use that.

After you get your mic plugged in, go into Tools, Options, and Audio Settings. Choose the appropriate settings and you should be good to go. (Also make sure you don't forget to unmute the microphone. Sometimes Windows Sound mutes the mic because it doesn't detect it so you need to unmute it. And make sure there isn't a manual mute button on the mic that's switched on or you won't get sound regardless.)

After that, you should be able to make video calls. Make sure you have decent lighting in your room or else the webcam image might appear to be a bit too dark to see yourself/the other person properly.

Naturally, if you have any more specific questions, then don't hesitate to ask. I use skype on a moderate basis and I'm fairly familiar with it.

Edit: This is the headset I use. It gives me good quality sound. The webcam I use is actually a 3 megapixel camera that offers a webcam option. This is my camera:
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I have an webcam QHM100LM from Quantum. I installed the driver from the cd they gave me
But the device still appears to be unknown in "universal serial bus controller" i tried updating by right clicking in "unknown device" but still it gives back a message unknown device.
I am using win xp sp 3.
The lights on the webcam do turn on.

Please Help

A:Need Help with webcam

See How to identify your webcam (and then find its driver) See if you can find a driver based on its Hardware ID. If you still need help, post back with the ID
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my laptop's built in webcam does not function at all. it stopped working a while back when i still had vista. i have win7 now and have tried to open it with Cyberlink Youcam, skype, etc.

i've also downloaded drivers from hp with no success. could it be physically unhooked or dead, or is it a driver issue? any ideas?

A:HP dv6915nr webcam not working

I'd say its stuffed, is there any setting in the BIOS for it..?
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I have a Logitech Orbit webcam with mic - use mic for my computer courses and every sooften it decides not to work out of the blue.

Sometimes, well most, I unplu it plug it back and and comes up with USB device not reconized blah blah blah then other times unplug plug back in works great.

I have read this a problem do to Windows Vista and lots of people seems to be having same problem - anyone with any ideas of fixing this as when it decides not to work it is VERY flustrating.

I think my next webcam/mic will not logitech as their support staff hate to say it SUCKS!!!

A:Logitech Orbit webcam need help with..

Logitech support has always sucked with support from what I've experienced...

Have you tried different usb ports?
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The webcam is an IT Works which we bought ages ago and have lost the driver disk.

I am using a 510 laptop running XP.
The Device Instance is USB\VID_093A&PID_2460\5&144D0F1A&0&2

Any ideas where I can get one? I am a real novice so please explain as basically as possible please.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Webcam driver needed - CIF single chip

Is XP updated to Service Pack 3?
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I am looking for a driver for a webcam i got for christmas a few years back i just found it and i cant seem to find any information or drivers for it maybe someone on here knows its a camera shaped like a dragon it looks like its made of some kind of hard ceramic the dragon is wrapped around the actual quot camera quot part of for driver webcam name/manufacturer Missing and a the device i found a picture that Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam looks a lot like it but mine stands taller and its blue the eyes of the dragon glow red Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam i do remember when the camera is on the only other information i can find on it is on the bottom it has a sticker stuck to it it reads quot AP- NWB Dragon PC Camera quot and the barcode but of course i cannot find any manufacturers with the name or initials of NWB nor can i find any information on the model number listed above it wont let me put the link to the picture on the post so please if anyone can help me it would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam

Have you seen this thread in the Device Drivers forum?:

BTW, don't take this the wrong way but a little punctuation would make your post much more readable.
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I m deployed Maybe miles away from my family We try using skype but the picture i get from my wife s advice Webcam laptop is very blurry She is on a broadband line good connection I Webcam advice couldn t tell you what I m on here but it is plenty for online gaming so I assume it s at least decent It is wireless She says the picture she s gettng is pretty good so it must be the Webcam advice webcam she s using I m using the one that came installed on my studio xps with Dell Webcam Central Seems to work quite well My question is what is a pretty nice webcam that I can buy for her and the family back in the states to use Around would be nice but I m not ruling anything out Not looking for Hi Def quality but at least something decent where it s not blurry and has more then frames per second lol Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Webcam advice

The Microsoft Lifecam VX 7000 is nice
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I just cannot work it out!
Let me explain:

When using msn messenger, when I click on my cam icon I can't access "show my cam" but can access "make a video call", however, if I make that video call my cam doesn't work and I get a red X.

But.... and this is the interesting part; if someone else has already sent their cam to me I can send them my cam because the "show cam" option appears.
Also if someone makes me a video call my cam will work too.

I have looked through the menu and can't access show cam there either.

When I use skype I have no cam problems whatsoever. They are only in msn when I initialise using my cam.

Please can someone help?

A:Can't show my webcam

Try removing the webcam from the Device Manager, and letting Windows reinstall it. Are you running Windows Live Messenger under XP Service Pack 3?
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I hope i am posting this in the right section?

I have a webcam that i have been searching for a driver for, i have found a picture of it on google images

but it will not let me post a link here till i do five images??? if you go to made-in-china dot com with this extension (image/2f0j00OBjQmyTsftcRM/Webcam-CN-W6013-.jpg) you should see the pic

Can any one help me locate the drivers for this?

Thanks in advance

A:Webcam driver

Hi, I guess i found your drivers in this website:
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I recently purchased a Dekcell CPA-1084 usb webcam. It came with the driver and applications CD. I have loaded the driver numerous times and attemted to use the camera. Each time, I get an error message stating, " Sorry, you have no video capture hardware". For some reason, my system will not recognize the driver for the camera. For the webcam to be such a simple item, this is a very aggravating problem. How can I get my system to recognize the camera and successfully instal the driver? Thank for any help you can give.

A:Webcam Installation Issues

No USB drivers are needed with many USB devices including cameras. Delete the driver and clean your system using free CCleaner, Glary Utilities and Malwarebytes. Plug in the camera and see if it is properly detected
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i recentely bought a gigaware web cam from radio chack,,,,but somethings wrong when i first installed it last week it worked fine,now i t saying not connected,,,,,,,,,,dosent make any sinse and i cant find the program disk,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A:Webcam issue

Hello Tammy...
In your system tray... lower right corner of your screen, you should see an icon for safely removing hardware. This allows you to disconnect your hardware (like drives, especially, without loss of data). I believe if you right click on the icon, you should see your camera listed. If so, no worries... do nothing yet.

Next, check your connected devices...
Right click on "My Computer", Click on "Properties", Click on "Hardware" tab, click on "Device Manager" button. See if your web camera is listed in your devices anywhere, and see if there is any kind of warning symbol (a red "x" or yellow triangle). If your device is listed without any warnings, no problems... do nothing yet.

Next check running Services... (there are other ways, but this works just as well...)
Go to Control Panel. Click on Administrative Tools. Click on Services. Scroll down to "Windows Image Acquisition"... Is this Started, or is it disabled?

Report your findings, and we will go from there.
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if this isn't the proper forum let me know where to get help.
I have a logitech quick connect e2500 webcam. when i'm talking with the other person after about 5 minutes, the other people can't hear me, but i can still hear them. I've contacted logitech & they gave me several instructions. i've checked different settings. nothing helps.

A:Sound drops out using a webcam

Is your system free of viruses and other malware? Is your system fully updated using Windows Updates
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I'm trying to use my webcam through MSN messenger 6.1 and I suspect my firewall (Norton Personal 2004/Internet Security is blocking it) anyone know a workaround for this ?

Oh yeah and Win XP pro

Creative Webcam Plus ( a little old but it works) USB.

I can see myself in the right hand box but not my friend.

A:Webcam annoyances

Look in the NIS-seetings to see which ports are used by Messenger and Webcam. Your firewall is probably blocking the port for video transmission. You need to make a "rule" to let that port open when using the two together.
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Hey everyone,

my friend just gave me an unkown webcam that he couldn't find drivers for. There is no casing on it, just the chip. It is an octagon shape, and there is a K37-62254-M2A V1.1 number on it. I've been looking for a while now and can't find anything, anyone have any ideas? :blush:


A:Help with driver for unknown webcam

Let`s just get this clear: No casing,no name no drivers - Time for new webcam methinks.Mine cost $18.
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hi im new here and just got a new webcam for my laptop and this is the first time i install the driver for the enet webcam but its not working.when ever i try to view my webcam the window for the webcam comes out but its not working and there is no image in the window.please help

A:enet webcam not working

can anyone help me to download and install my enet webcam please since i lost the driver
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I just discovered, works pretty neat.

I've got an old Logitech QuickCam Pro4000 and it takes an overly bright
video, even with most of hte lights turned off in the room. Just the light from
the monitor washes out the color of my shirt for instance.

I couldn't remember which model I had and so downloaded software and
drivers for the Pro 5000 model at first, and saw that it was possible to
adjust camera brightness etc. But of course my 4000 wouldn't work with
the 5000 software. So, deleted that and downloaded the correct software.
But can't find any way to adjust the brightness.

Any ideas?

XP sp3, ASUS board that I'm plugging the sb2 from the camera into.


A:How to adjust webcam settings?

Update to SP 3?
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I wonder whether you good people have a webcam that didn't cause you too much trouble installing the software and making it work.

I bought a Logitech E2500 one and it just crashes the computer everytime I try and launch it.

I've Googled it and it seems that Logitech's drivers are too large for most computers and this is the problem.

I am seriously thinking of taking it back to the shops and getting another make, but which one should I get that doesn't cause too many problems?

A:Webcam that won't crash my computer

The problem is likely elsewhere. We have installed a large number of Logitech cambers with nary a problem.
However, as long as you stay away from the Ipevo PoV, you will be ok.

We like the Creative Live Ultra, Logitech QuickCam Pro, Optia AF by Creative, iSight WebCam, LogiTech 5000, Logitech QuickCam 4000 Pro, Microsoft series such as the Life Cam VX5500, and the QuickCam Fusion...

Be aware that for best performance, you need really strong light... none are good in dull illumination.
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When I insert the USB cable,it tells me CIF single chip

The manufacturer is unknown Device instance Id is

Hardware Ids USB\VID_093A&PID_2460&Rev_0100


compatible ids




A:Need help for a webcam

Log on this site and do a search for 'cif single chip' - everything that could be said has been said.

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I just bought the Gigaware 2.0 camera/mic from Radioshack and it isn't working right. My mic works fine until I turn on the camera. Once the camera is on I just get noise and my voice can't be heard. Any ideas why this happens and how to fix this?

A:Gigaware WebCam & Audio Help Needed

What are your computer specs?
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Hi I don t know anything about computers and just got my first webcam it is the EZ I-Contact Pro PC Camera with Headset the box says the frame rate is up to fps when i go into the settings slow problem, Webcam rate? frame it s set at the problem is that when i record there is a delay like my lips are moving slower than the words i m saying i really don t want to have to buy a new camera so i m hoping there is something i can do to make my lips and voice be in synch like Webcam problem, slow frame rate? i said don t know much about computers so i don t know what else you need to know i have windows xp the software i Webcam problem, slow frame rate? downloaded with the Webcam problem, slow frame rate? cam is ezvideo mail ezmedia box ezlive moniter i ve only used ezvideo mail and ezmedia box same thing happened with both i emailed myself the video and it was just as it was when i recorded it please help thank you so much nbsp

A:Webcam problem, slow frame rate?

Is your copy of XP updated to Service Pack 3? What is your computers make and model?
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I just recently got a Acer aspire 5920 notebook. It came equipped with windows vista home premium. I don't like vista so I got rid of it and installed XP pro SP3. Now the integrated Crystal Eye Webcam is missing and nowhere to be found. I have tried to locate the installation software for XP with no luck. Does anyone know where I can find it or will my webcam only work with Vista? If I have to I can still do a factory restore. I didn't delete that partition.

A:Integrated webcam is missing

You might need to resintall vista because that is what it was built for. If you do not want to resintall vista you should go to the Acer website and download the driver for your webcame and see if it will install on XP, if it does, then your webcam should be located by the machine and should work properly. If that does not work, you should put the original OS back on your laptop. Personally, i dont think you should have downgraded from vista because the computers hardware was not built for XP.
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I purchased a Pavilion dv t recently with Vista Ultimate and decided to run it on XP Pro until Vista becomes more useful Figured out that I needed to disable the native SATA support in the and BIOS and installed webcam Pavilion HP dv9000t XP HP Pavilion dv9000t webcam Pro I am going to add a second GB rpm SATA drive to the system shortly Everything is working well except for the webcam It simply doesn t work In the device manager it shows up as HP Pavilion dv9000t webcam quot USB Video device quot instead of quot HP Webcam quot I see a quot USB Video Device quot in quot My Computer quot but when I double click on it I am told quot Creation of video preview failed Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user quot When I try to use the webcam with Skype or other programs I am told that webcam is not connected By the way the webcam did work sort of when I tested it with Vista I say sort of because I made a recording and the recording quality was BAD I have tried to install the XP driver for webcam from HP s website http h www hp com ewfrf wc n amp cc us amp dlc en amp product amp os amp lang en but that didn t do anything Thanks for any helpful ideas nbsp

A:HP Pavilion dv9000t webcam

and are u sure u have the right drivers for winxp?because that is your however abit confused why u have to disable your sata?explain please.Robin
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When I open my VP-EYE webcam, there is only a black screen popping out the VP-EYE control panel at my HP Pavilion tx 1000 laptop.

Also whenever I open it, there is a prompt to capture video source and I could only find HP Pavilion webcam.

Can anyone know the reason why and how to fix that?
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i bought this webcam over a year ago. since then i've lost the disk & gotten a new computer. well, i'd like to set it back up again, but i can't find the software anywhere. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it. here's what came with it:

Bundled Software

Creative PC-CAM Center
Creative WebCam Monitor
ArcSoft® PhotoImpression 4
ArcSoft Multimedia Email
Microsoft® NetMeeting®

A:know where i can download Creative Webcam NX Pro software?

Ummm how bout
Netmeeting at
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Is it normal for the pic to be jumpy when chating on cam to cam?
The cam is built into the laptop.
What should I look for in a webcam to remedy this?

A:Webcam Issue

You could install more Ram (unknown specs at this stage)
Also confirm that you have the latest Video drivers installed

Any further help:

Please put your System Specs information in your Profile
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I recently recieved a webcam my family bought me out of the country. <br>
When I plug in my webcam it makes the sound telling it knows I have put the webcam/microphone in.
I have tried installing the software, but on the disk, nothing pops up.
When I chose audio and video set up, only the audio shows it's there.
All the writing is all in hebrew, so I have no idea what to do.

A:Webcam problem

With the webcam connected:

Download and run Everest Home (it is free):

Once you download it, click on it and let it install and then run it from the icon on your desktop.

Click on the + sign beside 'Computer', then on 'Summary', then go to the VERY Top of the screen and click on 'report'.

Note: the 'Very Top' isn't one line down, it means what it says.

Cursor over 'quick report-summary' and then click on 'plain text' and then click on 'save to file' and change the 'save in' folder to 'Desktop' and then click 'Save'.

Clear all your open windows and on the Desktop click on that 'report.txt' icon - this will open it in a text editor (probably Notepad) and then use your mouse to highlight ALL the 'debug' entries and delete them, then use your mouse to hilight all the remaining text then copy and paste it to here.

For future reference: once you open Everest, click on file, preferences, report and uncheck the 'include debug information in the report' box. People rarely want to see that stuff.
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Hi . Sorry , I don't have much to go on .

h**p:// - Sorry , don't have much else to say at the moment , so I can't post 5 more posts before this .

My friend doesn't know what his webcam model is , I was wondering if any of you can figure it out just by looking at that . He said there's nothing written on it , no model , nothing .
He can't find the drivers either . I just need the make/model , I can find the drivers .

A:Unknown webcam

looks like a beaten up dalek....
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Hi I m really stumped and I don t know what to do so if anyone can help please do so I ve looked all over the internet and tried tons of things but yeah still no progress Ok my problem is that I bought a webcam today and it came with a CD and it s own drivers I installed the drivers plugged up the webcam to my USB Webcam Problem port and had it recognized by new hardware ect and whenever i try to cam with someone or use a program that needs it it always says no capture device or something along those lines I looked in device manager and it has Imaging devices - gt CIF Single Chip with a yellow question mark Looked it up and people say it s a webcam without any drivers or something However I already have the drivers FROM THE CD installed and pressed reinstall update driver via device Webcam Problem manager and located my cd-rom drive ect and says that no drivers were found or error data invalid ect I thought it MAY be the cam so i returned it and got a new one today this is all after trying many solutions i found via google and none working Got a new webcam and still does the same thing I m running Windows XP and the cams were are compatible with XP I tried the HP Webcam k pixels and returned it and now I have the Basic Webcam IC C from Micro Innovations Thought i d add my device id USB VID A amp PID amp E D amp amp If anyone can help thank you so much EDIT I also tried the XP-SocPcCamerazenithusbdriver rar driver suggested in another thread and it comes up after i try to install the driver gt An error occurred during the installation of the device The data is invalid nbsp

A:Webcam Problem

Not sure if this page helps you, but try one of these drivers:
The ez388xp.exe seems to have helped others
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hi everybody, when i run my msn with my webcam and audio, the last one is work good i mean that's i can talk with anybody online on msn, and i seemy self on the webcam, but the problem no body can't see me and i can't see them, too. i don't know where is the problem? really i need help
thank you for everyone will give me an advise to fix this problem

A:Problem of the webcam

What is the model number and make of the webcam?
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Hi everyone,

I bought this webcam with a friend who was going to live in England. Before he go he sell his webcam as he won't need it there. But the problem is that he does not give me the driver disc and now i'm with a webcam that does not work.

I only know that is a Mikomi webcam and I uploaded three photos that may help someone to know what is the model and if I can have the driver. I already check on mingjong website but no results.

Hope someone can help me
Thanks in advance

A:Webcam Driver problem

You need to identify the specific model of camera OR just try a few drivers from the Ming Jong site (the 'M' series drivers).

You can eliminate some that are obviously not yours then try one at a time, removing them between tries.

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Does anyone know of 'true' wireless webcam... meaning is uses an internal battery?


A:True Wireless Webcam

Try doing a Google search yourself. I did, and in less than 5 minutes I found many possibilities
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Wondering could somebody help me, trying to install a Philips spc220nc Webcam onto a dell desktop with window xp service pack 2, install with disc supplied but after install & restarting computer it picked up cif single clip & then philips spc220 nc but then came up with the error "the data is invaild", went onto philips website & downloaded most recent driver but also came up with same error, tried a different webcam, a codegen cod 17u but the exact same thing happened after going through the exact same route!!
did windows update & scanned for virus to elliminate both but still no luck!!
Any ideas??
Thanks John
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Decent Webcam??

Just got Comcast 3mbps broadband hooked up and looking for a decent webcam. Just something thats fairly good quality, adjustable quality settings is a plus. And I assume the better the quality, probably the more bandwidth used?


A:Decent Webcam?

Heres one that is really good if you have the money.
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Hi !
i've received a mobitechplus webcam. This is the mw1350... The trouble is that the CD with the drivers and software is broken... I can't install the cam...
I've been looking on the web for the pack (drivers & soft), but there's nothing...

Can someone help me ad send me the soft and the driver ?

Thank you very very much.

djio101 at yahoo . fr

A:Webcam mw1350 mobitechplus

These are the downloads on the home site:
Please reply back, if one works, and which one

Also, normally posts here at TechSpot are done by hitting Reply, therefore remove your email, via Edit
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XP Pro ASUS P C E-D board with quot onboard quot sound have some speakers hooked into it which work fine When I plug in my headphones they work fine and of course cut out the speakers Just got a Logitech Pro webcam Installed it the video works fine Tested the sound during the install sound my webcam? No from process I read the test line into the camera mike the little sound bars went up and down as I read However when I tried to replay my test read nothing Had No sound from my webcam? the headphones unhooked and the speakers turned on Also tried it with the headphones nothing either way I m sure there s just some setting I m overlooking Both on the webcam control panel and on Messenger I have the onboard SoundMax selected for sound - only choice that comes up Then hooked up to Yahoo Messenger turned on the webcam good video don t think any sound is getting thru Appreciate any tips help nbsp

A:No sound from my webcam?

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I'm kanakajoe, I'm new to this tech support forum, glad to meet you all.

Smile, it's contagioius...:>)
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Hello, I have a Philips SPC220NC webcam, when I plug it in the USB nothing happens, the camera will only work if I keep pressing the "Take picture" button, even so it only works once, if I want to use it again I have to restart the system.

As weird as it may seem I have the same problem with a Genius e-messenger 112 cam, so I'm guessing there's something wrong with my computer which is not specific to a camera model, question is what?

My computer is an Acer Aspire 5102 wlmi (5100 series)
Thurion Dual core 1.6 ghz
1gb ram
ati x1100 integrated video card

A:Webcam acting strange.

All the drivers loaded ?
Also the bios is in this link too
Note 5100 is also 5200

Check Device Manager
Go to system -hardware - device manager in Control Panel
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I just bought it & it was fine, but when I tried to improve pic using 'properties' it got really fuzzy. Now, I can't get it back. I've done everything from reset to reinstall to system restore & pressed every friggin button they have. Please help! I need it for an important presentation today at 5!!!!! YIKES!

A:Please help with my gigaware webcam!

The fastest and easiest way is to delete and reinstall the driver of the webcam.

Hope it help!
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I bought a gigaware webcam (model 25-297) and i can't seem to install its driver into my computer (windows XP). Everytime i attempt to do that, the installshield will run for sometime and suddenly it just disappear with only the icon on the bar next to the start menu. When i go to the windows task manager, it appears to be there but there seems to be no activity done by the program. Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated, i have NO idea whats wrong or what i need to do to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Gigaware webcam (model 25-297) help!?

Return it and get something of a little better quality. I'm sure even if you got it installed you wouldn't be happy with it anyway. Get something like a Logitech PC camera
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Well i got this webcam out of the box and see it wasn't working. can someone please give me the cif single chip for "USB\VID_093A&PID_2468"

Edit: If anyone wants to send me it privately for some reason send to tho_david"