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Z50-70 - Buying a new/used working motherboard

Q: Z50-70 - Buying a new/used working motherboard

Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a new motherboard for my Z50-70, as I see this as my only option for my SSD/HDD to get detected in BIOS. I have gone through many lengths to get it working by WINtoUSB and reflashing the BIOS, but to no greater avail.So now I am looking for a new motherboard and it is virtually impossible to find one, Lenovo/Medion directed me to their site and it was out of stock. I have scoured eBay, I could not find one.My question is: Does anyone have a spare/not used or a Z50-70 lying around they would like to sell? I live in Denmark. Best regards,Rasmus.

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Preferred Solution: Z50-70 - Buying a new/used working motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Z50-70 - Buying a new/used working motherboard

HI. You knowing reference, going on the motherboard, you'll know the exact model because in the manual are several.On this page you can find and cheaper: Here . Manual Service: Regards.

Haga clic en la estrella para decir gracias, Por favor marque si resuelve su problema.No trabajo para LENOVO soy usuario voluntario.
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Does anyone have any suggestions on a mobo thats has Sli (two is enough) DDR2 GLAN 45nm 2 pci 1x some pci slot (onboard sound is not needed)
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i want to buy a GOOD motherboard,

a fast, and able to overclock motherboard my budget is $55.. do you know a good motherboard that will do the trick?...

For a 478 socket, DDR, 1 AGP 8x, and all possible pci slots, (up to 7 or 6 slots)

oh yea.. and im new to overclocking, can someone hook me up with overclocking guides, or hints, and warnings please?.. thanks..

A:Buying a motherboard

Your budget is too low for the things you described. Here's one that would do the job quite nicely, and it's not too much more than your budget:

IMO - You really don't want to go super cheap on your mobo. You'll regret it later, especially if you're pushing your components hard by overclocking.
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Okay so basically I ve had a lot of trouble with my computer lately It all started when I tampered with the registry which was broke my PC so badly I had to have new a Buying motherboard it formatted and I had to start from scratch I asked he guys at the repair place to quot upgrade my PC so it is in line with modern standards quot - I wanted a modern working machine They installed a new GB hard disk as well as leaving my old GB one in there which I used for storage when formatting the main drive and they also put in an extra MB RAM giving me a total of GB RAM which I believe is pretty decent But besides that they removed nothing and changed nothing despite stressing that my sound card is crap and I have a meager processor AMD Athlon GHZ I installed Windows XP Professional Edition Buying a new motherboard and Service Pack but after one or two sessions of my PC running smoothly and as fast Buying a new motherboard as hell it soon broke down again starting up slowly crashing my desktop and my explorer menus as well as me losing one of the stereo tracks meaning that when I m listening to music I only hear half the audio not to mention the audio crackling badly and often freezing and refusing to playback for several seconds in extreme cases Additionally not all of my USBs work meaning I ve had to plug some really impractical stuff into the front ports and I have two CD drives one of which does not work at all and I also believe they re supposed to play DVDs but they don t I ve not actually bought a new computer for like six years but that s because I can t afford one However I do not believe that I need one since it has some good parts in it I believe what would solve my woes is a new motherboard and a new sound card but I would like some help with a few questions Before I ask my questions here are my PC s current specs AMD Athlon GHz GB RAM HDD C GB HDD D GB ATI Buying a new motherboard Radeon graphics card On-board sound card And now my questions How good is my current machine judging by the above specs What would you recommend I add remove from my machine Currently the oldest parts of the PC are the motherboard the CD drives one of which doesn t work and the GB hard drive Is there any chance that the old hard drive could carry some afflictions which are being transferred to my new one or could my motherboard by the source of the problem What would you recommend I buy in terms of a motherboard I cannot stress how important it is that I get this PC fixed- I need it for a lot of stuff Any help is very much appreciated nbsp

A:Buying a new motherboard

From the sound of it, you may need to upgrade more than just your motherboard. You could just get another one but it would have to be second hand as you wont be able to buy a brand new motherboard that would work with your 1Ghz Processor.
The cheapest upgrade I can think of that would give you a decent upgrade for the money would be the following: (You didnt say if you were UK or US based, sorry)
1 x Socket 939 motherboard with an AGP socket (you should be able to get one off ebay but make sure it has IDE hard drive connections and not SATA) it should come with an integrated sound card anyway, so you wont need to buy a separate sound card. (Approx $20-30)
1 x AMD Athlon 3200+ Socket 939 (approx $30)
(Optional but maybe necessary - New DVD RW Drive, approx $30)

You will be able to use your New Hard drive and RAM with the above items and although it should give you some better performance without breaking the bank account. $50-60 for motherboard and processor together, or $80 if you get a DVD RW drive too.
It's possible that the old hard drive is causing problems and because its so small, id be tempted just to remove it.
You can also upgrade your graphics card as it is ageing, but if you are on a budget, you dont have to do that - its probably not causing any problems for you.
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hello guys i need some help here on buying a new motherboard for my 2 pcs.
I do not understand much about pcs but here are my questions:

-Buying a new motherboard do u need south bridge and north bridge to be the same as the motherboard u have?
Could someone tell me if this motherboard i have: Pro

-Could be replaced with this one:


And if this motherboard i have:

-Could be replaced with this one:

i serious need to know this my shop depends on this..

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first of all please excuse me if this is in the wrong forum and if what l say loose you as l am new to all this. l want to build a computer that has more balls than a wild pack of dogs. l have been told that if l buy a supermicro X7DBE+ Motherboard With Extended ATX which runs dual processors, front side bus speeds of 1.333Ghz, Front side bus uses a 64 bit wide 1333 Mhz data bus that transfer data at 10.7 Gb/sec for a total bandwith of 21.3 Gb/sec. Total memory bandwith of 32.0 Gb/s for DDR2 667. And build the rest up from the motherboard l will never need to upgrade.This all means nothing to me so l thankyou all who help in advance. Also does running dual processors mean that you will have twice the speed.
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My PC motherboard died about a week ago and since you guys helped me figure it out, I thought that you might also be able help me choose a new motherboard. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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I am the rookie of all rookies I know next to nothing about computers but have been educating myself for the past days I must have read pages worth of material trying to learn This site--I stumbled upon it THANK THE SWEET LORD --has helped me motherboard. help Need on buying new PLEASE!! more than everything else I ve read So I am going to rely upon you gentlemen and ladies to educate me I have an old CPU--Athlon K Mhz RAM MHz FSB--that isn t cutting it with the new hard drive I have Being the I am Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!! I Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!! bought a gigabyte hard drive not knowing the CPU isn t powerful enough to operate it and the software I have I m in the process of getting more software that I need for my profession in addition to my lust for WarcraftIII battle net I love the custom games So please please please help me I would like to buy a Pentium IV CPU GHz and the appropriate motherboard for about I found the CPU for about If what I want is not practical than I am willing to settle for the Athlon XP and the corresponding motherboard I found that CPU for about HELP HELP HELP HELP nbsp

A:Need help on buying new motherboard. PLEASE!!

I think you might be asking more of your $200 than is possible. After buying the CPU you will only have $40 left over. You will not get a good complimenting motherboard for the processor with that much left over. Plus you need to remember that you will most probably need to update the memory, and possibly the power supply in the case. You will more than likely need to expand your budget or go to a more discounted processor. Look at and the Celeron socket 478 processors. A drop below the P4 but a better buy at the same speed. With money left over !! YOu could get a nice motherboard and processor and stay below $200 maybe have enough left over for memory. As far as M/B go I reccommend either ASUS, Gigabyte, or Soyo. They have done well for me in the past, stay away from ECS have never seen M/B with more problems than those seem to have.
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I m contemplating doing what I think of as a major upgrade to my computer I want to replace my motherboard cpu and cooling fan and ram The reason I buying Need new motherboard help got on this Need help buying new motherboard track is that I wanted to upgrade my ram from mb to I quot ve got PC RDram and mb will cost around or so To me it doesn t make much sense to go with old technology when I can get the latest for not to much more than that But as this will be the most major upgrade I ve attempted I ve got a lot of questions I ve looked at a lot of threads in the forums and still don t have all the answers that I need to get started on this If any of you guys can help me out on this I sure would appreciate it As I already have a computer that runs well no problems is all I have to do is take out the old motherboard cpu ram and install the new one using all the other original components and then boot up I doubt it If I need to replace somthing else what and what else do I need to do I m going from and Intel motherboard P to AMD or and different ram I ve got a Gateway XL full tower gig Maxtor hard drive CD burner DVD burner floppy Intel NIC Intel IDE Contoller Audigy sound card with plenty of room inside The IDE Contoller has kind of got me worried I ve done a search to find info on this but I haven t found everything I need As I have only this one computer I won t be able to access any help from here at TS so are there any probems that I might have when I get this done if by some chance I do all this correctly So any advice in advance will be greatly appreciated Are all ATX motherboards the same size My present Intel board D EMV is supposed to be xx by xx The one I m looking at is something like xx by xx I thought all ATX were the same size I m not sure of these sizes but could not find out much info on this So my real question is is the new board going to fit exactly in place of the old one And also does the new board come with the standoffs included or do I have to buy this seperately Do I really need non magnetic tools I have the full install Windows XP Home Edition cd that came with my Gateway computer Am I going to be able to use this without buying a new version as it s stll in the same computer I don t know if it will work but I want to be legal I have had conflicting word on this some say it will work others say it won t If I can use it would it be better to use the existing install or better to completely reformat I m not against that at all probably will anyway This is what I m looking to get For some reason I can t link directly to it at TigerDirect it s about the fifth one down the page so here s what it is MSI s K TNE -F Neo Socket motherboard and AMD Athlon processor If anybody has got any better suggestions I am open as long as it s in the same price range Has to be AGP compatable as I just bought a new AGP card That s all I can think of for now I m sure I ll have more questions as I go along I know it s a lot questions but if you guys could help me out I sure would appreciate it Thanks Present specs are Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack Internet Explorer IE SP DirectX DirectX c Computer Name User Name Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium HT MHz x Motherboard Name Intel Maryville D EMV PCI AGP RIMM Audio Motherboard Chipset Intel Tehama i E System Memory MB RDRAM BIOS Type AMI Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce GT Monitor Gateway FPD quot LCD Multimedia Audio Adapter Creative SB Audigy Player Sound Card Storage IDE Controller Intel r BA Bus Master IDE Controller Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive Maxtor Y P GB RPM Ultra-ATA Optical Drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA- B DVD-RW x x DVD-RAM x DVD-ROM x CD x x x DVD-RW DVD-RAM Optical Drive LITE-ON LTR- S x x x CD-RW SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS MB MB free Input Keyboard HID Keyboa... Read more

A:Need help buying new motherboard


1. I don't think you will be able to keep xp installed and just switch motherboards, you probably will have to plan on just formatting(back up first) and doing a clean install. What do you mean by the ide controller has you confused? What are you wondering?
3. No, all atx aren't the same size, but the maximum size is about 12x9.6". My chaintech vnf4ultra nforce4ultra 939(I'd recommend it, but you already have an awesome agp card ) mobo is "atx", but actually like 12x8" or close to that. In smaller atx, like mine, they are just missing the outer edge of screw mounting holes. Your case should have the right standoffs already. I didn't use magnetic screw drivers, but it sure would have been handy at times. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry.
4. Using your existing install, will probably be problematic, if it works at all. I would think that you could use you existing xp cd. I mean it isn't like you'll be using it on 2 computers, you just want to transfer it to your new system. You might have to call microsoft to see for sure though.
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My laptop has been overheating. I've tried literally everything from checking for viruses  to reapplying thermal paste and I can't fix it. Here is a link to my forum post about it.  But that is not the topic of this post. I've decided to replace the motherboard thinking it may be a problem with the processor or some other piece of hardware. I found this forum post about replacing the motherboard on my model laptop. I actually found a motherboard with a higher model processor (AMD A10-5745M 2.1 GHz) for $50 cheaper on ebay and I wanted to make sure it is compatible. The motherboard product number is 763424-501. My laptop's serial number is 5CD426279F and product number is G4V48AV Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Buying a New Motherboard

Sorry. I Googled my pc product number and the actual product name is the  HP 15z-p000 CTO. I don't know if that makes a difference but I just wanted to make sure.
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Hello everybody.

I am planning on getting a new CPU and motherboard this Christmas. However, I'm a little low on budget. Could you guys please recommend a CPU + Motherboard combination at under $200 ($150 if possible)?

My current specs are:

Motherboard : Asus P5B-MX / WiFi-AP
RAM : 2 GB (Transcend)
Graphics Card : XFX 9800 GT
Processor : Intel P4 2.93 GHz
OS : Windows XP Professional

Would it be a good idea to go for the AMD X2 6000+?

A:Buying New CPU And Motherboard help At that price, wow, why not. It certainly would give your old P4 quite a thumping!

Is your copy of XP Pro a retail copy? If not and it's an OEM copy, you might run into trouble trying to migrate it to a completely different machine. Since, cost is an issue, this might make the Q6600 in the old board the best choice.
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dear sir,i want to asked you about replacement of motherboard laptop N5110 and want to buy it from ebay i want to know weather this motherboard can fix to my laptop or not the info about motherboard is like this:
my laptop info is:service tag (s/n)<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
express service code is:<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>
thanks a lot for your info

A:buying motherboard

Yes, the board will work.  Given that replacing the hard drive on this model requires a system board removal, if the drive you have is original to the system, consider replacing it along with the mainboard - you'll be doing all the labor anyway, so you may as well take care of the potential for a hard drive failure at the same time.
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I am looking to buy a new motherboard, reason i want to do that is to get 8gb ram atm my motherboard only supports 4gb ram.

never bought a motherboard on its own before so not sure what is best and what ones i can have, i want a motherboard that can work with my ram/graphics card/hard drive etc so i dont have to buy everything again.

been looking at that one, fairly cheap and good reviews. if you know a better motherboard at a better price link me to that,

do i just buy that motherboard and connect my other hardware and its good to go? or do i have to do other stuff?


A:buying a new Motherboard.

No way we can answer that since you haven't told what hardware you have. What processor, memory, graphics card, case, etc do you have now? What motherboard do you have now?

Do you have a 64-bit version of Windows to support more than 4GB of RAM?

You may need to reinstall Windows if you replace the motherboard.

Personally I wouldn't buy an motherboard based on an old 700 series chipset.
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Im gonna build me a new gaming unit. I found this one I want but I dont see an AGP slot. There is something there, but it isnt an AGP adapter.
WTH? Any ideas?

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Ok, so, i have a crappy eMachines with 3 PCI slots. My problem is, my geforce fx 5500 pci video card isn't cutting it for my new games, would it be worth it to just buy a new mother board with an AGP or PCI-E slot? If so, i could use some suggestions on some boards.

A:New motherboard worth buying?

hard to say

I don't know what your system has, but there are things to consider, If you want better game play, yeah, you'll want a mobo to handle AGP/PCIexpress, etc., but then- will your power supply handle it? RAM? CPU?

Just changing mobos alone involves quite a bit- new installation of operating system, which means you want to back up your current data, and then you start upgrading video cards, almost everything else will probably need at least SOME upgrading/tweaking, so there are lots of things to consider.

Some of the guys around here who know gaming will be more help than me, but I'm sure there'll be more to it than just a mobo change. Good luck!! :knock:
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Recently i face BSOD error on my PC with my old motherboard Gigabyte G31-ES2L

then i repaired it with authorized service center but after that only one day my pc worked fine after that i got same BOD error.

Now i brought new motherboard Gigabyte G41-combo

but even now sometimes my PC automatically shuts down with same blue screen error and it works fine after restarts. But in my previous motherboard G31ES2L one BOD happened pc never starts (I m telling this because i want to know whether is it any other hardware problem or motherboard problem)

I m attaching the

and my system

please help me to solve problem.. Thanx in advance

A:BSOD after buying new motherboard help

I faced BOD almost while browsing in chrome Firefox with more tabs opened.. I tried to format PC but same problem happen.
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I am currently totally broke after buying a new Graphics card and a new PSU buying on new motherboard? suggestions Any a Now I Any suggestions on buying a new motherboard? need to change my motherboard because my current one has BIOS from HP which blocks all overclocking facilities I want to overclock my q to minimum of from its stock speeds but I have a new heatsink and fan for extra cooling Now the problem is that I need a very cheap motherboard which has a good chipset for overclocking and also which will support PCI-E I have looked up couple of motherboards but I can't decide which one to get I was planning on to getting ASRock P DE So any one has any suggestions for me Furthermore I was looking at one site and they are selling Asus P G T-M-LX Intel G S PCI-E x DDR OC SATA GB s mATX On Board VGA I duno if there is a mistake somewhere but they are displaying in the title that this motherboard has a PCI-E but I have checked intel's chipset specs and that suggests G cannot support

A:Any suggestions on buying a new motherboard?

If you don't mind a factory refub then you should consider this board from EVGA, it will overclock nicely.

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I am going to buy a new mobo, processor and RAM.

My current ones are the following:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
Processor: Core 2 Duo E5300 @2.6Ghz
RAM: DDR2 800Mhz.

I will be upgrading to the following:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 AM3+
Processor: AMD FX-4 4100 Quad Core @ 3.6GHz
RAM: DDR3 1600MHz.

I will be keeping the same hard drive, case, PSU and GPU. Is there anything i should take into consideration when replacing the mobo, processor and RAM such as drivers having to uninstalled etc.?

thanks for your time

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I am fairly new to this board and need some advice. It looks like I will be needing to replace a motherboard. It is my son's computer and he just spent $75 to have a repairman tell him his MB was shot and a new one would cost $375 plus labor. Needless to say, I brought it home and am trying to fix it myself.
The computer is a HP Pavilion Model #6740C with an Intel Celeron 667 MHz; Socket 370 with an Intel 810 chipset. What else do I need to know in order to find the correct fit for this computer? Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a motherboard for my HP that is not real expensive? I have looked at several sites but haven't been able to find the right one yet. I'm not sure what brand the MB is. Any suggestions??

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I'm looking for a new computer these days, and I need an advice for the motherboard. Actually I don't have much money, and I need a motherboard with an AGP slot (it will be better if it has a PCI-E either for further video card upgrade), supporting celeron-D cpu.
Looking in the stores nearby I noticed this one:
Asrock P4DUAL- 880 PRO - s.478, VIA PT880 Pro/ 8237R, HT, Prescott Ready, 800, 4xDDR400 Dual ch., PCI Express Graphics slot, AGP8x, Lan, sound, ...and so on
It seems to have everything I need and it's kinda cheap (as it has a Via chipset). What can you advice me? I don't need excellent performance, only a working PC And what does "dual" means - do I have to buy dual channel RAM only?
thanx a lot.

A:Question about buying a motherboard

"Dual" in the model name means it supports either PCI ex or AGP graphics, also it supports dual ram technology which you will have to install in identical pairs.
Use single if you don't want dual ram set up. See link for manual
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Hey... I currently have

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20GHz
Club3d HD4850 512mb Overclocked Edition
580W PSU
Asus P5LD2-X/1333 motherboard

And i really, really need a new mobo to upgrade to a quad core cpu.
So i need one that supports quad core, has integrated sound card (5.1), Has at least 2 ram sockets, at least 1 pci express 2.0 socket, integrated Ethernet/internet or whatever it was and anything else to support my current pc components.

So... here's the thing... how do i know what motherboard to buy to be sure it is compatible with the gpu,cpu etc.
here are the mobos i can buy

Choose from that link and something good but not too expensive please.
Just help me choose ask me for more information.

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Hi i was looking at this processor and these motherboards, what do u think, let me know please,,, and boards ,,,,, ,,,,,
,,,, artical for the Foxconn C51XEM2AA as i liked it
will be getting 2 graphics card to go with the set too,,,, thanks for your time ,,,doj,,,, harris,,,,,

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i have a dee optiplex gx 280 and i have 8 gb ram and a navida quatro 1 gb video card and seagate 500 gb harddrive i put in liquid cooling and a bigfoot 1gb enternet card got 2 sony dvd rewriters and the stock power supply just need to know if i can upgrade the cpu i like the pc it is working fine just would like to make it all it can be im running windows 7 ultimate and got good scores on proformance test
processor: 4.2
memory (ram): 5,2
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming graphics:4.7
primary hard drive:5.9
what would help othere then buying a new pc please help

A:Can I change my CPU without buying a new motherboard?

What's your motherboard model and what CPU do you have at the moment?

Also what do you use the PC for?
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Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the following components for a new system. I want it for gaming, and just thought I'd get some opinions on whether it is worth the dosh; or if there are better components available for similar money.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz Socket AM2 1MB L2 (2x512KB) Cache Retail Boxed Processor - £68

Motherboard ASUS M2N68 nForce 630a Socket AM2+ - £50


A:Processor + Motherboard: Worth buying?

well hat depends on what your other components are and what games you'll be playing, but besides these things, the combo looks good.
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For some reason i am going to buy a scrap motherboard for 5 to 6 months. please help in finding a better scrap motherboard. while buying what should i check please list it.
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What is the best memory I can have on the following motherboard:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M4A785-M

For a normal price.. no need for high-end four months of salary thing
I want 4GB or maybe more (I do run 64bit win 7)

Thanks in advance !

A:Buying new memory, motherboard support

Computer memory upgrades for ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard from

Above link shows all compatible RAM at using their configurator for your motherboard model.

Take your pick from that list. You can buy from Crucial directly or make note of the part numbers and buy that RAM at the dealer of your choice.

There are several speed choices in that list. In your situation, I would just get the standard PC2-5300, Non-ECC:


Priced at 49.99. You may be able to find that same part number at a lower price at another retailer such as Newegg.
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after much strife with my old board i gave up trying to fix it
here are the spare parts that i will be using to rebuild my system

AMD Phenom x4 960T 3.0ghz
ASUS EAH 6950 DCII 2gb
CORSAIR XMS3 CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 (4 x 2gb)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

can anyone recommend a decent budget board to put it all on? would be a great help


A:Advice on buying gaming motherboard please

Depends on your budget really....


Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 Motherboard Phenom II Socket AM3 AMD 880G RAID Gigabit Ethernet (rev 3.1)

ASRock 880GMH-USB3 Motherboard AMD Socket AM3 AMD 880G + AMD SB710 ATX Gigabit LAN (Integrated AMD Radeon HD 4250 Graphics)

.... all these are full of features and cost around ?50
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my laptop is dell inspiron n5110
Ram : 6GB
processor : intel core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHZ
Video Card : Nvidia GT 525M (1GB)
i want upgrade my Graphic Card But
I heard some people say graphic card fixed in motherboard  !
The solution : Replace Motherboard
i wanna know which is compatible with my laptop
and Nvidia GTX 600 or higher
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Hello, I have recently decided to get a new graphics card for my HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y. After opening it up I only see one PCI slot and 2 black slots that are unkown to me. I have done a little research and some sites say that there are PCI express slots but i am not sure which ones those are. Anyways after looking around, I decided on this card but am still not sure if its the best i should get, an suggestions? I am looking for a card for mostly gaming and am willing to spend up to $100 - $150 tops. This is the one I have decided on so far. Galaxy Technology 512 MB DDR3 GeForce GTS250 Graphics Card 25SFF6HX1RUI (sorry about no links unable to post links or images for now)

A:Deciding on buying new graphics card and need help with motherboard slots

The HP Compaq Presario CQ5320Y does have 1 PCI-E x16 slot and 1 PCI-E x1 slot. The best option for you would be to purchase an ATI Radeon HD 5770. It will give vastly superior performance compared to the GTS 250. However, for either card, your PSU will be insufficient. Presently your system has a 250W PSU. You will need one in excess of 400W with sufficient amperage on the 12V rails. The Corsair 400CX should be good enough but the 450VX is a safer bet.
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I am going to be purchasing a laptop that doesn't have a working OS right now It was fine and the seller decided to use the factory restore disk to give it a fresh install for whoever would be buying it He says that when he tried this it became unusable I don't know the details but I don't see how he could have caused working no utility -boot testing laptop OS computer? the Buying w/ for a Buying laptop w/ no working OS -boot utility for testing the computer? problem that would make this unusable I'm planning on buying it as is and doing a fresh install with Windows disks rather Buying laptop w/ no working OS -boot utility for testing the computer? than the factory restore disks What I would like advice on is testing it with some boot program to see if the screen and mouse at least work I have used Parted Magic several times and it seems to me this would work for testing if the laptop has basic functionality Are there recommendations for something that would be better for this sort of thing Also can I get some opinions as to what would have gone wrong when he tried to restore to factory settings Is there anyway the computer could have been broken

A:Buying laptop w/ no working OS -boot utility for testing the computer?

Test the HD with the maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD scan, wipe the HD after it checks out.

You can also boot into a Linux disk like Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup - Windows 7 Forums to see how it performs just like using an OS. This will test everything except the HD.

When ready do a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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Hello...i have an HP laptop and it was a brand new one but after a few months while i was using the laptop it suddenly shutdown and then it was not getting started....i went to the shop to repair it they checked and told me that it is the problem of the motherboard...HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!!!???  PLEASE HELP ME OUT...The details are as follows-model no.  15-n044nrserial no.    5CD3515TL2and it has a 2 year warranty....I am not even able to charge it....Its showing a full black screen....There is no light coming from is like a dead laptop.The charger is also not getting warm while charging....How can the hp sell such things....i want a replacement of my motherboard or my laptop....My laptop originally windows 8 then i updated it to 8.1....Thank you please help me out... 

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A:Motherboard not working

HP will do paid out of warranty service but it is very expensive. Your best bet is to procure the motherboard and either do it yourself, which I understand most people do not want to do or take it to a local independent service shop. Expect the whole thing to cost perhaps $200-300. HP would charge at the top end if that range or perhaps slightly more. I do not speak for them however i recommend  you should call. They will quote you a price for motherboard replacement.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Asus A8N-E socket 939
1024mb RAM
Asus Nvidia 8400gs silent
win xp

Whenever I start up the pc, this message appears:
"Chip-fan failed or is too slow".
I noticed that the fan of the motherboard is not turning, not when using windows, internet or playing games. Is it necessary to replace the fan, because other than the message at start up, i do not notice any difference. Or could there be overheating issues?

In the attachment is the result of a program i used, sensorview, which checks temperatures and fans.

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Hi, There is an issue with the motherboard in my Pavillion dv6-6c00 CTO Quad  Edition and I was looking to repurchase it. Does HP offer motherboards to sell for this product? How do I know which one to buy? I know that usually there is something on the motherboard itself that tells you what kind of motherboard to purchase but I don't want to open my laptop just for that. I have an Intel Core i7-2670M with a GDDR5 graphics card. Thank you very much!

A:Motherboard is not working

Hi, Please use part number on page 79 of the Maintenance and Service Guide from the following link: It is a CTO machine therfore no available specs. You said it has a GDDR5 graphics card. Which one is it ? You need to find out the right part number from the list and order from Part store or from Amazon Regards.
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hi i bought a new motherboard today i installed it an turned it on it powered up an i set my bios then tried starting the computer but it crashed so i tried starting in safe mode still no luck so i turned it off an on again an tried it in normal mode again but it just crashed again then i turned it off went to turn it back on an it would not power up cd and hdd an fans power up but nothing else could you please help?

A:New motherboard not working

Well have a look at: Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test) to get it started again

And then install Windows clean:

Try the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows to help backup your important data. The link also includes help installing Windows clean

But if nothing to backup, then just remove the Partition:

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

* Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)
For further help, lease put your System Specs information in your Profile
If you have a proprietary computer like Dell; HP; Acer etc, please manually write this in the mobo field (ie Dell Dimension 3100 - as an example)

I'd say that'll just about cover it
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I just did my first pc build and successfully installed windows 7 home edition 64 bit. Immediately after, I inserted the CD that came with my motherboard so I could update the drivers. While trying to load the CD, I get a box that pops up and says DVDSetup application has stopped working and only gives me the option to close it. Now I am unable to update my drivers from the CD and my PC won't connect to the internet so I can't go to the msi website either. Just looking for some help if anyone has ever experienced this problem before. Thanks.

A:MSI motherboard CD not working

You can download the LAN driver from MSI's website on another PC and transfer it over to your new PC via USB stick. Then once connected to the internet run all rounds of Windows updates until no more are offered.
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I recently purchased a crappy MSI P Neo as my old Gigabyte motherboard went out because of me putting my processor in crooked and I m New Motherboard Working Not having some issues The P Neo handbook says to make New Motherboard Not Working sure the voltage of the power supply is adjusted properly to V I m using however a power supply with V Could this be the issue All components were tested and work properly even the power supply using a different motherboard When I press the power button the power supply light flashes the fans spin a hair and nothing else happens If I hold the power button down for a few seconds let go and press it again the same thing happens again I ve had two heated debates with the guy who sold me this motherboard and he claims he s tested it and it works fine yet I m not able to get it working I ve been building computers for many years and this is the first I ve come across this issue I m thinking my power supply is putting out too much juice for the MB to handle but I m probably wrong Any input would be helpful Thanks in advanced nbsp

A:New Motherboard Not Working

Some power supply selector switches are just marked differently. One marked 115/230v will work just the same as one marked 110/220v.
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I just bought an Intel Desktop Board D101GGC

the rest of my specs are:
Pentium 4 Processor 511 2.8 GHz
2 X 512MB SDRAM DDR 400
LITEON 16x DVD+-RW Drive
Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
Windows XP Professional SP2

The computer powers up but after not even a minute it shuts down.
I tried lookin in the BIOS but I did not have enough time to look at anything before it shut off.
What could cause that?

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I got a new motherboard when my power supply fried my old one. It was the exact same board and when I got it it wouldn't post or anything and it would come on whenever I turned on the power supply without pushing the power button. The fans would just stay on at full speed and there would be no display. I just got another motherboard (the same one) and it's doing exactly the same thing. This still happens with another power supply in my working computer so that's not the problem. I was thinking it was the cpu but everyone on here said there is no way the cpu is fried. The only two things it could be are the cpu and ram. Would either of these cause the problems I described?

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well i dug out an old SIS 530 motherboard which i had from an old 500mhz IBM comp i bought years ago.

what i plugged to it.
10GB hdd
CDrom drive
nvidia riva TNT
10/100 ethernet card
256 mb ram

basicly my problem is that i shows nothing when i turn it on.. i hear it boot and i heard the harddrive work for a few sec and then i just see black screen. i used the onboard VGA port and the one on the graphic card still i see nothing. i have no manual for the board so i have no idea if ive connected everything correctly, even so if i had it should atleast show SOMETHING? at the moment my main problem is that it does not display a single thing.

what should i do

btw it also says "sis 5595" on the board in smaller print

A:SIS 530 motherboard not working [help]

What was the reason you changed motherboards?
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Couple days ago low power voltage it my PC. i fix the power supply in the PC now when i turn on the PC the light flash on n off then nothing. can someone tell me what is the prob.

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Ok Motherboard/RAM working? not New let me preface with while I m not an uber-tech I m not a novice I ve successfully build and maintained at least forty to fifty systems over the past years and never really have any issues However I a few years behind and a tad out of practice SO my wife s computer started having some issues which I was pretty sure was due to RAM It was cheaper to buy a new motherboard ram than get ram for her current one and that let New Motherboard/RAM not working? me up her RAM to gigs instead of the max gigs on her old board Trying to save money I found a board that New Motherboard/RAM not working? supported her Pentium D ghtz processor Motherboard Intel BLKDG SSCK LGA Intel G http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM Kingston ValueRAM GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I also upgraded the video card to GeForce GTX Fermi GB http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Now everything New Motherboard/RAM not working? physically is installed I boot up and Win gets upset because the hardware has changed Do a little research and unlike WinXP apparently Win requires a reinstall when you change the motherboard The BIOS seems to recognize it all I install Win and it takes FOR-E-VER Once installed it is so slow I can t do anything I go to reformat thinking it is a faulty installation and now I can t get it to even install Win It pretty much just hangs after trying to get ready to install I get WinXP out and it installs just fine Pretty normal and speedy I then thinking the glitch may have been over try to then install Win and the same issue where I can t even install it I can boot into XP no prob but won t go SO yes I m almost done hehe I put her old motherboard and ram back in with her old processor I boot up and go into the Win installation and it is blazing away no issues or slow down or anything So my question is do I have a faulty piece of hardware Do I have an incompatibility issue Could it be my power supply isn t good enough Any thoughts Thank you so much --L Barber-- nbsp

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I'm helping my brother put in a new mobo.
He bought the MSI 651m-l mobo kit.

Got everything hooked up, & there is power to the fans, but cd rom & hdd not booting up.

He got a new 350 watt power supply.
No luck.

Called tech support & they weren't any help at all.

Got a new mobo. Same problem.
What the hell can be the problem?

Went over all the jumper settings & connections.
Everything looks fine.

Please help.
Losing my mind trying to figure this out.

A:Help!!! Installing Motherboard..not working


Whats happening in the bios?
HDD detect, cdrom, ram etc.
also consider the latest bios upgrade.
I know you're try'in ta help your bro but hair pulling seem to be
integral part Hardware.
I'm sure you'll be asked for much more detail, this will help everyone to help you. the ppl here are top notch and very patient...
Don't give up!!!
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We just changed our motherboard and our O/S is not working. It keeps taking us to the screen that asks us to open in safe mode and starts counting down but if we select safe mode or wait for the time to run out it just takes us back to the same screen. Help Needed!!!

A:Switched Motherboard and OS is not working

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You OS won`t work with your new mobo, because your hard drive still has the old mobo drivers.

You might be able to get away with doing a Windows repair as per this thread HERE.

However, if that doesn`t work, you should be prepaired to do a reformat and reinstall.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hi Well where do I start after a week of trying to fix the quot Acer Aspire keyboard and touchpad not working problem quot I decided to buy a new motherboard as I had exhausted all my other options now bear in mind here that the old motherboard would boot up ok and run Xp fine I just had to use a PCMCIA USB hub to use an external k board and mouse which kinda defeated the object of it being a notebook I removed all the parts I needed from the old m board and installed and fitted everything to the new motherboard turned the power on working new is and nothing Help !! Fitted now motherboard !!!!! and NOTHING no post screen the power light comes on as does the Help !!!!! Fitted new motherboard and now nothing is working !! fan etc but no post screen nothing I have checked that the Help !!!!! Fitted new motherboard and now nothing is working !! RAM etc are all seated correctly and even gone as far as replacing the LCD and invertor just incase I messed something up The one thing I have to say here is that when I removed the Heatsink from the original m board it was hard to do so and as I did the processor came out of its seating stuck to the Heatsink I do see a quot background quot flash on the LCD when I turn the unit on but it does not boot I have a working unit same model same spec and so have tried the RAM etc from that on the notebook I am repairing all apart from the processor as that is well and truly seated to the mount and do not want to risk doing any damage to the working machine to no avail Is it possible that when I removed the heatsink from the quot faulty quot m board and the processor came away stuck to the heatsink that I have done some damage to the processor I have checked and there are no broken or bent pins on the processor I am well and truly stumped here so any suggestions ideas or comments will be welcomed nbsp

A:Help !!!!! Fitted new motherboard and now nothing is working !!
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Hello guys, I assembled my desktop three years back with I5 650 processor - Socket LGA1156 | 4 GB DDR3 RAM | Intel DH55TC Motherboard. Recently I started having issues with my motherboard and system does not start. When i gave it for service, I was told that I need to change the motherboard which would cost around 8-10K. I was also suggested that Motherboard plus Fourth Gen Intel processor costs around 15K and its better to get a new one as the I5 650 is relatively old which might stop working soon.

Appreciate any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

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My friend had the motherboard replaced on his 5-yo Gateway because it was "running slow". Now the 4 USB ports accessed from the rear of the computer on the new motherboard don't work. He has had to dig out his old mouse from storage and plug it into the color coded plug. Is there a way to "activate" these USB ports? Thanks.

A:USB ports not working on new motherboard

Sounds like someone didn't plug the connectors for the rear ports into the motherboard?

OR, the onboard USB ports are disabled in the bios setup.
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I have P4 1.7Ghz computer with Amptron motherboard. My computer is not getting turned on. It just died after showing black screen. I checked it by replacing it power supply and processor. they are fine. nothing wrong with power supply neither the processor. I also checked RAM and batery on the motherboard. they are also fine. when i try to turn on the computer the only thing happens is just one rotataion of processor fan and thats it. NO led lights come on or the power supply fan ...



A:motherboard not working. computer not getting on

Hello! Welocome to TechSpot

Have you pulled the MoBo out of the case and checked it over
for any shorts or burn spots?
It does, however, sound like the "pretty blue smoke" got out.
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Iam having this problem for the past 2 days now.
When i try to turn on my computer in the morning [with my modems on]
it starts but only shows the first black screen [with all the description stuff] and then goes blank. However if i turn off the modem it starts normally.

Ive had this modem for the past 3 months now and did not have any problems before.....
does anyone know why i have this problem all of a sudden

Thanks in advance

A:modem + motherboard not working together

Are you talking about a phone, cable or a DSL modem?
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Hello I am using an Asus P8Z77-V LX motherboard and do not know what all I need to install to get it working
flavalee or Frank suggested the Intel chipset, Realtek audio, Intel graphics, Realtek Lan, and Intel USB Drivers to use.

Now there are several other things listed to possibly install like: hotfix, BIOS,BIOS utilities, firmware, Utilities, SATA. Do I need to install any of these? PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

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I recently changed my old MSI new are got motherboard a working after not videos I My motherboard whose chipset was SIS to a new Intel GV-M mother board by ECS this was due to the fact that the MSI board failed me Anyway after I installed the new mother My videos are not working after I got a new motherboard board and installed windows started installing drivers for the on board C media audio device and my Geforce AGP x graphic card every thing was fine but one thing was not whenever I open a video using media player Bs player or VLC the computer becomes very sluggish no video seen just a sound that comes and goes and the computer becomes really sluggish I mean I actually see the windows draw before my eyes when I press Alt Ctrl Del I see the frames draw then the words written very slowly and then it all ends after a long wait when I force VLC or whatever player I am using when I force it to close I tried installing the latest video driver from nvidia but the same thing happened rolled back to the old driver still the same problem uninstalled then reinstalled the audio driver and downloaded a newer driver still the same thing Then I removed my and used the on board Intel graphic card instead and guess what it worked like a charm videos streaming and every thing nothing wrong at all except for the fact that I cant play games on this on board graphic card So this is my problem I need to use my and I simply cant Some stuff I noticed that may help figuring this out -The videos worked fine before I installed service pack using windows XP home edition - When the is installed PC Linux OS live CD wont start but with the on board card it starts fine - Of coarse with the old motherboard using the same OS and service pack and the same driver videos worked fine Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully you can help nbsp
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could someone please help me troubleshoot my usb problem, xp ze2000 notebook, windows xp. Computer was dead. Installed new motherboard. Computer boots up fine, but usb's did not work after. Have uninstalled from device manager and reinstalled upon startup. Same problem.
thanks for your time

A:usb's not working after motherboard install

Try installing the Chipset drivers from Hp's website. Check which exact notebook you have, Hp list 3 versions :-

z2000z <-- HP don't seem to have a Chipset driver download for this version

Click on the correct one here :-

I downloaded the service manual from HP and noticed that Usb/S-video are on a small board that connects to the mainboard from above, are you sure it's seated properly ?
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I thought it was time to sort out my old computer and start getting it updated Went out and bought a new motherboard and processor from Maplins AMD QUAD CORE Phenom X Motherboard Bundle GB DDR MHz Memory After getting it processor, now is motherboard and all. nothing working New at home it occoured to New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. me there was only IDE port and SATA I have devices that are IDE New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. so decided to get an adaptor from Maplins http www maplin co uk Module aspx ModuleNo With HDD I purchased of them Now here is the thing I can New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. get the IDE devices to show up on the BIOS but not the SATA devices Remember I can not even get to load windows at this stage because the HDD with windows on it is now on SATA I have looked in the BIOS and SATA is enabled I have an external HDD which is SATA and fitted that and it found it so I know it is set for SATA At this point I am about ready to throw it all out the window Spent over and nothing wants to work If anyone can help me please I have nothing left to break apart from that computer nbsp

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Hello,i just got asus P5RD1-V motherboard.I connected all wires to the motherboard and the green light (SB_PWR1) on the motherboard does not shine.And i ,cant power up my motherboard.If no power on the motherboard there is no light(SB_PWR1),right ? But my mouse in usb on that motherboard lights up.PSU i am using with this motherboard is working on other motherboards.

Please help,I really appreciate it!

A:Asus motherboard is not working

did you read the manual before plugging anything into it, have you made sure you have set all the jumpers correctly (if there are any)
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ok, so i was planning on putting another ide hdd in my homebuilt computer, for more storage. i plug it in and start up and BAM it doesnt start. the fans come on and the hdd starts whirring, but no vga signal. The funny thing is that the power light keeps flickering like mad. ive tried everything. takeing everything out, putting it back in. Only trying to boot up with ram and cpu and mobo, but nothing. ive looked on google many times for this problem, but could not find anything.
cpu: 64 athlon 2800
ram: 1 gig ocz
psu: generic 250 watt

A:Gigabyte Motherboard not working

A few things to consider

when you are adding a second hard drive to the comp you have to tell the computer which is the primary and which is the slave. Its a lot more than hooking another one up and "let 'er rip" situation.
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So I built a computer about 2 months ago. Everything was working properly on that computer for about a month. About 2 weeks ago, I turned on my computer and none of the ports on the motherboard where working. The monitor showed no display, my Ethernet cord wasn't blinking green and the lights on the keyboard and mouse were not turning on. However, the computer would turn on. My fans spun up and I could hear the hard drives running. I triple checked that everything was plugged in all the way and even tried a different monitor but it still wasn't working. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

A:motherboard ports not working

If you can please plug in a USB into the motherboard port so you can test for sound. It is highly unlikely but can you check if the motherboard capacitors are bulging or leaking. Also is your HDD activity light flickering?
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Have three motherboards

1* MSI KT3 socket A with a 2200 AMD chip
2* MSI K7N2 board with 1 3200 AMD chip

The Kt3 works fine with the 2200. With both the K7N2s, switch on the cpu fan goes round a couple of times and then everything stops. Both K7N2 boards do this, I tried using the 2200 cpu to see if it was this but had the same effect.

The only thing I can think of is the K7N2 memory is fried or the extra power output required for this board is fried on the PSU.

Any suggestions on further troulshooting ?
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Hey guys I'm new here and I've been having a lot of trouble with my ASUS M A TD-V EVO motherboard It's rated to be compatible with Gbs of RAM but the last two sets I've purchased from newegg haven't worked at all I tried mixing old RAM with new and it still won't work It only works if I use my old RAM RAM that works Crucial GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC First attempt at GBs G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Second attempt Kingston GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Only the original Crucial memory works When i tried the other two nothing would show on the screen Any help here would be awesome and much appreciated EDIT I tried GBs RAM on working 16 motherboard not ASUS of googling for help and found a forum post on here already on the same subject when my first attempt didn't work That's what pointed me to buy the Kingston RAM It was recommended by a user here and it still didn't work EDIT Problem has been solved I had to update the BIOS of the motherboard to fix the problem

A:16 GBs of RAM not working on ASUS motherboard

Hello Randomrocket. Welcome to the forum.

I assume you have already checked to be sure all RAM you are trying to use is the same specs as the current RAM, most importantly the voltage spec, but also unbuffered, and the timings should be the same or very close.

That said, the first thing you need to determine is whether it is a bad stick of RAM or a bad RAM socket or a power problem.

The first thing to do is remove the old working RAM and add one stick of new RAM into the first blue slot (A1) and test. Test each new stick in A1.

If that works then install the 2 new sticks in the same locations as the old sticks (the 2 blue slots - A1&B1) and test.

Then, with the two new sticks still in A1 & B1, add one stick of the old RAM into the third slot (black - A2) and test. Then the second old stick in the last slot (black - B2).

Report back what you find.
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I just intalled this new motherboard and processor, Abit KV-80 & AMD 64 3000+.
Im using a ATI 9600 XT graphics card. When im trying to play CS:S I get realy bad fps. It says that the default sould be on high, but when I do that my fps are like 35, and it is not my internet connection, because I tested it while creating my own game. If anyone has any sugestions please respond!

A:Help!!!! New motherboard Ati 9600 no working right!!

Viper69th said:

I just intalled this new motherboard and processor, Abit KV-80 & AMD 64 3000+.
Im using a ATI 9600 XT graphics card. When im trying to play CS:S I get realy bad fps. It says that the default sould be on high, but when I do that my fps are like 35, and it is not my internet connection, because I tested it while creating my own game. If anyone has any sugestions please respond!Click to expand...

Go into properties in the 3d tab and set your card to performance.
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Hi I have a ssembbeld desktop computer with following config - quot i - Ghz Intel DH BL M B GB RAM GB module of kingston - nos WD - TB HDD Cooler Master W PS Logitech wireless KDB amp Mouse Cooler master Cabinet Samsung quot LED Win bit quot This PC has been working fine for almost one year around months back it stopped booting amp I got the M B replaced from Intel After working for close to days again same problem started amp again I got the M B replaced from Intel After this system again started working again amp after working for a day again M B not booting now I got both the M B amp the CPU replaced from Intel and changed the new power supply also got the older one checked and was working fine Now after getting new M B amp CPU system again worked for a day and started not booting and boots after - hrs again We got RAM amp HDD checked on the other system and are working perfectly ok I am unable to figure out where exactly is the problem after working booting Motherboard of stops 2-3 hrs Kindly guide me what should I do now nbsp

A:Motherboard stops booting after 2-3 hrs of working

Cheap power supply. A $35 power supply is what it is. I don't care how many times you change it.
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My new motherboard's USB 3.0 ports do not work. Its a new FM2 socket motherboard:

I'm ok with computers, but... In my 'Device Manager' (see attachment under "other devices") it says there is no drivers installed.

I cant find any 3.0 drivers at ASRock's website
ASRock > FM2A75M-DGS

A:Motherboard's rear USB 3.0 ports not working

What is that ASRock XFast USB Utility ver:3.02.30? Have you tried that?

I am not liking ASrocks idea of the "All-In-One" driver package. And it is for just this reason. What if you want to install or change just one of the drivers? You might try installing that package again if the above utility is not the one. Maybe it will give you options.

Also check carefully through the UEFI BIOS setup settings. Look for anything related to USB3. Maybe you need to enable something there.
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I have an Antec 900 case and a Nvidia Nforce 680i SLI Motherboard and the power button has been going bad for the last few months. Last night I powered down and it won't restart.

I removed the power switch and swapped it with the reset, and still doesn't work.

I then cut off the power switch and made a direct connection with the two ends, still not working.

I then read an article that you can test it by directly making a connection by using a screw driver to connect the two pins on the motherboard. Still didnt work.

My question: Is there a way to bypass the connection on the mother board?

If these pins are dead does that mean I need a new motherboard?

Does anyone have any idea for a fix for this?

Thanks for any help and happy fathers day.

A:Help please power on/off switch not working on motherboard

How do you know its not the power supply? I'd be suspecting the power supply and trying another one.
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I just installed the a Pentium GHz Mobo and processor P4ITA together working Radeon and not motherboard AGP ECS P ITA I had everything up and running but with a mb PCI video card This morning I purchased the ATI Radeon MB XAGP video card When I took P4ITA motherboard and Radeon AGP not working together the PCI card out and installed the AGP card I get nothing blank screen I took it out and put it into my MHz and the video card works like a charm but not in the P So I know the video card is not faulty it works in another machine and I know the motherboard P4ITA motherboard and Radeon AGP not working together is fine it works with other video cards I put the PCI video card back in the P and checked the BIOS setting it was set to search for the AGP slot first I do not understand why this won t work Ive put together over machines and this makes no sense I ve tried every differant BIOS setting to get it to recognize the AGP slot still blank screen What can I do nbsp

A:P4ITA motherboard and Radeon AGP not working together

I know nothing about that chipset but you might want to look around at intel for the agp drivers, install them, and then try to install the radeon
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Few days ago I upgraded my old system with a Motherboard CPU and x GB card Motherboard but working Graphics New not Corsair RAM everything is working fine except the computer doesn t seem to recognize my graphics card so it s forced to use the M B integrated one which is a nVidia New Motherboard but Graphics card not working GeForce nVidia nForce a When I New Motherboard but Graphics card not working first booted the computer my VGA cable was in my graphics card even though my monitor said no signal I had no choice but to put the VGA cable into the M B just to set up BIOS and get everything running New Motherboard but Graphics card not working I ve made sure all hardware was installed properly and is seated correctly but it just doesn t work Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated Old System Motherboard Intel GC Express x PCI-Express x GB sec transfer Intel Pentium GHz Dual-Core O S Windows Vista -bit Home Basic Memory Dual Channel DDR MHz GB DDR x GB Kingston and Rambo HDD Western Digital GB M N WD AAJS- L A P S ISO W M N ISO-P LPP Graphics Card GeForce GT M N N GT- DZ- - New System Motherboard ASUS M N T-M V http www techbuy com au p MOTHERBOARD AMD SOCKET AM ASUS M N T-M V asp CPU AMD Phenom II GHz Dual-Core O S Windows Vista -bit Home Basic RAM Corsair GB x GB HDD Western Digital GB M N WD AAJS- L A P S ISO W M N ISO-P LPP Graphics Card GeForce GT M N N GT- DZ- - nbsp

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Hello, last Saturday my laptop screen just stopped working so I took it to a local shop to be fixed thinking it was just the screen that died. Today though when my boyfriend called to ask about the laptop, they told him that it had been the visual part of my motherboard that had died and it'd cost anything between £250-£400 to replace the motherboard. Now, I'm not an expert but to me this just sounds like a scam to get me to buy a new laptop because I don't really believe that if a part of the motherboard dies on a laptop, the rest will still work but I could be wrong. I could use some help so what do you guys think?

A:Visual part of motherboard not working?

well the motherboard is exactly that; the MOTHER board. If it goes, your pc will not work at all.
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Hi so a couple of days ago i replaced my motherboard since my screen wasnt working. Now my screen works and everything on my laptop which is an Acer Aspire 5733 except my wifi. WHats weird is that the wifi available connections show but i am unable to connect to the wifi even with the correct wifi password. The strength signal shows two bars so shouldnt the wifi connect?

A:wifi not working after replacing motherboard

"Two bars" is really pretty meaningless, but it does imply that the signal strength may be too weak for a reliable connection. Did you double check to make sure you reconnected the antenna leads securely (assuming you are using an integrated wireless adapter)?

If you are running Windows you can check signal strength by ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with a screen shot see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 8 or 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.
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have a gigabyte Ga-ma78gm-us2h mobo with amd 7850 processor. suddenly stopped! Now occasionally it will run normally for a short while, but most times it will not beeps ....just power on. Tried swapping power supplies but made no difference. Any ideas what to try next?

A:Gigabyte motherboard stops working

Try to boot it with minimum hardware, i.e. one RAM module, use onboard display and see whether system POST normally as it should or not.

Also, clean your system using air canister to get rid of any dust etc.
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Ok New not M4A89GDT-Pro properly! working motherboard, I just rebuilt New M4A89GDT-Pro motherboard, not working properly! my computer with a new M A GDT-Pro motherboard a new AMD Phenom tm II X processor a new GeForce GTS graphics card and new RAM Everything seemed to be working fine at first in fact Im using it right now I started noticing problems when booting up my external drives The computer didn t always recognize them then the mouse would stop working and on occasion the keyboard I do a lot of Audio editing radio programs and such so I have a Mini-disk player on the side that I feed programs into my computer via a Soundblaster that connects with a USB All the drivers have been installed and no matter what I do I am unable to get it to recognize the soundblaster I did it once and the computer sounds as if it found it I even see the soundblaster in Sounds and Audio Devices but no connection I also am unable to feed in video via my fire-wire using the on-board port Adobe Premier doesn t see it I dont even get a noise saying it found something I recently picked up a portable TB harddrive my computer wont recognize it either Even simple things like thumbdrives I ll have unexpected crashes where the whole computer will either freeze or reboot the instant I insert a thumbdrive Now I know the ports work sometimes I have two externals fired up right now no problems except I cant switch them on until after the computer has made it to the desktop otherwise it wont recognize it if I restart I have to shut them off and switch them back on Any ideas I m running behind on work and I need to get this solved blackeye I m fresh out of ideas PLEASE HELP nbsp

A:New M4A89GDT-Pro motherboard, not working properly!

Could you head to device manager, and let us know if you have anything with a yellow question mark next to it.

It sounds like the USB isn't correctly configured for one reason or another.
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I have Asus motherboard with a SATA WD 250gig harddrive......i`m upgrading my motherboard and processor with another Asus motherboard.I replaced the motherboard and set everything up but for some reason the new motherboard doesnt see the SATA harddrive.I`m trying to figure out why.....i know all connections are correct.If i put in a IDE motherboard the bios sees it with no problem....the thing is i want to use this SATA drive.....does anyone have ant suggest to why its not seeing it?

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My friend has an HP Media Center PC m n His old video card wasn t cutting it so he was going to upgrade it to a Radeon x Pro PCIe Didn t work He thought it was the refurbed card so then he bought a Radeon HD PCIe and a new power supply this one This is the motherboard he has on his HP The card uses a PCIe x slot and is PCIe I read that PCIe slots are backwards compatible so the card should work on a motherboard that has and a x slot which this one does Correct We know it s not the PSU obviously cause his original card still works with that PSU and in HD working Radeon motherboard 5450 with not this motherboard and because the PSU fits the Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard minimum power requirements for the it is w and has a available on the v rails a required When he turns on the PC the monitor says quot monitor going to sleep quot obviously not picking up any video signal As I said it works with his old Radeon x I Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard think that s what it is card We re just out of ideas no idea why this won t work Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Radeon HD 5450 not working with motherboard

Just some quick thoughts:
verify the voltage settings in bios match the card and that no turbo mode or option is set, also make sure no old never been used onboard video got re-enabled durring a defaults load or bad boot and tweak any slot settings it could have that indicate support for 2.0 etc..
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My PS2 mouse and keyboard are not working after I have replaced the motherboard and processor. The keyboard works when I enter the BIOS screen but when I continue through to Win XP SP2 the mouse won't work and the keyboard doesn't either! The installation wizzard kicks in to instal all the new MB stuff but the mouse just sits there!! AArrggghh!!
It works fine with my old motherboard. Someone said it may be a CPU overheat but surely the system would shut down if this were the case. Another said it was a conflict but I don't fully understand this and what it means. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi all OK on & headers working USB panel USB not motherboard so im trying to put together a working system for my housemates from various parts they have in the house put it all together and booted up All works great until i get to installing the Operating system When it says quot Press any key to boot form CD quot i keep pressing keys but the keyboard doesn t respond The system then proceeded to boot to the Windows OS that had been left installed on the system so i USB panel & USB headers not working on motherboard let it boot so i could shut down properly Getting to the logon screen i found the mouse didnt respond either I pressed the reset button the reboot to see if could get into the BIOS in case there was a problem there on reboot i found i COULD get into the BIOS by pressing DEL and navigate through the menus and use the Funtion Key Options Ive tried rebooting using different USB ports on the back Panel in all but none of them seem to work past the BIOS Ive Plugged the USB ports on the case into the board USB panel & USB headers not working on motherboard but again could navigate round the BIOS but no further Testing Tested keyboard and mouse on different PC and both are fully working On booting power IS getting through to the Mouse and Keyboard Reset the BIOS by removing CMOS battery - again can only use the BIOS Tested the PS Ports with PS Mouse K board - Fully working Just wondering if there is a setting in the BIOS somewhere that may be faulty as it seems odd that BOTH the rear panel AND the USB header dont work Motherboard PC USB panel & USB headers not working on motherboard Chips M Socket A with AMD Ahtolon installed BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG If you need any more info please ask Thanks James nbsp

A:USB panel & USB headers not working on motherboard

sorry guys just found the problem - the USB support was disabled in the BIOS

problem solved so thread can be closed

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I am attempting to connect to the internet with a broadband connection after reinstalling Windows. It keeps reporting back with Error 651 (Modem or other device reported an error), so right now I'm running though WiFi. My motherboard has a built in ethernet port, which is what I am attempting to connect through. It also has a fiber optic circuitboard installed, but my router does not support it, so I can't do anything with it.

Whenever I try to set up a new connection, Windows tells me that my computer is not set up to use Ethernet, but that I can still try to do it.

Any help is appreciated!

A:Ethernet port on motherboard not working

Reinstalling Windows frequently does not the drivers for things like the Ethernet/Network adapter, have to download drivers for it then install.

You might also need to look in the BIOS to see if the Ethernet is Enabled.
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I was given a computer the other day and the woman who gave it to me told me that it would power up but that it would not do anything else no video no beeps etc She said it had been hit by lightning which she suspects is the cause of the problem So I take it down to my workshop and start working on it I turn it on and as she said it powers up but there is no video on the monitor no beeps nothing I also noticed that the CPU fan is not spinning so I quickly shut the system off This is a P socket motehrboard by the way So I take both of the power connectors off Computer fried? not working....motherboard the board look them over and reattach them I turn the computer back on and much to my surprise it boots I was able to get into Windows and everything However I shut it back down and have not since been able to get it to boot again I want to beleive that the motherboard is bad but Computer not working....motherboard fried? I want to be certain that it is before Computer not working....motherboard fried? I replace it So does it sound like the mother board is bad Or perhaps something else is wrong It would Computer not working....motherboard fried? be great if I could avoid having to replace anything and since I was able to get it to boot once I m optimistic that I may be able to Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Well, I just installed a new ASUS K7V w/onboard sound. I installed all of the drivers for the onboard sound that were included with the motherboard, and I've followed microsoft's step by step sound troubleshooter, but nothing seems to fix it. From windows, it looks like the sound is being played. But I hear nothing. I have checked my connections to my speakers. What's going on here? I appreciate any help.

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Good morning everyone I have a ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC SABERTOOTH FX Rev and working Motherboard's fan Chassis connectors not last night I finished transitioning all of Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working my computer parts into my new SilverStone Raven case with the CoolerMaster Hyper EVO CPU cooler I went to plug in two air penetrator fan SilverStone Technology Co Ltd INTRODUCTION AP and when I went to change the speed on the fans like an on off swtich I heard a big ZAP sound and my computer restarted I finally found the problem with the wires being put in backwards not by me However the chassis fan connectors on the motherboard is no longer powering the fans and my BIOS no longer detects the fans connected to it for monitoring but computer is still working fine so I'm having to run an adaptor direct to my power supply for the fans to work Is there any way to fix this problem or is the chassis fan connectors toast now and nothing I can do about it Thanks

A:Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working

Well, usually a big zap sound and a restart signify that something went seriously wrong. I suspect that you've blown the regulators that provide power to the chassis fans. They are not field repairable, meaning that you can't fix them. I would suggest getting a commercial fan controller to look after your fans.
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I am running Windows 10 and have an Asrock H61M/U3S3 Motherboard. It has A DVI-D socket and a VGA socket. According to it's spec multiple displays can be used. This being so I have been into the BIOS and put in the correct setting.
There is also a Radeon Graphics Card in the system but it doesn't have enough of the right kind of sockets. When I connect both the monitors to the Motherboard all I get is blank screens and "no signal"
I want dual monitors for working in Photoshop, can anybody help on this one? Mal.
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Hi, here's my situation... really weird but the thing is, i have a motherboard with onboard sound drive, it used to work when i used the lineout that my pc gives, not the one that is directly attached to the motherboard, but that little piece broke so i had to go connect my headphones to the back lineout wich is the one from the onboard card.. and to my surprise that lineout doesnt work =/ why did the other one, wich was basicly a replica gave by the computer box work... the soundcard is detected by dxdiag and using the same back entrys, the mic in is working perfectly, im out of ideas. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance =P

A:Motherboard onboard lineout - Stopped working

Usually colored green, the back sound ports can be reconfigured via your sound software.
Which means, try the other holes !

But if your front connector is damaged, this may also be causing the back to stop.
Note: the front earphone and mic physically plug into the computer's motherboard via wires (as you know)
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I recently put together a new system using a MSI K9NBPM2-FID mobo, Athlon 64 x2 5200, 2 Gb of Corsair XMS, and a Seagate 500 Gb SATA hard drive. I installed windows xp with no problem and everything worked. I then shut down the system and reconnected some old ide hard drives to transfer files that I wanted from the old system. After the transfer was complete, I shut down the pc and removed the old hard drives. I powered back up and there was no sound. I have checked in BIOS, tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers and audio devices/codecs, and tried reinstalling windows twice. I have also tried plugging the stereo into a different device to make sure it wasn't the stereo. Does anybody have any ideas if there is anything else that is fixable or is it most likely that the audio hardware failed after 1 day? Thank you for any suggestions or help.

A:Motherboard's onboard audio stopped working

If you re-installed Windows twice and sound didn't work: did you then go to device manager and see that all is O.K.? Do you have a sound card that needs drivers or still needs to be reinstalled? All that I know audio on my Pc's is Window's "multimedia audio controller"...Sound card and it's drivers and installing it...then your speaker system. I bet this will turn out to be a simple thing like mute turned on somewhere or something. Good Luck.
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my desktop screen has suddenly stopped working and i have tried plugging other screens into my desktop and it still will not work. my computer also has 2 screen inputs but neither of them will work. Could this be a problem with my motherboard?
please help!

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I have seen that you guys help out on light not is and on PS Motherboard HELP:hotouch:! working. does fan boot PC is not this forum and decided to join the community and ask for your advice I am running out of ideas of what to do I will try to give as much details as I can I am trying to build a pc from parts that are either new or used and were taken from working systems The components I started out with was a working P T motherboard a working CPU P Unlocked working two chips and two chips What happens is that when I plug in the parts the motherboard light is on but the PS fans are off although I hear the capacitors switch on I have switched the power Motherboard light is on and PC does not boot PS fan is not working. HELP:hotouch:! supply at least times I have switched the power supply cable times I tried different outlet I have switched the P T motherboard In all I have three of them In all the cases the light is on but no power to fan or anything Motherboard light is on and PC does not boot PS fan is not working. HELP:hotouch:! else I plugged in to test it For some strange reason the fans worked before I places the motherboard in the case after it did not Also when I took all the power supplies and tried plug in them separately and attaching a fan to them Motherboard light is on and PC does not boot PS fan is not working. HELP:hotouch:! none powered on So the complete picture is that the motherboards and power supplies worked before the swapping and after only green light is on an all the motherboards tested and all the power supplies fan does not spin when plugged in individually with nothing connected Any help advice is welcomed and appreciated nbsp

A:Motherboard light is on and PC does not boot PS fan is not working. HELP:hotouch:!

You say you are using two 256 chips and two 512 chips. Are you referring to the ram?

That could be the problem right there.

As a test, try booting up with just ONE stick of ram.
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Hello Everyone I am having a problem with my system None of the USB ports are working front or rear A few days ago I got the quot USB Device not recognized quot error message but it went away Then last night I came home and tried to move the mouse and nothing worked I tried to type on the keyboard and nothing happened The mouse was lit but the keyboard didn't have anything lit on it Here are the current specs - Intel Core Duo E - GB -> ports working 750i motherboard are eVGA USB FTW no Ram Corsair - eVGA i FTW Motherboard - GB Western Digital Hard Drive - Windows -bit - Antec Nine Hundred - Logitech MX Mouse USB - Basic Dell Keyboard USB I have tried the following fixes with no luck - Windows Updates - System Restore - Bios Update - Different keyboard mouse USB - currently using PS mouse keyboard to fix eVGA 750i FTW motherboard -> no USB ports are working problem eVGA 750i FTW motherboard -> no USB ports are working - Set bios back to eVGA 750i FTW motherboard -> no USB ports are working default settings - Tried connecting mouse keyboard to different ports I have run out of options Any advice is appreciated Thanks in advance Jeff PS Mods Admins - gt please move to correct sub-section if this is not the right place

A:eVGA 750i FTW motherboard -> no USB ports are working

You can try to go into Device Manager and right click the Standard Enhanced Host Controller under USB and Uninstall it. Then Right click any device in the Device Manager and Scan for Hardware Changes, this should reinstall it. If it still doesn't work then go into the Bios and Disable USB and save then restart. Now Restart, go back into the Bios and Enable USB and save. When you boot up it will load fresh USB drivers.

Good luck, hope this does some good
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I'm not quite sure on which board I should post this but this was the best one I could I recently tried upgrading my GPU from just running intel HD to a ASUS Strix GTX I have a w PSU which was the recommended amount and after reading various forum posts I thought it would be fine I managed to install the gpu without any issues However when I tried to run benchmarks or demanding games it would crash No BSOD or dmp files were created It was just a grayish screen and I had to shut off the computer manually After one crash the entire PC failed to start I got it to start again by taking out and putting back in each part and resetting CMOS However to properly upgrade not after attempt and working GPU. CPU Motherboard it didn't recognize my integrated gpu anymore and I had to put the back in to get screen feedback I tried reinstalling the drivers for the integrated graphics card but it still doesn't recognize it After a while of no issues I decided to run a benchmark FFXIV Heavensward benchmark maximum settings It completed the entire benchmark without any issues and I thought everything Motherboard and CPU not working properly after attempt to upgrade GPU. was fine However it did crash again when I started playing games I can still power on the PC but I cannot use the the power buttons on both the front or the motherboard The motherboard has no LEDs active the CPU fan isn't spinning and I cannot get screen feedback with or without a gpu installed I did not see any sparks fire or smell anything burned so I don't think Motherboard and CPU not working properly after attempt to upgrade GPU. I fried anything When the PC stopped working the first time it showed no signs of power at all So what am I supposed to do now Is the issue my PSU my motherboard or my CPU Should I replace one or multiple of them

A:Motherboard and CPU not working properly after attempt to upgrade GPU.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Not sure if this might be an issue but your ram seems awful low for the board you have ?

Motherboard ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Memory 8,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
Where did you come up with that number 666Mhz ?
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I am an absolute newby at this so my apologies in advance if I did stupid things - I google and do what people had found to work in the past FYI got all the drivers from the Acer website and installed them - there is no exclamation marks in device manager all drivers installed and working properly My wife's Acer laptop's mobo blew - PC tech said to expensive to replace - I got one and replaced it myself - took to PC tech because it did not turn on - he checked all the connections after which it booted into windows BUT usb and usb ports not working - not in safe mode nor install ports not dvd usb - working - new drive; After ect motherboard after uninstalling all the drivers from the After new motherboard install - usb ports - dvd drive; ect not working universal serial bus controllers and getting them to reinstall by restarting windows I then reinstalled Windows - no luck Blu ray DVD RW - sees dvd data - had drivers on it as empty - all GB of it although my Asus After new motherboard install - usb ports - dvd drive; ect not working laptop reads it perfectly well checked and found that a DVD movie did not play as well No sound although if I click on the speaker icon in the taskbar I can see the green bar moving up and down but no sound Bluetooth button not swithing on Any suggestions of what to do next Thank you
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Hi I am having trouble with my custom build computer It was all working fine then I started having some troubles with it so I figured it was time to reinstall windows I reinstalled it but it was moving extra slow working. not Ethernet Solved: port Motherboard so i decided to completely erase the hard drive and try again I used Darik s Boot and Nuke After that the hard drive didn t work at all so I found an extra used the boot and nuke then used acronis and it worked I booted up Windows I also have vista just in case and it installed fine I get to the windows screen extremely happy took me a week to get my computer working again then I look and I have no internet Says the drivers aren t installed so I insert my motherboard drivers and still nothing Well today I finally Solved: Motherboard Ethernet port not working. gave up I went into best buy and told them I needed the driver figured that was the problem they couldn t get it either he figured it was windows so he gave me the driver for vista bit and sent me on my way Got home reinstalled with vista run the driver still nothing try my mobo driver still nothing I Solved: Motherboard Ethernet port not working. gave up so now I post here hoping someone can help me Thanks Computer Specs Motherboard nVidia nForce i SLI Processor Intel Core Quad Q Power Supply OCZ Game Stream W Graphics Card EVGA nVidia GTX Superclocking edition core RAM gig OS Windows bit Windows Vista bit nbsp

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Hello. Currently i have a dual monitor setup with my GTX 570. Both monitors connected to the videocard. When i connect a third monitor to the motherboard it doesnt find it. Is this supposed to happen or is there a problem with my hardware?

A:Built in motherboard video ports not working?


I think you can't get working both a dedicated GPU and the iGPU in the same time. You can try to enable the iGPU in the BIOS, search for it in advanced settings.

If you want to connect 3 monitors, I suggest you to upgrade to a new GPU (GTX 600 series) to use Nvidia Surround.
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First off, the speakers work just fine. I am able to use the speakers to play music from an ipod. The speaker connects to the computer through a single headphone jack. I have tried to place this jack into all of the audio connectors, including the front panel headphone jack, but the sound will not work. Is the sound card on the motherboard functional? Do i need to go out and purchase a new sound card? Please respond with all possible troubleshooting scenarios. Thank you.

Its an ECS Elite Group Motherboard; model: PA1 MVP
I'm running a Pentium 4 CPU, 3.4 GhZ, With Windows Vista Home Premium

I looked through Bios to try and figure out if something audio was disabled, but I was unsuccesful-- i'm not very experienced working in BIOS--

I'd appreciate any help you might be able to give.


A:New Logitech LS21 Speakers Not Working with upgraded motherboard

Sound Driver:
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hi. i got a new mother board and replaced it with my old one because it was faulty, i am sure i have everything in the right place, but when i turn on the computer windows xp loads a little bit then goes to a blue error screen. i have read many other forums saying that i have to put in the xp setup cd and repair it but.. when i put the cd in then boot it the cd loads the setup but just before i can choose the option for installation it goes back to that same blue error screen. any other way beside losing all my files?
help please =(

A:New Motherboard. Windows Xp not working. Setup Cd doesnt load

Please more details

From your post, it is not clear if you simply replaced the motherboard and expected everything to 'just work' after that. Sorry if I underestimate your knowledge, but if I happen to be right, you MUST install your motherboard drivers .... the only exception would be if replacing with an identical motherboard, and that, given the rate of change, would be almost impossible.
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Hello, guys!
Iíve got a GA-945GCM-S2C Giga-Byte motherboard whose instructions manual indicates that it is able to work properly with a memory of up to 4GB. Though this motherboard is really
working with a 4 GB memory (2 modules of 2GB DDR2 667MHZ memory size) it is indicating a capacity of up to 3,4 GB.

Can anybody explain to me why this is happening?

Any kind of help is welcome.


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I have recently bought components for two pcs my friend built them for me I am using the Gigabyte GA-EP -DS motherboard it has an on board sound card I cant get sound on one PC the other one I can only because I m using a Black Magic Intensity Pro as my sound card but both pcs have this problem When I try devices Motherboard Gigabyte on working No sound GA-EP43-DS3 to play music or open the volume control the No sound devices working on Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3 Motherboard pc says that I have no sound devices enabled and recommends I go to Add Hardware in the Control Panel I have done this and the sound related devices are installed and working apparently I have the latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers which came on my motherboard CD I have done a little bit of research and someone said that the sound card needs to be enabled in the BIOS but I cant find anything No sound devices working on Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3 Motherboard about it in my BIOS - all the wires leads seem to be connected inside my PC Any help is much appreciated this is driving me crazy nbsp

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I really hope that someone can help me with this ... I did a completely new build and purchased an NFORCE-A939 board and a GeForce 6600 256 MB PCI-Ex Card for the video...... However, whenever I turn the computer on, my monitor receives absolutely no signal from the card. I have tried to find out if my board even supports this card, but haven't had any luck .... Would anyone else have any help for me ... I would greatly appreciate it ....

A:HELP! GeForce 6600 not working on NFORCE4-A939 MotherBoard

Since this a new build the problem may not be the card at all. Please post system specs.