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Choose What closing the lid does?

Q: Choose What closing the lid does?

Normally, 99.999% of the time I just shut it down completely but I'd like to know what "sleep" means?
Does that mean if I do so, upon opening the lid it'll be where I left it at?
I notice in Control Panel>Power Options>System Settings whether its on battery or plugged in , it shows sleep.

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Preferred Solution: Choose What closing the lid does?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Choose What closing the lid does?

I recommend sleeping the laptop if you are gonna use it after you close it within the next few hours. Otherwise shut it down.
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Here are my current laptop specs:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_r9.150322-1500)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC
BIOS: F.23
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

I am wondering if I should try upgrading or buying a completely new laptop. I plan on running mostly Photoshop with some minor video editing in After Effects. If I should upgrade, what would be best to upgrade to achieve a laptop that can smoothly run those programs. If I should buy a new laptop, I would like to keep it smaller and similar size to the 13" Macbook Pro. Overall, I would like to keep all costs under $800.
Thank You,

A:What should I choose for an editing laptop?

Are you having issues running these programs on your current system? Upgrading a laptop is not the same as upgrading a PC. One is often limited to upgrading just memory and hard drives.
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Not sure this is the right forum to post this in so pls have me excused if it is not.

I am looking for a PC. I have a macbook air which I really like but
1. Need a PC for my spouse
2. Need to use the PC for me to store and view bike videos, music and photos. I have the smallest version of the macbook air but the hard drive is getting filled up and the 1100 for 256 GB storage is a bit on the high side, assuming I can find a better alternative

The PC will be used primarily for:
1. Surfing the internet
2. Streaming from the internet (youtube, netflix etc)
3. Storage and viewing of videos (probably about 50 GB)
4. Storage of photos and music (not sure how much but probably that of a typical family)
5. Word, excel, ppt

The PC will be moved around the house but not used for travel except for now and then - so size and portability not a key criteria

Would like, if possible, to spend not more than 600 USD give or take

A:Help me choose a laptop

Go for mac mini. It will meet your needs, also you already have macbook air, so it will be easy for you and your spouse. Cheers
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Hello. I want to build a new PC. What SSD should I choose? bx100 or mx100 ?
Please help.

A:What SSD should I choose?

MX200 is what I have, it's a decent SSD.
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I am considering upgrading my PC with a new CPU and some cooling for it.

At the moment I have an i5 4570 with stock cooler. It reaches 70c under heavy load.

I have a Bitfenix Mini ITX case using MOBO Gigabyte Z87N-Wifi,
I have been looking at an i7 4770K or 4790K, Is there any other better CPU in that pricerange you would recommend?

I have never overclocked but I have been planning to eventually overclock a little.

For cooling I have looked at the H105i , Would it fit my case even? I read its abit bigger then the H100i. I have checked the specs and as far as I can see it SHOULD fit?

Are there any other coolers you can recommend instead?

Thanks for any input or advice!

Kind regards!

A:Help with buying new CPU and what cooling to choose

If you want a nice little yet powerful cooler, get the Hyper 212 Evo. It can probably handle a .2-.3GHz overlock at least.
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Which is better Sony xperia M2 or xperia SP?

A:Which smartphone to choose?

They are very similar and have their positive and negatives. I would way the M2 since it is a year newer and it has a better CPU.
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Hi,I was thinking about buying a headphone.I dont want an over the ear headphone,so I was thinking about buying an in-ear headphone.I mostly listen to music of varying genres.
After reading some reviews I decided on purchasing the Sennheiser cx 300 ii
However some said that the lack of bass is a problem for it.So should I go with one of these?

1. skullcandy-s2sbdy-033
2. Sony mdr xb 30 ex
3.Soundmagic e10
4.Klipsch image s3

A:Which headphones to choose?

I would go with anything Skull candy over any other earbuds.
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Just a curiosity question, when building a computer from scratch, what do ya'll choose to do first:
Pick a CPU and then a compatible motherboard?
Pick a motherboard and then a compatible CPU?
Or something different?

A:Which do you choose first: mobo or cpu?

I tend to base my component choices around the CPU. A motherboard will provide effectively no performance increase for your system, and serves as a sort of connector for all your other components.

Definitely choose your CPU first, as it is a much more important decision.

That being said, it is still important to get a good quality motherboard.
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Hello guys, can I get a motherboard for intel core i7 3930K, I am planning to use sapphire or ghz amd radeon 7970 graphics card, and 2 ssd and 2 hard drives, I need the ram to be 64 gb because I will upgrade it slowly.

so can anyone let know me the cheapest motherboard, I am building a pc from scratch, I am already spending more so for now let me know the cheapest motherboard atleast can hold up to 32 gb of ram and 1 ssd with 1 hard drive, with intel core i7 3930K with amd radeon 7970.

I will upgrade the motherboard again this year or later to a cool one, so for now say me the cheapest one.

A:Which motherboard to choose?

In my opinion, doing a motherboard update less than a year after you purchase your first one to be a bit of a waste of money. (Replacing a motherboard is time consuming, and can often lead to issues with windows and such).

The ASUS Sabertooth X79 is a great motherboard if you have the cash. For $100 less the Asrock extreme6 X79 is a good choice.

Give us some sort of price range, and we'll be able to help you further.
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Hi, I am thinking of buying either HD 6870,GTX 560 or GTX 650 ti...
Which is better considering I will be playing latest games such as AC-III,crysis 3 etc??

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Okay, I have narrowed my motherboard selection for my new Ivy Bridge build to the following:


2. (thanks to DividedbyZero for pointing this one out)


* I'll be running one video card. Gaming, some video rendering, 2010 Office, internet gaming, streaming, email, etc.

* I doubt I will be overclocking and have no need of all the "bells and whistles."

* Let me know what you think. Thanks.

A:Which motherboard would you choose? New Ivy build...

I am also preparing to build a Z77 system, so I read a LOT of MB reviews. Like you, I want the cheapest board that has the features I need, as long as it has no issues. After reading the NewEgg reviews on every Asrock Z77 board, I came to the conclusion that Asrock quality control sucks, their designs are iffy, and I will never buy a board from them. About half of the reviews are negative, with a full 25% D.O.A. Every manufacturer ships a certain percentage of DOA boards but 25% is ridiculous. As for the rest of the negative reviews, most pertain to inherent design flaws and boards that die after a week or a month. To me it looks like Asus has the best track record, with Gigabyte a close second. The only real difference in the Gigabyte boards is that the UD3H has 2 PCI-e 3.0 x 16 slots instead of 1, so I'd go with that board for the extra 5 bucks in case you ever want to try an SLI or Crossfire setup with 2 video cards.
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Hey, I am at the stage we all go through many times in our lives. Trying to decide what computer to get while your computer you have is slowly dying. I'm looking for hints on what computer might be the best for my needs as a gamer.

The main specifications i would like:

Atleaste 8gb Ram
64bit CPU
Good graphics card
Good processor
Pre-installed with Windows 7 (Home Premium is fine)
Pretty much able to handle HD games without me setting all the graphics setting and performance settings to "Ultra Low" - "Ultra High" would be nice!
Something that doesn't overheats itself while using these settings (Don't want to keep checking the heat meters anxiously )
Room for upgrades, easily accessible inside.

Not every detail is needed really but that would be a dream computer. Thank-you for your help.

A:Trying to choose a gaming desktop -- high performance, no overheating

If you have the cash, and no DIY confidence, go for an Alienware.
If you like DIY (like me), read up reviews of hardware which you want, go to the hardware market, buy the 'dream hardware', go home, and assemble.
Hope this helps.
Good luck!
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my specs

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.6 ghz
Thuban 45nm Technology

4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 713MHz (9-9-9-24)

61 °C
Acer S201HL ([email protected])
ATI Radeon HD 5770 Series (ATI AIB)

PSU is 750 watts

im just wondering how far i can upgrade my gfx card with my 750 watt psu. thanks everyone

A:Help me choose a new graphics card

Radeon HD 6990

750W Watt or greater power supply with two 150W 8-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended.Click to expand...

GeForce GTX 590

Maximum Graphics Card Power: 700W
Minimum System Power Requirement: Two 8-pinClick to expand...
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I have 60$, what is the best graphic card to get?

I have pci express x16 slot

Thanks for help!

A:Help me choose graphics card

jozefsx said:

I have 60$, what is the best graphic card to get?

I have pci express x16 slot

Thanks for help!Click to expand...

Pretty good one...

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Hello Community I have around five old hard drives each gig that I have data on them all of this hard drives use IDE wire to attach to motherboard I am trying to look on each hard drive and see if there is any data that is important to me to download it to my main server in searching for a device that would allow me to achieve this I have found three options one was USB to SATA IDE Cable Adapter Converter - Which to choose? USB-To-IDE SATA this one I think I can use in the future as well if I have Sata hard drive and want to read the data on it externally The second chose was USB Docking Station this one I feel that limits the choses of have in Which to choose? hard drives as well as using new Sata or Old hard drives Lastly I found USB Which to choose? HDD External Enclosure I like some feedback if it is possible as always any and all help would be greatly appreciated P S In backing and storing the data from this hard drive is there a reliable flash drive that some one can recommend Thank you again nbsp

A:Which to choose?

I recommend against USB flash devices for any important data storage as they do occasionally fail. They're OK for transfering files between devices and the such, but never rely on them with data that has invaluable stuff or its of a irreplaceable nature.

The best way of moving the data would be to just send it via the internal network to the server. I wouldn't bother spending money to send it when it can be done overnight or in a couple of hours even with a 100MB LAN connection. Just move the data one disk at a time to your server. Or you could just move the data onto a couple of disks and then add them to the server.

Or is that an option you've not considered because the server lacks storage capacity?
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Hi there First time poster long time lover of computers Alright well here s the scoop video choose a card! Help me I started with a basic Dell Vostro with no video card installed I took the video card out of my older PC and installed it but I began having problems with the rest of the computer not being up to par So what I ve done is upgrade the parts one Help me choose a video card! by one -standard Dell Vostro -installed ATI Radeon X SE video card -installed Help me choose a video card! Intel E dual core GHz -installed two Samsung gb PC - DDR gb total w two mb Essentially all I want is a graphics card that would work the best for my PC It can run Starcraft which is absurd considering how old the graphics card is but what I really want it for is to play the game Vindictus on really graphically appealing settings I really don t know much except the max wattage is Hope that helps Much appreciated nbsp

A:Help me choose a video card!

Hi salad,
The problem here is that any card that will accomplish what you want needs a PSU of 400w or more. even the cards that do not have a PCIE 6 pin.
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I wanted to build a new gaming rig from scratch and I d like some feedback on what I have so far I haven t chose a motherboard yet and that s what I need the most help on I m willing to go to for a motherboard and also some feedback on the other parts I ve selected would be nice Thanks in advance Motherboard CPU Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I K RAM CORSAIR Vengeance GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model CMZ GX M A C Video Card TWO Yes I need TWO of this graphics card SAPPHIRE - L Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support MB? choose me help and build, this How's an Video Card OVERALL Sound Card ASUS Xonar D Channels -bit KHz PCI Interface Sound Card HDD Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Case Antec Three Hundred Illusion Black Steel ATX Mid Tower How's this build, and help me choose an MB? Computer Case How's this build, and help me choose an MB? Power Supply CORSAIR Professional Series HX CMPSU- HX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply nbsp
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Theres a sale now - this store is well known and sells only help me of one choose Please laptops these original stuff I m looking for a laptop thats Good for moderate graphic design using adobe set and director Good for PC games especially Sims High RAM HDD Graphics doesn t have to be quot THE best quot but must be very good I need someone to help me explain about graphics that I nothing about My budget is USD - My preferred brands are Toshiba HP and lastly Acer Please tell me why I should choose it too Here Please help me choose one of these laptops they are SAMSUNG RV USD Intel i - m Ghz GB HDD GB RAM quot HD LED display Dedicated GB DDR III VRAM DVD RW Windows Home premium Webcam Bluetooth WIFI year warranty ACER Aspire G USD Intel i - m Ghz GB HDD GB RAM quot Crysta Cine HD Dedicated GB DDR III VRAM DVD RW Windows Home Premium Webcam Bluetooth WIFI year warranty Office starter HP Pavillion DV - USD Intel i - m Ghz GB HDD GB RAM quot HD LED Brightview Dedicated GB DDR III VRAM Lightscribe SuperMulti DVD D L Windows Home Premium Webcam Bluetooth WIFI FingerPrint Beats Audio year warranty DELL Inspirion R USD Intel i - m Ghz GB HDD GB RAM quot HD LED Display Dedicated GB DDR III VRAM DVD SuperMultiDrive Windows Home Premium Webcam Bluetooth WIFI HDMI year warranty ASUS K V USD Intel i - m Please help me choose one of these laptops up to Ghz GB HDD GB DDR III RAM up to GB quot Colorshine HD LED Dedicated GB Nvidia Geforce GT DVD -RW Windows Home premium Webcam Bluetooth WIFI TOSHIBA Satellite L USD Intel i - m up to Ghz GB HDD GB RAM quot TrueBrite Dedicated GB DDR III VRAM DVD -RW WIndows Home Premium Webcam Blutooth WIFI year Warranty Available in - Red White amp Silver Thats All Thanks nbsp

A:Please help me choose one of these laptops

anyone...please? I see over 50 views but no comments..not even a vote thats so easy to do...

I need to know ASAP before the sale is over...
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Hi everyone I m looking into one of these two laptops here on laptops potential between two gaming to Trying choose Amazon I plan on using them for gaming as well as other things school use bits of encoding related stuff etc They have Trying to choose between two potential gaming laptops to be purchased via Amazon as I will be paying with a Store Card Anyway here they are ASUS N JQ-X http www amazon com N JQ-X - - ref sr s pc amp ie UTF amp qid amp sr - MSI GX - US http www amazon com MSI-GX - US- -Inch-Laptop-Black dp tech-data B HMLAQ ref de a smtd My dilemma is that one has an i and the other has an i with a better video card and higher resolution I m not sure if losing the cores is worth the addition of the better video card If there s anything better on the site that I may have overlooked please let me know My budget is absolutely no more than Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Trying to choose between two potential gaming laptops

I think i5 with a great card is better...but...
and Ive heard good things about ASUS and gaming....
Maybe you should go with asus....
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Hello All,
why is there a difference in price in this two motherboard?
thank you very much for your help

ASUS P8P67 LE (REV 3.0) LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
B3/UEFI BIOS w/EZ mode, SATA 6Gb/USB 3.0, CFX $144.99

ASUS P8P67 PRO (REV 3.0) LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
B3/ Digi +VRM, BT Go, UEFI BIOS, USB3/SATA6, SLI $179.99

A:Which motherboard to choose?

The only notable difference are the CFX (ATI CrossfireX) and SLI (nVidia SLI).

CrossfireX enables you to combine 2 ATI (and ONLY ATI) graphics cards and SLI enables you to use 2 nVidia (and ONLY nVidia) cards. This greatly increases the graphical power of a computer.

CrossfireX has it's limitations, but so does SLI. So I'm not really sure why there's such a big gap in price, but it might have something to do with nVidia being a bit more pricey in general.

But if you're not planning on using two graphics cards, I'd stick with the cheaper CFX one, because you won't have to worry about which type of graphics card you have.

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hello guys,

Im in desperate condition right now. I dont know to choose between AMD Athlon II X3 450 and AMD Phenom II X2 555.

Please help me guys.

A:Desperate to choose

Why are you desperate...?
I would get the Phenom but it's pretty much a tossup.
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I'm looking at a Galaxy Geforce 9500 GT vs EVGA Geforce 9500 GT both with 1GB memory, but I have no idea which one to pick. Will these cards run on Windows 7?

Galaxy Geforce 9500 GT $44.99

EVGA Geforce 9500 GT $54.99

I heard that EVGA has a lot of problems with overheating, fan issues, and memory that true?

My budget is around $60-$70 if you have a better suggestion for a good gaming graphic card please post =D Right now I am running on Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT with 256mb.

A:Which one to choose?

what motherboard is it for or rather does it have a pci-e slot, if so
SPARKLE SXT430512S3LNM GeForce GT 430 - $64.99
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Im a little lost regarding the wattage I need, I used the newegg psu calculator but Im not sure about it

Here are my specs

GA-X58-USB3 motherboard
EVGA GeForce GTX 570
Curcial DDR3 6GB RAM

I havent bought the case, the optical drive or the hard drive

I like Coolermaster PSUs


A:Help me choose a PSU

What cpu are you going to run?
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I am getting a new Dell PC with following Configuration.

I am going to use a 46 inch OR 55 inch TV as my monitor so I can do regular computing as well as use it as a Home Theater PC.

I am not going to use it for gaming at all.

Intel i-7 3.4 GHz Processor


Windows -7 Ultimate

Integrated 7.1 Channel audio

Hauppauge® WinTV-HVR-1200 Hybrid Analog/Digital TV Tuner

They are giving 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT420 as default video card.

And they want almost $ 100.00 Extra for 1GB ATI® Radeon? HD5770 Graphics Card

Should I pay extra for Radeon HD 5770 ? If yes, What will it do that NVIDIA won't ?

Thank You.

A:Help me choose a video card

the 5770 is more powerful than the GT 420, but either would be suitable for a HTPC. you wont need 12GB of RAM though, that's for sure, so if i were you i would save myself $100 on the memory and get the 5770.
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Hello !

I am buying a new processor.
I've choosen AMD since i heard it's better for gaming.
I dont want to buy nothing special, or expensive, just something that will allow me to play new games.
I think AMD Phenom is to expensive, so it would be best to choose AMD Athlon...

Procesor AMD Athlon II X3 445 BOX, s. AM3, 3.1GHz, 1.5MB costs 80 ?

What do you think about it ? is it good enough for new games ?

it would be nice if you have some suggestions on what cheap memory card i should buy cuz I have Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT 128 bit, and I think I need a new one, dont you ?

A:Help me choose which AMD processor I should buy

Procesor AMD Athlon II X2 260 BOX, s. AM3, 3.2GHz, 2 MB costs 78 ?
Procesor AMD Athlon II X3 445 BOX, s. AM3, 3.1GHz, 1.5MB costs 82 ?

1. question: which is better and why ?
The Athlon II is a Phenom II with the L3 cache disabled. The x3 is a triple core CPU, so naturally it will be faster with apps/games etc that use more than 2 cores.

The x3 4xx Cpu's are very good budget gaming CPU's. Dont purchased based on this...however you have a better than 50/50 chance of unlocking the dormant cores on either processor if you get a MB with a 710 NB chipset or better.

2. question: what does X2 and X3 means, what is it for, and is there huge difference between them ? X2=2 cores X3=3 cores

3. question: what does 260 and 446 BOX means, what is it for, and is there huge difference between them ? Box means boxed retail version, rather than an 'CPU only' version (no heatsink/fan) included

4. question 1.5 and 2.0 MB is the cache size, right ? so it isnt important if its 2.0 or 1.5
Generally the more cache the better. However you will be hard pressed to notice any performance difference between the two

5. question are those processors even good enough to play new games ?
They are, however multi core software and games is where its going. many games now are using 4+ cores. as an example, BC2 will use 8 cores/threads if you have them.

I don't know if this holds true where you are, but this one is within a few dollars of the ones you listed, and a tad faster

6. question it would be nice if you have some suggestions on what cheap memory card i should buy cuz I have Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT 128 bit, and I think I need a new one, dont you
What resolution and level of detail (eye candy) do you want to be able to game at?
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I am ordering new Dell system.

Processor : Intel i-7 ( 2.93 GHz )


I will be using TV as my Monitor.

I am also getting a TV Tuner Card with it.

I want to watch High Definition Movies too.

Which Video Card should I choose from following options ? OR will it make any difference if I choose the first one ?

It says ATI Raedeon HD5770. Does it mean High Definition video ? Should I choose that to Watch High Definition Content ?

1024MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT220 [Included in Price]
1024MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 240 [add Rs.3,143.55]
ATI® Radeon? HD5770 1GB [add Rs.5,239.25]
1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 [add Rs.11,526.35]

Thank You

A:Please help choose video card

For my fellow TechSpot users unfamiliar with India's rupee currency, here are the conversions. ;D

FREE ..........1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 220
+ $69.42 .....1 GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 240
+ $115.72 ...1 GB ATI® Radeon? HD5770
+ $254.59 ...1GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460

Personally, I would stick with the GT 220 that is included in the price. Any of those cards will allow you to watch 720p, 1080p or higher definition videos, no problem. However, if you play a lot of new, graphic intensive games then I would recommend the 5770 as it is extremely cost effective.

On a side note, go for a huge hard drive or two if you intend to record shows with that TV tuner.
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Okay first of all I know nothing about PSU s I ve been doing some research but everything is so damn confussing to me I only want to upgrade my PSU because somebody pcper com said a to want help choose me Anyone PSU? safe that the Q-Tek Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? W that I have is very unsafe and will probably be the death of my new system and possibly burn down my house Lol Here is my system ASUS Crosshair II Formula This is all I really know that is connected Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? to the mainboard Maxtor GB SATA HDD SONY CD-RW CRX E ATA Device x x x CD-RW NEC DVD RW ND- A ATA Device NVIDIA nForce a a SLI Onboard Video two mm V fans one mm V case fan I want to upgrade the PSU to a realible branded PSU that can handle my current setup and possibly will be able to handle -way SLI i ll doubt i ll ever need to go as far as -way my problem is that I don t know Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? which brands are safe to buy and which PSU s will have the right connections for my mobo However i ve been told that this is my best option HERE but if i m honest I don t have - to spend right now on a PSU plus would it have enough molex connections as some i ve been looking at only have ONE and the rest are pins connectors I d like to spend something around - but obviously my biggest concern is how safe the PSU is when leaving the system running overnight Would any of these be okay HERE HERE HERE If not can somebody explain what wrong with these PSU s so that I can aviod similar PSU s also can anybody recommend a safe PSU within my price range Thankyou in advance nbsp

A:Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU?

Its too low for SLI, but I fitted this to my missus' quad core PC the other day, and was seriously impressed with the number of connectors, and the length of them!

Looking at your spec's it would be more than adequate for use in your system.

For reference, my missus' PC:
Intel Core2Quad Q8200 (2.33GHz)
Foxconn motherboard mATX
2x DVD drives
2x SATA HDD's (160GB & 500GB)
2x 120mm Fans
Nvidia GT220 GPU

If SLI support is a long way off, I would highly recommend this PSU.

This would be handy for moderate SLI support (e.g. GTX460's): OCZ ModXStream Pro 500w Silent SLI Certified Modular Power Supply.

I plan on getting this for my system, my aim is for 1GB GTX460's.

In regards to your links, both from I wouldn't bother with, the OCZ is the same as I linked ironically, even though I never checked your links til after I'd replied.
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Intel X25-M 80GB
OCZ Vertex Turbo 60GB

I want to install my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) on it, And maybe Microsoft Office.

So the questions are:

Which on is better? and which one would you choose and why?

OCZ Vetex have 100 mb/s write speed compared to 70 mb/s from intel, Does that speed matter?

Is 60GB storage enough?

Is intel X25-M, G1 or a G2? (I couldn't find any product called Intel G2, here in Australia)

Lastly What progarms would you have on SSD? (At the moment I'm thinking just OS and Office)

Thanks guys,

If you can answer all, that'll be really appreciated.

A:What SSD would you choose?

Intel's drive may not perform consistently under considerable write load; whereas the vertex is very fast drive, and thats what i'll be recommending.

However, the moment you buy an (MLC based) SSD HDD you are sort of on borrowed time. I hope likes of intel/samsung/toshiba & others will soon come up with solutions making SLC based NAND Flash cheap enough to be used in mainstream SSDs; it will not only help the performance of SSDs but also considerably improve the life span.

Anway, if i were to buy and use SSD today, I will disable disk defragmentation, windows prefetcher and search indexer, as it will help in ensuring that SSD will last some years (at least).
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Gateway NV5335u


Dell Inspiron 15(1545)

(You can get a compare list if you click on Everyday Laptops then select both laptops and click compare in the laptop list.)

I plan on using the laptop for college, while playing some games (Such as Counter Strike: Source, or other games with similar requirements; I go for performance, not quality)

I'm mainly worried about the processor and Graphic card. The Pentium is faster than the AMD, but the Radeon is defiently faster than the 4500mhd, but not sure by how much.

If you have any other laptops you would like to suggest for under $500 (subject to change), please do tell.

Thanks in advance.

A:Which laptop should I choose?

Joawro said:

Gateway NV5335u


Dell Inspiron 15(1545)

(You can get a compare list if you click on Everyday Laptops then select both laptops and click compare in the laptop list.)

I plan on using the laptop for college, while playing some games (Such as Counter Strike: Source, or other games with similar requirements; I go for performance, not quality)

I'm mainly worried about the processor and Graphic card. The Pentium is faster than the AMD, but the Radeon is defiently faster than the 4500mhd, but not sure by how much.

If you have any other laptops you would like to suggest for under $500 (subject to change), please do tell.

Thanks in advance.Click to expand...

Let you know the Gateway is a (Acer) that FSB (front side bus) is only 533MHz while the DELL is 800MHz on the FSB. So performance from the sub-system on the DELL would be faster than the Acer.

DELL allows you to upgrade the RAM to 8GB instead of the Acer is limited to 4GB. You might as well buy the DELL. If you can try both systems out in the store before you buy online. I would do that.

One more thing, might interest you or not. as cash back program that gives you money back if you buy the unit online then go and pick-up in the store. If you just gone to the store you wouldn't get cash back in the mail from bing. Optional.
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Hello everyone as this is my first post here I currently have an extremely outdated system AMD 2 gaming options New to from choose PC, Athlon XP GHZ GB of memory Radeon X Graphics card GB hard drive New gaming PC, 2 options to choose from Now I will be upgrading this dinosaur around tax time next year A couple of questions Should I be asking this question next year as tech is being updated as fast as Usain Bolt If I could get of these gaming systems which would you guys approve of New gaming PC, 2 options to choose from System Intel i CPU Intel Core i GHz Quad Core New gaming PC, 2 options to choose from K Intel i CPU Fans Thermaltake P Copper Base amp Heat Pipes Socket CPU fan Intel i Motherboards MSI X Pro DDR Cross Fire GB LAN iEEE DDR Triple Channel memory GB x GB PC DDR Triple Channel PCI-Express Video cards GeForce GT GB PCI EXpress X dual head tv out Hard Drives GB Maxtor Seagate rpm SATA UDMA m Cache DVD Recorders Lite On x DVD Recorder Dual Layer R RW -R RW DVD Recorders Lite On x DVD Recorder Dual Layer R RW -R RW Media Card Readers -in- Memory Card Reader Internal Black Sound Cards Sound Blaster Audigy SE Network Cards Ethernet network adapter onboard Cases APEVIA X-Cruiser Black Side Window front USB iEEE Temp control Power Supply Thermaltake Puerpower W ATX Power Supply Total Price US System AMD CPU AM AM AMD Phenom II GHz Quad Core nm AM MB Cache AMD CPU Fans OCZ Vanquisher Intel EXTRA QUIET Vertical HeatPipe Copper fan AMD AM AM Motherboards ASUS M N -D Onboard Video HDMI SLI PCI-EX GB LAN iEEE DDR memory GB x GB PC DDR Dual Channel PCI-Express Video cards GeForce GT GB PCI EXpress X dual head tv out Hard Drives GB Maxtor Seagate rpm SATA UDMA m Cache DVD Recorders Lite On x DVD Recorder Dual Layer R RW -R RW DVD Recorders Lite On x DVD Recorder Dual Layer R RW -R RW Media Card Readers -in- Memory Card Reader Internal Black Sound Cards Sound Blaster Audigy SE Network Cards Ethernet network adapter onboard Cases APEVIA X-Cruiser Black Side Window front USB iEEE Temp control Power Supply Thermaltake Puerpower W ATX Power Supply Total price US Now both of these systems are coming from MICRO ONE COMPUTERS on e-bay where you can configure it yourself I tried to make both of them similar But the only thing that s not similar is the price difference which is So what do you think nbsp

A:New gaming PC, 2 options to choose from

a lot...and i mean a lot will change both in tech and deals you can get. for example just in the next couple of month s AMD is bringing out DX11, and intel will have the 32nm I7 cpu's out, i would revisit your buying decision when you get a little closer to it.
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im thinking of buying a new head set and im not sure which one to get if anyone knows anything about either pair i would be thankful for think insight

Razer Barracuda


abs az1 az1

price really isnt the issue those two are the only ones that seems to catch my eye so if anyone knows anything aobut them or has personal experience i would be thankful for the feedback

A:Which headset should I choose

If price is no concern, go for the Razer
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Hi all,
I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EI laptop. My question is when I close the screen of the laptop, does the system stop working or is it that the screen simply goes off?
And if I have a task running like virus scan, copying files, or a download scheduler is running, are these tasks stopped or do they still go on even after just closing the screen?
Is this common with laptops of all brands?


A:What does closing the screen actually do?

Lots of excellent info there

But all processes (Virus scan; copying .. etc) will pause, until you open the lid again
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Spelled quot Choose quot wrong too Through overclocking benching etc I ve learned the long way that my psu in inadequate It went poof I know a little about psu s more so about the hardware that they can work with because of simple google searches I ll give you a list of items I have in my current system core i Was at ghz Asus Rampage Gigs of ddr G skill SSD GB G ultra Been sitting on my hands about upgrading to two x s led case fans drives I m planning on doing some aftermarket stuff well some more in terms of a watt peltier build for my cpu I may get a dedicated psu for it Along with a complete watercooling loop cpu gpu s maybe NB probably not though http www newegg com Product Productcompare aspx Submit ENE amp N amp StoreType - amp CompareItemList N E cN E cN E cN E amp page amp bop And Choices of psu s I m looking at My issues are Having enough power for everything I want to connect The listing of v rails are - or etc Some give more power than others How am I to determine the difference Does efficiency rating effect constant power output nbsp

A:Which psu to choose?

google psu calculator - add 30% to the results.

different rails have different connectors. Also you can test with a multimeter if unsure

#3 - yes (but in quality PSUs shouldn't matter)
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I really want to buy the best deal possible for an extra hard drive for my computer. My MB is an Asus A7V8X-X and right now, I have an 80 gig ultra-ATA Maxtor hard drive. There are several great deals on SATA drives, but I don't think my MB supports SATA--but could I add a PCI card with SATA connections and have it work that way? Or use some kind of adapter? What is my best option?

A:How to choose an extra hard drive for my MB

A second IDE is the easiest thing to do with that board. Your Maxtor is probably DMA6, so it is plenty fast.

But, yes, a card to add SATA (and more IDE drives) can be added easily and allow you to use SATA. I have an extra 500 GB SATA on an A7V8X just because the price was irresistable.
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Hi Guys came here to get some info, because I have no idea about computers or anything and I want to set out to build my own!
have a few specs in mind well one actually but I want to get good parts for it and I dont know who is the best manufacturer of motherboards, Graphic Cards, Sound.
I mean for me is very confusing. I know that AMD were good but arn't they lagging behind in the race as Intel has overtaken them.
I have allot of questions and more questions.
My target is to find the best pices of the spec I want for my PC I want to build.
so for example the best of this specific motherboard I want the best manufacturer but then from that I have more questions on compability and problems.

Anyway Hi all thats my missionnat at the momment and I hope you can help me.

Kind Regards,

A:Choosing what to choose

umm....... alright..........

I have no idea about computers or anything and I want to set out to build my own!Click to expand...

obviously you do know something.

You could first tell the "specs you have in mind" and your price range. Also what your using it for. Yes AMD sucks. There are loads of great manufactures.
?!?!!?!?!?! you made another post here? ok......
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Hey guys don't know if this is the right place to post or not, but really need help. recently I rma'd my Abit IN9 32x max MOBO to abit erma, they just sent me this email ....

This is to notify you that the product you turned in under the above RMA number is beyond repair and a direct replacement is currently unavailable or no longer available. Therefore, in order for us to complete your request, you will need to choose a replacement from the following list:

[ ] IP35 Pro
[ ] IP35-P
[ ] IP35V

am I getting likewise value for my IN9 32X max?????
I need help to choose from above, or if someone had experienced this with abit, and if I have any other options to request something with likewise value... Please help, and advise me what to do, go for above options or .....

Raffi B.
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Which of these performs the best?

Mobility Radeon HD 3650 256MB DDR2
Nvidia 8600GT mobile 256MB
Nvidia 8600GS mobile 256MB

Also please let me know the latest graphic cards available for Laptops.

A:Help me choose platform

Most laptops do not have separate video graphics cards. Those that do are limited to certain ones. We will need your laptop brand and model in order to help you with this one. There are space limitations, connection requirements, and cooling patterns to consider.
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i like the asus because it has a normal setup, and it works with HDMI, i wish it had good software
but i like the biostar because it has great software for bios flashing and stuff. I dont like the biostar because of its setup

please give me some help

A:Just 2 diff mobos, please help me choose

You sound like you have already made up your mind on which board to buy. I would go with the Asus. I don't know what you mean by "because of it's setup". Do you mean motherboard layout?
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I've had an AMD 939 system for a long time. I recently upgraded my CPU from amd64 3200+ to amd64 4000+ (single core) (also so I could build a PC for someone out of spare parts). Next to the 4000+ CPU I also have 2 gigs of DDR400 ram and a really lame XFX 8600GTS that I got from XFX as an RMA replacement for a broken 7900GT (R.I.P.). The 8600GTS is has noticeably worse performance, especially in TF2, and I think I need something else.

Also, SLI doesn't seem like a good option because even 8600GTS SLI gives only marginal performance increases. So what I'd like are recommendations on what GPU would go along nicely with my CPU, so neither is bottlenecking the other.
Some games I play are: TF2, CoD4, BF2142. With a better GPU I might also like to play a game like GRID..

EDIT: also, my optimal resolution is 1280x1024

A:Help choose a GPU for a 939 system


XFX 9600GT 512MB, should be much better than the 8600GTS and use just about as much po.wer
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Ok i got my case yesterday when it was sold there
and it came with the piece of junk 120mm fan in the rear. Now i need to find another case fan. It need to be around 30-40CFM to i can have equal pressure in my system. here is the fan in front of my case.
Oh and i can buy fans from NEWEGG because tax isnt much on these. Any suggestions? Thanks!! any one more question i have a ati radeon visiontek X1300 pci video card and the little fan on its started making noise what do you recommend i do about this? i usually run my computer 24/7.

A:So many case fans which to choose from?
Is 63 CFM okay or no?

And about the all of your old stuff is falling apart now that you're putting a new pc together.
Anyway...could you upload a picture of your 1300 so I can get an Idea of what kind of replacement fan it could use?
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I m going to college next year and picking out a lap top I need to know which is a better buy i will be using it for gaming school work and video editing Asus G Sg-A Gaming Notebook- http reviews cnet com laptops asus-g sg-a -gaming - - html tag lst or Toshiba Satellite X -SLi - http reviews cnet com laptops toshiba-satellite-x -sli - - html tag box I like alot about each one but there are some slight differences The Toshiba has a ghz duo processor where the asus only has the same but the asus has gb ram and the toshiba only has The Toshiba has a gb rpm hdd The asus has a gb hdd but is only rpm Toshiba has a fingerprint thing on it which i like for good security reasons but the asus has a video in tv tuner which is great because I would end up buying a good one anyway I could just buy a rpm gb harddrive for the asus laptop and prices would be equil nbsp

A:Asus G2Sg-A1 Gaming Notebook vs. Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi6? which would you choose?

If you have the money this is one place where the phrase "you get what you pay for" works
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Guess I need help again Okay I did a fresh reinstall of windows got the drivers for everything and loaded them But for some reason I could not find the good drivers for my SB Live So I went to the creative website did an auto update got the driver package When I go to load the Windows Installing which SB one choose me and won't Driver Live! Keeps Wrong for let driver program package it hangs at when it is changing the drivers for the thing I waited a while about an hour and it was still frozen at So I turned it off When I turned it back on it acted like windows had the exact driver installed SB Live WDM But I notice that there was no welcome sound and there is no audio icon in the system tray So I go into quot Sound and Audio Devices Properties quot and it says that my sound card is an quot Emu kx quot So I uninstalled all the software and decided to use the windows drivers When I reboot it installs the card but it doesn t show a window It automatically chooses the the driver Sound Blaster Live WDM which I thought I uninstalled And while it s installing the driver once again it hangs So once again Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one I reboot it acts like the driver is installed ok but the sound card is once agin quot Emu kx Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one quot So I decided until I get some feedback here I ll use the integrated audio The problem is I need the SB Live for some new S PDIF speakers I m going to get Its actually a Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one home theater Any help will be appreciated I ve searched pages of google and nothing has helped nbsp

A:Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one

have you treid going into BIOS & disabling the onboard sound?
(before you plug in your SB live sound card)

if you did,un-install the SB live sound driver,
take off the sound card & plug it to another
PCI slot.then re-install the SB live sound driver.
if still hang's.try to install it in safe mode.
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Hi there,
I am looking to get a new custom PC in the next few days but was wondering what motherboard i should get. I think i am going to buy from and there are a few mobos to choose from.

It basically comes down to the ASUS® P5N-E SLI, the ASUS® P5K SE or the ASUS® P5K WS. Is there much difference in the preformance of these motherboards? - One thing to add is that i will be using my PC for Audio Production (and some gaming on the side), but producing music will be my main purpose for the PC. So which of these mobos will be a good choice for this task? Maybe a totally different motherboard would be the best option?

Any info would be great.


A:What Motherboard to choose?

For music production, get the cheaper one out of the P5N-E SLI or the P5K WS and throw in a good sound card like the Audigy 2 ZS, since that'll be the main thing you need for music production. Avoid the P5K SE, since it has a lot of issues with RAM recognition.
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Hi i have to make decision among these computers. Please help me with my decision. experts please tell me why i should buy one vs other.

3 post down i have uploded comparision.doc please download and suggest.


A:Help me choose

On the amount of RAM on #3, I'm assuming it's running VISTA. Of course, the others could also be running VISTA as well.
I would normally select #2 even though I'm an AMD person, but since it has an integrated graphics chipset, I'll have to go with number 3. BUT, the graphics card has to go. I'm also assuming the graphics card is a PCI-e based upon it being an AM2 processor and board. Since you didn't state what brands these are, nor did you state if you are going to use them for gaming, I'm just going to go with the flow. If you are going to game with it, AND you select #2 anyway, (and assuming again, that it has a PCI-e slot), you'll still have to install a new graphics card.
But, if you go with #3, and the additional $300 isn't an issue, for what you'd save on purchasing #3, you can pick yourself up a really decent Direct X10 card. The 8800 GT's seem to be a popular, high quality card right now, so that's just my opinion. If you're not using it for gaming, then definitely go with #2.
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Please help me chose my hardwares im a little bit confused with what i want i want a performance price for a video editing design gaming and other common application activities I am not much on overclocking Processor PC me help Please building my New choose Intel Core Duo E G SLA V Conroe GHz LGA any recommendations are well appreciated Motherboard ASUS P E LGA Intel X ATX or P K-E WiFi-AP GIGABYTES LGA GA-X -DQ or GA-P -DS MSI LGA Please help me choose building my New PC X Diamond Platinum or P Neo - FR FIR any recommendations are well appreciated Memory CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit any recommendations are well appreciated CRUCIAL OR GEIL Graphics XFX EVGA PNY BFG NVidia GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express HDCP Ready SLI Supported any recommendations are well appreciated Display SAMSUNG BW Black quot ms GTG DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor max res x pixels m colors ms response SAMSUNG BW Black quot ms GTG DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor max res x pixels m colors ms response any recommendations are well appreciated Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda GB RPM SATA Gb s any recommendations are well appreciated Case amp PSU Antec Sonata III W any recommendations are well appreciated OS Windows XP Professional -bit Thanks for helping nbsp

A:Please help me choose building my New PC

Wow. I'm impressed. You have almost EXACTLY the same design that I am trying to put together. Applause for that one.

BUT! only almost. as a rule of thumb, case+power supply deals are never that great. the power supply they throw in is never as high quality as it should be. if i want to find a good power supply to go with, i look at an unofficial list a friend of mine found.

it lists the most common power supplies from best to worst. i'm aiming for a top of tier 2 power supply. the antec neoHE 500watt.

and for the case, i'm looking at this one:

it comes with 3 fans built in. it's a mid tower so it should comfortably fit the motherboard, as well as any power supply you choose.

otherwise, the design looks incredibly solid both for price and performance.

the graphics card doesn't really need to be changed. it's very powerful for the price. the only card that's slightly better is the 8800 GTS 512mb. but it only exceeds the GT by a tiny bit. so it's barely worth paying an extra 100 dollars.

the memory you chose is a fantastic brand. corsair is the best in the business alongside Mushkin. Crucial is only SLIGHTLY underneath them. i can't tell you much about Geil because i've never heard of them. but i would stick with the corsair brand you've chosen. they're quite good.

the processor is as good as it gets in terms of dual cores. the only thing better is the quad core Q6600. and if you wanted the q6600, you'd have to shell out another 80 dollars or so. considering that, the e6750 is the best thing you can buy unless you've got the cash to spare. it would provide an even bigger boost in performance. but if you're not one for paying out the bum, then don't bother going with much else.

Seagate is a good brand. the barracuda is a fantastic hard drive. no problems there.

those are my recommendations. hope i've helped
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Below is what I am looking for....

Something with FAST bootup time
Web access
FTP Capable
Text Editor Capable of saving files in mulitple extentions (.php, .txt, .htm)

So I was looking at the Windows PDAs, do they have...

Web browser
text editor that can save in multiple formats
FTP software?

But then I was lookping at laptops....

Is their a laptop that has a FAST boot-up, (under 30 seconds from cold boot)
Runs XP or another stable OS
has a kinda small size (body and screen)
Is very durable, can tolerate being tossed arround with out body breakage or hard drive crash.

Are their products that can do that?


--Daniel L

A:Laptop Vs. PDA --- How To Choose?

Look at the VIA OQO They are pricey but worth a look.
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I bought myself new game pc few weeks ago. I asked for 2 Nvidea 8800GTX cards in SLI. But they had only one, and told me to come back when second card is in the shop. Today they call me and suggest me to wait 2 more weeks, because then there is new Nvidea 8800GT with new chipset which is better then 8800GTX. They want me to give back GTX card and buy 2 GT cards.

As far as I can see is GTX better then GT, only not according to the man in the shop.

Please help me decide?
what is best?

My new PC:

Coolermaster : Stacker 830 RC-830 Aluminium
P5N32 SLI Plus
Intell core 2 Duo Q6600
Zalman CNPS9500-CU LED Cooler active (Silent!)
Corsair 2048MB, DDR2, 64MX8
Western Digital 500GB SATAII
NVidea8800GTX 768DDR2
Enermax : Galaxy Power Supply 1000W
Windows Vista Ultimate

A:Choose between graphic cards

What is best is to go to another shop and get them to supply what you want and not what they want you to have. Do not tolerate this crap!
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Intel BOXD946GZISSL LGA 775 Intel 946GZ Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

ASUS P5VD2-MX SE LGA 775 VIA P4M890 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
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Hey Guys i decided my computer (A Dell Demension E310) needed a new grapphics card b/c the one i have was an Integrated Intel Chipset that did not support some DirectX features and isn't very powerful. I was choosing between some ATI Radeon and nVidia cards. But how can i figure out the system requirements for these cards? How can i figure out my own PCI slot information in order to know which cards can be used?? I went to Dell and ran a test to see which upgrades in video cards i could get and those listed had horrible reviews. Just wondering how i can choose the right one.

PS - Somewhere around 80 - 160$ would be good

System Specifications:
Dell Demension E310

Microsoft OS MS Windows XP Proffessional
RAM 1Gb DDR 533 MHz
CPU Pentium 4 630 (3GHz)
Audio Integrated Intel Audio (Onboard)
Video Integrated Intel Express Chipset Family Video (Onboard)
Hard Drive 160 Gb Sata II

A:FInding out How to Choose a New Graphics Card/Chipset

i can recommend NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700
and also have a look at this card:
Relevancy 32.68%

This is the card i'm looking at, i don't want to get an uber card since im going to use the crossfire feature. But before i get it i wanted to make sure there isn't a better card someone could reccomend to me or if i overlooked something. Thanks for helping out.

A:Epic Quest to choose an ATI card

This is BA compared to that.
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I'm going to buy AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ or 4400+ 2.0 or 2.3
going have 2 gigs of ram but upgrade to 4 later.
240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 675 (PC2 5400)

A:help me choose a motherboard!

roy1234 said:

I'm going to buy AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ or 4400+ 2.0 or 2.3Click to expand...

I don't mean that to sound condescending, i'm just asking why you're choosing that range of AMD. Is it budget? If not, i'd seriously consider the Intel core2duo range. Much better than AMD's offering across the board.
I don't have a recommendation on board, cos i just wouldn't choose AMD, sorry.
Also if it is budget, you need to say, otherwise folk might spec up an almighty megabucks model that you can't afford.

Good luck.
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My current system is dying out on me so it's time to upgrade. I need a AMD motherboard that is AM2 with ddr2. I was looking at this one:

As for the case I'm open I love good looks but need something that has plenty of ventalation or good fans. Lights on it I don't care would perfer but can do without. While I'm at it guess I should upgrade my PSU so those recommendations would be great also.

Thanks in advance.

A:Can you help me choose motherboard and case

That Gigabyte board is excellent.
Use any case that pleases you, but don't get one that comes with a power supply. Buy the pwower supply separately.
Relevancy 33.54%

Currently looking at three options:

Antec Nine Hundred:

Cooler Master Mystique

Gigabyte 3D Aurora

I don't want anything too flashy. Priority is extreme high quality/functionality.

A:Help me choose the best case

The Antec case is pretty good because of the cooling
Relevancy 33.11%

Hey I just recently found out that My windows XP, Compaq Presario, Pentium 4 (whatever that all means) Has been attempting to run world of warcraft with a built in grapics card which cant do it. Im not money bags but im not super cheap, if anyone can tell me what grapics card I should get or where to get a good one from It would be greatly appreciated. My main question was what should i get a PCI or a AGP or a PCIe or what?! My friend runs a nividia geforce 6600 and it looks HOT playin wow, ide love to have something that good or better.

Im probably lookin to spend at most 200 but dont hesitate to gimme links or tell me the cheap ones. The best help i can get right now is something like this

Example: nivida 983459849 - 100$
nivida 349584- 20$
nivida 58349589- 2000$

You are PCI only : Example

A:HELP need to choose a graphics card

i guess this site isnt really made of smart computer ppl... i was told to come ask here but not even the pros are smart enough =(
Relevancy 32.68%

wich configuration to choose--quick help please here r my options AMD one and a INTEL one Ofcourse the cheaper the better haha HDD GB WD MB SATA WD KS MB GA- P-DS S- CPU Intel Core Duo E BOX LGA GHz RAM x KINGSTON MB DDR CL or HDD GB WD MB SATA choose--quick to configuration please witch help WD KS MB GA-M S-S nVidia NF S-AM CPU AMD Athlon X dual core Socket AM RAM x KINGSTON MB DDR CL graphic card is not mentioned considering thet i witch configuration to choose--quick help please own ati x already wich is pretty good So the big question is should i go for better MB witch configuration to choose--quick help please and a INTELcore duo with GB of memory or should i get AMD s cheaper CPU with a cheaper MB but with GB of memory i should also say that configurations mentioned above cost pretty much the same NOTICE--the intel one has GB of memory less Also i m a gamer not a hard core fanatic but stil a gamer and i m no overclocker THANKS in advance nbsp

A:witch configuration to choose--quick help please

MO only AMD

I myself kinda stick with Intel but, I 'd have to say the Amd system looks better here especially cause your "smart" and don't mess with the OC thing!
I am not into gaming much, yet but- almost all the benchmarks I have seen show that processor a bit better at gaming marks.
The ram is a big thing too if you decide to try out Vista later when its been bugged out a bit. My next build might be AMD when I see the newer chips come out, my sons who I built is a nice puter, I'm jealous, his cpu- purrrsssss.....
Good luck*
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What should i get for my computer..

a new processor, motherboard, ram Or a new graphics card, and Lcd

Right now i have a:
((1))opteron 165 2.6ghz, DFI ultra-d modded to sli-d, and 512x2gb of corsair XMS.
If i am going to replace Proc,mobo,ram i would replace it with a, e6600, evga 680i, 2x1gb ram.

((2))For Graphics card & Lcd i have a x800GTO right now with a 19" widescreen.
If I am going to upgrade that it would be a 8800GTS 320mb with a 22" widescreen LCD and ofcourse I would probably need a new psu.

I mostly play games and use it for converting/watching movies.

So would choice number ((1)) be good choice or number ((2)).


A:Help me choose!

Now, I haven't upgraded much the past year sadly, due to budget restraints , so this is just my opinion.

First note, I see your psu is 450 wat? If that is the case you may want to upgrade your power supply before getting a new card, although your psu might do find, I'm really not sure about that. Just be aware that the 8800gts consumes a massive amount of power.

Next, I would say that the video card and monitor would, of course, instantly increase your visuals and gaming performance (no duh ;however, I would suggest getting the motherboard, RAM and maybe even a new Cpu beforehand. The video card and Screen will only go down in price, but the RAM and Mobo may not change very dramatically any time soon.

Again, that is just my opinion, so don't fly on it, peace out.
Relevancy 33.54%

Im not sure which one to choose...

or XFX

or is there another one you recommend? i plan on spending around $140

A:Which 7600GT would you choose?

I have a Asus EN7600gt and it's awsome Im planing to get another and go sli
Im not familiar with BFG or XFX but for the price well why not.

Good luck
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I want to get either one of these but i cant choose witch one help me please

A:Cant choose my new video card help me

I'd go with the PCI-E card
Relevancy 31.82%

I'm looking for a good, reliable, and modestly priced LCD monitor for my new computer (17" will do, but a 19" would be awesome. :]). I've seen a lot of good choices out there, especially acer, but there are a lot more available for less money, but I cant even pronounce half the Japanese names. Lol. What exactly am i looking for in a good LCD monitor? and what are the most reliable/recommended brands?

A:How am I supposed to choose a monitor if I cant even pronounce half these names?

You generally get what you pay for - I wouldn't advise buying a no name brand
Relevancy 33.54%

how do you choose the right mobo? i realy dont even know what a mobo is for besides a place to stick a bunch of smaller parts. please teach me.

A:how to choose a mobo

You need to decide what processor you want first then choose a mobo that is good for it!!!!
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Ok I ordered my stuff yesterday including the motherboard and about minutes after I ordered the place where I get my stuff from has a new motherboard out for the same price So I motherboards! help these me 2 choose Please between called them up and asked them if I could change my order if I called them again before saturday So here I am I need to know Which motherboard is better p ltck http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E or g ryck http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E The only difference I can see is the Please help me choose between these 2 motherboards! chipset the fact that the second has on board graphics which I wont need Also the second one doesnt support intel core extreme They are both the same price Please help me choose between these 2 motherboards! so Please help me choose between these 2 motherboards! it seems weird that the second has more features Is this because the g chipset is cheaper or something or because it doesnt support extreme Any replies would be hugely appreciated Regards Korrupt nbsp

A:Please help me choose between these 2 motherboards!

Take my word and get the Second one, cuz its better for the system ur buildin,not big differences but the second one is stronger p's as u see CPU type {Intel Core 2 Extreme/Core 2 Duo/Pentium D/Celeron}
good luck

Relevancy 32.68%

I am between 2 cases the one is a THERMALTAKE VB1000BWS SOPRANO WINDOW BLACK and thats the link to its its in greek soz but thats all i got and the other case is called NZXT LEXA MIDI TOWER ALUMINIUM - BLACK/SILVER and the link is

plz help me i am buying the computer in days and i need ur help.If anyone knows a better case with about 130 euros plz tell me

A:I need help to choose a case.. buying a com in 2 days hlp me

Well the second one looks cooler, but they both seem to be very good cases. It doesnt help it all being in greek tho, ive never seen the second one before but i managed to find some info on it in english,+ATX,+No+PSU,+Aluminum and i gotta say i really like the look of it.
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hi all, i was wondering if you could help me out with something. as a student, i'm gonna buy a laptop, but i need a little help deciding between a couple of things..
i'm looking at an acer with a pentium M, (2Mb Cache, 1Gb RAM) 128MB graphics, 3 USB2's and a pitiful 2hours battery life, or
an acer with a Centrino Duo processor T2300, (2Mb cache, 1Gb RAM) 224MB Intel945GM graphics, 4 USB2's and a marginally more respectable 3 hours battery life
i havent listed all the spec because the rest is the same between the two but the one with the centrino Duo is £100 ($190) more expensive. maybe its a dumb question, but which would you go for, because i dont know much about processors. and is there anything i should know about any processor which is particularly good/bad/problematic?
Thanks for your help!

A:What to choose?

The Duo CPU is faster and consumes less power (as you can see from the battery life).

Whether that extra speed and more battery life is worth your money is up to you really.. If affordable, I would go for the newer (Core Duo) model - a newer design is hopefully better and more USB ports and battery life is always good
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I want to buy a large hard drive for storage. I am looking at this one here . It looks pretty good. I noticed that it is IDE Ultra ATA100 interface and my mobo here is just IDE. What does that mean? Can I order this HDD and be able to put it right in without an adapter or such? What is the difference betwixt IDE and Ultra IDE? thanks

A:choose my hard drive please...

U asked for ATA100? Forget it, that will slow down your pleasure time. Take this sata.

Your motherboard supports SATA, so take it.

You posted the HDD you wanted is... <Slower.

I want you take this big mutha... <Sure it cost 14 dollars more, but the real itself is perfomance. You will love this hard drive.

ATA100 <Used in Pentium 2/3, Much slower and outdated technology.
UATA100/133 Much common used and uses better reading cache. Has plenty of bottlenecks <Lag and slowdown.
SATA was the best thing on today, because it has no bottleneck and can read much fast.
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Hey guys im about to buy a new case becauce my old one that i have most of the front lights have gone out and it looks real bad so anyways can you guys post some links up from newegg that you guys would pick thanks

what you guys think of this one?

A:Help Me choose a cool ATX midtower case

I just finished reading this review on pimpy looking cases, and it included the one you are looking at:
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Hi if anyone remembers I ve actually got another thread up a few months ago but I decided to give it a wait But now I have decided to get a good quot LCD within the month and I m quite undecided given the huge range out there at the moment Okay here s a short description on what I m looking for I don t care about how it looks and it should be a deciding factor only if there s equivalent products Give me the ugliest you can find as long as it performs I do most of my DVD watching on computer Given that most movies I like now have alot of choose a LCD Help 19" night scenes good black reproduction is very important I ve got people doing photo and video editing Help choose a 19" LCD so colour is somewhat important Doesn t really concern me but hey I m a nice guy I do some gaming so I m not gonna use ms monitors ms is the max Dependent on type of monitor of course ms is TFT min Brands don t concern me but a reasonable warranty does I ll let you define reasonable Base size is unimportant Money is no object Must be available in Australia IMPORTANT Not gonna import one I have done some research on the subject and I have a few models in mind Viewsonic VP B Its been getting really good reviews in most sites bit panel too Hyundai L D Been somewhat a favourite in alot of sites I ve been to However I think there s some major issues and its a pretty old model Philips X May be a little hard to find for me Samsung BF New contender as far as I m concerned I couldn t dig up any serious reviews on this monitor no idea how it performs Will welcome any extra monitors you think I should be looking at Of course I d need more than quot I have it and I think its awesome quot kind of replies Will appreciate replies p s I don t like the Samsung bf even though alot of people have been recommending that nbsp

A:Help choose a 19" LCD

Have you looked into the LG monitors yet??

they are quite good according to some reviews and are competitively priced. i wouldnt take anything over 12ms as ghosting might be a problem if you are a moderate/heavy gamer. You do know they make 8ms lcds now. not sure if lg has em in 8 yet. and the newest that just came out is 4ms response by some manufacturer i cant remember

anyways, ive been looking out for a good lcd as well and the LGs and Viewsonics come to mind. Mine is definately with gaming in mind.

why dont you soak yer brain on those brands for a bit and check them out.
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hi people,

i have some question which i seek answers. I currently have 40gb Seagate Barracuda hd. i have Athlon xp 2100+ on MSI KM4AM mobo with 786 mb of ram.... i m going to expand the capacity to 120 gb... wht i wanna know is:

should i sell my current hd and buy a new 120 gb hd or can i stick with my current hd n get another 80 gb...i m gonna buy sata so also i wanna know if sata n my baracuda can be run together or not... (i m confused bout should i buy seagate sata 80/120 gb or western digital 80/120 gb with 8 mb cache as both have 7200 rpm, which is better in terms of performance..

Can a normal barracuda n a sata whn run together cause any problem in terms of performance.. :dead:

A:need help to choose hd

Check you mobo manual if you can run SATA as non-Raid.
On that old(er) mobo, it's better anyway to buy an additional 80 or 120GB IDE harddisk and keep your old one.
Seagate Barracuda would be perfect. It's more important to have a low access-time than a big HD-cache.
With such a low-performance CPU you wouldn't notice the difference between SATA and IDE.
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I have been offered to buy one of two TFT monitors from work, but I can't make up my mind which one I should choose. They are brand new and comes with a 3 year warranty. I mainly play games and use photoshop. Occasionally I also watch movies and do some word processing. Here are the two screens:

21" TFT HP f2105 (1680x1050 @ 60Hz, contrast 1000:1, responsetime 8ms, 2xUSB 2.0 hub, HDTV-prepared, Picture in Picture, built in speakers)
Specs here: 21" TFT HP

24" TFT HP L2465 (1920x1200 @60Hz, contrast 1000:1, responsetime 8ms, 4xUSB 2.0 hub, pivot function)
Specs here: 24" TFT HP

So which one is the one to get and why?

A:Help me choose.

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

DrZeto said:

24" TFT HP L2465 (1920x1200 @60Hz, contrast 1000:1, responsetime 8ms, 4xUSB 2.0 hub, pivot function)
Specs here: 24" TFT HP
So which one is the one to get and why?Click to expand...

Input Signal Two DVI-I (VGA analog and digital) inputs
Input Impedance 75 ohms ± 10%
Sync Input Separate sync (HSYNC/VSYNC); composite sync, Sync on Green
Video Cable VGA to DVI-I; DVI-D to DVI-D

But really it comes down to price....Bigger is.............................well biGGER!

I have a ViewSonic vp201m 21", similar to one listed above, and love it!
The 24" would have a cleaner 16:1 and is, well BIGGER
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Here is my story First off all I am building computers for a couple of years now and I know what anymore Supply Switch closing with Power won't after it Computer start I am doing but This problem arrived the other day after changing my case Days Ago I bought A new Case and a new Burner for my Computer I unintalled everything and installed it in my new Case I plugged everything back up and was on my computer again without any problems I used the reset button but it was behaving oddly the computer was still running but the monitor turned itself Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch off So I though that maybe I had installed the reset Switch the wrong way I couldn t stop it anymore so I closed it with the Power Supply Switch So I opened my case to see if everything was ok Everything was as it was supposed to be I played with the connectors a little bit to make sure they were well connected I tried running the computers again but it wouldn t start It didin t make a noise no fan running no BIOS nothing I was very afraid to have killed my Power Supply or MOBO by closing it the wrong way I though that maybe it was just the power button of my new case that was the problem so I connected the Reset Switch connector in the Power Switch I tried turning it on and it worked I was very releaved that it was just that problem So I left it opened all night and went to work I also accesed my computer remotely from work almost all day But Last night when I finally came home the computer was closed I though it was weird but opened it again and went to see a couple of things on the net Went out for min max with my GirlFriend When I came back the computer was closed again and it wouldn t start again like it did the day before So I opened it again checking the reset and power switch button But now any of the didn t work anymore I thought that it couldn t be the PSU or MOBO because last night I was able to get it back up by switching the Power and Reset switch I started to unhook every power cable from HD to CD and floppy even the case fan Nothing Took out the Sound card and Video Capture Card Nothing Unhooked the HD and DVD Burner and floppy NOthing Took out the Video Card I also plugged out and plugged back in the Mother board and CPU Power connector from the PSU to be sure that they were well connected Nothing happened I even took out the Front of the case to look at the Power Button They looked ok but I am no expert in that I also took the MOBO battery out to clear the BIOS Now my computer is dead I can t do anything to make it work I am thinking that by closing the computer with the PSU switch I might have shorted something but with a good PSU like I have on a protected circuit it shouldn t happen I saw an existing post were someone had the same problem and had used the PSU switch But it is design to do that Not fry everything by using it The Antec PSU also has a protection against surges Tonight I will try to use a W Enermax PSU I have in another computer and see if it changes something If not than they are possible solution Maybe just the buttons but I doubt it or the Motherboard is screwed If it is the motherboard and my Waranty is not good anymore I will have to buy a new motherboard and a New CPU reinstall Windows and my Video Card which is AGP won t work in a PCIE MOBO So I will have to buy a lesser MOBO and if future upgrade have to come I won t be able to buy a PCIE Video Card If they still do the AGP by then By they way they still sell Athlon XP MOBO in my local computer shop but they are so cheap they don t have AGP X or DDR So what do you think it might be Any suggestion as to what I may Try Anyone with a similar problem AMD Athlon XP Gigabytes G A- L Motherboard nForce X MB of DDR Memory in Dual Channel Antec W SmartPower Maxtor GB MB IDE HardDrive Primary Master Pionner DVD- D New DVD Burner Secondary Master Geforce GT AGP w Additional Power plugged in Creative Live Soundcard ComproPVR Video Capture C... Read more

A:Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If after trying your other psu it`s still dead, It`s got to be either the mobo or cpu.

I think for whatever reason, you`ve had a short circuit of some kind and it`s fried either the psu/mobo/cpu.

You`ve seem to have tried all the right things, so I can`t really suggest anything else.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello everybody. This seems like an excellent board, and I thank you for all your help.

I have an Acer Aspire 1681LCi with 512MB PC2700 (2x256) 200pin Sodimms. The CPU is the Centrino Pentium M 1.5Ghz supposedly with 400MHz FSB (4x100). I would like to add more RAM to it, but have three questions:

1. Should I just add more DDR333 or replace it all with DDR400?
2. Should there be a performance benefit to this?
3. Why would Acer install DDR333 into a 400MHz FSB?

Any suggestions would be helpful on this matter.

A:Please help me choose memory for my Acer notebook

no performance benefits at all since you can't overclock a notebook. Just get the speed you are supposed to get (DDR2700 probably since you're using that already) or whatever is closest...
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I'm wondering if there is a program out there (or settings in the router) that will
enable me to completly shut a computer from the internet.

At first I could control the internet traffic per computer in the router settings but
somehow its gone broken , I already mailed the helpdesk and stuff.

Router type: Draytek Vigor 2500 (annex a)
More detailed info on my router:

Thanks anyway :wave:
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can you tell me which computer would be better for my needs i want to use the computer for gaming watching videos and some multitasking i have chosen and intel and a amd computer which would be better for my needs heres the intel computer Processor http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E motherboard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E harddrive http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E cd dvdplayer should which can you i new choose here me computer get i help am http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E memory http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E powersupply http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E soundcard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E videocard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E without shipping heres the amd computer Processor http www newegg com Product Produ N E motherboard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E cddvddrives http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E harddrive http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E memory http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E videocard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E soundcard http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E powersupply http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E without shipping which i am new here can you help me choose which computer i should get one would be the best value for the dollar and which one would last me awhile nbsp

A:i am new here can you help me choose which computer i should get

I really don't want to start another whose Daddy is bigger argument,so I am only going to speak in very generall terms.
Basically,from what I have read (Applction speed tests and the like ;PC Modder MAg , etc)
Intel is the Multi media , multitask ,machine to buy.
Game play- AMD
There really isn't going to be a significant and noticeable difference between machines at the level you are buying.
So I recommend you go after the best Warranty and support you can get.
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I'm going to b upgrading my video card and am wondering the opinion of the computer community. I currently own a ati 9500 (Which i'm quite happy with) but it's time to upgrade. I'm looking at an Albatron 6800GT 256mg 8xagp of an Ati X800 256mg 8X agp. Which do u think is better bang for buck considering the're around the same price. I know the Albatron has more pixel pipelines. 12 vs 16.


A:Nvidia or Ati ????? What to choose

Do a little search of the forum, and read a few reviews...

I suggest ExtremeTech for a good, in depth and non-biased review
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recently.I bought a AMD2500+,but I found it rather hard to oc it to 3200+.I personally think it's the matter of my sistym I decide to upgrade my fan-cooling .will you kindly give me some advice about what kind of liquil cooling sistym should i buy.please email me,give me your presonal suggestion.I appreciat it.
my email address: [email protected]

A:Liquil cooling?what kind should I choose?

I put some links in this thread.
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This is surely a stupid question but I'm a Mac person and just learning about the "other" side.

One of our exec's is having a wake from sleep issue with his IBM Thinkpad (X31). He often has to hastily close the lid with the machine powered on and has difficulty getting it to wake up later.

2 questions.

Is the machine going into standy or hibernation mode when he does this?

What key(s) does he need to mash to wake it up? (preferably in an unlocked state.)

Thanks in advance.

A:Standy or Hibernation when closing lid on powered on laptop?

I believe with XP you can do either as well as just shut off the screen when you close the lid. Check the power option settings in control panel. Click my computer->control panel->power options
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I have a user that needs an excel document closed. When you try to open it it will tell you that it is opened but it dosn't tell you by whom so it's read only.

I'm thinking the individual who had it open has closed it since there is no name but that it's stuck in their temp files; in which case they need to reboot but we don't know who needs to reboot and we don't reboot machines on the server at night in case we need to push patches to them.

I've tried copying the files to my HD and deleting them from the server but they always reappear. I tried also to take ownership and then deleting them but that does nothing to help.

Does anyone have any other ideas that DO NOT include rebooting the server?

A:Problems Closing opened documents

Copy the file's contents over into a new spreadsheet. Then save that under a different name. Abandon the file that gives problems, send an email to all possible users until you find the real owner.
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As many of you are already aware, the European Commission ordered Microsoft to offer a version of Windows without the Media Player to allow rival makers like RealNetworks Inc. a better shot at landing on consumers' desktops.

This poll is aimed at finding out what consumers really want, so feel free to vote and post any comments you may have regarding WMP (Windows Media Player) being supplied with Windows OS.

Please cast your votes...

Check out this thread for more info on the subject...

Microsoft ready to comply if appeal is lost

A:Poll: Which Media Player would you Choose?

No media player for me. I'll put Media Player Classic (not the MS software, this one) + Winamp thank you very much.

& BTW, Media Player Classic can read RealPlayer & Quicktime formats.
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hello in a few months i am going to bild a rig so far these which choose? to HD are the choices -ThermalTake Highest Xaser III Super Tower Case -MSI P NEO-FISR chipset mobo which HD to choose? for P socket which HD to choose? -intel P C MHz FSB chache HT CPU chip -Corsair XMS Xtra-Low Latency - - - GB X DDR -Lite-On xDVD -RW drive -Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Zs GAMER edition i just wanted to know which HD is better between these two http www newegg com app ViewProductDesc asp description - - amp depa http www newegg com app viewProductDesc asp depa amp description - - either which HD to choose? way i wish to buy two and put them in a raid array suggestions are helpfull ALSO what PSU should i get id like for it to be sleek have high voltage and be reliable as for i will either be using a radeon pro on it or a xt i think that just might cover eveything exept mayb the heatsink any suggestions thx for ne help nbsp

A:which HD to choose?

The Seagate is bigger, faster and has 5 years of warranty - there is no question which one to buy.
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Hi al!!

I know there are other threads with this subject.

Here I can choose from this list of cpu coolers. It's for an Athlon XP 2800. Currently useing the stock cooler/fan:

- VOLCANO 11 Thermaltake
- VOLCANO 6 Thermaltake
- TR2-M2 Thermaltake
- TR2-M1 Thermaltake

Thank you very much!!!

A:Which cooler to choose?

As usual, I'll simply say Thermalright SLK-800 with any 80*80 fan on it.

There's also the SLK-900 which works with the 4 mounting holes around the socket if you have them.
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ok i was offered the best??? 4 computers builders. from.4 choose Which to is these 4 computers to choose from.4 builders. Which is the best??? systems from some people and need the Tech spot SEAL OR APPROVAL Tell me if there should be any changes made or which system to go with if price is good etc AMD WD SE gig Epox RDA mb Corsair XMS Therm SK- heatsink Chieftec Tower Antec True xround ide cables Thermaltake Smart Fan Radeon pro DVD not sure what kind you would put in lite-on or toshiba is fine Also is that gb 4 computers to choose from.4 builders. Which is the best??? a or rmp shipping and this system Athlon XP SLK vantech HSF Epox RDA Crucial DDR PC GB RPM Maxtor Hard Drive Raidmax Case with window and fan spots bay Watt Power Supply NOT updated Lite on x DVD available in black ATI Radeon Pro Floppy Drive rounded cables for the drives audigy gamer with digital out shipping rd system ASUS A V X AMD Athlon Athlon XP Duron Socket A AMD Athlon MP GHz Processor CPU - Retail Lian-Li Case Crucial DDR RPM WD HDD 4 computers to choose from.4 builders. Which is the best??? linksys MIC SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer soundcard Logitech Elite Duo cordless keyboard amp mouse Windows XP Pro if you want Liteon dvd GF Ti shipped black aluminum case i can do other colors as well let me know pic here epox nforce mobo --EP- RDA has builtin NIC channel sound usb firewire etc GB WD hard drive w MB cache that extra cache really does help sticks of MB crucial PC DDR ram MB ram XP Thoroughbred GHz if you can wait a week the new barton cores should be out with heatsink CDRW x x black from MSI didn t you say you had one I can leave it out or put in a dvd instaead ATI radeon MB DDR if you want a pro add OS do you want to install your own if not XP PRO is my cost at that no floppy total my cost would be about w PRO w pro and XP PRO ADD labor for me ------------------------------------ w o an Operating system w XP pro with sp Can you do these for less or is there anything i should sub in to make them better I dont oc so These guys are fighting for the contract and im right now nbsp

A:4 computers to choose from.4 builders. Which is the best???

I would choose the first one, it has the best RAM and HDD by far. The Western Digital Special Edition series is all 7200RPM. Don't let the last guy fool you - the 120GB featured in the first guy's invoice has an 8MB cache as well.

You should build your own, with the parts from the first one.
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I am thinking about upgrading my motherboard/processer. I currently have a FIC AD11 motherboard and 1200 MHZ Athlon Thunderbird with 384 MB of DDR 2100 RAM. What would be a good motherboard/CPU upgrade (I would like to stay with AMD and if possible get a board that can use my current RAM now but be able to upgrade RAM later).

A:Please help me choose....

I f I were upgrading I would definitely go with a NForce 2 chipset based board they are fast and by most accounts much more stable than Via chipsets the asus A7N8X look very nice.

CPU's depends on how much money your willing ot spend. right now I personally wouldnt go beyond the AMD 2400 its almost 200.00 if cost is an issue I would go with the AMD 2100.
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Hi guys, I keep getting an application error when trying to add record in Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet. This porblem seemed to crop up overuse, I have pasted the Error below, REALLY appreciate your time and help with this. Thanks!
Relevancy 31.82%

Recently my Microsoft Outlook 'Choose Profile' dialogue box opens without me clicking the icon to open the program. Could someone offer advice as to why this is happenning and what I could do to stop it happenning! It does this consistently when I don't have Microsoft Outlook open.

Just to give a bit more info, although I am not sure how relevant it is: when it opens without me clicking, I try to 'cancel', it remains on screen. My only option at this point is to click 'OK'. However, this does not take me into my emails - only my reminders pop up (however, if I actively click to open Outlook, and then get to the 'choose profile' box, I am able to click cancel).


A:Microsoft Outlook 'Choose Profile' dialogue box opens without me clicking

using an admin login, look in the All Users profile
(\documents & settings\all users\*)​under Programs\Start Menu\Startups

every thing there is started for every user that logs onto the system
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When closing a tab in internet explorer 8.0 it takes forever. Even when I have only 3 tabs open. I use to be able to have 8+ tabs open in two different sessions with no issues. Nothing new has been added or deleted from the computer.

Also open a new tab take very long, not as long as closing a tab.

I have deleted cookies, files ect in internet options/del browsing history. I also ran Avast, SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes and Ccleaner.

A:When closing a tab in internet explorer 8.0 it takes forever

Is there any thing suspicious in Tools >> Manage Add-ons ?
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My task manager regedit and cmd are automatically closing and I use windows bit Here s my log I cant view any folder options and any other options by right clicking Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on automatically . closing cmd regedit are Task and :( manager Platform Windows WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system taskhost exe C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe C Program Files Elaborate Bytes VirtualCloneDrive VCDDaemon exe C Program Files BlueStacks HD-Agent exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exe C Users bravo Downloads utorrent exe C Users bravo Downloads NPE exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Task manager . regedit and cmd are automatically closing :( Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD saui exe D Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http websearch coolwebsearch info unqvl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Task manager . regedit and cmd are automatically closing :( Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http websearch coolwebsearch info unqvl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll R - URLSearchHook uTorrentControl Toolbar - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - BHO BHO PROJECT - BD F- E- C -B -D E DBA - C Program Files OApps bho project dll O - BHO MSS Identifier - E A AD- D - EB- D D- EF A - C Program Files McAfee Security Scan McAfeeMSS IE dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO privitize Helper Object - ACB ABE- - - C-F BDB FB - C Program Files Industriya privitize bh privitize dll O - BHO Babylon toolbar helper - EECD - - a -B B - BF B - C Program Files BabylonToolbar BabylonToolbar bh BabylonToolbar dll O - BHO Funmoods Helper Object - EBB AA- - CB - EC-E E ECD F - C Program Files Funmoods funmoods bh funmoods dll O - BHO McAfee SiteAdvisor BHO - B E -A B - A -B - CD E A FF - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - BHO Sieeaurch-NeawTaB - E D D -F B - A-B BF-D F DBB DEB - C ProgramData Sieeaurch-NeawTaB dll O - BHO MeaagnIPPIc - E AC -BB - C-BEBD- F C C E - C ProgramData MeaagnIPPIc bfa b dll O - BHO uTorrentControl - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - BHO coentinuetOsavE - F D E - -B B- A C-DFB D D E - C ProgramData coentinuetOsavE fa b dll O - BHO Hotspot Shield Class - F E A -E B - BC - A - A AE - C Program Files Hotspot Shield HssIE HssIE dll O - Toolbar Funmoods Toolbar - A C EC-ED E- ACE-A F - C F EF - C Program Files Funmoods funmoods funmoodsTlbr dll O - Toolbar McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - Toolbar uTorrentControl Toolbar - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - Toolbar Babylon Toolbar - -... Read more
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Whats Up Guys.

For some reason, when I'm doing my normal computing activities, my Firefox window closes for no apparent reason.

I realised I had a problem right now when I was listening to a radio station in a window and that disappeared while the stream kept on playing.

Also, not quite sure if this is related or not, but I have a yellow triangle with a exclamation point that comes up in my start up tray from time to time.

Could any of you guys please give me some help as to why my Firefox windows are closing prematurely like this and to why that yellow triangle is coming up like that.

Any help or direction to helpful threads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks As Always.

A:Firefox Windows Keep Closing/Disappearing

OS? Are you running the latest Firefox? Have you run a virus scan recently?

Also, what does the yellow triangle tell you? (there is usually a pop-up message displayed)
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when using bearshare a window dialogue box appears saying "bearshare has stopped working" and then the program just closes. can anyone explain of how to prevent this from happening????

A:bear share and internet explorer keep closing

I'm not sure how to fix your current problem, but I am here to tell you to be careful when downloading things from P2P networks. There is quite a bit of CRAP loaded on those networks, and it can screw up your computer quicker than you can say "Oh NO!"

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I had installed windows previously Decided to play an old game that does not work on windows and so I had to install windows xp Created a separate partition for windows xp ofcourse When I installed windows xp the operating system not Windows showing choose 8's menu option to choose which operating system to Windows 8's choose operating system menu not showing start first has not come up I run windows repair and managed to get windows running again Now I can t seem to see an option to get windows xp to run What should have happened is that I should have installed xp first and then windows on a new partition That way it would be updated and I would get to choose an operating system with a colored background Since I did it Windows 8's choose operating system menu not showing backwards due to nostalgia I can t seem to see the option to choose which operating system I wish to start In the advanced system properties under quot Start-up and recovery quot The only os I can see in the list is windows Default os list The time to display os is at seconds How do I fix this in order to see the windows style os choosing screen nbsp

A:Windows 8's choose operating system menu not showing

Get EasyBCD, it is pretty easy to use, and is 'made' for your situation:
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I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get extra power options for XP?

The default is, when you close the lid, you can either choose to "standby" or "do nothing". Does anyone know if it's possible to set it to do different things depending on if the laptop is plugged in or running off battery?


A:Extra power options for closing lid of laptop
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Hello. I need help! I have Microsoft picture it 2001 that I used on my win98 without issues. I now have win xp and it's had a couple issues, but it's workable. I just upgraded my RAM and now when I open the picture it, it opens, then when I choose a task the whole program shuts down. I have alot of stuff saved using this program and I really need it!
I did try to uninstall and re install, but it's still not letting me in.

Is this because of the RAM, or is it just coincidence that this is happening?

Thanks! LM

A:Need help with my picture it closing on me

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

By the way, if you "upgraded" to XP, it would have been best to clean install XP (ie start from a formatted disk, without any prior operating system on it) This is because any previous unknown issues may have now been brought over to your XP system

Therefore you might want to think about a clean install (backup first though)


I don't think Microsoft picture it 2001 works on XP anyway
It's amazing it installed
Best to update this program, to latest version, I feel (if you want it, I don't use it)
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I have been using the Logitech "quick cam zoom" with a built in microphone to make calls via the Bt Communicator facility. I want to make a call using a headphone / microphone. I tried to select the other options under "choose microphone" Sigma Tel Audio & Modem #0 Line Record. Selecting the Sigma shows no mic. response.Selecting Modem #0 gets message:- " your computer's microphone is being used by another program. Please close that prog. & then try again"
Just to clarify - my headphones & microphone are plugged in on the front of the PC but I see on the back panel there is another (pink) jack socket with the mic. symbol & an adjacent (green)socket with a symbol I do not recognise - a bit like
--(-(- )) that. I wonder if I should try usin these sockets instead?

A:Yahoo! Call Setup Assistant - choose microphone

The front is normally only for headphones/speakers. The mic needs to go into a separate socket normally.
So try those in the back.