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email account deleted, no option to add new account?

Q: email account deleted, no option to add new account?

Something odd has just happened with my mail.
I previously had both the hotmail account and an MS Exchange work email account loaded onto the Win8 CP mail.
Now the exchange account has disappeared, and there is no longer a button anywhere to allow me to add the account back in.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: email account deleted, no option to add new account?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: email account deleted, no option to add new account?

are u using the metro app? if that's the case;

in your Metro Mail App, open up the charms bar (win key+C) and go to settings or accounts, from there you can add new or delete...
Im not on my Win8 right now to post screenies, but I think u get the point.
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hiya folks

new here but hope i can get some help regarding a deleted email account .

i have been using windows live mail to access my ntl emails, for the last few days i couldn't access them, long story short i have now deleted my account by mistake, i added another account and made that the default one and the emails started to come through so i stupidly deleted the original one along with all the 'saved' emails in sub folders some important emails are now deleted is there any way i can recover the original account ?? i have tried a restore but that didn't help. i am running windows 10

thanks in advance

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I accidentally deleted an Email account in Outlook 2003. All my emails disappeared along with it. How can i restore the emails? I no longer have access to the Gmail account that it worked through.

A:Oulook 2003 Email Account Deleted

Hi garrygy

It sounds like your Gmail account was created as an IMAP account. IMAP accounts mirror the servers, they do not actually download the messages onto your hard drive.
If you no longer have access to the email account, the only other course of action I can suggest would be to contact Gmail.
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I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and been having problems with an old bt email account which I rarely use. I decided to delete it, but now find I have lost nearly all my contacts on my laptop. I reinstalled the bt account again successfully, but still can't find my contacts.

A:I deleted my bt email account and have lost nearly all my contacts!

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and been having problems with an old bt email account which I rarely use. I decided to delete it, but now find I have lost nearly all my contacts on my laptop. I reinstalled the bt account again successfully, but still can't find my contacts. your contacts were saved in this bt email account?
In mail app, go to email account settings - check if you have set your email to show contacts too
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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Thunderbird email sending from deleted account New here so if I'm in the incorrect spot please forgive me I've been sending mail on my thunderbird account which I've had for sending from deleted account Thunderbird email [SOLVED] years now and was confused because of no replies to urgent mails One sent to my hubby was questioned why did I send it from our deleted business account OK all my 'sent' messages are from me But for some reason even though I deleted the business account from Thunderbird MONTHS ago when our business was dissolved the 'sent from' address is from the deleted account even though it shows as the account from my personal account on my mail page MY account says it was [SOLVED] Thunderbird email sending from deleted account sent from me but the recipient has the deleted address listed as the sender Frustrating especially [SOLVED] Thunderbird email sending from deleted account since the past two weeks I'm wondering why people aren't answering When the hit the 'reply' button it's going to the Thunderbird's deleted account Why is it sending from the deleted account when it's not on Thunderbird any more HELP I've changed nothing recently And I can't even get to the old address on Thunderbird but it is still active on the original G-mail for record keeping purposes only

A:[SOLVED] Thunderbird email sending from deleted account


I'd start by setting the account up again from scratch using your same settings and possibly to double check, send an email from the g-mail web based mail. Let us know if it works or not.

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New here, so if I'm in the incorrect spot, please forgive me.

I've been sending mail on my thunderbird account (which I've had for years now) and was confused because of no replies to urgent mails. One sent to my hubby was questioned...why did I send it from our deleted business account?

OK....all my 'sent' messages are from me. But for some reason, even though I deleted the business account from Thunderbird MONTHS ago when our business was dissolved, the 'sent from' address is from the deleted account. MY account says it was sent from me, but the recipient has the deleted address listed as the sender.

HELP! I've changed nothing recently! And I can't even get to the old address on Thunderbird, but it is still active on the original G-mail for record keeping purposes only.

A:[SOLVED] Thunderbird email sending from deleted account?

Something that can be a little confusing about Thunderbird, is that the settings for outgoing mail servers is separate from incoming.

In the account settings for Thunderbird, at the bottom, should be something about SMTP or outgoing servers. I forget off the top of my head, and I'm at work where I'm stuck with Outlook. In any case, you need to go in there and make sure that the settings for the defunct business account are deleted, or at least not set as the default.
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Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my email accounts in Outlook 2016. I always do a manual setup and on my email accounts, I use Exchange ActiveSync.

My questions are this.

What is this new option of selecting Office 365 and when would I use this option?When I did select the Office 365 option and pressed next my outlook would crash, any fix?What is the best selection to choose from when setting up my account that would be great for automatically syncing with my calendar etc. on or apple etc.?

Thank you very much for any help and assistance.

A:Outlook 2016 Manual Email Account Setup, Office 365 option? & Crashes

Manual setup for accounts is absolutely unnecessary, Outlook 2016 does that automatically in a few seconds.

That being said, if you insist in doing it manually the correct option is Exchange ActiveSync. Office 365 option is for so called workplace email accounts, Azure AD / Office 365 for Business or Enterprise users. You select that option only if your organisation uses Office 365 and you want to set up your workplace email in Outlook 2016.

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I have 4 folders on the left hand side of outlook. 3 are email addresses and the other is a data file that was made when I exported my data files.
thank you
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When I click on a hyperlink I am getting a pop up window that say's choose profile atop and profile name with ms exchange settings in a drop down window but I don't know how to configure. I would like to set my yahoo email account as the default email account-I don't want to download my email on this account. How can I go about setting this up?



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It used to be not connected to any email account but when it updated to 8.1 I chose to get an email address for it, so now as a result, the password has to be 8 characters long and I have to use a PIN number , but that's still 4 characters, and I usually use one character password.

So how do I go back to the normal type of user account to use the 1 character password?

A:My user account changed to an hotmail-email account connec

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8
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I installed Windows on Christmas Day and I skipped the email account setup parts I never used any APPS yet in fact I removed everything app-related from my start screen including notifications etc I have used the Classic Shell so account up my local Live Setting account email 'destroyed' far but today I thought Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account I'd set up the Live email account login While I was setting up the app account I kept getting emails from the live account manager to confirm what I was doing and I confirmed each one The last thing it Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account asked to 'Trust this PC' I did so and my machine name appeared on my Microsoft account profile page under quot Trusted PC quot But when I restarted I Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account could no longer log in with my local account or the new Live email account I logged in as Administrator and saw that my local account name was changed from my username to lt xxxxxxx yyyyyyyyy com gt my live account ID It would not allow Administrator to change the account name or my password I tried to log in with the email and Live password but it said I could not log in with his PC and that I need to resolve the issue with the live account on-line I had a password reset disk USB drive and I used it It started up the reset wizard and I put back my old password It finished with no error but I still could not log in Finally I logged in as Administrator and restored my Acronis system image from yesterday Then everything was back to normal I have no idea what happened I was very careful doing each of these steps I see a clue though on the Microsoft account page in the Trusted PC area is says quot To add a trusted PC to your account you need to access your account using Internet Explorer and have Windows Live Essentials installed quot I was using Chrome to set this up and I don't have Live Essentials installed There was no indication in the set up that this was required But at any rate it still listed my machine name as trusted so what does that tell you

A:Setting up Live email account 'destroyed' my local account

What exact steps did you take when creating the live account?

Was this a new account? or did you use the switch to a Microsoft account?

I could not tell you what happened.

I have several Local and Live accounts on my system for testing, and I do not have Live Essentials installed
All of my accounts work perfectly. And across PC's, as I have a desktop also setup with a couple of different and same accounts.

It is possible that Chrome caused an issue. and it is possible you need Live Essentials to use chrome properly. I don't know as I forbid Chrome being installed on any of my PC's.
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I was living with a relative who had a comcast account. She allowed me to put my email address on that account. Relative moved away, closed the comcast account. I opened up a new comcast account and wanted to transfer my email address from the first account to my new account. How do I do this?

A:transferring email addresses from one Comast account to another comcast account

If the account was closed then the messages are likely gone. Unless you have them stored in an email program on your computer such as Outlook, Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or something similar.
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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 10 and was loving it (was). Saw there was a mail app and thought that would be pretty handy. Signed in and since then, I have to log in to my PC as my email address and password.

I don't want that.

How do I revert my existing user back to a non-Windows live user, with a normal, local account and password?

I am happy to not use the Mail app if that's what it takes, but my concern is that the profile I have now has all my icons and docs and stuff and I don't want to go through the hassle of copying over the profile.

There must be a way to undo this change, but I can't find it.


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Hello I've been using Windows for weeks Until today it started up just fine by displaying my name and no email address This is exactly how I want it to be Today when Win would not recognize a printer in order to download an quot app quot to help with this I was required to provide a Microsoft email account which I did an old Hotmail account I rarely use Now when I restart or wake up the computer that old Hotmail account appears as quot Administrator quot However I do NOT want that old Hotmail email address associated with this computer How can I remove it and get back to logging in with NO associated email address NOTE I do not want to delete the old Hotmail account just want to remove it from my Windows quot Account quot menu My name Hotmail address quot Administrator quot In case it's required to associate Win with an email address I use Windows Live Essentials with a company email address I tried adding it via the quot Other Account quot option but Win said it did not recognize the email address I entered sigh I saw threads with a similar question but not quite the same Thanks for any help

A:Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

You have converted your local user account to a Microsoft account. It's easy to switch back to a local account, just follow the instructions in this tutorial: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

When you have switched back to a local account and you want to download another app from the Windows Store, follow the instructions in this tutorial (Method Two, Step 5) to keep using your local account to sign in to Windows and only use a Microsoft account to sign in to Store: Store - Sign in with Different Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

A useful tutorial to learn the difference between a local account and a Microsoft account: Local Account or Microsoft Account - How to Tell in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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How do I use a email account (Microsoft account) - to reset a pasword, as i have no idea?

A:How do I use a email account (Microsoft account)

moving to email as this is not a virus issue.
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I recently changed from gMail to a email client. Why is my email being sent to the email address I want it to, then immediately after to literally my gMail (<name> account, is there any way to prevent this ?

A:To my email account - to gMail account ?

Very confusing post...please explain in more detail, as specific as you can. What email client are you using?
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just a question , how do i turn off the user account so when i start windows it goes to welcome screen without clicking ( user account) and runs straight through to the desktop?

A:How do I turn off user account option

For Vista:

- run netplwiz

- uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer"

- if there are more than one user, you'll be prompted which account will be used.

For XP:

How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP
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After a virus infection in my PC, I cleaned it up with PC-Cillin9(Trendmicro).
Everything was restored correctly, but now I Can't access "User Account" option from Control Panel.
OS: Win XP home edition
Additionally, I have applied SP2 to my PC a couple of hours ago, hoping this was the solution to my problem, but the fault symptom persist.

Can anyone help me ?


A:User Account option is not functioning

Go Here and do a scan with Housecall and Panda . Try Your account again.

If it still does not work Go to add/remove and uninstall SP2 . That just gets it out of the way for now


Download SpyBot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware SE Setup and Update doing a scan with both. Get rid of all they find.

Download Hijack This 1.98.2 Do a scan and post the log here please
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We would like to use Guest account because it limits user access to unauthorized XP areas (good thing), however I do not want the computer to go onto 'Stand-by' every 20 minutes (this is XP 's default setting), so how can I accomplish this task (like to set it to NEVER standby).



A:Power option when using XP Guest Account

Go to the control panel then power options and change it in there.
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I am running Windows 7 Pro. The last couple of pieces of software that I've tried to intall, over the last couple of days, have produced a 1303 error (insufficient authority to change start menu). The usual advice that I can find says to right click on the program and then choose Run as Administrator. The problem is, that's not an option I get when I right click.

I was twiddling with various settings a last week and probably changed something that I shouldn't have. I am the only user on the computer, my account supposedly has administrative privledges. I've read about how to enable the "real" administrator account, but it seems more likely that I changed something regarding permissions in my usual account to cause this and I'd rather change it back. What obscure settings might result in loosing the Run as Administrator option and preventing software installation.



A:No Run as Administrator option on an admin account

Read this tutorial and see if it helps any...
User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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I'm putting in another account in Windows live mail because I've change providers and deleted one of my acounts by mistake which had all my saved emails so can I get it back or I just lost it?

A:Deleted an account

How to recover email after deleted Windows Live Mail account | powerphil
If you root around you might find your contacts too...
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When I first installed WinXP, I made the mistake of renaming the Administrator account on the Welcome screen instead of creating a new account with administrator rights. Now, there are only two accounts to choose from that are displayed on the Welcome screen, My Account (administrator) and Guest. I'm trying to get the Administrator account choice to be displayed as well, and if I try to create a new account called 'Administrator' in Control Panel>User Accounts, it tells me that 'Administrator' already exists. Since it already exists, how do I get the Administrator account to be displayed on the Welcome screen?

Thanks for the help.

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I followed the steps you provided to delete a user account and it is still showing up when I attempt to log on. I even restarted the computer, thinking that was what was needed, but there it is still! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:user account not deleted

Hello Mitzi, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check using the tutorial below to see if one of the options may help delete the user account.

User Account - Delete

Hope this helps,
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I'm running XP-Home on our machine. I recently set up an administrator account for my wife and limited access account for my son. They changed the passwords without my knowledge. I rebooted into safe mode, ran 'control userpasswords2'. I noticed there were other accounts there. I think something like HP owner or maybe something else. I deleted them all, including my wife and son's accounts but not the default Administrator account. Rebooted the computer and now all my wifes documents, pictures, and programs are gone. When I go into Windows Explorer and click HP_Owner under the Documents and Settings folder it says this folder is not accessible and it has zero bytes. I pulled the hard drive out and tried to access the documents that way but only got the same error message. There must be some way to access these pictures and documents, I didn't delete them, I apparently deleted the account they were under.

A:Deleted Windows Account and now everything is gone.

When you delete a user account, there are 2 options:Keep the files of the account on the computer Or delete files. It sounds as if you chose the second option, which deleted your wife's files when you deleted the account. Keep files would have deleted the account, but the files would have been kept on the computer. These files could have been moved to new accounts for your wife.You might be able to recover the files with recovery software. Since I have no experience with recovery software, someone else can recommend programs for you to try. The HP owner account is set up as a default account by HP. I've successfully deleted the owner account in the past-and have no clue why it still shows on your system if you deleted it.
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I created new user account in Windows XP and turned off computer.And when i started windows there was only one user account(that i created last time). How can I solve this?My all files is in old account.

A:My user account was deleted

Hello and Welcome -Have a look at this post for a few ideas Lost main user account in XP -Hope something helps you -
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I have a former student that was given a HP Laptop with Windows 8 installed on it as an upgrade from Windows 7.  That upgrade was done back in November when a upgrade to Windows 8 Pro was available.
A week ago the people that gave her the laptop got a new Windows 8 Acer laptop.  The student decided to take the administrative account off the computer and use her own hotmail email address(username) and password.  She deleted the administrative account that the people that had given her the laptop.
Now she can't do anything with the computer as she is not the computer administrator.
Is there any way that she could claim the administrative account so she can take advantage of all the features of the Windows 8 laptop.
Thanks for any and all input.

A:Deleted Administrative Account

I accidentally deleted the administrator account in windows 8 preview. - Microsoft Community
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Please help! I'm working on my own computer, and I have always only had one user account; the admin account, which I used with a password. I decided today to change it to my own name, which I did, giving it full, as far as I know, admin rights, but now when I start the computer it goes straight to this new account that doesn't let me access anything on my computer, no documents, nothing, it acts like a new and scarily empty computer. When I go to switch users the only user that comes up is this new account.

What do I do, I need to access my documents for work!

Thank you!

A:I seem to have deleted my administrator account

well click start > logout

at the welcome screen with username.. press ctrl+alt+del twice

then type username Administrator and ur usual password for that account.

hope that helps
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My step-mother passed away 2 days ago and my father immediately deleted everything of hers - including her Microsoft windows 8 account. He added his own profile as administrator and then completely deleted hers. He did not back it up. Now, being a couple days later, he realized what he has done and actually needs many of the files, pics, etc in that account. Is there any way to restore it? Thanks!

A:Deleted User Account

A System Restore to before the change would probably bring it back.
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Please help !! I got a second hand Dell windows 7 laptop and I was trying to set up a new user account but I ended up deleting my administrator account. It lets me log in but when i do it says that I am logged in on a temporary profile. And every time i try and do anything the user account control comes up and my administrator username and password won't work. So my computer is pretty much useless ! Please help :(

A:I deleted my admin account

To make a new account with Administrative privileges:

> Reboot the computer
> when you see the black screen...
> Tap F8 repeatedly Until you see the black screen with white lettering
> Select (with your keyboard arrows) Safe Mode
> Hit enter

> The administrators screen should appear
> Click on and enter (no password is required)

Go to "start" button > Control panel > Users accounts > Click on "make new account".

From there you can make a new account with Administrator rights and password to protect it. Once done, log off.

follow the instructions above, but log in with "Normal Mode" instead of "Safe Mode"

You will see the new account appear and just log in. :)
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I'm hoping someone can help me and soon as I purchased the LG Deleted Administrator Account X netbook for my daughter for Christmas I Deleted Administrator Account was getting it all set up and then put on parental controls like a good mom would but discovered Deleted Administrator Account I needed to have a separate account for Deleted Administrator Account her as a standard user and one for me as the administrator Through this process there was a quick pop up that stated I could not complete the instruction without being a standard user didn't put much thought into this as I knew I could just change it back after I was more mistaken than I have ever been Now there's no administrator account I cannot run anything as the User Account Control asks for an administrator password but does not supply an area in which to input this I have tried to run windows in safe mode but no administrator account shows up I have tried to go through the computer management but no user or groups exists Cannot reinstall Windows as it came with the computer and there is no disk and even if it did I cannot install unless I am an administrator I cannot install anything so it makes for a pretty lame gift Any thoughts anyone I need to get this fixed before Christmas morning Heeellllllp

A:Deleted Administrator Account

Enable hidden administrator account, create a new user as an administrator, then disable the hidden administrator... See Brinks tutorial on how to do this -=> here
Merry Christmas!
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I just installed windows on my new computer. (same as old computer, but with newer motherboard, but I decided to reformat, and do a clean install). Everything was fine for a couple days. I immediately disabled that annoying User thingy. The UAC?

When I was installing though, I created a username of "John". I guess it was the administrator.

Well, I was tired, and not paying attention, and just deleted it. Thinking that when I restarted, it would be just like normal, but it wouldn't have "John" as a user.

Nope. I restart it, and it's asking for a username/password. Which I had never created even for the "John" account.

Now what? whats the defualt username/password? I tried with nothing, and tried admin/admin with no luck.

A:I deleted the admin account.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hondajt

I just installed windows on my new computer. (same as old computer, but with newer motherboard, but I decided to reformat, and do a clean install). Everything was fine for a couple days. I immediately disabled that annoying User thingy. The UAC?

When I was installing though, I created a username of "John". I guess it was the administrator.

Well, I was tired, and not paying attention, and just deleted it. Thinking that when I restarted, it would be just like normal, but it wouldn't have "John" as a user.

Nope. I restart it, and it's asking for a username/password. Which I had never created even for the "John" account.

Now what? whats the defualt username/password? I tried with nothing, and tried admin/admin with no luck.

Hi and welcome

Do you have a backup we can restore from?

do you have the win 7 dvd so we can do a repair install?

If you have the win 7 dvd and can boot from itm we can enable the built in hidden administrator account.

let us know

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Somehow I have deleted our user account and need to know if I can restore it. I tried the system restore with no luck, please help

A:Deleted User Account

Welcome to TSF....

Please give this a try:

How to recover the damaged user profile in Windows XP
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I recently downloaded the day free trial of Microsoft office when trying to install it the computer told me I didn t have admin rights Following the advice of bleepinncomputer I created another user account and gave that user admin rights which worked btw Anyway later I was told having multiple accounts slows down the computer and plus it kept Account.... User Deleted asking which account I wanted to use and my boyfriend who only gets on to use Ebay would have prob been confused by this so I went to delete one of the accounts I deleted the wrong account the one I ve been using since I got the computer and now everything seems messed up I don t think the Deleted User Account.... computer is saving any of my settings Before I messed up user accounts I didn t have this problem now my desktop icons are set up a certain way and everytime I restart the computer they are back to the old way I can t set a quot home quot page because it doesn t go to the one I save also when I get that little message quot do you want windows to remember this password quot and I click yes once I restart the computer it doesn t Thank you to anyone who can help -Cheryl

A:Deleted User Account....

Hi cherylisfun You might try downloading and running this program It just might be able to help you rescue what you deleted if you haven't over written it yet.Let me know if it works for you OK? It saved me once already, and best of all its free.Wendy
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Hello everyone,

I asked an administrator on a vBulletin community forum to delete my account and all my posts, and he did it very quickly after my request. then I soon realized that I rushed my decision to delete my account and posts. Is there any way that I can retrieve my posts?

Thanks in advance
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I have an Windows XP Home Edition Model: ze4240 and some how deleted the built in Administrative account and none of the others have administrative abilities... What should i do?

A:Deleted Administative Account

when you boot into safe mode is there an administrator account at login?
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My computer crashed and when it rebooted, it required me to login with my Microsoft account.
Now, this computer has had a local account since I got it 5 or 6 years ago. I have never used the Microsoft account
on this computer.

Trying to switch back to the local user using guides on this site, that local account apparently doesn't exist anymore.

I'm obviously concerned that it deleted an account on its own. How do I get the account back? Creating a new one is
easy enough, but are there any permission issues? I have enough of those between Windows 10, and the previous 7 installation.

Thanks for any help.


A:Local account deleted?

It sounds like you have converted your local account to a MS account. This doesn't delete the local account - it just gives you a different way of signing on.

For example if I had a local account called Fred with a password 12345 there would be a folder C:\Users\Fred

If I converted this to [email protected] with password ABCD then you would still only have the folder C:\Users\Fred. Your local permissions will be the same but only your ID and your password to access the same thing will have changed. The original logon Fred and it's password no longer exists.

This is quite easy to do by mistake - if you use one of the built in apps and don't read everything carefully it will switch you.

Have a look in C:\Users directory and see what you have.
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How did this happen and what can I do to get control of my computer again. This happens everytime I do a reinstall of windowsxp home on my computer. This is a home computer, I am the owner/admin. No one else should be messing with the control of my computer. HELP!

Sorry the pictures are so big, I can't seem to use anything to resize them.

Owner account deleted

User Account changed

Built in admin removed

A:NT deleted my owner account?

Check here:

Event ID 630:

Event ID 637: or

Event ID 642:

Do you by chance have the administrator account renamed to something else?
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I have accidently deleted my user account off my laptop (vista home premium 32bit) but my files are still there in the user section of my hard drive. Can i recover it? If so how? I have only recently deleted it and I have another account with administrator privledges on it. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:[HELP] Deleted user account

Hello, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Yes, you may still be able to restore it. Try this below to restore it:
Create a new administrator accountCopy the contents of the deleted account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders. This copy all of the deleted account's settings and shortcuts into the new account.If everything checks out ok, you can delete the deleted account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder.Hope this helps,
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Hi All,

I had a problem with one of my accounts, Fortunately there was no real data in it. It was just used as a second admin account in case my main one got corrupted. Anyway I tried to login to it today and kept getting set up on a temporary profile because of a sharing problem even directly from a boot. So I deleted that account and set up a new backup admin account but it has left a few bits and pieces around.

1. The user folders.
2. The media player device in my network.
3. The temporary user files that were created when I tried to logon.

Can I safely delete the user folders.
How do I get rid of the media player device?

Is there anything else likely to be left lying around?

I'd be grateful for any advice.

A:Clean up a deleted account

I've had this issue with user accounts before, but never a admin account. I would be cautious about forcing more changes to it, since it was apparently the original root admin account, it could have information about your windows installation and some programs attached to it.

Hopefully there is someone here that's had direct personal experience with your problem because that warning is really all I can offer.
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I accidentally (I don't even know how I did it) deleted my account with ALL MY FILES ON IT! But I know my files are still on the hard drive and in the computer. Problem is when I try to access ''Documents and Settings'' my old account's folder is still there but It is blocked. I remember blocking other users from my files awhile ago but I need to get all my files back!

It won't let me enter my files. All it says is ''C:\DocumentsandSettings/Owner is not accessible.

Access is denied''

Is there any ways I can get these files? I heard I can somehow connect to another computer and send them. I don't know. Any programs I can use? I'll even buy. Please help.

A:Accidentally deleted account

You need to take posssesion of it since it is not recognizing your current User Name as having authority to access it.

In XP Pro you only neeed to right click on the directory and select the Security tab where you will find the option to add your user name to the permissions list.

In XP Home you must boot up in Safe Mode and do this.;en-us;308421
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A:Help-have Deleted Pc Administrator Account On

hello & welcome to TSF,

have you tried to go into (safe mode) by tapping (F8) as soon as you push the power button & creating a new account

or even useing the (last known good configuaration that worked ) by tapping (F8) and selecting it instead of (safe mode)

get back to us
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Hi guys So my Dad accidentally deleted the Administrator Deleted Account main administrator account on his laptop the other day Since then Deleted Administrator Account he's been trying everything to get it back with no luck so far The obvious problem is that when using the laptop you are unable to do pretty much anything because the account he's using has no admin privileges My Deleted Administrator Account Dad has been Googling a lot but almost all potential solutions are inaccessible I've personally just tried to add a new account via command prompt only to be denied I hadn't done this before but I got the commands below from Google Code net user add Username Password net user Username Password add Both times I got quot system error has occurred Access is denied quot I've failed to boot into safe mode apparently Windows is interesting in that respect and the usual method of spamming Deleted Administrator Account F or SHIFT F doesn't really work anymore I cannot access 'msconfig' to do it that way So all I want to know is is there a way to restore make a new administrator account without reinstalling windows Any help would be greatly appreciated Stu

A:Deleted Administrator Account

Unfortunately the Hidden Admin Account needs the PW to install. The only thing I can think of is if you have the Windows 8 disc, get into the advanced boot options and try a System Restore.
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Hi all

I managed to somehow put in the wrong command into command prompt and deleted my user account, When i go to c;/users my name is still listed there with all my files etc, is there any way to restore my account?

Any help much appreciated


A:Help Please, deleted my user account

A system restore to a point before you deleted your account will be as good a place to start as any.

Failing that, you could just create a new user account.
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Hello. I have Win XP PRO SP3 on my AMD Athalon, I have 1 gig ram and several drives: 1: 20 gig with the O/S on it, 2: 80 Gig, 3: 200 Gig, 4: 220 Gig external.
Recently I came across a problem of virus infection and began to "Fix" it, using the help of a site similar to yourselves.
During the process, a suggestion to assign the administrator account to another name came up and i did just that.
I thought I did it correctly by creating a new user called "TEST" and assigned administrator rights to it.
Then I changed my original account to limited, and thats where the trouble really began.
The next thing to happen was that all the accounts somehow were deleted and now when I go into "User Accounts" the screen comes up blank.
Can someone suggest as to how I might get my Administrator Account reestablished please.

A:Administrator account deleted????

go on control panel, user accounts, change the way users log in. log off and type administrator in the blank. when you installed windows, it should have asked you for a password. use it. if you didnt install it yourself, leave the pw blank.
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I just got a new computer. I had my User Account setup, had a password on it. I was making sure Windows was up to date, had to restart, then restarted on its own again(I'm assuming part of the update), and when it booted back up, it said my account has been disabled. Please contact your system administrator. I can sign in under Administrator, or Other User. The password I set up with my account doesn't work for Administrator. Is there a default password? Any idea what happened? I've never seen this happen before.

A:User account was deleted

I have no idea what would disable your account.

If you did NOT add a password to the Administrator account then there is NONE, just hit the "Enter key" and the account should start up.

I do NOT set a password for any account until I have it set up and running. This includes when setting up a new machine and with ALL of the updates and programs installed and them updated. Then I may set the password, but normally will run it for a few days before I do That.
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i created a administrator account and when i logged off and logged back on again it wasnt there now i cant make any changes or go to some web sites please help me i would love to fix this without having to pay for it

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hi a friend gave me a laptop NEC which is as old as my grandfather just for the sake of making fun of it i have deleted the administrator account leaving a single account that of my friend and i dont know if it has full administrative previledges and quickly hit restart after booting it shows on the log on screen the name of the administrator that i have deleted i account administrator deleted tried to hit ok leaving the password empty but cant log in i tried to change user name to the account of my friend that was left but what was writing is in hebrew language and i cant read hebrew either yet i tried to hit enter still i cant log in i tried to reboot the pc and enter safe mode but the same thing is happening i am not that good in computers and i dont know what to do please help also i would like to know if i can use a disk image copy of windows xp that i have in my pc or a disk recovery of windows vista that i did in my own laptop hope to hear from you soon any help will be highly appreciated
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Hello everyone At this point i'm in over my head and have a PC that has pictures I cannot lose I am usually fairly Admin Deleted help Account, good with PC stuff but I wanted to Deleted Admin Account, help stop before things got any worse if thats even possible at this point I have a WHS and was having problems accessing the share directory from my Office PC After some digging in google I found a link that I thought would fix my problem this Deleted Admin Account, help is where things started to get bad I thought the problem had something to do with the fact that I had two accounts on my office PC one named Mark and one named Guest I also have those same accounts on my WHS Every time I tried to log access the Shared directory Deleted Admin Account, help on my WHS it would constantly ask me for a name and password and the only one that worked is the main Administrator account set up on the WHS I found a link that told me to change the names of my accounts on my office PC to something different than the names of my quot Mark quot account that I have on my WHS At the time on the PC I had an account named guest with no admin privaleges and an account name Mark with admin privalges I used the line quot control userpasswords quot from the quot run quot box in Vista I made the guest account Admin and deleted the quot Mark quot account I then deleted the password on the Guest account I guess I must have accidentally checked the box that says users must log on with a name and password by mistake Now when I try to log onto my PC the default login name is quot Mark quot even though I deleted the account If I change my login name to quot Guest quot it tells me quot You cannot log on because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer Please see your network adminstrator for more information quot If I try to log in with quot Administrator quot it tells me quot Your account has been disabled Please see your system administrator quot So there is no password with the account quot Mark quot the account shouldnt even exist any more I can't log in with Guest or Administrator At this point all I care about is getting the pictures of my three month old child off the PC as they are the only place I have copies of them This whole thing was being done to get my WHS working properly to have backup copies of my photos now I have nothing Please please please help I cannot lose these photos I can't even get into safe mode with command prompt it keeps goes to the grahpical windows login even when I select that option

A:Deleted Admin Account, help

OK, we at the forum will give all the help that we can. Its Christmas time, too, so I will treat you as well as I can
First try with the hidden administrator
of you can access it[2]=User Accounts
if not
Read this and understand before you try.
You will be installing another OS that will hopefully allow you access to the pics.
Try this also
Reset User Account Password
Not really meant for this situation, but you can try recuva.
I truly wish you my best.
Understand, after you get the pics a reinstall may be necessary. I know how bad you must feel, and Im sorry

Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek
When a computer is not working
The Ubuntu is a last step since if it does not work it may make things even more difficult.
I am currently researching alternative methods.
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my gmail account has been deleted

i have to answer few questions that i dont remember very well

and now i am waiting for google to reactivate it

A:gmail account deleted whats the question?
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I need to restore one of my deleted accounts. My account got deleted by one of my family members. They were trying to get rid of the "Welcome" screen because we only have ONE account. (This was probably caused by the ASP.NET)

I've already tried system restore, but all I've managed to do was to restore the files. The system restore came up incomplete because there were "no changes" done before that.

When the only accesible account was deleted, the "Welcome" screen came up empty. So I went through safe mode and created another account so I could access the internet and search for a solution.

A:How Do I Restore A Deleted Account?

Hello,This might help if you have the files
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I am getting annoyed by getting asking for my password when i download applications it happened after i deleted my first account. I need help so i can either turn off that option and i did already turn it down once because that is all it would let me without the "administrator account" Please Help!!

A:Deleted administrator account

Sorry to tell you there is nothing you can do to fix it without an admin account all you can do is learn from it to never deleate all admin accounts on a PC
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Hi all I'm new to this forum and in need of some help I have a new PC that I was getting ready for a customer of mine I booted up the PC and ran through the normal steps of setting up windows I went ahead and joined the PC to the domain After I joined the PC to the domain I tried to log into the PC locally with the admin account we use at work which admin account Deleted is received via GPO But for some reason it would not let me log in So I went ahead and logged into the machine using my credentials and ran gpupdate force To update the GPO's I logged out and tried our admin account again with no luck So I logged back in with my credentials and disjoined it Deleted admin account from our domain When we join machines to the domain it deletes all local profiles including locale admin profiles This is because of the GPO's we have in place So now the only account I can log in with is a temp account that has Deleted admin account no admin rights Is there a way to get a locale admin account on there without having to use the restore CD Also I've gone to users and groups under computer management to see if I can create an admin account but can't do anything because I have no rights Any help would be greatly appreciated Rod

A:Deleted admin account

Hi, there are tutorials within the community on how to enable a built in administrative user account. Hope this helps. Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable
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I tried adding my old email address in settings & it adds it & I verified it but it says it cannot be made my default account because it's on a domain. I just created this hotmail account on the Internet on my home laptop. It used to be my sign in. How did it end up on a domain? I found it in Powershell with the /Domain command. Can these be taken off the domain and/or deleted? I also tried signing out of the local account & adding that MS account using my old email. On a side note my husband has two user accounts under C:/users. When I check for net users in Powershell only one of them shows up. Should I delete one of them & which one? One of his shows up on a domain too.
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i didnt mean to but i deleted my admin account now i cant do anything i cant intall programs i cant download any games how do i get that account back im really not good with computers i need my admin account. help please

A:deleted admin account

Hi -

Boot into the Vista recovery partition (usually the F10 key during boot-up will invoke it) or use your Vista DVD to boot up and choose the selection for Windows System Restore.

Upon re-start see if the Administrator account is present.

Regards. . .


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I deleted my admin account, but still have guest and I can't do anything, because it asks for admin password, and there is also no text box to type it in. so I tried to make the guest admin but I must type in admin password (which is impossible)

A:deleted admin account

why would you delete the admin account in the first place
I think windows may have made guest an admin in response.
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I enabled hidden Administrator account and latter accidentally deleted my local account which caused me some data loss. I only care about videos which were there in downloads folder. Are there any chances of their recovery?

Relevancy 71.81%

I deleted my admin account and now using guest account but i can't make a new admin account. Whenever i type in a name is says, The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain charachters: . So i tried running cmd as an administrator then typed: net user administrator /active yes and no matter how or what i do i keep getting denied and i really need to make an admin account some programsi still cant run and projects i cant do even if i right click an d run as an administrator. So can somebody please help me.

A:deleted admin account need admin account

Specified account name is not valid because of invalid characters

You can't use some characters in account names.
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I am in the process of setting up a home business and wish to set up a separate business email account with low set up costs I currently have a personal Hotmail and Gmail accounts but wish to create a secondary Gmail account for my business I do not have a registered domain name I tried numerous ways to set up a secondary gmail account without success it would initially email up account email to secondary set [moved gmail Cannot forum] accept the Cannot set up secondary gmail email account [moved to email forum] new gmail address but Cannot set up secondary gmail email account [moved to email forum] when it would ask to activate the account it would not allow me to login to the account to do this It would come up with a Cannot set up secondary gmail email account [moved to email forum] message advising that the account address is unknown So I would again go through the process and it would then advise that the username is already taken so I just keep on going around in circles I then went into Google Apps for business in which it would ask me to register my domain name for a fee of per year However the domain name would be registered under the two option provided Enom and Go Daddy Neither in which I am familiar with Can you please offer some assistance My first preference would be setting up a secondary gmail account and if not is google apps for business a reliable avenue in registering my business name in order to obtain a professional separate business email account and if so which provider is the better option Keeping in mind I wish to keep the costs at a minimum at this stage
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Good afternoon everyone! I have both a Hotmail ( email account, as well as, the email account(s) provided free by my ISP (Cox Communications).I would like to inquire if there are any methods/programs I could utilize so that if I receive a new email in my Hotmail account (while offline, for example)...I would be alerted via either some icon on the Taskbar and/or sound generated?Thank you for your time and any information!

A:Hotmail email account; any ways to be alerted when a new email arrives?

@ Moderators/Admins: This topic may be CLOSED for comment! It obviously was of no interest to anyone, and I managed to locate some helpful assistance in another forum!Thanks anyway!;-any-ways-to-be-alerted-when-a-new-email-arrives/
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I checked the Security Log on the current admin account, but it didn't go back far enough.
The older admin accounts files were saved (the account I'm trying to find a creation date for was created while the previous admin account was active) Is there some file that the Security log wrote to that I would be able to look through to find this info? If yes, what would be the location?
I've also been reading a bit about the possibility of finding it in a SAM file, or Shell files. Anybody know if that is true?
Any software that I can download that will find this info?
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My step son somehow deleted the only user account with Administrator rights. I cannot go in and create a new user because I do not have Administrator rights. How do I fix this problem?

A:Deleted Administrative User Account

If you have NOT deleted "The Administrator" account which is hidden, you may be able to login in the "Safe Mode" and then make yourself a new Admin User account.

If NOT, then you are looking at rebuilding the machine and losing ALL that is on it at this time.
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I recently got hold of my old computer, but the files from the user account I want was deleted. (It wasn't administrative)
If I show hidden files I can see the old folder where it was along with other deleted user accounts, but nothing is contained in them save for one folder (which I can't remember what it was now)
So anyway to get those files back?

A:How to restore a deleted user account

Depending on how long the account has been deleted, you can try Recuva but I would use the portable version on a USB flash drive. Do not recover the files back to the hard drive as that could make things worse. The longer the hard drive has been written to the the less chance you will have of recovering your files intact.
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Just got a new computer. Got it up and running fine. Went in to add a user, and deleted the original Administrator account. Since then I can't view my hardware, device settings or access the internet. I've read in here that this should affect those things, but I have no clue where to begin. I've tried reformatting, and I am still able to log into windows And Win XP setup constantly freezes up on me.

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I had an old user account that has long since been deleted and was wondering if there is a way to see when that account awas created and deleted. Would it be somewhere in the events log? Somewhere else?

A:Is there any way to see when a user account was created/deleted? (XP)

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I KNOW IM A DUMBA**- but a curious do you get your administrative account back if you changed it to restricted? is that even possible? i cant do/download anything now!

A:windowsXP deleted ADMIN account

Restart the computer and start tapping F8 once per second after the POST beep until you get a boot options menu.
Choose safe mode
Log in with user name Administrator.
If you have not password protected this hidden account leave the password blank ; otherwise enter the password you gave to it.
Then go and change your account back (start / run => type control userpasswords2 (select your account, choose properties, choose group membership , change to other/ administrators)
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My girlfriend set up an admin account to block certain websites from me. I idiotically deleted that admin account. Now I am unable to do literally anything without permission from a nonexistent account. Every time I try to run ANYTHING, it grays out the "yes" option and tells me I need to enter the administrator password. I can't even run the command prompt as an admin. When I try to do the "net user administrator /active:no" command, it gives me a system 5 error. I can't restore to a time before she ever made the admin account because it needs permission. I can't reinstall Windows because to run the tool to make a bootable USB, I need permission. And there is NO ACCOUNT to get permission from anymore. I have no idea what to do. Someone please, please help me.

Thank you.

A:Deleted admin account and now have no permission to do anything!!!!!

Hello petitejete,

You will find many threads where this problem has occurred. The only way you can resolve this is to activate the hidden Administrator account and use it to create a new admin account on your system. This will then give you back the ability you had before. The only way you can do this is to run Option 4 in the following tutorial. You will need to use the Microsoft Tech Bench rather than the Media Creation Tool to download a Windows ISO that matches your current W10 version.

Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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So basically I lent my friend my laptop for a few days I provided him with my password to my account from what I can speculate he had made his own user account under the name quot guest quot When I had already deleted An with user own? merged account has my received the laptop back the quot guest quot user account had already been deleted An already deleted user account has merged with my own? but under some instances the laptop began associating my files with the already deleted quot guest quot user account in other folders it would associate me with my actual user account which is either quot spadu quot or quot sean quot It really bothers me how the account was merged into my account and associating my files with the quot guest quot user account I just want to get rid of this quot guest quot stuff and have it completely back to normal any ideas by the way the guest account has been turned off so that isn't an explanation or a solution I am the only user account on this laptop

A:An already deleted user account has merged with my own?

Hello Pineapple, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Please use the tutorial below to view detailed information about your user accounts on the PC, and post the results back to see what may have happened with your account.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows
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Is there anyway to recover a deleted twitter account with a software or something else or no ?

A:Is There Anyway To Recover A Deleted Twitter Account ?

You won't be able to recover the account using software.
Your best option is to contact Twitter.
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Dweeb alert There was a Deleted account D'oh! on Solved: Admin XP!! quot guest quot Account and an account that said quot Owner quot No quot Administrator quot account I bought this as a quot beater quot PC to keep in the rec room storage for Solved: D'oh! Deleted Admin account on XP!! pics tunes and games etc It was a used PC from a Dell repair shop in quot original working order quot and I m starting to wonder if the guy that worked there didn t use it Solved: D'oh! Deleted Admin account on XP!! for target practice with his programming gun gt lt Anyhow our -year-old-going-on- thought she would start chatting with classmates after we went to bed and a-HA Busted So I in all my finite wisdom thought I would get the best of the situation and delete all user accounts and put in a fresh Admin password I Was Wrong I triumphantly deleted the account labeled quot Owner quot thinking the pc would default to quot Administrator quot login screen if not bypassing the Welcome Screen altogether So I rebooted and much to my chagrin the Welcome Screen showed up alright but with NO USERS to click on Nothing No quot Guest quot no quot User quot No quot Owner quot and no quot Administrator quot - the entire right side of the Welcome Screen is a BLANK quot list quot So I pulled ye olde quot Ctrl-Alt-Del quot x and got a prompt that in the user name blank said quot Owner quot so I left it blank and wait for it nothing Well that is nothing but a logon message that reads quot The system could not log you on Make sure your user name and domain are correct then type your password again Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case quot My best guess is that there is an unknown password of some sort and that the default quot Administrator quot account was renamed to quot Owner quot I have gigs of Fleetwood Mac Pink Floyd and The Eagles on there not to mention my one-hit-wonder collection Yes I am that much of a dork Oh and gigs of family photos gt gt Disclaimer The above list is not necessarily in any specific order Any suggestions Windows XP with SP G hard drive G ram k Gforce something or other I think nbsp

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A While I was using it B On a new install of windows Explorer crashed and I my deleted Windows user account received the message quot No mapping between account names security IDs was done quot When trying to open various programs including windows explorer I get the above error message What's more it would appear my user account has been deleted I still have a folder in C Users but when I go to manage user accounts I have no profile picture and I cannot add a new one also I cannot quot manage users quot Windows deleted my user account So I have no way of adding a new user account This happened yesterday and I used safe mode to make a new account Today when starting quot ASUS AI Suite quot Windows deleted my user account a tool for general computer hardware control the problem reoccurred Clearly something is seriously wrong When this happened before I rebooted my PC and at the login screen there was no user to click on to login only a blank quot user name quot and quot password quot field to fill in I tried putting my username and password in but to no avail that's when I used safe mode to create a new user I've left my PC running this time to try and investigate what the problem is If no one has any advice for me I planning on going back to a system restore point just after installing the new operating system If that doesn't work then I'm looking at a clean install I have not tried to rename or in any other way alter my user account UPDATE Running system restore gave a VSS error so I'm running system restore from the boot menu which seems to be working - yay System restore worked I'm now reinstalling stuff Thanks for everyone's help And I shall avoid using AI suite I might try contacting ASUS about it perhaps try and recreate what happened using a different user profile too

A:Windows deleted my user account

Welcome to the forum,

Here's a couple things to try,

System Restore

Repair Install

I was thinking about this,

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Since you can't get to a user account that wouldn't work.
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My OS is Windows Vista Ultimate x64. Four days ago I deleted my daughters user account. I really don't remember if I was prompted to copy files or pictures. None the less, my daughter is in tears because she does not have a backup of her documents or pictures. I am hoping that there is a way for me to restore her account. I tried to restore using the restore program. I selected a restore point and started the program. The program ran and then system restarted. After the restarted I received a message saying that the restore was not successful due to an Unspecified error. Can anyone help me?

A:Help - Can I restore a User Account I deleted?

Give us the error number for the bad restore.
Try to get the documents by this software - About
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Just yesterday I got my computer back after a long hiatus with the geek squad I have a Dell with Windows XP I spent a very long time putting my Windows Administrator XP Deleted Account music on there a lot of it and finally got it all on my ipod During the time I was waiting I did kind of mess with the User Accounts Windows XP Deleted Administrator Account At that time there weren t any other accounts so when started it went straight to my screen But I added another administrator account and two limited accounts My account which was still named quot Administrator quot had all of my music all of the changes I had made to the background and such So after I updated my ipod I turned the computer off properly When I got up this morning and turned it on of course it went to the main screen to choose which account to access but my account quot Administrator quot was gone nowhere to be found All of the other accounts the two limited and the other administrator account were there It s not listed in the control panel and I can t find it anywhere I know that its somewhere on my computer somewhere all my files are hidden I just have to clue how to find them Obviously the computer did it itself and I don t know how to get them back Please Please help me nbsp

A:Windows XP Deleted Administrator Account

The account isn't deleted. When at the welcome screen do a control-alt-delete a couple of times. You will get a logon box. Type in administrator and password and you will logon.

When the only account existing is administrator you get it only. Once you create accounts it doesn't show up on the welcome screen without being enabled to show on the screen.
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I accidentally deleted the files along with a user account and now I need to know I good application that I can use to recover the lost data files. This is a life or death issue because it was my wifes account. Please help!!

A:User Account Files Deleted

shutdown the pc immediately and go to another pc to get/buy software off the internet. Put it on a usb stick and recover your files.

The longer you use and stay on the machine expecially if you download anything greatly reduces what you can recover.
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By mistake, I have deleted the administrator user account from my Dell notebook (I am running XP Pro). All that is left in the user profile section of my user accounts section of my control panel is one guest account.

I cannot even gain enough authorization to do a system restore or defrag.

I backed up all my data and attempted to reload Windows XP to fix this, but the computer would not let me do this because I do not have administrator privileges.

How should I proceed?

Relevancy 71.38%

I was trying to remove the password from my administrative account. But by mistake I deleted the administrative account. So now I am unable to do lot of actiivities on my computer which requires administrative rights. When I go in control panel user account. It shows me only one account which Is unlimited. I tried to restore my system in back date. But I don?t know why for some reason I could?t restored it either. So could anybody please tell me how can I restore my administrative account back.. I don?t want to restore my system. Is there any other option ?? please suggest.

A:deleted admin account by mistake

Right click the My Computer icon and select manage.
Click on the + next to local users and groups. Double click the users folder.
Double click the administrator. Make sure the disable account is unchecked.
Relevancy 71.38%

I have accidentaly deleted my administrator account. It happened because i created a new user, then I used that abit. When I logged on to my old accout I deleted the new one that I made, but then I wasnt't administrator anymore... ON NONE OF THE USERS ON THE COMPUTER. So I can't create a new account with admin rights and I can't change my account type to administrator Please help me if u know how.

- Victor27 -

A:Deleted admin user account

It is against the policy of BleepingComputer to provide information on methods to reset or bypass the Administrator password. Though your question is most likely legitimate, there are others who may read this topic and use the information for less savory reasons. It is for these reasons we do not provide this type of information.If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message or an email. Thank you for your understanding.The weathermanBleepingComputer Forums ModeratorReference: BleepingComputer Board Rules
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So my computer received some error today upon startup. I ran my Compaq system repair which deleted all my user accounts. I logged into the administrator and found that my files are still in Documents and Settings. So, I created a new account and tried copying all the files from my previous user in Documents and Settings to the new one. Problem is, I get an error that says "Cannot Copy File: "
How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Recover a deleted user account

try a live cd, like ubuntu. that should mount your ntfs or fat32 partition(s) and allow you to copy the files you need.

alternatively, if you log in to administrator, without first logging in to your main account you should be able to copy the profile. if you have any errors, you may need to take ownership of the folder and sub folders. let me know if the live cd doesn't work and i'll walk you through it.
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My computer technician updated my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7 , but unfortunately when I turned on my computer all of the accounts that were previously on it prior to the updating were deleted. Is there a way to recover those deleted accounts and the files on them, and is it necessary for a computer technician to delete accounts in order to update a computer?

A:Computer Tech DELETED My Account!

Check to see if you have a Windows.old folder on the C: drive
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Ah I ran into another problem I don t want to spam the board with my topics so I hope you guys don t mind if I change the topic a little bit Okay so I tried to make a Limited user account I went to control panel - gt user got My need :( user deleted? back it I account And accounts and when I tried to create the account the Limited option was grayed out I could not make it So I created an administrator account anyways I than switched to that new account called it and while inside that account My user account got deleted? And I need it back :( I went back to user accounts in control panel and than I was able to make a new account with limited access So the problem now is here when I try to log off from My user account got deleted? And I need it back :( this account I was unable to go back to my original account The account I was using before I made the limited account and before I even made I want to go back to the other account because it has all my programs desktop favorites and other things How do I go back to my original account while still having another account as limited I don t need the other account the one I called This is on XP pro btw Thanks for your time nbsp

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After the latest round of Windows 8.1 updates, Windows deleted my local account, forcing me to sign in with my live account. I tried creating a new local account, but I cannot set it for administrator rights; it will only create an account with standard rights. What's going on? It seems like an evil plot by Microsoft to further control how we can use our computers! How can I create a local user account with administrator rights that has the same desktop, etc. as my live account? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 8.1 Deleted My Local Account

There appears to be 2 questions here;
1.  Creating a local user account with administrator rights 
2.  Making the Desktop of this new account the same as the Live account
I have been experimenting with these questions and had no dificulty performing the functions.  I have Classc Shell, which allows me to move around the PC very easily, and I have not installed the latest MS Important updates (39) since February.  These are not critical updates, so I chose to ignore them.  This lack of similarity between our PCs may make a difference.
I will assume that you do not have Classic Shell installed and proceed from that point.
Boot your PC using the account with Administrator rights.
Press the windows Key + C to display the Charms Bar on the right side
Select Search, make 'everywhere' the default, in the window type 'user acounts'
From the menu select 'add, delete and manage other user accounts'
From the menu select 'Add an Account'
This is the critical window 'How will this person sign in?' Look at the last entry on the page. "Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)" Select this option
From the new window select 'Local Account'
From the next window, complete the options as you desire.  I set up a Guest account with no password.
Select 'Next'
From the new window select 'Finish'
The window should advise you that this new account is set up.  It is a local acount without a pasword required and no administrator rights.
Press Windows key + C to display the Charms Bar
Select Search and type 'User Accounts'
Select 'User Accounts'
From the new window select 'Manage another account'
Click on the account you just created
In the new window select 'Change the account type'
Select the circle for "Administrator' and click on 'Change Account type'
A new window should display showing that this new account is a Local account with administrator rights.
I did not mean to treat you as a newbie. I realize that you are able to set up and change account types, but I tried to make the process very basic. You may take other ways to achieve the same results.
Log out from your Administrator account and log in with the new Guest account that you just created. What displays?  This will determine the next steps.
Post back please.
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I have no idea where I got the bright idea It started off I m just going to change the Admin password That didnt sound Solved: Log I Admin On! Account ! HELP! Deleted Now Cant like anything dangerous Went smoothly the change was accepted and confirmed Hmmmm thenafter browsing around I came up with a better idea Ill just delete the account and create a new one Not a big deal right I hesitated for a second when it it said that the user would no longer be able to log in Solved: HELP! Deleted Admin Account ! Now I Cant Log On! if account was deleted But I was just going to create another so i preceeded Problem came in when it wouldnt let me create another It kept saying that the new profile name i was trying to make was not a part of Solved: HELP! Deleted Admin Account ! Now I Cant Log On! the old deleted Admins domain or something like that I restarted the comp w o creating account Did i mention that there were no other user accounts just the one When the comp rebooted i went to login screen it still had old Admin name there I tried original password didnt work Tried the password i had successfully changed it to didnt work either I clicked on switch User there was another icon named other user Clicked on it two blanks one for user name other password I have tried everything that my comp illiterate mind could come up with as a possible solution No luck Please HELP nbsp

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OMG. Made a big blunder but hope there is some solution.

The last restore point is 3 days old

By mistake and while logged in with another administrator account, I deleted a Windows account of another administrator. Is there any way to undo and recover the deleted account.

Please hlp. OMG, what was I thinking :(

A:Can I restore a deleted account in Windows 7 (64-bit)

If the account was deleted after the 3 day-old system resore point was created, possibly so -

Regards. . .


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Hey guys I desperately need help I was playing around on Administrator Xp Deleted account. Windows HELP!!! my computer and I went on task manager while I was on my Administrator account and I clicked on the users tab and accidently clicked on something and my computer restarted HELP!!! Deleted Windows Xp Administrator account. and my account was gone I don t know HELP!!! Deleted Windows Xp Administrator account. what I clicked because I m using a chinese version of Windows I have Admin Accounts but I never used the other one Which means the main account I use is gone There is a folder in Documents and settings that says Administrator and has all the files that belonged to the account but when I go to Accounts on Control panel There is no account named Administrator I would like to know if there is a way to get this account back because the Documents and settings for it is gbs and I don t wanna waste my time transfering it to my other account I already tried to make another account named Administrator but there was a error message that there is already an account with the same name PLEASE HELP nbsp

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Hi, I accidentally deleted the wrong User account (my Main account). Distracted and kicking myself! In Win2000, I can't do a system restore, right? The files are still there in a 'Main' folder in Documents & Settings, but all my settings are gone. When I added back Main as a User account, it created one called Main-Home. This acts like a brand new account. I'm having to start from scratch with every program. Is there a way to get things put back, so computer will recognize it and can access the old settings in Outlook Express, for example?

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After creating my own administrator account on my roommate's computer, I logged off and noticed his account was no longer there. I checked the user accounts in control panel and my account and the guest account were the only ones there. So I guess I deleted it, which is worrisome because it's not my computer and he probably has some important stuff on there...

What should I do from here? Is there any way to get that account back?

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I'm on a work computer that had been set up for an employee who retired. When the computer first booted up it always wanted to sign into Emily's account. After poking around I was unable to change this sign-in behavior--when Win10 booted it always automatically signed in there. I decided to go ahead and delete that user account. To my astonishment the behavior didn't change. I've deleted the user account for Emily but every time when Win10 starts it gives me a sign-in error to Emily's account and I have to manually choose my own account to sign in to. What gives?

A:Win10 tries to sign in to a deleted account

I'm a Windows 7 Pro user, so I'm guessing about W10: is there a control panel that will you adjust login behavior? If not, Windows Club has an Ultimate Windows Tweaker just for W10 that will let you adjust the login behavior. Be warned! UWT used willy-nilly, used non-cautiously, could have you reaching for your restorable backup of OS partition, or, your Windows install DVD.
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I removed my account in order to make my account the primary account, but my mail app in windows 10 still does not see my account as primary account. Presently I cannot send or receive mails using the account and need
to recover the account so I can continue to use it. How do I recover my account?
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dear friends
i had deleted my administrator account.but iam not able to recover it.i am running in with windows 8.1
help me to recover it

A:accidently deleted Administrator Account

Were you running the actual normally-hidden Administrator account or a User account with administrative rights? For normal/standard use I've not seen where that hidden account could be easily deleted but I guess if someone works at it they could be successful. It's hidden by default and has to be activated for temporary use then deactivated [probably to protect us from our own foibles].
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I deleted my account on accident and now my start button won't work. How do I restore it? And I just updated it to window 10 yesterday and today it said that I was logged in as a temporary account so I tried fixing it but deleted my account what to do? I think I deleted my administrator account.

A:I deleted my profile account on my computer what do I do?

Originally Posted by Nion

I deleted my account on accident and now my start button won't work. How do I restore it? And I just updated it to window 10 yesterday and today it said that I was logged in as a temporary account so I tried fixing it but deleted my account what to do? I think I deleted my administrator account.

Hi Nion and welcome to Tenforums.

You could try enabling the built-in administrator account in W10, and then creating a new account for yourself once in it.
Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums