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redo outlook 2013 mail account

Q: redo outlook 2013 mail account

I have just installed Outlook 2013 and started my mail account. Unfortunately I let Outlook configure my email account automatically and it configured as IMAP and not a POP account so I have an OST instead of a pst

what is the best way to delete the account I created and start again this time configuring the servers manually ?

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Preferred Solution: redo outlook 2013 mail account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: redo outlook 2013 mail account

Personally I would leave the account as it is. An IMAP account have the advantage of leaving copies of e-mail on the server. So in the event of system failure all your e-mails are safe.

Are you able to send/receive e-mail ok?
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I know the server settings are correct because they work on my phone and at my office. This is an Exchange 2010 account. It makes it through the auto discovery, then says that I have to restart outlook. When I restart outlook it pop-up with windows security window, so I input username and password.
This pops up.

Then this.

Then this.

The exchange server name shows up as a .local which would work if I was on the network at the office.

A:Outlook 2013 Cannot add a new account

For starters, there is a certificate error. Is your company using a self-signed certificate? If so, you'll need to import the root certificate from your company's certificate store into the computer you are trying to connect with.
You said you know the server settings are correct, and that the exchange server name ends in .local. That server can only be accessed from computers connected to your company's network. If you are trying to connect from home, you will need to contact your IT department to ensure the Outlook Anywhere service is enabled on the Exchange server. Your phone can connect because it is using a different protocol than what Outlook uses.
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Getting rid of Outlook Express with Windows 7 - I'm trying to consolidate all accounts into Outlook (where I already have several email accounts. Just bought Office 2013 and am finally get rid of Outlook 2000.

I've searched and not found how many accounts Outlook will support.

These are pop accounts. Will it support 15 or 20 reasonably? 30 ... 50? Why don't they publish this number?

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How do I set up second Yahoo account on Outlook 2013?

One yahoo account has worked for a year. This was a new account opened exclusively on a new computer with a virgin Outlook 2013.

The second yahoo account cannot be opened on the new computer. This second and older account still works on my old computer and on my iPhone 6, but I can't get it to work on the new computer with Outlook 2013. I have tried the automatic setup and have tried to copy the account settings over. The error message is:
"Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)."

Can Outlook differentiate between similar names like [email protected] and [email protected]?

A:How do I set up second Yahoo account on Outlook 2013

Wait for the free Windows 10 upgrade?
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Hi there PLEASE TO ANY DEVELOPERS OF SOFTWARE Don't dumb the stuff Office cannot account 2013 - Outlook configure down so much that it's impossible to repair it if Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account it goes wrong Outlook won't set up an email account if the TEST SEND EMAIL fails This is a really stupid error on the part of the developers -- if you are in some places often your ISP won't let you logon to your email server to SEND email from programs like OUTLOOK SPAM protection amongst other things but insist that you use their webmail unless you are actually LOGGED ON to the ISP ISP's have no problem with you READING Email while on say a public other Wi-Fi system but often restrict the SENDING of emails through their servers from such Wi-Fi accesses - you often have to be logged on to your own ISP So if you are trying to set up the account while you are staying in a Hotel and using their broadband service it fails -- all I want is to be able to READ email until I can logon at home I can SEND via webmail or mobile phone so the stupid install process shouldn't stop me CREATING an account even if for the moment I can't use it for SENDING GRRH -- Don't the developers EVER speak to the END USERS any more before designing some install rubbish system like this Showstopper for me this one Rolled back to Office -- Outlook works fine - you can SKIP the test email send --this is what they should allow on Outlook as well Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

Maybe some "stability updates" will be released. Always the same problems with new software...

Good thing I couldn't upgrade (no free offer or reductions).
The Office 2010 runs super fast on my laptop and (for me) there's no need for another version for the moment.

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I don't understant that what should I write int to blanks?
The next step for any error in writing the vacancy is wrong ?
Please look below image;
Thank you.

A:How to create an account in Microsoft's Outlook 2013?

You need to get that info from your email provider. Does your ISP provide you with an email account? If so, ask then for instructions on how to setup their email with Outlook. For instance, I can go to the website for my ISP and they have a FAQ that lists how to setup various mail clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...
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Hi everyone,
I'm having a strange problem with my IMAP account in outlook 2013. My account does not download my mails after I open the program. I need to go to the send/receive tab and click the  'update folders' button.
I've tried deleting and re-installing the imap account. It also does not fetch the mails when I use the F9 button.
I'm using Win7 (64bit) and Office 2013 Professional Plus (32bit), both office and Windows are up to date according to windows update.
Help would be very much appreciated.
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I just acquired an HP Pavilion -C desktop computer that came preloaded with Windows and Office I once used Windows Vista Business with Office which worked fine I m now unable to 8.1. Cannot Outlook Activate Windows User in Account Using New 2013 activate Outlook i e I can t send or receive Cannot Activate New User Account in Outlook 2013 Using Windows 8.1. e-mail messages per the following When receiving - I get The connection to the server was interrupted Somewhere I heard or read that Cannot Activate New User Account in Outlook 2013 Using Windows 8.1. imap should be instead of pop or pop when using Outlook in Windows When sending - I get Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing SMTP e-mail server BTW my ISP is comcast net and I was directed to an online file - Configure Outlook for Comcast E-Mail accessed via Google Each time I follow this procedure and get to the final step Test Account Settings - the Test fails - and I can t finalize my e-mail new account configuration Has anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it BTW I m only semi-computer literate in such matters and would appreciate a step-by-step approach to finally get back into e-mail land Thanks shamrock
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I have two issues, they are somehow related:

1- Am always prompted to enter the account credentials for an Office365 e-mail on MS Outlook.. without even closing and reopening Outlook, am suddenly prompted to enter the credentials, no network disconnection occurs during this time

2- The second problem is that I have to enter the credentials 4 times before it gets connected again! it is similar to what happens when the password is wrong, however, I just check the remember password and click on Ok 4 times and am connected
any suggestions for both problems?!
Solving the first one might ease the impact of the second...

A:Outlook 2013 keeps prompting for Office365 account credentials

Have a look at this website & see if it helps you.
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Hi guys

We're migrating a user from IMAP to POP. She's using Outlook 2013 and has lots of autocomplete entries. There's no suggested contacts folder and no .nk2 files. Any idea where they're stored?


A:Outlook 2013 autocomplete entries for IMAP account

You need to check with the source (email ISP) to find how there service does it.
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Dear all,
I configured my Outlook 2013 as below:
I created a profile with 2 accounts: one is Exchange mode account, the other is IMAP mode account.
Now I set the Exchange mode account data to E:\email. But the data of IMAP account if in C drive, I want to change it to E:\email too.
How do I change it?
Thank you in advance.

A:How to Change Data Path for IMAP Account in Outlook 2013

Every post I see says they don't recommend doing this, so make suer you have everything backed up should you try. I have no personal experience in this and don't use Outlook myself.

Outlook 2013 change .ost path - Microsoft Community

How to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst) - Slipstick Systems

A Guy
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newcomer just looking for an answer to: how one forwards their outlook mail account to an mail account?

A:How does one forward their outlook mail account to an mail account?

There are no such things as Outlook mail accounts (in the context of your question anyway). Your mail account is on a server where Outlook fetches mail from.

The better way to set up mail forwarding is on the server. If you have some sort of a web interface or a shell account, then you may be able to set the forward address yourself. Otherwise, talk to the mail server administrator.

You can set up mail filtering rules in Outlook too, which say that whenever Outlook receives a new message, it will send it so somewhere else. This approach is very bad though, since you would have to have your Outlook running 24/7 to keep the forwarding ability.
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I downloaded the Office 2013 preview and used it for a while (without uninstalling Office 2010). One thing that I didn't like is that, although my e-mails were indexed for searching within Outlook 2013, using Windows unified search (clicking the Microsoft button and searching for a phrase, for example) only turned up old e-mails that had been received and indexed when I was using Outlook 2010, but nothing received after installing 2013. Also, no previews of the old e-mails were available in the preview pane of the search window. Maybe all this was because I still had 2010 installed?

I'm interested in buying 2013 but I'm not going to do it if I can only search for e-mails within Outlook or if I can't preview them using Windows search. Can someone confirm for me whether 2013 is working as 2010 did with respect to Windows search, inlcuding previews if the preview pane is selected? Thanks..

A:Outlook 2013 / e-mail search question

OK, I answered my own question by shelling out $99 for Office 365 Home. Microsoft continues to believe that users don't want to use Windows search to search for e-mail messages or their contents, even though Microsoft itself delivered this technology when it first released Desktop search and then integrated it with Windows in Vista and Win 7. I use this feature literally every day. It's very frustrating when a software company takes something away that people have found useful, for no apparent reason. I can't believe that it was somehow not possible to retain the feature - it seems more likely that it took some work to disable it.

Yes, I do know that I can search for my e-mails within Outlook 2013. That's not how search is effective for me. I'm looking for something that I know I have, and I don't know if it's in a document, an e-mail, or whatever. I want to do what I've been able to do for several years now - one search to find my information, wherever it may be.

Even more frustrating, I can't keep Outlook 2010 as my e-mail client and use Office 365 for all the other Office suite apps (Word 2013, Excel 2013, etc.). Even if I keep and use Outlook 2010 as my "default" e-mail client, that doesn't solve my problem, and anyway, even with the default box checked in Outlook 2010, it's not really the default. Why do I say this? Because I uninstalled Office 365 and left Outlook 2010 (and the rest of Office 2010) installed, but Windows now tells me that I have no default e-mail client, no matter how much I fool around with the Default Programs. I had to do a system restore to a restore point prior to the installation of Office 365 in order to return to my (eveidently outdated) version of "normal."
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I just installed Office 2013 and decided to give the updated Outlook a fair try. I'm coming from using Thunderbird as my main e-mail program.

I have 10 gmail IMAP accounts setup in Outlook, using to be what I believe are the default settings (I haven't changed anything in any of the accounts). I am not working offline, and I have Outlook set to send/receive every 10 minutes.

In Thunderbird, anytime a new e-mail message is received, it is automatically downloaded and I get an alert sound.

However with Outlook, in order for the e-mail to be downloaded, I have to click on the Inbox of the respective e-mail account in order for it to be automatically downloaded.

How can I solve this? This isn't an e-mail account problem because I immediately receive new e-mails via IMAP in Thunderbird and on my phone.

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2013 will not automatically receive new mail

This is still not working properly. Any ideas?
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I have a client who uses Outlook 2013 on windows 7 x64

They are using iMAP

They have an issue that emails are not being delivered to Outlook when they open up Outlook first thing in the mornings. All emails are being delivered to their web mail. It then begins to work after a couple of hours.

I have tried to repair office, run updates, scanned for viruses, created a new outlook profile.
And none of the above work

Any ideas??

A:Delay in receiving mail using Outlook 2013

I found this from a previous post.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kari

This is because Outlook is not constantly checking for new mail but instead in predefined intervals. You can change the time interval for sending and receiving new mail in Send / Receive settings.

First open the Send / Receive Groups menu and select Define Send / Receive Groups:
Attachment 297333Set the time interval (highlighted yellow):
Attachment 297334Set the value to 1 minute to force Outlook to pick new mail every minute. Personally I have to say I really cannot see any reason to have Outlook constantly checking new mail, even at work it's enough for me to check 4 times per hour.

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I am trying to export messages from Windows Live Mail Live Outlook to 2013 Windows Mail MS to Outlook Note I exported from Windows Mail Vista to Windows Live Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013 Mail Windows I still have my old Vista machine with all my emails in Windows Mail I do Open Microsoft Outlook Open Windows Live Mail In the Windows Live Mail window click Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013 the File button and select Exportand then select Email messages Select Microsoft Exchange as the format and then click Next You will see a message that all email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange click Ok to continue This is where nothing happens except blink of the screen when I hit quot Ok quot it just goes back to step where the dialog box pops up to select Microsoft Exchange It exports nicely to Microsoft Windows Live Mail but when do Microsoft Exchange it does not even go to step to select All messages etc What am I dong wrong and or is there easier method to get all my email messages to Outlook please note the Note at top of page of still have emails on Vista machine Any suggestion - even to purchase a program to do this for me will be a help As did the export from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail before - redid it as - when moved my imported folder inbox messages to an folder just under imported folder as had like for some reason all in tree form as in subfolders all me messages subjects remained the same however the message itself all read the same thing - strange I know Thanks ahead of time David PS I new I should of migrated long time ago to Microsoft Outlook but always used Outlook Express then Windows Mail - so much greef nbsp

A:Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013

What worked for me was a program called Address Magic Plus. Like you, I was trying to go from Windows Live to Outlook and this did it for me. The Plus version exports & imports your address book, email, etc. It was worth it to me. It supports many different email formats so you can use it for other programs if you decide to change later on. It can be found at:
Hope this helps
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I have been trying to set up Outlook on Win for the last week with no success at all I log on to BT mail and change my password The last screen is as follows QUOTE IMPORTANT Do you also use a mobile device tablet or email program such as Outlook to access your email You do Then it's extremely important that having now changed your password you also update all of the devices you use to access your email account with your new password Why not take the time while you're waiting set and do telecome 10 Outlook British 2013 with How I mail win up to do this The most common cause of log in failures is because the password in your mobile device tablet or email program does not match your email account so it's important that you do this For more advice visit www bt com help clientsetup End Quote Unfortunately when you open Outlook it immediately tries to log in using the How do I set up win 10 with Outlook 2013 and British telecome mail old password before you have had time to change it BT then says that you have tried to log in too many times and asks you to change your password And so it goes on ad infinitum My internet provider is BT British Telecom a company that seems to be run from India They refuse to help me set up outlook because that is their policy All posts in the outlook forum show information that does not look at all like my Outlook set up screen so they are no help at all All I want is for someone in the UK who has a BT account to post a screen shot of the three screens concerned If I turn on Outlook it immediately logs in with the wrong password and the whole chain starts over One solution would be to turn off the internet while I change the password but there seems to be only one answer to that and it uses the Edge browser which will not work properly on my computer I only use one device and that is my computer Please help anyone

A:How do I set up win 10 with Outlook 2013 and British telecome mail

Try this:

1.) Make sure Outlook is closed, not running! Open Control Panel (right click Start button, select Control Panel)

2.) In Category view, select User Accounts:

3.) Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook 20XX):

4.) Select Email Accounts:

5.) Select your email account, click Change:

6.) Type the new password, click Next:

7.) Account settings will be tested, when done close all windows:

Notice please: you can only change password if the account type is Exchange ActiveSync, IMAP or POP3. If the account type is Microsoft Exchange (for instance Office 365 Business email accounts), changing the password with this method is not possible.

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I want the recipient name to show in the "To" field in composed mail. It just shows the email address. I notice in my address book display that the "Display Name" is the same as the E-Mail Address.

I've been using Windows Live Mail and it shows the recipient's name.

Is there a setting I'm missing or anybody have an answer?

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Connected my account, but all folders (inc. Inbox and Sent) only go as far back as "Three Weeks Ago".

Windows Live Mail downloaded it all.

Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2013 only downloads past three weeks of e-mail instead of all

I use Outlook 2013 & I think your problem could be that Outlook has been set to delete all emails from the server older than, in your case 3 weeks.
Select File in Outlook then Account Settings & then highlight your Hotmail A/C, then select Change & page through all the settings & you should find a setting on how long to keep emails on server, or something similar to that. From memory it is very nearly the last setting.
Windows Live Mail uses a different type of email arrangement & there are no settings available for that, however it is very much easier to set up in Outlook.
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Hi...I am trying to send a picture email to my mother. Every time I try to access the Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013) (32-bit) feature in Windows 7, it gives me error(s).

It would be appreciated if someone could help me out.

A:Keep Getting Error(s) When Accessing Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013)

Can someone please look into this for me? It would be greatly appreciated.
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Is this possible? or how can i get rid of syncing my junk mail?

A:How to disable new mail alert for junk? Outlook 2013

Yes i believe so.

on your email name (under fav's) right click junk. then click IMAP folders.
next click Query. you will see the junk folder. select it then click Unsubscribe!
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I've got a weird issue with Outlook 2013 on Windows 8..  I've read several other posts that are kind of similar but they don't really apply.
So, Outlook 2013 uses the "Desktop Mail Notification" sound event..  unless I change the .wav file assigned to that event.  Then it instead uses the "New Mail Notification" event.  Then when I change the .wav file assigned
to THAT one, it changes again to instead use the "Notification" event.  Then when I change the .wav file assigned to "Notification," Outlook just won't play anything at all when receiving new mail.  It just flat refuses to use
anything but the default .wav files.
Has anyone run into this before?
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My desktop computer developed Internet connection problems that resulted in my performing a total system rebuild - wipe the drive reinstall Win Home Premium from DVD media reinstall programs like Office I used a program called BackupOutlook to save a copy of the Outlook files on a USB and then used that program on the new setup to restore For the Gmail using IMAP I choose to create a new Data File and all recent e-mails are there in the Outbox Outlook send to fails mail in 2013 Inbox or in another folder in the list I used the server settings I had used previously and test messages were sent and received normally But what I discovered thereafter was that messages I created and sent went into the Outbox and remained there I have re-checked server settings run a Scanpst exe on the Data Files I believe might be relevant checked Add-ins and found two already disabled by the system and run Outlook in Safe Mode Nothing has resolved the problem I did a similar re-do on another desktop a few months Outlook 2013 fails to send mail in Outbox ago and did not encounter this problem This used to happen now and then before I rebuilt that other computer but a shutdown and restart of Outlook would resolve the matter That problem disappeared after that rebuild Thanks to all for insight and advice for a fix
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Hey guys:I can't seem to get this right. I go through the Outlook Add Account Wizard and I get this error:The name on the Security Certificate does not match the name of the site.Do you want to proceed?Yes, No, View CertificateI hit Yes, but, it still doesn't configure properly. It prompts me to retry over and over again. Any ideas would be great!!!ThanksEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:How to configure Outlook 2013 to receive Yahoo mail

You have to use an IMAP configuration to use Yahoo with Outlook 2013 or upgrade to paid account to use Yahoo and POP3 with Outlook. For IMAP instructions and still stay free see: How to Configure Free Yahoo Accounts In OutlookThanks to Diane Poremsky Outlook MVP @ This Link
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After uninstalling Office 2010, I downloaded and installed Office 2013 from The install went smoothly. But after the install was complete I tried to setup an mail account - using the Mail applet in control panel. But got the following popup error " Rundll32.exe - Application error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000be) Click ok to close the application." I therefore cannot add an email account as this has to be done through the applet. I am running Windows7 64bit. I have tried both Office 2013(32bit) and Office 2013(64bit) but get the same result. I have used the "Fixit tool " from Microsoft to uninstall and re-install with no luck. I have googled the error and have had no luck in finding a solution. Has anybody experienced this issue and been able to resolve it?
Any help much appreciated. Thanks

A:Outlook 2013 Mail applet error (Windows 7 64bit)

Wow you posted this topic in like 5 different forums... What method did you take to uninstall 2010? Seems like you may have some leftover traces possible in the registry.
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I recently put a coply of MS Office onto a friends computer for them and set up outlook and I cannot get it to export my email from Windows live mail I have Outlook set as the default mail client and have exhausted the how to on the microsoft help site to exporting Outlook mail live not Solved: Windows 2013? used instructions from http support microsoft com kb nothing worked I keep getting an error message stating that MAPI isn t setup properly and that I have to set outlook to be the default mail client before Solved: Windows live mail not exporting to Outlook 2013? it will complete I have done this and still keep getting the same message I have also tried exporting the messages in their native formal fol but Outlook won t read them why MS insists on not building easy portability between its own programs in areas like this is beyond my scope of comprehension or why it cares if I have Outlook installed on that particiular machine or not what if a user wants to put the messages onto another machine that doesn t have live mail on it only Outlook Griping aside I either need a program that can convert the exported fol files into a readable pst file or compatible format or troubleshoot why live mail isn t seeing that quot yes in fact I do have Outlook installed and yes it is set as the default mail client both from Outlook itself and from checking the default program list I set every file type I could see as default to Outlook and still nothing Thanks for your help you guys have never let me down nbsp

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Hey guys I decided to replace Thunderbird by Outlook I'm just mail - filtering single Junk Outlook - mails 2013 in the middle of configuring my mail accounts in the program but I just can't find a solution to a more or less troublesome problem I'm receiving tons of spam out of which my mail server manages to eliminate a good by itself But in between those that reach me I will have some eMails that appear to be sent by friends or even myself Of course Outlook 2013 - Junk mail - filtering single mails I'd like to flag them as spam but Outlook won't let me The only option I got is to block the whole user which I cannot do as some of them are normal contacts with which I exchange normal eMails frequently Is there any chance to have it work like in Thunderbird where you can flag single eMails as spam without completely blocking the sender I wouldn't mind installing some sort of addon as long as it stays within Outlook Thanks for any help in advance Cheers Jan
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Hi together,

is there any way to have the default Win8 mail tile open Outllok 2013-Mail, the calendar tile open the Outllok calendar and so on?
Regards Stefan

A:How to have Outlook 2013 use the default tiles mail, calendar, contacts?

Hi, Creating a tile is not the Problem... The tile should Show updates like New Mails.

Regards Stefan

Only Windows 8 apps using WinRT can have live tiles.
Outlook 2013 isn't a WinRT apps. You should use the Mail apps (that can use any Exchange server) instead.
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I need to import apple mail archived files in windows outlook 2013. But every time I open the import wizard and reach the file selection step, i cannot select the archived file. It doesn't even show in the dialog box. I dont know what is the issue. 
Is it the file size issue as the archive file is heavy (about 40gb) or there is any other fault???
Please help.

A:How can I import Apple Mail files in windows Outlook 2013 ?

Apple mail and outlook use different formats, hence you cannot use the outlook import/export tool to import apple mail files. Outlook wont recognize apple mail and vice-versa. You need to use a third party converter. There are a LOT of tools out there which you can use. Depending on the urgency and importance, whether its a work or home email account, you can either use a paid tool or free tool. Needless to mention, paid tools will be more robust sand have the option of support in case you face hiccups.
A free tool that you can try:
A paid tool:
ALWAYS scan any files that you download from the internet with a good antivirus before installing on your computer.
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I am using multiple mail accounts at work some of which require me to use access cards at specific work stations I wonder if there is a way to have MS Outlook to send me a notification from my mail account B to my primary mail account A whenever my mail account B recieves an email because I simply have no time running back and forth between workstations checking for emails that may not be there anyway Because of security policies I can not simply forward mails from account B to account A so what I need is Outlook to email me a notification saying quot an email has been recieved quot - nothing about the subject and or content of the recieved email This would be pretty much like the notification on for example smartphones saying quot one new account arrives? me new mail when Outlook to mail a I Can notify have via another email quot but for obvious reasons I can not access this account with my smartphone nor would I be allowed to anyway Is this possible and if so how Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Can I have Outlook notify me via mail to another account when a new mail arrives?
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Yesterday my Outlook stopped retrieving e-mail from the file won't account Outlook 2010 e-mail to Outlook.pst sync Comcast server When I tried to fix it today it still wouldn't work All the settings were correct but it wouldn't retrieve Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file my e-mail I deleted the account and recreated it Now Outlook points to a Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file new pst file instead of my old Outlook pst file named myemail comcast net pst To make matters worse it doesn't delete the mail off the server Before when I would open Outlook it would download new message to my Inbox and delete them off the server The new messages would stay permanently in my Outlook inbox No more Now if I manually delete one through my Internet browser it also deletes it out of my Outlook Inbox It s as though the new account is just a window to the Comcast e-mail server I tried changing the Root Folder Path on the Advanced tab of the e-mail account settings to point to the location of my Outlook pst folder but that made no difference I also tried deleting a recent Microsoft update KB but this did not help either This is a complete disaster for me as I can't even send e-mail now except through the server Any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Outlook 2010 e-mail account won't sync to Outlook.pst file

I figured this out.  When I reconfigured my e-mail account in Outlook, I used IMAP settings instead of POP3.  This was not how I did it before.  IMAP works great if one wants to keep all e-mail out on the server and access it from various devices.  That isn't what I do.  I changed the profile to POP3 and the poblem was solved.  Still don't know why it initially failed two nights ago, though.
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Please Help me. I'm stuck.
Thank you,

Kent Bailey

A:Not able to add my Outlook E-Mail account to Windows Mail

Would someone PLEASE help me?????
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I am using Windows 10 and Outlook 2007. I set up a new e-mail account with and then set that account up in my Outlook 2007 software. When I attempt to send/receive my e-mail my account returns the following error: Sending and Receiving reported error (0x80040126) : the operation cannot be performed because the connection to the server is offline.

I have no idea how to fix this. Can anyone help?
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I am having the exact same problem as in the post quot Solved Can t find Access Query when using Word mail merge quot I am using Office so I have the newest versions of both Word and Access When I try to mail merge starting with Access right click the query and export to word merge 2013 Query Word to 2013 Access Mail Merge Solved: it tells me it quot Could not find file C Users Jeanne Documents My Data Sources mdb quot I have a folder called My Data Sources And yes the database I want it to go to is in that folder Of course the folder doesn t have a mdb after it What file is it looking for and why The Access database ends in accdb I found some hint somewhere that that might be a problem but I can t find how to fix it When I start the merge from Word it finds the database fine but only tables are listed The link mentioned in the other post is broken so I can t check that out I feel like I m saying to my son quot I ll see you at home quot and he says quot I can t find the dog quot What dog We don t have a dog and I never said anything about a dog I am getting thoroughly fed up with Access I am fairly tech savvy and can teach myself to do just Solved: Access 2013 Query to Word 2013 Mail Merge about anything in excel just through trial and error or looking it up online but every little thing I try to do in access gives me all sorts of problems nbsp

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I have Outlook 2000 Inbox set up as follows:

( Notice the circle around the "Account" tab) But, my friend has Outlook XP and can't get the "Internet Account" tab to show which Internet Account (i.e. Comcast, Yahoo, AOL, etc) that the incoming email is from like mine is with Outlook 2000.

He can only get the "tab" to be displayed that states "Internet Account" but the tab's contents (unlike mine) remain blank when he gets mail from any of the accounts.

Is this done differently in XP compared to 2000 Outlook??? How can I get his "Internet Account" tab to show which account incoming mail is from like mine is in the pic???
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I have just installed OL 2010 for the first time and created 3 different accounts (or identities), and now I see that there are a number of mail maps for each of these accounts.
How can I change it, so that mail to/from all accounts are placed in the same maps?

A:Outlook: I don't want a mail map for every account

You can consolidate them by moving the .pst files into the same folder:
Move an Outlook Data File (.pst) to different folder - Outlook -
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Is it possible to use a non-login email in the Mail app?

I login to Windows using my personal Outlook/Microsoft account. I'd like to use my blog's Outlook address in the Mail app, so I don't need to use the web interface when replying to emails.

Is this possible without messing up my login account?

(I REALLY need to get a book on Windows 10. LOL)

A:Using non-login Outlook account in Mail?

Of course. It works with all kind of email accounts.
I have outlook, hotmail, gmail and businesses accounts in Email app. You can also set it up to get them all in one inbox.

It is pretty straightforward, just click to add email, but if you'll need any help we will be here.

Edit: You can find tutorials by Brink here.
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Is it possible to use a non-login email in the Mail app?

I login to Windows using my personal Outlook/Microsoft account. I'd like to use my blog's Outlook address in the Mail app, so I don't need to use the web interface when replying to emails.

Is this possible without messing up my login account?

(I REALLY need to get a book on Windows 10. LOL)

A:Using non-login Outlook account in Mail?

Of course. It works with all kind of email accounts.
I have outlook, hotmail, gmail and businesses accounts in Email app. You can also set it up to get them all in one inbox.

It is pretty straightforward, just click to add email, but if you'll need any help we will be here.

Edit: You can find tutorials by Brink here.
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Please bear with me- I'm a complete 8.1 newbie and flabbergasted by the new screens!

When I first started my Dell XPS 15 yesterday with W 8.1 I was forced to enlist @
Now I have an e mail acct I will never use plus my own...
And two login instances.

Can I get rid of this outlook account?

Is there any way to just enter a short password (which I need because I have a homegroup), as I had in W7 ?
I'm the only one here so I feel the risk is low.

A:Stuck with e mail account

You might want to look into using a "Local" account instead of a Microsoft account. That's what I do. See Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
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Hi geeks Long version An old Microsoft email account xxxxxxxx MSN COM from the days before Hotmail when you still could get msn com addresses Account correctly set up in Windows Mail App on Windows machines no issues Account has one outlook com alias This was the only email address I have had without two step verification Last week something happened which made to rethink my complete online domain email security I both changed the password of this msn com account to a very complicated one and set up the two step verification using the MS Authenticator App for Windows Phone Tested the set up by logging out and logging back in with the new password and as it should be outlook com asked for the authentication code App Unable Mail account Windows to add to All was well and working Next step was to open Windows Mail App and change the account password there As expected the Mail App told me to check settings of this account clicking the Check Settings link opened the credentials dialog I entered the xxxxxxxx msn com as email address and the new password Got an error message telling Unable to add account to Windows Mail App the credentials were wrong Logged out logged back in tried again could not get the app to accept credentials Signed out from Windows back in relaunched the Mail App removed the xxxxxxxx msn com account as nothing I tried with original msn com or newer outlook com alias did work From account settings I added a new account trying both the original msn com and the outlook com aliases Wrong credentials tells the app and does not let me add the account Trying the same credentials on Outlook com web interface works no issues in signing in Notice that I am absolutely sure that although my new password is really complicated I have typed it every time right I have checked it using the View password feature in below screenshot Short version Can't add an email account to Windows Mail App credentials sure correct Additional issue This might be impossible to solve I would like to set my years old original msn com address again as the primary alias but apparently it is not possible It was the primary alias before the issues told above has worked as an MS account to be used for instance as the login account for Windows Any ideas Kari

A:Unable to add account to Windows Mail App

Hello Kari,

If your password has more than 16 characters, then that may be the issue. Test it with no more than 16 to see if you are able to add it afterwards.
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I have somehow deleted my personal folders in my inbox. When I restore a .pst file from previous backup, I have everything such as inbox, deleted items, sent items, etc. However, the personal folders I created within inbox are missing. I am so confused. They have had to been backed up because I can go back and recover deleted emails from years ago, yet I still cannot find my very important folders that I created within my inbox. This pertains to the discussion as I am using Outlook 2013 and I was able to find them when my hard drive failed a year ago, but as of two days ago, I cannot find them. Is there something hiding them? I have used scanpst.exe as well but to no avail.
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Hi! I have changed computers (from a '98 to an XP) and have set up all my email accounts in Outlook 2000. Don't want to use Outlook Express because it interferes with attachments people send me.

My problem is that it won't let me select which address I am sending from! This creates great confusion for the customers of our three businesses. I have clicked on the Options button as Outlook advises but it keeps telling me that it is out of memory and to close other programs and try again. This even happens when there is nothing else open.

Any clues?


Victoria, Australia

A:Outlook 2000 Want to specify which e-mail account to use to send

When you come to send the message, instead of using the SEND button, there is a tiny arrow just to the right of it. Click on that and it will drop down a list of the accounts you have set up for you to choose which to send from.
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A friend has six basic POP Outlook email account on his XP. He deleted an account via the standard Tools, and Account removal process. The account no longer appears on his Accounts list. But when Outlook is launched the standard pop up window still continually appearing showing the name of the deleted account and the ?Please type user name and password? prompt. Am going demented trying to find out where the hidden profile details are so that I can delete them also for him. Any help greatly appreciated.
(He will then hopefully stop hassling me and I can collect the 3 beers he promised me if I sort it).

A:Outlook 2002 - mail account undeletable!

Go to Control Panel. Double-click the Mail icon.On the General tab, uncheck Always use this profile under the When starting Outlook use this profile option.Click okgood luck
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MS Outlook amp Windows Live mail keeps asking me to enter a security code and other personal info that I don't feel I need to give to MS I initially used a code number sent to an alternate e-mail address blocking e-mail keeps account access MS Outlook my I had to open in order to receive the code to verify my current e-mail account I told MS I didn't want to keep doing this anymore and asked them to either stop blocking my account or delete it They still persist with requesting my personal info phone numbers creating alternate MS Outlook keeps blocking my e-mail account access e-mail accounts and passwords MS Outlook keeps blocking my e-mail account access etc I'm confused as to why they need to continually make you re-verify our personal info or give additional info MS uses this catchall phrase to pump personal info on personal e-mail accounts quot Call us overprotective but we want to make sure your account is secure quot Or we suspect someone quot may be quot trying to access your account Yea me WTH is this really all about If I am thinking Patriot Act info is this out of line I have had the same e-mail account for several years and never had any known issues or problems with hackers or otherwise Personally I think its just a ploy to collect personal info for MS Outlook keeps blocking my e-mail account access some use other than to make my account secure Like a government agency wanting MS to verify all e-mail account info Its not like I have a business account with big bucks here for a hacker to make some quick money The giving of personal info should be up to the individual account holder not a requirement by MS Any solutions here Should I save my e-mail account info to a flash drive and find another e-mail service provider that is less intrusive If so any other e-mail provider recommendations Or any other solutions to circumvent the annoyingly redundant MS account re-verifications - times a month Thanks Vista-Win

A:MS Outlook keeps blocking my e-mail account access

Hi, I have just installed outlook 2007 on my vista home PC but unable to configure my gmail account. tried all stuff from the web but no luck. I am sure there is nothing to do with email settings I am entering as using same I am able to setup email on other systems with similar office. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Hi. I have a similar problem. I don't have a Microsoft account, I don't want one. My Windows 8 E-Mail address is for the E-Mail account on the family webserver, and yet when I get the confirmation E-Mail, it links me to a hotmail/outlook login page.

hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account, how do I get past this aggravating obstacle?

A:hotmail/outlook can't process my Windows 8 E-Mail account

When Win 8 asks you to verify your account, it shows you your email address in one box with some of the characters replaced by *s and wants you to type in the email address in its entirety in another box. Once you do that, an email is sent to that address with a code for you to enter to verify.

There shouldn't be any confusion about which email address to enter unless you have 2 different but very similar email addresses.
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I have been cleaning up my folders/files and moved all my videos and images + documents to an external hard drive. Now I can't find all my current emails and folders. I can find an old version from beginning of 2013 with a different email address I no longer use.

However, I have just checked my external drive and I have found one OUTLOOK data file file showing my correct email address size 1.36 Gb and a small data OUTLOOK file size 158MB.

How can I restore and transfer the two data files back into my OUTLOOK? I also need to get rid of the older version email address which I no longer use.

Hope someone could help me please.

A:OH DEAR!! I have lost all folders in my OUTLOOK Mail account.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,

Have you checked for any previous versions of the data file? From the file properties tab "Previous Versions" (assuming you have System Restore turned on for files)

You handle all data files from the Account Settings, tab "Data files". But I think you can just copy and replace the data file with your backup as long as the names are the same and Outlook isn't running.
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A:Outlook Xp “include This Account When Receiving Mail Or Synchronizing”

XP uses some damn grouping thing. It sucks. I went back to 2000 because I hated that issue, and some others.

Try checking out the grouping option.
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i have been going nuts over this, and i am sure that it is a very simple process, but i need to have my outlook express on my work computer be active in accessing my e-mail address from work. can anyone help?

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I have installed Office 2007 (I am still running Windows XP) and want to use Outlook 2007 as my default mail. I am running Outlook Express at present. I followed Microsoft's instructions to import all my folders across but when I tried to import account name and account settings from Outlook Express under the Import and Export facility in Outlook I clicked Import Internet Mail Account Settings and then Next but received a message saying there were no other Internet accounts. My mail is still only being sent and received from Outlook Express. When I open Outlook 2007 it asks if I want to make it my default and I clicked yes but my mail is still only being sent and received from Outlook Express. Can you advise how I make Outlook 2007 my default mail account?
Hope this all makes sense!

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I have one workstation and want to have two Outlook2000 mail accounts on this workstation. I need to have two different individuals receive email on this one workstation. Does anyone know how to configure this?

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Is there a way to make outlook delete mail in the sent folder with a imap account? I delete them and they stay, albeit with a strikethrough showing they are marked for deletion. But the only way to delete them so they are gone is go to my webmail page of the account and delete them there.

A:delete sent outlook mail imap account w/o doing it in webmail?

IMAP protocol's biggest advantage is also its biggest problem: the folders are and remain synchronized. You can move the sent messages to another folder to keep Sent folder empty, but in doing so both the Sent folders (local and server) will become and show empty.

Simple answer to your question: no, it's not possible. Check your provider if it is possible for you to use POP3 protocol, it would allow you deleting locally and keeping files on server and vice versa.

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I have a client I'm trying to help with an e-mail issue I was handling this remotely and can't give you much info about the system beyond the fact that he is running Windows He has Outlook on the system and was previously popping his Gmail into Outlook and everything was working fine Then he bought a tablet and set his e-mail up on the tablet and says that the next time he tried to get to his e-mail on his computer it didn't work I first tried to set up a new account in Outlook using IMAP I followed Gmails e-mail up to Outlook in retrieve Thunderbird account or set Unable from guidelines and triple checked the settings so I know Unable to retrieve e-mail from Outlook or set up account in Thunderbird they are correct It still wouldn't work and just rendered a generic error saying the servers couldn't be contacted The client then agreed to try Thunderbird I attempted to set up the account in Thunderbird but it said the password was not valid I then re-checked his e-mail address and had him enter his password again Still didn't work Out of curiosity I then entered the information one of my own Gmail accounts Unable to retrieve e-mail from Outlook or set up account in Thunderbird and again it said the password was incorrect I then entered the information for one of my Yahoo accounts and again it said the information was incorrect At this point I am at a loss as to where to go from here Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Unable to retrieve e-mail from Outlook or set up account in Thunderbird

G'day PrimeMinisterX, and Welcome to BC
I assume you are trying to set up these a/c's with imap type settings......
Try using pop3 settings for Incoming.....and leave the outgoing settings as they are
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Following on from the thread about changing Windows Live ID New mail address new Windows Live ID and a to 2007? Live account How Outlook with mail filter in successfully integrating the new live no account into Office Outlook I'm discovering to my disappointment that the new account can't filter mail With my old pop smtp account I could set up rules to divert mail from specific groups or senders to a specific folder For example my pop account filters out and places email from the various Yahoo forums I subscribe to into specific folders created for the purpose This is the How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007? function of the quot create rule quot facility in Outlook Now the new Windows Live email setup is what they call an imap account It has its own pst file and its own inbox and outbox How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007? in Office Outlook These can't be merged with the old inbox or outbox How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007? because they're two different systems apparently What I can't understand is why I can't quot create rules quot for mail coming through my Live email account Or rather I can create the rules but the imap system just doesn't follow them No Yahoo forum mail is placed automatically into the relevant Yahoo forum folders in Outlook Have I misunderstood something because an email service account which doesn't allow me to create rules or filter mail is not really much use to me

A:How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007?

you might be able to set up rules if you go into the web version of the live email account
This way it will filter before it gets into your outlook 2007
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Hi there Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection or other Network Mail Server connection such 2013 2013 set to --OUTLOOK connection Internet Office requires up as Exchange you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK Outlook requires and there is no option unlike in Outlook to disable it by unchecking a box a TEST email to be sent and working before your account s can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck Why on earth did Ms do this --it's not necessary and it is a Hassle for some people who are on the road have purchased Office and want to set it up Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up instead of having to wait Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up until they get home Also a hassle if they want to prepare company laptop computers with email parameters in advance of the new Exchange email servers being rolled out to the users Even if your work policy has mechanisms where the USER can configure the email connections themselves they won't be able to set it up until the Servers are actually in place so you can't set the accounts up in advance The box I've shown here is from Outlook In Outlook the option is filled in and greyed out so you can't change it BTW I prefer and use Office myself but was trying to help a colleague to set up Office Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi there
Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection (or other Network Mail Server connection such as Exchange) you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK 2013.

Outlook 2013 requires (and there is no option unlike in Outlook 2010 to disable it by unchecking a box) a TEST email to be sent and working before your account(s) can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck....

Of course you can uncheck the Test email box. It has been so in all Outlook versions, is still so in Outlook 2013.

The option is grayed out exactly as long as the NEXT button is grayed out i.e. as long as they could not be used due missing credentials, until the setup has all relevant information for an email account to work (email address, incoming and outgoing servers, username and password). When you have filled the needed credentials, both the Test box and NEXT button become visible and can be clicked / selected.

Although I could well understand that setting up an email account, which in any case needs a working connection, would require an existing connection, this is not the case with Outlook 2013. You can set your email accounts up while sitting in a pub in Brussels watching Premier League Football without Internet connection if you want to .

Screenshot from Windows 8.1 / Outlook 2013.
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I have a desktop Pc and a laptop Pc with Office 2013. I want to export the contacts fra from the desktop to the laptop and when I export to a csv file on the desktop the e-mail adresses is missing in the file. They are not in the csv file. When I import it on the laptop names, phonenumbers, adresses etc. is ok but no e-mail adresses.

I think it is strange and I have not experienced it with Outlook 2010??


I imported the backup.pst and it did the trick.

A:Export Contacts from Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2013 on another Pc?

when exporting as a csv file you have to map custom fields first and take the email 1 address and move it into the other side for the addresses to get in there (from left to right) or the email addresses will not go correctly into the computer you want to do it to. If you back it up with *.pst then everything goes in much easiwer
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There is a folder named "Important" in my folders and I'm not sure if I made it or they did, but it will not delete and it copies every single email I get. Why do I need duplicates of all my mail?

It's a pain because now I have to empty deleted, junk, inbox, and sent mail and this one.
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I used the following MS Knowledge Base article to create an autoreply message since we don t use MS Exchange Server in our office I don t have the Out of Office Assistant support microsoft com kbid hhmm seems I m not allowed to post active urls since I am new here the non-active link above works if you cut and paste it to your browser I ve never created an autoreply message before but I was pretty sure there was some way to do it so I tracked that down The only problem default) on mail (not in 2000 on Autoreply Outlook account came in email is that I only want to create this autoreply for a email account which is not the default email account In the template file I even specified to send the message using the account the email comes in on but it replies using the default mail account rather than the one Autoreply in Outlook 2000 on email account mail came in on (not default) I want it to My Rule for this is Check mail Autoreply in Outlook 2000 on email account mail came in on (not default) on arrival from this altername account Reply using template C Documents and Settings user Applications Templates OutOfOffice oft stop rule processing In reality part of this rule should be Reply using template C Documents and Settings user Applications Templates OutOfOffice oft and send via altername account Is there any way to set the reply to use the non-default account rather than the default one If not can anyone suggest an application which will do this nbsp
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Hi All,
I am running Outlook 2007 on a Windows Vista machine. I have recently set up a second email account in Outlook. I have no problems sending or receiving from either account, however when I recieve email for the new email account (not the defalut account by the way) I recieve the same message twice.

I've looked at the headers for the two different emails, and it appears that one is being sent to my default address. I obvioulsy don't have any forwards set up, or anything like that.

I was told it was a known issue with Outlook 2007, but nobody seem to have a work around for it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I'm new to Outlook I used Outlook Express exclusively until now I am able to send to mail 2007 Primary Outlook - secondary account cannot send mail from my primary Outlook account to itself I am also able to send mail from the secondary to the Outlook 2007 - Primary account cannot send mail to secondary primary However I cannot send mail from the primary to the secondary nor can the secondary mail itself Actually in these cases the message does go to the 'Sent' folder but does not download with a subsequent 'Send Receive' All Accounts But both the primary and secondary receive mail in their correct folders and successfully send mail to outside recipients Both accounts are defined the same POP SMTP and I checked them on my provider's web site -- they are unchanged for over a decade Not using Live Mail or any other mail client software This is not a problem for me just an oddity I am simply curious I believe all the above scenarios worked under O E Why do I send mail to myself Basically to see what pictures graphs and Outlook 2007 - Primary account cannot send mail to secondary other attachments will look like to the ultimate recipient

A:Outlook 2007 - Primary account cannot send mail to secondary

I noticed that in emails I sent to the secondary account from the primary, the email address appeared as:

'[email protected]_address' with the single quotes present

instead of Addressee ([email protected]_address)

Things were complicated a bit by the fact that the secondary account (my wife) also had a 2nd email address (her job). After I straightened out the address book, everything works just as it did in Outlook Express.
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How can I created two Microsoft accounts (Windows Live), and also two outlook mail accounts?.
Thank you for any assistance sent my way.


A:Can I create two Windows Live Account and two Outlook mail accounts?.

Go to Sign In. If you get automatically signed in to an existing account, you will have to sign out. On the front page below blue Sign In button is a link for "No account? Create one!" Click on the "Create one!" link.
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I keep contact details in my Microsoft account (at Sign in to your Microsoft account). I've been using Outlook 2010 with the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and this used to synchronise my contacts fine.

However, for a while now, I've noticed mail synchronisation errors and I've had to configure my Microsoft mail account to use the standard IMAP settings (not via the Hotmail connector).

However, this method no longer synchronises my contacts. How do you configure the mail and contact settings in Outlook 2010 to synchronise both mail and contacts in Outlook 2010 with my Microsoft account?

A:How to Synch. Outlook 2010 Mail & Contacts with Microsoft Account?

I solved it! One complication was that my Microsoft email address is personalised and doesn't end in The procedure is:

Uninstall the Outlook Hotmail Connector since this no longer works.If your MS Outlook email address doesn't end in then you need to create an email alias online in your MS account which does end in .outlook.comAdd a new account using the account wizard using your MS Outlook email address ending in (which can be an alias)The account should configure quite quickly. You then have to restart Outlook 2010 and it will download and synchronise all emails, contacts etc.
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HI Guys, tried uninstalling office 2010 to open Outlook 2013 when I got the two following errors:

1: The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft exchange. Contact your email administrator for assistance.

2: Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Your Microsoft exchange administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance.
Does anyone know what these two errors are referring to and how I can fix it so I can start using Outlook 2013?

Many thanks.

A:Outlook 2010 and 2013 conflicting. Can't open 2013.

Are you trying to connect to an Exchange mail server, e.g. one managed by your employer?
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Installed MS Office 2016. In setting up an email account in Outlook, I somehow left off the .com part of my email address but never the less, it appears as one of the email accounts on the screen. It does not appear under my account settings but I can see an entry under the data files tab. I can select it, then attempt "remove" and get this error msg. Its location is on one drive which cannot also be removed. It says it is being copied ?? It has been doing (it) for 12 hours now.
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it's no related to email program or problem
but i added a outlook account in the windows 10 email ( HxMail.exe)

after i reboot my desktop , and my windows 10 pro changed from a local account to a microsoft account

what's wrong?
i want to keep a local account


A:changed to microsoft accout added an outlook account to mail program

Hello drugo,

It sounds like you selected to switch to a Microsoft account by mistake while setting up the Mail app.

You can use the tutorial below to switch back to a local account.

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10
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I am migrating from an XP SP3 desktop to a Windows 7 64 bit machine. I use Outlook Express extensively on the XP machine, but have loaded Live Mail on the W7 one as the recommended solution.

I have experimented with the Import function in Live Mail using the .dbx files produced by OE held under 'Identities' but find that the Account field for each email (visible in Live Mail when the Account column is enabled) is not being populated in Live Mail. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? I note that any new emails I receive do populate the Account field, and I am confident that the Account information is present in the .dbx files.

I would like to find a workaround for this problem - any ideas folks?

Many thanks

A:Live Mail import from Outlook Express - Account field problem

Quote: Originally Posted by runner bean

...the Account field for each email (visible in Live Mail when the Account column is enabled) is not being populated in Live Mail. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?...

I suppose you could call it a bug. It seems to happen whenever you do an import using the "import/export" "wizards". Not just with OE>WLM but also WLM>WLM. (Same with Vista's built-in WM.) It's been too long for me to remember what happened when I last did OE>OE. Keep in mind that wherever an import/export is involved (even with contacts), some fields are lost.
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I keep having a issue with MS Outlook amp Windows Live mail I keep getting asked to enter a security code and other personal info that I don't feel I need to give to MS I initially used a code number sent to an alternate e-mail address Live/Outlook blocked access re-verifications Windows account e-mail & I had to open in order to receive the code to verify my current e-mail account I told MS I didn't want to keep doing this anymore and either stop blocking my account or delete it They still persist with requesting my personal info phone numbers creating alternate e-mail Windows Live/Outlook e-mail account blocked access & re-verifications accounts and passwords etc I'm totally confused MS uses this catchall phrase to pump personal info on personal e-mail accounts quot Call us overprotective but we want to make sure your account is secure quot Or we suspect someone quot may be quot trying to access your account Yea me WTH is this really all about I also Windows Live/Outlook e-mail account blocked access & re-verifications have had the same e-mail account for several Windows Live/Outlook e-mail account blocked access & re-verifications years and never had any security issues or problems Personally I think its just a ploy to collect personal info for some use other than to make my account secure Its not like I have a business account with big bucks here for a hacker to make some quick money The giving of personal info should be up to the individual account holder not a requirement by MS Any solutions here Should I save my e-mail account info to a flash drive or something and find another e-mail service provider that is less intrusive If so any other e-mail provider recommendations Or other solutions to circumvent the annoyingly redundant MS account re-verifications - times a month Thanks Vista-Win

A:Windows Live/Outlook e-mail account blocked access & re-verifications

I feel your pain - Gmail is just about as bad.

Drop the "service" and pay a small amount for a different service. I switched to - price is very low and service has been fantastic.

I dropped the MS account long ago and cleaned out my Gmail so there is nothing to see. Have to keep it in order to update my Android tablet otherwise I would trash it, too.

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Hi there Whoever designed the base colors for Office must have been totally STONE DEAF and COLOR BLIND at the same time I can't believe that comments weren't made before this stuff was allowed out of the door There's almost no possibilities to customize the backgrounds or colors and on a large monitor the base white looks really HIDEOUS -- you need a good pair of Sunglasses while working with it The Outlook 2013 (Office De-Uglify Help 2013) to only other choice is some type of Grey shown in screenshot which looks very similar to quot The Fruit Company's Window colour scheme Still looks Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify hideous and that Blue Outlook also displays the unread message titles in the most sickly blue can't seem to change it I've ever seen Before I remove this POS from my computer is there anyway to De-Uglify or customize like I had in Office with the Black background I don't like it opening with a prompt screen before I get the base screen often needs another TWO keyboard strokes -- example for EXCEL shown -- I should be able to open it in a Window with the menus just like like Office It means I now have to make a load of extra keyboard strokes before I actually get a workbook screen to start getting my work done I don't want the sign in reminders either -- I don't intend to use Cloud services etc Cheers jimbo

A:Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify

No there isn't a way (that I know of) to change it. It was too cumbersome and hogged my Internet Speed with Cloud and whatnot; so I went back to good ol' office 2010. Maybe you should too
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Hi What I m trying to do is easy enough in thought and I m pretty sure I ve seen this in Support Employee's Outlook Question Trying Admin Account About - to Cust. E-mail View a corporate setting but anyways what I m looking to do is I run a business business and I Question About Outlook Admin Account - Trying to View Employee's Cust. Support E-mail have one customer support employee She answers the customer Question About Outlook Admin Account - Trying to View Employee's Cust. Support E-mail support e-mails that come to her via Outlook on her computer that we have setup for a few different e-mail accounts - all of which she answers I am part owner of the company and Question About Outlook Admin Account - Trying to View Employee's Cust. Support E-mail for the first time in a while I would like to take a more hands-on approach in my business moving forward In doing so I would like to be able to view - both the e-mails in from the customers and the e-mails that she sends out I would also like to answer e-mails myself and for her to be able to view the e-mails that I had sent out - so she can get a good idea of what to send if she is asked that question in the future I was hoping for this to be some type of add-on to Outlook that I could easily download or pay a small fee for - but I m up for anything that would do what I stated above Please let me know if there s anything out there like this any response is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Question About Outlook Admin Account - Trying to View Employee's Cust. Support E-mail

Hi there, welcome to the board!

Depends on what kind of mail account you have. If you have POP or IMAP, you could setup the account on both machines, but that will only ensure you both receive the same email. For ensuring you send to each other, assuming you have the same account, you could bcc yourself to ensure you both get emails. Depending on how many emails you send, you could potentially overload your servers number of requests (emails) per day (generally what I've seen is set at 250).

Another option would be to look at Office 365 for your business. Not only would this give you an Office install on up to 5 machines, but it would give you an Exchange email address and a company Sharepoint site. It's a subscription-based service, and if you price it out it's actually pretty cheap. They start as low as $4/month and go up from there. For more info take a look here:

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Hello helpful people I'm trying to migrate my Outlook Express email messages from my old XP laptop which suffered a motherboard death last week I've got the hard drive connected via external enclosure to my Vista Ultimate -bit desktop I didn't have any trouble getting Windows Mail to locate the dbx files and import the appropriate folders but when Outlook info messages importing column into Account Missing Express when Mail from Windows I add the quot Account quot column to the message view there is no data in there I've got accounts funneling email into this program so it's rather critical Missing Account column info when importing messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail that I have the information readily available in the window I read somewhere that anti-virus software might be removing the data so I tried the import with my anti-virus and Windows Defender both disabled and still no luck Thinking it made a difference once before when upgrading my hard drive I tried doing the import with all the Missing Account column info when importing messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail account information set up under quot Tools Missing Account column info when importing messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail quot -- quot Accounts quot and then again without any set up at all Same result both ways Anyone have any ideas how to get the import to include the Account column information Much appreciated Thank you

A:Missing Account column info when importing messages from Outlook Express into Windows Mail

Well, looks like no one has a solution for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I all alone here? :o)
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I cannot figure out how to get all of my email stores moved from my old PC (Windows Vista/Windows Mail) to my new PC (Windows 7/Outlook 2013). Is there a way to successfully do this or do I need to give up?? When trying to use the export function for messages in windows mail it comes up with an error message to say 'The export could not be performed. An error accured while initializing MAPI.' All my email accounts are POP3. I did find the email stores and transfered them manually to the new PC but I opened them on the new PC in outlook then only a small fraction of emails was there and they were all jumbled up and my folder structure did not transfer. Can this transfer be done or not? Hope to get some useful answer. Cheers, Torsten.
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I cannot figure out how to get all of my email stores moved from my old PC (Windows Vista/Windows Mail) to my new PC (Windows 7/Outlook 2013). Is there a way to successfully do this or do I need to give up?? When trying to use the export function for messages in windows mail it comes up with an error message to say 'The export could not be performed. An error accured while initializing MAPI.' All my email accounts are POP3. I did find the email stores and transfered them manually to the new PC but I opened them on the new PC in outlook then only a small fraction of emails was there and they were all jumbled up and my folder structure did not transfer. Can this transfer be done or not? Hope to get some useful answer. Cheers, Torsten.
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I can only guess that the Account.equals() method in Windows' codebase looks like this:
return this.emailAddress == account.emailAddress;

A while back, I realized I no longer needed my Hotmail address, and set up my Microsoft account to use my G-mail address. This simplified things quite a lot for me. This is the account I use to log into Windows 8.
I just decided to try out the much-hated Mail app, and set up my G-mail account there. After some imperfectness, I thought about just removing it and using Chrome G-mail on its own. However, I ran into this:
They seem to falsely think that my G-mail account is the same as my Microsoft account, when in reality there's no reason I shouldn't be able to remove this. (Heck, it wasn't there 10 minutes ago) Any ideas? If this is a real bug, any way to submit it to Microsoft?
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My Mother bought a Surface Pro and every time she opens OneNote it requires that she login with a Microsoft Account. However, she does not have a Microsoft Account. So how can she use OneNote without having to login with a MS Account?

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Can anyone advise on how to set up custom domain email accounts with outlook desktop 2013 or 2016
i have 3 accounts that are custom domain accounts working fine in outlook 2013 - suddenly 2 of them stopped working  and i have searched the webs to no avail - techs sent an open thread to the forum.

the typical server ins't working and neither is IMAP

if anyone has any troubleshooting tips please help -maybe a new server address? ive tried a few still not working.
maybe thiers a way to find out what server the account is on?
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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I installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 pc.  I have contact lists saved by google mail and mail.  How do I copy those contact lists into the Outlook 2016 desktop client?
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I have one SkyDrive account connected to my Office 2013 installation. However, I am unable to add more. When I click Account - Add a service - Storage, SkyDrive is missing.

This only happens to me at work. My Office 2013 installation at home lets me add all 5 SkyDrive accounts.

How do I get that setting back?

A:Add SkyDrive account Missing from Office 2013

Are the 2 Office 2013 programs actually the same version or is your home one Office Home Premium 365, which I think allows you to install it on 5 of your family computers & is the work Office 2013 a professional business version, which may have different SkyDrive requirements.
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I recently upgraded my office suite from 2010 to 2013.
However, I'm not able to find all my stuff of outlook-2010 within new outlook-2013.
How to recover?

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I am so confused about where outlook 2013 keeps things.

I have installed Outlook 2013 and would like to import my contacts from my outlook 2007 in another computer. I have already prepared the contacts.pst file from outlook 2007 and made it available in my public folders. I then imported the .pst file into Outlook 2013 via network. However the contacts shows up as a separate contact list rather than integrated into the outlook 2013 address book . How to correct it?

I must have got the process wrong.


A:outlook 2013 import contacts from outlook 2007

OK. I found the imported contacts in a separate list inside the address book. There are 2 lists one is "In This computer" the other is just "contacts" . How do I make the "contacts "list as the default so I get an address book when I click on 'To" ?
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I have a Dell Inspiron running Window Pro I had been using Outlook for about a month with no problems when I got a message saying my OUTLOOK PST file was approaching maximum size of Gb However I could not open it to compact it or delete items to bring the size down I just kept getting the quot approaching maximum size quot error Outlook was NOT asking for a password for my mail server It's specifically asking for a PW to open OUTLOOK PST So I opened the OUTLOOK PST file in Outlook successfully did some housekeeping and reduced the size to about Mb However when I tried to open the PST in Outlook again I was prompted for a password to open the PST I tried my MS Account PW and several other PWs but none worked I never set a PW for the OUTLOOK PST in the first place I was never prompted for a PW before the quot max size quot error came up I am able to open the file in Outlook without being prompted for a PW but every time I try to open it in OL I get the PW prompt I have also run the SCANPST EXE utility on the OUTLOOK PST file but that has not changed the PW prompt Any suggestions would be appreciated Ken

A:Outlook 2013 Asks for Password to open OUTLOOK.PST

According to this page you shouldn't have reached the limit of the .pst file size:

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I used Zinstall to move all my files/programs from my old computer to my new one in the last few days. I also upgraded the new one from 8.1 to Win10 after the migration. Knowing Win10 doesn't work with MSOffice2007, I subscribed to MSOffice365 in the new computer. Now, Outlook 2013 doesn't show the same folders I had in Outlook 2007, and I need to know where all my saved files went and how to import them to this system. (They are still sitting in my old computer, if I have to copy them to a zip drive & move them again.)
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Upgraded from Windows 7 to Win 10 and was loving it (was). Saw there was a mail app and thought that would be pretty handy. Signed in and since then, I have to log in to my PC as my email address and password.

I don't want that.

How do I revert my existing user back to a non-Windows live user, with a normal, local account and password?

I am happy to not use the Mail app if that's what it takes, but my concern is that the profile I have now has all my icons and docs and stuff and I don't want to go through the hassle of copying over the profile.

There must be a way to undo this change, but I can't find it.


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Have installed Outlook and created a first email account as pop manual setup Going to import from a saved pst from Outlook - a file that contained organized sections of contacts info as well as emails address book listings etc - asked whether to quot import items to the current folder quot a Personal Folder OR the other radio restore Outlook Outlook from pst 2013 2000 button choice being to import to the email address which just was set up where I guess new Outlook 2013 restore from Outlook 2000 pst pst files are stored Attempted to import the backup pst to the quot current folder quot - but after it loaded it could not be viewed anywhere or found within the folder structure of Windows Could not determine if it simply overwrote itself or why anyone would want to do this if it s the case So next I went for the other choice and imported to the email address location and most everything now seems to show beneath it on the leftside pane - Except for all my prior contacts which only seem to show under quot Addresses quot that when opened seem to reference through an open search box quot Contact - quot Q in the future can the location of these pst files be changed and how where like if myemail is done away with Please note that I have about more email accounts to load Q how to bring up organize my contacts back in order Q is there no way to import my pst to another location that is more generic like quot Personal Folders quot if there is such as thing in Outlook Backup seems not so straightforward with this newer edition at all Q I see where I can create a backup but understand too that other files will be left out of the pst such as an os contacts calendars addresses file Can that operating location simply be copied in its entirety and pasted back in the event of recovery or must it be backed up and imported I guess there is a way to make them both pst files but don t know if I want to attempt this nbsp
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I am still using Outlook Express on a Win XP laptop but I have now bought a new Win 8.1 laptop and installed Outlook 2013 (which is working OK)

I am looking for the most fool proof way of moving literally tens of thousands of emails onto the new machine. This needs to be done with total 100% accuracy because these emails are fundamental to my business and go back to the last century! Some may be needed as evidence in court so accuracy is extremely important

Obviously I will keep the old machine just in case ...

In total there is at least 10Gb of data to transfer and about 2,000 email addresses

A:Transfer from Outlook Express to Outlook 2013 on Win 8.1 m

hello never done this but google search has a lot of info ,some looks hit and miss good luck
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In various places it says to close down Outlook 2013 prior to restoring from a .pst. To simply copy and paste the .pst file into the proper location which is often listed as an email address.

Why is this, and does restoring in this way really apply when restoring Outlook 2013 from earlier versions of Outlook?

I recently imported a .pst file from Outlook 2000 into 2013 (all emails/contacts) and to my amazement, the source 398 MB .pst ballooned to over 1 GB.

Does importing the .pst ( as opposed to copying and pasting while Outlook 2013 is closed) cause such great multiplications in file size of the .pst?

A:Outlook 2013 - restoring from .pst & closing Outlook

It is always good to use the Import option if you want to Import the .pst files from a very older version of Outlook. Outlook 2003 and later versions use a different file format compared to earlier versions of Outlook. That could be the reason why the file size has increased.
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I have several accounts in Windows Mail to use in different locations. When I am at home I set the appropriate account as Default. Windows Mail uses this reliably when creating mail. However, when replying to incoming mail the programme always tries to use another account (not default but one I use in Portugal) and of course it fails to Send because the settings are not correct. I have to manually change the account in the outgoing address box. Any solution?
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first,sorry for my bad english.

I couldn't install my email account on thunderbird. Impossible to open files in windows.old, than impossible to install my email account and all emails...

In Mail, is it impossible to install, email account from other than Microsoft or Google ?

Thinks in advance for your help
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Are there any advantage to using the Mail Merge feature with Office Professional 2013 versus Office Professional 2007?

A:Mail Merge with Office 2013

Its a little fancier with more templates and conditional merging, but the basics the same, and still clunky when connecting to access.
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Where do I download, Windows Live mail 2013. I have windows on my computer.

Edwin L. Strickland