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Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Q: Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

My grandmother was recently hacked and she changed all her passwords herself (yay!). However she did not write down her new local user account password for her laptop.

I tried downloading OPHCrack, I burned it as an ISO file and put it on a DVD-R(only thing I had on hand) and i changed the boot order on her BIOS menu to had the DVD drive as the first priority. It does not run....I hear the disk drive moving, or spinning but the program does not run. Are there any other options or do I have to do a complete system restore to bypass this? Also if that is what I have to do how do I do that without being in her control panel?

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Preferred Solution: Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Hello there "hater",are you sure you downloaded the right OPHcrack version?It should be the one that is intended to be used on,not the one being used to download and be burned on.Try imgburn,never failed me to create bootable CDs or DVDs.
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hi all,

i forgot my user account password, with out formatting the system how can i open my system?


A:can any one help me? i forgot my user account password


Since you've only just installed it, I recommend you just reinstall again:
Can i know steps to install windows 7 for new lenovo laptop(having DOS

Or, you could try this:
Password Reset

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Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I thought I were using the Admin account my my new laptop, but it seems I am not, as I am denied permission to do certain tasks.

Anyhow, when I try to switch users to one I setup when I first got the laptop, I cant remember my password. Is there anyway of resetting this password?

I remember setting up the second user account, and even renamed it to GSi-R which related to my work, but for the life of me, I cannot remember my password. I have tried all combinations of what I use in other forums etc, but all to no avail.

My OS is in Finnish, and my Finnish is not that great at the moment due to still learning the language, so if anyone could help me reset this password in simple terms so i can understand each step that would be great.

Thanks in advance


A:Forgot password on second user account on my laptop

Working on it now with someone, thanks for your help lol
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I have a Dell laptop that I haven't rebooted in months so when it shut itself off b c battery died I not longer remembered the password for Windows Win I tried too many passwords and apparently shut off the account b c when I obtained the password my hubby remembered it it not longer worked I looked up for ways to reset the password I times many Now too Tried Forgot gone! &Locked account. password. user managed to boot the laptop from a Macrium recovery disk amp open a command prompt Forgot password. Tried too many times &Locked account. Now user gone! First on the menu that allows you to change boot order I also set a password for the admin it had not been set before So Forgot password. Tried too many times &Locked account. Now user gone! now I'm logged in as admin from the CD and opened a command window Now resetting the user password for the account called quot owner quot should be cake However is not b c the username account seems to be missing when I type quot net users quot I only get two accounts guest and admin No trace of the user account called quot owner quot which is the only one I ever used quot I also get an error quot The command completed with one or more errors quot I read that that may be b c the account got somehow corrupted Does anyone know how to Forgot password. Tried too many times &Locked account. Now user gone! tell if the user account is corrupted Any guidance for how to recover the account amp it's password

A:Forgot password. Tried too many times &Locked account. Now user gone!

Here is a whole page of things concerning user accounts.
I really don't know which one you need.
Take a look see.
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Hi Friends,

I'm working on a Dell Laptop that has Windows 8.1 on it. User can't remember his password. I've tried at least 5 different various tools to get in, and all of them either don't see the drive, or see the drive but see no accounts, or give me error messages when I try to use net user to reset the password from outside the OS.

Please assist!

Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum to post this in.

Thank you!

A:Trying to Get Into Local Account, User Lost Password

Sorry, but our forum rules do not allow us to assist with password related matters as we have no way of checking the validity of the request, this is not any sort of accusation, and we hope you will understand our reasons
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So, I have been working on my neighbor's computer. She doesn't want a password to log in to her computer. Is there a way that I can disable the password upon login. This is on a local account.

A:User Account Password on Local Account

Jesse, have a look here

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
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We are creating a PDF file in login user's local application folder (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\folder1) through a custom .Net application and displaying the created pdf file in application.

The above functionality is working for users who are part of domain and added to local vista machine as users (both for administrator and standard user accounts).
The same is not working for local users (both administrator and standard user accounts created in vista box).

File is getting created for any user under their local appdata folder and can able to open from that location, but not displaying from app in case of local system users (admin or standard type).

Can anyone help me what security settings differ between domain users vs local users in vista business 32 bit OS?


A:domain account user vs local account user in vista

Policy that is actually causing the problem (or lack thereof) is corresponds to Internet Options control panel, Connections tab, Lan Settings button: Use Automatic Configuration settings.
Having this turned on causes IE to load a configuration file prepared by IT department which makes a whole lot of configuration changes to IE, including remapping the security zones. We can test this by unchecking this option (the default state).
Since the machine is in domain and since we are testing with domain users accounts, I have monitored domain controller pushing down a bunch of policy settings which relax the IE security settings, causing the reports to display.
First, domain settings will resync over time and this checkbox will keep getting turned back on automatically. So you can?t really turn this off, it won?t stay off. I would feel better just testing local accounts, but since the computer is also a member of the domain, machine-specific policies are applied by the domain as well.
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I have a user with a machine that was setup with Win 8.1 Home. The machine has been upgraded to 8.1 Pro and joined to a domain (WinSrv 2003). I need to get the conten/configuration from their old local machine user profile to their new domain user profile. I tried to copy the contents of their ../users/<name>/.. folder from the local user profile to the new domain user profile (after they had logged in once, and then logged off). This did not work. When I did the copy, I grabbed all files, including hidden...was that my mistake, or is the issue broader?

In the end....they want their old stuff and configuration under their new credentials/profile.



A:Merge Domain User Account with Local User Account

There are 4 conventional ways of accomplishing this task.

Option 1: Simply copy My Documents, Favorites, Desktop items from one to the other. You will have to setup program options again, may or may not be a big deal

Option 2: Use the Windows Easy Transfer option. Explained here. Vista & Win7 local to domain profile migration

Option 3: Use the Copy To Feature in User Profiles, explained here: Copy a user profile. The steps are outlined for different versions of Windows, but they work the same in Windows 8.

Option 4: Use the User State Migration Tool. User State Migration Tool 4.0 User's Guide. Here is a link to a video on using the USMT. User State Migration Tool in Windows 7 - Install | TechNet
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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dont know user account control password AND no administrator user so i cant download/install anything, cant update, and i cant change any settings someone please help PLUS i just got this computer iv read some other entrys where people had the same problem as me they said to do a system reboot in safemode but i dont know how. can someone help me? thank you

A:dont know user account control password and no administrator user

after the bios loads but before windows start to load hit f8 and you get your windows boot options.
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I can't log in to my computer because I forgot my password. I didn't set up a Microsoft account, so I only have the local account. I'm really stuck! If anyone has a solution for me, I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you so much!

A:Forgot Windows login password, only have a local account

This is a tough one unless you made a password recovery disk, had a MS account or have another user account. Ways of making another user account you will need a Windows 10 installation disk to boot from. Other option is to call MS or reinstall windows.
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I turned off my administrator user account and guest account came on. I did so because I was letting someone use my computer.

When I bought this computer, I have no recall of creating a password. There is a user name and now it simply wants my password to open my administrator user account

Now I can not get back on my administrator account. I tried all my regular passwords. I have no idea what they mean by a floppy disk. The research I did said my only options was to uninstall and the reinstall windows7. This whole thing sucks. Can anyone give me some direction. Is it hard to uninstall windows 7 or is it like uninstalling any other program.

Thanks, Excuse my frustration, I really need to get into my user account and cant continue to use this guest account to get my work done. I have a laptop Acer 64 bit OP Windoes 7. High speed internet with Comcast.

A:Forgot User Account

Dont rush to reinstall, we have an excellent tutorial
Password Reset
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My Lenovo Thinkpad with Vista Home Premium bit had sudden hard drive failure and delivered black screen and funeral dirge Being convinced that I had no better option I reloaded all the software from progam recovery disks and then tried to restore the data from current backup DVDs I got messages to the effect that data restore would not work because the user accounts in the backup did not match the user accounts on name I user my account forgot the recovered system I decided I needed professional help and took the laptop to I forgot my user account name a data recovery service They said the hard drive had a fatal firmware problem and needed to be replaced We agreed they would replace the hard drive do a software reload and restore my data from my DVDs They did the first two and then said they could not restore data from my DVDs because the DVDs were in some non-specific fashion not prepared properly I got the laptop back and decided to try one more time to restore the data I found I think that the quot experts quot may not have followed the procedure correctly One has to go back to the very first DVD--in my case-- weeks ago--and restore them in order or click that one elects to skip some of the called-for disks So I did all that and at the end got a message saying the restore was quot Successful quot The problem is I cannot see any data folders or files in Outlook Word or Excel I'm thinking the problem is user account identities not matching between restored system and backup disks I am the only user of this machine and paid no attention to the user names It may have been quot Administrator quot or some of the variants of my real name that I sometimes use as user names At one point I had two accounts--one for me as Administrator and one for me as a standard user I'm pretty sure I remember the password s I might possibly have used I'm pretty sure I don't have user password disk--I've looked on the only two USB drives I have around here Can I get access to my data by creating a half dozen user accounts each with a different one of the user names I might possibly have used Can I access a record of all previously-existing user names If I do this will I also have to match exactly all of the numerous specific permission options that I had before Is there any other way to get at my data which I'm pretty sure are actually on my laptop but inaccessible to me BTW can I verify in some way that the data files are there even if I haven't yet figured out how to open them

A:I forgot my user account name

---click on this--->Reset User Account Password---please post your results---

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Hi. As if everybody else's password problems weren't bad enough...

My XP got badly currupted, so I moved the hard drive to a healthy computer so I could save my documents before rebuilding. The problem is that the user account folders, containing everything I want to save, are locked, and I can't get a prompt for the passwords (I know them) because this is now an E drive and the OS on it isn't doing anything.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give!


A:User Account Password Problem w/ Twist

This MS article might help...........;en-us;308421
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My operating system is Windows XP, Home Edition. My problem is as follows: My daughter's user account is password protected and for some reason won't recognize the correct password. I have attempted, under her account and under the administrative account, to change the password and also delete it, but the attempted changes are ineffective. I tried making the changes under safe mode, but her account, for some reason, doesn't even appear when I go to User Accounts via the control panel. I considered just transferring her music and photos and setting up a new account. But, her photos are privacy protected so the account won't let me do that.

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I'm running 8.1 on a laptop and a desktop. I have admin accounts setup on both, associated with my primary windows/live/outlook/ whatever-they're-calling-it this week account. I've set up Standard User Accounts on each machine associated with an alias. I can log-in to outlook from either account with the same password, but I can't log-in to either machine using the Standard User Account with that password. Any help getting this setup working would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I run windows 7 premium 64 and all of the sudden I stated to get this popup after windows loads that says
"C:\User\Lori-Bee\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost"
How can I fix this?...I tried check disk running CCleaner ....No difference

A:C:\User\User -User\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost

Hi there ... Read the Link below and follow the Instructions ..
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Error 182418Log.iniis lost
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i can't finish the setup process. i'm trying to create a "standard" account, but when i go to create a password for it, no matter how many characters and no matter how complex (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, etc) it will absolutely not accept anything as a password (and i am copying/pasting the password from notepad, so it is being typed correctly).

i checked all the secpol 'password policies', and there don't seem to be any interfering requirements.

i attached a screenshot, if it helps.
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I forgot my user account log-on password. How can I get my computer to boot into my operating system? I am running Windows XP Home Edition on an older HP Vectra VL. Is there a work around for this? What would happen if I disconnected the power for several days, would this wipe out the memory of the User Account?

A:I Forgot my User Log-On Password

If you disconnect the power for several days, your computer will be the same as the password is encrypted and stored for windows.

You can reset it however

For example, by using google and searching for "offline nt password"
the return is a variety of "XP Hacks" out there to allow you to reset your password. **Cant supply you with the link because its too close to violation of rules on this forum, thats probably all the help your going to get here.....
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If I can't bypass password. Then I want to factory reset

A:I forgot user password

Hi, If you want to perform a factory reset, you won't need to bypass the log-in password. The notebook will have shipped with a Recovery Partition which can be accessed at boot - ie shutdown the notebook, then start tapping away at f11 as soon as you power on. A full guide on this can be found on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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Need my old laptop because it has fire-wire connector. It has a Vista partition and an Ubuntu one.
I created a Ubuntu partition and have been playing with that, but haven't been on the Vista partition for several months.

Is there any way to get a hint or reset it? I pitched the documentation and disks when I got my new laptop because I planned to just wipe it and run ubuntu. I have a stick with a Userkey.psw but I think it's for the new latop since it;\'s not working for the old PC.

Yea, I know know sounds like "my dog ate my homework."

A:forgot User Password Help

Sorry. Please read the rules about passwords.
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Dear sir,

Hi sir i am using windows 7 operating system and i forgot my user account password and i am unable to login my account how to login my account.

Thanking you sir,


A:i forgot my user password

It is against the forum rules to assist with bypassing password or any security measure.

TSF Rules
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Hello everyone,
I hope that you can help me.
My friend has forgotten his user password to log onto his XP system. His memory isn't very good and he just can't remember.
Is there any way to log onto this computer, as his wife runs a business and there is information in it she needs. Formatting it isn't an option at this time.

Thanking you in advance for all your help,


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i was trying to load the windows vista setup stuff onto a cd so i could use it on the other computer which has the problem but i don't know how to load the softwere onto the cd and im not that good with computers

A:Forgot User Login Password

Not sure what you want to achieve? Can you be a bit more specific?
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Need to know how to delete or change Administrator Password. I am having to log on as another user which is a limited account. Help!

A:Forgot Administrator User Password

Extract from Forum Rules


We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with software pirating, hacking, password cracking and keystroke recording software. Furthermore we will not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.

Thread Closed
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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.

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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,
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I purchased my 9 year old daughter a pink 1525 and she has figured out how to create a password and mom told her
not to now she cant remember what it is and you turn on the computer and thats as far as you get is her user name and password.
Can I reset the computer back to its factory settings ? There is nothing on it to lose .

A:My daughter has forgot what her user password is on her laptop

It depends on where the password is set.  If it's a Windows password, a system restore to factory will clear the problem.  CTRL-F11 at the Dell screen (XP) or F8 before Windows loads (Vista) will get you in.
If it's a power on (BIOS) password, that can only be removed by calling Dell, proving ownership, and being issued the system-specific master password.  If the system is in warranty, the call is free.  If it's out of warranty, a standard $50 support call fee applies.
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I recently created a password and have regretfully forgotten it. I have no windows 7 disk and no other users on my laptop. I have not setup any password reset options i.e. system restore disk etc.

How can I restore my computer or just change my password?

A:Forgot Admin Password, no disk, no other user.

Can you remember your 'hint'?
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I tried to see Skype Video on Windows Huge mistake It asked me for a Windows Account I just finished understanding what Google Account means I happened to have a Windows Account I can't New account log Windows local changed my Account User in entered it and it accepted it It then asked that I must also change the password that I use for my profile on my desktop I obliged and sacrificed my simple password as it required a strong password New Windows Account changed my local User account can't log in So now I have a Windows password and my strong user profile password I rebooted Big headache for the past two hours Neither passwords worked to let me in my profile which has Administrator privilege New Windows Account changed my local User account can't log in I logged in as Administrator went to Control Panel Users accounts hoping that being logged in as Local Admin I can change the password of my profile I can see my profile user account but there is no way to change its password only to delete or change to ordinary user I changed my Windows account password via my mobile Still I can't log in to my profile Would somebody kindly help or should I just dump Windows and move on to Mac
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A:1 account, 2 user names, but only 1 user = Big Registry Problem

What is exactly the meaning of this topic? Is it a queestion or a discussion?
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I want to setup a Local User Account with Administrator priveledges on a laptop that currently has a single login via a Microsoft Outlook com User Account which I want to keep active I had User - Local Account W8.1 assumed that this would be as simple a process as it was on XP Vista and W However I first consulted a number of other techical websites and have been rather confused by the large number of reported quot issues quot that users seem to have when setting up a Local Account Surely W permits multiple Users on the W8.1 - Local User Account same machine and surely it is up to the owner of that machine as to whether they want a Local Account with Admin rights So why all the reported quot problems quot that Users are W8.1 - Local User Account having when doing something which should be very simple Some of the reported problems are - W8.1 - Local User Account - After setting up the Local Account the user could not login to the Microsoft Account - User files in the Microsoft Account quot disappear quot after creating Local Account - Microsoft services such as Outlook com and SkyDrive stop working in all accounts after creating a Local Account - Programs won t run under the Local Account unless the User activates quot Run as Administrator quot - Profile of Microsoft Account corrupt after creating Local Account - Locked out of Admin rights on both the Microsoft and the Local accounts I would really appreciate some clarity over whether or not there are quot issues quot associated with creating a Local Account in W TiA T nbsp

A:W8.1 - Local User Account

I just created a Local Account to try it out and encountered no problems as you described. But, I am running 8.1. Probably MS fixed a few things in this new release.
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Hello. I have a laptop that I use from work. I changed the computer from logging on to a domain to my home workgroup. When I rebooted my computer I cant log on. I don't know the administrator password or any local user acounts on the machine.

How can I change back to log on to the domain without logging on?

Please help...thanks!

Oh Windows 2000 pro BTW

A:Can't log on to a local user account PLEASE HELP

I have a corporate PC as well. The only way I know to work around this "fully" is to contact your network administrator. There is something you can try though.

If you know your domain name from work try typing this into your user id field:

<domain name>\<user id>

Then type your password accordingly.

Hope this helps.
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vista home basic 9 months since we last used system cannot remember main user password to get into vista

A:forgot user password to login to vista home basic

Welcome to TSF

Unfortunately we cannot assist in the bypassing of passwords, Please read the Rules



We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with the following activities

? software pirating
? hacking
? password cracking
? keystroke recording software
We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.
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From what I have read, in order to use OneDrive (integrated in the OS, not the web browser), you have to use a MSA account to login to the computer in order to use OneDrive.

Is there a way to use a Local user account, while still using OneDrive without using a web browser? Even if it means I have to login everytime I open the drive from Windows Explorer? I plan on installing Win10 and using a local account to use the computer (I have a MSA account that I can use for OneDrive, but don't plan on using it to login to the computer itself).

Thanks in advance

A:Local User Account and OneDrive

Hello Jaesun, and welcome to Ten Forums.

When you sign in to OneDrive using OPTION TWO below, you would still need to sign in with a Microsoft account, but you can do so while still remaining signed in to Windows 10 with a local account.

OneDrive - Unlink in Windows 10
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I've been trying to recreate/rebuild a user account for a local user. The user had software issues that were not present under other accounts.

I renamed her account to username_old. but instead of Windows creating a new account using their login name like I'm used to with XP, it is logging in under the TEMP account. I can't change anything in that account because when they log out there is no TEMP under the Users directory.

What do I have to do to have Windows recreate the user's account under their login?

A:recreating local user account

Please check these Microsoft articles.

Fix a corrupted user profile

How to Fix Corrupted User Profile in Windows 7
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I purchased a new Dell 1764 Win 7 Professional about 2-weeks ago and have been learning how to use Win 7 - I consider myself an old XP guy!

I was in the windows explorer to see who was listed inder the Users directory where I found a directory with my name on it. I double clicked and noted the contents of the directory was the same as in XP. I clicked on the Local Settings directory (I temporarily turned off the "hide protected operating system files" option to see if contents was the same) and got a message that access was denied. I was told by a tech that this was normal in Win 7 in order to stop people from changing options, etc. which could cause problems.

My question is this - was the tech correct by saying it was locked for protection? If the answer is yes, then who can access the directory? (I have system administrator rights.


A:User account - Local Settings

Hello Pierre,

Yes, he was correct. The faded shortcut protected OS folders are actually only "junction points" to the actual folder instead, and are not real folders. They are used for backwards compatibility for older XP type applications that still reference them by default instead of the newer default locations in Vista and Windows 7 now. They redirect the older application to the new Vista and Windows 7 locations instead.
Hope this helps,
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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate (desktop machine). The machine has a number of accounts, each of which are logged in and running programs.

I've considered running VMs, but I don't want to break the licencing on the software that I am running. So, I am stuck with running multiple user accounts.

I'd like to be able to access the desktop of the other accounts without logging out and changing user. I considered the possibility of using remote desktop, but in this scenario, the computer has a single IP address.

Any suggestions for how to do this, or whether it is even possible?



A:How to access desktop of local user account

Why do you need different user accounts like this? The explanation doesn't make sense.
What keeps you from having everything under your named User account?
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Is there any way to know the creation date of local user account in windows

A:Need to know the creation date of local user account

rohan.bisht said:


Is there any way to know the creation date of local user account in windowsClick to expand...

User Manager for Domains
Active Directory / Users/Groups

Profiles data gets updated in Windows so I was going to suggest that..
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This is a very strange problem that has been happing We run Windows Server all the client PCs run Windows XP Pro ----- We have on user who can login to her PC fine but if she tries to login to a different PC it will let her login but not load any of her files rather than My Documents linking to her My Documents on the server it links to the local only the she to connect PCs her can User account is administrator where to local My Documents in her profile User can only connect to her account to PCs where she is the local administrator on the actual PC All the other network drives work fine so she can connect to all the shared stuff etc but just not her own personal files my documents desktop etc I have logged in fine on her PC and the others that we tested her account on after some playing we found out that on her PC she is set as the local administrator if we remove that as she shouldn t really be set as admin she suddenly has this connection problem and likewise if we set her to local admin on one of the other PCs sudenly the problem is fixed Any ideas why this might be happening Thanks very much for any help that anyone can give nbsp

A:User can only connect to her account to PCs where she is the local administrator
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Hi All,

Hopefully a straight forward question for you...

We have a company laptop that is normally used on our domain and the user wants to setup a local user account on it for home use. We have tried adding a new user but it keeps asking for the domain. I am presuming we have to leave the domain and setup a workgroup for example and do it that way?!? But this causes an issue when the user wants to go back on the domain at work.

Appreciate any advice/help.



A:On Domain want to setup local user account?

New user account
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I began setting up my new computer with two accounts---local and Microsoft. Now I see it's a hassle and I'd like to get rid of the local one, but I can't find a way to do it. Thank you.

A:How to Delete a Redundant Local User Account in Win. 8.1?

Hello Dovelyada, and welcome to Eight Forums.

While you are signed in to Windows with your Microsoft account, you should be able to use an option in the tutorial below to delete the local account.

User Account - Delete - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Guys I have done this in the past but cannot recall how and don't want to botch.

I had hoped Windows 10 corrected the "rename user account" function but nope. I renamed a User Account due to conflict on the LAN [same name, same spelling] and sure enough, now I have two names for the account, one a slightly hidden original name, and permissions issues. To rid it, I will create an all new Administrator account, move everything over, and demolish the old.
How to do? the docs/files are easy... the settings for apps etc are not as I recall


A:Move/copy-paste User Account data & docs to New User account same sys

Don't even try would be my recommendation.

Make a new Admin account and copy your documents. Set everything else up from scratch.

Most applications will store their stuff in %localappdata% but unless you have some specific app (Windows Live Mail or Outlook or something) tht you must move it would be much better not to try to move things.

If there is something specifically you want to move then ask about that - I've moved the 2 I mention above, for sure someone else has moved something else.

Generally it will be quicker (and cleaner) to start from scratch than trawl though everything hoping to make sure you moved the lot. You'll only end up missing some odd directory and it will not work.
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Hello I m not a beginner in computing but fairly new to Windows I read some pages on this topic but can t get it to go So Here it is I deployed student oriented computers going in the school classroom at Windows Pro SP I installed Win Pro SP on a target computer in Local server managment account non user joined. and created a school admin account and a student user account Installed Office registered Windows and office I did Windows update I did a default sysprep caught the reboot on Clonezilla installed it on all other same model computers At each reboot it asked me to create another admin Local user account managment in non server joined. account and re-activated Windows Pro SP Now I forgot to harden the student user account If I harden student account on one computer like remove the capacity to change the background picture with the MMC with the local user and computer choosing the student account and selecting what I want to restrict Which tool can I use to transfer this students restrictions to other computer LocalGPO LGPO LGPOPack with out MLGPO What would the command line for exporting the student account restrictions be What would the command line for importing the student account restrictions be Thanks in advance
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Hello I have a rather unique setup here where I would like to be able to point domain user's roaming profiles to a local account on a Windows PC Would anyone know how to do this We have many computers a profiles to user Directing local account Roaming here all with a local user called quot PE quot for Directing Roaming profiles to a local user account profile editor which I would like to make the standard profile for people logging in The systems are all locked down with a program called DeepFreeze which means that no changes would be saved locally at all Right now PE is set as the default user so every time someone logs into a computer here it copies the PE profile to their new profile However with all the software we have this profile is around MB in size which leads to login times of about minutes My hope is that I can slim this login time down by implementing this User logs on with domain credentials Because they have a roaming profile set up to point to C Users PE Directing Roaming profiles to a local user account they are able to get right in with very little login time Now they get on quickly and have access to their allotted network storage space When they log off the computer will restart and will be back to a fresh image Step is the one that I am unsure of how to implement Does anyone see a way this could work Thanks for your help
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Can anyone help??

I am having trouble with my Windows XP Pro.
I have two user accounts on my laptop, one is a domain account (work) and the other is the local account. Ever since I connected this laptop to my work domain I am unable to connecto to broadband anywhere else.

For example, I can connect to the internet fine when I am on the work network. However, when I am at home and logged into the local account I am unable to connect to the internet (whether it be wired or wireless).

I spoke to an IT friend of mine who (after going through a few steps) said that my local account seems to be using my domain account server to access the net.

Any help would be appreciated as it is driving me mad . Only other option I have is to reinstall.


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I was having a lot of trouble creating a local user account with a powershell script Basically the script would throw no errors but the account would not with powershell creating local user account Problems be shown in quot Control Panel User Accounts Manage another user account quot It would seem that the user Problems creating local user account with powershell create functionality of ADSI doesn't work the same way in win as it did in win I Problems creating local user account with powershell finally figured out that the accounts had been created but they weren't a member of quot Users quot by default and when they weren't a member of users they didn't show up in the control panel Script Local User Management Module Run the script above and then run the following two commands New-localuser -username quot newuser quot -password quot quot -description quot created by powershell quot Set-Localgroup -username quot newuser quot -groupname quot Users quot -add That should create the new user account and add it to the Users group so it is visible and can be used
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So,we have school laptops,that I also use for home use, connected to a domain and I want to create a normal user off the domain. Is this possible?, also is it able to have admin abilities, since we aren't even allowed to change our backrounds on the domain. PLEASE HELP!!!

A:How do you create a local user account on a domain connected computer?

So,we have school laptopsClick to expand...

Ask your school's IT department for help. We do not want to suggest anything that may go against their policies.
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I have two users in Win 10. First is My Self an Administrator and second one is a Local User. In Computer Management I stopped sharing of My Self Folder. It is showing now "not shared". In C drive user folders, I clicked My Self Folder and clicked stop sharing but even than Local User is able to view My Self Documents and Desktop etc. Please advise.
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I have currently disabled and re-named the Windows 8.1 built in administrator and guest accounts. I would now like to create a local user via command line and set the account password to never expire but there doesn't seem to be a switch for that option.
I am using

/PASSWORDCHG:NO to prevent the password from being changed/AVTIVE:YES
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

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So yesterday I restarted my computer after an update and I type in my PIN as usual to login and then I get a message saying quot Your password was changed on a different device You must sign in to this device once with your new password and then you can sign in with your PIN quot When I saw that I realized it had to have been my fault because I was using Now Password not cannot ONLY sign-in!! working. USER(local) the command prompt on my girlfriend's laptop to get to know the network commands and I stupidly decided to test out changing my password from the command prompt The thing is I only left out one letter when I typed in the password on the command prompt just to test it and see if I it worked Well now I can't login to my own laptop because of my own dumb curiosity Even worse I didn't add a second user since I had just done a clean windows install and directly updated to Windows So since I only have ONE local user I can't use another user ONLY USER(local) Password not working. Now cannot sign-in!! to login and fix the problem I'd like to avoid reinstalling from scratch I'd really appreciate the help guys Thanks in advance Also my girlfriend used the flash drive with my password reset file on it so that's not an option for me For now I added my Live user account to my girlfriend's laptop for the time being to see if I can fix this but so far no dice

A:ONLY USER(local) Password not working. Now cannot sign-in!!

I managed to find my flash drive with the userkey. Plugged it in and the wizard popped up and filled out the new password and password hint, I hit next and then got an error message saying:
"An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password for this user account."

So maybe this is something else?
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My folders and files in C:/users/myname/ can be viewed and accessed from the Guest user account. How do I stop this?

A:Files in my user account can be accessed from guest user account in VISTA
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I have a Vista 32 system that has some corruption. Several things like the NET v2.0 framework do not work correctly and it does not do a Windows update without an error. Basically, I know some corruption must exist in the registry.

I have a new drive that I restored a backup from way back when the system was working OK. Naturally there are programs and files that need to be updated. I will have to reinstall the programs that did not exist on the old backup, but I was hoping I could restore my user account profile "in bulk" without just moving individual files. Is there anything wrong with deleting the whole content of the restored user account profile and replacing it with my present profile?

A:replacing a restored user account from backup with present user account

You could use Windows Easy Transfer, I will be back with more information.

You can also, just back up your files etc and then restore them to the new account.

You have to be careful with anything that you do, to be sure that the corruption is not transferred.
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Is there a fix for Unlocking AD User Account in Windows7 so I do not I have to use WindowsXP AD to unlock the User Account?  Is there a fix and/or update for fixing this problem?
Your help will ge greatly appreciated.
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I am trying to create a non admin user account, which I know how to do the simple way, however I have been using the admin user account for a while now however I want to transfer/copy program setting, etc to this knew user account.

so I want to: create a non admin user account which is duplicate of the current existing admin account but from her on to install software etc I install under admin account.

I am using Vista too

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
David Lambie

A:How do I copy existing admin user account to normal user account

I would
> Create the new profile with admin privileges
> Transfer stuff things to the new profile (see here)
> Then remove admin privilege from the new account
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I'm creating a local group policy to lock down a Win7 Pro Workstation for use in the Staff room.
It's the first time I've used it, previously I've worked a bit with AD. but I've been following on line tutorials and using google and I'm nearly there with it.
But I'm stuck on one thing. My approach has been to remove access to pretty much everything apart from IE, Firefox and Skype icons on the task bar.
I've got the start menu empty apart from the shutdown button, which is what I want but at the top of the start menu is the users icon/picture thing and if i click on it it takes me to "user accounts". I can't for the life of me work out how to get rid of the picture or just stop this happening.

Can anyone help please?

A:How to use Local Group policy to prevent access to User Account settin

Have you tried anything from this thread (especially second page)?
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Been using Win 10, for months, one morning the wife is screaming can't login.
Toshiba laptop was displaying invalid email address as User.
Computer was originally installed with Local User Account under Win 8.

I plugged in an Emergency Boot usb, ran System Restore.
The local account sign on was restored.
After recover I created a new local user as backup, with admin role.

Guess what, couple of days later the Start Button of original local user stopped working,
I was able to use backup user, and problem went away.

Friend just drop off her laptop, with invalid Microsoft Account as user.
Tried restoring System Restore back one prior update, no luck.
The local user files are still on computer, so is local account as displayed by
wmic useraccount still show all accounts on computer.

How do i set or change user display by Winlogon??
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I really need some help. I have a toshiba equium laptop and the other day my laptop infomred that one of the files were corrupted. I restarted my laptop and the check disc program fixed the corrupted file but now, I am asked for a password to enter my user accouont. I have never had a password on it and have tried every possibilty. I am all out of ideas, I have downloaded a program that supposedly changes passwords but I can't get it to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:User Account password

at the login screen ctrl+alt+del do it twice in succession you will get a new login menu use administrator (provided no password used) usually none. go to admin tools and computer management /users and groups (your username) properties find a menu to reset the password at next logon this may help
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Hello I am new to this forum and I am hoping that someone here can help me with the problem I am having on one of my laptops I bought a laptop for my daughter awhile back I set up a user account as the administrator being me The issue I am having is the admn password keeps expiring So I have to reset the password This time I can't recall the password I previously used I need to download a antivirus program I recently purchased for the laptop but I can't because the pc is requiring me to do this from my user account admn account I can't remember the password for the admn account On top of that I thought that the admn user account would say administrator under the with help user password I need account account icon I may be incorrect in recalling that though Anyhow I really need some help in figuring out how to reset my password so I can download the antivirus software on the pc Also is there a way to disable the password expiring I am so frustrated over this I tried everything I could think of to access my user account but no luck Please help Thank You Kathi

A:I need help with user account password

Hello Kathi, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if one of the options in the tutorial below may be able to reset your password.

User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

Hope this helps,
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I'm trying to set a password for my user account, but every time I enter it and hit the "create password" button, an error message pops up saying "Windows cannot change the password". Any ideas on why thats happening to me?

A:Why can't I set a password to my user account?

Hi tank222 and welcome to Vista Forums

Have a look at this Tutorial to see if it helps solve your problem: Password - Prevent or Allow to Change
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have a system here that I'm locked out of due to an unknown password. I've tried all the safe modes available but everything wants a password for the user account. I also attempted an image restore but that also wanted a password. There appears to only be one user account on the system & that is the one that has the unknown pass. I'm pretty much locked out of the system as nothing goes beyond the password request. I've also tried [removed by mod] Live CD but it was unable to retrieve the password. Does anyone know of a good free password recovery or reset tool that will allow me to access the system?

A:user account password

Sorry to report that we can not help you with that problem, per site rules

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...
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Hi guys,

I would like to know if it is possible to change a setting somewhere that ONLY my account can change my password and modify settings. Yesterday I've found out that all other admin accounts are also able to modify my password and all my settings. How can I change this so that only MY account can do this?

Hope this makes sense,


PS: I won't be able to make the others limited, they have to remain admin.

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How do I change settings to allow access without having to enter password everytime?
Thanks in advance.

A:User account/password

Hello Michael,

If you mean at startup, then you could use the tutorial below to set Windows 8 to sign in to an account automatically at startup.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 StartupIf you mean at wakeup, then you could use the tutorial below to set Windows 8 to not require a password at wakeup.

Password Protection on Wakeup - Enable or Disable in Windows 8
See also: Screen Saver Password Protection -Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,
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So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

A:Strange Defult Login User Prompt - Local Admin, Not Domain User

Quote: Originally Posted by Norwood

So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

The above is a bit confusing. Is this computer joined to a work domain or is it not?

If this is a domain computer, the user will have to use the classic log on screen (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), not the Welcome Screen. If he wants to switch to logging in to the Local computer account and not the domain, he'll have to "Switch User" then log in with the format of Computername\User Name
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Hi, I am using Teamviewer to remotely control my friend's computer and help him with tech problems, and I need to help him with a certain thing that will take a long time. He gets bored of me controlling the computer for so long, so I want him to be able to do something else on his computer while he waits. Can I control his computer in the background while he has a different window open so he can watch videos while I work on his computer?

And if not, is it possible to make a 'plugin' for teamviewer to do this?

I really need this feature, so thank you so much to anyone that can help me with this.

A:Solved: Teamviewer MultiTasking (Local User and Remote User Using At The Same Time)
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Good idea or not? Also what if you forgot your pass then how can you get back on your account?

Log in through admin account and change pass for your user account? Or what?

A:Setting up a user account password?

Passwords are always good.

Here is a Tutorial: User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7
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I have a Dell laptop that I only use when I travel and I have forgotten the password for my Windows user account. Is there a way to access my account and reset the password?


A:Forgotten User Account Password

Yes there is but unfortunately there is not a way that can be given here at TSG....

Please read the rules:
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my attachment says all

A:User account says Password protected

Hello Frenchman,

It depends on if the user account is a Microsoft account or local account.

If it's a Microsoft account, then you are out of luck since it's required to have a password, and it cannot be removed. You can change the password to whatever you like though.
Microsoft Account Password - Change or Reset in Windows 8
If it's a local account, then you could change it's password and leave the password fields empty to remove it and no longer be password protected.
Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8
Hope this helps,
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When I purchased my laptop some 4 years ago, a user account control password was set. I have absolutely no idea what it is. It is set as the administrator account. Up til Vista caused a problem with my user profile I didn't have any problem since I logged in under that account. Is there any way to find out what my password was set as. I've tried downloading ophcrack and it didn't find the password. HELP. I can't do any updating until I figure out what the password is. Toshiba can't help.

A:User Account Control Password

Hello Bandybear, and welcome to Vista Forums.

What is the issue you are having with your user profile?

Have you already tried doing a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you started having this user profile issue?

Hope this helps for now,
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I have forgotten my windows user account password and after a few unsuccessful attempts the account is now locked. Is there a way to bypass this without the cd? (running on windows vista business)

I have got slacko puppy from previous problem if that helps.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300

A:User Account Password forgotten

Here is one solution: Offline Windows Password & Registry EditorThis is a utility to reset the password of any user that has a valid local account on your Windows system.Supports all Windows from NT3.5 to Win7, also 64 bit and also the Server versions (like 2003 and 2008)You do not need to know the old password to set a new one.It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off a CD or USB disk to do the password reset.Will detect and offer to unlock locked or disabled out user accounts!
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i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
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I have a laptop running Windows 7 where I have an administrator account and a user account set up (not the Windows 7 guest account). When someone logs onUo the User account there are two *.exe files which do not run without requesting administrator passwords to run. How do I set these files to run without administrator passwords in the User account? They are not harmful applications and are related to the battery management on the laptop.


A:Administrator Password In User Account

Here is a link. Not sure if will help, but helped me.
Add Take Ownership Option Shortcut in Right Click Menu of Windows 7
Go down to the link that says download "take ownership"

Unzip the file, using WinRar.

While in said user account, go to the files you unzipped, double-click the "install Take ownership.reg"

It will install a right-click option in the context menu that allows you to take ownership of a given file or folder.

BE ADVISED: maybe make duplicates of the .exe files in question in case it doesn't work. Or you can re-download them again I guess.

If it works and you are done and happy, you can double-click the "removeTakeownership.reg" and it will remove the entry from your registry as well as the option in the right-click context menu.
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Dear SirRight now I m using model No. 15-ac103nx. My problem is that when I want to change my user account password it's always said wrong.but when I open the system I put same password that time open. For example my user name is Shamshad Ali and password is [email protected] with the help of this password I open the system but when I lock the system (Windows key+ L) that time also said wrong password so plz help.Thanks& RegardsShamshad Ali+966571265068Saudi Arabia
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Hello Tech Support forum users I would like to User Password Control Account ask for a help question with my window password problem I have made account password in admin and other was manage other account with password Then one day I remove my User Account Control Password admin password I thought I don't need it anymore except there User Account Control Password another one password I have forgotten about my other account have become admin because I removed my main password It happen to appear the manage other account had become administer account I only see my standard user account in my starting screen it has no passwords The other one with the password account doesn't seem to appear in the starting login screen I couldn't install any programs without my password My father try to use his reset disk I try of them Guest Account Toshiba None of them work It is on control panel user accounts help me I couldn't do anything If you don't understand me I'm very sorry I'm not very good at explanation of my problem Thanks for your support Peace Out Pain You

A:User Account Control Password

Sorry, but it's against the forum rules to assist you with circumventing passwords or other security measures. This topic is closed.
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quot administrator user - Is an unelevated administrator account that is created by default during the installation of Windows or is already setup or you on a OEM ex Dell computer An administrator account has complete access to the computer and can make any desired changes To help make the computer more secure this administrator account type will be prompted by UAC by default User-Administrator For Password The Account to give confirmation before allowed to make any changes that require elevated administrator rights Such as those that affect the system other users or when running anything elevated Run as Administrator since running Password For The User-Administrator Account elevated will allow it to have access to the entire computer quot The above was taken from a Forums tutorial Is it possible to require a password for this account when operating Password For The User-Administrator Account in the standard User Account For example when I update the Windows Defender definitions I right click the file and click quot Run As Administrator quot It does so without requiring a password When quot Run As Administrator quot is clicked I would like to have to enter a password Possible or not

A:Password For The User-Administrator Account

Add a password to your administrator account.

A Standard user will be prompted for the password for "Run as administrator".
You will also need to enter the password to login to the administrator account.

Don't lose or forget the password !
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After migrating to new windows 7 pc from windows XP using Easy Transfer I am refused the addition of a main user log on p/w. I suspect it may be because I didn't set a password before the transfer. Help!

A:can't create user account password

Did you try going into the user account section of the control panel and try adding a password to the main user account which would be the administrator account?
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My desktop Windows 7 PC is sick. When it finishes booting the log in page is displayed but only one user name is displayed, and the password (that my wife had taped to the display) is declined. There is no "Guest Account" or "Administrator Account" option displayed.

So far as I can tell, the only solution is to treat it like a lost password and re-install Windows using the format option which I believe means losing all files including all data files. Someone please tell me this ain't so!


A:[SOLVED] User Account Password?

If you can't remember the password then you are correct you'll need to reinstall Windows.

We can not assist with with the bypass of passwords. It is against the forum rules.

This thread will now be locked. If you do require help on the reinstall you may create a new thread.
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I am trying to install a program called postgresSQL a database program that creates a user (postgres) during install. I have installed the program before, created an account and forgot the password . I am trying to re-install the program and it still see the old user and wants the password.

The program says the solution for this is to.....

control panel>admin tools>comp management>local user and groups delete "postgres". local users is not there on home premium, handled by user accounts .


net user postgres /delete This gives me error 5 access is denied

not sure where to go from here???

A:user delete on home premium. no local user or groups??

Welcome to the Forum

Sorry that you are having a problem. If there is a separate user account,
Possibly this excellent tutorial can help.
Reset User Account Password[11]=User Accounts

It will not be easy, but it should work.
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I have a Dell XPS 9100 with Windows 7 Prof. I am using the user account made during the initial bootup of the new computer, to make the desired settings and adding software installations. However after I finish with the initial tweaking, I will reduce the account privileges from Administrator to Standard user level. However, before I change the account level, I will make another user account with administrator user level.

Is there a way to have the new user account have the same settings as the initial user account when it is Simimade, such as copying, etc? I am not looking forward to manually making all of the sames changes/settings that I have made in the initial bootup user account, to the new user account with administrator privileges.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions regarding the above. Thanks Sam

A:Creating a New User Account Similar to an Existing User Account

Hello Scams,

About as close as you can get to this would be to create a new administrator account with the name you like, then copy all of the contents of the old user account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders (including hidden AppData folder) into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder. After everything checks out ok, you can delete the old user account while logged in the new user account.

It will copy most of your settings, like your Start Menu shortcuts, to the new account, but items stored in the registry, like your desktop background, would have to be reset again.

Hope this helps some,
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how can it be?

a standar user turns the pc on, goes to her account and turns the general volume down and then turns the pc off

i go later turn the pc on , go to my account and i have the volume down too


A:1 user account urns down the volume and my user account gets affected

That is how Windows seems to work. I have three users on my system, and if I adjust the volume with one, the other two are affected. I did find this: How do I keep individual user volume settings on my computer?

Maybe it will help you. I will also ask others to take a look.
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We have a win 7 PC that has the password set to expire every 42 days (be design set in gpedit.msc). The user logs in and is presented with the "you must change password" screen. They enter a password and get this.  "configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied" 
  It is a WORKGROUP pc not a member of a domain but unsure if it every was. I changed the password using the administrator account and set the password that way without issue but the user stated that this was not the first time they had this issue.
I deleted the GPO settings ( and changed it to WORKGROUP1 in an attempt to reinforce the
non-domain status and no change. User is not restricted from changing their own password. User is not the admin.
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I have a Panasonic FZ1000 camera that is wi-fi capable. However, I'm having the worst time getting the PC and camera to pair, as have many others. One suggested workaround was to disable "Password protected sharing" in the control panel's Advanced Sharing Settings. However, windows won't let me do this because (to the best of my knowledge) I would first have to remove the password from my Guest user account. I have tried numerous times to do this, but unsuccessfully. Here's what's happening: I enter the Guest account using its proper pw. In the control panel, I get to the "remove your password" screen. Here there is a field asking for my current pw. I enter the pw used to gain access to the Guest account and get the message that "Windows cannot change the password." BTW, "Password protected sharing" can't be disabled in the Guest account, either. Help please.
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I am now experiencing this problem. The User Account Control won't allow me to type in any character..... There's no cursor, and the only option highlighted is "Cancel". I think i know how n why this happened. I made an adjustment in the account settings,out of curiousity, and now I can't reverse it.

but that's only the TIP of the iceberg... I tried to do a system restore to a previous point but i keep getting a error message. the big ISSUE is that i dont remember the adminstrator password and there's only ONE admistrator, not only that the administrator account. I cant log in to to one of my standard user account "failed log in".. PLEASE HELP... i know this is numerous issues. PLEASE HELP!!!!

A:UAC - User Account Control will not allow any entry into the Password Box.


Assisting in forgotten password threads is against the rules here, but we can address the issue legitimately.

It sounds as if something is messed up in the OS. Quite logical huh?

I think we can address all 3 issues I can suspect in 1 step here, without breaking any policies.

I recommend a custom install:

That will backup your data, but still do a clean install. Just remember not to format!

That will address a possibility of malware, corrupted OS, take care of the password issue, and remove all programs that may be contributing.
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OKay, so i just got vista and my cousin et up the accounts and my sister is the administrator. I wanted to download something from the web but i needed administrative permisisons, and seeing that my sister can be a total [email protected]#^% sometimes she won't let me change me to the administrator for awhiel whiel id ownload the thing. I tried to figure out her password but no luck. I searched the web trying to see if there was a way around it, but nothing helped. Can anybody tell me if if can do something here?

A:USer account password/administrator permissions

I would suggest you speak to the administrator - your sister.
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How to crack the Admin password with out a user account.

A:Cracking the admin password without a user account

Please read the Rules
we do not assist in cracking passwords
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I hope someone can help.  I set up Win8 and used my Hotmail account.  I saved the password so that I would log in automatically.  Then, I changed the password to my Hotmail account, on the web, not through Win 8.
So, now, when I turn on the computer, the saved password is not the right one. Not a big deal, but "pesky".  Does anyone know where I can change the saved password?
I have found many articles regarding CHANGING the password.  I do not want to change my Hotmail password, I want to change the one that is STORED in Win 8.
Thanks in advance!

A:Change STORED User Account password

Wouldn't you be able to just change it via "PC settings"?
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Hello guys So I decided to create a thread here in case any (ophcrack/TRK) Lost account. on user password of you know what to do I've checked several internet pages but my problem seems to persist I just got my desktop Windows Home Premium back after a year from where it was stored but I have forgotten my password completely I have tried several options of password retrieval removal - Ophcrack CD Lost password on user account. (ophcrack/TRK) D VD - TRK Trinity Rescue Kit Lost password on user account. (ophcrack/TRK) CD DVD Ophcrack had an issue with not being able to find the tables displaying the message quot no drivers found quot no matter what I try to click on that might help me in my case TRK also encounters a problem where it says quot Trying to find TRK on your CD-drive s TRK not found on CD Checking harddisks amp USB sticks sleep secs let them settle in SCSI CDROM TSSTCORP CDDVD SH-S J SB PQ ANSI SR Attached SCSI generic Sg type cat etc trkhd No such file or directory Seems we didn't find anything yet Trying CD-drives once more Try to find TRK on your cd-drive s Seems we didn't find the TRK medium Manually enter the device on which TRK can be found e g 'sda ' If I enter sda it just tells me that something is wrong could not load no such file in directory Any idea on what to do instead do to fix it I want to try to avoid having to reinstall my whole computer and I appreciate to have the answer as easy as possible because I'm not that much of a computer-person x Kidd

A:Lost password on user account. (ophcrack/TRK)

Hello and welcome to the forums Kidd!

Follow this tutorial to reset your Windows 7 account password:-

Password Reset

Hope that helps!
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Hello I am new here and have searched previous Post and Threads without success for this problem This is on my sons computer which is a CompaQ Presario PC with INtel Pentium Dual Core Processor E It is using Windows Vista Home Premium I do not know nor does he if it has any updated Service Packs For some time now and I have no idea how long as he recently brought it to my attention Vista request a password in the UAC but will not allow ANY charactors to be typed in It demands the password to do any changes to the computer and to run many programs I was successful today in changing my administrator password but still Vista will not allow me to any the Box. not entry Password UAC Control will allow into Account User - enter the password into the UAC so changing the password did nothing I am UAC - User Account Control will not allow any entry into the Password Box. going to go back after posting this and see if I can again change the password leaving it blank However attempting to turn off the password failed Logging on as guest also requires the password to be entered but will not accept any charactors at all to be entered Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you Bill K

A:UAC - User Account Control will not allow any entry into the Password Box.

Additional Information. The UAC pop-up window also only gives me the highlighted box to Cancil the process. It will not allow me to Continue. Further: A box at the top of the pop-up also advises that an Unidentified Program Needs Permission To Run.

Bill K.
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Ok so i sorta network password user Changeing over account help out as a sys Changeing user account password over network admin at my friends work but im not computer expert Just a computer and networking lover And about every Changeing user account password over network few months i change my admin user account password on all the computers It s a small workgroup no domain of about computers And im looking for a easy way to change the password on all the computers over the network if possible in a workgroup So i came across PsPasswd from sysinternals now owned by M but i dont think it would work for a workgroup enviroment and i dont really understand how to use it This is the user install guide it provides quot Installation Copy PsPasswd onto your executable path and type pspasswd with command-line options defined below Usage You can use PsPasswd to change the password of a local or domain account on the local or a remote computer usage pspasswd computer computer file -u username -p password Username NewPassword computer Run the command on the computer or computers specified If you omit the computer name the command runs on the local system and if you enter a computer name of then the command runs on all computers in the current domain file Execute the command on each of the computers listed in the file -u Specifies optional user name for login to remote computer -p Specifies optional password for user name If you omit this you will be prompted to enter a hidden password Username Specifies name of account for password change NewPassword New password If ommitted a NULL password is applied quot OK so for starters if this will work in my workgroup enviroment what does the first line mean when it says quot Copy PsPasswd onto your executable path and type pspasswd with command-line options defined below quot The rest of my questions ill ask if this would work in the workgroup Or if you have any suggestions for mass password change in a workgroup also note my admin username and password is the same across the board at the place Any and all help would be awesome nbsp
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I installed Windows 8.1. I can sign on without using an administrator password. However, to open documents I get the User Account Control asking me to enter an administrator password. I didn't get this with Windows 7. For instance, when I go to Windows Update and I want to right click on optional downloads to hide the update, I get the User Account Control box asking for the password. Is there any way to delete or disable the Administrator Password function in Windows 8? Thanks in advance.

A:User Account Control and Administrator Password

What account are you using what type is it?