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CPU/motherboard upgrade

Q: CPU/motherboard upgrade

Hello all I am new here and so this is my first thread I have peiced computers together in the past but I am by no means a pro or even a talented enthusiest What I am trying to do now is more of an upgrade I bought a computer from ADK in It is a video audio computer and ADK did a great job I would highly CPU/motherboard upgrade reccommend them If I wasn t trying to save some money I would go back to them but I am trying to do this as inexpensively as possible meaning I would like to keep as much as I can from this computer to use Here is what I currently have Antec Titon case with Thermalake w Intel board DP DP PCIe IDE xSATA Glan xUSB xTI firewire Intel Quad Core Q GHz FSB CPU/motherboard upgrade MB Cache Coolmaster Mars - RR-CCX-W U -GP fan Vantec mm Stealth fans - very quiet SuperTalent DDR PC CL pin RAM GBx HD Seagate GB ATA rpm Raid zero array Seagate x Seagate GB x Video XFX nVidia GeForce GTS MB PCIe MHz DVI HDCP PCIe PIONEER DVR B Dual Layer DVD-RW drive Windows XP Pro bit Monitors I want to replace the MB with a Z MB and the CPU with an i K I will need to upgrade the RAM to DDR Preferably GB I want to change the OS to Windows Pro bit Here are my newb questions Will I need to replace my Video card Can I use the same case and fans Can I use the same HDs and the same RAID Array I know nothing about RAID I was hoping to not have to replace anything more than the MB CPU RAM and OS I do want to replace the DVD for a blu ray burner Can anyone spot something I may be missing Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: CPU/motherboard upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: CPU/motherboard upgrade

Will I need to replace my Video card? Click to expand...

That video card will be compatible with your build. However, if you plan to use the PC for gaming or other graphically intensive tasks, you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model. A CPU upgrade may help performance in some games, but the GPU is what's holding you back.

But as I said, if you don't plan to game on the system, then it will be fine.

Can I use the same case and fans?Click to expand...

Yep, should be just fine, the newer motherboards will likely have more fan headers than your previous one.

Can I use the same HDs and the same RAID 0 ArrayClick to expand...

As far as I know (not being an expert on RAID), you should be able to the same setup with the new motherboard (although I'm not sure about retaining your data from your current build).

You may also want to consider purchasing an SSD, and loading your new OS onto that. It'll do wonders for your system's responsiveness, and may negate the necessity of a RAID array.

Can anyone spot something I may be missing?Click to expand...

I would suggest getting an aftermarket CPU cooler, so that you can properly overclock. If your going to get a Z77 motherboard and an unlocked CPU (such as the i7-3770K), it makes no sense not to overclock.

It would be useful to know exactly what the PC will be used for so that we can more accurately gauge whether you need to upgrade other parts of the build.
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I have a Gigabyte Socket 775 motherboard with an AGP video card, and I want to upgrade to a system that has PCI express X 16 for a new video card. The thing is, I dont want to see my 2gb PC3200 dual channel kit go to waste because all the new motherboard are DDR2 only.

So is it too late to upgrade to 939? With the money saved without getting new memory for conroe boards or AM2, and the relativly inexpensive price for a 939 board, I can get a Athlon 64 X2 3800 for 939 which is much, much faster than my current cpu, and get PCIX16 video card support, all the things that I exactly want!

A:Budget upgrade: Upgrade to Core 2 motherboard, AM2 or 939?

Works For Me

Sounds like you have thought things out. If you want to save your DDR I (thats what it is called now) a socket 939 motherboard is the way to go. Still avaiable for the present, and socket 939 dual core processors are coming down in price. Just make sure your memory is compatiable with the new motherboard. You should be good for a while, although the future belongs to DDR II.
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Hi one and all Haven t been on here in ages Need some thoughts I want to upgrade the CPU on this old machine but that requires a mother board upgrade as well as the Smithfield mobo that dell used will only take a Pentium D I use this PC for work and it runs very well however a step up in cpu could help with more of the software I have to run as well as make some web pages run CPU Upgrade Motherboard better The XPS is a BTX case so I m stuck with a dell mobo A mobo from a dell XPS TP LGA will drop right in slam dunk It would require a Intel Core cpu Everything will plug right back in So here s the question will the drivers in Vista Ultimate bit run the TP board or am I stuck with what I have If the drivers are there then I can turn the machine and just pick up where I left off In other words no reinstall of the OS What do you Motherboard CPU Upgrade think Have a great day everyone Motherboard CPU Upgrade

A:Motherboard CPU Upgrade

If you are going to change the motherboard you should also reinstall windows. Are there vista drivers for that motherboard? Certain functionality might require it. Also consider that an OEM copy of Vista is tied to your current MB and cannot be used on the new one. You will need a retail copy or multivolume license to use on the new motherboard.
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I have all my system information and I am curious if I can upgrade my motherboard to support a faster processor. I currently have a Dell Dimension XPS T600r. I know that I can upgrade my processor up to a 1G PIII slot1. My question is is there anywhere I can find information on what motherboards would be compatible with my system such that I would be able to increase RAM, processor, bus size and speed, etc...?

Thanks for your help.

Adam Turner

A:Motherboard Upgrade??

Dell is a proprietary system. If you want to upgrade the motherboard. You will need to buy a new case for this new motherboard. Since the new board either wont fit or you wont be able to mount it properly in the dell case.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545. I think the motherboard is gone cause i change the keyboard and recheck all connection and everything in place. Now i even connect the laptop to an extend monitor and what you see here is what i got on the laptop but nothing on the monitor. can anyone tell me what other motherboard i can fit in my Dell Inspiron 1545?

A:Want to upgrade my motherboard

An exact replacement will be your only feasible option.
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Im kind of bonehead when it comes to reading these spec sheets...can someone tell me what I can upgrade this mans computer to....(can I use PC133 RAM SIMM?)(How fast processor?)....are my two questions really.

here is what he has..



HDD----full 6gb,



Intel® Pentium® II / III and Celeron™ Processer
Slot1 for future Processor support
66/75*/83*/100/112*/133* MHz System Bus
(DOES THIS MEAN IT's 100FSB?)**************
AUTO Detect CPU Voltage
Clock multiplier 3.0/3.5......./9.5

Intel 82440 BX AGPset
Intel® 440BX AGPset
iTE 8671 I/Oset (1Mb/S)

8MB to 768MB DRAM size
3 x 3.3V DIMM Sockets
Supports 8/16/32/64/128/256 MB SDRAM DIMM Module
Supports ECC Type DIMM Module (72bits)



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ok so my graphics card died in my computer which is roughly years old so i have since discovered that no one makes or sells PCI compatible graphics cards So i was thinking that since i need to make some hardware upgrades anyway why not upgrade to a dual core processor and new motherboard with some PCIe slots to support new stuff OK a few questions If i have a purchased copy of windows XP will i lose all my music and files on my hard drive by doing said upgrade I have a stock power supply W is that enough to Upgrade Motherboard run this motherboard Gigabyte GA-G M-ES H Socket Intel G ICH Intel GMA X Graphics with HDMI DVI Port DDR Mhz GigaLAN -Ch HD Audio x SATA Gb s Support Mhz FSB Micro ATX Canada Computers with this processor Intel Pentium Dual Core E Socket LGA GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache nm Retail Box BX E Canada Motherboard Upgrade Computers i am aware that the above parts are only compatible with bit windows products will these parts be able to work with my current x version of windows XP Any response is appreciated

A:Motherboard Upgrade

PCI video cards are still available and may be the least expensive way out, depending on your needs.

You will have to match your power supply to the complete build of your computer - processor, drives, video card, etc. It's not just wattage, but also quality of the PS and appropriate connectors. Mobo power connectors may be different.

You can usually install a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit machine. Check for drivers first. You will lose your music files and data if you reformat or reinstall Windows on the same drive.
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At the moment I have an intel SE440bx-2 (genuine) mobo.
After my repairs Intel supplied a P III850 which I believe is the max this mobo supports( after bios updates). I am running this with a Leadtek A170 DDR T. This card supports agp 4x (spec 2.0) whereas my current mobo supports agp 2x (spec 1.0) but intel built in the 3.3volt spec with this board(required for spec 2.0--as I understand).
In a few weeks I shall have some spare cash and wish to upgrade to a better mobo that supports full agp 4x, as well as a CPU upgrade in the future. And also It would also be good to have a mobo with with some O'C capabilities. I've done a bit of huntin' on google and figured maybe an ASUS TUSL2-C.
I know that there are better options available but I will be on a limited budget.
Any thoughts or suggestions muchly appreciated

A:Motherboard upgrade


Obviously not.
Don't know if my original post is accurate, but I figure it must be.
I was thinking about a mobo that supports the PIV (1.6 onwards).
I really need some ideas as there is a plethora of mobos and I ain't too savvy with with all the ins and outs of mobos.
If anyone has any suggestions feel free to post.
(don't make me beg )
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hi..i plan to upgrade my motherboard and RAM..i would like to use my current hard drive and would like to know if i have to do a clean instal of vista..

my current OS: windows vista home premium 32-bit sp1 (pre-installed)
my current MOBO: ASUS Berkeley (P35/ICH9R)
my current RAM: Hyuandai DDR2 (333Mhz)


Thank you for all reply..
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So im Thinking about Upgrading my Cpu Motherboard I only have a 200$ Budget So im kinda trying to shoot for playing World of warcraft and leauge of legends if u can list 2 parts which would be good for that im kinda aiming for 60 fps lowest graphics so any tips would be good

A:CPU + motherboard upgrade

What are your computer specs now before you upgrade?
What resolutions are you planning on using to game with?

$200 is not allot to work with. Is there any chance you could go higher?
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i wanted to know what motherboard/cpu combo would work with a gateway gt5411e desktop system

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I ve got a Dell dimention E P GH and want to upgrade to with upgrade Help CPU motherboard & a dual core processor Already upgraded the power supply to a Help with CPU & motherboard upgrade BFG ATX v v watt and running a Geforce gt video card I do a lot of video work and I d like to work a little faster Help with CPU & motherboard upgrade and give myself some room to upgrade to dual video cards down the road Money is tight but I d rather not skimp and need to upgrade too soon Should I go the AMD route or stick with Intell People say you can get more bang for the buck with the AMD s but I get confused trying to compare the intel s to the AMD s I d like to go with a dual core GH or GH would settle for GH if it saves some money and you think it would still be a good enough Help with CPU & motherboard upgrade upgrade As for the motherboard like I said I d like to have an extra PCI express slot open so I can run dual video cards down the road I need at least SATA inputs have internal HDD s and a blu-ray drive Want to use the quicker DDR ram but again I would settle for the high end DDR or the DDR if need be Would like at least slots for RAM so I can upgrade that down the road as well since I m going to have to shell out money for that as well Can anyone give me some choices This also means I ll have to install windows XP again right So do I have to buy an install CD to do that Really can t afford to pay for that too so I m hoping I ve misunderstood that part nbsp

A:Help with CPU & motherboard upgrade

The Dell Dimension E510 is made for Intel processors and the model of Intel it will accept appears to be limited. The other thing is you won't have to re-install Windows if you upgrade your processor. If you cannot put a dual processor in your computer, there still might be a way to do something within your budget, even if it eventually means saving as many parts as you can and building a new computer.

Does this fit the description of your computer? Go to the web page below:

Dell Dimension E510 (Pentium 4 630 3GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, XP Media Center 2005)

Product summary

The good: Updated appearance; removable side panel provides easy access to case interior; quiet operation.

The bad: Dual-core CPU not an option; no FireWire ports; limited graphics-card options; too little storage for a media PC; stingy standard support.

The bottom lineThe bottom line: Dell's mainstream Dimension E510 looks good from the outside, but surprisingly limited configuration options dampen our enthusiasm.

Specifications: Processor: Intel Pentium 4 630 (3.0 GHz) ; RAM installed: 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM ; Hard drive: 80 GB Standard
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A friend's computer died and we noticed (after some investigation) that the motherboard was faulty.

We bought a Gigabyte 775 Intel 865G/ICH5 motherboard making sure that we could keep the Pentium 4 processor. The motherboard's description said that it supports our existing processor (a Pentium 4, 2.60Ghz/512/400 SL6PP).

However the processor socket in the new Gigabyte m/board is slightly larger than the Pentium 4 processor. The old m/board processor socket was a mPGA478B.

Did we buy the worng motherboard? I particularly wanted this one for its IDE support as we intended to use the existing hard disk too.

Any help comments will be greatly appreciated.


A:Motherboard upgrade

Indeed you did buy the wrong motherboard. You purchased a socket 775 motherboard when you wanted a socket 478. The 478's aren't very widely available anymore, maybe it's time for a bigger upgrade?
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I currently have an MSI M6728 motherboard in my computer. It is about 5 years old. I have been trying everywhere to get the official specs of this motherboard. Apparently they don't make it anymore so MSI can't help me and a google search came up empty.

Anyway, the motherboard is broken and all I have managed to get from Evesham (who made the computer) is the following:

Any new board needs to be

Socket 478
AGP Graphics Connector for processor

My processor is a Pentium 4, 2.6GHz BX

I have found this motherboard:

What I need to know is basically....will it work as a replacement?

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I recently upgraded my motherboard on a Compaq Presario. I don't know what the original motherboard was, but I upgraded to a Mercury PI845EX-L (replacing the case with an ATX that fit the motherboard). Upon power-up, I set the BIOS settings, and then instead of the PC loading Windows XP, I saw a horizontal line, like a cursor, flashing in the upper left corner of the screen. I couldn't type anything there. I have tried a trick I read about, booting with the XP CD and doing a repair installation, and it says that the first part of the installation was successful, it rebooted, but rather than continuing the installation, as it said it would, it would simply load the cd the same way, or if I removed the cd, show the flashing line. Is there any other way to boot without formatting? (I have tons of programs on the HD) Thanks!

A:Motherboard upgrade

I don't think you will get it to work. The Compac bios is gone and that is what it is looking for. Someone else may have a solution though.
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Hi I have pritty much the same set up as above in my M3910 only I have a Radeon HD6770 GPU but never upgraded the PSU its a bog standerd 300W and 16gigs of ram thats the MAX the motherboard will allow also the motherboard only has Sata 2 I was looking to upgrade the board so I can have Sata 3 for my Crucial M4 SSD does anyone know of an upgraded board that will fit the Acer Aspire Case the board by the way is an H57H-AM2

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I currently have a PentiumII motherboard currently running Win98SE that I'm going to upgrade with a Intel PentiumIV motherboard and then upgrade to WinXP after getting it up and running. I want to reuse my hard drive w/ current OS, CD and floppy. I know I need to upgrade the video card. Is this going to be a major hassle? Any suggestions before I dive into the project? Any help/procedures would be appreciated.

A:Motherboard upgrade

First of all, Welcome to Techspot Jackld!

Upgrading to a newer board, RAM and CPU aint that hard if you have built a pc before. Well the best thing right now is to give up your current PC specification and your budget, then we can give you some recommendation.
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Hi all,

The heavy duty stuff I am doing with my PC right now are photo (21.1 megapixel raw files) and video editing plus the occasional Battlefield 3 gaming. I am okay with the speed I have but I would like to upgrade my RAM to improve my performance. However, my motherboard only supports DDR2 RAM.

Unfortunately I am not very up-to-date on things and really would appreciate some expert help.

My current set-up on my Windows 7 - 64bit PC is:
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP43-S3L
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6870

Thanks for your help in advance. I would not like to spend more than 450 dollars.


A:Upgrade motherboard + CPU + RAM 229.99 134.90 82.99.

final price is 447.88$

seeing that your video editing a cpu with hyperthreading and more threads would be wonders unfortunatly the i7 didnt quite fit your budget unless u would of gone for the older versions which I wouldnt recommend the i5-3570k is a beast overclocker and is the best bang for the buck in gaming and I doubt u will have any regrets the graphics card is okay for another year or so so youll have a decent system all in all which will run battlefield 3 on ultra/ w/o AA proly or even with AA depends resolution
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OK So I searched the forums Motherboard Upgrade here for a bit and I understand that I will no longer be able to use my current OEM windows when I install my new motherboard No I do not have a clue about what I am doing but I am very excited about doing it All I need hopefully is an OS I understand that OEM is manufacturer version only compatibly with one machine and one alone courtesy of Wikipedia and a very unhelpful HP support rep who just wanted to sell me a new PC I just don t want to spend on the OEM version just to find out I need something else or whatever Here s the dillema everyone is facing right now Vista needs a few a lot more updates before I even want to bother with it But I will want it in another year or two Therefore I don t want to spend on XP retail version now then later on Vista so I am leaning towards the OEM version for a cheap quick fix I still would like input from anyone who knows anything more about the subject that I do which is most likely some of the world population Here are the Motherboard Upgrade main questions I have is the content in both software packages the same Is everything I need for installing included in the OEM version software What does G X mean Any input is welcome positive or negative and if you wanted to know I only needed a new video card but turns out I need other things in order to run a better one than the one I have It turns out is cost less to Motherboard Upgrade get a new system then I got it and found out I need a new OS I have a Compac SR NX check HP for details Current Asus K S-LA motherboard socket AGP max G DDR AMD sempron GhZ Geforce FX MB AGP Graphics card G OCZ ddr ram and other little stuff upgrading to MSI K N SLI-F Socket AM PCI-E Max G DDR email protected Athalon X had to keep the price down for now I will upgrade sooner or later G DDR mHz RAM W Power supply need better one for new vid card ATI Radeon X MB PCI-E Graphics card nbsp

A:Motherboard Upgrade


It is confusing when you face this issue> do I upgrade, or buy a new system to run Vista?

The easiest way is to go with a "Ready for Vista" setup.

I can't help you that much with all the hardware items, but I can with your question about XP OEM vs. Retail.
1. OEM Microsoft copies are for sale, without being pre-installed on any computer, single license and CD..... They run about $85 plus or minus. They can be installed on any computer, but are married to that same system (meaning the same motherboard and some items of hardware) for life.

XP Home, or Pro, is available as an OEM, which is less costly, but cannot be transferred to another machine!

Here is XP Home Edition for $89 and is probably what you saw,

Note that it does NOT say "Dell" or any other, computer brand.

This comes with Service Pack 2 included. OEM copies do not have tech support like Retail does.
**One processor systems only are supported, though it does run on multi-core systems. NOT dual processor systems.

**This OEM version will only allow a clean Install, and your existing data will be deleted. (Right- it formats the hard drive etc).
Here is another good place to buy and this link is for the XP Pro Edition, not Home....OEM w/SP2, for $139.00

(YOu will see some that are X64 there, too)

There is some good info about X64 bit here:

3. Retail versions as you know are quite a bit pricier, around
$180-$200, for XP Home Edition, but Pro is somewhat more, not that much though.

Looking at this list>>>

Will give you a clue about shopping, as the lower prices ones are usually OEM, but are often found in a list like I searched for, using the terms " windows xp professional full version retail box"

so, don't be fooled when you shop.

The advantage of Retail is that you can transfer the install License to any other computer, just about as many times as you need to, without any hassle, but only using the install on one computer at any given time.
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If I have to change my Motherboard a " Intel (wasp) Socket 478 Pentium 4" is there any need to upgrade or just put the same one in? Mine fried my Raid controllers out. Thanks for any advice on Motherboard upgrades.
:suspiciou Will I get any speed or other benefits from a upgrade?

Gateway 710XL
1024MB Ram P3200
audigity 2 ZX
Nvidia GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
D875PBZ Motherboard
Onboard Raid controllers (82801EB/ER) (ICH5/ICH5R) SATA & PATA

A:Why upgrade a Motherboard????


That depends on a lot of things- the first thing I would ask is .....are you sure it's the mobo's fault? Not PSU, or other hardware problems.

It's a good board and chipset, lots of CPU support, 4 GB RAM capable, etc., but it is a 478 socket. Looks like 800MHz max FSB. Do you game? Heavy? Do you want to? It has AGP 8x, but no PCIe slot. It all depends on what you currently use/need it for, and for how much longer.

If you intend to stay with Intel over the long haul, an LGA775 should be considered. If you're satisfied with what you're doing with it, seems like there is still space for updating with that board for a good while, but not too long. Faster RAM's, higher FSB's, and larger caches now being prevalent, you may begin to feel left behind, so you might wanna look at your budget, your plans, and consider this to be the time to upgrade.

Just my humble opinion- :wave:
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I have an old AMD K6 ATX motherboard and want to upgrade to a better one without changing the case - will I be able too?

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We had a working Gigabyte GA-8IPE775-G.

Now whenever I try and turn it on it gives a 'pfft' sound and absolutely nothing happens - so have been running the old pentium 3 ever since but now looking to upgrade it.

Any suggestions??

Also just searching around other threads, doing a straight mobo swapover (transplanting all parts) isn't the only thing I have to do?

My bro says 2-3 years is about the lifespan of a mobo these days? Any truth to that?


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I am currently running the following setup that I am looking to upgrade:

ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 LGA 775 Intel 945P [...] 6813157096
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz
4gb DDR2
500+320 = 820gb total
Geforce 9600GT

I would like to upgrade to the Windows 7 64 bit OS from a Vista 32 bit OS beause its cheap now, and upgrade my motherboard so that I can overclock my e6600 up to the 3.0 - 3.2 ghz range. So I am looking for a good motherboard that can run this chip and takes 4 slots of DDR2, good amount of SATA ports, and pci express x16 2.0 would be good but not necessary, and overclocks easily. Also maybe a good cooling fan upgrade for the processor thats worth the upgrade from the stock cooler.

I'm a student, cash is short, and the lower the price the better

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 Hi there! Recently i bough a GPU (Gforce gtx 740) for my hp desktop (envy h8). The i bought a PSU to conect to the GPU. After installing the GPU the computer gets stuck at the start up screen. I found out it was a BIOS problem that couldnt be fixed. HP desktops with windows 7 didnt have the BIOS upgrade needed. So im thinking of changing the motherboard. Im afraid that the motherboard will also have compatibility issues with my HP. So can anyone recommend me a motherboard that is compatible with my desktop? I have one in mind..

A:motherboard upgrade

Did you purchase a GT 740 ?   Could not find link to GTX 740. MSI offers cards that have the hybrid BIOS switch capable of supporting your Legacy motherboard.  The GTX 750Ti versions are better than the GT 740.Caveats on a different motherboard:1) Price ???2) Need to purchase a new retail WIN 7 (downloadable ($70-80).3) Adapt the front panel header to existing case, or a new case ???
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I need more Ram in my system. I have Pentinum 1.4 chip with 512mb PC800 RDRAM non ecc installed(max). My work involves images of 750mb-1G. How do I determine which motherboard is compatible with my system? I need to increase my Ram to at least 2Gigs. On the other hand is there some kind of external/slave type of ram to help speed up my processing? Can I buy any intel motherboard with the capabilities I need!

A:Motherboard upgrade?


Welcome to TSG!

What motherboard do you have now? Most boards that support that processor will support at least 1GB of ram or more.

Let us know
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I have Xp on a machine that I want to upgrade with a new Mb and CPU. Will I have to re-register the system and if so how is it done? Does anyone have experience with this? I changed a video card and it had me register again how much hardware can you change without a problem? Thanks in advance for the info.

A:motherboard upgrade

Depends on last time it was registered. If it has been over six months you can probably use the key you have and do it online like original time you did it.

I changed mobo's, video card and reloaded XP about a year after initial load and just reregistered online. A month later I had a HD problem and upon loading XP to new HD I had to call MS as it would not let me register online. Process was painless and only took about 5 minutes. I simply explained what happened and they issued me a new code.
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Im thinking about upgrading my mobo but i dont know much about doing this so far so im worried it wont be compatible with anything, (hd, power, disk drive, and so on) and i dont wanna have to replace everything. how can i be sure it will be compatible? (its kinda old, 2003 i think, has only PCI and DDR, but has a pentuim four 2.4gigahertz) it says Glendale Motherboard, idk specifics.

A:Motherboard Upgrade

What other hardware do you have, or are planning to use with the new motherboard? Things like, hard drive type (IDE, SATA)... Power supply size in Watts. Your memory is probably DDR PC2100...
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Hey guys. I'm about to start upgrading my system. Ive been looking around online for deals and such, and just need some guidence.

I want an AMD system, probably like an XP 2800 and up
and some kind of good motherboard w/ atleast 400mhz fsb.

Ive checked around at, and any other places i should check online?

Any other suggestions for upgrading my system. I know about computers. just havent upgraded in a while. So dont really know whats possible and what I should get.

How do I find boards that support lots of harddrives. Like atleast 3.

And ones that could support 2 video cards. What is a good/affordable one.
Thanks in advance.

A:PC & Motherboard Upgrade

first suggestion: Don't go to Tigerdirect. I hear they are terribly overpriced and tend to deliver products in bad shape. They also don't own up to their rebate policies...

I go to They search the web for the lowest prices for you..
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I'm thinking of upgrading my Athalon 550 MB and CPU to something around 800-850. In the "old days", all the cases and MB's were considered AT compatible, so it would just drop in.

Would it be safe to say that if I order a motherboard from a manufacture that it will fit?

My main concern is the USB-Serial-Parallel "plate" that is located on the back of the motherboard. Are they all the same?

I currently have a Cybermax case with an ATX IR1 motherboard.

Again. There is a plate at the back for the external connections and I want to make sure that a new board will be a direct replacement.


P.S. Can someone recommend a brand name.

A:Motherboard Upgrade

Most cases come with multiple i/o panels for this. You just put in the one you need. Others have a page where you can select the one you want from layouts. I have purchased 3 cases in the last 6 months and all fit the mobo fine.

You can check here for cases for super cooled case, mostly overclockers like these.
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I have a dell Gen 5 xps
intel Pentium 4 Processor 660 (3.6GHz,800SB) w/HT
2MB cache

can the motherboard and PCU be upgraded?
What is the fastest upgrade it will take?

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Okay, I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s7517c, and it has an Asus PTGV-DM Onyx2-GL8E, and I was wondering, if I could upgrade it with a newer mini itx motherboard.

A:Can I upgrade my motherboard?

Yes, you an probably use most any ITX motherboard, but you might have to buy a CPU and memory for the new board. Also, the front panel wire harness might need to be altered to match the front panel pins on the new motherboard
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I would like to upgrade my parents computer by changing the motherboard, but really don't know anything about this process.
Its a compaq presario 5012us running 512mb right now
here are the original specs

I understand I might have to buy a new powersupply.

I am aiming for total costs of 50-70 dollars max and looking for a pentium 4 motherboard.

thanks everyone

A:Help me upgrade the motherboard

Hi mate and welcome to TSG forums.

Please tell me this: Why do you want to upgrade the motherboard? Do you want to add a new CPU to your computer? Or is the current motherboard broken?

I ask the above questions because a motherboard upgrade is not such usual. Upgrading a motherboard is mostly done if you want to upgrade other hardware as well, getting a new motherboard alone usually doesn't improve system performance that much to justify the cost.

EDIT: I see that you have a Pentium 3 machine and you ask for a Pentium 4 motherboard. This is not recommended because Pentium 4s are already very old. Even if you find one you may need to upgrade other parts of your computer as well and not only your PSU. You may want to get a newer computer, tell us what you usually do with your computer and we can find for cheap parts that you can buy!
Relevancy 43.43%

I'm upgrading my computer from a pentium 233 to a new motherboard from ABIT with a pentium 1.7gig cpu. I'm keeping my old hardrive 40gig western. It is loaded with Win98 and of course other stuff. Before I boot up with the Upgrades do I need to do anything about removing stuff from the device manager??

Relevancy 43.43%

At the moment I've got:

CPU Type AMD Duron XP, 1300 MHz (13 x 100)
Motherboard Name ASRock K7VM2 (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 AMR, 2 SDR DIMM, 2 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN)
Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8375 ProSavageDDR KM266
System Memory 512 MB (DDR SDRAM)

I can upgrade to an AMD 333 I think - but I'm thinking of going for a new board.

The main question I have is I'm using pc2100 Ram and I notice the newer ones are using faster ram. Would I be able to get away with using my existing ram?

Also I'm using oem xp home. Will I have to get a new copy because of a large hardware change?

Thanks for your help.

Relevancy 43.43%

I have a P4 and want to upgrade to another motherboard so I can later get a Core 2 Duo processor. I have an OEM WinXP Sp2, does this mean I have to purchase another license for WinXP? I want to just re-install Windows when I install the new board, is MS going to Balk on this?


A:Motherboard Upgrade?

The motherboard is the main part of the computer where all other parts of the computer attach to. Upgrading the motherboard, I believe, should not unistall Windows, because windows is not associated with the motherboard. It is located in the Harddrive. So you shouldn't have to re-install Windows at all. However, some other programs will probably reconize the computer as a different computer.

For example; if you have purchased music off Itunes, Itunes will reconize the computer as a new computer and promt you to register the computer as one of the five computers to play the song.

Check out this link:
Relevancy 43.43%

hi there!
i would like to know if i have to install windows again on my system when i install a new motherboard and cpu?
and do i have to format my harddrive again?
thanks for help

Relevancy 43.43%

Hi, I know that this question has been asked (a lot), but I want to upgrade my motherborad because I have an older pc and it's running slow and trying to keep up with Windows 10. Is there a motherboard upgrade to make my computer faster? Maybe you could leave the name of the other motherboard. Or maybe all I need is a CPU upgrade Thanks a lot for taking the time....

View Solution.

A:motherboard upgrade

@jumper77?, welcome to the forum. There are several things that you have to consider when upgrading the motherboard: 1) the Form Factor of of the mobo.  This is to assure that the stand-offs in the case will match the holes in the mobo. 2) the CPU socket (Intel or AMD).  This will assure that your CPU/processor will work 3) the type and speed of the memory.  This will assure that your memory will work with the new mobo and 4) the connectors in the case have to matcn those on the mobo.  HP has their mobos made to their specs.  So, the connectors may be proprietary.  You can choose a manufacturer's mobo and contact their Tech Support to see if they can tell you if it is compatible. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I was at the local computer store and I was looking for a bigger video card (still) instead my attention was drawn to a motherboard for $20. It had 4 pci and 4 isa slots. Much easier to upgrade for. It had both an AT and ATX power adapter. It also had IDE ports right on the mobo (imagine). It was a socket 7 motherboard and amazingly had 4 72pin SIMM slots and 2 168 pin DIMM slots. What is the fastest processor I could put on that? I think it is 233mhz? I would also have to get a different video card and my turbo button and LED speed indicator would lose their functions. All of this may seem out of date to you. Do you think it is worth the trouble?

P.S. Sorry for all my questions....

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Yes this is my first time posting here I have a Emachine W With an MSI RS M-IL motherboard and a AMD Athlon GHz processor What I m trying to do is figure out what size motherboard and what kind of mobo i can use in it and what i would need to do to replace it cpu and my to upgrade motherboard Want This is just an upgrade so I can run my Want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu games better Also you may need to know that I want to stay Want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu with my PC DDR MHz Ram chips which I have that equals gigs and want to stay with my new Sapphire ATI Radeon X PRO Advantage Edition MHz DDR clock speed Want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu at MB Video Card And all the other stuff it came with from HD to my two dvd cd burners to which all is IDE Also would I have to do anything to my current windowsXP sp home edition because emachines told me i would have to get another copy of it and install it and would it be a good idea to upgrade my psu as well and if so what kind do you recommend nbsp

A:Want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu

PSU upgade definately, i believe its just a atx case i know my compaq presario is...
Relevancy 43.43%

Hi, I am having trouble. I bought a Dell 3000 2.66 ghz celeron d 512 mb 80 gb computer. That is what I could afford and trust. Yet, it works great for school but horrible for gaming. My motherboard only holds PCI. So i bought a PCI card 256 mb 128 bit Geforce fx5500. But i have not recieved it yet though the mail. So I was wondering if I would upgrade my motherboard for my dell in the upcoming weeks to improve gaming and the computer overall. Can someone please give me some advice?? Thanks


A:How do I upgrade my motherboard???

I really dont recommend changing out just the motherboard with Dell computers. They do not usually have a good power supply plus they are cramped inside for space. You may also have a hard time fitting aftermarket mainboards into that case.

Alternatively, it's usually much more prudent to try and scavenge as many parts off your Dell as possible to fit into a new system. You can find new cases that will mount any mainboard, with nice 450W or higher power supply + case fans for around $60-$90 at NewEgg:

Also realize, with a mainboard change, re-installing Windows XP comes highly recommended. You can do this without a re-install, but it takes several steps and can leave a lot of older hardware drivers/chipset/agp around that require even more steps to clean away properly. Needless to say, if you're not a big XP pro, it's generally easier to simply cdburn your files/data and re-install from the CD's and re-activate with the sticker serial on your Dell case.
Relevancy 43.43%

I have a COMPAQ Presario 7470 with AMD K6-2 533Mhz cpu.
the motherboard # is compaq 0648h. I would like to upgrade the motherboard and CPU. I need to know the formfactor for the case. The case has four expansion slots on the backside. There are 4 PCI slots and no AGP on this board. AT, ATX, or MATX ?

A:Motherboard upgrade

sorry about the text screwup
Relevancy 43.43%

This Upgrade Msi Motherboard may be connected Msi Motherboard Upgrade to a problem I've posted earlier about Windows Media Center not Msi Motherboard Upgrade working USAMA suggested I update the Nvidia driver for my GeForce video card After doing that I am still having the same problem with the Media Center When I first decided to upgrade to Vista Ultimate with a clean install I ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor There were things that I found that wouldn't work but there was no mention of the motherboard being a problem I went to MSI's site and checked to see if I could upgrade the BIOS and found out that I couldn't Secondly they told me that my motherboard was quot not quot vista ready and that they wouldn't install Vista on it MSI then directed me to a page where I could purchase vista certified MSI motherboards I wish the Vista Upgrade Advisor had flagged the motherboard That may be what is causing the crash when I run Windows Media Center Is there anything I can do to checik and see if I am out of luck with this entire installation because of the motherboard not being certified by M Thanks for any ideas and suggestions Jazzmahn p s I have gone through every other program that is installed on the computer and everything works fine

A:Msi Motherboard Upgrade

You haven't said what motherboard you are talking about.
Relevancy 43.43%

i want to know which processors my motherboard can support

A:motherboard upgrade

the first thing I would suggest is to post in the right forum.
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I presently have an AMP Athalon XP CPU on an Asus A N VM Motherboard with Megs of the DDR Mhz PC RAM and I am very unhappy with the performance of my Motherboard Need Help! Upgrade; computer so I am upgrading the Motherboard and CPU and I need some help I plan to upgrade to an Intel D GBFL Motherboard Upgrade; Need Help! Motherboard with a Pentium Ghz CPU My questions are these Will I need any sort of adapter cables or cords to make the Power Supply or any of the other various connectors work Motherboard Upgrade; Need Help! with this configuration I know that the PC Mhz RAM I presently have will work with the new Motherboard CPU combination Will I see any noticeable increase in performance if I go up to the DDR PC MHZ RAM I have heard talk about Pentium compatible Power Supplies Is there any validity to this or is it just a bunch of hot air I know my Power Supply will put out at least watts so would I be OK or will I have to switch out the Power Supply as well Any help that I can get will as always be grealty appreciated Thanks a bunch nbsp

A:Motherboard Upgrade; Need Help!

Does your existing PSU have a small plugh with 4 pins arranged in a square pattern? If it does it is a P4 compatable PSU
Relevancy 43.43%

Help! I have an older Compaq Presario 5441 I want to up grade it to a better motherboard and faster processor but I don't know what is compatible and which is the best buy? I already have my hard drive and everything else to upgrade. Can someone please give a novice some advice.

Relevancy 43.43%

Well my exams are over and I only have more weeks of school to gut through Motherboard upgrade I haven t visited these forums in a long time Anyway I was wondering Motherboard upgrade does the AGP have a separate divider from the PCI Motherboard upgrade I mean on a Mhz FSB PCI has a divider of to run at Mhz AGP runs at Mhz correct me if I am wrong so it could have a divider If the FSB ran at Mhz a divider will let the PCI run at Motherboard upgrade Mhz but a divider is needed for AGP lt Is it possible Reason being I want to get a new KT system and bring the FSB to to match the memory Obviously needing to unlock the CPU and bring down the multiplier some Second of all what Motherboards support PCI dividers If I remember correctly ABit s Softmenu III has dividers but ABit s KT motherboard can only operate with DIMMs populated Lastly will my current PIII motherboard s power supply work with Socket-A motherboards My case is a regular ATX one with a w powersupply I know that P s use a different type of powersupply but what about PIIIs and Athlons I ve come back with lots of questions nbsp

A:Motherboard upgrade

If I remember correctly, every motherboard I've seen has had AGP running twice the PCI bus speed. Some, like my motherboard, have the option to choose whether the speeds are locked or related to FSB speed.
For PSU compatibility, check from motherboard's manufacturer site (or other) for a picture of the board. If you don't see that new connector ATX 2.03 PSU's have, it should work. I haven't heard of it being used in other systems than P4s.
Relevancy 43%

Hey there,

I got this PC a year or so ago, and I am about to upgrade the Motherboard, CPU and RAM for it. I've read around that my previous OEM licence (That I've used every time I've needed to do a fresh install on this PC and worked fine) will no longer work with the new motherboard.

I would like to know what exactly it is that ties the motherboard to the OEM key. Is it the MAC code, or the Serial Number of the Motherboard. I don't think that's all of it, since people said you can use the same model motherboard and it will activate fine.

My PC is OEM from a very small local PC builder (so not Dell, HP etc).


A:Win 7 Motherboard Upgrade - OEM Licence help

It is the fact that OEM keys are meant to be installed on the same hardware as it was originally installed on. MS takes a reading of the hardware when activating and ties that key to that hardware. It is not just one thing. Activation can fail if you change multiple pieces of hardware even if it is on the same motherboard. Like you add or change out HDDs, RAM, switch out CD/DVD drives, install a new Video card, any number of things can trigger a new activation. Not just replacing the motherboard.

You may be able to call MS and get it Re-Activated but don't count on it.
Relevancy 43%

The motherboard on my current pc is fine except for the fact that it doesn't have an agp slot. I need some suggestions as to what motherboard to buy. I own a dell dimension 3000, 512mb of ram, 70gb hard drive, 3.5 floppy, dvd/cdrw combo drive, Intel celeron 2.6 ghz, x86 based pc, an Intel(R) Pro/100 VE Network connection, an Intel(R) 537ep v9x df pci modem. If you'd like more information ito help you better recommend a motherboard with an agp slot.... by all means just ask. Thanks for the trouble.

Relevancy 43%

Hello, I would like to know if I can purchase a Windows 7 oem activation key and use it to activate my existing Windows install. I just replaced my motherboard and have an OEM license. My old computer was an eMachines and they don't have a phone number for windows support. I was just wondering if I could just purchase the key and upgrade it like that. Thank you for your time.

A:Can I use a new OEM license key to Upgrade after new motherboard?

I would first try to get it activated with your old key. Yes, in principle you cannot move an OEM key from one mobo to another. But if you have a good story, MS may let you get away with it. The numbers to call are here: How to contact a Microsoft Product Activation Center by phone

And yes, if you buy a new key, that should work. But why waste the money. Maybe you are lucky.
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Hello i have a dell xps 710 and i would like to upgrade the processor to an i5 but i know that the i5 processors use lga1155 and my current motherboard has lga775 connection. i know that to upgrade the processor i need to upgrade the mobo too but from doing a bit of research i found out that the xps 700 series use custom mobos. so my question is can i upgrade the motherboard (keeping other components not necessary but preferable) and keep the case because i really like the thing

Vista ultimate
nvidia 8800gtx
750 PSU
intel core 2 6420
4gb ddr2 667MHz ram

Relevancy 43%

Hello and Happy new Year

Scenario 1:
Vista HPrem 64bit OEM self built system...If I upgrade my motherboard can I still use the OEM version I have?

Conflicting/none decisive answers when ggoooooogoooogoled.

Scenario 2:
Vista HPrem 64bit OEM self built system. If I buy a upgrade to win 7 can I then go ahead and update my motherboard ???

Conflicting/none decisive answers when ggoooooogoooogoled.

It's my understanding that I can change any other item in my PC (cpu. ram GPU etc) without it affecting the OEM licence.

Anybody changed motherboard model and reinstalled Windows OEM ??

THank you

A:windows and motherboard upgrade

I will suggest you to upgrade for Windows 7 Full and upgrade your motherboard.

Microsoft doesnot allow you to reinstall windows OS on upgraded or new computers.

Below link might be uselful:

Can i install windows 7 oem on a different computer? - general-discussion - windows-7
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I have a Pavilion g7-1261NR with AMD A4-3300M   Llano   FS1 processor    QE310UA#ABA For whatever reason, all 3 USB ports will not work, and no HP Support solutions will fix them. So I have to replace the motherboard apparently. That being said, my question is: What is the best g7 motherboard that will fit in my laptop and accept my processor? My wife has a completely different g7 model, and I have swapped her motherboard out too, so as far as I can tell all g7's seem to have the same internal dimensions, indicating motherboards are compatable across different models. If I am going to have to replace mine, I might has well have the best one out there for a few bucks more than just a direct replacement for my current model. Thanks!
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Is it possible to replace the eve motherboard to a Maureen motherboard in a iq506 to increase RAM and is it worth it?
Relevancy 43%

I have upgraded my motherboard and CPU to a PC Chips M w P The new board with all drivers installed will only work at colors x Any other setting causes the system to boot up to a black screen All other hardware works great audio LAN modem etc I have been told that the only way this will work is to do a clean install of Windows Unfortunately it would take days to reinstall all my graphic production and other software The old board had ATI video The new board has uses an S ProSavage DDR video chip Are remnants of the old board s ATI video drivers causing a conflict If so is there any way working with the Registry that I can find out what remnants of the old board s video drivers are causing a conflict and remove them In the past many many times I have been able to swap in new boards install the new drivers and have everything hum right along but not this time Any ideas as to what s screwing up the works Thanks LeeDe nbsp

A:Motherboard Upgrade - VGA Problems

It is possible to change Mainboard and Graphics card without having to format and reinstall whole system.
What Windows version do you use?

In case you haven't tried it yet, follow below instructions.

When you boot up. Try to enter the Device Manager and just Remove old Graphics card.
Then reboot computer.

Install new Graphics drivers. Reboot.
Install drivers for new Mainboard, even for AGP. Reboot.
Install Directx. Reboot.

That should do it.

If you've already tried it, I will have to ask you what kind of Mainboard you had before the change and what you have now.
Model and Chipset.
Relevancy 43%

Have recently acquired my parents old computer and with ms 6390 motherboard which according to the manual can take 2gb ram. I purchased 2 x 1gb ddr 333 pc 2700 ram chips but I can't get more than 500mb of ram from them when put in individually or 1gb when in together.

Any clues as to what I need to do to make it work properly?

Relevancy 43%

I finally upgraded to a new MB and CPU (shuttle space walker w/intel celeron 1ghz) I am running windows XP and in the installation book the final step is to reboot with a bootable floppy, but XP didnt have us make one. Also the software bundle is for windows 2000. WHats the difference, what can I do, how do I get past these problems?

A:motherboard upgrade problems

When changing motherboards, I always recommend a clean install of the os. A clean install leads to fewer problems down the road.
It is possible to do the swap without a clean install. From your post I gather that you have the mb installed and ready to go. You can go ahead and start the computer in safe mode [the F8 key when windows starts to load]; go to device manager and remove everything, restart the computer. Windows will redetect your hardware and install drivers for everything it has drivers for. It is even possible to skip this step windows will detect your new ide controller, agp controller etc. and load drivers for you. There is one exception if you loaded proprietary chipset drivers for your old mb, then it becomes more involved to do the swap without a clean install. The software bundle you have may include drivers for on board sound / video if you have those on your board. It is a good idea to go to the mb mfg’s site and download any updated drivers that are available.
Relevancy 43%

I have a Gateway G6-233, slot 1, I have a 500mhz slot 1 processor that I would like to put in it but can't find much on the motherboard to see if it is possible. the motherboard is Gateways part number 4000286, the website says it is a AST PII, the bios is 4A4LLOXO, Chip set 440LX. If you could just direct me to where I can get some information on the motherboard and if the latest bios upgrade will allow the upgrade I would apprciate it.
Thank you

A:[SOLVED] G6-233 motherboard upgrade?

Go here for more info. I believe the fastest proc. you can put in the board is a PII 333. Pretty hard to find info on a Gateway without a system serial number.

Hope this link helps

Just tried the first link, it did not work, try this link and type in 4a4
for the bios number.

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HelloI need upgrade my PC.Which better motherboard will be fit to dc7600cmt

A:dc7600 cmt upgrade motherboard

Hi: Only the one from the dc7700 CMT, which isn't much of an upgrade.
Relevancy 43%

Need a little assistance. I am going to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard. Currently I have an AMD Phenom II X2 555 with an MSI 870A Motherboard. These are socket AM3.

Replacing with AMD FX 6300 and MSI motherboard Socket AM3+.

I would like to do this upgrade without reformatting my hard drive. Any suggestions on how to do this?

A:How to Upgrade Motherboard & CPU without reformatting

That will be difficult without a reinstallation. First you will probebly get driver problems and then you also have a Windows activation problem if your current OS is an OEM edition. In that case you'll have to convince Microsoft that they activate it again. Reactivation with a retail edition is no problem.
Relevancy 43%

Is it possible to replace the eve motherboard to a Maureen motherboard in a iq506 to increase RAM and is it worth it?
Relevancy 43%

Is it possible to upgrade your motherboard if you have an OEM version of Windows XP I built my own machine under WIN SE and eventually upgraded so it dual boots to either that or XP but the version of XP I bought from Overclockers co uk was an OEM version I didn t realise at the time what restrictions OEM may have on it Now I want to upgrade my motherboard but have had quite a bit of conflicting info Let me stress that I bought the XP OEM version myself and installed it myself it wasn t pre-installed on any hardware Microsoft seem to say that you cannot upgrade your motherboard if you have an OEM version of XP Overclockers told me I would just need to reinstall XP and possibly get a new activation code My copy of XP is legit but it is OEM although I have the full XP disc set Anyone know if I can upgrade my motherboard or will I have to fork out for another retail version of XP nbsp

A:Windows XP OEM and motherboard upgrade

If it's OEM then it came with the computer? Some OEM software will let you upgrade the MB and some won't. My Gateway let me do it but now I technically no longer have a Gateway - at least according to the BIOs. I say try it and see.
Relevancy 43%

I have been looking at purchasing an ASRock(by ASUS) X533 Motherboard along with a P4 processor to upgrade my system. Please let me know any good or bad points/comments/opinions on this board and what would be a suffient size AGP video card to buy for normal computer usage. No intense game playing.


A:Asus Motherboard Upgrade ?

how much are you planning on paying for it? i would prefer the one i linked to above, unless you are getting a really cool deal on the one you mentioned. it has onboard vga, lan, and audio.
Relevancy 43%

Hey all I m looking to upgrade by Motherboard question upgrade motherboard and possibly processor Motherboard upgrade question and Motherboard upgrade question figured I d ask some advice from the pros I ve changed a mobo and processor before so I m going to do it myself Here are my current specs AMD X Duo processor I m hoping to upgrade when I get a new MB GB DDR ghz PC RAM I had GB but I just took G out to put in another PC Asus EN GT Foxconn MCP VM MA-RS H motherboard GB Hardrive Antec W Power Supply with PCIe connector I don t want a super comp just something that can play game at a decent speed and do average home office stuff My reason for upgrading is due to the fact that the current motherboard s PCIex is only running at X and that s limiting performance for my gt I noticed the difference by going to my friends house who has almost the same setup as me with a different mobo and company of heroes ran like silk whereas on my system it barely runs on high settings Would it be worth it to upgrade my processor as well The AMD X is in my price range but is it really that much better than my current x Should I grab a Socket AM Or just a Socket AM motherboard Thanks in advance guys These forum are really a godsend nbsp

A:Motherboard upgrade question

You could go two ways,


You will need to pair this with a new processor. Core 2 Duo recommended.


The AMD setup will cost you less and still preform nicely. I would go for AMD setup regarding your current position. The M2N-E has served me well for the last year or so that I've had it so I would recommend that for its price range. Pair it up with a Athlon 64 X2 processor when your ready and you should be good to go.
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Hey everyone my motherboard recently died on me so I decided to purchase a new one and upgrade my cpu as well Only I honestly did not do the research I should have and now realize that because my computer was made by a major manufacturer in this case Acer I may need to purchase a new OS Acer didn t even ship recovery cd s Upgrade Question Motherboard with the comp which I have a feeling from the reading that I ve done wouldn t have helped me much anyway So I cannot boot the system up When I replace the motherboard and cpu Motherboard Upgrade Question what are the odds that xp will correctly detect eveyrthing Motherboard Upgrade Question and work properly Will it harm anything by trying And the last question is would purchasing a Vista upgrade and Motherboard Upgrade Question using that to boot through work or do I need to purchase the non upgrade new computer version and in that case do I need to hook the hd up to my kids computer and reformat it nbsp

A:Motherboard Upgrade Question

Ideally you should do a fresh install of Windows. You won't hurt anything by trying to boot using the old XP drive. It may take a while to boot, or not boot at all. You should have gotten a motherboard driver disc with the motherboard. After the computer boots into Windows load the driver CD and install the drivers. If you deside to go to Vista, make sure you have at least 2GB of system ram and a good dual core CPU. When you install the Operating System you have the option to format at that time
Relevancy 43%

Hey everyone, I have been upgrading my pc a little. I recently purchased an AMD 64x2 3800 and A-Data 2x1g PC 3200 DDR Ram now Im considering upgrading my Asus A8V Deluxe mobo and Asus 9550 128mb vid card. My questions are will an upgrade to a PCI Express mobo and a better card compliment the new stuff i just purchased. Im not looking to build a supercomputer, just something that will perform better then what I have now (with oc capability) but still staying with the 939 socket.


Asus A8V Deluxe/AMD 64 Athlon X2 3200+/Maxtor 80g/2x1g A-Data DDR/ Asus Radeon 9550/ Audigy SE Sound Blaster Lite On LTR52327S CD ROM/Sony G120A DVD

A:Motherboard upgrade socket 939 ???

PCIX video pretty quick refresh rates, but the PCI-Express 16X does a good job too.
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Hello,I have a HP 2000-2b29WM (came with Windows 8 and upgraded to 10) and am looking to upgrade my processor without changing the motherboard (685783-501). I found a list of all the processors supported by the 2000 family, but I need to know what the highest supported processor for my motherboard is. My processor is an Intel Pentium B960 dual core 2.20GHz (664662-001) and I am looking at the Intel Core i5 3230M Dual Core 2.60GHz (711903-001). Am I limited to Pentium series? Or can I go higher? Any help will be appreciated; thanks for your time.

A:Motherboard upgrade compatability

 Hi, You are right, the HM70 chipset motherboard having your laptop limited to Pentium 2030m 2.50-GHz UNIFIED MEMORY ARCHITECTURE HM70 W8STD I think changing the motherboard and processor would be very expensive System board for use only with computer models equipped with an Intel Core i5 or i3 processor and a graphics subsystem with UMA video memory  ? For use in models without Windows 8 685761-001? For use in models with Windows 8 Standard 685761-501? For use in models with Windows 8 Professional 685761-601
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i am having problems with my computer shutting down when i try to play certain games like red faction.
I rang the game helpline and they told me that i need to upgrade my motherboard bios as this has issues running multi core processers. My system is amd bulldozer fx 4 quad with amd 760g motherboard. Can somone send me too where i can do this. thx.

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I would like to upgrade my CPU motherboard, APU, and power supply. I have built from scratch but would like to minimize loading Windows XP.. According to Microsoft Article 824125, I should be able to do this. My problem is that the XP CD I have is same version but loaded with Service Pack 2. My present version is Service Pack 3, so the procedure gives me an error msg which states that I have to do a New Install instead of an upgrade. What will I lose if I proceed? I am keeping the SATA HD and other hardware components. Any comments regarding this procedure of replacing the MB would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Motherboard Upgrade

did u read this
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This machine is running Windows 10 64 bit with Bios version 6.07. It has the IPIEL-LA3 MoBo with G43 chipset and 4gb of DDR3-6400 memory installed. I would like to upgrade this machine to squeeze another year or so and have 2 questions 1.  Will this machine support the Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83ghz CPU as is? Do I need to update to the latest Bios ( 6.09 rev A) to support this CPU? 2.  It seems that DDR3-8500 memory is more available at this time. Can I mix 2 sticks of the original memory with 2 sticks of 8500 memory or must I replace the original with 8500?  

A:Motherboard upgrade CPU & Memory

@MikeMen, welcome to the forum. MikeMen wrote:This machine is running Windows 10 64 bit with Bios version 6.07. It has the IPIEL-LA3 MoBo with G43 chipset and 4gb of DDR3-6400 memory installed. I would like to upgrade this machine to squeeze another year or so and have 2 questions 1.  Will this machine support the Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83ghz CPU as is? Do I need to update to the latest Bios ( 6.09 rev A) to support this CPU?  Here is the CPU/processors that have been tested to work with the motherboard: TDP: 95WMotherboard supports the following processor upgrades:Intel Core 2 Quad (Yorkfield core) seriesIntel Core 2 Duo (Wolfdale core) Dual Core series The main thing is to assure that the CPU that you choose is TDP: 95W.  This is very important. 2.  It seems that DDR3-8500 memory is more available at this time. Can I mix 2 sticks of the original memory with 2 sticks of 8500 memory or must I replace the original with 8500?  Here is the memory that is supported by the motherboard and HP: Memory upgrade information:Four DDR3 DIMM (240-pin) socketsSupports 2 GB DDR3 DIMMsSupports dual channel memory architectureSupported speeds:PC3-8500 @ 1066 MHzPC3-6400 @ 800 MHzNon-ECC memory only, unbufferedSupports up to 8 GB on 64-bit PCsSupports up to 4 GB* on 32-bit PCs If you are going to add memory you should add the same that came with the computer.  If you want to add PC3-8500, I suggest buying new matching pairs.  This will assure that you won't have conflicts.  Here is the memory that is recommended by Crucial Memory.  If they recommend it, it is guaranteed to work. If you want to take your computer to the next level, you should take a look at the SSD's Crucial recommends.  It will make a world of difference.  I will never have another computer without the boot disk being a SSD. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I hate to ask such a noob* question But I can't seem to find what I am compatible with to upgrade (if really anything) My mother board is chipset Nvidia , Nforce 570 Sli. current CPU AMD 64 x2 4200 socket AM2 (940)
Any information is appreciated.

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Hey everyone, as you may already know that i had a previous thread (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Motherboard and CPU Upgrade) asking which i should upgrade. I want to be upgrading the motherboard and the CPU, i need options on which i should upgrade and i want full details. my budget is around ?90-140 for each of the parts. I'd be more then happy to take options from the users and specialists.

My current Specifications are;

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Operating System
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
(1024MB DDR PC2-5300 X2) (1024 DDR PC2-6400 X2)
Graphics Card(s)
NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (512MB DDR2 RAM)

Thank You

A:Motherboard and CPU Upgrade Options

Please posts with Prices
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Hi I have a Dell XPS that won t boot nbsp The keyboard lights but nothing ever comes on the screen nbsp I saw this post nbsp here and found the following 13 motherboard XPS options? upgrade nbsp LCD BIST hold the letter XPS 13 motherboard upgrade options? lt D gt - that worked fine nbsp I also tried the PSA holding lt Fn gt and tried to run diagnostics by tapping lt F gt - neither of these worked nbsp Nothing happens no beeps no screen change nothing nbsp I ve tried hooking an external monitor up via the mini display port I use this often to watch video on an HDTV nothing ever shows on the TV At this point assuming my motherboard needs replaced I have the XPS- - sLV model L X with gigs ram and the ghz I processor GB SSD Service Tag can be provided via PM to a dell representative if needed Every search for a L X mb returns the basic same results gb ram max etc nbsp I m assuming that by definition my model is the one with gb ram and that s why I only see those options Here is my question I realize the RAM can t be upgraded on this mb but can I order a compatible motherboard with more RAM and possibly a more powerful CPU that will work with my hardware configuration nbsp I see a lot of L X motherboards that can give me what I need but are they compatible with my L X model Is there a place I can look to see what other motherboards are compatible with my XPS model Thanks Ken

A:XPS 13 motherboard upgrade options?

It doesn't look like any of these shipped with more than 4G of RAM -- and the i7  you have now is the fastest CPU they shipped with.  The L322x mainboard will not fit the L321x despite external similarities in design.
The  only option is a drop-in replacement.  That said, also beware these models, as the mainboard is different depending on the screen type (touch vs. non-touch) and the resolution (FHD vs. HD) -- if you buy the wrong board, you'll then need to replace both the display and display cable.
With boards going for $250-350 (L321x) and up to $400 for the L322x -- and with complete used L321x systems going for $200-300 on EBay (with L322x systems starting about $50 higher), you may be better off buying a complete used system.  Or, since it's going to be a significant percentage of what  a new system will cost -- replacing the system with a new unit.  At least you'll have a new warranty (vs. nothing to 90days at best on parts or a used system).
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I just upgraded the motheroard of my ideacentre k450 because I needed some features the old one didn't have. The upgrade process went just fine and it bootet normally but now after 3 reboots it started saying windows is not genuine. Why is this and how can I make it genuine again. I can't afford a new windows key.


Go to Solution.

A:K450 motherboard upgrade

 Hi HappyRat ,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Original product key for an OEM device is embedded within the BIOS  chipset of the original motherboard. 
Microsoft started it with Windows 8 onwards as a Activation 3.0 so that activation done automatically once network is reached and to also to limit product keys to be compromised preventing piracy since license attached to an OEM system is binded with single machine use only. 
On this situation since there was a change on the main systemboard , you may call in Microsoft .
Lenovo warranty can only support the original parts  that came with the purchase. 
Hope this answered your query .
Update us. 
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I will start with saying that I have an old motherboard - I have an M3A78-CM (AM2). Say, if I wanted to upgrade my processor to an intel i7 I couldn't do that because my motherboard won't support it, right? Okay, I have two questions to ask.
1. If I buy a new motherboard and replace it with the older one, will all my RAM, CPU, GPU and other stuff be recognized by a newer generation motherboard, since you can pretty much see that I have a fairly old system configuration.
2. I don't know how to put this, but can somebody find me the maximum, high-end CPU that THIS motherboard can support? I'm sorry but I don't really understand much about motherboards.}
Oh... and one last thing. Can THIS processor be supported by my motherboard? And how good is it? Thank you for your time.

A:Are there any motherboard upgrade limitations?

If you get a new motherboard that is anywhere near a recent design and model, it will NOT use DDR2 RAM, which is what you have now.

You'd need to buy DDR3.

I don't know much at all about AMD processors, so can't identify the strongest processor that can be used on your current motherboard.

But---the rule of thumb is to NOT spend a lot of money putting new stuff on really old motherboards. You are generally better off replacing the motherboard, RAM, and CPU unless you are really restricted by budget.

It is possible there is a relatively cheap AMD processor that would be a worthwhile significant upgrade for your motherboard. Someone else will have to answer that.
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Hello all after upgrade BSOD motherboard/CPU I need some help in figuring out a problem with my Dad s System I had him upgrade his mobo and RAM because I had an athlon XP lying BSOD after motherboard/CPU upgrade around that wasnt being used So he bought the ASUS A N X and DDR memory Anyways I put the new mobo in and connected all the IDE cables and such which I have done several times for several different CPUs Now when I turn the PC on it loads up until it gets to the Windows XP loading screen and then a Blue Screen of Death appears which is unreadable because the system reboots directly after the screen comes up It just keeps repeating this process over and over again even when I try to boot into safe mode I have no idea what the problem is I ve tried to put my athlon in my video card my ram and the same thing happens This leads me to believe its the HDD which confuses me because last night his system was running fine until I put the new mobo in I did change all the IDE cables to the ones that came with the new mobo perhaps it could be bad cables I have to drive back to his house to get the old cables because I didn t bring them with me to my house and I m going to replace them and see what happens In the meantime however any help suggestions would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:BSOD after motherboard/CPU upgrade

So you've changed the motherboard & expected Windows to work as if nothing had changed ?

Try do to a Windows repair & for future reference, here's how you should've done the switch -> Swapping your board without so much as a reinstall
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I was hoping to be able to upgrade my motherboard to something that actually has something other than a pci slot (granted there is one pci-e x1, but that doesnt do me much good when im trying to get a better gaming graphics card)

I have windows xp media center. I have read stories of people installing new mobos and then windows xp will not run from the hard drive, you would need a windows xp installation disk, and then repair after you run it

is there a way around this other than buying windows even though i already have it? thanks for the help =)

A:Motherboard upgrade question

Not really. Windows XP can handle any major hardware change except for a mobo change, since the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) gets all screwed up. XP will still work with the new mobo, but it will give u a lot of blue screens and the such. So the best thing is to get XP and run a repair. Why not get an XP install disk from a friend or someone else for this?
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I have a Medion Titanium 8383 with an MS 7091 motherboard and a pentium 4 presscott HT processor whch has a clock speed of 3.4 ghz and i would like to upgrade mt system. Would you say the AMD Phenom X3 with mobo and 2 gig of RAM was worth getting?, would it fit in the case? etc

A:Motherboard and CPU upgrade advise

You'd need a motherboard change for the new processor. I'd highly recommend going for an Intel Core 2 Duo or Pentium Dual-Core CPU and an LGA775 motherboard, since the performance increase is very substantial compared to similar offerings from AMD. The RAM is a good idea though, just make sure you buy from the top three brands i.e. Corsair, Crucial and OCZ. If you can't\won't go for them, Kingston, Patriot and G.SKILL are good choices as well.

And yes, everything should fit in the case without any problems.
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I have a hp pavillion 9680 and am considering a motherboard upgrade. the board is a Motherboard is:
Motherboard ID 02/19/2000-VT693-596A-PELICAN and Chipset Properties
VIA VT82C693A Apollo Pro133. Everything still works fine and quick but i feel im in the 80`s. what is a good match for my case and is it possible to keep the same powersupply? any suggestions and thanks in advance.

A:Contemplating motherboard upgrade

You would probally have to upgrade your cpu,psu and memory if you could even find a mb that would fit in that case.Better off to just build a new computer than try to upgrade using that case.
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OK I'm getting rid of my VIA motherboard & AMD 1.1 gig and getting an AMD XP1700 with an ECS motherboard, should I be able to throw this in the existing system with minimal problems ???

BTW I am also relpacing the Video and the memory.

P.S. I am running Win2K also

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I'm guessing it's better to do a clean install, but I'll ask since this is windows 8. I have a old popular M3A78 EM using a 9850 Phenom. It still uses ddr2 and sata 2 (I have a ssd card so I'm still getting sata 3 speeds for my hard drive).

I'm just wondering if I should upgrade before windows 8. I plan on getting the windows 8 upgrade and then an upgrade for visual studio. If I do upgrade after windows 8, I'd have to install windows 7 on the new machine and then upgrade it to windows 8 again.

I think the upgrade of windows 8 is a lot cheaper than the full version, which is almost or is the price of a new motherboard.

I guess the other option is to do nothing. My computer is decently fast right now, I could speed up some of the compiling and debugging on visual studio though.

A:Upgrade motherboard on windows 8

I personally haven't had a success doing an upgrade install, as I do custom clean installs. The motherboard seems fine to use, and I would imagine everything should work perfectly. And as you have a SSD, I don't see an immediate need to upgrade unless if you need better graphics performance.
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Is the following motherboard compatible with the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e processor.

I have decided to upgrade from this motherboard:

Would upgrade processor but not yet have the money to do so.

A:SR5710F Motherboard upgrade?

Yes it is according to the msi site however you have other problems;

1 Big box systems ie hp, dell, etc are very often proprietary. That is they are built to hp's standard and NOT industry standards. You may or may not be able to install a standard atx type mb in the hp case.

2 Your operating system. OEM type versions of windows [what comes on dell, hp, etc] live and die with the original hardware. You change the mb and you need a new copy of windows.

Here is the cpu support page at msi.
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I've built a number of pc's but I have never replaced a motherboard with an upgraded board.I was thinking of upgrading my Asus A7N8X-X (standard version) with an Asus A7N8X-X deluxe.To prevent a lot of unforeseen headaches I thought I would ask people what I should watch out for to make a smoother transition.I have a few questions that I wish to ask for homebuilt computers.

1.when I replace the mobo will I need to reinstall windows? I understand that Microsoft takes a snapshot of your hardware at activation.I thought I may run into a problem with Microsoft thinking that I was installing windows on a new pc because of the new mobo.I thought they may want me to buy a new copy of windows or get a new license. you have some suggestions or helpful hints thanks.

A:Motherboard upgrade questions

I don't believe you will have to reinstall windows because the two motherboards are practically identical. You really should have no issues at all. The main difference as I remember was the deluxe is dual channel and the X was not.

I think you will pull it off without a hitch. I am not sure 100%, only about 95%.
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As of now my computer is a Systemax 1.4 AMD Athlon, 60 gig, gf4ti4600, sb audigy2 and 768 ram. I can feel my computer's age, although for the most part the hardware that I installed is fairly new.(All of which was installed by me) Point being that I want to upgrade my motherboard and processor, but I am not sure on how to go about doing that. Any tips and suggestions on what I need and should do will be appreciated. I want to do this mainly for games, as I feel that my processor just isnt cutting it anymore, and I dont exactly have the money for an alienware pc . Thanks for the help.

A:Motherboard/Processor upgrade help

Well at the least you are looking at a new CPU. Chances are you will need a new motherboard as well, but maybe not. Other things you may need to upgrade is the RAM and powersupply - but again maybe not.

Can you post you motherboard model, RAM type and speed(ie PC2100), and powersupply make and wattage. Also post any Systemax model number. You can find all this using Everest: - just note that you may want to look at the RAM visually to see if whats being reported is the correct info - you could have faster RAM running at a slower speed.

Also note that in most cases you will need to format and reinstall Windows when upgrading the motherboard due to the change of the motherboard chipset - its also just a good idea to do.
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I have the motherboard below, with a core 2 duo, and would like to upgrade to a core 2 quad LGA 775.

Is this MOBO compatible?

A:Motherboard CPU Upgrade Work?

Why don't you just check out your mainboard manufactures website it seems to have all the info ??

MSI G33/G31
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I have the Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop, with the Intel 915GMS/910GML chipset (according to CPU-Z). It uses socket 479 and the stock FSB is 400Mhz. I want to upgrade the Celeron M 370 CPU to a more powerful CPU (eg. a Pentium M). I was wondering whether ANY socket 479 CPU will work with this motherboard or only Pentium M and Celeron M? There are Intel Celeron M, Pentium M, Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo processors (older model "Merom") that use the 479 socket.

Will any of these socket 479 CPUs work with this motherboard?

Also a lot (if not all) of the current socket 479 CPUs have a rated FSB of 667Mhz (even the Pentium M (which would work on this motherboard for sure). If I was to install a Pentium M with FSB667Mhz would it run at 667Mhz FSB or would it be underclocked to 400Mhz FSB?


A:Dell motherboard and CPU upgrade

Laptops are for the most part are not upgradable like desktops. How it comes is usually what you live with till you buy a new one. What does your owner's manual say about adding and removing parts? Nothing from what I saw. lol
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Looks like I need a new mobo (I think EMD killed the USB ports.)

I currently have an LGA775 board and an intel E8400 cpu. Most of my components are new and better quality, so I'd like to keep as much as I can and swap them onto the new MB. Could I theoretically go to an MB that supports an i5 or i7 chip?

The main complication would be memory I'm guessing. Could I not use my old memory at all or could I use it and I just wouldn't be operating at the new MB's higher bus speed? (I would be ok with this, and I could purchase new RAM later)

Is there any other problem I may run into? OS? Hard drives? Has there been changes in CPU or case fan connectors? (Silly, but who knows...)

Thanks, Ryan
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Is it possible to replace the motherboard of my HP Zbook G2 i5 with a i7 G2 motherboard. These boards are offered for reasonable prices. 

A:ZBook 14 G2 I5 motherboard upgrade

Yeah the cost is usually the problem. If you can procure the board at a reasonable price we can get you the Manual for instructions. But the devil is in the details. We would need your Product Number and the part number of the proposed replacement to be sure it is compatible and frankly, I would be skeptical of any seemingly low price. Not saying somebody reliable isn't selling them cheap, but motherboards for the Zbooks are not usually inexpensive.
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I have a 2400+ that I want to upgrade to a amd 64, but I don't want to have to reinstall windows again. I've seen on the internet a trick where you disable all the IDE drivers and stuff that conflicts so you don't have to reactivate windows and can just plug and go. Has anyone else done this?

A:motherboard upgrade question

hold on, you talking about a CPU or a motherboard?
In any case, it shouldn't be a problem if you are only changing the motherboard out.

Requesting to move to the Hardware section... better suited there.
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Hi all I recently upgraded my motherboard from a Gigabyte P -S G to a Gigabyte G M-ES L rev with F bios I have hard drives installed on the system a GB with Linux Mint bit and a TB with Win BSOD motherboard upgrade after 7 windows professional bit and Win 7 BSOD after motherboard upgrade most of my important data The error I get is the same as - http www sevenforums com attachmen -usb-photo jpg It happens just when the windows logo starts animating I have no problems booting into linux apart from my soundcard not working after many tries To check if there is a hardware issue with the sound I would like to check it in windows but it doesn't even boot I have tried the following to make it boot - Disabled Azalia codec in bios Didn't work Tried to boot into safe mode but it BSODs after the black and white driver loading screen Tried startup repair but it is not able to fix anything Tried looking for changing the hard drive mode to ahci or sata or ide The advanced options only have options as listed on page of the manual GIGABYTE GA-G M-ES L USER MANUAL Pdf Download and none of them worked Now I dont mind re-installing the OS as I need to anyway to find out my key when I upgrade from bit to bit However as the license is tied to the motherboard and I am not sure how many I have left having already installed win on two other motherboards and whether I would need to RMA this current motherboard I dont want to end up in a situation in the future where I have a new motherboard but no license available for win What should I do in this case Is there any way to find out how many win licenses I have left from the ISO I got the ISO from my university's MSDNAA page many years ago Or is there any way to fix the BSOD I have a driver CD so is it possible to install the appropriate drivers from there

A:Win 7 BSOD after motherboard upgrade

I would suggest to read for troubleshooting the 0x7B
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I have an emachines pc emachines motherboard Upgrade pc in running win xp home It came with recovery disks to reinstall the OS if needed I want to buy a new motherboard for this Upgrade motherboard in emachines pc computer I do not want to have to buy win xp for this PC If I do this Before you make the hardware swap you re going to want to change the IDE drive controller s driver Go to your device manager right click on the My Computer icon and go to properties From there click the Hardware tab then click on the Device Manager button that will open up a new window Expand the IDE ATA ATAPI controllers section right click on the your main IDE drive controller and select Update Driver Once the Hardware Update Wizard opens select Install from a list or specific location Advanced then select the quot Don t search I will choose the right driver to install quot radio box and click next From there select Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller and click next Once that s done Windows XP will be configured to use the default IDE controller driver so that you can swap out your motherboard without having the scary blue inaccessible boot device screen show Of course once you re finished swapping out parts simply install the latest drivers for the new motherboard and you should be set http KipSolutions MovingXPNewMotherboard MovingXP htm Will I be able to reboot to windows and then reset the IDE controlller to the new MB s drivers without having to lose what is on my HD I recently three days ago did clean reinstall of Windows So there isn t much on it anyways My fear is that my recovery disks won t allow me to reinstall windows because my hardware has changed But I will be forced to reinstall because of the new MB Is my product key good if I use an XP disk borrowed from someone else nbsp

A:Upgrade motherboard in emachines pc

Normally when you swap MB's it would be best to re-install windows , Drivers etc.XP may make you re.register because of the significant hardware change.
There are many other drivers than just the IDE controller to consider.
Also Emachines are not the most upgrade friendly.I would first go to their Web and see what they support for this upgrade.
Let us know what you learn their.
You cannot use another XP disk as your oem license will not be accepted by it.
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OK I m sure that my motherboard is dead I m not question motherboard/upgrade sure that there s any other tests I can do besides testing the power supply but the lights and fans come on but I can t post or hear any beeps I am going to test the power supply tomorrow just to be sure I have considered just buying a new computer because I didn t want to put another AM motherboard in it but I can t really afford a decent computer now And even upgrading will be expensive I ve estimated about to replace motherboard cpu and memory because I figured I need to replace all if I go with a newer board and that doesn t include Windows So here s another idea I had I ve seen a few AM AM motherboards Unfortunately none are brands that I really like but I was thinking about just buying the cheapest one and putting my other parts back in Then I can upgrade it later when I have more money I hope Even though I won t be able to use DDR memory at least I can hopefully put a phenom cpu in it later I saw something about maximum voltage so I m not sure But I m running out of ideas here lol Here is the motherboard I was looking at for http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E motherboard/upgrade question I guess it s either this or buy a used computer which will probably be as slow as the one I already have nbsp

A:motherboard/upgrade question

test the power supply.
My comp died a few weeks ago and I had no idea if it was the mobo or the graphics card or my hard drive. It wouldn't post or do anything except turn on for a few secs then shut off. It took awhile but it turned out to be the PSU, the fan worked on it so I didn't assume it was even an option, but not enough juice was flowing I guess. I bought a nice OCZ 850w for $50 after rebates +tax and everything is running smooth now.