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how can i share an article on health and fitness ?

Q: how can i share an article on health and fitness ?

like i asked , i found an amazing article about running on health and fitness , and i want to share it to my friends ... but i cant find an url or anything about it ...

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Preferred Solution: how can i share an article on health and fitness ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how can i share an article on health and fitness ?

Originally Posted by zap9x

like i asked , i found an amazing article about running on health and fitness , and i want to share it to my friends ... but i cant find an url or anything about it ...

Hi zap9x, welcome to Windows EightForums.
If you are speaking of the 'Health and Fitness' App, with the article open, reveal the Charms Bar and click on 'Share' for sharing options.
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In its quarterly report of the GPU market, graphics and multimedia research firm Jon Peddie Research highlighted a swift market share swing among the two largest players.

Read more

A:Nvidia steals 11 percent market share from AMD, 'Excavator' reveals efficiency gains

I wonder how this would average out, if CPU market share with Intel was factored in? Independently either one would make AMD look bad. But what if they were both factored together?
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On a home network. My computer runs Windows 7 and this is the printer. I've never done this, but I would like to do it on my own (as much as possible ); I ant to learn how to set up network and share devices on it. If there's a tutorial somewhere about this, I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks fellas

A:Help me share the printer

What you are probably wanting is a wireless router. The printer is wireless (Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n )). Once the printer is connected to the wireless network, anyone on the network whether wired or wireless will have access. The reason I suggest a wireless router is more possibilities than simply the printer, and the assumption that you don't currently have a network.

If you are already connected to a network and are using the USB 2.0 connectivity, all you would need to do is share the printer within printer properties. This would allow anyone on the network to see and use the device.

Which of the two directions would you like to adventure into? What exactly do you have to work with at the moment, or are you planning on purchasing network gear?
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I've a wired network at home like this:

ADSL Router
Dlink Switcher
| | |
I'm going to buy a new tablet (ASUS MeMO Pad Smart 10), which supports internet through wifi. I was wondering how can I share the internet access with the new device? What new devices should I buy and what changes are required to my network setup?

Thanks in advance.

A:How to share wired Internet access with WiFi device

I figured it out, I need an AP.
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Hello everyone I wonder if of SSDs Long health term of you guys could answer a few questions about SSDs that I ve been sitting on for a while now Specifically I m wondering if SSDs can become quot damaged quot or permanently altered in performance by getting too full or failing to Long term of health of SSDs properly use TRIM I ve got GB OCZ Agility SSDs in RAID GB total size performance is quite breathtaking and I ve seen transfer speeds of GB per second However I ve heard that TRIM is not supported in Windows or in general when running SSDs in RAID and I ve also read somewhere on the great wide Internet that SSD performance can really drop off as the drives approach full capacity especially without TRIM functionality What I have not been able to find any clear information on Long term of health of SSDs is whether this performance loss is permanent or if it can be fixed simply by reformatting the drives as another RAID array or as single drives My Agility RAID array is approximately full as of right now and it previously was around until I moved some files and apps off of it to my TB Caviar Black drive I could move more apps but before I do I d like to know whether it s even worth the effort In short I d like to know if A drive performance has indeed dropped it doesn t seem like it s dropped too much but I didn t run any quot real quot benchmarks on it when it was new so I can t really compare it to anything and B if performance has dropped is there anything I can do to fix it and how would I go about fixing it In very short tl dr OCZ x GB Agility RAID Array will it be slower as it fills if so how can it be fixed and is the quot damage quot permanent nbsp

A:Long term of health of SSDs

I'll warn you, I don't know that much about SSD's, even though I own one as a boot drive but they are essentially flash memory and as far as I know, the more that is stored on flash memory, the slower it gets (especially in the 90%-100%) full range. I have experienced this with a few smaller devices, especially phones. As far as I know, teh best way is simply to decrease teh data stored on it, or get one with a bigger capacity. Ultimately, this is what I can guess from having expirience with similar types of memory. Hope it helps!
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I have noticed my graphics card has become louder than it previously I decided to put it through its paces using fur-mark and to my disappointment it was hitting max temps of 92degrees.

I have a tube of Arctic Silver lying around. I replace the cards stock paste or is there another trick that can help with cooling?

HIS HD6870......lightly overclocked
Gpu: 915mhz
Mem: 1135mhz

A:Graphics card cooling... please share tips

Furmark is specifically designed to stress test the card. Chances are high that you won't see this kind of stress in most games.

What kinds of cooling solution do you have in your case? Any side fans pointing to the GPU, sufficient airflow, etc?
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We have a printer which we would like to share but we cant because it wont work with the cross over cable (rj45) it only works by usb I don't know why can we share it this way. it a SHARP MX-3110N PCL6

A:Share network printer

Don't use a crossover cable - use a standard patch cable (plain old regular ethernet cable)
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Hi Everyone

I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed, using USB 3G device connect though the Internet. The problem is I have 3 machines and a spare router that I want to share the Internet.

Can you please advise how to share the internet from a laptop through a router ?

A:Unable to share the Internet from a laptop through a router

Hello! Sadly, for all intents and purposes, it just doesn't work like that. I'm not saying it's impossible, because I have read how techies have made this happen - but it requires an insane amount of configuration, 3rd party software, a little programming, and a good grasp of linux. The router has to have the internet connection to share out to other computers. Go and get a wifi hotspot instead of a 3G USB device. The wifi hotspot, depending on the provider, should support up to 5+ connections. Another option is the see what ISPs are in your area, get service at your residence, then you could use the router. Hope this helps!
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Tom's Hardware has done a comprehensive article on case air cooling. it's fairly thorough, even though I didn't see my scheme among them.

The article is to have a part II soon. Part I can be had here.,3053.html

A:Finally a useful article for fanboys...

Was an interesting read Red, thanks for sharing.

I ended up reading on the Bulldozer article they did while I was there as well.
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Is there a kind of routers to receive Wi-Fi then share it with several computer? if yes, any recommendation? Thanks in advance!

A:Is there a kind of routers to receive Wi-Fi then share it with several computer?

let's confirm what you are asking . . .


isp--->someRouter .. . . wifi connection . . . to second router - -- shared connections
yes, that is possible. the second router acts as a bridge and wired systems can use it.

to use 2nd router with wifi to 'shared connections' you need another wifi router, eg

. . bridge router --wired-3rd router with wifi . . . shared systems
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Just got a wireless card for my windows xp dell upstairs so it can get internet from wireless router downstairs. Dell says it is connected (signal stregth very good, it does say logged in as associate) but internet is not working on the dell. How can i fix it?

A:How do you get wireless router to share Internet connection?

Correct/Latest Drivers for the wireless card?
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how i make, pc 2 pc internet share with three computer by ethernet cable...

A:Share Internet PC to PC

Hi jahed :wave:

Welcome to :grinthumb

You can read how to post a new thread in this Guide.

Before posting you should read all the Posting Guidelines.

To access technical support you may go to the Forums.

Many users like to post system specs in their Profile.

System Specs are always helpful when you seek support, (see the first two suggestions).
And helpers may ask that you post some of your specs in your thread.

You can access many other online TechSpot guides Here.

Enjoy your Stay
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A rather thorough 4 part article takes you through the 3D pipeline;

A:Interesting article on 3D graphics pipeline

Good find.
And to think that programmable shaders for desktop graphics have just celebrated their tenth birthday.
Ten years ago, DirectX8 and 200MHz core and 230MHz of DDR was all the rage (pun intended)...I wonder if any forum posters of the day were prescient enough to ask "but will it play Crysis 3"
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I wanted to know if its possible to share a printer on two different routers with different isps.

One router is a 2wire dsl router, which the printer is connected to now by wireless.

the other router is a linksys router connected to cable internet.

2wire router is current set to addresses

linksys is connected to - addresses.

Do i have to bridge the routers together via ethernet cable?

and if so will i still be able to keep each isp separate on each router?

A:Possible to share printer on two routers with different ISPs?

the issue to be solved is the shared printer can only be on ONE subnet and still be shared. has the printer now and it can be shared by all systems attached to that network.

the subnet can't share anything (files or printers) with systems on

Why the two networks? Joining the routers can be done, but you will need to drop one ISP.
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I have the following networking setup.
I have a PCI wireless adapter which I use to connect to my ISP's wireless network, which enables me to set up a normal broadband connection to the internet.
I also have a D-Link DWL-G700AP connected to my PC via ethernet cable.
I would like to share my internet connection over this AP wirelessly. Is it possible, or it can only share a connection from router?
I tried the following settings.
First I set my Broadband connection to be shared over Local Area Network (connection to AP) and it automatically changed its IP to
Then I set the AP to act as Access Point, and in LAN settings, I set its IP to be static, with subnet mask and as gateway I entered my LAN IP,
but it doesn't share internet.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:How to set AP to share Internet?

think I understand the wiring to be
modem==(wan)router#1===(wan)AP - - wifi connections
please confirm and report the make/model of the modem, router, & AP
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Currently living in a student house with 8 of us, we have 2 routers leading from cable router downstiars 4 rooms on each floor going from each router. Anyway basically when some one starts streaminh from a website it takes all the bandwith until it completes the download. Meaning for a few of the gamers in the house EXTREME LAG!

Is there any programs, or routers, that could even distribute out say 6.25 mb to each room, then no one can hogg the whole thing.

Basically its sunday night now, everyone is streaming their tits off and I can't get on battle field unless i pull their cables out!

please help

A:Virgin 50mb broadband house share 8 people problem?

bumping my thread
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hello guys im about to give u a problem that i have for almost weeks and share 7 with printer folder windows Problem in now recently in my office we upgraded from XP to win everything was fine before until win come to the scene so we have pc that act as main pc to save all document and data and we share that folder to other PCs in the office it work Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 fine for like - days then Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 i cant access the shared folder anymore and have to reconnecting the other PCs to the main pc again here is what i did - connect the PCs to main PC via pc name and mapped drive - use static ip on all PCs some more info - main pc use windows the other using windows XP - all PCs use F-secure v anti virus yup i suspecting win and Fsecure has something to do with this problem - all PCs joined domain but already use admin password to connect before and work for - days without asking password everytime we want to access share folder any help is welcome thanks in advance edit printer also suffer the same fate as PCs nbsp

A:Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7

ermm..i guess there is no solution for this one...
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Dear all
i know there is atopic with the same name but it doesn't solve my problem
any how i want to do the same work by sharing a printer with a vpn in connection but
when i ping it its giving me a message
requested time out
if i disable the VPN it connects normally
i don't know what to do really

A:Share printer over VPN connection?

Where is the printer located? On a Domain or Workgroup?
Is the Printer Shared already? If not that needs to be done at the location.
Do you have permission to use such shared printer?
Are you at work or at home?
Are you trying to use a printer on your Workgroup at the same time you connect to your company domain via VPN?
Are you on your company laptop?
Do you have permission granting you access to change administration functions on your company laptop.

The last one is very important because it would allow you to add your home printer to your laptop and you could use this printer any time you're connected over the VPN tunnel. If you can't get admin rights, then you need to bring the printer CD/DVD or have a support tech add your printer to your laptop. Ticket would need to be generated though? If required by your companies policies?
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Well hey, I'm newbie technician, I just finished CompTIA A+, and want to work towards Network+ and Security+ eventually. Anyway, I was wondering if there are any other "techs in training" like myself out there, who would like to network and share tips/solutions/help each other out on tough fixes, etc. Since we both would be learning at the same time, it would be great to share insights/neat discoveries/etc. I think it would be a great learning opportunity for both parties. Send me a private message on this forum and I can give you my google talk info or whatever. Hey, even if it's just to chat about the latest hardware, that's fine with me.
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I have Verizon FIOS, 2 desktop PCs (1-Windows XP Home; 1-Ubuntu); 1 laptop (Windows Vista); and 1 USB printer connected directly to the Windows XP Home desktop PC.

I want to be able to print from any of my workstations directly to the printer. It is not a networked printer, as it connects directly to the Windows XP desktop PC.

Is this possible? If so, how? Everything is hard-wired to a wireless router except for the laptop which uses the wireless capabilities.

Thanks in advance.

A:3 Devices; 1 Printer How to share the printer?


Yes just make sure that all pc's or laptops have the same ID, for the networking then make sure that all of them see the printer.
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Hi I tried to search before I posted my below thread I found below relevant threads but I could not extract the proper answer for my question http serverfault com questions sharing-a-network-attached-scanner http for users share CLX-6210FX scanner MFP Samsung domain Colour laser www askmehelpdesk com scanners Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users share-scanner-network- html http superuser com questions any-way-to-share-the-scanner-of-a-multi-function-printer http www experts-exchange com Hardware Peripherals Scanners Q html Today I have installed a Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX- FX on an Active directory win I shared this printer and ticked option List in the directory I have got no problem for the domains users to install the printer On the server I have got this utility please see below snapshot that help me to scan if I want to scan http i tinypic com r eclh jpg Now how can I share the scanner means how can a domain user scan a document from his her PC directly because he she does not have the utility above installed on his her PC What I had done in past with Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX share scanner for domain users HP all in one I forgot the model I installed a software from the HP CD on each client PC he she would be able to scan from his her PC I but it was not AD environment it was normal LAN between multiple XP Do I need to do same thing with Samsung to be able to scan Do I need to install the software for Samsung on each client PC win XP Sp to accomplish this task My second question setting of the printer is in Grayscale how can I let one not all of them user domain to be able to print in a colour beside back and white Thanks nbsp
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My computer in my room is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable which leads all the way down to the lounge where our router is. I would like to connect my Xbox 360 in my room to the internet and still be able to use my computer as internet as well without having to unplug from one to the other. I would prefer a wired connection, however wouldnt really like to buy another 30ft long ethernet cable just to connect my xbox all the way downstairs to my router.
How can I share the internet?

A:How can I share my PC Internet connection with my Xbox 360?

Go wireless... Spend a little on a wireless router and a wireless NIC for your computer. The XBOX should have wireless capability already. Or, you could buy another wired router and set it up in your room. Attach it to the existing internet wire from the lounge and connect the XBOX and your computer to the new router
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I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?

A:Hiding folder in drive share

giyad said:

I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?Click to expand...

Sharing a physical drive is a high risk choice; MS suggestions sharing only folders.
This automatically excludes all non-shared folders and enhances your security.
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Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


A:Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server
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Sorry if this question is redundant but I can t make sense of all the acronyms used in network? a internet share connection Can I wireless on home my public the search results I got to know if they apply to me So here s what my situation is I was given an g USB Wireless LAN Adapter and the installation disk that goes with it Now I can connect to the internet via a public wireless network - that s how I got here wave So far so good Now I want to share the connection with my roommate At our old house we used a shared DSL connection through our home network But when I tried to set up the home network at our new place it s ethernet it wouldn t let me share this intenet connection because it says that I am connecting to the interenet through another computer But it s a Can I share a wireless public internet connection on my home network? public access connection There s no land line here so no DSL or dial-up access is available I don t have a very good understanding of the whole wireless internet thing in the first place and there s no help file included with the wireless adapter Is it possible to share this connection or not I don t want to set up a wireless home network - I want to share the wireless internet connection on an ethernet home network I m very experienced with PC s but this is my first time using any wireless technology and I m floundering Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Can I share a wireless public internet connection on my home network?

It does not matter what your connection is - wireless, wired, dialup, carrier pidgeons - it doesn't matter. You can always share it.

What you are experiencing may be some limitation of the Windows ICS or the wizard you are using. Depending on how the public access thing is set up, you may be able to share the connection by bridging the wireless and LAN connections on your computer. (Select both wireless and LAN in your network connections, right click and say that you want to bridge these two.
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Help! How can I share Outlook 2007 Calendar on 3 networked computers running vista home premium? Don't wanna spend 700 bucks for Exchange Server. Can it be done?

A:Share Outlook Calendar

For workgroup users (ie those without a domain controller), it is done by sharing
each appointment;

create or open an appointment
click the Attendee Availability tab
at the lower left, click Invite Others
enter the name of the Contact and click find
when selected, click Required or Optional
repeat for all attendees
when done, click OK
as each Contact receives the appointment by email, they accept or decline the schedule
their calendar and yours are updated
and the status of all can be seen using the radio button Show Attendee Status
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I have a desktop which is connected to the router and modem. I have a laptop that uses wireless. How do you connect the two so I can share files with one another? I tried to set up a network connection and didn't get it to work. Confused..


A:How to connect two computers together to share files?
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Hello guys;
I have been using g15 keyboard for 1.5 year and I've just started playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This keyboard had the feature as showing the bullet damage, health remaning and etc. for compatible games. I've downloaded the latest driver and software for g15 from the logitech web site and in the web page, COD4 was on the list which showed the compatible games. I've installed the software and it matches with COD4. It also displays "profile activated Call of Duty 4" when I run the game. But during the play, the LCD monitor shows the clock as it is on windows xp. Is there any option for making it work or something else needed ? I'ld be glad if I get the solution.

Thank you.

A:Logitech G15 LCD monitor bullet, health etc. display for COD4

At least anyone who have used G15 with any game, can say his idea.
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Hey All- I ve set up a WAN for my mother using a wireless Belkin router The Belkin is attached to a desktop which is files find/share cannot on WAN, Vista but is running XP Her Vista laptop is able to see and use the network for surfing the web No problem there But the Vista laptop refuses to see the shared folders on the XP machine and the XP machine cannot see find Vista is on WAN, but cannot find/share files the Vista laptop Using my own XP laptop this is all very simple I simple set the Vista is on WAN, but cannot find/share files Shared option on the folders on the desktop then on my XP machine navigated through Local Networks gt Entire Network gt Microsoft Vista is on WAN, but cannot find/share files Windows Network gt Mshome and there they are All very simple I spent an hour on the Msoft pages last night trying to fix this problem but got nowhere What am I missing What is the easiest way to fix this I just need to transfer some files from the XP desktop to the Vista laptop shouldn t be that hard Thanks BTW this was originally a thread in the Msoft OS forum but we couldn t reslove the problem there nbsp

A:Vista is on WAN, but cannot find/share files

What firewall are you using on the Vista laptop? You'll have to enable printer and file sharing on the laptop
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i have tried everywhere for this, but they all seem to give me the same standard reply as what windows recommends.i have a windows xp computer with a printer connected to it. i have also got another windows xp which does not hav a printer connected to it but i want to share the printer on my other computer. i use a netgear dg834 broadband router to share my broadband internet. how do i share the printer though? everywhere keeps saying make sure prinet connected to the pc is set to share, and then add printer from other pc, but it does not find any printers?? help me please :giddy:

A:How to share a printer on a network?

Alright, XP does make it a bit easier. Do you have XP Pro? Cause pro may have some more steps to take.

Right-click My Computer on the host (PC with printer) and then click Properties. Next click the Computer Name tab. Look at the Workgroup name, write it down. Also make note of the "full computer name". Go to this same place on the client PC (other one) and if needed, click the "Change" button to put it on the same workgroup.

Next open My Computer. Then click Tools-Folder Options. On the host PC. Go to the View tab and scroll to the bottom of the list and see if there is a check mark next to an item called "Use simple file sharing". If so, uncheck it. May not be needed, but not sure.

Now go into Control Panel-Printers on the host. Right-click the printer and choose the sharing option. Check that the share name is nice and small and that the appropriate permissions are set to allow access.

During these operations, you may be required to restart, that's fine.

If you have done all these and still can't connect to the share, then it is likely a firewall problem. Since you have a router (which should also be a firewall), make sure neither computer has a software firewall running. Check your Antivirus, if it's some versions of McAfee or Norton or Panda, it may have a firewall function, turn it off.

To check the Windows firewall, go into Control Panel and click Security Center. There should be a link to firewall settings on the bottom, turn that OFF on both PCs as well.
Then try to connect to the shared printer again.

I personally think it's a firewall problem, as XP is normal extremely easy for printer sharing. In fact, if certain settings are in place, XP will automatically find and install shared printers, without you even having to do anything.

Good luck
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I have two computers are connected to each other with a cross over cable.

One uses windows xp pro(computer A) and the other windows xp media center 2005(computer B)
Computer A can share files and take files from computer B, but computer B can't.

In fact if you go to add a network place in computer B, It only displays its shared folders, I can't add any from computer A, it says that it is not accessible that I don't have network permission to use the resource network and told me to contact this server to find out if I have access permission.

I pinged computer A, and it seems to recieve the file, I checked the lan settings, and it is not locked. Computer A has no firewall, but Computer B has, but it is Computer B having a problem to connect to A.

what should I do?

A:can't share files in my home network

How to connect to another PC on the network

Welcome to TechSpot...

Go into the control panel and switch the view to classic view
Click on System Icon
Click on Computer Name
Give your PC a Name for A-ultraject1 also create a workgroup name ultrajetnet

Give your PC a Name for B-ultraject2 also create a workgroup name ultrajetnet

Now it gets tricky here... You need to look for Administration Tools in the control panel Click on that then click on Local Security Policy
Click on Local Policies
Click on Security Options

Now to your far right you'll see a list of stuff
Scroll down the list for:

Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts: Guest
Change the Guest to Classic

Now scroll down a bit too
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level: change the default
to: Send NTLM response.

Now go back to the start button
click on start
then on run
type: services.msc

scroll down the list to the far right for
Computer Browse - Make sure this is set to Auto and is enabled
Network Connections - Make sure this is set to Auto and is enabled

Reboot both PCs down.. If you have problem still get a small switch 5-port type and connect both PCs to it. Better than using the crossover cable. Or you can get yourself a router and let that device do the work. But you still need to have the above set in place...
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I have a basic network setup with a Model, a Router to split the connection, and 3 computers and 2 laptops with a wireless card and 1 computer wired to the router. How can I split the connection so that if only 1 is online, it gets full speed, but as soon as the second comes online, it shares it's speed with it, but balanced, so not that if PC 1 is gaming with a ping of 10ms, and PC 2 comes online and streams videos online, PC 1's ping raises to 1000.

Because I have the idea that this happens allot.

One final question;

Which is better, the situation I have now, or a HomePlug network? Internet via the electrical network. A good manufacturer of such products would be Devolo, I heard. Product link;

A:How do I share the speed of my network?

I don't think theres much you can do about it.

It's not the Network thats a bottleneck, its the Internet. If you are happily fragging with a good ping, and someone else starts looking at YouTube videos, you are sharing the bandwidth, and both are gonna suffer to some extent, more so if someone else joins in.
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I Am Using 512mb Ram .
So Shall I Allocate 64mb Or 32mb Memory To Vga?
Please Reply

A:Vga Share Memory

Hello, anand_0047, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

Guide to making a good post/thread

The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, what version of windows are you using?
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I have just set up Samba to create a shared drive between my laptop running Ubuntu v7.04 and my desktop running WinXP home SP2. This is great and I am really pleased that I've been able to make it work with the help of a really clear guide!

The question I have now (and I am sure it is a simple one!) is this - how do I create links between files and folders on other drives on the XP machine and the shared drive and the same with files and folders on Ubuntu? So that I am not cutting and pasting everything to the shared drive.


A:How do I Share Files and Folders?


Was a little anxious and wanted reassurance before doing anything - however some basic web searches calmed my frayed nerves - it's been a busy day.

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I have two computers connected to each other through the crossover cable. I also have a cable internet connection in one of the computer. i am trying to share the internet connection in the another computer but am not able to do so. now what do i have to do to share the inetrnet connection between the two computers?

A:how to share internet using crossover cable?

where does this other computer get internet connection from, directly from router, via switch or hub?
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i have 11acres in a long stretch with a gate and a cabin at one end the cabin and my house are hooked together with cat5e cable and are running at 100 mbps, i have a webcam hooked up at the cabin to my laptop and the laptop is on my network i want to share the video feed from my laptop across the network to my home pc

any suggestions??

A:trying to share webcam video on my lan


You would need to stream the image using a program such as VLC,

See this link

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Hi everyone

I have a computer running on Vista Home Basic and one running on XP Professional and they are connected through a Cable Router, I can get Internet on both but I cannot seem to set up for file/printer sharing can anyone give me a A to Z on how to do this please


A:share files

First off,

In vista you need to make sure that the File/Printsharing option is on

Start>Right Click Network> Properties

That will open up the sharing center. You need to make sure that the sharing option is on.

On the XP Machine

start>My Computer

Right click on the folder called "Shared Folder"
Tab "Sharing"
At the bottom under "Network Sharing"
Click on the text saying "If you understand......"
Select "Just enable File Sharing"

When this is all done, Go back to the Vista crate

Start > Network

You shoud then see your other computer apear after a Min or Two

You can get more info on Vista Sharing Here

P.S Please ignore all spelling and grammar mistakes
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Hello all,

I'm trying to set up file and printer sharing on a desktop and laptop with xp on both. The internet connection is fine, shared through a Belkin router. The router is wired to the desktop and the laptop connects wirelessly.

If I try to add a printer to the laptop via 'Add new printer' I cannot browse the network - I get a message saying "Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."

Also, I can't share files between the two computers.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you need more info, please ask - I'm not very good at networking.


A:Cannot share printer or files on wireless network - internet OK.

have you run the network setup wiz if so are they both on the same workgroup
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Hi All

This is my First post. i just registered today and try to search but its unsuccessful for me.

Here is my issue. I hope you guys help me

I have 2 PC's both have WinXP Pro. i have one network card port in each pc. so i am disconnecting my pc from internet and trying to connect with my 2nd PC. but its not detecting. i am new with the networking. i am not using any router or hub as i don't have. when i connect with ethernet (CAT 5) cable both pc is not detecting each other. Try to create new network connection but it wont help at all. I need to transfer few files from one pc to another. if you guys have any step by step guide or any kinda help Pls let me know. As i need to transfer file urgently pls.

Thanks in Advance.

A:Can't Share Files when i connect 2 pc with ethernet (CAT5) Cable

Chk local connection on both laptops if the firewall is ON, Disable the firewall or chk if any antivirus shield in not letting you ping both systems if you have then disable the shield.
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Hi I have a simple network at home that consists of PCs connected via a crossover cable They are both running Windows XP Pro I ran the network wizard on both machines and can share the internet connection fine However neither computer can share files with the other or share the printer When I set folders to share this folder on the network the folder is not visible on the other computer Both computers have IP addresses set however neither computer is able to internet but files can't share Can share ping the other When Computer A host of the internet connection goes Can share internet but can't share files to Start - gt My Network Places - Can share internet but can't share files gt view workgroup computers all that shows up in the list is Computer A However if I try to go to view workgroup computers on Computer B I get the following error message Mshome is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator etc The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available I have searched the forums and found various steps that I have tried but I still am not able to get this to work Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Can share internet but can't share files

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

The quickest fix is a router/hub rather than peer to peer cable.
Do you have file and print sharing turned on?
Try setting up network wizard to something other than "MSHOME"
You might have only internet sharing turned on.
Did you create the files for network or just "finish network setup",
in the wizard?

This has helped me by setting guest password.

spike said:

Protect your guest account - The guest account can be used by hackers and/or malware to gain greater access to your machine, even when turned off. The guest account can't be removed. However, you can disable it, but this can affect the functionality of your computer. Instead, what you can do, and what you probably should do, is put a strong password on it, and then leave it safely turned off. You do this by opening a command window (start -> run -> type "cmd" and press enter). at the command prompt, type net user guest <password> (where <password> is your chosen password, being something you can remember). After hitting the enter key, the guest account will be password protected. If your machine is networked and authenticating as guest, then you'll need this password to access network shares - if you tell it to remeber the password, it will only ask the once.Click to expand...

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I'm thinking something similar to ftp, have no idea what options there are.

Have 3 computers want to network between both in a more convenient manner than msn.

Hopefully can get some recomendations to minimise trauling time. Both computers are running windows XP and are connected through a multi-port router.

Thanks for any input.

A:Home network, looking for server to share files between computers.

You should be able to do this simply WITHOUT a server. All you have to do to share files, is use windows file sharing. Let me paint a picture for you...say you have your 3 computers. One is named Suzy, one is Steve, and one is Bill. Once file sharing is enabled (which you can do just by sharing a file), you should be able to do something similar to this. Say your on the computer Bill, and you want to grab some files from the shared folder on Suzy. Open up my computer, and in the address bar (Where is says your location) type in \\Suzy. This will give you access to the files and printers on that computer. BTW if you dont know how to rename a computer, right click on the my computer icon and select properties. Once the system tool comes up, click on computer name and change if necessary. Good luck and I hope this helps make things cheaper than buying a crappy old server lol.
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Hi there,
My LAN is using 192.168.xx.xx network. but I have a small office in Indonesia which all 4 users connects their notebook and retrieve email using SecurID(VPN). They are always connected and my VPN gives a 10.10.xx.xx IP address. my printer is network enabled and is plugged to the router(print server enabled). How do i share this printer with the users always connected to VPN. ?? pls help..

A:How to share printer over VPN connection?

well, if you have a print server on the network, and your outside users are VPN'd in, they should be able to ping to the address of that print server. If they can, you can direct them through the Add Printer Wizard, have them manually configure a new Standard TCP/IP port, and then add the print drivers. After that you should be good to go.
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I am wanting to use 2 usb drives for backup. i am using one drive at a time and when one backs up i swap it with another so that i can take one offsite. does anyone know how to assign 2 drives with the same drive letter. I wouldnt be plugging them in at the same time. I want it this way so that i wont have to change the drive letter every time. Is there any drive management software out there that will do this? Please help me!!!

A:making 2 usb drives share the same drive letter

You don't have to assign them drive letters. I have a number of clients that I do exactly what you want to do (off-site back-up we call it). Plug one in and note what letter it is assigned. As long as you don't keep plugging in device after device, it will always get the next available drive letter.

You are better off assigning your other HDD's that are fixed into your PC drive letters, leaving your USB HDD's to always take the next available letter (which is common behaviour, if nothing is assigned E:, it will get E: ).
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A friend of mine is trying to set up a minor network: one pc on XP to a laptop also on XP. This is a wired network, each have their own nic, wired via a switch. This is running via a cable network.

PC us sending and receiving packets

laptop is receiving but not sending

Firewalls are both Sygate Personal free and are set to work on a network. (they were on ZoneAlarm originally, didnt like it, so reverted to Sygate)

If I run the laptop by itself, directly via the modem it happily gets on line

Send it back to it's own place: "limited or no connection". Same happens if I swap the pc for the laptop.

Any help? If so, I feel a few beers coming on!



A:XP to XP will not share

josbd said:

A friend of mine is trying to set up a minor network: one pc on XP to a laptop also on XP. This is a wired network, each have their own nic, wired via a switch. This is running via a cable network.

PC us sending and receiving packets

laptop is receiving but not sending

Firewalls are both Sygate Personal free and are set to work on a network. (they were on ZoneAlarm originally, didnt like it, so reverted to Sygate)

If I run the laptop by itself, directly via the modem it happily gets on line

Send it back to it's own place: "limited or no connection". Same happens if I swap the pc for the laptop.

Any help? If so, I feel a few beers coming on!


JoClick to expand...

So no router here I take it? So you got a cable modem and you got a switch that's it?

For each PC setup IP address.

PC 1

Default Gateway:

PC 2 :
Default Gateway:

And etc..

Don't hookup the Cable Modem just yet

See if you can connect with the 2 or 3 PCs first.

Ping -f -i 50 (for pc one)

see if you get hits instead of losses.

Make sure you set all your NIC cards to auto instead of 10/100.
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I have a laptop which is connected to a desktop via a router - for Internet ....
I have a printer which is connected to a desktop .
I would like this printer to be 'shared' by a laptop .
I have added a Printer (via Control Panel ) - but when I browse for the printer I cannot see the printer - all I can see is 'Microsoft Network ' and 'MSHOME' ....

(The desktop printer has already been changed for 'Sharing' )

Please help ....

A:share printer on laptop

you will need to establish a local network with one of your computers as the local server - your desktop. Then you will need to enable printer sharing.
When you print from the laptop, it will print to a spooler used by the ram on your desktop. This will only work if the desktop is on.
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I have a windows xp pro setup to share files but when I go to permissions the only computer I can use to give user accounts permissions is the 1 im on...Is it possible to give a specific windows home edition permission to a xp pro share without using the "everyone" group...the workgroups are the same....thanks for any help...

A:connecting to a xp pro share from xp home

XP home does not support Domains. So... effectively, no.
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i have XPC computer in my 18 wheeler and use Verizon broadband PCMCIA card to access internet. i am trying to share connection using Linksys WAP. I have run network wizard for 'my computer directly accesses the internet and other computers connect through it'. I can access the network but not access the internet. I don't see the Vz software even trying to uplink when I try accessing internet from wifi connected device. Am I beating a dead horse? Does Verizon prevent sharing somehow?

Another option for me might be accessing wifi connection on the road and sharing the resulting connection (via LAN eternet cable). Can that be done? My main goal is to update my Tivo box over the internet.

A:can I share my verizon broadband (aircard) connection? so far have not been able to

Not quite sure if I understand you correctly, but if you install a router, you should have no problems with sharing.
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I am running XP-Pro SP2. IIS is installed and is used to host a website

I want to share my HP officejet over the internet (it is already shared locally) so that when I am on the road with my laptop, I can print documents at home via the internet. Obviously, I would also like some security implemented to keep everyone on the internet from connecting to my printer.

Can XP do this without 3rd-party print server software?

A:Share my Printer over the Internet

You may want to rethink this if you print heavy graphics. The size of a print job is actually usually quite big.
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Hi everyone,

I have a wireless network setup ("workgroup" network) with file/printer sharing enabled. My sister has a tendency to "accidentally" delete files on one of my shared folders, which is on a computer connected to the network via a VPN connection. Does anyone know how I can make it so that it will require a password to gain access to that shared folder?


A:Set password for network share

Just set the access rights to read only for her user and full access for your user.
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I have a home network using windows xp professional with 3 computers on the network. Up until the other day I have been able to share files and printers across all 3 computers.

Suddenly I am no longer able to access files on the shared printer on one of the computers. I am able to access the other 2 computers from that computer and that computer can still access the internet on the network as well. But I can no longer access anything on that computer form the network.

I have tried everything I can think of to figure this. There is no active firewall, sharing is turned on, etc.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Unable to file/printer share on one computer

on the failing computer, delete the remote printer, reboot, and then redefine it
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Now I am setting up a printer sharing for my network. I like to share the printer which is connected to a PC behind a linksys cable/dsl router. The router is connected to WAN. Then, I like to print from a PC that is also connected to WAN. I can share the printer when I connected its PC to WAN directly (mean no router between PC and connection jack). But, when I put it behind the router, the printer-PC can't be identified (searched).

I also set the router's DMZ feature with the IP address of the printer-PC to have router allow inbound connection to the printer-PC. But when I type in the internet IP address of the router (not the local ip in the web browser of the other PC that needs printer sharing, this inbound connection is not forwarded to the printer-PC.

Can anyone of you please give me suggestion on router configuration? Thanks..

A:Outside PC want to share a printer behind a linksys router

FIrst, printer sharing has nothing to do with web pages, so trying to access the server computer with a web browser is useless. Well, unless you have activated a webserver there or you are using some special print server software that has a web page.

Assuming that you are using Windows file and printer sharing, then exposing this to the internet is a bad, bad, bad idea.

Setting up a print server with a JetDirect service is slightly better. The right way to do it is a VPN solution or some kind of secure tunneling using SSH or something similar.
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Because we live in a somewhat isolated area, internet access over dialup is our only option unfortunately and thus far we've only had one PC in the house that served as our main PC.

Now we've got a second PC and would like to share the Internet connection, printer, and files from the first PC. Both PCs have wireless NIC cards.

I'd like to know if it's possible to create a mini-network with the two PCs, two wireless NICs and a dialup Internet connection?

If so, any tips, pointers, or references to websites would be greatly appreciated. It seems everyone and their brother has broadband access (DSL or Cable) & wireless routers and none of the sites I've come across help my particular need.

Thanks in advance of any help you can provide. Be gentle, I'm new at all this.

A:Connecting Two WinXP Desktops Via Wireless NICs To Share Internet, Printer etc

Google is your friend:
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I would like to share this new USB printer between both of my XP PCs. I am using an older broadband D-link wired router to connect to the Internet, but it does NOT have a port for the printer. I have read that security is an issue when you make things shareable. Can you help?

A:Share new USB 2.0 HP printer on my wired network

Connect the printer to one of the machines - right click on the printer object and goto Sharing and Security. Share the printer out. Goto the other machine and simply map the share.
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I ve got Pro: Windows folders XP Can't share a networking problem here My main computer PC shared a folder called quot shared quot I tried to connect to that folder on my laptop PC but I ve got an error message quot PC shared quot is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource contact administrator bla bla Logon failure user account restriction Possible reasons Windows XP Pro: Can't share folders are blank passwords not allowed logon hour restrictions or a Windows XP Pro: Can't share folders policy restriction has been enforced quot I m not connected to any domain but all my PCs are on the same workgroup named quot WORKGROUP quot When I tried to browse the Microsoft Windows Network- gt WORKGROUP folder from PC I can see PC in the list but the same error pops up when Windows XP Pro: Can't share folders I tried to browse PC However I can browse PC without any problems from PC itself Does anyone know how I can allow PC to access PC again Both are using Windows XP w ZoneAlarm settings switched to quot Low Off quot nbsp

A:Windows XP Pro: Can't share folders

try going to network places, network connections, properties and selecting 'File and printer sharing for microsoft networks' i had the same problem and i did that. it worked.
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I was wondering if there is any potential health hazard associated with cat6 cables networking on my house.

I plan to put some cable crossing over the doors of my house and would like to know if there is any problem with electromagnetic fields and something like that when passing below those cables for my head.

Maybe this is a silly question but nowadays, there is so much electromagnetic waves on the air we dont know which one are better or not!

Thanks a lot!

A:Network cable health hazards ? Any?

you should make a helmet out of alumium foil to sheild from the invso-rays.

Im just kidding. I am not aware of any health hazards from the signal itself. Although i have heard that some cables (cheap) have been made with levels of lead, but other then that i cant think of any.
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I have two hard drives running XP home internet wordprocessing music downloading etc and one running professional home recording photoshop I would like for the two of them to share my motherboard cpu memory graphics card and most importantly my audio interface hardware The dual boot software seems like it was designed more for hard drive partitioning reasons and less for independent operating systems I do not have many security concerns two share but run parts. HD's different Need computer on systems to Operating and am not too concerned about relying on software to get the job done I was intrigued by the quot nicklock quot device that served as a jumper switch between two hard drives prior to startup but felt turned off after learing that Need two HD's to run on different Operating systems but share computer parts. the computers needed to be restrted to switch back and forth and that there are known issues with such devices Obviously I would like to have the convenience of flipping back and forth between drives like a KVM switch does between computers Networking the two drives to comunicate at times would also be helpful for data transference Am I missing any simple solutions or are there really no obvious answers to the problem Any suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated James nbsp

A:Need two HD's to run on different Operating systems but share computer parts.

Your PC can only ever have one OS running at the time, so either W2K or XP.
Put both HD's in the same machine, have W2K installed in the first partition of the first (master) drive.
Do whatever partitioning you want, making all partitions NTFS.
When finished installing W2k etc., install XP in the first partition of the second HD.
They can share any partitions you want, including the OS-partitions.

Alternatively, have a good look at HyperOS, they may have (almost) exactly what you want.
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I bought a new cooling fan for my cpu (AMD Athlon XP 3000+) because I was worried about being above the "safe zone" with stock HSF. I was at 59C usually with it and I decided to purchase a new fan. So yesterday my new fan (Whisper IV) came in and I notice when I go to the BIOS PC Health for a cpu temprature reading it says 61C (2C higher than my stock heatsink ). But when I run Motherboard Monitor I get 38C for cpu and 37 for system. I also tried Sisoft and it says 37C. I tried SpeedFan and it says 38C. So which is right, my bios or these programs? Right now I'm confused, please help.

A:BIOS PC Health vs Program Readings

People usually say to trust the bios more than programs, but I know that's not what you wanted to hear.

How much thermal compound did you use(you did use some right?)? It doesn't take very much at all, too much makes it worse.
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Hello just a simple question,

My dad used a PC for most stuff and needs a new monitor and I was going to get a 19in lcd.

He also uses an old Centrus 660 for certain jobs but the monitor is playing up.

What he would like to do is connect both to a new monitor with some sort of changeover switch.

Is this possible.

A:Can an old mac and a PC share 1 monitor

Yes, it's possible.

You will need an adapter for the connector on the mac, to convert it to a VGA connector.
Then you need a switch like this one:
and 2 vga cables male-male cables

These items are pretty easy to find, you just need to find a local shop that sell this kind of accessories.
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Right simple set up..2 computers in the house, one currently with broadband, hence now!
I want both of them to be connected to broadband and I know that Ill obviously have to upgrade my service with my provider.
This will require a router, but one thing, will I need to network the computers. I dont want to do this at all, Id prefer having 2 completely separate pcs like it is now.
Thanks for any help!

A:To share an internet connection, do I have to network the computers?

You can either upgrade your connection e.g. get a separate connection from your ISP or network your computers. No need to do both.
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Dear all:
I am trying to find a solution to make our warehouse process more efficiently. I figure that I need extra shipping servers (one more for UPS and one for FedEx). One way is to simply purchase two additional desktops and hook them up. Alternative choice would be get a software to host one computer for multi-users at same time.

I would like to know, if any of you ever have done this, is it worth doing? Any pro and con? Any recommanded software? I searched and found has some cool stuff (although they charge you $99 per user license).

Thanks a bunch =)

A:Share one computer to multi-users simultaneously...Pro & Con?

Purely from a backup point of view, 2 separate units would be better. If UPS breaks down, you could ship your stuff using the FedEx PC (AND service) and vice versa.
Both on the same PC is asking for trouble if it should break down!
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Dear all:
(this is also posted at Other Hardwares, but I figure many system engineers browse this forum as well...)

I am trying to find a solution to make our warehouse process more efficiently. I figure that I need extra shipping servers (one more for UPS and one for FedEx). One way is to simply purchase two additional desktops and hook them up. Alternative choice would be get a software to host one computer for multi-users at same time.

I would like to know, if any of you ever have done this, is it worth doing? Any pro and con? Any recommanded software? I searched and found has some cool stuff (although they charge you $99 per user license).

Thanks a bunch =)
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When booting up, on my bios screen i get the following message:-

Check system health ! VCore=1.500

Is it anything to worry about???

Hardware is:-
GIgabyte 8INXP Motherboard
P4 2.4
Antec true power PSU (500w or 550w)


A:Bios = Check system health ! VCore=1.500

who knows.

i wouldn't have a bloody clue mate. maybe your mobo n cpu n stuff dont like ur bios version or something.. lol. remember: if it aint broke, dont fix it.
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Currently I have Broadband Cable Internet I use a Cable Modem and a Router The Cable Modem is in the basement I have a Linksys Router down there I ran an ethernet cable from the Modem to the WAN of the Linksys I ran an ethernet cable to the Nic card of the Basment computer from port I am gettomg the internet fine down there share on can three laptop? How internet computers I and wireless I have run a long eithernet cable from the Linksys port How can I share internet on three computers and wireless laptop? two up to second floor Here s my problem I have two computers up there I bought another router a US Robotics I thought I could run the ethernet cable into one of the ports and then hook up the other two computers using two of the open three ports It is not working I can only get one computer up on the internet the second one won t connect They will both work if I disconnect the basement computer but for some reason I can t seem to get all three up at the same time It s the same deal with my laptop I can use the D-LINK and it will find the US Robitics wireless router but only if two of the other computers are not connected to the router Any Ideas on what I m doing wrong or what I could do to make this work nbsp

A:How can I share internet on three computers and wireless laptop?

See a previous post

You're not setting up the routers correctly. You may want to read through another post which dealt with a problem similar to yours ( ).

Your two routers solution was probably overkill but should be workable. One wireless router plus one 5 or 8 port fast Ethernet switch would have been your best setup. These switches are very inexpensive. I would have put the wireless router in the basement and a network switch on the 2nd floor.

For your two router solution check out the previous post.
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Hello guys, this is the first time posting on these boards and I was wondering if you could help me out on this problem. I have two computers a laptop and a desktop that both run xp pro. They are both networked together and I wanted to make the second drive on the desktop available for full control for the laptop. The only problem is is that I am on a college campus and don't want others messing with my files. What would you guys recommend.

A:Share files securely

Try this one. The download is at the bottom of the page.
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This is the equipment I have in my possession right now Laptop with a network card Desktop with a network card port hub Toshiba cable modem with usb and ethernet connection ISP Earthlink lots of ethernet cables ---------- Right now my network is setup as follows Laptop connected to Earthlink s cable modem via ethernet ---------- What I want Have the internet on both computers without needing the other computer to be on ---------- What I think i need a using Trying a to router share internet router so that internal Trying to share internet using a router ip addressing will let me share my internet independent of the other computer ---------- What i dont know how to do where to get a router what type of router to get how to operate a router what kind of settings need to be tweaked how to wire the network ---------- What would be nice later on if i want to hookup another computer i wouldnt have to do any tweaking later on if i want to hookup an Xbox or a PS for online gaming i wouldnt have to mess with the insides of something sacred as an Xbox PS --------- Hows that how much would i have to spend on a router if thats what i actually need What if i get a wireless router what do i need to put in the laptop and desktop so that they can communicate with the wireless router i believe its something called an access point thing not sure and how would that work with something like an Xbox or PS Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Trying to share internet using a router

Buy a Linksys BEFSR41 router at Best Buy. It's about $50 at most. It supports 4 computers. setup is simple, the 'manual' is a big foldout sheat with pictures. You access it's settings through your browser. I don't like wireless routers, they are always having connection problems. Wired connections are never a problem. But if you want wireless then get the Linksys WRT54G 4 port router with wireless. It's about $70.
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I Have a XP Sp2 machine that loses it's network connections after 10 minutes of being inactive, even if you run a -t ping...

Tried power management, 100 Full etc...

Any Ideas ?
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I have two computers connected to a cable modem through a Linksys Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch. I can surf the internet just fine from both computers, but I can't do any file sharing between them. They are both Windows XP Professional SP2 with different computer names and the same workgroup name. When I go under My Nework Places and click on View Workgroup Computers, a dialog box pops up saying, "<Workgroup Name> is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available." It's just a simple home network that I'm trying to build and I have my user accounts on both computers are administrators. How can I be able to share files?

A:Unable to share files through Linksys Router

You can try going into the computer by using teh ip address. Whatever you setup your individual computers IP addresses through your router. Instead of using \\compname use //local IP

If this doesn't work post back.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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hi i had connected with the two computers of win2000 and winxp os... but I can't share files and what should i do? and i had read the thread in this forum... if there is firewall,, i can't share but how to disble the firewall in win xp

A:can't share the file between the win2000 and winxp help!!!

Welcome to Techspot!

How are these computers Hooked router ,crossover cable.What firewall software is there if any .And how are you hooked to the Internet?
It will be easier to helpwith some more info.
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Hi all I have a quot back-up quot PC which has the following spec -- Win XP PRO -- P GHz -- Asus P SDX MoBo -- MB DDR Kingston x health"?? to there Is analyse program "MoBo's some -- HDDs - ATA Maxtor GB amp ATA- Seagate GB -- Drive of CDR-W and Drive of DVD Since last week I am having some troubles with it my MoBo Memory and HDD of GB are quot new quot - Is there some program to analyse "MoBo's health"?? I have updated these components Well the problem is sometimes my PC isn t recognizing my HDDs If I quot shake quot a bit my case the system recognizes them And another times the Windows quot locks quot and I need to restart my PC I have already runned the CheckDisk and it didnt find any problem with the HDDs Well I have already too lend it to a technical and he didnt find any problem - the cables were in the right place - no apparent bad contact So he said me that it could be a problem with my MoBo As it is a new hardware I think that there is no reason for some trouble So I would like to know if there is some SPECIFIC SOFTWARE freeware which can to analyse in a SAFE WAY - with NO POTENTIAL DAMAGE my MoBO and find if there is really some damage in it Is there please Thanks a lot for any help nbsp

A:Is there some program to analyse "MoBo's health"??

Thre is no such universal software. Motherboards are very different and it would have to be a manufacturer specific tool. You can look around Asus' website.

First things to check are memory (plenty of memory testers out there), PSU (is is good enough to spin all your drives?) and temperature (maybe run some burn-in thing for a couple of hours).

And don't worry about the damage to your mobo. If it's broken then it's broken. And if it's not then no software can possibly damage it in any way (unless you screw up a BIOS flash).
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Hey i was wondering how well embedded graphics cards do. I am looking into getting a Athlon xp 2600 and the mother board comes with Embedded Real256E 3D Graphics with 64M share memory. I was wondering if the graphics would be good enough to play Battlefield 1942 and Medal of Honor. If anyone out there uses the onboard video, please post and tell me how well they work.
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Hey, can any one give me a link to a site were they can check you pcs HDD, Memory, vid card, i had a link to site that did it for free ages ago....but ive restored my computer since then and cant find it.....ive serched on google but had no if any one has a link to one, that would br great.

Oh and has to be "FREE" if possible....


A:PC Health Checks

Hunt around for a utility TuffTest Lite. This gets copied onto a floppy. It is free and covers all the basics. There is a paid-for version as well.
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Nice article on DDR RAM Timmings

I found this pretty informative article on DDR Ram timmings over at THG....
Thought I'd post a link for those and their never-ending quest for knowledge...


A:Nice article on DDR RAM Timings

edited for content
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I have read as many reviews as I can but I must be doing something stupid I share is ok internet but Cant printer/files have a Draytek Vigor we adsl modem router I have my machine connected via a cable to one of the ports this machine also has the printer connected to it and I have another pc with a wireless card fitted and a laptop with the same The laptop also is set up to use the schools network and their card will not work on mine I dont want to mess their settings there are printers already accessable at Cant share printer/files but internet is ok the school network I am Cant share printer/files but internet is ok able to connect to broadband on all three fine I have followed step by step the built in xp network wizard although It does not like the Idea that all machines access the net directly I have named the printer and the machines and allowed the network to be MSHOME I have installed the drivers on the laptop for the printer I have enabled printer and file sharing What am I not doing Thanks nbsp

A:Cant share printer/files but internet is ok

Did you put the users and passwords from the other machines on the computer sharing the printer?
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Still working on my website which will hopefully be up within a month or two Have been working on the content which is going to take a little bit Before I put up the site I want all the basic content on the site which is actually a lot Anyway heres the deal this is a peice of an quot article quot that I am writing on my website and need you guys to take a look and make sure I have everything right because I am not sure about a few things Here is a peice of it that I m not sure about --- AMD Athlon XP ghz So your thinking quot why buy an Athlon at ghz when you can buy a Pentium at the same speed for a lower price Well the truth is your wrong Although the equivelant P processor seems to be the same speed as the Athlon XP you just couldn t be more incorrect Processors can be very confusing and misleading business especially to the general public who don t know any better Manufacturers and sellers use this to their advantage to basically quot take candy from a baby quot The fact is if your part of the general public that knows nothing about a computer than your going to buy a P GHz rather than an AthlonXP GHz When comparing Pentiums to Athlon processors you want to remember the basic most important rule of this business Athlon processor s have ratings Notice the that you see above That is the Athlon rating am writing on Opinions article please I This basically means that the ghz AthlonXP runs at about the speed of a P ghz You also have to keep in mind that AthlonXP processor are higher end processors than P processors So lets compare the differences in prices prices are from www newegg com AMD Athlon XP FSB Thorougbred Processor CPU GHz Intel Pentium GHz K Socket Processor MHz Processor Bus Intel Pentium GHz K MHz Socket Processor So you could go ahead and buy that P GHz processor Opinions on article I am writing please that you adore but is it really worth another when your going to lose mhz not that mhz is a lot and only gain mhz in front side bus Opinions on article I am writing please FSB speeds I sure don t think so I don t know about you but I am not spending extra on a P --- nbsp

A:Opinions on article I am writing please


Oh, btw I meant to ask.. the die temperature for an AthlonXP is 60C or 90C?
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Pentium 4 with Dual DDR: Endurance Test of Seven Mainboards with the Granite Bay Chipset -

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I had no problem with this in XP or Vista.
After installing Win7 I can only access my NAS drive, not the shares on Windows or Ubuntu. Two Ubuntu PCs can access each other.
I've Googled and SWATed and sworn a lot, but all I get is password requests that don't accept the PWs I know are good.

A:Share files Ubuntu 10.04 and Win7

Where's all the Gurus?
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Hello All,
i subscribe to comcast for my internet, they offer back up and protection free to subscriptions up to 2 gig, can I get some feed back regarding these service
I would be greatly appreciate It.
thank You

A:Back up and share

What about it, it does exactly what it says; use if if you think you need it.
Theres not much to say considering you already know what it does, though not very useful IMO.
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Hey guys, i really want to find a tool that is similar to Staples Norton Technician Toolkit, Where it can run a "Tune-Up" scan, and print a report for the customer. But then can also be used to fix the issues found.

I'd prefer to find a freeware if they exist, since i only get 10-20 computers a month. But any suggestions would be helpful, I have done alot of searching but havent really found anything that supplys a report option and can be run from a flashdrive.

A:USB Run Computer Health program

I have looked for something similar myself on many occasions and drawn a blank. Let us know if you find anything. It would certainly save a lot of time if one tool could do the job for which we have to use many.
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Using latest stable Vadilia / TOR / Privoxy bundle for Windows (on Vista x64), with Tor Button for Firefox.

When trying to d/l ANY type file from many file sharing sites, incl Rapidshare, always get message:

Your IP address is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completedClick to expand...

I'm not downloading a file from the stated address, & often haven't downloaded anything from that site - in days, or EVER (someone else may be).

Even if I get a NEW IP address (by various means), clear Firefox & the page & try again, get same message.

Any ideas what's going on & how to get around it?


A:Recent problems downloading file share sites using TOR

Have you got Tor set to allow other Tor users to use your internet connection as a node in the Tor network?
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when using bearshare a window dialogue box appears saying "bearshare has stopped working" and then the program just closes. can anyone explain of how to prevent this from happening????

A:bear share and internet explorer keep closing

I'm not sure how to fix your current problem, but I am here to tell you to be careful when downloading things from P2P networks. There is quite a bit of CRAP loaded on those networks, and it can screw up your computer quicker than you can say "Oh NO!"

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Hello all,
I need to find a method that will allow me to boot a server to a share folder on the network? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

A:Boot to a Share Folder

need much more detail on what/why normal systems are not sufficient for your needs.
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I have outlook express for my email client. I use two accounts on my computer. My administrator account is for loading programs and admin type stuff. My user account is for surfing the web. My user account has limited access so that thing are harder to be installed on my computer from the web.

I have them sharing the OE folder. If when I try to access mail from the user account, it says I don't have enough memory and the application closes with error (0x800c012E, 5).

If I change the account type to administrator, then the problem goes away. Does anyone know of a way I can share the folder but have the user account stay limited?

Thank you.

A:Can't share OE 6.0 dbx folder with two accounts if one is "limited."

You should do away with OE altogether, it is way too 'holey' and infection-prone.
Get Mozilla Thunderbird instead.
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hi i don't know if you can actually do this but i would like to make it where
all users have all the same files folders desktop as i do.

reason: I've been locked out of logon before. i really prefer the simple welcome screen with no log on at all but i understand why you need to for security.

anyway, if i get locked out of logon it seems like it would be nice to have full access to all functions same desktop etc... to be able to easily go in and
fix it. all three logons are for myself with administrative privileges.

may sound crazy but sounds like it would be the easiest way to prevent
myself from being locked out.

example: in the past I've typed in my password and even chose no admin password
and have had logon rejected or hidden.

is this a stupid idea or possible?

A:Share all users xp pro

IMO, the REAL solution for you is to use a password removal tool whenever you encounter this situation. There are several. All they do is clear the password(s) for the accounts. So whenever you can't remember your password, just clear it with the password removal tool. I use Ultimate Boot CD which has one.

-- Andy
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I am wanting to get a Money Plus program to my son's computer. His computer and my computer are connect with a wireless network adapter. Is there a way to send the Money program to his computer? I do not have the CD. I bought it via net and downloaded it. I do not have the product key email that they sent me and I have no clue who I bought it from.

Is there any way to get this program to his computer so I do not loose it?

I do not even have a CD burner on my computer. It is on his computer.

A:Can shared computers share programs?

No, I don't think you can do that. If the program uses an installer copying it over will not work.
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I am trying to setup a network on my Fedora3 pc to share internet with my other two
xp pc. I have charter as a isp need help. :hotbounce :hotbounce

A:Can I set up a network linux (Fedoracore3 to xp) and share isp need help

What kind of help?
What do you want to do?
What have you tried so far?
How are you sharing the internet between the XP PCs?
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our group uses 2003 share point, i recently have upgraded from 2003 office to 2007 office

i find that synchrniztion feature is not there in 2007, i downloaded in installed add-in 2007 synchroniztion but i am still not getting option of "synchronize with Sharepoint" when i right click on table..

Does this even suppose to work? if yes could someone tell me solution or workaround please..

A:Synchronize 2003 Share point and 2007 Office

Is your copy of Office 2007 fully updated? Are you running XP or Vista?
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I am looking for a software program that will allow me to monitor multpule Computer systems in a LAN,WAN, and dialup setting. I need to be able to tell if a drive has failed or a has system crashed and what programs are running on the system. This would be used on mutipule PC based Security system DVR's. If any one knows of a program like this please let me know.

Thank you


A:PC Health Monitoring software

It may not perhaps do all you want, but have a look at Diskeeper 9 Admin Edition
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Looking for some free software that will tell me how much life is left in my battery, as in months or years. Any ideas?
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our group uses 2003 share point, i recently have upgraded from 2003 office to 2007 office

i find that synchrniztion feature is not there in 2007, i downloaded in installed add-in 2007 synchroniztion but i am still not getting option of "synchronize with Sharepoint" when i right click on table..

Does this even suppose to work? if yes could someone tell me solution or workaround please..
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My Samba have been set up and now i can share my CDROM between 2000 .
Using my network place---Workgroup---CDROM from 2000.

I tried to put my Root folder from RH9 to share .

I used my win 2000 to access the folder ,
i get a message

" \\Localhost\root is not accessible. The network name cannot be found"

But the strange is that i can access RH9 CDROM folder from WINDOWS!

i wonder if my Samba setting is set right!
But my CDROM settings from Samba is exactly the same as ROOT settings.
The Samba settings is displayed below.

Base Options:
path: /root

Security Options:
guest account :nobody
read only:Yes
guest ok: No

Browse Options
Browseble :Yes

Miscellaneous Options
Available: Yes

I have also tried playing resetting the Base Option
Base Options:
path: /

but still it doesn't work

A:Samba up, but only able to share CDROM.

First of all, there is no need to create multiple threads for the same problem.

& as allready said in your other thread, if from the windows machine you are trying to access localhost, you are accessing THE WINDOWS MACHINE, not the Linux machine.

localhost refers to the machine you are working on, not the machine you are connecting to.