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Can I uninstall default Metro apps like Health&Fitness?

Q: Can I uninstall default Metro apps like Health&Fitness?

Is it possible to uninstall preinstalled Metro apps, like Health & Fitness or Music?

Or at least, is it possible to block them out for a particular account without using the built-in parental control?

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Can I uninstall default Metro apps like Health&Fitness?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can I uninstall default Metro apps like Health&Fitness?

Don't know about blocking them but uninstall is possible via right click menu.
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I sometimes wonder about techs using tools such as Seatools, HDD regenerator etc to diagnose/repair hard drives. Do any of these tools beat Chkdsk in any way?
(besides data recovery tools, I guess those have no match in Windows).

Thank you

A:Do you need more than Windows default tools to check/repair a hard drive?

IMO, always use the tool provided by the vender. At the time you need this tool, you don't need a 3rd party screw-up to 'help you' really mess it up.
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Hi guys - this is a weird problem that I ve always had since building this computer or years ago and I don t think the drive was new when I built it so it went from totally normal in my xp machine to doing this weird thing when I put it in a new system with Win I ve searched and not been able to find anyone with the same problem It normally occurs when listening to music or watching a film and it only happens very occasionally when you go to skip to to a new song or skip to a different place in the video It s never been a Some then HD until whirs clicks apps unresponsive major problem and in fact I think it s only done it once this week so aside from googling it a couple of times never actually got very far with fixing it So in winamp for example just after opening it I ll click next song winamp installation and music are on different hard drives as are VLC and movies and it ll freeze Then the disk will make a whir and about seconds later there will be a click and everything will come Some apps unresponsive until HD whirs then clicks back to life During this time I can move my mouse and do other things on the computer Like I said it s always done this and it s never got any worse or anything so I don t think it s a faulty drive but I ll post this in the HD section too just to see if any experts there can shed any light on it Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Some apps unresponsive until HD whirs then clicks

Look at your power profile settings. Likely the HD is being powered off after xx minutes.
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I have headphones through onboard audio set as the default playback device.

I have HDMI set to listen stereo mix (onboard) under recording devices so that I can get duplicate audio on my headphones and TV.

Windows 7 likes to set as HMDI audio as the default playback device when I am not looking (assumedly shortly after rebooting, but not quite sure when). And then I get no sound from my headphones because the programs are all playing on HDMI.

Is there way I can fix this?

A:HDMI hijacks default playback device

Hmm; I think HDMI is mutually exclusive to pc { speakers & headphones }. If the HDMI senses a signal to the tv, then the others go off.

right-click on the speaker icon in the tray and view/set the playback devices
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Could someone please tell me the default CPU settings for the i7 2600k.
By this I mean which CPUs are defaulted to be parked on the resource manager.
I made the mistake of unparking all of them without keeping a record of which ones
were parked.
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Hello. I've got a basic problem I guess: I messed up with the Realtek microphone settings and selected "Set Default Device". I tried to fix it but I kinda destroyed my mic. - friends tell me they can hear me like I'm closer to them and they hear me worse than before. I just need to unset the Set Default Device thingy but I don't really know how.. any idea?

A:Realtek Microphone "Set Default Device"

Try doing a system restore to a previous time in which this was working correctly.
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My son was using my computer temporarily for work. He was uninstalling Abobe Illustrator and needed to restart to complete the uninstall. When the computer restarted, the monitor ceased to get a signal from the computer. Have tried unplugging the monitor for a bit, tried restarting in safe mode - nothing has worked. Has the monitor somehow been fried from just a restart?

A:Monitor stopped working after uninstall

Really I don't think it fried from a restart. It just may have went bad. Have you tried another monitor to make sure. It could also be your on board Graphics or graphics card.
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Hi guys So Can't default as boot set SSD to device seem a quick background here I went from using a normal HDD with windows bit os and unplugged it while I installed bit windows os on my new SSD samsung booted up no problem after setting the sata controller Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device to AHCI and shut down to put my hdd back in as a storage drive not Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device yet wanting to format the drive just incase I have any issues with my ssd I can still use the pc via the hdd Booted up fine however it was running in IDE So I used the regedit suggested by windows of setting the value data box to and it caused a bsod I then read that I had to do the regedit for both the ssd and hdd so I did which lead to no problems booting up and running AHCI just fine However the only way I can force my computer to boot using the ssd is to hit F for boot menu and select it it is not an option inside my BIOS and by default every time it will just boot from my hdd unless it s not plugged in in which case it ll boot the ssd When it boots from hdd as always if not using f menu it ll show the ssd as drive E effectively everything works ok but having to hit f every time I boot up or restart to select the boot device is going to get tedious Just to elaborate what I mean by it not being an option in the bios I have the Gigabyte H M-UD H motherboard and the only boot devices that are displayed in the bios are Floppy LS Hard Disk CDROM ZIP USB-FDD USB-ZIP USB-CDROM USB-HDD Legacy Lan With Hard Disk selected it ll behave as described above To clarify the only way I can appear to chose to boot from the ssd is via the boot menu F Is there any way I can properly set it so the ssd is the primary boot device Baring in mind I don t want to format the hdd at the moment nbsp

A:Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device

So you can only boot into the 32 bit version of Windows?
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I built my first computer yesterday and purchased an SSD and a 1TB hard drive. I installed windows 8 on the ssd and I want to have all future installs and whatnot go automatically to my larger drive. However, at the moment my ssd is my (C drive and everything gets installed there. yes I know I get the option of where I want to install things but that gets annoying!

So, how do I make my second (larger) hard drive the place where everything is installed there automatically?

A:How do i make my second hard drive the default storage location?

Here you go.
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Hello everyone I wonder if of SSDs Long health term of you guys could answer a few questions about SSDs that I ve been sitting on for a while now Specifically I m wondering if SSDs can become quot damaged quot or permanently altered in performance by getting too full or failing to Long term of health of SSDs properly use TRIM I ve got GB OCZ Agility SSDs in RAID GB total size performance is quite breathtaking and I ve seen transfer speeds of GB per second However I ve heard that TRIM is not supported in Windows or in general when running SSDs in RAID and I ve also read somewhere on the great wide Internet that SSD performance can really drop off as the drives approach full capacity especially without TRIM functionality What I have not been able to find any clear information on Long term of health of SSDs is whether this performance loss is permanent or if it can be fixed simply by reformatting the drives as another RAID array or as single drives My Agility RAID array is approximately full as of right now and it previously was around until I moved some files and apps off of it to my TB Caviar Black drive I could move more apps but before I do I d like to know whether it s even worth the effort In short I d like to know if A drive performance has indeed dropped it doesn t seem like it s dropped too much but I didn t run any quot real quot benchmarks on it when it was new so I can t really compare it to anything and B if performance has dropped is there anything I can do to fix it and how would I go about fixing it In very short tl dr OCZ x GB Agility RAID Array will it be slower as it fills if so how can it be fixed and is the quot damage quot permanent nbsp

A:Long term of health of SSDs

I'll warn you, I don't know that much about SSD's, even though I own one as a boot drive but they are essentially flash memory and as far as I know, the more that is stored on flash memory, the slower it gets (especially in the 90%-100%) full range. I have experienced this with a few smaller devices, especially phones. As far as I know, teh best way is simply to decrease teh data stored on it, or get one with a bigger capacity. Ultimately, this is what I can guess from having expirience with similar types of memory. Hope it helps!
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Hi folks I m new here and not greatly technically minded My Acer Aspire Z laptop has been acting strange for a few days running Windows btw Some of the issues are even happening right now ie as I type the cursor will sometimes restart a new line as if I ve pressed the Return button Acer apps is Laptop and and more opens multiple corrupted This is esp bad in emails and Facebook and often the cursor flies down miles Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more making it a pain to get back to where I was That s not all though There s a horrible beeping noise when I start up the laptop first thing It goes after I press one of the F buttons The worst though is when I try to open up some app on my desktop and sometimes the laptop goes crazy and opens up multiple other apps software There have been instances where there are dozens of the same pages opening I have McAfee Internet Security and have run Malwarebytes and Spybot but problem is still there Is this a hardware problem do Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more you think I m not great at techie Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more speak so please go easy with me but I d be grateful for any advice Cheers David nbsp

A:Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more

UNless someone else has a better idea, how old is this computer & is it still under warranty? If so, I'd get a hold of the where you bought it & get it checked out. IF you don't & have "other" work done on it, it could VOID the warranty.
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See background

closed topic#163578 on this website
Note the solution presented in the previous thread is for a different make of laptop.

Problem: Wirless disabled by default on start up and resume.

I am having the same problem with my windows 7 reinstall of my SYX160001. Have tried similar remidies... ie power management, driver updates, enabling netowrk discovery, etc.

Any idea on how to overcome this nusiance of needing to turn on the wireless

A:Atheros AR9285 wireless disabled by default at startup

SOLUTION! (at least for me on my laptop)

I just had this problem when I reinstalled the OS from the OEM disc (not the factory install disc) I figured the OEM disc had a driver conflict. But I incorrectly pointed the finger at the wirless lan driver.

The HOT KEY strip (the one with the buttons that turn white when you touch them just above the keyboard) on my laptop also controls the Wi-Fi Radio on/off button. This was the problem. You need the origional driver for that strip, even if your volume on the strip is working.

Background. Think of your wireless lan as two seperate devices... the radio is compared to the cord of an ethernet connection. The wireless lan card is the ethernet card. When you think about it as one device it is easy to see why so many people assume the problem is with the wireless lan card. But the important part is that a laptop usually devides the two up to save power. Controlling the radio from a button on the keyboard (or a function key) (mine is FN +F2) is another reason to think of the two as seperate items.

Before reaching this conclusion I tried using "allow the computer to turn this device off to save power" I also had tried Hi performance modes and other wireless radio from the control pannel in both plug-in and battery modes. I tried the turn wireless netork on and off as well. There were plenty of reasons to think this was going to fix the problem.

So update your HOTkey strip driver... see if that doesnt fix your problem.
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i need help opening my ports on my router. i wend into cmd and i have no default gateway lit just reads as :: how else can i find my routers ip address?

A:No default gateway

You can also find it by taking it back to wherever you got it and they could tell you by searching the MAC address located on the underside of the router. However most router IP address's or default gateway is
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I have a wireless Toshiba latpop years old running Windows that I have been connecting with at my college for a year and a half with no problems This same laptop connects to my Fios wireless at home with no problems My trouble started weeks ago and I have been trying to solve this problem ever since day and night Ugh Start computer - I see their college network I chose it to connect or sometimes the checkmark is there to chose not constantly Default dropping / available, network gateway Internet automatically It will not connect I get the yellow triagle with words limited connectivity no internet access If I use the troubleshooter I get no default gateway It is fixed I sign in on their log Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network in page and within seconds it drops me every time I mean everytime Not just sometimes --I have spoken with their local IT people to no avail -- uninstalled any programs that I put in in the past months -- uninstalled my firewall --shut off windows firewall --reinstalled my Realtek Nic card with or different versions rolling upgrading and Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network installing brand new one from net --unchecked power save on the Nic card -- flushed the dns cache -- ipconfig release renew -- ran the troubleshooter at least times -- repair install of windows -- ran antivirus program malware programs all clean -- added all windows updates although most had been in anyway --registry cleaner of them --checked with IT that my log in is correct and not blocked --deleted all networks and setting up connection to college and fios again -- unchecking IPV on the Nic card plus many other tries that I can t remember Several of the above do give me a temporary connection to the network but it drops in seconds everytime I cannot get on the network without the troubleshooter then I get seconds and I am off Please help I have asked everyone I know Someone here has to know what to do Thank you FYI I spoke to sort of a network adminstrator today at the college He said he has heard of this problem from about other people and coincidentally we all have Toshiba laptops Anybody with a Toshiba laptop having this problem I was working fine on their network and now I cannot get on or stay on What could they have changed at their end that my laptop doesn t like I don t know these things nbsp

A:Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network

try a different wlan driver. or try a completely different wlan pci-e card in your laptop. boot off of a ubuntu disk and see if you can connect to the network stably from there.
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Hi all i have what porbably are dumb questions but i need clarification all the same please i just bought a XFX HD GPU upon your recomendation and was wondering if i should uninstall all the nVidia stuff in add and remove except the driver before i remove the card or just remove the card install my new one then uninstall the nvidia stuff I have a spare gigabyte GT GPU which i would like to give to my dad as he has an old Pack-Bell iMedia which he uses in the lounge to watch Uninstall for installation? drivers fresh GPU films on and browse the net Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation? The PSU in this old machine is only a watt and the GT reqiures a w minimum but as he wont be playing games or doing any photo editing etc only watching mp films would the PSU still power it reason i ask is it has a HDMI connection and his stock card is the old blue pin plug so i thought is would get a better pic using my new card also the GT is mb and the stock one is only mb Your thoughts please Thanks Lee nbsp

A:Uninstall drivers for fresh GPU installation?

1. Yes, you can remove all the Nvidia components through Add/Remove, although it's probably easier to download a utility such as Driver Sweeper which will remove the driver, PhysX, HD audio, Update etc in one move... Just remember that the system will likely revert to a lower VGA (640 x 480) screen resolution.
You can then power down, replace the card and install the driver/catalyst control centre etc.
Once you're up and running it would pay to bring up the Device Manager, click the "View" tab and check "Show hidden devices", then expand the "Display adapters" heading. If your previous card shows up -right click and select uninstall.

2. You say that your dad's computer is an "old Pack-Bell..". Power supplies gradually lose their effective output over time as components in the power supply wear, so his 250w PSU is likely much less. The GT210 isn't a power hog by any means (30.5w max) but picking up a suitable (and relatively cheap) PSU might be a good investment in any case, especially if the computer/PSU are 5+ years old.
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laptop cannot on
only saw this thing on the screen
"no default or ui configuration directive found!"
i m on the way find the way to solve this and also hope can get solution from here.
anyone know how to solve it ?


A:No default or UI configuration directive found!

Check your hard drive for errors or replace it... Good try with English by the way
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hi,my default monitor on my laptop has been turned off in the control panel/...the secondary monitior isnt enabled either,so i cant get into it turn it im left with a blank screen and i dont know what to laptop is a dell latitude d610,running on xp...thanks ...jim

A:Default monitor has been turned off in control panel on laptop

A little confusion on my part here! Are you talking about (two) external monitors being hooked up to one lap top computer? Or are you referring to the (default) monitor, being it's own built in screen being the (default) which wont work? And if the built in LCD screen won't work, are we talking about you hooking up an external monitor, which will not work as well? And something about you shutting down your computer ability to show itself on a monitor that may have some how been turned off, probably through your XP's (control panel) under (display)!

This was just me thinking of these question "out loud", maybe if we could have a little bit more insight to your problem, we could advise on how to fix it!

Keep us in the loop...............
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is there a way to do this? i messed with some settings and now music won't come out of my laptop speakers, just headphones.

I know the speakers work. help please

A:Resetting default audio settings?

You have probably made your headphones default, and turned off the speakers.
In the taskbar, near the clock, right-click on the speaker icon. Choose 'Playback devices'. In the new window, do you see 1 or 2 items? Speakers and below that Speaker/headphones. Right-click on what is showing, and in the list tick the options, 'Show disabled devices' and 'Show disconnected devices'.
Now you should have 'Speakers' line showing, so right-click on it, and choose 'properties'. At the bottom of the box, you see a drop-box that gives 2 options. Make it to be 'Use this device-enable'. Click OK. That should work.
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Hi All

I've had Windows 7 for about 6 months, and have been getting an intermittent problem where my internet cuts out. The network icon shows a yellow exclamation mark and I have to right click on it and Troubleshoot Problems, which then resets/repairs the connection and everything's okay.

Here's some details from the troubleshooting report:

Network adapter Local Area Connection driver information:

Description . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Manufacturer . . . . . . . . . : Realtek
Provider . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft
Version . . . . . . . . . . . : 7.2.1127.2008
Inf File Name . . . . . . . . . : C:\Windows\INF\netrtx64.inf
Inf File Date . . . . . . . . . : 13 July 2009 20:37:30
Section Name . . . . . . . . . : RTL8168D.ndi
Hardware ID . . . . . . . . . . : pci\ven_10ec&dev_8168&rev_03
Instance Status Flags . . . . . : 0x180200a
Device Manager Status Code . . : 0
IfType . . . . . . . . . . . . : 6
Physical Media Type . . . . . . : 14

I've found some posts on the net about this problem, and people have said it's a known issue with nvidia, but my network controller's Realtek.

Anyone have any experience of this?

Thanks in advance
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That pretty much (64-bit) flickers/disappears 7 on pointer XP mouse apps/games Win says it The app game can run quite well but drives me insane trying to use the pointer to click on hotspots Sometimes the pointer is only visible when it rolls over a hotpiont and lights it up Otherwise the application runs quite well Examples this week are CIV COLONIZATION but not CIV IV GUILD WARS prob the worst Earlier games like AGE OF WONDERS seem Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games to work fine I do see this mostly in games The other issue I have a lot is that I Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games can install and run a game from the CD DVD but then the game will not play as it cannot see the disk it just booted from and claims it is not in the DVD drive What is causing these and can anything be done I have tried all the usual compatibility fixes I have even run them on a VMPlayer XP emulator with no success It reminds me of the issues with DOOM TRILOGY on WIN XP That Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games was dos driver issue for the mouse However this problem occured right out of the box before and after updates installed Win Home Premium -bit updated to current Gateway SX- Core i CPU GHz Gateway dual-core CLARKDALE Gb DDR RAM GRAPHICS EQUIVALENT MB ATI Radeon HD XT or better MB NVIDIA GeForce GS or better or Core i or better integrated graphics it uses the integrated graphics chip i Systems Requirements Labs says these should run on it nbsp

A:Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games

Have you tried another mouse? Is the mouse wired or wireless?
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Well and Crysis Metro 2033 you people know how Metro has been called the crysis of modern day They both can easily eat a whole gigabyte of video RAM and both bring the average system to its knees However for the time Metro isn t as bad With a Crossfire Radeon with four GPU s or a TRI-SLI GTX can eat these games alive at any resolution you care to mention Hope you have GB Radeons though And I wish there were GB GeForce varieties The one let-down over AMD Anyway not Crysis and Metro 2033 something that a sane person would buy But none-the-less possible Even I who is crazy about graphics and GPU s would be stretched to buy even GPU s because of money power consumption and the realisation of how much money I actually should spend just to game instead of saving up for a car I m just settling on a GTX from the American EVGA site - not the Australian one - they add onto the price with even exchange rates And I don t know where that X SLI Micro Motherboard has gone I was really thinking of making a system with that But anyway back to the point What was the most powerful GPU in when Crysis was released I can t find out from Google But my point is I m pretty sure that or way multi-GPU setups in that wouldn t get close or perhaps even die from lack of memory especially with xAA I like Multisampling How or why did they make this game How would they even test this game on the highest settings in times before Did they have some sort of supercomputer which emulated powerful GPU s I am still baffled Does anyone remember back into before I researched this stuff What would get the closest to killing this game with Multisampling What was the biggest memory size Any help would be appreciated I m dying to figure this out Thanks johnni nbsp

A:Crysis and Metro 2033

Unless you're playing across multiple 1080p screens you won't need gobs of power to run either game. A single GTX 460 or 5850/5870 will run the games just fine on reasonable DX10/11 settings coupled with a decently powerful CPU.

As a side note i would like to point out that 2033 was one of the worst games i've ever played...
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hi everyone i have an hp ipaq pocket pc i know its old and out of date but its in great condition when i type in the msn mobile website it comes up no problem then i click on the envelope for hotmail I get a popup that says quot install byte file quot default aspx quot to the quot my Document folder quot in main Default.aspx memory quot it even says that if i type in the direct hotmail website i can click on the other icons like fox and msnbc they work fine but get the error when i click on hotmail and messenger can anyone help i went to the hp website and downloaded updates and all the new drivers it connects to wifi great now even found pocket pc on ebay and installed that done soft resets hard rests i have searched and googled wrote into forums and still cant get an Default.aspx answer i have found where other people have had the same problem but i never see where they got a solution i m hoping maybe ya ll can help hp of course will not help me because the warranty is out of date i have type in the windows live website Default.aspx and still get the error its something with hotmail i notice on their websites they end in aspx maybe that has something to do with it nbsp


hmm; be cautious - - aspx is a server-side technology while ocx is ActiveX for the client side.
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Using Apps 1 OS to from Disk Question on & Disk 0 cloning Vista x Plan on using True Image to clone OS amp Applications partitions C D from Disk to Disk Of course before booting to the new cloned OS have to set it active amp old one hidden Windows will assign C to new active boot partition Not sure about others Question is about the drive letters of the other several partitions on BOTH HDDs Maybe my Question on cloning OS & Apps from Disk 0 to Disk 1 questions should be about switching HDD cables or changing BIOS settings Right now on disk have C thru L On disk have partitions M - P Some all of those could be moved to disk at some point during whole process Don t have to move all those partitions amp data from disk to disk amp not too concerned about the assigned drive letters of any except the OS amp Applications After creating blank formatted partitions in front of M if also cloned D amp maybe E F from disk to how would Vista treat the cloned drive letters on disk amp others already on disk - M thru P Since current disk will become booting disk is there any reason or necessary to switch disks amp HDD cables on mobo Thanks nbsp
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When I try to login to Windows a message is displayed quot Windows can t load the user s profile but has logged on with the login to - system default profile Cannot Windows default system profile Reason insufficient system resources exist to complete the Cannot login to Windows - default system profile requested service quot That isn t the message Cannot login to Windows - default system profile word for Cannot login to Windows - default system profile word because after seconds the message automatically closes Then there is only the cursor which can move and a blue back ground and nothing loads When I press ctr alt delete I get a message saying quot The application failed to initialize properly x d Click on OK to terminate the application quot When I press the power button the laptop goes into hibernation and when it comes out of it I need to re-enter the password so it s not completely dead It s a Compaq nx with Windows XP Pro Sometimes little things change for example this time it showed an message titled quot Parser Message quot but the body of the message failed to load Edit I tried booting into safe mode and it worked the next time I tried booting the laptop normally it worked Why does this happen EDIT but it only worked the one time after booting into safe mode Edit Every time I properly turn off the laptop it can t login the next time but if I hold down the power button it can login next time nbsp

A:Cannot login to Windows - default system profile

The hard drive is probably corrupt... Try formatting and re-installing XP
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Hey all

I'm currently trying to figure out how I uninstall my video drivers, the only option I've found uninstalls the chip-set as opposed to the actual drivers

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:How to uninstall video drivers

What operating system are you using and what graphics card do you have?
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Is the best way to uninstall an old router to use the uninstall option in Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs folder and then run ccleaner?

A:Best way to uninstall router?

Unless you used some software assisted installation, simply removing the router from the network (and plugging your computer directly into the modem if applicable), and performing an "ipconfig /renew" in the command prompt should be enough. Sometimes stubborn network interfaces require being disabled and re-enabled, or even a quick reboot. There really shouldn't be anything to uninstall.

If there is an installation assistant program lying around, it doesn't hurt to uninstall it and run ccleaner to get the remnants of it out.
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Hi all

I have a default gateway and IP address issue that I have tried to solve but can't.

Isp is plusnet, running windows xp sp 2, using a wireless connection on a compaq laptop thats less than a year old.

All of a sudden my connection went, when i tried to get on again it wouldnt let me and said that there was no connection, went into my daughters room and hers is fine. I had a look at the connections and it wasn't having a bar of it so I tried an ethernet connection...nothing. I had a bit of a play with things putting in ip address, ping back etc ... nothing is working. Had enough now and ready to chuck it out the window.



A:Default Gateway Error

Post ipconfig /all and tell us more about the hardware. Does the ethernet connection light up on either end?
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Correct me if I'm wrong

(Working with old computer, getting it to work)
I was having problems with re-installing Windows XP and SP1-3 updates, and connecting to internet.and getting DNS errs.
Went into ipconfig, and had no default gateway

So, I eventually found my way to windows error reports,doing a search:
for "setuperr"

Turns out the "computer name" had errors in it with non-allowed characters.
Went into Control Panel, clicked on System, did the fix.
No underlines, etc. allowed

Looking into setuperr logs is really helpful, dont ya think?
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replaced a fried asus mb with intel d865glc, for winxp pro, surprise, surprise almost everything came back up cept the soundmax, got the new soundmax setup from intel, before to reinstall or install, need to uninstall old asus based version, but when i go to uninstall get these funky messages, see attachments
tried to just run the reinstall anyway but that errored out
googled to death, not seeing anything, anybody got any suggestions

A:Can't uninstall sound max so i can reinstall

Uninstall it in SAFE MODE.
You get to SAFE MODE by pressing the F8 key repeatedly when you first press the <ON> button... then let it fully settle down, then scroll to the top of the page to access Windows then use Add and Remove in the Control Panel.
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I've got a iPod Touch 16 GB and want to fill out the memory a little with some game apps I can play during sitting in the bus.

I'm searching for a good racing game and it would be okay to pay if it's worth it - but their so many to choose between. Any tips of good racing game apps ( with many maps, choose car...) ?

Which free game app is your favorite? My favorite free game right now would be "Rat on run" by Donuts Games.

I wasn't sure if I chose the right forum for this question.

A:Looking for good iPod Touch game apps

60 views but no answer...
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My scanner used to work, but all I get is that error message:
"Cannot find default data source in the current directory"
Don't know what that means
Disk whereabouts is unknown

If it's a driver problem, all I see are references not going past Win2000. I have XP Home.

A:Artec ViewStation AM12E Scanner - "Cannot find default data source"

It may be time to invest in an all-in-one printer (Printer, Scanner, Fax) They are not that expensive any longer
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I've been having a problem with the display over remote connection.
In the configuraiton I'm using, I have 2 PC's connected by LAN, but only 1 screen, and in order to see the video output of the 2nd PC, I just use remote desktop connection from the 1st PC.

I've realized that when starting up the RDP, I get an error "The video card is not updated", although this error does not appear when connecting a monitor directly to that PC.
In addition, there's decreased performance of the video output through the RDP, and graphics seems to be with a slower refresh rate. I didn't have that kind of a problem with my previous graphics card, which was older.

I'm thinking that it has to do with the default boot of the card. If no screen is connected, it thinks that it's starting up with VGA configuration perhaps?

Any ideas?

A:GeForce 8500GT default boot

There's probably a simpler way to connect both computers to one monitor, provided that the monitor is an LCD. Many LCD screens have both a DVI and a VGA input. You can connect one computer to the DVI and the other to the VGA. If a monitor has both there will be a button to switch the input, so you can just press a button to switch which screen is displayed.

Also, have you updated your graphics drivers?
Relevancy 26.23%

Hi I m running an Asus p k motherboard with nv geforce desktop whenever i run any ram intensive mostly video games team fortress WoW Left Dead etc etc my computer crashes Most of the time my computer completely shuts down as soon as i launch the games In running apps Comp ram intensive crashes when are reponse to that i ve tried scanning the hard drive cleaning out all the dust within the tower with canned air and many other things until i tried lowerng running the games while Comp crashes when ram intensive apps are running windows is on powersaving mode While running on max power saving mode on the AI suite by asus comp doesn t crash when the games start up but crashes awhile after say min I m wondering what wrong with my tower and how much am i looking at in order to fix it What the little knowledge in hardwares for PC i m guessing somethings wrong with the power supply can anyone helps Edit Another guess of mine is that electricity isn t being supplied throughout the tower evenly Much Thanks Derrick nbsp

A:Comp crashes when ram intensive apps are running

Replace the power supply first... Don't go too cheap
Relevancy 24.08%

please help i have a HUGE issue at hand i had recently installed norton goback and after it not installing correctly i uninstalled it with the removal utility after boooting into windows xp i have a missing since SATA 1TB seagate uninstall goback pro and home version on two different drives my ubuntu linux partition isnt working im going to live cd 1TB SATA seagate missing since goback uninstall it soon my tb 1TB SATA seagate missing since goback uninstall drive isnt showing in windows explorer in disk management console it 1TB SATA seagate missing since goback uninstall is showing as there with free and no drive letter all it says to do is format it and help i cannot assign it a drive letter i had gigs of data backed up onto this all of this is either irreplaceable or will be extremely hard to get again if anyone has any ideas please help plasma edit - live cd ubuntu isnt showing it either think trying a program to recover a lost partition would work edit - gonna try http www cgsecurity org wiki TestDisk Download wish me luck nbsp

A:1TB SATA seagate missing since goback uninstall

TestDisk worked thank god. Problem solved, 300 gigs of data recovered, topic able to be closed

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I have a Toshiba M700 laptop, running Windows Vista ultimate.
It has an internal bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth manager software that installs along with the drivers from Toshiba's website sucks. It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all.

For this reason, I wish to use a different bluetooth manager program.
I'm not sure if Vista really has a default program, but my other 2 computers that have bluetooth seem to use the same, less annoying, bluetooth manager program.

Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet.

A:Using the Default Bluetooth Manager with Toshiba Laptop

"Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet"...

This may be the root cause of your Bluetooth problem...

"It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all"...

Can you explain in a little more detail just what are the problems
Relevancy 24.08%

I'm trying to overl**** my Geforce 8600gts and
I used AtiTool newest version.
I scanned on default for artifacts and I see some..
I circled it in the picture, top left corner... What is wrong with my graphic card!?

ps. This is completely something else but...
how do I upload photos? I always upload it sumwhere else,
then right click, property for URL.... Is there a way to directly upload from
my computer to here?

A:Artifacts at default GPU clocks! (With AtiTool Scan)

You must have misspelled "clock" Your video card is an Nvidia card. Does Nvidia have a video overclocking tool. This tool might be in the Nvidia Control panel. It takes more than a software program to overclock. Your power supply, your motherboard's bios and configuration and the amount of memory can affect overclocking. What are your complete system specs?

Pictures files have to be limited to a certain size/type. At the bottom of the posting window you will see the options
Relevancy 23.65%

Hi all!

I have PC on Asus P5B-V motherboard with integrated video card (Intel G965 based). It looks like the integrated video came to it end after a voltage jump. I tried to reanimate the PC by using PCI or PCI-e card, but I didn't found any jumpers on the MB except one resetting bios. Switching between graphics cards are possible from BIOS which I cannot see, and it looks that the default option is IGD.
May anybody suggest something or it will be better to throw this MB to waste bin?
Thanks in advance!

PS. I?m first time here ? sorry if I used incorrect sub-forum (and eternal sorry for my non-native English)

A:Integrated graphics card dead, it was primary by default

Well, here's what I would try. If you have the manual that came with the motherboard you can have a look and see what the BIOS layout looks like. After you've studied that a bit, try turning the computer on and navigating through the BIOS (without actually seeing it) by memory. You may be able to switch from onboard to a dedicated device that way. I know that sounds a little dull but it's gonna be tricky without having anything to look at.
Relevancy 24.08%

A very easy question for you guys... is it necessary to press "reset default settings" in the bios anytime you install in a new processor or does the bios detect and set everything up automatically upon initial boot?

A:Bios default settings question

It kinda depends, i would say no, you don't need to, but i learned its a good idea to make sure your bois is configured the way its supposed to be. but resetting it wouldn't be a bad idea, unless you have so me specific settings.
Relevancy 24.08%

While I was gone a friend? tried to upgrade my video card from the original intel to a Nvidia Tnt2 so they could play games faster I guess. Now the monitor is black and there is no available graphics to enter the bios, the safemode or anything else. I know a little, very little bit about computers but if someone could tell me how I can follow instructions to get my computer back up and running. Thank you for any input

A:IBM ThinkCentre 8199 has black screen cant get to anything to install or uninstall?

have you tried using your old video card again?
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I have a vintron PC. It is 7 years old. Fews days back i had a power failure, after that when ever i am opening the PC, its showing this error.- CMOS checksum error, default reloaded.When i press F1 key go, all the disk are checked. File system C FAT 32 disks shows inconsistency & disk is checked. After that when i log on to windows, the line "loading your personal settings" comes but desktop never opens. It goes back to press F1 or DEl.. THe computer is opening in safe mode. ALl the wires r intact. kindly suggest me. thanks

A:Cmos checksum error default reloaded

Start by replacing the CMOS battery.
Relevancy 24.08%

I see many responses saying either to disable or to uninstall on-board graphics drivers. I have a Dell E310 with Windows XP and currently has the integrated intel chipset. I was just wondering if there was any difference in either disabling or uninstalling the drivers. I'm about to replace my psu and install the graphics card tomorrow so I want to be sure I'm doing things right. Thank you and I appreciate the help.
Relevancy 24.08%

Hi Im desperate Any help would be so appreciated Here goes I recently installed a new video card IN order to get to the video card I had to take out my sound card Once everything was put back in place I had no sound So I uninstalled and re installed all the drivers etc And this worked Sounds perfect Until When I turn off the computer and come back to turn it on I have no sound The irritating part is that I need to uninstall the drivers again shut down re install the drivers after it recognizes the hardware and I sound drivers to my to get I uninstall/install each time have have sound again This happens each time I turn off the computer Now once I get the sound going and I try to restart Once the computer starts up and I get the usual windows noise it cuts off half way and then again there is no sound until I uninstall I have to uninstall/install my drivers each time to get sound and then shutdown and re install the drivers etc Can anyone help me with this Here is what I have for my computer DFI Motherboard NB -SC Socket Pentium Socket Processor Ghz mhz FSB Sound Blaster Audigy surround sound card PCI Maxtor Gb HDD RPM BFG NVidia Geforce MB DDR w DirectX c x AGP Im running XP professional BTW I have no idea how to over clock either Can anyone give me pointers on how to do this w what I have I didnt build this im a real novice w computers but im learning Again any help would be so much apprciated Thanks so much Dole nbsp

A:I have to uninstall/install my drivers each time to get sound

Thanks for the message. I tried what you suggested, and still nothing. As soon as I reset the computer. Still no sound. Any other suggestions?
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What is the default Cluster size setting when formatting a Windows NTFS Partition on a hard disk drive greater than 2GB ?

A:Default Cluster size for NTFS

Relevancy 26.23%

my current system is:

AMD dual core 6400+ Processor
e-GeForce 8800 GT Video Card
4 gigs of ram
I have a MSI motherboard but I can't remember exactly what it is.

I currently have 2 moniters hooked up to this computer and plan on running a total of 20 applicatons on it. It works fine when I am running the first 10 applications but as soon as I start putting up more applications on my 2nd moniter the screen starts to flicker. The flickering gets so bad that I can't see the mouse and phantom applications appear when they arn't really there. I have tried replacing ram/video card/processor out of a computer that I know works and I can't get anything to fix this problem. If anyone knows what I might try next please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


A:Screen flickers when running multiple apps

Try playing with the resolution settings of the 8800. Why in the World would any one want to run 20 or even 10 apps at one time?
Relevancy 24.51%

I ve been searching into this problem for quite default address No gateway some time now and i cant seem to find any answer that works Anyway for some reason or another i was asked to change the wireless password for my router which is no big deal but thats when it started My computer has a wired connection to the router cant seem to connect to the router or maybe interface with it I can ping everyone on the network but thats about all i can do through the router i have restarted my computer the No default gateway address router DHCP is on i have reinstalled my NIC s drivers manually set the default gateway and IP and DNS and all of them independently ive -restarted- my DHCP services all that fun you find in the rest of the answers i have found myself my computer is the only one currently having this issue the router works fine for the rest of them so that leads me to believe its just myself Does anyone have any insight did i miss something and if there is any information i need to provide i will do so nbsp No default gateway address

A:No default gateway address

Try this from the command prompt Start => Run => type 'cmd', then press 'enter'

ipconfig/flushdns then press enter
ipconfig/release then press enter
ipconfig/ renew then press enter

please post back with the results
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Hello guys;
I have been using g15 keyboard for 1.5 year and I've just started playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This keyboard had the feature as showing the bullet damage, health remaning and etc. for compatible games. I've downloaded the latest driver and software for g15 from the logitech web site and in the web page, COD4 was on the list which showed the compatible games. I've installed the software and it matches with COD4. It also displays "profile activated Call of Duty 4" when I run the game. But during the play, the LCD monitor shows the clock as it is on windows xp. Is there any option for making it work or something else needed ? I'ld be glad if I get the solution.

Thank you.

A:Logitech G15 LCD monitor bullet, health etc. display for COD4

At least anyone who have used G15 with any game, can say his idea.
Relevancy 24.08%

Just like above. I've changed the bios priorty to agp and nothing happened! Just don't have a clue how to uninstall.Using radeon x1650 pro agp graphcard, though the system does recognise it and shows it also in display, i'm thinking that there is somekind of conflict between this integrated graphcard and with the radeoncard, just don't know how to get rid of the integratedone, apollogies my english..please help if ya can! (Asrock k7s41gx mboard, sis 651fx) and yeah i could uninstall it but it will say no hwkey!

A:How to uninstall integrated sis vga (asrock) ? it says no hwkey found!

So you've installed a VGA card in the AGP slot & wish to disable the integrated one ? Have you hooked your monitor to the new card or is it still hooked to the old one ?
Relevancy 21.07%

Yeah, you may think this seems like just a normal message from oc'ing too much, but a problem-I haven't overclocked anything! It booted to that point, then my hard drive went mad clicking and crashed. This was after it being turned on and off to see if my graphics card was booting because I had no video, but it turned out I had just been downright stupid and plugged it into the onboard graphics. Anyone know what could have happened? Thanks

P.S. would the power drawing thing (molex on my case fan) need to have a seperate connector or just draw power from another device? Thanks.

A:'Previous overclock settings failed, default settings enabled'

If this happens just once then I wouldn't worry about it too much but the PSU or HDD could have something to do with it.

You can connect a molex connector fan to its own power connector or you can put it on an optical drive's connector for example, but it's ok to do either as they don't use much power.
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I have a problem but unable to get it on right track........

I have no Windows Event sounds. Although, all other sounds are working, like playing music, movies etc. I changed the windows default sound scheme. But nothing helped. I checked the sound files in the Media folder, when i played them on Winamp they played. But when i try to play them in the sound scheme window, they dont......?
any advise?
thanks in advance.

A:No Windows Default sounds...

Please don't post multiple threads on the same problem.

Post any replies to this thread HERE
Relevancy 19.78%

This is not the first problem Ive had with my vx but it s far more perplexing than my first which I corrected with a new video card ATI x That card took a crap and now I have an ATI x Put simply my monitor keeps switching to the Default Monitor in my Device Manager but only when the monitor has been off for a while minutes or more It s difficult to say switching Monitor Default to Monitor when this started since I was on deployment when my wife told me about it Pretty much the scenario is that I switch off or Restart no problem But If I leave the computer off for more than minutes then turn it back on I have Monitor switching to Default Monitor to switch to the DVI cable wait a second then switch back to the VGA cable before my screen becomes visible After doing this if I go to the Device Manager the Monitor will be Default Monitor If I quot scan for hardware changes quot my vx shows up I have the latest drivers for everything from mobo to monitor nbsp

A:Monitor switching to Default Monitor

you've been around for a while now... What kind of system are you having this trouble with? Provide us with some system specs if you please.

Are you running the latest ATI/catalyst drivers? Do you have Microsoft's .NET framework installed?
Relevancy 24.94%

The device manager list shows double entries for:
- Primary IDE Channel
- Secondary IDE Channel
- Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Is it safe to uninstall all this entries, reboot, and let WinXP reinstall them? Thanks.

A:Safe to uninstall IDE Controllers?

Yes, it's common practice when a HDD is running PIO mode as opposed to UDMA.

Does your board have 2 channel SATA as well as IDE? If so, that could be what's showing up
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My AMD 64 3200 and Asus A8N-E work quite well with Win2K but I have not found a modem that works well with the local phone company equipment. I tried installing an ActionTec/Motorola SM56 that was OEM on a Dell Dimension 8100. The modem did not work out and when I went to uninstall it as soon as the uninstall button is pushed the machine shuts off and re-boots automatically without uninstalling the Motorola modem.
I took the modem out of the slot and it still is listed in device manager and in phone and modem options.
Anyone know how I can uninstall the modem?

A:Modem won't uninstall!

download crap cleaner. FREE. then remove the software. Run registry repair.
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Well I finally got my GT to work but now it seems I have yet another issue that I need to kill I first Card Apps? Graphics Crashing noticed this when I tried to apply a lighting effect to and image I was working on in Photoshop CS The program crashed and I got that little box that allowed my to report and error to Microsoft or whatever I figured it just to be a bug with the program seeing it was Graphics Card Crashing Apps? new I then tried to run Counter-Strike Source to get the card warmed up It ran fine for Graphics Card Crashing Apps? a couple of minutes but then the game crashed and I got another Error Report box stating that quot hl Graphics Card Crashing Apps? exe quot the game s executable encountered a problem This has never happened before so I wanted to try a different set of video drivers I downloaded ForceWare off Guru D com and installed them Afterwards I checked everything ran Disk Cleanup and tried the whole Counter-Strike thing again The game worked beautifully for a couple of hours but then crashed a second time I took the side panel off of my system and felt the card - cold as ice with my Zalman VF- cu cooler - weird Just for kicks I launched BioShock to see what would happen The menu loaded up nicely but then it crashed when I went to load up a saved game I couldn t find any crash logs or anything so I m not sure what is causing this to happen My guess would be a driver issue but the GT has a buggy reputation it seems Any ideas Help will be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Graphics Card Crashing Apps?

What capacity of memory is installed?
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I ve been searching for a couple of hours through the forums problem default Cable modem gateway for a similar question that wouldn t necessitate making a new thread for something that s probably been asked a hundred times but here s the haps At home I have my personal very old Cable modem default gateway problem laptop which has all of my software games etc as well as a desktop that manages to be even slower than the laptop The laptop is old to the point where the monitor is dead so I ve got the Cable modem default gateway problem desktop monitor and peripherals all running through the laptop instead All of this isn t terribly pertinent but I ll get to the significance Today we finally switched from dialup to cable internet Since there s two computers but only one functioning monitor between them there s no real reason to network the two so only one computer will be hooked up to the cable modem at a time The real problem starts here so you can skip the intro if need-be After some problems connecting with my laptop I moved everything over to the desktop to confirm that the connection and the cable modem settings are all fine but when hooked to the laptop it gives a limited-or-no-connectivity error with Cable modem default gateway problem the following details Physical Address - D-xx-xx-xx-xx IP Address xx xx Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Server WINS Server Since the connection works fine on the desktop there s clearly some kind of error with my settings on the laptop I ve got slim to no experience with networking and broadband internet though Is there anything I can do to get this working nbsp

A:Cable modem default gateway problem

find the ethernet card and set the properties of DHCP for IP and DNS.
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when i was in add or remove programs i had unistalled one of the firefox updates and when i try to click on the icon the browser wouldn't come up. I restored my computer but the browser still wont come up.

A:My default web browser doesnt work

uninstall firefox shut down, restart the computer, then reinstall firefox. the updates will come with time then.
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Hey I recently had someone fix my computer due to a virus and they added a drive of some sort, with windows backup utility. I guess this was to get past the virus? ... Well its like the primary drive (C and my big one with 225 GB is (D ... I was wondering if you could somehow change the default drive. You know when you go to install programs the default directory is C:/Program yaddy yaddy yadda .. Well its a pain to change that directory every single time... Is there a way I can set that default directory to C: or can I just like switch them or around or something. This new drive C: has all of my drivers and operating stuff on it but all my programs go on my D: .. I'm not used to having 2 different drives so its kinda confusing and what not. Any help would be appreciated.

Edited by Poertner_1274: Removed smilies

A:Default Drive ?

bump/delete... The solution has been found.
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I got P4vmm mobo working perfectly with my internet connection. One day my antivirus prompted my to update then when I rebooted my system the "TCP/IP not installed" message appeared and now I can't connect to the internet. Please help, I don't want to go through the process of setting up my winxp again. Thanks.

A:how to uninstall TCP/IP

Can you "system restore" to the time just before the problem occured?
Relevancy 24.08%

Hello all I ve set a wireless network up for a friend They have a desktop PC running xp home and a laptop running xp Pro I ve installed a Netgear router modem on the desktop and a Netgear USB network adapter on the laptop Prior to this they accessed the wireless network after uninstall BT software install net via a speedtouch adsl modem The first problem was that the BT software installed for their broadband connection kept trying to manage the network disabling the windows BT software uninstall after wireless network install zero configuration network management BT software uninstall after wireless network install program There was no way to uninstall this via add remove programs so I navigated to the file in programs and renamed it - that worked The problem I now have is that on startup BT keeps trying to connect to the net and obviously fails as connection is now managed by the router This results in me having to wait for two or three error messages and then clear them Then the router connect automatically and all is well So how can I stop these messages It seems I must uninstall all of the BT software but Add remove is now free of BT programs Also there are two other users that need their accounts set up via the router so I d need to clear the software there too Any help greatly appreciated Thanks Nick nbsp

A:BT software uninstall after wireless network install


Start > Run > Msconfig > enter and see if there is anything in there related to the BT software, also try the standard start up folder, the path is

"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs"

Relevancy 25.37%

Hello again everyone I have a computer that SHOULD be running amazingly well and it does for the most part I really have NOTHING on here it is a Dell customized PC only running processes regularly Here are the specs Dell Dimension DIM Pentium CPU GhZ GB RAM Windows XP Home Edition So everything runs fine I have a wireless Linksys router which I JUST upgraded to the latest firmwire and everything brand new speakers an external MyBook GB USB Hard Drive which holds my music Everything in consistent and midi-apps... Awful noises music crackling/popping was running great but my music pops and crackles id say about every seconds I also use a Midi Controller Keyboard Keystation es by M-Audio I play the M-Tron software and it crackles louder than hell when going on a note for longer than seconds It is all in and out on and off I have no idea what could be causing it people have told me it is the CPU and the computer is struggling but it just does not make sense I am barely running anything on here my processes are all normal and everything the Linksys wireless was a hog Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps... for a while but the firmwire fixed it up a lot Does anyone have any ideas or can help me Also all of the midi keyboard software is Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps... detached from the external HD the external HD is JUST music so it has no connection to the popping and crackling of the M-Tron software with the keystation es Thank you for any help anyone can give nbsp

A:Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps...


I have tested old speakers with the OLD audio card, which is still installed above my new Audiphile one. Old speakers work PERFECTLY, so it is NOT the CPU or PC. It is either the SPEAKERS or the AUDIOPHILE sound card. How do I find out? I have no other speakers that connect to the Audiophile card, and I have no other PC with a card that can test the speakers.

Anyone have an educated decision? A popping noise every 10 seconds or so, on and off, sometimes never happens...audiocard most likely, right? The speakers were bought brand new, M-Audio Studio Pro 3's. They seem just fine.

Any ideas?
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In windows XP how do you change the Screen Resolution to Default setting?

I try safe mode but it does not change to the Default setting?



A:Screen Resolution Default

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display ->Settings. You can change it there... Default depends on your monitor and graphics card... usually it is 1024 X 768... You may also see in settings a choice for 16 bit, which is often Default, and called Medium. Or 32 bit with is "Highest"
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having a major problem with internet explorer so i switched to the much more stable firefox and now after having firefox i disabled IE and ran into a problem most of my external apps wont run (iTunes MSN messanger so on) i need to know how to make these programs run off Mozilla thanx

A:Firefox for external apps

usually ENABLE ActiveX, allow signed components works.

sometimes you need to render (while in FF) using the IE engine

otherwise, like MS UPDATE, you have a site/application that specifically
written for IE only -- drives me craz :knock:
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If you haven't changed the default password on your home router, do so now.

That's what researchers at Symantec Corp. and Indiana University are saying,
after publishing the results of tests that show how attackers could take over
your home router using malicious JavaScript code.

see the whole article here
Relevancy 24.08%

I have St Lab router - Model : IPR-4P-EUR-1
i lost my guide that contains the default user name and password .
I need the default username and password that lets me connect to my router I hope someone could help me .
thank you very much .

A:Please help : I need default username and password for my router

How come you don't go to the manufacture web site and get the PDF manual for it? Most of them all have one. Also call up the tech support for it. If you can't found one routers are cheap you can always go and pick one up.
Relevancy 24.08%

hi, just want to know if its at all possible to tell windows to STFU and NOT let it install its default monitor driver (which then has to be rolled back to install your brand name driver)

this is in relation to my other thread that was in here a few weeks ago.




A:Disabling windows default P n P monitor driver.

How could you install Windows then? The graphical part of the Windows install is done using the VGA driver.

You could try installing the correct Benq drivers or the "other" default driver before VGA drivers and telling it to use these for your monitor. Then install VGA and reboot.

I would guess the issue is the suckiness of the monitors and not Windows..
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hey everyone recently an annoying problem came up with all things graphical on my computer everything from games to video playback to scrolling up and down in web pages skips what ever it is will move normally then stop for about a tenth of a second graphics all apps help skip, please and then jump ahead to where it should be This happens constantly and makes it near all graphics apps skip, please help impossible to play games of any sort and video un-enjoyable Since it started happening I ve used Darik s Boot and Nuke on the ultimate boot CD to wipe the HD reinstalled windows and flashed reloaded the BIOS and installed the newest video drivers As far as I know that takes care of any possible settings or software problems that might have caused this my computer is still under warranty but sending it back and there being nothing wrong with the video card or whatever else will get me charged for shipping and testing something with nothing wrong If anyone has any idea how to fix this problem or how to test my video card to make sure thats whats causing it and there is something wrong with it or knows what else could have gone bad to cause this help would be awesome I have my computer components in my profile its computer thanks again Bryan nbsp

A:all graphics apps skip, please help

Google and get memtest and test your ram for at least 8 passes!!!!
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hi i had uninstall a programe soundmax.exe and i cant play any music
how do i download a new driver ? how do i check the model ?


A:i uninstall soundmax.exe and my speaker aint working!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Perhaps the easiest way would be to do a system restore to before you uninstalled your sound drivers.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have had a problem with some software on my creative audigy ZS gamer card I went into listen to some dvd audio on the dvd audio player and it gave audigy drivers Can't creative etc. uninstall fully me the blue screen I restarted and tried it again Same thing several times OOPs problem I then tried to uninstall the Can't fully uninstall creative audigy drivers etc. dvd audio player only to get the blue screen when trying to uninstall OOOPs again I contacted Creative only to be told my Can't fully uninstall creative audigy drivers etc. time ran out and they can t help me Anyway I went to safe mode and got it unistalled but now had some problems with the software I went to unistall the whole thing and it gets to uninstalled and comes up with some message which I can t remember at this time and won t let me finish I went to Creative s sight and found some info on how to fix but it only does a partial fix I found somewhere on the internet someone with the same problem and they had to go into the registry and delete all things left over in the uninstall part of the registry Would this be an option I should try nbsp

A:Can't fully uninstall creative audigy drivers etc.

You could try using Driver Cleaner. It will remove the registry entries and other related files automatically.
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i have been trying to connect to the AT & T client throiugh a wireless network but i semmt o get htis error....MISISNG DEFAULT GATEWAY please

A:misisng default gateway MAC

is this a hot-spot or your private LAN?
Relevancy 24.08%

Quite a few people come for help to bypass their BIOS passwords, and today I came across a list of "backdoor" passwords that apparently work. It can be found here: I have not tried it, so I don't know if it really does work, but I thought it was worth posting.

A:List of default BIOS passwords

Good work mate.

This will save a heck of a lot of questions.


Relevancy 24.94%

Hello .. when i start the computer get the message that Primary and secondry SATA device not found and i can not install any software . I'm using windows xp , sp2. Please help ...

A:can not install or uninstall any software

Follow these instructions and post a HJT log when you finish everything.
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Hey I have had the comcast high speed internet and the same linksys BEFSR router for several years now with no problems but recently i have had some connection issues Browsing the net is fine occasional hickups but when it comes to things such as online games ventrillo online voice chat and downloading large files im having problems What is happening is on all the things i do and Getting packet apps several loss, connection in problems the Getting packet loss, and connection problems in several apps connection does not drop right away instead it kinda pauses and when i try to do an action such as activate microphone to chat or open up a list of info in a game i lose connection Downloads just seem to pause after a few minutes the same goes for autopatchers in games and other software like virus definitions I have no idea where to start but i did run pingplotter for runs on several servers inluding the game IP s that im losing connection and im getting packet loss on my personal IP jumps and up i read that anything above is most likely a problem Here is the photo of pingplotter HERE its a test of only a single IP but no matter what IP i run it on i get over packet loss on the first two jumps which im guessing have something to do with my end I also ran it on both of my two pc s and both have very simelar results I also reset both the modem and router I have tried different networking cables and have tried static nonstatic ips with no luck Anykind of suggestions to solve this problem would be greatful i do not want to call comcast until i have as much info as i can Thank you very much for your time nbsp
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I had it set as the default viewer for all picture and video files,
then installed Intervideo to use with my TV tuner card.

Now, all pictures & video stores on my computer have changed
to Intervideo files. I know I un-clicked all those types of files
from using Interv. as the default viewer when I installed the
Interv. app.

How do I re-set Win Media Player as the default viewer?
I've opened and looked thru it and can't locate how to
do that.


A:How to Reset Media Player as default picture & video viewer?

Click start/programmes/set programme access and defaults. Click on the custom button and under choose default media player, choose Windows media player. Click ok.

Regards Howard
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Hey guys!

I borrowed my m8s 120sapcecam and i installed the drivers from TRUST.
The webcam was working. I later returned the webcam

2day i borrowed the same model 120spacecam but from another friend...but
its not been recognised hence i thought i shud reintsall the drivers from the TRUST site...but when i try and install XPhome edition says please UNinstall old drivers for this device bla bla bla....

BUT i cant UNinstall the previous driver.


Many Thanx
The Rafmyster (UK)

A:UNINSTALL 120 Spacecame from TRUST

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Please don`t open multiple thread for the same problems. Thanks.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Could any help me reslove this problem I having with this new board I have AMD XP Pro GB RAm amp Mb Geeforce AGP Asus Se New For Needed runs used Help default CMOS 800Mhz when settings MOBO at K8V-X Graphics card I ve recently upgraded to this new mobo all parts are fully working but after Help Needed For New Asus K8V-X Se MOBO runs at 800Mhz when default CMOS settings used I have installed this new mobo and load the defualt cmos settings it loads up Win Xp but when I check in my computer its running at Mhz so I restart the computer and the monitor turns onto stand by mode and the computer becomes unusable Until I remove the battery of the CMOS and it allows me to use the computer again so this time I then correctly set the settings myself and pressed save and exit and once it restarted it does the same as above and no hard drive activity and turns off the monitor Do I need to upgrade the BIOS Please can someone help me as I hear this I nice board and can t wait to use it Kind Regards Adam nbsp

A:Help Needed For New Asus K8V-X Se MOBO runs at 800Mhz when default CMOS settings used

It's probably running @ 800MHz because cool'n'quiet is enabled. Disable cool'n'quiet if what you wish is to have the CPU constantly running at full speed (set power management to anything except "minimal power management").
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hi, i made a virtual drive to run a .iso file (flight simulator 2004) and when i try to run the game it automatically reads from the cd rom drive. is their anyway to set the virtual drive as default so the game runs from their instead of the cd rom drive?thanks

A:default drive

It is up to the application where and what it reads. The game may be stupid enough to try only the first CD drive it finds or it may try only the drive it was originally installed from. So you can either change the drive letters so that the virtual drive comes before the real one or uninstall the game and reinstall from the virtual drive.
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O/S: Windows XP Professional
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
Computer: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1400 MHz, 1.40GHz, 384 MB of RAM

Bascially to make a long story short here is the problem:

Basically the computer works if I disable or uninstall the video card. It doesn't work if I don't.
However I can't play games without the video card.

I feel like i've tried everything. I've completly reinstalled WinXP twice as well as tried repairing it. I've tried it with the newest drivers and disabling all startup items. If the video card is not disabled or unistalled WinXP will only load in safe mode.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:XP works only if I disable or uninstall the video card.

What motherboard/chipset do you have? If you're unsure, do a net search on CPU-Z and download/run this on your system.

You most likely need to check two things:
1) Download and install the latest chipset, mainboard (and possibly AGP) drivers for your motherboard. We can help you with this if you provide the make/model of your motherboard.
2) Make sure you do not have a device in the PCI slot directly next to the AGP slot as some mainboards allocate them as "shared" resources with the AGP slot. If so, try moving any PCI card there to another free PCI slot.
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I would like to set my motherboard back to it's original bios config. I would like to clear the cmos. I have a msi K8T neo2 version 6202E. I want to clear becuase I was messing with the two drives I have and I slowed down my pc. Boots are slow, very slow since the fiddling. I know it's not the drives becuase I formated and cleared them. If I jump the JBAT1, will I loose anything, or will it set to factory and I have to load drivers again.( which I want)
Thank you

A:set motherboard bios cmos to factory default.

If you take the CMOS battery out for 15mins that should clear all the BIOS settings and therefore set it to factory settings,

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I ve just built disable reboots trying Computer when modem or uninstall to pci a new computer ASUS motherboard GB RAM Intel CPU The computer itself runs great The Computer reboots when trying to uninstall or disable pci modem problem I have is getting the Creative Blaster k modem to work This problem isn t limited to just this modem I ve tried this with several other modems too When I install the modem the Device Manager recognizes a PCI Simple Communications Device but cannot automatically find the drivers Even when I point the wizard to the correct drivers it fails to find them Then I manually intsall the drivers Afterwhich the correct modem is displayed in teh device manager but is inopperative due to Error Not enough sytem resources available to enable this device I ve found no conficts with any other device so I don t know where that message comes from Then from this point whenever I try to Uninstall or Disable the modem the computer instantly reboots I have to run System Restore and go back in order to remove the manually installed drivers This is very frustrating I ve found no help on the web by searching anyone here have ideas nbsp
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if anyone could help me it'd be great. i just installed a radeon 9600xt graphics card and was told i should go on the startup screen thing (press delete at bootup) and do something on there so that the card is the primary graphics card. apparently both the new graphics card and the onboard graphics card are running, its taking up a lot of memory from windows xp, and games are somewhat jerky.
i hope i explained it properly and i hope someone can help.

A:radeon 9600xt as default card

Hello and welcome to techspot!

Yes, you probably need to go into your computers "bios" to disable the "onboard graphics". For many computers, this is the "delete" button but not all. When you turn your computer on, tap the del button every second. Does this stop it from loading windows and go into the bios? If so, then you need to search around in there for the option of disabling the onboard graphics.

It would also help us to confirm what you need to do if you can tell us the details of your system. Do you know what make/model your motherboard is?
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My mobo is an acorp 4pm800mnl, and I installed the 4 in 1 via hyperion drivers with service pack 2 installed, and its giving me alot of problems.
I went to the acorp's web page and they say that i gotta have the microsoft default agp driver but before installing sp2.Do I have to reinstall windows or just reinstall sp2 so that i can get the right driver?

A:Does any body know how to install the microsft default agp driver?

Not quite following what you mean.

Can you give a link to the info you found on acorps website?
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Setup Remote Desktop on multiple pc s on the same LAN By default Remote Remote port to default change listening Desktop How Desktop Protocol for Windows XP and Server listens on TCP port Each PC needs to listen on a different port in order for the Remote Desktop request coming in from the client PC to be forwarded by your router to the proper host PC To make a host PC listen on a port other than the default port you must edit the registry IF YOU VE NEVER EDITED THE REGISTRY BEFORE BE CAREFUL EDITING THE WRONG FILES CAN PERMANENTLY DESTROY YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM hotouch How to change default Remote Desktop listening port Run Regedit and go to this key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Terminal Server WinStations RDP-Tcp Find the PortNumber subkey and notice the value of x d d Modify the port number to any unused port ie- or d e in hex and save the new value Reboot for this change to take effect Now you need to configure your router to forward the different port requests to the proper local IP address For the common Linksys WRT G router it should look something like this Port Range Forward Port Triggering That s it Now just specify the port when you want to connect to a host PC listening on a port other than Oh yeah make sure you open the new port in your Windows Firewall and any other firewall you might be using nbsp

A:How to change default Remote Desktop listening port

well I just thought I would vote, I do not need such but was interesting to see how, and who knows some day I might need it and now know where to find it.
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I was wondering if there is any potential health hazard associated with cat6 cables networking on my house.

I plan to put some cable crossing over the doors of my house and would like to know if there is any problem with electromagnetic fields and something like that when passing below those cables for my head.

Maybe this is a silly question but nowadays, there is so much electromagnetic waves on the air we dont know which one are better or not!

Thanks a lot!

A:Network cable health hazards ? Any?

you should make a helmet out of alumium foil to sheild from the invso-rays.

Im just kidding. I am not aware of any health hazards from the signal itself. Although i have heard that some cables (cheap) have been made with levels of lead, but other then that i cant think of any.
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I bought a new cooling fan for my cpu (AMD Athlon XP 3000+) because I was worried about being above the "safe zone" with stock HSF. I was at 59C usually with it and I decided to purchase a new fan. So yesterday my new fan (Whisper IV) came in and I notice when I go to the BIOS PC Health for a cpu temprature reading it says 61C (2C higher than my stock heatsink ). But when I run Motherboard Monitor I get 38C for cpu and 37 for system. I also tried Sisoft and it says 37C. I tried SpeedFan and it says 38C. So which is right, my bios or these programs? Right now I'm confused, please help.

A:BIOS PC Health vs Program Readings

People usually say to trust the bios more than programs, but I know that's not what you wanted to hear.

How much thermal compound did you use(you did use some right?)? It doesn't take very much at all, too much makes it worse.
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The freezes 1394 VT600 during apps 3D Gigabyte computer locks up freezes randomly throughout the benchmarks and I have to reset the Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps computer - no error messages come up it just hangs During normal Office and internet Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps browsing system hangs very rarely My configuration is as follows AMD Athlon Thorougbred CoolerMaster heatsink MB Kingston RAM DDR stick only Gigabyte VT Motherboard Gigabyte Raedon MB Soundblaster Live Wireless NIC Antech trupower W power Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps supply - no major voltage fluctuations Thermaltake Xaser case fans excellent cooling I have tried the following Checked CPU temperature - it is between to Celcius Run Memtest overnight - passes over hours with no errors Checked for hardware conflicts - none DIabled fastwrites in BIOS and winXP and disabled non-essential onboard devices such as NIC firewire and SATA I have put a Thermaltake Spirit fan on Northbridge and fan on passively cooled graphics card heatsink makes no difference I have removed all cards except for graphics - no difference Used latest VIA and ATI drivers including Omega - no difference Clean installed Windows XP with only latest VIA and graphics drivers and run benchmarks - no difference Also put in friends GForce graphics card with latest Nvidia drivers - no difference My friends Intel based system with Nvidia video card and YumCha Watt power supply runs through benchmarks without any sweat This is driving me insane Do I have a bad mobo - can anyone please help nbsp
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My new cx Epson Multi-function to uninstall cx6600 fine, stopped worked want - Epson then printer has been working off my Win K pro OS for a couple of months with no problems then today the printer decided it Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall wasn t going to print Am able to run the test print on it and it copies o k but any prints sent to it are held in the spool queue I tried cancelling all the prints rebooting both the computer and printer and reseating all connections From these symptoms I have deduced that there probably is a software problem Following EPSON advice I decided to uninstall and re-install the software Following the usual add remove process the os refuses to remove the software due to a missing or corrupted info file According to the experience of Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall other individuals I have to manually remove all references to the printer manually from both the registry and the files on the HDD and then re-install Wonder if someone has an answer to the following two questions - Question What specific things do I need to change in the registry I have worked with it before but this looks like a big job Would rather go in with a laser tool rather than with a sledge hammer so I don t screw it up Question Is there something in WIN K that also needs to be addressed when something like this happens Any help would be appreciated Thanks - Dave - Mostly Perplexed nbsp

A:Epson cx6600 worked fine, then stopped - want to uninstall

You overlooked something.... resolution

The problem is solved.... Two problems..... I had forgotten to sign on as an administrator, so it would give me an error every time. I signed on as administrator in my system win2k and I then began to remove all the epson applications. The printer software, however, is listed together in the add/remove program section and I had several epson entries. I was inadvertently trying to remove an epson c860 which has been dead for awhile. It gave me a window to reply , but it was hidden under other windows. When I discovered it, I realized that when I asked to remove the epson printer it was pointing to c860 instead of the cx6600. When I didn't reply to the small window to confirm c860 removal, it seemed to go off into lala land, so I would just cancel the whole thing. AFter I pointed to the right printer (cx6600 series), it removed it, but gave no indication that it did. I checked the register and all references to it were removed, so I proceeded to install the printer again. This time it worked, and everything is o.k.
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hey evryone i have a geforce fx earlier today i installed the omega drivers and i when i went to overclock it i used d performance setting and detected All Screen White Goes Apps In Direct3d optimal frequency it detected a frequency way too high for the card but i thought maybe it was because of the driver so i went and started medal In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White of honor pacific assault then after the initial In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White startup screen everything is white the whole screen i can hear the sound fine everything seems to be working fine except no color i can even see the cursor against the black background at the very bottom of the screen so i went and turned off overclocking same problem still there so i rolled back to my drivers same problem then i tried installing drivers and it is still happening i believe it is a direct d problem because i ran dxdiagnostics and did a direct d test and i could see the spinning box but not the dx logo on the sides just the utter whiteness this happens in all my direct d games such as joint operations mohpa etc did i fry the card or am i missing something need any more info than is on my profile and i will post it nbsp

A:In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White

lol o well stupid me i reinstalled directx 9.0c from microsoft's site and now direct3d and direct draw work fine!

i wonder how my directx files got corrupted though....any ideas?
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hello Well the problem is that the comp just reboots when playing a big app game Like World of Warcaft or when running other (mostly apps) reboots w/ big Random games although it happens allot more when I m playing WoW Note i had the BIOS reset once and after that I put in mb ram and this all started to occour so i think its the ram thats interfiering with the other one I had the famous Blue screen of death a couple of times It said something like this st one BAD POOL CALLER and then the code x c x x cd xA A x c the nd one IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL the code x A x x c Random reboots (mostly w/ big apps) x x e c Now for me thats chinese so I don t know what this all means rolleyes for the specs i will need some kind of program that can give me the details about my comp cause i don t know the exact specs of my comp blush I also have some other annoying little problems that started to occour when I resetted the BIOS Prog called Sandra told me to update my BIOS but i didn t really know how thanks anyway nbsp

A:Random reboots (mostly w/ big apps)

oke I have searched for this problem on and this is what if found.

microsoft result

this is only the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem
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When booting up, on my bios screen i get the following message:-

Check system health ! VCore=1.500

Is it anything to worry about???

Hardware is:-
GIgabyte 8INXP Motherboard
P4 2.4
Antec true power PSU (500w or 550w)


A:Bios = Check system health ! VCore=1.500

who knows.

i wouldn't have a bloody clue mate. maybe your mobo n cpu n stuff dont like ur bios version or something.. lol. remember: if it aint broke, dont fix it.
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Hi, just wondering, when installing programs, the default drive is set to C, right? What if you dont want it to be C by default, is there any way of changing it? (This is just a matter of convineince as its quite annoying when you accidentaly install on the wrong drive!)


A:Default Hard drive?

Some installation programs default to C:, some default to where you installed Windows.

It is up to the installation program to offer you the opportunity to choose the location. Sometimes you have to select the advanced install for that.
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i have recently installed a hard disk in to my computer but i want to be able to save to my E:\ and not my C:\ automatically so i dont have to select where i want to save.

A:Hard disk problem (save to E rather than C by default)

If you are using IE:
Use a registry editing tool to navigate to the following key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

Insert a value with the following details:
Data Type: SZ
Value Name: Download Directory
Value: Full path of directory you wish to use.

If you are wanting to do this for MS Word , go to tools -> options (within word), and the File Locations tab.

I'm sure you can do it for other applications either through their options/prefs or through the registry.
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i've been having a problem with my winmodem disconnecting ffrom my isp every 10 min. or so, and am in the process of getting a us robotics hardware modem as a replacement. while trying various fixes, like uninstalling & reinstalling the driver, and trying a different driver from conexant (it's an hcf modem using conexant chips), i've been unable to get the modem completely uninstalled. i go into the device manager, then the "properties" window for the modem, then into the "driver" tab. when i uninstall it, it no longer appears in the device list, but next time i start up the pc, it's back again.

how can i get rid of the old drivers completely, so as to have the cleanest possible setup for installing the new modem once it arrives?


drew j.

A:Can't get modem to uninstall under win xp

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Open up your case and pull the modemcard out.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave: