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Metro apps closing

Q: Metro apps closing

I realize this is an old post Metro apps closing but it is a current issue for Metro apps closing me I'm writing on my Mac OSX which I haven't had issues with for years nothing major like this anyway We bought our kids Toshiba laptops for Christmas for homeschooling and they both have Windows It's only January and I've had several issues with them The latest is the same as described in the last post quot I have an administrator account and another account It is just a home Metro apps closing desktop My admin account has the issue of any Metro app minimizing after - seconds but the other account is able to access them quot My son's account can access the apps and play Minecraft I was able to access the apps on the Admin account until I installed Uniblue Registry Booster and ran it However I did the same to my daughters computer and it is working fine So I don't think Metro apps closing it is RB I have tried System Restore at different restore points and those didn't work Same problem I tried System Refresh That also didn't work Same problem I'm at a loss of what to do except get my back and save up for a MacBook But any help here would be VERY much appreciated BTW I've been through some computer classes but not anywhere near the level most of you are at I'll let you know if your responses are over my head though Thanks Oh I should also mention that when I go into the app menu most of the tile apps have an X in the bottom right corner When I go to the full menu almost all of them have the word quot error quot after the name including Settings I had to get into Settings another way

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Preferred Solution: Metro apps closing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Metro apps closing

Mate, you mentioned Registry Booster! You've located the problem. As far as I can tell, 95% of people on this forum recommend never using any registry 'booster' (apart from ccleaner), and the number one reason is because it makes a system unstable, and the second is like it: it doesn't actually provide any tangible benefit.

I recommend a system Refresh or a system reset, and failing that, a complete reinstallation.

No defragmenter, reg editor, optimizer, etc. should ever be installed. Upgraded Windows OS's also have SAFE upgraded built-in tools to do the same things as the other guys' stuff (like optimize drives). See Optimize Performance for better speeds.

These are my recommendations, hope they are helpful to you! I really think the only fix for you would be in the tutorials I've suggested (System refresh, and how to optimize performance). Good luck in your quest for the solution!
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Hi guys - this is a weird problem that I ve always had since building this computer or years ago and I don t think the drive was new when I built it so it went from totally normal in my xp machine to doing this weird thing when I put it in a new system with Win I ve searched and not been able to find anyone with the same problem It normally occurs when listening to music or watching a film and it only happens very occasionally when you go to skip to to a new song or skip to a different place in the video It s never been a Some then HD until whirs clicks apps unresponsive major problem and in fact I think it s only done it once this week so aside from googling it a couple of times never actually got very far with fixing it So in winamp for example just after opening it I ll click next song winamp installation and music are on different hard drives as are VLC and movies and it ll freeze Then the disk will make a whir and about seconds later there will be a click and everything will come Some apps unresponsive until HD whirs then clicks back to life During this time I can move my mouse and do other things on the computer Like I said it s always done this and it s never got any worse or anything so I don t think it s a faulty drive but I ll post this in the HD section too just to see if any experts there can shed any light on it Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Some apps unresponsive until HD whirs then clicks

Look at your power profile settings. Likely the HD is being powered off after xx minutes.
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Normally, 99.999% of the time I just shut it down completely but I'd like to know what "sleep" means?
Does that mean if I do so, upon opening the lid it'll be where I left it at?
I notice in Control Panel>Power Options>System Settings whether its on battery or plugged in , it shows sleep.

A:Choose What closing the lid does?

I recommend sleeping the laptop if you are gonna use it after you close it within the next few hours. Otherwise shut it down.
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Hi folks I m new here and not greatly technically minded My Acer Aspire Z laptop has been acting strange for a few days running Windows btw Some of the issues are even happening right now ie as I type the cursor will sometimes restart a new line as if I ve pressed the Return button Acer apps is Laptop and and more opens multiple corrupted This is esp bad in emails and Facebook and often the cursor flies down miles Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more making it a pain to get back to where I was That s not all though There s a horrible beeping noise when I start up the laptop first thing It goes after I press one of the F buttons The worst though is when I try to open up some app on my desktop and sometimes the laptop goes crazy and opens up multiple other apps software There have been instances where there are dozens of the same pages opening I have McAfee Internet Security and have run Malwarebytes and Spybot but problem is still there Is this a hardware problem do Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more you think I m not great at techie Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more speak so please go easy with me but I d be grateful for any advice Cheers David nbsp

A:Acer Laptop is corrupted and opens multiple apps and more

UNless someone else has a better idea, how old is this computer & is it still under warranty? If so, I'd get a hold of the where you bought it & get it checked out. IF you don't & have "other" work done on it, it could VOID the warranty.
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That pretty much (64-bit) flickers/disappears 7 on pointer XP mouse apps/games Win says it The app game can run quite well but drives me insane trying to use the pointer to click on hotspots Sometimes the pointer is only visible when it rolls over a hotpiont and lights it up Otherwise the application runs quite well Examples this week are CIV COLONIZATION but not CIV IV GUILD WARS prob the worst Earlier games like AGE OF WONDERS seem Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games to work fine I do see this mostly in games The other issue I have a lot is that I Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games can install and run a game from the CD DVD but then the game will not play as it cannot see the disk it just booted from and claims it is not in the DVD drive What is causing these and can anything be done I have tried all the usual compatibility fixes I have even run them on a VMPlayer XP emulator with no success It reminds me of the issues with DOOM TRILOGY on WIN XP That Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games was dos driver issue for the mouse However this problem occured right out of the box before and after updates installed Win Home Premium -bit updated to current Gateway SX- Core i CPU GHz Gateway dual-core CLARKDALE Gb DDR RAM GRAPHICS EQUIVALENT MB ATI Radeon HD XT or better MB NVIDIA GeForce GS or better or Core i or better integrated graphics it uses the integrated graphics chip i Systems Requirements Labs says these should run on it nbsp

A:Win 7 (64-bit) mouse pointer flickers/disappears on XP apps/games

Have you tried another mouse? Is the mouse wired or wireless?
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Well and Crysis Metro 2033 you people know how Metro has been called the crysis of modern day They both can easily eat a whole gigabyte of video RAM and both bring the average system to its knees However for the time Metro isn t as bad With a Crossfire Radeon with four GPU s or a TRI-SLI GTX can eat these games alive at any resolution you care to mention Hope you have GB Radeons though And I wish there were GB GeForce varieties The one let-down over AMD Anyway not Crysis and Metro 2033 something that a sane person would buy But none-the-less possible Even I who is crazy about graphics and GPU s would be stretched to buy even GPU s because of money power consumption and the realisation of how much money I actually should spend just to game instead of saving up for a car I m just settling on a GTX from the American EVGA site - not the Australian one - they add onto the price with even exchange rates And I don t know where that X SLI Micro Motherboard has gone I was really thinking of making a system with that But anyway back to the point What was the most powerful GPU in when Crysis was released I can t find out from Google But my point is I m pretty sure that or way multi-GPU setups in that wouldn t get close or perhaps even die from lack of memory especially with xAA I like Multisampling How or why did they make this game How would they even test this game on the highest settings in times before Did they have some sort of supercomputer which emulated powerful GPU s I am still baffled Does anyone remember back into before I researched this stuff What would get the closest to killing this game with Multisampling What was the biggest memory size Any help would be appreciated I m dying to figure this out Thanks johnni nbsp

A:Crysis and Metro 2033

Unless you're playing across multiple 1080p screens you won't need gobs of power to run either game. A single GTX 460 or 5850/5870 will run the games just fine on reasonable DX10/11 settings coupled with a decently powerful CPU.

As a side note i would like to point out that 2033 was one of the worst games i've ever played...
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Using Apps 1 OS to from Disk Question on & Disk 0 cloning Vista x Plan on using True Image to clone OS amp Applications partitions C D from Disk to Disk Of course before booting to the new cloned OS have to set it active amp old one hidden Windows will assign C to new active boot partition Not sure about others Question is about the drive letters of the other several partitions on BOTH HDDs Maybe my Question on cloning OS & Apps from Disk 0 to Disk 1 questions should be about switching HDD cables or changing BIOS settings Right now on disk have C thru L On disk have partitions M - P Some all of those could be moved to disk at some point during whole process Don t have to move all those partitions amp data from disk to disk amp not too concerned about the assigned drive letters of any except the OS amp Applications After creating blank formatted partitions in front of M if also cloned D amp maybe E F from disk to how would Vista treat the cloned drive letters on disk amp others already on disk - M thru P Since current disk will become booting disk is there any reason or necessary to switch disks amp HDD cables on mobo Thanks nbsp
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I've got a iPod Touch 16 GB and want to fill out the memory a little with some game apps I can play during sitting in the bus.

I'm searching for a good racing game and it would be okay to pay if it's worth it - but their so many to choose between. Any tips of good racing game apps ( with many maps, choose car...) ?

Which free game app is your favorite? My favorite free game right now would be "Rat on run" by Donuts Games.

I wasn't sure if I chose the right forum for this question.

A:Looking for good iPod Touch game apps

60 views but no answer...
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Hi I m running an Asus p k motherboard with nv geforce desktop whenever i run any ram intensive mostly video games team fortress WoW Left Dead etc etc my computer crashes Most of the time my computer completely shuts down as soon as i launch the games In running apps Comp ram intensive crashes when are reponse to that i ve tried scanning the hard drive cleaning out all the dust within the tower with canned air and many other things until i tried lowerng running the games while Comp crashes when ram intensive apps are running windows is on powersaving mode While running on max power saving mode on the AI suite by asus comp doesn t crash when the games start up but crashes awhile after say min I m wondering what wrong with my tower and how much am i looking at in order to fix it What the little knowledge in hardwares for PC i m guessing somethings wrong with the power supply can anyone helps Edit Another guess of mine is that electricity isn t being supplied throughout the tower evenly Much Thanks Derrick nbsp

A:Comp crashes when ram intensive apps are running

Replace the power supply first... Don't go too cheap
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Hi all,
I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EI laptop. My question is when I close the screen of the laptop, does the system stop working or is it that the screen simply goes off?
And if I have a task running like virus scan, copying files, or a download scheduler is running, are these tasks stopped or do they still go on even after just closing the screen?
Is this common with laptops of all brands?


A:What does closing the screen actually do?

Lots of excellent info there

But all processes (Virus scan; copying .. etc) will pause, until you open the lid again
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my current system is:

AMD dual core 6400+ Processor
e-GeForce 8800 GT Video Card
4 gigs of ram
I have a MSI motherboard but I can't remember exactly what it is.

I currently have 2 moniters hooked up to this computer and plan on running a total of 20 applicatons on it. It works fine when I am running the first 10 applications but as soon as I start putting up more applications on my 2nd moniter the screen starts to flicker. The flickering gets so bad that I can't see the mouse and phantom applications appear when they arn't really there. I have tried replacing ram/video card/processor out of a computer that I know works and I can't get anything to fix this problem. If anyone knows what I might try next please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


A:Screen flickers when running multiple apps

Try playing with the resolution settings of the 8800. Why in the World would any one want to run 20 or even 10 apps at one time?
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Well I finally got my GT to work but now it seems I have yet another issue that I need to kill I first Card Apps? Graphics Crashing noticed this when I tried to apply a lighting effect to and image I was working on in Photoshop CS The program crashed and I got that little box that allowed my to report and error to Microsoft or whatever I figured it just to be a bug with the program seeing it was Graphics Card Crashing Apps? new I then tried to run Counter-Strike Source to get the card warmed up It ran fine for Graphics Card Crashing Apps? a couple of minutes but then the game crashed and I got another Error Report box stating that quot hl Graphics Card Crashing Apps? exe quot the game s executable encountered a problem This has never happened before so I wanted to try a different set of video drivers I downloaded ForceWare off Guru D com and installed them Afterwards I checked everything ran Disk Cleanup and tried the whole Counter-Strike thing again The game worked beautifully for a couple of hours but then crashed a second time I took the side panel off of my system and felt the card - cold as ice with my Zalman VF- cu cooler - weird Just for kicks I launched BioShock to see what would happen The menu loaded up nicely but then it crashed when I went to load up a saved game I couldn t find any crash logs or anything so I m not sure what is causing this to happen My guess would be a driver issue but the GT has a buggy reputation it seems Any ideas Help will be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Graphics Card Crashing Apps?

What capacity of memory is installed?
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Hello again everyone I have a computer that SHOULD be running amazingly well and it does for the most part I really have NOTHING on here it is a Dell customized PC only running processes regularly Here are the specs Dell Dimension DIM Pentium CPU GhZ GB RAM Windows XP Home Edition So everything runs fine I have a wireless Linksys router which I JUST upgraded to the latest firmwire and everything brand new speakers an external MyBook GB USB Hard Drive which holds my music Everything in consistent and midi-apps... Awful noises music crackling/popping was running great but my music pops and crackles id say about every seconds I also use a Midi Controller Keyboard Keystation es by M-Audio I play the M-Tron software and it crackles louder than hell when going on a note for longer than seconds It is all in and out on and off I have no idea what could be causing it people have told me it is the CPU and the computer is struggling but it just does not make sense I am barely running anything on here my processes are all normal and everything the Linksys wireless was a hog Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps... for a while but the firmwire fixed it up a lot Does anyone have any ideas or can help me Also all of the midi keyboard software is Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps... detached from the external HD the external HD is JUST music so it has no connection to the popping and crackling of the M-Tron software with the keystation es Thank you for any help anyone can give nbsp

A:Awful crackling/popping noises consistent in music and midi-apps...


I have tested old speakers with the OLD audio card, which is still installed above my new Audiphile one. Old speakers work PERFECTLY, so it is NOT the CPU or PC. It is either the SPEAKERS or the AUDIOPHILE sound card. How do I find out? I have no other speakers that connect to the Audiophile card, and I have no other PC with a card that can test the speakers.

Anyone have an educated decision? A popping noise every 10 seconds or so, on and off, sometimes never happens...audiocard most likely, right? The speakers were bought brand new, M-Audio Studio Pro 3's. They seem just fine.

Any ideas?
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having a major problem with internet explorer so i switched to the much more stable firefox and now after having firefox i disabled IE and ran into a problem most of my external apps wont run (iTunes MSN messanger so on) i need to know how to make these programs run off Mozilla thanx

A:Firefox for external apps

usually ENABLE ActiveX, allow signed components works.

sometimes you need to render (while in FF) using the IE engine

otherwise, like MS UPDATE, you have a site/application that specifically
written for IE only -- drives me craz :knock:
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hey everyone recently an annoying problem came up with all things graphical on my computer everything from games to video playback to scrolling up and down in web pages skips what ever it is will move normally then stop for about a tenth of a second graphics all apps help skip, please and then jump ahead to where it should be This happens constantly and makes it near all graphics apps skip, please help impossible to play games of any sort and video un-enjoyable Since it started happening I ve used Darik s Boot and Nuke on the ultimate boot CD to wipe the HD reinstalled windows and flashed reloaded the BIOS and installed the newest video drivers As far as I know that takes care of any possible settings or software problems that might have caused this my computer is still under warranty but sending it back and there being nothing wrong with the video card or whatever else will get me charged for shipping and testing something with nothing wrong If anyone has any idea how to fix this problem or how to test my video card to make sure thats whats causing it and there is something wrong with it or knows what else could have gone bad to cause this help would be awesome I have my computer components in my profile its computer thanks again Bryan nbsp

A:all graphics apps skip, please help

Google and get memtest and test your ram for at least 8 passes!!!!
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Hey I have had the comcast high speed internet and the same linksys BEFSR router for several years now with no problems but recently i have had some connection issues Browsing the net is fine occasional hickups but when it comes to things such as online games ventrillo online voice chat and downloading large files im having problems What is happening is on all the things i do and Getting packet apps several loss, connection in problems the Getting packet loss, and connection problems in several apps connection does not drop right away instead it kinda pauses and when i try to do an action such as activate microphone to chat or open up a list of info in a game i lose connection Downloads just seem to pause after a few minutes the same goes for autopatchers in games and other software like virus definitions I have no idea where to start but i did run pingplotter for runs on several servers inluding the game IP s that im losing connection and im getting packet loss on my personal IP jumps and up i read that anything above is most likely a problem Here is the photo of pingplotter HERE its a test of only a single IP but no matter what IP i run it on i get over packet loss on the first two jumps which im guessing have something to do with my end I also ran it on both of my two pc s and both have very simelar results I also reset both the modem and router I have tried different networking cables and have tried static nonstatic ips with no luck Anykind of suggestions to solve this problem would be greatful i do not want to call comcast until i have as much info as i can Thank you very much for your time nbsp
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Here is my story First off all I am building computers for a couple of years now and I know what anymore Supply Switch closing with Power won't after it Computer start I am doing but This problem arrived the other day after changing my case Days Ago I bought A new Case and a new Burner for my Computer I unintalled everything and installed it in my new Case I plugged everything back up and was on my computer again without any problems I used the reset button but it was behaving oddly the computer was still running but the monitor turned itself Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch off So I though that maybe I had installed the reset Switch the wrong way I couldn t stop it anymore so I closed it with the Power Supply Switch So I opened my case to see if everything was ok Everything was as it was supposed to be I played with the connectors a little bit to make sure they were well connected I tried running the computers again but it wouldn t start It didin t make a noise no fan running no BIOS nothing I was very afraid to have killed my Power Supply or MOBO by closing it the wrong way I though that maybe it was just the power button of my new case that was the problem so I connected the Reset Switch connector in the Power Switch I tried turning it on and it worked I was very releaved that it was just that problem So I left it opened all night and went to work I also accesed my computer remotely from work almost all day But Last night when I finally came home the computer was closed I though it was weird but opened it again and went to see a couple of things on the net Went out for min max with my GirlFriend When I came back the computer was closed again and it wouldn t start again like it did the day before So I opened it again checking the reset and power switch button But now any of the didn t work anymore I thought that it couldn t be the PSU or MOBO because last night I was able to get it back up by switching the Power and Reset switch I started to unhook every power cable from HD to CD and floppy even the case fan Nothing Took out the Sound card and Video Capture Card Nothing Unhooked the HD and DVD Burner and floppy NOthing Took out the Video Card I also plugged out and plugged back in the Mother board and CPU Power connector from the PSU to be sure that they were well connected Nothing happened I even took out the Front of the case to look at the Power Button They looked ok but I am no expert in that I also took the MOBO battery out to clear the BIOS Now my computer is dead I can t do anything to make it work I am thinking that by closing the computer with the PSU switch I might have shorted something but with a good PSU like I have on a protected circuit it shouldn t happen I saw an existing post were someone had the same problem and had used the PSU switch But it is design to do that Not fry everything by using it The Antec PSU also has a protection against surges Tonight I will try to use a W Enermax PSU I have in another computer and see if it changes something If not than they are possible solution Maybe just the buttons but I doubt it or the Motherboard is screwed If it is the motherboard and my Waranty is not good anymore I will have to buy a new motherboard and a New CPU reinstall Windows and my Video Card which is AGP won t work in a PCIE MOBO So I will have to buy a lesser MOBO and if future upgrade have to come I won t be able to buy a PCIE Video Card If they still do the AGP by then By they way they still sell Athlon XP MOBO in my local computer shop but they are so cheap they don t have AGP X or DDR So what do you think it might be Any suggestion as to what I may Try Anyone with a similar problem AMD Athlon XP Gigabytes G A- L Motherboard nForce X MB of DDR Memory in Dual Channel Antec W SmartPower Maxtor GB MB IDE HardDrive Primary Master Pionner DVD- D New DVD Burner Secondary Master Geforce GT AGP w Additional Power plugged in Creative Live Soundcard ComproPVR Video Capture C... Read more

A:Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If after trying your other psu it`s still dead, It`s got to be either the mobo or cpu.

I think for whatever reason, you`ve had a short circuit of some kind and it`s fried either the psu/mobo/cpu.

You`ve seem to have tried all the right things, so I can`t really suggest anything else.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I'm wondering if there is a program out there (or settings in the router) that will
enable me to completly shut a computer from the internet.

At first I could control the internet traffic per computer in the router settings but
somehow its gone broken , I already mailed the helpdesk and stuff.

Router type: Draytek Vigor 2500 (annex a)
More detailed info on my router:

Thanks anyway :wave:
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The freezes 1394 VT600 during apps 3D Gigabyte computer locks up freezes randomly throughout the benchmarks and I have to reset the Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps computer - no error messages come up it just hangs During normal Office and internet Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps browsing system hangs very rarely My configuration is as follows AMD Athlon Thorougbred CoolerMaster heatsink MB Kingston RAM DDR stick only Gigabyte VT Motherboard Gigabyte Raedon MB Soundblaster Live Wireless NIC Antech trupower W power Gigabyte VT600 1394 freezes during 3D apps supply - no major voltage fluctuations Thermaltake Xaser case fans excellent cooling I have tried the following Checked CPU temperature - it is between to Celcius Run Memtest overnight - passes over hours with no errors Checked for hardware conflicts - none DIabled fastwrites in BIOS and winXP and disabled non-essential onboard devices such as NIC firewire and SATA I have put a Thermaltake Spirit fan on Northbridge and fan on passively cooled graphics card heatsink makes no difference I have removed all cards except for graphics - no difference Used latest VIA and ATI drivers including Omega - no difference Clean installed Windows XP with only latest VIA and graphics drivers and run benchmarks - no difference Also put in friends GForce graphics card with latest Nvidia drivers - no difference My friends Intel based system with Nvidia video card and YumCha Watt power supply runs through benchmarks without any sweat This is driving me insane Do I have a bad mobo - can anyone please help nbsp
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hey evryone i have a geforce fx earlier today i installed the omega drivers and i when i went to overclock it i used d performance setting and detected All Screen White Goes Apps In Direct3d optimal frequency it detected a frequency way too high for the card but i thought maybe it was because of the driver so i went and started medal In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White of honor pacific assault then after the initial In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White startup screen everything is white the whole screen i can hear the sound fine everything seems to be working fine except no color i can even see the cursor against the black background at the very bottom of the screen so i went and turned off overclocking same problem still there so i rolled back to my drivers same problem then i tried installing drivers and it is still happening i believe it is a direct d problem because i ran dxdiagnostics and did a direct d test and i could see the spinning box but not the dx logo on the sides just the utter whiteness this happens in all my direct d games such as joint operations mohpa etc did i fry the card or am i missing something need any more info than is on my profile and i will post it nbsp

A:In Direct3d Apps Screen Goes All White

lol o well stupid me i reinstalled directx 9.0c from microsoft's site and now direct3d and direct draw work fine!

i wonder how my directx files got corrupted though....any ideas?
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hello Well the problem is that the comp just reboots when playing a big app game Like World of Warcaft or when running other (mostly apps) reboots w/ big Random games although it happens allot more when I m playing WoW Note i had the BIOS reset once and after that I put in mb ram and this all started to occour so i think its the ram thats interfiering with the other one I had the famous Blue screen of death a couple of times It said something like this st one BAD POOL CALLER and then the code x c x x cd xA A x c the nd one IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL the code x A x x c Random reboots (mostly w/ big apps) x x e c Now for me thats chinese so I don t know what this all means rolleyes for the specs i will need some kind of program that can give me the details about my comp cause i don t know the exact specs of my comp blush I also have some other annoying little problems that started to occour when I resetted the BIOS Prog called Sandra told me to update my BIOS but i didn t really know how thanks anyway nbsp

A:Random reboots (mostly w/ big apps)

oke I have searched for this problem on and this is what if found.

microsoft result

this is only the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL problem
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This is surely a stupid question but I'm a Mac person and just learning about the "other" side.

One of our exec's is having a wake from sleep issue with his IBM Thinkpad (X31). He often has to hastily close the lid with the machine powered on and has difficulty getting it to wake up later.

2 questions.

Is the machine going into standy or hibernation mode when he does this?

What key(s) does he need to mash to wake it up? (preferably in an unlocked state.)

Thanks in advance.

A:Standy or Hibernation when closing lid on powered on laptop?

I believe with XP you can do either as well as just shut off the screen when you close the lid. Check the power option settings in control panel. Click my computer->control panel->power options
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I have a user that needs an excel document closed. When you try to open it it will tell you that it is opened but it dosn't tell you by whom so it's read only.

I'm thinking the individual who had it open has closed it since there is no name but that it's stuck in their temp files; in which case they need to reboot but we don't know who needs to reboot and we don't reboot machines on the server at night in case we need to push patches to them.

I've tried copying the files to my HD and deleting them from the server but they always reappear. I tried also to take ownership and then deleting them but that does nothing to help.

Does anyone have any other ideas that DO NOT include rebooting the server?

A:Problems Closing opened documents

Copy the file's contents over into a new spreadsheet. Then save that under a different name. Abandon the file that gives problems, send an email to all possible users until you find the real owner.
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Hi! When I play games with hardware acceleration, my pc restarts unexpectedly. Anything to do with 3D, and my pc restarts. I've got a 3D screensaver that uses direct3d and my pc restarts when the screensaver has been on for 10 mins or so. I've got an integrated geforce4 mx 128mb graphics card and a nforce 2 ALBATRON KM18G Pro motherboard.

I would be very grateful if any1 knows what is up or has any suggestions.

I've done the obvious things like update drivers,windows update, virus check,mem test. I really stuck.

Once again id be very grateful for help.

A:Probs With 3D Apps + Games

so you are running the newest drivers? well that rules that out then
how powerful is your PSU - it could be that whenever you fire up the 3d card the drain is so high that it all simply worth a check

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Samsung has a knack for offering buyers of its latest flagship devices a bundle of quality apps to go along with their purchase and soon-to-be owners of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are no exception.

Read more

A:The (good) bundle comeback: Samsung to offer 22 premium apps in Galaxy S6 free of charge

And it doesn't even have the Terminal for command-line prompt. As a Linux developer, I feel so lost and disrespected!

$ cd /
$ su root
$ service call phone 2 s16 "911"

- yes, you can make calls from Android console
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Sometime ago as I was updating my Firefox browser I noticed multiple previous versions in the folder. I can't find that thread so I'm asking if that or similiar happens with other programs such as Avast,CCleaner, M-bam & so on? If so, I think it might be best to use revo to uninstall & reinstall, is that true? I'm only asking because my Vista laptop has slowed a bit & I'm thinking I could speed it up a bit by doing such. My scans continue to come up clean, too. Thanks

A:Updating software apps

Well, it wasn't mass minutes it saved, but uninstalling & reinstalling some programs has been beneficial.
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Hi guys, I keep getting an application error when trying to add record in Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet. This porblem seemed to crop up overuse, I have pasted the Error below, REALLY appreciate your time and help with this. Thanks!
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Hey, please anyone help me. Recently when I was working on my PC, there was a power cut and my PC shutted down unexpectedly. I have again booted the PC and saw that no windows applications which are on the start menu including the PC settings, windows store are not opening. When I click on them they are just flashing on the screen and remaining on the. Why is this happening? What shall I do to bring my PC to a normal state?

A:Windows apps are not opening

Sounds like windows is corrupted from the unexpected shutdown. Try a system restore from a early time. See if this fixes your problem. If not you have to do a factory reinstall .
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Hello everyone.

Have had this for a few months. Is intermittent but 99% of time I get it when I'm in FB playing an app..Any help appreciated.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 101
BCP1: 0000000000000019
BCP2: 0000000000000000
BCP3: FFFFF88002F65180
BCP4: 0000000000000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

A:BSOD mostly when playing FB apps

Go to C:\windows\minidump. Select all the .dmp files and right-click sending these files to a compressed (zipped) folder. Upload this folder as a file here
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I have glary,advanced system care, and others...why is it that when I run one and it "cleans up" computer,,,then immediatly I run another dont show up clean? cant anyone make a cleaner that does everything?

A:Problem with cleaner apps

Hey drensmith, alot of cleaners overlook some files or certain types of "junk files". In my opinion one of the best and safest is ccleaner. It's a veteran in the junk file wars.
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Is there any other free apps around that can prevent users from installing all kinds of software, pretty much like Deep Freeze. See I'm running a small internet cafe business, and I hate it when people install all kinds of third-party apps (e.g Yontoo). Kids are regulars here in my cafe and some have no idea what they're doing with the system.

I don't want to use Deep Freeze. I want something simple to use and with much flexibility.


A:Free apps to prevent installation

What version of Windows? Win/7 takes care of this by forcing use of the admin/password & the UAC feature.
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Just curious. I know it sounds ridicules, but is it possible to put a functioning browser short cut on the desktop for FF or SeaMonkey? TIA

A:About Portable apps

Yep, just right click on that exe and choose create shortcut and drag that shortcut to your desktop.
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Got a question. I installed Avast,SpywareBlaster,Spybot S&D & other security apps on a pc with 2 users. To update the programs, do I need to update & run them separately for each user, or not? TIA

A:Two users, same apps

I think I've answered my question. I just got access to the 2nd user of the pc & everything I updated , was already updated.
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Hi, I would like to as if there are any possibilities on removing a password protected apps, most likely these programs are those who restricts or blocks certain sites which is really annoying. To be specific, its escan. I tried removing or uninstall the said program but it requires me to provide a password. Now, can someone help me on how to overcome this issue.

A:Uninstall password protected apps

You can always boot into safe mode and simply delete it, likely from C:\program files\escan, but thats just a guess.
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When closing a tab in internet explorer 8.0 it takes forever. Even when I have only 3 tabs open. I use to be able to have 8+ tabs open in two different sessions with no issues. Nothing new has been added or deleted from the computer.

Also open a new tab take very long, not as long as closing a tab.

I have deleted cookies, files ect in internet options/del browsing history. I also ran Avast, SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes and Ccleaner.

A:When closing a tab in internet explorer 8.0 it takes forever

Is there any thing suspicious in Tools >> Manage Add-ons ?
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My task manager regedit and cmd are automatically closing and I use windows bit Here s my log I cant view any folder options and any other options by right clicking Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on automatically . closing cmd regedit are Task and :( manager Platform Windows WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows system taskhost exe C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe C Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe C Program Files Elaborate Bytes VirtualCloneDrive VCDDaemon exe C Program Files BlueStacks HD-Agent exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static CCC exe C Users bravo Downloads utorrent exe C Users bravo Downloads NPE exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Task manager . regedit and cmd are automatically closing :( Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashPlayerPlugin exe c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD saui exe D Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http websearch coolwebsearch info unqvl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Task manager . regedit and cmd are automatically closing :( Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http websearch coolwebsearch info unqvl R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll R - URLSearchHook uTorrentControl Toolbar - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - BHO BHO PROJECT - BD F- E- C -B -D E DBA - C Program Files OApps bho project dll O - BHO MSS Identifier - E A AD- D - EB- D D- EF A - C Program Files McAfee Security Scan McAfeeMSS IE dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO privitize Helper Object - ACB ABE- - - C-F BDB FB - C Program Files Industriya privitize bh privitize dll O - BHO Babylon toolbar helper - EECD - - a -B B - BF B - C Program Files BabylonToolbar BabylonToolbar bh BabylonToolbar dll O - BHO Funmoods Helper Object - EBB AA- - CB - EC-E E ECD F - C Program Files Funmoods funmoods bh funmoods dll O - BHO McAfee SiteAdvisor BHO - B E -A B - A -B - CD E A FF - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - BHO Sieeaurch-NeawTaB - E D D -F B - A-B BF-D F DBB DEB - C ProgramData Sieeaurch-NeawTaB dll O - BHO MeaagnIPPIc - E AC -BB - C-BEBD- F C C E - C ProgramData MeaagnIPPIc bfa b dll O - BHO uTorrentControl - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - BHO coentinuetOsavE - F D E - -B B- A C-DFB D D E - C ProgramData coentinuetOsavE fa b dll O - BHO Hotspot Shield Class - F E A -E B - BC - A - A AE - C Program Files Hotspot Shield HssIE HssIE dll O - Toolbar Funmoods Toolbar - A C EC-ED E- ACE-A F - C F EF - C Program Files Funmoods funmoods funmoodsTlbr dll O - Toolbar McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - Toolbar uTorrentControl Toolbar - e df - f - -afe - c da - C Program Files uTorrentControl prxtbuTo dll O - Toolbar Babylon Toolbar - -... Read more
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Whats Up Guys.

For some reason, when I'm doing my normal computing activities, my Firefox window closes for no apparent reason.

I realised I had a problem right now when I was listening to a radio station in a window and that disappeared while the stream kept on playing.

Also, not quite sure if this is related or not, but I have a yellow triangle with a exclamation point that comes up in my start up tray from time to time.

Could any of you guys please give me some help as to why my Firefox windows are closing prematurely like this and to why that yellow triangle is coming up like that.

Any help or direction to helpful threads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks As Always.

A:Firefox Windows Keep Closing/Disappearing

OS? Are you running the latest Firefox? Have you run a virus scan recently?

Also, what does the yellow triangle tell you? (there is usually a pop-up message displayed)
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when using bearshare a window dialogue box appears saying "bearshare has stopped working" and then the program just closes. can anyone explain of how to prevent this from happening????

A:bear share and internet explorer keep closing

I'm not sure how to fix your current problem, but I am here to tell you to be careful when downloading things from P2P networks. There is quite a bit of CRAP loaded on those networks, and it can screw up your computer quicker than you can say "Oh NO!"

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.
A message for all newcomers.
SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.
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I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get extra power options for XP?

The default is, when you close the lid, you can either choose to "standby" or "do nothing". Does anyone know if it's possible to set it to do different things depending on if the laptop is plugged in or running off battery?


A:Extra power options for closing lid of laptop
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Hello. I need help! I have Microsoft picture it 2001 that I used on my win98 without issues. I now have win xp and it's had a couple issues, but it's workable. I just upgraded my RAM and now when I open the picture it, it opens, then when I choose a task the whole program shuts down. I have alot of stuff saved using this program and I really need it!
I did try to uninstall and re install, but it's still not letting me in.

Is this because of the RAM, or is it just coincidence that this is happening?

Thanks! LM

A:Need help with my picture it closing on me

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

By the way, if you "upgraded" to XP, it would have been best to clean install XP (ie start from a formatted disk, without any prior operating system on it) This is because any previous unknown issues may have now been brought over to your XP system

Therefore you might want to think about a clean install (backup first though)


I don't think Microsoft picture it 2001 works on XP anyway
It's amazing it installed
Best to update this program, to latest version, I feel (if you want it, I don't use it)
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I have a Lenovo Yoga UI" 10 open "Modern won't without Windows Connection Internet apps Tablet - F running Windows I have a number of modern Windows 10 "Modern UI" apps won't open without Internet Connection apps that refuse to open unless I am actively connected to the internet Desktop or Windows 10 "Modern UI" apps won't open without Internet Connection legacy apps open fine in airplane mode but anything downloaded from the Windows Store will not This even includes built-in apps such as calculator So far I have tried running sfc scannow in Command Prompt running WSReset exe updating all drivers from lenovo I also spent the better part of yesterday afternoon chatting with Contact Support who at various points told me that the tablet was designed to work that way um no that no Windows apps will open without internet connection false or simply ended the chat when it seemed like they were in over their heads has anyone else noticed this problem I have tried to recreate it on my desktop also running Windows by unplugging my ethernet cable and then opening various apps and it functions as expected - they will open and perform everything normally unless specifically needing the internet Don't get me wrong I understand that certain apps require Internet Access Hulu or Netflix come to mind However for even calculator to not open without internet seems wrong Please let me know if i left any other pertinent information out Thanks
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When I run nmap on my enterprise box I get a list of ports (see below). Sunrpc I presume is used for an NFS mount I have to another box, ncd-pref is also related to caching of the mount (I'm guessing) ... but what is sometimes-rpc3 and do I need it open? Also ... why is X11 open like that twice when I run X on another box and use it with vnc etc without having to leave a port open specifically for X11 or X11:4.

Starting nmap V. 3.00 ( )
Interesting ports on pblade2 (
(The 1593 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port State Service
22/tcp open ssh
80/tcp open http
111/tcp open sunrpc
443/tcp open https
5977/tcp open ncd-pref-tcp
6000/tcp open X11
6004/tcp open X11:4
32770/tcp open sometimes-rpc3

I do appreciate your time and advice.


A:Closing ports I see when I nmap ...

What operating system are you using?

If it's a BSD variant, try running:
sockstat -4

If it's a Linux machine, try:
netstat -e --program
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I have been using a particular DOS application for years across various versions of REAL DOS and most versions of Windows through XP I currently run it interchangibly on computers primary on a Gateway laptop running XP Home Edition a application DOS Closing and also on a Gateway tower running Closing a DOS application Windows Media Center a variant of XP Pro The application is usually started using a shortcut that invokes a BAT file although I can and have also started its EXE file from w i a DOS command window or otherwise Normally the application is closed using its own method usually pressing Alt-X and following a prompt On the tower computer if I attempt to close the app by clicking on the X in the upper right corner or by shutting down Windows while the app is running I will get a prompt that it is running and have to shut the app before proceeding This used to occur on the laptop but hasn t perhaps for a year now I would rather always get the prompt so as to not shut the app accidentally Does anyone know what I can tweak to get this to work again on the laptop Thanks Bernie nbsp

A:Closing a DOS application

Oh that's that close idle tasks, or exit unresponsive programs automatically issue (although most actually want this to happen)
Seeming it's the opposite of what users normally want to do, I'm unsure (actually I could work out the registry key)
Just do a search on the above (idle tasks, close unresponsive programs) and work backwards from what's done
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I just recently installed Windows XP SP2, and got all the drivers I needed after a complete reinstallation.
Now, I'm getting Unexpected Error messages on startup on a lot of programs and I cant seem to figure out why.

nForce4 Mobo (Not sure exactly which tbh)
AMD 3500+

In case its a driver I'm missing
I installed:
Video Drivers
Mobo Drivers
Directx (Most games refuse to work)
Updated Windows (ie, latest Netframework etc)

Sooo, yeah. Help would be great : D

A:Unexpected Error Multiple Apps

Please run Memtest on your Ram

Please run a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive
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I m writing this from my laptop as my desktop is increasingly unstable and has been f r a while I ve taken advice from tech-wise guys online forums and spent money with computer repair shops trying to sort it Windows crashes, Random applications freezes, closing Vista Home Premium has been reinstalled more than once hardware disconnected drivers updated memory has been tested and swapped - and whatever else I could think of or has been suggested The words quot Windows has detected a problem quot or quot The quot application quot has closed and is restarting quot are so familiar that I no longer scream I have a Packard Bell imedia with Random crashes, freezes, applications closing Intel quad core Gb Samsung memory in two strips although system only seems to Random crashes, freezes, applications closing recognise runnig Vista Home Premium -bit Random crashes, freezes, applications closing Gb HD and a PSU When I get a BSOD the codes files quoted are invariably different and often there are no files quoted or other indications apart from quot Windows detected a problem quot These things seem totally random - today for instance - the first time ever - I was told that quot plug and play quot had stopped But I often don t always get a BSOD - I just get messages such as quot Desktop Windows closed quot or quot The application stopped quot or quot Internet Explorer closed quot and very occasionally no message at all just a restart I did suspect my Kaspersky protection but problems occur with or without it though seemingly less often when it is stopped - and I have the same security on this laptop Windows without the slightest problem Professional advice has been to reinstall Windows - done twice with only short temporary gain Can t see the point of paying yet again for the same advice nbsp

A:Random crashes, freezes, applications closing

If possible please tell us what the computer shops did to repair your system in bullit points.

Secondly please give us your full hardware profile in bullet points as well. It makes it much easier this way. Yes, we know you have a 250 psu but we'd like the brand name. Also video card, etc. How old is this system?


How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually.

P.S. 32-bit Operating Systems cannot recognize or utilize 4 gigs of RAM. 3.5 is the max.
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I down loaded the new IE-7 and know when I open it, it loads goes to open my home page and then closes. Some times it will let me start working on some thing an then it will close, right when I'm doing something. Other times it will work for 2-3 days and then close.

A:IE7 keeps closing

Is this the beta version of IE7, or the released version of IE7?
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When cubase is running over 4GB ram(in task manager), it often gets blue screens.
When i debug it, nothing about cubase is said.

Please help.

Window 7 64bit.
Cubase 5.1.2 32bit
M-Audio Delta 66 audio card
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Kingston hyper x t1 pc2-8500 4x2gb
EVGA 9800GX2

attached are my dmp files

A:Windows 7 64-bit bluescreen during cubase 5 or closing cubase

All three files specifically cite the MAudio driver MAudioDelta.sys as the cause of your system crashes.

MAudio has a poor reputation for tech support, i.e. answering questions, resolving issues, and driver updates which can be far and few between (just read the forums from MAudio customers; I'm have MAudio items so I speak from experience).

However, seeing that it appears that you have higher end MAudio items you may find better support. Please keep us updated.
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Dump files (DMP) attached.

I get a BSOD while doing pretty much anything graphics intensive... Before my most recent fresh install of Windows 7, it used to happen while playing games (occasionally while playing StarCraft II or Half-Life 2: Episode 2) but it now is starting to occur (after the fresh install) more frequently and has spread to programs like After Effects. I started to get graphics glitches while rendering a composition (which spread to other programs like Firefox) followed by a BSOD listing the cdd.dll file to blame.

My event viewer states that there have been 3 BSOD's since I've reformatted all linked to a "Kernel-Power" error. I have no idea what this is.

I am hoping this is not a hardware issue, as I don't have the money to replace my video card on a yearly basis.
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i saw a thread to lynn on scrolling-it was suggested to her to go into her dell-i have a proteva 52X max-am really comp illiterate-can someone tell me how to get my comp to stop the slow motion scrolling and why my apps just wont play.tyvm

A:Scrolling jumpy-apps play like molasses

Upgrade your video card drivers.
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I recently bought a new iPod Touch and after connecting it to my PC, iTunes continues to run after closing the program. I uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled with no change.

After I close iTunes, my PC runs slow. I checked Task Manager and iTunes .exe is still running and taking 99% of resources. I stop the process in Task Manager and everything runs fine...until I open iTunes and it's the same issue again and again.

Any suggestions?

A:iTunes continues to run after closing

How long does it stay in the Task Manager after you've closed it ? Was it doing something when you closed it ?
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Hi guys first post here I m having a problem with my graphics card It is on BSOD games GTX 275 closing an XFX triple X edition GTX and I am using it to power x quot monitors I have had the card for around a year without any noticeable problems However during the past weeks I have been GTX 275 BSOD on games closing getting BSOD on closing down of games or alt-tabbing during games The card doesn t BSOD any other time or crash during game play but whenever I close down a game or alt tab out of a game tried on CoD MW and The Sims It GTX 275 BSOD on games closing always blue screens I have upgraded and installed new drivers with no affect I have also ran Furmark stress test for minutes and other than getting a bit hot levelling at it ran fine without BSOD Anyone help me out on any idea what the problem is The stop code is always x b Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:GTX 275 BSOD on games closing

0x3B are usually caused by faulty video drivers. When you updated your drivers did you first use something like Driver Sweeper to make sure all the old drivers were gone?
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my computer recently recovered from a BSOD which i believe was from a bad stick of memory. ever since then random programs have been crashing, strictly dvd applications. Nero and DVD Shrink crash whenever opened and give no error report. i am using the latest version of both of these, and there is no virus or spyware on my computer, using mcafee enterprise and ad aware pro.

i dont have any error reports to show so hopefully that is enough description!

A:Program Closing

Did you run a Disk check after the crash?
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Don't know what the following error is on about... I get it everytime I close this Warez P2P application that uses Ares network.

"The exception unknown software exception (0x0eedfade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c81eb33."

After I press enter it then gives, " Runtime Error 217 at 04341C81"

A:Get this strange error when closing Warez P2P application, can anyone translate:)?

It's a bug in the program. Serves you right using crap software.
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ok uys, this ones a doozy, i've googled it, no luck. SOS (switch on schoolhouse) is an app from Alpha Omega Academy. yeah, i'm trying to use it, but i can't get it to install on this computer. It says i have all the necessary software, but this is the message i get:

"Fatal error during installation.
Error code: 0x00000643"

I've tried up and down the ying-yang, and i haven't a clue left as what to do, any help, would REALLY be APPRECIATED...untill then i'll just keep trying, thanks people.

A:School apps: fatal installation error 643

Disconnect the PC from the net, close down all unneeded programs (antivirus, firewall, any anti-whatever, databases etc., then try again.
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Please help - My Windows XP Sony Vaio PCG-K295HP laptop has developed a fault that causes windows to close of their own accord, web browsers to display 'stopped' and fail to load web pages and my laptop now beeps for approximately 30 seconds whilst booting up.

I have read as much as i can find about this on various forums and have attached a hijack this logfile.

Thanks in advance!

A:Constant beeping on startup, and windows automatically closing. Web browsers stopping

Constant beeping is always some sort of warning. Does your laptop have a video card that could possibly have become disconnected? Is your memory seated tightly. When a ram module becomes loose, it too can cause a beeping. Good Luck. I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about laptops otherwise.
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I have a couple of downloaded games from AOL/Pogo that don't close when I close them. My system gets really boggy and when I go to task manager I see that the game program is still running and consuming a lot of memory. When I "end task" everything frees up beautifully. Aside from uninstalling the games, any thoughts?

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Hi to all out there in the cyber space. My interent explorer will open then when I search up pops-Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. etc etc....Please tell Microsoft about this problem. We have created an error report to help us improve Internet Explorer...blah blah blah.....
Now as we all know contacting Microsoft is a waste of time. And Microsoft although sent this automatic problem report don't send an automatic HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM. So is there anyone out there who can give me simple easy to follow advice please on what may be going wrong.
Thanks so very much...and Bill Gates if you are out there when will you create an online fix the problem system...something as simple as it fixes itself and doesnt require us to do anything.

A:Internet Explorer Closing

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I have moved your thread to a more appropriate forum.

There are a number of possible causes for your problem.

Viruses/malware etc could be responsible.

IE may have become corrupted in some way.

Let`s check to make sure you don`t have anything nasty lurking on your system. If your system checks out clean, then we`ll see what else we can do.

Go and read this thread HERE, then post a HJT log as an attachment into this thread.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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There are a number of applications I'd just as soon didn't start
when I startup the computer.

How do I stop them from loading or starting automatically on startup?

They're not pinned to the start menu.

I don't want to delete them, just not have them start automatically
when I start up.


Oh - XP Home

A:How do you stop apps from auto starting on startup?

Run msconfig and check its startup tab for applications.
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well hello to you all!
i have a problem with my pc, it an old one, the only one i own.
anyway the problem is this..... when i boot up my pc decides to open programmes all on their own and also closes them. sometimes its after i have been running for a while and sometimes as the service or programmes load.
i have formatted my pc perhaps half a dozen times thinking that it may have been virused, but after i have formatted and run my pc it starts doing it all over again. therefore i can assume that its not viruses. so i have come to you for your experienced advice.


A:programmes opening and closing on their own

If the pc is used online then its probably getting viruses and spyware over and over again. You need to protect it.
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I continue getting the following error message each time I close Internet Explorer.
The instruction at "0x01eb4213" referenced memory at "0x0171ad58". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program.

I've run MemTest without any problem being identified. Sometimes when I run sfc /scannow, the problem seems to go away for a little while. I'm running a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop with Windows XP Home. Help!

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Windows XP Pro goes to blue screen after runnning JAVA and closing browser I have a very annoying problem I can t figure out I have runnning and to blue after closing JAVA browser goes screen Computer all service pack from microsoft installed I have newest Java software from Sun Latest display drivers from ASUS Changed my grahic card from ASUS XT to ASUS AX XT still have problems Bye the way I also changed to Motherboard to the same model again ASUS Computer goes to blue screen after runnning JAVA and closing browser P C -E-Deluxe After running JAVA it is for sure that the Computer goes to blue screen after runnning JAVA and closing browser pc running Windows XP pro goes to blue screen and says it has problems with Atiduag dll Also other programs ends up in a crash I have some dumps taken from crash dump Can anybody help - I belive that cpc maybe can I included some crash dumps to help figure out this - what is the real problem From the crach dump it points in the direction to sound drivers or what Hope somebody can help Best regards HKOCH ---------------------------------------- my crash dump ----- bit Kernel Mini Dump Analysis DUMP HEADER MajorVersion f MinorVersion a DirectoryTableBase b PfnDataBase e PsLoadedModuleList a PsActiveProcessHead MachineImageType c NumberProcessors BugCheckCode e BugCheckParameter c BugCheckParameter bfbb f BugCheckParameter b f a BugCheckParameter PaeEnabled KdDebuggerDataBlock e MiniDumpFields ff TRIAGE DUMP ServicePackBuild SizeOfDump ValidOffset fffc ContextOffset ExceptionOffset d MmOffset UnloadedDriversOffset a PrcbOffset ProcessOffset ThreadOffset c CallStackOffset SizeOfCallStack DriverListOffset b DriverCount b StringPoolOffset df StringPoolSize b BrokenDriverOffset TriageOptions ffffffff TopOfStack b f a DebuggerDataOffset DebuggerDataSize Windows XP Kernel Version Service Pack MP procs Free x compatible Built by xpsp sp gdr - Kernel base x d PsLoadedModuleList x a Debug session time Sat Dec System Uptime days start end module name d fe nt Checksum E Timestamp Wed Mar F Unloaded modules b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b b b da kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b ca b f kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b ca b f kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b ca b f kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b c b kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b e b a BS DEF sys Timestamp unavailable b c b d BS DEF sys Timestamp unavailable b cb b f kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable b d b kmixer sys Timestamp unavailable f e f e drmkaud sys Timestamp unavailable b b MidiSyn sys Timestamp unavailable b b aec sys Timestamp unavailable b f b DMusic sys Timestamp unavailable b b swmidi sys Timestamp unavailable f ce f ce splitter sys Timestamp unavailable f ac f acb dvdriver sys Timestamp unavailable b d b e psched sys Timestamp unavailable f f d intelppm sys Timestamp unavailable f f d kbdhid sys Timestamp unavailable f a b f a Cdaudio SYS Timestamp unavailable f f c Sfloppy SYS Timestamp unavailable Finished dump check nbsp

A:Computer goes to blue screen after runnning JAVA and closing browser

From a very new crash

Microsoft Windows (dialog box)
Error Signature:
BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : BFBB527F BCP3 : B44609A4
BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1
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I have looked everywhere can't find answer to this one
I open word doc do some editing close it later open again to read white papers or what ever again close it again
in process task manager I get up to 4 winword exe 's running at same time
I have tried to change priority to low does not help
can't find it in services
I can end process's OK but it is starting to be a headache as my process's for the day adds up don't want it to start affecting my machine

45 process's ticking away now cpu up to 20%

thank you

A:Winword exe process does not close after closing word 2000

There are a few things you can look into.
In the Start/Programs/Startup folder is probably an entry with a small flag and Microsoft Office. Delete that entry. (this is a process also known as OSA9.EXE for Office2K, or OSA10.EXE for OfficeXP). If you have the Binder program running, stop that as well.
Next, Stop the Indexing Service under Computer Management, and set it to Disabled, it will make your PC faster.
Another influence could be the Office plug-in from Norton/Symantec antivirus. This unnecessarily delays opening/closing of any office files. UN-tick it somewhere in the NAV-settings. Other AV-programs have something similar. Even when you disable it, the AV will still check office-attachments in emails (which is all it needs to do).
When you open a .doc file, the WINWORD.EXE will show up in the Process list of task-manager, and the Document-name will show up under Applications.
Opening a second .doc will (should) only open up another Application in task-manager, but should not open a second instance of Word.
If that is the case, there is something wrong in the Office settings, and an Office-repair should do the trick. Click on Add/Remove programs, select Office 2000, click on "support information", in there a button "Repair" will show up.
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I have an app called X Video Converter that has been excellent in converting various video formats mpeg gt avi avi gt mpeg including joins and splits etc After using it for about mos all of a sudden it will crash with a reminder from windows that quot there is a problem and Xp In Video Apps Crash Home Converter X Video Converter must close quot I have been emailing back and forth with support Video Converter Apps Crash In Xp Home for the software and they have had me try uninstalling reinstalling deleting codecs and downloading specific ones etc I decided to try another Video Converter on a trial basis and after downloading it I got the same error message It seems to be affecting only video converters since my audio converters function nicely I had downloaded Windows Medial Player and thought that might have been the problem so I converted back to Media Player and still had the problem Has anyone had experience with app crashes of this sort with XP I am at my wits end nbsp

A:Video Converter Apps Crash In Xp Home

Do you think WMP10 uninstalled itself completely without leaving any new files (like DRM libraries) behind? I don't. I'd try a restore point before its installation date if I was you.
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Traditionally, iOS apps have drawn more revenue than Android apps, but with Android's sizable lead in global market share you'd think the gap was getting narrower. According to the latest data obtained by App Annie, it's quite the opposite. In...

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A:Revenue gap between iOS and Android apps is still growing

I have all three ecosystems and love all 3 since they each have their own individual strengths and weakness. I have bought apps on both IOS and Android, (but probably 3X as many on IOS) but sadly have not bought any apps on Windows whatsoever.
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Microsoft Office 10 (limited edition of only Word and Excel, stripped down) came with my Toshiba Satellite laptop. After some automatic Windows Updates that happened last night, I find that I cannot open my Word or Excel, and all my documents and spreadsheets are inaccessible. The programs were on some sort of virtual drive called "Q:\" , already installed when I bought the laptop computer. The computer will not let me access it nor open documents and spreadsheets that were created with those programs. Can anyone help? I am essentially out of business.

A:Microsoft Office apps won't open after Windows Update

I would recommend reinstalling them but since it came with the laptop that is not an option. Maybe talk to MS or post on this forum (previously MS Answers):
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Some internet heavyweights are coming together to create a new format for web applications. The web uses JavaScript to make things happen, and over the year company's have developed compilers to help update the aging standard and make it easier...

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A:Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and more join forces to launch a new binary format for web apps

This project is in its infancy, and with ambitions as high as that of HTML5, or used to be.

We know how many years it took HTML5 to reach its production-ready status, and how long it took all the browsers to support it.

In other words, let's check back on it, say, couple years from now, and see where we're at.
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Feezing on win PC Freezes mouse and keyboard can hear the crashing, apps explorer.exe freezing and PC or My music My PC freezing or apps crashing, and explorer.exe from program Im using its FL Studio with kontakt after hard restart or shutdown I can find these errors in application logs and nothing in system logs General My PC freezing or apps crashing, and explorer.exe Code Notifications for the volume C are not active Context Windows Application Details Insufficient quota to complete the requested service HRESULT x ad x ad Details Code - System - Provider Name Microsoft-Windows-Search Guid CA E D- - -AB B- B F F EventSourceName Windows Search Service - EventID Qualifiers Version Level Task Opcode Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - My PC freezing or apps crashing, and explorer.exe - T Z EventRecordID Correlation - Execution ProcessID ThreadID Channel Application Computer DESKTOP- STU P Security - EventData ExtraInfo Context Windows Application Details Insufficient quota to complete the requested service HRESULT x ad x ad VolumeName C Other errors Code An attempt to write to the file quot quot at offset for bytes failed after seconds with system error quot quot The write operation will fail with error If this error persists then the file may be damaged and may need to be restored from a previous backup Code Unable to write to section while flushing logfile Error Code The logfile sequence in quot quot has been halted due to a fatal error No further updates are possible for the databases that use this logfile sequence Please correct the problem and restart or restore from backup Crashin all apps and explorer exe in Win I came from outside move mouse coz screen was black openned chrome chrome exe has crashed go to desktop tried right click to refresh nothing than explorer exe has crasged just could see that windows image on desktop everything else disappeared including taskbar icons everything ctr alt and delete gave error please reboot by pushing reboot button Hardware testing HDDscan exe Scanned for bad sectors oranges slow responding bad sectors hours last CPU HOT Stressed CPU c max seems no problems Intel program to test CPU All is ok it says HOT CPU Tester First try - nvidia drivers has recovered blank to black screen so I stopped first time test second time except for expert tool exe crash in time of testing All is fine hours last Memtest Fine no errors passes System logs Shows nothing except that error of hard restart or shutdown when I had to do it PC Configuration Intel Pentium G Nvidia GeForce GT Biostar something Will update more details when gather if avaible huh nbsp

A:My PC freezing or apps crashing, and explorer.exe

Test the hard drive again. You can do this by going to This PC and right-click on the C drive. Select Properties, tools, check...
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Hi Guys How are you all I need some help please My PC is acting a bit weird since Yesterday Basically these are the problems The Windows keep flashing flickering If I try to to do something like rename a file it will just escape I can t move Windows around the screen it just goes back to where it was If I use start menu and click on any other menu it just closes Folders keep scrolling to the top Its like a button is stuck or something menus flashing Windows windows, -- closing 7 I have Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus checked my keyboard and also unplugged my keyboard and it made no difference This problem once occured to me in the past around months back but I never managed to sort it out back then either Although I did a complete fresh install a few weeks Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus after the problem At first I thought it was a PSU fault but then remembered I just bought and fitted Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus a new OCZ PSU around weeks ago Higher Watts then I originally had so not a problem of not enough power I have just done a fresh Install a few days ago Monday and do not want to do it all again I do not think its a Windows Issues I have been tried a few things and nothing worked I thought maybe a system restore would work which it did until I shutdown the computer and when I came back and switched it on the problem was back I changed my Power Plan to High Performance use advanced setting disabled USB auto suspend I thought it maybe due to some new Program installed but nothing apart from the essentials have been installed at this point Avast Comodo Adobe Reader Revo Uninstaller CCleaner Malaware Bytes iTunes QuickTime Windows Updated Photoshop Done a quick scan on Malaware Bytes and Avast nothing found I have tried unplugging the keyboard and mouse and plugging in the the touch function of my monitor and it made no difference Could it be a hardware issue As its happening after months Im unsure if that could be the case Although a USB drive which was lost for sometime has been found and plugged in to check contents Yesterday Could the USB drive be the issue Can someone please please help me The problem is really annoying can t rename files or use start menu etc nbsp

A:Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus

I managed to sort it out, it seems it was my Graphics Card drivers, Windows Update option updates had newer drivers.
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Hello We are preparing some deploy of Windows tablets to use the native Metro Modern email Client using EAS to connect to a Lotus Domino Email Server Initially we can configure the email server connection via Exchange Active Sync without any issue and everything is working and syncing good At this time OS version was After Windows Updates the OS version is now and the focused email client stop working and don't sync Looking for Updates after Metro Mail - Work Client with Windows EAS Stop Win8.1 the account definitions when OS was on the previous version it was possible to define if the connection will use SSL or not With the Win8.1 Metro Mail Client with EAS - Stop Work after Windows Updates new OS version the same account settings show now a quot ghosted quot option to activate or deactivate SSL This could mean the newer version are forcing the SSL use From the server side the SSL is up and running and I already setup the same account that have trouble with the Windows Client in a Android Tablet using SSL and also with Windows and it work without clues on both If I decided to make the Windows Updates before setting up the email Client using EAS even knowing the settings required for the account config are absolutelly correct the email config routine insist saying quot to check the parameters quot and apparently the account is not added but but if I reboot the machine and look for the account it is there with the settings inputed and with SSL checked and ghosted but continuing not working The fields required in both versions to configure a EAS connection are - Account Email address - Email Server address - Domain - User ID - Password So no reference or field relative to SSL So it seems some buggy way how the Metro Email Client make the setup for the account using EAS Any of you found the same issue or have some suggestions to solve this Where are saved the account settings for the native Windows Metro Email Client to try to uncheck the SSL connection since before connecting to mail server I already have a secure VPN connection WindowsApp Where Thanks a Lot for you patience Cheers
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Dear Forum,

I have had an ASUS n551jk for about five months now and am very pleased with it. I keep it clean by running malware checks every week en clearing out my folders. However, since a month or 2, my laptop has started booting up after closing the lid.

In the settings it is configured that when I close the lid the laptop should go to sleep, which it does. But quite often when I take my laptop out of its cover after I haven't used it for a while it is piping hot and the battery is empty; obviously, the laptop has rebooted itself.

I have checked whether this is caused by my network configuration, which is not the case. I fear that the overheating when my laptop reboots while in its cover may damage its performance, so I am looking for a solution.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

A:Laptop reboots itself after closing the lid. Need help!

Firstly I want to point out a Laptop should never be placed in a sleeve if it is not turned off.
Secondly the problem can be caused by a Microsoft service running that momentarily starts, to look for updates etc.
Make sure Windows Update is turned off, or even better, turn the Laptop off.
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Hello I've been using w for about a month now with a lot of apps and Settings internal not opening W10 modern minor problems but now suddenly I can't open the Immersive system settings Windows store Calculator or any other seemingly integral modern app although my downloads work and so do apps like xbox edge and weather I couldn't access the non-working stuff in safe mode either Rebooting Virus checking and such all done I didn't come here having done nothing In fact I could write pages W10 Settings and internal modern apps not opening of what I've already tried I also found the windows reset from the system folders which started fine but I would rather not reinstall back to w and then back to and the discs are as of now lost So let's get started The Event Viewer sends reports on every crash one of which usually blames RPC remote procedure call for failing and W10 Settings and internal modern apps not opening another some random executable or W10 Settings and internal modern apps not opening ddl depending on the crashing for example Calculator exe and Windows UI Xaml ddl With latter being there I tried changing the system language The more promising ones were the RPC services but they turned out to be set up correctly RPC automatic and on RPC locator manual and off although I tried turning it on Then I checked the registry with Regedt exe App packages had reading rights I also tried giving them every other right in different registers Then of course there was SFC -scannow finding corrupted files but not being able to fix them and DISM not working at all with the typical Online something something commands Dism log said it couldn't check the OS version and SFC -shamwow log threw a huge list of initiating primitive installers so I couldn't find the relevant parts My OS version by the way is There were also many quot workarounds quot to this kind of problem through powershell No way I would remember all the commands but it checked all the apps did something else with apps and then there were many non-working commands for older windows versions I presume Microsoft made it's own attempt with a diagnostic tool also for an older version of windows Didn't find a thing although judging by its speed I'm not sure if it even checked I tried the tool with different UAC settings and many times as an admin GForce Experience with it's know trustworthiness didn't work either so I reinstalled the graphic drivers Didn't help with the experience so i removed it all together Someone said MoApps are rendered on graphic drivers but my gtx is working fine I also had IE turned off so I turned it back on For nothing it seems I should also add that I migrated my windows from a HDD to a new SSD with Samsung Data Migration fairly recently Everything stayed the same after the migration not perfect that is but hey it's W I've had plenty of problems with start screen and store not opening before but they all worked out with a restart I guess that could've corrupted them but not the calculator Then there are windows updates I can't really access them without the settings but it's set on automatic so I do think I have the newest version I probably missed some things I tried but here are at least the most typical answers people have given online I might have to dig up those windows installation discs but first I've got to ask if I missed something else I'm sure you understand why I didn't add every single log file to this post but if something seems important I have plenty available

A:W10 Settings and internal modern apps not opening

Now I realize that I can't fix w10 with w7 disc.
I found these errors from SFC log:

2015-08-22 13:44:01, Error CSI 00004df0 (F) Failed on regenerating file [l:48{24}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll"[gle=0x80004005]
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df1 [SR] Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSxS\wow64_microsoft-windows-ui-xaml-maps_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.10240.16384_none_a9a2c90e992bf518\\[l:48{24}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df2 [SR] Repaired file \SystemRoot\WinSxS\wow64_microsoft-windows-ui-xaml-maps_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.10240.16384_none_a9a2c90e992bf518\\[l:48{24}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll" by copying from backup
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI [email protected]/8/22:10:44:01.418 Primitive installers committed for repair
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df4 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:48{24}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-UI-Xaml-Maps, Version = 10.0.10240.16384, pA Host= amd64 Guest= x86, nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35} in the store, file is missing
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df5 [SR] This component was referenced by [l:238{119}]"Microsoft-Windows-WinRT-WOW64-windows-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.10240.16384.22eef71e2ba8ee8dba064d919aed3909"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df6 [SR] This component was referenced by [l:370{185}]"Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-WOW64-Package-AutoMerged-windows~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.10240.16384.Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-WOW64-Package-AutoMerged-windows-Deployment"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df7 [SR] This component was referenced by [l:248{124}]"Microsoft-OneCore-AppRuntime-WOW64-windows-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.10240.16384.26c429cc6e1d76dfdde0498e64c36479"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004df8 Hashes for file member \??\C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll do not match actual file [l:48{24}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll" :

2015-08-22 13:44:01, Error CSI 00004e15 (F) Failed on regenerating file [l:50{25}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll"[gle=0x80004005]
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e16 [SR] Unable to repair \SystemRoot\WinSxS\wow64_microsoft-windows-ui-xaml-phone_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.10240.16384_none_e2fb80d97f14311b\\[l:50{25}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e17 [SR] Repaired file \SystemRoot\WinSxS\wow64_microsoft-windows-ui-xaml-phone_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.10240.16384_none_e2fb80d97f14311b\\[l:50{25}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll" by copying from backup
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI [email protected]/8/22:10:44:01.954 Primitive installers committed for repair
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e19 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:50{25}]"Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-UI-Xaml-Phone, Version = 10.0.10240.16384, pA Host= amd64 Guest= x86, nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35} in the store, file is missing
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e1a [SR] This component was referenced by [l:238{119}]"Microsoft-Windows-WinRT-WOW64-windows-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.10240.16384.22eef71e2ba8ee8dba064d919aed3909"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e1b [SR] This component was referenced by [l:370{185}]"Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-WOW64-Package-AutoMerged-windows~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.10240.16384.Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-WOW64-Package-AutoMerged-windows-Deployment"
2015-08-22 13:44:01, Info CSI 00004e1c [SR] This component was referenced by [l:248{124}]"Microsoft-OneCore-AppRuntime-WOW64-windows-Package~31bf3856ad364e... Read more
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In celebration of its Appstore turning four, Amazon is offering more than $100 worth of Android apps free of charge. Here's everything you need to know to cash in on the offer before it expires.

Read more

A:Freebie: Amazon offers more than $100 worth of Android apps at no charge

How about a link
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Microsoft's Build 2015 opening keynote set a clear tone for the 3-day conference by establishing that it's all about developers (heard that one before?). In a way, you could say this is Microsoft going back to its roots, though with Satya Nadella...

Read more

A:Developers, Developers: Windows 10 as a unified platform, runs Android/iOS apps, Continuum & more

The company is counting on driving massive adoption by making Windows 10 free for the first year, and forecasts 1 billion devices on all kind of form factors will be running the OS within 3 years.Click to expand...

I like Windows 10 so far, it looks promising.
Simple little things like this and Solitare go a long way to sell a product, silly as it may seem to some.

Microsoft is blending in instead of forcing their way and honestly, anything different would be disastrous at this point and they know it. From a networking and backbone/infrastructure standpoint they still have the best hand but on a user level (well them and Linux), its time for change and this is a good start.
As first when I read this article and saw it was only free for the first year I was a little disappointed, but I am over that now.
The question is, if someone upgrades for free and decides not to purchase Windows 10, what will still work and what will not? Can they just back down to W7/W8 or will a reformat/re-image be required? How will that all play out?
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Computer worked fine with Win8.1 until my antivirus self-disabled and a very high CPU/Mem/Disk usage episode occured last night. Following that, it became impossible to run Firefox and Chrome, they keep crashing. IE works for very brief periods, then crashes too. Tried MBAM twice but it refuses to complete and hangs up at some time. DDS will not run and gives out a 'compatibility mode' issue. Tried uninstalling / reinstalling firefox to no avail. After further tests, every kind of app seem to crash on startup or after a little while, including notepad... However windows boots fine.

The kind of crash is weird. ctrl alt delete seems to hang up too. I have to reboot or must be very patient.

I suspect malware because computer is recent and worked A1 til last night and everything was so sudden.

Sorry I cannot post the requested logs.

Thanks for your time.

A:Suddenly all apps crash, MBAM refuses to complete

Please, observe following rules:

Read all of my instructions very carefully. Your mistakes during cleaning process may have very serious consequences, like unbootable computer.
If you're stuck, or you're not sure about certain step, always ask before doing anything else.
Please refrain from running any tools, fixes or applying any changes to your computer other than those I suggest.
Never run more than one scan at a time.
Keep updating me regarding your computer behavior, good, or bad.
The cleaning process, once started, has to be completed. Even if your computer appears to act better, it may still be infected. Once the computer is totally clean, I'll certainly let you know.
If you leave the topic without explanation in the middle of a cleaning process, you may not be eligible to receive any more help in malware removal forum.
I close my topics if you have not replied in 5 days. If you need more time, simply let me know. If I closed your topic and you need it to be reopened, simply PM me.


Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.

Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.
The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please copy and paste it to your reply.
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So as of today I turned on my computer as normal and everything is running incredibly slowly. Everything takes forever to load and stops responding within a few seconds.

I managed to open the System page and under Processor it says "Not Available" and the same for "Installed Memory (RAM)"

All I have tried is restarting the computer, shutting it down and turning it off for 10 minutes. I have no idea what to do. I also managed to open cmd and try to run sfc /scannow but it said "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service"

I cant think of anything that changed between last night and today, I havnt downloaded anything... Please give me some advice!

A:Computer running incredibly slow as of today. Windows apps not respond

Hello LiteralEdit,

See if your able to run System Restore. This may or may not help. But, a good starting point.

Keep us posted,

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I have windows installed on a SSD which is the C drive. I have all my apps and games installed on a HD which is the E drive. I started the windows 10 install and it said it could not save my apps and settings. I just re-installed because I got the SSD and I would hate to have to go through all of that again, not to mention hundreds of GB of game install on steam.

Is there an app that can backup the windows portion of the apps, and not the data files themselves?

Thank you for your help.

A:Back up system that spreads multiple drives? SSD for win - HD for apps

"Backup" can mean different things to different people.

It might mean simply copying certain folders and their contents with the mouse or keyboard. In that sense, you can backup whatever you want, without any application. File by file, folder by folder. There are applications that can do this in an automated fashion.

But typically, "backup" means everything on a partition (by "imaging") and there may be multiple partitions on a drive--including hidden files, Windows if it's on the partition, installed apps, installed games, and pictures of your cat. In this case, you can't pick and choose what you want to back up within a given partition. It's all or none, partition by partition. The usual suspects include Macrium, Aomei, Acronis, Paragon, and EaseUS.

Going from memory---I think certain (advanced?) versions of certain imaging applications at least claim to allow you to select what you want to include or exclude when cloning and also possibly when making an image file. I'm not at all sure how well this works in practice.

All I can suggest is that you pound Google or the web sites of the major backup application suppliers: Macrium, Aomei, Paragon, Acronis, EaseUS, etc. Drill into their capabilities and then hope you can find someone who has actually tried to use that functionality. Possibly wonderful. Possibly hopeless.
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hello guys

i have encountered bsod for the couple of days... ive got an i7 -4790 , 2g palit video card , 4 g ram ...i really need your help guys coz i want to know if its my ram or video card...

i have attached my .dmp files..

A:BSOD after closing DOTA 2

Allot of important info is missing from your zip, please follow Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions to grab all and upload a new report here.
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I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

I use Adobe Flash CS5.5 Portable for old compatibilities issues.

To make it work I've uninstalled KB3045999, KB3022345 & KB3068708

It worked perfectly till today but unfortunately after a windows update the annoying window "The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component...." has appeared again.

Any idea of which update could conflict again with portable apps ?


A:Portable apps not working again after Windows update

Uninstall one by one to find it?
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Avast smart scan has detected 44 unecessary Apps!!! What can I do for resolving this problem since I do not have any idea which are the unnecessary apps so far!! Thanks any way!

A:Unnecessary Apps!!!

Post a screen shot of the apps it has found as "unnecessary".
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Good afternoon -

Whenever I try to open Microsoft Security Essentials the GUI briefly appears but then immediately closes, and the system tray icon disappears. If I try to reopen it the same thing happens. If I right click and choose Run As Administrator it opens and stays open. I am running MalwareBytes but have no other AV software running or installed (nor has there ever been). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling MSE with the same results. I've done full scans with MBAM and MSE and no issues were found.

I tried using Avast instead... hated all the pop-ups... please help me get MSE back. Thank you!

A:can anyone offer a suggestion for a better program to minimize apps

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Have you tried this,

Personally it sounds like a corrupt user account
Have you tested by creating a new admin account and using it to see if there's any difference ?
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THIS TUTORIAL INVOLVES Docking 64-bit docklet Stack for proper apps shortcuts [TUT]Create program tested on Rocketdock and Objectdock Stack docklet I use Stack Docklet For ObjectDock by [TUT]Create proper 64-bit apps shortcuts for Stack docklet arshi on deviantART on both RD and OD Link Shell Extension Please choose the appropriate version for your OS -bit programs with troublesome shortcuts Since you're reading this this author assumes that you already have Stacks docklet installed and have been using it for quite some time now You are just annoyed why -bit program shortcuts give you error everytime you access it inside the Stack Therefore THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT ABOUT Installing Stacks docklet Creating stacks INTRO -bit application shortcuts are not easy to tame especially when you use Stack docklets to collect them in groups Some shortcuts work in my case Photoshop has been friendly but most of the time they appear as this ugly icon And when you click it a dialog will popup to tell you that it can't be opened A workaround to make -bit applications shortcuts accessible via the Stacks docklet was provided in Aqua-Soft forums Their instruction though good is too technical and time-consuming But I'm a newbie and I want an easy way out So for those having trouble with creating symbolic links here's a quick tip download and install Link Shell Extension The software will add a context menu item Go to C Program Files and select the folder of the -bit program you'd like to include in Stacks docklet In this example I will use -zip Right-click on the folder and select Pick Link Source Then create a folder anywhere But I advise that this folder should contain symbolic links ONLY so they remain organized In my case I put all my symlinked folders in D Apps SymLinks where it sits nicely with my D Apps Shortcuts folder so they're easier to reference in case I needed to change something Open that newly-created folder Right-click anywhere and select Drop As then Symbolic Link The item you just quot dropped quot will now appear in that folder and it has a green overlay icon to indicate that it's a Sym Link CAUTION If you have MS Office Groove installed the extra overlay icons added by Link Shell Extension won't behave nicely Here's a quick explanation of the difference between a linked folder normal shortcut and a symlinked folder -Normal shorcut is like riding an elevator it will transport you from floor A to floor B -Symlink meanwhile acts like having a front door original source and backdoor symlinked destination no matter which one you choose you'll still be able to enter the house Therefore the quot dropped quot folder will behave as if it originally resides in the location you put it in It won't affect the size of your disk but any changes you make in that folder be it the original or the symlink will reflect one and the other So it's better to leave it alone unless you know what you're doing Open the folder you just quot dropped quot Find the program's main exe file that launches the program and create a shortcut for it This newly-created shortcut is what you should use in your Stacks docklet After creating your docklet that include this shortcut you should be able to see the proper icon of your -bit program and click on it This is my very first tutorial so sorry for being sloppy Hope this helps someone -AJ

A:[TUT]Create proper 64-bit apps shortcuts for Stack docklet

Thanks a lot lot this tutorial.
It saved my day
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I am getting a lot of spam in my AOL free email account.
How would I close this account?

A:Closing AOL email

Wikihow has step by step directions on closing account.
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Is there any point in closing ports to shut down RAT communication if one of the trojans or viruses installed an alternate operating system and alternate bootloader?

A:closing ports

I have never heard of a RAT installing an alternative OS, a bootloader yes. Anyways, back to the question. Yes, disrupting communications will buy you time. Time to backup everything. Then you still have to re-install Windows. Take care of what you backup, if you know which file is the RAT, then all is good. However if you don't know, then I would backup only your data: docs, pictures etc. But the best way to begin backup is to disconnect the ethernet wire or disable the WiFi connection ( of a laptop ),
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I recently moved to an apartment that has NO cell phone reception My carrier is Verizon and I the cell reception... I apps use can need network? that NOT any WiFi, No 3G only am on a family share plan with my parents I don t want to get a new cell phone with AT amp T the ONLY carrier that No cell reception... any apps I can use that only need WiFi, NOT the 3G network? has reception where I m at because I m on a tight budget I was hoping to use Skype or Google Voice to make phone calls however the apps don t work on my phone They require a G signal and won t work on just the WiFi I have set up here at the apartment Of course I could always just leave my computer on and make calls from there but it s old and I don t want to risk breaking it So I was hoping someone could give me suggestions for apps that would work with WiFi and do NOT require the G network to make phone calls Is that even possible nbsp

A:No cell reception... any apps I can use that only need WiFi, NOT the 3G network?

text free with voice works on wifi it can be a pain to get the free minutes or you can buy minutes for it but the texting is free voxer and hey tell are similar to PTT but dont have to use 3g
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There's a list of the top 15 here:

But what are your best?

A:Best, useful and free iphone apps

Im more into the games, like cover orange, but i do also use the app teamviewer. When i go on my dads i also use the app to watch tv on it threw sky tv.
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I just got a new iPod.

I downloaded apps yesterday, then synced to iTunes today. The apps I downloaded yesterday no longer work...

Also, from in iTunes on my laptop, I can see my music library on my iPod. I try to, but am unable to, delete songs.



A:new iPod - old apps won't work, cant delete music

Did you have an old iPod synced with iTunes on that computer?
You downloaded apps where? In iTunes? Or on the iPod?
Was the sync today the first sync with the new iPod on that computer?
Did the sync complete or give you errors?
What does "no longer work" mean? You get an error? They're missing? They won't sync?
You're trying to delete songs how? If in iTunes, you delete them from the library and then sync. You can't delete music directly from the iPod in iTunes. If you don't want to delete the music from your iTunes library, then you need to change your sync options to not sync all music and then manually select which songs, artists, albums, or playlists you do want to sync.
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Recently I am unable to open the Store app After a small Windows update I have been unable to access the store When I open the start menu and click the icon it is unresponsive Also when I go through my apps it wont open when clicked there I even had it pinned to my toolbar and the icon disappeared but left space and when I clicked there I got an error message Also as apps wont wont pinned store some and open Windows toolbar 10 the open to I Windows 10 store wont open and some apps pinned to the toolbar wont open was typing this my toolbar began being difficult Certain things like the start icon the calculator icon or the internet explorer icon wont open when clicked But the google chrome and the file explorer icons work well I am not sure if there is a way for me to update the Store app or get it to launch through a browser or do I have to wait till another Windows update to fix my problem Thank you Windows 10 store wont open and some apps pinned to the toolbar wont open for any advice or help in advance nbsp
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having problem using windows update, syncing One drive and having problems signing into programs like xbox video. internet is working but it says there is no connection and to check network connections. also look at firewall settings. ive turned the firewall off and still couldn't connect so turned it back on. also tried adjusting windows defender. help please...

running windows 8.1,
intel i7950 64bit
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Hi, I was hoping someone can answer why this happens. When I type in a forum sometimes or something else i enter some text and all of a sudden the calculator will pop up even though i did not ask for that to happen.

Another example as I was typing in this thread, the start, all programs with docs, pics music..etc pops up. Why does this happen and how?

Is there a way to prevent it? Is this a shortcut issue where you type in a few combination of things and they just open on there own?


A:Apps open when not asking them to open

Try and double click the home button, then swipe up on all the apps (this is your history which keeps apps open constantly) if that doesn't work turn it off and on.
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Have an odd problem - My metro apps do not start from the start menu immediately ! This started a couple of weeks ago when they would not start at all . Reading up on the problem I opened a second user account with admin privs - this account works well and ALL the time. My account however only starts working after I have been logged on for a couple of hours - the event viewer gives errors 2486 and 5973. Without doing anything special and not opening any applications between not working and working it will suddenly start working ! Any ideas?