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Lack of needed memory on flash memory Win 8 machines

Q: Lack of needed memory on flash memory Win 8 machines

I've been looking at the Surface Pro and other tablet/laptop convertible machines fitted with Win 8. The top-end models usually offer only flash memory in stead of a hard drive. The standard 128 GB flash memory available seems hopelessly inadequate for storing Win 8, a full range of programs and a decent amount of data. Most of these thin, expensive models have only one or two USB ports available. Where must the necessary memory come from? Must an external hard drive be carried along? Nothing wears a USB port out more quickly than a fairly heavy external device such as a hard drive dangling from it in mobile situations.

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Preferred Solution: Lack of needed memory on flash memory Win 8 machines

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lack of needed memory on flash memory Win 8 machines

You can add extra storage with SD cards on some of them. It's not ideal but better than nothing I guess.
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I know the question is awkward. So hopefully, I can explain it.

Say that I have a 500 GB external hard drive. But as it turns out, there's only 465 GB according to it and my computer. Why isn't there 500 Gb, but rather only 465? This also applies to mp3 players like iPods.

Why is this?

Can I do something to get back the "hidden" memory?

A:Solved: Why is there never the full memory on external/flash memory hard drives?
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I am running a PC with 256Mb of memory.

I have discovered that according to my system I have only 33Mb of memory left. How would this affect my PC. Would it make my internet connection run slower or would it just affect applications?.

What is the best solution. Can I buy extra memory and if so how easy and costly is it. Alternatively can I free up some memory on the system that I currently run.

Any help appreciated.



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I have 3GB of ram but only 1.3GB is available according to system health report.
Due to this My system crashes ..
Please Help..I have attached system health report

A:Lack Of Memory ! Please Help

Why dont you go back to its original windows version (home premium) by restoring to factory defaults and see if that fixes the problem? Or, post a WGA report so we can start looking @ the issue.
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Hi, i bought hp pavilion 550 256na in march and have only just got around to setting it up. i tried to set up my dropbox which has 77gb of data but message came up saying not enough memory?? when i checked the system "about" it only has 128gb.... surely this cant be right?? i thought this machine had 2tb and 8gb ram. Can someone help me out. surely no new pc will just have 128gb?? Go easy on me. lol Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Ben
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http forums techguy org digital-photography-imaging -help-photoshop html basically the same as the above now closed link and info I have tried all the above with no joy memory or cs of? lack photoshop First let me explain that I have a legit copy of cs but I bought a US version and installed it in the UK no no no said ADOBE in the UK we cant have that but I said that I was months in UK months in the States oh they said never had that before please phone ADOBE in the States Adobe were obliging in as photoshop cs memory or lack of? much as I was able to install it But they gave me a whole set of instructions to do and new codes to imput I have no way of duplicating what they told me to do anyway no trouble for several years then a boot failure and I have had to transfer stuff to a new hard drive I was able to still photoshop cs memory or lack of? access my old drive as a slave to copy some stuff across but this drive is very iffy so it is only there for the temp anyway I am still getting this memory could not be allocated for the activation process any help would be appreciated nbsp
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Hi i have a REALLY OLD COMPUTER as you can see for people that know me its a hp media center pc m c PC SPEC gb of ram Window Ultimate Intel Pentuim processors ok go ahead laugh ghz both LAUGH AT THAT HA What i see from task manager is physical memory is always near or yet drastic lag Nothin boots on my start up besides intel grapihcs card thing but nothin else i know that to well THING I DO WHEN I START UP COMPUTER First things first I start game booster then i turn on Advanced sytem care and i do everything on the check list Its done ususally no malware are there i know to good to update once everytime I do spyware check KILLED THEM ALL then i do Pc to maybe death memory. the of to idk lack lag antivirus check Always non I use malware byes Perfect Click Google Chrome Wait maybe Pc lag to the death idk maybe to lack of memory. minutes to load Then do my bussnuss All this takes atleast minutes Any ways to improve system speed

A:Pc lag to the death idk maybe to lack of memory.

BTW not to bump or anything but window explorer.exe only takes in 10,000 kbs of ram. Isnt it suppose to take atleast 20 or 30,000?
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Hello All,

I am developing an application in .NET 2003, it needs too much memory, when I run it on windows XP it used about 50 MB of the memory and then it breaks, My PC ram is 1 GB, but looks like the systems doesn't allow it to use more memory.

How can I resolve this issue and allow my application to use much memory, about half a gage or so?

Thank a lot

A:Lack of Memory for my application?

Allo mohd

What programs do you have running in the background??? for example - Nastyware scanners - Messenger - Skype - Firewall and so on???

Try shutting down what you don't need for your project. That should free up some more memory, hopefully enough to finish your work.
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I am struggling with my hard drive memory on my laptop.

Im really struggling because I am unable to do things on my laptop now.

I have an acer aspire 4920 Laptop. Intel core 2 duo processor T5250, I have 120GB of memory. 1.5GHz, 867 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache. 2GB RAM. Thats all I know really.

In My C Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 2.93GB of space left.
In my D Drive I have 49.5GB of space and only have 6.92GB of space left.

I only have like 20GB at the most of music and photos etc but have hardly any hard drive memory left. What is happening to the rest of my hard drive memory???

I would like to know what to do to free memory up on my hard drive???

I dont understand why I have this problem of lack of space If I hardly have any media stored on.

Please could someone help me.

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It seems I have the absolute worst luck with this laptop because here I am again with another virus or something This is my Dell C laptop Windows XP I have this ANG Antivirus program which -- Virus lack a or corruption or Malware memory?! virtual something and of my computer Malware or a Virus or something -- corruption and lack of virtual memory?! practically forced me to buy via consistant popups and lack of any other sort of virus protection etc and Spybot Search and Destroy which I thought was working pretty well Spybot started to send me these popups which like an idiot I didn t fully read There was an ALLOW button and a DENY button and I think for about three of them I hit Allow and basically Malware or a Virus or something -- corruption and lack of virtual memory?! allowed all kinds of Malware into my computer Now my programs exit out by themselves any type of Anti-Malware Spyware anything becomes corrupted the moment it s saved to my computer so I can t use it everything s freezing programs already on my computer such as Add or Remove Programs won t open are corrupted shut themselves off and it s a mess On top of that I keep getting a little pop up saying I m out of virtual memory I m wondering if that s actually relevant or if that s just my laptop being a jerk on top of anything else Help would be much appreciated My computer technician takes multiple days to get my laptop back to me whenever I bring it to him - - nbsp
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--------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory Memory,Dedicated consistant Memory,Shared not Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICK-PC Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack longhorn rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Model G S BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode A person in my thread here http forums worldofwarcraft com thread html topicId amp postId amp sid said That doesn t look right my GTS displays Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Could you have bad videocard memory Or maybe reinstal direct X Click to expand So I m not sure where to start and I Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant m hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I ve been having with graphical Discrpencies in World of Warcraft I haven t notice any in Call of Duty nbsp

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Recently in the past few days windows aero decides to turn off. I can re-enable it with the personalization but it seems like a hassle to do all the time. The computer also says that it "exceeded it's allowable memory" or something along those lines.

So my question is this: Why is it doing this and how can I fix it? Also, on a related note, how can I make it so my programs can use more of my available RAM?

A:Windows Aero disables "lack of memory" error

Quote: Originally Posted by darkelementz

Recently in the past few days windows aero decides to turn off. I can re-enable it with the personalization but it seems like a hassle to do all the time. The computer also says that it "exceeded it's allowable memory" or something along those lines.

So my question is this: Why is it doing this and how can I fix it? Also, on a related note, how can I make it so my programs can use more of my available RAM?

Could you tell us your system specs?

My crystal ball is in being repaired.
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Hi folks,

I've been looking for a USB Flash Memory maker but I don't manage to find a single address. I found hundreds USB key makers I'm not interested in. I just want the electronic system you put inside the USB key to make my own one. Could you help me to find a site? Thank you in advance.


A:Usb Flash Memory

You need a controller chip (search for usb flash controller) and a flash chip.

And some mad soldering skills because AFAIK all these chips come in surface-mount packages which are a PITA to handle manually.

I suggest you find either an electronics dealer and play with what they have to offer. Pick a controller chip, read the spec sheet and application notes and then pick the rest of the components according to that.
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I have windows Vista Home prem computer and I insert my flash memery in a USB port but nothing has appeard in my computer. However, there is the usual icon in the taskbar saying that I can remove the flash memory safely.

A:USB Flash memory

I gladly ridded myself of Vista on all five of my systems and went back to the freedom and ease of use of XP Pro so I cannot tell you the steps in Vista; but, in XP, I would go to Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management> Disk Management and see if the drive shows up there.

Let us know your result.
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Don't know if this is the right forum, but I just purchased the Rio One MP3 player and am happy with it except for the lack of memory. I don't know anything about flash memory. Do I just look for any flash memory card and expect it to work, or do I need one specific to my player?


A:Flash memory

I found this at Rio's site. It is talking about the Flash memory in the rave: mp 2200, but it explains about where you can find the flash memory.
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I recently purchased two different 4 GB SD Memory cards and when I put them into either my computer or my palm pilot, the computer says no card inserted as well as the palm. What the heck am I doing wrong? If I take a card that I have in my digital camera and put in my palm or my computer they are opened just fine. Help, I am not sure what to do next.

A:New SD Flash Memory

What can I do?

What can I do about it? Can I get some sort of software or do I just use only 2GB and smaller SD cards? BTW Thank you for your response.
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Does anyone know of a recovery program for fixing or recovering corrupt cards contents.I have a 1gig card when I try to format its say Please insert disk like the cards not even their

A:Sd Flash Memory

Start, Run, diskmgmt.msc

Try to format it there.
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Recently got a 128MB flash memory drive to transport files around. Realized today that the office computer still has WINDOWS 95....

the drivers that came with it start at Win98 and I couldn't find anything on or

The flash memory is generic, says speed drive on the outside (got it on ebay for a steal).

Is there any way I can force my Win95 PC to recognize the drive?

THanks in advance

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Does anyone Know of a program that fixes them? Ive got one and it say card error all the time Thanks
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I bought two different flash memory devices and they work fine on my windows XP but will not work on my windows 98 computer. It says it cannot find the driver for the device. Any idea on how to acquire the drivers for my 98?

A:flash memory

Go to the manufacturers web site, providing the company provides support for Win98se you should be able to download them.

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Does anyone Know of a program that fixes them? Ive got one and it say card error all the time. Cant format says No disk in Drive??? Thanks

A:Sd Flash Memory

Waht are you using to read it?
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I recently aquired a 16Gb flash stick, was wondering if there was any way to use (via 3rd party software) readyboost on xp?
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W2K prof SP4, AMD 1.4 G 512 MB
Happily running a Fuji camera and a SAN disk card reader when at the next boot up....
The flash memory cannot be read. The camera is seen, the card reader is seen but the card reader keeps on asking for a card to be inserted and the camera does not generate a drive letter for data to be down loaded.

Done the usual things

any guesses folks
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I might buy memory for my really slow computer, but first I have to know how it costs and what type I would need.

I have a

Dell XPS R450
Intel Pentium II Processor
448 MHz
128 MB of RAM.

I was thinking of getting another 128 of ram, thinking it will speed up my computer a lot.

Does anyone know if my theory is true, that it will speed up my computer?

And also what type would I need and how much will it cost?

Thanks a lot!

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My laptop has 2 GB ram total in 2 sticks and im wanting to add more, I have scanned with Crucial and got the memory info I need but am a bit confused over the numerous types of the stick I need.Crucial says I have DDR2-PC2 5300 unbuffered NON-ECC 1.8v 256MEG x 64,,,I am not sure what all that means and so could someone tell me which I need, I have searched and there is lots of DDR2 PC2 5300 but with numerous stats after and I don't know which will fit my laptop

A:Memory help needed

Most RAM will be non-ECC and that's what you want.

It's nearly always mentioned in the specifications at the seller's site, whether that is Newegg, Amazon, or Crucial.

You could buy directly from Crucial if you want. Or get the Crucial part number and locate it at somewhere like Newegg.

Or buy another good brand like Kingston, Corsair, or Gskill.

You should also probably go to the laptop manufacturer's web site and locate your laptop. There should be a specification sheet for that laptop that will tell you the maximum memory it can take and what the specs must be. Pay attention to that.

The Crucial configurator is highly accurate, but not perfect.

The main things to pay attention to are the voltage, ECC or non-ECC, buffered or unbuffered, type (DDR 2, DDR 3, etc), speed (PC2 5300 for instance). You also need to make sure you are getting the right DIMM specification---DDR2 for a laptop is typically 200 pin, as far as I know.

Here's a bunch of DDR2 200 pin DIMMs at Newegg. All of it 1.8 volt, but varying speeds and latencies.

Computer Hardware, Memory, Laptop Memory, New, DDR2 400 (PC2 3200), DDR2 533 (PC2 4200), DDR2 667 (PC2 5200), DDR2 667 (PC2 5300), DDR2 800 (PC2 6400... -

Are you replacing your existing RAM? Or keeping it and adding more? I assume you just have 2 RAM slots? If you have 2 slots and are replacing all existing RAM, you'd need to buy a set of 2 sticks sold as a single unit--either two sticks of 2 GB each (4 GB total) or 2 sticks of 4 GB each (8 GB total), whatever you want.

If you have Windows 32 bit and have no intentions of moving to 64 bit, there's no reason whatsoever to get more than 4 GB of RAM, total. So, you'd get a set of two 2 GB sticks, for a total of 4 GB.

Here's the Newegg list of 4 GB DDR2 laptop kits, non-ECC, 1.8 volt, 200 pin, PC2-5300:

Memory help needed

I'd probably get one of the lower priced Mushkins or the $45.39 Crucial; no need to spend more.
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My system get slow on some program. Could more memory help to accelerate them

PC Q99600 Asus P5B 2.4Mhz
Memory 6G
Windows 64

Drive: SSD 128K

I understand the limit of 3G for the old Windows XP. My Win 7 is 64, but many applications ( majority) do run under 32bit. I suppose that these programs running under 32 bit have the same limitation about the memory.

- Could increasing my memory could help to get better performance?
- Should I select to run Microsoft Office in 64 and all available software in 64?

Is it a good idea to overclock (within the limit) and proper heatsink?

Any info appreciated


A:More memory needed?

You should definitely use 64-Bit programs when available. I don't think you really need more RAM unless you are running out of space. If you know what you are doing as far as overclocking goes, then I say yes(if you have a overclock-able CPU).
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I need some help. My PC is shutting down down every now telling that my memory is not enough.

Can any one help me to clean up my memory and also see if there is no virus affected or hacked.

I have also a small pb, my spybot starts whenever i open my PC. It is the first application that works even before any other application starts. can any one help me to configure it so it is opening not at the beginning but only when i want it?

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i have a dell inspiron 1501 and when i check my memory it says i only have 446 mb of ram when they only make 512mb now so i was told before that my memory was being shared with my video memory so i was wondering how to seperate it

A:ram memory help needed

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

Since you have laptop, your only option is to add more ram.

The only way to eliminate the use of onboard graphics is to install a video card, and AFAIK that can't be with laptops.

I would recommend having closer to 1gb of ram with Vista anyway. It's a memory hog.
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I have an older Toshiba laptop,P205-S7806. I want to upgrade the memory but was told it came with 2gb and that's all it can hold,it is a 32bit. I am not computer savvy by no means so please any help,make it simple. I was told I could change it from the 32bit to 64bit,is this really easy and then can I use more memory..thanks for any help you give me..

A:Memory needed

They were correct, 2GB is the max for your notebook.

Memory Upgrade for Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Laptop
Crucial® Memory Advisor results for the Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Laptop/Notebook.
Toshiba Satellite P205-S7806 Memory Upgrades
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Need help finding where to download pci flash memory for

Acer Aspire 5610z with windows 7

Thanks in advance

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i just upgraded my work pc from win 98se to win xp pro.. when i plug in my usb flash memory(kingston) the pc finds the device.. but its not recognized in windows explorer... ive also went to my computer.. its no were to be found..
in the device manager.. it shows up and says its working properly...
dont know what else to do..
i plugged in another brand of usb flash and that worked fine.. im using my kingston usb flash at home right now.. running winxp home..
thanks for any help

A:usb flash memory not found

My experience is that some USB flash memory devices need a driver and some are automatically recognized by WinXP. My IOMEGA device requires their driver...on a mini-CD. I purchased newer USB flash devices that are automatic. Check with Kingston or try a newer device.
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I've been using these SanDisk usb sticks lately and they seem to try to load some software on your pc when you use them, i hate that, can i just delete all that crap on them or do they need this stuff to work?
Looks like something called Launch Pad. there also seems to be a hidden folder called system, whats that about?
I want my memory stick to be just blank drives is that a problem?

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Flash Memory ScanDisk Cruzer Blade 8 GB

Tried to open Flash Memory , i found error message that it's not accessible , size of it is Zero !!
also it's RAW drive
how to fix it ?
Kindly be notified that there is date in flash memory and it's important to me ( Formatting isn't solution)

A:Flash memory is not accessible

Download: Parted Magic 2013.08.01Use: Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way to create a bootable USB.Boot up with the USB BootableFollow the instruction on this link: ? How To Fix: External Disk Drive Suddenly Became RAW
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When using a usb memory flash card for the first time in windows xp or any PC for that matter, it reads he device and then tells you the device is ready. Almost as if the computer is reading in info about the device to its registery.

My question, when you plug in a USB hard drive or USB flash memory jump drive does it save that info (such as device info, what kind of device it is, serial numbers, files accessed etc) onto the PC??

or is that data stored on the actual USB device??


A:USB flash memory devices??

mike314 said:

When using a usb memory flash card for the first time in windows xp or any PC for that matter, it reads he device and then tells you the device is ready. Almost as if the computer is reading in info about the device to its registery.

My question, when you plug in a USB hard drive or USB flash memory jump drive does it save that info (such as device info, what kind of device it is, serial numbers, files accessed etc) onto the PC??

or is that data stored on the actual USB device??

thanksClick to expand...

all depends on the device. Most computers will save the drivers so that they are ready to go the next time the device is plugged in. Instead of installing the device every time, it can store sum stuff so you can access it faster.

Its nothing to be worried about (as long as its virus free, since some drives can have autorun), why do you ask?
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Hey guys. I need you help with something. I have a flash memory drive 1GB and for the past few weeks its been messing up. It usually tells me that it is write protected when I try to transfer anything on it. When I format it, its usually fine for a few days. But the problem persists. Help!!
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I am looking to get a USB flash memory dongle here but I am not sure which one to buy.

Can I ask, what is the difference, if any, between them?

The prices seem to vary a bit, is this a quality thing?

I want to back up some photos but more importantly to do a regular back up of work files, like written documents and images that I may use again for work in the future.

Do not want to back up with Drive or something similar online.

A:USB Flash Memory - What's the difference

Quality is definitely a thing. Cheap ones tend to be very slow and don't last nearly as long.

Generally if something is branded with a movie/tv-show it's not going to be a very good USB stick.

Generally you want to buy one that states what speeds you get from it as that guarantees quality. Makes sure it's USB 3.0 (or 3.1 if they exist yet) and has at least 50MB/s write speeds.
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Hello guys,

I have an USB flash memory brand PNY. Its speed is very low, that is, when I copy or delete files into/from it, it takes a very long time to be done. Is there a way to speed it up?


A:Speed the USB flash memory up

NO. Most likely you have it inserted to a USB 1.1 slot when it needs USB 2.0.
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Hi All,

I have a 2gb Corsair Flash Voyegar memory stick and recently it was full so I opened uo the folder pressed (ctrl+a) selected everything and pressed delete only problem is now anytime I plug it into computer wiindows wont see this?? I am running Windows 7 but same problem when I plug it into XP machine? Could I have deleted some files from this device that is needed for this to work? when I pklug it into my computer i can still hear the USB sound too same when I plug it out sound agian???


A:Corsair Flash Memory

try reformatting the flash drive if you can with the windows formatting tool
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hey guys :)

i have downloaded windows 10 recently from windows update and it is working great for me :)

but now i need to give it to some friends to install it

can i create a copy of my windows 10 to a flash memory

so anyone who plugs in the flash memory sees the [setup] file which begins the windows install ?!

can i do this without downloading the windows again or i have to download again?

~Thanks in Advance~

A:put windows 10 on flash memory

Why not have them upgrade their PCs via Windows Update?
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Hello guys,

I have an USB flash memory brand PNY. Its speed is very low, that is, when I copy or delete files into/from it, it takes a very long time to be done. Is there a way to speed it up?


A:speed the USB flash memory up

Well if you're using USB 2.0 with it, it's naturally pretty slow these days. I would just say use USB 3.0 when copying or moving files to it.

You can also optimize it to perform better with this guide:

Make Your USB Flash Drive REALLY Fast

Hope I helped
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every time i plug my usb flash memory in the CPU to get a copy of my files, there is always a virus moves in along. when i plug my usb at home, my anti virus program will inform me bout it's existence. any idea how to stop the virus from coming in my usb?

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So I have this 8 GB flash drive and I went to put some pictures on it. I had ten pics I wanted to put on that are fairly small in size and the memory stick would only take 4 of them. There is no way those pictures equal 8 GB...what to do? Why is this happening?

A:Flash drive not enough memory?

First of all... welcome to T/S!
You must have somethng else on that drive.
Are you the PC Administrator? Are you able to see hidden files?
My 4GB flash drive is "U3" so it has U3 software on it, but I still have close to 4GB on it.
To have pictures over 1GB n size isn't abnormal these days with the hi-res cameras around.
Open "my computer" and see what you truly have on there.
Were you getting any errors? If you post this info, it may help
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We have a Fugitzu T4020 Laptop and it has a Flash memory slot in the front that takes PRO...M..and SD memory from what it says over the slot. Anyways...we have memory that someone tried puttin in the laptop and theirs usually a windows popup that says....what would you like to do...which is the autoplay thingy....and u can say folder to view files...view pic slideshow...or take no action. We're pretty sure that he accidentally clicked on "never show this again" radio button on that window.... And the problem is when he plugs it in that it will not give him that window. How do you get that setting back where the window will pop back up to ask to what u want to do? We tried right cllckin the memory stick and saying autoplay but it didnt work.

A:Flash memory....accidentally said..never ask again

Open My Computer, right click on the drive letter for the memory card, left click Properties, and you'll see a tab that says Autostart. You can check the box that says "Always ask"...
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Hi all! I have a problem with my memory stick. I bought it in USA and it worked OK. Now I am for the Holydays at Europe and tried to get some information from it on a computer here and a massage" USB device not recognized" popped up. Do you have any idea what is going on. I appreciate any help!!!!

A:flash memory drive (USB 2.0)

I'm not sure of what type of message you'd get, but is it possible that you dont have USB 2.0 on your computer? Maybe you have the older USB 1.1 version, or your memory stick could have been damaged.
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I seem to be way, way behind the times. I've just heard about these little devices -- USB Flash Memory Drives, and I really think it's for me. So -- I would appreciate recommendations as to brand and anything else that might be helpful to me.

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i have never used one of these memory sticks before...

can you take off data just as well as putting on data. is it re-usable, or once the data is on the stick its there forever ?

much appreciated

A:USB memory Flash drive

They work just like a floppy disk, just faster and more capacity in a much smaller package. Yes,they are rewritable. Some have password protection,file compression software and U3 software. And USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1.
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Hello all,

I have a TECHNIKA MP3-player 1 GB USB flash memory. I saved some music files on it as well as excel and word document files. I was using it yesturday on my Desktop and it was working properly. When I used today at a university desktop, it opened but all the saved files were not there. I tried to open it at my Desktop again but i had the same problem, although when you can play the music files from the flash directly. The flash memory was named and now when you try to open, the name doesn't show and I guess it is opened with a different drive.

Would anybody suggest a solution for this problem plz !!!

A:Urgent Help with USB Flash Memory

Just to be clear here

You have a TECHNIKA MP3-player 1 GB USB flash drive
Which has music and documents on it

Opening at the university desktop, All files have vanished.
Re-opening on your original (Home?) computer shows no files as well.

Also the drive name has also changed

Other than trying another computer (which you have done ? )
And opening your drive manually from My Computer (Right Click - Open)
It sounds as though your 1 GB USB flash drive has been wiped.
This can happen if the drive was being used extensively (ie music listening)
And if the drive was full - or close to full.

I would suggest that you do not use this drive for important documents in future as it may have been damaged.
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I have 8GB fake oversized USB flash memory. The flash memory says that it store 8GB and you can store 8GB but when you check the stored data only 512MB is stored correctly and the rest is corupted.

Is there a software that correct the flash memory size to its true size?

Relevancy 64.5%

i recently purchased restart flash usb memory a notebook from dell inspirion everything works fine except the dell memory key mb i bought with my notebook it works fine in my notebook however when i plug it into my desktop not a dell it causes my computer to restart it seems to work well usb flash memory restart in other desktops that i have tried it on some dell some usb flash memory restart not i have tried uninstalling my usb drivers through the device manager but my computer still restarts by the way we replaced our motherboard and processor the week before christmas new specs motherboard-MSI K T Neo series AMD Sempron Socket DDR running win xp pro i have spent a lot of time on the phone with dell but to no avail they had me download a patch but it didn t work obviously they aren t supposed to help with anything not purchased from them but they tried to help me since i bought the memory key from them also i have tried each of my usb ports and got the same result my brother has an older memory key that he bought from dell that worked fine in my computer i think his and mine were made by different companies though is there anything that i can do to be able to use my memory key with my desktop nbsp

Relevancy 64.5%

When I have more than one device attached to the PC through USB the system crashes when I plug in the LG USB Flash Memory Stick. It waits for the little pop up which says it has been found - thinks for a moment or three then crashes the machine - or rather reboots it.

I have reformatted the drive - no use.

Any ideas


A:USB Flash memory Crashing

Try this to find an error:

- Right click My Computer, go to Properties
- Go to the Advanced tab.
- Under Startup and Recovery, uncheck automatically restart on system failure.

This should give you an error instead of crashing. A couple questions:

- What operating system are you using?
- Specifically, what devices are plugged in when you insert your USB memory stick? Netcam, mouse, or what?

Relevancy 64.5%

hello, i heard with windows vista that youll be able to put a flash drive into a usb2.0 port and it can act as RAM, somehow, so this means i can basically get 4gb of ram for less then $100, SWEET!!, i live in reality so i know thats too good to be true, but i was just curious if anyone could tell me more on this subject, and not just redirect me to a website ive already looked at??? thanks!!.

also, this is not the case but lets pretend my computer has 512mb of ram, which is just enough for windows vista, im sure vista would run like crap with only 512mb but what if i plugged in a 2gb flash drive, would windows vista run like a champ then?

A:flash drive memory

well, in a nutshell, nope. 1st of all it only works with certain flash drives. they have to be high dollar, high speed flash drives, and then it doesn't use them for ram. what it does is writes the virtual ram page file to the flash drive, as these high speed flash drives have faster read/write times than a standard disk basked hard drive. so i'd still make sure you have at least 1gig ram before getting vista.
Relevancy 64.5%

Oops - sorry about the spelling mistake in the title - s/b "USB Flash Memory..."

My wife has a new Kia Sportage and the radio has a USB port which you can plug in a memory stick loaded with mp3s, which then can be played through the radio system - nice feature - works great.

When she uses a 2 GB stick, and each time the car/radio is turned off and then back on the system will remember where it was playing and continue playing at that point.

However - when she does the same thing with a (new) 4 GB stick, the music will always start playing from the 1st mp3 file each time the car/radio is switched on and off.

Anybody have any ideas why these 2 flash mems are working differently - and how to get the 4GM to 'remember' where the music last stopped...?

Relevancy 64.5%

Hi I have recently purchased a gB USB Flash memory It works fine on my laptop but on my home PC it simply locks up the whole system and causes a crash It also displays an i o error flash on usb memory i/o error when attempting to save anything on it My laptop runs XP Professional and home PC runs XP Home SP and both support USB which the product supposedly is Both PC s are constantly updated with Windows updates I used the flash memory in another laptop and it also worked fine their too I ve tried different USB sockets but to no avail I read somewhere to change the drive i/o error on usb flash memory letter and did so but to no avail I also reformatted the flash memory as suggested somewhere using the laptop as the home PC couldn t do it but that has done nothing either Does anyone have any other suggestions i/o error on usb flash memory as I find it amazing that something this small can render my home system pentium Ghz Ghz RAM useless when plugged in nbsp

A:i/o error on usb flash memory

The probability is that the card reader in use on the PC that causes the issue cannot recognise a card of 1 GB due to memory addressing limitations.

Earlier readers have had addressing limitations, now even later readers are running into the 2 GB addressing barrier.
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I bought a PNY 256 MB, Flash Memory (attache). Installed BOTH drivers from the manufacturer's site ("Attache" and the 2.0) and installed both drivers.

I only see the drive (PNY) "G" if I explore the drives (My Computer/Explore/Drivers) AFTER I insert the stick.

I also cannot save directly to the PNY stick (can save a document to another drive and then copy/paste, but again...once I close the explore drives window, the "G: drive goes away.

I am using a gateway PIII, 512 RAM, Win98SE.

Any fix to this?

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Memory Stick Pro or flash. I'll put my homeworks in it and go to the J.C to print them out. Which memory or flash do I order ?

Relevancy 64.5%

Imation Nano Flash Drive 8GB


SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive 8GB


Kingston DataTraveler DT100 8GB USB flash drive

..which one is best? thx

A:Buying a flash memory!

Kingston and SanDisk make dang good flash memory. I would go with either of those two
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all of a sudden my pc wont read my compact flash card or smart media cards. can anyone help please. i have a phillips freeline with plenty of memory.
Relevancy 64.5%

In theory shouldn't I be able to use any flash memory as RAM with Vista, even if it's not ReadyBoost?

A:External flash memory as RAM

From wikipedia;

For a device to be compatible and useful it must conform to the following requirements:

The capacity of the removable media must be at least 256 MB (250 after formatting)
Devices larger than 4 GB will have only 4 GB used for ReadyBoost
The device should have an access time of 1 ms or less
The device must be capable of 2.5 MB/s read speeds for 4 KB random reads spread uniformly across the entire device and 1.75 MB/s write speeds for 512 KB random writes spread uniformly across the device
The device must have at least 235 MB of free space
NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 are supported

Persistent I/O function of flash used for RAM other than ReadyBoost is not really practical yet.
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hi everyone this is my first add in this forum.
i was buy sony flash memory sony 8GB.

i was remove flash memory directly from my laptop i was forget to go safe remove. when i want to plugin again this its shown please insert in to drive G:
when i try to do format its shown There is no disk in drive G: inster a disk, and then try again. Please i need help from everyone how see this please advice me what i do i hope i can use this fash again Thanks for help i hope u will help me out .... [email protected]

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I want to burn XP CD ISO into USB flash momery.

Note: for windows 7, I use windows 7 USB/DVD tool but it doesn't seem to work with XP. I don't know if the reson because its XP or because it CD ISO not DVD iso

A:Burn XP CD ISO into USB flash memory

go here. here.
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Hi again,

A friend of mine has been having problems with her computer and she has been trying to save her buisness files to a CD of floppy but she can't. I'm wondering however if a flash memory would be OK to use instead? Any ideas?
Thank you

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Why do manufacturers still bother making regular hard drives with moving parts? In the store they have cheap USB's and they are tiny. Is it still cheaper to make the regular hard drives?

A:Why don't we all convert to flash memory?

SSD vs HDD | - Storage Reviews
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When I installed vista, it won't use new flash drives saying i need to install an new specific driver. Also when I try to connect my psp it tells me i need to install a specific driver when it's just a mass storage device. And while im on the subject, it asks for a driver for just a memory stick duo. Any helpful ideas are welcome.


A:USB Flash memory issue

check this forum topic:

Vista cannot find USB drivers

if you're using an intel motherboard you can download the chipset driver here:
Relevancy 64.07%

I have a co-worker asking me what memory card does he need to expand his memory and I don't have a clue. I tried looking on some retailer sites and I just get more confused. He has an older computer and this is what he has;

Compaq 4400US Series 4000
Intel Celeron 1.3 ghz
128 mb Syncdram total system memory
40 gb ultradma hard drive
24xmax cd-rw drive with easy cd creator software
56k v.90 modem
MS windows xp home

Any advice you can give me that I can pass on to him would be appreciated.

A:What Memory Card is Needed

From your summary of the system he definitely does need to add RAM. It looks as though he has SDRam installed and that's getting harder to get now. If he wants to try getting it I would go for 2 sticks of SDRam, each stick having a capacity of 256meg (total 512meg). The system is only capable of seeing 512 meg of RAM and can only be installed via the 2 chip method I described above. Also, it appears that the Presario 4400US uses proprietary RAM which means buying it through HP/Compaq. Generic RAM is most likely not going to work in it.

Suggest to your friend that it would probably be a good time to upgrade to a more modern system. Any money spent on that system will be dead money as most of the parts won't be compatible with an upgraded system (especially the RAM).
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i need to upgrade my memory. I know that i already have SDRAM installed. Is this all you need to know when purchasing more?

In case not, I have copied and pasted the details of my computer, hoping that someone can advise me about what kind of memory i need to go out and buy.

Thanks in advance.


System Alphacode Search

Alpha Code U117 System Name Studio Writer
Description U117 STUDIO WRITER

Processor Athlon 800 Memory 128MB SDRAM
Mainboard MS-6340 KM Case MICRO ATX TOWER
I/O PCI IDE (ENHANCED) PSU Delta DPS-145PB-111 A Rev00
Comms 56K Modem-CNR

Restore Pack Restore Pack 1: V1.4 ME Extras CD

Addition Tiny Extras CD V1.5 Addition DVD Rom 6x
Addition CDRW Addition Onboard Wavetable 32

A:memory needed but unsure

This should be what you need

SDRAM, PC133 • CL=2 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 7.5ns • 3.3V

You can check using configurator, although there are about 5 different motherboards with that number they looked like they all used the above, the last configuration info on the above is missing as that changes with the size of the chip you but
Relevancy 64.07%

Vista X64 Business
8 gigs ram, Bios set to use all of it. .

currently open:
windows task manager
resource monitor
ie 7, thee windows
windows explorer

windows task master says:
Memory graph - 1.55 GIGS used

Physical memory box
Total 8190
Cached 7119
Free 17

Resource monitor says
19% used, which would be 1.55

so why am i cahching so much memory? or is the cahced memory inaccrate calculation?



A:Memory interpretation needed

I'd suggest not worrying about memory usage statistics unless you're a developer tweaking your code or you're experiencing problems which you suspect could be related to (lack of) available memory.

The days when "used" and "free" memory were complimentary numbers which would add up to your total installed RAM are long gone. Even XP and Win2K no longer worked that way. To give you an example, in Task Manager parlance "available" means the memory is unassigned, or it is assigned but can be quickly repurposed, or it is assigned but is already in the process of being repurposed.

Vista also adds "superfetch" which attempts to move stuff into memory proactively based on your past usage patterns - portions of an app may already be occupying memory because the OS suspects you're about to use them.

If there's no perceptible problem, don't worry about the numbers.
Relevancy 64.07% is that memory any better then this memory:

or is it just a big money game...i eman im building a pc for $3000 and i want good stuff but i don't wanna spend UNNECESSARY money on such a stupid mistake like choosing the memory. i have read the reviews on both kidns of memory and there both now i ask for help...which is the ebtter value ALL around(not jsut money)
some opinions would be great on this subject

Thanks to all who contribute any opinions!

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I need a memory test for an issue with Chrome
Was asked by a Global Moderator to post here

A:Memory test needed

Hi f-ingComputer You can test your RAM sticks using Memtest86+. I suggest you to run a test on each stick individually, this way if one is bad, you'll be able to identify it right away and not have to repeat the process on each of them. Be sure to test all your RAM sticks.Follow the instructions in the thread below. They are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
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Hey Guys Was Wondering If Anyone Could Reccomend 2? DDR memory audio or for DDR More P.C! needed Some Suitable Ram Uprgrades For My P c I Have A Carillon Ac- Audio P c I m Looking To Spend Around Gbp But Im Willing To Shop Around I Use The P c Mainly For Audio Puporses But Also Play The Latest Games So I Need Something Fairly Good The Audio Software I Use Is Cubase Sl And Kontakt Often With Lots Of Plug-ins I Have Noticed That When I Have Alot Of Instruments Loaded In My Sampler kontakt That There Are Little Glitches And I Get Low Memory Warnings So I Need To Get Somehthing To Fix This I Am A Little Confused Between Ddr And Ddr What Are The Differences And Benifits Also What Are The Different pc Speeds For AND WHAT EXACTLY DOES DUAL CHANNEL MEMORY DO Anyhelp Would Be Greatly Appreciated More memory needed for audio P.C! DDR or DDR 2? Regards Processor Intel Pentium MHz Motherboard AsRock i GV Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM Cooling Zalman Silent CPU Cooler Videocard Leadtek Winfast A TDH Geforce Soundcard Speakers E-mu Hard Disk s GB Seagate Baracuda Other Drives DVD RW Drive Case Carillon AC- Other Peripherals E-Mu X-Board nbsp

A:More memory needed for audio P.C! DDR or DDR 2?

hello tyleronline your pc looks like it takes ddr pc 3200 ram do you courintly have 2x 256 or one 512 gb sitck of ram in your computer
Relevancy 64.07%

Hi Everyone,

I have an MSI K7T266 Pro 2 motherboard with 2 x 256MB 184 pin PC2100 DDR SDRAM installed. It has 3 memory banks 2 of which are populated

Is it possible to upgrade the memory on this motherboard to PC2700 or PC3200 (DDR400)? The manual says it supports PC1600 & PC2100 "At the time of writing" Does this mean it might support future memory upgrades?

Can I mix memory types? eg Could I leave the existing 2 x 256MB PC2100 modules there and add say 1GB of PC2700 or PC3200 to fill the vacant third slot?

Thanks for your help.


A:Memory Upgrade Help Needed

Im sorry to say that this board will only support up to ddr 2100. Only a newer motherboard that supports ddr 2700 can handle that kind of memory. If the motherboard did support 2700. Sure you could mix and match, but it would only run at the slowest speed. Since a 2100 cant run at 2700.

I hope this answers your question....

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I am looking to upgrade the memory in my Compaq Presario S7150. I currently have 256mb and i'm looking to stick in another 256 or possibly 512.

The only problem is i dont have a clue what type is supposed to go in.

Please could someone tell me how i find out what type i need because its driving me mad looking for it.

As you may have guessed i'm not that technical, so any replies in ***** speak would be appreciated.


A:Type of memory needed

Keep in mind you only have 2 memory slots. Id get the 512mb.
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Hey Memory REALLY needed? Most expensive Guys I have noticed Most expensive Memory REALLY needed? that whenever you go to a site that sells memory and they have a Memory configurator that has you enter your MB or system it ALWAYS comes back recommending their most expensive memory modules Now I don t doubt that you need the best memory possible if you are doing extensive graphics or video work But for an old or so HP Compaq Presario V laptop that will mostly be used for surfing the net viewing some youtube videos and writing some CDs wouldn t somewhat cheaper memory suffice It uses DDR PC Non ECC The poor laptop was given to me recently and it runs like a turtle right now all it needs is memory The computer is in excellent condition and looks new WinXP Pro shows something like megs of memory I assume the two memory sticks it now has are megs apiece I m going to install Gs but the price runs from about G to G I would prefer not have to spend on this memory if I don t need to I would like to go with a mid price range What do you think By the way I will be staying with WinXP Pro and or Linux on this machine even after support ends next year I am sure the only thing I could upgrade to on this is Vista and I don t like it nbsp

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I have a problem with my different flash memory.
When i plug in flash, some times my windows crashed and I saw this screen

Uploaded with

One time the flash could work normally and windows work perfect, other time when I plug same flash windows crashed.
Don't know what's the problem because flash is the same.
The same flash could work perfectly or could crashed the windows.

I try different flash, and all works strange.
MiniDump in Attachment.

Please help me.

A:BSOD when plug in flash memory

Quote: Originally Posted by koval

I have a problem with my different flash memory.
When i plug in flash, some times my windows crashed and I saw this screen

Uploaded with

One time the flash could work normally and windows work perfect, other time when I plug same flash windows crashed.
Don't know what's the problem because flash is the same.
The same flash could work perfectly or could crashed the windows.

I try different flash, and all works strange.
MiniDump in Attachment.

Please help me.

A few problems

`1-old drivers

bcm4sbxp.sys 11/21/2006 07:25:43 0x8dba4000 0x4562f047 0x8dbb5000 0x00011000
atikmdag.sys 3/14/2007 21:04:24 0x8e208000 0x45f8a9a8 0x8e8b5000 0x006ad000
swmsflt.sys 8/10/2007 13:08:31 0x8db3a000 0x46bca99f 0x8db3e580 0x00004580
VSTCNXT3.SYS 10/15/2008 19:29:13 0x81f41000 0x48f68ad9 0x81ff6000 0x000b5000
VSTAZL3.SYS 10/15/2008 19:30:03 0x9454e000 0x48f68b0b 0x9458b000 0x0003d000
VSTDPV3.SYS 10/15/2008 19:32:04 0x81e3f000 0x48f68b84 0x81f41000 0x00102000
bcmwl6.sys 3/26/2009 19:58:48 0x8da18000 0x49cc24c8 0x8db30000 0x00118000
How To Find Drivers:

- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: Drivers and Downloads


Run a system file check.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Third-- remove sptd.sys. Used by daemon tools and alcohol, a huge problem.

Please remove any CD virtualization programs such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%. They use a driver, found in your dmp, sptd.sys, that is notorious for causing BSODs. Use this SPTD uninstaller when you're done: DuplexSecure - Downloads

You can use MagicDisc as an alternative.

Freeware MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM(MagicDisc) Overview
Ken J
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This is not just for recovering photos. I store general data on flash memory, not just photo-related, on various types of media--usb flash, SD Cards, xD cards, CF, etc.

What is the best data recovery for this purpose under $40 -- or do I need to go to more $ to get a really effective program?

Free would be nice; but, usually, there are limitations to the uses of free programs.

Relevancy 64.07%

Hi for everyone.
My bought a new flash and it worked flawless, but i remove without notify WinXP by clicking the tray-bar and stoping the USB operation (you know, the little icon with a green arrow).
By this reason my memory got stuck: WinXP can recognized it and i can see it in Explorer tree-view, but it tells me that my memory doesn't have format and it cannot be formated because:
"the specified drive cannot be formated due to it has a RAW file system".

What can i do to fix my memory?

Relevancy 64.07%

well i am using windows xp sp2, i saved some files on flash memory (.txt, .avi, ...), the problem is some files just go corrupt!! for example one word document i had just opened, i tried to reopen it and it contained [][][] instead of all the text! and the avi either plays nothing or is corrupt (turned into a "file" without an extension and the name changes to [][] as well)

it was infected with virus and trojans (i dont remember their names) but they were detected and deleted with kaspersky... i even formated the flash memory twice and still the problem presists!...

any suggestion??

A:files are corrupt on flash memory!!!

ur system on which ur plugging it in may be infected check it out. try using it on another system for a check.
Relevancy 64.07%

Bought this neat USB flash memory called the PNY Attache 2.0. It works like a charm on my windows XP system storing 256Mb of information - which requires no driver. When I plug into my notebook running Windows 98SE - it does not recognize the device - which requires drivers - and I followed the instructions and did it over and over: uninstalling, reinstalling. I just can't get it to work. I keep getting a Code 2 or 28, depending on which way I do the install - Add hardware or new device recognized.
Does onyone have a clue on what the problem may be? Thanks.

Relevancy 64.07%

I bought this 2 Gb flash drive on EBay & I was trying to put songs on the flash drive to transfer to another comp. Every time i get 424 mb it wont let my put any more songs in the drive, I get this error 0X800700052 . & I still have 1.54 Gb free memory. I tried formating the drive & it still did the same. Did I buy a bad drive or is there something i can do to fix my problem. If there is a fix explain it very slow to me I not a computer geek !!!

I also tried to transfer the songs I did get in the flash drive into the other computer & the other computer didnot recognize the flash drive. I give up any suggestions????

A:My 2 Gb Flash Drive Won't Hold Memory ????

You might need to update drivers for the usb ports on the computer that doesn't recognize it. as to the space left, I am not able to help you about that. Hopefully someone else will come in and help.
Relevancy 64.07%

If this question has already been answered I was unable to find it sorry for the repetition I Stick Flash for Backup Memory have a GB Kingston USB Data Traveler memory stick and want to use it for backup It worked great the first time All the desired files were backed up perfectly Now I want to use it to back up only those files that have changed I ve tried it several different ways Copying the changed file onto the one already in the stick no luck It wants to append and not overwrite I ve tried erasing the target file from the stick first then copying the quot changed file quot into its place in the file hierarchy a lot of work for each file in each folder I must be missing something here I ve tried right clicking and quot send to quot again it appends the Flash Memory Stick for Backup flash s contents Any suggestions how to do this painlessly while maintaining the file folder hierarchy Any way to automate it macro script writing Thanks in advance for your tips Technewbie nbsp

A:Flash Memory Stick for Backup

For file backups, Cobian Backup, available free from the author's site.

For synchronizing backup folders, SyncToy, available free from Microsoft.
Relevancy 64.07%


W8 instalation was done successfully. All functions working properly. Even Hw manager shows that here is no problem.

Problem starts when Im trying to use my flash memory pen (they r working properly in other w8 or w7 pc).

I have three usb 2 and one usb 3 (express card). No issue when plug flash to usb3 but when Im trying to use flash stick in any of remaining three usb 2 port I getting restart of laptop (HP Probook 4320s, i5, 8GB). When Im pluging usb modem, mouse or HDD there is no any issue.

Any help please? Looks like that my usb 2 port doesnt like memory stick...

A:BSOD when pluging flash memory

Follow this

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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Okay, this is kind of strange. I have an 8GB flash drive that Win 7 tells me I can use as added RAM. So, I followed instructions, inserted the flash drive, clicked on the option to make it a dedicated RAM drive, and off I went.

Instead of speeding the computer up, it actually slowed it down! My browsers took much longer to load, web pages slowed down and sometimes couldn't be opened unless I restarted the browser several times, some of my more memory hungry apps slowed down considerably, etc. I became nervous about the computer's behavior, and after about 24 hours, I removed the flash drive, and that was it. Everything was right back to normal.

This is my first time using a flash drive for extended RAM. Has anyone else ever had something like this happen?

A:Weird Flash Memory Behavior

The option you are talking about is called ReadyBoost. More about it can be read here.
Relevancy 64.07%

I used my flash drive to boot up something
Then i just formatted it via right click>format

Then, the only selection was 250mb.. so i did it
It was 2GB.

What should I do?

A:Flash Drive Memory Decreased

Reformat the USB drive and set it to 2GB partition.
Relevancy 64.07%

My husband has a chipsbank flash usb and when he was moving it from computer to computer, a file showed up. He deleted all the files from the flash. When it is plugged into the computer, the computer asks if we want to format it. I clicked yes and then the computer says, "windows can not format the drive".

what is missing to make this flash not work? It's a 64mb but windows says it's only 8.

what can I do to fix this problem?
I have been searching for a file or something to get it working but no luck.

A:chipsbank flash usb lost its memory
Relevancy 64.07%

Hello I have an HP Media Center memory card drives Flash edition CPU running XP SP It has four memory card slots in the front They normally appear when I select My Computer and are labeled G H I and J They have worked just a few days ago and today they don t show up They don t recognize a card Flash memory card drives when put into the slot Rebooting didn t bring them back I looked in Device manager and everything there says it is working okay I searched the help and support guide and found the drives under Storage Media Drives Libraries All the card drives have a red X infront of them I followed the directions to enable the libraries but they were already enabled All the USB ports work I thought I would try doing a restore to a previous date but found the restore feature had been shut off and all my restore points gone Does anyone know how to get the drives back Thank you Franky

A:Flash memory card drives

Try uninstalling the drivers for said Device Manager...then rebooting.

Relevancy 64.07%

With reports from Computex 2007, several prototype products were coming out. One was PQI's "Flash Hard Drive 256 GB". I suppose this is similar to SSD. Anyway, if you use Flash HDD or SSD, do we have need for traditional Memory in their conventional slot then?

A:FLASH HARD DRIVE to do away with memory?

Considering that a flash drive has a latency of ~100000 ns versus ~50ns of DDR2 RAM and you have ~100MB/s throughput versus ~6000MB/s of DDR2..
Relevancy 64.07%

I have 4GB flash memory and it is working with my windows XP and windows 7 ultimate 32bit but it is not working with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I have other flash memry and work with my 64bit.

I don't know why this one doesn't work?

A:my flash memory and 64bit system

Have you looked at the manufacturer's site to see if there is information available on your partitular flash memory?
Relevancy 64.07%

I bout two 256 MB PNY Attache flash drives...using Win98SE, so I downlaoded the drivers from PNY and installed them on both of our PCs. here is the glitch:

On my PC (modified Gateway PIII/512 RAM/120 GB C:, 40 MB D:, CD-ROM and a CD-RW) I can plug the thing in anytime and it shows a Removable Drive Z/no problem~

On the other PC (Athalon XP2000/128 RAM, 20 GB HDD, CD-ROM and a CD-RW), no matter what I name the falsh drive, I have to plug it in BEFORE power up or it doesn't see the drive!

Also, once I shut down, cold boot, etc. with the drive pligged in, Windoze drops one of the CD simply goes away.


A:Flash Memory Drive Glitch

I would have expected this problem to be the other way around but the word "modified" for the spec of the older machine, Dan. The only possible option has to be power - maybe the AMD machine needs a powered hub.
Relevancy 64.07%

While jamming out on Farmville 2 on without "Enhanced Protected Mode" I get the grey exclamation point because Flash Player is using more ram than it should but when I enable Enhanced Protected Mode the ram runs off the charts to the point Internet Explorer becomes unresponsive... I guess my question is, what can I do to continue jamming out smoothly on this game WITHOUT installing a 3rd party browser?
Relevancy 64.07%

I recently obtained a usb flash memory stick. I'm unable to format it on FAT or FAT32. Just wondering if anyone had any previous problem with there usb sticks and could give me some advice. My system recognises and installs the device but wont open as it needs to be formatted yet says it is unable to complete the format.

any help appreciated!

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Well idiot me always plugged the jumpdrive through my front usb port and never had a problem Last night at work showed a buddy and thought id try it on the comp there as i was taking it out he said no click on the task manager flash info it wipe from to to remove it properly i said naaa it s fine It was Last night at home thought id try it flash to wipe info from it and again plugged it in and removed it no problem This morning plugged it in but for some reason took it out while it was being loaded and read by the computer So it got corrupted called Sandisk they tried to troubleshoot it and it was fried flash to wipe info from it they said flash to wipe info from it send it in with proof of purchase and theyll send me a new one Asked them they won t try to fix it or anything just in case because i do have some personal files and pictures of friends and family on there He said not to worry I trust Sandisk and it s a very reputable company but the other part of me says what if someone actually tests it out gets it working and checks the files not good So is there any way to wipe the memory off of it outside the computer ie - taking a magnet to it friends said it won t work because it s a chip inside the sandisk tech guy walked me thru the process of right click my computer gt manage gt disk management quot format quot but format wasnt a viable option for the sandisk cruzer mini Anyone Anyone thanks in advance nbsp

A:flash to wipe info from it

It's not magnetic media so how would a magnet work? A sledgehammer would though- and I would suspect to physically damage it would reflect badly on a replacement.
Relevancy 64.07%

I have a fairly new USB flash memory device. It has been working great until about 30 minutes ago when I accidentally unplugged it without stopping it. Now when I plug it in I get the little green arrow at the bottom but no drive shows up for me to access it. Also when I unplug it and try to turn it on(it also plays MP3's and is a voice recorder) it comes on for about a second and then shuts down immediately. Please help, if anyone can, because this is used to store my homework for college and it cost me about $150. Thank You.