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Is there any way to read an AHCI HDD from ATA install?

Q: Is there any way to read an AHCI HDD from ATA install?

So I switched over to the SATA setup via BIOS in attempt to improve my SSD performance. I knew I had to reinstall on the SSD but my I am not able to read or even format my second HDD that was also in AHCI. Is there any way to (would be awesome if) read, or at least format my drive so I can use it again? I tried disk management and other options within the OS and couldn't format.

it's an MSI 990xa gd-55 mobo. Which I am ashamed to even own because it sucks.
MSI USA ? Motherboard - 990XA-GD55

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Preferred Solution: Is there any way to read an AHCI HDD from ATA install?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is there any way to read an AHCI HDD from ATA install?

You could try booting with a recovery disc which should get you into an off-line mode where you might be able to use the "diskpart" command. Just be careful:
DiskPart Command-Line Options
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I?m going to reinstall Windows 7 on an SSD (120 MB) I just bought. I know I need to set the bios to AHCI mode for the SSD. I also have a RAID (2 x 250 MB 7200rpm) array I would like to use for data storage. I was going to install windows with only the SSD connected and then connect the RAID array. My problem is I can only set the SATA ports on AHCI or RAID. What do I set the bios on to have both installed? The MB is an Asrock 760GM-GS3.

A:AHCI or RAID for new install?

RAID is the same as AHCI but with raid features.
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I have a Dell Studio 1555 laptop. I installed XP SP3 fresh from scratch, and I had to set AHCI to IDE in the BIOS in order for the install to complete. I finished the XP install and installed Dell drivers for video, wireless & LAN. When I go into BIOS again and re-enable AHCI, Windows does not boot up. I get a few lines that flash on the screen that I can't read and it reboots. If I turn AHCI back to IDE it boots up normally. How can I get AHCI turned back on after having installed XP?


A:Cannot re-enable AHCI after install of XP SP3

You cant if you want to stay with xp. to run windows xp correctly it has to be in the IDE mode. in most cases AHCI is used only for the vista and windows 7 operating systems. if you try to change it back and run xp it will blue screen on you or wont boot at all.unless a computers BIOS only has one setting and theres no other choices listed then and only then can you use the AHCI mode to run xp, vista or windows 7 equally well with no glitches.
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I am using the latest extracted Intel Matrix and INF install drivers and no matter what I try Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) will not load the AHCI drivers during install. It will not even recognize the HDD if I enable AHCI in the BIOS.
I have to wait until after the install is finshed in IDE mode, then, apply the reg hacks and copy iastor.sys to the drivers folder, reboot into BIOS setup and enable AHCI mode for AHCI to load.
I've run out of ideas.

A:AHCI will not load during install

Have had similar problems...

ACHI driver issue W7x64

Am trying to find the time to reinstall, but there are a number of links and ideas already in the thread url above...
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Hi Guys I am hoping someone can help I am having trouble installing the AHCI driver when doing a clean install of vista bit The trouble is that I can get to the point of installing the driver but when I click to the next step two Things happen is that I get a screen saying that the drive may not boot correctly and when it goes back the the screen that shows the hard drive that I was going to install to the drive is no longer present Infact not Driver can install with AHCI there are no drives to choose from I was wondering if anyone may have had the same problem or may know the answer Here are the specs ot the system that I am trying to install to M B Gigabyte GA P DQ H D S Seagate G B Sata x Video Gigbyte GTS I have tried drivers from the M B c d that comes with system and also the driver from the web site Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you Darren P S Due to the time difference here in OZ I might not be able can not install with AHCI Driver to reply to you straight away But I will when I get to view them Thanks Again nbsp
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Ok so have been searching google for a while and came across a few things but still doesnt answer my main question, so i bought a bunch of new hardware including a new mobo and ssd, now the problem im having is trying to decide whether to run IDE or ACHI as there are mixed responses as to whether it will work.

My current setup is 2 intel ssd's and 3 mech hdds with 1 optical drive, so will ahci work?

My board is a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with 6 sata 3 ports, it does have marvell controller but that powers 2 esata so thats out of the question, but basically everything is going to be plugged into the gigabyte sata3 ports will this cause compatibility issues or run just fine?

Am going to fresh install win7 anyway as i need it installed on my new intel ssd but will install under IDE until i can get a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance.

A:SSD & HDD w/ AHCI Fresh Install

We deal with this every day here. Try in AHCI mode first as it confers a slight advantage and is more modern. If it fails then use IDE mode.
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i am asking the question for a friend he has only GB hard disk space left so he choose install windows xp not windows seven Opera System Windows Experience Service Pack Mother Board MSI South Bridge Z he followed tutorial to do http forums pcper com showthread php t Only changed the registry Windows Registry Editor Version HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Control Cr iticalDeviceDatabase to xp? install in Intel windows AHCI how PCI VEN amp how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? DEV C amp CC quot Service quot quot iaStor quot quot ClassGUID quot quot D E A-E - CE-BFC - BE quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor quot Type quot dword quot Start quot dword quot Group quot quot SCSI miniport quot how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? quot ErrorControl quot dword quot ImagePath quot quot system drivers iaStor sys quot quot tag quot dword quot DisplayName quot quot Intel AHCI how to install Intel AHCI in windows xp? Controller quot HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor Parameters quot queuePriorityEnable quot dword HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es iaStor Enum quot quot quot PCI VEN amp DEV C amp CC amp SUBSYS B amp REV amp c b c amp amp FA quot quot Count quot dword quot NextInstance quot dword i help him edited this registry after enable Intel AHCI in UEFI it give him BLUE SCREEN i not sure he is using EFI or UEFI so please tell me what is wrong nbsp
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I have an Asus P AD -E premium motherboard AHCI is available in the Bios but I did not need it when I installed WinXP install Enable after AHCI to Need WinXP Pro now I need it to run Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install my external Sata backup drive I have followed many methods none of which work for me I have an Intel Southbridge ICH R chipset Itel FB I have downloaded and followed the instructions for the Reg files and have the correct Iastor sys in the System drivers folder etc when I reboot I am supposed to enter the Bios enable ACHI reboot and when Windows is trying to install new hardware I am supposed to stop it and run the Intel driver installer in my case iata enu exe I can't ever get Windows to reboot I am in a cycle that starts Windows then shuts down and restarts until I return the Bios to what is was Sata I was hoping someone had information that could help me solve this Thanks Jim

A:Need to Enable AHCI after WinXP install

usually you have to install the drivers at first install of the os but i think i have seen a thread around here were someone suggested to basically do a os repair and just add the ahci drivers, if i recall correctly.
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I have found on different boards if I install in AHCI mode Windows seems to quot find quot the drivers for running in AHCI RAID mode at install If I install in IDE mode it does not and I have no option to switch to AHCI RAID if needed In the past you had to press F or whatever and install them from a floppy I think this is no longer the case with Windows Can anyone confirm this I don't AHCI at Does have 7 Windows drivers install even have a floppy and never will I will install in AHCI so I have the choice in the future Is there any down side to doing this and am I right Also - I know there is a registry quot hack quot you can use to boot into AHCI after installing in IDE but why does everyone not install in Does Windows 7 have AHCI drivers at install AHCI so they have the choice Am I way off here Are you planning to install in AHCI to have this benefit

A:Does Windows 7 have AHCI drivers at install

Quote: Originally Posted by nate42nd

I have found on 4 different boards if I install in AHCI mode, Windows 7 seems to "find" the drivers for running in AHCI/RAID mode at install. If I install in IDE mode, it does not and I have no option to switch to AHCI/RAID if needed. In the past you had to press F6 (or whatever) and install them from a floppy. I think this is no longer the case with Windows 7. Can anyone confirm this. I don't even have a floppy and never will. I will install in AHCI so I have the choice in the future. Is there any down side to doing this and am I right?

Also - I know there is a registry "hack" you can use to boot into AHCI after installing in IDE but why does everyone not install in AHCI so they have the choice? Am I way off here? Are you planning to install in AHCI to have this benefit?

What you are asking in found in the BIOS settings. Read the manual supplied as to how they (manufacture) wants things done.
my MOBO allows (F6) also (F11) and (F12) - (F2) is master access to Bios.

I don't even have a floppy and never will.

then burn to a CD or DVD or USB. your choice. but some manufactures demand that you install there xxxxxx via floppy disc.
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Hi Guys I am hoping someone can help I am having trouble installing the AHCI driver when doing a clean install of vista bit The trouble is that I can get install vista Driver AHCI cant in to the point of installing the driver but when I click to the next step two Things happen is that I get a screen saying that the drive may not boot correctly and when it goes back the the cant install AHCI Driver in vista screen that shows the hard drive that I was going to install to the cant install AHCI Driver in vista drive is no longer present Infact there are no drives to choose from I was wondering if anyone may have had the same problem or may know the answer Here are the specs ot the system that I am trying to install to M B Gigabyte GA P DQ H D S Seagate G B Sata x Video Gigbyte GTS I have tried drivers from the M B c d that comes with system and also the driver from the web site Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you Darren nbsp

A:cant install AHCI Driver in vista

Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) mode is a BIOS option in my computer for the SATA hard disk controller. It lets the OS use Native Command Queuing (NCQ/aka SATA mode) to reorder disk read or write requests to make the reading and writing more efficient, particularly if the disk is very busy.

My BIOS has options IDE, RAID, or AHCI mode. RAID includes all of the ACHI features and Intel recommend that you choose the RAID before you install an OS because changing it afterward can be painful (or "unsupported" if you have an Intel motherboard!).

The process in Vista seems to be less painful than in Windows XP because VISTA includes AHCI drivers by default. However, if AHCI mode was not enabled at the time you installed Vista then the new drivers will not be loaded, and if you change the BIOS setting then Windows doesn't boot.

Simple solution:

Start with IDE mode selected in the BIOS, and boot Windows Vista.
Exit all Windows-based programs.
Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
If you receive the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.
Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci
In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.
In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.
On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.
Reboot, and change to AHCI mode in the BIOS. Windows will detect some changed hardware (anything connected to a SATA port).
For good measure I downloaded and (re)installed the chipset drivers for my motherboard. I have an my motherboard uses an Intel G33 chipset and I wasn't sure if I needed to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, but when I tried it told me that I already had a more recent version of the software installed. I guess part of the chipset driver package overlaps with the Storage Manager software
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I have the GA-EX58-Extreme Board and have just installed the pre release of Win7 7600 64 bit. Normally i have experience to get the BSOD when in staling with AHCI active in bios so i change to IDE mode. Installation went flawless and also the change to AHCI mode on Intel ICH10R controler went normal. As always i got problem to change the J micron controller to AHCI and of cause i got the BSOD again. I installed the latest R1.17.48.16 driver and tryed again but no luck. Can some tell me what i am doing wrong. ? I have a hardisk and a dvd drive attached to the J micron Sata connection.

A:Intel Sata controler ICH10R AHCI + Jmicron AHCI error

You may not be doing anything wrong...or at least, you're doing the same wrong thing that I am. I've never been able to get that jMicron deleted to work in AHCI mode.

So, I hang the optical drive and the port for the e-SATA connection to the external backup drive off it and run it in IDE mode.
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see second post.

I have a 3TB drive D: for data formatted with GPT.

Had BIOS OnChip SATA Type set as "RAID" "As SATA Type" from back in the day. When I took out the RAID, I forgot to change this to AHCI when I reformatted and got rid of RAID drives!

Changing to "AHCI" "As SATA Type" as shown in image in second post, causes Windows 7 x64 to lose / not see the GPT on my drive D: and it wants to "initialize" it as MBR or GPT-- no way!!

A:cloned C:, installed AHCI drivers, changed BIOS to AHCI, D:'s GPT gone

ok, returning to BIOS and setting back to RAID, as AHCI typeenabled me to view the drive D: again
C: drive seems to be running much more slowly again.
these drives are plugged into the OnChip SATAWith AHCI as SATA typeno drive D:

With RAID as SATA typehave drive D:
but C: definitely dog-tired-slow
I really should not have fiddled with this at 3AM on a Sunday morning!!! Bah, I'm a pro, what could go wrong???

I'm not sure why changing to AHCI causes windows to miss the GPT on the D: drive.
Can I back this GPT up and restore it? Detect it after changing to AHCI? this is my only large drive, I can't back up the entire fricking thing.

The other question this makes me ask is how do I keep my GPT when I move to another motherboard? I don't trust the GPT like I do MBR hm....

edit: changing back again, it does not seem any faster. Doing more reading, it's ok to leave it as RAID because AHCI functions are still available no? So I really shouldn't gain/lose any performance?
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I reformatted the HDD on my pre-built Acer Predator G5900 (think that was the model). I had to download the Realtek Lan drivers from the Acer site to get internet access. On the site were two other drivers which I haven't yet installed and am not sure if I need:


I've been running Win7 without these drivers for a couple of weeks now, but I do feel that performance is slightly lower than it was before, though I could be imagining it. Are these safe to install like any other driver (gfx drivers for example), and would they have any benefit?


A:Install Intel AHCI & Chipset drivers?

when u reload windows you always load the drivers from the mfr......... in your case u would load the chipset drivers (your version of win' 7 32 or 64 bit???) then reboot....... then u would load lan,sound and onboard vga drivers .......... reboot between each
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Want to pick up a ssd for my XPS 8000. Noticing that there is no AHCI in the bios. Is there a way around this?

I was hearing that I can set the BIOS to RAID and that will force AHCI. Is there any info on this?

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

A:SSD install on XPS Studio 8000 ( no AHCI in BIOS )

Hi Domchin,
Your system supports the use of an SSD (at SATA II speeds), but does not support AHCI.
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TLDR I'm unable to install an OS without setting drives to IDE and not AHCI and I cannot successfully change it to AHCI retrospectively Hi I've been struggling for days with getting a stable installation of Win Pro bit or Windows Pro Version N bit working on an OCZ Arc gb Backstory I AHCI Unable install to 8.1 with N Windows 64bit help!! Pro bought a new SSD an OCZ Arc GB to replace an existing Plextor GB I Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!! had had a Windows Pro install running solidly with no problems for a couple of years note though it was not a UEFI setup With the new SSD I tried for days to clone and then create from scratch a new Windows UEFI install but failed constantly and all of the information I found seemed to suggest it was all around a secure boot problem I spoke to OCZ and they asked me to RMA the drive I then got a replacement I then decided to bite the bullet and invest in Windows in the vain hope it would relieve the issue however it turned out to be just as bad and really it was an AHCI problem all along In both the Win and Win installs I had been setting CSM to UEFI Only Secure Boot to UEFI only disabling fast boot but without any success it was only when SATA was set to IDE I could finally complete an install this time on Windows However later setting it back to AHCI would then stop it booting I read various guides on how to change it and switch it to AHCI but everytime I tried to start again it would not start up I concluded there must be some kind of storage driver issue however there doesn't appear to be any SATA AHCI specific drivers for my mobo on the Asus site for so are presumably inlcluded however I even tried similar mobo R Evo and R LE and chipsets and presenting the drivers during install but that came to nothing Getting thoroughly sick of it all I settled for having IDE only and successfully did a clean install of and went about installing all my stuff happy days at last a working PC I would say though that it didn't seem the most stable OS install ever as occasionally it would freeze on the logon screen or freeze randomly during use sometimes it would come alive again and sometimes not That was yesterday but for the majority of the time it was good Current situation Today in the hope of finding an answer to the stability issues I was going through the usual series of driver updates and I updated the Asus bios from to this morning and that set my sata to AHCI I spotted it and set it back however it now won't boot at all and gives me an xc error I've now been round the houses again repairs and recovery disks messing with EFI settings and boot managers like this Qlik Tips Fix a Windows boot issue but nothing seems to work I am sadly resigned to likely having to start again however if I do that I will need to fix this AHCI IDE boot issue once and for all as it's clearly been a problem in all my attempts If I could get into the current OS first it would be a bonus as then I could copy out every download I'd just made to reinstall everything would save me time when I presumably have to rebuild Tech Specs Asus M A R mobo OCZ Arc gb Corsair XMS GB x AMD FX XFX HD X-Fi SB Seagate GB SATA Hitachi GB SATA I've genuinely put days and days into this now I just want it to end and go back to using a PC like normal can anyone help Thanks Mat

A:Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!!

just to add to this I can currently get in via Macrium Reflect Free so it's all still there. If anyone can direct me as to what might help in getting my files out that would be good. This software can't do it but I imagine there are others that can. If my drives are squiffy as well then let me know. I tried the fix boot problems option in here but when it reboots I still get the 0xc0000034 error.

During other investigations today I have learnt that my XFX HD7850 card is not UEFI compatible so that may be something causing a problem too.
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Is there anyone able to help me with changing the SATA Controller mode from RAID to AHCI (in BIOS) after install without having to re-install Windows 8?

I am suspecting Intel RAID controller to be causing some problems with system stability and would like to move to software RAID (storage space) in Windows 8 and give it a try.  When I change the BIOS settings from RAID to AHCI in the SATA controller
mode, Windows 8 wont boot and running a system repair will not do neither.

I found this KB, but it is for Windows 7 and wont run on Windows 8? Anything similar for Windows 8?

A bit of details about the system:

System: Windows 8 pro 64
Primary HD (OS Only + bitlocker): Intel SSD 520 ? 240 Gb
Data HD (user files +bit locker): 2x WD RED 2T running in RAID 1
Motherboard RAID Controller: Intel DP55WB -  latest BIOS and Intel RST 11.6?.1030 driver

Thank you.

A:Changing from RAID to AHCI after windows 8 install

In Win8, the key MSAHCI is renamed to StorAHCI. Look at this key and set the value there."A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"
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I'd like to be able to install just the driver and do it during the installation of Windows rather than after which would just mean upgrading from the default microsoft driver. I can't find the download on Intel's site for just the driver without the whole RST package and I also need information on exactly how to do the install during the Windows installation.

Sorry for my noobness and thanks in advance for any help and information anyone can provide.

A:Installing Intel AHCI driver during a Win 7 64 bit install

What's your motherboard make and model?
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I installed an Akasa sata front panel Akasa PC Front Panel with SATA Data Power to Gsata only device all other drives on sata connectors including boot drive In the bios Gsata was set for IDE mode I plugged a sata drive into the sata front panel started the machine and all is well the drive is fully functional I would like to be able to hot swap to the Akasa so I changed the Gsata setting in the bios to AHCI and restarted but it seems to still be running in IDE mode Dev Mgr shows ' port Serial ATA storage mode AHCI Install 64 After Vista Verifying controller - A ' Questions How do I verify AHCI mode for the drive plugged into the sata front panel If it is still running in IDE mode how can I force AHCI Is it advantageous to 'force' AHCI for the drives including boot on the other controller sata and would stability issues arise Relevant Specs Vista Ultimate GA-EP N-UD Verifying AHCI mode After Vista 64 Install R mainboard P Q sata controller Seagate sata HDs DVD Gsata controller Akasa Front Panel with sata drive plugged in Thanks James

A:Verifying AHCI mode After Vista 64 Install

An update to the issue:

After doing a little more research, I found this link:

Error message when you start a Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"

It relates to enabling AHCI after Vista is already installed. No need to go through the process for XP, as is demonstrated here:

HOWTO: enable AHCI mode after installing Windows - PC Perspective Forums (for XP, not Vista)

All one needs do in Vista (and only if enabling AHCI for the system drive) is one registry change.

At any rate, I decided to try plugging a sata drive into the Akasa front port with the system running and, lo and behold, auto-play popped right up and offered its options. I opened an explorer window and could see and manipulate the contents of the drive.

So, if anyone wishes to enable AHCI after a Vista install, it's quite simple. Just do it. But remember, if you enable AHCI for the boot drive, you must edit the registry (as in the 1st link) to tell Vista to load the AHCI driver (Msahci.sys) **before** you enable it in the bios.

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Hi I bought my laptop last year and it came new on on a SSD HP install my Mode ENV... Problem AHCI enabling with these stats Operating System Windows Processor Intel Core i - U with Intel Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... HD Graphics GHz MB cache cores Processor family Intel Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... Core i processorMemory GB DDR L- SDRAM x GB Storage TB rpm SATA nbsp I upgraded to Windows straight away Now I realised Problem enabling AHCI Mode on a new SSD install on my HP ENV... the only thing holding my system back was the HDD Last week I bought the Samsung EVO GB It's great but I have one problem Before replacing the hard drive with the SSD in device manager it came up IDE ATA ATAPI gt Standard SATA AHCI Controller Now after doing a clean install of windows it comes up nbsp IDE ATA ATAPI gt Intel R Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller When I open the magician software it comes up in red writing AHCI Mode Deactivated IDE OR RAID and it also says SATA Interface N A beside it See attachment My problem now is I have no idea how to enable AHCI mode and there is no option to do it in the BIOS How do I stop this problem from coming up in Magician I can find no option anywhere to enable AHCI mode Also can someone explain the difference in the two different things under IDE ATA ATAPI in Device Manager Thanks in advance
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I bought a brand new SSD, installed it in Windows 7, and there is no option in my BIOS for the SATA controller (to switch between IDE and AHCI Mode). How do I determine whether my computer's sata controller is using IDE or AHCI?

I want to make sure that my AHCI controller is enabled and not IDE when using TRIM.

If anyone can look at the picture below and determine whether my computer is default in IDE or AHCI, then I will mark this as Solved.


A:No AHCI option in BIOS, is my computer default in AHCI or IDE?

Run this tool and see what it says,

AS SSD Benchmark 1.7.4739.38088 Download - TechSpot

It will show you what mode it's running in.
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GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-P61-S3 (rev. 2.0)

Ive installed the rest of the drivers provided by manufacturer except the SATA RAID/AHCI ones.The Intel Rapid Storage Technology gave me an error that I dont meet the system requirements so I no longer insisted with the others. Hmmm, why are these listed for my motherboard then? or what exactly are they?
I was thinking I need to instal first the "Intel SATA Preinstall driver(For AHCI / RAID Mode) Note: Press F6 during Windows setup to read from floppy" -the last item on the list -but dont know how , there are just some "sytem files, security catalog, setup information". You can fast download and checked them.

A:Unable to install SATA RAID/AHCI drivers

If you have install the Chipset drivers, Sata drivers are part of the chipset.
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As the title says I just can't install 7 on it, I've tried compatibility mode and it just get's stuck half way and stays that way. I'm fixing this for a friend and have never come across this before. I've taken out the hard drive and checked it on my PC and the drive seems fine as I checked it with crystal disk, I formatted it and still the same results. Any ideas would be helpful. I might try Xp and see will it install that.
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I have a Samsung 840 Pro SSD (256 GB) and I installed windows seven on it, but not in AHCI Mode. I was going to change that now using this method: GUIDE - Enabling AHCI mode AFTER Windows 7 Installation - Forums

It says that it works for all Intel SSDs, I assume this would work with mine as well, but I want to be sure before I accidentally mess something up. Also, is there any disadvantage to doing this as opposed to just installing Windows Seven in AHCI mode to begin with?

Lastly, I have all of my user folders on my HDD, and I'm wondering if it's safe to change these settings which Samsung's Software recommends without interfering or causing trouble with the HDD. Here's images of the recommended changes:

A:Questions About Enabling AHCI Mode After Windows Seven Install

ROBO731, follow this tutorial

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista
As far as Samsung Magician, I am not sure. Someone else with a Samsung can answer that for you
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I have a Dell inspiron 5342 and want to install windows7 x86 ( 32bit) on it.
When i start to install OS,  the step 2 (where it extracts the files) goes till 57% and stops.
I checked google and found that it is dur to the AHCI controler and i would need to chage the bios to IDE support.
When i chekced the laptop BIOS it does not have support for IDE, and ONLY AHCI is in the list.
So i want to know how can i install a 32bit windows 7 with just AHCI support.
( I tried to install 64bit version and it install fine. I have a software which will work only on windows 7 32 bit so that is why i need windows 7 32 bit )
PLz Help

A:how to install win7 32bit on laptop with only AHCI support

I think the problem is your media and not Windows 32bit which should install because it also has native AHCI drivers. You can download an iso from here that matches your version. Burn the disk and see if it installs.
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I've had some problems with drivers after installing Win 7. Got all that fixed and had a problem getting the pc switched on. Changed WOL settings and it seemed better, but I was getting a checksum error.

I then found this thread-
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

I followed instructions, but now after restarting it is a black screen and stuck with-


A:new Win 7 install enable AHCI - Missing operating system

By pure chance I hit F12 to see if I could get SAFE MODE but it came up with option to boot from CD / HD etc.

I chose HD and then it gave me options from USB3 or something with a long sequence of numbers. I guessed that was my hard drive. It now started Windows.

I guess that is the boot sequence?
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I wanted to make a new thread and mark the old one solved with great help from Kaktussoft so that I can continue to fine tune the progress I've made I will also write up what I did to get this to work so that people can benefit from it but I want to first get the finishing touches in So Install After On Windows Configuring Progress AHCI Made 7 in my mad dash to download anything that looked remotely like an AMD AHCI driver I found the following downloads and really hope to get some clarification I've pasted the driver syntax into some pastebins so if someone feels up to the challenge to figure out which one actually did the job First I installed one of the following and not sure which And then when I rebooted I checked Device Manager and saw that one of the ATA channels actually called quot AMD SATA Controller quot I selected it and chose to update drivers and it found something on the internet and upgraded itself again This is Progress Made On Configuring AHCI After Windows 7 Install great and all but I expected a nice boost in the performance of my OCZ Vertex which boasts of MB s Sequential Read and MB s Sequential Write Here's before and after Don't get me wrong I'm glad I managed to get AHCI working post install but such a small increase tells me something is still wrong No

A:Progress Made On Configuring AHCI After Windows 7 Install

Personally I would start from the beginning and reinstall Window with AHCI already enabled rather then spend days/weeks trying to make the existing one better. Just use the below tutorial which applies to retail also and all should be fine
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I installed a clean win xp professional OS on a new rig (quad processor), no issues. Then I did a Acronis recovery from a uniprocessor pc, and installed the correct mobo drivers. Still no issues. The I did a restart and a repair install to load the mobo sata and AHCI drivers. The pc restarts, but everytime I open a program from windows, for example Windows Explorer, or Software from the configuration screen, or Network Connections, I get a window with "Windows Installer", waiting for something to load.

The version of windows on my old pc is sp3, after the repair install (I used a win xp slipstreamed with sp2), I see sp2 on my info screen of computer properties.

What should/can I do to solve this Installer window?
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I have a PC that is all SATA, including the DVD drive. I prefer to set the SATA controller for AHCI for the bit of extra performance. However, build 7000 will not install from the DVD drive set like that. So I changed the SATA controller to IDE and was able to install build 7000. I then manually changed the SATA driver to AHCI, rebooted and changed the SATA controller to match. That works, of course. With build 7057, however, I was able to perform the install with the SATA controller set to AHCI. A nice improvement.

I also noticed two other things. The magical 200MB hidden partition is now 100MB, and I think I saw a speed improvement copying HDD to HDD. At one point I saw 130MB/sec copying back files to the C: drive (new 500GB Hitachi) from the V: drive (year-old 750GB Seagate). This PC has an ancient 3.2 GHz P-4 on a new motherboard.


A:Build 7057 Fixed AHCI DVD Install Problem

Sorry but, my built 7000 x64 was installed on a SATA in AHCI mode without any problem.
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Hi Everyone I have just installed an SSD into my computer running XP migration from mechanical drive to SSD was simple with the help of Paragon Migrate OS to SSD Everything is working ok however I would ideally like to set my BIOS to AHCI it is currently set to IDE Towards this end I have been trying to follow the tutorial How to enable AHCI after having installed Windwos XP I am at a loss concerning how to install AHCI drivers install XP AHCI (and drivers migration) Trying post to installation SSD on my ASUS M A L-M LX motherboard because it features an ATI chipset on the Southbridge as can be seen from the CPU-Z screen capture below - The instructions in the tutorial specifically focus on an Intel chipset and they mention that I should be able to right click on each of the quot IDE Channel quot entries under Device Manager and manually update the driver However whenever I do this with the appropriate driver downloaded from the ASUS M A L-M LX support page Windows informs me that it cannot find a quot better driver quot and leaves the existing one in place I have attempted to enable AHCI in the BIOS without following the instructions provided and was met not surprisingly with a BSOD and a quick computer restart After setting the BIOS back to IDE the computer boots again Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration) so I haven't done Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration) any damage to XP thankfully I am now at a loss regarding how to proceed if anybody has any advise can you please let me know Kind Regards Davo

A:Trying to install AHCI drivers post XP installation (and SSD migration)

You might try the instructions from the Superuser forums (I'd try the green checked one first).

AHCI drivers for your motherboard:
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I hope someone here has a solution to my problem I did a clean install of Win Pro bit to a computer with an AMD G chipset Everything went smoothly until I tried to update to the AMD SB AHCI driver The AMD driver seemed to install without error but on the reboot there was a BSOD People who run AMD systems with the series south bridge might be familiar with previous problems with the AMD AHCI driver when AHCI Driv AMD 64bit Install BSOD on Clean but after reboot installing Windows where a line in the amd sata inf file had to be edited to prevent a BSOD I thought I might be dealing with the same problem but that file doesn't seem to have that same error I've 64bit Clean Install but BSOD on reboot after AMD AHCI Driv been searching here and with Google but I haven't stumbled across a solution so far Edit After 64bit Clean Install but BSOD on reboot after AMD AHCI Driv running AMD's installer a log is generated that reports successful installation of the AHCI driver but with the BIOS set to AHCI there is a BSOD Switching the BIOS to IDE allows the computer to boot
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I am installing a clean windows7 for my acer laptop. But i found that the driver provided include Intel iAMT , SATA AHCI and wimax Driver which i didn't use before. Do i have to install it ? Because my friend told me once only install those that you are using,for exp if 2 wifi driver provided.... only install the one I am using.


A:Do I need to Install Intel iAMT ,SATA AHCI and Wimax Driver

The first two are not a must, but if you dont install WiMax, your WiFi connection/Proset will not work.
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So I downloaded the driver updates cause my computer has been having BSOD and what not and the folder name is "Intel_RAIDAHCI_XPVistaWin7" But theres no .exe to install it? How do I install it? And would this not being up to date cause BSOD?

A:ICH10 Family 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller -How to install?

You should get the updates from the mother board manufacturer. Click the Downloads tab select OS.
Get the latest by date. They are designed to be compatible with your brand and model mother board.

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1366 - GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

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I had to change the motherboard to another brand and restored an image from the older Windows7 installation which used AHCI. I can boot using IDE in the BIOS and I noticed that the 'standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller' is missing in the device manager. The registry for msahci.sys is fine and set to 0.

When I switch to AHCI in the BIOS, Windows doesn't boot. It's stuck at "starting Windows" screen. I get the same problem when I try to boot from the DVD and do a repair.

How do I install the AHCI driver so that 'standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller‏' shows up? I have all kinds of boot disks like Erd Commander, BartPE, Ultimate Boot CD, Active Boot CD which could help?

A:standard ahci 1.0 serial ata controller‏ is missing. How to install?

From what you say, it doesn't sound like W7 was actually installed in AHCI mode on the old machine.
To change from IDE mode to AHCI you could follow this tutorial:
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Hope that helps.
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Can someone hit me with a link for manually installing the AHCI driver and switching the OS mode for the storage controller.

If I remember right, this is just putting the driver in /sys/drivers, running a script, and making a registry change. Then you reboot, change the motherboard setting, and then install IMSM after the OS comes back up. I don't remember the script, or if it was just a reg edit, etc.



A:change storage controller to AHCI mode post install (win7 64-Ultimate)

Normally this is done in your BIOS, once you have the driver downloaded and installed. When that is done, reboot, go in to bios change settings, save and exit and complete the reboot.
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Dear drivers to Advice IDE xp switching - - (post Frustration install, AHCI) updating SATA all I d be grateful of some clear advice I have Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) intalled XP pro on an Acer Aspire The label says G but in the F menu it hasn t got it To do so I switched SATA mode to IDE as in Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) AHCI it could not detect the harddrives dban nuked prior to this Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI) Before I install SP or anything else I would like to switch back the AHCI As far as I know to do this I need to install the correct SATA drivers Acer provide only Vista drivers I found a Russian acer-dedicated site that listed drivers for xp Therefore I believe this to be my best shot at having the right drivers However despite lengthy reading I cannot for the life of me work out how to install the new SATA drivers My device manager reads this IDE ATA ATAPI controllers -Primary IDE Channel -Primary IDE Channel -Secondary IDE Channel -Secondary IDE Channel -Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller -Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller I have no idea which of these to update what file is relevant to each and of course when instructions refer to fding AHCI or RAID drivers this is not present In the file of SATA drivers I downloaded I have files including iaStor setup information iaStor system file iaStor security catalogue iaAHCI setup information iaahci security catalogue TXTSETUP OEM Can anyone make sense of this for me and advise me as to how to perform this procedure Alternatively if someone has a different source of drivers has already done this has another straightforward way then I am all ears The russian site looks comprehensive but is very hard to follow I am not a computer genius I simply learn what I have to as I go along so please advise me in simple step-by step terms that I can follow I can provide more system information if required Thanks Eddie T nbsp

A:Frustration - Advice - updating SATA drivers (post xp install, switching IDE to AHCI)

is this what you d/loaded
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Here's the breakdown:

HP Laptop with Vista Home Premium 32 bit
Install Windows 7 Home Premium
Had to remove HP Quick Launch - no issues
During verification the system kept asking me to remove kaspersky anti-virus - I do not have this on my computer - never had.
Just to be sure I downloaded a removal program for Kaspersky and it couldn't find any files.
Restarted my system now when I go to run the install it can't read the cd.
Any thoughts?

A:Breakdown of Install Issue - Can't read Install CD

If you want a clean install, have you tried booting directly from the Windows 7 install disc--as opposed to starting from within Windows?
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OS re-install, now all files "read only"

I had my Windows 7-64 bit re-installed. Now, all my work files and folders are "read only". I tried something called "take ownership", but that didn't seem to work. I unclicked "read only" in the properties dialog box for specific folders... would be 'denied', but allowed to continue... then as soon as I finished I would check the properties again and it would still be "read only".

The only way I know to get around this is to 'save as' under a different name, delete the original file, then 'save as' again under the name I want. I really don't want to do that for each individual file.

How can I fix this?

A:OS re-install, now all files "read only"

Was this always a Windows7 system or an upgrade from XP, or similar ??

Thank You -
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Hey, so I'm trying to install windows 7 home premium on my computer. I have an invalid windows 7 professional that I accidentally installed instead of my home premium. When I went to switch OS's it gives me a warning saying my cd/dvd driver is broken or something of that sort. I contacted microsoft and I downloaded another win 7 home premium cd in case my CD was bad and I burned the CD at slowest speed and it does the same.

I recently put in a new motherboard and I read some drivers may have been out of date so I got some new drivers but didnt help any. Any reason I was able to install win 7 professional 32 bit and not win 7 home premium 64 bit like I had before? My original computer before the motherboard replacement had the win 7 home premium 64 bit.

A:CD/DVD driver not read on win 7 install

Hi Jcleave07

So the CD/DVD Drive works for all other CD's (can read films etc). There are a couple of things you can try.

1] Delete the Upper and Lower Filters in your registry.

To get into the registry do:

Windows Key+R and type regedit and hit OK. Then navigate to the following location:-



Now if they are not there don't worry, but if they are, click on the 4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 number on the left and then you should see your Upper and Lowercase filters on the right-hand side window. Highlight the Uppercase Filter and hit delete and then do the same for the Lowercase Filter (it will ask you is you are sure, click Yes). Then reboot and see if that helps.

2] Install Windows via USB

Are you able to boot from a USB stick (check in BIOS, modern motherboards can)

If you are able to, try creating a bootable USB using WinToFlash. It's a pretty simple procedure and may be a work around for you. If you do use this, just remember that when it's done installing and wants to reboot for the first time, that you either remove the USB or change the boot order back to HDD as first boot other wise it will just try to restart the process again via the still inserted USB. I use the program quite a bit as a useful workaround for notebooks or PC's with faulty CD Drives.

There is a tutorial here for creating a bootable USB using WinToFlash for Windows 7 should you need it.
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Before you attempt to install Windows it will save you a LOT of grief if you do BEFORE Windows Please install 7 you read some homework beforehand If you have a big box system ie Dell HP etc Please read BEFORE you install Windows 7 then go to the web site of the system maker and check for driver support If you have a custom build then go to the board maker s site and do the same As an example nvidia is NOT releasing driver support for the older nforce chipsets Intel is NOT releasing support for the xx series of chipsets If you install Windows and there is no chipset driver then you may end up with some things not working etc If you have older hardware ie printer scanner sound card etc then do a search for drivers While it is possible to hack the driver files to use a vista driver it is somewhat involved and will cost you a LOT of cash unless you can edit the driver files yourself nbsp

A:Please read BEFORE you install Windows 7

Intel is NOT releasing support for the 9xx series of chipsetsClick to expand...

Are you sure, I just checked for the 910 and 945, W7 drivers are available for download at Intel
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Hello there Recently discovered these forums so howdy first of all my first post and all I'd really like your input on the following Please period. Windows will not read... install, 7 Why? problem I face I have two PCs at home a desktop and a laptop The desktop being my main computer is quot less open quot to experiments such as new OS versions etc so most of my tweaking happens on the not-so-used laptop machine Here's the story Windows will NOT install on this laptop Which is something I cannot understand The laptop is Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A G a model Its base specs are CPU Athlon single-core GHz VGA ATI Radeon X MB RAM GB DDR HDD Seagate Momentus GB Windows upgrade advisor didn't find any issues with the hardware of the machine However I have tried the following and here's what happened every time Note that the machine used to run Windows Vista x with no issues before I decide to take it to Windows Windows x build DVD went past quot Copying files - quot and DID NOT go to quot Expanding files quot All options remained grayed out DVD burnt at x since the DVDs I used refused to be burned below x actually went to quot Expanding files quot but stayed at seemingly forever build DVD Reached quot Expanding Files quot and stayed at DVD re-burnt different image - reached quot Expanding Files quot and DVD actually Windows 7 will not install, period. Why? Please read... spinned for a bit - reached and then stayed there forever USB stick I did try to make a USB stick bootable with However the laptop did not explicitly support USB stick boot so even though I tried to make it quot appear like a HDD quot it never worked out well enough Following these abysmal results when RC build came out I thought to give it another shot x did the same as always - expanding files at I noticed after cancelling installation that some MB had been copied to the installation partition but still nothing happened Windows x I tried to run x installer from within Windows XP SP x I installed on the laptop following all these unsuccessful attempts A bit of background info on the partitions Partition GB is Windows XP SP Partition GB is Ubuntu Partition GB is free I attempted to install on this partition were going on Partition and when all failed windows XP came on P instead Now - I decided to run the install from within Windows since there was the option to quot get installation updates from Internet quot and all Every time Windows did download a KB file for me presumably some driver to use with the install However install went as follows Attempt Copying files done Expanding files up to done Reboot Expanding files to done Installing features updates done Here it was supposed to reboot once more but it never did - stuck on the wallpaper of the installation for quite sometime I rebooted manually and then the installation thought this a bad thing to do and mentioned that quot Installation should be restarted quot offering me only rollback Rollback succeeded Attempt As attempt stuck at the same place not rebooting Rebooted manually this time installation seemed willing to go on Reached quot Completing installation quot stage waited for hour then terminated installation myself Attempt Reached quot Completing installation quot stage - Left the laptop on overnight After hours it's still at quot completing installation quot Facts Hardware cannot change to make any more attempts It's a laptop after all BIOS cannot be upgraded or USB stick used Hardware is not as ancient as it could be - The mainboard chipset is to be honest Socket and all and I could understand not being able to install the x version because the chipset can't support it properly the CPU can't whatever But the x version Especially when x Vista worked like a charm Sorry for the excruciatingly long post - But any input will be much appreciated I thought Win would run better on this laptop than Vista and I still believe they'll do better but they have to install first for God's sake PS Is there a way to track p... Read more

A:Windows 7 will not install, period. Why? Please read...

Have you checked the hash on the download to confirm the iso is not corrupt. If so have you tried extracting the contents to your hard drive and install from that, this would eliminate any cd or burn issues.
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Hi all
Happy Xmas everyone

Read this and I'd install the tool if applicable to your system.
BBC News - Microsoft warns on IE browser bug

Threats ARE becoming more sophisticated but so are the defences.

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 2.0 is Now Available - Security Research & Defense - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Cheers all

Enjoy your Xmas Dinner etc etc and don't drink too much champagne.

Good luck all for 2011


A:Happy Xmas all -- but please read this and install

Thanks Jimbo.

Let's say that IE does get exploited, wouldn't UAC put a stop to it? Granted that you didn't give the OK. IE doesn't run as an admin so I don't see how this exploit could take control of your computer as long you said no when the UAC prompt comes up.

Several months ago while not using an antivirus, when I was surfing the net UAC would pop up every ten seconds after denying the install. I suspected that this was a breach within IE but was stoped via UAC.
With UAC inplace you can stop 100% percent of all auto installs (my perception) but this does not negate the need for antivirus; because of the fact the we will install programs that are seemingly safe while not knowing that there maybe be hiden functionality built into the software.
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im trying to dual boot xp and vista. vista is already installed and because i am using sata drives i used nlite to create a xp install disk that has the drivers for the sata drives. the install goes perfectly fine until the install restarts it then gives me a disk read error and tells me to hit ctrl alt delete to restart. what could be causing this problem?

A:XP disk read error after install

I'm no dual bootist of vista, but usually you want to install XP first, then vista, from oldest system to newest. I hear vista uses a different boot methodology, and I'm sorry that I can't be of more assistance cause I'm not a fan of that operating system.
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Howdy I tried to search through the forums before posting I've seen similar situations but not the same as mine Fortunately I don't need anything on the HDD so would be others Loop read install, not I have Infinite but during like fine with wiping the HDD completely if I could only figure out how Here's Infinite Loop during install, but not like others I have read the situation I had upgraded from W Home Premium bit to bit but started having driver issues so I decided to go back to bit I can't remember where it was in the installation but it looked like it had hung so I tried to restart and now find myself in this predicament Upon start-up I get the quot Windows is starting services quot screen and a bit later I get a window that says quot Install Windows X The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error Windows installation cannot proceed To install Windows click quot OK quot to restart the installation OK quot If I resart it obviously goes through the same thing The hard part is that even if I change the bios settings or go into the boot menu on startup I can't get the computer to boot off of the usb drive there is no optical drive I'm assuming that this is the case because in a normal installation when the system restarts it can't just keep booting from the installation media and starting the installation over In this case that's what I want it to do but I can't If I try to cycle power to get into the menu that would let me boot in safe mode I can but then I just get a message that says installation can not be performed in safe mode and I'm back to the loop again The bios options are pretty limited - I can change the order of the boot menu but can't disable the HDD Any advice on how to get out of this Here's what I know of my system specs Dell Vostro V laptop GB Ram Bios Version A

A:Infinite Loop during install, but not like others I have read

Has this usb been tested on any other pcs ? How did you prepare it ?
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I have a Lite-On discs of install drive W7 read not will since DVD SOHW S the drive has always worked perfectly on Windows XP Yesterday I put on Windows Ultimate bit and it picked up the drive and even said its name and everything and installed it said it was ready to use Though this is not the case the second a disk in it tries to read for about seconds and then doesn't bother if i right click the drive in explorer it will hang until i eject the disk I can't view a single file on the disks and no auto run pops up So basically it's not working I've got the vary latest firmware for this drive straight off the Lite-On website Also I have already checked Regedit and there is no registry setting of Upper and Lower filters for me even to DVD drive will not read discs since install of W7 remove It's never been there The drive cable and power definately works and is sufficient as it worked on XP hours ago DVD drive will not read discs since install of W7 and has done for a long time It's the only drive plugged in and has the jumper set to master I've installed all the right chipset software and ATK drivers and what not What else is there to do I really need this disk drive to work otherwise my new games can't even be used Thanks

A:DVD drive will not read discs since install of W7

First test your drive to ensure hardware or software problem
Try to boot your system with a Windows Installation CD or DVD.
If you can boot your system with CD or DVD T you have software problem.
Otherwise you have hardware problem.
Good luck.
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I just installed WinXP Pro, on a Dell 4300, and all my info is on a USB stick. It keeps asking me if I want to format the stick, which read fine before the new install. Restarted computer etc, but it will not read.

When I installed, I did NOT choose Filesys NTFS, as it gave me 3 choices, I chose the bottom one, Contine with current file system, on a fresh install, and a wiped drive. Could this be it?

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Hi everyone first time poster here Maybe you all can help me figure out what i did wrong I switched over from a hdd to a ssd for the first time I SSD's. bad read/writes attempt with install New First to installed the new gb Patriot Pyro on my sata mobo and took the advice from some other posts New to SSD's. First install attempt with bad read/writes here about doing a quick win backup restore to get my OS back on the new ssd Everything seemed to work fine Booted up first time with no problem Thought everything was okay until i started gaming Noticed significant decrease in performance Did a couple of speed tests on the read write for my ssd I know that no ssd is gonna perform to factory specs but mine is horribly low Patriot describes this Pyro model as having give or take a few on the read write Im getting less than on multiple tests with different software Anything that you all can see thats an obvious mistake with my install process and maybe how to fix thanks in advance Major Update I called Gigabyte and this particular model mobo is only Sata gbs and does not have the capability in the bios to set AHCI mode Is this my major issue

A:New to SSD's. First install attempt with bad read/writes

What port is it plugged into? Makes a huge difference.
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Well im trying to install this game i just got and the cd drive gets an error saying "insert disk" and i see there are a few unknown programs on my pc... ill get a hjt text in just a minute...

A:Im trying to install a game... cd wont read

Are you sure the game isn't on dvd? A lot of them come on dvd now...........
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A:Read! SP1 Upgrade Fails To Install

thanks for the post, flavallee. This at least gives a pretty solid workaround; that said, I've yet (touch wood) to have any issues with SP1.
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Hi there,
I had Vista Ultimate installed for a long time on my PC, and just today bought the student upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. The download went fine, and I selected the custom install, since it couldn't upgrade from Ultimate.

The setup screen appeared, and it extracted the setup files, and then reboot my computer. Right after my bios boot screen, I got the message "disc read error - press ctrl alt delete to reboot."

I did order the disc backup so I'll be getting that in the mail eventually, but what went wrong? Everything appeared to be normal right up to this point, and I don't know how to solve it.

Thanks very much

A:Disc Read Error upon install

Hi visarts... Welcome to the forums!

This is an alternate way that you might try while you are waiting for your disc.. Extract the files to a spare partition/drive and run the setup.exe from there... If you continue to get a disc read error, then your hard drive may be going on you... Let us know how it goes...
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I recently installed a new HDD after the previous one failed. Fortunately the owner had backed up the My Docs folder to CD so after install of Win 98 and Office XP to the new drive, it should have been a matter of simply copying the contents of the backup CD to the new My Docs folder.

However when accessed the docs all come up Read Only.

Accessing the properties of the docs shows them to have the Read Only box greyed out and not accessible. By changing the attribute to Archive, the tick goes aout of the Read only box but clicking apply causes it to reappear as greyed out and the attributes not changed.

How can we remove the Read Only attribute - especially if we can do it in bulk as there are hundreds of docs.


A:Read Only MS Word after new drive install

As long as the files remain on the CD .. they will remain as "read only".
You must copy the specific file(s) to your hard drive .. then you can remove the "read only" file attribute.

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In March 2011, the Service Pack 1(SP1) upgrade was released for Windows 7.

Between that date and April 2016, over 200 important/recommended updates have been released.

That means anyone doing a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 will need to go through a time-consuming and aggravating process to bring the operating system up-to-date.

Microsoft has decided to simplify that process by making available a "rollup" update (KB3125574) at the Microsoft Update Catalog site which contains those updates during that 5-year period.
(Click the image to enlarge and view it)

Note: Microsoft has also decided to provide future updates differently in the future.

You can read all about it here:


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So I've just had to clean install today, and after this - ALL of my files on my external hard drive are apparently no longer my own. I have already tried taking ownership - it didn't work. Just keeps telling me I don't have permission.

Somebody, PLEASE help!

This has NEVER happened to me before... EVER. And I have done countless restores (this is my first clean install, but I've done countless factory restores).

I have far too many files to lose over this - very important ones to me. I need them.

A:Read Only External HDD AFTER Clean Install?!


There is an easy fix for this, but I can't recall what it is - I have asked for more help. Don't worry - you won't lose the files.

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After the first phase of my xp pro install the system asks to shut down and after boot it will continue installing but when the system comes back up i get a Disk read error. i tryed with another hard drive and it did the same thing only instead of disk read error it said error loading OS. What bios settings could cause this or is it a partition problem Seems like alot of ppl are having this kind of problem but i cant find a good answer

A:Disk Read Error XP install

Many experience XP loading problems due to RAM. If you have multiple sticks of RAM try with one and then the other. If only one stick try and borrow one from someone to test with. If that isn't possible try and lower the timings.

Once you get it loaded you will probably be able to go back to your original RAM setup.

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Have just had to reinstall XP. Card reader works fine on laptop. But on Desktop there is no "plink" sound. At one time when I plugged in the Targus card reader it did say found new hardware. Then it said your hardware may not work properly.

Now I plug in and never see the card reader at all. Help??


A:New install of XP cannot read from old Card Readers

do you have all the updates to xp? did you go to the computers manufacturer and get their updates and drivers? Finally does any other usb devices work?
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Hello all I have found this site very helpful for a few the Install whole Programs? post) Cannot (Please read recent business related questions but now I have a home PC issue can anyone help Sorry that this is a bit wordy I am running Windows XP SP Home Cannot Install Programs? (Please read the whole post) Edition - factory installed on a Dell Dimention I bought a couple years ago All that we use the computer for is email some internet web use we have filtered internet using Proxy Watch and a bunch of games for our kids Until recently the past few months we were able to install new programs just fine A couple months ago I tried to install a new program for my son Jonah - A VeggieTales Adventure - it says quot XP Compatible quot right on the package but it didn t work I put in the cd and the splash screen came up I pressed quot Install quot the splash screen went away the pointer went to the quot pointer hourglass quot for a few seconds then went back to a normal pointer and nothing happens I called the software company for support but they just had the basic maybe the cd is faulty or did you try rebooting your pc questions So I would write this off as a fluke but I am too curious I booted up in safe mode and signed on as quot Administrator quot even though we only have one logon on our PC which is an administrator account I attempted to install the program and Presto It worked just fine Now I restart my computer and the program works normal no longer in safe mode Now a few weeks pass and my son wants to install another game Amazon Trail rd Edition - this one brings me back to the old Apple IIE days Crazy thing is I have the same problem I can t install the program so I boot up in safe mode and the program installs just fine Can anyone tell me what is going on I have run Spybot S amp D AdAware SE I updated both today and updated my Norton AV definitions today Spybot and Adaware did find some stuff but I removed all that it found and I still cannot install the program Here is the log file I got from Hijack This Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS system cisvc exe C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton Utilities NPROTECT EXE C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C PROGRA NORTON SPEEDD nopdb exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C WINDOWS SHINE EXE C WINDOWS System RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS pacificService exe C WINDOWS system cidaemon exe C WINDOWS system cidaemon exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Documents and Settings The Pages My Documents Hijack This HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http www zol com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www zol com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title ZOL R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer ftp filter proxy-watch com gopher filter proxy-watch com http filter proxy-watch com https filter proxy-watch com socks filter proxy-watch com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride www nadaguides com www toyota com media khaudio org O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton SystemWorks Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - T... Read more
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So first of 'Hi ' I signed up here cause I thought after days of asking around that this might be the place where I may finally get some questions answered properly So simply put I recently built my first PC which has both an SSD and a HDD and I need some help correctly installing Windows to the SSD Now I understand some options may need to be changed in the bios if so can you please be very precise (please of instructions simplified read). for SSD In need install about where I need to In need of simplified install instructions for SSD (please read). go and what I need to click on and change as I'm seriously lacking knowledge when it comes to this stuff I can't stress that enough I've had people just throwing sentences at me that have confused me within the first few words and they never care to elaborate Some people said to change something to AHCI mode but there's two places I've noticed in the bios where I can do this and no one was specific about which one it was I needed to change Also does it matter which SATA port my SSD is connected to I have the following ports SATA M White SATA M White SATA White SATA White SATA Blue SATA Blue SATA Blue SATA Blue My SSD is connected to M White I believe while the HDD is on White I can change this if need be If I can get help with the above questions I'd REALLY appreciate it And if anyone has any additional tips I'd appreciate them too but please keep the explainations on 'how to' simple it would save me having to ask even more questions and going in circles Thanks for any help

A:In need of simplified install instructions for SSD (please read).

This might be a good place to check: How to install Win7 to new SSD drive
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For a few months I used Maxblast to diskcopy my C drive to my Raid array set up as D.
Then my C drive died.
I replaced it with an identical 160G drive, reloaded XP and used maxblast to copy my data files from the D RAID back to C.
Most files are OK but All of my JPEGS can not be opened, eithe from the C or the D.. any idea why this would be?

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The release notes for Vista SP1 state that Nokia PC Suite must be Uninstalled before the SP1 installation is attempted!

Microsoft Corporation

A significant number of people with Nokia phones will have installed PC suite - this could cause a lot of problems when people start getting the Windows Update

Who reads the release notes when they receive a Windows Update after all?

A:Nokia PC Suite installed? Read this before you install SP1!

wow, thanks for the notification
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This may sound a bit strange but I am trying to install internet explorer version 6 without an internet connection.

I am running windows 98 on a machine with no internet connection (not even a modem!) but I require IE v6 for some software I just got. I don't know why I need it, the installation says that it's required and then quits.

I am currently on a friends PC, so if anyone knows where I can get IE v6 to download (the full program) so I don't need to connect to the internet to install it, I would really apprieciate it.

A:IE v6 install without internet connection. u confused? please read.

The search feature is your friend. Try it with "Install ie6 offline".
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The release notes for Vista SP1 state that Nokia PC Suite must be Uninstalled before the SP1 installation is attempted!

Microsoft Corporation

A significant number of people with Nokia phones will have installed PC suite - this could cause a lot of problems when people start getting the Windows Update

Who reads the release notes when they receive a Windows Update after all?

A:Nokia PC Suite installed? Read this before you install SP1!

wow, thanks for the notification
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Firstly I upgraded to Windows so the software BIOS OUTDATED Please cannot Read! Drivers install and drivers on the HP website are different than my previous Windows operating system drivers Sadly before I upgraded to Windows I did not update Please Read! OUTDATED BIOS Drivers cannot install Windows 's Drivers so I am currently suck on an outdated BIOS version and cannot upgrade my version as Windows Drivers and Support nbsp does not include a BIOS update nbsp My system Information BIOS version As you can see I am running BIOS Version Date AMI - - and ONLY nbsp the updated version of this BIOS is on the Windows operating system drivers which is nbsp Rev A Sadly I cannot update as it is only avaible on Windows and not To change the drivers between Windows and there is a bule box you can click change nbsp Does anyone have any suggestions on how to update my BIOS to nbsp Rev A without going back to Windows as a last resort nbsp Also would this outdated BIOS affect me In upgrading a new video card becuase currently I am getting no signal with my GTX but it lights up and its fan spin
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hi guys, i got a pc off ebay with no operating system on it. i downloaded an xp sp3 iso from a torrent site with good comments(i have the serial for xp, just not the disc) and i installed it just fine, but when i start up the computer it says a disc read error has occurred and prompts me to restart. it has 2x500gb hard-drives and im not sure what hard drive i installed it on. please help me to install xp properly or fix this problem so i can use the computer!!! thanks, addy.

A:disk read error after clean install

Hey Addster,

TSF does not assist with anything which is / may be considered Illegal. Torrenting Windows is illegal, hence the thread will be closed.

I recommend that you start a new thread asking how to find a legal copy of Windows XP (without the serial) as there is probably a legal way to obtain the Operating System (I am no Windows expert so I cannot advice you on that matter). It is likely that the torrented ISO isn't up-to-scratch and could be behind the issue you are experiencing.

See the below excerpt from the Rules.


We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with the following activities

software pirating
password cracking
keystroke recording software

We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.

I have therefore closed the thread. Feel free to send me a PM if you deem this to be in error by clicking here.

Yours Sincerely,
Global Moderator
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hi guys i'm at a bit of a dead end here and pulling my hair out i'll start with my specs hp g laptop win ultimate gb ram gb ocz vertex ssd os gb wd green drive bay for music i cpu ok so here goes i think i had picked up a virus a few weeks ago as everything spiked and i was getting issues i did several boot time scans with avast for and pup's that may not be picked up when os is running and it didnt find anything at this point i was running home premium i tried a format and fresh re-install with that but the problem did not cease so i then install. for after need help... high read some clean usage cpu inf sky sanitized the drive twice with parted magic which was recommended to me by a few other need some help... sky high cpu usage after clean install. read for inf sources and purchased ultimate installed it and hoped for the best I dj severral times weekly with this machine the only programs that are installed are serato scratch live ableton Live internet explorer and vlc media player the laptop will run sweet as a nut for a while with cpu idling between amp then all of a sudden the fan will go mental and cpu will jump upto and stay there until i reboot i did a system restore back to literally just the os installed and internet explorer and it is exactly the same does anyone have any ideas suggestions that can please help me out i have very important gigs on weds and thursdays with celebrity acts supporting and im starting to really worry about this ANY ideas much appreciated i will try all of them many thanks in advance Brian

A:need some help... sky high cpu usage after clean install. read for inf

just noticed that this post has been moved, thanks mods, i wasnt sure where it should have gone
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my laptop is a Dell inspiron 1464 with an ati graphics card of 1GB
the configuration goes like 3 gb ram 320 gb HDD 1 GB ati graphics card.
After my windows crashed my graphics card is not being read. It says standard vg graphics card.
If anyone have any solutions please do help me out


A:Graphics card is not being read after windows re install

have you installed the proper graphics driver for your machine? you should be able to obtain this from the dell website.
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Hi. Today I installed Windows XP from USB as a second OS (I have Win7 already installed). Everything worked nice but after rebooting after XP setup copied files, this: "A disk error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" appeared so I tried to reboot again but it didn't help. I even reinstalled XP again. Do you have any suggestions?
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I was only able to buy the 32-bit version of Home Premium in a store, so I installed this then sent away for the 64-bit version. It just came today, but I found out I can only install it by booting from the disk. No biggie, but then I get to the part where it says I can only do a clean install of Vista while booting from a disk, which would mean losing a lot of files that I need.

Is there a way to install this 64-bit version maybe on another partition, then move all of my files to the new partition, then delete the old partition taking the 32-bit version with it? If someone could explain how to do this that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

A:install vistax64 (special case, please read)

Hi. Do you have an external hard drive? That would be so much easier.
Im not sure if you can dual boot 64-bit and 32-bit so this is what I would do.

Make a new partition, back up all your files on there, and then install your 64-bit on your system partition (probably C drive) and you're good to go.
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Hey guys, first post!
I have a Gateway M685-E laptop with a Philips CDRW/DVD SCB5265.

After doing a clean of Windows 7 install over XP, my CD drive stopped working completely, I messed around and installed some drivers from Dell and got it to read CDs but not DVDs.

Since then I have tried installing Windows XP and Ubuntu with no success getting the drive to read any DVDs, all it does is spin and make a nasty garbling noise.
Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hey there,
I've been trying to reinstall Windows 8 onto my Dell XPS 8500 while using the original key as my hard drive stopped working. When trying to use the Dell installation media, the Windows installer prompts you for a product key no matter what. I've loaded the BIOS defaults and tried booting the disc from Legacy BIOS mode as well. Any Ideas?ThanksHitik

A:Windows 8 Install - Won't Read OEM Licence Key From BIOS

PC came with Windows 8 ?? and you are using Dell's Windows 8 reinstallation media ??

you can now download windows 8.1 and it will read the windows 8 OEM key > Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help
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installing a reputable software app failed and now my c drive is read only and although i can use most of my original programs i cannot change anything cannot choose a restore point as it say the administrator me has stopped me doing this I cannot start my acronis to get my latest backup on external drive C after software read only fails drive install yet i can access my email and other programs The windows system is actually on a small ssd drive for speed although my C drive is on my normal harddisk i get the fault code x b when trying to access programs such as Wise My Hyper drive manager will not work either I can copy and paste and am copying all of the files in My Documents to an external hard drive where all my Acronis backups are I have a sinking feeling that the only option left to me is a complete reinstall somehow as all the options seem to be blocked to me Restore Refresh etc Getting C unlocked would be a bonus I know it's a long shot but if anyone can help i would be grateful Thanks in advance C drive read only after software install fails Paul

A:C drive read only after software install fails

Ok lets give this a shot...

disconnect from the internet

disconnect the external harddrive

uninstall the software that started the problem

if you are unable then reboot and start the computer in safe mode then uninstall that program

restart the computer with internet and external harddisk disconnected

do you have access to your system now?

Create a restore point

reconnect to the internet

reconnect the harddrive if you wish

Check operation of your system, make sure everything is ok now..

If you want to try to re-install that software, go ahead.
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I added a previously used operating drive to my computer that was operating on XP My Windows computer sees the drive but not the files In my computer it shows small files that are not readable HD used files. 2nd XP can't previously to Trying existing 160GB, read install If I go to disk management it sees the drive as GB If I explore it or Trying to install 2nd previously used XP HD 160GB, can't read existing files. the Trying to install 2nd previously used XP HD 160GB, can't read existing files. properties of the drive I can only see mb of files Something isn t right The drive had almost G of XP files in it but I can t see them Pictures word documents etc What am I doing wrong I wanted the computer to use it as a slave so I could access all the files and use them in windows I had all sorts of documents and pictures but Windows can t see them The files it does see are either empty or unreadable I tried plugging in to a different SATA on the board Biostar H with no luck I didn t think there was any jumpers to worry about since it was a SATA drive Disk management shows the drive as online and active but I can t see any of the files I know were on there Thaks for any help Johnny nbsp

A:Trying to install 2nd previously used XP HD 160GB, can't read existing files.
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Hello I am drive, SATA read XP error on install disk trying to install XP Pro onto a SATA HDD specificaly a Hitachi gb one I dont have XP install on SATA drive, disk read error a floppy drive so I integrated my sata raid drivers with XP install on SATA drive, disk read error XP using nLite I get to the first blue screen and it seems to go ok It recognizes both of my drives both sata however it does not recognized my partition that I made I continue anyway and just select the whole drive as there isn t anything on it anyway It is formatted so XP copies the files to the hard drive and restarts Then I can never make it passed this part I get the quot disk read error quot and have to put my Vista disc in and repair it so it will start up In Vista I can see that XP did copy the files correctly to the hard drive I do not know what to do and have tried everything Specs XFX i LT Motherboard Q ghz Gb of RAM EVGA gt gb Western Digital HDD Vista only gb Hitachi Empty and ready for XP Thanks in advance Tony nbsp

A:XP install on SATA drive, disk read error

Have you tried temporarily reducing the memory to that which XP understands, of less than 3Gb?

What SP version of XP pro is slipstreamed in? At least SP2 is required to install on SATA.

Some motherboards require the SATA channel to be set to emulate IDE before an XP install will work. It can be returned to SATA or raid later.

Can you install XP with only the 320Gb drive connected.

Remember that XP installed after Vista will always make Vista inaccessible, but there are ways to recover that and setting up dual booting in Vista. This topic has been covered before.
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Re Virtual PC on XP - How to install Win SE or get it to read image of old laptop HD with Win SE On my WinXPPro SP desktop I would like to run Windows Virtual PC and quot dump quot into it my entire old Win SE laptop so that my old Win SE laptop will live forever I have no Win SE OS disks to install the quot guest quot OS - the only source for the OS is my old Win SE laptop What to do This is what I have done so far I have run Clonezilla on my old Win SE laptop to make an image of its entire hard drive on an 2 old How get Win98SE on - PC Virtual or of it install to image 2007 XP read HD? external drive Then I re-connect the external hard drive to my new WinXPPro SP desktop The first time I am using Virtual PC on my new WinXPPro SP desktop Virtual PC 2007 on XP - How 2 install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD? I am successfully getting Virtual PC to boot up off the Clonezilla iso file so that Clonezilla can run However Clonezilla Virtual PC do NOT see the external hard drive and therefore cannot quot restore quot the old laptop image into Virtual PC Clonezilla running in Virtual PC is giving me these error messages quot Error No unmounted partition s are found To use Clonezilla to save or clone a partition the source partition must be unmounted Press quot Enter quot to exit quot No disk image is found in home partimag Make sure you already saved an image Or make sure you did not try to restore an image saved from partition s to disk s Program terminated quot Any thoughts Thanks
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Hi I have two hard drives the primary one is a GB Maxtor STM from install selected disk boot not the on XP Could read partition: AS SATA with Windows XP Professional x XP install on partition: Could not read from the selected boot disk on it NTFS Also connected is a GB Samsung SP H IDE that is partitioned into D NTFS and E FAT drives I m trying to install the same copy of Windows onto the D drive as part of a test format and reinstall before I format and reinstall Windows on C drive After Windows completes the initial setup phase the computer reboots and shows the load operating system screen I choose the Windows loaded onto D drive to continue the setup but this message comes up Code Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem Could not read from the selected boot disk Check boot path and disk hardware Please check the Windows documentation about hardware configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information I have done some Internet searching and one suggestion was to run the Recovery program on the Windows disc and rebuild boot ini using bootcfg I did that and it detected both Windows installations but the same problem happened I have tried formatting D drive and restarting the Windows installation but the same problem keeps happening Could it have something to do with the hard drives master slave statuses I don t know much about that aspect of hardware Also the D drive partition did have some bad sectors on it which seem to have been fixed after I ran chkdsk could that still be an issue Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks nbsp

A:XP install on partition: Could not read from the selected boot disk

To install a second copy of Windows while the other one is still in place and intact, you need to install the second copy in a "dual boot" configuration. If you don't want to end up with a dual-boot system, remove the drive which contains the first installation before running Windows Setup to install the second installation.

If the two partitions (old and new) are on the same physical drive, you will have to use the dual-boot method of installation.
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DVD drive read as CD Drive after clean install of win 7 x86 from vista
i just did a clean install of windows 7 in my HP laptop but now i found that DVD drive is recognised as cd drive

can some one here help me on this issue its really hard to install few things or even watching a movie.


A:DVD drive read as CD Driveafter clean install of win 7 x86 from vista

Hi raj,

You could try uninstalling the device from Device Manager then rebooting your machine. This will force Windows to re-install, hopefully as the correct device. Then try putting in a DVD and see if it has solved the issue.

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Re Virtual 2007 - old HD get install read Win98SE Virtual to of How to PC image or it PC - How to install Win SE or get it to read image of old laptop HD with Win SE On my WinXPPro SP desktop I would like to run Windows Virtual PC and quot dump quot into it my entire old Win SE laptop so that my old Win SE laptop will live forever I have no Win SE OS disks to install the quot guest quot OS - the only source for the OS is my old Win SE laptop What to do This is what I have done so Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD far I have run Clonezilla on my old Win SE laptop to make an image of its entire hard drive on an external drive Then I re-connect the external hard drive to my new WinXPPro SP desktop The first time I am using Virtual PC on my new WinXPPro SP desktop I am successfully getting Virtual PC to boot up off the Clonezilla iso file so that Clonezilla can run However Clonezilla Virtual PC do NOT see the external hard drive and therefore cannot quot restore quot the old laptop image into Virtual PC Clonezilla running in Virtual PC is giving me these error messages quot Error No unmounted partition s are found To use Clonezilla to save or clone a partition the source partition must be unmounted Press quot Enter quot to exit quot No disk image is found in home partimag Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD Make sure you already saved an image Or make sure you did not try to restore an image saved from partition s to disk s Program terminated quot Any thoughts Thanks nbsp

A:Virtual PC 2007 - How to install Win98SE or get it to read image of old HD
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Hehe I know already that this is all my own doing so I Solved: read Genius install-cd, Unable Evil to m determined to fix it too I got this Evil Genius game by Vivendi Universal games it has worked perfectly till now I m not experienced with computers so naturally I wanted to try something which Solved: Unable to read install-cd, Evil Genius sounded perfect a virtual cd-tray I used Daemon Tools Lite for this after copying the two cds on the virtual tray and installing it it didn t Solved: Unable to read install-cd, Evil Genius let me use it to play without the cd and even with the cd it wouldn Solved: Unable to read install-cd, Evil Genius t function So I wanted to unistall it all and start from scratch Daemon out of the way the game wouldn t unistall since the copy must ve been imperfect I searched for the solution here and noticed the quot delete the files manually quot -thread and so I did but now it won t recognize the install-cd of the two-cd-game and I m in a pinch hehe hopefully someone knows exactly or even something near the right answer to fix this somewhat embarrasing problem Thank you nbsp
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It's a new motherboard...

The mobo driver CD is in the optical drive, but the install GUI is not recognizing the file to access and install it.

The CD is NOT in 'h' drive; it's in 'E', but click all the way to the XP folder shows an empty folder.

I cannot click the 'Files of Type' dropdown, to show ALL FILES.

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Hi there all.

In a little bit of a situation. My laptop is not loading up, after about 20secs it states "Disk read error occurred- CLT+ALT+DEL to restart.

But it just happend again and again.

I've been reading around and everyone is saying just use the xp install disk to repair the master boot, problem is I have moved that many time is the past 2years I have no idea where that CD is.

I've downloaded DiskInternals Boot CD and it will start on this. But it wont actaully repair the disk, just scan it

I've used diskcheck via cmd on the boot cd but it states there is a master boot registry failure (i think).

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

A:Disk Read Error Occured - No XP install Cd to repair

You can make a Recovery Console CD.

XP Recovery Console CD Image with autofmt.exe for formatting
Recovery Console ISO Image (original)

A disk read error of any kind usually signals the end of a disk. It is doubtful that the MBR has anything to do with it. If you have a recovery partition, using fixboot or fixmbr will destroy the proprietary MBR and prevent you from accessing the recovery, so be sure you don't have one.

Run chkdsk /r from the Recovery Console and see what it says about bad sectors.
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Hi thanks for clicking i hope you can help Im using an old once office networked PC When i first got it it worked fine but i occasionally got message quot primary something atapi incompatible press F to continue quot which i did and it started fine i rarely get this message anymore However after a while the cdrom stopped reading I thought i d try putting a cdrw from my other temporarily out of action PC but that didnt work even at the right jumper settings It started once in safe mode with the cdrw plugged boot > cant prob didnt read CDROM install > new wont > in But generally it gets to quot searching for boot record from IDE- quot which it always does and goes no further sometimes it then goes on to say insert floppy which i dont have i tried a windows startup floppy but that didnt have the files it wanted If i unplug the cdrw it works fine The device manager doesnt recognise any cdrom but the drivers are there If you can offer me any advice i would be delighted Yours Matt nbsp

A:CDROM prob > didnt read > cant install new > wont boot

Matt; Could the CD-rom be shot? Did you remove is and try using just the CD/RW by itself?
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Hi I bought an older Asus motherboard from colleague that already had the cpu and ram installed I purchased a WD ide hardrive and built the computer with some other spare parts Like I said the hardware is older sorry I don't remember exactly what the amd socket is or after disc installs fine) install(Vista error XP read more on the MB as it has no OS on it currently but I wanted to see how vista did on it It installed fine and worked pretty well but it was still rather slow So i put the xp cd in and booted from that it loaded up and proceeds to format and set XP disc read error after install(Vista installs fine) up the files it then restarts and right after the press any key to boot from cd it gives me a disc read error and tells me to press ctrl alt dlt to restart Try it again and still the same thing reinstalled vista and it worked fine and installed properly put the hard drive in another computer to format it from there and again tried to install xp on it and I get the same results I got before I would really like to get Xp on here instead of vista but am at a loss on how to proceed I installed Xp on a different computer with the same disc and it worked fine Does anyone have any idea what is going on

A:XP disc read error after install(Vista installs fine)

still having the issue
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I turned on my computer today and everything s messed up I can't Suddenly haywire! copy, it's drive, CD install/uninstall, read m running windows XP on a Sony Vaio about yrs old I have separate CD drives and my computer won t recognize them Sometimes when I restarted it d recognize one of them When I m in the BIOS screen it only shows CD drive I can t copy or backup files I wanted to backup so Suddenly can't install/uninstall, copy, read CD drive, it's haywire! I could revert back to factory settings I also can t install or uninstall anything My anti-virus program McAfee says it has updated but when I run a scan it says my definitions are months Suddenly can't install/uninstall, copy, read CD drive, it's haywire! out of date It suddenly takes Suddenly can't install/uninstall, copy, read CD drive, it's haywire! a really long time to boot up I tried doing a system restore rolling back a few days and that didn t do anything Windows would not run a system scan on startup after I told it to I also just bought internet from Qwest last week I don t know if that has to do w anything Do I have a virus If I do I don t know what to do about it since I can t update my anti-virus program I tried installing windows one care it came free w my internet but it said there was a network problem and couldn t install However my internet was and is working just fine I m no computer expert and I m at a loss Please can anyone help nbsp

A:Suddenly can't install/uninstall, copy, read CD drive, it's haywire!

I would recommend a diagnostic startup, go to Start --> Run, Type in msconfig, in General tab, check diagnostic startup. Click okay, click restart on the popup, when windows boots up again, let me know if you see everything and if at least most of the stuff that wasnt working, is now functioning, chances are you have a virus.
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I've had this problem with a few disks actually--disks with media burned on them (I think QuickTime format), but for whatever reason DVDs either work immediately or take only one or two tries before succeeding.

I am trying to install a legit student copy of MATLAB, the disk is brand new but does somehow have one or two scratches, very minor. Usually the drive tries to read the disk for maybe 30 seconds before giving up, occasionally it spins without any sign of stopping until I pop the disk out when it starts to get hot. Clicking on the drive in the 'my computer' menu just tells me I need to insert a disk into the drive.

All of my drivers should be up to date. Also, for the record, the disk is fine and will run on other computers, just like the previous disks it's been unable to read.

Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 1521 DVD RW drive will not read MATLAB install disk

Sounds like a bad disk drive. I had a dell Inspiron 1720 that would do the same thing. I finally gave up on it and bought an external DVD drive and it worked fine. You could try ordering a replacement DVD drive from Dell.
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Hi All I am brand new here and found this forum during a Google Search I thought this Searched found & Read -Disk at nothing: Error reboot Install 1st Win7 looked like a great place to find solutions to all manner of computer issues so I signed up and here I am I have a new Samsung Series Laptop and am endeavoring to Install Windows Home Premium from their Searched & found nothing: Win7 Install -Disk Read Error at 1st reboot supplied Win CD I ran into issues with their recovery utility and rather than send the unit in to be reimaged I decided to completely wipe repartition reformat and reinstall clean Also I have downloaded all of the appropriate drivers from the Samsung Support site for my particular laptop model I Searched & found nothing: Win7 Install -Disk Read Error at 1st reboot am using Partition Wizard Free Version for the Wiping Partitioning Formatting chores and all seems well there BTW the Windows partition is GB and is formatted for the NTFS file system PROBLEM When I go to install Win it gets through the loading and expanding files and through the initial install and when it gives notice that it will reboot in so many seconds I quickly remove the CD and am able to close the CD drawer before it starts the reboot process Upon reboot a message comes up stating that a quot DISK READ ERROR HAS OCCURED quot The first time this happened I re-wiped and reformatted the C Windows partition and reformatted it then tried again with Searched & found nothing: Win7 Install -Disk Read Error at 1st reboot the same exact results I really need to get this thing completed and would greatly appreciate any and all advice with this issue

A:Searched & found nothing: Win7 Install -Disk Read Error at 1st reboot

Do not remove the installation CD until Windows is fully installed and is up and running.

When you first begin the installation by booting from the Windows 7 DVD you should see "Press any key to boot from CD", and obviously that's what you must do.

However, on subsequent reboots during Windows setup you must leave the DVD in the drive but simply ignore "Press and key to boot from CD", so that your system does not boot from the DVD but Windows Setup can still read from the DVD as and when it needs to.

That is why the "Press any key to boot from CD" was incorporated into the installation procedure.

When Windows is up and running you can then remove the DVD.
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Well it has been a fun couple of days Trying to restore a mistake on my Windows ultimate x hard drive that Ubuntu started to overwrite So far I have Backed-up Copied all my files so whatever is done to this HD is ok Restored the partitions Tried FixMBR FixBoot Chkdsk Rebuildbcd In the recovery Hard Install Drive? - Error Issue...Repair on 2nd Disk Read Boot console it sees my OS just fine But when I boot my Dell XPS desktop after post it says 'Disk Read Error' press ctrl alt del to restart I don't think it has anything to do with the bios - I've put the hard drive in another dell and it did the same thing tried different Sata cables too I think there is a peice I'm missing somewhere with these partitions see attached I currently have my non-booting drive in another dell and you can see it as Disk in the screen shot Any suggestions for getting this thing back to booting I can access all the files from it fine when I have on this computer as the nd hdd which leads me to believe there is just a boot issue somewhere Can I repair install Windows on this hd even though it is the nd hard drive on the computer I'm trying to avoiding a wipe and reinstalling all the programs so I'm hoping I can somehow fix this last peice Your help is greatly appreciated - thank you

A:Disk Read Error - Boot Issue...Repair Install on 2nd Hard Drive?

Boot up using the Startup Repair CD or Windows 7 DVD. (not the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk) If you have a Netbook, you will need a CD/DVD drive.
NOTE: Make sure no USB drives are plugged in.
Do not use a USB Pendrive for Startup Repair.

1) Use the Rebuild BCD in this tutorial:
How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

2) Fix MBR.

3) Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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I can't seem to change the attributes on my hard drive, and everything seems to be marked Read Only.  I've tried changing the attributes, and it goes through the process, but then when I check the attributes again, they've reverted back to Read Only. 
I am the only user of this PC, and it has me as an administrator, but there are still functions that I should be able to do, and folders that I should have access to, but it says Access denied.  How do I fix this??  I can't even install updates to
my Itunes!

A:Hard Drive Attributes Stuck in Read Only, Unable to Install iTunes Updates, Windows 8.1

Which folder you want to access and experience this issue, Windows system file or personal file? Does this problematic computer joined domain? You can press "Windows+X" to open System to check.
If it's an system file, it not recommend to change the file setting for it. If it's an personal file, please try take owner of this file then uncheck "Read-only" for testing. For your reference: remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
Allen Wang
TechNet Community Support
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Hi device to sound, of list blank,unable no [SOLVED] hardware manager under read install guys I hope I posted at the right section My xp has been giving me problem recently like the explorer exe keep using of my CPU resulting my laptop to hang a lot I tweaked a bit with msconfig but not sure if that's the caused my laptop problem now The symptoms are - No sound - Installed hardware not displayed in device manager blank - Computer Description in the General Tab of System Prop greyed and blank - System restore only has one restore point which is when I encountered all this problem - Unable to use internet - Unable to connect to external disk or usb drives - The processes tab in Task Manager no User Name listed usually there my username or SYSTEM but now only SYSTEM for System Idle Process - Under the Users tab of Task Manager none listed Usually [SOLVED] no sound, list of install hardware under device manager blank,unable to read there is my username listed - Same symptoms even under safe mode I'm currently using my housemate's laptop to check if there is a solution for this problem Thank You -urta-

A:[SOLVED] no sound, list of install hardware under device manager blank,unable to read

Damn dogg.... You need to reinstall Winblows. Fo shizzle, yo shiz wack dawg

here yo fix homie download windowz.exe and that will reinstall for you.

Massive motherboard problems, or a corrupt OS mang. Reinstall
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Hello Everyone Right out of box my Asus had powering up problem Sent it to Asus and they fixed it and said they had to change the HD I wasnt messed from any not it ROM they like the !! Pioneer ASUS the driver (pioneer registry. came does in HELP for up DVRTD11RS) CDs/DVDs...ever install DVD-RW after DVD read service..Seems since a person to use CDs on daily basis after almost a year to my surprise when i wanted to use a DVD it just dont even recognise Asus happily blamed it on me saying quot i should have reported it right then quot So i have tried uninstall of driver and reinstall --EDIT On devicemgr driver prop it says its config is incomplete or damaged error code -- I found the below info for a Win will same procedure work for Win Appreciate To Solve this problem you need to reinstall the Cd Drive by doing the following Go into device manager right click on cd drive nbsp and DVD ROM (pioneer DVD-RW DVRTD11RS) does not read any CDs/DVDs...ever since it came from ASUS after service..Seems like they messed up the driver install for the Pioneer in registry. HELP !! select uninstall nbsp In start type run and execute it type regedit and execute it navigate to nbsp HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class D E -E - CE-BFC - BE delete the upper and lower filters - if one of them isn't they're don't worry - just delete which ever is close registry and restart computer immediately
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hey my computer generally reads disks music cd's dvd's and games new like sims and old like theme hospital and shogun total war ive just got anno and put in the disk but its not recognizing it at all when other will drive read vista disk, on wont computer read dvd specific i first put the disk in it whirs as it knows there is a disk there and dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer a disk icon appears next to the cursor but then nothing no disk appears in My computer and when i click on the drive it asks dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer me to insert a disk i have tested the disk on a different computer running vista anno runs perfectly and also says it does run on windows i have also tested other disks since putting the game into the windows computer which work fine and checked whether the disk can be read in a virtual machine windows xp in this case which it cant as i expected dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer i have run the Microsoft disk checker and all it said was that the disk was unreadable but the vista computer proves it is readable any tips on what to do next i really want to get playing this thanks

A:dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer

I would think that your optical drive and that particular brand DVD media don't go together well. ( I have an Imation DVD+R DL that my Samsung drive only reads at times but not most of the time. On four other drives - a Sony, a Liteon, an Asus and a Plextor - the media is recognised and accessible without any problems. The Samsung drive is clean, has the latest firmware, can read and write other DVD media. So where am I? )

You may just try cleaning the lense with a Lense Cleaner CD. If it does not help, try burning anno 2070 to another known-to-be-good brand media at a lower speed.
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Whenever I boot up my VAIO (VGN-SZ750N) laptop an all-blue screen appears only momentarily, so that there's no time to read any of what is clearly a very wordy warning in white typescript that fills the whole screen. How can I stop this long enough to read it and take whatever action it recommends?

then, something happens that may be related to this . . .

soon afterward, a boxed message appears saying: "System has recovered from a serious error . . . " Clicking on this results in a huge number of figures that would challenge anybody who attempted to write them down.

A:How to read warning that appears and disappears too fast to read on startup
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I have a dell laptop, D620. When i first put it on the screen was loading funny. as i move the mouse over it a square at time would come in...then when i tried to boot it again. it said new user.. then it just woulnt boot got read error hit control alt delete...i called Dell they said hold fn key and hold start but it went into diagnostic mode. in a few minutes they said HARD DRIVE must be replaced.

My problem is now... that to recover the data companies want from $500 to 25oo to recover the data... is there any program or thing i can do to try to get my files back?

Marv Alpert
[email protected]

A:Hard Drive canNOT Be Read, Computer won't boot. Read Error

Hi malpert and welcome to the TechSpot Forum :wave:

As a laptop only has the ability to support 1 harddrive your option is to remove the drive from the laptop and connect it to a desktop PC using a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor and try to read the files on it, however I would download the test tools from the makers website and run a thorough test on the drive to ensure readability of the drive.

Remember though if the drive has failed mechanically then any data may be lost and you will need to use one of the professional data recovery services such as "ontrack data recovery" to get it back.

Backup, backup and backup is the mantra when it comes to important data...

Dont put your mailing address on a forum like this by the way you will end up getting spammed to hell.

As a newbie to the site would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

A message for all newcomers.

SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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I tried unchecking read only.
When apply and look it is back to read only.

How can I make this read and write permission?

A:public tv folder read only? mythtv needs read write persmissions

You can do this by going into the C:>Users>Public folder properties, click the Sharing tab then click on the Advanced Sharing button showing in the first picture.

Click the box to share the folder like in the second picture, at that point the Permissions button will light up.

Click the permissions button, Add check marks for full control "third picture" then hit the Apply button, on all windows click Ok etc.

At this point the Public folder and it's subfolder will have read/write access.