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Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition

Q: Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition

So backstory time I built a desktop and threw in my laptop HDD and installed the proper drivers and everything was perfect Then I decided I should probs get rid of my Music partition and instead integrate it into my main Windows one not even sure why I made a separate partition So I went into another Windows install on a separate HDD and copied over my music to transfer back to my HDD since I don't have enough space on it Then here's what seems to have messed it up I deleted the Music partion which removing partition issues booting after 8.1 Windows was to the Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition left of Windows and extended the laptop Windows HDD inside a different Windows drive Now when I try and boot with either System Reserved or Windows as active it takes - minutes on quot Preparing Windows quot after I sign in it just boots to black desktop with a mouse ctrl alt delete pops up right but task manager doesn't open ctrl L also locks the PC It has the same results with Safe Mode with Networking enabled ScanOS shows no Windows OSes I have no restore points made so I gotta figure out what to do I have Pro that I will upgrade to as Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition soon as Windows works Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition again as the OEM code from the laptop doesn't work on the desktop Honestly if you can tell me a way to keep my programs and Appdata working fine on a fresh Pro install it'll work perfectly
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Preferred Solution: Windows 8.1 booting issues after removing partition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello I have Installed Windows XP like ages ago and then there was some error with the XP back then while booting up so I called up my technician He dual booted my system with Windows Ultimate I've stopped using XP since a while so after Dual XP partition removing Windows not from Boot Booting 7 I thought of removing I from my system The XP files and Windows were on two different partitions of same Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot HDD So I used Minitool Partition wizard to remove Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot the Partition in which XP files were there It even prompted a message saying that I may Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot not be able to boot if I format the specific Partition I clicked on continue and it showed me that the specific partition is in use and the asked me to restart it and minitool will delete it by itself while restarting And after it deleted the XP partition my system can't Boot Windows now I just don't get it I've even lost my Windows OS DVD to try repair the OS Can anyone help me to Boot into my Windows without losing any data from that Partition

A:Windows 7 not Booting after removing XP partition from Dual Boot

Why didn`t you listen to the message ?

You deleted your Active partition now windows 7 won`t boot.

Your windows 7 partition must 1st be marked Active, then startup repair must be run to write the system files to the Windows 7 partition.

Without an install dvd or a system repair disc, you can`t do that. You can easily make a system repair disc on another Windows 7 PC, all you need is a blank cd and a cd burner. But it has to be the same bit version (32 or 64) and Service Pack version as the version you are trying to repair.

Others may have another method. They will post it.

Or call your Tech

System Repair Disc - Create

Startup Repair

Partition - Mark as Active

You can also make and use a Partition Wizard Boot CD

Bootable Partition Manger | MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition
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Well my windows 7 has refused to boot up after i tried to create a new HDD partition. I actually wanted to install windows xp as a dual boot system with windows 7. The partition was created succesfully but when i restarted my system, the windows 7 did not boot up. I only get a blinkind dot and it does not allows me to so anything next. I have tried startup repair from the DVD but it could not detect the problem. Please suggest me something.
Your help will be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 not booting after HDD partition.

Try this:

You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.

Startup Repair

System Repair Disc - Create

System Recovery Options

Repair Install

When Windows is booting OK,Have a read of this tutorial:

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

Use EasyBCD 2.0 in Win 7.

EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums

A bit more reading.
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I recently received an old laptop from a colleague of mine as he no longer has use for such an old laptop dell inspiron m years old I am currently going to give it to my son for tampering as he is an avid computer programmer and is currently working on compiling his own version of partition a Removing windows arch Linux based on the laptops specifications When i started up clearing out the laptop of useless junk i found two partitions on it both containing windows XP The second partition gb partition contained nothing on it except for a clean install of XP Is there any way Removing a windows partition i can uninstall that copy of XP from that second partition while keeping the main Removing a windows partition partition in tact EDIT Removing a windows partition I want to remove the second partition the gb one The two partitions as is followed Partition one C drive gb total space gb used Partition two E drive gb total space gb used Dell inspiron m pentium centrino mobile ghz mb ram gb HD intel integrated graphics extreme All help is much obliged as i m new to this sector of computing nbsp

A:Removing a windows partition

If you are logged into the first XP partition, it is easy enough to do. I would recommend making a backup of your important files before doing this, though.

Right-click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management. Right-click on the 10GB partition, and select 'Delete Partition'. It will ask to confirm that you want to delete the partition.

Next, to change the boot.ini file. Go to Start > Run, and type in "msconfig" without the quotes. Click on the BOOT.INI tab, and click the 'Check All Boot Paths' button. Follow the prompts from there, and you're done.

Check to make sure that you can log back in once you're done, as well.
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Good morning,

I am trying to help a friend with their system. She is running Windows 7 Premium. I followed the steps to create a Administrator account on her box. ( I assume I had to since the option to delete the partition was grayed out). This partition I am trying to remove is an empty locgical drive. (it came partitioned from Dell). I am still unable to delete this drive.

Any thoughts.

Re-cap - In administrative mode - CMD.exe C:\user\administrators> net users administrator /active:yes

I recevied the confirmation. Unfortunately when I log off I am only still seeing my friends login name. I have to click switch user in order to enter administrator credentials.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Removing a partition Windows 7

what to you maean you are trying to remove a partition,you cant remove a partition you can only resize it,meaning (shrink or extend it)are you trying to remove a user account
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I have this audio latency problem on Windows x and x These partitions were both on the same hard drive XP doesn't have this problem but that is on my other hard drive So I'm thinking maybe the hard drive with the windows partitions is bad so I'm trying to test a Windows XP partition on that hard drive to see if it's the hard drive itself that's bad or Windows Well the problem I've made an entry in the boot menu but when I select quot Windows XP WD quot WD standing for Western Digital it boots into the other XP partition that's on the other hard drive This is with the Seagate hard drive first boot priority When I make the WD hard drive first XP Windows to Partition Wrong Booting priority it just goes to this black screen and stays there forever Also the drive letters are different on Windows and XP Example XP is on partition D but when I'm booted on XP it is partition J but that's a minor problem that I'm not worried about at the moment Also I cloned the XP partition to XP WD so maybe they're conflicting See attachment for settings I've deleted my x partition if you're wondering where it went

A:Windows Booting to Wrong XP Partition

Did you install Windows 7 last and was it a 'clean' install or an upgrade?

You can also go to Start > Run, type msconfig, click the Boot tab and set your default here.
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Hey guys C RE O IVE here again I know it's been a while since my last thread but hey I'm back With another issue relatively similar to my last one just a different chipset now So basically here's the story I installed ArchLinux months back enjoyed it for some time and then since recently I thought that it would be time to head back to windows since I am a programmer and I just like the windows development stack more than anything So I deleted my partition in arch linux using gparted and completely fixed it up to NTFS after booting into partition wizard from a usb I used the windows recovery method to boot into a repair disc illustrated here https neosmart net wiki display EB ble EasyRE USB -- Then I did the bootsect nt c mbr bootrec fixmbr like usual Now I'm stuck with an issue and I've attempted the yumi windows install with the ISO and its just not working So at first I just removed mess after Not partition booting 7 Windows the old grub loader in effort to get the windows bootloader back but now when I boot I get this error quot No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key quot Though when I pop in my windows sp -bit install disk and slap any key it just stalls there with a blinking cursor without ever loading I have no idea what could be the Windows 7 Not booting after partition mess issue here I even tried formatting seperate usbs as windows boot cd's with YUMI usb installer and UNET I have no idea what I can do now Any suggestions guys As always all help is appreciated Cheers C REO IVE

A:Windows 7 Not booting after partition mess

It's never going to repair if you dont first Mark the Win7 Partition Active

Then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times which runs all necessary repairs of which bootrec is only one.

If media continues to fail to boot even after resetting BIOS to defaults, use the latest official Win7 ISO for your licensed version burned to disk or stick with the tool provided in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which also includes everything else that can be done to start it.
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Hello. I currently have Windows 7 installed on a two partitioned hard drive. One partition has all the system files and such while the other is not in use. If I remove the partition that I'm not using to free up space will Windows on the other partition be deleted?

Also, would anyone have a recommendation on a good free partitioning software?


A:Will removing partition delete Windows 7?

I would leave the second partition and put all the user data there and out of the Windows partition.

I use MinTool Partition Wizard Home Edition (Free). I have used it a handful of times and have not any problems with it. Check its reviews out on CNET.

Once you moved any data to the second partition defrag both partitions and then use MTPW to re-size the partitions to suit your needs.

Try to leave enough space in all partitions in order to ensure fairly fast defragmentations of your partitions.

P.S. I believe that you might be able to re-size the partitions using Windows 7 though I am not sure about this. Worth looking into.
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Hi all Ok I have a new lenovo ideapad system is UEFI boot I used minitool partition wizard to resize the c amp d drives to increase space on the D but didn t touch anything else rebooted into windows amp it seemed nothing had changed so I booted up by USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to Thinking this was really weird I tried rebooting amp have not been able to get into windows since I have tried recovery through the windows cd but it does not recognise the partitions at all So I can t even use diskpart or the like I have tried several boot 8.1 resized, Windows not UEFI booting, Partition recovery tools some see the partitions amp some don t so I guess I need to make the partitions UEFI-enabled I m not fully savvy with UEFI amp I ve tried every piece of advice I could find but i m stuck any clues Thanks for any help nbsp
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Hi all,

Ok, I have a new lenovo ideapad 305 (system is UEFI boot), I used minitool partition wizard to resize the c: & d: drives (to increase space on the D) but didn't touch anything else, rebooted into windows & it seemed nothing had changed, so I booted
up by USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to. Thinking this was really weird, I tried rebooting & have not been able to get into windows since.
I have tried recovery through the windows 8.1 cd but it does not recognise the partitions at all! So I can't even use diskpart or the like, I have tried several boot recovery tools, some see the partitions & some don't, so I guess I need to make the partitions
UEFI-enabled? I'm not fully savvy with UEFI & I've tried every piece of advice I could find, but i'm stuck, any clues?

Thanks for any help!
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Oh god what you reserved Acidentally changes partition letters isn't and Windows booting... for me I'll Explain at beginning but if you think that will to bore can jump to LAST PROBLEM i have a bad english sorry by any error KALI SEDUCTION A few days ago i've downloaded the Acidentally changes partition letters and Windows isn't booting... sexiest Linux version the Kali Linux It will be useful to me because I wanna learn some moves to quot mandar aquele quot do a very hard moves in my land called Bananal I never installed a O S to dual boot before this and I get some tutorials on youtube to start MY PARTITION METHOD WAS WRONG In tutorial the teacher do a Primary Partition to install the new O S but I havesn't seen it and I do a Logic Partition I get my quot D quot divided it give a Letter maybe quot F quot kb of space and i finish it CHECK PNG INSTALLING KALI When I installing Kali he asked a place to install itself boot The unique parts on screen free for it was C I thinked quot well i f cked up everything but i'm thug life bro quot After it I install something about the Kali Boot in C were are probably located the boot of windows BOOT PROBLEM I SOLVED IT ALONE As I thought my notebook not boot Just show a window for me do boot selecion drivers Ok then i take Windows DVD install reboot it to repair my system and selected something likes BOOT FIX or BOOT REPAIR I do it one time and I restart de machine When I restart the boot shows a Kali Boots Selection Screen here I have some options Boot Kali Linux Boot Kali Mainterange and Boot Windows All they is working normally but I know that anything is wrong this isn't a dual boot screen my Windows seems starting of Kali boot KALI PASSWORD NOT MATCH In installation of Kali I input a Name to the system and a password too but in Kali login window it is not matching So I decided to re-install the Linux O S LAST PROBLEM I know if I erase F partition I'll lost my windows boot obviously because is in this place that I installed Kali and Windows require Kali boot to boot itself Knowing this I erased all F volume and later erase this partition integrating F to D like it was on beginning I thinked later quot hurr durr now i just need to insert windows disk and repair boot again quot But I was terribly wrong the adventure is just starting ACTUAL TROUBLES After I restart the windows screen just shows quot error no such partition Entering rescue mode grub rescue gt space for me tap commands here quot Ok I inserted Windows Installed Disk again to boot repair but a little problem appears System is on disk D not in C Foraging all repair tools I got a window that show all drivers in actual status Before no letter Reserved by system mb ----- C Gb ----- D GB After C Reserved by system mb ----- D gb ----- E gb BROTHER OF SKY how could I make so many bugs in such a short time The worst part is very simple to solve the problem with partitions using Rescue Mode or Windows Installer with some Commands will solve it easy and fast BUT THESE ENGINEERS GET YEARS OF STUDIES ON YALE OR HARVARD TO DO quot FN quot NOTEBOOK SHORTCUTS THAT NOT WORK ON ANY BOOT AND THE CHARACTER quot quot NEEDS FN TO INSERT IT DAAAAAAAWN I just want my cutie windows back But if isn't possible I want to Hard Disk just with two parts Reserved by System mb ----- C gb If you know any ways to solve it tell me please
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Hi all,

Ok, I have a new lenovo ideapad 305 (system is UEFI boot), I used minitool partition wizard to resize the c: & d: drives (to increase space on the D) but didn't touch anything else, rebooted into windows & it seemed nothing had changed, so I booted up by USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to. Thinking this was really weird, I tried rebooting & have not been able to get into windows since.
I have tried recovery through the windows 8.1 cd but it does not recognise the partitions at all! So I can't even use diskpart or the like, I have tried several boot recovery tools, some see the partitions & some don't, so I guess I need to make the partitions UEFI-enabled? I'm not fully savvy with UEFI & I've tried every piece of advice I could find, but i'm stuck, any clues?

Thanks for any help!

A:Partition resize, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI

Just to update, I've gone through the BIOS, tried disabling secure boot, swapping between UEFI First and Legacy First, but cannot get the windows dvd (I've tried the windows 8.1 dvd (don't have the repair disc)) to see the partitions or even refresh or reset, it gives the error "the drive where windows is installed is locked" or "unable to reset your pc. a required drive partition is missing", but the minitool wizard sees the partitions just fine. I've tried several discs such as hiren's cd just to try to get to a GUI (mini windows) but always get a bluescreen (trying to load the GUI). I tried GParted, also no luck.

I tried the System recovery from the Novo Button Menu, but all I get is "Default boot device missing or boot failed" it then demands installation media which I already know won't help with recovery.
Would it be right to assume (since at least some tools can see the partitions)
that it is simply a problem with how the partition table is being identified? If that's the case, is there any software tool that can correct it?
I'd rather fix the problem than reload the whole thing (but it looks like I'll end up doing just that), any ideas?
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Hi all,

Ok, I have a new lenovo ideapad 305 (system is UEFI boot), I used minitool partition wizard to resize the c: & d: drives (to increase space on the D) but didn't touch anything else, rebooted into windows & it seemed nothing had changed, so I booted up by USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to. Thinking this was really weird, I tried rebooting & have not been able to get into windows since.
I have tried recovery through the windows 8.1 cd but it does not recognise the partitions at all! So I can't even use diskpart or the like, I have tried several boot recovery tools, some see the partitions & some don't, so I guess I need to make the partitions UEFI-enabled? I'm not fully savvy with UEFI & I've tried every piece of advice I could find, but i'm stuck, any clues?

Thanks for any help!
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Hi all Ok I have a new lenovo ideapad system is UEFI boot I used minitool partition wizard on a bootable Partition UEFI 8.1 resized, booting, not Windows USB to resize the c Partition resized, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI amp d drives to increase space on the D but didn't touch anything else rebooted into windows amp it seemed nothing had changed so I booted up again on the minitool wizard USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to Thinking this was really weird I tried rebooting to windows amp have not been able to get into windows since I've gone through the BIOS tried disabling secure boot swapping between UEFI First and Legacy First but cannot get the windows dvd I've tried the windows dvd don't have the repair disc to see the partitions or even refresh or reset it gives the error the drive where windows is installed is locked or unable to reset your pc a required drive partition is missing but the minitool wizard sees the partitions just fine I've tried several discs such as hiren's cd just to try to get to a GUI mini windows but always get a bluescreen trying to load the GUI I tried GParted also no luck I tried the System recovery from the Novo Button Menu but all I get is Default boot device missing or boot failed it then demands installation media which I already know won't help with Partition resized, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI recovery Would it be right to assume since at least some tools can see the partitions that it is simply a problem with how the partition table is being identified If Partition resized, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI that's the case is there any software tool that can correct it I'd rather fix the problem than reload the whole thing but it looks like I'll end up doing just that any ideas Thanks for any help

A:Partition resized, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI

I always recommend a person do a complete disk image using Macrium or Aoemi before moving partitions but that being said see this page. If you can get to a command prompt using the Windows install disk use the diskpart commands shown. If it does not work then I think you are looking at a reinstall.
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Hello all my first post thanks for reading I have a new HP laptop ProBook G It seems like a solid laptop I bought it from Tiger Direct and 7 Okay Removing on Install to Windows Partition? Win 8 HP Laptop w/o it came with Win Pro so I can load that if I want to In looking at the directions it says to delete quot ALL Okay to Install Windows 8 on HP Laptop w/o Removing Win 7 Partition? quot partitions prior to upgrading to Win That would mean deleting the Win Pro factory image but why would I do that What if I have serious problems with Win What if I want to sell this computer down the road Seems like I could load Win but keep the factory image of Win in case I want to later restore the computer to its factory state Thoughts or advice A side question what's the advantage of going to Win Pro if any I hear it's faster restarts and shuts down faster has a faster overall UI Okay to Install Windows 8 on HP Laptop w/o Removing Win 7 Partition? etc I've used Win some it's okay but Okay to Install Windows 8 on HP Laptop w/o Removing Win 7 Partition? seems more geared towards having fun rather than getting work done and this is primarily a work laptop

A:Okay to Install Windows 8 on HP Laptop w/o Removing Win 7 Partition?

Win 8 versus Win 7 is personal preference. I wouldn't get wound up in their differences. Use the one you can use most efficiently and are most familiar with.

I gather the laptop now has Win 7. Is there any over-riding reason why you would need to put 8 on it at all if satisfied with 7? You can dual boot and have both if you need both, but it's a complication.

You should be able to make a set of "recovery disks" via software menus that would replicate what that recovery partition would do. Assuming it works, you could then delete that partition after the disks were made and later use the disks to restore to factory state if needed.

I'd think you could install 8 and tell the installer to install to the partition where 7 now is, without deleting all partitions, leaving that recovery partition intact. May work fine, but I'm not sure if that recovery partition would then still be usable to return you to 7.

Or I'd guess you could use a program like Macrium to make an image file of your current partitions and store them on some external drive. Then install 8, deleting all partitions. If you then later want to go back to 7, you'd restore those partitions you made with Macrium.

But again--why do any of that if you like 7? If you want to sell the laptop, the Win 8 disk you have would certainly be an attraction to a buyer if they want to use 8 rather than 7.
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I have been given the challenge to make a way to install Windows without any installation media and without having to even touch the computer partition Windows Problems installation booting unattended a from an while it's installing So far I've made a wim image with the help of this guide and I've made an Autounattend xml file with the help of this guide I put the install Problems booting an unattended Windows installation from a partition wim image in Problems booting an unattended Windows installation from a partition the sources directory on a flash drive and the Autounattend xml file in the root of the flash drive and it does exactly what I want it to - all except it's not on a partition So Problems booting an unattended Windows installation from a partition I move it to a partition and add a boot entry using EasyBCD It boots fine but it acts like the Autounattend xml file isn't even there So right now I have the choice of hands free installation with media or manual installation without media My main question is why the Autounattend xml file isn't working when I boot the same media from a partition Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Problems booting an unattended Windows installation from a partition

Is this some sort of school project? I can't vouch for anyone else, but I would feel terrible if I gave you information that basically did the project for you.

Usually people do this with Windows PE. Have you checked it out?
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So i just recently created two partitions on my home pc one keeping windows xp and i installed windows on the other one I completely got all my programs and stuff back on windows and it was all set I decided i should delete the other partition containing windows xp so the windows one could have all the harddrive space I went into the partition program i was using changed the windows partition to primary instead of logical i think that s what it was i can t really remember then deleted the windows xp one It had to reboot my computer then after it was finished deleting and stuff it rebooted again but now it just takes me to Deleted partition and xp windows 7 dual booting wrong a black screen that says press a key to reboot I got a copy of a windows xp recovery disk and tried to boot from that but nothing I even tried switching the boot sequence but still no luck I really hope someone can get back to me on this one i ve Deleted wrong partition dual booting windows 7 and xp just stumbled upon this site and figured someone has to have some sort of advice on this disaster haha I m not even too sure if this is the right spot to post this but i hope someone can help Thanks in advance nbsp

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Had win and XP working on dual boot with easyBCD for months Then had to wipe another drive so removed all connections in PC and wiped totally unrelated drive linked everything back up again and now windows won't boot up and the boot menu has gone I have three hard drives - Windows anymore 7 boot - booting XP partition dual Win and 7 not one backup one for XP and one with three partitions including win When i set the BIOS boot order to the XP drive it boots up ok when i set the order to win drive it gets to 'verifying dmi pool data' then asks for a boot cd I have rebuilt the MBR using partition wizard As you can see the XP drive is active and primary I cannot seem to set the win disk to be primary or active It also tells me Windows 7 and XP dual boot - Win 7 partition not booting anymore it cannot find a windows installation on the drive even though it is loaded onto E I have tried loading the win dvd and running the start repair several times but it does nothing I don't get what happened as all i did was remove all the hard drive connections then connect them back up a few hours later Any ideas I have spent four hours on it already and need help before i smash the thing up

A:Windows 7 and XP dual boot - Win 7 partition not booting anymore

fixed it! woohoo

this worked for me....

go here Visual BCD Editor - Windows 7/Vista
and get the VBCDE and follow instructions here Dual-boot Repair Windows 7/Vista
for automatic repair.

fixed my setup in half a second. machine booted back into windows 7 directly, then used easyBCD to add the winXP option to the boot menu and back in business. Both XP and Win7 on boot menu and both working fine. Woohooo!
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On a Windows SSD partition to Boot Mgr booting error Laptop led Win - not new Asus Win x laptop Zenbook Prime UX A I was repartitioning the SSD with Laptop SSD partition led to Windows not booting - Win Boot Mgr error EaseUs and it seemed to be going well until restart At that point EaseUs gave a failure message and then Windows gave a failed to start Windows Boot Manager mesage with the error code xc The Info is the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible presumably the SSD's main partition Since there is no CD drive I've been trying to prepare a USB system repair on my desktop Win x I followed the directions of two YouTube videos including one suggested on these forums - Windows - Create a System Repair Disc on a Bootable USB Flash Drive without Burning a CD - YouTube However at some point each procedure varied significantly from what my computer showed and so the USB stick didn't boot I also tried the CD creation tutorial at System Repair Disc - Create and followed up with the Win USB-DVD tool but the CD created is UDF format not ISO which is what the tool is looking for The boot and source folders are in ISO but I'm guessing a full bootable ISO disk or stick rather than separate ISO files is what's needed I've been working on the assumption that a system repair disk or stick made from a retail version of Win will work on an OEM installation but really don't know I also tried running a repair from my desktop's full Win installation disk converted to ISO but the laptop said the repair versions are different So I'm stuck short of calling Asus which I'm trying to hold as a last resort Am I there or are there any suggestions for how to handle this Thanks

A:Laptop SSD partition led to Windows not booting - Win Boot Mgr error

I suggest creating a USB installation stick using this tutorial here:
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
All repair disk options can be accessed through the installation "disk".

When you say "I was repartitioning the SSD", what did you do exactly?

Are you aware that your "disk" is (most likely with an Ivy Bridge) formatted GPT?
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I borrowed Help Solved: and Windows removing re-Formating a files partition a copy of Solved: Help removing Windows files and re-Formating a partition Windows from a friend to check the compatibilty with some other programs I installed on my secondary drive a partition of my main drive It installed fine worked fine and answered all Solved: Help removing Windows files and re-Formating a partition my compatibility questions FYI Mozilla programs seem to work okay with Now I want to remove it I will upgrade my XP when I get my own copy of To remove from the partition I first followed these instructions and removed the quot dual boot option quot and then the PC started as normal in XP Then I went into the partition and started manually deleting the Windows files and folders Unfortunately it will not allow me to delete more than half of the files I have tried in Safe Mode as well no luck Solved: Help removing Windows files and re-Formating a partition So I just said screw it and backed up all the files on that partition that I want to keep and then set the partition to quot format quot The message I get at this point is quot Windows can not partition this drive Quit any Disk utilities or other Programs that are using this drive and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive Then try formatting again quot I have checked everything possible I cannot find anything using this drive I even tried formatting in safe mode as admin but no luck there either Why can I not delete these files or format the partition and how can I fix the problem nbsp

A:Solved: Help removing Windows files and re-Formating a partition

Boot from the W7 DVD, select to install W7 and delete the partition.

When you get to the part where it asks "where do you want to install windows" click the "drive options (advanced) " icon, then select the W7 partition (select the right one!) then click the delete icon.

once this is done you can shut down the PC by holding the power button in.

Once you are back into XP, you can go into disk management and format the unallocated partition.
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I have been running with a SATA GB drive for about months or more as a secondary drive with a much smaller gb IDE drive as my primary I left an GB partition free on my SATA drive to copy from an partition copied from Booting a Problems IDE partition SATA my primary drive C IDE partition to when I was ready to deal with it Problems Booting from a SATA partition copied from an IDE partition I used partition magic to copy my drive C to my unallocated space When I set up the copy sequence in PM it says quot warning Problems Booting from a SATA partition copied from an IDE partition drive may not be bootable quot Proceed or cancel I do proceed I remove my IDE drives and even removed my DVD writer drive power from all of them When I power on just as PM had said it says please insert a boot diskette I ve considerred reinstalling windows but according to other forums and discussions I would then need a floppy with MB SATA drivers and I don t have a floppy drive and hate to get one just for this Problems Booting from a SATA partition copied from an IDE partition one operation If I boot into windows after everything has been copied via PM everything is there on the SATA drive a mirror image of my drive C But I can t boot off of it My guess is the master boot record mbr needs to be created or made active or something yes I made the new partition active no difference Is this a boot issue due to windows xp MBR or something else windows xp related or is this a boot issue due to trying to boot off of a SATA drive Lastly Is it an absolute requirement that I have to reinstall windows using a floppy and mb drivers to load the sata drive and go through that whole process I used PM b c I DON T want to reinstall windows I have the ASUS KV Deluxe bit board with an AMD bit CPU I have tried disabling IDE in the bios no change The final wrench in all this is after I m done I would like to still have my IDE drive as a slave or secondary master Is this a possibility or does SATA operate mutually exclusively of IDE hard drives But the answer I need the most is how do I get my SATA hard drive to boot now that I have my primary partition copied to it I still have the original but want to do away with that once and only if I have everything working for a few days with my SATA drive as primary Please let me know what I can do to get around having to reinstall windows xp Thanks much in advance nbsp
Relevancy 54.18%

I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?

A:Removing Windows 7 from the Primary partition of a Dual Boot system.

What kind of BIOS you have? UEFI or Legacy (MBR)?
Can you give us a snapshot of disk manager?
Do you have a external HDD to make a backup image of your Win 7 pro partition?
Relevancy 54.18%

I have two partitions on my HDD. A 'suspect' Windows 7 Home (that originally came with my 'refurbished' second hand laptop) is installed in the only Primary partition. A legitimate copy of Windows 7 Professional is (now) installed in an Extended Logical partition. My laptop boots up in Windows 7 Professional, if no other selection is made. I now wish to remove the suspect installation, and revert to having just one partition containing my Windows 7 Professional, without formatting the whole HDD and reinstallng/restoring everything currently on the second, logical partition. Is this possible, and if so, how?
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i have a Packard Bell Dot S2 Netbook. When i bought it, i made 2 partitions for Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Then I wanted to remove Ubuntu, so i deleted his partition. Now, when i restart, i read only "Grub rescue >".
I read in this forum that i should reinstall Windows 7 using the CD, but my netbook can't read CDs!
I can use another pc with Windows 7....can i use it to fix the problem?

A:Removing Ubuntu partition from Netbook, Windows 7 doesn't boot.

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can create a w7 installer on a USB flash drive and reinstall with that. For how see here: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Download the iso file for your w7 version from here, Dell Community Sometime the iso will not work the first time and requires a re-download.

Here is a tutorial with all the above info. USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create
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I have had an Ubuntu/XP system for a while now, but yesterday it started bluescreening just after the windows logo on every attempt to boot. Also, while I can boot into Ubuntu fine, I cannot access the data partition which is pretty scary! I havent backed up in a good few weeks.

I dont have a recovery disk to run chkdsk from, what can I do?

Thank you for your time.
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Hi Folks I have contrived to partition active without partition? removing to change data from How get two active partitions on my PC After a week old hard drive D amp F - died I replaced now F amp G it with an old drive that had previously been configured with XP and as a boot drive I don t think it is acting as boot as drive C has an active partition and boot and largely the computer runs fine with the exception of G not being search index able And there being a phantom path in the backup which I can t reset So the question How do I remove the active setting on G it holds all the variable windows data and will it lose all the data Im at that point where a little knowledge is dangerous and have seen some genius replies so thought I would ask and see if you could help me out See attached screen shot NB The old drive partitions were formatted before being repopulated

A:How to change active partition without removing data from partition?

Hello and welcome to the forums MarkRocketman!

You can easily change the active/inactive flag on a partition easily by following these steps:-

Removing the Active Flag from a Partition
(on a drive that's not currenly being used as a boot drive)

First, open an elevated command prompt in Windows:-

1. Click Start Orb
2. In search box, type cmd
3. Right-click on cmd.exe, and choose 'Run as Administrator'

In the elevated command prompt type in the following commands:-

SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the HDD in question)
SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition that holds G)
Hope that helps!

EDIT:- As a supplementary addition here's how change it back to active:-

SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the Partition you want to activate)
Exit (to exit Diskpart)
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ok so i had a laptop that i went to boot up and it showed the lenovo logo, then went to a white screen its the first time i have ever seen this issue. Has anyone else come across this bug and have any advise on how to fix it. im trying to fix this without having to do a reinstall if possible any ideas. thank you

A:issues with booting up windows 10 pro

Could be the display driver, have you recently updated this driver ? Do you have a Windows 10 Disc made ? Can you provide exact model number of Lenovo.
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I have Windows XP Home Edition and one morning I tried to turn my computer on and found that windows will not boot up It goes into a continuous loop and the Windows XP screen will come up where it is thinking but will never actually bring up windows After - minutes it goes back to rebooting I have pressed F to try and change order of boot phases but am not to knowledgeable of what to do there but tried various different things to no avail I have tried Issues Windows Booting to boot in Safe Mode and other options Windows Booting Issues available on that screen but still not able to bring Windows Booting Issues windows up I have not tried to use the CD s yet as I m afraid to lose any files that I have on my Hard drive I am a lost and have tried what I know If there is any help that people may provide please help me My computer is a Compaq Presario Laptop and I had purchased in I know it s old but never had major issues until now

A:Windows Booting Issues

I've had that happen to me before. I asked around here, and got pretty much no answer. I couldn't boot in safe mode, w/o networking, or even in command prompt without it restarting.Mine didn't stop until i re-installed windows. So, instead of losing all your files, do this:Download a version of "Live Linux" (like Knoppix or Puppy Linux). When you download and burn the files to a cd, insert the cd into your malfunctioning computers CD drive. The next time it boots up, it'll boot directly to the linux OS (should, anyway). That way you can save any files you want to. E-mail them to yourself, put them on a floppy/thumb drive, send them to a friend to be retrieved later, whatever.Then, keep Knoppix or whatever Live Linux distrobution you downloaded. It's been a major factor in my computer history, since windows seems to crash about as often as you hit the "F" key on your keyboard. I still have files that are 6 years old, but have had to re-install windows at least 6 times on 2 different boxes.Hope this helps.
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I am having problems with my HP laptop booting back up. I moved my laptop last night from 1 place to another and it shut down. When I tried to boot back up, I received this message:


When I hit this message, it tries to boot back up normally and then I get a blue screen that comes up for a quick second that says:

STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
The message pops up so fast that I am not able to read everything on the page.
Then it repeats the whole process over and over.

Please let me know if I need to get more details from that page to determine the malfunction.

Relevancy 52.89%

I need help.

I had my MP3 player pluged into my pc via usb cable, near the end of me loading songs onto it, me PC froze then re started, but gets as far as the windows logo and shut down and re starts again this time with options to go into safe mode, safe mode with network, safe mode with c promt, last known configuration and normal mode.

I have tried the last known one and the same thing happens. I can get into safe mode but am unsure what to do from there.

I hope this can be fixed, as I don't have the windows and office discs

A:Windows Xp S2 Booting Issues

hmmmmmmm.....See you posted this a month ago and no response. I posted today a similar problem and have not recd answer so far. This problem must be extremly hard to diagnose or a no brainer and no one told us. . Iam moving on to another help site.

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I have a hdd, and an ssd. Both have windows installed. However, to boot up from the ssd, I have to have both drives connected so the bios runs the windows boot manager, so I can select to start windows from the hhd or start windows on the ssd.

When I unplug the hhd, the bios removes the windows boot manager, leaving the ssd unable to be booted from.

When just the ssd with windows is plugged in, my computer tries to boot directly from the ssd instead of going through the windows boot manager ending with a non-bootable disk error.

Any assistance so I can remove this old hhd from my pc one and for all?

Thanks a ton guys!

A:Booting Windows from SSD issues..

try this:
1) boot from windows install dvd/usb.
2) Press Shift+F10 for cmd.
3) Type:
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd
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My computer would not boot Windows I am getting a error message
"Diskette drive 0 seek failure"
"System volume on disk is corrupt"
what should i do I cant get on safe mode either or run a system restore

A:Windows Vista booting issues

Is there a disk in the floppy drive?
Have you been getting disk errors or strange behavior previous to this error during boot?

If the hard drive is dying or dead you may be able to backup your important data by using a Windows PE boot disk, a linux live CD or something like Norton Ghost.

If you don't need anything on the disk, try to run a drive diagnostic using a boot disk and see what errors, if any, are returned.
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I'm not good with this sort of 8 WINDOWS BOOTING ISSUES NOT & XUBUNTU tech I installed Xubuntu on my LENOVO G laptop I followed a tutorial telling me switch to UEFI mode or something and to make laptop boot from USB I put Xubuntu on my USB All seemed fine but now when I turn my laptop on I can't choose to boot into windows or Xubuntu its just always Xubuntu and a black screen saying grub and the only option on that screen that works is Ubuntu It is such a bad install that Xubuntu did not even have the software centre and so I can't install anything Xubuntu works without XUBUNTU & WINDOWS 8 NOT BOOTING ISSUES having my USB in which is annoying as I would have preferred USB boot into Xubuntu otherwise default windows or windows and xubuntu showing side by side as a dual boot so I can select which one I want to boot into Please anyone help me get back into windows I've XUBUNTU & WINDOWS 8 NOT BOOTING ISSUES read I need a windows bootable usb iso I was lucky to find on Xubuntu desktop a folder by the name of WINDOWS OS And it has files from when I used windows I don't want to lose these files or programs Please help
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Hello This is my first post to this forum but hopefully a Booting 2000 Issues Windows good one I have a PC running win k A few days ago it displayed the message Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt lt windows root Windows 2000 Booting Issues gt system ntoskrnl exe Please reinstall a copy of the above file After reading about the problem I decided to boot the computer from my win k CD and select to repair the windows installation from my emergency disk Well that took care of the message displaying but now windows does not attempt to boot at all Here is the twist I have a seagate GB hard drive installed on the PC via a SIIG PCI UltraATA controller card Since this is the case I had to press F when running the recovery CD and insert my controller card driver floppy disk Since the recovery process accurately found and checked my hard drive I figured that would fix everything But now after rebooting it almost seems like it is not even trying to access the hard drive to boot windows anymore After going thru the motherboard BIOS and then the controller card BIOS it seems like it gives up just a blank black screen and perhaps cannot find the hard drive Do I need to re-install my controller card drivers again even though I installed them during recovery when I pressed F and inserted the driver disk If so how and where do I install them I can still get to the hard drive using quot DOS quot in win k CD recovery console so I know the physical connection is there Any help would be greatly appreciated I have alot of data on the hard drive and would prefer not to lose it Thanks nbsp

A:Windows 2000 Booting Issues

Try doing a repair again, frantically hit the f6 key as before to install the drivers. This time do a fast repair and select all three options. I can't recall their names. If you can't see what i'm talking about let me know and i'll do it on a machine at work tomorrow.

Then try to boot to windows.
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Hello I am not sure that this topic is in the right section but here goes I have a portable bootable Windows XP Professional SP built with USBoot on my Toshiba GB external USB HDD It works perfectly for when I run virus scanners and cleaning utilities at work as well as do photo editing and d modeling at school The only problem is I ve been able to boot it on every computer that supports USB so far except for my own computer at home My home computer is a Dell Dimension and it does support booting from USB devices I use to run Slax and then Kubuntu off of it and they booted fine off the drive on my home system but it was frustrating to have to deal with their incompatibilities in a mostly Microsoft world Unfortunately now when I try to boot portable windows from it on my home system I get quot Error Loading Operating System quot Windows issues XP Portable Booting which leads me to believe that the Bios is at fault An idea I had was to bootkick it from some CD or use some form of boot loader that points to the USB drive and doesn t fully rely on the Bios ability to boot it But I have no idea how to do that for Windows XP alone or if it s even possible What would be really cool is if the CD could also help with booting it on systems which their Bios doesn t support USB booting But if there s some other way that I can use to make this work I would love to hear about it It s AM and I m tired so I m not sure if I included everything that s needed but Portable Windows XP Booting issues as far as I know that s all I have to say Any Suggestions or Help would be very much appreciated

A:Portable Windows XP Booting issues

Hi There

Its actually not a good idea to have windows XP on a portable drive as when you move it to a diffrent PC the configuration of the OS changes to that PC, So I would recommend Installing XP onto your home drive and do not try booting XP from a portable HDD again as this damages the files on the disk as the OS has to install new devices everytime itstarts

What you could try at work is , go system properties , advanced , enviroment varibles and set the following system varibles :Varible Name: devmgr_Show_non_present_devices Varible Value : 1

Now go to device manager and click show all devices (hidden devices) , the one's that are greyed or washed out icons , you could uninstall without affecting your system. This should work
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So I recently installed some windows updates on my desktop and then I started getting some crazy boot errors I would get Kernal stack inpage error or on some reboots I d get unmountable boot volume When I boot up now the CPU gets to the issues Booting Windows with XP Multiple page where it says Microsoft Windows XP and then it restarts itself automatically and Windows XP with Multiple Booting issues then gives me the option to boot XP home edition or Windows recovery console for about seconds and then I get the option to try it in all the safe modes which don t work because it gets stuck at gagp kx sys and then automatically reboots If I choose last know good configuration it just reboots itself It s become a cycle that never stops with the reboots I ve gotten a blue screen that tells me run chkdsk f but if I can t boot xp that does me no good This old desktop didn t come with the installation disk either I ve searched all around but nobody else seems to have this exact issue Any help would be greatly appreciated Chris

A:Windows XP with Multiple Booting issues

I've gotten a blue screen that tells me run chkdsk /f but if I can't boot xp that does me no good.chkdsk (chkdsk /f is one option) can be run from the Recovery Console which it seems, you already have installed on the system to boot into. HOWEVER ... given some of your "crazy boot errors" ... I recommend that you first run the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility, because I suspect your hard drive may be failing.What is the brand (manufacturer's name) of the hard drive in question?To determine the hard drive manufacturer ... there are two ways you could do this:Open the box and read the label on the hard drive (you may have to remove the hard drive to see the label?).Enter the BIOS Setup Menu, and look at the information presented about the hard drive that is detected (if you have more than one hard drive, make sure it is the one that your Windows system is on): It will probably display the model number ... if not the brand name ... and then we can check that model number to determine the manufacturer.
Start tapping the appropriate key (usually the DELETE key) after powering-on the system, to enter the BIOS Setup Menu:
How To Access the BIOS Setup UtilityPlease let us know that information and I will be able to link you to the correct tool to download, and provide instructions to run the test.Edit: Correct BBCode
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I want to install Windows 7 on an HP Pavillion Desktop which happens to have a
Sata Harddisk with an IDE DVDRW.
I set the boot Priority to the DVDRW then the Harddisk and placed the Windows disk on the dvd drive to boot from it.
But it is not booting from the CD as booting still goes to the Harddisk.
My understanding is that SATA takes First Priority.
Well in such a scenario what does one do in order to install Windows?
Please note both drives are detected in the BIOS

Thank you all for your advise

A:Solved: New Windows Installation Booting Issues

SATA doesn't take priority, I've installed Windows 7 numerous times from PATA/IDE drives with a SATA drive.

Are you sure the DVD drive works? Can it read a DVD properly? Also you mention CD, but Windows 7 comes on a DVD.

Also since this is an HP you can press ESC, F10, or F12 and choose a one time boot device rather than changing BIOS boot order.
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my computer doesn t seem to want to boot however when it does actually boot and run windows it works fine as far as i can tell in the systems configurations all the devices show to be working properly this is my st build and i am learning as i go any useful suggestions would be greatly appreciated note whenever i get the computer booted and running it works fine but when i shut it down and then turn it back on later i have to start all over again i get error messages and a blue screen system specs ASUS M N TD MOTHERBOARD ASUS N- WIRELESS CARD ADAPTER ASUS ENGTS X GRAPHICS dump with issues/crash 7 windows booting CARDS APEVIA WARLOCK WATT PSU AMD PHENOM IIX PROCESSOR ASUS DVD - RW SATA PLUGINS SEAGATE BARRACUDA RPM MB CACHE TB INTERNAL HDD SATA PLUGINS WINDOWS BIT FULL OEM VERSION ONBOARD COOLERMASTER CASE FANS X MM AND X MM error codes are as follows x x fb xfffff f xfffff f xfffff c f x x booting issues/crash dump with windows 7 xfffff a c xfffff a cc x their seems to be different error codes on each unsuccessful boot however when windows does load properly the computer works fine or until i try to download example downloading drivers then i get the blue screen with the crash dump

A:booting issues/crash dump with windows 7

STOP 24 errors...can indicate a problem with either the NTFS file system...the hard drive itself...or Windows file ntfs.sys.I would try the chkdsk /r command equivalent in Win 7, that fails, it's probably the file system or hard drive, IMO.Louis
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I'm having some troubles trying to get Ubuntu bit dual-booted with Windows bit Firstly I burned the latest ISO from the official Ubuntu website to an GB USB formatted to FAT- using Universal-USB-Installer I then restarted my computer and changed the USB boot order to position proceeding to dual and 10 Windows Ubuntu Issues 15.10 booting boot through the USB and then selected the 'Try ubuntu' option The computer successfully launched into the Ubuntu operating system however when I selected the install desktop icon and have confirmed setup installation I am greeted with the following error Force UEFI Installation This machines's firmware has started this installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there maybe existing operating systems already installed using BIOS compatibility mode If you continue to install Debian in UEFI mode it might be difficult to reboot into any BIOS-mode operating system I looked around to find the cause I've tried disabling Fast Boot in the BIOS Issues dual booting Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10 and Windows operating system as well as looking for alternative installation approaches using Legacy non UEFI BIOS however the issue still seems to be occurring Could anyone help me with this please can provide more information on request

A:Issues dual booting Ubuntu 15.10 and Windows 10

This tutorial worked for me:

Installing Ubuntu/Linux Mint on UEFI System with Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
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Hello...I will start from the begining .

I bought the Acer V5 and tried booting it came with boot-up Linux which means nothing to me so I made a Windows 8 bootable USB and the problems started. First I could'n find the USB and after enabling the Legacy mode it finally found it and booted from it. Turned out the partitions are GPT and as I made the USB MBR it couldn't install so I canceled which I guess was my mistake but there was no other option. After that I created the bootable USB with GPT partition scheme and tried again. Unfortunately this time I got something called GNU GRUB....wth? I googled around and found the commands required for booting - root (hd1,0), then chainloader +1 and finally boot. Then I get the famous The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors with Status: 0xc000000e. Of course tried that couple of more times but still to no avail. I cannot recover or repair as Windows was never really installed, so I don't know what to do....Hopefully someone here would be able to help. Thanks in advance guys.

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Hey So I had a problem today in which Windows decided that it wouldn't boot Instead it would just reboot constantly This happened after I heard a ticking repair trying reinstall booting, Issues with Windows Windows and to noise from my computer things started to freeze and so i had to restart When I tried to turn it back on I had the above problem NOW I Issues with Windows booting, Windows repair and trying to reinstall tried to use Windows Repair option that is there by default It loads up the blue windows background gives me a pointer but then doesnt do anything I have a W repair disc I booted to it That too done the exact Issues with Windows booting, Windows repair and trying to reinstall same thing it lets me choose the language keyboard style to use and then sits on the blue windows background and gives me no options Finally I have a full W installation disc that I booted to I tried the repair option and got the same problem as before I also clicked the quot Install Now quot button and it has been stuck on quot setup is starting quot for over minutes now with no hope of it doing anything So currently I cannot repair or install Windows I assumed it was a harddrive failure but why wont my disc based solutiions even work Any help would be great thanks

A:Issues with Windows booting, Windows repair and trying to reinstall

Brumski some system specs mate please that ticking sound sounds like a hard drive to me but without any specs mate it is hard to tell you what to do.

System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hi I'm having quite a few issues with my computer and just don't know enough to know what to do or where to start with what the root problem s are or if this is even the right board to post to I just want my computer to a point where it runs well again and to keep it that way Here's some info about my computer I hope it's helpful to start with & Issues Vista...Booting/Fan Slow Windows running Windows Vista Dell Vostro VOSTRO Intel Core Duo CPU E GHz GB RAM -bit Operating Windows Vista...Booting/Fan Issues & Slow running System Here are the biggest issues lately On startup the fan runs really hard and fast almost like an engine revving up It also does it if the computer has gone to sleep after inactivity If the screen is left on the computer will wake itself back up after a period of time and the fan will rev like it does on startup This doesn't seem like a good thing but I have no clue what to do Recently I've been deleting old photos and files that aren't needed and using Slim Cleaner to clean up my computer to help it run better Today something happened after I did a run with the program and I started getting messages every time I navigated to a new page in firefox that said Adobe Flash r or something like it has stopped working I updated my firefox and went to reboot my system and it didn't want to reboot I had to hit ctl alt del to get to the option to go to boot system and managed to get my computer going that way I'm not sure if this is an internet problem or a computer problem our browser has been ridiculously slow and not responding To navigate to simple html pages is even an issue how do I know if this is my computer having trouble running firefox or the internet service What other info is needed to help Thanks for any help you can offer

A:Windows Vista...Booting/Fan Issues & Slow running

Can't anyone help me?
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Hi nbsp I have updated my laptop to inspiron Z to windows on july After upgrading wifi options and wifi settings didn t show up in the settings menu I tried to run dell diagnostic tools but nbsp all the results are shown as nbsp windows issues 10 Dell Inspiron ?? 14Z booting 5423 quot passed quot how could it happen and i thought it might be due to driver issues and tried to re-install the wifi Dell Inspiron 14Z 5423 windows 10 booting issues ?? drivers to my surprise i couldn t nbsp find any drivers in the dell site and nbsp after performing quot detect service tag for driver update quot it says drivers are upto date nbsp So after complete disappointment i rolled back my OS to windows and everything worked fine Again on august st a menu popped nbsp up on my laptop saying your laptop nbsp is good to upgrade as nbsp DELL team tested and no sign of any issues bla bla I thought may be this time the upgrade may work and updated my OS and again disappointed to notice that wifi failed to detect in windows So left nbsp with no option i tried nbsp quot Reset quot option in windows for clean install nbsp This time wifi worked and i am happy and nbsp quot sound quot failed to detect Again ran all those dell diagnostics all the results show quot passed quot Tried to download dell sound drivers from dell site but i could not see anything in the site while running tests in the boot menu i have encountered nbsp blue screen error and from then my laptop failed to boot and i could only hear beep sounds Tried resetting the button underneath the latoptop but no use Any other Z users facing the same issue

A:Dell Inspiron 14Z 5423 windows 10 booting issues ??

Hi douglas, 
      Does  your laptop have warranty?. if so you can call dell support to fix the laptop
I think i have a possible solution by replacing cmos battery. since i don't have warranty and majority of the tech people  bluntly say it is motherboard or chipset failure. please open the youtube link and find a "James C" comment which says he fixed the 3 beeps  by changing a cmos battery
I suggest this solution ..only if you dont have warranty and moreover i was thinking to change cmos battery after purchasing it
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ok so shoot me now!!

I run Windows 8 on a Laptop that I recently purchased, it had 2 drives with a partition each, but the C drive was so small it was ridiculous, so I merged the C and F drives, there was nothing on F and all went smoothly. I used AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.5

Now though, every 5 minutes or so the screen flicks purple and checks the CD Drive, and if I have Windows Explorer open it closes it. I can not use the Start button or any other buttons on the start bar until it is finished flicking, albeit only a few seconds it is enough to drive me crazy.

I should also mention i run Classic Shell

What have I done and How do I fix it???

Please Please help ...

A:Windows 8 Partition Merge now having issues

Originally Posted by SuzieHQ

ok so shoot me now!!

I run Windows 8 on a Laptop that I recently purchased, it had 2 drives with a partition each, but the C drive was so small it was ridiculous, so I merged the C and F drives, there was nothing on F and all went smoothly. I used AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.5

Now though, every 5 minutes or so the screen flicks purple and checks the CD Drive, and if I have Windows Explorer open it closes it. I can not use the Start button or any other buttons on the start bar until it is finished flicking, albeit only a few seconds it is enough to drive me crazy.

I should also mention i run Classic Shell

What have I done and How do I fix it???

Please Please help ...

Seriously?? no one??
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Hi guys so I'm having issues with Windows on my Y things aren't as smooth as nbsp they should be and I don't know if it's an issue with the drivers but I installed all the new drivers for it but yet The nbsp trackpad is really bad the new nbsp gestures barely work Animations are real slow Some of the nbsp win apps just close on me randomly live tiles don't work for many videos on facebook youtube etc are laggy stuttering nbsp although not sure if this is Win issue but was working fine in nbsp I tried reinstalling nbsp windows nbsp couple times clean install so nbsp I'm running out of nbsp options nbsp and I want to recover to initial setup with Win Maybe I shouldn't have done a clean install and chose the upgrade option instead so it installs over win maybe it would be more stable That's the only thing I haven't tried that I can think of nbsp Y50 partition - Windows Recovery 10 issues, gone? I wanted to know if I recover will it bring it nbsp back to factory settings Win nbsp or will it just recover to a clean windows install Because when I installed win it formatted my hdd and now when I check in my disk management there nbsp is a partition for recovery but its free theres nothing there Same with the EFI and OEM Y50 - Windows 10 issues, Recovery partition gone? partitions nbsp Is anyone else having these issues with Win I'd appreciate Y50 - Windows 10 issues, Recovery partition gone? your help nbsp Link to picture image nbsp Mod comment Over sized picture converted to link Please see About-Posting-Pictures-In-The-Forums Solved Go Y50 - Windows 10 issues, Recovery partition gone? to Solution

A:Y50 - Windows 10 issues, Recovery partition gone?

Update: Win 10 is getting worse with new updates... im getting blue screens now, any thoughts?
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Hi all I've been stalking your forum for In from for 8.1 Partition 10 Windows Issues- preparation what seems like years but now I finally have an issue which is stumping me I'm not a wizard at computing but I'm not an amatuer either so appologies for any issues that may arise I currently Have Windows Pro Upgrade from Win installed In preparation for Windows I was having a clear out before deciding a complete format would probably be best to get rid of the years of rubbish accumulated From Vista days My problem is this at some point since owning Vista on the computer an additional partition was created Partition Issues- In preparation for Windows 10 from 8.1 which I never use as it's nearly always full and has nothing of use on it Unfortunately this is where I get confused Partition Issues- In preparation for Windows 10 from 8.1 as both partitions seem to do different jobs System page file etc Is there any way to clean it up so everything is on one nice partition for Windows I'm unable to delete or merge in Disk management I think due to them having the different functions spread over the two I seem to recall it's ended up like this when I upgraded from to so I could dual boot Back in the days when Win was an unknown entity For reference I had the full version of Vista then upgrade versions of and Many thanks in advance Shaun

A:Partition Issues- In preparation for Windows 10 from 8.1

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I believe this is what your looking for seeing you might have a upgrade key for win-8 or 8.1 ?
Upgrade Install to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
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Hey all, new to the forum so i hope you can help, i have had my pc two odd years, never defragged, ever. recently thought i should and got Diskeeper, when i run an analisis this is what i'm shown, essentially red are low performing files and folders and i'd like to know if i can remove them. for reference my content is mostly media, songs vids etc, both HDD and external are full to limit nearly, the data bar for C: is blue so its ok. anyways any advice would be appreciated
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I had this virus last night Just popped up with the antivirus screen telling me I had viruses and wanting me to download it I ve seen this before Ran avast in safemode and it didn t find anything Istalled ad-aware and ran it in safemode It found the virus and deleted it Now when I try to run peerblock I get an error quot One or more services are not running Basefiltering engine ipsec policy agent ike and authip ipsec keyring modules quot Basefiltering is not in the list and if I go to manually start the other two services I recieve quot error the dependecy service does not exist or has been marked for deletion quot These spyware virus 7 removing anti Windows Issues after services seem to have been deleted with the virus Can these services be reinstalled somehow I m really tryin to avoid a complete restore of my system Please help I have already attempted a restore to an earlier point and my windows repair disk Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Phenom tm Issues after removing Windows 7 anti spyware virus II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M N Issues after removing Windows 7 anti spyware virus -D Issues after removing Windows 7 anti spyware virus Antivirus None Don t know why antivirus is none avast was running when I did this nbsp

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I have an old Windows 7 which can now be updated to Windows 10. However, when I updated my Win 8.1 to 10 I had issues with Easeus Partition Manager changing partition ids and other problems. WindowsEight Forums were fabulous in info with rectifying the problems in simple non tech language.

So, before I attempt to update from Windows 7, could someone please clarify the following (or would it be the same as Windows 8)? One other slight complication is that my windows 7 is the Spanish version.

Particion 1 Principal 200 MB
Particion 2 Principal 68 GB
Particion 0 Extendido 382 GB
Particion 7 Logico 90 GB
Particion 8 Logico 3833 MB
Particion 4 Logico 244 GB
Particion 5 Logico 14 GB
Particion 6 Logico 28 GB
Particion 3 OEM 14 GB

I created 2 new partitions with EPM - one for my work folders and files and another for Linux. The Partitions shown in This PC are:
Local Disk C: 68.3 GB
Lenovo D: 28.9 GB
Linux E: 14.7 GB
Work G: 244 GB

Many thanks for any help.

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I have an old Windows 7 which can now be updated to Windows 10. However, when I updated my Win 8.1 to 10 I had issues with Easeus Partition Manager changing partition ids and other problems. WindowsEight Forums were fabulous in info with rectifying the problems in simple non tech language.

So, before I attempt to update from Windows 7, could someone please clarify the following (or would it be the same as Windows 8)? One other slight complication is that my windows 7 is the Spanish version.

Particion 1 Principal 200 MB
Particion 2 Principal 68 GB
Particion 0 Extendido 382 GB
Particion 7 Logico 90 GB
Particion 8 Logico 3833 MB
Particion 4 Logico 244 GB
Particion 5 Logico 14 GB
Particion 6 Logico 28 GB
Particion 3 OEM 14 GB

I created 2 new partitions with EPM - one for my work folders and files and another for Linux. The Partitions shown in This PC are:
Local Disk C: 68.3 GB
Lenovo D: 28.9 GB
Linux E: 14.7 GB
Work G: 244 GB

Many thanks for any help.

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My computer s specifications are below My son built me a desktop loaded windows and partitioned a terabyte hard drive --- G for c drive and the remainder for d drive However the 7 windows hard partition issues drive d drive was never allocated My computer only shows a G c drive Unfortunately I was not aware of the partition issue at the time that I began loading software and data The c drive was intended to only hold windows and the d drive was intended to hold everything else As it stands now the c drive is holding windows 7 hard drive partition issues windows and everything else I only recently learned about how to allocate the d drive However before I do anything I wanted to ask the following questions If I allocate the d drive as windows 7 hard drive partition issues is G then can I simply select all programs and files but for windows in the c drive cut and then paste in the d drive Would it be better to increase the size of c drive to G and decrease the size of d drive to G and use d drive as a backup of everything on c drive Personally I don t see much use in this approach since there is only one physical hard drive on the computer Is there a better approach than what is descibed in Item and Item above The issue is simple for me I don t want any program and or data issue s to arise if and when I allocate d drive The original goal was to have windows on c drive and everything else on d drive Please advise Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X T Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- GM-UD H x x Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Since I'm not an expert at present I can't do a lot to help others in this forum solve their problems So I figure that the most helpful thing I can do is post enough information that hopefully others can learn from my experiences That's why I'm putting so much documentation Partition Resize Partition Failure Recovery 2) (Part - PW found issues into this thread I have a WD TB external hard drive that I use for both System Image and data file backups A week ago I was trying to resize one of its partitions and the process got hung up partway through I took some steps to try to address any problems that may have resulted but apparently I didn't do enough Here's the background nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by LaurieD I was using Paragon Hard Disk Manager to resize a partition on a WD TB external hard drive I let the process run overnight and somehow it was interrupted during the Quick Data Moving step Upon resuming the program indicated Resize Partition Failure (Part 2) - PW Partition Recovery found issues it had data that still needed to be moved so I let it continue The process apparently stopped at the quot Rebuilding Partitions Info quot stage - neither the percent complete nor the elapsed time nor the time had remaining changed for at least the past - hours Until it suddenly stopped the elapsed time had been steadily growing I've attached a screenshot showing the Paragon dashboard and status windows nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by LaurieD Update When I began to deal with the issue here were the results - I was able to close the Paragon app and its various windows without having to force it to close - I was able to reboot my laptop without having to force anything to close - Upon reboot I could see all of my partitions both on my internal drive and my external drive I immediately ran CHKDSK on each partition and each one passed with no errors except for the partition I had been trying to re-size - It had a corrupt attribute that said it was fixed and part of the free space was changed to show as being allocated - When I checked that space through Disk Management it had been set up as its own partition rather than being added to the partition I was trying to expand and in fact several sections of unallocated space were showing up in odd places - but the partitions that hold data appeared to be intact and the same size as they were before I started and I could see the files and folders that had been there before http www sevenforums com software -resize-partition-failure-process-stopped-no-error-message html

A:Resize Partition Failure (Part 2) - PW Partition Recovery found issues

I read about PW Partition Recovery in one of the tutorials, so I ran a Quick Scan of the entire 2TB drive, with the following results (see screen shot).
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Hello, I would like to dual boot windows xp and windows 7. I currently am using windows 7 but I would like to install windows xp alongside it on a separate partition. I created the partition in disk management in windows seven and I booted from my xp disk and it goes through the beginning processes and then says entering windows setup and then goes to a blue screen saying that my computer needs to be shutdown. Please help me bypass this or something. Thanks.

A:Dual-Booting Windows XP and Windows 7 Issues

You may have installed Windows Seven in the AHCI mode.
XP will blue screen because the AHCI drivers were not installed for XP.
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Good afternoon I want to install Windows Pro x on a newly created primary partition for testing purposes in a dual boot windows Pro x however my hard drive is already partitioned into C and D D basically has all my data on it What I noticed was that my D partition is also marked as primary don t know how that happened Booting from the Windows disc I choose to custom install which should issues 7 Dual and 8 partition Windows Pro Windows Pro boot give me the option to install on the newly created partition F Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues but this does not show up in the available partitions to install on I thought maybe by converting my Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues D partition to a logical drive extended would fix the problem but this just results in the D partition no longer showing up in Windows This is all a little embarrassing as although I haven t set up a dual boot machine for years I should know where I m going wrong think age is catching up with me I d appreciate some assistance with fixing this issue please Oh just as a footnote I decided to take GB or so from D partition to create the new F partition this and formatting etc was done in Aomei Pro as it was the only one of a few softwares I tried that allowed me to not only see unallocated space but also create a primary partition I think there is a primary partition limitation as far as I recall although there are workarounds I don t care to complicate this further as I stated previously I only want to run Win for testing purposes Kindly Tek

A:Dual boot Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro partition issues

Why would you leave out the drive map? Please follow the instructions given here for posting screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

You can have 4 Primary partitions but would need to convert one to Logical to add any more.

The Windows 8 partition is way too small so I'd use Partition Wizard CD to borrow some space from C to add it to: How to extend partition easily with partition magic ? Partition Wizard video help.

You're also missing the System Flag which apparently should be on the partition marked Active. Run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times to see if it appears. This proves that the System is bootable and marks the partition booting the OS which will also be dual booting.

If after these changes the Win8 installation media doesn't see the target partition please post back a picture of what it does see. Where did you get Windows 8 media? How is it burned?
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I've tried upgrading to Windows twice with partition recovery upgrade/Windows 8 Windows 10 issues this notebook st attempt Windows 10 upgrade/Windows 8 recovery partition issues It tried downloading to D Recovery partition failed upgrade luckily I made a Windows recovery USB including the entire recovery drive before I ran the upgrade after several steps and issues I restored to nd attempt Again it tried to download and install in D partition and failed second recovery was quite a bit more difficult than the first My question is would removing the recovery partition completely before running the upgrade solve this and if so would the Windows recovery USB still be enough to recover if it fails even after completely removing recovery partition If upgrade is successful would I be able to make a Windows recovery USB then recreate a recovery partition then transfer the recovery USB to that partition I'm doing this for someone else that isn't technically proficient if it were mine I'd be doing this differently that is if I would actually ever own this little thing My goal here is to get them upgraded then make as close to certain as I can that they can not only recover but that they won't have to worry about keeping track of a DVD or USB recovery media if all else fails and can recover while keeping the valid product key without them ever needing to buy find use or type a product key

A:Windows 10 upgrade/Windows 8 recovery partition issues

I would remove the Recovery partition and try the upgrade. As to the question of it working after removing the partition that may depend on which type of Recovery USB you created. There is Windows 8's version-which I've never used & am not sure whether it works without the partition. Then there is> HP Recovery Media- which works with/with out the partition and even on a new hdd. Windows 10 does also have an option to create a usb recovery drive but I don't think it will transfer to a recovery partition- at least not a bootable one. Windows 10 has the Reset this PC option that uses files stored on hdd.You must also consider that if the hdd failed it would take the recovery/reset partition with it so having a stand alone installer- either usb or dvd is always a good choice- to install on a replacement hdd.Of course many of use use Imaging to take a full snapshot of the Windows install to easily restore either to original or new hdd. Imaging is also covered in the link above.
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I ran into an issue recently with Dell E with I U CPU and dedicated graphics card The entire system stops responding randomly and gets worse after some time The fix I found was to update the Bios firmware from dells drivers website Released Jan th When attempting to upgrade the bios of the processes will fail A second update to the bios firmware will complete one of the steps needed to update all areas of the bios So update the bios twice back to back After this attempt to boot into windows It will likely still E5570 Firmware Windows Booting issues, Bios Dell Crashes, not work What I found was to shut down unplug the power cord then wait seconds then plug back in This should restore the OS to working condition This happened to Dell E5570 Booting issues, Windows Crashes, Bios Firmware me on brand new machines I attached some pictures that will show the weird issues that were occurring If you have similar issues then its likely the bios You will need another machine to download the bios exe file onto Dell E5570 Booting issues, Windows Crashes, Bios Firmware a flash drive Insert flash drive then when you boot up the computer and see the dell logo push delete a few times until you see the text on the upper right then push f several times until you get in Then go to bios firmware update Select browse then click on the bios exe file you downloaded Takes a few minutes to install the firmware that will fail to complete the first time DO NOT SHUT OFF THE COMPUTER DURING BIOS UPDATE PROCESS Btw these machines were only a few hours old when this started Track pad would not respond properly random windows freezing SSD would not load OS random firmware update failure with no attempt to update Dell E5570 Booting issues, Windows Crashes, Bios Firmware the firmware screen turning purple flickering screen etc Good luck

A:Dell E5570 Booting issues, Windows Crashes, Bios Firmware

this just happened to me after doing the a07 bios update.  it failed on the firmware and then crashed on reboot.  it is now trying to do a repair and that is not working either
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So decided where Windows issues 10 reserve partition my install did go? system / to Windows 10 install issues / where did my system reserve partition go? take the plunge and try upgrading to windows Got the error that Windows 10 install issues / where did my system reserve partition go? a lot of other people have been quot could not install due to Windows 10 install issues / where did my system reserve partition go? issues with the system reserve partition quot etc So after reading online I open disk management expecting to find it full and needing to resize it make room on it somehow Surprisingly I do not have a system reserve partition In front of my boot drive C there is a mb quot data quot partition that is active and I can only assume holds my boot files and other necessary things to boot windows etc So my question is is my quot data quot partition my system reserve partition and windows named it funky Did windows amp up installing and never allocated space for a system reserve and I need to make one now how the heck do I do that I disconnected all my other drives to make sure there were no issues with them Here is a pic of disk management

A:Windows 10 install issues / where did my system reserve partition go?

so I found this walk through on this site for adding a "system reserve"partition.
System Reserved : Create Using Disk Management

My only question would be if I do this, what do I do with my "data" partition? Will the new reserve partition take over? I just don't want to do this and not have my computer boot up.... Just looking for a little confirmation I'm on the right path.

Thanks and Happy Holidays
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So due BCD/Partition logo stuck boot at Windows issues 7 to I have a lot going on here unfortunately Im trying to work through the issues but I've found Windows 7 stuck at boot logo due to BCD/Partition issues myself Windows 7 stuck at boot logo due to BCD/Partition issues stuck I THINK that the issue in the title is now my problem as I have been able to fix my EFI boot partition and from my untrained eye things appear to be correct but I've noticed that my windows partition shows as 'unknown' in disk part and Windows 7 stuck at boot logo due to BCD/Partition issues perhaps that is why my win is now getting stuck forever at the windows boot logo My original issue was posted here for background - https answers launchpad net ubuntu question Since then I've done a number of things such as running Easy Recovery Essentials from NeoSmart and obviously the windows recovery boot repair endlessly along with ubuntu boot-repair in LTS A quick note LTS i saw a EFI error on boot so i was thinking maybe that boot-repair wouldn't be able to correctly repair things unless the live cd was correctly launched in EFI mode The same with recovery essentials when i boot the cd it doesn't give me the UEFI option for booting the cd so perhaps that also wont work for my EFI situation My windows does show UEFI at the boot and I did attempt to do all of the bootrec exe commands in windows recovery cmd The only part I could not do was the bootsect exe nt SYS mbr command from this guide - https neosmart net wiki fix-uefi-b t in Windows Because it complained that I had to be in bios mode non EFI mode to do it When i booted win without UEFI then win complained I cannot enter recovery environment because it needs to be EFI Damned if you do damned if you dont But my understanding is that EFI does not use a MBR so im not sure how that is a relevant fix anyways I went from not being able to see the OS to resolving that part by changing the ID of my windows partition located here - Issue with a Windows Boot issue - involving the BCD perhaps - Super User Now the windows recovery environment see's my OS but its location is quot Unknown quot at the first screen and quot Unknown quot in the 'type' column in disk part My most recent boot-repair attempt is located here - Paste org - Viewing Paste Gb sUWn The boot summary info prior to that attempted repair is here - Paste org - Viewing Paste Xt jNFs Im a little curious as to why my sda windows install partition was showing up as a EFI partition In Gparted it shows as a ntfs partition and I've of course ran all the chkdsk and other tools on it to ensure there's nothing wrong with it Im thinking changing the ID of the partition might have screwed with things but when i ran bootrec rebuildbcd I think it should have fixed it When I first did it it did see the os but running bootrec rebuildbcd it could not find the OS Then I changed the ID on partition and it found it I've also tried renaming bcd to bcd old after changing attributes and then trying bootrec rebuildbcd again but it identifies quot quot windows installations and I've noticed that there is no mounted windows OS during the windows recovery environment Perhaps this is the issue It see's the OS because at the very first screen after clicking 'repair windows' from the boot cd it see's the OS windows professional but just status location Unknown I did all of that following this guide - How To Rebuild the BCD in Windows to Minutes Maybe it needs to be mounted before I can repair it Not sure Losing my mind over this Here is a picture of what disk part shows currently - Imgur The most awesome images on the Internet The last windows repair attempt I've tried says its unable to repair the system and under the diagnosis and repair details I see quot A patch is preventing the system from starting quot under the quot Software installation log diagnosis quot section there's a lot more but they are all error x which seems like no issues found System Disk Device Hardisk Window... Read more
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Hi Im new to this forum but need some serious help!!!!
I recently had to remove a backdoor trojan horse root kit and now am having problems turning on my firewall and downloading updates. Using windows 7 64bit any help would be extremely appricated.

A:windows 7 64bit issues after removing Trojan horse backdoor rootkit

Had this pop up on me 2-3 days ago on avg Trojan horse patch_c.LXT.....could not delete after a few attempts of my own I brought my laptop to a friend who has helped me many times before with different problems I have on my computers..... He posted here on this site about the trojan horse issue and followed the steps of they recommended and they was able to successfully remove the virus which was told to us to be a backdoor trojan rootkit...... now my computer is running much better but I think they still have some issues going on as I can not get my firewall or my updates to work. I do not know if they have anymore issues that I may not know about but I could certainly use some help!!
Im running windows 7 64 bit
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I have a hard drive with two partitions: C:\ and D:\. Can I set it so that the computer boots to D:\?

A:Booting To 2nd Partition

It is certainly possible. What operating systems do you have on each partition?
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i partitioned my drive thinking it was a good idea but when i turn it on it just restarts when it gets the the xp loading screen i have an rm computer thats all i know really. any help???

A:Not Booting After Partition

Start up PC. Before XP loads hit F8 to get boot options. Choose: Disable automatic restart on system failure. If you get a Blue Screen post back.

I looks like you might have to repair your XP install.

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Hey I really need help, what it is I have 2 partitions on my Laptop one used to belong to the original operating system (Vista Home Basic) and the other was for Windows 7 ultimate.

well about 2 weeks ago the vista partition got formated (C://) because I was using the Windows 7 Ultimate partition (E://) after resetting my Laptop I had the message "Missing Operating System" so this morning after a week of trying everything I finally installed windows 7 on my vist partition (C://) in the hope that I'd be able to boot the E:// partition but it doesn't give me the option, I can see that all my stuff is on the E:// but like i said it won't boot or even give me the option to boot it.

Help anyone??
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Hello I recently made a seperate partition on my HD C let s call it F I wanted to load Booting a partition from up windows xp onto that small parition F so as to see if it would allow me to operate better as I have a Booting from a partition gaming laptop that seems to be suffering from a memory hog svchost I of course thought it would be easier to work around the problem instead of fixing it Anyway now that I ve booted up to the F partition and working in XP I find that I dislike it I also can t figure out how to connect to the internet My issue is I can t figure out how to boot to the C my Windows the original OS I m not given an option upon startup and I can t find anything in my BIOS that is obviously Booting from a partition pertaining to my issue Hope I didn t just brick my laptop or something Thanks for your time nbsp

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Hi all and thanks in advance if anyone can help I have a homebuilt system which has never let me down In short I want to remove a drive from my pc but doing so causes a boot error The drive I'm removing is not the boot drive just storage The problem I have has just started as I have a acquired a Windows Hom Premium upgrade disk with an old Dell PC I am not for other reasons using that code on the pc it came with The main reason is that I have removed the hdd for another pc Boot removing after hdd... error booting non this one So I have upgraded the old XP install on this pc The system would not accept the license initially and kept saying it was wrong Was the software aware it was not in the pc it should have been in Boot error after removing non booting hdd... by reading hardware signatures or something After leaving the pc on the license key screen for hours i returned clicked to exit and the install booted up without a problem In this pc were two hdd's one of which I have tried to remove and keep getting an error code on boot up Windows could not start missing or corrupt lt Windows root gt system ntoskrnl exe Please re-install a copy of the above file I have tried restores and repairs etc but figure that boot info was copied to the GB drive i want to remove I have reservations about doing another new install as the same trick may not work but want to add the GB of storage to the media centre pc downstairs to increase the storage capacity

A:Boot error after removing non booting hdd...

that can be verfied easy enough plug the 500 back in and check it in disk management. If it has the bootmgr on it, it will have a 100mb parition. (the boot manager)
If that is actually all that's missing from the actual boot drive though, Startup Repair should work.
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I have a desktop which originally came with XP The original HDD filled up so I installed a second HDD TB for the data I then carried out a clean install of Win on that second HDD and had a dual boot setup which in the end was the only HDD being used - or so I thought I have now removed the original XP HDD and installed another HDD TB for yet more data at which point my problems started Machine wouldn't boot with a short simple message something along the lines of no boot disk I tried swapping the boot order in BIOS with no change so thinking it was a simple matter to run a Windows Repair to place the MBR which I now assume had been originally installed on the XP disk onto the Win HDD and thought it would take minutes - Wrong It's now been going all day and I wonder if I can stop it to replace the XP HDD and sort out the boot process that way assuming no other changes have been made in the mean time Apart from a detailed Disk Check I can't think what is taking so long So is it safe to stop the Repair or do old from from XP HDD on system new booting 7 Removing prevents HDD Win I risk breaking the Win installation resulting in a new install
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Hi - a tech support guy has partitioned my dad's hard drive into C and D. The OS is on C and there is almost no space left on it. There is tons on d. Apart from the fact he was there to solve something unrelated we now have a prob.
Is there a way to delete the D drive (which has nothing useful on it) and release the space back the C drive/partition?
If there is a simple utitility that does not require TOO much tech knowledge I'd be grateful for any pointers.

A:Removing a partition (XP)

Hi this may be of help
download here
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good day folks, in a nutshell. my roommate did a thorough wipe of his c drive, then installed 7 then 8.1.1. for some reason he cannot boot in to the win 7 partition. after building up and getting 8.1.1 setup just the way he wants it he doesn't care about the 7 partition any more. i know i can go in delete the 7 partition, stretch 8.1.1 to fill the entire drive, but what i'm not sure of is if the boot info is on 7 or 8.1.1. i do know that once 8.1.1 is the only os i can go into msconfig and delete the win 7 entry. note since both partitions were created using partition wizard there is not 100mb reserved partition, so the boot information is either on 7 or 8.1.1. i also have a copy of Acronis True Image 2014 Premium. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Removing Old OS Partition

Hi there
I believe I posted this before so what I'd do is the following

1) Backup your current system with Acronis (don't backup the W7 system) and ensure you have a Bootable Acronis system -- you can create it from within running windows using Acronis.

2) get into command in administrator mode

3) type the following commands in

b) LIST DISK -- you'll see a list of disks - select the one you want to use -- probably in this case Disk 0 or Disk 1

c) SELCT DISK 0 (assuming it's HDD nr 0)
f)ACTIVE ===> do this or HDD won't boot
g) format fs=ntfs quick
h) Assign

Now boot your Acronis system and restore the W8.1 backup

Boot it -- it might fail in which case simply use Windows recovery to Repair system - but it probably will be OK. (You don't need to create a Windows recovery disk if you've got a Windows install disk - that will work just fine.

Job done.

To re-size partitions download GPARTED or any Linux live CD which will have GPARTED in it -- now simply re-size your partition(s) at will.

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(c)13 and (d)55 g partitions
want to merge partitions without just creating a 55g folder in c drive

A:removing partition

I beleive if you use the diskmanager in windows you would first move the data off of the partition to be merged, then delete the partition, then right click the main partition and i beleive it may have an option to extend the partition to claim the now blank space into the main. Therefore you will be left with one 78gig drive partition.
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Yeah, so I think my C: Drive is partitioned.
How do I check if it is, and if it is partitioned, should I remove the partition, and how do I go about that?
Note that my C: Drive appears unnaturally small (3.95gb) and is chronically low on space.



A:Removing a Partition?

Go to start/ run and type
hit enter

You should see an entry for disk 0 ,with your primary C: partition there on the left
Does it have a big space to the right labled unallocated space?
If so , you can just right click on that space and choose format and it will make that into a D: drive for storage.

Assuming your drive is actually larger than 3.95 GB and you have unallocated space you can do as above; or you can clean install windows to use more of the space. This is probably one of the more complex things to do, since you must be careful or you will wind up with it trying to install two copies of windows on the 3.95GB or installing a second copy on the unallocated space.
has a nice tutorial
Note step 5. Choose an installation partition
At this point instead of clicking NEXT you select the listed partition and press the D key on your keyboard to Delete it. Then when no partitions are shown and it just says Hard disk 0 xxxxxMB unallocated space; you select that and press the C key to Create new partitions. Specify the size you want in MB (1000MB=1GB so you want 20,000 or 40,000 MB ; I suspect someone got it wrong and thought they were making a 39.5GB partition and typed in 3950MB and wound up with 3.95GB) You repeat this until you finish. The first one you make will be the C: partition , so remember and select it then click next to format it and install windows. You use disk management when finished to format other partitions. Note that if you clean install windows you will loose all your data and only have generic drivers. SO it is adviseable that first off you burn a copy of all your data to cdr disks and that you download any drivers for motherboard chipsets, video card, network card, modem etc you will need and burn them to cdr.

If you discover as above that you have unallocated space and just want to expand the existing partition to make it bigger the best solution is one of two programs which cost a bit Partition Commander is cheaper, Partition Magic better known. These are the two most stable non destructive reparitioning tools. The built in XP partitioning tool is destructive meaning you must destroy a partition and lose all data on it to resize it. These two are non destructive meaning they can take unused space on the drive next to the existing partition and add it on without messing up windows or your drive.
Both of them have very easy to use and understand interfaces and you can just boot to the install cd and use it to resize your windows partition or you can install it and then when launched it will load to ram and reboot the system and you run it from there.
Is a free tool if you are adventureous.


Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool. It can create, delete, format, defragment, resize, and move partitions and modify their attributes. It can copy entire hard disks from one to another.



Partition logic does not currently support the following:

* Partitioning of SCSI hard disks, and some SATA hard disks
* Non MS-DOS/MBR-style partition tables (i.e. Sun, BSD, EFI/GPT)
* Formatting filesystems other than FAT and EXT2
* Resizing filesystems other than NTFS (Windows XP filesystems)
* Serial mice
* USB keyboards and mice
* Keyboard layouts other than UK English, US English, Italian, or German

*Note that some of these limitations will be addressed in the upcoming releases.

This means that it can be used to resize your windows XP partition if that drive is formatted NTFS ( just right click on it and choose properties and it will list file system to see if it is). If not you can convert it to NTFS, just ask how.
Note that while it can resize NTFS partitions by merging them with unallocated space on the drive, it... Read more
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First allow you to give you my system info:

Samsung Netbook NC10
Origonally Windows XP Home SP3
Now Installed Windows Vista Home SP1

XP is installed on C: Partition, Vista installed E: partition.

I now want to remove the XP Partition but the Computer Management says my XP Partition is a system and active partition even though there are no XP files left on that partition (Iv deleted them all)

I have used Easy BCD to remove the XP from the BCD and Its gone perfect. But I still cannot format/delete the partition.

What can I do?

I must note that this is my Netbook and I do not have a CD Drive.
I do have Acronis True Image (If that helps)

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First allow you to give you my system info:

Samsung Netbook NC10
Origonally Windows XP Home SP3
Now Installed Windows Vista Home SP1

XP is installed on C: Partition, Vista installed E: partition.

I now want to remove the XP Partition but the Computer Management says my XP Partition is a system and active partition even though there are no XP files left on that partition (Iv deleted them all)

I have used Easy BCD to remove the XP from the BCD and Its gone perfect. But I still cannot format/delete the partition.

What can I do?

I must note that this is my Netbook and I do not have a CD Drive.
I do have Acronis True Image (If that helps)


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Hello All - Quick question.
I have an Acer Aspire 6530 and it came w/ 2 partitions C: and D: C: (110 GB) is the main one w/ all my data and D: (106GB) is called Data, but only have 2 .mre files less then 33mb each.

Can I delete D: and add the 106GB to my C: w/o having to reinstall Windows?

I've never had to deal w/ partitions before so pls bear w/ me if this is a dumb question. Thx!!

A:Need help in removing partition on HDD.....

Yes, you can do that.

I have no idea what those mre files are. If you want to keep them, move them to C temporarily.

Then delete D in Windows Disk Management. That will generate "unallocated space".

Then expand C to take up the unallocated space, also using Windows Disk Management.

Don't say yes to dynamic partitions, whatever you do.

You should end up with 3 partitions: recovery, C, and OEM.

Most would tell you to put all of your data on D and keep D, but it's your choice. There are certain advantages to keeping a data only partition.

You could shrink C to a much smaller size if needed, and add that saved space to D.
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i just removed a partition and extended my D: drive onto this partition of 121.59 GB.
however i still see them separately... is this normal ? shouldn't this be one unique block?

many thanks!

A:after removing a partition...

I think you might need to right click on c drive and select "extend volume".
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I've got a laptop with a partition on the main drive that holds some of the programs that came with the laptop(fingerprint reader, webcam software, etc.), but it's a 28 gig partition, and it's only using 2. I was wondering how I would go about removing the partition, but keeping the programs on the it. Will it work if I just copy-paste them over to the main drive and delete the partition? This is probably a stupid question, but I figure it's better to ask and know than guess and mess something up.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

EDIT: There's also a folder in the partition called drivers, so my guess would be the aforementioned copy-paste technique won't work.

A:Need help removing partition.

NO. You cannot "remove" a partition without deleting all contents. However, you can use Disk Management to "shrink" or "expand" the partition. I suggest you backup any critical data before changing the size of a partition or performing any disk level function.
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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have a pc that came with XP Home preinstalled, and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a new partition. I haven't used XP in months, and I think it's safe to say I have no use for it anymore. Since XP is installed on the first partition on my hard drive, how can I safely delete it?

A:Removing XP Partition

Take look at this tutorial:
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I'm running XP Pro SP2 on a Sony VAIO which has a recovery partition. I've made restore discs from this, so now I want to delete the partition and get my hard drive space back.

How do I do this? Do I need special software?

I realise this may be ridiculously simple, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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I just installed a new SSD and before formatting, it created a system partition that i was unable to delete. I was able to correctly get the new SSD formatted, Now I receive the message "An operating system wasnt found. try disconnecting....."

I tried selecting the drive and partition from disklist and that didnt help. I also inserted the Win7 recovery disk and that was unable to fix the problem.

My boot disk is an mSata Intel 120gb (OS Drive). Disk management showed there being 2 partitions being system, one being the actual system, and the other being the partition that was created from the new SSD storage drive. It shows 350gb... basically a ghost drive that i wasn't able to delete after formatting the new drive.

Can I make the correct partition active so I can boot again correctly?

A:OS not booting. Partition preventing

Quote: Originally Posted by dagomako

I just installed a new SSD and before formatting, it created a system partition that i was unable to delete.

Hard to understand how a new SSD could "create a system partition" without somebody issuing commands of some type.

Post a screenshot of this Windows Disk Management you refer to.
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What would be the easiest way to do a dual boot? Would it be:

1)Use a second hard drive, one with XP one with Windows 7? If I did this would I be able to plug the XP drive in and see it as my D:\ drive? What if I went and switched it back in the bios to the XP hard would I see windows 7 stuff in D:\? I’d like to do this since I have two hard drives one that is brand new.

2) Just partition my current hard drive and dual boot. If I did this would I be able to switch back and forth and see files on both boots? Also what about if I added my other new hard drive would both see it easily?

I don’t know much about dual boots so please fill me in and answer my questions.

A:Dual booting, two hds vs partition?

I put my W7 in a separate HDD ....
Didn't want to take a chance and break a perfectly good XP system.
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Just got a new P50 laptop.  Is there a recovery partition on these laptops? I don't see one. Also, I created recovery USB with Macrium Reflect but I can't seem to get it to boot...Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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Hi there My laptop is riddled with virus's majority have my services have been turned off and unable to start so its time to do partition Booting into Recovery a recovery The laptop is a MEDION akoya MD The laptop has a recovery partition ive checked it for disk errors and bad sectors all seems fine but im Booting into Recovery partition having problems booting into it f selects a boot menu but the partition isn't listed just the harddrive cd drive and Booting into Recovery partition a ethernet adapter I have tried activating the partition by clicking manage on my computer with no luck Ive just tried burning smart boot manager iso to a disc but it just returned saying quot SBMK BAD quot im stuck I read in one thread that hitting f brings it up but when i do this it says quot edit windows boot options for Microsoft Windows Vista quot then noexecute optin I Just called Medion who were incredibly rude and insisted the laptop came with a recovery disk and recovery partition Is my recovery partition corrupt Please help Many thanks Rob

A:Booting into Recovery partition

Hi from what I can see in this manual page 47 and 97 you need a recovery disc MEDION UK - Product information
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I just installed a second hard drive (250GB 7200RPM SATA Seagate Barracuda) in my machine and I'd like to know if and how I can install Vista and then be able to boot to either OS from startup. I'm running XP Media Center 2005 currently. It's an HP Pavilion with an Athlon 64 X2 2.4GHz, 320GB HD, 2GB RAM. I am likely going to upgrade to 4GB of RAM though.

I intend to install Vista Pro, so I'd like to know the if's and how's to this. Please let me know if there's anything else about my PC you need to know. I'm not sure what type of mobo it is, though I could probably check if that's necessary.



A:Installing and booting XP Pro on a second HD (not a partition)

Simple answer...Yes .

You properly attach the second hard drive to the motherboard...I don't believe you can boot any form of Windows from an external drive (although some say it can be done). You make sure the jumpers are set correctly and that the drive is properly recognized in the BIOS.

You change the first boot option in the BIOS to the optical drive you intend to install from.

Save settings (F10) in the BIOS, system reboots.

I usually insert my XP CD between the reboot and the necessity to hit DELETE to enter the long as the CD is in the drive before the hard drive listing appears onscreen, I can get the "boot to CD" prompt onscreen.

To install either XP, Vista, or Windows 7...just follow the onscreen prompts to format/partition/install.

It might be wise to ensure that you already have at least the NIC drivers for the operating system you are installing, so that activation can be facilitated.

When the install is done...the next time that you boot you will see a screen reflecting boot options for the two different installs of operating systems, with the most recent one probably selected as the default to boot into.

I haven't used Vista (not likely to now, with Windows 7 on the horizon), but we have a Vista forum.

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i am working on a computer that is having trouble booting to the partition that contains windows.

somehow windows got moved from the c drive partition over to a different one. i am only able to get to windows via the recovery module (but i CAN get to it and it looks fine).

is there anyone who could please tell me how to modify the bios in such a way that it directs the system to boot into the partition that contains windows?

thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

A:Pc Booting To Wrong Partition

Windows -> Run -> type in msconfig
Have a look under BOOT.INI . If XP is listed there, click it, then click set as default.

Hopefully this works.
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Hey all!

First post here... I'm frustrated with this and I really hope someone can help...
I'm running 2 WinXP systems using Boot Magic. Last night I made changes to partitions using Partition Magic 8 (moving,resizing) on one system, later realizing things don't work right anymore on the other system (some partitions are no longer visible,programs don't run...)
Is there a way to make the changes work right on the other system?
Or alternatively, if I undo the Partition Magic changes, will it all be back to normal?
Screwed up... grrr...

Thank you in advance!

A:Partition issues (w/Partition Magic)

Hi Leon

Did you make the "Rescue Disks" ahead of your latest Partiton Magic tasks? If so, it seems you have a decent chance of that succeeding.

I'm assuming you are referring to having two XP installation in one PC - each installation with it's own set of partitions.

You could try the Norton Knowledge Base, too, for any dual-boot particulars.
. . . Gary
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Pop-up when booting computer with Title RunDLL Full statement is: C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\wosupl.dll How do I remove this pop-up?Mod Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to a more appropriate forum. ~bloopie

A:Removing Pop-up when booting computer with title RunDLL

Lets check for infections before removing the pop up  Please download TDSSKiller from here and save it to your DesktopDoubleclick on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application, then click on Change parametersCheck Loaded Modules and Detect TDLFS file system. Do not check Verify file digital signatures (even though it is checked in the example)If you are asked to reboot because an "Extended Monitoring Driver is required" please click Reboot nowClick Start Scan and allow the scan process to runIf threats are detected select Skip for all of them unless I instruct you otherwiseClick ContinueClick Reboot computerPlease post the contents of TDSSKiller.[Version]_[Date]_[Time]_log.txt found in your root directory (typically c:\)in your replyDue to forum upgrade you may face issues posting the TDSSkiller log.Just last few lines of log is sufficient===================================================RKILLPlease download Rkill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below (if one of them does not work try another.) and save it to your desktop:Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4In order for Rkill to run properly you must disable your anti-malware software. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.Double-click on Rkill. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)Note: You may have to run Rkill a few times before it is successful. You may also have to download Rkill from a different link which will save it as a different file name.A black screen will appear and then disappear. Please do not worry, that is normal. This means that the tool has been successfully executed.An Rkill.log will appear. Please copy and paste the contents in your reply (file also located at c:\rkill.log)Do not reboot your computer after running Rkill as the malware programs will start again. If your computer reboots, run Rkill again before continuing on to the next step.If nothing happens or if the tool does not run, please let me know in your next reply.===================================================ESET Online ScannerI'd like us to scan your machine with ESET OnlineScan This process may may take several hours, that is normalHold down Control and click on this link to open ESET OnlineScan in a new window.Click the button.For alternate browsers only: (Microsoft Internet Explorer users can skip these steps)Click on to download the ESET Smart Installer. Save it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Check "YES, I accept the Terms of Use."Click the Start button.Accept any security warnings from your browser.Under scan settings, check "Scan Archives" and "Remove found threats" Click Advanced settings and select the following:Scan potentially unwanted applicationsScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyESET will then download updates for itself, install itself, and begin scanning your computer. Please be patient as this can take some time.When the scan completes, click List ThreatsCopy and paste the information in your next reply. Note: If no malware was found you will not get a log.Click the Back button.Click the Finish button===================================================Junkware Removal Tool by thisisuPlease download Junkware Removal ToolDisable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. (Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive.)Right-mouse click JRT.exe and select Run as administrator (Windows XP double click the icon)Please allow the program time to runOnce completed a Notepad document will open on your desktopCopy and paste the contents in your reply.Things I would like to see in your next reply. Please be sure to copy and paste the information rather than send an attachment. TDSSKiller logRKILL logESET logJunkware removal tool log
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I was having Win7 installed on 2 disks, when I was booting, I had to select between the 2 instances of win7, so far so good.

I removed one of the hard drive but I still have the selection at stratur and, lucky as I am, the "default" one is the missing hard drive so everytime my computer reboot, I receive and error message and I have to reboot and choose the second win7 in the list...

Is there a way to remove this selection and always boot on the remaining HD ?


A:Problem booting after removing 1 hard disk

Type msconfig in Start Search box. Right click on result to Run As Admin.

on Boot tab, highlight the unneeded OS to delete it.

If this fails, install EasyBCD (free Download at bottom of page - no name or email required)
On Edit OS Menu tab, select the unneeded Win7 entry to delete it.
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Hi, I installed a full version of XP Home Edition on my computer that was running Windows 98 SE and it loaded XP on a different drive than 98 and created a dual boot screen when I start up the computer.

I removed XP manually from the computer but I still get the dual boot screen, how can I remove this?


A:Removing XP Home Edition - Dual Booting

open the boot ini in notepad and edit out xp
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Removing recovery partition.
Hello I am trying to remove a recovery partition from my computer I right click the My Computer icon then select this management when I select the recovery disc the option to remove is gray meaning it is not a valid option. The reason why I want to delete the partition is because I believe that is causing problems on my PC which caused it to crash.

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Hi Just want to run something by you guys before I install my compy of Win Ultimate on my laptop I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi with Vista Home Premium When I got the laptop I created the restore DVD s and have since then used them a couple of times From what I've gathered reading trough this and other forums and from my own knowledge and experience it should be safe to remove the recovery partition from the HD right Or could I run in to some kind of problem if I'd like to go back to Vista using my recovery DVD s and the partition is not there As I understand it if I for example had a Dell it whould be ok but could it be different on my computer Or do these recovery-partitions always work the same Removing recovery-partition way Also if I decide to leave the partition there and I do a clean install of Win will this do anything to the restore partition Cause in that case I could just leave it there right Greatfull Removing recovery-partition for your input

A:Removing recovery-partition

You are right. You are able to delete that partition if you have made discs. And if you do decide to leave, installing windows 7 will not interfere at all with that partition.
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I'm running xp professional. I used the disk manager to remove a primary partition. The disk space that is left over says it is unallocated. Any ideas how I might incorporate it back into the C drive?

A:Removing a primary partition

You will need to resize the C partition in order to regain the unallocated space.
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I am unable to shrink an extended partition in order to expand a primary partition (C drive). I therefore want to delete the extended partition and its unallocated space after removing multiple logical volumes. After expanding my C drive, I would recreate the extended and logical partitions then reinstall the extended partition contents with backed-up files.

My question is: Is this doable and if so are there precise or recommended procedures.
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I've been on this for hours with no luck so far

i created a system partition of 50gb, and a data partition of 590gb

I want to change the system partition to 250gb

I've tried using extend and shrink but its all greyed out on c drive. I bough Acronis disk director but that didn't work.

Is the only option left to re-format the entire drive? I have a vista image of c drive I could restore.

Is this the only realistic option??

A:removing a partition in Vista

it may be its made a restore point (norm goes at the end of drive space ),so turn it off and try again
right click my computer,manage,d/c disk management,right click system disk C and see if it is now working