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Block local user from accessing folder

Q: Block local user from accessing folder

My brother has a 2tb hard drive in his computer and he barely uses any of the space in it. So I shared a folder from his computer, and then mapped that folder to mine. I use to this for storage purposes. I was wondering if there was a way from preventing my brother from being able to open this folder if he were to find it on his computer. I'm running win 8 and he's running win 7.
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Preferred Solution: Block local user from accessing folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have several user accounts on a Windows 7 Machine.

What I want to do is deny access, or better yet hide the folders (even if show hidden files and folders is enabled) to certain folders for only one specific user.

How would I go about this?


A:block user from accessing folder(s)?

Hello Inepoe888 and Welcome to BC,

The only way I know of to be able to do what you are asking is by setting group policies. This is somewhat advanced, and usually done by IT tech's / admins, however if you Google "group policies Windows 7" you can find out a great deal about what it is, and if this is something you feel comfortable doing.

Couple of things worth noting:

1) Only works on Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional, or Enterprise to my knowledge. Will not work on Home Premium versions.

2) Must be admin.

Good Luck!
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My brother wanted to play a game on my computer, so I created an account. I have private files under C:\Users\Jason (Me) and I don't want him to access them. If I right click "Jason" and choose "Properties," I go to security. There is where the problem comes in.
I don't see his name listed.

Jason (Jason-PC\Jason)
Home Users (Jason-PC\Home Users)
Account Unknown ( Random words and numbers )
uuid: 1000000-0000-0000-0200-001DD8 *ECT*
Administrators (Jason-PC\Administrators)
Users (Jason-PC\users)

What do I edit so my brothers account *Steven* won't be able to access my files under C:\Users\Jason?

A:How do I block a user from accessing my files?

Under the list of names click Edit, then click Add and type your brothers Username in, click Ok then tick the box Deny beside Full Control.

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Hi i have patition (c) and partition (D) and partition (j)
I need help blocking a standard user from accessing partition (D) and partion (j).

windows 7 Home premium
64 bit

Thnks for any help in advanced

A:How can i block certain user accounts from accessing certain partition

Hello yeabuddy,

You could use the tutorial below to set the D and J drive permissions to "Deny" all access to only that specific user account.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Hope this helps,
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I am new to this forum. So kindly inform me if there is any format in asking queries. It would be helpful in my future queries.
I have an Administrator account. Now i want to create another user account so that others can use my laptop through that account. I want to restrict those users in accessing my documents,folders,files etc and limiting them to certain programs only. I guess this is what is called Setting 'Permissions'.
But i haven't yet understood the clear picture of this. Can anyone explain it in a simple manner and help me out in creating an user account with limited access to my hard drive C and D.

A:How do i block other user account from accessing my folders or files

Hello SysEngineer and welcome to Seven Forums.

You probably want to deny those users permission to access your data. These tutorials hsould help.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Block Drives, Folders, and Files from Other 7/Vista User Accounts [How To] | Windows 7 Security | Windows Tools, Help & Guides
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My Windows computers are joined to an Azure Active permission? Directory Can Azure I computer Active block user without joining local from an Directory without my permission Can I block local computer from joining an Azure Active Directory without user permission? I did not actively join an Azure AD on the settings accounts access work or school account page or on the System about page When I go to any of these settings pages there is not option to join or leave an Azure AD I also found a provisioning package being applied to the computer at logon Presumably coming from the Azure AD that the computer is linked to How do I disconnect my computers from whatever active directory they are Can I block local computer from joining an Azure Active Directory without user permission? joined Can I block local computer from joining an Azure Active Directory without user permission? to Details The computers are personal home use computers that should not be joined to any organization's active directory Every time a new computer is setup in my house it gets joined to an unknown Azure Active Directory During setup and subsequent updates the computers are automatically joined to some active directory without input from the local user The computers are new and have not had any additional apps added All security settings have been changed to not allow sharing of any type Default user accounts have been disabled The computers have not been used for anything aside from surfing the web for a solution They are out of the box with setup and updates completed Event Log viewer shows remote power shell commands being executed event Device management-enterprise-diagnostics- reports System migration tasks completed event Windows Remote Management reports Activity Transfer Event These events seem to be related to the computers being linked to an active directory somewhere On the settings-account-join a work or school account there is an option to quot Export your management log files quot which exports an XML to Users public Documents MDMDiagnostics The log file shows pages of code being provisioned to the home use computers TCPview shows the home computers trying to or connecting to various computers around the world at various times when a browser is open on the Google search page with no other web pages open I assume all this activity is related to the active directory the home computers have been linked to Whatever is happening with these new computers seems to be a serious security threat related to Windows quot join an azure active directory quot These home computers should not be connecting to or trying to connect to computers in the Ukraine Croatia Canada England Germany etc when no web pages are open aside from a google search screen I have been searching the web for months to figure out how to disable the join an azure active directory feature on new computers I have contacted Microsoft support desk visited a Microsoft store for technical help and contacted McAfee support to no avail All technical assistance ended at level support telling me they do not know how to correct the issue and to take the computers back to the store or contact the computer manufactures to get the setup disks and rebuild the computer After new computers I would prefer to have a different solution If anybody has had a similar situation please provide information on how to disconnect the local computers from the active directory they are attached to and disable or block them from ever being joined to an Azure Active Directory again Thank you
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I created a non-administrator account in Windows 8 for family members.
I want to restrict access to specific folders.
In Windows explorer, I right click properties on the folder, go into the security settings,
but it's not clear what I need to do. Highlighting "users", I attempt to deny access but I get a warning
that seems to be communicating that it would also block admin access to that particular folder.

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I have a bunch of empty folders in C:\User\Username\AppData\Local that have number and letter characters. Like this

Is it OK to delete these. They date back to when I first built this system, beginning of March.

A:Folder in User\Name\Appdata\Local

Well I deleted them to no ill effect.
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hello i need help here im using Windows bit Ultimate of OS i m trying to move my folders the Local the problem i can't move it LocalLow successfully moved Roaming successfully moved to my drive D but the problem is i can't move the quot Local quot the folder which is location user/local folder changing located in quot C users my username appdata local while in moving process there was a some type of error pops up saying that quot The action can't be completed because the file is open in System Close the the file and try again quot UsrClass Dat quot Type LOG file Size KB and the other two that also can't be moved quot UsrClass Dat LOG quot and quot UsrClass Dat LOG quot i tried to skip those files however another pop up saying that i failed to move the file and operation was canceled by the user i tried over and over even on safemode and fresh reformat still not a chance moving changing user/local folder location that folder the weird thing is on my other computer has successfully moved the quot Local quot folder to drive D without any issue so anyone knows about this issue i really need to move the quot Local quot folder thanks in advance EDIT okay i just figure how to change it so this thread is closed

A:changing user/local folder location

Is this for a backup? Because if it's not, you shouldn't move these folders from there current location, there's a reason why there hidden.

Also, even if you do move this folder, Windows 7 would recreate it the next time you logon. Unless you create a shortcut to the new location of these folders in your current AppData folder.

And you can move the folders but it would require you to do so in such a way that you did not use Windows, because that is the service that is using the files that you are trying to move. The computer would have to be either logged off or shut down when the files were being moved, which would require another operating system or even computer.
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Hi all. I have this problem: every time the Windows 8 starts it seems that i loose the permissions to the temp folder. As a result some applications using that folder to launch (for example Google drive) fail giving me an error. Another example are some installation files not starting because the temp folder cannot be used.
So, i have always to go to temp folder and manually set the permissions to have all working.

What can I do?
Thank you

A:Set permissions to \<user>\AppData\Local\Temp folder

So, I googled your problem and it appears that others are experiencing a similar issue and the common denominator appears to be an Adobe Acrobat product. So, you might want to check out these links if you have Acrobat installed:

Can't install any applications. - Microsoft Community

Adobe Community: Acrobat replaces NTFS permissions of Temp folder

Good luck.
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Ok, so I just upgraded to W7 and was going through a process of organizing the "libraries" and I noticed (possibly of my own doing but am not sure) that the second drive in my system (B) was sitting there in my user folder. My question is, is that normal? How did it get there and how do I correct it if it isn't suppose to be there. Here is a picture of what I am talking about...

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Ok, so I just upgraded to W7 and was going through a process of organizing the "libraries" and I noticed (possibly of my own doing but am not sure) that the second drive in my system (B) was sitting there in my user folder. My question is, is that normal? How did it get there and how do I correct it if it isn't suppose to be there. Here is a picture of what I am talking about...

A:Local Disk inside User Directory (folder)

hey, what you must have done is drug it over there by accident, as you can see it is still located were it is supposed to be further below, all you did was add a link to it. so you can safely erase the link, or ignore it, its up to you.
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How to Block Internet on local Windows XP PC but Not "Skype" and other Locally hosted WebPages { I means, and etc } ?

Here is my Network :

Internet Lease Line---> CentOS Server(with 2 lan cards)---> Local Lan----> Windows XP ( Gateway defined as server IP)

A:Block Internet but Not Skype and Local WebPages Hosted on Local Lan Server

I have 2 users, admin and agent(limited access)
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I got windows vista home premium 32 bit (Japanese)

I noticed in the User Application Data Local Temp Folder there are a lot of items.
What are they can I delete them?
I did use CCleaner some single entries got deleted while others remain there.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

A:Items in User Application Data Local Temp Folder should I delete?

Hi Ari94,

Temporary folder is a directory used to hold temporary files. Many operating systems and some software automatically delete the contents of this directory at boot-up or at regular intervals.

You can delete the files from Temp folder. There would be certain files which may not be deleted, this is happens when the files are in use. Please follow detailed instructions to delete the Temp folder: Temporary Files - Temp Folder

Please revert back for clarification.
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We are using windows 7 and all our clients are under the domain. one of our dept member requested me to create a share folder in his pc in which user can create edit modify any of file but not to delete any of file.
So is it possible or not???
Please help me out this issue.

Rakesh Kumar
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Hello I found this forum out of necessity I have done a folder folder Sync pc local local office on w/ Surface Pro??? on fair share of googling this question without any luck resolution Hopefully someone here will have a useful answer I use a program at my office that stores data Sync local folder on office pc w/ local folder on Surface Pro??? in the Sync local folder on office pc w/ local folder on Surface Pro??? local program folder on my pc However i also use this program on my tablet surface pro these are both windows devices respectively so i'm hoping that works to my advantage Most of the resolutions i found on google involved using my OneDrive however the Local folder is approx GB depending on the number of projects so this is not an option I would rather find a solution that does not involve an external HDD at this is just one more piece of equipment to carry and i worry about performance issues while working on the projects In my opinion the ideal solution is Use the program while i am at the office the files save to the Local folder on my PC and then when my tablet is awake the modified files automatically sync over our wifi connection The wifi aspect isnt a deal breaker i am fine with syncing via a USB cord as well The main goal is i want the projects data from the Local folder to sync with either my PC or my tablet depending on which file has the most recent time stamp So obviously if i work on a project during the week and need to view modify it outside the office any changes made will sync to the PC the next time I connect via the wifi or USB I am also open to alternative solutions that i may be missing Cross posted to Windows Forum as well

A:Sync local folder on office pc w/ local folder on Surface Pro???

I would agree that having a cloud storage would be nice should the office server go down. You do know that you don't have to sync the entire share folder and programs right? You can sync just individual files that are actually being used and changed. As far as extra storage goes, no need to tote around an external HD. Why not get a couple USB 3.0 flash drives or sdcards? And I really do mean get 2-3, just in case one should fail you have some kind of a backup. You can never rely on a single backup.
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I run windows 7 premium 64 and all of the sudden I stated to get this popup after windows loads that says
"C:\User\Lori-Bee\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost"
How can I fix this?...I tried check disk running CCleaner ....No difference

A:C:\User\User -User\AppData\Local\Temp\032150Log.iniis lost

Hi there ... Read the Link below and follow the Instructions ..
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- Error 182418Log.iniis lost
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Does anyone know of an app that will block another app from accesing the internet? Kind of like a very simple firewall that says yes access the net or no block it, no ports or anything like that, and nothing that would stay resident.
Say for an example, i like a really nice piece of software but, it phones home for a checkup everytime i use it. I'd prefer to do the checking manually and the application has no need for the network other than for updates (kinda like acrobat reader).

A:Block applications from accessing the internet

sevensun said:

Does anyone know of an app that will block another app from accesing the internet? Kind of like a very simple firewall that says yes access the net or no block it, no ports or anything like that, and nothing that would stay resident.
Say for an example, i like a really nice piece of software but, it phones home for a checkup everytime i use it. I'd prefer to do the checking manually and the application has no need for the network other than for updates (kinda like acrobat reader).Click to expand...

Hi sevensun,

Welcome to TSG!

A freeware firewall that notifies you of all outbound connection attempts that you can block is ZoneAlrarm Free from, i.e. you can add programs and set prompt, block, allow under Resource Control Center - Program Control window display.

-- Tom
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Hello, I am using spotify, and this evil program uses P2P to share music even though I pay decent money. So I'm trying to block its P2P connections. I need a program to stop it from connecting to websites other than what I specify. Little snitch does that, but it's Mac only. Any suggestions? Thanks

A:Block a a program from accessing sites other than what I specified.

Have a look at NetLimiter. I THINK you can use it to block connections by protocol.
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Hi guys Not sure if question should be here or in Networking Is there a way of BLOCKING some incoming sites from possibly accessing your web servers Note this is for a HOME webserver with a webserver sites accessing block How from do IIS I bog standard home router -- so no corporate type of hardware firewall etc Using W X- build with latest IIS server installed Looking at the Router log I see some entries like this I've blanked out the destination for obvious reasons TCP Packet - Source Destination How do I block sites from accessing IIS webserver - Web Server rule match Thu - - - TCP Packet - Source Destination - Web Server rule match Thu - - - TCP Packet - Source Destination - Web Server rule match Thu - - - TCP Packet - Source Destination - Web Server rule match Thu - - - TCP Packet - Source The IP 's found from the WHOIS IP site are - Geo InformationIP Address Host Location CN ChinaCityChengdu -OrganizationCHINANET Sichuan province networkISPCHINANET Sichuan province networkAS NumberAS No Jin-rong Street and - Geo InformationIP Address Host Location CN ChinaCityChengdu -OrganizationCHINANET Sichuan province networkISPCHINANET Sichuan province networkAS NumberAS No Jin-rong Street Any network gurus out there -- what do I need to do now if anything BTW it doesn't look like they've logged on or anything -- decent passwords firewalls closed ports and router remote facility is turned off Cheers jimbo

A:How do I block sites from accessing IIS webserver

Hi Jimbo,

I'm no IIS/network/security guru but can't you set your router to deny certain Sites/IP addresses from 'passing' through your router?

For example:

Sorry, only think I can think of
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Does anyone have any idea how to block users from accessing certain folders (IE: Program Files). I can block access but then the program(s) won't run. I just don't want users snooping around the computer. So I would like to block them from viewing folders in windows explorer and even internet explorer. Maybe even password protect the folders. Any ideas?

A:Block users from accessing folders

right click on the folder under sharing tab check make this folder private. Then windows will ask you if you want to put a pw protection too, click on yes and proceed.

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Hi everyone. We began the internet service in our computer shop, but I want to know how does LAN games allows only in LAN and blocks from accessing internet. Games such as Warcraft III, Counter Strike, GTA IV and others have LAN and internet support, and we want to keep them on LAN so that clients (particularly brainless kids) don't go online and autoupdate games. I tried to browse in Firewall advance option, but there are too many options to block them (I was confused). I need some help here. Thanks

A:Allows LAN Games only in LAN and block from accessing internet

If you don't want the computer to have access to the internet at all, one way to achieve this is to remove the gateway address from the LAN adapter config. Depending on which version of Windows you have, you can also lock down this setting with group policy editor
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Hi everyone i'm having problems with this now i have Eset smart security witch manages the firewall
but of course i'm not sure if it's because of Eset but when i went to the advanced settings i only got these options.

There is no "rules" tab i don't know was this because of some updates or my antivirus or windows it's self
can anyone help me get the "Rules" Tab to apere or can anyone offer me a little application witch will do the trick?

A:How do i block a specific program from accessing the internet?

I would try this sequence.

Disable ESet
see if rules settings appear
if so, set the rules
enable ESet
test again
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I'm running XP Pro with mulitiple users. I want to "turn off" Internet access for a single user while leaving free access to the other users.

I've tried a couple of NetNanny style programs, but I don't like the extra passwords that others have to use, and I don't like extra burden on system resources.

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I'd like to know how to block a user from using the internet when they plug their computer into a router. My roommate has refused to pay her share of the internet and, being a college student, I don't have enough money where I feel generous enough to let her have free internet after stiffing me. Basically, I have 2 routers at the moment (hoping to fix this soon): my Qwest modem works as a router but I also have a Linksys router connected to it. The only phone jack is in her room so I have no way of stopping her from plugging her computer straight into the modem and/or router. I've configured the wireless so that she would be unable to access the, wirelessly but I'd like to know how to prevent her accessing the internet when she plugs her computer directly into either component.

Thank you for your help!

A:Block Wired Computer From Accessing Internet Through Router?

Well,through the router you could enable mac address filtering and allow only your mac address to traffic through the router.It's a pain,but that is a possibility.
Now,limiting access through the modem,I have no idea.
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is there a free sofware that blocks users from accessing porn sites??

A:what software to use to block people from accessing porn sites on my com???
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HOWTOGEEK COM - How to Block An Application from Accessing the Internet with Windows Firewall Why Do I an the Accessing Application (Guide) Firewall: from Internet Windows Block Want To Do This quot Some of you might have been sold immediately by the headline as blocking an application is exactly what you ve been wanting to do Others may have opened this tutorial curious as to why one would block an application in the first place Although you Windows Firewall: Block an Application from Accessing the Internet (Guide) generally want your applications to have free access to the network after all what good is a web browser Windows Firewall: Block an Application from Accessing the Internet (Guide) that can t reach the web there are a Windows Firewall: Block an Application from Accessing the Internet (Guide) variety of situations in which you may wish to prevent an application from accessing the network Some simple and commonplace examples are as follows You might have an application that insists on automatically updating itself but those updates break some functionality and you wish to stop the updates You might have a video game that you re comfortable with your child playing but you re not so comfortable with the online and unsupervised multiplayer elements You might be using an application with really obnoxious ads that can be silenced by cutting off the application s Internet access Regardless of why you want to drop the cone of network connectivity silence over a given application a trip into the guts of the Windows Firewall is an easy way to do so Let s take a look at how to block an application from accessing the local network and Internet now quot Although we ll be demonstrating this trick on Windows the basic layout and premise has remained largely unchanged over the years and you can easily adapt this tutorial to earlier versions of Windows CREATING A WINDOWS FIREWALL RULE - How to Block An Application from Accessing the Internet with Windows Firewall nbsp

A:Windows Firewall: Block an Application from Accessing the Internet (Guide)

I never actually knew the Windows Firewall had advanced features until I started to use Group Policy and noticed the option in there!
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A twist on the creation of user folders on a drive other than C: in Win 7 Ultimate. Does anyone know if one could designate a user folder location such as E:\Data instead of using the users name and being a subdirectory of "Users". I am the ONLY one on my computer - and it would seem much easier to look to the top folder in the E drive than clicking thru E:, users, name, documents, project. I fully realize that I can set up shortcuts, but when you are in an application that wants to place a file somewhere else and presents you with an explorer windows it is a pain. The only method I thought of is using redirection with symbolic links. Every time I try to use symbolic links, I end up with something other than I anticipated. Any ideas would be appreciated - setting up new machine so anything goes!

A:User Profile folder - static folder instead of created by user signon

User Profile - Change Default Location - Windows 7 Forums
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Hello to all I'm new to this forum and obviously i'm not Missing can't access "user" folder, missing local drive files, sure if this is the right place for starting and posting this thread Since i'm pritty desperate i'm going to explain the best i can what is really happening and how it all started Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive since a few days ago i was noticing that a few files specifically mp files are missing from my music collection I managed to recover the missing ones and transfer the whole collection to a new drive without issues Today i've found that some recently downloaded files Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive including several mp 's where missing again from the new HDD I started to look around the internet abut the problem and what could be the reasons that causes my files to quot vanish quot from my HDD As i was reading i stoped at one thread in Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive other's site forums that related to some quot security quot and quot user privileges quot issues in Win I then tried to quot fix quot the problem but noticed that the files where still missing Next thing i tried was looking for the missing files in some AppData subfolder named something like quot virtual backup quot or something That was the last time i saw the quot user quot folder and the last time y accessed my local drive Turned out the folder just dissapeared from the screen after a short quot access denied quot dialog box error After that all of my desktop icons dissapeared and my c drive went like it's empty and can't be accessed still i can see the drive lying there and every time i run a virus and malware scan it search the entire c drive with no problem Had tried a system restore to a previous state every icon on the desktop where there again but still no local drive Now i'm running out of ideas and i really need to fix this I will appreciate any help you can give me Thanks in advance

A:Missing files, missing "user" folder, can't access local drive

Viruses do things like that. The scenario sounds familiar. Scan with Malwarebytes. The free version is good enough.
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I have two network cards that connect to two different networks. The first network only should communicate with the computers on the local network and the second should be used to connect to the internet.

How do I force the computer to use a given NIC for internet access and the other for local file sharing etc?

A:Block NIC from internet access but not local network

Instead of two nics for access to different networks and functions, would it be easier to have just one nic if you could find something that restricted all network traffic allowed in/.out of the NIC so it would only talk to networks you want and use remote services you want, etc.

Would that fill the need? You need one NIC and a firewall.
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New here. I am trying to access my local settings and can't figure out how to get to them. Does anyone know?

A:Accessing local settings

Open My Computer, click tools at the top, then click folder options, then click view at the top. look for hidden files and folders and chech "show hidden files and folders".
Now look for c:\Documents and Settings\your user name\local settings.
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So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

A:Strange Defult Login User Prompt - Local Admin, Not Domain User

Quote: Originally Posted by Norwood

So a new box recently built, when booted, defaults to the local administrator account.

This is a Windows 7 machine for a Linux guru that doesn't want to be bothered pressing more buttons than is necessary, if you get my drift.

So my question is, after pressing do I dictate to Windows that the preferred used is "HisDomainAccount" on our company domain, as opposed to the local admin account?

If I'm not being clear, please let me know and I will try to explain a little better.

The above is a bit confusing. Is this computer joined to a work domain or is it not?

If this is a domain computer, the user will have to use the classic log on screen (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), not the Welcome Screen. If he wants to switch to logging in to the Local computer account and not the domain, he'll have to "Switch User" then log in with the format of Computername\User Name
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Hi, I am using Teamviewer to remotely control my friend's computer and help him with tech problems, and I need to help him with a certain thing that will take a long time. He gets bored of me controlling the computer for so long, so I want him to be able to do something else on his computer while he waits. Can I control his computer in the background while he has a different window open so he can watch videos while I work on his computer?

And if not, is it possible to make a 'plugin' for teamviewer to do this?

I really need this feature, so thank you so much to anyone that can help me with this.

A:Solved: Teamviewer MultiTasking (Local User and Remote User Using At The Same Time)
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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My grandmother was recently hacked and she changed all her passwords herself (yay!). However she did not write down her new local user account password for her laptop.

I tried downloading OPHCrack, I burned it as an ISO file and put it on a DVD-R(only thing I had on hand) and i changed the boot order on her BIOS menu to had the DVD drive as the first priority. It does not run....I hear the disk drive moving, or spinning but the program does not run. Are there any other options or do I have to do a complete system restore to bypass this? Also if that is what I have to do how do I do that without being in her control panel?

A:Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Hello there "hater",are you sure you downloaded the right OPHcrack version?It should be the one that is intended to be used on,not the one being used to download and be burned on.Try imgburn,never failed me to create bootable CDs or DVDs.
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I am trying to install a program called postgresSQL a database program that creates a user (postgres) during install. I have installed the program before, created an account and forgot the password . I am trying to re-install the program and it still see the old user and wants the password.

The program says the solution for this is to.....

control panel>admin tools>comp management>local user and groups delete "postgres". local users is not there on home premium, handled by user accounts .


net user postgres /delete This gives me error 5 access is denied

not sure where to go from here???

A:user delete on home premium. no local user or groups??

Welcome to the Forum

Sorry that you are having a problem. If there is a separate user account,
Possibly this excellent tutorial can help.
Reset User Account Password[11]=User Accounts

It will not be easy, but it should work.
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I have a laptop running Windows 7 and I'm unable to access my local network, despite every indication that my device is finding the signal, which is designated as excellent. After attempting to connect, I am eventually told that the connection attempt was unsuccessful, but at the same time my computer indicates that I do, in fact, have "limited access." Perplexing me further, my network is also being denoted as an "unidentified network."

Any feedback would be appreciated.

A:Difficulty accessing local network...

Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again. Here's How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7
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I have created local User in my systems but when i login to that user its taking user name and password, but its not loding getting logoff automaticaly, i can login through my admin login but another user its not loading.

please help in this..

A:I have created local User in my systems but when i login to that user

Is "C:\Users\Default" folder still there?

Try logging with your account and then switching users?
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A few months ago I had my computer reformatted and when it came back I noticed I suddenly had much less memory on my C drive. Recently I discovered this is because there is another local disk, D, with ten times the memory as C. I'm pretty sure it wasn't like this before the reformatting, and I was wondering if there was any way to combine them into a single drive. If not, if i copy files into my D drive can i delete them from my C drive? I have already successfully installed programs such as Kazaa and AIM into my D drive but I am unsure as to whether i can move things such as my Program Files folder. Please let me know if you have any suggestions because I am clueless!

Relevancy 54.61%


I have recently moved to a wireless broadband connection. The connection is slower than my cable internet in my previous residence. So, I'm noticing some things while I work. One thing is that every time I access my local hard drive, there is network traffic and I have to wait for the network. This is while I'm connected to a VPN. The folders I'm accessing are not synchronized off-line files, either. I do have one mapped network drive.

Anyone know what would cause Windows XP to instigate network traffic when accessing a local drive and how to limit it?


A:Network traffic while accessing local drive

This is actually a situation I ran across some time back. Every local access was trying to touch a network drive, and when that drive wasn't available, it got ugly! In my case, it was a errant path in the registry that was being searched every time I opened a file locally.
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Hi We run a server out of our office which has a Linux distro Currently I have several websites residing on this server Lately I have been noticing that periodically when I access a page from one of these sites I loose the ability to connect to any of the sites on the server for a with Website Local Semi Having Troubles Accessing a good minutes My first thought was it was a problem with the server but nothing I tried in relation to the server seemed to be working including a full reboot It would still remain Having Troubles with Accessing a Semi Local Website out for about - minutes Then I noticed that on another computer in the office the site was still accessible At this point I have found that outside of my computer when the server appears to be down everyone is able to access any of the sites on the server but for me it appears to be down for about minutes I ve been reading online and I haven t been able to find anything similar I know it s not related to a timeout issue or the length of time to get the pages as the pages load quite quickly being that they are on the same connection Upon further testing I found that I can access the server from this computer using the local network IP address but cannot access it through the internet Based on the fact that other computers including those outside of the local network can access the site fine I can rule out a DNS problem or a problem with the switch Any suggestions would be much appreciated I am at a total loss and this is making work quite difficult when I loose the server for minutes or so periodically So far beyond updating the network interface drivers and clearing the browser cache I haven t tried much General Information Windows Intel Core I GB Memory Realtek network card with latest drivers If you need any more information ask and I will get it for you Thank You Stewart nbsp
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Acessing your account. Can the admin use AD or a domain service to over ride the local policy?

A:When setting a local login policy to block a domain admin from accessi

vvcmarttech, sorry but domain admins in the AD can do most anything they want. No hiding from them.

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I have 2 computers in different offices both with broadband. A program on computer a needs to access a datafile in realtime(accounting data). How can I set this up to be fast so it doesn't act like it accessing data remotely?

I have tried Ibackupdrive( a virtual internet drive) and Hamachi but both seem too slow, 2-5 seconds latency. Using Gotomypc or Logmein, I can access the data in less than a second.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:local application accessing remote data file

Buy a really fast link. There is a lot of difference between a remote console view of the computer and actually accessing the DB remotely.
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Ok so I have had this problem for months I really have tried everything I can think of but just don t get what is happening Set Up Speedtouch ADSL modem - DHCP server - Linksys wireless router - connected to modem network the Wireless when on files accessing drops local out - A PC is conncted to the wireless router via ethernet and I use a laptop via wireless The Problem Mostly the laptop works fine over wireless But whenever I do something over the local network view files on the pc try to back up laptop files to the pc or even access laptop files from the pc the laptop s wireless connection drops out within sec By drop out the laptop still says it is connected but has no internet access I cannot access the wireless router by IP address when this happens either The worst bit is that when I disconnect and try reconnecting to the wireless router I can t - the only solution is to restart the ADSL modem rebooting the linksys router doesn t help Also I do get disconnected and can t reconnect very occasionally when I m Wireless drops out when accessing local files on the network just using internet once a day max What I ve Tried ipconfig all - didn t see anything unusual changing DHCP to the wireless router Now this was weird - I couldn t get DNS working when I did this Tried using Wireless drops out when accessing local files on the network openDNS but no luck and when I decided to copy the modem s DNS settings they were all set as tried hours of googling for the problem turning off all antivirus programs etc lots Other Info Don t think it is the Wireless drops out when accessing local files on the network laptop - works fine on other networks lan etc When the laptop is close to the wireless router i e bars instead of the normal the problem doesn t seem to occur I really can t figure this out any help or suggestions would be MUCH appreciated I have spent hours trying to fix this but can t figure out what s wrong Thanks nbsp

A:Wireless drops out when accessing local files on the network

my initaill reaction was to see if there are firmware updates avaible for the modem/router/ and a driver update for the pc network adapter
BUT when you said
When the laptop is close to the wireless router (i.e 5 bars instead of the normal 3), the problem doesn't seem to occur. Click to expand...

wasnt so sure - BUT it would be worth looking at the firmware and see what updates are available
If we could have makes and exact models of all devices - we should be able to post the information here

This only ever happens on wireless - the ethernet connected PC still works fine on the internet when the "drop out" occurs
correct ?

Lets try a few things -
When its working normally - make a note of all the status light on the router and modem
then when it "drops out" check those light and post any difference here

again when its working correclty lets see an ipconfig /all and various ping tests and post results here- see below
Now when it drops out repeat all the tests and save to something like notepad and when you have internet access post back here - make sure we know which is which

Also lets see what the wireless landscape looks like - post and image of the xirrus wireless tool - see details below
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Type the following command
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Type the following command
post back results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Direct link to the program is here
Then run and install the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

Run the program

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use t... Read more
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Hi guys this is my first post and I have a rather tedious problem Upon bootup system folder and local C folders are open I have tried a system restore but it's telling me that it cannot complete one I have ran hijackthis and this is my log Hope someone can be of assistance thanks in advance Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS System Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Belkin C System folder 32 up and open on folder boot Local Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exeC WINDOWS System CTsvcCDA exeC Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Common Files WinTools WToolsS exeC WINDOWS System MsPMSPSv exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS System ctfmon exeC WINDOWS System sstray exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exeC PROGRA NORTON Local C folder and System 32 folder open on boot up navapw exeC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exeC WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exeC Program Files Java j re bin jusched exeC Program Files WinFast WFTVFM WFWIZ exeC Program Files Creative SB Live -bit Surround Mixer CTSysVol exeC Program Files Kpmmf Knqkw exeC Program Files Creative MediaSource Go CTCMSGo exeC Program Files Belkin Bluetooth Software BTTray exeC Program Files SAGEM SAGEM F st - dslmon exeC Program Files InterVideo Common Bin WinCinemaMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared wkcalrem exeC Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXEC WINDOWS System wuauclt exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal Ad-Aware exeC DOCUME user LOCALS Temp Rar EX HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www tiscali co uk broadbandR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook no name - CFBFAE - A - D - CB- C FD - no file O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINDOWS System msdxm ocxO - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - HKLM Run nForce Tray Options sstray exe rO - HKLM Run ATIPTA C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI Control Panel atiptaxx exeO - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exeO - HKLM Run NAV Agent C PROGRA NORTON navapw exeO - HKLM Run WorksFUD C Program Files Microsoft Works wkfud exeO - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Portfolio C Program Files Microsoft Works WksSb exe AllUsersO - HKLM Run Microsoft Works Update Detection C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exeO - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exeO - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exeO - HKLM Run SSC UserPrompt C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center UsrPrmpt exeO - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched C Program Files Java j re bin jusched exeO - HKLM Run WinFast Schedule C Program Files WinFast WFTVFM WFWIZ exeO - HKLM Run CTSysVol C Program Files Creative SB Live -bit Surround Mixer CTSysVol exe rO - HKLM Run UpdReg C WINDOWS UpdReg EXEO - HKLM Run Uzikax C Program Files Kpmmf Knqkw exeO - HKLM Run MSConfig C WINDOWS PCHealth HelpCtr Binaries MSConfig exe autoO - HKCU Run Creative MediaSource Go C Program Files Creative MediaSource Go CTCMSGo exe SCBO - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS System ctfmon exeO - Global Startup BTTray lnk O - Global Startup DSLMON lnk C Program Files SAGEM SAGEM F st - dslmon exeO - Global Startup InterVideo WinCinema Manager lnk C Program Files InterVideo Common ... Read more

A:Local C folder and System 32 folder open on boot up

Hello thistle2 and welcome to the BC forums. After reviewing your log I see that you are running msconfig in /auto mode which means that you may have selectively removed some items in the past from the startup procedure. This can hide malware from us when we are performing a fix, so we would like you to reenable those startup entries by doing the following:Please click on Start, then Run, and type msconfig and then press Enter. When the window opens you should be on the General tab. Click on the Normal Startup item. Then press ok until you are out of the program. It will ask you to reboot so reboot normally.Now please create a new Hijackthis Log and post it here as a reply. I will review it when it comes in.OT
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I would like to work off my local hard drive rather than on my network b/c of performance issues. I noticed sync center has a 2-way sync but I cannot find how to set it up. Can anyone help?

A:How do I setup a 2-way sync b/t local folder to network folder

Quote: Originally Posted by allenfisher

I would like to work off my local hard drive rather than on my network b/c of performance issues. I noticed sync center has a 2-way sync but I cannot find how to set it up. Can anyone help?

This tutorial maybe of use to you

Sync Offline Files

If not please further expand on your issue and we will do our best to help

Many Thanks,
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How to block the particular user in the shared pc

NOTE:i have the local admin rights

Relevancy 52.46%

I know there is a way of blocking user from changing there screensaver and desktop setting by changing a files extention (example to desktop.123). When you do that then if a user changes the desktop color or a screen saver or adds icon. Next time they log on everything will go back to the orignal settings (the way things where before renaming the file).

I cant remeber the name of the file and what do I need to rename it to. Can someone help me pls?

A:Block user desktop

If you are running Windows 2000 or XP pro you can set a policy settings.

Start > run > gpedit.msc
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I have one admin account and 1 standard account. Is there any way I can block the standard account from being able to access storage spaces (my computer > D/F/G drive > documents, pictures, etc)? I would like the standard account only to be able to access one folder and few programs (like media center).
Please help!


A:Win 8 - Block user access??

Hello c, and welcome to eightforums!

You can try out family safety from live essentials. To download windows live essentials free, follow this link: Windows Essentials: Other Programs - install all essential programs, or select which ones to install manually.

You will need to go through and select what programs to block. Try it and see if it is for you.

Also, standard accounts are not able to view the photos, documents, etc. of other accounts. They can only view public items and their own items in their own documents (etc.).

They can use disk space, but they cannot see the items used by another account.

Hope I've answered your questions. Let me know!
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Moving some docs from old pc to new win10 via stick. I wanted those files in the local doc folder not MSOne Drive.

I just assumed that "documents" under THIS PC was my local documents. But it points to one drive. When I tired to reset it to default. See attach pictures.

While I tried to reset it, multiple "copies" of "documents" showed for a little while. See Pic
Relevancy 52.03%

I have passwod protected my PC so my kids only get on it when I want them to, or so I thought!!

My son, and credit to him, just made is own account with admin rights and logged into it instead of mine, until I noticed on bootup one day and then deleted it.

Is there a way of making it impossible for him to do this?

A:Block someone creating user account in XP?

Had he been using your account (which was the administrative account) to logon? If so, he can create an account whenever he wants. Not sure with XP Home, but XP Pro provides alot more security with user accounts. Your best bet is to create a limited user account for him and don't let him use your account. Change the password on your account also. Although, I'm not sure how good he is with the computer--there are programs out there that let you bypass the admin's password (let's hope he doesn't know about it).
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how pendrive block in particular user in windows 7.what can i do.pls help.

A:how pendrive block in particular user in windows 7

Could you add some more content to your question please?
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I need a way to block internet access to one of my users but I also want to allow internet access to the other users on the computer.

A:Block Internet Access for 1 user and not the others
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I am going to be putting a router with OpenDNS in place, but realize one could easily browse to a blocked site by IP address. Is it possible to block a user from browsing by IP address (and force them to use DNS)? This is in a home environment.
Relevancy 51.17%

How can I block internet access for a specific user in Lan other than using proxy software and proxy settings in Internet explorer.
We do not want to go to each desktop and do the proxy settings .
We would like to do centrally say using the active directory and Domain Server.
Please let us know how to do it using group policy step by step using windows OS 2000 and OS 2003.

Thanks in advance

A:Block internet access for a specific user in LAN

Depending on your network setup, you can just remove the default gateway from the user's computer. Hopefully the user shouldn't have admin rights so the user can't possibly go in and change the settings.
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first, i want to apologize for my english, it?s so bad but I hope that you understand me.
I want to block all user accounts internet traffic, except one of them(a user account called "profesor").
In outbound rules I blocked all traffic to remote port 80 with TCP protocol and in incoming rules I blocked all traffic from remote port 80 but in last rule I put as exception, in users tab of incoming rules called exceptions, "profesor" accounts.
I achieve block internet traffic but for all user, included "profesor" accounts.

Please, could anyone help me?

Thank you, very much.

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One of my Standard user is able to install softwares without administrator password. How can i block it.

A:How to block standard user from installing softwares.

password protect your admin account
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I have two errors on the main page.
Warning: Division by zero in /home/pckiller/public_html/phpnuke/blocks/block-User_Info.php on line 198

Warning: Division by zero in /home/pckiller/public_html/phpnuke/blocks/block-User_Info.php on line 203

The stats for the daily and monthly hits do not show.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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I have a kind of problem that I always go to my favorite websites - even without really thinking about it - while I'm supposed to be working with my computer This makes me to work much slower For Firefox I installed add-on called blocksite which helps me to keep myself away from those websites But user to rights How low on block when sites IExplorer7 this computer also has Internet Explorer It has of course in-built option to block sites content advisor - gt approved sites but my user rights in this university network are not high enough to block any sites that way And computer staff says this cannot be changed Further I also cannot delete Internet Explorer from this computer since I have no user rights to change those files I also cannot modify How to block sites on IExplorer7 when low user rights those Windows system files which are sometimes used to add web filters So can you imagine any other way to block sites on Internet Explorer It would help me a How to block sites on IExplorer7 when low user rights lot if I could restrict my own How to block sites on IExplorer7 when low user rights browsing somehow The OS in this computer is Windows XP

A:How to block sites on IExplorer7 when low user rights

IE Options>Security> put in sites you want blocked. If they don't take, get temp admin rights or have IT do it.
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Howdy All -
I'm thinking I'm not the first nor the last to have MS trick me into changing my User Name from Local to (in my case) an email account. Now I'm forced to sign in every time I log on. And FWIW, I prefer to be fully in charge of my devices.
I surely would appreciate some guidance on the proper way to switch back to a Local User and disassociate my computer from Many thanks in advance for reading this and all replies.


A:Proper (Safe) way to change from "" User to Local User

Settings>>Accounts>>Under your Microsoft Account listing, click on "Change to a Local account instead".

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10
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I recently upgraded my computer's CPU/Motherboard/RAM etc however, after plugging in my old hard drives, Windows failed to load. In an effort to save my old files I reinstalled windows XP on my secondary hard drive, hoping to access my original hard drive's files through the reinstalled version of windows. Everything went according to plan except when trying to access the old 'My Documents' folder, and the computer says 'Access denied,' probably because that folder was declared private on my old network and because the user account was password protected. Please help me retrieve my old files!



Relevancy 50.74%

i have windows mail and imap folders. i added a folder to keep all my surveys in. i have now deleted it and the emails in it about 4 times now. i figured out today how i am doing that. open folder, open email, delete email and the folder itself is still highlighted, so when the message "do you want to permently delete this" is displayed, i think its for the email, not the folder and say yes.....and the folder and all the emails inside get deleted. duhhhh. is there anyway i can block this folder from being deleted? like imap inbox cant be deleted. i know, i know read the messages before deleting things, would fix my problem.
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Is it possible to block an individual application's access to a specific folder?
Let's say I have a folder called "Water" and and application called "Fire" Can I prevent "Fire" from reading "Water"? Meanwhile, any non-"Fire" application can continue reading "Water" without issue.

As per the FAQs my expertise is well above average, but I'm far from a systems admin. I'm a hobbyist C++ coder.

A:Block Applcation Access to a Folder

You could set up a work-around using App-Locker. Rights (Permissions) are basically user oriented, and I can't think of a way offhand to apply them to a specific application, but you can prevent users from using specific applications, and so achieve basically the same thing.

See ;

Windows 7 AppLocker Executive Overview

Download details: Windows 7 Walkthrough: AppLocker

Use with extreme care!!! You can really jigger a system if you make a mistake.

Regards....Mike Connor
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Hi everybody I seem to be the second user having this problem some when yesterday evening help infected) virus the please block? fresh new hunizeakezif.exe on : (another user a file called quot hunizeakezif exe quot made its way onto my system now it's asking all the time for permission to modify settings on my computer I'm on windows and I always click quot no quot But I cannot remove hunizeakezif.exe : fresh new virus on the block? (another user infected) please help this file just like Damien see below Please help me remove the file I have already tried to use File Assassin on it and it didn't bring anything Quote Hello I made the mistake hunizeakezif.exe : fresh new virus on the block? (another user infected) please help of going to a website last night on a work computer that put a thing called hunizeakezif exe on the computer I am worried that it will get traced back to me if I don't get it removed or at least quarantined I looked up the name of it and that is spelled correctly hunizeakezif exe and nothing came up Our work uses symantec anti-virus This exe file icon looks like the cap from a bottle of Heineken beer hunizeakezif.exe : fresh new virus on the block? (another user infected) please help It is kb in size Our computers run XP If anyone knows about how I can remove this file It wouldn't allow me to drag to the recycle bin or delete or cut and paste to a flashdrive I would appreciate their help If you need more to go on I'll be more than happy to give more detail Thanks Damian http www techsupportforum com foru al- html

A:hunizeakezif.exe : fresh new virus on the block? (another user infected) please help

Ok update : this is getting more and more interesting by the hour : now the file has vanished ?! I don't know if that's a good or bad sign... It's not in the directory where it was just a few minutes ago and I have searched the computer for it and it's nowhere to be found...

What do you suggest? Please, I'd really appreciate some help. Thank you
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On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'desktop' - solid yellow icon No need for that on the desktop so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement a popup appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you want to permanently delete it quot after it compiled the size IF were to go ahead and do this - the Desktop clears out of folders a blank Desktop On build I noticed a new Desktop Icon 'my user name' I had no reason to go directly to that folder in C Users so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement it started to compile the size after that the popup would have appeared - quot This folder is too big to recycle do you Icon - Issue 10586 leads User User DELETION Folder deleted to want to permanently delete it quot IF were to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION go ahead and do this - the ENTIRE CURRENT USER FOLDER would be GONE I'm now running rs release - - which quot fixed it quot by requiring Administrator approval to 10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION continue Why is any Desktop Icon once deleted deleting any other file but itself System Restore wouldn't do any good for that GB of videos gone

A:10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION

Have not seen that on mine. Are you sure that no third party utility placed that icon, along with maybe third party Internet Security software.
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Hi! I did an new install of windows 7 (home first then upgraded to pro)
I want to hide a user by doing this on the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows NT \CurrentVersion \Winlogon \SpecialAccounts\ UserList ..then add dword32 by my username value to 0
I did this on my old laptop and it worked perfectly.

Now I've done the same thing on my new laptop. It works but stangely, the folder still appears in c\users.

The user is not visible in the panel control\users or at the start of the PC

I'm sure i've done the right thing, what is causing this? Could it be a bad install of windows? Please let me know if you have a idea!

Thank you very much for your help!

A:Hide user by registry stange problem: User still appears in C folder

If you log into that user it is going to have a user directory, regardless if you have the user hidden or not.
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I recently XP folder with help accessing updated my computer got a new case Aerocool added a new motherboard Abit BE -G got a new heatsink and fan When I restarted my computer windows XP said I had to re authorize use giving me help with XP accessing folder a phone number and a digit code I tried the code and was told by the computer there that the code was not valid So being kind of new and or stubborn dumb I reinstalled XP in the windows directory so as I could still access my old desktop for the items I had there Still needed to authorize so I called Microsoft and told them my problem they told me to call Dell for a new CD key I called Dell they told me its illegal for them to release a new key and to call Microsoft I did then they released me a new key I authorized XP and tried to access my old desktop C documents and settings kurt All I got was Access is denied Please help as this is where I was storing all of my zipped program files that I need to make XP run like I used to have it stull like Tweak XP Incredimail and others as well as pictures movies and games Any help is greatly appreciated

A:help with XP accessing folder

Try this
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Im not too bad with computers and i can understand most of the stuff you tell me so dont speak like im stupid ("double click the icon and it will work!!") just wanted to say that due to previous experience with websites.

now, for some reason the program files folder in my c drive is denied. i dont understand why because i am the sole administrator account on the computer. i got this laptop from my uncle and he didnt give me the xp CD so i cant do a system recovery.ive tried partitioning the drive then deleting the old partition. i have no idea what to do. if you can tell me some way to format my drive without the OS cd or some other way to allow access that would be great. thanks in advance for any help hopefully you guys are better than the people on yahoo answers.

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Hi, I found a trojan that my AV can get rid of, so I thought I'd go and delete the file manually. So it's in C:\System Volume Information\, and when ever I try to access it I get "Access Denied". Any help? Thanks

A:Help accessing folder

You have to take ownership of the folder to access it.


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I recently replaced my motherboard which because my new one is a different chipset than my old one, required me to repair my windows install. Rather than do that and possibly lose a bunch of stuff in My Documents folder and my extensive Favorites I opted to just do a new install on another partition. So far everything has worked fine but when I tried to get into my old Admin files in my "Documents & Settings" Folder it gave me a red x and said Access Denied.

Anyone know how I get around this and into this folder?

A:Help Accessing old User Documents & Settings?

You would have been just fine doing a repair install.

Take Ownership of the folders and files.
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Hi everyone I hope user from Accessing read-only 7 Win account 10 Win this is the correct Accessing Win 10 read-only user account from Win 7 forum Yesterday I ran the Seagate Discwizard from an external boot CD intending to clone my GB Windows system drive to a TB new drive The clone option errored out twice each time it selected the TB as the source drive To my horror it had prepped my system drive as the destination drive without any prompt So gone Accessing Win 10 read-only user account from Win 7 are the partitions and Truecrypt partition that I had on the system drive I combed the web for help on restoring the partitions but haven't had much success until I found the software quot Partition Find and Mount quot It was able to locate three of the smaller partitions the OS the users which I separate into its own earlier for speedy backup and non-important game partitions It was not able to find my data partition the largest of them all nor the smaller Truecrypt partition I was able to mount the three it found as read-only to copy files I reinstalled Windows trial since I don't recall the license for Windows or the old Windows that I had upgraded from I was abl to mount the three partitions as read only by the Partition Find and Mount software On the system partition I am not able to access the users directory It kept refusing me permission although I'm sysadmin on the Windows system I tried to add access using the UAC but was not able to because the partition is mounted as read-only Is there a way to bypass the permissions and read the user account directly I have some important downloads that I did not get a chance to move over to the users partition Thanks a lot Ben
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Normally I try to find out myself, but for this problem I think I'll try asking.

We are often recommended to not run in Administrator mode/account. For this reason I created a second account on my Windows XP and have found that Internet Explorer can't get out through the wireless modem.

In the Admin account IE seems to have no problem.

greg c

A:Accessing internet from other user account

Quick fix is to use the Guest Account which has internet Access.
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First, thanks guys, and thank god i found you

I am running on Windows XP Home, we have 2 user accounts, today one of the user accounts can no longer access internet anymore, tells us it is firewalls etc, i have tried everything. The other user account is quite happily doing its normal thing, what is that all about and how do i fix it? we haven't installed anything new or made any changes lately, have done all the usual updates and scans. Just cant figure out why one account will and one wont.

Thanks for anything anyone can provide. Tina
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Hello Since Microsoft has decided accessing user from under prevent How IE9 a tools to to not develop a Windows version of Steady Sate I have been following their documentation Creating a Steady State by Using Microsoft Technologies doc Group Policy Settings for Creating a Steady State doc and Windows SteadyState How to prevent a user from accessing tools under IE9 Reference Spreadsheet xlsx We have a number of Public Access PC on our network With Steady State I was able to prevent these PC from browsing our network or viewing any files or folders on the PC itself I have all the group policy changes suggested above plus a bunch more so far total The Public Access PC is set up with autologin the user localmachine PublicUser with only user permissions How do you prevent a user from accessing tools under Internet Explorer and or View Downloads Example why I want to block this access Under this user you can go open IE then access to Tools by either Alt X or clicking on the gear icon next to the Home and Favorite icon Then open up View Downloads or jump straight to View Downloads by Ctrl J in IE Once in the default download location the user then clicks on options on the bottom left of the screen This brings up another pop up and if the user then clicks on the Browse Button he gets a nice little notice that reads This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer Please contact your system administrator Now the crazy part When the user clicks OK for the notice they get a new Windows Explorer window In the Navigation pane it allows the user to the view the network We have network discovery and file sharing turned off so when the user clicks on Network they get a nice notice about network discovery and file sharing How to prevent a user from accessing tools under IE9 is turned off If they click on the notice a new pop up comes up with the option Turn on network discovery and file sharing If the user clicks on it they get the pop up called User Account Control So now I have turned of User Account Control Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users I had already set a policy How to prevent a user from accessing tools under IE9 to keep the user from accessing all drives from my computer But when this Explorer Window the user can open up they had access to their my documents libraries music The real point is the user should not able to see or access anything Once they get the operation has been canceled message it should take them straight back to the web browser not open a Windows Explorer Window Thanks for your assistance Greg

A:How to prevent a user from accessing tools under IE9

No matter what you do, consider setting up LUA+SRP as well.
Software Restriction Policy
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How do I prevent someone form accessing my computer. To get the access all they have to do is map a drive to my c$ and they are in.

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Hey I ve been cleaning up my Issue accessing account old user with PC lately trying to organise everything etc but I ve come across a problemn I had an install of windows on a drive which became unuseable as a primary after some major issues I therefore deleted the instalation of windows and use it as a dump drive instead However one of the user accounts I created was one I protected for viewing editing from any other source I therefore have the problemn that I cannot delete or open said user account I believe I have things in there that I would like to retrieve before I remove the rest however of course I cannot see them thanks to not being able to view the contents via search or anything so I have delayed using KillBox to delete the whole file in the hope that perhapse there is some way Issue with accessing old user account of retrieving the info I was wondering if perhapse there is a way to add the user account to my current windows install or something I still know the password to it but of course its not connected to anything for me to be able to use it Can anyone help please Many thanks in advance JJ nbsp

A:Issue with accessing old user account

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP
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I have an old 80gb HD that has some old files I would really like to get back. I think something went wrong with the boot.ini or something but it will no longer boot. It still has all the files. I am now using it as a slave drive on my current system(XP PRO SP2). The problem is that I need the files off a pw protected user. It is my old loggin so I know the pw but it wont let me into it. I was thinking that if my current loggin was the same I might be able to access it but no such luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi I have been having trouble gaining access to my user user folder to get to my app data details if i right click there is no option to run as administrator i havn't changed access to how user/(user) padlock/gain remove to folder the share options how to remove padlock/gain access to user/(user) folder but i did follow these instructions nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by Christian Smith If you wanted to remove it just right click on the folder gt Properties gt Security gt Click quot Edit quot how to remove padlock/gain access to user/(user) folder next to change permissions gt Click quot add quot gt if the folder is nothing really personal etc type quot everyone quot Into the dialog box Hit the enter key and quot Apply quot quot Ok quot etc Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups Hope that helps and it stated that i didn't have permissions as it ran through a list of items I then followed these instructions Local Users and Groups Manager - Open and in both option and it stated that quot this computer is running windows home premium this snapin may not be used with this version of windows to manage user accounts for this computer use the user accounts tool in the control panel quot in option the local user and groups option is not there as far as i am aware and in the user account option i am the only user running on this computer and as administrator i am therefore at a loss and any help would be gratefull

A:how to remove padlock/gain access to user/(user) folder

Hello worligig,

You might see if installing and using Take Ownership may allow you to be able to access it afterwards.

Take Ownership Shortcut
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My user profile became corrupted after years of problem-free usage no clue why so now I to (after new user copy user profile Cannot data ) folder corrupted always end up in a temporary account after a reboot As per Microsoft's instructions I found here Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help I created a new account logged out and logged in again using another account Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) not the newly created one tried to copy the data from the account that had its user profile corrupted to the new account However under C Users the user folder I want to copy from is a white generic icon not a folder and it Cannot copy user data to new user folder (after profile corrupted ) is padlocked and has a size of KB - so I can't open it to copy from Looking at how much data is on C it looks as if all my data could still be there I hope How could I get access to copy all data from my old account into the new account Many thanks in advance for some hints as to what to do
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Hi using windows I am unable to move user profile folders to a (C:\user\*username*) to Unable different move folder to location user different Unable to move user folder (C:\user\*username*) to different location drive C drive space is limited I have attempted to move it Unable to move user folder (C:\user\*username*) to different location via the MMC LU amp G snap-in and it refuses to work both with old accounts that already existed and new ones that had never been logged in I have attempted with each of the accounts I want to move to no avail the whole user folder remains in C users rather than B users I have used this method successfully before admittedly on a different virtual machine unsure as to why it's failing on this one I have also attempted to rename the folder in C users to C users username old while keeping the MMC settings the same but that only throws up a temporary profile error also searched through the registry for the keys that define the location of the user folder using the administrator account to no avail How do I get Windows to do what I want rather than what it wants Thank you

A:Unable to move user folder (C:\user\*username*) to different location

How about this method to move User Profile - Change Default Location

It is a the safer method to move User Folders - Change Default Location.

If not try SFC /SCANNOW Command.
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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows how to block or preferably use a program to ask installs in the temp folders on your system The reason I want to do this is because I manually remove viruses because most of the anti-virus scanners out there don t do as well as I do when it comes to detecting what is a virus and what isn t as well as removing them This is by design and fully intentional on their part So that being said service the folder? in installs temp Block/ask for I d like to take preventive measures on stopping rootkit installations and any other virus installations by targeting a popular directory that virus will load from including service installs I d rather not have to log into the registry as the System user and start scanning or try to figure out what System user is running so I can delete those files as the System user When the rootkit has ring it makes it use the System user for many things and hides them from the user logged into the system This is why a rootkit works for those who wish to know So that being said I want to prevent them so I don t have to labor for hours killing off rootkits and I have one now It s bloody Block/ask for service installs in the temp folder? annoying and I m working on it Any suggestions A rootkit can t gain ring without a system restart because it has to be the first one with a hook and when its downloaded usually whatever is supposed to Block/ask for service installs in the temp folder? have that hook will have ring access Thanks again for your help
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How can I block user from adding email account such as hotmail, gmail or yahoo on MS Outlook?

A:How can I block user from adding email account on MS Outlook 2007?

vlanti, Are these users admins or limited uses? If they are limited, most likely they can not add email accounts.

But of course what good is outlook if you can't setup email?

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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. The external drive is a Seagate, if it matters. I have someone coming to visit, and I set up a user account for them. I noticed that that user account can still access my external drive. Is there a way to change this? I'd prefer for them to not even see it as an existing drive, but keeping him blocked from accessing the drive is the main goal.

Thank you!

A:How do I block access to my external drive for standard user accounts?

Unplug your external drive and put it in a safe place.
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http googleblog blogspot com hide-sites-to-find-more-of-what-you htmlYou ve block with upgrades search lists user-customized Google probably had the experience where you ve Google upgrades search with user-customized block lists clicked a result and it Google upgrades search with user-customized block lists wasn Google upgrades search with user-customized block lists t quite what you were looking for Many times you ll head right back to Google Perhaps the result just wasn t quite right but sometimes you may dislike the site in general whether it s offensive pornographic or of generally low quality For times like these you ll start seeing a new option to block particular domains from your future search results Now when you click a result and then return to Google you ll find a new link next to quot Cached quot that reads quot Block all example com results quot Once you click the link to quot Block all example com results quot you ll get a confirmation message as well as the option to undo your choice You ll see the link whether or not you re signed in but the domains you block are connected with your Google Account so you ll need to sign in before you can confirm a block We re adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalized and enjoyable experience on Google In addition while we re not currently using the domains people block as a signal in ranking we ll look at the data and see whether it would be useful as we continue to evaluate and improve our search results in the future The new feature is rolling out today and tomorrow on google com in English for people using Chrome IE and Firefox and we ll be expanding to new regions languages and browsers soon We hope you find it useful and we ll be listening closely to your suggestions
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Good afternoon,
     I use exchange online a lot (OWA) and a few days ago Internet Explorer started defaulting to OneDrive Documents Folder instead of my local Documents folder. It was running fine before that. Not sure what changed. I have since changed
settings in OneDrive to save locally instead of on OneDrive and even disabled OneDrive completely. However, every time I try to add an attachment from Internet Explorer, it defaults to my OneDrive folder and not my local folder. Anyone know of a fix? Yes,
I know I could just use a different folder and copy from my Documents folder to the new folder, but there's obviously an issue that I would like to fix. Thank you all for your help.
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A past virus must have caused this.The C:\Users folder is not visible in explorer for some reason.I can still visit the contents and the pc works fine,but this is not right.Also, there is a lock on my users/alexandros folder icon.Maybe it has something to do?

A:Users folder not visible in explorer,lock on admin's user folder icon?

Oh,note that i went in and tried to give "users" read and write rights of the users\alexandros folder to see if the lock goes away ,but i saw the processing was taking too much time and also some files had access denied so i quit.I hope i did not mess up
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Hello all,
I am new to this site, so please forgive any rookie mistakes. I recently bought a new computer to upgrade from my old one. The old computer then proceeded to completely break on me. I took out the old computer's hard drive and then installed it as a slave in the new computer. Now I am trying to access my files in it. The problem is that the folder I need to get into is the user profile folder in Documents and Settings (I have Windows XP) which says access is denied. Is there a way I can open it and get around whatever type of protection is on the folder? Thanks.

A:Need Help With Accessing A Protected Folder!!!

Follow the instructions here:
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Recently my computer has been forbidden Accessing folder. a hijacked by malware and such After putting in another hard drive into my computer I have been able to access the files to backup onto CD There is one folder however that I have not been able to access It s my user folder with all my user files All the other users work fine and are openable except for my profile folder In checking the properties of the folder Windows claims it s an empty folder bytes files folders The attributes are not read only or hidden and the Accessing a forbidden folder. contents are not encrypted It s just Windows denying access to the folder I also doubt that the folder is empty If it was why would it deny opening it Could someone tell my how to open such folders I also should mention that my user account I m using on XP installed on the C drive the folder in question is on the F drive I am an administrator and I have all access to folders and files so that wouldn t be the problem either nbsp

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Hi I've had a system file error after installing the latest ms updates so I reinstalled windows Luckily quot My Documents quot folder was stored on a different partition in preperation for such an event so private folder accessing along with most of my files is unaffected However I can't access some files that were stored in a folder on my desktop in the folder c windows documents and settings sal I'd made this folder private in sharing amp security I set windows up with the same profile name but accessing private folder this didn't work and I now have a quot sal computername quot and the old quot sal quot which when I select it says access denied I tried logging on in the recovery console before reinstalling xp but this required individual file copying which would of taken too long and to my disapointment the old Dos xcopy is no longer supported So I did the xp reinstall now I'm trying to use the recovery console again to do it manually and it wont let me access any folder in the root directory eg c documents and settings but it allows me to access anything in the windows folder eg c windows anyfolder Anyway I can access these files Preferably through windows Thanks

A:accessing private folder

I've since found & removed (i think) virus... packed.win32.polycrypt.b in my system32 folder so.. sorry ms updates
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A lot of Windows 7 issues can be fixed by gaining access to the "AppData" folder. This is were messages, settings and lots of other goodies are stored. From the start menu, click "Computer" or "My Computer". Double click the "C" drive (or the main host drive). Double click the "Users" folder. Double click the main user folder (whatever you named your computer during original setup). From the menu bar, select Tools/Folder Options. On the "View" tab, select the radial button for "Show hidden files, folders and drives." This will enable viewing of the "AppData" folder. It will be a paler gray because it is still protected (as it should be), but now you can view it and change your indexed services and many other issues.

A:Accessing the AppData folder

True, much bad stuff lives there but much needed stuff too, if you are not sure ask?