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Can't boot from CD (w-8.1) Missing Logon password

Q: Can't boot from CD (w-8.1) Missing Logon password

Have a Gateway Desktop. Upgraded from 8 to 8.1.
Somehow I disabled the disabled Password Logon and its back asking for a password at boot.
Owner doesn't remember original password when setup.
I have a password blanking cd that I've used on both 8 and 8.1 pc's.
The problem is I can't boot from the CD and I can't, obviously, use that wonderful new setting, "Update", "Update and Recovery" and the option to boot with USB, CD etc. since I can't access the OS.
I have the BIOS set for the CD/DVD drive for first boot however boot options only show the "UEFI: ST....." drive.
So I can't boot from within or without.


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Preferred Solution: Can't boot from CD (w-8.1) Missing Logon password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't boot from CD (w-8.1) Missing Logon password

Never mind.
Found the CSM to boot into Legacy boot and was able to see the boot order.
Thanks to those who thought of me before answering.
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Help!! I just booted my dell with XP and it will not allow me in with my password. Says Logon Message

The system could not log you in. Make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case.

I have tried everything I know and still get the same message even when booting in safe mode.

Let me add one thing. Since no one else uses this computer when the password prompt comes up all you have to do it hit ENTER and it should start windows.

Is there a way I can use the original system disk to get the computer to boot so I can see if there is a virus in the system causing this problem.



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I have a client's machine on which one of his darling little brats has created or reset the BIOS password and now denies all knowledge of the thing. I seem to recall there is either a means of generating the default password from the Service Tag or, failing that, shorting out one of the motherboard chips. That I have done before but would prefer to know which chip it is.
The system is a Dell Dimension 3100.
Anyone able to help before I condemn the thing to perdition and a drop kick into the neighbours wheelie bin?

A:Missing Dell BIOS (boot) password

Difficult task.
What you describe will not happen. But you can check with Dell support to see if the computer is registered to that owner. Then Dell will send someone out as an authorized service rep with a little disk that runs the fix... and has a cost.
I would first see if the hard drive can be accessed while installed in an external USB enclosure.
If it can, then even if passworded, you can put in a replacement drive. And Dell XP install disk will work.
Then you can buy a Dell motherboard on eBay. Many Optiplex boards are cheaper, and work better than the Dimension boards... for a cheaper price... around $70 to $85.... or refurbished Dell government computers are for sale at PCSurplusonline for $120 to $180 with shipping... just move the board into the 3100. And the dell OS will work.
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I have just installed a linksys wireless router onto my desktop computer to add a wireless laptop and for some reason, when the User Logon screen comes up. The hand cursor never becomes a cursor for me to type in passowords to user accounts. I went into safe mode and then into control panel and deleted the passwords for each user acct and now I can get into the accounts but how can I add the passwords again and be able to type them in. We have 3 user accounts on this pc and would like to have them password protected.

Any suggestions would be apreciated!

all pc's are online and working fine...

A:Can not type password into password box on logon screen win xp home

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My computer was displaying some abnormal behavior this weekend where it was registering the touchpad portion, but not the keyboard portion of my Logitech wireless keyboard-touchpad combo. I thought a simple reboot would solve the problem, but it's only led to a whole bigger issue.

The reboot process much more slowly than normal, but computer did load eventually load the lock screen correctly. However, when I click to move to the login screen, I'm met with mostly blank login screen with no login box and no apparent way to login. The only things on the screen are the accessibility and power buttons in the lower corners of the screen. I've included a screenshot below.

Any ideas on how to fix this short of a clean install of Windows 8.1? I've tried rebooting four or five times and I get the same login screen each time. I also tried to "refresh" my Windows installation, but it failed around 13%


A:Slow boot, login page missing profile picture/password box

safe mode.
For details on how to enter safe mode contact your pc manufacturer or your motherboard manufactorer.
In most cases you hold/repeat press F8
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Firstly apologies if this is not in the correct section.

A while ago I altered the logon process to no longer require a password whenever I started this computer (Windows 7 Home Premium).

I have since regretted doing that and would like to reinstate it.

I do know the password and have Administrator rights but have no idea how to go about this despite asking good old Google.

Could one of you kind folk help please?

A:Reinstate logon password? (I do know the password)

Log On Automatically at Startup
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Trying to fix my friend's laptop. She claims she was watching a youtube video and all of th sudden the computer started acting up and so she rebooted the computer and now it won't boot past the xp logon scren. Comes up with the error: "data execution prevention; userini logon application" with the only option of close message. windows does not contiue to boot and just sits there. I have tried to boot into safe mode but it only gives the option of booting into normal xp media center. tried last known good config and same results. any ideas?

acer aspire 3050-1594
AMD Sempron 3400+
xp media center
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I have a laptop running Vista Basic and i have forgotten my logon ,how can i get on to my pc can anyone help the only help i can find is where people assume you can get on to your pc some other way ??? I CANT GET ON AT ALL ,When i try to boot in safe mode all i get is the password screen in basic colours very frustrating !!!!

Cheers Pete

A:Logon Password

Sorry to report that the web site rules prohibit assisting with password resetting, hacking or bypassing.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...
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Is there any way on recovering the logon password in xp.A family member passed away and his wife wants to logon to the pc. as it is password protected she cannot logon.
Please help


A:Xp logon password

What type of Windows are you using? there are ways to get in...the easist being that you log on as another computer admiastrator and just change it.
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Most of the times during startup notebook logon failed. I gave the right password but will not logon. After several times restart i can logon and see the welcome screen during login. It failed on a Elitebook 850G3 en Envy13 with windows10. All updates windows and HP i have done. Keybord is nl/us international, no hardware problems. Anyone who has the same problem please feedback. Thanks.
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Hi All.I have recently built a new computer that has been running fine for 2 weeks, now suddenly there is a logon screen comes up asking for a password, I did not set up a pasword when I built the machine, so I'm stuck unable to login, I am really p****d with it, took me 2 full days to load everything, if there is a way to get in I know you guys will know, been following this site for a long time never needed help before but now I do so I joined.System Asus P6T WS Pro M/board.i7 3.2 processor.ATI Saffhire Graphics cardX-Fi sound card.running on SCSI hard drives.Win XP pro system.Hope someone can help.Thanks.Wally

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I know this is a dumb but here goes. My Grandson has a Gateway Computer, and is running WindowsXP Pro. He wants to know how he can setup a Logon Password so that no one else can use his computer. I did this on my Dell, but for the life of me I cannot remember how (having a senior moment).
Sure hope someone is willing to answer this question.


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I really dont know if I ever used a password or gave one...I just installed sp3 from an undate from microsoft and now I have a logon screen which I never had before....I have never used a password to logon and now with the new screen it wants one and I dont have one so the computer just sits there waiting on wont let me do anything ...does anyone have the answer to this one...thanks in advance

A:need logon password

Have you tried just leaving it blank and hitting enter or ok, or whatever the prompt is?
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Hi, recently I have installed Windows XP on my computer and for some reason when I set a password as administrator, it doesn't work. It simply just starts up and goes straight to desktop without asking for a password first. I tried changing the local policy password settings but that didn't work either, I even tried to making another account and that it didn't even show up at logon, my computer just goes straight to desktop. Anyone else experience this problem? if so, how did you fix it. Thanks.

A:Logon Password

Is there anyone out there that has this problem? I could really use the help!
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I have researched how to bypass the password prompt for Windows XP PRO but still having problems.. I cannot get into safe mode without the password and I cannot boot with the second Hdd. I reset the Cmos prior to even turning it on because of another issue (resolved). I have a ME os on another computer and tried to boot from it as well.. Please telll me step by step how to bypass the windows logon.. Is this also in the BIOS? and if so, will removing the battery for awhile remove the password prompt for windows.. Please help!

Being from the country aint as easy as ya think!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Using dragon Kt333 ultra motherboard if that helps!!
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I can logon to my laptop with my fingerprint but have forgotten my Windows credentials logon password. Is there a way to reset the password once logged on with my fingerprint? Making a "Reset Password Disk" requires the Current password without a fingerprint input option, same with manually resetting the password. Any suggestions?

A:Logon Password

Hi, Are you using something like HP SimplePass? If so, open windows Control Panel and in the top right, next to View by: select 'Large Icons'.  From the new layout, select HP SimplePass  - this will then prompt for you to swipe you fingerpring to gain access. Once done, you should see to option to view your current Windows password ( Click the eye symbol to reveal ). Regards, DP-K
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I'm asking this question for a family member who had her brand new Vista laptop stolen last night. She had a logon password but I'm sure she didn't know about or do anything with the hidden administrator feature.
So, how hard would it be for someone to get into her computer, bypassing this?


PS would I be able to help her recover it, as I can access it via logmein? If someone did get in, and I was able to send an email from her laptop, couldn't they tell where it came from? Just curious..

A:Vista logon password

So, how hard would it be for someone to get into her computer, bypassing this?Not hard if they know what they are doing
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My Granddaughter has a Presario F700 running Windoiws Vista. When she turns it on it asks for her password but won't accept it. How can she get past this and logon. Thanks


A:Logon Password Problem

Hi Lyn,

I am sorry we can not assist you. The forum does not allow assistance regarding passwords


You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following::
software pirating
password cracking
keystroke recording software
assistance with accessing copyrighted software programs
Leeching on private or public WiFi/Broadband connections

Sorry, thread closed
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I need to find out how to log on to windows when someone looses their password.
Can anyone help.
Thank you

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I recently acquired a USED computer. Windows 7
Having turned it on, I see a LOGON screen requiring a PASSWORD.
Can someone please let me know how to gain access to the Desktop?.
Once that is done I will need to set my own Password.
Kindly advise a detailed procedure to enable me to do so.
Many thanks

A:Logon screen/Password

Problem here is you are basically asking for a method to hack the password and as we can't garuntee ownership through the internet, that is ethically questionable on our part, so typically it is not done.
That being said, if you can provide the make and model, it may have a recovery partition.  If so, you can run that which will reset the system back to the way it was from factory out of the box.  From there, you can get into and make it your own from there.  Just know that any programs and files would need to be backed up prior to that as everything will be deleted in the process of the reset.
Once you provide the make and model, we can work to get you a more detailed step by step to do that reset.
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When I log on to windows 8.1 for me to access anything apps or even the internet it requires me to sign in again or fo to settings and verify, why is this?
I am a bit of a dinosaur, I was a computer operator back in 1974 on a giant ICL mainframe and over the years was trained to always work as a standard user with the admin user there for elevation etc. So having only an admin account on my machine doesn't quite feel right!
The other thing I don't understand is that my account is my email address but under users it is listed as albea_000, is this because windows explorer can't list an email account as a 'user'.
Any info would be helpfull
Thank you

A:Why do I have to reinput my password after logon?

Welcome to Windows EightForums, albear.

Kind of odd. So as I have this straight. You sign into your PC with and Microsoft administrative account?

So far as Windows Explorer. It is now called File Explorer. Concerning account names listed in files:

What is the actual username of win 8 user?
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Windows XP someone got on and changed password. Tried Ctrl Alt Del X 2 and 12 other types of bypass and no go yet

Took hard drive out and virus scanned and malware scanned and nothing. tried repairing and wants password. Admin no go

Short of reformatting, anyone got any more ideas?

That is last resort, but HD will not let me access to copy off doc folder to save files.


A:Logon password problem

Hi Mike,

As per forum rules we cannot assist in bypass password inquiries or request... please see rules excerpt quoted below:



Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

I am sorry for the inconvenience... may be you can try Microsoft or yes, may be a reinstall of the operating system. Thread is now closed.
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I recently acquired a free used computer with Windows XP Professional.

Everything fires up and seems to run OK. My problem is when windows
is loaded it prompts me for the User Password.

I don't know the previous owner and have no idea of the password.

I know with Windows 98 hitting Escape bypasses this.... is there
anyway around the password on XP Professional? Please help.



A:WIndows XP Logon Password

You do not need to reinstall if you forgot the admin password.

There is a boot disk you can download at:

that will let you reset the password of any account on NT4, Windows2000 or XP.

Just follow all the default settings which are for the admin account. Used it many
times with great success.

They also have a bootable CD image you can download.
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I read in here someone else had that happen, it happened to me when I logged into my pics app & I didn't know it'd change the logon password. I'd like to remove/delete it if I can on my W10

A:How to change logon password

There are programs that can remove passwords so that a person can create another that he or she can remember especially if they were to write them down and keep where they can find them again
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My friend has a comp with winxp installed. His idiot brother put an administrator password in, and forgot it. Aside from pulling the side panel off and resetting the bios jumper or cmos battery, is there another way to get by the password, or in some way find it in the registry?
I don't want him to have to open up the case, he's not too swift with a screwdriver...
Any help is always appreciated

A:logon password for windows

here is Microsoft page about the problem:;en-us;Q321305

You can change the password in Safe Mode: If the filesystem is not NTFS. You need a bootdisk utility if it is. See the end of the reply.

If there are more than one user account, the Administrator login does not show in Normal does in Safe Mode.

You must log onto the other account> which also has to be an admin level, all users by default are unless they were created or changed to limited users...

In XP Home
Click Start, click Turn Off Computer, and then click Restart.
After the computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), press F8, and then click Safe mode.

NOTE: If you have difficulty getting to the Safe mode menu command, press F8 repeatedly after you turn on the computer.
Log on as an Administrator, or with another account that has Administrator permissions.
Click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
Click the Administrator icon.
Click Create a Password or Change my password.
Type a password for the account, and then retype the password to confirm it.
Type a hint to help you remember the password in the event that you forget it.
Click Create Password or Change Password.
This information was taken from the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

This method uses the original XP CD: You actually do have to run the Repair install, you should not lose any files/data, it just reinstalls Windows.

If that does not work, this bootdisk should:

Warning- it does not always work and can result in problems.
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I'd like to know how to disable the password when logging on since no one else uses my computer. Thank you.

A:disable logon password

I think the setting is in control panel "Users", all users. I know how to do
it on a fresh install but cant remember the steps. You will probably need
to know the adminstrator password.
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Maybe my wife "logged me off" instead of "powering off" my computer but she's telling me (via phone, I'm out of town on a laptop) it's asking for my password.

I've NEVER logged off so I don't remember what my password might be. Is there some way to figure this out so I can help her get online with my computer while I'm out of town on travel?

I'm running Windows XP home and IE 6.0 (I believe). If you need additional info, let me know.

A:computer asking for my password upon trying to logon

Welcome to TSF....

I am sorry but passwords are the one thing that is really taboo here at TSF.... We have absolutely no way to determine the actual ownership of the computer and as a result of that can not actually help with this problem. It is a legal type thing.

Hewre below is the actual rule as it is written:

Password rule at TSF....

Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.
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I have bought a Vantec Nexstar NAS enclosure which has ethernet and USB connections - I have installed a GB HDD in the enclosure The intent is to use the enclosure as NAS storage On trying to access the folders on the drive I am presented with a logon screen requesting a Username and Password The thing is I have not set up any username or password for this drive and cannot get past this screen - aaaarghhhhh I am using Windows XP Home Edition and have connected the screen for No password Logon NAS enclosure via a D-Link DI- router I can access the Admin screen for the enclosure and can adjust the various settings etc No password for Logon screen for the drive - my attempts at getting to the folders on the drive though are frustrated by requests for a logon I just don t have Using the USB connection though I can read write to the drive - however this is not what I bought the enclosure for I have disabled my firewall No password for Logon screen ZoneAlarm and tried my other passwords just in case all to no avail Vantec Support are trying to be helpful but so far with no success - suggested remedies have included a tweak to Windows Registry involving an LMcompatabilitylevel switch Can anyone suggest to this networking novice what No password for Logon screen I can do to get past the logon screen nbsp

A:No password for Logon screen

You need to configure the folder access for the NAS box to be totally open. Most NAS boxes should have this option. The LMcompatibilityLevel patch is usually a Vista thing.
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No idea how this one happened and assume it s a hack Turn on the computer today and the windows login screen pops up Small detail I have never used one and no one would have added one in the day since it was last turned on ok I tried logging in through Administrator and no password no luck - I do get an MSVIDCTL system error on ehrecvr exe associated with the login screen but no other information The media center has never really worked with it How do I get around this issue I quickly checked before I left for work and I can get into safe mode well at least bios screen I did try last known configuration and no luck I have also downloaded UBCD win file as a boot CD to try when i get home but heck you guys are the best here so maybe have better ideas I won t be home until the evening to try to work it out TIA

A:XP taken over by new logon password screen

How to log on to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password or if your password expires?
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I am setting up an computer with XP as a server for a small network. I have set several folder to share and I can reach them from other computers. However, I want users to have to logon and use a password and can't figure out how to set this up. Our other servers has 2000 and when you connect to //server the logon_password dialogue box opens. In the XP one, it immediately opens. What do I do? (believe it or not, I have more knowledge about this than the others in the organization)

A:Logon/password For Xp Used As Server

Well...I don't ever logon and most persons seem to want to avoid logging on on systems like mine (single user, no one else has access to system).But you might look at and see what ideas develop. suppose you need to create user accounts with passwords.Louis
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Does anyone know a way of being able to startup a pc & login to windows bypassing the user password, - - AND - - still have to enter a screensaver password to log back in if the screensaver starts.
Or some other simple workable solution to this prob.

Preferably without installing any third party apps, cos this pc is slow enough.

This is wanted for an old pc that takes ages to boot, So once the power button is pressed, it can boot straight to windows in its own time with no other user input.
But if the pc is left unattended, it needs to be locked, manually (or automatically if left on for a period of time) to keep kids off it.

Thanks for any replies


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I tried turning off my computer password, since I am the only one who uses it. But I did something wrong....Windows XP logs on as Administrator, and says I can't log on due to user restrictions. I was able to log on using the name I gave the computer, but how do I disable having to use any passwords, and fix the logon problem with Administrator?


Thanks very much,


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Allowed windows update at shut down, following morning computer boots to sign in screen, asking for password. I have never used a password for windows. When trying to boot into safe mode, it skips to the logon screen bypassing safe mode completely. I am stuck at this point and can't get any further.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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I've been using a 4digit pin to lock my account (and is the only administrator). Today, however, I was asked to enter a password instead of a pin! Im pretty sure I didnt touch any of the settings to cause this change. I don't know how to do it in the first place.
Here now comes another problem. I forgot my password. I do remember making a new ms account for this user but I don't remember the password. I tried to reset my pass but no luck since I didnt add a recovery email and the phone number listed in that account can no longer be reached.
Our pc got two user accounts: mine (admin) and for everyone else (nonadmin). I can still access the nonadmin acct since I didnt add a password to it.

TLDR: How do I switch to pin login instead of password while in logon screen?
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Hi guys I ve tried having a look on google and stuff Changer... Logon Win XP Password but no cigar for what i Win XP Logon Password Changer... m looking for So i am hoping someone out there might know what i m looking for I am looking for a program that makes you have to login using a pwssword on Win XP after or just before i shut down the comp Basically so the first time the computer is turned on there is no password but afterwards there is I know it might sound weird but i want to use this in conjunction with an Auto-Power off program which i already have so that my brother can t just go on my computer all night and when the Auto Power program takes action i don t want him to be able to turn it back on again without having to enter a password It s either this or he doesn t get to go on it at all cause i can t trust him to get off it when i say I work night shift so i m not home Cheers for any feedback nbsp

A:Win XP Logon Password Changer...

UnknownUK said:

Hi guys,

I've tried having a look on google and stuff but no cigar for what i'm looking for. So i am hoping someone out there might know what i'm looking for.

I am looking for a program that makes you have to login using a pwssword on Win XP after or just before i shut down the comp. Basically so the first time the computer is turned on there is no password, but afterwards there is.

I know it might sound weird, but i want to use this in conjunction with an Auto-Power off program (which i already have) so that my brother can't just go on my computer all night and when the Auto Power program takes action i don't want him to be able to turn it back on again without having to enter a password. It's either this or he doesn't get to go on it at all 'cause i can't trust him to get off it when i say (I work night shift so i'm not home).

Cheers for any feedback.Click to expand...

if you enable screen saver then "on resume password protect" that may suit your needs.
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First please do not ask me to go to user accounts/change administrator/create password. The last time I did that I couldn't log on evenhaving the password, and I had to re-install XP Home.I need to create a password so when I want to "repair" XP Home, Iwill have a password. It's needed to use "repair" after pressingF12 when computer starts.Thank you, Mary

A:Need to create a logon password

System manufacturer and model?

What does your manual say about this repair function? one needs to create a password for system access, it's just security. I've never heard of anyone needing to create a password to repair a system, but I don't claim to know it all .

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Lost the logon password.  I try 3 times and it says.Password check failedfatal error ...system halted.CNU8513279 Any help appreciated! tsb

A:Lost Logon Password

Hi, Enter   e9luq3f7xo     ( 3rd character is a lower case L ) Regards, DP-K
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Using Vista Ultimate x64. I've read the threads on this site about logging on after sleep without a password, but cannot make it happen.

Got it. Had the box checked on Screen saver, (On resume, display logon screen).
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Hi everybody this is my first post here so please don't bitch if I didn't vs fingerprint logon Password hit the right place for my question I am having a laptop here DELL Studio on which Windows runs in dual boot mode Password vs fingerprint logon with the originally installed Vista both Home Premium versions and working with the integrated Authentec AES fingerprint reader with no problem My question is now how can I get W to the same kind of logon screen showing both this laptop's only user's password and fingerprint logon icon next to each other like Vista does it In W those are different logon screens between which I can only quot switch users quot as if W considers the password logon with lt Username gt a different account than the fingerprint logon which it calls lt Fingerprint gt When I look into the W User Accounts though there is just one user account which is an Administrator type just like in Vista And in both OS the fingerprints were registered under the only users account How can I tweak W like Vista here Somewhere else I read the tip to do this through secpol msc but that exists in the Professional and Ultimate versions only not HP Thanks for your time guys

A:Password vs fingerprint logon

Quote: Originally Posted by MartinO

Hi everybody,

this is my first post here so please don't bitch if I didn't hit the right place for my question

I am having a laptop here (DELL Studio 1735) on which Windows 7 runs in dual boot mode with the (originally) installed Vista, both Home Premium versions and working with the integrated Authentec AES2810 fingerprint reader with no problem.

My question is now, how can I get W7 to the same kind of logon screen, showing both this laptop's only user's password and fingerprint logon icon next to each other, like Vista does it?

In W7 those are different logon screens between which I can only "switch users", as if W7 considers the password logon with <Username> a different account than the fingerprint logon which it calls <Fingerprint>.

When I look into the W7 User Accounts though, there is just one user account, which is an Administrator type, just like in Vista. And in both OS, the fingerprints were registered under the only users account.

How can I tweak W7 like Vista here? Somewhere else I read the tip to do this through secpol.msc, but that exists in the Professional and Ultimate versions only, not HP.

Thanks for your time guys!

It may be as simple as a driver. Can you go into device manager (type device manager in search) and look to see if the reader is listed. Also check to see if there are any "unknown" devices (they have yellow triangles on them). Let us know the results.

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bought a e-mechine -T1140 with server 2000 and a 35,000
dollar course management system for my e-learning school on the HDD,but seller lost password for login.WHAT CAN I DO TO ACCESS THE DATA?THANKS

A:Lost Logon Password

Try booting into Safe Mode to login to the default Administrator account. If the person did not assign a password to it, you can just login without no password. Create a new account or edit the one you want to access from there.
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I have a user account as an administrator. I have created a very secure password ( a long one). I have composed a 2nd user account as a standard user. In standard user I will be asked for the password, Can I create a macro or short cut for this password so I don't have to type it in everytime I'm require to?

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows 7 Logon Password


Not sure about the macro, but you can turn User Account Control off, if you like. User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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I'm looking for some help with the logon screen. I've gotten basically everything set how I want it but I can't find the resources for the password box. Hoping someone can help. Take a look at the picture... I'm trying to find the resources to change the white parts of the password box. I've gotten the background and text to change with my theme but I can't find the rest of the parts. Anyone have any idea's?

A:Logon Screen Password Box Help

Hello Fritz

Unfortunately I don't have much experience in this type of work so therefore I ask, can you help me get the login screen like yours?

I have tried pulling out 12223.bmp from the authui.dll and making it all transparent (Corel Paint Shop Pro, pressed the little eye so nothing was visible) but everytime I boot to the logon screen I just get black screen and have to go to recovery with CMD and restore my backup of the old authui.dll.

Hope you have the time to help me, as I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
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I tried turning off my computer password, since I am the only one who uses it. But I did something wrong....Windows XP logs on as Administrator, and says I can't log on due to user restrictions. I was able to log on using the name I gave the computer, but how do I disable having to use any passwords, and fix the logon problem with Administrator?


Thanks very much,


A:Problems with OS Password / LogOn

Hi cgm707 !

See if this applies to your issue :
You may have highlighted the wrong user account before ticking the box.
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Hi, I was trying to setup a work laptop for home use on my wireless network. Managed to get the laptop to connect to the wireless network but was unable to get to the Internet. Laptop is Sony notebook with XP Pro and SP2. No floppy drive on laptop.

In trying different options, the network wizard gave me an option to select (and can't remember the exact words)
a). laptop for 'work' domain or
b). laptop for 'home' environment. Opted for 'home' to see if this would help. Wizard asked for a reboot at end but on restaring it would not accept the normal password. It still comes back with the correct account name but won't accept the password.

Have tried to restart in 'safe' mode and also go back to the 'last working system' but password still being rejected.

Any ideas please?
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I have Win 2000 Pro .... Whenever I leave the computer for more than 10minutues, I have to relog back on ... How do I change the time out to say 8 hours ?? I use this PC in my home ...

A:Password Logon --- Easy Question !!!

Is this being activated by a screensaver - do you have a screensaver? If so, go to Display Properties => Screensaver and uncheck (clear) the box 'Password protected'.
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Hi I've just noticed a fleeting reminder in my system tray that my logon password will expire in days This was under the wording I think of Windows Logon Reminder It appeared in my non-admin account I have another admin account I have never set Windows to make logon passwords expire I have never experienced that under my previous install of the same OS which lasted years The advice I've been able to google up on the issue all relates to an option in Group Policy to make passwords never expire but I don't have this since I'm under Home Premium I suspect this may be linked to the way I sysprepped my install including the logon passwords to my user accounts Maybe my system thinks I have Group Policy or I'm on a domain which I'm not This is Logon expire 5 will password days in a one-user non-networked computer except for the Internet As a temporary measure I made both accounts password-free I also created two password reset quot disks quot on flash drives one Logon password will expire in 5 days per account I discovered while doing this that the relevant wizard says explicitely that you can create a password reset disk with a blank password Which I did but what's the point Surely when you have decided not to protect your account with a password you don't need a password reset disk I've also seen a registry hack to correct this which I'd like to avoid if at all possible Thanks Logon password will expire in 5 days

A:Logon password will expire in 5 days

Hello Clairvaux,

You can use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to disable password expiration using an elevated command prompt instead.

Password Expiration - Enable or Disable
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Hi there,

Im new to computers and I got given a laptop running Vista Home Basic. I forgot the password at logon and now the laptop doesnt allow me to go any further than the Password input page at start-up. Is there any way I can bypass the password bit?

Ive tried starting up in safe mode, all that does is present me with the same problem. I did notice the bios screen states the password enabler is set to disabled. Does that mean anything? How do i enable it?

Thanks in advance..sory i cant be more technical...i am only a beginner so I thought id go to the experts!

A:Forgotten Vista Logon Password

From a old post from BRINK.

Hi Ray,

This will show you how to reset the password so you can gain access again. You will probably have to use METHOD THREE.

Reset User Account Password

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Me and my friend at college are messing around with computers and are trying to get his personal one pretty much all on a starcraft theme We have been getting pretty far his OS is Windows Build We want to get it so that if a wrong password is entered it says quot Access Code Denied quot in the old starcraft synthesized-like female voice We have the audio clips but we need to figure out how to incorporate that sound It's Possible logon? to add to password sound a wrong on obviously not in Control Panel - gt Sound - gt Sounds as I found out I did some intensive googling and I came to the conclusion that it involves a bit of registry adding and visual basic I don't know squat about VB and I only know a small bit of how regedit works Here is what I have extracted so far On an event like quot windows logon quot there is a linked dll file mmres dll - Really it says this verbatim Name Type Data Default Reg SZ Windows Logon DispFile Name Reg SZ mmres - To actually add to the registry an event like this I went here CodeProject Creating Your Own Sound Alerts Free source code and programming help So what I Possible to add a sound to wrong password on logon? understand is the only thing I am missing is the switch at the end I think that the data field will still have mmres dll but I still need the switch such as mmres -wxyz I don't know if this place would happen to have a couple visual basic peeps but this is something that started out as a light side project to a gaint plan to pretty much make his dorm room a totally decked out man cave If anyone knows how to do this please tell I don't care anymore if its a youtube video or a heap of text doesnt matter to me Btw sorry for the long ass post but I have problems shortening things up Cheers and big ups djdaft

A:Possible to add a sound to wrong password on logon?

i'm under the impression this is listed in the system sounds panel, as i have no sounds, and no sound plays when i enter a wrong password, but i remember it did play a sound when i had sounds set.
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A friend of mine has been using some kind of hack software, I assume a password logger, to crack my password and log on to my XP account. How can I prevent this? I wouldn't mind logging in with something other than a password.

A:preventing logon password logging

There are two types of Keyloggers. One is software and one is hardware. Make sure there isn't any additional hardware sitting between your keyboard and your computer.

If anyone has physical access to your comptuer they can reset a password and get onto your computer.

I don't know of any friends of mine that would intentionally do that to me even though we all know how to do it. Doesn't sound like a very good friend.
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Since I cut & paste complicated passwords from an encrypted file I know
I am entering the correct password. Yet the logon process acts like I get it wrong. So I go through the password reset steps and then enter the same last password I used. The system recognizes it and demands I enter a new password. So it knew my previous
password but does not recognize it when I logon. This has happened 3 times in a row. 7/31, 7/26, 7/18
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Bought a PC Laptop - Dell 810

It's used and was a fresh install of the OS. (Win 7 Ultimate).

Didn't use it for a few days & now it's saying password expired and needs changing.

Lady who sold it to me says they always just pressed cancel to log on.

How can I reset the password?

(I'm not sure if I can get the original software)

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Good night all,

I have forgot my logon password to open my windows 20000. How can i bypass or reset that password so i can use windows again


A:lost logon password on Win 2000

Google Search for: Offline NT Password
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 I cannot open the PC (DV6 from 2010, belongs to my son) as the password has been forgotten. Can HP help me? The advice we received was to open a browser...but if we cannot open the PC, we cannot open a browser! Once the PC is open and we log on, there is no issue.  I can always change the admin password... Please help! Brian Burr

A:bypass logon password to open PC

Please read the following HP document. Unfortunately, we do not help with Windows passwords. Often you can have that done by a local technician or a PC\notebook shop. Call on the phone to verify that they do offer the service before taking your PC to them.  It isn't very expensive and should take just a few moments.
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password not working. forgotten? How do I get in. I have looked at the program that a few people have recommended, making new boot disks, etc. Great if you are a computer engineer, but for the rest of us dummies you might as well ask me to build a rocket ship to pluto. Isnt there an easier way???

A:windows 2000 logon password

There is such a thing as a password reset disk, which is quickly found through the help and support menu. Here is the easily followed instructions directly from it below.

Hope this has been an encredibly easy answer.
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its not my admin. password its my logon to windows password. is there a way to get by it or erase it?

A:logon password forgotten, cannot get to windows


1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type the following command, and then click OK: control userpasswords2
3. Click the user account that you forgot the password for, and then click Reset Password.
4. Type a new password in both the New password and the Confirm new password boxes, and then click OK.
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I have Windows Password Vista Logon a problem with my password I seem to have forgotten it and I cannot log on windows vista I have tried going on safe mode and realised you cant view administrator on vista when i thought you could as you can in XP I have gone on the windows vista disk and went on CMD using the disk creating another account on the computer when i try to log on vista it only comes up with Windows Vista Password Logon my original account and not the one I just Windows Vista Password Logon created I have looked for software to reset your logon password for vista and I have tried two so far Absolutely no luck at all They wouldnt load they just stayed on the same screen for - hours until I gave up Surely there must be a way to reset my password Any ideas Update I tried creating a reset disk using vista It went all smoothly Until I tried to use it I set the password and an error came up saying quot An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password for this user account quot So Im wondering if something is wrong with my user account

A:Windows Vista Password Logon

we cannot help with passwords under the forum rules
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I've read this before and it worked, but can't seem to find it now. I have multiple users on my computer and one of the new users is asking for a password even though I've never set one. I've seen instructions to go into the programs and reset the value to 0 to change it so no passwords are required. I've tried all other ways - through setting user profiles, cmd: change userpasswords2, etc - but none of those work. I don't want passwords to be required for users. How do I reset this in the system? It required going into My Computer, Programs, etc. but I can't remember from there. HELP!

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To whom it may my logon Windows password? changed concern I m running windows xp home edition I don t know Windows changed my logon password? what happened exactly but for whatever reason the computer simply restarted itself for no apparent reason and then it wouldn t boot the operating system correctly so I tried to get into safe mode to try and diagnose the problem I checked the bios to see if any error messages or a log had been recorded but found nothing When I finally got it to go into safe mode My user name was gone and it just said quot Guest quot and wanted a password to log on I am the only user of my computer and was the administrator until this happened Even when I tried to log on as the administrator it still wanted a password Windows changed my logon password? I tried no password along with any previous passwords i have used in the past I had it set so that I was the only user profile to choose from and needed my password to log onto windows I didn t know about a password reset disk until I started searching for answers to this problem online I have tried anything and everything I can think of I m not all that familiar with these kind of problems Im an relatively new to computers so the extent of my abilities and knowledge are limited Please if anyone can help Id be forever grateful Thanks for any advise or help you could offer nbsp

A:Windows changed my logon password?

So the only user you see on the Welcome Screen is guest whether you are in safe mode or normal mode. Were you screwing around with the registry or TweakUI before the computer rebooted.
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I have a Windows NT workstation which my teenagers use and have loaded up with game software They often have company and it appears that one of their guests decided to put in a different Administrator password which we don t know No one can log on to the Windows password NT logon unknown computer and we can t determine who did this or what the password Windows NT unknown logon password is As of right now the computer is totally unusable I need to find out a way to bypass or break the password or how to make the computer usable again -- perhaps by reinstalling the operating system I m not concerned about data loss I have also ordered a full copy Windows NT unknown logon password of Windows SE since that works better for games was supposed to be a Christmas gift and would appreciate information or advice on whether that could just be installed as an alternative to reinstalling NT Any suggestions or other alternatives other than torturing all the teenagers until one of them talks nbsp

A:Windows NT unknown logon password

My vote would be torture!! Reinstalling would be the easiest way to take care of it. Have you tried the guest account? Try logging in as guest with no password, you might be able to get into user manager then.
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I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 running windows 7. After a reboot the cursor is blinking in the password field but I am unable to type anything. The cursor blinks but won't move and the arrow is frozen on the screen. I've tried the disable keypad function, I've rebooted in safe mode, unplugged, removed the battery with no luck. In the "Windows Error Recovery" screen I can use the arrow keys and enter but that's it. Strangely, the brightness keys still work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cannot type password on my logon screen

Try checking your BIOS/EFI settings.
Can you login if you attach an external keyboard/mouse?
Try disconnecting any external devices when you are booting. My laptop won't start (crashes) if I have an external monitor connected.
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I forgot my password the screen on start up says enter administrator password or power on password. When I enter it wrong 3 times a new screen appears system disable. [52192918] please help I need this fixed asap. I use my computer for work

A:I forgot my password and power on logon

@LAVONDACAMPBELL? Enter   43890338
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I cannot remember my Windows 8 logon password a I did not create a password recovery disc

Is there any way I can recover my password or will I need to reinstall Windows 8?

A:I cannot remember my Windows 8 logon password

Originally Posted by WalterW

I cannot remember my Windows 8 logon password a I did not create a password recovery disc

Is there any way I can recover my password or will I need to reinstall Windows 8?

Hi there
When you installed windows 8 weren't you prompted to set up a password hint. I'm sure I was even installing W8 Enterprise.

Otherwise Tough "Female accoutrements". You'll have to re-install --unless you can logon as another user such as administrator and re-set the password.

(Actually re-installing will be a good lesson so you will in future remember things like passwords -- also a base W8 install doesn't take long at all on even quite modest hardware).

Next time also you can activate the hidden administrator account -- it's not enabled by default though so this time I suspect you really will have to re-install.

How can I enable the Administrator account in Windows 8?

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I have a problem with my Windows XP Pro Fast switching between user accounts.

When I first installed XP I had disabled fast user switching, but I have now added another user profile and went into to services and enabled fast user switching. It works about 50 % of the time, however sometime when I hit Window Key+L it brings up the logon screen, when I click on an account it asks for a password, however I have no passwords on the accounts, and nothing i type in works, and I have to restart the computer. Even when I set a password and it locks me out that password will not work and I have to restart.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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A friend of mine is using windows xp... she cannot remember her password to logon, she has tried safe mode and it acts like it is going to let her on but it boots her back off, she cannot get into windows at all. Then it also told her something about her memory is full when she tried to get on at one time. She also believes she has a virus, I cannot help her with that if we cannot access windows at all. I was trying to get her to disable her password but she cant even get that far even in safe mode. She has a HP computer and cannot do a quick restore or recovery as it is a part of her system. I even wanted to get her to a restore point and cant get to it. If there is anyone that can help i sure would appreciate it! Thankyou!!!!

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Good Day

ladies and gentlemen

I have been Happy with windows 10

But I would Like to change my window Logon password

through the user account it wont let me

Any Advice
Thank you

A:Cant change windows Logon password

Hello Ngavmot, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If this is for a Microsoft account, then you could use Option 6 or 7 in the tutorial below to change your password.

Password of User Account - Change in Windows 10
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Strange one and you may think Im a bit thick but quite often during the day when we come to use the PC it has gone back to the logon screen, which is fine, but its asking for a password per user and we have no passwords defined! So I dont know what to key, have to reboot it then it forgets about asking for these passwords which have never been created! What gives?

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Guys I believe most of you already heard and familiar with this issue A user in my company is using a brand new PC and everytime she login with her username and password the screen will just delay at the quot Applying Computer Settings quot box for almost - minutes This only happens if she login straight away as soon as the PC reaches the login screen If she waits for at least - minutes at the login screen and then login there will be no delay I know this is related to network and yes my company is using a login script Tried delay password Logon after entering unplugging the network cable during startup and there will be no delay The thing is this issue didn't happen on almost all PCs not even the oldest PCs there are here So I'm wondering if there is any configuration I missed If you have any suggestion on what else I could try to solve this please do help I'd be greatly appreciated it Thanks in advance

A:Logon delay after entering password

If you try this you can solve your problem

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
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How to logon to the windows, when somebody forgets the password, i have tried some software, but unable to get any headway? how do i get around this situation.

A:Forgot Windowsxp Logon Password

It is against the policy of BleepingComputer to provide information on methods to reset or bypass the Administrator password, or for that matter any sort of password intended for security. Though your question is most likely legitimate, there are others who may read this topic and use the information for less savory reasons. It is for these reasons we do not provide this type of information.If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message. Thank you for your understanding.Reference: BleepingComputer Board Rules
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hi, I put a password on my account(which is the only account on the lap top), but when I turn on the lap top it doesnot ask for the password.. instead it automatically logs in to my account... right after I put the password on the account and restarted the lap top when it restarted it said something about not asking the password because of something netware(I'm sorry about being so vague its just that it poped up and dissapeared before I donne anything) I looked for any net ware process in services.msc and on msconfig and could not find one... thanks for the help!!

A:Xp Media Center Does Not Ask For Password At Logon

At the top of the keyboard where the F keys are (F1, F2...) you will find a key on the far right side titled Pause Break. If you press this key when that message comes on the screen this will freeze it so that you can read it. Please let us know what it is reporting.
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Guys I believe most of you already heard and familiar with this issue A user in my company is using a brand new PC and everytime she login with her username and password the screen will just delay password after delay entering Logon at the quot Applying Computer Settings quot box for almost - minutes This only happens if she login straight away as soon as the PC reaches the login screen If she waits for at least - minutes at the login screen Logon delay after entering password and then login there will be no delay I know this is related to network and yes my company is using a login script Tried unplugging the network cable during startup and there will be no delay The thing is this issue didn t happen on almost all PCs Logon delay after entering password not even the oldest PCs there are here So I m wondering if there is any configuration I missed If you have any suggestion on what else I could try to solve this please do help I d be greatly appreciated it Thanks in advance nbsp
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I was changing the permissions to one of the user accounts on my laptop, but now that account has disappeared from the welcome screen, although you can log onto the account if u change to the standard windows logon.
However It does not appear in the user accounts in control panel, i have even tried using the run command "control userpasswords2" to access it but it is not listed there as a valid account either, however if i try to recreate the account i get an error msg saying it already exists, i cannot even find a way of deleting the account...HELP!!!!please ( i have windows xp home edition)

A:xp logon missing

If you disabled the account it will not show up in the Normal Users Accounts or UserPasswords2. From Userpasswords2 click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Advanced button. Then open up the users folder.

Were you screwing around in the Registry.
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When I turn it on it boots up normally, and when I get to the log in page all that shows up is the shut down and restart button and the button that helps people with disabilities access the computer (I can't remember the name of the button). It's the color I set my computer as (not a black screen). I was trying to get some malware off of my computer so I had it in safe mode, I used malwarebytes, but I was also trying to delete the files I thought the malware programs might have been using. I'm worried that I might have deleted some critical files help please!

A:No logon picture or password entry thing

right click the shutdown, hold down the shift key and click restart
from there go to the troubleshooting menu
from there go to advanced
from there go to automatic repair
it can take up to an hour - do not force shutdown while there is disk activity
if that fails go back again and go to a restore point
SO you do this
Hold down either SHIFT key while tapping or clicking on Restart, available from any Power icon.
you then get a window with refresh or reset and advanced options
Choose advanced options
On that window choose automatic repair
if that does not work go back to the start
and this time on the window that had automatic repair
you will see that there is also system restore - to a restore point
select that option
The cause was likely to be you attempting to delete files after running malwarebytes
especially of course if it booted ok after the MBAM run, but not after your deletions
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When I type in my logon password it says that it is the worng password. I haven't changed it but for some reason it won't let me get pass this screen.
I read on the internet to start the pc up in "safe mode" but that is not possible.
I need help ASAP. I use m pc for banking, ect.

A:override/bypass logon password Vista

Assuming this to be recent event (24-72 hours), invoke system recovery partition or use Vista DVD to boot up and perform a Windows Vista System Restore - choose a restore point prior to your last successful login.

Regards. . .


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my husband set our password in latin, which we don't speak! Now he can't remember what it is. What do we do?!? We can not access our computer at all, it is just stuck on the logon screen. Is our computer lost? P.S. I have no money to spare.

A:Forgot windows XP profession logon password!

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Excuse me if I am coming off as rude, but why would he set a password in a language neither of you know

What is the make/model of the computer? Where did you purchase it from?
Relevancy 48.16%

Hello, all. I promise I searched for this answer but I cannot find it, and using the "Logon Workshop" program was of no help. I have already removed the user picture frame and version branding from my logon screen, but I would like to remove the username as well, leaving on the box to type in my password.

Please advise. Thank you all in advance for your time and great job offering the myriad support you already have!


A:How do I remove the user name from logon, leaving only password box?

Hello KakaruPilot, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's not exactly what you are wanting, but if you like, you could set it to where users must enter both a user name and password to not see the user names.

Log On with User Name and Password

Hope this helps,
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My younger brother's daughter gave him a desktop about a year ago which runs Windows 2000, but he didn't get around to setting it up until just yesterday. While it was booting up, the logon window appeared with the username name but no password. He contacted his daughter, but she didn't remember what it was. In desperation, he contacted me to see if I could resolve the problem. I've never used Windows 2000, so I'm not sure how. I've read Microsoft's KB article #258289 and forwarded to him, but I'm not sure if it'll help him.


A:Logon Window Appears And Password Is Unknown

Here try this link -
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My PC has been in storage for nine months, and I've just dug it out of its box and booted it up with a new keyboard [old one was knackered]. But every time I enter my password, it says 'Your PC is offline. please sign in with the last password used on this PC.' I do so, but it just repeats the message. How can I get back in?


A:Logon problem - 'pc offline' and password not recognised

C'mon peeps. Help! It is my PC, I promise. Been working in Hungary for a while, come back, desperate to be off the laptop, get the desktop setup and can't get in. How do I get past this? All help appreciated.
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I have has this problem for about 6 months now, when trying to log on and enter a password the cursor doesn't appear and requires a reboot in order to log on (the cursor will then reappear)

Microsoft doesn't seem to have a "real" fix..

In the mean time I have removed all passwords, which isn't a solution.

Any ideas?

A:disappearing cursor when trying to enter the password in Win XP to logon
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As the title says. I was entering my password. It is just numbers and I tried it with caps lock on and off. It was the correct password. I tried multiple times.

I had to reset my computer.

Is that normal? Could I have a virus? My computer has been acting 'weird' but not like it has a virus. I have used malwarebytes and avg. Both do not find anything.

A:Correct Password to logon rejected, had to restart

Are you sure you were typing it in correctly? I've done the same thing and swore I was typing in the correct user name and password and got that error message...I had to slow down my fingers typing in password and sure enough I had access. could very well have a Virus or malware of some type which can cause this type of problem. Personally I would switch to MSE for AV and use more than just malwarebytes for malware. I use 4 and they find something that the others didn't catch. Here are the 4 I use.

Malwarebytes Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download
Super Antispyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!
Adaware Ad-Aware by Lavasoft - Antivirus software, free spyware removal, firewall
Spybot S&D The home of Spybot-S&D!
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So my dads computer was running slow so I downloaded Advanced system care to clear some stuff up and make it run faster It was fine for about days Idk if he did it or if Not to permitted Admin interactively!? Password. logon I somehow did Now instead of his user log in it only shows up as administrator and has a password I can't get onto the home screen to change anything When I click it gives a message saying The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively The biggest problem is when I try to enter safe mode or anything it brings me to the log in screen but I can't even see the administrator account I've been looking up ways to fix the problem for the past few days and he's borrowing a laptop so I had an alternate comp to try anything I could This has been a pain to wrap my head around Please somebody help me D Admin Password. Not permitted to logon interactively!? lt

A:Admin Password. Not permitted to logon interactively!?

I suggest you uninstall Advanced System Care...and any similar programs you may have installed...then follow that by running the chkdsk /r command...tollowed by running the sfc /scannow command.
Registry cleaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Registry Cleaner FAQ, PC Support -
Registry Cleaner, Animal -
How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP, chkdsk -
LEARN how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker) -
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I recently installed windows2000 professional but I have subsequently forgotten my password. Is there a way for me to recover my password or do I need to reinstall the OS in order to correct this problem?

Also, frequently, when booting up my computer I get a series of 3 beeps and the computer doesn't boot up. I think this is a graphics card issue but would appreciate any thoughts on how to resolve these issues. \

Thanks in advance for any help...


A:Windows 2000 Pro forgotten logon password

What kind of PC?? Compaqs are notorious for beeping at video cards it doesn't like. I heard a fix is to remove all adapter cards and power on/off quickly, then reinstall the adapter cards and it should work. As for the logon password, re-install or ask a hacker how to get in.
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Hello I'm having a particularly weird problem with User passwords in a domain environment I've recently changed the Domain password policy Windows Expires at change cannot logon Password and applied it Windows Password Expires cannot change at logon correctly while taking away the quot account policies password policy quot settings from the default domain policy either way this problem already existed before changing the policies During the change of Password policy we activated for everyone quot password never expires quot and are reactivating this checkbox OU by OU The problem User passwords are older than the max allowed time therefore users have to change passwords at logon screen Most users get the normal message quot Your password has expired please change it quot and when they click ok they are prompted to change it However on certain workstations the user only sees the quot ok quot button from picture one and when he clicks it it takes him back to the logon screen to connect with a user not to picture screen When this happens the only way to log into this account again is to go into AD and reset the password for the User If the Same user were to reset his password through ctrl alt delete he would have no problem changing the password Also if the same user tries changing it on another PC he gets the picture screen therefore i'm thinking there is a computer setting somewhere not allowing him to change on certain workstations
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Hi Guys,
Have you experienced when unable to logged on to windows, you got a message "Incorrect password" although your were really sure your password is right?
Now it on my face. If the LAN cable was plugged out, It was succesfully logon, plugin the LAN Cable then restart the computer, after that I was successfully logon without LAN Cable. 
I would apreciate if there are anyone who could share and help to resolve this issue..
good luck guys
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Ive had quite a few problems happen over the past few days logon for unassigned Vista requesting password so I decided to download a new virus scanner Vista requesting unassigned password for logon etc to check because my current one AVG free wasnt picking up on anything in the scans I found quite a few trojans using the new virus scanner Vista requesting unassigned password for logon which were believable being found Vista requesting unassigned password for logon in keygens etc lol P So I promptly deleted them but before I did I made a quick note of which files these virus were found in Two files which I think this might be related to were removed by the virus scanner These two files were C Windows system winFLsrv exeC Windows sysWow winFLsrv exeNow either it was the result of removing these files or the effects of the trojans themselves but since then whenever I turn on my computer it asks for a password for my user account This is a problem simply because I dont have a password for this account and its the only account on the computer and I dont have the Guest or Administrator accounts active I am positive that it is not my own personal fault because I havent ever set a password on this account In aim of trying to find out what this password might have been created as I downloaded and used Ophcrack via a boot disk to determine the password However I had some difficulties with this as well with the password coming up as not found - the other accounts e g the admin guest accounts their password s came up as empty I had a few problems previous to detecting these virus and I can go into further details on those but Im not sure if they are even a problem now havent been able to test because ive been unable to logon though I have critical year assignments due in a few weeks so help ASAP would be extremely appreciated If worst comes to worst I ll survive if I have to format the computer but I would prefer not to Thanks

A:Vista requesting unassigned password for logon

Welcome to the BleepingComputer Forums. Since it has been a few days since you scanned your computer with HijackThis, we will need a new HijackThis log. If you have not already downloaded Random's System Information Tool (RSIT), please download Random's System Information Tool (RSIT) by random/random which includes a HijackThis log and save it to your desktop. If you have RSIT already on your computer, please run it again. Double click on RSIT.exe to run RSIT. Click Continue at the disclaimer screen. Please post the contents of log.txt. Thank you for your patience.Please see Preparation Guide for use before posting about your potential Malware problem. If you have already posted this log at another forum or if you decide to seek help at another forum, please let us know. There is a shortage of helpers and taking the time of two volunteer helpers means that someone else may not be helped. Please post your HijackThis log as a reply to this thread and not as an attachment. I am always leery of opening attachments so I always request that HijackThis logs are to be posted as a reply to the thread. I do not think that you are attaching anything scary but others may do so. While we are working on your HijackThis log, please: Reply to this thread; do not start another! Do not make any changes on your computer during the cleaning process or download/add programs on your computer unless instructed to do so. Do not run any other tool until instructed to do so! Let me know if any of the links do not work or if any of the tools do not work. Tell me about problems or symptoms that occur during the fix. Do not run any other programs or open any other windows while doing a fix. Ask any questions that you have regarding the fix(es), the infection(s), the performance of your computer, etc.Thanks.
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How do I get rid of this message? On the Vista logon screen, it says "User name or password is incorrect"... so I click OK and then type in the password and it works. I mean it says this before I enter the password! Once I enter the password, it works. I do not have any tweaks to make it automatically enter the password, and I've tried removing the password and adding it again, changing the password, etc. Thanks for the help!

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So Hello Forum I'm having a glitch I've never seen or heard about Computer seems to boot normally but regardless of safe mode or normal mode choices when you are presented with the icons and names for your choice of logons when you click any of those icons the power and ease of access buttons exhibit same behavior you get almost nothing You definitely do not get a white window for the password to be entered into What you do get is odd The first user icon or button you click the first time you click it it gets lighter in shade Then the next time you click it or any other icon or button it stays the normal splash with password box appearing from difficulties logon shade but there is a slight dotted box around it difficulties with password box appearing from logon splash selected almost I have figured out I can make the password box appear by TABing so that the first user icon on the left is selected with the slight dotted box and then arrow keying to the account I wish to log in with and then hitting enter Usual keyboard behavior No amount of mousing and entering will make the box appear prior to the above Once I have made the password box appear it will always appear I can log in log out log in window-L to other accounts no problem The only somewhat recent change software wise was to NVidia beta drivers After SP gaming performance was tanking and I thought I'd try the beta drivers They were buggy and hung the system a lot but when they did work they worked great The password box behavior followed one of these system hangs I have since tried the WHQL driver as well as other beta drivers with no change in the bad behavior Freaky behavior with no experience always makes me run a full virus scan AVG free found nothing windows defender found nothing clamwin found nothing and Panda online found a bunch of cookies I've tried enabling and disabling the control alt del logon requirement System isn't overheating I've stripped it down to one video card another mouse and keyboard It is a sli motherboard so most of the peripherals are onboard I don't get the feeling it is a hardware issue When I feel I have most successfully removed the NVidia drivers and the logon screen is the atrocious low resolution the bad behavior is still there I'm not even sure what the proper terminology for the password box is is it an edit box searching for anything logon related invariably gets you posts on how to remove your password

A:difficulties with password box appearing from logon splash

Have you tried using a PS/2 mouse to see if your USB mouse driver got inadvertantly corrupted?

Oh, and one other thing to try: Use the right-click where you would left click. Stupid as this sounds, I wonder if somehow those got inverted and it thinks you're using a left-handed mouse.

Inside Vista, open up an administrative cmd window and type sfc /scannow. That might help.

It also might be related to BIOS. Have you done anything with that lately?
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windows 10 did an automatic update last night. When I booted up this morning, my pc would not recognize my password. tried to no avail. What is going on?
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I have forgotten my windows vista password.

A:I forgot my Windows Vista password,please help me to logon on.


Originally Posted by cath29

I have forgotten my windows vista password.

I don't think password issues are supported on this forum. It's for security reasons there is no way of knowing if the machine you are trying to log into is really yours.
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My system suffered a power system - freezes password type logon Cannot outage and now I can't log on to XP As soon as I type a key the mouse freezes and the only option I have is to shutdown via the power off switch Luckily this is Cannot type logon password - system freezes still detected and Windows shuts down cleanly The system is still running in the background as I can access the shared drives from another machine on the lan and the mouse works fine until I hit a key at the password prompt then I can do nothing What I have tried Tried booting into safe mode - same problem Going into BIOS - the keyboard works fine Booting with a DOS diskette - the keyboard works fine Booting into the recovery console - the keyboard works fine - tried copying the previous system hive from the last restore point but no joy Installed a second copy of XP on another drive and this works fine including all the hardware drivers for the MOBO SATA Sound Lan which says to me that the hardware is ok and that Windows is screwed This is a large system with HDDs of over GB and has lots of programs installed so any suggestions as to how I can recover from this without a full re-install will be much appreciated For info system is as follows MOBO ASUS K VSE Deluxe with Athlon and GB ram Display Adapter Saphire Radeon Atlantis MB AGP GB PATA drive on primary IDE channel as Master with OS x DVD drives on secondary IDE channel x GB SATA drives on VIA SATA ports x GB SATA drive on Promise SATA primary port Windows XP Pro SP with all latest security fixes Ken

A:Cannot type logon password - system freezes

Sounds like a good candidate for an repair installation. Boot to your XP cd, press ENTER at the first set of options (don't select R-Recovery Console). Then, you'll have to agree to the license (F8) ... After that you'll see an option to repair an existing install. Press R, select the install (should be the only one) and let 'er rip. This will reinstall XP without loss of programs or data. If you see any option to select or format a partition you went too far/missed an option. Reboot and try again.
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Puget Computers Problem 001 – 22 May 2011

Product Name: Puget 84252
Invoice Number: 00046473 dated 05/08/08
Date: 5/22/2011
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium SP-1 64-bit
Processor: 3.4 Ghz, Intel Core i7 – 2600K
Hard Drives: 2 Hard Drives – 1 TB each


While logged on as a standard user and clicking on an application that requires Administrative privileges you are prompted to select SysOp (account with administrator authority). After clicking on the SysOp icon and entering the password the following error message is displayed:

“Logon failure: Unknown user name or bad password.”

Clicking OK brings up the application with full access.


This error does not occur when the same action is performed on other Windows 7 Home Premium installations.

Earl B. Stroup

A:Logon failure: Unknown user name or bad password

It may be that your admin password has expired. You can try logging in as the admin at the login screen. This will give you an opportunity to change the password (you can just re-use the same password).

You can turn off password expiration thusly:

Password Expiration - Enable or Disable

If that doesn't work, one of these should help:

Reset User Account Password - Vista Forums

Password Reset

Password Reset : Using System Restore in Windows 7