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Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

Q: Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

I am running Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. In the hidden folder "All Users" is a folder named "Application Data". Inside it is a folder named "Application Data". Inside that is yet another folder named "Application Data". This nonsense repeats itself to a depth of 16 folders, all named "Application Data". I cannot remove them. Windows tells me that I have to have permission from myself.

Norton 360 finds no risks or suspicious files on my computer.

Has anyone else had this idiotic problem? What causes it? More importantly, how do I get rid of that "All Users" directory tree altogether? I am the only user on my computer, so I don't need templates or anything else like that.

Thank you in advance for your helpful responses.


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Preferred Solution: Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

Never seen that before!! judging by the lack of response sounds like its a new one!

It does definatly sound virus related in some way.

Malwarebytes in Safemode would find anything there, but wont undo the damaged caused assuming it is a virus of course. The folders would still be there!!

Suppose only way to fully sort that would be a refresh/reset.

Refresh - Maybe
Reset - Defo!
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Ok running windows xp home on a peer to peer network Have done avast antivirus and ad won't & Application open Blah! Data Outlook Folder Gone Data aware scans Blah! Application Data Folder Gone & Outlook Data won't open Friday my computer locked up dang farmville I got impatient and did a hard reboot holding the power button down Quickbooks also was open When it rebooted it did the blue screen Stack rebuild thing Now MS Outlook can t open the data files and Blah! Application Data Folder Gone & Outlook Data won't open the quickbooks data file also appears to have been corrupted An interesting thing - we have the carbonite internet backup service Unfortunately it seems to overwrite and not make any kind of incremental backups so once it s backed up that s the file you can restore I was hoping to try to find a file that had been backed up in the morning instead of right around the time I had the problem Anyway when I browse to look at the user documents and settings folder on the BACKUP it Blah! Application Data Folder Gone & Outlook Data won't open shows the application data and local settings folders as normal On the computer those folders are now MISSING I uploaded a screen shot on our website http www domesticunity com tempfiles html sadly too big to attach Any idea of a simple way to fix this I looked online and Microsoft Outlook stores the data in personal pst - that file also appears to be missing Thanks nbsp

A:Blah! Application Data Folder Gone & Outlook Data won't open

Got it figured out.

Was able to restore a recent backup from the Carbonite service of my quickbooks file and only had to redo one day of entries.

Then did some more looking at Outlook threads on the net and first found out how to unhide hidden folders - the Application Data and Local Settings folders were hidden. Then found a thread about a scanpst.exe utility that repairs outlook data files.

Now it seems I'm back up and running!

Thanks for trying to help! Even tho no one had magic answers yet, I can see people cared and looked at my problems.

We are NOT alone! LOL
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I am used to XP in which I can quickly back up my email by copying the Thunderbird folder in the Application Data Folder. I cannot find anything similar in Windows 7 Starter. From what I have read, the Application Data is a junction and not a 'real' folder, however, I am no further ahead. How can I bring up a window in Win 7 that will give me this data?

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just realize is a folder name application data sitind under c/user/my name...

This folder is empty and i can not deleted this folder.

His sommebody could tel me what is this folder and if is good to have it...or how to deleted.

If you know please advise.

Many thanks.

A:application data what is this folder...

I would leave it alone. This explains it's function: Vista's Users Replaces XP's Documents and Settings
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Windows 98 has the following folder:

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data

Where is it in Windows XP ?
Or what is the equivalent folder in XP ?

Please advise.

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data

A:WIN 98 V WIN XP: Folder - Application Data

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data

or "All Users" = your user name
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The Application Data folder is inaccessible [it's there, but I can't access it] and all the programs that I use aren't functioning correctly. Take Firefox for example, it won't start up.

Computer Info:
Windows XP SP2
Home Edition
Version 2002
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I'm in dire need of hard drive space and I've noticed that the Application Data folder requires a lot of space.

My question is: Can I delete files from that folder or will programs be unable to function properly?

For example, I use Kaspersky Internet Security and that folder is 200MB big. Can I delete it?

Thank you for any response.

A:Application Data Folder

Not a clever idea. There's a reason those files are there, and there's a reason that folder is hidden by default. Have you already emptied out your local cache folders (c:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\ where the cache folders are called \temp\ and \temporary internet files\)?

Following that, you could check your Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel, and see if there's anything in there you never use.

Once you've deleted or uninstalled a pile of stuff, empty your Recycle Bin, then boot into Safe Mode and run a DeFrag on your C: drive; that can often free up some space in itself.
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Running WINXP home, SP2
In my Application Data folder I have a folder called "joy 1 the warn" with two files Boldgrimplus, and FourWipe.exe. I also have two in my prefetch folder.

I can't delete either, both are apparently in use, but FourWipe is no where in my processes list in the task manager. I just ran live update with Norton and scanned the fourwipe file, it says it's not a virus but I'm not necessarily convinced.


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Hi, not sure if you someone has produced a method for resolving this issue? I have several user accounts on my PC, mine is the only one that seems to have this issue. Mine is not an Administrator account, and indeed the admin account does not have this problem. I read somewhere that it could have been caused by changing user permission; if I have caused this :-

1. Can it be undone and if so how?

2. Will it impact computer file searches or backups if not resolved?

I'm not sure how to find out if this has been covered before by yourselves, if so please point me in the right direction for the information.

In anticipation of you help
Many Thanks

A:Application Data folder keeps replicating itself

By far the simplest fix is to use Windows System Restore to roll Windows back to a point in time when your computer was functioning correctly. It allows you to undo system changes without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos.

Video: Fixing a problem using System Restore​
If that doesn't help, try restoring an earlier system image or backup.
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I just did a clean install of my XP Home Edition, but I didn't wipe out all the files. So, there is still the old APPDATA folder left in the old folder under C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data. That data is taking up gigabyte of precious space. There is now a new Appdata folder in the new install folder. Is it okay to delete the old one?

A:Okay to delete old Application Data Folder?

Yes, should be fine if you installed a new version of Windows and obviously not using that user application data anymore.

but I didn't wipe out all the files.Click to expand...

My suggestion to you is to do a full format though, if that data (AppData) is still on your computer, this means there's a lot of other data from the previous OS installation as well that you don't even know about. Not only will it consume disk space, but will make your computer considerably slower as well.
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I've recently encountered a problem where many of my programs (Microsoft Office programs, iTunes, etc). will not open. When trying to open them Windows Installer pops up and says it cannot create the directory C:DocsandSettings/AllUsers/Application Data. When I found this folder and tried to open it, it said that the folder is corrupt and unreadable. Any suggestions on how to repair this would be greatly appreciated, as I currently cannot open many programs on my computer. Thanks a lot in advance!


A:Application Data Folder Corrupt

Please try this workaround (you will need your Windows? XP SP2 CD or an integrated SP3 CD if SP3 is installed).

(In the event that you do not have a Windows? XP CD with SP2,(or SP3) you will need to 'borrow' one from a friend or colleague, as the manufacturer's "Recovery Discs" will not work in this instance.)

Insert the Windows? XP CD in your drive. (Hold down the Shift Key to prevent it from starting.)

Go start > Run the box type in sfc /scannow …please take note of the space between the sfc and the /.

This is the System File will scan all the Windows? core system files to ensure that they are in their respective correct places, and if not replace them from the CD.

During the scan you may be asked to Insert the CD, if this happens just go retry and let it do its thing.

One important point: While sfc is running, it is not advisable to do any other work, or have any browsers/programs running on the computer, until the scan is complete. (This process will generally take around 45-65 minutes to complete).
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Can i move my user folder off my ssd so application data isnt written particularly worried that certain temp files will be written that will be large from programs like utorrent and various media applications

i got my documents and stuff like that off there but not the application data folder

A:move application data folder?

You can follow this tutorial here on sevenforums : User Profile - Change Default Location[2]=User%20Accounts

I always just move my docs, music, pics, etc to my second hard drive, and under environmental variables point the windows temp folders (there's 4 of them) to a folder I create on my other hard drive..
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My computer froze up when coming Folder Corrupt Data = Application out of standby I was forced to restart the computer manually after which windows told me that my application data folder was corrupt in order to fix it I attempted to use the check disk utility and scan disk Neither of them were able to Application Data Folder = Corrupt fix the problem and windows continued to report errors willy-nilly Without any other recourse I tried to uninstall the affected programs That failed I assume the requisite uninstall information is stored in the application data folder I then attempted to manually delete the install folders and clean the registry so that I could reinstall everything Don't worry I kept copies of everything as well as a backup of the registry Everything is restorable Now I kneel and beg the great masses of the internet for assistance list of programs rendered inoperable Microsoft Office attempts to reinstall itself every time a word document is clicked iTunes same as above AVG Free Edition not working at all Ad-aware free Anniversary Edition stuck at loading - have to kill process to close it Logitech lgdcore I have no problem operating my logitech g or the related programs so I'm not sure why the error triggers for this but it does There may be others but I have not yet gone through and attempted to load each of my programs Running Windows XP SP If any additional information is required please inform Error bubble picture attached

A:Application Data Folder = Corrupt

Any tips for folder recovery would be greatly appreciated. Because word is inoperable, I'm in a sore spot. Please help.
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It seems that my Application Data folder has gone missing. When I clicked on Documents and Settings\User (or any other users) the Application Data folder is missing. But if I typed C:\documents and settings\user\application data in the address bar, all the files in the said folder will be shown. Under Folder options, the box "shown hidden files and folders" are checked. How can I get back the folder so that it can be seen when I clicked on User. Thanks.

A:Missing Application Data Folder

This person had the same problem and seems to have fixed it
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Hey, my C:/ Drive has <20MB of space, which is understandable considering it's only a 26gb hard disk. Can anyone explain what I need to do in order to move my Application Data folder to clear up some space? (Appdata is 6gb).

Also, can anyone suggest what else might be eating up the hard disk? I install all my software onto the D:/ Drive so...

A:Moving the Application Data folder

Obviously check your recycle bin is empty, that can take up a fair bit of space. But here are some ways I have found to save space
- check your windows restore points, if you need space you can clear out them, just keep in mind that you wont be able to restore windows if you make a mistake until another restore point is made.
- turn of hibernation mode, windows usually preserves a 500mb chunk for this
- disable east Asian languages if you don't use them, this uses ~200mb of space
- de frag your drive
- windows updates, NET frameworks, and things related often take up a fair bit of space. I disabled updates to save space.

I'm no expert or anything, but those are a few things I have done inthe past to save space with no adverse side effects, but if you do these things, yourtaking the risk ( not that I think there is any, but just to be safe). As for moving the app data folder, wouldn't have a clue sorry.
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OK - Here s how I got here I was looking at the Scheduled Tasks in ??? Data\DSite\UpdateProc ....\Application folder my PC and noticed a File named UpdateTask EXE was being run on a regular basis ....\Application Data\DSite\UpdateProc folder ??? from the folder C D amp S UserName Application Data DSite UpdateProc I did an internet search trying to discover why it was there and came upon this entry at this site -- http forums techguy org virus-other-malware-removal -windows-xp-pro-virus-malware- html -- where it appears that folder was MOVED REMOVED in the course of the cleansing process My question is WHY And my other question is SHOULD I BE WORRIED I am running windows XP-Pro SvcPk Latest Updates installed IE and Firefox I have Avast anti-virus run Malwarebytes and Spybot on a regular basis and run ESet remote about every quarter My system appears to be operating correctly with one curious exception I randomly and very infrequently and it seems only when coming out of the state where my monitor has quot timed out quot will see goofy popups on the screen - i e like the initial screens seen when FIRST installing IE I m doing this from memory so that s as precise as I can be at this moment Next time it happens I ll try and get a screen shot If anyone has any thoughts on this I d appreciate the input Thanks nbsp
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I have Windows Vista Home Basic Edition installed.

If you should suddenly find that C:\Program Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data... is repeating itself ad nausium, try deleting either the first or the last of the repetitions. (I deleted the last one and they all disappeared.) Then, go to your Recycle Bin and you will find it there with a folder size of zero, which will seem odd, since when it was deleted mine was nearly one gig and I have heard the size of the repetitions sometimes grow as large as 40 gigs.

In any case, restore it. You should find that the repetitions no longer exist and the the folder is back to the size it was originally. The files will show the current date under Date modified and Date created (with several Date modified exceptions). I hope this works for you. I also hope my Application Data folder stays like it is from now on.
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I m writing this for nd time the session expired and lost the text and all On practice I ve trouble with all programs-Skype Ie Mozilla It s from that the folder is hidden I ve an application-hiddenfilestoggle exe which enables the ability to switch not data folder Solved: Application working? between the modes with WinKey H I ve it for a while but I didn t used it to this moment There s some things on Documents and Solved: Application data folder not working? settings Administrator the other folder doesn t contains user names in Skype which can be of importance but I m not sure so I ll show a screen The mozilla message translated from bg with google Unable to initialize the security component of the application The most likely cause is problems with files in the profile directory of the application Please check if directory has no limitations in reading and writing and your hard disk is not full or almost full It is recommended to exit the application and fix the problem If you continue to use this session you can experience the anomalous behavior of the application when accessing security feature I ll write additional details if needed cause I m SO boredom and peeved edit http www google bg sclient psy amp h aqi g g-o amp aql amp oq amp gs rfai amp pbx amp fp amp cad b nbsp

A:Solved: Application data folder not working?

Firstly, I'd edit that last Thumbnail out of here if I were you or you might get some strange calls through Skype. Secondly, I suggest you pop in yout XP CD, then go from Start to Run and type cmd / sfc scannow (including all the spaces) into the box then hit Enter. The System File Checker will run through and identify any missing fioles or folders and recreate themn from your CD.
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After a clean install of Win2000Pro on a new HDD, I had added all the programs and started adding the data, when I needed to re-boot after Win200 SP4 and otherMS downloads.
What came up was the desktop with 80% of the Icons missing.
I could find them on the partition and restore them.
However, the folder "Application Data" which is normall under
Administrator, All Users and GSt (myself) was missing in all three locations.
Don't know how many other folders were lost.
Some Data subdirectories from <Applications Data> were lost.

Promptly ran a Virus Scan with AVG Free and then with Trendmicro Housecall "internet Security 6", which is available on the web. [I use TrendMicro on my other PC.]

There are no viruses, Trojans or Worms, by either scan.

Rebooting and searching for "Application Data" folder came up empty.

What can have happened??
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Can't drill down to Profiles folder in XP Home using windows explorer. I can on another desktop using XP Pro. How can I work around this problem.

I'm trying to reach my Profiles folder in Thunderbird.

A:Can't drill down to Application Data folder in XP Home

flcajun, That Application Data folder is a hidden folder by default. Go into Folder Options and under the View tab choose Show hidden files and folders, click Apply/OK.

Start>Control Panel>Folder Options


Open Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder Options.

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I've recently had a problem when opening many programs such as Microsoft Office, iTunes, etc. When I try to open them Windows Installer appears and there is an error message stating that an error occurred while attempting to create the directory C: DocumentsandSettings/AllUsers/Application Data - then the program fails to open. When I found this Application Data folder and tried to open it there is a message saying it is corrupt and unreadable. Any ideas as how to repair this folder? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I currently cannot open many programs on my computer due to this error. Thanks in advance! btw I have Windows XP Pro

A:Solved: Application Data Folder Corrupt

Problem solved, thanks.
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Anyone know how to stop this:

C:\Users\J\AppData\Local\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\K130UVXF\mini_30CANJ0PFK.gif

(This is an example file. For some reason, the Application Data folder keeps replicating itself as a subfolder within the directory. And the "thread" is getting longer and eating up GBs. Is there something I can check to fix this?


A:Stop Application Data folder replicating?

You altered permissions correct? Gave yourself full permissions for everything in your User folder, right?
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Help. I had added Take Ownership to my context menu. I was trying to look at the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data folder but couldn't get into it. I was looking through my context menu when I accidentally clicked Take Ownership. Now when I look at its properties, it looks a whole lot different than it did before. It had 4 groups in there, but now only has me. The four groups had special permissions, but now they are all gone. Does anyone know how to set them back to what they should be?

A:Accidentally took ownership of Application Data folder

Hello AndyTampa and welcome to the forums

Could you run this command in Command Prompt please and copy the output into your next post?


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Kaspersky detects some virus named WMIMGMT.exe in the Application Data folder everytime I put in a USB and it says that this WMIMGMT.exe is trying to access J:\Autorun.inf. Although Kaspersky keeps deleting this Autorun.inf, it keeps coming back. The computer becomes normal after the USB is removed. What I don't understand is how to remove WMIMGMT.exe from the Application Data folder?

I tried using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software but it won't detect anything in the Application data folder or in the USB. Another thing is, in the USB, when I go to

Tools >> Folder options >> View

and disable "Hide protected operating system files"

I'm still unable to view the Autrun.inf in the USB or the WMIMGMT.exe in the Application Data folder. Please help!!

A:WMIMGMT.exe in Application data folder creating autorun in USB

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

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After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

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Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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Hello While I used win explorer in Vista I discovered in C users lt user gt local settings Application Data an endless return complete copy of the folder content folders and files Application Data - I counted at least copies and was not in the end yet I googled this event and found no info upon this endless application = repeats of data chain folder -to me- very weird situation Can anyone give me more info on this situation And I guess this has to be cured - but where to start Is it related to shadow filing I cleaned the complete shadow build up but it had no effect upon this folder The endless chain of repeats = folder application data An Application data-folder is also available in the directory lt user gt but the vista system did not allow me administrator - full owner to open that folder I have no only micro knowledge of the Vista system I used Mbam for a complete malware scan clean Hoping for a light in dark - Gam

A:endless chain of repeats = folder application data

Can you just delete them and see if they come back or not?
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Hello The problem isn't so much that the folder looks empty but that a be other seems folder affecting programs empty/inaccessible, to Application Data few programs that use profiles are no longer working as they should Namely Firefox and OpenOffice Firefox gives me the message quot Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded It may be missing or inaccessible quot This may seem like a Browser problem but when I tried the usual solutions for this kind of problem using command prompt to run the profile manager and creating a new one I got the same error This leads me to Application Data folder seems to be empty/inaccessible, affecting other programs believe that something about the parent folder Application Data is inaccessible I don't remember the OpenOffice error I also uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox two different versions and I'm getting the same error OpenOffice gave me an error upon starting up the computer and Application Data folder seems to be empty/inaccessible, affecting other programs doesn't start I haven't tried many other programs Viewing all Application Data folder seems to be empty/inaccessible, affecting other programs hidden files set via Folder Options doesn't show anything I can however see plenty of folders under Local Settings Application Data including firefox profiles This started last night when Windows requested me to restart for an update I was busy so I set it to postpone by minutes but I restarted manually before the message appeared again The problems started after I logged back in I'm not very good at troubleshooting but I tried Running a virus scan with Avira no problems System Restore which failed Windows Update which gives the error quot Windows cannot find ' null ' Make sure you typed the file name correctly etc quot I didn't type anything to start with Sorry if this is too long or too vague I usually just find what I need already answered but I'm not finding too much that is helpful I'm running Windows XP SP Professional on a year old Dell laptop Let me know if you need more information I'm kind of at a loss Thank you medotexe

A:Application Data folder seems to be empty/inaccessible, affecting other programs

This sounds like your Profile has become corrupted. Go to Start/Run and type control userpasswords and create a new user with admin rights. Log out of the user profile you are in and log in as the new user. Download Firefox and Open Office again. If that works go to C:\Documents and Settings open your old user profile and Copy the My Documents, Favorites, Desktop, and Start Menu folders and Paste them into your new Profile name.
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My understanding is the hidden Application Data folder that stores files and settings for the programs that you use on a daily basis is part of the users personal profile. My Documents, My Music, My Photos, My Videos also are part of the users profile.

When a program is installed, XP's Program Files folder is usually the default install folder, where the new program's sub folder is created. The same sub folder is also created in the hidden Application Data folder.

When you uninstall a program, usually the uninstall file will also remove the programs install folder from the Program Files folder. The install folder in the Application Data folder remains behind.

Now my question. Can the folders from uninstalled programs be deleted from the Application Data folder?

I have plenty of hard drive space, I just hate having folders, files, I do not need.


A:[SOLVED] Deleting install folders from XP's Application Data folder.

Of course it can. The folder exists only for the purpose of the application (to store data).
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I got windows vista home premium 32 bit (Japanese)

I noticed in the User Application Data Local Temp Folder there are a lot of items.
What are they can I delete them?
I did use CCleaner some single entries got deleted while others remain there.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

A:Items in User Application Data Local Temp Folder should I delete?

Hi Ari94,

Temporary folder is a directory used to hold temporary files. Many operating systems and some software automatically delete the contents of this directory at boot-up or at regular intervals.

You can delete the files from Temp folder. There would be certain files which may not be deleted, this is happens when the files are in use. Please follow detailed instructions to delete the Temp folder: Temporary Files - Temp Folder

Please revert back for clarification.
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Hi Please help me My space will be killed by symantec subeng folder This folder is bigger than GB now Thx Here is my scan Deckard's System Scanner v now. folder Users\Application All My Data\Symantec\SubEng is than 15GB bigger Run by mike on - My All Users\Application Data\Symantec\SubEng folder is bigger than 15GB now. - Computer is in Normal Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- System My All Users\Application Data\Symantec\SubEng folder is bigger than 15GB now. Restore -------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to create restore point disk is full My All Users\Application Data\Symantec\SubEng folder is bigger than 15GB now. Backed up registry hives Performed disk cleanup System Drive D has GiB less than free -- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------ Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at - - Platform Windows XP Service Pack MSIE Internet Explorer Boot mode Normal Running processes D WINDOWS system smss exe D WINDOWS system winlogon exe D WINDOWS system services exe D WINDOWS system lsass exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D WINDOWS explorer exe D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exe D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AppCore AppSvc exe D WINDOWS system spoolsv exe D Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate AluSchedulerSvc exe D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exe D WINDOWS system nvsvc exe D WINDOWS system rundll exe D WINDOWS LTSMMSG exe D Program Files Yahoo YOP yop exe D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe D Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe D WINDOWS system rundll exe D WINDOWS system ctfmon exe D Program Files Yahoo browser ycommon exe D WINDOWS system svchost exe D Program Files Yahoo YOP SSDK exe D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe D WINDOWS system wuauclt exe D Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader AcroRd exe D Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE D Documents and Settings mike My Documents dss exe D WINDOWS system conime exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo ca R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Service Pack Internet Explorer R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http ie search msn com SUB RFC srchasst srchasst htm R - URLSearchHook Yahoo - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - D Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - D Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - D Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Yahoo IE Services Button - BAB B B- BC- B - D - FC DE A - D Program Files Yahoo Common yiesrvc dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - D Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Toolbar Yahoo - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - D Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn yt dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE NvQTwk NvCplDaemon initialize O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE D WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run LTSMMSG LTSMMSG exe O - HKLM Run IMJPMIG quot D WINDOWS IME imjp IMJPMIG EXE quot Spoil RemAdvDef Migration O - HKLM Run MSPY D WINDOWS system IME PINTLGNT ImScInst exe SYNC O - HKLM Run YOP D PROGRA Yahoo YOP yop exe autostart O - HKLM Run ccApp quot D Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run osCheck quot D PROGRA Symantec osCheck exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot D Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKCU Run MsnMsgr quot D Program Files MSN Messenger MsnMsgr Exe quot background O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe D WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run RogersAgent c Program Files Rogers SelfHealing rogersagent exe O - HKCU Run SHS quot D Program Files Rogers SelfHealing SHS exe quot background O - HKCU... Read more
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My computer has been a little weird lately.

I ran a virus scan and found a New Win32 virus. 5215 yesterday.

today my computer was still weird, so I decided to run a virus scan again,

but i noticed that some of my directories are really really messed up.

C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\application data\application data\application data\application data

and it keeps repeating the application data folder.

wth is wrong help~~

A:Messed up directories. All Users\Application Data\Application Data\repeats.....

In vista.... You will see this. You should not be able to access Documents and Settings. It should say access denied.

Everything is available in Users now.
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I came across this.....

c:\programdata\application data\application data\application data\application data\application data\ ....

application data\ keeps repeat.

Is this ok or can I get rid of it some how and free up some space?
Thank you in advance!!

A:Solved: c:\programdata\application data\application data\ .... keep repeat
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I - is Lock application inside Folder a path." ‘Locker’ already the folder "There m hoping someone here has experience with the software Folder Lock and can help me or Folder Lock - "There is already a ‘Locker’ folder inside the application path." they can Folder Lock - "There is already a ‘Locker’ folder inside the application path." figure out intuitively whats wrong from the error message I get After restarting my computer when I try to open folder lock i get this message quot There is already a Locker folder inside the application path Please move any other folder other than the Locker folder to another location and then try again to access your secured files quot I navigated to the program files- gt folde Lock directory and there is no Locker folder there I even moved every folder out except for the executable and that made no difference a desperate move Final move was to upgrade to the most recent version of the software but that didn t change the error message There are important files locked inside of folder lock and i m screwed at work if i can t figure out whats wrong Any suggestions would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Folder Lock - "There is already a ‘Locker’ folder inside the application path."
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Can anyone help me regain Security Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder which I lost while looking at the access rights. I mistakenly closed the box while playing with the access rights and lost any access to the file.
I pulled the access rights to the file using icacls they are below.

application data

I am thinking I can change the information in the file and restore it. Not sure exactly what to change?

I was also thinking I could pull the info from another computer running with the same operating system and reapply them to this file? Would this work?

I looked at Previous Versions of the upper level folder. Can I restore a previous version of this whole folder? Will it restore the Application Data folder with the prior permissions?

A:Lost Access Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder

Are you asking about the Application Data or Appdata folder?

If Application Data, this is not a real folder but a junction used to allow interface with legacy programs. No access is necessary since it is pointing to the Appdata folder.
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Missing "Application Data" folder

I have problem with missing Application folder, I tryed to do everything from


without results.


C:\Documents and Settings now

and content of Deafault User

After typing at run %userprofile%\Application Data

He is visible also when in adress bar, after opening arbitrary folder, I type
C:\documents and settings\Suad\application data

Is that some virus, or what? Eset Smart Sequrity doesn't say anything about.

Sorry, but I must screem, HELP!

I use XP Pro SP3.

A:[SOLVED] Again &quot;Missing Application Data folder&quot;

Problem solved:


cd C:\Documents and Settings\
attrib -s -h -r Suad

and it's visible again!
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This folder "Application Data" is taking up about 600MB total across all the users on my computer.

Its located:
C:\Documents and Settings\*user name*\Application Data

So basically, what is it? What's it do? Is it OK to delete? Etc.


Computer Specs:
* System:
Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
* Computer:
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz
2.79 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM


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i recently installed XP home on this machine
forgetting to remove the password on 1 of the accounts 1 of the user folders now give a access denied error
i finally got the data out of the folder but i cannot delete the folder
i have google'd about and found nothing but useless app's
ive tried messing around with cmd with rmdir [dir]
i still get access denied
it contains 50 gigs of unneeded data which really needs to be deleted since this system only has a 80gig hdd

Thanks in advance

A:[help] Removing A Folder With Data Inside

Did you make this installation before or after you posted you HJT log on 10/26/07? If you change anything on the computer you will skew the results of the log.
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Hi everyone I had a folder on my desktop with some zipped files in it and I wanted to unzip them inside of the sandbox of the program sandboxie I moved the folder to C Temp Sandbox HP Administrator DefaultBox user find or inside I folder and Moved cannot data it now access current After I moved the folder and tried to open it access was denied I used the program quot unlocker quot to move the folder back to my desktop but access is still denied The folder properties says the folder is empty but when go to my C drive and click on the properties the hard drive free space is showing a size that suggests the data is still Moved folder and now I cannot access it or find data inside on the drive but I cannot find or access it I used the quot everything search engine quot http www voidtools com and when I Moved folder and now I cannot access it or find data inside search for the file names they show up in the search results inside of the correct directory folder but they show a size of zero and I cannot access them or even click on them to obtain their properties I tried to restart the computer probably should have done this and it did not help Can anyone tell me what may have happened or how I might get this data back If I cannot get the data back my hard drive free space has been reduced by the size of the data in the folder can I at least get the hard drive free space back Thanks John nbsp

A:Moved folder and now I cannot access it or find data inside

I was able to recover the data using "minitool power data recovery free".

However, the "missing data" is still on the hard drive somewhere and it has reduced the amount of free space on my drive by double what the original file sizes were (the size of the recovered data and the non accessible data).

I can try to delete the non accessible folder on my desktop with "unlocker" but the folder shows a size of zero. I'm not sure it would get the free space back on the drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can delete the missing data and regain the free space on the C: drive ? If I cannot ever access the missing data to delete it, will this likely hurt anything ?

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Hi everyone, my software(data acquisition software) works well and saves data in the folder with full control permissions, but when I try to save my data in the restricted folder(only delete permission is denied) it displays an error access denied.
Is there any workaround to disable the delete option and keeping the normal functioning of software intact, as my intention is to allow the users to generate the data and restricting them from deleting the generated data
Thanks in advance
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Hi I have located this folder and files in my C Temp Directory Normally C Windows temp CompatTelemetryLogs with AppAndDeviceInventory log right next to it and the following inside the folder Folder quot IMG quot lots of little image files of all my software Folder quot Resources quot with nothing in it Files CompatData ff xml compatscancache dat DeviceGroupingRules xml diagerr xml diagwrn xml PreliminaryReport xml setupact log setuperr log TelemetryTransform xsl WICA Devices SOL xml WICA Programs SOL xml WICA QueryAppBlock SOL xml WICA QueryBiosBlock SOL xml WICA QueryDeviceBlock SOL xml WICA System SOL xml WICA SystemReport SOL xml WICA TelemetryReport SOL xml WicaDeviceFilters xml Windows TelemetryData xml Not sure about all of these but I did a search for this one quot TelemetryTransform xsl quot and one entry was this below except I do not have any office program installed What folder folder? miner? Temporary and or my doing trojan a in this it files data is Is similar form MS I use Open Office http technet microsoft com en-us library jj v office aspx And this one quot Windows TelemetryData xml quot https www google com search num amp safe off amp hl en amp site webhp amp source hp amp q Windows TelemetryData xml amp oq Windows TelemetryData xml amp gs l hp ccynfh hp KGgYvIjDHXA I am not attempting to install windows at all so why this is coming up is What is this folder and files doing in my Temporary folder? Is it a trojan or similar data miner? beyond me I am using Win Pro and am quite happy with that version Is all of this just some attempt at someone to install windows on my system through the comcast internet system I also have now searched for the file that was next to the folder quot AppAndDeviceInventory log quot and got this http www exclusive-networks be Vendors mobileiron It looks like someone is or has installed an application to make my windows send data over the internet or network Making my entire windows system hosed with this Or has someone any idea of how to get rid of it Thanks ahead
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Hi! My computer's hard drive used a lot of space therefore i was trying to free up some space. I checked all documents on the computer to free some space but all user documents add up to be around 18 GB while the hard drive has used about 97 GB of space. I wondered what was using the other space and then I saw the folder Application Data under Documents and Setting/User name. The Application Data is using around 40 GB of space and looked in it to see what I could delete and thought I might screw something up while deleting from there.

Can you help me in deleting files from there because it is using too much space and I do not want screw something up?

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how do I access application data

A:application data

open a folder > Tools > Folder Options > view tab > click on Show Hidden files and folders > OK

Then go to C: > Documents and Settings > open the folder with your username > Note: there are two folders with the name Application Data, one is C:\documents and settings\username\Application Data
the other one is located in C:\documents and settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data
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I've just totally wiped my pc clean, and re-installed Windows. I backed up my Mozill Firefox profiles from C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. Now I've re-installed Windows, and Firefox, I can't find any Application Data folder. Can anyone help?

A:Application Data

The Application Data folder is hidden by default. To view the folder, you can type the path directly in Start/Run dialog. Or type in %appdata% in Start, Run.
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I was wondering if there was any way that I can stop applications from saving files into my personal folder on the C: drive. It seems that if I install a program (ie. Itunes) on say my D: harddrive, all these files associated with that program start to save onto my Documents and Settins/Applications data folder on my C: drive. Is this something that always happens or can I get around this? Another program that does this is Azureus...all my downloads go to my C: drive instead of where I am telling them to go on a different drive!
Thank you

A:Application data

Hello someguy111 and welcome to BC.all these files associated with that program start to save onto my Documents and Settins/Applications data folder on my C: drive. Is this something that always happensWith a lot of programs, even though you try to install on a different drive, some files will still need to be on the same drive as the OS.Another program that does this is AzureusCan you not change the location of the shared directory from within Azureus? I haven't used that one but any other one I have used allows this.
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I have a new computer with Windows 7 SP1 64-bit installed. When I click on Applications under my user profile, I get "access denied". What's going on? This NEVER happened under Windows XP. I need access to this folder in order to copy my old Thunderbird MAIL folders into the Thunderbird profile. I am the administrator (and only user) for this computer.

A:Application data

Are you attempting to access a hard drive with Windows XP installed on it?
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is it okay to delete stuff off from the application data folder? I was thinking about cleaning my hard drive.

I don't know where else to put this topic...

A:application data

What kind of "stuff"?
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I have two folders named "Application Data." One is C:\Documents and Settings\(User name)\Application Data, and the other is C:\Documents and Settings\(User name)\Local Settings\Application Data. They're both pretty large (especially the Outlook files). Some of the folders within those folders seem to be duplicates. Can I delete either one of them?

A:Application Data

No you can't delete the folder 'Application Data'. If you did there is changes of your user-profile crashes. Also, most of the application or software will not run or executive.
If you want to increases the free-space in your Hard disk.

You can use s Ccleaner
it will clean all the temporary files and unwanted resitry entry.

Secondly, if you have more than 1 outlook mail profile or pst files. Than you can move it to other drives or use the features of archive and move it as a backup to other driver or external drive.

Its strictly not recommended to delete any one of thes folders 'Application Data'.
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I have a couple of problems, this just one of them.

I was having problems with a game, and they showed me how to fix it, but, when I went into Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data, the application data was not there. I went in search of it (search) and found it there. Should I grab it and put it where it should go? Or is it hid somehow? How do I fix it?

The second one is I am getting popups all over the place. I downloaded NoAds, but it isn't working very well. I had a couple of others also, but they weren't any better, so I took them off. Any suggestions there? I have ran adaware, spybot, and clean. I also have spywareguard and spywareblaster installed. (advice from tech in hijack this forum). I need help getting rid of these pests.

Thank you for any and all help you can give me.

A:Application Data Gone?


Originally Posted by grani4xs


I have a couple of problems, this just one of them.

I was having problems with a game, and they showed me how to fix it, but, when I went into Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data, the application data was not there. I went in search of it (search) and found it there. Should I grab it and put it where it should go? Or is it hid somehow? How do I fix it?
You can try it the it will eather work or not.
The second one is I am getting popups all over the place. I downloaded NoAds, but it isn't working very well. I had a couple of others also, but they weren't any better, so I took them off. Any suggestions there? I have ran adaware, spybot, and clean. I also have spywareguard and spywareblaster installed. (advice from tech in hijack this forum). I need help getting rid of these pests.

Thank you for any and all help you can give me.

You need to run through the procedure HERE and post your HJT log as directed.
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I recently got a new computer and I am having trouble getting access to my application data on my old system drime. Everytime I click on the folder I get access denied. I can get to all other folder except the one that holds all my email data, favorites and book markes for IE. All help would be appreciated.


A:Application Data

Howdy JLMullins...

You will need to take Ownership of the folder, follow these instructions...
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Vista Home Premium
Dell Dimension XPS410

Somehow, my Application Data folder and shortcuts to it have gone into a continuous loop. So far, I have found no end. I don't know how this happened, but I sure would like to know how to correct it.

A:Application Data Forever

Greetings likekinds, to TSF.

Looking at the description you have given; it seems to me that you may well be infected with malware.
Before we send you to our Malware Section, there are a couple of things that you can do:
1. Clean all the temporary files from the computer.
Double click My Computer > Right Click on the C: Drive > Properties > Disk Clean Up

2. Using "Internet Options" clean the Browsing History.
This can be found under General; once done, click on Content and Clear SSL State.

3. Run whatever Anti-Malware and AntiVirus programs you have and if any thing is found remove them as per the instructions for the program/s.

When you have completed these tasks, report back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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Started looking for Application Data folders and found three main folder, but under those were a pile of them - why so many and why are all of them showing a shortcut as the parent folder?

Edit: The username\Application Data folder is not accessible even with security set to Everyone, why is that?

A:Why so many Application Data folders

Microsoft did that, to keep infections from planting theirselves into various folders. If you have Hidden Folders set to show, you should be able to under. Application Data was kept for XP compatibility. Windows 8 Appdata Folder Location
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C:\Users\Application Data

Is Application Data another one of those "Junction Point" things?

I need access to application data to put back some of my trillian logs and other game data from XP.

Anyone know how or where its located.

Edit: Ohhhh okay its located in.... App Data now, right above Application data....

Is it safe to remove the Application Data folder link from c:\users\?

Id rather not have useless links in my folders.
Edit and yet another thing how do i get too cookies? The link in Users\ dont do nothing but say access denied.

Also Local Settings, How do i get to my temp files and Temp Internet files.

A:Accessing Application Data

In Windows 7, the AppData folder stores user settings. A folder called Application Data exists for backwards compatibility with XP.The Application Data folder is just a junction point folder to the AppData folder and is hidden.The only reason that it exists is to redirect legacy applications, that are hard coded to look for that folder, to the new location in Windows 7 i.e. the AppData\Local folder. So its not a useless link and should not be deleted.

To see cookies, click on Start button and in the search box, type "shell:Cookies" without quotes. To see your temporary internet files, type "shell:Cache". To access the temp folder, type "%tmp%".
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Hi, I'm trying to open Application Data to get to a certain program, but am being advised that access is denied.

I already have 'Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives' ticked and 'Hide protected operating system files' unticked in Folder Options.

Could someone advise howto do this please?

A:Application Data denied?

What certain program?

More information please
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While trying to fix a problem with Java working properly I discovered that when going to Documents and Setting username Infinite Application Data App Data Local that the Application Data folder contains another Application Data folder and it another then another etc Each Application Data folder has a shortcut arrow marking it When I open the Properties for the first one and then select the Previous Versions tab it displays a list of Application Data folders with a variety of dates When reading the help it says that the previous versions are created by either System Restore or Backup I Infinite Application Data have used System Restore only once but I have never setup Backup at all Since I have fixed the Java problem in both IE and Firefox I thought that I would try the same with Opera by reinstalling it on itself but the installer wasn't able to see the source file and when using Windows Explorer I wasn't either Perhaps the only solution is a fresh clean install of the OS but I'm not anxious to do so Since it's not clear Infinite Application Data what caused the problem that exists the new install may end up the same way Any ideas I'm all ears

A:Infinite Application Data

I can understand why no one has replied, because it is a strange problem, but I don't understand why this has gotten so little readership.
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is the application ispnews of any concern? My F-secure virus scan can't open it. Any one know what this is?

A:Application Data\ispnews

See this information which indicates it is a part of F-Secure itself when located in one path, but could be malware if located in different paths:,John
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I have recently completely re-installed my win xp prof sp system and also subsequently used restore So everything is fine BUT I did a major backup as I do regularly and noticed that the amount of data in the backup had increased considerably When I checked I found that I had copies of the folder 'Application Data' That's misleading because I know everyone has folders of that name Forget about the one in 'Local Settings' I also have one in the folder bearing my name I also have a similar one in another folder If we pretend my name is Fred and data' application 'Is essential my desktop computer is called fredsdesktop then this other folder is called fred fredsdesktop and in this folder is another Application Data similar but with more recent dates Is this to do with my restore process If I disable by changing its name the 'active' 'Application Data' will my computer start up and run I just 'Is application data' essential dont want to disable the computer with a false move Thanks for any help

A:'Is application data' essential

Leave them alone unless you want problems.

One of the main reasons for a total backup to grow in size with each successive backup is the "System Restore" feature. It creates a new restore point everytime you install software , and adds that to the existing restore points. It can easily add several Gbytes if you have a large hard drive.

Before I create a full system image backup I disable SR to remove all the restore points. This reduces the size of my backup file by around 3-5 GB.

I make the backup then I enable SR again.
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Every once in a while when I log on to my computer, a lot of my application data is erased, for no apparent reason. Firefox bookmarks etc. are all gone. Ventrilo (voice chat program) settings reset. Anyone have any ideas what my problem may be?
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I need to access the "Application Data" folder under "All Users" and have been unable to do so. Initially I was denied permission so I changed ownership of the folder but now instead of an "access denied" message, it simply opens the main "All Users" directory in a new window without entering the "Application Data" folder.

How do I get around this?

A:All users Application Data

You've set this setting here yet?
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Can someone explain to me why I don't have an application data folder on my XP machine, please?

A:Solved: Application data

Its a hidden folder - show hidden in Tools Options View
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I did an upgrade from windows XP Pro to Windows Vista. Windows Vista created a windows.old folder, after installation i removed this folder, kinda. It deleted every file except 3 empty folders, which is where my problems is..
Problem: Cannot delete Application Data Folder from a old version of windows (old upgrade) - error message - Item is not longer located in (x location) and verify the items location.

I have full persmission set to the folder, i have the UAC turned off and i still cannot delete this folder.

any ideas on what i can do to remove them empty folders?


A:Application Data - Need to Delete

Had a similar problem deleting an empty folder in Vista Basic. The Unlocker program mentioned by Kayne worked for me.
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for both 'all users' and my account I can't access the 'application data' folder?
for both instances my account id shows having 'full control' on the folders, my account id is admin.
are these folders or their content really available under some other path similar to the way 'my videos' and 'my pictures' folders under my documents?
what is with this cat and mouse game anyway? why list/show these folders in windows explorer if they can't be accessed?

A:how to access 'application data'

Bbxrider, the applications data folder is a system point to your userid appdata

Just like documents folder in the all users is a pointer to your my documents folder.

a it confusing to some but to windows it is necessary..

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Windows Vista Business, 32 bit
New installation; upgraded from XP Pro SP2
Installed XP for 1st time on this computer, & upgraded to Vista, within past 3 hours.

The PC has removable HDDs, which allows me to boot to a different OS [ Vista, XP ].
HDD #1 - Vista Installation, Program Installation
HDD #2 - XP Installation, Program Installation
HDD #3 - data [ My Docs; hopefully "application data" ].

I would like to move "user\application data" to a different HDD within the computer, so that I can share the data with an XP HDD.

If this is possible, how do I do it for Vista?

If this is possible, how do I do it for XP?

Thanks for your help.


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Hello I'm using a combination of the Vista backup to do a complete backup of my OS and applications for emergency restore and another backup tool to handle my data My OS is on C and my data on D and other drives My query is that C will contain application settings data - for example if I write actions in Photoshop they will Application backup data/settings be stored under Application data/settings backup the user application data subdirectory or if I create a DOT template for Word it will be stored under the hidden data directories for Word I want to be sure that I am backing up all of the vital application data settings so that I can either restore just those or in an emergency can restore my full Vista backup done weekly and then restore the application data which I want to backup daily I've searched this set of forums and elsewhere to find something that lists which subdirectory tree s I need to ensure that I have backed up and I guess I'll need to do a registry backup too each day just in case settings are stored there I can't find such a list Does anyone know of a document that details what the vital stuff to backup is Thanks

A:Application data/settings backup

If you need to backup Photoshop, you need to find it's directory (probably under Adobe), and for Word it's probably under Microsoft or Office. Another option is to simply backup the entire AppData folder, that way you can't miss anything.

If you're talking about a large-scale backup for your whole system, you will probably want to backup drivers as well (you only need to back these up once, all the drivers are installed in C:\swsetup, but I prefer just saving the installer files).

I reinstalled my OS multiple times, with my personal data on another drive. What I backed up from my C drive was:

Select folders from AppData (only for programs' settings that I wanted to backup)Fonts that I had collected over time (C:\Windows\Fonts)Themes that I had collected over time (C:\Windows\Resources\Themes)Custom Power Plans (exported/imported through powercfg.exe in command prompt)Start Menu folder, for lots of links I created (AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu - Private Profile, C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu - Public Profile)Certain folders in Program Files of older programs that I run as Administrator for compatibility purposes (programs that need Administrator privileges to save stuff in Program Files)I did not backup the registry in anyway, because the registry changes I made were saved as .reg files. Other registry changes are made while installing programs (which after a clean install will be done anyway)
What you think is vital to backup depends on your system. Generally speaking, since you store your data on another drive, the AppData folder and drivers should be it, but you may have certain things that you want to save.
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I have been having problems for months now with my computer I keep getting a message Windows Explorer has more repeats \Application ... issues... Data\... PLUS stopped working and must \Application Data\... repeats ... PLUS more issues... restart At least a dozen times a day You can understand my frustration When I do a disk clean up there \Application Data\... repeats ... PLUS more issues... are files that it wont do c users all users Application data Application Data Application Data repeats There is over of them What is this and why I also use Google Chrome and I keeps freezing on me and has to be closed I have done virus and malware scans with nothing found If something is wrong with my computer I usually can figure it out Not this time PLEASE PLEASE can someone help Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Turion tm X Mobile Technology TL- x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M nForce M Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Quanta D None Antivirus PC Cleaners Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Disabled nbsp
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I graduated from XP Pro to Win 7 Home Premium and want to transfer the application data for firefox and thunderbird, but can't find where they stored it in win 7.

How else to save all my e-mail and browser settings from a different machine?

A:[SOLVED] Application data transfer


Use MozBackup:
How to Back up Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

Firefox Settings:
Backing up your information | How to | Firefox Help

Thunderbird Settings:
How To Backup Thunderbird Email On Windows 7
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hello, i'm having a lot of probs with some of the DVDs i've burned before. i couldn't access & copy the files from the DVD media; some couldn't be detected by dvd-roms. so, i think my only chance is to recover them thru a data recovery tool.

does anybody know of a free recovery tool that'll help solve my prob? know where i can download? help pls..

or is there a way to avoid data & files burned in DVDs being corupted? how?
Relevancy 93.74%

I'm finalizing my move from an old Windows 7 computer to a new 8.1 one. Unfortunately Windows Easy Transfer no longer transfers settings - which worked flawlessly when moving from XP to 7 - only user files. As recommended by Microsoft I used PCMover (,
but the offered edition doesn't allow for choosing which user settings are to be transfered - it chooses by itself and omits a lot (confirmed with a log and with Laplink's customer service).
Hence I'd like to archive all the application data/settings in order to use it in case I will need it when (re-)installing a piece of software on my new computer (and I use a lot of programs). Could you enlighten me on all locations where application data
is stored? It's not only AppData for sure (cf. here, for example:
Thanks in advance,
Relevancy 93.74%

as soon as i put in the wolfenstein disk this is all i get "error writing application data"what can i do?

Relevancy 93.74%

Hi I don't know if I am posting in right place but on my desktop there is an icon I can't remove called %userprofile% I believe it has something to do with application data should this be there and I tried to download free Apple quick time 7 but it would not install. it says could not access network location %alluserprofile% is this related I don't know that much could you help me with problem.

A:application data (moved from networking)

Hi does anyone know the answers to my problems the buisness of application data seems complicated, is this a computer error or has it something to do with spyware altering my system until a few weeks ago this was not on my desktop does anyone know.....
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Hi All,

I have about 12 application data folders in my XP PC. I want to free up some memory and delete some of these. Which ones can I delete please?
And the bigger doubt is "why I have these many application data folders?

Below is a list of all the application data folders in my PC:

1. allusers\Application Data
2. Default user\application data
3. myuser\application data
4. myuser\Localsettings\application data
5. Local service\application data
6. local service\local settings\ application data
7. localservice.NT authority\application data
8.localservice.NT Authority\\local settings application data
9. Networkservice\application data
10.networkservice\local settings\application data
11. network service.NT Authority\application data
12. networkservice. NT Authority\local settings\application data

Somebody please help me.

thanks in advance.

A:many 'Application data ' folders mayhem

you want to delete System folders ? ? ?
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Can application data, such as the personal folders in Outlook be put in a library? I do not see in the file structure something like "C;/User/Appdata/Outlook" Or am I missing the library concept?

A:Application Data in Library Question

Hi there

Ghat you can do is download file pfbackup.exe from the office download section (note Office checks genuine validation before download). This creates an extra function in the Outlook file menu when you are displaying the Inbox : ==> BACKUP.

This program makes it easy to backup / archive Outlook email folder.

In outlook you can then use this to save / re-open your outlook folders .

For example save in D:\email_backup.pst

Now THIS file can be added to your library.

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My problem is: the "Application Data Folder(s)" are not appearing (hidden) in win explorer under documents & settings, user and all users. I can access them only thru doing a search files and folders routine. In the view file options I have checked "show hidden files", unchecked "hide file ext. of certain file types", and unchecked "hide protected system files. All to no avail. I have two home computers networked but open with no password reqm't or administrator designation. Could the folders be hidden by default because of network?


Problem fixed. Pulled up the folders in search filed and folders, under properties the hidden file was checked them. They now appear as they should
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Hello I have recently been having trouble installing and running various programs on my computer mainly microsoft office and itunes when i do try to install the programs a microsoft window pops Corrupted Data File Application up and says Corrupted Application Data File quot an error occurred while trying to create the directory C DocumentsandSettings AllUsers Application Data quot I did try to resolve the problem by using my windows XP service pack CD and completed the sfc scannow yes with the space between sfc and yet i still cannot Corrupted Application Data File use many of my programs I have tried this solution twice now restarting Corrupted Application Data File my computer before the second attempt the scan took approximately mins each time Also whenever i am able to use a program a beige pop up appears in the notification area of the taskbar near the clock above a yellow triangle with an exclaimation mark inside stating for example my security centre quot CA Security Centre casc exe - Corrupt File the file or directory DocumentsandSettings AllUsers Application Data is corrupt and unreadable Please run the Chkdsk utility quot I did run quot Chkdsk f quot yet the computer says that it cannot lock the current drive I was wondering if there were any other possible solutions to my problem Any help would be greatly appreciated Sam

A:Corrupted Application Data File


DocumentsandSettings is the wrong format - it is Documents and Settings.

\DocumentsandSettings/AllUsers/Application Data is thwe wrong format - it is \Documents and Settings\AllUsers\Application Data

'I did run "Chkdsk /f", yet the computer says that it cannot lock the current drive.'

An in-service drive cannot be checked - usually is asks if you would like to do this at the next boot. Did it?
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Novice here: Licensed Hollander Powerlink software for car parts business. Closed business after 5 years. Can't open application anymore. Tech support won't help me. They told me that I need an SQL Expert to retrieve my data. They say it's still on my computer.

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I'm using Windows SP3. Some time ago, I had a system crash and had to reformat my C: drive and reload windows. Luckily, I had an external backup of my data. When I reloaded my data, I ended up with 2 separate folders under 'application data'. One is called 'Bill & Lois' and the other is called 'Bill & Lois.Bill'. Some of my apps us one and some use the other. I would like to get rid of one of the 2 folders. I have copied all the folders and files from 'Bill & Lois.Bill' into the folder titled 'Bill & Lois'. I have opened some of the apps the have data in 'Bill & Lois.Bill' and tried to find if they have any method of changing the location of where their data is stored but cannot find any such command. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this?

A:Combining folders in Application Data

What would be the advantage to doing this?

If these files are under different account names, they can't be moved and still function.
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I have a Vista system. Recently something is transfering large amounts of data when I'm not downloading or uploading anything. How to find application responsible for it? I scanned the system with Malwarebytes, AVG antivirus. I also have Comodo firewall installed.

A:Finding application transfering data

Did the Task manager show anything?
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Greetings guys, hope you are doing fine.

I'm using ExpatShield to play SCII ( long story ). Anyway, I tried today to download an arcade map from within SC ( 3 MB ) but it was extremly slow. I alt-tab and opened Resource Monitor and here is what I found >>
As you can see ExpatShield is downloading at near 70 KB/sec but is not passing data to the original application ( SC in this case ). It actually downloaded more than 70 MB and the map was still at 2%. Moreover, when I exited SCII, Expat kept downloading.
It usually works fine except for this case.

Thanks in advance.
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Im really unsure. I think i messed it.
Please help me.
(C: )Documents and Settings>All Users>



A:application data location? did i messed it up?

Quote: Originally Posted by BLooDSaCHoK

Im really unsure. I think i messed it.
Please help me.
(C: )Documents and Settings>All Users>



If you are asking if application data is replacing documents and settings. it is. Your setup looks correct
Ken J
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My working computer is not on the internet, but I apparently infected it using a thumb drive. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 almost daily and now need to clean out my bridge cache, but I cannot get to the file because it is hidden. I've tried unhiding it, but still can't get to it. I'm sure that's where the cache is because the bridge shows that as the location. Please help...I have much work to get out and cannot continue to operate PS efficiently without emptying the cache. Thanks in advance!

A:Trojan(?) has hidden Application Data...Help!

I'm sure I have had a virus on this computer; when I right click on the C drive under my computer, instead of having options for Open, I have meaningless letters/characters.
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When I am try to play a data CD the Windows 2000
professional,gives me the following message:
So,I can not play the cd.I tested the cd in the same pc before when I had the win98 and no problem.Please help if you have time to spent!
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I just got an iPhone 6 and lost some pictures due to wrong operations. Is it possible to retrieve data in any way with any data recovery software?
How did Macgo Mac iPhone Data Recovery go?
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What the best application to get data back or recovery program.

A:What best application to get lost data back

I recommend using Recuva.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
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Hey guys I need to get into the folder...

C:\Users\&USERNAME&\Application Data

and everytime i try it says Access is denied. I need to get in there to create a folder, Any help will be appreciated!


A:Application Data Access Denied?


In my case I have only this folder marked as hide C:\Users\%username%\AppData
Make sure that you have administrative privileges.

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I am trying to find the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates so that I can add my own templates folder with data but this folder isn't showing in the normal place. Microsoft Office is showing under Programs but this isn't the default location to add my own folder.

Can anyone help me, please?

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Hi Guys Can anyone please help?, I have a OS WinXP 32bit and have an ongoing Problem with a File Called
Application Data\Tocu\opaxu.exe
Application Data\Tocu
I have tried malaware/superantispyware/Microsoft security Essentils,Microsoft has picked up the above 2 Files as infected and has removed them only to come back again, I am now in the process of running Combofix again this has picked up these files as infected it seems to be stuck on Deleting these files I have been waiting an hour now to on aval
My Question is has anybody heard of these files and what are they? is it a new infection? as I have googled these files to no aval Many Thks for all/any help rgds Pete

A:Application Data\Tocu\opaxu.exe Infection or Not??

You should not run ComboFix without the proper guidance.

Please download DDS by sUBs to your desktop from one of the following locations:

Double-click the DDS.scr to run the tool.

When DDS has finished scanning, it will open two logs named as follows:


Save them both to your desktop. Copy and paste the contents of the DDS.txt and Attach.txt files in your reply please.
Please download GMER from:

Click on the "Download EXE" button and save the randomly named .exe file to your desktop.

Note: You must uninstall any CD Emulation programs that you have before running GMER as they can cause conflicts and give false results.

Double click the GMER .exe file on your desktop to run the tool and it will automatically do a quick scan.

If the tool warns of rootkit activity and asks if you want to run a full scan, click on No and make sure the following are unchecked on the right-hand side:

Any drive letter other than the primary system drive (which is generally C).

Click the Scan button and when the scan is finished, click Save and save the log in Notepad with the name ark.txt to your desktop.

Note: It's important that all other windows be closed and that you don't touch the mouse or do anything with the computer during the scan as it may cause it to freeze. You should disable your screen saver as if it comes on it may cause the program to freeze.

Open the ark.txt file and copy and paste the contents of the log here please.
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In the last day or so the folders in the Application Data are been deleted repeatitly. I discovered this when I kept getting asked to import bookmarks into Firefox and soon realised that the Mozilla folder was being deleted in Application Data, along with all the other folders.
When I open Firefox a new Mozilla folder is created in the App Data folder and after about 20minutes it is deleted again.
I'm not sure why this has happened, about 2 days ago I was almost out of disk space and so I started uninstalling some software and did a registry clean which may be the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Application Data folders deleted repeatitly

We advice against registry cleaners here at TSF, there's no way they know about all registry keys used by all the existing programs so they'll make wild guesses as to what needs to remain and what needs to go and in the end they can cause more harm than good. Cleaning the registry won't help with disk space and won't increase the system's reactiveness noticeably anyway.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall firefox ?
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The following folders does not exist or I cant locate inside of c:\windows: "application data\microsoft\templates"

I'm running Windows XP w/ Office 2k3. I'm trying to change options, file locations, user template. This is inside of Office 2k3. I map it to C:\windows and then "application data\microsoft\templates" cannot be located. I've run in to this problem before on a different computer and just forgot the solution. I've already changed the views to show hidden files.

A:C:\windows\application data\microsoft\templates

I would try: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates
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Afternoon everyone It a application Excel Solved: VB Dumping to from data has been a while since I have been on here but I am now back with another project in mind I am doing an internship at an engineering firm and a Solved: Dumping data from a VB application to Excel colleague Solved: Dumping data from a VB application to Excel wants to create a VB app regarding quot measurement of fluid flow procedures for the evaluation of uncertainties quot ISO- The main purpose of the app is this - Have some input table to enter recorded values - Then the user will have an option as to the calculations required desired - Then the app will process the results possibly plot a graph this sounds tedious for VB - And the final option is to export the results into a spreadsheet supported file CSV XLS etc To break down the four points - The problem here is the myriad of possibilities for formatting the table to permit the intended calculations I have read the manual and there there would probably need to be at least tables table for calculating numerical solutions for sensitivity calculations quot uncertainty budget quot general data table for daily readings of various meters to cater for the various variables And the tables used would have to support expansion if more rounds tests runs have to be added for probability distribution calculations - I have already had some trouble before with using VB to pick up values in one cell to complete calculations but this video has given me an idea of how to avoid this problem http www youtube com watch hl en amp v vnUoD UqyA But alas I am reminded of the fact I intend on using an inbuilt table spreadsheet so I am not certain on how to make the necessary declarations calls processes to get it going - The third step seems simple to just plot the results somewhere a new table for example and then possibly have a graph - The final step requires saving but this is hopefully simple as I know VB should be able to capture all the data within the current session and save the data upon Ctrl S or some other trigger I might also include a piece of code to open up the file once it is saved Thank you very much for your help in advance I appreciate it nbsp

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Is this normal:

and this is how much space it's taking up:

Looks weird to me. I am the only user account on the computer.



A:Normal: Multiple Application Data foldes

No that is not normal. Did you try to delete the second AppData down?
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I have 2 computers in different offices both with broadband. A program on computer a needs to access a datafile in realtime(accounting data). How can I set this up to be fast so it doesn't act like it accessing data remotely?

I have tried Ibackupdrive( a virtual internet drive) and Hamachi but both seem too slow, 2-5 seconds latency. Using Gotomypc or Logmein, I can access the data in less than a second.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:local application accessing remote data file

Buy a really fast link. There is a lot of difference between a remote console view of the computer and actually accessing the DB remotely.
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We lost power to our computer one day last week and it hasn t worked properly since Ad-aware would not a program..... data application Error opening when writing open so I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Somewhere during the installation process it freezes up and I get an error message saying it needs to close When I try to open already installed programs I get an set up error that Error writing application data when opening a program..... says error writing application data I tried uninstalling and reinstalling those programs also with the same result Here is my hijack this log if that helps at all Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe Error writing application data when opening a program..... C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Error writing application data when opening a program..... Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Tools Binn sqlmangr exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Outlook Express msimn exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Teaching Textbooks Math Math exe C Documents and Settings Stephanie Desktop HiJackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files AVG AVG avgssie dll file missing O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe quot O - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe quot O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run MySpaceIM C Program Files MySpace IM MySpaceIM exe O - HKCU Run AdobeUpdater C Program Files Common Files Adobe Updater AdobeUpdater exe O - HKCU Run WMPNSCFG C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe O - HKCU Run SpybotSD TeaTimer C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe O - HKUS S- - - Run MySpaceIM C Program Files MySpace IM MySpaceIM exe User SYSTEM O - HKUS DEFAULT Run MySpaceIM C Program Files MySpace IM MySpaceIM exe User Default user O - Global Startup Service Manager lnk C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Tools Binn sqlmangr exe O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button no name - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Spybot - Search amp Destroy Configuration - DF... Read more

A:Error writing application data when opening a program.....

I ran combo fix and it seems to be working now.
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I recently had a crash that left my computer useless. Thankfully, I had a backup computer and had recently backed up my
C:\Documents and Settings\MyName\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles
folder up on a flash drive. Actually, I dragged a copy of the entire Application Data folder to the same location on the new HD (both computers running XP) where it immediately disappeared. A search reveals no folder called Application Data anywhere on the the computer. Despite this, Thunderbird (on the new computer) has all my mail going back a couple of years, which means that the old Application Data is definitely stored somewhere on the HD. So, how do I now back up my data/email if I cannot find this folder?
Running Win 5.1 SP 3. I think the old computer was running the same version of XP, but there is no way to check.