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HP Envy 17t-j000 w/ 740M - Triple monitor setup questions

Q: HP Envy 17t-j000 w/ 740M - Triple monitor setup questions

Hey guys,

I'm needing some information that is extremely hard to come by.

The 740m in the HP Envy 17t-j000, does anyone know, or does anyone know WHERE to look (Google failed me, or I failed Google!) to find out whether it needs ACTIVE displayport -> HDMI adapters?

I question this because I know the 57xx series from ATI required active. The card only supported 1 RAMDAC signal (or something?) and the Nvidia's tech seems different. According to HP support, passive will work fine. I need to have the adapters ordered ASAP, but I do not want to order the incorrect ones.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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Preferred Solution: HP Envy 17t-j000 w/ 740M - Triple monitor setup questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi I already have a desktop computer specs are below with Windows installed in it and I was interested in upgrading it to a quot Triple Monitor Gaming Setup quot with a powerful quot Graphic Video Card quot E g AMD Radeon R to Setup"? Building Monitor A related "Triple Questions Series or NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti so that I'm able to play any recent Games on it The sizes of PC Monitors I want to get are inches Now I have a few questions here they're With the Questions related to Building A "Triple Monitor Setup"? Desktop Computer that I have at the moment what quot parts quot do I need to upgrade in order to have a quot Triple Monitor Gaming Setup quot What Monitor brand do you suggest Concerning the Monitor can you please explained to me what the quot ms quot mean and is it really important For example some led TV are Ms and other are Ms I have been told that with a quot Triple Monitor Setup quot it's not worth buying Questions related to Building A "Triple Monitor Setup"? three monitors that have a higher resolution than p E g x due to the simple fact that most PC Questions related to Building A "Triple Monitor Setup"? Games don't support such a high resolution Is it actually true Thanks in advance and I would appreciate any suggestion Yannik Here Are Some Upgrade Parts I Think I Will Need - Graphic Video Card AMD RADEON E g R SERIES R X R X R X and R X ----VS ---- NVIDIA GEFORCE E g GTX Ti OR GTX TITAN GTX TITAN Black and GTX TITAN Z - Triple Monitors Mount Stand - Up to quot or quot - Three Monitors quot or quot Any Brand Acer LG Samsung Asus HP Etc Suggestion - Power Supply How many quot wattage quot will I need - Gigabyte Internal Memory RAM How many more quot Gbs quot I need - Processor Intel Core i CPU Is it powerful enough to run a Triple Monitor Setup with a big Graphic Video Card - Fans Building a Triple Monitor Setup will probably create more heat but is it enough to need to purchase more Fans My Desktop Computer Specs Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz GHz Installed Memory RAM GB System Type -bit Operating System Windows Edition Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Graphic Video Card ATI Radeon HD Series - Memory MB Gb - Mode X bit Hz Mother board Gigabyte X A-UD R Ultra Durable Active Sound Card Creative X-FI Audio Processor WDM - Speakers Creative SB X-FI - Sound Card ATI High Definition Audio Device

A:Questions related to Building A "Triple Monitor Setup"?

1) Just your GPU unless you have something like a 500w PSU
2) Asus gets my vote every day of the week
3) Ms refers to the response time in terms of milliseconds. The lower the number the better.
4) Going higher than 1080p may cause you to run into the limitations of the GPU as it has to render 3 images at 1920x1080 for all intensive purposes thats the best part of 6k! But a 780ti 4gb will handle this fine, a 3gb version may struggle on the more demanding titles that are very Vram intensive.
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This one has me stumped hoping someone can lend a hand The rig in question is up to date in my system specs I currently run a triple monitor setup all the monitors were purchased at the same time and are the following model Asus VS H-P -Inch LED Monitor The three monitors are all connected to XFX DD Radeon HD X Cross-fired with an identical OEM Model setup. triple Color anomoly of monitor single monitor on GPU All three are connected to a single card which was tested out of cross-fire beforehand and each card Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup. was tested separately The monitors Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup. are arranged as shown below -DVI -Display port to DVI active adapter -DVI With monitor one being the far left monitor two the center display and monitor three the far right display The best way to describe the issue There seems to be a single blue pixel on display that stays in the same place but this pixel does not show up when the color displayed is solid white solid black or solid red To rule out the usual suspects -All cables have been checked with new replacements on two different rigs -Both cards have been tested and work properly on two different rigs -The cards are NOT overclocked -The display that shows the pixel has been tested as well the pixel does not appear on my test rig -Disabling eyefinity does not resolve the issue -Removing the second card does not resolve the issue My question What am I seeing A stuck pixel Artifacting Could the active adapter be causing the issue If it turns out to be a stuck pixel can it be fixed Or is this a dead pixel that will require an RMA Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup.

Sounded like a stuck pixel until you mentioned it doesn't show itself in solid black. It's possible it still could be though, have you tried any of the remedies?
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So the title explains most of my problem, ive connected 3 monitors to my computer but it detects all 3 as one very large monitor, im not sure if this is a setting that i just cannot find and change or if it is within the detection, as is im using the nvidia control panel to set a custom resolution in order to make the monitors display what they should, but this leaves me with only the option of using them as if they were in span mode, i am not able to use them as three seperate monitors

my specs are as follows:
Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit
Amd FX-8150 at 3.6ghz
32768mb GSkill ram
Galaxy MDT GeForce GTX 580
3x LG Flatron e2241 monitors

if any more information is required i will be happy to provide it, thank you in advance.

A:Triple monitor setup detected as one large monitor

Were you expecting to run 3 different programs and have one on each screen? If so, what were you going to do about the keyboard? Were you wanting to view 3 different photographs at one time? Telling us why you connected 3 monitors would be a help.
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Whats up guys so I have a laptop and have bought 3 ben q monitors and I want to do a triple monitor gaming setup but I don't have a external gpu. With the 3 monitors I bought an hdmi splitter so i can get picture to all three monitors but i have no idea how to extend the display across all three monitors and i am running windows 8 if you know anything at all please let me know and thank you

A:Triple monitor setup

As far as I'm aware, an HDMI splitter will allow the same image to be sent to multiple monitors, not send 3 different images to 3 monitors.
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Hi I have a three monitor setup and play wow It's cool but I keep getting a error window that shuts the game down like every minutes when flying around sometimes not for a long time if I don't fly anywhere It says Not enough storage is available to process this command File MapMem cpp Line Requested bytes of memory I was triple setup monitor WoW and told this may be due to addons I only run healbot and recount I was also told it is filling up the cache and has nowhere to dump or something along those lines Is there anyway to alot more memory to the cache I would like to be able to WoW and triple monitor setup run wow with three monitors and on full settings but it doesn't look like that's going to happen System specs Intel I WoW and triple monitor setup gb ddr ram tb hd ati radeon HD gb WoW and triple monitor setup card windows It was suggested I turn off shadows so I'll start there Any help and or suggested much appreciated Edit This has been solved I made an entire new computer and got a different error all the time That was solved by forcing the game into direct d mode Who would have guessed that it doesn't automatically use directx Page has the new computers specs and some benchmarking information

A:WoW and triple monitor setup

A thread on problems realated to games.
Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues - Windows 7 Forums
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I currently have two 24 inchers as dual screen (which i love to brag about ) and i want to add a third one. However my video card has only 1 vga and 1 dvi output.

Are there special video cards that can handle 3 screens on 1920*1200? Or do i need more video cards?


A:Triple monitor setup - How?

More video cards, well, one more though there are or were some specialized cards from Matrox I think that had even more output ports for additional monitors.

Now I see they have something called the TripleHead to Go which is a breakout box to control three monitors but I don't know if it supports 1920x1200.
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First I want to thank those who responded to my previous questions about PCI video cards and dual monitors Second I ve only had dual monitors for a little over a day now and I am ready for a third monitor already How would that work though Triple Monitor Setup Here is what I have ATI Radeon PCI with VGA and DVI output Currently I have one Dell FPT hooked up to each connection and my display is spread across both monitors One annoyance is that every centered window that pops up shows up half on each screen I believe monitors with a stretched display would eliminate that problem so Triple Monitor Setup I would like to add a rd Dell FPT to my system The centered windows would pop up on the middle monitor correct For that and other greedy reasons I think I want a rd now How would I hook up the rd monitor though I believe I had to turn off my internal AGP to get this PCI video card dual monitor set up to work properly so I can t use that connection Would you use something like a y-cable off of the DVI connection So you have a VGA running to monitor one and a DVI split to run Triple Monitor Setup to monitors and Would that still work with Triple Monitor Setup a stretched display Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Triple Monitor Setup

You wouldn't split the DVI signal (except with special cards I've only seen on IBM machines) to display on two monitors. Instead, and probably easiest, you would put another PCI card in your machine giving you support for 3 or 4 monitors if you please.
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Hi Im trying to setup eyefinity Windows can see my rd monitor but AMD CCC cant Set up is as follows HDMI actual DVI cable with adapter DVI DP - active adapter using DVI cable I think Its the display port thats causing the problems as thats the one that is not being detected I setup monitor Triple have tried swapping the monitors to confirm functionality and they are all working Windows detected the rd display but when i extend the desktop to the DP monitor i get the quot unable to save display settings quot dialog All monitors are identical I have checked and updated to Triple monitor setup the latest software and drivers What am I missing Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD A - K APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon R Series - Mb Hard Drives A Total - MB Free - MB B Total - MB Free - MB C Total - MB Free - Triple monitor setup MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASRock FM A M-HD Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I m having a little problem with the setup of my video card According Setup Triple Monitor Solved: to ASUS the EAH will support and run monitors at the same time However I can only get it to work with The card has outputs VGA DVI and HDMI Is Solved: Triple Monitor Setup it possible to actually make all ports work at the same time I have an LG TX on analog an LG TX on the DVI and an RCA quot LED TV on the HDMI Right now the only way I can get the HDMI to work is to disconnect the VGA cable from either the video card or the monitor I know that the monitors is a bit extreme Due to health problems I can t sit in a chair with my feet on the floor for very long I have to have my feet elevated I watch all my TV online I can t see the monitors from either the couch or the recliner so I bought a quot TV so I can recline and keep my feet up Any time I want to watch the TV I have to shut down my system disconnect the VGA and reboot This is a real pain Does anyone know of a way I can get all three to work at the same time Again I realize that this is more convenience than anything else but reaching the VGA cable on either the monitor or the computer is very painful I really need to find a way around this Thanks in advance Rob nbsp

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I have been running a dual screen setup for the past years and now that I have just recently purchased a samsung syncmaster wm I wanted to make Need Configuring Triple setup Help monitor the jump to triple screen setup I have tried the Nvdia control panel to detect my rd screen but to no avail there is nothing showing on it I am running a xfx gt Sli setup and i do have my Sli disabled I would like some help on how to get my videocard to recognize my rd screen Edited The previous problem has been solved via update of drivers However i have encountered a new set of challenges that i need help on Here s a Pic of my current setup Physical Left to right Monitor NVidia Control panel Software recognizes it as Monitor HOwever the monitor order that the image is outpputting is Monitor What this means is that the farleft monitor thinks its the middle and my middle monitor think its the farright and my far right monitor thinks it s the farleft confusing huh I cant find the way to change the image order in the new version of Nvidia control panel nbsp
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I'm in the market for a new Video card, have an extra LCD monitor sitting around in addition to the 2 new ones I just picked up. Am looking to pick up the 512MB GeForce 7900 GTX.

Does anyone know of a quick-and-easy (and preferrably inexpensive) solution to setup Triple Monitors? I've seen the Matrox adapter, but wasn't altogether sure I needed to spend $300 on something to acheive it.

I'm a web designer and gamer, so would be my dream setup to have that much screen area.



Running Windows XP Pro

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Hi I ve just picked up a Dell Ultrasharp U monitor and am planning a hardware upgrade to monitor hardware Triple question setup expand this to a triple monitor setup My requirement is as follows - I will be using the monitor for two purposes - First is web design graphic design music production and coding for which I will use the multimonitor setup - The Dell will be my primary workspace monitor x and I will be buying two other - quot monitors x to be placed on either side to use with additional reference documents images and organizing my photoshop flash cubase Triple monitor setup hardware question panels - The Triple monitor setup hardware question second use is that I will be connecting my PS to the HDMI port of the Dell monitor Triple monitor setup hardware question to use when gaming I will not be gaming much on my computer and even when I do I do not wish to have multimonitor gaming - I will use only the Dell monitor My question is this - what is the best solution for graphics cards keeping my requirements in mind I was thinking of using a GTX XX series card as my primary display card connected to the Dell and using any GTX XX series card to the remaining two monitors I am not interested in SLI so I dont need to have identical cards but will this solution work Can I use both PCIe slots this way In case I do game on the PC will I be able to use only the graphics card connected to the Dell while the other two monitors are not used that is they continue to display whatever it is they had on while the game continues in the main display Thanks and any suggestions are welcome Sid nbsp

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Hi there. It may be because there are 3 DVI ports on the one card but Win 7 does not recognise all 3 monitors, only 2.

On the contrary the Nvidia control panel recognises all 3 monitors and I am able to configure all 3 screens with a res of 5760 / 1080. All is fine until I reboot and then nothing. All monitors blank. I can only assume that it's because of a conflict with the Nvidia driver (latest) and windows.

My question is, is it possible to force windows to recognise all 3 monitors? I think then my problems will be over.

ASUS SKT-1366 P6T Deluxe V2
Windows 7 64 bit
i7 975 Extreme OC to 4.2GHZ
6gb of 1866mhz Dominator DDR3
1TB Samsung F1 SATA II
Nvidia GeForce 590 GTX
Acer 3D 27 inch X 3
3D Vision Surround.

A:Geforce GTX 590 in conflict with windows during triple monitor setup.

All fixed now. 3D Surround gaming, at last, at a resolution of 5760 / 1080.
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Hey All So I'm running xR X crossfire with xQnix Qx monitors One of the qnix monitors was Setup (DisplayPort w/ Having Monitor issue?) issues Triple purchased with HDMI DisplayPort connectors along with the usual DVI connector normally these monitors only come with the D-DVI input I had a monitor with just the two DVI-only monitors setup for a while that was working fine Since installing the third monitor I'm experiencing several weird things - On boot until the Windows login screen comes up Windows there is nothing on the non-primary DVI monitor so my setup is my primary monitor is one of the two DVI monitors and then the left and right monitors is another DVI-only and the DP monitor - If the monitors go to sleep or I Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?) put the computer to sleep and wake it up any windows that were on the non-primary DVI monitor are moved over to the primary DVI monitor Windows on the DP monitor do not move in this configuration - WIthin CCC after sleep monitors off I have to restart CCC's control of the color settings for the non-primary DVI monitor I'm forgetting what the actual button says but it's the button under the Display color controls settings where you can manipulate the R G B channels - I have to use the GPU for color matching since the monitors don't have any inherent ways to change R G B levels If I only connect the two DVI monitors this is not an issue If I connect one DVI and the DP monitor after sleep wake any windows that were on the DP monitor are moved over to the primary monitor again note that this didn't happen when all monitors were connected I have tried the newest version of CCC as well as the current beta version - same behavior in both I have tried using HDMI instead of DP - same behavior Aspects of this sound similar to the issues discussed in this post http www overclock net t dealing-with-displayport-hdmi-autodetect What I don't understand is why the second DVI monitor is acting so oddly when all monitors are connected Why would there be no picture when the computer boots Any input would be appreciated Thanks

A:Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?)

I run a triple monitor setup on my desktop PC. 2 DVI and one HDMI on my GT 640. The one using HDMI goes as follows Mini HDMI on video card to normal HDMI to HDMI to DVI adapter. What I notice is regardless of which monitor is set as primary my BIOS POST screen and the initial Windows Boot screen always shows on the same monitor on one of the DVI ports. The video card determines what monitor the POST screen shows on. For me it depends on how many monitors I have plugged in and what ports they use. I have never seen it where it didn't show. The logon screen then shows on my Primary monitor. I don't use sleep or hibernate so I can't help you with that. Why you don't see your POST screen I don't know, I have seen other people report the same thing though. I don't remember if they found out why though.
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hi i have a envy 17t-j000 it start up but nothing on the screen no flashing caps lock light happened after i update to windows 10. i've tried to update the bios but still nothing please can some one help me.
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How to quickly disable touchpad on HP ENVY 15t-j000?   I just got one of the newest Haswell notebook.  With older HP laptop touch pads there is a spot at the upper left corner to disable the touchpad.  With the latest Synaptic touchpad on the new ENVY 15t there is no keyboard or touchpad button to disable the touchpad when you are using a mouse. Please advice.

View Solution.

A:disable touch pad HP ENVY 15t-j000

Hi Unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut for turning the touchpad for this model.
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I have this card, ATI Radeon HD 5700. Trying to hook up my LG TV using a display port adapter. So when I go to display settings, my monitor is found and shown with the 3 screens. So when I click on my TV and try to extend the display I get an error stating 'Unable to save display settings'. Please advise me on what I should be doing.

A:ATI Radeon HD 5700 - Triple monitor setup, unable to save

Hi there,

Are you giving all the display's the correct resolution?
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I bought an Alienware r NVidia m and k laptop touchscreen and nbsp Alienware Graphics Amplifier w Titan X installed nbsp a few months ago and I am now trying to get my three Asus quot p LCD DisplayPort monitors to function with it I have connected all three to the individual DisplayPorts on the Titan X in x to Unable - setup titan triple w/amp monitor Alienware 15 r2 and functioning get the amplifier but it only Unable to get triple monitor setup functioning - Alienware 15 r2 w/amp and titan x detects nbsp the laptops screen in Display Properties of nbsp Windows I can get it to extend the desktop to one of the monitors Unable to get triple monitor setup functioning - Alienware 15 r2 w/amp and titan x the laptop screen but I get an error nbsp when trying to extend it to the third Looking in nbsp Device Manager I can nbsp Generic PnP monitors two connected through the Titan X and the laptop screen In the Nvidia control panel I can see the two Asus screens nbsp I have tried the latest Nvidia drivers and I have even factory reset the laptop to try it on a fresh install with no success All Asus screens will function individually nbsp as long as I move the DisplayPort connection around on the Titan X so I know the screens are ok What do I need to do to get the third nbsp Asus LCD nbsp detected and get windows to allow me to enable all of them Exact System Configuration Alienware R Unable to get triple monitor setup functioning - Alienware 15 r2 w/amp and titan x Intel R Core TM i - HQ Quad-Core MB Cache up to GHz w Turbo Boost GB x G MHz DDR Memory NVIDIA R GeForce R GTX M with GB GDDR inch UHD x IPS-Panel TrueLife -nits Display with Touch Technology Windows Home bit English Alienware Graphic Amplifier with Nvidia Titan X installed x Asus quot p LCD w DisplayPort and HDMI
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Hello Hp nbsp I have an issue in regards to my laptop First and foremost I want to stress I have never dropped or spilt or mistreated my laptop I believe I take very good care of my 15t-J000 far screw Envy HP left stripped laptop which is why I never renewed my warranty subscription I do frequently take my laptop to class at the university I attend so it does involve plenty of closings openings and moving from place to place I do not know whether this could impact this but just HP Envy 15t-J000 far left screw stripped three days ago I moved my laptop from my desk to my living room In doing so the far left screw on the back cover fell out of the laptop Confused I looked at it and put it back inside the laptop but it would not screw in It seems the screw has been stripped Now when ever I open and close my laptop there is a large gap between the bottom cover and the top Noticing that there has been several other cases online of the same scenario it has raised my questions How can something like this happen too several people in the same sense I would call but money is tight and do not want to pay to talk to someone Is there another solution where I could possibly be sent a new back cover or possibly a new laptop nbsp I have read up on the recall poilicies stated here nbsp In cooperation with country government safety authorities HP participates in voluntary recall programs when a defective part is shown to cause a potential safety hazard These policies are found here http www hp com us en hp-information recalls html nbsp I don't think it's a stretch to say that the issue I am having poses as a safety hazard I take this laptop with me to and from school Because it's constantly open with the large gap it could cause an electric shock nbsp nbsp Below are a few links to other forums which people have encountered the same issues with the same model nbsp nbsp http www pctechbytes com forums index php topic -hp-envy- t-j -hinge-repair nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions HP-Envy- t-J -Hinges-Breakin nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions Envy- t-j -hinges-are-destro nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions Broken-Hinge-on-HP-Envy- t-Qua nbsp http h www hp com t Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions Envy- t-j -hinges-are-destro nbsp

A:HP Envy 15t-J000 far left screw stripped



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I recently purchased an HP ENVY t QUAD - E T AV nbsp It shipped with Win and I honestly can't stand it Upon attempting to reinstall with Win I am unable to find any disks to install to I have searched the ENVY install Win7 Unable to 15t-j000 on devmgr in win for the information on the SATA controller and the chipset I have downloaded the drivers and Unable to install Win7 on ENVY 15t-j000 when attempting to add them during the Win it finds the drivers that are compatible with my system but when i attempt to install I recieve the error No new devices could be found nbsp I enabled legacy boot options disabled secure boot changed the boot order all that good stuff nbsp I have attempted to install having both the SATA and mSATA drives attached as well as only having one or the other attached and recieve the same error each time I have used several different drivers from HP and Intel and all recieve the same error nbsp I have read other posts from people saying that they have install Win on their t so it must be possible nbsp What am I missing nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Unable to install Win7 on ENVY 15t-j000

Had the same problem... figured it out... it was not a Sata Contorller driver issue at all. 1. Turned off Secure Boot, & Enabled Legacy.2. Turn USB 3.0 BIOS setting to act as AUTO so that OS installations treat USB ports as 2.0 Compatable3. HD partition scheme needed to be reset.. not sure what it was.  Hooked it up to my Mac and under parition, set it to 1 Partition and chose MBR as the partition table layout scheme. Hope this helps, but still having problem with Nvidia Graphics Drivers and Intel Chipset drivers
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Hello - I am experiencing the same issue any many other users with the screen hinge breaking the laptop enclosure. This sounds like a product defect that should have warranted a recall by HP. The enclosure is broken on the left side and there is now a broken piece in the enclosure that is a risk to damage the fan. I purchased the laptop November 13, 2013 and the enclosure recently broke during normal usage. Is HP still covering repair of the issue at no cost? I also have a 3 yr warranty through SquareTrade (via Amazon), but I am not sure what avenue to take to get coverage for the repair. Are there any current class action suits regarding this issue?  I have my own business and this is my work laptop, so the matter is urgent. Thank you.
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So after almost hours of frustration over j000 not after HP (F.36) on Envy 15 Wifi updat... BIOS detected HP remost assistance I post here about my malfunctioning Wifi after a BIOS update nbsp My latop HP Envy j CTO edition running Windows Realtek EE b g n Wifi not detected on HP Envy 15 j000 after BIOS (F.36) updat... wireless adapter driver version nbsp nbsp Description of problem I updated my BIOS to F via the automatic HP Product Assistance Program yesterday and the wireless failed to get detected on Windows The wireless adapter is detected in Device ManagerUnder PC Settings - gt Network - gt Airplane mode Wifi not detected on HP Envy 15 j000 after BIOS (F.36) updat... I see We couldn't find any wireless devices on this PC My laptop is not on airplane mode the WIFI LED is white nbsp BTW I only update my laptop via Windows Update and HP Program Assistant nbsp The technician on HP remost assistance did everything she could we uninstalled reinstalled all the drivers under Network Adapters minus the WAN Miniports which by the way magically appeared after the BIOS update she did some updates via the HP Device Manager program and we even rolled back to a previous BIOS version F from the Windows update page for this laptop but to no avail nbsp So after about hours I was transferred to a supervisor who said he would send me the box and shipping label to have the laptop be shipped to the service center which would take a week At least the guy gave me the expedited shipping option free of charge after I ranted about the quality of HP products nbsp The supervisor told me apparently this can happen in a BIOS update where one more component s may fail to function GET ON THIS HP THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE Why put in the automatic BIOS update feature when my laptop was running just fine nbsp and yes my laptops was plugged in and everything during the update nbsp I lost my morning trying to fix this AND week without my laptop which I use for work Also I have to backup all my data because they are going to factory reset the laptop when they repair it nbsp This never happened on my Sony VAIO which I used for years with no problems and still works nbsp Anyways if anyone else is having similar problems or have a solution post here I hope this helped nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Wifi not detected on HP Envy 15 j000 after BIOS (F.36) updat...

I have a similar problem where my HP no longer detects wireless devices.  Will someone from HP please look at this problem ASAP.
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I have had the same situation again actually. It did come off whilst it was in warranty and HP fixed it somehow. Now, again it has come off from the same place. Not sure how to fix it? What all does it need to be fixed? I understood from different sources that I need back cover and some sort of front panel. Please guide me. Thanks.

A:Left hinge of HP ENVY SELECT 15T-J000 NOTEBOOK is broken



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

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Hello my HP Envy has been acting up after I restored it from a restore point The restoring process worked great and did what it was suppose to 15-j000 System.. Quad not Operating Edition boot Touchsmart Envy will HP do I installed a Bluetooth Wireless driver supported by intel it installed like HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. it should have Then it asked me to reboot so I did then I was prompted on a black screen with an error message of The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors file windows system winload efi error code xc So I brought it onto myself to check other forums to see if there was a solution to this error I tried a bunch of different things HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. and nothing worked So I formatted my hard drive via HP Envy 15-j000 Touchsmart Quad Edition will not boot Operating System.. Command Prompt After that was done I tried reinstalling the operating system Windows That didn't work it said the Operating System on my flashdrive was bad This is false because I've used the same flashdrive for many reinstallations So I tested it on a computer I did not care a whole lot for to make sure it still worked Sure enough it worked I even tried switching out the hard drive with another computer that has Windows already installed on it I get the error message quot Please install an operating system on your hard disk quot As if there was no hard drive attached I'm not sure what to do at this point I have completely lost hope for this very expensive laptop I called HP and they said all I have to do it buy a flashdrive from their store with the recovery OS on it This would make sense but I can't even tap the esc key a bunch of times to even get to the boot menu I can still get to the bios just not the system recovery tab Otherwise it will send me back to the quot Boot device not found quot quot Please install an operating system on your hard disk quot Hard Disk F F System Diagnostics I have tried running the System Diagnostics and they all pass for both hard drives Please help me Thanks in advance
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My questions but first a bit of back ground Win bit Ultimate my setup Monitor Dual questions MB is an ASUS M A -EM and am using the integrated graphics which is the ADI Radeon chip card driver up to date The above MB supports HDMI VGA and DVI-D Recently replaced my aging but still quite usable inch Hanns-G HC D monitor with a inch ASUS H The swap over was simple enough everything plug and Dual Monitor setup questions play DVI to DVI everything working and displaying just fine on the new monitor and I am more then happy with it So there was my Hanns-G doing nothing I have read so much about the benefits of dual monitors but what do I want with dual monitor Dual Monitor setup questions set up my new screen had more then enough desktop clutter space but there was the Hanns-G just asking to be hung and connected so I did just that VGA to VGA cable then went to start control panel display made sure everything showed up that the ASUS was set as my main monitor that quot Extend these displays quot was chosen and clicked OK On the ASUS side of things the resolution is set as recommended x the Hanns-G x I restarted the PC Now what seriously what should I be expecting Having restarted the PC everything seemed s to be working fine in as much as on my ASUS everything is normal my desktop is showing along with desktop icons and the back ground wall paper but on the second monitor just the wall paper is showing no icons nothing I can drag my mouse cursor across from screen to screen I can drag a document over to the second monitor but when I click to open it only opens on the main monitor What am I not understanding is this how it should be or where have I gone wrong in setting things up

A:Dual Monitor setup questions

Quote: Originally Posted by Tram 1

Now what, seriously! what should I be expecting?

Having restarted the PC, everything seemed/s to be working fine in as much as on my ASUS everything is normal, my desktop is showing along with desktop icons and the back ground wall paper but on the second monitor just the wall paper is showing, no icons nothing.

I can drag my mouse cursor across from screen to screen, I can drag a document over to the second monitor but when I click to open, it only opens on the main monitor.

What am I not understanding, is this how it should be or where have I gone wrong in setting things up?

Sounds like you've set it up correctly.

If you want the icons on the 2nd screen, simply drag and drop them there.

A lot of apps will always open on the 'main' display initially, but if you open your document, place it on the second screen and then minimize and maximize it a few times, it should 'remember' to open on the second display next time.
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I recently bought an all-in-one computer (about 6 months ago) and since then the screen has slowly gone to crap. It was fine the first couple months but over time lines started to appear and eventually (now) I can barely see anything. I have to wait 30 mins for the colors covering my screen to disappear, and even after that I can only be on it for about an hour before they reappear and inhibit me from seeing anything again ( also there are white lines going horizontally across my screen that never go away). So the question is, should I waste money on a USB graphics adapter and connect it to another monitor? I'm hoping that I can just move everything from this current computer desktop and place it on the other monitor and just use this (the messed up screen one) as a kind of "tower"... would that even work?

A:Questions About Duel Monitor Setup

Hi, Can I ask why Your are not pursuing a warranty repair on that computer? or was it a refurb model?
What is the make and Model.
Good Luck
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Alright I'm planning on using dual monitor (maybe tri monitor) with my current system. I have a Geforce 3 ti200 without dvi. I'm planning on purchasing an ati radeon 7000 32 mb ddr pci with dvi so I can use dual monitor setup. I have an extra monitor lieing around too.

First question, can I even do this and would it require anything else than what I listed?

Second question, how do i switch using the monitors as in... will i need another mouse or how do i switch controlling with my mouse. If i'm playing a game on one monitor and then have my desktop on the other monitor how will i swap from one to another using my mouse?

Thanks guys

A:A few questions about dual monitor setup

Just in case you didn't get it on IRC here's the link...
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OK, i want to triple boot Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Ubuntu 9.10

I've partitioned my 300GB HDD into 3.

Vista was installed on it first (C Windows 7 was installed second (A and i've got my Ubuntu partition ready to be the third as (U

I want to install from USB. Is it possible to run the setup and install within Windows?
Or do i have to boot from a DVD?
Also, what will happen to my bootloader? I assume that grub will take over the Windows loader which is fine whilst i use Ubuntu?
What happens when i want to uninstall Ubuntu? Does the Windows loader just kick back into effect or would i have to reinstall the loader?

Sorry for the plethora of questions. Just want to be sure of what i'm doing

A:Triple Boot Questions

No, you will need to run Setup from the live CD. GRUB will take over the boot loader if you let it, but there are ways around it. When you want to uninstall Ubuntu, unless you have worked around the takeover, you will need to repair your Windows installations from the repair disk.
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One of my PC's has Dual Onboard LAN, I have two Windows7 machines connected, fine. I want the computer with the Dual Onboard LAN to have it's second connection from Windows7 to Windows Vista, does anyone know how I would go about this without fudging up my connection between two Windows7 computers ?

A:Triple Network Setup

Quote: Originally Posted by JerometheGiraff

One of my PC's has Dual Onboard LAN, I have two Windows7 machines connected, fine. I want the computer with the Dual Onboard LAN to have it's second connection from Windows7 to Windows Vista, does anyone know how I would go about this without fudging up my connection between two Windows7 computers ?

Just set everything for Workgroup (as opposed to Homegroup) sharing with account names and passwords for shares... XP style.
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I have dualscreen at the moment, by plugging both monitors to the GFX, but I'm wondering if it would conflict if you plugged a 3rd monitor onto the mobo?

Also would it be limited by the graphics capabilities of my mobo?

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Can this be done? A triple HDTV monitor setup? I have a 22" Polaroid, 24" Samsung, and a 24" Sanyo HDMI TV's. I tried it once before and made screens say "No Signal" Or "Mode Not Supported" I am using NVidia. 22" Pol and 24" San are HDMI and 24" Sam is using DVI-I to VGA adapter. If someone has done this before, or can give me some tips, anything will do!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I hope I am not posting this topic in the wrong section
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Hello guys I plan to triple boot Windows Pro Mac OS X Mavericks and Ubuntu TLS on my machine I just had a few question regarding the same and some questions about UEFI amp GPT Now I'm going to format my entire drive and install Windows Triple questions UEFI & Booting Some regarding GPT, in UEFI mode So Some questions regarding GPT, UEFI & Triple Booting the hard disk will be automatically formatted to GPT instead of MBR right Also my graphic card MSI R X HAWK doesn't yet support UEFI GOP so even if I do install Windows in UEFI mode I can choose not to use the UEFI option My hard disk being GPT formatted during the Windows install in UEFI will I have to apply any patches to install OS X which will be Some questions regarding GPT, UEFI & Triple Booting on a separate partition Should I install OS X first as it uses GPT and then install Windows in UEFI mode on a separate partition Lastly after installing OS X and Windows how do I install Ubuntu in UEFI mode if it supports UEFI and configure Some questions regarding GPT, UEFI & Triple Booting the boot menu so that I can choose which OS to boot into Thanks in advance Regards Yash Shah

A:Some questions regarding GPT, UEFI & Triple Booting

I don't know about Linux/Mac, but here is some info about UEFI/BIOS boot mode: link
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Hi everyone I have been dual booting Windows and XP for several months now everything is working great thanks to your excellent guide Dual Boot Installation with Windows and XP But now I want to add a Vista partition Usually I do some reading and try to do everything by myself but the Some questions 7/Vista/XP triple booting about last time I fiddled with the partitions I corrupted the MBR and lost a lot of important data so now I thought that it's better to be safe than sorry The questions Can I just follow this guide Dual Boot Installation with Windows and Vista to install Vista when both XP and are already installed Some questions about triple booting 7/Vista/XP Is there a chance I can damage the other partitions by installing Vista Is there anything else I need to know before I begin Now for some info I have a TB HDD composed of GB HDDs in RAID I have several partitions NTFS FAT and even exFAT I will install Vista on a GB NTFS partition I will create I'm dual booting Windows Ultimate X and XP Pro SP X My system has an Athlon II x CPU with GB of RAM Thanks in advance for any help

A:Some questions about triple booting 7/Vista/XP

It is standard practice to load operating systems in chronological order so installing vista last may cause the other operating systems to cease booting.

The result will depend on where the actual boot files are currently held - can you post a screenshot of your current configuration, to enable us to see exactly what may need to be altered
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Can you please advise me... I have a Aspire T180 MotherBoard to which I would like to install a AMD Triple Core 8750 2.4ghz CPU with 4gig 800mhz RAM.. Is this possible.. will I need a BIOS update? Are there issues with doing this?.. any help would be much appreciated... regards bravanovich
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I have a dual boot 7 with 32bit and 64bit, and unknowingly installed the 32 first and 64 thereafter (on 2 partitions of SSD). I realise now that I want to delete 32bit and cannot format this partition.

I ask because I have a Win 10 partition on my HDD that I eventually want to clone to the SSD and thereafter only have 2 partitions with 64bit 7 & 10, and format the space left on the HDD as a backup location.

Attached are screenshots from disk management.

Can anybody help please?

A:Moving and deleting OS on triple-boot setup

You cannot delete D because it`s the Active partition and has the system files on it.

And if you wiped out D you wouldn`t be able to boot from C because it`s on an extended partition, it must be a primary partition, set Active and contain the system files.

You`d have to wipe out C and D in order to reinstall W7 64 bit, and I`m not sure you can do that as C and H are both part of an extended partition.

Why is there a gap between C and H, please post an unedited shot of Disk Management.
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I just read a good order Installation OS's setup... of boot in triple quot article quot on multiple OS installations and it said something that I m wondering about w Linux or from RedHat They used Linux from RedHat and said that on their system if they installed W K before Linux they couldn t figure out a way to install Linux Here s the link to the article - http www maximumpc com reprint quad boot index html - I liked everything about the article but I m just curious if anyone knows about installing in a particular order and Installation order of OS's in triple boot setup... whether or not it makes a difference Also I want to use Boot Magic from Partition Magic for my boot management Anyone know if I should install that before beginning my multiple OS journey or after all of the OS s are installed I m installing W K Pro and Linux or maybe from Installation order of OS's in triple boot setup... RedHat on my PC to use with W SE which is already installed Any help with these questions would be great and very much appreciated nbsp

A:Installation order of OS's in triple boot setup...

Well, I can answer one of your questions. It does make a difference in the order you load the different operating systems. It has to do with the boot loader that comes with the system. For example, Win2k's boot loader will recognize other OS's already installed and automatically add reference to them in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. It wll also set up a boot menu for you so you can choose. Not all OS's provide that capability and will rewrite the MBR, wiping out any references to other OS's.
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After all of the recent posts I ve put out here let me tell you what I would like to do I know it sounds crazy but what I want is W SE W K Pro and Linux all on my laptop Dell with the option to boot into any one of them of course I have to have W on it for work I ve decided to go with W K because I m I'm setup...(now getting boot u?) Triple bout sure it will be easier to setup on the laptop then NT Workstation AND because it would be a good opportunity to learn something about it And I want Linux on there to learn it too So now that I have that out of the way here are my specs I have Triple boot setup...(now I'm getting bout u?) a Dell Mhz MB RAM ATI Rage Mobility Pro MB Video RAM gig hard drive DVD ROM LT Win Modem and Com Megahertz LAN CardBus PC Card and at work I ll be on a LAN that uses DHCP and on my home LAN I m looking at ICS w W SE I have no doubts about W and W K on this laptop My biggest doubt comes with trying to install Linux on this bad boy I m going with Red Hat Linux One reason is because I Triple boot setup...(now I'm getting bout u?) did read that it was installed successfully on a Dell I thought I d partition the drive like this gig - W Fat gig - W K Fat gig - Linux MB - Linux swap gig - Data drive for W and W K apps and data Fat I have no idea what apps I would install for Linux to use so maybe I should make the Linux partition bigger or create one more partition is this getting out of hand for Linux stuff I don t know I ve never done a triple boot before especially with such a foreign OS as Linux foreign to me anyway so I m kinda losin it in trying to figure this all out I think that s everything The main reason I want W K and Linux on the laptop together is because they both have some tools that I want to play around with or that I can install for use in those OS s that W doesn t have or can t use It is imperative that I be able to get on the LAN s work and home with Linux I know there won t be a problem with W K here for Internet connectivity since the tools and such that I want to mess with and learn are useless almost if you don t have Internet connectivity Any questions My brain is fried No more posting for the night Any help with this ideas on how to move forward opinions on my proposed setup etc would be very much appreciated Thx in advance nbsp
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OK so here s the story I have dual-monitors working Not Setup - Solved: Triple Screen Aero Working! with for about months and decide to make the jump to a triple-screen setup I have a motherboard with an ATI Radeon Xpress with Mb of shared system memory plus an ATI Radeon X Pro Mb PCI-Express graphics card I plug my third monitor into my motherboard and finally get three monitors working But no Aero The setup is this Left quot TFT x running from Solved: Triple Screen Setup with Aero - Not Working! X Centre quot TFT x running from X Primary Right quot TFT x running from X Secondary If I disable my right monitor so my left and cenre are still running I can get aero As soon as I enable the monitor again it disappears It seems as soon as I decrease the number of monitors to two regardless of the monitors I choose Aero works Because of this I know that the X will support Aero so that Solved: Triple Screen Setup with Aero - Not Working! s out of the question The result is the same whether I use ATI s Catalyst Conrol Center or the Vista display manager Any ideas It s highly annoying to be so close to a fully working triple-screen setup Cheers MaidenFan nbsp

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I am using Windows 7 in 5040x1050 resolution using Matrox TripleHead2Go.

The problem is that taskbar live previews appear to be automatically disabled at this resolution (only windows titles are shown). When I am using 5040x1050, they look like this:

When I switch to 1280x800 notebook display, the previews look like this (notice that the thumbnail is shown):

I get live previews in 3360x1050 too. But 5040x1050 doesn't work.

Please help me force Windows to draw live previews with thumbnails at the 5040x1050 resolution. The DWM works at that res just fine - previews are visible in Flip3D and in Alt+Tab switching.

YT, Danila
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Hi there Currently I have Set-Up Monitor Triple help? a dual monitor Triple Monitor Set-Up help? set-up with just a quot and a quot Doesn t look too smooth and great with them being different physical sizes yet having the same res so I m planning on changing it all round soon and going for a triple monitor set-up I currently have a GT being used with a spare GT I can chuck in the spare PCI-E slot of MoBo for the third monitor so GPU wise there s no problem I can t think of how I want it set up though My ideas are All non-widescreen All non-widescreen quot s are non wide-screen quot is widescreen This last idea really appeals to me After doing some BASIC research it seems the physical sizes of a quot monitor and a quot monitor Height wise are the same Do you think this idea could pull off I would probably have to force a res of pixels less on the quot monitor or pixels more on the quot monitor As they run x and x respectively but I think it could be done BUT that would mean I would get a total resolution of x which is kind of weird Another issue is that this is gonna end up costing more too I can get quot monitors for new or less second hand but just one semi-decent quot costs double that The second idea is kind of gay but will prove to be the cheapest The first idea would mean I could even have my old quot monitor completely seperate or just ontop But anyway my questions Would the set up work ok Anyone know exact screen dimensions so I can work this out What would you all reccomend My uses would be to try some games that utilize three monitors and just general productivity increasing Cheers in advance And sorry for the long post Link nbsp

A:Triple Monitor Set-Up help?

welcome to tech support guy,
if you're just looking for dimensions,
then choose monitors & lcd on the left menu
then choose whatever monitors you want the dimensins for
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Hi all- First time posting if I screw it up please don t flame me I ve been using dual monitors for a while now and love it ATI Radeon x PRO Diamond Viper MB PCI-Express Intel core duo Windows XP Now I want to go to monitors Any opinions on what is the best approach Would another video card be a good idea I ve been using both monitor outputs on the card but I know there is also a widget out there that takes one monitor port which you tell is x wider in pixels triple Going monitor and routes it to monitors but I don t know if that would make effective use of the card For gaming all I play is EVE online mostly I ll be using it for professional activities Going triple monitor and light image editing I have money although not enough that quot money is no object quot a few hundred plus the monitor is about as far as I m going to go Thanks in advance -Dark Green nbsp

A:Going triple monitor

If you want an extended destop on 3 screens you are going to need to get another video card. I would recommend another Ati card so you can configure your desktop trough the ATI catalyst program. If you decide to go with something else here is a program that may help you.
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Hi I've been searching the internet for quite some time now but haven't found anything with my specific problem I have a asus P G T-M LX mobo and a Nvidia Geforce TC mb Graphics card The reason for this older card is it's smaller passive cooling so it doesn't get in the way of another pci slot I have two monitors connected to the Nvidia card and one on the IGD I set the bios to IGD PEG dual mode The screen on the IGD works but only one screen of monitor Triple IGD+PEG the Nvidia works Win x does see the 'third' screen saying it works correctly But the screen stays in standby and never turns itself on When setting the bios to PEG offcourse the IGD screen doesn't work but now both screens connected to the nvidia card work fine So there is nothing wrong with cables and connections Does anybody have a clue as what the problem is Does it have Triple monitor IGD+PEG to do with different resolutions or frequencies Or is there not enough graphics memory I have no idea I use win x basic Triple monitor IGD+PEG and it's not connected to the net so it's never been updated I did however tried with installing the latest intel IGD and Nvidia drivers

A:Triple monitor IGD+PEG

i gave up
got rid of a pci card so my previous newer video card would fit in.
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Will this video card support three monitors one is a 29 inch acer one other is a 18 inch dell the third will be a 40inch toshiba.
ASUS ENGT440/DI/1GD5 GeForce GT 440 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

A:Triple monitor set up

Nvidia Surround supported cards

I use a triple monitor setup, and depending on your goals with that setup, you'll need ALOT of video processing horsepower.
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After considerable tinkering I've managed to properly partition and install three operating systems in my netbook - Linux Mint Debian Edition which I use normally Windows which I use when I need some Windows-specific application that is unavailable in Linux and Windows XP which I use disconnected from the Internet to interface with some old hardware that has no drivers available for and won't work properly in virtualization The last round of tinkering resulted in me finally configuring grub properly so I can now select and boot all three partitions However while LMDE and run fine trying to boot XP results in a quot NTLDR is missing quot error How do I fix this while leaving the rest of the boot procedure untouched I've tried Googling and applied the found solutions but they all rewrite the MBR I can then easily restore grub but I lose the ability to boot And if I then restore boot ability to from WinXP); XP setup missing Triple reports (Linux, boot Win7, NTLDR the install disc and re-restore grub I again lose XP

A:Triple boot setup (Linux, Win7, WinXP); XP reports NTLDR missing

This is a Windows forum. We pioneered many of the fixes for Win7, which may not apply here since you are asking about GRUB.

In a typical XP-Win7 Dual boot where Win7 is installed second the Win7 installer only updates the boot files on XP to boot Win7. Then to add Linux what works best is here: Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7

Normally to re-establish a failed Windows boot menu what works best is to Mark Win7 Partition Active then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times. This moves the System flag and boot files to Win7 or its' System Reserved partition so the more modern OS is booting the system, and the multi-faceted repair checks and fixes many other parameters.

You can then install EasyBCD to add XP to a Dual Boot. EasyBCD (click Download - no Name or Email required)

However since you're relying on GRUB it may require a Linux solution and not Windows, unless you want to add the Linux distro per Dual boot Ubuntu-Win7.

Another method is here to Dual Boot - Windows 7 and Linux - Windows 7 Forums whose author may be able to help you better if contacted through the comments section.
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Ok I have a video card now that has a DVI output and I know that you can do dual monitors from the card now I was wondering if by adding a second PCI video card I could do triple monitors. This is just an experiment that I am not willing to try until someone with knowledge of these things says its ok

A:Triple Monitor Display? Is it possible

Yes. Provided the PCI card is compatable it works fine.
Thats assuming a recent version of Windows.

An extensive signature with specs is noted, except for the most important bit.
What operating system/version??
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Today I upgraded from Windows to Windows before I upgraded I issue. monitor Triple had been running monitors Everything Triple monitor issue. was copasetic however after the upgrade I can no longer run screens but Windows Triple monitor issue. is not really telling my why Pre-requisites - Windows and my AMD vision control centre detect that the other monitor is in fact there but will only allow me to run at a time screen shot provided - I have updated to the latest driver for my video card screen shot provided - I have checked all monitors and cables on another machine in my house everything works perfectly - I have used the all mighty Google to search for anyone with a related issue came across articles with similar problems none resolved - edit I am using DVI input HDMI input AND display port I also tried using an active display port adapter to no avail Any help advice would be greatly appreciated to help resolve this issue as I am out of ideas

A:Triple monitor issue.

I have resolved this issue now so I though I would leave this comment behind help people in the future.
All I did was unplug my computer take out my video card completely and re-seat it.
After that I booted up and presto! all worked as normal.
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Operating system Vista I am running triple monitors on an ATI Radeon HD The card has an HDMI port a DVI port and a Display port Using a display port to HDMI active adapter I successfully got all three up and running My issue is that while two monitors Triple monitor flash are hooked up directly my third connection is a HDTV ran through a Yamaha receiver Whenever the receiver is turned on or off or switched between my other devices the computer recognizes Triple monitor flash it as new hardware and attempts to incorporate it into my display This causes all of my monitors to flash and turn on and off until I open display settings to disable the monitor So when I turn my PS on or off my computer thinks I am trying to incorporate a third monitor I have updated all the drivers with no success Is there a program or setting that will force my computer not to alter the display when it detects another monitor nbsp

A:Triple monitor flash

Not that I'm aware. Windows and the drivers aren't written with TV sharing in mind. They expect any device connected to be in use.
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Hi I have had a setup with three -inch screens in two years They are set for the mini display hdmi and dvi in my Radeon HD Series It has worked perfectly When I upgrade to win I could no longer use three screens but only two All three screens still worked I could just only have two monitors active at the same time I went back to win and everything worked perfectly again Now I have formatted my pc and reinstalled win but and i experience the exact same problem as I did when I installed win Understand me right I can use all three screens but only two active display Triple monitor at the same time Windows will not let me extend to the rd screen and writes only quot display settings were not saved quot AMD driver Triple monitor display is the Triple monitor display latest and writes to me do a screen passive before I can activate another Anyone have an idea what I can try has become rather desperate
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I have a Samsung T240 ( and a HP LA2405x (

I like the Samsung in the center. So should I get another HP to make it symmetrical or get a Asus VS24AH-P (

I'm leaning towards the Asus and if I do choose that one, I'll use it as my center monitor.


HP LA2405x T240 vs. Asus VS24AH-P for third monitor in non-uniform triple screen set up.

A:Monitor for Triple Screen set up

Personal preference and/or price.
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How would this work out, would it just be one extended screen or do you have different things on each monitor, please lighten me up.


A:Dual/Triple Monitor

Quote: Originally Posted by Faceofjoe421

How would this work out, would it just be one extended screen or do you have different things on each monitor, please lighten me up.


You can do either one. I have separate things on each one most of the browser on one side, and my media player or whatever else I am doing on the other side. I use DisplayFusion: Multi-Monitor Taskbar, Multi-Monitor Screen Savers, HotKeys, Multi-Monitor Wallpaper, Windows Logon Changer and more....
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so I bought a new computer recently that came stock with a GTS 250 videocard, and was looking to add another video card for triple monitor display. my only options for expansion are PCI and PCIe x1. what videocards are compatible/would work with this setup?

A:triple monitor with a GeForce GTS 250

Envida FX 5200 will work with the latest vista driver. It's a PCI DX9. $39 Newegg. I just got it going with Win 7 Pro 32 Bit.
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The only thing i hate about having three monitors is finding wallpapers to go across all three of them. Anyone have any pictures they have that work?

I have three 1080p monitors all side by side


A:Triple monitor wallpapers...

There probably aren't a lot of them out there.
A trick you can use to find properly sized images would be to do a google image search and set the size using the exactly link on the side to 5940x1080.
then just search a letter from the alphabet one at a time.
I did "a" here
a - Google Search

eventually you should hit a few good items.
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im running build 7100 and after hearing that windows 7 supported heterogeneous graphics cards i was excited to try it out.

ive tried but i can't seem to get it working.

i am using a 8800GT PCIe and a FX5200 PCI.

my first question is, is it not working cos the fx5200 is too old?

A:triple monitor not working

Am I correct in assuming that the two monitors from the 8800GT are working alright?

If you are on x86, download this, extract and then install using the device manager for the FX 5200.
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I have three monitor setup, sometime i just need only one of the external displays active.

Is there are shortcut or a software to do this.

i don't want to go to screen resolution option every time to disable the monitors.

A:Triple Monitor shortcuts

Charms Bar►Devices►Project?

Attachment 45950
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I'm new here so hi everyone I'd really appreciate some advice on setting up multiple monitors under W and this seems the best place to ask Sorry for the long post I'm currently running a dual monitor setup under windows home premium -bit using a Radeon HD card PCI-E I got hold of a third monitor so I potentially have a primary quot widescreen DVI monitor x plus matching quot VGA side monitors x and was wondering what the best approach to setting it up would be I should stress that this is NOT to achieve any triple-monitor triple Best solution? monitor gaming that just isn't realistic on my budget although I would hope for the best possible gaming performance on just the primary monitor I could get with my hardware There would be nothing more taxing on the secondary monitors than maybe watching live tv from my standard-def pci tv card or watching a DVD or video Best triple monitor solution? file through media player I would hope aero stuff would work across all three From reading older posts here and on other forums Best triple monitor solution? there seem to be approaches open to me that may work All would cost roughly the same here in the UK around ish Install a PCI graphics card to run the third monitor Only decent one I can find readily available here is the GeForce GS for around Would mean mixing ATI and Nvidia display drivers Replace the Mb Radeon HD with a Gb Radeon passive DisplayPort-VGA adaptor to run all from the same PCI-E card Overall cost would be somewhere around - if I also sold the HD on ebay Replace my current motherboard and use my current HD card along with an onboard HD chipset in 'ATI SurroundView' Sell the old motherboard Overall cost - So not much difference in cost so the performance compatibility problems are of more concern Any ideas anyone

A:Best triple monitor solution?

My roommate just went the three-monitor route and found it simplest to just add a 5770 to the 4870 she already had. By the time you track down Display Port adapters and whatnot it turned out to be cheaper, too. It was also a lot easier than swapping out a motherboard would have been. There is the added benefit of being to upgrade one video card at a time if there is ever a need for it.

I know some people run mixed drivers (ATi/nVidia) with no problem, but I think that doing that doubles (or maybe squares) your chances of trouble.
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Is anyone out there familiar with triple monitor setups Specifically anyone on here have experience with USB Monitor solutions? - Triple VGA Q&A to these or similar products Amazon com Plugable Triple Monitor Q&A - USB to VGA solutions? USB to VGA Video Graphics Adapter for Multiple Displays Triple Monitor Q&A - USB to VGA solutions? up to x Supports Windows and XP Electronics Amazon com LinkS SuperSpeed USB to VGA Adapter for Windows Electronics I've been thinking about building another computer because what I use has only one VGA port and I want a third monitor Then I realized I really don't have to get another computer I could just get another monitor and a USB to VGA device Who even knew these were a thing Any experiences positive or negative I don't intend to play games on the third monitor but I will likely watch videos on it however I'm not picky about the quality Everyone I know swears they can tell the difference between and p I'm not sure that I can and the better quality doesn't enhance the experience for me any As long as it's at least broadcast TV clear and the voices are synced I'm happy

A:Triple Monitor Q&A - USB to VGA solutions?

I run triple monitors on my desktop PC but they all run off of my dedicated Video card. On my laptop I run dual displays with the second one being a USB 3 display. It uses DisplayLink software. This is the one I have, May not be the exact same model but looks identical to the one I have. I've watched videos on it and didn't notice any lag. I don't game on my laptop anyway. I went this route because its nice and compact and will fit it my laptop bag with my laptop. It's the same size as a 15 inch tablet only its a monitor. Just the one cable for power and video. I have no experience with the adapters you posted, sorry.
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Hey I'm set triple with his up?! monitor Help a noob new and am looking for advice for setting up my x LG quot LCD monitors and my Help a noob with his triple monitor set up?! quot Samsung TV The two LGs will be used as normal monitors on a desktop while the Samsung is used for media TV shows movies bed-browsing etc I currently have a dual monitor setup consisting of one of the LGs and the Samsung and have the other LG en route The graphics card I currently have already has two DVI slots one of which is being used by the Samsung via a DVI to HDMI connection the other is using an DVI to VGA adaptor to connect the LG I have just ordered a VGA splitter from ebay for hoping that I could get unique displays that way but I have since realised I was probably being naive and will need to buy an additional graphics card Like the thread title suggests I am newbie when it comes to hardware and graphics cards etc and have had to goto my device manager to find out what the graphics card is It is Quote NVIDIA GeForce GS Microsoft Corporation - WDDM I have questions Will my computer allow me to use graphics at once Assuming yes to the first question what is the most basic and cheapest card that I can buy to do the job I am of course open to any other suggestions that do not require me purchasing a new card I hope someone can help me with this thanks in advance

A:Help a noob with his triple monitor set up?!

Hello there, first of all. you need to fill your system specs with your actual computer specs, not your email.. hehe.

Download Speccy - System Information - Free Download and post a screen shot of the summary for us to see the components in your PC.

Additionally, a single Nvidia card can't handle 3 monitors at the same time. but in SLI they're capable.

Post the Speccy screenshot, please
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Hi!I daisy chained three monitors (Dell 1920x1080) to the Display Port on the computer. However, I can only get the desktop to display on two of them (in both extended and duplicate modes). And it's on any two of the three. I cannot get all three to work at the same time. It sees all three but after enabling any two it won't allow me to enable the third. The only time all three display something (Windows 7 startup screen on all three) at the same time is before computer boots to the login screen. According to information I found I should be able to use three monitors with this computer. What am I missing? BTW, I installed the latest updates, drivers and BIOS. Here is some info about the computer: Model: M73 TinyOS: Windows 7 x64CPU: i3-4130T with HD4400 GraphicsRAM: 8 GB

A:Triple monitor with M73 Tiny

pendot wrote:
According to information I found I should be able to use three monitors with this computer. What am I missing? BTW, I installed the latest updates, drivers and BIOS.

Tiny's support, with the optional port installed, 3 physical video ports, and 3 monitors.  
Did you find information that says 3 monitors on the same DP are supported?
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Having watched some youtube videos of Battlefield and DiRT on 3 screens, I think I am sold on the idea of triple monitor gaming.

I'm looking to get IPS monitors with low input lag, low response times and relatively thin bezel. I'm also looking to get more into photo editing hence the IPS route. The Dell U2312HM seems to satisfy those criteria, does anyone have experience with this monitor?

Price isn't really the biggest concern, just want a great setup to last a long time. I have no interest in 3D gaming (tried some PS3 games on my 3D TV, not impressed) so don't have use for a 120Hz monitor. Also it's not like I could afford a rig which would run BF3 at 5760x1080 and 120fps anyway...

A:Triple monitor gaming suggestions?

first of all it would help if you gave us your complete system specs.
gaming on 3 monitors will need a pretty powerful graphics card.
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Hello Forum Although I have solved the issue I thought to post it here Perhaps there is a better way around the issue I upgraded my video card to an AMD FirePro w I now have Samsung SyncMaster B monitors attached running native x Displaying wide wallpaper x the problem I encountered was the wallpaper would not display correctly left to right across Issue Triple Monitor Wallpaper the displays I moved monitors I switched cables I set the order for the monitors in Win resolution window Problem is I want the center monitor to Triple Monitor Wallpaper Issue be the primary display That I can do Makes no difference if the monitors are left to right Cursor moves properly across Triple Monitor Wallpaper Issue all three Yes the monitors have to match the sequence spec in the resolution screen The problem is the left image of the wallpaper image always displays on the selected primary monitor no matter where it is in relation to the other two By having it in the center I could never get the wallpaper display in correct order Very disturbing until I finally figured it out Solution was to write a program to modify the wallpaper bitmap file by swapping the x image chucks around so as to then display correctly as wallpaper Oh well Triple Monitor Wallpaper Issue it works Looks good too just thought I would pass this information along Stan
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Soo I currently run dual monitors. I have an Acer S201HL and a generic Sansui TV. I recently hooked up an old Acer monitor hoping triple monitors would work. Now I have a Radeon HD 6670 graphics card and I use it to hook up my first two monitors. I have an eclipse see2 uv150 external video card hooked up to my old Acer and it displays picture. Except its currently on the default resolution. So I went to Screen Resolution and it only appears to recognize my first two monitors. When I click 'Detect', nothing happens. I want to see all 3 monitors on the display panel. Quick fix?

A:Slight Triple Monitor Issue!

Any devices connected to the Eclipse are controlled via the Eclipse app, not Windows. At least from what I can see in the User Manual.
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First off I don't even like Metro, but I want to like it.
With three monitors > (The black lines is where my bezel is)
A lot of the tiles are where the bezels of my monitors are, so it looks really bad.
Is there any way to create 3 "groups" that are restricted from being in certain areas?

A:Windows 8 - Triple Monitor Issue

If you hit the "-" button way over on the lower left on your far left monitor, it will shrink the Tiles area, then you can move the groups around and name them. That might give you a start. But you have to first arrange each group how you want them. Then when you press "-" you can move them to the monitor you want.

I hate Metro too, I don't WANT to like it heh. But I like what you got going there.
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I have a laptop with a non-touch screen and I am running W bit Enterprise When I am docked I leave the laptop lid open and it is my primary monitor x I have an external Dell inch monitor to the right x and I just added a Liliput inch USB monitor x in between both of them My intention was to run the desktop on all three monitors not run metro apps on any Weirdness Window Monitor Triple 8.1 of them I wanted to have my Lync client on the small USB monitor When I first plugged in the USB monitor it worked perfectly Then I rebooted and the small USB monitor would only show as solid blue after that The mouse showed on it and Window 8.1 Triple Monitor Weirdness I could drag windows across it The windows did not show while Window 8.1 Triple Monitor Weirdness I was dragging them it only showed solid blue but the mouse showed so I knew where I was However the spacing was correct and Windows definitely knew the window was there on that monitor Eventually I realized I could Window 8.1 Triple Monitor Weirdness click Maximize while a window was centered on the small monitor but the maximize button was visible on the other monitor and the window would disappear The window did in fact maximize on the little monitor but windows would not show it If I hovered over the task bar icon for the window that was maximized on the little monitor and then hovered over the little application preview window THEN I could see the window maximized on the little monitor However when I moved the mouse away from the preview the little monitor went back to solid blue Clicking on the preview did nothing Right clicking on the preview and choosing restore would enable me to get back control of my window If I click anywhere on the little monitor I get the W start screen tiles If I move to the corners of the little monitor I get the charms and all that stuff works fine If I click on the desktop tile it doesn't work I only get the solid blue Note If I put the tiles on a different monitor then I can run metro apps or the desktop on the other monitors just fine After googling around I found all those pages about people changing their registry key Display DownScalingSupported from a to a I tried it and it worked But then I undocked later that day When I docked again the problem was back I double checked my registry settings and they were all still set to --- My theory It doesn't seem to be a driver issue because the monitor works and the Windows tiles will display on it I think it's because Windows x wants a minimum resolution for metro apps and my inch Lilyput USB monitor doesn t meet this minimum Since the desktop is really just an app in Windows x this minimum resolution requirement is getting applied to my desktop despite the fact that Microsoft intention was really about guaranteeing a minimum resolution for metro apps --- Any suggestions Screenshot of dragging Screenshot of maximized Screenshot of preview Screenshot of tiles

A:Window 8.1 Triple Monitor Weirdness

i would say its because the minmum resolution thing as well 1366x768 is the lowest to have metro apps working right and 1024x768 is the minimum for win 8 in general to function. you could try looking in your laptop graphic settings though and see if your scaling is setup funny in that? what model is your laptop?
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Apologies to if this is not posted in the right thread i feel it could fall under a few different ones Anyways i recently did a full wipe restore of my desktop and i cant seem to get my wallpaper to Wallpaper Monitor Triple Screwed display correctly now Im using monitors in a configuration and id like to be the main display I have the wallpaper set to the proper resolution and tiled Triple Monitor Wallpaper Screwed but the problem is that windows aligns the leftmost edge of the wallpaper to the leftmost edge of the main display So basically the monitors are set up in but the wallpaper displays For the life of me i cannot get these settings fiddled with to make it work I had it working fine before i wiped the computer and for whatever reason now it doesnt want to work I do not want to use DisplayFusion or UltraMon as i have run into viruses compatibility issues with my GPU before Of note my GPU does not seem to be working correctly either Triple Monitor Wallpaper Screwed or at least not how it was before The GPU is an ASUS HD and i used to use the Catalyst Triple Monitor Wallpaper Screwed Control Center to set up the display group When i try to go through that option nbsp now and i select a x display grid it simply replicates the same display across all monitors and then when i go into control panel windows shows it as a single display Can someone offer me some help with this please,158094.0.html
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Hi Thanks in advance for any help you may provide I have a P K VM motherboard with one PCI-Express slot and integrated graphics using the G chipset VGA out I also have a ATI with dual DVI out And I have old PCI VGA card using the standard windows vga driver OS Windows EDIT Windows apparently support multiple display drivers using WDDM Awesome From HERE Two monitors on the not an issue In bios Monitor PCI-e, - & Integrated PCI Triple Issues Graphics - graphics options are IGD PCI IGD PCI PEG PEG PCI PEG IDG I am assuming IGD - integrated PCI - PCI PEG - Triple Monitor - PCI-e, PCI & Integrated Graphics - Issues PCIeXpress The only one that works properly is the PEG PCI PEG IGD first option Although from memory Triple Monitor - PCI-e, PCI & Integrated Graphics - Issues IGD works without any cards in With PCI as the first option it works sort of i e the monitor connected to the pci card shows the POST stage then goes a bit funny in windows like unsupported driver funny but to be expected on the ati or default win driver When it is set to PEG PCI the vga adapter shows in device manager but has - quot The device cannot start code quot The monitor does not turn on during POST Using the IGD options do not work either How do I get the three monitors to function properly if no two sources show up during POST them I ts not even to do with the drivers yet Does each graphic adpater need to use the same driver I do not want to use the triple monitor device as I wish to have each monitor independant Any help would be much appreciated nbsp
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Sorry if started this in the wrong category but I am needing to setup 3 monitors to my desktop for work purposes. My motherboard is a gigabyte h55m-s2h it has a vga port dvi port and hdmi port. I have a monitor plugged into each port but the monitor that is plugged into the dvi port is not seen and the monitor it self displays "no signal" when powered on. In windows screen resolution it shows my monitors that are connected to my hdmi port and my vga port. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

A:Triple monitor on Gigabyte H55M-S2H not working

The problem is that the Graphics card on the chip does not support 3 Monitor outputs which is why you cannot do that. You will need an add on GPU to do so on this machine.
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I recently upgraded my Graphics Card to a Radeon HD 5450 with Triple monitor support,
it has 3 outputs 1-DVI ,,1-VGA,, 1-Display port hooked up to 3 monitors, 2 samsung 19" wide screens and a I-INC 25" widescreen... Currently i have the 25" in the middle with a 19" on either side,, The Problem is when i go to extend the desktop in the Appearance box, and click apply i get a error ( Unable to save Display settings ) it will let me use that monitor i couldn't extend only if i disable another display first (IE: my main monitor) all the drivers for monitors and card is up to date,,

25" plugged in with a Display Port to HDMI adapter
19" plugged in with a Standard VGA cable
19" plugged in with a DVI cable

AND I'm about to pull my hair out on this, any input would be greatly Appreciated.

A:HD5450 Triple Monitor Support Problem

What I would do first is clear out the multiple-monitor setting by switching to just one monitor, restarting that way, and re-apply the desktop extension.

When you click "Detect" does it give you all three screens to work with, at least?
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This is my first post so I'm hopeful I can explain my situation well If it can't be Shortcuts Monitor Display Switch Triple solved that's life My setup is as follows on a GeForce video card quot monitors connected via DVI identified as monitors quot quot and quot quot television connected via HDMI identified as monitor quot quot I'm aware that the ports that you use for each monitor determines how Windows identifies them I believe all of my problems would be Triple Monitor Display Switch Shortcuts solved if Windows allowed you to change these numbers When you hit the shortcut win p it brings up the quick display switcher Selecting 'PC screen only' will cause the desktop to switch to display the television Even if a monitor is set as my quot main display quot choosing this shortcut chooses a new set of display options that makes the HDMI connected TV the main display and turns off the other displays Selecting ' nd screen only' will turn on the monitors display and With some fiddling inside the nVidia control panel I believe I've gotten it to turn on just display The problem is when I hit 'Extend' it Triple Monitor Display Switch Shortcuts turns on display the television and one other display I can't change this behavior display seems to always be included when you select 'Extend' I'd like for 'Extend' to turn on the two monitors displays and Ideally I'd like for 'PC Screen Only' to turn on just a single monitor but I can live with having to choose 'Second Screen' to do that
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This is my first post so I'm hopeful I can explain my situation well If it can't be solved Switch Triple Display Monitor Shortcuts that's life My setup is as follows on a GeForce video card Triple Monitor Display Switch Shortcuts quot monitors connected via DVI identified as monitors quot quot and quot quot television connected via HDMI identified as monitor quot quot I'm aware that the ports that you use for each monitor determines how Windows identifies them I believe all of my problems would be solved if Windows allowed you to change these numbers When you hit the shortcut win p it brings up the quick display switcher Selecting 'PC screen only' will cause the desktop to switch to display the television Even if a monitor is set as my quot main display quot choosing this shortcut chooses a new set of display options that makes the HDMI connected TV the main display and turns off the other displays Selecting ' nd screen only' will turn on the monitors display and With some fiddling inside the nVidia control panel I believe I've gotten it to turn on just display The problem is when I hit 'Extend' it turns on display the television and one other display I can't change this behavior display seems to always be included when you select 'Extend' I'd like for 'Extend' to turn on the two monitors displays and Ideally I'd like for 'PC Screen Only' to turn on just a single monitor but I can live with having to choose 'Second Screen' to do that
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I have just finished moving my OS from a 3TB hard drive to an SSD. I now have 2 matching drives that I would like to set up as a RAID array. A couple of questions:

1. Do I need to backup the data that will be on the RAID before setting it up and then move it back once it has been setup?

2. Do I format them before I go into the RAID setup utility or does that utility do it for me?

3. Will the RAID just appear as a single drive letter on my system?

4. Evidently I have the choice between RAID0 (for performance) and RAID1 (for redundancy). I hhave an extensive back up scheme in place so is there any reason not to use RAID0?

I know that I enable the RAID in the BIOS and then there is a place in the boot sequence to get into the RAID setup.

A:RAID Setup - Alienware - A few setup questions?

What are you hoping to get out of a RAID0 setup? If you have User data on the hard drive, such as movies, music, documents, pics, etc....there is no need for RAID0. Hard drives are more than fast enough for that kind of data.
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I am building a new computer and I am looking to buy the XFX Radeon HD 7770 R7770.

I have got 3 monitors (two Acer 193w 1440 x 900 and one Samsung Syncmaster 933 1366 x 768) which I am planning to mount onto a bracket and play games using a triple monitor setup.

Is it possible to plug 3 monitors into this graphics card using two DVI's and one HDMI?

And is it possible to play games like Burnout Paradise, GTA IV and Source games (Valve games) using this graphics card?

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!


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I don't know what it is, but it's not the monitor or the graphics card that is faulty.
The monitor doesn't just display these grains, it updates them. Most of them are flashing constantly.
The GPU is fine because the 2nd monitor is also put on that card and is displaying correctly.
And I'm certain since the monitor displays correctly in win10
I think it's a driver issue but installing latest GPU drivers didn't solve this issue.

What you see in the last pic is not bad camera quality, that is actually what is displayed on the monitor. I can barely read it.
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Hello, I have some questions about this particular product. I'm interested in possibly ordering one however there are some things I'd like to know first. Does the computer have front installed case fans, what's the efficiency rating of the power supply unit & what other PCI slots other than the ones for the graphics card does the motherboard have?

A:ENVY Phoenix 860st Questions

Hi, There is not a lot on information posted on the HP Envy Phoenix 860st.  Is this the model that you are looking at? If yes, then use this link for the HP Support pages.  The sales site server does have a list of certified HP OEM graphics cards.  This particular model PC has a 600 watt power supply. HP is offering an extended return period during the holidays. Return & exchange informationWe have extended our return policy for the holidays. All purchases made between 11/1/15 ? 12/25/15 will have until January 15th, 2016 to return.
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how to setup WII  as external video and cd player on HP all in one envy computer can someone provide instructions on the steps required thank you my envy all in does not have a cd player and I would like to use my WII game console
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I have preloaded windows 8. but now i want to setup windows 7 on my laptop. i made a pendrive bootable. but when i am trying to boot there is now boot file showing on boot option. please help me with screenshots.

A:How Can i setup windows 7 on my hp envy ts 15-j003cl from wi...

Hi: You have to change 2 BIOS settings in order to install and continue to run W7... Make sure your USB setting in the BIOS is set to Auto.
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How do you setup the Raid throug BIOS when you have a 1tb harddrive and internal 24G SSD drive using Intel Smart technology?  I cant load Windows 8 keeps failing and cant detect the 1tb drive.  Everytime I use the recovery USB from HP it goies through the whole process and reboots to drive EF0 error and doesnt load windows.  I did the harddrive test and it came back with no errors
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Hi, I have an issues that I am unable to resolve after some major investigation. I am unable to enter the BIOS Setup. On the startup I press ESC until a menu appears. On that menu I press F10 (BIOS Setup), however it continues to Windows Boot screen. The sane thing happens with F9 (Boot Device Options). Thank you for your help in advance. Best Regards,András Lendvay
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I've been running a multi-monitor setup for a while now with an ASUS VG QE Hz monitor as my main and one or more spare monitors as secondary displays I've set the ASUS monitor to Hz without issue in the past while the other monitors at 60Hz Dual setup 144Hz locks monitor monitor stay at Hz The other night Windows wanted to update I figured it was the usual patch session so I let it do its thing However after restarting my computer I noticed that my ASUS Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz monitor would only operate at Hz if it was the only monitor plugged Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz into the system When I try to set it higher in the Nvidia control panel it just reverts back to Hz after applying changes I updated my graphics drivers though I was only one version behind and even sought a special ASUS driver for the monitor to resolve the issue but nothing has helped Did Windows recently add a forced refresh rate sync between all monitors recently If so that really sucks because I only own one Hz monitor

A:Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz

Are you sure the other monitors are independent (dual or multiple mode) rather than cloning the main monitor? If they clone the main monitor, then this explains the 60Hz refresh rate, as all settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate) should be common for all monitors and the others can only do 60Hz.
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I have a setup with 6 monitors. Today my main monitor broke and I couldn't find a way to shut the PC down since I couldn't access the main desktop to get to the Start menu.

Is there a way to change which monitor is the main monitor without having access to the current main monitor?

A:How do I access my main monitor if broken in a multi-monitor setup?

Unplug that monitor and reboot? (power button)
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Hi there What I want to do quot extend my desktop on a second monitor but my second monitor is compounded by HDMI TVs monitor a setup up video and Set card primary monitor in multiple and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows quot How I have done this and it works -I have diplay devices HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors Set up primary monitor in a multiple monitor and video card setup both on VGA -I also have two quot video cards quot GPU one Amd radeon hd with VGA DVI and HDMI ports and Intel HD onboard aprox GB with VGA output port -I have connected the TVs with a HDMI x splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port and one of my VGA monitors this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer artist lyrics -The integrated Intel HD card has my quot Control quot monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application Software aspect of the problem In Windows I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor I use x resolution for my primary display and x for the second monitor I know this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's Windows recommends me a x fullHD resolution but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much so I need to use a small resolution PROBLEM EVERY TIME I DO THIS SETTINGS EVERYTHING WORKS SUPERBLY FINE AFTER RESTART OR SHUTDOWN THE PRIMARY MONITOR SWAPS WITH THE EXTENDED AND THE DESKTOP IS SHOWN ON THE TVs AND THE STAGE MONITOR AND THE RESOLUTION OF MY PRIMARY DISPLAY JUMPS TO FULLHD AND IT SAYS quot OUT OF RANGE quot WHY HOW CAN I MAKE MY SETTING PERMANENT NOTE My BIOS setting clearly say Primary video gt Onboard And yes the startup screen and the BIOS screen only shows on my Intel HD primary monitor After Windows Starts things swap each other If I don't connect any display on my AMD Radeon PCI-Express card the screen stays on my primary monitor At some point I have observed that if the display devices are started in a sequence first the primary second the splitter and the stage monitor the settings keep on But after numerous attemps this solution became inefficient because every time I start stop the HDMI splitter array the resolution changes and the displays swap each other Is there any registry tweack that can solve this Software problem Thank you for reading
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Running dual monitors in Win 10 and when going through the Color calibration steps on monitor #2 (Control panel / Display / Calibrate color) the settings stick as long as the 2nd monitor is active.

If I switch to single display (Windows Key + P / PC Screen only) then the 2nd monitor loses its color calibration. Also anytime I reboot my PC (Even if I have both monitors active) the 2nd monitor loses my calibration.

The 2nd monitor has a fairly strong bias for the color Green so I can always tell right away.

I'm probably overlooking something and was hoping someone might of dealt with this before
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Hello I basically need conformation that I'll need to buy a new monitor in order to have a dual monitor set up Dual 2nd detecting Radeon HD setup Monitor monitor 6670 not with my current system I'm not super tech savvy so if you need any other info please let me know I have a Radeon HD with ports an HMID VGA which is my monitors type and DVI Each port has a stamp next to it that indicates what port type it is supports the VGA has a CRI stamp next to it Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor though My main VGA monitor works fine with the VGA CRI port but my second I have to use a VGA to DVI adapter and it's not working I've gone through a lot of forums and found some conflicting information So I really want to know is it possible Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor to use a converter adapter or will I need to just go out and buy a new monitor that has a DVI hook up I hope I don't need a new monitor I'm on a very tight budget la sigh

A:Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor

I would try one of these before giving up on the monitor:

Rosewill 10ft. DVI-A (24+5) Male to HD15 VGA Male Analog Video Cable w/ Ferrites Cores, Model RCW-900 -

Forget adapters, you might not a have a compatible one, the DVI connector has many variants.

Look at that cable end and make sure it would fit on your video card's female DVI connector (it should), it's DVI-A (analog only) to VGA which is analog only....

More info:
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I am having troubles getting my dual monitors back.
Initially had a GeForce 8400GS 512MB PCI video card and was using the on board video (Biostar G41 M7 MB) for dual VGA monitor setup.

I've installed a Radeon HD 6670 1GB PCI-E video card with monitor one setup via DVI to VGA adapter on output one and 2nd monitor on VGA onboard video.
I cannot get the second monitor to detect in any configuration. Tried looking in BIOS of MB, using 2nd DVI (w/ vga adapter) on Radeon card.

Am at a loss and I hope I have provided enough information for some assistance.

Much appreciated


A:Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor

Quote: Originally Posted by Weeg

I am having troubles getting my dual monitors back.
Initially had a GeForce 8400GS 512MB PCI video card and was using the on board video (Biostar G41 M7 MB) for dual VGA monitor setup.

I've installed a Radeon HD 6670 1GB PCI-E video card with monitor one setup via DVI to VGA adapter on output one and 2nd monitor on VGA onboard video.
I cannot get the second monitor to detect in any configuration. Tried looking in BIOS of MB, using 2nd DVI (w/ vga adapter) on Radeon card.

I don't understand why you are using a combination of DVI (to VGA) out of your HD6670 to one monitor, and also using the VGA out of your motherboard to the other monitor.

Am I interpreting what you've done correctly? You are using just the DVI output from your HD6670 through a DVI-to-VGA adapter and on to your first monitor, and also using the VGA output from the onboard graphics of the motherboard to feed the second monitor? If so, this is very wrong.

Your new HD6670 has TWO video outputs of its own: one is DVI, and the other is VGA. You should connect your second analog monitor to the VGA output of the HD6670, not to the onboard graphics VGA output.

Also, if you can disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS that's definitely what you should do when you install an external video card as you've done. At the very least you should give priority to the new PCIe video over PCI (which was your old GeForce card, and probably onboard graphics chip as well?), although "AUTO" might be just as acceptable. I'd still disable onboard graphics if I could.

You might have been using a combination of the old GeForce video card and onboard graphics before (did that GeForce card only have a single output?), but the new HD6670 has dual-output of its own, and that's how you should connect your two monitors... to the two outputs of the HD6670. I suspect that while your old dual-monitor setup was kind of a kluge of PCI-GeForce and PCI-onboard graphics and worked fine, the new setup involving the PCIe 2.1 HD6670 is a different beast entirely. Probably the onboard graphics output is being suppressed by the BIOS in light of the PCIe graphics card, but who knows.

Anyway the correct setup for you is to use the dual video outputs of your HD6670 to support your dual monitors. You should NOT be using onboard graphics at all, and if possible it should be disabled in the BIOS settings of your motherboard.

The ATI Catalyst drivers that manage your HD6670 are prepared to support your two monitors directly connected to the two video outputs on the HD6670 itself. The DVI->VGA adapter to one monitor, and VGA to the second monitor... this is a standard setup.

Have you installed or upgraded to the latest Catalyst drivers from the ATI/AMD support site? This is a good idea.
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Have a large screen tv on wall connected with HDMI to computer. Have a Samsung monitor on my desktop. Cannot make the desktop my primary monitor no matter what I do. (although have had this working before). We had a break-in and monitor was stolen. So replaced with new but cannot make it primary.....always defaults to samsung tv on wall. I have tried all normal solutions.... unplugged all....began with desktop monitor....added tv, etc. Have spent way too many hours and am sure answer is simple. HELP PLEASE!

A:wrong primary monitor in dual monitor setup

Right click on your desktop, select Screen Resolution, then click on the screen you want to make primary. Select Multiple Displays, and it should be there!
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Need help and Res. Start Issues Monitor 2nd Help, Monitor Setup Dual with dual monitor setup First time trying to do it Dual Monitor Setup Help, 2nd Monitor Res. and Start Issues Problems Second monitor does turn on but is only showing native resolution x but it has the ability to go up to x I want to to be able to set it to x Second monitor will Dual Monitor Setup Help, 2nd Monitor Res. and Start Issues not boot up along with computer I shut down my PC the monitor is still plugged in and it doesn't wake up automatically Things I've tried - Updating drivers obviously Nvidia etc - Uninstalling default driver of second monitor in Device Dual Monitor Setup Help, 2nd Monitor Res. and Start Issues Manager then rebooting computer then plugging out and replugging the monitor back in so it reinstalls because it doesn't boot up on its own - My Power Options is set to quot High Performance quot so that's not the reason why my nd monitor isn't booting up with my PC - I have tried plugging in the VGA cord of my second monitor into the mother board but it didn't come up General Information - The second monitor is an HP Compaq LE - The second monitor is plugged into my GPU via a VGA cord into an HDMI to VGA Pigtail Adapter company ATIVA into an HDMI port - The main monitor x is plugged into my GPU via a VGA cord into VGA to DVI-I Dual Link Adapter into a DVI-I port Picture of what I'm seeing I'm pretty sure I've got some of the terminology wrong I'm not a computer expert Any help is appreciated DXDIAG DxDiag txt
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I have a dual monitor setup, where the laptop is hooked to a 2nd monitor (TV) thru an HDMI . I primarily use the 2nd monitor. Can I blank screen the 1st (laptop screen) monitor, yet continue to use the 2nd monitor with the lid open for access to the keyboard?(I noticed with changed settings in Win7 control panel, I can close the lid without cutting off [sleep, hibernate or shut-off] the computer and had to reduce the 2nd monitor display to fit the visible screen. But to use the keyboard one has to open the laptop lid, which kicks in the 1st screen)Thank you
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First of all hello And thanks for your time I am running a dual monitor setup with my TV hooked up via HDMI to my laptop Everything was working fine before I always had the laptop as my main display yet I could play a video or a game fullscreen on the TV Since a couple of days as soon as I put something in fullscreen it immediately goes on my laptop regardless if it's open on my TV or my laptop I don't remember changing installing anything that could've changed that I checked a bit in the AMD vision software and the Windows control pannel but I can't seem to solve my problem without switching my TV as the main display I also made a quick search on google as well as here but the problems were mainly with Flash which isn't in cause here Here are my system specs Toshiba Satellite L D Windows home premium -bit AMD Radeon Dual on monitor goes monitor - fullscreen wrong setup G Thanks Djoulz

A:Dual monitor setup - fullscreen goes on wrong monitor

My desktop has my LCD monitor through Display Port and my TV through DVI. What I do is have my multiple monitors set to "Extend these displays" and make the LCD the primary display. Ive included two pictures of what my settings look like, first is with the LCD(1) selected and the second is the TV(2).

I will say that sometimes the program you are using forces the fullscreen to go to the primary screen, I have had this trouble with Everquest a number of years ago. There was a program that you could run with the game that allowed you to put the game window into boxes, different screens and a bunch of other things.

I primarily use my TV for watching movies/tv, Media Player Classic does a great job of being able to open to fullscreen in either monitor, regardless of how the monitors are setup.
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I have the 2nd setup through a vga to hdmi cable but it just sits there black with "check signal cable."

2nd monitor is an lg2241


- multiple re-boots
- downloaded a driver from LG but don't see that it did any kind of install. Double clicking it's zip file opened it and clicking on the three files did nothing but open gibberish code.
- at screen resolution I see multiple displays and I have it set on extended.
- Clicked detect and identify
- #2 says display device on vga
- tried unplugging and reconnecting the cable (hdmi to vga)

I'm lost. SOS!



A:Dual monitor setup hdmi to vga on 2nd monitor shows nothing

Dave welcome to the Seven Forums.

That cable won't work unless the VGA port on the computer/laptop supports digital (highly unlikely), as VGA is an analogue signal and HDMI is digital. To get it to work you would need some kind of converter not an adapter, which that cable essentially is.

Assuming this is your monitor,

LG E2241V-BN: 22" Full HD LED LCD Monitor | LG USA

is says it has a VGA port on it. If it does then just use a plain old VGA cable.
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I have an HP Envy with Win8 pre-installed. I am trying to do a dual boot setup with windows 7, as some of the software I use daily, is not compatible with win8. The new software has yet to be released, and will not run in any compatibility modes.

Knowing this is beating a dead horse, I have searched for hours, and have gotten some of the pre-req stuff done ie: created virtual drive 20gb, initialized it, turned UEFI Mode/Secure Boot OFF, etc.

I can see the vhd, but when I try to load win7, the vhd is not visible. When I exit win7 install, and win8 reboots, I can no longer see the vhd.

I'm sure I'm not doing something right.

A:dual boot setup issue HP envy with win8 pre-installed

Welcome to EightForums.

Take a look at the NOTE at end this tutorial:
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

Also take note of Step Three, you will need the BIOS setting.