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Installed win 8, but no new boot menu or option for Windows 8

Q: Installed win 8, but no new boot menu or option for Windows 8

i have installed win 8 but i do not see the new boot menu or the option to boot with 8 at all. my disk look like this:

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Preferred Solution: Installed win 8, but no new boot menu or option for Windows 8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Installed win 8, but no new boot menu or option for Windows 8

Try this:
1) Remove Drive letter from System8 partition:
Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

2) Mark System8 partition Inactive:
Partition - Mark as Active - Windows 7 Forums

3) Run Startup Repair:
Refresh Windows 8
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First off I am a tech for staples, and we had a computer come in that has windows 7 factory installed and at some point windows 8 was installed as a dual boot setup. The Compaq CQ5504F came in with loads of virues and addware, and to have the windows 8 install removed. All the virueses have been removed and works great, but when I go in to My Computer to format the win 8 partion it isn't there. So I reboot the PC and the try booting to the windows 8 option in there, but then to it it says the files are missing and to choose a different OS. The 1 partion is the whole the 500gb drive -the recovery drive. So then I need to Remove that boot option for 8, and I have no clue where to start.

A:[SOLVED] windows 7 installed, can't remove win 8 boot option

nvm didn't realize it was in the boot tab of smconfig lol. learn something new everyday.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista I am trying to do a factory image but the repair your computer is missing from the F8 advanced boot options menu.
Can anyone tell me how to get this back on the list Thanks in advance

A:advanced boot option menu missing option

if your just trying to do a "factory reset" try powering on then press the ctrl key and the f11 key at the same time (at the dell logo), should get you a pc restore screen, follow the instructions...good luckps, if you have a manual, the key configuration may be different...
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UPDATE After locating a BIOS update from HP's website and applying it the option Option(s) Menu The Boot No In CD/DVD/USB now properly shows in the Boot Manager Up until this afternoon I was unable to figure out No CD/DVD/USB Option(s) In The Boot Menu what exact model numer of this laptop was I know this fix was the very first thing I should have checked Just wanted to say I'm not inept just limited in what I could achieve find up to this point No CD/DVD/USB Option(s) In The Boot Menu Glad this is done with Original Post My mom purchased an HP Pavilion -e wm with Windows She wants me to get rid of it and install Windows The problem I am encountering is that there is no CD DVD Drive or USB boot option in the Boot Manager I have searched for days and am unable to find anybody else with this problem Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated Facts The BIOS is something called InsydeH Setup Utility I have disabled UEFI Secure Boot and enabled Legacy Support following HP's instructions Both the UEFI and Legacy boot lists show the CD DVD Drive and USB Drive booting options I have saved BIOS settings and hit F when restarting the laptop to be taken to the Boot Manager There are no USB Drive or CD DVD Drive option listed on the Boot Manager There is no doubt my official Windows HP -bit DVD is bootable Inside Windows the DVD drive can read rip and burn with no problems I have taken images of each menu in my BIOS F boot and of the Boot Manager F boot to avoid any miscommunication on my part Any ideas on what else I could try

A:No CD/DVD/USB Option(s) In The Boot Menu

Nice work!

So you've now done a Clean Install Windows 7
in Legacy mode?

How is performance?

Tips to get and keep a perfect install are the same as for Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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thanks very much for this thread
i have a question about windows xp
i have one OS in my system=XP
but like the picture that you insertedbelow)
i see 2 option in boot menu but two of them are windows XP!!!.while as i said i only have 1 Os and if i select each of the two options all of them will start the windows there a way solve this problem?

A:i see 2 option in boot menu

i have another question.
if we use this thread and create duall boot installation of windows 7 and Xp.
how can we return? for example delete the Xp or 7 to have only one OS
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  That is what Happend after i decided to upgrade BIOS to latest version .. along with other more complicated issues .. for Examble : *General downgrade in the device Preformance [Acting like a Pentium III not Core I5 8GB Ram]* Login takes 2 Minutes to get to the Desktop* TouchPad is Acting Funny  My System Specs :          any Explination or Solution ? I have put up a video and pictures and some other decument to describe it all better here
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hi guys,

i dont have the option with my xp to boot and run a repair "r"
i know this has to do with oem,volume license disks etc...

i was wondering if there was another way i could run a repair...

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Apologies if this question has been asked before I have tried to search for an answer before posting this but to no avail I'm a victim of Ransomeware The ICE Cyber jobbie I have followed the instructions online to download HitmanPro to an uninfected pc and habe saved it to a usb stick I have inserted the USB stick into the infected computer a Dell Vostro laptop which is running Windows XP bit I have booted from the USB drive and can Option Menu from Boot Options an the USB Cannot Choose see the following USB Boot Options- Bypass master boot record default Regular boot when bypass failed Legacy Boot last chance Please enter your choice The problem is that when I key in into the flashing choice field as per the instructions NO FIGURE APPEARS IN THE CHOICE FIELD I've also tried to key in a and then a but the choice field remains stubbornly blank I get the same effect whether I use the laptop's own keyboard or an external keyboard Any guidance which can be provided would be gratefully received Thanks

A:Cannot Choose an Option from the USB Boot Options Menu

Is Num-lock on the keyboard on?
Let's try another tool:
 Download USB-installer:
Download AVG-Rescue:
 Open USB-installer:
Get an USB-stick we can use for this operation.
Step 1: Select a Linux Distribution, choose AVG Rescue CD
Step 2: Select the AVG ISO, we downloaded it before.
Step 3: Select your path to USB-device <== Important, choose the correct drive letter
Press on create.
Note: In this example Mythbuntu is used, use AVG instead. 

​  AVG Rescue:
Now plugin the USB-device with AVG-rescue on it.
1.  Reboot the computer and start the boot menu (F10 or F12). Then choose for the USB-device
2. At the Boot Menu: Choose AVG Rescue CD (1) and press Enter
3. Let it load, at the "Disclaimer Screen"... just choose I agree or not and press Enter4. At the "Update Screen", choose Yes and press EnterNext screen, Choose Update from Internet and press Enter5. At the "Update Priority Configuration" window, choose Priority 2 Virus Database Update and press Enter6. Let it update and when finished, Press any key to continue7. You end up back at the "Update Screen", choose Return and press Enter8. Your at the "Main Menu" screen, choose Scan, press Enter9. "Scan Type Menu", choose "Volumes Scan - Selected Volumes" and press Enter10. "Scan Volumes", choose "OK" and press Enter11. "Scan Options", choose "OK" and press Enter12. "Run Scan", choose "Yes" and press Enter13. When scan is complete, Press any key to continue14. "Info screen", choose "OK" and press Enter15. To see the scan report, select "Report File" and press EnterPlease look over the list as some files can be crucial for the Windows system and deleting them can make it inoperative, if  in your not sure please Google the file or files.16. "Scan Results Menu", use the up and down keys and choose "Select - Handle single or groups of infected files", press EnterGo through the files and choose to Rename the infected file, don't choose Delete!This is important....Rename<---17. Read the "Warning Screen", "Yes" and Enter18. Back to "Scan Results Menu", choose "Back or Return" to get to the "Main Menu" and then choose ---->Reboot SystemDon't forget to take out the rescue cd.19. All the malware files will be renamed to "_INFECTED.arl", to find all of these files....Go to Start > Search > All Files and Folders > type "_INFECTED.arl" and click search.  Example: malware.exe would be renamed to malware.exe_infected.arl
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Hi, recently started using Reflect, moving away from TrueImage. I'm pretty happy with it so far, except for the outlandish price (yea, I know, free version fine for most but I like to password protect my images).

I notice there's an option to put the recovery on the boot menu, reminiscent of Norton Ghost. Anyone using this option who can speak for its stability in Windows 10?


A:Macrium Reflect boot menu option

Hey wreckwriter,

I actually did the same as far as moving away from TrueImage to Reflect, but I am using the free version.

I'm curious to see the responses, as I was wondering the same. I'm also wondering about the purpose of doing that vs. creating a bootable Flash / CD. Is it just a matter of convenience, or does it offer something else that I'm missing?

Also, I'm wondering if there's any risk of configuring Reflect so that it's added to the boot menu? Since it really does not load before Windows per se, I'm assuming the risks are minimal, but that is a concern of mine as well.

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Advanced Boot option menu missing from my Deii Inspiron 1720 as far as I can tell the recovery drive is still intact. I have seen a web page somewhere that explained how to fix this issue cause I needed it before I know Windows AIK is used but thats all I remember any help is welcome thanks

A:Advanced Boot option menu missing

sorry what is missing is the repair your computer option that is what I'm looking to repair
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About a year ago, I added a Macrium Reflect boot menu option but have never needed to use it. There have been several Reflect updates since then. Do I need to do anything to update this boot menu option? Also, how do you remove the boot menu option?

A:Update Macrium Reflect Boot Menu Option?

You should always create a new rescue media when you have updated Macrium. In doing so also the WinPE files for Macrium Rescue will be updated (files in %programdata%\Macrium folder). In this case the boot menu entry does not need to be edited when Macrium is updated.

The easiest way to remove all entries, including Macrium, from boot menu is to boot the PC to Macrium Recovery Console and select Fix Windows boot problems:

Accept all prompts:

Boot menu is gone and PC boots now directly to Windows.

You can manually edit the boot menu in an Elevated Command Prompt with command bcdedit. Here some commands to modify boot menu:
list all boot entriesbcdedit /delete {Boot Entry Identifier}
Removes the selected entry from Boot Menubcdedit /set {Boot Entry Identifier} description "Any Name"
Sets the name of selected entry in Boot Menu to your chosen one, instead of for instance having two entries named Windows 10, you can name them as Windows 10 Pro on HDD and Windows 10 Home on VHDNew name (description) needs to be in quotes if it contains spacesbcdedit /default {Boot Entry Identifier}
Sets the selected entry as default OS which will be automatically started when countdown reaches 0

An example. Here I wanted to change the name of the Macrium Reflect System Recovery entry in my boot menu to simple and short Macrium (highlighted blue). For that I need to use it's identifier (highlighted yellow):

Checking with plain bcdedit command I can see the name (description) has been changed:

Notice that the identifier is a 128 bit (32 hexa digits) GUID, with two exceptions: the current OS, the one you are using at the moment is always identified as {current}, and the OS set to be default is identified as {default}. If {current} is also {default}, then all other entries except {current} have the 32 digit GUID.

See these tutorials on our sister site Seven Forums for more bcdedit info:

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Hi all,

Excuse me if this topic was already addressed elsewhere.

I have a Acer Extensa 5230 laptop with Vista, but no Windows CD/DVD. The only way I can install Vista is by using a complete system recovery disc, which basically sets the C: drive to the factory settings.

Recently, I installed Fedora 10 on a separate 30Gb partition. Windows is still higher on the sda list than Fedora. The problem now is that I don't know how to boot using Fedora. When my machine boots, it automatically loads Windows without prompting which OS to load.

Are there any ways that I can use Fedora on my machine? I don't think that installing Fedora on the first sda and installing Windows on the second sda is an option as I don't have access to a Vista install CD/DVD.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Pls help me I didn't shut down properly a few days ago and my pc refused to boot since when I switch it on it will go to a screen that tells me to press TAB to continue to POST or DEL to go to BIOS After POST it gets stuck on a screen that says quot The last attempt to boot the system from its previous location failed Attempt to restart again Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu Continue with system restart quot Unfortunately when it gets to this stage my keyboard stops working and I cannot select any of the options above I can access bios f shift f but I cannot access f no matter how many times I press it It always goes back to the quot last attempt to boot quot screen I tried using a boot certain can't a boot.keyboard option. stops menu.can't working select any after disk and it goes on to say press any key to continue booting from cd But when I press a key it goes back to can't boot.keyboard stops working after a certain menu.can't select any option. the quot The last attempt to boot quot screen again I don't know what else to do Thanks in advance Roni
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On a friend's computer, when I access the advanced boot menu using F8, the repair your computer option is missing. I found this info on a Microsoft page:

Repair your computer
Shows a list of system recovery tools you can use to repair startup problems, run diagnostics, or restore your system. This option is available only if the tools are installed on your computer's hard disk.

Does anyone know if these tools can be installed on a computer that is missing them? This is an Asus laptop.


A:Repair your computer option missing from advanced boot menu

Originally Posted by YoVincenzo

On a friend's computer, when I access the advanced boot menu using F8, the repair your computer option is missing. I found this info on a Microsoft page:

Repair your computer
Shows a list of system recovery tools you can use to repair startup problems, run diagnostics, or restore your system. This option is available only if the tools are installed on your computer's hard disk.

Does anyone know if these tools can be installed on a computer that is missing them? This is an Asus laptop.


I don't possess such deep knowledge to answer your question.
Perhaps the following link will be of interest to you :
Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu

Lost "Repair My Computer" Option in F8 Boot Advanced Startup Options Menu - Vista Setup and Install
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My Notebook runs and boots fine, but I can no longer re-install the operating system from the USB installation media (I used the same installation media before, and had no problem with it). At the Start Menu this will always happen:1) After pressing F11, I will always get the same blue screen error message:"Your PC needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. Error 0xc0000225." 2) After pressing F9, only two options appear (USB option is missing):OS ManagerBoot From EFI File At the blue screen error Menu:After pressing F8 for startup setting, the blue screen persists (it just blinks once). I did a comprehensive system test, and all componenets (including HDD) PASSED.
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My friend, who had a dual-boot system with Windows 7 and one other OS (either a Linux distro or XP) told me that after he installed Windows 8 on a second hard drive, the menu giving him a choice of which operating system to boot went away. Now the system boots to Windows 8. He has found a way to boot to Windows 7 but it's inconvenient. I suspect this has something to do with the tendency of Windows to overwrite the MBR of another drive/OS, even if not on the same hard drive. What can he do to get a proper boot menu that will show all three operating systems? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Loss of Dual Boot Menu After Win8 Installed

i used this to overcome it
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I'm running Windows Ultimate I recently had a DVD install DVD Play menu inop 7 Windows option it's own player that took control of the default player settings and made Interactual Player the one that autostarted Windows 7 DVD Play menu option inop DVDs I changed the W Autoplay options back to Media Player Classic as I like Interactual Player had no listing in the W uninstall programs list so I used the iauninstall exe file they provided to uninstall Interactual Player It looked like it worked at first The DVDs do now autostart as they should when inserted in my DVD player But if I double-click the drive E in Windows explorer or if I right-click it and select quot Play quot from the menu W gives an error that quot Cannot access the specific device and you may not have permission to do so quot Windows 7 DVD Play menu option inop I can view the DVD's file contents by right-clicking and choosing open too I also tried setting Windows Media Player as my default instead and have the same results I'm guessing that something in registry is missing to get this right-click quot Play quot menu or a double-click of the drive working again Does anyone know where to go in registry I can add the appropriate info or a W trick to get this working again Thanks

A:Windows 7 DVD Play menu option inop

Is it possible for you to reinstall that app that came with the DVD?

Try to reinstall it and then reboot your computer and then try to uninstall it.
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Hello there, I am having an issue with my computer at start up. It's not anything that bothers me but I want to make sure nothing is wrong. When I start the computer it has a black screen with white text with the option to "Boot Windows XP" or select "Safe Mode" and it tells me to hit enter. Windows is highlighted by default and under this option menu it says "computer will take the selected action in 2, 1...." then boots up Windows as normal after 2 seconds. What the heck is this? Additionally sometimes the comp wont shut down after a shut down command from the start menu and I have to do it manually. Any insite is appreciated. Thanks.
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After some recent software installs and removals, I find myself without a print option when I right-click on files. I still have a default printer and opening the file I can print it.

I found a tutorial about this problem when there are "too many" files selected, but I am selecting only one. Still, I tried the 15-file fix and that did not grant me print option in the menu.

How do I restore the print option in the file rigt-click menu?

A:Missing print option in right click menu Windows 7

You can add a command to the menu bar, such as showing your printer under the address bar ... see this tutorial
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Reinstalled Windows 7 pro 64-bit for my friend's PC but after Windows updates the Search ( search programs and files ) the line under All Programs has disappeared ((
this is a screenshot from my computer to explain better what I am talking about

please help, how to get it back?

P.S. I am NOT talking about Search link on the right hand side, PLEASE see the screenshot

A:Search option disappeared in Windows 7(Start Menu)

Hello brat02

Firstly make sure windows search is enabled in windows features if not tick and reboot - Windows Features - Enable or Disable -

Or Windows Search - Turn On or Off

Run this up to 3 times or until the result comes back clear - SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Ive not heard of a windows update doing this before, if all else fails do you have a system restore point available before you did the updates - System Restore

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Hi I am just this evening having a problem When I choose an option in some menus e g right-click Desktop - gt Properties the Properties option stays there on the screen in front all of the windows - which is really annoying To show you what I mean see the first attachment Menu Problem bmp I can get rid of it by screen menu - Menu staying option on Problem Selected changing the display resolution or colour depth I then just change Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen it back again But as soon as I click on an option from the right-click menu or some programs like IrfanView some programs for example Firefox don't have the same problem it happens again It does however only happen one at a time once there is a menu option being constantly displayed it doesn't happen to another menu option until I get rid of the first one The menus also seem greyed out until you put Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen the cursor over it see attachment two - menu problem screenshot bmp So if anyone can help in any way I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance DoubleDave

A:Menu Problem - Selected menu option staying on screen

when is the last time you updated your video driver?

This also could be some menu effects gone wrong. Windows has some effects it can do by default, but other programs can add their own.

as an experiment - try the following:
- right click on your desktop and pick properties
- click the appearance tab
- click the 'Effects' button
make a note if which options are selected.

- UN check everything.
- hit 'ok' on both windows and they will close.

then test your menus and see if that solves it. If so - then I would reccomend updating your video drivers.
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Back when I had windows XP when I had magic disk installed I could right click an iso file and mount it. in windows 7 I don't get this option. how do I add this option to the right click menu?

A:Windows 7 Add magic disk mount option to right click menu?

When you boot your computer, is magic disk starting and sitting in the system tray?This link may offer some insight.
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I am using windows 8.1 and i wonder whether there is any possibility of adding custom search engines to the windows explorer's context menu.

For example, let's say someone wants to check out the plot and rating of a downloaded movie.
He would have to visit and search for that movie...
..or just right click the file and click "search to (his desired search engine)".

Is this possible? How could i do it?

It should look like this....

A:Add search engine option to windows explorer context menu

I can find Raise The Red Lantern in imdb using
Find - IMDb

So that makes me think you need a program to split the filename by word separators. It should look for Caps as start of word, or space as end of word. Then it could use ShellExecute to launch the default browser. The placeholder for right clicked file is "%1" but I don't think you can substitute that in the menu string. I think is it static. So the menu should say something like
Search IMDB
or Search Internet Movie Database

To set up see any guide for Adding Command to All Files Context Menu

having done that I get this link
windows 7 - How can I add a program to the context menu of all files? - Super User

Now you just need a program that checks for "multiple words" in the file name title and launches the browser using the search string. That should only be a few lines of code.

Someone adept at Regular Expressions may volunteer how to split out the filename into words using spaces or Caps as delimiter. Just about any Windows programming language can call ShellExecute() API once you have the browser search string to feed it.
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How do I add a new option to a context menu (right-click)?

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My current windows installation is too bogged down to play games properly I've tried all the traditional solutions to speed up my PC but none of them made any noticeable difference no option install usb custom boot windows - 10 fails, Dual boot so I'd like to try a fresh OS I'd prefer to avoid doing a quot Reset My PC quot Dual boot windows 10 - usb boot fails, no custom install option option and having to re-install all my apps So I'm trying to install a second windows onto a new partition that will just be used for playing a couple games The media creation tool USB option doesn't work on my pc The USB gets ignored when I boot normally If I try to boot it directly from the boot menu I get a quot selected device failed to boot quot error with both windows and windows media creation tools I used a brand new USB drive and tried it immediately after installing the tool onto it I also tried re-installing the tool a second time I tried running the setup exe at the root of the USB drive which started properly However all the guides I've looked at say that I should get a quot custom install quot option when running this tool This is where I would have the option of selecting the partition I want to install windows to I don't get that option It just asks me for the basic language architecture fields then gives me the quot keep everything keep files remove everything quot options There are no options after that If i I click install the installation begins I tried using the windows setup exe on the USB but it asks me for a product key My computer came with windows but I don't have the product key anymore Is there any way to get a fresh windows installation without having to overwrite my current OS
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Hallo After creating a mistake Boot Manager) (Windows option Deleted boot Uefi by UEFI bootable USB thumb drive with Rufus using Windows Enterprise ISO x for a Dell Optiplex configured as UEFI only no CSM latest firmware version Windows installed I didn't see a USB boot option so I tried to add one manually Unfortunately I erased the existing boot option boot manager by mistake Although there were two boot options for PXE booting the machine will not start anymore even when there is an active WDS server on the network I also see Led's and lighting up meaning according to the manual Deleted Uefi boot option (Windows Boot Manager) by mistake 'hardware ok but bios possibly damaged corrupt' I understand I cannot start the machine from a bios boot disk because of GPT partitioning and the UEFI USB boot disk I made might be corrupt as it didn't show up as a boot option however I don't understand why it won't boot from the PXE network card as these boot options are still there Any suggestions on how to solve this Thanks for any useful tips Bavo

A:Deleted Uefi boot option (Windows Boot Manager) by mistake

The Windows Boot Manager is held in the Bios and restores itself if you boot to a UEFI capable device. Could you please explain exactly what you did to "Add" the USB boot option?

I haven't used Rufus since it is so easy to just format the drive yourself, but it did format in Fat32?

I have the PXE boot options disabled in my bios since I do not have a network boot option.
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I need to put the Windows OS, that means Windows Boot Manager in BIOS at Boot option 2, but in this case it does not boot.
I need to put at boot position 1 PXE boot and if that fails boot from Boot option 2 (Windows). How could I do that?
My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3.

Thank you!
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So yeah, my simple issue is thaht i installed windows 7 on a hard drive, which i later replaced with a Samsung 840 SSD, which also was bootable. So now ive got 2 windows 7 options to boot from, and the only bad thing there is is that it takes 30 extra seconds to boot up, which isnt that much of an issue, but thats mainly why i bought an ssd, to get a quick bootup time, and i only use the FIRST (highlited) option of windows 7....

A:Extra Windows 7 Boot option makes pc take more time to boot up.

Type msconfig in start search box. Click it when it pops up. Under the Boot tab, highlight the one you want to remove and Delete>Apply>OK
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Can I use switch user option on power option list or on start menu list ?

A:switch user option on power option list or on start menu list

Hello jk22,

If you like, you could already use either option in the tutorial below to natively switch user. OPTION ONE is the closest to what you want.

Switch User in Windows 10
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I am not getting the screen asking me to choose which Operating system at boot up. It gives me no options and just Boots straight to the C drive where I have Windows 7 Pro.
In preparation I shrunk the Volume of the C drive and created a new partition (E) in which I made it a simple volume NTFS . I then installed Windows 8 Pro from the CD ROM and everything went fine. However when I re boot it just Boots straight into Windows 7 Pro and no mention of Windows 8.
I tried to use Easy BCD 2.2 and now I have three entries (1) Windows 7 (2) Microsoft Windows 7 (3) Microsoft Windows 8
When I select Windows 8 at boot up I then get an error telling me the boot Load EXE file is corrupt

I am really stumped, I have loaded windows 8 four times and still get the same result. My ultimate goal is to get the Windows Dual Boot Screen.

A:Window 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro Dual Boot (No option at boot up)

Both are 64 Bit and sorry if I should have posted this in Windows 8 Forum. I am new here
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I have a dual boot installation with Windows XP and Windows 7 on the same drive with two partitions. Both work just fine.

However most times that I boot from a cold boot, I get NO Boot options menu, just a blank screen and the hard drive light glows red, but it doesn't really seem to be doing anything.

If I press the reset switch, everything works just fine, the computer reboots, I get a boot options menu for selecting the operating system and either one boots up just fine.

If I shutdown the machine for any period of time, I'll get the blank screen until I do a hard reset.

It seems like the boot loader is not finding the ini file with the options, but only on a cold boot? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Dual Boot No Boot Options Menu on Cold Boot

Long shot, but could it possibly be a dead CMOS battery?
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I'm not sure that I'm describing this right so please help me out with the description if necessary I have two Win installs that I plan to upgrade to Win Each is on a separate physical drive one SSD and one HDD Thanks to good advice in this forum I used bcdboot so that both of them are included in the same boot menu OK so my TEST install was active and my PRODUCTION install was not active Or so I thought As an experiment I changed the drive letter of the PRODUCTION install from C to K and Windows complained saying that Drive C was being used And then Skype shut down Huh So what happened My goal is to have two or three menu, two in Win seems to boot Joined installed "depend" on one other Win installs that are all included in one boot menu for convenience but which should be isolated from each other That Joined two Win installed in boot menu, one seems to "depend" on other way I can do experimental downloads and general testing without messing up my PRODUCTION install x

A:Joined two Win installed in boot menu, one seems to "depend" on other

Under normal conditions, whichever Windows you are booted into at the time gets the C: drive. When you attempted to change the PRODUCTION install from C: to K:, it was in use - because that is why it was C: to begin with - because that is what you were booted into at the time.

Let's say you have a second Windows installation that is currently D: drive. When you run the bcdboot D:\Windows command to add it to the boot menu, it does not actually add the D: drive letter to the boot menu, it adds the GUID of the partition that is marked as D: drive to the boot menu. Then when you select that Windows to boot into, it gets C: drive letter. It does not retain the D: drive letter that it had when you added it to the boot menu.

Best thing to do is to add volume labels to your partitions so you always know exactly which partition has the C: drive letter at the time.
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Been through half a dozen windows installs trying to get it right Im not sure at what point this happened as everything in there from hours days ago works fine I just installed GIMP as im working on fixing my busted iphone icons in devices amp 10 newly installed any click I windows in on start menu programs cant printers and I tried to click on it in the start menu and nothing happens Not like the click even registers whatsoever Its like its not even there might as well be clicking on empty space on the I cant click on any newly installed programs in windows 10 start menu desktop Any ideas Any services that could be the culprit I always set to manual instead of disable and ill be the first to admit i turned off indexing as well as used winaero tweaker but so far so good except this I'm anal enough that I wont proceed with my icon making until I get this resolved and i will DIE if i have to concede to another dump of windows and a wasted day Only so much free time w a y o Rest assured I know one of you guys will know Site is an amazing resource

A:I cant click on any newly installed programs in windows 10 start menu

So fwiw - it will work after a restart.

Question is, what is or is not happening that makes them unuseable until I restart?

I hope this tidbit makes it an easy fix/easier fix!

If i didnt have killer OCD and pride in my overpriced PC, i'd just leave it and restart every time i installed something. That being said, its a pain and unrealistic and means an underlying problem exists.

I'm sure ya'll understand or you wouldnt be here
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Hi all I bought a acer laptop today windows 8 from cash converters store 2nd hand . and when I got it home it hadnt been wiped it was passworded so I took it back they offered to do it but said it would take few days as they busy or said we can give u 30 compensation to go get it wiped I took the 30 as I know how to do it my self BUT when I turn it on there is no boot option does anyone know how to get to boot menu or what key it is to factory reset it.. I got it for 274.99 then 30 off so what a bargain

A:Windows 8 format or boot option

terry5880 said:

Hi all I bought a acer laptop today windows 8 from cash converters store 2nd hand . and when I got it home it hadnt been wiped it was passworded so I took it back they offered to do it but said it would take few days as they busy or said we can give u 30 compensation to go get it wiped I took the 30 as I know how to do it my self BUT when I turn it on there is no boot option does anyone know how to get to boot menu or what key it is to factory reset it.. I got it for 274.99 then 30 off so what a bargainClick to expand...

It must not even have an option for safe mode... interesting. What is the make and model?
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My laptop recently just will not start from any boot option I select, it always freezes and when click system restore all that loads is a black screen with a cursor, other than that every other option from the boot menus I select fail too

Thanks in advance

A:Windows will not start from any boot option

Work through these steps for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot.

Report back the results of each step for more help as needed.
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Hello there I recently Installed Windows and decided to remove it I installed it from a iso obtained from Microsoft After installing it Windows decided to make its own boot record I formatted the partition it was on and looked to remove the boot record from boot ini No such luck Warning Boot ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems Warning Use BCDEDIT exe to modify Windows Vista boot options boot loader timeout default multi Boot Windows away. 7 Option 7/XP // will not Dual go disk rdisk partition WINDOW S operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Micro soft Windows XP Home Edition quot NOEXECUTE OPTIN FASTDETECT TUTAG HKO KERNEL TUKERNEL EXEI understand it is something Dual Boot 7/XP // Windows 7 Option will not go away. to do with a Master Boot Record but my Acer Aspire One does not have a CD Drive and that is why the only software that allows me to re-install windows is the eRecovery Agent But problems again It seems because the boot label is stuck I can t use eRecovery I really need this Dual Boot 7/XP // Windows 7 Option will not go away. removing as quick as possible Thanks and I look forward to a reply

A:Dual Boot 7/XP // Windows 7 Option will not go away.

Removing Windows Vista Bootloader from Startup Microsoft Vista Tech-Recipes - Louis
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Does anyone know if it is possible to copy the setup files of 2000 to the hard drive, perhaps on a separate partition, and add an entry to the boot loader to allow disk-to-disk Windows Installation in the event of a problem?I know it's possible to add the Recovery Console in XP, but I'd like to be able to do a full-blown installation with it.Any ideas?Happy Trails

A:Add Windows Setup as a boot option

Unless I misunderstand, your idea makes no sense. If you have an extra hard drive and you want a backup OS just install it on the second drive.Some advice though, the Windows boot loader is dependent on the first OS working in order to boot to the second.Many modern BIOSes have an option at start up to select what drive to boot from. If you connect ONLY one drive at a time and install an OS on it you can select which hard drive to boot to. I currently have such a setup on the computer I am on. Three hard drives. One with WinXP, one Vista, one Windows7 RC1. If I want to boot to a different OS I tap Esc at start up and select to boot from the hard drive. I then get to choose which hard drive. The next time I boot up it will automatically go directly to the last drive selected.By setting up that way the OSes are totally independent of one another.If your BIOS doesn't have that option then there are boot managers that can do the same thing and more.
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Hi i'm just getting started at the forum and i'd like some help Well here we go I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook and recently i installed Windows x bits on it via pendrive from the beggining it was all ok and working correctly my pc always haves problems with the blue death screen even before the windows installation but after the reboot from the blue screen it always works fine Until today i was transferring some word files from the pendrive to the computer and a message appeared saying something like ''the transferency cannot be completed please reboot system'' and so i did boot option problems. 7 Windows BUT now i Windows 7 boot option problems. am just STUCK on the boot screen Windows doesn't even get to load the system all i see is a screen saying that Windows had a problem at launching and options to ''Start windows normally'' and ''Repair your PC'' the Windows 7 boot option problems. big problem is When i press enter to choose any option the screen goes on and off and it doesn't load nothing nothing changes it just blinks and then it's back to the screen i was before The same thing is happening when i press F for more system options they don't do nothing so i am completely STUCK in this boot screen The only screen i can get access Windows 7 boot option problems. and make changes is the BIOS by pressing F Please guys this is a big deal i'd rate the maximum for everyone who helps Thanks if you've read all of this o

A:Windows 7 boot option problems.

Start with the hardware tests and work through everything for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start.

If necessary to boot disk, reset the BIOS to defaults, first taking note in BIOS setup of the SATA controller setting: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS

Then in BIOS setup set SATA controller setting, set HDD first to boot in BIOS Boot order, trigger boot disks or flash stick equivalents to boot using the Acer F10 or F12 one-time BIOS Boot menu key.
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Hi there

Windows to go doesn't seem to have a Fast boot option -- Not a real issue since I use an SSD for this but just curious. I suppose if Windows to Go is being used on different computers and the idea is to use the external device totally then it obviously doesn't make sense to store a file on the Host PC's HDD.

Anyway two screenshots -- you can see the Windows to Go doesn't have a fast boot option. Ist screenshot is from Windows to Go -- both running W8.1 enterprise update 1 x-64 on REAL (not Virtual) Machines.


A:Windows to Go - No Fast boot option

This makes sense.

When Fast boot is enabled shutdown first closes all running applications and then essentially goes into hibernation. This involves saving the volatile system state in RAM to the system drive. On startup this system state is restored from the drive. The problem arises when the system is started on a computer other than the one on which the most recent shutdown occurred. A portion of the system state is hardware dependent and would thus be invalid. The result would be unpredictable but some kind of system crash would seem inevitable.

For that reason both hibernation and fast boot are not supported.
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Hello all,

I have just installed Win 7 and cannot see how I set up a dual boot option.

Here is the setup :-

Original setup was XP on a HDD with 2 partitions.
I installed a second HDD and made a clean install of Win 7 onto this drive. I can access the XP HDD from Win 7, so that seems to be working OK, but I was expecting to get an option when Win 7 started asking which OS I wanted to boot. Nothing - it goes straight into Win 7.

I can boot the other OS by F11 into the bios at startup and then selecting the XP HDD as my boot disk, but thats not ideal.
Have I missed something during the install procedure ?


A:No boot manager option in Windows 7

A true dual-boot system has 2 OS`s on the same hard drive.The way you have it set-up, to seperate hard drives, F11 on start-up is your only option to switch between them.Plenty of links to info on how to HERE.
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Hi I am posting this for a friend, his advanced boot menu pops up every time his laptop is started even though it shuts down correctly. Windows 7 OS, It is up to date Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 advanced boot option

Ask your friend to go Start - type msconfig - press Enter and under the General tab that Normal startup is checked and/or under the Boot tab that Safe boot is unchecked.

If they are as they should be, then select Repair your Computer when in the Advanced boot mode and navigate to the Recovery Environment to select Startup Repair.

If that returns that it is unable to auto repair then run the Startup Repair another twice to see if that resolves.

Let us know if either msconfig or the Startup Repair fail to resolve.
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Please help me i'm so desperate every time i want to log into windows i get this screen it happened because i was using msconfig to makea safe boot but in stead i choose another option that led to not been able to log into my account so i've been reading about the new Advanced Startup stuff and every damn time i hit restart in the screen by holding down shift i get into this screen There is no bloddy Troubleshoot option i've tried like times already and i can't do anything i have no recovery discs and my windows came pre-installed so i even tried No boot windows Troubleshooting option, can't 8 to burn a copy of windows so i can boot it from there but every time i try to burn it it doesn't work i'm running out of options here why every win has that troubleshoot option but mine doesnt No Troubleshooting option, can't boot windows 8 all i need is to boot into safe mode so i can reconfigurate msconfig just the way it was before but i cant enter safe mode please help

A:No Troubleshooting option, can't boot windows 8

Hi Alvo, and "Welcome to the Eight Forums.". . .

If you have a Win 8 DVD or a copy of Win 8 on a USB Stick put them in and let your system bring it up to the Start Screen. From there choose "Trouble Shooting" or "Repair," and see if you can do a Recovery, or Refresh of your Win 8 installation. Good Luck.

BTW, if you do not have a copy of the installation on DVD/USB, but have another PC you can download Win 8 Enterprise from the MS web site to create an installation DVD/USB. This is a free copy (for testing purposes only).
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I'm using Toshiba satellite series laptop. I have windows 7 installed init. Now the problem is my cd/dvd writer is not reading DVD's . nd Also tried USB method but i dont have USB boot option..

Plz help me in installing a clean copy of win 7

A:how to install windows 7 without dvd n without usb boot option?

You won't know if you can boot a USB stick until you write the Win7 DVD ISO image to the stick using Universal USB Installer then reboot and tap the Toshiba F12 one-time BIOS Boot Menu key, check under USB, Removable or HD's for the name of the flashstick to select it to boot.

If this fails, does Win7 start? If so you can copy the installer files to another partition then run Setup from Win7 desktop to overwrite itself.

In some cases you can boot the installer partition by marking it active then adding it to the Boot menu using EasyBCD. The older versions of Easy are still free: EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies However with a bootable installer partition on the same HD you'll not get Drive Options to delete/create/format partitions as you do when you boot from DVD/stick, although you may need to do it this way to overwrite the C partition if running it from Win7 won't cooperate.

Tips for getting a Perfect Reinstall
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Even after uninstalling bitdefender, the tool of windows boot manager has the bitdefender menu.
How to remove it ?

I am using easybcd boot manager.

A:How to remove Bitdefender boot menu from the tool of Windows boot manager

Could you provide an image?
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Hey guys I am boot Windows Windows dual 8 Black up. 8 installed, Screen! boot won't having an issue when installing the consumer preview So I downloaded the W iso off of Microsoft's site I burned it to a Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! DVD with GB free of storage I even bought a new set of DVDs Anyways I downloaded the iso I downloaded the USB DVD download tool there I burned my iso to the DVD So I then create a partition on my computer I gave the new partition GB of storage I rebooted my computer pressed F and access the burned DVD So I click custom installation and I install the new OS onto the partition with GB I named it the partition Windows so I wouldn't get confused I clicked it and installed Windows onto it Anyways once it extracts the data and installs all Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! the Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen! updates my computer screen goes black for a few seconds Then it load's the fish icon and then goes black It loads nothing and it just stays there I have tried using the startup repair and it cannot fix it I decided to reinstall the OS but format the partition and then install It does the same exact thing Anyways how do I get rid of the black screen Windows won't boot up I allowed a dual boot by the way so I still have windows but I really want to try Windows I followed this guide if anyone was wondering

A:Windows 8 dual boot installed, Windows 8 won't boot up. Black Screen!

I'm having similar issues with Vista and W8. I put W8 on an empty and freshly created partition.
I can get W8 to run but then on every restart or reboot I can not get back to Vista from the "blue dual boot screen". I select Vista as the OS, the laptop goes to the Acer splash screen and then the screen goes black and the HDD light goes off completely. And that's it. Have to do a forced shutdown holding power button and then on next reboot it will go to Vista.
Fortunately I have full Acronis disk images so I can just revert back to before all this but like you I really want to try W8.
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I installed Windows 8.1 to try.
The problem is that it stopped working and gives me troubleshooting boot menu .
I have Windows xp on the machine too that's working fine.
So now every time I open my pc, I get the boot menu where it says Windows 8 can't start. What u want to do. Run troubleshooting or boot in earlier version
I go ahead and select earlier version.
I just want to remove this menu and remove the entire Windows 8. I just want to go directly to Windows xp

A:Dual boot system (Windows 8.1 and xp), how to edit boot menu from xp

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management. To do this from XP, press the Prnt Scrn button, open built-in Paint to paste the screenshot in, Save File, attach back here in reply box using paper clip icon. Screenshot with Paint

If XP is still System Active in Disk Mgmt, then normally you can just delete 8, remove the boot entry in msconfig>Boot, but we need to see the screenshot to be sure of no unexpected configurations.
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Okay so I didn t screw up everything but I can t get my boot menu situation straight I have a dual boot of windows xp pro and windows vista business I used EasyBCD to edit my boot menu this way my boot menu listed Windows XP and Windows Vista and it would default to Windows XP The + Windows Xp Menu Boot issues Dual Vista Boot problem now is that I can access F options on windows vista but not on windows xp I messed Dual Boot Windows Xp + Vista Boot Menu issues around Dual Boot Windows Xp + Vista Boot Menu issues with my boot ini for xp but can t get it to do what i want it to do This was my boot ini setup after using EasyBCD - Warning Boot ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems Warning Use BCDEDIT exe to Dual Boot Windows Xp + Vista Boot Menu issues modify Windows Vista boot options boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP Professional quot NOEXECUTE OPTIN FASTDETECT When the boot ini is listed as above it will automatically just go to Windows XP I want to have my F options back in case I need to get into safe mode I modified the boot ini to do this - Warning Boot ini is used on Windows XP and earlier operating systems Warning Use BCDEDIT exe to modify Windows Vista boot options boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Windows XP Professional quot NOEXECUTE OPTIN FASTDETECT multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Safe Mode quot safeboot minimal sos bootlog noguiboot multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Safe Mode Networking quot safeboot network sos bootlog noguiboot multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Safe Mode CMD Prompt quot safeboot minimal alternateshell sos bootlog noguiboot multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot XP Pro Debug quot debug sos basevideo noguiboot bootlog Now when the boot menu comes up and says I can boot into Win Xp or Win Vista it defaults to Win Xp like it is suppose to but brings up all those options that I added to the boot ini So instead of booting straight to windows xp it gives me another menu screen with all the options I just added to the boot ini When it brings up the second boot menu for Windows Xp it shows all the options that I added the normal XP option I can hit F and it will bring up the normal list of safe mode and debug options How can I get the main boot screen Windows Xp option to access those advance options by hitting F instead of going through two menus I m sorry if this in confusing I tried to explain it the best way I could nbsp

A:Dual Boot Windows Xp + Vista Boot Menu issues

This is all you should need to start XP. I suggest lowering the "timeout" to 3 or less. To access your F8 options you should do so immediately after starting the XP-os. (right after this "boot loader" processes.)

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT
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this is what I did since I have no CD-ROM to install Win I created a partion X NTFS and set it as the ACTIVE ONE the put there the Windows installation files and opened prompt command to type bootsect exe n X next I restarted my computer and automatically it booted into the Windows setup partitiion Windows installed or files in manager boot boot wrong I installed Windows on the partition C Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion and formatted the partition C everything installed and after the installation finished a multiple choice menu appears that reads Windows Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion Windows Setup I believe my error was not to set partition C back as the active one during the installation process where it asks you in which partition to install I just formatted C but forgot to set it as the ACTIVE ONE I have partition in total but there is no need to put them all just the ones that are involved this is how my partitions look Cboot page file crash dump primary partition XSystem Active Primary partition lt lt lt this one became hidden Code Windows Boot Manager -------------------- identifier bootmgr device device partition Device HarddiskVolume description Windows Boot Manager locale en-US inherit globalsettings integrityservices Enable default current resumeobject d e - - e -b f -efb b a displayorder current dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f toolsdisplayorder memdiag timeout Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier current device partition C path Windows system winload exe description Windows locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings recoverysequence d e - - e -b f -efb b a integrityservices Enable recoveryenabled Yes allowedinmemorysettings x osdevice partition C systemroot Windows resumeobject d e - - e -b f -efb b a nx OptIn bootmenupolicy Standard Windows Boot Loader ------------------- identifier dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f device ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f path windows system boot winload exe description Windows Setup locale en-US inherit bootloadersettings osdevice ramdisk boot sources boot wim dcc -fafe- d -b - eba f systemroot windows bootmenupolicy Standard detecthal Yes winpe Yes ems No what I want is to make the X partition a worthless partition just containing the Windows installation files and that everything looks like if I installed from a CD-ROM rather than from a partition please tell in BCDEDIT commands does that mean I have to move the boot files or boot manager into C I also would like to remove the multiple choice screen but more important is to make X partition a worthless partition

A:Windows boot files or boot manager installed in wrong partitiion

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, click New, draw a box around full drive map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition.
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I accidently installed grub onto the seven boot partition. I can't boot into seven. It loads the ubuntu select os screen, I select WIndows 7 (Loader), and it justs goes back to the ubuntu select os.

Please can someone help?

I still have windows 7 installed, and I have full access to ubuntu.

A:Accidently installed grub onto windows 7 boot partiton. Unable to boot

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot
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Hey guys, I've recently installed windows 8 on another hard drive and it's booting straight to Windows 8, I'd love to option to boot with windows 7 (I had the option when I had XP/7 dual-booting)

How would I enable this boot menu? I've done a small amount of research and found a program that'd allow me to enable the boot menu but I'm not too sure if it'll work with windows 7/windows 8 I believe it was called easyBCD. Would this software work?

A:No boot option after dual-boot with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Yes, should do (I used it to set up dual boot from Windows 7 on one HDD and OpenSuse on the other, but will work for any PC version of Windows too)
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Hello I recently was messing with my old laptop and kinda installed windows There was a lot of problem during installing so before that I tried installing XP and there was a problem of some sort of read error so in the boot option there is still the option for XP Setup for booting So I ignored it and went to install windows I ignored it because there was error when I tried boot problem. option Windows change 7-ish Cannot to install XP I don't really post on forums but I've really ran out of option Windows 7-ish problem. Cannot change boot option So here's my stupid mistake After installing windows I was wanting to make windows boot itself without the XP setup coming so I went to change in the windows Computer gt Properties gt Advance System settings gt Advanced And then boot setting or something I set the default I CLEARLY SET THE DEFAULT TO WINDOWS and then put the timer to So now I restart computer omg it boots into the setup filled with errors instead of w default I've set Now I can't even go into windows and change it what am I to do Please help me out

A:Windows 7-ish problem. Cannot change boot option

Best to clean the HD drive.

To clean install:
1) Clean the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation
2a) clean install with the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disk.
2b) Clean Install Windows 7
2c) UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with
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I have a Toshiba L875 and previously dual booted it with Ubuntu 14.04. When I returned to Windows 7 only, almost every single time I do not see the Toshiba "splash screen" even though I have gone into msconfig and checked to see if it was still there as a boot option, and set the time out to 0 on both options under advanced system settings..Can anyone help dignose why this is still happening?

Thank you all,

A:Windows 7 Boot manager option only at startup

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Try to tell us what is on each partition to the best of your knowledge.

Did you delete the old Ubuntu install off of the PC, along with GRUB if it was used to Dual Boot?
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I've just installed the beta of Windows 7 on a 2 disk set-up, XP already installed on the other disk. I know there isn't a Windows 7 forum but it's essentially Vista so the solution should be as Vista I imagine.

If you install Vista after XP shouldn't XP appear in the Vista boot menu? In my case it doesn't but I'd like it to.

The only way I can set which OS boots is by selecting which drive boots first through the BIOS.
Is there a simple way to fix this?

Thanks for your help.
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Hey so I just bought a new Western Digital GB Windows Boot from option Install XP, Can't giving to not CD Harddrive and wanted to install a few OS's on there Before I was using a super old school IDE drive that I installed XP x on it When I got my new drive I decided I wanted to install FreeDos XP x and Vista x on it I installed FreeDos first then when I tried to install XP it never gave me the option to press any key to boot from CD I tried booting from the DVD Drive in boot options and everything Keep in mind this is the same CD I used to install XP with on my old HDD Also of note it DOES detect the Vista DVD and I am able to install Vista no problem So why doesn't the XP CD work I have installed FreeDos first and XP x second my computers in the past at work and had no problems Thanks for any help

A:Can't Install Windows XP, not giving option to Boot from CD

Sorry to bump this, but can anyone help? Thanks again.
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I have installed ubuntu alongside windows and now in the multi-boot menu I get boot options for windows in addition with a boot option for ubuntu options 7 for boot menu boot Multiple in windows They are Windows loader on dev sda Windows loader on dev sda Windows Recovery Environment loader on dev sda I am not sure which one to boot into Here is some information of my partitions Code Boot Info Summary gt Grub v is installed in the MBR of dev sda and looks at sector of the same hard drive for core img core img is at this location and looks in partition for sda File Multiple boot options for windows 7 in boot menu system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista NTFS Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Boot files bootmgr Boot BCD sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista NTFS Boot sector info No errors found in the Boot Parameter Block Operating System Windows Boot files bootmgr Boot BCD Windows System winload exe sda File system ntfs Boot sector type Windows Vista NTFS Boot sector info According to the info in the boot sector sda has sectors but according to the info from fdisk it has sectors Operating System Boot files bootmgr boot bcd Code Partition Boot Start Sector End Sector of Sectors Id System dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda Compaq diagnostics dev sda f W Extended LBA dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda NTFS exFAT HPFS dev sda Linux Can anyone please help me know which option to select to boot my windows as I am not sure and i don't want to mess with anything and lose data

A:Multiple boot options for windows 7 in boot menu

Please post back screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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I tryed to install windows xp proffesional and then changed my mind when it said there is some problem...I have xp home edition..
After that I got two options to chose at the reboot..xp professional setup or xp home..I then deleted the last line at the startup boot options in boot editor - this line was for the xp proffesional setup...

But now the problem is that I still have two options
first is xp home edition and the second is windows default, so I still have the same problem.,
I must choose at every startup xp home manualy, because windows default is not ok..
What can I do so xp home will start normaly like before?
Thank you for your time and help.

[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

A:Solved: problem with windows default boot option

[Boot Loader]
[Operating Systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
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Hi everyone Thanks in advance for only partitions XP of Windows won't option boot, gives reformatting/deleting any Windows XP won't boot, only gives option of reformatting/deleting partitions help you can give us My husband has a three-year-old hp pavillion zv running Windows XP but unfortunately I don't have much additional information about the system My husband was defragging his computer when it suddenly hibernated--perhaps due to a power surge He hit the power button and it immediately went back into Windows and said that the defragging was complete He kept working away shut off the computer and went to bed The next morning he Windows XP won't boot, only gives option of reformatting/deleting partitions booted the computer and it went into a screen stating that Windows did not start successfully and gave him the options of Safe Mode Last Known Good Config or Start Normally When we hit Safe Mode the computer lists files on partition windows and then reboots Last Known Config and Start Normally just without listing files reboots When we put the Recovery Disk in and chose to Repair the computer we get a message saying quot The Recovery Console provides system repair and recovery functionality Type EXIT to quite the Recovery Console and restart the computer quot and then it goes immediately into the C prompt I performed a CHKDSK and it found one ore more errors on the volume When we opt to reinstall Windows it asks which partition we would like to install Windows onto there is a partition and a small unpartitioned space and then only gives us the option to reformat the partition as it is too full damaged not formatted or formatted with an incompatible file system Help We are fine with pitching the computer off the balcony but is there a way to recover his documents from the hard disk before we put it in our sling shot basket Thanks Catherine

A:Windows XP won't boot, only gives option of reformatting/deleting partitions

Hello and welcome to the forum

You can take the hard drive out and temporarily attach it to a working PC to salvage files . . Once the files are salvaged, put the drive back in, boot from the XP install disc into the Repair Console and run chkdsk /r

If that does not get it going, try a Repair install:

These are good guides to performing a repair install
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Hi im Using hp envy 4-1046 notebook.  and i am Using windowos 8.1 pro but now i need to install windows 10.  with the boot option (Clean Installatin) but the boot Doesnt show me CD drive or even the Usb drive also not Showing  only  "boot with Hard drive"  is showing so plz help me to solve the problem very soon
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Hi I have been running Windows Ultimate RC until yesterday I wanted a seemless and safe install of the new Windows Ultimate that just came out so I opted to image my old partitions and install Windows on a separate hard drive XP 7 image option - for fresh from Lost boot my Windows then take an image of that and Windows 7 from fresh image - Lost my boot option for XP put it onto my existing hard drive My current problem I've lost Windows 7 from fresh image - Lost my boot option for XP my ability to boot into Windows XP but I'd like to have it back since there are still some programs that work there but not well enough in XP Mode My installation steps - Imaged my Win RC and WinXP partitions Acronis - Installed Win Ultimate on a separate hard drive - Used the Transfer Migration tool to move files and settings installed software - basically got the new install up and running like my RC install - Imaged the fresh Win partition so now I have three images and working OSs on two separate hard drives - Restored fresh Win image on top of existing Win RC partition - System does not boot quot BOOTMGR is missing quot gt after a few rounds with the Win dvd and the repair option I can boot into Windows - I don't have Windows XP as a boot option anymore - how can I get it back If it matters - Lenovo X s laptop - SU Ghz - XP Mode works fine after enabling Virtualization support in hardware - GB hdd GB ram ---- Any advice Thank you for this forum

A:Windows 7 from fresh image - Lost my boot option for XP

Quote: Originally Posted by owl

I have been running Windows 7 Ultimate RC until yesterday. I wanted a seemless and safe install of the new Windows 7 Ultimate that just came out, so I opted to image my old partitions and install Windows 7 on a separate hard drive, then take an image of that and put it onto my existing hard drive.

My current problem: I've lost my ability to boot into Windows XP but I'd like to have it back since there are still some programs that work there but not well enough in XP Mode.

My installation steps:
- Imaged my Win7 RC and WinXP partitions (Acronis)
- Installed Win7 Ultimate on a separate hard drive
- Used the Transfer/Migration tool to move files and settings, installed software - basically got the new install up and running like my RC install
- Imaged the fresh Win7 partition (so now I have three images and working OSs on two separate hard drives)
- Restored fresh Win7 image on top of existing Win7 RC partition
- System does not boot ("BOOTMGR is missing") ==> after a few rounds with the Win7 dvd and the repair option, I can boot into Windows 7
- I don't have Windows XP as a boot option anymore - how can I get it back?

If it matters:
- Lenovo X200s laptop - SU9300 1.2Ghz - XP Mode works fine after enabling Virtualization support in hardware - 500GB hdd, 4GB ram


Any advice?

Thank you for this forum!

hi and welcome to sevenforums

am I right, that you still have the XP and the win 7. each on seperate drives? what do you want your final configuration to be?

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hi all my frineds her
i got problem today that cause my xp system disable.
i got 2 system in my computer win98 and windows xp i change the performance of the system tools and i changed the time to chose win98 or xp from 30 sec to 0 sec. now i can,t enter to xp system becase became fast to chose one
pleas help me

A:(Solved) Boot option screen missing, I lost my windows XP

It is kind of frustrating when this happens but the problem can be corrected quite easily. There is a file called Boot.ini which I believe is hidden and read only so you will have to change the attributes before any corrections can be made.
Go to control panel\folder options and set to show hidden files, click apply then ok.
Next do a search for boot.ini
Once found right click it and select properties. Remove the read only check mark and click apply then ok.
Now right click the boot.ini file again and select open with notepad.
Once open locate the line that reads:
This line should currently read 0 (zero) and look like Timeout=0
Change the zero to whatever amount of seconds you wish the boot loader to appear before timeout. 5 seconds is usually sufficient but you are allowed up to 999.
After changing it click file up top of notepad and select save.
Set file attribute back to read only and change the show hidden files back to normal setting.

Restart system and your menu should appear.

Let us know if that helps you.

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I was uninstalling old games via control panel, at which point it said to reboot to finish. When it was restarted, Windows will now no longer boot past a certain stage. It shows that windows is loading normally, but then it stops at the blue Windows 7 welcome screen (just the blue image with the little bird, no "welcome" or words at all).
I can't do anything after that. When I hit f8, the only options are to launch windows repair, and start normally. Both options bring me to this screen. I have NO idea what to do at this point, as I can't even get into safe mode to run system restore. Any ideas?? Is there another way to get into safe mode?
I can't even give you my specs on my comp, other than it's an Alienware X51 running Windows 7. 

A:Windows won't boot past Welcome screen, no safe mode option with F8.

Do you have a Startup Repair disk or an installation disk that you can run repairs with?
If the Alienware came with a Dell disk, that's the correct kind.
Here's more detailed instructions:
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hi friends, i have installed windows 8 and windows 7 in my pc. i installed windows 7 at ffirst and then insatalled windows 8 .during the installtion process it asked me which o s is to choose in graphic style but nest time it showed me the same old style of choosing the windondow, so how to get back same graphic metro style boot option . please help me sharing easy method,
i have read the thread bit that didnt helped me out . so help me please,
pic are attached below ..this one is i am facing now a days

this one is the style i wanting....

A:how to get back windows 8 dual boot option in graphic styl

please share some suggestion my experts.............
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hi , this is SAMRED and I got a problem to solve A(s) E(asy) A(s) P(ossible)

my problem is a common one , when I go to Menu-bar and click (Tools > Folder option) and then the folder option window appears ..... and I try the option "Show/Dont show hidden folder and files" ...... but they dont work ........

I had this problem b4 and I had to reinstall Widows XP and thus the problem went away ...... because , later on the "folder option" totally disappears from my PC and "tool" option in the menubar creats big problems !!!

but I dont wanna reinstall my system for this problem anymore , I simply wanna solve this problem in my very existing system ...... HOW DO I DO THT ?

one of my frnds suggested me abt using "COMBOFIX.EXE" ...... DO I HAVE TO DO THT ?!

A:"folder option" - in the menu bar


Welcome to the forums.

I wouldn't try COMBOFIX just yet. Let's try to find out a little more about your problem first.

Which version of XP and Service Pack are you running? Is there a possibility of low available RAM (memory) or disk space?
Have you had any problems with virus or other malware? It could be a sign of lingering malware. There are folks here that can help, we just need to know more.

Please post back when you can.

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can someone tell me a clear and simple method to remove that option?

A:right click menu option...

Here are some links to offer some suggestions:

Edit Context Menu Items In Windows 7 & Vista

Customize the Right Click Menu in Windows 7 - Make Tech Easier

FileMenu Tools allows you to customize the context Menu of Windows Explorer, including:
? Add some built-in utilities that perform operations on files and folders.
? Add customized commands which run external applications, copy or move to a specific folder, or delete specific file types.
? Configure the "Send to..." sub-menu.
Enable or disable commands which are added by other applications to the context menu.
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I want to change the boot order to my optical drive so I can use a boot disk to install a image file.  When I start the computer I expect to see a message to press F12 to open bios.I never see any message.  I tried to install the bood disk in my optical drive and start the machine, it didn't respond and just went to the operating system.I have recovered my computer using the boot disk and image file before with no problem.
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I want to change the boot order to my optical drive so I can use a boot disk to install a image file.  When I start the computer I expect to see a message to press F12 to open bios.I never see any message.  I tried to install the bood disk in my optical drive and start the machine, it didn't respond and just went to the operating system.I have recovered my computer using the boot disk and image file before with no problem.
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I wanted to brag about how much I know about computers since i've built numerous ones and repaired everything I messed up.  But, now having a big senior moment and cannot for the life of me know what to select when rebooting acer aspire az3101.  The monitor wouldn't light, so I took the computer apart, made sure no dust was in the way, the fans work..and everything was in it's place.  So, plugged it in and got it to start but only get as far as select proper boot device and press key.  Yeah, I know  I know..I didn't make a boot disk.  Been beating myself up with wet noodle so now what's next?  Feathers

A:only option on F12 is to select boot option or use...

HDD is connected?if so, at F12 can you choose it as boot device?was the PC booting from that HDD?
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I wanted to brag about how much I know about computers since i've built numerous ones and repaired everything I messed up.  But, now having a big senior moment and cannot for the life of me know what to select when rebooting acer aspire az3101.  The monitor wouldn't light, so I took the computer apart, made sure no dust was in the way, the fans work..and everything was in it's place.  So, plugged it in and got it to start but only get as far as select proper boot device and press key.  Yeah, I know  I know..I didn't make a boot disk.  Been beating myself up with wet noodle so now what's next?  Feathers

A:only option on F12 is to select boot option or use...

HDD is connected?if so, at F12 can you choose it as boot device?was the PC booting from that HDD?
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So I originally had Windows 7 on Disk 0.

I shrunk 140GB of space so I can install Windows 8 as a dual boot.

I used a bootable Windows 8 Setup Disk to install Windows 8.

I installed Windows 8 to the empty 140GB partition.

- My system doesn't show the option to choose which operating system I want to use.
- System automatically launches to Windows 7
- Windows 8 not shown in Boot tab of msconfig:
Here is a screenshot of my Disk Management:
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

A:No option to use Windows 8 in dual boot with Windows 7

Hello Infinite,

You might see if booting from your Windows 8 installation media, and doing an automatic repair may help.
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I have an Acer Aspire 5315. The hard drive is partitioned and has windows 8 on the larger of the partitions. I have just installed xp on the other partition (50 gb) as I have some music virtual studio software that will only run on win 2ooo or xp. Hence the xp install. XP has installed successfully but now when I boot the only boot option is xp. I installed the xp very carefully , so as not to wipe the windows 8. I have also checked and I definately installed the xp on the correct partition. The windows 8 is still installed on the larger partiution but doesnt show up at start-up. Anyone know what could be done to get back my option to boot windows 8.

A:Windows 8 / Windows XP boot option disappeared?

Use EasyBCD. Here's the explanation:
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Hey Everyone A friend of mine bought this new laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y and it came with windows and my friend for: Windows Windows 7 Edit Boot Option didnt like it so he bought me a windows disc and asked me to install Edit Windows Boot Option for: Windows 7 it for him i did everything and as i was installing the driver i was getting the blue screen of death error No page fault in non paged area Edit Windows Boot Option for: Windows 7 so i reformatted it and tried again same problem all this time i was Edit Windows Boot Option for: Windows 7 just formatting c drive and installing and then we decided to try windows again tat came with the laptop and installed and it worked fine so he went and bought another windows disc and this time when it asks to choose partition i deleted c driver and the system reserved drive and then tried to create a new partition from unallocated file but it did nothing when i click on new it loads for a bit and then it does nothing so i googled a bit and they said to completely reformat the hard drive so i booted using the disc and pressed bleep f and did the dispart cleaning thing and tried again and this time it worked but it created a additional partition MSR reserved or something and as usual installed windows and this time blue screen didnt come but now the problem is i cant boot from cd normally wat i do is press f on boot up and choose the device to boot from but now if i do tat it shows Edit windows boot option for windows and if i press enter goes into windows not the disc so i went to bios and changed the boot priority but in boot priority there r sections EFI and Boot Device Priority under EFI the first device is Windows boot manager and then EFI dvd rom and under Boot device priority firs DVD rom then HDD then network boot no matter what i change under boot priority nothing happens only if i change the EFI thing it works but when i changed EFI to first boot EFI dvd it quickly shows press any key to boot from cd and then disappears and then displays in a blue box tat no boot device found or boot failed then i changed it back to Windows boot manager and it went in windows so i changed another setting in bios Boot Priority it has two options UEFI first and Legacy First UEFI first is selected normally and if i change it to legacy first it boots from disc but then if i dont press any key at booting it shows in a black screen somekind of of boot error so i turned it back to UEFI first well now the main problem is when i press f as it boots it doesnt shows the devices to boot from instead tat error edit windows boot option Hope u guys can help me Sorry its bit long Thanks

A:Edit Windows Boot Option for: Windows 7

you need to find the setting in your bios that enables legacy boot options, secure boot should be off and legacy boot will be somewhere else; it is different for every manufacture and model.  I am actually a little surprised that you got windows 7 installed at all without setting up this option.
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Hey I have a HP Pavilion notebook A bit older I think It had built in windows Vista Home Premium Somehow my hard disk crashed and I bought a option boot computer"! "repair the doesn't option your Advanced show new one I installed windows ultimate bit and Advanced boot option doesn't show the option "repair your computer"! updated to service pack I made a system image using windows default recovery console Everything was fine But today I needed to restore my computer to a previous restore point Every time I press F to get to the advanced boot option I see everything is okay except the quot repair your computer quot Advanced boot option doesn't show the option "repair your computer"! option Somehow the quot repair your computer quot option disappeared I tried ctrl F button and the F button too F button worked for my previous vista home premium but for Win- it's the F key Can anyone help me with this please How may I get the quot repair your computer quot option back Is there any way to edit advanced to boot option to get that option back I would be needing it in case of system image recovery Please I don't want to reinstall the O S once again Please somebody help me

A:Advanced boot option doesn't show the option "repair your computer"!

On my clean OS install, the "repair your computer" option also does not appear in the F8 Advanced Boot Options list.
The option does appear on my ACER PC.

You can access this option by booting from a System Repair CD/DVD. A system repair CD is a must have.
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in my adv Power Option box it does not have start menu.It has the Power Button Action and Sleep Button Action

A:Power Option box does not have start menu

That button is set from the Start Menu settings:

Power Button - Start MenuRight-click on the Start button, click Properties
Click on the Start Menu tab
Select which setting you want from the drop-down menu
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For my desktop and notebook computers, I want a classic start menu. I hope this option is included in the final Windows 8 release as I do not use touchscreen monitors.

A:Classic Start Menu Option

Hello 888, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If not, you could use the free program Classic Shell to have it. In addition, you could use the tutorial below to make it easy to enable and disable the Metro UI.

Hope this helps,
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to gray out selected printer menu options so that a standard user cannot change them like if I setup a printer to pause so the user has to go to a special computer to print out their document.
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I have my hdmi cable connected to the lcd tv and have a picture but no sound. So I right click the speaker icon to look for the hdmi option and it's not there. I find intel hdmi in devices and click update and it says its working fine. I upgraded from vista to Seven and I'm sure it used to offer the hdmi as an optional default. What to do?

A:hdmi option not in sound menu

Depends on the video card you have and it's capabilities. Some Video cards have their own built on the video card audio for HDMI only. If this is the case you need the latest drivers from the video vendor (AMD (ATI Radeon) or NVIDIA).

You failed to list your PC spec's (e.g. there are a lot of Dell Studio models) and your video card. We can't give you a specific answer without that.

But, go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound panel. In the Playback section, is the HDMI audio listed as a playback device? If it is, select it as the default playback device and you should get HDMI audio. If there is no icon for HDMI Audio, RIGHT click in an empty are in the panel and check both the "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices". If the icon now shows up you can select it as the default playback device. If it still does not show up, most likely the driver is needed.
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Hi, When I right click on my desktop and go to New -> it takes lot of time to open. I am not sure about the problem and I even went through one of the post But my problem is not solved, so please try to help me. Thanks, -Pallav

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What I am trying to do is add the "safely remove hardware" to my right click menu on the desktop. I have found guide after guide on how to delete unwanted options from the menu but I can't find how to add this option to the menu. Any help with doing this would be appriciated

A:Adding Option Right Click Menu

If you have a device like a flash drive in one of the USB ports there should be a icon in the task bar which when you move you pointer onto it will read Safely Remove Hardware. Is this what you want?
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Hi All First post I've read a lot of good information that has helped me out with Vista x I'm moderately computer literate but just enough to Option Loses Menu Right-Click be dangerous and the Right-Click Menu Loses Option guides and posts on here have helped me get my laptop running like new On to the issue I'm running Trend Micro Titanium max security on my Vista x system and it seems to run fine I use the Secure Erase function which allows one to right click on an item and either delete is normally or selected the Delete with Secure Erase option or something to that effect I went to erase a file the other day and all of a sudden the Trend Micro options in the right-click menu are gone I contacted Trend Micro who had me reinstall the whole program Solved the problem but now it's happened again so I'm assuming reinstalling will not permanently fix the issue When I right click on an item now I automatically get what I believe is the extended menu includes pin to start menu etc From what I've read the menu I am getting is supposed to be accessed by holding shift when I right click on something Any ideas as to what might be causing this I am not running any other security antivirus software I did use Adaware prior to uninstalling reinstalling Trend Micro but uninstalled Adaware prior to reinstalling Trend Micro Thanks

A:Right-Click Menu Loses Option

You may find this link of some help:-

Right-Click Gone Wrong -- Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online
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During my install of Windows 7 (and Vista) x64, I was presented with an options screen which seems a little strange. The text on the screen is presented below, does anyone know what it up? I do use a SATA DVD drive, but no other CD/DVD drive installed.

Select CD-ROM Boot Type:

I have always selected 1, but I don't know what that means. I am assuming it is associated with the x64 install, since I do not get it on the x86 installs.

A:Strange Option menu during Install of x64

Strange indeed.

Where did you get your copy of W7? Is it the official BETA ISO from microsoft?

If not, it could have been tweaked by someone to include other boot options.
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Im using Xp. If im pressing ctrl+alt+del im getting a message "task manager disabeled by admin". and also im not able to see my hidden files, bcus im not getting folter options in tools menu. ( one day my friend used my system after that only im facing this problem).
pls let me know the solutions.
thanks in advance [/COLOR]

A:Xp- not able to get folder option in tools menu

You're infected. Run your anti-virus and anti-malware scanners.

These might help you get some functions back while you are trying to clean the infestation:

Infiltration Recovery Tool
XP Security Console

These are good scanners:

Free anti-malware scanners:

Spybot S&D
Ad-Aware 2007
Spyware Eliminator
Emco Malware Destroyer
Spyware Doctor
Arovax Anti-spyware
Trend-Micro Rootkit Buster
F-Secure Blacklight
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Recently I've disabled hibernation ( powercfg -h off in cmd ) on my computer coz I'm using an SSD and I wanted more space.

Now I wanna have it back ( powercfg -h on in cmd ) but the option to hibernate does not show up in start menu.

I can choose to hibernate after clicking power button in power options and hibernation itself is working.

A:No hibernation option in Start Menu ?

Did you try to enable correctly?
Hibernate - Enable or Disable
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Hi all I have just installed W ultimate bit and am having an issue with the context menu The problem is that the context menu option to create new files in that folder word open office txt document etc are only appearing in one part of the folder tree The folder which is my user name its 'Dale' and Im an admin is the only place where those options appear in the right click context menu It is also the only folder with a padlock on it So basically it works in that folder and its subfolders but nowhere else When I right click on any folder in any other drive I have various attached via sata to the MB on my PC and get the context menu I get only the option to create a new 'folder' I think its something to do with permissions as I was messing files in menu context option New not about just now and got one folder to present those options but I dont really know what Im doing I installed classic XP shell originally but uninstalled it after finding this problem I dont think its related though as I still have the issue Thanks for any help

A:New files option not in context menu

Just found there are some other folders round the place that I have the new files options in the context menu , but I dont see the ryme or reason too it.

Also, just discovered I can get this functionality by 'sharing' the folder with my user name. Is it a good way to go about it just to just share all the folder paths I would like this functionality in?
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Anyway to add ..browse.. to the sendto menu option? Basically choose a folder to copy to from there.

A:Add option to right click context menu

Why? That would be the same as double clicking on the folder to open it then copy a file.

I probably don't understand what you are trying to do, can you explain more?
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Hi, I have never used my WD External Drive on my current computer. It wasn't showing up in my computer (I have Windows Vista Home Basic), so I downloaded the WD Smartware (1.6.4, the most recent version) to my computer. Afterwards, I restarted and went into Settings to unlock my hard drive (it's been used on another computer), but didn't find the Set Up Drive option.

In fact, my screen, in the settings menu, looks totally different from the one on the WD Site: (from these official WD directions:

My screen:

I don't know what to do at this point to access my External Drive (which has a ton of stuff saved on it)

A:WD SmartWare 1.6.4 Installed - No option to set up drive

If it helps...while the External Hard Drive does not show up in My Computer, it does show up in Device Manager (under Disk Drives). However, I think I'm supposed to be setting up a password or trying to unlock the old one
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Hello folks,
I need little help with this question, I want to add when i right click anywhere on folder or file option to open file/folder with foobar player.. i want that option anytime i right click....ANYWHERE...

also same thing for Photoshop/notepad/excel options as well...

Thanks for any help i looked @ couple of tutorials but nothing shows exactly what i want!


A:Context Menu Add Play with Foobar Option!

Try this: Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol

If you set the file types to open with foobar, there might be an option in the context menu. Don't know for sure, but worth a shot
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Ok this a problem that I had long time ago and by that time I solved reinstalling Windows XP from scratch but now is back and I have too many things so if there is a quicker solution withou loosing all the configs and have the Format option drive menu from any use Can't on letter to reinstall again it should be great Mainly the problem is at My Computer Explorer mouse right click opens a menu right On that menu there is the Format option so if I click on that option I get nothing no new windows with the format options no error no nothing and this for any fixed HDD or USB Pen drive letter on the main window My Computer explorer Also trying to format trough computer Management I get this error An unexpected error has occurred Check the system Can't use the Format option from menu on any drive letter event log for more information on the error Close the Disk Management console them restart Disk Management or restart the computer and the event log says this Event Type Error Event Source LDM Event Category None Event ID Date Time PM User N A Computer BALL Description Unspecified error For more information see Help and Support Center at http go microsoft com fwlink events asp So I hope someone could help me here thanks

A:Can't use the Format option from menu on any drive letter

Have you tried using diskpart in a command prompt? In XP you need to be on an administrator account, type in disk part, then "list disk", "select disk #" for the disk you want to format, "list part" to list the partition table, "sel part #" to select a particular partition, "del part (might need to use "override")". Kind of a workaround but it will definately allow you to manage your disks if disk manager isn't functioning properly.
This will allow you to go through and remove partitioned space on drives. While still in the disk to create a new partition "create partition primary". Or you can just select a particular partition and "format fs=ntfs quick".
Probably do a little more research on diskpart, it's a pretty useful tool.
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I have tried everything suggested to do to try and restore my new folder option in my context menus and nothing has worked. Even when I try to use the folderfix.reg option all it does it open the code in my note pad. I have tried running the code in my cmd prompt but it does not work. Can someone tell me what I may be overlooking? I'm only at beginners level, so please bare with me.

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I was changing something in the shell extensions using shellexview to make my right click menus faster. But i accidentally deleted the option to make a new file (like by right clicking in a windows explorer area). How can i get this back?


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hi there, have a problem on behalf of my dad which sound simple but i cantremember how to sort it.

when he boots up he gets the menu that says along the lines of

1. boot xp home from hard disk
2.setup xp from cd

so he has to like press 1 every time he starts up his pc. if he leaves it it goes thru some bumf and gives an error n reboots

its cos i tried to reinstall xp at one point for him (other problems which later dissapeared) and the system crashed out on me before i could do it..

his pc is fine and everything no problem like, just this annoying startup screen! is it just a case of changin bootup in bios to hard disk or is it bootcfg in recovery console.? or do i just delete setup files from the tmp directory somewhere on his h disk.

help please-thanks alot in advance

A:xp bootup menu error (with install option)

You don't need to change anything in BIOS because it's already trying to boot from the hard drive. I would try to do an XP repair first as outlined below

WinXP Repair Install
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A few days ago the Shutdown option at the bottom of the start menu has disappeared and from the Ctrl+Alt+Delete also.

I have scanned the computer with Avira antivirus, free version, and super antispyware. Lots of things were deleted, but the shutdown option is still missing.

I have not been able to shut my laptop down for two days.

Apreciate your help.