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How to re-install Win 8.1 (original OS was Win 8 Pro Upgra

Q: How to re-install Win 8.1 (original OS was Win 8 Pro Upgra

Im having lots of issues with Windows 8.1 so I have to reinstall. Store/Settings arent opening. 5 minutes or so of a black screen and cursor on Start up.

I attempted to go here: Upgrade Windows with only a product key - Microsoft Windows Help

and use that for reinstalling, but it isnt excepting my product key.

How can I reinstall Windows 8.1? Am I really going to have to re-install Windows 8 from scratch and then Update again to Win 8.1?!

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Preferred Solution: How to re-install Win 8.1 (original OS was Win 8 Pro Upgra

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to re-install Win 8.1 (original OS was Win 8 Pro Upgra

Didn't you d/l the 8.1 files for iso?

There is a thread about how to do that. You only need the first post.

How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO
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nbsp I bought a GB Sandisk SSD the correct type for my Pavilion x Notebook and want to replace the current GB HP SSD in my machine nbsp After considering the cloning option which would mean getting cloning software and an adapter to migrate the image to the new SSD I have determined that probably the better approach is to install Windows on the new SSD after I have installed it nbsp Can anyone provide guidance nbsp Pavilion x2 SSD (upgra... with on How to Windows new 10 install Suggestions nbsp For instance when I check the boot sequence which I assume I would have to set How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... to USB nbsp I don't see a clear option just one How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... for a USK Key or device nbsp I would want it to boot from the USB in which I would connect a Windows install nbsp Notwithstanding the Key activation issues I would appreciate some insight into how I can accomplish this nbsp I like this Pavilion x but the GB SSD really is How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... too small nbsp Polenta
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I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem and to do that I want to install Windows 7 on another pc to see if the problem can be replicated on another Win7 system or if the problem is specific to my current Win7/hardware configuration.

I was going to install it without connecting to the internet, but then realized that to troubleshoot the problem I will need to connect to and download some things from Steam. So what will happen to my original Windows 7 install when my second install hits the internet?

A:What happens to my original Win7 install if I install it on another PC?

As I recall when you first install Windows it wants to be activated and only gives you a few days to do so. If you could test your problem without activating Windows it would probably work, then as long as you removed it before the activation time expires you should be ok. If you tried to activate it on the second machine I'm pretty sure it wouldn't let you.
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So, I have a LEGIT (HONESTLY) copy of Win7 Ent. on 3 PC's that I use, but aren't actually mine. It so happens that I'm going to be moving, and thus, will likely have to give up those PC's. So, here's what I want to do. Of course, I'll upload all of MY data files to a cloud, which are on separate partitions. But as for the Win7 install on C:\, I want to reformat it so the owner of those PC's can buy their own Install DVD's and install them. Here's my real question. I've made the assumption that when they complete their install, that they will see all of the other partitions, as well as THEIR files. Am I correct?


A:How To Install Another Win7 S/N after Original Install

Delete all partitions using Diskpart Clean Command which clears the partition table and boot code, or if you want it more securely overwritten so it can't be recovered except by forensics use Clean All command (takes approx an hour per 320gb).

I don't understand the concern for wiped hard drives which will be used by another person. Any lettered partition should be visible once Win7 is installed. If necessary add a drive letter in Disk Mgmt. Does this answer your question?
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I guess it's been about a year now that I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my main machine and have had no real issues with the OS.
only had a handful of BSOD's due to video card drivers and that's it.

I use my machine anywhere from 5-12 hours/day every day depending on if I am working or just playing on the machine.

who else is still using their original install?

A:Who else is still running their original Win 7 install

I am and I find Windows 7 very smooth and easy going I have used it for about a year an haven't had a single BSOD I think it is a Very good OS
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I have been to so many forums and nobody has been able to help me I have written to the EA company and so far everything that they have suggested haven t worked But here s what s happening After a long time of not playing I decided to install The Sims won't install...can anyone help? Sims Original onto my new laptop which have never had The Sims on there Once I put in the CD it goes to the AutoPlay and I click English and then Install Once I click Install nothing happens I tried copying the files from to CD to my computer putting the files onto a zip drive tried changing the compatability still nothing My Original Sims won't install...can anyone help? CD is fine since I tried to install it onto my dad s comp and it works and my CD drive is fine since I installed Roller Coaster Tycoon It seems like something on the computer won t let me install the game or is bocking it I have also tried istalling it while in the Original Sims won't install...can anyone help? Safe Mode and it also doesn t work Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work By the way I have Windows XP and my laptop is a Toshiba Satelitte A -S Thanks for all the possible Original Sims won't install...can anyone help? help I have no idea why the hell it won t install so please if any of you hava any ideas on how I can make this work please share Thanks for the help Lina nbsp

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Assume I buy a notebook with pre-installed Win 10 on a SSD.

I prefer to use Win 7 and have a couple of Win 7 licenses available.
Can I install Win 7 on this notebook (provided I found all necessary drivers)?

In other words is the driver environment model of Win 10 the same as in Win 7?

Is installation on SSD a problem for Win 7?


A:Can I install Win 7 on a notebook with original Win 10 and SSD?

You can do that if there are drivers no problem I would take a disk image first so you can role back if needed
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Hi, im trying to figure out what the difference is between an original XP CD and the OEM CD that came with my dell computer. I know the there is something in the $OEM$ folder that must be used to check the COA through the BIOS ROM and allow for use without activation etc...such as a corporate CD and key....that much i can understand.

But is there anything else to it???
Is one better off using an orginal XP CD or the one from the manufacturer???
Anything else i might need to know would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for looking

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hello, im new here (newbie?) and im from brazil.

i have a problem ...

i got an original corel draw 6 and i cant install in my note book with xp SP 2 (orignal also)
the message:

mfcan32.dll not found..

i read that people can use this file to put a hijack in the system.

anyone can help me? tks

A:i can install corel 6 (original) in my notebok with xp sp2

Hello and welcome to TSG.

Are you sure the error message does not state the file MFCANS32.DLL (with an S)?

Also - I am going to recommend that a moderator move this to the software forum.

Let us know.
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I tried to recover my Windows 7 Pro X64 system using the Repair disk I created after install and got the following message :-

This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows.

I then tried with the original install disc and got the same message.

Why does this happen? Is there a way round this problem?

Should one create Repair/Recovery discs periodically?

A:Windows 7 will not recover with original DVD used to install it

Either the versions are not identical or the DVD is corrupt.

I suggest that you download an exact same ISO image of your version from and burn another DVD at not more than 4x speed. Try recovering from that and most likely you shall be up and running.
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My name is Katherine
Im having a big problem with the installation of the original sims on my laptop running vista
before i installed successfully this game on my old pc which ran XP but now i tried to install it into my laptop and evrytime i clicked Install, it comes up with a box saying
SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers.Virtual Device Driver format in the registry is invalid. Choose'Close' to terminate the application.
I'v been trying for 2 days to find ways to slove it but it doesnt help at all so i'd be so grateful to anyone who can help me cuz i dun wanna get a nrw pc jst becuz of this game but i love it a lot!!
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Didn't think it was over a year since I was last here--time passes!
Is it possible to reinstall Win 7 Pro SP1 using the system installed on a 128Gb SSD in a external housing--via USB?
I have a VAIO Notebook, from which I have removed the SSD--the system works fine.
I have replaced the SSD with the original standard HD -- 250Gb. I have wiped this HD--it is now clean. Can I transfer the SSD system to the clean HD now in place---bearing in mind this is NOT a backup copy, but a full system including programs, updates etc.
Will it work--and is there anything I should do preparation wise? I have a USB external housing for the SSD.

A:Fresh install of Win 7 from original System on SSD

You can use the copy function on any decent partition manager. Paragon or Partition Wizard free edition shold be fine.
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My hard drive crashed, I bought a larger drive (5TB).  I ordered & received the recovery software from HP.  Trying to restore the system to the original, I get the following error message. Recovery Manager:The hard drive of this computer is smaller than the original shipped hard drive.  The recovery process cannot continue. I realize the new drive is larger (even though it says smaller) than the original.  Is there a way to restore the original to a larger drive?  I could not find any options available in the recovery software. Thank you for your help. 

A:Recovering With Original System Install

Hi: The largest hard drive you can use as a boot drive in that PC would be 2 TB. Here is the problem... The drive is formatted in GPT, not MBR, and since your PC does not have a UEFI BIOS it can't boot from a drive formatted in GPT. So the only suggestion I can offer would be to use some free disk partitioning software like partition wizard and format the drive in MBR. You will have to break it down into smaller partitions such as 2 x 2 TB and 1 x 1 TB and then try the recovery disks on one of the partitions and use the others for storage.
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I just did a repair install due to a virus situation. The install went fine, of course, but it requires re-activating.

I made a backup of my original install after activation. My questions is, if I activate the repair install, will that change the records with Microsoft in such a way as to cause my backup of the original basic install to no longer have a valid activation?

Same computer, so I might assume the activation details would be the same, just wanted to check if anyone had any definite information.


A:Repair Install activation same as original?

Hi, there shouldn't be a problem as long as it's installed on only one computer. I went through this and didn't experience any problems in terms of backups I'd made from my previous install on the same PC. If they didn't it would render quite a few backup solutions fairly useless, especially those based on making a system image the first time you set up your PC.

If of course in the unlikely event that something doesn't work properly backup wise because of this install it only takes a short phone call to Microsoft to sort it out.

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At the weekend a friend has given me their HP Pavillion G6 laptop to update to Windows 10. It shipped with Windows 7 but since they've installed a pirate copy of Windows 8.1.

My intention is to install Windows 7 clean and activate, then update to Windows 10 which shouldn't be an issue. My problem is getting Windows 7 back on there as they have removed the HP recovery partition and when using the Microsoft Tool to prepare a USB with the product key it refers me to the manufacturer.

I can't find any support on the HP forum to prepare a USB for clean install of Windows 7 - how are you meant to do this? It's very disappointing that the Microsoft Tool doesn't allow you to recreate media - even if it was supplied by a manufacturer.

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Hello everyone Couple of years ago or so, my comapny purchased for me a Lenovo Helix Model 3702-4D7, as wit hcompany policy the original disk were discarded and a company core load of windows 8 was laoded, now its time to get a new laptop and I have been given the old one to do as I see fit, I want to take it home have a spare laptop, BUT it has a company core load with lots of security and few things blocked because of company security, I want to wipe it and install windows 10 it came with 8, how can get the original disk to re-format the laptop and install the original OS or can I just purchase a copy if windows 10 and format the HHD and install Windows 10 ?  THanks in advance to anyone who helps
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Assume some programs (which of cause do not belong to the "core" Win 7 system) created some services..

During deinstallation the original programs these programs do NOT cleanup their corrsponding services.

So is there a way to deinstall services later in another way?

I don't want to just disable them. I want a complete de-installation.

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I have a HP desktop PC i am thinking to make a recovery usb with the manufacturer image and to insert an ssd in the pc make it primary hdd and use original hdd as second disk Will the recovery usb allow me to reset the pc and thus reinstall windows So reset from recovery usb will reinstall windows in the ssd Ssd will be gb and original hdd is a Original recovery ssd? hd... hp install new image usb Can to an sshd Can a recovery usb install hp image to new ssd? Original hd... of tb nbsp Also if windows is successfully installed in ssd will the utilities of HP still work like the update utility recovery manager diagnostics the utility that puts diagnostics in a usb stick etc The update utility will still be able to update hardware drivers the BIOS the firmware of the original hdd The diagnostics will be able to still diagnose problems of the pc and also nbsp check the new ssd nbsp Will the recovery usb during the reset will allow me to format the original hdd and partition it so that it will have only one partition I won't need the recovery partition in there as a functional recovery partition will get installed in the then primary ssd apparenty nbsp After putting the ssd in pc and before the reset I have to see if the ssd is recognised by the BIOS and if the original hdd is also seen as second hdd there nbsp nbsp Is it possible that the ssd will be incompatible somehow with the pc and problems will arise after the system recovery

A:Can a recovery usb install hp image to new ssd? Original hd...

Sint wrote:... Ssd will be 750 gb and original hdd is an sshd of 1 tb.....Hi, Yes BUT that may be the problem. You need SSD size equal or larger (capacity). Which tool do you use ? Regards,
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Is there a list somewhere where one can download and/or create a CD(s) for all Windows 7 Updates beyond the origial Windows 7 (SP1) disks?

A:Install / Update CD's besides MS Original Win 7 Disks (SP1)

Well sort of
The new unofficial sp2 will get you up to April of 2016
windows update
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I have two W K installs in different partitions on the same hard disk which I ll call the primary install and alternate install In the alternate install Windows File Protection WFP works lt b gt normally lt b gt If I rename WINMINE EXE to WINMINE OLD the executable will be restored from DLLCACHE The following files are consulted in chronological order so that this happens Winnt System CatRoot SYSMAST Winnt System CatRoot F EE CATMAST Winnt System CatRoot F EE HASHMAST Winnt System CatRoot F EE NT CAT In my primary install WFP is lt b gt broken lt b gt for lt i gt any file in DLLCACHE that has not changed since the original install WFP original install not from working for files lt WFP not working for files from original install i gt WINMINE EXE for instance has not changed through the W K service packs and hotfixes If I rename WINMINE EXE to WINMINE OLD the executable is not found in DLLCACHE even though it s there and WFP calls for the insertion of the original W K install CD The CD s recognized when it s inserted but the file isn t replaced The following files are consulted WFP not working for files from original install while this happens Winnt System CatRoot SYSMAST Winnt System CatRoot F EE CATMAST Winnt System CatRoot F EE HASHMAST but NT CAT is never used though it s present and identical to NT CAT in the alternate install If a file in the primary install that originated with a service pack or hotfix is renamed it s quickly replaced with the version stored in DLLCACHE If DLLCACHE is purged with SFC EXE all files from the original install are deleted from the cache Why would WFP only work for all files lt b gt since lt b gt the original install If as I suspect the SYSMAST CATMAST HASHMAST files are corrupted how can they be regenerated I tried an quot inplace upgrade via a manual repair quot in the primary install and then reapplied SP but it didn t change a thing Any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp
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How can I run FIXMBR without the original install disk?

I suspect a bad mbr for an XP Pro install. Trouble is I don't know what the admin password is. Forget any password fixes, as I've found the recovery console only responds to the very original admin password.

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Dear All,
Could everyone can help me install win7 64bit on Dell XPS L322X with Original win8 64bit. I don't know how to install but I already format all HDD.
it is urgent with me know. 
Please help me 
thank you

A:Install Win7 on L322X with original win8

You can click the links below for information installing Windows 7 on your computer. Before booting to the Windows disk/usb you will need to set the UEFI  setting first. Below is information to help.
Secure Boot
Secure Boot feature can be enabled or disabled in system setup.

The Boot List Option should be set to UEFI to enable Secure Boot.
By default, the Secure Boot is enabled in the system setup. 
Launch System Setup and go to Boot tab.
Select Secure Boot and press <Enter> to enable/disable it.
If you set the Load Legacy Option Rom to Disabled, the legacy boot options will no longer be available under the Boot tab

Windows 7 Support Options
Dell XPS 13 L322X Drivers, Downloads and Manuals
Driver Help and  Install Order
After a clean installation of the Microsoft® Windows 7/Windows 8 operating system, you must install the following drivers / software packages:

Display adapters
IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Imaging devices
Mice and other pointing devices
Network adapters
Chipset (System Devices)
Sound, video and game controllers
Universal Serial Bus controllers

You must install the Chipset driver first followed by the other system drivers. Reboot the system between installations.

NOTE: The XPS L322X does not have an internal optical drive. You will need to use an external optical drive to reinstall the operating system. If technical support agents dispatch an external optical drive for OS reinstall, customer must return it to Dell after the reinstallation process is successfully completed.

The reinstallation process can take up to 2 hours to complete. After you reinstall the operating system, you must also reinstall the device drivers, virus protection program, and other software.

The Operating System DVD provides options for reinstalling Windows 7. The options can overwrite files and possibly affect programs installed on the hard drive.
Save and close any open files and exit any open programs.
Insert the operating system DVD. Click Exit if the Install Windows message appears.
Restart the computer.
Press <F12> immediately after the Dell logo appears. If the operating system logo appears, wait until you see the Windows desktop, and then shut down the computer and try again.
Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.  

My Dell Downloads is an online database that contains software applications that are installed on your computer at the time of purchase.
You must create an account to download software from My Dell Downloads.
The software applications available for download when you click this link  My Dell Downloads for XPS L322X are: Dell Webcam Central 
My Dell Support Center 3.2 
Note: Only Internet Explorer Works on the My Dell Download Site.
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I am not able to install XP on a laptop with Vista (original) on it. When I boot from my full XP disk and press enter (to load new system) it says that it can"t find the hard drive. I have a Gateway NX860S with a Wester Digital WD800BEVS-22RST0 hard drive (SATA? - I don't know if this is a sata or not). I have downloaded drivers from WD and gateway but so far have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

A:can't install XP on a Gateway laptop w/Vista (original)

I had the same problem with my Dell Laptop. When you boot up, go into your BIOS. Look for an option pertaining to the hard drive (if it's not apparent, go through each option one by one). Look for a configuration setting that lets you select between AHCI mode and ATA mode. Select ATA mode. It may tell you that you must also disable Flash Cache, so do that as well if prompted. Save your settings and reboot with your Windows XP CD, and you should be able to install.
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I had WINDOWS 10 for about an year, i didnt like it so much because too many things didnt work on my pc so i come back to windows 7.I installed all my original drivers, only  the ORIGINAL ITE INFRARED TRANSCEIVER will not instal with the following errorYour system does not meet the minimum requirements for this update. Update has been cancelled (9996).Is the original driver downloaded from hp page...                                                                 Thanks in advance for the help !!!
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Is it possible to take a look at any file / files at vaio recovery partition to find out how the operative system works e.g in which order the dirvers get installed on the lap top ?

I tried many times to make a clean install on my Vario- VPCEB2S1E .. and followed some orders but afterwards the display resouloution , brightness and contrast is bad even after updating the graphic driver ! I suspect some driver/ file is missing here !

We need an expert here

A:VAIO Original order to install drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by mystery

Is it possible to take a look at any file / files at vaio recovery partition to find out how the operative system works e.g in which order the dirvers get installed on the lap top ?

I tried many times to make a clean install on my Vario- VPCEB2S1E .. and followed some orders but afterwards the display resouloution , brightness and contrast is bad even after updating the graphic driver ! I suspect some driver/ file is missing here !

We need an expert here

Hi mystery, Welcome to the forums, You could try looking here Sony eSupport - Microsoft? Windows? XP Installation this is for XP but the principal and order are the same for Vista/7
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does anyone know where the default language is set in the registry so I can change it back.

After some update, I don't know which one, some updates are installed in French and my system is original US English with SP2.

I would like it returned to original without a complete re-install.

Thanks all for your time


A:windows update in different language than original install

Try this one:

Interet Explorer > Tools > Windows Update > Change Settings > from there select the correct language
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Hello after a windows XP repair attempt and subsequent messing around I am left unable to upgrade beyond the basic OEM XP disk install I have SP a on my computer but am unable to run it because it cannot access the internet similarly trying to install SP also stored on my computer runs into problems and refuses to continue installing After the XP repair attempt I had lost all internet connection After some messing around I was able to connect to the internet but not browse on it using my Internet Explorer version If I run XPLite and run the Opera browser it does connect and allow me to browse Also there were two yellow marks question mark under other devices-- multimedia audio controller and the second an exclamation mark in front of Microsoft system management bios driver I uninstalled the later thinking that if I rebooted it would be Cannot upgrade beyond browse XP internet install or original found and updated but it is now just gone along the way I think I deleted some drivers Any ideas I ve been up Cannot upgrade beyond XP original install or browse internet all day night day as Cannot upgrade beyond XP original install or browse internet many of you can probably imagine Thanks in advance for any help I have also run some programs Like OTL and an unknown Device Identifier and have attempted to attach the files although unsure if they made it nbsp

A:Cannot upgrade beyond XP original install or browse internet

Hello, with an '!' for the BIOS Driver you may need to update the BIOS or you may need to replace it, as it may be corrupted or fried.
Perhaps, if it is an older computer, it may be easier to buy a new Mother Board entirely.
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I bought an HP Pavilion laptop on Craig's list a few months ago for gaming purposes It's nothing fancy but what I could afford that Windows original install 7 Reinstall discs without would be able to handle world of warcraft A few weeks ago I got a very hard crash that made a loud noise and totally threw me off this is my first PC in many years usually buy macs I'm told that it blue screened and after talking to some of my PC buddies it seems I need to reinstall Windows because I'm having major registry errors that keep occurring friends suggested using CCleaner to fix the registry and I quot ve done it a few times and the problems keep returning I don't have anything on this computer that I need to save literally only use it for gaming so I just want to do a clean install but I quot m unsure how to go about this without Reinstall Windows 7 without original install discs the original CDs which I never got when i bought the machine Is there something I can do Any suggestions are welcome and I fully appreciate the help Thanks PS I saved the error message pasted below Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode b BCP C D BCP FFFFF F AFF BCP FFFFF A E BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Tanavung AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt

A:Reinstall Windows 7 without original install discs

The HP laptop should have a recovery partition, there should be a HP tool to "create recovery disks". Once you have done that you can boot from them and restore your system to an as-new state. You will need blank disks for this.

it may be worth running check disk first.

Type cmd into the start menu then right click it and choose run as admin,

then type chkdsk /f into the command prompt it will say it cant, do you want to schedule it for boot time, press y then restart your computer.
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My PC will not boot up, a toshiba SP6050, it is exiting because a file needs reinstalling as the original is either missing or corrupt.
<Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe.
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Hello all,

I acquired a computer running Windows 7 Ultimate that has a very peculiar oddity about it: various system files have been altered to give it a likeness to Mac OS X. This is beyond a simple theme modification, as the logon screen background and all system icons have been modified. I'm wondering if there is some way for me to revert to all original system icons -- none of which are on my computer any longer -- through an easy-to-use installer or something of the like.


A:Download and Install Original System Icons?

Maybe this fine tutorial will help
Icon Cache - Rebuild
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Everything goes pretty good, until i click the install button on the sims complete collection.
An error message comes up saying: Unknown error encountered, aborting setup.

Any solutions?
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My daughter has a Toshiba laptop that was infected with some kind of virus I tried to reformat the harddrive and re-install the original software It went through minutes of re-installing and had some type of error at the end I didn t capture the error statement Now I can t get the laptop to start up When it tries to start windows an lsass exe application error happens and says application failed to initialize properly xc I can click OK and a services exe error shows up same message I click OK and the lsass exe error shows up again I click OK and the services exe error shows up I click OK and get a black screen The cursor still works I have the same problem starting in safe mode On earlier posts I saw advice to re-install the original software which I want to do but can t get past the problems listed above Thanks for any ideas nbsp

A:Cannot re-install original software because of lsass.exe application error

Did you boot via the bios to do the repair install? If not you did not do it correctly and are still infected.

Ideally you would boot your OS cd via the bios which will start install. I would suggest you format the OS partition and do a new clean install. Once the OS is installed you have to so all the MS updates. Then install your programs which should first include antivirus and spyware checkers.
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I have an issue I really hope you can help with I m working on an XP home system in which the original install was original boot system install After see will setup xp failure not hosed I believe due to file corruption or a known issue of a via controller driver from MS Anyhow my question if you could either answer After system boot failure xp setup will not see original install or point me to an answer as I cant find one is First off when I could not access the original install I chose to do a second install in a second dir WINDOWS now when I boot there are three options the New install WINDOWS original install WINDOWS Rconsole there are a few issues here upon boot the original install C Windows will not boot in any mode tried all C Windows boots fine and all my original windows files backup dir repair etc seem fine The problem is that Windows setup will not see my original install rconsole will and allows me to log onto c windows but I cant get setup to see the original So that I can try to perform a repair All the original C WINDOWS dir files are there the repair the reg backups etc Is there a way that I can copy the correct files from the WINDOWS or sub dirs to the root dir that will allow setup to see the install thereby letting me do a repair install Ive tried bootcfg list add rebuild and scan in the rconsole none of which sees the original install even though when logging into rconsole it sees the original C WINDOWS install and lets me login Any help would be much appreciated Thank in advance John Alvarado
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My laptop hp 15-r204ne allready have 4gb hundayi ramBut i am trying to upgrade it to 8gb by adding 4 gb kingston ramPlease telll me wether it supports this ram in other slot and tell me wether it will work nicelyKingston Technology 4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800 1.35V SODIMM Memory for Select HP/Compaq Notebooks KTH-X3CL/4GFR link is the product detailsIf anyother rams you know that supports my laptop pls inform me
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Hello all long-time forum junkie first time XP?? do of bloated disc Use install restore a to bloat-free original poster here I ve used ComboFix a few times and been thrilled with it It recovered my computer when I was getting ready to Use original bloated restore disc to do a bloat-free install of XP?? pull the hard drive to save my data Anyway it s now been a full years that I ve had this machine and never reformatted I have the original restore disc that came with this machine but I can t figure out if there s a way to do a clean install of windows I REALLY hate bloatware and the original disc comes laden with it I tried on the first day I bought Use original bloated restore disc to do a bloat-free install of XP?? it and it booted up with all the bloatware intact I also have a Vista upgrade cd but I think I d be better off with XP although if I can do a clean install of Vista as opposed to a bloated install of XP I might opt for that I used the Use original bloated restore disc to do a bloat-free install of XP?? Recovery Disc Creator link on the desktop hoping that would create an XP install cd free of bloatware but I haven t tried it yet Best I can tell the OEM restore cd ONLY lets you restore to factory bloated stock it doesn t let you cherry pick and only install windows Can anyone help Machine is a Toshiba Satellite M -S Original OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition It s got gb of RAM because I added some on day http www csd toshiba com cgi-bin tais support jsp modelContent jsp ct DL amp os amp category amp moid amp rpn PSMB U amp modelFilter M -S amp selCategory amp selFamily Thanks

A:Use original bloated restore disc to do a bloat-free install of XP??

I'm not sure why you can't just install XP and then uninstall the apps you don't want. Uninstalling them won't take more than 5 minutes total.
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I have two older computers, both with Windows XP Home. They both still have the OEM license key stickers on them, and no major hardware changes.

Neither computer has a XP disc or recovery discs. I'm not even sure if they came with them. If I were to purchase XP Home OEM disc, could I use it to re-instate both computers, using their own unique product keys of course?

I do not want to recover anything, I want to wipe clean and start completely fresh and new. All the drivers I need are available on each manufactures website. I do not want any Sony or Gateway add-on junk

A:Can I install Windows XP Home without the original OEM disc / recovery discs?

short answer YES.

if you have genuine oem keys you have the right to install the oem version of that os on your system.
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I Have a Sony Vaio VPCEG- FM Laptop that I wiped and reinstalled Windows Before doing so I Wiped Vaio, not will wifi driver original install! stock backed up everything and downloaded the set of drivers for my x on a thumb drive Well I have everything installed fine and dandy except for the driver for my on board WiFi Intel Centrino Wireless N- wifi Link BGN Every time I try and install it it starts the installation and tells me to wait About seconds in it shows a error telling me that the install is only compatible with x or x versions of windows ends and restarts my PC Some times it will just tell me that it is only compatible with Windows and Windows but I'm running windows ultimate with all net framework and I'm going to try installing the service pack but it still doesn't make sense I have tried a couple of other distributed installation packages like for similar models but they do the same thing I was wondering if there was a way to Wiped stock Vaio, original wifi driver will not install! have the application install even if the Windows check doesn't go through or to manually install the driver or if someone has found a fix for this I would greatly appreciate any feedback or help I'm gonna need this onboard WiFi

A:Wiped stock Vaio, original wifi driver will not install!

Hello and welcome Pen did yuo try here or were you relying on the stick or the Windows driver search

Sony eSupport - VPCEH24FX - Drivers & Software
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I wish to upgrade this laptop ,therefore can somebody tell me the maximum capacity of RAM that this computer can take toghether with a HDD change
What HDD can I fit on my laptop to get the most upgrade possible
I am putting down the details of the tag as they appear at the back of the computer
         Dv 4378EA
S/N  [Personal Information Removed]
I presume they read;  Product: HP Pavilion dv40000
                                         Model:     ES973EA
                                         Series:     DV4378EA
Thank you

A:pavilion dv4000 max RAM that can be installed and HDD upgra...

Here is the Service Manual: Manual It uses DDR333 aka PC2700 SO-DIMM maximum 2 gigs.  This memory should work for you: For the replacement procedure, see page 5-15. The hard drive is shown at Page 5-7.  The hard drive type is EIDE aka PATA. This is "legacy" (obsolete) hardware and larger sized PATA drives are getting hard to find. There is no size constraint imposed by the BIOS or hardware, but the market may not supply you with anything bigger than about 320 gigs and it is going to be expensive to find a new one. The biggest I ever saw was a 500 gig but I have not seen one of those in years. You want to try to find a 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm model although 7200s are extermely hard to locate. 4200 rpm models are just too slow to use.  Here is a 320 gig on eBay for about $100:  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I'm considering the Ideapad 510 15" (Part Number 80SR0055CF).  i5-6200U, 4GB onboard RAM, 1TB 5400RPM hard drive.
Can I upgrade the RAM myself? I see some 510 models have 4GB onboard + a 4GB DIMM so I'm assuming that if I get the 4GB onboard they'll be an empty DIMM slot I could add RAM to, is that the case?  If so, what's the max memory I could add?
What about the hard drive, can it be upgraded/replaced?  At some point I would probably want to put in an SSD.
If someone could link to the hardware maintenance manual that would be really useful, then I could check these things myself.  I can't find the manual for this particular laptop.  Thank you!
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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Hello. First let me tell you about my machine:
    HP  G62x-400 CTO Notebook
    Model # LD642AV
   [personal information removed]
    Windows 7 home premium
I attempted to upgrade ton Windows 10. At the very end of the process, I got an error message saying that the upgrade failed. I thought -- so I am back to Windows 7 and that is OK. But now, I receive frequent error messages telling me that various "entry points" can not be found on DLL files that I believe are in Windows 10 ONLY. How do I get rid of the problem?
Thank you for your help.

A:G62 notebook - recovering from unsuccessful attempt to upgra...

Craig3428 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Wish I had good news for you, but I don't. While Microsoft tells you that there is no risk in the Win10 Upgrade, because they let you believe that you can always revert back to your original OS and setup within 30 days, the ugly fact of the matter is that the Win10 GoBack function has proven to be unreliable -- and when it fails, it can leave machines in a corrupted state -- which doesn't always happen, but it does happen often enough to be a problem and you won't get any warning in advance that it is going to trash your PC!So, while you DO have Win7 back, most likely, something got corrupted in the process. To further complicate matters, while I would recommend using HP Recovery Media to restore your PC to its original condition. That would erase the entire drive, format the drive, and install the OS, the drivers, and the HP utilities.Unfortunately, there is no HP Recovery Media linked to the HP Product Page for your PC. This could be an oversight by HP, or it could also mean that HP no longer stocks the recovery media for your PC. They no long stock recovery media for the older PCs.Since HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you should check are: and that the first thing Recovery Media does is reformat the hard drive -- erasing everything from the drive. So, BEFORE you attempt this, you need to save off all the files and data you want to retain.Good Luck
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Brand new E51-80 with Win7 - couldn't upgrade to Win10, got stuck at 'searching for updates'.Tried the same in Win7 with same result, just got stuck in 'searching for updates'.  Tried several solutions i Googled - no success. Then i uninstalled the 'bloatware' McAfee installation, and everything worked again!!  Just to help others that also run into this issue. /Henrik - Denmark

/Henrik - DenmarkX220 - i7-2620, 8GB, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD (I just LOVE my X220!)
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I am receiving numerous blue screens do death.  10 is not stable for more than 5 minutes once it boots up.  I upgraded from 8 and have no USB boot stick.  Can Acer community help me?   Will Microsoft help me?   I have posted in ten forum for possible help with windows 10 experts (not Microsoft).    I have detailed error messages and even test results for memory, disk and drivers.   Very frustrating to have trusted the upgrade and now be completely unstable.  Just looking for next suggestion.   Thanks in advance

A:Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra...

Which Win10 version do you have and on what Acer ? (Both should be listed in MSINFO32.
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Hello.Our Laptop is an lenovo yoga 500. windows 10it is has an i3 processor.and runs on 4gb ram. but it lags so much on alot of things.this includes facebook. alot of the time the memory uses 73% and that is me just using the browser on youtube! i can hardly visit some sites.this happens alot and sometimes it does not. so if i were to upgrad the ram, would it make a difference?would the performance be better? or will i be fighting a loosing battle.
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My acer Aspire V - has been intermittently losing WiFi for past days since Windows upgrade from Windows Home Premium The Aspire has Atheros wireless network adapter AR BWB Wed nbsp So far I have In the Atheros AR BWB Wireless Network Adapter Properties I nbsp unchecked the box in the Property Management tab which read Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power nbsp b Made sure airplane mode was in off position c Forget exactly where I did this but made sure settings in another location Windows Intermittent WiFi issue upgra... 10 following were set at Maximum Performance Checked that firmware is up to date on my network router with security set to WPA -PSK AES Searched through many forums to read responses of folks upgrading Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra... to Windows with WiFi issues--seems this is widespread problem though no one has said WiFi signal loss was intermittent as is my laptop's Internet hits for my searches also show WiFi issues occurred in the past for installs of Windows So Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra... far have not come across mentions of WiFi issues for past installs of Windows While exploring my laptop I came across a page of Microsoft Updates--SEE ATTACHED I was surprised to note that these updates are released quite frequently over the course of a day For example separate updates between PM and PM on Aug and separate updates between AM and PM on Aug nbsp Am including part of the record of updates for August and August I am aware that Microsoft uses my WiFi to AUTOMATICALLY download updates Is it possible that this intermittent nbsp download of updates cause the intermittent nbsp interruptions of the WiFi This afternoon when the WiFi was not working for Windows I reinstalled as a dual boot Ubuntu I had no difficulty connecting to WiFi from Ubuntu Have not yet I have not yet tried connecting the laptop via Ethernet cable to my router during one of these WiFi outages My ISP is a VOIP Internet setup using one Westell and one Cisco router I have not considered if they might be a cause of the problem I read on one forum that someone fixed their WiFi connection issue by changing their router security setting to include TKIP nbsp NOTE I may need to put attachment of screen grab of Windows updates in a separate email reply to this post as this post is not accepting the attachment Would appreciate any comments or suggestions Thanks in advance I shall likely also put this out on a Windows forum elsewhere nbsp nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Intermittent WiFi issue following Windows 10 upgra...

Hi!FYI, this worked for me, finally a solution!Strangest thing--I uninstalled the Atheros driver. Did NOT reinstall it. After I uninstalled Atheros driver, a right screen Windows 10 style panel immediately appeared--either on notifications panel or in WiFi settings page, was sleepy, don't remember which--containing a labeled entry box for my wifi password. I entered the password and boom, the wifi worked. It's been working since.Again thanks. Will mark solved.

View solution in original post
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Hi, I have ideapad 100-14ibd(80RK).I ran lenovo companion app, on the memory section , it says that using 2GB out of 8GB.That means I can upgrade 8GB memory.After few weeks, the laptop bluescreen on boot up and I use onekey recovery to restore the system to initial state.Now when I check at memory section in companion app, now it says that using 2GB out of 16GB.That means I can put 16GB straight into the slot or is the app just a lie?The manual says max are 8GB memory. Now I confuse. Companion App (Memory tab)?Intel® Core? i3-5005U Processor (3M Cache, 2.00 GHz)  Hardware Maintenance Manual - ideapad 100-14IBD Thanks in advance.

A:Ideapad 100-14ibd 80RK - Max memory(RAM) can upgra...

[email protected]  To find out how much RAM your operating system supports running the following software: Regards.

Click on the star to say thanks.Please mark if it solves your problem.No work for LENOVO I volunteer.
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Hi, Please can anyone provide any suggestions? I am having the same problems... Communication says "Connection between access point, router, or cable modem and internet is broken" and another message says "network gateway is accessible but Windows couldn't receive network traffic from internet." Other devices are still able to connect to wireless networkI can see available connectionsRouter has been resetI am unsure as to what automatic updates may have occurred, not being infront of laptop right now. Advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

A:Re: HP Pavillion unable to get wifi after an automatic upgra...

Hallo Karrinjerzy Can you post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your notebook - you can usually get this by holding down the fn key and pressing esc, otherwise see Here for a guide on locating this information. and provide me what Wifi card you have?Could you please inform me what wireless card you have in your computer?This can be found under device manager.Right click on the windows icon in lower left cornorPress on device manager.Find a card with WIFI adapter or something with 802.11 in it. Thanks.

ZincasI am an HP notebook technician.Please click ?Accept as Solution ? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Click the Thumbs Up on the left to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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I nbsp have an Ideapad Flex nbsp Since I upgraded yesterday to Windows I have lost the touchscreen ability I had up to that point on Windows On search working not Ideapad touchscreen upgra... on (Flex 15) for pen and touch I was given this message on a system information page No pen or touch input is available for this display I have looked in device manager under Human Interface Devices Expanding the Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra... view to show hidden devices I see HID compliant touch screen When I click to get device status this is the message nbsp Currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer Code To fix this problem reconnect this hardware device to the computer nbsp How do I do that I Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra... note a similar problem in Windows on this posting nbsp http answers microsoft com en-us windows forum windows -hardware touchscreen-not-working c cda nbsp Does anyone have any idea how to reconnect the hardware device -- or at least to solve this problem Thanks nbsp nbsp Mod's Edit Added model to Subject line for clarity Solved Go to Solution

A:Ideapad (Flex 15) touchscreen not working on upgra...

I solved the problem here for my sister's Flex 14.Press Windows+X and open Device Manager, go to Mouse and uninstall USB touchscreen.Solved the problem here...
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hi i bought the hp au006tx laptop.i want to upgrade my internal hdd to my latop upgradable?i have Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal this compatible with my laptop.kindly reply laptop model is hp has 8gb ram,1tb hdd,4gb nvidia 940mx graphics.i want to replace that 1 tb hdd with 500gb samsung model ssd as mentioned above.tell me whether my laptop is compatible with that samsung 850 evo 2.5inch sata III internal ssd 500gb.kindly reply me.
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Hello nbsp I have after Windows upgra... upgrade driver 10 Aspire 5750G an Acer Aspire G Last night my computer randomly Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... decided to do the Windows upgrade I did not click okay or accept the terms or conditions or anything It just logged off nbsp and started doing the upgrade and I Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... couldn't quit out of it Anyway I didn't get a chance to check if all of the drivers etc were compatible with windows After the upgrade most things seem to be working fine Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... so far However the scroll bar on my mouse trackpad no longer works Is this something I can fix by simply upgrading the driver If so where do I find the correct one nbsp Are there any other drivers that I should upgrade I was told by a friend that I should upgrade drivers from the generic microsoft ones and install better drivers that are specific to the brand of my computer However Acer only seems to have downloadable drivers for Windows or for my computer nbsp Any help is appreciated nbsp Thanks Claire

A:Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra...

A perhaps more relevant question right now is if you want to stay with the unintentional Win10 installation or go back to your original factory-installed Windows 7 version? Jack E/NJ
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acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgrade to win 10, it was running win 7

A:acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgra...

Hi motlotlegi Try reinstalling the driver - go to device manager, right click & select uninstall. Restart the laptop & Windows will reinstall it. Hopefully it should now work. If not then check Acer's support for your region to see if there is an updated driver.
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acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgrade to win 10, it was running win 7

A:acer extensa 2508 touchpad not working after upgra...

Hi motlotlegi Try reinstalling the driver - go to device manager, right click & select uninstall. Restart the laptop & Windows will reinstall it. Hopefully it should now work. If not then check Acer's support for your region to see if there is an updated driver.
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Hello,I recently acquired a z600 with a quad core Intel Xeon E550 and I would like to know if it is possible/desirable to put my old z400 two quad core Intel Xeon W3550.I checked and both use socket b type soo I'd assume I should have a problem but as hardware is outside of my knowledge base I wanted to ask =)Thank you in advance

A:Changing my z600 processor to my z400 processors - CPU upgra...

Hi, The z600 series of workstations support Intel Xeon Processor X5570 QC 2.93 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5560 QC 2.80 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor X5550 QC 2.66 GHz, 95W, 8M cache, 6.40GT/s QPI, DDR3 1333 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5540 QC 2.53 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5530 QC 2.40 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5520 QC 2.26 GHz, 80W, 8M cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, DDR3 1066 MHz, HT, TurboIntel Xeon Processor E5506 QC 2.13 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzIntel Xeon Processor E5504 QC 2.00 GHz, 80W, 4M cache, 4.80GT/s QPI, DDR3 800 MHzLooks like they support CPU's with 80W to 95W. The Intel Xeon W3550 has TDP 130W . I don't think this is going to work. Regards.
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adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us 

A:adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

It can be done. I used to have one of those model series and if I recall correctly the SATA drive plugs right into the motherboard so you do not need an adapter just a caddy.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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My HP desktop PC, Envy 700-220ef, upgraded itself to Windows 10 a few days ago, without my blessing. Since them, at startup time it goes directly from the BIOS/POST screen to the Windows blue logo, so I get no chance, as I did before with Windows 8.1, to see the UEFI menu and select from it the operating system or boot source I want. How can I get the UEFI menu back ? Thanks.  

A:How to get UEFI boot menu to show up after windows 10 upgra...

@jpmarinier?, welcome to the forum. You should right click on the Start button in the lower left corner: select Command Prompt (Admin) / at the Prompt copy and paste this command: bcdedit /set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu yes / it will tell you that the command has been completed successfully / type Exit and reboot.  I did this and it gave me the Bootmgr screen. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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Hello nbsp I have an Acer Aspire G Last night my computer randomly decided to do the Windows upgrade I did not click okay or accept the terms or conditions or anything It just logged off nbsp and started doing the after Windows 10 driver upgra... Aspire upgrade 5750G upgrade and I couldn't quit out of it Anyway I didn't get a chance to check if all Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... of the drivers etc were compatible with windows Aspire 5750G driver upgrade after Windows 10 upgra... After the upgrade most things seem to be working fine so far However the scroll bar on my mouse trackpad no longer works Is this something I can fix by simply upgrading the driver If so where do I find the correct one nbsp Are there any other drivers that I should upgrade I was told by a friend that I should upgrade drivers from the generic microsoft ones and install better drivers that are specific to the brand of my computer However Acer only seems to have downloadable drivers for Windows or for my computer nbsp Any help is appreciated nbsp Thanks Claire
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Hi,I've been considering buying a new GPU for my SFF M92p.I currently have 1GB 620 GT nvidia GPU & I would like to upgrade to a 2GB GPU.  i7-3770 Cpu 3.4GHzWindows 1016GB DDR3 RAM1T HDPSU - 240 Watt I need professional assistance on : - Can i find 2GB GPU to use on this current system @ 240 ?- If not, would i need to change my PSU ? And where do i buy such a unit ? What's it called ? [It's for gaming]    

A:Lenovo ThinkCentre M92p 2988-E2U [Video card upgra...

The GTX 750 Ti could work with a SFF M92p.   Upgrade to the latest BIOS beforehand, CD ISO method is most reliable.   Check that there aren't any taller heatsinks on the motherboard that could interfere with the graphics card (refer to photos of the card.)   
Since your system is older, to ensure the necessary airflow, clean the front air intake and fan with vacuum and canned compressed air, jam the fan with a cable tie or similar so it can't spin and over-speed.  Same for CPU fan and heat sink, and vac the intake and rear exhaust of the power supply.  

I can confirm that this MSI brand low-profile  GTX 750 Ti 2GB  card works perfectly in my M93p SFF machine without upgrading the PSU:   MSI N750-Ti-2GD5TLP
Measuring the power draw running Prime95 (CPU benchmark) , FurMark (GPU benchmark) , charging mobile phone via USB and copying large files at the same time , it stays below 190W.   Have been running this for several hours. I have also been playing Fallout 4 (FullHD, ultra textures, 60 FPS) for 100 hours without any problems.   As the case is quite compact, I was worried about the temperature but it stays below 80C for the GPU at full power over extended periods of time (about 25C ambient temp in the room). 
Installation is ok. Just mount the low profile bracket and move the PCIe 1x WiFi card (if you have one) into another slot.  Preferably leave an empty slot next to the graphics card.
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I recently upgraded to Windows and since then I have been receiving the following Windows message started upgra... Driver error Graphics 10 after message while playing a game Display driver Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows R stopped responding and has Graphics Driver error message started after Windows 10 upgra... successfully recovered nbsp nbsp I checked my graphics driver and it said it was up-to-date nbsp I have tried installling the latest drivers for my notebook model as per the HP drivers page the December version installed with no problem but did not fix the issue nbsp An error message pops up when I try to install the March and April versions of the graphics drivers stating that they are not compatible with my computer nbsp I have also tried both the HP and Intel Driver update utilities and was told that my drivers are up-to-date nbsp However when I look at the properties for my Intel R HD Graphics Family in Device Manager I notice that the information on the Events tab states Device PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS E C amp REV B amp amp amp requires further installation nbsp I am not sure what needs updating on my computer or if this driver is incompatible with Windows and there is not yet an upgrade nbsp Any advice or guidance would be appreciated nbsp My computer model is the HP Pavilion -p ca Notebook PC ENERGY STAR model G U UA ABL and the graphics driver is version

A:Graphics Driver error message started after Windows 10 upgra...

Hi @Gneiss, Welcome to the HP Support Community! I understand from your posts that you are having an issue with your HP Pavilion 15-p050ca Notebook and a error message Display drive Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows stopped responding and has successfully recovered. I would uninstall all that are listed in the Device Manager. Click the arrow next to Display Adapters to expand that category. Right-click on Graphics and select Update Driver Software if more than 1 Graphics adapter do 1 at a time. Choose the option to Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software.The Notebook should find and automatically install the updated driverAfter the installation is complete, restart your Notebook. It should automatically update with a new Driver and software. If you need to update the Display Adapters. I would follow the method of right clicking on them in the Device Manager only. This will update the drivers on your system to work with Windows 10. Please get back to me how this goes. If this post helps you to resolve the issue you can click the Thumbs up icon to show gratitude! Please click the Accept as Solution, to the right of the Thumbs up icon, if your issues is resolved.   Thanks.
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Hello, I'm having trouble upgrading Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10.  The installation (manual and automatic) fails due to the incompatibility of ProtectTools Security Manager (according to Microsoft). This is also described in a document I found on the HP website: .Before I can uninstall ProtectTools, I need to unistall other HP tools, like Device Access Manager,... And there lies my problem: how do I uninstall Device Access manager? It's not listed under 'Programs and features'. I tried uninstall tools like CCleaner and Revo Unistaller, but they can't find it either. I have installed the latest version of ProtectTools, via the SoftPaq Download Manager and disabled all features in ProtectTools, as far as I can tell. How do I uninstall the ProtectTools suite? Best regards,Wim.

View Solution.

A:ProtectTools Device Access Manager blocking Windows 10 upgra...

I found a way to remove it, on this website: Run: MsiExec.exe /X{55B52830-024A-443E-AF61-61E1E71AFA1B} That fixed it for me.
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Is it possible to upgrade wifi single band card originally installed on my laptop to dual band for picking up 5G. If YES, what the model?Thanks.
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Please forgive my basic ignorance on this type of matter, but.........

I have been looking on Ebay at used/refurbished computers for upgrading from my current and older P4 chip computer. One that I'm looking at says that it has a (legal and genuine version) of Windows XP Pro SP3 o/s installed on the custom built computer, but there's no disk.

If I were to purchase a computer like this, and make a back up copy of that installed o/s on my own disk, will there be any difference than if I had received the original installation disk or manufacturer's restore disk?.....or would the installed (and backup) o/s be considered an "unlicensed" copy?
***I never cease to be amazed by the extent to which people are capable of (deluding themselves by) engaging in distorting and denying reality in an attempt to satisfy their fears, wants and needs?***

A:Will a backup copy (to disk) of an installed XP the same as original install disk?

No, a copy would not be the same as the installation disk. But even better than an installation disk is a "disk image". It saves everything, your programs, your operating system, and all your files, for when the drive fails.

You are very wise to be considering how to recover. A disk image is much better than a "recovery partition" on the drive which is useless when the drive fails.

Buy an external drive for backup (though CD's and DVD's can be used, you can make backups far more easily, and thus frequently, with an external drive, or even a second internal drive). DVD's are fine if all you want is a single backup of the original system, but an imager can take snapshots along the way so less is lost.

Free Drive Cloners/Imagers:

Macrium Reflect
Clonezilla (Bare-metal restoration from image)
EaseUs Disk Copy (Copies disks or partitions)
CloneZilla GParted LiveCD (Complete partitioning and drive imaging/restoration tools)
Partition Saving
PCI CloneMaxx
Drive Image XML
copyr.dma (Copies disk with bad sectors for recovery)

Commercial Apps:

[email protected] Disk Image
O&O DiskImage
Acronis True Image Home
Farstone Drive Clone (Drive image, snapshots, file/folder backups.)
EAZ-FIX Professional and Easy Image
Drive Snapshot
ShadowProtect (Also online backups.)
Keriver Image
Avanquest Copy Commander
Paragon Drive Backup
R-Drive Image
Norton Ghost
HDClone Pro or Enterprise
Terabyte Image for Windows
Terabyte Image for DOS (can directly access FAT, FAT32, and NTFS partitions)
Spotmau Disk Clone & Backup
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Please forgive my basic ignorance on this type of matter, but.........

I have been looking on Ebay at used/refurbished computers for upgrading from my current and older P4 chip computer. One that I'm looking at says that it has a (legal and genuine version) of Windows XP Pro SP3 o/s installed on the custom built computer, but there's no disk.

If I were to purchase a computer like this, and make a back up copy of that installed o/s on my own disk, will there be any difference than if I had received the original installation disk or manufacturer's restore disk?.....or would the installed (and backup) o/s be considered an "unlicensed" copy?

A:Will a backup copy (to disk) of an installed XP the same as original install disk?

I would check the eBay site for the report on the person or business selling the computer or equipment to see how reliable they are, anyways if you purchase a computer with a legal version of windows on it that has been refurbished I do not see why you should not get a windows install disk (Original) with it, if the installation is legal why not give the disk with it? I would be very leary.

I would check other ways of getting what you want and here is a good place to start:
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I cant seem to find my windows xp cd but do have the cd key for my laptop and I need to do a reinstall. Can I borrow a full version from someone or am I pretty much screwed and gonna have to buy a new full version of xp?
Any help is much appreciated.

A:Original xp cd?

1. Landline/call a friend (Just like the game show)
2. call Microsoft they'll send you a copy for a fee without the serials
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My inlaws have a computer that contracted loads of worms and viruses. I ended up reinstalling the OS, which is the original xp. I need to know if I can just update it to SP2 right away or if I have to install all the previous updates.

A:Original XP To SP2

Go ahead, you can directly install SP2, no problem, if it need something else will ask you for that.
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Now that I'm running my WIndows 10 machine with an SSD, I'm wondering what to do with the original HDD. I've done nothing with it at this point since it still has that recovery partition from the manufacturer (Dell) on it.

The computer did not come with recovery disks. That's why I haven't put it in an enclosure and used it as an external drive. Is there a way to create a recovery disk from the HDD so I have it like the manufacturer sold it to me should I need to send it in for repairs?

A:Original HDD...

Originally Posted by jbdiesellife

Now that I'm running my WIndows 10 machine with an SSD, I'm wondering what to do with the original HDD. I've done nothing with it at this point since it still has that recovery partition from the manufacturer (Dell) on it.

The computer did not come with recovery disks. That's why I haven't put it in an enclosure and used it as an external drive. Is there a way to create a recovery disk from the HDD so I have it like the manufacturer sold it to me should I need to send it in for repairs?

What OS was on original drive?
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hi I have xp windows. I am computer dumb and need help to recover a word document that was saved over by my wonder child(most of the time) and really need to get the original for a court hearing. Is there hope for me????? I really need this document can anyone help

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That's the question I was a Shakespear quot fan quot lol Well I just activated my windows xp after days waiting Because month ago my computer wasn't working at all because of a RAM addition and when I didn't know the problem I thought it was the Windows cd So I install on my older PC it was working but the hurt was done I used my cd-key on another computer So after those days I called the guy gave me lots of numbers and my XP is now activated no more problem for that The problem original? Original not or is the icon next to my time in bottom right corner of screen It says my XP isn't original and it keeps telling me that my Original or not original? computer is under high risk Problem is the cd key I have came with my PC and Acer aren't supposed to be thieves On the other side I can download Windows Media Player beta but when I click it check if I have an original and it says I do What the

A:Original or not original?

From what I understand, you've called Microsoft and sorted out your cd-key conflict but are still receiving the message similar to:

"This version of Windows does not appear to be genuine. You may be a victim of software counterfeiting..."

If this is the case, check out this link:

There's a link to a free tool which will remove that annoying pop-up. Once it's removed, if Microsoft did not thoroughly fix the cd-key conflict, you may get this pop-up again IF you continue to install windows updates.

Keep in mind I'm not a certified technician... but I can confirm that the WGA removal tool works beautifully.
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I have a old Compaq laptop laying around and just bought a used IDE hard drive to get it running. Ran Belarc and found that the XP Pro key did not match the label on the back of the computer.
I have a third party multi boot dvd that I've used to install Home and Pro editions in the past. It gives me the option to install as retail or oem. The problem is that no matter how I install it, activation will not recognize key. Running Belarc again after the install came up with yet another key.
Is there a way to get back to the original key as shown on the back of the computer?
Where is the key stored, obviously not on the hard drive. Can I use any installation disc so long as it matches the OS version?
Thanks for your suggestions.

A:Where did the original key go?

The Key that keyfinder programs report will not match the key on the sticker. It will be the "master install" key used in their imaging of drives. The key on the sticker can be used on any OEM disc that matches the version ( Home, Pro or MCE )
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Does anybody know where to get the Original Windows 8 Pro 32 bit English United States but not volume licensed since i have a product key. But not the one with only a single product key because it says we can't connect right now. I also don't have a MSDN supscribtion So i will appreaciate it if anybody finds me the Windows 8 Pro 32 bit English United States Original Iso not the VL version or else the 8.1 update won't work.

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I'm trying to fix my friends Dell but i don't have the discs for professional and he doesn't have a key for SP2 he only has the key for Pro SP1. Can i torrent the SP2 file to repair his current install?

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One of my colleagues was asking some questions about XP. In the conversation he mentioned that he did not have any XP discs - XP was pre-loaded when he bought the PC (from PC World ).

What is the position regarding original XP discs? Should buyers not receive the original discs, even though the OS has been pre-loaded prior to purchase? He's probably got a rescue type disc somewhere, but I still think customers are entitled to receive the original discs.

Is this correct?

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In January 2010, my computer crashed as a direct result of a virus. I had WINDOWS XP Media Center Edition 2005 as the original OS on my Sony Vaio VGN-N160G. I have been bouncing around diff. OS and found that my laptop would function at its full potential with its original OS. The laptop was purchased used, so I do not own a disk for it. Would it be possible to obtain a new disk from Microsoft , or is my OS too out-of-date to bother with?

-I cannot afford purchasing a new OS
-Linux is not an option
-I have considered double-partitioning (Linux/Windows), but have ruled it out due to its irrelevancy, because I might as well just use Windows by itself
-I DO HAVE a VALID License Key for the original OS on the bottom of my laptop

I just need a way to LEGALLY obtain my original OS

Thank You

A:Original OS Needed

There is a recovery partition on the computer that can be accessed by using a set of recovery CD's you would have created when you got your computer. View Document
If during the process of Bouncing around different OS's you deleted the Recovery Partition, or never made or can't find your recovery discs, then you will have to get a Recovery CD or XP CD from Ebay or Craigslist.
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Ok, here's the deal, i'm an american living in sweden. My laptop was destroyed and i've bought a computer here from a friend that has Windows xp Professional installed as the operating system. Problem is that it is in swedish and i want it in englih. I have Windows Xp Pro in english but when i go to install, and i get to the part where i must chose a partition, i see that the old OS (swedish version) is on the partition i need (i only have one partition.) My question is how i get rid of the original swedish xp so that i can load just one OS? I had thought it was done automatically, but the only option i have is to load two OS on same partition and i don't want that. i appreciate any possible help.

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hello i have a hp laptop that came with original windows but i format my hard disk with out making any back up for the system and there is a windows product key under my laptop can i install windows 7 home premium and use this product key to activate it?

A:original windows

Quote: Originally Posted by danar

hello i have a hp laptop that came with original windows but i format my hard disk with out making any back up for the system and there is a windows product key under my laptop can i install windows 7 home premium and use this product key to activate it?

If it is a 25 letter key and you can get a OEM windows home premium you might be able to.
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A friend has a computer he bought used. Windows XP was installed but there was no installation CD. He is having problems that require formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows XP. He doesn't have a release CD, but I have a release CD for the XP upgrade that I no longer need because I use Windows 7.

Can I give or sell my XP upgrade CD to him and then use it to reformat his hard drive and install Windows XP, even though we don't have the release CD for the installation presently on his hard drive?

A:Reinstalling XP without original CD

No. Your Windows 7 upgrade license consumed the Windows XP license so it cannot be used on another computer.
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My original  installation got wrecked. Somebody installed another version of win 8.1 but I want to fresh install my original win 8.1 and have its serial number and everything is legal. Where can I download it from?

A:where from to download my original win 8.1 with se...

Before performing fresh installation of Windows Operating System, it is recommended to take all the backup of the data from the computer. To help you install Windows 8.1 Operating System, please follow the step-by-step instructions given on the link below: Hope this will help you.
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my mother bought a refurbished acer aspire one D nine or so months ago and its pretty obvious who ever quot refurbished if do the to original os has what been deleted quot it had no idea what they were doing considering the only thing they changed was the os it has the same GB RAM and GB HDD it came with and everything else was in place aside from the fact that the webcam doesnt have the protective lens and doesnt work leading me to believe they tried somthing with that but i digress my problem is that what to do if the original os has been deleted it seems they pirated windows and installed it onto the system my mom started up the computer and after it booted up we got a screen stating windows hadn't been activated after about a month my mom asked if there was some way to take it back to factory settings my sister had done this for her system the year before and going through the computer i could not find any option to do that bringing up setup and the boot menu doesnt give me this option either upon further delving into the files on the computer i realised they had completely removed the original os windows starter and i have no idea where to go from here other then to buy a whole new operating system which i would like to avoid if possible

A:what to do if the original os has been deleted

In the Search Box, type Activate Windows. Select and if Windows is genuine you'll get the message Activation was successful.
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Wont work on windows loads then gives me an error report. Ive already tried changing the compatibility option on the shortcut to windows 95 and even that doesnt work. If anyone has some tips to fix this that would be awesome because Ive been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now

A:Original Rainbow Six...

Hi jare, welcome aboard.

I wish I had the solution but my searches didn't come up with other than what you've already tried.

All I have to offer is that you get the patch (v1.04)
and then try to use compatible mode with BOTH the setup file and the game's exe file.

This has worked for some, but not with XP Pro, only XP Home edition, as far as I can surmise.

Good luck to ye.
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I have a dell inspiron 6000. Yea not the greatest thing ever but oh well anyways. Cod works fine on my desktop but on my laptop. When I start the game up I get error trouble loading default.cfg. So I'm only wondering whats wrong when I start the game up.

A:problem using COD original

what are the specs on the laptop?
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I would like to have the original desktop look on the Windows XP computer that I had on one of the user accounts. There should not be shadow on the desktop icons and there should not be a licence plate style behind the icon description text
Can you help me with this problem please?

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Hello I bought this computer several years ago and had them dealer set it up before I brought it home They were suppose to tune it up remove all or most of the program advertisements and so on which they did However when I recieved the computer at home there were no installation CD s included in the box I called about this and was told they would try to locate them and send them to me which never To Return Original happened It s now several years later and I need to just remove everything from the computer and do a complete reinstall of Windows XP but I don t have the CD I m not sure if I can use any other Windows CD such as the Windows included on this computer but I do need to do Return To Original something that computer is so slow it s miserable to use Is there a way to return to the original new operating system without the CD I just want to reload Windows everything else can be completly wiped out as far as I m concerned Thanks -Cups

A:Return To Original

It would help to no end if you were to tell us just what computer you are referring to. Could you post the make and model of this computer?

This forum is for XP operating systems, yet you mention Windows 7. Would you care to clarify what the reference to W7 is about?
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I originally had Windows XP on my computer, so when I moved to 7 I created a secondary partition and installed it on that, to preserve my original files and copy them over. I did this by gradually resizing the secondary and original partitions and copying over data, until currently my original partition is very small and basically only contains XP and that's it.

My question is, can I safely get rid of the original XP partition and merge it's data into the other partition on the disc? I thought it might cause problems because it was my original operating system on it.

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I just put a gateway laptop a few days ago (Preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Edition, work use). The software I planned on using on this machine was XP specific only and I also needed to have this laptop on a domain which I know wasn't possible with Windows 7.

I downgraded the laptop to XP and erased the original gateway back up partition in spite and anger towards gateway and microsoft (diehard apple user using this machine against my will).

The laptop didn't come with any restore discs and it would cost me $20 + shipping to get them from gateway. My buddy has a windows 7 home edition install DVD and I was wondering if I would be able to use the product key that's on the back of my laptop with that DVD.

possible or impossible?

A:Using a different Windows 7 CD than original

If you downgraded the Gateway OEM version of Windows 7 OS to XP, the OS of record for your system is now XP; Windows 7 is gone. The Windows 7 keycode for your system may be invalid now.

Contact Gateway and see if downgrade to XP can be reversed and Windows 7 reinstalled with the same key code.

Using your friend's Windows 7 DVD may work - only if it a Gateway Windows 7 recovery DVD, but then there is the keycode issue. If friend's copy non-Gateway OEM or Microsoft full retail copy, it will not work.

I closed your thread in XP -->

Regards. . .


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When I bought a HP PC(dc5100 SFF) I got 3 cds from them.first is resotreplus next is win7 pro and next is language pack my question is can i able to install this original win7 cds in other pc(custom built) other than HP..once i tried it fails as it detected as invalid is there any another way to install this win7??


A:Installing HP Original OS DVD on other pc

You need to buy a Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 DVD & Product key for your custom PC.
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i am making up a rescue disk for my system and i need the original product key so i get win 7 from microsoft.
ms213,product  ny645aa-aba,build id 94nav6pra3,serial number [personal information removed]
thank you                           jim

A:need original product key

The problem with this is going to be that M$ will not accept an OEM Windows key for that download page.  so even if you had it, it would not work.  That sites does work with retail keys, however.  So then the quest would be to get a retail key, or just borrow a Windows 7 install disk to make the "rescue disk".Assuming this PC came with Windows 7 installed, you can make a "Recovery Media" set from Recovery Manager, or order a set, which will reinstall the software on the PC - "facotory fresh" as they say.
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I have just installed the full version of XP Pro on a newly formatted HDD.
All went well with the exception that if I don't keep the CD in the drive, I get a "PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT" message during a reboot.
If I leave the CD in place, it boots up fine though I get the usual "press any key to emulate CD etc."
So why is this happening?
As I said, everything works OK 'cept the above .............. what have I done wrong and more to the point, can I fix it without having to format the HDD all over again

A:Have to use original XP Pro CD to boot up


Go into Bios and check the Boot order and make sure the Hard drive is the first in order.

To get to Bios press F2 or DEL or if you know the key ON startup to get into bios and change the boot order and then save and exit.

I think its looking at your CD-Rom first for your O/S.
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I just downloaded Adobe reader 7.0 from downloads. I now have an adobe/yahoo additional bar and it has taken over my original search of google with the little doggie on the bottom (Internet Explorer). I went to the control panel and deleted this program; rebooted and shut off. This program is not listed now in the control panel but I still have the search bar. Can anyone help me please get the original search engine back? Thanks kindly and keep advise simple. Have a good 4th.

A:Trying to get original search

See if you can right click the toolbar and uncheck 'Search the Internet' If you download Adobe again, Uncheck 'Download the Adobe Yahoo! Toolbar.
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My Dell Inspiron 11 laptop HDD crashed, it had a win 8.1 os which I had upgraded to 10. Now I want to install my original OS, I do not have any recovery media, kindly tell me how to activate my OS, I do not have the product key either.

A:Installing original OS

If you installed WIndows 10 less than 30 days ago, it can be removed and reverted to WIndows 8.
If it was longer than that, see here:
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hii would like to know how to obtain original configuration as shipped.i bought a z230 used, but i think the computer has changed hd, mem, and cpu

A:hp zero original configuration

Hi, HP z230 is a series of many machines, not one. Here is ths list: Regards.