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Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

Q: Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

I know this topic is very old! but I have the same problem now!
But I don't have any other hard disc on my PC and this SATA 3 supported hard drive is only one! I don't have any OS on my pc. when I connect hard drive to my p4p800-x mother board it doesn't recognize my sata 3 drive! please help me what should I do!

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

Hey Andromec. Is the drive being detected in the BIOS.
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Since my Acer 5315 has Vista on it, I decided to buy the same hard drive in the Acer laptop. Bios sees the Hitachi drive with exact model number but XP doesn't even recognize that there is a hard drive. I tried using Booting Cd and I was able to format and delete the Linux distro that I put on this drive earlier because since XP didn't work I figured maybe XP would find the Linux operating system. I was wrong. I then went thru using Windows 98 fdisk,format and then it formatted the entire drive and is insrtalling Windows 98 on this drive. Will XP see the Windows 98 installation or will I be back to square one ?

Ideally the best way to install XP is for XP to see the drive but it doesn't Might someone have any ideas how to get XP to see the Hitachi drive so I can install XP ?


A:XP doesn't recognize my Sata drive

It's all a bit confusing....which drives have which operating systems installed?

Have you been able to successfully boot anything but Vista?

Has XP ever been bootable on this system?
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I just finished building a machine and my OS isn't recognizing my SATA drive.

I have the Asus K8V-X SE MB (64bit AMD) and I am using a Western Digital 80GB SATA drive. I went into the bios and turned on the RAID functionality (which I am not using because I only have one drive) and truned on the SATA functionality. I press F6 at the beginning of the install and everything goes fine until it says it can't find a hard drive. I am not using the IDE slots because the HD only has Serial hook-up.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

A:OS doesn't recognize my SATA drive

i recently built a pc with a sata drive in and used maxblast and it found the drive and formatted it but when the system booted it still wouldnt find it so i looked on the motherboard disc and there in chipset were the drivers for the motherboard to look for a sata drive on boot up i put the drivers on floppy and when the system booted i pressed it for to install a raid driver in went the floppy and bobs your uncle there it was i formated it and installed windows and all's going fine

hope this helps you out

hopefully youve got another pc to browse the motherboard disc
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I installed a samsung sata drive on my wifes machine and no matter what i do it doesn't recognize it . She has a ata drive on now works fine . Iinstalled this becouse she is running out of room , don't want raid just want to in stall this 120gb sata hd. so she has more room . Installed sata drivers .but xp doesn't recognize the drive, doesn;t show up in the bios or post screen . Jumper are set to enable
Has anyone got a clue

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I just built this pc and the Western Digital 160 Sata hard drive isn't recognized in the bios but it will boot from it sometimes. I had to restart it 4-5 times this morning to get it to boot. I'm running winxp, ASUS A7N8X mobo, I had to get a SATA controller card to run this drive. I overlooked that this mobo doesn't have SATA connectors. My mistake and I couldn't return the hard drive because I had already opened the package. I upgraded the bios to no avail and now I'm at a complete loss. Need help. Thanks.

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Good evening!
I have the asus board in my Vista Ultimate system. I had a couple of 500GB sata drives, and wanted to replace one of them with a 1T drive(Western Digital WD10000CSRTL) . When I connected the new drive, the system just hangs at the point where it's listing the drives right before boot. Strange thing is, it gets the model number, but hangs at capacity. It does the same thing even if it's the only sata drive in the system. Does the a7n8x board support drives that large, or do I need to take back the drive? Asus's website has been less than helpful, and google searches didn't net a hit on this combo and problem. I turn to the gurus for enlightenment... Thanks for any assistance!


A:Asus a7n8x doesn't recognize 1T sata drive?

Your Asus motherboard is too old to support these hi-capicity drives
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I'm having an issue with a newly built computer.
My motherboard, an ASUS P5KPL-CM, does not always recognize my new SATA hard drive.
Until I get this issue under control I am not able to install windows. 9 times out of 10, when i check out my BIOS settings, it does not recognize the SATA hard drive.

Please help me. I'm dying to get my new machine up and running.
Any more information is available upon request.

A:ASUS P5KPL-CM doesn't recognize SATA hard drive

can someone close this thread? i wish to start a new, more detailed one. i have more details i would like to include.
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I have an ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX motherboard which has SATA 2 and SATA 3 ports. I've tried fiddling around with BIOS options and my hard drive is recognized by the motherboard as seen in this picture:
The computer will boot to the screen where I can select to boot into safe mode or normal boot. Regardless of which option I select, the computer will restart right after, as seen in this video:

I've tried booting the hard drive with another board and everything works fine (hard drive isn't the problem). I've also tried booting the entire system using another PSU and I get the same result as in the video linked above. I've come to the conclusion that it's the motherboard that's causing the problem and that I should RMA it. What is the community's opinion?

A:Solved: Motherboard won't recognize hard drive, SATA port issues?
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Hi This is my first post here so please bear with me as I get the ins and outs of it I m trying to build a system with the specified components but I cannot get the MSI PT Neo-V motherboard to recognize the drives I WAS going to install a SATA DVD-RW drive as well but Recognize SATA Motherboard HD PT8 MSI will Neo-V Not both that and the SATA- Hard Drive are not recognized The IDE DVD-ROM I installed for now will load the MSI PT8 Neo-V Motherboard will Not Recognize SATA HD info to install WIN XP Pro but when it s time to install it it tells me quot Set Up did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer Set up cannot continue blah blah blah the usual stuff if a hard drive is missing or faulty I have tried to install this hard drive into a system I know is functional and it DOES recognize the drive I ve changed SATA cables checked the BIOS says SATA is enabled and have done everything I normally do but I cannot get anywhere Nothing seems to be booting up correctly even the FDD says there s an error - PLEASE help Thanks in advance Cindy nbsp

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HDD's attached during Win installation st was GB boot drive nd was a NTFS TB HDD populated media drive Was about to add my media folders to Plex Media Server when I noticed that only the boot drive C appeared under My Computer Found that odd so I restarted into BIOS settings and the nd HDD showed up fine Booted into Windows and started Disk Manager and Windows 2nd my recognize doesn't HDD? Why 8 SATA saw something I've never seen before It could Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD? see the nd HDD but no drive letter was assigned and it said quot Foreign Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD? quot where it normally has drive size and quot Online quot There's quite a bit of data on there but it's backed up onto Crashplan so I suppose I could do a fresh format and re-populate with the data Would be quite a PITA though Any ideas Googled it and haven't seen anyone else w this issue http dl dropbox com u IMG jpg lt --screenshot of Disk Manager seeing quot Foreign quot drive Already tried a Reset as per this thread Why doesn amp t Windows recognize my nd SATA HDD amp - Microsoft Answers and have posted this same question in the Win TechNet forum

A:Why doesn't Windows 8 recognize my 2nd SATA HDD?

This is a strange issue I wouldn't think Windows 8 would do, as this sounds more like an xp type thing.

But anyways, try right clicking on the drive in Disk Management and hit Import foreign drive. This may or may not work, but we'll see.
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New member here with XP install issue - I hope someone can help Built a new system yesterday - ASUS P C -E Deluxe flashed the latest bios version from ASUS XP Win recognize Pro RAID doesn't SATA on install website - P Ghz Mhz FSB - ASUS AGP V Video Card Win XP Pro doesn't recognize SATA RAID on install - GB Kingston Ram x - GB Seagate SATA Barracuda drives I installed the two SATA drives on the Promise Fastrack as RAID performance BIOS sees these drives Seagate's hard drive utility sees them but XP cannot Here is what I did - Booted from CD - Held F down to specifiy additional third party RAID SCSI devices - When prompted pressed 'S' and loaded latest drivers from quot floppy from ASUS web site - Setup loaded the WinXP drivers from floppy - Pressed enter to continue setup - Setup then continued to load a plethora of addtional drivers from CD including other SCSI drivers - Once I got to the screen to hit enter to continue setup I received the quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot and it gave me the F option to quit setup I'm a bit baffled as to why the XP setup process won't utilize the driver I specified earlier Any ideas Thanks

A:Win XP Pro doesn't recognize SATA RAID on install

Solution found! You must use the motherboard utilities CD that comes with the board to create the FastTrack 378 RAID device driver diskette. This will correctly be read by XP and let you continue the installation.

The drivers from the ASUS site will not work, you must use the CD.
Simply run the makedisk utility from the 378 RAID folder and you'll be set! :cheers:
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I am building a computer for use with Ham Radio and recently purchased a
COMPAQ DeskPro EN S-370 motherboard and power supply. It will go through
all of the normal pre boot stuff but when it gets to the actual boot is won't recognize the hard drive.

I tried to switch the boot drive to the CD ROM and got the same reaction with the Windows XP CD.

Anyone have any experience with these things?


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I have recently purchased the BYTECC ST-300 as my computer stopped working. I have two hard drives that require file recovery, when I plug them into the device, then my computer, it recognizes that the USB connection was made and there is a drive, however, I cannot access the drive from My Computer. Is there any way to trouble shoot this or are both of my hard drives fried?
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I have an Asus P4PE BP motherboard (533 fsb) with a P4 2.4 ghz processor that works fine. I installed a P4 3.06 ghz processor but the system won't boot. The motherboard reports a cpu test failure (it has a voice POST reporter). I tried entering setup using the 2.4 processor but it won't let me change the cpu speed. The two choices are 2400 mhz and manual. The bios recognized the 2.4 cpu when I first built the system but now doesn't recognize the new cpu. The Asus site says the motherboard supports this processor in all bios versions. I took the processor to a local shop for testing and it's okay. Any help will be appreciated.

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My Motherboard suddenly died and the garanty was expired, so I had to replaced it for another motherboard brand, since the original is not easy to find and also after very bad experience with that brand I do not truest it anymore, so I get a compatible replacement, then I tried to get by HP support the  original software that came with my computer, mainly the MS Windows and HP system doesn't recognize my PC anymore, and I can not get the software that came with my computer!!! What can I do?
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I have an HP Vectra VEi8 (450MHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB main HD) and I want to add a 40GB HD to it for file storage. The problem is that when I connect the 40GB, the computer won't boot. I found on some other site that I need to move the 32GB jumper. There are only 2 jumpers on the motherboard (one is to clear the settings and the other one I cannot read). The jumper I cannot read, I have tried in the only possible three positions (top two pins, bottom two pins, off - there's only 3 pins).

What do I do?

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Hello guys I have a PC i use for gaming recently it wouldn't boot and the error Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key I tried the HDD on another PC and it works pc won't boot but it tries to repair OS probably due to different components We also tried another HDD on it and it didn't work either It doesn't show up in BIOS boot priority The DVD that's also connected with SATA shows up but the HDD doesn't PC spec CPU Core i - Quad GHz LGA MB BOX MB H M-S PH LGA DDR MHz SATA USB DIMM GB DDR Mhz HDD boot recognize HDD, doesn't error. Motherboard quot GB Toshiba Motherboard doesn't recognize HDD, boot error. SATA rpm MB VGA PCX GeForce GTX Ti GB DDR xHDMI xDVI DX w Boost DVD RW - x Black SATA SH ATX Midi Tower Case Matrix MX- w W PSU Black We have other PC with exactly the same configuration and they work flawlessly Please advice

A:Motherboard doesn't recognize HDD, boot error.

i had same trouble with my dell and i pulled the cmos battery and that seemed to do the trick. good luck
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Dell Dimension about - years old Stock SATA gb hard drive crashed won't Crashed, Hard computer SATA drive recognize ANY Drive got the blue screen all the codes etc Took it to a computer Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive place they also said the HD crashed I have bought a replacement gb SATA HD - attached the two inputs to the back one thin and ling one thin and short and Hard Drive Crashed, computer won't recognize ANY SATA drive all I get on boot up is a couple of chirps and the screen says quot Drive and and Not Found Serial ATA SATA- quot and repeats for drives two and three The drive is warm it s being accessed it s humming but I ve also tried a third gb drive same thing I even replaced the original drive back in and the same thing - not even the blue screen and error codes any more Went to F set up set to auto detect all SATA drives sets to on I m computer literate but not a techy or anything Totally lost now Please help emsguy you at aol dot com nbsp
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Greetings Brainiacs I just upgraded from XPsp to sp when the upgrade finished my WD green series TB SATA drive was no longer visible in explorer and is not listed in the hardware profile manager XP sp3 does recognize SATA drive not I have had IDE drives primary and secondary and the TB SATA drive running for about months without any issues on SP All the drives still show up in the BIOS so I don t think that is the issue I even pluged in a different SATA Baracuda G to make sure it was not the drive Same issue shows up in BIOS but not windows Funny thing is the drive letters skip D the SATA drive letter and goes from C to E to F I have looked XP sp3 does not recognize SATA drive for drivers at WD website but they do not have them they say it should be included in windows The motherboard is kinda old ECS pt ce-a but it still runs all my hardware fine Hope this is enough info for someone to help Thanks Swoopty nbsp

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Hello all I am not that new to computers but this is something that is causing me some greif I have a ghz intel with g ram running windows xp home edition before I had windows xp professional with drives on it a G IDE drive and a terra Sata drive the IDE drive being the one with the operating system on it The Sata drive was initialize and formated for NTFS and had a setting of dynamic drive Cannot Help Drive Sata Recognize Need I just dumped all my documents on the sata drive and formatted my IDE drive Cannot Recognize Sata Drive Need Help and installed Windows XP Home edition Now my problem is that I have installed eveything back on my IDE Drive to run that as the operating system and I don t see my Sata drive anywhere in my computer So I went to disk management to see the drive and it sees it as disk has a exclamation point in the icon and says dynamic My Cannot Recognize Sata Drive Need Help only options are to format it and make a basic drive of it Does anyone know how I can recognize the drive and pull my stuff off of it without have to pull everything apart Any advice is greatly appreciated Thank you kindly in advance RNR nbsp

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I have a soyo ck8 dragon plus motherboard and was running a Samsung SP3 120GB sata hard drive. Everything works perfect. Added second sata drive but this is a Samsung 160 GB. Partioned 2nd drive with fat32. Bios shows both drives and auto detects both of them. Windows boots up, but won't show 2nd drive. Disk management doesn't show the drive either. The motherboard was equipped with two sata slots and I have set the jumpers per manufacturers specifications. I do not want to run these as RAID, I just want an additional hard drive for my songs, pictures ect. Why won't this show up. Also have a ABIT with the same setup. Neither one will show the 2nd hard drive. Thanks

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Hey everyone I think I may have a stumper for you I don t know if this HD was DOA or if MB SATA not Drive recognize does I m MB does not recognize SATA Drive an I was installing XP onto a new HD on Friday and it told me that It cannot see the HD No surprise there since this has been covered many times So after I go and try MB does not recognize SATA Drive loading the drivers from the floppy I decide to go into the BIOS and see if there s something I forgot to do in there Well the BIOS don t even see the HD I m still a n b at this so there s a good chance that I simply don t know what I m doing Here s my system specs if you need them Abit NF -S V nForce MHz Motherboard BIOS Version I believe AMD Athlon XP GHz FSB Socket A Processor Barton Core Hitachi GB Serial ATA U rpm MB Hard Drive mb DDR PC DDR V ATI Radeon AGP Video Card x x Lite-On X X CDRW DVD X Combo Thermaltake VOLCANO Socket A CPU Fan W Antec Power Supply I would appreciate any help that you can give me Thanks in advance wave nbsp

A:MB does not recognize SATA Drive

I take it you loaded the SATA drivers from floppy early in the install process...not after the fact?
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Greetings Brainiacs I just upgraded from XPsp to sp when the upgrade finished my WD green series TB SATA drive was no longer visible in explorer and is not listed in the hardware profile manager I have SP3 drive does not XP recognize SATA had IDE drives primary and secondary and the TB SATA drive running for about months without any issues on SP All the drives still show up in the BIOS so I don t think that is the issue I even pluged in a different SATA Baracuda G to make sure it was not the drive Same issue shows up in BIOS but not windows Funny thing is the drive letters skip D the SATA drive letter and goes from C to E to F I have looked for drivers at WD website but they do not have them they say it should be included in windows The motherboard is kinda old ECS pt ce-a but XP SP3 does not recognize SATA drive it still runs all my hardware fine Hope this is enough info for someone to help Thanks Swoopty nbsp

A:XP SP3 does not recognize SATA drive

Please read the rules and do not start duplicate threads. Please post here--->

Closing this one.
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I attached a new sata drive to my mother board
bios detected sata drive as non- raid which is correct

i logged into windows disk manager utility sata drive was not detected. I could not locate the drive in xp under device manager or disk manager.

Connected sata drive to usb port via sata usb adapter drive was detected right away in xp and proceed to format the drive into ntfs using the usb adapter.

Shut down the computer once again reconnected sata drive to the motherboard went back into disk management utility in xp and still no sata drive.

If has anyone experience the same problem and can provide me with a solution would be really appreciated

not sure if hardware details are necessary but i can provide them on request.

Thank you in advance


A:XP Does Not Recognize SATA Drive

I'd say faulty Sata port or Sata data cable (ie test by replacing this)

Also run Bios setup defaults on your Motherboard (this area accessed by pressing the valid key - DEL usually, as your computer first turns on)
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This is my first post here so i hope its in the right place otherwise i appoligize in advance. MY PROBLEM:: So i just finished building my computer GIGABYTE GA-K8N-SLI, AMD 64 3000+, and dual 250gig Hitachi SATA HD's. I did the whole driver copy on a floppy and as OS setup is going hit f6 then s and the whole nine everything goes through fine until where it should ask me where to install the OS. Instead i get a screend telling me that no HD's were detected and to check cables and so on. Now BIOS recognizes the HD's because if i go into the f10 raid option they are both there but thats are far as ive gotten any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.

A:OS doesnt recognize sata drive

This motherboard has 8 SATA connectors. 4 are powered by the nVidia southbridge, the 4 others by the extra 3rd party controller. Make sure you have the proper drivers for the controller to which the SATA drives are connected.
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Hey XP SATA external does not drive recognize all At the moment I am using a very old pc don t ask The mobo is an Intel D GGC It is very slow tho maxed out on RAM but it works I have a hard drive salvaged from a previous pc which I had working via SATA cables usb I decided to buy a caddy shoved hdd in and upon connecting it light comes on disk hums get the usual quot ding dong quot sound and quot found new drive drive ready to be used quot comes up However XP does not recognize external SATA drive the drive doesn t show up under My Computer nor in Disk Management I can find it as a mass storage device under usb in Device Manager tho I have uninstalled and reinstalled it checked with Tweak XP does not recognize external SATA drive UI and all possible drive combinations are ticked scanned for hardware changes I should say this is a powered quot SATA enclosure The drive has my entire music collection on it and is gb I really could do with your help before it and pc fly through the window Many thanks nbsp

A:XP does not recognize external SATA drive

install Tweak UI and then...

click on My Computer, Drives,and check marking Drive F.
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What is needed to get WinXP to recognize a SATA drive when it comes up saying "no drives were found" during initial XP installation? I've run across this on two computers and have received explanations indicating that some mainboards require RAID/SATA drivers to be loaded *before* installation (with a floppy I assume). Currently, I have a Dell machine that is having this problem. I want to reformat and reinstall Windows but it simply won't recognize the SATA drive during installation. If there is a driver, where would it be and how do I install it? TIA much for any help!

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I added 2nd SATA drive...powered up... WinXP Pro gave me the little window "new hardware detected"...I did NOT get the message "your new xxx is installed and ready for use"

That gave me a sinking feeling. I opened up Win Explorer and opened My Computer...sure enough...No second hard drive shows. I go to Properties:Hardwareevice Manager and under disk drives...both SATA drives show.

What am I not doing?? I have lost what little religion I had trying to get the darn thing working.


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I am trying to upgrade my old 60GB SATA drive with a 1.5TB SATA drive. However, the system fails to detect that I have a drive connected. It can still detect the old 60GB drive however. I also tried using my new drive on another PC and it works just fine.

Old SATA controllers have any limit on how big the drive is?? What are my options here, get a PCI-SATA controller card?

Appreciate any suggestions

A:Onboard SATA controller can't recognize new 1.5TB drive

If the new drive is Sata-300, you may need to set a jumper to put it down to Sata-150. Some Sata controllers don't recognize the new drives without the jumper set.
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GIGABYTE GA-EX -UD LGA Intel X ATX Intel Motherboard SAMSUNG Spinpoint F HD UJ TB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive This is a brand new hard drive Matter of fact this is a brand new everything on my computer This is my first time building Need some help I m installing the Vista home premium edition SP sata hard won't Vista recognize drive??!! -bit for system builders After I click the quot Install Now quot button and select the language i want Vista won't recognize sata hard drive??!! and i agree to the user license agreement i get to the screen where i choose which drive i want to save the OS to No Vista won't recognize sata hard drive??!! drive shows up I have tried all the SATA drives on my motherboard I have tried several different SATA cables I have formatted and partitioned the hard drive on my other comp already I do have BIOS F I have insured all the BIOS settings are good I have the appropriate pre-install drivers saved on a USB drive Now when I load these drivers they won t show up until I un-check the little box that says quot Hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware on this computer quot One would think quot Oh well u simply have the wrong drivers quot but this isn t the case I get the drivers straight from the mobo website I ve actually tried other OS drivers and i ve tried different model drivers and those don t work either I m not really sure what to do at this point I know the motherboard is good because it reads my CD-ROM SATA drive just fine and my Hard Drive does show up in BIOS in the correct drive i have it plugged into I know the hard drive works fine because i ve plugged it into other comps and it reads just fine Anyone have the same problem Any suggestions for a newbie at this nbsp

A:Vista won't recognize sata hard drive??!!

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I controller Samsung drive recognize on won't SATA have a Samsung drive won't recognize on SATA controller P ghz Abit IC Max MoBo running on Vista bit home premium It has SATA channels on the southbridge and SATA channels on a Silicon Image MoBo chip and IDE channels My C drive and DVD are on the southbridge SATA amp I have a WD GB drive on SATA SiL chip as well as IDE drives I purchased a Samsung GB SATA drive I formatted through a SATA USB cable and then installed the drive in the SATA connection When I rebooted it got to the Silicon Image Bios Screen hit control-s or f to enter and showed the WD drive and size and then the Samsung drive but it would not show the samsung drive size All it showed was an blinking underscore where the drive size should appear If I tried pressing F or Control-S nothing would happen system appears frozen I removed just the WD drive and the same thing happened again I removed the Samsung drive and installed it through the SATA USB cable I deleted the partition in order to start from scratch I reinstalled the drive on the SATA channel and the same problem appeared So I removed the drive again and installed it through a SATA USB cable System booted this time and Vista found the drive I reinstalled the drive in the SATA channel and rebooted I went into the PC Bios and disabled the RAID option for the controller and the PC booted and recognized the Samsung drive Everything is running fine now but RAID is turned off This is a concern because I have another GB Samsung drive on the way and I want to set-up RAID for those drives For some reason the controller has a problem with Samsung drive with RAID option turned on I m not sure if its because I had mismatched drives on the controller or if it just doesn t like Samsung drives As long as RAID is turned on and the Samsung drive attached I can t even go into the controller BIOS or boot the PC Any ideas on what s happening nbsp

A:Samsung drive won't recognize on SATA controller

There is some sort of compatibility issue, but here is the bad news.

Suggest you go to the Abit site and dowload all the drivers, software, bios updates that you can. The site could go down soon. 478

By the way do you have the latest bios version installed?
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the only wat to launch windows from a cold start is to use ctrl+alt+del and then it boots up.
When starting it up from a cold start up the bios does not see the hdd but after using ctrl+alt+del and booting into windows and then resart windows but not powering it down and then go into the bios it sees it. This issue is only when I completly power down and start up

A:hp slimeline bios does not recognize sata drive

Typically the result of the drive aging and not spinning up fast enough upon power on. Not likely on an HP, but some BIOS versions allow a boot delay to be set to account for this type of drive issue.
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I just bought a wd 320 giga SATA hard drive. I have an asus a7n8x Deluxe motherboard. The SATA/Raid controller is installed or at least the bios says it is. The drive is recognized as the "primary", but it will not put it as the Master hard drive--only says it's the primary later in the bios post. Windows does not recognize it at all. When I try to install Windows XP, it says no hard drive detected, and tells me to hit F3 and Goodby. I have re-flashed the Bios about 2 dozen times with versions 1005 thru 1008 (the latest). I've changed the data cable. Nothing works. Anybody got a great idea i've missed? Would like to have the SATA, but will have to return it if I can't get bios to recognize it.

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I have two separate drives. C has windows 7 and D has Windows XPsp3. C used to be Windows 98 before I upgraded it to win7. Back then I had Norton ghost 12 in my D drive. Ghost 12 would recognize both the c and d drives.

When I upgraded the C drive to win7, Norton Ghost 12 didn't recognize the either drive anymore, so to rectify the situation I upgraded to Norton Ghost 15 in both drives.

Now Norton ghost 15 doesn't recognize either drive when I am in my XP drive but does recognize both when I am in my Win7 drive. I get the following error below.
How can I fix this:

A:Norton Ghost doesn't recognize any drive when in winXP drive but does in win7

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Ghost 15 using the Norton Removal Tool in my Windows xp drive. Below are the error messages I got.
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I just bought a new Hitachi Deskstar SATA 250GB hard drive (HDS722525VLSA80) and an Addonics SATA External Drive Enclosure - SATA to USB 2.0 (AE5SACSU2).

I have the hard drive installed on the enclosure and connected to computer USB port. However, my computer can't detect the sata hard drive.

So, do I need to install any driver for this hard drive in order for the computer to recognize it? What should I do now? Do I need to format this 250GB hard drive in order for the pc to recognize it?

In case I do need to format the hard drive in order for it to function, may I know where can I get the utilities or driver? Since this is an OEM drive, it doesn't come with any software or driver.

Thank you.

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ok. ive just finished building a barebone kit and everything is working fine. when i try to install vista on the computer it will not recognize my SATA drive. ive checked the connections a dozen times and everything is connected the way it should be. BIOS does recognize my hard drive though. any suggestions???

A:clean vista install will not recognize my sata drive

is it set to be seen as ide by the bios
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Hello, I just put together a new build for the first time and it all seems to be working with the BIOS working properly and the windows 7 cd being read. But after the first couple of menus it asks to upload drivers because none could be found and the supplier doesnt offer any drivers for it's hard drives (WD)?!? I went back the BIOS (gigabyte) and looked at the integrated peripherals menu and there's stuff entered into the slot where the drive is but it's not hard drives name and it's missing all of it's information. Please help it's driving me insane, I've been tinkering with the mother board and BIOS for hours to no avail along with searching every link in google.

A:New build: won't recognize sata hard drive going insane

Hi and welcome

You shouldn't need to install any drivers with Windows 7 and a sata HD. What is the model of the MB, info on the HD and which connector on the MB are you using? Actually complete system info would help.
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Just started doing this. I have 2 hard drives. C & D. Upon cold boot up it doesn't recognize D, in the bios or windows.
If I hit F8 and run in safe mode, then it recognizes both. I can then reboot & everything is fine.
Its been working fine for 3 years. Running Win XP, sp3 C is IDE, D is SATA

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I just did a fresh reinstall on a laptop. I installed Windows 7 from a disk about a week ago. Everything worked well for a week and now I was given the laptop back and the cd/dvd drive doesn't work. I would guess that the computer is less then a year old and everything else works fine. I put any disk in it makes the noise like its reading and then nothing. It pops open and says insert disk. Everything looks clean, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, there is no spyware or viruses or anything. Anybody have a suggestion on what to do next?

A:CD/DVD drive doesn't recognize anything

One of these may help:
1. Uninstall the drive through Device Manager.
Restart computer. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.
Restart computer.
3. Download, and run Restore Missing CD Drive patch
Double click on to unzip it.
Right click on cdgone.reg, click Merge.
Accept registry merge.
Restart computer.
4. Go to Device Manager, click a "+" sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.
You'll see two items:
- ATA Channel0 (or Primary Channel)
- ATA Channel1 (or Secondary Channel)
Right click on each of them, and click Uninstall. Confirm.
Restart Windows. They'll be automatically reinstalled.
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My computer says cd drive is normal, but cd drive doesn't recognize disks. I'm running xp pro. When I click in my computer and click on my cd nothing happens...any suggestions?

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I have a Gateway S personal computer for home use My dvd Drive recognize doesn't DVD DVD's drive quit working I have checked its properties and it says the driver is operating properly yet whenever I put a disk in it the driver says there is nothing there I have tried several dvd s and also a cd It always says the drive is empty I tried uninstalling my drivers and reinstalling them I tried doing a windows update disk cleanup disk defrag and I also tried doing a system restore back to February when I know it was working I noticed on May microsoft automatic updates installed windows xp service pack I don t know if that is the problem though or not I noticed when I did the system restore DVD Drive doesn't recognize DVD's I got a message saying that I had a quot stop error quot because a device driver installed on my computer caused windows to stop unexpectedly My driver was working before I had downloaded a DVD Shrink program It was also working when I was using a day free trial of DVD Fab I checked all of my connections and they are good I have exhausted myself trying everything I can think of so now I am turning to you to see if you can help me I recently purchased the DVD Fab program and tried installing it since the one I had already installed only had a day free trial which had expired but I don t think that is the problem I think it might be the driver Thanks to anyone who can help me nbsp
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L655D laptop. I've played DVD movies quite a bit using the DVD drive with no problem. Then sporadically the DVD drive would not play a DVD and would give an error message that there was no disc in the drive. Now DVD's don't play at all. CD's play fine. The other odd part is this - I have made copies of several of my movies for my own backup, and the burned copies play fine, but the original DVD's do not play. I tried reinstalling the drivers, disabling and reinstalling the drive, but nothing helps. Time for a new drive? Or does someone have a different fix I could try? Thanks for any help you can offer. This is a newer laptop (although just out of warranty, of course!).

A:CD/DVD Drive doesn't recognize DVD's.

Very carefully open the tray and clean the lens with a damp cotton bud.
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All of a sudden my computer no longer recognizes its CD or DVD drive. They do not show up anywhere. I've tried some of the fixes on the internet but nothing seems to work. The PC has Windows XP. Please help.

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I am using Windows XP on a four year old Toshiba Satellite. The CDRW drive reports that the blank CDR's and CDRW's I insert are full or that there is no CD in the drive, but "properties" tells me that the drive is working correctly. The same CD's work fine in a different Toshiba laptop. I can't back up now. Can anyone suggest what to do? Thanks!

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About years old HP laptop with from Device Manager an HP TS-L M DVD-RW drive So far I ve found no consistent data except that some DVD s original commercial movie DVD s it simply won t recognize I doubt if this is a codec problem as the problem some doesn't Drive DVD's recognize isn t Drive doesn't recognize some DVD's simply that it won t play the movie the problem is that it won t recognize Drive doesn't recognize some DVD's the disk After years use I might believe the drive has developed a problem except that it still works fine for most disks So does anybody have any ideas what might be different about the disks it doesn t recognize So far they work fine Drive doesn't recognize some DVD's in my wife s HP laptop same model but a year newer so it has an HP TS-L N DVD-RW drive So far I haven t been able to find anything consistently different between the disks the drive does recognize and those it doesn t so at this point I d even appreciate guesses Thanks Forgot to mention the OS is Win Home Premium -bit Service Pack nbsp

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Hello wont drive Windows sata Solved: xp recognize hard and i thank you all for your help in advance I ve found Solved: Windows xp wont recognize sata hard drive other threads with some solutions to my issue but my computer does not have a floppy drive so i Solved: Windows xp wont recognize sata hard drive cannot solve this problem via that route I have an Asus EEE ha laptop and the hard drive failed I just bought a new SATA gb hard drive and did the physical install but now when I try to install my original Windows XP service pack re-installation disk and i start running through the installation process Windows is not letting me select any hard drive to install the operating system on It says there is no hard drive present It will eventually prompt me to hit F to select drivers so i can property do the install but anything i select from the list is prompting me to insert the re-installation disk into the floppy drive which i have none and then i am forced to restart the entire process I ve read other posts that i would need to get the proper drivers loaded onto a floppy in order to move forward so Windows can see the drive How do i get around this without a floppy I tried loading the files I think i needed from the ASUS website onto a flash drive but windows will not recognize this drive when i plug it in I am fairly knowledgeable with PC s but this is obviously too big a problem for me to get past PLEASE HELP Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: Windows xp wont recognize sata hard drive

If you have a Retail (not OEM) copy of windows you could Slipstream the drivers into the installtion disc. You can download nLite here the guides for creating the slipstream disc on on the webage as well.
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hello I m having a couple problems with my pc First off it takes min to reach the welcome screen from the windows loading screen every time but once it does everything delays, up SATA start virus? recognize drive. 2nd wont possible seems to be working fine except that my pc no longer recognizes my nd sata drive its pretty frustrating cuz i got alot stuff on that drive that i wanna access I ve realized the possibility the the drive has faided but why hasnt the one with the OS i bought the same at the same time I m hoping its just a virus that deleted some system files that gives me access to the drive and is causing this super long startup the start up delays, wont recognize 2nd SATA drive. possible virus? AVG full system virus scan says no viruses but theres this exe in AVG autostart that wasnt there before quot C Windows SysWOW mshta exe quot quot quot I dont know how to fix this problem whatever it is So some help would be awsome SPECS - Vista x - start up delays, wont recognize 2nd SATA drive. possible virus? Q GHz - evga i mobo - GTS MB SLI - Patriot Extreme DDR GB MHz - Samsung SyncMaster B in x Hertz - Creative SB X-fi -- x GB Seagate Barracuda ST AS SCSI NOT IN RAID - AVG Internet security v - HighjackThis v Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Fraps fraps exe C Program Files x DAEMON Tools Lite daemon exe C Program Files x Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Volume Panel VolPanlu exe C Windows SysWOW CtHelper exe C Windows SysWOW Ctxfihlp exe C Windows SysWOW CTxfispi exe C Program Files x Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgtray exe C Program Files x AVG AVG Identity Protection agent bin avgidsmonitor exe C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files x AVG AVG avgui exe C Program Files x Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www daemon-search com startpage R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName F - REG system ini UserInit userinit exe O - Hosts localhost O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - C Program Files x AVG AVG avgssie dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files x Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - HKLM Run VolPanel quot C Program Files x Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Volume Panel VolPanlu exe quot r O - HKLM Run AsioThk Reg REGSVR EXE S CTASIO DLL O - HKLM Run CTHelper CTHELPER EXE O - HKLM Run CTxfiHlp CTXFIHLP EXE O - HKLM Run UpdReg C Windows UpdReg EXE O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files x Java jre bin jusched exe quot O - HKLM Run AVG TRAY C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe O - HKCU Run Sidebar C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe autoRun O - HKCU Run ehTray exe C Windows ehome ehTray exe O - HKCU Run DAEMON Tools Lite quot C Program Files x DA... Read more
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So my computer doesn't recognize my optical drive after I reformatted my computer It's there as drive D but I can not burn anything using it And it's my only drive So here is my conversation with Gateway support chat guy In it contains more information of my problem Code Gary GWER joined the incident Gary GWER says Thank you for contacting technical support My name and badge number are Gary GWER Please hold while I review your issue Ilya says I was speaking with Shannon GWER and our chat session disconnected accidentaly Gary GWER says You mentioned that your recognize my as doesn't a optical drive Computer dvd-rw drive! serial number is CSX which refers to a GM system and your current email Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive! address is Are these correct Ilya says yes Ilya says I was speaking with Shannon GWER and our chat session disconnected accidentaly Gary GWER says Thank you for verifying your information Gary GWER says How can I help you Ilya says I was speaking with Shannon GWER and our chat session disconnected accidentaly Ilya says Could you send me to her Ilya says him Gary GWER says He is not available at this moment Gary GWER says Can you tell me your issue Ilya says Alright Ilya says My computer can not recognize my dvd-rw drive as a dvd-rw drive Ilya says I cannot burn anything Ilya says I did reformat my computer a week ago and prior to the reformatting everything worked perfectly Gary GWER says What are you trying to burn and how do you burn it Gary GWER says While answering I will need to use the extended tools within this Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive! chat application to check the system Please approve the download when it appears in the chat window Ilya says Well with Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive! anything My DVD Maker im trying to burn a home movie doesn't recognize my DVD-RW drive So I'm guessing it's installed incorrectly Gary GWER says Have you tried to burn picture or files Ilya says Not really Ilya says But I can't even explore a blank disc Ilya says black dvd-r to be exact Ilya says blank Gary GWER says I need to take control of the mouse and keyboard Ilya says be my guest Gary GWER says There is no record tab on the DVD drive properties Gary GWER says This cause by windows Ilya says I see that now Gary GWER says I recommend you to restore again the system and make sure that there is no other hardware connected Gary GWER says Why did you format your system Ilya says It was cluttered up Ilya says And it was maintanance like any other computer owner would do Ilya says Do you have the driver download Gary GWER says DVD drive doesn't have drivers it is only a plug and play device Ilya says So what am I to do now Gary GWER says Restore the system again and make sure that there is no other hardware conencted Ilya says But where will you be P Ilya says By restore you mean reboot Ilya says or reformat Gary GWER says Reformat then reinstall windows Ilya says Wouldn't it be easier to reinstall the dvd drive or to click repair in the windows boot disc Gary GWER says Open the device manager then uninstlal the DVD drive then click the icon under the HELP to scan the hardwares Gary GWER says That is reloading DVD Gary GWER says Try it Ilya says I get a TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H D SCSI CdRom Device Gary GWER says Still no recording tab Ilya says Google it Gary GWER says You will search the driver on the internet Ilya says Not the driver but for a solution Gary GWER says You can search it for me I recommend you to restore the system again I removed my last name and computer serial number for obvious reasons So Dr Tech Forums with your PhD in computer technology Can you help me fix my drive Here are some screenshots There is no recording tab My actual installed driver it may be wrong

A:Computer doesn't recognize my optical drive as a dvd-rw drive!

Please? I really need the help!
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I have won't Motherboard hard recognize drive a EP -UD L motherboard from Gigabyte A few days ago I got some IDE to SATA cables to add some hard drives to my computer I Motherboard won't recognize hard drive already had one internal hard Drive hooked up with my current operating system on it I wanted to hook up two more hard drives that I had from an old computer of mine The first hard drive I tried to hook up was a Maxtor brand hard drive I plugged it in booted up the computer and went to My Motherboard won't recognize hard drive Computer Computer in Vista the hard drive Motherboard won't recognize hard drive was not visible So I tried hooking up the other hard drive I had witch was the main hard drive on my old compter a Sony VAIO When I tried hooking that one up it tried to run Windows XP but could not I did not know it would try to run Windows XP I just wanted to format it and use it as an extra hard drive So I tried plugging my hard drive with Vista back in the motherboard The motherboard won t recognize it at all no matter where I plug it in at Strangely it does recognize the other two hard drives but the system disc won t boot up nbsp
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At the first time insert my removable drive to my seems appear ,but when i was try to open it give me error message " please insert disk into removable drive"....
Q:how to fix this problem and make driver work well?

Please give my a detail answer to fix this problem as soon as possible?

Thank u..

A:Why PC doesn't recognize removable drive?

1) Have you tried the device in a different computer? If still get the same message it is probably a problem with the device

2) Try using the DriveCleanup tool on your own computer when the device is removed. (See this post for How to use the DriveCleanupTool ) Then try replugging it
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I have a Samsung SE-218 External DVD drive, and I cannot seem to access it in Windows 8.1 (though I have not had a chance to try it on any other computers yet, so there is always the possibility that something is wrong with the drive). Whenever I plug it in the light comes on and it will spin the disc for a bit, but nothing shows up in File Explorer or in Device Manager.

I've tried the command prompt command noted in this thread with no luck:
How to make empty ODD show? Registry edit?

Any ideas?

A:Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize USB DVD Drive

Hi there
Try plugging it in BEFORE booting your system ==> check USB settings in the BIOS you might have to enable USB in Legacy mode depending on the USB drive.

Unless the computer is REALLY OLD the BIOS should recognize it as a BOOT device too -- try booting anything from it --if you haven't got a bootable CD program download something free and simple like GPARTED and just see if the CD / DVD boots.

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For some reasons my Cd player stop working on my computer? It said that the CD drive is not enable and need to be verify. I check the Devices with removable storage area but the file needed is not there? It's call and API(IMAPI) CD-Burning Com service on the computer. Can someone tell where it located or how to reinstalled so i can listen to my music again. I have Windows Media on my computer; I unstalled it and reinstalled, but it still not working. It was working fine just a few days ago. Thanks..Dallastx
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Hello The DVD RW writer on my laptop doesn t recognize the CD that I insert When ever I insert a new or used CD a message box appears quot please insert CD quot I cannot read write or make back up s at all Please help me fix this problem It s a Sony Vaio laptop with a Vista Home Premium doesn't DVD/RW CD inserted. the recognize drive OS The DVD RW drive was working just fine when I tried about - months ago So restoring to a point doesn t help much as I can t remember the exact date it was working and the DVD/RW drive doesn't recognize the CD inserted. Vista restore points are of very recent dates I have done the following Clean boot of the system to see if any start up items are interfering with the running of the DVD RW drive but that is not the case When I check the DVD RW drive properties it shows device is working properly Checked the upper lower filters as suggested by someone on this forum but these filters don t seem to exist Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver again just in case but nothing works Thanks in plite nbsp

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No icon for DVD drive in THIS PC Window

A:K430 doesn't recognize it's DVD Drive

Shows up in Device Manager with this comment "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)"
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my computer will burn and play music files with Real Player and Windows Media Player, open and view cds with picture or word documents. But when I try to save pictures or word documents to the CD drive/e it isn't even listed as a option. Can anyone give me some help with this?

A:Computer doesn't recognize dvd/cd drive

You do not save files in the traditional sense to a burner drive. You would use your burner software program to compile a list of files to burn to the CD. You have to compile the files you want to burn to a CD as you can only use a CD-R once. You can also use the MS XP Burner option. Right click the file you want to burn and choose SendTO the CD burner (E:\ drive or whatever) this will show a bubble message in the lower right hand corner. You Have Files To Be Written to the CD Double click this message to view the files. Continue compiling files to be burned, and when you are ready, put a blank CD-R in the drive go to the left pane in that window and choose Write these Files to CD It will now burn the files in this window to your blank CD-R.
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Just about a month ago my laptop stopped reading/burning any cd's.
I've read and tried the various fixes found on this site, and on the microsoft site, but nothing has helped.
When running Microsoft's Fix It App, it tells me, "CD/DVD drive is not detected". The drive ejects normally.

Does anyone know what I could do to fix this or know the cause of it?

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Hi Folks, I plug in my flash drive and it doesn't register, i look in device manager and i see the yellow triangle next to the flash-drive device, i right click to update the device,it tells me the device driver is up to date, i click on to property's and it say's this device cannot start, code10, any advise would be appreciated,thanks.

A:Pc doesn't recognize flash drive

WPD FileSystem Volume Driver (Error Code 10) - Windows Vista and Windows 7
This post had the same problem and suggest using the device manufactures driver not the Windows default driver
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Hi Guys

I have 2 laptop hard drive both (20 gb) one is Hitachi and othe one is IBM . I did connected to the IDE of my Desktop computer and the first one is recognize (Hitachi) but other one (IBM) doesn't recognize .when it was connected I did open the cover and the disk is runing . please inform me with any idea and I am not sure when i did open it if everything is right place . if there is some website of the Notebook hard drive which is shows tutorial or with good pictures then i see everything is right place . I tried in google but i didn't find good one.

A:it doesn't recognize hard drive

The IBM may need formatting.
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I'm never had a problem with burning and playing a CD of any kind.
Actual DVD's play fine too.
But when I try to burn a DVD, my drive never recognizes the blank DVD ever.
I've tried TDK with no luck and now I'm using Taiyo Yuden cause I heard it was the best, but it still isn't readng it.

Anyone have any solutions? I'd really appreciate it.

A:My Drive doesn't seem to recognize Blank DVD's.

Is the drive capable of burning DVDs?
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I am trying to install Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 32-bit version, on my older PC. I got a virus, so I figured it was a good time to upgrade. I currently run Windows XP Pro. I have a PE845MAX2 motherboard. When I try to install it, I get to the screen where they are asking me where to install Windows 7. It does not recognize any drives, and asks me to browse for drivers. I have installed the SATA drivers ( I double clicked on the .exe driver file but saw no results), and disabled RAID in my bios. Still having the problem. Can you help me diagnose this problem? Thanks.

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Hi everyone!

I've just bought new HP laptop and I was trying to install a Windows XP Professional. But when I got to the Windows Setup, the next window showed me the following message:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem? I've never faced it before.

Thank you all in advance.

A:HP doesn't recognize the hard drive

Snowtown said:

Hi everyone!

I've just bought new HP laptop and I was trying to install a Windows XP Professional. But when I got to the Windows Setup, the next window showed me the following message:

"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem? I've never faced it before.

Thank you all in advance.Click to expand...

This is a New laptop? What OS did it have on it when you bought it?
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I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open and accessible to my 2 year old. When I came back, he was tapping away. By the time I got to it, it had shut off. I thought he simply turned it off. When I turned it back on and tried listening to internet radio, I couldn't get any sound. Went to check the volume, and the volume icon was no longer there. I checked audio options and couldn't figure it out. So I put a cd and a dvd in and neither was recognized. I went to "My Computer" and the drive wasn't listed. I tried several things including saving a file in Notepad (as I saw in a previous thread on this site) but nothing worked.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!

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Claymore said:

If this is an internal CD drive - and not a USB drive, try this:

Fix for missing DVD/CD drives.

Copy the code below. Open Notepad and paste it in. Save the result in a suitable location as drives.reg - making sure that the default .txt extension doesn't appear in the file name (Save as type = All Files).
Double-click on the saved .reg file to merge the contents.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Click to expand...
I followed the above advice, I was able to complete it, but it did not work.

A:laptop doesn't recognize cd drive

may want to post the problem you currently are having, as you are quoting a 5 year old post there.....
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I have a year-old Acer Aspire (I know, I know!). I have no problem playing CDs - the computer recognizes them immediately and asks me which program I want to use to run the CD. BUT, when I put in a DVD, not only does it not start up automatically, My Computer doesn't recognize that there is a DVD inserted. It just sits there - no whirring sound - nothing. Although the computer is now a year old, this is the first time I've tried a DVD so I can't be certain if this problem came with the computer or if something has happened recently to cause this. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

You need to install video codecs on your computer, because many computers have the drive, but not the codecs. Download these, there completely free!!!
Good Luck!
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I just formated my hard drive (I have 2) but the extended partion on my 1st hd is inaccessable even though under computer management it says it is healthy. the thing is it doesn't have a file system assigned to it (the other 2 are NTFS)
it is a logical drive that i can access and the 2 good drives are primary partitions.

C: 127 GB....System - drive is good
D: 58 is inaccessable
H: 372 GB..... drive is good
is it possible to merge C and D back into 1 drive or will i lose the data? Is there a way to assign a NTFS file system to it withou losing data?

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Most of CDs and DVDs are working fine, but there are some which my DVD RW doesn't recognize. When I insert them, it doesn't react at all or it says that CD/DVD is blank. These CDs and DVDs are working without any problems on my old computer with Windows XP and also on my brother's laptop with Windows XP.
Is there anything I could do about this issue?
Thank you.

A:DVD RW Drive doesn't recognize some CDs and DVDs

Replace the DVD burner as the drive is failing.
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I am trying to fix problems on Windows XP Home edition accessing CD or DVD discs The system doesn't seem doesn't drive discs recognize DVD/CD to recognize discs inserted into the drive I installed a new drive a LITEON DVD CD re-writer to replace an older drive that seemed to stop working Yet the new drive fails in a similar way to the old drive that I just replaced The drive appears in the BIOS in the Device Manager and in Windows Explorer But it doesn't recognize a new disc inserted into the drive If I reboot the system with a disc in the drive then I can access the disc's contents in the usual manner but once I eject the disc and insert another disc then it fails again the same way I've installed all the latest service packs and updates and have tried to update the driver but to no avail Furthermore burning a disc seems to work and I can read DVD/CD drive doesn't recognize discs the newly created disc on another computer but not on the computer that is failing

A:DVD/CD drive doesn't recognize discs

Do you have any third party software installed which is able to lock the drive...such as InCD??? If yes, try uninstalling those type of programs as that may be the cause.
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My computer suddenly stopped recognizing my dvd drive. when I go into the control panel it shows that it is there but it has a code 19 error. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it will not complete the uninstall process. It goes about one eighth of the way across the progress bar and the dialog box disappears. When I go back to the control panel it does not show up in the list until I reboot. When I reboot, it still does not show up in the file explorer.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3530 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7640G, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 455624 MB, Free - 414737 MB; F: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 196226 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, VG50_CM
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE 3.0, Updated and Enabled

A:Computer doesn't recognize DVD drive

Take a look here:
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I updated to Windows Media Player a few weeks ago Don t know whether it s related Ever since that upgrade Windows Media Player seems to be unaware of the DVD-ROM drive Rebooting did not help I switched to an InterVideo WinDVD program that apparently came with the computer and was able to play a DVD or two but Dvd Drive Doesn't System Recognize I noticed sometimes while a DVD was playing my system would begin doing something in the background which made the playback freeze Once that happens the system no longer recognized the DVD-ROM drive Now Intervideo WinDVD System Doesn't Recognize Dvd Drive does not recognize my DVD-ROM drive Then I noticed it An unfamiliar icon in my system tray It s labeled quot exif launcher quot and it s overlaid by a read quot don t do this quot sign similar to the no smoking circle you System Doesn't Recognize Dvd Drive see all over the place as if it s saying quot exif launcher is here but it s not running quot or quot exif launcher is here but don System Doesn't Recognize Dvd Drive t click on me quot This little icon never existed before I began experiencing this problem There has been at least one automatic update from Windows in this time frame but I can remember whether it was before or after I began experienced problems after upgrading the media player Does anyone have any idea when Microsoft added this and is it causing you problems too I know this message is a bit vague but I m hoping someone can help me figure out how to start debugging this problem

A:System Doesn't Recognize Dvd Drive

Hi Buggedout34, and welcome to BleepingComputer.The exif launcher is a Fuji program for Quick Start for FujiFilm DP Editor.If you look in the Task Manager under Applications you will see all of the applications that are running at the time.You could also look in the Event Viewer to see what error are appearing at the time that you are experiencing this problem.Start> right click on My Computer> Manage> Event Viewer. Be sure that you choose System.The error will appear in the far left column and will appear as a red dot with a white X inside. Each of the columns has a title at the top of them, the column that you want is the Event column. When you see an error follow it to the right across the page to the event column, there will be a set of numbers in there, this is the error code. If you right click on the error code a drop menu will appear, click on Properties, another page will open which will contain a description of the error.Please post the error codes and descriptions back in this topic.
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Hello, I just purchased a ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Motherboard and I can't get my 160 gig hard drive to recognize it?

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Can't get windows to recognize my D drive, just installed 7, it shows up in device
manager as working properly. Running a dual boot system until I get comfortable
with 7.

A:Win7 doesn't recognize hard drive


Make sure the drive has a letter.

Good luck!

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In an attempt to make more space for my media files, I created a new partition on my computer and simply moved all of the files from my previous 40Gig partition into my new 100Gig partition.
Everything was done using the built-in software that came with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Things went fine for a while, then I wasn't able to load my PC.
Fair enough, I reinstalled the OS.
It worked for a few hours, I installed all the updates into my system after the fresh install.
But when I turned it on in the morning, it worked for about 30 minutes and then I got a blue screen and it auto-restarted.

Now, I can't access Windows or even reinstall it.
The Windows installation disc doesn't recognize my hard drive anymore.
(It's an official disk that I got from my Dad whom works at a Microsoft partner company.)

A:PC doesn't recognize my hard drive, Windows 7 Ult x64

Boot from your Win 7 DVD into a command prompt.

Can you see the disk and drives there?

■At the first dialog window, press SHIFT + F10 key combo
■You will have a X:> command prompt
X: is a ram drive created by Windows 7.
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I'm struggling to connect my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 to my Compaq Laptop, Windows XP.
It works on other computers without a problem that's why I think it must be some setting in XP.
I plug it in when prompted by installation software and the camera goes to :'preparing' Then immediately the windows found new hardware screen pops up. On the other computers that screen didn't come up and the camera would go straight into 'connecting' mode.
I tried switching the 'found new hardware' off by disabling the plug and play in 'services' with no luck.
When I connect the camera while I'm starting up the laptop, it goes straight into 'connecting' mode but unfortunately that stops as soon as windows is started.

I would like windows to detect my camera as a drive and not 'other devices'. How can I do that?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome!

A:PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

you may need to rename the External drive
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I am getting the errors Could Not Enable File History The System Cannot Find File History This Drive Doesn't Recognize the File Specified and File History Doesn't Recognize This Drive I've tried a couple solutions I've seen posted I tried deleting the File History folders on the external drive and in the AppData folder although the File History folders never contain any files they are always empty I tried sharing the File History folder on the external drive with Everyone Nothing has worked I am out of File History Doesn't Recognize This Drive ideas Edit I've also tried to select another drive or reselect the external drive I get the message quot We found some files you previously copied using File History quot and asks if I would like to move them It won't let me choose File History Doesn't Recognize This Drive No i e choosing No has the same effect as choosing Cancel If I choose yes I get an error message saying it can't complete the migration It seems like I need to reset File History somehow and maybe get rid of these leftover files although I don't know where they would have come from because I don't think I've ever turned on File History in the past but I could be wrong there At any rate I don't know where these leftover files would be located because I've already deleted every File History folder I could find in AppData and on external drive

A:File History Doesn't Recognize This Drive

File History Doesn't Recognize This Drive.

Can you post a screenshot of the actual failure message and also a screenshot of Disk Management and tell us which drive is not working?
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I installed Win 7 Pro on my daughter's PC this aft, but before I did so I backed up all of her files onto a second, backup hard drive, and then, during the installation process, I opted to format the primary partition on the main drive and designated that for the installation. The installation went fine, but when done, I could not 'see' either the secondary partition on the main drive or the backup drive, so am unable to access the backed up files, Does anyone have any idea what could be the matter, and how to get around the problem? Secondarily, I no longer 'see' the secondary partition for the primary drive. Thanks for the help.

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ive been dead? recognize doesn't drive ide, hard in the process of upgrading the comp i doesn't recognize ide, hard drive dead? have a gb and a gb previously i had everything on my gb but during upgrade i installed windows on my and transfered everything over to that i was gonna format the and repartition it now however whenever it is plugged into the mobo the comp doesn t boot i cant even load bios i had it as a slave on the sec ide master was my burner my other drives gb dvd cdrw work fine when the gb is not plugged in i have tried it as both a slave and master on the sec ide with the burner both connected and disconnected and have also tried different ide cables every time its hooked up it wont do anything does this means its dead this just started happening after i switched cases the other day before than i was getting occasional secondary hard drive failures upon boot which is why i transfered everything over fortunately its still under warranty and i transfered all my files over already nbsp

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Alright so recently my computer had problems when booting up in normal mode not in safe mode so i reformated my hard drive I used a rd party nuking program so it isn't possible to recover anything So i first tried to install XP and i wasn't able to because of pci sys error i solved this by slipstreaming XP and SP and creating an iso using nLite This boots up and no pci sys error however XP won't recognize my hard drive a Barracuda Drive Doesn't Hard Recognize XP [SOLVED] ST AS and here is the product manuel if you like http www seagate com support disc sata pm pdf However it will recognize my USB drive if it is in although [SOLVED] XP Doesn't Recognize Hard Drive it will not install onto it if i tell it to So i'm guessing this is a driver problem I have a dell dimension and it came with the preinstalled drivers software However i looked on dell's website and i couldn't find my motherboard's model only that it has the P chipset I'm pretty sure that all dell motherboards are stripped down abit's if that helps So my question is Is it a driver problem Or something else I jacked other HDD's that work from my brothers computer and they give x B errors althought im accounting this to the fact that i have a different motherboard than him He has a Dimension E So if it is a driver problem where can i get the proper drivers that can be installed without an operating system Thanks P S My computer is out of Dell's warranty so i can't get any free support from them so i'd rather not have to go with that

A:[SOLVED] XP Doesn't Recognize Hard Drive

xp requires a driver loaded with f6 to see the drive
you should have included it in the slipstream
on the dell site don't search for your m/board,search for your computer model
then go to the download page for it
you cannot move a drive from another computer with a different m/board it will not boot
it looks for the m/board it was installed with
when it does not find it,it stops dead in it's tracks
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Greetings all Last night I installed my new MB Asus A N X deluxe to replace doesn't New drive hard MB IBM Asus recognize the existing Asus A S in my XP machine Specs are XP Windows XP Home MB s PC RAM Gig IBM harddrive formated NTFS CD burner cd drive Nvidea TI video card mb ram Ok installation appeared to go very smoothly after rechecking everything I powered up the system listened to the nice voices mb feature telling me all was AOK go to the screen where it says Boot in safe mode start windows start at command prompt well anyway each of these reboots the system and returns me back to this window I checked the New Asus MB doesn't recognize IBM hard drive IBM hard drive and it was set to master and its the only drive on the flat ribbon cable I then went to Bios Setup and it says Auto on hard drive selection and says MB I again checked all connections and restarted to only come to the same results I then replace the new MB with the old and everything was fine I know it must be something simple that I m not doing Any Ideas would be helpfull I would not like to refromat my hard drive if I didn t have to is there anyway to get this working thanks John nbsp

A:New Asus MB doesn't recognize IBM hard drive

Not gonna boot with an old os.

Different chipsets for one.

The only way I know is to format the os partition and reinstall
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I purchased this computer 3 months ago and just got it up and running. I put a DVD into the drive and nothing happened. It is not recognized under file explorer. I can hear it spinning and "trying to work". I popped out the disk and tried another disk and sometimes, after several minutes, it will see the disk and will be noted in file explorer. Most of the time it doesn't recognize the DVD. I called HP and I am out of warranty and they want to charge me $100 to fix the problem. I explained I just was able to set up this new computer 3 days ago. So they sent me directions to do it myself. I successfully followed the directions and it still doesn't work. Why isn't it recognizing the drive in explorer and why is it only very intermittently working? Thank you very very much for any help.
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I don't really understand it. I initially used G-parted to partition my 250gb drive into a 100, 75, and 55. Then I tried installing Windows XP SP3 and it says it doesn't recognize them, so I deleted those partitions and made new ones (the same size though) and it asked me to reboot. After I rebooted it prompted me again with Press Enter to install Windows, so I do and it says some crap about how it doesn't recognize any hard drive plugged in. BIOS recognizes the drive and its size.

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Win 98 e-machine 450

Last year, I replaced my 3 gig hard drive with a 20 gig. I copied everything to the new drive, and DISCONNECTED the original.No problems, has been working fine.
Yesterday, I was having some trouble with a couple of programs, and decided to run the restore disk. I checked #2 (don't reformat) and ran it. Now, my computer says I have the original 3 gig drive, and all my programs and documents are lost. I had to reinstall my ISP.
Does anyone know how I can get the computer to "see" the rest of the drive ?

A:Computer doesn't recognize hard drive

whoops! Many restore cd's put everything back to the way it came from the factory. In you case it should have left all your data but got rid of any changes you made within windows and programs but it sounds like instead it put an image of exactly what your harddrive looked like when you bought it.

You have two options(maybe) - you can experiment with the recovery cd to see if it will format the full drive and install your windows and applications. Or you can run fdisk and create extended and logical drives in the unpartitioned space on your drive, which would become a new d: drive.
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On both my parents computer and my sister's they are having problems getting their .jpg pictures (taken from a digital camera) to burn onto a Khypermedia Cd-Recordable. Both computers keep asking to "insert disk into drive" even though it's already in there. I have no problem using the same disk to burn the pictures off of my computer onto them. We all have the same digital camera and running Windows XP.



A:Drive doesn't recognize CD - to burn pictures to

Hi and welcome. Perhaps try different media. Some don't play well with certain drives.
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I have uninstalled and reinstalled, downloaded new drivers and everything else that I can think of. D is still not accessable. Please help.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce i Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI MS- To be filled by O E M Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled DVD Drive LiteOn DVDRW SOHW S Here s the problem My computer doesn t always recognize the disc in the DVD drive If I start the computer with no disc in the drive and then insert one My Computer shows no content but NERO will write to it if it s a blank If I start it with a disc with contents in the drive it reads writes fine but My Computer won t change the name of the disc if I change it but will still read write to the new disc Any Ideas nbsp

A:Computer doesn't always recognize DVD drive contents
More than likely, the answer is on this link.
Check first that DMA mode is enabled.
Control Panel System Hardware Device Manager, IDE ATA ATAPI controllers - if DVD drive is IDE. select the one for the DVD, click to open advanced settings tab, check transfer mode is DMA enabled.
This will be set DMA unless someone has atered it.
If that is not the problem I would try the clean boot procedure on the link.. Here is the Clean boot link.
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computer went to blue screen .tried to recover with disk that was supplied by nec. A friend tried to install win 2000. Ntfl file is missing was response. startup runs says window 98 was recovered. goes to blue screen, say please wait A:/.> comes up when friend tried to go to c drive " invalid drive specification " Now after my friend tried something else I can't say what exactly , new message was no atapi file or something close to that, and check cables and jumpers which are fine as far as I can tell they are secure. Do not know if electrostatic discharge has occurred. but if it did what can be done? any and all information would be helpful. thanks for any and all responses.

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I put in a cd with pictures this afternoon, and looked at them. When I tried to revisit them this evening, it doesn't show the CD drive as an option on My Computer. When I press the button the drive does not open. I checked the power supply to the drive and everything is fine, also the green light is on.
I have an eMachines T6410, Windows 2000

A:Computer doesn't recognize CD drive, won't open

Have you tried a reboot? If the drive is stuck, a paper clip may be used to manually open the drive. You should see a tiny hole right on the front panel of the drive. GENTLY push an extended paperclip into the space and disc tray should open.
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I have a Pentium II yes I know it is a dinosaur My sister recently gave me her old GB hard drive since she was upgrading I always get her computer hand me downs Thus the reason doesn't drive mother recognize hard new I have the Pent II But I can t get the hard drive to be recognized I read somewhere on one of the forums that maybe the mother board was too old and would need a bios upgrade I looked mother doesn't recognize new hard drive into that and the only problem is the floppy disk doesn t work for reasons I don t understand mother doesn't recognize new hard drive which means I can t do alot of those things because they always want a floppy disk bootable I tried to buy another mother board but the problem is none of them will work with the old Pent II Obviously I want a faster CPU but budget won t allow for that So the guy at the store says a raid card would do the trick Well got Wonder boy to install it and heck if it isn t complex Mirrorset stripping etc It might work if I could understand how the heck to do it I tried looking it up on the Internet and I can t seem to find simple instructions on what I need to do THen the sister s boyfriend said a raid card is not good and in the future just cause more problems I have to have some sort of solution because my C drive is filled and always warning me mother doesn't recognize new hard drive about it plus I have loads of software I have had to remove I m down to barebones Suggestions anyone Something not too expensive Thanks in advance R nbsp

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My Sony DW-U A DVD burner does not recognize media when I insert into the drive This includes blank media music cd or even an actual movie doesn't/read recognize media DVD Drive DVD The drive is visible in the control panel I checked the st and secondary channels and they are in DMA mode I uninstalled and rebooted for the device to be recognized by XP I checked in the bios and auto run is DVD Drive doesn't/read recognize media quot quot I opened the case and made sure the cables were secure I believe that e is the latest firmaware for this drive Are there any other ideas I should try I use the drive to burn my tv series and sporting events I also use ERUNT so I went back a few days in registry and still no luck There has been no noise to indicate the drive was starting to fail I know that sometimes the drive will fail with no warning It has been a good drive If I have to repalce this eide drive can someone recommend a good drive that has excellent reading capability I am not overly concerned with burn speed just burn quality nbsp

A:DVD Drive doesn't/read recognize media

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it does sound like your drive has failed. Luckily, DVD Burners are not as expensive as they used to be. A decent drive can be bought for under $40, shipped. I personally would recommend a Lite-ON model. I run a computer repair shop and that is the only brand I will use because they are not as likely to fail like other burners. Also, they come with a great warranty.

Hope this helps.
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I have a system running Windows 2000 Professional; I assembled the computer from fairly high-end components (back in 2002). Mostly it's been fairly easy to get good service from.

The CD-ROM drive does not usually recognize data CD's inserted into it. If I insert one it says, "please insert a disk into drive D." Installing drivers for new hardware is impossible.

I have installed a new CD-ROM drive; I've tried uninstalling the drive and letting Windows locate it; going into device manager and changing the drive letter from D to E; and now I understand the best way to fix the problem is to delete the IDE controllers.

Final note: all drives on the computer are IDE (as opposed to SATA). Additional note: I need to resolve this problem in order to access the internet, since it does not presently have a wireless network interface card (NIC).

A:Solved: CD-ROM/DVD Drive doesn't recognize disk

This problem has been resolved.

The computer's motherboard was by firm called Soyo Electronics (now defunct). When the computer is booted up, one hits "delete" to enter the setup menu. In the main menu, I selected "optimal defaults" and resumed booting up. The CD-ROM drive worked fine after that.

Still, I am interested in other people who encountered this problem. A web search of the error term, "please insert a disk in drive" [D] came up with several hits with advice, but not a lot of evidence that anything worked.
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My laptop Dell Latitude D830 running XP Pro does not recognize the external Seagate 250 gb drive, even under device Manager. I?ve tried it under Slave, Master and Cable-Select Option but with no success. Any ideas? Periodically I hear from the disk a click about one second apart. Probably it?s gone bad, so if it has crashed, how can I recover data on it? How can I get XP recognize it?

A:XP Pro doesn't recognize external SG 250gb drive

Have you tried connecting the drive to another PC?
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I have a Toshiba L305-S5894. It originally came with Vista Home Premium but I installed Vista Ultimate. Around that time, my disc drive stopped recognizing discs. I have a CD in it now...When I double click the drive from My Computer, I get a notice to insert a disc. When I eject the disc with the "eject" option in My Computer, I get the following message:

'CD Drive (D' is currently in use.
Save any open files on the disc, and then close the files or programs using the files before trying again.
If you choose to continue, the files will be closed, which my cause data to be lost.

I have three options to Cancel, Try Again, and Continue...only Cancel works.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!