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File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

Q: File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

I know there are some threads about this. but I couldn't solve my problem using those. so I decided to make a new thread instead of bumping the old ones.
Well, Here is my problem:
recently I installed a fresh copy of windows 8 on my PC. it was nothing wrong with it till I installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 (v. & did a reboot.
Now non of my files including picture, audio & video files show thumbnails or even tags (ex mp3 files).
I've tried the solutions stated about turning thumbnails on & off with no luck. in my folder options the option "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is UNCHECKED.

Has anybody faced the problem?? Is the issue from Kaspersky?? Are there any workarounds??

I truly Appreciate any help.

PS. I also have some difficulties pinning folders to windows explorer taskbar icon since then.

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Preferred Solution: File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File Thumbnails & Tags Not Showing in Explorer

How about trying to do a system restore?
System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8
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I was wordering if any one can help me fix this issue I'm having.
All my MP3's are tagged but windows doesn't show the info in the preview status bar. When I right click properties and go to details tab they are all blank even though they are tagged.
Vista did used to show this info at 1 point but for some reason stopped.
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I have just built a new computer using Windows Pro bit however I've noticed when I open Windows explorer out of times it will continuously search for drives when opening up explorer and not show any drives that are installed I've tried reformatting using different hard drives but the problem persists no matter what I do I've reinstalled Windows with only a single drive plugged in tried different SATA ports but this folders/file icons/thumbnails showing Drives not showing, not problem keeps Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing coming back The only thing I can think of is that the Windows install disk is corrupted and not installing properly I've also noticed that once it starts searching like this the icons wont display in any folder although the file names will Likewise when trying to sort files Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing by date type etc they will not sort When this happens I can easily type in Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing C to get to the drive without problem to access the drive but above problems with icons not showing sorting etc still is a problem Has anyone had this problem Know of a way to fix this I'm not looking forward to having to reformat again as I don't have the time to sit through and reinstall everything again after

A:Drives not showing, folders/file icons/thumbnails not showing

Hey Man.

When Im having problems with the system i do this:

Open cmd as administrator and then type "sfc/scannow" press enter

I will check your system for missing systemfiles and problems.

Give it a try and let me hear from you
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Hi. For a few days, my portable Avidemux had stopped working for no apparent reason - a 'crash' message occurred with whatever type of video I tried to load. I thought it might be codec related so I installed the Shark007 codec pack (even though I don't believe in using codec packs). Avidemux started working again! Did Shark007 cure it? I can't be sure because, as a test, I then uninstalled it and Avidemux was still working. I now have a minor problem (see attachment). I have 'Windows 7 FLAC Property Handler' installed and despite using it's 'repair' feature, FLAC tag info just refuses to show. Can anyone suggest how I get the correct icons and file information back? Thanks in advance. (Also, how do I make a paragraph break on this forum...?)

A:Tags of FLAC files not showing in Explorer

Problem solved - FLAC tag info has suddenly appeared. I didn't do a reboot so can only assume that the 'repair' I did needed time to kick in. I'd still be interested to know how I could have shown this sentence as a new paragraph...
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Hi all! I recently installed Win8 and have noticed that at some point the tags stopped displaying in Windows Explorer for media files such as mp3 and m4b.

This affects my collection of Music and Audio books that I had to perform a big resue operation on.
I can't sort them according to the tags that had been set in iTunes or mp3 tagger. This has always worked previously and the tags have displayed fine.

It's just empty where the tag should be, even for files which I know are tagged, and where the tag displayed previously, in Windows Explorer.

I am running sfc /scannow for good measure, but is this a known Windows 8 problem, perhaps? Anyone come across it and know any tips for getting the tags to display again? I don't fancy doing this sorting on a file-by-file basis, it would take a week....

Hope someone can help !

A:Tags for Audio Files no longer showing in Windows Explorer

Unbelievably, I got this problem again, over a year after solving it the first time. After doing an upgrade to Windows 8.1....

Fortuntely I again discovered that installing a 3rd party software solves the problem.
dBpoweramp Music Converter R14.4solves this problem. Note, must be this version, not R14.2.
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Hi guys Again this is a pain I changed to Vista Ultimate bits a week ago and again the damn thumbnail problem on windows explorer I managed to solve this on bits Vista and i have a NOT Vista showing .avi 64 explorer thumbnails on post here but the same solutions doesnt' work on bits What Vista 64 NOT showing .avi thumbnails on explorer i did to solve on bits Vista is install fresh vista open the avi file with crystal player crystal player told me quot do you want to load the codec for this files quot so that was all he downloaded some avi basic pack and everything worked fine Same thing i tried on vista but no luck i tried that solution i tried the registry fixes i installed klite codeck pack i installed combined comunity codeck pack i installed vista codec package Well no luck Also if i open ANY avi file i whatever player i choose i can see it perfect but no thumbnails BUT the only player that does not work is Windows Media Center says quot no codec to display the movie quot and quot cannot show thumbnail quot Well hope someone can figured out this and can help me Cheers to all Sergio

A:Vista 64 NOT showing .avi thumbnails on explorer

any help ?

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Hallo guys First of all i must say that my english it's not my native language so sory for any mistakes Now to my problem i have a Toshiba Qosmio Q -Q with vista premium b and from the first day i cannot see Thumbnails in explorer The problem is only with the movies or series that they are in AVI format when for example a movie is in WMV format or MPG format then i have thumbnails the capture picture from the film and also i have thumbnails for my photos or pictures So the problem is only with files that they are in AVI format I thing that the problem is the b O S because with my old laptop i had vista ultimate and i had thumbnails without any problems Until now i clean the cache but nothing one frind of explorer 64 showing AVI NOT on Vista thumbnails my he tried something Vista 64 NOT showing AVI thumbnails on explorer with my registry but still nothing and i also i went to folder options - view - and i have unchecked Alway shows icon never thumbnails but still nothing I dont remember something else that i did for the moment As i said i have this problem from the firs day that i got my laptop and i have my new laptop for - month so any help it will be highly appreciated john
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When I open Windows Explorer I and go to my Picture File, the Thumbnails don't always show correctly. I can open Windows Explore and see no Thumbnails displayed but if I open another copy, it's better but not all come up. I have multiple folders, some display no thumbnails (a blank white sheet), others show a few and others show more. I also get a green bar at the top that never finishes. Sometimes, I open Explorer, and if I try to expand the Folder Tree on the left panel it won't expand, The Files are on an External Flash Drive. I've tried many troubleshooting searches for the problem so yes, I have the Folder Option, "View" set to "Display thumbnails." This is a recent problem. One last thing, the computer seems as it's freezing and not updating the thumbnails, but currently the CPU usage is only 4% under Task Manager.

A:Windows Explorer not showing Thumbnails

Did you make any changes to your Windows Operating System recently? Sounds like the aftermath of a "tune up" that went wrong.
That being said, the data that has no thumbnails.... can you open them and view the data, I'm curious to know if it's corrupted.
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I have checked in the only two places I was aware of that would cause this:

Folder Options - View ....however, there is no option there to check show Thumbnails. I believe this option should be there at the top, but it isnt.

I also went to Properties of My Computer, Advanced, Performance. It is checked there to show Thumbnails.

But for whatever reason, I only see icons when I should see thumbnails. And yes, I have changed the view to Medium, large, extra large.

A:Explorer showing Icons instead of thumbnails....

Hello Dave,

You might double check through each option in the tutorial below to see if it may help. It's for Windows 7, but it's the same in Windows 8 except "Windows Explorer" is "File Explorer" in OPITION FOUR instead.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,
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Windows explorer on my system cannot display all the thumbnails my photo folder. When the pictures are copied to a newly created folder, all are initially shown. However when I access the folder later, a lot of the thumbnails are gone : only the default
icons are shown.
I have set folder options to Always show icons, never thumbnails.
I have even tried deleting the thumbnail cache and rebuilding the cache but to no avail.
Could anyone help me on this please?
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Some of the thumbnails aren't showing up windows explorer even though they are the same file type. There will be 12 episodes of a show in .AVI or .MKV, and only 9 will have thumbnails, the other 3 don't. I have the Haali Media Splitter on to show thumbnails and I installed the Windows Service Pack to to it too (not sure which one is actually working, if I had to guess I'd say it's Haali).

To enable the thumbnails on Haali Media Splitter I click it, the went: options → explorer integration → show thumbnails (yes) → thumbnails offset (10000)

Not sure what is wrong...can anyone help?

And this is a problem with pretty much all the file types, some thumbnails showing and some not when they're in the same folder and I got them from the same source (all the files in a folder are either AVI or MKV, but the problem happens with both)
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VLC is not showing thumbnails view of video files. My Video files are generally flv. I have not checked whether it is showing thumbnails for other type of video files or not.
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Hello Sir, I m using Windows 8.1 and i m getting one issue.. Video file Thumbnails not showing in My Laptop.. Check screenshot ::-
In This ScreenShot .avi and .mp4 File exist.. But not showing thumbnails.. Please help.. And here is My Thumbnails View Setting ::-
Please give me solution what to do now.. Please.. Hope You guyss Reply soon...


A:Video File Thumbnails Not Showing In Windows 8.1

hello ,And welcome to eightfourms in the directory folder you have posted the picture of ,go to view and try settinh to large icon, looks like you may have it set to details or list ect ect
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previously i installed taglib property handler, but it didnt work, explorer was crashing. after uninstalling explorer is not reading any tags.

i also do not have any previous restore point to restore. is it possible to fix this and how?
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I'm getting more and more used to Windows 7. Generally I like to see everything as files and folders; I don't care to see photos as thumbnails. I like to see file name (with extension), size, date, etc. How do I do this in windows 7.


A:windows explorer: want file name not thumbnails

use details view?

File and Folder Arrangement - Change in Windows Explorer Window

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders
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My laptop is displaying the wrong thumbnails after i upgrade to windows 10. When you open the file explorer and preview an file the next file your going to preview will be same thumbnail to the first one even the other files.

Here s an video so i can explain well.

A:Preview Bar Displaying WRONG Thumbnails in the File Explorer

Have you tried flushing the Thumbnail cache?
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I got a new computer with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and I find it very annoying that in all the Open File dialog boxes and even Windows Explorer there does not seem to be a selection under the View menu to show thumbnails of image files. Even when I select Contents and highlight the file it still only shows a generic icon. Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to fix this?

Thanks for any help

A:No Thumbnails in Open File Dialogs or Windows Explorer - Why??

Hello David, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check using the tutorial below to make sure that you have thumbnail previews enabled.Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
If you do, then double check to make sure that you have Windows Photo Viewer set as the default program with all of it's associations.Default Programs - Set a Program's Default Associations
Hope this helps,
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I am using Windows 7 and ripping cd's with dbpoweramp.I use jriver as my playback program.I used to be able to see all the tags of a nusic file when I opened properties>details,but now I get just a couple of tags,like date modified and song title.There is no jpg album art,no 16 or 24 bit info and all the other tags.I cannot figure out how to get those details back.Anyone know what I am missing?
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I wasn't impressed with Windows' native tag viewer so I installed InfoTag Magic. The improved tag-viewing was there for a little while until it completely disappeared.

I've since uninstalled and reinstalled Info Tag Magic, but to no avail. (And yes, I DID ask the developers of the program but I haven't heard back yet...I'm maximizing my options, here.)

Please help!

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Hi guys, having a problem I think, every time I go onto on chrome, pops up momentarily on the lower left bar, as well as pixel.mathtag
ive tried numerous programs including Mwbaw premium, spybot seek and destroy, adwcleaner and the only program to find anything was adwcleaner, it finds it, fixes it (normally a couple of registry things and some chrome extensions) and when i go back into chrome it appears again
I'm at a loss for what to do and if these things are even worth bothering about, i cant remember noticing them before.
Hope someone can help with this.
I'm running on Win7 home premium with the latest version of google chrome.

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Yesterday I formated my SSD because of several problems with ATI drivers. Everything looks fine except that MP3 details window doesn't show editable tags like artist, title, album, etc.
Here an image of what it looks like currently:

I'm using W7 Professional N x64.

A:MP3 details window not showing tags.

I would suspect some software or device driver is missing. I don't know what it could be, but look over the reinstall and see if you are missing something you had before.
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Iam running 8pro 64 bit. when I open an file explorer window, sometimes there is everytihg, but most of the time, there is just "desktop" and it is searching.I have to manually right click and open new explorer to get it to show all drives and locations. Also, when I get into a window with movies or pictures, all the files are white, no thumbnail! I have no virus and the installation is new and it is from the Microsoft site. all updates are installed. What could cause this?

A:File Explorer not showing anything

Has the system done any Freezes or Bluescreens? If so, you may wanna scan your hard drive for problems, Don't use SCANDISK- Download Hiren's Boot CD from my link below, burn it and boot to it.

Is your hard drive mechanical or is it SSD? Assuming it is mechanical, in the Hiren's Boot Screen, choose Dos Programs, and Hard Drive Tools. You can use either GWscan or the Manufacturer's Drive Scanning tool, run a quick check and see if it detects "Read Element Failure" - If it does, then let the program fix it, should take about an hour to run through the whole drive.

After that, boot up again, and run a CHKDSK from within Windows and let that run fully if it needs to, then see if it is still doing what you described. If it does, we'll look for other causes.
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I am running 8pro 64 bit. when I open an file explorer window, sometimes there is everytihg, but most of the time, there is just "desktop" and it is searching.I have to manually right click and open new explorer to get it to show all drives and locations. Also, when I get into a window with movies or pictures, all the files are white, no thumbnail! I have no virus and the installation is new and it is from the Microsoft site. all updates are installed. What could cause this? The
The navigation opane is missing icons such as network, computer, etc. I have done First sfc.
Then Dism.
Then Reboot.
Then sfc again.

Still nothing. There isn't a virus and everything else works fine. I created a new profile, same thing. I am trying to avoid reinstalling as I have a lot of software I cannot afford to lose.

A:File Explorer not showing anything

In the CBS log after your sfc.exe scan, were there any unresolved problems showing?
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My external drive(Samsung) connected via usb3 has started showing twice in file explorer. Opening either shows exactly the same files inside.
Screen shot below, I've never tried this so I hope I've done it OK
Any help with removing the "imposter" would be appreciated.

A:External HDD showing twice in file explorer

Please use the following guide to add your image

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Ten Forums - Windows 10 Forums
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any idea why i cannot see my thumbnail pics ?

A:thumbnails not showing

Hello Ward, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I suppose double check to make sure that thumbnail previews is turned on using the tutorial below.

Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

Hope this helps,
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Hey I am running Windows Vista Showing Thumbnails Not Ultimate SP on a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ Z Laptop and my problem is that picture thumbnails wont show I just formatted my laptop and installed a fresh copy of Vista but now thumnails wont show Example My Pictures Folder I backed up my Pictures I have been on Google and tried every solution I could possibily find but to no avial Methods I have tried In the folder going to Organise and Folder and Search Options View Always Show Icons never Thumbnails was unchecked I tried checking it and unchecking it but it did not make any difference Computer Properties Advanced System Settings Visual Effects Settings Everything is checked I have tried unchecking and rechecking Show thumbails instead of icons but it did not make any Thumbnails Not Showing difference Open the Start Menu In the white line Start Search area type gpedit msc and press Enter In the left pane click on User Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components and Windows Explorer In the right pane right click on Turn off the display of thumbnails and only display icon and click on Properties To Enable Windows Explorer Thumbnails - Check Disabled or Not Configured and click on OK Deleting the thumbnail cache and updating my graphics card driver Before you ask I have tried changing the view size to large and medium in the folder I am at a loss as to what to do now Could somthing not of been installed during the Windows installation that allows thumbnails to be shown or is there any other methods that I have not tried
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Hello, this has been quite a while just now I like really need them.
I know for a fact that a new OS reinstall would fix this, but I don't want to do that, that's why I am here.

No images, No video or anything else reviewable media is showing up as it is supposed to. The image files on this image should be showing up.

A:Thumbnails not showing up

Have you gone to look at the Control Panel's Folder Options?
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Hi All would love some help with this - in theory - easy problem It's just that I've tried all the solutions that my Google-Fu skills up Thumbnails not showing have turned up and nothing seems to be working for me The issue is this Essentially when I open a folder with photos in it I only see jpg icons I do not see Thumbnails not showing up the thumbnails of the photos Some weird things that are happening When I change the view from large icons to medium icons nothing special happens besides the icon images getting smaller But when I change BACK from medium Thumbnails not showing up to large I briefly see the correct thumbnails and as I watch the icon image literally loads over the thumbnails one Thumbnails not showing up by one Essentially I have to sit there and cry as I watch all my thumbnails disappear and turn into useless icons If I try this a second time in the same folder nothing special happens anymore I simply see the icon image I've made sure that clicking organize- gt folder and search options- gt view tab - gt Always show icons never thumbnails is UNCHECKED I've made sure that clicking start- gt control panel- gt system- gt advanced system settings- gt settings under performance - gt Show thumbnails instead of icons is CHECKED I've run disk cleanup and cleaned up my thumbnail cache I've downloaded a Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache bat file from a different forum and run that several times And yet I still only see icons I will admit that the pictures I am trying to view are on an external hard drive but I do have a couple photos on my desktop that are also only showing icons instead of thumbnails Anybody out there have any ideas what could be happening Thanks in advance for any help you can offer
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My new laptop has Windows10 pre-installed. It crashed and file explorer won't now show recent files. It seems to be showing recent folders but there are no recent files. Settings/personalisation/start shows "recently opened files" is turned "on" and File Explorer is showing on the Task Bar

A:File Explorer isn't showing recent files

Hi, there may be other consequences if your disk has been affected, or you may be very lucky and a small part of your registry has been corrupted.

A possible solution to your immediate problem is here:
File Explorer Recent Files and Frequent Folders groups are missing - Microsoft Community
- basically, create another user, and copy the relevant part of the registry back to your original user's registry.

I would also recommend you run
chkdsk C: /F
from an elevated command prompt
and also
SFC /scannow

just to check all is (probably) well.

Here's a very useful method which will help you avoid a great deal of difficulty- strongly recommended and used by most here:

Start using disk imaging. Regularly. Before any major change, and after a big change or a series of smaller changes. System Restore isn't enough.. it can help sometimes, but only if you turn it on (it's off by default.. absurd).

With disk images you
a. Can restore your disk/partition in a defined time (e.g 20 to 40 mins).
b. Have a full backup - can extract files.
c. Can use them to rebuild your system on a new HDD (e.g.)
d. Have peace of mind (most important!)

Get a copy of Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper (both have free options). The first is more geeky and a cut down version of a commercial product - no incremental backup. The 2nd is more straightforward, offering both differential and incremental backups. (You can read about those yourself if unsure).

Make sure you create the boot disk.. essential when dealing with an unbootable PC.
You need large enough external storage for the image files.
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I just put the 1511 upgrade on (for the third time, but that's another story). I've noticed that when I open File Explorer I have a WHOLE BUNCH of USB ports that have nothing plugged into them... I have no idea what the upgrade did, but these weren't visible previously. How do I turn them off?

And yes, I've gone into the File explorer options in the control panel and UNCHECKED "Hide empty drives". Didn't appear to make any difference...

A:Empty USB ports showing in file explorer

If you have a card reader, that's what those ports are for.
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I connected my digital camera to the computer. Windows installed device software to use the camera.

Initially, I saw small image previews. Once all the pictures were loaded, I no longer saw the image previews. Now all I see is a Windows logo and a harddrive icon.

How can I see the image previews?

A:File explorer not showing image previews

click on the harddrive icon to open it
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Here is my process. I scan documents onto my pc and save them to a file on my network drive. Then, I need to email these pdfs to other employees. I used to open Outlook, create a new email then click on "attach file". I would then get a drop down menu of the recent files I've worked with. There were some files on this recent list that I wanted to remove. I couldn't figure out how to remove only the select one or two files, so I cleared the history. Now, the files I view are not being saved to this drop down menu. I have to climb through 4 levels of files to get to the one document I need. How can I get File Explorer (not Windows Explorer) to start saving my recent activity again?

A:File Explorer not showing recent folders

You may need to turn Recent Items on.
See how:
Recent Items - Turn On or Off
Recent Items - Enable or Disable
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Is there any way of disabling the view of zip files in internet explorer? I have password protected the contents of the zip file, but when you click on the zip file from the tree view you can still see the contents from internet explorer.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi all,

Built my new computer yesterday and installed Windows 7 64 bit, Enterprise.

I have noticed that the file type icons aren't showing in explorer, while little it is extremely annoying as when searching for an excel document for example I just look for the icon.
It seems to work for some icons and not others- as shown in the image below.

Is there any fix for this?


A:File type icons not showing in explorer

Icon Cache - Rebuild
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I am Network Devices Explorer not Showing File with hoping that somewhere out there may be able to assist Network Devices not Showing with File Explorer with my problem as I have exhausted countless hours on the various Forums and in tweaking my system with no result to date The problem is that on my Home Network Private my main PC cannot see the other devices on the network I have two laptops printer and Samba drive on my D-Link Router and the only item that shows up is my own PC The other PC running Win pro can see ALL devices on the network I can reach the other devices by entering computername and then access the various drives and documents on the device but my PC will not display them using File Explorer Also I have HomeGroup setup and working OK on both PC s My PC is running Win Home Version Build bit along with the MS Office Suite The solutions tried without success so far include Netsh winsock reset Netsh int ip reset Ipconfig release Ipconfig renew Ipconfig flushdns Uninstalled Client for Microsoft Networks then reinstalled Uninstalled the Adaptor drivers the reinstalled Checked the registry settings to ensure that the Network Category is correctly set to Private Checked and confirmed that all the required Services are running these include DHCP ClientDiagnostic Policy ServiceDiagnostic Service HostDiagnostic System HostDNS ClientPeer NetworkingServer plus a few others that I can t recall Deleted all programs from Programs and Features that are not recognized or not required Network discovery and file sharing are both turned on When I run the Network trouble shooter it sometimes throws an error message one or more protocols are missing from this computer then attempts a fix which usually always fails The detailed error log refers to win sockets but I have reset them many times with no difference However straight after a reboot the automatic fix will work and at results seeing my own PC through File Explorer gt Network On my other PC wife s when I select - File Explorer gt Network I get exactly what is expected viz IBMLaptop hers LenovoZ Mine SAMBA attached to my DLink Router Epson C Printer The TCP IPv setting on both PC s are exactly the same Also I have another problem that I suspect is related in the Network ID button is greyed out and cannot be selected albeit I have confirmed that my network is set to Private I suspect that some other program is making changes to the network setting because very occasionally the File Explorer gt Network will display all devices but later reverts to showing either no devices or only the LenovoZ Does anyone out there have any suggestions because I am completely flummoxed

A:Network Devices not Showing with File Explorer

The fall update broke the SMB (Server Message Block) component of the OS. Below is a work around that will fix your issue until such time as Microsoft patches this issue.
1. Open an administrator cmd prompt.
2. type the following: (press Enter after each line)

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi
sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= disabled

then Restart the computer

To reverse this change and re-enable SMBv3 run the following commands at at the elevated command prompt

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi
sc.exe config mrxsmb20 start= auto

then Restart the computer
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Problem as above - when i plug my samsung note 2 phone in it shows in file explorer with no problems

The computer knows my nexus tablet has been plugged in because it gives me the option to eject it, but it does not show in explorer so I can not drag and drop files on to it


Win 8.1
acer aspire v -amd a8 8gb ram

A:nexus 7 tab not showing in file explorer when plugged in!

Most likely you need to install a driver.

I personally haven't plugged any of my tablets/phones into my computer via USB in quite awhile, I just use DropBox or some other app to transfer files. Much easier, IMO.
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One of our users has reported that their mapped drives were missing Our user's mapped drives are all being pushed out by group policy so at first this was not an unusual report Upon investigation I seen the drives were in fact missing so I did a gpupdate to refresh Drives File Pro 8.1 Showing in - Explorer Not Win Mapped the Win 8.1 Pro - Mapped Drives Not Showing in File Explorer group policies which normally fixes the problem This time it didn't my backup plan is normally to manually map the drives needed until we figure why the group policy is not working Here is where things get weird When I go to map the drives they are all already mapped Then I find out from the user that they are all showing up correctly through their applications such as MS Office and Adobe Acrobat Pro They can also access all of their files normally through each app But they are not showing up in file explorer when we go to 'this PC' A reboot normally fixes the problem though the user is starting to get a little annoyed of having to reboot each time Anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this Thanks Brandon
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Hi Ms

this fault I find really annoying and there's actually no excuse for this particular defect : When copying / moving files with File explorer - progress indicator doesn't show - which makes the whole thing unuseable if you are copying / moving a whole load of files.

(Latest build W10 Pro x-64).


A:please Ms fix file explorer -- not showing progress on copy

Wasn't that a known and described issue in the latest insider build?
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I had problems updating one of my PC's to the latest Windows 8.1 64 bit so ended up having to "Refresh" the PC. I then managed to get the updates installed.

Before the update I used to be able to see my Synology Diskstation and Humax Foxsat listed as Computers in File Exlorer when selecting Network, I could then get a full list of folders on each device and files could be easily transfered between them. Neither device is now listed under Computers.

They still appear in File Explorer on my other Windows 8.1 PC under Computer.

How do I get them to appear under Computers again?

A:File Explorer not showing all computers on network

Router is the first place to start looking. What is the manufacturer & model of the router? Are you sure that LLTD is enabled in Services? Can you ping the other computers from the Command Window?

It is possible that the Synology is also causing the issue. Never rule out anything. Any devices should show up under Network. You can also use the following website to help make sure you are not forgetting anything. EZLAN.NET.
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I usually just read here but I'm stumped (and no tech!) So thanks in advance for any suggestions!
On my USB external drive, when I connect it to either an XP desktop or a W7 laptop, the video files show as thumbs ie: small pictures of the content. Yet when I connect it to the other W7 desktop, I see generic boxes marked "WMV", "AVI", or whatever. I matched the view properties as far as I can see and am using the same MPC player on them. Any thoughts on how to get the thumbnails to appear?

A:[SOLVED] No thumbnails showing

Set the folder view to "Thumbnails".
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Hi - I hope someone can help When I look at my phone image files through my laptop via USB MTP using Windows I can see some file thumbnails as images those from the DCIM Android folders - DCM images and other JPG images transferred to my phone from my camera but other folders e g the Aviary folder or other third party app adjusted photos or Whats icons as showing Thumbnails App images in IMG format or videos all show as the generic icon rather than thumbnail image weirdly there's one out of hundreds of Whats App files that shows as an image This means file management is virtually impossible I've googled this obviously and can see a that my Folder Option View 'Always show Thumbnails showing as icons icons never thumbnails' is unchecked and b that through advanced system performance Thumbnails showing as icons settings the 'adjust for best appearance button' is pressed and the 'show thumbnails instead of icons' is checked What am I missing Can anyone help me resolve this - Thanks in anticipation
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Like the title says.
I read that the K-Lite codec pack is a solution but if that is so then does anyone know a secure download site for the file. I have had bad experiences with infected codec packs in the past.

Thanks in advance.

A:.MOV thumbnails not showing win 8.1 64bit

I use for downloads and have never had any problems, another safe codec pack is Shark007.
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When I download pictures at times it appears that a shade is over part of the picture. I can correct it by rotating the picture. Here is a sample:

I have tried cleaning the thumbnail cache.

A:Thumbnails partially showing.

See here: Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset

See if that helps.
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I've downloaded a lot of .FLV tutorial files and it would help greatly if I could see the file thumbnails for reference but none are visible.
I've been into Advanced System settings and made sure 'Show thumbnails instead of icons' is checked. I'm playing the vids in WMP and that's working fine but no flv thumbnails.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Using Vista Home Premium

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There is a website I used to browse. In this website, there are thumbnails of pic files which I download to my PC. Recently, I've found that all these thumbnails are not showing. In their place, I see a white box with an 'X' across it.

I also encounter this problem at some websites. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem? Is there some other 3rd party stuff I need to install with my IE6 / Windows XP?

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As the title says. It happened all of a sudden.

I've tried going into folder options and unticking and ticking.
I've ran disk clean up
I've ran sfc /scannow
I've installed some codecs

I did find something about editing the registry but when I was following the instructions I couldn't find the specified area mentioned in the article. So I haven't actually change anything in my registry yet.


A:Video thumbnails not showing

Any keys and/or sub-keys in the Registry which you don't have but need in order to rectify a problem, can be manually created.
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I have Windows 7 ultimate 64bit, I just upgraded from professional, when I had professional, all of my videos had thumbnail previews. Now, just about zero do. Is there a way to get this back to the way it was before? For example, I use VLC as my default player to open vids and it is just the cone, no thumb. The same goes with WMP

A:Windows 7 not showing all thumbnails

Crap, there's a way to rebuild thumbnails, maybe that's it, but I forgot how, heh. You're not exceptionally low on disk space, are you? Give me a second I'll find out about refreshing the thumbnail cache.
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Hey guys!

This weird problem started to happen lately, the thumbnails for my videos isnt showing. However, some files does show thumbnails?

I checked google but couldn't really find a solution, any advice would be very appreciated.

A:Video thumbnails not showing!?

Hello Sommarblond,

Double check in Default Programs to make sure that Windows Media Player is set as the default program with all of it's associations set to it as well. One or more of the associations may not be set for WMP.

What file extension type is the for?

Hope this helps,
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hi i'm new here and i don't know if this belongs here but basically my computer crashed i brought it to a computer repair guy who reformatted my computer windows bit home premium laptop I did not have my windows disc but i had my showing taskbar up? thumbnails not key so he used his home premium disc and my key but now its working perfectly fine but the problem is that the taskbar doesn't show thumbnails when I hover taskbar thumbnails not showing up? over the icons anymore it used to before my computer crashed and i know my computer's graphics are capable of doing so i'm too lazy to make screenshots but if what i said didn't make sense I found a link with some pictures http helpdeskgeek com windows- windows- -taskbar-not-showing-thumbnail-previews taskbar thumbnails not showing up? but the link doesn't really tell me how to taskbar thumbnails not showing up? fix it it says something about changing the registry but do i really need to do that it sounds kind of scary lol ahh so frustrating im basically getting the quot text descriptions quot as seen in the link and the computer repair guy is kind far away from where i live any help

A:taskbar thumbnails not showing up?

Is your aero theme turned on?
right click your desktop > personalize > scroll up to aero themes section and select one.

It's possible you don't have your drivers installed, but i'd hope a shop would have the forethought to install your drivers after a format.
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I've downloaded a lot of .FLV tutorial files and it would help greatly if I could see the file thumbnails for reference but none are visible.
I've been into Advanced System settings and made sure 'Show thumbnails instead of icons' is checked. I'm playing the vids in WMP and that's working fine but no flv thumbnails.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. (In simple terms if poss)

Using Vista Home Premium

A:[SOLVED] Flv thumbnails not showing
That will help you.
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I'm on a WIndows 10 Pro PC accessing a linux server with samba etc installed and working well (visible via Homegroup to both Android and Windows 7 pro). From the Win 10 box, if I type the name of the server in Windows File Explorer, then the shares from the server show up without issue. However, if I go into the Network folder, it does not see the linux servers - even though they are correctly configured for the correct homegroup. My windows 7 machines can see the servers in "network" as can my android devices.
Here's a screenshot. Note, the red arrows show what displays in Network folder (red arrows). If I click on the Server Name (HunterNAS in this case), the server shares are displayed and it shows up in the Network folder (blue arrows). Even after making the successful connection, display of another file explorer window > Network folder displays no linux server shares...

Any ideas?

A:Linux SMB not showing up in File Explorer (but can be accessed direct)

You have to disable smb 2 & 3 in Windows 10. Microsoft is using the excuse that they made changes with those two protocols, to protect the OS. That is not the case.
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I've recently reinstalled Windows 8 and the jumplist for File Explorer now only shows Frequent instead of Recent. There's a load of instructions for Windows 7 and 10 but I can't find any help for changing the Windows 8 jumplist to show Recent instead of Frequent?

A:File Explorer jumplist showing Frequent not Recent

The toggle for this should be in the taskbar properties. Right click on the taskbar and go to properties.

There should be a tab for jumplists and a checkbox for recent items.
Didn't realize it, but there is also a full tutorial on eightforums here: Recent Items and Frequent Places - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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I'm running Windows 2000, and I want to be able to see JPEG images when I select "Thumbnails" under the View menu. Currently, the only images that display are Windows bit map images (BMP). I know it's possible to see JPEG windows as thumbnails under Windows 2000 because I used to have a different computer that ran 2000 and did display JPEGs. However, I got a new computer that doesn't. I'm assuming there is a way to tell Windows 2000 to display JPEG images in thumbnails, but I can't find any reference to thumbnail views in Windows help or on the Microsoft website.

Any suggestions, please?

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Just within the past week or so, when viewing pics in windows explorer, only some of the thumbnails will show the image they are representing. Some won't. I tried rebuilding the library and doing Disk Cleanup to delete them so they'd rebuild; I've checked/unchecked the "show icons not thumbs" to see if that would kick it into showing it. Nothing has helped.
Also, maybe related, when opening up any Windows explorer window, the green bar at the top is very slow to load all the way to the right, sometimes never getting to the other side.

Windows Vista, sp2, Home Premium
quad core
64 bit

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Ok i have some computer knowledge and i can google with the best of them but I haven t found a complete fix to my problem here we go got video from this last waterfowl season on my old Toshiba satellite which was running windows home ed i was able to take that video MOD format and put it straight onto my computer into a folder and i would have a thumbnail of maybe the beginning of that video That computer s Hard drive crashed so Video .MOD Not Thumbnails Solved: Showing i bought a smaller Toshiba like T or something without a disc drive which also has windows home and I am able to get the thumbnails on that coomputer also however i bought this Dell Optiplex GX which has Solved: .MOD Video Thumbnails Not Showing Windows XP on it I bought it because it would be a better video editing computer than some small laptop This computer has good stats but alas i went to put my video on and i opened my flash drive and I have photoed thumbnails now when i first started this i had the factory Windows Media Player no thumbnails with it then upgraded to media player still no thumbnails all it has is the WMP icon and MPEG if i need i can take a screen photo and show you so i ve spent the last couple hours googling and found what seemed to be a solution by downloading this codec which a few people said fixed their problem Stinkys MPEG- Codec Installer I download and Solved: .MOD Video Thumbnails Not Showing ran this now it wasn t a complete failure because one of the sub-folders inside the main folder finally came up as the thumbnail and the videos inside that folder came up as thumbnails but i still have over videos that aren t they again are MOD i have already been told that renaming them won Solved: .MOD Video Thumbnails Not Showing t work Yes i do know that they are actually mped files but is there something out there that will work so that ALL my videos have a corresponding Thumbnail so that i don t have to go through each one and figure out what it is when i want to edit video Thanks for any advice nbsp

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Windows XP

I read somewhere that all you have to do to see thumbnails on the desktop is to right click on a clear area of the desktop -> View -> Thumbnails

But I don't have View when I right click on my desktop not even in grayed out, so how do I enable thumbnails on my desktop?

I do have thumbnails everywhere else and when I go to the desktop with Explore I get thumbnails there but not on my actual desktop. I set my folder options to custom view for all folders.

Thanks for helping out,
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Hey guys

This time i need help from you, I've seen a lot of ppl having this issue, yestarday i made a clean install of Vista + SP1 and i was installing NERO and have a failure...after that if i go to a folder where .avis are i can't see previews as before....At first also happened with all movie formats, but i installed KLITE codeck pack and VISTA CODECK package now only avis not showing...

Any help I appreciate to avoid re installing again


A:Vista Ultimate 32 not showing .avi thumbnails...

There is a registry issue where sometimes the explorer cannot locate the thumbnails
and there for when browsing through the folder some files dont have a thumbnail but
a generic symbol for the type of folder it is, You can fix it by following the next procedure

1) Save the Registry Fix file as Registry.cmd
2) Then run the batch file with elevated administrator privileges.

And you should see an improvement,


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I had Windows Vista since last year and everything was fine. Yesterday, my icons/thumbnails on the internet disappeared and show a box with symbols. I can tell what the box says when I scroll over but how do I get the icons back. I restored the firewall to its default setting and the icons came back but now they're gone again. Please help.

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I recently installed Windows XP Pro SP2 64bit on my new computer, and while transferring audio files from my old computer (XP Home SP3 32bit) the ID3 tags seem to have been lost.

When I open the folder and right click the track properties, all I see are 'Track Number', 'Title', and 'Comments', there are no options to edit Artist, Albums, etc. Not sure what the issue is because I didn't have any 3rd party software installed on my other PC to edit tags, I did it directly in explorer, but now it doesn't seem to be an option.

Audioshell looked like the perfect program, but it is supported on a 64bit OS. :\

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
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First It's my honor to be with you in this forum This is my first thread I'm really tired and angry with a very annoying error of windows explorer windows explorer is getting crashed while opening any folders accidentally especially folders with large number of files and images first it appears as windows explorer is unable to load files thumbnails any kind of files and appears as white or blank icons regardless the type of Windows files or thumbnail no Explorer showing file stops file then when Windows Explorer stops showing files or no file thumbnail opening my computer in another window it couldn't load even contents of drivers and hangs as quot searching for items quot all this happens suddenly after weeks of normal windows usage I resolve it by backing up system using Acronis image but the problem persists I tried virus scan with no success using AVG I made thorough scan for C with no result too Note that this problem I found with Windows and it forced me to upgrade to Windows then I'm experiencing the same problem now I don't Understand why Note I think there's no hardware HDD error cause I'm running Ubuntu alongside Windows and it's browsing files perfectly Please help quickly Thanks

A:Windows Explorer stops showing files or no file thumbnail

Try doing a CHKDSK on the drive that has Windows on it, also when was the last time you optimised the drive? Scan it and see if it finds any problems. It's best to do it from an install disk and go into Command Prompt and run CHKDSK from there, that way you can see the results as it works on the drive.
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Hi I had not SOLVED: folder in File Explorer showing/missing System32 a problem where my system folder was not showing in windows epxplorer I could not figure out why I could access it directly by typing in c windows system and I could acces it through my command promt but it simply was not showing in explorer under my windows folder nor was my search function finding it But my computer was working just fine as far as I could see I could not find the solution here on SOLVED: System32 folder not showing/missing in File Explorer the forums so I checked elsewhere and found the solution to having it display again So if you are having this same problem here is the solution Simple just go to your command promt and type in attrib -a -h -r -s c windows system and of course hit enter The problem should be solved and your system folder should now be showing up once again Worked for me However I cannot say why this even happened in the first place or how the above command fixes the problem Perhaps someone else can clarify all this And BTW I was not hiding system hidden folders and files so that was not the reason Anyway I love this forum and I thought it would be a good idea to post this here in hopes that it might help someone else with the same problem nbsp
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so yeah this problem just started few hours ago out of the blue noticed my CPU was running at so i figured it was some weird script running from my browser so i closed Win7 not @ Memory Showing Used Drives/Thumbnails Up CPU & 100%, it re-opened it but didn't work even rebooted system and it came back still at then i started noticing my thumbnails in folders weren't showing up or loading even my hardware drives are not showing up you see the CPU @ 100%, Memory Used Up & Drives/Thumbnails not Showing Win7 progress bar at the top loading top of folders but nothing ever happens no thumbnails no drives then i noticed all my Ram is being slowly gobbled up i have GB installed but right now CPU @ 100%, Memory Used Up & Drives/Thumbnails not Showing Win7 it's showing i have only mb free what i really don't understand what's going on here i've rebooted a few times with no luck and even restored my system to an earlier date but still no luck hope someone has heard of this before and maybe have some ideas this is CPU @ 100%, Memory Used Up & Drives/Thumbnails not Showing Win7 freaking me out i was just going to do a whole system restore but i can't backup or move any files to my ext hardidrive cus my drives aren't showing up it's actually sporadic but when a drive does show i still can't move a file from main drive to the ext drive nothing happens Update i've noticed in Task Mngr that this thing called dllhost exe and Com Surrogate are using a lot of the CPU i can end it and the CPU usage temporarily drops and memory usage is lowered too but both soon returns to not sure if this process has anything to do with anything i don't even know what Com Surrogate does but this is all a nightmare please help if anyone can thanks

A:CPU @ 100%, Memory Used Up & Drives/Thumbnails not Showing Win7

Have you scanned with your Anti-virus program?
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Hi We've baenhaving the oddest problem and I've been all over the net looking for solutions My hubby is running Win Ultimate bit on an Emachines PC Intermittently picture thumbnails and program icons icons & and sometimes showing not Computer My not thumbnails loading will suddenly stop showing up and will turn to only blank white icons Sometimes it affects a few files or the whole folder You can thumbnails & icons sometimes not showing and My Computer not loading see the thumbnails one minute go out and back into the directory and they are gone Refreshing the folder view does not bring the thumbs back Going into other folders is fine and thumbnails show but once it fails on a particular folder it will continue to NOT show thumbs or icons for that folder until a restart is done We have also tried to clean the thumbnails cache to no avail This problem happens on all drives flash drives network drives local drives etc There is one other bug that may be related Sometimes his My Computer will not load He can get to My Documents etc but My Computer hangs forever until he restarts It is an intermittent problem as well so hard to debug ANy ideas at all I really appreciate it

A:thumbnails & icons sometimes not showing and My Computer not loading

few questions:
what Antivirus are you using
how long has it been since the date of install of the OS
do you use any registry cleaner or similar of this sort
start with SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and restart upon finding violations and post back.
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Hey all!!

On my desktop the album covers show up in my music directories when in thumbnail view, but on my laptop they do not.

Any ideas why?


A:Why are the album covers no longer showing on my thumbnails?

Well, after adding all my MP3s to WMP some show up and some don't. These are 90% albums that I ripped myself from my own CDs.

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I have a problem with my video clips taken by a Camcorder, I can not find a way to show the thumbnails, normal videos in Video folder and Picture folder have thumbnails, I have tried changing Folder Options but still no thumbnails, could someone please help me, Thanks.

A:Thumbnails for Camcorder Video Files not showing

Hi brummyfan,

I'm not sure if this information will be of any help but my video thumbnails only show up in the default video folder:

Unfortunately, I never really explored the full possibilities but maybe yours might work that way as well.
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I inadvertantly semi installed a photo editor prog off the Office Premium disk (i have now uninstalled it) this meant all my JPEG files then wanted the Office CD to open the file.

I have since put the file association back to normal (IE) but now the Thumbnails view is not working for JPEGS in the My Picture folder.
Bitmaps work but in the JPEG boxes I just get the JPEG file icon and not the actual thumbnail,

any ideas?

A:W2K stopped showing JPG thumbnails in MY Pictures folder.

go to view menu and select thumbnails.
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I previously had a computer with Vista on it. I purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and installed MS Office 2010. I transferred all my files from my old computer to my new computer and now when I go to insert pictures into my website, the pictures are not showing up as thumbnails so I can view all at the same time. They just show that little icon.

I have went through a lot of the threads in response to this problem and have tried them all without any success. Could it be old settings that transferred over and are not compatible. Thank you to anyone that can help me.

A:Thumbnails not showing up. None of previous threads have helped!

Did you look here: Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable
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The last few videos of my Watch History are not showing thumbnails at all. Instead, they are blank. I have tried the following. Rebooting the computer, shutting down the computer, clearing the history, clearing the cache, and refreshing YouTube. All of the things that I have done do not work. This never used to happen before until now.
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Hello. The thumbnails in my music folder don't display correctly for some of my subfolders.

I've Googled this before and I haven't found any useful solutions. It seems most people just clear their thumbnail cache, but that only seems to work on the C: drive. My music folder is on a separate partition.

Anyway, this is the problem .... I have my music folder, and all subfolders, "optimized" for music. In an artist folder, the album folders will usually show the proper album artwork.

However, when I go up a level, the artist folder doesn't show the album thumbnails in it. In this picture, you can see Barenaked Ladies doesn't display properly--- but their neighbor, Band of Horses, displays just fine. It's this inconsistency that really confuses me.

Anyone have any ideas?
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For some reason the image icons aren't loading and I can't see the thumbnails

Here's a screenshot...


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This isn't about the big thumbnail picture but the little icon in the thumbnail which shows the shortcut picture or the norton 360 back up icon on the thumbnail of music files.
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I used to see the content of the ID3 Tag of my mp3 files with Windows Explorer ("Summary" folder in "Properties"). I can see this content if I use Windows Media Player or WinAmp, but not with Explorer. If I look into it with my daughter's PC through our home network, I can see what I should get with my Explorer.

I run XP SP2. I installed a lot of stuff.

Anyone as an idea?

A:Windows Explorer and mp3's ID3 tags

In the toolbar you'll see a small button that has a drop-down menu. Select "Tiles" from that menu and you'll see the information you're looking for. I also think you can hover the mouse over the file to view it.
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I dont have this problem with any of my other computers, but they all run XP Pro SP2, yet this desktop is running XP X64 SP2.

In my Windows Explorer, I cant view any ID3 tags, nor bring up the properties of songs to edit the ID3 tags.

I attached a screenshot to show what I mean, anybody have any ideas? I'm stumped.
WMP is fully updated.
Windows is updated.

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I just did a clean install of Windows Professional N version and everything seemed fine until I reailized I couldn't see tags for my mp3 files. What can I do about it? The Professional N version doesn't include Windows Media Player so I installed WMP 11 hoping it'll solve the problem but it didn't. I tried installing K-Lite Mega Code Pack 2.1 with "Lots of stuff" option on 'cause I think the problem is due to a missing codec but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Chilly Chan
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Hey there! (Noob to the forums, wasn't sure where to post to begin with. Sorry if it's the wrong subject thread!)

Basically... when I go to "Choose file" anywhere online, whether it be a file or uploading a picture; my folders and C: disk.. pretty much everything on the left side of the Windows Explorer doesn't show up.

I ran a virus scan not just three days ago? Nothing showed up. Re-running another one... and nothing has yet to show up.

The problem is in the purple rectangle in the attachment. (Did the same exact thing when I was uploading this picture).

A:When selecting a file, folders aren't showing left of Windows Explorer

From where did you download and install that theme you're running? It looks like a theme has corrupted the display window options.
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I would be grateful if anyone can help me out.After my Windows 8 Asus n56vj 750gb hard drive failed I replaced it with a 1tb hdd. After carrying out a system image restoration using EaseUs To-do the new hard drive shows in File Explorer as a 750gb capacity. How can I get the increased HDD capacity to register.

A:Replacement hard drive showing wrong capacity in File Explorer

This is normal after a cloning. The partition needs to be expanded. If you look in disk management is there a partition after your Windows C: partition? If there is then you will need to use a third party partition manager to first move the partition after C: and then expand C:. 
Partition Wizard can do the job. All steps are virtual and will not complete until Apply is clicked. This lets you back out of any steps if a mistake is made.
If there is no partition after C: you can expand it in Disk Management by right clicking C: and selecting Extend Volume.
Can you post a screenshot of Disk Management?
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Hello I don't know if I should post this problem on Firefox forum because I use FF as my main browser or adobe forum but I'd like to post it here first to get some suggestions Basically starting from few days ago thumbnails won't show for some videos on Japanese video steaming site called Nico Nico Douga Here are some of the examples on Firefox highlighted in red rectangles http i imgur com DH lbOp jpg http i imgur com CTwKEXT jpg Also (NicoNicoDouga: Japanese showing site) Video not thumbnails it won't show on IE as well as you can see from the screenshots below http i imgur com SuFDpmj jpg http i imgur com wrGj jpg However the problem is not permanent as when I refresh the page it shows the thumbnails Though when I refresh the page again other videos will not show the thumbnails and so on So it's very random and it only happens to few random videos as there are no Video thumbnails not showing (NicoNicoDouga: Japanese site) specific pattern for certain videos Video thumbnails not showing (NicoNicoDouga: Japanese site) I know it might be hard to pinpoint the cause of this problem as it's not a well known site like youtube however I suspect the way it works i e video thumbnails using same flash player etc is similar Video thumbnails not showing (NicoNicoDouga: Japanese site) to each other

A:Video thumbnails not showing (NicoNicoDouga: Japanese site)

It displays fine on my FF, so if it is indeed a FF problem, it may come down to one of your addons. Try running FF ins it's safe mode and see if it displays correctly.

Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode | Firefox Help

A Guy
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Hi I am unable to preview image thumbnails when browsing folders on my bit Issue when folders image Thumbnails showing browsing vista machine This has been an issue from when I purchased the computer about months ago then last month all of a sudden the Issue showing image Thumbnails when browsing folders thumbnails Issue showing image Thumbnails when browsing folders started showing default opening programme was fireworks t the time but I changed the default opening Issue showing image Thumbnails when browsing folders programme to Photoshop and now again the problem has re-occured In my folder options the 'Alway show icons never thumbnails' is not ticked and never has been The current default application for jpegs is Windows Photo Viewer having previously used Adobe Fireworks and Abode Photoshop at times no mater what the default programme is I only ever see the default programme icon When I change between the views in my folders Medium Icons Large Icons Extra-Large Icon the actual jpeg image flashes up as the folder loads and then flashes back to the programme icon Any ideas I really need to get this solved as part of my job involves photography and I need to be able to view thumbnails fast in large folders of photos and open in a range of editing suites I have compared all folder options to the bit Windows Machine at work which is fine all options look to be the same Thanks

A:Issue showing image Thumbnails when browsing folders

Hi hollyw,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Here's a tutorial on how to do this in a variety of ways. Try them in the order presented as that's from the simplest to the most complex (even though I imagine you tried the first few already). Note the comment (and link to the procedure) near the top to set the default program to Windows Photo Gallery if none of the other options work (which you may or may not want to consider - or perhaps at least try to see if it works - let us know either way - and change it back if you don't want that as the default): Thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

If that doesn't work, try rebuilding the Icon Cache: Icon Cache - Rebuild to see if that helps.

If that doesn't work, you may want to clear the thumbnail cache (it won't delete anything but the cache and will rebuild itself when you open folders though it may take more time the first time you do so as it needs to do this first). Here's how: Thumbnail Cache.

I hope this helps. If not, post back with results of what you tried and we'll try some different options.

Good luck!
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I can't enter the tags and all I have is the title of the mp3 showing. Something makes me think it has to do with the tag editor I used and maybe not though. I'm using Win7 Home premium. It seems like there is something in the registry blocking modification. I hate to lose all the mp3s that want let me edit.

I have checked full control of the files under my user name.

A:Can't edit mp3 tags in explorer pane

I don't know about the error dialog, but as far as I know, you can't modify the tag info with Explorer, regardless of which version of W7 is used. However, you should be able to edit it with some third party software. I know that Creative's MediaSource player can do this, so I'm sure that others can also. How those changes might appear in Explorer, I don't know.
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Hey all,

Usually, I am able to edit the tags shown on the Details tab in the Properties dialog of an mp3 file like shown here:
Now, I'm not able to do this anymore for any mp3 file. When hovering over the tags the cursor doesn't change into a typing cursor. The read-only checkbox for every mp3 file is disabled. However, the folders that contain the concerning mp3 files are checked as read-only but it doesn't save the change when I uncheck that.

How can I fix this without downloading any third-party software? This used to work shortly after I installed Windows 8.1 x64.
I use WMP for playing the files.

A:Why can't I edit mp3 tags in Explorer Properties?

If you didn't install any software that would set itself as default for .mp3 then I would suspect a Windows Update. If that is so I have no idea which one. I stuck with Windows 8.0.

Edit: Just out of curiosity I opened the details page of an .mp3 and I could edit it just as you specified.
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When you select a file in Windows explorer, some files allow you to add a category and/or tag at the bottom of the window for that file. Others have just the tag and still others have none. Why? If they are not there, how do you get them to appear?


A:Categories & tags in Windows Explorer

Hi, jantrain, and welcome to the forums.

Only certain types of files allow to be tagged in the Vista Explorer file manager - namely media files (AFAICT).
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Has anyone used Powershell to update the 'tags' on files?

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Hi Been hacked for a couple years more times than anyone I know nbsp It seems it a the I Wait Explorer have RG bridge,not installed. Cisco network a Pace showing sec...File follows me based on my logging in with my Hotmail com ID nbsp For multiple reasons we decided to Wait a sec...File Explorer showing I have a Cisco network bridge,not the Pace RG installed. install Cat e in seven rooms at the house here Wait a sec...File Explorer showing I have a Cisco network bridge,not the Pace RG installed. where I work nbsp ISP is AT amp T and package is Uverse nbsp When I finished the Cat e and moved the AP to a more central location for better wifi and shorter Ethernet runs it was bliss for a couple weeks nbsp Then service went out and wifi performance was worsened for the GHz radio nbsp After trying to get back to blissful state I noticed in Windows when I open File Explorer FE I have a label in the left column for quot network quot nbsp I clicked on it and it gives me the properties window listing the manufacturer as Cicso and the model as WVBRO and the model number as WVBRO- -US and nbsp it says it nbsp is my network infrastructure nbsp However AT amp T has provided a Pace RG not Cisco and the Cisco showing and the Pace I'm supposed to be hooked up to have different MAC addresses nbsp Many confusing issues nbsp I do believe the neighbors have AT amp T Dish service and someone said maybe they placed their Cisco product in the DMZ and my computer is picking it up nbsp AT amp T didn't know what to say nbsp They sent a tech out and he said he didn't have any idea but that I should post the details at AT amp T forums so I did nbsp Because I don't know networking the thread is long with my shot gun approach to things nbsp Sorry about the length nbsp There are screen grabs and details nbsp Too many to replicate here nbsp If anyone has suggestions I'm listening Here below is the link to the long thread https forums att com t Residential-Wi-Fi-Gateway Wait-a-sec-That-s-not-my-router-I-m-on-Pace-not-Cisco-Am-I m-p M To moderators nbsp Not sure what forum to post this into since it involves multiple devices for both use and testing nbsp I chose this one because my Surface RT with windows is what ID'd the cisco network bridge product Surface RT Dell Vista SP Mac OSX Mac OSX and others Thanks for listening
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Hi everyone. I am having this problem with the My Music folder. I am using Windows XP Professional. Basically, whenever I select to view the folders as thumbnails, the title of the folder does not show up. This happened the other day. I think I hit some kind of key combination wrong or something and it caused it to do that. How do I fix it?

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Hey all, first post here..

I'd like to apply some custom columns to my windows explorer folder views, mainly showing id3 tag info and remembering column widths.

I have folder c:\music\, which has ~1200 subfolders so I'm looking for way to make custom settings to c:\music and then applying them to all subfolders (win xp style).

"Properties/customize -> folder style -> music" seems to add some id3 tags but not the ones i want, also it doesn't do anything about column width. :-/

Ideas anyone? Or should I try something like

A:Win 7 Explorer column settings (id3 tags and width)

Hello Opel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could use the tutorial below to add the columns and make any other folder view adjust menu to say a folder with a "Music" folder template, then "apply to all folders" with a "Music" folder template to do so.

Folder View - Apply to Folders

Hope this helps,
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First, hello I am new here and I hope you may be of assistance.

Through Windows Media Player I share video files to my Xbox 360 so that I may watch them on my TV. This works fine but I'd like to add a description to each video file. When I right-click a movie file in Windows Media Player and click on Properties there is a Content tab which has a bunch of tag information. Like title, artist, album, and description but I cannot edit them. How can I edit this information so I can put descriptions on my video files? Thanks.
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Hi, I am currently working on a project and tried many different ways to get the ID3 Tags of audio files, but can't seem to work... found many libraries but they aren't for C# 2008 Express Edition...

Can anyone maybe give me a function to atleast get the ID3 Tags of the following formats?


Thanks in advance

A:C# 2008 - Getting File ID3 Tags

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I'm having some trouble with a couple folders in my music collection. I'm using W7 x64 ultimate, and for most of the folders the description tags are visible and sortable within explorer.exe. However, within some of my folders the files appear untagged to explorer and WMP, but the tags show up fine in programs such as WinAmp. When I right click on a file within these folders and go to properties/details, I am unable to edit any of the fields.

When I load the file in a program such as TagIT 3, the tags show up fine. I tried to use the Convert Tag from 2.4 to 2.3 function and it had no effect. Does anyone know how to force explorer (and Windows Media Player, which also can't see the tags), to read them?
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Hi, I am currently working on a project and tried many different ways to get the ID3 Tags of audio files, but can't seem to work... found many libraries but they aren't for C# 2008 Express Edition...

Can anyone maybe give me a function to atleast get the ID3 Tags of the following formats?


Thanks in advance

A:Solved: C# 2008 - Getting File ID3 Tags

I figured my own way around it, thanks anyway
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Good morning all,

I have been building a library of PDFs, word documents, and pictures in my own personal library of materials for my job and the directory structure of XP if getting pretty cumbersome and hard to find things. I have read that Vista's file management offers some better indexing options for files, but short of upgrading...

--Does anyone know about XP based software that will let you index or tag files with

--What about a portable option to run off a USB drive?

--Or even a decent web-based solution with enough space to hold a good amount of stuff?

Free would be nice, but any suggestions would be helpful, Thanks!


A:Suggestions for File management (with tags?)

Information managers, Ultra Recall or MyInfo both store, link and open files and, of course, loads of other stuff. MyInfo has its own tags. Another alternative, TreepadX Enterprise (NOT the freebie Treepad) is very good but crashes all the time on my XP system and support is very poor.

If you don't already have it, you might want to try Xplorer2. It is like Windows Explorer but soooo much more. I've had it for quite a while now and, like you, have large projects but my files are scattered all over. With Xplorer2 I can filter files and save the filter. I "tag" the files that are related to a project with the Author column (using one letter) but you can use any available detail that you want. Then I only need to open Xplorer2 and run the filter to find related files. I THINK filtering is available in the free version but I can't remember for sure now. If not, the purchase price is minimal compared to the info managers.

I'm sure you will get a lot of answers to your question. I will check back to see what other folks have to say. I am always looking for quicker, cleaner, newer solutions.

Good luck.