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No album art in music library or Xbox Music!

Q: No album art in music library or Xbox Music!

Hi I recently migrated to Windows My music collection stumbled along the way and I had to re-fetch artwork for a few albums in WMP I also Xbox album No art library or in music Music! set it up in iTunes My default app for MP s is WMP As you can see below artwork only appears when in the folder view which somewhat defeats the purpose of libraries in the first place I'd prefer to No album art in music library or Xbox Music! sort them by artist with album art displayed without a folder as it should and as it did in Windows Art appears in folder view but not artist or album view On a related note I recently added many new MP s to my collection When I opened Xbox Music for the first time afterwards it seemed to be downloading art to add it to my older albums all of which have art Then the process was somehow interrupted I believe I closed the app Then when I opened it again none of them had art I would very much appreciate your help

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Preferred Solution: No album art in music library or Xbox Music!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No album art in music library or Xbox Music!

Help please?
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In the past I have always been able to change the genre of my imported CD albums in windows Media Player. I've just imported much of my music collection into the Windows 8.1 Music App, aka Xbox Music. However Xbox music has taken it upon itself to arbitrarily change the genre of some of the albums and I cant seem to find a way to chang et back.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thank you!
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So, I don't really understand Xbox Music. After a clean install of Windows 8, I opened Xbox Music, clicked on My Music. It showed 106 albums, none of which are mine as far as I can tell. Later I added my music drive to the Music library, but it still shows the same 106 albums. I have over 22,000 songs; none of them show up in Xbox Music. Very confusing.

A:Xbox Music Library

Well, after about a half an hour it decided to update. Still seems like a mess. I can't tell sometimes which are songs on the Xbox Music Store and which are on my own hard drive. Seems like everything is just mixed together without any reason.
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I am trying to use the Xbox music application on my PC to be ablet o get access to my music on my windows phone.

Windows is run off of my SSD (C:\) and my music library is on one of my other drives (E:\). I have added the folder that contains my music to the Xbox app, but it still tells me that "Its Lonely" and I should add some music. I have also changed the "Music" folder to default to my E: drive
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Not being that experienced, I'm a little confused w/ the way the Library sorts CDs into genres vs the way I could sort the Music Folders. They don't seem to relate. For example, the Library lists an album under "Rock" that I would like to move to another genre but I cannot figure a way to do this. On the other hand, I know I could play around w/ the folders so that this particular CD is in the right place. However, I'm not sure that if I take the time to organize my Music folders whether this will have any impact on how the Library sorts them.
If you can shed some light on this I'd sure appreciate it.
Thanks, Nick.

A:Solved: Windows media music library vs music folders

Mp3 music files have tags that are kept inside the files themselves. The most common ones are Artist, Album, Track Title, Track Number, Release Year and Genre. When you put a file into the WMP library, the tags are read and stored, along with the file location.

So the tag data is what shows up in the WMP library and you can sort on various fields depending on which version you have. But the files can be put anywhere and named anyway you like. Most people use a certain naming convention like Artist-TrackNumber-Title.

If you want to sort the folders by genre you could do that, but you'll have to do it manually. You can do some manipulating of folders and filenames with tag editors. If you want to give that a try get Mp3Tag.
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Music band's: Virtual Darkness & The Specialists
Peter & Frank Vanderlinden
The Specialists Records
Tentoonstellingslaan 36
9000 Gent, Belgium.
[email protected]

Dear Sir,

We have a 3CD various artists compilation cd released by megarave records.
The Album info at "" is wrong.
I would like to know how we can update the correct artist meta, on pleas?

Peter Vanderlinden

Under my win7 Home premium, I do not have the option "Distributed scan management" under the "turn windows 
features on or off".
Like explained on microsoft answers page.
What can I do about it?
I have tried everything from this page:



A:Music Cd & album info is incorrect at ""?

Hi Frank,
WMP gets most of its album information from AMG, if you find some incorrect information in the database, here is a link you can use to submit your corrections and additional information:
Data Corrections

For convenience, you can manually edit the tags. Once you've changed them and saved the changes, then they won't be overwritten by those of the database.
You can refer to the following article to view the detailed steps:
Add or edit media information in Windows Media Player
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Using the Windows 8.1 music app, I have properly setup my library to load from my second HDD, but it only loads 80 artists out of over 120. Anyone know why and how I could fix it? All my music is properly tagged and in Artist/Year - Album/ folder format.

A:Missing music in the XBox Music App (Metro)

Edit: Nevermind; for some reason having a file marked as AT under file attributes is bad. Not sure why they are marked as temp!
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First looks at W8 and having difficulty with user interface (non touch computer)

I started the music app and cannot see how to stop the app it self, play music consantly, has forward pause and reverse buttons but I cannot find a way to stop the music (looks like play all is on).

Any help direction much appreciated.

I know I can Pause the music but how to I stop a song (or is it just the pause) and exit???

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So I searched around for a bit and found a few discussions about the Music app crashing but none appear to be the problem I'm having I can open the app and do most things in Music Xbox when crashes app music playing it Search navigate around I can even play music most of the time except for one notable exception When you click on an artist or album the app opens a smaller window in the middle of the app where you can usually Xbox Music app crashes when playing music play the song along with a few other options like Play Top Songs or Explore Artist Whenever I click play from this window the app suddenly closes This does not happen with music that I have files locally on my hard drive it only happens with streaming music I can get streaming music to play as long as I can find a play button elsewhere in the app aside from this window that pops up in the middle of the screen But if a song is already playing I can skip back and forth and navigate around the app I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and this fixes it for a little while but it eventually begins happening again It crashes with zero other apps or programs running I have AVG antivirus running but I disabled that for a while and it still crashes I noticed that when it does crash the Music app doesn't close completely as it's still listed along with other running apps if I hover in the upper left corner and drag my mouse down to view all running apps Thoughts

A:Xbox Music app crashes when playing music

well, you didn't see my post...

app dumping me back to the start screen?

same thing for me. same solution that is a band-aid (uninstalling and reinstalling the app).
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Searched the tutorial-collection from my problem, but couldn't find one there. So...

I've got my music-collection in a WD World Edition (White Light) -network drive. The path to the music is:

Network\MYBOOKWORLD\Public\Shared Music

The network drive also carries my photos and my videos.

I understand that I can make symbolic link from that location to the Music -library and that way the music should appear in the the Xbox Music -metro app, because I'd really like to use that app (and other metro apps for photo and video).

The problem is that I don't know how to make that symbolic link. I honestely don't even know wheather it works in W8 or only W7.

Can someone confirm this could be done similar way you can make it happen with SD-card.

A:Help! Music from network drive to Xbox Music App

Hi MSalo,

To create a symbolic link in windows follow these steps,

1. Go to your Music library and create a sub folder (Can be called anything)
2. Right click on the folder and select Include in Library and then select Music
3. Now delete this sub folder you have just created in the Music folder
4. Open uo command prompt and run as an administrator
5. At the command prompt type the following ...

mklink /d c:\Users\<Username>\Music\<Sub Folder Name> \\Network\MYBOOKWORLD\Public\Shared

6. Press Enter, you should get a message advising the link has been created and that's it

You can repeat this for all libraries you have setup in Windows

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I had a window phone but now I have a android phone and I want to transfer my music I have saved on my windows phone.
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The xbox music app for Windows 8 will not show any of the music in my library. I have narrowed it down to the fact the all my music on a 2nd hard drive.

If I move a couple of songs to the c drive and add that folder to my library, they will show up. However nothing in my library that is on the 2nd hard drive will show up

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

A:Xbox Music App with music on 2nd drive

Make sure your index is searching and indexing those folders on the second drive - Xbox music (and videos, for that matter) only see media that has been indexed by search. You may want to look at the search/indexing options in the control panel to make sure the folders containing your media are being indexed - if they are, give the index a rebuild. That can fix things (I find that on my tablet sometimes).
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Hi, I am new to the forum and Windows 8.

I have a question regarding a new build I have. I am running windows 8 off of a SSD, and have a new HDD that I bought for everything else. I recently transferred my music over from an external HD and now when I attempt to find them in my Xbox app I can't seem to select that drive. It only sees my SSD, and I do not want to install music on that

How do I make it so my apps pull files right from that drive?

Thanks in advance.

A:How do I get music files to be seen in Xbox Music app?

Hey Sawlstone,

Welcome to the forum

have you gone through these procedures:

How to Add Music to Xbox Music on Windows 8, 8.1 or RT | Xbox Music Player -

Hope that helps,

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Hi, why are all my music album covers in low-resolution inside the Music window of Vista media Center?
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Not sure if anyone else has had this problem.
Just installed the release preview this morning & copied over my music library. When I opened the music app it was all good with album art & even images of the artists which I thought was pretty cool however when I opened it the next time almost all the album art & artist images where gone.
Has anyone else had this problem or any suggestions on what I can try next? I'm really getting into Windows 8 but the music app is a bummer. A bunch of white boxes where your album art is supposed to be is not visually appealing

Thanks for your help
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Help! i have ripped all my albums to the 'My Music' folder using Windows Media Player......and the folder appears with the album cover thumnail. However after a few days that folder changes its settings from Music Album to Document Folder.....and therefore the cover art disappears. How can i change a folders settings so they stay permenantly??
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Help! i have ripped all my albums to the 'My Music' folder using Windows Media Player......and the folder appears with the album cover thumnail. However after a few days that folder changes its settings from Music Album to Document Folder.....and therefore the cover art disappears. How can i change a folders settings so they stay permenantly??
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O K I am running Windows XP Home Edition and have gotten help here before from Cheeseball Whom was just wonderful Here is the problem I went to my Music file to listen My Album Art Taken Has Help! Music Over Folder!! to Help! Album Art Has Taken Over My Music Folder!! some music and my folder was filled with numerous pics of albums and the title on them all started with Album Art I deleted them and BAM they were back again as copies As many as each Do I have a major probem here Noone else uses the computer but myself and I have no idea where these ALBUM ARTs came from Could someone please help Here is my HiJack This Logfile Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS Help! Album Art Has Taken Over My Music Folder!! system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files ewido security Help! Album Art Has Taken Over My Music Folder!! suite ewidoctrl exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security ISSVC exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS System igfxtray exe C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe C Program Files Canon CAL CALMAIN exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX DrvLsnr exe C WINDOWS system ltmsg exe C Program Files ltmoh Ltmoh exe C WINDOWS Twain CA A SnapDetect exe C Program Files PeoplePC ISP Browser Bartshel exe C PROGRA PeoplePC ISP Browser PPShared exe C Program Files PeoplePC ISP Browser Bartshel exe C Program Files PeoplePC Accelerated PeoplePC exe C Program Files Yahoo Messenger ypager exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http g msn com SEENUS SAOS R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http mirs peoplepc com offername PeoplePC Online Accelerated amp userName OrneryLisa amp firstName Lisa amp qs KBHDLMLJLCGLNAKEGCHDBFNDDEPIKHGMIMJGMHHMFDFEKNCOFFHMMCDOJHBHNLAJNKPPPNCIEMOCCFIJMJNPKHFKJNMHMNEGLNDPDNDGHODAACEKBHHHFBALPEJHMLFF GOIIKOBDDGNMCNOPADEEAAGOBAFD R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http mirs peoplepc com offername PeoplePC Online Accelerated amp userName OrneryLisa amp firstName Lisa amp qs KBHDLMLJLCGLNAKEGCHDBFNDDEPIKHGMIMJGMHHMFDFEKNCOFFHMMCDOJHBHNLAJNKPPPNCIEMOCCFIJMJNPKHFKJNMHMNEGLNDPDNDGHODAACEKBHHHFBALPEJHMLFF GOIIKOBDDGNMCNOPADEEAAGOBAFD R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http red clientapps yahoo com cus sbcydsl http www yahoo com search ie html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http yahoo sbc com dsl R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer http localhost O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C Program Files Yahoo Companion Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO ST - EDE -C B - E- - BF AF E - C Program Files MSN Apps ST en-xu stmain dll O - BHO Norton Internet Security - ECB - F - bbc- D- DDF E - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - BHO PeoplePal Toolbar - A FB EB - B- - D- F E E - c progra... Read more

A:Help! Album Art Has Taken Over My Music Folder!!

This was not in your prior log

Canon Camera Access Library 8

Can you un-install it and see if the prob goes away - the log otherwise is the same amd is clean
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I've noticed (well,'s been like this for more than a year; I just never got around to asking anyone about it) that many of my non-musical folders have album art attached to them.

For instance: the Quick Time folder in "My Programs" has The Velvet Underground With Nico album cover attached to it (the famous Andy Warhol cover with the banana on it).

Other (but not all) program folders display this, as well. In "My Documents", some of the folders have album art attached to them as well.

It's not a major problem, I admit. It's more of an annoyance.

(Kind of like all the smilies I'm inclucing here, lol!)

Anyone else experience this? How can I rectify it?

I'm running Windows XP on an HP Media Center PC m7060n.

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I have a problem regarding thumbnails in Windows 7. I have a music collection and I've embeeded the Album arts to look better, and some of them (not all of them) look corrupted in Windows 7 thumnail but looks good in Winamp or any player, for example, I've tried deleting thumbnail cache and all but still those thumbs look corrupted, does anyone know why???

Any help will be appreciated :)

Here is a shot of my problem, in Windows Explorer looks sort of corrupted but Winamp read it OK

PD: They are corrupted in Windows Media Player too

A:Corrupted thumnails in some music album art

Your orignal .MP3 file may be corrupt. I recommend rebuying it from whatever website you got it from or iTunes.

Where did you get the .mp3 from? How did you apply the art work?
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I loaded several files to my Rio Forge mp3 player that came from the same cd. All are displayed on the playlist as loaded, but two will not play although the other selections do play. Even though the display shows the 2 selections as cued up for playing, the progress meter and time counter remain static with no sound from the ear phones after I press the play button. I used Rio Music Manager to load them. I then deleted the two and tried dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer (from My Music to Rio Forge) but the same problem occurred. These 2 files do play on my computer with MusicMatch, WMP and RealPlayer.
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When ripping mp3 or wma files from a CD, Windows Media Player automatically searches online for the album cover art and creates a folder for your music files with the album cover art on it. But what I cant figure out is where does this image file go? I ask because sometimes WMP can't find the album cover. In such case, I can usually find it somewhere else (such as an online cd store), but I don't know where to copy it to so that it shows up like in the rest of my folders. I thought it might be a hidden file within the folder, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Can anyone help?
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Hey there I have my music folder set to display the artist folders as quot picture and video quot folders in the properties so that they will show up as folders with the album art shown as images inside as follows The problem is that not all of the folders display the album-art inside the folder like that but instead display a different icon like this Inside the Artist folder there are Album folders also set as quot pictures and documents quot folders and art, folders Some show music album don't. some then inside of those are the actual mp s which are set to show as quot Music Details quot in the properties At first I thought the differences in Some music folders show album art, some don't. folder icons might be because some artist folders held more album folders than others but that's not the case Some of the correctly-showing folders have one album inside some have many the same is true for the incorrectly-showing folders I went through and set Some music folders show album art, some don't. each one's properties manually and the properties are all Some music folders show album art, some don't. the same so I don't get why some are showing the art and some aren't I tried the quot customize gt restore defaults quot option but that did nothing I've tried creating a new folder moving the contents then deleting the old folder but the new folder also shows the wrong way if the old one did If I try the same thing with one of the folders that works correctly the new folder continues to show the album art sometimes it chooses different covers to show in the preview Any ideas I'm running Vista Home Premium on a less-than-a-year-old system with all of the updates and service pack stuff installed

A:Some music folders show album art, some don't.

Have you tagged the non showing folders with the Album/Artist information with a program that uses ODBC to communicate Artist/Album information?

Also, are the non displaying folders ones you may have downloaded from oh, say limewire?

Either of these two are likely the issue you're having but not necessarily.

Let us know.
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25th Dec 2008Hi Guys,SEASONS GREETINGS!I have a problem. I am at present collecting music from the 40's to the 80's through a file sharing program called Limewire.Through this program, I have been able to download many hundreds of tunes, many of which are no longer heard.In the past, the album art downloaded automatically with the tunes. However, for the past few months even though I have downloaded more than five hundred tunes, no album art is being downloaded. I cannot accept that album art is simply unavailable for so many tunes. I use Windows Media Player 11 and my Operating System is Windows XP Professional.Could it be that something is wrong with either WMP 11 or Windows XP that is preventing the downloads?Please advise.With THanks.ComptonEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal


I suggest trying a Limewire forum.You know, of course, that such software tends to increase your chances of infection.;aq=f&oq=Louis
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The album cover art has dissappeared from the folders in my music. Any ideas how get it back?

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I have 225gb of music and dvd's in my music folder. I wish to export it to an ext. HD to free up HD space on my desktop computer. Is this possible?


A:Export all music, album art, dvd's to ext. HD to free up space on my d

What happens when you try to do exactly that by copying with the mouse?
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I had Album art in there but somehow it has gone and only shows the yellow folder. Any ideas how to set it back?

A:[SOLVED] Album cover art in my music folders

open the folder containing the affected folders and go to view make sure thumbnails is selected
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When I click on "albums" on my iPhone, it brings up a list of albums separated by artist (i.e. if there are three different artists tagged in one compilation album, all three of them have their own folder). This is a problem for me because sometimes I want to listen to an entire album on shuffle, the same way I'd want to listen to a specific artist's songs on shuffle. Some compilation albums have works from several different artists so each folder has only one or two songs. Is it possible to make it sort only by album, or to just tell it to play several albums at once? I'm not talking about playlists; this is for a quick sort, shuffle, and play.
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Hi All. I have an Acer Aspire which I use as a media machine, mostly music. I have an internal LAN which connects several devices, including a Sony Bravia smart TV. Windows Media Player on the Acer serves my music to the Bravia. This has worked just fine.

But, of course, I had to upgrade the Acer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It seems a new version of WMP may have come with Win10. It searched for, and found all my music, and seems to have organized it just fine. However, when I access the music now from the Bravia, the songs within each album are sorted alphabetically instead of sorted in the order in which they were recorded on the album. I much prefer to have them sorted as they were originally recorded. I have searched for solutions to this issue and come up empty handed. Does anyone out there have any ideas?
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Ive sorted all my music into folders, but some don't have artist/album names, such as:
i've right clicked and clicked rename, but it comes up as:

i've also clicked properties etc, but no joy there:

has anyone any idea how to do this?
im on Windows Vista Basic.
and its just your average folder.
its really bugging me!

A:Changing Music file Artist/Album names?

Have you tried clicking the empty space inline with the track under Artist/Album etc.

Like So
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Just a general question, In music library upper right corner it says folder with a drop down arrow and under the drop down are choices of album,artist,song,genre,rating when clicking on one of those nothing happends. Also when sharing my music alot of my songs are locked. I've tried select all/ share and tried doing them individually, neither work. Any ideas?
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I in error set Iturnes as my default and it removed my husbands Music Library in Windows media player and now I cant find all of his music files that he downloaded.   How do I recover this library?
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I recently imported almost 3000 mp3 files into WMP and created a playlist with almost 500 songs. This took several hours to do. Now when I open WMP, it's empty! No playlist, no audio files anywhere. Anybody have any ideas?

A:WMP lost my music library!

Did you save the playlist. Logical thing to do if your making a large list. This happened to me a few times with Winzip with a Playlist of about 400 Songs. Luckily i saved my playlist after i add about 10 new songs to it.
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I have music tracks CDs stored on a Windows machine that I use as a the How app to to tell rescan library? MUSIC home server I have mapped the folder where these are all stored as Z drive on my Windows bit tablet I tried using WMP as my music How to tell MUSIC app to rescan the library? library player but after days of scanning the collection the computer crashed because WMP had filled the C drive with album-cover artwork and STILL wasn't done scanning everything I read that the Win MUSIC the app formerly known as Zune I guess app 'handles large collections' so I told it to look at my mapped dive Z for music but it's not looking not finding anything NOTHING is showing in the library Opening Z in Exlorer I can see all the subfolders and the music therein but the MUSIC app is not bothering to look I've read that using a network share to store tracks for MUSIC requires that the folder with the tracks be mapped as a drive and that it be included in the Windows Search indexing schema As far as I can tell only Windows PRO allows indexing of network files and I just have standard Anyway- is there some command to tell the MUSIC app to RESCAN it's music storage locations

A:How to tell MUSIC app to rescan the library?

First of all: Using WMP for music collections is a bad Idea. It's ui is rubbish. But what's more it also messes up the media folders. It creats thounsands of cryptically named copies of the albums art files, it stores them hidden and marks them as system files and in some cases it even converts a ordinary folder.jpg file into a hidden system file. Get some decent media player like Winamp, Media Monkey or even VLC player.
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This is driving me insane I am running WMP on Windows XP Home with Gb of Add Library all Will to WMP11 Not Music memory and an immense amount of free space on my hard drive in case that matters Originally all my music was displayed in the library with all the album art etc However I had WMP11 Will Not Add all Music to Library to re-install Windows and ever since then I have never been able to get WMP to add all the music to the library that was after all there before It adds some folder but not others yet they had all been added before my re-install I have tried the uninstal of WMP Windows Media Format Runtime and Microsoft User-Mode Driver Frameworks Feature Pack and deleted all Media Player Folders etc re-installed WMP and it STILL will not add the files as it did originally If I add the folders individually it will add the mp files to the library but I have hundreds of folders and adding them individually would take forever I have also followed all the suggestions for rebuilding the database again without success Does anyone know what I need to do to get WMP to once again add ALL my music to the library nbsp

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recently installed itunes and it decided to convert most of my library to aac, whatever that is. The problem is my music folder has pretty much doubled in size and is taking up 7gb when it should be about 4. is there any way to find and remove the duplicate files?

A:Music Library Nightmares

sorry, meant with some kind of program as too lazy to do it all manually
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Hi right now I am currently on a laptop running Windows XP Professional. I have a computer running Windows XP Professional as well. What I would like to do is allow the laptop to access my music folder on the PC.
Is there any way to do this?
If you want you can IM me.

My aim is GiraffeGoWhack.

Thanks in advance.
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hello i have some short of a strange problem here. my wmp's library started o act strange many songs artists and album names suddenly were renamed after one artist well it's not a big thing tho it's anoying and confuses me. so i dont wrealy know if this is fault of wmp ore something else but i only use a media player for my music and movies. i checked for viruses ore mallware nothing was found. maybe anyone could help me with this issue?
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Music library and mp player Hi I know that If you rip an original CD track to MP kbps and then for whatever reason decide to compress that MP even further - say to that would result in some loss of quality But Building a music library I am ripping everything on and downloading on too But then with my future mp player having music on format that doesn t allow to store a lot in the player So thought I could compress a bit more and the quality yes the quality will be lower but then you want good quality you don t use a mp player but a normal stereo Am I right or wrong But then the And Music Player Library Mp3 days of cd are counted so we still need to put music on digital format for the future so what quality audio to use Stay with mp Or go with some other format Music Library And Mp3 Player like apple or wma from window media player Or some new recent one but may be not compatible with my new mp player and meaning I have to re-rip all my audio again Then technology will be there and there will be no need of compression And then the web will be access from everywhere and we wont Music Library And Mp3 Player have our own computer but subscribing monthly to some web site to use and listen the music and for every thing else So I am getting so confused and lost my question is what you do today and what do you recommend And about the future how are you going to keep up thanks

A:Music Library And Mp3 Player

Here are my thoughts about this:No#1. Let today be today. If your music is .mp3, then keep it that way. Don't get tricked into the hype of what tomorrow may be like. You may not see tomorrow. Just keep doing as you're doing, and forget about the Jones'No#2. No one knows what tomorrow may bring, and since music isn't important as to being prepared for tomorrow, I wouldn't even think about it. If you need more room to store your files, then invest into another hard drive, and dedicate it to just your music.Your bitrate quality will really get disturbed if you went to a very low bitate, compared to it's original format/bitrate. And again, if your music sounds good to you, and you like it, leave it be. Don't go making projects out of things you really don't want to be wasting your time on. And yes, I know, the higher the bitrate, the larger the file size. It's your move now... so what are you going to do? I say just get more hard drive/storage space, and you'll nip it in the bud..wma formats, I always convert them to .mp3.Windows Media Player? If you're gonna use it (I see no reason why you would), just be aware that by default it is set to protect your music you rip using it. What that means is that your music is protected and it's virtually held hostage on your computer. Burning it from there won't work either. So, if you're going to use WMP, make sure you uncheck the Protect My Files checkbox. Even still, I'll never trust WMP with my music.Also, there is no reason to try to keep up with the ever growing of music softwares, just to listen to your music. If you use a program that plays your music, and it plays very well, then leave well enough alone. Alot of programs are designed to trick you, (like Windows Media Player), and they will DRM protect your music, and block you from transferring your music from your computer to disc, or where ever else you may want to put your music. Soon, you'll be posting here stating, your music all of a sudden doesn't play, you can't burn anything, your burner doesn't work, the programs you've used before all of a sudden don't work, you can play one file type, and not the other..... and the list goes on and on.Take this advice from someone that knows these computers and will inform you of what you should know about them. Trying to keep up with the Jones' and using the wrong softwares at the same time will get your computer slammed with problems.
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So, my itunes library is almost perfected for my needs and includes all the music i want on my computer. however, when i go to my music folder from start, it's really disorganized and i can't stand it. i just want to know if there is a program or something that i can download that will organize my music, not just create another library and play it. the thing is, when i fixed my itunes library, i changed the artist, album, artwork etc. , but not on the original file. i want to keep all that junk too. basically, i just want it all organized. i'm really bad at describing my problem, sorry! anybody help! thanks!

A:Managing my music library, help!

Hey, if you bring up your iTunes and click on the advanced menu, then choose Consolidate Library, this will copy your files into your designated itunes folder under the directory artist/album. Also the files will be copied and not moved, so after you bring order to the chaos so to speak, you can delete your originals. And iTunes will recognise the change in directory so you wont have to re-add your library!
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I'm having a hell of a time with this app I had a zune pass for ages just canceled and still use the zune software but it's not very Xbox Music App touch-friendly I'm using a Samsung Series Slate so touch-friendly is very important I don't want to have to Xbox Music App use the stylus all the time The Music app is very touch friendly but it doesn't seem to be music-friendly It only loads around a hundred songs of the or so in my library and then it only plays -second previews instead of the full song My libraries are set up on a microSD card and no other apps seem Xbox Music App to have a problem with this so I don't know if it is relevant I Xbox Music App know the -second previews are not DRM subscription songs because I got rid of all of those So far I've uninstalled the app a few times and tried to refresh the library but nothing is working Any ideas Or lacking a solution any suggestions for a touch-friendly music player

A:Xbox Music App

you mentioned these 4000 songs. these are songs that were purchased via the Zune Pass and are DRM free? what exactly happens when you try to play them? are they all made into the 30-second previews? does the app close or minimize?
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So I'm subscribed to Zune music which works fine in Zune player on Windows 7 and on my Windows Phone but in Windows 8 XBox Music doesn't see me having an account. My guess is that Microsoft hasn't cutover Zune services to Xbox Music but am not sure if Zune Music is supposed to work with it for the time being until that cutover (or however it will work). Can someone confirm if this is the case or is Xbox Music actually working for someone with Zune Pass?


A:Xbox Music

Very strange, I updated this thread a couple of days ago and said it was now working but the update is missing.

Anyways, after accessing again my Xbox Music App was able to identify me with my Zune subscription and everything started working. At least I thought. Although it recognized me and I was able to download music from my subscription I could not actually play the music I downloaded or the music I had already downloaded previously (from a mount of my NAS share that already had my music collection).

It was an odd situation because if I downloaded something to my NAS mapped drive it would not play and gave me DRM issues but if I downloaded it local to my laptop it would. The fix ended up being that I had to actually download Zune software and map my Music library to that, once I did that the Xbox Music App could play any music from my NAS share.

I suspect this will (should) all get cleaned up once W8 is released and Zune is finally eliminated which is apparently the plan. If anyone has any success adding a music library to Xbox Music from a NAS device please feel free to add any info.
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well i tried both the windows 8 app and is not syncing my onedrive collection though i can sign in from my xbox music account so is onedrive down or there really is a problem ?
comment down below if you're having the same problem :)

A:Xbox Music Down ?

Mines been doing the same thing, Has anything changed for you since your post?
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I want a good program, that I can organize all my CD's (that are in mp3 format).

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I got a ZUNE MP3 player as a gift and I installed the software to download music. Something I am wondering is if the ZUNE software installed in my PC takes control of all the music I have already stored. Some of this music I got as an-mail attachment and now since I got this ZUNE software it seems i can not use it anymore lets say to burn a cd. Can someone explain me why ? Is Zune always to be in control of my music library in Windows Media Player or other players like REAL ?

Thank you for your insights,

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Hi, I recently did a check for registry errors after upgrading my hard disk and reinstalling Windows 7 and all of my programs. It found over 1000 which are now fixed.

However since doing this I can no longer access my libraries.
I am faced with, in both my Computer and in the start menu where the libraries should be, the name of the library followed by '.library-ms' as well as the blank page icon when you hover over them (please see the attached file).

Some how this file extension has disassociated itself from whatever program it is supposed to open with.

Does anyone know:

a: What program it needs to be associated with,
b: If it is possible to fix and
c: How to fix it.

Any and all help will be appreciated; thank you in advance for your help.


A:Libraries do not work. I just see music.library-ms.

Anyone? I need help with this.

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Help anybody? My operating system is Windows 10 and I am using the latest iTunes version, 12.3.2; the problem I've encountered is that with some CDs, when I download them into iTunes and call up the downloaded file, only one or two of the tracks are shown in black whilst the rest are greyed out. This doesn't prevent the greyed out tracks being played in iTunes, but if I try and burn those tracks to make a compilation CD, they wont burn. There is no such problem with the tracks shown in black (on the same CD). I've tried re-downloading the CD, but it makes no difference. Any ideas how to resolve this problem gratefully received.
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yea I am trying to make a list of my music library which is setup so that 1 folder=1 album so I am trying to take these 500 folders or whatever and somehow copy just the name of it to something like word, or excel or I can make a list of them to send to other people, print or whatever...I tried to copy and paste them to word, excel, wordpad, notepad, and I just tried to click and drag them to those programs but no luck...and yes I realize I could type them all out but that's a little too much like work... here's an example of how I have this all set up

A:Making a list of my music library help

From a command prompt go to the directory where all these folders exist.
Type: dir > list.txt
the list.txt file should have all the directory names for you. It'll also have couple of extra lines you might want to remove for current directory and parent directory.
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My sister just bought one of these (Eposn P-2000 picture viewer and MP3 player).
I have an iPod and when I want to add songs I just connect to my computer and it launches iTunes.
My sister seems to think she can just add MP3's one at a time. She hasn't set up a music library. I told her when you have 100's of song files it makes sense to put them in a library like Windows Media PLayer or iTunes. I don't think the P-2000 supports iTunes. Does anybody know what it does work with, or is it it's own system, and you have to just add songs one at a time.
Thank you,
Paul aka Maui Cat
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hey guys, i have recently been given a laptop, i removed vista and did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate. since then i have made a 30gb partition on the hard drive and have installed windows 8 as a dual boot. i would like to be able to use my music library from the music app within windows 8, is there any way to link the music to the partition so windows 8 can read it from windows 7? (i wasnt sure if this should be eight forums or seven, I have an account here so i decided here.)

thanksw in advance

A:Music library partition links?

If you use Windows Media Player in Windows 7, you can tell it to look for music in a certain location.
Organize-Manage Libraries-Music-Add, and then select the location where your music is.
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Just got my new HP dv us with Vista Home Premium Never tried media center before I have always been an iTunes fan when it comes to my music library about gigs worth Thought I d give the Media Center a try since I never Center music library Media and used it Media Center and music library before When viewing my music in the media center music library a lot of the album art is not displayed and a lot of my albums have some of their tracks split like they are part of separate albums I am assuming this has something to do with some of the tags maybe I use Mp tag to edit the tags on all my music then when importing to iTunes I use iTunes to edit some of the other least populat tags composers etc A lot of my album art I use iTunes to quot find quot the album artwork when importing When iTunes does this does it add the artwork to the tags or is it just for iTunes purposes which might explain some of the missing artwork on media center Also if I want to update or change my tags for any reason after media center has added it to it s library how can I get media center to quot update quot particular music and albums to reflect the changes OK to sum up What is the easiest way to get my missing album artwork to display in media center How can get my quot stray quot tracks back in their original albums so they won t show as a whole separate album How do I quot update quot my media center library if I make changes THANKS nbsp

A:Media Center and music library

One feature I like with WMP (Windows Media Player) and Windows Media Center is that they have the options to automatically search online and replace incorrect information with your songs, artists, etc. at the same time finding missing information (ie: album cover) however this feature has to be turned on. Go through your preferences and see if you would like this and then turn it on.
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I deleted music files out of my Music folder in explorer...Then open windows media player and the music files were still there. I then tried to delete them from my media player and then get a warning that media player can not find files. and it will not give me an option to delete.....What to do next? I am running windows 7 and windows media player 12.0.7601.17514
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6200 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3892 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 183295 MB, Free - 135143 MB; D: Total - 273060 MB, Free - 272952 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., R530/R730/R540
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2012, Updated and Enabled

A:Corrupted library music files

Delete the WMP database and rebuild it:
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I am having a problem where no matter what I do, Windows Media Player 12 gives me a "there are no items in your music library"! there is no option to add anything anywhere! when I google the message, it tell me to go to "organize<manage libraries<music" the first 4 results in Google says to do that, the rest of Google is just spam.
the problem is when I go to organize<manage libraries<music, nothing happens! I need to sync music to my Sansa Fuse+ but cannot because of this problem! please help!
EDIT: I want to also mention that the "library" link/tab is grayed out in WMP12. deleting the appdata did not help! other than that Google full of spam

A:wmp12 "there are no items in your music library"

The "library" is not even a real's just a virtual location that doesn't have any content unless someone chooses to place "files" there by having them imported to that location.  In reality...all that happens (IMO) is that a pointer/shortcut is placed there which points to the real file location and allows it to be accessed/played.
I don't even use it on my Win 7 install, preferring to use other players (which do the same thing as WMP without all the unnecessary trash).
If WMP doesn't give you the option to "import" files into the library...try another player and sync your files with it.
To find the real locations of your music can use a tool like Everything Search Engine - and use the generic file extension (e.g. *.mp3) to find all .mp3 files.
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just want to listen to my music library without any commercials or issues

A:i want to listen to my library of music unempeded

Hi, you haven't mentioned what phone you are using or the OS.
On my Lumia 930 running Win10 mobile, I use the 'Groove Music' app, then go to 'Songs' and 'Shuffle all'.
This then plays my music library (without commercials or issues).
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
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My brother just downloaded a bunch of mp3s into my Music folder in my new laptop. I recently bought a 5.5 gen Video iPod and decided to include all these new songs in it. By dragging and dropping them into the iTunes library, they all went in.

That´s what I thought! When I saw the Library list, it was much shorter! I tried to manually drag-and-drop specific mp3s that hadn´t been copied onto the Library list. The ¨plus sign¨ icon indicating a file is being included showed up, but the file is not in there.

I have checked the properties in these files and they are the same as others in the Library, why are they not going thru?


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I m looking for a way to catalogue all my music cds What I need is a program that will look up the album so I don t have to type anything be able to organize it and add the album art to my music folder I also want to be able to load my mp player a recent birthday gift from my music collection I m not interested in a radio function or purchasing music downloads Anyone have any suggestions besides Music Match Application Library for Need Music Recommendation which I presently use the basic version Music Match was recently purchased by Yahoo and from what I hear it s a real downgrade Also I prefer if it were free shareware Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated There is one player that I ve found but as I m not technical I don t understand half the bells and whistles If anyone would know if this would suit my situation you can read about it here - Need Recommendation for Music Library Application http downloads zdnet com download aspx docid Also what is winamp I know it has something to do with MP players but is it also a library If it has radio can I get am stations too I like talk radio but don t always have time to listen to it I would love to be able to upload programs to listen at my convenience Thanks for any info P S This is for my Laptop which has XP OS nbsp

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Im having a problem with Windows 7 RC1. I have all my music on an external drive that i keep plugged into my computer. i added the music folder on my external to the music library in windows 7. whenever i open windows media player it always has to reload my music, which takes a few minutes. Im wondering if there is a way to make it not have to reload the music and just remember where it is.

A:Windows 7 not saving my music library

**** it im using iTunes
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Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me out with this one Got a new PC and I'm having some trouble with iTunes finding my music library Both machines were are running Windows XP well the old machine was running home edition new one is running Pro not that it probably matters and the latest version of iTunes I followed the steps on the Apple website for transferring the music and library http support apple com kb HT viewlocale en US the only difference being I used a portable HDD rather than my iPod I've gone to library music iTunes new Transferring PC through this process before a couple of times when I've had Transferring iTunes music library to new PC to format my hard drive for whatever reason and I've never had an issue until now I copied the iTunes folder over the the My Music folder like normal so the library files should all be correct Install iTunes and sure enough my library shows up just like normal Only problem is iTunes can't seem to locate the mp files themselves properly anymore Here's what I think is happening On my old PC the iTunes library files were stored in My Documents My Music like normal however due to lack of hard drive space I stored the actual mp files on a different hard drive in the machine in this case d mp This worked fine when I formatted that machine because iTunes was still pointed to the same hard drive for the music files as nothing changed on that hard drive when I formatted the primary drive with Windows on it In this case I've moved all the mp s to the default iTunes directory My Documents My Music iTunes iTunes Music since I don't have the hard drive space restraints I was dealing with before I confirmed that iTunes is pointing to the proper directory under Edit Preferences Advanced settings however every time I click on a song it's telling me it can't find the mp file and is asking me to locate it manually As far as I can see there's no way to do this easily without selecting one song at a time and locating the file for it I don't have the time or patience to go through my entire library and manually find all the files so is there an easier way to do this I was thinking if I delete my old library it may even be easier to re-add all the songs to a new one because at least that way I could select entire folders rather than one song at a time Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Transferring iTunes music library to new PC

Delete your iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml from the computer with the problem and then re-add the music. They are normally stored in the My Music\iTunes folder but I don't know where they would be stored on your machine. It sounds like you copied the library files over from the computer with all your music on the C drive so the new computer will look for the files on the C drive. The only way to stop this is to delete the library and have it re-find the songs.
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OK I think I have a new problem.
I couldn’t add new music to my library and tried the direction on this site to move/delete WMP database files.
This works fine and I could then add more music …
problem solved but only temporariliy.
Once MP11 rebuilt my library, the problem returned.
So every time I want to add new music, I have to dump the old library database files and rebuild.
This is a problem as it takes three days to rebuild as I have a large music libary.
Any Ideas? Could it be because my library is too big?
Any advice is appreciated.


A:WMP11 - Music Library Problem

WMP is an OK media player, but the music database just doesn't work that well.

For a large music collection you should try MediaMonkey, a freeware all-in-one music organizer.
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No one has been able to describe this and trying to find a fix on the internet is proving to be impossible at least through Google Basically music to library randomly seems skip I m playing music and all of a sudden it stops I click the player and it s not responding for a few seconds and then goes to a new song If I happen to have it on top of all the other windows I see music library seems to skip randomly the media player cycling through a bunch of songs and music library seems to skip randomly then it starts playing one I say media player becuase I have tried WMP VLC Songbird and WinAmp but they all do the same thing edit I can go back and play through the song it just skipped through just fine So if Metallica - Enter Sandman skips and I go back to play the song it plays through just fine end edit This is completely random however I have noticed it tends to happen more after mins- hour of being asleep shut down a while Then it s even more random to the point where I may not even have the problem It seems to be doing it more often now though so I m getting worried more annoyed I thought maybe it was my hard drive cause it s happened a couple times while watching anime the video just stops and goes to the beginning This has only happened within the last weeks though So I switched to my library on an external hard drive but it still happens on there So then I tried installing songbird on my nd hard drive and playing it on there Maybe my main hard drive is going I was thinking Nope mins later it does it a couple of times music library seems to skip randomly I did build this computer in late July however it still happened on my old build So that s why I tested the hard drives since they are the only things that are the same It s also just the music I tested with a YouTube video playing and a video on my main hard drive Songbird at the time on the nd hard drive skipped but the audio was still playing on both the YouTube and VLC Anyone got any ideas At the moment I am testing a video on the nd hard drive as well as audio playing seeing if they both go out which would I think point to the nd hard drive But that seems odd that both my nd hard drive and external would do the same thing I also disabled enhancements as that seems to be a popular thing in search results Thanks for any and all help nbsp

A:music library seems to skip randomly

Enhancements disabled did not work.

I had a video on the 2nd hard drive playing as well as the audio. When it happened, both VLC and WMP failed. However, it finally logged an application error in the Event Viewer with this error for VLC (it force closed basically):

Faulting application name: vlc.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c76f9fe
Faulting module name: libmkv_plugin.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4c76fa06
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x000819f1
Faulting process id: 0x10a8
Faulting application start time: 0x01cb51608816eb05
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\plugins\libmkv_plugin.dll
Report Id: 32b9ba7a-bd5a-11df-80dc-6cf049ec5d74

Google searching for the error code hasn't really given me anything useful...

Also I've noticed the last few times (can't recall before then) that my keyboard went unlit. It's a Razar Larycosa so it has back lights.
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Windows 8 metro Music app just does not display my music.

As you can see, my music folder is included in the music library:
but yet the Music app only recognizes two songs out of 1000+ that I own
Windows media player, the desktop app, is working fine.
I've tried to restart the metro app several times, in vain.
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Not sure where this goes, but since I'm running a Windows XP machine...

I have "My Music" folders on three different machines. I want to merge them all as simply as possible into one single "My Music" folder. Most albums are in their own folders, but some are across multiple folders (thanks, iTunes).

I need something that'll take the contents of the three folders, merge them, and put all songs back into folders named for their albums (and under their artists' names).

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So I created a playlist in xbox music and now I want to delete it.
When I right click it, it gives me the option to delete it and nothing happens. I've forced closed the app by dragging the top.
I've deleted every song in there and went to delete it and didn't work.
How can I delete it?

A:Xbox Music and Games

it should work. you go to My Music. then Playlists. then right-click your playlist (or swipe from the top/bottom edge of the screen/trackpad). and tap/click the Delete button.

you can get a PDF here on the Xbox Music app. it's pretty detailed.
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Not beeing all too familiar with xBox Music I was wondering if someone could explain me how exactly this App and the Service works on a Windows 8 PC like my Surface PRO.

Let me explain my problem:
I'm currently running into a Local File/Cloud/Streaming problem with some of my Music files.

Some of my locally stored files are marked as "Streaming only" whenever I add them to a Playlist rendering them unplayable when I'm on the move/off the grid.
I just started one of those locally stored Music files which opened in xBox Music and then added it to a Playlist just to see it beeing marked as "Streaming only" again - How do I fix that?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:xBox Music App Questions

see if Paul Thurrott's rough draft of a book helps you out (it's in PDF format):
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I've had my XBOX unplugged for quite awhile and now I've found all my burned music to be gone?? All my game saves are still there, but, no music, what gives???

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Hi I was using Xbox music Windows 8 version without a problem till today. It says that I am not in my region. I live in Serbia and in my microsoft account I also put my exactly location.

A:Xbox Music issues

You can check your location in control panel under region settings. Do you have an Xbox live account might be linking to that might have different location settings . You could try reinstalling Xbox music.
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So I upgraded to windows 8 today after using the enterprise evaluation for a while and I'm greeted with the most annoying problem, no streaming music(mainly for smart dj). I can play local music files just fine, but when I try to play anything that's not local(previews, music, etc) it just dies on me. It get the app crash screen and 0xc00d11cd (0x8004b82e) for the error message. So far I haven't found any fixes.

I've already:
reset tci/ip and winsock(suggested at some other place, knew it wouldn't work)
ran the apps diagnostics application
updated to current version
synced licenses

Any input guys? This is bugging the hell out of me.

A:XBox music app not streaming

for me, it was my graphics driver. all the streaming software in the Windows Store is very strict about DRM and HDCP. so if there's a break in the protection along the line, it messes up.

So I have the ATI HD4670 and the "latest" driver was the legacy 12.6 driver. This broke all streaming apps including Xbox Music. I kept all the Catalyst Suite except for the driver. For the driver, I used the default ATI driver that came with Windows.

I heard some people had a similar problem with Nvidia drivers and some driver revisions work better than others.

here's the thread that I talked about it the most. see if it helps:
app dumping me back to the start screen?

Also, what kind of monitor are you using (VGA, HDMI, DVI)? VGA are the least likely to be HDCP compliant. The graphics card and the monitor has to be compliant to have a protected path.

and here's another thread where Netflix failed to run on my VGA monitor but ran fine on my other monitors (which are true DVI-D cables, not DVI-I cables; I have a 3 monitor setup):
Issues running apps with Dual Monitor Set Up
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Hi folks. I'm wondering if there is a way with Windows 8 Pro to stream the music i'm playing from my laptop to my Xbox 360 without visiting the 360. Basically "airplay" for Windows. Is this possible?
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Xbox Music - Xbox com It's official it's a post-Zune era I've been using the beta app since the RTM was released I'm holding some reservations until the final build is released on the th Honestly I've been spoiled by Zune if you're not a Zune user in any way shape or form from the desktop software to the player itself Xbox Music might seem pretty cool But to on are What thoughts Xbox Music? your me Zune is still king and will be until I get a Windows Phone The sucky part is that Microsoft is keeping Xbox Music exclusive to Windows and Windows Phone oddly The thing I have my reservations about is the UI in general and the Now Playing visualizer UGH It's like Zune lite Install the Zune software and What are your thoughts on Xbox Music? play a song from a pretty popular artist like The Beatles or LMFAO and go the Now Playing visualizer it is audio video glory It's straight up GORGEOUS Xbox Music not so much Zune's UI is so neat and so metro and so refined Xbox Music to me feels like Zune or something It's not eloquent It looks kind of good but not great I HATE the sidebar that by default appears and takes about percent of the screen and I HATE how the album mosaic just HAS TO HAVE random album covers from the Marketplace like Green Day What are your thoughts on Xbox Music? or Lady Gaga or justin beiber If you're not online and you do that it just has awful icons in place of them And the color filters for the album mosaic is just bleh It's worse than using the Zune with literally no graphical fluff to it whatsoever What also I don't like with it is that in Zune the Now Playing visualizer would have scrolling translucent text of the artist's bio with the amount of times that song has been played and or just have huge text of the band name and song title and it would all be animated It made for something you can literally sit and watch it's just very cool and interesting None of that with Xbox Music as far as I can tell Navigation is another story altogether Zune still wins I don't know it probably will be better just as Zune isn't like Zune But gee it'll be a rough transition as some things will be lost some things will be gained I have an attachment to Zune with not only it being awesome but without the Zune player itself and without the software counterpart we wouldn't be here today discussing Windows like this Without it Windows Phone wouldn't had happened the way it did That part of Microsoft might had been gone forever Without it Windows wouldn't had undergone the hugest UI changes in almost two decades Without it the Xbox probably wouldn't be hugely poised as a cable box replacement and wouldn't have a huge role other than just gaming Without it we wouldn't be here discussing tablet PCs and oogling at the Surface tablets Nokia would probably gone bankrupt as Windows Phone wouldn't be there to give the company a breath of fresh air that might just in fact save it If it weren't for a failed mp player that came far too late after the ipod and wasn't a good iteration until it was just too late it wouldn't had given rise to many different things and wouldn't had given rise to a new Microsoft ecosystem that compared to others just doesn't exist There isn't one that has TV and gaming PC computing and powerful mobility like this To me Zune is still king

A:What are your thoughts on Xbox Music?

For starters, I think the name is terrible. Many who don't own an Xbox are going to think that this isn't intended for them.

I never bought into the whole Zune thing. It royally pissed me off when they abandoned the whole "plays for sure" campaign and released their zune player and software. The fact that their own device had to have a sync style application like iTUnes rather than just being able to use something like Media Player was just ludicrous. I always preferred my Create Labs zen devices where I could drag and drop my music, or sync from Media Player, or Media Monkey if I chose to do so.

As far as music subscriptions go, I'm not really a fan. I've just barely gotten to the point where I am willing to pay for digital music versus buying the physical disc. I've always preferred just buying the CD, ripping it in whatever format I choose and going on my merry way. But I've found with Amazon MP3, that I can save quite a bit of money on my CD's, and also not have to physically store anything. Not to mention, actually finding new CD's in stores is becoming harder and harder.

I guess I would rather own 100 CD's that I listen to over and over again, then have access to 10,000 CD's, many of which I don't listen to at all, or just once.
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Please Help me,I have windows 8 enterprise n 64-bit
my xbox music app doesn't work if i try to play any mp3 file through file explorer the opens i can browse the marketplace but i cant play and file from my hd or marketplace i also have a sign in error
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I just can't play any songs. Can download them and sync with other devices. Can't play them though. It's killing me.

A:Xbox Music Problem

BUMP, problem still persists. Even installed the latest Music update but that didn't fix anything.
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Ok perhaps i haven't learned how to use it but if anyone knows an easier way please Xbox Music Painful tell me I find using xbox music to be difficult having to go back and forward can't add music here but can there Can't fast forward here but Xbox Music Painful can there Here is how it goes I hit Win Q search quot Tom Waits quot I select quot Tom Waits quot the artist from the search list A new white window appears with the music list of this artist but it's small so i click quot Explore Artist quot Then i select quot Show song list quot If i select a song here i do not get the option to add it to my music can't fast forward either But if i right click and then hit the album cover on the bar on the bottom the window changes and i'm able to fast forward and add music to my list again But if i hit the quot Show song list quot now i only get the song playing So i have to hit the back button to return to the artist selection Then i have to do this all over select Tom select explore artist select show song list to get back to where i was But if i choose to add music in the white window appearing after selecting the artist i can add music directly there but i can't fast forward It's painful to use

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Alright iPod library download - Music Solved: I ve Solved: iPod - Music library download been putting this off for at least a month because I m dreading the whole process I ve got a GB mini and when I connect it to my computer an error message pops up I ve figured out that I have to restore my iPod and update it which will erase ALL the music from it Not so bad right Except for the fact that I have less than half of my songs on my computer To make the computer run more efficently I delete old songs that I don t listen to frequently The iPod runs fine but I can t upload any songs on it until I can fix the problem I ve heard of several different hacks to take music off an iPod but I need something free Any reccomentdations I tried doing one using WinAmp but it seems that WinAmp didn t download correctly and it wouldn t install I ll be happy to try again if that s the only way Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: iPod - Music library download

I've only just recently purchased my first iPod (a nano) and in crawling around the web I've managed to find a pretty good site for helping with my "iQuestions". Here's a link to an article on it for retrieving songs off an iPod, hope it helps some.
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Hello Guys I'm having various problems with my Playlists on my computer with a recent fresh install of Windows pro I put all my albums into playlists and I use the playlists to select which music to play this is because I have lots of individual tracks etc everything works as it should do in desktop Windows Media Player When I open the Metro music app in Windows my playlist are all over the place App 8 Media Music Library frustrations! Windows sometimes there's too many sometimes too few Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations! sometimes they play and sometimes they don't some are duplicated and some are missing etc etc Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations! All my Music and playlists are stored in the My Music library as it default too I had about too many playlists and some were duplicated twice so tonight I bit the bullet and I deleted all the Playlists from Metro Music player I then imported my playlists using a right click there is now the correct amount of playlists but some are named incorrectly For example say I have a play list called Abba - Gold Music app now calls it Abba - Gold if I attempt to rename it to Abba - Gold it tells me quot That one's there already try a different name quot This only affects some playlists it seems as though the one's with a bracket and a number after the playlist with the same name already exist but it is not shown I also edited a playlist in WMP desktop tonight and I had to use the import playlist feature again to update the playlist in the Music app and now that playlist has a number next to it as well Does anyone know where the playlists for the music app are stored I'd like to find out and delete everything and start again I'm going from loving Windows to hating it because when I get to a stage where I'm happy with everything then something goes wrong or changes I've spent weeks solid trying to get everything to work as it should and I'm losing patience Thank for your help Tony

A:Windows 8 Music App Media Library frustrations!

This is not an audio problem (this forum section) but more a customization issue.

I'm using my Win 7 system right now and I see C:\Users\myname\Music as one location. Also C:\Users\Public\Music as another. Look in those locations.
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A friend asked me to help out what I thought was a bit of a "silly" request when I came across an error I've never seen and can't seem to get around. In MM, I try to delete certain selections from his library (and I've tried several different selections) and I get the error:

"ERROR: Database fetch (mim:database:Track: <a very long bunch of letters and #'s>) = FAILED"

I haven't tried to delete the entire library b/c he wants to keep at least half of what he's got.

Anyone? Help!

Thanks much,


A:Can't Delete Selections from Music Match Library

What version of MM and does he have MM Plus? The first thing I would try is to rebuild the database. The only things that he'll lose are:

Play Count
Date Last Played
Date Last Modified
Date Added to Library
Date Last Burned
Last Burned To

Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3

Everything else will be rebuilt from the tags.
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I've noticed that the music library always shows folders (not files) first when ordering by date (created/modified). In Vista, files can be shown first, which I prefer since I can see my most recent music files. So my question is... is it possible to change this, to display files and then folders (as in Vista)?
Thanks in advance.

Update: it happens in all the libraries, not only in the music one. However in the computer explorer it doesn't, I mean, files appear in the first place.

A:display files before folders in the music library

Hello antoniomc, welcome to Seven Forums!

I haven't experimented with Libraries much so here's the link to the Libraries tutorials until someone can answer your question.

Tutorials - Windows 7 Forums
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In the default libraries there is a corresponding public folder of each library e.g. Documents/public documents, Pictures/public pictures etc...

But the only library showing the public folder is the music library. Why is this and how can I make it not show without removing the public music folder?


A:Music Library showing public folder as well?

underneath where it says music library (the title of the folder) it says 'includes 2 locations'. click that and then remove the public folder from there.
The public folder will still exist, it just wont be included in the music library.
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Hi all,

Winamp's being... temperamental, to say the least.
I have a music library of ~2000 songs which I want to get it to sync to my MP3 player. It recognizes that my player is connected to my PC just fine, but when I tell it to sync all 2000 songs in one shot the program freezes and crashes.
I really do NOT want to have to sit at my PC for hours and sync my music library 50 songs at a time. Is there a workaround for this problem or am I just going to have to bite the bullet?



EDIT: Mods, please delete this thread, I reposted it in "Misc. Software". Thanks.
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I'm running Windows 10 (upgraded) on a HP Pavilion 23

I have some file in my music library which are incorrectly labeled (Wrong artist or wrong album etc) and I am not able to edit the information, only re-name the song.

On the "home" tab the edit option is there, but not accessible.

If I choose Properties>details>Remove Properties and Personal Information>Remove the Following...
I can click to remove the bad info, but it does not apply it to the file. (the info remains attached)

Is the only way to fix this re-ripping/ downloading the file?

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Hello and thank you for reading,

I have a large digital music collection of about 5,000 songs. I just recently switched from a Windows Computer to a Mac. I transfered the files to the Mac and converted them to AAC - which promptly lost approximately 1,500 songs (I still have the Windows backups).

The library has become quite cumbersome to keep organized. iTunes does not provide an adequately easy interface to manage large amounts of somewhat unorganized files and I am looking for something more powerful.

A quick search online showed me several programs for Windows, but I wasn't able to find anything for Mac OS X. Does anybody have any suggestions for how I might organize this library?


A:Managing a large Digital Music Library

Go back to the PC?
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I have all of my players set to stream media over the internet and locally When I first start up WMP and click on my office computer's library all of my music shows up I have around problem Music Strange with Library shared gigs of music I can play one song fine However when I click the Artist's tab again to get back Strange problem with shared Music Library to my music everything has changed to quot unknown artist quot and I cannot access my music If I refresh the library the only music that shows up are my artists that start with a or the letter a I have this same problem on my two computers that are locally shared on my network as well as my laptop which is sharing remotely Has anyone ever experienced this problem before If so is there a work around The reason I am using the shared library under other libraries instead of using each players internal library of the shared music library is because my Office computer where all of my music is stored has been edited to reflect all of the correct information artist album song genre etc I would rather not spend hours on each computers WMP editing all of this information to match my office computer's WMP I have also tried metadatabackup to try and make each player's data the same but it doesn't work on shared network players unfortunately Thanks Dan

A:Strange problem with shared Music Library

check this THREAD

feel free to ask
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I'm having a small cosmetic issue with my library.

I'm attaching a snapshot that illustrates my issue the best way.

My Music folder has some field where it shoes C:\Users\Robert Norgren and that's what I'd like the hide. The section is not present for other libraries (Pictures/Videos/Documents).

Thanks! ( :

A:Library/My Music shows location path

Hello Robert,

I'm not sure of the language translation, but see if clicking on View (menu bar), Group by, and (none) will get rid of it for you.

Hope this helps,
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i none of my music will play in windows media player. my audio files are mp3 and wma.

anyone else have any problems like this???

the music will show up in my library but it wont play. it plays with winamp but not wmp

A:windows media player and my music library

Hi TwoTabs, welcome to the forums, install this codecs and will play almost anything. - Windows 8 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs
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This is very strange. Recently had to refresh the computer to factory default settings. Since then have been unable to access Xbox to play the music I've stored or the radio. I get a message asking if I've been travelling recently and only able to use this facility for 2 weeks ? Another message asks me to choose an account in my region . When I restored the computer to factory settings I think I may have chosen the wrong location country. Does anyone know how to change the location setting. I have even tried to restore the computer back to factory defaults but it won't even let me do that now . Any help greatly appreciated.
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Hi guys Ive just bought a new desktop PC with windows Ive had a mac book since they came out pretty much so im well out of the loop with windows I have a couple of queries and wondered if anyone can help I would like to back up Windows. to New some Xbox Music Need and with help set up a music library similar to iTunes to put all my CDs on so I can listen to them on shuffle while working I have looked at the Xbox Music program but when I put the CD in and go to the CD drive E where the music is I keep getting an error message saying 'This location can't be included because it can't be indexed' How do I get New to Windows. Need some help with Xbox Music and back up round this or is there a different program I need to New to Windows. Need some help with Xbox Music and back up be using Also I had an apple time capsule which was brilliant for a back up of all my files photos etc Is there an equivalent device for windows Would appreciate any help on these if poss Thanks

A:New to Windows. Need some help with Xbox Music and back up

Try using windows media player. you rip your CD's with it(WMA files) then just do a search with the music app, although I believe it will find it itself. Personally I prefer using windows media player to the music app because it has more tweak option like a EQ, SRS sound Bass boost
The Music app is just a basic music player, but if you upload your music files to OneDrive you can play them on all your sync'd devices (home PC, work PC, smart phone, tablet....etc)
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I did not have problem loggin into video app yesterday. But, I had a higher speed net connection yesterday now I have only 256 kbps. Now, When ever I open I just cannot sign in to my account. I receive an error of '0xc00d11cd'.

Now what I did from yesterday is I made auto log in to my live account using cmd > netplwiz. Can it affect somehow?

Please give me solutions...
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I am having trouble streaming music from my Vista PC to my Xbox 360. The following setup worked perfect on XP Media Center Edition but for some reason wont work on Vista.
I have Vista Ultimate, Wired NIC, Linksys WAG354G Router, Xbox 360 Wired.
I can use Media Center on the xbox and it shows all the artists/albums etc fine. The problem is when I click the Xbox Guide button, goto Select Music > Computer and it can connect to my computer but in the right hand pane where it should show artists and albums it says no Artist Found. If I press 'Y' (Play All Music on computer) I get error code 04-80070103.
I have looked about on forums and M$ help pages but found nothing. Have any of you had this probelm or have any suggestions to fix it?
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I had my 360 configured to stream media from my computer but I had to do a system recovery and now my 360 does not recognize my computer. I can connect to XBox live, and my computer recognizes my XBox but I cannot seem to get my 360 to find my computer. I have WMP 11 installed and sharing is turned on. Any help would be appreciated!
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Stared having issues with xbox music today and noticed it had been updated

I went to the store to see if any notes about the update and the app has gone

If I go to rate the app (from it running and using settings) it opens the store and says that the app is no longer available

Can anyone else see this app in the store (I am in the UK) and any idea why it's been pulled, been searching but cannot find anything

A:Xbox Music missing from app store

Hello Paul,

Here's a link to the Music app in the Store. It'll open in your default browser 1st, then open in your Store app.

Music app for Windows in the Windows Store
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How Do You Put Music From A Cd On To A WWE Game Please I need To Know!!!!!

A:XBOX 360 Music Burning To WWE Games?

If your manual doesn't say, then you cant.