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Stuck at login screen Windows 8.1

Q: Stuck at login screen Windows 8.1

My brand new Acer Aspire E15 was doing fine, but after a windows update the keyboard stopped working (Error number -19). I could login normally by using the on-screen keyboard. But the keyboard didn't work either when booted into windows, it was very annoying to use the on-screen keyboard all the time, so I wanted to fix the problem, to fix the keyboard error I decided to boot into safe mode. But now my trackpad stopped working too! Which means I can't select the on-screen keyboard at the login screen to type my password, and I can't type my password with the keyboard. I'm stuck at the login screen now, how can I fix this login problem and my keyboard problem? I don't have a recovery CD / USB and I can't make one because I don't have a CD / DVD right now. I'm typing this from my macbook.

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Preferred Solution: Stuck at login screen Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stuck at login screen Windows 8.1

Nevermind, I got it working by pressing Alt + F10 on startup and then refreshing the pc.
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running windows 10 version 1607,anyways windows did its regular update thing and when it was done now i cant login. i enter my password and its welcome and then just goes right back to the lock screen. please help. cant find anything relevant online so far. sony vaio pc.

A:cant login after recent windows update, stuck at login screen

Hi ! Did you create a system repair CD or a system recovery drive?? Here are the ways that you can recover. My first choice would be to restore to a time before the update with a restore point! Read this by HTG! How to Create and Use a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc in Windows 8 or 10
PS! Using a Recovery Drive or System Repair Disc
A recovery drive will normally not be necessary. If your computer fails to boot several times, Windows 8 or 10 will automatically bring up the advanced startup options, which allows you to troubleshoot and fix it.
If Windows can?t even bring up these tools, you?ll need the recovery drive, system repair disc, or a Windows 8 or 10 installation disc. Insert the recovery media into your computer and restart. Your computer should boot from the recovery media automatically. (If it doesn?t, you may need to change its boot order.)
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Hi guys, sometimes I encounter this problem where I'm stuck on the login screen. It has only happened only after periods of inactivity, never at startup. My laptop also never sleeps, as it just turns off the monitor and gets locked. I would type my password and press enter and the loop thing would just keep on looping. I have to turn off the power button to restart it. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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For several weeks I have been trying to solve a problem on a family members desktop computer.

The scenario is as follows:

User clicks on their profile and their custom background appears. From here, the taskbar and desktop icons do not appear automatically and the user must open task manager and manually launch the process 'explorer.exe' to force the desktop to appear correctly.

The problem occurs with all the profiles on the computer and there is nothing in the event log to suggest that there is a problem.

Could someone help me out?

A:Windows stuck at login screen

Check the Shell value for Winlogon in your registry. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
should show:

Shell REG_SZ explorer.exe

Or download this tool:
This utility checks for the correct GINA value in the Registry and will allow you to restore it, if its incorrect.

By the way, this is usually a sign of Virus\Malware infection
You are therefore advised to go here, and complete all steps:
Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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I had a problem yesterday where I couldn't log in to my account on Windows but my wife's account worked fine I noticed that the computer had poor performance when on her stuck Welcome Windows on alternative fix screen an login after 7 - account I ran MBAM and everything came back clean I tried both accounts in safe mode and had the same behavior Then I remembered that the night before the computer froze Windows 7 stuck on Welcome screen after login - an alternative fix up for about minutes then started working again I decided to restart it that night because I have a memory leak somewhere and I thought that it might have caused the crash Windows 7 stuck on Welcome screen after login - an alternative fix I never logged back in that night after the restart When I tried it the next morning I got the behavior above I went through the steps for this problem to run sfc scannow which always stopped at before I got an error that it couldn't complete I was still having problems with the performance too Everything would go fine for a few minutes then it would be excruciatingly slow for a while I remembered when I had performance issues like this before and it was when my hard drive was going out several years ago My current hard drive is not a year old yet so I didn't think that was happening I decided to run a chkdsk to make sure though While the first chkdsk was clean I decided to schedule the chkdsk r with the GUI not the cmd on startup The scan found that ntuser dat and a couple other files had bad sectors and moved them I left it all night to finish checking free disk space When I tried this morning I was able to login and the performance was back to normal It looks like in my case the ntuser dat was corrupted or affected in some way by the bad sector While this may not always be the case it could be the cause of some of the more difficult to fix instances of this problem

A:Windows 7 stuck on Welcome screen after login - an alternative fix

FWIW:  Programs/files don't "have" bad sectors...they lie on bad sectors, which are part of the hard drive/partition.  If the files are on bad sectors, then Windows may have difficulty reading such and using such files.
The chkdsk /r command is the only tool that I know of which can attempt to move files on bad sectors to good sectors.  It is not necessarily successful at any of these attempts.
Bad sectors increasing on hard drives can be an indicator of a failing/problematical hard drive.
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Hi peeps Stuck Help before Windows on 8.1 Gray Screen page login I need some help I've read a lot of posts and not found any for my issue Most are stuck with flickering cursor I don't know exactly what happened so I'll go Windows 8.1 Help Stuck on Gray Screen before login page through what I done leading up to the issue I processed a Windows update I used spybot to remove some spyware which it didn't work so I selected run - msconfig - Windows 8.1 Help Stuck on Gray Screen before login page boot options - safe mode So I could run a new scan on spybot So I rebooted and bios page loaded then the blue Windows icon with the round dotted circle the screen then goes black for seconds All that loads up is a grey screen with narrator options in the bottom left corner and the restart shutdown option in the bottom right corner I've tried all kinds and don't know what to do Its Windows professional I touchscreen all in one I've had it months I don't have the disc to hand the person I purchased it from does have it still Thanks in advance

A:Windows 8.1 Help Stuck on Gray Screen before login page

Anyone help with this? How can i do a recovery.
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I've had this problem for almost a year and now and I got so fed up and quit using windows I partitioned the drive and installed another OS on it I can boot in safe mode but not normal mode I did not get an install cd with my purchase of the computer so I don't think I can repair it via that route spinning 7 circle Stuck with login screen Windows at I'd like to know what the possible causes are to see if I can repair it on my own Frankly I've had it up to here with Windows and am itching to wipe the drive and install another OS if I don not find a solution to the problem and find one fast Why can't microsoft create some way to repair startup over the net Because obviously this is a very common problem with Windows There are alternatives to windows that are very good out there little things like this push customers away like what is happening to me now I am mad to switch to totally to Ubuntu or some other Linux Distro as Windows 7 Stuck at login screen with circle spinning I found out long ago that they have everything and more that Windows has and most for free I like Windows for the look and feel but this annoying problem is getting to me and this isn't the first time something screwy like this happened to me I recall once with a laptop I had that had on Vista and another time in XP God This is so frustrating I need help and I need it fast my choice of OS is hanging on this here

A:Windows 7 Stuck at login screen with circle spinning

Quote: Originally Posted by kamron

I've had this problem for almost a year and now and I got so fed up and quit using windows. I partitioned the drive and installed another OS on it. I can boot in safe mode but not normal mode.

I did not get an install cd with my purchase of the computer so I don't think I can repair it via that route. I'd like to know what the possible causes are to see if I can repair it on my own. Frankly I've had it up to here with Windows and am itching to wipe the drive and install another OS if I don not find a solution to the problem and find one fast.

Why can't microsoft create some way to repair startup over the net? Because obviously this is a very common problem with Windows 7. There are alternatives to windows that are very good out there, little things like this push customers away (like what is happening to me now), I am mad to switch to totally to Ubuntu or some other Linux Distro as I found out long ago that they have everything and more that Windows has and most for free. I like Windows for the look and feel but this annoying problem is getting to me and this isn't the first time something screwy like this happened to me, I recall once with a laptop I had that had on Vista and another time in XP. God!!! This is so frustrating!!!!

I need help and I need it fast, my choice of OS is hanging on this here!!!

There is no need to switch from Windows 7. Windows 7 is a great os. Anyway, have you tried running system restore? You can run that by going to start then typing system restore. Restore to a time before this started happening.
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Hello all.
One of my friend has HP pro book laptop. Until yesterday it boot properly. But now it shows logon screen more than 10 minutes and welcome screen same time. After it boot it painfully slow. Why is that? How do i fix it?
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My PC stuck at the login screen without user password prompt in safe mode.

I've tried the solutions as follows, however, none of them are success :

Use the Windows 10 installation media to log into the "Troubleshoot Mode" and "Startup Repair".

"System Restore" in "Troubleshoot Mode" isn't work for me as Kaspersky IS is installed and it prevents the "System Restore" process.

Use the Windows 10 installation media, to try "Upgrade" the windows. It fails also as Windows 10 already exist.

It's grateful if anyone can help to fix it.
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So I have installed windows 10 on my x220. Everything is updateted, I have installed all the drivers, using new UEFI booting and all that - no problems using it EXPECT that +- every second boot i get stuck on login screen. I then have to hard turn off the notebook by holding the power button. Boot again and it boots with no problem at all. I tryied repairing windows instalation by repair media, no success. I am using fingerprint scanner to login.It says "There was an error, please repete the action" while it gets stuck on login screen.Also nothing connected to the notebook.I have made a short video of my problem and added comments of what is happining.Anyone can help, please?
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I have followed several similar threads and their fixes for this problem with no result After downloading the Win upgrade my system then said quot loading updates quot Then it restarted with a blue login screen saying quot Welcome Back quot And a box to enter my password The cursor is blinking in the box but neither my mouse or keyboard works I have hard booted several times since the ctrl alt delete does not work I am also not able to access safe mode as none of the quot F quot keys work during boot up I have tried the following Unplugged all USB devices except keyboard does at 10 windows recognize keyboard or stuck screen mouse login not Turning off internet at the router I have a Dell desktop and upgraded from Windows with a Netgear router modem I do NOT have an animated avitar as someone else mentioned in the forum The windows 10 stuck at login screen does not recognize mouse or keyboard only way I can get the system to move is if I power off at the main switch after booting up which goes into bios and disc diagnostics but I don't know enough about computers to know what to do there HELP PLEASE My computer is useless now

A:windows 10 stuck at login screen does not recognize mouse or keyboard

Booted up again and let it run for several hours. I noticed some flashing under the power button like it was processing info, but it stopped after about 20 mins. Still frozen at login page. Help Please!
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I had recently purchased a new laptop from Lenovo, and had decided to change a few setting on the Windows 8.1 host file. After the changes, I flushed my DNS settings, turned off my network settings and rebooted my computer.

To my surprise, as I login Windows 8.1, it keeps reseting to the password screen over and over again.

I do not know what to do from here, as I cannot even log-in to change my settings, or even boot my system in safe mode.

Please help!

Thank you
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Well the title was hopefully discriptive and brief enough to get some skilled help on this one so here is a bit more details I am working on a DELL XPS with Vista Home Premium build its a couple years old Its not mine and I am not entirely familiar with the machine I do know this it can handle vista fine and works well until yeasterday I am told the Login reinstall Vista stuck activate, screen Home, must to at Windows machine came from Dell and was bought just as Dell switched to not offering XP anymore I do not know what updates have been applied Error Details Boots fine to login screen then I get error message quot Windows must be reinstalled to Activate quot I hit close and get droped to Login Vista Home, Windows must reinstall to activate, stuck at Login screen screen I click admin user only user available and Vista Home, Windows must reinstall to activate, stuck at Login screen get Vista Home, Windows must reinstall to activate, stuck at Login screen the message again As an additional error the bottom right of my screen reads This Copy of Windows is not Genuine Windows Vista Build I do have Windows and OS X Snow Leapord disks available if I need to use them but would rather not I do not as yet know if Vista disks are available What I need I need to recover critical buisness files from the computer if at possible before doing a reinstall Attempting a safe mode boot to try and recover files now while I wait for quot hopefully prompt quot response

A:Vista Home, Windows must reinstall to activate, stuck at Login screen

As an update, I am able to login via safe mode and in the process of backing up files.

I still do not know the cause of my errors above and would greatly appriciate some insight.
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Hopefully this will be a super easy fix.

I just bought a hp mini 311 netbook. The user login screen shows only one icon for a user account. Even though that account always had the word "locked" under it, it would always open up when clicked on. Now it will not. I've had the computer only about a day now.

So I'm stuck at the login screen. Is there a way to create a new account from this screen? Other thoughts.


A:Stuck at login screen.

Hello Ryan !! Welcome to Seven Forums !!

Follow this link Safe Mode and log on to the Safe Mode there you might find an Administrator account.Login to that account and create a new Administrator. Then reboot the System normally.

Hope this helps,
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I remember my password, but for some reason it says it's incorrect. I also cannnot enter Safe Mode properly. Please help

A:I'm stuck at the login screen.

Are you trying to login to safe mode with the account named Administrator?
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Hi I've Got Win bit running on my new comp It's a clean installation only games and a Antivirus Bitdefender installed system is up to date Bios and graph card are up to date up since a week or Everything worked fine till yesterday After playing I shutted down my computer but later in the evening I wanted to check something on the internet and he stucked on the logonscreen He's says my PwD is wrong but I'm sure it is not I check if the Keyboard wasn't in an other language but he doesn't tried through the utilman to type my pwd but that doesn't respond neither does the shutdownbutton login on Stuck screen. reboot or hibernate doesn't respond also What didn't work - Hard reboot and reset Stuck on login screen. - Reboot without additionnal drives only mouse and keyboard - Tried the Stuck on login screen. 'utilman workaround' - When i go into safe mode automaticaly he's trying to repair I cant pass through that he finds something on the 'ntoskernel exe' repairs it and reboots - With the Win DvD I can access a cmd prompt but I can't acces my C drive strangly i find my configuration on a 'D' Drive - I haven't a restore Point neither an image Before I reinstall and that would be my very last option because I want to know the cause of it so i can try to solve it do you have any other ideas Config Asus P P D I CPU Radeon HD G skill Falcon II Go SSD GB Corsair TR X G C D Thx for your help

A:Stuck on login screen.


First, just confirm that your caps lock key is off.

You can also try changing your password via this method: User Account Password - Change from WinRE
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Okay, so yesterday I added a login password to the main (and only) user account. This was because while I was in the shower, I had a Adaware scan running and didn't want anyone to mess with the comp. So, the computer was locked at the login screen.

After I got out, I logged back in and removed this password. I also removed the welcome screen option at the Control Panel. For the rest of the day, I did the usual browsing and listening to music. However, when I woke up today, the computer was stuck at the login screen.

... I have no clue what happened and what to do. I tried re-entering the password from yesterday, but to no avail. All of my family members have said nobody has touched the computer.

Is there any way I can override this login screen? Thanks

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My mother is a JROTC teacher and the Army sent new laptops to all instructors. The laptop keeps locking up and not taking the password they gave us to use. How do I get in to use the laptop?

A:stuck on the login screen

Welcome to TSF

Unfortunately for you, the forum does not assist in bypassing passwords. Please contact the Army for assistance
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hy everyone, i just joined this forum in case you could help me with my problem in windows 7. i had this issue about 2 days ago, had been searching and browsing for solutions but nothing worked. here is may problem :

my windows keeps rolling back to login screen everytime i enter my account. i tried to boot from safe mode using the same account and it worked, activated Administrator account using command prompt (net users administrator \active:yes), went to "msconfig" and choosed selective start up and services. back to normal boot, the problem happened again and again. i logged in using administrator account but some of my program didn't work well (especially the latest CX-One V.9.1 Omron PLC programmer, i got this one way install full version from the distributor)

please help me activate my original account

best regards

A:stuck on login screen

Hello boysandra, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if doing a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before this happened may be able to fix this for you without having to do anything else.

Hope this helps,
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Two days ago my computer started laggin really bad so I ran a virus scan(we have 5 teenage boys that download games ALOT). In the middle of the scan the computer locks up. I rebooted in safe mode but it will not get past the log in screen. It starts loading....blinks the safe mode black and white screen and then goes to the windows login screen. If you try to log in it says it is "loading your settings" then states "saving your settings" and will not advance past that. When I try to reboot it just does the same thing. It will not let me into the safe mode or out of safe mode. How do I get past this to fix it.....

A:Stuck at login screen

On boot, where you hit F8 to access Safe Mode (Assuming you did and the machine didn't do that for you!) - Hit the F8 key and select "Last Known Good Configuration"

Try that and Post back your results!
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Hi, I've been a happy user of my Windows 7 for about a year but about a week ago I started getting the problem of windows stucknig after loging in. Sometimes I restart the computer for 20 times and yet it doesn't work and most often the problem is temporary. I can use the Safe Mode, I've cleaned my startup list using RegCleaner, scanned the computer with CCleaner and Ad-aware and I've also done chdsk /f

Sadly, nothing seems to work for me.

A:Windows stuck at the "Welcome" screen after login

For the registry cleaning:Many of us on the forums actually do not recommend automated optimization tools for Windows 7. Windows 7 does a much better job of handling its own optimization than its predecessors did. We especially do not recommend registry cleaning as an "optimization" step because automated registry cleaning causes more harm to the registry than it actually repairs.

In the future, if you need help optimizing Windows 7, please post a thread in Performance & Maintenance - Windows 7 Forums or follow the tutorial enclosed in that forum to Optimize Windows 7.
Hopefully the damage has not already been done by the registry cleaning. I realize you were trying to repair the system, but you may have made the problem worse. The first step I would recommend is to Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup. It sounds like you may have already cleaned up the startup items, but you probably did not disable all non-Microsoft services.
If you need further help after those steps, please upload your msinfo32.nfo file. To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Save -> Save as msinfo32.nfo and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .nfo file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.

Also, please fill in your system specs in your profile and not in a post in this thread: System Info - See Your System Specs
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Sorry to disturb.

May I know what the problem during the time I'm trying to install Windows 7 and it just stuck at the login screen background without any changed after 30 minutes?

I have try to adjust the BIOS to Native IDE, RAID and ACHI. But nothing was changed.

I still could find any solution after I reading some of the thread.

Hopefully I could get any solution here.

A:Stuck during login screen background

Where did you get Win7? If you burned the DVD yourself, burn another at 4x speed using ImgBurn.

Try install from a USB flash stick. Best method is to install UltraISO trial, on File tab open ISO, on Bootable tab write Disk Image, Format, Write.

Unnplug all other HD's and peripherals. Boot DVD, wipe the target HD: SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Then choose Custom Install, use Drive Options to partition and format before install.

If further fails, test your RAM using memtest86 CD for 5-6 passes. Then test your HD using maker's diag/repair full CD scan: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

Check for latest BIOS version update. If current, reset the CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS
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I ve been running Windows XP SP for Stuck User screen at Login years Stuck at User Login screen Went back to school and I m taking Japanese When I installed activated the Japanese fonts it asked me to restart the computer I did so and now where previously I would go directly to the desktop I am taken to the User Login screen When I click on my name it moves for a moment and says that it s loading my preferences Then the icon snaps back to its original spot and does nothing If I click it again the exact same thing happens If I try to login in safe mode it does the same thing except I also get the administrator login icon Anyone have any idea why this is doing this and or if there s anything I can do short of reinstalling that will help In looking around the internet I have found two instances where someone has had this same problem but no luck on solutions Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Stuck at User Login screen

When you log into the administrator account, does the same thing happen?

Also, do you have any of the following:
-Windows XP CD
-Recovery CD
-Recovery Partition
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Hi I think I have a Malware infection in my pc xp sp Dell xps model Here's the sequence of events a McAfee scan found a couple files which were then quarentined But suspiciously when the scan Stuck (in screen a at Login loop) was done there were new Internet Explorer sessions open I right-clicked on each IE on the task bar and closed them then rebooted Now I can't get past the login Windows presents the login box I type my username and Stuck at Login screen (in a loop) password my desktop background picture appears then a quot Logging Off quot box appears Stuck at Login screen (in a loop) and I'm back at the log in screen Type username and password quot Logging Off quot back at login screen a terrible loop I've tried booting in Safe Mode plain quot with networking quot and quot with command prompt quot and get the same results - stuck at the login loop I also tried booting to Last Known Good Configuration but got the same results - stuck at login I need to get past this point so I can run diagnostics Thanks in advance for the help

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It loads up normally, my avatar pops up with my name, I insert my password..

'Welcome *blue circle*'
*5-10 minutes later*
Desktop appears.

I have no idea whats causing it though it started after I had to shut-down my computer using the power button.

I've checked Event Viewer and these are the 5 errors that came up while stuck on the Welcome Screen.

-The AVG Free8 E-mail Scanner service hung on starting
-A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the ShellHWDetection service.
-The event logging service encountered an error (res=1117) while initializing logging resources for channel Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-WHEA.
-Unable to initialize the security package Kerberos for server side authentication. The data field contains the error number.
-Audit events have been dropped by the transport. The real time backup file was corrupt due to improper shutdown. (the first error and the cause perhaps?)

any help would be much appreciated.


A:Stuck on 'Welcome' screen for at least 5 minutes before login.

For starters I would uninstall AVG Free8 .

But download one of the other free AV programs so you can install when you get your machine cleaned up.
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I have tried to help a friend with their laptop. It starts up fine, but once u get to the login screen and click on the user, it says loggin on, then goes to saving settings then logging off. Brings u right back to the login screen.

I have tried safe mode, networking, every thing listed. Nothing. I have even tried to reboot from the start up disk. Won't do it. Keeps going to the login screen. What am I missing? please help. He is working on a Dell Ispirion 9300. XP. thank you

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My son bought his first laptop (with his own earned money)  1 1/2 years ago.  a few months ago it began running really slow and then eventually wouldn't boot up.  we ended up doing a factory reset.  Fast forward a couple months and we are having the sam issues and now it gets stuck on the login page.  I have ran the sysem extensive test and
I ran the test and everything passes.  Please advice us what we can do next.  sooo disappointed!
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Hey there new here and need some help Here's what happened I Stuck screen, password disappears at login opened internet explorer and typed in a google search and hit enter and it popped up a new instance of iexplorer instead of just searching in the current window as usual Then links I clicked on opened Stuck at login screen, password disappears new windows which is not Stuck at login screen, password disappears the usual setting When I clicked in the middle of text on a web page it would highlight everything Strange little things like that So I clicked start gt Turn Off gt Restart and nothing happened it just went back to the desktop Pushed the Windows key and it wouldn't open the start menu Finally I had to do a hard shut-off I waited a minute and booted the computer back up when it stopped at the login password screen as usual I typed the password and hit the Enter key and it just deleted the password and stayed on the page So I retyped it and clicked with the mouse on the green arrow button with the same result Laptop built in mouse button did the same thing Eventually it just froze entirely and I could not even type in the password box Also the little help icon on this screen would not bring anything up it's like all the keys got remapped to different functions The only recent updates were the automatic Windows updates upon shutdown earlier today and the comp worked fine after booting up after that the first time Any thoughts I'm on a Dell laptop with XP Home Thanks EDIT I hard shut down the comp again and let it sit for about min Booted back up and it's functioning normally I'm still afraid it will happen again though so any input will be appreciated
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dear bleeping computer how are you guys here's my story why i need help so my uncle asked me to repair his very slow acer laptop so i said why not i got it directly got to ssafe mode caus it was very slow downloaded malwarebytes anti-malware ran a scan and it found threads it took long enough to delete maybe threads and then it shut down because keyboard & mouse login screen stuck on the charger didnt get electricity then i restarted in safe mode ran the scan again and found threads between or in numbers it took hours to quarantine them fell asleep and in the morning the safe mode worked fine so i geussed why not go to normal mode when all the threads where removed did that mouse & keyboard stuck on login screen and till now mouse amp keyboard freezes when starting up and seeing the cursor it gets mouse & keyboard stuck on login screen stuck at login where you have to so i cant login or go to explorer to do anything please i need help i dont got any backup cd's orso because he lost everything and its an old pc i'll try to upgrade it to window maybe after it's repaired hope there is help regards Daniel

A:mouse & keyboard stuck on login screen

try an external mouse and keyboard with USB,
if you dont have anything on it that you need backed up or saved, i would create a bootable vista install CD or usb drive and re-install vista using your current productkey/id
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Hello So here's my issue I started my computer and came back to find a BSOD It displayed an error code and mentioned something about a driver error I waited until the loading reached but it didn't restart on its own so i shut the computer down manually by holding the power button on my case Then it booted up but it got stuck on Stuck at before screen spinning login circle the spinning circle of dots Stuck at spinning circle before login screen I have been able to press CTRL ALT DEL while at the spinning circle which bring me to the login screen but without the box to enter my pin however I am able to access the network ease of access and power options I have tried restarting shutting down and holding shift while restarting in an effort to boot with safe mode but none have gotten me farther than the spinning circle I have searched a lot of forums and many have had similar issues to mine but none of the fixes that were suggested got me anywhere Attached are photos of the different screens I'm seeing which hopefully shed some light on the issue I'm having Thanks

A:Stuck at spinning circle before login screen

Hello and welcome to TenForums

How long did you wait for the spinning circles to complete whatever background tasks were going on? Sometimes it can take a long while if the problem happened when Windows was in the middle of an upgrade when it restarted. Next time just go and have a cup of tea and leave it for say 30 mins.

If that does not work you are going to have to boot from a W10 installation media disk or USB and go into advanced startup options to try and refresh windows.

USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10

Refresh Windows 10
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Hi all I've been using seven bit version for quite a while now 7077 Build login stuck @ screen! on my laptop MSI GX PX - amd turion x ati hd MB GB gigs of ram The first installation did the problem mentioned in the title of the topic after i installed Kerio personal firewall - i didn't know what to do so i just reinstalled windows But now it happened again The comp was running for days i turned it off around am then turned it on at am - for the first time i could login and i even see the taskbar and the background but the icons never showed i couldn't click anything on the taskbar either ctrl alt del did nothing so i had to restart it manually The login screen showed up i entered my password but it never made it to the desktop it just got stuck like that the HDD wasn't spinning or anything Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! - restart - in safe mode it boots up normally so i uninstalled a few recently installed Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! programs mkvtoolnix and alike but after restarting it got stuck at Build 7077 stuck @ login screen! the login screen again Now normally i would just reinstall windows but after two months it has too many programs - lot of time to install them again So i thought i'll ask here for help The notebook has XP as it's main OS seven is installed on a virtual harddrive gigs Thank's for any kind of help in advance

A:Build 7077 stuck @ login screen!

Hi there
I can't give you a reason as to the error but this might work.

Try starting Windows in SAFE MODE as you've done but disable Networking and then shutting down. This should clear out any "Stuck" services. Switch off Firewall and uninstall any AV software whilst in SAFE MODE.

Incidentally while you are logged on in save mode see what starts automatically and stop those you don't need -- there are posts around suggesting what you can stop running automatically.

When you try again in "Normal mode" start DISCONNECTED from any network and switch your wireless card off.

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My HP Pavilion laptop is not laptop Pavilion the login My new on is stuck HP brand screen completely frozen My touchpad works as do some of the function keys like mute and light darken screen plus the up arrow so I can see the background desktop lock screen with pretty picture time date and battery status The problem is the quot Sign in quot and the power restart shut down hibernate etc option thing are quot darkened quot you know that thing the computer does when things are not available when features menu items are not current options It's like my laptop is stuck in shut down but won't actually shut down or restart And as a computer is shutting down you lose features and can't do much if anything with it This has happened a couple times before during updates Both times I unplugged it waited for the power to drain plugged it back in and it started as normal no problem No such luck this time I have heard of similar problems in support forums but most of that was upgrading from to so I doubt they can help me I have an HP Pavilion th Gen Intel Core i Processor with Windows Home GB memory Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen

What is the actual model of you HP laptop? In the meantime.....try this......power off laptop, unplug AC power cord, then pull out the battery for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes.....connect the AC power cord and power on " WITH OUT" the battery , now power on and lets see what happens.
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My HP Pavilion laptop is brand stuck HP new screen is Pavilion laptop My on the login not completely frozen My My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen touchpad works as do some of the function keys like My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen mute and light darken screen plus the up arrow so I can see the background desktop lock screen with pretty picture time date and battery status nbsp The My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen problem is the Sign in and the power restart shut down hibernate etc option thing are darkened you know that thing the computer does when things are not available when features menu items are not current options It's like my laptop is stuck in shut down but won't actually shut down or restart And as a computer is shutting down you lose features and can't do much if anything with it This has happened a couple times before during updates Both times I unplugged it waited for the power to drain plugged it back in and it started as normal no problem No such luck this time nbsp I have heard of similar problems in support forums but most of that was upgrading from to so I doubt they can help me I have an HP Pavilion th Gen Intel Core i Processor with Windows Home GB memory Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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My HP Pavilion laptop is not completely frozen My touchpad works as do some of the function keys like laptop login screen on stuck HP new brand My Pavilion the is mute and light darken screen plus the up arrow so I can see the background desktop lock screen with pretty picture time date and battery status The problem is the quot Sign in quot and the power restart shut down hibernate etc option thing are quot darkened quot you know that thing the computer does when things are not available when features menu items are not current options It s like my laptop is stuck in shut down but won t actually shut down or restart And as a computer is shutting down you lose features and can t do much if anything with it This has happened a couple times before during updates Both times I unplugged it waited for the power to drain plugged it back in and it started as normal no problem No such luck this time I have heard of similar problems in support forums but most of that was upgrading from to so I doubt they can help me My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen I have an HP Pavilion th Gen Intel Core i Processor with Windows Home GB memory Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:My brand new HP Pavilion laptop is stuck on the login screen

holding down the power button for 20 seconds until it switched off worked. it just restarted like normal.
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Hello I am having issues with the no Welcome Issues, prompt screen, password Login stuck computer I built for my grandparents http speccy piriform com results BdOHfoWmZDbDeWQUSFD LWv I will turn on the computer reach the user Login Issues, stuck Welcome screen, no password prompt login screen There are users to pick from It usually doesn t matter which I pick Sometimes this issue will occur sometimes it won t There are different variations of the issue I will click on a user to login to but no password prompt will appear just the mouse and the blue flowery looking background is present I will be able to input a password but the desktop fails to load and all that is present is the mouse and the spinning circle with Welcome next to it The only way I get out of either issue is to do a manual shutdown Sometimes I can login without and issue I ve Login Issues, stuck Welcome screen, no password prompt found booting into Safe mode rebooting from safe mode then attempting to login allows me to login but I have no idea Login Issues, stuck Welcome screen, no password prompt whether or not Safe mode has anything to do with it I hope you guys can shed some light on my situation Thank You Update I have ran Memtest for a pass and a half and received no errors I ve also attempted to do a system repair and sfc scannow https www dropbox com s pa zzruxo mk s sfcdetails txt nbsp

A:Login Issues, stuck Welcome screen, no password prompt

Memtest needs to be run for at least 8 passes to be any where near conclusive.

I can see in the Speccy report you only have 4GB or Ram and it is all in the same slot so it will only be running on a single channel, performance should improve if you put another matched RAM stick in the other channel so it will then run as dual channel.

The Speccy report also shows every voltage, including the CMOS battery, as being a long way off from what it should be. I do suspect this is a misreading as the system would be unlikely to run at all if these readings are correct. I would check the reported voltages in the bios and post them back here.

Finally the SFC scan results show a problem with the TVEncDec manifest which is corrupted. The best way to fix this is to run a Repair Install: Windows 7 Repair Install
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My computer was turning off every time i tried to turn it on I ran my computer in safe mode and tried to restore to before the previous update The computer then attempted to reboot as a process of the system restore As it was Computer a with cursor Black a screen [SOLVED] white on before login? stuck gets turning back on the computer shut down again mid-process After some research i concluded that the problem was that my CPU was overheating I purchased thermal composite and applied it as instructed on the suppliers website I attempted to reboot my computer but after the [SOLVED] Computer gets stuck on a Black screen with a white cursor before login? green-bars loading screen the computer screen became black with the cursor in the middle of the screen I am sure this is due to the sudden shut down during the restoration process I have tried [SOLVED] Computer gets stuck on a Black screen with a white cursor before login? running my computer in safe mode but i get the same result After further research i tried the F advanced boot screen The quot Repair my Computer quot option is not available I built this computer a year ago I [SOLVED] Computer gets stuck on a Black screen with a white cursor before login? believe Windows is corrupted because at the start up loading screen with the small green bars the logo doesnt show on top Please help

A:[SOLVED] Computer gets stuck on a Black screen with a white cursor before login?

do you still have the Vista installation CD?
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EDIT Should be aswRVRT sys Computer worked fine in the morning Then I turned it off later had windows update then when I came home in the afternoon to open my PC it just didnt work When I try to go to safe mode it just gets stuck at aswRVRT sys If it helps I already ran FRST Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST txt x Version - - Ran by SYSTEM on MININT-FK MU P on - - Running from K Windows Home Premium X OS Language English US Internet Explorer Version Boot Mode Recovery The current controlset is ControlSet ATTENTION gt If the system is bootable FRST could be run from normal or Safe mode to create a complete log Registry Whitelisted HKLM Run GamecomSound - C Program Files screen/ "starting stuck Boot menu on at Windows Windows" aswRVRT.exe stuck Plantronics GameCom Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe GameCom exe - - HKLM Run AdobeAAMUpdater- - C Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe Program Files x Common Files Adobe OOBE PDApp UWA updaterstartuputility exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM Run MSC - C Program Files Microsoft Security Client msseces exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKLM Run MsmqIntCert - regsvr s mqrt dll HKLM Run Nvtmru - C Program Files x NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA Update Core NvTmru exe - - NVIDIA Corporation HKLM Run UMonit - C Windows SysWOW UMonit exe - - HKLM Run RTHDVCPL - C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RAVCpl exe - - Realtek Semiconductor HKLM Run ShadowPlay - C windows system rundll exe C windows system nvspcap dll ShadowPlayOnSystemStart HKLM-x Run IAStorIcon - C Program Files x Intel Intel reg Rapid Storage Technology IAStorIcon exe - - Intel Corporation HKLM-x Run jmekey - C Program Files x jmesoft hotkey exe - - JME HKLM-x Run ModeSwitch - C Program Files Lenovo Power Dial LitModeSwitch exe - - Lenovo HKLM-x Run CLMLServer - C Program Files x Lenovo Power Go CLMLSvc exe - - CyberLink HKLM-x Run UpdateP GoShortCut - C Program Files x Lenovo Power Go MUITransfer MUIStartMenu exe - - CyberLink Corp HKLM-x Run IdeaNotesUser - C Program Files x DDNI Lenovo Idea Notes DDNIMSGUser exe - - Digital Delivery Networks Inc HKLM-x Run SetDefaultSCR - C Program Files x Lenovo Lenovo Screensaver SetDefaultSCR exe - - Lenovo HKLM-x Run avast - C Program Files AVAST Software Avast AvastUI exe - - AVAST Software HKLM-x Run APSDaemon - C Program Files x Common Files Apple Apple Application Support APSDaemon exe - - Apple Inc HKLM-x Run iTunesHelper - C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe - - Apple Inc HKLM-x Run Adobe ARM - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM AdobeARM exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run SwitchBoard - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe SwitchBoard SwitchBoard exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run AdobeCS ServiceManager - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe CS ServiceManager CS ServiceManager exe - - Adobe Systems Incorporated HKLM-x Run KeePass PreLoad - C Program Files x KeePass Password Safe KeePass exe - - Dominik Reichl HKLM-x Run Aeria Ignite - C Program Files x Aeria Games Ignite aeriaignite exe - - Aeria Games amp Entertainment HKLM-x Run ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse - C Program Files x ROCCAT Savu Mouse Savu Monitor exe - - ROCCAT GmbH HKLM-x Run LogMeIn Hamachi Ui - C Program Files x LogMeIn Hamachi hamachi- -ui exe - - LogMeIn Inc HKLM-x Run BCSSync - C Program Files x Microsoft Office Office BCSSync exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKLM-x Run SunJavaUpdateSched - C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe - - Oracle Corporation HKLM-x Run kxesc - c program files x kingsoft kingsoft antiviruskxetray exe -autorun HKU Default RunOnce WLStart - C Program Files x Windows Live Installer wlstart exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKU Default User RunOnce WLStart - C Program Files x Windows Live Installer wlstart exe - - Microsoft Corporation HKU Krystal Run GoogleDriveSync - C Program Files x Google Drive googledrivesync exe - - Google HKU Krystal Run S... Read more

A:Windows stuck on "starting Windows" screen/ Boot menu stuck at aswRVRT.exe

Anyone please?
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Because I like to have several computers, I bought another one off Craigslist. When I boot it up, though, I get a message at a Welcome screen that says "USER" and "After you log on you add or change accounts. Just go to Control Panel and Click User Accounts". When I click on the "USER" I keep getting the same message. It doesn't ever go to Windows. I don't have a log-in or password and I contacted the guy I bought the computer from, he's not replying to my e-mails. Is there some way to bypass this? Also, he didn't give me any CDs (e.g. Restore CD, etc.). I'm starting to worry that I got screwed out of this. He said there was nothing on the computer except Windows (hence no illegal software, etc.) but is the copy of Windows on this computer even legal then? I just bought the computer as-is ...

A:Can't get into Windows - stuck at Login

When buying a used computer, you should always go into the situation thinking you will reformat the drive.

Try booting into safe mode by pressing F8 as the PC starts, and try logging in with the Administrator account. If you get in, create a new user for yourself.

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After a power outage weeks ago I was having issues with the system going down at around minutes and then less and less time after that I was told it was a display issue Stuck classpnp.sys on stuck screen, safe Windows splash on mode and to uninstall and reinstall my display drivers I uninstalled my drivers and it was still the same I felt like it was temperature related I found my graphics card Radeon was dirty I cleaned it and thought I was back in business Everything was back to normal all I needed to do was update my graphics drivers Once that was done my computer would no longer load past the Windows splash screen I used Puppy Linux on a flash drive and I have access to everything I can use the internet and access all my files This to me says that it is not a hardware issue The fact that when I try to go into safe mode it gets stuck for more than a day on classpnp sys when I finally give up I understand that classpnp sys has Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys loaded but there Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys is something after that that the computer can't load I have Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys seen some people have atipcie sys load after classpnp sys and it makes sense to me that it would be a graphics driver that is causing the issue I need my Windows up and running for school and work projects Any ideas thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated

A:Stuck on Windows splash screen, safe mode stuck on classpnp.sys

Hi ,
Follow this tutorial to run SFC /Scannow at boot.
SFC /SCANNOW : Run in Command Prompt at Boot
If you want to run the command from a USB drive follow this tutorial.
Boot Windows 7 System Repair Disc from USB Using Grub4Dos
And apply it to the first link instead of the ERD (Emergency Repair CD).

Generally a good tutorial to read.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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This has never happened before. When I turn on the computer, the two accounts show up (both administrator) but whenever I click either of them, the screen just shows the Windows 7 login screen for a while without any text then sends me back to the account selection. This happens when I select either of the accounts, one of them also has a password but that doesn't show up either.

(also don't know a lot about computers ;-; )

EDIT : When I turned on the computer, it went through updates where it says Starting Windows with the Windows logo. Maybe this helps.

A:Can't login to Windows 7. Sends me back to login screen every time.

Same thing happened to me since the update yesterday.

( just to clarify Is this the same problem ? I posted a video Windows Error - YouTube )
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After a user enters password on ccomputer, It never loads the desktop. It gets stuck. Not freezing but just a long load. It never loads the desktop. What should I do?

A:Windows 2000 stuck after login

Do other accounts login ok?
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Hello I think my friends son downloaded something on his computer I am using a clean computer to contact Login @ INFECTED; Can't Freezes Windows; Login Screen to you we can get to windows login screen press our Icon windows login name and it just freezes sometimes it will login but it will have the hour glass for like min and then automatically restarts the computer I can login to safe mode It is a desktop runnin winxp Really that is all the info I have Please Please Help Here are my logs I had to do them in safe mode INFECTED; Can't Login to Windows; Freezes @ Login Screen DDS Ver - - - NTFSx NETWORK Internet Explorer Run by Administrator at on - - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV avast Antivirus Enabled Updated DB INFECTED; Can't Login to Windows; Freezes @ Login Screen - F - A -B - A FD D Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe Pseudo HJT Report mSearch Bar hxxp ie redirect INFECTED; Can't Login to Windows; Freezes @ Login Screen hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop BHO A -D B - E -A C - F C EF DA - No File BHO D -C F - efb- B - ECA - No File BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO avast WebRep e e -ad d- bf-ac d-d f d - c program files avast software avast aswWebRepIE dll BHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class e e f - ce- c -bc -eabfe f c - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll TB avast WebRep e e -ad d- bf-ac d-d f d - c program files avast software avast aswWebRepIE dll TB B E - D D- DEB- B - D BCF F - No File uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe mRun hpsysdrv c windows system hpsysdrv exe mRun High Definition Audio Property Page Shortcut HDAudPropShortcut exe mRun HotKeysCmds c windows system hkcmd exe mRun ISUSPM Startup c progra common instal update ISUSPM exe -startup mRun ISUSScheduler quot c program files common files installshield updateservice issch exe quot -start mRun SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXE mRun AlcWzrd ALCWZRD EXE mRun Alcmtr ALCMTR EXE mRun avast quot c program files avast software avast avastUI exe quot nogui mRun KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k IE E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - c progra mi office EXCEL EXE IE e e dd -d - - b -f ba - windir Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe IE FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - c program files messenger msmsgs exe IE B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - FF E -CC A- E E-BF B- E D - c progra mi office REFIEBAR DLL DPF B BCA- F C- CF- - - hxxp download macromedia com pub shockwave cabs director sw cab DPF - f - bb - d -fa d f a ab - c program files yahoo common Yinsthelper dll DPF AD C - E- D -B E - F D - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF B -D BA- EA- F E- A AB AC - hxxp panda-plugin disney go com plugin win p dactivex cab DPF CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com products plugin autodl jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF CAFEEFAC-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF D CDB E-AE D- CF- B - - hxxp fpdownload macromedia com pub shockwave cabs flash swflash cab DPF E E F- F- FB - -AC BF A - hxxp platformdl adobe com NOS getPlusPlus gp cab TCP DhcpNameServer TCP Interfaces B F B- - FB - D B- E B E DhcpNameServer Notify igfxcui - igfxsrvc dll FIREFOX FF - ProfilePath - SERVICES DRIVERS S aswSnx aswSnx c windows system drivers aswSnx sys - - S aswSP aswSP c windows system drivers aswSP sys - - S aswFsBlk aswFsBlk c windows system drivers aswFsBlk sys - - S avast Antivirus avast Antivirus c program files avast software avast AvastSvc exe - - S gupdate Google Update Service gupdate c program files google update GoogleUpdate exe - - S gupda... Read more

A:INFECTED; Can't Login to Windows; Freezes @ Login Screen

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks;-cant-login-to-windows;-freezes-login-screen/
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Hi I'm new here I created this account for help because my mother's password seems changed and she couldn't login the keyboard wasn't sticky so she didn't mistype caps lock wasn't on I typed it my self and it didn't work restarted the computer and it didn't Cannot login repair. to can't screen and system Windows login work neither I then go to thinking it was hacked and the password was simply changed Cannot login to Windows login screen and can't system repair. I go looking around for password changing boots for my flashdrive I burned PASSCAPE on to my gig - flashdrive Tried booting on all settings booted normally didn't work So I ignored it for a while and kept clicking quot Reset password quot button It showed up as quot Passcape quot but claimed the usb slot was empy wasn't the slot is quot F quot I gave up hope on it so I found this youtube video to reset it the manual labor way-here's the link to it quot https www youtube com watch v DLtJ-iDdWC quot So continuing on I was simply following the video's instructions so at step one at duration quot quot I have to cause a error I just keep shutting-down the pc while it's booting because windows will assume it's an error after - times of doing so Okay by the time I get to quot Repair your computer quot button I press enter And the shocking surprise I get which is odd is this in quotes quot Windows Boot Manager Windows has failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer Choose your language settings and then click quot Next quot Click quot Repair your computer quot If you do not have this disc contact your administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance Status xc f Info A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed quot I can't manually reset the password at all can't login can't boot the flashdrives or CD's on this laptop Me and my mother think it was hacked but don't know why or how Oh-also I forgot to mention I changed a few bios-settings on the usb slots because the instructions for the Password reset tool said I needed to change quot your bios-settings then save changes and reset your computer quot After knowing they wouldn't work went back to BIOS and reset settings back to default-saved and reset Then went for the URL link above I'd love to get this problem fixed immediatly I don't have a quot Windows installation disc quot but hopefully I won't need one My mother's PC specs that I know of are Model name Insperion - Manufacturer Dell Type Laptop Proccessors Graphics Proccessing Unit Intel core I Year I really hope this can help me thanks everyone here on this community

A:Cannot login to Windows login screen and can't system repair.

NEWS FLASH: I just learned something new about the password problem, my mother never told me exactly what the problem is but I've been typing it wrong the entire time, typed it in and this in quotes is my discovery:

" The User Profile Service service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded. "

She never told me exactly what was the problem everyone, all she said is "Did you change the password" (waking me up at 8AM) then "The password is changed and I can't get on!" What is this problem we are experiencing-i've never seen this before.
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OK so the problem started when I was playing a game and it crashed on a loading screen I then could only boot into windows extremely slowly so I knew something was wrong Since then I have booted into safe mode and done a virus check and it found nothing I had then done a start up repair multiple times and for one reason or another the system would then reboot just as the login screen is loading I have recently de fragmented the drive externally and run a slow disk check which found nothing I've launched start up repair again which says it's unable to fix the problem and I can't boot into safe mode because it'll reboot I on stuck loop login just before 7 reboot Windows should also mention I was having problems with Windows 7 stuck on reboot loop just before login the drive a few weeks ago where I was getting different error messages Windows 7 stuck on reboot loop just before login before Windows 7 stuck on reboot loop just before login booting but I managed to sort that out If a solution can't be found it would be safe to say the drive is failing Here is the bsod when I disabled automatic rebooting along with the startup repair error STOP c e Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error A device attached to the system is not functioning presumably the hard drive Error Status xc Please click ok to shutdown this system and reboot into safe mode check the event log for more detailed information Problem event name startuprepairoffline problem event signature problem event signature problem event signature unknown problem event signature problem event signature autofailover problem event signature problem event signature corruptvolume specs intel dual core msi p neo mobo tb samsung HD gb ram XFX GTS Any help would be seriously appreciated

A:Windows 7 stuck on reboot loop just before login

hi there
can you get into windows to do a disk check ? please read brinks tutorial How to Run Disk Check in Windows 7 >>> Disk Check

another check to do is System File Checker tutorial How to Repair Windows 7 System Files with System File Checker >>> SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
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Ok so today o decided to uninstall alienware my at 64-bit stuck login (problem) 7 ultimate windows colors or something like that Downloaded it from dell website Its for windows the name of was breed So after i uninstalled it my icons arrows were gone it was the app icon and the arrow that goes with it windows 7 ultimate 64-bit stuck at login (problem) was like a page and two blue dots I couldnt acess any folders no control panel It was all blabk Desktop appeard fine except for the arrows were missing on tje icons It asked me to restart so i did it went pass the windows 7 ultimate 64-bit stuck at login (problem) windows logo loading screen Then came the welcome screen it windows 7 ultimate 64-bit stuck at login (problem) prompted please wait with the circle Problem was after that No login or anything No password on my account so it should have loged in It doesnt hang or anything It just stays on that screen Only options i have it restart sleep and shutdown aling with that button for speech keyboard and someother things I tried safe mode no luck same thing doesnt log in Tried restore to previous known state Nothing I cant acess repair option as i have no windows -bit cd Only -bit cd Also it doesnt show my account Mb-asus p g t-mlx Cpu-intel pentium d ghz oc ghz graphics-xfx radeon hd gddr oc psu-corsair gs Cooling-corsair h Memory-corsair ddr gb sticks Hard drive-cavair gb hardrive

A:windows 7 ultimate 64-bit stuck at login (problem)

If you are able to boot the system far enough to get into the BIOS, you can try a Factory Restore and which will be under the "Repair your Computer" (or similarly worded) option. Be warned however that you will lose all programs and personal files as this reformats the HDD and reinstalls the OS, so your system will be exactly how it was when you first got it. A Factory Restore is the OEM system's equivalent to a Clean Install off of a retail OS disk. Also, I am fairly certain at this point that the Factory Restore will be your only option seeing as you can't get into the actual OS and have no recovery disks, and that is providing if you can access the BIOS at all and also whether or not whatever happened hasn't affected the OEM recovery partition on your primary hard drive. And if that's the case, you will have to contact Dell and have them send you a recovery disk of the OS and Drivers to do it that way (and they will most likely charge you for them).

So, look up Dell's special keys to get into the BIOS and when it prompts you to hit those keys, do it and then navigate through the BIOS until you find the "Repair your Computer" (or similarly worded option), then chose the one that says "Factory Restore" (or similar option) and let it do it's thing. Odds are this will do the trick for you.
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Everytime I start my computer it goes into startup repair searching for problems. I tried going to F8 into safe mode but it goes bac to searching for problems in statup repair. Is there any way I can bypass it from going to startup repair page and go into windows. Please help thanks.

A:Stuck on Startup Repair before login to Windows

Does it boot into Windows after the Startup repair has run?
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hi guys,

i've got a very strange problem with the kids laptop which i'm desperate to sort out as my kid has her exams coming up and needs access to her apps.

Windows loads okay, upto the point when i get to the welcome screen.

Sometimes it gets to the welcome screen, but the user profile icons will never show but then sometimes the icons will show, but when i click on the icon, i can't get to the bit where i can type a password.

If i reboot into safemode, then i can perfectly access everything as normal.

Any ideas guys?


A:Windows 7 login/welcome screen corrupt??? - Cannot login

Could be application or services causing conflicts. Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
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I'm using Windows 7 Pro. I have remove the login pw in my user account now I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away. But I found I am using the computer as a user not administrator. How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop as administrator. How can I do that? thanks

A:Windows 7 Pro login as admin but no need to have login screen

Hello Smash, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I'm a bit confused with your conflicting statements.

You say that " I do not need to do the login and able to use the computer right away.", but then ask "How can I skip the login screen and go straight into desktop..."?

Just to be certain, do you have to log on or not?Log On Automatically at Startup
Are you asking how to log on to the built-in Administrator account to have full access and control?

Hope this may help for now,
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I have an RDP Server on a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and i would like to be able to use another system login screen to connect to this server. As in when i turn of display last local users, so that if i was to enter XXX into the username and XXX into the password and it will connect Although i wouldnt mind being able to set up roaming profiles between these systems either.

Any answers

A:Can I Login to An RDP Session From My Windows Login Screen

Quote: Originally Posted by TheCJGCJG

I have an RDP Server on a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and i would like to be able to use another system login screen to connect to this server. As in when i turn of display last local users, so that if i was to enter XXX into the username and XXX into the password and it will connect Although i wouldnt mind being able to set up roaming profiles between these systems either.

Any answers

Welcome CJGCJG to the windows 7 forums.

Remote Desktop Program is as it says a program on your computer that will allow you full screen remote to another system that authorizes you. There is a way to automatically bring the RDP program up for you to log into another system but it requires that your primary windows system (the one your want to connect from) be set up to automatically boot into you Operating system, putting the RDP program in your startup fold will bring it up.
Using netplwiz, you can set your userid to automatically log in to your local machine and then the RDP would run and you can then log onto your remote system. In fact y ou can save all the credentials for your RDP session and it will automatically login to your remote system.

Is this clear?

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Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried again, same result, panicked. Looked up video tutorial on how to fix it, they said to access the control panel via ctrl-alt-f1 or f2, went to a black screen, no text at all, computer runs fine, no crashing. Is there a special way to access the terminal in a System76 computer, I really don't know very confusing? Is there a way to login with the guest session? I use Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf on my laptop. What causes this, I read on Ubuntu forums it's driver issues with Ubuntu and Nvidia, but I have my suspections with the Gnome desktop environment.
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So i've owned my computer a dell XPS L502x with a i7 intel core for more than a year now and this week my computer decided it wouldn't boot anymore, I can't even start it in Safe mode or last known good. It loads the beginning part but it started bringing up this "windows is loading files" bar which wasn't there before, then it will get stuck in the login screen with no option to login but i can move the mouse around. Is there anything I can do?

A:W7 stuck in login with no login option

Doesn't pressing the F8 key give you a screen the mentions "Repair your computer"? I would try that.

If you have any kind of bootable Windows media (such as a WinXP Installation disk), boot to Recovery Console and at the DOS prompt type "chkdsk /r". It's possible HD errors are preventing the boot to complete, and running chkdsk may fix those errors.
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Hi everyone I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop This is what happened I recieved an automatic update for IE I tryed it out I did not like the new settings So I tryed to delete it it said that I Vista Windows Screen after into System Blue Login goes Screen. Error Restore No do not have permission to do that So I did a System Restore to go back to IE and it looked like it was doing it's thing Then it went into the Blue Error Screen I turned my laptop off and then back on No Windows Vista Login Screen after System Restore goes into Blue Error Screen. after a minute or so Everything looked ok all the intros still come on but quot Windows Vista Home Premium bit Full Version Login Screen or Welcome Screen quot does not load at all Just stays on a blank black screen with the mouse arrow I tried using the F options on the laptop but they have not done anything so far SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points anymore No Backups either Command Prompt still works I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disk and use the Repair option from there You know where the disk has options like Install Uninstall Repair I'm not talking about a Recovery Disk with the same F options as my laptop

A:No Windows Vista Login Screen after System Restore goes into Blue Error Screen.

Originally Posted by staypuft

Hi everyone. I'm having trouble with my Acer laptop. This is what happened. I recieved an automatic update for IE9. I tryed it out, I did not like the new settings. I tryed to delete it, it said that I do not have permission to do that. So I did a system restore to go back to IE8 and it looked like it was doing it's thing. Then it went into Blue Error Screen. I turned my laptop off and then back on after a minute or so. Everything looked ok, all intros still comes on but "Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (Full Version) Login Screen or Welcome Screen" does not load at all. Just stays with a blank screen and arrow. I tried using the F8 options on the laptop but they have done nothing so far. SafeMode does not work and apparently there are no Restore Points. No Backups either. Command Prompt still works. I did a scan and it said there is nothing wrong but there is. Should I get the full version of Windows Vista Install Disc and use the repair option from there? You know where it has options like Install, Uninstall, Repair? I'm not talking about a Recovery Disc with same F8 options.

Can someone please give me an explaination on how I can boot a disc from a DVD drive. I'm unable to login to Windows Vista, do I use the Command Prompts to boot a disc?
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After the Starting Windows screen a blank black screen with a cursor that I can move pops up that lasts a minute (shouldn't happen with SSD, used to be ~10 second boot). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal and everything works as normal. This doesn't happen when I boot into safe mode.

I attached a list of start up services, installs, and scheduled tasks, along with my latest boot log.

Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup

Hello and welcome, try this to see if you have something that's going you don't know about. Use the free version.

SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!
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I have just set up a new laptop with Vista and installed all of the new updates but when I restart the computer or turn it on the please wait screen comes up for about 2 minutes before showing the login screen.

The PC I'm on now is lower spec and shows the login screen instantly. I have searched the internet and tried disabling start up programs to speed it up but to no avail does anyone have any idea what could be causing it to say Please wait for so long?

The specs of the PC are:

2gb Ram
2ghz Dual Core Processor
250gb Harddrive

Thanks in Advance

A:Windows Vista Please Wait Screen Appears for 2 Minuites Before the Login Screen

that usually means it is installing updates, if its a new laptop there may be a lot of updates for it to catch up on, it won't do them all at once, but over a period.
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Hi All Please kindly let me know how could i stop the spotlight drop-down screen in windows using registry settings Means while we lock the computer down drop on in windows disable 10 How screen) to login lock and screen (Spotlight the or How to disable the drop down (Spotlight screen) on lock and login screen in windows 10 while we restart the computer then there one screen appears then we press How to disable the drop down (Spotlight screen) on lock and login screen in windows 10 quot Space quot and then went to up and then we can see the login credential page to login to the windows I need to disable the same screen using registry change quot I have tried with the registry HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows Right-click the Windows folder and click New gt Key Name this new key quot Personalization quot and then navigate inside it but still i am getting the drop-down screen in windows i want to disable the screen it should not appears on the login page please let me know how could i disable that screen OR If we can increase the time for the screen then how we can increase the time to display the screen Thanks amp Regards Yogendra nbsp yogendra kumar
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Hi I would really appreciate any advice i've been trying to fix for four hours without any luck.

I have an Acer aspire 5732Z. I turn my laptop on and it shows the starting windows screen then just goes to a black screen with a cursor. I tried to do systems restore but it said that i did not have a system restore point. I cannot start in any safe mode.

I have all my pictures, uni work etc and im terrified i've lost it all. I've only had the laptop a year.

Any suggestion would be amazing

Thank you

A:Black screen after windows start up doesn't go to login screen

Hello seven11 and welcome to SevenForums!

I think this article will be fairly interesting to read.

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7?

Carry on.
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Hello I ll go ahead and start from the very beginning Thanks in advance though for taking a look at my problem About a month ago my computer would give me a few problems while booting screen before Cant black Windows login boot, Solved: screen up I would start the computer it would run through BIOS run through the Windows loading screen and after that it would run the CHKDSK to make sure my disks are fine CHKDSK doesn t work it just freezes right before checking the disks so I restart and generally it will boot up Most of the time it would boot up perfectly but rarely would it go to the xp loading screen and then flicker as if it as Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen going to go to the windows login screen but wouldn t The screen would just stay black and I d have to restart Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen Next time generally it would work perfect So this brings me to the current day After the Solved: Windows Cant boot, black screen before login screen windows xp loading screen it goes black The computer is on but I don t see any activity for the HDD via the LED SO i go into safe mode i finally get CHKDSK to run I had to really mess with some stuff to get that working Windows says the volume is fine and the only way I can boot my PC is in safe mode but even that will freeze sometimes while loading some of the files Just to let you know I m running Raid and this is my first time running it I m not sure if this symptom is a common problem if one of the disks are going out Does anyone know whats going on Could it be a virus that messed with a boot ini or any startup stuff also is there anyway to remove problems within safe mode I tried removing anti-virus program thinking it might help but wont allow me nbsp

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Hey need some help yet again Yesterday I downloaded Mission Against Terror New MMOFPS and I downloaded it Upon updating with the patcher my laptop went haywire It started opening up random IE windows slow speed etc etc I did a whole memory scan and a malware adware spyware scan There were several viruses and whatnot but Login screen and BEFORE Screen 7 Windows Black logo/loading! AFTER what is important are the files SVC exe and exe you'll find it why later on The anti-virus said that it had fixed deleted everything So I restarted my laptop hoping that I'd get it up and running in safe mode for any further scans Unfortunately when I restarted it after the windows loading screen which is right before login screen a black screen appeared With nothing at all Not even a cursor BLACK JUST BLACK with NO keyboard access mouse access But that's expected since it's BEFORE the login screen It's the same with normal boot boot that does that quot last best used option quot or whatever safe mode with networking etc etc All the same Black screen Good thing I had Black Screen BEFORE Login screen and AFTER Windows 7 logo/loading! WIN XP on my other hard drive So I booted up into WIN XP where I'm posting this from and did a FULL NOT QUICK system scan to find the SAME Viruses YET AGAIN SVC exe and exe along with some other minor tracking cookies and what-not Win XP on second drive is also having a few problems like IE shutting down every second using firefox now Think this is a whole system prob But why Didn't the antivirus-es fix it I say quot es quot because I used SuperAntiSpyware Norton NOD Malware Bytes and AVG I've tried the system recovery thing F thing on boot screen NOT ON LOGIN SCREEN Remember I can't reach that but that doesn't work either So any suggestions Btw The windows PRO bit that's corrupted not starting is on C and Win XP is on D Attached is a log of my most recent scans Thanks in advance

A:Black Screen BEFORE Login screen and AFTER Windows 7 logo/loading!

Hi your problem can best be addressed in the security section of the forum
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Specifications Intel Core Duo GHz GB DDR RAM GB WD HDD rpm mb cache Windows Ultimate bit ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never had any problem with my desktop and it NEVER got stuck or anything I've searched and tested Ultimate blue stuck 7 at with screen reboots & screen Windows welcome every solution I could find but none seems to work When I power on the desktop a black screen comes up just before the welcome screen for a really Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen long time Most of the time it restarts Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen after a blue screen comes up When the desktop does appear it again restarts when I press any button It started to slow down a few days ago and got stuck quite often but now this Basically I can't do anything System restore comes up with some error in safe mode and I do not have a backup or Windows CD My hard disk is filled with a lot of delicate data and it also has like GB of videos and stuff I really need your help guys

A:Windows 7 Ultimate stuck at welcome screen & reboots with blue screen

If you can boot in safemode with networking, just follow these instructions
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Good Morning,

For the past several months I have been having problems with my HP desktop computer. When my system reboots I sometimes get a black screen with nothing on it or it gets stuck on the windows logo or I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

The blue screen tends to happen with the computer goes into hibernation. So I changed my settings to that it doesn't happen but I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

I have checked for malware, viruses you name it... nothing.

HP HPE-180t
Windows 7 SP1
Intel core i7 930 @2.80GHz
9.00 GB RAM
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you need further info please let me know. ;)
ps I had wonderful support several years ago regarding my laptop.. thank you once again :)

A:Black screen, Blue Screen & Stuck on Windows logo

Hello Britt,


I would like to fix that so that I can give my computer a rest during the time that I'm not using it.

The best way to do this is to simply turn it off; it will also save on the electricty bills too.
When I am not using my machine, I turn it off, because here in South Australia we have the second highest electricity charges in the world.


I get a blue screen with a bunch of writing.

Can you tell us what the blue screen says; usually this is due to a recent hardware or software change; however, in your instance it might be the Hibernation feature that is malfunctioning.
Post back with the information about the blue screen, please.

Kind Regards,
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How can I change the windows 8.1 login screen (that comes with a password) and replace it with any image? I'm not talking about the LOCK screen. I searched a lot , some websites told me to edit the group policy and add a custom image here

But this method did not work. What should I do? I don't need any third party paid software. I require a free method.
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Hi all,

this is my very first forum post here, few people have recommended this site as a best W7 community on the internet.

I have problem with black screen(lag) between windows starting message and login screen, lag is about 10 seconds and its very annoying, here is the video so you can see the problem:

maybe this is normal? i have this install almost two years, i dont have to much programs, and i disabled almost all useless startup programs. I tried also disabling bootscan in my NOD32 antivirus but nothing changed.

Is there any solution for this? and can i post to you some logs or something?

Best regards

A:Black screen between Windows starting and login screen

It is Dell's factory install? Usually it is bloated up with some services and programs those are not needed. So you need to clean them up. Follow this guide:
Clean Up Factory Bloatware
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I'm having a weird problem. My laptop will show a black screen when booting. It seems no matter how long I wait, nothing happens. When I attach an external LCD to the laptop, it shows the Windows load or Windows resume graphics on the external monitor, but not on my laptop screen. As soon as the Desktop Screen with the Windows Login appears, it then appears on my laptop as well.

I also can't seem to get to safe mode. I push f8 and it never comes up I haven't installed any new software or hardware to cause this.
Any thoughts?
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Hello. Recently had a virus and have been going through the steps here on bleeping computer to help get rid of it. The last thing I was told to do was run the farbar scan tool and to copy and paste a code and hit fix. Upon doing so the computer prompted for a restart. It now won't get to the log in screen. I've tried booting in safe mode and I've also tried last known working configuration as suggested and nothing has worked unfortunately. I was told to come here. Hopefully something can be done. Thanks a ton.

A:Windows won't get to login screen, black screen and cursor

Tap F8 at boot and select Repair Computer from the Advanced Boot Options. Do a System Restore to a date just before the problem. 
You cannot do the above and if you have another Windows 7 computer create a System Repair Disk. Boot and try a System Restore to a date just before the problem.
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So I've hit this issue where I am welcomed with a black screen which is supposed to be my login screen It boots up but what would look like the login screen is simply black When moving the mouse the cursor would emerge whilst changing from pointing to loading cursor animations The wifi icon from the lock screen seems to flicker sometimes but that's pretty much it nothing could be done from my end I've tried resetting restoring from the advanced boot options triggered by constantly interrupting the bootup process but it's telling me it cannot be login Black Windows to prior screen 8.1 screen done since the location of the OS is not quot unlocked quot Safe mode with networking command prompt gives me the same result Unfortunately I do not have a system restore point nor a system image to use The command Windows 8.1 Black screen prior to login screen prompt from within the repair does not let me use sfc scannow too Brief history of what happened beforehand I installed the Uxtheme patcher to enable third-party themes then before rebooting installed an application called StartIsBack After rebooting it seemed fine and I changed my mind and decided to uninstall StartIsBack It turns out the aforementioned program brings a cavalry of bloatware before you could uninstall it After I got rid of the extra software it came with I proceeded to delete each part of StartIsBack from its respective directories but it wouldn't let me delete its core StartIsBack dll because it is running in the background There is no sign of it as well within the task manager So I had to boot to Safe mode to manually delete it and finally getting rid of it After rebooting normally the explorer exe didn't open upon start-up Opening it manually by launching it from the Task Manager doesn't work either so I decided to try and use SFC scannow to try and fix the problem It reported that it wasn't not able to fix some of the errors found and changes will take place after the next reboot After rebooting I am greeted with the black screen issue tl dr is there a possible solution to this without having to format my os partition and or installing a new one If I really have to is it possible to just delete C and perhaps install Windows over it My media files are in D

A:Windows 8.1 Black screen prior to login screen

Try this tutorial: Repair Install Windows 8
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Greetings Please could someone help me Recently i had my LCD screen on my 'Toshiba Satellite c - ' replaced because it had become cracked so i got it fixed and now started up my laptop it boots up fine goes past the toshiba inavations screen and then goes to the ''Windows starting'' screen it loads up the windows animation logo and then just stops and freezes on that page if i leave it there i can then hear the computer make the login sounds and it loading up programs the skype sound but the screen is still stuck on the same page its like the starting; on laptop, screen HELP: on screen 'Windows New stuck Gets laptop is still running normaly but the screen is just frozen so i turned it off and then loaded it in 'safemode' it loaded fine and i can use web stuff ect so i wrote this article please if anyone can help me fix my screen freezing problem it would be great Laptop specs bit Windows home premium GB of ram i HELP: New screen on laptop, Gets stuck on 'Windows starting; screen think its HDD but im not sure Thanks in advance if you can help i rearly need it fixed soon Best regards Nathaniel Richards

A:HELP: New screen on laptop, Gets stuck on 'Windows starting; screen

Hello and welcome to the forum Nathanielbot

*Try following the steps in the tutorial below.
Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Post back what you've done for further suggestions.
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Hi everybody I'm kinda desperate with that problem i hope you can help me I installed Win Pro everything fine i installed some programs and the latest drivers from Nvidia i ran windows update so i rebooted bios screen was right and then it appeared the win screen with the window and the circle looping and right after that login GTX Pro screen 550 Black in Windows Screen 8 32. while i had to be in the login screen i just get a black but stuttering screen where i only can see the mouse pointer I restart in safe mode uninstall the Ti then i can reboot whithout problem Win detects the card and autoinstall the latest drivers and eveything is fine again and i'm able to play whatever i want until i have to reboot or shutdown again I need to uninstall the card from the device manager everytime i reboot if i want to have the chance of login again Apart from this everything runs fine So it Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550 looks like the card works right but there is a problem with the quot welcome quot and login screen It's weird and frustrating and i would appreciate any help

A:Black Screen in login screen Windows 8 Pro 32. GTX 550

The BIOS on your system dates from 2007. I'd have to wonder if this system is compatible with Windows 8

Many of your storage controller drivers date from 2008 and earlier - I'd have to wonder about those that are involved in any crashes, but there are no memory dump files to examine.

Lot's of errors about services not starting and Windows Updates not installing - but I don't speak Spanish so I can't be sure about the details. I must ask if this is a legal copy of Windows - as illegal copies have many of these same symptoms - and fixing them isn't something that we can do here.
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After booting up my laptop and before the Windows login screen I get a screen which pops up. I have to press the OK button on this screen before the Wondows login screen will appear. The screen has a square outline with the filename in the top left corner and an OK button on the bottom of the screen - the center of the square is blank. The script before the file name is squares and lines which look like bar code. The file name which appears at the end of the script is always a dll type file and seems to be different each boot up. When I search on the file names the files are always related to Windows. These are the file names from the last three times I booted up. xpob2res.dll, wuaueng.dll, mprapi.dll. What do I need to do to get rid of this screen?

A:Weird screen before Windows login screen

Rykmann: Check this out--
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i got a very bad problem

basically, days b4 i had another prob where i could not update due to me doing a repair on the windows xp home os

turned out to b microsoft having a stealth update and the repair install screws up the file.

i managed to get the update after installing the dll and giving myself permissions to the registry.

however, after i installed the windows installer 3.1 update, it couldn't restart.

and when i shut the com manually, i couln'd get it booted pass the welcome screen

all i see is the good old blue back ground with the xp home logo.

no user name wad so eva

i ran a chkdsk and it turned out fine.

this also appears nomatter wad mode i boot as. safe or not


A:Xp Hanging At Windows Welcome Screen:b4 The Login Screen

You can take a look at some of these situations and see if one or more parallels what you experience:
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Hi everyone I don't know to fix the problem of my computer it stuck on the window stuck screen, description below:

1.After I click the power button and turned the computer on it gives 5 modes on what enviroment I like to open the computer.

2.Then, it stuck on Windows Screen with the loading bar.

3.I tried to reformatthe computer using the cd I bought from a computer shop,but nothing happened.

Please help !!!

A:Screen stuck on windows start up screen


Originally Posted by lapastangan478

1. After I click the power button and turned the computer on it gives 5 modes on what enviroment I like to open the computer.

Could you explain this point a bit more? Is it the Windows advanced boot screen? Have you attempted to boot into safe mode?


Originally Posted by lapastangan478

3.I tried to reformatthe computer using the cd I bought from a computer shop,but nothing happened.

How did you try to format the drive? When you say nothing happened, what did you do to format? Also, is it an OEM CD or a Windows XP CD?
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My computer blue screen crashed several times in a row, and wouldn't get to the OS because of it. I then preformed a quick restore, and can get to the login screen now, but after my password is entered the screen says preparing windows for about 15 minutes, after which I get sent to a black screen with a mouse. Once I was given the notification that "ChangeIcon MFC Application has stopped working," though that only happened one of the times. What can I do?

A:Login stuck at "Preparing Windows"

Some how via safe mode you have to uninstall this update listed below
that is if you cant get to control panel on main window

1. Access Control Panel (I use Small Icons view)
2. Click on Windows Update
3. Click on Installed Windows Updates
4. Look for Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2984006) and double click to uninstall it.
5. Reboot when prompted and issue is fixed.
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Recently, we have not been able to use our puter due to the password in our computer. We have assigned it an administrator p/w and have been unable to log in for approx 1 wk now. We have not changed p/w and have tried to log in multiple number of times with no luck. It's as if someone else got into our system and changed our p/w. Scary question is, is there any way we can reset this so we can start using our desktop again? We do not have the XP disk the computer came with pre-installed software. If we do have it (which I'm not sure if we do) we cannot find it. Is there any other way around this?

We've tried running it in safe mode and it still needs the p/ pls

Severely Frustrated

A:windows xp login screen

Hello gh1 and welcome to TSF !

Unfortunately we have to obey the forum's rules and we can't help you with that issue even if your request is fully legal.


We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.
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Hi-I just tried to load a HP office ject 4215 all-in-one printer on my computer using the typical install which included all kinds of features. I don't have enough space so I removed it using the uninstall feature on the cd. It did not remove everything so I used Windows explorer to find what I could. Then, I reinstalled it using the minimum requirements. It is working fine but everytime my screen saver comes on, when I move the mouse I am at a windows login screen that shows the users (only one which is me) on the right and I have to click this to get back to my desktop. I have Windows XP Professional. This is really annoying how do I get rid of it?
Thank you so much.

A:windows login screen

Right click your desktop>>
goto properties>>>
click on the screen saver tab, where it says
"On resume; show welcome screen" uncheck it.
(next to the minutes)
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my brother just restarted my laptop and then he told me that my laptop wont open well the problem is like that i start my windows every thing is good login screen "Please Wait..." my screen is soo black open login screen "Please Wait..."

and over and over doesn't stop like that

any solution ?

A:Windows 7 Login Screen

well i'm trying SFC /scannow atm i hope it fix it
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My login screen:

I want the login screen:

Please help me

A:Windows 7 Login Screen

Welcome to SF Yigit

I am not sure I understand your post but seeing the images I guess that depends on how many user accounts you're having on your computer.
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The Dell-customised login screen frequently forgets my username on resuming from a locked screen, and never puts focus on the password input box when I have typed it. I think this is symptomatic of a failed fingerprint reader driver installation, but I can't resolve this issue either despite having followed advice elsewhere on Dell support.
Additionally, if I get my password wrong, the screen layout of buttons / messages etc is just broken (see attached)

A:Windows 10 Login screen

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you update the chipset driver . We would also suggest you to un-install and re-install the video drivers
Please do let us know if this help .
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i M using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-BiT.

i Have only 1 Admin account without any password.

From past few dayz i m facing a proble,

Whenever i start my PC, a Login Screen appears & i dont want this, i want to remove it.

But i dont know how to remove it, can anyOne pls. assist me with it ??

The login screen is just like below SS, but without the password

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Sorry if this is the wrong place

I just recently installed Windows 7 Professional on a new hard drive and when I turn on the computer to login, it doesn't choose my account by default. Usually if you have a password protected account, all you have to do is type your password after starting up, but in my case I need to click my small account icon before I can type my password. I don't have any other users on this computer so it should jump to my account by default.

To clarify I want to still be able to just type my password but just without clicking my icon.

Although this is a small problem, it still kind of bugs me. Is there anyone out there who knows how to fix this?

A:Windows 7 Login Screen

What AV are you using?
I've seen and read where certain AV has caused problems logging in and check UAC and how it is set up! IMHO
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I have been using Windows since the first beta's released and have had a pretty good amount of problems But this one this one just completely stupefies me I was using it as normal rebooted and suddenly after the OS select screen nothing A black screen No Windows 8.1 Screen Login in place of the login screen I grumbled and booted to my other Windows install off my currently broken laptop's HDD i searched to see what to do and the only things I could find were where you could see the mouse which I couldn't I Windows 8.1 No Login Screen tried booting to safe mode to no avail Same thing Black screen no mouse I couldnt restore refresh because I dont have an install disc I upgraded from with a disc which broke I got the tool that's suppossed to give you an ISO of it and it said I was offline which I confirmed wasnt true I'm at a loss Also it isnt the HDD itself as I can Windows 8.1 No Login Screen access it and installed ubuntu on it and it showed its S M A R T data was perfect HELP ME I NEED IT ASAP

A:Windows 8.1 No Login Screen

Most likely when you pulled the image from the broken hard drive. Some data got scrambled. Have you tried doing a Repair install? Also have you tried using DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8 to fix the problem.

If you have already installed Ubuntu on the drive. It has wiped out any information that was previously on the hard drive.
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Good evening to all.
Been using windows ten now for a while,And quite happy with it.
Now the only slight issue that I have is when the laptop needs to restart when it comes to the Welcome screen my name is there and underneath the name it states The user name or password is incorrect.Try Again.

Now on the bottom left of the welcome screen there are two boxes with one with my name [email protected]*****
and under that its just my name david Williams.
Now to pass the welcome screen I have to select the david***** then enter my password,That part is no problem.
But why is my name showing as well as the outlook one.How can I delete the david Williams one and just have the david**** showing.
Any help here Please.

A:Windows 10 login screen

Hello dafydd,

This usually happens when the password has been entered incorrectly in netplwiz to have Windows automatically sign in to the account at startup. Setting up netplwiz again to update or correct the password should sort this for you.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup
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When i set up laptop i had a Admin Microsoft User Account-i then setup 2 more Local Account User Accounts
then i deleted the Microsoft Admin User Account-Now when i logon it is gone but a other user shows up asking for email & password--i followed your instructions and deleted what look like old SS ADMIN and must been because my login work ok. But other user still there. Got any ideas?

A:Fix windows 8.1 login screen

Hello Gary, and welcome to Seven Forums.

For Windows 8.1 issues, it is recommended to post at our sister site instead.
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I used to be able to turn on my Windows XP SP2 machine and be on the desktop without having to be there to pick a login name. I installed a new printer on this machine and now it stops and waits for me to pick a login name. It was also going to the login screen whenever the screensaver was accessed. I was able to remove that feature by right-clicking on the desktop > properties > screensaver and unchecking "on resume, display Welcome screen".

I remember when this happened on my old Win 98 computer I went into the control panel > network and changed the setting from "Client for Microsoft Networks" to "Windows Logon". Is there a way to do this in Windows XP SP2? I have not been able to find it.

Thanks for your help.


P.S.: There is also a new login profile: Machine A...

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Hi, I searched everywhere and I couldn't seem to find any more than one other person with the same problem.

On my PC running vista, upon login there is a list of users displayed. On this laptop (running Windows 7) I can't get it to start any way other than displaying a blank picture frame for the user display picture, and individual username and password fields. There are only two user accounts, one for me and one for my girlfriend, so that login system really isn't necessary.

How can I get the welcome screen to display both our user pictures? Every picture of a Windows 7 welcome screen that I have seen displays in this way.

Thankyou in advance for your help, sorry if I'm just missing something extremely obvious. I have already tried going into netplwiz, I can't see any settings to remedy the problem. Cheers!

A:Windows 7 Login Screen

If you can't login with any picture assigned to any user then something has corrupted the login process files.

Once you login,, try going to command prompt
Click start and in the search type cmd and then press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to get an admin command prompt

type sfc /scannow and hit enter to see if this helps fix anything first.
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Hi I've done something silly with my computer I have somehow locked myself out of the entire system and I'm getting a login screen that I can't login to I can't even get to the Welcome Screen normal or through safe mode where myself and my two children have their desktops All I'm getting is a quot Login to Windows quot screen and the username quot test quot to which I screen to before - Windows Welcome Login Can't don't know the password I was trying to network Can't Login to Windows - before Welcome screen my two computers and short of remembering how I did it the last time I tried setting up a direct connection Can't Login to Windows - before Welcome screen When it started asking for a username and password I cancelled out but I think the damage was done The icon for quot Direct Connection quot appeared on my desktop before I did the reboot I remember it asking me to set up a username and password during the set up with the account quot test quot but I didn't put one in Here's what I've tried to get past this Hitting F and -Safe mode in all forms normal with command prompt and with networking -Just tried hitting enter since there was no password entered but I get an error telling me it's incorrect -Tired all 's for password but I don't really know how many if that's it -Going to a restore point after hitting F where Windows last worked Short of reformatting I don't know what else to do I'm willing to try anything and I'm not a complete computer dummy even though what I did was dumb so I'm not afraid to do funky computer tech stuff to get it fixed Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated Jenna

A:Can't Login to Windows - before Welcome screen

Hello JennaPenna, welcome to TSF. The only other thing would be to do a repair install which would keep your files intact. Hope this helps
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I was infected with a virus last night which turned my background green saying my computer was infected. I did a total system scan with Norton and when I rebooted my machine, it would boot to the welcome screen "never did this before" and when I tried to login, it would say "loading personal settings" then show my desktop for a brief second, then log me out again to the welcome screen. I tried to start in safe mode, but I got a blue screen saying there was a virus. How can I get into the computer to fix the problem? The never ending welcome screen loop is not letting me proceed. Thanks

A:Windows XP Pro won't let me login at Welcome Screen

Here's what you should try:1. Download the Kaspersky Live CDKaspersky Live CD 2008It's an ISO file that you can need to open using a CD Burning software and burn onto a CD.2. Now, as soon as you turn on your PC, enter the BIOS setup and change the BOOT SEQUENCE to and make your CD drive the primary boot device (This makes sure the system reads from your drive before switching to your hard disk).3. Now insert the live CD into the drive and restart your PC.4. It should now run the Kaspersky anti-virus application off the disc. Simply use it to scan for viruses and delete them.Once the cleaning process is over, head back to the BIOS setup and change the BOOT SEQUENCE to make the hard disk primary.Restart your PC and you should be able to login to Windows !
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You know, where you select your user and input your password to get into windows, my resolution seems to be at 1280 x 1024 but after I login it returns back to normal to 1920 x 1200, why does it do this? Not a big issue but kind of annoying. Also the recycle bin seems to move itself to the upper left hand corner as well even though I set it to the lower right hand corner

A:When I get to the login screen at windows

just right-click a blank spot on your desktop and select "view". uncheck "autoarrange".
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Hi Forum,
I have been trying to log on to my Dell laptop, but it gets stuck on the blue screen where the user accounts are usually shown. Instead it is just the screen with a warped cursor which I can move. I cant log on cause the account isn't shown. I've tried restarting it several times but it keeps happening. Can you help me?
Thanks, Munns

A:Stuck on Windows 7 welcome screen

Windows 7 hanging on the Welcome Screen is a common complaint and usually caused by a third party software/driver, hanging services (sometimes related to installed security software), group policies or connecting network drives. There are many suggestions to resolve the issue...what works for one computer may not work for another.I have found that most of the possible solutions to resolve this issue can be found in these topics.How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows VistaWindows 7 Stuck On Welcome Screen with the blue animation swirl continuing indefinitelyWindows 7 Hanging at Logon? Try Microsoft Hotfix 2578159The logon process stops responding in Windows Server 2008 R2 or in Windows 7 (Hotfix 2578159 information)
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I Have a HP Dv4 Laptop runninh windows 7 that is not booting into windows. It is getting stuck at the windows log on screen. It won't let me boot into safe mode. I was able to get all of the data off by using a Ubuntu CD and copying information to an external HD. The windows repair option is not working. Any other suggestions. Thanks.

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My computer will start normally up to the point where it should say 'Welcome' and from there, it doesn't and it flashes (screen becomes black for a few seconds) and then it reverts back to the leaves of the screen but there is no 'Welcome.'

It won't let me start in safe mode since I encounter the same problem. There are files I want to save (mainly pictures) but if there is no other choice but to restore, I'll have to do it. I've heard that restoring everything doesn't necessarily solve the problem...

Please help!!

A:Windows will get stuck right before 'Welcome screen.' How to fix?

Try troubleshooting How to Fix a PC Which Won't Boot: 7 steps - wikiHow
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Whenever I get the log in screen even in safe mode windows freezes at the log in screen. Can't find a way out of it. tried using the xp cd repair option but no go. Any solutions plz?

A:windows xp stuck at log in screen

Boot off of the Windows Disc Or download the Recovery Console ISO. Burn it to CD with IMGBurn Boot off of the CD and get to the Recovery Console. Here type chkdsk /R and press enter. The Check Disk utility will try and fix any file errors.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD to test the integrity of the drive.
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Hello all my girlfriend and STUCK screen 7 Windows welcome on I are having a major problem with our little HP Laptop that we bought from Best Buy about a month ago this is the laptop http www bestbuy com site HP - Pav amp skuId We've been using it lightly Windows 7 STUCK on welcome screen for about a month It's not our primary computer and we don't do much other than schoolwork on it We haven't downloaded anything on it other than Google Chrome CCleaner and Steam This evening my girlfriend went to turn it on and the damn thing won't go any farther than the Windows welcome screen My girlfriend and I have seperate user accounts on the computer and the little icons for our accounts don't load the power button in the corner doesn't show up it's just the Windows background and cursor arrow It does this weather you choose Safe or Normal mode at startup I entered Windows System Recovery mode by pressing F and tried pretty much every option there that seemed pertenant in the advanced boot options menu I tried the system recovery option and it didn't show me any recovery options it just went straight to the same screen it always does Does anyone have any ideal what is causing this and what we might be able to do I'm going to take it to Best Buy tommorow but this is driving me nuts

A:Windows 7 STUCK on welcome screen


Have you tried a startup repair?