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Changing Font size in Outlook 2007

Q: Changing Font size in Outlook 2007

I have just installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 and some of the column fonts are kinda small. From left to right I have the 3 columns Mail, Inbox, and To Do.
I can change the fontsize in the Inbox column so I can read the emails ok but I can't seem to change the size of the Mail column fonts that has the heading Favorite Folders followed below by inbox, sent items, outbox on down. Same thing with the To Do column where the calendar and other notes are. The font size is just too small within the column.
Someone know how to change the size of the fonts in those columns? I tried going to
VIew> Current View> Customize Current View> Other Settings> Column Fonts but still they stay the same small size when I change them from a 8 font to a 13 font

Thanks to all that response


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Preferred Solution: Changing Font size in Outlook 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing Font size in Outlook 2007

Have you tried shutting down Outlook and restarting it to see if it requires a restart?
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I managed to change the size of the Inbox reading pane font but haven`t been able to find the same for the mail/personal folders list on the left side of Outlook. Any suggestions please?

A:Change font size Outlook 2007

What version of Outlook. From 2007 back it can't be done. I'll try on what you're using. If you decide to do this: Start>Run>desk.cpl>Display Properties>Appearance>Advanced>Click Icon in the > list>Choose Font and Size. You will now have a large Folder List as desired. Unfortunately everything in your computer will also be larger. Since I don't know your reasons, it might be that you'd prefer this.
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When replying to a message, the font size is huge! And going Tools > Options > Mail Format > Stationary and Fonts and modifying the values there doesn't change anything. I've adjusted the font size in Windows XP SP2 to Normal and still no go. The font size also differs in the contacts' info page. That is, it's one size in the name, address, etc fields and different in the Notes section. Any idea how to change the defaults short of re-installing the program?

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I am running Outlook 2007 in Windows 7 Home Premium. When I compose a new message or reply or forward, the font size of what I type is MUCH larger than the font size that appears in the Formatting toolbar (which corresponds to what I selected under Tools>Options>Formatting). The recipient does see the correct font size! A damn nuisance . Can anyone help>

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 font size problem

Are you sure the problem is the same on a new message as in a reply or forward?
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not sure if this fits here or e-mail

this just happen about 1 hr ago, no settings were changed, no re-boot, nada.
the text i see in the preview pane for my inbox is a certain size - lets say 11 point since that what it is - when i open to full window i.e. display the font is exactly as sent, when i hit reply - either from the preview window or when the msg is being displayed the font is still stated as being 11 point, but it's smaller than 8 point.

Any takers?

A:Solved: Font size in outlook 2007 got small like steve martin:)

Maybe you twirled your scroll wheel while holding down the Ttl key and the zoom is reduced?
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Hello sevenforums I have a problem size changing personalization. changing in whenever Font settings with my computer i recently purchased Here is my story This all started whenever I wanted to change my text size different by changing my DPI Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization. settings What I did was Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization. right click go to screen resolution and clicked on quot Make text and other items larger or smaller quot From this I changed it to from I noticed it had changed my font size to the It then made everything SUPER small when I changed my theme settings Whenever I right click and go into personalization settings I do the usual customizing to my likings Since I want to save the theme I do so by naming it blah Now I want to use the blah theme by click on it and I do so Everything is fine and dandy until I right click my desktop to refresh out of habit This is the before and after of the font sizes Before After My workaround was to set a custom DPI setting log off like it prompts me to then changing it back to again prompting to do so It is so annoying to do so Help me It is driving me crazy and I have no idea how to fix it I cannot save a theme and change to it otherwise it results in the small font It affects all the fonts soon afterwards Like google chrome will be fine until i exit and restart the program Then a super small font follows

A:Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization.

can anyone help please
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I have a HP G62. My font keeps changing size when going on Gmail and Facebook. I have to fix it manually several times a day

A:my font keeps changing size on it's own

I have just purchased an HP 15 Touchscreen two days ago AND IT IS DRIVING ME MAD As I am typing a document, the font is continually minimising to the smallest font possible AND the screen splits into two and four.   Additionally, my e-mails now will only type in the most enormous font - say 40 so that I am only able to see one line of typing on a screen.   Whilst all this is happening, my toolbar has not altered at all and still features my Font Size 11 that I always use.
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I have a ProBook with Windows 10.  My font keeps changing size on it's own.  How do I correct this?
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How to change with W7 the font size on dialog buttons, menues, for folders, etc? I cant find even the place to do it. On vista it was where themes were listed, under theme selection was drop down menu where could select font size. Where it is on Windows 7?
I don't mean DPI, I only want to change font size for folder names and the space between folders.

A:Changing font size, how?

It is a bit hidden but here it is Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance or just right click and go to personalization and once you are in color and appearance you find what you are after in advanced appearance settings.

Fonts - Change
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In Outlook Express Compose .. can't change the font size from 12 no matter what I do. Is it a corrupt file that I can repair ? Works fine elsewhere but not in OE. Thanks.

A:Changing Font Size

try going to find updates for it on "Windows Update" site.
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Well I finally got my monitor so that it switched to the correct position but now, I can't get anything to change size. When I open a windown it fills the whole screen, can't reach the x to close it out. I have changed every size or view button that I know of to small some things have changed but not everything, any assistance would be appreicated. Thanks in advance for your help>
Penni Robbins

A:changing font size

Right-click your shortcuts and choose Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab and in the Run box, select Maximised. this will open that shortcut to fill the screen properly.
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Hi, I am new to this forum. Can someone help me to change the size of my font on XP Internet. Thank you, Sunkeeper

A:Changing font size on XP

hello ,

are you trying to make it smaller or bigger ?

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I am having problems with the font size changing when I open documents and websites. I physically have to go to the toolbox and click on the Zoom feature to enlarge the font. It will show the font as being 100% but actually it looks to be about 50%.

What can I do to assure the font remains at the default setting?

A:Font Size Changing

Hi see here if your using win 7 Fonts - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums
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How does this just about to turn 80 year old senior change font size, for downloaded pages and address bar?
I have Windows XP Service Pack 3


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I don't know what is going on, but whenever I am on the internet for awhile and switch to my sticky notes, the font size on the sticky notes change. It seems to get smaller. I don't know if i am pressing a button for this to happen but it's really annoying. Any suggestions?

A:Font size changing

Try to check your zoom factor. And also make sure you reset the font settings/style via the menu options when this occurs.
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I have this problem where occasionally the font size dispalyed back to my screen via IE, is incredibly large or seems to overlap and be scrambled. I try adjusting the font size via the View Controls but that doesn't always work. Any ideas where to change permamently or is it dependant on the url visited ? I am using XP Pro w SP2.
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I have noticed here on the board that the font size changing on it's own has been a problem for several years.  I too am having the same trouble and have to manually change it several times a day.  I am on facebook a lot and when I am trying to comment on a post or type my own  post is when the problem seems to occur.   Has anyone find a solution to this problem?????
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I have a friend who has problems with her eyesight deteriorating. She wants to change the font size in Microsoft Money but can't find any information regarding this. Can anyone please help me with a way of changing the font size so she can read it properly? I'd like to be able to help this friend in need!



A:Money - changing font size

Hi Honey63,
I don't use M$ Money but found this on their site.;en-us;Q76263
Looks like that is not a feature
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This was excellent with the RC version of win I mean it installed it all on its own it was like it read my mind and knew that I was getting old and I was going to be happy with the font size Well it all changed with the RYN version I manually had to use the dpi option which worked well with the icon sizes but not so much with the font size withing the content window The size is awesome on this site but not so much on others and icon Changing font the size... not or the software I use see example I have also gone to the quot Change Window Colors and Metrics quot and sorted some other Changing font size... not the icon stuff but I can't for the life of me change the quot Window Text quot inside the quot Active Window quot again see image attached My problem is that at my yrs of age my eyesight is not that bad hence the problem I am having I mean I can see for most everything but fine print within is when all hell breaks loose and my computer is within amp so its a toss up Anyways what else I can do

A:Changing font size... not the icon

If changing the Display resolution isn't working (Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - Display - Screen Resolution "Make text and other items larger or smaller") isn't doing it, Windows IE 8 has a tab in the lower right corner to jack up the resolution in the browser. For sites that have small text on parts of them, you can jump the resolution from 125% to 150, or better.

Here's another suggestion from Dwarf, in an earlier thread:

"Try this. Click Tools and Internet Options. On the General tab, under Appearance, click Accessibility. In the Formatting section, click to check (place a tick) the option Ignore font sizes specified on webpages and then click OK twice."
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Whilst using Word the font size keeps changing. I have to keep using the zoom slider to return to 100% which is so annoying. Can anyone help please?
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In WinXP, there was an option in the display settings where I could increase the font DPI. This ONLY increased the windows program fonts and affected little else. So the text under the icons was small, as was the text in various dialog boxes. However, it would have NO effect whatsoever on web pages. Images were unchanged, fonts were unchanged.

Is this possible in Windows 7? I want to see web pages at their original resolution and change them individually if I want to.

A:Change font size without changing anything else

Have you tried this?

DPI Display Size Settings - Change
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I have an access database, the database function fine apart from one problem, when I try and open the database on a PC other than the once which it was created on, the font changes size. Also the background behind the font changes to white.


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Is there a way by which I can change the font type and size across Win 7 and all the programs/ apps (including IE9 RC) that are on my machine?


A:Changing Font size/ type globally in Win 7

You're welcome to try all of the items in my list of methods to change fonts. You can pick and choose multiple settings, to see what works best for you.

1. This is the one of the main setting tools for setting various locations of Windows font sizes. Right-click on the Desktop and go to Personalize, Window Color and Appearance. Click on Advanced, and in the drop-down menu, select the item that controls the location where you wish to change the font size. (Note: the last one, Window, does not have an option to control font size.)

2. DPI - Right click on Desktop, Personalize, On Personalization Page, go to left column to: Adjust Font size ? DPI, DPI Scaling: Click on Large scale (120 DPI), and click Apply.

3. Screen Resolution: Right-click on the Desktop, choose Screen Resolution, click on the down-arrow at the end of the Resolution box, and pick the desired resolution. Check OK.

4. Display: Right-click on the Desktop, select Personalize, then Display. From the 3 settings: Small, Medium, Large, if screen defaults to Medium (125% size for font and images) and that?s too large, use Small for 100% size (aka ?normal?)

5. At the lower right hand corner of every IE web page, there?s a Zoom control that lets you increase the size of every web page, and it stays at that Zoom setting for every page until/unless you change it.

6. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, General, Accessibility, Select Ignore font sizes specified on web pages. Click OK, then Apply, then OK.

7. Open Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, uncheck all three:
Reset text size to Medium for new windows and tabs, and
Reset text size to Medium while Zooming, and
Reset Zoom level to 100% for new windows and tabs

8. Open Internet Explorer, click the Page button, click Text Size, and then select the size you want i.e. Large (Largest may be too large).

9. Ease of Access Center ? Go to either: Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Ease of Access Center, Make Your Computer Easier to Use, Explore All Settings, and click on: Make this computer easier to see (Optimize Visual Display). OR go to Control Panel, and Explore all settings. Under the following heading, Make things on the screen larger, select: Change the size of text + icons. This takes you to the dpi settings screen.

10. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, use command/ctrl + your scroll on a web page to increase the font size.

11. MS Office apps have a Zoom slider at the lower right hand corner of every page, that lets you increase the size of every Office app page, and it stays at that Zoom setting until/unless you change it.

12. MS Word templates: In the Ribbon or QuickAccess Bar select Styles, Normal, and when the little arrow appears, select Modify. Under Formatting you can change the default font size (12) to whatever size you wish. At the bottom of the screen select Only in this documents OR New documents based on this template. Click OK. You can change this font size setting for any/all other MS Word templates as well.

13. In IE and FireFox (for current use ? not permanent): press Ctrl and the + key to increase screen size. To reduce screen size press Ctrl and the ? key. (To restore screen size to 100% press Ctrl and 0.)

14. FireFox (permanent setting): go to Tools, Options, Content, and on that screen set the new default text size that you wish. Then, click Advanced and there are additional default text size settings. Plus, in the box that says "Minimum text size" select None, and down below, UNcheck the box that says "allow pages to choose their own fonts instead of my selections above."

15. Magnifier ? To Magnify Entire Page: Start, Search pane, and type: magnifier. When it comes up click the plus (+) sign. The entire page will magnify. OR go to: Control Panel, All Control Panel Items, Ease of Access Center, Make Your Computer Easier to Use, Start Magnifier.

16. Magnifier ? To Magnify a Certain Porti... Read more
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How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

A:Changing font size to large via registry

Quote: Originally Posted by TheITGuy

How did I change the font size from appearance to large for an individual user in a Citrix desktop (Windows 7 build).

When right clicking personalize it's blocked by group policy.
This must not apply to all users only the one persons profile.

I'm currently looking for the registry setting under HKEY_Current_User.

Thanks in advance.

You want to revert the font size back to default in the registry , correct?
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Is it possible to alter font size in Windows Explorer?



A:Changing font size in Windows Explorer

This method will change the font size of the desktop icons too.

-Go to desktop, right click and open Personalize
-Click on Windows Color
-Click on Advanced Appearance Settings
-Click on your top choice bar
-Select Icon

Just change the size
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Is there a way to change the default font size of the Arabic font of choice in IE? I see where I can choose which font, but I don't see an option for its size, other than changing all fonts. Roman letters appear much larger than Arabic and to enlarge all to accomodate Arabic makes the Roman letters huge!

The alternative might be to locate an Arabic font that is inherently larger and add that to the list of options, but I don't know what font that would be nor how to add it to the list in IE8.

There has to be a way. Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks a million!
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I would like the size of the defult font size in IE8 to be always 150% without me going to right buttom corner and change it for every page I open.

Is there a way to do that.



A:[SOLVED] Changing the defult font size

IE8 kind of limits font sizes and I believe what you're referring to is the % for a particular website, but I find the easiest solution is using Ctrl with your scroll wheel and voila, any size you want.
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Hi For some reason I always discover the really weird GUI bugs Here's one I'm hoping someone has figured out Windows Enterprise x SP I set my Advanced Appearance settings as follows UI Size RDP After Session Changing An Segou Keeps Font - Active Windows Segoe UI pt - Menu Segoe UI pt - Icon Segoe UI pt - Message Box Segoe UI pt Profile is maintained without any issues when I'm working locally I then connect remotely using RDP with -admin console switch Work as usual then logout When returning to my physical desktop and logging in locally all Segoe UI items listed above switch to pt Any ideas Side Note RDP has enough issues already such as not maintaining the DPI settings unless you lock an actual console session them remote in How Segou UI Font Size Keeps Changing After An RDP Session about the desktop icon displacement every time the RDP session resolution is changed I know you can use quot Iconoid quot to fix this but it's just plain silly that it Segou UI Font Size Keeps Changing After An RDP Session cannot be tweaked within the RDP client Thanks Mark

A:Segou UI Font Size Keeps Changing After An RDP Session

Wow, I have no idea as I avoid Remote Desktop like a plague and never used it.

Perhaps Teamviewer as an alternate solution would work better for you?
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When I use CNTL P (or File/Print) the size comes of the print on the page is a tad small.

Where can this param be accessed ... to make it larger ?

Any help welcome !
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Good day.

I wish to know if there is a way to change the font size/style (bold, etc.) of the icon labels ONLY on the desktop screen.

I've tried the Control Panel method (Appearance & Personalization -> Display) that allows me to change the fonts for 'ICONS'. However, this option also changes the appearance of fonts in the directories/filenames, which is not what I want.

E.g. Labels on the desktop with size 12 and bold. Fonts in folders: size 9 and UNbolded (default style).

Anyone have a solution for this?

A:Changing Font Size of Desktop Icon Label

Hi vyrians,

I found THIS thread that offers a couple of possible solutions.

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Hi all, just 2 weeks back i've come across a new problem in Word2000. I've a friend try to change the font sizes in Word 2000 when using Arabic Fonts. But she is unable to do that. But if she were to try changing the Arabic Fonts size in Excel 2000, she will be able to do that. I've tried logging on as another user id (Windows 2000) but the problem persist.

Have also tried to repair office, un-install/re-install office, re-create a new profile for her, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
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I change the default font and size and save it but the next doc reverts back to Calibri 11.
Tried everything I could think of.

What am I missing?

A:Change default font and size Word 2007

Have a look through this website. Read through it & see if there is anything that helps you. There is also reference to setting your default font for the normal.dotm file.

Change the Default Font Size in Word
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I need a step by step list to make the font sizes of my return address envelopes bigger by about two levels. I am happy with the font size of the delivery address default, but the return address default is too small. The guide I found on line wasn't very helpful, as it read like brain surgery!

I have legacy Word experience using Word 97-2003, and envelope settings were much easier to select on those versions! Note that I want to keep the return address envelope font size as the default envelope setting.

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I have done this before, successfully. Now when I go through the steps, and say YES to saving a default font, it does not save it. I am not messing with styles or anything else--just trying to change the default font for the Normal style. All the steps I try seem to work, but when I go back into Word, the change has not held.

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When I use Times New Roman font size 12 on a document in Word 2007, it seems to cause the spacing between letters to collapse. It makes it look like all the letters are on top of each other on the left margin.

The document has to be printed with those settings for the assignment, and I can't figure out what's wrong. Any help? Thanks!
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I am trying to help friend out that just migrated from Outlook Express on Windows XP to Windows Live Mail on Windows Home Premium x She has trouble reading the from and subject lines after the client marks them as read I am aware of how to change the default font settings for the compose window and it is easy to make the text bigger in the reading pane but I haven't had much luck finding any suggestions on how to adjust the size or color of the text in the message list I have already done a few things to make things easier I have decreased the resolution which makes the text a little bigger I have set the DPI setting to I also went in the Windows Color and Appearance Settings in the the control panel and increased the default font size for menus message boxes and title bar to hoping those settings might affect the fonts in WLM but no luck I can drop the resolution a little more Live message size for Windows Changing list on font Mail and color it is Changing font size and color for message list on Windows Live Mail currently at x on a monitor with a native x resolution but I am worried that if I drop the resolution too much lower that I may create more problems than I solve Are there are any other settings I am missing that would help Short of using the screen magnifier or dropping the resolution further I am not sure what else I can do to make Windows Live Mail easier to read The only other alternative I can is to find another mail client where I can adjust that font to be significantly larger I could do that but that is something I am trying to avoid since this person seems reluctant to learn anything new

A:Changing font size and color for message list on Windows Live Mail

Hello and welcome KAugsburger mate in WLM go to > File > Options > Mail > Read > Fonts see pics I don't know if this will work as I have never tried but worth a go.

PS Forgot to add just try the different options in there for fonts and sizes
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Is it possible to change the default font size for labels without it changing Words general default font size.

Thank you

A:Office Word 2007 Label Printing, Default font size ?

Can anyone help with this or maybe confirm it can't be done ?
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Does anyone know of a way to make all font in ONLY Outlook 2002 bigger, not the rest of the font in Windows XP.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Outlook Font Size

In outlook 2000 you go to "Tools" - "Options" - "Mail Format" - "Fonts" - "Choose Fonts"
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Is there a was to change default font size in Outlook?
The current size is very difficult for me to read.


A:Outlook Font Size

Would that be Microsoft Office Outlook (which version?) or
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I wouldlike to be able to change the font size that Outlook Express 6.0 displays when opening the app. All the menu info and folder info displayed is very small.

Also when in Internet Explorer, when I go to view and select a different text size, ie medium, larger, etc......the change makes no difference in the display.

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express Font size


There are a couple of things you need to look at:

To change incoming message font sizes with Outlook Express:

Go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, READ, FONTS (at bottom of page)

There you can change the size of incoming fonts.

To change outgoing message font sizes:


There you can change the size of outgoing fonts.

For Internet Explorer:


At the CUSTOM SETTING option, move the DPI setting up to a higher number.

Hope this helps.
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Under Windows 7, how can I increase the default font size of everything in Outlook 2016's opening window. These tired old eyes find all of the panes hard to read.

Thank you.

A:Increase Font Size of Outlook 2016


I do not use Outlook (2010 on my Win7 boxes and 2016 on my Win10 box) and I have not tried the links or the suggestions therein, but Uncle Google turned up these:
(Scroll down on the page for instructions to change the interface font)

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When replying to an email using Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP3 the font size of my signature seems to default to the font size of the original email instead of remaning at Arial 12.

A:Outlook Signature font size resized

It might do that when you reply emails that are in plain text. Also you can check the signature settings, select it all and set the font size again.
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Hi everybody,
Can someone please help with this one please. Using stationary in OE6 using Times New Roman size 10 font. When received by a friend I am advised the font size is tiny!! I also have the problem with one contact where the font size is also tiny.
I am sure it is something quite simple to fix but have no idea what it is.
My thanks
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I have an Excel Spreadsheet with alot of BMP graphics.
In Excel 2007, all the graphic moved to a different place and some were resized. I returned them to the correct place/size. When I open the file again, the graphics were once again in the wrong place and some were resized.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


Copy each graphic and pasted as a Microsoft Office Drawing Object.
The graphics now stay in the same location and as the same size.
However, I don't know why II needed to convert BMPs to this drawing object format.
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Hi there, 
I have recently updated my Mac to the newer Microsoft 2016 and every time I hit the tab button to indent the format of the font, font size, and color change instead of indenting my paper. 
Please help this is a very annoying issue.

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I use Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 (not Express)
My default font is Times New Roman 12 Black, Format setting is HTML
Three issues:

1. Sometimes when I reply to an e-mail, the font and color of my reply e-mail changes to that of the sender. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens consistently with the same people.
2. Sometimes when I reply to an e-mail, my signature isn’t automatically inserted in my reply. Again, this doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens consistently with the same people.
3. Some recipients have told me that they receive my e-mails with a yellow font color that they can’t read without first changing it to another color.

Any help would be appreciated.

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After I read a msg in the Inbox of Outlook (Vista Ultimate 64) the "From" "Message" and "Received" information in that line gets very small and turns red. How can I increase the font size so that it isn't so hard to read?

A:Outlook read messages font size change

I just realized that this happens when I have flagged the message. If it isn't flagged, it doesn't turn red and get very small. Still would like to have the font bigger, even if it is red.
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I want to change the font size for the list of messages shown in the Outlook Express Inbox. Going to Tools/Options/Read/Fonts changes the message once it is opened. Going to Tools/Options/Compose/FontSettings sets the size of the contents of messages you are going to send. Neither effects the list of messages. Nor does going to View/TextSize, it also changes the contents of a message. Does anybody know what I should do?

A:Outlook Express Inbox Message font size

hello &welcome to TSF,

have you tired to use the ( accessibility) function in the (all programs ) of the start menu

be ware for i know it will adjust the size of all fonts for all fuctions of windows

but i will start looking into this issue

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I can increase the font size in the reading pane easy enought but I cannot change the font size for the folder labels or the list of incoming mail. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!!

A:Solved: Increase font size in Outlook Express

I changed the settings and made everything larger and now the list is readable for me.
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I have an HP4200 printer. I received an Outlook 2000 message with blue, black and grey fonts. When I see it on the screen, it looks fine, but when I print it, the grey and blue fonts print so tiny it looks like a straight line. I tried to print to an HP5Si, and it printed the same. When I forwarded it to someone with an HP4250 printer, it printed OK. It's not feasible to print to that other printer (it's in another building). Any ideas?

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This is on a friend's PC with 8.1, of which I know little.

When she's typing an email, her front size will go from huge to tiny and
various sizes inbetween without her doing anything.

What's going on and how to stop that?

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For reasons that escape me, Outlook Express is changing my default font from Arial 10 (my selection under Tools/Option/Compose) to Arial 12. I do not have any stationary selected to override the font default. This is driving me nuts and I've never had it happen before and don't know why it is happening now.

Any help appreciated.

Bob Setzer, Jr.
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I'm using outlook 2007 and am facing a problem in viewing fonts properly in the body of the message. Whenever I get a mail in a regional language, it appears properly in the subject field only, where as in the body, it appears like small boxes. Am sure there is a fix to this.

Please help.

Thanks in advance,
Amit Kotak.


A:outlook 2007 font
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I have a macro that creates a Calendar Event for selected contacts and in the body of the Calendar Event it shows words from certain fields of each Contact selected So for example the field of the Contacts which is the FullName of each Contact the full name of the Contact shows up as to each Contact selected Is there a way to add to the macro so that the words coming from the FullName field can be designed as a font that would be Times New Roman Color Blue Bold and Underlined Bold And it s Font 2007 Outlook not be selecting the words and changing font it is simply automatic when it shows up in the Body field So there is the standard code lines that come with it and Outlook 2007 Font here is the basic code lines that does what I said above Dim strDynamicDL As String strDynamicDL strDynamicDL amp objItem FullName amp quot quot With itmAppt Body itmAppt Body strDynamicDL End With nbsp
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Since Outlook uses the Word editor and you can t change this w o uninstalling Word I can t get the NormalEmail or the Normal template to hold my font I m using a font called Architect which I installed on my laptop and I ll create the style and save it as Outlook Font 2007 the Normal and NormalEmail templates but as soon as you start Outlook 2007 Font typing whether in Word or Outlook it changes to Cambria Math immediately I tried deleting that font Cambria Math and then it defaults to Tahoma However when I click on the Clear Formatting OR the Style button I created it will Outlook 2007 Font then modify all the text to the Architect font but I can t get it to retain the settings Other things I tried was deleting all templates in the registry changing the theme to NO THEME and quot Always use my fonts quot I don t understand why the font won t stay if it s installed on the computer Anyone have any ideas I ve worked on this for days and have tried every workaround other people said worked and nothing has resolved this Thanks nbsp
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I have a macro that creates a Calendar Event for selectedcontacts, and in the body of the Calendar Event, it shows words from certainfields of each Contact selected.

So for example, the field of the Contacts which is theFullName of each Contact, the full name of the Contact shows up as to eachContact selected.

Is there a way to add to the macro so that the words comingfrom the FullName field can be designed as a font that would be Times New Roman 14, Color Blue, Bold andUnderlined Bold? And it's not beselecting the words and changing font…it is simply automatic when it shows upin the Body field.

So there is the standard code lines that come with it, and here is the basic code lines that does what I saidabove :

Dim strDynamicDL2 As String

strDynamicDL = strDynamicDL & objItem.FullName &(";")

With itmAppt.Body

itmAppt.Body = strDynamicDL2

End With
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This is a weird one, but I have an issue with the font size while opening "OPTIONS" in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Specifically, the font is very big, causing some of the buttons to not be visible. Does anyone know what's causing this and how it can be fixed? A picture has been attached. Please Help!

A:Solved: Problems with Font Size in Microsoft Outlook Options

The first image shows that the same font in the "Options" menu can also be found in the "Account Settings" menu. However, the second image shows the standard font in the "Customize" menu. Something is wrong, however, I can't figure out how to fix it.
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Hi Gang My present problem did not exist earlier I am unable to increase or decrease the font size in Outlook Express stationary mails I am able to change the font Ariel to times etc but not the size default to in Unable change Outlook size font Express I am aware of quot tools options compose quot In fact it s presently set for size I get size Unable to change default font size in Outlook Express When I copy from Word or Word Pad a larger font to test it it converts to size I can highlight hit format change the font this way and it remains default When I change the format size initially the cursor appears changed to the new font size in the mail say size but once I type a letter or hit the space bar it reverts to the default size Something is reverting it to the default It s driving me crazy It seems to have occurred when I upgraded Opera May not be related but I grasping for straws Any help Thanks davidrs nbsp

A:Unable to change default font size in Outlook Express


I don't know if any of this will apply to you, but here goes:

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Just wanted to post this because it totally fixed the problem I was having today (I found it on a very old expired post):

Try holding the Control key and scrolling the wheel on the mouse. This will increase or decrease the viewing scale.

Thanks Tech Support Guy... two thumbs up!
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Somehow in typing an email I have accidentally changed the font size as displayed on the screen so it is too small to read easily. It is only on the outgoing email, incoming emails and all other Office fonts display as normal.

The actualy font size chosen (Arial 12) is still the same, it is just the display that has shrunk (to about 50%), presumably from a keyboard shortcut that was used accidentally.

Can someone please tell me how to get it back to 100% before I go blind?


A:How do I change the font display size in Outlook outgoing emails?

If you have opened an email in a separate window - try Zoom Button (it is the last one one the right in Message tab).

If you are talking about general Outlook, where you can preview emails in one of the panes, there is a slider with percentage on the very bottom right.
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'Outlook Today' is the default home page (for every Outlook version that I have ever seen).
The text in my Outlook (2007) Today is all underlined. Does anyone know how to change Outlook Today's font?

Thanks, Randy

A:font in Outlook Todau (Outlook 2007)

Tools-->Options, Advanced Options tab.
Choose a folder to start in.... I use my inbox.

Also, I believe the fonts in Outlook today would be the same as your desktop fonts.
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Windows Vista, Office 2007

I've been getting weird font characters substituted for apostrophes, periods, quotation marks and triple periods when sending Outlook emails. Word is the editor. Here's an example:

Sent text:
“and that’s the truth”…and a little more

Received text:
“and that's the truth”…and a little more

I've read this may be a Word Auto-Correct and/or ASCII vs. UTF-8 issue. However, I have not been able to figure out how to correct it. I've been turning Word/Outlook features on and off for days without fixing the problem. It's driving me nuts! Word's Auto-Correct exceptions does not allow punctuation marks to be input as "exceptions", only words. Can you offer any advice? Thanks.


A:Font substitution in Outlook 2007

You could have a missing system font. See this list of required fonts on your PC:
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Hi Guys,

I have a weird problem. I have a user who when she types an email(new or responding) using Outlook 2007, when she hits enter to start typing in the body of the email, the font changes color. The hearder is fine, it's just the body for some reason.

I have checked all the settings and the fonts and color are set the same for new, replying and composing emails.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I wondering if anyone can help me with this. When I receive new mail messages (forwards or not) sometimes the fonts are to small for me to read. What I've been doing is copying/pasting into Word, but that's a waste of time. I'm fairly new to Outlook 2007, but I can't see a way to increase the font within a new mail message. If I'm sending mail I have the option, but for some reason it's not where I need it, that I can find. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

A:Font Increase in Outlook 2007

The sender has sent the message to you with these size fonts.
You can view all your messages in plan text though (instead of Rich Text Format) but then you will lose any other font style too.

Look through the settings of Outlook to change to plain text, or contact the sender back, and ask for a larger font size in new messages.
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The left side folder list pane in Outlook 2003 changed the font on its own and I can't find a way to change it back to the way it was before.

How do you change the font and its size in the left folder list in Outlook

I tried the fix I found on the Microsoft site by going to display ->
appearence -> Advanced and then select icon and change the font and size
there but that did not help. It looks like it works with Outlook 2000 but I'm
on 2003.

Anyone has any ideas.

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I installed the outlook plugin on a Windows 7 PC and a Windows 10 Surface pro 4. The font size of the outlook on the surface pro is ridiculously small and completely unreadable. Any idea how to change this? The normal fonts for outlook etc are fine.
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Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 received messages sometimes look like big fuzzy balls. I have changed my email settings to HTML, Plain Text and Rich Text. I have changed the "Internet" setting as well.

I have Word 2007 "normal" set to Lucida Bright and Outlook set to the same font as well.

Has anyone experienced this problem and is there a fix?

Some of the received emails I have copied and pasted into Word, and it varies as to whether or not the font will change from the "fuzz balls" to standard font.


A:Solved: Outlook 2007 Message Font

It appears that these messages are using font NOT part of the 2007 package: Times New Roman is one of them. Seems to default in appearance to: Mary Jane deGroot

The 2007 package includes only the fonts on this page.

Notice some TTF missing and those will apparently default to the Mary Jane font, or something similar. I am using the Enterprise package and it appears that a few more fonts are missing as I used the "Typical" installation feature.

Just one more problem faced.
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I m having trouble with the way Outlook is viewing some emails When replying to some emails Outlook changes the font size and color after hitting send While editing the reply the formatting appears normal I can change font size and color and see it in the reply After hitting send I look in the Sent folder and the font size and color has been reset font replying issue 2007 when Outlook to Times New Roman Black pt Originally I thought it may be converting the email to plain text but this is not the case links and pictuers still work After more research I found Outlook 2007 font issue when replying the emails look fine on the server when accessing the sent items through webmail So the emails are reaching the recipient with the correct formating but when the recipient replies and I see the email again it is once again Times New Roman Black pt font I found that if I view the email in IE the Outlook 2007 font issue when replying fonts are displayed correctly While testing I sent a reply from an affected email chain to my hotmail email and then from hotmail replied back to the affected system and that resolved the issue This leads me to believe it is an issue with the way Word is viewing editing the email I have been looking into this issue for a couple days changing all kinds of options and settings in Outlook with no luck Any suggestions nbsp

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I installed the outlook todoist plugin on a Windows 7 PC and a Windows 10 Surface pro 4. The font size of the outlook on the surface pro is ridiculously small and completely unreadable. Any idea how to change this? The normal fonts for outlook etc are fine.
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Hiya - I just upgraded to Office and I ve run into something I just can t figure out How do you change the font for individual items on the daily calendar in the printed version of do - on items How the font 2007 for you Outlook the calendar? change it I found the Page Setup - gt Daily and the fonts in there affect the right hand Notes section and the footer Outlook 2007 - How do you change the font for items on the calendar? In View - gt Customize Current Outlook 2007 - How do you change the font for items on the calendar? View Outlook 2007 - How do you change the font for items on the calendar? you can change the font for the individual items onscreen but it does not carry over to the printed version For the life of me I can t find a setting to change for that to change the onscreen font see http www uwec edu Help Outlook CAL-options htm fontsize Can anyone shed any light on this That small font is terrible on my old eyes I did download the Calendar Printing Assistant so if anyone can point me to some good documentation for it - that might do the trick as well Thank you for your time nbsp
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If you open a contact and look at the Notes section which is in the lower left, it isn't readable. The font is set to size 12. If the font is changed to size 72 it is finally readable.

Changing to a different font, like Times or Arial doesn't matter - size 72 is required to make it readable. 72 should be huge, but it it's just about the size of the text in this post.

What's going on? There are hundreds of contacts with Notes and we don't want to have to resize the font in every single one of them to fix this.

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I have been looking everywhere how to change the font size and type for my outlook 2007 navigation pane
I was able to do it with each current view in the MAIN frame (Inbox message list, etc..) but not with the navigation pane, or the to do bar, some one has an idea on how to do it?

A:Font Settings in Outlook 2007 navigation pane

How'd you do it in the Main frame? I can't even figure that out.

I'll keep working on this, but the how you did it there might give me an idea.
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Hello My system MS XP Home SP fully updated MS Office Pro SP Having used Office XP for some years now I purchased and installed MS Office Pro and then installed SP My old settings were automatically updated and all mail transferred into The problem I have is this when I try to move email Outlook size folder 2007 into various folders I get a message which informs me the folders have reached their size limits and that I should C onsider using the new Outlook Personal Outlook 2007 folder size Folders file pst introduced with Outlook that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders I fail to understand why if these folders were perfectly acceptable in Outlook XP they should be implicitly considered not big enough to handle the amount of mail I have So the question is how do I go about using the quot new Outlook Personal Folders file pst introduced with Outlook that provides greater capacity for storing items and folders quot Thanks in advance Lane nbsp

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Hi, I previously had 2 different identities set up on my Outlook account and I could choose which E-mail account I could access, however, I don't seem to have that option on Outlook 2007, does this option still exist and how do I activate it? Thanks

A:Changing from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007

If you have more than one email account set up, there should be a ICON on the Outlook tooplbar, with a drop down list , that you can select for the different accounts.

I do not have Outlook on this machine I am trying this by memory.
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I use Outlook 2007. Lately I've been getting a message that the PST folder has reached maximum size so I should permanently delete some messages. It also says that I should use the new folders in Outlook 2003 since the PST folder has a larger capacity. This is odd since I'm running Outlook 2007. Any idea what the problem could be? I've deleted a large number of messages and still get the message.

A:Outlook 2007 PST Folder Maximum SIze

Is this just a home pc or is it part of a work network using Exchange?
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My Outlook 2007(v12.0) window will not restore to the same location on the screen as when it was minimized. Some times it resizes itself in the process.

However, if I activate Outlook from Mailwasher, it correct locates and it is properly sized.

It just annoys me yo no end!!

Jim /*
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I don't think I've ever felt so unintelligent. One of my co-workers has a web folder where the text size seems to be at about 300%. Now, this doesn't really bother her, but it drives me bananas. I can't seem to find a way to change the font size/text size of an Outlook 2007 web folder - anyone? Seems like it should be a simple task - but i've come up with nothing.

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I have been using Office 2007 since, well, 2007 or so. Suddenly, the font size I see when composing a plain text e-mail in Outlook is huge. This started around 2 weeks ago. At first I thought it was a problem with my Windows 7 Theme. But I reverted to the default theme and I still see this. I am baffled why this started happening and how to make it stop. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

A:Huge plain text font composing e-mail in Outlook 2007

Run this You Tube video on how to change your font size.
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I like to have my VIEW for emails set to "Flag Start Date" and for some reason OL keeps changing it to "Date Conversation" Did not see anything in options for that, it will keep it for several days then change Tx

A:Outlook 2007 keeps changing the view

Perhaps something in these websites might help.

How to Reset the View on Outlook folders - Outlook Tips
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I've just installed win7-64 and Office 2007. When I open Outlook the window size is half the screen. I would like it bigger and drag the bottom of the window to the bottom of the screen. When I close Outlook and re-open, it reverts to the old window size and does not remember what I had set it to. How can I get it to remember the size it want?


A:Outlook 2007 doesn't remember window size

Hi, victord66!

Try maximizing, then closing it and re-opening. After re-opening it should come up as full screen (maximized). Then restore down and size it to the way you want it. Next time you open it, it should retain that window size.

If you want it to be maximized (full screen), always close it when it's maximized. If you want it to be a particular window size, always close it when it's at that window size and location.

This works for almost all application windows.

If that doesn't work, we'll have to look at the properties of the shortcut you use to start Outlook. We'll save that for later, however, as I doubt you changed any of those settings, right?
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Hey everyone! Long time no see!

Okay, so a friend of my dad told him that he used to see the folder icons and labels in the left pane of Outlook 2007 in a bigger font/size before switching to a new computer with Windows 7. Obviously, we all know that upgrading Windows won't change font sizes that are coded into independent programs, so I'm thinking that maybe his old computer was running at a lower resolution. Anywho, my dad's friend asked my dad to ask me this question, and since I don't use Office 2007 anymore, I need to ask you: is there a way to change the size of the folder icons and labels in the left pane of Outlook 2007, without changing the size of anything else?

Thanks for your help!

A:Change size of folder icons and text in Outlook 2007

Not sure about Outlook 2007 as I've been on 2910 for a while now but if you go to the file - options - advanced and check out the options for the navigation pane there should be a font button - change this to something more appropriate to your needs andthis will not alter the other panes

If would also appear that the icons expand to match your font choice
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Every time I begin a new message, the same font and size come on, unbidden. I do see how to reset them every time, but how can I can I reset them so that my own choices appear automatically?

A:In Windows Live Mail, how do I reset the default font and font size?

Go to tools>options>compose tab.
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Hi everyone

Does anyone know how to change the default appointment time in Outlook 2007 please. Set at 30 minutes but I'd like to change to 1 hour if possible. Thanks


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I have currently upgraded to Office 2007 and am having a problem with the
work week view on my calendar. In Outlook 2003, my work week view displayed
the days vertically, so that I could see all of my appointments for the
week/weekend at once. In 2007, the display goes across the screen vertically
and my appointments are condensed so I have to roll my mouse over the
appointment to see what it is. Also, my screen only shows 8am to about 2pm
before I have to use my scroll bar to scroll down to see appointments after
that. Basically, I'm unable to view all of my appointments on one screen
like I could in 2003. Any ideas how to change the format to display closer
to that in Office 2003? Thank you.
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I have a Outlook 2007 views shared changing calendar user who is having an issue with Outlook The device is on the work domain which is managed using Group Policy The drive was imaged from a master image like every other drive in our nearly device network My point is this is something localized to the user or her machine Anyway the user has many shared calendars that she views all Outlook 2007 shared calendar views changing at once When viewing them her preferred and current view is Day Week Month The problem is that she switches constantly between her calendar s and email Sometimes when she switches to email and then back to calendar by selecting between the two on the lower left menu the calendars suddenly change from Day Week Month view to All Appointments view When she changes it back manually she has to reselect all of the shared calendars that she was viewing This happens multiple times a day I already ran a macro to lock the current view but the issue persists Online research got me nowhere and upgrading to Outlook is not an option right now What am I missing here She wants the Day Week Month view to always stay Why would it randomly change back to All Appointments view when switching between email and calendars nbsp
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I have upgraded to Office 2007 and am having a problem with the
work week view on my calendar. In Outlook 2003, my work week view displayed the days horizontally, so that I could see all of my appointments for the week/weekend at once. In 2007, the display goes across the screen vertically and my appointments are condensed so I have to roll my mouse over the appointment to see what it is. Also, my screen only shows 8am to about 2pm before I have to use my scroll bar to scroll down to see appointments after that. Basically, I'm unable to view all of my appointments on one screen like I could in 2003. Any ideas how to change the format to display closer to that in Office 2003? Thank you.
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I use many different font in my line of work and need the font in the selection drop-down box to be larger. Is there way to change the default size of the listed fonts?
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Greetings. I changed the default location of my pst data file. After copying the pst file and pasting it somewhere else, I added the new located and deleted the old one. Only one problem. The RSS feed icon in the left-hand panel (which also includes inbox, sent mail, junk mail, etc.) changed from a unique orange colored (similar to how it looks in Internet Explorer 7) to a standard plain yellow folder. When I right click on the folder and go into properties, there is no option to change the look of the icon. Any way to restore the icon to the way it looked before? Thank you in advance for your help!
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In Outlook 2007 Calendar, the default reminder time is 15 minutes. That is, Outlook will remind you of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

In Tools\Options..., I've tried to set the default reminder time to a shorter interval. But no matter what I set it to--10 minutes, 12 minutes, 5 minutes--Outlook keeps reminding me of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

In Tools\Options..., there's a checkbox called "Default Reminder:" Whether I check it or leave it unchecked has no effect on the reminder time either--Outlook keeps reminding me of each appointment 15 minutes in advance.

Any ideas what could be happening here?

A:Outlook 2007: Changing Calendar default reminder time has no effect


No, but you should be able to repair outlook: How to Repair Microsoft Outlook 2007 |