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Office 2010 - How merge Personal Folders with email account?

Q: Office 2010 - How merge Personal Folders with email account?

Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have a search.

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email ***** was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for ***** but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu, any ideas?
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Preferred Solution: Office 2010 - How merge Personal Folders with email account?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have a search.

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email ***** was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for ***** but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu, any ideas?

A:Outlook 2010 - How do you merge personal folders to an email account?

Hello MzTearyuz

See if this link is of help.
Combine POP3 accounts in Outlook 2010 |

Where do I find?? | HowTo-Outlook
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I had to sign up for a business office 365 account because my account no longer supported my domain account.
I don't want to have 2 different accounts but all of my onedrive, one note, devices are under my personal account How do I merge the 2 acounts?
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i am mail merging word and excel database when i choose to send the messages as HTML all is good when i choose to send text or attachment - i get this security warning even after pressing quot allow + office attachments mail 2010 2010 merge exchange quot - nothing mail merge attachments office 2010 + exchange 2010 happens nothing no trace of messages in outbox mail merge attachments office 2010 + exchange 2010 and no mail sent i know that quot If you choose a format other than HTML an Outlook message may inform you that a program is trying to access e-mail addresses and send e-mail This message is a security measure designed to protect against viruses that replicate through e-mail To continue with the merge select the Allow access for check box in the security warning dialog box and then select the amount of time that you need to complete the merge Click Yes If you are prompted again continue to click Yes until the merge is complete quot thank you very much Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Enterprise bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro FX SDI Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc DN CN Antivirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus Updated and Enabled nbsp
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I am using Office 2003 on an XP pro system. I merge my word document with an existing Access database to send out emails thru Office Outlook. Outlook shuts down, as in stops sending emails at random intervals. Sometimes restating Outlook will get it going but most times it comes down to removing all merged emails and re-doing the merge to get it going again. Sending in groups of 100 to 9000 at a time. The merge goes well, it is the Oulook. Help please.

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Is there a way to rename my main email from "Personal Folders" to the name I used to create that account. i.e. "[email protected]" is listed in account settings name, not as Personal Folders. (3 other email accounts show the correct account name)
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The C drive of my computer recently crashed and I had to import pst files into Outlook from various sources where I have stored it in the past This lead to duplicates numerous pst files and missing emails This is the current state of affairs I have now more than GB of emails The programs I could find on the internet were mostly trial versions that did not help I bought Advanced Outlook Repair which caused more duplicates Basically I want to combine merge the folders get rid of the duplicates and save my archives on a HD and or on DVD s Currently I have Personal folders Outlook folders Archived folders etc So to summarize reduce all the pst folders to only a few current and archives Would there be a possibility to take a group to my pst 2010 organize/combine/merge advice Need Outlook folders how of folders e g archived folders import them into Outlook and then export them again to a quot new quot archived folder I Need advice how to organize/combine/merge my Outlook 2010 pst folders suppose Need advice how to organize/combine/merge my Outlook 2010 pst folders I will need to empty the Need advice how to organize/combine/merge my Outlook 2010 pst folders whole of Outlook perhaps move the source pst folder or is there a free program that would help me with some of the stages Or what commercial programmes are there that what do this but I am not keen to spend more money Thanks for any advice

A:Need advice how to organize/combine/merge my Outlook 2010 pst folders

Hello avz10,

See if this works and let us know if it helps.
Duplicate Remover Tools | Slipstick Systems
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I have Office 2010. I am trying to do a Mail Merge with 650 addresses on an envelope. All the fields merge fine except one. The field is Street Type (Dr, St, Ave, etc.). The field returns a value of time. 12:00:00 AM. The field settings on the excel spreadsheet are for Text.

There are no leading or trailing spaces in the field.

All other fields merge just fine and have the same settings.

Any advice?

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Running Windows 7 machine with Office 2010 Professional. Just discovered that from Word I can send out mass emails (I am the email blaster for our organization) that show up in email as JUST addressed to the recipient without using bcc. Word 2010 BOMBS 75-90% of the time when I click on MAILINGS, Start Mail Merge, Email messages. If I do happen to get past there, when I click on Select Recipients Word bombs, then reboots. Very frustrating since each message I send out must be sent 3 times to get all of our people (more than 50 messages at a time are forbidden by my ISP).

Obviously Word and Outlook are both 2010.

Any fixes or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!
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Have just upgraded to Microsoft 2010, where before I could email mail merges from Outlook and choose my sender email address I cant now. Email mail merges have to be created and sent in word but it is defaulting to my pop email address and will not let me choose my imap address? my Imap is set to be the default

A:Email Mail Merge 2010 Problem with IMAP

Do you have the IMAP account showing in Outlook?
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I have recently upgraded to Office from and I perform a lot a mail merges I have come Word Outlook Merge Email - & Mail 2010 Issue across a few issues with this Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010 feature within and wondered Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010 if anyone has a solution I am obviously running Windows Issue - When performing the mail merge to emails HTML Word doesn t seem to recognise my IMAP email account which is set as default in Outlook it uses one of my other pop email accounts Is there any way to set my IMAP account as the default for mail merging Issue - Once I have completed the email merge I then need to create them as a PDF which in worked fine but the Acrobat addin in Word doesn t do anything I do have Acrobat prof installed as well I have done a little research and can see that this is a problem but I need a solution to fix Otherwise I ll be reduced to uninstalling and re-install Anyone with solutions please let me know nbsp

A:Email Mail Merge Issue - Word & Outlook 2010

Hi welcome to the forum,
Have you tried the macro to save As pdf file of print to the adobe pdf printer?
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When I open Outlook ( running under XP) I get the error message " The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems."

What is ( not) happening and does anyone know how I can sort it ?


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I have created a new user acct for my roommate I we don't really care much for IE and I'd like to add Google Chrome and FF for her to let her choose her own browser Plus I'd like to add some other apps for her and transfer some of her personal info that she's been storing on new & applications, personal User to Adding Account files/folders my administrative acct i e personal photos and such So like I said the account is set up But when I go to use Chrome it won't open It along with other apps are listed in the list of quot approved quot applications under the parental control list Application Restrictions List But they either don't show up when searched for in her acct or won't open and operate One other example is Faststone Capture And then I've got one application Yahoo quot Unchecked quot and yet there it is in her account AND IT WORKS I do not get it The purpose to setting up an account for her was to only restrict that she couldn't delete or uninstall anything on the computer I don't care obviously within reason what she installs but NO TAKING AWAY lol Here is a screen shot of the restrictions list So here I sit wondering what I did wrong Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account or forgot to do in order for these to work I don't care if Yahoo works or not But her photos being transferred Chrome FF working and Faststone Capture working are a priority for Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account me If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any advice Thanks OHEdit My acct is an Administrator Account The account I am creating for her is just a Standard User Account

A:Adding applications, & personal files/folders to new User Account

Standard User Accounts do not have access to an Administrative Account, most of these programs where installed to C:\Users\Odean\AppData\Local\(App Name), using the Administrative Account.Since Deb dosn't have rights to your account, copy the files from C:\Users\Odean\AppData\Local\ to C:\Users\Deb\AppData\Local\.The App Data folder is hidden by default, but if you where to type in the full path in the address bar it would work.
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Hi, I am having real problems trying to send mail merge emails to subscribers of a charity event I am organising. I have previously done it successfully but I have recently changed my laptop and it now runs on Vista - this is the only change. I am using office 2007. Please help! Thanks.
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Outlook pst folders transfer I m trying to copy my Outlook email personal folders structure as well as content from my Lenovo T s laptop Windows XP Office to a Dell desktop Windows .pst Outlook Transferring personal email folders Office I have two separate sets of files one labelled Archives and the other labelled Personal Folders both of which have multiple subfolders I ve now copied both using a memory stick to the Dell desktop I tried the Import and Export feature and also tried the Open Data File feature The Archive folder gets copied with all the sub-folders but I can only access those if the memory stick is inserted into a USB port even though the Archive folder is saved on the Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Dell desktop When I do the same thing with the Personal Folders a Merge folder opens but it doesn t have any content I do see the default Personal Folders on Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders the left side of the Outlook screen What should I do Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Thanks

A:Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders

Did you use the Import/Export function in Outlook 2007?
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I have a personal folder with alot of subfolders in it, when I try to move email from one folder to another it does nothing. The hour glass looks like it is moving but in task manager it is not responding. I can move email from my Inbox fine, but when I try from the personal folders nothing happens. I am running an old gateway 4200 P III 650 with 128 mb of ram and using office 2002 on it as well.

A:Unable to move email form personal folders

I have had a similar problem when trying to move too many at once - are you able to move one, several or none at all?
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In 2012 I purchased (by email) and received a letter from M/Office to download Microsoft Office 2010.I am now trying to download (as I am entitled to) a copy for my new notebook (Windows 10) assuming it will accept the program.I am having difficulty in completing a download.   I now cannot contact the people in question (I can attach a copy of the email if wanted)I cannot ring the US as I am in Australia and would prefer to email anyway.Judy

A:Email address required for M/Office re Office 2010

Surely someone in the US knows the address of Microsoft (email address that is) - as I cannot ring from Australia.,154896.0.html
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I ve seen this issue on email Office Problem Merge 2003 HTML Outlook 2007 other postings but have not seen the answer yet I have Vista Outlook and Office I have been trying to send an email merge works fine on my other XP machine with office in HTML I can send a merge in text but the HTML option Office 2003 Outlook 2007 HTML email Merge Problem yields nothing I purchased outlook because Msft Mail was not working either I am about to throw out outlook and try to downgrade to outlook to see if this option works as it does on my XP machine Any ideas before I totaly frustrate my wife by reloading her software again When the quot text email merge is initiatied I get a message for each mail that asks me to accept that another program is trying to send an email This seems to happen for each email which could really be a problem for several hundred emails I have tried turning off the firewall but the box still appears This whole Vista thing is making me crazy I have to reconfigure my outlook and transfer the list of names and the word doc to my xp laptop just so I can send the Office 2003 Outlook 2007 HTML email Merge Problem mail merge What is the setting to turn this off I am wondering why I paid for Vista and the Oulook sw Sorry just frustrated This should not be so difficult nbsp
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Hi When I started up my computer this morning I found ALL + settings emails DISAPPEARED and personal, all browser email account that the desktop personal settings had gone Then I quickly discovered that my browser settings history bookmarks email account settings and all emails etc on both Netscape and IExplorer were ALL personal, browser and email account settings + all emails DISAPPEARED also missing MS Outlook had also ALL personal, browser and email account settings + all emails DISAPPEARED vanished The keyboard setting changed as well - some special characters are at different places is at shft is at shft etc I have McAfee installed but the firewall only the firewall was switched off for an hour yesterday I have scanned the computer but McAfee hasn t found anything Is it possible I have a virus spyware running regardless of McAfee Can you please help ALL personal, browser and email account settings + all emails DISAPPEARED Thanks in advance Below is the HIJACKTHIS LOG ------------------------------------------------------- Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINNT System smss exe C WINNT system winlogon exe C WINNT system services exe C WINNT system lsass exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT system spoolsv exe C WINNT System Com DMI CDMINIC EXE C Program Files Cisco Systems VPN Client cvpnd exe C WINNT System svchost exe C WINNT System Hummingbird Connectivity Inetd inetd exe C WINNT system hidserv exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mna mcnasvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mcproxy mcproxy exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C MSC PATRAN patran r p manager files bin WINNT QueMgr exe C MSC PATRAN patran r p manager files bin WINNT RmtMgr exe C WINNT System nvsvc exe C WINNT system rclumad exe C WINNT system regsvc exe C PROGRA Dantz RETROS wdsvc exe C WINNT system MSTask exe C Program Files SiteAdvisor SAService exe C WINNT system stisvc exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT Explorer EXE C Program Files Microsoft Hardware Mouse point exe C WINNT system SxgTkBar exe C PROGRA McAfee com Agent mcagent exe C Program Files Common Files Adaptec Shared CreateCD CreateCD exe C Program Files Roxio Easy CD Creator DirectCD DirectCD exe C Program Files Winamp Winampa exe C WINNT system spool DRIVERS W X E S I F EXE C WINNT system WDBtnMgr exe C Program Files WDC SetIcon exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Creative Creative Live Cam VideoFX StartFX exe C WINNT V Mon exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files SiteAdvisor SiteAdv exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr AcroTray exe C Program Files EPSON EPSON CardMonitor EPSON CardMonitor exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe C WINNT System WBEM WinMgmt exe O - Hosts watt ecs watt ecs eng ox ac uk O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO no name - FD D- B- FC- - AE - C Program Files SiteAdvisor SiteAdv dll O - BHO scriptproxy - DB D A - - E -B D- F C - c PROGRA mcafee VIRUSS scriptsn dll O - BHO ST - EDE -C B - E- - BF AF E - C Program Files MSN Apps ST en-xu stmain dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - BHO MSNToolBandBHO - BDBD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files MSN Apps MSN Toolbar en-gb msntb dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINNT system msdxm ocx O - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dll O - Toolbar MSN - BDAD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files MSN Apps MSN Toolbar en-gb msntb dll O - Toolbar McAfee SiteAdvisor - BF - F - - - FE E AA - C Program Files SiteAdvisor SiteAdv dll O - HKLM Run Synchr... Read more

A:ALL personal, browser and email account settings + all emails DISAPPEARED
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I can't delete any folders in outlook 2010! as soon as i try and move or delete a folder it says folder is full even if it is empty?

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I work for an investment company and by law ALL emails sent and received, must be read and initialed by me daily. Currently I am having to get all the emails from each individual in the office. Thank goodness its a small office of 4 or this might take much longer than it currently does. Is there any way that I could set something up so that all emails incoming and outgoing, from all individuals in the office, could be sent to my account? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


A:receiving both sent and received email from the office on one email account

You could have email rules set up on each account that auto forwards a copy of both incoming and outgoing to your account.
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I have Windows Home Pro installed on my laptop and I'm one of those people that likes to keep my Start Menu folder OCD-tidy In W as I believe it was in Vista there are two folders that handle the program shortcuts for the Start Menu There's "personal" merge to users" Any Menu and Start reason folders? "all not a user-specific one for programs only that user can use and the all-users one for programs everyone can use C Users Joe AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs and C ProgramData Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs I'm Any reason not to merge Start Menu "personal" and "all users" folders? the only user on my laptop so I'd like to just consolidate these two folders Any reason not to merge Start Menu "personal" and "all users" folders? into one to make it easier for me to sort and keep track of Is Any reason not to merge Start Menu "personal" and "all users" folders? there any reason not to just drag-and-drop stuff from one to the other Is there one that I should use in preference to the other should I keep everything in the quot user quot folder or the quot all-users quot folder I'm pretty sure I just did this without any problem in Vista but I wanted to make sure so I don't mess anything up as I'm new to W Thanks Joe
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I would like to be able to use the same folders and email account setup for all Windows User Accounts I have multiple Windows accounts MS Admin 2010 ? Can Outlook MS folders Office shared use Account Local Admin Account Local Limited User Account etc I have multiple Email accounts Hotmail Outlook com Gmail AIM and Bellsouth at amp t I prefer to use IMAP email accounts Can MS Office Outlook 2010 use shared folders ? I would like to be able to login to Windows with any account and when i open Office Outlook it will use the same Office Outlook Email Accounts folders and setup I'm a home user this is not for a business enterprise I have dual boot Win Pro x Win Pro x and MS Office Pro on both OS's I Can MS Office Outlook 2010 use shared folders ? don't have a NAS quot always on server quot etc i e When i setup an IMAP email account it creates a pst file in the specific User folder such as C Users David AppData Local Microsoft Outlook or C Users David-Admin AppData Local Microsoft Outlook Can i have it use the same folder for all Windows accounts such as D Email All Users Outlook or C Users All Users AppData Local Microsoft Outlook From what I've been reading I don't know how to do this or if it's possible Can I setup an Exchange Server multiple Profiles etc If I can have Office Outlook prompt for a User Account PW when i open Outlook that would be fine for me
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Not sure if this belongs here or on the networking board. Anyway...
We have a network of about 20 pcs. I recently installed four new machines that run Windows 7 with Office 2010. The server is running Server 2003. Three of the machines worked perfectly from the beginning, accessing the server and sharing folders and files. One machine will only open files in "read only" mode. I have shared all the folders and given every permission there is but it will only open the files in "read only". It is a critical accounting machine that has to share and change files. What am I missing?

A:Sharing folders and files in Office 2010

hmm; your wording is imprecise so need to make sure what you mean,

Office 2010 can not be shared other than the Calendar events and that's not done
via "sharing".

You don't state the application that is sharing the common file on the server,
but I assume some accounting system installed on multiple client systems are attempting
concurrent access to the same accounting data.

You don't say if this has ever worked before with this setup or if this is the initial install for the Sharing of the accounting data.

First action is to access that file by only one system at a time (ie: disconnect the mapped Drive letter) and get that working.
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Hello to all you smart cookies out there I have been doing a bit of research about the topic but either I'm not finding it or I'm oblivious to the answer that is in front of me Here's the set-up I am administering to a number of MS exchange accounts inside of a small company The problem that I am having is with of our quot bulk access quot accounts e g email accounts that people devices have regular access keep Sync delete 2010 ? or folders Office Issues to Something in this setup has resulted in several thousand conflicts and sync issues being generated about a hundred each day The reason for this I am fairly certain is because Office 2010 Sync Issues folders ? keep or delete of the number of people devices that are synching with the account every second That I cannot temporarily resolve What I would like to find out however is whether these emails are all duplicates and can therefore be safely removed or whether some of these might not have made it into the inbox For the personal email accounts it is a fairly simple process to see if emails are missing or present but manually cross-checking for these accounts is not possible Here are some numbers to help you understand the problem Averaged over both accounts WARNING THIS MAY MAKE YOU CRINGE Sync Issues - gt Conflicts generally about per quot real quot email - gt Local Failures - gt Server Failures The fact that I'm getting no server failures tells me that the problem is entirely local Anybody know if these will all just be duplicates in the Conflicts folder or are there some emails not making it to the inbox In any case thanks for any eventual help that I may get
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Looking for a way to change the size of the mail folders font in Outlook 2010
I'm talking about the folders on the left side like your inbox outbox folders

Just want to make them bigger and bolder is all

A:How to change the Mail Folders size in Office 2010 ?

Do you mean the font size of the names?
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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,

A:Can't add new email account to outlook 2010

Try changing your user name to something else. It's possible the user name you are using is already being used by someone else on that email server.
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I have a total of 4 different email accounts, 3 I have had for some time now. The fourth one is new, and I can not for the life of me get it to work. When I add it as a new email account, it get to the part where it want's to log on to server and send a test message, I get a pop up asking me to enter my user name and password for the following server, over and over again. I have not had these issues with my other accounts, and I know the password is correct because I use the same password for all of my accounts. I have tried to add this new account numerous times to no avail. I have double checked everything in both my outlook account as well as my online account.

Help please,
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Hello. can anyone help.
I am trying to add a POP email account to Outlook 2010. I've established network connection but cannot retrieve the Outlook Test message. An error box comes & says unable to connect to the server. 550.5.7.1 message content. I have had this POP account on previous versions of Outlook 2010, & it was ok I am puzzled.
Many Thanks

A:Cannot add new email account in Outlook 2010

Without knowing more about your mail server name and such.
Have you tried to Ping your mail server? like from the run cmd prompt ping
I ping to verify that the server is on-line and responding.

You could double check all the options in outlook setup email accounts to make sure that
you have spelled everything correctly, that sometimes is the problem where mispelling will
mess you up.

also the more settings options will have to be looked at to make sure that the boxes are checked correctly.

These things can get tricky if you misspell, many mail servers want your complete email address for the logon userid..

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I had to do Outlook questions 2010 clean about install - folders Office a clean install of Win and then of course Office I backed up my outlook pst and still have it I started Outlook and did an quot import quot from my saved file into a new blank outlook pst file The import process did NOT include the email account set ups signatures and perhaps some other stuff I haven't found yet It also failed to import a couple at least personal folders But that is not critical When I look at my folders on the left I see - a primary folder section called quot Outlook quot AND another primary folder section Office 2010 clean install - questions about Outlook folders called quot Personal Folders quot - Under each section I see my quot saved folders quot they appear to be duplicates - Under each section I see a quot Calendar quot they appear to be duplicates - Same for Contacts They have the same number of items What is the difference in the folders under quot Outlook quot and quot Personal Folders quot I feel I should delete one or the other I certainly do not need sets of quot saved folders quot Thanks

A:Office 2010 clean install - questions about Outlook folders

You will probably have to set up your email accounts again. this can be done either from within Outlook or open Control Panel, select the Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2010) applet & this will open a box where you can select various options & one is Account Settings & another where you can change folders.
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I receive many inquiries through a B2B website. These inquiries are send to me by email. The sender's email address is the server from the B2B website.

I want to add these emails to my business contacts in BCM 2010 without linking and tracking the email address.

Then I want to link and track the email address that i filled in the email field of the business contact.

How should i do that?

A:BCM 2010: linking an email without tracking to an account

Does this help at all?
Getting Started with Outlook Business Contact Manager 2010 - How-To Geek


Office Integration

Business Contact Manager isn?t just restricted to one part of Outlook; once you?ve got it installed, it?s fully integrated throughout the program. When you?re reading an email, you?ll see options to create a new record or add the email to an existing one.
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Under Win 7, I have Outlook 2010 installed with 3 email accounts. When I open Outlook it searches each account for new messages. I would like it to search only one of them.

Is there anyway I can do this?

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2010 search for email in just one account

I believe you can achieve this by using 'Send/Receive' Groups:
Why use Send/Receive groups? - Outlook -
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I have an unusual problem.

I need to change my email account within Outlook but when I go to 'Account Settings' there are no accounts there, and so nothing to change.

What could be causing this, how do I access my account and how do I rectify it??

Many thanks!

A:Outlook 2010 - invisible email account

Are you sure that your email is coming in through Outlook?

Post a screen shot of the Account Settings pane!
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Hi all. I just installed Outlook 2010 and created 3 email accounts, 2 from Hotmail and the other from my ISP (cablevision). It seems that my folders from Hotmail came over but not those from my ISP. Should they have? Also, how do I import my contact into Outlook? I certainly don't want to re-enter them again. Thanks. Alan

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I have seen a lot of questions regarding this issue but no real solutions that work for me anyway. I repaired Office, I ran compatibility on office, I have Windows Live Mail as my default mail client & ran fixmapi.exe. Nothing works for me. These are the messages I get:

Any ideas of what I can do to fix this?
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I have seen a lot of questions regarding this issue but no real solutions that work for me anyway. I repaired Office, I ran compatibility on office, I have Windows Live Mail as my default mail client & ran fixmapi.exe. Nothing works for me. These are the messages I get:

Any ideas of what I can do to fix this?
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I am wondering if we can protect a given folder (sent, inbox,..customized folder) in outlook 2010 to avoid an accidental deleting?

I looked in the outlook settings but nothing figures in there!

And idea?


A:Outlook 2010: Protect folders or email from deleting

Quote: Originally Posted by sevener


I am wondering if we can protect a given folder (sent, inbox,..customized folder) in outlook 2010 to avoid an accidental deleting?

I looked in the outlook settings but nothing figures in there!

And idea?


It is hard to " accidentally " delete an e-mail. It takes at least 2 clicks to delete an e-mail.
Even then, you can still retrieve it in Deleted Items folder.
That should be more than enough to safe-guard accidental delete.

Anyway, I don't believe there is such as option that you are asking for. But then, I could be wrong.
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Dear Friends I have problems setting up Outlook to use the appropriate email account and signature automatically when replying to messages I use email accounts and for each account I have created a distinct signature both for new and reply emails The problem is that when someone sends me an email to any of the accounts and I reply no matter what Outlook always uses the reply signature of the default email account It should use the reply signature corresponding to the account the email was sent to So far when replying to messages I always have to remember to manually switch the from account to match the account the sender used to send me the email Outlook is supposed to use the appropriate account when replying to messages So if someone sends an email to my business email account and even if that is not the default account Outlook should use the account and signature I have assigned to reply to messages for that specific account and not always use by default the reply account and signature appropriate account Outlook setting Problems use up 2010 the email to assigned to the default account Please help me resolve this issue so that I do not mistakenly reply Problems setting up Outlook 2010 to use the appropriate email account to someone using the wrong account For example I do not want to reply to family and friends with the account used for business If family and friends send emails to my personal email account Outlook should automatically use that account when replying and thus inserting the reply signature for my personal account Look forward to any guidance Sincerely Mario Crespi

A:Problems setting up Outlook 2010 to use the appropriate email account

Hello Mario,

Welcome to SevenForums.

Lets start with a few questions to eliminate the obvious. I assume you setup the signatures seperately for each account using this panel?

I found some additional information about signatures here: (browse down towards the bootom of the page)

One suggestion I read, was that the signature it picks to use is related to the folder that you currently have highlighted. I'm not entirely sure how that works, perhaps you could experiment with that?

Let us know how you get on.

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I'm running windows 8 on an intel i7 machine with 16gb ram.
I just installed outlook 2010 64bit and every time I add an email account Outlook crashes.
No error message - just says "Micrsoft Outlook has stopped working"
Any suggestions?

A:Outlook 2010 crashes when setting up new email account

try this site it will show you how to repair outlook 2010

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook -
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Hi - I am running Outlook on a Win Professional bit system I sending one account Outlook from 2010 email Problem have been running basically the same configuration successfully for over a year now with multiple email accounts Everything worked fine up until this morning when I was sending a series of emails with attachments Each email's attachments totalled up to mb and the grand total of all of the attachments was about mb Everything went smoothly up until my last email and it just sat in my outbox and wouldn't go anywhere I eventually sent it with a different account with a different ISP I have tried sending other emails on the same account some without attachments some with small attachments but it appears that the account is quot broken quot for sending email I can Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account still receive email on all accounts and send email from every other account I have double-checked the settings for the troublesome account and when I use the Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account Test Account Settings button everything appears to work fine as it successfully sends the test message I found a reference to a built-in limit for Outlook attachments of mb and ran the Microsoft fixit which removes that limit but it had no effect One curious thing is that when I hit the send button which places the email in my Outbox the email does not have the italicized font which indicates an unsent message as was always the case up until now Any hints would be most appreciated - Many thanks

A:Outlook 2010 Problem sending email from one account

I had a look at the Outlook add-ins that were active and disabled the iCloud and iTunes add-ins. Everything seems to be working at this point.

There was an iTunes update a day or so ago. During the installation Apple does not even mention that they will be messing with your Outlook installation.

Once again Apple screws up Windows applications.
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Hi all,
I can't configure my outlook2010 account. I installed office2010 professional plus. However, I try to add internet e-mail account on outlook2010. it's not available to select internet e-mail. Do someone know how to fix?
Thank you for your reply in advance.

A:Urgent!!!Outlook 2010 email account problem

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

During the Office 2010 installation you have the option to choose whether to have everything installed to your computer, whether to install just some of the options, whether to install on first use or not install a particular option such as Outlook.

Can you remember which options you chose?

You can always reinsert your Office DVD and choose the repair option or uninstall it, and then re-install choosing all the options.
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We are in the middle of moving from a local exchange server to using Microsoft hosted mail Currently both our local mail and office mail are active As an intermediary step I am attaching both accounts to our current version of outlook so that people can move mail through Outlook at their own pace So far I've set this up a dozen times with minimal issues but I have run into a strange problem One user's outlook fails repeatedly to add the account It acts like it's working fine but when outlook requests the password my user types it in and the box requesting the password pops up again If told to cancel an error pops up stating that the exchange server cannot be found and that outlook needs to be online outlook to an email 365 office 2010 Attaching I neglected to get the complete message but that is the gist The same email can be setup on a different machine and the password is correct because it was used to set up one drive on the same machine I even tried creating a new mail profile Attaching an office 365 email to outlook 2010 but it Attaching an office 365 email to outlook 2010 also had Attaching an office 365 email to outlook 2010 issues The problem has to be with that installation of outlook specifically and possibly the user profile This user has had a lot of issues with their outlook before sometimes due to data size issues too many names in the junk list just flat too much email period They currently have a lot of pst archived folders attached to outlook as a compromise to keeping the inbox small and I'm wondering if this could have any impact Has anyone heard of this problem or have any suggestions

A:Attaching an office 365 email to outlook 2010

Never mind. I kind of answered my own question after I thought about it.
FYI: Even if the main profile is under 2 GB, if all the open data files exceed a certain size (I'm not sure how much, but this was over 6 GB) it will not add a new profile. I closed the other data files and was then able to add the new email without issue. After restarting outlook, I was able to reopen the other data files, and all seems to be well now.
Relevancy 66.65%

I have Windows Live Mail on two computers and use the same email address and password for both.

One is a desktop with Vista Home Premium SP2 and the other is a laptop with Windows 7.

I have a large folder section on my older desktop/Vista that I want to transfer to the Windows Live Mail on my newer laptop/Win7 so that no matter which computer I am on, I can store email documents in the proper folders and have a complete record on both computers.

For transferring I have a couple of larger flash drives and also have external drives for both computers.

Can someone tell me how to accomplish this please.

Thank you

A:Transferring folders from one computer email account to another

Have a read here. Windows Live Mail - Import Windows Mail Messages
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Dear Experts,

My old PC was running with windows xp and I was using my office pop3 server emails through out look express.
Now, I have arranged new PC with of widows seven.I am finding out look express not none.After discuss with many peoples I know out look express not packed with windows seven then I import all of my old email in windows live.
Now, I am using my office pop3 server emails on window live.
Problem is that, I want to lock my emails account same as I was using in outlook express.Kindly help how to set password on my account.

A:How to set password on my office email account.

Welcome and enjoy the forum

It seems that you must sign up for a live ID
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I have recently changed my ISP to BT from Eclipse. Previously Outlook 2010 was configured to allow emails to be downloaded from the Eclipse servers and to enable me to send emails using Outlook 2010 using my Eclipse email address. I also have Outlook configured using IMAP to enable me to download emails from Gmail. I can no longer send emails using my eclipse email account.

Can someone help me to reconfigure Outlook so that I can send and receive emails using the Gmail servers from Outlook 2010 as my primary email source.

I wish to carry on using Outlook 2010 as I have many saved email folders in the account.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.



A:How do I change my email account to Gmail from Eclipse in Outlook 2010

In "accounts" you simply need to change the default account for sending to the gmail account. Sorry if that's a bit vague but I haven't used outlook for ages (and don't have it).
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When multiple accounts are added on Outlook 2010 and you create a new email, autocomplete in the 'to' field shows suggestions from every account. Is it possible to only show suggestions relevant to the account the email is being sent from.

For example, if I had my personal account and a customer services account, when I go to send an email from my personal account, every email address who has ever communicated with the customer services account shows which is quite risky.

Thanks, Louise

A:Outlook 2010 only to show address book from one email account

Have you looked in the help section of outlook. The only thing i can suggest at the moment, is click the contacts in outlook,and then the little arrow next my contacts, there you will find yor email accounts with suggested contacts and contacts, see what happens when you try that.
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I am using Outlook on W in my home office All my email accounts are POP My part-time - Outlook up set I Exchange disappeard email account 2010 when Rules work wanted me to use an email account on their Exchange server I used the email account setup in my Outlook to set it up successfully Outlook searched out the Exchange server and set up the account I closed Outlook and when I reopened it my Favorites were gone all POP accounts were shuffled in the left pane all my previous accounts now funneled all emails into one Inbox and all my Rules were gone When I tried to redo the Rules Outlook had changed so that the Rules now applied to ALL the Inboxes for all accounts and did not have the same rules dialog as I had been used to There was no way to recreate my rules or separate Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account out my POP accounts Now all my email is dumped into one Inbox and I have to manually sort out the messages Thinking that the Exchange account was to blame I deleted the Exchange account but to no avail I had to reconstruct my Favorites no big deal but there is still no way to redo the Rules and all my Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account mail still goes to the main Inbox Is there any way to get back to the way it was Thanks rebadurchee

A:Outlook 2010 - Rules disappeard when I set up Exchange email account

Bump. Anyone relate at all? Thanks
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Ok so I'm planning on re-installing Windows which means I need to download Office again However I simply can't find the correct email that Office is tied to I've tried the only emails of email Office correct product 2010 key - have not Microsoft but mine it could possibly be tied to to no avail The computer Office were a gift from my parents for graduation but their work home emails don't have an account tied to them So I'm at a loss I ran into this problem before trying to switch from Microsoft Office 2010 - have product key but not correct email click to run to MSI However I was able to work around it by Microsoft Office 2010 - have product key but not correct email I think downloading the day trial or whatever and activating from there However I can't seem to find a trial anymore A Google search for it takes me to where it would be but then I click on quot try it now quot as seen here Try Office - Microsoft Office Home and Student version if it matters and it redirects me to the new version which obviously isn't what I want Any thoughts on how to work around this I could always try customer service I guess but if there's some alternate source to get the trial from that would be great Thanks Edit Also I really want it to be the MSI version not click to run so I think that would affect what to download Thanks again

A:Microsoft Office 2010 - have product key but not correct email

Follow this link and scroll down to the Office 2010 download. Install it, then activate it with your product key:

Relevancy 66.22%

I'm using Outlook 2010.

I'm suffering from a control issue and looking for a solution:

Some people I send email to for THEM only take it upon themselves to edit my words and forward them on to others.

This is bad BUT is there a way in Outlook to prevent them from forwarding my messages?


A:How Can user control outgoing email in Office 2010

is there a way in Outlook to prevent them from forwarding my messages?

Click to expand...

No, but you can send the the message in a protected PDF file, and then the message it self could not be changed.
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Our exchange server is currently down for maintenance.  I have a user who wants to send out an email from Outlook so she can use all the fancy formatting that our backup email system does not have.  Is there a way I can modify her exchange account to add the ability to send that email out from a different server like gmail or yahoo?
Relevancy 65.79%

Can someone please provide the steps for setting up a new email account in Outlook? I need to know how to verify my incoming\outgoing servers (POP, SMTP, etc.) Is that through my ISP? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

A:Creating new email account in Office Outlook

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

This can help you here: How to create and configure an email profile in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2003
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My computer is an HP Pavilion a f running Windows Vista Home Edition that I ve had since new years ago During the past week or 2010 Outlook in MS Email Office Unable to Send/Receive so I ve had trouble with my Office Outlook email program in the MS Office suite When I open it and click on an email I d get the Not Responding notation next to the program name in the top part of the window To correct this I ve used the repair function on the cd and the scanpst file in Program File Microsoft Office Office This seems to work for a while but the Not Responding message has still appeared Concerned that I might lose my two email data files for Office Outlook I exported them to a flash drive Unable to Send/Receive Email in MS Office Outlook 2010 where I incorporated them into one file named Outlook Data File pst After I d repaired the program I imported this file and have my data but am now unable to send receive emails using the program I can send receive emails via the Internet but prefer Office Outlook When I try Send Receive on Office Outlook I get the error message x F which talks about synchronization of an offline address book with Exchange Servers or link here http support microsoft com kb I contacted my ISP Unable to Send/Receive Email in MS Office Outlook 2010 and the techie helped me to ensure that I had a functioning email address but was unable to remedy the problem because it s a Microsoft program which the ISP doesn t support but does support Office I d be grateful for any advice that will correct this problem nbsp

Relevancy 65.36%

I have 4 folders on the left hand side of outlook. 3 are email addresses and the other is a data file that was made when I exported my data files.
thank you
Relevancy 64.5%

Our client has the same Windows installations in a domain same programs same builds The issue I'm having Groupwise 2014 2010/Adobe Issue from Office email using sending is with Groupwise Office and Adobe Reader Acrobat nbsp Lets say out of users can open an Excel file click the Issue sending email from Office 2010/Adobe using Groupwise 2014 Send to or Send as attachment buttons and then their Groupwise will pop Issue sending email from Office 2010/Adobe using Groupwise 2014 up ready to send an email like it should The other either get an error Reader is quot There is no email program associated to perform the requested action Please install an email program or if one is already installed create an association in the Default Program control panel quot Office reads quot Word or Excel - couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure quot Unspecified Error quot You can't quot create quot an association within Default Program BUT Groupwise is radio checked boxed as the default program on all the client computers' yet they still cannot send an email or attachment from these programs nbsp What could be the issue
Relevancy 64.5%

Hi I have set up 2010 issues/errors Merge Word data to a 2010 - query Access a new Access database saved as accdb copying tables forms and queries from my current one then deleting the old data Access 2010 - Merge a query to Word 2010 data issues/errors and modifying a lot of fields I have a query in with some simple calculations All the calculations work perfectly in Access When I merge this into Word set up as a letter document it doesn t use show the correct data The calculated fields in the query are number of people price tea amp coffee cost tea amp coffee and number of people price buffet cost buffet quot I then use these costs in the same query to work out VAT another calculated field adding up the calculated quot cost tea amp coffee quot and calculated quot cost buffet quot as well as a number of other non-calculated fields and multiplying the total by and Total Cost a calculated field adding up various non-calculated fields the calculated quot cost tea amp coffee quot calculated quot cost buffet quot and the calculated VAT field There are two errors in the data that ends up in the merged Word document The quot VAT quot doesn t add in the two calculated fields it only uses the data from non-calculated fields in the query Also the quot Total Cost quot doesn t add in any of the calculated fields teas amp coffees buffet and VAT it only uses non-calculated fields from the query It doesn t ping up any error messages Why is it changing the data between Access where the query works perfectly and Word It does the same errors when I have experimented merging the data into Excel when I set up a completely new Word document and also when I have set up a completely new query with the same calculations It all works perfectly in the current database also but started in a much older version saved as mdb and my current Word document again started in an old version now Word linked to the current database Any help gratefully received please keep it simple I can send screen shots if that helps nbsp
Relevancy 64.5%

Hello I have a new issue that has come up since we converted an Access database to file format Here is the history We have an access database that was created in the old file format In that database there is a button that opens up word and a mail merge file Word s mail merge then uses a query from the access database to populate the mail merge merge mail 2010 Issues 2010 and data source a for a as Word with Access document We recently converted the Access database to the Office file format and now the merge process will not work I have tried to relink the files and have done some research and it appears that the DDE way of connecting is no longer used in Office I did finally get to the point where I could see the queries i needed but once I try to open that data source Word give me a general error that it can not open the data source How can I get these Issues with Word 2010 and Access 2010 as a data source for a mail merge merge files working again PS We are running Windows XP if that is needed We are quickly Issues with Word 2010 and Access 2010 as a data source for a mail merge moving to office also but that uses the same file format as so I assume it won t be Issues with Word 2010 and Access 2010 as a data source for a mail merge an issue Any help you can give me would be GREAT nbsp
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How do you retreive, delete, uninstall or change an unknown email password in Microsoft Office 2003.I have tried all I know, so please help!Thanks!Bernie

A:Remove unknown password in Office 2003 email account

You would have to obtain the correct password from your email provider.
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I have a word document set up with fields that I want to create a mail merge from a Query. When I go through the steps to add my query as the source then click on edit recipients there are no recipients. I have tried the same steps with other queries that I have and it works. I'm not sure why the query I want to use isn't working. The query I have set up does have a lot of expressions. Here is an example IIf([fie dt] Between #8/1/2010# And #7/31/2011#,[fie dt]+1096,Null) I have tried to change the expression and it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my email accounts in Outlook 2016. I always do a manual setup and on my email accounts, I use Exchange ActiveSync.

My questions are this.

What is this new option of selecting Office 365 and when would I use this option?When I did select the Office 365 option and pressed next my outlook would crash, any fix?What is the best selection to choose from when setting up my account that would be great for automatically syncing with my calendar etc. on or apple etc.?

Thank you very much for any help and assistance.

A:Outlook 2016 Manual Email Account Setup, Office 365 option? & Crashes

Manual setup for accounts is absolutely unnecessary, Outlook 2016 does that automatically in a few seconds.

That being said, if you insist in doing it manually the correct option is Exchange ActiveSync. Office 365 option is for so called workplace email accounts, Azure AD / Office 365 for Business or Enterprise users. You select that option only if your organisation uses Office 365 and you want to set up your workplace email in Outlook 2016.

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I just purchased a new computer that has Windows 7. My old computer was Windows Vista. When I installed AOL as a Current Member, all went well. However, I noticed that my Personal Filing Cabinet information wasn't there. When I tried to merge them, I was told that I had another version of AOL opened and that I should close it before trying to merge. I can not find any version of AOL open. When I checked my programs, I see an AOL 9.0 which I am trying to merge into my AOL 9.6. Can anyone help me with this? I do speak some computer language, but work best with step-by-step instructions.

After two weeks of trying to get my "simple to use" Clickfree files transferred and a $200.00 charge from Geek Squad, this is my (hopefully) final hurdle or brick wall.

Thank you so very much for your help!
Relevancy 61.49%

It seems that there may be a problem in Office 2010. I just installed it to the standard MS default/recommended settings .........all looked good...used Word great..until I use Excel and each time I try to use excel it sets off an 'Office Configuration' screen which I can not take a few minutes and then loads OK. I tried to launch it from the installed prgrams icon but there is no files on 'start in' etc..I tied to create a shortcut to the desktop from the excel.exe file and get the same reconfigure seem that somehow I don't have either permissions or I have a corrupt install..all Office suite works eventually Anyone know how to fix it..please?

A:Office 2010 Pro Plus Win7 x 64 Excel reconfigures Office 2010

Have you ever had a previous version of Office on this copy of win7?

Do you have any component of a previous office suite installed still

I have seen this in the past with Viso that was due to remnents of an earlier trial remaining on disk and in the registry.

I also found that if I cancelled the configuration screen the Viso would load without problems without the need to wait for completion.

There are some rather involved solution stems on Microsoft website - cannot find them at the present but will try to look for them.

The problem was that I could never get the removal steps to actually cure the issue and I put up with the error until my next re-install of Win7, which was not to long in the case of that system
Relevancy 61.49%

I don't know if maybe I'm the only one who runs into this problem or if it happens to a lot of people, but it seems to come up a lot for me.

I have had this issue on many computers but right now I am setting up an old Dell Latitude E5510 for an employee and I have reformatted, installed all drivers, and programs needed. I installed Office 2007, because this employee won't really be using the computer much.

I start up Windows Updates today and it has me downloading 3 updates for Windows 2010. This computer had Office 2010 on it before it was reformatted. Is it still sensing Office 2010 buried somewhere in the files and that's why it's asking me to install updates for it? Does Office 2007 use updates that are also made for 2010(and are only labled 2010)? Anyone have any ideas? I don't believe it's hurting anything, but I am curious!


A:Find Office 2010 Updates, When Office 2010 Isn't Installed?

I get those type of updates for my Office 2003. There are some later updates that can be applicable. For example, I installed a converter that lets me open later MSWord formats (2003 is doc) and now I get updates for later Office versions.
Relevancy 61.06%

How do I merge my Microsoft account with my Nook account? No matter what I try it will not let me on any device or any website and the Barnes and Nobles 'helpers' are not helpful at all.

A:How To Merge NOOK account and Microsoft account?

Please access to the link below and follow its steps to manage your account for test:

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
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I've just returned home after being away for 2 weeks, and something has happened to my PC while I was away.
While booting up, it tried to perform a disk check but failed as it 'could not access' the main drive. So it dropped me straight into my usual user account loin page. After entering my password it took a very long time to load my profile, then ended up giving me a generic user account.
All of the files from my actual account are still under the 'Users' folder, but this account itself is empty. It has the right name, but this account's documents folder is just called Public.
About half the desktop icons and the entire contents of the recycle bin have been retained from the old account.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Personal user account replaced by generic public account

Did it come up with an error that said you were being logged on with a temporary profile?
Relevancy 59.77%

Hello, I've got problem with One drive. Every time, when i start my computers there's a communication that IT department changed my personal account to business account. I haven't business account. My Files aren't synchronize. I've got office 2010 and
365 on my computers for non commercial use.
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Oh dear! I created a mail merge in Word 2013 and chose the Edit Individual Documents option under Finish and Merge. I edited each and every email to personalize them. There was no option to email directly from that document, so I went back to the original email and sent them all. To my dismay, every person received an email including a [ ] in the space where I had entered their personalized information! Totally embarrassed. How can I email the edited documents??
Relevancy 58.91%

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business. I will be receiving Office 2010 Professional Plus. Do I have to uninstall Office 2007 Small Business or can I install Office 2010 over it. What is the best way to handle the upgrade. I have a lot of files on word and excell. Will they transfer over.

Thanks in advance for all your help and cooperation.


A:Microsoft Office 2010/ Replace Office 2010

Quote: Originally Posted by rottikid

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and Microsoft Office 2007 Small Business. I will be receiving Office 2010 Professional Plus. Do I have to uninstall Office 2007 Small Business or can I install Office 2010 over it. What is the best way to handle the upgrade. I have a lot of files on word and excell. Will they transfer over.

Thanks in advance for all your help and cooperation.


Hi rottikid & welcome,

You are strongly advised to uninstall Office 2007 first.
Links below for you to peruse.

Make sure you have a copy of all that you wish to transfer / use on the new Office 2010.

If you require more help let us know.


How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?
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Instead of sending the activation code to my sign-in email it was sent to my reserve email which no longer exists on the system I sent the new telephone number this has been changed but I am still Live bought Office but were I out bought of my and 365, computer, telephone my both logged account, into date. the email not able to open any of my Office applications Yet I will be charged the renewal from the date I put in the product key When one has a product key and then signs in to Live why does this then not activate Why when you have changed to my new telephone number have you not sent me an activation code With my reserve email dead you do not allow me to change it The only other email I use is Gmail they are much better than Windows Live I only use Windows Live to allow me to put new programmes I bought my computer, bought Office 365, logged into my Live account, but both the email and telephone were out of date. onto my computer and as usual ten days later I have no use of the programme I bought So typically Windows I have used you since the day you began what went wrong You used to function once These last years have been hell I wish I had bought an Apple computer and changed everything to Apple Each time I buy a new laptop these same issues come up Please give me access to the Windows Office I bought and put on my computer Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor-Sezibwan-Rurikovich-Schiewe
Relevancy 58.05%

We are wanting to up-grade our current Office suite Office 2003 to either Office 2010 or Office 2013.  Our PC's are running Windows 7
I would just like to know what peoples opinions and advice is on this?

A:Up-grade from Office 2003 to Office 2010 or Office 2013

 I can't speak to Office 2013, but I've done numerous upgrades to Office through 2010.  When you install the new version, you have the option to keep the old version or just replace it.  Starting with Office 2007 the familiar menu bar has been replaced with the ribbons which take a lot of getting used to for folks used to older versions.  There's a little program called UbitMenu that will add most of the menu bar functions back in the 2007 and 2010 versions that a lot of folks find helpful.  If you do opt to have two different versions installed at the same time, what happens is that when you switch from one to the other, it goes through a juggling act that takes a minute or so.  It's a bit of a pain, but if you need it, it could be a convenience.
Good luck.
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When I click on a hyperlink I am getting a pop up window that say's choose profile atop and profile name with ms exchange settings in a drop down window but I don't know how to configure. I would like to set my yahoo email account as the default email account-I don't want to download my email on this account. How can I go about setting this up?



Relevancy 56.33%

I am using MS-Office 2010 with OS as win 7 professional edition.I have configured my mail id using IMAP in office 2010.My mail server is zimbra which supports both IMAP and POP3.My webmail i.e. ZCS works fine.
Issue on outlook: When i send an email say to id [email protected] with my signature.When he receives an email it has some different signature but mail id and content remains the same.Sometimes subject and content has also got changed.
This type of behaviour is random.Also my collegues are facing this issue sometimes.
Kindly help

A:2 mails merge on outlook 2010

Hi rupash,

I think you have to do some mistake to configure your email accounts properly, So you can try to setup again by help of following steps: Set Up Outlook 2010 for IMAP or POP Access to Your E-Mail Account
Relevancy 56.33%

My situation is that i am using outlook 2010 pst from past one year. I have split the pst files few months back and now left with two separate pst's. But, now due to some reason i need to merge two pst files together?

How can i do that by maintaining the folder hierarchy and filtering the duplicates, is there is any way possible? please let me know!

A:Is there any way i can merge two Outlook 2010 PST File?

I don't use outlook myself, but I found this on the Microsoft site and it looks like it fully answers your question.

It's probably worthwhile making a copy of the two pst files before trying the merge, just in case it doesn't go as planned.

P.S. In future it's better to pick the subforum related to your question, this should perhaps have gone to Web and Email. That way you're more likely to find someone who knows the answer instead of some programmer who's never even used the software you're struggling with.
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Hi I am just trying to learn how to mail merge with word 2010

I start Word then click on Mailings, then click on start mail merge, then click on envelopes, then select the size of envelope, then select recipients, and all works ok except the address block is almost at the bottom of the envelope no matter what setting I use.

I know I can grab this address block and move it anywhere.

But is there not a way to make the default position higher on the envelope please

Also I see using this method it prints the City County and post code on the same line

Is there a better way to select addresses and print without having to alter every ones position please

A:Mail merge with Word 2010

Have a look at these MS website to see if there is anything that helps you. In the second one which is applicable to Word 2007 there is a section on printing envelopes which may help you.
Relevancy 56.33%

I am trying to figure out how to use MS Publisher to generate a form that can be used for statement of assurance of time and effort.

My payroll program will generate a list but it's vertical.

Any suggestions as to how I can create a data file that will import?

I am attaching a sample of the Pub file I want to use and the list that my payroll program generates.

I have over 100 employees, so I am hoping I can do this.

Thanks for looking!

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I created a new database, just like others I've created. When it comes time to mail merge the information into Word 2010, Access has added <div> after the first name and </div> after the last name in the address block. I cannot figure out why or what to do about it. I really don't want to have to retype the whole database into another one. How can I get the code out of my mail merge?

A:Access 2010 merge problem

I don't know why it worked, but I created a new field and pasted the information from the old field into the new one. Somehow it got rid of the <div> code in the merge. If anyone could explain why it did this in the first place, it would be appreciated - help me to understand why so as not to do whatever it was again. Thanks.
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I am working in Microsoft Office Word on a Bit Windows OS I am using Mail Merge I am trying to make it so that if Field is not blank that field will Merge Word 2010 Mail just populate Otherwise I need the system to look at the date the document is generated i e today s date If the date is to I need it to print quot DATE quot yy quot -CH- quot Otherwise - I need a prompt to pull up I have tried IF MERGEFIELD Field quot quot quot IF DATE quot Word 2010 Mail Merge MMdd quot lt quot quot quot FILLIN quot Case No quot o d quot -CH quot quot quot MERGEFIELD Field quot And as a test IF MERGEFIELD Field quot quot quot IF DATE quot yyyyMMdd quot lt quot quot quot FILLIN quot Case No quot o d quot -CH quot quot quot MERGEFIELD Field quot I am having no issues if Field is populated However if Field is blank nothing is pulling through with either of the above coding Now I am sure this is something I am doing but there are several instances where what prints will be based on a date Is it possible to do this without delving into Macros an area where I am completely clueless nbsp

A:Word 2010 Mail Merge


I found a little more information here:
Below is what the site has to say on the matter. It seems to agree with what I've done. I even tried to change my DATE field to a regular MERGEFIELD populated with a date and that did not work either. I do not understand what I am doing wrong here.
Testing for events that occur before or after a certain date

When running a mail merge, you may want to test for events that happen before or after a certain date. Mail merge does not convert dates to numbers, so if you cannot automatically derive a date number from the date in the data file, as you could in (say) Excel, a different plan is called for.
Let's say the date comes into Word in the format d/MM/yyyy or 1/10/2002 (1st October 2002) from a MERGEFIELD called Start_Date. In this example, we are looking to identify records with Start_Date entries before 1st October 2002.

The above would appear the logical check, but the check treats the date as a number and identifies that number as 1, which is the first part of the number before the slash '/'. All dates other than the first of the month will be greater than 1, so all will produce the result "False".
We therefore need to display the date in numbers that represent the date in a unique way by using the date mask yyyyMMdd which displays the date as a series of digits for year month and finally day, without any breaks. This is a number that the conditional field will view as a whole.

Thus any date before 1/10/2002 would produce "True" and any other date would produce "False"
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I'm trying to write individual letters to all members of congress with the salutation of "The Honorable" for each.
Can you show me if this is possible?
Thank You,
Gary Teresi

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I have a couple of folders that I want to merge into one folder.
What is the best way to do this?

A:Merge multiple folders

Open one folder...
Ctrl-A to select all
Ctrl-C to copy
open the other folder
Ctrl-V to paste

verify that everything got copied, then delete the first folder.
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I just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 and when I try to use mail merge for Christmas card labels, I get clear down to the final formating and get an error message that says "not enough memory." This is very discouraging because of all the time and effort to download the addresses from Outlook. What gives with Word 2010? It seems to crash a lot, produce many "not responding" messages, and many of the windows within Word are funky and hard to read.

A:Word 2010 Mail Merge not working

Lets not overlook the obvious, it may indeed be memory.
Bring up task scheduler to determine how much memory you actually do have.
Press alt+cntrl+delete and then click on performance tab to check remaining memory.
Crashes can, also, be caused by memory.
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I have an excel spreadsheet with data as below:
School Name Result
Applewood James AAB
Applewood John A*
Birkwood Mike AAC
Birkwood Sam BBC
Colins Jack CCD

I would like to merge them into a word document and send out letters to each school as follows:

Applewood School

The following pupils have achieved the grades below:
James AAB
John A*
Then on the next page another letter:
Birkwood School

The following pupils have achieved the grades below:
Mike AAC

This is a very simplified version but you probably get the general idea. I know there is a tutorial online, but I cannot understand it. Please could someone explain it simply????
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Microsoft no longer providing online forums for support as far as I can tell I'll ask merge Mail issue 2010 Word here because I can't think of anywhere else I have a Win Pro bit desktop running Office Professional Today I needed to do a mail merge letters and envelopes in Word This was the first time I ever tried that My data was in an Word 2010 Mail merge issue Excel spreadsheet The letters printed beautifully When I tried to print the envelopes the first thing it gave me was a little printer configuration window In the window I had to change the way the printer handles envelopes because my elderly HP Photosmart C printer doesn't handle them the way Word thinks envelopes should be handled Having changed that I clicked on the OK and immediately got this error In order to apply the selected envelope options Word must delete the current contents of lt filename gt Any unsaved changes to this document will be lost I couldn't get away from that so I clicked OK and my mail merge document vanished leaving only headers and footers There was nothing to print envelopes from I could not make it work Does anyone have a solution for this Has anyone ever seen it

A:Word 2010 Mail merge issue

Mail merge in Word can be a bit fiddly and the details keep changing between versions but it generally works - eventually.
The only suggestion I can think of is, when you come to the 'create new document' bit in the merge, you go into 'File - Page set-up' and set the template envelope to match the printer's settings rather than leaving it until you press 'Merge' or 'Print'.
Chris Cosgrove
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Hi, this is my progress of the worksheet so far:

So, for example, I want to merge row 24 and 25 together, how to do so? The merge and center button is grey out.
Note: I use table styles to create this table, and I use border tools to make the border looks like that, but as you can see the background is still different color. That's means it still different rows.
Thank you everyone.

A:How to merge table cells in Excel 2010?

 If I understand what you want to do (and I'm not sure I do), you want the "fierce" entry on row 25 to appear in row 24, is that right?  If so, it would seem that you need to add a new column to row 24, otherwise I don't know where else it could go.
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Can this be done?

A week ago, I bought a new CD of MS Office Home and Student 2010. Before I did that, I asked my wife, who has occasionally used Access 2003, "do you still need a database program?". I SWEAR she said "no I don't use it any more". The FIRST time she sat down to use MS Office 2010 she asked me "where's the database program?" aarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh....

So is it possible for me to buy a way to upgrade the version I have now, or must I buy a completely new stand alone CD for just Access 2010?

A:Adding MS Access 2010 to my MS Office Home and Student 2010

I have NOT seen any upgrade to a higher package.

I think the only way is to buy the stand alone package.

Now that you know, you will be buying the Pro version when you upgrade to 2013!
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I had a problem with Outlook emails hanging up in the outbox and then sending as many as 14 copies of the same message. I was unable to fix this Using the "Repair" function of the upgrade installation disk (created from the downloaded file). I removed Office completely and tried to reload; however, my disk got corrupted and Outlook is no longer available. Is there a way to recover Outlook without having to purchase it separately? I am using Office Professional Plus 2010 Home Use Program. The email that came with the original download from Digital River states to go to the "Account Management Console" to reload; however, this is on a hard copy and the original email with the link is no longer available. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Outlook 2010 missing from Office Professional Plus 2010

If you downloaded this from Digital River, then you may be able to download it again, contact them and ask.

If you can download the install file again and it works, burn yourself a CD of the downloaded install file.

Also write the keycode on the CD.
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My beta expired so I uninstalled the beta. I restarted and tried to install the trial but I get this error.

Error 25004. The product key you entered cannot be used on this machine. This is most likely due to previous Office 2010 trials being installed. (System error: -1073418160)

I read then that I was to delete the following reg entries



Problem is the bottom entry is not deleteable. If I try to delete it or a subfolder or the key I get

Cannot delete office: Error while deleting key.

I tried deleting the key in safemode or by altering the permissions of it and running regedit in admin mode but nothing worked. I'm running win 7 x64.

I would greatly appreciate any help so I can clean this and install the office 2010 trial.

A:After uninstalling Office 2010 beta can't install 2010 trial help

Down load and use this Ccleaner Piriform - Download CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy - Millions of users worldwide!
then try to install
If you still cannot, try in safe mode
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I have a really large folder list (500). I need to rename a couple of subfolders in each folder, and have found quite a few tools to allow me to this in bulk. However, there are many instances where there is already an existing subfolder with the desired new name, and each program will just error out at this instance. I am looking for a way to be able to go forward with the rename, and merge the resulting two folders that have the same name. If I do this in Windows 7 directly, it will prompt me and allow me to do this, but that is one folder at a time. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I am backing up my "Users" folders on my laptop and desktop so I can do clean installs of the OS' (win7 pro 64). I copied the users folder of my laptop to an external disc, then i went to do the same to my desktop. I renamed the "users" folder from my laptop "Users2", then I tried to copy my "users" folder from my desktop and Win 7 asks if I want to merge "Users" with "Users2". WT? I got around it by creating a new folder and copying to that but what is the problem? is this a bug in windows 7 or what? has anyone else ran into the same issue? just curious. thanx

A:Win 7 wants to merge 2 different named folders when copying?


Originally Posted by Shadow4.2

I copied the users folder of my laptop to an external disc, then i went to do the same to my desktop. I renamed the "users" folder from my laptop "Users2", then I tried to copy my "users" folder from my desktop and Win 7 asks if I want to merge "Users" with "Users2". WT? I got around it by creating a new folder and copying to that but what is the problem?

Hi Brad. . .

Just so I understand correctly - let's call external HDD drive k: for now

1. copied laptop c:\users to k:\users
2. renamed k:\users to k:\users2
3. copied desktop c:\users to k:\users and got "merge message"?

Assuming #2 worked, I don't see why the merge message would have appeared

What I do -
1. create k:\HP
2. create k:\Toshiba
3. HP system - copy c:\users to k:\hp, result = k:\hp\users
4. Fujitsu system - copy c:\users to k:\fujitsu, result = k:\fujitsu\users

Regards. . .


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I have Win 7 Pro installed on a new SSD drive. I've been installing my programs back onto it and want to merge the my documents etc from the SSD Boot and the old boot HDD (which is temporarly removed) on another HDD in the system. What is the best way to copy all the my documents, my pictures etc from the old HDD? What do I do about \AppData\Roaming directory that some programs have user presets stored.

A:Merge user folders to non boot HDD

I would not reimport AppData as it is a corruption path into a fresh install which defeats its purpose.

To best achieve moving the User folders off C, sort your files into the User folders, then copy each one to the target data partiton on the HD, then move the User shell folders from C to that location following the steps in User Folders - Change Default Location.

Note that you will not be able to use Win7 backup imaging without including the data partition in the image since it deems it now a System partition. To save a backup image of only C use another imaging program like the one preferred most here, free Macrium - Image your system.

As to the best way to back up your folders, a modern way to Sync them to other devices while at the same time backing up to the cloud is Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with Skydrive - Windows 7 Forums
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Its it possible to use the same inbox and the other folders for two different accounts? Outlook currently makes a new set of folders for each created account. But can it be forced to use only one set of folders for two different accounts? If so how? Thanks.

A:Outlook 2007 Account Merge

You can have any account deliver to any inbox.
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My buddy has 2 user accounts on his computer. Both of them have useful programs and files, but he wants to consolidate them into 1 account. Is there any way to do this, or will we have to copy all the files to a flash drive from 1 account and then to the other? Then we'd have to install all the programs from the to-be-deleted account too.

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I have a user with a machine that was setup with Win 8.1 Home. The machine has been upgraded to 8.1 Pro and joined to a domain (WinSrv 2003). I need to get the conten/configuration from their old local machine user profile to their new domain user profile. I tried to copy the contents of their ../users/<name>/.. folder from the local user profile to the new domain user profile (after they had logged in once, and then logged off). This did not work. When I did the copy, I grabbed all files, including hidden...was that my mistake, or is the issue broader?

In the end....they want their old stuff and configuration under their new credentials/profile.



A:Merge Domain User Account with Local User Account

There are 4 conventional ways of accomplishing this task.

Option 1: Simply copy My Documents, Favorites, Desktop items from one to the other. You will have to setup program options again, may or may not be a big deal

Option 2: Use the Windows Easy Transfer option. Explained here. Vista & Win7 local to domain profile migration

Option 3: Use the Copy To Feature in User Profiles, explained here: Copy a user profile. The steps are outlined for different versions of Windows, but they work the same in Windows 8.

Option 4: Use the User State Migration Tool. User State Migration Tool 4.0 User's Guide. Here is a link to a video on using the USMT. User State Migration Tool in Windows 7 - Install | TechNet