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No updates for almost a month

Q: No updates for almost a month

I am sorry to ask such a simple question but has anyone received updates since 9/12 for Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit? I have not had a single update for almost a month. Does this seem odd? I just registered to receive emails from Microsoft whenever updates are released. Maybe then I can see if I am not receiving them for some reason.

If you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate it!


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Preferred Solution: No updates for almost a month

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No updates for almost a month

Originally Posted by landonab

I am sorry to ask such a simple question but has anyone received updates since 9/12 for Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit? I have not had a single update for almost a month. Does this seem odd? I just registered to receive emails from Microsoft whenever updates are released. Maybe then I can see if I am not receiving them for some reason.

If you have any thoughts, I'd appreciate it!


Hi Landon,

You might check how your updating is set up

Windows Update - Windows Automatic Updating

and make sure you have the latest version of WUAgent

How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent to help manage updates on a computer

Hope it helps

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I have a 128gb samsung SSD. I was wondering what updates I can remove to get more space on the SSD because windows7+all updates are currently using half of the SSD space and somehow only 119gb of the SSD space is displayed so I'm guessing that 8gb is reserved or something.
I'm currently removing the extra languages and those are giving me and extra 5,5gb space

A:Windows 7 Ultimate updates and SSD question

Somehow I think you have more installed than Windows and updates. Internet Explorer, Bing Bar, and Bing Desktop are the only updates I have hidden. All other Windows Updates have been installed. I wouldn't put all the blame on WIndows, if you have an install using 60GB.

​Anyone with more than 8GB memory and still has Pagefile and Hibernation, by default has more than 16GB used by these two files alone. I recommend using them only if needed. I personally don't need them and have removed them both.

Check and see if you have a Hibernation file. If you don't use hibernation features, the file can be removed.

Windows 7 ? Delete Hibernation File (hiberfil.sys)
To turn off or disable hibernation, type the following command at the prompt:
powercfg ?h off
This will disable hibernation and will remove the hiberfil.sys file from your system.Click to expand...

Monitor your memory usage and if you have more memory than you ever use. The Pagefile can be minimized. I currently have mine turned off, with 8GB installed. But caution though if you turn the Pagefile off, Windows will not be able to compensate for a shortage of memory and the Windows session will crash. While I am comfortable not using a Pagefile, I do not recommend others do the same until they are comfortable doing so. I recommend lowering the Pagefile size to 1GB, and if Windows needs more, the size will be automatically adjusted.
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I m sorry if this is in the wrong 3 laptop on Many with issues month place - I d really really appreciate some help though I have a month old Toshiba Satellite A couple of weeks ago after Many issues with 3 month on laptop a Windows Update it went a bit wonky saying there were corrupt files I ran sfc scannow it found some things but couldn t fix them I did chkdsk and sfc a couple more times after which it said all was okay but the Windows Update Troubleshooter thing still said there were corrupt files and I was getting the odd error Many issues with 3 month on laptop and a few warnings in event viewer Sick of fiddling with the thing I did system refresh - after which all seemed okay for a few days during which I chose to not look at event viewer - partly cause I was getting too stressed with it and partly in the hopes that after the refresh then having to install about updates I d give it some time Many issues with 3 month on laptop to calm down or something Yesterday - I noticed everything was running rather slow so I rebooted the machine then everything was running extremely slowly I checked task manager and it said disk use and RAM use although nothing was running save a webpage and task manager I was advised that the Skype app which came pre-installed on the machine has never had issues before and I have used all of once was causing some problems so I uninstalled that I ran Avast anti virus scan nothing found I tried to run sfc scan but it said quot another servicing or repair operation is currently running Wait for this to finish then run sfc again quot Not a clue what that might have been I tried a few times wouldn t run At this point I gave in for the night Today I have ran sfc scan - nothing found Usage for disk RAM and CPU are still high although varying a lot Disk was even down at for a while earlier I notice that Google Chrome is in the Task Manager times I don t think this is normal I have one window open only One of the listings is for the Chrome app which I am not using Avast is in there twice once with the logo and once without I don t know if that means anything About times so far today my cursor has frozen for a few seconds There are a few errors and warnings in event viewer I have a copy of this on skydrive and can put a link on here if anyone wants to see it In brief the warnings are ESENT which viewer says is likely due to hardware problem yay ESENT again says probably hardware Kernel-PnP x DNS Client Events The errors are Service Control Manager terminated unexpectedly Application Error TrustedInstaller exe x Application Hang for wwahost exe and LiveComm exe x DistributedCOM x Apps Those are all the ones since yesterday morning Sorry if that s too much info or not enough I d be very grateful for any help - a new laptop shouldn t be this much hassle I phoned the Toshiba number as it s under warranty only for the guy to tell me he would have advised me to do anti virus scan sfc scan then check task manager - all of which I d already done and if I wanted more in-depth advice I could sign up for extended warranty for a one-off easy payment of just Swines Thank you very very much in advance I can t tell you how grateful I will be if this can get sorted If restore to factory settings thing will magically fix everything then just give me the word and I ll do it I have backed up my files and any apps or programmes installed I don t care enough about to warrant putting up with these issues Though the OS came preinstalled on the laptop so I don t have it on disc don t know if I might need it if I do a reset The OS is Windows nbsp

A:Many issues with 3 month on laptop

I would suggest that you restore the laptop to it's "like new" settings and re-apply all the Windows updates
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i have a pc that i was trying to update when i updated the drivers everything was fine until it rebooted when it rebooted the screen went to sleep mode i have tried another monitor but still the same thing is there anyway i can put the hd in to another pc for it to work so i can maybe change what i can to get it to read or atleast see on the other pc?

A:No monitor after updates?

You could hook your drive up to another PC and try to boot from it but I doubt it will be any different. Sounds like you have downloaded a bad driver.

Can you get it to boot in safe mode and then use system restore to take it back to before you installed the driver.

What driver was it?

What OS are you using?

Do you have the OS disc?
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hello i have a new acer aspire 5552 laptop computer that keeps crashing. despite the fact that i have paretologic pc health advisor installed on it. i keep scanning and fixing but it doesn't seem to work out. Please can some one help me PLZZZZ B4 I BRAKE MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:One month old Acer computer keeps crashing

If it's only a month old and continually crashes, I would be taking it back under warranty, get a replacement. But, does it crash as soon as you are into Windows desktop, or when you open a certain program, or when you try to get on the net?
Does it do the same thing every time, or does it run well sometimes? You can't go checking inside for faulty parts, or your warranty will be void. Tricky.
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well, i've just reinstalled windows xp on my computer, and i have no sound what so ever, i have tried updating my drivers and that hasnt worked, ive also tried things like going to the device manager and disabling, re-enabling them and that hasnt worked, ive tried looking into the bios, and the hd audio is set to automatic can anyone help please?

and before anyone asks, yes the speakers are plugged in and yes they do work, they were fine before re-installing windows.

my sound is onboard and i own a biostar mcp6pb m2+ motherboard


A:No sound after trying many fixes inc. driver updates

No yellow marks in the Device Manager ?

Speaker icon showing in the Quick Launch ?
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Since I appear to be ignorant and incapable of locating the proper bios settings and/or drivers to update, I was hoping someone here could help me do so, and hopefully I am providing all the accurate information below:

OS Name - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version - 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer - Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer - Compaq Presario 06
System Model - DA236A-ABA 6420NX NA910
System Type - X86-based PC
Processor - x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1798 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date - Phoenix Technologies, LTD 3.01, 12/10/2002
SMBIOS Version - 2.2

Edit: If I am not in the proper forum and need to be moved to one such as Device Drivers, then I apologize and hope this thread will be moved.

A:Bios and system updates

whats the problem your having. if it ant broke dont fix it
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MyRealtek High Definition Audio driver is version dated 10.13.08. Is there an update for this and can anyone tell me where I can download it free i.e. without driver robot or driver detective.
I dont have any particular problem with my current driver and Im aware of the phrase 'if it aint broke dont fix it'. I just want to know if there is something better out there.
Additionally, if there is an update should I uninstall the old driver before installation or just install over the old one ?
I have looked at the page for driver updates on this site but I cant work out which is the correct one for my audio card.
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I have a 3 month old 9500 GT that started just this past Monday giving me fuzzy windows on one of my dual monitors. It seems to only give the fuzzy screen on whatever window I have the extended desktop on. The fuzzy screen only happens when the video card is on its highest setting of (1680 x1050) for both screens, however, if I change the extended desktop setting to a smaller resolution the problem goes away. I have updated the drivers to NVIDIA's latest driver but it didn't fix the problem. I am using VGA cables which shouldn't be a problem since it worked for three months. I checked the cables and the monitors on different machines and they all work fine. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

Machine Specs:
Vista Home Prem. 32 bit
AMD Triple core 8400 2.1 GHZ
3 Gigs RAM DDR667

A:3 month old 9500 GT displays fuzzy windows

Is your Vista upgraded to Service Pack 1?
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Hi all Summary Am having a custom-built PC that worked just great for the last months Then I started getting random issues BSODs mouse-keyboard freeze computer fails to shut-dowm after OS shutting down For the system freezes, Random six-month old BSODs, past Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system two weeks now the issues are getting more and more frequent No significant changes were made to the hardware or software Have run UltimateBootCD scans removed almost all hardware except bare bones CPU Mobo Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system nVidia graphcis card memory PS keyboard and mouse and power supply plus fresh install of Vista SP bit WinXP Pro with without any third-party drivers Once a freeze happens it is a lot faster to happen again even after a fresh reboot Freeze happens with bootable CD programs also that s why I did not list HDD and DVD drive into the bare bones list above -- if I have one of the two Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system I can start the system and issues happen Here s the current configuration see more freezes here than BSODs Intel Core Quad Q GHz Abit Fatal ty FP-IN motherboard No overclocking GB RAM passes UltimateBootCD tests EVGA GT PCI-x graphics card Antec EarthWatts W power supply Plain old PS keyboard and mouse USB mouse also has same results Vista SP -bit with and without latest updates Also tested WinXP SP Pro same issues Also bootable CDs result in the same issues Prior original configuration more BSODs than freezes GB RAM passes UltimateBootCD tests Windows Mem diags tests Two SATA GB s GB Seagate hard-drives pass all scans Windows BootCD One SATA Samsung DVD-RW One Sony PATA DVD-RW Curiously if I enable boot-up memory tests in Bios it fails for GB and keeps on rebooting Yet with bios RAM tests disabled Windows Mem diags and UltimateBootCDs all pass after - hours running Installed SpeedFan on otherwise fresh OS install Let it track and show temperature and voltage charts all the way till freeze happens There is no jump seen in either temperatures or voltages This is NOT tracking nVidia card temperature though which does get hot but not enough to prevent me from touching for several seconds Some folks suggest Power supply may be bad Also nVidia cards have over-heating issue per the news all over the place a few months back Abit motherboard company seems to be gone Everything except keyboard mouse and Sony DVD-RW is new and under warranty Just that I do not know quot what quot is bad Bought Asus P Q SE mobo to see if that helps But a google search before opening the box said that folks have similar problems with that Mobo too Please help nbsp

A:Random BSODs, freezes, six-month old system

Found some place online to try disabling EIST and C1E CPU settings in bios. Did that, problems still exist.
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recently i've been running a cs server and i guess it took up alot of bandwidth..

just a week ago when i opened up my webbrowswer this little rogers thing pop out on the top of the webbrowser saying i've reached 75% of my bandwidth

now i just wanna know if i went over yet or exactly how much more cause its been a week and i need to know if i'm at 90% yet or w.e so i don't get charged

and also, i'm a youtuber and i was wondering if it takes up alot of bandwidth?

A:How do I check how much bandwidth I used this month?

so could you check or i'd have to call my isp O_O
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http secure newegg com WishList PublicWishDetail aspx WishListNumber amp WishListTitle my How is my build looking like so far Of course i still have only the case and some of to in or first my pc build month Going a two... those parts I ve found at other places then newegg I have in amazon monies saved up too would be nice to use it for parts But being a Going to build my first pc in a month or two... deal finder amazon just doesn t do combo Going to build my first pc in a month or two... deals or really has anything cheap for computers This list isn t set in stone either I like the low power consumption of that cpu but am also considering the black addition or similar Was also considering the dual gpu ati video cards as well in case I end up having only one pcie Going to build my first pc in a month or two... slot Looked more towards a board like this so I could still run the system even if I didn t have all the parts yet even has hdmi Though I haven t looked at monitors at all either or desks yet so it won t be on the floor lol Well tell me what you think Thanks - nbsp

A:Going to build my first pc in a month or two...

Looks decent.

* You can get the video card cheaper if you don't need that exact one. The 9600GTs should be able to be found for ~$130 on Newegg.

* That power supply isn't very good. Look at Corsair's 650W single rail one, or any 475W or above from brands like Enermax, Antec, PC Power&Cooling...

* Probably not worth your money for that CPU cooler. Since you are looking at a Retail CPU it will come with a stock heatsink and fan which will probably be about the same performance as that Rosewill one. If you aren't going to overclock you can get by with the stock heatsink and fan just fine. If you are going to overclock you'll want a better one than the Rosewill.

* I've had a case like that (2 actually) with the rear exhaust fan area being really 2 levels (see here) and its more difficult than it should be to put in a fan because you can't actually hold the screw while you are putting it through 2 of the holes. Its not a HUGE deal, and it can be done, its just harder than I'd like. I would suggest considering any of the tool less cases (which really only mean you don't screw in hds and cd drives) they are much better to work with. The price is slightly higher, but I saved you $20 on the HSF, so maybe look at something like this. Shipping on those things is outrageous, but occationally they will do free shipping, so be on the look out for that. Also if you order from Newegg, they don't charge you shipping for each individual part and add them up, they charge for what it costs to ship them all together. So if you are going to order a case without free shipping it will save you some money overall if you order several other parts at the same time.
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ok where to start... bought this mobo (crosshair) on newegg read reviews havn't installed it. plan on learning more about over clocking before i really get deep into this project. there was a frequent review comment about the upgrade to bios of 0904 making it usable to the new quads but taking away 1066 recognition for memory. i plan on running an amd athlon x2 6400+ with Corsair(8) X2(4g:2X2gb ddr2) 800mhz 5-5-5-18 1.8v. the mobo says it has a standard of 800mgz and has a setable frequency in bios of ddr2:400, ddr2:533, ddr2:677,and ddr2,800. so i was just wondering why this is. memory standard of 800 can u over clock to 1066? can u go higher? is standard memory a minimal? just looking for a little q and a please and thanks everyone!

A:Crosshair mobo updates bad?

You may benefit from a quick read on memory as it applies to that motherboard. Look at what is listed as acceptable by the motherboard manufacturer, then get Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, or whatever. Any should be fine, but if you are going to use the board as a gamer, you do not want Value Ram because of the timings.
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After getting an EA430 at newegg and being very satisfied, it suddenly died on me while playing TF2. It is really weird and forced me to revert back to my old PSU which meant uninstalling my 3850 as well. Should PSUs die so quickly? I thought Antec was a reliable company. Did I just get unlucky and get the 1/100,000 faulty PSU?

A:PSU died after a month

just bad luck
the PSU is good enough for your system
but add another drive and I say you need 500 to 600 watts
I don't know what you need for the vid card
I always go 30% more in power when building a system
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What is the best way for checking for driver updates, or are they all done automatically?

A:Checking for driver updates

use the Device Mgr to find the specific device, go to properties and then Update Driver

no, it's not done automatically
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Budget 1600-1800 euros.
What I'm planning to get:
Mobo: I have no idea
CPU: E8500 3.16 ghz; This is 45nm If I'm correct (Should be out 20 Januari at 266$ from what I hear)
Graphics Card: NVidia 8800GT *2 I'm not entirely sure about this I was originally planning on getting a card in the 9000 series but it appears it's gonna take a while before they're coming out.
RAM: I have no idea except for that I'm probably getting 4 gigs
HDD: WD Caviar 320GB*2 for Raid purposes
Case: I have no Idea
Sound Card: I'm hoping the integrated sound card from the mobo will do the job nicely.

That's about it I think.

A:I'm planning on building a new PC next month, I need some advice on the parts.

What you got there makes good sense. With your budget it seems all you need to do is get the best mobo available. One thing I like to remind you though, is not to get cheap on your PSU. Hope the CPU will come out on time. Please keep us up to date on your project. Enjoy!
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as the title says i brought a GB RAM troubles Month Long DDR PC ram stick from Buffalo a month ago I ve search countless hours trying to get answers on how to get this thing working trust me it s been years since i built this computer and only months since i ve been able to use it I ve tried to Month Long RAM troubles upgrade so many times and only to Month Long RAM troubles fail in the end This time im not giving up I ve upgraded my bios and tried everything told on previous websites but i cant Month Long RAM troubles get this stick to boot to the Windows Load screen all it ll do is go through the whole bios screen and etc and then the screen goes black but when it goes black it kinda has that eerie glow Kinda like when you first load up a game right before it shows the companie s logos Please i beg you mercy Help me before i take a sledgehammer to this thing nbsp

A:Month Long RAM troubles

Seems as if you have a failing monitor, or a failing video graphics port, rather than any sort of a memory issue.
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Ok, I just re-installed my operating system in hope of a faster computer. I was not surprised that it worked. The only problem is that when I browse internet pages, they skip. As I read in another thread, I need to update my video driver. When I went to install the ati driver that I downloaded from their web site, my computer told me that I need to have a standard vga driver to start. I looked at my computer specs, and it doesn't even show my video card on the list of equipment. I have lost the disk to install my video card, so does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks!

A:Driver updates

Try installing an earlier driver.
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-I have an eVGA GeForce mb PCIe video card that is about months old I m using it on a Gigabyte k n-sli mobo with a w Antec Neo HE PSU -I powered up my computer like I do every day but the monitor was black it didn t blink or anything it acts like the computer is turned off -I looked at my card and the fan wasn t on is it supposed to be on all the time -I then installed an old PCI video card and took out the and the system booted up fine -I then reinstalled the but left the moniter plugged into the old PCI gpu so that I could look in Window s Device Manager to see if it was even recognizing my but the old PCI gpu doesn t display anything while the is plugged in My problem I 6 eVGA GeForce suddenly 6600 blacks out month old don t know if it s the I don t have another system to test it on or the mobo s PCIe ports which showed up fine in Device Manager Do I need a new graphics card I didn t do anything to damage it so what could have caused the problem nbsp

A:6 month old eVGA GeForce 6600 suddenly blacks out

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Try doing a clean install of Video drivers, removing all drivers first.
Check to see if there are any newer MoBo chipset drivers,

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Can any 1 tell me the best and latest update of intel graphics card?


You could try here, not sure how updated they are..
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:bounce: Hello i am looking for driver update for my motherboard I am having alot of restarts and i cannot figure out why i had them before and then i put a new larger hard drive in and they are not as many but they are still there so i need help

A:Need Help With finding driver updates for my motherboard

There are a couple of possible reasons for computers to randomly restart. I think this is a pretty good troubleshooting thread for random crashes (of course I do.... I wrote it! )

Take a look through there, as it is highly likely that ONE of those things listed is the cause of your problems.

Good luck!
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has anyone with the Asus A8N SLI deluxe updated their bios to the latest version (last i checked it was v1.015)? is it any good?

A:Asus A8N SLI Deluxe Bios Updates

Hello pkroks.

I can`t answer you question, but would like to offer you some advice.

If you system is running ok, I don`t advise you to update your bios.

The updating of a bios should not be done, unless there is a very good reason to do so.

Regards Howard
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Does anyone know where i can get an update for a nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card. San Andreas is not working very well. :hotbounce

A:Nvidia updates

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Look HERE for drivers etc.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey I have a SAMTRON Samsung brand I think DF X F X DF that is what it says in the Display tab monitor for my computer I have had it for about three years now Just like any other week I go to my Windows Update and install all the latest updates for my computer Now this week I installed some of the quot hardware amp driver updates quot one of which was for my monitor It went fine I downloaded and installed the updates then finished up some things and restarted my computer I have my monitor set at x pixels with Highest bit color quality However when I restarted my computer it turned on like normal but the color quality was terrible set at Lowest bit and the screen resoulution was set at x pixels When I noticed the changes I went to the display and settings tab and changed my screen resoultion and color quality to what I wanted it to be my normal settings First I tried it without restarting my computer It just stayed the same Then I tried it with restarting my computer It doesn't! but updates after worked, Monitor stayed the same also It will just go back to the Lowest bit colors and the Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! x resolution Any suggestions as to how to get it Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't! back to my normal settings Help nbsp

A:Monitor worked, but after updates doesn't!

Okay, a little edit:

I've called my local tech store, BestBuy, and they gave me some useless information. I can get it to 800x600 pixels, but that is the highest I can go. It still won't let me get past Lowest 4 bit color quality. It is starting to make me angry.

I think I am going to go a little in-depth here and give you the whole story. I installed a Windows Update for my SAMTRON 76DF Monitor, and when I restarted the computer, all of my display settings where different. When I went to change them, I put them where I wanted them to be and clicked apply, but it just stayed the same. BestBuy said to get on an internet chatroom/forum and see if anyone else has had this problem.
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I found this on it is a new product that they have. Not sure if any of you have seen anything like this but if not I would check it out. You can use this in case your bios update goes wrong. You just flip a switch and you can boot your system as normal. Sounds pretty neat.

A:No more dead BIOS after updates!

Most people don't know that on just about any board with an ISA slot (granted most newer boards do not have ISA slots) you can still boot even if your bios is trashed if you have an ISA video card, and then reflash it from there.
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The ISP I work for is using a Cisco AS5300 and I was thinking the other day that it may be time for some updates. Do any of you know anything about doing this kind of thing? I was thinking it would be possible to do some sort of update, much like flashing a BIOS, or even installing new hardware to update the modem pool or other things to make the AS5300 more compatible with todays dialup modems.
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Ok this is a problem that has been bugging me for many months I have tried everything and I mean everything First my specs Intel P ghz ram Soundblaster Live Value Gateway diediediediedie sorry Alright well first off I m into making movies with my friends I use a Sony Digital Handycam and upload to my pc via a Pyro Firewire IEEE- Card Well I used to be able to do this but one fateful day I turned on my camera and plugged it in and my pc locked up I turned off the camera and the PC unlocked I thought that was odd When locked cannot ctrl-alt-delete THese process FireWire month 2 Fiasco, are the things I FireWire Fiasco, 2 month process tried Reverted Drive to when it worked nada Called Gateway took me through some config options nada REFORMATTED COMPUTER nada Unistalled drivers in safe mode and reinstalled same prob Bought new card same problem so the card being the prob is out of the pic Tried neighbors camera nada made it pretty obvious that the pc itself was to blame Gateway refused to help me anymore unless I bought THEIR card same problem Gateway refused to help me ANYWAY citing it was Sonys problem THE COLD HEARTED B DS Uncle suggested that it might be sharing an IRQ with something AND IT WAS I was so happy I moved the card the another port and made sure it was on it s on IRQ PLUGGED IT IN Lockup At this point I was ready to kill something This is stressing me out so much I think I am losing my hair I m Please ANY advice you could give me would be great I m probably forgetting something that I did it ll come to me PLEASE HELP nbsp

A:FireWire Fiasco, 2 month process

What OS are you using?

If it's an IRQ problem, which it sounds like, you can't change the IRQ by just switching PCI slots, you have to change the IRQ via the Device Manager. I would give you directions to the DM, but I don't know what Windows you're using, if even using Windows...
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From www viahardware com ibm gxp shtm The revelation that IBM s GXP line of drives was only rated for hours of usage per month kicked off a storm of controversy and discussion both here at VH and at other use disk VIAHardware's restriction month of GXP lowdown hard of per IBM hours 333 websites as well With little actual data to go on however speculation has run rampant and official response has been scarce VH launched its own investigation into the issue with the goal of examining IBM s claims regarding the GXP s optimum usage whether such claims were sufficiently documented and how consumers may wish to respond to the situation We ve organized this article in a question-and-answer format to allow for simpler organization and easier reading with the questions themselves designed to walk a reader through the situation IBM VIAHardware's lowdown of IBM GXP hard disk 333 hours of use per month restriction unfortunately would not provide additional information or official comment on VIAHardware's lowdown of IBM GXP hard disk 333 hours of use per month restriction the GXP situation despite repeated phone calls and requests for data Click to expand News post with more details http www dspotlight com vb showthread php s amp threadid Source from www viahardware com nbsp

A:VIAHardware's lowdown of IBM GXP hard disk 333 hours of use per month restriction

Thanks Arris!
Though i'm too scared to read the full article (as my harddrives might they think should decided to crash), it's quite nice to get some more info on how I should set up my case...

Now i know I'm going to buy a harddrive fan..!
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Just read this
& would like to know how an update can be pulled if its been installed?

A:Updates from MS,IOS ,etc,etc question

The update was pulled from distribution. This means it was taken away so that it can no longer be downloaded. People who downloaded it will have to revert back using the ways provided by Apple. For example, they can use iTunes. But Apple cannot remotely remove it from a device.
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Did SAS recently have a few incremental program updates?

A:SAS SUPERAntispyware updates question

This might answer your question:
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Microsoft is planning to revamp their update delivery method in Windows 10 by implementing peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Traditionally Windows updates have been delivered through Microsoft's servers only, but by switching to P2P, the load on their servers can be decreased...

Read more

A:Windows 10 updates will be delivered using P2P technology

This can only be a good thing. I really struggle to get Windows updates during normal office hours, after 18H00 it's a breeze.
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After a successful rid of malware, I attempted to keep my things updated but was stopped by this error;
Failed: 2 updates
error found:
Code 80243004 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

Any info would be appreciated....

A:Tried 2 updates; Silverlight & a windows 7 for issues. Failed.

Apparently it's a system tray issue.

Try making sure that windows update is allowed to show notifications.
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A really stupid question, but perhaps for that reason I cannot find the answer stated explicitly anywhere:

With regard to the threat description used in Windows update documentation, I have always assumed that a "local attacker" is someone actually sitting at my desk. Is this correct?

In this case, presumably an "authenticated local attacker" is someone sitting at my desk who has got hold of my password?

If the answer to both questions is 'yes' then I guess there is really no point in my installing updates involving a 'local' threat?

Incidentally, while trying to find the answer with Google I ended up with a 'captcha' page, apparently to check I wasn't a robot! My machine was sending unusual traffic or something. My numerous searches with slightly different choice of words must have triggered something. Weird and scary!
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Hi guys. I have an HP Pavillion G Series computer that runs on the Windows 7 Home Vista operating system.What happened was I deleted a few programs from my laptop which included the Microsoft Security Essentials as it was conflicting with my Norton Antivirus Software.As a result; when windows updates come on; the laptop will attempt to install them then at 30per cent it will reject the updates and announce that the laptop is reversing the changes.My computer has become slow; the windows drivers are out of date and even downloading Adobe has become a chore!

Help me out guys what can I do before I fork hundreds of pounds for something I can potetially get sorted myself

Thanks in advance

A:My Computer is rejecting Windows Updates

Yeah, this one is tough. To get MS Updates running correctly, I found this solution to be helpful
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I keep getting a notice that there are 10 windows updates waiting to be installed.
They seem to download okay and then go through the process of installing.
But then I keep getting a notice that nothing was installed because of an error.
Tried to follow the instructions in Microsoft Troubleshooter and even tried using the "Fix It Tool' but nothing helps.
3 days ago I downloaded Firefox Browser and Microsoft Essentials.....could they be part of the problem?
I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
Images attached.

A:Windows Updates won't Update

Error 0x80070005 in Windows Update when you try to install updates
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I have an update issue driving me batty.

SP1 and IE neither will install. Machine is malware free, other updates worked fine. Error of course is generic. Here is what I have tried so far.

1. sfc /scannow (found nothing)
2. temp files cleaned
3. windows repair AIO by
4. Several MS Fixit related to WU
5. Windows Update Troubleshooter
6. reset all windows update comps.
7. Created new user account and attempted from there
8. safe mode install
9. clean boot install
10. disabled/removed AV

The error that sp1 pops is ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING (80073701)
IE9 install Error code is 800F081E

A:Windows 7 SP1 and IE updates fail

Try to restore your system a day before the errors occurs..
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Having a problem with a Dell XPS and hoping someone here has the answer as I seem to SP1 7 not installing updates Windows have tried many potential fixes Windows 7 SP1 updates not installing without success Originally tried to install Office but it got about of the way through and through up an error I think Further investigation showed that my windows updates seem to have stopped installing as well I followed lots of advise on many websites but still had the problem Eventually I restored the pc back to factory settings which included a format to remove any problem Much to my surprise I am still having exactly the same issues so far I have tried the following - carried out numerous Microsoft quot Fix it quot programs ran sfc scannow turned off Mcafee booted the pc in quot clean quot mode carried out repair of Net framework uninstalled and reloaded Net framework reregistered update files stopped and restarted BITS ran the system update readiness tool renamed the software distribution folder Cleared the BITS queue of any current jobs reset the contents of the catroot folder checked for incorrect registry values Probably several other fixes but can t remember them all At the moment the windows update wants to install the update to the windows update but after restarting the windows update it tells me it has failed If I turn off the pc it tells me there are numerous updates to install but it goes through the list very quickly and when it check windows update after restarting they have all failed I am at my wits end as logically reloading windows should have sorted the issue whatever it is I have even ran diagnostics on memory and hard drive and both are fine Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Windows 7 SP1 updates not installing

I had the same problem with a win 7 computer . I then tried just downloading about ten updates at a time. This worked. Takes a little longer but they installed. I think the problem is on Microsoft update site.
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I am "refurbing" a friends computer and have been running into failed update issues. These are Silverlight security update as well as dotnet upgrades. Dotnet 1.1 would not update so uninstalled it and ran dotnetfx and then reinstalled via windows update. That seems successful. Have run microsoft fixit for windows update but the problem persists. Now the update for dotnet 3.5 won't install.
Any easy fixes for this nonsense?

A:Multiple Windows updates fail on XP Home addition

Well, considering XP won't be getting MS support past April 8, 2014, you're probably better off going to W7 I got my info here
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Earlier today I believe I got these & installed them

I just happened to see the MS icon when I went to reboot so instead of rebooting I installed them, or so I thought.
Are they listed chronologically in the Add/Remove (Programs & Features) in W&?
I do believe I have them on here, but don't use them that I know of.

A:MS Updates

Are you saying you don't have Office 2007 installed...?

If you want to see all installed updates, click the 'view update history' button on Win Update window.
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I've noticed on a few systems in Windows Updates some important updates are unchecked by default, for example Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 x64-based systems and various updates for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7. Why is this and should I still install them? Why would they be important but not installed by default?

A:Sometimes important Windows Updates are unchecked by default

Depends on what your Windows Update settings are like. Mine is set to "notify" only, and every since update is unchecked by default.

.NET framework is kinda like a software that is required for other software to run ... e.g. "iOS v5 or higher is required to download and install Instagram on your iPhone"
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I'm on a friends Vista Home Premium & noticed there are numerous MS updates that never got installed. Some are shown here;

Install them or forget them? When I run the updater,it says no updates are available.

A:MS updates on Vista Home Premium

These are more

There are still more. Will post them if necessary.
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In regards to a previous thread
I have the following "failed" MS updates.
Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2619339)

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2639417)

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2567053)

Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2388210)

Are the above necessary?

A:W7 & MS Updates

Did you receive these updates from Microsoft?
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Good evening to all Last year I decided to use Firefoxe and say goodbye to IE after disabling everything to do with IE I soon realized than I could not get Windows Updates Windows 2.0.4 Firefox opens & IE7 both Updates nor could I access MSN Hotmail through MSN I went on to search the web and found useless tips and registry fixes that did not worked and eventually gave up and enabled IE to correct the problems I since upgraded to Firefox all ok MSN with the MSN Plus extension all ok there too but today I found the courage to upgrade to IE Now I m in trouble When I try to open my hotmails through MSN It does use Firefox but does not bring Windows Updates opens both Firefox 2.0.4 & IE7 the Hotmail logging page But the cherry is that when I click on Windows update in the security center it opens a blank page with IE and another Windows Updates opens both Firefox 2.0.4 & IE7 page open with Firefox telling me that I should upgrade IE go to the MS Download Center or better enable Automatic Updates I tried all these and others the only fix so far that works is to roll back to IE I think I should bow in shame and admit defeat before I do any more damage to my OS I should have known better not to mess with Regedit and Internet settings I would be really grateful if you could point me in the right direction in order to fix my mess Kind Regards Zatox nbsp

A:Windows Updates opens both Firefox 2.0.4 & IE7

Go to the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, then remove Firefox and Mozilla entries, then reboot, and reinstall Firefox
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I've got a bum update.

It says, turn off and install updates. I say fine. It says installing 1 of 1... don't turn off your computer - and stays that way for 8, 10 and 12 hours (for the first three times I tried it). I thought after yanking the power the first time, that it might actually install the second or third time around, but it appears that it is not going to ever actually install.

How can I remove this update, and re-download it to try it again? Or... is there another solution?

I'd like to turn off my computer and have it go off. I'd also kinda prefer to be able to install new updates, when they come around, instead of skipping any updates from now on.

A:XP updates never update

Is it stuck Creating a Restore point or after that comes the Download then the Install.

Which KB is being attempted?
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I just got mine today & they installed ok. I rebooted & shortly afterward the MS icon popped up so I clicked on it & allowed it to download what turned out to be 1 more update

Ok, now the icon has re appeared for the 3rd time I think & I am considering ignoring it because I'm thinking it'll do the same thing. My MS updates are set to automatic. Any suggestions? XP Pro MCE is the OS

A:Problem with this month's Windows Update

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I upgraded from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 Enterprise, installed the drivers of every device that needed one, including that of the nVidia GEForce 210 graphic card, which I downloaded from the nVidia official website. Then, I installed updates from Windows Update and some other needed programs, and in the end, GTA San Andreas and Off-Road Drive. Started playing GTA and after some seconds there is this BSDO and computer restarts. Tried it with Off-Road Drive, the same. I will attach the dump files created from the PC, but I think it is something related to the graphic card or graphic card driver, anyways, since it is annoying and I am bit confused, it would be of really great help if you guys could give me an idea.

A:BSOD at the beginning of games after upgrading to Windows 7 and installing updates

This is indeed graphics driver related. What are your complete system specs including power supply. Going from XP to windows 7 is not that easy. Your motherboard may not have the proper Windows 7 compatibility either
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all was fine this weekend up until saturday when i installed the most recent updates I cannot let them auto install as i have to be near wifi and have to have a chance to save my work first ok so now here is my problem the install goes perfect everything else was fine windows needs to restart so I told it most login updates. windows not recent 8.1 will after to restart later so i could finish my other work that i was doing online after all of that I shut down normally and take my machine home to discover upon reboot that it goes to a black screen windows 8.1 will not login after most recent updates. my first thought of course is to troubleshoot it with the install disk I load the install disk go into troubleshooting tools and browse files at this point i discover my c drive mounted as e and the system reserved that windows makes for the boot manager and things is mounted as c after changing this in the registry settings windows 8.1 will not login after most recent updates. through the same boot disk I am able to boot but instead of loading my account it shows my name with a missing profile pic no matter what password i give it either sits stuck on the word welcome or preparing windows but never logs in if it logs in then i get a black screen with only my mouse displayed and am able to move it but never get anything else I am able to use linux on another hardrive to go in and backup my files if needed but is there any other option besides complete reinstall of windows I do not have time to sit at burgerking for an entire day just to reupdate windows especially if it is indeed the update that caused this to further complicate things I have to download my graphics driver through linux and install manually because the builtin screen is crack making it very difficult to read anything which means I absolutely have to use an external screen in order to do this i used legacy win d rivers as those were the only ones to work before i upgraded to from might this cause the issue if so what options besides pray win legacy drivers work on my graphics card is there

A:windows 8.1 will not login after most recent updates.

Let's start with a couple of bootrec commands
Open up the repair tools and select the Command Prompt option.
Type these 3 commands exactly, pressing Enter after each one:
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd
The last one asks a question about installations to select - select "All" by pressing A and then press Enter
Let us know if that works and we'll move on from there.
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G'day allI'm getting the BSOD, on the bottom of the screen it says ( atikmpag.sys date stamp 4d1cfap1) I know its something to do with the graphics driver which I have tried to update and not having any luck and getting the following error ( code 80070103 windows update_dt000) Advanced micro devices ,Inc display Radeon ™ HD 6770M failed.After selecting ( see detailed info this is what's shownProblem signature:  Problem Event Name: BlueScreen  OS Version: 6.1.7601.  Locale ID: 3081Additional information about the problem:  BCCode: 116  BCP1: FFFFFA800D28B380  BCP2: FFFFF88004A07B78  BCP3: 0000000000000000  BCP4: 0000000000000002  OS Version: 6_1_7601  Service Pack: 1_0  Product: 768_1Files that help describe the problem:  C:\Windows\Minidump\062815-43103-01.dmp << CAN NOT OPEN, ( tried using notepad)  C:\Users\carl\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-125861-0.sysdata.xml <<< CAN NOT find this file ( hidden files shown)I'd be greatful for any help on solving this issue please.cheersEdit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum.~ Animal

A:driver updates.

For starters, here's an article that helps with this particular error (BCCode: 116 is also known as STOP 0x116):
Also, please monitor your temps with this free utility:
Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
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Hi, for the past month or so, I've been dealing with random BSODs on my windows 7 laptop (Sager NP4658), can someone tell me what's causing them?  I've attached the dump files from the last month to this post.
I've already done a chkdsk which found no corruptions, SFC 'did not find any integrity violations', and verifier.exe (only tested all non-microsoft drivers) found no problems.

A:Frequent BSODs for the past month

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum): Out of 7 memory dumps there were 6 different BSOD error codes.  The differing error codes are usually symptomatic of a lower level problem within the system. They are usually caused by one of these things (the list is not in any sort of order):- borked (broken) hardware (several different procedures used to isolate the problem device)- BIOS issues (check for updates at the motherboard manufacturer's website)- overclocking/overheating - You'll know if you're overclocking or not. If uncertain we can suggest things to check.- dirt/dust/hair/fur/crud inside the case.  Blow out the case/vents with canned air (DO NOT use an air compressor or vacuum as they can cause damage to the system)- missing Windows Updates- compatibility issues (3rd party hardware/drivers), older systems, or even pirated systems- low-level driver problems- or even malware (scanned for when we ask for hardware diagnostics from or ).Please get a head start on the hardware diagnostics - they are located here: Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although I have seen both dtsoftbus01.sys and dtscsibus.sys blamed on several occasions).Please un-install the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration):  New link (15 Aug 2012): (pick the appropriate version for your system and select "Un-install" when you run it).Alternate link: procedure here: following is for informational purposes only.[font=lucida console]**************************Thu Jun 11 20:20:10.037 2015 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\061115-6926-01.dmp]
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: [B]7601[/B].18798.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.150316-1654
System Uptime:[B]0 days 6:03:49.880[/B]
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for igdkmd64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd64.sys
Probably caused by :[B]igdkmd64.sys ( igdkmd64+15080e )[/B]
BugCheck [B]119, {1, d3aad4, 53aad6, 53aad3}[/B]
BugCheck Info: [url=]VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR (119)[/url]
Arg1: 0000000000000001, The driver has reported an invalid fence ID.
Arg2: 0000000000d3aad4
Arg3: 000000000053aad6
Arg4: 000000000053aad3
CPUID:        "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz"
MaxSpeed:     2800
CurrentSpeed: [B]2793[/B]
  BIOS Version                  1.03.03RLS1
  BIOS Release Date             04/03/2014
  Manufacturer                  Notebook                &#... Read more
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Hello all I am having some reoccurring issues with my Toshiba Windows updates install on restart and other wont issues satellite P The most Windows updates wont install on restart and other issues recent issue that i've been having is when windows tries to install updates on restart Windows begins the download process but then prompts that the updates are not compatible and reverts the changes But my laptop doesn't restart it Windows updates wont install on restart and other issues just continues to try and reinstall the incompatible updates until my laptop blue screens In the past or days my laptop has blue screened or times Before this I was having a similar issue where there would be no updates that windows required but my computer would start hanging randomly and when i would restart it would take FOREVER to do so Im using the event viewer to find errors prior to this update and also because i can't remember the error code from the blue screen I think the error code had something to do with power drivers I cant remember T T HALP PLZZ Event Viewer Log Name Application Source Microsoft-Windows-WMI Date AM Event ID Task Category None Level Error Keywords Classic User N A Computer Shadow Description Event filter with query SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage gt could not be reactivated in namespace root CIMV because of error x Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected Event Xml lt Event xmlns http schemas microsoft com win events event gt lt System gt lt Provider Name Microsoft-Windows-WMI Guid edeee - afe- -b -d c b b f EventSourceName WinMgmt gt lt EventID Qualifiers gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID ThreadID gt lt Channel gt Application lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Shadow lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data gt root CIMV lt Data gt lt Data gt SELECT FROM InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN WHERE TargetInstance ISA Win Processor AND TargetInstance LoadPercentage amp gt lt Data gt lt Data gt x lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt Log Name System Source Service Control Manager Date AM Event ID Task Category None Level Error Keywords Classic User N A Computer Shadow Description The Computer Browser service depends on the Server service which failed to start because of the following error The dependency service or group failed to start Event Xml lt Event xmlns http schemas microsoft com win events event gt lt System gt lt Provider Name Service Control Manager Guid d -a d - - e e- d f EventSourceName Service Control Manager gt lt EventID Qualifiers gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID ThreadID gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Shadow lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data Name param gt Computer Browser lt Data gt lt Data Name param gt Server lt Data gt lt Data Name param gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt

A:Windows updates wont install on restart and other issues

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):'s not many experts at fixing Windows Updates.I am not one of them.But the few experts that there are a sorely overworked - so getting a reply will be difficult.I'll continue to attempt to help here, but please bear with me.First, please try the Windows Update troubleshooter/fixes listed here:Windows Update Troubleshooter: Update Troubleshooter KB article: Windows Update Components KB article:, if that doesn't fix the Windows Update problem, please do the following 2 things. (copied from here: ):Run SFCFix    This free tool of neimiro's creation (see above link) is a very good starting point for the diagnosis and repair of all Windows Update and System File Checker corruptions. We therefore need you to run this tool prior to collecting logfiles.        -  First download and run a copy of the tool from        -  Work through any on-screen prompts and then await completion (runtime is approximately 15 minutes).        -  Once it has finished, if there are any unrepaired corruptions (the tool will notify you if it has succeeded in repairing all corruptions if they're simple in which case we're no longer needed) or unresolved problems with your computer, you need to post us the complete logfile which opens on exit. Simply copy (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the entire logfile into your new thread (also know as a 'topic'). How to create a new thread is shown later on in this post.Export CBS folder        -  On Windows 8, press the Windows key, type This PC, and press Enter.        -  On Windows Vista/7, click the Start button StartButton_16x16.gif then click Computer.        -  Double-click on the C: drive, under the Hard Disk Drives category, and then scroll down to, and double click on the Windows folder.        -  Find and double click on the Logs folder.        -  Right-click on the CBS folder, and select Copy.        -  Go back to your Desktop, right-click on it, and select Paste. You should now see a copy of the CBS folder appear on your Desktop called CBS.        -  Right-click on this new folder, and navigate through Send to, and select Compressed (zipped) folder.        -  A new file, also called CBS (, but this time with a different icon, will be created.As for the first item (SFCFix), just copy and paste into your post as indicated.For the second item (CBS log), please zip it up and upload it with your next post.If it's too big to upload (or you get an error), just upload it to a free file hosting service (such as OneDrive or DropBox).  Ensure that it's shared and then post a link to it here.
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Hi there ive been trying to update my driver java etc for awhile now becasue they are out of date and everytime i seem to try and do this the download gets half way or right about the end but then the download screen freezes up giving the not responding faded white outlined box and the never ending loading mouse icon and / Crashing java adobe during updates /driver etc or outright crashes windows and all other program I just ran a few malware virus scans and nothing crazy came up and i made sure that all my windows updates Crashing during java / adobe /driver etc updates were downloaded Some assistance would be greatly appreciated thanks Windows Dell tudio xps AMD Phenom II X T Processor GHz GB RAM bit OS OS was Crashing during java / adobe /driver etc updates installed after delivery - I purchased it from Dell Have reinstalled OS once no longer have the disk And ofcourse now we arent allowing downloads as the requested Sysnative BSOD Dump System File Collection App wont finish what its supposed to do it just keps getting hung up the way thru waiting for system information that never comes thru

A:Crashing during java / adobe /driver etc updates

The Sysnative App sometimes takes a very long time when compiling System Information reports (especially on a system that has a lot of problems).  Let it run for a long while (an hour or more should be sufficient). If that doesn't work, then let's try these 3 things to get some reports: Upload Dump Files:NOTE:  If using a disk cleaning utility, please stop using it while we are troubleshooting your issues.Please go to C:\Windows\Minidump and zip up the contents of the folder.  Then upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.Left click on the first minidump file.Hold down the "Shift" key and left click on the last minidump file.Right click on the blue highlighted area and select "Send to"Select "Compressed (zipped) folder" and note where the folder is saved.Upload that .zip file with your next post.If you have issues with "Access Denied" errors, try copying the files to your desktop and zipping them up from there.  If it still won't let you zip them up, post back for further advice.If you don't have anything in that folder, please check in C:\Windows for a file named MEMORY.DMP.  If you find it, zip it up and upload it to a free file hosting service.  Then post the link to it in your topic so that we can download it. Also, search your entire hard drive for files ending in .dmp, .mdmp, and .hdmp.  Zip up any that you find and upload them with your next post.Then, follow the directions here to set your system for Minidumps (much smaller than the MEMORY.DMP file): info on dump file options here: MSINFO32:Please go to Start and type in "msinfo32.exe" (without the quotes) and press EnterSave the report as an .nfo file, then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.Also, save a copy as a .txt file and include it also (it's much more difficult to read, but we have greater success in getting the info from it).If you're having difficulties with the format, please open an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt and type (or copy/paste) "msinfo32 /nfo %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TEST.NFO" (without the quotes) and press Enter.  Then navigate to Desktop to retrieve the TEST.NFO file.  If you have difficulties with making this work, please post back.  Then zip up the .nfo file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post. systeminfo:Please open an elevated (Run as administrator) Command Prompt and type (or copy/paste) "systeminfo.exe >%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\systeminfo.txt" (without the quotes) and press Enter.  Then navigate to Desktop to retrieve the syteminfo.txt file.  If you have difficulties with making this work, please post back.  Then zip up the .txt file and upload/attach the .zip file with your next post.  If unable to upload them here (they MUST BE zipped in order to upload them), please upload them to a free file-hosting service such as OneDrive or DropBox.Be sure to share them, then just post a link to them here so we can download them.
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This is a Toshiba Satellite C650 laptop that has had a history of issues with updates.  Last year some updates began to fail and we could not get them to apply successfully.  Other issues occurred, bsod without warning, etc.  Finally in Nov/December I did the factory reset and then re-applied all of the updates successfully.  Things seemed to be working ok after that.  After a month or so the laptop was then out of the country and offline for around 4 months.  Shortly after coming back online it began to have issues with some updates, until now when it will not even successfully check for new updates.  Also occasionally blue screens again.  Also, if you select View update history, it says "you have not tried to install any updates for your computer"
We use ESET Nod32 antivirus and it hasn't reported any virus/malware issues.

A:Windows 7 Code 80070057 cannot check for/install updates

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 
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This article is at How to Geek.
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My 2 yr old pc experiencing bsod about 3x a week this month, plss help

proc: amd athlon II X4 635 (quad)
os: win xp pro
memory: 2 gb
video: NVDIA Geforece GT 220 (1gb)

A:BSOD three times a month or so

An Nvidia video driver is causing this...
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Hello everyone I m experiencing an issue with my month old gaming desktop Randomly during certain games I experience blue screens that occur at various times Sometimes I can play a game for ten minutes sometimes I can t even get into the main menu sometimes I can play for hours etc A little about my computer first I m running Windows on an MSI Z A-GD motherboard with an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce Ti GPU an Intel i - CPU GB of RAM and a Rosewill XTREME Series W PSU along with a Western Digital old PC a Windows month bluescreening custom on WD Black TB HDD and a LITE-ON Black Internal x Blu-Ray combo drive This didn t start happening Windows bluescreening on a month old custom PC until a little over a week ago I was launching Empires Total War when my computer unexpectedly went to the blue screen and restarted I attempted to play again and got about twenty minutes into the game before it happened again I then went and tried a few other games Borderlands Darksiders II EVE Online Torchlight II Saints Row the Third and so on Each game eventually leads to a blue screen in fact all my games do except for League of Legends and I ve tested my RAM with each individual stick I ve done a system restore and even wiped my hard drive to no avail I thought then that it might be a heating issue and grabbed an extra case fan and cleared up some of the wiring inside the case for better air flow but that doesn t seem to have helped much if at all Now I m wondering if it s my video card being faulty I hope it s as simple as that the card is still under warranty and I can send in for a replacement if that s the case Anything you guys have to offer will be great Here s the problem details that pop up after the crash Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode f BCP BCP FFFFFA F B BCP FFFFFA F E BCP FFFFF FD OS Version Service Pack Product I know that the guidelines say to post a minidump file with this but whenever I attempt to upload one I get an error saying quot The upload file does not have an allowed extension quot Any idea what I can do to get it up here Also thanks in advance for any help you guys have to offer ETA It also says that I need to contact the administrator and file owner to access it even though I m the admin of the computer and the only one who uses it nbsp

A:Windows bluescreening on a month old custom PC

Okay so I figured it out. I only have one minidump at the moment, I believe the rest were lost during the wipe.

Anyways, here it is.
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Now that is gone, what other options do we have to check to make sure our software is up-to-date?

I guess you could use the same method I have been using for years, go to the vendor's site and check for updates.
There are other solutions, such as Cnet's recommendation of subscribing to their download dispatch newsletter, which will tell you of updates and upgrades as they become available, though you may have to sift through a lot of stuff you don't use to get to what you need.
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I have many computers in my test network using Mozilla Firefox - some computers load Windows and others Linux varieties.

I have these computers using the same centralized Bookmarks file, v.g. Bookmarks.html, for which the most up-to-date version will always be deposited on a common public FTP site in the network.

Does Firefox offer any scripting facility for me to write a routine that will check for latest updates on the Bookmarks file (simply checking time stamp difference), and if found, make a call to the Bookmarks-Import routine in Firefox ?


A:scripting in Mozilla Firefox to get updates in Bookmarks?

Specifically for that, I'm not certain, but you could try foxmarks:

Though I am not certain that will server your purposes. You could also try looking on add ons> extensions, and maybe search "bookmarks"
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I have many computers in my test network using Mozilla Firefox - some computers load Windows and others Linux varieties.

I have these computers using the same centralized Bookmarks file, v.g. Bookmarks.html, for which the most up-to-date version will always be deposited on a common public FTP site in the network.

Does Firefox offer any scripting facility for me to write a routine that will check for latest updates on the Bookmarks file (simply checking time stamp difference), and if found, make a call to the Bookmarks-Import routine in Firefox ?


A:scripting in Mozilla Firefox to get updates in Bookmarks?

Specifically for that, I'm not certain, but you could try foxmarks:

Though I am not certain that will server your purposes. You could also try looking on add ons> extensions, and maybe search "bookmarks"
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I have delayed upgrading to SP3 but I have been installing the subsequent XP security updates. I am now about to install SP3 but it has occurred to me, will I have any problems if I install SP3 on top of the Windows updates that came out after SP3?

A:Order of installing SP3 and Windows Updates

You shouldn't have any problems installing SP3. I recently downloaded SP3 myself. I didn't have any problems.

When you download something like SP3 it will replace files, if it needs to, to make the proper install.
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Hi - I noticed that in add/remove programs I've got the J2SE runtime environment 5.0 - and updates number 2, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11. These weigh in at about 100-120mb each... should I be deleting any of them or don't dare? (Are they cumulative, in other words.)

A:Whole buncha J2SE Runtime Environment updates in add/remove programs: Why? Delete?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Uninstall them all, except for the latest update 11.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am working on the following PC OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name WS System Manufacturer INTEL System Model D GBF System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date Intel Corp BF A A P SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system in Blue Past the Month 7 Screens Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot User Name WS admin Time Zone Pacific Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available 7 Blue Screens in the Past Month Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB 7 Blue Screens in the Past Month Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys It has had BSOD s in the past month Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code parameter ddd aadc parameter parameter e da parameter d System E f rror Er f f ror code d Param eters dd c d aadc c e d c a Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code e parameter c parameter parameter f a c parameter f a d System E f rror Er f f ror code d e Param eters c c c f a c c f a Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code parameter parameter e parameter e parameter c b d System E f rror Er f f ror code d Param eters c e c e c c b Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code parameter fe parameter f a eac parameter f a e c parameter f b b f d System E f rror Er f f ror code d Param eters c fe f a eac c f a e c c f b b f Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code e parameter c parameter parameter ee c parameter d System E f rror Er f f ror code d e Param eters c c c ee c c Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code e parameter c parameter ee f parameter ee d parameter ee cc d System E f rror Er f f ror code d e Param eters c c ee f c ee c d ee cc Event Type Error Event Source System Error Event Category Event ID Date Time AM User N A Computer WS Description Error code parameter cbe b parameter parameter ee f parameter d System E f rror Er f f ror code d Param eters cb c e b c ee f c Steps that I have performed I have ran the debuging tools for windows and have logs if anyone is interested in viewing them I have ran memtest Burnin and have tested the Hard drive with seagate drive utility I have ran multiple Virus malware spyware scans and have removed all that was found Malwarebytes hijackthis unhackme spybot ccleaner windows cleanup etc I have updated all the intel drivers and Bios I Have defragmented the HD and have all the latest updates from Microsoft Can someone please help me figure this one out I love a challange but this one has got me boggled Thank you to any and all that can help me Stagnantdata nbsp

A:7 Blue Screens in the Past Month

Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 71.73 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GBClick to expand...

Do you happen to have a 1 Gig card to put in that? (removing the 512Meg card too)

Also can you set the PageFile to Windows default (if not already)

And lastly can you turn off all Windows startups and test again (possibly including un-installing Antivirus or any other live protecting 3rd party program startups)
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I just had a pop-up to tell me Adobe Flash Player had an update ready for me. Knowing what to do, I checked the link to see if it actually came from Adobe, and sure enough it did, so I performed the update.

BUT, I do not like any software on my PC to update automatically, for security reasons, and I subscribe to CERT advisory warnings which infallibly let me know when there is good reason to update, rather than when the software feels like it.

To this end, I invariably turn off automatic updates for everything I can find, and you know what, I cannot find anywhere the necessary interface for Flash player. There appears to be no control panel whatever for flash. Can anyone tell me either where the control panel is, or how to turn off automatic updates, whichever is appropriate?

A:Turning off Flash Player updates

Here's how you do it. You go into MSCONFIG and deselect AdobeUpdater in the startup list.

Start -> Run -> msconfig -> Startup

While you're in there, you can deselect other useless updater background programs. Another good example is "qtimer" for QuickTimer. All that does is check the Apple site for updates for QuickTime. There are lots of apps that put these almost useless background programs in there. It's one of the things I clean out for my customers. Gets rid of those annoying popup reminders too.

-- Andy
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Video card NVIDIA GeForce M GTS - GB GDDR SDRAM Explanation I used to have a problem blackscreening while gaming so I took my computer to a computer shop where they said they d install a new video card same card I had before NVIDIA GeForce M GTS - GB GDDR SDRAM and motherboard to go with it When I got my computer back and downloaded the newest NVIDIA drivers from the website they quot couldn t find compatible hardware quot I got a little suspicious and questioned the guy who said since the card is Chinese I have to use Chinese drivers so he installed Chinese DriverGenius on my computer and used it to download driver version from I was like quot woah that s old as hell quot and he just said quot try it quot which I did and everything worked fine so I was just like whatever For the first week or so everything worked fine then I started getting major blackscreen bluescreen problems While playing games while not playing games on startup basically any time Sometimes the screen flashes black then says quot Driver card, can't updates blue/blackscreens detect video constant The NVIDIA Kernel driver has stopped working and recovered quot or something like that then it s fine for a while and happens again or just crashes Driver updates can't detect video card, constant blue/blackscreens Sometimes it blackscreens and I can still hear my music no problem until I turn it off Sometimes it blackscreens sound goes staticy then normal then staticy then normal then bluescreen Sometimes it bluescreens Sometimes it does Driver updates can't detect video card, constant blue/blackscreens what I can only call a quot rainbow wipe quot where the screen changes a bunch of different colors and it s like someone is wiping it from top the bottom with a napkin or something The most frequent is the blackscreen with mixed static and music the second most frequent is blackscreen into bluescreen So I took my computer back to the shop where the guy installed some compatibility driver which he downloaded through Chinese DriverGenius which has quot crack quot in the file name When questioned about it he just said quot no problem if this doesn t work reinstalling Windows should do the trick quot Compatibility fix does nothing and now I m Driver updates can't detect video card, constant blue/blackscreens away working and can t take my computer back to their shop to at least get my money back not sure if I want them touching it again If I uninstall the drivers my computer works just fine for surfing the net but is completely unable to play games Attempted fixes Took my laptop back to the shop where they installed some sort of compatibility update that did nothing Uninstalled and used Driver Fusion CCleaner Advanced System Care to get rid of as much of the stuff from the old drivers as possible but there s still some stuff left over in PNPPLockdown not sure if this is normal Downloaded multiple versions of the drivers the version right before the one I have installed wouldn t even start Windows The newest ones all quot Cannot detect compatible hardware quot Recent changes New motherboard which I don t know if I need to update drivers on and also have no idea how to even find out what kind of board it is System restored a couple times to see if that could get it working Clicked an option on startup that was something like quot Enable unverified unsigned drivers quot and that made games better but I still had the blackscreen problem Operating system Windows Ultimate -bit with Service Pack installed System specs Processor Chipset Processor Intel Core Duo P GHz Multi-Core Technology Dual-Core Cache L cache - MB -bit Computing Yes Front Side Bus MHz Chipset Mobile Intel PM Express Platform Technology Intel Centrino Memory RAM GB x GB Max RAM Supported GB Technology DDR SDRAM Speed MHz PC - Form Factor SO DIMM -pin Audio amp Video Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce M GTS - GB GDDR SDRAM supposedly see explanation for details http reviews cnet com laptops gat - html nbsp

A:Driver updates can't detect video card, constant blue/blackscreens

Hi, First thing to do is find out what hardware you have actually got installed.
I would install something like; 'Speccy' from Piriform,
Run it, and then click on the light blue 'Graphics' line to get more info.
Can't say what chinese drivers are as all drivers for nvidia cards are supplied by nvidia, and if you go to their site, and 'Support' you will find an automatic detector, if you are not sure what you have.
But before you install another driver, be sure to uninstall the previous one.
That's in Control panel, Hardware and sound. Device manager.
When the list appears, click twice on 'Display adapters', then right-click and choose 'Properties'.
Then click on 'Driver' tab, and click on Uninstall (Driver, Advanced).
Then Windows may need to be rebooted, when it will install a generic driver, so you can see the screen.
Then go to, then support, then Download drivers.
Try the automatic detect feature, or if you know from Speccy what card you have, select it from the drop-down menus.
That should work as far as the Graphic card driver is concerned.
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I got another 2 new BSOD's just this month.

attached dmp files.

thanks in adavance

A:2 new BSODs this month

Inside the 2 Minidumps:

BugCheck 7A, {c05cf000, c000000e, b9e0050c, 34354860}
Probably caused by : atapi.sys

BugCheck 1000008E, {80000004, 806ecae1, a10f4130, 0}
Unable to load image igxpmp32.sys, Win32 error 0n2
Probably caused by : pci.sys
PROCESS_NAME: firefox.exeClick to expand...

Sorry must go, but I put the faulting process in bold

Initial thoughts
Looks like driver issue. You need to update all your drivers
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Month old PC Windows bit BSOD help appreciated Hi Folks my PC has been running great for the last months however now whenever I try and launch a D game the PC will 64-bit, old PC BSOD 7 6-month Windows hit a BSOD within - minutes of launch So far I ve up to date with windows updates updated the BIOS to latest 6-month old PC Windows 7 64-bit, BSOD memtest ed the RAM - passed tried running with just one DIMM updated to the latest video drivers installed the latest direct X chkdsk ed - no problems I m out of ideas now so would really appreciate so help Included dxdiag and last minidumps Thank You -------- Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Operating System Windows Professional -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - DirectX Motherboard CPU Type Intel Core i - K GHz Sandybridge-E Socket LGA Processor - OEM Motherboard Name Asus P X PRO Intel X Socket DDR System Memory Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR PC - C MHz DualQuad Channel Kit CMZ GX M A C PSU Corsair Enthusiast Series TX M High Performance W Plus Bronze Modular Power Supply CP- -UK Display Video Adapter - Gainward GeForce GTX Ti quot Phantom quot MB GDDR PCI-Express Monitor HP x LED Series Wide LCD Monitor NoDB CNC P Y Multimedia Audio Adapter High Definition Audio Controller NoDB Audio Adapter High Definition Audio Controller NoDB Storage IDE Controller Asmedia x SATA Controller SCSI RAID Controller Intel R C Series Chipset SATA AHCI Controller SCSI RAID Controller Marvell xx SATA G Controller OS HDD Crucial RealSSD M GB quot SATA Gbs Solid State Hard Drive CT M SSD Data HDD Samsung SpinPoint F TB SATA-II MB Cache - OEM HD SJ Blue Ray Drive Samsung SH-B LRSBP x BluRay ROM DVDRW DL amp RAM Lightscribe SATA-II Optical Drive Partitions C NTFS MB MB free D NTFS MB MB free Total Size GB GB free Input Keyboard HID Keyboard Device Keyboard HID Keyboard Device Mouse HID-compliant mouse Mouse HID-compliant mouse Network Network Adapter Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Network Adapter Intel R V Gigabit Network Connection Peripherals Printer Fax Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer USB Controller Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller NoDB USB Controller Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller NoDB USB Device ASUS Bluetooth USB Device Generic USB Hub USB Device Generic USB Hub USB Device Generic USB Hub USB Device USB Composite Device USB Device USB Composite Device USB Device USB Input Device USB Device USB Input Device USB Device USB Input Device USB Device USB Input Device USB Device USB Root Hub USB Device USB Root Hub nbsp

A:6-month old PC Windows 7 64-bit, BSOD

No bug check string, and you should be running DX11. This is a problem with your Nvidia video driver. Do you have the latest?
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The need and value of updating to XP SP has come up in a couple different threads vs just keeping SP and getting all updates So started this thread to offer some info as well as personal opinion and solicit same from others Is SP equivalent to SP current Windows updates I ve read several sites not blogs i find reputable and knowledgeable about XP which indicate there are differences As i understand it SP includes quot updates and hotfixes quot that were available in SP but aren t hotfixes those updates you only got from MS if you contacted installing of vs. + updates SP2 SP3 The XP value them to say you really need it Finally Overview of Windows XP Service Pack from Microsoft summarizes some possible differences you may find as well as a few quot new quot features unique to SP Some updates features available in The value of installing XP SP3 vs. SP2 + updates SP were optional In SP they re all installed by default A few features are new to SP Period They don t change the user interface i e the customer s experience as Microsoft calls it but do affect XP s behavior The value of installing XP SP3 vs. SP2 + updates Is there other value to having users with problems update to SP I believe so I ve found it s not rare to find newbies or those just less quot computer savvy quot who believe they re current with SP when in fact a look at their installation history shows that s not true update install failures that are ignored sometimes ignored to the point of being turned off As my own rule of thumb i feel much more confident that someone is running on a known and fixed software base when they say they re running SP vs simply saying quot SP and all current updates since quot Are there any problems with installing SP You might experience some SP like prior major service pack releases and even some updates is known to have some bugs But if someone is having crashes and or other major problems with their computer they want to report and ask for help I still believe it best to see they re updated to SP first nbsp

A:The value of installing XP SP3 vs. SP2 + updates

Many programs such as Belarc Advisor will inventory and list all the service packs and updates installed... and tell you if you are missing any.
I recommend just the opposite if your computer has some significant age or an older cpu, and OS... SP3 raises havoc with some HP AMD machines, some Gateway, and some eMachines... by test. Which don't show up until SP3 is installed.
ZoneAlarm, Comodo, and SunBelt have had connection and detection problems with some conflicts between Microsoft and their install.
Bottom line. Don't install it if you do not know that you need it. That can always be done later. Most of those items in SP3 benefit Microsoft... not the user.
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As the title says, my update are not being installed for some reason. I tried multiple times. I even tried doing in it from the Windows Update site, didn't work either.

As a note, I recently had my windows reinstalled.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?

A:Windows Updates Fail To Install

There are a couple of possibilities, but lets start with BITS.
It is possible that BITS(Background Intelligence Transfer service) is not running. Check to see if it is running. If it has stopped running then restart in the following manner.
Start > control panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative tools > services. When the services window opens Look to see i f BITS Is running. If not click "restart the service".

If this doesn't work post a reply and lets try another solution.
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I just installed Vista days ago and It was working great I then went to install some updates I got all or so at once and went from there The system went to restart and sat at quot configuring updates quot for about min then quot Shutting down quot for updates Configuring hours? 16+ another before I decided to force reboot and system restore Then I went back and started installing the updates at about at a time This worked until I got to the last couple updates and the same thing happened On another computer I looked up the problem and Microsoft said to just let it sit until it s done as it has to quot uninstall language packs quot or something So I Configuring updates 16+ hours? let it sit over night and during school and it had been about Configuring updates 16+ hours? hours I decided it just needed help shutting down so i force rebooted and then it got stuck on quot Configuring updates quot after loading Windows What am I supposed Configuring updates 16+ hours? to do I can t keep system restoring every time i install an update My system Vista Home Premium -bit Intel Core Quad E nVidia GeForce gt ASUS P N-E SLI Mobo gb Corsair Ram Seagate gb hdd second gb hard drive used for docs nbsp

A:Configuring updates 16+ hours?

You can use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility in Safe Mode, to remove any specific Security update
Until you work out which one is causing the issue
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Microsoft Updates roll back my personal settings Following a crash I reinstalled the OS and several applications including Microsoft Office Professional I spent a long time amending the personal settings and changing the desktop background wallpaper folders options start-up preferences on utilities such as Uniblue PowerSuite and so on Everything was working excellently Then I went to Microsoft Update There were critical updates which problem Office 2003 Microsoft Updates I duly downloaded and installed When I restarted my computer I was utterly horrified to find that all my changes had been annulled The computer worked all right but I was back to square one Mistakenly thinking that some inadvertent act on my part had done the damage I wiped my hard disk and repeated the whole reinstallation process including amending personal settings Once again all was fine until I downloaded and installed the Microsoft updates I feel sure that one or more Microsoft Office 2003 Updates problem of Microsoft Office 2003 Updates problem the Microsoft updates are causing the trouble Having reinstalled everything for the third time I shall next do a custom Microsoft update Can anyone advise me which of these Microsoft updates I should avoid i e uncheck in the list The computer is a Packard Bell EasyNote GN with GB of RAM and a Microsoft Office 2003 Updates problem new GB Western Digital hard drive The OS is Windows XP Professional SP nbsp

A:Microsoft Office 2003 Updates problem

Following a crash, I reinstalled the OS and several applications including Microsoft Office Professional 2003. I spent a long time amending the personal settings; and changing the desktop background wallpaper, folders options, start-up preferences on utilities such as Uniblue ?PowerSuite?, and so on. Everything was working excellently! Then I went to Microsoft Update. There were 21 critical updates which I duly downloaded and installed. When I restarted my computer I was utterly horrified to find that all my changes had been annulled. The computer worked all right, but I was ?back to square one?. Mistakenly thinking that some inadvertent act on my part had done the damage, I wiped my hard disk and repeated the whole reinstallation process, including amending personal settings. Once again, all was fine ?. until I downloaded and installed the Microsoft updates!!!Click to expand...

I can't exactly tell you why this seems to work but in my experience I have always downloaded or installed the Windows updates prior to installing anything else such as other programs. Based on your explanation as to the computers bad behavior and the fact that you attempted the same process twice with the identical results I would suggest that you do the clean format and clean install then installing the updates prior to any other program installation.
Computers can be fussy this way.
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My automatic updates for windows is off. I get the message and follow procedures to activate it, but it remains off. What can I do?

A:Cannot connect windows updates

Yo save people time, why not tell us what 'procedures to activate it' you followed (a link or whatever).
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I downloaded some updates from MS update yesterday and by the evening the entire laptop was running slow, freezing frequently and at last blue screen error appeared. It didnt automatically restart after that but froze. Tried manual restart but it started freezing at boot. Tried to go to safe mode screen at boot but it frooze there too. AT last gave up and left it and when I returned, it had restarted in normal mode. Tried system restore, but they all failed. System running now, but very slow. Ran Norton 360 but nada! Please advice. Thanks

A:Microsoft updates causing system crash

You need to perform a factory restore if you can
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Hey guys, I recently changed my motherboard and cpu and was forced to reinstall my upgrade for vista home premium. Now that it has been reinstalled, I am unable to install any of the 54 required updates that are necessary for me to install the service pack. I would like to install these updates and service pack because frankly my Vista experience will suck without it. I've been on the phone with the microsoft guys for hours and have accomplished nothing. Here are some specs:

Intel Pentium 4; 3.4 ghz
2gb RAM, I have another 2gb stick that i'll install after the updates are made
Vista Home Premium Upgraded from Home Basic

Please let me know what you think-- or point me in the right direction if this question has already been answered. Thanks guys.


A:Newly Installed Vista Home Premium: Unable to Download Updates and Service Pack

By the way, here's the error message: 80070002
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Anyone else finding the same thing?
I am getting an increasing number of machines into the wksps which are refusing to boot after an automated XP update. Not necessarily SPIII but some of the small ones are equally responsible.
Usually I can get a temporary fix by using system restore but not always and have to resort to a windows repair and then disable the updates to stop it happening again. Not the ideal solution perhaps but expedient under the circumstances.
Also I visited a Gigabyte site today to be told that I had to uninstall an XP service pack if I wanted to run elements of the site under XP - Vista worked OK.

A:Windows updates causing increasing problems

You can remove the Windows updates individually with the Windows installer cleanup utility instead of a big Repair (which will remove them all!)

Also which Gigabyte site link exactly? (I want to try it from my end)
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Hello; I hope any1 could help me with this error;
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (100)

that's all i get every time i try to install or upgrade. This started when i did an upgrade on my ubuntu box; now i dont even have sound and I can update or install anything without getting this:

E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (100)

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I have 3 java updates (2,3,5)in my control panel that seem to be taking up alot of usage 111.00 MB, 111.00MB & 114.00 MB.

Can I uninstall any or all of these??? Do I really need all three? ty

A:Uninstalling Java updates?

Go ahead and uninstall the older versions. Occasionally, some applications will run with one version but not another for some reason but generally I would uninstall the old versions.
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I Posted this earlier and got no answer

I was going to remove a program on the add remove programs screen and i came across a long list of xp hotfixes, the usual thing i do is just hide them by clicking the 'hide updates' button, but the button doesnt seem to be there. is there any way of bringing it back?

Really really need to know whats wrong and how i can fix it
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I am trying to update Office XP. I know I need SP1 - got it - it goes all the way through the installation, I have the **** in but then it just says installation unsuccessful. What do I need to do?

A:Office XP Updates

Uninstall office xp and then do a re´nstall and afther the reinstall instal Sp1

Greets Crazy
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Disappearing hide updates button in add/remove programs

Right, im running xp service pack 1
I was going to remove a program on the add remove programs screen and i came across a long list of xp hotfixes, the usual thing i do is just hide them by clicking the 'hide updates' button, but the button doesnt seem to be there. is there any way of bringing it back?


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I hope my title was okay hello i need help i m not completely useless when it comes to computers but i am definitely not close to even being considered a techie but i m working on it my computer has been giving me trouble for the past couple of days the problems my computer won t shut down i can not get my task manager to open my computer recognizes the internet connection and even connects but when i open a broswer it doesn t go online my laptop has been installing a lot of windows updates this could be because i keep doing the restores but could it be downloading updates that are causing glitches in my system details about each problem it won t shut down correctly over of the time it will go to the logging off blue screen and sometimes it will even go as far as the shutting down screen but never any further than that i ve been having to manually shut it down laptop updates malfunction? cause to Can my windows with the power button i read that it could be because i have a program that is looping and not shutting down Can windows updates cause my laptop to malfunction? correctly i m not at home i m traveling so i m staying in a hotel so i have a constant connection to internet but still i can t seem to get online i have a co worker who gets online fine so i know it s not the hotels fault on the taskbar at the bottom of my screen there IS an x across the online icon but when i actually open the menu to connect to a network it says i m connected my task manager picks and chooses when it wants to open lately it s been saying no the entire time i ve tried ctrl alt delete and i ve also tried opening from the taskbar but nothing the green square icon appears on the bar however the the task manager itself refuses to manifest i ve done a full system scan and found two viruses which were contained and deleted i ve done numerous system restores it says that my laptop is secure i ve tried to open it up by the last known good configuration and still nothing sometimes it will boot up right other times it won t and it all happens at once if my task manager doesn t open up then i can t get on my internet and it doesn t shut down right which leads to meet having to shut it down manually and of course when i reboot it ll ask me how i won t to proceed because windows failed to shut down correctly then i begin the circle again also it s been freezing when it goes to open my programs any help would be VERY VERY appreciated i m trying to avoid doing a full system restore because i have missplaced my writing software cd and i don t have the money to replace it i m running windows vista and i have an hp pavillion dv and it s about three years old i m so sorry i don t know more precise details about my laptop but again any help at all would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Can windows updates cause my laptop to malfunction?

Hi des123

From some of your symptoms, i suspect your system might still be infected. (sure sounds like it to me) I think would be wise to first get your system reviewed by the malware experts.

Normally i'd instruct: Start here for Virus/Malware removal Instructions Attach your logs for review in Malware removal forum

But since you have problems connecting:
1) You might try resetting internet explorer
2) Can you start in Safe mode with networking? then try getting online

If nothing else, you might at least try posting in the Malware forums with your problem and see if they can help you get online to get scanned and get their "clean bill of health"

good luck!
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I have recently had a issue with opening Automatic Updates I have spent all day trying to fix it with no success so I was hoping making a post here might help The problem is every time I try with Automatic Updates Error to open anything that has to do with Automatic Updates a window pops up saying quot The application failed to initialize properly xc Click OK to terminate the application quot Error with Automatic Updates And anytime I try and do a Windows Update via windows com I get a different error saying quot Error number x DDD The site cannot continue because one or more of these Windows services is not running Automatic Updates allows the site to find download and install high-priority updates for your computer Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS helps updates download more quickly and without problems if the download process is interrupted Event Log keeps a record of updating activities to help with troubleshooting if needed To make sure these services are running Click Start and then click Run Type services msc and then click OK In the list of services double-click on Automatic Updates and then click Properties In the Startup type list select Automatic and click Apply Verify that the Service status is started if the Service Status is Stopped click on the Start Button In Error with Automatic Updates the list of services double-click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS and then click Properties In the Startup type list select Manual and click Apply Verify that the Service status is started If the Service Status is Stopped click on the Start Button In the list of services double-click on Event Log and then click Properties In the Startup type list select Automatic and click Apply Verify that the Service status is started If the Service Status is Stopped click on the Start Button quot If I could get some assistance on how to fix these errors I would be very grateful because I can t update my computer without these Thanks nbsp

A:Error with Automatic Updates

The problem is every time I try to open anything that has to do with Automatic Updates, a window pops up saying "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application."Click to expand...

Try This link it will tell you what the problem is. this refers to the first error code.

For error code #2 go here
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Im a small time web developer (self taught, very affordable ) that maintains the website for a small church in my town. i recently started with a client in another city and they asked me if I had updated the sites updates I made for them on search engines. Now I always thought site crawlers automatically noticed updates, but I do believe Im wrong in this for a client to ask me. Could someone inform me on ways I could do this?

He mentioned pingomatic but that seems to be for Blogs.

Help please
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Using Fedora Core 6, and I had beryl effects working properly and the ATI catalyst control center was functioning properly as well.

However, I allowed the system to update itself (231 updates or so) and afterwards, ATI CC fails to even load, Beryl loads but the effects are no longer working. I'm still new to Linux so troubleshooting is a huge pain so far...

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

A:Beryl, ATi Catalyst stopped working after system updates

You probably updated your kernel and you have to reinstall/recompile the ATI drivers.
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Can anyone help me? My computer is stuck in a constant reboot with a message that states "configuring updates stage 3 of 3" I am unable to locate the original Vista cd.

A:Vista keeps rebooting with message "configuring updates 3 of 3"

You need to boot with the VISTA DVD on the next re start and attempt a repair, in this case, System Restore" (that I always turn OFF) ... if a restore to the time before the update was successful, load Windows, turn Automatic Updates OFF temporarily, Update all your hardware firmware if any, including Motherboard BIOS, update all your drivers from the manufacturer's web site, any other updates for programs and device utilities available, install KB937287 then turn Automatic updates ON and allow windows to install needed updates by itself.
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Hi, all.
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.
I have no computer savvy whatsoever but have managed to build a pc and have installed XP Pro w/SP3. This is with an Intel E4600 CPU on an Asus P5Q-E P45 motherboard with 4 gigabytes of RAM.
After the initial downloading of necessary updates I turned on Automatic Updates.
And got a balloon stating that I had updates available.
I disabled my security programs and downloaded the files then went to install them.
I keep getting a pop up that says the updates have not been installed.
I can install other programs, such as iTunes.
But not Windows updates.
It's probably something embarrassingly simple. But I can't think of it.
Hope you can help.

A:Can't install Windows updates

Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
Info Here

Locate the faulty MS update that is causing the issue
Then remove it

Try Windows Update again

For other Windows Updates issues refer here
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I have just gotten a new hard drive, and put a fresh instalation of Windows XP on to it, however, I have a problem in the fact I am now unable to download any updates, other than windows XP Sp 3, has anyone got any ideas how I can rectify this problem please?

A:XP Updates

"I am now unable to download any updates, other than windows XP Sp 3"

What happens when you try to get updates?
Where are you trying to get the updates from?
What updates are you trying to get?
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System Specs Motherboard Asus A N -SLI Deluxe Processor Athlon X Duo Ram GB Power Supply Thermaltake W Hard automatic after occasional occurs screen updates Blue Disk Seagate Barracuda SATA Boot Seagate Barracuda EIDE Data DVD Drive Aopen EIDE DVD Burner Sony EIDE Blue screen occurs after occasional automatic updates I have Blue screen occurs after occasional automatic updates a been having a very unusual problem which I believe may be hardware related Here is what happens Windows is running an automatic update Usually it works fine but sometimes I will lose my internet connection To restore my internet connection I have to shut down my computer and unplug my cable modem to reset it Once that cable modem is reset I start my computer to restore internet connectivity However in some instances it will bluescreen giving the following message PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA When this happens I have to boot into safe mode and run system restore often twice use last known good configuration does not work If I don t run system restore the bluescreen error repeats with the same message Once I have restored the system it acts normally again until the next problem manifest In some instances including todays instance I cannot power the computer back on immediately after the crash I such down several lights and my HL- printer and eventually got power back to the computer Blue screen occurs after occasional automatic updates I was able to repair it normally after that There is one symptom I find interesting upon restoring the system many files loaded on my data hard drive that does not contain Windows or any essential Windows files that were copied to it between the system restore date and the bluescreen crash vanish I find it odd that system restore would delete files on my data hard drive unrelated to Windows in this case I had just downloaded self-extracting exe of firefox a few days ago to my data drive upon restoring to the middle of last month it vanished from the drive I had not yet used this exe to install the latest version of firefox The exe of an older version of firefox that I was using was located in the same directory it remained intact I have started messing around with the SDK debugger and dump files but I really do not know what I am doing I only have two dump files one dated last month probably the restore date and one dated March this year Nothing dated today which is one the most recent bluescreen has happened The only thing I leanred from the dump files is the ntoskrnl exe was involved in the crash This problem has been plaguing me for a while and I am tired of it and want it fixed but it is so hard to pin down I do not know if it is a hardware problem and which piece of hardware it is related to I have reasons to suspect the power supply the mobo and both hard disks Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated I have attached the most recent dmp if any know how to use these properly Thanks nbsp

A:Blue screen occurs after occasional automatic updates

According to your dump file memory corruption is your issue. Therefore our advice is for you to run the free and safe Memtest on your RAM.

See the link below and follow the instructions. There is a newer version than what is listed; use the newer. If you need to see what the Memtest screen looks like go to reply #21. The third screen is the Memtest screen.

Step1 - Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes; the more Passes after 7 so much the better. The only exception is if you start getting errors before 7 Passes then you can skip to Step 2.

There are 8 individual tests per Pass. Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

Step 2 ? Because of errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM. Take out one and run the test. Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test. If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don?t need to run the test any further on that stick.


* Get back to us with the results.

*** If Memtest shows no errors then find the voltage specs of your RAM and compare it to the voltage setting in your BIOS. Do they match?

* By the way, have you updated to Service Pack 3?
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Windows 7 64 Bit OS

Computer Hardware:
Intel i5 cpu 760 2.8 GHZ
4 GB ram
Radeon HD 6870 Video card
Powered by Corsair 1000w Power supply

First the computer was a present so I really do not know what I am doing. I have researched multiple steps to take in trying to correct BSOD. Some days it runs smooth while others I can get 5 BSOD a day.

Once the BSOD started getting out of hand I ran a DISK error check, a Disk cleanup, then I defraged the computer. I also made sure that all drivers were up to date and I ran a virus scanner.

This helped for around 1 week. Now they are back and as of today I have experienced 4 BSOD. I have attached the past 5 minidump files. Any help would be appreciated.

A:37 BSODs in one month!

You actually counted 37 BSOD's in a month? That's about as exciting as watching grass grow :rolleyes: Try resetting the bios to the default settings. If you don't know how to do this, get a friend to help you
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I just installed windows today on a new computer and started updating everything. I installed Service Pack 3 and continued installing a few more updates. Now when the auto update and it downloads the updates, when it tries to install them it always fails. I tried doing it on the website and auto update tool. Neither way will work.

A:I can't install windows updates

have you administritive rights to install? try either giving your account admin rights or signing in as administrator
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Hey guys Im pretty new to problems old month has Couple custom PC the forums In Fact I Just joined a Few Minutes ago Ill Be Using this Forum don t worry I wont just dump it after a problem Couple month old custom PC has problems is Couple month old custom PC has problems solved Im Considered a Noob but I do know Quite a lot about Computers Here s My specs -NZXT Lexa S Case Maybe cooling issues -AMD Athlon II X Ghz - Asus M A TD EVO Mobo - Gigs of G Skill Sniper DDR Ram -Zotac Gt mb Graphics Card - w Power supply I believe And Here s My Problem tho I Bought a Custom Built computer from a Friend I think i bought it in April Anyways The first like - months its been running Strong I did some light gaming Then about Starting last month The computer would Freeze for a couple seconds If left unattended The computer will go into sleep mode and When it does that The Case Light Blinks and when i try to wake it nothing happens I have to turn off power supply turn back on then Start up the PC My brother does do some Gaming age of Mythology for some long period of time Like hours maybe I Was thinking its because the computer cant handle that much gaming and how he constantly plays I Just Don t know what s Wrong Any help Would be Greatly Appreciated Thank You nbsp

A:Couple month old custom PC has problems

Sounds like the problem is related to Windows going into standby and being unable to wake up afterwards.

Disable sleep in the power options of control panel, and then run it and see how it then behaves with extended usage.

If you suspect temps are an issue download HWMonitor and then play some games and get back to use with the temps. If it was overheating it would lock up and reboot though in most instances.
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I have an Acer Aspire 5670 that I did a clean install on and after installing all the drivers, i tried doing updates and it will not install them. I used a legit key and i get past microsft verification process. It downloads all updates but when its time to install them, all of them fail. Any ideas?

Here are the system specs:
* Intel Core Duo T2300 (1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache)
* 15.4" WXGA CrystalBrite LCD with 16ms refresh rate.
* ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 128MB
* 100GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive
* Slot-Load DVD super multi drive
* 1GB DDR2 dual channel memory
* 802.11 a/b/g wireless with singalup high efficiency antenna
* Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
* ExpressCard slot

In depth review of laptop:

Thanks for the help guys.

A:Windows updates will not update.

Did the verification of Windows fail perhaps?
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i received new updates three days ago. since then i have problems running automatic updates. usually i keep the update service off, and use my security suite to let me know of vulnerabilities.
now since that update i have a process called svchost.exe that runs at 80% to 90% when the auto update is on. this causes my pc to freeze and cpu has topped out. if i stop this service it affects the appearance of xp task bar.
once i have disabled A.U, everything runs normal. weired or what??

pop your answers on a postcard or just reply here if you don't live near a post office

A:Windows Updates

Take a look HERE mate and see if it helps.

Regards Howard