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Q: Cookie File Name

After installing the latest Microsoft patches that were released on Tues I noticed that all my cookies being installed after the update have weird file names such as ENV8RRRH. Prior to the updates the file names in the cookie folder were listed as user [email protected] with a file name you could recognize such as user [email protected] This was helpful in determining what cookies to manually delete. Now you have to open each individual cookie file in notepad to try to determine if I want to save it or delete it which is a real pain. I don't want to delete all the cookies because some I need such as accessing my bank account log on information. Anyone have an explanation on why this format was changed in IE9 and if there is a solution.


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Preferred Solution: Cookie File Name

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cookie File Name

I think that you are more interested in saving your important cookies, and deleting the uninportant ones. I feel the same and handle it this way.
Download ccleaner
Check the cookies category for deletion (there are two) untick system temporary files.
Use the computer for a while, go to your sites and make your bank deposits, buy your stocks etc. Then go to the cookie listing and right clikc both columns and then click intelligent scan. The garbage cookies will not be touched but the valid ones will be saved.
That being said, I would make a scan with malwarebytes and my anti virus, just to be sure that the cookies that appear constantly are not malware
Good luck
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Hello! I live in a college apartment (so no access to router). When I hook up my ethernet cable to my computer, all of my messengers work and are connected but I cannot use internet browsers. I recently reformatted my computer and was using a wireless adaptor, but here the internet is so slow that there's really no point and for a decent connection you need to be plugged into the wall. The wall connection worked fine until I reformatted.

This happened before when I moved to my first college and had to use the ethernet cable. I've done everything from messing around with internet explorer proxy settings and whatnot, but what did work was something I found in a thread. It instructed me to go somewhere and delete a file that was blocking the internet part, I guess? I deleted this setting/file and the ethernet connection worked just fine afterwards. I can't find this thread (probably not on this website) anymore. Does anyone here know possibly what the file was?

A:Help locating a file to help my ethernet work again

Check for optional Windows Updates, specifically a network driver. The most common name is Realtek.

And/or try installing this driver. - Software: Drivers & Utilities

If still no go, which computer do you have?
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I m working one replacing our file server at work The one we currently have was built around and is starting to show its age So I m thinking new server time The server will be for a copy shop that specializes in house plans and construction plans We store lots of large pdf and tiff files Also have a full service sign shop so lots of Illustrator and Photoshop files - may of the raster graphics are New server file FreeNas quite large ft x ft sign dpi takes up a lot of space New FreeNas file server The server will need to connect to - computers at any one time with upto printers amp copiers active on the network at any one time I already have a fairly decent switch with one port having gigabit Ethernet that the file server will be plugged into and there reset of the ports being megabit Ethernet ports of the files we work with are storage on the file server - form house plans to large commercial building plans to customer artwork and designs for both small format printing and large format They are loaded modified saved and printed while on the server I strongly discourage anyone storing files locally as there are no backups on the individual computers only on the file server Both local and through Crashplan Anyways onto the hardware I already have the process from another project that didn t pan out Intel Xeon E - V Ivy Bridge GHz Mobo SUPERMICRO MBD-X SCL-F-O Case Fractal Design Define R PSU Thermaltake Toughpower Grand TPG- M W ATX Ram Kingston GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR Server Memory Model KVR D E SK G HDD s Seagate NAS HDD ST VN TB x I plan to put the HDD into a Raid-Z which should give me about TB of space I have built several gaming computers and graphic design computers before but never a server I think I have a fairly good built here but would certainly welcome input from someone with more experience in this area than me nbsp
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Hi Everyone - I occasionally have to share a large file between one person and another for work I was using yousendit which worked site large closed Reliable Yousendit needed... file-sharing fine they have changed to be hightail and they have a blog - at their blog there are many comments circa oct about it now not working and being buggy So I don t want to go with that I am looking for current suggestions of a site for file sharing I am willing to pay a modest fee month like to know it will work well and Reliable large file-sharing site needed... Yousendit closed not junk up anyone s computer with any trashy downloader and is very simple to use - I cannot spend a lot of time teaching people with various levels of web savvy and computer savvy how to make an acct log in work some elaborate quot unique quot interface and so on I would prefer a service where an email goes to the recipient s email address they click on the link and from that easily select an option to download I am not sharing burned CDs or DVDs - I just need to share work-related audio recordings from the person recording to a transcriber When I look at reviews on the web it seems that services change a lot over time so I don t want to go for what had great reviews a year ago Please help with suggestions -Thanks nbsp

A:Reliable large file-sharing site needed... Yousendit closed

Look at
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In Windows 8, whenever we copy any exe files to USB device/pen drive, there is an Interrupted Action dialog saying that "the file has properties that can't be copied to the new location". How to fix this issue?

A:Windows 8 File Copy "Interrupted Action" Issue

I missed to say that there is an easier alternative method to copy files with properties is by creating image of the files need to be copied. For example, iso, daa , bin, etc.
Even if we use alternate methods, we need an easy solution to fix the main issue without any tools or software.
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About one weak ago unfortunately I wiped my internal storage and Iost my everything,
I tried to recover my data using hexamob android application(My device is samsung galaxy tab 8.9)
After two times trying, I recovered almost 32GB of data but almost all of them are in dbf format which I'm not familiar with, so I don't know if it is possible to recover these files to my images, movies, etc
Any helps desperately appreciated

A:Recovering a recovered file which is in dbf format

dbf files are used for Database storage - - you need the application that created them to access the data
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I've got a SanDisk memory stick and I've used it for a couple of years and have had no trouble but recently 2 files (autorun and starter) have come up and I've tried to delete them and it wouldn't work, so I tried to open starter application but nothing happened.

Does anyone know how remove them?

A:Starter application and autorun file won't go away

You can always format the SD

another choice is to disable AUTORUN on you system
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Hello. I want to find out why Windows does this cheking to my Memory Card. It happened while booting. After "Checking file system on D:
The type of the file system is FAT32." and other stuffs like: "Unrecoverable error in folder \System Volume Information\catalog.wci.", or "\Sounds\FosterThePeople-PumpedUpKicks(ButchClancyRMX).mp3 first allocation unit is not valid. The entry will be truncated." and "Cross link resolved by copying.
\Images\IMG00502-20121218-1525.jpg is cross-linked on allocation unit 6984." After this proces Windows started normaly. I've cheked my documents on the card and found out that some images were damaged and some old music appeared, but only samples, from about 18 seconds to 56. I foud, also, a "BOOTEX.LOG" file, written in Notepad. Could you explain what happened, please? &sorry if there are some bad spelled words.

A:Checking file system on D: The type of the file system is FAT32

It perhaps got removed incorrectly while some programs still had the file data open/in memory. I'd pull everything off the card, format it, and put the data back.

What is the card in? Does it have to be FAT32? Could you use ExFAT instead?
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I recently started using a gigabit switch alongside my TP-Link router.

My room is setup like a LAN area, with a desk long enough for 4 pc's, so I have 4 cables running from the switch to the computers.

My router is providing DHCP and has a PS3 and VOIP phone plugged up to it.

Is there anything blaring that would cause the machines not to transfer files at gigabit speeds? Currently they transfer at 10-12mbps, which is normal for a 10/100 connection.

Anything I'm missing?

I can get into a lot of detail, but I need to know what needs to be told.

A:Home Network Routing - Using a Switch for file transfers?

Weakest link in the chain prevails.


ISP=Router--switch-- PC{1+}
+--- other device(s)

Consider just devices attached to the router, the slowest Nic {wired or wifi} will control the bandwidth to the device. A PC with a 10/100 adapter dominate data to/from it regardless of the GB Switch. If PC.a and PC.b (both with GB adapters and attached to the switch) copy 'twix each other, you may get much better performance.

Data to/from other devices (attached to the router) will be dominated by the Router LAN port speeds or the devices themselves.

99% of us get no benefit whatsoever from GB routers or Switches as all devices need GB ratings :sigh:
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I used my computer to transfer back up files from an old hard drive to a brand new one. I did not open the individual files, just cut/pasted them onto the new drive. Well the new drive dies on me and I no longer have the old drive.
I was wondering if my computer copied the files onto itself during the transfer process and if it did, is there any way I can recover them?
Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

A:File transfer/copy

Ouch; Especially for large transfers, file movement from media{a} -> media{b} use no intermediate cache or temp files. IMO, unless CHKDSK c: /F /R can fix the new drive, I think you're in deep dodo.
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I have a asus a8n delexe sli which gaves the above error when I do alt f2 on post to enter the flash utility. I was driven to reinstall bios or upgrade it because I am getting freezing; reboot issues; missing drivers; unrecognised hardware issues etc. I have swapped out drives, video cards, reinstalled OS and even swapped PSU to no avail. So has my motherboard just had it?
I folllowed asus instructions and copied the bios to a floppy disk and tried to flash from that. Although I copied all three files in the downloaded zip so I presume it would select the exe file automatically. I will download again. Should it work if I copied to a blank CD? I presume the bios would automatically pull the exe from any device besides the hard drive? I get this error with or without the floppy inserted?

A:BIOS image file check sum error

Did you finally get this solved?
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Hi I am using a transcend pen drive to transfer files between my netbook and desktop, both with XP when I delete folder from the pen drive while connected to the desktop, it shows the pen drive as empty and thereafter I "safely remove" the pendrive. however, when I insert it into the netbook, it shows the data still present. if I now re-insert it into the desktop, it shows the data again. ?? btw if I delete it when connected to the netbook, it stays deleted and does not show up again! what gives? I have emptied the recycle bin too. am wondering if there are some settings I need to change. I just got a new desktop and am transferring my data onto it from the netbook! thanks, appreciate any answers in advance!

A:Delete file in pen drive

Likely you need to ensure that the pen-drive has the NTFS permission for <everyone> to be full control.

Use any Administrator Login, insert the Pen Drive, right click the pen-drive-letter -> Properties->Security
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Hi to all. I am not sure if this is the correct board to post my problem to! I apologize if I am wrong.

I save my picture albums in external storage device. Its the memory of an entire lifetime, my school, highschool and all. Now I opened it after many days to find that many of the JPEG files are showing 'X' although their properties are showing appropriate file size. If I try making a slideshow, it says 'No preview available'. I have tried opening it with MS Office Picture Manager and Adobe Photoshop 7 but of no avail. I have tried to look it up on google and tried repairing the images using a few free online picture repair tools, but it says no data available or something. Please help me resurrect those images. I dont understand what could possibly go wrong with them! I use Windows XP home. They are very valuable to me.

Thanks in anticipation.

A:JPEG file error

can you open ANYTHING on that external device?
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I have a file that I converted from laser disc to AVI. The total length was 20 gig but cut in two pieces. I transfered the files to a Seagate 1 Tarabyte hard drive for storage but now cannot get it to fully transfer back to any PC. The bigger part of the two is over 15 gigs and when there is about 9 gigs left the transfer stops.

Is there any way to get this out or fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:Video file not transfering completely out of my external hard drive

Are you using Windows built in copy program or a 3rd party tool?
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Ok, I am about to setup a server used for file syncing and an online db (like SQLite or something?) anyway, I also wanna have Fedora running on it..

I guess I can just get any server and install what I want + make it do what I want it to do, but what server(s) and/or system specs should I be specifically looking at for doing those things better than other servers?

A:File sync + online DB buying advice

Depends. Do you actually need a server?

Are we talking about a dedicated server in a datacenter, or are you building a server at home/work and using it connected to the internet there?

You need to tell us what you want to do with the server. If its a dedicated server, what do you plan to do with it? Monthly bandwidth, unique visitor numbers, number of sites, etc.

For homeserver, again, what is your intended usage. Your current post is far too vague to give any realistic answer.
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Hi, I had a laptop Vaio, windwos XP home edition and before crashing for good I manage to have all data saved on external hard drive. Now I have a new HP, Windows 7, processor A8 and when I try to trim the backup data I can't delete anything from it. The delete button just doesn't work and right click dosen't show delete option. The data is huge I need that space.Thanks.

A:Can't delete backup file created in XP, now I run Windows 7

Have you tried to format the drive through Disk Management? Formatting will erase everything on it. This assumes you don't still have anything on the external drive you want to save.
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Got hold of CCNA sybex 7th ed.. It will read on adobe and adobe digital editions on PC but not on reader. It displays the cover and contents,the rest is blank. My ebook reader will open any other pdf document including a earlier version of this file?! It is pdf version 1.3. Tried resaving on PC as version 1.5,made no difference. Any suggestions?
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My ext HDD Buffalo 500Gb became RAW file system. can't even reformat again to NTFS.or to FAT32, the drive has my name before. now i can see LOCAL DRIVE E:, and when i click to properties, i can see, used space 0 bytes, and free space 0 bytes.
i tried several ways, even on command prompt, convert E: /fs:ntfs. still i can't, and on disk management, i even apply mark partition as active and then format it, and it take 5-6 hours and at the end falure.

can some one help me, i really need for my school project, and i cannot efford to buy again.


A:My 500GB Buffalo external HDD became RAW file system

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Enjoy your Stay
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Here s the scoop A friend of mine was running XP sp and his system started getting very slow and would not run properly I ran malwarebytes and found File recovery several errors and corrected System still wouldn t function right Spent several File recovery hours trying various things with no luck Decided to offload his files and reinstall xp We managed to get his documents offloaded but didn t have enough media for his photos I removed hard drive and used my hardware connection package to hook it up to a usb port on my system The drive did show up and I started to copy his photos Get ready here it comes he has g of photos from years worth of saving on system without backing them up My system has enough space to copy but about g into copy my system started to give File recovery all kinds of errors that my avg WD elements etc weren t working I canceled the copy and deleted the photos from my system did a safe remove of the drive ran a restore from a previous restore point for my system All is well in the land of joeretired Now here s where the problem comes in When I reconnected the drive it no longer shows up with a letter assigned to it so I can access the drive I checked quot My Computer quot and it s not there Checked Device Manager and it shows as a usb mass storage device and properties says it s working properly Device Management doesn t even see it The questions are why can t I see it anymore how do I get it back to copy the phots Just for info s sake I m going to copy them to flash drives so my friend will have them backed up and be able to view them when he wants Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated and if we meet I ll buy you a beer nbsp

A:File recovery

Thanks Rick I will try what you suggested. If it is what you suspect I'll let him know. I was looking around and found a program from CGSecurity called "TESTDISK". Due you think it might be worth a shot running this?
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Usually I can play large MKV files just fine, but 13GB Black Swan mkv lags every few seconds making it unplayable. I don't usually have problems with MKV so I don't see how it could be a codec problem, does anyone know what?

Windows XP SP3

AMD Radeon HD 6850 - 1024MB

ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5K SE Rev 1.xx
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 0401 07/19/2007
Realtek Onboard Audio

3328 Megabytes DDR2 RAM

2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

1400.28 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
100.02 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

A:Particular MKV file lags?

What software are you playing it with? Try Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
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A few years back I got an external hard drive (Nomad) as I was working on a book and studying photography and wanted to be able to back up all my work in case of a computer crash. Well, it turned out that I did have a crash, and everything was fine until I went to open up a file that contained a bunch of Microsoft Word files for my book.

When I click on the file in attempts to open it, after a long period of not responding, an error comes up that says exactly this:

"Location is not available
H:\Scotia\Writing\Stories & Novels is not accessible.
Incorrect functon."

Is there any way that I can fix this so that I can have the files back? I'm desperate, and without these files I lose a year of work toward a novel. Any help is deeply appreciated.
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hi guys, im having issues with this error file and folder. im trying to transfer files to WD essential storage using wdtv live n router netgear dg834g. but recently the past week im starting to get these error message which states "error copying file or folder" cannot copy ... the specified network name is no longer available. never had any problems for a year n just started about a week ago. i have rebooted router , wdtv , storage to no avail. any ideas.

A:Error copying file or folder

Maybe the WD essential storage device is failing or needs a formatting restore
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I tried converting video using Micro Video Converter on mac pro somehow it didn't convert and the .mp4 video file from my SD card became invisible. I recovered the file using some recovery software from my sd card and it was recovered as .mov video file instead .mp4 video file and it doesn't play in any video player. I recovered many files but none of them cannot be played. Any suggestions on what I can do or where I could take the data to fix it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can provide any other information to assist in the creation of a solution. Thank you in advance.
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I tried looking a little on google and couldnt find much I need to make a batch file to add dns suffixs to local area connection i have a script that i tested but it didn t work because i beleive it was for just the local dns suffixes? adding script DNS for Batch file s and not for the dns suffixes Any Batch file script for adding DNS suffixes? help is Batch file script for adding DNS suffixes? a appreciated Update i found a script here That works for now Just need to figure out how to set it so it manually checks those boxes On Error Resume Next strComputer quot quot arrDNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder Array quot dns com quot quot dns com quot quot dns com quot Set objWMIService GetObject quot winmgmts quot amp quot impersonationLevel impersonate quot amp strComputer amp quot root cimv quot Set objNicConf objWMIService Get quot Win NetworkAdapterConfiguration quot WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot DNS Host Name quot amp strDNSHostName amp VbCrLf amp quot Attempting to enable DNS quot intEnableDNS objNicConf EnableDNS strDNSHostName strDNSDomain arrDNSServerSearchOrder arrDNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder If intEnableDNS Then WScript Echo quot Successfully enabled DNS quot ElseIf intEnableDNS Then WScript Echo quot Successfully enabled DNS quot amp VbCrLf amp quot Must reboot quot Else WScript Echo quot Unable to enable DNS quot End If WScript Echo VbCrLf amp String quot - quot Set colNicConfigs objWMIService ExecQuery quot SELECT FROM Win NetworkAdapterConfiguration WHERE IPEnabled True quot For Each objNicConfig In colNicConfigs strDNSHostName objNicConfig DNSHostName Next WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot DNS Host Name quot amp strDNSHostName For Each objNicConfig In colNicConfigs WScript Echo VbCrLf amp quot Network Adapter quot amp objNicConfig Index amp VbCrLf amp quot quot amp objNicConfig Description WScript Echo quot DNS Domain quot amp objNicConfig DNSDomain WScript Echo quot DNS Server Search Order quot If Not IsNull objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder Then For Each strDNSServer In objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder WScript Echo quot quot amp strDNSServer Next End If WScript Echo quot DNS Domain Suffix Search Order quot If Not IsNull objNicConfig DNSServerSearchOrder Then For Each strDNSDomainSuffix In objNicConfig DNSDomainSuffixSearchOrder WScript Echo quot quot amp strDNSDomainSuffix Next End If Next nbsp
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I have a satellite A65-S126. model no. PSA60U-02KO15. the laptop is failing to boot. When l power it up, Iit requires me to pick last known good configuration or us the safe mode options.
I have tried to reinstall the operation system and when the installer tries to copy files to the disk, it gives the following error message, "file ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. the error code is 7. setup cannot continue, press any key to exit"..
l have checked my dvd rom by way of installing it on another similar laptop and it has worked. Have also checked my memory modules and they again proved to be working.
Your assistance on this matter, team, will greatly be appreciated.

A:Satellite A65-S126. File ntkrnp.exe could not be loaded. Error code is 7

See this link:
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Hello all I have a somewhat difficult dilemma I need help on I am troubleshooting a Dell Inspiron that was booting into a password authentication where all passwords were not being recognized But that s not the problem When I attempted to re-format the GB Western Digital internal IDE HDD with the Windows installer disk it didn t show any hard drives to install to When checking the BIOS it showed no hard drives either I then took the hard drive out of the laptop on system Unknown HDD internal file laptop and connected it to my HP desktop computer running same version of Windows btw Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD using a quot to quot IDE adapter and Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD had it on its own IDE channel The drive was not recognized in either Wndows Explorer OR Disk Management It IS Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD showing in Device Manager On the quot Volumes quot tab when I hit quot Populate quot it comes back with quot Unkown file system quot Is there any workaround to reformat this drive or make it usable Or is it just dead Any help is appreciated David nbsp

A:Unknown file system on internal laptop HDD

delete the partition(s), define new one(s) and then format

the command prompt FORMAT /? will explain how
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Bit of a weird problem i try to send a file to my computer less than about 300kb it transfers fine any larger it fails. I try sending it through MyPhoneExplorer, it transfers all of it but my point is I some times need files from other people not just my own phone. Any ideas? I am on windows 7 home premieum 64 bit i do have a uknown device listed as "bluetooth peripheral device" with that yellow triangle.
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running XP sp3 on both desktop and netbook. Zone Alarm firewall is on both machines, but has been configured to allow access each way.

I am using freefilesync and am trying to sync a folder and it's content (about 200mb) over my home network from the desktop PC to an SDHC card in the netbook card reader.

Whenever I run the sync it get an error message:

windows error message 5 access is denied.

I have googled, but don't know enough to separate what I need from the search results.

I have been able to copy and paste the folder and it's contents directly from the desktop to the netbook sdhc card, and appear to have read and write access each way.

Any help appreciated.

Many Thanks


A:File sync over network to SDHC card

On the machine with the card, if you open My Computer, how does the SDHC card appear
or does it show up at all?
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Well my place I work acquired another office and we need a file server for our rd location At first I was just going to buy a NAS but I m don t think it would have the ability to install a backup client on it like Crash Plan so I m thinking of just building a file server amp loading a distro of Linux on it thats designed for servers some like Ubuntu Server edition Problem is all the computers I have built have been for gaming So this is what my we need - a file server that is going to have data for mostly plans and spec books along with setups for business cards flyers signs and other graphic works Probably going to have - computers pulling a server rush of Building bit file a - data from it along with - networked printers I looked at some of the server mobo but they just seem like more than I need I like the dual gigabyte LAN on them but I think I can find that on some desktop Mobo So I m kinda the stage of picking a mobo and CPU and leaning towards just getting something like a C D of a lower end i or AMD - not against AMD just a bit outa the lop with what they have I don t need much processing power to just pull files from it do i Also not really all the sure what makes Sever Mobo s and CPU s different from desktop other than they are designed for servers IDK I m a little outa my normal zone here and the boss says we need it by the end of the month so I don t have Building a file server - bit of a rush too long to research it So any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Building a file server - bit of a rush

What's the price range for this server?
I would suggest just ordering a Dell. You'll get great support and a pre-build system.
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Hi, if I go to Network Sharing Center, then advanced settings there are two options: Turn on Network Discovery, and Turn on File and Printer sharing."

The first one is enabled, the second one (file sharing) will not enable.

I had this problem with network discovery as well, but I did some reading and found it was a problem of not having some services started.

So I assume file sharing will not enable for the same reason.

Does anyone have any ideas on what services need to be enabled?


A:File sharing won't enable

what are your specs? go to the properties of your network adapter and see if it has file and printer sharing for microsoft networks enabled.
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I m a bit clueless when it comes to networking but here goes Up until a few weeks ago I modem No replacement after sharing file had a happy home network Was running my No file sharing after modem replacement trusty year old Motorola SurfBoard modem into a Linksys wireless router My tower and xbox were wired to the port on the back of the linksys while my laptop wii and ps were all wireless All had connectivity Tower and Laptop could talk to each other and could share files both ways between them then my modem bit the dust Enter the Motorola SBG Mom needed a router for her place and I needed a new modem so I killed birds with one stone and bought it Mom loves her new router and I well sorta like my Motorola Everything has connectivity but my laptop and tower will not talk to each other anymore xbox was also made wireless at this point When I m on my tower and I attempt to browse the quot Map Network Drive quot I can see both computers listed under my home network name When I attempt to click on the laptop to expand it to select the SharedDocs folder I get the following error message quot newlaptop is not accessible You might not have permission to use this network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions The network path was not found quot If I attempt the quot Map Network Drive quot from the laptop I get the same message with the exception of the error reflecting my tower name I hope it s something simple like the modem itself is blocking a port or something I ll mention what seems relevant from some other threads I ve tried to understand -both machines are running xp pro sp tower is my own build lappy is AlienWare Area -both machines have file sharing network sharing checked -encryption is set to WPA wireless card can handle it cable SBG gt wireless gt laptop xbox wii ps iphone Tower PC much thanks in advance for any assistance insight i may find nbsp

A:No file sharing after modem replacement

see this thread, post #5
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Could somebody help me with a quick batch program to remove, network addresses, gateway, broadcast, etc.? Also include cookies, browser history and that sort of thing but really I want the network code if you could help out with that.

I know I could just use ccleaner but this is something that will be constantly worked on until all the functions I want will be in this one batch file instead of possibly running a couple programs.

Used these two but need to know from the experts!!

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns

Also when the the wireless card is pulled from the pcmcia slot, like to know what wipes any trace of the hard coded ip, mac ip.

A:Create a batch file to remove network activity

any help putting this code together for me. windows 7
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Hi, I'm using windows 7 x64.

Network discovery and file sharing will not enable. My brother cannot access my shared folder from his computer (we're on a lan).

I read to enable these services:

Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper

One or two were disabled so I started them. However Server will not start, it says: "The dependancy service or group failed to start."

Any help appreciated.
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Dear techs
I hope that you can help me.
My problem refers to an external 'backup' drive that gives the above error.
I have always disconnected the usb correctly
It was working perfectly nad then...
Is this the end of my essential back up? If yes. What is the point of having one?

A:Error message 'the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable'

Are you able to read anything on the drive? Have you tried running checkdisk or scandisk in repair mode on the drive?

The fact is, drives fail. A backup is simply supposed to be a second copy of your important data, not the only place you store your data.
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I have a small file server that runs 24/7. I am concerned with the longevity of a standard HD that has spinning platters. Would a SSD drive be more reliable in the long run?

A:Should I go with a SSD drive for my small file server?

I'm pretty certain they aren't long term tested (and lack proper long term reliability and feedback information) in the real world environment yet, so probably wouldn't be best for essentia and/or critical server deployments.

However, wait for someone more knowledgeable than me to confirm this, because its entirely possible I'm incorrect.
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Ok so I have two computers in my house one is mine and my sister computer and the other one is my dad computer so he set up a linksys router file sharing between our computer and i have got to find How Linksys sharing disable? File over router. to a way to disable it so he wont be able to explore my computer files of course not see my internet bookmarks and history how can i do it I File sharing over Linksys router. How to disable? am the administrator of my computer No biggie right Do i have to disable it from his laptop computer I just need to not let him explore my computer from his editing permission is useless when he wasnt home i tried exploring my computer from his and i could change security permissions like Modify Read and just explore C and D drives although I changed my specific folders secrutiy settings i could change them from his computer - its like he is the Workgoup network Admin he can do whatever he wants on my computer from his copmuter i have to disable this sharing plus - where can i learn about computer technology and all this interesting stuff So i will be able to do things myself nbsp

A:File sharing over Linksys router. How to disable?


stop surfing the porn sites and you have nothing to worry about, your dad seems to know heaps more about pc's etc and anything you do he will undo.

as for where to learn,,,well in the words of the Beatles, here there and everywhere....
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How can i burn an 8gb .iso file onto a 4gb dvd disc?

A:Burn 8GB ISO file to 4GB disc?

jalba said:

How can i burn an 8gb .iso file onto a 4gb dvd disc?Click to expand...

Even with over-burn you still won't get it to work right. You need to buy the DL (dual layer DVD disc which handles 8.5GB. Regular DVD holds 4.7GB. Does your DVD player support DL?
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Hi All
Was trying to burn a cd to play in my car, I have put them in mwa. formats but they will play but no sound comes out.I have got a cd that does play and checked properties on it and it says that its a cdfs file format, Now what format can I change the files into that will play in my car please?
Cheers Bill

A:CDfs? need file format to play in my car

If your car doesn't support MP3 or WMA formats, convert the files to .WAV first and then burn as an audio CD.
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whenever i try to copy files from my IDE DVD R/WR to my SATA hard if any sound is playing it will be echoed even click sounds on folders
setting of my DVD is master and I have one DVD plugged.
sound drive is installed

this Sony DVD was working on my old pc this new one has this problem.
thanks for your help.
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Till now, I've been using esnips for (non bit torrent) free file sharing. Problem is:

esnips started requiring the esnips download manager for any esnips download and
The new esnips installer includes sneakware: it installs its own home page, search page, etc. unless one carefully reviews and unchecks all the installation options
So everytime i give someone a file sharing link i don't want to worry about warning them about the sneakware (and worse yet, they overlook the options and install the sneakware by mistake)
Any other good site recommendations? And would you know how they compare to ensips offer of free 5GB storage with 200MB limit per file?

A:Recommendations for free file sharing sites?

DropBox is pretty awesome; I use it a lot. If you upload via the desktop app, there's no limit on the file size, but you're limited to 300MB per file if you use the web browser uploader. The max for free storage is 2GB I believe.
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Right now i have 6 gigs of ram on my computer and over 10 gigs of page file ram. Do i need that? If i didnt use page file ram, would it make my computer faster or slower?

A:I have 6gb ram. Do I still need page file ram?

What OS are you using? Generally the OS allocates the pagefile. No matter how much RAM you have, a certain amount of pagefile is always necessary.
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Dell Inspiron laptop was thrown Dell clear to log how file? diagnostics, in the trash because AFAI can tell there were several keys dead on the keyboard random shut downs from overheating because fan Dell diagnostics, how to clear log file? was dead had some Windows errors etc After installing new keyboard new fan wiping hard drive and reinstalling Windows I ran Dell Diagnostics from F boot menu just for the heck of it I got the error code - Log contains previous errors I did a full low level format as suggested by the diagnostics using UBCD with the proper hard drive Samsung utility After full format and reinstall I get no errors from the UBCD Samsung utility But when I go back into F Dell Diagnostics I get same error Log contains previous errors Where is this Dell log stored and how do I clear it of these previous errors I ran the Samsung utility again just for S amp Gs and it says the drive passed perfectly with no errors so this has to be a problem with Dell Diagnostics storing old errors Does anybody know how to clear this log of previous errors nbsp

A:Dell diagnostics, how to clear log file?

Update the bios? There should be an option in the bios to clear the log file
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Here is the deal:
I have a laptop with windows XP (an HPDV2000) upstairs. it has some rather large files on it that i cant fit on a flash drive.
Downstairs i have a desktop with windows vista home premium. this has a netgear router plugged in via ethernet (and of course to the wall for power, LOL). i have connected, wirelessly, the laptop to this router.

I need to to transfer the files from the laptop to the desktop. how would i go about doing this?

I have no actuall internet connection on this router, just currently using the router for home networking.

thanks in advance!

A:File sharing help

this is Print/File Sharing and the twist is the Vista Machine.

You need a consistent Workgroup Name for all systems,
Enable Simple File Sharing
add P/Fs to the firewall settings (the exception tab)

first test is that systemA can Ping systemB and conversely; w/o that nothing works.
from there it's the config of P/Fs
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I just got a new NAS and am backing up my computer. I just wanted to know how long a 10Gb transfer should take over the network? I know there are many variables but am just curious as to how long you believe it should take. I have GB network but that I know has nothing to do with a NAS.
patriot pcnasvk35s2
It is connected directly to Ethernet 1GB switch. Nothing is wireless in the connection. It all goes through an AT&T router/modem from 2wire a 1702HG Gateway.

A:How long should file transfers take?

How long should file transfers take?Click to expand...

until they are done
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Hi, I use a wave file as a welcome for when I log on to my computer.
Question: Is there a way to join 2 seperate wav files and make it one?
Is there a freeware program that can help me do that?


A:Wav file...

Check out - it's a great piece of open source software.
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I have windows 7 and used the complete backup feature to make VHD files, is there any way to use the files to mount the VHD to a new hard drive, and be able to boot off it?, because I want to switch my entire PC from a slow hard drive to a new one.

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Hi,i need a bat file for changing IP address randomly ..Also should change in the ip range.For this is my setting..

Ip address :
subnet mask :
default gateway :

preferred dns :
alternate dns :

Now i need a bat file which should change my ip address alone randomly in the range to dont know its possible or not..but i need to do this how can i..thanks in advance..

A:Change IP - bat file needed

hmm; very strange request to perform randomization via bat file.

we normally recommend using DHCP to make the assignments to avoid collisions with
other systems on the subnet.

there is no advantage to randomization

so imo, this is very suspicious of being some kind of hacking effort ...
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hi to all my father have External Maxtor unreadable the is not file accesibile is corrupted directory Disk and or DiamondMax HDD GB To tell the truth its not external coz Disk is not accesibile the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable when you open the cage its normal IDE HDD anyway other day he was working with it via USB and when he finished he unpluged the HDD quot WITHOUT quot stoping the USB service for Disk is not accesibile the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable the HDD device and noiw the problem when he try to plug in the HDD via USB the comp doesnt see it and when i take it off the cage and conect it via IDE the BIOS recognise it and in quot my Computer quot there is an icon of the disk but when i try to get in the disk it says f disk is accesible The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable please help in the disk he has more than GB of memorys and stuff thanx and best regards to all p d i have mainboard ASUS A V win XP pro service pack tindrli nbsp

A:Disk is not accesibile the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Try and remove the drivers (if any) and all other references to it for the external HD.
When you plug it in as an IDE, make sure you set it correctly to Master or Slave!
What was the drive-letter when used as an external HD? And what as IDE?
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I keep most on my user data on an external USB (IDE) drive, currently with a FAT32 partition.

I plan to convert it to NTFS, and my main concern is with the ACL. I move the drive between 2-3 different XP machines with different user accounts, and I want to make sure that all files are always accessible to everyone, regardless of what computer I connect it to. On my own computer, I want them to appear under My Documents. Also, if my system crashes, I want to avoid the hazard of not being able to access My Documents if the user accounts crash.

How do I set the ACL in Win7 and XP Pro SP3 to achieve the maximum portability as per above?


A:Portable external HD - NTFS file security issues

This might help:
NTFS Security Issues
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I have two files from my Kodak dig camera that are not recognized by my computer. The properties dialog box shows the File Type as: JP_ File (.JP_).
What is this, and can I change it - if so, how?

A:Unrecognized file extension

I would suggest trying to change the underscore to a "G" as to make it a JPG, really not sure why your camera is saving files in that kind of and extension. Make a backup of the original file before you change the extension.
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Does anyone know what would cause a file system error when running applications from 2 different OS's on the same drive? In other words, I'm trying to run some Steam games under 7 that were installed using XP. I have the reg settings all imported and Steam works fine but after a minute or so they all crash to desktop. I go into the Event Viewer and it states that the file system is corrupt. Even if i boot back into XP, chkdsk runs, but then the games work fine running in XP. Thoughts?

A:File System Corrupt Under 7, Fine with XP

Likely to need a Win/7 specific copy of Steam.

Apps & Drivers are not generic and with Win/7 we must be far more careful on the compatibility issue.
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Does anyone know the command to execute LPT1 to print to a TXT file?


A:LPT1 to TXT File

Will this help?

Do you really mean "TXT File to LPT1?
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hello guys i have a problem here that one of my drivers is not working and when i click it to open it show this message quot the file or directory is corrupted and un readable and when i open any thing like an IE page or my computre or any thing a message in the task bar beside the icons appears say that the driver quot h quot is unreadable un is The readable corrupt file and or corrupt please run check disk then when i run it it says something like the file is using by another process and click yes or no if u want to run chk dsk next time u restart then i restart my pc and nothing happen i realy dont care if i format it cuz its size is GB and the used space is mb but when i click format to drive quot h The file is corrupt and un readable quot it start to format it but when it is almost finish the message quot windos cannot format quot or something like that i cant remember the exact words another thing when i start yahoo and log in suddunly a message appears says quot that a file in my yahoo cache is corrupted then it restarts my pc without i click anything it just restart it suddenly gt i removed yahoo messenger from add remove progamms and then downloaded the last version of yahoo quot yahoo quot but the same thing happen please tell me what to do quot and please know that my english is not good so use words i understand and i dont know much quot or even less quot about computer please help thank u in advance name nbsp

A:The file is corrupt and un readable

You may have a bad hard drive. When you right-click on the hard drive in My Computer, choose Tools, Check the disk for errors. Then you check the box fo automatic fixing, select check disc on restart...
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The flash drive icon on my computer is being shown as a file and when i double click it , it says that access is denied, i can only access it through explorer now, is this a virus?

A:Mass storage device icon shown as a file

Probably not, but it is a flash drive that perhaps needs to be reformatted.
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at work I have deleted some files from a network drive. I have tried recuva, undelete and one or one or two others. they will not let me scan a network drive.

It isn't a major problem - and it would be quicker to recreate the items that to manually get the drive out and connect it locally - but is there free software that would let me recover deleted files over a network?



A:Deleted file recovery software that will work on network drive?

Have you seen this software:
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I currently have a 4 pcs networked through inthernet cable and router. All of these pcs share files and printers. I want to put a wireless access point on this network. I want users to be able to use the wireless for internet access only; I do not want them to have access to files on hardwired pcs on network. Is this possible? Preferably I'd like the hardwired pcs to be fully insulated from any nasty that might come in through wireless access point.

A:Secure file and print sharing

You need a good Network installation manual... available on eBay... takes too much space and time to deal with on this site... but what you want to do is do-able.
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Hi all Let me start out by stating my tech experience with this matter I know -bit OS s have -bit emulators that allow them to run -bit software and I also know that (64-bit) (32-bit) Premium from Vista File Ultimate Vista transfer to there are a lot of programs that simply don t run under a -bit OS I have done a file transfer from an older File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit) system to a new one but they were both -bit Vista machines Here s the situation I am building a new system here in a few days and it will have the -bit Vista Ultimate OS on it to accommodate the GB s of RAM in the system Right now my current system is running Vista Premium -bit and has a lot of needed files that I d like to move to the new system Here File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit) s my question Will a -bit machine accept files from a -bit machine through a transfer cable or will they not cooperate with each other I already know that any system files won t work from one machine to another but would I be able to get pictures videos game files movie project files etc moved over Thanks in advance TZ nbsp

A:File transfer from Vista Premium (32-bit) to Vista Ultimate (64-bit)

Yes you should be able to transfer files easily. Are the Vista PC's both updated to Service Pack 2?
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Some specs gt gt My burning s w NTI CD amp DVD Maker gt gt My burner ATAPI DVD DD X X X w firmware G Z housed in a USB connected enclosure I bought gt gt OS XP SP w all updates Facts and Issues I use Acronis True Image to ghost my hard drive It includes an option to split my HD backup image file into multiple smaller files each of which is supposed to fit on DVD Yet when I drag one of these files to NTI so I can burn it NTI says the file is too big for the DVD device Using XP I see these file sizes when i look at the Acronis file supposedly good to burn on DVD gt gt With Windows Explorer gt too for big file DVD? that?s creates for DVD Acronis Size KB gt gt But right Acronis creates file for DVD that?s too big for DVD? click the file Acronis creates file for DVD that?s too big for DVD? Properties says gt Size GB byes gt Size on disk GB Questions I understand why Size vs Size on disk are different number but why does Explorer and File Properties differ on size Acronis creates file for DVD that?s too big for DVD? And is this file REALLY too big for DVD After Acronis splits it to fit on DVD nbsp

A:Acronis creates file for DVD that’s too big for DVD?

What type of back up file? ISO?
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...and guess what? It doesnt work anymore.

Sometimes the BIOS will recognize the hard drive. I tried to load up [email protected] Boot disk and run Disk Check on it, but it froze at about 22% completed.

I know that its not a good thing to unplug while the HD is being accessed but it was a mistake.

Does anyone have any tips for me to try? It doesnt seem completely bricked yet.

A:Disconnected hard drive during a file transfer

Get the drive test utility from the manufacturers website and run it. If it fails you may be able to low-level format the drive and make it useable again. All data would be lost though
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Dear all,
I have hp branded computer with windows xp home edition and printer connected to it. My rest of the computers are installed windows xp professional with sp2. the computers installed with xp professional share each other. but I can't share files with xp home edition.. Can anyone help me in fixing this problem?
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I previously had Windows XP Professional on my computer, but now i've recently installed Windows XP Home Edition and im not able to open my 'My Documents' folder. its tell me that the file is not accesible and access is denied. i tried going into tools, folder options, view and advanced settings but i didnt see a the box that said simple file sharing. i think that feature is only available on Windows XP Professional. Is there a way i can gain access to my 'My Documents' folder on Windows XP Home Edition. your feedback will be gladly appreciated.

A:File Is Not Accessible : Access Denied

I'm confused. You installed XP Home over XP Pro? Or installed it to a different drive/partition? A little more information would be helpful.

:wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.
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Hi all,
I would like some input from the more learned in the room. Since DDR2 is so cheap, and as someone else in here put it, my enthusiast OCD wont let there be empty dimms on my board, I filled er up with 8GB of OCZ. and 4gb of it is pretty much useless. a while back i read up on turning off the page file. its a strange subject as experts seem to be split on weather this is a good idea or not. from what i can tell the page file is an antiquated relic,like memory mapped IO reservations, from when 64mb was a lot of ram. does anyone have any experience with this? , and know how to use it to increase performance? would like to hear from you. thanks

A:Page file input

modern system use pagefiles!

in fact, the whole system uses the model

program ---> accesses Virtual Memory <---> real memory
This allows large programs to run even when there is only a limited amount of real RAM on the platform.

Using multiple programming model then allows many programs to use the VM
at the expense of stealing memory pages from other programs which are currently not active.

Unless you have x64 hardware, that 8gb is fruitless and XP will limit the effective use to something between 3-4gb.

Don't out smart yourself nor swim up-stream -- just go with the flow and be happy
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I have two computers, both XP, a PS3 and a Roku soundbridge on my network.
One of the computers seems to like to stop sharing over the network for some reason. I've posted with this same issue, on this same computer in the past, but what worked then is not working this time.
The computer in question rarely gets used.
I can ping each computer back and fourth sucessfully, and this computer does show on "workplace computers". It also appears on LELA as being connected.
However, it does not appear to be sharing media to the PS3 and the roku. I have done all the obvious checks and making sure sharing is enabled, both computers are in the same work group and so on. There have been no changes that I am aware of, and the only firewall running is windows built-in.
any suggestions.

A:Computer not file sharing

Is "file and printer sharing" checked under exceptions on the windows firewall?
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I had downloaded a video in WMV format from torrent but when tried 2 play it using wmp and real player it asking DRM and opened a window to dwnload DRM Remover that was not a reliable source.
Can anybody tell me how to play this video...

A:How to play WMV file which is asking DRM


Flip4Mac and VLC media player maybe can help you !
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Guide Troubleshoot XP File Printer Sharing Part - Finding Network Computers Troubleshoot XP File Printer Sharing Part of Computers all visible v Windows File and Printer Sharing FPS must be configured for a mix-and-match of machines components options This guide helps troubleshoot XP File XP Sharing, and Troubleshooting: Computers Printer not File found? Sharing visibility and access problemsVisibility Errors Some of your computers can t see find all others on your Windows Network Access Errors A user can t connect to or is denied access when attempting to use a remote resource This guide has parts Part this post troubleshoots most visibility issues Part explains troubleshoots Computer Browser Service which may also cause visibility issues Part troubleshoots access errors NOTES Visibility problems must be fixed before tackling access errors Successfully complete the visibility tests outlined in this document before proceeding to another part Control Panel Classic View is assumed applets display in single list See upper left Control Panel to switch between Classic and Category View This guide is specific to XP Home and XP Pro tho many things to look for apply to Vista as well BASIC CONCEPT Windows File Sharing uses a client server model to control shared access User logs on to their computer Troubleshooting: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers not found? client and requests a resource on server Server authenticates the client request It completes a client to server network logon and establishes the client server session A single computer can be both a client and server if it requests resources of others while offering its own Configuration Setup Checklist Verify Computer and Workgroup Names Click My Computer - gt Properties Click Computer Name tab Check note uppper lower case sensitivity Computer Name must be unique across your network Workgroup must be identical for all computers which share a set of files and printers To change Computer Name or Workgroup click Change You must restart before changes take affect Verify Network Connections Check each network connection used for file sharing This guide assumes all devices and shares are on a single subnet makes the task easier Control Panel - gt NetworkConnection Check connections are Enabled and Connected Then Rt click- gt Properties Verify items under used by the connection are there and checked Client for Microsoft Networks File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks only required on computers owning shared resources Internet Protocol TCP IP should always be present Can not be uninstalled If corrupted see Microsoft KB Verify NetBIOS enabled Click Internet Protocol TCP IP - gt Properties Click General tab - gt Advanced Click WINS tab Under NetBIOS setting click Enable NetBIOS over TCP IP Close dialog boxes Verify the subnet The subnet mask of each adaptor and device used in filesharing must be identical across the LAN gt Start- gt Run cmd Enter ipconfig all note the blank ipconfig and the forward gt Check subnet mask of each adapter Verify Services Confirm services are set to start on boot Startup Type Automatic and are currently running Status Started Start- gt Run enter services msc Scroll through service list to find then check gt Computer Browser gt TCP IP NetBIOS Helper Service gt Event Log To set a service s Startup Type gt Rt click on service then Properties gt Set Startup Type Automatic If Startup Type already Automatic but Status not Started there s a problem Look in Event Log if any clues next step Check Windows Event Log for errors The Event Log service records significant events in the Event LogTo check Event Logs Start- gt Run eventvwr msc Click System then View - gt Filter Only check Information and Warning Uncheck others OK Review events of last few days In particular since last boot Double click event for description Click the link you find in description Use Microsoft Help and Support to search Event Source and ID Check for frootprints of known issues th... Read more

A:Troubleshooting: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers not found?

the checklist you sent me

Thanks so much. I began doing the items and came to a stall at the run: cmd: ipconfig\all. I got the message "the system cannot find the specified path" What does that imply?

I will continue down the list and will post any other issues.

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Hi everyone..

I have a huge file, and I need to get it to an other PC without ext. HDD or anything. So I have a switch connected to both the Pc's (1Gb/s). But I can't figure out how to actually send any data. So if anyone knows how to, please let me know.


A:Sending a file to an other computer

Ok I think you want to ask that the switch in question is a router???

What is your Operating System?
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I have received several floppies from a customer of mine who would very much appreciate anything I can file processor recoverable? Word do to recover the files off of them They contain parts of a book he was writing on an old word processor I can get Word processor file recoverable? more details on the specific processor he used if needed Upon inserting the disc they all obviously ask me if I would like to format the disc and reads no data Word processor file recoverable? on them I am wondering if there are any Word processor file recoverable? programs availiable to read the data or if I should possibly install windows onto one of my older towers I have stored away see if they will read the info Here is a link to an earlier thread reguarding this similar topic and realblackstuff speaks of a program called smartdisk that reads over different types of files Anyone know about this at all Here is the link to the topic here in techspot http www techspot com vb all wind -old-Floppy-discs-used-by-Word-Processor html I followed the whole thread but came up empty My only lead seems to be the smartdisk program mentioned but I cannot seem to find it Basically any alternative method would be greatly appreciated to get this data off the discs somehow nbsp

A:Word processor file recoverable?

Look I'm not trying to spam or anything but try the TRIAL of
If this doesn't help on your floppy recovery then they may be toast

If it does work (but obviously you cannot recover under trial) then we'll try to source some free alternatives
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I want to transfer files between an xp pc and a vista laptop. I only have straight through cables but I was wondering if you can tell the network card to work as crossover. Any feedback is appreciated.

A:Transfering file with a straight through cable

Amigosdefox said:

I want to transfer files between an xp pc and a vista laptop. I only have straight through cables but I was wondering if you can tell the network card to work as crossover. Any feedback is appreciated.Click to expand...

Not on any network card that I have seen. Either get a crossover cable or a cheap $10 switch.
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I cannot, from my desktop PC, delete files and folders located on a networked laptop. Why? The error message I receive is "Destination Folder Access Denied - You Need Permission to Perform this Action." The desktop is Vista and the laptop is XP. I own both and have complete physical dominion over them both. They are sitting right next to each other on my desk. I have done everything I know how to to grant the proper permissions on the XP computer. I even downloaded scesp4i.exe to get the security tab on the context menu in XP, and I have given full permission to everyone and their dog to do whatever they want to the files and I still get this error. What am I doing wrong?


A:File that will not perish

Turn Firewall off on XP (laptop) for testing then try access to files.

No joy!

Rt click the Shared folder and Remove Share.


Share Folder again. Retry!

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Hello guys,

I'm using both my laptop and pc for work at the moment and its very inconvenient constantly copying files across. So the PC is on wired internet and has vista ultimate, the laptop has xp media center edition and is on wireless but both are on the same network. Now I want one folder and one folder only to be automatically synchronized as soon as the computer and laptop are both on at the same time... Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any replies


A:How to set up file sharing between an xp and vista computer?

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Few days back I have lost my some important word file from my hard drive.The file contains my important data. Anybody knows good file recovery software that recover my lost data.

A:File recovery help

Recovery Software

Try this one:
It is free for up to four folder down, ie
E:\Documents and Setting\UserName\My Documents\My Pictures
1,2,3,4 folders down

Here are a lot free ones to choose from
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On my desktop computer I dragged my My Documents folder to my flash drive.
Then I wanted to delete a sensitive file from the folder in the flash drive only and did so.

But when I checked in the computer hard drive I found that the file had been deleted there also.

I went to the recycle bin and restored the deleted file.
But now my flash drive has lots of other files there that I did not put there.

I thought that deleting a file in the flash drive would delete it there only. How can I do this?

Why did so many files appear on the flash drive when I restored only one?

I am considering erasing the flash drive on my laptop which does not contain the sensitive file.

A:Deleting Flash Drive File

Len613 said:

On my desktop computer I dragged my My Documents folder to my flash drive.Click to expand...

That's a new one

Sounds as though you must have created a shortcut to your My Documents folder files
Plus, due to synchronization, anything removed from the flash drive also removed the file in your local My Documents
Next time, only copy\paste the files you actually want to store on your flash drive within My Documents folder

Also restoring files, seems to have restored many files in My Documents, being on the Flash Drive too (or worse -> only)

My documents should not be dragged anywhere
The specific contents, possibly yes (but My Documents carries many other common default files as well, coming from All Users profile too :rolleyes: )
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Hi all ITpro,

Could you please advise what would be the possible causes of the sudden cease of PC operation when I am working on an Excel worksheet? This had happened to me several times during one day. Whenever I nearly finish my work and tried to save it, the PC hanged up.

FYI, my PC was bought in Sept 2004. Is there any method to check out the problem(s)?

Thank you for your help indeed.


A:PC randomly hangs up while I'm working on an Excel file

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

You could also run a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive
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Hi all

A collegue of mine had a file deleted from a shared network folder, an excel file, and we believe it was deleted on purpose by someone wanting to cause problems.

We have checked recycle bin and performed an extensive search - the file is gone, and she definitely did not delete it accidentally.

What I would like to know is, is there anyway of recovering the file without 3rd party software (unable to dl and install anything on the works system), and is there anyway to discover who deleted it...or at the least, which pc on the network it was accessed and deleted from? The file itself can be re-recreated, so its not recovering the data that is the main issue...mainly finding out who deleted it.

Any adivce appreciated, and apologies if this in the wrong seemed like the best fit!

Thanks x

A:Anyway to discover who deleted a file?

There are ways to recover it until that space is overwritten. And forensics experts can tell when it was done and who was online at the time, but you will likely be unable to do so.
If you have a good administrator for the system, that administrator can narrow it down to who was online... but that depends on your security system and administrator.
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i have an ISO file of a dvd but have problems playing it.
i've tried mounting it with Daemon but nothing will play it, and i've tried playing
it with the ever versatile VLC player, only to receive this message,

"No suitable decoder module:
VLC does not support the audio or video format "mlp ". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this"

is this a problem with codecs for VLC, (i have the latest version), or is it a problem with the structure of the ISO.
i can play the material by mounting it and then searching through the folders to find the video files, but this is inconvenient.

any solutions would be much appreciated,

A:Problem with .ISO file

Read up on ISO. I think you misunderstand its use.
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I have a satellite ISP with 1M download. However, even at these speeds; takes well over 1minute to completely load. Its supposed to take around 20sec max. I have noticed I never have any cached addresses in my HOST file. Is there a reason for this? I am running XP Home SP3.

A:There are no addresses in my HOST file

Hi marklantis

Download HostMan
Unzip, install, allow it to turn off DNS Cache. Click update select all 3 host files. Have it replace not merge your host file.

This will install a huge blocklist of known confirmed Malware/Virus and Spam sites.

Do you not have other issues? This is usually an indicator that Malware has been at work!

I reccomend that you do the TechSpot 8 steps:

Attach logs back to this post!

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I have a 40GB external USB hard disk where I backup my files. Now when I am trying to delete any file or folder I get the message

Cannot delete "file name":Access is denied
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in useClick to expand...

There is also a hidden foler $AVG8.VAULT$ which is unknown to me.

I am using windows xp sp2
thanks for help.

A:Cant delete any file or folder on my external USB Hard Disk

the external has NTFS on it and permissions restrictions.

login to an admin account
plug-in the external HD
dbl-click My Computer
find the external HD->right-click->Security
add <Everyone> to the permissions
then set Full Control on Everyone

click REPLACE permissions and Apply
(will take a few minutes to complete)
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I am not sure if this is the right place to put my issue, but I give it a shot. I had my USB pen pluged in computer, turned it on and some "bootex" check converted some of my file folders into 32kb files, they are not folders anymore and I cannot open them by anything. Does anybody know how to convert "file" back to "file folder" or at least get my data from it? I need help as soon as possible.


A:File issue, need help asap

That is part of an evil investation.
Take a look at this,
Then search other places with a Gurgle search for Bootex infestation or Bootex by itself. There are supposedly ways to fix it using standard antivirus and antispyware programs, but I have not seen it so do not know.
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is it possible to share files on a network when all the computers are using APIPA and the device they are connected to is a hub/switch???

A:File sharing


File Sharing operates upon PORTS, not IP addresses Class A,C, or C.
Windows Firewall however, *may* get in the way of your objective.

With a decent firewall, you would create rules like:

Allow in tcp/udp src range ports 137-139,445
Allow out tcp/udp dest range ports 137-139,445

Question: WHY? You mentioned hub/switch. If you do not have a router, then this
setup suggestions you have a private lan without internet access.
If you had a router, the DHCP service would be there and APIPA would be unnecessary.

btw: the article sited above credits Microsoft for APIPA; not so. APIPA is provided by every NIC manufacture and is the default when DHCP can bot be found.
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WOW! researching some questions on UDF, I found this resource

compare general and technical information for a number of file systems

which is chockfull of good info:
Limits like filename length, charset, pathname length, max(filesize), max(volume), max(files per dir)

Metadata like: owner, perms, timestamps, ACL, labels, extended attrs, checksum

Features like: hard links, symbolic links, meta journaling, case sensitive, case preserving, change log, fs encryption, undelete, clustering

OS Support like: system list which support each FS
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I have a 250 GB Maxtor external drive. 99% of the drive is OK, I just have several files that will not delete and I get the "cannon delete xyz the file is corrupt and unreadable. How can i delete these files.

What is also strange is that two other files were deleted and reside in the recycle bin of my laptop but I cannot delete them from the recycle bin either, when I select "empty recycle bin"
I get "cannot read for source or disk"



A:The file is corrupt and unreadable

try running a chkdsk on the drive

start run chkdsk (drive letter ie chkdsk d: ) /f

/f makes chkdsk do a full scan and repair.

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I am not real savvy to a lot of computer terminology so please take that in consideration with your help.
I have a desktop PC with Windows 2000 hardwired to my HP PSC 2350 Printer and to my almost new Linksys G Broadband WRT 54G2 Router. I have a an HP laptop and a brand new IMAC that I have working fine with the wireless internet connection thru the router. I would like to set up the laptop and the IMAC to be able to file share and printer share thru my router. I was told to run the network share wizard on the Windows 2000 desktop and it would walk me thru it. I tried, but it starts off asking for the location of my network place. I have no idea what to put there but I would appreciate any help to get this working.

By the way, the HP laptop is running Windows XP.

A:Need Help Setting up FIle Sharing Thru Router

is that laptop running XP Home or XP Pro?
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Over the weekend, I tried transferring a 6GB iso to two different external hard drives, but each time the error was that the file was too large, even though there were over 100GB of free space left on either hard drive. Do you guys know what the problem could be?

A:Restriction on file transfer size to external hard drive?

It is likely a Fat32 file system....... I believe the limit is 1 byte short of 4 gigs

I dont remmy if there is a limit for NTFS or not, but that is probably the issue.
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Hello TS!

I need to distribute networked printers to users when they logon. I have been trying to understand how the GPO works with deploying printers but I have only found myself to be more confused.

I have a network with over 150 workstations and multiple networked printers. Is Group Policy the best way to distribute the printers or is it possible to connect to them via logon script?


A:Create a batch file that installs a printer at logon

Have you had any luck with this?
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I have a problem with my PC, it cannot see or be seen by other PC's on the network

PC1 Vista Ultimate 64, wired ( PC with problem )
PC2 Windows XP64, wired
PC3 Laptop with Vista Home Premium, wireless

Zoom ADSL x6 router

PC2 and PC3 can see each other
PC1 cannot see PC2 or PC3, PC2 and PC3 cannot see PC1.

All PC's are on same workgroup ( MSHOME ), network setting on PC1 are the same as PC3.
PC1 can ping and be pinged from PC2 and PC3.

Also my hair is falling out and I have no fingernails left upto the second knuckle joint

I've tried lots of things but when I enter 'nbtstat -RR' into cmd I get amessage saying

'Failed to access NetBT driver -- NetBT may not be loaded'

A:Vista file sharing/network problem

4 ideas. Please restart after each one is completed, and test again


Start->Run->CMD to open a command prompt.

netsh winsock reset catalog (Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults)

netsh int ip reset reset.log (Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults)


Network Connections --> your Network Connection --> Properties --> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) --> Properties --> Advanced --> WINS -->
and checked that Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP is selected


Check your Services are Started on all PCs: (Start->Run->Services.msc)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic (or perhaps manual).


1. Click Start, click Run, type "regedit" and click OK.
2. Locate and double-click the following registry subkey:
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Lsa"
3. On the right hand side, double-click restrictanonymous.
4. Set the number in the Value data box to 0, and click OK.
5. Close Registry Editor.
6. Restart the computer.

Hopefully one of those will do it
If it works, I'd like to know which did do it as well
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pretty self explanitory lol

A:How do i find the paging file option on my computer?

click here for how to find it whole lot more
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Pretty much everytime i try to play any kind of video file using windows media player i get: Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience message. This problem started when i upgraded my windows media 9 to 10. But even rolling it back didnt help me. All other media players i have work absolutely fine and i have: Real Player, Media Player Classic, Quicktime and bunch of others. Normally i would use them to play to video files but without Windows media player i cant stream certain video files so please help me.
Tech Stats:
Pentium 4 2.40 GHZ
512 MB of Ram
DirectX 9.0C

A:Windows Media Player crashes every time i try to play a video file

Try this

Unistall WMP and reinstall it. That usually works. Good luck!
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Hi guys,

I have set up a wireless network in my house, my brother, sister, father and my laptop are connected.

Anyway, as far as I have seen, if a big file (or many smaller files) is being transferred between the computers (using the regular windows way 'shared folders'), sometimes it will stop somewhere in the proccess, I was wondering if there was any sort of program that would allow me to send files and resume them in case of a small disconnection between the computers.

thanks in advance!

A:Wireless Network - How to resume file transfer?

Pretty sure MS Robocopy will fix that issue.
Here's the official Download from MS :
But this is the entire Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools 11.8Meg

So you might want to Google RoboCopy (on its own), and how to use it
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hey new to the place been looking for help figured id try here heres my story sold my computer to this lady erased all my crap from it but did not reinstall windows or anything basicaly sold as is took the harddrive form her old computer put it into her new my old computer and had to take a bunch of pictures and files off = File Access Denied? of there she just had a baby so she has pictures from its st through th File = Access Denied? month sorted in folders all pictures and folders were swapped from her old hdd to the new File = Access Denied? computer except for one nd month wen i try to open or copy or do anything with the folder it tells me access denied File = Access Denied? her account on the computer is administrator because she is either signed into my acc i used the defualt administrator from the begining of xp install never made an account for myself or on an account that i might have made for her dont remember if i did or not i sold her the computer back in mid august now shes basically harrassing me about her nd folder saying stuff like quot its my babys life that were talking about it was his nd month quot etc etc meanwhile in my mind im thinking quot like theres really going to be much difference between he ending of his st month and the begining of his rd month anyway need help on how to take the file and put it onto her computer cuz im tired of hearing her QQ and flip out and if she were someone else id say it and just ignore her calls but shes my friends older sister and shes in cracked out buggin out ballin her eyes out and watnot any help is greatly appreciated -thatperuvianguy p s if this is one of those forums that enforce non-vulgarity then please accept my apology for the words i used above but i just got off the phone with her inwhich shes yelling and she eventualy hung up on my face because i told her to bring her hdd to firedog inside circuitcity and shes like im not paying for it etc etc nbsp

A:File = Access Denied?

get the emotion out of this and try to see BOTH sides.

the fix is quite simple

boot into SAFE MODE
login to admin account
find the folder
'take ownership' of it
then add her login and assign Full Control
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I crashed my external HDD again. I am asking if it is possible to view windows indexing service records or ntfs logs or any other log that can help me to recover the directory structures and file names. The logs on the windows side I am asking. The HDD is unaccessible. The computer is still running and I've unplugged it 20 minutes ago if it helps with temporary files. Maybe MFT records... I want only file names not the files. Is there a way to do it.