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IE8 bug: default accelerator for translations Live Search in arabic-english

Q: IE8 bug: default accelerator for translations Live Search in arabic-english

I've just upgraded from IE7/Vista SP1, x86, ITA to IE8.
Everything works fine except one thing: IE8's Live Search accelerator to tranlsate text is in arabic-english as default instead of the expected english-italian. If I change to english-italian settings won't be saved.

If I use InPrivate browsing or disable Protected mode it's ok instead.

This problems has been already reported by other users some months ago with the betas: Microsoft Translator Official Team Blog : IE8 Beta 2 - Translation Accelerator

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Preferred Solution: IE8 bug: default accelerator for translations Live Search in arabic-english

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: IE8 bug: default accelerator for translations Live Search in arabic-english

Have had to delete EVERYTHING from Tools/Delete Browsing History, EXcluding only first checkmark option!
Deleting cookies more and more times was not enough!
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I sometimes wonder about techs using tools such as Seatools, HDD regenerator etc to diagnose/repair hard drives. Do any of these tools beat Chkdsk in any way?
(besides data recovery tools, I guess those have no match in Windows).

Thank you

A:Do you need more than Windows default tools to check/repair a hard drive?

IMO, always use the tool provided by the vender. At the time you need this tool, you don't need a 3rd party screw-up to 'help you' really mess it up.
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Have to choose a new work phone but I have a hard time deciding ... Friend's Galaxy S5 and 8200 mah battery seems awesome so Apple and Microsoft are not up to my mind. Since the new phone is supposed to live with me for like 2 years, so..what's the average life span of Samsung phone?
Anyone have opinions? Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5?

A:Need a phone to live with me for like 2 years

A smartphone can last for numerous years as long as you don't abuse it. It isn't a matter of lifespan since most phone hardware gets dated after 2-4 years and you are going to want an upgrade. It will still work even after the cell service is ended.
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I have headphones through onboard audio set as the default playback device.

I have HDMI set to listen stereo mix (onboard) under recording devices so that I can get duplicate audio on my headphones and TV.

Windows 7 likes to set as HMDI audio as the default playback device when I am not looking (assumedly shortly after rebooting, but not quite sure when). And then I get no sound from my headphones because the programs are all playing on HDMI.

Is there way I can fix this?

A:HDMI hijacks default playback device

Hmm; I think HDMI is mutually exclusive to pc { speakers & headphones }. If the HDMI senses a signal to the tv, then the others go off.

right-click on the speaker icon in the tray and view/set the playback devices
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Could someone please tell me the default CPU settings for the i7 2600k.
By this I mean which CPUs are defaulted to be parked on the resource manager.
I made the mistake of unparking all of them without keeping a record of which ones
were parked.
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I have a 2TB My Book Live that I and my housemates use to store media. Initially I was the primary contributor to the drive, and at that time there were no issues. Eventually, someone else began adding files to the server. Since then, any folder that someone else has added files to cannot be accessed by me unless I am logged in as a guest. If I log in as an administrator the folders show up but are greyed out. This only happened with one user. I am running a Mac, and they were using Windows, but other Windows users have added files without causing this issue. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and if anyone knows of a workaround other than always logging out as administrator when I want to access those folders.

Thanks for any help

A:WD My Book Live issue

This appears to be an issue on how the drive was formatted and hard disk permissions. Before I go through a bunch of steps to fix, since this is an older post, is this still an issue or have you resolved it?!

Post back please.
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Hi there
and really thanks
this is usefull tut
I want to find live ip s on my isp provider ?
how can I find all live ip s from my isp ?
I run the tracert .com and find my isp s ip but now how can find out all live ip on my isp ?
please help me ?!!!
thanks again

Moderator note: This post moved from another thread.

A:How can I find all live ips from my isp?

Any ISP worth $0.02 would block your attempt to scan for these ... Virus' use this too and thus this is always suspect.
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Hello. I've got a basic problem I guess: I messed up with the Realtek microphone settings and selected "Set Default Device". I tried to fix it but I kinda destroyed my mic. - friends tell me they can hear me like I'm closer to them and they hear me worse than before. I just need to unset the Set Default Device thingy but I don't really know how.. any idea?

A:Realtek Microphone "Set Default Device"

Try doing a system restore to a previous time in which this was working correctly.
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Some shares on my 3+3 my book live duo RAID1 are no more accessible, they are shown as 0 bytes. It seems that the share table was corrupted, nevertheless the data are there (ther is still the right used space on the disk)
I spent two months exchanging mails with the WD support and the only suggestion I received was to reset the system and loose the data.
otherwise I could access one of the disks directly but neither windows neiter linux can read the disk (they cannot even mount it).
first a complain: why I should spend a lot of money to have reliable disks in raid1 configuration if a bug in a proprietary software can fool my efforts.
second a requst for help: does anyone knows how to read the damned disk?
thank you for any suggestion.

A:WD my book live duo: disappeared shares

Please describe the connection of the RAID to the PC.
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Hi guys So Can't default as boot set SSD to device seem a quick background here I went from using a normal HDD with windows bit os and unplugged it while I installed bit windows os on my new SSD samsung booted up no problem after setting the sata controller Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device to AHCI and shut down to put my hdd back in as a storage drive not Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device yet wanting to format the drive just incase I have any issues with my ssd I can still use the pc via the hdd Booted up fine however it was running in IDE So I used the regedit suggested by windows of setting the value data box to and it caused a bsod I then read that I had to do the regedit for both the ssd and hdd so I did which lead to no problems booting up and running AHCI just fine However the only way I can force my computer to boot using the ssd is to hit F for boot menu and select it it is not an option inside my BIOS and by default every time it will just boot from my hdd unless it s not plugged in in which case it ll boot the ssd When it boots from hdd as always if not using f menu it ll show the ssd as drive E effectively everything works ok but having to hit f every time I boot up or restart to select the boot device is going to get tedious Just to elaborate what I mean by it not being an option in the bios I have the Gigabyte H M-UD H motherboard and the only boot devices that are displayed in the bios are Floppy LS Hard Disk CDROM ZIP USB-FDD USB-ZIP USB-CDROM USB-HDD Legacy Lan With Hard Disk selected it ll behave as described above To clarify the only way I can appear to chose to boot from the ssd is via the boot menu F Is there any way I can properly set it so the ssd is the primary boot device Baring in mind I don t want to format the hdd at the moment nbsp

A:Can't seem to set SSD as default boot device

So you can only boot into the 32 bit version of Windows?
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I built my first computer yesterday and purchased an SSD and a 1TB hard drive. I installed windows 8 on the ssd and I want to have all future installs and whatnot go automatically to my larger drive. However, at the moment my ssd is my (C drive and everything gets installed there. yes I know I get the option of where I want to install things but that gets annoying!

So, how do I make my second (larger) hard drive the place where everything is installed there automatically?

A:How do i make my second hard drive the default storage location?

Here you go.
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I bought a few older games to see what my computer can handle and one of them "king of the road" won't load, I get a pop up box that says no accelerator, any ideas guys where I can find a suitable one, my os is windows 7


A:Graphics accelerator

it might be that your PC is too fast to run it properly other than that you could check yhur graphcis drivers are fully uptodate
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Hope this is the right forum for this topic I have acquired an NTFS I an with How resize GParted Live? partition do old Pentium laptop It has a GB HDD installed all one NTFS partition and How do I resize an NTFS partition with GParted Live? about GB of software I want to clone the drive on to a GB keeping the existing software so that I can use the GB elsewhere but first I need to resize the C partition down to below GB I have downloaded gparted-live- - and burnt it to a CD but it is unable to resize an NTFS partition It says it needs ntfsprogs ntfs- g The trouble is that even if I downloaded ntfsprogs I would not know what to do with it Presumably it has to be on the CD but to get there it would have to be included in the iso file before How do I resize an NTFS partition with GParted Live? I burned it I am a total Linux ignoramus and if this involves the sort of operation I suspect it is an order of magnitude beyond my IT skills Can anyone give me some idea of what I would have to do Thanks Steve nbsp
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Need info on live streaming multi-cam set up for video conferencing Hello computer experts I hope i am posting this in the multi-cam lesson Want cooking a live streaming to interactive launch right forum I am interested in starting an online live interactive cooking lesson series I want to stream the lessons for - people using a video conferencing program goto meeting VeaMea not sure which one yet through our laptop I want to have two or Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson three cameras running Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson through my laptop that i can toggle through One would be a wide shot of me and the kitchen Another would be a close up of the cutting board to demonstrate cutting techniques and or one camera mounted above the stove for when i am cooking I want to be able to change cameras with a click of the mouse during the lesson and then be able to change back Can I hook up or cameras to my laptop Intel core i - m with gig ddr and accomplish what i want to do I am currently looking at high quality HD webcams but not sure if this route will be enough for the main camera It may need to use a lipstick or bullet style camera Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated If this is not the best forum and you know a better one please advise Thanks Willy nbsp

A:Want to launch a live streaming interactive multi-cam cooking lesson

I have some thoughts on this one, but it's a fairly old post. Post back so I know you are still needing help.
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when I try to play certain game a message appers that 3d acceration not working an I cant figure out a solution to the problem. I have updated drivers and tried to install new vga grphics adapter but nothing works. pleeeeeze help!

A:3D graphics accelerator not working

It would help to know what game and what graphics card you are using and which other card you tried. Also, what version of Windows are you using?

Otherwise, my guess would be that your graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements of the game.
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I am interested in starting an online live interactive multiple my I live streaming do run computer? on How for cameras cooking lesson series I want to stream the lessons for - people using a video conferencing program goto meeting VeaMea Cisco Webex not sure which one yet through our laptop I want to have two or three cameras running through my laptop that i can toggle through One would be a wide shot of me and How do I run multiple cameras for live streaming on my computer? the kitchen Another would be a close up of the cutting board to demonstrate cutting techniques and one camera mounted above the stove for when i am cooking I want to be able to change cameras with a click of the mouse during the lesson and then be able to change back Can I hook up or cameras to How do I run multiple cameras for live streaming on my computer? my laptop Intel core i - m with gig ddr and accomplish what i want to do or is there no way in heck that this little laptop is powerful enough I am currently looking at high quality usb HD webcams Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated If this is not the best forum and you know a better one please advise Thanks Willy nbsp

A:How do I run multiple cameras for live streaming on my computer?

Seems nobody has an answer to this question. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get an answer? Anyone, please?
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See background

closed topic#163578 on this website
Note the solution presented in the previous thread is for a different make of laptop.

Problem: Wirless disabled by default on start up and resume.

I am having the same problem with my windows 7 reinstall of my SYX160001. Have tried similar remidies... ie power management, driver updates, enabling netowrk discovery, etc.

Any idea on how to overcome this nusiance of needing to turn on the wireless

A:Atheros AR9285 wireless disabled by default at startup

SOLUTION! (at least for me on my laptop)

I just had this problem when I reinstalled the OS from the OEM disc (not the factory install disc) I figured the OEM disc had a driver conflict. But I incorrectly pointed the finger at the wirless lan driver.

The HOT KEY strip (the one with the buttons that turn white when you touch them just above the keyboard) on my laptop also controls the Wi-Fi Radio on/off button. This was the problem. You need the origional driver for that strip, even if your volume on the strip is working.

Background. Think of your wireless lan as two seperate devices... the radio is compared to the cord of an ethernet connection. The wireless lan card is the ethernet card. When you think about it as one device it is easy to see why so many people assume the problem is with the wireless lan card. But the important part is that a laptop usually devides the two up to save power. Controlling the radio from a button on the keyboard (or a function key) (mine is FN +F2) is another reason to think of the two as seperate items.

Before reaching this conclusion I tried using "allow the computer to turn this device off to save power" I also had tried Hi performance modes and other wireless radio from the control pannel in both plug-in and battery modes. I tried the turn wireless netork on and off as well. There were plenty of reasons to think this was going to fix the problem.

So update your HOTkey strip driver... see if that doesnt fix your problem.
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i need help opening my ports on my router. i wend into cmd and i have no default gateway lit just reads as :: how else can i find my routers ip address?

A:No default gateway

You can also find it by taking it back to wherever you got it and they could tell you by searching the MAC address located on the underside of the router. However most router IP address's or default gateway is
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I have a wireless Toshiba latpop years old running Windows that I have been connecting with at my college for a year and a half with no problems This same laptop connects to my Fios wireless at home with no problems My trouble started weeks ago and I have been trying to solve this problem ever since day and night Ugh Start computer - I see their college network I chose it to connect or sometimes the checkmark is there to chose not constantly Default dropping / available, network gateway Internet automatically It will not connect I get the yellow triagle with words limited connectivity no internet access If I use the troubleshooter I get no default gateway It is fixed I sign in on their log Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network in page and within seconds it drops me every time I mean everytime Not just sometimes --I have spoken with their local IT people to no avail -- uninstalled any programs that I put in in the past months -- uninstalled my firewall --shut off windows firewall --reinstalled my Realtek Nic card with or different versions rolling upgrading and Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network installing brand new one from net --unchecked power save on the Nic card -- flushed the dns cache -- ipconfig release renew -- ran the troubleshooter at least times -- repair install of windows -- ran antivirus program malware programs all clean -- added all windows updates although most had been in anyway --registry cleaner of them --checked with IT that my log in is correct and not blocked --deleted all networks and setting up connection to college and fios again -- unchecking IPV on the Nic card plus many other tries that I can t remember Several of the above do give me a temporary connection to the network but it drops in seconds everytime I cannot get on the network without the troubleshooter then I get seconds and I am off Please help I have asked everyone I know Someone here has to know what to do Thank you FYI I spoke to sort of a network adminstrator today at the college He said he has heard of this problem from about other people and coincidentally we all have Toshiba laptops Anybody with a Toshiba laptop having this problem I was working fine on their network and now I cannot get on or stay on What could they have changed at their end that my laptop doesn t like I don t know these things nbsp

A:Default gateway not available, constantly dropping Internet / network

try a different wlan driver. or try a completely different wlan pci-e card in your laptop. boot off of a ubuntu disk and see if you can connect to the network stably from there.
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laptop cannot on
only saw this thing on the screen
"no default or ui configuration directive found!"
i m on the way find the way to solve this and also hope can get solution from here.
anyone know how to solve it ?


A:No default or UI configuration directive found!

Check your hard drive for errors or replace it... Good try with English by the way
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Do they require much setup or just plug in and it auto connects to your network and starts backing up files?
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First of all i am unable to understand what is trident video card accelerator 3d promedia but after searching net i think it is graphic card. whenever i open device manager i always see an error mark and when i see its properties it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" i check it driver than it is up-to-date. Is it possible that device is detachead from my computer? i am having this problem from quiet a long time and is not even removed after formatting my computer.

Please help

A:Error in Trident video card accelerator

What are your computers specs? You can see mine in the upper right-hand corner of my posts as an example. What version of Windows are you running?
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hi,my default monitor on my laptop has been turned off in the control panel/...the secondary monitior isnt enabled either,so i cant get into it turn it im left with a blank screen and i dont know what to laptop is a dell latitude d610,running on xp...thanks ...jim

A:Default monitor has been turned off in control panel on laptop

A little confusion on my part here! Are you talking about (two) external monitors being hooked up to one lap top computer? Or are you referring to the (default) monitor, being it's own built in screen being the (default) which wont work? And if the built in LCD screen won't work, are we talking about you hooking up an external monitor, which will not work as well? And something about you shutting down your computer ability to show itself on a monitor that may have some how been turned off, probably through your XP's (control panel) under (display)!

This was just me thinking of these question "out loud", maybe if we could have a little bit more insight to your problem, we could advise on how to fix it!

Keep us in the loop...............
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is there a way to do this? i messed with some settings and now music won't come out of my laptop speakers, just headphones.

I know the speakers work. help please

A:Resetting default audio settings?

You have probably made your headphones default, and turned off the speakers.
In the taskbar, near the clock, right-click on the speaker icon. Choose 'Playback devices'. In the new window, do you see 1 or 2 items? Speakers and below that Speaker/headphones. Right-click on what is showing, and in the list tick the options, 'Show disabled devices' and 'Show disconnected devices'.
Now you should have 'Speakers' line showing, so right-click on it, and choose 'properties'. At the bottom of the box, you see a drop-box that gives 2 options. Make it to be 'Use this device-enable'. Click OK. That should work.
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Dell laptop doesn't let me download windows live messenger 2011, it says i need a service pack 2 and won't let me download that either, my computer was set to factory settings and now it won't let me download this, did it erase something when it was rebooted? please help

A:Dell laptop doesn't let me download Windows Live Messenger

What version of Windows are you running? Have you checked for a virus or other malware?
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Hi All

I've had Windows 7 for about 6 months, and have been getting an intermittent problem where my internet cuts out. The network icon shows a yellow exclamation mark and I have to right click on it and Troubleshoot Problems, which then resets/repairs the connection and everything's okay.

Here's some details from the troubleshooting report:

Network adapter Local Area Connection driver information:

Description . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Manufacturer . . . . . . . . . : Realtek
Provider . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft
Version . . . . . . . . . . . : 7.2.1127.2008
Inf File Name . . . . . . . . . : C:\Windows\INF\netrtx64.inf
Inf File Date . . . . . . . . . : 13 July 2009 20:37:30
Section Name . . . . . . . . . : RTL8168D.ndi
Hardware ID . . . . . . . . . . : pci\ven_10ec&dev_8168&rev_03
Instance Status Flags . . . . . : 0x180200a
Device Manager Status Code . . : 0
IfType . . . . . . . . . . . . : 6
Physical Media Type . . . . . . : 14

I've found some posts on the net about this problem, and people have said it's a known issue with nvidia, but my network controller's Realtek.

Anyone have any experience of this?

Thanks in advance
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hi everyone i have an hp ipaq pocket pc i know its old and out of date but its in great condition when i type in the msn mobile website it comes up no problem then i click on the envelope for hotmail I get a popup that says quot install byte file quot default aspx quot to the quot my Document folder quot in main Default.aspx memory quot it even says that if i type in the direct hotmail website i can click on the other icons like fox and msnbc they work fine but get the error when i click on hotmail and messenger can anyone help i went to the hp website and downloaded updates and all the new drivers it connects to wifi great now even found pocket pc on ebay and installed that done soft resets hard rests i have searched and googled wrote into forums and still cant get an Default.aspx answer i have found where other people have had the same problem but i never see where they got a solution i m hoping maybe ya ll can help hp of course will not help me because the warranty is out of date i have type in the windows live website Default.aspx and still get the error its something with hotmail i notice on their websites they end in aspx maybe that has something to do with it nbsp


hmm; be cautious - - aspx is a server-side technology while ocx is ActiveX for the client side.
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When I try to login to Windows a message is displayed quot Windows can t load the user s profile but has logged on with the login to - system default profile Cannot Windows default system profile Reason insufficient system resources exist to complete the Cannot login to Windows - default system profile requested service quot That isn t the message Cannot login to Windows - default system profile word for Cannot login to Windows - default system profile word because after seconds the message automatically closes Then there is only the cursor which can move and a blue back ground and nothing loads When I press ctr alt delete I get a message saying quot The application failed to initialize properly x d Click on OK to terminate the application quot When I press the power button the laptop goes into hibernation and when it comes out of it I need to re-enter the password so it s not completely dead It s a Compaq nx with Windows XP Pro Sometimes little things change for example this time it showed an message titled quot Parser Message quot but the body of the message failed to load Edit I tried booting into safe mode and it worked the next time I tried booting the laptop normally it worked Why does this happen EDIT but it only worked the one time after booting into safe mode Edit Every time I properly turn off the laptop it can t login the next time but if I hold down the power button it can login next time nbsp

A:Cannot login to Windows - default system profile

The hard drive is probably corrupt... Try formatting and re-installing XP
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Hey i just joined this site it seems like you guys clearly know what your support? 3D TMU card w/ accelerator dual talking about so 3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support? i was hoping that maybe sum out there can help me with my problem you see i have just installed WOW and it keeps coming up saying that my D accelerator card is not supported by World Of Warcraft Please install a D accelerator card with dual-TMU support System information Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Memory MB RAM DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA RIVA TNT Model Model Pro Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type RIVA TNT Model Model Pro DAC 3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support? type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV D amp SUBSYS amp REV Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d No WHQL Date Stamp None VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- D- CF-F F- A B C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x D SubSys ID x Revision ID x Revision ID x Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D Deinterlace Caps n a Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Enabled nbsp

A:3D accelerator card w/ dual TMU support?

That card is not supported by the game. You may be able to add a better card to your system but given the systems age I'm not sure you'd want to put any money into it.
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Recently, I've had problems with some games crashing. I searched for a solution on the web and one recommendation was to uninstall the graphics accelerator which I did. Now those same games are playing fine without crashing. I had previously uninstalled the graphics drivers and reinstalled them. That didn't help.

Why would some games play fine without the accelerator? What do I sacrifice by not having the accelerator?

Specs: Win xp, Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910 GML Express, graphics accelerator 900.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

A:Uninstalled graphics accelerator

If I understood you correctly, when you restart the computer Windows automatically reinstalls the graphics accelerator and the graphics driver which must have cleared up your problem. The graphics accelerator is another name for graphics card or in your case onboard graphics. The graphics accelerator is hardware so cannot be removed physically by software uninstalling. If your graphics "card" was truly gone, you would have no video output at all.
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In search of a new monitor...

Hi, just sold my old Samsung 205BW and started a tiresome search for a new monitor, been through the same thing when I've moved from CRT to LCD. I can afford a 300USD monitor.
So far my list consists in: BenQ G2420HDBL (LED backlit), Samsung SyncMaster 2494LW(BW), Asus VH242H, Philips 230C1HSB, Samsung 2343BW, Philips 240SW9FS (1920x1200).
I tend to go on 16:10 display instead of 16:9 but it's not a must and I'm open to advices as far as they are documented and pertinent.
Will use the monitor mainly for gaming but also for CAD and surfing the web.
Thanks in advance.

A:In search of a new monitor, LCD-LED backlit

$300 will buy you plenty of monitor. what size are you looking to go with? i am using a 23" Acer X233H with my desktop and I love it. i think i bought it for ~$230 back in 2009 and it was under $200 last time i checked. you should be able to go even bigger in the $250-$300 range. i would recommend something with a good contrast ration and around 5ms or less response time. pixel aspect doesn't really matter...

btw Darkseed is amazing
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Yesterday i installed my SB live in a pci slot and it works well butt today my nvidia which is on the AGP slot make a error and when i physically checked it its all capacitors are burned. Why this happens can any one explain this? One thing more after that i check my IRQs both NVIDIA and the SB live and more 2 devices use the same IRQ i am running a win xp. Can any one help me. It is bcoz of the shareing a same IRQ?
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I was wondering if anyone out there could help Until recently I have been SE587 Gigaset Siemens problems Xbox & live using Xbox live with my wireless network adaptor with no problems at all with my router except for a rare disconnection or two However for the last weeks now I have been lucky for my Xbox to connect at all It does still however connect occasionally Simply using the ethernet cable is not an option I have The problem is this My Xbox never fails to find my wireless network but it will not connect despite the correct using the correct WPA passkey I know it is not an adaptor problem because I can connect to an unsecure network in my area however this has a poor signal I know it is not a modem security issue because I have turned off my routers WPA security and it still won t connect despite finding it Xbox live & Siemens Gigaset SE587 problems I m not really familiar with port-forwarding and DMZ and not sure if this is even Xbox live & Siemens Gigaset SE587 problems the problem as this is a very recent thing I have Xbox live & Siemens Gigaset SE587 problems tried changing the transmitting channel but to no avail Messing about with the modem settings have caused me to do more than a few reinstallations so I am hesitant to continue down this route without help Does anyone have any idea what my problem could be and what solutions I might try Troubleshooting on the net has proved fruitless thus far and I am hesitant to contact Microsoft who will likely say it is a router problem and my ISP will likely try refer me to Microsoft Thanks in advance if anyone can help nbsp

A:Xbox live & Siemens Gigaset SE587 problems

Glad it's not just me that's stumped!

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I recently purchased a new Cisco Valet Plus (M20) router. I completed setup of the router and when i retested my internet connection on my Xbox 360 I am getting an indicator of a Moderate NATsetting. I did not have any issues with my previous router, so this leads me to believe I have an issue with the new one. So far I have tried two solutions:

A- Port Forwarding. Enabled port forwarding for the following:
xboxlive 80 TCP
xboxlive 88 UDP
xboxlive 53 Both
xboxlive 3074 Both
Setup a static IP address of
Enabled UPnP

B - Enabled DMZ on static IP address for Xbox

At this point I'm not sure if I'm still having issues with the router or I just did not set something up correctly. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

A:Xbox Live network troubles

What are your Xbox network settings?

Are they all still set to retrieve your router settings automatically?
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Hi there, I wanted to know if it was possible to play a live web stream through VLC instead of watching it on the web browser. Reason why is because I go to Univision (spanish tv network) to watch the World Cup games live in HD but they're flash player is small and doesn't let me go full screen. Any info would be great, thanks.

A:Play a live webstream through VLC?

Can you use Windows Media Player instead?
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The much anticipated 10.3 driver set is live and available here
I have installed it and so far seems like a great driver set.

EDIT: I just saw that TS put it up as well

A:ATI 10.3 Is Live

finally... downloaded the leaked set but i have been waiting on official release for weeks.
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Hi all

I have a default gateway and IP address issue that I have tried to solve but can't.

Isp is plusnet, running windows xp sp 2, using a wireless connection on a compaq laptop thats less than a year old.

All of a sudden my connection went, when i tried to get on again it wouldnt let me and said that there was no connection, went into my daughters room and hers is fine. I had a look at the connections and it wasn't having a bar of it so I tried an ethernet connection...nothing. I had a bit of a play with things putting in ip address, ping back etc ... nothing is working. Had enough now and ready to chuck it out the window.



A:Default Gateway Error

Post ipconfig /all and tell us more about the hardware. Does the ethernet connection light up on either end?
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Correct me if I'm wrong

(Working with old computer, getting it to work)
I was having problems with re-installing Windows XP and SP1-3 updates, and connecting to internet.and getting DNS errs.
Went into ipconfig, and had no default gateway

So, I eventually found my way to windows error reports,doing a search:
for "setuperr"

Turns out the "computer name" had errors in it with non-allowed characters.
Went into Control Panel, clicked on System, did the fix.
No underlines, etc. allowed

Looking into setuperr logs is really helpful, dont ya think?
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hey guys i have a big problem with live stream and downloading that I never had before. whenever I try to download or livestream it is so slow. I have run scannes and tests on my computer and everything seems to be functioningly properly, I mean it brings up websites quickly and all that good stuff just in the past 2 months its gone slow in these areas. i have a hpdv6000 intel r core tm 2 duo cpu t5550 @ 1.83 ghz 1.83 ghz 1 gig ram. am very frustrated by this problem would value any help cheers

A:Live stream so slow

Have you used Speedtest to check your internet connection speed ?
Your internet provider may be throttling your download-You can check with a number of online utilities such as
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I need to upgrade my video card. I'm not sure what I have at the moment. I need to know if its PCI Express or AGP. I read a few older post and they recommended downloading Everest and posting the Motherboard make and model. Can anyone assist me by telling me what slot I have? and what kind of video card would be pretty good to use for normal use and a little gaming? I play Diablo 2 Expansion, and I'm looking to spend about $150.

Motherboard ID 63-0100-009999-00101111-041807-Lakeport$945GCTHM_BIOS DATE: 04/18/07 10:26:20 VER: 08.00.13

Motherboard Name ECS Livermore

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 641, 3200 MHz (16 x 200)

OS Name Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic

Video Adapter Intel 82945GC Graphics Controller 0 [A-2]

Memory - DDR2 1024 MBytes

If you need to know anything else just let me know. Thanks again.

A:In search of a few answers

You don't have a video card...
Can you verify your motherboard name again?
Could that be your motherboard?
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Im having trouble finding the right laptop/netbook so any suggestions are appreciated.
Heres wat im looking for, something small with
- screen size 11-13,
-dual core
-higher resolution than the basiic 1024x600
-support for 3g ram or more
-some type of output like VGA,preferably hdmi

-Around the $500 mark.On a budget so less than 500 would be nice but idk if its possible with those specs.

A:Laptop/netbook search

Asus 1201N at Amazon

Asus EeePC 1201N
Mfg Part # 1201N-PU17-BK
Pre-order at Amazon @ $499

- screen size 11-13, (12.1")
-dual core (N330 Dual core Atom 1.6Ghz)
-higher resolution than the basiic 1024x600
(12.1? LED-backlit WXGA screen (1366 x 768)

-support for 3g ram or more (2GB installed, Max 3GB)
-some type of output like VGA,preferably hdmi (VGA +HDMI)

OS: Win 7 Starter

This is ION base graphic which will support HD video image, a good one to go with!
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My scanner used to work, but all I get is that error message:
"Cannot find default data source in the current directory"
Don't know what that means
Disk whereabouts is unknown

If it's a driver problem, all I see are references not going past Win2000. I have XP Home.

A:Artec ViewStation AM12E Scanner - "Cannot find default data source"

It may be time to invest in an all-in-one printer (Printer, Scanner, Fax) They are not that expensive any longer
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I am wanting a new pc and i have found one. The main reason i want one is because i record HD footage of my xbox and my current pc makes it impossible to edit and work with,

Im not good with all this techincal stuff so ill copy n past some info see what you think

CPU: IntelŪ PentiumŪ Dual Core E5300 / 2x2.6Ghz

Audio, Video and Networking
* IntelŪ Graphics Media Accelerator 3100
* Pixel Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0
* Max. shared memory 384MB

2x 1Gb DDR2 667Mhz Strips

You think that these would allow me to edit and play around with HD footage at 1080i?

i can currently playback HD footage ok its just editing it, which is basically impossible as it is incredibly jerky.

i edit footage in Sony Vegas. Thankyou

A:Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 Supports HD?

We have not found the ASRock motherboard to be very reliable, nor have very good performance... spend $25 to $40 more, and get a Gigabyte, Intel, Asus, Biostar, EVGA, Elitegroup, MSI or other board known for reliability, and you might be happy a lot longer.
Some of the Gigabyte boards that are six months on the shelf at Directron, ZipZoomFly, Frys, PCMall, or New Egg are great boards that have had significant price reductions to clear storage space for the hot new models.
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my problem is i need to get my digital input to have a playback slider not just record slider so what i am saying is my blue hole anolog has a rec level and playback slider but my digital only has rec level. so on the blue hole line in all i need to do is turn up the playback slider and i get sound from my device. but in digital input wont allow me to do that i can only rec then playback i need it to be live does anyone know a program that lets u controll playback fuctions that windows properties is missing?

A:Need a program to live playback digital sound

what functions do you need?
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Hi please be patient with me as I have little knowledge of computers My boyfriend has even less knowledge and knocks Soundblaster - registration 5.1 PC Live Platinum being a musician is not inclined to sit and try Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 - registration knocks PC and sort this problem just curses which has driven me to try and sort it The SB was installed for him a few years ago but he didn t use it He now wants to but we can t get it to work I enabled the BIOS audio as someone had disabled them The SB registration screen Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 - registration knocks PC comes up As soon as I tried to register it the screen went black and said something about input not suported I think-would have to try it again to double check that So I had to turn the BIOS back off in order to use the pc Sound works for Skype but nothing else as far as I can tell The pc has XP Oh and the printer does not work either I have put the discs that came with it but it does not appear under the printer bit under hardware if you know what I mean not sure if that helps too Any ideas Thank you nbsp

A:Soundblaster Live Platinum 5.1 - registration knocks PC

What is this PC's specs? Make and model?
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I've been having a problem with the display over remote connection.
In the configuraiton I'm using, I have 2 PC's connected by LAN, but only 1 screen, and in order to see the video output of the 2nd PC, I just use remote desktop connection from the 1st PC.

I've realized that when starting up the RDP, I get an error "The video card is not updated", although this error does not appear when connecting a monitor directly to that PC.
In addition, there's decreased performance of the video output through the RDP, and graphics seems to be with a slower refresh rate. I didn't have that kind of a problem with my previous graphics card, which was older.

I'm thinking that it has to do with the default boot of the card. If no screen is connected, it thinks that it's starting up with VGA configuration perhaps?

Any ideas?

A:GeForce 8500GT default boot

There's probably a simpler way to connect both computers to one monitor, provided that the monitor is an LCD. Many LCD screens have both a DVI and a VGA input. You can connect one computer to the DVI and the other to the VGA. If a monitor has both there will be a button to switch the input, so you can just press a button to switch which screen is displayed.

Also, have you updated your graphics drivers?
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ok, so i know that this question has been asked a few times already but i am in need of a free program to burn dvds. i have downloaded some movies to my pc and now im having trouble finding a good program that will allow me to burn them to disc. obviously they are not all the same type of files, some are avi. some are mp4 files etc. i can covert them to other formats, but so far i havent been able to burn them.

if anybody knows of a program that will do what im looking for please let me know.

A:In search of a free dvd burning program

If you want free dvd burnung program you can find it via google easily. i found one program called InfraRecorder, but i didnt test it so i dont know if it works. just type infrarecorder in google and go to their website. on the righ menu somewhere you have download link. its a small program, just 3.19MB.
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I have an old Sound Blaster Live! CT4780, pulled from a very old dell, and I was wondering how the quality would compare to my current integrated AC'97 Audio.

A:Realtek AC'97 vs Sound Blaster Live! CT4780

How old is your current PC?

This kid seems to be popular for the review of it
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I have a Toshiba M700 laptop, running Windows Vista ultimate.
It has an internal bluetooth adapter. The bluetooth manager software that installs along with the drivers from Toshiba's website sucks. It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all.

For this reason, I wish to use a different bluetooth manager program.
I'm not sure if Vista really has a default program, but my other 2 computers that have bluetooth seem to use the same, less annoying, bluetooth manager program.

Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet.

A:Using the Default Bluetooth Manager with Toshiba Laptop

"Sorry if I'm being ignorant, but I'm not well acquainted with bluetooth yet"...

This may be the root cause of your Bluetooth problem...

"It causes a lot of little annoying problems, some of which you can't get around at all"...

Can you explain in a little more detail just what are the problems
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Does anybody know how to change the language of a scanner. We had to uninstall everything last year when our computer got a virus and the technician cleaned our hard drive. I reinstalled the software for the scanner and definitely selected English as the language we wanted but both times I tried it it came out in French.

We have worked out what words mean clear, preview and scan in French but cannot use any of the fine tuning buttons as we don't know what they say.

The Scanner is a Canoscan N656U and the programme is Canoscan Version 1.02

A:Cannon Scanner menu not in English

Use adda and remove to uninstall the scanner, then reinstall. That problem is not uncommon, but usually goes away. Use RegCleaner from to remove any remaining parts of the Scanner software, then reboot, then reinstall.
You might want to try downloading a later version of the Canoscan software.
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yesterday i downloaded a game world of warcraft. now it's telling me
i need to install a card call 3d accelerator card with dual-TMU support.
can u tell me were i can go to download a safe program.

A:Where can I go to download a accelerator card with dual-TMU support

Try a google.
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My windows live messenger IM feature is update and working fine. My web cam allows others to view me. However the other person that I want to view is having problems letting me view them. Every time they send an invite for me to view their web cam, a message appears under the invite immediately that they canceled the invite..they are saying that the install of their webcam is correct, however it ask them to update to the newest version of windows live messenger..when they did still didn't work and they couldn't even view themselves from their cam. Could it be a firewall problem for them of just a step they are missing? My friend is very frustrated..what advise can I give them?
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I'm trying to overl**** my Geforce 8600gts and
I used AtiTool newest version.
I scanned on default for artifacts and I see some..
I circled it in the picture, top left corner... What is wrong with my graphic card!?

ps. This is completely something else but...
how do I upload photos? I always upload it sumwhere else,
then right click, property for URL.... Is there a way to directly upload from
my computer to here?

A:Artifacts at default GPU clocks! (With AtiTool Scan)

You must have misspelled "clock" Your video card is an Nvidia card. Does Nvidia have a video overclocking tool. This tool might be in the Nvidia Control panel. It takes more than a software program to overclock. Your power supply, your motherboard's bios and configuration and the amount of memory can affect overclocking. What are your complete system specs?

Pictures files have to be limited to a certain size/type. At the bottom of the posting window you will see the options
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Here is what I know:
I know that you can connect to xboxlive by plugging the xbox into the pc via ethernet and bridging the connection with your wireless internet connection on your pc. (Wireless because pcs generally only have one ethernet port).

My problem:
My university does not allow consols to connect to the wired internet (there is no wireless). My computer is connected to the internet via ethernet.

My question:
If I buy a USB to Etethernt converter for my pc and plug the xbox in there will I be able to have 2 connections running, 1. pc -> internet, 2. pc -> xbox. And if I were to bridge those connections would my xbox be able to go online?

Thanks to anyone who knows or helps.

A:Connecting to Xbox Live through Computer

I'm not sure what kind of restrictions your university has put forth to disallow consoles from getting online but two ideas to share the net connection would be: 1) a router, or 2) get a second Ethernet card for your PC so you can have the Xbox connecting strictly through your PC.

Once again, that might not be enough if the system admins are blocking specific ports or domains but you can always try.
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If anyone is familiar with this software, the StealthPlug and Amplitube 2 Live is from IK Multimedia. The StealthPlug and Amplitube come together as a package and is for playing guitar, the Amplitube gives you lots of amp options and effects to allow you to find that perfect sound without actually having to switch amps physically. It comes with Tracktion, which is a recording software, where you can use plug your guitar into the Stealthplug, find your sound with Amplitube and then record with Tracktion or another type of recording software, I prefer to use Adobe Audition, a better quality product to record with, anyone familiar with this and know how to make this work?? I'm on Windows.
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i got this free computer and i decided to put some stuff in it so i could start world of warcraft the other day since mac doesnt run it well.
So when i got everything installed, it said i could play because my 3d accelerator isnt supported on my computer
its a dell optiplex gx115
im using a pentium 3 processer with i think 950 mhz, i put 1gb of ram in it,
its got a nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 with 64mb

what can i do to fix it ; ;?

A:3d accelerator for world of warcraft? this wil play any game at a low setting for a pci controllero nyour computer i reccomend having 1 gb of ram thsi should play wow at almost full everything except antialliasing
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So i recently bought a sound blaster live! X gamer 5.1 for my XP PC. After about 3 hours i was able to get it to work with everything except for iTunes. I read that the card my be incompatable with mp3s..? Or is it some thing to do with iTunes?

A:Sound blaster live X gamer 5.1 and iTunes help

Are you using the latest sound driver from the Creative support site?
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Hi all!

I have PC on Asus P5B-V motherboard with integrated video card (Intel G965 based). It looks like the integrated video came to it end after a voltage jump. I tried to reanimate the PC by using PCI or PCI-e card, but I didn't found any jumpers on the MB except one resetting bios. Switching between graphics cards are possible from BIOS which I cannot see, and it looks that the default option is IGD.
May anybody suggest something or it will be better to throw this MB to waste bin?
Thanks in advance!

PS. I?m first time here ? sorry if I used incorrect sub-forum (and eternal sorry for my non-native English)

A:Integrated graphics card dead, it was primary by default

Well, here's what I would try. If you have the manual that came with the motherboard you can have a look and see what the BIOS layout looks like. After you've studied that a bit, try turning the computer on and navigating through the BIOS (without actually seeing it) by memory. You may be able to switch from onboard to a dedicated device that way. I know that sounds a little dull but it's gonna be tricky without having anything to look at.
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A very easy question for you guys... is it necessary to press "reset default settings" in the bios anytime you install in a new processor or does the bios detect and set everything up automatically upon initial boot?

A:Bios default settings question

It kinda depends, i would say no, you don't need to, but i learned its a good idea to make sure your bois is configured the way its supposed to be. but resetting it wouldn't be a bad idea, unless you have so me specific settings.
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My router is a bit simple, not the latest around, but my NAT on xbox 360 has been STRICT for a while now and I dont know how to set it back!. I try enabling Upnp, opening ports and also DMZ but I have to assign it to a certain IP Address guessing the 360's connecting IP address. But i am not fully sure of how to get it to OPEN NAT.

Please Help,

A:NAT Xbox Live 'Strict'

general options for getting your NAT Status to Open

There are four ways to overcome a Strict/Moderate NAT setting when using a router. I have listed them in the order of preference:-

1. If you have an Xbox Live Certified router, use the certified firmware for your router
2. Use UPnP. If your router supports this. Turn it on. The router will work out the ports it needs to open for Xbox live. If your router does not have this feature, check the manufacturers website for the latest firmware. (also make sure portforwarding and/or DMZ is turned off as they interfere with UPnP)
3. Port forwarding (look up your router here then follow the instructions for Xbox Live 360)
4. Use a DMZ (De-militarized Zone)
The DMZ (De-militarized Zone) is area that sits outside of your routers firewall. Don't worry though your not at risk with your Xbox


Do not mix and match portfowarding with UPnP and/or DMZ. Each of the methods should be used on their own. Do not turn on UPnP and expect to be able to setup a DMZ or Portforward.


If UPnP is not an option for you, or you have tried it and it does not work. Look up your router here then follow the instructions for Xbox Live 360. When you port forward the ip address that you need to forward to is the ip address of the Xbox. It is always best to use a static ip address when portforwarding, see this section for more details.


Consult your router documentation to find out how to put your Xbox IP Address in the DMZ of your router. It is always best to use a static ip address when using a DMZ,

Also what router have you got??? is it a belkin?
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I have a vintron PC. It is 7 years old. Fews days back i had a power failure, after that when ever i am opening the PC, its showing this error.- CMOS checksum error, default reloaded.When i press F1 key go, all the disk are checked. File system C FAT 32 disks shows inconsistency & disk is checked. After that when i log on to windows, the line "loading your personal settings" comes but desktop never opens. It goes back to press F1 or DEl.. THe computer is opening in safe mode. ALl the wires r intact. kindly suggest me. thanks

A:Cmos checksum error default reloaded

Start by replacing the CMOS battery.
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The Backstory Today my Realtek ALC chip stopped working on my motherboard I tried reinstalling the drivers and such but nothing worked so I did a full uninstall of the drivers disabled the onboad and turned off the pc I grabbed my SB Live and popped it in the PC It booted up fine and I went into windows I went into device manager to update the driver I clicked update driver it proceeded installing the WDM drivers for it It seemed like everything installed fine I started to reboot and upon that I BSOD d I couldn t tell what it said too clearly Trying BSOD in Results IRQ Drivers SB Live to Install Error as it just flashed for second before it rebooted But I did see quot IRQ quot on the screen I booted back into windows Still no sound I went into device manager it looked like the SB Live Drivers had been installed I double clicked on them and they said that they were working properly But still no little sound icon in the system tray I went Trying to Install SB Live Drivers Results in IRQ Error BSOD into SOund and Audio Devices and could not select ANYTHING Could not move any tabs or sliders everything was greyed out except the cancel button Whenever I tried to uninstall the drivers I would BSOD again Whenever I try to go to the quot Resources quot Tab in Device Manager on the sound card it locks up Whenever I try to disable the device blue screen What I have tried Uninstalling it BSOD Reinstalling Drivers BSOD Changing the Resources Lock-up INstalling the Creative Drivers BSOD Removing the Card and Putting in another and installing their drivers still results in BSOD Trying to Install SB Live Drivers Results in IRQ Error BSOD and the same results All cards work perfect in other Trying to Install SB Live Drivers Results in IRQ Error BSOD PCs My Hypothesis I have reason to believe that this is an IRQ conflict of some sort It s currently assigned IRQ The card has worked in other PC s so I believe there might be some sort of conflict between the chipset and this card But it seems like once I install it and this happens no other audio cards work and they suffer from the same exact problems Please help This is the third time this has happened and the only way I fixed it before were full reinstalls of windows nbsp

A:Trying to Install SB Live Drivers Results in IRQ Error BSOD

Have you tried going right to the Creative Support site for the driver?
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Just recently formatted my PC due to virus problems,
and then it hit me that my driver CD's were half a world
away and the only time I would be able to get them would
be in the next few months, but then I really want to get my
PC up and running again... I've already solved the problem
for getting audio drivers, but then I don't have any for my
VGA... I have an Inno3d GFX5500 and I really need drivers
so could anyone point me to them? Are there any universal
drivers that I could install? I tried the drivers on the inno3d
site but then it couldn't install because I had to install for the
VGA controller... Please help... I need this pc up and running

A:In search of drivers for my VGA

Here's the download page:

Please look through the downloads and select your card
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I have a sound blaster live! 24 bit sound card and it would be very helpful if someone could tell me or send me a link of the pin sets so that i can hook up my front sound.
thank you

A:Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit font sound hook up

You have to use the motherboard sound connectors to connect the front sound
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Guess I need help again Okay I did a fresh reinstall of windows got the drivers for everything and loaded them But for some reason I could not find the good drivers for my SB Live So I went to the creative website did an auto update got the driver package When I go to load the Windows Installing which SB one choose me and won't Driver Live! Keeps Wrong for let driver program package it hangs at when it is changing the drivers for the thing I waited a while about an hour and it was still frozen at So I turned it off When I turned it back on it acted like windows had the exact driver installed SB Live WDM But I notice that there was no welcome sound and there is no audio icon in the system tray So I go into quot Sound and Audio Devices Properties quot and it says that my sound card is an quot Emu kx quot So I uninstalled all the software and decided to use the windows drivers When I reboot it installs the card but it doesn t show a window It automatically chooses the the driver Sound Blaster Live WDM which I thought I uninstalled And while it s installing the driver once again it hangs So once again Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one I reboot it acts like the driver is installed ok but the sound card is once agin quot Emu kx Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one quot So I decided until I get some feedback here I ll use the integrated audio The problem is I need the SB Live for some new S PDIF speakers I m going to get Its actually a Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one home theater Any help will be appreciated I ve searched pages of google and nothing has helped nbsp

A:Windows Keeps Installing Wrong Driver for SB Live! and won't let me choose which one

have you treid going into BIOS & disabling the onboard sound?
(before you plug in your SB live sound card)

if you did,un-install the SB live sound driver,
take off the sound card & plug it to another
PCI slot.then re-install the SB live sound driver.
if still hang's.try to install it in safe mode.
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What is the default Cluster size setting when formatting a Windows NTFS Partition on a hard disk drive greater than 2GB ?

A:Default Cluster size for NTFS

Relevancy 22.36%

Hi all!

I am having a strange problem with the sound card , and I need some technical help

The sound card of my PC is a Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value 1024 (that I bought in the end of 2001). So, it?s not a new device?

Anyways, I never had any trouble with it? Recently, I have changed my pc so i have fixed the card into new pc..when iam trying to install the software the speaker
selection is limited to 2.1 and 4.1 speakers. i even tried changing in Audio HQ and
i dont see any option for 5.1 speakers other than this i have even downloaded new version of software still the same problem is repeated .........

so, I would like some opinions about what can be happening?

Any information / hint will be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help !

A:Specific problem with my Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value. Any hint?

If you right click the little task bar speaker icon and then click 'adjust audio properties' and then click 'speaker settings' 'advanced' and then click the 'v' at 'speaker setiup', do you get the option?
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I ve been searching into this problem for quite default address No gateway some time now and i cant seem to find any answer that works Anyway for some reason or another i was asked to change the wireless password for my router which is no big deal but thats when it started My computer has a wired connection to the router cant seem to connect to the router or maybe interface with it I can ping everyone on the network but thats about all i can do through the router i have restarted my computer the No default gateway address router DHCP is on i have reinstalled my NIC s drivers manually set the default gateway and IP and DNS and all of them independently ive -restarted- my DHCP services all that fun you find in the rest of the answers i have found myself my computer is the only one currently having this issue the router works fine for the rest of them so that leads me to believe its just myself Does anyone have any insight did i miss something and if there is any information i need to provide i will do so nbsp No default gateway address

A:No default gateway address

Try this from the command prompt Start => Run => type 'cmd', then press 'enter'

ipconfig/flushdns then press enter
ipconfig/release then press enter
ipconfig/ renew then press enter

please post back with the results
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I currently have an xbox 360 setup with a cross over cable to my PC which connects via usb directly to a tiscali speedtouch modem, I have been googling the problem that 'ip failed' and I have to enable Internet connection sharing but it doesn't appear on my Network source 'Speedtouch tiscali' only windows firewall. Also whenever I setup a new network place it asks me for an address and I dont know what to put there?

Do I have to enable ICS? or is there an alternative solution?

Relevancy 23.65%

I have a Tiscali modem which features only a spare usb to plug into the back of a computer, there is no spare ethernet slot. I do not wish to use wireless routers, so I was looking for a usb to ethernet converter which I found on amazon but doesn't actually work?, if you could recommened a usb to ethernet converter if there is such thing! or a wired router which has a USB slot I would most appreciate your help.


A:Tiscali and Xbox Live

Please post a URL to the device/model description.

I read that you do not have an Ethernet port on the modem; true?

?Spare? you mean there are two USB ports?
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I'm trying instal live mesenger 8.5
I get error code 80072efd, after trouble shooting i get
from test result mesage: Key Ports
and advice about fire wall. I swich off completly fire wall.

This problem is prababbly making impossible: Skype and SightSpeed
co conect to internet. Is any one have any idea what is wrong in my computer?
i run xp. please help

A:Windows live mesenger - help please

Welcome janusz7,
first things first... What is your computer? We need things like make, model, and OS (version of Windows) I use Windows Live Messenger on my system. You can see what my system is under my "System Specs"
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Hello! My computer has no sound... I checked the Device Manager and under Sound, Video and Game Controllers it show the SB Live! 24-bit with a yellow exclamation mark. Can anyone tell me what should I do with it?

A:Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit

A yellow Triangle with a exclamation point? Then that should mean that it has no drivers installed. Go to, and under support click downloads, and then you should be able to enter your devices name and get drivers for it.
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Yeah, you may think this seems like just a normal message from oc'ing too much, but a problem-I haven't overclocked anything! It booted to that point, then my hard drive went mad clicking and crashed. This was after it being turned on and off to see if my graphics card was booting because I had no video, but it turned out I had just been downright stupid and plugged it into the onboard graphics. Anyone know what could have happened? Thanks

P.S. would the power drawing thing (molex on my case fan) need to have a seperate connector or just draw power from another device? Thanks.

A:'Previous overclock settings failed, default settings enabled'

If this happens just once then I wouldn't worry about it too much but the PSU or HDD could have something to do with it.

You can connect a molex connector fan to its own power connector or you can put it on an optical drive's connector for example, but it's ok to do either as they don't use much power.
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hi there i wanted to ask u guys for any advice on a laptop search for audio/gaming In Laptop for i ve been searching for a decent one for over a month as i need a In search for Laptop for audio/gaming relative powerfull one for audio video editing gaming and ideally dual booting with hds currently mmy preferences are atleast Core Duo - T atleast GB mem prefer gb at GB preferably xhds and at rpm Mb Nvidia prefer the new dx - M Mb quot atleast x prefer the x or currently the only model i ve found for this is the quot HP Pavilion DV t quot but they dont sale this in the UK seems that only in US from HP direct Other model is a Dell Inspiron and a Toshiba series anyone else found any other model that has these features i can stretch my price range from to however i would prefer as cheap as possible anyhow hope u guys have any advice as i need to get this as soon as possible and cant seem to make up my mind on which model thanks nbsp

A:In search for Laptop for audio/gaming

good gaming laptops don't come cheap mate. HP's are about the best you'll get though.
Do a search, there was another thread about this that ran for quite a while i believe.
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I have a problem but unable to get it on right track........

I have no Windows Event sounds. Although, all other sounds are working, like playing music, movies etc. I changed the windows default sound scheme. But nothing helped. I checked the sound files in the Media folder, when i played them on Winamp they played. But when i try to play them in the sound scheme window, they dont......?
any advise?
thanks in advance.

A:No Windows Default sounds...

Please don't post multiple threads on the same problem.

Post any replies to this thread HERE
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This is not the first problem Ive had with my vx but it s far more perplexing than my first which I corrected with a new video card ATI x That card took a crap and now I have an ATI x Put simply my monitor keeps switching to the Default Monitor in my Device Manager but only when the monitor has been off for a while minutes or more It s difficult to say switching Monitor Default to Monitor when this started since I was on deployment when my wife told me about it Pretty much the scenario is that I switch off or Restart no problem But If I leave the computer off for more than minutes then turn it back on I have Monitor switching to Default Monitor to switch to the DVI cable wait a second then switch back to the VGA cable before my screen becomes visible After doing this if I go to the Device Manager the Monitor will be Default Monitor If I quot scan for hardware changes quot my vx shows up I have the latest drivers for everything from mobo to monitor nbsp

A:Monitor switching to Default Monitor

you've been around for a while now... What kind of system are you having this trouble with? Provide us with some system specs if you please.

Are you running the latest ATI/catalyst drivers? Do you have Microsoft's .NET framework installed?
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i have a new acer laptop and surprise surprise can t seem to connectwirelessly orange live Problem laptop box connecting wirelessly to to my orange livebox with it ihave the wep code and i have switched the wireless thingy in the acer on i did once connect to another person s wireless thing but not meaning to do anything dishonest but i can t seem to make it conect to my own wireless - source namely the livebox attached to my pc the acer does show the livebox on the list of available networks - so i assume- i Problem connecting laptop wirelessly to orange live box hope rightly- that that means that the wireless receiver bit is working and that the live box is giving out a signal the acer has what i take to be software called net manager which is i think supposed to be able to sort these things i m in a muddle mainly because my brain was broken by a stroke but not so badly that i cannot write this- iused to be quite bright before i became a cripple thanks for reading this badly typed drivel if you did nbsp

A:Problem connecting laptop wirelessly to orange live box

The orange livebox has to be set for broadcasting, and because you can see it in the Acers network list, all is well except either the WEP key is wrong or you have not set the livebox to discover or assign IP adresses automatically... You may have to type in an IP address manually

Sorry for your stroke, but you might need a little more personal help with this task. Is there someone, a friend or associate that might be available to help you?
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i have been having problems with my xbox live connection for a help Xbox live problem. connectong needed long Xbox live connectong problem. help needed time now i bought my a week after this last christmas past wired use automatic IP data But it always says the IP failed then when i look at more info it says quot Your console was unable to negotiate a lease with your DHCP server Make sure that addresses are available on your server quot i use a wireless usb linksys adaptor that is connected to a router in another room in my home i went online to one of those quot this is your IP address quot things and they tell me i put it in but then it tells me that only the gateway needs to be changed i read info on how to find out your IP Gateway and subnet but when i do it- it says quot quot for gateway i m computer stupid and have no clue where to go from here can someone help me at all and i realize i mis spelled connection my bad nbsp

A:Xbox live connectong problem. help needed

Are you sure that your router has established an ip?
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Okay I am Xbox 360 Networking Issue Live fairly knowledgeable about networking and I am stumped as to the problem I am having right now I appreciate any help insight people can give I use a Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router becuase I have a fairly large house and the Pre-N allows me to extend a Xbox 360 Live Networking Issue good distance I also have a repeater for the one room on the opposite side of the house which as luck would have it my Xbox is located The model is F Xbox 360 Live Networking Issue D - Anyway when all is said and done my Xbox is connected to my wireless router and it ALWAYS has a quot Very Good quot or quot Excellent quot Connection Full green bars or Full - It has never failed the internet testing thing and the NAT is Open The IP of my Xbox is placed in the DMZ so it is outside the firewall Also just in case I have opened both ports that they recommend you open for the Xbox Everything seems to work perfectly I get great download speeds with demos and videos I have a super stable internet connection I can be on the Xbox for hours without it disconnecting or getting worse than Very Good Thankyou Repeater Okay so now that the good part is out of the way when I load up a game The two I have with Live are Perfect Dark Zero and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter I get into games just fine I can enter a game lobby And in Ghost Recon s cause I can wait for a game to finish as long as I need I quot ve waited minutes while other people played in game for hte round to finish so I could actually join the game Once again it all seems stable until I actually ENTER the game world Once I enter I usually give myself or minutes before I either get a quot reconnecting quot message In the case of Perfect Dark Zero where it pauses and then I start moving again after like seconds or I get quot Connection Failed quot or quot Lost Connection to Host quot or any number of quot Connection Failed quot type errors Perfect Dark Zero either continues on with the game with a quot Reconnecting quot message every or so minutes or will eventually say quot Connection Failed quot Now I know it isn t an issue with the servers I join because I can reenter the game list and find the exact games with all the people still there as if nothing has happened In the short time I get in game I have asked people if they experienced problems and they said no it was all good So you can see my problem I ve talked to Xbox tech support three times and eventually it all comes back to quot I m sorry but your router is not on the compatibility list and therefore I can t help you Buy a new router quot And then when I ask quot What would make it not compatible quot all they can say is quot We don t know it just isn t compatible quot Now if you ask me routers are pretty good about options and settings you can change quite a few things and I have always used belkin because they are reliable have good options and great support but it isn t like their support can help with this and microsoft doesn t seem to care unless I go out and buy another router And of course their list of compatible routers are filled with netgear which is horrid and linksys who route their tech support to india for the worst experience ever Anyway I dont really see what would make a router permanently quot incompatible quot originally I thought it was because my NAT was moderate but now that it is in the DMZ my NAT is open and everything says it should work fine on the xbox Any advice I would appreciate any help at this point Brian EDIT Oh and I wasn t sure if this should be under gaming or networking from my point of view it seems like a networking issue but I can move it Or feel free any admin to move it nbsp

A:Xbox 360 Live Networking Issue

XBox Live requires 3 ports for full open access. UDP/88 UDP/3074 and TCP/3074. The F5D8230-4 comes hardcoded with some sort of web based management stuck on port 88. As I understand it the DMZ sends all unforwarded ports to the DMZ. Since 88 is being forwarded, by default hardcoding, to the web service then it will continually cause glitches with XBox Live. I just started trying to configure this router for a friend and I can't get Belkin tech support to respond yet. I can't imagine why they would hard code a web management port, but they better fix it with a firmware patch or they're going to lose a lot of business from XBox live gamers.
If I manage to track down a solution to the port 88 blocking, I'll post it here. BTW if you want to check if your router has the same port 88 issue, go to the virtual server tab and place an entry for Xbox, 88,88, (your xbox360 ip),88,88 and enable it. Every time I've tried I get a pop-up complaining that it will cause a collision with the wireless web management.
Good luck.
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i live video capture card and works perfectly.

Any suggestion on video encoders; beside windows media encoder;

A:live video encoder

Mainconcepts MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder or Intervideo MPEG Encoder/Decoder
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Okay this question is a bit of two things - to explain the problem i need to explain this first....

Im a music tech student & i've set up my own MIDI keyboard at home with Micrologic software - problem number 1 is that there is really bad latency going on so....

I was recommended a 'sound blaster live' soundcard to sort it out - i've installed it sucessfully etc - but it has'nt helped at all & my micrologic software doesnt have it listed in its 'drivers' section where you choose what to play the sound through.

So now im super confused with a load of new equipment that does nothing =|

anyone know where im going wrong?

A:Problem with Creative soundblaster live & micrologic

A Midi keyboard is not normally affectd by CAS latency, unless the memory modules are quite different from each other in density, quality, or timings.
The sound blaster live drivers are widely available free by download. How do you load software into this keyboard?
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I ve been searching for a couple of hours through the forums problem default Cable modem gateway for a similar question that wouldn t necessitate making a new thread for something that s probably been asked a hundred times but here s the haps At home I have my personal very old Cable modem default gateway problem laptop which has all of my software games etc as well as a desktop that manages to be even slower than the laptop The laptop is old to the point where the monitor is dead so I ve got the Cable modem default gateway problem desktop monitor and peripherals all running through the laptop instead All of this isn t terribly pertinent but I ll get to the significance Today we finally switched from dialup to cable internet Since there s two computers but only one functioning monitor between them there s no real reason to network the two so only one computer will be hooked up to the cable modem at a time The real problem starts here so you can skip the intro if need-be After some problems connecting with my laptop I moved everything over to the desktop to confirm that the connection and the cable modem settings are all fine but when hooked to the laptop it gives a limited-or-no-connectivity error with Cable modem default gateway problem the following details Physical Address - D-xx-xx-xx-xx IP Address xx xx Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Server WINS Server Since the connection works fine on the desktop there s clearly some kind of error with my settings on the laptop I ve got slim to no experience with networking and broadband internet though Is there anything I can do to get this working nbsp

A:Cable modem default gateway problem

find the ethernet card and set the properties of DHCP for IP and DNS.
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when i was in add or remove programs i had unistalled one of the firefox updates and when i try to click on the icon the browser wouldn't come up. I restored my computer but the browser still wont come up.

A:My default web browser doesnt work

uninstall firefox shut down, restart the computer, then reinstall firefox. the updates will come with time then.
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Hi I am having a few Live Video issues issues with an idea I am trying to set up a live streaming video conferance that will connect to up too ppl I have a web cam hooked up to my computer and I am going to maby get some web hosting soon I am trying find the best way to stream live video at a resolution of close to X with fps I am only going to be able to afford a max upload of Mb s upload from my computer Live Video issues to the server If i want better its grand a month eerrrr I just need to know if this is going to be possible or if anyone has any ideas of how to best acheive this goal Also looking for the best program that can help me do Live Video issues that I aready have a few in mind adobe quick time and windows programs that were made by them but looking at possible third party solutions nbsp

A:Live Video issues

How are you connecting this over?

1. Internet
2. Intranet
3. Extranet (same 2)
4. Domain
5. Workgroup
6. Dial-up
7. DSL
8. Cablemodem

It's not hard to do but PQ might suffer?

What WebCam did you buy?

There are couple of free host sites with their free webcam software.
Or you could host cam yourself so others can join in. Is that what you want?
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Hey I recently had someone fix my computer due to a virus and they added a drive of some sort, with windows backup utility. I guess this was to get past the virus? ... Well its like the primary drive (C and my big one with 225 GB is (D ... I was wondering if you could somehow change the default drive. You know when you go to install programs the default directory is C:/Program yaddy yaddy yadda .. Well its a pain to change that directory every single time... Is there a way I can set that default directory to C: or can I just like switch them or around or something. This new drive C: has all of my drivers and operating stuff on it but all my programs go on my D: .. I'm not used to having 2 different drives so its kinda confusing and what not. Any help would be appreciated.

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A:Default Drive ?

bump/delete... The solution has been found.
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I am having a problem with my computer s sound When I navigate to the Control Panel and goto Sounds and Audio Devices under the Volume tab it 'No Devices' Sound Audio Problem.. Says Playback I Live! Blaster have says quot No Audio Device quot and under the Audio tab there are things listed Sound Playback Default Device quot No Playback Devices quot Sound Recording Default Device quot SB Live Wave Device quot MIDI music playback Default Device quot B SB Live MIDI Synth quot I do not understand how my Sound Blaster Live can be Sound Blaster Live! Problem.. Says I have 'No Audio Playback Devices' utilized for MIDI playback and Sound Recording but is not functioning as a sound playback device Some other useful information maybe in the device manager so I will write out what that says as well Sound Video and game controllers -Audio Codecs -Creative SB Live WDM -Creative SBLive Gameport -Legacy Audio Drivers -Legacy Video Capture Devices -Media Control Devices -Video Codecs There are no exclaimations indicating any malfunction in any of the devices Far as I can tell from the Device manager everything is functioning properly I am running Windows XP Home w SP My sound was working less than weeks ago but it just randomly stopped working specifically as a sound playback device If you guys have seen something similar to this and know how to fix it let me know I am pretty good with computers so you can pretty much guarantee that I have run the following System Restore Services msc Uninstall an Re-install all audio drivers nbsp

A:Sound Blaster Live! Problem.. Says I have 'No Audio Playback Devices'

It is possible the drivers are corrupt, or damaged in some way.
Does audio show up in the BIOS when you first boot up?
What do you see for audio when you go to Control Panel ->System->Hardware->Device Manager?
Does the section for audio drivers show a red or yellow flag?
Regardless, I would remove or disable the audio drivers, then download and install a new driver set.
Then check those obvious things that are such embarrassments... is the speaker device plugged into the correct socket? Are the speakers turned on. Do they work in another computer?
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Hi folks,

I've got a 120 GB HDD chopped up into one 42GB primary partition for Windows XP and one extended partition with a 56.9 GB logical disk for My Documents. (Never mind the sizes, they just came out that way). Anyway, this leaves me with 11.36 GB unallocated. I want to add 2 GB to each of my existing partitions and use the remaining space for a Debian Linux install.


1. How can I add more space to the existing NTFS partitions using gParted?
2. What filesystem, if any, do I need to format the remaining unallocated space to so I can install Debian?
3. (Off topic): Is Debian even a good Linux distribution for me to start using, as I'm a complete newbie to Linux? (I've got the minimal netinstaller ISO burned to a CD)



A:Assigning unallocated space to existing NTFS partitions (with gParted Live)?

i do not know anything about Linux so I will not offer an answer to that. but u can use Partition Magic 8.0 as it will do about anything to any partition as far as formatting, distrubutting space or anything like that and can change what it is formatted as ( NFTS, FAT, FAT32)
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Hi everyone So a while back boot dead screen, Linux Live CD underscore, flashing can't = Mobo? Black I dropped my computer while cleaning it and who knows maybe I even shocked it with static Ever since then I get a black screen with a flashing underscore on the top left when I boot up the computer This screen comes after the option to go to BIOS goes away so I still have BIOS access All my hardware is properly detected and everything seems jolly good Except it s not I have the Linux Live CD so I thought I would go try that It didn t work I made sure that the first boot is the DVD drive but no-go after restarting the computer the drive flashes a bit then stops then black screen BUT Yesterday I fiddled around with the connections of the hard drive the dvd-rom and the power supply as in unplug-replug Much to my surprise the system booted up fine with my Windows XP and all the right files I promptly continue to work on the computer for another few hours restarting several times with no problems Then on the fourth restart same black screen same underscore I retried the unplug-replug and nothing works So dead motherboard Any other ideas Thanks in advance nbsp
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This is an advanced question. I'm just seeing what anybody might have to chip in. So I'm working with a SBS 2003 R2. We have the local intranet (companyweb) that uses SharePoint for the document sharing and what not. SharePoint has a feature that enables users to search on the companyweb page. However, this feature does not come standard. It has to be implemented. I've been finding a couple of different options available. The strongest one seems to be just installing SQL Server 2000 or higher to supplement the back end database for the SharePoint Search. Has anyone had to work with this before and have any suggestions?

P.S.- SBS does install SQL desktop engine "stock" onto the server. But it doesn't have anything actually running in the background. Thanks!

A:SharePoint Services and Search

SQL server is fine, but EXPENSIVE. Try MySQL
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In windows XP how do you change the Screen Resolution to Default setting?

I try safe mode but it does not change to the Default setting?



A:Screen Resolution Default

Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display ->Settings. You can change it there... Default depends on your monitor and graphics card... usually it is 1024 X 768... You may also see in settings a choice for 16 bit, which is often Default, and called Medium. Or 32 bit with is "Highest"
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On a pc where xp-sp2 was reinstalled from scratch, Live Messenger works properly except for sound. The person we call can hear us fine but his voice is garbled. When we play a DVD movie on the pc, sound is also garbled.

On the other hand, a music cd plays fine (over same player). And when there is sound on PowerPoint (PPS) documents, sound is also okay.

The sound device is a built-in Creative SB PCI 128 (Ensoniq ES 5880). We updated the firmware with an upgrade from the SB site: SBPCI128Setupus_w2k. No change. We then tried to install the most recent firmware version WebDrvsV5_12_01. We got an error message telling us we had no Sound Blaster device (!!!) although it's a Creative SB PCI 128 (Ensoniq ES 5880).

A:Sound problem with Live Messenger

Go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager, then remove or disable the existing driver. Then go to the sound manufacturer's web site to download the driver one more time.