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Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

Q: Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

I need to know the location of the password chip on the motherboard of a Dell Latitude C840. Everything I have tried so far has not worked. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get on this.

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Preferred Solution: Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Admin Password chip location on Dell Latitude C840

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your answer may be found in this thread HERE Pages 10/11/12 maybe the interesting part for you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello, does anybody know the location of the 24C02 chip in a dell latitude e6500? Its laying in pieces on my desk right now. Thanks!

A:Location of 24C02 chip in a dell latitude e6500?

I'm sure if you look on the motherboard you can find where it used to be.
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I'm trying to change BIOS data.

I simply cannot change the page (7 of) or move from the time Date Fields.

Any ideas, please?


A:Dell Latitude C840

But you have no problem changing other BIOS settings?
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Does anyone have experience in installing a Northwood 478 Celeron or Extreme Edition (greater than 2.4 GHz) in this mainboard? I'm pretty certain it's a Dell P/N 9Y422 with a i845D chipset and A12 BIOS.
Thank you and I enjoy reading your comments.

A:Dell Latitude C840 mobo

NM, I think I found an answer. But, please correct me if I am wrong. As long as voltages are close and the FSB stays at 400mHz, I should be able to go with the highest clock. Not sure if it was tested that way, but it's the way it looks to me.
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I have a Dell Latitude C with mb RAM My hard disk crashed and I am attempting to reinstall Windows XP Professional I have the original Reinstallation CD that came from Dell with the system and I Reinstall C840 Latitude Dell problem have reinstalled XP Pro but I am experiencing driver problems When I use the docking drivers CD Reinstall problem Dell Latitude C840 the docking driver installation does not work - it gives me an error part of the way through I tried docking the computer anyway but it does not operate properly Also when I install the PCMCIA drivers when rebooting I get an error Windows could not start because of an error in the software Please report this problem as load needed DLLs for kernel that causes me to have to reinstall Windows again from scratch I also have a Drivers and Utilities CD but am hesitant to install it Can someone tell me where to find the proper Reinstall problem Dell Latitude C840 docking driver whether I should install from the Drivers and Utilities CD and where I can find the quot Docked quot Profile so I can delete it As an aside after installing Windows I did all the updates SP SP and probably - additional updates

A:Reinstall problem Dell Latitude C840

Drivers Download
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I CPU/Fan Problem - C840 Latitude Solved: Dell have a Dell Latitude C Laptop with added Solved: Dell Latitude C840 - CPU/Fan Problem RAM to G Recently to the accompaniement of some quot whining quot noises one of the Solved: Dell Latitude C840 - CPU/Fan Problem two cooling fans stopped working Since that moment I appear to have a serious CPU Usage problem On initial start up the laptop runs normally - however as soon as the remaining fan starts up usually after just a few minutes the CPU Usage flatlines at and everything slows to a crawl Running WOW Solved: Dell Latitude C840 - CPU/Fan Problem over a broadband connection for example is impossible As the problem coincided with someone else using my laptop to access an email site initial investigation went down the software malware avenue but that route now appears to be clear so I am left with a possible hardware cause Is the malfunction of one of the two cooling fans likely to be the source of the problem If so where can I get a replacement I ve tried the Dell site to no avail If I can get a replacement fan how the heck do I get inside the laptop I ve tried getting the bottom off but it doesn t appear to want to come off and I m wary of forcing it Any help gratefully appreciated nbsp

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hello i have a dell latitude c840 and it is giving me a fit lol.. it will load the bios goes to the windows xp load but then goes to a black screen and just sits there . it will load in safe mode. will not do a system restore tried it a million times. does does anyone know why it is doing this and or how to fix this problem??? PLEASE HELP ME

A:dell latitude c840 windows xp no load

if it loads okay in safe mode it usually means a third-party driver is to blame, and that includes device drivers as well as software which installs a driver, such as a third-party firewall, antivirus package, or cd-burning software.

If you remember installing anything recently which falls into any of those categories, uninstall it in safe mode then try to start Windows normally.
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hey everybody. i have a dell latitude 1.6Ghz. I keep seeing that these laptops can be upgraded to 2.4ghz, but i've taken my laptop apart and can't really see how to install a 2.4Ghz processor even if i did buy one.

How does one install a new processor on a c840?


A:Dell Latitude c840: want to go from 1.6Ghz to 2.4Ghz

try to search for a service manual on dell web site. there you can find how to disassemlby laptop.
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I'm looking to upgrade my video card for gaming (if possible) and I am not sure where to begin looking and if certain video cards will even work for my system or not. Currently the display adapter under device manager just says "Dell C840". Any advice on how/where to look?

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Help Pls, I could'nt find the 24c.... chip on dell latitude 640m. Can somebody help me here so I can use the shorting method. Or is there any other way out? Help me to locate this chip pls.

A:Admin. password on dell latitude 640m

Admin. password on dell inspiron 640m

Pls, help needed for Admin.password (grey screen)on dell inspiron 640m. I mistakenly posted for latitude 640m earlier. I'm sorry! I actually meant that of dell inspiron 640m. I need help on how to locate the bios chip 24c...... or how to over come the grey screen with Admin. password protection.
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I have recently received a Latitude D and I have tried for hours on end to make this thing work I ve researched all over the internet and have even came across some files from someone nice I even had a local computer shop take a look at it they ve Dell Latitude ADMIN D400 Password. dealt with Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. this before and they were unsuccesful at erasing the password I showed them where the chip was exactly on the board and how to short the pins out I am Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. asking if someone could Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password. please E-MAIL me every way and everything they know about this laptop and removing the admin password I also live in canada so I don t know if I ll be able to get a hold of an eeprom chip Also it might take awhile becuase it will most likely go through customs So please can someone email me pictures and step-by-step directions would also be appreciated Thanks You can reach me at motive murder hotmail com I also have a dell inspiron is there anything I can use off there or is there A way I can hook up the systems and bypass then erase the password from there nbsp

A:Dell Latitude D400 ADMIN Password.

Reset Password


Your right in your assumption, it takes many attempts to short the chip correctly, but it can be done,

Email paragon33 at the address found on my site, he is an expert at these, you could also take a look at this site here.


(PS this thread may get moved to one of the open threads)
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Starting today, my older Latitude c840's mouse pointer has started drifting. I thought it was my usb mouse had gone bad but I unplugged it to use the touch pad, it still drifts. If it matters it just goes toward the top of the screen. I tried reloading the driver but to no avail. Anyone have an idea?

A:[SOLVED] Dell Latitude c840 - Mouse Has it's own mind

Do you have a pointer stick in the middle of the keyboard? I have heard that disabling that may solve the problem.
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I have two older Dell C laptops that I plan to give C840 optical Dell Solved: Latitude drive away They both are in good working order While cleaning them up I had this problem The optical drives CD only stopped Solved: Dell Latitude C840 optical drive recognizing when anything was placed in the drive Control panel shows the drives as quot This device is working properly quot Yet when anything is placed in the drive it never starts and when I check I get the quot Please insert a disk into drive D quot message I deleted several old games Hoyle card Solved: Dell Latitude C840 optical drive games Mah Jong Hoyle board games I also changed the log on name to the name of the person s the machine s were going to be given to Everything else continues to be ok with both machines They boot up Windows XP Pro SP they did the latest Windows updates AVG updates everything is normal Autoplay is quot on quot for both machines Is there anything else that I need to check or is this just a bizarre coincidence that both drives have the same problem at the same time Oh yeah I Solved: Dell Latitude C840 optical drive tried switching the drives from one laptop to another but they still do not read media inserted I m stymied on this nbsp

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Hello, i have a Dell Latitude 3440, windows 7. I got it from work a few years ago and im not the admin as it was a business laptop. I am trying to install a printer but it keeps asking for the admin password which i do not know. I have been in contact with the original owner but they cant remember it. Is there a way i can reset it or the laptop without the password so it will actually be mine??

Thank you for your help.

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Hi There,
I have locked myself out of the BIOS and wondering how I would get the password reset. Thank you,
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hi can anyone help my d400 is locked i have read the thread on how to short the security chip but i can`t find it on the mother board,,, cant even find the ` upw1 ` slot its a compeq board ,,,,,,please please need help
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I have a c640 which needs a primary bios password, and it appears to me that with a properly designed jumper wire assembly terminals 3 and 6 of the 24c04 chip can be accessed from the ram cover opening without further disassembly. They appear to be the third pair in. the picture I have from the "dellpass manual" is confusing, as the orientation of the enlarged view of the chip appears to be upside down as compared to the view which locates it. Can anyone who has done it confirm this?
Thanks for any input...

A:Latitude c640 Bios password reset, chip jumper

This is not rocket science. If it looks upside down treat it as such
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Anyone know the localitation of the chip in this model???
Thanks a lot.

A:Location of the 24C02 chip on a Dell D620 please help


I have had feedback from several users that Dell has switched to a 25P80VG EEProm Chip on the D*20 series(or at least some of them) No one has had any positive results from shorting it. Sorry.
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Hello, everybody

Like many others i have trouble with the Dell Admin Password, but luckily i found this forum. I read through most of the Dell Password Removal thread(didn´t finish it because it was so large and hard to read) but couldn´t find much on where the chip is located on a Dell Latitude D610. Maybe someone has a foto, diagram where to find the chip or could point me i a the right direction. Any help is appreciated.

(1st post)

A:Location of the 24C02 chip on a Dell D610 please help

somebody please, still waiting desperately for the piece of information i requested.

This is already a matter of Life or Stress. An d i want to start living again.
Check out the stickies in the Mobile forum:
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Recently purchased this laptop just to get the awesome grey screen of death, Does anyone know exactly where the eeprom chip is before I rip this thing apart just to make it easier?

service tag ends in 595b

A:Dell D531 eeprom chip location?

Have a read through this forum: HP / Dell / etc. laptop password help thread

It was a sticky thread posted in this forum

Good luck :grinthumb
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I need to do a BIOS reset anyone know where it is on the motherboard and what the label on it says?

A:Dell 1720 EEPROM chip location

What is the model of the Dell motherboard or computer?
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thanks for the response but the problem is I'm unable to locate the chip on the board and therefore cannot even proceed with the shorting method to clear the password on the bios. plz help. Thank u

A:dell inspiron eeprom chip location

What is the model number and serial number of this Dell Inspiron?
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If anyone could provide a picture or detailed description as to where I could find this chip or the numbers even labeled on the chip itself it would be great!

I've stared at the mobo so long searching for the chip I've given myself a headache.

Thank you very much!

A:Trying to find the eeprom chip on a Dell Latitude D800 Laptop

Under the HD caddy
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Hi everyone.
could you please help to find out eprom chip location on DEll latitue D830 and what the chip code is. anyone who have ever been experienced on Dell Mobo please help . Thanks so much

A:Need help about eprom chip location on Dell latitute D830

Dell D830

I need to get this bios reset does anyone know the eeprom location or the number of the eeprom? so i can try to short it. or what way will work to reset the bios and get rid of this password I can't even get to the HD now.
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I'm looking for anyone who has successfully shorted this model , as I cannot find a bios chip that matches anything described in any shorting methods. I don't need pictures or anything of that sort, just what type of chip is used. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 bios chip location

there's no chip to short in this model of laptop. bios chip is 8-pin serial flash chip(SST 25vf080 for instance), but you won't remove password if you "short" it. the password is stored in KBC controller.
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please I need help on locating the eeprom chip on my dell inspiron 6400 laptop motherboard. Anyone have an idea plz. The system bios is locked with a password.

Thanks very much

A:Motherboard location of Dell Inspiron 6400 eeprom chip

Good luck. A very difficult fix unless you are skilled in cold solder.
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I need to replace the BIOS/CMOS chip but i cannot find it on the motherboard. it's the Chip 24C02 and for the life of me i don't see it. am i looking at the right chip? could it be named differently? i would like to know where it's at before i buy a new one on ebay to verify that its the right one.
thank you for your time.

A:Dell Inspiron M5030 BIOS/CMOS chip location

Just call Dell, verify ownership, and they'll issue the master system password you can use to clear the CMOS password.  
The BIOS chip is soldered to the board - so it cannot be removed without de-soldering it.
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My dad's Dell Studio 1537 laptop hanged during a bios update, so the bios chip is fried. I want to desolder the chip and replace it with a preprogrammed new bios chip, but I'm not able to indentify or locate which EEPROM is the bios chip.

Anyone with tips how to identify the right chip?

A:Dell Studio 1537 BIOS chip number or location

I got a reply from the website that sells the chips and they identified the right chip for me based on a picture I've send them. In case someone else has the some issue: it's the chip on the back of the mainboard next to the large chip with the label ITE.

The id of the chip is:
MX - 15G
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Latitude C is DOA Last week I was using my computer at work We expereinced a power spike yes I was plugged into a surge protector Shortly after that I noticed small things were happening when I would try to exit an application in my taskbar the window that controls the taskbar would pop up and not go away things were running slowly etc When I got home that night I scanned my computer for viruses nothing major was found I then opened PowerPoint and was going to show someone the presentation I had worked on all day unplugged the computer and it shut off Oops So I plugged it back in restarted etc and is HELP! C840 Latitude DOA - tried it again the computer shut off again my conclusion fried battery So I plugged it back in restarted again and checked the battery strength it was at even though it had been plugged in for over hours Next morning turned on computer checked email checked the battery strength and Latitude C840 is DOA - HELP! after being pugged in overnight it was still at worked for about Latitude C840 is DOA - HELP! three more hours on the presentation Shut my computer off packed it up Latitude C840 is DOA - HELP! and left town hours later after a long road trip I pulled out my laptop plugged it in and tried to turn it on Nothing No lights no beeps nothing The powercord light is on Tried pulling the battery using with just the power cord still nothing From what I have read here and elswhere I m thinking it is the motherboard or PSU any thoughts and how hard is it to replace a mobo Can t really tell you a whole lot about the computer itself other than it has a G HD of RAM nbsp

A:Latitude C840 is DOA - HELP!

You may have suffered battery damage. if it isn't going over 90% then something is wrong. You may be able to get a replacement battery for it. Try calling dell to to see if your warranty covers it at all.
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I need help with getting the right driver to work for the onboard video on a Latitude c840 laptop. The problem seems to be in the driver itself. I have already exhausted all of the means that I know of to remedy this. No matter what I try to change the resolution to it seems to always revert back to its original setting. Any wild ideas will help...i've tried all of the basic ones. I need something totally out of the ordinary please. Win XP Pro.

Thommy4024 !

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I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my Latitude C840 on a brand new hard disk.
It seems to operate fine until I dock it, and then the mouse does not work, and I am wondering if any of the docking functions are working.
Can anyone tell me where to find Vista (or Windows 7) docking drivers for the Latidude C840?
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Will not boot up at all NTLDR is compressed it a Latitude C840 and Press Ctrl+Alt+Dllet . There is a Warning 70 Watt (20V,3.5A) AC adapter detected . System will not be capable of running in full performance mode without a 90 Watt (20V,4.5A) AC adapter . Will this corse the problem

A:latitude c840 ntldr is compressed

Not sure that is causing the boot issue, but if you are seeing that warning you should stop using the undersized AC adapter. Did you compress the hard drive previously?
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If anyone out there has one of these machines with a 2.4Ghz processor, can you look up some information for me please.
I have acquired a couple of the Pentium Mobile 4-M chips and I think they are faulty. They are the SL6K5 ones and they are supposed to work in these machines.
Download CPU-Z from and run it. I would like to know your BIOS Version and the Stepping and Revision of your CPU. Also, if you know it without taking the CPU out, the spec of the CPU. This will be SL6xx

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hi,I arrange of one latitude D620. I have not the access to be able to modify things as the startup of the system in the first one on the CD-ROM because I do not know any more the Admin password.Please  Who could give me the defaut admin password account of one latitude d620.Either how can i make to cancel the former admin password? Best regards.

A:What is the default admin password in Latitude D620?

you need to dall dell with proof of ownership and the will give you a master PW.
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I'm currently working on a Dell D600 latitude laptop. I aim to replace the bios password eeprom (pic 24c) does anyone have any info on this job. I have done it in the past with C600 latitudes where i purchased chips from overseas.
i heard a rumour that for the d800 latitude a blank pic 24cxxx can be inserted. Also could a 12c5xx be placed instead of the 24cxxx. should there be a problem?
Cheers guys.
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please let me know password for Dell D620 Service Tag is JWY63B1. Thanks

A:Dell Latitude D620 password

welcome to the board

please first read and try the search function!

you may also have a look here:
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Hello, can anybody help me to erase my HDD PASSWORD?? I can not boot up. after the BIOS startup comes directly the PASSWORD promt.

Harddisk: #2PAX2D3RPRG-595B

if I choose at boot sequence 1. Floppy 2. CD and last HDD. This promt comes too.

Is there any generator or something??


A:Dell Latitude D505 Hdd Password

I try this, but without a good resume. Have you the right http Adress for me, perhapst?
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Hi all, just a first post to say hi. Found this site while doing a google search because my uni student son managed to forget his dell latitude bios password. Done some searching and this seems the right forum to ask for help. Tried dissconecting the bios battery, and contacting dell but unless I have the original owners details to do an ownership transfer they won't help. Its an old c600 notebook that we got on ebay two years ago and has a service number GWJJ51S. Not sure if I can ask for help with this problem but if anyone has an idea I can try for this model I would be very thankfull. cheers

A:Dell Latitude C600 password

Welcome to TechSpot

Did you read the Dell BIOS Password Removal thread?
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I Need a password for a Dell X300, I need to reset or a back door in Service Tag:gtqdp31

A:Dell latitude X300 password

open your case there should be a jumper for the bios password if you remove it you wont require a password hope that helps
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this is the first time i have been here and i hope that someone can help a rook out...
i just purchased a Dell latitude D610 at a garage sale and it came with no power cord but i was guaranteed that it would work if i bought a power cord for it....i did and now i find out that that thing is protected by an authentication be exact it says:
computer system, #4kckh1s-595b, is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password.

can someone please help me get pass this...because i need this comp for art school which begins sept 4.....thanks in advance....

A:Dell Latitude D610 password help

There is a ton of stuff on this forum regarding the D610, and passwords.... I think the D610 is one of those that cannot be fixed, but I am certain there are more useful posts on this Techspot forum than anywhere else. There are techs who really know their stuff on Dell boards and paswords.
So do a number of searches here. There is a lot of very helpful information that will save you time.
Good luck. It is a toughie.
You might be thinking about replacing the computer... just because of your Sept 4 deadline... as it may take a longer than that to resolve it.
Good luck to you. Please let us know how it all turns out.
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I have a Dell Latitude C810 I enabled the Admin Password in the BIOS. I havent used it in a while and cant remember it. Is there a way to remove the password without performing "surgery" on the chip?

A:Dell Latitude config password help


Is it the grey screen at bootup, or can you not change the BIOS settings,

If its the grey screen then NOPE, unless you can get hold of Rustam and get a password of him..... Rustam comes in occasionally,

If its the BIOS password, then read the site in my tag...

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hi there,

I Opened my dell latitude 110l,to reset all The passwords,I found the Chip Labeled 24lc04b,is this the chip that i should reset.

Please help,thanks in advance

A:Dell latitude 110l Password

right in front of you is the FAQs:
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Hi All I apologize in advance if I use improper etiquette in the forum I m new to this I bought the Dell for my daughter who would could use it for school I was under the impression from the gentlemen who I had bought it from that all I would need to do is reinstall windows xp and it would work fine I tried this to no avail I called Dell they told me what I would need I contacted the place where I had purchased it a pawnshop and they could not provide me with the information that I needed I noticed there is a way to disasemble the laptop There is no way I would attempt that I came across this forum while searching for a soulution online I noticed that in some of the things others have written that a gentlemen named Rustam might be of assistance I would hope so Thanks everyone Dell Latitude D VCD - B nbsp

A:Dell Latitude D800, Need password. ?

You may want to PM, or email him. Or both.

Both can be found in his profile. link removed

He seems quite good, and sadly, I dont have an answer to your problem.

But I would like to welcome you to techspot.


EDIT I am not sure if this is will help at all but it may be worth a read,
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I haven't used this computer in about 2 years, since college, so I set a password that I can't remember. Problem is I can't get into computer start page to even change password because I don't know original. PLEASE HELP ME RESET!

A:Reset Password for Dell Latitude CPx

Welcome to TSF....

Password rule at TSF....

Users may not post hacks, cracks, or give instruction how to pirate any type of software, or anything similar, in any forum of TSF. We do not condone, support or give instruction on any illegal activity pertaining to computer systems, computer hardware, computer software programs or computer related activities. Included in this group of activities are requests for help to circumvent system admin passwords or Administrator settings on networks. We do understand that the majority of requests may be legitimate, but we do not have the means to discern these from non-legitimate requests.

Please Read the TSF Rules at this link:
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just want to know the bios password for a dell latitude d610

serial #gw9f21j-595b

just wanted the password thanks!

if anybody can help!

A:please help dell latitude bios password

On that modell you can short epp ou read to get rid off pw
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hi guys

I bought a second or third hand latitude d600 for my wife.
the laptop is from a insolvency and it has a password on the hdd. I want to use the disk for a fresh install - not interested in the data if there are any.

can somebody provide me with a solution?

thats the code given: #252L2K7WA9B-595B

thanks in advance!

A:HDD password dell latitude d600

anyone or waste it?
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Can you help me?
I bought my Dell Latitude CPx J650CT a couple months ago and have since that tried to discover how to bypass that damn BIOS password!

Code is #L1IGJ**-595B

Thanks already!

A:Need password for Dell Latitude CPx J650CT

See what you can find out here:
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:dead: Can you help me please? I have a LOCKED HDD on Dell Latitude 110l, I can get by the first system PW #15TNL81-595B, but the next one is for the HDD....
In my Greyscreen is:

"Hard-disk #***3LE0Z705-595B, the system Primary HDD, is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access data on this hard drive without the correct password.

Please type in the hard-drive password and press <Enter>"

Rustam or Predator gurus please help!

A:Dell Latitude 110l HDD Password

Tried asking dell??
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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D620 with service tag #3TSFN2J-595B, and I can´t access the bios, i´ve tried the shorting method but it haven´t worked, there is no eeprom to flash... I also tried the master passwords you give in some threads, with no luck... I disconneceted the CMOS battery, no luck...
I also tried the boot cds you link in some posts, but i can´t not boot from the cd even if i take out hdd...I´m becoming crazy! could you help me?

Thanks in advance from Spain,

Mauri Gómez

A:Dell Latitude D620 BIOS Password

Short answer: You need the original password.
That unit has been refurbished by a Dell-authorized shop (as all with the 595B are) so the restore discs cannot be used.
All of the suggestions your tried, are known not to work in that model... The D600 and D620 are the most difficult of all Dells to fix. You will likely need to replace the motherboard with one known to work. Most of the boards on eBay have the same problems you have.
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Hello I forgot my password for my Dell Latitude D531 and I don't have a Disk or USB with a password reset file on it. Please help me

A:Forgot password for Dell Latitude D531

Hi and welcome to TSF unfortunately we cannot help with password issues as we have no way to verify the owner of a system.
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hi ppl,

got a dell latitude c610 for almost 3 years now, 3 months ago it got broken, some failure on the display, i took it to a locar repair store to have it repaired... it took them 3 months to repair it but now... i cant remember my bios password... could any1 help me getting a master password?


forgot to include my service tag: 66b0021

A:Password lost on Dell Latitude c610
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I have bought a second hand Dell and on power up I am asked for a password for which I have no idea nor does the person I bought the laptop from.
I have stripped the laptop to look for jumpers etc. to no avail.
I beleive from what I have seen of the chipset that the password is buried in nvram.
Anybody done a hardware reset of the bios on one of these machines?
Maybe I can short some pins on the nvram (if I could find it).

A:Dell Latitude CPi ds266xt Password issue

kazak said:

I have bought a second hand Dell and on power up I am asked for a passwordClick to expand...

You and several thousand others,

Take a look at this extensive thread here, and then when you have you will know the answer,

Trust me I'm somewhat of an expert, check the website in the tag below
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please, any ony help me
I forget the password
tag srv: HWDG03J
EXP srv code : 389-627-989-75
email removed

A:Dell latitude d630 bios password
Moderator Edit:
Free Help Here:
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I have been digging through endless forums and search engines to try and find a solution to a laptop problem I am having.

It?s a 2nd hand laptop from eBay, a Dell Latitude D600.

What I wanted to do was change the asset information on the splash screen so I got from dell site but it wouldn?t change it as the Configure setup password is enabled and I don?t know what it is.

Do you know a way to get around this so I can change the asset information and remove the configuration password?

Thank you for your time.

A:Dell Latitude D600 BOIS Password (again)

Kieron.Ash said:

I have been digging through endless forums and search engines to try and find a solution to a laptop problem I am having.Click to expand...

More digging needed,sorry.

This is the main Dell password thread HERE

And these are the Techspot members who know about passwords and stuff. rustam and Ididmyc600
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Can someone help me please?
I bought this on ebay Dell Latitude D620 and i am getting the gray screen of doom i need the password for this computer This computer ststem, #D6ZFWB1-595B, IS PROTECTED BY A PASSWORD AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM


A:Dell Latitude D620 password issue

this system has still warranty. all you need to do is to claim ownership and get the master password from dell. no cheaper option here and of course no free option...

Description: Next Business Day Support
Provider: UNY
Start Date: 12/30/2007
End Date: 12/29/2009
Days Left: 207
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Hi member name removed ,

Hope you will be able to provide a key for the following service tag.

Story below,

Acquired laptop from computer auction without checking it myself 1st, only to get home and find bios password set, have left various voicemails with person holding auction and have yet to have any of my calls returned.

Thanks in advance, hope you can help.

A:Dell Latitude 610 Bios Password Request

Rather than start a new thread I hope you don't mind if I join you.

I have a new work laptop and a work issued external cdrom. I need to do some important work but they mis-configured the pc and I cannot connect the drive or my digital camara for the photos. As such I need the admin password, to change the boot order, to change the windows admin password, to enable installation of hardware under my user account. My work's only solution was to send the laptop back for them to rebuild.

Please help me, my service no. B2C3T0J-595B, and my email address is in my profile.

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I hope that someone will be able to help me with a BIOS password for a Dell D The service tag is JGY J- B The HDD lock of which I know the password says MZ - B Story I took the laptop Bios password latitude Dell D600 over from my company when all computers were replaced by a newly hired service provider IBM The previous IT Bios password Dell latitude D600 service provider had put in the password and left Obviously these guys cannot be traced anymore to get the Bios password Dell latitude D600 password or a bill for this particular laptop of a few years old if existing guess they bought them in one big order So Dell does not help In fact it is not such a big problem just annoying Obviously I know the HDD password deleted the old windows ran FDISK to remove the DOS partition and installed Linux Ubuntu from CD The annoying thing is that I cannot change the date time is blocked Thanks if someone can help out Ruud nbsp

A:Bios password Dell latitude D600

Do a search of this forum. There are ample posts regarding this subject about the D600 password.
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I hope somebody can help me

My sister bought from a friend a Dell Latitude D510, it works fine, but I need to change the boot order and find that the bios has a password, and my sister's friends went to live to another city, so I can't get the password from him.

The id of the computer are:

Service Tag 2BPTN91
Express Service Code 5062066165

I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks a lot

A:Dell Latitude bios password removal

read the FAQs please:
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I've a Dell Latitude 610 laptop that I bought on Ebay. Unfortunately the seller didn't provide me with the Bios password. I've been reading the other threads and I've tried the latitude.exe program but my service key doesn't work as its a 595b.


If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated!

email removed

A:Bios Password needed Dell Latitude 610

All Techspot`s Dell password removal knowledge is contained in this thread HERE
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Hi all, sorry for my bad english!
I buy from seller 1pc used Dell Latitude E6410. On HDD no operation system, the bios is protected by password. Boot sequence set only Internal HDD. How can i do install operation system?
What can the password? If i click on unlock icon, write: System number: JSTZXN1-2A7BHelp me, please!Thank you!
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Hey guyz i was wondering if anyone could help me with breaking the bios password of a dell latitude C610 bios password.
Computer description:

Dell Latitutde C610

Model No: PP01L

Service Tag: 7YBM51S (Sticker Under the laptop)

Service Tag: #7YBM51S - 595B (Shown on the screen when turned on)

If you could help to find the master bios password for this, it would be a great help for me.

Thank you.

A:Dell Latitude C610 bios password


Will do
Thank you
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Please I have problem on my Laptop,
Please Can you Help me out,Because i could see you have help a whole lot of people..

Service Tag #DM7GQ1J-595B



A:Administrator Password On Dell Latitude D510

Hi Indubious_ashie and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

have you read this thread here ? or been to my website, if not then do so and all the help you need is there.

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vga bios needed for latitude 131L

can any one help me to get a vga bios into my dell laptop as flash bios wiped it out

please can any one help
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Hello my friend i have a dell Latitude d800
Service tag : GSSWP31-595B
email : [email protected]
i wait......
Thank you for you coperation.....
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My labtop is locked and stuck right when i turn it on it says enter administrative or system password

A:Dell latitude d830 administrative password

Any advise
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Daughter left me with her laptop computer that someone used & must have shut down wrong somehow. Now it tells you that the hard drive is password protected and you need to type in a password to boot up. Running XP and has never used a password to boot up so we are at a loss. Any ideas?

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I have a dell latitude e6440 and at one time I got an offer to upgrade to windows 10 of which I did. After that I noticed a lot of applications are not working saying the OS has blocked them. Trying to revert to windows 7 is now a problem as the laptop is requiring an administrator password which I do not remember putting it in. 

Please help
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All hi.
please help me.
Makeell Latitude D620
Tecnical problems existent ...!
Dell Latitude D620 bios password
#7HHYF2J-595B grey screen numbers of this wat keys please to write ?
Thank you friends...

A:Dell Latitude D620 bios password?

All hi.
please help me.
Makeell Latitude D620
Tecnical problems existent ...!
Dell Latitude D620 bios password
#7HHYF2J-595B grey screen numbers of this wat keys please to write ?
Thank you friends...
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I am not able to get pass the blue screen that tells me to enter my password. Service Tag number 5HCKHD1. Someone please help me.

A:Dell Latitude D520 Password bypass

I Need Help Too.i Dont Know Who Has A Code Generator For Dell D620
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If anyone could help (Rustam I have heard mentioned) I would be most greatful. I got the above mentioned laptop off ebay for an ill family member whom cant get around too well and needs a good laptop for computing.

Its service tag is f86mgc1-595b

I was able to remove one password with removing the cmos battery, but it still has the main passwords in the bios locked. The unlock -setup- password, admin password are locked. I reset the system password by removing the cmos battery.

We'd be most greatful.

A:Dell Latitude D620 Bios Password Reset

See the thread on this forum related to this issue. It will take a long time to read through it, and there is even a disc available that if often helpful... some models cannot be saved, while most others can be rescued.
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I was wondering if u could be kind enough to help me out, I recently bought a dell d600 from a garage sale and when I first turn it on found a grey screen asking for password I then return to the person that sold it to me and the lady explain it was her sons laptop and had pass away from drug hover doss and
did not know any history on it and could not help me so i beg for your understanding in my situation.
your help would be appriciated
service tag #B4GGS31-595B

A:Dell latitude D600 master password needed

You should remove your email, unless you want spam and viruses. You`ll hardly find someone that will reply to your email

Check this thread HERE, it could help.

Good luck, and Welcome to Techspot! :wave: :grinthumb :giddy: (i really like this little face :giddy: )

Also, you can contact this member HERE. Send him a PM (private message), he has helped people with the same problems as yours!
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I have a dell latitude D531 that has a Bios password.... the service tag # is 2G5G4G1-3A5B. Is there anyway around this password?

A:HELP!!!!! Dell Latitude D531 Bios Password lock... Any way around?

Hi Rivers -
Have you given that info to Dell and asked them for their ideas yet ??

2 things -
1 / It is forum policy not to direct you how to find these exactly - You mayy be the legal owner but we have no way of knowing -
2 / Have you fully been through Google yet ??

Regards -
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I bought an used E4620, was told that it only needed an administrative password. I then took it to a local repair shop which HA it for three weeks.
They could NOT gain access, I now have it back and still need an administrative password.
There is also the additional problem, that I have attempted multiple times to move ownership to myself but each time I am told that the process has been initiated, when I check back it's not done.
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Hello, im new here and need help with a cmos password for a dell latitude c610. I have tried the password 27KNV9HX from latitude.exe and its incorrect. My service tag is 566NG11. Can anyone help please?

A:CMOS password needed for Dell Latitude c610
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If anyone can help I'll be forever in your debt.
I've had a look around the other threads and nobody seems to have a clear answer on how to get around the grey screen which is stopping me from loading up my laptop.
It asks for the system/admin password which I don't have as I bought this from an auction in work.

If anybody can help me to crack this I will be very happy!

I'm posting this so that I can PM!

I'm posting this so that I can PM!2

I'm posting this so that I can PM! 3

I'm posting this so that I can PM! 4

A:Dell Latitude D610 Bios Password Problem!

2. READ the FAQs.
3. Post your QUESTION ONCE. If people wish to reply they will and you'll get a better response by posting in the right area. Please read the rules for newcomers. Bumping does not work on TS.
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Hello Everyone!

I need Help with my DEll Latitude D620.

Could you tell me how to remove the BIOS Password Or I need a code to unlock it.

The Service Tag: JP96VC1

Express service code: 42885955873

Thank you

A:Dell Latitude D620 BIOS password issue
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I have seen several people with the same problem. My daughter received a Dell Latitude C400 from her boss and it was working. Somehow the bios password got set and I cannot resolve it. I have spoken with Dell support and they generated a passwork that did not work. I have also tried to use latitude.exe with the same results. I have read that it will not work with a service code ending in -595B. I have also read that member name removed can get around this problem. Can anyone help.

Service Code #5HCW311-595B
Express Service Code 11933488981

Thanks in advance

A:Dell Latitude C400 Bios Password Protected

Hi jaa55 and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

You dont say which password is set, it can be 1 of 2.

1 is easy gotten rid of, the other not so easy.

Removed not required text

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Hi all Sorry for starting latitude master password Dell Plz! needed! D600 a new thread on a common problem Been into a strange situation lately short version Met very nice a girl Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz! recently and have been dating her for some weeks She messed up her laptop couple a days ago by changing the master password and now she can t remember what is Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz! was Is she really in love maybe - I said - I ll fix it for you honey No problem I tried to send Mr Rustam a private mess and later on an email asking for help but I didn t got any response Did I do something wrong I had to get back to her and admit that I couldn t help her out - so she went with shame to her companys IT-guys and they should contact Dell for a master password Guess what Dell won t help them There are some issues with the purchase order or something She has lot of stuff on that laptop that she s been working on lately and is really upset about it Please Is there anyone here at this forum that could generate a new Dell latitude D master password Love Service tag WQ Z J- B nbsp

A:Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz!

Im a happy guy!

Big thanks goes to the one and only:

Mr Rustam_ !!! ... for helping us out!

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Dear friends.

I have a problem with my DELL LATITUDE D800. I lost the BIOS PASSWORD. The message in the screen is:

"This computer system # C3CWZ41-595B, is protected by a password
authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password. Please type in the primary or administrator password and press Enter".

Please help me. I shortcircuit the pins 3 and 6 of the CI 24C02, 3 and 7 and 4 and 5 too. Do nothing. Finally changed the chip 24C02 by 24C256N. The Screen message persists.

Please. Help me. Is very important for me.
Moderator Edit:
Free Help Here:
Bests Regards
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I have a Dell Latitude D620 and i am getting the gray screen of doom i need the password for this computer. i have opened it up and looked for the EEProm Chip but have not have a good luck with that. any help would be appreciated. i have been looking around for a pic of how the EEProm chip will look like but cant find it.

Service Tag: GB075B1
Express Service Code: 35493978781
When the gray screen comes up it tells me: #GB075B1-595B
Revision on motherboard: Rev 1.0(A00)
Boot Screen: Revision A02
Motherboard: XD299

Any questions ask.

Thank You

A:Help with Dell Latitude D620 Password or Shorting Method

Instead of looking for an EEPROM, try pulling the CMOS battery for a few minutes
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Changed my user password on my Dell latitude D610. And forgot it,how do I factory reset it plz help

A:factory reset Dell latitude D160. forgot password

Which password are you referring to?The that allows you to login to Winows, or the one sometimes referred to as the bios-lock password (i.e. It pops up "before" the OS loads)?
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I have a Dell Latitude D630. It has an admin password for the bios. Nothing is locked except for the settings. I can't change any of the settings in the bios. It lets me boot to windows just fine though. My question is, since I don't know that admin password for the bios, if I upgrade the bios firmware, will the admin password be deleted? Since I'm flashing the bios, I would think that all the settings will be lost. Is that the case?

A:Will upgrading the bios firmware on a Latitude D630 delete the bios admin password?


Didn't you reply here, and say it worked (after the unusual 9th try )

Awfully strange!

A bios update can't remove passwords. As You Must Know

Oh and thanks for the extended long Title. I'm thinking this Topic of yours would be best removed? What do you think?
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"Dell Latitude CS-Series "This computer system,,#7T502B1-595B, is protected by a password authentication system. You Cannot Access the data on this computer without the correct password.
Please type in the primary or administrator password and press Enter"

this is a white screen that comes up after you turn the computetr on.
even during the initial screen (press f2 for setup) it won't do any good to press f2 because it will still take you to the "white screen"

How can i get rid of this (don't care about losing data) Is it possible?

A:Title: Dell Latitude CS-Series protected by a password authentication system
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I purchased a Dell Latitude C C model PP L at the Salvation Army s outlet store I can not access any drives CD Hard-drive floppy-drive nor can I access CMOS-Setup I simply receive a Message quot quot This computer system WJP - B tools/knowledge C600 notebook Need Latitude the get to Dell Password for BIOS the is protected by a password authentication system You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password Please type in the primary or administrator password and press lt Enter gt quot quot I noticed that Need the tools/knowledge to get the BIOS Password for Dell Latitude C600 notebook the website postings mentioned quot latitude exe quot password generator file program which I tried but it is geared to only receiving five Need the tools/knowledge to get the BIOS Password for Dell Latitude C600 notebook characters for the Service Tag I also saw mention of Latitude MasterPW exe as being able to generate a Latitude password in response to receiving the Service Tag as an input instruction but I have not seen that anywhere for downloading Where can Latitude MasterPW exe password generator file be downloaded and does anyone know if it would solve my problem and work for my model C C Latitude Any help would be appreciated My Dell is a Latitude C C model PP L Computer system WJP - B Service Tag WJP Express Service Code Thanks in advance Moderator Edit Those free programs are in this thread http www techspot com vb topic html nbsp

A:Need the tools/knowledge to get the BIOS Password for Dell Latitude C600 notebook

you can try finding the manual online and see what it says about resetting the laptop cmos.
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System is Dell Latitude C XP Pro SP gb RAM GHz GB hd The audio playback from cds dvds and sounds is being interrupted This also occurs when any sound is played even the Windows prompts Fault is apparent when using either internal or external speakers A ms wait period is being inserted every ms on played back audio I have a storage scope jpg picture of this occuring showing Dell C840 audio problem. the audio plus the interruption The audio codec is a Crystal WDM I have removed any possible conflicting interrupts with the same interrupt number as the Crystal codec This codec is used for both audio recording and audio playback I do not appear to have an alternative to use The audio clock appears to be slow by some I know this because I used the Windows sound recorder to make a wav file of Dell C840 audio problem. seconds using kHz constant signal When played back although the sound recorder clock showed a period of seconds it was in fact some seconds and the sound was a lower frequency When the same recording was played on my desktop although some interrupts were present the sec time period shown agreed with real time Anybody out there any idea of what is happening The computer clock appears to be giving the correct time on the taskbar Treat me as a computer dumbo Kind regards nbsp
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Trying to repair the MBR on a Dell Laptop which has an XP adminstrator password which nobody seems to know.

Will only boot either from XP CD or into safe mode.

Adminstrator password in recovery console indicates incorrect password.

How do I reset the admin password so as I can repair the MBR

A:Dell Laptop Admin password

Sorry, we cannot help with bypassing password protection because we can verify your situation. It's against forum rules.
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I couln,t find the 24C chip on the Dell XPS M1210 can someone help me so I can use the shorting Method. Help to locate the chip please or anybody knows the password for this laptop XPS M1210
Tag# 7X5GH1-595B


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My dell d620 had its bios passwords set while I was away, either my daughter or my son are responsible, funny they both deny touching my laptop!
I bought it from ebay, and dell, well there are dell of course!

If you might be able to find some time to get my password please Thanx so much!

My service tag#6PPCPC1-595B
Express service code#14614931521

A:Dell D620 Admin/sys Password Help

Boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 before the Windows screen appears. Go into Control Panel, User Accounts, Administrator, and remove the passwords from there
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hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luck

A:Dell Latitude110L admin password

Your brother may ask DELL for master password to unlock the computer.

maxpaynemafia said:

hello the dell of my brother is blocked with an administrator password, I will to know if it is possible to regulate this problem

the model is dell latitude 110L, the service tag is #204FM1J-595B

who could help me please ??

if someone can help me,contact me

thanks guys and good luckClick to expand...
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Hi I have a classical quot flickering quot display problem on my Dell C laptop Since I cannot understand if the problem is relate to the lcd or to the inverter or to che graphic adapter I am asking here for advice These are the syntoms the lcd flickers and shows random patterns it gets worse as flickering video card? LCD... C840 Dell time goes by if the pc is cold it happens after mins if Dell C840 flickering LCD... video card? it s warm it happens immediatley it gets worse or better if I twist the base unit it gets worse or better if I lightly push or pull the lcd see here http www youtube com v AbHDsUnY PA as the patterns on the screen get worse at a certain point WinXP freezes and Dell C840 flickering LCD... video card? reboots I get the same problem if I connect an external monitor I get the same problem if I connect to the laptop via VNC or LOGMEIN remote desktop I think this excludes the lcd and inverter since it means that the corrupted Dell C840 flickering LCD... video card? patterns are sent via tcp ip to a remote controlling machine I tried with no success to change operating system to work disconnecting all the disconnectable hardware to change RAM dimms to remove all pieces and to assemble back even to change the whole motherboard I suspect a video card fault I think onboard video memory broken Thanks Stefano nbsp

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getting vertical lines on my dell c840 notebook....same appears on external monitor....have tried official dell website with new drivers...always reverts back...looks like my video card needs replacing...or maybe someone has some alternative instructions...pls adv thx
also...sometimes it even appears normal...for some time...then the vertical lines reappear!!

A:Vertical lines on my Dell Notebook C840

Since you experience this on an external monitor also, I'm thinking a hardware problem - your onboard video card.

If you haven't already, try running your computer in "SAFE MODE" (Pressing F8 several times upon booting until you are directed to the screen that allows you to choose: "SAFE MODE." If the problem goes away in safe mode, it's most likely a driver issue, and not your hardware.

Post back if needed