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I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Q: I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

I just plugged my monitor into the new card (HD4770) and it works, did not disable or uninstall the integrated graphics. the integrated is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE chipset. The performance index went higher on paper but other than having better resolution I don't see a huge improvment. I still have video lag trying to watch streaming hd movies and my new camera (Panasonic Lumix ZS7) wont play video in HD over my computer. Must I disable and even uninstall the old integrated graphics too or am I missing something else?

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Preferred Solution: I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Have a look in your bios to see if it has an option to boot from pci-e or intergrated.
What is the motherboard you are using?
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Hello, I disabled my integrated graphics card from BIOS by mistake i dont know what i was thinking and now when i open my laptop the screen doesnot view any thing only black screen i searched google and viewed some videos but found no clue even tried to remove the cmos battery to reset the BIOS to default but it didn't, i hope to find a solution here. Thanks
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Hello! How to disable integrated graphics card (AMD Radeon R7) on Y700 acz. I think some old game engined (Word of Warcraft) does not support the crossfire technology, but the primary card is R7 in Radeon settings and i can't change.I can disable in the BIOS just dedicated card (R9 M385). Any ideas?Sorry for English.
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i own a Lenovo Z750 and it has 2 graphics card the intel integrated card and a nvidia geforce 520m
i downloaded aion online and you have to launch it from the NC launcher so .... it doesn't have an .exe file so the normal right click and choose the graphics card won't work so i went to bios to disable the inter card but i only found two options

♦the optimus
♦ uma only

please help me ..

A:no option in BIOS to Disable integrated graphics card.


Have you looked in Device Manager under Display Adapters?

Navigate to: Start>Computer>System Properties>Device Manager

Expand display adapter and right click the correct GPU and disable.

Hope this helps


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According to the owners manual the first few lines of addon on integrated Vostro No to using PCIe 270S disable graphics way card when the BIOS System Setup section indicates that No way to disable integrated graphics on Vostro 270S when using PCIe addon card the No way to disable integrated graphics on Vostro 270S when using PCIe addon card amount of memory dedicated to the integrated graphics and the ability to enable or disable it are options in the BIOS nbsp The BOOT method is Legacy instead of UEFI the BIOS has been reset default options loaded etc and no where are the specified options visible nbsp BIOS is version A which I believe was the version that it was shipped with and the latest nbsp This is not a huge issue but the fact that the option is missing from BIOS and needlessly using a bit of RAM is enough to see if anybody is aware of an issue nbsp I haven t contact support yet as I just got the box yesterday as a replacement machine at work nbsp I have already torn the thing apart looking for the old school jumper method of turning off the integrated graphics with no luck there either

A:No way to disable integrated graphics on Vostro 270S when using PCIe addon card

Just a bit more information.  The add-on card is a NVidia NVS280 or NVS285 LP with pigtails to dual VGA.  With monitors hooked up to that card it has worked perfectly fine so far.  I haven't tried one monitor on the integrated card and the other on the card to verify both are still working, but the Intel integrated graphics still shows up in device manager and is using system memory.
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i am looking to buy a new graphics card to upgrade from the integrated crap that is ati x200 series 64 mb which although i didnt realize really wasnt what i needed to play battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 so please help me i don have a clue what im doing in this area i have pci-e slots and a £100 budget
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I currently have two monitors connected and was wondering if the graphics card able to support a four monitor display without any issues.
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I try to install a video card to my system(Dell dimension E310),I follow the instructions to disable integrated Graphics, but I didn't know that I should do that after install the video card in my system, so I did it first. Now when I boot my system my screen is black! I try to reboot in safe mode and nothing.

How I ENABLE back my integrated Graphics?

A:integrated Graphics Disable.

DO you install new VGA (VIDEO) CARD? If yes then you should follow the steps written in the notes. In order to get your old IGD Graphics back, you must then go to BIOS and change settings, or either do a system restore.

(I can system restore my friend computer without anything on the screen, nothing at all, just a human touch... lol)
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I need to find out how to disable the Integrated Graphics on a HP Pavilion a705w Desktop PC. The integrated Graphics went out and I have a new PCI Graphics card to replace them with but I cant get the Bios to switch to the new card, because I cant see the bios to change the settings. Any suggestions? PLEASE Help! I have spent many hours talking to HPs online techs and they are obviously from another country and have no idea what I am talking about ( one guy I had to explain what Integrated meant).

A:Disable the Integrated Graphics (After they have already died)

Sadly, it seems bios is the only way:
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I recently purchased an Acer Veriton M G desktop which has an i - processor Windows Pro bit and Intel HD to PCI-E Graphics to HD graphics install disable how card Intel Graphics listed as the video card I also purchased a PNY nVIDIA Quadro FX PCI-E card for improved picture editing and home video viewing and editing I have already replaced the original wattt how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card power supply to a watt Antec Truepower I had on hand and boosted the RAM to gigs from the original Question Am I getting any improvement in visual quality or system speed with the Quadro or is it a waste of money and I should just save up to buy a bigger video card This card was on sale for If I am getting improvement then I need to ask another question Question Instructions for the Quadro installation are as follows --Uninstall the existing VGA driver -Remove the existing Display Driver via quot Add or Remove Porgrams quot -Shut down your computer --Remove your Existing Graphics Board or Disable Integrated D Graphics Controller skipping instructions on how to remove existing graphics board -Systems with integrated also know as on-board D graphics may require you to disable the integrated D graphics system Consult the owners or vendor manual that came with your PC on how to properly do this So how do I disable the onboard just uninstall the driver The only driver how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card I can find on the uninstall menu is quot Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver quot does this sound correct I did find the option in BIOS and it is currently grayed out I assume it will activate when it senses another graphics card Acer wants me to access their Pay for support system to learn how to disable the onboard so I m searching elsewhere now Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:how to disable Intel HD Graphics to install PCI-E graphics card

It's likely to be an improvement, but check it and see.
Onboard graphics are disabled in the BIOS (Try looking under "Integrated Peripherals" or something similar.
You probably don't need to do this, but it's nice to know how.
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Hey, recently, I have came up with an idea of a fourth monitor, but my GPU (970) supports only three, which ones that I own. It has fourth one but I don't have the right cables for it for now.
I noticed that my motherboard has two open video ports, one being VGA which I needed. So, I tried just plugging it in and seeing what happens but it doesn't seem to work, I have tried looking for results around the internet and BIOS but they don't seem to work. The three monitors which I have plugged into my GPU, work perfectly fine, but, as I said, the motherboard's VGA port doesn't work. I have heard that such thing definitely is possible, but I cannot find out what I need to do.

Does anyone have an answer to this?
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If my motherboard currently has an intigrated graphics card, but has a PCI-E slot, do I need to do anything special after inserteing my graphics card and installing the drivers, or should it just work right away?

A:How do you switch from an integrated graphics card to an "external" graphics card?

Most modern PCs will detect the new installation of the PCI graphics card and automatically disable the onboard graphics, so yes it should just work.

If for some reason you have problems, you may have to make a change in the bios, I cannot be more specific because each bios is different depending on manufacturer, and model of the motherboard.

Install the card, connect your monitor to it and boot up, when you get into Windows install the driver and reboot.
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Im not too advanced with the hardware side of computers, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I've bought a new pc and it comes with an integrated Geforce4 MX video card. Is it possible to remove this and buy a stand-alone graphics card. My pc comes with 512MB DDR RAM, but the video card uses 128MB of this memory, leaving me only with 384MB of RAM. If you can remove the card would the shared 128mb memory go bak to the 384mb and make it bak up to 512MB again.

Im grateful for any help

A:Integrated Graphics Card


If you've got an AGP Port.. you could simply buy a better AGP card and stick it in, you would have to disable your on-board VGA though... but that will still free up your lost RAM.

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I need help locating my graphics card because I have the default Intel HD Graphics [DVI-I, HDMI] (I think) and it only has 128 mb of memory and I want to upgrade it. I don't know if it is integrated or not but if it isn't where can I find the graphics card and are there any decent gaming graphics cards that my tower can handle? Modle:HP ENVY Desktop - 750-114

A:Where is my graphics card and Is it integrated in?

Hi, Your machine only has Integrated Intel HD Graphics: Please check the following post: Regards.
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I had to format my computer change the hard drive and install windows XP from an old 2002 CD I had and now my computer is not recognizing my intel integrated graphics card. When I go on device manager there is no "display adapters" category at all and before it used to say what chipset I had under the general tab in system properties, and under the display tab in dxdiag, but now it doesn't say anything. How can I fix this?

A:Integrated graphics card is gone?

Which computer do you have?
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I just bought a new computer. One thing I am wanting to do is convert vhs movies to dvd. My computer came with an integrated video card. I was wondering if I could purchase a new video card, one with video in, hoping there wouldn't be any conflict. Am I able to do this?

I am running Windows XP P4 2.6mhz.

Thank you,


A:Graphics card - can I updated from an integrated one?

yes u can do this, just disable the integrated one from bios....some do it automatically tho...the ATI all in wonder are great cards forthat kind of stuff too

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I have a dell laptop with a dock that allows you to add pci cards. I have an ati card in there now running 2 monitors. The dock also has a vga out that i am assuming is being driven by the integrated onboard graphics from the laptop. I want 3 monitors. Is it possible to do this by driving 2 off of the pci card and 1 off of the integrated graphics? I read somewhere that you may need to look through the bios to make sure that your computer doesn't automatically disable the onboard graphics once a card is plugged in. Is this true?

A:3 monitors with pci card and integrated graphics?

Yes. This totally depends on your onboard graphics. Some will allow you to use both the integrated video out as well as an add-on card, while other cards will only permit you to use one or the other.

If you post the exact model number of your laptop that will help! At the very least find out what the integrated card is.
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I recently received an HP e-PC 42 and it's pretty pimp...except for one thing...the disconntinued ATI RAGE 128 Pro (16 MB) integraded graphics card. I can't play The Sims 2!!! Question: Is this card upgradeable into something better? Like an NVIDIA or better version of ATI?

This machine has so much power and then is just let down with this crap graphics card! Go figure, it's an HP.

Please help!

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Hello, I have an Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 and every time I use it, I have a BSOD
I confirmed it is the cause or maybe a 90% assurance that it is, since everytime I use the standard VGA, the BSOD doesn't occur. These are the log files, and I hope you could help me. I'm a total noob on these matters, so please bare with me

A:PC has BSOD when using Integrated Graphics Card

Hello and welcome Annie yes my friend you have a graphics driver problem. Now to get details of the system see my ditty
Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic.
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each + down into the component itself and then click on it - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands speeds and other essential info that device. See pic for example. Though a Google for that NVidia you quoted gives me the motherboard but try it anyway.

Disregard the top bit and look at Other components and my pic just click on the square for example motherboard and it will give you in depth details model serial no etc etc

PS Have just found this it is probably the driver you need NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce 307.83 Driver WHQL now try it but you may have to uninstall the other but try it first.
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I've got an HP 752n with a P4 2.0. I've recently upgraded to 1G of RAM and now I want a little better graphics than the Intel integrated graphics can provided. However, there is no AGP slot. Is it possible to install a PCI graphics card? And if it is possible, is it worth it?

A:Integrated graphics or PCI video card?

Integrated graphics are the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to performance. ANY fairly new graphics card would be much, much better.

Having AGP would make things a lot easier, but I'm sure ATI or Nvidia have made versions of their "older" cards in PCI format. I don't have the time to look them up right now, but the answer to your question is yes: they are definitely worth it.

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The computer I'm using is an HP Pavilion a720n. I've never really seen the need to upgrade, so it's using the came-with I believe 56MB Integrated Graphics Card.

The problem is that the Windows 7 Beta (public version) doesn't seem to recognize the integrated graphics card, and when I check DXDiag, instead shows me "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", which I assume is it telling me that I have no graphics card, but a slot for one.

It was working fine with XP, though. Anybody know how to fix this?

A:Integrated Graphics Card Not Recognized

Via/S3G UniChrome IGP Driver Update*

You cold try it in compatibility mode, but I doubt it'll work.
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Do I need an independent video card to run a TV tuner or is the integrated graphics on my computer sufficient?

A:Do I need a vid card to run a TV tuner or is the integrated graphics..

Your integrated graphics should allow you to use a TV tuner quite happily, but you might want to make sure your drivers are up-to-date.

The best way to find out is to install your TV tuner, and then set things up. I assume you're using Windows Media Center for your TV playback?
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I have an hp pavilion 533w and was wondering it there was any way to change out my graphics card even though it is integrated. Ive heard about disabling the integrated one and installing the new one but im not sure how to disable it. Sorry if this is a stupid question

is this a decent graphics card? [right heeeeere]

A:Replace an integrated graphics card

You dont have an AGP slot so you are limited to PCI video cards. To change the video first remove the old video drivers in Add/Remove Programs, Turn off the computer and install the video card. Then boot into the BIOS and change Primary Video Adapter from onboard to PCI.
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I have an abit A-S78H motherboard and i have 4Gb ram but when I run dxdiag it says that I have I was wondering how to disabel the integrated graphics card so it wouldn't take that 750Mb of ram "away"..?
-I'm not using it so it's unessesary for it to use any of my ram...

sorry for the spelling...and thx!

A:How to shutdown integrated graphics card?

Usually they are automatically disabled when you install a plug-in card. If the integrated cad is not disabled then you have to go into the bios and find the screen that has the video card listed and make sure it is set to disabled.
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Hi. I have an integrated intel 82810 graphics controller. I bought a geforce 4 mx420 pci card (i know not the best) installed it and saw little diffrence in my gaming performance (mostly counter-strike) with my integrated card i got about 30 fps, and with the geforce from 20-40! i decided to try a radeon 32mb card i had and it gave me more stable fps than the geforce about 30 lol.
so, i am using the radeon card right now ive installed it fine, i have the newest drivers, direct x all that. I deleted my integrated cards' drivers but everytime i restart they reapear in my device manager. Could this be the reason for my gaming performance?

I have an hp intel celeron processor, 320 md sdram, 766mhz, 20 gb.

help will be greatly appreaciated

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Hi I have a Dell XPS L X So I recently installed a game called Wolfenstein The New Order And every time I run the game I get an error known on the web as quot wglCreateContextAttribsARB failed quot I know the cause of the error is that the game keeps identifying my integrated Graphics Disabling Integrated card? graphics card Intel HD Disabling Integrated Graphics card? as the main graphics card whereas I have a dedicated graphics card onboard Nvidia GeForce GT M GB dedicated memory The issue is that my integrated card only supports OpenGL and below although my GPU supports until OpenGL I know for a fact this GPU is able to run the game and YES I have already selected my GPU as the primary graphics card under Manage D settings global settings AND the specific program settings AND even tried setting PhysX Configuration as the GPU itself all to no avail I have also attempted to disable my Intel HD through device manager couldn t disable it through bios but whenever I do so that turns off my laptop s display However I have a TV to which my laptop is connected to via HDMI So my laptop s screen is transferred to my TV and I cannot change turn my laptop s display ON unless I were to re-enable the integrated graphics card Strange in my opinion On the other side I ran the game without the integrated graphics card while using my TV as the display and the game runs just fine So CLEARLY the GPU GT M is able to run this game but the game doesn t identify it Instead only identifying the integrated Intel HD Graphics card or identifies the integrated graphics card as the primary for some reason Help please I want to play the game on my laptop s screen not on my TV Also on a side question is it possible to completely disable my integrated graphics card Intlel HD without losing my display If so how Thank you for your time EDIT I have found out that a similar problem I used to have with another game Watch Dogs about the game requiring my video card to support DirectX for the game to run so it never ran now works smoothly when I disable my integrated graphics card and use my TV as my main display EVEN THOUGH my GT M is below the minimum requirements for the game

A:Disabling Integrated Graphics card?

You can switch between the graphics cards - using low performance Intel graphics for browsing/less graphics intensive application and using high performance nVidia graphics for graphics intensive applications like games.
You can have a look at the folllowing link to switch between Intel graphics and discrete graphics (nVidia, in your case):
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I have a 3yr old Samsung NP550C laptop. Yesterday, it slipped from my hands and had its screen broken. Now, i replaced the screen with a genuine LED, and monitor is working fine now. Thing is, its not detecting the integrated graphics card now. It was still detecting while it was cracked, means the fall did not damage the card. I reinstalled the driver, even slightly wiggled the card, but it didn't help. Any suggestions!!
Samsung NP550C
Card: GT-650m

A:Laptop integrated graphics card malfunctioned

If it's working Ok off an external monitor then you graphics chip is OK.
If screen not coming on then

bad screen
bad connection to screen (ribbon able)
backlights (leds ) not connected
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I have built many - quot gaming quot or quot high performance quot systems with ATX motherboards and video cards I have no experience with integrated graphics I card or graphics silent suggestions? Integrated could use a video card but would rather use integrated or a quot fanless quot card I already have the Core Quad Q CPU I will use so I need a GOOD board I am having a VERY hard time Integrated graphics or silent card suggestions? finding a motherboard The best I have come up with is this Newegg com - GIGABYTE GA-EG M-UD H LGA Intel G HDMI Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Intel Motherboards or maybe a motherboard with this card Newegg com - MSI N GT-MD Z GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Video Card - Desktop Graphics Video Cards I don't know much about the G northbridge The Intel X HD graphics seems to be one of the latest integrated graphics I do know the GT will be plenty of card for what they need but no fan Do any of you more experienced builders have any suggestions for a better motherboard with integrated graphics or a quot fanless quot card that is not going to overheat Are some of these quot fanless quot cards good quality Thanks for any suggestions

A:Integrated graphics or silent card suggestions?

Trouble is you won't get a powerful GPU behind a passive heatsink.

I pfaffed around for ages before deciding on my own setup, and although I'm using a card which isn't passively cooled it's extremely quiet by comparison to many others - the fan idles pretty much the whole time but will rev up for extreme use (something that's never happened to mine, given I don't game personally).

My choice was this card...
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hello I have problem with intel hd 4600 graphic card always after I install driver (I try from hp site,intel site also I try auto detect or windows 10 updating) always same IGFX stop working and computer turn off but if I turn off windows aero its working. I try different OS like linux (distrubutions like mint working because no aero but ubuntu with aero screen start lag apier dots all kind of colours until compiuter restart, also I try   Mac os 10.9.5 mavericks (hackintosh) its also screen blinking appier dots on screen). I think maybe hd 4600 graphics processor burn it  ?.... Also is geforce GT 740m witch I cant run without intel HD 4600 drivers on Windows OS but with Ubuntu I can install geforce drivers and choose use just geforce GPU and its working perfect... Its posible maybe some how turn off intel IGPU and 100% use geforce ?
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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forums and I would like to start off by saying hello to everyone

Now down to business...

First of all let me give my specs:

Dell Dimension DIME521 with Windows Vista
System type: 32-bit
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core processor 4000+ 2.10 GHz
Chipset: Integrated nVidia GeForce 6100/6150
Southbridge: nForce 410/430 MCP
Sensor: SMSC 830F
RAM: DDR2 Dual channel 2 gig
PSU: ??? will update.
BIOS: brand--Dell inc version--1.1.10 date--06/11/2007
blah blah blah...let me know if you need more info

My question:

I am wondering if I can install a Ati Radeon 9600xt over integrated graphics. If I can, do tell!!! If I cant, could someone please point me in the right direction to getting better graphics. Please be kind on this one, I am fairly new to PC moding.

My goal:

To be able to play games such as Half-Life2, TF2, Counterstrike source, etc.

Thanks in advance!!

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I ve heard this a million times quot No its not possible Now follow this link for PCI or PCI Express graphics card that possible Is an card? it integrated physically graphics replace to you can purchase and then disable your onboard card quot But I think it should be possible Maybe I m wrong maybe I m right Is it physically possible to replace an integrated graphics card? My laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon integrated of course I m not sure Is it physically possible to replace an integrated graphics card? the motherboard type though sorry Its a Dell D Shouldn t it be possible to unsolder the card and resolder another one in Would the pins fit Is it physically possible to replace an integrated graphics card? differently The only reason I haven t tried this yet is that I still need this old Dell So do any of you know Because this ATI graphics card physically exists in a chip form Its not part of the motherboard s silicon it was added onto the motherboard at some point during production This makes me think its possible I know you are trying to be helpful but I m aware that it would be better to buy a new motherboard or a different laptop or give it to a pro to do but I m not going to buy a new computer and I m not giving it to someone else to do something I m capable of doing myself Thank you very much for any replies nbsp

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I have searched so many threads I am going crosseyed. I know I have to disable the card in bios my motherboard manual says so. I just cant figure out what the heck the thing is called. My motherboard is an Asus M2N68-Am Plus. My OS is Windows 7. I am trying to install a Nividia G-force 210 graphics card. Can someone please help me?

A:Disabling an integrated graphics card in BIOS

Under BIOS Setup Utility > Advanced tab > Chipset > Southbridge configuration > Primary Graphics Adapter. Choose the option [PCIE -> PCI -> IGP].

This doesn't actually disable the IGP (onboard graphics) but it gives priority to the PCI-E graphics card which lets you use it.
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Hello My first post
Anyway i really need to upgrade my computers graphics card ( Nvidia 7600 GS 512mb intergrated version) as its flagging in this day and age and its stopping me playing most games now (i can just scrape skyrim but it falls under its min requirments) I will get a top of the range laptop soon when i go to uni but will keep my desktop for now so i need to add a better graphics card (Rest seem to be fine for the mo) .The problem is the integrated cards is already in the PCI express slot (opened up comp and i can see it in the slot) will be safe to remove the board and would a new card function in it Thanks for the help.

A:Integrated graphics card in PCI-Express slot

If the 7600 is in the PCI e slot, by definition it is not integrated. You should be able to pull it out and swap in a newer card without any issues, so long as your power supply can handle it. Be sure to remove your old graphics drivers before performing the upgrade.
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HI, I have a Pavilion 15-ab113na, The specs are:AMD A8 7410 APU with R5 Graphics Discrete AMD R7 M360 8GB Ram Adata Premier SP550 120GB SSD500GB HGST Hard Drive  Now my problem is, everytime I play CSGO, it is using the Integrated, I found out when I installed MSI Afterburner. I put everything in Max Performance and even disabled ULPS. I also installled latest drivers from both HP and AMD.I can't even play CSGO because it always have FPS drops (like 80fps to 50fps). Is there a way to use the discrete graphics instead of the integrated. I also looked for a setting in the BIOS but my BIOS just have simple settings.
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I just bought a Dell Dimension E520 with the Intel Media Accelerator X3000. I then bought the EVGA 7600GT 256-P2-N615-TX Rvideo card and want to install it. I hear that you have to first disable the integrated graphics card. I will be installing the the video card in the PCI-e slot. If anyone can give me detailed instructions on doing this please reply.

Dimension E520
Pentium® D Processor 925 (3GHz, 800FSB)
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3000

A:Installing Video Card Over Integrated Graphics Card

Depending on your computer as soon as you install the video card it may disable the onboard video. If you install the new card and it doesn't work then you will have to acess the BIOS and disable it from there.
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I recently installed a PCIe graphics card nVidia GTX Ti on my ASUS P Z -V MB running Windows and an Intel ONLY enabled when integrated graphics PCIe graphics works i processor The goal was to get displayport so I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled could use a higher resolution monitor In the BIOS I changed the quot system agent quot graphics setting to make the PCIe graphics card the primary video When I do that the machine seems to boot and the MB splash screen offering the option to enter BIOS comes up on a monitor attached to the PCIe videocard but Windows never fires up the PCIe videocard If I set the MB to enable integrated graphics the machine boots into Windows fine and Windows uses the videocard Monitors attached to the videocard get the Windows display and if no monitors are attached to the Intel integrated graphics the Intel graphics software does not run The problem is that with the Intel integrated video set to be the primary video I don't get the splash screen on monitors attached to the PCIe card nor I PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled suspect would I see Windows recovery screens should something go wrong though I don't PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled know If I attach a monitor to the Intel integrated video then Intel's graphic engine runs in Windows and I'd rather it did not As per usual I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a MB problem or a graphics card problem Since the MB bios splash screen goes to the right monitor for the MB setting I am presuming the problem is in Windows But I cannot imagine what that would be I did the usual updates on general principles so latest MB bios latest Intel and nVidia drivers all Windows updates Any help thinking this thru would be appreciated

A:PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled

Not sure how your motherboard works but may need the Intel graphics enabled for the dedicated card to work. Do you have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed? Have you tried installing the Nvidia drivers when on the Intel graphics?

Could also try reverting to the basic graphics drivers in Device Manager when on the Intel, then switch to the dedicated in BIOS and see if it will boot with the basic driver installed.
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Hi all!

I have PC on Asus P5B-V motherboard with integrated video card (Intel G965 based). It looks like the integrated video came to it end after a voltage jump. I tried to reanimate the PC by using PCI or PCI-e card, but I didn't found any jumpers on the MB except one resetting bios. Switching between graphics cards are possible from BIOS which I cannot see, and it looks that the default option is IGD.
May anybody suggest something or it will be better to throw this MB to waste bin?
Thanks in advance!

PS. I?m first time here ? sorry if I used incorrect sub-forum (and eternal sorry for my non-native English)

A:Integrated graphics card dead, it was primary by default

Well, here's what I would try. If you have the manual that came with the motherboard you can have a look and see what the BIOS layout looks like. After you've studied that a bit, try turning the computer on and navigating through the BIOS (without actually seeing it) by memory. You may be able to switch from onboard to a dedicated device that way. I know that sounds a little dull but it's gonna be tricky without having anything to look at.
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I got a Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-70 Laptop, with all the drivers up-to-date (including beta drivers).

The laptop features an Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 video card and a NVidia GeForce 840M.

The trick is that everytime I'm playing a game that is a bit older (not recognized by NVidia GeForce Experience, it runs with the Integrated Graphics card). And yes, I've tried to set to run globally with the dedicated card.
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howdy sorry for the long title but this is my first post and i wanted it to show up in searches i m addicted to the sims however i have an old p o s computer i m going to purchase a new one before the end of august but the one i really want has an Integrated SIS Mirage Graphics with MB Shared Video Memory now on the sims web site it mentions the following graphics cards as supported - ATI RadeonTM series or better - Nvidia work SIS Graphics Will Card? Sims the an 2 Mirage2 with Integrated QuadroTM series - Nvidia Geforce series GeForce and better - Intel Extreme Graphics non-T amp L requires GHz processor so will the mirage be supported it s not the same name brand but does it show up as being like the nvidia etc does it mimic the others i d hate to buy a new pc and then have to buy and install a new video card too that would be a pain thanks tonya Will the Sims 2 work with an Integrated SIS Mirage2 Graphics Card? ps- the machine i m probably Will the Sims 2 work with an Integrated SIS Mirage2 Graphics Card? going to buy is from Office Max it s the compaq presario sr X-B desktop pc bundle it s about nbsp

A:Will the Sims 2 work with an Integrated SIS Mirage2 Graphics Card?

the SIS Mirage2 Graphics Card is a lackluster card that will not run your game (well).

ps- the machine i'm probably going to buy is from Office Max. it's the compaq presario sr1538X-B desktop pc bundle. it's about $800.Click to expand...

not only is this computer oem, but it is a low performance machine. i strongly advise you to get a custom job available at a pc repair/sales shop near you, if there are any. if you want to know what to ask for, say so in your reply. even dells are better than compaq...
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I just installed a nvidia GeForce 8400GS graphics card with VGA and DVI ports in a year old eMachines pc with Windows 7 and an AMD athalon II processor. The monitor connected to the VGA port on the graphics card works beautifully. Then I tried to install a second monitor through the original on board VGA port, but it is no longer sending a signal now that the new graphics card is installed. It seems that windows is detecting a second VGA device when I try to change the display settings but the monitor gets no signal. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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Hi I just bought an Nvidia GeForce FX PCI video card as an upgrade to the integrated Intel Extreme Graphics in my Dell Dimension My computer s specs are P Ghz MHz FSB MB L cache and MB DDR PC RAM Dual Channel WinXP Pro Sadly I don t have Installing Integrated with Graphics in PCI Video Card System a PCI-E slot or even an AGP slot I ve edited this post because I got the card to work partially I had posted the entire story here but I ve removed it because it s no Installing PCI Video Card in System with Integrated Graphics longer really needed I just need the following issues addressed My problem is that my BIOS won t recognize my new card If I set my Video option to quot Auto quot in the BIOS my new PCI video card and integrated card conflict or something and the computer seems to go into a reboot loop I can t see anything on the monitor with either card so I can t be sure I have to remove the new card to fix the problem The only other option in my limited BIOS is to change the video setting to quot Onboard quot Then if I have the VGA cable connected to the integrated card I can see the POST and get into the BIOS and I can also see XP loading When XP boots up the new card starts sending signals fine but the integrated one stops because I ve disabled it in Device Manager As it is now I need to have my VGA cable connected to my integrated card if I need to make any changes to the BIOS or to how Windows starts and I need the cable connected to my new card for regular activities Can someone maybe tell me where to get an updated BIOS Now that I ve disabled my integrated card and am using my new PCI one how do I check if the MB of RAM that was reserved for my old card has been reclaimed How do I go about reclaiming it if it hasn t been already Does anyone have any suggestions I d be very grateful for any help nbsp

A:Installing PCI Video Card in System with Integrated Graphics

Can you boot up into safe mode with VGA drivers?
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I got a Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-70 Laptop, with all the drivers up-to-date (including beta drivers). laptop features an Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 video card and a NVidia GeForce 840M.The trick is that everytime I'm playing a game that is a bit older (not recognized by NVidia GeForce Experience, it runs with the Integrated Graphics card). And yes, I've tried to set to run globally with the dedicated card.
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I have a HP Pavilion 533w machine with an integrated Intel 82845 graphics card. I have a new ATI Radeon card that I want to install. However, I am getting errors because of the onboard Intel card. I have disabled the card in the device manager but this is not helping. I need to figure out which jumpers to change on the motherboard. I believe the motherboard is a GL_VE motherboard, however I can not find any info. on how to disable this card so the PC does not recognize it. The BIOS is also of the "Phoneix" make and it has beenr ecently flashed, however, ther eis no option to NOT recognize the onboard BIOS. Can anyone tell me which jumpers to change or where I can go to find out?

Thank you!

A:disabling Intel integrated graphics card 82845 G

Try contacting HP about it.

I would think there would be some kind of option in the BIOS to disable it though... are you sure you looked hard enough? It could have a different name such as onboard VGA, onboard display device, display device selection or something similar.
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Hi I installed service pack and now my computer is having all kinds of problems of course the money mongers at microsoft tell me to ask HP and the people at HP are complete s lately I spent hours trying to explain the problem to them and the best they could do was quot oh just Autodetect reinstalling conflicting integrated graphics card and with keeps video reinstall your graphics card that will fix it quot yea if you say so I tried that many times before even calling them Ok so the problem is I have a video card installed on my computer my mobo has intel integrated graphics I uninstalled the software for the integrated graphics and uninstalled it in the device manager I switched my display adapter to my PCI card instead of the onboard system in BIOS I installed my video card and everything was working fine until I had to restart back a few weeks ago Autodetect keeps reinstalling integrated graphics and conflicting with video card after I got SP Basically on start up windows starts normally and does not mention anything about finding new hardware However then once windows is running a little icon which is the same as the update driver icon in the device manager pops up in the system tray and says that windows has found a new display adapter you cant click on anything or stop it in anyway It just automatically detects and installs it its kind of the same as if you pluged in a plug and play USB keychain The beautiful thing about it is that once you uninstall it from device manager you have to restart and then on restart it gets automatically reinstalled and then you have to uninstall and restart and well you can just keep going forever and ever until you start smashing things So my question is how can this be fixed I can find no setting to disable automatic hardware detection which i vaugely remember being able to do before SP and I cant get the damn integrated graphics to stay dead Even with the integrated graphics disabled but not uninstalled the drivers are still loaded and conflict with my video card like crazy I used to be able to play farcry on high now I cant even get battlefield to run higher than fps Even if it is disabled it will just get re-enabled on restart What would the BIOS quot plug and play operating system quot do I would really appreciate if anyone could help nbsp

A:Autodetect keeps reinstalling integrated graphics and conflicting with video card

Have you disabled the onboard video with in BIOS?

And the plug and play might have something to do with it, but just leave that on.
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sorry for long title but is this video card good enuf for everquest2
Integrated SIS Mirage 2 Graphics with 128MB

EQ2 Requirements: DirectX 9 compatible video card. Pixel shader and vertex shader compatible hardware with 64 MB of texture memory

and can i also play guild wars with that video card?
GW requirements: ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX Series Video Card with 32MB of VRAM

A:is this video card good for EQ?Integrated SIS Mirage 2 Graphics with 128MB

in a word, no. your sis mirage graphics controller will not handle said games.
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I own ASUS U31SD which has

Integrated Intel® GMA HD


NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM.

I would like to know how to change between them and how to find out which one is my notebook currently using.


A:How to switch between integrated and external graphics card on ASUS U31SD
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My laptop supports two graphics card AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6470M and Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 and after a while the AMD got corrupted(I already updated it but I think it's hardware problem) and causes blue screen so I disabled it in safe mode(because it uses the intel one).

I tried a clean install of Windows 7 and during installation AMD causes blue screen because it gets enabled.

And now I want to try a clean install of the Windows 10. Question is, is there anyway I could disable the graphics card permanently?

I use a 64-bit Sony Vaio Laptop VPCSB26FG with a Windows 7 Home Premium OS. Thanks a lot!

A:How to permanently disable graphics card

The simple solution is to remove the failing card :grin:
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I have recently upgraded my graphics card but the old SiS graphics card is causing interference but i don't know how to disable it. i do not know the chipset but the motherboard is manufactured by Elitegroup and its model is KS7OM. Thanks.

A:I need advice on how to disable a sis graphics card.

first, what do you mean when you said UPGRADED my video card??are you talking about onboard video adapter,an older card,or 2 cards on one system.
most likely i think you are referring to onboard chipset-usually there are 2 option to disable an onboard vga card.either you can check the bios and disable it from there depending on which bios you have the second is to change the jumper on your mobo if the option is present to disable it from your might want to try googling a bit to find out about your find out which mobo you have first you'll need to find out which chipset you have intel,via???? then download a utility which will help you check your mobo.
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Hi, I need to disable my onboard video card through BIOS, to install my new graphics card. How would I go along doing so?

A:How do I disable my graphics card through BIOS

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You could try reading your mobo manual.

If you don`t have one you may be able to download one from your mobo manufacturers web site.

Failing that during bootup try pressing either the F2 or delete keys to get into bios.

Then just search around to find your onboard graphics disable it then save and exit.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Is it safe to disable the built in graphics card in my Dell laptop?

The reason i want to do this is to figure out where a noise is coming from.



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hey everyone

my sisters emachine of 3 yrs of age has finally had its first problem, the onboard
video card seems to have failed, in an attempt i bought a cheap graphics card
hoping to resolve the problem, a"256MB AGP Geforce Fx5200", ive been told that i need to disable the onboard graphics card first, before the other card can take over, but the whole reason why i even bought the card, was because i cant see her monitor, so there is no way i can change the settings, i am not new to computers, but i am very new to this problem, any info or suggestions as to what i can do to fix the problemswould be very much appreciated, thnx

A:No monitor, How do i disable onboard graphics card

Disable the Onboard Grapphix in DEVICE MANAGER. Install your new card. Install the drivers. Be sure to hook the VGA cable up to the correct outlet.
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hello people
i have installed windows 7 64 pro, which i got for free with my uni
it's on my alieware m15x which previously had xp on it, i made a partition so i can now duel boot both
the problem is my laptop has 2 graphics cards, a crappy intel one and a nvidia 8800gt i think?
on xp i can switch between the two but on 7 i can only use the bad one
i went on control panel and i see the nvidia icon but it says the card is not attached when i click on it
can anyone help me out?

p.s i also installed the newest drivers but no dice

A:Installed 7, now i cant use my graphics card :(

can u post the screen shot of ur control panel showing nvidia graphics?
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Gday Gents I had previously installed what was getting to be a very noisy Nvidia GeForce GT the fan Ideally Card New Installed Graphics I would have preferred to get just a replacement fan for the card but I couldn t seem to find one anywhere So yesterday I bit the bullet and went and bought a Palit GeForce GT why that one you may ask simple answer price I was able to buy it semi locally as opposed to ordering one New Graphics Card Installed online That and the fact it uses heatpipes and not a fan It is installed my PC is now once more whisper quiet YIPEE I do have a question though I New Graphics Card Installed am running Win k Pro until the end it s life then I will be switching straight into Vista I play Warcraft TFT and prior to the installation of this card when I alt tabbed out of Warcraft it was instaneous Now when I alt tab out of the game the game locks up for around - seconds before it alt tabs My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-M SLI-S AMD Athlon x GB Ram Why has my alt tab speed changed It only does it when I am playing Warcraft I know I am being picky but I am so used to my PC responding quickly this I find is annoying me Any ideas Cheers Susan nbsp

A:New Graphics Card Installed

what are your complete system specs? Computer make and model? Since you are still using Win2K, your hardware (computer) may be too old to handle Vista. XP Professional may be a better choice for you. Are you running Win2K, SP4?
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I think I posted in the wrong forum before...but here goes

I just installed a new graphic card. And now even the simplest games wont work. I can provide any info needed, I just need to know what to post.

Thanks in advance

Relevancy 85.14%

i just installed a PNY Verto (nVidia) Geforce 6600GT (AGP) into my computer. i turned my computer on. i installed the drivers for it. when it ask me to restart my computer i do. when it boots back up it loads to the logon screen. instead of letting me logon all it does is show a blue screen with my pointer (which i can move) then my moniter goes into the mode where it acts like it isnt connected to anything. is there any way to fix this??? is the graphics card defective???

Relevancy 85.14%

I installed a new graphics card on my computer and now even the most basic games will not work....Im wondering if I have some kind of conflict....Is there somthing I can post here in which someone can see if I have somthing wrong

Thanks in advance

A:installed new graphics card???

Some system specs would be great and some info about the video card would also help.

One thing I would suggest with out know ing all of the things I jsut asked is to get a new updated driver from the video card manufacturers web site even if it is the same driver as you installed and then install it and reboot.
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just installed a graphics card is there a way of making sure it is set card a graphics installed just up correctly i have not tryed a game yet would pictures on the net just installed a graphics card look better they seem clearer Thaanks -- gt gt gt gt here is what belac is saying Intel r Graphics Controller Display adapter NVIDIA GeForce just installed a graphics card MX Display adapter Acer Monitor quot vis November Default Monitor Default Monitor --- gt gt gt gt just installed a graphics card the card PNY verto mx -se pci mb sdram KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS NVIDIA nView Display Technology delivers maximum flexibility for multi-display options and provides unprecedented end-user control of the desktop experience Integrated Dual MHz DACs Provides crisp and clear image quality at x resolution Hz Accuview Antialiasing Delivers full-scene antialiased quality at performance levels never before seen NVIDIA Video Processing Engine VPE Enables the highest quality full-frame rate full-screen HDTV and DVD without requiring a high performance CPU Integrated TV Encoder Provides best-in-class TV-out functionality supporting x resolution Unified Driver Architecture UDA Guarantees forward and backward software driver compatibility simplifying future NVIDIA product upgrades Microsoft DirectX Optimizations and Support Delivers the best performance and guarantees compatibility with all current and future applications and games NVIDIA GeForce MX SE GPU Features -bit Graphics Core -bit SDRAM Memory Interface High-performance D Rendering Engine NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer Integrated Hardware Transform amp Lighting Engine -bit Color with -bit Z stencil Buffer Accuview Antialiasing Integrated Dual MHz RAMDACs Integrated TV Encoder Supporting x Resolution NVIDIA Video Processing Engine VPE Unified Driver Architecture UDA Microsoft DirectX Optimizations and Support Performance Features MHz core clock speed MB SDRAM memory MHz memory clock rate GB sec memory bandwidth dual-rendering pipelines texels per clock cycle billion texels sec fill rate million triangles sec Maximum D D resolution of x Hz Designed to WHQL Compatibility Standards Windows XP ME NT display drivers Microsoft DirectDraw Direct D DirectVideo and ActiveX drivers OpenGL ICD for Windows XP and NT Complete Linux display and OpenGL drivers support Fully PC PC and PC a compliant nbsp

A:just installed a graphics card

About the only way to be sure is

1. Run the directx tests in dxdiag, they should all pass

Download and run 3dmark2001se(2003 sucks) and make sure it sucessfully completes the benchmark array
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hi i'm not very good with computers. I'm using a windows xp service pack 2 with 3.0 ghz E5700 cpu and 2gig ram. So i went and bought a 1gig GT220 graphics card, i then installed the cd at home, restarted my computer and expected to see miracles. My desktop screen hasn't changed at all, the graphics quality are stil the same

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trying to resolve an issue with my homebuilt computer crashing while playing games. I had an HIS Radeon 5770 installed. I removed it and put in a Radeon 6670. When I powered the computer up, I got "no signal" on my display. I removed the new card and put in the old card again. "no signal"

I tried both in another PCIe slot. "no signal"

For the record, I have a Rampage III Formula mobo. There's no onboard video, so I can't try the computer without a video card.


A:Installed new Graphics card, now neither new nor old card sends signal to display

Have you tried clearing the mobo's CMOS (including battery removal) ?
Did you test the HD 5770 in another machine to see if it was indeed failing ?
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This just happened one day, but might PC will now not boot up with the graphics card in. It's an older PC (hp p6130f with a 450w PSU). I put in the EVGA GeForce 9600GSO a few years back, and everything worked fine. Now for some reason it won't boot up with the card installed. Any ideas as to why this might be? The card does not have an external power source by the way, and only requires 350w.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I've unplugged and replugged in everything, reseated the card and reset the CMOS.

A:PC Won't boot up with graphics card installed.

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I had this issue with my graphics card and could not find a solution, I went into the BIOS and changed the sound from Auto to Enable and that gave me my sound back.

A:No sound once Graphics card is installed

Does your new card have HDMI?
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I installed a new graphics card now Installed network new no nVidia video card and W power supply in my daughters computer an HP A N with Vista Home installed and now the networking no longer works properly As always this Installed new graphics card now no network is screwy The on-board network is also nVidia but the installed drivers are the same as before the video card was installed The Installed new graphics card now no network previous video was on-board and also nVidia and has been disabled in the bios The network shows limited connectivity with an IP address of something It keeps setting itself back to Public from Private The ethernet cable has been replaced and if disconnected the Network and Sharing Center in Vista displays PC ---------X---------Internet but when connected it displays PC--------------------unknown network-------------------Internet and is unusable For some reason the DHCP is not working properly Doing the network self test included with the PC everything passes except the last connection to the internet test I have done everything I can think of but can not find any configuration problems The PC exhibits the same behavior in safe mode with networking enabled

A:Installed new graphics card now no network

Do you have Norton or another Internet Security suite installed? If so, the changes may have "borked" the suite and it may be blocking access to the web.
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Hi All,

I have an Hewlett Packard SR5401UK pc running Vista 32-bit it has onboard graphics & sound but I've just installed an NVIDIA 8800gs graphics card, the card works fine but for some reason the sound has disappeared!! i've just updated the realtek drivers but still have the problem!! it worked fine before installing the g.card , whats even more strange is that when i plug in my headphones i can hear sound but nothing at all through the speakers!!

When i installed the 8800gs it disabled the onboard g.card automatically itself i was wondering if it has done the same with the sound? but if it had i wouldnt be able to hear sound through the headphones right? device manager says the sound is working fine!! im totally baffled by this if anyone could give me some advice id be grateful!! Thanks for taking time to read this!!



A:installed new graphics card sound has gone!!! plz help :S

Hi Gaz,

Installing a graphics card shouldn't have any effect on your audio. You say that you have no sound through your speakers yet you have when you plug in your headphones. Are you using the rear panel socket for your speakers and the front panel socket for your headphones? Carefully check the wiring to the front panel audio header on your motherboard - it is possible that you have dislodged some of the wires whilst you were installing your graphics card. However, before you do that check the obvious - you are plugging your speakers into the CORRECT socket, aren't you?
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jut installed an AGP graphics card
(took out 2 year old pci graphics card,uninstalled those device drivers,etc,installed AGP card, installed AGP CD drivers)

AGP is up and running,but monitor is somewhat hazey.

any thoughts?

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I recently built my first computer and just installed a Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti card. I have a Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 mobo running of course windows 7 64

Since this is my first build and my first graphics card I was wonder if I need to do anything in the way of adjusting my mobo to use the graphic card and not the one stalled on the mobo, or is there any other adjustment I have to make.

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Installed new graphics card have question

As far as I'm aware, you don't need to make any sort of adjustment.

Video cards: frequently asked questions

Although intregated graphics are becoming more powerful, they struggle to run the high-end games that a dedicated graphics card can.

You could, if you wish, disable your integrated graphics in the BIOS.
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I installed a new nVidia video card and W power supply in my daughters computer an HP A N with Vista Home installed and now the networking no longer works properly As always this is screwy The on-board network is also nVidia but the installed drivers are the same as before the video card network new Installed graphics no now card was installed The previous video was on-board and also nVidia and has been disabled in the bios The network shows limited connectivity with an IP address of something It keeps setting itself back to Public from Private The ethernet cable has been replaced Installed new graphics card now no network and if disconnected the Network and Sharing Center in Vista displays PC Installed new graphics card now no network ---------X---------Internet but when connected it displays PC--------------------unknown network-------------------Internet and is unusable For some reason DHCP is not working properly Doing the network self test included with the PC everything passes except the last connection to the internet test I have done everything I can think of but can not find any configuration problems The PC exhibits the same behavior in safe mode with networking enabled

A:Installed new graphics card now no network

Hello aaronkr,

Are you connected through a router? Have you tried resetting eberything?

Just a guess but do you have the Nvidia Network Access Manager installed? It is part of

the nForce Drivers. if so remove it from installed programs.
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Okay I m going to be honest and hope the answer is not too brutal LOL I like many other people tried to upgrade my computer to play The Sims I took my computer specs and the game requirements with me to the store and purchased an Nvidia GeForce GS a new power supply and GB of Installed graphics without card new uninstall RAM I read up on this and thought I d uninstalled the ATI Radeon Xpress on my computer and installed everything else correctly The computer was stuck in an endless loop of either restarting at the Windows is starting up screen or at the desktop I called a repair service and paid to be told the installation was correct Installed new graphics card without uninstall but that I had a terrible virus Now the game loads fine but the graphics aren t as great and sharp as I d expected and I get flickering fractal like images on my screen constantly I did some searching and was able to see that The Sims is using ATI and under Device Manager both display adapters are listed How do I change that Or I guess at this point how do I Installed new graphics card without uninstall get the Nvidia to be the default card I m sorry if these are stupid questions but I m not that computer savvy at all Thank you so much in advance for any help I have a Compaq Presario SR NX Windows XP Media Edition with RAM GB hard drive AMD Athlon processor Hopefully that s helpful lol nbsp

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I installed the OEM version of Windows 7, which came with all the basic drivers, but looking at the dxdiag box, my version of the graphics card I have is much older than the one on the ATI website.

I have the ATI Radeon HD 2400 - 1GB the version in dxdiag says 8.632
The latest is v9.9

But I cant seem to remove the old driver to update it, and I know this is incorrect, but should I just install the new one?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:OEM installed ATI Graphics Card Version

Hi missaaliyah

YES, this will over write the old drivers.
Relevancy 84.28%

guys i instaled the radeon hd 4800 serier driver for my sapphire radeon HD 4870 xvapor 2gddr5 graphics card but for sum odd reason when it goes on my desktop it shutts down n restarts after 3 seconds... or less.. What could be wrong ?

A:i installed my graphics card driver

Install the Full Catalyst Suite for Win 7, either 32 or 64 bit to match your version of Windows.

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM
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I'm using an old geforce fx and windows found and installed the drivers for it I look in Device Manager and I see my fx and my onboard graphics both listed and both reporting no issues But when I right click on desktop and select Screen Resolution the Display drop-down only lists the it?? Graphics use installed, but card cant driver onboard graphics I only have one monitor and I had to plug it in to the onboard graphics for installation because my computer's BIOS and POST never Graphics card driver installed, but cant use it?? appear on a monitor plugged in to the fx BIOS doesn't recognize it This was never a problem in XP though it always did the same thing every time there I installed XP on my onboard graphics then switched to the card And when booting it would just show a blank screen til XP came up Is my card too old to be fully recognized It is pretty ancient only the mb version of the fx I see everyone now using the fx all have mb is the driver different I just want to get off the onboard graphics with its crippling mb memory

A:Graphics card driver installed, but cant use it??

Try downloading forceware 96.85
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Hi all, This is my first post so please be gentle.

I have a Compaq Presario 5420US with an AMD Athlon™ XP Processor Model 1700 (1.47 GHz).

I recently installed a graphics card that was given to me to try and speed up video performance. The card is an e-GeForce 6200.

After installing, the colors are all wrong on the monitor and there is no color red. When I open the nVidia control panel and try to adjust the colors the color red won't adjust at all. I am totally frustrated. Any suggestions?

Relevancy 82.99%

Hi, Everyone

When I start my computer without standoffs could this fry my Graphics card. I have put three brand new Graphic Cards in my computer and all have the same artifacts.

God Bless

Relevancy 82.99%

Hi I've bought a ATi RADEON HD HD Pro MB for my sisters computer after their X Pro practically blew up A few resistors blew ATi RADEON HD HD Pro MB low profile YP on eBay end time -Sep- BST I have installed the graphics card and turned on the computer I never herd a Beep when i first started up The motherboard is ASUS A V-VM screen on a Installed new image no graphics + the now card SE As its not my computer I'm not sure if i ever did here it bleep Installed a new graphics card + now no image on the screen when i started it up prior to the blown graphics card I have asked my sisters and there not too sure either I'm just curious why it isn't displaying a image on the monitor I have tried monitors Mine and theirs and both monitors say quot Check inputs quot I have done the basic's like checking all plugs are plugged in and checked the graphics card is plugged in too Whats the reason for this The CMOS has been reset too I'm thinking it could be a nuked hard drive Thanks Dan

A:Installed a new graphics card + now no image on the screen

This sounds like something more than a blown video card... its entirely possible that the pci e slot may have been damaged as well... do they have an onboard vga adapter that they can use to test???
Relevancy 82.99%

Hi all,
I brought a new graphics card to put into my computer, but when i turn the computer on, the screen still stays black and the fan on the graphics card is on. I also don't hear any beeps from the computer. It is an AGP Card. It requires 300W.

I tried everything,
-Disabling internal graphics
-Taking out my sound card
-Use different power cable
-Updated bios to latest version...

Graphics card:

Motherboard: 775VM800 -
Ram: 2GB
Power source: 400W


A:Installed new graphics card, now computer won't boot?

Make sure the bios is set for AGP as the first or primary video source
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Okay i have a DELL Inspiron 530S, with Vista Home Premium.
Yesterday i could'nt boot into Vista, so i decided to re install vista,
i booted the windows from the CD, and installed it, the installation was succesfull,i logged on and i wanted to change the theme to Aero, but there wasn't Aero, i noticed that my graphics had changed to Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Before i installed Vista again, my graphics was ATI Catalyst Control Centre.
Im not really a tech guy but i know a the basic stuff.. so please someone help me, i would really appreciate it.

A:My graphics card is not working after i re installed vista

So, I am assuming you bought your machine with Vista preinstalled? If so, did you get any other CDs with the machine? Now I haven't had a chance to work on a Dell with Vista preinstalled but in the past, Dells would come with the XP CD and a driver installation CD. Check your box and see if you have one. If you don't (shame on Dell) you will have to open your computer case, look at the video card and see what model it is and go to the ATI support site ( to download the drivers.
I don't know how much Ram you have ( I hope it is at least 2gb) but you will probably find that it runs a lot better without Aero.
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Hi there I recently decided to make the switch from AMD to nvidia and right card Solved: won't Installed now new boot. and PC graphics before my card arrived I uninstalled all AMD drivers this of course then reset my monitors to feedback in basic VGA When my new Solved: Installed new graphics card and now PC won't boot. GPU came in the post I installed it into my computer however when I turned the PC back on it did one of two Solved: Installed new graphics card and now PC won't boot. things either made three fast beeps and the screen remained black or it would attempt to run windows then restart itself and repeat the process I ve tried installing my old card in the hopes that it d boot in VGA and I could install the nvidia drivers however I ran into the same issues as listed above I realise now that I should have installed the nvidia drivers before installing the card but now I can t even boot my OS The motherboard I have is the Asus M A TD EVO and my new card is the GTX - any response appreciated Thanks nbsp

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The computer doesn't read the hard drive at all now. I installed a 450w power supply and a 9600 GSO graphics card. Ive double and triple checked all connections and everything seems to be in order. The computer did something strange before all this happened... It made me update the firmware for the DVD drive about 6 times before the hard disk failed.... I had never even asked it to update.

its SATA

I am usually the guy everyone goes to to get their computer fixed, but I am stumped. I need the stuff on the disk for work.

A:Installed new graphics card, boot failure

I had similar problems with graphics card. It was solved magically by itself after keeping the PC unplugged for several hours.
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I just installed a firewire card into my first PCI slot The monitor would not turn on I removed the firewire card and the monitor worked I put the firewire card back in and removed Monitor not card graphics while working installed the PCIx Graphics Card The monitor worked I m running without a graphics card in the PCIx slot at this point I m just running my monitor through the onboard graphics card So far I Monitor not working while graphics card installed ve -installed the drivers for the firewire port -Upgraded the power supply to w from w -I ve messed around in BIOS but I m not exactly sure what I m looking for The system -ASUS CM Purchased in from Best Buy -The graphics card came with the computer but I dont have the specs on it I know it s NVIDIA GEFORCE but I m not sure what model exactly Nothing super fancy GT if I had to guess -The firewire card is a port Dynex card I can t seem to figure this out but I d like to be able to run my Graphics card while my firewire card is connected Also planning on adding another TV tuner card into the nd PCI slot Pleae Help nbsp

A:Monitor not working while graphics card installed

dont quote me on this, but perhaps the PSU cant supply enough power for both cards?
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I own an old Dell Dimension E310, and after getting sick of the crappy graphics I experienced on WoW, I poked around for a new graphics card that I was able to use (PCI sort only, 230 watt power supply), I decided on this:

It arrived last night, tried to install it this morning. Heres the problem:

After inserting the new card, installing its drivers, disabling Integrated graphics (on both Dell setup and Windows settings), I get a very garbled display. I tried reinstalling the new card's drivers, everything I can think of, no joy.

If anyone has any thoughts, please share. Thanks.

A:Installed new graphics card, garbled display

Have u turned the integrated graphics in the BIoS? also the Dell Dimension E310 have lots of problems with video
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Just installed a NVIDIA Ge Force FX5200 graphics card. Only problem is I can't get any picture. Have hunted high and low for answers. All checks state it is compatible with my motherboard. Have tried numerous option in BIOS but still cant manage a picture. I have to keep plugging my monitor in to the on board card to get my picture. If I can get some suggestions that would be great.

A:New Graphics card installed - blank screen only

have you used other cards in that slot before and if so did they work fine.
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could someone tell me how to turn my graphic card off in bios. thanks

A:New graphics card installed, but monitor says out of range?

I have changed your thread title to reflect your problem. Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

You should click on the edit button in your post and give as many details as you can as to what your problem is. This should include your system specs etc.

That way, members will have a better idea of what`s causing your problem.

Regards Howard
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Hello everyone Recently I've upgraded from a ATI RADEON HD Sapphire Graphics Card to a XFX AMD R My specs are Windows bit No Updated Available XFX R B Z Extreme Motherboard Updated to latest BIOS just checked Intel R Core TM i - k CPU GHz CPUs GHZ GB Ram Silencer EPS V W Power Supply I have used Display Driver Uninstaller to remove the previous Driver from the previous graphics card that was formerly installed I also removed the driver for the on-board graphics card to see if that was causing an issue The problem I'm currently having is after installing the drivers for the new graphics card and rebooting after installation the computer is freezing on the User Selection Screen For some reason it doesn't always fail there and I can continue Now (XFX Freezing Graphics Card Computer New is 360) R7 Installed I've successfully made it past the User Selection Installed New Graphics Card (XFX R7 360) Now Computer is Freezing Screen Installed New Graphics Card (XFX R7 360) Now Computer is Freezing after installing the new AMD Drivers for the XFX R but did get a notification saying the quot Installed New Graphics Card (XFX R7 360) Now Computer is Freezing Display driver stopped responding and has recovered quot I've uninstalled the new drivers using Display Drive Uninstaller removed the R and repeated the steps of installing the R again checking to make sure the capacitors were not domed out or cracked on the top and making sure it was seated correctly to the motherboard I'm currently at the step where drivers need to be installed If there's any other information I can provide please let me know Also as a note after I installed the graphics card and drivers for the first time it worked and I started a game Fallout New Vegas optimized at Highest Quality to see how things looked and it ran fine the decided to try another game League of Legends and when I got into the game the game crashed and gave a BSoD after this BSoD is when I found out the computer was freezing on the User Account Screen I just loaded dxdiag and I'm noticing that under System Information the System Manufacturer and System Model says quot To Be Filled by O E M quot
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I've just recently bought brand new parts to build a desktop and everything was running smoothly until I installed the video card. The monitor wouldn't display anything anymore. After removing the video card, everything worked perfectly again. However, when the video card was plugged in, the fans were running but the monitor was still not displaying anything. Could this be an issue with the mobo, videocard, psu, or monitor?

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI Bios

Video Card: MSI Twin Frozr iii Radeon 7950

PSU: Corsair 750watts Bronze plus

Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

Processor: Intel i7 2600k

Monitor: ASUS VH242H Black 23.6" 5ms HDMI Full 1080P Widescreen LCD Monitor W/Speakers

A:Monitor not displaying anything with graphics card installed

Did you disable onboard video? sometimes if you use the mobo's video output it gets confuzzled when you switch to a dedicated GPU. also are you plugging everything in correctly? have you updated drivers?
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just installed a xfx nvidea gs AGP in someone elses pc they had a gt card before hand and the PC was working fine under that card the monitor was plugged into the GT as DVI and ive done the same with the we have checked all the connections taken them out re connected them again the PSU black installed Solved: card graphics and out. new is watt so there should be no problem there but when we put the gs in the monitor the monitor does not come on quot no signal quot there is power in the machine we can hear windows booting up and the fans ect are working there is just no power Solved: installed new graphics card and black out. going to the monitor any ideas ive thought of the card being a dud but id like some different opinions oh and yes i have connected the Solved: installed new graphics card and black out. molex power lead to the rear of the graphics card Spec of this PC is as follows venice AMD gb HD UDMA Abit AV - RD Eye Skt K t pro xAGP ATX Gigabit Solved: installed new graphics card and black out. LAN SATA RAID IEEE ch Audio Guru USB motherboard x mb kingston PC DDR XP home edition watt PSU Trust ViewSonic VA WB nbsp

A:Solved: installed new graphics card and black out.

Thread closed
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So, my wife has an old computer for which I just bought and installed a new GeForce fx 5500 (Despite hearing bad things about it. Hey, it was really cheap.) But now, her speakers constantly buzz anytime the computer is doing anything graphically intensive, ie gaming.

The sound card is some cheap POS I got off of TigerDirect a while ago. I believe it is this one:

After some basic research, I found that this is not terribly uncommon, but I couldn't find any good suggestions as to a solution.

I have reinstalled the drivers for the sound card and obviously, I just installed the drivers for the graphics card. And I have a 400W power supply, which should be sufficient.

So, any suggestions?


A:Speakers buzz since I installed a new Graphics Card

I don't know what your rules are about bumping a thread, but I haven't been able to make any headway, so I was wanting more screen time.
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i recently installed a graphics card which required power from my 12v cables to be sent at 20a .
not realising my psu could only give out 16a max down its 12v cables
my problem now is i cannot get a display.
and i do not know wether it is my mobo i have broken or my psu

any help is apreciated.
ps. dont have diagnostic tools with me to test components/other pc to trial and error with.


A:installed new graphics card and broke something. but i dont know what

Well I'd start with a new power supply, you'll need on of those no mater what if you plan on fixing and running this computer.

Beyond that it could be the video card or the motherboard, or something else entirely.
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System specs AMD Athlon on not Computer card graphics installed will power with X Stock Computer will not power on with graphics card installed MSI GeForce nForce Mobo GB Kingston MB Generic Nvidia Pci-e GT WD GB SATA HiPro W PSU XP PROClick to expand I have an odd situation with one of my computers Computer will not power on with graphics card installed I was using it and everything was fine but then I went to work on something else leaving the computer powered on but not doing anything When I came back the computer was off I pressed the power button no response at all No sounds no lights no Computer will not power on with graphics card installed fans nothing I unplugged the computer for a bit and tried again but still no response I noticed that the power supply s quot trickle power quot led was off even when plugged into known good power the led s always on if it s plugged in I figured it might be a failed PSU so I opened the case When I opened the case I distinctly smelled the quot blue smoke quot that burnt electronics make I then connected a power supply tester to the pin connector When connected the PSU powered up and the tester showed correct voltages on all the rails I then reset the cmos and plugged the psu to power again and tried to boot with no response I stripped the machine down to a quot bare system quot mobo stick ram onboard vga cpu psu To my surprise it booted right up at this point reporting that no bootable drives were found which is correct no drives were connected I then plugged in my usb keyboard and entered the bios I reset the time and some other settings So then I tried connecting devices one at a time It came down to the video card If the video card is connected the computer will not even attempt to power up The video card heatsink was very clogged up with dust so I cleaned it and took the heatsink off the gpu to see if the core looked burnt The gpu looked normal to me however and the card has no smell of smoke So removing the card quot fixed quot the problem but I m concerned that I smelled smoke which didn t seem to have come from the quot failed quot component I have two theories besides just having a bad video card First I still suspect the power supply after all it is a W HiPro I m thinking that maybe removing the card put less load on the power supply allowing the system to work without it My second theory is that maybe part of the motherboard involving the pci-e slot fried I think my next plan of action is to try the graphics card on another quot crap box quot of mine to see if it works or not I guess I m just wondering if anyone has any other ideas or comments about it or if anyone has had anything similar happen -- Cliffs for those who won t read wave -System would not power on -Removing video card allows post and boot -Burnt smell in computer but video card not burnt -Don t really think the real problem is video card -Theories on why removing card quot fixes quot computer Edit Added Picture of GT nbsp

A:Computer will not power on with graphics card installed

Uninstall the PCI-E card drivers (this allows booting and switching to the card using VGA which is low power).

Does that work?


Try another PCI-E card - if it works, your old one is toast.

If it doesn't, your PCI-E slot is toast.

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Hello I recently upgraded my Motherboard and my CPU and had some struggles along the way with some installation but everything seemed to work last night After the installation was complete Graphics card was working fine and I was running monitors and using the graphics card just like I always have A few hours later I decided to OC the CPU with the quot OC genie quot button on the new motherboard That caused a lot of problems so i decided to reformat both my hard drive With the new installation installed when card graphics is Monitors display don't of windows on Monitors don't display when graphics card is installed my my SSD and the computer up and Monitors don't display when graphics card is installed running as we speak for some reason no matter what I do whenever the Graphics card is installed and the display is plugged into the graphics card instead of the onboard the monitors just don't turn on Yet I can hear the Windows log in sound as if it was loading through the boot Please help will post specs

A:Monitors don't display when graphics card is installed

i7 4770k 3.5ghz PCU

MSI z87 gd65 motherboard

16gb of ddr3 RAM

Radeon 6950 2gb GPU
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Hi Everyone I Have a DELL XPS which i thought had a couple of viruses or other software problems I checked this by work and won't Vista card now SP1 graphics Re-installed getting my brothers HD from his XPS and booting off it So I decided to re-install vista Once I reinstalled it and booted up i went on to install my graphics card drivers for my Zotac Geforece Re-installed Vista SP1 and now graphics card won't work GT I left half way Re-installed Vista SP1 and now graphics card won't work through to have dinner I come back and find that my computer has turned off and the power led is now flashing amber I unpleg it from the wall let it use up its power and plug it back in The computers fans turn on for a fraction of a second but they stop and the power led starts flashing again I take out my graphics card and it boots fine however without a screen because I don t have onboard graphics I turn off the computer and insert my first graphics card an ATI Radion and again it boots fine Again i take out the graphics card and put the zotac back in and like before it wont boot What Im really confused with is that nothing physical was done to the Zotac for it to stop working The only other things that i could tell you is that the only other led besides the power led thats on when it wont boot is the network led EDIT After a little more investigation i found that the powersupply wont pass its BISD test if its plugged into its the graphics card nbsp

A:Re-installed Vista SP1 and now graphics card won't work

What happens with the other hard drive now if the 9800 GT is in? It really sounds like the card is toast. Possibly from overheating during the first installation.
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hey guys sorry about the enable it when cannot device but works Graphics card this - start disable problem and goofy title I was trying to get as much in as possible I have recently Graphics card problem - cannot start this device but when disable and enable it works built a custom system for music storage gaming and word processing I have been having tons of problems with this system One of my ram sticks was bad after I tried different xp install disks I figured it was a hardware problem my netgear card isn t working or is just a P O S and now my graphics card is giving me headaches The graphics card I am running is a EVGA gs mb - PCI express it was a good deal at the time When I boot up the computer and enter windows the graphics card doesn t work and I am running off the Graphics card problem - cannot start this device but when disable and enable it works stock drivers from XP If I go to the device manager I get a quot Device cannot start code quot message After uninstalling and installing the drivers various times and updating the drivers with new releases from Nvidia its still not working properly It will work right after I install the drivers for it but if I restart my computer it won t work again I figured out that if I restart my computer and go to device manager and click quot disable quot and the click quot enable quot the graphics card works fine but won t allow me to adjust any settings for a few minutes or until after I run a game like Metal of Honor or Battlefield Does anybody know what gives mikeym nbsp

A:Graphics card problem - cannot start this device but when disable and enable it works