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Support CD for Asus M2n32 deluxe

Q: Support CD for Asus M2n32 deluxe

I need Suport CD for this Mainboard M2n32 deluxe. There is one software Soft AP for Access Point i cannot find on Internet.
Have somebody something like that?

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Preferred Solution: Support CD for Asus M2n32 deluxe

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Support CD for Asus M2n32 deluxe

Hi osmania,
I guess this is an Asus motherboard? Here is the link to the software/drivers for Asus M2n32 SLI deluxe mainboard.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

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I know this M2N32-SLI Deluxe No Bootable ASUS Raid is long but please check this out System info Three WD gig Raptor drives gig ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe No Bootable Raid of Corsair mhz Ram AMD x CPU Has anybody run into this problem Have not been able to install a Windows XP Pro operating system in the Bootable RAID configuration or any Bootable RAID configuration for that matter I can set up a RAID config on drives after I do a regular install of XP on a single Non-RAID SATA Drive config No problem I want my operating system to be on a RAID set of drives though for best performance Here is where I believe the problem my be I have the XP disc but it is not a bootable XP disc Microsoft provides a set of setup floppies that can be downloaded to be able to initiate and install the operating system using the non-bootable XP Pro disc I can do this routinely with one of my other systems which is on an ASUS A N X-E Deluxe motherboard It installs flawlessley onto two RAID configured WD gig Raptors With the M N -SLI board the problem seems to stem from the RAID drivers that have to be installed manually with the F function at the beginning of the install I give setup the drivers it asks for provided by ASUS for the M N -SLI board Then continue with setup by putting floppy back in Before it finishes with floppy I get the message quot nvraid sys or nvataraid sys cannot be found quot and setup must exit It's usually is the nvraid sys message but a couple times it has been the nvataraid sys msg These are the two RAID drivers I just loaded into setup with the floppy created using the ASUS driver CD for the M N -SLI board For some reason setup loads these drivers but then doesn't recognize them I tried putting those files onto floppy in case it was looking for them there That didn't work I've tried everything I could think of Tried recreating new floppies Tried new floppy drive Recreated the RAID drivers on new floppies Checked and rechecked the Bios settings That's all correct because after I install the operating system on a single SATA drive I can setup RAID on the remaining two drives using XP I have been able to install a second XP operating system onto the newly created RAID drives That kinda solved my problem but I'm not satisfied The problem then is I still have to have the single SATA drive physically installed as is or the system won't boot Even if I'm only trying to boot to the second operating system Disc management is showning the single SATA drive as a system drive while the RAID drive s is shown as a bootable drive Apparently there is still something on the single SATA drive that is needed by the second operating system or by the bios or whatever in order for the second operating system to boot I don't want the RAID drives dependant on the single SATA drive in order to boot I want them to be independant of each other I only want the single SATA drive for backup storage Any suggestions Sorry this is so long but that's the only way I know how to explain it

A:ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe No Bootable Raid

Never mind then. Ended up buying the full version of XP Pro that boots from CD. That worked.
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Could someone let me know if there is a way to turn up my voltage in my Asus M2N32 Deluxe? I'm wanting to go to Vista 64bit and want to install 8gb of memory with Vista 64bit but the voltage requirements for the 8gb memory are higher then what i'm set at now running XP Pro 32 bit 3gb memory..

thx, doc

A:Can i turn up the voltage on an Asus M2N32 Deluxe

Your BIOS will automatically detect the increased demand for voltage and adjust accordingly. Don't mess with RAM voltages yourself as you can mess your motherboard and RAM up, speaking from experience here.
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I was having trouble connecting my my wireless network so I (stupidly) used the Windows Troubleshooter. In the Device Manager I removed the wireless device (that is on my motherboard) as it advised figuring that it would show up when I ran Detect New Hardware Wizard, this did not work. Is there another way that I can get this Wireless device to show up in my Devices?

I am using Windows XP, and my Motherboard CD is stuck in storage while I am at a hotel, hence the fact I am required to use my wireless device in the first place.


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Got a problem with my motherboard Asus M2N32-Deluxe SLI. Cannot install drivers for wireless network adapter driver (REALTEK RTL8187) on my Vista Home Premium 32bit.

Driver installation stucks durring the process and only solution is to kill its process, and when I want to repeat and install it again, im getting this error:

When I look at device manager I see there is a device Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter but with error that device is not configured properly. (btw why it says USB2.0? its build-in the mother board, how come its USB2.0)
Please help, I desperately need this Wifii AP.

A:Asus M2N32-Deluxe SLI - problem with wireless network adapter driver

Have you tried downloading the driver again?
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I finally recieved my new asus a n-sli premium board along with a bfg tech gt and some other goodies and got it all set up To my dismay the system would not boot This is the second board i have tried to set up with my new system that would power up but would not post or show any video I thought it was strange to receive dead boards so i decided to call AMD and see about the processor also new purchased with first board Turns out my San Diego is revision E the other possibility is E and the a n-sli premium did not support revision E - explaining what I thought was a dead board so i returned the board to get the a n-sli deluxe which should be here tomorrow the deluxe version does support asus CPU support deluxe a8n-sli the E revision since BIOS or later so my question is - if i were to get this new deluxe board and it has an older bios or would it be able to boot so that i could flash it or would i have to send the board to asus to be flashed i plan on contacting asus support if it the board doesnt boot but i was wondering if anyone here knows what will happen or if they have had actual experience with this situation i am very anxious to find out and didn t want to wait for asus support so thank you in advance if anybody knows what s up giddy http support asus com cpusupport cpusupport aspx SLanguage en-us thats the cpu support page that AMD pointed me to the required for my processor is a few versions old so i hope that the board ships with at least that version and it wont be a problem at all nbsp

A:asus a8n-sli deluxe CPU support

I would bet that your board ships with at least 1011 (1008 minimum) as 1011 is the first BIOS to support X2. I know this isn't the answer you want to hear but I think you're just going to have to play wait and see. Please let us know what happens will you? TIA
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Does this motherboard act like a wireless router? Can I use it in place of one or does it only connect to a router? I have a MacBook Pro which "sees" the PC in Access Point mode but won't connect to the internet.
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Hi again

Can this mb support this ram?:

1024MB Stick, 6-Layer PCB, CAS 3.0, 128x4 Configuration (High Density), 184 Pin, DDR Memory

I went to the website but I didn't see anything that mentions if the ram can be high density...and the site doesn't really give extensive ram specifications anyway just a list of ram sticks that only reach up to 512mb that are compatible (didn't see information on if it should be CAS 2.5 or 3.0 or what either), but im sure I can have a 1024 mb stick as my board supports up to 3GB of RAM. I just want to know if the specific RAM mentioned above will work on my motherboard because I've read that this motherboard can be touchy when it comes to RAM...

A:Can an Asus K8V SE Deluxe motherboard support 1 gig of high density RAM?

Your m/b can support this RAM: 3x DIMM for DDR400/333/266 Max 3GB. :hotbounce
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Hey whats up guys. I just finished installing x64 vista and currently updating software to recognize 4GB or memory.
My setup is:

Vista Ultimate 64 (ofcourse)
M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition Mobo
Athlon 64X2 6400+ 3.3 OC
BFG Tech 8800 GTX OC
4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR 800 (running at 667)

Anyway. The Vista x64 install went flawlessly
All the updates went just as well.
Installed with 2GB of memory for starters.
Updated to BIOS V1503
Currently using Nvidia Forceware V6921Driver
Installed Microsoft Windows Vista x64 KB929777 patch
(you absolutely have to use IE to download and install this file, Firefox will not work)

Now trying to figure out if memory address settings are automatically set to enable after I install the remaining 2GB of memory. The system runs flawlessly with 2GB. So I will keep you all posted.

A:M2N32-SLI Deluxe 4GB memory install


All is well!!!
With the above mentioned hardware and updates.
Currently running Vista x64 with 4GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 Memory!
And by the way if you have a M2N32-SLI Deluxe wireless Edition Mobo, Do not worry about the the memory setting in the bios for the addressing. The Mobo does it automatically and recognized the 4Gigs right after the KB929777 Patch from Microsoft.
Any Questions or comment feel free
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Asus site is not much help, but here is my query.

Wireless icon in tray shows signal strength as excellent, 56. Mbps, shows connected, with proper addy....yet it isn't on wireless. When I disable my 2 LANs, I loose all internet. Have updated the Realtek driver. In the "show available wireless" accounts nothing is showing and I use Windows to repair...still none visible (should be a least mine and my neighbors + about 3 others). I have tried to get XP Pro. to configure and still nothing. All this because I unplugged all connection to tower due to a bad storm....
Any suggestions?

Boy Asus boards have little or no tech support.

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Ok so changing ram? after up M2N32-SLI power won't Deluxe here s what happened I took out my old ram and replaced it with new ones with almost same specs The only difference was that the new ones has ram timings - - - instead of - - - Other than that same name same brand etc I don t really know if this would cause any problem but appearently it did The ram is called Corsair TWIN X DDR MB CL and my motherboard M2N32-SLI Deluxe won't power up after changing ram? is a M N -SLI Deluxe from Asus I ve had this setup really long and no problems have occured until today when I just changed the two ram bricks The problem as of now is that when i try to M2N32-SLI Deluxe won't power up after changing ram? turn on my computer nothing happends at all The light on the MB does not light up either So my first thought was that the card has short circuited or something Any tips other than the obvious choice of buying a new MB P S I doubt it has anything to do with the current matter but lately my clock in windows have reset to each time i turn on my computer So I m guessing the clock battery is empty or something Any response is greatly appriciated In advance thank you Quantium nbsp
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Hi I am trying to install Windows Ultimate x on my new Kingston GB SSDNow V SV S A G and Asus M N -Sli Deluxe motherboard The CPU is an AMD Athlon X and I also have connected a Palit GT graphics card via the primary PCI-E slot PSU is Enermax W I have the whole setup with a traditional hard drive working just fine in Windows XP Professional -Bit with SP what I am trying to do is switch over to using the new SSD with a fresh install of Win Ult X The problem I am having is freezing hanging when either on quot Expanding WIndows Files quot at or V200 M2N32-Sli 7 with on Install x64 Ultimate Windows Deluxe Corsair usually on quot Installing Features quot either the cursor won't move or the dots next to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install on Corsair V200 with M2N32-Sli Deluxe quot Installing Features quot stop moving completely and I can just leave it for hours and nothing happens I have tried so far including combinations of each of these Installing from DVD drive Installing from USB drive Installing from USB drive with slipstreamed SP Using PS keyboard and mouse Installing with only one stick GB of RAM or two sticks GB of RAM or four sticks GB of RAM or different pairs GB of RAM Updated motherboard BIOS to latest beta version Swapped graphics card for another PCI-E card Swapped graphics card for a PCI card Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install on Corsair V200 with M2N32-Sli Deluxe Installed on another PC worked fine on that PC previous generation motherboard then swapped to this machine but when Windows has loaded it reboots the PC repair doesn't do anything just runs and runs finding nothing Installed Windows XP Professional -Bit with SP and all fine why won't Windows install Checked firmware of the SSD which is completely up to date Tried all SATA ports Tried different SATA cables Tried the SATA RAID port but no luck as driver won't install on Windows installation due to it being quot unsigned quot I am very confused because surely if the SSD was incompatible with my motherboard then Windows XP Professional -Bit with SP wouldn't Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install on Corsair V200 with M2N32-Sli Deluxe have installed and been working apparently flawlessly I am running out of ideas and have spent a long time on this I really need help please Many thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Install on Corsair V200 with M2N32-Sli Deluxe

Have you tried installing Windows 7 on a standard hard drive with that board?
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Have had my PC BSOD on me so many times it's not even funny these last few days Every time i install the Asus SoundMAX driver or any of the yes THREE beta drivers for this on-board audio-driver Uninstalled the driver and Vista seems to pick it up installing HDA drivers but haven't tested it 64 Vista Ultimate SLI Audio bit M2N32 driver Deluxe SoundMAX in that config yet i'm tired Front headphone SoundMAX Audio driver M2N32 SLI Deluxe Vista Ultimate 64 bit is working that's all i know it wasn't with the Asus drivers Anyone else had problems with this and how did you sort it Sorry if this is a stupid question and quot Vista 'of course' provides it's own drivers for this DriverDetective keeps telling me the drivers are out of date System Manufacturer Model Number DIY OS Vista Ultimate x SP CPU AMD Athlon X Dual Core GHz AM Motherboard ASUS M N -SLI DLX nF Socket AM BIOS Memory Patriot GB PC - C Extreme Performance x GB x GB total Graphics Card s nVidia GeForce GT MB DDR PCI-E x Sound Card SoundMAX on board Monitor s Displays Benq quot Screen Resolution x Hard Drives OS GB Western Digital Raptor K x TB Samsung Spinpoint F SATA RPM MB cache assorted others PSU Xilence W Modular Gaming PSU Case Lian-Li PC

A:SoundMAX Audio driver M2N32 SLI Deluxe Vista Ultimate 64 bit

can i use M2N32 Vista-edition drivers for this board, even though they weren't made for it?

No - you cant...
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this is the mobo i have
can i upgrade my cpu to a

A:Asus M2N32 Cpu options?

Hey there. You can update to that CPU but I would recommend that you go for a newer AM3 quad core by AMD instead. That way if you ever decide to upgrade your motherboard you can buy an AM3 one and the new CPU will work with it.

I recommend that you wait for a while until ASUS has created a BIOS update for that motherboard that allows the newer phenoms as the current one is in BETA testing which I do not recommend.

Keep an eye on this website
That is the ASUS page for that motherboard. Have a look at the CPU support list and keep an eye out for newer releases that support the newer AM3 phenom II's

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Is anyone out there running this board I just ordered it due to the fact that I was running an EVGA SLI board but the ethernet connections went wonky It at first they wouldn t recognize my router then they would only allow certain internet related programs to work and finally I had to purchase a PCI network card just to get on the net I ve read on a few sites that this is typical for the EVGA board and that it s a hardware problem and not a software problem running most current software package - NFORCE driver package Just purchased the ASUS board and it it expected to be delivered tomorrow I had run nothing but ASUS boards in the past but the EVGA caught my eye when I upgraded prior to Christmas to dual core Maybe I should have stuck with ASUS this time around since I NEVER had a problem with their boards Any ASUS Thoughts an on Board? M2N32-SLI in the past nbsp Any Thoughts on an ASUS M2N32-SLI Board?

A:Any Thoughts on an ASUS M2N32-SLI Board?

It's an absolutely awesome board, using it myself. I've had no problems, runs cool, good overclocking (if you do that stuff), lots of options to play with, and best of all it's compatible with AMD's next generation Phenom processors (at worse you will need a BIOS update)
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Hey folks,

Just got windows 7 the other day for my laptop and I'm loving it so far. Runs absolutely fab on my HP DV9000. However I'm having some issues with wireless driver compatibility for my gaming machine. I'm running 64 bit windows 7 and I'm having to manually install the 64 bit driver for the built in wireless card for my motherboard. I install the driver, it detects the device no problem, and I can even see wireless networks. However when I try to connect to my home network, after I put the WPA-PSK passphrase in, it automatically fails to connect right away. I am convinced this is a driver issue because it works flawlessly on my vista ultimate 64 bit install.

Has anyone else had a problem with this board/driver?

The internal wireless card is the Asus WiFi AP-Solo module (realtek 81somethingorother chip name, I'll grab it when I get home)

A:Asus M2N32 Sli wireless edition

Hi, try here to see if there are any new Drivers and such for your Motherboard, if so download and install all, hope this helps.
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NVIDIA RAID-drivers(vista)

I can not install the Nvidia raid drivers and it gives me trouble with a USB hard discs.. Probably no one has the solution on that matter.

"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)"

The another thing is - when i look my "device manager" and go display adapters, it show Radeon drivers 1950 series(microsoft WDDM). Do i have a ATI or Microsoft driver?

Earlier i install Ati ATI 9.1 driver for Vista 32b and i thing it is working ok - planning to install Ati 9.2 later.

Here are all my post by links.

X1950 working driver

Problems with window 7 installation !

Cheers WR

A:Motherboard(Asus M2N32-SLI Delux)


I have a 1950 pro pci-e, so I do not think it appropriate.

Windows 7 appears to me to be the best Windows to date to, but it may be that I have to change the composition of some of the newer parts in order to get it to work ok.

Cheers WR
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Creating my first new thread here as a new member and was not aware of not supposed to reply to VERY old threads. Kinda like punishing a child for stepping in dog poo who isnt your child.... Other than that I like the terms and conditions.

Ok onto my question.

Is a PC using DDR2 - 800 memory really that much faster than DDR2 - 533?

I noticed I cant really overclock my AINOS in the bios very much with such low rated memory.

A:AMD 6000, Asus M2N32 SLI tweaks

Yes I have removed many of your posts, ie in reply to 2005 thread?

Creating my first new thread here as a new memberClick to expand...

What about your other new thread:

As for your question here, you probably won't see the difference that much, but I'd always say go for the faster Ram, if you have a choice, why not anyway!

And I see a new thread here too:
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This one is a little different than the other problems people are having with this hardware I have Vista Home Premium and WIRED internet connection goes right to the router and DSL modem - AP M2N32-SLI Realtek ASUS RTL8187 WIFI - Solo The second onboard gigabit LAN I have disabled from BIOS BUT I have this awesome WIFI-AP Solo option which promises to create an quot AP quot which is an access point I use a Windows function called quot ICS quot which means Internet Connection Sharing I ve had ASUS M2N32-SLI - WIFI AP Solo - Realtek RTL8187 so many problems and bonked into a lot of brick walls but even after figuring out a bunch of stuff I fear I am at a dead end Please help anybody in the know The router is set up as and has netmask ASUS M2N32-SLI - WIFI AP Solo - Realtek RTL8187 of don t ask me why don t ASUS M2N32-SLI - WIFI AP Solo - Realtek RTL8187 know amp don t care I set up the IP on the gigabit lan to be and the gateway is set to I have all the DNS numbers from my ISP and I have absolutely no problem with wired internet I can see the XP computers on the intranet and everything My wired network is SORTED What I want to do is create this access point so that the kid s Nintendo Wii amp DS can connect wirelessly and do its thing YES I am a cheapskate saving on a USB wireless access point but that is not the point This thing has an awesome antenna that really throws out the signal I downloaded the very latest WIFI AP-Solo program dated -Mar- here is the spec ASUS WiFi-AP Solo driver V - for VISTA bit bit Enable support for WPA encrypton under Ad-hoc mode Add error message display when SSID has been left empty under wireless setup Wizard Enhance ICS support Add limit to the number of charactors allowed to be entered as SSID under Wizard mode Fix failed to site survey in certain platform Improve G only AP connection compatibility I have two network connectors activated one is the wired one and the other is the wireless one If I tell the wireless one under quot sharing quot tab that it is to quot permit other users on this network to access the internet quot then it forces the LAN network to use the IP address So that explains that It meant I had to go to the router and figure out how to reconfigure it to something else such as So far so good But what keeps happening is the wireless network keeps coming up with quot limited connectivity quot I tried everything six ways from Sunday but I just cannot shake that limited connectivity tag that Vista gives it I tried disabling ICS and hooking them together with Bridge Connection I tried turning on the RIP function I even activated some more functions using services msc that I read might work on another forum No Success And yet I can walk nearly darn near around the block with connection maintained with my Nokia albeit no internet access The only clue I can find is that the ASUS WIFI-AP Solo application says I have it set up as an AP in quot infrastructure quot mode whereas when I click network amp sharing in control panel and look at the spec under Windows it says it is in quot Ad Hoc quot mode Oh and I uninstalled the WIFI AP Solo utility and tried to use Windows to establish a totally windows controlled quot Ad Hoc quot network but no luck Any help anyone Thanks a billion in advance nbsp

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Hi all, I cant remember which would be a better Motherboard for the change that I am doing. What is the major difference between the two? I am going to put an Athlon 64 3400 and Kingston HX3500 ram on it. Is one better than the other? My video card will be 6800GT if that makes any difference. Basically my question boils down to is there one I should use over the other?

Thanks very much in advance for your patience...

A:Which Mobo.ASUS K8V SE DELUXE OR Asus K8N-E Deluxe ?

The main difference is the chipset, the 8v uses the via chipset while the 8n uses the nvidia chipset. Id persoanlly go with the sk8v instead of the k8v deluxe, I looked and honestly cannot find a difference between the sk8v and the k8v deluxe, other than the name. But I have heard better things about the new via chipset verses the nvidia one, so go with either the k8v or the sk8v over the k8n.
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CPU AMD Athlon X Motherboard ASUS A N -SLI DELUXE Memeory SAMSUNG PC GB GB x DDR GPU ASUS EN GS SILENT Silent ASUS A8NSLI-32 Trouble + ASUS Deluxe En7600GS PCI Express MB DDR PSU W SILENT KING- SUPER SILENT SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY HDD GB SATA II Status After installing Windows XP SP and the ASUS motherboard installation CD the system won t take the ASUS A8NSLI-32 Deluxe + ASUS En7600GS Silent Trouble drivers for the GPU System boots to the Windows XP loading screen and remains there The little green bar just keeps moving like it s loading Windows but it loops forever Again this started happening right after installing the nVidia drivers from the graphics card installation disc If I power down manually and then power back up again I can go into quot the last known good quot but every time I try to load drivers again the system starts doing this The latest drivers from nVidia cause ASUS A8NSLI-32 Deluxe + ASUS En7600GS Silent Trouble the same issue I m starting to think this is a driver conflict with the ASUS motherboard chipset or the motherboard RAID drivers Has ASUS A8NSLI-32 Deluxe + ASUS En7600GS Silent Trouble anyone else had a problem like this nbsp

A:ASUS A8NSLI-32 Deluxe + ASUS En7600GS Silent Trouble

Followup: I was able to fix it and thought I'd post this info since it might help others who might have the same problem. After reading through dozens of pages here and in the ASUS forums, I discovered that one of my default BIOS setting mysteriously ended up in a non-default state. For some reason, the RAID option for Silicon Image was set to RAID. That's fine for those how actually want to setup RAID but I didn't plan to use RAID at the time. After making the change to the BIOS, I had to install Windows XP again to get everything registered correctly. Once Windows was up and running, I avoided the motherboard chipset install CD all together by using only the newest versions of all the motherboard drivers directly from the ASUS website. Problem solved!
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A:upgraded frpm asus P6T to asus P6T deluxe 2...

I dont know that you would have to, but it wouldnt be a bad idea imo....
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What sould I get? The ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard,
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard,
I would like to know which one would give me better peformance, overclocking, gaming! Don't worry about the video I'll have that by Dec.(X1600)

A:ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe or ASUS A8N-SLI Premium

You will not notice any performance difference, by default, between the two using a 64 or FX processor... the chipset is the same and the supported memory is the same among them, along with integrated components.

The only notable difference is that the premium has a heatpipe to cool the chipset and chipset VRM on the board, and it allows you to alter voltage to the chipset. This lets it run without needing a fan (the chipset).

The latter would be better for overclocking, marginally.
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Summary I am putting this in the UX51VZ-IS71T: on Asus Asus Question Support? general forum section and please bear with me I had posted earlier a thread about my Asus Ultrabook backlit keyboard Asus UX51VZ-IS71T: Question on Asus Support? not illuminated Thank you all that have responded to that post but nothing worked I ended up sending in my Asus for RMA and warranty repairs Here is where the fun starts I first made my case with Asus and they informed me that my Serial Number was invalid I told them that it is wrong as I bought the Laptop from MemoryLabs com which is a Certified Asus Re-seller It even posts their name on Asus UX51VZ-IS71T: Question on Asus Support? their website in quot Where to Buy Asus quot Please do not take this as racist or anything derogative but the Asus support staff are all located in India and there is no way to talk to a person in America The repair facility is also contracted out to a company called BizCom in Milpitas California Now the men and women who work at the support center in India do their best but to my understanding they are a separate company working to just take calls Same with the BizCom company which they are great but again contracted so there is nobody who works for Asus or knows Asus's RMA system My laptop has been sitting at the repair center with no updates from Asus When I contact the support center directly they said the Serial Number was Invalid and that they had to talk to Asus about the warranty service I though Asus already fixed this when I sent them my Invoice of the Laptop and that it was a certified Reseller My Question Has anyone ever had this experience with Asus before Is there a number to talk to someone in America What would you do in this situation as this is my first RMA service and unaware of what is normal

A:Asus UX51VZ-IS71T: Question on Asus Support?

I had correspondence with ASUS via e-mail. It was a while ago now, I think it was a link on their web site. It was a waist of time really. I wasn't impressed. Replies took forever and the answers seemed to be scripted responses. I eventually just gave up asking any more questions. My issue was with creating recovery media. At that time there was no way of creating a recovery disk set in Windows 8.0. The utility I was referred to only worked in Windows 7. It became a non issue when I put an SSD in my laptop and did a clean install of 8.0.

Most of those contracted out call centers go by a flow chart. Ask this question, if the answer is yes, take this branch, if its no, take this other branch. The person asking you the questions may have no technical background at all. As soon as you say I don't know, your basically screwed. Assuming you can actually understand what they are saying. I'm not racist, but I don't think its unreasonable to be able to talk to somebody that is fluent in my native language. It seems to be the luck of the draw sometimes. I've had some that I could understand easily, and some that were almost impossible to understand.
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Does Asus P6T or Asus P6T SE support Triple Channel in Memory (RAM) ?
What's difference between Asus P6T and Asus P6T SE ? Which one you guys suggest ?

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I installed win xp on my amd with the asus k v se deluxe mb in the bios i picked raid for the hd i dont have raid i have sata only should i switch it to ide when the computer se help asus k8v deluxe boots it says searching for ide drives it says none found asus k8v se deluxe help and bios not installed i think its looking for a raid hdd it then loads win xp fine with no problem When i go into device hardware properties in xp the device driver for sata raid has a yellow mark next to it indicating its not working how do i fix this problem and also when it boots it looks for ide devices or a raid hdd i think boot xp loads fine also it says cpu fan error i think its due to the fact the cpu cable is connected to the atx blade case if so how do i stop this error from happening when i got into the bios it does not show how fast the fans are spinning it says n a i think this is do to the fans are monitored by the case itself i know the fans are spinning any help would be appreciated my main concern is when the computer boots it looks for ide devices then says none found bios not installed but then boots xp fine also the error in the hardware properties next to the sata raid driver thanks nbsp

A:asus k8v se deluxe help

SATA & IDE are two different connection standards for hard drives. If you have a SATA drive, you do not need to concern yourself with IDE settings except for the CD-Rom/DVD-Rom drives which are still on a majority in the IDE format & vice-versa, if you have an IDE hard drive you do not need to concern yourself with SATA settings.

Do you have a RAID capable system with two or more HDDs ? If not, you cannot install a RAID setup.

& yes the CPU FAN being connected to a Molex connector from your PSU means your motherboard cannot monitor the RPMs of your fan & thinks there is no fan installed. If you are sure that the fan is running, it is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if your fan happens to fail later down the road, the system will not detect it & will not take the proper precautions (such as a system shutdown). It is a risk you are taking.
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Ive read that people are having MAJOR problems with this motherboard, but then Ive also read how good this board is, and since the nForce3-250 chipset isnt out yet (and I need to build this computer NOW, unfortuneately) does anyone have any good or bad opinions or experience with it?
Please advise.

A:Yes or No? Asus K8V SE Deluxe

You might want to compare with these other 64 mobos anandtech
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Has anyone had any joy installing Windows 7 Ultimate x86 onto a ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe?

I have a RAID0 configured using the Silicon Raid chip. I've had this running under XP, XP64, Vista64 previously.

During the install I get to the prompt (the old F6 prompt) to load drivers, I have download some drivers from ASUS, Silicon and MS but none seem to work.

I don't think it is the RAID0 that is really an issue as I also have another disk connect to the Silicon chip, that is not configured for RAID but it fails to detect that drive as well.

I've followed a few threads on here and other websites, but I cannot seem to get around this.

I've tried:
Silicon Image - Support | Search Results
Microsoft Update Catalog Some of these, but there are loads.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Do you have an extra drive you could test by turning off the RAID to see if it will load without it. I seem to remember something about Nvidia drivers if you have an Nvidia chipset on that board.
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Ok, I've been through **** trying to get a new build to work mainly due to RAM problems, the story is far too long to explain here but basically I have been reading about RAM for this model of mobo and I don't want to make another mistake buying RAM for it. Can anybody recommend some that IS compatible and preferably for dual channel 2GB around 200$ I don't need anything over the top or extreme, just some decent RAM that is compatible and won't fail me.

Thank you for all responses.

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ok well i got this motherboard and im not too much of an expert when it comes to clocks and stuff because i dont know if this is the right clock. in everest it says that the Front Side Bus clock (which is an AMD Hammer) is 200 MHz. I thuoght that it wuld be higher, but i might be talking about somethign different. it even says that the effective clock is only 200 MHz too. I thought that it would be like 800-1000Mhz but like i said this might be the wrong thing im talking about. Any help?

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Thought I'd share a little bit of info I picked up while settings up Seven on my new rig.

Found that the driver CD that comes with the motherboard doesn't work off the bat. Autoplay doesn't like Seven for whatever reason, so what I ended up doing was browsing the CD and running the setup executable in compatability mode for Vista, worked like a charm. Called ASUS to find out if they had any beta Seven drivers and turns out they more than likely will not be releasing anything until after Seven goes RTM. The only issue I still have is a list of System Interupt Controllers as unknown devices in device manager. Aside from that, everything works great so far!

A:ASUS P6T Deluxe

Hi Dartimous and welcome to Seven Forums!

You might take a look at these threads.

Sm Bus Controller missing driver.
SM bus controller
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Can someone tell me how to OC my CPU using this mobo? Is there a tutorial around specifically for this mobo?


A:How to OC Asus A8N SLI Deluxe?

Everything you need to know should be in your Motherboard Manual. If you lost it, you can download a PDF version from the manufacturers website.
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Ive been browsing the forums but haven t found the answer to my problem Im new here First ill start by listing my components I just bought a barebone system from American pc and it came in yesterday and ive had nothing but problems with it New -Asus K V SE Deluxe -Athlon Asus SE help K8V Deluxe -Rexpower watt powersupply -new case Stuff I am just adding to the barebone -PNY Verto GeForce FX LE Optima DDR AGP -generic floppy drive -sony dvd drive -samsung cd RW - - year old Western Digital gig IDE hard drive -a stick of PNY DDR Ram few months old -a stick of generic brand DDR Ram may be or DDR Ram - years old Ok my problem is I cant get into windows I just figured I can unplug my HD from my computer now and put it into the new one Didn t format or partition still has everything on it that I have been using ie games apps After I start the computer the bios checks itself finds the HD finds the ram graphics card All is found during bios check Then the HD makes a sound screen goes black for about Asus K8V SE Deluxe help seconds then HD starts to spin up again and I Asus K8V SE Deluxe help am given the choice between Microsoft Windows or Windows XP The reason I have a choice is cuz I am not running NTFS just FAT and using a Win boot disk was the only way I could do this So it sees Windows and XP but windows O S is not there just XP So I choose XP and then I get this blue screen that says A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer If this is the first time you ve seen this stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps Check for viruses on your computer Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated Fun CHKDSK F to check for hard drive corruption then restart your computer Technical Information Stop x B xF E xC x x I have run memtest for hrs straight cycles and coverage No errors My bios Revision is I am using the HD I am having problems with in my new system in my old system now It works perfectly No viruses all data there nothing is wrong with it The new system just doesn t like it Help im lost nbsp

A:Asus K8V SE Deluxe help

You cant swap hard drives like that with XP or 2000. The drive has the chipset drivers from the old computer and thats most likely whats causing the problems. You need to put the drive back in the old computer and back up your inportant data on a cd, then put the drive in the new machine, boot from the XP cd and format and do a clean install.
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OK, I got an H50 today. What should I run my CPU at folks?

PS: Nothing on my 3x2g Corsair 6gigs of 1066mhz DDR3s... Is that important?


A:ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 & 920...with H50

Quote: Originally Posted by azathoth

OK, I got an H50 today. What should I run my CPU at folks?

PS: Nothing on my 3x2g Corsair 6gigs of 1066mhz DDR3s... Is that important?


Well as high as it can safely go, honestly. With that cooler, you could hit the 4ghz barrier easily. You'll need to tweak voltages though, I think, at that clock speed.

Take a look at this thread on i7 920 overclocking thread - -
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Does anyone know where I can download the drivers for this Motherboard? What I'm specifically looking for are the drivers for the WiFi-g card that came with the motherboard. I lost my CD and I can't find the drivers on their website.

A:Asus A8V Deluxe

Have you tried ASUS?

A8V Deluxe drivers: Deluxe&Type=Latest

Wireless Gear: - select Wireless from the Menu on the left and then the card type. Then select the card model.
Wireless AP:
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Scenario- I bought this built computer from someone for a couple hundred bucks a while back I am looking to upgrade RAM and through all of my research from Google to the Asus website I found that my MB Asus P B Deluxe supports P5B Asus RAM Deluxe MB & DDR PC as the maximum and up to GB of it What I noticed when I took the RAM out to examine is that the RAM the guy had installed on this desktop was DDR PC I have never encountered any problems errors etc Question- Would there be something wrong going on that I cannot see being that there is a RAM package that the manufacturer claims Asus P5B Deluxe MB & RAM is too high for my MB If so how could I figure this out Another thing is I could not find a User Manual for this MB anywhere other than to buy one from amazon com not even on the Asus website Really hoping there is an expert that can help me because I look like this right now -- gt nbsp

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I posted the blurb below in an old thread that s been inactive for a year so I m posting new with request for advice here hope nobody minds I m about out of my mind no correct that I ve gone round the bend with these problems all the lost time still-shaky behavior from my system Sure appreciate any help --- I too have had intermittent brain-numbing gut-twisting problems with this board I ve flashed the board bios a couple ASUS P5W HELP? DH Deluxe times but maybe it s time to do it again I run a dual boot XP sp and Vista bit systems I had many many problems with freezups I ended up having two not one but two hard drives that failed but the failures were intermittent and led me through no lie months of troubleshooting with everybody in the world it seems before I finally got it down to the drives let us not forget those wonderful ASUS P5W DH Deluxe HELP? hour calls to Microsoft where they go through the script before telling you they in essence have no idea what your problem is After I replaced the two bad drives it s worked pretty well but lately it s given to freezing up again ASUS P5W DH Deluxe HELP? randomly When I do a hard restart or power off because I can t get any response it reboots sometimes other times it won t and I have to boot or ASUS P5W DH Deluxe HELP? times Then it ll work great or boot up with my two primary working drives missing but all the others there I ll reboot check bios to make sure it sees all the drives which it does then reboot and they re there or not Maddening It s been almost a year but maybe I should just bite the bullet and reman the board or get another and go through this awful reinstallation process again I reinstalled between the two OSs again no lie times last winter I m still behind in my work because of the unreliable computer Otherwise when it s working the board s great Ironically lately Vista has been the more stable of the two systems But tellingly the freezups and missing drives happens in both systems so I suspect it s hardware not the OSs that are causing it My rig quad core GB ram p wDH Deluxe nVidia GS TB of storage IDE and SATA drives both I m contemplating dumping the IDE drives at last and just going to two SATA drives with a TB external for backup But even Acronis backup got screwed up and now I can t remove it from my registry which may also be causing problems nbsp
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[BTW - Hi all TechSpotters, it's been (more than) a while!]

At long last I'll buy a new rig. My current plan is to base it on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, not just because of its SLI capability, but also because it seems to be the best AMD mobo when it comes to future upgrades? Any thoughts on this?

Here are some other components I'm thinking of (as of now anyway):
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Asus GeForce 6600 GT 128MB PCI-E

Also, it's very important that the rig is as silent as possible - so I'd be very grateful for tips on quiet heatsinks/fans.

In fact, I'd be very grateful for any tips on my new rig.

[I know this post covers too many topics at once, but then so does my coming rig...]


A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe?

If you want to have a slient PC, you should purchase Sonata Case from
Zalman equipped heatsink for AMD Athlon 64 3200+

I have no tip for that vc sorry

Want to find more slient products, go to
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Hello i was wondering if i did the right thing. Right now my rig is a Xfx 750a mobo wit phenom x3 2.4 ghz processor and 4gb ram and gtx285. Well im upgrading to the Asus m3n-HT Deluxe and Phenom II x4 3.0 ghz. did i do the right thing? will my computer drastically increase?

A:Asus M3N-HT Deluxe

You tell us, after the system is upgraded
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I have an Asus A8V Deluxe with an AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+ 1802 Mhz

I was wondering if I upgraded to AMD A64 4800+ AM2 X2 BOX 65W would make much of a difference. I have been adding a few things lately, ie new tv tuner, 2 more hard drives and 2 more Gigs of ram and it seems slower. I think this is the highest processor I can go with this board.

If it won't make much of a difference I would rather wait and get a whole new system in a few months. I can get the processor for $109.00 here in Canada


A:Asus A8V Deluxe

the problem i see is the motherboard you have is socket 939 which will not take an am2 cpu they make a 4800 x2 for 939 pin but i think there pretty expensive man on ebay they go for over $250. There are faster single core cpus you could find but i say hold the money you have and wait till you can upgrade alot more.
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I have just bought this board along with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+

I have 1 gig of corsair 3200 ram.

My problem is this. When I try to use dual channel mode the system just hangs. Doesnt even get to the POST.

Both ram sticks work as I have tested them on their own.

Any help would be great.

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Hey everyone !

I bought this mainboard a couple of week's ago and right from the get go the bios seem's to be on the slow side,

When I'm in the bio's the reaction time is quite slow, It's kind of annoying since I'm in there quite a bit.

The system is fine in windows and stable.

Has anyone ...come across this before ?

Would a bad cmos battery cause this?

thanks for any ideas. Derrick

A:Asus P4P-E Deluxe

G'day Derrick, I can't say I have ever seen that problem before, the battery should not cause it, but you never can tell, does it lose time on the clock? That is usually the first indication.
When the machine is in that particular mode everything should work normally moreso than when it is in other modes.
I would be inclined to run memtest86 and see what it shows, I cannot think of anything off-hand that might explain that problem, (I really am a little low on thinking ability here!)
It wouldn't be something like a battery in back-to-front or something like that by any chance, I saw that once, lucky the battery had been flat.
Cheers, qldit.
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My P5LD2 Deluxe motherboard manual is not clear on this issue, and I need help.

Can I configure the following on the Asus P5LD2 Deluxe:

One WD 250GB SATA ll HDD as non-RAID for boot drive.

Two WD 250GB SATA ll HDDs set up as RAID 0 for data drive?

If so:

- what mobo connections are used for the 3 HDDs?
- do I need to install any drivers?
- what sequence would this installation require?


A:Does P5LD2 Deluxe support this HDD Configuration?

yes u can

'n of course mobo sata connectors

why would u wanna use non raid 4 boot drive? anyway

yes u need that driver disk or download latest drivers and do driver didk (intel ich7)

plug those hdd's (sata1 sata2 sata3) inplace and then go bios setup: ide configuration/

configure sata as [raid]

onboard serial ata boot rom [enable]

then choose boot disk on boot menu

save & exit

Now boot up and press CRTL+I

on intel storage manager:

choose create raid volume
choose raid level (guess striped 0?)
then select disks

blah blah blah

finally choose create volume and press enter

exit storage manager

now if u want to setup windoze on that just created raid disk u have to press f6 on windoze setp

hope this helps
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I had a power failure while trying to flash update the BIOS.
When I re-booted I kept getting an error message to the effect that "ROM is locked...check that jumper is set properly....." Or something like that.
It then would not boot from any drive.
The only jumper I am aware of is for resetting the CMOS.
I attempted to reset the CMOS and the motherboard fails to POST.
Now it will not do anything at all.
Aside from replacing the motherboard, how do try to resurrect my motherboard?
I was unable to register on the Asus web site.

A:DEAD Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Help!

You can get the mobo manual here ... Deluxe/e2651_m2n-sli_deluxe.pdf
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Onboard w the forums Yea Only I have a MEGA important column that I guess is called a thread I want to get this lateralled desktop ready for a new AGP w a modern screen for like a HD Flatscreen so I can see the world and some of what is out there for newbies I almost went to India onetime and passed it up I feel I ll probably not get that chance again in this lifetime I have a EVGA and want to upgrade into the AGP Pro series of graphics platforms so I ll tell you The whole DIY Computer thing is GREAT for those who it works for But I am the greatful owner of this SUPER Home built computer a friend gave me and would so like to carry it forward to the next supposedly DATED frame of caliber in graphics and AUDIO too I like precise vivid pictures and great sounds of home music like Rewired 800-e Deluxe ASUS P4C early eighties mix rock and classical christian music The slot is a AGP Graphics capable of a AGP Pro card and I would like ASUS P4C 800-e Deluxe Rewired to know what I need to do to get the best card for the money in that I would like to get the Direct TV Movies on Demand and I feel that would be a card needed that can produce HD pixels so as to go to a good TV or computer moniter of the which I have not got yet But my room mate has a HD Capable TV that boasts a or bigger screen and I would like to try and put a video off internet onto that screen via my desktop be through either Direct TV or off the other souces available through the WWW What would be my best option that is still available for purchase that I could utilize for this I have a big movie Buff for a room mate And she has several boxes full of old VHS classics Thank you I would like to get the best suited for this motherboard I can get reasonably priced Any help on the where abouts of such an AGP I appreciate - lover of oldies nbsp

A:ASUS P4C 800-e Deluxe Rewired

This may work for your. Though it will HD on the TV will depend on the TV itself.
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I've been trying to select memory for an Asus a8n Deluxe. I'm looking to buy 2 x 1gb chips and was looking at: TWINX2048-3200C2PT XMS3200 2x1GB 2x184DIMM CAS2. What would memory would you recommend for this motherboard?

TWINX2048-3200C2PT XMS3200 2x1GB 2x184DIMM CAS2 is costing me 172.10 inc VAT (approx $380). Is this expensive?


A:Memory for Asus a8n Deluxe.

Re: First post

I would use Kingston Extream and only go with 2x 512 as there will not be much demand for even that and it will still give you good room for advancement. unless you are using that motherboard in a game server you realy don't need more then a gig use the money you were going to spend on the other gig and buy the best RAM you can find it will be worth it and remeber the Kingston name is the warrentee anything ever goes wrong with the ram RTM and they will replacce it.
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Hey all, I have the Asus V7700 Deluxe V.C., and I just learned how to switch the screen from monitor to the T.V which is really cool. However, the resolution isn't the best, and I don't think theres anything i can do as far as the video card is concerned. I hear theres a T.V that puts out the kind of resolution that a monitor has, so I can get great graphics on the telly. Anyone knows what they are called? Also, how would I get to watch the T.V on the monitor? Anyone have experiance with this?


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If I were to upgrade from the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 what would you guys suggest? PC specs are in my profile. I can post them upon request.

A:Upgrading from Asus P6T Deluxe V2

Ive never seen anything like this until a few days ago, any opinions?
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New MB , Memory and HD. Unable to load Win 2K due to only drive SATA and lack of drivers for SATA.
Loaded WIN98SE - all working fine. for one day.
Power on system , passes memory tests and hangs before determining hardware setup. Unable to get into setup mode.
Old keyboard but tests ok on other system.
Suspect bad Mother board. Is my theory coorect ?

A:Asus A7N8X Deluxe

probably not. first thing I'd do is check all connections, reset the BIOS, try just 1 stick of ram at a time, only have the HD and video card installed. After that I'd unbolt the MB and set it on cardboard to make sure there isn't a ground problem.

but you can get SATA IDE drivers here...
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Hello! I have exactly the same problem as in this thread with the same setup:

I want to roll back my bios version to 1015 but the EZ flash utility will not read from the floppy disk i only get "floppy disk not found error" altough I have renamed the file to A8V.ROM as it says in the manual. Does anyone have any sugesstions? I really need my computer:/

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Ok, I have an IbuyPower ATX tower (Raidmax) with an Asus K8V Deluxe MB AMD 64 3200 processor, 3 G ram. I just upgraded it (along with two other or my PC's) to Win7 Home Premium. This machine makes a crash sound periodically (once an hour?) and the display goes black and says "no signal". In less than 15 seconds it returns to normal and is ready to go. So it's not a real Crash but something else. I suspect the GeForce FX5900 )128Ram) Video card. I have checked and updated all the drivers for the chipset, MB and the GeForce card. When this happens I see the CD/DVD drive lights (have two) flash like on start up but it's not a reboot that's happening that fast.

Anyone got a clue?


A:Asus K8V Deluxe Win 7 issue

Ok, something new.

It just completely shut down for the first time. I think it's haunted!

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I have a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe. My chipset fan was about to die, so I called them for a replacement.

I have the replacement, and want to exchange it out, but heck, I don't know how to get the old one off.

How do you remove the old chipset fan, and how to you put the new one on?


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Does it support dual-channel ram?

A:Asus A8n-sli Deluxe Motherboard

Yes it does. You can go here: and check out their Memory QVL
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I m currently running the follwing Athlon T-Bird mb pc- ram Xtasy Geforce MX mb Diamondmax gb failry new Sounblaster PCI old i know been good to me though Running Asus ?s A7N8X-deluxe win SE and some other stuff that should work fine with Asus A N X-Deluxe mb ram considering Crucial going with a single stick because I plan on adding another mb when I finally get XP Athlon XP FSB Ok here s my s I read that there are some problems running win SE on the new nVidia chipset I won t have the money for XP after I buy the board cpu and memory child support is a drag Can anyone confirm this And would I have any problems running my old gear with this board Just curious I plan on transferring a bunch of videos to a DVD burner I bought and thought this would be a pretty cost effective upgrade But I m seeing advertisements with the Barton core Thoroughbred core etc what s the difference Will it make a difference with this board Is there just a difference in the core after Asus A7N8X-deluxe ?s a certain model like between the and the Any help would be appreciated i ve been skimming the forums for about an hour now and see that you guys really know yer stuff Whip nbsp

A:Asus A7N8X-deluxe ?s

Windows 98 should work with that board. It is supported & there are drivers for all the integrated components of the board for Windows 98. I don't have any hands down expericence with that OS/mainboard combination so this is all in theory.

What other harwdare are you planning on porting over to the new mainboard ? You shouldn't have any troubles with the VGA card & the HDD. You won't need to use your old sound card & the PC2100 will be useless if you ever get a CPU with an FSB above 133 ( 266 ).

The Thoroughbred & Barton are names for the different cores of AthlonXP CPUs. The main difference between both is the size of the Level 2 Cache. Thoroughbreds have 256kb, Bartons have 512kb. There are also Thoroughbreds with 133 ( 266 ) FSBs & 166 ( 333 ). Bartons are available with 166 ( 333 ) & 200 ( 400 ) FSBs.

Make sure to check out this thread ( Identifying AMD processors ) to know what speed the chip is running at & what FSB it uses. If you get a CPU with a 166 ( 333 ) FSB, you will need PC2700 Ram, if you get one with a faster FSB such as 200 ( 400 ) you will need PC3200.

Anything else you'd like to know about the board ?

PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
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Hi guys sorry for being a noob at this.

I have two ata133 maxtor drives of 120gb each, they are what ive been using in my previous system to date.

I recently bought a dual processor setup ie the asus dl deluxe motherboard and a pair of xeons. Along with this i purchased 2x 300gb sata 150 maxtor drives hoping to use these setup as a striped raid array.

The two new drives are completely blank at present, but i would like to keep my existing os and data on my two 120gb drives.
Is this possible? and can anyone advise on how i go about setting the two new drives up as a 600gb raid array?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a an ASUS A N X Deluxe I am trying to buy a gig ram card for it and am not sure if the motherboard supports x configuration this is my motherboard specs - x -pin DIMM Sockets support max GB PC PC PC PC non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory - Dual Channel Memory Architecture these are the specs for the ram im looking at GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS PIN Memory A7N8X RAM ASUS Deluxe HELP! GB sec ASUS A7N8X Deluxe RAM HELP! Mhz Volt Module DIMM DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY X HIGH DENSITY Non-ECC Non-Parity Unbuffered GB DDR MHz PC V Non-Parity Non-ECC -pin Cas Latency DDR memory or Double Data Rate memory is an evolutionary new memory technology that doubles data throughput to the processor As an evolution of today s PC SDRAM DDR leverages the existing production and environment to provide unrivaled PC performance at an affordable price Specifications GB MHZ PIN DDR Memory No-ECC Higher performance over mainstream PC or PC memory Up to GB sec of peak bandwidth using PC DIMMs with DDR memory chips JEDEC Standard pin DIMM non-ECC DIMM Lead pitch mm Volts SSTL- I O Interface SPD Support Support for Memory Chip Stacking nbsp


ASUS motherboards are VERY picky about RAM. Only use RAM brands recommended and also configured according to the manual. RTFM.

DO NOT mix brands or types of memory.
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I have a an ASUS A N X Deluxe I am trying to buy a gig ram card for it and am not sure if the motherboard supports x configuration this is my motherboard specs - x A7N8X Deluxe ASUS HELP!! RAM -pin DIMM Sockets support max GB PC PC PC PC non-ECC DDR SDRAM memory - Dual Channel Memory Architecture these are the specs for the ram im looking at GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS PIN Memory GB sec Mhz Volt Module DIMM DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY X HIGH DENSITY Non-ECC ASUS A7N8X Deluxe RAM HELP!! Non-Parity Unbuffered GB DDR MHz PC V Non-Parity Non-ECC -pin Cas Latency DDR memory or Double Data Rate memory is an evolutionary new memory technology that doubles data throughput to the processor As an evolution of today s PC SDRAM DDR leverages the existing production and environment to provide unrivaled PC performance at an affordable price Specifications GB MHZ PIN DDR Memory No-ECC Higher performance over mainstream PC or PC memory Up to GB sec of peak bandwidth using PC DIMMs with DDR memory chips JEDEC Standard pin DIMM non-ECC DIMM Lead pitch mm Volts SSTL- I O Interface SPD Support Support for Memory Chip Stacking nbsp
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Hi, I have an Asus P5LD2 Deluxe and I wanted to know if it can run nVidia cards in SLI. It comes with an Asus video card bridge but I'm not sure. Thanks!

A:Asus P5LD2 Deluxe


You have 2 graphics card slots to run in SLI.
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best ram 4 the Asus K8V Deluxe mobo?

A:best ram 4 the Asus K8V Deluxe mobo?

Not to be rude or anything, but have you tried looking at the board on Asus' product pages?

But I'll be nice and tell you that DDR400 is the best ram you can use. You can have 3 sticks of it, and a maximum of 3GB.
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Hi guys,

I'd really appreciate some help with this.
I've been trying to install Vista for a few days on my system comprised of a A8R32 Deluxe board and a NEC 3500AG DVD Drive. The reason I mentioned the DVD drive is because I'm getting a "Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing." error message after the language selection screen.
When I click 'Browse' the dvd drive is indeed not listed but all the HDDs (all SATA btw) are listed. I mean the dirve the Vista installation just booted from it's now not found!?
So I recon it's the IDE controler drivers that it needs.

My board has the Ali M5229 chipset and the ALI dudes don't even have a support button on their site.
The ULI also only has a very old ALLIDE.inf driver in the packge.

Any ideas?

Much apreciated,


A:Asus A8R32 Deluxe


thx all for the support
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Currently using DDR 3200 RAM in my K8V SE Deluxe and wondered if anybody knows whether or not this mobo will accept higher speed RAM?

Thanks in advance


A:Max DDR RAM speeds for Asus K8V SE Deluxe?

Your board supports a max of 3200 ram.
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Hi everyone hopefully one of you has seen this before and can confirm what I suspect is happening I built this system earlier this year no expense spared SLI system with AMD FX- dual nvidia Ultras etc It was running like a top if a bit hot but nothing outside of expected heat ranges One day it turns on and I m playing games The very next day all it does is beep at me One long beep repeated indefinitely This does not seem to be a POST beep There is no voice telling me the problem There is no option to get into BIOS There is no display Everything powers up all fans operational just the beep I have removed every component except for the CPU and it still beeps at me I m going me Deluxe Asus at beeping A8N-SLI to remove the CPU and reset the BIOS today but honestly I expect the same results Is the mobo fried Should I just purchase a replacement Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe beeping at me

Check the fan on your heat sink and the thermal paste between the hsf and processor. Also, check the power supply for proper voltage.
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I just installed Vista Home Premium on my Intel system with a Asus P5B Deluxe mother board and I am having issues

First, every time I boot I get this message:

Do you want to execute ASUS startup program?

Do I? If I do how do I get this to do this on it's own?

I have downloaded from the Asus web site the files/programs below and run them:

Audio drivers

I still do not have the onboard wireless card working (or even seen by Vista) and saw nothing as far as drivers on the Asus web site for this.

Anyone out there having similar problems and know how to solve these problems I am having?



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Hello So I my Deluxe Asus with Problem P6T V2 recently got this motherboard named Asus P T Deluxe V it looks like this With it I bought - PSU Corsair CX M - Two GB RAM Problem with my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 in total - AMD Radeon r graphics card - Intel Core i - Harddisks Seagate Toshiba with GB on both - Case CM Force I've already put everything into the Computer and when I turn on the PSU the motherboard's reset and power button both light up The power button is red Problem with my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 and the reset is green Now when I try to connect the Power SW cable to Problem with my Asus P6T Deluxe V2 the Front Panel connector on the motherboard and try to press the power button on the front of the Computer nothing happens at all I know you might say that I have placed the Power SW cable wrong and that I have to put it on differently but I'm pretty sure I've tried all combinations What could cause the pc not to start The RAM The Graphics Card Anything Please let me know fast - Dennis

A:Problem with my Asus P6T Deluxe V2

I think you got the wrong CPU for that mobo. The mobo socket is 1366 ... see here .... if your i7 is not the "Extreme Edition i7" it will never work. Here's the CPU support list for that mobo.....

As I see it, you have to options; replace the cpu with the correct cpu socket type (1366) which can be costly. Or get a new mobo with socket 1150/1151 for what I believe your current i7 is which would be a lot cheaper.

With out knowing the full details of your hardware this is all just a CPU i7.

BTW....with Asus mobo's, you get the Q-connector which makes it hassle free for front panel connections. I wish the rest of the mobo manufacturers would follow suite.

The Asus Q-Connector allows single-step connection and disconnection of chassis front panel cables with one complete module. This unique adapter ensures quick and accurate connections without the trouble of plugging cables in separately.

ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard -
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Although not advertised, I heard that I could put a Phenom AM2+ Processor in my AM2 Motherboard without a problem as long as I flash the mobo bios to the latest. I was wondering if there were any downsides to doing this and not just getting a new motherboard and what steps I should take to upgrade and in what order. Thanks.

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i have 2GB dual channel of this RAM:

and an Asus A8V Deluxe mobo.

i've had the BSOD quite a bit and my minidumps seem to suggest RAM problems.

using one stick alone, either one, i seem to have no problems. a friend suggested that maybe slowing down the RAM might help it run without the BSOD.

but i'm a newbie...i see a ton of settings in the BIOS for RAM and am not sure what to do!!

like CAS, TRC, TRFC, TRCD, TWR, TRWT, TRAS, TRP, TWCL and more...
they are all currently set to AUTO

what is the best way for me to tweak these settings?

help is appreciated!!

A:How do I slow down my RAM on Asus A8V Deluxe?

If the RAM is set to auto then the timings are already very conservative and it would be unlikely that setting them any lower would do any good. Auto means the board goes right to the RAM and accesses an onboard chip (the SPD) that tells the board what speed to run RAM at. These settings are very conservative so as to run stably on all boards.

It may be that you have a hogh temperature problem with the CPU or the PSU isn't up to the task. What are your specs, specifically the PSU name and wattage as well as amps on the 12v rail, CPU type, motherboard name and model, video card(s), and all peripherals. Also, can you get a temp reading off the CPU during heavy load.
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Okay so here s the setup Asus A N X-E Deluxe Athlon XP w Vantec AeroFlow x MB DDR RAM kingston GB Samsung SATA HD A7N8X-E Asus Deluxe! Ever W PSU GeForce Ti asus I can t get the computer to turn on I followed all instrucitons on connecting all those wires those wires being the ones for the switches and LEDs to the proper plugs Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe! on the motherboard I double checked with the motherboard manual and the writing right below it I reversed everything several times to make sure the positives and negatives and grounds were all properly set up When the PSU goes on the motherboard s green light goes on indicating that the mobo has power However when pushing the switch to turn it on it doesn t turn on All jumpers are properly set the jumper to Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe! reset the CMOS is not in that position i e its in normal operating position and all other jumpers were set to default I did more in depth search removed the switches leds etc from the front and analyzed it Then I cut the wires and made a manual connection thinking something was wrong with the switch and still no go I even measured the two pins that stick out where the power switch was supposed to go and it read v Why won t my computer turn on Many many no several thanks to anyone who can help asap nbsp

A:Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe!

Just a guess but maybe your mobo is defective?
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hello and happy new years guys and girls... my name is battleon and im new to this forum. im here cause im overcloking my asus (a7n8x-e deluxe ) with a 3200+ barton and two 512 ocz pc 3700 memory sticks with totals 1 gb . i would like to know how to set the proper setting in the bios or if anyone has mess with the latency setting and so on please help me or give me some idea in how and if helpful to me. is there a page or site were it shows the settings of the bios already overclock. thanks for now and if you guys need more info on what i have in my box please response back to me and i might also help with info on this mobo... thanks again truly yours battleone.

A:Overclocking asus e deluxe

Wow, I have the same exact board running a 3000+ and I can barly keep it stable. Id be very impressed if you actually do sucessfully OC it.
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well I'm sitting here trying to setup my new ASUS motherboard. At first it would not recognize anything in on the secondary IDE. I changed the IDE configuration to Enhanced mode and told it to accept P-ata and s-ata. Now it recognizes everything but instead of saying that my hardrive is on the primary IDE channel as master and that my cdrom and dvd (two separate divices) are the master and slave on the secondary IDE it pushed the Hardrive to the third IDE channel and the cd and the dvd to the fourth IDE channel. Anyone got any idea of how this might have happened?

DUMPY55 :suspiciou

ASUS P4p800 E-Deluxe
Transcend ddr400 512 x 2
Maxtor 80 Gig
Liteon CDRW/DVD Combo
Liteon DVDRW 16x
ANTEC Server Case
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Hi all I m in a spot of bother with my new setup Here s the specs A N-SLI Deluxe mobo AMD Winchester core x MB CT Z B DDR PC CL NON-ECC UNBUFFERED x XFX GeForce GT MB GDDR PCI-Express Extreme Gamers Ed x GB Hitachi deskstar IDE HDD x GB Maxtor IDE HDD Jeantech W PSU Have to use a - pin mobo connector The prob is that the sys won t power up at all nothin Tried the Deluxe Asus POST no A8N-SLI RAM in diff configs A -A B -B even tried just single strips in all slots The RAM is OK as it was used in my previous setup also the drives and PSU were used in my previous setup with no issues Also in the mobo manual it says quot Due to CPU limitation DIMM modules Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe no POST with Mb Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe no POST memory chips or double-sided memory Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe no POST chips are not supported in this motherboard quot which mine are double-sided Which is strange as Crucials website states that this is THE most popular choice of RAM for this mobo Also tried the GFX cards in diff configs single mode with each card EZ selector card in Single SLI mode Dual mode aswell with GFX cards in either slot EZ selector card in Dual SLI mode I also get the SLI WARN LED light up when using dual cards but with the EZ selector card still in single SLI mode Also get the SB PWR LED light up to indicate power to the mobo Can t test CPU as no-one I know has switched to the AMD yet Checked all connections and they are sound and connected properly My only concern other than it isn t working is that that - pin connector was not supplied with the Jeantech PSU I robbed it from a COLORSit Watt Silent Tech PSU This shouldn t affect anything as the wiring should be the same as the connector is designed for a standard pin ATX PSU Guys I hold my hands up to you and your vast knowledge I have exuasted all options I can think of If there s anything you can think of for me to try please say so as this is driving me crazy and I m starting to get withdrawal symptoms from my EVE Help please Regards Nuhvok nbsp

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I bought a PC with a ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard a month or so ago and installed Windows 7 Ultimate to a SATA drive.

When the machine boots up it goes through the process of initialising the onboard RAID controller then looking for drives to boot from RAID - of which there aren't any.

Also in Device Manager I have a RAID controller showing under Other Devices as 'not installed'.

Can I disable RAID in the BIOS to speed up booting as I don't need it at present (or do I???)?

If so how?

Thanks in advance


A:ASUS P6T Deluxe - not using RAID

It sounds like you need (want) to switch from RAID to AHCI mode for SATA. You can't just switch it AFTER the OS is installed - you would not be able to boot into Windows afterward.

Can you go into the BIOS and tell us what the settings are for the Storage Configuration? (Don't change anything yet) It will be the MAIN tab > Configure SATA As:
Can you post a screen shot of the device manager with all the hard drive related items expanded?

This tutorial shows you how to switch the SATA mode after the OS is installed:
AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista

Before the switch it is usually necessary to uninstall the RAID drivers first. But because the RAID controller shows up as an other device and not installed I suspect the drivers were never installed in the first place.

Before doing the switch you will need to back up all your important data. You should prepare as though you were going to wipe the drive and install everything fresh - because worst case is that is what you may need to do. That said, the above method works without a hitch most times.

EDIT: I assume there is only one Hard drive in your computer?
Please fill out your "My System Specs" for better help!
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I am trying to install sound drivers for built in sound and computer won't see driver on CD. I went to web site of ASUS and downloaded the driver but when I go to install it says can't find. I have put it in a temp file and unzipped it and then when I go to install hardware update in Device manager I click on "No not this time" Then I go to install from list or location and it comes up with "search for best driver in these locations and I check both with the browse window with driver that I want listed and then click next it looks for and then comes back with "The hardware was not installed because the wizzard cannot find the necessary software." Is there a way to do this manually?

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Well I just bought the K V Deluxe AMD Athlon package and I installed it into a new case and all I am installing my old drives including a CD-RW GB HDD and ASUS K8V SE Problem Deluxe with Floppy At first Problem with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe because my drives are old I connected the drives through the generic IDE ports When I boot my system the FastTrak Controller couldn t find Problem with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe a drive and the system would restart I then opened my BIOS and disabled the FastTrak and when I rebooted my system nothing happened I then connected the HDD to the FastTrak port and enabled FastTrak again The HDD was found and everything seemed ok After the FastTrak scan the screen went black with one white cursor top left After about seconds of waiting the screen then changed prompting me about an unsuccessful boot and that a quot recent hardware or software change might have caused this quot Then it gives scenarios in which the computer restarted itself or the power failed and then asks what I want to do The options are boot in Safe Mode Safe Mode with Networking Safe Problem with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Mode with Command Prompt Last Known Good Config your most recent settings that worked and Start Windows Normally I chose Start Windows Normally as booting in safe mode will do me nothing and I have no known good config since the Board and CPU are new Every time I choose Start Windows Normally the system just reboots and does the same Sorry for the long story but I figured any and all information would be helpful Thank you nbsp

A:Problem with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe

Anyone think its the HDD, or a BIOS setting, or jumpers, what??
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I recently built myself a new computer. It is the first one that I have built. Everything is working wonderfully...except that audio options are not recognized. The mother board has a surround sound feature, so I'm pretty sure that I don't need to buy a sound card. What's the deal?

A:Asus K8N-E Deluxe help - no audio

Is on board audio enabled in your BIOS ?
Did you load drivers and software for Audio from Mb installation disk?
Are there any error messages?
Are there any items listed in Device manager for audio?
yellow exclamation marks mean improper driver install.
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Hi I have a problem something has gone wrong with wireless P5W DH Asus Deluxe my wireless on my Quad Core PC It has a Asus P W DH DELUXE Mobo with the wireless card built on it Basically my wireless sometimes can not connect to the router which is only about - meters away sometimes it Asus P5W DH Deluxe wireless connects but there is no internet access I disable the adaptor and enable it again and it works on some occasion while other times it doesn t During all this time I try the wireless network on the laptop and it works even downstairs Can someone please help as I have not been able to use the internet on it for the last hours I have tried quite a few things I have disconnected the ASUS Ariel Asus P5W DH Deluxe wireless and Asus P5W DH Deluxe wireless reconnected after a while I have uninstalled the wireless card in device manager and also uninstalled the driver and utiliy using revo uninstaller I have reinstalled the drivers and tried newer updates drivers I have reset the wireless router many times Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Asus P5W DH Deluxe wireless

bump ... can anyone please help?
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Hello everyone.. I have a bit of a problem with a PC I just built.

Ok. Everything seemed fine and everything appears to be in working order. Now sometimes when I flip on the power supply the computer turns on by itself, all of the fans are running etc.. and then about 5-10 seconds later it shuts off.. From there you can trun it on via the power button as usual. Why is this happening? I have read some other fourms/posts and someone had said to check the wake on LAN, boot from USB etc.. in the BIOS to see if it was enabled, but it is NOT. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance.....

System Specs:
Asus P5W-DH Deluxe
Intel C2D e6400 2.13 GHz
ATI Radeon X 1950 GT
2 250 Gb WD cavier Hdds
Corsair 2 GB DDR2 XMS memory
Card reader, DVD-RW, etc..

Dual boot with Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista Business.

A:Asus P5W-DH deluxe turns on by itself? WHY?

probably a bad or failing relay and/or switch.
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I am looking to buy a 3.4ghz northwood soon and I have the asus p4p800 deluxe motherboard. Asus says that this motherboard supports 3200ghz+ on their website. Does anyone have this config that can tell me wether or not its doable and if its stable and runs at a decent temperature. Thanks

A:ASUS P4P800 Deluxe & P4 3.4C

You need a BIOS update to support that CPU, version 1014.

See the CPU support page for your Mobo:
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I ordered a Asus P4C 800-E Deluxe Mobo from Newegg and was wondering if it will run my Maxtor 160gb Ultra ATA/133 hdd without using a disk overlay manager. Is it the type of Mobo or OS or Bios that determines if it needs the overlay? Would Win98SE be ok? What about XP pro?? TIA


A:Asus P4C 800-E Deluxe Question

bios and os will determine how big a hd you can support.

XP pro will work if you have service pack1 installed.

I would not suggest 98 simply because it is no longer supported and is much less stable than XP.
Asus website does not specifically state what size HD it supports but it is a current board so I would be VERY suprised if it would not support a 160GB hd.
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I am having a computer built with the Asus A N SLI Motherboard and have done a lot of research I know that I need to replace the chipset fan with the Zalman cnps B-cu cpu cooler but getting confused about the best hard drive in the to G category and memory to have installed Also any suggestions on the AMD processor The computer tech who is building it recommends the AMD A8N Asus Deluxe Motherboard SLI Athlon but I know that the dual core processors are now being offered Because I will probably keep this new computer for at least years the one that I use now is years old - still chuggs along I try to get a computer with top of the line hardware Also he recommends Windows XP Home Asus A8N SLI Deluxe Motherboard but a lot of people state that the only way to go is Xp Pro I ve been researching all of this for weeks and I m starting to feel that I need a brain transplant I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions or comments nbsp

A:Asus A8N SLI Deluxe Motherboard

All right so you are going with the 939! If you really want THE best processor, go either AMD 64 fx57 or 4800 x2. They will both cost you about a $1000.
If you want to stay around the $350 mark, the 90nm 64 3700 is a good choice.
As far as Hard drives go, reccomend a 7200 rpm 8mb cache SATA, if you go Seagate you can even get native command queing! Two of these in a raid 0,1 and you have a OS that runs like you put it on a 20,000 rpm hard drive.(not quite but it is damn fast and safe.)
I would say go for Pro if you won't upgrade to Longhorn, home if you will upgrade. If you want to be safe and don't mind everything not running perfectly everytime. Go SUSE or Redhat Linux.
RAM, don't go generic. PNY, Kingston are good, I can't remember if this board supportd dual channel or not, but if it does make sure you buy in pairs to get the best performance.
Scatter brained approach to helping, sorry but I hope I helped
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Ok how do I start I am having a problem with my new mobo and my cisco aironet wireless lan card In my old on Deluxe IRQ A7N8X Asus system a via kt a based system the pcmcia adapter and card shared an IRQ with no problems On the new system I built with a Asus A N X deluxe I keep getting an IRQ conflict on the card I disabled all the on board devices most of them anyway and have tried putting the pcmcia adapter in all pci slots and still get the conflict Device manager shows both devices using same IRQ or at least wanting to I tried putting the same adapter and card in another pc and it works fine on that system I am using Windows XP Pro I did notice after installing the setup in the other pc also a Via KT a mobo it has the card using the same IRQ but as an isa device The adapter shows up as a PCI device I use a wireless ISP so this is a pretty important problem In fact I logged on the internet with the card and adapter I am trying to put into my new system The following is a list of components on new IRQ on Asus A7N8X Deluxe system Any help would be great and thanks Asus A N X deluxe nvidia Nforce II chipset Athlon XP MB PC ram ATI Radeon pro Maxtor IRQ on Asus A7N8X Deluxe GB ata hard drive Windows XP pro nbsp

A:IRQ on Asus A7N8X Deluxe

In BIOS setup go to boot menu and select APIC for Interrupt Mode. This will allow the Motherboard to create more IRQ then the standard 16 IRQ channels.
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Oh boy After I installed all the video drivers for video capture my new xphome system completely went awol Here s some error messages setup ubi exe has encountered a problem and has to close Send error report Non responsive program il exe Refresh rate setting Asus ti4200 deluxe keeps Asus ti4200 deluxe changing itself Icons tend not to respond to mouse clicks sometimes Screen freezes sometimes Puter switches off when taking out CD Responds very slowly to finding changing files especially large photos Messages serious error recovery Not enough memory windows is moving some operation will not function properly The system is Soltek FRV bus Ahtlon XP GIG DDR GIG Maxtor mb cache Asus ti mb DDR Deluxe with video capture leads composite connections are labelled incorrectly on breakout box adaptec scsi controller for epson scanner External modem Asus DVD Artec Writer If anyone can give me clue aboput the error messages Errors occured AFTER I installed all the video capture drivers PC was working ok up til then I m going to uninstalll the drivers and see what happens At first I thought it was because I hade partitioned the drive - I heard somewhere that partitioning drives can cause problems Cheers Ramstein An airbase in Germany where I had a lot of fun in the s nbsp

A:Asus ti4200 deluxe

Most of that looks like a driver conflict/incorrect driver version.

Where did you get the drivers? If you got them from the cd that came in the box I would grab a new set from the manf website and try those.
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Hi iam going to buy a Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe 939 and was wondering if anyone new if the zalman CNPS9700 cooler will fit since its pretty big ??

A:Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe

You still can order it from Tigerdirect, Newegg or
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Iam having problems getting a display from my fx5200 when using it with my new asus board. It works fine in my old board.

I was wondering wheher this is a compatability issue?


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Good morning guys I have a new problem lol I ve been all over the internet trying to figure this out but no one seems to have an answer and it seems to be a popular problem I ve recently purchased an Asus A n Sli Deluxe motherboard that will not post I ve tried without RAM inside and oustide the case PCI video card and all won't boot Deluxe Sli Asus A8N I get when I turn it on is the fans Does anyone know what is going on or where the Asus A8N Sli Deluxe won't boot answer may be lying it makes a nice paper-weight but I d really rather use it as a computer pulls hair out of head Bill Specs Thermaltake Soprano Case AMD Athlon pin Ghz Asus A N Sli Deluxe GB Geil PC dual channel Leadtek MB PCI-E Sound Blaster Audigy Value GB WD SATA HD GB Seagate SATA HD I O Magic DVD RW Enermax W PS XP Pro Gentoo Linux and XP MCE well when I get that far at least nbsp

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Hi, I am currently building my first system using:

AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
Antec Neo Power
2 x 512 MB Corsair Value Ram
1 x Chaintech GeForce 6600 GT
Creative Audigy 2 ZS
Samsung Spintpoint 120GB 7200RPM SATA

Everything was working nicely, I even had windows loaded, but when I shut it down and turned it back on, nothing appeared on the monitor and the bios beeped one long and two short. I looked in the manual for the bios beep codes, but they were not listed, oh and if it matters the cpu was idlin at 39 C

A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Problem

Beep code suggests a video card failure.
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Hi all While there are threads here regarding similar problems to mine I can t find any that match so I thought I d Deluxe - POST no Asus A8n-Sli start a new one I am trying to get a new system up and running but am having problems with my mobo It s an Asus A N-SLI deluxe x version CPU is an AMD athlon I have sticks of GeIL mb DDR Vid card is an ATI Radeon x PSU is a Asus A8n-Sli Deluxe - no POST Sharkoon w with -pin connector When I try to power on I get the fans running case cpu chipset and vid card I get the mobo LED lit up the DVD-Drive LED blinks once and then nothing else happens I get no POST and nothing appears on the screen I have no HDD LED activity and no power LED activity This behaviour is constant the same every time I try to power on The mobo is properly mounted in the case and I get the same results with it set up on my wooden desk so I don t think it s a short I was also bare-foot and grounded at all times I have tried the mobo on its own and then with each consecutive component both individually and together including multiple sticks of ram and vid cards I ve tried single sticks of ram in all positions I ve reset the CMOS I ve pulled out some of my hair and done various funny dances in the vain hope the some god or other would have mercy on me All of the above had no effect I m thinking that it s just a bad board and since I only bought it days ago I should take it back as a DOA I thought I d ask here first though and possibly benefit from the collective wisdom that is you lot Cheers in advance Frank Edit in advance Yes I have both mobo power connectors connected properly and the PSU has the v rails and -pin connector required for this mobo nbsp

A:Asus A8n-Sli Deluxe - no POST

They probably sold you one of my three rma's before I decided to take a manddatory break from Asus for a year. Board sounds bad, especially since you know the right "dances".
There is a site out there where a month ago I found about 300 war stories from that board. can I suggest what solved my problems?
This is what I used:
If you need the pain of SLI then this is for you:
I was shocked these boards are so great!!
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New Bios 0610 at Asus download. Thought someone might be interested.

A:New Asus P6T Deluxe V2 BIOS available

Quote: Originally Posted by HammerHead

New Bios 0610 at Asus download. Thought someone might be interested.

what does it do?
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Okay so im going to skip all the crap and say that while my computer is booting, right before its almost done, it will give me a beep and restart. It will then continue to load, and do the same beep and restart again. I can start my computer in Safe Mode fine however. I can get into BIOS fine and do stuff in there as well. I just want to know what is happening.
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So a few days ago my computer had an overheating problem and I decided to buy a new Zalman heatsink for it The problem was that I had to forcefully remove the pre-installed backplate that came with the Asus This created a few small scratches on the motherboard which may or may not have caused significant harm Now whenever I turn on the computer i Asus SE K8V Checksum - Bad DELUXE get Checksum Bad - Asus K8V SE DELUXE a checksum bad error and whenever I attempt to exit from bios and save changes the computer goes into standby mode and will not budge BTW I m using a cordless keyboard mouse not sure if that s the case And recently I haven t been able to go into the BIOS anymore because it freezes after several keystrokes I ve done everything from removing the cmos battery to Checksum Bad - Asus K8V SE DELUXE clearing CMOS ram but nothing seems to be working If I hit F and run on defaults i can get on but over time the computer fails to turn on after a shutdown It just goes into standby I would really appreciate it if someone could help me I guess I learned my lesson on quot If it don t broke don t fix it quot But seriouslly i need a lot of help because the only way I can get it to boot now is by manually disassembling and reassembling the computer and clearing the CMOS with the jumper It is very inconvenient Your help is greatly appreciated Any feedback comments are welcome nbsp

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Well Im really happy with my new machine in its AOpen case but I am annoyed that I am only able to get sound out via the headphone socket on the front of the case.

I have Creative spealers, 2 small ones and a bass that connect to a separate volume control then to the pc.

I just cannot get the sound to come from any of the rear 6 sockets.

Also having a battle getting a sata hd to be seen.

But otherwise im happy :bounce:

A:Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe line out query

You get NO sound when you connect your speakers to the lime colored sound socket at the back, but you do on the front panel?

Maybe someone else can give you some ideas on what to try, but it sounds to me like a faulty mobo.
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Looking for some advice on a memory upgrade. Currently I have two sticks of generic 512mb PC3200 DDR400 RAM and two empty slots.

I am thinking of geting a other two 512mb sticks.

Is it worth getting these extra sticks twinned - or would that be pointless?
Or should I go and get 1mb sticks (twinned or not??)

What would be best??

El Cap

4800+ AMD dual core processor
1024mb PC3200 DDR400 RAM
Asus 7800GTX
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
Windows XP Pro x64

A:Memory upgrade on ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe

The X2 CPU's have supposedly fixed the AMD memory controller problems of earlier cores but from what I have read you will still be limited to 2T timing if you use four dual sided sticks of RAM. Two 1GB sticks is the best method but if you can live with 2T timing then just get the two 512MB sticks.

You'll probably only see the difference between 1T and 2T in benchmarks and some games. Also, most games and applications are more than satisfied with 1GB of RAM but the newer games are using more RAM than older ones and video editing is a real RAM hog. BF2 regularly hits 1.4 GB of RAM used on my system. Nice rig BTW.