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"The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

Q: "The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

My TB Western Digital External hard disc is not working My laptop switched off suddenly while copying files After restarted my laptop when I try to open my External hard disc drive G I m getting the message as quot Location is not available G is not accessible The drive cannot find the sector requested quot The Properties of the drive shows as Type Local Disk File system Used space bytes Free space bytes when clicking My computer- gt Manage- gt Disk Management under Storage in left find External cannot not drive - "The requested" the is hard working disc sector side I can able to see my External hard disc drive G The "The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working File System shows as quot RAW quot before it was NTFS Free as but I got around TB data Also I checked in different laptops but it shows the same error And finally I checked with quot Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows quot it passed the test I m so afraid about my datas stored in the hard disc All my projects photos and many important files stored in that hard disc I dont know what the problem is I cant find any solutions in Internet Please help me to solve this problem Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: "The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: "The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

Hey Allen. I would call Western Digital support and see what they say.Since you have data on it you need, I wouldn't play around with it, get some answers from the drive makers, and as is always said, have important data backed up in at least 2 different places, with at least one being to CD/DVD.
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I recently updated to Windows 10 anniversary and now I can't find my Western Digital external hard drive in My computer. The PC recognizes it as:
click here in Disk management it's recognized as:
click here not empty and has data inside it. Only after the anniversary update this problem happened and shows it empty in the Disk management. When I right-click on the external hard drive in the "volume" section; all options are grayed out except for "Help"
Is there any idea how to solve this?
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I bought a WD Passport 1 year ago, and I've tried to test it by HD Tune Pro and Hard Disk Sentinel.
And result are listed below:

How could I fix this error? I feel my drive doesn't work softly anymore
Thank you so much!

A:How to fix "Current Pending Sector Count" on WD External Drive

What does "work softly" mean?

which says:

"Current Pending Sector Count S.M.A.R.T. parameter is a critical parameter and indicates the current count of unstable sectors (waiting for remapping). The raw value of this attribute indicates the total number of sectors waiting for remapping. Later, when some of these sectors are read successfully, the value is decreased. If errors still occur when reading some sector, the hard drive will try to restore the data, transfer it to the reserved disk area (spare area) and mark this sector as remapped.


This is a critical parameter. Degradation of this parameter may indicate imminent drive failure. Urgent data backup and hardware replacement is recommended."

You could run checkdisk and see if the number changes.

Or you could reformat, which is a drastic step and may not help.

Or you could adopt a policy of "watchful waiting" and hope. Hope that it doesn't get worse, while keeping your personal data backed up elsewhere.

Or you could throw in the towel and buy a new drive now, if this is causing you to lose sleep.
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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.
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Dear Experts,

I have created windows image on Drive F: but delete it after some time manually due to some space prob.
But while backup shows about 40 GB only few GB space got free after deletion. When i try to again take the the backup using windows 7 backup & restore option, its still shows 35 Gb of System Image in drive F: when i brows the Manage Disc Space option but i cant find it on the same drive. (Plz see attached pic)
Plz help me to locate this and delete the same.


A:Cant find "System Image" of 36 GB but its shows on "Manage Disc Space"

Hello sattyaji, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It may still be showing if the system image was created as part of a Windows backup. Using the tutorial below to reset Windows Backup should clear it for you, but you will need to set up your backup again afterwards.

Backup User and System Files - Reset to Default Configuration

Hope this helps,
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I encounter this error while using torrent (both Vuze and utorrent) regularly especially with files greater than 1gb. Forcing recheck or restart does not help.

Windows 7 Ultimate x32
Core 2 CPU T7200 2ghz
2gb ram

Googling told me it could indicate hard disk failure but as shown above HD tune did not show any apparent bad sectors. I also tried CHDisk, it stated no bad sectors were found on the first step but on the 4th step (It was something about checking files) it was going nowhere so I was forced to reboot. I will try again tonight and update the results.
Should I order new hard disk? If it is failing why does HD tune say it has OK status and find no bad sectors?

Many thanks in advance

A:Error : the drive cannot find the sector requested

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.

Download from here:
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
HD Diagnostic
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Ever since I installed Vista, my HDD has been going crazy. When I had XP on, the HDD activity was really low and smooth since im using a SATA drive. Now that I have vista on its horrible. Files take longer to load, the HDD is never quiet. Its even starting to click! Which is a bad sign. What the hell is vsta doing? I want all this intense harddisc activity to stop. Whats causing it and how can I stop it?

Windows Vista Build 6000 Final

HDD Driver - 160GB Maxtor SATA

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Yesterday my external hard drive was working fine. Today I open it and there's a new folder called Pfiles...I am not running linux...and a tmp file. I delete the tmp file and try to delete Pfiles but it won't delete. Weird. So I open one of the folders and see that it's now empty, as are almost all of my other folders and subfolders. My daughter's folder however has her movies on the main subfolder, but subfolders in this folder are also empty.

The hard drive is showing half full...exactly what it should assuming I could access all the files. So what can I do? I've enclosed a screenshot of the Disk Management screen for this drive. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

A:Help with external hard drive. Files "missing" but still taking up space on the drive

Hi djfl,

External Hard-drives come in different types, some of them are, External storage devices and Automatic back-up devices.

If it is an automatic back-up device then data might be backed-up on the External Hard?drive without user intervention.

If it is an External storage device the files might be hidden. This could be the reason why the external Harddrive is showing half full. We can check if the files are hidden, please use the following link for detailed instructions to unhide folders: Hidden Files and Folders Option - Add or Remove

Please revert back for clarification.
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Tech hard Solved: siftware "clone" drive to Trying can't to but Transcend find compatible Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Solved: Trying to "clone" to Transcend hard drive but can't find compatible siftware Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Solved: Trying to "clone" to Transcend hard drive but can't find compatible siftware Enabled Transcend StoreJet plugs into USB ports Tried the transcend software it can t backup all the files it Solved: Trying to "clone" to Transcend hard drive but can't find compatible siftware says many files are too large I used to use XXClone it expired won t update Tried Reflect it can t find the drive I have says I need a drive quot please upgrade to the paid version quot - If I was a rich person I would not be worried about all this I am poor I can t even buy food at the end of the month Is there ANY free software that can clone in any way my disk to keep me from losing everything like the last time my hard drive crashed which does not require a genius or massive expert to run nbsp

A:Solved: Trying to "clone" to Transcend hard drive but can't find compatible siftware
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I ve been getting the quot delayed write failed quot error message every time I try to backup a DVD with DVD Shrink to my externail USB hard drive I ve backed up a good on shrink during failed" "delayed external write dvd hard drive many DVDs this way and haven t had "delayed write failed" during dvd shrink on external hard drive this problem before Meanwhile I continue to be "delayed write failed" during dvd shrink on external hard drive able to copy other somewhat smaller files MB vs GB in DVD Shrink to the drive without any trouble When the error message appears it seems that the computer suddenly no longer recognizes anything on the external drive Sometimes it still recognizes that the drive is there even tells me how much space is used up on it but when I look at the files in Windows Explorer the files show up as empty or not at all When I try to safely unplug the drive I m told there s a problem with ejecting the drive that it can t be stopped right now I ve waited for several hours to be allowed to stop it but keep getting the same message I usually turn off the computer and finally unplug it When I plug it back in it sometimes autoplays and all the files are there sometimes it s not recognized at all until I unplug and plug it back in repeatedly I ve looked online and there are so many people having problems with that error message I can t make heads or tails of the issue The only thing I ve tried from the Microsoft site is that I turned cache writing off for the external drive not the internal one under policies which I thought is supposed to make it possible to unplug without all the hassle but it s solved neither the quot delayed write failure quot nor the problem ejecting it once it fails I ve looked at my Event Viewer and the only thing that looks like it could be related under Applications are a couple of Warnings right as I m rebooting with quot Userenv quot under Source and quot quot under Event Under Description in its Properties it says quot Windows saved user XPLAPTOP user registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off The memory used by the user s registry has not been freed The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use This is often caused by services running as a user account try configuring the services to run in either the LocalService or NetworkService account quot I have a lot of warnings under System in the Event Viewer that look like they were during the time I tried to backup the DVD Most of them are quot quot under Event quot disk quot or quot cdrom quot under Source with Properties Description saying quot An error was detected on device Device Harddisk D or quot Device CdRom quot during a paging operation quot There is also Source quot ftdisk quot Event quot quot saying quot The system failed to flush data to the transaction log Corruption may occur quot These two happen right before Source quot ntfs quot Event quot quot quot Delayed Write Failed Windows was unable to save all the data for the file The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection Please try to save this file elsewhere quot In the popup it specified the file quot E Mft quot And there is one Error in the midst of all of that today Source quot sr quot Event quot quot quot The System Restore filter encountered the unexpected error xC E while processing the file change log on the volume HarddiskVolume It has stopped monitoring the volume quot All that s quite over my head The only things that are different from previous times I ve backed up DVDs on the drive is that the drive was recently finally put into an enclosure I m using it at someone else s house and it was accidentally unplugged without the safe remove feature a few days ago but I think I may have had the problem right before that already - I m not sure I ve wondered if it s only a matter of a wonky cable connections either the outlet str... Read more

A:"delayed write failed" during dvd shrink on external hard drive

I would upgrade the Laptop ram to 512 or a gig, see if the problem stops.
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I just put about gigs of data on this drive It's an gig drive and has about gigs of space left on it before it's full Out of all the files I cut and pasted over after drive be hard External to reboot "needs a suddenly formatted" it got stuck on this last ISO file it refused to move this file so i stopped the move operation and rebooted I never had any trouble with this drive It's a drive that is hooked up via a USB port On reboot to try to copy or move the file again Windows tells me this drive cannot be accessed and needs to be formatted before it can be used That's not an option or I'll lose tons of months worth of data The drive is pretty warm I'm letting it cool down to try again but i cant see any reason why this drive could have been damaged just moving files to it Any ideas of other reasons why windows might erroneously fail to detect the drive properly and give me this error

A:External hard drive suddenly "needs to be formatted" after a reboot

Hello mate, perhaps checking the HDD will tell you something.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities
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I recently bought a Western Digital firewire/USB 2.0 combo drive for my Dell laptop running Windows XP Home edition. It worked fine once. When I went to use it again it would not register in "My Computer." It is recognized in device manager and no conflicts appear. There are no new/rolled back drivers available. In Disk Management in Console it appears but shows a large portion of unallocated space. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not work.

Could there be a corrupt Windows file? Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:external hard drive not recognized in Windows XP "My Computer"

If it shows unallocated space (how much?), then the drive should be partitioned and the partitions formatted.

What sizes are we talking about? Unallocated space will not appear in My Computer, but only partitions that are formatted and ready to use.

If you have TweakUI or other tweakers, be sure that the drive is not hidden from My Computer.
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I recently had to replace my vista Home Premium operating system. I have my photograph stored on two external hard drives. I am able to access the music and documents on the external hard drive, but not the photographs. When I try to open a folder I am given the message that I do not have "permission to access this folder". How can I be granted that permission to ALL the photo folders ( app 50) on that hard drive at the same time? Very aggravating situation !!!

A:how do I get "permission to access a folder" on an external hard drive

Originally Posted by rosemaryheller

I recently had to replace my vista Home Premium operating system. I have my photograph stored on two external hard drives. I am able to access the music and documents on the external hard drive, but not the photographs. When I try to open a folder I am given the message that I do not have "permission to access this folder". How can I be granted that permission to ALL the photo folders ( app 50) on that hard drive at the same time? Very aggravating situation !!!

One tutorial that might help you :
Permission : note - it applies to both Vista and Win 7
Sharing and Permissions - Windows 7 Forums

By the way, is this the message you saw ?

If yes, what would happen if you clicked Continue ?
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Let me apologize in advance if this is Drive on "Delayed Failed" External Write Hard the incorrect place to post this query - I ve seen other similar issues posted in quot Hardware quot so I "Delayed Write Failed" on External Hard Drive m hoping I m in the right area I ve seen this issue posted before and I ve Googled my heart out but I still haven t been able to find answers to my exact problem I have a GB Western Digital MyBook external hard drive which holds all of my music files as well as back-ups of movies and pictures Whenever I plug it in I don t have ten seconds before I get the quot Delayed Write Failed quot error message and if I happen to be in Explorer at the time it freezes I ve also got Windows XP on my Dell Inspiron laptop if that s relevant I got the error message two days ago for the first time while trying to import a cd using iTunes It imported the first two songs on the album before giving me the error Since then I haven t been able to use the drive at all and when trying to get files from it I ve gotten errors saying the path was incorrect as if the hard drive weren t plugged in I tried using the hard drive yesterday on my dad s IBM laptop also running XP and had no problems sifting through the files in Explorer however opening a movie in Windows Media Player caused that program to freeze Today I plugged it into the IBM laptop again and tried the same previous album in iTunes but this time it didn t get past the first song before it gave me the quot Delayed Write Failed quot error This confirms my suspicions of it being possibly a connection problem with the hard drive but my question is quot Why quot and does this mean I need an entirely new hard drive I ve tried defragging virus scans etc but I m never able to keep the drive working properly long enough for either of them to complete When it comes to drivers and connections I haven t got a clue what I m doing so I was hoping someone could guide me in a general direction I was given great help on this forum once before when I had a virus problem so fingers crossed that some lovely person is daring enough to work with me again and figure this out Thank you very very much in advance nbsp

A:"Delayed Write Failed" on External Hard Drive

Check for malware. Also, a delayed write failure is this:

this is how external drives work with xp:

1. you tell a file to be copied to the ed (external drive)
2. Windows checks the file size and compares it to the free space on the ed.
3 Windows allocutes the space needed and queues segments of the file to be copied. (usually 1 file = 1 segment)
4. Windows starts copying segments to the drive in order of the queue.
5. the files finish and the transfer completes.

The delayed write failure is when one of the queued segments fails to copy.
This could be because of the hard drive failing so check for hdd errors but its more likely a windows issue.
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So I have a Windows bit desktop with external hard drives that have shared over my network so I can view the files on my laptop win bit and watch movies and such "Incorrect drive external Function" Cant share Hard on my xbox via windows media Cant share external Hard drive "Incorrect Function" center I recently purchased a WD Elements TB external Hard Drive I connect the new drive to my Cant share external Hard drive "Incorrect Function" desktop along with the other external hard drives and functions with no problems until I try to share it on my network My procedure for sharing was opening my computer right clicking on the hard drive clicking share with advanced sharing in the sharing tab advanced sharing again click the share this folder box and hitting apply And I get this error quot An error occurred while trying to share G Incorrect function The shared resource was not created at this time quot I was however able to add the new external hard drive to my media library in windows media center so my xbox can see the new hard drive no problem So now I need to get the drive on the network so I can see it on my laptop Whats more If I disconnect the hard drive from my desktop and connect it to my laptop it will let me share it and I can see it from my desktop Baffles me Any help or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Cant share external Hard drive "Incorrect Function"

I see you have the same issue as I do and are getting about the same help I have been getting, NONE
We will probably find out "Microsoft" will want to charge us extra if we want to share more than one way, they give us ONE free sharing but not 2 without more money.
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I have an older 80 gig WD external hard drive that has worked fine until this morning when I turned on my computer and it wasnt showing up when I looked in my computer. So I went into device manage and it says this "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I tried unistalling, and then plugging it back in. I tried looking for updates. Anything I could think of, but still not able to access anything. It has ALL my music on it and I really really want to be able to get to it.

If I cant get it to work is it possible to transfer data from this one to a new one??

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Help - Please nbsp My Desktop Past "Locked" External Hard Reboot Can't Drive decided to install the Windows updates to my Windows environment -- oh the joys nbsp Nothing but trouble ever since nbsp I uninstalled to take me back to Upon reboot all was fine for a day nbsp Then black screen with a cursor nbsp What Can't Reboot Past External "Locked" Hard Drive the heck nbsp Can't Reboot Past External "Locked" Hard Drive I checked all the things I was told to check I ran all the diagnostics nbsp I uninstalled reinstalled did a system restore back to before the update After spending hours letting my system go thru the recommended ePSA Preboot System Assessment All Tests Passed - Today I have a system that I can t get to boot up because it says I have Status nbsp Oxc f quot The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible quot I m not a computer geek nbsp I can t get thru to anyone at Dell nbsp I ve been trying to resolve this for days now nbsp The only thing I can think that is happening is that the computer is trying to boot from an external hard drive that is in a quot locked password protected quot mode on my system nbsp I have no idea how to bypass this nbsp I ve tried unhooking the drive and rebooting and then it just goes back to black screen with a cursor Can anyone help me nbsp Please

A:Can't Reboot Past External "Locked" Hard Drive

Hi DEAR64,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please check if you can boot into safe mode <F8>.
Do you have the OEM Operating system DVD?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id (Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
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Hey all I recently upgraded from Windows to Windows and I'm loving it EXCEPT for this one problem I'm "Local Hard Disk" External inaccessible, Drive becomes having Immediately after I upgraded my external hard drive WD Ext HDD TB was missing from quot External Hard Drive inaccessible, becomes "Local Disk" My Computer quot I never had any problems with this HDD before I upgraded and the file-system is NTFS The external drive is visible in Disk Management however there is no letter assigned Right clicking on the drive's partitions in Disk Management shows every option grayed out except for quot Delete Volume quot Upon seeing this I attempted to use diskpart to assign a new letter however in diskpart the partition type is listed as quot unknown quot and when I attempt to assign a letter diskpart says quot there is no volume specified quot Listing volumes in diskpart only seems to list the volumes on my internal drive not the external one After reading some articles on similar problems I tried using the program quot MiniTool Partition Wizard quot to assign a new drive letter and it seemed to work The drive showed up in quot My Computer quot with the correct name and letter with all my data intact In Disk Management all the drive options were still grayed out but because I could access my drive I figured the problem was solved However after a short amount of time the drive became inaccessible In quot My Computer quot the drive's name changed from quot cmluepke tb external F quot to quot Local Disk F quot Clicking on quot Local Disk quot results in an error message At this point in time I can use quot MiniTool Partition Wizard quot to assign a new letter but after a variable amount of time - minutes the drive will become unavailable again Other things I have tried in order to solve this problem used many different USB ports plugged the external HDD's power cord directly into the wall rather than into power cord uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the HDD and for USB Mass Storage Device in Device Manager checked bios couldn't find options pertaining to the external drive ran chkdsk I have read into similar cases and heard that quot Delete Volume quot should fix the problem however I don't currently have a way to back up this much data I simply don't have space for tb of stuff anywhere else If that is really the only way to fix it I understand I just figured I'd check and make sure there wasn't anything else I could try before I delete and reformat Anyway sorry for the long post Let me know if you need any more information or if you have any ideas of things I could try

A:External Hard Drive inaccessible, becomes "Local Disk"

I had this exact same problem with a 16GB Toshiba thumb-drive a few days ago.
I'd been having heat-related shutdowns, and believe this to be what caused the issue in the first place.
Deleting the volume, then re-creating it allowed me to format and assign a drive-letter.
But yes, I did lose the (non-critical - a recorded TV show) data.
I'm not aware of any other 'fixes'.
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Hello 7Forums Guru's. I've never used external media and am trying to decide on a partition scheme for data storage (ISO's, music, pictures about 100-150 gb) and to store weekly backups, system image etc) but before I even start on that end, should my external HDD (Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB) be set to active? The drive was completely plug & play and showed up in Disk Management as "Active"

Please advise this relative n00b.

Attachment 331314

A:New Seagate External Hard Drive Marked "Active"

Only a partition from which one boots needs to be active and going by this dictum there is absolutely no need for a partition on an external drive to be active. Though an active partition on an external drive should not matter it is always safe to have only the booting Partition as active.

You can turn a partition active or inactive using diskpart.

Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right click on Command Prompt and Run as administrator.


Be sure to select the correct external disk and partition.
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I have -- quot had quot Erasure Hard Clicking and External Noises Drive: "Zero" -- two SimpleTech external hard drives One I purchased last year G and it worked perfectly But it had an adaptor and I was getting tired of all the wires cluttering my small computer desk so I External Hard Drive: "Zero" Erasure and Clicking Noises wanted to buy an external hard drive powered by USB only So last week I bought a Signature Mini also by SimpleTech that was capable of being powered by USB After formatting it MS-DOS following the instructions to prep it for use on both Macs and PCs I transferred all my files from the old drive to the new drive Then since I have a Macbook I used Disk Utility gt Zero All Data to erase all the data from my old drive -- data which had successfully transferred to my new drive I planned to give this old drive to my dad Using my other laptop which has Windows XP I began to download some of my data from an online storage website that is going to shut down in about a month I downloaded these files directly into my new external hard drive and left the download running overnight The next morning the download was finished so I unplugged the new drive and plugged it back into my MacBook The new drive began making clicking noises and it wasn t showing up on my desktop I immediately knew that these noises meant an internal hardware problem so I unplugged the drive immediately Since then I have occasionally plugged the new drive in just to see if the problem possibly corrected itself but it still makes clicking noises and refuses to be recognized All I care about is my data So I have two questions Can I somehow recover my files from my old drive even though it was erased through quot zero quot erasure How can I repair my new drive Should I ship it to a repair company bring it to Best Buy or another technological store shop or should I put it in the freezer I ve been doing my research I can t believe that my new drive is doing this to me because I treated it with care for the hours that it worked since I knew from experience that banging it or tilting it while it was on could damage and rattle the internal parts So I know I m not to blame gt lt This is ridiculous Thank you for your time and help I am just looking for some expert advice nbsp

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So I have a pretty hard loading. infinite External or drive "hanging" well not old but it's not a product they carry anymore external hard drive and I had some issues with it in the past mainly the usb port not being soldered on properly and falling off so I just received all my replacement cords for it and ran it it took forever for it to load up External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. which I felt was understandable seeing as there's like GB on it but when I go to like drag one item from it it'll take more than minutes and if I cancel it it just loads and loads and loads I don't know what it's doing External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. but when it's like that I can't do anything with it and to actually make it browse-able again I have to force a shut down hold the power button And External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading. the files I am trying to move are just MB so they shouldn't even be taking this long I have quite a few files I wish to save otherwise I'd just format the whole thing but I can't when it just hangs onto the loading Is there a way for me to save these files I tried to upload them a hosting but it freezes when I do same with dragging the images into windows paint Please help I just tried to upload some of the pictures to mediafire and it literally froze my web browser nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by notsotechsavvy I stand corrected apparently this portable hard drive is not done frustrating me just yet Pretty sure I forgot to mention what portable hard drive I have and here it is The problem I'm having now is that I managed to save the files I needed from it and I formatted it just a few moments ago but now if I access say like a picture or a video from my hard drive there is only one file there so there is absolutely NO reason for this hard drive to be slow it will take forever for it to load open my windows picture preview thing actually stops responding and so does any other opener That's what it's sitting at currently and will stay like that If I were to save that video onto my C drive and open it there it would not have any issues but anything has issues opening from the hard drive I have to often restart it so it stops loading and so I can use explorer without it not responding I figured maybe I don't have the drivers or something so I went to the Seagate website and downloaded their driver software thing it allowed me to check my hard drive for any issues and such It came up clean and apparently my hard drive is functioning properly So I don't have an answer for this Allow me to show you what my Windows Media Player currently looks like and how it'll stay until I force my computer to restart

A:External hard drive "hanging" or infinite loading.

Fill out all of the System Specs in the lower left hand corner of your message. If we know what is in your PC it will help to better figure out the problem.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - "my passport" on WD hard SmartWare software external drive MB D Total - MB Free - MB G WD SmartWare software on "my passport" external hard drive Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard LENOVO MoutCook Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Am I embarrassed I have had external drive for backup and to have an image on it But I am so dense that I don t know how to restore I have the manual which tells me to go to the quot welcome quot screen but I can t open any screens of the software The software is WD SmartWare software on "my passport" external hard drive WD SmartWare These are the files in the folder Should I start all over by hitting the exe file Any ideas I m getting paranoid knowing that my external hard drive backup is useless to me because WD SmartWare software on "my passport" external hard drive I don t know how to restore thanks nbsp

A:WD SmartWare software on "my passport" external hard drive

heyya americamba, I'm going to close this one up, as you have another one in hardware at, and that one is in the correct forum.

thanks for understanding.

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Hello A friend of mine s father hard be Urgent *Help External data "Needs reformatted" drive to passed away suddenly and she gave me an external hard drive to try and retrieve pictures from for his funeral this upcoming Thursday she said it malfunctioned when it was knocked over and fell a few hours ago I *Help Urgent External hard drive data "Needs to be reformatted" tried it with the case still on and Windows wouldn t even recognize it so I took apart the *Help Urgent External hard drive data "Needs to be reformatted" case of the external drive and removed the SATA WD Desktop drive to my Hard Drive reader it shows the Drive under the letter F and says quot The F Drive needs to be reformatted before any access quot Is there anyway I can retrieve the data from this drive with the current tools I have Drive reader along with a potential program perhaps or will they need to escalate this to a data recovery place that takes the platter completely out and retrieves the information that way I am using Windows Bit and this drive reader is pretty good never let me down in the past I m just stuck Thanks nbsp
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First of all I'd like to say hello to everyone on this forum, this will be my first thread/post.

I'm usually the go to guy for my friends for simple computer problems, and my friend came to me today with a problem I just can't figure out.

She received an external 230 gb HDD for christmas and then tried to install her Sim expansions onto it. She gets the message
"Cannot install to the selected directory, because it may cause the system to become unstable"

After googling this issue for about 30 minute I found this is the case for other games as well, but none of these searches yielded any kind of answer of how to get passed this, or why this happens.

As far as I know, her XP HDD is NFTS as well as the external HDD. Has anyone had this problem with The Sims?
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After I finished transferred some files across from external hard drive to laptop and I used a picture from external hard drive as my background desktop but when I tried to click "Safely "remove it said there were programs running yet I have nothing transferring/connecting from external hard drive to laptop then I unplugged the USB device.

I did noticed when I removed the external hard drive my background picture was gone when I went to change themes, I'm worried so Can this damage to the laptop/external hard drive or corrupt software

A:I unplugged my external hard drive without "Safely Remove" Can this da

That thing about programs using the drive happens a lot with my Toshiba lappy.
Unless you've changed any of the default hardware policies for the external drive (most of them won't even allow you to), unplugging without ejecting should not be a problem. Nevertheless, whenever you are unable to eject, it is better to wait till you turn off the computer before unplugging.
Hope this helps.
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Hi All I want to format my external hard drive into Drive "Shrink Grayed Volume" - Out External Hard two partitions so that I can use one of them as a recovery drive for my Windows PC and the other one for my personal data I am using Windows It is a TB WD Elements hard drive currently formatted into "Shrink Volume" Grayed Out - External Hard Drive one exFAT partition It is about half full I don't want to delete the partition and then "Shrink Volume" Grayed Out - External Hard Drive create two new ones because I have nowhere to backup the files currently on the drive So I want to shrink the existing partition and then create a new smaller partition but for some reason I can't do that in Windows Disk Management When I right-click on the drive E The option quot shrink drive quot is grayed as shown in the screenshot Does anybody know why this could be When I right-click on "Shrink Volume" Grayed Out - External Hard Drive my Windows C drive this option is not grayed out I tried doing the same thing using Partition Wizard but I had the same problem - the quot split quot option along with a whole lot of others is grayed out Also another strange thing which might help you to understand In Partition Wizard when I right-click on my external hard drive E and click properties it shows that the hard drive is full first screenshot even though Windows File Explorer shows that it still has about GB of free space second screenshot Why does Partition Wizard and obviously Windows Disk Management as well think that the disk is full Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks William

A:"Shrink Volume" Grayed Out - External Hard Drive

You cannot shrink a FAT disk. Shrinking is only supported with NTFS. You have no choice but to backup your data and re-initialize it as NTFS.
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Windows XP PC is extremely sluggish and makes a loud whirring noise, so bought a Seagate external hard drive. I inadvertantly moved the "my documents" folder on to it and now cannot open the folder without the hard drive plugged in. how do I move it back to its original home? It hasn't exactly stopped the extremely slow way the PC opens any file or even surfing the net. Please help!

A:Solved: accidentally moved "my documents" folder to external hard drive

Restore the My Documents Folder to Its Default Location
To restore the My Documents folder to its default location, follow these steps:
Click Start, and then point to My Documents.
Right-click My Documents, and then click Properties.
Click Restore Default, and then click OK.
In the Move Documents box, click Yes to move your documents to the new location, or click No to leave your documents in the original location.
Let me know if that works.
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Am trying to get an external hard drive up and running!
When connected (via USB) it is recognised by Belarc Advisor, but does not appear in "My Computer" and hence is not usable - can anyone help?
Thanks, Guys.

A:"My Computer" doesn't see external hard drive

You need to format the drive before you can use it.
Go to start> run and type diskmgmt.msc and hit enter.
Right click on the drive and create an extended partition in the unallocated space.
Now create a logical drive in the new partition and format with ntfs.
Once completed you can use the drive
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I am connecting a 640GB Samsung G2 Portable External Hard Drive to my HP Pavilion 15 Laptop.
The external hard drive works on other desktop and laptop computers here at work, but when connected to the HP Pavilion (Windows 8.1 OS) it shows up as a Local Disk (H: but when trying to Open the drive it says:
?Location Not Available H:\ is not accessible The device is not ready.?
What should I do?
Assistance is much appreciated...

A:External Hard Drive - Error - "Location not Available"

Welcome to Windows EightForums, jhnel.

Is the drive in the correct format?

Windows key + X > Choose Disk Management. It should tell you format and partition info there.
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Hi everyone, my situation was expressed earlier and now that Western Digital Support (a guy named Danny, that had a very thick accent and supervisor w/ even thicker) has $14.95 of my dollars. I need help!

BRIEFING: Western Digital External Drive can't access, found I'm not the only one. Forum suggested an adapter, but that was for laptops. Did research, sucks to be me is basicaly what I found.
So, I read a hint of making an External's HD into internal hard drive, and placing it in your PC.

<There are many tutorials here and the www to learn how to install, so I won't bother any of you with that.>

QUESTION: The Hard Drive I wish to install is from an external case, it has very important data on it and if I put it into my PC, will I lose the data or can I just browse it like before?

A:Solved: Installing "EXTERNAL'S" Hard Drive...?

providing that the drive itself isn't the part that is bad, then you should be able to acces it as an internal the way you do other drives. This of course depends on the drive itself and your interface. If it is an IDE Drive you would need an open IDE connector in your computer. If Sata then you would need an open sata connection. That being said, you should not lose any data installing it as an internal.
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A few days ago, I installed a game on my external hard drive. At the time, the hard drive was assigned the "F:" directory. They other day, I plugged a video camera into my computer before the external hard drive making the camera "F:" and the hard drive "G:".

The game won't work while the hard drive is assigned to "G:". I've removed the camera, there are no other USB devices plugged in (except my mouse which doesn't have any storage capacity) but still when I plug in the hard drive, it goes back to "G:".

I've tried plugging it into different sockets, logging off the computer, restarting the computer, but still, it goes back to "G:".

Why is this happening and how can I get it back to "F:"?


A:Solved: Can't get external hard drive to be assigned to "F:"

Never mind, I've got it working.
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I was curious if say you want to replace laptops hard drive, is it possible to do this with an external hard drive like a goflex 1tb external? or is that only for cloning/backupWindows 10 OS dell inspiron 7737,158272.0.html
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I have recently re-installed Windows XP which consequently reformat my hard disk. When I plug in my external hard disk USB (which was working fine prior formatting the PC), it does not shows up in 'My Computer'.

When checking Device Manager, the device is working properly. I have verified on Disk Management, the external hard disk is there but with no Drive letters and paths, it mention "unallocated". It does not allow me to give it a drive letter.

During the re-installation on Windows, the external HD was connected to My PC.

The external HD is an Apollo 2.5" portable hard drive 250GB.

On the "USB device properties", under volume tab, the partition style is: Master Boot Record, capacity:238,473 MB, Unallocated space: 238,473 MB, Reserved space: 0 MB and status: Online

Can anyone help me on the above issue. I have some important data on it. Has the disk been erased?

A:My external hard drive does not show up in "My Computer"

Did you install all of your motherboard drivers, chipset, LAN, sound, graphics, etc. after installing Windows?
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My laptop stopped booting You can read about it here http forums techguy org windows-nt- -xp -autochk-error-c -bsod-recovery html I ve reached a dead end on on trying to *now* "Access on hard external Denied" drive restore the OS so I took the hard drive out of my Gateway Laptop which was running Windows XP Media Center "Access Denied" on *now* external hard drive Edition and placed in an external enclosure so I can access it via USB from a "Access Denied" on *now* external hard drive computer that will boot I booted another notebook running XP Home into safemode so I could take ownership of the Administrator folder in Documents and Settings via the security tab as described in this Microsoft Help and Support article here http support microsoft com default aspx scid kb en-us Now I can see the documents in the Administrator profile but I can not access or copy them Also when I open My Music I can see all the folders for individual artists but when I try to open the folder I get the quot Access Denied quot message that I got before I took ownership "Access Denied" on *now* external hard drive of the Administrator folder What s worse I can t use the security tab to take ownership of those files and folders in My Documents because everything is greyed out Help nbsp

A:"Access Denied" on *now* external hard drive

Sounds like you may have taken ownership of the folders, but not the contents of the folders or subfolders. Go back to the ownership page and be sure to check the box about all child objects. Being grayed out means that that file's permissions are inherited from a superfolder, so you need to change them there.
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Hi I am not sure whether I should be posting this in the Windows forum or the PC Hardware because it involves both I have an external GB Transcend Drive with a lot of important data Recently I unplugged it from my PC and took to another to get some files One the other machine Vista it didn't show up as far as I can remember thought that was strange so i brought it back to my Laptop Win Dual Boot Disk" doesn't Hard Win "Local and In in / 7 as Drive External work Works Ubuntu Shows with Ubuntu and it only showed as Local Disk I have tried to find useful information on the net but some is very vague and some is outright stupid and irrelevant The fact is that the HDD is not broken When in Ubuntu I can view the contents fine and everything is there no freeze ups or anything but External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work in windows the drive shows up as External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work Local Disk I don't think it is a drive letter conflict The Device shows up fine in the Device Manager I'm sure some of you have solved this problem as it seems many on the Internet have If so please tell me in a few steps how you resolved it I am External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work not formatting as I do not deem this necessary since I can access my data fine in Ubuntu Kind Regards

A:External Hard Drive Works In Ubuntu / Shows as "Local Disk" in Win 7 and doesn't work

I suggest that while in Ubuntu you move the files to local HDD, then reformat external HDD, then copy the files back.
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My external Seagate drive is apparently "dirty" and windows automatically checks it every time i boot up with it attached to the usb port. It is actually pretty annoying. The only way around it that I found is actually unplugging it before I boot up and plugging it back in after windows starts.

Every time the check says there are no issues. The drive works fine and I am able to use the drive as if nothing is wrong.

Does anyone know whow to get rid of the check during Windows startup? How can I make my drive "clean" again? Thanks

EDIT: I have Windows XP sp3 btw

A:External hard drive is "dirty" and windows runs a check every time computer boots up

You may need to run a manual chkdsk /f to clear it. Try this
> Unplug the drive then boot up then plug it back in. Determine its drive letter
> Start->Run, enter cmd to open a command prompt
> Enter chkdsk x: /f (except use the correct drive letter, not x)

/f option may take loong time complete (especially if large hard drive.. i.e hours) but when it's done i believe it should clear the dirty bit for you
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I am planning/hoping to load XP Pro over (ie dumping) Vista on my new notebook but when I start setup, XP setup informs me that there is no hard drive detected. Obviously, that is not the case. I have heard from others about this problem, but when I searched the forum, I could not find any threads. Is there a solution?

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Hi guys I'm new here EXTERNAL WD HARD suddenly "not "unallocated" initialized" 1TB DISK and I've tried to read all the discussion about how to fix the unallocated hard drive but I just can't understand it as the cases were pretty much different than I'm WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized" facing of Here's my problem WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized" Yesterday my external hard drive seems normal everything is fine until there's a blackout and I have to put quot sleep quot to my laptop After the power got back the hard drive suddenly gone and when I check the list of drives under quot Disk Management quot it showed up as quot Disk - Unallocated quot I've attached screenshots here for your viewing My external hard drive is WD My Passport TB It contains a lot of valuable data I cannot afford to lose I really hope there's a way to fix this and once I get back all of those precious data I will buy another HD to transfer them ASAP because I cant let this happen to me again Your help is so very much appreciated Any questions regarding my problem let me know I'll provide all of the details you guys need NOTE I've tried TestDisk but on the quot Analyse quot process it says quot read error quot I've changed cable but the situation remains the same I've tried Recuva but it doesnt recognize my external drive

A:WD EXTERNAL HARD DISK 1TB suddenly "unallocated" and "not initialized"


First don't mess up with the WD drive settings.. download partition wizard 7 (its free)..then .. open it wizard(menu) .. select partition recovery wizard.. and it will find the partitions on it i think.. that way you can recover your partition that has been lost.
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Win 7
Toshiba Qosmio x500
When i plug in an external pen drive or hdd to any of the USB Ports. a box opens & says 
" Location is not Available, F:/ is Not Accessible, Access is Denied"
I can view its icon in My Comp. but when i double click, error occurs.
This started happening all of a sudden. It was working fine until yesterday.
Plz help.  :'( 

A:Any External Hard drive shows " Location is not Available, F:/ is Not Accessible, Access is Denied", this Error is shown all USB ports.

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for your input.
My problem has been solved.
1 chap from another forum suggested it may have been a fault with my AntiVirus.
He made me check the client policy for USB Auto On/Off for external drive scanning.
he suggested me some changes, & now all my usb external drives work... :)
Thanks all of you.
(P.s.: hope the problem does not pop-up again...)
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I was going to go buy a external hd from BEst Buy or CompUSA, but everything I've read on here says it's cheper and just as good to build your own. Well, when it comes to that kind of stuff I'm basically clueless. What would I need to buy?

For the casing, if I get get a smaller 2.5 or 3.5 inch one would I be limiting the amount of gigs I could put in it?

Would I need to buy a specific type of hard drive for it to fit?

What else would I need?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys I m having a problem connecting my quot external quot hard drive to my laptop Now this is a complicated issue have searched a lot of forums and threads and have tried a lot of detect can't "external" hard my drive Xp different things but nothing seems to be working Here s the problem My stationary computer resently stopped working so I decided to go ahead and invest in a Hard Drive Link-in to back up what is on the internal hard drive before sending it with the stationary computer for repairs Now on this hard drive is installed a win OS on a SATA Seagate Barracude SATA and I m Xp can't detect my "external" hard drive trying to hook it up to my HP Notebook Compaq nx laptop computer - not to work as a hard Xp can't detect my "external" hard drive drive but just to access what s on it so I can back it up The problem is my win xp once having connected it at first says quot device not recognized quot but I quickly worked around that problem by entering Device Manager and selecting quot unknown device quot and uninstalling it and then click quot scan for hardware changes quot and windows quickly detects that a new usb device has been connected and that the drivers are now installed and is ready to use however nothing happens The quot external quot hard drive does not show up in quot my computer quot or under quot system quot and quot manage drives quot so it s not a hidden issue nor a drive letter issue and when I look at device manager it s still listed under USB Root as an quot Unknown Device quot and if clicking quot properties quot it says that there are no drivers installed and that s it Here s what I ve done so far - checked that all cables are connected correctly and that it has power and that it s turned on - the hard drive starts up fine when I turn the power on i e it loads up and sits and reads as if on standby which makes sense since I m not using it or accessing the data on it - tried taking the power cable out of the laptop sounds ridiculous I know but read that it worked for people with similar issues - tried clicking refresh in my computer after the scan for hardware changes has been done - tried checking out the BIOs to see if there was something there I could do So what should I do any suggestions Also could it be because there s already an OS installed on the hard drive that is newer win on it that win xp can t detect it Or does that even matter Could it be a driver issue That xp needs a driver to be able to detect the hard drive or is it a compatability issue All I want is to be able to access what s on my hard drive so I can back it up before sending it to repairs So in short I have a internal hard drive with win OS partition on it hooked up with a hard drive link-in to connect it as an external hard drive via USB to a Laptop running with a win xp professional OS and it can detect a device but it s listed as an unknown and it doesn t show up in quot my computer quot or drive management Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello, All.
I connected my Maxtor harddrive to my Gateway desktop (Windows XP) today. The external is not recognized by the computer. I went all thru the forum, here (how i discovered you), and no help. USB is properly connected, and I tested another device. Maxtor is ON.

I went thru and found how to go to DISK MANAGEMENT, where you could rename the harddrive, but it won't let me "highligtht the capacity area". Help! My desktop is making funny noises and I want to back up some stuff before it explodes or aliens land inside it!!! ;-) Thank you, in advance.

A:"Invisible" External Hard Drive ;-P

Test the drive on another PC to verify operation.

What is the drive status in Disk Management?
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Hello, I just plugged my external hard drive into my computer, and it is not showing under my computer. If I go to Device Manager it is seen there, it has the most up to date driver etc. I rebooted, thinking that may be the issue, but even after a reboot My Computer still does not see the external hard drive.

I have used it several times before for external storage and even transferred files from the device to pc and vice versa, but now it is not showing. Can someone help?!

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Well I hope this is the correct forum considering I don t actually have XP Pro installed yet Many moons ago June I purchased a Dell Inspiron to take to college It served faithfully including after The Great Red boot install hard XP on Solved: "No disk" trying while sector to Pro Bull Spill of until several weeks ago when the hard drive failed No big deal it s mainly my Netflix computer anyway However I d still like to have it back up and running so I purchased a refurbished gb hard drive off Ebay I installed the new hard drive and checked to see that it was recognized by the BIOS it is When I booted up the computer it said quot No boot sector on hard disk No bootable devices -- strike F to retry boot F for setup utility quot Of course I understand that s normal because the hard drive doesn t have anything on it yet Here s where the problems begin I have the Dell-issue XP Pro installation CD I Solved: "No boot sector on hard disk" while trying to install XP Pro changed the boot order in the BIOS so that it would first boot from the CD drive However I got the same quot No boot sector on hard disk No bootable devices -- strike F to retry boot F for setup utility Solved: "No boot sector on hard disk" while trying to install XP Pro quot error Well that CD drive has a history of acting up despite being recognized by the BIOS so I went out and got a USB CD drive the kind with two USB plugs one is for extra power I guess Again I changed the boot order in the BIOS to start with USB I got the same quot No boot sector on hard disk No bootable devices -- strike F to retry boot F for setup utility quot error I tried using the new USB CD drive with XP Pro disc on my other laptop and both worked just fine so I don t think the USB CD drive nor the XP Pro CD are at fault So here I am out of ideas and full of impotent frustration What am I doing wrong I thought I kind-of understood this stuff too Many thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: "No boot sector on hard disk" while trying to install XP Pro
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quot no boot sector on hard disk quot message - please help Hello My hard disk broke so I bought a new one and have just restored a backup I made sector diksk" boot hard - message on help please "no previously "no boot sector on hard diksk" message - please help with Norton Ghost The problem is that after re-starting the system I get the message quot No Boot Sector on Hard Disk quot I assume this means that Norton Ghost "no boot sector on hard diksk" message - please help didnt copy this over or couldnt so I put the XP CD in went to the Recovery Console and typed quot fixboot quot someone told me this would fix the problem Now when re-starting I get no message but just a blinking quot - quot and nothing happens Should I have used the quot fixmbr quot command or is something else wrong Sorry im a little bit clueless I have now restored the ghost backup again but still get this blinking quot - quot symbol on startup and using a dos boot disk the computer doesnt even think the c drive exists If anyone has any ideas I would be eternally gratefull Thanks for your time Jai nbsp

A:"no boot sector on hard diksk" message - please help

Welcome to TechSpot

I'm not sure about Norton Ghost (I use Drive Image instead).
It would not hurt to format that HD first in NTFS. Make the partition the same size as the backed-up one. If there is any space left, use that for a second partition.
Then do your Ghosting.
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I have a Dell Inspiron m Windows XP home SP This morning I dropped my laptop and the removeable hard drive came loose I fix disk"? how "No on sector boot to hard pushed it back and when I tried to reboot it gives a quot no boot sector on hard disk no bootable device strike F key to retry F- for how to fix "No boot sector on hard disk"? set-up utility quot message After several trials in restarting and pulling the how to fix "No boot sector on hard disk"? hard drive out and put it back in it gives an error message saying file system corrupted missing I put in the Dell Reinstallation CD that I used for the current installation to repair Windows In the command prompt when I typed chkdsk f it says the parameter is not valid I decided to just do a fresh installation I chose to install Windows but in the next screen it shows MB disk at Id on bus on atapi MBR It lists only MB unpartitioned space Why isn t there any list and even any option to delete the previous partitions Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this nbsp

A:how to fix "No boot sector on hard disk"?

Have you run the Dell diagnostics to rule out device failure ( including the hard drive )
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I'm thinking about purchasing an external hard drive with maybe 500GB of memory. I would put all my pictures, videos, and music there. I have a couple of questions though.

1. Which is a good brand to buy?

2. Will this help make my computer run faster since a big chunk of media will be on
this new hard drive? Or, is that up to my processor?

3. Is it easy to access an external hard drive? Or is a pain?

Any other helpful information/tips/drawbacks, etc. would be greatly appreciated

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My external hard drive which ive been using for around - months has now started acting strange either that or my computer When i "bug?" Hard drive External plug in my external the safely remove thing never shows up I have tried the batch execution thing and it doesnt show up there either Its a Western Digital gb and im running XP SP if that helps Its on optimize for quick removal but that External Hard drive "bug?" doesnt stop it from writing stuff to the disk Example when i take it out i wait till the light stops flashing a error comes up saying quot Delayed Disk write quot to hard disk or something This hard drive has many of my important data that wont fit on my computer so i cant really format it or anything USB flash drives are working correctly its just external hard drives Also my external in device manager is considered a disk drive not a removable drive if that makes any difference P S if this post is in the wrong section of forums please dont delete it just move it Update hours later and now my flash drives are doing the External Hard drive "bug?" same thing So im absolutely stumped nbsp

A:External Hard drive "bug?"

You might take look through here for some things to try: See Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive

In particular I'd start with
> Making sure you run Custom for Windows Updates. Make sure all hardware optional as well as the critical updates are installed
> Run the DriveCleanup Tool
> Try reinstalling USB controllers and motherboard chipset drivers
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Hello I am having speed space issues with my Dell Inspiron laptop I m running Windows XP The last week or so it has been taking an inordinate amount of time to bring up new windows change tabs in Firefox etc even bringing up the Start Menu takes time and makes a lot of making "working" laptop eating near-constant drive noises, space Dell hard noise I ve also noticed that there is very little space left on my hard drive I have continued to move photos to Dell laptop making near-constant "working" noises, eating hard drive space a USB key and delete old files but the space keeps filling up and I don t know what s causing it I also had one incident this week Dell laptop making near-constant "working" noises, eating hard drive space where I typed a web address into Firefox I don t remember exactly which site--something very regular like Facebook or Gmail and it brought up a completely different site with questionable content no it was not a pop-up and the page I wanted didn t load in a new tab or anything I am putting a HijackThis log below Thank you much for your help RainyDayInParis Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast aswUpdSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashServ exe C WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXE C WINDOWS system Atievxx exe C Program Files Common Files EPSON EBAPI SAgent exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe C Program Files Lexmark Series lxczbmgr exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Lexmark Series lxczbmon exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashMaiSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashWebSv exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files Java jre bin jp ssv dll O - BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl - E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - C Program Files Java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll O - Toolbar Veoh Web Player Video Finder - FBB -D D - f a-A E - B BFC - C Program Files Veoh Networks VeohWebPlayer VeohIEToolbar dll O - HKLM Run avast C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe O - HKLM Run Lexmark Series quot C Program Files Lexmark Series lxczbmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe quot O - HKLM Run SunJavaUpdateSched quot C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe quot O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run Google Update quot C Documents and Settings A Local Settings Application Data Google Update GoogleUpdate exe quot c O - Global Startup EPSON Status Monitor Environment Check lnk C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x E SRCV EXE O - Extra button no name - e e dd -d - - b -f ba - C WINDOWS Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe O - Extra Tools menuitem xpsp res dll - - e e dd -d - - b -f ba - C WINDOWS Network Diagnostic xpnetdiag exe O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F... Read more
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I was copying cut and paste data from one external hard drive a GB IDE Maxtor in a Adaptec USB enclosure to another external a GB IDE Samsung in a Roswill USB enclosure During the move During this move my Thinkpad T p encountered a NMI Parity error to which I m still unsure what caused it though I think it may have been my Dock II screwing stuff up I did memtest times over and my memory passed so I am assuming its my Dock II ANYWAYS So the NMI Parity error "Hard Catastrophic is dawn" Failure" or Drive before night darkest "The was a blue screen and I restarted the computer After the restart I noticed the Maxtor external hard drive was missing from my drive list and in disk management it show as an uninitialized disk Okay no biggie I ve dealt with this before I tried using GetDataBack for NTFS that failed to recover Also failed were Active Partition recovery Data Doctor Recovery File Recovery Restorer TestDisk and ZAR I m guessing my Master File Table is trashed and I can t recover it Does anyone have any ideas nbsp

A:"Hard Drive Catastrophic Failure" or "The night is darkest before dawn"

Zar should have recovered it (if the data is recoverable)
Also (you may already realize this now) in future Copy and paste

More recovery tools here
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HI i got infected with quot vbs quot through someone's usb i ran quot Flash Disinfector quot then installed quot kaspersky quot scaned the whole computer it also deleted open used & drive "vbs", on unable with folders "Flash_Disinfector" to hard infected vbs trojan However after that when i tried to open my computer by clicking on its icon it did not open i tried to open it fron strat up but the result was same all others like my documents etc were all right i open my computer through my documents opened my c drive when i tried to open further any folder present infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open present in the C drive it gave me the error i am including the error meggage in attachment howerever all my folders were not having any shortcut sign amp it was same with all folders present in all my drives infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open but when i wrote the name of the folder in the address bar it opened normaly infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open so now i cannot open my computer through its icon plus all the folders present in my hard drive please help me to sort this thing out

A:infected with "vbs", used "Flash_Disinfector" & folders on hard drive unable to open

Hello and Welcome.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

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I just installed a new 60gb hard drive as a back up to put my movie files on,it installed fine and it works fine but i get "windows milenium emergancy boot" when i boot the system up .I don"t know if this error is serious but I do know that the system seems less stable in this boot mode..can someone please help? thanx

A:after installing new "hard drive" it starts with "windows emergency boot"

closing duplicate, view this thread
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infected with quot vbs quot used quot Flash folders with on hard don't open afte infected all "vbs", drive "Flash_Disinfector" Disinfector quot amp folders on hard drive unable to open HI i got infected with quot vbs quot through someone's usb i ran quot Flash Disinfector quot then installed quot kaspersky quot scaned the whole computer it also deleted vbs trojan However after that when i infected with "vbs", afte "Flash_Disinfector" all folders on hard drive don't open tried to open my computer by clicking on its icon it did not open i tried to open it fron strat up but the result was same all others like my documents etc were all right i open my computer through my documents opened my c drive when i tried to open further any folder present present in the C drive it gave me the error that is this item quot vbs quot that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut will no longer work properly Do you want to delete this shortcut infected with "vbs", afte "Flash_Disinfector" all folders on hard drive don't open Howerever all my folders were not having any shortcut sign amp it was same with all folders present in all my drives but when i wrote the name of the folder in the address bar it opened normaly so now i cannot open my computer through its icon plus all the folders present in my hard drive please help me to sort this thing out dds DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Nadeem Ahmad at on Sat Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows XP Professional GMT AV Kaspersky Anti-Virus On-access scanning disabled Updated C D BC - - -A F -E C Running Processes C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe c program files idt wdm STacSV exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QlbCtrl exe C Program Files Apoint K Apoint exe C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe C Program Files Apoint K ApMsgFwd exe C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus avp exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Microsoft ActiveSync Wcescomm exe C Program Files Apoint K Apntex exe C PROGRA MI AA rapimgr exe C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus avp exe C Program Files Symantec Norton Ghost GhostStartService exe C Program Files Intel Intel R Management Engine Components LMS LMS exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files Intel Intel R Management Engine Components UNS UNS exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exe C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static ccc exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons Com QLBEx exe C Documents and Settings Nadeem Ahmad Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www msn com uDefault Page URL hxxp www msn com uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext wmplayer exe ICWLaunch uInternet Settings ProxyServer socks uWindows Load quot c windows system smss exe vbs quot BHO HelperObject Class c d-c - c - -fce ad c - c program files techsmith snagit SnagItBHO dll BHO QvodExtend ac - de - - a e-a af add - c program files qvodplayer QvodExtend dll BHO Groove GFS Browser Helper - c - d -b f - bbc d a e - c progra micros office GRA E DLL BHO MSN Toolbar Helper d ce e -f a- - e- dc f c f - c program files msn toolbar msneshellx dll BHO Ask Toolbar d c f- a- -a ad- d - c program files ask com GenericAskToolbar dll TB SnagIt ff e -abde- eb-b e-d aab cabe - c program files techsmith snagit SnagItIEAddin dll TB MSN Toolbar e ed c- cb - d -b e -ab c c - c program files msn toolbar msneshellx dll TB Ask Toolbar d c f- a- -a ad- d - c program files ask com GenericAskToolbar dll TB FF E -ABDE- EB-B E-D AAB CABE - No File TB BC A- - D - AC -E B A BA C - No File uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe uRun H PC Connection Agent quot c program files ... Read more

A:infected with "vbs", afte "Flash_Disinfector" all folders on hard drive don't open

Hello buct,

It will require more than 1 round to clean the system. Please stay with me until given the 'all clear' even if symptoms seem to abate.

Download ComboFix from one of these locations:

Link 1
Link 2

* IMPORTANT- Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop


Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications as they will interfere with our tools and the removal.


Double click on combofix.exe & follow the prompts.

As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.

Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.

**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.

Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:

Click on Yes, to continue scanning for malware.

When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please include the C:\ComboFix.txt in your next reply for further review.
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I used a DriveWire - Universal Hard Drive Adapter IDE PATA SATA to USB HDD Adapter to hook up A quot Hard Drive Samsung model HD HJ to my desktop in an attempt to get my wife's files off her old desktop machine and merge Drive Hard ready",won't Initialized", recognize "Not "device is not them into mine It all started off fine the drive was recognized and I could see the files Hard Drive "Not Initialized", "device is not ready",won't recognize when I plugged in the USB cord I started a NOD scan of the drive and a few minutes later a spark flew off my power strip and the fuse blew - looks like a Hard Drive "Not Initialized", "device is not ready",won't recognize letter opener shorted between two of the plugs I think I killed the hard drive I replaced the power strip and started everything back up The drive spins but no longer is recognized by the computer when Hard Drive "Not Initialized", "device is not ready",won't recognize plugged in no drive letter for it Under Disk Management I see the disk listed as quot unknown quot and quot not initialized quot Originally I had the option to right click and select quot Initialize quot and I was given option to use two partitiion styles MBR or GPT I tried both to no avail and get the quot device is not ready quot message I can right click select quot Offline quot and get the same message right-click quot Properties quot say the device is working properly I plugged in another drive on the hard drive adapter and it works so it's not the vault of the adapter I try the same setup on my laptop and get the same results So I'm pretty sure I killed the drive I just care about getting pictures and documents off it Any advise I know there are data recovery services out there that can probably help me but I'd rather not pay the big bucks if I can avoid that

A:Hard Drive "Not Initialized", "device is not ready",won't recognize

If you have killed the drive, there isn't very much you do about it. Even experts cannot sometimes recover anything, and it's just a wast of money.
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My hard drive not showing in "my computer" or "Disk Management" but is showing under device manager. I got the hard drive from a friend and his dad had put a Password encryption on it. Any Ideas?
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A friend of mine gave me his external hard drive with the hopes that I might be able to fix it.

It's a new external Western Digital that is 2TB in size and he purchased it within the last 2 or 3 months. I don't know what he did, but it wouldn't surprise me if he pulled the USB cord without properly unmounting the drive and something with his filesystem became corrupted. I don't know how to repair this.

The drive will show you a drive letter when you attach it to Windows, and using a partition manager (in Linux) shows the drive to contain an "unknown" partition type. In Windows, running "chkdsk e: /x /r" returns an error that says "chkdsk is not available for RAW drives".

Anyone know of a reliable (and preferably free) utility that might be able to repair this kind of problem quickly?

A:External hard drive NTFS partition missing; chkdsk says it's a "RAW" partition now

Is this a data recovery operation? Should be able to just format again if not.

Otherwise testdisk ( might be useful to recover the partition info.
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Hi Everyone I'm hoping to get some help I had a power outage while my WD Elements TB Hard drive was on I wasn't accessing it but apparently that was enough I had a lot of important data on it but losing External "Bad failure. after Hard power disk" Drive failure hope after unsuccessful attempts to use PhotoRec to get items off it It doesn't show as accessible in MyComputer but is detected I've included what it shows under the quot Manage quot view of the drive I've also tried MiniTool Partition but it doesn't seem to be able to fix the partition I've also tried Partition Bad Disk and it just shows the whole TB drive as one bad block It won't let me fix it either Does anyone have any other bits of advice I'm at a loss as what to do It seems the data is not recoverable I can't figure out how to get it to show or even how to use it again Please see attachments I'm grateful for any ideas help please Thank you

A:External Hard Drive failure. "Bad disk" after power failure

Hello dime5150. Welcome to the forum

In PW, did you try "Rebuild MBR"?
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I cannot control-f nor edit->find due to the "find next" button being grayed out after typing in the search criteria. Also, my "Help and Support" from the start menu simply does not come up. Can anybody give me a hand on this? Windows XP Home, SP2.

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I have 2 networked hard discs acting as fileservers in my local intranet (which consists of 2 studio computers - Mac and PC, an office PC running Vista, and the 2 networked drives, all under the same Workgroup)...

I have no access issues on any of my machines except the office PC running Vista (Home Premium 64)... on the Vista machine, even though I've added the IP addresses of the networked drives to my trusted zone, they show up in Windows Explorer as being in the "Internet Zone" and I can't seem to change that (which creates all kinds of rights/permission issues for some of the applications I'm running)...

Any ideas?

A:Fileserver (networked hard disc) in "internet zone" - can't change???

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I just purchased a 2.5" enclosure that connects to the computer via USB and a 2.5" 60 GB external Hard drive for it. I am running Windows XP Pro so the device should install automatically. I am getting the little icon in the taskbar stating that the device is present and when I checked the status of the hardware in device manager, the computer lists the device and says the device is working properly. The problem is, I am not getting an icon in My Computer am because of this, I cannot access the drive. What am I doing wrong?

A:2.5" External Hard Drive

You need to go to Disk Management, Initiliaze, Partition, and Format the drive.
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So I've been up for hours this morning fighting with a brand new Seagate Gb "falls asleep"?!?! 2.5" drive External Extension quot portable hard drive 2.5" External drive "falls asleep"?!?! While transferring Gb of information from the drive to an internal drive it often stops copying moving halfway through It seems to happen mostly on large Gb files but has also happened on smaller Mb files When it stops copying moving the destination drive is accessible but if I try to access the files on the quot it freezes and gives me the not responding message If instead of accessing the files however I click on my computer in the same window the copying moving resumes Prior to discovering this I had been opening task manager and attempting unsuccessfully to kill the processes and then explorer which would close but not restart itself I then had to open powershell and restart explorer from there Unplugging the quot would also stop the hung copy process and I'm hoping it hasn't corrupted any of my files only tried it twice The Seagate came default formatted in NTFS and I'm using W bit I also have USB suspend disabled Any ideas

A:2.5" External drive "falls asleep"?!?!

i found this program today im using to see how my drives are doing HDDScan
and it has lots of features here are some key things (oh and its free)

Reading and analyzing identity information from ATA/SATA/USB/FireWire/SCSI HDD.
Changing AAM, APM, PM parameters on ATA/SATA/USB/FireWire HDD.
Reporting defect information on SCSI HDD.
Spindle start/stop function on ATA/SATA/USB/FireWire/SCSI HDD.
Reports can be saved in MHT format.
Reports can be printed.
Skins support.
Command line support.
SSD SMART and Identity reports

the feature i found good is in the screen shot automatic acoustic management you may find some useful info for yourself?
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Hello I recently bought a TB external USB hard disk which became how to "unallocated", 3TB disc Hard recover? suddenly did not want to start When switching on I 3TB Hard disc became "unallocated", how to recover? could here the disk try to start 3TB Hard disc became "unallocated", how to recover? to rotate but it didn't as if the provided power was too 3TB Hard disc became "unallocated", how to recover? weak or so I unscrewed the disk from its housing and put the housing with its S-ATA-to-USB controller aside and plugged the disk - a quot ST DM - CH Seagate Barracuda quot - to a PC cases S-ATA Port now it really started Then as soon as I started the disk manager I was asked to quot activate quot the disk which I did maybe this was a fault Now I have activated the disk but in disk manager there are two partitions showing up now GB unallocated GB unallocated I installed EaseUS Data recovery wizard to my systems hard disk of course and started a recovery search which took about hours I got a complete list of all files that where are on the disk and obviously I can recover all actually I started the recovery to another disk But the complete folder structure would be lost if recovering the files this way all would be saved in one huge folder quot NTFS lost files quot or so This makes this kind of recovery useless for me Now EaseUS is able to save a once done search result and load it later so one only once has to run that time consuming search So I saved the result and interrupted the even much more time consuming recovery At least I know now that the files are all on the disk and also is the folder structure as I was able to see it in EaseUS too Now here is my question Is there any way to recover the former quot TB-one-partition-state quot without destroying the data on the disk And Just for my understanding Why do I see two partitions now Is Windows unable to deal with TB partitions at all This is my setup Normal home desktop self built with GB RAM Quad-Core Ghz no Raid or special stuff Windows Ultimate Thank you very very much for your help I really appreciate it

A:3TB Hard disc became "unallocated", how to recover?

Wait for more comments, but I think your better move would have been to attempt to recover the original partition, rather than immediately try to recover the files.

If that disk originally had a single 3 TB partition, it was initialized as "GPT", not the more commonly found MBR. MBR partitions are limited to 2.2 TB.

That EaseUS tool you have may or may not have partition recovery capability. The standard recommendation on this forum for partition recovery is to use Partition Wizard:

Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online

You might download that tool, but I'd wait for more comments before using it or EaseUS.
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It's a mole hill of a problem, but it is a bit annoying to have to click on my principal drive ("C") every time I'm doing a "save". I have enclosed an excerpt of a screen shot of my "save as" window to display how the default drive being automatically selected is the "D" drive rather than the "C" drive that I use primarily. To be honest, I don't know whether this can be corrected by a software change, or whether it's the way the two hard drives are connected in my computer.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has a suggestion to offer if there is a way to make my "C" drive the default selection when I attempt to do a save function. Thanks

A:Solved: How do I change default hard drive when doing a "Save as""?
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Hi, I have 2 pending sector count and was wondering how to find what information is stored on these sectors. I have run HD Tune Pro and it showed 2 red blocks: Error : LBA 16829295 and 16901956. I downloaded a program called DiskView to find that clusters but the numbers didn`t match. How to find if valuable information is stored in these sectors?

Thanks for your help!

A:Find data stored on bad hard drive sector

Hello and welcome Troubleman I don't know if this will work but give it a try


Make a bootable Ubuntu disk

Set the BIOS to boot from theoptical when the machine boots it will show you a screen with TRY or INSTALL> select TRYnot INSTALL

When it is finished - it takes verylittle time you will get a screen like in the pic .

Open the drive you want > Userand dig down until you get to the data / settings you may be able to copy /paste the material you want to an external source or other installed drive doingthis.

I am not sure if it will but I haverecovered tons of data etc using this method both on "dead" or justplain drives that you cannot get data from using Windows.

There is always this too Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition. use the right hand part of the program when it starts I haven't as yet but worth a try.

There is always Recuva too have used this on occasion but my first suggestion works a treat - it sometimes will not be able to access some files but in general just about all because it does not have to use Windows. .
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I am looking to purchase a 2.5" external hard drive enclosure. I have been reading a little about them and most of what I hear is that there powered through the USB port. They say most of them come with a Y to be able to plug two usb ports into the back of your laptop to provide ample power for the drive. My problem is that I only have 1 usb port on my laptop. I've read in a couple places were people say that it just isnt enough power and there drive keeps getting dismonted becuase of it. Is there a way around this? If I used a Y splitter but used a pass through usb to kind of daisy chain them together would that provide enough power or should they actually be plugged into 2 seperate USB ports? Can you recommend any models for me?


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hi recently my laptop decided to stop working so i thought the first thing drive Solved: external hard 2.5" i need to do Solved: external 2.5" hard drive is get all of the data off the hard-drive so i bought a external enclosure for it and installed it and everything plugged it into a windows XP system and it went through the whole plug n play thing and it started then now when i plug the drive in the action light comes on and totally crashes windows eventually it sorts its self out and gives me the partitions my notebook drive is in i can access two of them but the problem is that all of the files i need are on the third unreachable partition it totally freezes after right or left clicking on it or accessing and software to do with the hard drive i got a error recently saying L drive needs formatting do you want to do it now but i dont want to format it as i want the data from it any help would be much appreciated and if you are not fully sure what im on about i will try to explain better regards Andrew K ndr wk nbsp

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I need this problem solved because i need some few work moved to Vista computer... but it's 10GB and it's too big...

I have several HDD... I need to reduce some space in laptop

A:How can i make my hard drive 3.5" to external HDD

you can try to get an Enclosure for the Drive..
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I've just burned a Data DVD with Nero Burning Rom 11, it's the first burn I've done on Windows 7 since upgrading.

When it was finished and I went into the disc, it had items on the disc, but under it it had "Files ready to be written to disc", with a configuration file called desktop...

How can I remove this option?

A:Remove "Files ready to be written to disc" from Optical drive?

Xirix mate some system specs would be handy and a pic of that window.
System Info - See Your System Specs
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My Avast Antivirus software keeps detecting .exe files in my C:\. I keep telling the software to delete it, but they keep coming back. Now I'm getting weird "Windows - No Disc" errors describing : "Excpetion Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 7c6df5f8cead911234kjfdsslca" and it just keeps popping up after I cancel it out.These are the files I found in my C: - (an icon of a mouse arrow) 7eeeutuyut76; (win 32 cabinet self-extractors) b4oo3o4ot, b4oooot, fgom33, foboddot, phqgh, and a .exe called "virustoth55alit".
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:YIKES! "Windows - No Disc" errors and wierd .exe in my C:\drive

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If your machine won't read CDs (but can eg, play DVDs) and gives a "prepare this blank disc" error message, there is probably a driver conflict. After several warranty calls to Dell, much good advice, updating drivers and firmware,and installing a new CD Drive (Optiarc) it would work for a bit then crash again.

After a bit more research - see the closed thread at 'Prepare This Blank Disc' Problem, which is useful but failed, I decided to uninstall Roxio 9, which unfortunately came preinstalled.

Make sure every reference to Roxio is deleted. Search the computer and registry. Maybe uninstall the CD drive and reinstall, reboot, then it may work. Mine did! I then installed ImgBurn which does a fine job of copying CDs.

All other options (eg, relating to upper and lower filters) failed in my case. I think the problem started with Vista Business SP1 install. Good luck.

A:"Prepare this blank disc" DVD drive error message

thanks dude...i tired all options except this gad not worked...this did...:P
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I've been having this rather annoying problem for nearly 2 months now and have tried several things to fix it, as mentioned in some simmilar old posts on here.
Basically my CD drive suddenly decided not to recognise blank lists so I can't write files to CD. I tend to use itunes but it doesn't work in WMP either.
The message displayed is "Please insert a blank disc"
I am using a Sony Vaio VGN-NS20M / Windows Vista Home Premium
The disc drive is MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ880AS

So far I have tried uninstalling and rebooting, checking for updates, doing a system restore to before the problem started... none of this has worked and it's driving me mad!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey forum First post here I hear this is a great place to come for Vista help so here goes I recently completed a new computer and am having trouble with my optical drive Model LG GH NS The funny thing is I actually installed Vista onto my main HD also a SATA drive using the optical drive when I first loaded the in problem? "Please drive D:" disc insert SATA computer The error now is that when I put a disc into the drive Vista doesn't recognize the disc and when I try to access the drive the error message quot Please Insert a disc in drive D quot shows up and the drive ejects The drive shows up in device manager I've tried deleting it and rebooting to let Windows reinstall the drivers and have tried upgrading all the drivers I can find myself Just to be sure I took the drive out and tested it on another computer and I now SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:" know the hardware is working just fine I've seen other posts on other forums with similar problems but haven't found SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:" a solution Here are the specs on my rig BIOSTAR TA GX M AMD Phenom II X Deneb GHz GB DDR RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT MB LG Black X CAV DVD R GH NS which I hope to soon have working Thanks in advance for any help you can offer -Q

A:SATA problem? "Please insert disc in drive D:"

Install the SATA drivers/software for your controllers either from a download or FDD/usb floppy. Did it come with a disk?, and have you updated your system at Windows update for Windows and other pruducts?, (keep going back until it says no further updates available for your system)

It should work out of the box as long as the sata/raid controller is loaded (and it must be if Vista sees your SATA HDD). Check your BIOS setting for the optical make sure it sees it as a SATA AHCI DVD RE optical drive, and not running under IDE mode.
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So, after messing around with my hard drives and reconfiguring everything after a nasty virus, i can no longer change the custom name of the hard drives to what they were before.

I have 6 physical drives, all different sizes and used for different things, and would like to be able to change the names so i dont get them confused. i dont even know where to begin to look for information on this as im not sure if i changed something while returning permissions to normal or whatnot. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

A:cannot change the drive name from "Local Disc" to custom name

Hi go to right click your Local Disc and select rename and enter new name press enter.

Repeat on subsequent hard drives.
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So I want to buy the following item from eBay.
It says that the max size it supports is 300GB.
My hard-drive is 320GB

a) the external hard-drive CASE recognize the HDD as 300GB and function normally?
b) the external hard-drive CASE not recognise the HDD at all due to it being too big.

Thanks for your speedy help!

A:Question about 2.5" external hard drive case

A 320GB hard drive actually works out to be about 298GB. I believe the only way to know if the drive will work is to try it.
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Hey all, I just created this account after doing some lurking on here.
I have a problem with a desktop of mine, its and Amd Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 3800+

I know that there are other threads on this problem but they only seem to have solutions for computers that have floppy drives and mine does not.

I'm not very tech savvy at all either so any bit of help would be greatly appreciated.


A:"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

Sounds like a stupid answer,

Have you checked all cables .. I.e SATA and Power are plugged into your HDD? (or IDE and Power)

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Help Please

Im in big trouble. I was going to format my hard drive of my PC when i discovered that my system did not recognize it. This is really weird because i was using it a year now and it was working fine. The message i get is this "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system".

A:"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your system".

You need to have a floppy with the proper driver then press F6 at the beginning of the Windows install process. With the proper drivers, Windows will find your hard drive (probabyl a SATA one) & will allow you to use it as a boot drive.

ps. please use the search function as this topic has been discussed quite a few times.
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I just bought a new DVD Burner but figured it wasnt TOO tough to install I am less than skilled at this stuff but the guy at Best Buy basically said it wasnt hard and it could be done no problem So i opened a relatively older about - years tower unscrewed the cd drive i wanted to take out and then slid the new dvd burner in its place plugged in the necessary wires drives did installed any in find hard ??? "Setup not your disk computer..." and i thought i was in business turns out for whatever "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer..." ??? reason i couldnt see the drive when i went to quot my computer quot so i thought that maybe i plugged in the wrong wire i un plugged one plugged in another that was hanging down and then my computer just shut off now i am getting message thats telling me quot Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer quot am i dealing strictly with a problem where i have the wrong things plugged in or did i fry my hard drive Any "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer..." ??? help would be GREATLY appreciated nbsp

A:"Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer..." ???
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i get the message "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer" when i try to install windows xp on a dell dimension 5150c with a 160G WD SATA drive. the bios detects it fine and the diagnostics indicate that it's okay and norton ghost is able to access it. this post:

indicates that i should try setting my sata operation to "combination". i have no such setting in my bios. i have only ahci and ata for this setting. i've tried both with identical results. do i need scsi drivers to install windows? thanks for any help.

A:Get "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

This is one of the most common problems we see here on TechSpot!
What you need to do is press F6 for third-party scsi or raid controller just as the Windows install is starting. You then need to insert your SATA driver disk.
If you do not have one then you will need to go to the Dell website and download the correct one for your PC and put it on to a floppy disk.
This should get all working.
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I recently aquired this system Dell PowerEdge SC Intel Xeon GHz x Gb HDD Gb any did not find hard your in installed Solved: computer." disk "Setup drives RAM PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller BIOS LSI Logic Corp HA - Bus Dev PERC SC Standard FW startup says Logical Drives found on the host adapter Logical Drive s handled Solved: "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer." by BIOS This computer previously had Microsoft Small Business Server installed on it but by the time I received it someone had replaced the OS with Ubantu I came in with all guns blazing knowing nothing about RAID SCSI or server systems and went and DBAN d the whole system because there was a lot of useless juck from the previous owners on there and my friend didn t like Ubantu and wanted a simple Windows XP installation I think i have got the HDDs online again after the dban but How do I get Windows XP installed in this bloody computer so that it runs for all intents and purposes like a powerful desktop instead of a server When i run the Windows Setup it asks for rd party drivers for the RAID SCSI I have exhausted my googling abilities trying but I can t find PERC SC RAID controllers with the relevant quot txtsetup oem quot file that Windows Setup is demanding I downloaded the Dell perc sc driver package from support dell com but it doesn t have the txtsetup oem file and Windows Still asks for it Is there a certain array configuration that enables windows to see the drives without the drivers If so details please Please help Regards Chris nbsp

A:Solved: "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer."

If you have the driver files, you should be able to slipstream them to your Windows XP disk.

Download and install nLite ( This program allows you to add to your current Windows installation disk such things as Windows updates, Service Packs and hardware drivers (including SATA and SCSI).

The actual usage is pretty self-explanatory. Let us know how it goes.
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I recently reformatted my computer, and my CD drives seemed to be working pretty well for awhile. I managed to install a few things, but then all of the sudden they all stopped working at the same time. Furthermore, when testing a copy of a school project I've got on an .iso using Daemon Tools, it similarly reports an empty disc. That makes me think it's more of a problem with windows than the drive itself, as even using a non-hardware means of utilizing a disc, I still get a picture of an "empty disc".

Thanks in advance...
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Hello I have Windows Vista Home Premium recently I have been experiencing this problem when I insert any CD or DVD it comes up in the computer tab as there is a disc in the drive although when i hit explore or open autoplay or try to play the CD DVD it says quot please insert disc into drive D quot i have tried checking if the driver is up to date in device manager and it says it is Also sometimes when i put the CD DVD in it sometimes lags and i am presented with a message saying quot Interactive services a program is preventing from displaying a message on your desktop quot the cd drive then lags to eject it What should I do I was thinking maybe uninstall the drive and windows will then recognize it when it gets a reboot but i wasn't sure i am only just computer literate so i do not know much about what to do thank you in advance for your help Jasmin

A:[SOLVED] &quot;Please insert disc into drive D;.&quot;

Yes you can do that and it will find it again at bootup.
I have done it myself after a Nero installation I had went bad and had the same problems.
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On my PC I don't have an "A" drive but under COMPUTER it shows nonetheless.

It's properties show as:


It's only a very minor annoyance but I just like having drives that I know are there and was wondering it there is some way to have it unlisted or hidden maybe.

To save another post, can the PUBLIC folders be again hidden or must they remain forever visible?

I have no use for them whatsoever but again very small issue.


A:How do I hide "A" Drive Floppy Disc

I think the easiest way is to disable the floppies in the Bios settings.
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Windows XP Professional v sp Abit AN X motherboard AMD Athlon Proccessor LG Super Multi DVD Drive Model SA- B Custom-Built Computer when i put in a disc autoplay doesn t pop-up so i do to run and type quot D Autoplay quot a window pops up saying quot please inser a disc into Drive D quot I ve tried Solved: Drive says insert disc" CD/DVD-ROM "please putting in the disc before and after i run autoplay idk if the problem im having is software or hardware but the Audio Cable is properly installed to the Audio Card and the Power Cable is properly connected because it lights up and I can eject the discs that leaves the Solved: CD/DVD-ROM Drive says "please insert disc" slot that goes into the motherboard the IDE slot theres only one the hard-drive uses a SATA cable so it s not the Hard Drive the jumper in the back of the CD-ROM drive is on MA for master and the ribbon cable that connects the IDE th the back of the CD-ROM Solved: CD/DVD-ROM Drive says "please insert disc" drive is on the Slave input the ribbon cable has inputs one goes into the Motherboard the Connect to M B and theres other inputs along the cable the one in the middle is SLAVE for ATA MB s and the one on the end is MASTER for ATA MB s I can t seem to figure out whats going on with it it used to work any help is greatly appriciated THX nbsp

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SOLUTION: Windows 8.1 repair install from original media.

I keep getting this error:

When I try to click on a dvd drive, which has a DVD inside.

It doesn't matter which of my DVD drives nor which DVD disc is used.

So, Windows doesn't recognize the DVDs (or CDS or Blu-Rays) inside the drives.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

My system is Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with all updates. Drives are both SATA and PATA drives.

A:"Please Insert Disc" prompt when there is a DVD in drive

Possible bad machines but just in case it's because of the drivers' go to Device manager, find drives and uninstall them, reboot and proper drivers should be installed.
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For some reason about of the time when I have remove" hard Unable computers to of either on drives external my "safely an external Unable to "safely remove" external hard drives on either of my computers hard drive plugged in to either my laptop or desktop computer both running Windows XP Professional SP it won t let me safely remove the drive when I m done with it the error message I get on both computers when trying to remove the drive using Safely Remove Hardware is The device Generic volume cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it Except no programs are accessing it not even Explorer I ll then have to shut the entire computer off in order to remove the drive since nothing else seems to work I did try the steps listed at this site but I still got the same Generic volume error message after closing the two threads that were accessing the external drive and Process Explorer didn t show anything at all as accessing it once I had closed the threads that were there If it helps the two threads were apparently the same thing at the same location F System Volume Information EfaData SYMEFA DB I googled that file file path but didn t really find anything that related to my problem So could anyone here help me out Like I said this happens on both my laptop and my desktop computers which aren t connected to each other in any way so in addition to wondering why I m getting this message to begin with I m wondering why I m getting it on both machines Any info or advice would be much appreciated

A:Unable to "safely remove" external hard drives on either of my computers

Program Accessing it message is usually a residual effect of a files cache still running in memory. Windows should have cleared it but in many cases it does not go away. If your right click the Safely Remove Icon in the System Tray, and then Remove the drive, if you get that message, close it and hit it again. 9 times out of 10 it will let you Safely Remove it then. If not, wait a few minutes and try it again, if it refuses, then just unplug it. The only danger is that it may not get recognized if the drive was using a file at the time, but this is rare.
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I have several external HDD docks that I use for backup and PC repair Thermaltake and Rosewill The docks work fine but I am having problems lately with any HDD I place in the docks The behavior I will describe occurs with ANY HDD Constant activity docks "read" Hard external in - Drives in ANY dock thus I suspect something related to Windows Pro - properly updated and clean of malware The Issue Whenever I place a HDD usually a or TB Western DIgital in the dock the activity lights ramp up to full speed Checking Task Manager reveals that the HDD Hard Drives in external docks - Constant "read" activity in question is processing read activity at - rate This will go on for at least minutes EACH time I place the HDD in the dock Checking the properties of the drives I have NOT enabled indexing of any of these drives In addition I long ago disabled Windows Search and Superfetch services In Task Manager Performance tab it is clear the drives are beng read but not written to but no where can I identify what process is responsible for this This is my concern Dude - what is causing this constant near read activity All my drives are regulary scanned for malware all are clean and CrystalDiskInfo reports all drives as quot GOOD quot If anyone can suggest a solution I will be very grateful Thanking you in advance Svenno
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Ok guys.. I screwed up big time... I was about to create a bootable flash drive with a utility called HPflash and right the moment I pressed the start button I realized that the selected drive wasnt my flash drive.. but my external hard disk with 400 Gigs of Data! I dont know about you guys.. but I had tons of pictures and videos.. (my wedding video too!) And I am going nuts now.. can anyone please give me some hope and tell me I can recover all my files? Do I need to use one of the un-delete software out there? When I click on the hard disk it states that it needs to be formatted.. so apparently it hasnt.. so what happened to it? Can I undo what I did very quickly? thanks!

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Good Morning I get random popups I have run all available anti-spyware software and anti-virus software and it has not fixed this issue Also after a clean reboot i only have about min or so browse the web before i get a quot cannot find server quot screen I can access the web with other programs worlds of warcraft is one I ran your Vundo utility per the directions i have seen on many of these posts and it did server" found shows find IE fixed! Vundo and working. help! still "cannot not find and clean it up I am still having some issues IE still locks me out here is my log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System CTsvcCDA EXE C Program Files Cisco Systems VPN Client cvpnd exe C WINDOWS csifcsvc exe C WINDOWS LogWatNT IE shows "cannot find server" Vundo found and fixed! still not working. help! exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS Debug mdm exe C Program Files Eset nod krn exe d Photodex ProShowGold ScsiAccess exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor svcntaux exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor swdsvc exe D Alcohol Soft IE shows "cannot find server" Vundo found and fixed! still not working. help! Alcohol StarWind StarWindService exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system wdfmgr exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system CTHELPER EXE C Program Files ScanSoft PaperPort pptd nt exe C Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro type exe C Program Files Microsoft IntelliPoint point exe C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr Acrotray exe C Program Files Eset nod kui exe C Program Files Spyware Doctor SDTrayApp exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS System alg exe C Documents and Settings Garen Desktop PC repair tools HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www yahoo com O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - no file O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - A -CFBB- C- BB - B A BDA - C WINDOWS system mljgh dll file missing O - BHO AcroIEToolbarHelper Class - AE CD -E - f- - EE - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll O - BHO no name - D A D - - A- C C- BF F B - C WINDOWS system khffcaw dll file missing O - Toolbar Adobe PDF - -D C - - FA - E EAAC - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run CTHelper CTHELPER EXE O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run PaperPort PTD C Program Files ScanSoft PaperPort pptd nt exe O - HKLM Run IndexSearch C Program Files ScanSoft PaperPort IndexSearch exe O - HKLM Run ControlCenter C Program Files Brother ControlCenter brctrcen exe autorun O - HKLM Run type quot C Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro type exe quot O - HKLM Run IntelliPoint quot C Program Files Microsoft IntelliPoint point exe quot O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k O - HKLM Run Windows Defender quot C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe quot -hide O - HKLM Run Acrobat Assistant quot C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Disti... Read more

A:IE shows "cannot find server" Vundo found and fixed! still not working. help!

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Well, the Winamp tagging thing stopped working so I tried to use WMP to tag my music from there. Only problem is now, every time I try to "Find Album Info" in there, it loads a screen with a "Internal Server Error" screen instead of the usual search results.

A:Windows Media Player 12, "Find Album Info" not working

Try this, open Services and scroll down to

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Set it to disable, and reboot. See if that works. It's possible that something is using WMP and not allowing it to connect.

A Guy

Edit: Windows Media Player 12: 500 Internal Server Error
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I'm trying to install Windows XP. I pop in the disk, boot from CD ROM, go thru the part where it scans for stuff until I reach "Press Enter to install Windows XP", then I get the message that says Setup did not find any hard disk drives.

I have a HP Pavilion zd7000

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I am trying to resolve a "Setup did not find any hard drives" error while installing Windows XP on my HP Pavilion dv9000 with an AMD Turion 64x2. I am following the information on this site:

The problem I'm having is that I cannot figure out where to find the correct RAID/SATA Drives for my laptop. If somebody knows where to find the appropriate *.inf files I would appriciate it. Thanks