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Upgrade current XP with old Vista CD

Q: Upgrade current XP with old Vista CD

I purchased a new PC in early 2007 that came with XP. A month or so later I received the Vista upgrade CD which I have never installed. I intend to buy Windows 7 when it becomes available and wish to minimize my system upgrade problems as much as possible. Based on my understanding I would have to do a complete harddrive erase to install Win 7 and then reinstall all my applications. If possible and practical I'd like to upgrade XP to Vista and then Vista to Windows 7.

My question am I likely to have problems going from a current up to date version of XP to a 2+ year old version of Vista which would require many updates to bring up to the current level?.

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade current XP with old Vista CD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrade current XP with old Vista CD

You would be better doing that format you were talking about. let me think... back up everything you want backed up ie programs etc. save it to external HDD burn it to dvd etc. before you want to install 7 download virtual box install xp on the virtual box and install your programs into there... Its not worth doing, just backup and format your harddrive and then clean install 7
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I have got myself into a bit of a mess.

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista. To see if it improved the performance or if the laptop itself was rubbish. It did so I purchased an upgrade to windows home premium. When I enter the upgrade key it says I need the current key is invalid for upgrade and that I need to phone a number. Does this mean the software I brought is useless. I didn't want to buy a disc as I had read that using a upgrade key meant everything was kept. Is there anyway I can use the software I've brought. The computer recognises the key as an upgrade one.

A:Windows upgrade starter to premium current key not valid for upgrade

I installed my version of windows starter on my mom's PC which was previously running vista.

You can not use the Windows Starter from your Notebook on your mother PC.
Doing so would be a invalid upgrade.
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EDIT Now current PC to Want upgrade my looking for Budget Gaming Desktop not worth upgrading current PC Budget Want to upgrade my current PC - USD I have never bought anything online before Original Message --------------------------- Here are my current specs MB ASUS K V SE Deluxe CPU Manufacturer AuthenticAMD CPU Family AMD Athlon tm Processor Model Stepping CPU Speed MHz Maximum Memory Capacity MB Currently Installed Memory GB DDR PC MB x Available Memory Slots Number of Banks Dual Channel Support No GPU ATI Radeon Pro Originally came with Nvidia GeForce GS MB defected due to overheating GPU Memory MB Memory Type DDR SGRAM SDRAM Core Clock in MHz MHz Memory Clock in MHz MHz HDD Western Digital GB --------------------------------------------- Now what I want to do is upgrade my GPU Processer and memory What is the best components for my current motherboard My HD is fine and I don t see the need to get a larger one since I don t play those games that require like GB just to install Oh and if you need any more info to help me upgrade please ask me to do so nbsp

A:Want to upgrade my current PC

Your CPU will be a problem, since Socket 754 CPUs are a thing of the past now. Otherwise, for a good upgrade, you would get greater performance with another gig of RAM and a new video card (and PSU, if need be). I'd recommend an HD 3850 or an HD 3650 (whichever fits your budget), and an Antec Earthwatts PSU (any of them will do).

If possible, upgrade the entire system, since all the technology you're currently using is almost obsolete. If it's not, no problem, the upgrades above will give you a significant boost in performance as well.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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After spending minutes on the phone after a minute hold time with Microsoft's outsourced support team I'm still confused and frustrated Hopefully someone at this forum can point me in the right direction I have a licensed copy of Windows XP sitting in a box It's not currently installed on any computers Does this qualify me for the Install without current Upgrade XP Windows Pro Upgrade license If so how do I go about downloading a Windows upgrade My computer doesn't have a CD drive so I'd prefer to download Windows However if that's not an option I can buy a CD and use a friend's computer to transfer the software onto a USB drive My computer is currently running Ubuntu Linux and I'd like Upgrade without current XP Install to add a Windows partition for dual boot ideally without having to install my ancient copy of Windows XP first Is it Upgrade without current XP Install still considered an quot upgrade quot if the old software is not installed on the computer provided that I have a properly licensed copy of Windows XP Thank you

A:Upgrade without current XP Install

when windows installer looks on your hd for a proper licensed copy of windows, it wont find one, so no, you cant install an upgrade version of win 8
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Hi all - question - Im building a new computer - so I wanted to know if I can take my XP from my old computer and install it on my new computer. This XP is a Win 98 upgrade though. Its on disk. My old computer will not have XP on it anymore - (1 copy per computer - I am aware). I will put Linux on old computer. Is this possible? thanks .

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I'm just wondering if it's possible. I've been told by some people that you can't change that stuff on Laptops. The current specs have my Display Driver crashing no matter which one I use(Please don't try to tell me how to fix this issue because I'm past the point of trying). So I'm trying to figure out if I can upgrade my CPU, thanks!
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Will personal customization be honored or retained within the Aug 2016 Anniversary upgrade? I haven't bothered uninstalling any little default (store) unused apps since I figured they'd likely be reinstalled with the Aug upgrade/update.

There is not a Microsoft Account on this desktop nor are there any tiles on the screen.
There is an MS Account on a laptop and I do log in there but I do not log into the desktop.
I cannot find any comments or articles stating that this type of 'customizing' will be retained.

A:Anniversary Upgrade and current customization

Anything that has changed since the last release is likely to be "reset". This could be just about anything.
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Is this model, already on Windows 7 Home Prem 64 Bit SP1, compatible with the Win 10 upgrade?
Machine also known as a6567c
[personal information removed]
The memory is at 8GB / 800 MHz
Board is Benicia 1.01
BIOS 5.43
CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.40 GHz
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I want to install nvidia gts 460 gpu in my dell 535s desktop
my specification are
Intelp35/g33/g31 motherboard
intel core 2 duo E7400 2.8ghz
4gb ddr2 800mhz ram
currently i have ATI HD4350 512mb gpu istalled
I want to upgrade it to nvidia Geforce GTS460,the problem is the chassis is ultra thin to accommodate the graphic card also my power supply unit provides only 250watt of electricity...what are the chances of upgrading to nvidia?

A:Can I upgrade to Nvidia GTS 460 with my current specifications?

In my experience with IBM machine upgrades, you could get a good and cheap case, pop your dell system in there, and that way you could be able to upgrade your GPU and PSU at the same time.

Just two of my cents.
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I have some cash to build a gaming upgrade rig To new current or build new gaming rig My current rig is just about three years old right now I mainly play WoW but am on the lookout for potential new games when they come out i e Warhammer or whatever else may be a viable alternate to WoW I am trying to decide whether to spend on building a new gaming rig right now with a quad core trying to be To build new or upgrade current gaming rig future proof or just upgrade the video card and monitor in my current rig My current rig plays WoW fine but chugged significantly when I played LOTRO I had to turn the graphics down to medium to get somewhat smooth performance Please let me know your thoughts Here are my current gaming rig specs -Mobo ASUS P AD Deluxe -CPU Intel GHz To build new or upgrade current gaming rig FSB with HT -RAM GB of matched Corsair GB of DDR PC chips and GB of PC running in dual channel mode TWIN X - C -HD dual WD GB RPM Raptors in RAID config using SATA -Video eVGA GeForce GT PCI Express card with MB memory -Monitor quot ViewSonic VP b LCD with ms response time -Sound Creative Blaster X-Fi Fatal ty FPS Besides the video card I think the next weakest link is the CPU Is a P GHz still adequate for gaming or will it be too weak for upcoming games Thanks for all your feedback nbsp

A:To build new or upgrade current gaming rig

In general, if you're going to spend more than $300 in upgrades, it's better to get a newer system.
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Hey Guys! I had a question about my graphics card. Is it possible I can upgrade my computers graphics card? I am hopping to purchase something created by Ge Force but I don't know if my computer could handle it, Or if it would actually allow me to game harder without frame drops and such. If you think my computer can handle it please show me some Graphics cards that I could (should) purchase to get the best results out of my computer. Here are my specs.

--- Operating System ---

Build: 9200 64-bit

--- CPU ---

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz, clocked @ 2.99 GHz

--- Display adapter ---

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Driver version:

--- RAM ---

Usage: 3410/12208 MBytes (12Gb)

Peak Usage: 3993 MBytes

I am also using DirectX 11. The computer is a HP Envy 700. Have any other questions, Please ask.


A:Can I upgrade my Graphics with my current computer?

Hey Guys! I had a question about my graphics card. Is it possible I can upgrade my computers graphics card? I am hopping to purchase something created by Ge Force but I don't know if my computer could handle it, Or if it would actually allow me to game harder without frame drops and such. If you think my computer can handle it please show me some Graphics cards that I could (should) purchase to get the best results out of my computer. Here are my specs.

--- Operating System ---

Build: 9200 64-bit

--- CPU ---

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz, clocked @ 2.99 GHz

--- Display adapter ---

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

Driver version:

--- RAM ---

Usage: 3410/12208 MBytes (12Gb)

Peak Usage: 3993 MBytes

I am also using DirectX 11. The computer is a HP Envy 700. Have any other questions, Please ask.

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it is posibble to upgrade my current resolution which is 1366x768 to fullhd.please help and guide me thanx..

A:upgrade current reslution 1366x768 to fullhd

Hi, We don't need S/N we need to know model/product number. Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I have had my Dell Inspiron for about a year and love the chassis However I just went to three quarter gig or RAM and still could use some more when I have multiple apps open during the day at work My gig hard drive is over half full and someone just told me if I am ever going to upgrade the GHz intel chip I better do it now or I will never hardware 64 wait bit Upgrade or current for stuff? be able to find a higher speed compatible one I could really use the RAM and will have to have a larger hard drive soon as I only have work Upgrade current hardware or wait for 64 bit stuff? stuff on this marchine and cant dump it I dont know how much difference a faster chip would make as I usually run Act EI Outlook and some stock trading and research stuff nothing that I would think would be high order stuff So what do I do Spend the momey to upgrade this machine with Vista right around the corner will Microsoft support XP anymore will there be a bit Vista Or hold out as long as I can and get a new machine with bit capacity Just an FYI I am not into having the latest machine I just like my computers to work as they support my income I bought this Dell not realizing how fast my business would outgrow the machine Thanks for any advice nbsp

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Hello, I bought my laptop in 2009 and it had Vista Home Premium 32bit installed; it came with Win 7 upgrade special offer (about 14$) and I bought the 32bit upgrade DVD.
Now it's running Windows 7 32bit Home Premium and it's starting to show VERY strange behavior (there's something that blocks processes writing to disk creating a mess with antivirus updates, internet downloads and other programs).

I would like to re-install it from scratch and port it to x64.

What I need to know is what Win7 x64 disk I will need.
Is it ok if a friend gives me his Win7 retail disk, install it and then put the license key that came with the upgrade DVD?
If not, what version should I use? OEM? Upgrade?

Thank you very much!

A:Using current upgrade licence to re-install Windows 7

You want Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit italian version? Borrow it from a friend (even better... make an exact copy)

Then do:

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Is it safe and possible to upgrade to Windows Win10 issue? while WinUp to OS Upgrade have still current despite I am having a problem with my current OS I am currently running on Windows and recently I have been having issues that prevent me from performing Windows Update error code DISM 'ScanHealth' let alone 'RestoreHealth' as well as Upgrade to Win10 while current OS still have WinUp issue? other errors that I noticed from Event viewer It says my computer might have run out of memory though I don't believe so because if it's harddisk space C still have GB free space while RAM is used Upgrade to Win10 while current OS still have WinUp issue? only around out of GB I also attempted several troubleshoots to no avail For more details I posted about my issue before here Windows Update error code On a side note here is the list of my Windows Update that refuse to download install KB KB and KB updates returned me with error code While KB can install but keeps on coming back despite receiving quot successfully installed quot message If checked through quot Installed Updates quot KB and KB have actually been installed One example of the errors I saw in Event Viewer DISM error code I tried quot Check your PC quot through Get Windows icon And here is my result in case if this is needed I have reserved Windows and waiting for confirmation email But I am worried if this problem would ever interrupt my upgrade process If this upgrade could help I am thinking I might as well just upgrade to terminate this problem once and for all Any ideas I hope anyone here could guide me on this
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I am upgrading my PC system hardware, and wonder if my current graphics card will work OK with the upgrade...

My current graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5700 series.

My new MOBO will be an AsRock MB-970A-G/3.1 (4x240 pin DIMM 64 G DDR 3).

My new processor will be an AMD FX 8350 (8 core).

My OS is Win 7 Home Premium.
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My current computer is already in a dual boot setup with a dedicated Win7 SSD and a dedicated Win8.1 SSD (not just a partitioned drive). Both drives are booting through BIOS not UEFI. What I would like to do is Upgrade the Win8.1 drive to Win10 and keep the Win7 drive functioning as is and intact. Both of my current versions of Windows are completely legal with their own separate Product ID's.

I've done some initial research on this question but was hoping to get some answers from someone that has done this or at least some "best practices" on subject. It seems that from what i can find that my best bet is to disconnect the Win7 Drive, upgrade the Win8.1 drive to 10, then reconnect the Win7 drive and hope for the best.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry in advance if this topic is covered in a different tread already.


A:Upgrade one side of current Dual boot setup

Hi and welcome.

I recommend doing exactly as you have stated, Remove the Windows 7 drive and then do the upgrade. I would also create an image of your Windows 8.1 drive just in case.
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Hey guys long time no post To get straight down to the point I'm looking at video card upgrades I just bought a Zotac GeForce GT thinking it's specs looked great for the price tag but it turns out it's no better then the one I had previously I actually saw a drop in performance on my Windows Experience Rating over my previous card which was about years old and had the video memory of the new one I've been browsing and with all the manufacturers and models it's impossible for my to tell what's actually good anymore My budget is obviously gonna be to save as much money as possible but I from Opinions? & Suggestions my upgrade good a video: Need current know I'm not gonna get anything remotely good for less then - Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? I do a lot of gaming and photo processing so I need something that's got good all around performance What can you guys recommend and what are you using on your rigs I'll post links to everything I've been looking into as I go along EDIT I have read the pinned topic I'm looking for opinions more then facts in this case Positive experience goes further in my opinion Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? I've had several great cards that Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions? had terrible drivers and had tons of issues

A:Need a good upgrade from my current video: Suggestions & Opinions?

Big question is how much are you looking to spend?
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I have a Dell Laptop (5180) with XP Pro, I tried to install Vista Home Prem.(came with my new XPS) over it but had MANY Problems, couldn't run either OS-had errors even from CD Boot. Ended up having to load ME as a fresh start. NOW WHAT? Do I put the XP CD back in, the Vista???? and how do I avoid errors?
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Well I purchased my copy of Vista bit about a week ago just settling into using at the moment I kinda knew before I bought it that bit isn t massively well supported but the increased speed of -bit software was crucial Unhappy current in with Vista security 64 to me so I decided to go for it Now I ve come to look at the security situation since security centre oh-so-loves to tell Unhappy with current security in Vista 64 me I ve got no antivirus and I m not really a fan of the Windows firewall in all its tackiness I had a little look around on the net and it seems that support is absolutely pitiful at the moment with very few companies actually supporting Vista properly My problem is that I m only and I don t exactly have money floating around to hurl at security software - especially not after shelling out on a new machine anyway We ve got a family license key for ZoneAlarm but it s not compatible so Unhappy with current security in Vista 64 that s no use to me at the moment I ve read about there being some alteration coming in Vista SP which should supposedly increase compatibility with rd party firewalls but I have no idea if that means that ZoneAlarm will work in say a month s time in which case I get the combined solution I really want and trust and for free as well I was looking at NOD earlier which appears to work with Vista but it looks like it s only AV and Spyware While it looks like a great piece of software shelling out for a half-solution isn t my idea of good economy If anyone has any ideas on what to do I would really appreciate some advice nbsp
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Is there a "current model" joystick that is compatible with Vista x64? I have read elsewhere that MS Sidewinders can be made to work with Vista x64 but I would like to get something that actually comes with Vista x64 drivers and is designed to be used with it (as I think MS Sidewinders are obselete now). I am looking for force-feedback too. Maybe no such beast exists but I thought I would ask...

And loving it,


A:Current model joystick for Vista x64

I'm using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, with no problems whatso-ever.
Think its using windows drivers IRC.

But Logitech now do a force feedback model
They support x64 vista with drivers.

But im quite happy with mine, flying talons in BF2142
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Recently I have gotten hold of TB HDD's and want to put them into my PC My PC at the moment has GB HDD's and I am sick of having to store my data on other network PC's Flash drives and DvD disks SO what I wanted to do was remove my current HDD's throw in the TB HDD's and set up raid stripping But I also want to HDD's data. want Vista my but and Upgrading current somehow get all the data from my old HDD's and put them on my new PC This is very important because some of the programs on my old PC can't be reinstalled due to a loss of CD keys and CD's and updating all my programs Upgrading Vista and HDD's but want my current data. would require me to use months Upgrading Vista and HDD's but want my current data. worth of bandwidth To add to the complication I am going from bit vista premium to bit ultimate to make use Upgrading Vista and HDD's but want my current data. of my GB of RAM which I am currently only using about GB of atm Could Anyone link me a step by step guide of transferring my old data onto a new PC as if it were installed As in all registry files copied over and every program thinks it has been installed For updating purposes I can't just copy paste them into a new PC registry and pathing won't allow for it Unfortunately I don't have another PC capable of using quot HDD's my only other PC's are all laptops Sorry if this seems obvious stupid but I have never experienced the process myself

A:Upgrading Vista and HDD's but want my current data.

If you were using the same OS (32 bit) you could just clone over your old HDD to the new striped set and it would do a mirror copy but have lots more room. But since your upgrading to 64 bit then that will not be possible without reinstalling each program. However you can copy your music, photos, and text documents.
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Hello I just joined this forum and wanted to ask a few questions I am currently running Vista and it has always crashed programs quot Stop history questions to Upgrading A some sys W7 current and with Vista, - Responding quot constantly but revive after a minute Occasionally I have to go to Task Manager and close certain programs Since I Upgrading current sys with Vista, to W7 - A history and some questions have had to use revert back to a save spot a handful of times Upgrading current sys with Vista, to W7 - A history and some questions which resolved all the issues except Stop Responding programs I think my multi-tasking bogs down the core cpu and Upgrading current sys with Vista, to W7 - A history and some questions gb ram I was waiting for the new windows to come out and I keep hearing they bombed again I am concerned about security I dont want Bill collecting my data Plus it seems Bill is going towards the monthly pay scheme for programs now Anyway I hear nothing but rave reviews of Windows even though its old Here is the deal I upgraded the 'ish HP Pavilion desktop PSU to a W unit installed a GTX for the World of Tanks online game I am the power user of the family example right now I got tabs open on this window mls property x newegg amazon amazon amazon windows forum hotmail and this page Next page I have tabs of ebay basic webpages for ebikes parts page I have World of Tanks open and running and a word document I have CCleaner GeFroce Windows Security alerts wifi sound on the bottom right This is very typical of my use sometimes I have more pages tabs open Not playing video at all So far today its not crashing I wait a few minutes it usually comes back to life I got GB of DDR RAM MSI MS- Aspen Chipset AMD G x DDR Front side bus speeds Up to MT s GT s Processor socket AM Expansion Slots PCI Express x graphics card slot PCI Express x slots AMD Athlon X e Operating speed Up to GHz core GB PC - MB sec Size GB Interface SATA Transfer rating Gb sec Rotational Speed RPM I want to upgrade this system rather then buy a refurbished unit with W already installed Here are my costs for upgraded components All prices in Canada CDN USD Mobo - - I am looking for OC capabilities DDR speeds and above GB seems to be average some have GB capacities I'd lean towards GB AM CPU - Dont need graphics so this chip suits my needs Ive read its pretty good RAM GB - Would go GB or GB and upgrade a year or two later with matching pairs SSDHD - for GB and - for GB Install my O S and everything else will stop defragging buy Malwarebytes I found some cheap W for around - So all in - I would spend more on mobo cpu or cores low ram upgrade later For a refurbished unit I would be spending - maybe With slower DDR ram older cpu's etc etc etc Is there a way I can buy these Windows programs online from newegg tigerdirect ebay amazon and when received phone Microsoft and see if they are fresh W by that code you need to install Everywhere else sells them at occasionally Is it worth buying or copies of W for future upgrades of the Motherboard and CPU Also I wonder if I can image the fresh install with all the updates patches dirvers etc right off the bat Image the HD then every couple years or every year revert back to image cleaning everything up Would that make a difference When I buy the CPU MB and RAM do I need to spend more money on cooling for CPU or does that come with the CPU package I have used Linux based systems before Ubuntu was a good one I used on a year old laptop I used the one that looked like windows XUbuntu I used and liked it easy to use There must be a way that I can have W and XUbuntu loaded on the same computer Then I can surf the web all I want on XUbuntu and when I want to play World of Tanks switch somehow or does that require a reboot With my style of desktop usage would a core help more or is that more for specialized photo video editing and software written for those cores World of Tanks online game is only a one-core game Thats all ... Read more

A:Upgrading current sys with Vista, to W7 - A history and some questions

Microsoft no longer sells Windows 7, you may find some legit copies on-line, though these are likely to be OEM licenses, and they are often treated as a premium item so prices are set accordingly. The issue with an OEM copy is that these are Tied to the hardware they are first installed with and cannot legally be transferred to new hardware, (Motherboards are considered new hardware so if you do install windows 7 do it after you have your new MB installed).

As for cooling the processor, it depends on the package you get, Some include basic cooling, some include more advanced, some include just the processor, (not even including thermal paste)
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Im going to buy a new hard drive I was wondering if i can some how copy my current vist home premium into a back up disk and use that to boot up my new hard drive I will not be plugging them in at the same time im going to take the old one out current Transfer OS My i Can Vista new Hard drive? to and put the new one in I have heard of cloning or something but i have no idea what that is also i do not what any files that are in my current hard drive transferred to my new one all i want is the OS nothing else So any lose of files that are not required for the vista OS i can do without I don't what Can i Transfer current Vista OS to My new Hard drive? to buy a whole new windows vist CD i think i would have to buy windows instead which is expensive Any help or specific tutorial i can use on this remember i do not want previous files to be recovered all i want to do is transfer the vista OS alone if possible THANKS

A:Can i Transfer current Vista OS to My new Hard drive?

Hiyya and welcome marinechaos mate I think you can just do a straight clone if you want the whole disk as is

Macrium Reflect Free - CNET this will do the trick - be aware of some of the ads for add on bars when you download the app - but just pick the drive you want to clone and away you go!

You will need to find some way of hooking the old drive to your machine - there are gadgets that connect a drive via a USB connection or if you have access to the inside of your desktop - if that is what you have just run an extra SATA and power cable to the new drive. It will show up in Computer and or the Macrium app. The alternative is to clone the new drive before you take out the old one

If your machine is IDE then it's best to get he gadget. Another option would be to clone to an external drive - then replace the internal drive and clone back to it form the external.
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Currently i have both Vista Home Premium 64bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my pc.

Ive decided i want to get Vista off this PC.

Can i just format the vista partition and add it to the Win7 partition?

Seeing as Vista is the original OS i was afraid i might loose valuable info,im not too worried about applications or documents,i mean drivers etc.

Is there anyway i can put Vista on a CD incase i ever want it back?
I have made a recovery disc,can i boot from this?

Can i install apps from the backup disc or is it drivers only?


A:Current dual boot-deleting Vista

Assuming Vista is on the first partition, it is occupying the boot sector which makes it complicated to delete without disabling Win7 - you might consider just hiding it in the Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup panel.

First of all, use Windows Imaging backup to create a backup image of your HDD dual boot, so that you can easily reimage the drive if any of the steps fail, which they might. You can also save that image so that Vista can be reimaged if you ever need it again, however reinstalls are a thing of the past now that MS has brought imaging to the masses.

I have several times in this situation deleted Vista, then moved Win7 into that space and marked active, then run startup repair from the Win7 install disk to recover the boot. I suggest you use a 3rd party disk manager like Easeus or Paragon bootable. Easeus is free and runs from the desktop, going into boot to complete it's work - so cue up all 3 operations above before Applying it as you will not be rebooting until you run the Win7 installer's Startup Repair.
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What the title says...

When I remote desktop connect into a Vista machine and a user is already connected it does not tell me who it is. On my XP boxes it shows the current logged in user...

Any one know how to show current user

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Since this changes day by day I thought I'd pick you friends of mine brains and see what you have read on this issue.

Currentlly I'm leaning toward Windows Defender and Livecare since they can be obtained for free with careful shopping.

I'm running Vista Premium and would like something LITE on the system resources since this rig is over 3 years old.

Thanks a Ton
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I'm currently running Windows Vista and Windows Xp in a 64 bit environment. I would like to add Windows 7. Is it as simple as installing Windows 7 in a separate partition? If not can someone give me some ideas or point me in right direction. I have not used Virtual Machine 2007 but would consider if this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

A:Adding Windows 7 to current XP Pro and Vista multiboot environment

Yes, a new partition would do it. Vista & W7 must be retail copies.

I had tri-boot 10 months ago, but ditched it because of space constraints. If you go virtual, be vigilant as BSODs may develop, especially with an x86/ x64 mixture.
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I'm trying to find out if Group Policy is normally running on a Vista Home Premium system. While there are plenty of helpful people on the forum, most of them are running new versions of Windows. They can't tell me if these items are on a Vista system simply because they are not running it.

Vista Home Premium does not have a group policy manager installed. It is mainly for business versions like Enterprise and Professional. Could you please search your registry for "Group Policy" and tell me if you find any Group Policy entries (don't change anything in your registry) or if gpsvc (Group Policy Client) is running in your Task Manager Services tab?

A:Current Vista Home Premium Users: Are these running on your system?

Yes, if I run regedit > Edit > Find > "group policy" I get some results; and yes, gpsvc is running.

I reinstalled Vista about a month ago (something you should probably consider). As far as I know, the only thing I have done since then that would involve Group Policy was run a Microsoft Fix-it to disable Windows Side Bar.
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I'd like to test some software on my laptop - software that is likely to be problematic - without screwing things up on my main laptop/pc ('host').

I'd like to run an exact copy / clone of my setup using some kind of virtual machine software: Maybe vmware workstation ( or converter with player), or ...(suggestions)? I have no problem buying vmware workstation if that is the best fit for my situation.

What are my best options, and are there any 'gotchas'? Is this going to be a headache, or simple task?

Will I run into licensing problems that will prevent me from doing this (be forced to buy another 'MS Vista' license, e.g.)?

I've never done VM stuff before, so I'm starting from zero practical knowledge base except for reading a few posts and VMWare's site.

Thanks for any help.

A:Best way to simultaneously run a virtual clone of my current Vista setup for sandbox?
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OK, simply put I'm sick and tired of other programs running in the background hijacking my current window.

ie: I start a process in one window that may take awhile, switch to something else to work on... when the background process is done, depending on the program, it will often force itself to the front. VERY frustrating when you're working on something else, then some background task decided "No, I'm going to take you out of that form box your typing in because I'M coming to the front".

Is there a setting anywhere that can stop background program from hijacking the current window you're working in?
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AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE...the cause of media no longer playing on Windows Media Player and iTunes and all other media players was linked on my PC to the download and installation of AIM 6.5. It also caused my network icon in my system tray show i was no longer connected to a network, and it was an unknown network.

To fix these problems use the system restore program that Vista comes with and restore your PC to a saved version before your installation of AIM 6.5.

Hopefully this helps everyone having these problems.

Note: Aim will no longer work after doing system restore, so you have to re-install in, and if you dont have the install package for 6.0 saved somewhere on your computer do not re-install 6.5, go to the aim site and look for the classic version 5.9.

A:AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE
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Hi All I have a lot of programs and data so I recently upgraded my Windows XP SP setup to Windows Vista for Business with the intent of upgrading all the way up to Win and Win but I cannot get Windows Vista SP to upgrade nbsp I have tried many ways including all of the fixits through Windows update and through the stand alone nbsp I have also tried all of these steps all to Upgrade continue Vista Business upgrade SP1 so can not to will I Windows to no avail You can't install updates in Windows Vista Windows Windows Server or Windows Server R KB You receive a quot x quot error code when you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates KB Error message when you try to install updates from the Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web site quot x B quot KB Error message when you try to upgrade Windows Vista to a more advanced version of Windows Vista quot Windows could not configure one or more system components To install Windows restart the computer and then restart the installation quot KB In Windows Update it says successful installation sometimes but then just keeps offering the Vista SP update nbsp Please help Thanks very much Windows Vista Business will not upgrade to SP1 so I can continue to Upgrade nbsp I have my CBS log and Windowsupdate log and I can post but don't see how to do that nbsp nbsp Barry
Relevancy 43%

I have a home built ASUS A7N8X2 Deluxe MoBo with an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ CPU. I upgraded Win XP Pro to VISTA Ultimate with no problems other than upgrading a few drivers. It went smoothly. At the time I had 1 GB in one of 3 available slots. I attempted to add 2 GB more to occupy all 3 slots. This produced a reboot after POST as VISTA started. I rotated the the modules through all slots and finally realized that when I went beyond 2 GB it produced a reboot. During post it tests 3 GB and the BIOS displays 3 GB. I have 512MB of RAM on the video card. Any suggestions ?? I am running the latest BIOS and if I remove one GB the machine boots and runs great... ???? Ron

Relevancy 41.28%

According to Premium (cant to Vista to reinstall Home software upgrade) Vista Business afford cant Windows You are not able to upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows Vista Business I wanted to join one of our developers to our domain unfortunately this developer has a machine running Windows Vista Home Premium We have a license to Vista Home Premium to Vista Business (cant upgrade) cant afford to reinstall software Windows Vista Home Premium to Vista Business (cant upgrade) cant afford to reinstall software Vista Business After reading the website above it is not possible to upgrade only to do a clean install This is not an option for the company since we have some serious deadlines to meet I started doing research online for cloning solutions but the question is rather complex to put in a search query In essence this is what I am trying to do Install a cloning software to make a copy of the hard drive Do a clean install from Home Premium to Windows Business Use cloning software to put all applications user s settings etc exactly the way it was before installing Windows Business without any conflicts Will there be any conflicts i e with the registry or anything else since the applications where installed in Windows Vista Home and now they are running in Windows Vista Business What is the best if possible free cloning software that I could use to clone the developer s stuff Is this even possible I appreciate any help I can get I just started this job and don t want to let my bosses down S Thank you very much CarlitosTSU nbsp

A:Vista Home Premium to Vista Business (cant upgrade) cant afford to reinstall software
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Want to see if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista Just download install and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor This small software tool will scan your computer and create an easy-to-understand report of all known system device and program compatibility issues and recommend ways to resolve them Upgrade Advisor can also help you choose the edition of Windows Vista that best fits the way you want to use your computer Before you begin Before you run the Upgrade Advisor be sure to plug in any USB or other attachable peripheral devices such as printers external hard drives or PC Vista run Upgrade your out Can the Information: Vista? Windows Advi Check sticky: scanners that are regularly used with the PC that you re evaluating Download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Additional information The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor works with -bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista It will not work with Windows Windows or Windows XP Professional x Edition Here are answers to some common questions about the Windows Vista sticky: Information: Can your PC run Vista? Check out the Windows Vista Upgrade Advi Upgrade Advisor The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor does not collect or send any personal identifiable data to Microsoft Corporation or third parties See sticky: Information: Can your PC run Vista? Check out the Windows Vista Upgrade Advi the Upgrade Advisor privacy statement for details once again i did not do this i did a lil search nbsp
Relevancy 41.28%

As many Vista Key Vista Upgrade A To Using How Install Clean Perform A Product of you are now finding out in order to upgrade your copy of XP to Vista you need to have XP currently installed on the computer and the setup program must be run from withing XP No longer can you boot off of the setup DVD and just insert How To Perform A Clean Vista Install Using A Vista Upgrade Product Key the media of older versions that you are upgrading from What this means is that there is no true way of doing a clean install from a formatted hard drive as when you enter the Vista product key it will How To Perform A Clean Vista Install Using A Vista Upgrade Product Key tell you the setup must be run from within the previous operating system Another issue that occurs is that you will invalidate the XP product key that you are upgrading from Paul Thurott has discovered from internal Microsoft documents another method that you can use to perform a full install To do this follow the steps below Boot your computer form the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD When you get to the setup screen start a new setup of Vista When prompted to enter your product key Do not enter it Instead click on the Next button and continue with the setup This will install Vista as a -day trial When prompted select the edition of Vista which you had purchased So if you purchase Home Premium select Home Premium This is important so do not pick a version that you did not purchase as it will affect later steps Once the setup has completed and you are back at your new Vista desktop run the setup program from the Vista DVD again from within the new Vista -day trial Go through the setup but this time when it asks for your product key enter in the product key that came with your upgrade When asked whether to perform an Upgrade or a Custom advanced install choose the Custom advanced option to perform a clean install of Vista Yes you are performing a second installation of Vista Once setup has completed for the second time you will be able to activate Windows Vista as normal You are now left with a fresh clean install of Vista and your original Vista install has been renamed C Windows old You can now delete the Windows old folder as it is not necessary to be on your computer Why does this work It works because Microsoft let the Vista -day trial act as a valid upgrade path for Vista and because you can install the trial to a empty drive This keeps the process as clean as possible for those who do not own a Full install version of Vista

A:How To Perform A Clean Vista Install Using A Vista Upgrade Product Key

Paul Thurott has discovered from internal Microsoft documents another method that you can use to perform a full install.That link doesn't work and has anyone done this to see if it actually works?
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Do I Uninstall Vista Premium to Upgrade to Vista Ultimate?
And if so how?

A:Do I Uninstall Vista Premium to Upgrade to Vista Ultimate?

No, you don't have to, just pop in the upgrade DVD, follow the prompts to upgrade it to Ultimate.

Back up Important data before upgrading.
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Good evening,

I have Vista Home Basic 32-bit running which I have done for a few years.
I have a genuine Vista Ultimate 32-bit disc which includes Service Pack 1 and also includes Windows Anytime Upgrade.
My question is, how easy is it to upgrade my laptop and will I lose all my documents and settings and programs that I have downloaded etc.
Thanks very much in advance.

A:Upgrade from Vista Home Basic 32-bit to Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Although this is for Win 7- Windows Anytime Upgrade - Microsoft Windows - I think it answers all your questions.

On the other hand, this applies to Vista- Windows Anytime Upgrade: frequently asked questions. As a result, I don't know if you can still use the anytime upgrade.
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Hello people I am having quite the time over upgrade issues Business - Vista x32 Vista Ultimate x64 here with a Vista machine Vista Business x32 - Vista Ultimate x64 upgrade issues of mine and I honestly think it's out to get me My job is computer support for my college campus and I would like to think that I am fairly good with computers With that said let me give Vista Business x32 - Vista Ultimate x64 upgrade issues you a rundown of the situation The computer is an Optiplex with standard core features that has a BFG w power source gb RAM and a nice Nvidia GTX card I am running Vista Business x on it and finally decided to take advantage of all of my RAM so I bought Vista Ultimate x Red Edition if that helps and popped it in It said that it could not read the media and I read the MS article on why that was so and then decided to boot from the disk I did so and got fairly far up until I had to select the drive I selected C and then next to the quot Next quot button I got a funny message that read To use the product key you entered start the installation on a computer that is running a genuine version of windows For the record I purchased this computer OS is the most legit way possible through my college I am stuck in what would appear to be a Catch It's asking me to install it via a method that just brought me to what I am staring at now This situation quite honestly is beyond me I have already taken out all my RAM save GB and all the PCI cards save the GTX like other guides suggested and that doesn't seem to be working If you need any more information other than what I have supplied do tell and I will give it to you Thanks for the help

A:Vista Business x32 - Vista Ultimate x64 upgrade issues

Isn't the red edition a cracked copy?

Either way, go out and purchase a standard 64 bit Full version of Vista, wipe everything and do a clean install. Then back up the registry with Erunt, and do a complete disk image with Macrium Reflect Free once the updates and drivers are installed, as a backup, if those installs go smoothly.
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In Computer Properties, there is an option allow upgrading Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. Could any body give me ideas about this? Is it free? Does it influence installed softwares? I mean, will we lose all of them when we do upgrade?

A:Upgrade Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate


Windows Anytime Upgrade is just a way to order and pay for just a license (Product key number) for a version of Vista that is higher than yours. You install it from the Vista DVD you already have, but you use the new product key number you ordered instead. Yes, it can have a affect on the software and you could loose your data. I would recommend backing up anything you do not want to loose. See number 1 and 3 (which versions you can upgrage to) at this link for more information.

See this link to compare the different versions to what you already have.

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Hi Vista Will UPGRADE UPGRADE ULTIMATE New NOT Am New Vista ULTIMATE UPGRADE Will NOT UPGRADE trying to install AN UPGRADE TO ULTIMATE on a Bit System running Vista Premium amp SP My brand new UPGRADE is REFUSING to UPGRADE IN PLACE It says quot New Vista ULTIMATE UPGRADE Will NOT UPGRADE Upgrade has been disabled The upgrade cannot be started To upgrade cancel the installation then choose to upgrade to a version of Windows that is more recent than the version you are currently running quot HUH This pc is months old amp running Windows Home Premium I am SURE I MADE NO MISTAKES The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor has confirmed ULTIMATE for this pc BOTH Anti-Virus Programs were disabled etc BECAUSE I could NOT INSTALL I am NOT ELIGIBLE for the FREE Day Support Feature This is a BRAND NEW SOFTWARE PURCHASE amp WAS EXPENSIVE I HOPE SOMEONE AT WINDOWS CAN HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM Thank-You p s I do not know if the quot Clean Install quot works or not ONLY THAT THE UPGRADE INSTALL WILL NOT I NEED the UPGRADE INSTALLATION amp according to the package amp all other data- MY PC IS ELIGIBLE TO THE UPGRADE So I am very concerned- to say the least


Hello goldenDragon1,
The best way to install any Windows is a clean install, i would backup all the bits i want to keep to another HDD or disk and do a clean install, there is less chance of encountering any errors. The reason you cant "upgrade" could be because the Ultimate disk, although a better version of Vista, is an older copy than the one it's trying to replace. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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I ordered this copy of Vista Ultimate Upgrade:

As stated on this page, it is supposed to upgrade from Windows 2000 Professional provided it is a clean install.

I started the installation from within the Windows 2000 GUI; but, the Vista setup halted with a message that upgrade is disabled and I must be running Windows XP or Windows Vista to upgrade.

I started the Vista setup by booting from the Vista setup disk and it has now halted with this message: "To use the product key you entered, start the installation from your existing version of Windows."

Catch 22

What should I do now?

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Hi. I have Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM (with free Windows 7 upgrade). I want to reformat the computer. After installing Vista, do I need to download Vista updates, before installing Windows 7?

Or just immediately install Windows 7 after Vista?

Also, how often do you do a fresh install (reformat)?

Thank you

A:Vista to 7 upgrade (download Vista updates?)

I never heard of anyone having to update Vista first.

Assuming you have the Windows 7 disk, you don't even need to have Vista installed at all.

If you are lucky, you will never have to do another fresh install. Good maintenance is the way to avoid having to do that.
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Do I Need To Erase My Old Vista Home Premuim After Upgrade To Vista Ultimate?
When I Did Upgrade I Choose To Keep It On C Drive ,now I See It Take A Lot Of Space Under Old Window Do I Still Need ? Or I Have To Keep In Order For My System To Work.
Thanks In Advance.

A:Do I Need To Erase My Old Vista After Upgrade To Vista Ultimate?

If you are using the "Upgrade" Option not a complete install than yes you must leave the premium on the hard drive.
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hey peps is there any way i can upgrade my wifes laptop from Vista HP X86 to Vista Ultimate X64 with out doing a clean install?

or do i have to do a clean install cause of the KERNAL?

would really not want to do a clean install if i do not have to to much crap on here laptop to re-install would take 8+ hours to do.

i know i can upgrade to X86 version of Vista Ultimate but would like to have it be a X64 version if i could.

A:Upgrade Vista HP X86 to Vista Ultimate X64 Question.

Originally Posted by fadedrs

or do i have to do a clean install cause of the KERNAL?

Relevancy 39.99%

To order 64-bit Vista media dvd:
Windows Vista Alternate Media

64-bit DVD
If your system features a 64-bit processor, you can take advantage of its advanced design by ordering 64-bit software media. You'll get the same interface, features, and functions, but you'll get them in an operating system that takes advantage of access to vastly more memory. All installation files are on a single disc. Please note that 64-bit media is included in the box with the purchase of Windows Vista Ultimate.

Shipping/handling fee (less than $10)

note- this free Vista media upgrade is just for retail versions of Vista (i.e., store purchased. If your version came pre-installed on your computer it is called OEM, and 64-bit (x64) media must be obtained from them.
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I have a Vista 32 Proffesional installed on my Pc . The Pc I have can run 64 bit. do anyone know if I can upgrade to Vista 64 bit Proffesional on the same lisence? And where do I get the 64 bit version?

Thanks for the help

A:Vista 32 professional upgrade to vista 64?

A key for professional, permits 64 or 32 bit use. You should have received a 32 and 64 bit DVD with your purchase of Vista. If Vista came preinstalled on your computer, you can get a DVD for free or for cost (about $25.00) from the computer manufacturer. Alternatively, you can borrow from a friend and then use your key when asked.
If your key number has the letters OEM in the body, you can use it only on the computer that the OS was installed on originally. If it does not have OEM, you can only have Vista installed on one computer at a time.

Good luck.
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I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. Since I already was running Vista I didn't think it was a big deal but....
It boots ok but then will freeze or be very, very slow very quickly. I did all the required updates prior to upgrading. Where do I start?

A:Vista to Vista upgrade problems

The is supposed to be trick to do a clean install with an upgrade disk.I would do a clean install.
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I have 2 netbooks with windows7 starter edition on them, I reently purchased an upgrade family pack from Ebay and mistakenly didn't releaze it was software to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows7 Home Premium edition. Before I break the seal, I was wondering if this would work, can I use this upgrade software(Vista to Windows7 Home Premium), to upgrade my windows7 starter edition to full Home Premium or will it not work correctly.
I appreciate any help offered.

A:Upgrade Win7 starter using win7 upgrade software for Vista?

Hello there, wil.

There's no problem at all. follow this tutorial and you'll be able to install them without problems.

Clean Install Windows 7

EDIT: sorry, is this one:

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Although you may need an external USB DVD-Drive or installing your Windows 7 from a USB

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

And that'll be it
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DriverUpdate wants to update my computer. I'm very leary about this stuff. Everything seems to be working fine... I'd hate to download stuff and then things are screwed up. Here's what they want to upgrade:

Should I "ok" it?

A:Vista upgrade

If your PC is working fine then just leave it alone.
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Hello everyone I to XP Upgrade Vista from recently bought a hp pavilion dv us laptop and want to upgrade to windows xp from my pre-installed vista machine I did make a backup Upgrade to XP from Vista install CD just in case There are a couple problems which I haven t been able to fix First of all windows xp does not recognize my serial ATA hard drive and I cannot get past the beginning steps I don t want to dual boot because I m just too sick Upgrade to XP from Vista of vista I contacted HP but they won t help me because it quot voids my warranty quot and they do not support windows xp for this computer Well that Upgrade to XP from Vista left me to find my own solution so I got some drivers or something on a flash drive to try and see if that would help The problem is that xp specifically asks for a floppy disk drive which I do not have Does anyone know how to get this to work Here are some machine specs ACPI x based PC Toshiba MK GSS hard drive NVIDIA GeForce M GS TSST corp CD DVDW TS-L M ATA device HP quick Launch Buttons ATA channel Ata Channel Intel HEM HBM SATA AHCI Controller Intel ICH m Ultra ATA storage controllers Intel Wireless WiFi link AGN Realtek RT Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC NDIS AuthenTec Inc AES A fingerprint scanner Intel Core Duo CPU t GHZ The list goes on I just copied most of this from the Device Manager nbsp

A:Upgrade to XP from Vista

You can use nLite to make a copy of your XP installation disk, and in the nLite build procedure there is an area to include TEXTMODE drivers, where you can put your SATA drivers. That will bypass the need for the floppy disk. Check this link:
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Hi all. hope u can help

my current pc is xp sp2
1gb ram
100gb hd
5950 ultra gfx card
xp oem (pre installed of course)
athlon xp 2700+

i have a windows vista upgrade disk, and a new pc
amd dual core 6400 black
1tb hard drive
2 gb ram
gigabyte dual sli
7950 gfx crard

my questions are.
would it be best to install vista now on my old pc and use the 100gb hard drive as master and the 1tb as the slave, but when i change my mother board over will vista work on it or require a xp disk or somthing as i dont have one as im oem,
or set up my new pc and hope that the oem starts fine on anew mother board then install vista?

i hope u understand as im trying to get my head around it. or any better ideas pls tell me
Relevancy 36.55%

I have a Dell Inspiron 531s desktop that has Vista.  I need to upgrade to a newer operating system, but I need to know what I should put on it.  Apparently I can't upgrade to Windows 10 from Vista.  I am also seeing that if I put 7 or 8.1 on it, I have to pay for them. (Why, if Windows 10 is free until the 29th?)
Relevancy 36.55%

Hi I am new to the forum and would very much appreciate some advice and help with installing upgrade on my HP computer that currently has Vista and has crashed with the following indications Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically Problem signature - - Auto Failover This occurred after uploading some photos to my computer which seems to be a common problem that causes this After reading some of the threads regarding this on this forum Upgrade Vista 7 to from Help this seems to be the only and best option since I Do Not have a Vista disk - did not come with one Being a novice at these things may I ask a few questions First can this be done Does the disk walk you through the re-formatting of the hard drive as it installs Will I lose quot My Documents quot and if so is Upgrade from Vista to 7 Help there ANY WAY to save them ANY HELP you could give this novice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED MIKEYMIKE

A:Upgrade from Vista to 7 Help

Try to reset bios to boot from CD
Then follow this tut
Please ask any questions that you deem necessary.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version - Windows 7 Forums[2]=General Tips

This is how to change boot priority
Boot Priority - Change
If problems try in safe mode.
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Am trying again on the post...Desktop Aspire x1200...everytime I try to install Win 7 64 bit, compatibility wizard tells me that NVIDIA nForce System Management Controller is not compatible.  Win 7 install goes 3/4 through, blue screens with physical memory dump, then rolls back to Vista & takes my network down with it.  Does anyone have any suggestions, I have updated every driver, done all the service pack updates, and every other update...have disabled the System Management Controller, uninstalled it, but every reboot, it comes back.  I have no idea what to try next...Driver Update we4bsite tells me there is a 2015 upgrade available if I wish to pay them $40 for it, but I cannot find this supposed update anywhere from NVIDIA or ACER...& I'm not too keen on trusting unsigned patches... anyone have this issue upgrading????

A:Upgrade from Vista to Win 7

This might work: I would do a complete backup and then when the install starts choose custom and delete the partitions and install.
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Can I use a Windows Home premium upgrade version to install a clean 32 or 64 bit Win 7 on another internal hard drive?

I currently have Vista HPrem 32 bit on C drive and PC is 64 bit capable. As I use PC in home office I am not ready at this time to perform any upgrade/clean install on the C drive

I want to make sure I can dual boot if it can be done


A:Upgrade Vista to Win 7

Doing a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version should answer your question
Relevancy 36.55%

I guess we'll have to pay for it??. But, what if I do an upgrade to win 7 first, do you think we would be entitled to the free upgrade that win 7 and 8 users are getting... Is there a way to upgrade to win 7 from vista for free?..

A:upgrade to win 10 for vista

No, you won't have to pay for it if you join Windows Insiders.  Here's an article on it with links to the way to join.
Most importantly, you can do a clean install after making another partition on your drive, so you won't lose your familiar Vista.
Relevancy 36.55%

Not sure if it is the upgrade to the operating system or to Office 2007, however when using Word 2007 now, images in the documents are not there, instead I get the URL. This means I cannot re size graphics and edit those parts of my documents. When doing a print review, the graphics are in tact.

Anyone any ideas on this one?


Relevancy 36.55%

Well I decided to do a vista upgrade on my custom built pc I download this new software vista but after I shut down my pc for the day and power it back up the next day My montior would not work Vista upgrade Win at least that Win Vista upgrade what i thought anyways So I powered off the pc and powered it back on then the monitor comes on I have a ATI Radeon x video card Then today power on the pc and nothing comes up on the monitor The pc is running but no screen shot on my monitor So I am thinking that my montior is bad so I plug in my montior into my spare pc and it fire right up So every since I upgraded to Window Vista I had nothing but problems So what would be the problem that my monitor is not recognizing my pc or vice versa Or would it be my video card Any ideas would be helpful I wil try and removed the video card and then reinstall in the motherboard see if that fixes the problem I cant download any drivers because cant see anything without a monitor thx Bernie nbsp

Relevancy 36.55%

I have an HP... Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254) AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz..I just purchased the upgrade pachage for vista home premium...Should i put the PC back to factory shipped condition (windows xp media center and all the aplications that come with the restore partion or disc) or Should I just put the vista CD in and start from were I am now. Naturally I will uninstall anything that is not vista ready and have new drivers for video sound. can anyone tell me the cleanest and best way to do it ...Mind you I only have the upgrade I can't afford the complete vista CD.

A:What should I do??Upgrade XP-Vista

Hi. . .

Welcome to TSF.

Are you upgrading to Vista because of any particular XP Pro software related problems?

Do you want to transfer your XP user files (c:\documents and settings\%username%\) to Vista (c:\users\%username%\)?

What version of Vista did you purchase?

regards. . .

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Can I upgrade XP Pro 32 bit to Vista Home Premium 64 bit ?
I've seen many different opinions; is it worth the hassle or should I stick with 32 bit to 32 bit upgrade. Opinions welcome of pro vs. con

A:Vista upgrade

Unless you have more than 4gb of ram I wouldn't get 64 bit. It's a pain to find 64 bit versions of lesser known programs and the digital signing requirement is really irritating.
Relevancy 36.55%

Hey guys and gals...
i am about to upgrade my system this summer to match my entire network - all running 7.

my main system is a 64bit machine... currently running vista home premium x64 on its own hard drive..

i want to upgrade to win 7 professional...

my ? - how stable are the x64 windows 7 drivers?? are they stable and is most stuff supported by now.. or should i go windows 32bit on my 64bit machine..

thanks guys and gals.

A:upgrade from vista x64

Go with the X64 version, it's excellent. I've had no hardware problems other than not being able to use my scanner because there is no Vista or Win 7 driver for it. Since you are already running Vista X64, the move to Win 7 X64 should be relatively painless.
Relevancy 36.55%

I'm thinking of upgrading to windows vista and was a little confused about all these versions

Anyway, I want to get home premium, but there is MS Vista Home Premium Upgrade Academic $176 AUS, MS Vista Home Premium $455 AUS, MS Vista Home Premium Upgrade $299 AUS.

What's the difference between all these? I mean all the features are the same in premium, right?
Thanks in advance,

Relevancy 36.55%

I'm thinking of trying Vista on my notebook -- should I upgrade, or start from scratch? If I do the upgrade, can I revert back to XP in the future?

Relevancy 36.55%

I need a link to do so all i have is recovery disks.

So please a download link.

A:Upgrade Vista to 7

You need a Win7 disc in order to upgrade to it, there are no downloads (legal ones at least).
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A couple of you know that I was given two laptops to clean off the Win Security The one is not as bad as the other Cleaned the HP thanks for your help The Compaq was her husband s and after he gave it to me to fix he called and gave me the laptop I cleaned a virus off it last year similar to the new one so I do know how to reinstall Win BUT for some unexplained reason and probably to my advancing age lol I don t remember it going the way this has gone Anyhow now I have THREE instances of Win on one partition I Upgrade from 7 Win Vista think At least when I booted up after putting in the product code it asked me which Win 7 Upgrade from Vista of three I wanted to start Is there a way to get rid of all instances of Win leaving just Vista so I can start over Thanks in advance for a good answer Oh it is a bit machine Jann

A:Win 7 Upgrade from Vista

If you upgraded from Vista to one of the three instances of Windows 7 running, then you would have to reinstall Vista with a Vista reinstall disk, which aren't really sold anymore. If you want to have just one instance of Windows 7 running, then I'd recommend wiping the drive and reinstalling 7.
Relevancy 36.55%

I have three machines in my house running Seven However I will focus on two MSI Mobo AMD GB RAM etc Look in my stats for the desktop HP s AMD Turion X GB RAM MB Dedicated Radeon HD The MSI ran Windows Vista Ultimate bit I had everything I wanted on there so I didn't want to do a clean install Once the Seven upgrade finished it was fantastic The only program that I already had that Vista from Upgrade didn't work was Daemon Tools Upgrade from Vista However AIM still worked and you can't install AIM from Windows Seven Now on Upgrade from Vista my laptop it Upgrade from Vista came with Vista but I wanted Seven So I did a clean install because I didn't want all that HP garbage that comes with them Now I have an issue with sleep When my PC goes to sleep and I wake it back up it runs ok but then when I go through certain tasks it hangs Sometimes if I awake it with my wireless off it won't come back on it won't recognize plugged in add ons and when I go file searching it hangs like if indexing is messed up I am considering rolling back getting Vista all the way to SP downloading AIM and whatever else I need and just upgrading it like I did my PC Also the third PC which is a Dell does not perform as well as it should but does fine in Vista I am not a Windows expert but from deduction I can conclude that Windows Seven stability is greatly enhanced when it is upgraded from Windows Vista Please no flaming

A:Upgrade from Vista

I personally have a problem with AIM 6. When I put my computer to sleep, or hibernate, once it shuts off, it immediatly turns back on. If I close the AIM6.EXE process, I don't have this problem anymore. I'm trying AIM Pro now... if you're intrested in the results let me know.
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Just got the DVD . I want to install vista.

This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system
that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification.

What do I do?

A:Vista upgrade

put the disc in and rstart your computer, press the "del" key on yor keyboard, this will take you into the bios. There look for the boot option and make sure your cd/dvd drive is first, save the changes and exit. Your computer will start up and it will say "press any key to boot from cd" do this and the installation programme will start. From there it is all self explanatory
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I have seen many posts mention upgrading the ios to 7 or 8, but never mention Vista. Why not? Wouldn't Vista be a cheaper option? I am looking to keep my old PC running XP but don't want it vulnerable so of course I need to do something to secure it. However, shelling out $200 for Windows 7 would suck, plus I am not even sure if my PC would support 7. What are my cost effective options to keeping my PC?

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i have windows vista right now on my hp laptop, I have been having issues for a long time now, so I bought an online key for windows 7 (with no hard copy) I downloaded it to my computer (which took 24 hours) I opened it through winzip, then I was supposed to download it to a Zip drive, well I did that and plugged the drive back into my computer to upgrade and now it won't work:/

A:Help me upgrade from vista to win 7

That is not going to work. If you have in fact extracted all the files, all you have to do is locate the setup.exe and double click it to launch the process. There was not need to copy it to an external drive (except as a backup). Realistically, a computer that has problems should never be upgraded, because it is very likely that won't fix any of those issues. In your case what I would recommend is a full backup of all of your data first. Then use the built in recovery from HP to return the laptop to out of box condition like when you first bought it, then proceed to install several years worth of updates. Then just to be sure you should download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which scans your computer and reports on suitability to run Windows 7. If all checks out, then you can do the upgrade exactly the way I described it.
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I have Vista Ultimate which has problems which I think require re-format and start over. Question - W7 - can I just buy 'upgrade' and insert old Vista disc as proof of ownership as we were able to do in past years? Or do I have to re-install Vista and then install W7? Or should I bite the MS bullet and buy full version of W7?

A:Upgrade from Vista

The Windows 7 Upgrade disc will know that there is a previous installation of Windows, and will allow you to install Windows 7. There is no need to reinstall Vista or buy the full retail version of Windows 7.You can do a clean install using upgrade media instead of an upgrade (I don't recommend upgrades).Does this answer your question?
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Hey everyone,
A bit back I made the mistake of deleting the SP1 temp files incase I wanted to uninstall, which I didnt so I did it.
Ive recently bought an upgrade from home premium to ultimate, but the installer says I need to upgrade to a version newer than the current one :S
Anyway after researching, I found out that you need to uninstall SP1 and try it.
Obviously I can't do that, and I don't want to start from scratch,
so any workarounds would be greatly appreciated!!!


A:Vista Upgrade Help!

reinstall sp1 may help you may need to go to ms site and download to your drive then install although i cant quite see why an upgrade would need sp1
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im sure upgrading from vista to 7, would be a good idea, but im wondering, if the overhead will prove to be worth while? just looking for some pros & cons, ty

A:should i upgrade from vista to 7?

Hi Jasond19
I'm sure many others wi;; contribute to this thread.

But from my part, having recently got a win 7 64bit computer I am finding advantages already.

But I would think a visit to the sister site would give you more insight than I can.

There you will guage the full advantages.

I have not regretted the step th 7.

‘I do not seek to follow in the footsteps
of the men of old,
I seek the things they sought‘

Basho (1644-1694) Japanese Haiku
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My os is vista home basic 32bit. When try to upgrade vista sp1 to sp2, but unsuccessful.
I would like to know if somebody had the same error code WindowsUpdate_8007371C "WindowsUpdate_dt000" by trying to update to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (KB948465).

I tried update with Windows Update and manually.

I turn off all programs, running system readiness tool, I also tried the clean boot method but Install Windwos Service Pack 2 Installation was not successful. The SMI primitive installer failed setup or servicing.

I tried various manipulations which does have yielded nothing. I start looking too much hassle unanswered.

Your help is very much appreciated.

A:Cannot upgrade vista sp1 to sp2

Have you tried this: How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7

It may be quicker to Format and reinstall! I recently spent hours looking for a fix for my OS, in the end I did a fresh install and all works great everything is running much faster.

PS: Just remember to back up everything that you will need again.
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Hi I installed a copy of Vista Ultimate that had been an XP box a couple of years ago and it has been humming along happy as a clam ever since Recently I caught a virus and thought that I would just install another instance of Vista on a different drive on the same machine and just migrate my applications over time This is my photo editing machine so it is really important to my business In the process of trying to install Vista it wouldn't recognize my SATA drives and long story short I had to reformat the IDE drive that Vista was previously installed on and install it there Of course I had done backups to my external drives so I didn't lose any data but For this installation because I no longer have the XP disk moved three times I installed without entering the serial number thinking I would find the old disk which I can't How can I get this copy activated again Thanks Valzan

A:Vista Upgrade

Im very sorry, the so called serial numbers are probably the key numbers. Without those numbers you cannot use Windows for more than 90 days. The key is the only proof that MS has that you actually bought the OS and did not just install it.
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is it time yet or is vista still all jacked up and buggy ????? i run xp pro sp2 now

A:Upgrade to vista????

I like vista

I've been runnig Vista that shipped with a new Gateway laptop I bought in Februaury of '06. I've had very little trouble with Vista and it has some nice new features. It's been my experiance in th past that it's better to just buy a new system with the new OS loaded already. Vista has some demanding hardware requirements and you could end up spending allot of extra money on upgrading memory and video. New systems are so cheap now it's just allot easier and less hassels.
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Hi i have a pc that is fairly powerful (rough specs below) and it use it for work and low key gaming. I currently have Windows Xp Proffesinal installed and a mate of mine has recently downgraded from Vista Ultimate 64bit and has offered me the copy of it. I was wondering if it is worth it as i have little experience with vista and am an Xp man at heart. Does anyone have any ideas? Hints or warnings?

Specs: (roughly will confirm when i get it back!)

intel pentium 3.0ghz dual core
4gb corsair ram
750+gb harddrive space (2 drives with one extra partion)
Lots of fans.
Big power supply
Nvidia 8600 GTS graphics card
Along with other things...

A:SHould I Upgrade to Vista!?!

don't upgrade to 64bit, alot of software, especially games don't run on 64bit windows, and not to mention finding 64bit drivers for all your hardware, if they make 64bit drivers for them.
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I thought I was installing a Vista upgrade (for which I have a license) that came with my Sony Vaio laptop running XP, however I accidentally used DVD for a trial version (for which I don't have a license). Now I can't use my valid upgrade because it only works when upgrading from XP -- which is no longer running on my computer -- of course I don't have a restore disc and the valid key I have doesn't work for the trial version. Is there some way (maybe a file in Windows.old that I could put back) to get the valid Vista upgrade to work?

A:Vista upgrade from xp

System manufacturer and model?

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I understand that Nero 6 won't work if I upgrade to Vista. Will Nero 7 work?

A:Upgrade to Vista?

Welcome to TSG..

Check with Nero Website.
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I am very confused and haven't been able to find out an answer anywhere on the net I have a x processor Now this processor is listed and was listed when I bought it as a -bit processor I believed I could upgrade to Can Vista? upgrade 64-bit I to vista -bit in the future if I wanted to I have seen other people list that they are Can I upgrade to 64-bit Vista? running vista -bit on this same processor all over the internet However this is a x processor not a x When going to Microsofts website and trying to download the vista -bit upgrade it tells me to check this one place and see if it says x or x It says x and it states that I can't run Vista -bit if it says that I do Can I upgrade to 64-bit Vista? some searches and verify that in fact this processor is a x processor When I looked on neweggs page for the x it says quot -bit support YES quot So what gives Could I run -bit vista or not

A:Can I upgrade to 64-bit Vista?

It is a 64 bit processor. What motherboard do you have? Where are you looking that it says x86?
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I have an opportunity to get Vista on the cheap, so even though I probably won't use it for a long time, think I'll go ahead and buy Home Premium and just keep it for awhile. I have two copies of XP Pro right now, but I'll be installing Home Premium on a new PC. What's required for the upgrade? Do you just have to enter one of my XP keys during the installation, or do I have to have an XP disc? I take it it installs a new copy like XP's upgrades. I can get the full version for just a little more, so I might just go ahead and get that, especially if I'd have to hassle with XP discs and all that to use the upgrade...

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i have found a Vista 64-bit Ultimate for $60 unused, which sounds like a great deal, but if i were to buy this could i pay a upgrade price to get windows 7 64-bit ultimate? and would it be worth it instead of just buying windows 7 new for full pop?

A:Vista upgrade to 7

In less then 2 months 7 will be generally available for a 7 upgrade disk where that would allow an upgrade or even a fresh clean install with the upgrade disk having any genuine XP or Vista disk onhand to start with. The best place for good information on how to go about upgrading from Vista to 7 as well as the upgrade options for each edition is seen in the guide for this at Upgrade Install with Windows 7
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I have a PC with full legit W Ultimate installed I also have a currently unused full legit Vista license originally Vista to W7 upgrade came with PC I bought new OS not upgrade I am building a new PC and wish to use the W license so I can put bit W on my new PC easy enough as it will Vista to W7 upgrade be a clean install and I can use original install Vista to W7 upgrade disk it allows for or bit install The Q is the existing PC will then be 'unlicensed' Vista to W7 upgrade when I bought it it came with VISTA license For this old PC to pass it on to family can I - Opt A if I buy a Vista to W upgrade can I apply this license without having to reinstall as this was a recent clean install Opt B if not can I re-install W and apply the upgrade license without having to install Vista first For obvious reasons I don't want to install Vista then upgrade to W prefer the clean install that exists Hopefully this explanation is clear

A:Vista to W7 upgrade

You may be able to change the liscence key without having to reinstall. If you go to Control Panal > System. If you scroll down you should see a link that says Change Product Key. You can also do a clean install. Personally, I would do a clean install so that who ever inherits the laptop can have a fresh start. For either method I recommend using Option 3 of the tutorial linked below. I can say that I have used it successfully on more than one occasion.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I upgraded my computer from XP to Vista and trying to install Windows Vista SP1 and ultimately SP2. Windows update will not install it as an update. I downloaded SP1 and tried to install and vista will not install it. I uninstalled my anti-virus program and yet it still doesn't install. Any ideas?

A:Upgrade from XP to Vista

Hi and welcome to TSF

Where did this Vista program come from?

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I might need to upgrade to Vista Ultimate in the near future (something about compatibility with programs at my college??), but it would really be a pain since I would have to install all my programs again. It would not normally be a problem except that I'm not exactly close to home, and don't want to have to get all the disks sent to me. Is it possible to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate without doing a clean install? Would I also need a special disk, or would a normal installation disk work?

A:Vista Upgrade

Insert your Vista DVD in your DVD drive. Vista setup would start running, choose Install now.Click next till you reach on screen to choose Vista editions. Choose Vista Ultimate from the options.When you reach a point when it says ,"Which type of installation do you want?", choose Upgrade. Then click Next and follow onscreen directions.Note : If you get a message that Upgrade has bee disabled, then you are out of luck. Your Vista DVD is not for upgrade.Would I also need a special disk, or would a normal installation disk work?It depends if you have full Vista install DVD which has all flavors of Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business etc) all you need is a different license key. You can upgrade from this kind of DVD. I have seen some DVDs have only a particular edition like Ultimate or Home. They cannot be used.
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My husband uses our old computer which has Vista Home Basic on it.  He has limited needs and never cared to upgrade to Windows 7.  Now his bank is urging him to upgrade his browser for his online banking.  I figure if we upgrade to 7 he'd
be able to get a newer Internet Explorer.  I haven't been able to find how to download a version of Windows 7 from you, since the computer's Upgrade option doesn't offer anything but Vista.  I've already downloaded the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and
it said we were fine to upgrade to Windows 7 Home.  What do I need to do?
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Does anyone know if there are any problems when installing this SP2 Vista upgrade?


A:SP2 Vista upgrade

I've had a problem
Haven't got around to checking it out yet
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My hp pavilion a1600n came with windows xp and a free upgrade to vista, when available. I finally got my vista upgrade and installed per instructions. The upgrade and installation kit was provided by hp and is supposed to be compatible with this particular pc. The problem - I cannot open e-mail attachments. I was advised by hp tech support to be sure to download and install all available updates, which I did, and also downloaded and installed microsoft vista updates that were "required" plus any optional ones that would install.

I still cannot open e-mail attachments and have heard that many students are complaining of the same problem.

I am about to do a restore to my original xp unless someone can advise on how to overcome this problem. Thanks for any and all help.

P.S. I am truly computer illiterate, so any assist must be step-by-step instruction.

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Hi, I had until today a windows 7 x64 but it was not genuine. Now I want a genuine copy of windows eight, so I restored my pc to the oem windows vista home premium 32 bit that came when I bought it.

I bought the upgrade for 29.99?+15? for the dvd, and now it is downloading.

but now I wonder, will it install a 32 bit version of Eight? I have 4gb ram so I need the 64 bit version... but it didn't ask me to choose which version I want, neither in the site says anything about the x86 and x64 versions...

A:upgrade from vista 32 bit to eight 64 bit

Hi I'm wondering a similar thing i.e. trying to find the best way to upgrade from vista 32 bit to win 8 64 bit. You say you bought the dvd but then mention that its "downloading". I thought the dvd would be sent by snail mail, do you have any updates on the process?
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My Vista OS is 3 yrs old(or at least that's when I bought my pc) and I am wondering should I go ahead and upgrade to WINDOWS 7. I ran an upgrade check and overall it said I could but, there were some concerns to address. I can't afford a new pc so should I just stay with what I have or change now while I can? If you need to know what the concerns are, I will run another check and report them to you so an informed decision can be come to.

A:OS Upgrade (Vista to 7)

Why do you feel you need to change. Win7 is a little faster in some areas, but it is till just an operating system. I upgraded my 2007 Acer's HD from 120G to 250G and that will do me for another 3 years. :0