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User Account: Can't change type or delete

Q: User Account: Can't change type or delete

Hello all Totally baffled twice now I've set up parental controls for my daughter but she ends up using an admin account which won't delete or downgrade to 'Standard' I was changing the account via Start Menu - Admin Tools - User Accounts Home premium has no proper local change Can't Account: or type User delete groups and policy control I go through the steps but User Account: Can't change type or delete account remains as admin account and won't delete either Have also tried deleting in Safe Mode command prompt NET USER lt username gt DELETE I get the error 'net user system error user is not a member of group' Now I have actually disabled the account so it's not available for login net user lt username gt active no But really have no clue why vista is acting this way and how my daughter is able to 'switch' to this account without even changing knowing the password it's the nd time it's happened and I actually changed the password the last time Any ideas please or known bugs We are running SP Thanks

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Preferred Solution: User Account: Can't change type or delete

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: User Account: Can't change type or delete

Try this hidden administrator, then in safe mode if necessary.
Administrator Account
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i just got this laptop and it was used. just want to change the username, but it will not let me. i've gone through the control panel, user name change, and when i do, it says that i cannot have a name with "$#@* etc., which i obviously don't have in the name.
i've tried setting up a different administrator account, and it gives me the same error saying it has an unacceptable character.
any ideas?!?

A:cannot change user name or account type

Try using the administrative account through safe-mode.
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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.

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Hello thanks for looking I have a Windows Home Premium laptop with a single user on it This user recently got changed to from System type Recovery account user Change a guest account type from admin account type and I can't fix it I have read all the guides to quot enable hidden administrator account quot using quot net user administrator active yes quot but it doesn't work from regular command prompt ie not run as administrator Change user account type from System Recovery can't get past UAC safe mode command prompt or system recovery command prompt I have also Change user account type from System Recovery tried to disable UAC via system recovery command prompt by running regedit and doing the equivalent of this quot C Windows System cmd exe k windir System reg exe ADD HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System v EnableLUA t REG DWORD d f quot Obviously I can't change this from a safe mode command prompt because my user doesn't have the privileges When I boot into safe mode it automatically logs me into the user there is no option for anything else I should also mention that Ive tried this as well Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE Method after typing enableadmin lt enter gt I got the error quot The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present quot Method the load hive option was greyed out I am certain that tutorial is ALMOST what I need but they didn't work Any thoughts Unfortunately nothing will work that requires an administrator account or adminstrator console I believe my user problem can only be fixed from system recover command prompt Does anyone know how to add a new administrator user or change the account type on my existing user Please please please please help CB

A:Change user account type from System Recovery

What happens when you try to enable the original account or set up a new one with Admin rights in Control Panel>User Accounts?

Have you tried enabling the hidden administrative account using an Elevated Command Prompt? Elevated Command Prompt

If these won't work then try System Restore to before the problem began: System Restore Try it first from Windows and then from the DVD Repair console or Repair CD, or try tapping F8 at bootup to see if Repair console is on Advanced Boot Tools menu. System Repair Disc - Create

I would also try SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and if necessary a Repair Install if you have access to a Win7 install DVD.

If all of these fail, then you may have messed up your system beyond repair. See if you can make your Recovery Disks if you haven't already, then back up your files and run full Factory Recovery from Windows, or by tapping the F-key given on the first boot screen or in the Manual on the Support Downloads webpage for your laptop model.

If you have access to a Win7 DVD, you can clean reinstall using these tips: re-install windows 7
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I have win 8
when running apps in "run as administrator" and when running most of apps, windows give me this message:

do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?
to continue, type an administrator, password and click yes.

but yes button in deactive and there is not any password field to fill it.

I dont know in which type is my user account ?? standard or administrator ??
now I can't do many of actions in windows for this reason and can't enable administrator account and switch to it.

now what I must do ?? (

A:how determine user account type and change to administrato

Hello se, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is this for Windows 8? Your specs show XP.

It sounds like the account is a standard user.

The tutorial below can help you to determine if your account is and "administrator" or "standard user" type of account in Windows 8, and change it if you like. You will only be able to change the type while signed in to an administrator account though.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
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i have windows 7 x64 in my dell precision notebook.
i have administrator user and tommy user.
tommy user is in admin group. but not able to execute any program but its account type is standard.
then i logged in as administrator and went to UAC there i try to change the account type of tommy user from standard to soon as i click the administrator's radio button. the "change account type" is disabling...its not enabling.
how can i solve this problem?


A:Change Account Type button is not enabled even as administrator user

Quote: Originally Posted by sathyguy


i have windows 7 x64 in my dell precision notebook.
i have administrator user and tommy user.
tommy user is in admin group. but not able to execute any program but its account type is standard.
then i logged in as administrator and went to UAC there i try to change the account type of tommy user from standard to soon as i click the administrator's radio button. the "change account type" is disabling...its not enabling.
how can i solve this problem?


Welcome to the forum,

If the first two options aren't working for you in this tutorial,

User Account Type - Change

then you can try the other three and see if that works.
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Hey all I have spent the weekend trying to figure out how to change my account user changed to back account Main type guest, can't change type back to administrator but with no luck I have been running this laptop as my main machine for a few months now with no problems however I realised I had a problem when I wanted to change some networking settings on Friday when the UAC said I needed admin privileges and wouldn't let Main user account type changed to guest, can't change back me enter a password or click quot Yes quot hence not allowing me to go any further I went to control panel gt User accounts and saw my account type has been changed to Guest Now I have thought long and hard and I have not changed or had any need to change my account type to guest nor has anyone else had access to my laptop so I can only assume this has been done in the last week or so during a Windows update I'll tell you what I did to try to resolve this below First of all I tried to enable the hidden administrator account while in my account by running command prompt as admin and then entering net user Administrator active yes but as I don't have admin privileges I couldn't even open the command prompt so I couldn't get any further After reading around the net and this forum I found this thread and gave it a try After restarting the laptop and booting into safe mode I was expecting to see and Administrator account next to my account at the log in screen however there was only the administrator account to choose from so I clicked it and it went through the first time initialisation of the account and then showed me the start menu I then went to run the command prompt as admin and it worked I entered net user Administrator active yes which worked with no problems I then went to the user accounts in control panel to quot Manage other accounts quot but my usual account was nowhere to be found So I thought I'd restart the laptop and see what happens out of safe mode When it restarted I was still only presented with the admin account so I logged in to disable the hidden by entering net user Administrator active no in the command prompt run as admin and then restarted After restarting again I was expecting to see my account but was still presented with only the admin account but when I clicked on it it said it was disabled and I was completely locked out of windows Luckily I created a restore point so I managed to restore my settings and was back at square one After a bit of testing it seems my main user account is being removed when I enter safe mode but do nothing else I have no idea why entering safe mode is removing my account I am at a bit of a loss as I can't seem to activate admin privileges on my account but if i try to fix it I lose my account completely I did find this thread but I can't find the download link for Hiren's boot cd If anyone has any help fixes or advice I'd really appreciate it as I don't really want to restore my laptop to factory Even if I do restore it to factory will this problem happen again Any help would be absolutely great Cheers Mark

A:Main user account type changed to guest, can't change back

You could try option 2 from here Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

Hirens you can download from here Download Hiren?s BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan & Discussion Platform but I'd try the administrator method first

Good luck
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I have a Windows 8.1 system on a lap top that was used by a former employee. Her name was still on user name and I couldn't change it without Admin privileges (otherwise was asking for a smart card). Found out how to get in to admin in safe mode with Net
User Admin yes- then discovered that the old log in and information / desk top is no longer available. The docs are under Users (old employee's name) in C drive, but the docs and settings no longer show up and the admin log in is the only one available - no
option to change users.
When I went in and said Net User Admin no - thinking if I disabled admin user it would go back to the old log in -  there was no log in available at all.

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Good Day Everyone a few hours ago, I just finished installing Windows Professional x32 and had a problem with deleting the windows.old because of the permission bug.

Well I managed to delete the Windows.old by editing my security and user however when I log-offed, I saw another user account that I think I've mistakenly made while editing the security in the properties of a folder in windows.old.

My problem is, the delete function GONE!

The mistakenly made user is Administrator.
When I logged in Administrator, a pop-up appeared saying that it is a temporary user account.

I really want to delete it, It's a nuisance every time I log-in and takes some space.

Can anyone help me regarding this? I will appreciate it greatly.

A:Delete Account Function Missing I Cannot Delete Temporary User Account

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

This account is not able to be deleted. It is built in and has EVERY permission by default so you don't need to take ownership.

It is used to rescue your computer from viruses using Safe Mode, etc.
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Hi Guys One of our staff to User Solved: Account - User Deleted Guest - File Type Changing PC has a problem the scenarios Specs Alias Names -Company Name Contoso -Staff PC under Domain Alpha -PC Name Contoso -PC -Local Users are administrators and john Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted -User profiles gt operations contoso domain gt john local gt administrator local -MS Outlook connected to email protected Thursday IT remove uninstall chat messengers blocked linkedin facebook twitter youtube change User Account Type Local Staff John Doe from User to Guest I change the type from User Accounts gt Properties gt Group Membership gt Others gt Guest shutdown the system Friday turn on the PC and staff asks for the correct username provides the username Contoso -PC john staff login to his local account using his password Saturday staff called and his desktop files are gone and document files are gone IT check the Users folder there are particular folders john and john contoso -pc both folders empty outlook not connected account is totally FRESh IT check on webmail under Domain Alpha not working the usual password webmail contoso com owa after an hour the usual password works IT tried to connect MS outlook using email protected not working saying quot outlook pst is not offline file quot PROBLEM files are gone Totally FRESh account I don t know what happen guys please help the FIles are gone Hoping your best solution THanks nbsp

A:Solved: Changing User Account Type - User to Guest - File Deleted
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hi people what i want to accomplish is to set an user account type automatically after creating one as you may know when you create an user account the system ask you what account type to apply for that new user the default user and user group or account privilege type choice are Administrator and Limited i want to user account type and group or user privilege create an account that is not too limited but neighter with same privilege as an administrator i went to the Local Users and Groups at the Microsoft Management Console now on MMC and assigned a different Group to each users i desired task accomplished but the problem is that i don t know how many user the computer will have the owner of the computer are primitive human that don t know how to configure the system i neighter want any of them to have administrative right because they have internet access and they still on the experiment process meaning that they re propense to click YES to any message even if those are viruses most of them don t read english the solution i thought was to assign only one user the administrative right so they can install and uninstall software and perform other administrative task as creating more user accounts there is anyway that after creating an user account the system automatically assign the user a specific Groups for example the built-in object Power User or among the choice on user account tool add an new item or modify the existing items or if there is anyway to modify the privilege and right for an built-in object Group the Limited account pertain to the User Group so instead of automatically assign other group the new account inherit the privilage right limitation from the default group any help or comment is welcome thanks nbsp

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Hello all First post for me -- glad to have change account administrator cannot No account type -- found this site Extremely useful I ve recently noticed that I ve lost No administrator account -- cannot change account type adminstrator account priviledges on both my laptops I ve got Windows Home Premium edition When I am logged in to my original account which was set up as an Administrator account and I go to Change Account Type the quot Standard User quot button is active When I click on the Administrator Account button to change it the Apply button becomes greyed out I have two accounts that were set up as Administrator and both show the same thing Curiously the account icons that show up on the login screen and on the control panel screens still carry the label quot Administrator quot Maybe this is normal for Windows but if so very confusing What I ve tried so far Activated the No administrator account -- cannot change account type built-in Administrator account logged into it tried to elevate the two accounts to Administrator with the same results above becomes greyed out when I click on the Administrator account type button Ran virus spyware scans using SpywareDoctor Malwarebytes and Windows Security Essentials No serious threats found other than the cookies etc on SpywareDoctor scan Malwarebytes and Security Essential scans were clean Started up in safe mode No administrator account -- cannot change account type -- same result I originally noticed the problem due to the fact that Itunes would not update -- gave me the message that I didn t have administrator proviledges even though I was logged in to and admin acct I was since able to update by downloading the update to my desktop and using right-click -- quot Run as administrator quot So administrator priviledges are still there for that mode Thanks

A:No administrator account -- cannot change account type

At what level is the User Account Control?

(Open the start menu type uac and hit enter.)
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I would like to change my account from standard to administrator, but my account isn?t visible
in "manage accounts".
I have tried both from my standard account and from my administrator account.

A:Not able to change my account type

Hello Anvandarin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If the standard account is not listed while trying to change it's type using the options in the tutorial below while signed in to your administrator account, then.....
User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
....double check to make sure that the standard account has not been disabled.
User Account - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,
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When signed in as an admin, how can I change another user's account type from local to Microsoft? I saw how to change my own. Thanks.

A:Change another's account type

Hello Alant,

You would need to currently be signed in to the account that you want to switch. You cannot do it from within another account.

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8
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So this is probably the strangest problem I have ever encountered with Windows About two or three months ago I noticed that my user account had suddenly changed into a guest account I get prompted for an administrator password when trying to do any tasks that require administrator privilege It is not a huge hassle as I know the administrator account password Here a change changed it User can into account, I account how back guest is where it becomes very strange When I turn my computer on it automatically logs me into my user account the guest account When I got into the user accounts section of the control panel and try to manage user accounts it shows exactly zero user accounts on my computer Also when I try to change my user account the guest account to an administrator account precisely nothing happens It User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back gets evens stranger When I log out of Windows the only user account I can pick from to log back into Windows is the generic quot Administrator quot account My user account is nowhere to be found When I go to the control panel and try to manage accounts only the administrator account is listed There is an option turn on a generic guest account but nothing related to my original user account is shown Again this is in contrast to when I am logged into my user account the User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back guest account and see exactly zero user accounts listed on the manage accounts screen I feel that I am pretty good at avoiding bad websites and I do have an antivirus program installed not that that will prevent my computer from being infected but I have used it to do full system scans and I have found nothing on my computer every time Additionally I have Windows updates set to be automatically installed so all of the updates have been installed on my version of Windows I tried asking Microsoft support directly all I got was that no user accounts showing up under the manage user accounts tab is a pretty bad sign and that in order to fully diagnose the problem I would need to sign up for the quot Assure Plan quot or whatever it was called which cost for one year Forget that option for now Does anyone know how to resolve this issue How can I switch my original user account from a guest account and then how could I make it an administrator account once I have retrieved it so-to-speak from being a phantom guest account I mean I know the administrator password and all and so I have been able to essentially use my computer as if nothing is wrong But this whole issue seems very very strange and so I want to see what you guys have to say about it I hope these are not the signs of a more serious and potentially major issue Thanks in advance for anyone's help with this

A:User account changed into a guest account, how can I change it back

Hi and welcome to the Forum
When you refer to the generic Administrator Account do you mean the Account that is hidden in Windows 7? If so did you activate it using this:
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable If you did the above then this is strange as forgetting the "Hidden admin account you must have at least one ordinary Admin account in Windows 7. You can't operate the system without one!!
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Hello I've been using Windows for weeks Until today it started up just fine by displaying my name and no email address This is exactly how I want it to be Today when Win would not recognize a printer in order to download an quot app quot to help with this I was required to provide a Microsoft email account which I did an old Hotmail account I rarely use Now when I restart or wake up the computer that old Hotmail account appears as quot Administrator quot However I do NOT want that old Hotmail email address associated with this computer How can I remove it and get back to logging in with NO associated email address NOTE I do not want to delete the old Hotmail account just want to remove it from my Windows quot Account quot menu My name Hotmail address quot Administrator quot In case it's required to associate Win with an email address I use Windows Live Essentials with a company email address I tried adding it via the quot Other Account quot option but Win said it did not recognize the email address I entered sigh I saw threads with a similar question but not quite the same Thanks for any help

A:Can I remove but not delete MS email account from user account?

You have converted your local user account to a Microsoft account. It's easy to switch back to a local account, just follow the instructions in this tutorial: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

When you have switched back to a local account and you want to download another app from the Windows Store, follow the instructions in this tutorial (Method Two, Step 5) to keep using your local account to sign in to Windows and only use a Microsoft account to sign in to Store: Store - Sign in with Different Account in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

A useful tutorial to learn the difference between a local account and a Microsoft account: Local Account or Microsoft Account - How to Tell in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Is there a way to set up an additional admin account to have full admin rights without having to "run as admin" on everything?

A:Account type change problem

Turn off UAC. I don't recommend it though.
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I have created a standard user.

my requirements:

1. standard user can install programs, which is saved for future uses (i have seen pcs where the programs are deleted/uninstalled as soon as the user log out)

2. standard user CANNOT re-install windows by inserting a windows disc at boot up!!

Is this already present under default standard user i have to add some settings?

thank you!

A:Account type: Standard user

Quote: Originally Posted by johnn1

1. standard user can install programs, which is saved for future uses (i have seen pcs where the programs are deleted/uninstalled as soon as the user log out)

Installing a program isn't actually a special thing, it is just copying files to a certain location and setting some things up. As long as an application is not depending on administrative power it can be ran or installed anywhere. So yes a standard user can install applications...if they support installing without admin power. Look at Google Chrome, it requires no administrative power to install or run.

2. standard user CANNOT re-install windows by inserting a windows disc at boot up!!

Impossible. Windows is not running when a computer boots up, thus no user accounts.
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I feel the amount of reading I've done on these two (acct types & UAC) is disproportionate to the understanding I've gained regarding best practices.

Does anyone have a good, distilled recommendation or link?

A:Best Practices for User Account Type and UAC?


Did you read the article on technet?

User Account Control In Windows 7 Best Practices

User Account Control Step-by-Step Guide
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I deleted the previous user account on a laptop given to me by my friend (Joanne) and changed it to a new name (Serena). This seemed to work and when when I login it is with the new username. However there seems to be contradicting info about user accounts on my pc. The first screenshot shows my current username but the second screenshot is not showing my current usernames and all files appear to have the old username. I keep trying to delete the files associated with the old account but cannot do so. Can anyone help?
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pls i cant change from microsoft account to my user account on the windows 8 preview platform
can somebody help with this solution. Thanks

A:cant change from microsoft account to my user account

What problems are you having when you try to switch from your Micosoft account to a local account?
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Hi all.

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition and I would like to use my current account as a Limited user account.

I realise that I will need at least one administrator account on my PC -- so I go into user accounts, create a new administrator account, then I try to change my current account to a limited account, but it will not let me!

See the screenshots;

I would like Admin to be administrator, and Dell07 to be Limited... I do not have the option to change Dell07 to limited for some strange reason.

I have managed to do this on my parents PC easily. I simply created another Administrator account, then changed their account to a limited one. I don't understand why this will not work on Windows XP MCE...

Any idea why this is happening?!

A:Help change my account to a limited user account!

You should log-on to the administrator account thru safe mode and this will allow you to change the account you want to so it will be a low-admin account. You can not change the account you are logged into t anything other than the account it is because it is the active account.
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How, specifically, do I set the dacls for the read-only user that's used by the gateways? Can someone provide the correct command?
Also, should this account be some type of managed service account / group managed service account? And for forests with multiple domains, should the account be different for each domain? 

Many Thanks!
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When I go to login to my Dell Inspiron One running Windows 7, my account is listed as administrator. 
But when I go to:  \Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts\Change Your Account Type\
it shows as a standard user.  If I select Administrator, then [Change Account Type] immediately grays out.
Ironically, while on that same screen, it shows my userid as administrator at the top.
Also, I went to the  "Computer Management" screen, and where I expect to see an item to manage user accounts, there is none.
I need to get my ability to be the administrator back.
ALSO - why did I notice this now?  Because my wife was complaining about the machine, so I went to run "Spybot Search and Destroy", and it showed problems, which it will not let me remove since I am "not" the administrator.
The Spybot Search and Destroy" found: CouponBar, SweetIM, Win32.2UrFace.bho, Yontoo.Pagerage

A:Administrator User Account Type affected by malware

Type this command at the command prompt mate.

wmic useraccount get /all /format:list

Post the results or check to make sure it is indeed a administrator account and also check your useraccount settings. A simple right click on SB&destroy and run as Administrator should work.
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I only have one account on my recently installed Windows and accidentally from User type account changed Guest to Admin managed to change the account type from Admin to Guest in User Accounts Now I am not able to run any programs User account type changed from Admin to Guest that require administrator password The popping up window says quot to continue type an administrator password then click yes quot However it does not give me any option to enter the administrator password and the button quot yes quot is disabled see attachment Also at the logon I don't have an option to User account type changed from Admin to Guest choose any other account than the one that used to be admin but is now guest I feel like I entered a loop because now User account type changed from Admin to Guest I am not able to go back to User Accounts to change it back Are there any options for me to change the account type back to Admin It had all worked fine before but I changed my hotmail password recently and was not able to start Windows without entering the password any more so I wanted to adapt the password in User Accounts I did not find that option so left User Accounts must have then accidentally changed the account type still not sure how but since then I am not able to enter it back since I cannot run any programs as administrator Thanks for any help Piotr

A:User account type changed from Admin to Guest

Hello Piotr, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could try refreshing Windows 8 to see if it will set you up another administrator account. You may need to do so at boot. Be sure to back up anything that you do not want to lose first though.

Hope this helps,
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every time i type my password in to my user acccount on my pc it starts to log on but within a matter of seconds it logs itself off again
i tried to log on, on safe mode but it does the exact same thing
i think it may be due to a virus: spzru.exe
cany anyone help me with this?

A:computer automatically logs off as soon as i type my password in on my user account

Did you use Search and Destroy by any chance? I'm having the same problems but I can't fix due to my computer's limitations, still looking for a fix :o

Look here - No wait here xD

Good luck! Hopefully you have more than me
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Hi there,

In Win-7, as an admin-user, it was easy to change the picture from another user. In Win-8 I'm only able to find where I can change my own picture. Can't I set it anymore for other users?

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today i tried deleting an account i had made on xp home and i tried this via control panel>user accounts then i went to the account n click delete account, but everytime i do this all that happens is control panel stops responding and i click out and then get an error message that says microsoft ® html application error but when i send it nothing happens either....what is going wrong here and how can i delete this user account?

A:Help....can't Delete User Account

There should be some info in How to Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP that will help.
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Hi all I have account can't delete user a computer that has an old administrator account on it in addition to my administrator account I can t seem to delete the old administrator account When I go to control can't delete user account panel gt user accounts I see two administrative accounts One is named quot Administrator quot and says underneath quot Computer Administrator quot This is the account I m logged in on The other is someone s name but also says quot Computer Administrator quot I want to delete the other account When I click on the person s name there is no quot remove user quot option though quot change account type quot is there So I figured I had to change the account type to a non-administrator before I could delete it But when I click quot change account type quot quot limited quot is grayed out and it won can't delete user account t let me change it saying that quot you must assign another user to be a computer administrator first so that there is at least one computer administrator quot But I am a computer administrator I even double checked this by logging in as the other user and trying to delete my own account but it says the same thing that another administrator is needed first So I have no idea what the problem is It obviously doesn t recognize that there are two administrators Also and I don t think this has anything to do with anything but just in case when I start up the computer the boot screen asks me what operating system I want to start as if I have two installed It only gives me seconds to decide before going to the first one They both however say Windows XP and if I manually choose the second one the computer comes up in exactly the same way as if I chose the first one I ve also used partition magic to make sure there wasn t some rogue partition going on and there doesn t seem to be But I wonder if one administrator is attached to one pseudo-operating system and the other to the other one if this could perhaps be the problem But I can switch easily between users so this doesn t seem to be the case either I m typically good at this stuff but apparently not this good Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jeremy nbsp

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I just unpacked my new Dell Inspiron two days ago and somehow I have managed to create two user accounts. I found setting up this computer a little confusing and I'm still not sure how I did this.
The usual and suggested methods for deleting an account don't work (click on users and delete) . Did anyone else have this problem and were you able to delete that second account?
Thanks so much for your time.

A:Can't delete a user account! Please help!


Are you trying to delete the Admin? or are you trying to delete a User? Please double check your not logged in as User and trying to delete Admin.

Let me know.
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A long time ago, I found a solution from something I disliked about Vista. I don't remember what I disliked, but I remember the solution involved creating an admin account to change a setting. I don't remember what I changed either. So that account sits there, unused, and I've decided to remove it.

The problem is that I don't know how. In account management, for that account, there is no "delete the account" or "change account type" options. Does anyone know why this is?

I've been searching for information on this. Apparently Vista has a hidden admin account which can be made visible, if I understand correctly. I might have done this instead of creating a new one. I simply don't remember.

A:I can't delete a user account

Run the elevated command prompt and type in: net user administrator /active:no

Administrator Account
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On my wife's machine she was having all types of problems, so I backed up her user directory and all it's data. I then went to UAC and deleted her standard user account, clicking yes to delete all folders and files. Just leaving my admin account and a guest account. After a defrag and reboot her user directory is still showing up in Explorer but not in UAC. How can I totally clean her name out? Would like do do this before restoring any of her data and programs. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A:How to delete a user's account.

Hello Kenz,

While logged into your admin account, you should also be able to right click on her deleted account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder and click on Delete to do so.

Hope this helps,
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When I turn on my laptop, after booting up, I am faced by two choices to log on.

My original account (administrator, I guess) and a blank one with 'other account' written underneath it. The 2nd one needs a name and password too!!!

When I check my User Accounts in Control Panel, I have only two, those being mine (administrator) and the Guest account, which is turned off!!!

Where has the 2nd log on option come from, or more importantly, how do I delete it?

Thank you for any help

A:How do I delete a user account??

Sorted it - but thanks for looking guys :)
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Please Help!

I am not able to delete a user account from XP pro....I have tried the safe-mode 'trick'. There is no option to delete the account when I go into user accounts in the control panel.

As of right now I have two accounts, one called Administrator (with admin rights of course), and one called Colleen (also with admin rights). I want to delete Colleen.

I have downloaded Tweak UI which allows me to bypass the user selection screen and automatically log on as Administrator, but I would also like to delete the unused account.


A:Can't Delete User Account from XP Pro

You can use the Computer Manager to delete the second user, but for security reasons I recommend you rename the Administrator account and reduce the second user's privileges. Then use the second user account normally. By doing so will protect your PC in case some one hijacks your PC while on the Internet.

To access the Computer Manager, select Start and right click My Computer and then select Manage.
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I made a user account a while back for the family members that always get on my computer so that they didnt mess with anything on my account. Why i didnt just use guest side im still not sure. I want to delete this account and turn on guest but it will not let me do anything with it. I have tried changing it to standard and deleting and nothing. I went into safe mode and tried to delete it and still nothing. Turned on the built in administrator account and still nothing. Im tired of them being able to change setting and things on the other side and i can not do anything about it, please help! thanks you!

A:Can not delete a user account

Follow this excellent tutorial, I am sure that you will be able to delete the account.

User Account - Delete

Follow the tutorial, if you still have problems try in safe mode.
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There are two accounts on my Zoostorm laptop - one being the original and the other a guest account. Problem is, the guest account is now the administrator account and the original is a standard user account. I cannot change this for some reason, even when the account is logged off and the guest account allows it. I can't even change the name of the account, the picture or the permissions.
Does anyone have any advice?
I would just reset the laptop but i'm unaware of how to do so without a disk.
Thanks in advance.

A:How do I delete a user account?

Hi jessicasadlerx,

Press and hold the Windows key + R on your keyboard.
In the Run box that appears, type lusrmgr.msc and hit Enter.
Double-click Users and list what is displayed here in your next post, or provide a screenshot.
Our objective is to login to an administrator account, delete all other unwanted accounts or change their Account Type, and proceed from there.
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I have a second user account that I cannot delete, it is a nuissance, thoughts???
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Hi everyone,
I have tried to delete an administrator user account which i don't need anymore (btw, i'm an Administrator) but when it returns to the user accounts after i confirm to delete the account, the said account still remains. So i tried to make it into a limited account to see if that works but to no avail, it remains an administrator account. Could somebody tell me how to delete the user account please.

Thank you

Additional info: Windows Vista (Home premium)

A:How to delete a user account

Hello Nikki, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Could you post a screenshot of this?

Is this just another administrator account that you trying to delete, or is it the built-in "Administrator"?

If just another administrator account, you might see if you could delete it using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below with a elevated command prompt.

User Account - Delete - Windows 7 Forums
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i managed to create a user admin account on my machine that i cant delete via the windows interface (i already have another main admin account i normally use) after typing in a bit of code that i shouldnt have done please help!

many thanks in advance

A:Can't delete user account

solved it myself

Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista - the How-To Geek
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Hi i'm the admin of my laptop recently i created a standard acc for my friends to access my laptop but now that acc is changed to admin a account Not to delete user able and now i'm not able to change its type or delete that acc as if it has some high privilege i try doing the same using the built in admin acc and result is same when i tried the following two commands in cmd the following response Not able to delete a user account is obtained here 'home' is the acc i created for my friends C Windows System gt Not able to delete a user account net localgroup administrators home delete System error has occurred The specified account name is not a member of the group C Windows System gt net localgroup administrators home add System error has occurred The specified account name is already a member of the group the acc home is there at the same time its not there then i tried 'control userpasswords ' in run and change the group membership of home but still it wont change and also does not give any error then i tried mmc to access local user and groups and tried deleting home from admin group but it results in the error shown in the image following image shows that home is not an in-built admin acc here HP is my acc and bee is just a temporary standard acc i made temporarily here home acc is my problem now when i try deleting this acc from mmc the followng error comes please i need help how can i delete this acc

A:Not able to delete a user account

Hi and welcome to the forum
Perhaps this will help you:
Default User Accounts and Groups
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Hi all,

I would like to ask how to delete an admin user account that keeps on appearing every time i reboot the computer, even if i already deleted it in the control panel. Is it done through regedit?

Thanks a lot guys.

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I had a friend use my computer and create a user account. He recently moved out and I would like to get rid of his account but everytime I try to, the delete account window freezes and when I click on it, it says "not responding" This is really frustrating, but thank you for listening and if anyone has any help it would be greatly appreciated.

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I am trying to fix a Vista Home Premium computer that had a very strange issue. There is a user on the machine that even though it shows it is an administrator account, it still is not being given administrator rights. So far what I've done is I've created a new account for that user and am now attempting to delete the old account. Problem is when I go through the prompts to delete the account it doesn't do anything. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:User account will not delete

First run a full anti virus scan, be sure that it is updated.
Download and run malwarebytes make sure it is updated and run full scan

To begin try in safe mode.
Safe Mode

If that does not work try the hidden, powerful administrator[2]=User Accounts
for Vista and Seven

Be sure that you have tried it correctly
User Account - Delete

How did you obtain Vista for the Computer?
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I am listed as the Administrator on my laptop. After my Dad gave me this PC after having it and registering in his name, I renamed the Administrator from his name to mine. When I go under User Accounts, I am the only user listed. However, when I boot my computer, my Dad's log in information is listed first and it starts up automatically saying "Username or password is invalid" and then I have the click "Switch User" to log in under myself.

I have tried to delete User Account in Safe Mode, but that did not work either. How can I delete this account so I may start up my computer with just my login information??


A:Cannot delete user account

Hi Jessiemw and welcome to the forum!
Give this a try:
User Account - Delete
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Hey. I changed my user account name on Windows 7, and now the account is inaccessible. I have another account on the computer, but I cannot change the name back. Is there any way to make the account accessible again without re-installing Windows? If not, would a full back up from the other account back the data on the inaccessible account up as well as the other account's data? Please help!

A:User Account name change

Press the F8 key repeatedly at boot up or use the Startup disk.

Try a restore to before you changed my user account name
System Restore

System Recovery Options
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I have problem in User Accounts, I am Computer Administrator (and account name is Administrator) and have been using password protect but when starting up windows, it won't stop at log on page to enter password, it log on to my accout automatic. And in user account page there are just 3 choices to choose which are Change my password, Change my picture and Setup my account to use a .Net passport. I just format drive C and Install new window xp. So how could I have 5 or 6 choices in User Account and enter my password when starting up windows.


A:Can't change my name in user account

Try this; press Windows key + R and type control userpasswords2 Highlight the account in question and check the box “Users must enter a user name and password” Click apply and ok and restart the computer.

Here’s an article on Administrator and User Passwords in Windows XP
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I have had this pc for a couple years now and i had bought it from an individual.It at one time had windows vista ultimate 64bit and was upgraded to windows 7 ultimate 64bit.I do not have a CD program to repair the system.

My problem is i have 3 accounts registered and i am the administrator.The other 2 are user accounts.I use to awhile back be able to access the "change your user account,Change your account type,and manage another account" feature.I cannot for some reason any more,i click the short cuts and nothing happens.I tried searching the net and didn't find anything that could help me out.

If i click the "manage your account type" function i get a Credential manage error....

Any help is much appreciated.....thanks

A:change your user account plus some

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I am the sole user of my pc.

Under Settings/Accounts
my name is:-
John Smith
my email address

Q1 How do I change this to just:-

Under This PC
I have drives C, F and G
In C the user is called John
In F user called Pete
In G user called Pete
Q2 How do I rename user John to Pete?

Thanks, Pete

A:How to change Account Name and User Name?

Under Accounts, your name is John Smith.
Isn't there the option "Edit name" right under John Smith ?

Settings > Accounts > right side, Manage my Microsoft account > left side, under your name, Edit name.

I don't know about changing user name.
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Ok, hoping someone can help me.

i was in process of adding my kids to the pc so they can log into the school website for the homework. now, somehow, the account i am actually on (which is mine) changed the user log on as my sons, meaning his name now has all the software and progs etc (not what is meant to happen) rather than creating a new separate account.
So, i have tried to change this but unable to revert this sign on as my account, and to simply create another with mine means i lose my work.

ive googled but all i find is setting up accounts, not exactly what i am after

is there a way i can revert this log on to mine and then create a new account (again) for my son?


A:user account change

Change it back to a local account first. Then back to your Microsoft account login:
Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
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Hi can someone please help me with this i have a Windows Vista PC x and i usually create administrator right accounts and one standard user account on my pc unfortunately User account change for me i deleted one of my adminisrator accounts and so i was left with one and i upgraded my Vista to Windows Professional sometime yesterday i am not really sure how i lost administrator priveleges in the account so now i have two standard accounts but no administrator and the default administrator password has been changed earlier and i dont remember what it is how can i change one of my standard User account change users to an administrator Now anytime i try to install something i can't because i User account change have no administrative rights i cannot afford to format because i will lose a lot of programs that i have paid for i cant even back up the keys because i have no administrative rights can someone please help me It would be greatly appreciated Is there a command i DOS or some form of a recovery disk that can help me out I had not made a restore point when i upgraded so that was could not help either

A:User account change

Hello Aaron, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if using a Peppermint 3 live DVD/USB may allow you to be able to back up anything that you do not want to lose before having to reinstall Windows.
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I prefer to use an account linked to my Microsoft Account for various reasons, but I hate that it displays my full name on the login screen, on the Start Menu, ect.

Is there any way to edit the user text so it shows something different?

A:Change user name on Account?

Try this,,, goto Charms bar settings
Change PC Settings at the bottom
click on More Settings on line and you can change the name there.
This will affect your email account as well
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I went to the Control Panel User Accounts I created a new user account named CAG and made CAG an Administrator Then I went to the directory on to name User change How account Drive C and looked in the Users account instead How to change User account name of finding CAG I found Owner According to Mr Microsoft a user account is a collection of information that tells Windows which files and folders you can access what changes you can make to the computer and your personal preferences such as your desktop background or screen saver User accounts let you share a computer with several people while having your own files and settings I would like users on my LAN to refer to me as CAG not Owner I understand that the Owner account is the default setting What do I need to do to get rid of it Does CAG need to become the Owner of the Owner account Does she need Special Permission to become the Owner Is the Owner account radioactive

A:How to change User account name

Answering topic title [How to change User account name:
Changing the name of a created user account or of a created admin account will only change the "face" of the account.
The account's infrastructure retains the name it was created with.
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tried to follow directions; go to start, control panel, user account, add or delete user accounts, chose guest account and the only options it gives is t o change picture, or turn off user account. I would like to delete it, how do I do it if there is no option to delete? Help me I am lost and need to be found

A:have windows 7 need to delete user account

could you please inform me of how to delete a user account if there is no delete ooption?
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I'm trying to get rid of a user account that is no longer being used on my computer, but every time I try to delete it, the screen freezes up, and stops responding. I'm using my account to delete it, and I am the administrator on this system. Anyone have any suggestions or help? I'm using the way provided by Windows...start/settings/control panel/user accounts... but it's not working. Is there another way to do this?



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Hey all. I've got one on the bench now that was flooded with crap. I've run SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) and Spybot S&D and cleaned up the "crap" with CCleaner. I think I've finally got all of the malware quarantined or removed but I still can't remove one of the two accounts. It is not the primary account of the previous owner. I get the dreaded "this program is not responding" window every time I try and remove it. Sometimes when that happens, it actually does get rid of the account but it's not on this machine. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

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I have two user accounts
"Delete Me"
Both are administrative accounts; I just installed "Delete Me" today and no longer need it. Neither has a password.

While logged on as "Bob" I tried to delete the user account, and failed. I then searched this forum for help, and got this page. I tried all of the proposed methods, but none of them worked. For the two (as I recall) that required using a command prompt, I was careful to open that as an administrator.

I'm lost. How can I get rid of this thing?

A:Cannot delete a second administrative user account

Hello Bob,

What happened when it failed? Any error messages?

Is the one you want to delete still listed in User Accounts (Control Panel) like below, or is it just it's C:\Users\Delete Me folder still there?
If so, then go ahead and create a password for the Bob account that you want to keep. Afterwards, try deleting the other one again.

Hope this helps for now,
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I reinstalled and updated Windows. Then created a back-up image. Whenever reinstalling from this image, I see an extra User account called ASP.NET

My understanding it that it has something to do with the Net4 framework installation (perhaps Windows was not fully updated before I made the image).

Should I be concerned about security and thus delete or disable it? I've read mixed thoughts:ASP.NET account SevenForums thread

Why is there an ASP.NET account on my machine?
What is the password?

How does one prevent this from happening again on future Windows installations (should I keep rebooting & checking for updates even when Windows says there are no more)?


A:ASP.NET user account... delete or disable it?

I have that on one of my three systems. Haven't found out why yet, but did disable that user today. I will wait to see if anything screams at me, and let you know if it does.
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Hey there ;

i am sorry if this thread has been posted ( searched and didn't find anything )

so i have 2 accounts as in the picture ( i tried to upload it but failed ):

i can't delete the one named administrator
i want to delete it because i'm getting this "preparing windows" like each 3 days ( temporary account )
Note : i might have deleted the registry for the user "administrator" a long time ago

Hope anyone can help

A:Can't delete a windows 8 user account

Hello Stockeye, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The temp account error that you get when you try to sign in to an account means that account's user profile is corrupted. You can use the method in the tutorial below fix it.
The "Administrator" account is your built-in elevated Administrator account, and cannot be deleted. After fixing the user account with the corrupted user profile, you could disable the built in Administrator account though.

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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My laptop was lost and when recovered it now has a 2nd user account. When I tried to delete it, it states that the user is still logged in.....(must be from another source possibly) and it cannot be deleted. How do I delete this 2nd user. Thanks for your help.

A:Please help me delete a 2nd user account from my laptop

If you shut down or restart I think that logs out all accounts. After you log in to yours you should be able to delete the other one.

If it were me, knowing that somebody was doing who-knows-what, I would reinstall or "recover to factory defaults."
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I'm trying to free up space on my hard drive, and I come across an old userfile that is no longer in use. I couldn't delete it in my normal administrator account, so I ran it in safe mode as the Computer Administrator. Even then, I get this:

When I try to go to Properties>Security on any of the files, it tells me I don't have access, even though I'm the computer admin.

Running: Windows XP Home Edition

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I should be able to, shouldn't I? When I go to control panel > user accounts > and click on Guest, which is already off, the only option shown is "turn the guest account on".
If I click " ? using the guest account" in the Learn About box, an error message popup appears saying "automation server can't create object"
And if I click on the OK in the error message, a new window opens up with the Address showing the Internet Explorer blue e and the words "about:blank"
I go to View > Source in the toolbar and Notepad opens up and all that is written is " <HTML></HTML> "

Something sketchy going on here?! Any advice would really be appreciated, thanks!

A:Can't Delete Guest User Account

You can not delete the guest account thats why there is an option to turn it off or on.
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Hello. The user account of a child in my family. The account isn't working right - Universal Apps would load - so I wanted to delete it and recreate it. Unfortunately, I cannot find an option to delete the account from the PC - only to "block" it, whatever that means. I read this tutorial: Child Account - Add or Remove from Your Family in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

But it describes how to remove a child account from a Microsoft account (which I don't want to do because I like the parental controls) - not how to remove a PC child account.

Is there a way to delete a user account on PC of a child - without removing from the parent's Microsoft account?

A:How to delete PC user account of a child?

You need to delete the child account first from your family settings on When done you can delete the child account on your PC.

You can then re-create the child account.

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Here's a summary of what happened and how far I got First my surge protectors are on my computer and lights go out they both come back on as usual but this time my computer states that it cannot load my profile quot corrupt Account Delete Issue User file Delete User Account Issue quot or something like that I don't remember the exact wording Then I clicked okay then another screen said this was a temporary profile and when I log off nothing will be saved So I hit okay thinking that I'll find out soon enough Well it brings me to my Delete User Account Issue desktop which ALL my STUFF is gone my desktop wallpaper my jpgs that I had saved and were going to upload but forgot one particular folder that I keep a variety of things in were gone THEN on further investigation I go into quot explore quot I wanted to see my ALL MY Documents music pictures downloads tons of stuff I had saved gone I figure it can't be gone so I'm hunting around the net and I found that it's in my documents and settings After much searching on the web I find out what happened and then followed instructions to create a new account and copy all these files which my programs aren't fully restored like Office and some other ones they're all like new and I have to find out my license keys which I don't have sigh Anyway I just want this user account deleted with all the info I don't need it anymore and it's taking up valuable space and memory on my computer Can I delete this account I've hunted and can't find out how to do it I went to control panel user accounts but it doesn't give instructions to delete a person

A:Delete User Account Issue

well you must be logged in as an admin.

control panel.

User Accounts

Either click it and choose delete profile or right click/delete
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I want to clean my laptop. I go into the "User" folder, and see all these user account folders. Because I am the only user on this laptop (admin), which folders can I delete? I am using the user "Chris" right now.

Chris (I use this one)
Default (hidden)
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Can anyone help? I have two user accounts on this XP laptop, but my dh always just uses mine. We want to delete his so there's only one account. However, each and every time I try, the program fails to respond and everything freezes. Does anyone know of a way to troubleshoot this? TIA!

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I am currently unable to delete my old Administrator user account on my Win 7 PC. I log onto my new Admin account and go to the Control Panel and then to add or remove user accounts. I select the old account select delete, and then confirm. It does not let me do this. However, oddly there is no error message, it just sends me back to the page I was on previously and the account is still there. I also cannot demote it to a standard user account.

All help welcome, thanks in advanced.


A:Cannot delete Administrator User account

you can't remove the administrator acc.
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Is it possible to create an adminstrator account inwindows 7 that can install but not delete programs?

A:user account that can install but not delete

It might be easier to create a limited account and tweak the privileges via group policy editor.
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I have a Windows XP Professional machine I XP a can Windows user delete How account? with one user account on it the administrator Every time I turn on How can I delete a Windows XP user account? the computer I am greeted by the welcome screen and am asked to type in my password to access the administrator account Today I wanted to create a new user account on my machine one specifically for handling my website I went to Control Panel - User Account - Create a new account and made a new user account when it asked me to pick the account type it gave me two choices Administrator and Limited Except the quot Limited quot option was greyed out and could not be chosen So I chose Administrator made the new account restarted and went into the new user account called quot Website quot I used that for a while and then restarted to go back to my regular Administrator account with all my files and such However when I restarted it automatically took me back into the quot Website quot account and didn t give me the option to login to my original Administrator account So I figured that there was something in the preferences that made it do that and went to Control Panel - User Accounts once it had logged in to go and change it but was shown that there was no administrator account anymore It only had quot Website quot and quot Guest account quot listed I panicked thinking my entire computer and all its files had just been deleted and lost forever because I had created this new user account which had overwritten the old one I googled it however and found out that when you create a new Administrator user account Windows hides the built in one It s still there you just can t access it I found this website http windowsxp mvps org admins htmAnd followed the second step on there manually changing the registry so my original account would show up on the welcome screen After I had completed its instructions for the second step I restarted and on the welcome screen I now thankfully had two choices for logins the new quot Website quot account and my original built-in one that had all my files I logged in with my original administrator account and went to Control Panel - User Account with the intent to delete the quot Website quot half once and for all so that I wouldn t be faced with the possibility of it taking over my original built-in account anymore However when I click on it in the User Account folder there is no option to delete it There should be but there isn t Here s a screenshot from a tutorial page on where the quot Delete the Account quot option should be And here s a screenshot of what mine has As you can see there s no quot Delete this Account quot option there I assume this is because it s an Administrator account but I can t change it again when I go to quot Change the Account Type quot I m faced with two choices Administrator and Limited but the quot Limited quot option is greyed out and cannot be chosen So how do I delete this new user account It s caused me enough grief and panic already from temporarily making me believe it had overwritten my entire computer and I really just want to be rid of it for good Of course I ve googled this to death and only ask here because I can t find the answer anywhere else so any help at all would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

A:How can I delete a Windows XP user account?

Hi .Appears to me that Website is thought to be the Admin account for the install.Login under the other account and see what options are displayed for that user account.But...XP says that an administrator can delete an administrator account, regardless of original or not.I think I'd assume corruption and recreate just one new user account, transfer settings, and delete the two existing.How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile in Windows XP - LouisSince you have also might want to just check permissions for the appropriate files.May be useful:
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When I setup WinXP it forced me to make another account, so I did planning to delete it later. I just want one user, the administrator account and no other users. Unfortunately I cannot delete the other account I made (which is also an administrator), nor can I change it from being an administrator. It won't let me from the user management thingy in the control panel. How can I delete that other useless account?

A:Cannot delete extra user account

ok, when you set this account up, you set it to be an administrator...

so now you have two accounts that are administrator...

you should be able to log into the main one and delete the other one...

if you can't, then one of them must not have admin priviledges.

i don't know why it would be posing a problem in your situation, as i do this all the time, making accounts with admin priviledges, and then deleting them after some time...

to delete an account, it must NOT be logged on at the time, and the account that Is logged on must have admin priviledges...

let me know what happens, error messages and all.
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I have a laptop running Win 10 x64 which had a corrupted User Account. I copied all the folders from the User folder and created a new account with Administrator permission, then removed the old account. It seemed ok at first, but now I'm finding that the old User account, which should be gone, is the default for certain permissions. How can I transfer all settings to the new account? I've done this before and never run into this problem, so I'm not sure what's happened...
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Hi guys,

I deleted a user account through computer management, instead of through the control panel. Now I have a folder in C:\Users still under the account I deleted's name. It's 1.2gb so I would rather not have it there but I can't delete it because it's apparently being used by another program.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Delete user account problem

Quote: Originally Posted by Georgebillbob

Hi guys,

I deleted a user account through computer management, instead of through the control panel. Now I have a folder in C:\Users still under the account I deleted's name. It's 1.2gb so I would rather not have it there but I can't delete it because it's apparently being used by another program.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Using admin account reboot into safe mode (F8) and you should be able to delete it. Just make sure you have everything you need from it
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Hello Delete User problem Account all I am just IT assistant I have trouble with my user account that logged on to a computer The error when i start Microsoft Out look the message appear After that i had tried to fix it many ways still not help so i decide to deleted my user profile on this computer and i retry to log on with this computer when i get into the windows desktop The message from the right windows taskbar said quot You log on with temporary profile quot And this message always come up every i log on and always lose data every log on but i can configure my e mail address to work with outlook without any problem even it's just temporary So the wonder why every User Account Delete problem i log on the message always come up as quot You log on with temporary profile quot Why when User Account Delete problem i log of and log on my data storing on this computer have been lose What should i do This user can log on with other computer is just fine P S My user name log on to a domain Do you know how to repair corrupt user profile Best regards

A:User Account Delete problem

I dont believe it has much to do with the user profile itself; but more with outlook alone. Try the following link and see if it helps out any:

Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server XXX.XXX.COM
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I typed in delete user account and followed the prompts which appeared to delete my only user account. Now at power up the user account still comes up and I have to backtrack to get to my Microsoft account to login. Any suggestions on how to complete the delete of the user account?

A:Win 8.1 Can Not fully delete user account

Hello Bob,

Did you have the account set to be automatically signed in to at startup? If so, undoing that or have it sign in to a different account should stop it.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
If not, then use the tutorial below to view detailed information about your accounts, and post back with the details for the deleted account if listed to see what may be wrong. If the account is actually deleted, it won't be listed.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows
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The is no picture in my eser account.

Settings>change Pc settings>account> account picture> BROWSE does not go to my PC pfotos folder to choose one.

Camera roll, screenshots & slide shows are empty.

How can I get to my photos? .....thanx .....nick

A:how to change user account picture

Hello Nick,

Are you able to "Browse" to the folder you want instead? See the yellow tip box under step 8 in the tutorial below to see if it may help.

User Account Picture - Change in Windows 8
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I have laptop gifted to me, with a user name which I want to change.
I have the following steps in mind:
1. Create a new administrator account
2. Copy the profile from old username to new user.
3. Backup the entire registry.
4. Edit the exported .reg file to find and replace old user with new user.
5. Login as the new user.
6. Delete old user
7. Restore the new (edited) .reg

Would it work? If not, what other steps do I need to follow?

A:Change account user name in Windows 7

I would just create another user and delete the one that came on it.
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Changed User account name in Control Panel but the User folder in explorer remains the same. No option to Rename at rightclick.

I notice in User Accounts it says the name change is for Welcome screen and Start Menu. Why can't we change the User folder name?

Is there any option besides to delete account and start over? It is the only account and Admin. Will we lose anything other than files in User folders?

A:Can't change User account folder name

I don't believe so. It is a hold over from how Profiles are created. When a user account Profile is created, it sets a specific SID. That SID then stores what it thinks it should have, which, I believe, was also user account folders. I know that I have tried with XP to just pull over someone's profile, even from the domain, but for the computer, it was dead set on the naming convention it stuck for the SID that it would try and recreate it.
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okay...this is my first time on a forum. i don't know how to start a new thread or message anyone to ask the question which I need answered. so sorry if this is innapropriate but i need to know if there is anyway that I can change the name of my user account folder. my friend sold me his laptop and when he set it up he named it his name. i dont want to see his name every time I download something. I changed the account name but cant figure out the folder name. can someone please give me a little instruction or point me towards a tutorial?

A:change the name of my user account folder

Welcome aboard KyraGator08. Have a look at the link below, if it fulfills your needs

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name
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Ok guys I'm having problems with my user accounts on windows xp. I accidentally changed my User account to limited now it wont let me change the account type. It says only the administrator can change it so how do I get around this. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

A:How To Change Limited User Account

Is it XP Home?

If so boot into Safe Mode and change the account there.

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A few months ago I purchased a Toshiba Satellite Laptop that has Windows 7 installed. I blew through the set up process and I realize that I made a descision that I want to change.

My computer had a default setting for the user of OWNER-TOSH when I look at our network. How can I change that to a different name? I have cruised around the Control Panel and just can't find it.

Thanks for the help!


A:Default User Account Name Change?

The best way is to MAKE and new account and then move all of your files to the new account. You will need to make all of you customization again.

AFTER you have moved everything and have been running the new account for a while (several days), then you can delete the account AND files from within Control panel.

Yes, there is a way to rename the account, BUT, the folder under "Users" will stay the same.
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Just got a new laptop with windows 8, not familiar at all with the OS, but accidentally misspelled the account name. Obviously, this has little impact on functionality, but I would like to change the name so any files I have from my other computer get put in the proper location without having to correct the username typo when switching back and forth. Basically, how can I go about changing the account name on my computer. There are no other users, I just set it up today. Thanks inadvance.

A:How to Change Account/User Name on Windows 8

Hello theIrishBAMF, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you would like to only change the display name of your account, then you could use an option in the tutorial below depending on if it's a local or Microsoft account.
User Account Name - Change in Windows 8
If you wanted to change the name of your user profile folder (C:\User\(user-name), then The best way would be to create a new account with the name you wanted instead, and just delete the old account when finished. If this is a Microsoft account, then you would need to switch it to a local account before creating a new account since you will not be able to have two Microsoft accounts on the computer using the same email address.

Hope this helps,
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I know this has been discussed before so please forgive me if I am naive I am pretty computer literate but a I have just joined this group and b I have only just progressed to Vista I have a problem and it's bugging me to the point info User Account Change of turning me neurotic I bought my Vista laptop from quot Comet quot and I have no idea how to delete all of their information from my computer Whatever Change User Account info I do the folder Change User Account info C Users Comet appears everywhere - hundreds of times in the registry I cannot delete it from User Accounts because for some reason it doesn't appear there at all - just my own admin account It will not allow me to rename it that would just screw up the system anyway I expect I want to remove all references to COMET But how What if I took it back to the shop But would my data be and settings preserved

A:Change User Account info

Hello Graham, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You cannot rename the C:\Users\Comet folder. Changing the name only changes how the name that appears in the Start menu, then both names are attached to that user account.

To change this completely, you will need to create a new administrator account. Afterwards, copy the contents of your C:\Users\Comet folders into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders to keep your settings. If everthing checks out ok, then you can delete the old account from within your new account.

Hope this helps,
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When i first got my computer, it was running windows XP and the computer had two hard drives. A small one for windows, and a larger one for my documents (my music, my pictures etc) and where to save stuff.
now that ive upgraded to vista, its saving everything in my profile (my music, my pictures etc) to the small hard drive.

is there any possible way i can move it to the big hard drive?

i hope im clear...
thanks in advance

A:how to change directory of user account

A step by step method is here:
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I had my friend set up my computer, and when I got it the user account name for admin was MrX, so I changed it however it didn't change the folder name. On some of the games I play, they draw the profile name from my user account and it still comes up as MrX, even though I've changed the name already. How am I able to permanently change everything so that this stops happening?


A:How To Change User Account Name (fully)

Go to start then run type in "control userpasswords2" without the quotes obviously.
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i got this computer from someone and i want to delete the other users and the admin..or make me the admin..however i can not do anything because i dont have the password for the adminastrator...i cant get into the bios without a password i cant even do a just pops up with the name and wants a password..i cant delete any of the users nor can i add one..i am riding on the guest and unable to change anything or view anything...what can i do?

A:administrator account/password need to delete / change

Hello Sissyh20, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You'll need reset CMOS, and do a clean install of Windows for this.
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Hi ,
I am unable to delete user account . I am using Windows XP

A:NOT RESPONDING!! Unable to Delete User Account

How are you trying to go about deleting it? Are you logged in under an account that has Admin privilages?
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Hi to you all Can someone tell me how to transfer my "Main account Profiles, Settings Desktop shortcuts and Passwords etc from my Main account the ( A1 )account Profile) to another User Account on My PC called (B2) Using using Windows 8.1 I also have an Admin account and a Microsoft Account. The original account ( A1 ) just stopped loading at log-in saying "Cannot open Cannot Load - user profile" so I have had to use another Account (B2) but all my stuff Mainly all the shortcuts to my Doc.s Etc and Icons are on the ( A1 ) profile Desktop, thanks guys
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My two boys are getting older and more computer savvy. My 5 year old has clicked several icons on my desktop that have done things like reinstall my ATI drivers, etc and generally create havoc.

I have XP SP2 and have decided to create a user account for my boys. I don't want my boys to be able to install programs, or do any significant damage. I have a few programs that I dont' want them to access (Far Cry, GTA VC and such). If I go to the A/R Programs window and remove these programs on their accounts, does it remove them for all the accounts or just theirs?

If anyone has any links that give practical tips for setting up other user accounts, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks!

A:Does deleting a program on one user account delete it for all??

Removing a program will remove it on all accounts. Set them up as limited users and they wont be able to install or remove drivers/programs or make any system wide changes. If you dont what them to see those programs you could just right click it and delete it from their start menu. I doubt that they would know to go to the c:\programfiles folder. When I was their age I crashed my computer. My dad got a program called kid's desk. It came on with startup and I could only launch the programs from it. You can read about it here.

That was back in 1993. They might have something like that now.
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My question is very simple, yet very confusing. When I try to delete one of my user accounts I get an error message that reads, "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment." I've never heard of such an error as this. So any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you for taking time in advance.

-Jesse H

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Hi folks, this is my first post. Nice site here, I had a look through it and there's some cracking threads with hints and tips!

Here is my problem.

When I turn my PC on, it comes to the screen where you choose which user to log on as. Now I only use one of these, the one called 'Stuarty'. The other one, called 'Delete me!' is never used, and it's the one I want rid of.

They are both admin accounts, but when i go to 'user accounts' in control panel, it will only let me delete the 'Stuarty' account. When I click the 'Delete me!' account, the option to 'delete account' isn't there.

Can anyone help me out please?


A:Windows 7 - Unable to delete user account

Have you tried to delete it from the computer manager?

Right click on My Computer and go to manage. Then go to Local Users and Groups, then Users. You should be able to delete it from there.
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I believe my Windows Home Unable virus to delete user account, Premium is infected I have run Malwarebytes and removed malware ran Kaspersky Rescue Disc and also removed a viruses many Unable to delete user account, virus of the infected files were listed as password protected There was a file that Kaspersky could not remove but it quarantined Unable to delete user account, virus I then tried to delete a user account that was administrator the probable source but it says user logged in the account wasn't logged in and when I went system properties-- gt user profiles the user is not listed What do I do next I don't have a Windows disc to reinstall as I bought it as a download from Microsoft when it first came out Is it necessary to do a clean install or is it possible to remove the virus Does Kaspersky keep a log on Windows to tell me what the infections were that were removed or quarantined Also I am unable to do anything on the user account such as change the desktop background
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I began setting up my new computer with two accounts---local and Microsoft. Now I see it's a hassle and I'd like to get rid of the local one, but I can't find a way to do it. Thank you.

A:How to Delete a Redundant Local User Account in Win. 8.1?

Hello Dovelyada, and welcome to Eight Forums.

While you are signed in to Windows with your Microsoft account, you should be able to use an option in the tutorial below to delete the local account.

User Account - Delete - Windows 7 Help Forums