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Stopping admin accounts accessing another's documents

Q: Stopping admin accounts accessing another's documents

Hi, I have two administrator accounts setup, but they can access each other's documents (C:\Users\Example). I tried removing all but the owner in the security tab, but administrators can take ownership this way somehow, anyone know what I can do (besides making them non-administrator accounts)

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Preferred Solution: Stopping admin accounts accessing another's documents

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stopping admin accounts accessing another's documents

Correct me if I am wrong (which I likely am) but wouldn't creating a password for those two admin accounts prevent them from accessing each other without the other ones password?
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I want to be able to share Administrator documents and files with user acoounts on the same computer without having access to the internet I only have one computer But I have different user accounts on that one computer I want each of my users to have access to the Administrators documents files and folders etc I admin documents need users share computer, one to 7 accounts went to Administrator Documents then I Right clicked on a folder then I clicked on Share With gt specific people gt I click on the user account and then I get a box saying my folder was succcessfully shared and now I need to email a link to the specific one computer, 7 users accounts need to share admin documents user account I do all this one computer, 7 users accounts need to share admin documents and then switch user I go to the users email and try to click on the link and it wont click I try to copy and paste into the users documents but it will not copy and paste I go to the user's Documents and try to see if there is a link there but nothing is there What am I doing wrong thanks Granny

A:one computer, 7 users accounts need to share admin documents

I looked thru HELP, but I have only a single computer. I am not trying to interact with other computers, so I cant belong to a domain, workgroup or homegroup, because all these seem to involve multiple computers.
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okay freshly into win now having obtained a new hdd for my comp I have been running as the admin of my computer since accounts became an unavoidable thing barring the occasional frustration-induced blunder I tend to stay Properly Paranoid in my habits to make sure I have no problems but win doesn't think that I could ever be intelligent enough to have full rights on any account other than the built-in admin account which of course I'd want to avoid using outside emergencies that render other accounts damaged somehow so I'm looking to find out how to make another user account with FULL admin rights not just the constantly have to get permission stuff that a standard snort admin account has full rights that don't involve constantly having to run as administrator yes yes I've heard people trying to get me more paranoid so that I'd endure the added hassles all it does is make me more irate with the situation so if noone's willing to provide me with instruction on this it's probably best for the thread to be left to fall off the board

A:of win7, admin rights, admin accounts, and real admin accounts

I don't know what your problem is. To make another administrator account - Start - Control panel - User Account - 
Manage another account - Create a new account - Give it a name - put a check mark for Administrator - 
click - Create Account.
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Hello All I'm delighted No to accounts change /Cannot Admin admin user account existing Access to have found you and after a long day of trying to help myself i am now requiring your much appreciated assistance please I'm not a techy person at all and am hoping someone can help Last week my husband purchased a new hp laptop which No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account came with Windows On setup i used my No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account microsoft account to login with a pin the account was setup as administrator No Admin Access /Cannot change existing user accounts to admin account thinking i could change things later About days later i added a standard user account for my husband with a microsoft account login with pin I wanted to make his the administrator account but thought i had better change mine to a standard account first My mistake Now i cannot change anything i have tried to use the cmd prompt to run as administrator - it asks for administrator permission and does not allow me to enter a password or yes I have tried all suggestions to enable the hidden windows account but all ask for the same permission I have tried to go to setup recovery troubleshoot advanced option system restore - it requests an administrator password and when i entered what i thought is mine it does not work Feeling a little Does anybody know anyway i can go back in time to start again or how do i access administrator rights as i really need to add programs etc Thank you for any help given
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I am working on a 2012 ADDS based network and I have the following requirement.
I want to create a local administrator user account on the local domain computers (Win XP, 7 and 8) which will have full access on the PC but not the permission to edit other local administrator accounts.
Please advise how I can achieve this.

Thanks in advance,

A:local admin account with no permit to edit other admin accounts

Local admin account by definition has access to everything and even if it doesn't it can take ownership and give itself the rights. In other words i am not sure that you can achieve what you
are trying to do.

I would suggest create a single shared local admin account and give it your desktop admins, change the password every 60-90 days to keep it more secure. This is common practice in many
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Basically I have two admin accounts one of which belongs to another member of family and one which belongs to me. Heres the situation:

The person who owns the other Admin account is changing my accounts password (also an admin account). Surely there is some way to make it so that I can not have my account's password changed unless it is logged on to my actual account (so my account's password can only be changed if my account is logged on?)

Is there a way?

In urgent need of help!


A:Prevent Admin Accounts From Changing Other Admin Account Passwords In Xp!

Here's an article (for Win2K) that may help:, IMO, the issue here is that the other person can't be trusted. In such a situation I'd suggest making the other account into a Standard User account - that way they won't be able to mess with your stuff, and they'll be reliant upon you for anything that requires administrative privileges.
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I just bought my 15 year old son a laptop with Windows 8. I was able to set up my Admin account and his "standard" account, and put a time curfew and limits on his account, but when I logged in as him, I saw that he would be able to create another account which would pretty much defeat the whole time limit thing! Is there a way to prevent all but admin accounts to be able to create more accounts?? I'm pretty technically savvy but this new W8 is not as easy to navigate as the previous versions!! (I wouldn't mind a "classic view" either, if that exists!)

A:prevent all but admin accounts to create more accounts?

Hello cbird, and welcome to Eight Forums.

By default, standard users are not able to create new accounts or do anything that effects anything other than just their user account.

The only way a standard account is able to create a new account is if that standard user entered the administrator's password when prompted by UAC when trying to do so through the Control Panel (icon view) -> User Accounts -> Manage Accounts.
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Hi all I can t find any mention of my problem on this or any other forum Or at least I don t think I can Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Get Only Accounts Accounts User Cannot Admin Can DHCP, Here is my set-up Linksys DSL modem connected to an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router The modem is configured to be the DHCP server the Airport is set to bridge mode I have a new Compaq Presario desktop running Vista Home Basic with a Belkin wireless-G USB dongle All of this discussion is about wireless btw - Only Admin Accounts Cannot Get DHCP, User Accounts Can I don t have a long enough CAT- cable to connect the Airport and PC I have users set up on the PC - true unlocked administrator account and standard users When I boot up and connect as any of the standard users they automatically detect and connect to the Airport and receive IP addresses But when I change user to be the administrator the connection drops after a few seconds The Airport network is visible to Only Admin Accounts Cannot Get DHCP, User Accounts Can Vista because it is in the list of available networks But if I try to connect to it it fails and the Vista diagnostic tool tells me it has been unable to connect for unknown reason One of the standard users used to Only Admin Accounts Cannot Get DHCP, User Accounts Can have admin rights and that account had exactly the same problem If I log in from a boot-up as the administrator I also cannot connect to the network If the administrator account has been used and logged out the other users cannot connect to the Airport I have to re-boot before they can connect again I also have a MacBook and a Nokia N both of which can log into the network and get IP addresses fine If it s important I m using WPA This is not just irritating but also dangerous Because I am unable to use the internet from an administrator account I am unable to do things like updating my Norton software so I m putting myself at risk I assume the problem is rooted in how Vista treats admin users and the threats it perceives from internet access as such a user As mentioned I have Norton installed and Windows Firewall turned off A friend of mine suggested it might be because I ve got the network set as public and Vista doesn t want to connect an admin account to it but as I can t connect as an administrator to that network then I can t change the Vista setting Catch I haven t tried the registry fix for DHCP flags because I assume that if that was my problem then none of the accounts would be able to connect to the internet Has anyone come across a problem like this before I would appreciate any ideas you may have Please let me know if any detailed information would help Cheers ShuggyX nbsp
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Computer at work does not allow administrator priveleges. System recovery tab also missing. Privileges still not accepted in safe mode. Computer has problems with missing files upon start.

Thanks for any help.


A:No Admin privileges with Admin accounts.

Your work has most likely blocked administrator privileges.
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Hi all,

Is there a way to stop a service in a cmd line using another account that is different from the one that is logged in without having to log out the current user.

Something like

Net Stop "service name" user:bob pass:tom

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When I download onto BBC iPlayer the downloaded programme is stored in My Videos/BBC iPlayer downloads file which is fine. My problem is, the same download goes into Documents\ My Videos but I have synched Documents with free Dropbox for backup purposes and as space is limited in Dropbox I will fill Dropbox with stuff I don't want backed up. So, would someone please explain how I can move and keep My Videos folder away from My Documents. In truth I am finding it all very confusing as I find there are Videos\My Videos folders as there are Documents and My Documents folders and as they are all mine I don't see why I need such needless duplication. I suppose Microsoft will say it makes it all easier for the dumb. Well I thought I was in that category but it doesn't make it easier for me. Perhaps I'm super dumb.

A:Stopping My Video files from going into My Documents folder.

Hello Gordon,

Double check using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below make sure that your Documents and Videos folders are set to their default locations.

User Folders - Restore Default Location

Hope this helps for now,
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Have 2 accounts on a PC running XP sp2 for home use; 1 is the admin account and the other is a regular user account. The PC boots directly to the password protected admin account's Window, bypassing the Windows welcome/login screen. As a result, there is now no password protection for the admin account when the PC boots up. However, if the admin account is timed out, Windows shows the welcome screen and requires the admin password to login.

The User Accounts screen in the Control Panel has both Use the Welcome Screen and Use Fast User Switching checked.

Any suggestions as to how this might be fixed? I don't want to loss the password protection on the admin account because my daughter is only 6.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows XP Boots to Admin Account without Stopping at Login

Go to Start, Run, and type control userpasswords2. Reset the password for the account (use the same password), then restart. See if this solves the problem.
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I have a computer and have a guest account on it for my children which they have password protected.. is there a way as the administrator of the computer to access that account to see what they have downloaded, viewed etc on their account and if so how ? thank you

A:accessing guest accounts

Hi DonnaM...

whilst logged onto the administrator account, you can browse through the profile files which include the temporary internet files, history lists and other temp folders. There are other ways as well which include going through firewall logs and using parental control software.

However, it may be best to set up individual profiles for your children which you can do in Control Panel -> User Accounts. This would give them their own sense of 'freedom' and individualality but more importantly, it will make it far easier for you as a parent to find out what website each child is visiting.

The profile files can be found in the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\Cookies - these are small text files with information on sites visited. They can be deceptive though as adserver cookies will be saved here too

C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\Local Settings\History - visited sites

C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files - cached internet pages

C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\Local Settings\Temp - sometimes files from internet sessions are stored here

C:\Documents and Settings\*Username*\My Documents - this is usually the default download location for each users profile but it can be changed

Have to note that some of these folders will be hidden by default and depending on which version of IE you have installed, you may need to enable viewing of protected operating system files:

Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View:
Check 'Show hidden files and folders'
Uncheck -'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)'

In some of the folders mentioned above, there are files called index.dat files which store extra information on internet usage and these can be viewed using specialist software (loads of freeware ones available).

Also, there are other steps you can take to as preventative measures such as installing parental filters and/or enabling IE's Content Advisor which is protected by a password of your choice and filters inappropriate websites and content which contain certain words or references:

Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Content -> Enable... -> choose settings and follow instructions.

Hope that lot helps
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What do you do when you have an account with Google which you haven't used for a long time and you forget your password but to get a accessing problems accounts new password they require another email address for them to contact and you give them a non-Google email problems accessing accounts address Yahoo but they reject that saying it must be an account you can access which you can Then you give them another non-Google address and they accept that but require you to tell them the exact last time you accessed your Google account and the exact time you created the account and you don't recall either one What do you do when you attempt to create an alternate Google account but to do so they require you to give them your current email address and you give them a non-Google address Yahoo and they say a user with the email address you specified already exists So you give them your other non-Google address mail com and they say you cannot create an account with this domain name And they also require your nonexistent mobile address And when you try to create a second Yahoo address Yahoo also requires your nonexistent mobile address How is it possible for anything to be so stupid Am I missing something
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PC world did a data transfer from my old computer - Windows Xp - to a new computerusing Windows 7. Documents on Works 8 were included in this transfer. I have downloaded works 8 onto the new computer, but cannot access these documents. Any ideas.

A:Accessing documents.

Your old XP files will be in a folder on the C: drive called Windows.old. under Documents and Settings/[username]/My Documents. You can copy them from that file and store them in your Documents folder.
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I have 4 user accounts on my PC (Windows 8.1). 3 are mine and have administrator rights, and one is an account for friends/family members who happen to be over and using the laptop (not a guest account, but just a standard user account.)

I would like to be able to access files from every account when using any 3 of my administrator accounts. I've tried everything has has come to mind but haven't had any luck.

Is this possible and can someone explain to me how to do it? I greatly appreciate any help.

A:Accessing Files From Multiple Accounts

Hello c0419, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should be able to open the other users' "C:\User\(user-name)" folder, click on Allow if prompter, and be able to view and open any file in this folder.
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Hi i have patition (c) and partition (D) and partition (j)
I need help blocking a standard user from accessing partition (D) and partion (j).

windows 7 Home premium
64 bit

Thnks for any help in advanced

A:How can i block certain user accounts from accessing certain partition

Hello yeabuddy,

You could use the tutorial below to set the D and J drive permissions to "Deny" all access to only that specific user account.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Hope this helps,
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Hi I need help I have recently been blocked three times from accessing my bank account online Each time I have had to call the bank to reset my account with a new password to regain access The last time I asked why I was being blocked and was told that a virus on the computer I was using my laptop was attempting accessing bank blocking me Virus accounts from to access my account so it was automatically blocked I have Norton and malwarebytes installed on my computer but was unable to use either of them as error messages kept appearing I uninstalled both programs and attempted to reinstall malwarebytes Each time I try to install I get the following error message An error occurred while Virus blocking me from accessing bank accounts trying to rename a file in the destination directory MoveFile failed code Access is denied I have tried changing the install location with no success I have also run rkill TDSS and TFC with no success I would truly appreciate any help the experts on this forum can offer I am desparetly in need of this laptop for work but do not feel comfortable using it whilst it remains infected Thank you in advance for your time and assistance Cheers Anthony

A:Virus blocking me from accessing bank accounts

Hi there,my name is Marius and I will assist you with your malware related problems.Before we move on, please read the following points carefully. First, read my instructions completely. If there is anything that you do not understand kindly ask before proceeding. Perform everything in the correct order. Sometimes one step requires the previous one. If you have any problems while following my instructions, Stop there and tell me the exact nature of your problem. Do not run any other scans without instruction or add/remove software unless I tell you to do so. This would change the output of our tools and could be confusing for me. Post all logfiles as a reply rather than as an attachment unless I specifically ask you. If you can not post all logfiles in one reply, feel free to use more posts. If I don't hear from you within 3 days from this initial or any subsequent post, then this thread will be closed. Stay with me. I will give you some advice about prevention after the cleanup process. Absence of symptoms does not always mean the computer is clean. My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.   Scan with FRST in normal modePlease download Farbar's Recovery Scan Tool to your desktop: FRST 32bit or FRST 64bit (If not sure: Start --> Computer (right click) --> properties)Run FRST. Don´t change one of the checkboxes and hit Scan. Logfiles are created on your desktop. Poste the FRST.txt and (after the first scan only!) the Addition.txt.   Scan with Gmer rootkit scannerPlease download Gmer from here by clicking on the "Download EXE" Button.Double click on the randomly named GMER.exe. If asked to allow gmer.sys driver to load, please consent.If it gives you a warning about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run on NO.In the right panel, you will see several boxes that have been checked. Uncheck the following ...
SectionsIAT/EATShow All ( should be unchecked by default )Leave everything else as it is.Close all other running programs as well as your Browser.Click the Scan button & wait for it to finish.Once done click on the Save.. button, and in the File name area, type in "ark.txt" or it will save as a .log file which cannot be uploaded to your post.Save it where you can easily find it, such as your desktop.Please post the content of the ark.txt here.**Caution**Rootkit scans often produce false positives. Do NOT take any action on any "<--- ROOKIT" entries
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Recently I had to do a system restore Accessing user folders XP accounts Problem due to a virus infection and it restored the computer months back only Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders there was one problem USERS before System Restore Account P Computer owner Account Account X Administrator Account Y limited Account Z Administrator USERS after system restore Account N COMPUTER Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders ADMINISTRATOR After the system restore there was only a Computer Owner Administrator account After weeks of trying to recreate the accounts to no avail i have given up However When I go to C Documents and Settings I can still access all the folders and files of the previous user accounts P Y and Z All except for Account X which was an administrator account and had set its sharing of files and folders to PRIVATE and unable to let other users access When I try to open the documents folder using the Computer owner administrator account it says quot Access to C documents and settings account X Is Denied quot I have tried to change its properties of the folder to share and i have tried booting the computer in safe mode and changing its permissions to no avail It still says quot you do not have the permissions to change this quot Can somebody help me with this Much appreciated nbsp

A:Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders

Sometimes when you reinstall WindowsXP, you can receive an Access Denied error when trying to open a previous user's directory.
To take ownership of that folder again:

1. Log on with an account that has administrator rights
2. Right click on the folder
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Security tab
5. Click on the Advanced button
6. Click on the Owner tab
7. In the list of Names, click on your name
8. To take ownership, click on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
9. Click OK and Yes
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Hi My hdd recently failed and now i cant use it to boot from the pc just crashes and reboots After much investigation the problem was fold I had a faulty IDE cable and the hdd was faulty or at least the boot sector I replaced the hdd re installled xp and all was well There are some files i on accessing folder hdd my documents want to retrieve from the hdd they are in my documents folder i had my user profile password protected I have tried several times to accessing my documents folder on hdd boot from the drive but to no avail it does however open as a usb drive via a usb ide enclosure but when i try to access my folder it gives the messsage quot folder not accessible access denied The other users folders all open ok but mine was the only one pw protected I have tried changing the bios to boot from usb but still it crashes accessing my documents folder on hdd So my question is there any way i can access the pw protected folder I know the pw but its not asking just access denied message I know i should have copies i thought i had advice appreciated Gary nbsp

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Friend of mine helped me with my Vista install everything went well but now my user account is Bob rather than what I wanted I changed the profile name but the user account c Admin Help with Accounts Bob lt desired name gt is still listed as Bob I did a bunch of research online and it appears the easiest thing to do is just create a new Admin Account and then remove the old one Just need to copy any Help with Admin Accounts specific data I want to keep from that other user Simple enough mmmm not true When I deleted the undesired account it no longer displays in the manage accounts section but when I right click on the start windows flag icon in lower left corner of desktop select explore all users expand the users folder c users I have several user folders listed and the ones I thought I had deleted When I try to delete one of the undesired folders it starts to delete the files sending them to the recycle bin but then stops and states quot The action can't be completed because the folder is open in another program close the folder and try again This is extremely frustrating how Help with Admin Accounts can it be this difficult I want to delete Help with Admin Accounts the old account along with all of its data Now I have accounts that I want deleted all with about MB worth of data just sitting there - empty folders and files Please help Thanks

A:Help with Admin Accounts

Hello Zagith, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check with this tutorial to see if this is how you deleted the old user account. When you delete the old C:\Users\(user name), be sure to do it from within the new account.

Hope this helps for now,
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My PC for some reason has removed the administrator status from my account and therefore right now there is no administrator.
I can't download/open certain files because i'm not an administrator and when it gives me the option of typing in the administrator password, there is no spot located for me to be able to type and the 'yes' box doesn't allow me to click it either as it is grayed out.
I've attached some examples the troubles i have and what i think may be of help? sorry i'm not much of a tech person
Any help would be helpful. thank you so much ><

A:Help - No admin accounts

Windows has a built in Administrator account that is inactive by default. You have to activate it, and then make yourself an Administrator. Because you are not a administrator now, not all options are available to activate it. Start with Option 1, but I believe you need Option 4. After you are an Administrator, you should disable the built in Administrator account. This is a guide to enable it.

Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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I have 2 Administrator accounts. How can I remove one of them? I tried control panel/user accounts while logged in as "Administrator", but it won't let me remove the other admin account....Please Help!

I am running WinXP Pro.

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need help hacking into an admin account.

im limited account so i can't do very much. I have trieds to reboot in safe mode but because my log in set up is different, i can't see the admin account.

tried nearly everything. need help please!!!!!!!!

A:Admin accounts

this is against the forum rules, to help with this kind of stuff

please read the forum rules:

thread closed
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hellow everyone.i have a quick question.i use windows 8.1 pro with media center. me and one of my friend have separate accounts for each other on the same windows. we both are admin. my problem is... When I logged in to my friends account he can excess all the files on the other account. same when my friend log in to my account he can excess all his files and stuff tru my windows account. how can I fix this so That other users on my pc cant excess others files.even if your account is admin. i dont want other pepole on my pc to see what i have on my account. please help

A:need help with two admin accounts

The behavior you are seeing is by design. All admin accounts have access (or can grant themselves access) to all files on the computer. Attempting to restrict such access is an exercise in futility. Only with limited accounts are such restrictions possible.
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I have a laptop that I received that I didn t want to completely wipe I just wanted to reset the local admin Normally these computers just have the HD s cloned They all use the same various domains for access With this one there are no local admin accounts I don t just mean the name quot administrator quot I mean there are NO local accounts with local administrator privileges I can t even access the computer in safe mode I attempted to use locksmith and Sala s Password Reset tool v but I still can t login locally with any of the local accounts I attempted to upgrade one of the default accounts to admin and then renew the password Also tried to create a new admin account No changes ever show up I ve heard there are ways to kill the local admin access but I never heard of a way that totally prevents the ability to add a new admin It seems that the only way to access the laptop is via domain login admin No accounts? even though there is a local computer login option Anyone ever seen anything like this Know of a way to restore local access nbsp

A:No admin accounts?

You'd probably be better off wiping it and starting from scratch. Too much of a hassle just to get it working and you'd probably still have issues later on.
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Hello everyone

I dont know if this question is allowed, if not, do forgive me. Is it possible to get into a Win XP admin account without knowing the password?If so how?and is there any way to prevent it?( No, I'm not trying to ruin someone's puter, just that a relative of mine apparently had someone do it on her puter apparently and I'd like to know how he did it).The same puter has 2 admin accounts so how can one of the admins be deleted?By going into the safe mode and use the built in admin?The same for changing the admin's passy?Can we somehow disable that default built-in administrator account?*sorry for the big bunch of questions*

A:win xp admin accounts

Yes, there are ways of doing this, but if I tell you then I'll have to kill you. Trying to circumvent security is against Forum rules I'm afraid so we can't help you on this one.
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Hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem here.

I've tried several times to create a guest or local account but every time I do, they are automatically changed to an administer account instead of standard. I've tried several times to manually change them from admin to standard but every time I do, when I exit out, they are changed back to admin accounts. What can I do to stop this from happening? It's incredibly frustrating.

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Hello everyone

I dont know if this question is allowed, if not, do forgive me. Is it possible to get into a Win XP admin account without knowing the password?If so how?and is there any way to prevent it?( No, I'm not trying to ruin someone's puter, just that a relative of mine apparently had someone do it on her puter apparently and I'd like to know how he did it).The same puter has 2 admin accounts so how can one of the admins be deleted?By going into the safe mode and use the built in admin?The same for changing the admin's passy?Can we somehow disable that default built-in administrator account?*sorry for the big bunch of questions*

A:win xp admin accounts

I am waiting to see if this thread is OK. We can then go from there.
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I don't know if it's my installation but I can't really switch to select a differet login user once I turn on my PC and it brings to the last logged on all multi password accounts Serious issue as accessing having Picture user and his Picture Serious issue accessing as multi accounts all having Picture password password screen both users have a Picture password and I don't have any chance to pick the other one unless - I select a different type of access - ask for password - then the damn multi-user LH box appears - and I can pick another one Then do Serious issue accessing as multi accounts all having Picture password the opposite until I get back to his Picture password screen Odd and unbelieavable considering how well streamlined in Win Is there a way to circumvent this behaviour The old way I found for Windows x HERE is not working anymore as I went in the Registry of mine upgraded Win and found it was already correctly modified Serious issue accessing as multi accounts all having Picture password but the login screen is a mess nonetheless Any advice I'm ok with Task scheduling batches reg modification whatever But it's Win Home so no gpedit involved it's a Dell Venue Pro Thanks

A:Serious issue accessing as multi accounts all having Picture password

I've rolled back to Win 8.1 because for this (and because for other things, like the Store stopped opening suddenly; and no WSRESET, nor any Powershell re-registering or MS-fix got it back working).

To whom that may agree that Picture Password login needs at least the same love the password login has, I've opened a uservoice suggestion.
Here for voting

Hope TH2 will bring some enhancement to the table. I can't really understand how MS hopes break the market with multi-account capable tablets (not having a keyboard) and having such a issue for their simple yet innovative Picture log ins.
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Hi I recently performed a Hotmail from other accounts accessing mail to How people's stop clean install of Windows On the metro start page today was a flag asking me if I wanted to learn more about the OS so I clicked on it There might be something new there I thought I was quickly taken to How to stop Hotmail accessing mail from other people's accounts my Microsoft account which contained a link to my Hotmail app page I'd forgotten I had a Hotmail account and I've never used it since signing up for the trial version of Windows in October Anyway I clicked on the Hotmail app link and found to my horror mail from third parties to my grandson mail between him and his mother my daughter and between him a bloke he sold a computer to Now I do not want to read other people's mail even if they are family members I don't want them on the computer or in a cloud somewhere It seems amazing the Hotmail or Outlook com or whoever can 'sync' across mail accounts Does anybody have any experience of this and how can I stop Hotmail from stealing other people's mail Cheers

A:How to stop Hotmail accessing mail from other people's accounts

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You just need to unlink the Hotmail account from your Windows 8 PC:

How to detach Windows 8 account from my account? - Super User
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Recently I have had a couple of systems displaying the following bizarreness A user logs onto the domain from their workstation They go to access a shared resource and it prompts them for a user name and password If they enter their credentials or just click the x to close the window their user account locks out I created a new user account with the same access even tried Domain Admin and the user account locks out If I network lock resource User accessing accounts out while have them log onto a different workstation then everything works perfectly I go to their machine try to access the shared resource and my account and I get locked out I have removed their computer account from the domain rejoined the domain and same thing I removed them from the domain renamed the computer and then rejoined the domain Still has the same issue I removed the computer from the domain deleted the computer account rejoined the domain with a different name and still the same I believe this is a computer account issue not a user account issue Any have a similar problem User accounts lock out while accessing network resource and if so how did you resolve it without re-rolling their entire computer Thanks nbsp

A:User accounts lock out while accessing network resource

u didn't mention which OS u r using...anywayz try removing everything from your network configuration i.e. network card, TCP/IP, client for Microsoft network etc... remove everything, restart your PC n it will autodetect your network card, reconfigure your IP etc...reset once more n c whether that works. good luck
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I m having a major problem with my laptop and I do not have the experience to sort it out so i m in need of some help The other day my computer crashed randomly and restarted I did not know Solved: Documents Accessing Crash why but after a few crashes I managed to work out that it was triggered whenever I tried to do anything that accesses my documents I can still use my mozilla firefox windows live messenger skype and no doubt most of my other programs if I tried them I noticed that when the laptop crashed there was a quick flash of a BOIS screen for about half a second before it restarts So i ve managed to get a few photographs of the BOIS screen shown below however the top line is tough to read because my laptop has a cracked screen Any help is appreciated and let me know if you need any more info Regards Daniel ADDED Starting in safe mode gives me complete access to documents but nothing can really be done from there Direct links for images http i photobucket com albums oo killercan P jpg http i photobucket com albums oo killercan P jpg nbsp

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I am trying to recover some information from a hard drive that wouldn't boot properly by setting it to slave and accessing via a healthy drive running windows XP, the data seems to be intact but I do not know (if its possible) how to access the personal documents which I had in my personal account in the older drive. Is there anyway to access the personal documents without having to be in that account (something that has become and impossibility at the moment)

Thank you

A:Accessing Personal Documents from another account

See if this article from Microsoft helps
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Hi I really hope problem documents Having a pictures accessing and someone can help me with this I'm having an issue accessing pictures and documents on my pc It takes forever for the page to load whenever I click on the quot my pictures quot link and once it finally opens and I am able to access one of the folders if I try to go back to the main page after viewing the pictures in whatever folder I am in the screen just freezes It also doesn't show recently uploaded pictures eventhough I know they are there since I can see them through my Canon Having a problem accessing documents and pictures zoombrowser program I am having the same issue when I try to view my documents I have run a virus scan but no virus was detected I just had the hard drive replaced a year ago or so so I really hope that it's not about to crash again My system is windows xp Can anyone figure out what could be causing this I would appreciate any help you can offer Thanks

A:Having a problem accessing documents and pictures

Go to Start/Run and type chkdsk C: /R and press enter. The Command Prompt window appears (DOS). Now type a Y for Yes to run Check Disk at next bootup then manually reboot the computer. The Check Disk utility will run at next boot up and try and fix any file errors.
You also can download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature and burn the image to a CD using IMGBurn also in my signature. And boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD.
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i am when system accessing freeze documents running win ultimate recently i system freeze when accessing documents chose to backup some docs that i needed to keep onto a flash drive then i went about reorganizing them into separate folders for topic types etc and the window i was working with stopped responding i couldn t ctrl alt del for task manager or open start menu to log off and on got message that couldn t start the security tasks screen by pressing ctrl alt del as well i shut down by unplugging the computer and rebooted then i copied all the files from the flash to desktop to work on it there thinking it was due to the flash system freeze when accessing documents drive the same thing happened when i tried to access it again i rebooted by unplugging again and deleted the folder on the desktop then the same thing happened when i tried to open my documents and so i have given up on that and come here if you need any further info e g hijack logs or anything else please let me know thanks nbsp

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I recently replaced my motherboard which because my new one is a different chipset than my old one, required me to repair my windows install. Rather than do that and possibly lose a bunch of stuff in My Documents folder and my extensive Favorites I opted to just do a new install on another partition. So far everything has worked fine but when I tried to get into my old Admin files in my "Documents & Settings" Folder it gave me a red x and said Access Denied.

Anyone know how I get around this and into this folder?

A:Help Accessing old User Documents & Settings?

You would have been just fine doing a repair install.

Take Ownership of the folders and files.
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum but it looks like a great place.

I was wondering if anyone had found a solution to accessing the default admin shares (c$, d$, etc) on a vista machine over the network.

I've tried the solution mentioned here: Default Admin Share C$

But it didn't fix anything.

I can access other non-admin shares on the computer but can't access any of the admin shares. I'd rather not have to create more shares, but obviously that is a solution.

Thanks in advance.

A:Accessing Deault Admin Share

Hi, 06graphite, and welcome to the forums.

I assume you went through the entire thread and tried all 2 (or 3) suggestions?
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I have a USR8700 (NAS) storage server. I can initiate the storage system console from my desktop and see the MAC address, IP Address, & Subnet mask. The problem I have, I was troubleshooting another issue and changed a setting. Once that changed, I cannot access the admin page to reset the setting back, nor can I access the NAS from another computer. To explain it, I had my "workgroup" named. I changed the toggle from "Get an IP address automatically" to "Use this IP Address", set an IP address in, and applied.

Now I cannot access the admin page to switch it back to obtaining an IP automatically.

Can anyone shed some insight as to a solution?

ANY help is appreciated.


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Our son's PC is running Vista Home.
There are two accounts on it, the Admin, which I setup and have password protect on it, and the other, is a "Guest" account(XP terms?).
We are having a grades issues and want to limit the PC use.
I believe I can change the password on the Admin account, can I also add a password to the Guest account?
Also, is there an easy way for him to somehow, get around this?
Thanks in advance

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Hi everyone I'm trying to set up a user to be an administrator in Windows Ultimate I created the user as an Administrative account I Accounts Admin Full have turned UAC off in Conrol Panel - gt Users Accounts - gt Change User Account Full Admin Accounts Control Settings by Full Admin Accounts setting it to quot Never Notify quot I have set UAC Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode to Elevate without prompting I have set the user to the administrators group in quot control userpassword quot I have verified that he is a member of the Administrators group and yet I am still prompted Full Admin Accounts for administrative approval when I try to move edit files in system areas For example if I want to move a start menu folder under quot c programdata microsoft windows start menu quot When I look at the file folder permissions the administrators group has quot full control quot but I keep getting prompted I DO NOT want to use the built-in Administrator account I want to create a personal administrative account with the same level of access as the built-in account Everything I've been able to find about this so far tells me to do the steps outlined above but they don't seem to work for me No matter what I do UAC is getting in the way If anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know Thanks to you all in advance -Michael

A:Full Admin Accounts

Hello Michael,

When it prompts you, does it require you to type in a password, or do you just have to click yes?

Thank you,
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A friend called me up in a panic after he got himself into a quite a pickle with his Acer Aspire S He no longer wanted Account A a MS admin account so he created Account B a local standard and deleted Account A He then realized the mistake he made of not having Account B have admin rights Quite frankly I can't figure out how he deleted Account A if Account B never had admin rights Maybe it has to do with this stupid non-local account no 8.1 with Win laptop admin accounts that Windows forces upon its users Anyway he now has one account on his laptop Account B - a local account with no admin rights This of course means that no changes can be made to the computer in terms of settings or software installation or removal Every time I try to do something along those lines the UAC box pops up and asks me to enter a password yet there's no Win 8.1 laptop with no admin accounts password field to type in I tried all of the usual command prompt tricks but they fail since I can't launch an elevated command prompt I tried booting into safe mode w cmd and activating the built-in Administrator account but when I reboot the account does not appear as an available account to log in as I cannot make any changes via the Control Panel since UAC blocks those types of changes Do I have any other options besides going the quot Reset PC quot route Of course he does not have his Windows or Office product keys so reinstalling isn't an option I'm not sure if the quot Reset PC quot will wipe Office though There was a great Windows password reset disc that let you create and edit users via command prompt does anything similar exist for Win Thanks

A:Win 8.1 laptop with no admin accounts

I these situations I mostly grab my Hirens. It has an
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
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About a year ago, I forgot the password to an admin account. I didn't really need it at the time. Fast foward to the present, now I decided I did. I used Ophcrack which did not work, so I used Offline NT Password & Registry Editor which worked like a charm. Now I have the problem of suddenly losing the privleges and the three accounts I tampered with. All of the accounts that werent deleted were accs that were once admin. I really need help.

A:Loss of admin accounts


You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following::

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software
* assistance with accessing copyrighted software programs
* Leeching on private or public WiFi/Broadband connections
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looking for a decent outgoing program control firewall I come across a thread on another forum where the users and OP were arguing amongst themselves the discussion was about outgoing protection on firewalls being quot useless quot specifically if you are running your windows as an admin like most window account do as this means any rootkit etc can bypass your firewall anyway im just a little confused here do they mean running the computer under the hidden quot super administrator quot account or just quot regular quot administrator account - I about? it all Admin whats accounts: ask Admin accounts: whats it all about? because I run my Windows x under the default it installs in which is regular admin - all the files i have can be quot run as administrator quot so Im assuming that under this regular admin account I dont really have admin privelages it all gets a bit confusing I think what Iam trying to find out is - am I wasting my time using an outgoing firewall - if so why then do they bother Admin accounts: whats it all about? with them if they can be bypassed when windows default installs on an admin account - OR why dont thet mention at install of firewall that account should be dropped to standard account I notice Avira do this before im just not convinced that malware can bypass my firewall Anti-Virus because iam on the default windows installation account and the software company that owns that security could not tell me that its useless on current setup - Avira is the ONLY prog to request drop privelages be great if someone could clear this up for me this is the topic i was reading and this qoute as well as many others was what made me ask about it Because people have become gullible - brainwashed into thinking that outgoing protection is going to save them from some nefarious root kit that is most likely already on their computer from visiting porn sites and or just being stupid All this outgoing quot brouhaha quot came about because of the panic driven nefarious marketing people like quot you know who quot and a host of other chicken littles who write security articles for magazines who quot surprisingly quot display ads for security sponsors quot you know who quot As for why certain companies now sell outgoing protection - it probably makes good business sense It really is fluff though All good security guys know it is Just like car alarms Some one already stealing your car doesn t stop because your car alarm goes off They simply disconnect it It calms the illiterate masses their lemming propensities and generates a of revenue Companies will sell the lemmings what the lemmings wants Create some hysteria and watch the lemmings run off the cliff They aren t responsible for every ones gullibility Remember quot Pet Rocks quot They weren t really pets ya know There is nothing wrong with the Microsoft Firewall It stops the bad guys from getting in - once they are in there is really nothing you can do anyway Click to expand is that person above just assuming that all infections are going to be undetectable rootkits that can bypass everything on your windows default installation whilst shutting your firewall down in the process - if an outgoing firewall detects ONE thing then its been worth hvaing he cant assume that all rootkits infections are going to do this I was going to install an outgoing program control firewall in case anything untoward I may run by accident on my system tries to phone home or allow some hacker access e g scenario run a keygen and it pops up quot keygen exe is trying to connect quot then you know something untoward is trying to happen and its been stopped and you notified I just cant believe that all these software firewalls are poop as the users on that forum make believe and that all your security can be bypassed on default windows installation user accounts because your regular admin i dont want to join that forum and continue that debate cos by looks of it i will get my head taken off like the ... Read more

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I have friends coming to stay with me, and they like to use my computer. I'd like to set up other accounts (i.e. non -admin accounts) on my machine to restrict their access. How can I accompllish this?

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I've set up a limited account for my kids to use on my XP Pro SP3 PC, but the account seems to have admin privileges. The limited account is able to access my admin files and also the built in admin account. Does anyone know what's going on & what I can do to rectify it please? Cheers.

A:Admin & limited accounts in XP

how much do they know about computers and did they have access to an admin. account before the limited account?

P.S.- trust me, that can make a huge difference, especially having early access to an admin.

1.) Do they know your password? Change it anyways, you never know

2.) Press Shift 5 times real fast and report what comes up? (if its sticky keys click cancel and report that sticky keys pop-ed up)

EDIT: Message to Staff- Who do i talk to about posting a resolution to the sticky keys exploit, and in posting it an exploit may be derived from my post? that is if his problem is with sticky keys, and for future reference.
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Hey ..

When i start up my computer i get the loggon screen.
there is my ADMIN and a guest. when i sign on to my ADMIN i get a full black screen
and cant do anything abut it !! .
The guest account works fine.
So know im on the guest account and i dont know what to do about the black screen.

A:Help! I can't access my Admin accounts

Was anything added or removed from the system before the problem? Can you load your profile in Safe Mode?
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One of the office computers never had a password for the administrator account, and it was the only account ever used by everyone. We set a password and created a limited user account. Now when the admin account is attempted to be logged into the message: "C:\windows\system32\ incorrect paramaters" appears. However the limited account will login fine. When the system is started in safe mode, the admin account can be logged into.
I expect that a malware/trojen/whatever may be the culprit. Prior to the issue, Spybot removed 526 problems, but 25 needed a reboot before Spybot could remove them. I ran hijack this and saved the log before any "cleaning" of the system began. Where do I begin to correct this?

A:Admin accounts won't login

Do you use the Welcome Screen or a Logon Box.

If it's the welcome screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice at the Welcome Screen. You should be able to enter the username and password there.

I'd create a second admin account in safe mode if I were you, since you said it lets you logon there.
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I recieved a computer from a friend. I have all the passwords, etc for the computer, however it used to be on a network domain and I removed all the network drives but it still says I am on the domain. Is there anyway to remove this? Also I do not want to have to scroll through tons of files to learn what is where is there anyway to reset the main account or delete it and create a new admin account? I only want one admin account and Id like it to be a fresh one. Any ideas?

A:Admin accounts- deletable or not?

I have been tr5ying to find out how to remove the domains or whatever because I do not live near the person who gave me this computer and they keep closing my board thinking I want help with "passwords" I HAVE the passwords to the computer I just want everything OFF as I am the only one using it and I have no network I need this to be on. Please help.
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I shut the computer down yesterday and today I cannot login to my admin accounts I am stuck on a limited account access Admin can't I accounts my Help! I tried safe mode I rechecked Help! I can't access my Admin accounts my user and passwords over and over I haven't changed them It keeps saying that my user and pass is incorrect even though it was working fine Help! I can't access my Admin accounts yesterday I can't download restore or anything with this Limited Account and I am going insane Please please help Please help This is not a quot icon isn't showing at windows startup quot question For some reason I cannot enable my admin accounts Either of them Online some say that Windows does it automatically sometimes or that updates haven't been recently installed or it could hackers and viruses I really have no idea why this is happening I'm kicked out of my own computer Is it possible that spybot is controlling my access to the Admin accounts for my safety This am I also was getting tons of pop-up error messages about Help! I can't access my Admin accounts a program My pc has been running a bit slower as well ever since I added a limited account onto it

A:Help! I can't access my Admin accounts

Hi and welcome,
Sorry about the delay, just saw the post. No, spybot would not do this. What error messages were you getting? When you boot into safe mode are you able to access the accounts? You are using the correct case for the password? If numbers are used in the password, and you are using the number pad on the right hand side, is the numlock turned on?
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Hello everyone Lately I've been unable to access either Out Admin Accounts of Locked of my administrator Locked Out of Admin Accounts accounts or even open the full potential of the accounts screen as I am hindered by Limited Account restrictions My primary account was for example quot User Name quot without a password Now the only account I have been able to access is quot User Name quot It is a mystery to me as to where this account came from all of a sudden and why I am unable to access the original account but have a totally new desktop layout and everything When I try logging in as the Windows Hidden Administrator without a password as it is by default if I am correct it says quot unable to log you on due to Locked Out of Admin Accounts an account restriction quot but if I type anything in the password field it returns an error saying that I have entered incorrect login information Any information anyone can provide as to how I might can access my administrator accounts from my boundaries as they are right now would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Rick

A:Locked Out of Admin Accounts


type at (if it gives you a list of jobs or says no jobs in que then your good to go)

type at <time in 24 hour format seperated by ":") 1 minute after current time /interactive cmd.exe

"at 16:34 /interactive cmd.exe"

This is system level access.

Edit: should have explained.

It runs cmd.exe from task scheduler which is above admin level. Effectivly giving you maximum permissions. Sometimes this works from guest.

Now learn how to use cmd
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Both my admin user account and the hidden admin account on my windows 10 desktop are gone I have tried resetting the pc but it just says requires admin and no admin accounts detected or something to that effect. I have tried to no evail to access the hidden admin account via cmd propmt. My wifes standard account remains and can access internet etc
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Hey everyone, I've got a user accounts issue. Recently I noticed my main user account (the only one besides the default ones) has lost admin rights.

I don't know why, but it could be because I changed its name recently, via userpasswords2. I didn't change it's account type though. Still, if I open up the user accounts panel, it now says it's a guest account.

Now that wouldn't be much of an issue, if only the admin account wasn't disabled. And of course I can't enable it, because I don't have the rights. Safe mode didn't help either, and I can't do a system restore.

Could anyone please help me out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ok, I just got a new external hard drive enclosure and a new hard drive to go inside it. I just removed the hard drive to put in a formerly working hard drive that used to be a master hard drive inside my system. I want to access the My Documents folder in the former hard drive and put them on my current hard drive so I can wipe the former hard drive and use it in my system. Does anyone know how I can access this My Documents folder? Every time I go to {Hard drive letter}/Documents and Settings/{User Name}/, it says that access is denied . How do I get around this message. (I already tried going to Properties and remove the "Read Only" check mark. Didn't work.) Could someone please help?

A:Accessing My Documents on External Hard Drive

log in as admin and not as your regular name, most likely the system thinks your a diff. user, see if u can change the filer permissions on the folders
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Ok, here is my dilema... computer has died and need the files within My documents.

Have taken the Hard drive out of an XP machine and made it a slave in another XP machine..

Have copied all the other files from the drive, but when I try to access the My Documents folder it tells me 'Access is Denied'

How do I get around this, does anyone have any ideas please..

A:Accessing My Documents folder after moving drive

follow instructions in the above link

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I posted here Visit My Other Post and was told to post in this forum PROBLEM When accessing My Documents or My Pictures from the Start menu in XP Professional I get a dialog box with the error The file does not have a program associated with Error Menu My accessing from Start Documents it for performing this action Create an association in the folder options control panel These folders don't have a properties option available from the context menu to make any sort of changes I can change the options for the Start menu to Expand My Documents My Pictures and I then have access to the files from the Start menu I can access My Documents from my desktop The only time I have a problem is when I access My Documents My Pictures from Start Documents My Documents or My Pictures I used to have a utility named Folder Guide Folder Guide is a free handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used and favorite folders It can operate Error accessing My Documents from Start Menu as the part of your context menu in your Windows Explorer installed but it broke at some point and ever since I have been unable to install it again I believe that it may have something to do with my problem ACTIONS TAKEN I Error accessing My Documents from Start Menu had AVG's Free Anti-Virus installed and it found no infections I then installed Alwil's Avast and it found nothing I also ran Trend Micro's Housecall and it also found nothing I have run Spybot S amp D and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware None of these tools have found anything either I ran HijackThis and the log doesn't appear to show anything unusual I am no expert in reading the log It is listed below for reference Any assistance is greatly appreciated JohnLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS system ZoneLabs vsmon exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Alwil Software Avast AvastSvc exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Java jre bin jqs exeC Program Files McAfee SiteAdvisor McSACore exeC Program Files CDBurnerXP NMSAccessU exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS stsystra exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static MOM exeC Program Files Zone Labs ZoneAlarm zlclient exeC Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Brother Brmfcmon BrMfcWnd exeC PROGRA ALWILS Avast avastUI exeC Program Files Brother ControlCenter brccMCtl exeC Program Files Free Desktop Clock DesktopClock exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Xmarks IE Extension xmarkssync exeC Program Files Logitech SetPoint SetPoint exeC Program Files ClipTrak ClipTrak exeC Program Files Faxblaster pdmon exeC Program Files Common Files Logishrd KHAL KHALMNPR EXEC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE Core-Static ccc exeC Program Files Brother Brmfcmon BrMfimon exeC Program Files Microsoft Office OFFICE OUTLOOK EXEC Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exeC WINDOWS system msiexec exeC Program Files Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exeR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C WINDOWS pchealth helpctr System panels blank htmR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http r office microsoft com r rlidOfficeUpdate clid R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolba... Read more

A:Error accessing My Documents from Start Menu

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting the results.Close the program window, and delete the program from your desktop.Please note: You may have to disable any script protection running if the scan fails to run. After downloading the tool, disconnect from the internet and disable all antivirus protection. Run the scan, enable your A/V and reconnect to the internet. Information on A/V control HEREAndPlease download DeFogger to your desktop.Double click DeFogger to run the tool. The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will appear Click OK DeFogger will now ask to reboot the machine - click OKIMPORTANT! If you receive an error message while running DeFogger, please post the log defogger_disable which will appear on your desktop.ThenPlease download GMER from one of the following locations and save it to your desktop:Main MirrorThis version will download a randomly named file (Recommended)Zipped MirrorThis version will download a zip file you will need to extract first. If you use this mirror, please extract the zip file to your desktop.Disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.Temporarily disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.Double-click on the randomly named GMER file (i.e. n7gmo46c.exe) and allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.Note: If you downloaded the zipped version, extract the file to its own folder such as C:\gmer and then double-click on gmer.exe.GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic quick scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log.Click the Copy button and paste the results into your next reply.Exit GMER and re-enable all active protection when done.-- If you encounter any problems, try running GMER in Safe Mode.
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Okay this is accessing My on Problem folder HD external Documents sort of an odd emergency and I m hoping Problem accessing My Documents folder on external HD someone here might be able to help First of all I m in Athens Greece right now I was using a Dell laptop - Inspiron - running XP until about two days ago when the thing just went kaput Discussions with Dell strongly suggest that the motherboard has a short on it and it won t boot up at all That s not really the problem though - read on I will not be back in the States until the end of the month and I need badly various documents that were stored on the dead computer s hard drive I purchased an external hard drive case USB for the inch drive in my old laptop installed it in the case and am currently at an internet cafe attempting to extract the documents from the hard drive Here s what happens The computer here runs XP and it recognizes the external drive However in My Computer although it lists the external as a new drive it doesn t give it the standard quot hard drive quot icon In fact it s the usual quot unrecognized icon quot symbol Despite the situation in I can open the external drive in Windows Explorer The file structure is intact as far as I can tell When I go to Documents and Settings I can open all folders EXCEPT for the one labelled with my username from the old Dell Inspiron Of course that s where all of the documents I currently need are stored on the external drive When I click on this folder an error message pops up - it s in Greek which I cannot read of course but the tech at the intenet cafe translated it loosely as quot cannot access the folder quot I had a password assigned to my username on the Is it possible that this password is still active on the external drive and I can t access the My Documents folder under that name unless I somehow bypass the password That s my only theory considering that everything else on the drive is completely accessible copyable etc Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated The only caveat is that I have to do this on a Greek machine with all Windows labelling in Greek So usual ways of explaining things like quot Go to Control Panel then Administrative Tools then Disk Management quot which is what I wanted to do won t work because I can t read the labels I do know how to get to the Control Panel but from there I m lost I never thought I d need to memorize the icons Another possible idea would be to tell me how to switch the language in XP from Greek to English and then give me the instructions in English Sorry for the long post I hope it s clear and I hope someone can help me Thanks Charles nbsp

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Hi My mother board fried or something on my old computer so I purchased a new one There were files on my old hard drive I need on my new computer so I attempted to install it on my new computer as a slave drive Problems arose most likely because they both have comp??? documents Accessing on settings and old folder HD new a from an an OS or some other unknown reason I am a layman when it comes to computer so I couldn t figure out how to install it properly I came to a Accessing documents and settings folder from an old HD on a new comp??? temporary solution though when I used the IDE cables from Accessing documents and settings folder from an old HD on a new comp??? the CD-ROM drive in order to hook up my old hard drive I am now able to access the information on my old hard drive on my new comp - EXCEPT for my old user name in the docs and settings folder I imagine it s because I was the administrator of the computer because I can access the other users desktop folder without a hitch on my old hard drive I just need to access the folders on the desktop on my old drive - it keeps telling me quot access denied quot There are two potential ways I can do this I guess A Figure out how to boot my computer successfully with the old drive B Since my new drive boots up with no problems figure out how to access my old drives docs and settings folder when it s on the slave drive Does anyone have a solution for this Any input on either A or B would be GREATLY appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Accessing documents and settings folder from an old HD on a new comp???

You need to Take Ownership of the folder. go to the link to read how.
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When trying to access the My Documents or My Pictures folders from the Start Menu (Start\Documents\My Documents) I receive the following error: This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel.I know that these are unique folders in that they don't have a properties option from the context menu. I believe this began after a utility called Folder Guide ( became corrupt, although I cannot be certain. I have been unable to figure out what is wrong, but I am fairly confident the problem is in the registry.Any help would be greatly appreciated.John

A:Error accessing My Documents from Start Menu

Usage antivirus and scan.
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Hello Computer Bleepers I recently fixed a problem on my computer involving an infection by a rogue software called quot Windows Vista Restore quot Version June and eight infections including Rootkit TDSS After restoring the visibility on my hard and documents files accessing when "Access Denied" drive my files were visible but still in quot hidden quot format "Access Denied" when accessing documents and files Now that I ve unhidden them I get an quot Access Denied quot message whenever I click on them but I can still access MS Word documents directly through Word images directly through Paint etc The following is a list of procedures I went through You may skip this section and go directly to helping resolve the problem if you wish When I was browing the Internet one of my windows suddenly displayed a rogue error message saying that my computer had suffered a quot Hard Drive Failure quot I left my Internet on for minutes not realizing there was a problem before I came back and shut off the computer Next I went to a different computer in hopes of finding a solution The infection itself tried to lead me to the website by windows-vista-restore com and the company claimed to be SecurePay INC However no other websites were accessible Getting back to the infected computer the screen was black and half my files were hidden away and the computer tried to restart itself Error messages and the typical quot infections quot kept popping up I tried to restart my computer myself and switch to safe mode which was unsuccessful because of an existing screen display setting So I bypassed the recommended Safe Mode and worked on the problem in regular mode First I unplugged my Internet and went to the Registry Editor as indicated on multiple websites a risky procedure and deleted items including Advanced quot Hidden quot which resurfaced and Advanced quot ShowSuperHidden which remained deleted After restarting my computer again I turned on Windows Task Manager which was unaffected by the malware I shut off a few running programs including one with the name quot SwPGvtLdJxoV quot which later turned out to have an associated symbol identical to one used by the rogue software After discovering this I deleted this file from the RegEdit which temporarily solved some problems It turns out that online instructions asked to delete Run quot Windows Vista Restore exe quot but in the same location the random-character file was found There is not much info available but it looks like the new version of the program used a new name to hide its identity I ran MalwareBytes on my computer which took minutes for a quick scan and discovered Rootkit TDSS I quarantined that infection then restarted my computer Upon doing this however I ran another scan and this one took two hours It discovered seven infected items which I again quarantined and later deleted Afterwards I ran the in-built Vista System Restore feature which had a name similar to the rogue software After backing up the system to a previous date my files appeared to all be deleted yet they were accessible from the program itself ie Word The System Restore stated that my documents were unaffected Browsing through my files again I discovered a folder that had a strange alphanumeric name and contained the file quot spclite quot This was created during a previous infection by a rogue software named quot Vista Total Security quot which I had removed the month before After searching through the Internet I deleted this folder After changing a few configurations all my files were now visible but in a faded-color quot hidden quot form I could open them easily but they were hidden Several more scans using MalwareBytes revealed no problems I used a cmd script attrib -h quot C quot s d to unhide my files which worked in that they now all had a normal color However this is when the quot Access Denied quot error message kept showing up even though I was fully able to access my documents through Word No... Read more
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Windows XP. Am sorting out a computer for a friend. Under Control Panel/User Accounts it just shows 1 - his name. However, if I look at C:\Documents and Settings, there are 4 entries:
Administrator, [4MB] All Users, [37MB] Default Users [487KB] and the name of his daughter who used to own the computer [4GB]. Are all these necessary? I tried to change the last one to his name but it told me it was a system file and could not be renamed. I located the profile in the Registry - is it safe to delete the one in his daughter's name?


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I reinstalled XP3 on my pc which has a corrupted XP2 preinstalled without formatting the drive. After everything's set I still have my previous user accounts in the C:\Documents and Settings. Please help me erase this as it is eating up the memory.
Thanks a lot.

A:Old user accounts on C:\Documents and Settings!

When you go to Start>Control Panel>User Accounts do you see the old accounts?
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Hi there, I have setup a guest account on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and noticed that after logging in to the guest account, I am able to access my own account folder (admin account). This is wierd as this should not happen. Any user logged in to the guest account should not be able to see the contents of the admin account.

How can I prevent this from happenning? Can you also suggest any third party software that can do this?


A:Preventing Guest from accessing Admin account

Hello werty.

I think the contents that are viewable to the guest account are the "shared folders", or is this incorrect? The guest account should not be able to see all your files and folders, only shared folders and public folders, according to your settings in "advanced sharing options" (Found by typing the phrase without quotes into your start menu search bar).

If you do not want that function, make sure to turn off public folder sharing and file and printer sharing, and make sure you turn password protected sharing ON (so a password is required for any networked computers as added security).
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Hello anyone everyone I do need some help Please assist thank you Recently I had trouble with malwarebytes program logging accessing as user/admin in Problem in in my laptop computer running Win And those folks there recently has not Problem in accessing logging in as user/admin been Problem in accessing logging in as user/admin forthcoming which is why I am quite desperate coming here My malwarebytes protection keep randomly turned of now and then irregularly while I keep on re-enabling it In this process of disabling and renabling already taking its toll the point I have reached now is if I do not remove the malwarebytes software completely from my computer I cannot acess to log in to use even though Win has started The most recent bit of suspicion was some days ago a windows command processor dialog popped and requesting permission to give a yes or no prompt by my Scotty patrol program Of course I click a NO But it gives me the creep that my computer is somehow not in good condition I do surf the net a lot visiting s of places However I do exercise a decent bit of protection and alertness to protect myself landing in unwanted places and dubious s w creeping into my computer Please help me Thank you

A:Problem in accessing logging in as user/admin

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I added a user to my XP Pro and then switched admin privileges. That didn't work out as well as I expected, as when logged in my original account, my files were "read only". I switched the admin privileges back, but two problems persist: 1. my files are still "read only" even when logged in as admin, and 2. I am unable to delete the new user account ("permission denied").

Thanks very much for helping me.


A:trouble with admin and user accounts

Hi .Just how did you go about switching admin privileges?FWIW: IMO, the read-only attribute really doesn't mean anything. If you check, you will find that any files on a CD/DVD are "read-only" and that makes sense, since the content of a CD/DVD cannot be modified while on the disk. But these files, when copied to a hard drive, may still reflect a "read-only" attribute...but they are indeed capable of being modified.Scroll down to Read-Only at you are referring to folders/files that fall into the Docs & Settings category...that may be a different issue, one which simply requires your taking ownership of the files/folders in question.How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP - Louis
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I believe I had the Google redirect virus and eventually got rid of it, although I don't remember how. It may have been the Combofix I've been reading about. Here is my problem - I can't change my desktop background to anything other than a solid color. Also, thumbnails don't show up until I change the view to a different size. I have tried making new users and only standard user accounts are normal. Any time I created an admin account, this issue arises. Anybody found a solution yet??

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A friend gave me an old computer running Win XP Pro, The computer has both a Admin and Guest account setup on it. I have the admin password but right now if I sign in with the Admin account it will not allow me to install any software? I would like to deleted both accounts thus not requiring a login or password can I just go to the Control Panel / User Accounts and remove both and this will solve my issue or do I need to do anything else.

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If i add anti malware programs to my Admin account do i also need to do the same to my user accounts


A:Question about Admin/user accounts

Hello Herb,

No. When you install an AV program, it's for the whole PC. Usually only administrators will be able to adjust the AV program's settings though.

Hope this helps,
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For some reason IE in the admin account is SLOW.. VERY SLOW.. We have nothing extra installed (toolbars, etc) and have scanned for malware (malwarebytes, avira, panda)..

All the other user accounts work much better.. In fact the login process and general user experience is much smoother and faster on all other accounts..

How can I get the admin account IE to be fast and smooth like the other accounts?



A:Admin IE: SLOW, other accounts IE: fast!

Hello 3DPiper,

Try re-installing Internet Explorer.
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I was having some network issues that I thought I could resolve by un-joining the domain and then re-joining it (I'm Using Vista Business x32). When I un-joined the domain it also removed my local administrative accounts! I can no longer make any changes since I now just have the 'Guest' account and my newly created 'GregPa' account with just Guest priviledges - drat! I have been limping along, but now have a new DNS server that I can't change the IP to point at the new one. Anyone out there that can help?
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Hi to all. I have another question. My home computer has an administrator account as well as a more general account. For the most part, my family and I use the general account. Recently I've noticed that websites that use a lot of Flash player, won't load correctly in the general account, but look great in the administrator account. There's no error message. The pretty pictures and things moving around and videos just don't load. One one site, the whole front page is with Falsh, so a blank screen comes up. What settings should I look to change in order to allow the general account to view websites with ease? Thanks for the help.

A:Flash Player On Non-admin Accounts

Hi, you may have to install flash on the standard user account. But you may have to elevate the accounts to Power Users as the standard account may not let you install.
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Hello all I am using windows pro OS I have only one local account on my machine My account is already in Administrator groups I have checked that My problem is that I am not able to create change any user account being despite admin! Can't accounts user create from control panel After traversing to Control Panel All Control Panel Items User Can't create user accounts despite being admin! Accounts There are all the different links named as Can't create user accounts despite being admin! below Change your account name Change your account type Can't create user accounts despite being admin! Manage other account etc However when I click on any of these links nothing happens at all What could be the possible reason of this Window is updated I am able to do other stuff that only admin can do for example installing uninstalling software running system tools etc Moreover I am able to make changes to user accounts from Computer Management I look forward for your reply Regards P SOLUTION credit goes to medab Hello all after being suggested by medab I finally switched to Microsoft account from local account and now everything is working I again switched back to local account and tested everything is still working yet Please note that I installed a fresh copy of windows again and then created a microsoft account and created a local account then switched to local account You may NOT need to reinstall it Well I think this must be reported to microsoft guys but before that try to test this on your machine Procedure to get this problem's situation is as below First make a fresh install of windows any edition When setup complete there is a step in which you are asked to make an account Don't select microsoft account instead select Local account Let the setup complete Now when you are all done just log into your local account and try to see if you get the same problems that I mentioned above If yes then it should be reported to windows team

A:Can't create user accounts despite being admin!

Have you tried "Add a user" in Settings ?
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My C drive was filling up a while back so I made a makeshift folder on D Computer and save all my new programs drivers manuals skins here etc I have admin accounts set up and I can install programs here but to make a new folder or copying files I m prompted I don t have permission The original account set as the owner creator has full access So I changed the owner creator to MyComp Administrators which I assumed should give the same permissions to all accounts Now no accounts have permission to alter this folder I could change the user accounts to full access since it appears my admin accounts only have user access but I don t really want to do that So why can I only Admin accounts permission problem grant full access to a single owner creator account I m not at all experienced in this so it is probably something really simple that I am doing wrong nbsp

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Hi everyone,

I've recently added a second hard drive which used to be my master on an old computer, and which is full of files I want to back up. Problem is that most of these files are in a My Documents folder from my windows profile on that old machine, which was password protected. I know what the password is, I just need some way of entering it, as at the moment when I try and open that folder it just says "access is denied". Please help!

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Hey guys Tried to start my computer last night and while trying to login a error came up on the screen saying quot settings. Solved: me from system let a system Virus accessing my stopping me Wont do The application failed to initialize properly x Click on OK to terminate the application quot So i clicked on OK Solved: Virus stopping me from accessing my system settings. Wont let me do a system as there was no other option and let my user account load as i would usualy do Except this time nothing showed up not even my task bar So i spoke to a friend of mine and he said i could probably get Solved: Virus stopping me from accessing my system settings. Wont let me do a system everything to show by going to quot ctr quot quot alt quot quot del quot and then making a new process quot eplorer exe quot This worked and everything showed and i was told i should now do a Solved: Virus stopping me from accessing my system settings. Wont let me do a system system restore to about or days before when everything was working properly However when selecting the OK button to do a system restore the same error appeared I then tried to go to my control panel and once again the same error occured It also appeared when i tried to find out my system information when asked to do so for registering with this site This error seems to appear when ever i try to access any of my computer information or programs I have tried logging into to a different user account and exactly the same stuff happens I need help badlyyyy Thankyou nbsp

A:Solved: Virus stopping me from accessing my system settings. Wont let me do a system
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I sometimes need to VNC to users machines to install Active X as I have admin rights while basic users dont. At present I log the user out and log in with my account and do the install.

Is there a way I can access my admin privileges without logging the current user out?

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I recently installed Windows 8.1 on a new drive but can no longer easily access my files on another drive that had those files under Windows 7. Many programs crash whenever they try to write to those drivers and so on, when I try to open a folder it prompts me to hit the Continue button using admin privileges.

How can I fix this?

e: I found a solution I think here: After Upgrading, all my programs require Admin Privileges? [Solved] - Access Data - Windows 8

I'm going through it now and will report my findings.

e2: Seems to work!

A:Installed Windows, Admin prompt when accessing old files

So you took ownership of the entire old drive, right?
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I Admin please access accounts control can't - help! panel have two user accounts on Vista Home Pro One is a standard limited user account password protected and the other is my admin account obviously with admin privileges and password protected I am not sure when this started happening but I am unable to launch Admin accounts can't access control panel - please help! control panel under my admin account I get a pop-up of quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item quot The title bar of this pop-up has quot EE -A A- D - -BEB C quot I can only get to CP from my limited account Then I am prompted to enter the Admin account s password At times even trying this fails with the same error the first time I try to launch CP Usually the second or third time I launch CP it will actually launch Someone suggested I set up a new admin account and then from that account rename the original Admin account s profile so that Windows would rebuild it upon reboot Well I did manage to create a new admin account using admin privileges from my limited account but even that new admin account can t launch control panel Interestingly after I set up the second admin account when I try an admin cp function from my limited account it does correctly show me a pop-up showing me two admin users to choose for entering the admin password So it does know the two users as admin accounts I am at a loss as to what to do try Is there a way to repair the OS using the original DVD I didn t see any applicable repair options Any help is appreciated Thanks Walter nbsp
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I would like to set up a Windows 2000 machine with both an administrator and a limited user account, with different passwords for each. Thanks for the help.

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Do the security programs updated and maintained separately? For instance, if I update, run, or use immunize feature in Spybot S &D in the admin. account, does that extend to the regular accounts as well? What about the opposite?If I use admin privileges in a user account to do the same, does that extend to other accounts as well or is it contained withing that account?

A:Just a question about security in user/admin accounts

Unless otherwise specified when installed (some programs), It will update for all users
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I have an account set up for my girlfriend which contains a password on the username. I would use a shared account but I do not want her to have the escalated security levels, which could potentially harm my computer.

Well, I have a pain in the butt wireless adapter which on occasion only wants to work after I disable and re-enable my network adapter. This is however not possible on non-admin accounts without a password. Is there any way I can grant specific permissions to alternative accounts giving her the ability to toggle my network card?

A:How To? Granting specific permissions to non admin accounts.

This may help you:

What you can do is create an elevated shortcut to the network adapters.
-Log in to her account
-right click on her desktop and select "create new"
-select "shortcut"
-Copy and paste the following into the shortcut:

runas /user:%computername%:youradminname /savecred "control.exe ncpa.cpl"
Replace youradminname with your admin account name.

-click next
-name it whatever you wish

-Now, run it and enter your admin account password. (Note you will not see the characters you are typing appear in the command prompt window THIS IS NORMAL)
-Hit enter
-Close the network adapters window
-Open it again and verify that it does not prompt for your admin account password
-Test to make sure you can disable and re-enable the wireless network adapter.
This will give her administrative access to the network adapters portion of the control panel.

Let me know how this works for you, I will check back in a few hours.
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I finally decided to dig deep through the recesses of my computer and begin cleaning out dead-ended and similarily useless files when I ran into the infamous "permission" error. Long story short, I now have 2 user accounts: mine, "Amber / Administrator", and another accidentally created account, "Administrator / Administrator". This happened after I tinkered with command prompt in attempts to give my account permission to delete a folder. When I select the Admin/Admin account to try and delete it, it does NOT display that option. When I click on my own account, however, it allows me the option of deleting it (which I obviously have no intention of doing).

After pouring through help-sites, I can't find the exact command prompt I used. Did I display a "hidden" Admin account? Is there a way to delete it or hide it away?

Any help is deeply appreciated.

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I am running vista on a old laptop. (dell vostro 1000) and when trying to dl updates it keeps telling me i need to be an administrator.

When i go to user accounts it tells me that i am an administrator and i have no restrictions.

Any ideas?



A:Solved: Windows Vist Admin accounts

Try Right-Clicking "Windows Update" and select "Run as Administrator".

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Hello to all the computer techs out there I ve been having a recent problem where all my administrator accounts in Vista bit have been automatically converted to standard user accounts Does anyone know if there is some kind of malware that does this or is it a problem with Microsoft Vista I ve asked several computer experts and even received some advice on Yahoo I ve tried typing in the command accounts? or attacking Malware Vista admin net user administrator active yes with no spaces and access was still denied In the start prompt I typed in control userpasswords and changed the settings Vista or Malware attacking admin accounts? to administrator and it still converted back to standard user I ve also tried booting in safe mode and I was able to use certain programs like Spy bot and AVG to remove certain spyware and viruses in this mode but when I switch back to regular mode under MSCONFIG my user accounts are still set Vista or Malware attacking admin accounts? back to standard user I ve also tried setting up a new account as an administrator but it also converted to standard user Does anyone know what s going on I ve contacted Microsoft and they say it s malware but Vista or Malware attacking admin accounts? many of the computer geek sites are saying that it s Microsoft Any suggestions
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Good day everyone Got a couple of questions today dealing with Windows XP First part deals Admin Questions to ranging Permissions Accounts from with file Questions ranging from Permissions to Admin Accounts folder permissions Heres what I would Questions ranging from Permissions to Admin Accounts like to do I have this external hard drive where I would like to have three folders an archive folder containing old documents and e-Mail an music folder and a backup folder to where backup software would create timely backups of documents e-mails etc etc Is it possible to setup permissions so that the archive folder and music folder were read-only to local and network users and only full access read write to the sys admin For the backup folder is it possible to again only allow read only access for users and allow read write access for my backup program and sys admin I remember in Windows k there was a setting in the control panel I think it was called Users and in there when creating groups and users a sys admin could put checks by what each user was allowed and not allowed to do i e write read etc However I do not see this feature in my Windows XP machine its the Pro version My other question deals with Administrator accounts This question actually comes from ideal curiosity not an actual problem I know that Windows by default setups up an Administrator s account and is only accessible through safe mode however I know there is a registry hack to have it show up on the welcome screen Any who is this account any different than an administrator I setup in the users control panel If its not then why does Windows make you create another administrator account so that in the end you have the default one and one you create yourself My thinking is if they are the same then thats like creating two root users in Linux If they were different that would make a bit more sense Kind of like in Linux having a root user and a super-user The super-user having some power while the root has full power Thanks in advance for any input Always appreciate it nbsp

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I have an XP Tablet machine. When I login as a user (power user), everything works fine, but when I login as an ADMIN, I can't click on anything. What do I need to do?

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Hi all We have unfortunately just ended up a domain admin in etc. accounts Local group with our first Vista machine here at work and mins into my setup Ive Local admin group accounts in a domain etc. already run into a question Dell Vista Business joined into our domain Having googled around a bunch I understand that the local admin account is disabled upon install I found a tip that recommended running cmd as admin and net user administrator password net user administrator activate yes I performed this got command Local admin group accounts in a domain etc. successful returned from both but when I try to login as lt compname gt Administrator the login or Local admin group accounts in a domain etc. try to use the same to perform any tasks on the system I get denied and am told bad user or pw I ran user setup as domain admin and confirmed that my local user account is part of the administrator group found that the local Administrator account was still set as disabled so I cleared the disabled checkbox Im too paranoid to use quot Set password quot however in case my prior password did somehow work it doesnt appear to have and by then Setting Password I d be screwing my admin account of its encrypted files do I even have any if the accounts never been logged into Yknow what started all this Trying to delete Adobe Speed Launcher and Dell Network Manager from the Startup in the start menu cause god forbid I do that without being a bloody domain admin Suggestions as to why my local user account lets call it bob can t do any admin functions though Im part of Adminstrators group locally What have I done wrong as far as setting up Local Admin Can I indeed Set Password safely on local admin thanks Brett nbsp

A:Local admin group accounts in a domain etc.

Why fight the system? Use an account other than the "Administrator" account. It would appear Vista just isn't designed for that to be a user account.
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I want to hide specific drives for my non-admin accounts ,
but at the same time those drives must be visible for my Admin win 7 account !!

how ?

I used advanced drive protector soft and little little others
but they hide and lock drive for all users

I want to make unique rules for non-admin user
Thanks in Advanced

A:I want to hide specific drives for my non-admin accounts, how ?

I do not know any way to do that but is it necessary to hide them to non-admin accounts?

You can just disable read and write access to account specified if you have multiple accounts on drive's properties. This way non-admin account can see the drive but cannot have access to it. I hope I'm right and hope this help.
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I have a Dell XPS M1330 running Vista Home Premium.

There are currently 2 user accounts on it. I have not turned on the Administrator Account. I would like to make one of the these 2 accounts a FULL administrator. Can I do that? And how?


A:Multiple User accounts, make one admin

Hello Ruth, and welcome to Vista Forums.

While it is not the same as the built-in Administrator account, you can elevate the default administrator account's privilege level.

Hope this helps,
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Hi all I'm not really sure when this problem started but as the admin account to as user admin Unable accounts access and only real user I set up another account to test my problems on my HP Laptop I cannot access the user accounts on my computer I've tried to access them multiple ways including through the control panel and directly through the Unable to access user accounts as admin start menu but when I try to click on anything having to do with the user accounts on my pc nothing happens So I am unable to change my password change Unable to access user accounts as admin my picture or add or remove other accounts It's almost like I'm not an administrator However according to multiple places on my computer my account is still an administrator Also some programs do not launch unless I chose to launch them as an admin by right clicking is that normal So to summarize my situation I don't think my admin account is Unable to access user accounts as admin giving me proper access to my computer limiting the things I can do Does anyone have an idea of what has happened or how I can fix it Thanks - Sean

A:Unable to access user accounts as admin

Try this:

Open an Elevated Command Prompt
Enable the hidden Administrator account: Enter net user administrator /active:yes

Reboot and got to safe mode (press F8 during boot).
Login as Administrator (no password).

Open Control Panel, User Accounts.
Check you account and make sure it's still setup correctly.
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We have seen a couple of server with malware infections that have local user accounts created for 'admin', 'sys', and 'msuser'. These accounts were also added the the local administrators group.
Just checking to see if anyone else has seen this or may know what can cause these accounts to be create, as in any viruses that may do this.

A:Admin, msuser, sys local accounts created

Possibly related to this?