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Getting Rid Of Personal Folders In Outlook 2007

Q: Getting Rid Of Personal Folders In Outlook 2007

I have set my mother's account up with GMAIL. When she reads her emails her inbox is showing "Personal Folders". I go into Account Settings and try and set her mailbox as default which it will not allow me to do.

Is there a way to just have her email account setup without "Personal Folders"?


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Preferred Solution: Getting Rid Of Personal Folders In Outlook 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Getting Rid Of Personal Folders In Outlook 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by sparker781

I have set my mother's account up with GMAIL. When she reads her emails her inbox is showing "Personal Folders". I go into Account Settings and try and set her mailbox as default which it will not allow me to do.

Is there a way to just have her email account setup without "Personal Folders"?


I'm not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?
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Here are the issues with a new installation of Office Outlook After the IMAP Personal Outlook Folders 2007 Multiple install I went into tools gt options gt mail setup gt email accounts gt datafiles gt add gt office outlook pst Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders and the folders and files with the account populated their respective areas However I ended up with multiple personal folders I have one personal folder above the mail ourserver com and three personal folders below the imap mail ourserver com I am tempted to copy the files inbox sent and so forth from the lower three personal folders into the first listed personal folder and then delete those three personal folders leaving one personal folder Second on the imap mail ourserver com sent are all the older sents however on the first listed personal folder in that sent box are the Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders current sends That I cannot figure out And lastly I have four Contacts that I incorporated using tools options The first three contact folders were old contacts used as historical reference The forth contract folder I named Contacts Though I added the four pst contact folders the Contact is not listed and I cannot locate it However if I compose an email and bring down from the contact list there is listed Contact and then I can add the recipient I have a scrambled Outlook and manage with difficulty maneuvering through the hierarchy however having everything in logical territories would be advantages A singular personal folder the imap mail folder and the current contacts all accessible Thanks for any help to untangle Outlook Chuck

A:Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders

Hello Chuck -

An expanded folder screen shot would help me understand your issue.

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I created a .pst export so that I could copy my outlook information from my main computer to a new laptop. It was successful but made a duplicate personal and sub folders on the main computer only. Also on the outlook today page it doesn't make any counts for incoming messages or other countable folders. I can save the sub folder titles to it but it doesn't recognized and put a count in even though I check both areas or just one etc... If I go to the folder from the outlook today page the folder is empty but if I go to the folder from the navigation list I can see the messages and also a count.
The notebook Outlook is working properly
Hope this makes sense to you..

A:Outlook 2007 duplicate personal and sub folders

Have a look in Libraries>Documents>Outlook Files and see what's in there.

If the exported .pst file is there you can delete it, and then try creating a fresh .pst information file for export.

You should, at some stage in the procedure, be able to choose the location you want to save it to.
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When I open Outlook ( running under XP) I get the error message " The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems."

What is ( not) happening and does anyone know how I can sort it ?


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Recently I have configured my Hotmail Live email account in Outlook 2007 through POP account wizard. All of my inbox mails got downloaded but my personal folders (Sent, Jobs, Family, Finance, etc.) were not configured / downloaded.

I understand that by installing Outlook Connector I can download personal folders. But I dont want to install Connector as I see people have many problems with that.

I would appreciate if anyone can guide me as how can I download personal folders without installing connector.
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This morning when I turned on my PC and opened Outlook 2007, all of my personal folders had mysteriously disappeared. I immediately started panicking and tried all sorts of things before eventually just closing and reopening the program and finding that my folders had returned. The problem is that a couple of these folders (and not all of them) have now been duplicated and I cannot remove the duplicates.

Can someone help me here?


A:How can I remove duplicate personal folders from Outlook 2007?

I am at a disadvantage because I do not use Outlook, but;

This can happen with certain type of mail profile corruptions. Most often this happens when you upgrade Outlook or pst-files get overwritten or are being replaced in a way other than via the Outlook or Mail Applet interface. In that case, you’ll have to recreate your mail profile to get rid of it.
Since the above suggestion can be a bit drastic when you have a complex mail profile configuration, there are some other things that you could try first.

Source: http://Delete duplicate pst folder set with same content |

This site offers three different ways to correct your situation, plus a utility if those ways do not work. If they don't you will have to try re-creating your outlook profile, there is a link to do that in the quote and at the end of the article.
Also; Check to see if you can adjust your duplication rules:

To maintain the integrity of your data, it's a good idea to have rules in place to reduce duplicate records in the system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes default duplicate detection rules for accounts, contacts, and leads, but not for other types of records. If you want the system to detect duplicates for other record types, you'll need to create a new rule.

Source: http://Set up duplicate detection rules to keep your data clean |

This seems to describe a larger network or server setup if you have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but it wouldn't hurt to look there might be a similar setting for the regular Outlook program.
Make sure that you have Administrator permissions.
Go to Settings > Data Management. (If you have it.)
Choose Duplicate Detection Rules. (If you have it.)
Select or clear the Enable duplicate detection check box. (If you have it.)
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Is it possible to transfer the personal folders and all email from Outlook Express on a Windows 95 system to Outlook 2000 on a Windows 2000 system?


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I have recently reinstalled MS Outlook 2000 and now there are three copies of the Personal Folder. When I click on those folders I get the following message:

"Unable to display the folder. An unexpected error has ocurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service mspst.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured."

Can anyone help me with this issue??

A:Ms Outlook Personal Folders

This article is about an older version of Windows, but it might help you: Error Message: The Set of Folders Could Not Be Opened.
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I just installed MS Outlook on one of my offices users and I imported a second pst file because some emails went through before I copied the old Outlook pst file in Now here is the problem 2 Folders ?? has Personal Outlook There is currently personal folders and Outlook has 2 Personal Folders ?? when a new email comes in it goes to both personal folders Also when the user clicks on quot new quot and then clicks on the quot to quot button to access his address books he is prompted with an error that one of the contacts list does not exist to remove the folder Then he clicked on quot OK quot to exit the error and the contact list was there I would like to know how to remove the second personal folders Im guessing this is causing the errors correct me if im wrong but I cannot find anywhere to remove that folder Please any help would be highly appreciated Second less important problem When I re-install windows and office I have to keep their old pst files Is there a way I can just put the old pst into the proper place and their accounts will be already activated and the mail will be there Or do I need to re-add the account Im kinda confused on if I need to import the pst or Outlook has 2 Personal Folders ?? if a simple pasting of the original pst is good enough Thanks in advance to anyone who can help nbsp

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It seems that, in backing up my Outlook pst files on an external hard disk, I have created and now erased backup files that Outlook keeps looking for. In any case, every time I launch Outlook (2000), I get an error message: the f:\outlook 26 sep 06 backup could not be found, followed by a create/open personal folders menu. I need to click OK for the first and cancel for the second for Outlook to then launch correctly. I've also got three 'extra' 'personal folders' folders in addition to my Outlook Today personal folders. Can someone please provide some guidance about cleaning up this mess, while enabling me to continue backing up my Outlook files on my external drive?

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When I right click on the personal folders file, and then click on Close "Personal folder", I get an error message - "The operation failed. An object could not be found". Running "outlook.exe /cleanviews" makes no difference. How can I get rid of these personal folders? I am running the corporate version of Outlook 2000 with Windows XP Professional SP2.

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Yesterday I wanted to shift one personal folder into another and then all the folders disappeared except for one! That folder does not contain the missing files or content.

Using search I can track the individual emails / content and even see the folders but cannot access them when I double click on them!

I am running Vista Small Business with Outlook 2007 all new. I have not imported from previous Outlook but started from scratch if that helps

Any clues on what to do?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1789 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 512001 MB, Free - 393531 MB; D: Total - 441858 MB, Free - 193623 MB; E: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 151804 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-880GM-UD2H
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled
I am useing OFFICE 2010.
I lost all my Outlook personal folders and Contacts. It happened right after installing iCloud.
Please help.
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I have just spent the weekend getting my new HP computer set up, including adding Outlook 2003. I copied over from my old PC (just before the power supply burned up), most of my Outlook 2000 personal folders, one of them was called Saved. I imported them into 2003 Outlook, then deleted the Saved folder. Now when I launch Outlook, I get a message: Personal Folders The path specified in the file \\Homehelper\sharedocs\Saved.pst is not valid. Any Hints?

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Outlook 2000 "Personal Folders"
I have a workstation w/two Personal Folders. When I try to delete the second folder, (Close Personal Folders) it won't let me since there are data in contacts & calendar.
Any workarounds on deleting this second folder.
Sorry too busy to figure..out..really..

A:Outlook 2k double Personal Folders

Yeah you should be able to go to your control panel and under control panel you should see a mail ICON. Double click on your mail ICON. A menu should pop up with the service tab first. There you should see the personal folder. Delete the one you do not need. When you open up outlook again it should not be there.
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I have user who is having email problems She is one of the older employees at this company and therefore uses PST files for her email What appears to be happening Mailbox Outlook Personal Folders and is that when she receives an email it sits in her Mailbox for minutes or more until the user starts messing with Outlook From this point the emails either Outlook Mailbox and Personal Folders drop to the Personal Folders or are manually moved The delivery is set to Personal Folders Has anyone else experienced this problem and know of a way to get the emails to move to Outlook Mailbox and Personal Folders the personal folders in a more timely fashion as they should I have tried doing a repair on Office and tried altering some of the NIC settings to no avail I don t personally have access to the Exchange server Update Well I think we re just going to change the user to Mailbox and use the personal folders for archival purposes However if you know what the problem is please feel free to post a fix nbsp
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This morning an extra Personal Folder appeared in Outlook 2000, I'm not sure why. Two personal folders are listed now, the first one is completely blank. It appears to be an exact duplicate of Outlook 2000 default folders, but nothing is in it.

The next personal folder contains all of my emails, contacts, etc.

At first I thought this was not a big deal, because I can just minimize the first personal folder and ignore it.

However, when I compose an email now my contacts list is empty. Outlook seems to be trying to pull contacts from the first folder list.

My operating system is Windows XP.

How do I fix this without losing any emails or contacts? This is a corporate laptop, so it is imperative that I not lose any data.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Dear All

Can I confirm with Outlook 2000 that if I 'Remove' a supposed duplicate personal folder that, thats it I will not be able to restore it??

Removed the personal folder by selecting 'Tools', Services and pressing the 'Remove' button.

Problem is it was not the right Personal Folder!! I still have another duplicate so not such a problem but have lost some e-mails.

No sign of the removed file in the recycle bin or having done a search on all .pst files anywhere on the system.

Have also eventually managed to unhide the local settings folder after a separate search on the internet but no sign of any missing folder in there either - .pst files normally stored here. Admit that was being a bit hopeful

If this is the case, don't you think deleting perhaps all your e-mails is a little too easy! And why is there not something similar to the Recycle bin?

Comments appreciate.

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Outlook pst folders transfer I m trying to copy my Outlook email personal folders structure as well as content from my Lenovo T s laptop Windows XP Office to a Dell desktop Windows .pst Outlook Transferring personal email folders Office I have two separate sets of files one labelled Archives and the other labelled Personal Folders both of which have multiple subfolders I ve now copied both using a memory stick to the Dell desktop I tried the Import and Export feature and also tried the Open Data File feature The Archive folder gets copied with all the sub-folders but I can only access those if the memory stick is inserted into a USB port even though the Archive folder is saved on the Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Dell desktop When I do the same thing with the Personal Folders a Merge folder opens but it doesn t have any content I do see the default Personal Folders on Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders the left side of the Outlook screen What should I do Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Thanks

A:Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders

Did you use the Import/Export function in Outlook 2007?
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If I never deleted some personal folders, they still have to be there somewhere right? If someone clicks CLOSE PERSONAL FOLDERS, does that delete them? There has to be a way to restore them if they are missing from the Mailbox tree.

A:Recover Personal Folders In Outlook 2003

Hi, jgadrummer:If all you did was use the option to Close Personal Folders, the file will still exist somewhere on your computer. If you can find the personal folder file(.pst), you can add it back to Outlook by using the Mail icon in the Control Panel. Click Data Files..., Add..., follow the rest of the prompts by selecting the proper personal folders file type, and locate and select your Personal Folders file. By default, mine opened in the folder location where the existing personal folders file was located.Hope that helps,
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Hello When I got my new HP Windows laptop several months ago I installed Office I recall at the time importing more than one personal folder into the new Outlook Enough time has passed that I'm ready to get rid if I can of the annoyance having folders I don't use in the folder list on the left Maybe Folders 2013 Extra Personal - Outlook I should be using them but I don't From the top first I have personal folder with subfolders inbox drafts sent Outlook 2013 - Extra Personal Folders etc As far as I know I don't use these folders at all and I have cut and moved most of the messages in them to the second folder list The second list is name email com There I also have subfolders inbox drafts sent deleted as well as Outlook 2013 - Extra Personal Folders the many other subfolders I've created for various needs So can I get rid of the personal folders listed first Should I keep them If so can I hide them somehow Thanks

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While attempting to resolve an opening problem with Outlook(2002), running Office 2002 XP, I created a new identity in 'Mail'. (I didn't delete anything) I now have duplicate Outlook Today 'Personal Folders' with data mixed between the two systems. Within Outlook, I don't find an option to 'delete' the unwanted folders. What do I do to get a single personal folder setup, with the most current data in Mail, Tasks, and Contacts? Somewhere in here, I also need to reduce the size of the archives, and or data files?

A:Solved: Duplicat Outlook 'Personal Folders'

Hi homeslarry,

Do you mean you have added a second Account? If so, CONTROL PANEL / MAIL and delete the duplicate in there.

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I currently have 4 copies of the same personal folders in my outlook 2000. How do I delete the extra copies of the folders.


A:Outlook 2000 duplicate personal folders

Hi pollyanna
What mode do you have running for Outlook 2000?
Corporate/Workgroup (CW) or Internet Mail Only (IMO)
Help>About Microsoft Outlook, should say on the second line.

(CW)Try right clicking on the Personal Folders, select Close Personal Folders.
Tools>Services, Hightlight the Personal Folders you want to Remove and select the Remove button.
You may need to select the Properties button first to see what .pst file it is attached to. I renamed all my Personal Folders with the .pst file so that at a glance I could tell which one belonged.

After removing the Personal Folders list from your Services, you would need to locate the .pst file and delete it.

Let us know if this works for you or if you are using Internet Mail Only.
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I now have 4 headings in the Folder List named Personal Folders, 3 of them are basic and have nothing in them. The 4th is my main list. How do I remove the other 3?

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Originally in the navigation pane missing Contacts personal Outlook 07 Folders in of my Outlook Contacts I had types of contacts folders one named quot Contacts quot and the other named quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot I entered some different contact information into each of theses Suddenly without me noticing that I did anything in settings or otherwise I lost the quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot from my navigation pane and when I look through only remaining- quot Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing Contacts quot folder on navigation pane Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing I have all contacts I enterred into the quot Contacts quot file but I do not have any of the information -contacts I entered into quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot folder in navigation pane that vanished Also when I was saving I Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing noticed that when I clicked on quot Contacts in personal folders quot in navigation pane the box to enter info Business cards view had on the bottom of it a box checked saying in quot in personal folders quot and the info box of the group under folder named quot Contact quot only screens that is now the only one visible did not have that check-box Now I lost -at least cannot find ton of information contacts I entered into that list Contacts in personal folders I do not understand why it dissapeared also not clear what is the difference between the two quot contact quot folder types I always accessed any contacts by clicking the appropriate folder in the navigation pane and do not know how to access n other way if possible the information originally entered into files whose group I opened by clicking on now missing navigation pane button-folder called quot Contacts in Personal folders I do know that most of the info does not vanish from the computer but without this navigation pane folder I do not know how to access the info I entered into boxes grouped under that folder I also backed up most info before it happened but after I imported files to restore contacts I still do not see any of the info entered into quot contacts in personal folders quot that is still missing I backed up to en external drive is it possible to search there but what should I search for I do not understand the difference and saving location between the files that one created under theses two confusing similar names in the navigation pane Please help as I have important information stored there now missing Thanks you so much for your help nbsp
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work laptop which i have used for personal stuff now I need to give a copy of the business related emaails so I spent 6 hrs removing the personal ones.

I backed up at the start just in case. Then after deleting 1000's of emails I am trying to back up an edited version (personal emails removed) but the thing keeps hanging. Now when I open O'07 it has multiple personal folders which I can't delete the folders.

any idea's how I can remove these folders?


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I am trying to backup my Outlook folders using the Import and Export function. I'm just wondering whether or not "exporting" the file will cause those messages to no longer appear in Outlook itself, or if exporting just makes a copy. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Question about Outlook Personal Folders File Export

Exporting copies - nothing is deleted.
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I downloaded the Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook from the Microsoft Office downloads site When I try to install it I get into a Catch situation First I get a message quot Setup has detected that you already have a version of Personal Folders Backup installed on this machine Before the download can be installed you must first uninstall the previous version To uninstall please answer yes to the next question quot When I click OK I get the message quot Are you sure you want to uninstall this product quot When I click Yes I get the message quot This action is only valid for products that are currently installed quot When I click OK I get the message quot To install this download please uninstall the previous version of Personal Folders Backup using the Add Remove Programs Control Panel quot There is no Personal Folders Backup for Backup add-in Folders Personal (Solved) Outlook 2003 shown in the Add Remove Programs list Anyone have any information on what is messed up in my Registry Apparently one place says I have PFB installed and (Solved) Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook 2003 somewhere else says I don t (Solved) Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook 2003 nbsp

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I want to have all the emails from one contact go into a personal folder and emails from another person go into another personal folder and so on and so forth, but i don't want to keep having to move them all by hand. Is there away to set up the folders that when a email comes in it looks at the adress and puts it into the relevent folder, if so how.
many thanks Joe

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 contact personal folders

Hi JoeMorris94

Set up Rules to move messages to the desired folders.
Tools > Rules and Alerts
Set up your conditions and actions. Then test.

Let us know if that works for you or not.
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Every now and again I load Outlook and another set of Personal folders has been added under my current set They completely duplicate the folders and messages already in my Personal Folders I now have five sets of these - each a snap shot of my folders when it was created I wish to delete them and of course I can delete those which duplicate the folders I created - but they contain Intray Deleted Items etc etc which Outlook will not allow me to delete How do I get rid of them and how do I stop Outlook creating new sets in the future My second problem with Outlook is that I wish to create weekly back ups and have always done so by exporting to a pst file After many years of doing this I am now getting the message The operation failed An object could not be found So I am unable to over-write the previous file and have to create a file with a new name This is OK except that I now have a very large number of pst files which I cannot delete - and it appears that Outlook is constantly adding data to them Indeed it seems that this is happening even on days when I have not exported because additional creates Outlook folders 2002 Personal the dates of the files are those of the latest day I have accessed my computer Can anyone help Many thanks nbsp

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For some reason I have 3 sets of Personal Folders and Calendars in my Outlook 2003 (running on Vista). When I try to delete either of the 2 that I don't want I get this error message:

"This operation failed. The object could not be found."

Does anyone know how to remedy this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Can't Delete 2nd and 3rd Personal Folders & Calendars in Outlook 2003
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OK I use outlook 2003 for my comcast e-mail and lately when I start it up the window

comes up but before doing anything a second window pops up with a load bar and it says

the file personal file folders was not closed properly and checking file for errors after it

loads the main window says not responding for a moment and then it operates as normal

and if it matters Im using windows vista home premium 32-bit

A:Solved: Microsoft outlook personal file folders

Had something like that at work. Theres a few fixes for it but I need to know if your emails are being saved on there server or on your computer in a .pst file
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We are in the process of upgrading users to a newer version of Citrix. This includes an office upgrade from 2010 to 2013. After upgrading one user I found that his Outlook forders are missing. How do I get these to appear in his Outlook folders list?

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Is there a way to automatically delete emails from a personal folder? Ones that are over 2 years old.

A:Outlook 2007 deleting personal folder emails

This will help you. If giving links is wrong, please it is my mistake and remove it
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I'm using Win'7, with MS Outlook 2007 on a C2D PC.
I would like to save the data of Outlook '07 in my personal folder instead of the default location. Kindly help.
Thanks in advance

A:Saving Outlook 2007 data in personal folder

Are you asking that you would like tha move your PST file from it current location to adifferent folder that you have?
Tell use where you would like to move the PST file to?
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I created a new perosnal folder by going to New -> Data Outlook File
I already have a personal folder
Now when I want to add a new one, I do the same thing
However, this time around the type of storage field does not show me the pst , it is blank. I can't add any new personal folders

Can any throw light on this?


A:Problem in Adding additional personal folders (pst) in Outlook 2002

Can you post a screen shot of the window. I am not exactly sure what you are talking about.

Outlook will only have one pst file per profile. When adding fields to that profile you should be able to open Outlook, click on the Inbox or what is showing and then click on File, Folder, New and then click on the heading you want it to appear under.

IT should create it. But for some reason I am getting the feeling this is not exactly what you want so if you can show the window maybe it will help me understand.
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I am trying to disable the function that allows you to Drag/Drop emails from one folder to the next. This is specific to a personal folder I created, and don't want to be able to Drag/Drop and e-mail to or from this folder...

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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have a search.

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email ***** was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for ***** but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu, any ideas?

A:Outlook 2010 - How do you merge personal folders to an email account?

Hello MzTearyuz

See if this link is of help.
Combine POP3 accounts in Outlook 2010 |

Where do I find?? | HowTo-Outlook
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I continuously get the above message when I open up Outlook. It takes forever to open the program. I've done scanpst.exe and I think it fixes the problem but it doesn't. Can you help and tell me what to do?

When I close the program, I delete all the items, hit close all items and then exit. I have no idea what is going on. I guess there may be some errors in there but I can't fix it using scanpst.exe


A:Outlook PST - 'data file Personal Folders' was not closed properly
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Can anyone please help me with this?

My problem is that I have just bought a new system running vista after the old one died following a motherboard problem (it refused to boot). I have salvaged the old hard disk which ran XP and it appears to be sound and I have put it in an external enclosure connected to the new computer. I want to retrieve/access old mail folders created in MS Outlook 2003 on the old hard disk but cannot seem to locate them anywhere.

Any suggestions as to how I can get to and open them please?

A:Finding and transferring Outlook Personal Folders from an Old Hard Disk

Your old outlook.pst file should be located here: Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Copy it over to your new PC. In Outlook, do File > Open > Outlook Data File

Here's some extra reading for future reference:
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I was referred to - personal .pst Outlook after Win2000 {Solved} of opening new folders Problems install this board by a friend hopefully someone can help out Prior to doing a new install of Win from a Win computer I backed up all my outlook e-mail contact lists etc The suggested method was exporting these as as {Solved} - Problems opening .pst Outlook personal folders after new install of Win2000 pst files Now I am running on Win with all my files backed up on cd I ve moved the pst files over and have tried to import them into the newly installed Outlook For some reason though it will not let me import them claiming a password problem The message I get is Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use After clicking OK I get a message saying quot File access is denied you don t have permission to access these files quot What s the problem How do I import these files They re rather important If someone could help me out on this I would appreciate it Thanks in advance Michael S Gallegly nbsp

A:{Solved} - Problems opening .pst Outlook personal folders after new install of Win2000


I have a feeling that the problem is that when you copied the file from CD, it was copied as a read only file.

Find the file, right click on it and untick the Read Only attribute.

See if that helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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I just put in a new hard reading 2003 folders Move not not 2007 from successful; Outlook to certain Outlook drive and installed the latest version of Office I kept the data and archive files from Outlook so I could import them into Outlook and get back to business However that did not happen It was able to read and bring up most of the data but I am missing some folders which are critical The critical folders are folders that were created manually They were used to store email messages that came in that were important They were simply dragged from the Inbox and put into that folder There were also folders within that folder I m not sure if these folders and subfolders were in the Inbox or not They may not have been The way I imported it was by going to TOOLS gt ACCOUNT SETTINGS gt DATA FILES tab gt and pointed to the old PST file I also pointed to the archive pst file as well but later went to FILE gt ARCHIVE and pointed to the Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders old archive pst file in there Bot ways did not reveal the folders that are needed Is Outlook not able to read all data from Outlook pst files or is there a fix for this Please advise nbsp

A:Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders

I purchased a new Notebook with Office 2007 installed and copied over my Outlook 2000 pst file. I also had manually created folders for filing important emails. Mine were sub folders within the Inbox folder. Everything copied over, but I could not see the manual folders at first until I double clicked the Inbox folder in the side panel and then they spilled out. I would look for them in that panel and double click anything there starting with Inbox, Sent etc. Also try doing a search for any subject or address of an email you may have saved.

When copying over the pst file I think everything is copied. Appears you did not just copy contacts for example, but the complete pst file. I think the folders are there as Sub Folders, just hidden within one of the main folders such as Inbox.
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I've just formatted my computer and restored my personal folder (.pst file) in outlook before setting up any e-mail.

I've setup my e-mail after that, but then outlook creates a new personal folder for it, and that's not what I want. I'd like to receive mail in my old personal folder.

How can I do that?
Appreciate your help.

A:Solved: How do I recieve e-mails in my restored Personal Folder? (Outlook 2007)
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See attachment for exact error. Just started this evening although have been using outlook earlier in the day.

I have run through everything here that is applicable for pop mail.

Additionally I haveRun a repair of office 2007
Tried the noextensions switch
Tried running Outlook in compatability mode
Using a back up of my pst file
Recreating bak file

But still no joy. I have looked a half dozen other links most of which suggest some of the fixes on the link above.

Still getting this error. Only updates that have installed today is windows defender signatures. ESET smart security licence also renewed.

Can anyone help please?

A:Outlook 2007 - Cannot start, open outlook window, set of folders...

Have you tried it with the /resetnavpane switch?

More information on command line options for outlook:
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Hello To start off the computer in question is running Windows XP and Microsoft office I am in the process of resolving this issue as stated in the title that the user did not come across until recently when Outlook had locked up on him and he was forced to improperly close it down The problem im coming across is that everytime he starts outlook it takes the system around minutes just to analyze the data file all the while not being able to do anything at all in Outlook The long loadup time I understand because he has an amazing emails The problem arises after the check is finally completed Outlook opens and as soon as I attempt to erase files immediately he begins receiving the emails that he has missed out on for the past week which is around MB This in turn data properly Outlook 'Personal file Folder' 2007 not was - closed Solved: causes Outlook to lockup for some unknown reason and became a vicious cycle We then opened up outlook in safe mode and deleted about emails then reopened outlook and managed to receive a few days of missed emails During this process it locked up again and Solved: Outlook 2007 - data file 'Personal Folder' was not closed properly we are back at step one and waiting for it to analyze the data file which is actually taking longer than previously stated when the file was much larger Any suggestions would be great I ve done a lot of searching around and couldn t find an answer I found sufficient to my own personal problem I have always had success asking you guys here so thanks ahead of time for anything that you can contribute Tyler nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 - data file 'Personal Folder' was not closed properly
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Outlook 2007, personal/archieve folder files does not display file names - How do i correct the problem so the files will display names vs just the file size.

A:Outlook 2007, personal/archieve folder files does not display file names

Hi, Please go through this link which might help you:- further help please reply.Thanks and Regards Deepa_REdit: Changed link to actual URL to remove perception of link obfuscation and increase link transparency. ~ Queen-Evie
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I used Zinstall to move all my files/programs from my old computer to my new one in the last few days. I also upgraded the new one from 8.1 to Win10 after the migration. Knowing Win10 doesn't work with MSOffice2007, I subscribed to MSOffice365 in the new computer. Now, Outlook 2013 doesn't show the same folders I had in Outlook 2007, and I need to know where all my saved files went and how to import them to this system. (They are still sitting in my old computer, if I have to copy them to a zip drive & move them again.)
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i have seen many posts about this particular issue. i am gathering information and doing research on this issue. for the people having this problem, are you using the Outlook Connector to connect to a Microsoft Live email account or any other online accounts?
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Hi all,

I am having an issue with Outlook 2007 (office 2007 professional) whereby I cannot view public folders. The exchange server is 2003 service pack 2. The problem does not exist wtih outlook 2003.

A message to the like of you do not have "sufficient permission to view the folders please contact your system administrator".

Can anyone help?

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OK This has really been troubling me Feeds RSS and Outlook 2007 Folders so any help would be appreciated Its regarding viewing Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds and Folders subfolders in main folders My setup up is below I have a main folder quot Major League Soccer quot and then two subfolders which sibsequently contain the feeds quot quot RSS Feeds Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds and Folders quot quot Major League Soccer quot folder quot MLS General quot folder quot MLSNet com quot feed quot ESPN - MLS News quot feed quot Team News quot folder quot Chicago Fire quot folder quot Chicago News from Jon quot feed quot Chicago fire stats quot feed quot New York Red Bulls quot folder What I want to do is instead of clicking the feed to see the latest blog entries I want to click the contaiing folder and view all the feeds together So for example I want to click quot Chicago Fire quot folder and view the two containing feeds together Then I would like to click quot team news quot and view all the Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds and Folders feeds contained in the subfolders Then finally I would like to click quot Major League Soccer quot and see the feeds from both quot MLS General quot and quot Team News quot I hope I have explained my problem clearly enough and greatly appreciate any help you guys can throw my way Currently when I click these root folders it says quot There are no items to show in this view quot Thank You All nbsp

A:Outlook 2007 RSS Feeds and Folders

here is a picture of what i am talking about: Screen shots/Outlook07Problem.jpg
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Hello All,

I want to protect my Outlook 2007 email folder, and some other MS Office folders from hackers who might break into my computer. If I password protect my Outlook 2007 .pst file, will that prevent a hacker who enters my computer from accessing my email, and other office folders?

I am not concerned about protecting my computer from someone who happens to pass by my desk, since I live alone. I am only interested in protecting against someone who breaks into my computer.

If I password protect my computer's Vista Account, will that prevent a hacker from accessing my emails, etc.?

If none of the above mentioned techniques will protect these computer files from a hacker, what other options do I have?

Thank you for your help,

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Hi there,

Using Outlook 2007 on Windows 8 OS, loads to inbox fine but when I expand the (+) and try to access any sub folders Outlook gets stuck in a long loading loop and ultimately says "Not responding" and I need to shut down the application.

PC reboot does nothing, no error messages appear. I can access other main folders fine, its only an issue with sub folders within my inbox.

Please help.



A:Outlook 2007 sub folders will not load

First thing, I would run a repair on office.
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Now this is probably going to sound very strange but this is starting to get a little annoying so would like to see if it can be sorted In Outlook I have my Inbox and a folder set up and 2007 Folders Solved: Messages Outlook called Current Mail which I place any in progress e-mails into so that I can keep a record of all e-mails I m working on This folder Solved: Outlook 2007 Folders and Messages is sorted by the category of the e-mail which I am using to display its priority Solved: Outlook 2007 Folders and Messages i e which one needs to be looked at first At the moment when I select this folder it auto selects the message right at the bottom of the Reading Pane which is slightly annoying as my Priority e-mails are right Solved: Outlook 2007 Folders and Messages at the top and my lower priorities are at the bottom This means that every time I go into the folder I have to scroll all the way back up to find the e-mail I want to work on or the e-mail that I was previously viewing Is there any way to set this auto select to default to the previously viewed e-mail or the top of the list rather than just hitting the bottom straight away My Inbox selects the most recent message and doesn t seem to have any differences nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 Folders and Messages

hey ad_taylor that is weird. i also have out2007 and in my folders i have reading pane on the right and if i first go to the folder it selects the top message. unless it's sorted ascending by date. i don't know. maybe try going to view, current view, customize current view, then try to play with those options, maybe go to group by and try unchecking the automatically group checkbox at the top. or you could try to just reverse the sort order.
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Is it possible to set up Outlook 2007 so that it will automatically open to a specific mail folder (such as Unread Mail), to save some clicks? I know I can set it to open to the Mail Folder view, but more specifically, to a Mail folder?

OS Windows XP


A:Solved: Outlook 2007 Mail Folders

Hi there Barbara,

Take a look here...

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I don't think I've ever felt so unintelligent. One of my co-workers has a web folder where the text size seems to be at about 300%. Now, this doesn't really bother her, but it drives me bananas. I can't seem to find a way to change the font size/text size of an Outlook 2007 web folder - anyone? Seems like it should be a simple task - but i've come up with nothing.

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Does anyone have a solution on how to export my personal folders in Hotmail to Outlook 2007? The messages and inbox/deleted folders is not a problem but cannot bring the my other folders to Outlook. Thanks for your help
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New Office 2007 installed on new Vista Ultimate 64 based system and decided to transfer settings from XP system. Unfortunately, can not get Cisco VPN running on Vista 64 system and when I try and run, Outlook, I get a:

Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opend. Attemp to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed.

Is there anyway to reset Outlook to a fresh clean start? I have re-loaded Office 2007 twice trying to clean off the old data so that I can manually set Outlook up with out it looking for Microsoft Exchange.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Outlook 2007 will not load, cannot access folders

Couple of problems addressed:

1) once I realized that the Mail folder is in the 32 bit program folder in the Control Panel. It was easy to fix some of the links and push the Exchange email to come-up in Off-line mode. This is due to a lack of Cisco VPN service for Vista based systems.

2) Retested and investigated with IT department for either updated Cisco VPN software or ability to use Cisco's SSL VPN which we have implemented world wide. Neither work with Vista and Cisco's only response if for their customers to upgrade their systems to AnyConnect. As a global company, we will not be doing that soon so will need to use HTML version to access corporate email.

Considering the importance and size of the business community that uses Cisco VPN products and the perceived desire by MS to get Vista into that market, one would think that they would bend over to ensure their customers were serviced well by one of them not requiring a major over-haul of their VPN service!

If anyone finds a ways to work around the VPN issue, would be greatly appreciative.


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When I try to delete certain folders I get the message stating "The server responded: 'NONEXISTANT] mailbox doesnt exist: INBOX. CANDDIATES.ACTIVE.    My email is an IMAP that goes through my companies web based email.  The folder is not in my web mail.   Does anyone know how I can delete these folders from my outlook?  Thanks!
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Hello, I have a user who has accidentally deleted one of her sub-folders in the Archive folder. Is there any way to recover this? I saw nothing in the Tools Menu > Recover Deleted Items.. area and there is nothing in the trash bin.

A:Recover Deleted Outlook 2007 Archive Sub-Folders

Does she have any backups at all that she could extract the folder from, I don't think that a System Restore to a date just before she deleted it would help here, although it wouldn't hurt to try.
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We have Outlook 2007 on every PC in our Office. Somehow, whenever I want to move an email (right-click on hold, move from inbox to desktop, release mousebutten, confirm move) the result is different on XP and Vista PC's.

On my pc e.g. (XP) the email is removed from the inbox. On several Vista-PCs the email remains.

Somehow these small differences can drive one mad!

First feature (removing) is wanted. Is there a way to change it for the Vista-Outlooks?

A:Outlook 2007, moving emails to desktop (or other folders)

OK, it's definitely a Vista related problem because one of the Vista PC's has the same Office Edition like I have on XP and reacts differently. Anyone experiencing the same?
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Hi, I have exported a list of empty folders from Lotus Notes and saved them in Excel. It's a simple list with the names of the folders (e.g., USCS\2. Cross-Sector Services\CMR\j2G). I want to use the same folders in Outlook 2007. I am VBA-illiterate but it seems a VBA macro would be the best way to import the folders and tell Outlook 2007 to put them under the Inbox = Inbox\USCS\2. Cross-Sector Services\CMR\j2G. I have attached a file with 10 sample folders. Any help would be appreciated! Best, M
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I have just setup my Gmail account in my Outlook 2007,
the inbox in the "personal folder" category and the "favorite folder" category is empty,
but the inbox folder in the category "[email protected]" contains my emails.
is there a way to merge or sync the folders?

a screen shot of my folders


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Hi,my wife is using Outlook 2007 but the account was originally setup with POP acct. many years ago,way before having a tablet and smart phone.Her phone and tablet are set in Imap. I would like to "convert" her Outlook to IMAP as well, and found this website that explains how to proceed in 3 easy steps:1) deleting the pop3 account2) adding the IMAP acct3) move personal folders/emails from former POP to newer IMAPIf I understand the article correctly, I might get stuck with 2 sets of special folders (inbox, sent items, etc), which will be cause for confusion. For instance, once all the emails from the original Pop Inbox are moved to the new Imap inbox, will I be able to delete the old pop inbox?Thanks in advance,,154544.0.html
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I recently got a new HP laptop with Vista/Outlook 2007 (coming from XP & Outlook 2003). My email & Contacts imported nicely to the new computer but my Address Book is blank. I tried right clicking on the Contact folder but the option "show this folder as an email address book" is greyed out.

Also, Internet Explorer says "Internet Explorer has stopped working" each time I launch it and the only fix I've found is to reset it to default settings each time I launch it. Very annoying! Any ideas on how I can fix this? Is it a known Vista problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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how to organized contacts into folders with drop down menus, in outlook 2007. I imported now its jumbled mess. Attatched are 2 screen shots, one labeled organized other unorganized. I imported contacts into outlook from previous pst file and they show up fine in the folders(which took me while to figure out) and all jumbled in the contacts folder making it hard and unreal to be able to find what i need. How do I get this where the contacts are nice and organized in folders.
you see in unorganized pic it is under 1-contruction then drop down is states the drops down from there. in the unorganized it take EVERYTHING OUT OF FOLDERS and puts them into a list.. Its so frustrating!!
any help would be appreciated, Im trying to google and search but so far no help, I was hoping you smart people on this forum could help me out

Edit: Image tags added. LAN

A:how to organized contacts into folders with drop down menus, in outlook 2007

I repaired your images .... you simply needed to either click this button or add ( [ img ] image link [ /img ] <--- use no spaces ) to show the pictures.

Welcome to TSG. Someone better than me should be along to assist you with your querry.
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Hey TSG,


Windows XP SP2 with all updates
MS Office 2003 with all updates
Windows is set up with 3 user profiles - error only occurs on "administrator"

PC appears to be clean: I run SPYBOT and AdAware regularly, and CCleaner and Registry Mechanic occasionally. I use fully updated Trend Micro PC-cillin Virus Protection and firewall.


For no apparent reason, when I open Outlook I get the message "Data file 'Personal Folders' was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems" .....pause

...and then Outlook closes. (NOTE: any recommended solution that requires Outlook to be open cannot be applied). I have researched the Web forums and one suggestion was that the .pst file is too large. I back up the .pst file every night and last night's file was 352 meg which does not seem to be too big.




PS: I can get e-mail on-line

A:Outlook 2003 - Error "Data File 'Personal Folders' was not closed properly"

Well the good news is that your .pst file is not too large... the maximum limit for previous versions of office .pst files was 2 GB... usually corruption occurs before this point though (post 1.5 GB is about the point where it becomes prominent), and with the new office 2003 4TB is the theoretical limit of your PST files.

One thing to try... move the location (into another folder) of your .pst file, so that the association of the outlook and the pst file is broken... see if this allows you to open outlook... if so try to remap to the .pst file in its new location, close outlook and see if the issue has been resolved or if it fails to open again.

If you are able to open outlook (with the pst disconnected) and the previous step has failed try using the import/export function and see if you can import your .pst file from the old (corrupted one) to a new one...

There are utilities out there that are able to check the integrity of .pst files, but right at the moment... it escapes me as to which are the recommended scanners.

Other suggestions are welcome...
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I recently upgraded from Windows SE to XP Home "Personal Outlook 2002 Duplicate Folders" When I did I opted to use Outlook rather than Outlook Express which I had used with Two things happened from which I don t seem to be able to recover First - I lost all the messages from Outlook Express I wish I had them back but I can live without them - so far Second - I have somehow acquired a duplicate quot Personal Folders quot list I have two quot Outlook Today quot - Personal Folders listed in my folders list Everything in the first one is duplicated in the second When I download messages they appear in both quot Inbox quot folders When I add a folder to the first it appears in the second and visa-versa If I delete a message in any of the sub-folders it disappears from the other quot mirror quot sub-folder So far I have been unable locate an actual duplicate file anywhere It s almost like Outlook is reading the same file twice and displaying it s contents in two identical folders Although it doesn t seem Outlook 2002 Duplicate "Personal Folders" to hurt anything I d like to get rid of the duplicate displayed folder I m a rookie on this stuff so any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Outlook 2002 Duplicate "Personal Folders"

Open Windows Explorer.
Go to Tools-Folder options.
Hit the View tab.
Make sure you ARE viewing hidden files/folders.
Make sure you can SEE file extensions for known file types.

Do a search for *.pst files.

You probably have two in the same location somehow.
Just move one of them someplace else.

You can't do it when Outlook is open. Only when it's closed.

You can also try running Detect and Repair from the help menu.
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i'm pulling my hair out on this one - I'm running windows bit and i had to do a complete re-install of win and everything else I've had to re-install microsoft office outlook before on this very computer and have not had this issue plus i still have it installed on a laptop and copying the settings from the laptop installation do not work The problem - when i enter the gmail email address it automatically finds the server and sets the account up as a pop acct When i insert the comcast email addresses it sets them up as imap accounts and sets up separate folders for them so to keeps Outlook imap separate as email up folders setting 2007 acct in check my inboxes i have Outlook 2007 keeps setting up email as imap acct in separate folders to scroll all the way down the navigation pane On my laptop outlook seven set the comcast accts up as mail comcast net accts and incoming emails just pop into the one inbox where my pop emails show up i've googled the bejesus out of this and none of the quot change quot the folder instructions work - there is no quot change folder quot button where all the instructions show it residing in the Outlook 2007 keeps setting up email as imap acct in separate folders bottom box on the quot data quot page of account settings When i try to use the quot change quot selection at the top of the Outlook 2007 keeps setting up email as imap acct in separate folders box listing the email accts i cannot change the folder address for the imap accts When i try to set the accounts up manually as quot mail comcast net quot accounts they will connect or log on to the server but not succeed in sending a test message I'm not a software engineer but neither am i a complete fred flintstone of email accounts but i haven't been this frustrated since windows when i finally brought a sledge hammer into the room and threatened to introduce the computer to quot Mr Sledge quot intimately - surprisingly that threat worked I have gone thru the myriad settings in outlook until i'm blue in the face and cannot find anything to change or why it would choose to set up accounts as imap accounts when on the laptop and on this computer previously it had set them up as quot mail comcast net quot accounts any suggestions

A:Outlook 2007 keeps setting up email as imap acct in separate folders

Hi larryccf, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Is this website any help for you.

Configure Outlook 2007 for Comcast Email
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When I search Outlook (happens in 2007 and 2010), I will get a folder listing "Top of Personal Folders" with a list of emails under it.

The problem is that I don't have any folders call "Top of Personal Folders". Can anyone tell me what this is?
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Can someone tell me some specifics and pinpoint the differences (or maybe a good website) that would pinpoint the differences between the Windows 7 search and the outlook 2007 search? I know the outlook search searches through email but are there other difference I am overlooking between the two? Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 search files and folders vs Outlook 2007 search

Hi and welcome to the forum.
This is like trying to compare chalk and cheese!
Instant Search helps you to quickly find items in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. The Instant Search pane is always available in all of your Outlook views, such as Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.
The Windows 7 search facility will search everything on your computer depending on the parameters you set in the indexing system.
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I have relocated my personal folders from my C:drive(0s&Programs)to my D:drive(personal docs.)By creating new folders on my d:driver then going to my c:driver users folder & relocating them to my d:drive.Everything went fine.Now three days later when I go to open my personal folders on d:drive I have two peronslal folders of each music,pictures,docs,etc......Proporties for one folder is d:drive the other is c:drive for each.What should I do with the c:drive folders?Delete them,Move them back to c:drive?I am not sure what to do.I do not want to loose files on d:drive.Any help would be appreciated,Thank You

A:Personal Folders

How did you relocate them, using the personal folder properties dialog?
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I recently deleted my colleague's distribution list. Fortunately I have another colleague who has the same distribution list on her PC . It is the same outlook 2007 on both PC . I followed the usual way of exporting and importing the csv file in both window and csv format . But I am still not able to get the distribution list on the deleted desktop ? What is the possible issue here ?


A:Importing Distribution list from Outlook 2007 to outlook 2007

The only advise I have is to give you incite into the cvs file.

It is the equivalent of a XML markup, but a file a programmer likes to deal with better. It's laid out in what is known as comma delimited formatting. That means, when the file is being read by a program, it stops at the comma's. Everything before the comma is the current entry. Everything after the comma is the next entry, and before etc. The read stops when no more commas are found, and the last entry is taken.

Comma delimited format should allow for the cross platform exchange. If it doesn't try using the XML format instead.

Hope I helped.
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User cannot delete items in the personal folder in Outlook. Receives the following message: "The messenging interface has returned an unknown error". Any suggestions?

A:Oulook Personal Folders

Microsoft Support turns up a few hits.
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Hi All,

How do i stop my personal folder from being shared? I am not part of a homegroup.
Under the advanced tab, sharing is not ticked and the 'share with' is set to nobody.

Can someone please help?


A:My personal folders are shared

Welcome to Windows Seven Forum.

Are you talking about your Public folder?

Windows Public Folder - What is the Public Folder in Windows?

Windows 7 Feature Focus: HomeGroup
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On PC #1 I can change a folder icon to whatever I want for easy I.D. But on PC #2 If I try the same to change the folder icon it doesn't change. (both r win7 x64)

On both machines only one user acct - Administrator.

Folder > properties > customize > change icon >etc

A:Using personal icons on folders how to?

See if either of these tutorials by Brink help:

User Folders - Change Default Icon
Folder Icon Change
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All my personal folders (My Music, My Pictures, My Videos) have been gone for about a week. I can't seem to find the icon in My Documents, but the folder still exists. It is beginning to irritate me as I can find no solution yet. Thanks for reading!

A:Missing Personal folders

Hi Unohoo09,

Did you try "Search". They are probably just in wrong place. When you find them just put them back :D
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I had all of my folders (music, pictures, documents, etc) location moved to a drive on the network. I reformatted that drive. Now all of those icons on Vista are the generic white icon. If I right click and hit properties, there is no location tab, and windows can not find a previous version. Can someone help me restore these to the default location?

A:Help with restoring personal folders

Hello VanillaXtract,

It depends if the entire user profiles where located on the network share or just your personal user folders...

The individual folders inside your user profile: update these registry keys with the location of each folder


The ShellFolders keys should point to the exact folder you specify while the UserShellFolders should all start with %USERPROFILE%\locationhere

Let me know how it works out
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Is there a way to rename my main email from "Personal Folders" to the name I used to create that account. i.e. "[email protected]" is listed in account settings name, not as Personal Folders. (3 other email accounts show the correct account name)
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I had this problem before and following the steps from the last time is not working for me this time.
The error message in Office Outlook 2007 is . . The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly.
How can I fix this problem?

Thanx !!
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I am using Windows Vista Home edition.
I lost my personal datas [file & folder] which were stored in the system Drive (C but the datas in the other drive (D are intact suddenly. When I tried to serach one particular file using search files/folder option, it came up in the search and I tried to save it with the same name then it said file already exists. I am not sure what's wrong with my laptop.
I'll appreciate your help.


A:Lost personal folders in Vista

Download and try to find them with shadow explorer - About

If that does not work
Download and try to find the files with recuva
Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download
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I am new to this board so I hope this is the correct forum to make a request.

I love the personal shell folders so much I would like to create extra folders, any guidance on how would be most appreciated .

A:Extra personal shell folders

Hello Topbrass1960, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You can create a New Folder with the name you want in the C:\Users\(User Name) location like you would anywhere else. It will show up in all of the same locations as your other user folders.

You can also change the New Folder icon to have it match the others with the green folder icon. This tutorial will show you how to. Browse to the C:\Windows\System32\imageres.dll location (step 3B) to select an icon like the others that you want.

Folder Icon Change

Hope this helps,
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I have created a batch file for copying my Documents folder to an external hard drive:

robocopy C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents J:\Desktop-Backup\Documents /copyall /e /LOG+:c:\users\USERNAME\documents\backuplog.txt

The log file shows that it is backing up C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Music and C:\users\USERNAME\documents\My Pictures.
That's fine, because I want those backed up anyway, but when I go to J:\desktop-backup\Documents, the Music and Pictures folders aren't there (or anywhere else on the J: drive).
I have "view hidden files and folders" turned on. It seems that the files are actually there because my Documents folder is only 700MB, yet several GB have been taken up on the J: drive.
Anyone have any thoughts?

A:Robocopy backup for personal folders


Can you re-write your post and use some punctuation and paragraphing to make it easier to read please? I'm having a hard time working out your robocopy command lines.

See if this will help you:

ROBOCOPY - Create Backup Script

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Hello everyone Not sure if this is the best place but I hope someone can save me I have a folder called Vista on my NAS mapped in Vista as Z Inside that folder are sub-folders one most importantly called Documents This is where the 'Documents' tab under Vista was stuff Folders, NAS Personal missing and pointing to To cut a long story short I needed to move where 'Documents' points to from Z Documents to NASDrive Vista Documents Vista initially processed this and Personal Folders, NAS and missing stuff asked if I wanted to copy files replace files or basially neither As in my mind I wasn't actually changing the location I selected neither Problem is I cannot see any documents folder on the NAS and most importantly I cannot see any of my documents anymore Not good I'm stuck and really quite worried as there are a couple of documents on there I really really need I've turned the NAS off for now so that nothing more can be done on the internal drive I think the NAS uses a Linux-based system but I really don't know anymore than that Are the files sitting there but hidden Can be they be recovered Surely they've not disappeared into the ether The missing folder files aren't in the Windows Recycle Bin which doesn't surprise me as I believe Samba file systems don't work in that way Any help would be gratefully received Regards Rich
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Hi all,

You know when you click your profile name on the start menu and you see all your personal folders (Docs, Pics, Music, Vids... etc.)

Each time I install a new computer, I move those to the D drive. Process is :Right click the folder and Properties
Click the Location tab
Click the Move button
Select new path
Accept all prompts

Can anyone help me doing this using scripting (vbs, bat...) ?



A:Move personal folders using script

Copying is a Simple script

Rightclick on my little script and change the content.

Change the text "CopyFrom" to the source.
Change the text "Copyto" to the destination.
Keep the "/E" for that is the command to copy everything

For every folder again.

Hope this helps :D
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I am having a weird issue I have a network with PC's and PS 's Personal visible folders network on My PC-Win Personal folders visible on network Roommate's-Vista Home Premium His girlfriend's- Vista Home Premium I have enabled sharing on all the external HDD's that are connected to my Win machine Personal folders visible on network All sharing and security has been set accordingly and works perfect except for Personal folders visible on network some reason my USER folder quot Jay quot is completely visible to both Vista machines When I access the Network folder on my Win machine only the Public folders are visible on the two Vista machines The strange thing is that when I look at the properties of quot Jay quot folder it shows it as being shared yet in the Advanced sharing window quot Jay quot is NOT shared quot users quot folder is shared so I am assuming this is why quot Jay quot is shared as it is a sub-folder of quot users quot And when I look at the permission settings for quot Jay quot only myself and SYSTEM had permissions Now I managed to workaround this by adding another permission rule to the quot Jay quot folder I added NETWORK and set it to DENY straight across the board So now my roommates can still see my USERS folder but cannot access it This however is NOT ideal as this also blocks them from seeing accessing my PUBLIC folder I only set the NETWORK deny permissions on quot Jay quot folder yet ALL network sub-folders of USERS are blocked I have been up down thru around my folder and permission settings for my Win machine and cannot figure out why that folder quot Jay quot was visible and being shared and is still being shared Is this a hole in Win security I have found possibly Or am I missing something completely obvious I can't get the Public folder visible and accessible without exposing the quot Jay quot folder to all network users And if I stop sharing quot users quot I can't get the Public folder visible

A:Personal folders visible on network

Sounds to me like you set up a Homegroup with mixed Op systems which it really was not made for. For some reason doing this seems to allow the User folders on the Win 7 machines to be shared out, you havn't mentioned if you set up a Homegroup or Workgroup so I can only guess at this?

If you want more control over whats being shared then don't use Homegroups for a mixed OP system network, you should leave the Homegroup on your Windows 7 machines and then set up a Workgroup instead.
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Sorry. But I Have A problems Again

I Lost My Downloads Folder Default Icon In Personal User Location [Start >> My Users]

But In Drive E: ...

And But No Downloads Folder !? [Start >> Computer >> C: >> Users >> My User]

I GET This Problem After Uninstall Icon Packager 5.0

A:Problems With Personal User Folders

Hello Gunniz,

It looks like you may have moved your Downloads folder to E by mistake. If you like, see if using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to restore the Downloads folder to it's C:\Users\(user-name)\Downloads folder may help. User Folders - Restore Default Location
If it is already located at that location with a "Locations" tab, then see if using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below instead to restore it's icon may help.User Folders - Restore Default Icon
Hope this helps,
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I have several personal folders where I keep my e-mail messages in Outlook Express. When I try to open these folders all message are gone. I tried using DBXtract and it also says there are no files in these folders. Yes, I have the open hidden files selected. Can anyone tell me what happened and anyway I can recover these e-mail messages> Thanks

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Hello people,

I am very pleased with my windows 8.1, I just find it really annoying that I see in "My Computer (PC)" my personal folders pictures, music, videos and downloads.

How can I disable it in "My Computer (PC)".

Can someone help me please?


I. M.

A:Hide personal folders in my computer???

You can use this link below:
This PC - Add or Remove "Folders" in Windows 8.1
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I hope someone can personal user folders with help relocating Need help Need help with relocating personal user folders me on this multi-part related problem I am having A few weeks ago I did a fresh os install on a ssd and moved my old hd to be quot D quot for storage pix music dl's etc I wanted to place the user folder in the quot D quot drive so I Made a folder in the quot D quot drive called for example quot dobby quot to place the user folders into Lets say my quot C quot drive user name is quot Harry quot I right click on the folder I wanted to move for example quot my pictures quot I go to the location tab then to move I then find quot D quot drive and open the quot dobby quot folder and click select folder and apply quot my pictures quot there and it moves them asking if I want all to move I click yes Now when I go open quot D quot there is no quot dobby quot folder it is gone If I go to c user harry right click quot my pictures quot it says it's in quot D dobby quot so why doesn't quot dobby quot folder show in quot D quot drive However there is a quot my pictures quot folder in D drive with my moved pictures what became of the quot dobby quot folder in D Then I made the problem way worse I really hope someone can help me with this I clicked start user harry quot downloads quot right clicked downloads clicked move and opened D drive but didn't open a folder and clicked apply- The contents of download appeared loose in D as in not in a folder but now when I click user harry in that list where quot downloads quot was is now has quot Local disk D in the list and if you click it it opens the quot D quot drive How do I remove quot Local disk D quot from that user harry personal folder list and put quot downloads back there Many thanks

A:Need help with relocating personal user folders

Don`t click on my Pictures, just open my pictures, then copy and paste the pictures to the Dobby folder.

To sum up: Create your storage folder on D, then just copy and paste the pics to the folder on D
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Personally, I move the image folder on the other drive, because I previously did a folder I changed the entire disk image to a folder. When I try to repeal moved me write: Establishment of a list of subfolders under "G: \ System Volume Information" has failed. Access is denied

A:Repeal move personal folders

Establishment of a list of subfolders under "G: \ System Volume Information" has failed. Access is denied

From Microsoft:

The System Volume Information folder is a hidden system folder that the System Restore tool uses to store its information and restore points. There is a System Volume Information folder on every partition on your computer. You might need to gain access to this folder for troubleshooting purposes.

In normal use one does not need to gain access to that Folder.

How to delete "System Volume Information" folder on Win 7
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I have some users on Outlook 2003.
Here is the situation: When he opens outlook it automatically opens with the Outlook Today window. That is fine. But after he moves around and goes to the Inbox and then clicks on the Tasks. When he clicks on mail again he wants to go back to the Outlook today window.
He says he has done this on his home Outlook but can't remember how he did it.
Is there a way to do this.
I have played around but could not find a setting.
Any help would be great.

A:Outlook 2003 - Always move back to Outlook Today (Personal Folder)

All I do is click on the very top "Personal Folders" and it takes me back to Outlook Today.