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Arabic letters became disordered after updating to office 2013

Q: Arabic letters became disordered after updating to office 2013


I have a lot of vocabulary translated from English to Arabic and saved in word files. Up until now I was using MS Office 2007 but after the update to version 2013 the arabic words became disordered. I will give you an example with an english word- instead "faction" it is displayed as "noitcaf". Can anyone tell me is it possible to rearrange the letters at once or I will have to do it manually one by one?

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Preferred Solution: Arabic letters became disordered after updating to office 2013

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Arabic letters became disordered after updating to office 2013

Hi Usercloud, welcome to the Seven Forums.

For Arabic, Hebrew or any other language written from right to left to work in Office as they should, you need to add corresponding input language and enable its keyboard layout. In your case, have you added Arabic as input language and enabled Arabic layout?

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Hi all

We're about to get fibre connected to our office building and the installation team have told us they'll be running Cat 7 cables to each office so we need to source a compatible router. I didn't even know there was a Cat 7 until last week, so don't know what I need to get!

I've been looking at AC Wireless routers but I have no idea if Cat 7 is compatible with them. Does Cat 7 use the same terminals as Cat 5/5e/6? Will I be fine going for a standard router or do I require something more specific?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Now looking for recommendations on suitable routers, see post 3 for details

A:Fibre Router for Office

Same connectors as 5/5e/6, so any router that would be suitable for your office on 5e/6 will be fine for 7.
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I have operated a small one man IT company for the last several years Most of my clients are small businesses Lawyers Chiropracters non-profits Right now I have several client offices that are upgrading up from Pentium systems and a few others that want to add basic desktop systems to their offices to act as counterparts to their mobile computers that they use primarily These offices generally are interested in low cost systems that can adequately and relatively speedily handle their basic operations web browsing word processing email database and CRM access etc Anyways I have generally not kept a large number of systems in stock before usually reselling systems that clients trade-in to other clients or just helping an office choose a good system off of newegg or geeks Since I have had so many requests for systems lately though I have decided to start actively buying systems office to Processor resell suggestions systems budget for I have over a decade of experience refurbishing systems so I decided to shop around for used systems to fix up but I have been having a hard time deciding Processor suggestions for budget office systems to resell on a processor line generation brand to focus on I m considering the Intel Core Duo or a Turion or Athlon dual core Pentium D dual cores are very cheap but I know they are much slower than the core duos From their benchmark scores though it seems like a GHZ pentium d might be better than a Ghz core duo Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated in this regard My goal is to keep these systems under to sell and I don t need anything cutting edge nbsp

A:Processor suggestions for budget office systems to resell

I think a Pentium G2020 will bring you the best performance for $65. The AMD A4-5300 is another great choice for $55. I think the Pentium is probably the better choice because of the larger cache, but for web browsing, word processing, and basic activities, the AMD will be fine.
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Hello At the office where I work one view to office network DVR Using card there are two different phone lines each of which has a DSL contract On Using one network card to view office DVR one of the lines there is a dsl modem router which has a dvr connected for the security cameras I use the other router to Using one network card to view office DVR connect to the internet and for the local network sharing files with colleagues When I view the security cameras over the internet Using one network card to view office DVR using the router I connect to the image is really delayed I want to connect to the DVR v a local network with one network card so that the image is not delayed and use the other network card for the file sharing and accessing the internet How can I do this without creating a conflict I e having my computer try to connect to the internet using the network card for the dvr In summary I want to use one network card exclusively to view the security cameras and another network card for the internet and file sharing I m using Windows Home Premium Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Using one network card to view office DVR

You should be fine as long as the Internet NIC is plugged in first. Your routing table will confirm you have done it correctly.

jobeard can expand.
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Hi all,

I'm looking at upgrading my current PC as I would really like to play games such as Skyrim and ARMA with (much) better graphics. Ill have around 500 to spend altogether on the new parts.

My current specs are:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ (2 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
Memory: 6144MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+

If you need any more specs or details about the computer just ask


A:Updating My Specs

On a 500 Dollar budget, that's going to limit you, let me see what I can do, but that's going to limit a lot of things. Give me a few minutes
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Hello first all my native language is Dutch so sorry for any strange sentences I SSD firmware Updating Micron have problems with my computer Every hour roughly my computer freezes or restarts Every now and then I get a blue screen F When I get a blue screen my SSD is gone from Updating firmware Micron SSD the bios I get an error when starting up So I have to reset my bios to default standards where my SSD turns up again I read through the internet and saw that micron SSD s have problems which looks like mine I have a C -MTFDDAK MAM There is an update for the firmware but im unsure which one to install I tried Micron H SSDFirmwareUpdate Signed exe but that is a wrong one apparently cause I get an error when trying to update When starting up it says that GRLDR MBR cannot be found Luckily my pc still starts up but no update is done Im afraid to just try any other one I also read something about disabling Marvel raid and unplugging the other harddrive but my technical expertise is not that high I dont have raid Can someone help me please Thanks in advance Martin nbsp

A:Updating firmware Micron SSD

Ok first stupid mistake made. I started the updater from my data disk and not the SSD.

It did do "something" but at the end it said there was no SSD to upgrade...

What now?
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Been working on next gen of PowerCode ROM Upgrade for Kyros Tablet from COBYUSA, COBY International and Visual Connect/Prestige from Visual Land along with the Skypad Alpha2 and Skypad Gemini from Skytex. Running Android Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Results are as follows in

PowerCode WiFi 54 G+ on 720MHz, 256mb of RAM System
Test 1:

PowerCode WiFi 300 N+ 1GHz, 1GB of RAM System

PowerCode WiFi 300 N+ 1GHz, 1GB of RAM System
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I recently bought 2x4GB sticks of DDR3 ram for my computer only to find out that my motherboard only supports 4BG of DDR3 total. So I started looking around to find out and see if there was an update for my mobo's bios and how to flash it. There is an update for it but I also know if you do not absolutely need to flash the bios you are better off not doing it. The basic situation is if the updated Bios will allow support for more ram, then I can save money by not having to get a new mobo and CPU to upgrade my systems ram. If I am completely off base here let me know but the bios was the only thing I could think of that could effect the capabilities of the mobo.

A:Would updating BIOS help in this situation?

Flashing the bios will not let your mother board support 8 gigs of ram. If was only design to run 4 gigs
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Hey, so I need to update my graphics card on my Satellite, but I heard I can just "download" one. This sounds unlikely, but is it true?

A:Updating graphics card

TechMancer said:

Hey, so I need to update my graphics card on my Satellite, but I heard I can just "download" one. This sounds unlikely, but is it true?Click to expand...

You would likely need to contact your satellite service provider for the answer to your question. There are firmware updates that are periodically available. However I figure by now they are automatically installed (I could be wrong though), to keep the machines up to date.
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Im getting ready for the games like Hitman absolution and GTAV and others great games toward 2015

what gpu should I take? gtx 560 ti or hd 6950 1gb or the affordable (very) hd6850??

I have a quad core q8400 and I'll playing at just a resolution of 1366x768.... of course I want to max

out the setting to see the beauty of games today


A:GTX 560 Ti for 2013-2015

Neither, they're all older generation cards. Since you're not in a rush wait for nvidia to release their GTX 650/660 and either go for one of those or a 7850. They'll easily max games at your resolution.
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hi this is my first post please excuse card Gateway Updating FX4710 video in me for any lack of knowledge and knowing of site procedures with that said thank you in advance so I have a Gateway FX -UB A pc specs include watt power supply g memory intel core quad q processors windows vista bit I was using a geforce gt untill it stopped working and was Updating video card in Gateway FX4710 causing my pc to restart so I took it out switched video to the onboard mother slot and have had no problems with pc I went to bestbuy today Updating video card in Gateway FX4710 and bought a XFX Radeon HD and installed it into my pc AND Updating video card in Gateway FX4710 IM GETTING BLACK SCREEN I meet all the requirements for the video card with my pc the fan is spinning so I guess its getting power I thought it was weird though bc my geforce gt had to be powered by my power supply via x pin plug in this card does not have a plug in for power maybe thats my problem I dont know the fan is spinning please help must play diablo nbsp

A:Updating video card in Gateway FX4710

Try uninstalling the old nVidia graphics driver before installing the Radeon.
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Hi all So the situation is thus we are looking into getting a new office NAS server? for server for our office currently all individual desktops and laptops and have been given a quote that has come in considerably higher than we d anticipated Part of this is due to the addition of a tape auto-loader as a backup device which is coming in at including tapes The benefits we ve been given for this are tapes being more robust especially if being take off NAS for office server? site and more secure than hard drives but I have a concern at how accessible the data is should we need to resort to accessing the backup This got me to thinking would a NAS device or multiple with hot-swappable drives used in a similar way provide the same functionality as the auto-loader but at a much cheaper cost And if so what would people recommend for this I am fairly well versed on consumer devices from the likes of Synology and we already have a Lacie NAS in the office for general file storage though it s not been that relaible but I have no experience with multiple bay hot-swappable models Is there a particular brand I should look at that offer more commercial devices or would a -bay Synology be fine Thanks in advance grinthumb nbsp

A:NAS for office server?

You are into the area of planning called "Business Continuation"; how do you continue
when there are different levels of failure?

Consider (list in order of difficulty):

drive or system fails
building becomes unusable (fire / floor/ storm)
city takes a tornado / hurricane hit
county / state looses power

In addition, tapes per se are frail media and for long term storage, need humidity and temp controlled storage - - and regardless, the magnetic info degrades and/or 'imprints' from one layer adjcent to another. We saw this with IBM and tapes stored at Iron Mountain.

Local backups (ie store onsite) work well for all variations of (1) and off-site storage
only delays the recovery time.

(2) will likely wipeout all local backups (tape or otherwise) and is why off-site is necessary.

(3+4) makes the point that off-site storage is viable ONLY when it is outside the area of the disaster.

IMO, tape is a dead media - - what a mess if you need to use a backup set and find that after mounting several tapes in a restore you find that the nTH tape is unreadable :OUCH:

a) you ask the right question; which NAS systems are most reliable?
Google for "review scsi nas with hotswap".

b) get a SCSI enclosure with several bays and implement Raid-1 (mirrored)
with auto-rebuild to avoid hard stopping the system while a new drive is brought online.

c) determine the degree of effort to recover 'lost data'. It is impractical to take
a drive offline every day, so what period can you tolerate between HD rotations?
(suggest one per week + one per month = 8 drive in rotation pool).
Then keep last weeks drive local and all else offsite.

my $0.02
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I have a problem with my graphics card. I use NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 which has 3 video input: VGA, DVI, and HDMI. I use two output displays for my monitor and my HDTV.

I used to connect my monitor via VGA cable and my HDTV via DVI to HDMI cable. I used DVI to HDMI cable for my HDTV because the HDMI input in my graphic cards didn't recognize whenever i want to connect with my HDTV.

However things changed when I updating my driver to version 285.62 recently (this is the first time I update since two years ago). Suddenly, the DVI input didn't connect to my HDTV but the HDMI input works fine!! So, I changed my HDTV input from DVI input to my HDMI.

My question is: How to use both the HDMI and DVI input altogether? Does anyone have ever experience the same thing?

Thanks in advance! Really appreciate your help

A:DVI not recognized after updating driver

It might not be possible. From the specs I see on (, the chipset supports 2 digital outputs. What they may have done on your card is set one output to be the VGA using some sort of digital to VGA bridge and then shared the HDMI and DVI outputs so you could only use one or the other. There may be a software setting somewhere to toggle which one but that I can't help with.
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Hello all,

Please feel free to comment on this hardware list.
Use : as above in title
No: O/C,SLI,Crossfire,movie downloads,on line games, etc.
Have: 1440x900 flat screen,mouse,keyboard,speakers
Budget;< $600

Thanks in advance for your kind input.

ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM H61 DDR3 LGA1155 mATX PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 PCI VGA DVI B3 Motherboard

Intel Pentium Dual Core G620 Processor LGA1155 2.6GHZ 3MB Retail Box

Powercolor Radeon HD 6770 850MHZ 1GB 4.8GHZ GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA PCI-E Video Card

Kingston 4GB Kit 2X2GB 1333MHz DDR3 240PIN DIMM Unbuffered CL9 1.5V Memory Kit

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 16MB Cache 7200RPM 3.5IN SATA Internal Hard Drive OEM

LG GH22NS70 Super Multi 22X SATA DVD Writer Black OEM

Coolermaster Elite 370 Black Mid Tower ATX Case 3X5.25 1X3.5 5X3.5INT No PS

Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CXV2 430W ATX Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan

A:Budget new build for home/office/casual gaming

Nice build

The Radeon HD 6770 has a requirement of "450 Watt or greater power supply"
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I am looking to update my video card to be able to run Battlefield 3 at a reasonable speed. So I don't waste all of your time, could you give me a list of things you would need to know to give an insightful opinion? I have some understanding of IT terms, but am not an expert, so please, no overly complex terminology.

Thanks in advance.

A:Updating my PC for Battlefield 3

Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

You want to know what you need to know to work out if you can put X video card into your existing system?

Depending on the age of the system you need to know:

- Does your motherboard have a PCI-E (PCI-Express) slot for the card? Most modern cards use this connection to the motherboard. Some AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) models are still available but often are expensive for little real world performance increase due to them using the older slot type.
- Does your Power Supply Unit (PSU) have a high enough wattage to be able to power a modern card? (550-660W minimum I'd suggest depending on what components are already in our system)
- Does the PSU have additional PCI-E power cable connections for powering the graphics card?
- What size is your system case? What form factor is the motherboard? Graphics cards have been getting bigger and bigger and smaller cases for small motherboards(Mini/Micro ATX) sometimes can't accommodate longer cards. If you have a tower base unit of some type and it has an ATX form factor motherboard in it you should be fine.

An additional consideration is what CPU you have. There is a problem known as "bottlenecking". This is where the CPU is of a slower/older type and prevents the graphics card from running at it's maximum possible performance due. If you post the specifications of the system you are looking to upgrade forum members will post opinions on the best way forward for you to upgrade it for BF3. To use a car analogy, there is not as much benefit fitting racing/performance parts to a car with a small engine in comparison to the benefit you get fitting the same parts to a car with a large high performance engine.
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Not sure if this belongs here or on the networking board. Anyway...
We have a network of about 20 pcs. I recently installed four new machines that run Windows 7 with Office 2010. The server is running Server 2003. Three of the machines worked perfectly from the beginning, accessing the server and sharing folders and files. One machine will only open files in "read only" mode. I have shared all the folders and given every permission there is but it will only open the files in "read only". It is a critical accounting machine that has to share and change files. What am I missing?

A:Sharing folders and files in Office 2010

hmm; your wording is imprecise so need to make sure what you mean,

Office 2010 can not be shared other than the Calendar events and that's not done
via "sharing".

You don't state the application that is sharing the common file on the server,
but I assume some accounting system installed on multiple client systems are attempting
concurrent access to the same accounting data.

You don't say if this has ever worked before with this setup or if this is the initial install for the Sharing of the accounting data.

First action is to access that file by only one system at a time (ie: disconnect the mapped Drive letter) and get that working.
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Basically I want to flash my Bios, but the thing is... I am not sure which I have to choose! is it all of them? do I choose the latest one? I am lost.

Bios updates:
Motherboard: GA-Z68A-D3-B3

your help is really appreciated.

(p.s. if I am correct, my current version is F3. Not even listed!)

A:Updating BIOS

You only choose one and that is usually the latest one.

That said, are you having a problem that you hope the BIOS update will fix? If not, see the warning:

Because BIOS flashing is potentially risky, if you do not encounter problems using the current version of BIOS, it is recommended that you not flash the BIOS. To flash the BIOS, do it with caution. Inadequate BIOS flashing may result in system malfunction."
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Hi guys, new to the forum. My PC specs are on my profile.

So, I have had no problems playing certain .avi video files on my computer, but this evening, for no apparent reason, I tried to play a video and it wouldn't play. Other videos still play, but the ones from my camera do not.

I thought this could have been a codec issue, so I downloaded the latest K-lite Mega codec pack and installed it, but to no avail. An error message came up on Media Player Classic, which can be found here:


Your assistance in this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


A:Videos not playing, even after updating codec packs

Have you tried using Windows Media Player 11?
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The letters "ck" appear while I type - the ck appears random for example typing while may appear ckhile or sometimes it appears while I press space bar.

Any ideas to why?

SOLVED read post below

A:Letters ck appear random while typing

I finally figured out what was wrong - unsure what made me do this - but I had my keyboard conected to an USB hub and when conected keyboard striaght ito the computers USB it is now working fine.

I figured to post my finding to my issue instead of deleting the post (unsure how to delete a post anyways lol) incase someone else came across same problem
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I have HP Notebook with Vista. When I type, the letters bounce to a different part of the sentence or paragraph. Not all the time but randomly. Any ideas on why and how to fix?

A:Letters jump around when typed

1) stop using 'JumpyFont'
2) I thought absinthe was illegal

Unless you are attempting to have a spot of fun with the folks here, that sounds like a virus?
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I think this is a hardware problem. I f not I'll find where you've hid it.
When I print anything the punctuation is not as dark as the letters. when I'm using small print I cant even tell the difference between a period and a comma. Is there a way to make the punctuation darker? Or better yet The Print including punctuation.

A:Print problem -- punctuation isn't as dark as letters

It would be nice if you gave us the printer model, and does this printer have it's print heads on the ink cartridges or are the heads separate?
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Hi, firstly I have a working knowledge of home computers and have been asked to sort out our computers in the office.

At the moment we have 3 desktops and two laptops running off of a server. The problem is the server keeps crashing and we can't access any emails or the shared drive we all use to store company information. We are getting fed up with the IT company we contract to sort out our computer needs. I was wondering if we even need a network server - would it be reasonable in the short term to just have a networked hard drive or two that we can all access. Could someone explain to me in simple terms what the benefit of a server is ?
I will say this is a new company and our IT needs may increase rapidly in the near future.


A:Advice for our office network

A server is just another system, specially configured, to run Services and store common data.

A WEB server (aka has an HTTP Service running on port 80
and a backend process that find user search keywords in a database and returns an HTML output of those URLs.

A common 'Server' for business is the Windows Server {2000, 2003, and now 2008).

The Windows Server(WS) can be configured to provide

  1. a local DNS Service

  2. a local DHCP service

  3. an LDAP (or Active Directory Service)

  4. and frequently an Exchange Server (for email)

Services 1+2 then control your company hardware network and service lookups.

Shared data is usually kept on the WS and accessed as Shared Directories.

The brute-force simple network just uses a system to contain the Shared Directories

and everyone just does his/her own thing (ie no and no email server {which doesn't look good or show much professionalism} ).

If Joe Doe jr, IT-Guy can't give you a stable WS, get another. This time ensure that
you get refunds of the monthly service fee for every hour of down time (if they balk at this, select another - - they're not too professional either).
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I wanted to update my Motherboard BIOS so I went to it's website and found a lot of BIOS downloads:
Which shall I download if my OS is W7 x86?

A:GA-MA78GM-DS2H BIOS updating

I would choose the most recent but perhaps avoid the Beta as some features may not be included.

Is there a good reason why you want to update the Bios, something not working correctly may be? You might be wise to check for help here first if you are having problems as flashing the Bios has risks attached and may not cure the problem. If everything is working leave it alone.
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Hello everyone. I am trying to update an old computer with an SIS 530 motherboard. The hard disk drive is no good, but I was able to find a replacement online, fairly cheap. However, the computer is set up to have a dial in connection. I was hoping to change this to ethernet compatibility, yet I am not able to find an answer of whether or not this is possible. I have been looking online for about 2 hours now trying to find a NIC card for ethernet connection ability, yet all I am finding is driver software, free for download. Thanks for any help.


A:Updating old computer

I highly suggest getting a new motherboard/ a cpu that will support that motherboard, as your socket 7 cpu is outdated, btw a decent new motherboard and cpu could cost about $120, and will open much more room for future upgrades,also i see you motherboard is an micro atx form, hopefully that doesn't mean you case is matx as well, but i found this card on amazon for your needs

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My home network consists of a 3com office connect and 2 PC connecting to it through wireless. In the 3com config, i can see the Internet IP address is but i am not able to ping it from my office network.
The router actually connects to the socket provided by my building, so i havent really subscribed to any ISP. I don't know if this IP is real and can be accessible from outside. Or the issue is that the router just doens't repsond to my ping. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Cannot ping my 3com router from office

it looks like a external ip but it still could be internal only.
you buildings network could have ping or icmp disabled or disallowed..
i would assume that there is a router/ switch which distributes network access to everybody, managed by the building.

did you try an nslookup?
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So I got a slingbox for Christmas and I need more ports.

I currently have 5 computers, a printer, Apple time capsule w/wi-fi AP, and a vonage box connected to a Netgear 8-port FVS318 connected to another Vonage box which is in turn connetced to my dsl modem.

So I'm looking to move to a 16 port router with some type of QoS support that I can prioritize the traffic from the vonage boxes so they don't cut out when I'm on the phone & transferring files or using my sling box.

I have been browsing around and I found Netgears FS116E but I'm not quite sure if this would be a good fit or quite how it would best fit into my network since it is a switch.

I have also been told I should look at a gigabit router.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Upgrading home office network - need suggestions

Do you really need a 16 port router?
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I already have laptops, pocket PCs, mobile phones, and tablet PCs

A:What devices can you use for mobile computing in the office?

Need to describe What you NEED to do vs what you would like to do.

Have you ask the I.T. department about company standards/policies?
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So, my wife and I just bought Windows7 Ultimate, and she is having problems w/ some of her programs. She reinstalled Itunes 10 and connected her Ipod. The following is the message we get:

An iPod has been detected, but it could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again.

If the problem persists, uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.

We've not only uninstalled, reinstalled, disconnected, reconnected, and everything that was supposed to be in the "Troubleshoot" portion of their website, it still comes up with this message. Any help that could get this working again would be much appreciated. Thank you Techspot for giving a tool for people to help each other out.

A:iPod Nano not recognized after updating to Windows 7

try a different usb port and try formatting the ipod using windows explorer....remember to format to fat32
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A few months ago I updated my copy of Windows Vista to Windows technically I didn t use the UPDATE option I instead used the New Partition option Big mistake I ve been finding Ever since I ve been trying to recover my programs and drivers and it s been continuing with some degrees Issues drivers Asus conversion 7 updating after Windows of success However I Issues updating Asus drivers after Windows 7 conversion ve been having a great deal of trouble obtaining and installing the Windows Asus drivers Just before posting this I had attempted to Issues updating Asus drivers after Windows 7 conversion install the apparently latest version of Asus Live Update downloaded directly from their website and it gave me absurd error messages that were Issues updating Asus drivers after Windows 7 conversion just a series of symbols and then said quot No ASUS motherboard Installation will be abooted now quot Literally that s what it said Basically I m trying desperately to recover my Asus drivers so I can once again retain the full functionality of my laptop Asus download page is of course totally useless in this endeavor providing little or no support only including the insanely vast array of drivers to download And now my questions -Is there some way to obtain these drivers much more easily -Is there some sort of programming confliction such as incompatibility with the driver download and Windows that is preventing the InstallShield Wizard from working correctly I am using an Asus X V b and I m trying mainly to recover the following drivers all drivers that have directories in the ASUS folder in my program files -Asus LifeFrame -Asus Live Update -ATK Hotkey -ATK Media -ATKOSD not sure what it is -InstantFun -SmartCore -SmartLogon -Splendid All in all I simply need help getting my drivers back I ve been losing my mind trying to retrieve them and am looking for the aid of someone far more technically advanced than myself Any help is appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Issues updating Asus drivers after Windows 7 conversion

Finding drivers

I have been using the free download program called 'Drivereasy' from ''. I use the version 2.6.1 which scans your PC, lists all the drivers missing or needing updates, and you can choose to download and/or install. In fact the free version is quite slow to use, but you can pay for a faster version if wanted. I find the information it gives about the drivers is accurate, so you can get them elsewhere if you like. The biggest drivers on my PC are the Graphic card, but I know to get that one elsewhere. This site does not charge for the downloads either, unlike many. Worth a try.
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This is the strangest error I have EVER seen in XP. I find no mention of this phenomenon anywhere on the web so perhaps I am the first? I surely hope not.

I have a Dell laptop with an integrated keyboard (i.e. built-in). Suddenly, and with no good reason, today my keyboard is acting strangely. Some letters I have to hit 3 times before they type. Others twice. And yet others behave as normal. The correct letter will eventually appear but my Lord no one should have to hit any character on the keyboard more than once.

I need this fixed ASAP because I am taking this PC out of the country with me and I have to be productive.


A:Windows XP - Keyboard - some letters I have to type multiple times for them to appear

Laptop keyboard problem

This could be a failing keyboard matrix, fairly simple to order a new one from Dell and fit. Or it could be the keyboard software faulty. A way to check for a failing keyboard, is to plug in a separate keyboard, into a USB socket. If all works well, then the fault is the Laptop's keyboard. Hope that helps, if only to eliminate one possible problem.
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It took me all day to figure it out but I finally got my printer to share from my PC to my Macbook...but the only problem now is that when I print from my Macbook my printer just prints out random strings - letters and numbers. It also will just constantly spew out these pages - it doesn't stop unless I cancel the print. Doesn't matter what I print. I read on another forum that it might be related to missing fonts, but I can't verify this. Any ideas?

I have an HP Photosmart All-in-One C4200 series printer.
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

A:Printer printing random letters and numbers

1. Did you follow the printer and software installation instructions exactly?
See here...

2. Are you certain your macbook meets the hardware specs?
See here...

3. Have you tried their online support?
I recently had an issue with a psc1315 and their online "chat" support walked me through in short order.
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I have an e Machine T-series with Ati Radeon xpress 200 series. recently the borders and text in any window started becoming very "fuzzy looking", making it very difficult to read text.. I tried the system recovery with no change. Should I try to update the video drivers from a a download site or, replace the card on the board? plz help, I cant afford a new computer. thanks so much.

A:Updating video driver vs replacing video card

if this has degraded overtime and was not fixed with a restore of the system it's probably a hardware issue and won't be fixed by a driver update. Have you checked to be sure it's not the monitor? Do you have another video card you can try just to see if that fixes the issue?
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my laptop keyboard is on the fritz. when i push the 'w' key wi appears on the screen my space bar has turned into my enter key my z key is now a 'za' key and my up arrow key is now my right arrow key and so on. i reinstalled the drivers and tried reinstalling the bios, i removed all power sources and even went out and purchased a new antivirus program thinking it was a virus but i'm officially stumped. please, please help, before i'm forced to take a sledge hammer to my problem;-)

A:Keyboard issues, multiple letters appearing

You didn't give us the brand and model, but a laptop keyboard can be found for $25 to $50 depending on brand and model and where you buy it... Usully you remove four to six screws from the bottom, unplug the ribbon cable, remove the board and exchange it, then reverse and you have the new keyboard working in less than 15 minutes...
Finding the right keyboard is tricky, but eBay usually has every model available or with a gurgle search
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hi I have asus m3nht deluxe/hdmi with nforce 780a sli chipset and amd phenom 9850. I know that with bios update I can upgrade my cpu to phenom II x6 .but I have this question in mind does this motherboard work perfectly with these new cpus?or I migrate to intel core i7?I m student of architecting & I have to work with 3dmax .
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I recently updated my winXP pro ver. 2002 Service Pack 2with 80 updates, since then my sata hd and dvd writer have disappeared from windows and bios.Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution? I am running a Mach speed MSNV-939 with AMD Athelon 64 x 2. Dual core 3800.
Everything was running great before the updates.

A:Updating XP Pro and loss of SATA drives in BIOS and Windows

does the drive in question contain any data? usually, if the drive doesn't appear in BIOS, it probably doesn't in windows XP, but have you checked if windows detects the card in Disk Management console? i would recommend installing new storage drivers for your motherboard. the updates could have made the existing drivers corrupt or uninstalled them. do you have any exclamations in Device Manager?
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Trying to update drivers for my BFG Tech Nvidia Geforce GTS MB card with Problems updating What I do is go into safe mode delete the Problems with updating old drivers then restart to install the new drivers I already have downloaded from the BFG site My Windows - bit OS doesn t agree with this The st time I restarted my computer to install the new drivers Windows decided to not only go to the Microsoft website to find a driver FOR me but it downloaded it and installed it So I figured I could find the file it DL ed and I thought I did and deleted it Every time I try the basic procedure to install my new drivers though Windows installs the old driver before the desktop even comes up for me now and I went so far as to disconnect my network cable from the system and performed the same procedure Win SOMEHOW has a copy of the old driver I can t seem to locate and installs it every time I restart the system I m just about on the verge of lighting this system on fire - The old drivers lock up when playing D amp DOnline Team Fortress and WoW to name a few games and for the OS to stubbornly INSIST that I use that driver s beyond utterly retarded Any suggestions before I break out the lighter fluid nbsp

A:Problems with updating

Reinstall te OS after formatting your HDD. Keep your network cable unplugged. At the last part of the installation the setup asks whether you want Windows to download all updates for you. Select the "Ask me later" option.

Then, once you boot up, just install your previously downloaded drivers.

Just in case, if you'd like to remove the driver installed by Windows, go into Device Manager and uninstall it.
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I'm looking for an update for my GeForce 9500 GT video BIOS. My current version is 62.94.3C.00.00 and I hope to solve a deficiency by an update.
Where do I find BIOS updates?
Is there a service informing availability of such updates?

A:Updating GeForce 9500 GT Video BIOS - Where do I get it?

If there is an update of that kind, you would look for it on the manufacturer's website. Not Nvidia's but the partner company that made the card, such as PNY, BFG, MSI, Asus, etc.
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Hello I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network There are Router, - Office Network Small Modem, Switch RJ connections in every room which is cool these all feed into a -port patch panel which the last guys left behind Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes Q If our modem goes into a router and the router goes Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch into a switch box and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box will Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch this work We will be using one dedicated IP and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP So does Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch going through a router alleviate this Q Do patch panels have speed limitations Despite being entirely passive is it possible that the patch panel might only be Mbit I haven t bought the switch box yet so would like to know if there s any point going for Gbit over Mbit Couldn t see a model number on it unfortunately Thanks in advance Will nbsp

A:Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch

edanfalls said:


I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network.

There are RJ45 connections in every room which is cool, these all feed into a 48-port patch panel which the last guys left behind.

Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet, our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes.

Q1). If our modem goes into a router, and the router goes into a switch box, and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box, will this work? We will be using one dedicated IP, and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box, each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP. So does going through a router alleviate this?Click to expand...

you are correct on both points. the issue is where does the DHCP service originate {the router or a Domain Controller[*]}?

Q2). Do patch panels have speed limitations? Despite being entirely passive, is it possible that the patch panel might only be 100Mbit? I haven't bought the switch box yet, so would like to know if there's any point going for 1Gbit over 100Mbit. Couldn't see a model number on it unfortunately.Click to expand...

No, the panel is entirely passive and therefore invisible to the network. Active components, eg routers & switches could be factors.
You are at that point of an investment and cudos to you for asking before diving in :wave:

This is the time to create a Gigabyte backbone and use 100mb client access to it (not GBit). This will ensure the whole network gets good service an not single client can dominate it. The sole exception I would make is to use a GB nic in every server system attached.

[*] Instead of using the router to provide DHCP, a better choice is the Domain Controller server (provided you use one ). You can then configure static addresses from one location and set the DHCP range in the same place. DHCP and DNS typically are from the same server, while Exchange and Active Directory are elsewhere.
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I have lenovo 3000 n100 0768HCQ laptop.I update my bios and after updating my system is not working well. When i press any key of keyboard ,all usb connected devices disconnects and after releasing key they get connected as they just have been plugged in.I tried with my old bios version to recover but it is not working . When flashing bios a blue screen appears and system restart.
What to do.. Please help me.......
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Hi I am new to the forum and I have been wondering for a while how can I update my Dell optiplex GX520 SFF to a gaming computer to make it a bit faster I have been looking all over the internet but can't find anything please help there are some pictures I uploaded below thanks.

A:Updating to a gaming computer

SFF gaming is tricky since airflow is a very important consideration and due to the cramped interior of an SFF machine and the fact that most decent video cards run moderately hot, you may not be able to cool the machine adequately enough and something may overheat.

What games would you want to play? And how much can you spend? Can you buy online? Do you have an OS or will you be buying one? Will you want to reuse your current HDD (recommended BTW) or buy a new one?
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I have an hp laptop and my keyboard is being acting very weird. When pressing almost all the keys, i get a group of letters. For example, when pressing "v" i get "bgv". some of them stopped responding at all. I used to get "1qa" when pressing "q", but now it doesnt even respong. Also, the on-screen keyboard shows that both shifts are pressed.

Can anyone help me with this?

A:Keyboard is typing several letters instead of one needed

Try an external (USB) keyboard
If that works without issue, then it sounds as though your laptop keyboard is faulty (dust or moisture)
You could try blowing it out with high compressed air (compressed air cans can be purchased from many electronic or computer tech stores)
But you may need to replace the faulty keyboard
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I have a HP laptop keyboard that isn't responding correctly. It displays a "1q 2w 3e 4r 7u 8i 9o 0p" on the screen when the respective letter is typed. I undestand how the "Fn" key and the "Num Lock" key works but this is not the issue. Any advice to remedy this would be appreciated. I've had this laptop for 18 months and it just started doing this. I can't seem to find anyone on the internet that is having the exact same problem. They only have what appears to be a similar issue but not this exact number letter combination.

A:HP laptop keyboard responds as numbers and letters

Have you tried using a USB external keyboard?
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Hi guys!

A family friend has requested me to build 3 PCs for his office. His budget is really low. I need a processor, motherboard, RAM, HDD for within Rs. 10,000.

I was considering a build with the Athlon II X2 240. However, I will need a cheap motherboard that supports this processor out of the box as I do not have an older AMD processor to be able to update the BIOS.

Else I'll go with an Intel E5200 build.

You could suggest some stuff from this website:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Cheap Office Build

Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H Motherboard looks promising

at frys its 99

69 with a rebate

thats the cheapest i can find
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Man alive. I have a magicjack and was updating drivers because mjack quit working. In the process pc froze. Rebooted system.

When login screen loaded, the touchpad and mouse no longer are active. Tried F2 and resetting default settings. didn't work. Cant type in password to load windows. Any suggestions? Thanks.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L35
Xp Media Edition

A:PC froze while updating drivers

Which drivers did you update?
Try to 'rollback' the drivers, run Ccleaner, and try to update the drivers again.
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Hi there,

I recently was think about buying a new computer because mine is starting to run slow. Especially in Maya which is the 3D program I use. It seems like it still render fairly quick but is slow when opening up windows

Here is my question: I there any way to make this computer faster? Will adding more memory to this machine help? can I overclock these processors?

I have a Workstation xw6000 and Here are some specs:

Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~2392 Mhz
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~2392 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Compaq 686O4 v1.09, 10/18/2002
Total Physical Memory 1,536.50 MB
Available Physical Memory 764.85 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB

I don't really know to much about computers. So any help on this question would be wonderful

Thanks Judd

A:Is updating my memory work it? or should I buy a new computer?

Yes, adding more memory will help. I also suggest more than 2 gigs of ram unless its a netbook. Before you think about just outright buying a new pc, max the ram out and you'll see a difference. Overclocking requires good heat disapation and a little knowledge on how to get around the bios program. Before you even consider that, get you some more ram, it seems that your graphics is sucking up some of your ram too, leaving you not much to work with at all.
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So I m running on this fairly decent HP Pavilion dv with leads performance issue to Updating the Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family for graphics When I first got this thing it actually played games perfectly There was no lag and the graphics were wonderful Though one of the game i acquired didn t work so I tried a graphics update from HP The game didn t work But that s not important now ALL of my other games seem to lag The graphics card Updating leads to performance issue can t be physically broken because the desktop and simple applications and even one of my rhythm games don t lag but GTA Combat Arms PSO and WoW all seem to have received some performance issues SINCE the update I tried a system restore to way before I did the update and that didn t work I couldn t quot Roll back the driver quot because the device manager didn t know it updated and spending four hours on tech support didn t help TL DR Performance issue with games notably lag reduced frame rate after a graphics card update The person in tech support said that might be something in the background eating up Updating leads to performance issue memory But in any case what other information should I provide and what possible solutions can Updating leads to performance issue you give to solve this Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Updating leads to performance issue

What operating system is on this laptop?
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Hi - winXP disk management no longer shows drive letters but just drive names for all the partitiions on four hdd. My dvd has a letter!
Also I note that when I select 'change drive letter & paths' I am not given the current drive letter nor the option to 'add, change, remove'
The drive letters show up in windows explorer
I must have done something but know not what. Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Drive letters missing

Riley50 said:

Hi - winXP disk management no longer shows drive letters but just drive names for all the partitiions on four hdd. My dvd has a letter!
Also I note that when I select 'change drive letter & paths' I am not given the current drive letter nor the option to 'add, change, remove'
The drive letters show up in windows explorer
I must have done something but know not what. Any ideas would be appreciated.
TKIAClick to expand...

Very interesting to hear! 'cuz i just happened to notice the same anomaly on my own version of Windows XP SP3 within the last coupla days!! (i.e. drive letters appear normally in Windows Explorer and all works well. yet Disk Management doesn't show the drive letters for your my HDD partitions!)

Anyone else also see the same??? In any case, will let you know if i should find why this is happening (but appears to not just be you!)

/* EDIT */
Hmm... but let me one thing that may be different (tho still odd). For my case:
1) If i click Change Drive Letters and Paths i DO have the Add button option
2) If i click Add, it does still available drive letters

But it's the simple display of drives and volumes in disk management that's not showing assigned drive letters (is what's in common with what you repport)
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Hi all,

I'm looking to update my sister's PC for for, since her computer is terribly slow and her graphics card sucks. I need major help, I'm not sure what specific type of hardware I would need. She has a"

Intel Celeron 335 CPU 2.80GHz with a 512MB DRR of RAM

If any one can shed some light I would be internally grateful.


A:Need help updating my computer

Is she running XP?

Do you know what motherboard it is by any chance? Just because the older motherboards, will have an AGP card slot for the graphics, which is the older slot and finding AGP cards can be hard to come by. At least I know thats the case in my country.

What exactly does she want to use the machine for?
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What are you going to use the work Build office Cheap Comp - PC Comp Build - Cheap office work for - Browsing and office work MS or If possible also Comp Build - Cheap office work run Battlefield and Age of Empires How much is your budget - Lets say below sterling but the cheaper the better Where are you located aka fill out your profile - England Are you willing to buy online - Yes Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build - Nvidia GeForce graphics card a DVD reader and DVD re-writer i ll provde specs if needed monitor gb ram DDR Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others - nope Have you already bought any parts - nope I have posted my previous problems in some other threads I wont go into it but I would like to know if it was feasile to save the new HD I bought This is supposed to be a completely new build so case is also needed nbsp

A:Comp Build - Cheap office work

Is the 6800 PCI-Express?
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This will be the third time this has happened since Christmas and nobody has a clue what has happened I hope this is the right forum for this post To try and cut a long story short- Decided to build a computer I am new to this and dont know much themselves. changed NTLDR is missing letters Drive but got help putting it together Worked fine for a week or so then wouldnt boot Got NTLDR file missing errors Took out TB drive found it faulty dealer replaced it Installed new drive it was faulty from the off I could hear it and was changed for a different make of drive TB Now weeks after install and working fine I turn off one night turn on the next morning and the computers asking for a boot disk Went to do a reinstall over the top of the old OS and discovered that what was my C drive with Windows XP was now the E drive and the D drive with XP was now the C drive Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing And it wont boot up from it because quot NTLDR is missing quot I have a feeling this is what happened to the first install but I never noticed the drive letters Any idea what may have caused this Hardware- Asus P Q Deluxe Motherboard CPU Intel Quad Core Duo Q overclocked to Zalman Reserator V Fanless Water Cooling System X OCZ GB Reaper Mhz PC Memory Coolermaster W Real Power M Powersupply BFG GTX OC Graphics Card TB Samsung SATA HD GB Samsung PATA Drive GB Seagate SATA Drive Creative Fatlity Platinum sound card Internal card reader PCI-Express x FireWire and x USB Ports I O Card Sony DVD Rom Drive LG DVD Drive Dual boot if it would ever work properly Windows and XP nbsp

A:Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing

Hi Chegwell,

My first reaction to this is that the battery that holds the PC's BIOS settings (and system date, etc.) whilst the machine is switched off, is faulty.

Try accessing the Bios (usually by hitting DEL or F1, F2) while the PC is booting, set the hard drive priority to SATA, save and reboot.

Good Luck,

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Hi there,

Can someone help me with this. I've almost decided on these parts and I think they would be suitable for a basic office and internet pc(i've had a bit of a look and can't see why they wouldn't be). I would just like a second opinion. I already have the screen, a keyboard and mouse. just need the actual system. All the prices are from

Vantec ION2+ Ultra Quiet 450w SLI PSU 135mm Fan $55.00
Corsair Value Select PC5300 (667) 2048Mb/2Gb Module $55.00
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6Ghz AM2 Dual Core Retail Box $89.00
Coolermaster Elite 341 mATX $49.00
Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 AM2 $89.00
Samsung HD161HJ 160Gb 8Mb SATA II $69.00
Microsoft Windows XP Home OEM $135.00

+ $45 postage.
Total $586

Going for xp home as i'm on a very tight budget and each dollar counts. Hence the cheap parts and small hdd.

thanks in advance. Any comments would be appreciated.

A:Basic PC for office work, will this be good enough?

Yes, it will be fine.
But there are much larger hard drives available for less money. Look at,, and
Consider a Seagate first, or a Western Digital over the Samsung if the price is close enough.
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I have a very strange problem that I have not been able to correct...I have an office network with 3 computers. We can access every internet site with no problem except the company website. This problem also continues into our outlook. We cannot use outlook to check our work email which also uses the same domain as the company website. From computers outside of the office we can access our website and webmail fine.

Anyone have any ideas what would be causing this problem only on the three computers in my office?

A:Office Network Problem

with three systems having the same problem, suspect the gateway router and/or the server firewall itself
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i have an hp m1171n with 1gb of ram. i went to crucial and ordered 2 more
gb's but when i install them the pc locksup on boot.

crucial replaced the ram and now the pc freezs and does a reboot.

crucial is asking me to update my bios, is this a good idea?

A:Problem updating RAM

Bad RAM Chip

Sounds like one of the new RAM chips is bad. Swap the RAM chips until you find the one that is defective and get it replaced.

-- Andy
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Hey I have a toshiba laptop model: p105 s9312. When I turn it on there are a bunch of red lines then when I go into the bios or windows I get things like this


Weird letters. It also does this when I connect it to a external monitor. Is it the video card and does this one have a removable card

A:Laptop shows weird letters

Please run Memtest on your Ram
Mind you, yes I think it's the Video card that causes this
You could also update the bios (reading all precautions first, and done from bootable media)
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In the past few days I have noticed many questions from people with memory RAM issues Being that I have ran into similar problems in the past I am posting this sticky so that FAQs can be answered quickly STEP INDENTIFY WHAT TYPES OF MEMORY YOUR MOTHERBOARD ACCEPTS First Know the types of RAM that your motherboard can take If not sure Read The F ing Manual RTFM or contact the manufacturer go to the website or call of installation RAM problems are caused by incompatibility Some motherboards are very picky about what types or brands of RAM they ll take Asus is one of the motherboards Dell is another in addition Dell uses proprietary architecture in many of their systems so generic RAM or third party RAM will not work in many cases It PAYS to build your own computer Be aware that identifying & troubleshooting ram Updating programs and or websites are NOT reliable indicators of what type of RAM you can use When all else fails RTFM NEVER MIX SPEED TYPES SIZE OR BRANDS OF RAM At best it might work at worst it won t and you might permanently do some damage Faster memory mixed with slower will always result in the slowest speed available if it does work and you re wasting the faster memory speed for nothing DO NOT OVERCLOCK memory This means do not adjust voltage settings latencies or other settings in your BIOS before installation Increasing voltage is a sure way to burn out your memory early Leave this stuff for experimenters and those that can Updating ram & troubleshooting afford toasted and burned out components If you re a newbie or an average joe jane LEAVE IT ALONE Step GROUND YOURSELF and the COMPUTER When installing GROUND YOURSELF and the Computer Use an anti-static mat and or wrist strap available at Radio shack and most electronics stores Some Updating ram & troubleshooting recommend keeping your computer plugged in the wall for grounding reasons I do not Accidentally turning on your computer is a sure way to damage something as well as to shock yourself- so leave it unplugged You may want to run a thin wire from the case of the computer to a common ground like a cold water pipe Do not work on a computer in a carpeted room if possible Turn OFF the computer I have seen stupid people plug components in when the system was still on If you re that dumb don t bother upgrading the system yourself Read a book about basic computing before attempting operation Touch the computer frame and if you can keep a part of your body in contact with the frame at all times to ensure no static buildup Step LOCATE SLOTS amp of STICKS REQUIRED FOR UPGRADE RTFM Locate your memory slots Motherboards vary in the number of slots available Some motherboards particularly Pentium require memory upgrades in pairs Always try to match memory sticks when upgrading for enhanced performance particularly with DDR RAM Step INSTALLATION There are basic types of installation depending on your type of RAM SIMM When installing SIMMs most manufacturers require the module to be inserted at a degree angle then snapped forward to the correct position Most Pentium systems require matched pairs DIMM Unlike SIMM DIMMs may be snapped directly into the socket Note Some DIMM sockets have different physical characteristics If your module doesn t seem to fit do not force it You probably have an incompatible type SODIMM Commonly found in laptops Insert the module and snap down into position Some laptops require a single SODIMM module while others require matched pairs Step REBOOT amp TROUBLESHOOTING Put your case back together and replug everything Turn on your computer and boot up as normal Your BIOS should automatically recognize the added memory If you did it right you shouldn t have any issues however if you did it wrong If you receive an error message or hear a series of beeps when booting your system may not be recognizing the new memory Remove and reinstall the modules to make sure they are seated securely in their sockets Make sure that your new memory is t... Read more

A:Updating ram & troubleshooting

Wow. It's people like you that make this place what it is.

Amazing post Tedster.

[DonNagual bows down before him]

.... and a sticky it shall be.
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I'm planning on reformatting a friend's computer because it really needs it. I've never reformatted a laptop before, and I before I do it, I was wondering what would be the best way to get a complete list of all the drivers that will need to be updated after reformatting.

Does windows have something, or is there a program I could install, or a website that could help me out?

any help is much appreciated.

(I really hope this is the right place to put this topic, if not, if a mod could move it or something, that'd be great!)

A:Updating Drivers on a Laptop after Reformatting

If you know the make and model you go to the makers' site and they usually have all the latest downloads - it is the proper procedure to install chipset drivers FIRST then audio, video (if the comp has onboard video) and LAN. If the comp has an add-on video card, you have to identify that and download the latest driver for your particular operating system.

Other things too numerous to mention BUT that's a start.
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Hey I am helping a family member setup a network and need help.

the setup is as follows

Store "A"
Store "B"
"Main office"

He wants to let Store A & B use the main sale software which is located in the Main Office. How can we do this, should I just setup a VPN for both stores so that they can login to the main office or would I need a back-end server. Thanks

A:Setting up branch office need professional ITs

And they are in the same building or contiguous?

I would to with the VPN... unless there are a lot of computers, meaning more than 8
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I'm running an ASUS M3A motherboard with an (apparently) outdated 08.00.14 BIOS version. I checked on the ASUS website and downloaded a .rom file for the new 0902 version, but what do I do from there? How does one go about applying the new BIOS version?

thanks in advance for any help

A:Updating BIOS Chip help

Follow the ASUS instructions listed on the site... follow them exactly... there are way too many different methods of installing the BIOS to follow a guess from any forum... and some mistakes can destroy your motherboard. If you didn't see exact instructions listed, contact ASUS and do nothing with it until you hear from them.
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Hi all built a pc using Gigabyte GA-MA GM-S H AMD e SATA Samsung Spinpoint SP c gb hdd SATA Liteon DVDRW Lightscribe GB Corsair PC ram After formatting and Updating DMI pool? installing Vista HP -bit i loaded on the mobo drivers etc did Updating DMI pool? some windows updates and shut it down Took it home and booted it up and it just got stuck at the dos screen where it says quot Updating DMI pool success quot or something like that Left it for ages but nothing happened Except when i opened the dvd drive thats when it booted up into windows Thinking it was a dodgy install i totally reformatted and reinstalled windows Same damn thing happens every single time the pc boots up either cold boot or a reset The only way for it to progress is to open the dvd drive I ve Updating DMI pool? tried clearing the bios no difference I m running bios version F There is only F that is more recent and it doesn t seem to pertain to my issue so i haven t bothered updating it I m pretty sure the ram is ok but i will have to test it to make sure Can anybody offer any advice to this I m stumped as to why it only boots up when i press the eject button on the dvd drive Boot up order is dvd-rw hdd There is a more recent set of chipset drivers on the gigabyte site which i tried downloading last night but OMG there site has to be the slowest in the world My mbit connection was downloading at KBps It eventually bombed out There may also be a bios setting that i m not aware of that may fix this But then that s why i m asking for help cos i just don t know how to fix it Any help or advise would be very much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Updating DMI pool?
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Hi folks I ve never done this before but think I have to now some issues with maya ruled out all graphic card issues and have been advised probs are related to motherboard drivers the board is a gigabyte GA-K NF-RH and has it s original drivers From the gigabyte site I have downloaded a file called motherboard driver for ide nvidia nf exe after selecting my motherboard drivers Updating exact model dated Confusingly I have also checked nvidia s own site and after selecting what I think is the correct chipset I ve downloaded nvidia driver for the chipset which is newer I don t know the difference between motherboard and chipset drivers should I install both these or only one Also should I uninstall the old ones first same as a graphic card driver - and if so how I beleve I have to with nforce hardware Only ever dealt with gpu drivers before so hit a bit of a wall here Any advice appreciated cheers gubar nbsp

A:Updating motherboard drivers

Chipset is critical to normal operation. Do not use anything that has not been specifically recommended by Gigabyte. The chipset impacts on how the motherboard uses everything else you have installed.
In this order, I would check BIOS to assure you have the latest update. Chipset, Power management if there is one, Audio, Network/Ethernet drivers, then go down the list, installing everything else, one at a time.
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was not to sure where to put this but hopefully i picked the right place. anyway i have directx9.0b and i have been trying to update it to 9.0c so i can play certain games and what not and everytime i install it, it says successful but just doesnt stick and when i check to see what version i have installed it says 9.0b
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I bought a used IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U from eBay for use this semester on campus. It is in great shape and has a recent edition of Windows XP but an older version of MS Office which does not boot properly.

This computer was a part of a network and keeps trying to connect to it each time Windows loads. It came with a LinkSys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter 2.4 GHz 802.11g card.

The CD is an official copy; clean and has no scratches or nicks. The DVD/CD-ROM will boot other CD's such as music CD's and DVD films and data discs with MS Word files etc on them.

Any help would be appreciated!



A:IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U Won't Boot my MS Office 2005 CD

That T-20 is pretty long in the tooth. I suspect your optical drive either needs cleaning, or is worn beyond repair.
Did you try the CD in another drive as a double check?
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Hello everyone First off i ll start with my system specs Number of processors Number of cores per processor Number of threads max per processor Name Intel Pentium Code Name Prescott Specification Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Package Socket LGA Family Model Stepping F Extended Family Model F Core Stepping E Technology nm Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus speed x MHz Rated Bus speed MHz Stock frequency MHz Instruction sets MMX SSE SSE SSE EM T L Data cache per processor KBytes -way set associative -byte line size Trace cache per processor Kuops -way set associative L cache per processor KBytes -way set regard Need my PSU and my in tower old on to advice help updating associative -byte line size Chipset amp Memory Northbridge VIA P M CE rev Southbridge VIA VT rev Graphic Interface AGP Need help and advice in regard to updating my PSU on my old tower AGP Revision AGP Transfer Rate x AGP Side Band Addressing supported enabled Memory Type DDR Memory Size MBytes Memory Frequency MHz DRAM Interleave -way CAS Latency tCL clocks RAS to CAS tRCD clocks RAS Precharge tRP clocks Cycle Time tRAS clocks Command Rate CR T System System Manufacturer System Name snc eeh System S N Mainboard Vendor Biostar Mainboard Model P M Pro-M BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies LTD BIOS Version PG BIOS Date Memory SPD Module DDR PC - MHz MBytes Transcend Information Module DDR PC - MHz MBytes Centon Software Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack Build DirectX Version c - Sorry for the spam anywho I m buying this video card URL quot http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp sku P - quot URL And It requires a minimum of a W power supply and I believe my current is only W My main question is Will that video card and this power supply URL quot http www tigerdirect com applications searchtools item-details asp EdpNo amp body MAIN quot URL Fit and work with my motherboard and my case and all that The current PSU I have now is AL-C ATX From Allied Technologies Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Need help and advice in regard to updating my PSU on my old tower

I'm not familiar with that brand power supply but the amps look good on the 2 +12V lines. It should run that system just fine. Just remember that the power supply is the only component on your system that has the capacity of destroying ever other component. I always am willing to spend a few bucks more for an Antec, Thermaltake, or other well known brand. My last one was a CoolerMaster. They have some good rebate deals right now. This 750W one for $80US after rebate is a good deal. The other thing you need to look at is output. The Aspire is listing the maximum output at 600W. That's not a continuous rate. The Cooler Master on the other hand is advertising theirs as a 750W unit. When you check the specs you see it is rated at 750W continuous and 900W max output. So on that type of rating you may be actually only getting 450 to 500W continuous on the Aspire. Sorry for going on and on, but power supplies are one of the most important components, and it's difficult sometimes to know what to look for.
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Am updating my current PC and need some Updating need guidance... a some PC, feedback to check if everything is in order or if anyone can recomend any improvements The setup is as follows am using the same ATX case CD-ROM and HDD XFX LGA NVIDIA nForce i LT SLI MCP Intel Motherboard Core Duo E Processor XFX GeForce GT mb mhz core SLI ready bit Kingston - Memory - GB - DIMM -pin - DDR II - MHz PC - kit of Ultra X-Finity ULT -Watt Power Supply Unit Black Unfortunately I came to knowledge that I could get a better graphics card but I bought this one right away so am asking for guidance in order for not making the same error again The setup is for a gaming performance pc that can last some years using games at max performance later on with some extra earnings I ll put another equal Updating a PC, need some guidance... video card for dual SLI card interface but meanwhile it is like this My budget without taking in consideration the money spent on the video card is of of which the current setup is at What am asking is if anyone could check is all the previous hardware has compability which each other and if anyone is able to find any improvements taking in consideration the budget for it would also come in handy Thanks a lot P S Am not really sure about the RAM being compatible with the motherboard because the site doesn t specifies if the RAM is ECC Non-ECC or if its fully buffered or not thats my mayor doubt Again thanks a lot nbsp

A:Updating a PC, need some guidance...

you're right, the RAM won't work because the following reason: your motherboard supports DDR2 800mhz, not 667mhz. you need to look for PC2-6400 ram. and that being the case, that might free up some cash. because generally, the slower RAM costs more i've noticed. 2 gigs of 333mhz RAM costs more than 2 gigs of 800mhz. marketing ploy? i'm not sure.

and do you really need a 600 watt? i mean, yeah that will power everything nicely. it's a great quality psu. but, an antec neo HE 550watt will power that thing easily, and quite possibly be less expensive. more money you could poor into a better graphics card for instance.

i don't really know what you plan on using the computer for. it looks like you're making a gaming computer. but i could be wrong. if your priorities don't necessitate a nice graphics card, then by all means you can stick with the 8500.

i also don't really know if you do all your shopping on or some other website. that could have a major impact on the price and the parts you can get.

also. the difference between the buffered and non-buffered ram is performance difference, and the type of computer it is used in. you usually find buffered ram in a server computer, not a desktop for your house. considering how fast unbuffered ram is already, i don't think it will matter if you get buffered or unbuffered anyway. just stick to unbuffered. it's cheaper and you get good results no matter what anyway.

like i was saying. the only places i would make changes is the memory, seeing as it's the wrong type, the graphics card, and maybe a PSU that's slightly cheaper but still delivers. the Neo HE is very very efficient, and pretty cheap. and will easily power that beast and leave head room. it's up to you though. and if you can save on those two parts, that can give you some more money to go 8600gt instead? that would give your system a bit more kick, and keep you up to date for longer. but, if you want that setup, feel free. i can only offer you an alternative. i can't tell you what to get for yourself. tis your cash, not mine.
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I have a Dell Dimension 8300 with a 305W power supply with two 12V rails of 18A each. I'm looking for a card not above $200. Preferably Nvidia Geforce 7 series.

A:Updating my video card

AGP or PCI-express? I did not look this up. The Nvidia based video processors in the 7000 series are excellent in some cases. I suggest looking them up @ Tiger Direct & New Egg and studying all the specs and making a decision on that.
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My board is Asus M2A-VM HDMI. Latest version bios is avilable ie. HDMI1401. Kindly help me to update. I dont have a floppy drive. I want to do through CD. What r the steps to update

A:Updating Bios

Hello kunjikaly and welcome to Techspot.

While BIOS flashing can be done with CD ROMs on some newer motherboards, this is not recommended. This is because BIOS updating works at the core level of computing functions.Click to expand...

Taken from here by Tedster.

Regards Jase
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First thing is I hope I am at the right forum.

Os Windows XP pro Version 2002 Service pack 2 AMD Duron processor 1.30gHz.256 MB of ram.

The TV tuner doesn't work since upgrading to WinXPpro. Was great on winme.

This is what I have tried,sofar went to ati,amd and tried to download drivers for any and all Radeon,Rage and all in wonder drivers. Each time all I get is only drivers, not the setup (application). In my device manager it shows ATI,but I think only the audio part. Not certain about that.

Does anybody know whether this card can be updated?

Will watching this forum with hopes

A:updating a ATI 128 16mb GP Rage to Winxp pro

Hi, welcome to TechSpot.

Have you tried downloading the tv tuner drivers. And what make is your tv tuner??
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I just put my first build together about a month ago and i couldent quite figure out how to flash the bios. i downloaded the Drivers from EVGA's website but im pertty sure that it did not even touch the bios.

can anyone give me a suggestion?

A:Need Help Updating my Bios on my EVGA mobo

Most of the time when you flash the bios, you need to transfer them to a 3.5 floppy disk. Then stick the disk in the A drive, shut it down and restart. When it reboots, it will go into DOS momentarily and flash the bios. It should then reboot, at which time you need to remove the disk. It should then restart in the normal mode. Even though EVGA has a program built into the motherboard utilities to download and flash in Windows mode, sometimes the bios just won't flash correctly OR the bios just won't catch. I had an EVGA 590 SLI and had the same problem. The program just wouldn't work directly from the internet or by saving the file in Windows. I had to transfer to a disk and flash the bios as above. One of the best utilities for flashing the bios in Windows has to be ASUS. Since I upgraded my board, I've upgraded the bios 2 revisions and haven't had a problem as of yet. ASUS rocks!!
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I recently put in a new motherboard a new cpu and new ram the computer POST is fine but when it gets to the load Updating BIOS windows screen it just reboots there is no error just flashes to a blue screen then restarts the computer and when it restarts it comes to the screen asking me to choose between restarting in last known good configuration or in different safe mode options all of them just repete the process i Updating BIOS tried reinstalling the windows from the boot cd and it reinstalled it fine with no errors but when it restarts the computer it still wont get passed the load screen Someone sugested that maybe i have to update my BIOS becase of the new motherboard and new cpu can someone please explain why that might be what the symtems are of needing a BIOS update and why it would help me im just looking for some clarification before i run such a risky procedure thank you kevin nbsp

A:Updating BIOS

Did you reinstall windows after fitting that lot? If not, thats your problem.
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Hi all I am not very bright when it comes to hardware issues I understand enough to build a computer but not enough too know updating chipset drivers. advice I my mobo on need what is happening when it acts up I need advice on updating my mobo chipset drivers. I d like to update my mobo chipset drivers But I am unsure of which file at the website to download I ll I need advice on updating my mobo chipset drivers. post my specs in a moment My main issue is that my Games I need advice on updating my mobo chipset drivers. keep freezing causing my whole system to freeze and it requires me to reboot the whole computer which is not good because its happening so frequently I am thinking it might be somthing to do with my GFX Card getting old or not heated enough but it might be my CPU too I am sure both are getting enough power from my ANTEC watt PSU Its very frustrating as you could well imagine Any help on either issue would be most appreciated Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Motherboard CPU Type DualCore AMD Athlon X MHz x Motherboard Name Asus A N-SLI PCI PCI-E x PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio Gigabit LAN Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce SLI AMD Hammer System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Award Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GT GTO MB Monitor Plug and Play Monitor NoDB Q U Multimedia Audio Adapter Creative SB X-Fi NoDB nbsp

A:I need advice on updating my mobo chipset drivers.

find the exact model board you have on the motherboard maker's site. Download ONLY those drivers. Often, if you do a manual windows update and select hardware updates, it MAY update those drivers. But to be sure, go to the Asus website.

ASUS is known to be very picky about ram. Ensure you are using only recommended brands/types. to test bad ram, run memtest 86+ from a floppy or cd for 7 passes or more.

Your psu should be sufficient for power. To be sure, test it with a multimeter and PSU tester.

Heating can cause all kinds of errors. Ensure your system is adequately cooled.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

CONGRATS. You are Tedster's 6500th post!
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Ive just aquired a PC from my brother and have been swapping parts from my old one to the new one. How ever when it came to getting ti going it just doesnt seem to let me install windows. I have the windows XP disk but when i put it in it say booot from CD and whan you press Y it comes up with these crazy lettters going from the top lft to bottom right of the screen. The bottom 2 are an a turning into a love heart and also a small white box. What is going on. It doesnt have windows on atm i dont think but ive never been able to get into it and they cant remeber what it had on it to begin with. Any Help wpuld be great

A:Reformatting wont work odd letters appearing

maybe a bios virus?
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My PC crashes frequently and the blue screen mentions to update BIOS as one way to prevent the crashes
I have recently upgraded my RAM from 512MB to 1512MB, also my graphics card from Geforce 6200 to a Geforce 8800 320MB, also from windows XP to Vista. The PC make is a siemens Scaleo P with 3.06Ghz and a Celeron D processor.
however when i tired to update my Bios i couldnt find the download. My motherboard is made by Gigabyte (GA-8S649 MF) the nearest is GA-8S648 and 650. when i search the motherboard number on google the results are rare and foreign making it difficult to understand.
Please help and all advice is welcome

A:Problem updating BIOS, can't find update from manufacturer

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried the Fujitsu/Siemens website?

You will need to enter the serial number into the search options.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have an inspiron 6000 with an ati mobility radeon x300 64mb and i have asked people before if i could upgrade my video card and some have said i cannot. I ran Everest on my computer and it says i have a pci-express x16 video card slot. Doesn't this mean i can upgrade it? Or did i just read this wrong

A:Updating my Laptops Video Card

Everest is probably reading correctly, they do use PCIe slots on some laptops for video cards. But don't get your hopes up that you will be able to swap in a PCIe video card. As you mentioned, you have an ATI 'mobility' video card. These are different than the standard PCIe card you see at newegg and such. Non-mobility PCIe cards are much to big to fit in a standard laptop.
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Hi up setting medical a in help a office in need small network I just started my own office and would like to set u a network in the office I have setup networks mostly wireless at home I woud like to setup a hybrid network office will have one server about desktops printer scanner and one laptop i am setting up asterix pbx need help in setting up a network in a small medical office a friend is helping with that and voip phones have to run wires across rooms would like to have wireless networking for laptop use I have zyxel mimo router and plan to extend it by adding a switch I need a basic idea about how to run wires have to run wires across - rooms my understanding is that i need one cable for each computer So if i have a printer and computer in a room-- i would need to run two cables from two ports---right also need help with which cable to use cat cat e what other equipment do I need thanks appreciate your help much christy nbsp

A:need help in setting up a network in a small medical office

Basically the rule of thumb is one cable per device. I would use cat5e for this type of setup as it will give you room for expansion as cat5e is gigabit ethernet capable (assuming growth is always good instead of re-wiring infrastructure). This is the cable most often used in fast ethernet setups (100MBps).

Also keep in mind that the maximum length you can use for the cabling is 100M or your going to run into some serious issues.

You also need to use different ethernet cable types for the devices. For Example - If you go from Router to a computer, you use straight through. If you go from router to switch, you also use a straight through. The only time you connect devices using a crossover cable, is like devices. Ex - switch to switch, router to router.
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HI everyone i play counter strike i just got a new computer an HP m7690n graphics card Nvidia 7600GT and when i load counter strike it tells me my computers video card is not up to date i no how to update it but when i do it tells me that windows logo doesnt read the download and it might be a threat to your computer does anyone no what to do. It also just tells you to continue anyways i did and finished the instalation then i rebooted and tried to load counter strike source and said it again,

A:Updating Video card questions??

Hmm, kinda hard to understand your main question, but you should download & install the newest Forceware drivers from

BTW, welcome to Techspot!! :wave:
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i installed everest, and it says that my video bios is nearly 2 years outdated. it could be the explanation as to why my video card has been acting flaky. i have downloaded the motherboard system bios, so that it up to date. i dont know what it means with the video bios. my motherboard is an Asus k8n-e deluxe 1 socket 754. my video card is an ATI radeon 9800 pro 128 mb. and i have a AMD athlon 64 processor 2800+

so if anyone knows how i can update video bios. please help.


A:Updating Video BIOS for motherboard

This explains it pretty well:
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Can anyone tell me what the letters mean on the bottom side of the laptop screw holes. It is a dell Inspiron 8100 and by the screw holes there are (P), (K) and (C). Which ones do I pull and not pull to get to the mother board to get to the EEPROM. thanks Bill.

A:Letters on bottom of laptop

What exactly are you trying to do? Why on earth would you want to open your laptop?
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Which company or software are good and fast. To let me use my office computer from home. thank you.

A:Which site or software that will let me use my office computer from home computer

It would be the software that your work system administrator allows you to use.
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okay I have a Dimension 8300 and it comes with a Radion 8500 but i want to upgrade my video card for the time being with a higher AGP card seeing as the motherboard doesn't support PCI express. So I was looking at around $200 maybe less CAD. The Radeon X1650 XT IceQ Turbo 512MB GDDR3 caught my eye just looking for some more input thanks. The link from tiger direct is here.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Updating AGP

It may work fine, however, I think you'll need a better Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Why don't u check your PSU? Check its sticker, and tell us how many A (amperes) it has on the +12V rail(s).

Regards, and welcome to Techspot!
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Hey guys,

I'm wondering about buying a surge suppressor for a small office. A recent electrical storm took out at least one power supply in my dad's office, so I'm thinking we should get a surge suppressor installed. There are five desktops in the office, each consuming on average 300W, I'm assuming. There are also two laptops probably consuming at most 150W.

There is already a UPS serving most of the computers, but that doesn't hold them for very long, as it probably isn't meant to power as many computers as it is. Anyway, I wanna talk to my dad about installing a dedicated surge suppressor. What brand, or better yet, model, should we be getting? I know nothing about surge suppressors.

Regards and thanks for any replies

A:Surge suppressor/protector for small office

Tripp, and APC are both good brands, andthe thing to look for it not just surge suppressors and battery backups but ones that have AVR (Auto Voltage regulator) capabilities. brown outs and such can be just as damaging as power outs.
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ok so i got this game stalker and it seems to run realy bad on my system system specs p gz msi gforce gtx gig ddr ram nvidea nforce sli intel edition chipset i want to update my gpu and motherbord bios but drivers gpu motherbord updating and am unsure updating gpu and motherbord drivers of how to go about doing this for updating gpu am i supost to uninstall the display drivers first or can i just over right them allso am i supost to uninstall the nvidea drivers completly when wanting to update a driver If i click nvidea driver updating gpu and motherbord drivers under add remove programs list it comes up with this menu askin what components i want to remove from my system nvidia display driver nvidea ethernet driver components updating gpu and motherbord drivers nvidea ide driver nvidia nforce pci system managment driver i dont no what this stuff is so im unsure what to do and as for updating the motherbord bios i dont even no were to start please help me thanks nbsp

A:updating gpu and motherbord drivers

Try this link it will tell you everything you need to know. I didn't know anything about doing this either but a little bit of web research using google helped me out. Updated my motherboard and videocard bios successfully just 2 days ago
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hey guys, first off im quite a computer-technical n00b my first post aswell im just wondering if anyone can help me...
i play everquest 2 and recently iv been crashing after just a minute or so in game, the screen will completly lock up and i cant tab out or anything..then it just goes i think its the drivers, but when i download the latest drivers from omega or ati website, i go to install them and my whole machine just crashes, with both installations. it has happened before bout a year or so back and i installed the new drivers and everythin worked fine so i just dont know what to do.
my computer isnt that good but its not bad, my graphics card is quite old though just radeon x550
if anyone could help me i would GREATLY appreicate it, im really getting frustrated lol

and noob, so patronise me..

A:problem with updating drivers...

Hi and welcome to Techspot. Try this: uninstall the drivers completely. then go into your hard drive and delete the ati folder and all the files. next go here and download driver cleaner pro and install it. run all the ati cleaners. then, reboot your PC. after reboot, let windows load, then reboot AGAIN. after next reboot, reinstall all the drivers you need.
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OK now i have not done this for a while but can some one help me and give me the right link to newest drivers to my sound card/video is a screen shot of what video/sound card i have.

A:Help updating drivers on video card and sound card.
heres the creative downloads page where you will find the drivers for your soundcard.
and that link is to the Nividia drivers download page
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So I download the latest driver, and run the install, and then reboot like it tells me... At startup the new hardware wizard pops up saying new stuff has been detected. So, the wizard searces for the software or hardware, and cant find it. Then says your new hardware may not have been properly installed. Should I just cancel the wizard, or do I need to go through it to finish installing the drivers I updated before reboot? Or are the new drivers automatically installed at reboot? thanks.

A:Is my driver updating right?

Would you mind posting what card you are trying to update, and which drivers you are trying to update with?
Some drivers require you to remove the previous drivers (and other settings) before installing the new ones, whereas others can just overwrite without a problem.

What you could try doing is to point the wizard to the place where you unpacked the drivers, after which it should find and install the card.
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Evening all,

I've got an old computer sitting in the corner of my room which I'd like to do up, just to see if I can. Never done anything like this before but ... why shouldn't I be able to? :lol:

I was wondering what specific order the components have to be replaced in, if any? And does anyone have some nice, clear websites that might give me some instructions?


A:Upgrading/updating an old PC

It all depends on what is in it to begin with. More RAM is the easiest thing to upgrade but you have to know what type to use. Graphics card is next, again depends on type it is (PCI, AGP, PCIe). After that the CPU and once again that depends on the socket type and your motherboard.

Replacing CPU/Graphics card may well require an upgraded Power Supply Unit (PSU).

Sometimes old systems aren't worth upgrading, and would be better suited for doing a specific task or for playing around with. You could toss on a version of Linux and learn a new way of doing things, or you could just put Windows 2000 on it and use it as a server of sorts. You could turn it into a router/firewall/email server. All kinds of things...
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i unfortunately have onboard audio and its the ac 97 audio. I went to the drivers page on techspot and found that there were updates for it, however there seem to be many versions. Does it matter which one? are they all the same? obviously i determined which were xp versus vista but are the ones for xp a fix for everyone who has this or do i need the one that matches my mobo?

A:updating my AC '97 audio

its best to match your motherboard first, and if that gives you problems, then start hunting, starting with a generic version, then other mobo versions..

Isn't it easier to go to your mobo manufacturer's site and download it from there?
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Hello all,
I've a Dell notebook where the letters g and h do not operate.
I have just replaced the keyboard (that I would have thought the obvious problem) with no change.
All other keys work fine.
Anyone with any clues as to what next?
thanks in advance.

A:letters g and h do not work on keyboard

FREDDO said:

Hello all,
I've a Dell notebook where the letters g and h do not operate.
I have just replaced the keyboard (that I would have thought the obvious problem) with no change.
All other keys work fine.
Anyone with any clues as to what next?
thanks in advance.Click to expand...

Are you sure the keyboard you bought hasnt been sold as it has the same problem ?

Other than that I would say that the socket the ribbon fits in may have a bad connection or if your ribbon runs from the board and plugs in the keyboard then that may be faulty.

I see on my latitude c600 that those 2 keys are above the thumbstick it may be this causing the problem, as well....

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Im upgradeing my asus mobo p5b to the newest bios which is P5B-0701

now how do i install it some one told me about the utlities im on xp pro sp2 please help me thanks i need to upgrade it soon

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Please pardon my ignorance In the near future I will be upgrading my P CPU GHz to GHz I have an Intel D HV mother board From what I have read I will have to update the bios so the new USED cpu will work I have to go from P to a P I have been to the Intel website and downloaded the necessary file IFlash P and Express to Iflash the Bios Updating separate Updating the Bios Iflash floppy disks I have disk and pour over the directions At this point I will say I am not going to attemp this myself because I have read how screwing up can trash your mother board The directions are as follows on the Intel website for floppy disk Save the Iflash BIOS update file to a temporary directory Duoble click the exe to extract the necessary files Double click RUN BAT file to create a bootable floppy disk with the necessary files Boot the target PC with the floppy disk in the floppy drive to autonmatically BIOS update process My question I cannot find this exe to double click where is it Second question I cannot find the RUN BAT to double click I looked at what I downloaded to the floppy and I do not see it I do not get it I looked in the temp files but it is not there I looked at the example in the Intel website and it is supposed to be at C Temp Although I will not be doing this myself I would at least be educated somewhat is there anyone that can tell me what I am overlooking thanks DBonniwell nbsp

A:Updating the Bios Iflash

I know you have two threads running, but please reply to this one only (its in the relevant section of the forum).

Have you downloaded the file to a location on your PC that you know? eg the Download folder or the Desktop etc.

If you haven't, lets just download it to your Desktop for now.
-click on the download link. It will open a "Save As..." dialog box.
-Navigate to your Desktop. Click Save.
-Once thats finished, open that file. (this is the "2. Double click on the *.exe to extract the necessary files" step)

If its a self extracting .zip it will have a dialog box with a folder path (which you can change) and a few buttons "Extract" "Close" "Help" or similar.

-If you have this, lets change the path to (copy and paste it into the box) C:\bios extract so we know where its going for now.
-Click the Extract button and let it do its magic.
-After that just open My Computer>C drive>bios extract folder and open it.
-Look for the Run.Bat file and put in the floppy disk in the drive. It will format it and load the files into it.

Then just put in the floppy disk before you power up your PC.
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PC brand eMachines T some hardware upgrades CPU AMD Athlon Motherboard nForce Video card brand model EVGA Geforce to this... I image not how don't know really updating? describe Amount of system memory gig I don't really know how to describe this... image not updating? Windows version Home SP My problem is this Sometimes a game I play Guild Wars will appear to quot freeze quot but in fact it is just not updating the picture It has never happened to me with any other games but it just seems to weird to be a Guild Wars problem and noone else seems to have it Alt-tabbing ctrl alt del everything leaves me with the picture it was at I know it s not frozen because I still hear sounds and I can still move What I don't really know how to describe this... image not updating? I mean by saying I can move is this If I click my mouse somewhere on my quot frozen quot picture my character will move How do I know when my image is quot frozen quot I see it on my brother s screen next to me It responds and all perfectly all right I can hear sounds from battle cinematics and everything But the picture does not change I can even hear cinematics when frozen I froze right next to where a cinematic would start while a battle was going on I HEARD the battle finish then my I don't really know how to describe this... image not updating? brother talked to the person that starts the cinematic and I HEARD the cinematic The picture however did not change Oh yeah nothing is overclocked nbsp

A:I don't really know how to describe this... image not updating?

Well, I think I found the problem... I downloaded RivaTuner and ran the Hardware monitor log. Next time the problem happened, after I rebooted, I checked the log. Right when it happened, the "Core VID" stopped showing anything. I looked on the internet and the "Core VID" is something with voltage... Now the solution, I know not. Do I need a new power supply? I AM running slightly below the minimum for the card right now, but my computer is hardly an energy hog, so I had assumed it would be alright. It has been for 3 months, until now.
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I Recently downloaded the new ATI Catalyst 6.6 drivers and i am having trouble installing them. everytime i run the installer, half way through the installation i get an error box telling me that "C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/lsass.exe has been terminated unexpectedily" and a countdown begins telling me that my pc will restart in 1 minute. my Catalyst does not have time to complete the installation or is partcialy installed. why is this box occouring?