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Q: WiFi Question

Is there a way to know where on a laptop/tower the wi fi signal enters the computer? I'm just curious. TIA

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I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WiFi Question

The WiFi signal enters though the antenna... In a laptop the antenna is around the display. In a desktop the antenna is either attached to the WiFi card directly or contained inside a USB WiFi device
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My main computer and wifi router are in the basement.I use my laptop on the main floor and have been losing my connection occasionally.I also want to install Roku on the upstairs bedroom.Would I be better off getting a more powerfull router or a range extender?I currently have a Netgear N600.
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I have a WiFi signal provided by our city government. I have a desk top set-up. What hardware is required to pick-up the signal on my PC.

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Am considering getting laptop with wifi to be able to go to local coffee shop

offering free access , but knowing nothing about security I am wondering

whether other users nearby or the employees of the coffee shop could

intercept any of my data easily and if so what preventive measures I would

take. thanks

A:WiFi question

Your best bet is to go to google and search for security and Wifi There is a lot of information and security level will depend on your equipment
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I want to move my cable modem and my linksys wifi router from my desktop which is located in my kitchen to my living room where my xbox 360 is located. Which wireless adapter would work the best on my desktop. My desktop is located under my desk, so would I need a Wireless Portable USB Adapter, or a USB Adapter. I would like something that would get me the strongest possible signal. The distance is approx. 20 feet. Through one wall.


A:Wifi Question

I know you say wireless, but if you can run a patch cable it will be more secure and faster.
Distance is a factor but so is what the wall is made of and if there are any lumps of metal like radiators, hot water cylinders, fridges, boilers and so on in the way.
If not, great routers are made by Draytek!
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I wish I could explain this better but I will try my best Here is what I did I decided I wanted to scan some pictures so what I did outside of windows I used the printer wifi setting and WPS of the router to set up the local x ip address That worked Here Wifi Question comes the interesting part The computer itself is not connected to the wifi part Wifi Question of the router I say I know it Wifi Question is not going to work unless I turn the wife-connection on I open up the scan settings Choose network the x ip address shows up I choose that and it scans Then if that works would a printer Yes it did but I had to install a driver and this time windows asked if I wanted to share the computer I said no What keeps my neighbor from accessing the x ip and turning on my scanner to scan nothing or even use my printer

A:Wifi Question

Wireless Security: How To Protect Your Network
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I have two computers--a desktop and a laptop. On my desktop I have a router which I use for my wireless connection to my laptop. My internet service provider is Time Warner. Today I got a letter from TW which said that I am approved for free WiFi. I always am a little bit skeptical when someone tells me that I have been approved for something free of charge. So here are my questions: Do I need WiFi? What is the difference between it and what I now have? Does what I currently use--my router--give me more security than WiFi? My last question is, what in the heck is WiFi? I would appreciate it if someone would clear this up for me. Thanks.

A:Question about WiFi

I am pretty sure they are telling you that you have access to their wifi hot spots. Just look up where they would be, for example Starbucks and enjoy.
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New guy here. Can a PDA acccept streaming data from multiple WiFi transmitters simultaniously? As many as 8 constant streaming data? The PDA will then convert the data to a visual display that's updated every 1-2 seconds?

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Is it better to have PCI or USB? I know USB has 5 volts, but not sure about PCI. Basically I have an extended antennae that works on PCI, and trying to boost my quality for $20 or less. Its a PCI - G wireless card so I know I should get N but if I go cheaply and do USB I won't make use of my boosted antennae. Thoughts?

A:Wifi question

If you already have an antenna than go with the PCI which with that antenna will give a more reliable service and be easier to position for optimum signal if you have an extension cable for it then a USB. as far as power to the PCI have a look below
Conventional PCI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Okay this might sound like a stupid question but the thing is that i never used wifi before..i have ADSL and i am getting a wifi router ..the ADSL is on the desktop 'family ' computer and i want to have wifi in my laptop and i just wanna know if the debit is divided between the computers that will use it .
for example of the debit is 100 MB/s and 3 computers are using it ..will it be like 100/3 for each of the three computers ? pls .

A:a question about WiFi.

From your modem you would have a router that provides a radio signal that any wi fi enabled computer can latch onto and use. Thats why it has to be security enabled.
There is no division of wifi although if all machines were surfing at the same time you might notice a reduction in speed.
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Hi, im new to heres my question

I live in a house provided by my work (i manage a calf ranch), and the office is about 1/4 mile away. We have wifi at our office and broadcast through an antenna 1/2 mile across the ranch. I can pick it up ok in the top story of my house, but not in the basement at all.

My question is if there is a way to capture the signal better somehow and be able to broadcast it within my house with another router or something to get a strong enough signal to pick it up in my basement. (thats where we have our smart tv)


A:Wifi question....

A Repeater (or Range Extender) may work for you.
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Hey how many MB does the wifi card take up?? And does anyone know anything about this kinda of cards?

A:wifi card question

How many MB of what?

Any drivers (if required) will be minimal on disk space.
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Is it possible to hack into someone's computer when they're using hotel wifi and use their Skype to video/text chat? If so, would the chat then be stored on the person's computer, on their C drive?

A:Unsecured wifi question

Please read the rules. This does not appear to be a technical question that falls into categories we usually entertain.
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I was always under the assumption that the antenna on wireless routers did both send and receive however I am beginning to question my original thought If a router has multiple antenna is one used for sending data and one for receiving I have this D-Link Router -- http www dlink com products pid which has antenna Now there is an extra antenna in the mix of this equation Do I WiFi Newbie question need to go through the legwork of trying to figure out which of these antenna s is doing the sending and which is doing the receiving or are all antenna doing both We have family that lives directly next door around meters away and I want to install an amplifier to extend the range and try to get the wireless signal to the other house I don t really want to purchase amplifiers and definitely do not want to purchase Anyone have some Newbie WiFi question insights or suggestions I was thinking of using this product as I have read pretty decent reviews on it -- http www hawkingtech com products productlist php CatID amp FamID amp ProdID -- of course I would replace Newbie WiFi question the stock antenna with a dBi nbsp

A:Newbie WiFi question

We have family that lives directly next door around 100 meters away and I want to install an amplifier to extend the range and try to get the wireless signal to the other house.Click to expand...

have a read of your T&Cs for you broadband supply - you are not allowed to share the broadband between premises

so closing the post
see the rules here
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Good morning,
I need some help about questions. English is not my native language but I am living in UK , hope you can understand me (I am French).
I work at a hotel and I have met someone and kept contact with him. We talked several times through messages on a mobile app. The app has encrypted servers. 
But I got scared of him. I have 2 main questions:
- can he find my IP address during this kind of conversations?
- if he were using a wifi network, does anyone using the same network could intercepted our conversation and therefore, help him to find my home?
I sent messages from my home, using my wifi network. 
I am sooo bad in informatics, thanks for your help. 

A:question wifi - ip address

What type of smartphone do you use and what app did you use?
You are scared that he finds where you live?
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Hey guys,

Been researching for the past couple of days about something...I have a desktop that has 2 connections, 1 is a wifi connection, the other is a USB Modem (PPPoE) connection.

What I want to do is connect through the USB PPPoE connection on my desktop, and distribute that to the rest of the house via WiFi, and by the house i mean a laptop and 2 iphones.

I research and I know its easy to do using Ad-Hoc, but the thing is, theyre not using USB PPPoE, they are all using a direct ethernet connection which is very simple.

Im using Windows XP SP3.

Ive tried the standard ad-hoc method but it only allows 1 user to join the network ive created. So my question is, is there any other method of distributing my PPPoE connection to the rest of the house besides "ad-hoc".


A:Question about WiFi on Desktop

Why not use a standard wireless broadband modem/router to connect to your PPPoE connection? That solves the problem in the best way.
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I have a Sony Vaio for work, using an Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN. We are situated inside a large manufacturing facility(fab). Recently we had to move where we usually sit. Now my wireless connection is really bad. Is there a way to improve this, either through a hardware add-on or tweaking the WiFi Link properties? Thanks.

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Hello, everyone. I was wondering who has the better brand of wifi adapters, or if it really even matters with the adapters? I was thinking of getting a "N900
WiFi USB Adapter." opions on this brand and adapter?
Other details: I have a desktop that is operating on Windows 7

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I live in a senior mobile home park and the management has given me permission to setup a wifi hotspot in the community clubhouse. I added a wireless access point, an Edimax EW-7228APn, to their non-wifi router located in their park office. They want me to make sure that anyone using the new hotspot cannot look at their files on the office computer. How do I configure the access point to make sure that no one can intrude on managements files?

Thank you

A:Wifi Sharing question

Quote: Originally Posted by lenberman

I live in a senior mobile home park and the management has given me permission to setup a wifi hotspot in the community clubhouse. I added a wireless access point, an Edimax EW-7228APn, to their non-wifi router located in their park office. They want me to make sure that anyone using the new hotspot cannot look at their files on the office computer. How do I configure the access point to make sure that no one can intrude on managements files?

Thank you

You can try setting up the guest account on the A/P, this usually requires that you set up a separate SSID, password etc. then make all connection through the guest account which should place you outside the subnet that the office's router is using. This should prevent anyone using your A/P from having access to the files on the office's network.
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I've done a few DIY case mods in my time, and I've decided my next one would be in lieu with this famous mod:

He uses powerbook components for his guts: what I'm concerned with is the lack of wireless "n" technology - I believe the powerbook uses "g." Is it possible to upgrade it's wifi? I haven't found anything myself, so I'm curious if anybody else has crossed this bridge.

A:Powerbook Mac Mod - Wifi Question

You could use a usb N adapter.
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I have a 5,000 sf home with two internet lines. I want to set up the best WIFI coverage for the entire home. When I tried to set up WIFI routers on each of the internet lines, it seemed to create interference of some kind. Any advice about how to either: a) use a single router to cover the entire house, or b) use a single router on each of the internet modems?


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So I will have a few questions coming up about wifi settings but here is one I'm very curious about right now..

Will turning this off or on give me the full speed of my wifi adapter?

I just want it to have full speed. I've read some of what QoS is and it sounds like it limits things so that certain programs and such can have access to more speed.. however I want my wifi adapter to just always give 100% full speed no matter what for every program at all times.. so why would I turn this on?


A:More Wifi Adapter question

Why not try things both ways and find out how it effects your system? It's my understanding that you may gain a little bandwidth by turning it off but probably not enough to make it worthwhile.
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I am trying to boost my WIFI signal from the th floor of a condo building My connection is two bars inside the unit and downstairs or lower floors it is or bars I did purchase a Netgear WIFI range extender from Radio Shack but that will be going back today but during that process I learned a few things If I go outside to the balcony I question WIFI Another antennae can get a bar signal and also if I stay indoors at the doorwall with the doorwall open I can get a bar signal Evidently the glass does restrict the signal The only problem with that is on bright sunny days you can t see the screen I was hoping there is a external WIFI antennae available that would allow me to plug into a USB port extend the antennae outdoors to the balcony and not be restricted to sitting at the doorwall I don t want to make any Another WIFI antennae question permanent changes to Another WIFI antennae question the laptop as this is a seasonal location for me I have seen the USB adapter and wondered if that would be what I want to physically extend the access point of the antennae Thanks in advance for reading and any viable suggestions you may have jctusa nbsp

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I have an Acer Aspire 1800 that I installed Windows 7 RC onto. I was completely impressed with the ease of the installation and how it seemed to find a driver for everything on my laptop. Well almost everything. Apparently the Os can't find a driver for my wifi and the manufacturer doesn't seem to want to help.

Has anyone else used this particular laptop and ahd any luck? I hate that the only thing not having a driver in the Device Manager is the WiFi.

A:WiFi driver question

I have installed the 7 RC on my HP desktop, and my 2 HP laptops. All have wifi and I had no install problems and my networking works better than it did with the 7 Beta.

You didn't say what your old OS was. If it was XP try to find the Vista driver for you laptop. If it was Vista try the XP drivers. I had Vista in all my machines. I have 3 more machines (2 laptop and 1 desktop) that will get 7 when it becomes public. AND I LIKED Vista....
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Hi all. I'm not sure if this question should go into this forum but here goes. I have a PC I planned to hook up to a TV. The PC would use 802.11g WiFi to access my home network and the Internet. I started looking for a mini keyboard/mouse to use with this and realized that there might be an issue using either Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz band devices (that aren't Bluetooth). The PC would have a WiFi NIC in it and something, either a Bluetooth adapter or other 2.4 GHz device, connected and used at the same time. How do people get around this issue other then utilizing 802.11n?

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I have purchased a new ac router and a new ac pci-e network card (Asus).

My setup before this purchase was this, pci-e 802.11n with two antenna connectors. Each connector has a 30 ft Wifi extension cable leading to two simple yagi antennas mounted outside. This has been working just fine for several years.

My new ac network card has 3 connectors.

Do you think that I could just buy another 30 ft extension cable and another antenna like the ones I already have. Should it work?

The reason I am inquiring is the antennas are advertised as 2.4 ghz. AC standard will be in the 5 ghz band.

Shouldn't the cable and antennas use whatever ghz I am working with?

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Hi all, I am at the campground now and using their WiFi wireless. It is working wonderfully with my Mozilla Browser but I cannot pull anything up with my IE which I do need sometimes.

I am paretty sure it is in the settings but I dont know what to change to make it work.

If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!!!


A:Solved: Question about IE and Wifi

On the connections tab in internet options, click on LAN settings. Uncheck everything. That might help, make sure IE is not set to use a proxy server.
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Ok I know the basic setup for normal connection INTERNET to ROUTER using WIFI lt pc pc so my question is my router is in my house my friend a few houses down and router wifi question can t get net right now so hes using a netgear wg v usb adapter to gain internet thru my wifi his son s laptop wifi and router question s wifi card can t get my wifi from their house Is it possible that I can hook up a router with wifi to his netgear usb adapter and set it up so the adapter picks up my wifi signal passes it to the router and their router can spread the signal thru their house so his son can pick it up I hope this can be understood Ill try to do a small diagram x and x just random houses my house r router wifi o x a d x friends house netgear picking up my wifi hooked to router with wifi Can this be used to repeat the signal so sons laptop can get it anyway again hope this is understood i don t see why it woulnd t work but then again networking isn t my forte any questions comments ill answer as best i wifi and router question can thanks for any help nbsp

A:wifi and router question

You should be able to achieve this by a wireless repeater.

It does depend on the range from your current router and where you place the repeater though.

It is also possible to configure some routers to be repeaters - albeit slightly more tricky than just buying a repeater. Again, it does depend on signal strength etc. The repeating has to come from a router - not from a receiving card.

If you log onto your friends router, there might be a "Repeater Mode" or something similar. Alternatively, give it a google to see if someone has found a way to do it.

Search for example:

Belkin WG2400 convert to repeater

Hope that helps
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I am using my wifi card to access free internet offered from a local hotel. The hotel doesnt have a vpn and im wondering how can i encypt my signal so no one can retrive my information?

A:Wifi Security Question

You can't unless you arrange yourself a crypto peer somewhere (or use only SSL services ).

There are free anonymous proxy solutions that support encryption and of course you can set up your own.
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Hey y Ethernet & Question Laptops: WiFi all I m looking to buy a laptop soon and I am making a chart on Excel to compare the features of some of the computers I ve been looking at This brings me to my question What is the difference between Ethernet that is and one that is listed at And what is the difference between WiFi that says B G and one that says B Laptops: Ethernet & WiFi Question G N I see a couple laptops that I m Laptops: Ethernet & WiFi Question interested in but they re lacking the and the N parts But I really don t have any idea what this means I think N is the newer technology correct me if I m wrong but here is my school s WiFi network I think they are using the older B technology So would that mean that the N is nice to Laptops: Ethernet & WiFi Question have but not needed since the computer would run on B speed anyways http www yorku ca computng students internet airyork index html I m looking to attach this laptop to my wired router at home if I m using it there or to connect it to the WiFi network at my school nbsp

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Hi I live WiFi via PCs (or 2) security Connecting 3 question + in an apartment here in Bangkok and have my own wireless router provided by the apartment block The management have changed things recently though and I have a few questions - some probably a bit basic wifi and networking is not one of the areas of IT in which I have much know-how Apologies in advance Each apartment has its own router - but my new one is not encrypted so anyone can use it I guess Not that they would need to as they have their own and as it comes 'free' Connecting 3 (or 2) PCs via WiFi + security question with the apartment someone using my wi-fi is not an issue re usage But should I worry about this in other ways If so can I add encryption myself or must they do that centrally A bit worried about messing the connection up I connect to my printer via the wi-fi too so am happy to leave the connection unencrypted unless there are major issues When I click Networks on the start menu of my laptop I see my other PC there When I try to connect I am asked for a username and password Where Connecting 3 (or 2) PCs via WiFi + security question do I find these I was given a password when I set up a network on this new laptop but have no idea about the username - and neither username or password on the PC I want to connect to Or is the username just my PC account login name as in C Users Both this laptop and the PC run Win x Another laptop here also uses the wi-fi but runs Win XP Can I connect to that too from the Win laptop Have Googled for minutes but am clearly not hitting the right threads hence this one Thanks Martin

A:Connecting 3 (or 2) PCs via WiFi + security question

Hi Martin,
The first thing you should do is access the router's set-up page and change the SSID and input a new password using the older XP pc as a guide as to what encryption method is used. (it might not be WPA2 compatible).
Now read this File sharing.pdf
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I have one of these

My signal strength is very low. I was wondering what are some tips and tricks to getting a bettere signal? I am picking up on wifi hotspots in my area. I can only get on one but the signal is real weak.

A:Wifi Reception Antenna Mod Question

you can try adding a USB extension cable then moving it around until you get a better signal. Since the antenna is inside of that thing, no "modding" can be done. If that doesn't work, you will have to buy another network adapter.

This one has pulled in excellent signals from my router in the other end of the house when my 2 other adpaters would only get a low or medium signal. check it out here

BTW, i hope you are attempting to use public hotspots and not leach off of somebody's home network!
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ok then I am stumped for a solution for extension /Broadband WiFi question I think is probably simple I have a broadband connection in my house which provides Wifi for the home via a Netgear Wireless router and a wired connection to a couple of home laptops All fine and dandy My new home studio is ready for WiFi /Broadband extension question occupation and in a separate building m away so is well out of wifi range from the house The studio does however have a BT extension socket which is WiFi /Broadband extension question connected to the same home phone line via a cat cable I realise that I can plug a single computer into this socket using a filter and that would provide broadband for computer Thing is I need to have decent broadband for - Macs in the studio I am a video editor My question is What are my options for getting preferably Wifi in the new building or at least - wired connections from this single BT socket I have a new spare DLink wireless router is it possible to have WiFi routers connected to the same Bt line so the Netgear one serves the house and the Dlink one configured the same to serve the studio I purchased a Netgear Ethernet switch after being told by PC world that this is what I need Trouble is it doesn t to me look connectable to the BT socket filter as it lacks an ADSL socket Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Hi There

I use the Bluetooth function of card often, but I don't use the wireless AC part of the card, as I use 1gb Ethernet connection, is Disabling the wireless card proper thing to do, and yet still be able to use the Bluetooth in Windows 10 Pro 64bit? or should I reenable the card, and just not connect to any networks with it?

Also has a hard time showing devices to connect to lately, not sure why, drivers I guess are up to date for it

A:Wifi/bluetooth card question

"Try and Error" is the most useful attitude.
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my linksys wifi router has 4 LAN ports, so does the wifi router function as LAN hub or LAN switch?????????

A:question about Linksys wifi router

It functions as Switch
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I am not too knowledgeable on wifi or computers so correct me if I am wrong but if I can get a higher priority on a wifi signal would that make my connection faster? And if so, how can i do this?

If I am wrong, is there any way to make my inconsistent connection faster?
Often the internet is so slow that a 5 minute youtube video must be at least 3/4ths loaded or else it will buffer constantly.
Thank you for any and all help!!

A:College Wifi Question- Priority

if I can get a higher priority on a wifi signal would that make my connection faster?Click to expand...


And if so, how can i do this?Click to expand...

Make the request to your college IT department. But don't hold your breath waiting for an answer while listening to the laughter in the background. Unless you are the Head of the IT department the practical answer is "no."

If I am wrong, is there any way to make my inconsistent connection faster?Click to expand...

With that we may be able to help. Assuming you have a Windows OS ...

Make sure you have the latest wireless driver. Assuming an integrated adapter get the driver from the PC manufacturer's web site.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.
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Hello, I have a quick question about wifi signals and internet. My internet is composed of a receiver (looks like a little dish) it receives the internet wirelessly from a tower that supplies the internet a few miles away and transports that through a cable underground into my computer. I've noticed that my internet, especially online games like WoW, have been very slow and it is winter here. We've had very cloudy skies and some branches from trees are hanging over the receiver from snow accumulations. My question is, could the signal be blocked or disrupted somewhat by the branches and bad weather? Because a few years ago, my connection in WoW was superb, now I can barely play it at all.


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Hey all I m totally new to this forum and it seems to be pretty helpful in terms of question answers I got a new Belkin F D N wireless pci card for my windows machine xp SP because my suite does not support - Quick card pci WiFi question a wired setting Since I have installed it my computer seems to blue screen to a stop error either upon loading windows or Quick question - WiFi pci card no more than minutes into completing the start up which leaves very little time for a software firmware update I was wondering if anyone had encountered a similar problem and could share their solution with me I m am somewhat computer saavy so if you could point me in the right direction I should be able to get any information you need As for online capabilities I am able to surf on my mac notebook cd burning capabilities but my PC has no connection thus far except for a random minutes before it locks up Thanks in advance for any input Eric edit I have tried a full reinstall of the product both software and hardware and I have managed to receive a new stop code error in addition to the previous one MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION Hopefully this will help in diagnosing the problem nbsp

A:Quick question - WiFi pci card

You say "Quick Question"??

So, first, i assume the crashes only occur when driver is installed? Not if hardware simply installed?

Next things to do
1. With NO driver installed but the card is there (so i assume no crash)
Let's see what windows reports here

Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32
Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, then Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy Paste into next post
2. Where did you get the driver you're currently using? Tell me the exact version number? Have you checked this is correct? and not wrong or older version number?
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It's getting close for me to start heading off to college and I have a wifi range extender for my room and am intending on bringing it to college. I know the wifi signal isn't best during college because all of the walls that it has to pass through. Would my wifi range-extender work in a college dorm as it does in my room where the wifi signal isnt the strongest?

A:Wifi range-extender question

Yes, it'll work...if you are allowed to have it, some schools prohibit the use of your own network gear. If the walls are thicker or made of concrete then the range will of course be affected. If you plan on using the dorm's wireless then they would likely have a system in place to offer complete coverage already.
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Is there a way to disable the pop up messages that say "connected to so and so?" I would rather not see those and i dont see an option to turn them off...

A:Windows wifi manager question

Go to this site and find disable balloon tips

IMPORTANT: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Make sure that you understand how to backup and restore the registry, in case a problem occurs. Please read the linked Microsoft Knowledge Base article prior to editing the registry.
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Hello, I know the dangers of using public unsecured Wifi or wired connections, such as, those at hotels.
I am thinking about purchasing a VPN based public wifi protection firewall, such as, the one offered by Comodo, Comodo TrustConnect for vacation
TrustConnect Wi-Fi Internet Security Features:
Securely encrypts all data transmitted over both wired and wireless Internet connections
Creates a Virtual Private Network to hide all personal web-surfing information
Utilizes industry-standard 128-bit encryption
Is it going to be the equivalent of my home wifi that is secure with password?
Any other products you guys know of and trust for this purposes?

A:Public Wifi/Wired Internet Question-Help Please

Generally this would be similar to using a proxy server when connected to another network. There are software based options available for proxy VPN services online that are relatively inexpensive (roughly $30.00 per year) and is as simple as opening a software and using a username and password to login.
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I recently upgraded my internet speed with my ISP, but the tech guy said my wireless is not able to pick up 5G. Is there anything I can do? My laptop is a Sager NP9377 and it has Realtek rtl8723ae wireless lan 802.11n pci-e nic. Thoughts/help GREATLY appreciated

A:Laptop Wifi Question (Sager NP9377)

You should be able to easily replace the Wi-Fi card in your laptop with one that can handle the 5 GHz AC band. Just look up the specifications on the card that you have, I believe it's a PCI Express format but you need to verify that. Then you can just buy a new card of the same format and install it. It should be quite easy to do.
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So I have this star wars laptop when I opened it I had only seen wire nbsp I did get an Intel AC WiFi chip nbsp It Laptop Wars Question WiFi Star has Star Wars Laptop WiFi Question connections nbsp I connected it to the same spot the other one was in nbsp I'm running into an issue that Star Wars Laptop WiFi Question the WiFi is really hit or miss it will generally connect to my GHz signal no problem amp will see it most of the time nbsp Though the GHz one is a bit more tricky nbsp Either it will take it about a min or so after booting up to see it amp connect to it or it won't see it at all nbsp Rebooting it generally fixes this nbsp Though still takes time to see that connection nbsp Another issue is I was at a friends house also a hotel and other places and there are wifi signals there but it's not seeing them nbsp So I can't connect to them nbsp For example at my friends house he's got a wireless N router I can't see his network nbsp The bluetooth seems to work fine btw nbsp So are my issues b c I got this chip and there was only anntenna even though from what I see on my manual stuff it should have nbsp And if there is only then I'm guessing I'm running into issues b cof that nbsp So I'm guessing I have to get another kind of wireless chip nbsp One of the x ones not the x
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Hi guys,

Thanks to previous great help from you guys, I have managed to set up a wireless network for internet access using an adsl wireless modem/router.

However, I am unable to see the other computer in the net from either of the comps. Neither comp is ethernet connected to the router.

Have I missed something, do I have to have one comp permanantly connected to the router by ethernet to enable file sharing etc? Or am I ok just using wireless? I have set up a wireless net using the windows wizard but answered no to the question about is this comp directly connected to the net.
If I reconfigure the net with one comp permanently (wirelessly) connected, will this work although I do not wish both to be permanently connected to the net.

Thanks in advance


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I have recently set up a wireless network in my home. It involves my three business computers and one childrens computer. I want to drop a wireless card into the kids computer so they can have access to the high speed internet. (They are still on dial up). I have satellite high speed wi-fi'd to my three computers. My concern is that I don't want them to be able to access any of my computers data, just the high speed internet. All computers run XP sp2. Two are Pro and two are Home. I'm a newbee at this network stuff and am clueless. Can someone give me the basics on this? Are they locked out unless I enable them? Can they enable something themselves?

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Are there different types of antenna cable connectors for Wifi AP's? I need to extend the cable that attaches the antenna to an AP, but don't know if there are different connectors. There is no information on the antenna - it's worn with age. It's just a whie fiberglass stick.

I was looking at this cable...

A:External (outdoor) Wifi Antenna question

If the antenna is currently attached directly to the Access Point (AP), you should be able to look up the specifications for the AP and find out the type of connectors used. RP-SMA connectors as used in the cable in your link are very common for WiFi AP connections.

You will have some received and transmitted signal loss using any kind of extension cable. I found specifications for the cable in your link here:

The specs show that the coaxial cable type is LMR195. I found a web site for a cable manufacturer that makes LMR195 cables and has an on line signal loss calculator. You can expect about a 3.2 dB (47.4%) signal loss at 2400 MHz (2.4 GHz) and about a 4.7 dB (61.4%) signal loss at 5000 MHz (5.0 GHz).

The signal attenuation may exceed any gains you may achieve by relocating the antenna from a direct connection to the AP.

EDIT: The antenna may have a different gender RP-SMA connector if it is not designed to directly attach to the AP. In this case, you would need a cable with the correct RP-SMA connectors.
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I just got a new laptop a compaq presario CQ with an Atheros AR wireless card I ve been having a couple of internet issues with it first and probably unfixable is very limited range in comparison to my old toshiba with a intel wifi card Second and more important is the fact that when playing yahoo question Atheros wifi Solved: AR5007 games it seems to freeze up alot meaning that say in billiards when playing a game online seconds will go by and I am thinking that the other person at the table is being slow but then all of the sudden balls are missing and Solved: Atheros AR5007 wifi question it s my turn Not sure what causes it but it seems that if I keep clicking on someone profile I seem to stay a little better connected to the game I contacted HP and they didn t have anything to say other than to Solved: Atheros AR5007 wifi question update the driver or buy a different Atheros card Any suggestions before I do so sorry so long nbsp

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Hi guys When your on regarding Question warning wifi on Windows open a Windows computer and there is open Wifi networks around you not using any encryption you will see the message quot Information sent over this network might be visible to others quot Yet when you are at a hotel that uses an open network not using any encryption but instead uses some kind of Captiv portals to validate their users this is not shown This leds me to believe that some flag in the beacon frames from Question regarding open wifi warning on Windows the AP must tell the windows computers that this is an secured network Is this correct and can anyone tell me exactly what in beacon frame windows validates on I'm aware that the Beacon frame contains the type of encryption used Using this file as an example http wiki wireshark org SampleCapt ia Mobile pcap If this is what is uses by Windows to validate on what how would a beacon fram from a en unencrypted network with Captiv portals look like
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I Have a Intel (R) WiFi link 5100 AGN, and i was wondering why i am not receiving the draft (N) quality i'm supposed to get i currently own a Belkin N1 Wireless Router.., Please help me with my problem, i also dont have as good connect to my router even though m bro has b/g he gets greater speeds.

Bump, srry i need help,here are the settings.

A:Help/Question? Intel (R) WiFi link 5100 AGN

hello ebartolon...
it's still is but remember this is a free forum....
since airbot already gave you the lecture on the bumping threads im not going to go into that...
but what i can tell you to do in the throughput enhancement to turn it on...
also in wireless mode put it to 802.11n as i believe right now you are using 802.11g and not using the n spec...

also even in ideal situations you are not going to get the throughput specified in the n spec or advertised...
it says *up to* because that is the maximum speed that it will go and usually the hardware never reaches that speed....
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i have a compter that's on a city wide wireless internet connection. that computer also has a web cam that's on router connected to the LAN. how would i go about viewing this camera from the internet at a remote lacation? is this possible?
any input would be great.

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i want to access access virtual wifi miniport adapter but i don't know how please can some one help me

A:virtual wifi miniport adapter question

Can you please provide us with more info. What network adaptor are you using and what problems are you experiencing? And can you fill in your System Specs.
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Hi I have a laptop with XP Home SP Zone Alarm Free AVG A V Free AVG Antispyware Free no real-time function Free Using When Question Wifi Firewall Security About I normally use dial-up at home and when I do the ShieldsUp test it passes everything But when I went to use the free wifi at my local library I ran the test to to compare and found that it failed certain parts GRC Port Authority Report created on UTC - - at Results from scan of ports - - Ports Open Ports Question About Firewall Security When Using Free Wifi Closed Ports Stealth--------------------- Ports TestedALL PORTS tested were found to be STEALTH TruStealth FAILED - ALL tested ports were STEALTH - NO unsolicited packets were received - A PING REPLY ICMP Echo WAS RECEIVED Ping Reply RECEIVED FAILED Your system REPLIED to our Ping ICMP Echo requests making it visible on the Internet Most personal firewalls can be configured to block drop and ignore such Question About Firewall Security When Using Free Wifi ping requests in order to better hide systems from hackers This is highly recommended since quot Ping quot is among the oldest and most common methods used to locate systems prior to further exploitation And then for the quot All Service Ports quot test Solicited TCP Packets RECEIVED FAILED As detailed in the port report below one or more of your system's ports actively responded to our deliberate attempts to establish a connection It is generally possible to increase your system's security by hiding it from the probes of potentially hostile hackers Please see the details presented by the specific port links below as well as the various resources on this site and in our extremely helpful and active user community strong In the listing of all the ports all were quot green quot slealthed except for Port which was quot blue quot closed What does this all mean Why is this the case with free wifi but not with my dial-up at home Is there anything I need to or should do to better secure my laptop before using the free wifi It says quot Most personal firewalls can be configured to block drop and ignore such ping requests in order to better hide systems from hackers quot How can I do that when I use the free wifi Any help is appreciated -- thanks

A:Question About Firewall Security When Using Free Wifi

Hi bloomcounty, Did you put that free wifi in the trusted zone or internet zone? Public connection should be in the internet zone for ZA to block, as they aren't to be trusted, meaning permitting most communication over the common ports you've tested.Reply to ping just tells hackers you're there as they scan one IP after another. They can't really do much. Your firewall and Antivirus wouldn't let much in unless you request it (stateful packet inspection).
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We have a HD LCD TV Solved: non-smart question chromecast/tv/wifi TV with HDMI ports on it It s not a smart TV We purchased google chromecast and plugged it into the HDMI port on the TV We have an AT amp Solved: chromecast/tv/wifi non-smart TV question T router for wired and wireless internet connection Our desktop computer runs win and has the chromecast app Solved: chromecast/tv/wifi non-smart TV question installed When Solved: chromecast/tv/wifi non-smart TV question I tried to run it it said wifi was not connected That s because our computer was connected to the router with an ethernet cable So I found out I need a wireless USB adapter to plug into the computer to make it connect to the wifi signal So my dad went to best buy to purhcase a Netgear N wireless N USB adapter But the guy at best buy said this would not allow us to watch movies on the TV from the computer being connected to a web page with google chrome browser playing a movie The guy at best buy said our router is not powerful enough for it The movie is not from netflix or hulu It s not being downloaded either I just want to play a movie in the browser and watch it on the TV Was I told wrong by the guy at Best Buy or is this not possible the way I have described it By the way my uncle has a TV which did not come as a smart TV But he made it a smart TV by buying some device which enabled it to be a smart TV He has the same router I have and he watches netflix and youtube wirelessly to his TV nbsp

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Hello, I have virtual wifi miniport active through nesth, I use it to share internet to my Nintendo 3ds but I can not share it with my Nintendo Ds, after reading and found that the virtual miniport wifi dhcp not active, I wonder if there is any way to enable the miniport dhcp, I have been sharing internet through mac OS x Snow Leopard but I work on both Windows and Mac OS, while I like to play while completing the build process.

Any help is truly appreciated.

A:Virtual Wifi Miniport, dhcp question.

You should be able to turn on DHCP the same way that you can on a regular NIC. Go to the Network and Sharing Center, then look left to "Change Adaptor Settings" and click that, highlight and right click the Virtual adaptor and choose properties, then right click TCP/IPv4, choose properties again, make sure that the upper dot is set to "Obtain an IP address Automatically, same for DNS.

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Use Wireless Hosted Networking to Share An Internet Connection Wirelessly | FAQ/Tip content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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Hello, I have a customer that wants to upgrade his internal wifi card to a dual band AC card. I purchased the intel sual band wireless AC 3160 card and got the unsupported card bios error. Is there any dual band AC cards that work with this laptop? I checked the service guide and can't find anything but who knows how up to date that is.  Thanks!

A:HP Pavilion G7-1260us Wifi card upgrade question

Hello @jacob4999, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the issue with the WLAN Module, and wanted to assist you! Based on the following guide, here are all the supported WLAN Modules for the notebook:HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide (Chapter 1, Page 4). Support for the following WLAN formats: ? Intel Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 802.11 b/g/n 2×2 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 combination adapter? Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 WiFi Adapter (select models only)? Ralink RT3290LE 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 Combo Adapter (select models only)? Ralink RT5390R 802.11 b/g/n 1×1 WiFi If the WLAN Module is not listed here, then it is should not be supported on the notebook. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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if so what is the best way to clean and wipe them out of said wifi router?


A:Question: Can rootkits/viruses reside in wifi router?

There is still an active dns hijacker that can infect your router. However, it usually happens to routers with their default username and password still present. Resetting the router back to factory settings will fix it.
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So today my laptop's been surfing sloooooow. I'd reboot, but it didn't matter. Finally I went around the house and shut down my wife's laptop, rebooted the WiFi router and cable modem, and turned off the wireless printer. Once everything came back up I was back up to normal speed.

Is it possible that a WiFi connection can just get gummed up and need to be rebooted? Or maybe there's some sort of chitchat going on between the wireless printer and the router that just keeps growing until the whole network slows to a crawl?

Just curious to know about the some of the quirks of wireless routers and networks, if you have a moment.

A:General question about WiFi, slow connections, and rebooting a router

If you're running any P2P, that will bring many routers to their knees after some running time.
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Debating on going wireless or not Have an Asus M A TD EVO that has RTL E PCIe Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET So Gigabit Im thinking at least I am wire into my router which puts out high speed and low ping to wireless Standard Ethernet cables supply the data pipeline not sure what the transfer speed is on them If anyone can let me know cable ethernet card wifi speed questions question with and Network that would be great I have been eyeballing the super speed ethernet cables but not sure if it would solve the ping issues I have with desktop being too high and the cost for a ' line Tried finding a wireless card that handles N network and Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question Ghz for my dual band What is the standard ethernet cable speed Can the standard ethernet cable from router to computer be causing high ping have second computer with ' cable same issue Would it be better to go wireless and forego the wired ethernet cable What wireless card would you recommend

A:Network speed and ethernet cable questions with wifi card question


1- what kind of cable? cat 5, cat5 E, cat 6?

2-Yes if cheap, old, or not shielded.

3-Not if you are transfering large amounts of data on your internal LAN

4-An 802.11 "N" card
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recently usb resources wifi adaptor wifi wifi not recognized, hogging i was having major computer issues on my desktop i did a full restore to factory settings and after doing a few windows updates i found that my network adaptor was not finding any signals it does not show up in the change adaptor settings wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources page or in the device manager page when i troubleshoot my internet connection it says an ethernet cable is not properly plugged in I have a desktop computer but it definately has a wireless network card i used to get windows updates for it and it just stopped wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources working one day when i look in the BIOS the only option related to booting a network card is B D Yukon PXE no matter when i boot it i still dont get wireless signals when i go into the boot menu and try to boot this device it says quot PXE E media test failure please check cable quot i have opened the tower and the card is securely in its slot i thought i would workaround by getting a usb wifi card I installed it and connected to the internet and it alternated between having a connection to the internet and being connected to the network but not the internet even when it is connected to the internet i cannot reach any web pages my dropbox desktop files wifi adaptor not recognized, usb wifi hogging wifi resources update very slowly kb s when i am connected with the usb card the network stops working for everyone else in the house they can no longer reach web pages or continue downloads please help gateway DX AMD Phenom II X processor GHz GB DDRII RAM windows home premium EDIT additionally nothing shows up when i scan with avast antivirus nbsp

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Hello there Here is a very good question on Home WiFi connectivity…" WiFi PC on is question very "Home Network Here good a Solved: and Networks and PC connectivity First quot SX s quot is a bogus connection name and used for example perposes Please read everything and think about it before replying OK Currently because I have an Extender on my PC s Home WiFi Network it creates SX s EXT and When I start my PC it automatically connects to SX s EXT Instead of SX s quot which is the main signal and the one I am always closes too Now I want to always connect to SX s the main signal First and Automatically when I start my PC instead of connecting to SX s EXT and then having to manually connect to quot SX s quot So is there a way to set this up Also If SX s EXT s signal is stronger than SX s Let s say I move to another room and into SX s EXT s signal range is the stronger one Can I also setup my PC s Home WiFi Network to then Automatically switch to SX s EXT s connection Automatically and then back to quot SX s quot s connection should I move back into it s range I look forward to responses Damian nbsp
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I do not think this is possible, but it is worth a shot anyway.

Is there a way that I can create/save multiple network connection "profiles" for the wireless adapter in my laptop?

For work, I often connect to our device routers to program them before they go to the customer. I connect to them via WiFi and I have to edit my IPv4 settings for each model of router.

I'd like to create/save a profile for each of these where I can disable the DHCP standard profile and then enable whichever IP address scheme I need.

Kind of hopeful, i know, but maybe someone knows of something.
Thanks for any help in advance.

A:Possiblity Question: Can I create multiple "profiles" for WiFi adapter

yes, but usually you need to do so through your adapter itself, not through windows (I don't really know where a windows profile could be kept, but I will look). Here is my adapter location for different profiles I can save:

You might look Here for a windows-based profile:

However, after re-reading your post, I do not think it is likely you can have that setting saved to a profile, but try anyway
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Hi All I ve recently started teaching at school which has a serious internet problem When I joined the school they informed me the WIFI was terrible as the phone lines to issues: or "spread" School of A speed question Solved: WIFI the area were quot overloaded quot and they were working on getting fiber optics The annoying thing is they have given the students I pads but without internet access they are pretty useless Having worked there for three weeks I have seen that some classes have a decent connection and others have nothing The ones that do have WIFI are located next to what looks like Solved: School WIFI issues: A question of speed or "spread" a wireless router similar to what I have in my house with a little aerial My questions are would this router be some Solved: School WIFI issues: A question of speed or "spread" form of WIFI repeater And if so would installing more improve access in the classrooms If not and the quot overload quot explanation is true could someone point me in the right direction of where to start looking for possible solutions Thank you very much in advance and if you require any extra information just ask and I will investigate nbsp

A:Solved: School WIFI issues: A question of speed or "spread"

These are questions for the school's IT and it's also their responsibility to address, you should be taking your concerns to them. We cannot assist a user or employee with changing or altering what is generally a secured and controlled network and doing so could bring serious consequences to you and to us. I think this thread should be closed based on those grounds.
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I read a bunch of previous threads on this but none really fit my problem A long story here but for the time being I am having to use my mobile data connection for internet access When I try to connect to the USB tethering I have to go in to the adapter settings and enable and disable and re-enable the adapter about times before it recognizes the USB When trying to connect to a wifi it's click connect on the phone connection which shows up fine wait until it says not connected and click connect again about or times Using either the USB or wifi it mobile "connect Another wifi" to question will connect eventually I have tried different phones and it's the same thing on all three So I would think the problem is Another "connect to mobile wifi" question in my The last time my internet went out and I tried to use the mobile wifi which I've had saved on my pc for over a year all I had to do was turn the phone hotspot on and the pc Another "connect to mobile wifi" question connected immediately within to seconds now it's taking almost minutes every time no matter which type connection I use I have made sure every thing on the pc and the phones are updated What I don't understand is I connected one time and it worked perfect just like any other connection then the next time it wouldn't It's either a hardware or software problem I have tried to make sure both are working correctly and as far as I can find the pc is showing no problems Any ideas what could be going on here or what I might try Thanks Robby

A:Another "connect to mobile wifi" question

Might help to know specs like computer/adapter/wifi router/phone, etc.

Have you run the troubleshooter when connected?
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I have a perfectly running PC and a working wireless adapter but funny thing is that my home wifi cant be detected while neighbor's wifi are listed down. The problem occur whenever I send my PC to repair, after the whole process when I want to get my PC connected to the internet but just cant. It has happened to me 3 times and total I bought 3 different wireless adapters, I dont want to keep buying new wireless adapters just to search for my own wifi. My other devices worked fine with my home wifi as I am typing this on my Iphone instead because my PC cant detect my own wifi !!!!!! VERY FURIOUS.

thanks for reading and i really hope for an answer as soon as possible because i just wana dota on my new PC.. please help me.

A:Wifi adapter can detect other wifi but not my own wifi

It has happened to me 3 times and total I bought 3 different wireless adapters,Click to expand...

has that resoved the issue or not
it maybe the signal is broadcasting on channel 12/13

can you connect the pc directly to the router with a cable and then
Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file to the faulty PC and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
enter you details
Download this file "DOWNLOAD WI-FI INSPECTOR Vx.xx "
( the site now appears to allow webbased emails like gmail, hotmail, outlook and yahoo now )

There is also a xirrus gadget, But that does not have all the fuctionality "DOWNLOAD GADGET Vx.xx

Alternative links - Use the links below
Do NOT use any of the download managers offered - Cnet , just use the direct link below - and click on the download button
Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear that, When you first try to run, you may get a message that .net framework is needed, and included in that message is a link to download/install.

Run the program

A user guide is available here

post a screen shot of the program running.
if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information.

post which SSID name is yours, its located in the list, under network "Adapter Name" (1st column)
For a reliable (or robust as the Xirrus user guide says) wireless connection you need a signal of about -70 dBm or better. "A desirable signal level for a robust Wi-Fi connection will be green".
note: the signal level is a negative number, so for example -88 is worst and -40 is better

To post a screen shot of the active window.

Windows XP
Hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.

Vista or Windows 7
you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

Windows 8 & 10
you can use the snipping tool > Open Snipping Tool
(From the Windows 8 Start Screen, or windows 10 Search, type "snip" and press enter)
(From windows 10 - All Apps>Windows Accessories>Snipping Tool
>Press the Esc. key.
>go back to your Windows 8 start screen - Swipe from left or press Window Button
>Press Ctrl+PrntScr button to use Snipping Tool
see here

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
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I ve read through hundreds of posts trying to figure out my issue Unfortunately I ve been unsuccessful Here s the at WiFi office home Company Connects not but at WiFi Solved: Secure to Laptop issue I was given a new laptop for work and it connects fine to our secure wireless network at the office but when I brought it home it will not connect to my wireless network at home When I try to connect to my network at home the wireless manager sits and spins saying quot trying to acquire network address quot I have iPhones eMachine and Macbook connected to my network working fine and dandy However the HP laptop from work simply won t connect unless wired I have tried the following Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver Power Solved: Company Laptop Connects to Secure WiFi at office but not WiFi at home Cycled my Router Power Cycled my entire network WinsockXPFix tool I m completely at a loss here No idea what to do to fix this I m running Windows XP and have a Wire router I appreciate any advice anyone can give me to help solve this annoyance nbsp

A:Solved: Company Laptop Connects to Secure WiFi at office but not WiFi at home
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Hi Guys This is Viral I am using an Acer laptop model ASPIRE since the last five years There haven't been much issues with it restor 5100 intel Issues is r as systm installed WiFi link after wifi not d with except for the battery and thats it But recently since last two weeks I noticed that my Wifi would stop blinking after sometime after I start my laptop and then it wouldn't work even when I try to turn on and turn off the Wifi switch it doesn't respond anything I tried searching the net for this issue using my office laptop and found that a system restore would help to solve this issue Since I remembered that I updated Java as well as there was this ad software which got installed and I had unistalled it So I did a system restore and then when I opened the device manager I am not able to see intel r wifi link driver on it I tried restarting my laptop and did everything and couldn't find the driver it was there before Issues with WiFi as intel r wifi link 5100 is not installed after d systm restor the system restore But later on the same day the driver got installed automatically and the WiFi started working but only for a couple of minutes after the restart and then it stopped So I did the system restore again to the date when everything was working perfectly and when i did that again my intel r wifi link driver is not shown on the device manager network adapters I don't if it would automatically get installed or not but its sure Issues with WiFi as intel r wifi link 5100 is not installed after d systm restor that the WiFi issue still be there So can you please help with this issue Help me get the intel r wifi link driver back Help me the solve the WiFi issue as the WiFi light goes Off It would be grateful if any of you guys could help me out this issue since I am applying for further studies and require the internet connection in the night for filling the forms I have the office laptop but all my documents and my Issues with WiFi as intel r wifi link 5100 is not installed after d systm restor software are there in my personal laptop Please help me sir My machine info Processor - Intel Core Duo CPU T GHZ Memory - GB System type - bit operating system Windows Vista Home Premium

A:Issues with WiFi as intel r wifi link 5100 is not installed after d systm restor

Select Model, Select Operating System, Download your Drivers
There is also a hardware detection tool to assist you.
If the software is listed in add/remove programs; Uninstall it.
If the device is listed in device manager; uninstall it.
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When i was using windows 8 the wifi was good and would never get disrupted.But i updated to windows 8.1 and now when am downloading something the wifi gets disconnected and wont show the network even if the router is on and my phone is still connected to it.I have to toggle the wifi on and off for some 6-7 times and then toggle airplane mode on and off for 3-4 times to get it to discover the network.Is this because of the adapter or driver and my laptop has a ralink wifi adapter.What should i do?Thanks

A:Windows 8.1 wifi issue ralink wifi adapter and envy 15t j001...

Goutham, Welcome to the HP Forum. You might try the following Ralink driver for Windows 8.1 :sp63945 Mediatek - alink 802.11 WiFi Adapter V5.0.34.0 - Win 8.1 [Devices] (Hardware Ids)PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_5390="Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539F="Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3592="Ralink RT3592 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090="Ralink RT3090 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539A="Ralink RT5390R 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_539B="Ralink RT5390R 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter"PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3290="Ralink RT3290 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Adapter"PCI\VEN_14C3&DEV_7630="Mediatek MT7630E 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter "Your computer's webpage does show a few drivers for Windows 8.1:HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j001tx Notebook PC Drivers  Hope this helps. Click the Kudos Star!It is a great ?Thank You? to the HP Experts who are here to help!
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Hello fellas i need to connect my dumb Xbox to connect to to modem--->not Solved: live!!! wifi able laptop+wifi xbox360+USB live for it does not play any movies and asks to connect to live that i am unable to do OKey here is the plit- gt i have a usb modem that i connect into my laptop wihch has wifi n all that now i create an adhoc n w first on lapi--the xbox detects and connects but still test connection fails the xbox is unable to connect to the adhoc n w second i Solved: wifi laptop+wifi xbox360+USB modem--->not able to connect to live!!! tried creating a adhoc n w on my xbox-- gt lapi connects to that n w but still the test conncetion fails on the xbox I have checked quot Allow users to use this n w quot for my USB modem connection which i use to connect to Solved: wifi laptop+wifi xbox360+USB modem--->not able to connect to live!!! the internet In Properties-- gt Sharing But here it asks to select the n w connection out of options Wireless conn Wireless conn Local Area Conn Sometimes it shows only Wileless Conn and LAN i tried every possible combination of all these settings but nothing is working The internet on my laptop works fine I am using Win Home Premium I just need to connect my Xbox to my laptop wirelessely and use the internet connection my laptop is using i tried some manual settings of ip subnet n dns server on my xbox n lapi in this case the xbox connects to the network while connection test but does not connects to laptop HELP guys nbsp

A:Solved: wifi laptop+wifi xbox360+USB modem--->not able to connect to live!!!
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I've had experience this problem for a while now on my newly built windows rig Every few hours my Wifi simply stops working the connection is lost Sometimes it reconnects after a minute or so Most of the time I would need to manually disable enable the wifi adapter in my Network Settings to get it back up again It happened with a relatively expensive adapter that I bought not to long ago - Netgear A USB dual-band wifi adapter I found 2 hours (tested adapters) loses connection wifi on every Wifi diff few a thread about this issue here I've not been able to resolve it with any of the tips provided including downloading a generic rd party Mediatek driver I've used this same adapter without Wifi loses connection every few hours (tested on 2 diff wifi adapters) this problem on my older Win machine I thought maybe this adapter quot went bad quot So I tried to replace this adapter with an older Wifi adapter made by Rosewill using older Rosewill drivers The same issue occurs Again this Rosewill adapter worked perfectly in my Win system So I have a hunch the problem is Windows itself Does it not place nicely with existing or older wifi adapters on the market Would I need to buy a new adapter specifically certified for Windows Anyone have any insights on this would be greatly appreciated
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Hello I have recently bought a new pci wifi lan card Ralink rt turbo and have plugged in and installed drivers Initially the drivers the company I bought it from 7 any Ralink WiFi not windows RT61 card, signals wifi Lan receiving told me to install didn't work but after some googling found the correct drivers and downloaded from Ralinks website However these didn't work either When using the Ralink wireless utility it says that the card is disconnected however in device manage it is both connect Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals and the correct drivers installed and everything is perfectly fine I ignored the wireless utility and hoped that windows would still be able to use the wireless card as past experiences have shown to be true This case however I get nothing Windows says that the Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals wireless card is experiencing problems it doesn't show any of the routers that should be shown I have been looking around a lot and there have been several drivers Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals that should have worked and they haven't I would have thought that the antenna is broken or the card doesn't work however when I use it with ubuntu instead of windows it works perfectly fine without any hassle so the card is definitely working Any advice that anyone can give on how to resolve this would be very welcome Thanks Aieden

A:Ralink RT61 WiFi Lan card, windows 7 not receiving any wifi signals

Have a look at this thread.

Ralink RT61 Turbo Wireless Driver
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Hi there

This USB Wifi adapter seems to be a MEGA performer --Lovely finally to be able to THINK of getting rid of LAN cables all over the place.

I've no probs with decent HD Movie streaming from a SERVER with one of these (I unplugged the LAN and inserted the USB Wifi adapter into a USB3 slot --note this needs genuine USB3 to work at proper speed). My Home router can deliver 802.11ac so no probs there.

Brilliant piece of kit and NO MORE CABLES !!!!!!. Wifi will soon be able to deliver comparable speeds to LAN especially for HOME networks. !!!

Here's the UK Link but is available in US and Europe. In any case it's delivered (in my case) by Amazon S.A.R.L (Luxembourg) so no tax !!!. even though I ordered from UK web site --they will ship outside UK tax free.

USB-AC56 | Networking | ASUS UK

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I have a desktop that is able to have wifi it's a adapter dell 1450 UBS Wireless 802.11a/b/g it works so does the router which is a Cisco Linsky E 1000 it shows um that it works I'm getting packet but I just can't seem to connect I don't understand it says that I am connected but I cannot get on the internet what am I doing wrong please help my desktop is compaq hp with wireless capability help!
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guys i have a strange problem with my WiFi lately
yesterday the my laptop lost the connection to my WiFi modem and when i tried to search it my laptop not find any WiFi modem but the other device such as: my smartphone detect it normally. but after that, i tried windows troubleshooting and it found that "you've lost your internet connect" and suggest some way to solve this problem, i followed the instruction and voila, my internet connection appear again but next 4 hours, it's dead again, i went to troubleshooting and it worked fine again.
so guys please help me to solve this annoying problem...
thanks before
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I was at a home today and connected to their private home network on a Surface Pro 4. This showed their network as Connected. However, the internet kept going to a local open BT network instead! I couldn't select this open network anywhere to exclude it. Thinking about it now, I should have disabled/reenabled Wifi first, and then tried a reboot after that. But otherwise, is there any hidden setting to ignore certain networks?

A:Using 'open' access Wifi point instead of connected private wifi.

Hello and welcome to the TenForums

If the home where you were had a BT hub then it most probably was offering both an open connection also known as BT Wifi or BT Fon and also a secured wifi connection which would have an SSID number with a BThub name with some random numbers and letters. It is possible that you connected to the open one and were then automatically directed to a BT broadband page on the internet to pay for use of the BT hotspot service that they provide via customers routers. See this article for more info:
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Hi, I have a Gateway NV52L15 notebook and I am having problems with my WiFi access. I have Windows 8. My wireless networks are not showing up. When I troubleshoot the network adapter, I get a messAge that reads that my wireless capability is turned off. When I go to the Gateway Device fast lane, my WiFi is on. But when I look in networks it as shows WiFi off and I am unable to turn it on that way. When I go to wireless devices in pc settings, the toggle button for the wire device is grey, therefore I am unable to switch it on- It used to work.

Also, while in the Gateway Device fast lane, when I press the F3 key the airplane mode goes on...the WiFi goes comes right back on. Please help...
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Hi All,

I am new to this forum..few day agai got to know that I can make my Windows 7 Laptop a HotSpot via Virtual I tried to make my laptop hotspot and the same can be detected from my iPhone also...i can connect connect iPhone to my laptop...but i cant access any internet..
i have also tried putting off my firewall but with no use....
can somebody help me out with the same?
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i just received my new PC with a brand new Gigabyte UD3H Wifi motherboard and a HD7950 GPU.

I installed all the drivers available from the Gigabyte website for some reason the wifi function simply does not work. Also, the screen plugged into the 7950 works fine but the other screen connected into the motherboard gets the message "no signal detected".
How can i fix this?

A:Gigabyte UD3H Wifi doesn't detect WiFi or second screen

Also, when I try to install the VGA drivers from gigabyte, I get the message "PC does not meet minimum requirements"
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I upgraded my friends HP laptop to Windows The issue now is I can't enable Wifi The card is recognized correctly in Device manager and no issues is found with it It looks like it is fine However in the Network Settings WLAN is set to quot Off quot and when I try to turn it on it always jumps right back to off eg I can't enable it HP is now help as they clearly state enable Upgrade Win10 after WiFi Can't Issue: Dreaded WiFi any laptop bought prior to specific date in will not get any driver updates from their side for windows Guys never buy HP again please And updating through device manager only tells me it's the newest driver available The Wifi card i Broadcom GN card I searched for win drivers but did not find anything They only offer linux drivers on their homepage So can anyone either provide a solution to the issue or link to a win ' driver for this wifi card

A:Dreaded Win10 WiFi Issue: Can't enable WiFi after Upgrade

I had a similar issue were I was stuck in Aeroplane mode on a cleanly installed W10. Turned out I had to uninstall it from the HID's in Device manager. It's worth checking that he's not stuck in it too. Search for drivers in Windows 7, from the HP website and you'll most likely resolve the issue.
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i have cable internet that is connected to a belkin wireless router. one computer gets slow internet access when connected to this. multiple other computers get better speed. the one affected computer gets fast speeds when accessing the internet at other locations, like a friend's house. also, the affected computer gets fast speeds when connected to the router by a cable.

so the problem seems to be very specific to the connection between these specific devices.

the laptop in question is a thinkpad e420 running windows 7.

thank you in advance for any solutions or suggestions you might have.

A:Solved: slow net with 1 computer and home wifi, but not other computers or other wifi
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from device manager network controller is yellow
this is windows 7 64 bit
dell latitude e6410

tried to install below drivers , all of them did not install need help

A:wifi icon is red cross, also wifi light on laptop does not show up

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Select the Network Controller Right click select Property's ...

Then the Details Tab and Post any Info it says there ...
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So for the past day or so im trying to get the WiFi working on this laptop,didnt succeeded yet. I tryed the f10,f9,f10 ,not working.  HP Wireless Assistant doesnt eaven have any options in it when i instal him. Tryed to manualy instal drivers says its up to date and still not working.Name of the wireless adapter is Railink RT3090 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter. Hardware IDs:PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_1453103C&REV_00PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&SUBSYS_1453103CPCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_028000PCI\VEN_1814&DEV_3090&CC_0280  So any help would be nice.Ty in front,CroMatt  

A:WiFi button not working,WiFi option in mobility center is gr...

Hi To see what drivers are in use, you can try... Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator, and type....  netsh wlan show drivers C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh wlan show driversInterface name: WiFi 2    Driver                    : Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter    Vendor                    : Realtek Semiconductor Corp.    Provider                  : Realtek Semiconductor Corp.    Date                      : 21/09/2015    Version                   : 2023.18.814.2015    INF file                  : C:\WINDOWS\INF\oem35.inf    Files                     : 2 total                                C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\rtwlane.sys                                C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rtlihvs.dll    Type                      : Native Wi-Fi Driver    Radio types supported     : 802.11n 802.11g 802.11b================================================= netsh wlan show interfaces C:\WINDOWS\system32>netsh wlan show interfacesThere is 1 interface on the system:    Name                   : WiFi 2    Description            : Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter    GUID                   : f5ff31f1-c343-42b0-b6a9-bd17e49ed64c    Physical address       : 48:e2:44:54:66:27    State                  : connected    SSID                   : XXXXXXXXXXXXX1111111    BSSID                  : 10:0d:7f:cf:2b:da    Network type           : Infrastructure    Radio type             : 802.11n    Authentication         : WPA2-Personal    Cipher                 : CCMP    Connection mode        : Auto Connect    Channel                : 11    Receive rate (Mbps)    : 72    Transmit rate (Mbps)   : 72 &n... Read more
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i have two wifi networks,
wifi 1 >> is on 192.168.1.x ip scheme and windows connects to it fine,
wifi 2 >> is on 192.168.43.x ip scheme
and when i disconnect from wifi 1 to connect to wifi 2, windows still shows old ip scheme of 192.168.1.x ip address and i cannot connect to wifi 2 properly. I have to set its ip address manually and then only i can access that network. other devices (phone, tablet) connects fine while switching from wifi 1 to wifi 2, so dhcp is working fine on both wifi.
any suggestions welcome.

A:switching from wifi 1 to wifi 2 doesnot assign proper ip address

Quote: Originally Posted by roshanrbb

i have two wifi networks,
wifi 1 >> is on 192.168.1.x ip scheme and windows connects to it fine,
wifi 2 >> is on 192.168.43.x ip scheme
and when i disconnect from wifi 1 to connect to wifi 2, windows still shows old ip scheme of 192.168.1.x ip address and i cannot connect to wifi 2 properly. I have to set its ip address manually and then only i can access that network. other devices (phone, tablet) connects fine while switching from wifi 1 to wifi 2, so dhcp is working fine on both wifi.
any suggestions welcome.

I couldnt understand your Problem Completly.
But as per me researving IP address for your Computer in the Next router would solve your Problem.
Also please check if the router 2 has DHCP enabled in it.
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I am currently stationed in Germany, and live in a village that has horrible internet. I cannot stream netflix, hulu, and downloads take several hours.

Is there a way to combine the internet that my cell phone receives and the wifi router I have at home to increase speed?

I have the ability to create a wifi hotspot from my cell phone if this helps.

Just something I thought up in my head, and wanted to find out if it is possible. Thanks in advance.

A:Combining Wifi Hotspot and Router Wifi for faster internet

You can, try this or
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Hi I have a XPS i QHD purchased refurbished from rd party recently installed clean W The Dell tool indicates to me that I should be installing Network Driver WD T WN A EXE Installing I get failure log at the bottom Via Device Manager as mentioned the WiFi adapter under Network is not there scanning for hardware changes does not help I have tried manually installing inf files but I don t get any options under quot Model quot when nbsp I try to install it through legacy hardware I m starting to think nbsp the Wifi Bluetooth component is either faulty or entirely missing from the vendor nbsp I have not opened it up and wouldn t know how / WiFi in Drivers not Device Manager, install WiFi can't Bluetooth to diagnose this myself WiFi / Bluetooth not in Device Manager, can't install WiFi Drivers I ve attached a separate wifi dongle which works as does connecting to Ethernet via nbsp a USB adapter Any other ideas of what it could be Thanks --- nbsp Update Package Execution Started nbsp Original command line quot C Users Yegor Downloads Network Driver WD T WN A EXE quot nbsp DUP Framework EXE Version nbsp DUP Release WD TA nbsp Initializing framework nbsp logo png nbsp User Command attended nbsp DUP Capabilities Value x FFFFF nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp OS Compatible with this WiFi / Bluetooth not in Device Manager, can't install WiFi Drivers Package Yes nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp Extraction-miniunz path C PROGRA dell drivers N A miniunz exe nbsp Extraction-arguments nbsp -x WiFi / Bluetooth not in Device Manager, can't install WiFi Drivers C Users Yegor DOWNLO N EXE -o -d C PROGRA dell drivers N A nbsp Extraction-GetExitCode nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp Temporary payload log file name C ProgramData dell drivers Network Driver WD T WN A DUPECF tmp nbsp Translated Command Line setup exe quot vLOGFILE quot C ProgramData dell drivers Network Driver WD T WN A DUPECF tmp quot quot nbsp Path C ProgramData dell drivers Network Driver WD T WN A nbsp Identified Behavior attended nbsp Append Vendor Software Log C ProgramData dell drivers Network Driver WD T WN A DUPECF tmp nbsp --- Start of Vendor Software Log --- nbsp ASCII payload log file detected nbsp Installation log file for quot DW WLAN Card quot Log Starts on Date - - Time GetOSInfo Detected Windows GetOSInfo Product Type Business PreInstallSetup Using ini file C Users Yegor AppData Local Temp A - D - -BF A- F F DD B - - -BC -A BF bcmwls ini Using inf file C Users Yegor AppData Local Temp BcmWLSetup Drivers WinThresh WL bcmwdi inf Installation root C Program Files Dell DW WLAN Card OEM is Dell Driver interface is PCI HW detection for installer ResultCode Hardware id is not found in driver inf Either the device is not present or the device is not supported InstallShield script aborting Entering function CreateEventLog Exiting function CreateEventLog Log ends on Date - - Time nbsp --- End of Vendor Software Log --- nbsp Vendor Software Return Code nbsp logo png nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp Exit Code set to x nbsp Result FAILURE nbsp Open file C ProgramData Dell UpdatePackage Log Network Driver WD T WN A txt nbsp Name of Exit Code ERROR nbsp Execution terminated at date-time nbsp nbsp Update Package Execution Started nbsp Original command line quot C Users Yegor Downloads Network Driver WD T WN A EXE quot nbsp DUP Framework EXE Version nbsp DUP Release WD TA nbsp Initializing framework nbsp logo png nbsp User Command attended nbsp DUP Capabilities Value x FFFFF nbsp DUP Vendor Software Version nbsp Local System Model Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp Local System OS Version nbsp OS Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp Local System OS Language EN nbsp Language Compatible with this Package Yes nbsp Extraction-miniunz path C NEWFOL miniunz exe nbsp Extraction-arguments nbsp -x C Users Yegor DOWNLO N EXE -o ... Read more
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Hi, My laptop has a very weak wifi detection. Only when the wifi signal is very strong can it detect the wifi. I tried contacting HP regarding the same. They said it could be a loose connection with the wifi antenna. I have been waiting for the custumer service in my area to contact me(like HP promised!!!) for quite a long time now . Now I am in urgent need to get this fixed. I was wondering if an external wifi adapter would solve this issue. Mine is a Windows 10 laptop. Model no: ab030tx (pavilion). If an external adapter works, what would you suggest? (I am confused as a lot of products available in market only convert the laptop to a hotspot) 

A:Weak WiFi detection of laptop: will an external wifi adapter...

Dear Customer, In case if your laptop is under warranty, You may call  HP and will replace the Wireless card.Contact HP However you may still use the External WIFI USB Adapters, I would like to share a document which helps how to choose the required Adapters. After trying you may search the model of the adapter online with Amazon for price details. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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'Hello this is my first post here so I am sorry if anything is confusing The reason why I signed up in this forum is s I can seek help fron those that might know more about computer than me in order to solve my problem A few days ago my laptop was working perfectly fine But then I turned my Taskbar wifi to turned white and detect unable wifi computer off the next day everything started up as normal with Windows Home Premium still in the backgrounds when I am logging in but then the network connecter won't automatically start So I was left without internet for a bit Whats more I noticed that the taskbar which was always semi-transparent before is now white As well as all the title bars of the programs that I open turned into blue Is computer Taskbar turned white and wifi unable to detect wifi has always ran Windows as far as I am aware but e way the taskbar and the title bars are behaving reminds me of windows xp I first tried to look up how to solve my wifi problem I manually opened the network connecter in the control panel and tried to quot Connect to a network quot But it didn't detect any wifi servers Which is odd since I had always used the one my family used and I am using wifi on that server at this moment When I tried to use troubleshoot on my quot internet connections quot it first showed me that the issue was quot The Diagnostic Policy Service is not running quot but then every other time I tried to troubleshoot again it doesn't show any problems detected And with the problem of the taskbar I tried to search solutions and found some I right-clicked while on the desktop and clicked on quot personalize quot And my sources tol me to select an aero theme However all ofthe aero themes are greyed-out and I am unable to select any of them The only theme that I am able to select is my quot unsaved theme quot which has a square with a blue pirtion on the top that has a white bar in it and the bottom which is the white portion and has a black bar across it All the themes with the roundish edges and clear squares are unselectable I have no idea whats wrong with my computer now would somebody please help me Alnost all other programs are functioning fine but the wifi Taskbar turned white and wifi unable to detect wifi is not connecting Oh and I am unable to adjust my screen brightness All help are thanked BTW I wrote this on my iPad mini

A:Taskbar turned white and wifi unable to detect wifi

Quote: Originally Posted by Zero

'Hello, this is my first post here, so I am sorry if anything is confusing.

The reason why I signed up in this forum is s I can seek help fron those that might know more about computer than me, in order to solve my problem

A few days ago, my laptop was working perfectly fine. But then, I turned my computer off, the next day, everything started up as normal, with Windows 7 Home Premium still in the backgrounds when I am logging in but then, the network connecter won't automatically start. So I was left without internet for a bit. Whats more, I noticed that the taskbar, which was always semi-transparent before, is now white. As well as all the title bars of the programs that I open, turned into blue!

Is computer has always ran Windows 7 as far as I am aware, but e way the taskbar, and the title bars, are behaving, reminds me of windows xp.

I first tried to look up how to solve my wifi problem. I manually opened the network connecter in the control panel, and tried to "Connect to a network". But it didn't detect any wifi servers! Which is odd since I had always used the one my family used, and I am using wifi on that server at this moment!

When I tried to use troubleshoot on my "internet connections", it first showed me that the issue was "The Diagnostic Policy Service is not running" but then every other time I tried to troubleshoot again, it doesn't show any problems detected

And with the problem of the taskbar, I tried to search solutions, and found some. I right-clicked while on the desktop and clicked on "personalize". And my sources tol me to select an aero theme. However, all ofthe aero themes are greyed-out, and I am unable to select any of them. The only theme that I am able to select is my "unsaved theme", which has a square with a blue pirtion on the top that has a white bar in it, and the bottom, which is the white portion, and has a black bar across it. All the themes with the roundish edges and clear squares are unselectable...

I have no idea whats wrong with my computer now, would somebody please help me? Alnost all other programs are functioning fine, but the wifi is not connecting(Oh, and I am unable to adjust my screen brightness)

All help are thanked!

BTW, I wrote this on my iPad mini

No idea what the problem might be but it doesn't sound good.

Have you considered using System Restore to take your system back to when it was working correctly?

This would be by far the easiest way to fix this type of problem, the link shows you how.

System Restore
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I am looking to replace my tired Linksys WRT54G router that is about 10 years old. I love the router, and its even better with DD-WRT on it, but I'm starting to have troubles with the wifi dropping all the connects for a couple seconds when running all my wireless devices. I have 3 smart phones, 2 tablets, 1 Chromecast, a smart TV, and Roku + a laptop or 3 in my house right now, and it seems like its getting to be a bit much for it.
I have had to completely re-flash the firmware twice this year to get the wifi working again, so I'm thinking its time for replacement.
I have been thinking about just getting the new WRT54GL for $50, but I'm also thinking it might be a good idea to upgrade the wifi technology past wireless G .
I'm wondering if my Tablet (Nexu 9), and our smartphones (Razr HD Max) along with the Chromecast will take advantage of the new wireless standards and higher speeds or not? If they will can someone recomend a decent wireless router that takes DD-WRT nicely in the sub-$100 range? Thanks!

A:Looking for new Wifi Router - Will Tablet/Smartphone take advantage of new wifi Standards?

I been programming in Android/Linux since 2010 and there is code that supports VHT is Very High Throughput. Right now the standards are HT is High Throughput .

As for DD-WRT firmware is like your overclocking your router pushing it beyond the OEM limits. I use to use DD-WRT but had quit many years ago since the routers that used that firmware would fail too much.

So best to buy a better business type enterprise router wired then you can use WiFi router as AP or just get WiFi AP(access point). To me WiFi Router is also Wired Router, but to use just a wired router and use WiFi AP through a switch is better. If one or the other goes you can easy replace them. Where as if the WiFi Router fails you would need to replace it.

If you really want to use DD-WRT then Look at Buffalo WiFi Routers some come pre-installed with DD-WRT on them. Frankly you really don't need DD-WRT today because newer routers or WiFi routers are much better built and offer much more power NPU = network processor units and 128, 256, 512, 1GB of RAM some have Dual Cores.
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Wifi not connected and wifi button stay orange what I do tu resolve this problem... im so ............ plz help I try many mathods but they didn't work .........I need my wifi back....

A:wifi button light and wifi.not connected

And I have HP 1000 notebook PC......
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Hey guys So what i'm trying to do is create a hotspot computer wifi built-in with Wifi card. Creating wifi hotspot using my computer In other words turning my computer into a router I'm wanting to do this so i can use my ipod at home instead of only when i'm around other wifi hotspots My computer Creating Wifi hotspot with built-in computer wifi card. is running off of a wired router so that i can play online on my PS as well I was told wifi doesn't work well with Ps 's normally so i just bought a wired router So the mainline internet cord is plugged into a wired router and then another line runs into my computer For some reason after i make an adhoc connection the computer is not sending the required information to the iPod so that it connects to the internet I've tried entering in the information into the Static tab in my ipod as well and still only get Local Connection instead of Local and Internet This is what my connection looks like through the router using ipconfig all Code Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Kyle gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Crommy Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled Yes WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List twinvalley net Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Atheros AR b g WiFi Adapter Physical Address - F- A- -BA-C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix twinvalley net Description Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Physical Address - B- -F -D - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe b f aed f Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Monday December Cromwel l Lease Expires Tuesday December Cromwe ll Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - F- D- - A- - B- -F -D - DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix twinvalley net Description isatap twinvalley net Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap B C D -A E - DF -BEA -BC Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e f f fe b Prefer red Link-local IPv Address fe f f fe b Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft to Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes now when i look at other people's ipconfig all they do not have any of theese quot tunnel adapters quot as i have not sure if that has anything to do with it or not thanks for any and all tips

A:Creating Wifi hotspot with built-in computer wifi card.

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Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that. You are connected to the router fine with your computer, but that tells us nothing about the ipod because wireless is off (but that's not the whole story either - you need something extra to do what you want). The following article should tell you what you need and how to do it: How to Connect iPod Touch to Windows 7 Ad-hoc Wireless Network. Although it says Windows 7, there are procedures for Vista as well (and the software will work with Vista).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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Dear Forum nbsp I have not used the forum before and I am not very technically minded I have seen several posts and replies from members who nbsp have been dealing with nbsp a similar problem to me and I believe I nbsp have tried the solutions posted but nothing has worked so far nbsp I have a Compaq Presario CQ - SA Notebook lost 480SA 10 ... - install notebook after CQ57 wifi wifi - Win PC - Model B V EA nbsp I think it was bought in It was running Win and worked properly but I upgraded to Win in July and since then and despite a complete re-install there is no wireless functionality at all no wireless icon etc The physical wireless switch will not do anything except turn 'Airplane mode' on and off I have surfed various websites and the HP site and think that it maybe the wireless adapter but I am not sure I think my wireless adapter is aManufacturer Realtek Semiconductor Corp Description Realtek RTL CE b g n WiFi AdapterDriver version Driver date Physical address - - A- F-DB- DFile version CQ57 480SA notebook - wifi lost after Win 10 install - wifi ... nbsp I downloaded Piriform Speccy to identify my laptop's components in case this helps Operating System - Windows Home -bitCPU - Intel Celeron B GHz nbsp - Sandy Bridge nm TechnologyRAM - GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard - Hewlett-Packard CPU Graphics - Generic PnP Monitor x Hz Intel HD Graphics HP Storage - GB Seagate ST LM HN-M MBB SATA Optical Drives - hp DVDRAM GT NAudio - Realtek High Definition Audio nbsp Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated nbsp Best Regards nbsp - Renard
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I am considering using a powerline system to give me additional wifi cover, but I am unclear how the available wifi connection is protected. They make a great deal of encrypting the traffic over the power circuit, but no mention is made of protecting the wifi connection. Surely, the risk with these is the same as with a wireless router?

Anyone got any experience of this?

A:Wifi over Powerline - security - e.g. Devolo dLAN 500 Mbps WiFi

They did a review of it here Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Review | Expert Reviews.

In the review they mention it comes with a default password that you can change later.