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How do I add Printers in taskbar toolbar for quick acces

Q: How do I add Printers in taskbar toolbar for quick acces

In Windows XP you can add a toolbar on taskbar with Printers Folder from Control Panel. Is there a way to add Printers folder in taskbar for quick access? I need quick access for printers to modify the default printer often.

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Preferred Solution: How do I add Printers in taskbar toolbar for quick acces

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I add Printers in taskbar toolbar for quick acces

Quote: Originally Posted by xuletzu

In Windows XP you can add a toolbar on taskbar with Printers Folder from Control Panel. Is there a way to add Printers folder in taskbar for quick access? I need quick access for printers to modify the default printer often.

Hi. Maybe like this. Read this Tutorial.

Devices and Printers Shortcut - Create
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Hello - when I try to load the Quick launch tool bar to my taskbar using C:\Users\User name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer the AppData does not appear - need help to find command. I use Google Chrome, would that change the command ? Thanks for the help.

A:Quick launch toolbar to taskbar.

Hello Henry,

See if the tutorial below may be able to help.

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable
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I am having some trouble with my taskbar, I went online to find out how to do the Quick Launch thing, but when I tried it, it doesn't seem to appear properly. Now there's a gap in the taskbar, where I can't put any toolbars in it. And also, when I open programs, they all appear in the gap!

I've attached a screenshot here for reference, so that you can understand the problem better.

Please help!

A:My Win 7 taskbar doesn't display the Quick Launch toolbar properly

Solved it! Thanks
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Hello Quick Windows Menu Moving/disabling 8.1 Acces in I borrowed Moving/disabling Quick Acces Menu in Windows 8.1 a laptop from my Grandmother while my PC is beign repaired She got Windows and uses only internet so she don't cares if I change anything Since over years I had my taskbar set at left edge of screen because I find it most convenient location but in win it drives me crazy that there is new start button permanently in lower left corner IN ADDITION to one on taskbar now upper right When I'm watching movie browsing the internet or if I want to minimalize to desktop by clicking on lower end of taskbar this windows logo button appears out of nowhere and instead of having minimalised all apps I'm at the start screen Is there any way to relocate this stealthed button to any other place or to disable it After moving taskbar to left-hand edge of screen I have start buttons instead of Short version There's hidden start button in win that stays there even if I move taskbar I want it gone Thanks for help
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I added a folder to quick access in explorer. But after I deleted that folder I am unable to delete the item in quick access?

A:Quick acces - can't delete shortcut to deleted folder

Hello huub, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Are you able to right click on the item and click on Remove from Quick access to do so?

Quick Access - Hide Specific File or Folder in Windows 10
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This references showing Toolbar rows Icons Taskbar 3 2-line Taskbar Large small using Quick Launch Bar icons don't wrap even though there is room - a post by chillz which discovers a quot bug quot with the taskbar not resetting the row-sizing for toolbars when dragging the taskbar to the left then back to the bottom I for a while now have been using a custom quick-launch toolbar on my taskbar with the taskbar being unit-lines in height and having the taskbar on my secondary left monitor When I first set this up it showed lines of small icons in the toolbar and up to lines on the standard taskbar This was perfect because the toolbar didn't reset the order every time I launched an application contrary to how the pinned application system works With pinned applications no matter what position I drop the icon the order always resets and floats from place to place so that system of organizing icons is disgusting because you have apps between icons of apps that aren't running some times and other times the running applications are above and Taskbar Toolbar showing 3 small rows using Large Icons 2-line Taskbar below with or without grouping enabled The vertical display would be the ideal way for me to view unlaunched applications see aforementioned topic because they group together and launched apps come after in horizontal mode the taskbar is chaotic without a toolbar organizing the apps to one side but then you lose the functionality of the pinned-application system if you forfeit usage of that chaotic horizontal system in favor of how the vertical system works but in horizontal mode To the point After an update restart the toolbar reset and only showed lines despite there being more than enough room for rows of small icons I couldn't figure out what happened or what changed and then I read the aforementioned topic after some searching to find it actually worked Moving the taskbar to the left then back down resets the order so lines can be used on a line-unit height taskbar with large icons I would like to see several things fixed - Fix the chaotic organizing system of the horizontal taskbar to match the vertical display mode so pinned-apps are always on one side and use all lines while opened apps read like a book Other people will likely have a different opinion to this suggestion and I'd like to read them - Fix the toolbar icon organizational system so all space can be utilized without needing to move the taskbar each restart or update I have yet to restart since fixing the issue and I rarely restart as it is but others may not keep their pc running stressful on components to keep restarting Again I'd like to read others opinions on this but I'm sure most will agree on this point that unused space shouldn't be wasted Here we see all rows in my quick-launch toolbar Unfortunately without restarting or receiving a new update I can't reset the toolbar back to lines which is fantastic and I didn't take a screenshot prior to moving the taskbar to the left then back down but for simple effect imagine the top lines visibly the bottom invisible and an arrow on the right for extra icons and that is the default view You'll likely be able to repeat the effect if you don't have a toolbar and try it out
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Last week after three of my teenage kids were on my machine I booted my machine and went to IE All of s sudden I had a quot Quick Launch Toolbar quot Toolbar that s what it calls it in the View - gt Toolbars lpulldown menu And my browser had its homepage set to www quicklaunch com VERY SUSPICIOUS I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of this pest but other that right clicking on EVERY SINGLE IE WINDOW and turning it off it comes up at every new IE window instance I am NOT talking about the quicklaunch tolbar that goes i nthe taskbar I can not find a registry entry or a program installed or not that seems to be adding it and it is driving me crazy Does ANYBODY glued my has IE Toolbar Quick itself A to "Toolbar" Launch know where it came from and how to GET RID OF IT Oh I am runnning XP and version of IE ANY help will REALLY help I A Quick Launch Toolbar "Toolbar" has glued itself to my IE find this worse than pop-ups Thanks Paul nbsp

A:A Quick Launch Toolbar "Toolbar" has glued itself to my IE

Hi Paul, and welcome to the board.

It's a well known parasite:

Please do this:

Download Spybot - Search & Destroy

After installing, first press Online, and search for, put a check mark at, and install all updates.
Next, close all Internet Explorer windows, hit 'Check for Problems', and have SpyBot remove all it finds.

That ought to get rid of most of your spyware.

When you've done all that, go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please show us its contents.

It will possibly show other issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.

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It randomly disappears at every reboot.
Other than that, everything seems to be working fine!
Any way to make it so that it doesn't disappear every, single, time I turn on the computer?

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Every time I reboot, the icons on my quick launch toolbar appear in a different order. Is there a way to make them stay where I put them?

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I have unwanted programs inserted into my quick launch toolbar. How do I stop this from happening?

A:quick launch toolbar

you can "right mouse button click" on any program icon that you don't want and select delete, and it'll be gone.

often when you install a new program it'll offer you the option of not creating a quick launch icon, ie, if you read what's coming up on the screen instead of clicking "ok" all the way through the installation steps :)

but ofcourse some programs don't :( then you just have to delete it manually after.
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Does anyone know how or if this can be done? Set Quick Launch as Default for any new user added?

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I had a spyware company put a icon on my quick launch bar and I can not delete it. When ever my pointer goes by it launches Internet Explorer to its web site. Spy-bot took care of all the other problems except this one. Thanks

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Ive got an Asus K55VD, with an Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter and a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller (not sure if the last one is of any importance).
The problem is that I keep losing my acces to the internet, although the connection with the router seems to be fine. A Yellow Exclamation point will show up, and under the SSID it will say Limited Acces. It is very annoying as it happens almost every five minutes. I've tried alot of things to fix this, such as unticking the Power Saving option and disableing the connection IPv6.

I hope to get some suggestions which would hopefully lead to a sollution.

Any help would be much appreciated,


A:Limited Acces, Connection is good, but no Internet acces.

Following this thread will help give us some more information as to what the possible cause is - Basic Requirements Before Posting your Networking Thread

Does it happen to any other devices on the network? Do the lights on the router change more importantly does the internet light on the router change at all?

Many Thanks,
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I am totally clueless and somewhat frustrated because for no reason my Quick Launch Toolbar just disappears and when I Right Click on the task bar and select Toolbars | Quick Launch, I get a message "Cannot Create Toolbar".

I came across a solution and am using that as an interim workaround but would like to permanently solve this problem. The solution is to create a folder under %Appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and then manually paste shortcuts of things that I like in my Quick Launch Toolbar.

I have also tried another solution but that has not solved the problem either. This solution advices to run the following commands:

Will appreciate if someone can help me to find a permanent solution.


A:Quick Launch toolbar just vanishes

Line 61 Restore/Add Show Desktop to Quick Launch Bar
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I Can't toolbar create launch quick posted this in another place as a reply to someone elses problem so I hope it is alright that I post it here too I have win xp and I am having the same Can't create quick launch toolbar problem won t create the quick Can't create quick launch toolbar launch toolbar I tried what mosaic said to copy and past the c windows application data microsoft internet explorer quot into the start then run and enter but there is no such folder When I searched for the quick launch folder I found two of them one had a shortcut to adaware in it and it was located at quot C Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Microsoft Internet Explorer quot and the other one has my quicklaunch shortcuts in it and it is located at quot C Documents and Settings Shirley Application Data Microsoft HTML Help Internet Explorer So when I found that I tried to put my quick launch shortcuts into the folder that had the adaware shortcut Can't create quick launch toolbar and it still won t work Any ideas I would love to have the quicklaunch back Thanks Shirley nbsp

A:Can't create quick launch toolbar

Um, I'm gonna ask the "simple" question first, have you tried right clicking on the taskbar and in the context menu choosing toolbars--->quick launch? I know it may be simple or you may have already tried , but I just wanna know if that does or does not work.

and obviously, the
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer will place shortcut icons for all users and

C:\Documents and Settings\Shirley\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
will place them only for your acct
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im new, hi every1

i caant get rid of this damn toolbar called find-quick or somthing like that and in the process of attempting to get rid of it ive aquired another one

not sure what this ones called, look a the screenie, can some1 PLEASE help me get rid of them , there driving my crazy!



P.S i am so sorry for double posting, my other is in web + email could a mod delete it please.

A:help with removing find-quick and some other toolbar

go to , and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log somewhere, and please copy & paste its contents to the forum.

It will possibly show issues deserving our attention, but most of what it lists will be harmless or even required, so do NOT fix anything yet.
Someone here will be happy to help you analyze the results.
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How do you change the width of the Quick Launch toolbar in XP? This was pretty easy to do in other versions of Windows...

A:Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP

Is "Lock the taskbar" checked when you rightclick the taskbar?
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Does anyone know if the eBay toolbar that you can download make the computer significantly slower? Cmon techies ya gotta gimme the info!

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After an infection with adware/spyware I get an error when trying to bring up the Quick Launch and Desktop Toolbars. I am running Windows 2000 ver 5.0.

The error I get is "Can not create toolbar.". I have checked and the Quick Launch folder is in C:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\microsoft\internet explorer and the Desktop folder is in C:\documents and settings\administrator.

I can't find any registry entries that correspond to these toolbars.

If someone knows of or has seen this problem before, I would appreciate any assistance.
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Hi I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I am having a problem with the Quick Launch Toolbar Hopefully someone can give me some help or ideas please I removed some software that I had been trialling an automatic defrag program using an uninstaller Toolbar Launch Problem Quick that I have been using for years without any problems previously Since then my Quick Launch toolbar keeps losing its settings on a re-boot Quick Launch Toolbar Problem boot up of my computer and instead of having my icons in a nice order over two lines the icons become sorted in to one line alphabetically I have tried a registry hack of quot NoSaveSettings quot but this hasn't worked It's frusrating as I thought I had it sorted last night When I booted up my computer today they were where I expected them to be I then shut down my computer and came back to it later today Quick Launch Toolbar Problem Booted up and this time they had all lost their positions and were in one line again It's almost as if Vista has two boot-up routines and depending on the time of day it decides on which one to use it is very frustrating and I am looking for ideas as to how I can stop this happening without having to either start all over again by re-installing Vista or setting up a new profile and then spending ages transferring everything across Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully accepted Thanks Steve
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Running Win 2K Pro, which I just got a couple of days ago. When I hover the mouse pointer over an icon in the Quick Launch toolbar, a yellow box appears giving me the name of the associated program. For Outlook 2000, besides telling me the program name it tells me what I can do with it ("Send and receive e-mail; manage your schedule, contacts and tasks . . . ."). Is it possible to edit this feature so it only gives me the program name? Or, as an alternative, can I turn this feature off entirely?

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I seem to have lost my Quick Launch toolbar beside the start menu. I had 3 icons on it, 'show desktop' being the most important. The show desktop icon disappeared, and in trying to rectify it, I removed the other 2 icons as well, I've since found the show desktop icon but I now cannot drag any of the 3 icons to where the Quick Launch toolbar used to be - I just a get a circle with a line through it. If I right click on the toolbar and select 'toolbars' - Quick Launch has a tick beside it.

Thanks for any advice

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I am totally clueless and somewhat frustrated because for no reason my Quick Launch Toolbar just disappears and when I Right Click on the task bar and select Toolbars | Quick Launch, I get a message "Cannot Create Toolbar".

I came across a solution and am using that as an interim workaround but would like to
permanently solve this problem. The solution is to create a folder under %Appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and then manually paste shortcuts of things
that I like in my Quick Launch Toolbar.

I have also tried another solution but that has not solved the problem either. This solution
advices to run the following commands:
Will appreciate if someone can help me to find a permanent solution.


A:Quick Launch toolbar just vanishes

Try this
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I've recently reinstalled my XP Pro.

Now, when I minimize more than one file of the same program, for example 3 files I'm working on in Excel, they "stack" and all I get in the tollbar is one main icon and when the mouse is placed over it, it shows the name of each one.

Before, it used to have a separate icon for each minimized file.

Can anyone suggest how I can correct this? I do find it annoying.


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My Quick Launch toolbar will not stay turned on even if I lock the toolbar. Maybe I turned it off in the MSConfig Startup area. Do you know what I need to do to get it to stay? Every time I Reboot I have to re-launch the toolbar.
Thank you!


A:Quick Launch Toolbar Problems

Try this site you might find a good quick fixTaskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm
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Hope Toolbar Issue Launch Quick someone can give me Quick Launch Toolbar Issue some advise running compaq laptop C with windows XP - had a few problems with the system hanging locking up after connecting to the internet with windows Explorer couldn t even turn it off by the usual method - so i ran virus checks spy checks etc and then run Regseeker to clear out the registry I think it was a problem with AOL which I dont use but did stupidly click on a few days back any way all is now well except I lose my quick launch toolbar every time i reboot - I ve done all the right click - toolbars quick launch lock toolbars etc and had a look at the regedit function after seeking out other info on the net but I could not see the NoSaveSettings option anywhere as mentioned in some other places - do i have to add it back in where to - how - is there another way really appreciate your advise nbsp
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I originally posted this problem on the HJT forum but having been told that I do not have any malware I have asked for that thread to be closed and am opening this as a Windows problem When I right-click on any of the icons on the Quick Launch Toolbar I Toolbar Launch Quick Icons get the usual menu OpenExplorePFrankSearchWinMergeGeosetterScan with AVGSend toCutCopyCreate ShortcutDeleteRenamePropertiesLeft-Clicking on any of these options works as it is supposed to However if I right-click on any of Quick Launch Toolbar Icons the QL Toobar icons a second time the Taskbar menu appears preceded byOpen folder Quick Launch Toolbar Icons this opens the Quick Launch Toolbar folder ToolbarsCascade WindowsTile Windows HorizontallyTile Windows VerticallyShow the DesktopTask ManagerLock the TaskbarPropertiesand crucially left-clicking on any of the icons has no effect Broadly speaking the same happens with the Desktop toolbar http www kellys-korner-xp com taskbarplus htm - the Taskbar quot Toolbars greyed out or missing quot option restores icons left click function by restarting the Windows Shell but that is a tedious I am running Windows XP Professional SP I also have a problem with Internet Connection Sharing I use a Vodafone USB Modem to connect to the internet which uses its own software to connect to the Internet If I disconnect when I reconnect using PhoneConnectorVMC the ICS is not enabled and I have to run the Network Setup Wizard to enable ICS again I d be grateful for help in unravelling these problems

A:Quick Launch Toolbar Icons

Hi Big John,

since a few month I also have this annoying toolbar problem. It drives me crazy! Whenever I right click on one of my toolbars (I use 3), it will get inactive, exactly as you described it.
I invested a lot of time searching the Internet, without any success. So if you should solve this problem, please let me know.

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I recently re-installed XP. Before I did this I could drag and drop quick launch icons on to the area at the left end of the task bar, which stayed the same height.
Now when I enable the quick launch comes up above the task bar, so doubling the height, and depriving me of that part of the screen.

I cannot find a solution to this minor problem anywhere, but I find it quite annoying.

Any help towards a solution would be most appreciated.


A:quick launch toolbar problem

Try taking your mouse cursor and moving it to the line on top of the task bar till it shows a double arrow, then hold down on the left mouse button and pull it down and then let go of the mouse button. Let us know if that works.
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A few minutes ago, I wanted to delete a shortcut from my Quick Launch toolbar. The context menu takes a while to load since I have lots of stuff on it. I delete the icon, and bam, the toolbar is stuck. It's still there and the only way to fix is a restart. I also cannot click anywhere on the taskbar/startmenu because all I get is the "loading" curser.

This has happened once before, and like I said, I had to restart. I just did a spyware/virus scan and all was deleted

A:My Quick Launch toolbar is stuck

Hello PerhapsToast, this may help you!.htm.
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Whenever I reboot or do a security scan, etc. the toolbar/desktop & quick launch settings disappear and are unchecked. Using Win XP Home and IE 7.0. Checked the registry and it is reading as it should - ..../..../.../desktop,html. Any suggestions or is it back to IE 6? Thanks.

A:toolbar desktop & quick launch

Give the Taskbar Repair Tool a try.
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Hello, I recently "enabled" the quick launch toolbar for windows7. When I hover my cursor over the icons the resulting "box" encasing it does not match with my current theme. I'm using Win7StyleBuilder and I'm trying to change this, but I'm having a hard time finding where it is...

A:Quick Launch Toolbar, Icons and Win7StyleBuilder

First let me say I am not accusing you of anything but this is something I need to do, because I have unknowingly helping people with illegal copies of Windows Style Builder.
If you have a genuinely legal copy register here VistaStyleBuilder - Index then send me a private message (PM) there I am Bongo there also then I can come back here and help you.
Like I said I'm not accusing you of anything I am doing this now with anybody that asked me about Windows style builder.
I hope you understand.
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In Windows XP Professional, I love to use my Quick Launch Toolbar. I've got about 20 icons that I keep there. For some reason, recently, every time I reboot my PC, it will sort the icons in alphabectical order. I always put them in an order that makes sense for me by grouping icons, however this makes it real difficult.

Anyone have any ideas why this is auto arranging itself? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


A:Quick Launch Toolbar sorting alphabetically

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!
"Save Quick Launch Sort Order"
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Five of us in the Microsoft hosted forum have this problem in the last day, and we've seen no answers that are helpful. Based on some system knowledge notes, I've tried to add a "Quick Launch" folder... I've tried checking my registry for a nonexistent filename... I think I've finally come to the right forum!

Here's the original post:

"I've recently been battling spyware/adware issues. Using
several applications and tools available on the internet,
I must have removed my quick launch toolbar
functionality. When I try to restore the Quick Launch
Toolbar by right clicking in the Taskbar, then selecting
Toolbars and then Quick Launch, I receive a Windows error
message that says, "Cannot create toolbar."

Any help you can provide on fixing this problem is greatly

From Elizabeth and friends

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About 2-3 times a year, my quick launch toolbar gets turned off. I know how to turn it back on (right-click | toolbars | check quick launch). But when it reappears, I find that it has been resorted alphabetically. (Grrrr.)
I would like a way to stop it from getting resorted. Failing that, I'd like a way to save a copy that I can then restore if it gets screwed up.

A:Quick launch toolbar gets turned off and resorted

You can't always prevent it, but the closest thing you can do is
1.  Redo it the way you want (which you've obviously done before), then when finished,
2. Right-click on the taskbar and select 'Lock the Taskbar'.
3. As an added precaution, do the same in the Start Menu (right-click on Start menu then Properties, Taskbar Tab, then be sure 'Lock' is checked).
4.  You can't really save your toolbar because its contents are in the registry, so you can't override it.  But you can get something like ScreenHunter 6.0 Free and take screenshots of your Quick Launch.  The QL folder is in C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data\Microsoft\InternetExplorer\QuickLaunch
Here's a problem, though: you MIGHT not be able to add any shortcuts to the QL now that it's locked, nor can you move them around anymore, though I've not had that problem.
Second problem: when you have a LOT of those shortcuts, you'll wish they would sort in alpha order.  To make them do that, you have to unlock the taskbar, and then do what I did in this video, here.  I show the steps live, harder to explain than to just show.  The video shows Win7, but the mechanics are the same for XP through Windows 10.
Now, maybe you're not interested in anything but Steps 1-4, but at least now you know how your QL disappears and everything is suddenly sorted alpha.  It's a consequence of some program being added to the QL total, and there are so many already, that they auto-sort alpha.  So that means either you need to create a second toolbar (like you'll see in the video, where I have both Desktop and QL), or you'll need to reduce the shortcuts in the bar.
Remember also that uniquely in XP, you can have a toolbar at top and bottom, link is my main XP desktop picture (made using that ScreenHunterFree).
Hope this helps! Yell at me if it doesn't (send me a PM, as notifications are off).
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I recently got hit with the Look2me/Zestyfind pest, which installed LycosSearch and Qutrit Toolbar on my PC. I was able to remove both with install/remove programs, but when I removed Qutrit it killed my Quick launch toolbar. Now when I try to activate it I get "Cannot create toolbar" error.

How can I fix this and get my quick launch bar back?

I'm running Win XP pro on an HP 1.4G Athlon system.

A:Qutrit killed my Quick Launch toolbar!

Try to see if it gives that message when you add the "links" toolbar. I may be experiencing the same problem... just need to confirm it.
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I saw this once before on a site and I had my previous installation of win seven to have a toolbar for all programs? For the life of me I cannot find the site. It combined the appdata and program data start menus as in the start menu but as a toolbar like quick launch. Does anyone how to set this up? Thanks in advance.

A:quick lauch type toolbar for All programs

Have to just guess at what you are looking for; something like this?
Windows 7 Dock Toolbar/Gadget | Windows 7 Themes
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I've tried several things after creating a new user account, but I still cannot create a Quick Launch toolbar. I followed all the instructions at this link I found:

Anyone have any thoughts?


P.S. When I log in as Administrator, I can add the Quick Launch toolbar...just can't do it when I create User Accounts

A:Solved: Cannot create Quick Launch Toolbar

Nevermind...I just re-installed IE8 and now all is well.
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I have tried several things after creating a new User Account (and deleting my old one). I am not able to create a Quick Launch Toolbar. I get an error "Cannot create toolbar".

I tried the steps in this link ( ...but to no avail.

Any thoughts?


A:Cannot create Quick Launch Toolbar WinXP

Hi and welcome to TSG!

You should stick with your original thread here:

Making duplicates will only cause confusion. Thanks!

Closing duplicate.
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Outlook 2010 32-bit running on Win 7 Pro 64-bit - something is broken.

I cannot customize the ribbon and same for quick access toolbar.

All COM add-ons are turned off. Tried in /safe mode too.
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Every time I reboot, I have to relaunch the Quick Launch Toolbar. Although this is easy to do, is there a way to have it launch automatically? This problem started about 1 week ago. Thanks,
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This is hardly an earthshaking problem, but I'd love to know how to put a stop to it.

I have a four miscellaneous applications and one shortcut to an Excel document pinned to my Quick Launch toolbar. Every so often I notice that the icons are missing, the reason being that the toolbar is turned off. When I notice this, I simply turn the toolbar back on from the Taskbar right-click menu. I haven't been paying enough attention to be sure, but I think the problem occurs at boot-up. Maybe one time in three the toolbar doesn't show up. I've never seen the toolbar disappear once the machine is booted up and running. Locking the taskbar doesn't have any effect on the problem.

I'm running XP SP3 and it is current with all patches installed.

Anybody out there have a theory on why this is happening?

A:Quick launch toolbar sometimes fails to show up

Have you 'locked' the task bar?
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I hope this hasn't been covered in a previous thread; I've spent the better part of an hour looking through tutorials and whatnot seeing if this has already been covered; no luck. So, here goes:

I would like to have a shortcut to my C: drive in my Quick Launch toolbar act as a menu with subfolders after clicking the chevrons. I have already tried the various ways of adding the shortcut to the toolbar, but they all seem to open C: in a new window as opposed to operating as a menu a la the All Programs menu. Is there some option that I have to tinker with in order to get it to work the way I want to?


A:Quick Launch Toolbar Submenu Creation

Bumping the topic.

I'll try to add on to my previous post: Basically I want a shortcut to C: in my Quick launch toolbar to act as a regular folder so as to be able to browse it via cascading folders. Whenever I add the shortcut, it only works as a link.

Thanks for the help.
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Every time my computer crashes (for any reason) I have to go into toolbar properties and
re-select Use Quicklaunch toolbar. I always drag it into the desktop, and then place it on
the left side of the screen, and then select auto-hide. This is annoying. Is there some way
to make sure this option stays checked or that it remembers to place it on the left side of
the screen. I'm not looking for shareware or commercial software to do this. Hopefully
freeware or just technical tips. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with SP2. paj692
Thanks for any thoughtful replies.

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I downloaded a program called Paltalk. It put an icon on my quick launch toolbar. I am using WinME. I went into MSCONFIG, deleted the checkmark next to the program on the startup tab, clicked apply, then OK. I then restarted my computer but the icon was still there. I can exit that program from the icon by right clicking it, but it always reappears when I start up. Is there any other way to find out why I can't delete it, or stop it from appearing when I boot up? Thanks.

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Hi - newbie here. I joined because I am a new Windows 7 64 bit user and am clueless. I was able to find out how to set up a quick launch toolbar and pin My Computer to it thanks to this forum! I have searched extensively bit haven't found an answer to this one:

How can I pin the Network Icon to the quick launch bar (that I successfully set up thanks to you guys)? I was able to create a desktop icon but when I drag it to the taskbar it only gives a "pin to show desktop" choice. No choice to pin to quick launch toobar (taskbar whatever it's called).


A:How to Pin Network Icon to Quick Launch toolbar

Have a look at post #8 here: How can i Pin an Internet shortcut to the taskbar?
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I have been trying to put a link to my desktop on my Quick Launch toolbar. For some strange reason teh icon disappeared and I cannot figure out how to get it back. I have tried everything. How can a find this a reestablish this onto my quick launch toolbar?

A:No link to Desktop on my quick luanch toolbar

You mean a shortcut to the desktop? All you need to do is create one on your desktop and drag it to the QuickLaunch bar.

If the "Show Desktop" shell command file is missing, extract the attached zip file and drag the contained file to QuickLaunch.
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For many months, and up until very recently, I have been able to use the pop up 'jump to text' (Quick Scroll??) box that appears in the bottom right of the screen sometimes, after a Google search. The pop up box allows you to find the text relevant to your search quickly and appears on the selected web page after you have done a Google search.

However, the box no longer appears anymore. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling Google Toolbar and I have ensured that the Quick Scroll box is ticked in Toolbar options (the spanner, top right) then tools. This still does not correct the issue.

I am running, and have been for 3 years, Vista and Internet Explorer 7. I don't want to change to IE 8 or 9.

Please could anyone help as I use this feature a lot.

Thank you

A:Google Toolbar/ Quick Scroll issue (IE7)

Hello and welcome

I dont know if I fully understand what your asking, I think this might be it, open up the settings for google toolbar find suggest searches make sure it is enabled. Sorry I dont have the toolbar installed ATM and cant give specific instructions.
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Happy New Year,

I'm using XP with 2 gig memory. I used to have 7 or 8 application shortcuts on the quick launch toolbar. When my computer booted up this morning I noticed no shortcuts were showing up. When I right clicked on the taskbar to select the quick launch toolbar I got a dialog box saying "can't create toolbar". Any ideas on how I can fix this?


A:Solved: quick launch toolbar problem

steel, Go to the link below, click on "Win XP Fixes" then click on "Cannot Create Toolbar For..... error message" (left column), then download the "xp_toolbar_error.vbs" file and run it.

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When I downloaded the Weatherbug program I checked the box next to "add icon to quick launch toolbar" Now the icon [temperature] appears on my taskbar in two places. One next to the start button and one next to the date. I have Foxfire 26.0 running on Windows 7.
I would like to remove the icon next to the start button. How is that done?

A:Remove icon from quick launch toolbar

Quote: Originally Posted by Wallythekat

When I downloaded the Weatherbug program I checked the box next to "add icon to quick launch toolbar" Now the icon [temperature] appears on my taskbar in two places. One next to the start button and one next to the date. I have Foxfire 26.0 running on Windows 7.
I would like to remove the icon next to the start button. How is that done?

Did you try "right clicking" the icon and select "Unpin this program from taskbar"?

FYI, the "Quick Launch Bar" is no longer available by default, but can be added by following the instructions at the following site;

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable

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Hi folks, Need a bit of help here. When I installed my Win8.1 about a month ago, I had configured my setup so it was as much like WinXP as I could get it. As such, I had enabled the Quick Launch tool bar, moved it to the left side of my screen on the bottom, and filled it with about a dozen of my shortcuts. This morning, when I turned my computer on, it was gone. The task bar, start button, clock and system tray are all normal but my quick launch bar is gone. Who stole it? Show yourself! Is there a way to retrieve it with all my settings short of using a restore point? Thanks,

A:Quick Launch toolbar has disappeared after rebooting.

I've not experienced it disappearing myself. Is the physical folder location still there?
C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

If so, what happens when you try to add it back?
Quick Launch - Add to Taskbar in Windows 8
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I used a freeware program to extract an icon from an exe file. I then inverted the colors and got something ugly but very different from the previous year's icon. When I drag a copy to the Quick Launch bar it reverts to the original icon. In properties it shows the new version. How do I get it to show the changed icon?

A:Solved: Can't change icon in Quick Launch toolbar

Try closing and reopening Windows Explorer from task manager, which will reset the Icon cache. At least, that's what happens in Vista.
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Good morning

That happens a random problem, use comomodit? to the Quick Launch toolbar, but when it happens CEH accedno the computer this bar disappears, then every time I switch it manually Toolbars> New Toolbar> C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer> Quick Launch

I do not know if it happened to others, but wonder if there may be a solution to the problem.


A:[Random problem] the Quick Launch toolbar disappears

Hello Domenek,

You might see if these steps may help.

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable9. Now that you have Quick Launch on the taskbar, you will need to save your current theme (step 4 at this link).
NOTE: If you make any changes to your theme, you will need to save the theme afterwards, or you will lose Quick Launch the next time you restart the computer.

10. If you have a 32-bit Windows 7, then it has been reported that you may need to turn off UAC if Quick Launch is disappearing on you after every restart.

Hope this helps,
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I have Windows xp and a Broadband connection. I want to put IE 6 & OE 6 onto my Quick Launch Toolbar, so that they launch automatically rather then me having to click on them. When I drag the icons to the QL TB they do not stay there. What can I do, if anything?

A:Internet Explorer 6/OutlookExpress 6 onto Quick Launch Toolbar

Right click on the taskbar and uncheck "Lock The Taskbar" then drag them onto the QL bar.

However that won't launch them automatically, thats just so you can easily single click on them no matter what you're doing without using the desktop icons or Start Bar.

To have programs automatically start when you boot your computer you need to put them in the startup folder in the programs list. You can also just drag them into that folder. I personally wouldn't want them open everytime I started the computer though.
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I am using a computer here at work. The administration has restricted anyone to access the taskbar properties (right click taskbar, click properties: that menu). I would like to display my Quick Launch toolbar, but unfortunately I cannot access that menu. Also, when I right-click the toolbar and point to Toolbars, all of the options are greyed out and I cannot select any of them. Is there any way possible to display my Quick Launch toolbar? Perhaps through editing the registry? This is just a very annoying problem, as I have to minimize every single window each time I want to open something on the desktop or go into the start menu. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Show Quick Launch Toolbar, but with administrator restrictions...

Howdy and welcome

Must be a reason that the "administration" has done this...

Have you asked them?

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Hola New to forums I Home) Quick reboot moving on (XP Toolbar Launch browsed some other Quick launch toolbar threads but didn t find any help for my problem I put all my icons in my Quick Launch toolbar successfully Image I then drug the Quick Launch bar from the taskbar to the desktop Image and then locked it at the top of the screen Image Just my favorite little spot Then I drug the icons into Quick Launch Toolbar moving on reboot (XP Home) the order I liked them Image graphics apps together office apps together etc For some reason when I restart the computer the Quick Launch is back down in the taskbar by the start button and the icons are arranged back in alphabetical order Image I have the Quick Launch Quick Launch Toolbar moving on reboot (XP Home) set up the same way on other machines running XP Home and neither one of them have this problem The Quick Launch stays locked on top after a reboot and the icons are in the same order I left them at shutdown I have tried every combo of locking and unlocking the Quick Launch and nothing I have done has had any effect on keeping my bar where I want it Maybe I m picky but I m spoiled by the quick launch staying put on the other machines Any suggestions on how to nail my Quick Launch and icons in place Thanks in advance for any advice EDIT - I tried to include some images to give you and idea of my situation but got denied You can just copy and paste the URL s below into the address bar to see desktop shots Many Thanks TS home earthlink net datskat desktop jpg home earthlink net datskat desktop jpg home earthlink net datskat desktop jpg home earthlink net datskat desktop jpg nbsp

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I started my system today and the quick launch is gone? I removed the classicshell form the registry, I copied the quick launch profile to all users. I even tried to drag a shortcut of the quick launch to the toolbar. Nothing. I can't even right mouse click on the toolbar. No menus pop up. When I click in the system tray by the clock I get the standard flyup menu. When I go to toolbars everything is greyed out. When I right click on the start menu I get a standard flyup menu that has open, explore ect. No porperties though. I can right click on the open windows in the toorbar lik emy browser.

Does anyone have an idea?


A:Enable quick launch/no rich click on toolbar

Right click Start, select Properties, Taskbar tab and check the settings. If that does not work try a System Restore from Help where it is easy to find.

Good luck.
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This is what i did in order to create a new toolbar:
Right click on quick launch -> Toolbars -> New toolbar -> I selected a folder

However after a restart of windows 7 the toolbar disappears. I searched for a solution but couldn't find one that works.

please advise.


A:Toolbar disappears from quick launch after restart - Windows 7

Did you unlock the taskbar before doing this?
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I am looking to put a toolbar on my Taskbar that allows me to run my Toolbar Taskbar Help video games from it thus eliminating desktop shortcuts I have Taskbar Toolbar Help created a Toolbar on my taskbar using the Microsoft Start menu Games directory It looks like such Nice little icon for the games and when I click on the Expanding arrow it opens up a list If I wanted an Icon to show instead of the word quot Taskbar Toolbar Help Games quot it just used the icon for the first game on the list So I put a shortcut to the games menu IN the games directory That way if I click on the icon itself it opens up the games directory which is just Windows Explorer folder with all the shortcuts in it instead of running first of the games on the list Now my question to you is this I want to find a way to move the jumplist of the games shown to open when I click on the Games Icon itself not the tiny arrows In fact I'd like to get rid of those arrows altogether Which also means that I DON'T want the shortcut's directory to open when I click on the icon Currently If I click the arrow the list appears If I click the icon the directory in windows explorer opens Desired Remove the arrows altogether When I click on the icon the directory does NOT open and instead the nice little jumplist opens and I pick a game Instead of the games list opening when I click the arrow here - I Taskbar Toolbar Help want it to open when I click the Icon here - So I want my Taskbar to look like this picture photoshopped - And I want this games menu list to open when I click on the icon like this picture photoshopped - Does anyone know if it is possible If so is it a toolbar or a jumplist type thing I should edit All help is appreciated Thanks

A:Taskbar Toolbar Help

This would be a great example for the new software 7Stacks, it lets you make one icon, pointed to a folder (which you could put all your video game shortcuts in) pinned to the taskbar and it flies out like the stacks on a Mac dock. Give it shot it may be what you are looking for!

Alastria Software :: Software :: 7stacks
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Hi to all im having an annoying problem from the first version of windows beta build till now rtm version I didnt had this problem in vista or xp Here is the problem I have created a new toolbar in the taskbar to navigate the songs in the order of artists i have all my songs in drive f so simply made a toolbar of that the problem is whenever i navigate my songs through this toolbar menu it automatically refreshes in or secs those seconds vary randomly Then i have to navigate to the place where i left again from the beginning this simply annoying people with similar problem or having any solution pls help I thought of not posting this issue for months but its the time for it here are the pictures of it in this menu when i navigate in help regarding toolbar taskbar.. in some interior folders all of a sudden the menu will refresh automatically and it will be gone and i have to start from the beginning

A:help regarding toolbar in taskbar..

can somebody provide me suggestion plss.................
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If my lingo is right, this question concerns the toolbar on the Taskbar. Right-click on the Taskbar, Toolbars, New
Toolbar. At that point, I get
"C:\Users\Barak\Documents\Programs\Programs refers to a location that is unavailable . . . "
Explorer also opens to Libraries>Documents>Programs>Programs which notes "This folder is unavailable."
How do I create a new toolbar?

And a bonus - too petty for its own post . . .
In all previous versions of Windows the Close\Restore\Minimize buttons (top right) were in identical positions. I could leave my mouse in one position, click ten times, and minimize ten apps. Not in W8. Those icons? are different sizes so some clicks minimize, some restore, and some are to the left of Minimize. Any way to get them all the same size?

A:Taskbar Toolbar

Originally Posted by Alias

Explorer also opens to Libraries>Documents>Programs>Programs which notes "This folder is unavailable."
How do I create a new toolbar?

In this window, navigate to the folder from which you want to create the toolbar and click Select folder in the dialog. If something prevents you from doing this, provide a screenshot or record your actions with psr (type on the start screen).
As for the second questions, it's a good idea to start a separate thread and provide visuals to support the text description, as it's not completely clear what's going on.
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I was just learning how to boot in a safe mode and now, the taskbar and the toolbar are transparent. Also, the background of every site is white. How do I set everything back to normal.
Please help me.

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I was just learning how to boot in a safe mode and now, the taskbar and the toolbar are transparent. Also, the background of every site is white. How do I set everything back to normal.
Please help me.

A:Help w/ Taskbar & Toolbar please...

control panel system advanced
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Yeah. He keeps unplugging it... I need both proof and I need to know when he does it so I can unplug HIM. So.. yeah. can anyone help me find a program that would either log the balloons in the taskbar, of just the internet bubble things, showing when it's been unplugged and such? Thanks!

A:Quick, I Need Something To Log The Balloons In My Taskbar!

I'm no genius, but if the computer is on I believe there is a way to check duration of which the machine has been on. Also, for connection to the internet, You can check duration of that as well... I dunno, maybe install surveillance camera's?
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I Taskbar Quick Launch have XP Version Service Pack I am not a novice and not a pro with regard to computers My problem is that the Quick Launch Taskbar has completely disappeared and I have looked everywhere That pretty much describes the problem I Quick Launch Taskbar have searched the Help and Support I have Quick Launch Taskbar gone into the Add Remove programs then Add Remove Windows Section I have restarted my computer several times When I right click on the Taskbar I have the following Cascade Windows Tile Windows Horizontally Tile Windows Vertically Show the Desktop Task Manager Lock the Taskbar and Properties and have checked and unchecked each item and nothing When I go into Properties what appears is Lock the Taskbar Auto Hide the Taskbar Keep the taskbar on top of other windows Group similar taskbar buttons the Show Quick Launch is shaded and I cannot check it I have also searched on the Microsoft website in Tech Forums for an answer as well as Windows XP and cannot find a topic similar in any way I cannot say how long I have had the problem or if I downloaded a program or installed a hardware because everything else works pretty well and I get so frustrated that I put this problem on a back burner and then try again weeks later to solve this Hope this helps to explain my problem

A:Quick Launch Taskbar

See here:
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Hi All

Whenever I restart the computer or something goes wrong with explorer.exe and it has to close down, the items in QL all revert back to alphabetical order. I have it set up so the ones I use more often, are displayed and the rest are hidden away in the extension. Is there a way I can 'lock' these items in place?

A:Quick Launch in the Taskbar

hello, I had this problem before also, Right click on your taskbar near the quick launch icons and scroll down till you see "lock the taskbar", it worked for me.
also if you have alot of icons in your QL grab the dividing line with your mouse and move it to the right a little and you should be able to see more.
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In Vista I was able to put Folders into the Quick Launch bar but with 7 I can only pin the programme icons and not a folder. Is there any mods about that would enable me to pin folders to the Taskbar?

Many thanks


A:Quick Launch to Taskbar

Taskbar - Pin or Unpin a Folder

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable
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I know i did install and remove some programs after Quick Luch infection. kind suspect some Toolbar dissapeared, i of using a couple of times But one of the program Uniblue Driver scanner which was downloaded from www download com did not uninstall Quick Luch Toolbar dissapeared, i suspect some kind of infection. through add remove so i downloaded Revo uninstaller to remove that program again from download com After uninstalling that program i noticed that my Quicklunch toolbars next to the start button dissapeared It may or may not be by that program but thats when i noticed change in my computer I tried to restore quicklunch toolbar by right clicking on the buttom of the screen-- gt toolbars-- gt Quicklunch but it shows error message and says quot can not creat toolbar quot I do not know what went wrong I have win XP home SP now IE AVG antivirus spyware balsater and spybot search and destroy No infection has been reported by spybot and AVG everytime i scan shows only few cookies only I have followed the instructions and attaching Attach txt and Gmer txt here with this post and DDs txt is here in below Please help me bringing my Quicklunch and remove if there is any infection Thanks in advance Pramod Quick Luch Toolbar dissapeared, i suspect some kind of infection. DDS Version - NTFSx Run by Pramod at on Thu Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVMVFM LVPrcSrv exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgtray exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgwdsvc exe C Program Files TomTom HOME HOMERunner exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgfws exe C Program Files IObit Advanced SystemCare AWC exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVCOMSER LVComSer exe C Program Files Common Files Nero Nero BackItUp NBService exe C Program Files Photodex ProShowGold ScsiAccess exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvc C PROGRA AVG AVG avgam exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgrsx exe C PROGRA AVG AVG avgnsx exe C Program Files Common Files LogiShrd LVCOMSER LVComSer exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C PROGRA AVG AVG aAvgApi exe C Documents and Settings Pramod Desktop dds com Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext iexplore uInternet Settings ProxyOverride local mWinlogon UIHost c windows system logonuiX exe BHO E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO C E -B - BC - - C CA - c program files real realplayer rpbrowserrecordplugin dll BHO CA F - F E- B -A E- E E C C - c program files avg avg avgssie dll BHO - C - D -B F - BBC D A E - c program files microsoft office office GrooveShellExtensions dll BHO BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO A A -BACC- D - - A E E - c progra avg avg avgtoolbar dll BHO AE CD -E - f- - EE - c program files adobe acrobat acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll BHO DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO E E F - CE- C -BC -EABFE F C - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll BHO EAEE C - D D- aca- - DA A B BA - c program files piclensie PicLens dll TB -D C - - FA - E EAAC - c program files adobe acrobat acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll TB A A -BACC- D - - A E E - c progra avg avg avgtoolbar dll TB -D C - - FA - E EAAC - c program files adobe acrobat acrobat AcroIEFavClient dll TB A A -BACC- D - - A E E - c progra avg avg avgtoolbar dll uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe uRun TomTomHOME exe quot c pro... Read more

A:Quick Luch Toolbar dissapeared, i suspect some kind of infection.

Hello -

It seems this is more an issue with the Windows OS, and not a malware removal issue. I see no sign of active malware in those logs.

See if this helps:

If not...

Answers to those questions will be better asked in our Windows XP support forum. The staff and members in that area will be better able to assist you with that.
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I had a custom quick launch toolbar displayed on my Windows 7 Professional taskbar. Somehow, when I first set it up, I was able to rearrange the order of the programs on the toolbar and the order was saved so that it was the same every time I rebooted. I inadvertently removed this custom toolbar. When I selected the same folder as a new toolbar, it displays all the programs, but I cannot figure out how to get it to remember the order of the programs when I reorder them. Every time I reboot, it comes back in alphabetical order.

I've searched every set of keywords I can think of and can't find my answer. Hopefully someone here can help me. Thanks!

A:Saving order of programs in custom quick launch toolbar

Welcome to Seven Forums DanielMacy. Did you enable the actual quick launch, or just make a custom toolbar with a folder?

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable

A Guy
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What are the dimensions to the Quick Access Toolbar Icons?
I've tried switching them to (256x256 Pixeled Icons)... the program confirms it
was changed successfully...but it never does...There appears to be a variation of form factors..
I sort of need a template as a starting point...
This is program..
Ribbon Icons Customizer: Change Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Icons easily

A:Explorer Quick Access Toolbar (Ribbon) icon dimensions?

Did you run the reg fix ? I presume you visited THIS link on DeviantArt

I can set up it up after I have disabled my "ribbon disabler" and give it a bash. Won't be for an hour or two as I have some IRL stuff to do.
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When using the Quick Launch Toolbar in Windows 7, there is one big problem: In 'Large Icons' view the top/bottom margins are too large and make the taskbar slightly higher resulting in my normal pinned shortcuts to be aligned to the top of it, which looks very ugly and untidy.

Please see image below for an example:
Is there any way to customize or tweak the top/bottom margins of the Quick Launch Bar so that they're identical to those of the regular pinned shortcuts, and prevent this from happening??


A:Quick Launch Toolbar, any way to change icon top/bottom margins?

Why do you have two of them?
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I have been a windows 7 os user and windows live mail user for a couple years. I got a new computer with windows 7 64 bit OS and installed windows live mail. On another laptop and pc the windows live mail has the quick access tool bar. On this installation I can't get the quick access tool bar to appear in windows live mail. I have done numerous internet searchs re: can't get quick access tool bar to appear in windows live mail but can't find anything that addresses that issue. I have done all kinds of right clicking on variousl menu bars and everyplace I can find to click, but still no option to show the quick access toolbar. Can anyone help?

A:Solved: Quick access toolbar in windows live mail

Open Live Mail and follow pictures below.

Click on little down triangle.

Tick the items you want on the quick access bar and it will grow as you add items.
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Hi all,

A few days ago, I purchased a new 19" widescreen monitor, and have a question regarding Office 2007.

The resolution of the monitor is 1680 x 1050 32-bit, and when I open up any of the Office programs, the Quick Access Toolbar icons are small. I have been unable to find how to use larger icons with the Office 2007 programs. Is there (if at all) any way to use larger icons in the Quick Access Toolbar?

Mike T.
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Hi, I'm creating toolbars in the taskbar, I want to set different background colors for each toolbar in the taskbar. Is it possible?

A:How can I set different colors for each toolbar in taskbar?

I don't believe it is. Sorry.
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I've just moved up from Windows XP Pro to Windows 7 Ultimate. Some probs but reasonably manageable so far.
One thing bugs me. With XP, I've liked to have a taskbar autohiding at the bottom of my screen, and a toolbar autohiding at the right-hand side in which I keep shortcuts to all my favourite applications and some folders/files.
When I right-click to open a new toolbar, it gets added as an adjunct to the existing taskbar at bottom of screen. I can't physically separate it.
Is this a Windows 7 thing? Or am I missing something really obvious? I've clicked the 'don't merge' and that doesn't seem to do anything to resolve this.
Thanks Anthony

A:Help needed with toolbar/taskbar

To autohide your taskbar, rightclick on the ... autohide.. then left click on the taskbar and drag it to the right hand side... Hope this helps...
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I've had Windows 7 for about 10 Days.One of the first things I did was create a quick launch section on the task bar. Had about 8 icons in this quick launch and everything worked fine for about 5 days.Then the quick launch area on the tool bar just vanished. The rest of the tool bar is still there and works just fine.I thought I would just create a new toolbar and start over, however when I click on the "tooolbars>new toolbar" up pops the Explorer " libraries>documents" page. This page also pops up if I try to pin anything to the task bar.EG I click and drag an icon to the task bar,click "pin to taskbar" and instead of the icon showing up a copy of "libraries" folder appears instead.
Would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks hope someone can help

A:Cannot create new taskbar toolbar

When Windows Explorer pops up, it expects you do choose a folder to use for the new toolbar. I created a folder called "Shortcuts" in my User folder and added that as my new toolbar - then I just drop shortcuts into the Shortcuts folder and they show up at the toolbar.
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Hi I seem to have a blank toolbar in my taskbar that is removable no matter what I do Attach is a screenshot of how it looks like I read from somewhere that it could be a worm or something dangerous but none of my scan pick up anything I am at a loss Can anyone help me Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system Ati In Toolbar Blank Taskbar evxx exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exeC WINDOWS system Ati evxx exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC WINDOWS Blank Toolbar In Taskbar system ctfmon exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exeC PROGRA AVG avgamsvr exeC PROGRA AVG avgupsvc exeC Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exeC Program Files Nero Nero Nero BackItUp NBService exeC Program Files Norton Ghost Agent VProSvc exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS ATK HControl exeC Program Files ASUS Power Gear BatteryLife exeC Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exeC Program Files Wireless Console wcourier exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exeC WINDOWS sm hlpr exeC Program Files ASUS Splendid ACMON exeC Program Files Intel Wireless bin ZCfgSvc exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin ifrmewrk exeC WINDOWS ATK ATKOSD exeC Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EOUWiz exeC Program Files PowerISO PWRISOVM EXEC Program Files FlashGet FlashGet exeC WINDOWS system ACEngSvr exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC Program Files Norton Ghost Agent VProTray exeC PROGRA Intel Wireless Bin Dot XCfg exeC PROGRA AVG avgcc exeC Program Files NetMeter NetMeter exeC Program Files Rainlendar Rainlendar exeC Program Files Skype Phone Skype exeC Program Files Windows Live Messenger MsnMsgr ExeC Program Files Nokia Nokia PC Suite PCSuite exeC Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMBgMonitor exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack TosBtMng exeC Program Files OpenOffice org program soffice exeC Program Files OpenOffice org program soffice BINC Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMIndexingService exeC Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMIndexStoreSvr exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack TosA dp exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack TosBtHid exeC Program Files Skype Plugin Manager skypePM exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack TosBtHsp exeC Program Files PC Connectivity Solution ServiceLayer exeC Program Files PC Connectivity Solution Transports NclUSBSrv exeC Program Files PC Connectivity Solution Transports NclIrSrv exeC Program Files PC Connectivity Solution Transports NclRSSrv exeC Program Files PC Connectivity Solution Transports NclToBTSrv exeC Program Files Windows Live Messenger usnsvc exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack tosOBEX exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exeC Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exeC Program Files Toshiba Bluetooth Toshiba Stack tosBtProc exeC Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exeC Program Files uTorrent uTorrent exeC WINDOWS system rundll exeC WINDOWS system wuauclt exeC Documents and Settings Andy Liu Desktop HiJackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www asus comR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localO - BHO Skype add-on master... Read more

A:Blank Toolbar In Taskbar

Hello there and welcome to BleepingComputer. My name is Charles and I will be dealing with your log today.
I apologise for the delay you have experienced, but as you may have noticed our HijackThis Team is very busy at the moment.
If you still require assistance, please reply with a new HijackThis log, then we'll get started.
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I have a Hp Pavilion zc6203cl laptop. I ran Registry Mechanic and used the features to tweak my computer. Something has changed my toolbars and taskbars to gray. Also, boot up is taking much longer. I have tried to restore prior to running the program. My system restore is on but will not restore. Any help would be tremdously appreciated.

Thank you
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Hi all,
Just migrated from XP to 7 and one thing I'd like to do is set up my desktop the way it was in XP. I've done just about all the tweaks to accomplish that, but 7 won't let me add a toolbar to the top of the screen as I could in XP. I don't like the dock that came with this computer and I'd rather make my own toolbar. Any way to achieve this? Thanks.

PS. I'm not talking about moving the taskbar or quickbar to the top of the screen. This would be a separate toolbar with a folder as it's contents.

A:Toolbar at top screen - NOT taskbar

You could try - Your Edge In Software
or About RocketDock - they both have a free version
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I Taskbar Removing Toolbar from have installed and used Go MP for quite some time and have been happy with its performance Unfortunately though when I installed this software I also chose and option which added a program named quot estartlinkrotater quot which has since become my bane Each time I reboot I have to reconfigure my taskbar to my Removing Toolbar from Taskbar previous settings with quick launch as when I reboot my Taskbar is running this link rotater program amp Address When I right click on the taskbar and look under Toolbars submenu links is listed twice Also when the link rotator is running and I right click the pop-up menu also includes at the top additional options like size of icons Removing Toolbar from Taskbar etc Included in this additional menu is remove toolbar - which temporarily removes the toolbar until I reboot I have tried to unstall the application it doesn t appear in add remove programs and Removing Toolbar from Taskbar also uninstalling Go MP - both of which do nothing to get rid of this Microsoft Support was of course useless and I really don t want to have to reinstall the operating system and start over as it would take a ton of time to reinstall all my software and backup quite a few gigs of data Thank you for your efforts Abulukas nbsp

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Does anyone know if, when using the "links" toolbar on the taskbar:

i.e.: right click on task bar > click toolbars > check "links" box << to turn it on

can you customize links to open using specific browsers? I guess this doesn't really matter, but if it is just a matter of a few clicks then it would be worth it.

My default browser is firefox, but the outlook web access is crappy in firefox and I need to use IE for I'm wondering if I can make all the links in the links bar open in firefox (not hard since it is default) but then make just the link for email open in IE.

A:using the links toolbar on the taskbar

You can edit the link to something like:

"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" http://....
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every time i restart my computer, the taskbar shows the language bar (picture of a microphone)

i right click the taskbar and click the language bar off, but every time i restart, it's there again

anybody know how to make it so that it won't show up when i restart?

A:Language toolbar on taskbar

The Language Bar is a part of windows Office. To remove it you have to go into add/remove programs and do a "change" then add/remove features. Under Office Tools make sure to uncheck the Language Settings Tool (also go through all of the other stuff that is installing and make sure that "Spanish" and "French" are unchecked. I think it auto installs the language bar if you install any additional languages.

Hope that helps
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Got a prompt from Apple that a new version of itunes was available. Stupidly dl'd it. In the middle of its installation, it stalled forever, so I hit "stop" and--nothing. So cntrl/alt/delete got rid of it and itunes which was also up, but my taskbar and a roboform toolbar disappeared, and the address bar and the other stuff normally appearing at screen top is also gone, but comes back if I run cursor to top of screen, then disappears again as soon as cursor leaves top of screen. How to fix?

A:toolbar and taskbar disappeared

Uncheck Auto-hide the taskbar in Start > Settings > Taskbar and Start Menu
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Quick launch Icons on the taskbar keep disappearing each time I start my PC/OP, and the problem in the option “show quick launch” in the taskbar properties that keeps un-checking it self, in another word the system is not saving the ticked box in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

Can you help please.


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I normally use a single-height taskbar. But everytime I add the Quick Launch toolbar to the taskbar, the taskbar doubles in height. I tried grabbing the dividers and sliding them, but they don't move. Any advice? Thanks!

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My friend is coming from XP and has his quick launch toolbar on the top of the desktop and his taskbar on the bottom.

I know there is a hack to (kind of) enable the quick launch menu, but is it possible to get it separate from the taskbar?

He would like to avoid using something like a dock program. See the attached pic for an example.


A:Is it possible: quick launch on top, taskbar on bottom?

Sorry, I don't think you can do that natively in Win 7.
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I know it's lame but my first production and upload to you tube

A:my quick video to pin folder to taskbar

very informative, thanks.
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I just recently downloaded a new version of Quick Time. It put Quick Time and Quick Time Player on my task bar. Is it necessary to have it there to watch downloaded video? I know I can remove it by going to startup but would that effect performance? Also when I installed a new cdrw/dvdrom that came with Nero express software, incd was part of the software package. Do Nero and incd work together? Do I need to keep incd in startup in order for Nero to work correctly? Thank you in advance for your help.

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I'm running Windows xp (sp1), and a while back I noticed that my taskbar was locked at two spaces high, although I did not have the task bar locked. The only way I was able to overcome this was to uncheck "Show Quick Launch". Any ideas on what I did and how to correct it would be appreciated.

A:Problem with Quick Launch on Taskbar

Right click on the taskbar and verify that the taskbar is unlocked. Then drag the cursor just over the top edge till it changes shape. The click and drag.
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Hi to all,
I am having a problem with this doggone windows 8 and I had gone to another help site to fix the problem. I had almost got the problem solved and lo and behold I cant access that site anymore. I will give the name of the site and the message I get if you need it.

I was having a problem with my quick launch on the taskbar like in Vista. I had it fixed except the quick launch is now on the right and I don?t have the little arrows that you use to put stuff on the quick launch. Also I don?t have the desktop icon anymore. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Problem with quick launch on the taskbar

A screenshot would help.

For the Desktop icon right click the Taskbar & click Properties & see the picture:
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Today I noticed that there is a small problem in the height of the Win7 taskbar if I select Large icons in the Quick Launch toolbar. (before I always used small icons)

In the Large view the Win7 taskbar doesn't fill the space vertically but is aligned to the top leaving some empty space at the bottom.
Please check the attached screenshots to better understand what I mean.

I know is really a small detail, but maybe someone knows a way around it anyway^^


A:Quick Launch and Windows7 taskbar

i think that may be a problem due to having names show in the icon. is the space still there if you disable names?
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Recently, i have been trying to add new items to the quicklaunch bar but i couldn't because a red block sign would come on front of it.
But i can pin it to Start Menu though.
Any help would be appreciated,

A:Taskbar Quick Launch block

Can you post a screen shot?