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Is this motherboard compatible?

Q: Is this motherboard compatible?

I just ordered GA-F2A85XM-HD3 and AMD FX 4130 Black Edition (3.8/3.9GHz), 125W, 4MB, total dedicated L2 cache, 4MB, L3 cache, 5200MHZ HyperTransport? bus, socket AM3+) ... and I dont know if they are compatibile * the first one is the motherboard I would love any information ... cause I ordered them online ..already

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Preferred Solution: Is this motherboard compatible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is this motherboard compatible?

No they are not compatible. The motherboard has an FM2 socket while the FX 4130 uses an AM3+ socket.

Google the motherboard model, click on the Gigabyte website link, click on the support and download tab and look up the CPU support list.
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Hey there, I've just upgraded to windows 7, and with it, I got a new CPU for my motherboard.

Is the CPU i'm using. My problem, though, is that when i tried to install it while i still had windows XP, is that i had screen tearing followed by BSOD's and crashes. I went to a few tech support guys, and they told me it might be a problem with my BIOS or CPU not being compatible with my motherboard.

I'll also include the Dxdiag file with all these... if any of you guys have any suggestions, please let me know <3

Thanks for reading,

A:CPU compatible with Motherboard?

Please let us see this information:
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ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Process
I'm trying to install the CPU right now and I'm having some problems.... it doesn't fit in the slot.

Hopefully Im just retarded and am installing it wrong!!! help!!!!!!1


maybe im being too careful but the cpu seems way too thick to fit in the socket/slot

A:Are these compatible?? (CPU and Motherboard)

heres your cpu support list Formula
theres no plastic on a processor......... take it off.......also read all the instructions that came with the cpu/mobo
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Hi my motherboard was recently killed and I need to find a motherboard that is still compatible with the AMD Athlon 2 processor looking for Thier brand new or just a little used from 70-80 dollars or 80-100

A:Motherboard compatible with AM2 - AMD Motherboards

You can just make a selection and narrow it down.
AFter you are done picking let us know and we can help you investigate if it will work with your CPU. AM2 and AM2+ tend to have the same pins but we need to look at the manufactures support list before knowing if it will work.

Can you please update your specs so we can help you chose better?
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So i want to upgrade all the most important components in my computer, and i'd like to be able to play battlefield 3 (i would be pleased with medium graphics, i don't have high standards ) So i think i have everything i need, but i still need a compatible motherboard. These would be the specs:
AMD A6-7400K

Crucial 4GB DIMM DDR3 1600MHz


R7 240

Now is this a well-rounded build? and by that i mean is everything on-par with each other? because i'm still questioning about the graphics card and apu. But please don't recommend a lot more expensive parts, because i can't go a lot over my budget don't plan on building a pc that plays every new game, i just want to play some bf3, lol, and some other games. Thanks

A:What motherboard would be compatible

This is a continuation of this thread:

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Hello, a while back I messed up my motherboard and am not looking to replace it. However I seem to be very illiterate when it comes to these things, so I was hoping to get some advice on what motherboard I should go for. I'll start off with the specs of the original computer: # CPU - AM2 Athlon 64bit 6000+ Dual Core # Memory - 2GB DDR2 RAM # Motherboard - ASUS M2A-VM # Graphics - 1GB ATI Radeon X1250 # Hard Drive - 320GB SATA The motherboard had integrated Graphics, so now I'm left with the CPU, Memory and HDD. I'd prefer to stick with an ASUS motherboard, but would change if it seemed beneficial. The computer would be used for the general downloading, playing movies, online gaming and running programmes such as Adobe Photoshop. I am looking for something roughly around 100 (GBP) that will ship to the UK.

A:Compatible Motherboard

Heres a Gigabyte board that supports AM2 processors, as well as the latest AM3 CPUs, and supports DDR2:
Couldnt find a good Asus board thats based on a still modern chipset, but I prefer Gigabyte lately anyways.
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This ( motherboard says it's memory standards are "DDR3 2000(O.C)/1600(O.C)/1333". I don't get what it means when it says (O.C) though. I know it means Overclocked, but what overclocked? 1333MHz RAM oc'd to 1600/2000? Anyway, would this ( be compatible with the above motherboard? Thanks

A:Is this RAM compatible with this motherboard?

Yeah man, it'll work.

Use that as your guide from now on.
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I have two motherboards, one is a MSI P6N Diamond, one an ASUS P5N32-SLI-Premium and I was wondering if they are 45nm compatible?

A:motherboard compatible cpu's

firstly i would start with a simple good search of the both of them to there manufacturers site where you can find a complete list of all compatable cpu's of that motherboard.
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A AMD Duron processor, after having many problems with my PC either freezing after it get's to the Desktop after log-in, or restarting or just turning itself off, i think, well pretty sure it's my motherboard, but not sure which MB is compatible. any links to online stores with the appropriate MB(uk only site's) would be greatful.


A:Which motherboard is compatible for....

Any socket A motherboard is compatible, including your present one.
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My HP a1203 desktop gave me the beep code indicating a bad motherboard. But I don't know where to find a new one thats compatible with my CPU, RAM, and my Radeon 9550 secondary graphics card.

This is the motherboard I had been using

A:a new motherboard compatible w/ this?

Well you could try HP to see if you can order a new motherboard for your Computer. Socket 754 Motherboards are going to be pretty hard to find as this is really old technology. The place I would normally recommend for older motherrboards doesn't even list anything for that Processor. Price Watch lists a few but for the most part they are of very low quality. And you would not know if they will physically fit your case. Also you would not be able to use the OS that was preinstalled on the HP, if you are still using it. So you would have to buy a new copy of your OS.
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I want to upgrade my Pentium 4 3.06Ghz to an E4700 2.6Ghz. I'm pretty sure the E4700 will be compatible with my motherboard because both processors use the LGA775 socket. Also, my motherbaord is capale of using a 533mhz Front Side Bus AND an 800Mhz FSB. I just want to double check just in case.

Motherboard specs
List of Core 2 processors

A:Is this CPU compatible with my motherboard?

Nope, its not compatible. There's a lot more to it then just the socket, the architecture of the these two processors is completely different and they aren't compatible with older boards. The most that board will support are the Pentium 4 and Pentium D processors. See here for a supported processor list:
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Title basically says it all, I was running a gtx 550ti & gtx 660 but I am going to be removing the 550ti and I would like to SLI my gtx 660 if I get another one. Is it possible to SLI? If so how? I mainly only have the budget for another 660 but if I had a little more money would it be worth it to upgrade the the 700 series?
My PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-3750k 3.5ghz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660
Nvidia GTX 550ti
PSU: Corsair CX750 Plus Bronze Power Supply
RAM: 8gb g-skill ripjaw
Motherboard: Asus P8 Z77-VLX

A:Can you SLI on a motherboard that is not compatible with SLI?

From ASUS...

The ASUS P8Z77-V LX motherboard features the Intel Z77 chipset supporting the Intel LGA1155 3rd/2nd Generation Intel Core i7 Processors. ASUS DIGI+VRM technology offers full digital voltage regulation for real-time power control, unequaled stability and the most precise power delivery available in a mainstream platform. EPU conserves energy by intelligently moderating power and load requirements in real-time. Intel 3rd generation Core processors supports PCIe 3.0 for AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX Technology support.

If it well run Crossfire I think it should run SLI but ASUS does not actually list SLI.
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Hey guys, I wanted to switch out my current mobo for a new one(have a compaq presario 4403us, current mobo is an intel solano 815) and i dont know how to find out if the new mobo i want is compatible with my case. Anyone know how i can find this out, the mobo i want is this one
thanks alot

A:compatible motherboard?

I think that HP/Compaq use proprietary cases/MOBO's.
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I'm looking to buy a new 200GB or 250GB hard drive but I'm unsure whether or not it's compatible with my motherboard.

This is a link to the specs of my motherboard:

Here are the two drives I'm looking at buying, and just out of interest are they decent quality drives?


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i recently bought this motherboard [...] div=Detail

and was wondering if this ram would work with it

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I have this motherboard in my current self build: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-Z97M-DS3H (rev. 1.0)

I'm trying to figure out if it is compatible with this RAM: Buy the PNY XLR8 Performance Edition 16GB Desktop Memory M at

The motherboard's spec page says "1866 OC" but this is actual 1866 ram.

A:Is my motherboard compatible with this RAM?

here is the memory. pdf
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I'm running into some issues with my new GC(MSI GTX 760). As far as I can tell my motherboard should be compatible with my new GC however it doesn't seem to be working. I've already upgraded my power supply to fit the GCs requirements.

This is my current setup:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
AMD RADEON HD7570 2GB-------Upgraded to GTX 760
HP 460W PSU --------------------Upgraded to 625W
IPMMB-FM (Formosa) Motherboard

I have no idea how to make it work, if someone can help me or point in the right direction i'd really really appreciate it.

A:Motherboard not compatible with GC?

Upgraded to 625WClick to expand...

This really tells us nothing. Post the exact pw supply you installed ie corsair xxx123 or whatever.

Next you are correct that your mb should support a real video card however you do need to understand that big box mb are not designed to supply the extra current through the pci-e slot that a high performance card requires. I am not saying this is the cause however it is a possibility.

I assume you mean you are getting only a black screen when you pw ON. Is that correct?

Have you tried the card in another system to verify the card in fact works? If not, do so. In addition, those cards are pretty large. It is not uncommon to have the card hangup on part of the case, etc and not fully seat into the slot.

I am off to work so someone else should be along to give you some advise. Good luck
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I recently purchased an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.2 ghz. However, I totally forgot to check if my motherboard was compatible with the processor.
I have a Dimension E510:

This is the processor I purchased:

So, will I be able to run this new processor correctly?

PS. My earlier processor was a Pentium D Hyper Threading (if that makes a difference).


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hey guys i'm wanting to buy the new WD Caviar Black 640GB with 64mb of cache.

i can't seem to bring up the right drive, but here's a similar one with 1tb of space:

my mboard is from 2005 so i don't know if it will support this drive.

here's my mboard:

does anyone know what other upgrades i can get for the mboard?

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I've got a blown motherboard on an emachine T4170. Turn it on power supply comes up and that is it. I read in one of the post that I will have a better chance of maintaining my ability to load from the recover disk, including the OS, if I replace it with a compatible replacement motherboard.
Where can I find out which motherboards are "compatible replacements". I want to get some pricing to determine if it is worth it to do this repair.

A:Compatible replacment motherboard

If you get the same make/model motherboard you shouldn't have problems. Sometimes if you use a similar(similar features, chipset,etc) motherboard it also could work.
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how to u check if the fan is compatible with the CPU or motherboard?

A:how to u check if the fan is compatible with the CPU or motherboard?

plug it in, it either works or doesn't.
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Hey TS I have a GA-N650SLI-DS4L Motherboard and am wondering if it is compatable with windows 7? I am looking to upgrade but would rather not buy a new motherboard as well.

A:Motherboard, Windows 7 Compatible?

Well considering your mobo can handle up to 8 gigs of DDR2 memory and a quad core cpu I would say, yes, your motherboard will easily handle Windows 7.

The issue is what cpu you have now. I wouldn't consider anything less than a dual core that is able to do 64-bit applications. Which brings us to the question are you going with the 32-bit or 64-bit OS? In this day and age 64-bit is the smart play. If so, make sure you have 4 gigs of RAM.
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Im purchasing an Intel Core i7 930 2.80Ghz Bloomfield Socket LGA1366 with an Asus P6X58D-E Intel X58 Socket 1366 DDR3 PCI-Express Motherboard. Can anyone tell me with the CPU be 100% compatible with my choice of motherboard? Will i be required to do a bios update?

A:Is the Core i7 930 compatible with my motherboard?

It does andy. that board is shipping with bios update (original bios) 0108 that takes them up through the hexacores. your good
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I was planning on using the lowest i5 processor but because of the refresh I lost the older ones.
The ones that are available are:
Intel Core i5 4460 (3.2GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core
Intel Core i5 4590 (3.3GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core
Intel Core i5 4570S (2.9GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core
Intel Core i5 4670 (3.4GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core
Intel Core i5 4690 (3.5GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core
Intel Core i5 4670K (3.4GHz HD4600 6MB Cache) Quad Core

A:What CPU's are compatible with the MSI B85-G43 Gaming Motherboard

Core i7 [ 4771,4770T,4770S,4770K,4770,4765T ]
Core i5 [ 4670T,4670S,4670K,4670,4570T,4570S,4570,4440S,4440,4430S,4430 ]
Core i3 [ 4340,4330T,4330,4130T,4130 ]
Pentium [ G3430,G3420T,G3420,G3220T,G3220 ]
Xeon [ E3-1240V3,E3-1230V3,E3-1220LV3 ]
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Hello all, how are you?

Anyway, i have this rather old but reliable Motherboard.

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM2 - GA-MA69VM-S2 (rev. 1.0)

I know that it wont pick up a full 3tb HDD. but would it recognise it all in partitions?

eg: 3 Partitions of 1TB each. or 2 partitions of 1.5 tb.

Thank you for your help.

A:IS this Motherboard compatible with 3tb drives.

My guess (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) is that, although the OS is capable of recognising large capacity drives, it will only recognise up to the maximum size that the BIOS can deal with.

There are three main ways round this issue. Firstly, don't use drives that are larger than can be recognised by the BIOS. Secondly, use an interface card that is capable of recognising the full disk capacity. Thirdly (and the most risky) is to see if there is a BIOS update from the motherboard manufacturer that addresses this issue.
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Will a MSI K9N Neo-f nforce board work with the 8800 and its two pci connectors and pci 16x slot with no trouble? Sorry cant give direct links using Nintendo Wii

A:Motherboard compatible with 8800gts?

It will hold it. Just look at your power supply. It needs to be rated with enough amperage on the +12v rails and have a PCI-e connector.
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ok here's the thing... I am slowly upgrading my computer as I get the money. I was going to buy a new motherboard and a new processor, but at the moment I do not have the money to buy both so I am planning to go ahead and buy the new motherboard and wait on the processor. At the moment I have a pentium 4 2.4 ghz processor. I wanted to know if that processor is compatible with the asus a8n-sli socket 939 motherboard that I want to get.

Thanks for the help.

A:is this processor compatible with this motherboard?

if they are not compatible could you suggest a good motherboard that later on I could use with a higher end athlon processor and that works for the pentium 4?
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Hey all,

I recently dug up an old computer and wanted to use it but realized it is way too slow and the specs aren't even good enough to install Windows 7.

I currently have 512mb of RAM on that computer but I want to replace it and find a 2gb RAM that is compatible with my motherboard. I have an extra slot available for RAM.

How am I able to tell if the RAM I want is compatible with my motherboard?

Here is my system information from dxdiag:

System Model: KM400-8235
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6. 00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1700+, MMX, 3DNow, ~ 1.5 GHz
Memory: 448MB RAM
Page file: 218MB used, 839MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

Thanks in advance and I really look forward to your help!

A:Finding compatible RAM for old motherboard

Sorry for the double post but I also want to find out how I am able to tell which processor is compatible with my motherboard.

Am I better off getting a completely new motherboard or would a new processor and a new RAM do it?

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I have an EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard that I'm trying to put in a Dell Studio XPS 9100/435 case. The MB light comes on and the case power button light comes on. When i press the button, nothing happens (fans don't turn). I have one extra 2pin connector that has a red & white wire and I'm unable to tell where it goes on the MB. Is this MB compatible with this case?

Thanks for the help!

A:Motherboard / case compatible?

Dell stuff is proprietary ie made to dell's specs and NOT industry standard specs. While you can sometimes get a standard type mb to fit a dell case, you usually have to do at least some engineering to make it work.

In short if you are going to use a standard mb [which you may have already fried by attempting to use a dell case] get a regular atx type case.

At this point, I would pull the board out of the case and attempt an out of the case build to see if you damaged the board.
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Hi all,

I am unsure to wether the GTX 260 is compatible with my mother board?

My motherboard is MS-7313 (945GCM7-F V2 (3 Audio Ports)

Help on telling me wether it is compatible would be muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Is Nvidia GTX 260 compatible with my motherboard?

Any PCIe graphics card is a fit for your MSI board.
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I have an Asus S96S laptop which has the the faulty Nvidia 8600M GS chip. It's still working with terrible graphical problem because the GPU died. I really want to get a motherboard compatible with my T7300 cpu, but i got no luck googling it. Can anyone offer some help on finding such motherboard? I prefer some mobo which does not have the Nvidia chip. Any help is appreciated.
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Hello,(sorry for my english)i have problems with my notebook Lenovo T61 model 7659-AT5 - it won't start. When i press Power - the light indicators shows some activity (num lock and caps lock lit for a while and then switch off; power, battery and charger indicators light up). No error beep or display anything on the screen so i guess the problem is in motherboard. My question - is it compatible motherboard of T61 7659-AB7  to my model T61 7659-AT5.I see that cpu is different but can i get motherboard+cpu ot AB7 and put them in AT5?AB7 Thanks in advance!

A:Is it compatible motherboard of T61 7659-AB7 to 76...

Your English is fine. It should work without problems.
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Motherboard - ASUS m3a32-mvp Deluxe
Current graphics card - AMD radeon hd 3850

Not all that tech-savy when it comes to computers, but was interested in upgrading my graphics card. the GTX 260 requires a pc express 2.0 x16.

I'll add more info on the subject if need be.

A:GeForce GTX 260 compatible with this motherboard?

it is, as a matter of fact your board has 4 pcie slots
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Hi, i recently board this motherboard without realising how soon core 2 duo's were being released, im just wondering if with a bios update or something this can be used with a Core 2 Duo processor.

P5GD1-VM Intel 915G Skt 775 800FSB SATA M/board

A:Core 2 Duo Compatible Motherboard?

Read question and answer #12
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I'm looking on buying this processor (the Core 2 Quad Q6700)
the Q6700 is a Socket 775

I currently own this motherboard
this motherboard is a Socket 775

Are these compatible with eachother? I am quite confused on determining what is needed for a processor and motherboard to be compatible with eachother (such as chipset). If these are compatible, what perfomance drawbacks might I expierence?


A:Is this motherboard compatible with the Q6700?

Unless you have the P965 Neo-F V2, it's probably not compatible with the Q6700.

CPU Compatibility list for the P965 Neo-F V2:

No specific CPU compatibility list for a P965 Neo-F (no V2) on MSI's website.

CPU Compatibility list for the P965 Neo:
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here we are  hello everyone i would like to change my processor ,  my motherboard's manufactured from pegatron corporation  2AB5 and  i cant found any intel about  Which processor is compatible with my motherboard thx for your answers
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i need a new motherboard and there doesn't seem to be any parts for my specific model.
the model number seems to be V3-572P-36H1 and the first 10 digits of my S/N is [edited for privacy]. THANKS!

A:what motherboard is compatible with the Aspire V15...

Hello, The part number of your motherboard is:Spoiler (Highlight to read)NB.ML811.002MAIN BD.UMA.i3-4030uNB.ML811.002MAIN BD.UMA.i3-4030uYou can check it. You'll find a white sticker near the memory slots. There is a string of characters under the bar code. The first ten is the part number: NBML811002....If you use the preinstalled version of Windows, you have to buy it from your Acer store. About Microsoft OEM:Spoiler (Highlight to read)"Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer?except the motherboard?and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty.The reason for this licensing rule primarily relates to the Microsoft Software License Terms and the support of the software covered by those terms. The Microsoft Software License Terms are a set of usage rights granted to the end user by the PC manufacturer, and relate only to rights for that software as installed on that particular PC. The system builder is required to support the software on the original PC. Understanding that end users, over time, upgrade their PCs with different components, Microsoft needed to have one base component "left standing" that would still define the original PC. Since the motherboard contains the CPU and is the "heart and soul" of the PC, when the motherboard is replaced (for reasons other than defect) a new PC is essentially created. The original system builder did not manufacture this new PC, and therefore cannot be expected to support it.""Generally, an end user can upgrade or replace all of the hardware components on a computer?except the motherboard?and still retain the license for the original Microsoft OEM operating system software. If the motherboard is upgraded or replaced for reasons other than a defect, then a new computer has been created. Microsoft OEM operating system software cannot be transferred to the new computer, and the license of new operating system software is required. If the motherboard is replaced because it is defective, you do not need to acquire a new operating system license for the PC as long as the replacement motherboard is the same make/model or the same manufacturer's replacement/equivalent, as defined by the manufacturer's warranty.The reason for this licensing rule primarily relates to the Microsoft Software License Terms and the support of the software covered by those terms. The Microsoft Software License Terms are a set of usage rights granted to the end user by the PC manufacturer, and relate only to rights for that software as installed on that particular PC. The system builder is required to support the software on the original PC. Understanding that end users, over time, upgrade their PCs with different components, Microsoft needed to have one base component "left standing" that would still define the original PC. Since the motherboard contains the CPU and is the "heart and soul" of the PC, when the motherboard is replaced (for reasons other than defect) a new PC is essentially created. The original system builder did not manufacture this new PC, and therefore cannot be expected to support it."
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I m looking to change my motherboard but I need motherboard? a good/compatible Is this one that is decent and will work with a -P CPU -Geforce Ti I know it will Is this a good/compatible motherboard? work with of mobos I just need to be certain Can you tell me if these motherboards are good and would be compatible with my cpu I don t know too much about these things Also how do I know if it is going to be compatible with my current PSU setup This one seems good but what does that whole dual-DDR thing mean And I can t seem to find out if it has onboard audio or not First Mobo And Second Mobo I m already using a MSI so maybe this is abetter choice because it will most likely be compatible for sure Any help would be GREATLY appreciated EDIT I am currently using an MSI Ultra is it a certainty that the new mobo will fit in my case And that my old fan will fit on the new one nbsp

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Hi everyone. I am looking in to buying a new motherboard for my old computer because the motherboard quit working on it and I am going to give it to my best friend once I have it fixed. However, I don't know how to tell if this motherboard is compatible with my old computer or not. I have an old Windows XP Professional computer with 512 MB of RAM. Can you tell me if this motherboard would be compatible?

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Hi guys and thank you for motherboard out help what compatible figuring Need a is K8S-LA with viewing my problem I m new to this board so I not that sure if Need help figuring out what is compatible with a K8S-LA motherboard I m posting in the right place nonetheless thank you for viewing I have a Compaq Presario SR NX and would like to upgrade Need help figuring out what is compatible with a K8S-LA motherboard some parts in the computer specifically for gaming and other tasks as well I m planning on buying gigs of ram a new compatible graphics card and a new processor if necessary The problem is I don t really know what s compatible with my system only the ram I have a asus K S-LA Salmon motherboard with a agp slot so I m aiming to get a new agp graphics card since my current graphics card is a Sis Mirage I believe I have a AMD Sempron GHz processor socket and wish to upgrade it with a compatible processor if it s necessary to run the graphics card bought a Pentium D ghz and just found out my computer is not compatible with it I m planning on using - gigs of ram since I have mb but due to the graphics card I have less because it uses the ram as its memory or so I was told I need help on finding out what type of cards processors etc I should get and that are compatible with my system I have a watt power supply if that helps I plan on upgrading that as well to a - if needed and I have windows XP Thank you for your time and help Any suggestions are greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Need help figuring out what is compatible with a K8S-LA motherboard

Lots of manuals here

Review here:

I have a asus K8S-LA (Salmon) motherboardClick to expand...

Actually I think you're better off leaving it stock standard, other wise the front label (on the box) won't be right.
And anyone who downloads drivers for it one day, won't work.

For gaming, it is better to update the entire computer box, to PCI-Express capabilities, and then ofcourse there's ram, and all the rest.

But you can recover some funds by selling this computer stock standard.
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hi i have i vc37 motherboard and i was wondering if it is compatible with a pentium 4 2.4 with ht.

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I want to upgrade my CPU. It is currently an AMD Athlon Neo Processor MV-40. It is only 1.6 Ghz. My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv2 Entertainment PC. My motherboard specs are below.

Model: Flextronics 3055
FSB: AMD Hammer, 200 Mhz

The question I have is: What other CPUs are compatible with my motherboard.

I have already tried to look up my motherboard via Flextronics website, but it does not seem to be listed there. Thank you all in advance for any help.

A:Motherboard compatible with CPU. Upgrade.

Faites, welcome to the forums.

I have already tried to look up my motherboard via Flextronics website, but it does not seem to be listed there.

Probably because it is an OEM board made by them for that (and maybe more) particular notebook. They wouldn't provide any support for it even if you did find it on their site as that would all fall on the notebook manufacturer.

As far as upgrading the CPU, unless it is supported in the bios the best you can do is the Turion Neo x2 listed here,

AMD Processors for Notebooks: AMD Turion

other than that, nothing. Even if it is supported (and that is entirely up to HP), ther eis the small matter of finding one.
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I currently have this RAM in my PC with the AsRock Z68 Pro-3 M and I would like to upgrade my motherboard to the Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3. I was wondering if my RAM (linked below) would be compatible with this motherboard.
Mr memory:
Thanks in advance, James.

A:Is this memory compatible with my motherboard?

If you go to the manufacturers site and look up the motherboard there should be a list available to view or download for compatible RAM, you can check it there.

Unfortunately the compatability lists only include RAM they have tested so even if it is not in the list it may still be ok. Thing to do is try it.
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If a mother board says it's compatible with DDR3 ram does it mean any type? For example PC3-10666 and PC3-12800?

I'm confused because this motherboard is compatible with DDR3 but this RAM doesn't list the motherboard model with compatible types?

A:How to tell what types of RAM a motherboard is compatible with?

If you go directly to (in this example) to Gigabytes support website for the motherboards model, you will see complete memory specs. If you follow the specs you won't have any problems or confusion
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Hello As the title of the thread states I want I to graphic with my want buy? compatible card motherboard Is the to know if my motherboard is compatible with the graphic card I want to buy hopefully someone will be able to help me because i m Is my motherboard compatible with the graphic card I want to buy? completely clueless regarding the matter My motherboard specs are Intel R Series C Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - E Intel R Series C Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - E D Intel R Management Engine Interface Synaptics Intel R Series Is my motherboard compatible with the graphic card I want to buy? C Chipset Family SMBus Host Controller - E The system model is h - ef As for the graphic card i d like to purchase it s a MSI Gaming N TF GD OC GeForce GTX GB -bit GDDR PCI Express SLI Support Video Card http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hope i ve given sufficient information about my motherboard if there s anything lacking please let me know and i ll add it asap Thanks a lot for taking the time nbsp

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Hi there I have recently purchased a video my Need a compatible current with motherboard which hardware is new card XFX Radeon HD and realised that it requires PCI Express whereas my mobo only supports PCI x So the pc starts up but just doesn t work I had a look on ebuyer and found this which looks pretty damn good for the price http www ebuyer com -biostar-th b-hd-h -socket- -dvi-vga-hdmi- -channel-audio-th b-hd The question is will the video card be compatible with this motherboard and will the motherboard be compatible with my other current hardware listed below such as the PSU processor memory etc Manufacturer INTELR Motherboard Details Foxconn Compete series G MA- EKRS Based on Intel G ICH R Chipset support FSB MHz Socket Processor support DDR memory support PCI Express x BIOS Pheonix AwardBIOS v PG Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Hard Drive GB TB Video Card SAPPHIRE Radeon X Pro mb current to be switched for new one Monitor quot HD Widescreen HP Sound Card Realtek HD Audio output Speakers Headphones Philips surround Keyboard Logitech Wireless Mouse Logitech Wireless Mouse Surface Laser Operating System Windows Ultimate bit Build PSU Seasonic OEM SS- HT W PSU - x SATA cm Fan And so the can of worms is opened Thanks and best regards Will nbsp

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Is the XFX Radeon 7970 video card compatible with a an Asus P9Z68-V LE motherboard? I'm rather confused with Crossfire and SLI, is it Crossfire allows multiple Radeon video cards and SLI allows multiple NVidia video cards?

A:Is this video card compatible with this motherboard?

Yes, the card is compatible with the mobo.

Your Crossfire and SLI understanding is correct. However, it extends to GPU's, not just 'cards'. Cards like HD7990 and GTX690 use Crossfire/SLI internally as they have two GPU's on one card.
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Hi guys, I just bought a dell vostro 400MT with an E4600 processor and I want to upgrade it to a Q9450 or Q9300 maybe at the end of the year, when the next round of price cuts hit. Does anyone know if the mobo is compatible with the quad cores? Thanks in advance.

A:Is Dell motherboard compatible with Q9450?

I would say, yes. I downloaded the Dell Vostro manual from here: Dell and went to the Intel website to check the quad core processors here: Intel

Compare for yourself and I think you'll come the same conclusion.
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mine motherboard is gigabyte P55-US3L
intel H55/rev 2.1

A:usb and sata 3.0 pci card compatible with old motherboard?

Quote: Originally Posted by game01

mine motherboard is gigabyte P55-US3L
intel H55/rev 2.1

You mean a PCIe card for USB3?? yes it should work with no problems
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This is my current configuration:

Intel Original Mother board 845GVSR
2 x 256 MB DDR RAM
Intel P4 2.4 GHz 478 pin processor

I want to buy a new motherboard which can support my current configuration and also new ones like

core 2 duo processor (optional)

Is there any motherboard that can that can do the job?

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Hello Seven Forums I am in need of I am assuming a new Processor and more Memory RAM for my motherboard P C The reason I ask of this is because I have very little knowledge of hardware and am last night I purchased a new graphics card and power supply The Power Supply supports up to W I have a Radeon HD GB DDR Graphics Upgrade For Hardware Motherboard? Compatible My Card which recommends Watts Will I also need to upgrade my Power Supply again To see what my motherboard can support and what it already has please redirect here Motherboard Specifications M N -LA Narra Compaq Presario CQ F Desktop PC - HP Customer Care United States - English I have no idea what I need what's good and how much I may be spending if my gaming can get a serious change with upgrading my RAM that would be sweet I also am running Windows Home Premium -bit so I am pretty sure I can support more than just GB Thank you for all of the future help you will give me Thank you Seven Forums for Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard? all of your help now and all Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard? of your help in the past Aaron

A:Compatible Upgrade Hardware For My Motherboard?

If your planning on upgrading the cpu and ram you might as well make the move to Socket AM3 or Intel Socket 1155 by upgrading the motherboard also, as DDR3 ram is considerably cheaper than DDR2 ram which is what your computer is running you will see better results from upgrading to more recent computer hardware and it will cost the near the same if not less than upgrading the few pieces of an older system but i cant really tell you much more if your not knowledgeable enough to build the computer yourself.

Also the Power supply should be good enough to run all you need unless you have 4 hard drives etc
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I have motherboard ASUSTek P5G-MX Intel 945 chipset (Socket775), Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 2.00 GHz with 2GB RAM, 1 TB HDD.

will w8 install and run on it?

W8 is not even installing, preview didn't install, and now Windows 8 Enterprise Final Retail 32bit is not installing. I have tried installing from DVD as well as from flash pen drive.

both giving problem "A media driver your computer needs is missing."

What is the problem and how to get over this?

I am running w7-64 bit so my pc is sure 64 bit compatible, I guess.


A:is Windows8 compatible with ASUS P5G-MX motherboard or not

Win 8 is based off the same NT kernel as Vista and Win7 so should run on it.
Are you using a IDE or Sata hard drive?
If Sata is the controller set to AHCI or IDE(legacy) mode?
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I have the latest bios version 2103 so I sure hope so cause, I already ordered the 4970k.

A:i7 4790k compatible with Asus z87-A motherboard?

According to their support page for the board, yes.
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I don't know how to tell, and there's not much I could find online that could tell me. My computer has a Gateway FX6800-01e motherboard and I'm looking at buying a GeForce GTX 760 graphics card on sale.

This has come about mainly because I realized I need an upgrade after Star Wars Battlefront refused to run on my computer, so if it's not compatible, are there any other suggestions that are? The minimum specs required are either GeForce GTX 660 2GB or ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB.
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Hey guys compatible Problems motherboard adding new RAM to this looks like a great forum to find help with my problem Well I decided after my computer kept getting the blue screen to upgrade my ram So according to my mother board which the link to Problems adding new compatible RAM to motherboard my model is below Since Im new I cant post the exact the link tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp Sku M - H url I can upgrade to two gb Ok so I ordered gb Centon which is compatible to PC - PC - DDR - and DDR - So according to this its Problems adding new compatible RAM to motherboard suppose to be compatible unless Im missing something here Anyways I took out the old ram which was gb and added the new ram The computer wouldn t start So I took out the ram and placed in second slot and still the same problem computer wont start Added the new ram to the empty slot and the original back to its slot This time my computer went real quickly to the bios screen and went black Took out the new ram and left the old one on the same slot and obviously the computer started I can t figure out for the life of me what the problem is Do I need to purchase another stick of gb so they can match Is it that gb stick wont work on my computer This is all new to me Any ideas I read on the net and tried the run msconfig boot ini advanced options and attempted to change MaxMem to the actual gb number but it would reset back to Im all out of ideas Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Problems adding new compatible RAM to motherboard

Link isn't working BTW.
Did you check your motherboard's list?
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Hi guys! I'm building a rig for a friend and I'm looking for a motherboard for the Intel E8400 CPU with DDR3 support.

I was looking at :

Any suggestions? Budget about $140.


A:DDR3 Compatible Motherboard For E8400

nice board, gaming rig i take it??
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I have an Asus P5N-D Motherboard and a GeForce GTX 260 Video Card, but when I connect my monitor i get no signal. Do i need to use a different video card until i set up the O/S and the driver for the GeForce GTX 260 Video Card.

A:Is my graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

Do you have this board? If so, then the card should run just fine.
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My motherboard is an ASUS P468X (older... 2003+/- I believe) and I would like to find out if anyone knows if it will support AGP8X or AGP4X . My VID card right now is an ASUS V6600. I tried the ASUS website but nothing came up.

Any comments? Thank you for your help!

A:ATI Radeon 9550 Compatible with Motherboard?

Your motherboard has AGP 8x, it should work with that card.
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My computer has died
It is an athlon 900 40gig hd dvd cdrw circa2001
i have another computer but am reluctant to throw this one away as the Hd is ok (i tried it in another computer)
i suspect the motherboard (asus a7v133) is shot and would be grateful if anyone can advise a motherboard processor replacement
i would like to reuse the 512 of pc133 sdram if possible
Many thanks Mark UK

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Hey guys. need help once again.

you see i have a computer running an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 chip. with a All-In-One Micro ATX Motherboard . but i was thinking of upgrading to a Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Chip. if i do decide to replace the chip. will the process be smooth? will the chip fit with no drama's and will i have to replace motherboards?

A:Intel Core 2 Duo motherboard SLI compatible?

so what motherboard do u have?????????
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Hi I had Windows professional -bit Never had a major problem I downloaded and installed Windows I was having a major problem My USB ports on the back of the case would not work be recognized until I rebooted Then they worked fine The ones in the front worked ok It was a pain to have to reboot every time I started the cpu My call to Microsoft was no help After a wait of about hour they in a language that was hard to understand had me download a bunch of drivers from the C prompt When that didn t work I lost the connection After a lot of swearing and a couple of beers I finally went to a computer repair shop that had many recommendations and satisfied 10 not compatible Windows Motherboard with ASUS customers After about a week and their diagnostic charge they found that my motherboard does not support Windows and they couldn t find any new drivers that Windows 10 not compatible with ASUS Motherboard would help I accepted their offer to reload Windows Professional -bit and reinstall Microsoft Office at no charge I found a web site that shows which ASUS motherboards are compatible http www asus com microsite mb Windows mine isn t Windows 10 not compatible with ASUS Motherboard listed Question I don t want to install a new motherboard Do I have any other options I d rather not do a trial and find that I have to again reinstall Windows Disktop Package not a brand name Motherboard Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC ModelP H -M PRO LGA Version Rev xx Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Havendale Clarkdale Host Bridge Chipset Revision Southbridge Vendor Intel Southbridge Model H Windows 10 not compatible with ASUS Motherboard Southbridge Revision Mike nbsp

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So, my intel d875 got fried

I have found a few AGP slotted mobos and this one is what I may be going with

My question is will my new card provide the same features as the old and therefore be compatible? I checked to the best of my ability but need to be sure before I pull the trigger.

Thanks for the help

A:Motherboard fried, is this board compatible?


Well, no. The product addresses I followed show the Intel board is socket 478, while the Asrock is an LGA775. So. best guess is it will take your video card, but you'd have to spring for a processor.
You could also consider Matx size boards as they usually fit into Atx cases.
I don't know if it's worth it to directly replace your 875 board, but I do understand limited finances. The ASRock board does accept 184 pin DDR and AGP graphics, the only addition would be a new CPU. With another board you might have to buy 4 things, (CPU, board, RAM, and Video Card).
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I am wanting to get a AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core but I don't know whether the motherboard I have it compatible with it.

Current motherboard: AAHD2-HY (Holly2)
Manufacturer: Pegatron

If it is not compatible what motherboard would you recommend I get?

A:Is my motherboard compatible with the AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core

No. Wrong socket [you have a FM1] the 8350 is am3+ AND that board only supports up to 100W cpus.

If you want an 8350, you need a new mb, most likely a new case, a new pw supply AND a new windows disk. You cannot change the mb in a hp system and reuse the windows that came with the hp.
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Hi all,

I've got a new mobo, Asus P5Q SE2 (with the latest BIOS version 0801). I've been getting blue screens on startup, even before the login screen appears. If I press the reset button, I get the normal "Windows did not start correctly...." and select "Start Windows Normally" and it loads into Windows fine and don't have anymore issues. These blue screens don't happen every boot up and not on a warm boot, just on a cold boot.

The two blue screens have been (i) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and (ii) PFN_LIST_CORRUPT

My memory is Crucial Ballistix, DDR2 PC2-6400 2x1GB kit (BL2KIT12864AA80A).

Cheers in advance.

A:Compatible RAM for Asus P5Q SE2 motherboard (BSOD)

Have you run any memory test diagnostics to see if it is the ram? Have you run any drive diagnostics? Is the system overclocked?
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I have a PC HP pavilion p6725it p.n. LL434EA with motherboard Cleveland-GL8. As newer video card can I install? My video card doesn't work very well and I need to replace it.
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hey guys unfortunately i can t get the name and model of my mboard but i i have the specs of the current hard drive that s in the machine and that works perfectly i ve never installed a hard drive before could someone tell me how difficult it is thanks Disk Manufacturer Seagate Model ST AS Size GB Firmware Version Serial Number MT P A Interface Serial ATA Standard ATA ATAPI- ATA ATAPI- T D version Transfer Mode Current Max SATA- SATA- Features S M A R T bit LBA NCQ Temperature C F Drive Letter s C E Controller Buffer Size on Drive KB Queue Depth Removable No Cache Enabled Read Write Yes Yes SMART Support Yes Attribute Name Attribute Value Worst Value Threshold Value Raw Data Raw Read Error Rate ED Spin Up Time Start Stop Count Reallocated Sector Count Seek Error Rate E Power On Hours Count C Spin Retry Count A Power Cycle Count C B HDA Temperature C ECC On The Fly Count C drive is my motherboard? with What hard compatible ED Current pending sector count C Off-line uncorrectable sector count C Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate C Multi Zone Error Rate C Data Address Mark Errors CA nbsp

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Hi there !

I'm planning on buying either a ASUS M3A76-CM or a Foxconn A7GM-S motherboard for use with my Socket AM3 AMD Phenom X3 720 Black Edition Processor.

However, before I can use the motherboard with my processor, I need to flash/update the BIOS to its latest version so that it supports Socket AM3 processors.

My question is: Can I flash the BIOS with my Socket AM3 processor or do I need a Socket AM2+ processor for this ?

Thank you !

A:Flash BIOS of AM2+ (AM3 compatible) motherboard with AM3 CPU ?

It depends on the motherboard. Some don't POST at all, some recognize the CPU as an "unidentified CPU", and can have the BIOS flashed in that state. As a quick Google glance, it would seem that neither of the mentioned boards are able to pull that. Either of these could be a good idea: or
Or maybe go ebay?|66:2|39:1|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50
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V000069090 , can anyone tell me any model numbers to mach this board so I can get drivers?

A:What drivers are compatible with V000069090 motherboard

V000069100 or that board
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Hey guys, i need your help! I wanna upgrade my laptops processor but i have no clue whats compatible with my motherboard and i don't wanna just put a random one in and break my motherboard...

At the moment i have an i3 370M and wanting to upgrade to an i5. My motherboard model is HMA71_CP from a Acer Aspire 7739.. with a Socket 989 rPGA, i did some research and found this website and which could also be my mother board!

Sorry to have bothered anyone, but i just really need your help! Thank you!

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so if I want to replace my 6 year old gigabyte ex58-ds4 with a new motherboard, how can I get one that is similar, such as will fit the space available, use the i7 processor, same connections setup? If this is not enough info I can provide more...thanks!

had a bios screen freeze problem a few times but not sure what caused that. just thought the board might need replacing cuz it is ancient.

A:get a new motherboard similar to the old one (compatible setup)

If this is it look at the spec's
GIGABYTE GA-EX58-DS4 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel

Looks like a atx motherboard so any atx fits that bill

Socket is processor socket is LGA 1366/ Core i7 (LGA1366) so the newer one would need to have that as an option too

Memory would also need to be compatible as the existing DDR3 2000(O.C)/1333

You can also use cpu-z/ cpuid and show screen shots of all the sections
CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID
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i have a D845PECE in my crappy gateway. sportin' a nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440

Motherboard :

I want to upgrade graphics card, but have no idea which are compatible.. any suggestions?

A:Which graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard?

You can't always tell with brand manufacturers since sometimes they will have the MB makers modify their boards. However, in this case it looks like any of the AGP video cards will be compatible with the MB. Where you will have to watch things is the card's power requirements. Many of the brands will have a PS on the small (meaning output) size.
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Is Sapphire HD 6850 is Compatible to the B75, H77, Z77 Motherboard?

What will i loose inserting a HD 6850 to a PCI 3.0 Slot?

A:Sapphire HD 6850 is Compatible to a PCI 3.0 Motherboard?

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My desktop computer's motherboard just died (had it confirmed by qualified tech people.) The computer was about four years old. It was a standard machine running XP home.

I am going to put together a new system, but someone mentioned that the new motherboards might not accept my old hard drive as the primary drive, which is a WD 40G drive. I can't believe this is true; won't a new motherboard just recognize it? That would save me the huge hassle of reinstalling everything....(as far as data, etc, I'm well backed-up in any case.)

Can anyone advise me on this?


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Hey guys!

I am getting very frequent warnings from Windows telling me that I am short on memory and need to close programs in order to free up RAM. Firefox is crashing constantly and my screen even goes black and doesn't go back to the desktop.

So I am looking at upgrading from 3GB to 7GB by adding a 4GB stick. This is my motherboard (BIOSTAR A770E3 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD) and I am wondering if this RAM (Crucial 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory Model CT51264BA1339) is compatible with it.

A:Adding RAM Compatible With My Biostar Motherboard

Here is the Crucial memory listing for this motherboard
Computer memory upgrades for Biostar A770E3 Motherboard from
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Hi, I'm using an 755 SFF now and the system is operating wll. However the adding of a better grafic card is problematic cause of the limited space.

Now I'm thinking of finden a (evt. defect Mini Tower model) and put the motherboard, HDrive of the 755 SFF into the larger Mini Tower case and buy a better grafics card.

Are the components compatible?

A:Motherboard etc. 755 SFF compatible with the Mini Tower?

Yes everything would work well however from what I know your motherboard is smaller it will go in to the chassis though none of the expansion slots will align with the chassis slots as your motherboard as smaller than the chassis. I suggest you pick up a 755 MT motherboard for full compatibility and by the way these are like $50 or maybe less and you could just put all your current hardware on it (cpu, ram ,hard drive cable, etc) with no capability issues.
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Hi, I have a 0HJ054 Dell motherboard.
I would like to know what processors are compatible with this baseboard.
(I would contact dell tech support but they charge a fee since my warranty expired and I do not want to do that.)
I want to get a faster, quieter processor.
The pentinum d 805 I have is too loud.
Can I get a better processor than the ones from the pentinum d series with this motherboard such as a pentinum dual core or intel core 2 duo?

***I saw this article:
Does this mean that I can use an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with the 0HJ054 Dell motherboard I have....??***

A:Solved: Compatible Processors with my Motherboard

NO, the article you linked to at the Intel site doesn't mean you can use a Core 2 Duo processor in your board.

Dell boards are manufacturer proprietary with a proprietary BIOS. Only Dell can tell you positively what processors are supported by your board.
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If I purchase a mATX motherboard, this one to be exact ... Will it require a mATX Case or can I use a regular ATX Case? Also any opinions on that MB?

A:ATX tower compatible with mATX MotherBoard?

In the case, idk if that case will hold mATX, but all you would have to do is move the motherboard standoff's to the right holes for an mATX mobo.
Most cases have the holes marked with a letter or something stamped so you can figure it out easilly.
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I would simply like to know if this optical drive is compatible with my motherboard.

This is the optical drive I am planning to get:

And the motherboard is an MSI P67A-GD55 (B3)

Thanks in advance.

A:Is this optical drive compatible with my motherboard?

No, it does not appear to be compatible with the motherboard. The page you linked to for the drive lists it as a SATA drive, but the description shows it as having an EIDE / ATAPI (Parallel) interface. Checking the Samsung web site confirms it has an EIDE / ATAPI interface.

The motherboard is listed as not having any IDE ports.
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I need to know if the HDMI motherboard in a 60" Samsung Plasma TV can be used in a Sony Bravia 52" TV. The motherboard in my Sony died and I have access to one in a Samsung Plasma that's screen cracked.

A:Is a 60" Samsung Plasma HDMI motherboard compatible with a 52" Sony Bravia HDMI motherboard.

No, it would not be, in the past I had to repair a tv for a friend that had his board shorted that was an LCD Sony Bravia 52 Inch and its board was very specific as with all Sony Products. The Boards on the TV's are the hearts and the companies that built them don't allow for parts to be interchanged easily. Your best bet is ebay and finding the part number to find a board, that's how I got the one I used to fix it.
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I updated the bios on my Gateway E-3200 from the Gateway website.

Now when I try to reboot my system this message appears.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 550 MHz detected.

WARNING: This motherboard is not compatible with this processor's higher frequency. This system has been halted.
Either upgrade the motherboard or install an Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 450 MHz.

Before the bios update the computer was running with the same motherboard and processor.

MOTHERBOARD: Gateway Maverick 440BX NLX form factor
Serial Number: A
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 550 MHz

BIOS USED: 4J4NBOX1.86A.0043.P20

OLD BIOS: 4J4NBOX1.15A.0021.P13

I tried using the old bios, won't work, called Gateway, gave me
the run around, if anyone has any solutions to my problem,
I'd deeply appreciate it!!

A:After bios update--Motherboard is not compatible with processor

This is the reason why I no longer buy brand name "proprietary" PCs anymore. Too many problems with simple upgrades.

You should be able to flash back to the old bios unless gateway PCs don't allow that. You probably flashed to an incorrect bios.
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I have a Dell Vostro 260s, with a GDG8Y motherboard.
Dell wants too much for a replacement board

Im looking for an aftermarket replacment MOBO.

Can somebody suggest replacements please.

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Ok here s the situation I m hoping someone can shed some light on a possible solution as ATI customer support hasn t been of much help I have a Micron PC that has an Intel D HV motherboard inside According to what I read from Intel s site it only accepts AGP X cards Also according to ATI s website the Radeon should be compatible with AGP X slots However when I try to use this card in the Micron PC I get no video signal and just some bios beeps that probably mean something like no video card installed I can verify this as another AGP card an nVidia TNT m card works fine as well as a PCI SiS mb video card works But here s something else that s interesting I know the Radeon card works because I have another PC that was custom built and has a Radeon AGP 9000 compatible? motherboard not Intel and Gigabyte GA- IXE motherboard inside which apparently only supports up to AGP X according to Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible? the manual and what SMARTGART allows me to go up to for the highest AGP setting So with that all in mind any ideas as to why this card won t work with the Intel motherboard Shouldn t the card automatically detect which of the AGP speeds the motherboard supports and use one of them Neither of the PCs have any of the special AGP settings in the BIOS setup either aside from AGP aperature size Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible?

The BIOS beeps are probably more along the lines of an address conflict... and likely the real problem.

Do you have any PCI devices in the PC? Many of those Intel motherboards have shared resources between the AGP slot and the first AGP slot. I''d suggest removing all PCI devices for a test, as well as disabling any PCI address space devices in the BIOS(such as USB, on-board audio, serial, etc.etc.) then save/exit and try the swap once more.

If your system suddenly posts with all hardware disabled and PCI slots empty, it'll then be a simple process of re-enabling to find the culprit... which should lead to a work-around to reallocated it somewhere else (or different PCI slot if its a card).
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I'm looking to replace the logic board in my desktop system with a PCI Express-capable model. The current logic board is an Asus P4C800-E with a 3.4 ghz P4 CPU.

What I would like is:
1 16x PCI Express slot (two would be better)
at least 4 other PCI slots
USB 2.0
Onboard gigabit Ethernet
Has to play well with the current processor

My upper limit is around $250 for the board. Suggestions?

A:PCI Express Intel-Compatible Motherboard Suggestions?

A socket 478 p4 board with pci-e is not too common.
I also doubt you'll find one with 4 pci slots as well(although they have some pci-e x1 slots too).
Here're two I could find w/ pci-e and socket 478.
After looking at both, I'd definitely go with the albatron model of the two, it has 1 more pci slot, and also has full pci express x16(not the asrocks "agi express", which is limited).
The downside to the albatron is that it only has 1 ide port, so you could only have 1 ide hd if you have one cd/dvd drive, or no ide drives if you have 2 cd/dvd drives. It basically means you need to use sata hard drives with the board, (or you'd have to get a pci/pci-e x1 ide controller to add 2 more ide connectors).
^that has 2 ide connectors if you'd need more ide connectors. It also adds usb and firewire.

If you need firewire you can add a card like this(or if you need ide ports and get the above, firewire is already built in).
Or if you don't want to tie up a pci slot, you could get a pci-e x1 model like this.

And if you need gigabit ethernet, same situation, you can get pci or pci-e x1.
Here're 2 x1 cards.

So if you got the albatron board, the pci-e x1 firewire card, pci-e x1 gigabit ethernet card, you'd mostly have your requirements(you'd have 3 pci instead of 4).
Also, if you fill both pci-e x1 slots, you'd need to make sure your graphics card only take up one slot(or you'd lose the one x1 slot if you got a dual slot card), as many newer cards use two slots.

So the price including the adapters(firewire, gigabit), would be about $230.
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Iam having M572 mother board with AMIBIOS release 12/16/1997 s.
On the chip it is mentioned as H.T M21186 C9748
I could not figureout the manufacturer.

Which is the BIOS chip compatible with M572 motherboard?

If any other information is needed kindly get back to me.

Krishna Kumar

A:Which is the BIOS chip compatible with M572 motherboard?

Not Sure what it is your looking for, your motherboard is a PC Chips M572, The BIOS chip is what you have specified AMI BIOS !

If you are looking for the BIOS Flash Upgrade...

But be warned any mistake will trash your board !

Please let us know if it is something else you are looking for.
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I want to use LPT printer so choose this motherboard model. If any other motherboard with better spec avail tell me. Also tell me processor combination for this board and also for suggested motherboard.

A:Compatible processor for Asus H61M-D Motherboard

Supported processors for that motherboard at the above link.
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Hello guys:

I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here. I have an Acer Aspire M1100 desktop computer that has a dead motherboard. I can't find the replacement for the exact motherboard as it is no longer available.

Here's a link to what's inside it.

I'd like to find the exact one or a motherboard that will work with the processor it already has. Don't need anything special, just something that will be compatible in it's place.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance!

A:Looking for an Acer Aspire M1100 Compatible Motherboard

The problem is often the case. Big box systems ie dell, hp, etc are proprietary; that is they are made to the mfg's spec and NOT industry standard spec. A standard atx mb may or may not fit correctly in the case. You have to measure the case, check standoff locations, etc.

Next issue is the os. Windows oem type license is valid only with the original hardware ie mb. The only board you can replace it with is the replacement you purchase from acer. Any other mb will require a new copy of windows.

In short if you are doing this for a learning experience, that is fine. Any other reason is just not cost effective; ie it is going to cost you way more to fix it than to just purchase a new system.
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Hello everyone,

I just bought some Hardware to build a new computer from Scratch.

I bought:

1. Asus P5E3 Pro Motherboard (DDR3 RAM DIMMS)
2. PSU Coolmax CUL-750B 750W
3. 2x2GB OCZ OCZ3G10664GK R (DDR3 RAM)
4. VGA Card - ASUS ENGTS250/DI/512MD3
5. Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66Ghz 1333

I installed Windows 7 x64bit OEM

I am having problems with BSOD (different ones not the same one every time)

I would like to know if its a compatibility Problem with My RAM and Motherboard or could it be something else. I am very bad with Hardware and I just bought parts that I knew could fit in theory.

BIOS is set to default because I don't know how to configure it (Probably thinking why did I buy parts instead of a built computer)

Could you please help?

A:Compatible RAM for Asus P5E3 Pro Motherboard (BSOD)

Your RAM isn't on Asus' memory QVL (Qualified Vendors List)-but that isn't to say that it's not supported.
Having your power supply checked might be an option if your graphics card seems to run slow or you are getting fluctuating performance.
Because OCZ memory modules lack what are called embedded XMP profiles, your motherboard will have difficulty assigning a setting for them so you will need to do it manually.
Download Memtest86+ from here
***under the Memtest86+ v4.00, select "Download -Pre-compiled bootable iso ", save and unzip if downloading the zip file then burn a BOOTABLE CD using ImgBurn or your usual burning software (Nero etc.).- this program runs at BIOS level
Download MemSet here
You can also download CPU-Z -it gives a much simplified version of the RAM timings but you can also access chipset and CPU info. download here

First order of business would be ascertain whether the RAM modules are not defective.
I presume the RAM in question is OCZ's Gold XTC modules - if they are then you can try to manually select the timings- they should be on a sticker on the side of the RAM, which should be 7-7-7-21 ( CAS (or CL)-tRCD-tRP-tRAS) at 1.5 to 1.6 volts.
IF THIS IS NOT YOUR RAM THEN GO NO FURTHER, If it is then you need to set it in order to test it for stability.
Boot into your BIOS. Select the second tab "A.I.Tweaker"
Set PCIE Frequency to 100 (if not already set)
Set DRAM Frequency to DDR3-1066 (if not already set)
Set DRAM Command rate to 2T (if not already set)
Set DRAM Timing Control to Manual
Note the string of timings following "Pri.Information" on the next line-they should be the same as the settings you are about to input.
Set CAS# Frequency to 7 DRAM Clocks
Set RAS# to CAS# Delay to 7 DRAM Clocks
Set RAS# Precharge to 7 DRAM Clocks
Set RAS# Active time to 21 DRAM Clocks
leave the rest of the timings on Auto for now and move down the page until you get to..
DRAM Voltage ....type in 1.60
Hit F10 to save and exit
**If you can boot into windows then run Memset (NOT the Memtest86+ cd you burned!) and note -or better still get a screen capture of the timings (and include in your next post)-here is an example of one of my old screenshots-take no notice of the values but note that both modules SPD (A and B )values are shown-so expand the window.

** If you cannot load Windows then get back to the BIOS and revert settings by choosing Restore Defaults, F10 to save and exit. The likely cause will be insufficient MCH (Northbridge) voltage.
If Memset shows you the correct values and voltage then you can move on to testing.
Reboot and select CD as your first bootable drive
Insert your Memtest86+ bootable cd into the drive
Hit F10 to save and exit
Memtest86+ will boot automatically once the motherboard POST's. As it's a DOS program it is fairly straightforward -The test actually comprises 8 seperate tests. Once all 8 have run then your RAM has completed a "Pass" -for 4Gb a Pass takes around 20-30 minutes.
Run 7 (minimum) to 12 passes. If the testing shows no errors then stop the test at your leisure.
Return to your BIOS, change the boot order back to Harddrive (I assume)
Take the CD out of the drive
F10 to save and exit -congratulations your RAM is stable. The next step would be to stress test the CPU/RAM fo test for stability- but one thing at a time

If the test throws up errors then note the Number of the test and the error code- the test will continue if the errors are not to great. If the testing serquence stops then stop the test, reboot, change boot order, remove cd and F10.
The RAM could fail from either physical damage it has suffered or the timing (and sub-timings) are unstable. We can look into that if the need arises.
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Hi I believe I ve had a motherboard failure so I ve gone and bought a nd hand m b and cpu combo off ebay to replace it The cpu that comes with it is compatible with card of compatible with graphics the motherboard? choice the motherboard apparently Will my ATI Radeon HD Series graphics card be compatible with an ASUS M A-VM V-M A choice of graphics card compatible with the motherboard? G DP-MB and AMD Athlon X socket AM CPU ADA IAA CU GHz Windsor dual core CPU Any way to find out Checked on the graphics card page http www amd com us products desk hd- Pages ati-radeon-hd- -series aspx but it doesn t tell me if it s compatible there If compatible any issues expected on windows or anything choice of graphics card compatible with the motherboard? I have to do bear in mind Will Windows find all the drivers for me and install them automatically and if so will I need to go and uninstall all my old m b drivers and any changes in the bios etc I need to do Thanks nbsp

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title says it.

the motherboard is a pci express ht2000. I want to upgrade to a 500w power supply, but I've read that certain motherboards will only have room for 20 power connectors and certain power supplies may not work because of that.

In short, I've searched a lot to no avail trying to find out if I can upgrade my power supply. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

A:I want to replace power supply, not sure if motherboard is compatible

Is it an AMD board? AMD SW300?

In any case, replacement power supplies often come with both types. But you could always count them, too.
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying a Seagate CUDA 7200.8,300GB,7200RPM,8.5MS,SATA/150 NCQ Hardrive and want to know if it's compatible with my ASUS P5N32-SLI-DELUXE motherboard which has SATA2. I know they are 2 different things but I want to know if the motherboard is backwards compatible? Thanks heaps everyone in advance.

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I would like to know the AMD Phenom II x6 is compatible with the MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard. I currently have that board and I am not sure if I should get a newer motherboard when buying the Phenom II x6 1100T.

Thanks in advance.

A:Is the AMD Phenom II x6 1100T compatible with the MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard?

Yes, the link below contains the CPU support list for the motherboard in question. Just as a pointer to you or others that may view this thread in the future; you can always search the website of your motherboard manufacturer and then check the CPU support list and QVL (Qualified Vending list) for compatible memory before purchasing items.

CPU support list:
Memory support list: