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Firefox 6 Beta released

Q: Firefox 6 Beta released

Firefox 6 beta 1 is available.


New in this release for Windows, Mac and Linux:
Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check: Check that your plugins are up-to-date directly from the Add-ons Manager
Improved Panorama Groups: Reduces browser startup time by only loading saved tab groups when you use Panorama
Improved Address Bar: Highlights the domain name of the website you’re visiting to make it easy to identify where you are online
Streamlined site identity block
The Scratchpad: Quickly build and test JavaScript snippets in the browser
Support for Web Sockets with a prefixed API
Moveable Web Console
New Web developer-specific menu
Window.matchMedia API
Support for server-sent events

Mozilla Firefox

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Preferred Solution: Firefox 6 Beta released

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Firefox 6 Beta released

Low and behold there I was happily surfing the Net and up pops this box saying Firefox 6.0B1 is ready to install, like it or not.

Installed with a little help from the installer. (see below)

However this release is so hurried or has so little change form 5.0 that even though the release is identified as 6.0 under Help ----About Firefox the introductory page that you get when Firefox updates says "Welcome to Firefox 5"

Four more things.

1. Out of my 20+ addons only two were incompatible with the update and I can live without those two as they only provide some nice to know but not necessary to know information.

2. The update updated to the Program Files(x86)\Mozilla Firefox\ directory. I guess with all of these updates Mozilla has dropped the release number from the Firefox top folder name.

3. The auto install did not work for me, my guess is due to security restrictions. However I went to the Beta website, 6.0 is now there, downloaded the installer and installed 6.0B1 with that. No problems so far.

4. Since this installed into the Program Files (x86) directory path this version of Firefox 6.0B1 that I installed is the x32 version. I tried installing the 6.0 Aurora x64 on one computer a month or so ago. While it installed I couldn't get it to work so I just uninstalled it. I will stay with x32 for now. I don't know if there is as of yet a 6.0B1 for the x64 version.

P.S. I wonder what the odds are that someone will start a new thread on the 6.0B1 release. Just wondering
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Get it now: initial non-scientific testing has been positive. 90% of my addons worked fine once I installed the Addon Compatibility Reporter addon which re-enables all addons and allows you to report back to Mozilla which ones work and which ones don't.Overall, Firefox 4 beta 1 seems only a little different from my faithful 3.6. Sure, the tabs are now placed along the top but I can see myself getting used to that.Things do seem more snappy and responsive. And there seems to be a significant, quantifiable, improvement in Javascript execution. I ran both Firefox 3.6 and 4.0b1 through a little benchmark I found online wherein Firefox 4.0b was rated as 266% time faster in executing Javascript.

A:Firefox 4 beta 1 released!

Firefox 4.0 does not show tabs on the top side of window in Windows XP. The putting of tabs on top and Firefox button on top-left, looks like a copy of Opera style.
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I downloaded my copy yesterday.

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta Released

A:Firefox 3.6.4 beta released

Thanks; I will give it a try.
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Hello all, another Firefox release update from me!

Firefox 5 Beta 1 and Firefox 6 Alpha 1 are available to download now:

Firefox 5 Beta Just Around the Corner - Softpedia

A portable version can also be found here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

I know people can be wary about downloading from file sharing websites, such as megaupload, so I have included a Jotti virus scan result (I would've used virustotal if it would connect)

Firefox_Portable_5.0b2_Multilingual_Online.paf.exe - Jotti's malware scan

Enjoy folks!


A:Firefox 5 Beta 2 Released

Firefox 6.0a1, and 7.0a1 are extremely stable for a change.
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Hello all,

Once again, here is another post from me about Firefox 4 Beta

Mozilla have just released the latest version of Firefox (4b11).

It is available for download from here

A portable version hasn't yet been released but check every now and then because it should be up in the near future


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Hello all,

The latest version of Firefox 4 Beta has been released, Firefox 4.0b9

It can be downloaded here

The long list of changes in the new beta release can be found here

And the features of Firefox 4 Beta can be found here


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For any of you who want to beta test the new firefox, here it is:

Firefox 4 Beta

And Firefox 4.0 Beta 3 (4 hasn't been released yet) portable, can be found here:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 4.0 Beta 3 and Gecko Layout Engine Test Versions | - Portable software for USB drives

A:Firefox 4.0 Beta 4 Released

Thanks Tom, updated and very fast indeed and hope IE9beta will match this speed.
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SourceFirefox 1 Released Firefox 4.0 Beta BetaBeta version released July th These are the release notes for the first version of the Firefox Beta based on the Gecko Web platform Please read below for more detailed information about what's new in this version of the beta release as well as the known issues We rely on your feedback to help shape our products so we've bundled a Feedback Add-On with the Firefox Beta that provides an easy to use Feedback button If you want to test Add-Ons with Firefox Beta you will need to install the Add-On Compatibility Reporter first Tabs are now on top by default on Windows only - OSX and Linux will be changing when the theme has been modified to support the change On Windows Vista and Windows the menu bar has been replaced with the Firefox button You can search for and switch to already open tabs in the Smart Location Bar New Addons Manager and extension management API UI will be changed before final release Significant API improvements are available for JS-ctypes a foreign function interface for extensions The stop and reload buttons have been merged into a single button on Windows Mac and Linux The Bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a Bookmarks Button by default you Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released can switch it back if you'd like Crash protection for Windows Linux and Mac when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins CSS Transitions are partially supported Full WebGL support is included but disabled by default at this time Core Animation rendering model for plugins on Mac OS Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released X Plugins which also support this rendering model can now draw faster and more efficiently Native support for the HD HTML WebM video format An experimental Direct D rendering backend is available on Windows turned off by default Web developers can use Websockets for a low complexity low latency bidirectional communications API Web developers can update the URL field without reloading the page using HTML History APIs More responsive page rendering using lazy frame construction Link history lookup is done asynchronously to provide better responsiveness during pageload CSS visited selectors have been changed to block websites from being able to check a user's browsing history New HTML parser Support for more HTML form controls Developers can find out about all the changes and new features at the Mozilla Developer Center Download Here Download Now - FreeThis is taken from a Build that was frozen on I believe There are nightly builds that are further along than this If you are interested in them you can get them at http ftp mozilla org pub mozilla org fir y latest-trunk They update everyday With the extension called ACR -Addon Compatibility Reporter it will make just about any extension compatible
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Just downloaded update.

Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable

A:Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 released

The link for the beta download page is Firefox web browser | Help us test the latest beta
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Increased performance while viewing Flash content
Improved plugin compatibility with hardware acceleration enabled
Hovering over links now displays the URL at the bottom of the window rather than in the location bar
General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements
Uses less RAM than previous betas

A:Firefox 4.0 Beta 12 released

Thanks, yowan! Mozilla have really done some great work, in my opinion.
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May 15, 2010

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta 4 is available. Changelog below -


Firefox 3.6.4 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins.
If a plugin crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox. You will be able to reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.
Firefox 3.6.4 also fixes the following issues found in previous versions of Firefox 3.6:
Fixed several security issues.
Fixed several stability issues.
Please see the complete list of changes in this version. You may also be interested in the Firefox 3.6.3 release notes for a list of changes in the previous version.

Firefox web browser
Beta 3 -

Beta 4 -

Probably the same as the final 3.6.4 version.

A:Firefox 3.6.4 Beta 4 Released

Firefox 3.6.4 Inches Forward, New Beta Download Available.

The next update to Firefox 3.6 inches forward with Mozilla hammering away at the upcoming release, but with slow progress so far. In all fairness, Firefox 3.6.4 is a shift from the refreshes that are served to major versions of the open source browser. In this regard, unlike normal, minor updates focused on delivering stability improvements and security patches, version 3.6.4 is a Frankenstein build, having swallowed codename Lorentz and Firefox 3.7 in order to offer users Out of Process Plugins as soon as possible. At the end of the past week, Mozilla made available for download a new development milestone of Firefox 3.6.4, as it prepares to launch the fully fledged update.

"Firefox 3.6.4 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins,? an excerpt from the release notes accompanying v.3.6.4 Beta (Build 4) reads. ?If a plugin crashes or freezes, it will not affect the rest of Firefox. You will be able to reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.?

OOPP was the feature that justified Firefox 3.7 for Mozilla. In this sense, when the decision was made to offer OOPP to Firefox 3.6.x users, all plans for Firefox 3.7 were folded. Mozilla already confirmed officially that Firefox 4.0 would be the next major release of the open source browser, a milestone that is currently planned for launch by the end of 2010.

Source -
Firefox 3.6.4 Inches Forward, New Beta Download Available - Build 4 - Softpedia
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Download here: Firefox 4.0 beta 7

Uses J?gerMonkey, a new, faster JavaScript engine
WebGL is enabled by default on Windows and Mac OS X. WebGL support requires an OpenGL-capable graphics card. Support for other graphics cards on Windows (specifically Intel GPUs) and Linux will be coming in a future beta
Certain rendering operations are now hardware-accelerated using Direct3D 9 on Windows XP, Direct3D 10 on Windows Vista and 7, and OpenGL on Mac OS X
Improved web typography using OpenType with support for ligatures, kerning and font variants
HTML5 Forms API makes web based forms easier to implement and validate

A:Firefox 4.0 beta 7 released

Its a lot faster than 3.6
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Release notes

The Firefox Sync setup experience has been greatly improved across desktop and mobile devices
Speed, functionality, and compatibility improvements to WebGL
Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager
See the complete changelist from the previous beta

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Download: Firefox 4.0B9

Release Notes


Overhaul of the bookmarks and history code, enabling faster bookmarking and startup performance
Per-compartment garbage collection is now enabled, reducing work done during complex animations
See the complete changelist from the previous beta
Note: Not yet posted on main beta site

A:Firefox 4.0 Beta 9 released

A big improvement over beta 8 .
The menu button needs some work its lacking some options that the menu bar has.
Will probably displace Chrome as my backup browser.
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January 25, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 10 is available. Changelog and download link below.


What’s New in this Firefox 4 Beta

Compatibilty and stability improvements when using Adobe Flash on Mac OS X
Improvements in memory usage
Support for a graphics driver blacklist to improve stability
See the complete changelist from the previous beta

bugs fixed

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Febuary 8, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 11 is available. Download link below.

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 11 Download


Support for the proposed Do Not Track ("DNT") header
Connection status messages are now shown in a small overlay
WebGL has been re-enabled on Linux
The default homepage design has been refreshed
Firefox no longer switches into offline mode automatically

A:Firefox 4.0 Beta 11 released

wheres the changelog?
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lotuseclat79 has put up a news item on the front page that Mozilla has come out with a beta version of an update to the previous 3.5.1 and now it's FF3.5.2 Beta.

The problem is when you download the file from the Mozilla website using the FF browser, when opening the installer file, a warning pops up " the installer comes from an untrusted source, the file is corrupted, click "no"! I save the installer file to the desktop and tried downloading both on-line and off-line with the same result as mentioned above!

Now, i go to the (see the snap below) and it's a totally cool download and hassles-free installation. All the Add-ons are checked for compatibility and all are accepted. Thanks!

A:Firefox 3.5.2 beta version released.

The site is 1 of 4 sites that I visit daily to look for and download program updates.

I've got Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 installed. I've downloaded 3.5.2 Beta 1, but I haven't installed and tested it yet.

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Yahoo has released a beta for their Yahoo toolbar for Firefox
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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Beta Windows Defender Beta is the final name for Microsoft s antispyware solution Current Windows AntiSpyware Beta customers will be notified automatically to upgrade Windows Defender Beta Version - February Windows Defender Beta is a free program that helps you stay productive by protecting your Defender Beta 2) Anti-Spyware Microsoft (Beta 2: Windows Released computer against pop-ups slow performance and security threats caused by spyware and other Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 2: Windows Defender (Beta 2) Released potentially unwanted software Overview This release includes enhanced features that reflect ongoing input from customers as well as Microsoft s growing understanding of the spyware landscape Specific features of Windows Defender Beta include A redesigned Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 2: Windows Defender (Beta 2) Released and simplified user interface Incorporating Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 2: Windows Defender (Beta 2) Released feedback from our customers the Windows Defender UI has been redesigned to make common tasks easier to accomplish with a warning system that adapts alert levels according to the severity of a threat so that it is less intrusive overall but still ensures the user does not miss the most urgent alerts Improved detection and removal Based on a new engine Windows Defender is able to detect and remove more threats posed by spyware and other potentially unwanted software Real Time Protection has also been enhanced to better monitor key points in the operating system for changes Protection for all users Windows Defender can be run by all users on a computer with or without administrative privileges This ensures that all users on a computer are protected by Windows Defender Support for -bit platforms accessibility and localization - Windows Defender Beta also adds support for accessibility and -bit platforms Microsoft also plans to release German and Japanese localized versions of Windows Defender Beta soon after the availability of the English versions Use WindowsDefenderX msi for -bit platforms Important Notes Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Beta Windows Defender Beta is the final name for Microsoft s antispyware solution Current Windows AntiSpyware Beta customers will be notified automatically to upgrade Globalization The current beta is in the English language although we will deliver German and Japanese localized versions All versions can be installed on any locale but the user interface will only be delivered in these three languages for testing purposes Beta Support Policy This is pre-release beta software distributed for feedback and testing purposes Microsoft only provides best effort support through the newsgroups If Windows Defender Beta is causing an issue with your system we recommend removing it by using Add or Remove Programs and even using System Restore if the problem persists Access to Newsgroups Although formal support is not offered for this beta we have provided newsgroups to help get your questions answered For Users of Giant AntiSpyware Current Giant AntiSpyware users with active subscriptions are advised to continue to use their existing software For Additional Information Please see the Release Notes to learn more about known issues with Windows Defender Beta http www microsoft com athome security spyware software about releasenotes mspx System Requirements Supported Operating Systems Windows Service Pack Windows Server Service Pack Windows XP Service Pack Version Date Published Language English Download Size MB - MB Beta Software - Use at Own Risk More Info amp Download Windows Defender Beta http www microsoft com downloads e -da b- a a-afa -f f e a d amp DisplayLang en -- Tom nbsp

A:Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 2: Windows Defender (Beta 2) Released
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Quote The latest wave of upcoming changes to the world's two most used Web browsers jointly responsible for easily three-fourths of the Internet's HTTP requests has nearly everyone in the business rethinking the meaning of quot quality quot as it pertains to browser architecture While their arguments start with the usual reminders that folks just want to see their pages load faster before too long they wander into dissertations about the methods architects use to achieve the appearance of loading faster especially when they actually don't In preparing to test Microsoft's first Internet Explorer public beta released last week and Mozilla's public Firefox beta released late last month the advice I received most often fell into two departments Pay more attention to graphics rendering since new browsers will be spending more time processing Web apps than just displaying pages start paying attention to how browsers utilize memory and CPU speed, tests in to IE9 efficiency beta Firefox loses browser beta 4 cycles Since my smarter readers are typically right that's what I've done in Firefox 4 beta loses to IE9 beta in browser speed, efficiency tests crafting my all-new browser Firefox 4 beta loses to IE9 beta in browser speed, efficiency tests performance test suite In the first round of total scores for the Firefox 4 beta loses to IE9 beta in browser speed, efficiency tests latest beta builds the first IE beta has squeaked by the latest FF beta by about These scores take into account four major departments computational ability rendering ability scalability losing less processing ability over time as processing jobs scale up and now hardware utilization efficiency In past tests as readers will recall stable Firefox builds have typically scored around nine times the current IE score With last week's release Microsoft has made up all of that ground and then some If you consider the general performance of the old Firefox version stable as scoring a in all categories my new index browser then by comparison IE scores a - better than three-and-a-half times the performance of what Firefox users were typically experiencing as recently as Firefox Beta posts a score of in the same suite of tests What the numbers tell us The computational engine in IE part of the new JavaScript engine dubbed quot Chakra quot a Hindu term referring to the seven centers of human energy is tremendously more capable than its predecessor In computational scores alone where IE overall score scored an abysmal about half as powerful as the old Firefox the first IE beta scored an impressive - an improvement of more than IE beta not only scores better than FF beta on the well-respected SunSpider benchmark relative score versus average time elapsed ms versus ms but better than the latest stable version of Google Chrome relative score for build Although Chrome's cumulative time was better than IE 's versus my tests compare the relative times of each heat and average the results Thus the fact that IE computed CORDIC variations an alternate method for computing arctangents in ms versus Chrome's ms and FF 's ms is reflected in this scoring system rather than washed out in the sum IE was not computationally faster across the board It only scored a on the JSBenchmark battery which is even below the score for the latest stable version of Firefox for version A recent blog post by IE lead program manager Jason Weber written in preparation for the IE beta's release tries to spin testers' opinions away from certain brands of publicly available tests describing and even diagraming them as incomplete But Weber's description matched that of the original Celtic Kane benchmark not the present test which is a complete replacement and by the author's own admission far more applicable to real-world workloads The JSBenchmark score coupled with the blog post gave credence to some Firefox users and other naysayers who argued that Microsoft has merely been advancing IE's scoring ability on the ... Read more

A:Firefox 4 beta loses to IE9 beta in browser speed, efficiency tests

I'm all for fast processing on my computer, but I'll be honest in that I don't really feel much difference whatsoever between IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera and it's been like that for me over the past 2-3 years. My reasons for liking Firefox so much have to do with features coming sooner (pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, add-on support, tear off tabs) and familiarity with the product(when you spend so much time with something, it becomes second nature.). So, for me, unless another tool comes that does something radically better, I'm not even inclined to give the other products a chance. People can rant and rave about speed all they want...but it's one of the lowest factors in the mix for me.
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- 7-Zip now supports files that are larger than 8 GB in TAR archives.
- NSIS support was improved.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit.


A:7-Zip 9.16 Beta Released

I dont know what the point of that is! The original is nice and compact!
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7-Zip 9.12 Beta is available. Changelog below.


What's new:

- ZIP / PPMd compression ratio was improved in Maximum and Ultra modes.
- The BUG in 7-Zip 9.* beta was fixed: LZMA2 codec didn't work,
if more than 10 threads were used (or more than 20 threads in some modes).


A:7-Zip 9.12 Beta Released

Thanks for the heads up on 7 zip Airbot, just noticed the supermod badge, the color looks good on you
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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0 Beta.

We hope you will take the opportunity to join the last part of the testing phase before Secunia PSI 2.0 goes "Final". By joining the beta you can help make the new Secunia PSI 2.0 a better product which hopefully will help millions of users securing themselves against the threat from having unpatched programs.

Read more in the official blog:

Download: to expand...

An improvement as I have graphics now


A:PSI 2.0 Beta released

Thanks for the heads up Mucks - Secunia PSI is one of the most useful tools and something I always stick on any PC I use .

This version looks a lot better on the eyes
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November 2, 2010
7-Zip 9.18 Beta is available. Changelog below.


9.18 beta 2010-11-02
- 7-Zip now can unpack SquashFS and CramFS filesystem images.
- 7-Zip now can unpack some TAR and ISO archives with incorrect headers.
- New small SFX module for installers (in Extra package).
- Some bugs were fixed.

November 11, 2010

Updated to 9.19.


9.19 beta 2010-11-11
- The console version now doesn't show entered password.
- Some bugs were fixed.

November 18, 2010

Uodated to 9.20.


9.20 2010-11-18
- Some bugs were fixed.


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A short but sweet update this time:

- Disk fragmentation problem for ZIP archives created by 7-Zip was fixed.


A:7-Zip 9.17 Beta Released

7-Zip latest beta version out.
Both 32-Bit and 64-Bit available for DOWNLOAD.
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June 4, 2010

7-Zip 9.14 is available. Changelog below.


- WIM support was improved.


A:7-Zip 9.14 Beta Released

Thanks, updated. Whats WIM?
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7-Zip 9.11 Beta s available. Changelog below-


9.11 beta 2010-03-15
- 7-Zip now supports PPMd compression in .ZIP archives.
- Speed optimizations in PPMd codec.
- The support for archives in installers was improved.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Kazakh.

A:7-Zip 9.11 Beta released

Thank you for update Aaron.
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Piriforms Speccy 1.01 stable version available.
April 23rd, 2010

Thanks to all the Speccy beta testers we've fixed all the major and most of the minor bugs So we've just released the first non-beta build version.

With many more features planned, this is just the start of a great product!

Change log: First full non-beta release.
Multi-language support added- note only English in this installer.
Save settings to INI added.
Standardized on sentence case for labels.
Improved large font support.
Lots of minor text tweaks and stability fixes.


A:Speccy Beta 1.01 Released

Speccy has been updated:

* First full non-beta release.
* Multi-language support added- note only English in this installer.
* Save settings to INI added.
* Standardized on sentence case for labels.
* Improved large font support.
* Lots of minor text tweaks and stability fixes.

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Because of the nature of this beta please do not mirror it would be a copyright violation this file Only available if you register nbsp nbsp Information Added support for new CPUs Please send me reports from your Intel Core i i and i Added an option to greatly improve startup speed look in CONFIGURE OPTIONS and uncheck quot Do SMART Summary Error Log on startup quot The UI now properly updates SMART data ablout the currently selected hard disk including SHORT and EXTENDED TEST status Added support for external USB enclosures using Cypress chipsets Now you should be able to investigate those hard disks as if they were internal ones Beta adds full support for Intel Series and Intel Series SMBus and avoids linking USB hard disks that are still 3 SpeedFan beta released 4.41 not supported Please use the SEND REPORT facility SpeedFan 4.41 beta 3 released on the INFO tab to help me to evaluate the improvements I coded In order to run this beta simply install SpeedFan then replace the EXE and then run SpeedFan as usual SpeedFan

A:SpeedFan 4.41 beta 3 released

Thanks for the info Aaron !!

- Captain
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Speedfan Beta is available Changelog below nbsp nbsp Note Must be registered to download the Beta though nbsp nbsp Information SpeedFan Beta is online Users of nVidia video cards are encouraged to test it as it should be able to 4.42 Speedfan Released 2 Beta show temperatures voltages and fan speeds Added support for external USB drive enclosures using JMicron chipset Bug fixes as alway I need your reports especially if you have an nVidia video card SpeedFan beta aug Because of the nature of this beta please do not mirror it would be a copyright violation this file Greatly improved support for nVidia video cards Fixed Intel QST support Added support for external USB drive enclosures using JMicron chipsets Bug fixes and improvements as always In order to run this beta simply install SpeedFan then replace the EXE and then run SpeedFan as usual Please use the SEND REPORT facility on the INFO tab to help me to evaluate the improvements I coded SpeedFan Beta Program

A:Speedfan 4.42 Beta 2 Released

Thanks, I had been considering installing this program.

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Huge update today... Everyone is recommended to install build 64, which has a ton of new features and improvements:

* Full Windows 7 support
* New: Support for booting Windows 7 from VHD images
* Fixed: EasyBCD defaults to My Documents to save backups
* Fixed: EasyBCD no longer crashes on unprivileged accounts on XP
* New: EasyBCD now offers to browse for BCD when unable to automatically find one (attn: Justin, Terry)
* Fixed: BootGrabber eats up all available disk space
* Fixed: Updated internal BCD modules to Windows 7

EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums

A:EasyBCD 2.0 beta 64 is released

Cool, but never have had any problems before.
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October 19, 2010

Piriforms new Defraggler 2.0 Beta version is available. Changelog below.


Today marks a milestone in the Defraggler product history. After nearly a year of development and testing, we're proud to release the first test version of the new Defraggler v2.0!
This new release pushes the capabilities of Defraggler far beyond any other free defragmentation tool, by offering complete offline defrag during the boot process with full OS support.
Additionally the UI has been improved with a new Drive Map and customizations. We've also rearchitected the internal defrag processes to make it faster and more efficient!
This is a Beta version, so we don't recommend it for general usage just yet. We're confident it's bug free, but please only use it on test systems until we release the final build. Don't worry this will be in weeks, not months.

Download Defraggler v2.0 beta now from our Download Center.

A:Defraggler 2.0 Beta Released

I used JK Defrag, which is now MyDefrag. In part, I was excited to have 64-bit software. Now, of course, there is a great deal more 64-bit sw.

I love what Pinform has done with all their software, and will need to try defraggler.
Relevancy 60.2% 3.5.5 Beta 1 is available. Changelog below.


- Fixed the bug where saving as 8-bit PNG/GIF/BMP wasn?t always working. This often happened when ?Auto? bit-depth was selected, and based on the color complexity of the image it would choose 8-bit (for a smaller file-size) and then fail with ?error?. Usually this only happened with larger images.
- Improved performance of Gaussian Blur by 30-40% depending on your CPU (Intel Core i7 seems to show the best improvement).
- Improved performance of all the layer blend modes by 15-30%, depending on your CPU (Intel Atom seems to show the best improvement).
- Improved performance of zooming with the mouse wheel on dual-core Intel Atom systems.

Download Paint.NET

A:Paint.Net 3.5.5 Beta 1+2 Released

I've never tried I might sometime
Thanks for the update.
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A new version of Ultramon is now available for download This release adds support for Windows Other changes include Quote New in this release Support for Windows the window buttons now work when using the Windows or Windows Basic themes and the Smart Taskbar matches the Windows look with support for no labels and small icons If you disabled the window buttons in order released beta 3.0.6 ultramon to be able to use a previous release on Windows you'll need to enable them again under UltraMon Options gt Buttons and Menu Commands Support has also been added for the drag maximized windows with the mouse feature If you prefer ultramon 3.0.6 beta released to use Windows 's support for dragging maximized windows you can disable the feature under UltraMon Options gt General Fixed issues Mirroring may crash when changing settings for example when adding an additional mirror target monitor Smart Taskbar wrong icons used for task buttons for some applications for example Taskbar and Start Menu Properties applet with large fonts on Vista or UltraMon Options dialog Fatal error in MultimonGUI cpp at line when disabling the disable enable secondary monitors menu option then setting the double-click action to disable or enable secondary monitors Known issues Runtime error in Adobe Acrobat when moving maximized window if Acrobat was launched from CCH ProSystem Engagement As a workaround go to UltraMon Options gt Compatibility then configure settings for Adobe Acrobat and check the 'use alternative method to move maximized window' option WindowBlinds skins which use transparency aren't fully supported on Windows XP you'll get a black background where the taskbar should be transparent There is no fix for this it does work fine on Windows Vista though Downloads For -bit Windows Vista XP UltraMon en x msi MBFor -bit Windows Vista XP UltraMon en x msi MB Please note that this release is less mature than UltraMon and is mainly recommended if you are using Windows or Vista are affected by an issue which was fixed in this release or want to try the new features

A:ultramon 3.0.6 beta released

Thanks for the heads up.

Installed and working no problem so far. The taskbar preview doesn't work on the second task bar 9didn't really expect it too), but it is nice to have the taskbar looking proper, and the icons in it as well.
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Beta 1 of the next major version of this freeware program was released yesterday. You can obtain it here: Paint.NET - Download.

I like the gui refresh. 3.5 beta 1 released

People still use that? Wow man...I thought it had been removed.
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Download Google Chrome 10.0.612.1 Beta -

A:Chrome 10 Beta Released

Anyone else using this, is it stable?
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Hi folks,

Well Latest Opera has just released second beta of its upcoming Opera 10 browser. I'm using it and working excellent for me. Check changes and other information:

Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

Please say somthing about new opera 10 .


A:New Opera 10 Beta 2 Released

Because I only have one computer (no test or virtual computer), I have an aversion to beta software, however good/safe it is likely to be.

However, as an Opera user for many years, I will be installing the final version 10 as soon as it is available.
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A couple of new things Speed dial extensions Quote Speed Dial extensions transform your Speed Dial from a picture into live action What does that mean Instead of a static link to a weather web site a Speed Dial extension can display the forecast for your specific location In fact we built that extension Speed Dial extensions are easy to make All you need is a little tiny bit of web development skills Password synchronization Quote Opera beta has synchronization of passwords - made securely through Opera Link so you can log on to your password protected sites from anywhere Opera Link also synchronizes bookmarks your Speed Dial custom search engine preferences notes yes you can take beta released Opera 11.50 notes in the Opera browser typed browser history and more The Windows panel now lets you stack tabs the same Opera 11.50 beta released as the tab bar for the change-log Opera Opera beta for Windows changelog grab it at http my opera com desktopteam blog -beta comments

A:Opera 11.50 beta released

I am using this new beta and I really like it. It seems very quick but I have one question. They have a Web GL version that enables GPU acceleration but it rates much slower than this beta on Peacekeeper and seems slower in real life. I thought 11.50 was supposed to have GPU acceleration. Is this now being delayed?
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If anyone wants to download it and test it, here is the link from Trend Micro:


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Rainmeter beta r available Beta 1.2 Rainmeter released Changelog below - Quote Change log after the jump Major changes so far New bang - RainmeterRefreshApp Does a full refresh of all skins and reloads the list of configs and Rainmeter ini settings This is the same as quot Refresh All quot from the system tray context menu Is not the same as RainmeterRefresh config as it can be used to Rainmeter 1.2 Beta released make Rainmeter quot see quot a new folder added to Skins by the user or a process Note This was added mostly to better support RainBrowser when a user adds a downloaded config while using RainBrowser New WebParser setting quot DownloadFile quot DownloadFile When Download is set to the file is downloaded to DownloadFile folder in the skin folder as a filename set to this value If you define it as quot DownloadFile image jpg quot DownloadFile folder will be created in the current skin folder then the downloaded file is saved as quot image jpg quot If you define as quot DownloadFile photo image jpg quot the subfolder photo is created then a file is saved in this folder Notes This file is not a temporary file so it is not deleted even if it close a skin As for specification of file path it is not possible to specify by the absolute path and also specification to the outside of DownloadFile folder is not possible New Mouse Actions LeftMouseDoubleClickAction A command or a bang that will be executed when the left mouse button is Double Clicked on the meter if this action is missing LeftMouseDownAction will be executed RightMouseDoubleClickAction A command or a bang that will be executed when the right mouse button is Double Clicked on the meter Note that this disables the context menu MiddleMouseDoubleClickAction A command or a bang that will be executed when the middle mouse button is Double Clicked on the meter Major changes to handling of multiple monitors There is a quot Display Monitor quot submenu in Skins Menu - Position of the Rainmeter tray icon These menus set the position of the skin to the desired monitor in a multiple monitor configuration quot Use default Primary monitor quot removes the -directive from WindowX Y Adds the specified monitor number to WindowX Y means quot The Virtual Screen quot More info at The Virtual Screen Windows quot Auto-select based on window position quot If checked the WindowX and WindowY quot n quot settings are made automatically based on the position of the meter's window If a monitor is selected directly using quot Display Monitor quot in the Rainmeter skin context menu this menu is unchecked This setting can be manually made in either the Rainmeter all configs or individual config sections of Rainmeter ini AutoSelectScreen If set to the WindowX and WindowY quot n quot settings are made automatically based on the position of the meter's window If a monitor is selected directly using quot Display Monitor quot in the Rainmeter skin context menu this setting is reset to New built-in variables for multiple monitors The following variables are for the virtual screen VSCREENAREAX is the X-position of the left-side of the virtual screen VSCREENAREAY is the Y-position of the top-side of the virtual screen VSCREENAREAWIDTH is the width of the virtual screen VSCREENAREAHEIGHT is the height of the virtual screen The following variables are for the PRESENT monitor Note that these variables automatically change by the WindowX and WindowY quot n quot settings If quot n quot is not set these variables return the value of the primary monitor WORKAREAX is the X-position of the left-side of the work area WORKAREAY is the Y-position of the top-side of the work area WORKAREAWIDTH is the width of the work area WORKAREAHEIGHT is the height of the work area SCREENAREAX is the X-position of the left-side of the monitor screen SCREENAREAY is the Y-position of the top-side of the monitor screen SCREENAREAWIDTH is the width of the display resolution SCREENAREAHEIGHT is the height of the display resolution Th... Read more

A:Rainmeter 1.2 Beta released

Thanks Aaron.. Have to download it ..
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Piriforms Speccy beta 1.00.108 is available.


The beta version of our new tool Speccy has been updated to include the following features: Added text highlighting and copying.
.Speccy files now contain a checksum.
Improved filtering of duplicate peripherals.
Improved support for graphics temperatures.
Added /debug mode to help with bug fixing.
Lots of small stability fixes and graphics tweaks.


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Piriforms Speccy 1.00.125 Beta is available. Changelog below-

We've released the final beta version of Speccy which has fixed many issues and is very nearly ready for release!

Change log: Added Network section.
Added 'Save as XML' feature.
Improved graphics card summary.
Added support for mouse back button.
Stability fixes when scanning system.
Many small bug fixes.


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The Trend Micro site and the MajorGeeks site are listing version 2.0.5 beta of HiJackThis as being released, however I discovered that it's the same version 2.0.4 and the same 1.33 MB file size that's been out for quite awhile.

If anyone is considering downloading and installing it and using it, they might want to wait until it's confirmed that version 2.0.5 beta has been released and the download links are fixed.


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Avast 5.0 beta was released yesterday. This new version comes with a clean interface instead of the hard to operate media player type GUI it had. At the moment it has several limitations and bugs, so casual users stay away. If you want to just test it out go ahead.
A list of the current limitations can be found here.

Download Avast 5.0 beta (version 5.0.70)

A:Avast 5.0 beta released

Is it working on x64?

EDIT: OK, I installed it ok on x64. So far, only problem I see is that the note that gets put into Outlook emails is not working.
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March 15, 2012

Doctor Web informs users about the release of Dr.Web anti-virus 7.0 beta for Android.

Currently the beta-version is available for free downloading from Android Market and runs under Android 2.1 and later. The updated anti-virus features the improved user interface and the Cloud Checker component. This module uses a cloud technology to scan links opened in a browser. As the user clicks on a link, it is sent automatically to the cloud service which determines whether the target web-site is safe and checks if it falls into an objectionable content category If the address is found in the objectionable or bogus site database, access to the web-page is blocked. In addition, the updated program includes several functional improvements.

Dr.Web 7.0 beta for Android comes with a limited validity key file. In addition to anti-Virus and Cloud Checker modules the application also includes anti-thief and anti-spam components.Click to expand...


A:Dr.Web 7.0 beta for Android released

Thanks for the update. Was waiting till some Beta came out from them. Time to test
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ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9

As a valuable member of our BETA-testing community on Centercode, we want to let you know that in a few days you will get the exclusive opportunity to download and try out the version 9 of our ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus products so stay tuned!

To get the latest BETA news straight from ESET, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you!

Your ESET BETA team

A:ESET 9 Beta released

Looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see what they have put together for us.

To fix some of the isolated issues all that may be required is a minor version update.
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Office 12 Beta 1 has been released about a week or so and has already leaked cracked versions on P2P networks. A spokewoman said that it's not an official release or something and should be approached with causion. In any sense who would download it anyway not knowing if it's official or not also Beta 1 isn't much compared to Beta 2 or 3 but the final release is the better out of all, then it's beta after Service Pack 2.
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2014 Beta program has started

A:AVG 2014 Beta Released


There aren't many changes!
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Finally, after some time now, Opera 10.5 beta has been released.

You can download it from Opera Web Site.

From I?ve been testing, this browser is not crashing as 10.5 pre alpha did.

It?s super fast and very stable.

Plus a very nice looking UI

A:Opera 10.5 Beta Released.

I think this has been covered already.

Opera-The fastest browser!

Still not as fast as the latest dev builds of Chrome.
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not much info yet but but there is a picture and more info at this post on Wilders

This is a post that is visible to Honorary Members and higher on the Malwarebytes forum


A:MBAM 2.00 Beta Released

I like the GUI.

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BETA RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR VIPRE ANTIVIRUS AND VIPRE INTERNET SECURITY OVERVIEW GFI Software is very pleased to announce the beta release of VIPRE Antivirus and VIPRE Internet Security Our planned public release date is in late October and we invite you to 5.0 Beta Released VIPRE preview and test our betas today The following products are currently available for beta testing VIPRE ANTIVIRUS Version with installer version VIPRE INTERNET SECURITY formally known as VIPRE Premium Version with installer version WHAT S NEW In addition to a number of VIPRE 5.0 Beta Released quot under-the hood -improvements the key changes for VIPRE Antivirus are focused on ease-of-usability performance and stability The headline features for VIPRE Antivirus include the following IMPROVEMENTS TO THE USER INTERFACE Enhancements are centered on ease-of-use and feature an VIPRE 5.0 Beta Released updated look and feel High-visibility buttons have been added for quick access to frequently accessed areas Changes to the text have been made for clarity PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS Improvements have been made to VIPRE Antivirus that focuses on stability and performance CUSTOM SCHEDULED SCANS Users can now schedule a custom scan specifying certain VIPRE 5.0 Beta Released scan options at specified times INSTALLATION MADE EASY Installing VIPRE Antivirus can be done in as little as three clicks Using a new installer technology VIPRE Antivirus will be completely configured and ready to use after the installation has been completed SPAM FILTERING POWERED BY CLOUDMARK VIPRE Internet Security now includes anti-spam support for POP accounts When enabled it will check incoming e-mail determine whether it is spam and then automatically flag the e-mail as spam FIREWALL ENHANCEMENTS The enhanced firewall only available in the VIPRE Internet Security will now trust known good programs while still blocking spyware worms key loggers and trojans The VIPRE Internet Security firewall will protect your computer against attacks and will alert you to suspicious events SUPPORT TOOLS A customized version of TeamViewer is included for easy and direct access to GFI Technical Support In addition improvements to the other diagnostic tools have been made HOW TO OBTAIN THE BETA The beta can be downloaded via the following URLs VIPRE Antivirus http go sunbeltsoftware com linkid VIPRE Internet Security http go sunbeltsoftware com linkid BETA KEYS VIPRE Antivirus GF-K FL -SV AV-WUQFL-XU TH VIPRE Internet Security FY-WDG L- X T-L RW-D VVA MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE BETA SWITCH For instructions on how to do so please go here http forums gfi com m aspx m ADDITIONAL RESOURCES VIPRE Antivirus User Guide http go sunbeltsoftware com linkid VIPRE Internet Security User Guide http go sunbeltsoftware com linkid Please note that our documentation is also in the beta stage and we appreciate any feedback you might have regarding accuracy and completeness KNOWN BUGS AND LIMITATIONS INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES The beta software is only available in English United States Italian and German will follow in a subsequent beta FIREWALL DRIVERS NOT SIGNED The firewall drivers are currently not signed You will need to choose the quot Install this drive software anyway option in order to proceed with the installation of VIPRE Internet Security This issue will be resolved before the final release WINDOWS NOT SUPPORTED Windows is no longer supported with VIPRE Antivirus Current users of VIPRE running on Windows will continue to receive threat definitions WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK REQUIRED Users of Windows XP must have at least Service Pack installed preferably Service Pack SPAM FILTERING ISSUES You may encounter issues with spam filtering not working due to licensing issues This will be resolved before final release BETA SUPPORT REPORTING A PROBLEM Please report any problems using our Beta Forums located at the following web address http forums gfi com Beta Discussion forumid tt htm Source http forums gfi com m mpage key tm htm... Read more

A:VIPRE 5.0 Beta Released


Installation :

User Interface :

Settings :

Alert and Tray Icon User Interface :
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Wow, an actual update to the ancient program.
May 11, 2011

Spybot-S&D Beta

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Just got the December Winpatrol newsletter and apparently WinAntiRansom just got released now out of beta I tried it a couple times in WinAntiRansom (beta is over) Released beta and it had some issues weirdness lack of usefulness then that kept me from even bothering to mess with it even though I bought a couple lifetime licenses out of loyalty due to my years of using winpatrol Here s to hoping it s a worthwhile product The beta forums weren t very positive WinAntiRansom WinAntiRansom Released Today Declare WAR WinAntiRansom Released (beta is over) on Ransomware That s right we are officially releasing WinAntiRansom today WinAntiRansom does the following Detects and blocks known Ransomware from multiple industry sources Detects and blocks most Malware and other WinAntiRansom Released (beta is over) suspicious programs Gives you the to power to block any program you want Like the annoying Windows update programs so many of you have asked us for help in blocking Uses whitelisting technology to prevent unwanted programs from touching the data you place in your SafeZone Kills programs behaving badly But gives you the ability to easily allow whitelist any programs s with the click of the mouse Stop Ransomware in it s tracks Kill it BEFORE it encyrpts your data WinAntiRansom like all of our products is compatible with all other security products It was designed to run in support of other security products as a part of a layered security solution nbsp

A:WinAntiRansom Released (beta is over)

Thanks but the second link on your post look a little suspicious, it just redirect to winpatrol's website.
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November Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Beta is availabe Changelog below nbsp nbsp Information New Features We are very excited about these major improvements in Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware This version represents a complete overhaul of much of our functionality Among the highlights are Dramatically improved scan speed up to times faster Dramatically improved stability of both the scanner and protection module free and pro version respectively More responsive program loads up to times faster and protection module has lower impact on system resources pro version only New internal detection algorithms enable detection of more real-world malware You can now add files and folders to the ignore list manually Ability to schedule and unschedule scans and updates from the command line pro version only Notifications of blocked malicious websites now include additional details such as type port and process on Windows Vista and higher Dramatically improved flash scan pro version only -- determine whether a more in-depth scan is needed in less than seconds on many machines One-touch easy-to-use option to keep protection up-to-date automatically pro version only quot Warn if database is outdated by quot Beta Released Malwarebytes 1.50 option now warns if the database is far out-of-date days by default including for protection pro version only Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Public Beta Now Available Malwarebytes 1.50 Beta Released

A:Malwarebytes 1.50 Beta Released

Thanks Aaron, downloading it now
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Team-XBMC is proud to announce the first cross-platform Beta version of XBMC media center for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Xbox, in preparation for the upcoming stable release of XBMC, code named ?Atlantis?. There are three important news items associated with this release...

All ScreenShots: XBMC Media Center // Media //

For the full announcement and download please visit:
Xbox 360 Theme is Available here:
Team Blackbolt - Home of MC360

A:XBMC ĎAtlantisí Beta 1 released

I'm waiting for Atlantis before I upgrade my Xbox's version of XBMC. I was really into Xbox modded a couple years back, but I've gone and forgotten a lot of what I learned when I installed an Xecuter 3 CE, upgraded the HDD to a 120GB, and modded the case to a clearcase with some light mods...
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 12.2.2276
In this release, we are trying to finish a few long-going internal projects. Especially improved licensing and registration to Windows Security center.

Fixes and improvements:
+ Resolved compatibility issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (and the latest Windows Insider builds)
+ Fixed bug in the Settings export (Back up settings)

Known Issues:
+ From time to time, Avast GUI opens without any apparent reason

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


A:NEW: Beta version released - 12.2.2276

Please change the thread title to include Avast...
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HitmanPro 3.6 BETA Build 154


ADDED: Detection and removal of Volume Boot Record / VBR bootkits.
ADDED: Detection and removal Cidox, Mayachok, Rovnix bootkit.Click to expand...





A:HitmanPro 3.6 BETA Build 154 Released

HitMan Pro is good stuff.
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Symantec has released the first Beta of Norton Security. They have combined NIS and NAV into one product.

Update: Norton has pulled the Beta. Apparently someone jumped the gun.


A:Norton Security (NIS & NAV) Beta released.

OK It is now released for real.

Norton Security / Norton Security with Backup Public Beta - Norton Community

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HitmanPro BETA Build Major change in this release is added Bitdefender engine Changelog NEW Bitdefender logo IMPROVED Bootkit detection heuristic IMPROVED Direct Disk Access handling IMPROVED Handling of GPT disks IMPROVED Scheduler starts a scan when it has missed its time window thanks Adric IMPROVED Scheduler performs Default scan when the last Default scan was at least days ago FIXED Solved a problem where HitmanPro would keep scanning indefinitely FIXED Solved a problem where HitmanPro could not overwrite an existing activation license due to changed file attributes FIXED Solved a problem handling the license files FIXED Solved a problem handing the no 3.6 152 HitmanPro BETA Released Build proxy setting Updated internal white lists Click to expand And some more important informations Rollback RX HitmanPro 3.6 Build 152 BETA Released users should no longer see the Win Bootkit heuristic detection Also these users should set HitmanPro to Compatible Disk Mode to prevent excessive report of Suspicious items due to the virtualization of the file system by Rollback RX If you want to run this beta as a final release then overwrite C Program Files HitmanPro HitmanPro exe with one of the below downloads and add the following registry key HKLM Software HitmanPro AutoUpdate REG DWORD - The key should prevent the beta executable to revert to the current version Click to expand -bit Code http dl surfright nl HitmanPro beta exe -bit Code http dl surfright nl HitmanPro beta x exe nbsp

A:HitmanPro 3.6 Build 152 BETA Released

Ikarus is included in Emsisoft?
BitDefender is included in G-Data?
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Looks like another Flash player update is in the wind. Adobe has just released Flash player 11.3 BETAThere's also a dedicated forum for this particular version @ Flash player 11.3 forum
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Classic Shell 4.2.6 beta was just released.
Download it from here:

Here?s what?s new:
Improved support for Windows 10 RedstoneNew feature for setting the taskbar color, texture, and text colorMenu animations for the Windows 7 menu styleNew skinning features for pattern textures, emblem textures, and more complex skin settingsNew Metallic skinAbility to execute some start menu commands from the command lineSeparate commands for Restart and Shutdown without installing updatesToolbar buttons for Windows Explorer to toggle the hidden files, system files, and file extensions. Button to create a zip archiveAbility to change the font and size of the status bar in ExplorerMany small fixes and improvements
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This is the second beta release of WinZip 10.0.

If you are a previous registered user of WinZip 9.0 SR-1, you should be aware that downloading and installing version 10.0 beta 2 in the same C:\Program Files\WinZip folder that already contains version 9.0 SR-1 will overwrite and remove that version. Version 10.0 beta 2 is also an evaluation version, so your previously purchased code will not work with it. You'll need to provide a valid E-mail address so that WinZip can send you a temporary code that only works with the beta version. Once the final release of version 10.0 comes out, previous registered users can buy the upgrade for $15.00. Everyone else will have to pay $30.00 for it.

If you want to preserve version 9.0 SR-1 and its previously purchased code, make sure to install version 10.0 beta 2 in a different folder, such as C:\Program Files\WinZip 10.

You can read about and download it from here.

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Hello everyone We - BETA PC released Avast for Cleanup ve got great news for you today Avast Cleanup our PC-cleaning software is undergoing some big Avast Cleanup for PC - BETA released changes It s sporting a brand-new design includes exciting new Avast Cleanup for PC - BETA released features and best of all is now also standalone which means you can use it even without downloading our antivirus first Of course it s going to need a good beta-testing to ensure we get your thoughts opinions and insights so we can make the best it can be So please don t hesitate to send us your feedback It s important to note there will be three versions of Avast Cleanup standalone the trial version which gives you days to try the full Cleanup experience Afterwards you ll automatically begin using the free version which will only allow you to perform browser cleaning functions To get full functionality back you ll need to buy the paid version FEATURES CLEAN Clean your browser s cache search history browsing history and the cookies you ve been gathering from your time surfing the Web We also detect add-ons and search engines with poor reputations or with a small retention rate among our users and help you get rid of them In the trial and paid versions of Cleanup you also have access to junk cleanup where we get rid of all the unused junk files on your PC OPTIMIZE In the trial and paid versions of Cleanup you can tweak the system settings and boot-up options to minimize your computer s start time We can also help you get rid of unused applications and clean your registry SCHEDULE Keep your PC in tip-top shape automatically by setting schedules for lightweight unobtrusive scans every day week or month You also can activate real-time junk protection which will get rid of leftover files anytime you uninstall a program CHANGES NEW STANDALONE Avast Cleanup can now be used independently from our other products meaning anyone can download and get their PC in shape without needing to have our antivirus installed NEW USER INTERFACE A more straightforward experience means it s easier than ever to clean optimize or set a schedule for your automatic cleans NEW Browser Cleanup Avast Cleanup now has browser-cleaning functions to get rid of cookies clear the browser cache and erase your browsing and download history We also detect bad add-ons and search engines and help you get rid of them NEW Boot-Time Optimizer By adjusting your PC s settings and disabling or postponing certain applications Cleanup can now help your PC startup faster HOW TO INSTALL Download here http cleanup tools avast com tools cleanup avast cleanup setup exe When the file is downloaded run the executable to install the Cleanup Beta HOW TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK If you find any specific issues please start a thread on the beta forum and let us know right away For general discussion and thoughts just leave us a message on this thread Or you can use the feedback form in the Cleanup beta KNOWN ISSUES -The scheduler isn t working at the moment -Real-time monitoring isn t functioning right now -There s no progress bar yet Thank you for contributing to the development of our software and we look forward to hearing your thoughts suggestions and issues although hopefully there won t be too many of that last one Thank you The Avast Team nbsp

A:Avast Cleanup for PC - BETA released

Here are some screenshots of this product.

It?s important to note there will be three versions of Avast Cleanup standalone: the trial version, which gives you 14 days to try the full Cleanup experience. Afterwards, you?ll automatically begin using the ?free? version, which will only allow you to perform browser cleaning functions. To get full functionality back, you?ll need to buy the paid version.Click to expand...

Interesting approach... really wonder how many people will actually pay for this "system optimizer".
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It has only been a few hours since XFastest have released the new GeForce beta drivers including a new release of Nvidia's PhysX engine Yet what's particularly noteworthy is that these new drivers contain an Ambient Occlusion setting that can be set to Low Medium High and Off From the description in Nvidia Control Panel Ambient Occlusion adds realism to scenes drivers GeForce beta 185.20 released by reducing the intensity of ambient light on surfaces blocked by surrounding objects It enhances depth perception by providing a soft shadow effect for objects based on their placement in the scene This feature is not supported for all applications Basically Ambient Occlusion is used to create soft ambient lighting shadows emulating diffused lighting such as daylight or indoor ambient lighting For a more articulate description GeForce 185.20 beta drivers released refer to the Wikipedia definition here Additionally Hardware-Infos has a write-up comparing GeForce beta to several popular drivers releases issued in the second half of The drivers are available for Windows XP -bit and -bit Windows Vista -bit and -bit and Windows build and can be found here VR-Zone IT amp Lifestyle Forum - View Single Post - GeForce Released - Now With Ambient Occlusion

A:GeForce 185.20 beta drivers released

That xFastest thread was ... interesting
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The new GeForce beta driver is now available to download Including the latest game and performance optimisations the new beta drivers are recommended for players of GRID and other recent releases For users of WHQL today s new driver fixes the majority of the reported issues Beta Released 320.49 Drivers GeForce Your feedback is invaluable and greatly assists us in fixing bugs If you GeForce 320.49 Beta Drivers Released experience any issues please post a full and detailed report on the GeForce co uk Feedback Forum where our Customer Care team can better assist you Click to expand http www geforce co uk whats-new articles nvidia-geforce- - -beta-drivers-released Windows Vista -bit Windows -bit Windows -bit Release Summary This is the launch driver for the newly released GeForce GTX GeForce drivers includes several fixes for issues reported with drivers Refer to the release notes for a full list of fixed issues New in GeForce R Drivers Performance Boost Increases performance by up to for GeForce series GPUs in several PC games vs GeForce WHQL-certified drivers Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration Here is one example of measured gains GeForce GTX Up to in Dirt Showdown Up to in Tomb Raider Up to in Metro Last Light Up to in Sleeping Dogs Up to in StarCraft II Up to in Sniper Elite V Up to in Metro Up to in Far Cry Up to in Deus Ex Human Revolution Up to in F GeForce GTX SLI Up to in Dirt Showdown Up to in Tomb Raider Up to in Metro Last Light Up to in Assassin s Creed III Up to in StarCraft II Up to in Far Cry Up to in Deus Ex Human Revolution Up to in Battlefield Up to in BioShock Infinite Up to in F SLI Technology Added SLI profile for Alien Fear Added SLI profile for Call of Juarez Gunslinger Added SLI profile for Dead Island Riptide Added SLI profile for Dragon Sword Added SLI profile for Neverwinter Added SLI profile for Far Cry Blood Dragon Added SLI profile for GRID Added SLI profile for Human Head Added SLI profile for Remember Me Added SLI profile for The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Updated SLI profile for Natural Selection Updated SLI profile for Resident Evil Updated SLI profile for Trackmania Canyon Additional Details Installs PhysX System Software Installs HD Audio v Includes support for applications built using CUDA or earlier version of the CUDA Toolkit More information at http developer nvidia com cuda-toolkit Supports OpenGL for GeForce -series and later GPUs Supports DisplayPort for GeForce GTX series GPUs Supports multiple languages and APIs for GPU computing CUDA C CUDA C CUDA Fortran OpenCL DirectCompute and Microsoft C AMP Supports single GPU and NVIDIA SLI technology on DirectX DirectX DirectX and OpenGL including -way SLI Quad SLI and SLI support on SLI-certified Intel and AMD motherboards Click to expand nbsp

A:GeForce 320.49 Beta Drivers Released

Cheers VR
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Windows Beta Multi-Touch Is Much Improved I documented my experience with the Windows pre-beta N-Trig s Win multi-touch driver and the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC back in November Most folks will remember that experience as being pretty lousy Well there is finally Ntrig released Beta Drivers some good news to report I just finished installing Windows Beta and the latest N-Trig multi-touch drivers for Windows on the XT and I m pleased to report that the experience is much improved Picture zooming rotations zooming in web page etc Ntrig Beta Drivers released are all much smoother and I what I Ntrig Beta Drivers released expected when I first tested it Zooming could be still be improved but it is much better than the pre-beta In addition there is no vectoring when switching from pen to touch inking etc See update below This feels like a solid multi-touch experience Microsoft and N-Trig should be commended There are no N-Trig dialog feedback dialogs and no N-Trig control panel options other than an About panel Windows has clearly taken over the multi-touch experience from beginning to end via Windows Beta Multi-Touch Is Much Improved GottaBeMobile com

A:Ntrig Beta Drivers released

I removed part of the article so we're not quoting too much of it.
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The Beta version (v2) of Microsoft Security Essentials through Microsoft Connect, has been updated to 2.0.522.0.

You can get it through Microsoft Connect here, or if you already had the previous Beta, it should be available through Windows Update. This is a Beta version.

There appears to be a few new things that are noticeable from the last Beta version.

A:MSE Beta Program Update Released

i also noticed you now have the option to not be involved in Spynet.
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The IE team at Microsoft has released the second beta of Internet Explorer 8. Contrary to the first beta, which was aimed at developers, this one one is aimed at normal people like you and me. The list of new features and changes is decent, all focused around three themes (marketing alert):

"We focused our work around three themes: everyday browsing (the things that real people do all the time), safety (the term most people use for what we've called 'trustworthy' in previous posts), and the platform (the focus of Beta 1, how developers around the world will build the next billion web pages and the next waves of great services)."

Internet Explorer 8 Blog.

Later Ted

A:Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released

finally but will ie8 be available for windows7 users?
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Hi Guys,I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro BETA with Threatcast feature.This BETA release is intended for beta testers who would like to join the testing of the new feature called Threatcast.Threatcast is a new, community based alert/popup management system to give statistics about the events based on community feebback.Please check the attachment for an example TC enabled popup alert.Download location:32 bit edition only -,Egementhe code base for this is same as the latest version of CPF. the only addition is the way the alerts are shown and the way it communicates with the central servers for stats. The only beta aspect of this is the threatcast side of it.. its pretty safe bet MelihLOOKING GOOD COMODO!Josh.

A:Comodo Firewall Pro Beta With Threatcast Released!

It sure is!
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 12.2.2276
In this release, we are trying to finish a few long-going internal projects. Especially improved licensing and registration to Windows Security center.

Fixes and improvements:
+ Resolved compatibility issues with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (and the latest Windows Insider builds)
+ Fixed bug in the Settings export (Back up settings)

Known Issues:
+ From time to time, Avast GUI opens without any apparent reason

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


A:NEW:Avast! Beta version released - 12.2.2276

Please change the thread title to include Avast...
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Agnitum Outpost v9.2 BETA Released To Public
Agnitum Outpost v9.2 BETA
Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.2
Build number: 4843.708.2042.604
Release Date: 09.24.2015
Security Suite Pro, Antivirus Pro

What's New:
? Windows 10 support
? Installation on a clean system with no need to reboot
? Optimized performance of the application rating process
Fixed issues
? Eliminated system lags during application rating process previously revealed by several applications
? Fixed an occasional service crash after quitting the hybernation mode
? Fixed an issue of applying exceptions while the antivirus operates with network resources
? Eliminated an occasional BSOD when attempting to deactivate specific types of malware
? Fixed an occasional service crash when attempting to deactivate specific types of malware
? Fixed an issue of protection components management in the main window
? Fixed an issue of detecting malware objects during context scanning
? Fixed display of base update time in the main window
? Fixed an issue of occasional control channel overflow in the driver when downloading torrents.

Download BETA: All Versions

A:Agnitum Outpost v9.2 BETA Released To Public

Interesting! I may give this a go. I don't see many people talking about Outpost
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Released Emsisoft Enterprise Console Beta released Changelog --------------- Emsisoft Enterprise Console Beta is available for download This release includes new functionality enhancements fixes and stability improvements In order to update an existing installation of released 11.8 Enterprise Console Emsisoft Beta Emsisoft Enterprise Console you need to uninstall the Emsisoft Enterprise Console 11.8 Beta released previous version and install the new one Settings will be migrated New Display a status for disabled components initial scan required and modified settings for the clients New Button to update policies on clients immediately New Batchfile Server scripts which disconnects Emsisoft Anti-Malware clients on demand New Create light installer packages via command line Fixed Usernames containing spaces could not be added Fixed Domain not saved for local admin in Settings deploy screen Fixed Exception while closing GUI client via context menu of taskbar Fixed Lost domain flag if computer is added via Server API Fixed Adding computers in the overview screen occasionally opens computer settings Fixed Delete option is available in context menu if no token has been selected Fixed Policies View main window and Quarantine detected objects enabled by default for the new users group Fixed Server installation wizard does not configure the firewall properly for connection with Emsisoft Anti-Malware Fixed Emsisoft Enterprise Console GUI client application was not removed when the GUI was open during uninstallation -------------- Source Emsisoft Enterprise Console Beta released nbsp
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Installing now.

A:Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.9 beta has been released!

I was just about to post that. This new version has a good amount of new features.
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The BETA is available now. I have it running on two machines at the moment and it's great. Very light. Lighter than NOD32.Click here to get started: must register with Microsoft Connect and answer a fewquestions, but other than that it's pretty painless. Nice stuff. The plan is to have the full release at the same time as Windows 7, and this Antivirus software will be free.

A:Windows Security Essentials BETA Released

Users should be aware that there are currently geographical limits regarding this product.
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Source Some of the most notable changes implemented for are the following New firewall platform for Windows Vista Windows and Windows Intrusion Detection System protection against network attacks Released 1.9.2 Beta Antivirus Cloud Panda Ability to adapt firewall behaviour by zones Registration of the firewall component in the Windows Security Center Deactivation activation of the built-in Windows Firewall when the Panda Cloud Antivirus firewall is activated deactivated New technologies for improved malware disinfection Improved detection of in-memory malware Improved disinfection of packed compressed malware Improved quarantine management Process monitor without the URL monitoring Activity monitor in the main interface window Last detection show in the main interface window Added advanced configuration to enable disable detection of potentially unwanted programs Added advanced configuration to enable disable background scan after cache synchronization Added advanced configuration to enable disable on-demand scan within compressed archives Added advanced configuration to exclude elements by extension Improved scanning architecture and integration with Quarantine and memory scanning module Integrated new toolbar with Google search instead of Yahoo Button to hide the promotional banners shown in the main interface Improved integration with Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta 1.9.2 Released the Windows Security Center for the antivirus component Improved integration with Collective Intelligence of unknown and new malware samples Performance improvement to lower system impact when treating files within Explorer and Recycle Bin nbsp

A:Panda Cloud Antivirus Beta 1.9.2 Released

I have installed and a few things I noticed:
Under the scanning settings, Scan compress files on demand is not enabled.

Under the firewall settings/intrusion prevention, amongst the long list of options there is no explanation what so ever.

Autorun is disabled by default but no info given as well.

Now if you give this to a beginner user or even a average user who will likely install and forget, when he/she decides to explore will only get god knows how many question mark.

Apart from this, indeed scanning speed has improved compared to previous version I used.

I have also suggested the above on the relevant beta forum.
Explain briefly what is Autorun and why it is recommended to be disabled by default.

As for usage:
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Hi, Opera released Beta 2! Try it out. I downloaded it and working great. Improved CPU Issue but still testing...

Link: Download!

Have any comments you'd like to make? Feel free and I'll get back to answering.

Note: As all members know, These are Opinions! There's no reason to say that another member should go to this or... that. It's your choice to go towards which Browser. I perfer Opera for my own reasons....

1. Loads Text, Images before viewing page
2. Nice pop-blocker but not the best...
3. Clear and smooth look
4. May have a CPU Issue but the're working on it
5. To me (#1 download manager)
6. Skins and nothing more...
7. Wand! to save passwords and account name quickly and safely.

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Hi all,
new beta version is live: 12.3.2280
There are no new features, only bug fixes

+ Slowing down computer during installation, NEW August version: 12.3.2279
+ Unavailability to select other language during installation

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.
Previously introduced:
Passive mode:
- In this beta we would like to introduce new compatibility mode, which should solve compatibility issues, when Avast is being installed on a pc, where other AV is installed (and registred to WSC), Most of the shields are turned off, Avast should be updatable.

Avast team
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Hi all,
Various security applications like Kaspersky, MacAfee, Norton, Panda security, Bitdefender security and many other. these latest versions are designed to make them compatible with the latest Windows operating system, Windows 8. These applications have ability to detect and remove the recent malwares. They are having advanced features that are more powerful then the previous versions. Update your recent security application with the recent one, to secure your PC.

A:beta 2013 version is released of various security app.

A warning is appropriate about beta releases, especially when computer security is involved. The term Beta can mean a wide range of stages in completion of the final product (especially in regard to as yet unreleased W8) and the amount of internal testing made before offering it for public testing. Users should, as a general rule, not depend on beta releases for mission critical functionality for these reasons.
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2271
We are now even closer to the release. This might be the last beta.


+ Fixed issue with HIPS sensitivity set to highest - please verify our fix if you were affected by the issue
+ Fixed CyberCapture dialog in some localizations
+ The new implementation of Web Shield is now fully turned on
+ Updated translations

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.

BETA testing - Overview & Download links
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2268
As we are getting closer to the final release, please expect beta builds to come with higher frequency and shorter changelogs.


+ Boot-time scan available to both online and offline users, while online users have opportunity to download additional virus definitions before the scan is scheduled
+ Fixed missing firewall profile selection dialog after installation and reboot
+ SafeZone browser - New design of bank mode landing pages
+ SafeZone browser - Start menu icon fixed on Win 10

Known issues:

- CyberCapture still holds local copy of the file which is in the protective custody even when CyberCapture feature is turned off in settings
- Registration to the Windows security center may not be successful in some cases

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


Download links of Betas:BETA testing - Overview & Download links
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Just in case any of you have been waiting they have got around to releasing it to the public via this page

ESET - Essential Security against Evolving Threats

I installed it once and it stuffed up. I then ran OneCare for a week and wasnt happy with it at all so I went back

It installed fine the second time around. Yeh I know its a Beta and you shouldnt use it on live systems but what the hell. I back up regularly and keep all my important stuff of the system drive.

Works great for me.

A:Nod32 version 3 Public Beta 1 Released

How did you manage to get onecare working with x64 vista? its Last i heard Microsoft had no plans to release an x64 version of onecare. i beta tested onecare while i was running x86 vista beta and was quite suprised to find out when i bought my vista ultimate x64 that onecare wasnt supported and there where no plans in the near future to develope a 64bit version
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 2016.12.1.2272
We are now even closer to the release. This is probably the last beta.


+ Fixed issue with user settings reset to default after program update
+ Fixed incompatibility with latest Windows 10 insider builds

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.

BETA testing - Overview & Download links

A:NEW: Beta version released - 2016.12.1.2272

Can't wait for the full release. @Jack 's How to setup Avast Internet Security 2016 for Maximum Protection (Guide)

I feel like no other AV can keep up with Avast. (Maybe Kaspersky)
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Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA removes the latest nastiest rootkits and repairs the damage they cause.



A:Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA Released

Awesome this will be a very useful tool when out of beta
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Released: Google Chrome 51.0.2704.36 Beta

The Chrome team is excited to announce Chrome 51.0.2704.36 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It contains our usual under-the-hood performance and stability tweaks, but there are also some cool new features to explore - please head to the Chromium blog to learn more!

A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues.
Richard Bustamante and Pamela Laree-Ordonez
Google Chrome

Source: Chrome Releases: Beta Channel Update
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Free Download Manager Beta Released I guess its stable enough to use thats why it now features on the official website Here is the info from site admin - quot Dear all Our team is excited to inform you about the release of Free Download Manager beta We did our best to bring you a brand-new version of FDM with improved stability and performance This version is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X provides fast YouTube 5.1.9 Free Manager Beta Released Download downloads and features a powerful torrent client Free Download Manager 5.1.9 Beta Released Now you can enjoy a more easy-to-navigate interface that supports efficient interaction with the core which eventually results in lower CPU and memory consumption Also you have the option to take advantage of Internet Explorer integration and experimental support of Microsoft Edge The new Snail mode will allow you Free Download Manager 5.1.9 Beta Released to get files at low speeds Free Download Manager 5.1.9 Beta Released without closing any connections whereas the file space preallocation feature should greatly facilitate downloading of large files We d like to thank all the users who helped us improve our FDM client by submitting feedback and feature suggestions Your participation is very important to the overall functionality and efficiency of our client and we plan to add even more features in future releases So don t wait anymore download the new FDM beta and share your constructive feedback on our forum quot Home - Free Download Manager - download everything from the internet Download Page - Free Download Manager for Windows and Mac OS X Download nbsp
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Avira Browser own Secure Avira's released BETA offers more than just an anti-virus AV Features that go beyond AV got integrated years ago does anyone of you remember specific anti-spyware programs I prefer to define what Avira's own Secure Browser BETA released we offer as an add-on-security solution AV is shorter but also less correct Nonetheless shorter won Now we are about to stretch even further and integrate a browser into our eco system And in case you are wondering There are very good reasons for that Avira's own Secure Browser BETA released Nowadays the top use-case for a computer is to access the internet using a browser The infrastructure of the internet is run by different entities routers DNS servers The homepages contain executable code that is run in the browser Manifold data formats are used in the net HTML JS CSS PNG SVG video formats All in all it s a well connected and extremely complex system And it is used to access valuable data online banking shopping medical research looking for a new job a disaster waiting to happen The browser developers Mozilla and community Google and community and Microsoft are putting lots of resources into securing those Avira's own Secure Browser BETA released browsers And they are doing a very impressive job But the threats online are not getting less There are a lot of them Phising insecure Wifis malware drive-by trackers you name them This needs fixing Basically there are three points to secure The client your PC and browser Detect attacks and block them The Internet infrastructure like Wifis End-to-End encryption fixes that The server like the site that is trying to phish you Identify and block This is our opportunity to improve the situation For the first time ever we can go beyond add-on and have more of an add-in This means More options to secure the system While the browser vendors have to produce a one-size-fits-all we can center on a more security aware customer base We have lots of backend databases knowing the dangerous places in the internet While high-end security extensions Noscript focus on the skilled user we will build a system with an auto-pilot basing the security decissions on our backend databases and our experience This auto pilot will also automate repetitive tasks away Before you ask Skilled users can take over the wheel and override it You can install additional extensions It is your browser after all The whole project is based on extensions and chromium Both are Open Source We will pay for our ride We contribute to them to guarantee a perfect browsing experience Of course we will also integrate our Avira technology Full Article https blog avira com aviras-secure-browser More info can be found at the Avira betacenter https betacenter avira com callout callid D FDB C E B F nbsp

A:Avira's own Secure Browser BETA released

Looks good i will have to test it out
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AVG SP Beta has been released You can download the files from the beta forum www avg com beta There have been quite a lot of bug fixes as well as minor UI changes such as the addition of animations between windows and the slight re-wording of some words FIXES amp IMPROVEMENTS Anti-Rootkit Fixed rare BSOD during Anti-Rootkit scan 2013 Beta Released! 1 Pack 2 AVG Service AntiSpam AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 Released! AntiSpam white black lists support both e-mail addresses and domains Core Fixed issue with script emulator freezing Core Optimized scan length on Mass Mailing documents in Office E-mail Scanner Correct upgrades of e-mail servers settings arranged E-mail Scanner Fixed issue with certification text display in e-mail messages after AVG update Email Scanner AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 Released! Fixed IMAP issue with in informational fields Firewall Fixed issue with Other Applications Rules editor in Firewall Firewall Fixed compatibility issue AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 Released! with family protection products on Windows Kernel Fixed issue with Virus Vault detections stating quot The end of the stream has been reached during the operation quot Online Shield Performance improvements in TDI driver Online Shield Fixed possible BSOD in TDI driver Outlook Addin Fixed issue with AntiSpam white black lists functionality on Exchange account Resident Shield Fixed issue with Resident Shield file exceptions Setup Error message occurres if resume cannot proceed Setup Presence of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows blocks AVG installation Enjoy nbsp

A:AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 Beta 2 Released!

works nicely and bug-free on my machine , thanks for the heads up simmy
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Interesting story I just found:

A:Windows Media Player 11 Beta Released!

Ooh, cool, I'm downloading me some of that Thanks Elendil,Charles
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Microsoft has released new beta version of Internet Explorer 8. This release contains some great advances in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and layout, programming model, performance, reliability, usability and service integration."We are eager to ensure that the transition to Internet Explorer 8 is seamless for you and your audience, and to give you a head start on using many of the new features with your sites and services. We encourage you to test your sites and services, and our platform implementation, and give us feedback!"more details:Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Website : Internet Explorer 8:Windows Vista:;displaylang=enWindows XP:;displaylang=enkeep reading.......Thanks!

A:Internet Explorer 8 Beta - New Version Released

New and exciting features in Internet Explorer 8:Here are some end-user features you can expect to see in Internet Explorer 8 Beta.Visit:!!
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Hi all,

new beta version is live: 12.2.2273
In this release, we are trying to finish a few long going internal projects. Especially the improved licensing and registration to Windows Security center.

Fixes and improvements:
+ New licensing system
+ New implementation of Windows Security center registration
+ Rescue Disc fixed

Known Issues:
- Inserting license into expired program may cause invisibility of some components in the program UI. Repair fixes the issue.
- New components menu is not yet fully functional
- Windows Security center registration may not be successful in some cases. But please, report all occurrences which are not fixed by reboot.
- SafePrice plugin for Firefox may not show all available offers

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


DL: BETA testing - Overview & Download links

A:Avast Beta version released - 12.2.2273

Thanks for the share Awesome.
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not even a month old and already updated.