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Youtube videos wont BUFFER!?

Q: Youtube videos wont BUFFER!?

Its driving me crazy now. I thought it might just be youtubes servers or something but now its happened for a week+. The videos will buffer for 5 seconds, freeze, buffer 5 seconds, freeze, 5 seconds, freeze, and sometimes they just don't buffer at all. Ive resorted to watching 240p on a 6mb/s internet connection. (1mb/s up). Why is this happening? If someone could help me fix this is would make my day.

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Preferred Solution: Youtube videos wont BUFFER!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Youtube videos wont BUFFER!?

I used to have bad youtube buffer issues, I dont know if it's connected but I haven't noticed any recently since switching to the html5 youtube - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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Youtube videos were working perfectly an hour ago, but now the videos don't even buffer. I've tried flushing my dns, ip config /release & renew, deleting my cookies, rebooting, resetting my router, all sorts of stuff. My anti virus is Eset Smart Security. I've downloaded the latest adobe flash player, my java seems to be up to date. I don't know what could be the problem to be honest. I've tried watching videos on Internet Explorer but I get the same result. My download speed has greatly reduced aswell, it took me about 5 minutes just to download 800 KB. My ISP is Comcast and I am NOT considering switching. Any help is appreciated.

A:Youtube videos don't buffer

Scan your computer for malware and viruses.
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As the topic title indicates, when I go to view a YouTube video, whether at or inbedded in another site, the video will not load properly.
It doesn't seem to matter whether the video is a few minutes or a few hours, but it will load....maybe buffer...then stop loading.
)I've tried different YouTube qualities...I've tried pausing the vid (I use to be able to load a video this way...Start the vid..pause it..let it buffer), but whatever vid won't continue to load/buffer..whatever.
I've cleaned out cookies...browser history..anything YouTube suggests, but no success.
I can stream the vid over the my, same, but connecting through wireless without too much of an issue
I've switched out hardware (modem, nic cables, etc.) but same results.
I've downloaded updated nic card drivers.
Same result.
Operating system is Windows XP and at 1.5 gig connection.
Any help appreciated.

A:YouTube videos will not load/buffer

What browser are you using? Have you tried different browsers?
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Ok so this is the first time I've won't videos buffer play but Youtube ever posted a question asking for technical support Typically I can google Youtube videos buffer but won't play whatever I need to and fix the issue but this one is strange and I've tried everything Youtube works just fine and then all of a sudden one night am EST every single video buffers but won't actually play looks like it is paused but nothing happens can't skip around video either Strange part is the next morning it will work fine and this cycle has continued for about a week now works fine during daylight and then nothing at night This issue is on my Lenovo G laptop running windows and unfortunately I do not have another computer I can check with to see if the issue is only my laptop I do however have a PS and it Youtube videos buffer but won't play can load videos just fine at all times of the day I have tried Firefox Chrome and IE Other video websites work just fine I have tried reinstalling Firefox I have tried disabling all browser addons as well as creating a new Firefox profile I have checked for Windows updates and installed By default I use HTML but download an app Youtube Flash Video Player to convert videos to Flash same issue I'm the only one on my network I have tried wireless and wired connections as well as resetting the router Speed tests show a perfectly normal up down Pings of both Google and Youtube show no packet losses I have tried disabling Antivirus Ran a virus scan with Avast Pro as well as a scan with Malwarebytes I can download the Youtube videos and watch them that way with an app This issue is quite frustrating as I cannot troubleshoot it during the day since the issue only seems to occur when I want to lay down for bed and watch a video The only thing I can think to try that I haven't yet is a Windows restore but unfortunately the only restore point I have is from days ago and the issue started before then

A:Youtube videos buffer but won't play

Never mentioned if ever using Adobe Flash player or have most recent version as most of the videos may still require it. if so check hardware acceleration in browser and Adobe. Does seem you done all other diagnostics, sure nothing scheduled to run at that hour on PC, like updating program or Anti-Virus and even it's scan Adobe - Flash Player
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When scrolling a video on Youtube, to the point which is already buffered, the video starts to buffer again from the point i have scrolled to. It happens only on YouTube and on Google Chrome too. What should I do?

A:YouTube videos buffer everytime I scroll the video

Make sure Flash is up to date. I'm not sure why once a video is playing you need to scroll.
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As the title says really. Suddenly my computer won't buffer any videos, and as far as i'm aware I havn't changed any settings. I'm using windows Vista, any ideas as to how I can fix my problem?


A:My computer suddenly won't buffer/load any videos on sites such as youtube, any help?

Load all defaults in Internet Explorer

Open IE (Internet Explorer 7)
Hit ALT on the keyboard to see the IE menu bar
Click on Tools - Internet Options
Start by Delete (all is good - if you know all your cached (copied) online passwords
Then go through each tab and restore defaults (reset on advanced)

Restart IE once done
You'll probably have MS settings page popup, just go through the settings
Then at last go to and try again

If it still doesn't work
Go here
I always untick Google toolbar and then tick I agree and then Install now.

Try that, please report back if successfull
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Hi i just started using windows 7 ultimate,and for some reason i cant buffer movies in chrome.they start off fine but when i pause them to let them buffer all the way (not the fastest connection) they buffer for two minutes then jump to the end .And then obviously i cant happens with all streaming except you tube guess cos they are short .

i use a acer aspire 5530 laptop,and a wired connection.
any help would be greatly appreciated.thanx ps doesnt happen in IE but dont like to use it because its so slow.

A:Videos wont buffer in chrome

Sorry actually does the same thing in internet explorer.
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weeks ago I had to email a ton of complaints to broadband supplier sky for giving my aweful speeds they finally answered and gave me great speeds for standard line mb Youtube 4/5 problem, Load/Buffer at minutes Video intervals Wont s Download However a week after I noticed that Youtube Videos will stop loading completely it happens frequently after or minute point sometimes shorter Youtube problem, Wont Load/Buffer Video at 4/5 minutes intervals or longer This is a real annoyance as I use the site for a lot of things my close friend said he had no such problems Virgin Broadband However my other close friend has been experiencing the same problem he is also with Sky Broadband This will happen on ALL Browsers that I have tried I will have no other problem with any other site other than Youtube Me and my friend only have one factor I could possibly think would affect us and that is Kaspersky workstation AV other my other friend on Virgin also has this I am more than willing to blame and complain once again to Sky but I have no actual proof so it s an empty threat for them Any of you care to enlighten Thanks in advance nbsp
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I seem to connect to internet fine and go to site like huffingtonpost or youtube, but when I click to play a video- the place where the video will show "an error occurred. Please try again later". The video when it does play at times is very slow. Sometimes Pandora will stutter as well. What gives?

A:Videos wont play on Youtube

Most likely your connection is slow or your temporary internet files or cache is not being flushed out on a regular basis. Make sure your flash player and java are updated also. You can also removed cookies as well to check as they will be recreated the next time you visit certain websites.
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Hi all, I recently came into the posession of a Windows 98 SE computer, ive got the internet up and running etc but when trying to get youtube flash videos to play the picture and sound is very jumpy and I have no idea whats causing it.The frame rate is slow, it will stutter and wont play smoothly. HELP!
I have installed all the relevant software so I dont think its that.
Anyway here are my specs:
Authentic AMD
AMD-K6 3D Processor
376MB of RAM, original 120 plus an added 256.
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hii last week only vevo videos on youtube will stay on the loading black screen forever and it just wont play i know that if you clear your browsing history youtube load Videos on wont Vevo and cache it should work and it did work for a little but it doesnt seem to work anymore however i found a solution but i dont know how to do those steps here is the post i saw that is suppose to fix the problem Level Problem Vevo videos just won t load at all - black screen infinitely loading Diagnosis Vevo videos play an ad in front of Vevo Videos on youtube wont load them If you block the ad the video will hang infinitely Solution Disable any ad-blocking programs If you don t have an ad-blocking program check to see if you ve blocked ad companies in your HOSTS file windows system drivers etc HOSTS For me the HOSTS file turned out to be the culprit I ve been using the MSVP hosts file for some while without this problem but now apparently Vevo is using advertisers who are on the MSVP block list Replies - of ccbeam Level What domain is being blocked tho I get my hosts file from mvs and there are thousands in it I would like to keep the majority blocked while unblocking vevo of people found this answer helpful Did you Sign in to Vevo Videos on youtube wont load vote Report abuse Somhairle Level I despise anything VEVO money grabbing mofos they have SO many ads per video play it s just crazy money money money for them and wasting the users time to load all the crap before even seeing second of a video look for these googleads g doubleclick net pagead-dclk l google com pagead googlesyndication com Google AdWords adm fwmrm net and place a hash space quot quot in front so they look like this googleads g doubleclick net pagead-dclk l google com pagead googlesyndication com Google AdWords adm fwmrm net I Vevo Videos on youtube wont load dont know how to access windows system drivers etc HOSTS and where to find these googleads g doubleclick net pagead-dclk l google com pagead googlesyndication com Google AdWords adm fwmrm net
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Hello Lately when I go to wont youtube videos anymore work youtube to watch a video I cant even watch any of youtube videos wont work anymore them because a little quot wheel quot just keeps going around every few minutes at intervals I asked about it at another forum and they said something about that they thought it was due to probably my internet speed is slowed down due to malware problems But I cant seem to get things fixed They gave me a link malwarebytes or something like that to download a program but I just get a quot page not found quot when I go there They said thats probably because I DO have malware problems But anyway so I thought I finally found a free program called Stopzilla But after downloading it and trying to run the program when I click quot Run quot it just sort of disappears into oblivion and I cant figure out where Im supposed to find it to do anything with it when I click the exe file thing I mean please excuse my complete computer ignorance But anyway today I DID manage to figure out my other problem on my own where my C drive wouldnt open when I clicked on it I asked those same guys about it and just kept getting a run-around so finally I went online and found this place here and found a quot fix-it quot thing and fixed that So I figured I might have some luck if I asked you about my other problem First of all how do I find where to click the Stopzilla program after downloading it and clicking quot run quot I thought I might see something on my desktop or maybe if I clicked on quot Start quot and look at my start menu but no I cant find anything Or should I be using a different free program I do have Lava Soft and ran that but to no avail And it wont allow me to update anything on that for some reason so it probably doesnt take care of any of the latest bugs or anything anyway Maybe if I figure out about the malware program it will also fix my youtube problem Im determined its one problem down and two more to go Can anyone please help me Claudia nbsp

A:youtube videos wont work anymore

Hiya and welcome to Tech Support Guy

Is this just a general question regarding malware removal programs, or do you suspect that there are malicious files on your computer?


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Videos will not play - sometimes they will start and then they stop. I have downloaded Adobe player but it doesn't seem to work. The sample videos that came with the Windows 7 system play beautifully. What can I do? Is it possible that the Abobe player is not installed properly? I have uninstalled it several times and reinstalled again but no difference in playing videos.

A:trouble with videos playing from home page news videos and also youtube videos

Name the Website you are experiencing problems with
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i ve recently had this problem with youtube where videos wont load at all and just yield the quot an error has occured try again quot or something kind of message it was right after the google update then problems then became worst where im unable to even enter youtube directly i can sometimes enter through other links but still wont load them also any embed videos will take a lot of time appearing only to give a quot there was an error with the dns server quot the thing is this problem only happens on my pc we have more computers one is an old hp pavilion windows xp pc and the other is an amd athlon with windows home edition any help i can get i hae already cleaned my cookies and internet historial defragmentated both my C and Dmain one disk also cleaned all of the erros in my comp with ccleaner registry and another dll fixer cleaning function this doesnt actually change dll stuff just cleans corrupted aplications and old registry keys other programs use this exact same function like avg and ragclean searched for virus and malwares using avg which anyone could tell me if this is a to wont unable enter and if youtube, even videos i enter load good free unable to enter youtube, and even if i enter videos wont load antivirus my last iption would be to send my pc to an old security copy from before google update and see if anything i directly or indirectly downloaded it harmed it i downloaded a program when this problem occured which was PFportchecker my specs CPU Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz CPU Speed unable to enter youtube, and even if i enter videos wont load GHz RAM GB Video Card GeForce GT attributes of my video card Pixel Shader version Vertex Shader version Dedicated Video RAM GB Sound Card Realtek High Definition Audio my pc has windows bits i think its ultimate i use google chrome with this extensions AdBlock inhabilitacion Google Analytics RealPlayer HTML Video Downloader Extension SteamGifts Plus Alternative TubeSaver- ps i dont know if this is the right forum section to ask but there isnt seem to be one better for this answer so i chosed this one

A:unable to enter youtube, and even if i enter videos wont load

Do you have a valid gmail account if so, log into it, then try to access youtube and watch something. Report back. Will explain depending on your results.
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This is getting to be frustrating. I just bought a new Vaio laptop with the following specs:

Intel Core i3 370M 2.4 GHz processor
4GB of RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
17" monitor
Blu-ray player

I can watch YouTube videos only if they're embedded on other pages or if I copy the url from the embed code. On YouTube, I get these strange artifacts, and while I can hear the video playing, I cannot actually watch it. This is frustrating, obviously, and I don't know what to do because nobody else's problem seems to match mine exactly (they receive error messages and the like).

EDIT: I have fixed the problem. Turned off hardware acceleration in the settings menu. Thank you all for your help.

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Hi guys I have just re-formatted my windows for the second time in about a week everything is working as intended with exception to online flash videos Youtube videos are functioning because they are using HTML i suspect An interesting note upon reformat and installing of my mobo drivers i installed Avast AV and white functional videos youtube show Flash box, videos then went to animefreak tv to check the functionality of my flash player I was able to watch the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden and then i got back to installing security addons for my Firefox browser After doing this my flash player is not opening videos on that same website i just mentioned nor on primewire ag which i used without problems up until Flash videos show white box, youtube videos functional my re-format about a week ago I have not installed any WindowsUpdates as right now i'm not sure that i won't re-format again to try this all over to eliminate this problem I am playing Star Trek Online right now it is operating just fine all other functions of my OS seem to be OK just this flash video issue is all the problem that i can detect at the moment I use my PC for browsing the web investigating government intrusion into personal rights mainly and also for recreation like video games and the aforementioned movie and anime viewing I suspect that my security addons to Firefox might be getting in the way of my flash video viewing I currently have 'play DRM content' disabled as snooping and tracking are my mortal enemies online I use Windows Home Premium Asus mobo Firefox browser firefox extensions adblock plus adblock plus popup addon down them all ghostery noscript popup controller video downloadhelper youtube high definition avast security disabled and realplayer browser record plugin disabled firefox plugins openH codec from firefox shockwave flash vlc web plugin intel identity protection technology there are of these in the list Nvidia D Vision Nvidia D VISION a second copy but with capital lettering on 'vision' RealJukebox NS Plugin Realnetworks Chrome Background Extension realPlayer Download Plugin RealPlayer G LiveConnect-Enabled Plugin bit Realplayer HTML VideoShim Plugin bit adobe acrobat disabled and ArcPlugin disabled I hope that this wall of text is helpful rather than wasteful for you and I greatly appreciate any help that you guys can render me my thanks in advance- LibertyOrDeath
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Hi all Im new here and videos. embedded and youtube Watching videos BSOD FB I hear this is the best place to get help with my current issue Recently I installed beta drivers from amd and whenever I watch videos on you tube or facebook I get a bluescreen shortly after It goes so quick that I cant really read what the problem is but when I go check in reliability report I see this Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Extra information about the problem BCCode b BCP C BCP FFFFF F D EC BCP FFFFF B BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Now I have since changed to a different beta driver and It wasn't happening yesterday but today Im getting blue screens again when watching videos I am currently back on official release and it hasn't happened yet although its only been a few hours truthfully I don't even know if its the video card drivers that could be causing but its only thing I have modified on the system since the problem started Any help or advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated Thanks in Advance

A:BSOD Watching youtube videos and embedded FB videos.

Hi Gdavison86.

Click on the button below ....

It will download the DM log collector. Right click on the application and run as administrator. It will generate a .zip file on your desktop. Upload the .zip.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
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Hi, i have had this problem for 2 years now. I managed to fix it by disabling the hardware acceleration in flash settings, but now youtube uses html 5 and the problem is back. I don't have problems when playing games. I only have problems with online videos. The crash looks like this and when this happens the sound also loops really fast.

A:BSOD youtube videos and facebook autoplay videos

Make sure your dump logging is enabled.
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click System.
Click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
Check Write an even to the system log, and Automatically restart.
In the Write debugging information list, click Small memory dump (256k).

Location of Dumps:
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I ve seen this problem floating around the internet in other forums a Doesn't YouTube Buffer decent amount but they all seem to be YouTube Doesn't Buffer pretty old threads and all of the fixes haven t helped me I m hoping somebody out there has an idea of why I m getting this problem Mainly I am having a problem with youtube And any YouTube Doesn't Buffer video that is embedded with the youtube player Vimeo works just fine More or less whenever I go to youtube no matter what video I try to watch it ll buffer about to seconds of the video then stop buffering The video will play fine to the buffer point but it ll never continue to load I can refresh the page but it ll always buffer to the same spot and stop loading Here are some solutions I ve tried I ve tried in both Firefox and Google Chrome Same issue in both I ve tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling it I have flash version quot WIN quot according to http kb adobe com cps tn html on Google Chrome Chrome updates it s flash player automatically I have flash version quot WIN quot according to http kb adobe com cps tn html on Firefox This is the version I just installed from http get adobe com flashplayer This problem seems to happen with a lot of people but there don t seem to be solutions Here is an old forum that describes my problem perfectly http www google com support forum p youtube thread tid d c f amp hl en I am running Windows Any thoughts Any help is very much appreciated
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Hi, I would like to know how to make my video clips stop buffering so freaquently. I have a hi speed connection. much thanks

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Okay please bare with me and explain to me in baby steps because I still don't know alot about computers even though I'm on one everyday at work... At my work we have two computers on T 1 connection, and I just don't understand why everytime I try to see a video off myspace,, youtube, or even msn they just barely buffer and will skip a lil then not play at all... These computers are a couple years old, if you need me to find any info about the computer just please explain to me how to get to it in steps, lol... Oh and it has vlc media player on here if that has to do with anything... This is my first post, so I'm hoping I'll get and email when I get a reply because I'm not sure if I'll remember how to get back here, lol...
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Probably 90% of what I do on the computer is watch videos. Without videos working properly, I have nothing.

About last week, I noticed that videos basically stopped working. I would have to wait for a period of time to let it buffer, and then watch it. Which I never had to do before. 45 second videos, take atleast two minutes to buffer before I can watch. You can do the math for longer videos.

I even reset my computer back to factory settings in hopes of fixing the problem. But ofcouse, it doesn't work. Now, they just take longer. And I lost everthing.('Would' have been worth it if it fixed the problem)

Please, any ideas on what it could be? I was almost positive setting it back to factory settings would have fixed this.

A:Videos Take Forever To Buffer.

If you completely reformatted the disc and everything liek that, its probably a hardware issue. How dirty is the inside of your computer? That could be part of it.
Relevancy 58.91% frnd has a broadband line 360kb=45KB.With this line can easily see the youtube videos in 480p.just gets buffer for 1-3 sec and no buffer next 3-4 minitues.I have 512kb=64KB line where it is almost impossible for me to watch video in 360p.i usually see in 240p.I get this speed constant always.i m amazed to see it.

Do u guys,have any explanation of this problem?


A:No buffer in youtube 480p video in 360kb broadband line but in 512kb w

Could be multiple reason why.

Was it always like this?
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ok, when im trying to watch streaming videos which look like theyre in a wmp format, i hear sound at the beggning but when i click somewhere on the progress bar, after it buffers, i see video but no sound. help please
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my computer wont load some videos on the internet youtube works fine though also a majority of the time my internet doesnt even load the page and just sits there with a blank screen making out it loads and on facebook the chatbox barely appears let alone even show me whos online i have tried deleting all the temorary internet files cookies history form data passwords and inprivate filtering i also tryed freeing up space and i deleted about gb of crap i didnt need this is the system info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce MX Microsoft Corporation Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total won't suddenly webpages. videos my computer load/buffer and - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd IEX x Antivirus Symantec Endpoint Protection Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

A:my computer suddenly won't load/buffer videos and webpages.

My first suggestion is always to test with a different browser.

Aside from that, update/reinstall any plugins used by the site in question (ie: Flash, java, etc.)
Relevancy 58.48% frnd has a broadband line 360kb=45KB.With this line can easily see the youtube videos in 480p.just gets buffer for 1-3 sec and no buffer next 3-4 minitues.I have 512kb=64KB line where it is almost impossible for me to watch video in 360p.I usually see in 240p.I get this speed constant always.I m amazed to see it.
Do u guys,have any explanation of this problem?

A:No buffer in YouTube 480p video in 360kb broadband line but in 512kb Wimax

Other people on your home network, or your ISP sucks and isn't providing you with adequate speeds as advertised, or something on your PC is sucking down all bandwidth.
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HI,Is there any logical reason for youtube not showing anything on screen,the only thing i get is a blank white screen where the video should be and happens on both I.E and FIREFOX i show ADOBE FLASH PLAYER which i did not have before its like something is blocking the connection,this even happens on my homepage where there are videos to play.
I removed AVAST! by way REVO because i thought that was the problem did not make a difference.
I still have mouse pointer with the little blinking hour glass and have not figured how to stop that,i still think that the flash player popup is connected to my pointer/hour glass blinking problem,because i thought there was a bogus flash player that was going around any ideas why this getting to be a real problem and i am down to my last two brain cells right now,thanks

A:youtube videos

Wellcome here!
Difficult to understand this - blinking hour glass
Download Screen317 Security Check HERE and save it to your Desktop.
* Double-click SecurityCheck.exe
* Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
* A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt
* Please post the contents of that document.
Note:: If any security program requests permission to access the Internet, allow it to do so
Please download MiniToolBox HERE to your desktop to run it.
Checkmark the following boxes:
* List content of Hosts
* Flush DNS
* Report IE Proxy Settings
* Reset IE Proxy Settings
* Report FF Proxy Settings
* Reset FF Proxy Settings
* List last 10 Event Viewer log
* List Installed Programs
* List Devices (do NOT change any settings here)
* List Users, Partitions and Memory size
Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.
Click Go and Copy / Paste the result. (result.txt)
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I have some videos on my tablet, but I don't remember how I originally got them. Is it possible to download videos from YouTube and put them in my videos folder on my tablet to play when I want them to play?
If so, how would I do that?

If I remember correctly, there was a YouTube Downloader program, but I believe I had to delete it because it was supposed to cause problems and load a lot of "junK" ads, etc., on the computer.

Any help on how I can get the YouTube videos would be appreciated.

A:YouTube videos

The only way to get YouTube videos is to click on the download button. Most don't have it because they are not available for download. The use of any third party software to do this goes against their TOS and of course we don't support or assist with such activity.
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well lately ive been watching hd videos on youtube with my new computer and i notice firefox is running at like 30-50 cpu usage and i was wondering if it was normal i thnik i can hear the fan humming alil bit too

A:youtube hd videos

Originally Posted by kjl4life44

well lately ive been watching hd videos on youtube with my new computer and i notice firefox is running at like 30-50 cpu usage and i was wondering if it was normal i thnik i can hear the fan humming alil bit too

hd videos from youtube take a lot of 'effort' from the cpu to buffer them. i reckon it is just normal.
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hi, youtube videos get stuck every 2-3 sec and it keeps buffering, what can be done? thx
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Hi im having trouble with youtube videos both on firefox and IE,
when i try to watch a video on firefox the video is normal the it goes small then it goes back to normal and its like that all the way though the video. not all the time it happends but about 90% of the videos it dose, On IE it wont even play the video it just come up internet explorer raised unhandled exception in third party module and should be closed version info UNICODE; v.3, 5, 0, 1
I have looked everywere but cant find anythink to help.. PLZZZ PLZZ HELP.,

also the comps around the house r all fineso i now it isnt the wearless

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Is it possible to download a video clip from the youtube site. I particularly like the squirrel assault course, and would like to have the clip to view at home. Any ideas

A:youtube videos

I don't know if this question violates the copyright rules or not. There are a number of "free" downloaders you can use (just do a google search), or free websites like
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Hi I'm trying to watch instructional videos on youtube... and the picture and sound are not in synch...this is the sound is just ahead of the picture. i have cable internet 3mbs... Youtube has a notice that they will be phasing out my broser soon. What do you think the problem is? Thank you !

A:youtube videos

If they will be phasing out your browser you may have answered your own question.

Which browser are you currently using?
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Hi Everyone,

Do you know whether it is possible to save youtube videos to a computer so I could watch these offline?

Thank you

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when i use firefox 4 rc or google chrome 11 latest, i get problems with youtube videos. When i switch them to 720p or higher the video freezes but the sound continues to play. I tried this in ie8, and its fine there. Both my adobe flash active x and plugins are the latest What could be going on? Should i be concerned since they are both not the final stable versions? If not how do i fix this?

A:help with youtube videos

Quote: Originally Posted by omega666

when i use firefox 4 rc or google chrome 11 latest, i get problems with youtube videos. When i switch them to 720p or higher the video freezes but the sound continues to play. I tried this in ie8, and its fine there. Both my adobe flash active x and plugins are the latest What could be going on? Should i be concerned since they are both not the final stable versions? If not how do i fix this?

Firefox 4 RC is not a final version and Flash player is a boulet for internet. You can try to re-install the flash version of firefox, you can also try the HTML5 version of youtube YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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good afternoon all, i know there is a lots of softwares out there able to download videos in youtube website, and am looking for a software can download the videos beside youtube website, or beside download, is there a way to copy the video it self only instead whole website page? thanks in advance.

A:not only for youtube videos

What do you want to do with the webpage if you copy it?
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After a disaster with the IncrediMail email program, I switched to Thunderbird for a email client.
However I can not see YouTube videos. I know these are .flv extensions but all I get a is large black box with no controls (play, Pause etc.)
I downloaded a copy of a player that will play .flv but it does not automatically play YouTube clips. If I copy the .flv file somewhere else (outside of Thunderbird) it plays OK.
How can I get Thunderbird to paly these video clips? Or do you know a better email client?
Thanks for your help.

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I get the following message when I try to play some of the videos in youtube using IE11, tried deleting browsing history but no luck. Thanks for any help.

EDIT: I can play the video by using search with the name of the video.

A:Problem with youtube videos

I'm having the same problem.
The only work around I know is to run the site in compatibly mode.

Click the Gear icon on the top right hand side > computability view setting > enter
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I want to make a collage of 3-4 youtube videos that i like. What would be the best/easiest way to record these videos and put them together onto a single file?

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Hi I own a laptop a Compaq Presario Videos=failure YouTube to be in fact Yes its quite old as it runs Windows Professional and has only MB of physical Ram But that is fine I only wanted this laptop for word and internet surfing Thats all The problem is every SINGLE video I try to view online appears to lag regardless of its source size etc The only way I can have a halfway decent viewing experience is to set the visual quality down to quot Low quot I run wifi at mbps on a g card I use Mozilla Firefox updated to the latest version I'm not quite sure whats up Maybe the age really is actually showing Here are the specs OS Windows Professional SP all updates as far as I know Processor AMD K - D Processor mhz- Different programs read different things Either way its slow For the record the was on dxdiag Memory MB RAM Direct X c Sound VIA AC integrated running on Full acceleration Need to know more Just yell YouTube Videos=failure P Thanks for your time guys

A:YouTube Videos=failure


Anybody have an answer? Is it just the age of my computer? Is the AMD K6 at 460 with 192 ram and integrated video card with 8mb too weak..for videos?

(And yes..the card is specifically a Trident CyberBlade-i7..integrated video solution. 8 mb memory size...)
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8139 Mb
Graphics Card: Radeon (TM) HD 6770M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 700443 MB, Free - 624109 MB; D: Total - 715401 MB, Free - 603280 MB; E: Total - 14656 MB, Free - 1631 MB; G: Total - 98 MB, Free - 84 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 165A
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Only YouTube Videos will display on my laptop. Have downloaded driver updates, set default settings, and still nothing will show. I can hear the video, but not see it.
Just removed Real Time because any videos, including those from TV sites, had to be downloaded to the computer first, but I can't even see the videos from Microsoft.
Am at my wit's end.....
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Only YouTube Videos Play

Videos from which sites? YouTube, and most other sites use Flash. So if YouTube is working, other sites which also use Flash should work as well. There are other formats in use on websites, but Flash is the vast majority. In regards to files that you have to download first, those are likely actual video files and not streaming (Flash) video. In which case, you need a media player the with proper codecs to play the files.
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Does anyone know of a reliable online source or free software that will allow me to download Youtube videos in MPG format?

much appreciated

A:How to download youtube videos

As this goes against YouTube's terms and conditions I am going the close this thread.


5. Your Use of Content

In addition to the general restrictions above, the following restrictions and conditions apply specifically to your use of Content.

1. The Content on the Service, and the trademarks, service marks and logos ("Marks") on the Service, are owned by or licensed to YouTube, subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the law.
2. Content is provided to you AS IS. You may access Content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the Service and as permitted under these Terms of Service. You shall not download any Content unless you see a ?download? or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content. You shall not copy, reproduce, make available online or electronically transmit, publish, adapt, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for any other purposes without the prior written consent of YouTube or the respective licensors of the Content. YouTube and its licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Service and the Content.

Here is a link:

Thread is closed.
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Hi I have a problem on my Vista Laptop every time I watch a Youtube video whether on youtube com or a YouTube video embedded on another site Up until now it loaded very slowly and sometimes would freeze in the middle until YouTube Problems videos with it resumed loading Recently though either it won Problems with YouTube videos t play and say quot Error occurred quot etc or it will start playing but only a tiny Problems with YouTube videos bit and then freeze or even weirder - it ll play a drop and then the duration line on the bottom of the video screen will jump to the end of the video as if I finished it and let s say the video was minutes at seconds for instance into the video it ll Problems with YouTube videos just finish and say seconds second on the bottom as if the whole video is just seconds when it s really much longer This problem happens with YouTube on any browser but not with Vimeo videos Another thing is at the same time the above mentioned problem started occurring when I tried to download a YouTube video like a public video that someone took with his camera or iPhone and then put it on YouTube using YTD Video Downloader since I can t watch them on line anymore I tried downloading them It will fail to download many times and if I try to download it using Any Video Converter - it fails every time Whereas until now If I downloaded videos on any of these programs there were no issues though I never really did download videos till now nonetheless on the few occasions that I did it went smoothly without issues I tried deleting my internet cache and cookies but it didn t help And my Flash Player is up to date My PC info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista amp Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL- x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce M G Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Wistron C Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled If anyone could help I d really appreciate it Thank you nbsp

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Everytime I try to watch a video on YouTube or News on my homepage I get a message that I have java disabled and that I need to download Adobe Flash Player, which I have done like 7 times. I still keep getting that message that I n eed to install it. After it's been installed, I get the message that it has been "Installed Successfully".....yeah right. Anyway that's my plight of the day. Please help! Thanks

P.S. I don't have java disabled.

A:Can't view any videos on YouTube

I had a similiar problem a while back and found that it wasn't actually installing as long as there was a version on the pc I was working on. Try going here and using adobe's removal tool first..
Then go here to re-download and install.
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Okay I've got a problem that's really been bugging me lately YouTube will not play videos in Firefox on my netbook YouTube will play in IE Safari and Google Chrome but not Firefox I get the silly quot An error occured please try again later quot message where the video should be YouTube works fine on my laptop Same browser same addons same operating system Things I've tried so far Refresh the page nope move the slider on the video to force another part of the video to load nada try different video tried with same result tried different quality video no effect log out of YouTube zip log back into YouTube zilch clear Firefox's cache fail start Firefox in Safe Mode EPIC fail same error message as always reinstall Flash player no reinstall Firefox nice try install Firefox beta yeah right I could potentially watch YouTube in another browser but I use Firefox so much I don't like having to switch browsers just to watch a video Besides without Firefox and my Adblock Plus addon I have YouTube with Problem videos to see the ads YouTube puts up I hate ads So why do YouTube videos not play in Firefox on my netbook This is driving me nuts I don't like not being able to watch videos when I'm not in front of my laptop Anything else I can try besides a reformat and clean install

A:Problem with YouTube videos

I think you should

Seriously though, have you checked your options (in firefox) to make sure you haven't changed something on the netbook?
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Every time I try watching ant kind of you tube video it keeps stopping and starting. I have to download it just to view it. That is the only way I can view it. Can this problem be fixed?

A:Youtube videos keep stopping

Try IE Reset:

Then restart Internet Explorer


More info from here:

Or manually Reset IE settings info here
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Hello I have a Athlon 2500 - 1.87gb PC with 1gb ram and ATI radeon 9200 vid card.

My problem is that when i try to watch a video in youtube or any other site that's similar , the

video always lags and also pauses sometimes and play again.

Also when I am watching the video it's like playing in slow motion with sounds.

I am using Windows 7 which was recently installed 2 days ago.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Youtube videos lags

Is it possibly your connection? Have you tried with more than one web browser? Does the computer run slow at all?
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Videos on Youtube won't play When I type in the Youtube url it doesn't go to the Youtube page but to a page that looks like some king of my settings page When I click on a video listed on that page I get a message saying quot Hello you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player quot I checked in IE and JavaScript is activated and I have installed and uninstalled Flash Player many times with and without the firewall activated and have rebooted after uninstalling and then installing I use Firefox Both when installing and uninstalling I am disconnected from the Internet and have the downloads box closed I was able to play Youtube play won't Youtube videos videos up until last night with no problems Before playing any Youtube videos today Youtube videos won't play I ran Ad-Aware Spybot Search and Destroy and ATF Cleaner I have not been able to run any Youtube videos after running these programs today so I think I deleted something with one of these programs which have prevented the Youtube videos from playing When running ATF Cleaner the only thing I chose not to delete were my Firefox passwords I can play Youtube videos imbedded in other sites After installing Flash Player is listed in control panel but it's blank on the right hand side of the page for Flash Player where the size of the programs are listed Flash Player is mb and the the mb for much smaller programs are listed in cp I believe I have had this problem before but was able to resolve it Thanks for any replies Edit Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum Animal

A:Youtube videos won't play

Flash 10 was released recently. Is that what you have?
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I cant watch a video on you tube coz its too slow its keeps stopping and starting.... I know diddly about computers and need someones help in a very simple step by step guide thats idiot proof!!
Hope someone can help
Thanks K
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I use to be able to see videos on youtube before on Opera and Firefox.

Now I am unable to see videos on my using Flash player on Opera and Firefox when I click
on youtube links. Only a player with black screen appears and sound comes up.

I updated with the latest Flash Player version 10.3 beta.

It still not owrk, but I.E, 8 is working .

What is the problem ?


A:[SOLVED] See videos on youtube

I've seen a lot of people reporting this same thing. I've never seen it myself but I started looking into it when a friend of mine was having the issue.

Not sure if they ever figured out how to fix it but YouTube still works in one browser for them. Here's the discussion forum:

Watching Videos - YouTube Help
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All of a sudden youtube videos will not play on my PC....they will on other PC in the changes to software or setup that I'm aware of....

Videos will play on other sites except for the ScienceNetwork....suspect something has gone wrong.

any ideas what to check on my PC?


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Can I take videos from YouTube and upload it to my own hosted website and display it there? Not as my own, it will clearly be understandable that the site is displaying others' videos. And there will be full credits to the original authors.

A reason why you might want to do it: Lets say for some reason someone cannot access YouTube.
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When my wife watches a youtube video on her computer there is no sound.  I noticed that there is an X by the speaker icon while the video is playing BUT clicking on it does nothing, the X remains there.   Other than that the sound is fine.  I've done web searches and found a multitude of "fixes" but nothing has worked.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:No sound on youtube videos

There are two volume controls when it comes to YouTube, the one for the video and the one for your machine.  If either volume is too low or muted you will be unable to hear video.  Do you have sound from other sources on the machine?
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I have a Dell Dimension with MS-Vista Home installed. Everytime I go to play a video on Youtube, does not launch or display the video but rather says something about needing to adjust my Java settings or may need to download/install Abobe Flash Player.
I checked security and other settings within Internet Explorer (v.8) and found some settings related to Java and made sure they were enabled. I also downloaded and installed Adobe Flash Player (free version). But still get the same error and still not able to play videos.
Does anyone know where I may be going wrong and why videos will not play on this pc?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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I just recently updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and now on IE11 some of the videos will not play on Youtube what should I do to fix this

A:Some videos not playing on Youtube

Install latest Adobe Flash for the non-IE browser you are using (if so).

For Firefox or Opera - Download Flash Player Beta (Non-IE) -
For Firefox or Opera - Download Flash Player 11.3.300.257 (Non-IE) 64-bit -

If you already did,

Clear the LSOs:

Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel

If you are trying to use IE, try a Windows Update to install Flash or update it.
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Hi Guys,
I'm currently experiencing a wierd problem with youtube. I can play some of the videos and some are not. I tried uninstalling ang intalling the flash player and the java several timesand tried checking my internet explorer setting several times and tried some other forum suggestions but didn't find any luck. I hope this forum can help me resolve my problem.

Thanks in advance,


A:YouTube Videos... Some playing & some are not... HELP!!!
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Hope this is the right place to post.
I subscribe to a bunch of "geek" sites on Youtube, mainly for learning purposes.
A couple of the sites are English, e.g. Briteco9. 
Today, I clicked on the site and the message on the screen said, " Not available in your country, sorry".
I'm guessing something has changed, like with copyright or something.
Can anybody shed some light on this?

A:Foreign youtube videos.

It's called Geo Blocking and some content creators will use it to prevent viewing in selected areas. I run into it occasionally. When I do, I try to find the video on alternative viral video sites like Daily Motion or Vimeo.
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PC is connected through the router to the internet connection but internet cannot access the video from the YOUTUBE my pc operating system is Microsoft Windows Professional (5.1, build 2600) and processor is intel(R) pentium(R) 3.20GHz. help me to solve this problem>>>>

A:cannot access the videos from youtube

Have you tried using a different browser?
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Hello. I have Internet Explorer, Latest Firefox and Latest Chrome. On all 3 browsers, I get to Youtube page, and when I try to load something, I get the circling thingy in the middle of black "TV" screen and nothing loads. All else is loading. Vimeo is working fine. I downloaded and installed latest flash player. What gives?
Thank you. 

A:YouTube videos are not loading

I fixed it. Had to update Java. I'll keep it here in case someone has similar issue.
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i cant watch any videos, it keeps saying videos are unavailable, ok some work but thats after i refresh the page about 20 times... even my own videos, when i click to watch them it says they are unavailable.
please help, i tried other browsers but nothing seems to work

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo load videos youtube cannot CPU E GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives cannot load youtube videos C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P KPL-AM x xx MS C B Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I cannot get YouTube videos to load from any PC going through my LinkSys Wireless router using a Virgin ADSL cable modem I have PC s now with the same problem so it cannot be IE AV Firewall surely it cannot load youtube videos s the router If I cannot load youtube videos use a laptop with a moble connection it works fine The same laptop connectiong wirelessly will not load the video The settings on the router are all pretty much set at the default with WEP bit encyption being used any ideas gratefully accepted It used to work using the same router and modem nbsp
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Installed windows 8 pro and have 2 questions.

First, when I watch a video on youtube, the video stops everytime I go back to the Metro screen... anyway to fix this? it's kinda stupid when I listen to music and want it to run in the background.

Also, is there any way to remove Bing as the goto engine for IE? I'd much rather it be Google... (solved this part.. did it outside Metro)


A:Youtube videos stop and more

You'll have to use the Desktop version of IE. It's simple to change that, open up the Desktop version, hit the settings cog, Internet options, hit the Programs tab, and then choose how IE defaults its actions.

The immersive, or metro version, doesn't continue video playback as the idea is that if you have a video running, you'd want to see it.
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Hi,First post for me.Youtube videos won't play on any browser,(including IE)they start then stop w/spinning loading thing.I've tried pausing & waiting for (hours)video to load,but when I click play vid.plays about 8 secs.than it's over,w/the related vid. options in the box as if I'd seen the whole video. I've uninstalled-reinstalled chrome,firefox,flashplayer,disabled accelerator.Malwarebytes did scan,system seems clean.Ran CCleaner.None of this has helped!The O.S. is Vista home basic 32bit.Used to be able to watch online vids. don't know what changed.Has anyone any suggestions-solutions?I'd really appreciate some help! Thank you!
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Hi guys!
I got a problem when trying to browse youtube. Everything is loading fine (comments, etc) except that the video won't buffer and after a while the "an error has occured" appears.
I tried to reinstall Flash, change browser,etc. The problems appears on all my computers and devices (phones, tablets, gaming laptop, working laptop, desktops). I think the problem might be linked with my wireless router as I recently upgraded the firmware (from an unstable version to recover Internet) and the problems started appearing after that.
Thank you and please respond for any additionnal information.
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I get the following message when I try to view a YouTube video:

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

I've uninstalled and installed the player ( several times ) and made sure JavaScript is enabled as directed by the YouTube help page. I've seen MANY posts about this but no resolution.

It's hard to imagine that YouTube or Adobe is messed up BUT!!

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About two weeks ago my girlfriend and I moved to a new apartment Since about then I cannot watch videos on Youtube I have Cannot [Youtube only] watch videos tried other video sites break com facebook videos all other sites I ve tried and they work fine I use Google Chrome so I tried on IE still doesn t work I erased browsing Cannot watch videos [Youtube only] history caches uninstalled re-installed adobe flash shockwave java and some different extensions When I go to Youtube the page loads fine and quite fast but the video appears to buffer the buffering circle appears then after a few seconds it says quot An error occurred Please try again later quot Occasionally a video will load as it is supposed to but probably less than of the time Likewise if I refresh a not-working video enough times occasionally it will play When it does work it is after - refreshes Any ideas on what else I can try I am running Win bit EDIT I should also add that my roommates whom are connected to the same router have no problems And my girlfriend who is connected with me through an Ethernet Hub also has no problems

A:Cannot watch videos [Youtube only]

Video card loose?
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I recently just updated my Windows 10 to the recent update and now I can't upload videos to YouTube. This is bad because I usually try to upload every other day atleast and I haven't been able to upload a PC video in four days. My friend's having this same problem. Help! :(
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Everytime I try to open a video to view it gives me a message "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player." I have checked that my JavaScript is turned on and have downloaded the latest version of flash player. I am using my computer at there something blocking it?

I have been able to view some videos from time to time when looking at other forums and clicking on a direct link (but not always). I can then search you tube and watch any video.

A:Not able to view Youtube videos...

Try disabling your firewall to see if that's the culprit. Then go back to YouTube.
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Can't Un-mute You Tube Videos. Sound is only muted at You Tube website and for You Tube videos sent to me via email. There is an "x" in front of the sound icon on the bottom of each video which I can't seem to restore to the regular sound function (volume is on and up on both RealTek Speakers and all other settings appear to be okay. I suspect Adobe Flash Player might be the issue, but I don't know how to solve it (and I could be wrong). Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and effort resolving this problem.PS using various browsers did not work (IE9, Mozilla Firefox)message edited by nancyopn

A:Can't Un-mute YouTube videos

Here: here: edited by phil22
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Chrome only: Cannot see 50% of youtube videos. All that appears is a blank black box. No control bar along bottom i.e. start / pause / volume / timer.

A:Chrome only: Cannot see 50% of youtube videos.

Hi have you tried another Browser ?
See what happens if you right click the Black video background,
Click on Settings,
Click the Yellow folder and drag the slider to the right,
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hey all for some reason or another on youtube when I click a link for a video and it goes to youtube the video freezes for about 5-10 seconds for no reason at all I am using IE10 and have Adobe Flash Player 12 installed

A:Youtube videos freezing

You might make sure you have installed ?
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cant upload videos to youtube... It just says starting upload all the time...

you know in the page where you write a description..
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Im experiencing this problem where i can see YOUTUBE VIDEOS and HEAR AUDIO
but only when they are embedded on External Sites
When i watch videos on YOUTUBE.COM i cant hear the AUDIO
ive tried:
- formatting
- re-installed audio drivers
- removing all codecs
- installing codecs
- re-installed flash player
any idea's would be kindly appreciated

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I realize that when it comes to technical abilities concerning my PC I may be described as "one sandwich short of a picnic" but plezzzzzzzzzzzze try and help me.

All I want to do is download some of the great videos on Youtube. I googled this and it said it's sooooooooooo easy so I tried. It seemed to download ok but then I have to convert it and that's when the trouble starts........I tried several different software packages but then failure after failure I gave up!

Is there is simpler way to do this? Something like (a) download (b) convert, and (c) rename and put on your desktop??? Oh, and please remember one it comes to this kind of stuff "my elevator doesn't stop at all the floors"!


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So i just got this new computer with windows 7 in it. After a day or two i noticed that youtube videos didnt play at all, no error messages or anything, anything just wont happen. I tried to restart my comp, that didnt help, i tried to install the newest flashplayer that didnt help, then i tried to uninstall flashplayer and then install it again and that wont work either. oh and im using mozilla firefox. Plz help

A:Youtube videos not playing

Do you happen to be running a 64 bit version of Windows? Are you using the 64 bit version of IE? There is no 64 bit FLASH version yet.
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my laptop plays the videos but I got no sound. My speakers work well with all the other applications. Urgent please
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Smoothly that is among other weird performance issues I'm hoping someone can help Toshiba Satellite C laptop Win Whenever I try watching videos on Youtube I need to constantly move the mouse in order for it to play through The lag is annoying Also when I'm browsing online while trying to listen to music on iTunes the music will Youtube videos Can't view skip like a CD music takes up most of my storage but I have a free GB out of GB Pages take Can't view Youtube videos pretty long to load amp pages will often freeze I just have to wait endlessly through Not Responding I've only had this machine less than a year Things I've Tried Already -updated Adobe flash -got rid of Firefox browser amp installed Chrome Slightly less lag but still there -closed all other apps -did a complete malwarebytes scan -did a complete Super Anti spyware scan Nothing but a few Adware bugs that I got rid of Problem persisted Could this be a bandwidth or driver issue If so how might I fix it for free if possible Appreciate any help or advice

A:Can't view Youtube videos

Having exactly the same problem, and have tried the same solutions.  I also tried clearing my cache using CCleaner and checked for malware processes using RKill but nothing is showing up.  My bandwidth is fine according to any and all speed tests I have done.  Anyone know whats going on?
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The encode of videos I've been using has been giving almost 200mb per video I have. That isnt bad BUT the video files average at 3:30 seconds (Frets on Fire song demonstrations). Now 200mb for a 20 minute video I can understand and see quite often because I watch a lot of unlicensed (in US and EU) anime.

At the moment I use MPEG on MAGIX Movie Edit with 25 fps and 640x400 resolution.

My question is, how do I get filesizes low like that while maintaining good quality?
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Hey everyone,

I'm having this issue where my youtube videos are loading slightly offset and I can't see the entire picture. Any suggestions on how to fix this? See image attached.

A:Youtube videos offset

Do you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player?
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a video will load but will not play and even sometimes the advertisement will play but the video again will not. The video just defaults to the screen where you can play it again or other related videos. Using windows 7 and internet explorer 10.0.9

A:youtube videos not playing

buckeye8180 said:

a video will load but will not play and even sometimes the advertisement will play but the video again will not. The video just defaults to the screen where you can play it again or other related videos. Using windows 7 and internet explorer 10.0.9Click to expand...

Have you tried in a different browser?

Trying in a different browser will help us determine whether it is a problem/setting in IE, or if it is a broader issue with your computer/OS.

The other thing I would try is to reset IE.

In IE go to Tools -> Internet Options.
Click on the Advanced tab.
Click Reset button.
Restart IE.

Let us know what you find.
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I cannot download any youtube videos from my IDM why is this so??
it always gives a notification which I had posted with a screen shot...

A:Can't download YouTube videos

Try using
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When ever I download any video from you-tube from IDM this (shown in picture) appears,
I don't wna change the down-loader as I m an IDM lover but I have tried on different browsers ,and my down-loader is also up to date ...
please help


A:Why can't I download YouTube videos?

Although it is illegal to download some videos from youtube, what browser are you using & what video download addon are you using & a link to the video would help.
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OK, so me and my buddy just made some awesome videos with his camera he got recently and we want to share our material with people on The only problem is, i dont know how. Maybe theres some adapter that connects from the camera to the computer or somehting, can someone help me out?

Btw the video camera is a: Sony H-I 8 or something along those lines.

A:Does Anyone Know How To Load Videos On To Youtube?

Uploading to YoutubeNo cables needed, just an internet connection - which quite obviously, you already have NOTE: For uploading only Assuming your videos are rendered to .avi, or .wmv, or some format similar to those, you should register an account on youtube, - you can do this by clicking Sign Up at the top of the screen, it's in blue writing near the country, help and login links. Then just click the button that says 'Upload', it's directly under the country selection in the same bar as where you register. There are limits on your video size and format, so make sure they meet the requirements.Capturing onto your HDNOTE: You will need a cable for this part. If you haven't actually taken it off the camera yet and you want to know how, just open up Windows Movie Maker from the Start Menu >> All programs, you know the deal. It's got a film strip for an icon so you won't miss it. Once it's open, there should be a menu with capture video, edit movie, finish movie, choose 'Capture from a video device' under the capture video menu. Follow it's instructions and you should be set. Add some music, whatever, stick it on youtube.~Sp0nge
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Ok, I getting to the end of my tether with this. For some reason, I can't view videos on Youtube anymore. It keeps telling me that I need to activate Javascript (which I've done) or install the latest Flashplayer (which I have).
I've noticed today aswell, that I can't view any videos on as I have been able to in the past. It keeps giving me a HTTP 500 error page.

Can anyone help me fix this?

A:Can't View Youtube Or Videos!

Reinstall both programs. You will need to use the uninstaller for Adobe flash in the link below. Also check in Add/Remove and remove all of the older versions of flash. the latest Java from the link below. (4th download down for end users)After installing the latest Java, go to Add/remove and remove all older versions of Java.
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whenever, I access youtube from IOS app, it shows the error "playback error tap to retry". this happens both on wifi and 3G. I have tried to reinstall the app. clear cookies, restart the device but all in vain. similarly, when I try to access youtube from my PC it shows the same error. please help what should I do.

Thanks in advance.
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For some reason, only some videos work on youtube. So videos play fine, but others just tell me "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player."
And I do have it installed b/c other videos work fine. It seems like it's the videos that are more popular for the day that are more likely to not work. But I know they're working for other people b/c I can see they're leaving comments by the seconds.
I've tried followig the link to install the flash player anyways, but it still won't work.
What's going on??

A:Can't View Videos in Youtube? Help!

Try installing it from
install the shock wave as well .

hope this will work.
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Can load youtube page but when loading the video, it won't. At first 10 seconds you will see the first screen as indicated above... then blank black screen indicated on the second image... then it would show the error message.

Windows 7 Starter
Firefox 22 (And Chrome actually, but I uninstalled Chrome already)

Have updated flash player already, reinstalled Firefox, tried IE7 but its not working also...
Tried disabling Hardware Acceleration (Right click on the VID,

What now? This frustrates me, especially i'm an IT student but unable to troubleshoot this (yet).
Can someone help me, please?

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Dear Tech,

I would like to ask where can I find a website that will boost my youtube video views fast and for free?

A:Promoting Youtube Videos

That's a tall order. It's hard to find shortcuts to advertising that will do what you want; especially free ones. I guess it would depend on what kind of videos you are trying to promote too. What are these videos of? You could do a search on various bulletin boards and forums that are specific to the activities associated with your videos. What are the videos of?

Good day!

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Hi guys I just updated to Windows yesterday morning and after using it all day I have run into two issues that I can't fix and that bother me enough to be a little upset about it The first issue is that Firefox seems to be spiking my computer resources a lot more than normal Firefox has always had this issue on my PC but in Windows it was Youtube Videos Slow spiking from to In Windows it spiking from all the way up to Perhaps this is something that Mozilla will have to fix but it's weird that no one else seems to have this problem The second issue I'm having is that html video like Youtube vids are running slow Sometimes they run perfectly fine and other times they drop frames repeatedly and show the buffering logo even though it is already buffered It never Youtube Videos Slow works at all when I switch to full screen view it slows waaaay down and looks like I'm watching a slide show I have tested Youtube Videos Slow this in both Firefox and Edge and they both do the same thing My specs Windows gb ram AMD A M ghz quad core processor Radeon HD g video card I should mention that both HP support and AMD says that my drivers are all up to date Nothing else seems to be running slow on my computer I can game and watch downloaded movies and do everything else just fine but my browsers are just a mess I really want to fix the youtube videos too

A:Youtube Videos Slow

Hi and welcome to TSF, have you used Edge yet and see if the issue replicates there.
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So I record minecraft using fraps. It records in 1080p 30fps and the quality looks amazing when I review the video after its done recording and on my desktop, now I have to render  I watched tonnes of videos on YouTube about the best rendering settings for a fraps video and minecraft and My videos look all grainy and stuff. here's an example                 
But how come syndicates videos look are perfect and clear? Here's and example of his video  
Someone please walk me through on how to fix this and make my videos clear. 
Sorry if i posted in wrong section. 
Here's my render settings in Sony Vegas

A:Why do my youtube videos look like crap?

Have a look at this from Youtube help
Also have a read of this guide
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Is there anyone that can tell me, how to upload videos from YouTube? I'm very "new" at this.
Thanks in advance.
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